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No 3 • 2020


STAY CATION Discover everything that beautiful Sweden has to offer this summer

A new era at Moderna

Wonderful spas in Sweden

Check out a museum this summer

Famous Moderna Museet in Stockholm is finally reopened

Pamper yourself at some of the many spas and retreats this summer

Lots of tips about exciting, classic and quirky museums all around Sweden

Welcome to till Tylebäck Välkommen Tylebäck

Den Thenaturliga Natural Meeting Place mötesplatsen Möten • •Hotell • Relax • Restaurang Lunch Meetings Hotel •• Friskvård Health Care • Relax • Restaurant• • Lunch••Fest Party• •Events Events Tylebäck är en mötesplats dig who som vill få ut bästa ditt Tylebäck is a meeting place for för those want to det getmesta more och out of theav experience. arrangemang. Vi är en modern hotelloch konferensanläggning med We are a modern hotel and conference facility with exciting architecture that seamspännande arkitektur som varsamt knyter samman historia och nutid. lessly connects history with the present day. Here you can combine effectiveness with Här kombinerar du effektivitet med avkoppling i natursköna relaxation in beneficial surroundings close to both the forest and the sea. omgivningar med närhet till både skog och hav.

Our big is to facilitate your jobertbyjobb planning engaging in your stay Vårpassion stora passion är att underlätta med attand planera och genomföra er with us. We are responsive, flexible and offer a high level of service. We think a good host vistelse hos oss. Detta genom att vara lyhörda, flexibla och erbjuda en hög servicenivå. should Ett gottbe värdskap ser feature vi som ett a natural in naturligt everydayinslag life. i vår vardag.


A thousand years in a 1000 steps

The perfect day trip Sigtuna has welcomed visitors from all over the world for over a 1000 years. Feel the tide of history and take a day trip or mini vacation to Sweden’s first city. Discover Sigtuna’s unique atmosphere and stroll along the picturesque alleys. Combine first-class shopping with a rune stone hunt and enjoy a meal, or a Swedish fika, overlooking the glittering lake Mälaren – all within a few steps. This is where Sweden begins and where the Viking era ends. For more information, visit www.destinationsigtuna.se


Issue No 3 • 2020



Respect the limitations issued by the authorities, take extra care of yourself and others – but don’t forget to enjoy all the fantastic oppurtunities that are offered in wonderful Sweden this summer. Welcome!


CITY WALKS WITH OURWAY TOURS Not your average stroll in old museums and traditional sights. OURWAY offers city walks with a special twist.


The Four Elements (Alexander Calder), detail

Looking for something more than sunbathing and a cold drink this summer?

MODERNA IS BACK! The world famous museum is reopened and packed with wonderful art experiences in both Malmö and Stockholm.



NEW CIRCUS IN STOCKHOLM PAMPER YOURSELF AT A SPA What could be more refreshing and revigorating than a spa treatment? Check out the many tips and make your pick!

A new partnership between Kristofferscenen and CirkusPerspektiv opens up for a new circus space. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Museum of Evolution – Palaeontology Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

Muraenosaurus leedsii (Plesiosaur)

Euhelopus zdanskyi

Pentaceratos sternbergi

View the largest collection of genuine dinosaur skeletons in Scandinavia! Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9


All bets are off! Nah, maybe not quite. We still have to keep our distance and take care of each other, give an extra thought to people who are in the risk zone of being infected, and not for a single moment think that everything is back to normal. But still. Starting June 13, we can all travel in Sweden without restrictions, and that’s a great thing since summer is here. Noone has to wonder if the former restrictions stating a maximum of two hours travel would actually mean that you had to bolt at around 400 km/h in order to reach your destination in time. For the same reasons it’s no longer necessary to practice driving in roadside farm fields to wiggle your way past mile-long queues. And to all of you who perhaps were looking forward to a summer vacation abroad we hereby annonunce: Sweden is fantastic. Together with the norwegians and a few others we are the only ones who have a relaxed attitude when it comes to spending time in the nature. In Sweden, you can in fact move freely and enloy everything our wonderful countryside has to offer. Or as Wikipedia puts it: ’The freedom to roam, or ”everyman’s right”, is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land, lakes, and rivers for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the ”right to roam”. In Sweden, the freedom to roam takes the form of general public rights which are sometimes codified in law. The access is ancient in parts of Northern Europe and has been regarded as sufficiently basic that it was not formalised in law until modern times. However, the right usually does not include any substantial economic exploitation, such as hunting or logging, or disruptive activities, such as making fires and driving offroad vehicles. In most countries public access rights apply only to certain categories of mainly uncultivated land.’ So: Welcome to enjoy everything Sweden has to offer this summer – even if all bets not are off. Read in this issue about great museums, wonderful spas and lots of inspiring tips on how to make your stay in Sweden even more fantastic. We wish you a great read and hope that you take care of yourself and the ones you love!

Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Tony Manieri, summerlover

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Museum of Evolution – Zoology

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Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

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Welcome to our newly renovated exhibitions. Here you can discover animals from all over the world. Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Noteworthy Malmö’s wildest place Stroll along with an exotic tour of a tropical world in the middle of Malmö. Malmö Reptile Center consists of 500 square meters of jungle. Zoos have an important role in today’s society to increase understanding of animals and nature. The terrarium in Malmö ’s Folkets Park started in 1983 and has been known for their good breeding results. Guided tours can be booked for schools, along with other activities such as bachelorette and bachelor parties. Malmö Reptile Center also offers both companies and individuals an opportunity to feed the reptiles in the exhibition. CL Folkets Park, Malmö www.malmoreptilcenter.se

Venus and Thumbelina by Carl Larsson. Photo: Gothenburg Art Museum

From art nouveau to Pippi Longstocking The autumn at the Gothenburg Art Museum offers new perspectives on some of our most treasured cultural treasures. Danish artist Ingrid Vang Nyman illustrated the first books on Pippi Longstocking. In the autumn’s big effort, the Gothenburg Art Museum will showcase the breadth of her artistry. Art nouveau. From Larsson’s to Zappa, new light shines on the pair of Karin and Carl Larsson’s artistry. MT Götaplatsen 6, Gothenburg www.goteborgskonstmuseum.se

Tixis world! ”Luckily, social distancing doesn’t apply to me and Scouse.” Tixi, 1 year

Högbo Guest House Skommarsgården Beautifully located in Högbo a 20 minute drive from Gävle is Skommarsgården. The name comes from the first owner, who made shoes here. Skommarsgården has stayed in the family, and Lennart Bertilsson, the ninth descendant is now the owner. It offers the highest privacy for conferences, with conducive conditions for a successful meeting with its beautiful and serene environment, good food, individual focus and personal family-friendly treatment. Want to go here on holiday? There are many activities such as; horseback riding on Icelandic horses in the Hogbos forests, golfing or skiing with an overnight stay in Skommarsgårdens Guest House. You can even rent the whole house if you want. In the hotels vicinity there are four great golf courses to play; Högbo, Gävle and Hofors along with a smaller golf course called Mackmyra Pay & Play. During the winter there are nice length-ski trails available at Högbo Mill and if you prefer to go downhill skiing, Kungsberget is only 30 minutes drive away. RED Jutbacksvägen 14, Sandviken www.skommarsgarden.se




