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ISSUE No 6 • 2018

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Summer issue Read about the world heritage


MALOU About her debut novel and strong women Special: Visit Sweden’s museums this summer!

Artist: Jacques Foucquet. Photo: Nationalmuseum.

The Sun and the Northern star OPÉRA-BALLET POUR LOUIS XIV ET CHARLES XII VADSTENA CASTLE · 20 JULY – 8 AUGUST Musical leader: Dan Laurin · Director and choreographer: Karin Modigh

S U M M E R I N VA D S T E N A 5, 6 and 8 July Riddartornet Newly composed chamber opera in co-production with Musik- och Operahögskolan at Mälardalens högskola and Västmanlands theatre. Old theatre 6:30 / 4:00 pm 10 July Concert: Manons riddle with Kammarmusik-Akademien in the Dormitory 8 pm

28 July Concert: Masterclass in Vätternkyrkan 8 pm Free entrance 31 July Consert Spirituels with instrumentalists and singers from the Sun and the Northern star in the Dormitory 8 pm

13 July Concert: Wolfgang dances with Kammarmusik-Akademien at the Old Theatre 8 pm

7 August Concert Spirituels with instrumentalists and singers from the Sun and the Northern star in Klosterkyrkan 8 pm Free entrance

14 and 15 July Family concert: Musical safari with Kammarmusik-Akademien at the Old Theatre 11 am Free entrance

30 August Concert: Summer night with Norrköpings Symfoniorkester and singers from the Sun and the Northern star in De Geer-hallen 8 pm Free entrance

Tickets: vadstena-akademien.org and Vadstena Turist Information Tips! Book the opera package with one of our collaboration hotels

Medeltidsdagarna, 8-12 augusti Färdas flera hundra år bakåt i tiden, till den spännande medeltiden. Ta på dig medeltida kläder, heja på riddarna som kämpar i rafflande dueller och mycket, mycket mer. Välkommen att inspireras! Information om evenemang och aktiviteter: www.arboga.se alternativt turistbyrå: 0589-871 51.

”Get used to being noticed”


Installation view. Siri Aurdal. Continuum, Malmรถ Konsthall 2018. Photo Helene Toresdotter

June 15 - August 11 at 3 - 9pm

Welcome to our beautiful outdoor seating! Welcome to Sommarverandan – the Göteborg Opera’s outdoor dining area, with panoramic views of the River Göta. Choose refreshing drinks and a meal from our delicious summer menu, accompanied by live entertainment Tuesday – Saturday. Add to the experience with a guided tour behind the scenes of the opera house, or wander through our Jussi Björling exhibition. The restaurant has tables both outdoors and indoors. We do not make reservations on the outside, but you may want to move out if there are places and if the weather permits.

Take a guided tour behind the scenes! June 26 - August 18th. Tue-Sat at 1pm, 2pm (in English) and 3pm Adult: SEK 70, children 6-20 years SEK 35, children up to 6 years free.

Entertainment at the Sommarveranda July 3rd - July 28th. Tue-Fri 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Sat at 5pm to 7pm

Jussi Björling exhibition June 26 - August 11th. Tue-Sat 12 - 9pm The Göteborg Opera Foyer. Free entrance.

Learn more on opera.se




Welcome to Nääs Fabriker! Here you will find shops, café, hotel, restaurant and modern offices – all located in a beautiful mill community. Read more at naasfabriker.se

café, restaurant & deli

get inspired by our selected shops

Choose between our hotel restaurant, lunch and coffe in our café or a pizza at Hugos deli.

Here you will find scandinavian fashion, design, interior details and delicasies. And more inspiring shops are on the way.

visit our wellness area & hotel

activities on the lake

Stay at one of Swedens best hotels and enjoy our wellness area with saunas, heated outdoor pools right by the beautiful lake.

Relax with a cup of coffee by the lake or try one of our activities such as stand up paddle boarding or a ride in our duffy.

Spinnerivägen 1, Tollered +46 (0)31-799 63 00 naasfabriker.se

ANE BRUN feat. MSO Storslaget musikaliskt möte på Stortorget under Malmöfestivalen

11 AUG

BOB HUND & MARTIN KANN feat. MSO Klassisk skivomslagskonsert med Bob Hund, Martin Kann & Malmö SymfoniOrkester

31 AUG

AVISHAI COHEN feat. MSO Stjärnbasisten med trio är tillbaka på Malmö Live för ett kärt återseende

12 OKT


25-26-27 OKT

Filmkonserten med Harry Potter och Malmö SymfoniOrkester

MEETING OF MINDS Jan Lundgren med trio och Marit Bergman hyllar Jacques Werup

24 NOV


Folkkära sångerskan teamar upp med Malmö SymfoniOrkester

CHERRIE / ERIK LUNDIN BORN. LIFE. DEATH. TOUR Klubbkonsert i Kongressen. Fler artister tillkommer! (MLK & Appelgren + Friedner)

Se hela vårt program och boka dina biljetter på malmolive.se


27 Content Number 6 • 2018

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BEAUTIFUL HÄLSINGLAND Read all about the unique World Heritage site Hälsingegårdarna

68 MALOU VON SIVERS About women and careers and a bitwise painfully intense novel debut.

THE RIDING GUARDIAN High-level state ceremony with many years of tradition, big popular appeal and a bright future.

BARCELONA The Spanish metropolis boasts with the world’s most famous church and the world’s most famous Picasso museum. Among other things ...

GABRIELE MÜNTER The German artist get awaited recognition with a large exhibition at Louisiana outside of Copenhagen.

106 122

SPECIAL: SWEDEN MUSEUM Be sure to visit any of the country’s amazing museums this summer. Big list with lots of tips!

THE WALLON SETTLEMENTS IN UPPLAND Join one cultural history travel among the ironworks which caused Sweden´s greatness as an industrialized country.



Ledare DUBBELT UPP MED BUBBLOR! Freixenets klassiska cava finns både som torr och halvtorr, därför passar de utmärkt som sällskapsdryck både vid minglet och till buffén.

FREIXENET CARTA NEVADA Artnr: 7743 Pris: 79 kr 11,5 % alc vol FREIXENET CORDON NEGRO Artnr: 7738 Pris: 89 kr 11,5 % alc vol


Att börja dricka i tidig ålder ökar risken för alkoholproblem. 12


Don’t be content with a little May month has hit all heat records. According to sources in the weather service, Uppsala has measured the warmest average temperature since the measurements began in 1722. And about the same should apply to the rest of the country. 1722. It was the same year that the Russian Tsar Peter the Great decided to no longer demand extra tax from men with beard. US President George Washington was not even contemplated, and it would take another fifty years before the country finally made itself free from England and achieved independence. (And another fifty years before the Sioux led by Sitting Bull pummeled General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.) The world’s heat record, in other words. At the same time, the croaker caw that rest of the summer will be cold, for sure. “It will be a fake summer.” “So? Why?” “Because it’s was so hot. We may be happy with that.“ ” Why?“ “To ... to be content with a little.” If you hear a call reminiscent of the above, you must promise to intervene. Why should you be happy with that little one? Of course, we want a hot summer that expires until October, right? While you (hopefully) are enjoying the sun and bath you can watch crawling in the shadow between the bug and read about Malou von Siver’s amazing story , as well as the amazing cultural heritage that the Hälsingegårdar represent. Do not miss the wonderful exhibition with Gabriele Münter in Louisiana, north of Copenhagen. And why not book a trip to Barcelona? They will certainly not get as beautiful summer as we are here in the Nordic region! We wish you a lovely warm summer and enjoyable reading. Wherever you are!

Tony Manieri, summer lover

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Slott och slottsträdgård

Nya r e t k c p ä t up varje gång

COVER: Malou von Sivers PHOTO: Kajsa Göransson

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Byteatern Kalmar Illustration: Alexander Jansson

Dalateatern Foto: Klara G

Estrad Norr Foto: Sandra Lee Pettersson

Folkteatern i Gävleborg Foto: Elin Aldén

Folkteatern i Göteborg Foto: Jonatan Fernström

Giron sámi teáhter Bild: Emil Juuso

Länsteatern på Gotland Foto: Stig Hammarstedt

Länsteatern Örebro Foto: Stefanie Andersson

Norrbottensteatern Foto: Tomas Bergman/Anders Alm

Oktoberteatern Foto: Jonas Holmberg

Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg Foto: Malin Arvidsson

Regionteater Väst Foto: Håkan Larsson

Scenkonst Sörmland Foto: Tuuletar

Smålands Musik & Teater Foto: Lars Kroon

Teater Halland Foto: Annika von Hauswolff

Teater Västernorrland Foto: Lia Jacobi

Norrdans Foto: Lia Jacobi

Västanå Teater Foto: Håkan Larsson

Västerbottensteatern Foto: Pressbild

Västmanlands Teater Foto: Carl Thorborg

Östgötateatern Foto: Micke Sandström

Länsteatrarna i Sverige driver den regionala scenkonstens intressen och skapar mötesplatser för dialog, erfarenhetsutbyte och utveckling. Våra 21 medlemsinstitutioner är tillsammans den största aktören inom den regionala scenkonsten i Sverige.

Noterat Summer concert in Stockholm Plan ahead for this year’s traditional summer concert with the Royal Opera at Gustav Adolf Square, August 18th, at 20.00. The Royal Opera in collaboration with the Stockholm Culture Festival offers a taste of the coming season with song soloists, the Opera-choir and the Royal Court Chapel under the direction of Ben Gernon. Free entrance. MT www.operan.se

New songs by Benny from ABBA The County Theatre at Gotland play “The Land of My Dreams” written by Marie NilssonLind. Seven evenings, between 26 July -3 august. Happy moments and bittersweet melodies will take place at the theatre scene in Visby. On stage: Marie NilssonLind, Lennart Bäck, Erik Törner, Lee Gotvik and Joel Kant. The performance includes newly composed songs by Benny Andersson with text by Marie NilssonLind RED www.ltpg.se

”If you’re relaxed enough to sit and watch a ladybug for a while, you don’t have to eat stomach medicine this fall.” Ernst Kirchsteiger 16



Fröding in Damascus? Fredrik Apollo Asplund describes himself as an energetic happy dancing gay. He is an actor, but also a show-dancer for, among others, Rebecka & Fiona and Little Jinder and speaks fluent Arabic. Under the headlines “The gay professor”, he made a series of radio reports for P3 on sexuality and identity in Lebanon. He made a one-man performance called “This is my story” with premiere at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 2016 and then toured in Sweden with the National Theatre and became a big success among young people. Norrstedt’s publishing house is proud to publish Apollo’s autobiographical story. Fröding never danced at the gay club in Damascus, describing a boy from the Värmland forest born to care for the family’s farm, but dreaming about Flash dance. The book will be released July 30th, under the Stockholm Pride! AE www.norstedts.se

Relaxing stay at Visby’s city wall in Gotland Visby Inner-city Apartments & Rooms offers rooms and spacious self-catering apartments. The accomodations has a large terrace, located directly on the medieval ring wall of Visby and Wi-Fi is free. The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, a sofa, flat-screen TV and washing machine. The brightly decorated rooms hade a work desk and a private bathroom. Guests have access to a breakfast room with a communal kitchen. The cosy and relaxing backyard is perfect for barbeque evenings. The pedestrian street Adelsgatan is only 80 meters from Visby Inner-city Apartments & Rooms. Almedalens Park is a 2-minute walk away. Tha house has a long history that extends hundreds of years back in time. As early as 1697, the property, which then named as Tjärkolet, had its current size, with an associated cottage and cabbage farm. The house has since been called several things, such as Klinteroten and Mästermanshuset (due

to that the city’s executioner lived there.) In the second half of the 17th century, the construction of the stone building, which today is the main building. In 1866 additional parts were built and the property became the largest building in the neighbourhood. By the end of the 19th century a bakery was opened in the main building’s bottom floor, while the rest of the building was working as a residence. The bakery remained a bit in the 1980s and was then replaced by a framework workshop. In 2007, the property was converted into an apartment hotel named Tjärkolet after the property designation. In 2015, the current owner took over the business and then built the upper floor of the property to include a B & B business that complements the existing apartment hotel. From 2016 the business is run under the name Visby Inner-city Apartments & Rooms. RED www.innerstadshotell.se

Jane Austen at the culture in Lund Until September 2, 2018 you can see the exhibition A Sense of Jane Austen - costume and history at the Culture in Lund. Costumes from filmmakers of Jane Austen’s novels, Pride & prejudice, Reason & Feeling, and Persuasion appear in a playful frame. The women in Jane Austen’s novels are in many ways privileged, but they are also economically exposed and live during a histori-

cal period when society is undergoing major changes. In the books there is a ton of criticism of the upper class social conventions and rituals that inhibit the novel characters, especially the women. In the exhibition we will cover themes like Women & Premise, Fosterage & Skills, Baler & Scandals and Visits & Rituals. RED

www.kulturen.com SVERIGEMAGASINET



Wasahamnen is located on Djurgården in central Stockholm.

On the jetty in the harbour Wasahamnen Sprit museum is located in two buildings from the 1700s on Djurgården in central Stockholm. There is an art gallery with works from Absolut Art Collection, the exhibition “Spirits in Sweden”, restaurant with own dock and bower as well as test and conference rooms and a museum shop. This summer, the museum of spirits makes a unique focus on beverages from all over Sweden on its jetty with quality crafts from all over the country, whiskey from the north and rosévin from Skåne, gin from Södra Sandby, cider from Brännland, beer from Södermalm and kombucha from Djurgården. The non-alcoholic options are many and homemade - tonic with different flavours, kombucha and ginger beer including The jetty also receives a new form and design by the artist Karl Grandin, the designer Kristoffer Sundin has designed and built the new furniture and foundation structure. “We want to gather what’s happening in



drinking today,” says Ingrid Leffler, museum director at Sprit museum. We have invited about 50 manufacturers from all over Sweden to show the diversity that exists in the country. What we know, we are solitary about this focus. An additional plus is the collaboration with the artist Karl Grandin, one of the founders of Omnipollo, and the designer Kristoffer Sundin. SPECIAL PERFORMANCE

During the bright summer months, Swedish beverage producers will be in place and tell about their drinks. The restaurant will also invite colleagues from all over the world to exciting guest. THIS SUMMER

Petter Nilsson and his team offer an exciting summer menu. They also offer seasonal food from nearby producers who care for the environment and healthy conditions. Less and bigger fitting dishes, from herring

to exiting inspire soft glass. Qualitative crafts from all over Sweden are also offered, such as whiskey from the north and rose wine from Skåne. The non-alcoholic options are many like homemade - tonic with different flavours, kombucha and ginger beer, among other things. The outdoor seating is open until September. The brewery is open every day of the week, restaurant is open from 12 noon and several dishes are served until late evening. The outdoor seating is weather-controlled, but is kept open as much as possible in Swedish summer weather. Karl Grandin has set its mark on the bridge of the year; his work is eclectic, often hand-painted and colourful. Karl has painted the table tops and the bar front, and designed menus and glassware Kristoffer Sundin has designed and built the new furniture’s and foundation structure. At the end of the season, parts of the decoration will be auctioned.. MT


Id:TRANS The photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin has created Sweden’s largest art exhibition about transgender people. The exhibition is about raising the transgender people’s situation, life and rights in Sweden. Wallin has for a long time worked with HBTQ questions in his artistic images. The origin of the exhibition is a theatre play about Queen Kristina as a transsexual. In the exhibition, the visitor experiences historically inspired images and show 1600s portrait that never been painted, and images that reflect the current situation of transgender people RA www.murberget.se

Badmode och kroppsideal Swimwear engages and discourages. A number of factors shape how we dress when we bath. This is partly about how men and women socialize. But also what materials are available in combination with how we look at the human body. The exhibition shows examples of swimwear from different decades; cotton and woollen knitwear, the wholesale company’s supply, later creations in lycra, to name a few examples. Here is also the film from “Beachlife in Mölle» from 1911.. RA www.murberget.se

Full speed on Bratt in Falkenberg It will be fun and full speed in Falkenberg with Monday-rock, party-friday, celebrations and Saturday concerts throughout the summer at Restaurant Gustaf Bratt. The restaurant is housed in a half-timbered house from 1861. The house is a landmark in Falkenberg, serving high-class food and drinks, and in the nightclub several colourful events combine with the best of Dj’s.  MT



Noterat The little brother of True Colours Now the bubbling success of True Colours is on the piccolo bottle. A pair of bottles can easily be poured into the picnic basket, each bottle containing 200 ml of sparkling wine. Perfect for all celebrations of the summer. Let each guest have their own bottle on the tablecloth! It is great for drinking as well as for selected salads, fish and shellfish dishes. True Colours were created to pay tribute to people in the HBTQ community and their relatives and friends. MT www.systembolaget.se

Ancient life in Norrbotten At Norrbotten Museum you can enjoy many interesting exhibitions and activities. In play-surroundings, small and big children can play and learn more about how life was in Norrbotten long ago. There is a cosy café where you can relax, and the museum shop offers craft, crafts, jewellery and souvenirs from Norrbotten. The new bass show Under the same sky is digital and a whole new way of presenting and making the rich flora of stories available (that hide in archives) memories of people and beyond traditional historical writing. Birth is included as the first theme of seven: Summer exhibitions: Sibling love (for children 7-9 years) Bothnia exhibition Historic bike exhibition Kojis world, Interruptions, portrait of women in Sápmi RED




Estrad Norr provides The merchant of potato The potato dealer became famous after Lars Molin’s filming of Ulla Eks novell. Molin’s characters are often a bit of contradiction and have problems with self-esteem. They want to do things in their own way and maybe not always the way the outside world thinks is rational or logical. The story revolves around the farmer Johansson and the daughter Märta who manages the farm together. Johansson grows older and would like to see that Märta met a man. Then one day Sture appears on the farm and he wants to sell potatoes ... “If you have seen Molin’s film, you will recognize the classic, stupid situations that the characters end up in. But our set is more showy, with live music and dance,” says Malin Tengvard, who plays Märta. RED www.estradnorr.se/potatishandlaren


Sweden’s largest touring stage art institution for a young audience Regionteater Väst skapar scenkonst som ska vara angelägen en ung målgrupp, det uppnås dels genom att den största delen av föreställningarna spelas på turné, och dels genom att framtagandet av produktionerna ofta görs i nära samarbete med målgruppen. En viktig del av uppdraget att spela i skolor, för alla, oavsett bakgrund eller tidigare erfarenhet av scenkonst. Kommande produktioner med premiär i höst: 

Sven Zetterlund, Jane Goodall and Linda Rasmussen. Photo: Mamma Zebra

African attractions You find the African house on Hallandsåsen. A farm in three lengths, decorated in African style. Movies from Africa are displayed every minute - about the wildlife, and also an interview with Jane Goodall, world-renowned scholar scientist in Tanzania. There is also a new exhibition called Naturalists in Africa with masses in Kenya, Bushmen from Botswana, Himba and Damascus in Namibia.

During two weeks in July you can meet five Africans and participate in various events for both adults and children along with them. The surplus from their visit goes to the memorial fund, the Mama Zebra Memorial Fund, which financed three schools, a medical station and much more for the children in the Africa. The Africa House also guides groups in Africa twice a year. AE

MUNICIPALITY - A show for High School, Text Kristian Hallberg, Director Johanna Larsson. MAGNET - a dance performance for classrooms for the high school, about attraction, democracy and group pressure. Music Tomas Elfstadius and Malte Rödström, choreography Maria Ulriksson. WITH OTHER WORDS - An idea of

identity and identification for the youngest. Choreography Helena Franzén, Music Stefan Johansson. ON THE ROAD - a classroom music for

the lower stage to dare to go its own way. Music by the Lindgren brothers and Tomas Elfstadius, directed by Lars Melin. In addition to this, two intermediate productions are reproduced. FROM Ö TO Ö by Åsa Gustafsson and JUSTINE by Charterta Öfverholm. RED www.regionteatervast.se

Keep your eyes open after Qstar this summer Are you used to being out on the road with the car, you have already noticed Qstar Bilisten and Pump. It started with a station in Husby in Östergötland. Today, Qstar has nearly 400 petrol and diesel stations around Sweden. Qstar grows and takes care of its customers with favourable fuel cards and customer offers and competitions. Qstar is mainly located in small rural areas, where many major companies have shut down, but you can also find them in some major cities and along highways. Simply where it’s best needed. AE www.qstar.se




The ancient hall on Gotland Premiere about longing at Malmö Opera The Dance-theatre in Skåne have premiere of a new written performance on October 13th. The new dance-performance, Belonging, is a vibrating testimony of what it means to be a fellow human being. A dance show about the possibilities and the impossibilities of living here

together, to takes care of and choke each other. About the intoxicating affiliation and longing for someone who knows where to go.. MT malmoopera.se

The ancient hall, Gotland’s oldest cultural history museum, is located in the middle of the Visby world heritage Visby and is full of experiences for young and old. Here you will see the island’s peculiar picture stones and the world’s largest Viking silver cat, the Spilling Treasure. There are also 430 million years old fossils, tombs and stone age objects to Viking times as well as church art and a large medieval exhibition. In Ship & fun, Fornsalen’s children’s exhibition, can you sail a medieval boat, dress yourself up as a viking or pirate, tie knots and more. RED

Zlatan qualify at the Swedish drugstore Photo: @erikunden

Call it grooming, beauty or whatever you want. Now, Zlatan has also thrown into the war of consumer beauty, giving out a new skin care series. Zlatan Sport, the products are intended for men seeking high quality and simplicity for skin and hair care products. The collection is online and in store since 6 June. MT



Noterat West Side Story West Side Story became the breakthrough for the modern musical. Leonard Bernstein’s music and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics created unforgettable musical notes. 2018 celebrates masterpiece composer Leonard Bernstein 100th anniversary and his music mixed with Latin rhythms and jazz, all having strong contrasts of violence and soreness. The story is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julia and takes place in a gang environment on the west side of New York in the late 1950s. To Malmö Opera’s performance, scenographer Steffen Aarfing has created an imaginative urban environment that fills up the whole of the great scene. Premiere at Malmö Opera August 31, 2018. The main role Maria and Tony will be sang by opera singer Frida Johansson who this year made a strong portrait of Gerda in the Snow Queen and the musical artist Anton Zetterholm who sang Raoul, grew the Chagny, in the Fantasy of the Opera at Circus this year after major roles in Germany and a celebrated West End debut. Two rival gang - Jets and Sharks fights for the power on the streets. Tony and Maria and fall in love with each other. But Tony belongs to Jets, Maria is the sister of the Sharks leader ... The couple have to struggle to their rights to love each other in a world full of prejudice, hatred and violence, It will be a fast show with dance, parlour and breath-taking stunts. The new version, is created by Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité. RED www.malmoopera.se/westsidestory

Gotland Chamber Music Festival son. Staffan Scheja’s chamber music festival takes place between 23 and 27 July. Concerts are also given during the week in several of Gotland’s medieval churches and in the Bläse limestone museum. AEV www.gotlandchamber.se

Foto: Agneta Emmervall

Can you imagine a more beautiful place to listen to music than the St. Nicolai church ruin in Visby? While the last sunbeams light through the windows, accompanied by the sounds from the peaceful pigeons we listen to chamber music performed by brilliant artists. This year, among others, soprano Agneta Eichenholz, English pianist Ian Jones, Katarina and Svante Henry-




Magic by the Lake at Tivoli with the Chinese Tower and the Demon in the background - Tivoli. Photo: Lasse Salling

Great anniversary on the world’s oldest amusement park The classic theme park Tivoli in central Copenhagen is 175 years old. It is the world’s second oldest yet active amusement park. (Just Bakken, a few miles to the north is older) At the same time, the vastly popular mountain range celebrates 100 years. Completely built in wood, it

creaks and rubs in the curves, supplied brakes control the speed and it’s great fun! The 175th anniversary celebrates by the opening of a series of new attractions, such as the freaking Fata Morgana, where you spin into the air in an oriental seat basket.