Drottningholms Slottsteater reschedules

On account of coronavirus and the instructions issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Drottningholms Slottsteater has decided to reschedule this summer’s performances for next year and to cancel all public events until August. The Queen of Prints – maxjenny! exhibition will still be on display in September and October, and the Visions and Utopias day-programme will go ahead after the summer. All guided tours have been cancelled until further notice, but will resume as soon as possible. The baroque opera Agrippina and the children’s show Beauty and the Beast will now be staged during the 2021 season instead of this year, as will the solo concert Donne disprezzate with mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg. “It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve made this decision not to put on any performances in our wonderful theatre this year,” says managing director Sofi Lerström. “Like everyone else, we have to adjust to the current circumstances but anyway, I’m happy that the performances will be seeing audiences next year.” Adjustment to coronavirus means that our national day celebrations, planned for 6 June, will also have to be cancelled. We will resume our guided tours, which are now on hold, as soon as we can, and when we do we will make sure to keep our groups appropriately small and physically distanced. The Queen of Prints – maxjenny!exhibition, which will be on display in September and October, is a collaboration between Drottningholms Slottsteater and the celebrated Swedish designer Maxjenny Forslund. It comprises a collection of printed motifs from the theatre’s scenery, environment and decor. The day-programme Visions and Utopias on 5 September is being held in honour of Lovisa Ulrika’s 300th birthday and is a collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and the Royal Palace. New dates for the 2021 season:
Beauty and the Beast 24-30 May
Agrippina 7-21 August
Donne disprezzate end August Purchased tickets may be exchanged for tickets for the new dates or for vouchers, or refunded. AE Drottningens paviljong, Drottningholm www.drottningholm.org

Part of Pablo Picasso’s sculpture ’Group Breakfast in the green’ found in the garden outside the museum. Photo: Åsa Lundén / Moderna Museet

The Modern Museum for children This summer, the entire Skeppsholmen will be the Modern Museum’s workshop! During the summer holidays, children’s activities move outdoors and continue to keep the social distance. All activities are free and no pre-registration is required. 16 JUNE – 16 OF AUGUST

Create As - Breakfast in the green! Borrow a drawing board and get paper and charcoal to create outdoor art like Picasso. Inspiration for this can be worked up by watching the movie Create as - Breakfast in the green! which can be seen on the museum’s YouTube channel. 23 JUNE – 17 JULY

On the back of the Modern Museum on Slupskjulsvägen, near Per Kirkeby’s sculpture in brick, families or groups of children can participate in outdoor activities inspired by the exhibition with John Baldessari, which is on display at the museum during the summer. The activities are led by museum curator Anita Wernström-Pitcher. 30 JUNE – 16 AUGUST

When the Moderna Museet presents the summer holiday program 2020 inspired by the earth artists, the entire Skeppsholmen becomes a place for creative work. Outside the museum, children on summer leavecan pick up a kit with materials and instructions for making their own earth art. Anyone who wishes can then take a picture of their work and upload it on Instagram under the tag #Verkstanmodernamuseet. RED Exercisplan 4, Stockholm www.modernamuseet.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Nightlife in the High Coast

Here with us you will make camp with people from all over the world. Pitch your tent under clear starry skies and enjoy stories around the campfire. With the sound of waves or babbling streams rather than the dunk dunk dunk of a bass beat. Nights are an important part of the High Coast experience. If you stay a few extra days you will also have time to discover fantastic views, the sea, the aromas and the culture of our world Heritage Site. We hope to see you here!

The High Coast - always the next level.

+ 46 (0) 7 7 1 2 6 50 00 H O G A K U S T E N .C O M

Come as a guest – leave as a friend

Your adventure starts here. In Västerbotten. In Lapland


Check out Sweden’s museums this summer! At the time of writing, the opportunity to visit Sweden’s museum is limited due to Covid-19. Some museums are open, others offer digital exhibitions. All gates will be reopened as soon as it is secure. If you have time for something other than sunbathing and bathing this summer, take a trip to one of the country’s many museums. Look at the list on the following pages and visit as many as you can! Happy museum summer!

Gotlands Museum Gotlands Museum was formed in 1875 under the name Gotlands Ancient Friends and the ancient history museum, today called the Ancient Hall. At the museum there is actually the world’s largest silver treasure from the Viking era, as well as a large collection of run stones. Gotland Museum also includes the Gotland Art Museum, and the prison exhibition in the Emperor Tower in Visby.

Gotland’s museum closed its exhibitions in early April, the museum will remains closed until further notice and show digitally exhibits during corona times. Check www.gotlandsmuseum.se for current information.

Air Force Museum At Malmen west of Linköping, in the same place where Carl Cederström opened Sweden’s first flying school, you will find the Air Force Museum celebrating the 30th anniversary of 2014. Among the museum’s extensive collection, we find everything from aircraft, engines and instruments to uniforms and all sorts of gadgets for the aircraft lover to botanize among. The museum is currently closed. For more information go to: www.flygvapenmuseum.se



Vasa Museum The Vasa Museum is one of Sweden’s most visited tourist attractions with just over one million visitors each year. For the Stockholmmen themselves, the museum may not be superexotic, but in some way it’s hard to get tired of the beautiful ship that fell almost 400 years ago. In addition to the ship, the museum has a solid collection of over 40,000 items ranging from skeletons to letters and cannons. The Vasaship has been shown to the public since 1961 when the provisional museum Wasa Shipyard opened to the public. The Vasa Museum is currently closed. More information at: www.vasamuseet.se


Museum of Natural History

Technical Museum

The Natural History Muse, designed by architect Axel Anderberg, is Sweden’s largest museum building and was opened in 1916. Here you can go to look at dinosaur skeletons, explore Swedish nature or get to the Polar areas - all under one roof. In addition to the exhibitions, the large building also houses Cosmonova, a planetarium and one of Sweden’s three IMAX cinemas.

Since 1936, when the Technical Museum opened its doors for the first time, millions of curious children and adults have been familiar with a better understanding of things on earth. The museum located at Gärdet in Stockholm houses a host of exhibitions about many other inventions, energy and the environment. In 2006, one also opened for Sweden’s unique 4D cinema for several senses, called “Cino4”.

The Museum of Natural History is closed until further notice. Check for information and meet the museum digitally at: www.nrm.se

The museum is currently closed. You can experience it from home at: https://www.tekniskamuseet.se/upplev/tekniska-hemifran/

Lasse Åberg Museum In 2002, Lasse Åberg founded his series museum, housed in a barn in Bålsta, outside of Stockholm. The museum has one of the world’s premier collections of Disney objects with hundreds of toys, games, books, and money boxes, as well as a unique collection of items related to the world’s first series, The Yellow Kid. The museum also has a solid comic book collection, and among the legendary cartoonists that are represented are Burne Hogart (Tarzan) and Carl Barks (Kalle Anka). Of course, there are also parts of Lasse Åberg›s own art exhibited in the premises. The museum is open but follows the recommendations of the Public Health Authorities. http://www.abergsmuseum.se/sv.html/oppettider

National Museum Pampiga National Museum, beautifully situated on Blasieholmen in Stockholm, is Sweden’s largest art museum and is actually one of Europe’s oldest. The large art collection consisting of around 600,000 objects, covers everything from older paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics to modern arts and crafts and design. The building itself was completed in 1866 and was designed by German architect Friedrich August Stüler. The National Museum has been closed but opens again to visitors, under controlled conditions, on Tuesday 16 June. For more information check opening ours at: www.nationalmuseum.se