In the high season there will be another pair of new draw stuffs, which once and for all put Tivoli at the top of the list of amusement parks, not to be missed! TM www.tivoli.dk

The regional theatre in Blekinge interprets Ingmar Bergman

Foto: Sofie Amalie Klougart

See Ingmar Bergman’s Oscars winning family drama As in a mirror in a tight scene version at Blekinge Kronoberg Regional Theatre. An intense chamber game where you sit on the first parquet. See Malin Mases Arvidsson in the role of Karin surrounded by his self-taught father, author David, Bengt Dahlberg, Martin, Mattias Silvell and Little Brother Minus, Jonas C Wahlström. What would be a long-term family reunion in the summer island takes a completely different turn. Sweden premier in Växjö and on tour in the fall of 2018 RED www.regionteatern.se



Noterat Copenhagen’s floating islands An uninhabited island is currently flowing around in Sluseløbet in the middle of Copenhagen, and soon it will be eight. If you don’t have a summerhouse, debark your boat or kayak to one of the islands and then you can sunbathe, bathe and grill the best you want. The Danish design studio Fokstrot launched the project in order to focus on improved port environment, as well as to study how climate impact and elevated water levels can impact on urban areas. The first island, named the CPH-Ø1, is 20 square meters and has a lonely tree in the middle. The island is handmade according to traditional boatbuilding traditions of recycled linden tree. Since the premiere a month ago, it has been used for stargazing, cold baths, fishing and events. For the future islands there are plans for saunas, cultivation of clams, floating gardens and maybe even a sailing café! Follow COPENHAGENISLANDS on instagram and check where you can jump on :-) TM www.copenhagenislands.com

Foto: airflix.com/memesis-foto.nu

FYRKLÖVERNS STUGBY live in wonderful nature overlooking Siljan 80 cottages, 3-6 beds, 21-46m2. Walking distance to Siljan and Rättvik city center - with shops, restaurants, bowling alley and swimming pool. Golf course 3 km. Many events and activities. Low season rates untill W.24.

Open all year. Onlinebooking

www.stugby.se 0248-107 65

Gone fishing! The next issue is out September 10th For advertising, please contact: +46 707–17 30 50 or Email: annons@magasingruppen.se

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The World heritage Hälsingegårdarna

Welcome to Hälsingland! SVERIGEMAGASINET

Världsarvsgården Erik-Anders i Asta i Söderala. Foto: Elsa Röing


The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

Come along on the Great Hälsingegårdars road The journey stretches from Alfta to Edsbyn with vestibules, carved doors and interior decorations in farmhouses, in fairy-tale-like settings, that flashes by. Also, forests, fields, seven majestic villages and the pulsating river Voxnan pass through in this thousand-year-old cultural landscape. Come along on the Great Hälsingegårdars road that ends at the Edsbyns museum. An experience with elements of grand paintings created by mysterious magical masters and two World Heritages’. A world-class adventure, a journey into the mighty history of Voxnadalen.



The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

THE GREAT HELSINGEGÅRDARS ROAD The journey begins in Alfta and continues through over nine villages, set in a cultural landscape, and comes to its end in Edsbyn. Upon arrival, we have travelled 28 kilometres through an amazing display of the mighty history of Voxdalen. OL-ANDERS FARM one of the four visitor centres of the World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna Photo: Gudrun Axman- Jumisko

First stop: Ol-Anders, at the entrance to Alfta



n aesthetically appealing and artificial brown and white flower sign acts as a guide throughout the entire Great Helsingegårdars road. It weaves its way for 28 kilometres through the Alfta and Edsbyn parishes. The parishes, both belonging to the municipality of Ovanåker, are located in the southwestern part of Helsingland, 14 kilometres east of Bollnäs and right on the border to Dalarna. Ol-Anders, proudly located on national highway 50 in Östra Kyrkbyn at the beginning of Alfta, acts as the perfect portal to the beautiful display of the mighty history of Voxnadalen. The wooded Hälsingegården offers both aesthetics and everything we can expect from its mighty history. Architectural wooden art, painted red, characteristic of its time and, inside some of the buildings, beautiful interior paintings, painted in bright colours, with witty texts full of cleverness, dated 1848. Here you can also find the Emigrant museum and the Children’s World Heritage site with its own creative workshop for the younger guests as well as Café Agnes where you can purchase the typical Swedish ”fika”, coffee and cake. Here at Ol-Anders you can also find one of the province’s four visitor- centres for the World Heritage site Hälsingegårdarna. Last, but not least, one of the farmhouses

at Ol-Anders offers an exhibition with artwork and furniture created by the brilliant and local colourist and naïvist artist Mårten Andersson. Born in Freluga, just a mile away, in 1934 Mårten Andersson paints the perfect picture of the magic of Hälsingland through his colourful and mystical world, strongly rooted in the local and folkloric culture. Festivities, music, love, humans, animals and buildings reappear as a common theme in his art through an overflow of colours and shapes. His art and the Ol-Anders farm literally screams: “Join us on a grand journey!”. The adventure of The Great Helsingegårds road starts now!

Ol-Anders invites you to an exhibition of Mårten Andersson’s art, naivist and colourist from Freluga, known for its folkloric and colourful themes of Hälsingland. Here the painting “Solkroken”. Photo: Gudrun Axman- Jumisko



The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

GRAND FARMHOUSE WITH 62 WINDOWS The World Heritage Farm Jon-Lars of Långhed was founded by the two brothers Anders and Olof Andersson in the middle of the 19th century and consists of two identically and laterally reversed apartments with a total of 18 bedrooms. The bedrooms have been decorated with lavish murals and, at that time very exclusive, French wallpaper. Not a penny was spared! Photo: Gudrun Axman-Jumisko

that no man would leave the festivities unsatisfied. There would be dance, dance, dance! The famous painter Hans Ersson is responsible for many paintings in the Pallars from Jon-Lars and Pallars in the village Långhed that time, depicting beautiful and imaginative landscapes. The more mysterious “Blåmålarn”, a painter that painted only with the colour blue, has also decorated some of the other rooms fter Ol-Anders, we pass palm trees. This is only one of the many ornawith images of key places in Sweden. the farm Löka, situated ments in the house. These paintings were later Today Jon-Lars and Pallars act as private on a hill in Gundbo and accompanied by, at the time, exclusive French residences whose ownrun by the Alfta Parish wallpaper. ers stem from genLocal Historical Society. Jon-Lars is decoerations of residents The eleven buildings, rated with 50 windows dating back to the 17th including a forge, date spread out over 18 century. These two back to the 17th century rooms. Also, the World World Heritage farms and offer a variety of murals from 1847. Heritage Pallars, a are shown to the pubAfter Näsbyn awaits Långhed, a village manor house with palic only upon request. that can pride itself with two of the province’s vilions and creatively However, we are happy seven World Heritage Hälsinge farms. adorned vestibules and just counting the winFirst up is Jon-Lars, one of Hälsingland’s carved doors, acts as largest residential houses. The reason for this is the next destination. PALLARS’ MAGNIFICENT PAINTINGS The farm was dows. One of the wings the grand ambitions of the Andersson brothers The manor house Pal- constructed as the eldest son was to be married to the daughter of Alftas’ most affluent farmer in the middle of the 19th in the Pallars mansion who after a fire, in the middle of the 18th cenlars dates back to the century. These costly paintings were presumably painted by the prides itself on havtury, constructed two laterally reversed apart17th century with a so-called “Blåmålarn”. Photo: Jakob Dahlström. ing 9 windows, three ments decorated with two identical vestibules lavish additional buildtimes three in a row. The front of the house has and a common gentleman’s cottage created only ing extension made in the 19th century. The 18 windows, six times three in a row. Jon-Lars, for festivities. Judging only by the architecture reason for the extension was that the eldest son however, has 62 windows. Just the polishing of one can tell that the Helsinge- people are very was to be married to the daughter of Alfta’s these windows, regardless of how beautiful the party- oriented! most affluent farmer. This union was to manisetting, is a mighty task. And yes, expectations On some of the walls, you can find self-lufest the wealth of the Voxna region. No exare generously exceeded. minous turquoise paintings resembling swaying penses were to be spared and the ambition was

Second stop:




The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

TELLS THE STORIES OF ITS TIME The paintings in Mårtes gentleman’s cottage, covering the walls to ceilings, are said to have been created between 1765 and 1864 by both famous and anonymous artists. Local, exotic and religious motifs can be found in this quilt of paintings. We cannot help thinking “what exactly happened in this room during the painting process….?” Photo: Esbjörn Käll

as monkeys, birds, a cherub resting on a skull, soldiers, a painting resembling the city of Venice and a couple courting. These dreamlike creations are framed by a colourful myriad of Mårtes Rural Community Centre in Edsbyn “kurbits”-influenced flowers and garlands. How these paintings came about is partly obscure. Jonas Ersson from Edsbyn and the Bollnäs he winding Great HelToday, Mårtes is one of Sweden’s largest rural artist Jonas Hertman are said to have been singegårdars road takes community centres. The region is blessed with part of the creation dating between 1765 and us high above the Voxna such an exciting dra1864. However, one valley, closer to its bematurgy that the Ameor two travelling aches, past the mighty rican journal The Wall artists are also forests and the beautiful Street Journal last year believed to have farmhouses in all shapes used the spectacular been involved in and sizes and the pictusurroundings as backthe creation of resque villages. The passing of a thousandground for a fashion this colourful and year-old landscape is breath taking. shoot. The brightest fantasy stimulating We travel past Vängsbro, Knåda, Roteberg and shining star, Mårtes, quilt of wayward Ullungsfors before reaching the main parish was subsequently on art seeing as the Edsbyn. It is time to discover Mårtes and all its the front page of the paintings indicate fascinating history. This Swedish rural commumagazine. different levels of nity centre found itself on an upswing, mainly Once on site, this is ”DALA”- INFLUENCED Edsbyn is located only a few miles schooling within from the border of Dalarna. This explains why a big part of the as a cause of industrialisation and urbanisation not hard to fathom. the craft. If only interior décor in Mårtes is inspired by that landscape as many of in 1910. Due to this upswing, Ovanåkers parish The main building is the walls could the travelling artists came from the promised land of the Kurbits. created the rural community centre Mårtes full of beautiful and speak…. only to move it across a road to central Edsbyn, time characteristic objects, as well as beautiful only 100 metres from its original location. Thepaintings and it is said that the well-known se houses make out the foundation of the curDala- painter had a part in this. rent rural community centre Mårtes. The locaThe gentleman’s cottage works as a lavish, tion also came to be completed with another 27 yet enigmatic, highlight. The colourful mubuildings characteristic of the time. rals, on walls and ceiling, have themes such

Third stop:




The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

THE ROYAL HUNT Lim- Johan, when creating the painting in 1902, made his living through various jobs as a farm hand on the different farms around Edsbyn. It was around this time that he started to paint. In Kungajakt, one can see a few of his reoccurring themes such as dog and moose. “Lustgården, före syndafallet” was created almost a decade later and was found by a sensational accident as protection in the subfloor of a building in Edsbyn in 2016. It was thereafter sold at auction at Bukowskis, however, to a buyer not connected to Edsbyn and therefore making it a big loss for the parish. This painting is number 29 in Lim-Johan’s famous production.

Hälsingegårdars road by taking part in the colourist and naivist artist Mårten Andersson’s colourful Hälsinge world on our first stop. We end our journey by stepping into the resembling world of colourist and naivist Lim-Johan. Edsbyns Museum and Lim-Johan exhibition Both share the mythical and the magical but are firmly grounded and rooted in the Hälsinge soil. The duo, two generations of artists born 19th century up until 1940. Here, the historical he Great Hälsingegårdnot too far away from each other and therefore significance of the linen production is highars road does not exactly with many common denominators, summarize lighted. pass by the Edsbyn Muall the amazing experiences throughout our Until the 25th of August, there is also an seum in Vox Cultura, in enchanted journey. exhibition called “Elva guld- Bandyhistoria I the central part of the The message following all the impressions Edsbyn” exhibiting the history of the sport parish. But to end this is clear: Reality sur“bandy” in Edsbyn. journey with a meeting passes fiction but the However, the Limwith the wayward Hälsinge artist Lim-Johan, constantly present Johan exhibition is through his art that can be found here, feels fairy tales and dreams the star of the show. appropriate. Almost necessary. are required for us to To enter his world Lim-Johan’s name was, in reality, Johan Erik be humans. of colourful, dreamOlsson. He was born in 1864 in the new setThe journey like and imaginative tler village of Nybo, three miles north-west through Great HäsHälsinge depictions of Edsbyn, and died in 1944. Lim-Johan was a lingegårdars road with elements of the photographer, a carpenter and an artist. Nine between Alfta and local wooden houses, of his 27 paintings can be found in the museum Edsbyn, an experience forests, humans and as well as other creations he made of the variunparalleled anywhere animals feels like a ous materials he worked with. The museum, else in the world. Unperfect ending to this just like Mårtes rural community centre is run BLACK STARS Animals and nature were a great part doubtedly a lifelong journey. by the rural community centre of Ovanåker. of Lim-Johan’s artistry and it is evident that birds and We started the The museum also invites you into an authentitrees were important to him. He also grew fig trees, despi- memory. te the climate, here more typical of Hälsingland. journey on The Great cally built country shop reminiscent of the

Final stop:




The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

LIVING CULTURAL HISTORY The wood castle in Arbrå has, through its exciting history, built a strong cultural capital that has been well preserved by today’s cultural work. Visitors are during the summer invited to a broad spectrum of cultural workshops focused on local handicraft traditions and activities such as street dance and graffiti. Last but not least, one cannot forget last year’s attraction, the coffee house’s waffles, served in the garden. Delicious!

The wood castle in Arbrå – culture magnified History stands firm with its past farm constructions and the legendary Willy Maria Lundberg’s work in the 1960’s, enhanced further by today’s cultural work. The wooden castle remains one of Hälsinglands most popular attractions.


he Wood Castle in Koldemo in Arbrå, situated by national highway 83 only a few kilometres north of Bollnäs, embodies most of what is associated with Hälsingland. Its surroundings consist of a billowing ancient landscape with mountains, forests and the river Ljusnan as its background. The grand farm is, with its brownish colour, strict but lavish façade and murals, just what the name describes. A wooden castle. It dates back to the 19th century when the farmer Hans Andersson had the farm built. It was named, as it should, Hans Anders and it was where the discovery of the first so-called mystery painting chest was found. The chest is today owned by the wooden castle. The wooden chest was sold at an auction in the year 2000 and contained painting tools along with 350 models and a price list. According to this list of prices working on one room would, at that time, pay a wage of eight Swedish crowns, a vestibule five and a table one. A male farm hand would, however, earn only a quarter of a Swedish crown per day. The chest has been linked to the painter Görs Hans Hansson whom, together with his wife, wandered into Boda parish in Dalarna in the middle of the 19th century. He is said to have created the murals on the top floor of the main building and the chest is playing a significant part in the piecing of the farmer’s unknown life.

Part two of the exciting history of this farm begins in the 1960s. Journalist Willy Maria Lundberg turned the farm into a stronghold of consumer journalism. At that time, the building was also referred to as the Wooden Castle in everyday speech. Willy Maria Lundberg, born in 1909, worked for many of the big newspapers of the time, produced radio, wrote travel guides and was a commissioner on the states consumer council. She was on a war-path against produce of inferior quality which was in line with her interest in everyday issues concerning cultivation. The Wood Castle became, under her ownership, a meeting ground for seemingly radical women. Willy Maria Lundberg put, through her charismatic persona and the farm’s history, the Wood Castle on the cultural map permanently. A legacy even today administered in the same honour by the owner Erik Martas Persson foundation. Here you can find one of the regions four visitors centres for the World Heritage site Häslingegårdarna. This year’s summer program is filled with activities of a wide range of cultural genres directed at people of all ages. The social responsibility pathos runs like a common thread through the entire operation. The city of Bollnäs conducts job training in the garden and the charitable company Glös Bolaget runs the café. On the café menu, one can find a sandwich, made in the farm’s own bakery, made of homemade flatbread and cheese made of milk from the farm across the road

and traditional Hälsinge ham. This sandwich in particular, with its locally produced produce and consumer-friendly perspective, would definitely have pleased Willy Maria Lundberg. A top grade indeed of her, oh so beloved, Wooden Castle.

THE WOODEN CASTLE’S SUMMER PROGRAM 5 July- The son of Alfta Ulf Sturesson and musicians 7 July- Model painting with artist Helena Bratt¨ July 18th- A dance walk with the group MOLN 19 July- Östen Eriksson, born in Enånger, sings Allan Edwall songs 21 July- Graffiti workshop with David Larsson 26 July- Grand Canaria band performance 28 July- Carpenter Niklas Karlsson exhibits his handicrafts 1 August - Viking fun, travel back in time to the Viking era by trying out various games and instruments 11 August- Herb walk with Lisen Sundgren, herbalist, author and lecturer 15 August- “Sipa Lipa Lakritspipa”, Ola Karlberg, alongside guitarist Magnus Petterson, performs the children songs of Lennart Hellsing



The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna

IMPORTANT SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE The World Heritage Site Bortomthe Åa in the village of Fågelsjö, located eleven miles west of Ljusdal, acts as a unique document of the time. The main farmhouse was suddenly closed in 1910 following a move into another building on the property. It remained untouched up until the middle of the 1940s and today it acts as an important source of knowledge. Notice also the decorated and beautifully carved vestibule, such joyful carpentry. Photo: Jakob Dahlström

Forty more hälsingegårdar We have visited The Wooden Castle in Arbrå and The World Heritage farms Jon-Lars and Pallars in Alfta. What now remains are the others. Bortom Åa i Fågelsjö, Bommars in Letsbo, Kristofers in Järvsö, Gästgivars in Vallsta and Erik-Anders in Söderala. Here are some facts about these five farms as well as information on more Hälsinge farms, county by county. More exactly 35 of them, all open to visitors or guided tours upon agreement.

Nordanstigs county

Hudiksvalls county

Ersk-Mats farm in Hassela, situated in an old village, consists of around fifteen buildings. One of them being Svedjehallen, a hill farm from the 19th century, where it is possible to stay the night upon agreement.

Norrbo rural community centre in Gammelsträng is made up of an intact barn, stage, saltpeter barn, and an old firehouse. It is run by the local cultural centre and during the summer it offers evening sing-alongs. www.hembygd.se

Halls farm in Hassela also offers the opportunity to ride Iceland horses, www.ridislandshast.se

Forsa farm in Fränö village prides itself with its beautiful murals, smithy and bakery cottage. Sorhöga in Forsa. This land has been farmed for 15 generations and is still very much in use. It also works as a Bed and Breakfast. www.sorhogalantgard.com

Bjuråkers farm, just north of Delsbo, is decorated with spectacular murals and also has a café, a boutique and a museum. It is run by the regions cultural centre. www.hembygd.se/bjuraker



Frägsta farm in Näsviken in Forsa has an Italian restaurant and a Bed and Breakfast. www.fragsta.se Hillsta cheese farm in Näsviken- A grand, yet strict, farm. The neighbouring farm Hökars has

both a café and a Bistro as well as a boutique, www.ystegarnhillsta.se Blanks in Kalvhaga, Näsviken- A family farm with fifteen buildings offers accommodation www. blanks.se Delsbo farm, with an ancestry dating back to medieval times, was founded in 1938 by the local rural community centre by bringing older buildings from the surrounding areas. This is where the Delsbostämman (meeting) has been arranged since 1952. www.delsboonline.se Ol-Ers and Ersk-Mickels in Väteräng, Delsbo. The first farmers settled here already during the Viking era. Today it is run as a modern farm with a cluster of buildings. It also offers accommodation upon agreement. www.olers.nu

The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna Ljusdals heritage farm lies in the middle of the parish consisting of buildings characteristic of the time with a high cultural value and with Ljusnan as background. It is run by the local cultural heritage centre www.ljusdalshembygdsforening.se Lökes in Skärsta just north of Järvså is a lavish wooden castle that was built as an inn in 1846. It later became a functioning farm that today offers accommodation to its visitors www.lokes.se

Ljusdals county Bortom Åa in the village of Orsa is a World Heritage farm, situated between Dalarna and Hälsingland, in Ljusdals county who also owns it. Although it is owned by the county it is run by Fågelsjö cultural heritage centre and is well worth a visit. The doors to this lavish 19th-century farm were suddenly closed in 1910 and would remain so for decades. Today, standing on its original spot, it is a valuable source of knowledge. Bortom Åa offers an experience laced with guides dressed as farm hands and maids, that were characteristic of the time, in order to provide an authentic image of how an affluent farmer family lived in the 19th century. The café also offers “fika” (cake and coffee) as well as classes in how to make the traditional flatbread and model painting. In the village, one can find an STF hostel www.fagelsjo.nu Bommars in Letsbo, northwest of Ljusdal- A World Heritage farm that, with its brown lodge houses and unusual combinations of folkloric paintings and manor-house wall paper, shows how the affluent farmers would live in 19th century Ljusdal. Bommars offers, amongst many other things, flatbread baking and forest baths www. bommars.se Färila heritage farm lies beautifully framed between Ljusnans valley and the mountain Vallåsen and contains many cultural buildings with vast collections www.farilahembygdsforening.se

Stenegård in Järvsö- the beautiful oasis. This is one of the province’s most visited sites and can be found on a grand farm dating back to the middle of the 19th century. It has beautiful surroundings and an astounding view. Stengård is run by the county and consists of 15 buildings and invites its visitors to a myriad of experiences. It has several boutiques with many typical Hälsinge handicrafts, a café that serves food and drinks, a bakery, courses, farm auctions and offers many activities directed at children. There is an herb garden. Here you can also find the legendary Wood Theatre as well as one of the four visitors centres for The World Heritage Hälsinge farms in the province. An added bonus is the artist collective Gallery, Kulturkossan, that always offers several exhibitions and also sells beautiful interior decorations and clothes. A special credit to the art collective driving spirit Maria Norén who, together with artist and musician Charlie Granberg, is opening a street art gallery in the parish only a few miles away with the objective of making Ljusdal an even more attractive location as well as casting an even brighter light on the magnificent Stenegård. Do not hesitate, just go! www.stenegard.com

Bollnäs county Ol-Nils in Kilafors is run by the local rural community centre and has a minor log-cabin, a storage house and a pier cabin. They also produce their own flatbread. www.hembygd.se/hanebo/hembygdsgarden Kämpens in Bollnäs - The country farm with great historical value run by the Bollnäs cultural heritage centre. www.hembygd.se Västerby in Rengsjö - a cultural farm, very characteristic of its time, run by the local cultural heritage centre. www.vasterby.com Nygården in Rengsjö - surrounded by a grand cultural landscape, Nygården offers accommodation in its B & B as well as wedding nights. www.brollopsnatt.com Arbrå Fornhem consists of around 15 buildings. Most of them date back to the 18th century and were moved to this location by the Arbrå cultural heritage centre that also runs the farm. www. vasbofabdar.se Gästgivars in the village of Vallsta - a World Heritage farm mostly known for the iconic artist Jonas Wallströms model paintings from the 18th century. The Arbrå arts and crafts association keeps the handicraft tradition alive still to this day by offering courses during the summer. At the moment the farm is up for sale, a situation, considering its cultural value, filled with obligation but also promises for the new owners. www.gastgivars.se CONTINUES ON THE NEXT PAGE

Kristofers in Stene in Järvsö- A World Heritage farm with a three- storey farmyard at its centre is located amongst beautiful surroundings. It also has a unique guest building with well-preserved rooms scattered over two stories. The gentleman’s cottage is decorated with murals and models made by Anders Ädel from Ljsudal and date back to the middle of the 19th century. It is today run as a modern farm by the fourteenth generation in a line of continuity. Tours are performed upon agreement www.kristofers.se Karls farm in Järvsö- This farm is owned collectively by all the cultural heritage centres in Hälsingland. This farm has been open to visitors since the 1930s. It is run by the Järvsö cultural heritage centre and offers an ambitious summer schedule and access to the Harsens hill farm museum located in the forest covered mountains just a mile away www.jarvsöhembygdsforening.se Oljons farm in Järvsö. A three- storey farm that still has an active smithy and agricultural production and is located right next to Karls farm. It consists of a total of 23 buildings and is an indication of how the village structures were organized in Järvsö.

HUMANS IN THE SPOTLIGHT An illustration of the residents on the farms, the everyday life and today’s modern functions, not only historical buildings and interiors. This is the intention of the book “Seven World Heritage Farms in Hälsingland”. Behind the book is the architect and building antiquarian Mimmi Göllas, photographer Lars Lööv and coordinator Stephanie C Krostofers. A trio that has had much-needed success. Brilliant pictures and important and interesting reading.



The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna Ovanåkers county Hisved in Långhed in Alfta. A family farm with intact cultural remnants dating back to the 19th century. Here they conduct farming, have a Bed and Breakfast and offer courses in baking and ceramics. www.halsingegard.hisved.com Erik-Jons in Näsbyn- with a pier cottage, renovated and made into a modern residential building, and paintings from 1805. They also offer accommodation. www.eriksjons.se Jan-Hans in Norrby Gård- carefully renovated, with help from building antiquarians, offers accommodation and guided tours focused on the different destinies from the farm’s history. www. jan-hans.se Per-Anders and Lamm Cathedral in Långhed can be reached by a cultural cattle path along Hässjaån where you find an old mill and the village’s old instruments for linen making. Once there you see several farm houses, of ancient lineage, complete with the newly built Lamm Cathedral. It has a café and a boutique and also offers courses to its visitors. www.halsingegården.se Våsby hill farms, about a mile north of EdsbynFour hill farms with pertaining land and buildings that have been farmed by Roteberg’s farmers for centuries. www.vasbofabodar.se Pallars in Älvkarhed- A stylish merchant farm constructed in the 1880s that also offers accommodation. www.ninae.se/pallars

GÄSTGIVARS IN THE VILLAGE OF VALLSTA - A world Heritage farm located about two miles north of Bollnäs. Known for Jonas Wallström’s model paintings and the wallpaper that is based on the farm’s name and that through the years have been printed by Duro. Photo: Jakob Dahlström

Söderhamns county Söderblom farm in Trönö. This is where the theologian and Arch Bishop, also Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Nathan Söderblom was born in 1866. The farm acts as a museum and a cultural centre. www.nyahembygd.se/trono.hembygdsforening Sörböle in Mo - Decorated with murals from 1857 and has been in the same family since 1535. www.halsingegardar.se Ranbo farm in Mo. Dates back to the 18th century and every once in a while, offers café services. www.ranbogarden.se Jon-Lars in Flor in Mo. Prides itself with its antique building, beautiful murals and wall paper,

and its tile-stove in original condition. www.halsingegardar.se Erik-Anders in Söderala. A World Heritage farm created with inspiration from a strict upper-class style, yet with a very typical Hälsingegårds feeling with its decorations and other adornments. Privately owned Erik-Anders offers accommodation and during the summer months a café, boutique and guided tours. It also holds one of the province’s four visitors centres for The World Heritage Farms Hälsingegårdarna. Between the 13th and 15th of July, they host the World Heritage Jazz concert in the spirit of Jan Johansson and this year with Ale Möller as a headlining act. www.erik-anders.se

Besök Världsarvsgården Bommars Sommar guidning mellan 5 juli till den 5 aug. Kl 11.00. Torsdag, fredag, lördag och söndag

GUIDNING År 2012 blev gården Bommars tillsammans med sex andra hälsingegårdar inskrivna på UNESCOs världsarvslista över platser i världen som är så unika för sin tidsepok att det är av intresse för hela mänskligheten. www.bommars.se Hälsingegård Bommars, Letsbo, Brovägen 8, 827 95 Tallåsen info@bommars.se Marie 070-2929862, Karl-Erik 070-3475921 FÖLJ MED OSS PÅ SKOGSBAD Följ den senaste trenden och koppla av utomhus i vacker miljö. Vi vandrar mellan två fäbodar i Hälsingeskogen! Med tid för återhämtning, egna tankar och en lugn stund. Att skogsbada är som spa för själen! Se mer på www.bommars.se

Guidning 200 kr per vuxen cirka 1,5 timme, inkl kaffe.

Hälsingegård Bommars, Letsbo, Brovägen 8, 827 95 Tallåsen info@bommars.se

Marie 070-2929862, Karl-Erik 070-3475921 FÖLJ OSS PÅ FACEBOOK


Loos Cobalt Mine, Beyond Åa and Hamra National Park Take an exciting trip and discover three treasures in Hälsingland's deepest forests. • Walk underground in Loos Cobalt Mine. Get an impression of the hard and risky work of the past in the untouched mining environment from the 18th century. • Step over the threshold of Beyond Åa in Fågelsjö - a temple of a folk art scene dating from the Finnish immigration in the 17th century. An unusually well-preserved farm with an exciting history and as 2012 was chosen as the World Heritage Site for its rich paintings. • Visit one of the country's first national parks! Hamra National Park, which is accessible via hilly trails, is best known for its forest. In the oldest part there is one of the few untouched forests in central Sweden. Los, Fågelsjö and Hamra: www.loosgrufvan.se www.fagelsjo.nu www.sverigesnationalparker.se/ park/hamra-nationalpark


Kristofers in Stene, Järvsö - one of the 7 world heritage sites In the farm that dates back to the 16th century, activity is ongoing throughout the year. Here are cows, calves and sheep that help to nurture the cultural landscape and preserve the biodiversity of Ljusnans valley. The farm's preserved party house from the early 1800s shows how they built and decorated the whole house just for special occasions.

Here you can during the summer months have a personal experience with farm people as a guide. We also organize events for groups and companies wishing to take part in the hälsingefarmers culture. Views July 2018 Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm. Booked through the World Heritage Center at Stenegård 0651-340021.

For other displays and requests info@kristofers.se or call 070-5592757 www.kristofers.se

The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna


Del av den pampiga trädgården och huvudbyggnaden på pensionat Järvsöbaden. Foto: Pressbild

Hotel Järvsöbaden, old guesthouse traditions from Hälsingland Old time Experience. But still - updated in time. Welcome to Järvsöbaden, the traditional guesthouse in Järvsö, where guests like the author Astrid Lindgren and the Crown Princess couple previously stayed. Meet some pure history from Hälsingland.


he old farm Järvsöbaden in Järvsö in the northern part of the landscape has ancestors dating back to the 16th century, when it’s said to be a guesthouse there. The tradition “is in the walls” and as you walk through the doors, it feels a bit like time has stopped. In 1867, judge and forest owner Olof Persson bought the farm, later he suffered from rheumatic aches and went to treatment in Sunne. When he came back he proclaimed: If they can - we can! We have the air, the nature and



our own water with a source from the mountains. Let’s start a spa treatment hotel - and on that road it is. Sverigemagasinet meets Inger Ångström, hotel manager and one of those who run the board today. How is it to run a guesthouse in Järvsö? – It’s a life, it’s not a job and it’s amazingly fun. The guesthouse has been around since 1905, so today, the third and fourth generation working in the family business. Me and my husband Pelle who is the fourth generation in family, lives here on the farm, we have about 30 seconds to go to work. Many people may think it’s a minus to live and work

so close to each other, but on the contrary, it’s positive for us. We have a summerhouse, so we can go away if we want to get some privacy... Pelle is the chef and CEO here and has grown up on the farm but he’s trained to cook in Stockholm. Worked elsewhere a few years and returned. In 1987 Pelle joined and started the mythical restaurant Aquavit in Manhattan, New York. You were with him and worked and you stayed there for 18 months. I suppose it’s an indispensable knowledge that you brought with you back home? -Yes, we moved home to Järvsö in 1989, and have been here since then. We have been

The World Heritage Hälsingegårdarna mentioned in The White Guide, Pelle is very good at food. We want to market ourselves as an ancestry hotel with a sense of hospitality – We have many old-fashioned rooms that we very much care about and preserve precisely for that reason. Our keywords are environment, food and reception. We do not want to modify but like to take care of what we have. You have a fantastic garden made for relaxation and recreation. And a gazebo stands in the pond in the garden. Do you use it? - The gazebo in the garden is a gift we received from the civilians in Järvsö when Järvsöbaden celebrated its 100th anniversary. And, yes, we have parties there sometimes. As regards gardening, its Gunborg who cares for it, Gunborg is the third generation after Olof Persson, she is 83 years and works five days a week. She does a lot in the garden and has real green fingers. It is an honour to sit next to Gunborg at the front desk and works with her. Gunborg gave her life to the pension. Lill-Babs, “the Queen of Songs” in Sweden, was recently buried in Järvsö Church. Did you have many guests? – The hotel was reserved for funeral guests and we had 270 people here on coffee afterwards. We served 6000 sandwiches. I’m glad I have time to participate in the church. We had recently prepared a room for Lill-Babs who planned to celebrate her 80th birthday here, but unfortunately it was not so, but the room is ready. Other regulars have lived here and have their own rooms, such as the author Astrid Lindgren and Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Will Järvsöbaden still be here in 50 years? - Yes, it will. We have many children who want to carry on the tradition in Järvsöbaden, but because we playfully say that we will work to 85 years and have Gunborg as a model, it will take a while before the children can step up. We hope and believe that the hotel will continue to operate according to our terms even in the future.

Skapa upplevelser tillsammans! Kultur • Trädgård • Mat • Barn • Butiker Välmående • Världsarvscentrum

Inger och Pelle Ångström på trappan framför Järvsöbaden. JÄRVSÖBADEN INVITES TO EXHIBITION

An exhibition called Time Constellation is currently being ambulated via stops in total seven municipalities. It stretches from Ånge in the north and Uppsala to the south. Exhibition will take place until 28 of October, when it ends in Uppsala. The Järvsöbaden will show originals from the exhibition, guests and by passers

are welcome to experience the theme of the year, Hälsingland and the cultural heritage. Participating artists are Lillebi Habans (Järvsö), Erik Olof Wiklund (Alfta) and Jinger Bremberg (Stråtjära) as well as Kerstin Landström (the latter only in Uppsala).

Välkommen till oss i sommar! Öppet alla dagar 6 juni - 2 september

Stenegård i Järvsö • www.stenegard.com • 0651-34 00 21


ALE MÖLLER BAND THE REAL GROUP JONAS KULLHAMMAR & EKDAHL/BAGGE BIG BAND MAGNUS LINDGREN & STOCKHOLM UNDERGROUND MIRIAM AIDA AMANDA GINSBURG ADELN THOU SHALT SWING Världsarvsjazzen är en festival i det lilla formatet för dig som gillar vacker miljö, god mat och riktigt bra jazz och folkmusik. Här är allt nära; hälsingenaturen, världsarvet, maten och framför allt; artisterna och musiken. Mer information om artister, biljetter, avgångstider för festivalbussar med mera finns på www.varldsar vsjazzen.se

Welcome to our wooden castle


A unique place to stay all year round Welcome to our mansion sized wooden castle situated in Järvsö. Our Decorated Farmhouse of Hälsingland was built as a tavern in 1846. It’s big enough to house a party of friends, a large family or even a company. You can also lease a third or two thirds of the house if you are searching for authentic housing for a smaller group of people. This wooden castle is fully renovated with original features preserved. It is open all year round and all three apartments are offered for lease with selfcatering. Not to mention, the town of Järvsö offers a wide range of activities, food and explorations to suit one and all. Welcome to a charming place.

l ôk e s h ä l si ng egå r d

Skästrabergsvägen 9, 820 40 Järvsö hyra@lokes.nu ✦ www.lokes.se

Johan Erik Olsson - Lim-Johan - was recognized only a few years after his death in 1944 as a significant naive artist. Edsbyn's Museum shows 9 of his 28 famous paintings. The museum also has many other decorations from his hand - carved dogs and other animals, furniture, table mirror, casks, shavebox etc. In his photographs you can see an artist, who wanted to improve on reality and see it in their own way. Edsbyns Museum is a hometown museum with world heritage history with skis and bandy. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Café Gondolen. Open Mon-Fri 13-16, Sat 11-14, Sun closed

Vox Cultura Långgatan 31 www.hembygd.se/ovanaker Facebokgroup: Ovanakers Hembygdsforening Telephone: 0271-21667


EN PLATS FÖR ALLA SINNEN! Handelsträdgård•Butik•Sommarcafé•Festplats•Galleri

Sommartorsdagar 5 juli 2 augusti . Musikkväll med grillbuffé 400 kr & enbart inträde 200 kr.

VI PRESENTERAR Torsdag 5 Juli Timo Räisänen & Johanna Bakke DJ i Glashuset och Trädgården Torsdag 12 Juli Sommartorsdag kl 19.00 KARAVAN & Louise Rosén DJ i Glashuset & Trädgården

Lisa Miskovsky 19 Juli Konserterna börjar kl 20:00 Inget förköp, så kom i tid.

Torsdag 19 Juli Sommartorsdag kl 19.00 Lisa Miskovsky & Louisa Westling DJ i Glashuset & Trädgården Torsdag 26 Juli Sommartorsdag kl 19.00 Hellsingland Underground & Electric Feel Good DJ i Glashuset & Trädgården Torsdag 2 Augusti Sommartorsdag kl 19:00 Säkert! & Northern Souls DJ i Glashuset & Trädgården

ÖVRIGT SOM HÄNDER HOS OSS! *Söndag 8 juli Operaafton kl 17 missa inte detta! Himani Grundström & John Beck kl 17 entré 250 kr inkl tilltugg. Söndag 22 Juli. Konsert kl 17.00 Carl Erik Thörn, Trio me’ Bumba & Adorena Thörn. Entré 100kr . Boka gärna förköp.*Söndag 29 Juli. Konsert kl 17.00 John Holm. Entré 250kr Boka gärna förköp.

Bar- och sittplatser finns i Glashuset

VI HAR ÄVEN KONSTUTSTÄLLNINGAR I VÅRT FINA GLASHUS Alla fredagar kl 14.00 – 18.00 Sangria Myseria Onsdagar från & med 27/6 - 1/8 kl 17.00 – 20.00 Pizzabuffé Alla lördagar kl 10.00 – 11.00 Frukosttallrik & Melodikryss Öppet vardagar kl 10-18 Härlig fräsch lunchbuffé kl 11.00 – 14.00, 89 kr • Lördagar kl 10.00 – 15.00

Följ oss gärna på Facebook & Instagram @rosehillsblommor

Lantmätargatan 4 • Ljusdal

Tfn: 0651-711101 • www.rosehills.se *Med reservation för ändringar.

rns å 6 ma

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Siw Malmkvist

Ann-Louise Hanson




Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

– ett humlearomatiskt öl med en helt ny, innovativ metod för att förstärka och behålla humlens aromatiska karaktär

Alkohol i samband med arbete ökar risken för olyckor.


Can a hotel be near-produced? If a hotel can be near-produced, we would like to say that Blommenhof Hotell has good intentions to fulfil it. The hotel is close to much, which may be good for the traveller to be in close proximity. Nykรถping is located close to the sea and small town charm, just 15 minutes walk from the city centre and 800 meters from the central station. If you want to travel from another part of the world or out in the world, you have Skavsta Airport 5 km away. 44




f you want experiences, there is a lot to be done close by. Nyköping has a water park, ski slope, shopping and many events at the Rosvalla Arena / stadium. In the vicinity you will also find the adventure centre Boda Borg, the largest zoo in the Nordic region, Kolmården and Tom Tits Experiment. If you like nature and forest outside the door you’ll find it. It cannot be closer to Sörmlandsleden right outside the door! If you want to try, you will find maps at the reception and, if you wish, you can take advantage of our hiking package. Do you just want to stroll or start the day meeting the morning air in the

woods on a trekking round there is the nice trail forest at the hotel. ENVIRONMENT AND NEAR-PRODUCED

Blommenhof is operated as much as possible with solar energy. The hotel is, of course, also Swan-labelled, which means that they constantly think about materials they use, use near-produced and suppliers in the immediate area. Blommenhof also works with real ingredients in the kitchen, near-produced and organic products. They want to do well from scratch, serve something that they can be proud of and hopefully you will experience it as a food pleasure as a guest.

whole hotel. The concept brings together wedding parties, celebrity celebrations and business conferences that want to focus on meetings outside the daily life. School vacations gather families for adventure, play and treat. The hotel also offers a relaxing calm for couples on romantic weekends. Welcome to a hotel where staff work close to the guest for joy, quality and personal attention. - We want to do well from scratch, and serve something that we can be proud of. Text: Marie Fleetwood Foto: Blommenhof


There are many who choose to rent the SVERIGEMAGASINET


love let’s make love great again love


V Darin V Loreen V Kaliffa Maxida Märak V Mikael Wiehe V Maia Hirasawa V Johnossi Junior Brielle V Esther Vallee V Julia Frej V Thomas Di Leva Stina Velocette V Vånna Inget V Medborgarbandet med

Nina Persson (Cardigans) Tomas Öberg (Bob Hund), Kristin Amparo, Sakib Zabbar, Angelica Radvolt & Kanyi Mavi. Fler artister tillkommer.

Let´s Make Love Great Again, LMLGA, är en manifestation och festival för kärlek, respekt och omtanke. Festivalen, som samarbetar med Prins Carl Philips och Prinsessan Sofias Stiftelse, bjuder på gratiskonserter, föredrag, konst och kultur.

Gärdet 11–12 augusti

love let’s make love great again love

let’s make love great again

let’s make love great again

Photo: Daniel Grizelj


Darin and Maia Hirasawa are two of the artists ready for Let’s Make Love Great Again at Gärdet in Stockholm.

A weekend of love – We want to contribute to spread love and consideration, explains Niclas Lagerstam. 11-12 August is the time for Let’s Make Love Great Again at Gärdet in collaboration with Prince Carl Philips and Princess Sofia’s foundation.


he big goal? To gather all Swedish people around a positive message about love and heat between people. It manifests in a big festival and love manifest at Gärdet in Stockholm Saturday and Sunday 11-12 August. The initiative comes from Niclas Lagerstam, entertainment organizer behind festivals such as the touring the music festival Putte in the Park and much more. - With Let’s Make Love Great Again, we want to contribute with positive pictures, events and meetings, says Niclas Lagerstam. But also national activities like the Gärdet weekend from 11 to 12 August. The festival weekend, 11-12th Aug, Let’s Make Love Great Again, in collaboration with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation, as co-organizer. The foundation aim, among other things, to

work against hate and bullying online. - There is something that fits very well with the questions that Let’s Make Love Great Again want to lift, says Niclas Lagerstam. The prince couples Foundation is currently working with the campaign # viberättar(we tell) aimed at children and young people who have been exposed to something online that does not feel okay. The foundation will be in place with representatives during the festivals to tell me more about the campaign. “Everyone wins if we are nice against each other. Through a manifestation of love, respect and consideration, we take together with Let’s Make Love Great Again the next step in spreading more heart online and IRL “says Sofia Ewerlöf, Head of Operations at the Prince Foundation. The two days will consist of classical concerts with a large number of famous artists, lectures, art, and culture and, above all, meetings between people.