Vida Museum

Millesgården This underrated pearl, located on Lidingo Heights with magnificent views over the harbor of Värtan, Until 1931 Millesgården was home for the artist and sculptor Carl Milles and his wife Olgas before being converted into museum. In addition to the artist’s will, there is a sculpture park with Milles own works, as well as an art gallery and a café. In 1936 Millesgården was converted into a foundation that was handed over as a gift to the Swedish people. The special atmosphere of the above-mentioned sculpture park, as well as the architecture of buildings for almost the thought of the Mediterranean, and the whole area is a magical and very welcome oasis in the big city. Millesgården reopened on April 28. The following opening hours then apply: Mondays CLOSED. Tue-Sun 11-17. Mondays CLOSED. Tue-Sun 11-17 www.millesgarden.se



On Öland, nine kilometers south of Borgholm, the glass artists Ulrika Hydman-Vallien and Bertil Vallien have their own museum: their entire production, plus guest exhibitions by Sweden’s leading artists. Located beautifully, not far from Ekerum golf course. With its two art galleries and three museum districts, VIDA Museum in Halltorp has become an important meeting place for art lovers from near and far. Here you can see exhibitions of national and international art in painting, sculpture, glass and design and in addition to exhibitions there is also a museum shop. The music store has become famous for its range

of Ulrica Hydman-Valliens and Bertil Vallien glass items that they have developed especially for VIDA. The museum also has many exciting silver jewelry and every year, VIDA invites 20 of Sweden’s leading silver smiths to participate in various exhibitions. Round off your visit to the museum with a refreshing coffee at the roof shop of the museum shop and enjoy the amazing view of Kalmarsund! VIDA museum is open. Read more at: www.vidamuseum.com

World Culture Museum The World Cult ure Museum is located in the central of Gothenburg and exhibits in its alternating exhibitions, important contemporary issues, phenomena and lifestyles such as HIV / Aids, Trafficking, HBTQ issues and much more. In 2009, the Swedish Museum Association Award was awarded the Museum of the

Year, for example, its conscious commitment to young adults and their active work in reflecting community discussions. World Culture Museum is open again from the 3 of june. www.varldskulturmuseerna.se

Museums Photographical Museum Since its inauguration in 2010, the Photographic Museum has quickly become one of Stockholm’s most visited attractions. The exhibits have shown legendary photographs by Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Nick Brandt, but also new native names like Helena Blomqvist, Johan Wik and Klara Källström. Best of all is almost the panoramic view of Djurgården from the museum’s café, and the well-stocked museum shop. Photo graphic, housed in Stora Tullhuset at Stadsgårdskajen, is privately owned and was founded by the brothers Jan and Per Broman. Fotografiska in Stockholm has reopened after being closed for just over a month. All guests must book in advance at: www.fotografiska.com

The Modern Museum The modern museum opened in 1958 at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm and has since 2009 also a branch in Malmö. The museum has a large collection of Swedish, Nordic and international contemporary and contemporary art that includes contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and art films from the 20th century and beyond. The museum organizes several temporary exhibitions per year and in their permanent collection includes famous works by, among others, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. The museum is temporarily closed but reopens again 16 of June. Visit the museum digitally at: https://www.modernamuseet.se/stockholm/sv/aktiviteter/soffvisningar/

Värmlands Museum Värmland Museum in Karlstad was nominated for Sweden’s best museum of Swedish museum association in 2005, and has more than 200,000 visitors annually. The museum was formed in 1980 by the county of Värmland County, the municipality of Karlstad and the Värmlands Museum Association and has since been a popular meeting place. In the beautiful museum building you can discover Värmland’s history, art and culture. The museum also has a science center called the Teknik desire, as well as a cozy café. The museum is temporary closed. More info at: www.varmlandsmuseum.se

Jamtli Jamtlands County Museum Jamtli consists of a museum with exhibitions and an open-air museum with historic houses and farms. Jamtli was nominated for the Museum of the Year 2013 by the Swedish Museum Association, and in the summer the farms are filled with historical role-playing. The museum opened in 1912 and besides communicating the local art and cultural heritage, temporary exhibitions are held on everything from art to toys. At present, Jamtli is only open Friday-Sunday 11 am-5pm. The openair museum with animals, historic houses and farms is always open. Jamtli Store is open Friday-Sunday 11 am-5pm Jamtli Café is open Friday-Sunday at 11-16.30 www.jamtli.com




OURWAY Tours City walks in Scandinavia with a twist




Anyone can show old buildings. OURWAY offers walking tours in Scandinavia and shows places, people and culture, the local way. Come closer, feel the aromas and flavours of the destination and find all the hidden gems. Meet the people, try the food, live the stories.


ooking at pompous churches and cathedrals is no longer what one as a participant of a city walk is looking to do. There is an increasingly clear desire to see and experience what is the very heart of the city, which may be found a bit off the beaten path. That was exactly the idea that Natalie O’Sullivan had when she started OURWAY Tours in 2011. – Back then, I was a newly examined guide and had worked in the tourist industry in Stockholm for a couple of years. I felt a strong drive to start my own company and share my love for Stockholm, Natalie says. Since 2017 she and her brother Christopher runs the company together. – The starting point was to try to recreate what we like to experience when we travel. The best way to experience a country is to meet the locals, where you can exchange stories and at the same time get an insight into the country’s culture and which traditions they have, Natalie continues. – When we started to do public walking tours, there weren’t many tourist companies working the way we did. It’s not like we avoided old churches, castles or museums, but our

focus was clear, and it still is. We want to show off the city, have our guests take a course in traditional “husmanskost” (traditional Swedish food) or learn all about the historical events and actions that have shaken Sweden during our Stockholm City Walk. We offer experiences that stay a little longer with our guests. – Many of those who come on our city walks or joins one of our bike or Segway tours have gotten recommendations from previous guests, which feels fantastic!

– Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a number of wonderful people of different nationalities join our knowledgeable tour guides on tour in Stockholm, Copenhagen. – We hope and believe we’re walking towards a bright future! Natalie and Christopher O’Sullivan conclude. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: OURWAY Tours



The newest hotel on Åland! – feels like home Welcome to Park Alandia Hotel, a newly renovated, family-owned hotel by the lush Esplanade alley in the centre of Mariehamn. Take a dip in our new pool, enjoy a nice dinner in the restaurant and relax with a refreshing drink in the bar.

Conference or vacation – we are here for you!

Double room incl. 2-course dinner

89 €

from per person

HOTEL | RESTAURANT | BAR | POOL | CONFERENCE www.parkalandiahotel.com, +358 (0)18 14130

Communicate beyond all borders!

Contact our advertising department on telephone +46 707-17 30 50 or Email: annons@magasingruppen.se

Sverige magasinet


A world-class tourist destination in the beautiful sorroundings of southern Sweden - Museum, café and conference - Culture, art and nature experience - Everything from Dag Hammarskjölds private home in New York - Exhibition about Dag Hammarskjöld, former UN Secretary General and world citizen

Welcome to our newly built guesthouse with 8 double rooms in an idyllic and relaxing rural setting 500 meters from Högbo Bruk GPS co-ordinates: N60. 66803 E16.80144.

Opening hours 2019 April 3 - September 29 Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m - 5 p.m For groups and conferences there is the possibility to visit all year round. www.dhbackakra.se

skommarsgarden.se Tel 070-555 83 01

www.dhbackakra.se Tel. (+46) 076-835 26 70 Backåkravägen 73, 271 77 Löderup

Helena & Lennart await you with warm welcome!