After Gärdet, the campaign continues in a three-year project where Let’s Make Love Great Again, among other things, will create local activities across the country - in sports clubs, theatre groups, lectures and other stuff. READY ARTISTS LET´S MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN, GÄRDET 11–12 AUGUST:

Darin, Loreen, Kaliffa, Mikael Wiehe, Maxida Märak, Johnossi, Maia Hirasawa, Thomas Di Leva, Junior Brielle, Esther Vallee, Julia Frej, Vånna Nothing, Stina Velocette, Citizenship with Nina Persson (Cardigans) and Tomas Öberg Dog) Kristin Amparo, Sakib Zabbar, Angelica Radvolt, Kanyi Mavi. More artists will be added. Text: Torbjörn Karlgren




”It’s easy to find women with great skills” In 2014 was Malou von Sivers awarded the Great Journalist Prize with the motivation “After a long time as a journalist and reporter on Expressen and Aftonbladet, and the launch of TV4, countless news and debate programs and 1250 episodes of ”Malou After Ten“, now comes the debut novel a trilogy about her life.





alou von Sivers really loves her job and have always been prepared to fight for women’s rights and to assert the women’s position. The Sverigemagasinet is having a chat with Malou in one of the rare breaks between the projects. How was the working climate for women in your industry when you started, in relation to today? – It has always been a struggle. I participated in the Aftonbladet Women’s reaction and was fought daily to bring in female subjects in the newspaper. I was the only female crime reporter and most often identified me with the victims instead of the police chase. Then I came to Bonniers and started Swedish Elle where I became editor-in-chief. Lucas Bonnier fired me because I was pregnant and would be parental leave, but it became a settlement and money. A little bit funny is that I many years later got Lukas Bonnier’s Great Journalist Prize. He must have laughed in his heaven. Lukas had great humour. After the resignation from Elle I became employed at Tv4, when the channel started, and there were very many beautiful young women, weather girls, and older guys who became managers and who knew everything. When I started at the Morning News with Bengt Magnusson I got to fight to get the same salary as him. But now it’s better, much better. I am the manager, producer and program leader of my Malou program after ten and can affect working conditions and journalistic. In addition, TV4 has several female executives in high positions, and I do not think the industry dominated by man anymore; on the contrary, it’s often missing male talented journalists. It is easier to find women with great skills. You often interview people about sensitive subjects. How do you get so close? What’s the trick? – To listen, be curiously interested and show respect. Never look down in your papers, keep an eye contact, and posting follow-up questions instead of following a questionnaire. It is important to keep in mind why I will do the interview. What do I want to tell you through this person and how? – If you only make a sensitive interview, it can easily be speculative. But if the person I’m going to interview is sure why they want to tell their story, often to help others, you often contribute to bite the head of the shame and

removing stigma. And that can really make a difference. In your programs you have met many exciting personalities over the years. Which meetings have touched you the most, and in what way? – Oh, that’s a difficult question. I have travelled around the world and interviewed world names like Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyl, Ingmar Bergman, for some examples. But I have also done interviews in My Program Malou After ten. We have just finished our 25th season, meaning 1250 pro-

interview five years after his wife’s death. But suddenly after many years of inquiries from me he said yes. It was about life, death and love and became very different, personal, sad and funny. My heart’s concern (Mitt hjärtas oro in swedish) is the first part of a trilogy, a story that stretches from the beginning of the last century to today. How did it felt releasing parts of your own life in the book? - It’s a history, so I’ve used my family history as inspiration and springboard, but then fantasized about these novel characters that increasingly began to live their own lives. The more I wrote the more far away from my own story they came. But the feelings were the question-if you can inherit a wound, I’ve carried mine my whole life. What are the differences between releasing parts of themselves and experiencing when guests do the same in your programs? – It is a big difference between asking the questions and reveals you. I have always let my guests stay in the centre and held myself back. But when I did Summer in P1, I took a big crucial step and told me about my upbringing and the complicated relationship with my father, who has characterized me in good and bad. It was an incredibly positive response that touched me deeply. Have you always written? Did you write diary as a child?

grams, which represent thousands of people. There have been many who touched me and stayed in my mind. Strong personalities who have gone through difficult things and then got back and moved on. It is instructive and impressive. Which is the best / worst interview you have ever done? – One of the worst experiences never came true. It was recently in our season end. I would interview interviewer Ola Rapace for 18 minutes in live broadcast, but he never came and did not got in touch with us! I sat there with an 18-minute gap in live broadcast. I shouted after the actor Pia Johansson who had been in the beginning of the program and talked about dogs. And then I did an interview about her life. It was very good and Pia was brilliant. The best interview was enough with Ingmar Bergman together with Erland Josephson. It was a world scoop and the interview has been featured in many countries and at film festivals around the world. Bergman had not given a single

– I have always written and always fantasized and dreamed away, especially when life became heavy. I have found stories, read up in front of class, but never written diary strangely enough. What are your future dreams when it comes to your work? – I love to work with my Malou program, After ten, I will continue with it, but in between I want to write. I have finally realized that I dream of becoming a writer and the stories crowded in my head. The second part of my trilogy comes this fall and this summer I sitdown on my glass-porch and write the third part that feels the hardest and therefore as a big challenge. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Kajsa Göransson



! T S Ö H I R A G N I N L L Ä T S E R Ö F A NY

”Anders Ahlbom Rosendahl behärskar scenen totalt” Lars Ring, SvD

”Anders Ahlbom Rosendahl har publiken i sin hand från första ögonblicket” Kulturen Opulens, Lena S Karlsson

JAG VAR MER NEUTRAL ÄN SVERIGE Anders Ahlbom Rosendahl är Stig Wennerström Teaterpjäs om storspionen skriven av Klaus Fischer Föreställningar hösten 2018: 21/9, 28/9, 5/10, 12/10, 19/10, 26/10 Teaterpaket inklusive middag på Långholmens Wärdshus Biljettbokning: langholmen.com/teater S


3055 0069



08 - 720 85 00 langholmen.com


VA N DR A & • R E N A L P P O K • I DA LA R NA och odar och fjäll. Stigarna RINGSLEDER bland fäb ar ND ätt VA ber RA CK som VA V arv lds PLE UP er och vär ur passerar bruksmiljö turen och kul a isk sam lederna i Dalarnas nat den av del lvandringen kan du ta Vasas framfart vidare. Dalarnas historia. På fjäl s sägnerna om Gustav för en led pps alo Vas i den kända

Se hela utbudet på oor visitdalarna.se/outd


The King’s Guard The Association of Beridna Högvakten has developed into a true people movement. Many people participated in the vote when the new horse was to be baptized. It resulted in a tribute to the artist Tim Bergling, more famous as Avicii. “The whole of Sweden’s horse” has been named D’Avicii.


verigemagasinet meets Olof Karlander, Chancellor of the Association of the Beridna Högvakten, and talks about horses, ceremonies and a growing membership group. – The Swedish state ceremony contains high guard and parades in connection with, among other things, state visits,” says Olof Karlander, and continues: – It is the Armed Forces that contribute with people and the resources needed, together with the head of state chiefs own resources. For more than thirty years, the Association for the Beridna Högvakten has been responsible for the horses and their costs. What is the background to the association? – There was a thought that you would dismantling the Horses in the Armed Forces sometime in the 1980s, but it resulted in strong reactions from many angles. Many people thought



we had a very nice state ceremony with Beridna Högvakten. The business is actually quite unique - even from an international perspective. It came to an agreement between the government and the parliament that the Swedish people were to bear the costs, and so it should be. Then the Society was formed for the Beridna Högvakten, so it is a civil organization formed by people movement. Our activities are mostly funded through membership fees from our more than 25,000 members, and in addition we have about twenty companies that sponsor us. How often do you have the opportunity to see the Beridna Högvakten? – The prepared performances consist of about 40 parades annually and a number of procession, which vary according to the number of state visits we have in Sweden. It is a big responsibility, and we are therefore keen on become more members of our association, the fee is not so high but makes great use for us. Many believe that the horses in the state ceremony

are funded by the state, but that’s not the case. - The Association is responsible for the purchase of horses, horses training and most of the overheads. The state does not contribute, but the Association has handled the task well in all years. The number of members has actually increased each year during the 2 thousand century, which is quite remarkable. This indicates that there is a stable interest among the Swedish people in keeping the horses in the state ceremony, which of course is pleasing. Is it very expensive to buy horses? – Yes, they cost about 150,000 skr, including education so it’s obviously a big expense. We buy 8 - 10 horses a year. We buy them when they are about four years old, and then we train them for about a year. After that, they will receive one more year’s training of the Livgard’s Cavalry within the Armed Forces. Are the horses coming from Sweden only, or do you buy abroad also? - That depends, says Olof Karlander. We have three breeds in the Beridna Högvakten.

Culture The battery horses are Shire horses, an English cold blood breed, which are the biggest horses available. They are very large and weigh about 900 kilos. They should be black with white socks, that mean that they are slightly white on the legs. We have two such, and the battery uses them. They go first, just after the drum majors - that is the ones who lead one of the Livgard’s orchestra. – We also have Skimmlar and they belong to a very rare breed called Kladruber, they come from an imperial stuttery in the Czech Republic. We have 6-7 ones, and they mostly go to Livgardets Dragon Music Orchestra They are also called trumpet-horses, because they are very calm and stable in their temperament. One can say that they are cousins of ​​ the Lippitzan horse, which is well known. The main reason we buy them from the Czech Republic is that horse racing in Sweden is highly focused on racing. All our other horses are Swedish warm blood, and they are adults. In a ridden guard parade, there are between 48 and 52 horses, and in a shortage there are 56 horses. Do you employ the riders? – No, it is the Armed Forces responsible for the business, but we own the horses. There are soldiers and officers from the Armed Forces who participate in the parades. How did you think that the Windsor Horses performed during the British prince wedding the past time? – Absolutely excellent! England has a very fine state ceremony, which came to light in connection with the wedding. They have black horses while we have brown. You also take the horses on a tour on a few occasions each year. Where can we see them this year? – We think it is important that the Swedish people get to know our business, and thus it should not only be a phenomenon in Stockholm. Because we have members throughout Sweden it is important that we offer opportunities to meet us. Everyone can’t come to Stockholm, so we get to meet our members outside the country. – We going on a weekend tour every year to Kalmar on September 8 and Växjö on September 9th. During the day we perform a parade in town, and in addition a concert on the horses with Livgard’s orchestra. In the evening we also give a concert without horses, in the concert hall of the city, something that is often appreciated, concludes Olof Karlander. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Marielle Andersson Gueye






STOCKHOLM WATERFRONT 11 nov, 2 & 26 dec 2018. 6 jan, 16 mars 2019

SVERIGETURNÉ: Helsingborg Arena* 26/1 2019 · Scandinavium, Göteborg 3/3 2019 · Malmö Arena 9/3 2019 Kinnarps Arena, Jönköping 11/1 2019 · Conventum Arena, Örebro 12/1 2019 · SAAB Arena, Linköping 13/1 2019 · STIGA Sports Arena, Eskilstuna 18/1 2019 Nyköpings Arenor, Rosvalla 19/1 2019 · Stadium Arena, Norrköping 20/1 2019 · Halmstad Arena 27/1 2019 · Fortnox Arena, Växjö 2/2 2019 Bombardier Arena, Västerås 8/2 2019 · IFU Arena, Uppsala 9/2 2019 · Östersunds Sporthall 16/2 2019 · Göransson Arena, Sandviken 17/2 2019 Stora Sporthallen, Lugnet, Falun 23/2 2019 · Löfbergs Arena, Karlstad 24/2 2019 · Kristianstad Arena 2/3 2019

Biljetter: ticketmaster.se 077-170 70 70


Form & Montage: Ulrica Sasko Design AB · Foto: Peter Knutson


Foto: Tommy Andersson

Welcome to Dalarna and Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri

In Fryksås Hotell you can live, eat and relaxin a wonderful environment with lovelyviews of Lake Orsa and Siljan. After a nice day in the wild, enjoy a gourmet dinner made from selected high quality local produce.

Summer and Autumn, perfect for outdoor activities Foto: Klemner Studio

Summer is perfect for MTB training and other activities. The cycling in the woods around Orsa Grönklitt and Fryksås offers great variety. Choose between advanced or easy-cycled forest tracks With cozy barbecue areas. See our offers on www.fryksashotell.se

www.fryksashotell.se info@fryksashotell.se 0250 – 460 00, 460 20



Äkta Hälsoresor Mallorca 14 - 26 oktober

Kärlekens trädgård Lilla Vik Prisbelönad trädgård i Gryts Skärgård Öppen dagligen 1 juni-15 augusti kl. 10-17

Även laktos- & glutenfri kost förstås! Artister Kar neva lståg Musik & dans Tivoli & mar knad Waldem ars Salonger


16-17 juni


28/6 - 1/7

Toverum Valdemarsvik

• Vandringar • Cykelturer • Meditation • Core & Puls • Morgongympa

• Danspass • Yoga & Qigong • Behandlingar • Kurser & föredrag • Sång, musik & dans

6-7 juli

Grännäs IP

ALLSÅNGSMÅNDAGAR! Shirley Clamp 16 juli

TITANIX med gästartister

Arvingarna 23 juli

Siv ”Augustina” Carlsson 30 juli

Magnus Carlsson 6 augusti

Kristjan Lootus Vi firar 10 års Roliga dans- &

från Let´s Dance! härligt samarbete! fyspass eller privatlektioner.

Gästhamnen Valdemarsvik

4 augusti



Skärgårdsmarknad Roddtävling Musik Diverse aktiviteter

4 augusti

Valdemarsviks gästhamn

Flytande utställning Allmoge- och veteranbåtar visas i Valdemarsviks gästhamn hela sommaren


BROLLE Rock’n’ Roll On Tour

10-12 augusti Gryts Varv

11 augusti

Gryts Skärgård

Charlotte Söderström Naturmedicinare

Maj Blom Hans Ericson Medicine Doktor Osteopat/ kinesiolog

Eva Bruce Färg & stil

Dalarna 5-9 september

Internationella Fyrdagen

19 augusti

Grännäsparken Valdemarsvik

Häradskär Gryts skärgård



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Paddling Sälsafari m.m.

Natursköna vandringar Aktiva hälsodagar i härlig miljö! Vandringar, mjukyoga, vattengym, matdemo & spakväll. Vi bor på First Hotel Tällberg i en stor blommande trädgård med utsikt över vackra ängar och sjön Siljan. Du kan välja längre vandringar eller färre vandringstimmar och en spännande matlagningskurs! “Mat för ett friskare liv”

Old Gold Summer Party 2018

1 september Gryts Varv

1-2 september Valdemarsvik

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Louise Nilsgard - näringsterapeut, matskribent & utbildare, erbjuder kurs om “Den gröna maten” för bättre hälsa. Med rätt kost kan du bli piggare, gladare och få mer ork & energi! “Du blir vad du äter”...

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foto: Jaak T. Arendi



Twilight image from the fabulous Park Güell park area.

Barcelona is magical The capital of Catalonia has sights that you can spend several days exploring. It cries out of beautiful houses, churches and parks. Among the city’s main landmarks is the fabulous unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral, created by local architect Antoni Gaudí. During his lifetime, he leaves many impressions in the city, including the magic sago park Parc Güell. And between the yards, the city offers lots of cosy eateries.


Barcelona is a family-friendly city, so even a day at the beach can include fun activities. But there is also plenty of other fun within easy reach. The city has its own zoo, an amusement park and an aquarium plant with an 80-meter



long tunnel where sharks slide around. A bit outside the city is also Europe’s second largest amusement park. One of the city’s biggest trump cards is its combination of intensive big city and relaxed seaside resort. But the habit of bathing in the middle of the city is quite new. Thirty years ago, the district was down to the plagues, Barcelona, yet another very poor fishing district

and the beaches were not inviting But now the area closest to the water has turned into a whole pearl band of fine sandy beaches lined with bars and taverns. Barcelona has a touch of working class with washed clothes on the drought between the roofs of the narrow alleys, but unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before a brighter establishment replaces its many genuinely

Travel neighbourhood and bars. One of the best pleasures in Barcelona is to completely easily walk around, soak up the atmosphere and admire all the beautiful buildings. Gaudi’s fabulous buildings set its unique feel on the city. Do not miss highlights like Casa Mila and Casa Battle. They are both located along Passeig de Gracia, one of the city’s major avenues. LA RAMBLA AND BARRI GOTIC

Ramblan stretches from the port to the south to the main square of Plaça de Catalunya, which with its big department stores is the heart of the shopping district. North of the square constitutes the extension of the Rambla de Catalunya walkway to the north into the distinguished district of Eixample. Here the crowds are smaller, the walks is beautiful adorn with benches and protective

Ciutat Vella, also known as Barri Gòtic, is the oldest part of the city with narrow picturesque streets designed for cosy walks. Here is an abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes. The wide boulevard of La Rambla constitutes the border between Barri Gòthic and El Raval and extends 1.2 km to Plaça de Catalunya. Walking along La Rambla is an experience in itself. Along the busy street there are market stands, flower shops, exhibitions and street performers. The long paradise street has a wide, stony walk in the middle, fillet stands and kiosks with flowers and much more. On vacant surfaces, street artists fight for space to gather crowds for their often super-professional shows. The folklore is wonderful, but watch out for burgles, crushers and all kinds of mufflers. City authorities think that the street An example of Antoni Gaudís richly varied artistry. has become all too popular among the trees and lined with shops and bars of a bit tourists and they have recently banned certain more luxurious kind. Here are many exciting types of street sales and planning a complete and slightly different stores.. renovation of the area 2019. Among the establishments along the street are the magnificent PARCS AND RECREATION Mercat de la Boqueria commercial hall and For those who are tired of both beach life some good as the old fine patisserie Antiga and city pulse, the city offers a large number Casa Figueras with “stockholmers” among their of relaxing parks and other nature experienexcellent pastries. But many of the places here ces. Barcelona’s highest mountain Tibidabo, are tourist traps and prices are often lower just 512 meters above sea level, offers a charming a few blocks away.

Casa Batllo. Gaudí’s splendor on the main Passeig de Gràcia.

and different experience. Up here you will get one of the most panoramic views of the city. A walk on the skywalk here further enhances the sight impressions. The mountain is the site of the city’s oldest amusement park, opened in 1901, and for those who do not have the age for carousel skiing, the old-fashioned tivoli lake is a very pleasant setting for a snack or for a coffee. FOOD AND PLEASURE

The range of restaurants and tapas bars is huge. Tapas are served day and night, and many bars always include one or two tapas when you drink something. Ordering a lot of different dishes to share is often a culinary experience. The Spanish cuisine with meat dishes, fish and seafood is highly appreciated. The nightlife begins late and goes on into the dawn. SHOPPING IN BARCELONA

Barcelona is famous for it’s shopping. you find all big chains here and they often have not only a store but also several. If you want to take a break in your shopping, just sit down on one of the many tapas bars along the way and take something to eat and drink. FOOTBALL IN BARCELONA

The football team FC Barcelona is one of the city’s premier prides. They are playing their home games at the famous stadium Camp Nou. As one of the world’s best football teams with some of the biggest football stars, tickets to Barcelona’s matches are highly sought after. If you want to experience the magical atmosphere of Camp Nou, it is therefore important to be out in good time. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Tony Manieri & Adobe Stock

The medieval neighbourhood of Ciutat Vella, or Barri Gòtic, breathes history. SVERIGEMAGASINET



Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and capital in the Catalonia region. The city is founded in the year 230 BC by Hamilcal Barca, father of Hannibal. The constitution will be elaborated in 1060 and the word Catalonia will be written for the first time. Today, Barcelona is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations with over 5 million visits a year. In 1992, the summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. City pride FC Barcelona has won La Liga 25 times, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the World Championship for club teams, and has 20 international titles which is a record.

Sagrada Familia

– the jewel of Gaudís crown

Cosy Sitges The beautiful seaside town of Sitges is approximately 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona and is sometimes called Spain’s Tropez. Here gather families who love beach life, couples celebrating honeymoon and wealthy life-lovers. Residents of Barcelona often travel to Sitges over the weekends, because many of them have summer cottage. Sitges has a long sandy beach, trendy shops and some sights. The city’s main landmark is the church of Església de Sant Bartomeu in Santa Tecla. Three museums offer a combined ticket that gives access to everyone. It is Museum Cau Ferrat with works by the artist Santiago Rusiñol, the Museum Maricel del Mar craft museum and Museum Romàntic depicting the life of a Catalan 19th century family. RENTAL AND PRICES

It takes no more than half an hour to reach Sitges by train. There are four rodalies trains per hour from Barcelona, and the price for a ticket is approximately 2.50 euros.




The most famous attraction in Barcelona and Spain is the Church of the Sagrada Familia. The Church is fully funded by donations. In recent years, revenues from tourists have also contributed to a better financial situation for the project.The construction began on March 19, 1882 by the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar. The following year a dispute arose between the architect and the financiers, whereupon Part Villar resigned and the work was taken over by Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí began to redesign virtually the entire project and realized that it would take many, many years before the church was ready. When protesting voices were raised for the long-term project, Gaudí easily responded that his client had no hurry. In order for the church construction to flow as smoothly as possible, Gaudí built a school right at the one corner of the church. The school was for the children of those who worked with the Sagrada Familia and also for the children whose families belonged to the congregation. In 1914 Antoni Gaudí decided to indulge in the project with the church. He even lived in a small room next to absiden, a room that

really was used to make models, drawings and sketches for the church building. Gaudí realized that he would not live long enough to see the church fully completed, and left guidelines to the architects that one day would take over the work. Unfortunately, a great deal of Gaudi’s drawings, models and sketches were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, when anarchists put both the school and the crypt on fire. One of Gaudi’s co-workers, Francesc de Paula Quintana, managed a few years later to restore and recreate some of the models and drawings. Thanks to Paula Quintana’s patient work and respect for his former colleague, one can still follow Gaud’s guidelines and ideas on how to complete the basilica. The church is far from finished and the latest plans say it will be completed only in 2030.

View from the roof of the unique and beautiful basilica.

© Succession Picasso/VISDA 2018


The world’s largest Picasso museum The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is world famous and extremely popular. Picasso lived and studied for a while in Barcelona, which, of course, is something for the inhabitants to be proud for.


gain insight into Picasso’s versatility and development. A regular visit begins with sketches and oil paintings from Picasso’s early years in Málaga and La Coruna. This includes several selfportraits and portraits of his father from the late 19th century. The tour continues through Picasso’s time in Paris, through his blue period, Cubism, and finally a lesser-known side of the Legendary painter, namely ceramic art.

he city’s most visited museum is housed in five stately and linked together stone palaces built between the 1200 and 1400s. All buildings can be accessed via the common courtyard. The first three houses are as much a delight to the eye as the actual exhibitions in them. FAVOURED HIS YOUTH CITY

Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga in 1881, studied at various art schools in Barcelona as young (1895-1904). Although he spent the remaining 69 years of his life living in France, in 1960, he took the initiative to place the great museum over his act in the youth city. The collection contains no less than 4 249


works, of which several masterpieces. The emphasis is on the painter’s early period, which appears almost complete to and including Picasso’s famous “blue period”, which came in handy last year in the city (1901-1904). The selection is enough for you as visitor to

Expect queue to enter if you visit the museum during the most tourist intensive period of the year. But it’s worth it. Pablo Picasso is nevertheless perhaps the greatest artist throughout the 20th century.







Gabriele Münter Colorful summer in Louisiana

Take a trip to Louisiana during the Copenhagen visit this summer! The seaside art museum, idyllically nestled in greenery, offers a fantastic exhibition with German artist Gabriele Münter. A colourful and enriching experience waits – for children and adults alike.


ouisiana The museum in Humlebæk, half an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen Harbour, invites you to a wonderful meeting with one of the 20th century biggest female painters, who got late into the limelight. Gabriele Münter (18771962) was an independent, searching, colourful and liberated woman who once and for all made herself free from the epithet “appendage” in modern art history. As a visitor, you get a comprehensive picture of her long and multifaceted career - including many paintings that have never been shown before. Münters work has long been regarded as part of German expressionism and the years with the group “Der Blaue Reiter” (1911-1914), with which she was a co-founder. But perhaps she has most of all been associated with Vassilij Kandinskij (1866-1944), for whom she had a long relationship with. The great Russian artist was her teacher, companionship and companion, a relationship that unfortunately ended with his betrayal and leaving

her. Münster notes in his diary from 1926 “I was in many eyes, just an unnecessary attachment to Kandinsky. That a woman could have an original and genuine talent and being a creative person of your own power were ignored. The exhibition at Louisiana is the first truly comprehensive retrospective of her works for decades, and the goal is for the visitor to have an opportunity to consider Gabriele M Münter’s work with new eyes. For the children, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with an art treasure that will create many nice memories. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau and Gabriele Münter and Johannes Eichner Stiftung in Munich. The exhibition is supported by C.L. Davids Fond og Samling, Consul George Jorck & Wife Emma Jorck’s Fund, and Arne V. Schlesch’s Fund. Text: Tony Manieri Foto: Louisiana © Gabriele Münter- und Johannes Eichner-Stiftung, München / VISDA 2018

KORT BIOGRAFI Gabriele Münter levde mellan 1877 och 1962 i USA, Tyskland, Frankrike, Schweiz, Sverige och Danmark. Innan hon började måla, hade hon ett stort intresse för fotografi, som väcktes under en resa till USA. Med kameran i handen fångade hon och höll fast ”världen”, och man kan tydligt se att Münters konstnärliga utveckling inleddes med fotograferingen. Kort efter började hon måla nästan dagligen och fortsatte på det spåret resten av livet. Gabriele Münter var en öppen och experimenterande konstnär med ett stort internationellt nätverk och så småningom även en omfattande utställningsverksamhet. Under första världskriget lever hon i Stockholm och Köpenhamn, där hon 1918 har sin dittills största separatutställning. Hennes samlade verk omfattar ca 1.200 fotografier, över 2.200 målningar, tusentals teckningar, akvareller, glasmålerier, grafik och brodyr.



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Här finns inspirationsträdgård, café, ekoby, djur, utställning, naturstigar i de fina omgivningarna, fiskemöjligheter i Edesjön, badbrygga, kanoter och cyklar att hyra och mycket annat.

Bo i vårt unika 12-kantiga vandrarhem 100 meter från Edesjön som vi driver i samarbete med Svenska Turistföreningen. Medlemsrabatt gäller.

Gå en kurs i bland annat odling, hantverk och permakultur!

Upplevelser för alla åldrar!

Bohemian Chic! FLAGSHIP STORE: Corner of Hornsgatan/Gรถtgatan www.KandUS.se

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Adventure Mountain In the heart of southern Sweden lies Isaberg the Adventure Mountain, offering a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities, from serene hiking trails and mini golf to our pulse pounding Treetop track, Segway Adventure, mountain bike trails and pump tracks. As the sun sets after an active and eventful day our 4-star camping offers 73 cozy cabins; the perfect place to kick back and relax in. As well as a restaurant and cafĂŠ to restore your energy levels.






for all tastes and stomachs


Green Star is the brand that has emerged from the consumer’s needs. Everybody loves chocolate, and everyone wants good chocolate. But before Green Star there was not really good chocolate for lactose intolerant or vegan.


e had an early selection of sugar-free sweets that were popular. There were many questions from people who had no options because they could not or would not eat regular candy or chocolate. That’s how the idea of ​​Green Star grew up, says CEO Krister Green. Since Krister and his colleagues had a lot of experience in finding producers with high quality ingredients, they decided to try to create new products that turned to people who for some reason cannot eat ordinary sweets. A febrile hunt for producers began. First out was a series of lactose free chocolate. What did not know then was that many more than those who are intolerant would like the chocolate. – We have teamed down a huge effort to find the right producers that are as careful as we are with ingredients and flavours. It’s our rule number one, we are careful with the taste. It’s not enough for the chocolate to be lactose-free, it must also be the best chocolate, says Purchasing Manager Magnus Hallin, who travelled in large parts of Europe in search of chocolate inspiration. LACTOSE FREE SUCCESS

The lactose-free range quickly became highly demanded and is now available at all major food chains and other well-stocked players. Because Green Star has a very close contact with consumers, not least via Facebook, questions about vegan chocolate began to emerge. At the headquarters in Hallsberg Krister and Magnus decided to invest in another product range. “We have a principle that all our products should have at least two distinctive features, as we look at our marking” Your Choice “on all our packaging. Therefore, we decided that

our veg chocolate would also be ecological. Of course, it did not make it easier to find producers, says Krister Green. Again, the search for manufacturers began and Green Stars test panels worked hard to get the right flavour. The first launch, however, did not really produce the expected results, probably Green Star was a little too early, and the market was somewhat immature. When a new launch was made, the veg chocolate was also given a new package. – We were sure that we had a good chocolate and that there was a demand. Therefore, we tested with a new packaging design there we did something that nobody did before. We placed the table of contents on the front. It turned out to be an ingenious idea. The target audience must always turn on everything they buy to see the content. Now they felt we spoke directly to them, says Krister Green.

chocolate to all of them that previously was unable to eat chocolate. – If you do not find Green Star in your store then ask for us. Everyone is entitled to good chocolate, Krister concludes. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Green Star


The interest in vegan chocolate has grown enormously since the autumn 2017 and it only continues. Krister and Magnus notice a great interest in all Green Stars products. It’s not just about the fact that the buyer wants lactose-free or vegan candy, it’s also about that the consumers wanting to make conscious choices. Today, Green Star sells chocolate and sweets in the country’s stores worth about 40 million a year. And now it buzz of ideas at Green Star in Hallsberg. News is going on. – We are in the process of tasting new exciting flavour mixes for chocolate and other candies, that is something that many ask for. Because we are so fussy with the taste, it’s very demanding, but it’s coming. We also work with more sugar-free products, says Magnus Hallin. Interest for Green Star has been spread and exports to Norway and Denmark are growing. we are of course excited about the growth, but we are even more pleased to offer really good

Krister Green, CEO.

Magnus Hallin, puchasing manager. SVERIGEMAGASINET







Den 30 juni–19 augusti kan du besöka o


56 15 Karlskrona kulturarkipelag. Mer information finns på karlskrona.se.

Food & Drink

Wine tasting at Ă–sterlen Since 2014, the Nordic Sea Winery is open to the public as a visiting destination. The round building with its beautiful cedar facade holds a showroom, wine bar and restaurant and is open all year round.



Food & Drink


ordic Sea Winery. There are not many who know that some of Sweden’s best-selling wines on the alcohol-monopoly Systembolaget are produced and bottled on Österlen. Since the first bottling in 2010, several million liters of wine has been delivered from Simrishamn. Behind the Nordic Sea Winery stands the Oenoforos group, founded by the pioneer and innovator Takis Soldatos, who visits vineyards around the world to find grapes of the highest quality. The grapes of the wine are picked from both old and new world and fermented on satellite winery’s and then shipped to the Nordic Sea

Winery where the wines are processed, stored and bottled before bottling or boxing. – By moving the final production of wine from different places in the world to Sweden, it is possible to control quality throughout the production chain, from the selection of grapes to the final product. In addition, large environmental gains and local jobs are being created, says Takis Soldatos, owner of Nordic Sea Winery. The round building with its beautiful cedar facade holds showroom, wine bar and restaurant tour and is open all year round. Today’s lunch is served Monday to Saturday and on Sundays you can enjoy a large, delicious brunch buffet. The most popular activity is, however, the

Wineries guided tours arranged several days a week and ending with wine samples delicatessen and delicious food cooked on season’s local produce. Here you can follow the wine production close by, see the oak barrels, the tank hall and production. Nordic Sea Winery welcomes individuals as well as large groups and companies. Next special events are the summer tasting the 21 July. you have the chance to sample hundreds of wines presented nationally. they have Party tent in the vineyards – champagne, rosé, white and red wines – welcome to enjoy the best summer! Text: Charlotte Lindmark Photo: Nordic Sea Winery SVERIGEMAGASINET



At beloved Astrid Lindgrens world! The first the children sees when entering Vimmerby is the big sign with Pippi. – PIPPI! The children Scream happily, and the excitement is untidy – soon we will enter Astrid Lindgrens magical world.


Immediately when you get inside the entrance, you travel back in time to this old environment, were most of Astrid’s tales takes place. Going to the right, you enter the Bråkmakargatan and it feels like you are on the street where Lotta lives, in most of the houses you can also go inside and explore in detail how they lived. A little further up the street you can visit the Police house where the kids immediately heard strange sounds, a knock? ... and another sound that sounds a bit scary, think the youngest, we go closer to check out ... The sound starts to sound familiar, it sounds like daddy when he is asleep! We are looking closer and inside a cell there is actually someone sleeping. In the cell next to, it still sounds like someone wants to come out, but we agree that they probably are



in the cell because they have done something stupid and the police took them. We continue on to the street when we meet two shady types talking about going home to Pippi Longstocking to check on her gold as they were told. They address each other with the names Karlsson and Blom ... Around the corner we walk into another environment that feels familiar, and the world’s best Karlsson with a propeller on his back shuffles past and says the show begins soon, we have to sit down for the show begins soon! A few minutes later, all the children who are spotted before the show have begun, see how Little Brother meets Karlsson on the roof for the first time and, Karlsson invites all the children to the stage so everyone can play! Suddenly all the children are in the show. Amazingly fun for both the children and the parents. It all ends with the fact that all the children are playing together with the actors.

Kids In the same house but on the other side there are lots of slides of all sizes available and there are swings, lots of swings! A little further away, we see the Prusseluskan on a bike together with the police Kling and Klang, they want to announce that there soon will be a questionnaire and you can win a nice book. Dunder-Karlsson and Blom show up and think they can win the book, but soon they realize it’s probably better they continue looking for Pippi’s gold instead. A little further up the street we come to a farmhouse with real horses, cats, goats, pigs and hens. We meet Ida who will feed the pigs. Soon her brother will show up, Emil. Emil pumps up water from the well so the animals are allowed to drink, but the bucket leaks quite a lot, so all the children are allowed to help him. Soon we will meet the whole Emil family and the next performance begins. We go on and get into a forest, where we find a small town, a tiny little town where all the houses are really small, all the houses are like shrinkage size, so they are just great for the kids, here you could have kids spend the whole day without being strangled. In the end, we had the kids to move forward so we did not miss the Pippi show, on the way we come to something like a castle, here lives the Lionheart brothers, but unfortunately, the actors are preparing to prepare for future shows so the area was temporarily shut down. It’s probably lucky, because I think we all got a bit scared when we later heard Katla’s roar from the cave. Here’s how the day goes on with characters

and environments from Astrid’s tales with visits to restaurants and playgrounds. Here’s something for all kids and adults to do, it does not matter if you want to play, discover, watch shows or just spend some time in the grass. The performances are absolutely wonderful with both dance and song, and the audience can participate in one way or another. And the actors always take time to meet the children after the show for playing and busing. Even at the guesthouse, you have built cottages and houses that resemble something directly from one of Astrid’s fairy tales. With a big smile, the children fall asleep faster than ever ... Text: Mathias Ericsson Foto: Sara Ericsson

The children’s panel answers LEAH, 5 YEARS

Who is your favourite character? - Karlsson on the roof, because they had cheers-cinnamon buns! What was the best / fun in the park? - We went to Astrakhan trip, we went around and around, and I went twice! EBBA, 3 YEARS

Who is your favourite character? - Pippi! Because Pippi is the best! What was the best / fun in the park? - The big slider! And the short one!


Who is your favourite character? - Karlsson on the roof ! What was the best / fun in the park? - I liked the theatre!


Who is your favourite character? - Karlsson! What was the best / fun in the park? - The playground was fun to be in! SVERIGEMAGASINET




DET KOMPLETTA HUSVAGNSFÖRETAGET Med personlig service och mer än 36 år i branschen • Välvårdade begagnade husvagnar och husbilar till bra pris • Finansieringslösningar • Serviceverkstad

Riksväg 45 mellan Göteborg och Trollhättan Tel: 0303-33 64 80 | www.bengtshusvagnar.se  3&4&."("4*/&5#644 7/2016


Free time with freedom Caravan Club is Sweden’s oldest and largest camping club. Caravan Club is a community for anyone who likes camping life. The club’s motto and a very important part are to offer activities for the whole family. There are today many organized meetings and activities within the club such as manoeuvring, crambo competitions, dance, golf competitions, rock nights and singing, karaoke, etc.


he club has 35 own campsites, 13 are for members only, and others are open campsites as non-members are welcome as well. This summer, tourists from all over the Nordic countries gather in Kristinehamn to participate in a big Nordic camping event. A family-friendly event, with activities to suit everyone. There will be buses to the city centre, bathing areas, playground and sights such as the Picasso statue. Near the tread there is a farm where anyone who does not feel too big can jump in hay and experience a barn at the right place. BIG JUBILEE

This year celebrates the 60th anniversary, not just once but twice! Sverigemagasinet has a chat with chairman Börje Svärdström.

Year after year, it is written about how the trips abroad make a record. Do you feel that the Swedes rather go abroad? – In fact, Sweden’s tourism has increased in recent years and the reason is that there have been some concerns about some old favourite destinations that have hampered the charter trips. Why have you become the largest in Sweden? What’s the charm of camping life? – We are the oldest chain and have built up the membership for 60 years and with good marketing we have become famous for having nice Camping’s at a very affordable price through members’ non-profit efforts at our facilities. Is there any common denominator among your members? Families? Retirees? – The common denominator is that our guests aim to sit at the long table in the evening and thus bring new friends whom you

would like to return to or visit and even maybe the following year, travel with you. The children also play a big part, they usually find new friends at Camping. Jubilee – How do you celebrate and where? – We split up the Jubilee Meetings on two occasions, the first one took place in the Mora Park weekend 27/4 – 1/5 2018 it was of a bit more formal touch with lecture, anniversary dinner, troubadour evening and celebration Next Anniversary will be on the High Chaparral weekend on August 10-12 with more focus on children with the Wild Western Show and some surprises.

Text: Marie Tillman Foto: Adobe Stock



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Du behöver inte leta längre! Från Malmö i söder till Luleå i norr - samt vid härliga Lakolk Strand på danska ön Rømø upptäcker du några av sommarens skönaste lägen för din semester. Vad sägs om 15 gräddhyllor med sand-mellan-tårna-garanti, solnedgångar vid vattnet och avkopplande semesterdagar för hela familjen? Säkra dina sommarminnen idag – vi ses!

Sveriges favorit inom camping

ÄVENTYR I PARADISET Genom virvlande forsar, stilla laguner, på land och under ytan.




Storslagen natur på Billingeleden

Fjällandskap på Blängsmossen

40 km MTB-spår

Simning vid kanten av berget

SM i utomhusmatlagning - Sweden Outdoor Festival 15-16/9

Billingen Swimrun 16/9

Psst!...Fler spår, stort besökscentrum och gondollift - nu gör vi Billingen ännu bättre!


Alla katter har inte ett hem att gå till. Djurskyddet Sveriges djurhem hjälper över 2 000 katter varje år att hitta nya hem. Med ditt stöd kan vi hjälpa fler.

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Behandla med Grön-Fri och låt regnet göra jobbet. Så enkelt är det att bli fri från alger och lav på tak, fasader och markytor. Hitta din närmsta butik på grönfri.se Använd biocider på ett säkert sätt. Läs alltid etiketten och produktinformationen före användning.

Street fun

Stockholm Street Festival on tour 84


Street fun

DynaMike is bit of a crazy Canadian street performer who has performed for 22 years in front of audiences all around the world. He is now preparing for a summer on the streets of Sweden.


verigemagasinet had a chat with DynaMike. – During the winter I was in Copenhagen and wrote new material, created costumes and thought of you, my dear audience, says Dynamike. While the rest of Sweden goes on vacation, the Stockholm Street Festival is heading out on a tour around the country to entertain holidaymakers with four international top performers doing their stuff out in the streets. DynaMike is one of them. He has made more than 5,000 appearances worldwide since 1996 and is one of the most professional entertainers doing the rounds. A stunt man to go with his street artistry, he’s on tour in Sweden from July 14th. – I go through it again and again like a madman to create a joyful, colorful, crazy and powerful show on your streets, says DynaMike. For example, I have some new ninja-inspired machete tricks to show off and a new gaudy

whip which I’m currently learning to dance with. And a chainsaw, because … well … all men are really like boys who like chainsaws. Dear Swedes, if you think you are prepared for what you’re about to see...think again. The eternally young and forever enthusiastic director for the whole show, Thorsten ”Magic Thor” Andreassen has in addition to DynaMike, this year brought along the Argentinian clown Fermin, who with little means evokes the magic of everyday life with the audience. Like Charlie Chaplin, this poetic, Latin American artist represents the lonely little man on the street. Also accompanying the entourage is New Zealand artist Toni Smith. A globetrotter who last year participated at the Stockholm festival and performed her playful hula hoop show with skill, humor and by forming a strong bond with the audience. After seventeen years of experience in circus’ art forms worldwide, Toni Smith will be accompanying the tour this year. Included in the entourage is the living statue The Golden Fairy from the considerably

closer country of Denmark. This spreader of joy from Copenhagen enriches with warmth and scintillating contact all the people who pass her. The popular circus school for the younger ones will also join the tour in Stockholm only. At Medborgarplatsen, in Skärholmen and Bagarmossen, the festival also presents - in collaboration with the Wallery Gallery - some of the country’s leading street art artists who will paint live. It was already a success last year. Follow the Stockholm Street Festival on Tour this summer! July 14 - August 4. The Stockholm Street Festival on Tour will take its international street performers from July 14th three venues in Stockholm, followed by seven other places across the country and as usual, signing off with a final participation in the Nordic Street Passage Festival in Helsingør on August 4. Text: Henric Tiselius Photo: Pressbild SVERIGEMAGASINET