Well-being at Hotell Havsbaden Since the renovation of Hotell Havsbaden, this is not just a hotel with a spa, but more like a whole destination, a whole new experience, something to long for. If you want to pamper yourself a little extra, you have definitely arrived at the right place! The experience can almost be described as velvety. Heart, brain and lungs are strengthened. The heart and brain of the experiences at large and the lungs of the beautiful sea air. It is something very special about staying next door to the sea.


f you are in Grisslehamn it is easy to discover Hotell Havsbaden. After renovations and additions, the building looks almost castle-like in the distance and can be seen from large parts of the old fishing village, which for a long time was Sweden’s gateway to the east. There are great contrasts here as the winter season is perfect for those who seek tranquility while during the summer season there are plenty of activities for both old and young. Grisslehamn lives up in the summer but of course you can find peace even during that period, unless otherwise at the hotel’s spa. Staying at Hotell Havsbaden and taking part in their tasty offerings gives a nice feeling of well-being. The feeling of the sea is noticeable here and it is not that strange since sea of Åland ​​ starts where the hotel ends. Just listening to the ocean´s song gets many to reach a meditative state of mind and doing this after enjoying the hotel´s spa or eating their well-prepared food provides a wonderful boost for stressed-out city dwellers. Hotell Havsbaden in Grisslehamn opened its doors more than a hundred years ago. In 1903 to be exact. Since then, countless locals and visitors have stayed at the hotel either overnight or to take advantage of the hotel´s offerings as day guests. Here, marriages and birthdays have been celebrated, life has been celebrated and mourned and the hotel is for many people a natural element of life and has been like that for generations. The hotel had over the years become worndown and when the current owner took over,



a renovation and extension of the hotel started, it reopened in July 2018. There was perhaps a concern that the common people would forget about Hotell Havsbaden during the time it was closed but after the new premiere it was clarified it turned out that any concern for that was completely unjustified. Hotell Havsbaden is simply a place that is very easy to enjoy and where to pamper yourself and your loved ones. The hotel has been restored and rebuilt to become a place you happily spend time with. The style is recognizable and the sea feeling is of course still present, but it has been transformed into a modern and functional place. Lovely and generous rooms, a spa that really offers opportunities to enjoy, food and drink in harmony and cooked and served by staff who take their job seriously make the stay easy and very enjoyable. In addition to the sea, guests can look out over the bustling fishing port and the commerce that the summer guests and locals are part of and we warmly recommend going down to the harbour for a coffee or a visit to the fishing booth. Since the hotel is just behind the Eckerö Linjen ferry line terminal, it is easy to take a day cruise to Eckerö and there are even packages that include a return trip with Eckerö Linjen, a mini suite with breakfast, access to the spa, 25 minutes spa treatment and 3 course menu that can be booked. A really good package for those who want to take a trip on the sea and shop a little on the boat trip! CULTURE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SPIRITUAL

Albert Engström liked Grisslehamn a lot and he bought the Augustberg property around the turn of the century, which today is a museum. Later he had his studio built on a cliff by the sea of ​​Åland and both the museum and the stu-

dio are well worth a visit. Engström attracted many friends to Grisslehamn and on visits came dignitaries such as Anders Zorn, August Strindberg, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Verner von Heidenstam, Gustaf Fröding, Bruno Liljefors, Prince Wilhelm and many with them. In fact, some of Zorn’s famous women that he depicted in his art came from Grisslehamn. SPA

The hotel’s spa has spaces for recovery and the architecture is top notch. There are pools both indoors and outdoors and there is a steam sauna, dry sauna, aroma sauna and light therapy sauna. For those who want something out of the ordinary, the well thought-through package Velvet is recommended, which is a two-hour experience inspired by spa and sauna rituals from several quarters and edges of our earth. When Velvet finishes with a glass of bubble in your hand, it is easy to feel satisfied and filled with new energy. THE RESTAURANT

The food on the menu is exciting and when served it can be noted that it is well composed with well selected ingredients. It is easy to feel harmonious and pampered at Hotell Havsbaden. The fish lover should of course book at table at Pescaria Albert, a separate part of Hotell Havsbaden where the fish is always day fresh. The seafood platter here is something to long after and hardly disappoint even the most discerning seafood lover. Another detail that can make the enjoyer of life happy is that the hotel sells hand-rolled quality chocolate from Singö Chocolate. The praline lemon licorice is so tasty that the pleasure is felt throughout the body. It is almost a must to buy something when you are here!


Harmony at the Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa The country´s second largest city has a fantastic range for everyone. If you want a little extra of what enhances well-being, you should definitely choose to stay at Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa. Here it is easy to find the harmony and you are guaranteed a lot during your visit. The hotel offers proximity to both the sea and the city which guarantees that the experience will contain the best of everything.


he hotel is an inviting spa hotel where one lets nature become the focal point. Beautiful views with powerful views of the vibrant Älvsborg harbour and the open sea and a fantastic and award-winning spa are easy to enjoy and the stay is easily combined with a visit to central Gothenburg if there is a desire for it. But you can also enjoy your visit without a big city pulse because at the Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa, the range is large and in addition to the experience that the spa offers, bike rental, proximity to golf course, yoga and meditation sessions and an art gallery are all included. In the gallery there are often new exciting exhibitions. To consider art is also harmonious if you let the emotions be free. Or as Anna Riis, who is responsible for the art gallery at Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa, puts it: - Art offers a counterbalance to today´s high-tech society, where we individuals are always expected to be online. During the summer, guests will be able to view and be entertained by a summer salon with mixed art that applies. When it comes to the very spacious spa area, you can enjoy bathing in hot springs, re-

vitalizing water massage, sauna and rest rooms both indoors and outdoors. Nature, the seasons and the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, influence to provide balance and harmony. You get a dose of harmony already at the reception where you are met by discreet bird song and a decor in warm earth tones, plenty of green plants and rippling water. Directly your body and mind get a much needed rest and you feel calm almost immediately. But now it was the spa it was about and not the reception, although it is well worth writing about. The spa is a mobile-free zone to ensure tranquillity and harmony. As mentioned before, it is nature that is the theme in the spa and then of course it is the seasons that largely govern. There are a number of rooms for relaxation and rest and they have therefore been named after just the seasons and here is the opportunity to feel for yourself which one suits best for the day. In the hot spring, overlooking the archipelago, there is a cold spring in the middle of the warm spring. If you have a sauna, there is also an ice sauna. In the hot tub you get massage of jet rays and in the hot tub you get massage of jet rays and on a heated stone bench you can settle down for a beneficial foot bath in tranquillity. As you understand, there is a think around the contrasts. During the summer, the spa area is open

to children, which is an extra plus of course for those of you traveling with younger fellow travellers. Something that many of the hotel´s guests appreciate is the food vision that the restaurant has and which is characterized by a great environmental thinking. Natural raw materials from well-selected producers in the region are used here. The goal is to use the best that the season has to offer and there is an endeavour to serve green-listed fish, KRAV-labelled meat (which guarantees that the farmers are using sustainable and ethically correct methods) and locally grown vegetables. For anyone who visits the Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa for a rewarding and invigorating stay, we encourage you to spend extra time in the spa department. Please check the website some time before the visit to see what is on the program. Previously, among other things, a unique silence retreat was offered that attracted many visitors and which one had to book early. It can also be a yoga weekend or similar that does good. It is easy to enjoy the surroundings, the food, the staff and the rooms. A stay at the Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa is usually unforgettable.