ä •S Vintrosa • radsbäck ndhult • L Södertäl • Ljungby rästorp • U n d e nä s • rrhult • Hä veröd • Sa o G • E N • • rp • ll d a e to rp v g e x k n to aryd Stac em/A Möll • DalsLå elfors • Bro ta • Varnh estrand • /Knivsta • s g a Ig ll d • in å n d H u d rp s • e o s B e tt a o g V Harlösa • rkvik • Sky • Skännin våg • Greb Mantorp • rp • Horn rogen • Bjö ker • Vede gsdalen • to k å n s g rs n lå å o o in g V K im e im S • • d S • o g ng e • Vavd • a m n • Hö s • Knivsta kerum • G straHusby • Kristineh rp • Bollnä rånge • Hö k to m e a k rs klösa/ H e ro d • n /K a riestad • Ö A n n årde lfors • Ryc kilstu a lm s jöfors • o D E s K • • ik • y V m • lb u rg s A e rs u •G tteb terås um • • Kilafo • Jönåker äc k • H u s • Skinnska nder • Väs b a a a x ll ra x a a le Ö V V a • • • M n d • ik y b rv å • E n kö p • Boxholm g • Tindere tt na • Eds na • Väste axå • Svart karshamn L reryd • Bo • Eskilstu s • Ö i O v • s • ro d n b n e e s a d Å rr tt O ä d• r/Smedby • Tv arhy rg • • Östersta n • Kalma sta • Ridd bo • O x be g k a m c in a H u p • L rh ö k e a • d rr ft ö ta o Ä s pe r •N ans n•S o • Sjöto • Hjorted Kvarnvik • ckstad • R rp • Viska • rp la to t s B to ry il • s G tt re • ä rn o a K a T a• rlid a• nä s • • Nä ve k v gsjö • Öve an • Arbog mar • Ven lby • Ryds n tt m jö e y a R h M h k • • a e rr L jö rp o s • g N ga • Töreb Gryt • Nitto Väderstad bben • Bin Uppsala • re • Vinnin ågelfors • Vingåker • Timmerna y F • • • jm a l rg e e e rg R d b e • n a b e g n olm Tån • Ströms Ed e er • V • Katrineh bo/Sala • mersdala d e h e d e by • d d M ry im a T • ro • B rk rg a • n e r ri M b a a za ho l y• Å m me • BjörnöM • Olshamm aryd • Bru em/Ljungb g k lm h c n o a å h rg p B a e s • B id in T d • F • ry a jä o • Burse • Källsjö • mmaljung ästholmen e • Å by • S nten • Järb Hagsta • E R a s bo • H v • Kalling a • • k lö d a ta re v ta li rb T S s u • te • g J y s ri • b rp e a•V n • Lima idsjaur • Ö e • Dalsto ille • Borg rissleham • Sandarn garyd • Arv ruk • Kvib n ö b li s d il • Östra d k lm S rä o • h G • Ilsbo • G rl • n ba c k e dsbro ja • Ka n • Kulltorp s n e d n u d e rö rs d ta e s Ö n O e • • in rj F o d • Lu • Fä årb åkra ha m n • ll • Melleru ornåsa • F ed e s u n d a nga • Glim F a H v tå • • s s l ö s ik a å R d d s s • u m H ju Gri erst jö • ritsla Lysvik • L fors • And • Vallsta • llsjö • Väx a bod a • F ls r o m il e V v k m • å K E s a • • ä ik n N v rv y jä sele • Jä bolo • Lud ma r • U n b udiksvall • alis • Lans • Blatt nick Torpsham • Korpilom verum • H • d Ö n e • ta ik s rd rv lm rl å o a g te h s p K x ä • Midlan m •V • Bis la • Bo rs • Molko kellefteå • S Falkenberg • Götlunda fo • • m rn s m a ra å v K n lu k • a ra rt D • /Bjur åneT rillby ela • Hjo • Gunnarn ga • Balsjö Pello • Sk by h e d • G o rå g • n rb rb A rg ju A e • L • b • o s o k n rs m ksjö • Abis oga • Bore orp • Tjäll stavik • Trö k • Slussfo tstorp • E a • Karlsk ede • Hall Sysslebäc re d rn V • d a • y ä s b Å G n s • • le g ä ö o rn • Kälarn na elsb le • S en • H • K u ng s ö r akulla • D ranö • Gun n ga • Å m se G ro o m • B a rb • v h A ö e n • n rl m ä ti o a ll • Stj Kris a•F ne m lefteh n • S k og h a • Forshed lmsbruk • sund • Tra m o e lö a h k e h c rl x e a rä O ft K B • e • • ll y en ke ertor tt by • Knutb • Järnfors rvåla • Öv lsmark • S ju te tena • Bro ik v s s S k Ö • rg c • o a ä J d B d u • • ta R • jön ropen/Fju le • Önnes • Blidsberg • Nykvarn bruk • Ins ng • Å m s e Knutby • G ri • Nossebro ed • Hylte ä r • rr V y o • la m H a n s • k ja rä d ik •G rs • Gam • Ven y•N msta • Dalsjöfo all/Järpen emarsvik ttavaarab K å a e ld • N d a s g V • å y • lt B rs u d • ä h fors • •V by gsry yd • Lid oden • Bro una • Kram ngviksmon Tibro • Tin B å ir • • K /L e s • g å n rg a li e rs g o m rb ju k B d•S rls • He dlanda/Sö • Avesta • Piteå • Ry H o va • K a ByKyrkby m • • • e ru o rp n a s m to te e A ö rs n • G e y P • Tra lmhult • G rdaJohan k na • A ne b s ba c k e n • ndstorp • sterås • Ä Ulrika • U näs/Oden öteborgGå ä n • G ä /V e L • a it • n rg lp y s e il b L rå lb rs ste • Hallen • Til n na aulo • sele • Mön venstavik g • U m eå storp • Gu g S in n d • v n å T ll L ra a • • v b n x n ll a A a u o• de • F hätt isav torp • G kseleKatt rke • Troll Tanumshe kek • Virsb c ä • y ro L rb n /K e a • n d g t e ö a e L S d rd E • a• ge • lmå mla • Lilla vappavaara ulla • Vein ruksvallarn velsjö • Ko S k B a • a T • y l/ ro y b e b B d s • n å rs u d o a S ö T g Sorsele • ollerim • R n • Röstån kär • Stora /Norrala • rkalix • Vu Silverdale e • ro v b il Ö g k • å s • V k ik c • v ä rp n b skölds d • Tjörna • Storuma illa • Fiske ås • Huarö • Vindeln d o • Ra m kv in rb H te • ls a rö F Brålanda anöru n d • E ke säter • Sk Hamburgs mlandsNy

Vi finns där du

minst anar...

En liten station på landsbygden kan göra stor skillnad för bygden, det vet vi alla. Det möjliggörs tack vare att man gör sina tankningar på den lokala orten. Tillsammans kan vi på så sätt hålla hela Sverige levande. Tack för din lojalitet!


The Bergman festival 2018

– Six premiers for the Dramaten theatre, nine guest games, a film premier and three dance works The start of the fourth international Bergman festival will be on August 23, at Dramaten, which offers guest performance from Iran, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Brazil, France and Belgium for eleven days. During the festival, six new dramas have premiere and this will be the special show of Jane Magnuson’s upcoming film Bergman - one year, a life. When the festival ends on September 2, 200 guest actors, directors and theatre workers have met at the national scene in about fifty performances, talks, workshops and film shows.


he Bergman Festival is an important part of Dramaten International’s initiative to contribute to artistic development that brings both audiences and performing artists to joy through exchanges and cooperation across borders. The festival is an important complement to our regular repertoire and we greet public and guests warmly to Dramaten during the eleven intense days, says Eirik Stubø, theatre director and artistic director of the Bergman Festival. 2018, the year when Bergman was going to be 100 years old, is highlighted worldwide. So also at the Dramaten where the Bergman



Festival offers international high-class participants. Among other things, the star director Ivo van Hove returns to the Bergman Festival, now for the third time, with the double set after the rehearsal. Persona. Simon Stones Hotel Strindberg is a visually magnificent piece from the Burgtheater in Vienna, with the acclaimed Martin Wuttke on stage. In Belgian tg STANS Infidèles, the lively and humorous side of Ingmar Bergman’s authorship is celebrated, and in Dancing with Bergman the Swedish world choreographers Mats Ek, Alexander Ekman and Johan Inger honour Ingmar Bergman with new works. In addition, Iranian interrogation in Hearing with Mehr Theatre Group and Topographies of Paradise, the Danish performance artist Madame Nielsen returns to the drama

with a unique collaboration with five interlaced sets from five European theatres. Jane Magnusson’s movie Bergman - one year, a life, will appear during the festival. The film depicts Bergman’s life and work in 1957. The film has a world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. All this and more are featured in the program, which also offers conversations, lectures, film shows, exhibitions and much more. We will show some examples from the program at the Bergman Festival on the next page. All performances are subtitled in English.. Text: Marie Tillman Photo: Dramaten




Madame Nielsen made a celebrated guest show at the former Bergman Festival. Now she is back and throws an X-ray on today’s Europe. Here, five theatres with five plays meet up to a common performance that will have premiere at the Bergman Festival. The theatres participate with actors and directors. Madame Nielsen has written the plays based on trips in the five countries and interviews with actors and political organizations from the different cities. Directors from the five theatres set up their play with local actors and Madame Nielsen graduates the final interlacing of the plays to a performance. What is a nation? What is a hometown? What is a native language? What is Swedish, German, Spanish / Catalan, Danish, Serbian? Madame Nielsen is an internationally acclaimed Danish performance artist and author, over the years known in different characters - among other things. Like Claus Beck-Nielsen and the nameless pro in Das Beckwerk. She prides herself on identities and sorting and always asks the question: What is a human? Topographies of Paradise is a unique cooperation project with five European theatres: The National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia; Theatre Lliure, Catalan National Theatre in Barcelona, ​​ Catalonia / Spain; Theatre Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany; The Royal Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark and Drama and the international network MITOS21. Manus and Coordinating Direction: Madame Nielsen Director Drama: Tobias Theorell Contributing Drama: David Book and Ellen Jelinek


Director Yael Ronen is a dramatist and director at Maxim Gorki Theatre, born in Jerusalem in 1976, with a wide range of acclaimed and award-winning sets. With black humour, she is the most difficult historical and social conflict of our time, and many of us remember her celebrated guest play at the Drama Third Generation. Roma Armee: When newfascist winds cross Europe, a group of actors join forces to form an united, diversified, feminist, queer and Roman self-defence mission. Against structural discrimination, racism and and for liberation from an internalized victim role. Among the actors are Romania, Romans and traveling Romans from Austria, Serbia, Germany, Kosovo, Rumania, England and Sweden (Lindy Larsson), and also Israelis Germans and Berlin’s -turkey. Together with the British artists Delaine and Damian Le Bas they outline a vision for a safe European home in Gypsy Europe. Idea: Sandra Selimovic, Simonida Selimovic Text: Yael Ronen & Ensemble Director: Yael Ronen August 26, the Great Stage. Introduction before and conversation after the performance.

Love and hatred in Strindberg’s life and work. No dramatist was more important to Ingmar Bergman than August Strindberg. Bergman returned time and again to Strindberg’s plays. From Strindberg’s enactor at the Student Theatre to the sharp and personal staging of The Ghost Sonata 2000 at Dramaten. It is therefore a great pleasure to present Hotel Strindberg from the legendary Burgtheater. The young, experienced and novel film and theatre director Simon Stone, born Switzerland in 1984 and raised in Australia, challenges and relegates with visually acclaimed sets where classics get new contemporary life. Why would not the theatre be able to reach the same audience as today’s most attractive movies and TV shows? His set of Lorcas Yerma at Young Vic in London was a very successful success, as did his set of Ibsen House in Amsterdam on the Toneelgroep Amsterdam. In Hotell Strindberg follows the audience in the nervous paths of Strindberg’s life and works. It is mainly about love and the struggles between man and woman, or “love hatred”, with Strindberg’s words. The scenes are very free from both Strindberg’s biography and several of his works, such as The Father (Fadren), En dåres forsvar or Son of the Service woman. Parallel events and dramatic happenings are played in front of the newspaper and etch the image of a society, an epoch. Hotel Strindberg is magical and intensive, fast-paced and breakthrough interaction between actors, scent technicians and attire. On stage there is Martin Wuttke, one of Germany’s top performers. Director: Simon Stone Dramaturg: Klaus Missbach Contributors: Franziska Hackl, Barbara Horvath, Roland Koch, Caroline Peters, Max Rothbart, Aene Schwarz, Michael Wächter, Martin Wuttke, Simeon Zagermann Scenography / Costume: Alice Babidge Light: Michael Hofer Music: Bernhard Moshammer August 30-31, Great Stage. Introduction before the show on August 30 and conversation after the show on August 31st.

24-25 August, the painting hall. Introduction before the show. SVERIGEMAGASINET



Sophisticated bohemian

K & US History begins in Stockholm in 1994. Marie Karlberg and one colleague who both works as a buyer at the department store PUB, thinks that something is missing on the market for women’s clothing. A void they decide to fill.




Knitted linen coats, velvet jackets and leather bags in vegetable tanned leather. All in K & US design.


& US was started to offer something we found missing, says Marie. Feminine, colourful and well-made garments in clean and durable natural materials, such as linen and wool. It was 24 years ago, but the vision remains. Marie now drives the company alone, where K stands for Karlberg and the US stands for employees and partners. Over the years, the company has developed its own style and still manufactures clothes in fine natural materials. In addition to linen clothes and beautiful knitted wool garments, there are also soft viscose dresses and a collection of organic cotton. In K & US DNA you find the natural and durable, but also the one that is beautiful with passion and reflection in every detail. – Our products will of course be of high quality, but at the same time we think of a little wild and unruly romantic,” says Marie. We can say Sophisticated and bohemian! Marie is the CEO and designs together with Caroline Asplund and she does two collections per year. – It’s fun and rewarding to work with a garment from scratch, from material selection, design, and production and to the minute the customer buying his new garment. A big advantage for our customers is that they can feel unique in our clothes, says Marie. New models are designed each season and the clothes are sewn into small series. However, some models continue year after year, the timeless classics are a perfect base in the wardrobe. Even though K & US is continuously developing new collections, it does not mean that it’s worn and thrown. – We believe that clothing design should not only be about news, it can also mean long-term sustainability. The idea is that our clothes will be worn for a long time without goes out of fashion and therefore not having to be replaced. Choosing clothes with care is also to protect the environment, Marie continues. Marie is passionate about design, but also for the environment. – If I did not work as a designer, I would have worked with recycling, laughs Marie. The great heart for the environment is al-

most affecting all decisions in the company, from the choice of paper to the printer to the choice of freight company of environmentally friendly transport. K & US currently has both e-commerce and a store in Stockholm. – It’s strength to be able to handle two own channels, but of course we meet like all other challenges in the retail store. But thanks to skilled staff and the ability to try many different models, it’s rarely empty in the store, said Marie. From been moving around between different locations in Gamla Stan and Södermalm in Stockholm, the shop be now in the corner of Hornsgatan and Götgatan. The room has large high windows and high ceilings. In 1912, Stockholms Enskilda Bank opened a bank palace in the premises, which is marked down on the vault with the thick walls. From the store, happy laughs are heard, one of K & US’s experienced sellers helps a customer in the fitting room with a dress for the summer’s big party. – I always get a good help here, and I feel happy today too, said Lena, a faithful customer for a long time. I love the fine materials and would never go back to art material. Of course it should be natural! laughs Lena. A sign for K & US is the strong colours and groovy patterns. We know we enjoy colour and fine shapes. One of the first impressions you encounter when entering the store is just the colours. Along with walls and tables there are clothes in splendid colours and lovely patterns. K & US also offers a wealth of shawls in luxury materials. Here you will find what you are looking for, whether it’s a regular woollen scarf or a thin silk shawl for the party. In the store there are also jewellery, shoes and bags. Part of its own design, but also from other brands. The feeling in the store is a little pleasant Bohemian Chic, but it is also clear that there are clothes and assessors for different styles. Strict and timeless, relaxed and casual. And of course, party clothes! Swedish design in natural materials from its best side. Text: Tanja Forsell Foto: Per Myrehed SVERIGEMAGASINET



Disneys success musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame – finally to Sweden Great music, state-of-the-art technology and a story you’ll never forget. Disney’s musical The Hunchback of Notre-Dame becomes the autumn’s staggering adventure at the Gothenburg Opera.


n a medieval Paris, the fate of some people is crossed and their lives are changed forever. – The badly treated Quasimodo meets Esmeralda, who is an outcast because of ethnicity, and together they are forced to fight for a human world. This is an intense music experience, “says Stephen Langridge, artistic director Opera / Drama at GöteborgOperan.



The good-hearted, humpbacked Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame is played by Martin Redhe Nord. Esmeralda is made by Marsha Songcome, educated in Gothenburg, but with London’s West End as the latest workplace. Joa Helgesson, who played the title role of The Phantom of the Opera for sold-out houses this season, plays Quasimodo’s wicked guardian Claude Frollo. The musical is based on Disney’s cartoon film The Hunchback of Notre-Dame from 1996 and created by Oscar-winning Alan Menken, composer of Disney’s Aladdin, The Little Mer-

maid and the Beauty and Beast, and the Text writer Stephen Schwartz. The high-tech scenography gives the closest cinematic feeling of being in the Notre-Dame Cathedral and on the cobbled streets surrounding it. There is also the opportunity, as an audience, to sit on stage. In Denmark, the musical became a great success and was named “Best Musical”. Premiere at the Gothenburg Opera on september 22. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: GöteborgsOperan

Orfeus &

Eurydike 26 juli – 26 augusti confidencen.se 08-85 60 10


40 94



See Sweden – go with Inlandsbanan Trains usually stop in the middle of big cities where the buzz is at the highest peak. But the Swedish Inlandsbanan let you get off in the middle off the real adventure. Boil coffee over an open fire, fish in wild streams, scout for wild moose’s or tent under the midnight sun. Welcome onboard!


nlandsbanan is 130 miles long and goes through Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It is a fantastic trip throughout Sweden’s inner countryside, where the lakes are glittering, the streams are shining and proud pines and exotic animals are a big part of the experience. Sverigemagasinet meets with Eva Palmgren, manager for Destination Inlandsbanan, for a talk about this century-old national treasure. For many, travellers mean to discover other countries. One strives to come as far away from home as possible to get new experiences. But just might more people should stay in Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan? - Absolutely, says Eva. You get to see a fantastic part of Sweden at the same time as you travel in a comfortable way. There are calmness, serenity, magical views, fresh air and the midnight sun. You can participate in one of the many festivals that yearly are arranged after the railroad tracks and you can take part in the rich culture and history the Samerna have. If you want you can also jump on one of the buses that goes deeper into the Swedish mountains. You can also relax and enjoy the scenery that

the train goes by, which is accompanied by the sound from the railroad. -During the trip does the train pass through the Arctic Circle. Which for many people is a dream that comes true. Says Eva Palmgren, and continues: - There’s also a nice coffee shop on-board, but a big part of the pleasure of traveling by Inlandsbanan is to stay and experience the local area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a close-up of Norrland. You can eat the local food, meet the local population and really get a feel for the real Norrland. You can choose to stay overnight at a variety places during your trip and jump on the next train the day after, depending on how you want to plan your vacation. You can choose to camp under the open night sky, or if that’s not you, you can choose a 4-star hotel. Many people decide to stay to watch local art or go to a museum. Other looks forward to going fishing in the Norrlands älv (streams) or takes a stroll in the dense forest to experience the wildlife in first-hand experience. It’s so much to discover along the railroad tracks. There must also be a special feeling of traveling on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys in the past. - Absolutely! Inlandsbanan manages the railways exclusive, we do not have much other traffic to take into account as we are the only

company in the country that drives trains, manages the railways while arranging travel. It gives us unique possibilities to plan the trips according to the passenger’s requests. We can also offer extraordinary flexibility, which contributes to the feeling that travelling with Inlandsbanan is something remarkable. -You can say, in this case, that the journey is the goal and the destination comes in second place. We are in so many ways, the opposite of the transporter that travels quickly from point a to point b. -We do naturally also runs according to a timetable, but it often happens that the driver has to stop because of there are reindeers on the tracks. When that happens, we have to wait until they decide to move themselves, and that can take a while. But it’s something that contributes to the charm of travelling by us. -Most of our passengers want to see wild animals and birds. We have seen moose, wolf and bear. And a lot of bird of prey. How does the future look for Inlandsbanan? Our booked travels went up with 20% last summer, so we have high hopes for the same increase this year. There is a rising interest to discover Sweden, and we, of course, think that’s very fun! Says Eva Palmgren as an ending statement. TEXT: Tony Manieri SVERIGEMAGASINET

41 95

Culture history

Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn How did Alfred Nobel actually come to Karlskoga? And why does Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn play such an important role in the Nobel Prize? Did you know that it was very close that the price not come about?


lfred Nobel is mainly remembered as the father of the dynamite and as creator of the world’s most prestigious award - the Nobel Prize. Alfred was a multifaceted innovator and one world citizen with companies throughout the world. In the 1870s he settled in Paris, which became his permanent residence between his many journeys. After conflicts with the French state, Nobel moved to San Remo in Italy, where he test shoot with cannons straight into the Mediterranean, which was not appreciated by the people in the neighbourhood. Alfred therefore searched for a place where he could both experiment with the cannons and test shoot without any problems and found the solution in



Karlskoga where he bought AB Bofors-Goldspång in 1894. Björkborn mansion followed in the purchase, and this became his last Swedish home when he died 1896. The place plays an important role in the amazing history of how the Nobel Prize instituted. When Alfred’s famous testament opened, Karlskoga and Björkborn came in focus. Complicated legal negotiations were required to determine where he had his permanent residence. was it in Paris where he had left his magnificent apartment? Or maybe in San Remo there he owned a big private villa? Should the testimony be dealt with under French law, it would probably have been rejected for formal reasons and the entire legacy had gone to Nobel’s relatives. Due to his three Russian Orlov stallions in the stable at Björkborn, the courts agreed that he had his residence in Karlskoga. Now it was pos-

sible to perform Alfred Nobel’s last will and the first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901. At Alfred Nobel Björkborn you can see Alfred’s last Swedish home, admire his personal things and his library. In the laboratory there are a lot of original equipment left, as well as exhibitions about his business and inventions. The museum offers guided tours all year round, with regular tours from June through August. If you are hungry there is a café that serves light lunches and coffee. Alfred Nobel Björkborn is a perfect getaway for those who want to enjoy the exciting story of Alfred Nobel in a beautiful cultural environment. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn


Abstract Presence

Hertha Hillfon’s early work meets Bengt Berglund. 2 June – 23 September. Meet the pioneeer ceramist and sculptress Hertha Hillfon, who was first recognised in 1958 for her playful and abstract clay craft. Her first commissioned work – the magnificent sculpture Vindbröte – was made for the inauguration of the hotel Portalen in Jönköping, in 1963. When the hotel was renovated in the 80’s, the sculpture was stored in a cellar and forgotten. It is now exhibited for the very first time as part of the exhibition at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The Curator Marika Bogren allows a representative selection of Hertha Hillfon’s abstract work from 1958 until the late 60’s meet craft of the contemporary ceramist Bengt Berglund. Both of them challenged the strict modernist ideals as trail blazers, using clay as their material. Both Hillfon and Berglund were part of The liberation of Form – Formens frigörelse.

Open: Wednesday – Sunday from 12 to 16. Address: Svensksundsvägen 21, Skeppsholmen, tel +46 (0)76- 10 33 51, www. herthahillfonskeppsholmen.se

Special: Museums

Det pampiga Naturhistoriska riksmuseet i Stockholm. Fyllt av fantastiska upplevelser. Foto: Staffan Waerndt

Visit some of Swedens museums this summer If you have time for something other than sunbathing and bathing this summer, take a trip to one of the country’s many museums. Sweden’s museums have many variable, and one can really tell that there is something for everyone. Look at the list of the following pages, and visit as many as you can! Happy museum summer!


Gamla Linköping Tidernas sommar 25/6-19/8 2018 Massor av familjekul varje dag!

013-12 11 10 • www.gamlalinkoping.info • www.facebook.com/gamlalinkoping



Tjurvas Erik Höglund. Foto Morgan Karlsson. Tillstånd Ingrid Höglund.

Special: Museums UTMANAREN



I utställningen på Blekinge museum i Karlskrona, visas ett rikt urval av unika verk och bruksföremål.


Here are a selection of museums you can not miss! GOTLANDS MUSEUM It was formed in 1875 under the name Gotlands Ancient Friends and the ancient history museum, today called the Ancient Hall. At the museum there is actually the world’s largest silver treasure from the Viking era, as well as a large collection of run stones. Gotland Museum also includes the Gotland Art Museum, and the prison exhibition in the Emperor Tower in Visby. www.gotlandsmuseum.se

NATIONAL MUSEUM Pampiga National Museum, beautifully situated on Blasieholmen in Stockholm, is Sweden’s largest art museum and is actually one of Europe’s oldest. The large art collection consisting of around 600,000 objects, covers everything from older paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics to modern arts and crafts and design. The building itself was completed in 1866 and was designed by German architect Friedrich August Stüler. www.nationalmuseum.se

AIR FORCE MUSEUM At Malmen west of Linköping, in the same place where Carl Cederström opened Sweden’s first flying school, you will find the Air Force Museum celebrating the 30th anniversary of 2014. Among the museum’s extensive collection, we find everything from aircraft, engines and instruments to uniforms and all sorts of gadgets for the aircraft lover to botanize among. www.flygvapenmuseum.se

MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY The Natural History Museum, designed by architect Axel Anderberg, is Sweden’s largest museum building and was opened in 1916. Here you can go to look at dinosaur skeletons, explore Swedish nature or get to the Polar areas - all under one roof. In addition to the exhibitions, the large building also houses Cosmonova, a planetarium and one of Sweden’s three IMAX cinemas. www.nrm.se


www.edsvik.com Landsnoravägen 42, 192 51 Sollentuna

Since 1936, when the Technical Museum opened its doors for the first time, millions of curious children and adults have been familiar with a better understanding of things on earth. The museum located at Gärdet in Stockholm houses a host of exhibitions about many other inventions, energy and the environment. In 2006, one also opened for Sweden’s unique 4D cinema for several senses, called “Cino4”. www.tekniskamuseet.se



VIDA MUSEUM & ART GALLERY -One of Sweden’s largest privately owned art centers

Other exhibitions include: ULRICA HYDMAN VALLIEN BERTIL VALLIEN ALEXANDER KLINGSPOR JOHN KANDELL -The balancing artist PLEASE BE SEATED -100 design chairs made in Småland Halltorp, on route 136, 9 km south of Borgholm, ÖLAND



Från vrak till världsklass.

In 2002, Lasse Åberg founded his series museum, housed in a barn in Bålsta, outside of Stockholm. The museum has one of the world’s premier collections of Disney objects with hundreds of toys, games, books, and money boxes, as well as a unique collection of items related to the world’s first series, The Yellow Kid. The museum also has a solid comic book collection, and among the legendary cartoonists that are represented are Burne Hogart (Tarzan) and Carl Barks (Kalle Anka). Of course, there are also parts of Lasse Åberg’s own art exhibited in the premises. www.abergmuseum.se

VASA MUSEUM Vasamuseet is one of Sweden’s most visited tourist attractions with just over one million visitors each year. For the Stockholmmen themselves, the museum may not be superexotic, but in some way it’s hard to get tired of the beautiful ship that fell almost 400 years ago. In addition to the ship, the museum has a solid collection of over 40,000 items ranging from skeletons to letters and cannons. The Vasaship has been shown to the public since 1961 when the provisional museum Wasa Shipyard opened to the public. www.vasamuseet.se


till Boende och entré för k ar sp jur vd Ro Orsa rn 2 vuxna och 2 ba önklitt. (3–14 år) i Orsa Gr Fr. 1 675 kr

Babyboom i Orsa Grönklitt Boka på orsagronklitt.se

VÄRMLANDS MUSEUM The Värmland Museum in Karlstad was nominated for Sweden’s best museum of Swedish museum association in 2005, and has more than 200,000 visitors annually. The museum was formed in 1980 by the county of Värmland County, the municipality of Karlstad and the Värmlands Museum Association and has since been a popular meeting place. In the beautiful museum building you can discover Värmland’s history, art and culture. The museum also has a science center called the Teknik desire, as well as a cozy café. www.varmlandsmuseum.se

Välkommen till Gävle!


I våra konstsalar möter du kända svenska konstnärer från alla tider. Hos oss samsas nyförvärvad samtidskonst med klassiker från 1600-talet. Beundra designföremål av silver, glas och plast i Gunnar Cyrénsalen. Låt barnen skapa i våra ateljéer!

Jamtlands County Museum Jamtli consists of a museum with exhibitions and an open-air museum with historic houses and farms. Jamtli was nominated for the Museum of the Year 2013 by the Swedish Museum Association, and in the summer the farms are filled with historical roleplaying. The museum opened in 1912 and besides communicating the local art and cultural heritage, temporary exhibitions are held on everything from art to toys. www.jamtli.com



Laila Durán

Välkommen till ett levande museum med lantrasdjur och odlingar Upplevelser Aktiviteter Mat Café Hantverk Öppet alla dagar kl 10-17. Fri entré! Res i tiden 18 juni - 12 augusti 2018 Skerikesvägen 2, Västerås Läs mer på vallbyfriluftsmuseum.se

WORLD CULTURE MUSEUM The World Culture Museum is located in the central of Gothenburg and exhibits in its alternating exhibitions, important contemporary issues, phenomena and lifestyles such as HIV / Aids, Trafficking, HBTQ issues and much more. In 2009, the Swedish Museum Association Award was awarded the Museum of the Year, for example, its conscious commitment to young adults and their active work in reflecting community discussions. www.varldskulturmuseet.se

PHOTOGRAPHICAL MUSEUM Since its inauguration in 2010, the Photographic Museum has quickly become one of Stockholm’s most visited attractions. The exhibits have shown legendary photographs by Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Nick Brandt, but also new native names like Helena Blomqvist, Johan Wik and Klara Källström. Best of all is almost the panoramic view of Djurgården from the museum’s café, and the well-stocked museum shop. Photo graphic, housed in Stora Tullhuset at Stadsgårdskajen, is privately owned and was founded by the brothers Jan and Per Broman. www.fotografiska.com SVERIGEMAGASINET


Special: Museums


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Welcome to

Jamtli in Östersund

Always something to discover! Jamtli offers an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland and Härjedalen. Here you will discover and enjoy being part of history. The museum has permanent exhibitions about the region’s past alongside temporary exhibitions of arts and handicrafts. Some exhibitions take up current matters of public interest and explore them from an historical perspective.





Carl Peterson plats • Nässjö • 0380–51 86 24 • Fri entré Sommaröppettider: Mån-tor 10-19, fre 10-16, lör-sön stängt



Black Crow

16 JUNI - 18 AUGUSTI 2018


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For more iniformation:

www.jamtli.com STATARMUSEET i SKÅNE Intill Bokskogen en mil öster om Malmö mellan Torups slott & Bara i Svedala kommun  inom Malmö Stads rekreationsområde. GPS: 55°34´18.0”N  13°12´23.3”E Kök & Kafe högsta KRAV-certifieringen

Torupsvägen 606-59, 233 64 Bara Telefon: 040 – 44 70 90 Mobil: 076 – 800 70 90 www.statarmuseet.com barbro_franckie@statarmuseet.com

Special: Museums Nationalmuseum Jamtli

– a new arena in Östersund for art and design experiences

THE MODERN MUSEUM The modern museum opened in 1958 at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm and has since 2009 also a branch in Malmö. The museum has a large collection of Swedish, Nordic and international contemporary and contemporary art that includes contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and art films from the 20th century and beyond. The museum organizes several temporary exhibitions per year and in their permanent collection includes famous works by, among others, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. www.mordernamuseet.se


Six centuries of contemporary art 17 june 2018–april 2019

This underrated pearl, located on Lidingo Heights with magnificent views over the harbor of Värtan, Until 1931 Millesgården was home for the artist and sculptor Carl Milles and his wife Olgas before being converted into museum. In addition to the artist’s will, there is a sculpture park with Milles own works, as well as an art gallery and a café. In 1936 Millesgården was converted into a foundation that was handed over as a gift to the Swedish people. The special atmosphere of the above-mentioned sculpture park, as well as the architecture of buildings for almost the thought of the Mediterranean, and the whole area is a magical and very welcome oasis in the big city. www.millesgarden.se



Playmobil Star Wars Barbie Disney Smurfarna Lego licensteman Happy Mealsamling

Var interaktiv Tipsrunda Lekzon Spökrummet Fiskdamm Arkadspel Tivolispel Öppet onsdag-söndag 12-17. Entré 85 kr för vuxen. Barn 2-12 år 65 kr. Barn under 2 år fri entré. Adress: Hävertgatan 21, 254 42 Helsingborg Tel 042-453 97 00 · www.toyworld.se · info@toyworld.se

On Öland, nine kilometers south of Borgholm, the glass artists Ulrika Hydman-Vallien and Bertil Vallien have their own museum: their entire production, plus guest exhibitions by Sweden’s leading artists. Located beautifully, not far from Ekerum golf course. With its two art galleries and three museum districts, VIDA Museum in Halltorp has become an important meeting place for art lovers from near and far. Here you can see exhibitions of national and international art in painting, sculpture, glass and design and in addition to exhibitions there is also a museum shop. The music store has become famous for its range of Ulrica Hydman-Valliens and Bertil Vallien glass items that they have developed especially for VIDA. The museum also has many exciting silver jewelry and every year, VIDA invites 20 of Sweden’s leading silver smiths to participate in various exhibitions. Round off your visit to the museum with a refreshing coffee at the roof shop of the museum shop and enjoy the amazing view of Kalmarsund! Open: 10-19. Entrance fee: 40 SEK, children under 15 years free of charge. www.vidamuseum.com




, otel h e to t h s t x e ht n us-tour ople, g i r ing ually B 30 pe k r l a P ann m for 1 st hote oo rge a ng r l i n s i D len'



Ö S T E R L E N Hotel Svea, dated from the 1840s, is one charming, cozy hotel right by the sea but still in the middle of Simrishamn with its culture and nature as well as shopping. We are the largest hotel in Österlen with 60 rooms, which make us able to welcome larger groups. The rooms, ranging from Prince Eugens suite to economy, pet and handicap friendly have sea view or garden view. The rooms have a shower or bath, cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Relax with a massage or sauna. For conference and meeting guests and larger companies we offer a variety of options and activities for up to 130 people. Our Restaurant the Pirate has sea view and you can see small fishing boats outside the window. Here you are enjoying yourself of the best recipes from Skåne, Swedish as well International food carefully updated to match modern taste buds. Our knowledgeable chef Johan Linnerborg, selects local produce as far as possible. In the airy lobby we are happy to serve you one glass of wine or beer from Österlen producers with some appropriate snacks. During the summer we open the garden as restaurant and bar. Welcome to Hotel Svea, wish Patrik, Maria and all our amazing colleagues!



tel: 0414 - 41 17 20 mail: info@hotelsvea.se



Broby Farm


n the south countryside, between Västerås and Enköping lies this exciting place. At first sight it looks like any old farmhouse, but the old grain magazine from the late 19th century has a lot more to say. Short stairs lead up to the upper floor, where grain was kept back in the day. But now, when you get up there, you’ll see a beautiful crystal chandelier and the walls are filled with wonderful and exciting art - the grain magazine is tranformed to a Gallery! Also, you can call it a decor store, with a mix of a little crazy, unique, modern, vintage and antique - a little sprawling but charming! In the chicken farm there is currently a flea-

– a hidden gem in the Sweden countryside market, (also possible to rent for someone who wants it a week for their business.) You can even pick up some paint, pencils and canvas to create some art of your own! And why not, its a rural charming place for relaxing yoga, or use this soulplace of the domaine to read the books you promised yourself ? On Broby Farms ideas come on constantly and it’s exciting to see where it lands. In the café you can ask for more specifics. Broby Farm can be found at www.brobygard.se or on the face-book page Broby farm vintage and interior.

Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Broby Gård



Glass art

– experience, feel and marvel! ”The Glass Factory”, the Glass Museum in Boda, owns Sweden’s most extensive art glass collection with over 50,000 items of over fifty artists.



Glass art


he exhibition ”Glasriket Forever” shows the story of Glasriket’s origin, development and future with unique historical glass, film material and images that have never been shown. With the Crystal Collections format, the museum focuses throughout the year 2018 on The kingdom of Crystals various exciting collections of glass and collections from Sweden’s various studio artists. In the ”Children’s Glass Factory” children and adolescents can test how it feels to become glassblowers. Here you can dress up, try to work in the hot shop and fire the furnace with wood. In the museum’s studio you can create your own items in glass and try engraving, stained glass and glass fusing. The museum also offers the latest in glass art in its exciting exhibits illustrating the contemporary glass. Here you can find international, innovative exhibitions ”Dynamic Transparencies” and ”Under a Glassy Sky” and various hot spot exhibitions featuring glass from artists such as Hanna Hansdotter, Carl and Mårten Cyrén and Riikka Haapasaari. Just beside the exhibitions you can find the hot shop! Here you can see how the glass is made and be inspired by the international artists. In addition to artistic workshops, the museum also offers various summer courses where visitors themselves can try to shape and blow their own glass together with the hot shops glass blowers. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: The Glass Factory, Pressbild




21 480:-

Kuba med Havanna Karibiskt, njutningsfullt & alldeles unikt Kuba har förvandlats till ett karibiskt paradis och latinska rytmer hörs i varje gathörn. Upplev livsglädjen i Havanna och åk en tur med 50-talsbilar. Vi följer i Hemingways fotspår, känner historiens vingslag vid Grisbukten och besöker bl.a. en cigarrfabrik. Vistelsen avslutas med kritvita stränder och vajande palmer vid Varaderostranden. ALLT DETTA INGÅR: Flygresa till Havanna t/r . Bussrundresa med Scandoramaguide . 11 övernattningar i dubbelrum . 11 frukostar . 8 luncher . 9 middagar . All inclusive på hotellen dag 6 - 11 (kubanska drycker ingår) . 9 utflykter AVRESOR: Kastrup/Arlanda/Landvetter: 25/10, 29/10, 4/11, 12/11, 19/11, 24/11, 14/1, 28/1, 4/2, 11/2, 18/2, 25/2, 3/3 Läs mer om dagsprogram, hotell, utflykter och mycket annat på vår hemsida! Läs mer om allt som ingår och boka på:

scandorama.se • 040-600 00 00 108


eller boka på din resebyrå!


dg Alltid me

När du vill skänka


AFRIKAHUSET En trelängad gård och butik

fylld av inredning från Afrika. • Två fotoutställningar • Filmvisning varje heltimme • Massajbesök i sommar • Kaffe och Zanzibarkaka • Guidade Kenyasafaris • ÖPPETTIDER: Fredag-söndag kl 12-16. • Se även www.afrikahuset.se

Lyckopenningen är ett tidlöst smycke som sålts till förmån för Synskadades Riksförbund sedan 1912. En uppskattad gåva för lycka i livet till studenten, dopet, födelsedagen eller bästa vännen. Finns i silver, förgyllt silver eller guld och kan fås med namn- och datumgravyr. Beställ på lyckopenningen.se eller ring 08-39 90 70.

Beställ kostnadsfri katalog på 0300–54 51 19 Eller ladda ner den på


Vindelälven – powerful and mythical

By bike, horse or in a rubberboat along an untouched river. There are as many ways to experience Västerbotten as there are contrasts in the landscape. Only you set the limits.


or those who want to stay a little closer to the ground level, there are other ways to experience the nature of Västerbotten. After 2000 miles, the adventure journalist Peter Potterfield, commissioned by the National Geographic magazine appointed Kungsleden as the world’s best hiking trail in 2015. The stretch is more than 400 miles long and the trail is fully expanded with cottages, from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south. The distance of eight miles between Hemavan and Ammarnäs takes about five days to go, says the guide Johan of Ekenstam, who thinks that hiking suits everyone. - It’s just a matter of finding the right terrain and the right length of the trip. Many want to go to Kungsleden, and it’s a good beginner race, he says. If you want to raise the pace slightly, you can rent a mountain bike or road bike. During spring, summer and autumn is Västerbotten a great place for cycling, from the action-packed leaders, the mountains make up the fertile pine forests and the steep joints along the rivers. - It’s speed and calm, city and country, forest and mountain, light and darkness – we have eve-



rything in Västerbotten. And it is the contrasts that makes it so amazing, says Annika Sandström, regional manager at Visit Västerbotten. Annika explains that Västerbotten yet is a pretty undiscovered pearl, with honeycomb that you really can have for yourself. Everything from sandy beaches and freshwater lakes, to a dip among the natural pools in the vicinity, is found along the Västerbottens coastline. One of them is Ruttjebäcken in Hemavan Tärnaby, where you can swim in crystal clear water, natural pools and waterfalls - which have been absorbed by streams since the ice age. But the historic, Västerbottens waters offer more than just relaxation. The wild rivers and untouched rapids are perfect places for kayaking and rafting. The 50-mile Vindelälven, has a drop meter up to ten meters. Vindelälven is classified as one of Sweden’s best water for sewage. At the same time, it is a biosphere reserve identified by UNESCO, the river thus acts as a model area for sustainable development and conservation of the landscape. - We think it will be an added value to our experiences when we work in a sustainable way, says Annika. We work actively with sustainability on several levels. The goal is to be perceived as the most sustainable, regional destination in Sweden. It is natural for us to work with sustainability. We think it is important for the

guests who come here, but also for those who live here. This is a way to live for us, says Annika Sandström. The sustainability trend has also ripped off in the restaurant industry. Several gatekeepers in Umeå testify that the enthusiasm, both among guests and restaurateurs, for the local, genuine and Norwegian is higher than ever. - We have a rich commodity cavity around us, which in itself gives increased awareness. People have wild in the freezer at home, berries picked around the knot and mushrooms from the latest mountain reindeer. They want to know where the food they stop themselves comes from simply, says the Jörgen Engdahl at Hunger & Törst in Umeå. Even further north, the increased demand for local commodities is noticeable. Burträsk Market Hall opened in 2014 and has become a popular retreat. 90 percent of their goods come from the area, and vary with the season. The mushrooms are picked in the forrest in Burträsk, the bread is baked in Kåsböle and the smoked ham is a product from Järvtjärns. The closer the better, as they say. - Interest for good and locally produced raw materials is growing all the time, says Karin Wiksten, who was one of the initiators of the foodhall. Text: Anna Ekberg Foto: Adobe Stock

A richer experience Leave the noice and come to Västerbotten this summer. Here you can wander between high mountain tops, cycle in unspoiled wilderness, fish in bottomless lakes, ride along beautiful forest paths, enjoy local delicacies and take part of the Sami culture. Come and enjoy the Västerbotten experience! visitvasterbotten.se


Welcome to Tylebäck

The natural meeting place Meetings • Hotels • Wellness • Relax • Restaurant • Lunch • Party • Events









Välkommen att besöka den nya utställningen Välkommen att besöka den nya utställningen i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas och gruvägarnas historia är Välkommen att besöka den och nyasägner utställningen någraoch teman i utställningen. och gruvägarnas historia sägner är i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas några teman i utställningen. och gruvägarnas historia och sägner är FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO:

några teman i utställningen. vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se

FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO: FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO: vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se

Mån-Fre Lör-Sön

Jul -Aug Sep -Apr Maj -Jun

10 -17 12 -17

10 -17 12 -18

10 -18 12 -18

Välkommen att besöka den nya utställningen i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas och gruvägarnas historia och sägner är några teman i utställningen. FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO: vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se

Glasförpackningskomprimering Reducerar volym till vikt Glasförpackningskomprimering Reducerar volym till vikt

”Med en flask Crusher, kan personalen volymreducera flaskor direkt i baren. Perfekt för pubar, restauranger och hotell. Installera ”Baby Jaws ” i barer. Inget mer vinglande med flaskor till lagerplatser genom trånga ”Med en flask Crusher, kan personalen volymreducera flaskor direkt i barer. Barpersonalen är bakom disken hela natten. baren. Perfekt för pubar, restauranger och hotell. Installera ”Baby Jaws ” i Vi gör så att Ni tjänar mer pengar och sparar samtidigt på miljön! barer. Inget mer vinglande med flaskor till lagerplatser genom trånga barer. Barpersonalen är bakom disken hela natten. Vi gör så att Ni tjänar mer pengar och sparar samtidigt på miljön!

Under bardisken PEL BB01 Under bardisken PEL BB01

På lastkajen/lagret PEL BB06

På lastkajen/lagret Se länk PEL BB06 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=byMGJYhRCFU https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEuCku6eHXo Se länk https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=byMGJYhRCFU https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEuCku6eHXo

Scanwaste Scanwaste Komprimering för återvinning


Komprimering för återvinning


Hede turistinformation hälsar Er välkommen till

Hede WWW.Sonfjallsbygden.se I början av 2019 öppnar vi ett nytt besöksmål


Res med oss i Värmland! varmlandstrafik.se

Natur & Kultur Följ projektet på #projekt_sonfjallet Varmt välkomna! Ljusnevägen 14, Hede Telnr: 0684-50050

Ändlös god smak!

Med gott hantverk från grunden skapar vi många unika smakminnen från er grill. Allt kött är noga utvalt och kommer ifrån den vackra Örserum och Gränna trakten. Titta in till oss och upplev en naturlig atmosfär av Hugos många, ändlöst goda charkprodukter. Får vi här fresta er med Hugos wienerkorv – en svensk grillklassiker!

Örserum, Gränna Tel 0390-300 35

Besök oss: www.hugosschark.se och följ oss på facebook. Öppet: vardagar 09.00-18.00 lördagar 09.00-13.00 i juli söndagar 09.00-13.00

Culture History

Löfstabruk, Sveriges mäktigaste bruk. Foto: Lars-Erik Berglund

The Wallon settlements in Uppland – the cradle of Sweden’s welth In northern Uppland there is a phenomenon that has been of great importance to the prosperity of Sweden as a whole: Upplands Wallon settlements. Here you will find authentic working environments, with beautiful mansions, gardens and industrial buildings. Welcome to a piece of unique industrial and cultural history, with the roots from Belgium Wallonia.


he Dutch financier Louis De Geer founded many ironwork villages in Northern Uppland. One of the reasons were the rich availability of ore from Dannemora mine. De Geer imported labour and competence from Wallonia in Belgium, which resulted in better iron quality, and the Wallon settlements were due to this world leader in high quality iron production. The biggest settlements were Lövstabruk, Österbybruk, Forsmark and Gimo. About 1000 men with families from Wallonia immigrated to Uppland between 1615 and 1655. Many Swedes still proudly say they have wallon blood in the veins from their ancestors. Productions in the wallon settlements was



dropped in late 18th or early in 19th century. Today many of the wallon settlements are instead living cultural environments with art, history, theatre and music experiences. Several also have fantastic food, and some offer overnight stay. ÖSTERBYBRUK

Here was the world-famous rod iron of Dannemora manufactured. Today it is the world’s only functioning wallon forge and in the area there is a complete 1700:th society. LÖVSTABRUK

Once upon a time, the world’s largest iron industry, today it is one of Sweden’s bestpreserved 1700th communities. Lövstabruks manor is a wonderful 17th century mansion with lounges, dining room, library and a kitchen filled with copper vessels.