Hôtel Eggers – perfect for a lovers weekend Hôtel Eggers is of ancient lineage and there is a certain reverence for living in the same place as many celebrities, such as Anders Zorn, royalty, diplomats and officials. Here also many emigrants slept their last night in Sweden before they went onboard the ship to America. And during the Russian Revolution of 1917, many rooms were occupied by refugees. Besides all that, the hotel is said to have been well-visited by spies during the Second World War and you understand that during a visit you are in good historical company.


lready when you enter through the entrance to Hôtel Eggers you feel that this is a building that is different from most others, almost like it has its own soul. Historic buildings sometimes give you that feeling and the hotel is really historic. In fact, Hôtel Eggers is one of the country’s oldest hotels still operating. The building was erected on the remains of the old city wall in 1859 in connection with the railway station being built right next door. In 1883, the hotel changed its name and owner, after Emil Eggers took it over from his father-in-law. Through a major renovation and rebuilding, Gothenburg received a brand new and very exclusive hotel that still attracts attention today. Hôtel Eggers is located in the middle of



Gothenburg and is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the city and be close to most things. The rooms are easy to feel comfortable in as they feel personal and have a lovely atmosphere and beautiful decor. All rooms are individually decorated which gives an extra feeling of welcome and care. There are different sizes and different standards but all hold a very high class. There are a number of packages to choose from depending on the direction and taste. Of course, for families with children, the Liseberg package is almost a must. A full day at Liseberg is fun for everyone, but also tiring and then it is nice to come back to a cosy hotel room and the knowledge that after a good night’s sleep, a delicious breakfast buffet awaits. For couples with romance on the wish list, there is a suitable package that contains a nice welcome with champagne and oysters. Can a love weekend start better? There are many more packages but we are

content now with the addition of another: Eggers at Haga. Here you sleep well at the Hôtel Eggers and boost up the energy in the Hagabadet spa area. A combination that stays in your consciousness for a long time. The hotel’s restaurant is also popular with those who are not hotel guests, and it is easy to understand why when visiting the charming restaurant. The staff is on their toes and the food is well-prepared and delicious and served with a service that elevates the experience with the restaurant visit. The food is classic in combination with Swedish and French flavours which are enhanced by the atmosphere that the surroundings provide. Gothenburg is a nice city to stay in and of course it is important to choose the right accommodation. Hôtel Eggers is as easy to enjoy today as it was in 1883. Echoes from the past together with our contemporary ambience is a nice combination that enhances the guests’ stay in the city.


When both golf and the surroundings are top notch Golf lovers come to PGA National to play golf in a fantastic environment with challenging and fun courses. But also to take the opportunity to enjoy the good life. With two 18-hole courses and an advanced training facility, PGA National has positioned itself on the international golf map. Here, everyone, both professionals and beginners, can play world-class golf and still stay within the country’s borders.


n the way to PGA National you pass soft rolling meadows, horse farms and dormant villages to be finally welcomed by a welllawned lawn. PGA National is embraced by a rural idyll at the same time as it is located in the middle of the metropolitan Malmö/Lund/Öresund region. Situated next to Bara, it has a very excellent geographical location. The large clubhouse is stunningly beautiful and serves as a natural centre where you are greeted by a large welcoming reception/ lounge adjacent to the restaurant, bar and terrace with an inviting view of the courses. It is open, bright, high ceilings and panoramic windows. Upstairs are hotel rooms and conference rooms. Everything is a well thought out in tasteful classic design with genuine natural materials in marble, glass and wood. PGA National has a great advantage since it offers two 18hole courses, a training facility and a complete clubhouse with both accommodation and service in one place. VISITORS FROM ALL OVER EUROPE

Many green fee guests come from the local area, but it is far from uncommon to see visitors from Stockholm and Gothenburg. There are also often Danish and Finish guests here as well as guests from the rest of Europe. Most

of the guests come to play golf, most come for one or two nights, so they have time to play on both courses. In addition to golf, weddings, parties, events and conferences are organized here. Although PGA National has most of what you as a guest want, the surroundings are a obvious plus. There is much to discover in close proximity such as as the beech forest, Torup castle, Skanör Falsterbo, Lomma beach, Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen. All these destinations are reachable within an hour from PGA National. STAY GOOD AND EAT GOOD

Golf, clubhouse and surroundings are obviously important ingredients for a successful stay, but sleeping and eating well is also important. Here you live incredibly well and it is easy to enjoy the room. All hotel rooms are suites measuring between 40 and 90 square meters with plenty of space, modern design and large windows. Lounge and bar are the clubhouse´s “water hole” where you spend a long time relaxing with a well mixed drink. The restaurant has set the bar high when it comes to quality. Buffet breakfast, lunch or three-course dinner can be consumed and there is a genuine philosophy in the kitchen based on well-prepared food with high-quality, locally produced ingredients in season. Back to the golf. As a playing guest at PGA National, it is easy to improve your weaknesses in the game of golf. One of all the strengths of the PGA is namely the advanced training facil-

ity. Here are the best opportunities to get good advice and refine ones technique. It does not matter what level you are at, both beginners and advanced golfers find something well suited for their level here. TWO OF THE COUNTRY´S BEST COURSES

Regarding the courses, both courses are considered to be among the absolute best in Sweden. Lakes Course has a classic park character with extensive fields surrounded by sheer beech forest. 74 bunkers, seven tees and 6,000 meters in course length. Inaugurated May 29, 2010 by the European tour winner Peter Hanson and the architect Kyle Phillips. In 2014 and 2015 Nordea Masters was played here. Links Course is a classic, timeless 18-hole course in an open landscape with few trees. Hard fairways, large greens and several smaller sand traps. The training facility has an illuminated driving range, swing studios and large practice areas as with greens for both putting and the short game. Members and green fee guests have free access to the practice areas. Here you can improve, refine and sharpen the shape and technique with experienced instructors/coaches. The short-hole course is the 9-hole Academy Course which is perfect for those who want to go a quick round or practice their short game and iron club games. The course is open for Pay & Play. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Enjoy the spa in picturesque surroundings A weekend trip, or a longer stay by all means, to Söderköpings Brunn offers many wonderful choices. Besides the hotel being of a very high class, the picturesque surroundings are easy to enjoy. Here you are close to a scenic archipelago, a town with old ancestry and with a wide range for both old and young. We can, without a blink, recommend a time for relaxation at the hotel in springtime or in the summer.


he history as a city extends to the beginning of the 13th century when Söderköping was built around the Town Hall Square and was, until the 16th century, one of the country’s most important trading places. During the centuries that followed was Söderköping visited by kings and noble men, including Gustav Vasa, and was occupied by the Danes for a period. So it is not only a place to relax and enjoy, but also a destination for the historically interested. Today, Söderköping is a small-town idyll that attracts many visitors. For those who want to unwind and to fully relax, a visit to the city and to Söderköpings Brunn is well invested time. Dating back to the 18th century, the hotel has gone from being a well-known spa hotel to a modern, high-class hotel that has managed to preserve the sense of historical charm. ALL THE COMFORT THAT YOU CAN THINK OF