Sweden’s first gustavian mansion. Gimo is an old farm that in 2015 celebrated that it was 400 years since the start of ironworks. Today there are hotels with rooms and suites, both in the big main building and in several neighbouring buildings as well as gourmet restaurant and spa. SKEBO BRUK

An iron mill founded in the 17th century. Located in the modern town of Skebobruk. At the mill, barbed iron was manufactured. The iron for production was taken from the Edsbro blast furnace, built in 1686, owned by Skebobruk. The ore came from Dannemora mill, among others mine. The iron then went on export. Today the wallon ironworks consists of the wallon’s medieval manor house and utility

Culture History Soot, smoke and noise characterized Strömsberg’s once upon a time, now it is a quiet oasis. Tämnaråns sparkling water binds together industrial buildings, manor houses, homes and agriculture with the iron. Among all wallon buildings, this is known as “the white ironworks”. With the well-preserved white buildings it gives a good picture and an idea of the old industrial greatness.

streets, where the workers of the mill lived. The operation was discontinued in 1924. ÖSTERBYBRUKS IRONWORKS

Purchased by Louis De Geer 1643, it had been in operation since the 15th century on Gustav Vasa’s time, but in the 17th century, it gained a boost when skilled smiths from Vallonien were acquired to Sweden to work in the wallon industry. The factory passed from the 15th century production of war materials, to the 16th century’s production of barbed iron. Text: Mia Ulin

Boka Uppland offers several experience packages Iron road One-day package, with several of the most impressive ironworks in Uppland.

Lövsta package Day package with bus guide, manor show and display of the Church, lunch and lunch and coffee at Leufstabruks Wärdshus, visit the Craftsmen’s house and the mansion garden.

Cycling package

Österbybruk togs i bruk redan under 1500-talet. Foto: Wikimedia

3-4-day package. Bike in the beautiful wilderness area, go on walk in mansions and smithies, and see the breath taking remains in Dannemora mine. Then sit down to the table and eat a delicious three-course meal and sleep in comfortable beds at the Inn or mansion.



A walk in Schebo 1907

Unique audio recording of images from the past

Opening hours in July 2018; Thurs-Sun 1-4pm, June and August; Fri-Sun 1-4pm. For other times see the website

Skebobruks museum www.skebobruksmuseum.se

Recreation and water park in Roslagsskogen In the middle of the beautiful forest, a few miles north of Ă–regrund lies Berkinge bath and fishing camp. Here people come from near and far to go fishing, camp, swim, play miniature golf and play in the big water park. After that, enjoy a good dinner at the Kvarnen restaurant.

Berkinge Bath & Fishing camp

Berkinge 121, LĂśvstabruk. Webpage: www.berkinge.se

Call +46 720 073216 for more information

Lövstabruk Sweden´s most powerful ironwork Open for groups all year around

Packages Offers Lövstapaketet – 18th century is here

The only preserved Walloon Forge Located North of Uppsala in Österbybruk is a listed building from the 17th century which played an important part in the Swedish industrial heritage. Guided tours, ghost walks, orangery garden, handicra�s, an�ques, exhibi�ons, food & beverage, lodging, camping. See opening hours on the web.

Bus guidance from the group's own bus. View in the church with the world famous Cahmanorgel. Display of the mansion, lunch at the inn and visit the House of Crafts. Price: 345SEK per person Duration: about 3 hours


Christmas on Lövstabruk - A journey in time A moodful view of the Christmas-decorated mansion. It tells the story of old-time Christmas, both at nobles and workers. Christmas platters at the inn and visit the craft house where there is the opportunity to shop personal Christmas presents. Price: 520 SEK per person Duration: about 4 hours

Optional: Morning-afternoon coffee in the blacksmith´s residence, beer show, Skytts carpentry shop, 1700s carriages, etc.

Phone: 0295 – 200 72 www.osterbybruksherrgard.se

Information and booking

bokauppland.com 0295-20300 info@bokauppland.com


Scenic experiences by Toftasjöns seaside


oftastrand is a family owned property hotel and pastry shop ,which started in 1993. The business began in small scale with garden café, room rental and catering to for example weddings and party’s. From the beginning there were 9 rooms in the main building ,as well as 2 cottages right on the seafront. In 2014 the hotel was expanded with 12 double rooms, with its own terrace, and several with lake views. -We want to offer our guests a peaceful and quiet relaxing environment, where we work for great food, made of ingrediencies from the region. -All cooked and baked from scratch, says Inger Svensson. VILLA VIKS DINERS

When the neighboring house Villa Vik was for sale, came the possibility of expanding, and the majority of the restaurant business was moved to the beautifully located villa. CHRISTINAS NILSSON’S VILLA VIK

The branches are cracking when the horse’s skate, rolls forward on the gravel-road up towards the house. A woman rises, goes up the stairs and slowly opens the heavy oak doors of Villa Vik. The woman is our greatest opera singer ever, and it is here she retires after her amazing career. Christina Nilsson or Countess Casa de Miranda, as she was also called, was the poor girl from Snugge who conquered the world with her talented voice. Now, a hundred years later, the family welcomes you to Villa Vik´s Dining Rooms, which they have carefully renovated and restored to a top-class restaurant and conference facility at scenic Toftasjön. Text: Jonny Bothin Photo: FB, Nina Johansson




Experience Visby in autumn and winter From 725 sek Stay in the middle of the world heritage city Booking.com www.innerstadshotell.se Södra Murgatan 14, 621 57 Visby. Tel +46 707901509. info@innerstadshotell.se

Och tuffare blir det. Dyrare, ensammare, och nu är det läskiga bilder påtuffare paketen Snartensammare, får man kanske inte ensläskiga röka Och blirockså. det. Dyrare, och nu är det utomhus Hör också. av dig Snart om du på att av. bilderlängre. på paketen fårfunderar man kanske intelägga ens röka utomhus längre. Hör av dig om du funderar på att lägga av.

Och tuffare blir det. Dyrare, ensammare, och nu är det läskiga bilder på är paketen också. Snart får man kanske inte ens röka Och tuffare blir det. Dyrare, ensammare, och nu det läskiga utomhus längre. Hör av dig om du funderar på att lägga av. bilder på paketen också. Snart får man kanske inte ens röka utomhus längre. Hör av dig om du funderar på att lägga av.



Vi skickar vad du vill, vart du vill. Du vet väl att vi skickar både små och stora paket åt privatpersoner och företag? Med vår manuella hantering ger vi alltid dina prylar lite extra kärlek vart de än ska i Sverige. Läs mer om vårt erbjudande och våra fasta priser på www.bussgods.se.

Din kompletta containerleverantör!

CONTAINERPOOLEN • Kundtel: 020 - 24 50 20 E-post: info@containerpoolen.se

Helsingborg/Nyvång Malmö/Oxie

tel 042 - 37 74 70 tel 040 - 23 88 50

Jönköping/Hedenstorp Södertälje/Nykvarn


tel 036 - 16 24 00 tel 08 - 611 00 25


från Dalarna

Klassiska detaljer, modern funktion – direkt från fabrik!

VINÄSFÖNSTER.SE 0250-162 40 • info@vinasfonster.se


Veganchoklad – smakar och gör gott!

NYA TORKSTATIV SUSSI • Extra stabilt torkstativ med utfällbara vingar. • Patenterad konstruktion som låser vingarna i infällt läge.

För dig som bryr dig lite extra. Allt fler upptäcker vår naturligt goda veganchoklad.

• Rejäl låsmekanism som låser benen i utfällt läge för extra säkerhet.



Låser vingarna! PA



AB Rörets Industrier, 036-31 23 00 www.rorets.se

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Smart Låsning! RA SÄKE












BokkNikk – den smarta arbetsbocken

BOKKNIKK är en svensk uppfinning som är lätt, smidig och snabb att montera. Med två bockar och lite standardvirke (45x95mm) får du på några sekunder en färdig arbetsplats att använda. Se våra filmer och beställ på bokknikk.se


Tasty and beautiful One of Scandinavia’s oldest guesthouses dating back to the 13th century. Here you will have a genuine guesthouse experience.


argretetorp’s hostelry farm is located in the south of Hallandsåsen, in one of the most beautiful parts of Skåne. With sparkling streams outside the door and a stunning garden, as looks like a park has Margaretetorp offered hospitality and peace and quiet to its guests for hundreds of years. First as a gathering place for the plain farmers and since the beginning of the 20th century as a focal point for well-known writers. Today, guests come here to enjoy good food, to celebrate celebrations with loved ones, weddings or just to relax in the beautiful surroundings. There are also fantastic hiking trails around Hallandsåsen. Or why not bring the bike, pack a nice picnic and explore the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula? The food is the heart of Margaretetorps business and they are famous for the first-class kitchen and the unique sandwich table, which is served for lunch almost every day of the year. Without tapping on the Skåne food tradi-



tion, they offer their guests savoury food from scratch on a modern and innovative way. With raw materials from local producers as widely as possible. Traditions warmly surround them, and celebrations are great with them, the goose season in November is very popular and about 7000 Christmas tables are served in December. At Margaretetorp the guests live well in hotel rooms and they can jump in a whirlpool outside With opportunity to enjoy a great view of the river and the nature before dinner. It is clear that the guests are very important at Margretetorps Gästgifvaregård, which shows a family atmosphere combined with the good food and service. During the year, guests are offered music nights, exhibitions, winemaker’s dinner, Midsummer celebrations and more at the guesthouse. Here it is as tasty as beautiful! Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Margaretetorps Hostelry Farm

29:e året

Gotland Chamber Music Festival • Artists 2018

Sjuk - men doktorn hittar inget fel! Kan det vara tänderna?

Exempel på symptom: • Extrem trötthet • Värk i muskler och leder • Tarm- och hjärtproblem • Klåda och hudutslag • Hormonrubbningar

Kontakta Tandvårdsskadeförbundet Tel 08-428 0520-8092600 Tel 42 eller eller www.tf.nu www.tf.nu

7–15 juli 2018

Book your bus trip to Svarta Bergen - The mecca of the black diabase and the world’s largest open-pit mines. Museum of Natural and Stone Workers Take the raft • Book guided tour Stay, hike and experience the unique environment or have a good meal and snack in the dining room Welcome!

Book accommodation with us In our village or in the cottages built into the mountain. Or in our tastefully decorated lodge. You can do this via booking.com 128

Svarta Bergen • Hägghult 280 70 Lönsboda • www.svartabergen.se Info@svartabergen.se • For group booking, call 0479–215 20


Clinic Strömstad Estetisk plastikkirurgi

HAR DU FUNDERAT PÅ ETT PLASTIKKIRURGISKT INGREPP? Välkommen till den trygga kliniken med patienten i fokus. Hos oss träffar du alltid kirurgen personligen och kan diskutera dina önskemål och möjligheter. Du kan välja att komma på konsultation i Strömstad, Skara, Moss i Norge eller i Stockholm. Om du väljer att operera dig hos oss i Strömstad kan du stanna över natten i vacker och avstressande skärgårdsmiljö.

www.clinicstromstad.se | 0526 667 60 | 08 33 82 80












Ditt ekonomiska stöd betyder mycket för att våra bidragssökande barn och vuxna skall orka kämpa för ett friskare liv. 1976















Sveriges Cancersjukas Riksförbund (SCR) Barksväg 14 nb • Box 7107 • 170 07 Solna Telefon 08 – 31 82 05 • Fax 08 – 32 07 60 Hemsida www.cancersjukasriks.se E-post info@cancersjukasriks.se Org nr 802006 – 7602


Bankgiro 5140 – 2352 • Plusgiro 302852 – 9



Experiences FACTS MSM MARATHON 2018 24-26 August: Tromsø

Mountain Challenge. 2019 January 5: PolarNight Half Marathon. March: Arctic Snowshoe Race. June 22: Midnight Sun Marathon (30 year anniversary). ARRANGER: The MSM Foun-

dation. WEB: www.msm.no LOCATION: Tromsø, Norway.

Midnight Sun Marathon Do you dream about running marathon in the midnight sun? Here is four fantastic Arctic rides you can participate in during the year in Tromsø, Norway


Tromsø is a lively and beautiful city with arctic history and culture, sourrended by mountains, fjords and an island world below midnight sun during the summer and the northern lights

on winter. The city is located 400 km north of the polar circle. Nevertheless, it is easy to get there, with an airport just 4 km from the city center. Daily there are about fifteen direct flights from Oslo, but also flights from Stockholm and London. It’s also possible to go to Tromsø by train and bus. Between 18 May and 24 July, the sun sets never down. The participants come from the world all corners to get to know this amazing one natural phenomena during the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø. The race has been organized every year in June month since 1990. The event has become so popular that you have to be out in a very good time to book accommodation.

The little more extreme race Tromsø Mountain Challenge take place between the 24 and 26 of August. The race is 2.6 km and runs after it newly renovated “Sherpastaircase”, which is built of natural stone of the Sherp population from Nepal. Saturday On the 25th of August the race Ultra 50km take place in

the beautiful mountains around Tromsø. If You do not want to run 50 km, you can choose to run the little easier distance Halfultra 25 km. Tromsø in winter is also a unique experience. On January 5, 2019 you can join PolarNight Halfmarathon, Norway’s largest winter race

with participants from over 40 countries. The race runs during the period when you do not see the sun, but instead you can experience the amazing arctic northern lights. The track goes on snowy roads, but you can use ordinary ones running shoes with good soles or nails. It does not end there, a new race is under planning Arctic Snowshoe Race. 2019 comes MSM to launch a new unique event in Tromsø, which will give the participants an arctic winter experience beyond the usual. – Our plan is to create one permanent annually ’Snowmobile Race’ under the name ’Arctic Snowshoe Race’, says the head of the race Nils Haetta. The Here is a great way to experience the winter in Tromsø and nature in the Arctic regions. The event is open to everyone and you can easily register on the organizer’s website www.msm.no Text: Charlotte Lindmark Photo: Truls Tiller



-Bli din egen arkitekt!

Energieffektiva hus

Garpen 119

Med VästkustVillan kan du bli din egen arkitekt. Klipp och klistra, rita till och dra ifrån eller varför inte börja med ett helt tomt ark? Med dina idéer och vår erfarenhet skapar vi ditt drömhem. Precis så som du vill ha det. På hemsidan www.vastkustvillan.se hittar du närmsta försäljningskontor. Du är även välkommen att ringa oss, tel. 0325-18600.

- Våra hus är som våra kunder, alla olika!

Er bästa investering

Karisma 5A E





Ny modell



Borohus anpassar alla hus efter behov och önskemål. Hjärtligt välkomna att kontakta oss. Tillsammans tar vi fram det optimala huset för just dig och din familj. Se alla modeller och beställ katalog på vår hemsida www.borohus.se.

Villor & Fritidshus


Tel 0325-186 20

Nu lägre 20% förb energirukn ing!



Allt förbränns och blir lukt-och bakteriefri aska


Utvecklad sedan 1959 och konstruerad för krävande miljöer


Besök vår utställning - Mörtnäsvägen 2, 13936 Värmdö, vardagar 12-16, lördagar 10-14

incino.se | info@incino.se | 08-10 40 40 | Mörtnäsvägen 2, 13936 Värmdö

Caravan Club är en ideell förening för alla Klubben bildades 1958 och har idag fler än 30.000 medlemsfamiljer. Grunden för verksamheten är ett aktivt fritids- och friluftsliv med många aktiviteter, omfattande träffverksamhet, utbildningar, teknisk rådgivning mm. Caravan Club är dessutom Sveriges största privata campingplatsägare med campingplatser från Vindeln i Västerbotten till Sturkö i söder.

CARAVAN CLUB OF SWEDEN Föreningen med familjen i centrum. Tel 019-23 46 10

Fritid som förenar

som gillar campinglivet.

bli medlem du också!

Mer fritid för pengarna... Besök vår hemsida för mer information om hur även du får tillgång till våra förmåner.

w w w. c a r a v a n c l u b .se



üFörmånligt üEkonomiskt üTryggt £ £ £


Grindar till upp emot 200 bilmodeller. Krocktestade lastgaller till de vanligaste modellerna.


Krocktestade, måttanpassade burar till de vanligaste kombibilarna. Finns även som hel och trekvartsbur.


Varje smycke är unikt


Vem sade att en flicka inte blir lyckligare av ett personligt smycke? Vackra handgjorda smycken med stil i silver finns hos Ursula Klasén. Inget är det andra likt.



Bruksgatan 17, Fågelfors. Telefon: 0491-515 99

Gone fishing! The next issue is out September 10th For advertising, please contact: +46 707–17 30 50 or Email: annons@magasingruppen.se

Sverige magasinet Sveriges STÖRSTA tidning

om turism och nöjen



The fortress from the cold war Experience the adventure at the Siknäsfort, a top-secret fortress from the time of the cold war. Situated at 60 meters above sea level, overlooking the astounding Töre fjord.





he fortress of Siknäs is nuclear proof and situated only a few kilometres from the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea. When you arrive at the Siknäsfort you will be met by guides who will take you through a tunnel, designed to deflect shock waves from the entrance of the fort. Blasted into the mountain you will find four floors to be explored. There, among the preserved installations, you will find the exhibitions of the museum which in an illustratory

and interesting way will give you an understanding of the Siknäs fortress – the northern lock during the cold war. THE SUMMER OF 1987

Somebody reports a frogman coming up from the calm water. Out of several hundreds observations are 15 reliable, and the conclusion is that a submarine has entered the inlet, declares the intelligence officer of Kalix defence area. Helicopters are dropping explosives and antisubmarine grenades to force the intruder to surface. What is the result? Did they find a submarine? The mini submarine Spiggen II is

now placed in Töre harbour as a memory of the dramatic weeks. TÖRE HARBOUR

Visit Töre harbour which has played an important role of the military history in the area. You can have a look at the Swedish mini-submarine Spiggen II and from the autumn 2018 a gun tower masked as a summer cottage. You can also get a certificate as evidence for your visit at the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea.


The nuclear proof fortress of Siknäs in Töre is situated a few kilometres from the northernmost point of the Baltic sea. VISITING TIMES

During the summer the fort is open for everyone. Groups are welcome all year.




Above: Illustration of the building. Below left: there is a lot to see and experience in Mariestad. Visiting the guest harbour in Mariestad and settling down with a locally produced ice cream is one of the highlights. To the right: Andreas and Georg Häselbarth visit the place of Dinners in Mariestad.

Dinners expands and opens in Mariestad Dinners establish in Mariestad and plans for a new kind of meeting point with several activities in the same local area. The location is strategically located at the southern entrance to the city centre and it is easy to stay on the way to or from Mariestad.


inners have decided to settle at Sydport Mariestad at the strategic junction E20 and highway 26 in Mariestad. Besides that, the company has operations in four locations in Sweden; Enköping, Arboga, Ödeshög and Gävlebro. - We are establishing ourselves in more locations around Sweden, starting in Mariestad,” says Andreas Häselbarth, CEO of Dinners. Dinners work with leading companies around Europe, embracing the latest trends from those countries that have extensive experience in developing the tourism industry. It will be a new kind of meeting point with more activities in the same room. In addition to the restaurant, there will be a modern coffeeshop with a Deli shop, a solarium shop and a modern low-cost hotel and a gas



station. The concept also includes the installation of charging posts, which is part of tomorrow’s new service station. It happens a lot at Mariestad’s southern entrance, Sydport says the municipality’s business executive Mats Widhage. In addition to well-known fast food chains, there is one of Sweden’s five first hydrogen gas tank stations. In addition to the gas station, a solar cell park has been built. The solar energy generated will be used to produce hydrogen for refueling fuel cell cars and store solar energy. Mariestad becomes the first in the world with this unique solution. MARIESTAD - THE TOURIST CITY

Mariestad is the small town that battles in nature experiences and quality of life. Sweden’s blue band Götakanal meets northern Europe’s largest lake Vänern here - and beyond the 14mile coast, the archipelago islands count in tens

of thousands. Staying in ​​Mariestad is to pause life at its best. Here you stroll around the hilly cobbled streets of the Old Town, enjoy localmade ice cream and participate in the hilarious hamlet life. Or relax with a quality beer from one of the neighbourhood’s microbreweries. Mariestad’s beer tradition continues today in a row of shady brews in the town’s restaurants. With the magnificent nature in front of the feet, the area is ideal for outdoor activities both on foot and by boat, and for the active one expects a variety of experiences to choose from. Here you will find good paddling and fishing waters, adventurous hiking trails and paths that provide experiences beyond the usual - not least along the Götakanal. Text: Redaktionen Photo: Tuana

Upplev Sveriges största konstglassamling.

Experience the largest collection of art glass in Sweden. Spännande utställningar. Familjeaktiviteter. Exciting exhibitions. Family activities. Glasblåsning i hyttan.Shopping. Shopping.Coffee Fika.shop. Glassblowing in the hotshop.



Storgatan 65Glassworks Boda glasbruk Storgatan 5, 360 565, 360 Boda 0471-249360, www.theglassfactory.se, +46 471–24 93 60, www.theglassfactory.se, info@theglassfactory.se info@theglassfactory.se

- WELCOME TO VISITOR CENTER The World Heritage - DECORATED FARMHOUSES OF HÄLSINGLAND. We have alla the information you need about the Farmhouses of Hälsingland and the trail Stora Hälsingegårdars väg. You can also visit the EMIGRANT MUSEUM that show and tell the story of what happened to those who followed the preacher Erik Jansson from Alfta to the colony Bishop Hill, llinois in America.

HÄLSINGEGÅRD OL-ANDERS - ALFTA - tourism@ovanaker.se - www.edsbyn-alfta.se

Profile for Sverigemagasinet

Sverigemagasinet issue no 6 2018  

Sverigemagasinet is published 10 times a year and is distributed through visiting organizations, municipalities and tourist agencies through...

Sverigemagasinet issue no 6 2018  

Sverigemagasinet is published 10 times a year and is distributed through visiting organizations, municipalities and tourist agencies through...


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