Söderköpings Brunn is perfect for a weekend that contrasts with everyday stress. Here is all the comfort that you could wish for, embedded in a nice old-fashioned atmosphere. For anyone who sometimes feels stressed about being constantly expected to be connected, it is important to occasionally forget about the hectic noise of everyday life. To then visit Söderköpings Brunn, which is stately and charming at the same time with its large porch, dining rooms and gazebo, provides the opportunity for relaxation in the very best way. Here everything feels a little slower and very friend-



ly. Forget all the must-haves and pamper yourself with the hotel’s facilities and offerings and the surroundings. A stay here is spiced up with bike or hiking trips and a nice destination during the trip is of course the country’s probably oldest ash growing on Djursö in the Sankt Archipelago. Another obvious excursion destination is the mythical Ramundberget, located just north of Söderköping. A wonderful natural area that always had its mark on the cultural life of the city. EXCELLENT FOODS AND BEVERAGES

Really good days on the escape from everyday life also includes good food and drink, and there is an abundance of just that in the hotel restaurant. Much focus on Swedish ingredients with elements of an international character results in exciting and well-composed dishes that make most palates happy. The wine connoisseur can also leave the restaurant with a smile on his lips after taking part in the wine cellar’s selection. Staying at Söderköpings Brunn is an experience in itself, but the picturesque surroundings must also be experienced. A walk in the Brunnsparken from the 19th century takes you back to the well-drinking days of the well drinkers, but today’s spa menu is filled with modern enjoyment, the only thing that can be reminiscent of ancient days is the cold water bar which offers a really cool experience after the sauna. If you visit the hotel during the summer months, the heated outdoor pool, surrounded by inviting sun decks, makes you want to go for a swim. The small medieval town of Söderköping, which is right next to the Göta Canal, is also a gem in itself. It is a wonderful experience to discover the cosy core of the city with cobble-

stones-paved streets and narrow alleys lined with low wooden houses. Each house tells its own story. There are also many lovely little shops. A good tip is to climb Ramundberget; at the top awaits a wonderful view of the city. Walking routes of different characters and lengths are also found around the entire mountain. There are also plenty of interesting buildings here. From the medieval churches to the beautiful Town Hall from the 18th century. A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER CITY

During the summer months, the city blooms a little extra with restaurants like a pearl band along the canal. Settle down and follow the boats navigate through the lock with your own eyes. If you visit Söderköping in the summertime, it is of course the Göta Canal that is the main attraction, as is S: t Anna’s archipelago, which with its thousand islands and many nature reserves is a fantastic natural experience. Söderköpings Brunn also has a boat in its possession for trips out into the archipelago and along the canal: The beautiful M/F Lindön, which was built in the early 1900s to the Russian tsar Nikolaj II. The hotel’s spa area must also be visited for treatments. Especially the Cure Bath is recommended! Here you relax in a soothing bath with optional bath additive and in the meantime you enjoy a relaxing facial shower. Definitely an experience. All that in life that is exhausting can be paused when choosing a visit to Söderköpings Brunn. After being immersed in the ambience of the environment, one is most likely to be more prepared to face life’s challenges.


Oriental exclusivity in Varberg When it´s time to pamper yourself and your loved ones, it’s a great idea to book a stay at Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa. A trip to Varberg offers millennial Eastern influences that definitely give visitors a boost of energy and prosperity. The fact that it is all laid out in a turn of the century ambience does not make matters worse. It’s easy to feel noticed and pampered.


destination that suits the loving couple who are looking for a romantic place as well as the families with children who are looking for a place with something for the whole family. Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa and its surroundings are simply an experience for most, which in itself is a celebration of the creators behind the hotel. Unlike many other places, the various groups do not steal each other’s energy, but each one can actually get satisfaction for their needs without affecting each other to any great extent. There are a total of 178 hotel rooms in three main categories – Boutique, Classic and De Luxe. 66 of these rooms are so-called boutique rooms, all furnished with a unique touch and with individual décor. VIEW OF VARBERG´S FORTRESS

As the hotel’s name suggests, a great deal has been invested in the spa. For the undersigned, it is a matter of course to visit there regardless of the season. Perhaps one might think that a natural beach during the summer is a more natural choice. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The spa re-

quires a visitat least one time during your visit. The spa area is at the top of the hotel and from several of the baths and rooms you have a fantastic view of Varberg’s fortress and the horizon over the city´s rooftops. Ayurveda philosophy, Japanese onsen baths and other Asian treatments can be chosen in the 2,300 square meter spa area. Please plan your visit here in time as the treatments are very popular so make sure you have a booking ready when you arrive. For families with children, however, it is important to split up because it is a 15-year limit. THE FOOD ALSO HOLDS THE HIGHEST STANDARD

Just as the hotel as a whole holds very high standards, so does the food in both restaurants. In the large dining room, which also serves breakfast, the inspiration comes from the four seasons, the food is seasonal, and to the greatest extent possible using local produce and producers. Then there is also Nami which is a Japanese pub and the food served is simple, fresh and tasty. Regardless of the choice of restaurant, a culinary experience is awaiting. When you are in Varberg, you are close to a number of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Halland is full of them and in addition there are nice cliffs for those who are tired of sand between their toes. If you stay here a lit-

tle longer, day trips are recommended to chalkwhite beaches in, for example, Falkenberg and Laholm. Or maybe a trip to Sweden’s longest sandy beach, 12 kilometers, spreads out around the entire bay of Laholms, from Skummeslöv in the south to Mellbystrand in the north. SUMMER CONCERT PACKAGE

There is definitely something for everyone and you can stay here and just be as good as booking a spa package or why not a concert package. When it comes to the latter, there is a wide choice of exciting artists to choose from, for example Timo Räisänen 23/7, Sarah Klang 25/7, Carola 27/7 and Ulf Lundell 2/8. Perfect then to stay at Varbergs Stadshotell, which is in the middle of town with proximity to both Societetsparken and Arena Varberg. Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa also has golf packages which are really excellent. The hotel stay is of course included and then you can choose to what extent you want to eat at the hotel. The hotel collaborates with Varberg GK and Hofgårds GK, both of which are fine golf courses. A guaranteed exquisite choice for most golf enthusiasts. Then the city of Varberg itself has a large selection of summer fun that suits most people, so it is undoubtedly a place to both remember and return to. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Find the Balance Point

A kayaking trip along the Swedish west coast is a wonderful adventure. Slowly gliding forward you will experience narrow passages amongst the cliffs and then the next moment out in the vast open sea where you get to know the forces of nature. With much more awaiting you suchas – Balance Point in Grundsund which brings you a new experience each day.





he slow rhythm of the North Sea waves on a calm summer day is an added dimension. Surrounding sounds and silence can both arises when the sea is hit by rain. Maybe you will be visited by curious seals or you’ll surprise some seabirds as you slowly sail over forests of seagrass. The go ashore by the smoothest of cliffs and enjoy lunch which is included and then maybe have a swim, then sail out into the salty blue-green sea again happy and relaxed. Swedish magazine gets a conversation with Christina Ingemarsdotter a wellness therapist and owner of Balance Point: Kayaking feels like one summer activity, but it will be a lovely one experience even in winter? – Absolutely! We have offered winter kayaking for three years now, and everyone who has been here finds it absolutely breathtaking. Winter paddling around the surrounding landscape of Bohuslän as it emerges is just superb. Often when you’re out and about as tourists there are lots of things to see, rather than watching just one. You do not see one entire thing. Whereas in the summer it’s full of people and boats, hectic activity everywhere, in winter it’s quiet and not as busy. That’s the attraction with winter paddling; you experience harmony with your surroundings where you really feel that you’re at one with nature and the elements. The fact that there are very few distractions allows a deeper contact with nature, but also with yourself. You feel so small and humble thereby gaining an increased presence - both outwardly and inwardly. You also offer yoga along with other mental and physical exerciser on Grundsund? – Yes, it’s largely related. The body and soul are most comfortable when doing something for both. This is lacking in our daily lives as many people choose to either do something for either the soul or body. Here you get the opportunity to do something that benefits both. – During the physical challenge of paddling you’re physically working the body whilst also staying tranquil, the fantastic scenery doing wonders for the soul. The whole experience Is so much richer similar to yoga, when the body and soul meet.


The balance point offers customized kayak packages along with a knowledgeable guide who knows the surroundings and all its secrets. The guide contributes with good campsite choices, good food and provides tips on good paddle techniques for different circumstances. Days are filled with simple but important choices and a good night’s sleep after the physical work. With Balance Point you can paddle to Strömstad, Gothenburg or choose to paddle around Orust, Skaftö, or around the Gåsö archipelago and maybe even around the harbor. Winter trips will often take place under slightly more severe conditions conditions. Then you make sure you get to stay indoors when it’s dark, eat well and sleep in a proper bed. – Kayaking can be enjoyed so many different ways. I myself love the grand stillness - to go out when it’s big waves, so that you can parry the winds and try to progress. It is very educational for all those who choose to follow such a tour. – People are looking for different experiences. Some want an intense and physical challenge under tricky weather conditions, whilst others prefer to just glide forward in silence. With us there is a wide spectrum of possibilities, most certainly something for everyone. – During the summer months we also have our ‘wind and wave’ courses. I take people out on adventures that they would never normally do. They get to experience, understand and they learn how to behave under difficult conditions, which is very important whilst at sea. – During the winter months, however, it’s important to be more careful and stay together in a group. I usually say that when going for a winter paddle, your group should wear the correct clothing and you should stay together and keep each other safe. If you wear too little clothing it will put you and the others in your group at risk. – We are always very careful with the safety training before we go, so that there is very little risk something like that would happen, it would not be good to test your dry suit unplanned!

February. Sun and calm. Photo: Pia Herbertsson

December. Smögen in the back. Photo: Clara Lerbro

Text: Tony Manieri Photo big picture: Christina Ingemarsdotter

New Year’s Eve with fireworks in gray. Photo: Henrik Sonesson




Vallisaari Island skyline, courtesy Helsinki Biennial

Helsinki Biennial moved to summer 2021 The inaugural Helsinki Biennial 2020, The Same Sea, will now take place from 12 June – 26 September 2021, owing to the exceptional circumstances caused by the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).


riginally planned to open to the public on 12 June 2020, the international contemporary art biennial will refocus its energies towards next year for its first edition, whilst retaining its maritime locations across the island of Vallisaari, and on Helsinki’s mainland. At a time when protecting the wellbeing of the global community is paramount, the Helsinki Biennial team and the City of Helsinki are committed to delivering an ambitious exhibition that remains true to the founding curatorial principles of ecological ethics and radical empathy.»Due to the exceptional circumstances across the globe, we have taken the difficult decision to move Helsinki Biennial 2020 to the year 2021. We believe this is the most responsible option when considering both our local citizens and international guests. This way too, the biennial can realise the inspiring exhibition that was envisaged and receive the international engagement it deserves. Helsinki is a global city full of events and we are doing our best now to predict how the coronavirus pandemic will influence the travel, event and creative industries. Throughout this time, Helsinki will continue developing as a leading international city of arts and culture», says the



Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori. An eagerly awaited addition to the city’s cultural landscape, Helsinki Biennial 2021 offers a timely and poignant moment for audiences to reconnect and engage with the natural environment, within the context of Vallisaari Island’s wild landscapes and maritime heritage. Reflecting further upon the title of the inaugural edition, The Same Sea, and the concept behind it, curators of Helsinki Biennial and Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), Pirkko Siitari and Taru Tappola expand: “The current exceptional situation in the world has called attention to the substantial themes of the biennial; interconnectedness and the mutual dependence it causes. The importance of hope and art has only increased. Although we already miss art encounters, we now turn our gaze to next year when we can let the biennial artists and their works shine fully, creating truly unforgettable experiences for our visitors.” Postponing to 2021 was decided in solidarity with the wishes of the biennial’s artists and supporters. In light of the delays in construction and production caused by the epidemic, postponing will enable all 40 international participating artists to realise their artworks in full. During this interim period, the biennial will build upon these collaborations, whilst establishing new conversations and driving cre-

ative (and reflective) programming. Director of Helsinki Biennial and HAM, Maija Tanninen-Mattila says, “Museums now have the possibility to discuss new ways of producing art events, as well as the services and the user experiences linked to them. The appetite for virtual and digital interaction is now larger than ever, and we will take this into consideration when planning the biennial for 2021.” Fostering a sustainable approach to exhibition making, Helsinki Biennial will continue to champion art’s role in creating channels for discourse, collaboration and conservation. Keep updated on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @helsinkibiennial #HelsinkiBiennial The main partners of Helsinki Biennial 2021 include Metsähallitus and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, and it is also supported by Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Svenska Kulturfonden, and Pro Artibus Foundation. The main corporate partner of Helsinki Biennial 2021 is Clear Channel. Other partners include Helen and Artek. The Helsinki Biennial programme is supported by Facebook Art Department. Text: Editorial Photo: Helsinki Biennal

Caravan Club is a non-profit association for all camping and mobile leisure lovers. The club was founded in 1958 and today has more than 29,000-member families. .


Animals and plants from all around the world

My name is Mr Nilsson

ADD VALUE TO YOUR LEISURE TIME. – Become one of us today! OPENING TIMES Mon-Fri Sat-Sun

Jul-Aug Sep-Apr Maj-jun

10 -17 12-17

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10-18 12-18

You are welcome to join a lovely group of member families who share your mobile leisure interest. Your membership card Caravan Club is loaded with many nice benefits that can add value to your leisure time.


A pilgrimage from coast to coast

Hike or bike along the pilgrim route St. Olavsleden from Sweden to Norway. Find your pilgrim experience or let us customize your trip. We have the local knowledge. www.aktivuttravels.com

The Four Elements (Alexander Calder) at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.


A new era at Moderna Museet On Tuesday, 16 June, Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Malmö are reopening after being closed for three months. This is a new era that awaits the Museum. A world where old habits and behaviours have had to change, and where demands on structural changes are resound in unison across national borders, writes museum director Gitte Ørskou in a letter to welcome all visitors back to Moderna Museet.


e are living in times that are vibrating with change. These changes in mood and structure are almost physically tangible. The corona crisis has put lives and economies at stake, but it has also prompted us to reflect on our way of life. Thoughts about pace, consumption, presence and values are circulating in a society that seems on the brink of reinventing itself. The recent protests against the murder of George Floyd in the USA is the latest event to cause people to unite across national borders. Racism exists, and coming to terms with it requires vigorous action. Supporting and sympa-

thising with the cause is not enough; both individuals and society as a whole need to take a stand on what we can do to end racism. As a museum, it is our duty to always look at how we present and rewrite history. And as a museum of contemporary art, we must do everything in our power to scrutinise contemporary art with an exacting eye. Art is created in a concrete world, where racism and oppression exist, and therefore, we must never consider it to be separate from its time or context. Moderna Museet will, and shall, continue to exhibit and include the art that advocates change. As a museum, we are not separate from the world. Art history has to be constantly reviewed and rewritten. But as an organisation, we also have to actively scrutinise ourselves and our activities. We, too, can become better at taking our responsibility seriously.

The world needs art more than ever. The world also needs museums that show how art portrays our history and expands and revises our outlook on what we take for granted. Therefore, we look forward with great pleasure to opening the doors to our museums on 16 June. At Moderna Museet we have, of course, done everything in our power to make your visit as safe as possible. We therefore advise our visitors to follow the instructions, and to help each other stay safe. I wish you all welcome back to Moderna Museet!” Text: Gitte Ørskov, director Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet. Alexander Calder, The Four Elements (1961) MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Photo: Mika Rogers

Summer Fun

Enjoy the wonderful archipelago at Lillsved



Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

At Lillsved you can enjoy both the archipelago and sports and health. And nowadays everyone is welcome to this unique place, just a short trip from the big city. At Lillsved there’s room for everyone. And you don’t need a car or boat to get there!


The Swedish gymnastics federation started the first school of gymnastics here in 1937. “Idrottsfolkhögskolan”, as it’s called today, is still the hub, but Lillsved is also a big conference,course and camp center. Here is also a high standard STF-hostel for tourists who wants to explore the Stockholm archipelago. On Lillsved, there is a deep understanding of teambuilding and coaching leadership, which makes this a perfect place for conferences and kick-off parties. As well as wondeful nature, there are sports facilities, gym, outdoor gym, café, food hall, cycling and kayaking and significant areas to trek with trails and hiking paths. And most importantly: this gem welcomes everyone that wants to enjoy it – with a big emphasis on everyone. – Not everyone has easy access to the archipelago, but you do have access via Lillsved. Either as a student, a tourist, camp leader or as a conference group. And you don’t need to have your own boat to come here, says Stephan Styfberg, and names some alternatives to get to Lillsved; by bus, car or commercial boat from Stockholm. WONDERFUL NATURE

Next to Lillsved lies the adandoned military training area Myttinge, which means that there is plenty of nature to walk around in. From deep woods with berries, mushroom and herbs, to open meadows with animals strolling. The

long coastline, with small bays, small beaches and rocks for sunbathing, and fishing for perch, pike, pike-perch and trout. For the one that makes there way with a stroller, walker, or wheelchair there is gravelled road, as tracks and marked hikes with bridges over the wet areas. During the wintertimes, you can go skiing, and if the ice bears, you can go skating. Summertime you can go paddle, sail or go diving. There are two sunken wrecks, marked with buoys, where you can dive and explore. In one of them, Harm, which rests at a depth of 18 meters, there is an air pocket where sport divers can talk to each other.

Photo: Stephan Styfberg


illsved on the northern part of Värmdö, just outside Stockholm is closely connected to sports and health. Famous footballers Nacka Skoglund and Gunnar Gren used to come here, as skiers Charlotte Kalla, Emil Jönsson and countless different athletes. And H.R.H Prince Daniel went to “Lillsveds idrottsfolkhögskola.” – Lillsved used to be closed for the public and therefore not so famous. Nowadays the gates are open and invite anyone who likes sports, training, experiences, culture and the archipelago, says the market manager Stephen Styfberg. – It’s unique with so much nature and silence this close to Stockholm.

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Albin Händig

Summer Fun


With a map and compass, you can spend a lot of time on orienteering, or with a cellphone, geocaching; on Lillsved there are several hidden treasures for this GPS based version of orienteering. – Lillsved provides all kinds of ways to recharge your batteries, which we all need now and then, says Stephan Styfberg. If you are interested in exploring Lillsveds surroundings and don’t think a day is enough, you can stay the night at The Swedish Tourist Associations biggest archipelago based hostel. Just like the dining room, with full rights to sell liquor, it’s open all year around. LIFE-GIVING ARCHIPELAGO SURROUNDINGS

Even if Stephan Styfborg is doing everything he can to make as many as possible stay at Lillsved, is it a fact that the place is an excellent start for a hike in the archipelago. Here passes a high number of boat lines before they continue into the archipelago. – Lillsved is the gateway to the archipelago, we use to say. The availability, the ease to quickly get here, no matter what condition you are in, or your stamina, you can enjoy nature, that’s what makes this place so unique, says Stephan Styfberg. – Everyone who finds us leaves here happy and pleasantly surprised over that they found so much nature and energy from the archipelago so close to the capital. To the ones who’s already been here, I am sure I will see you soon again, Stephan Styfberg concludes. Text: Marie Tillman

How to get to Lillsved Bus 437 has its last stop on Lillsved. Travel time from Slussen is approximate 50 minutes. You can find a timetable on www. sl.se. Waxholmsbolaget have several boats that anchor at the port of Lillsved. Travel time from Strömkajen is between 140 minutes to 215 minutes. You can find a time table at www.waxholmsbolaget.se For the one who drives, there is a distance of about 40 kilometres. There is free parking for the guests at the facility. For other visitors, there is paid parking. FACTS

In the 17th century Lillsved was called Lilla Swedie, which reveals that sweating was practiced here; unwanted vegetation was burned to make the soil cultivable. The farm Lillsved was at it’s greatest during the start of the 1900s when it was owned by the owner of NK, the warehouse in central Stockholm, Joseph Sachs. Lillsved is owned by The Swedish Gymnastics Federation, The Swedish Sports Confederation and SISU Sports Education. Many sports organisations have their leadership courses here. Throughout the years the school has developed, but the focus on health, sport and leadership have always been the foundation on which the school is built.




Free and interresting Umedalen Skulpturpark is one of Europe’s most prominent sculpture parks, located 5km fromt the town centre of Umeå, in the Umedalen area. Umedalen was built in the 1930s as a mental hospital area, but was phased out and sold by Västerbotten County Council in 1987 to real estate company Balticgruppen, nowadays renamed to Fort Knox.


ort Knox chose to transform and develop the old health care institution to a modern and attractive area for living and working. As part of its ambition to change the connotation of the area’s charged name – leading many Swedes to think of mental illness – the company, in collaboration with Galleri Andersson/Sandström, created the art project Umedalen Skulptur; the gallery to be responsible for the artistic content and Fort Knox for funding the project. The first exhibition was held in the summer of 1994 and became a huge success, which meant a continued series of summer exhibitions each year until the millennium. From the year 2000, Umedalen Skulptur was turned into a biennale, and was held every second year up to 2012. Over the years, almost two hundred prominent Swedish and international artists have exhibited their work in the park of the former hospital area. Fort Knox has bought many of the sculptures, to be added to the park’s perma-



nent collection. This means that there is now an impressive collection in the park, consisting of fourty-four permanent works by Miroslaw Balka, Louise Bourgeois, Tony Cragg, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor and Clay Ketter to name a few. Thanks to the art project Umedalen Skulptur, the Umedalen park today is one of the county’s main tourist attractions with over 20,000 visitors each summer. What makes Umedalen Skulptur unique is above all the artworks in the collection. The work of the prominent sculptors which forms the collection is usually presented to visitors in highly guarded international museum and biennials contexts, not as part of a park which also gives space to kindergartens, libraries, pharmacies and northern pines. Another unique point is the fact that it is an entirely privately funded initiative, that it is open and accessible to everyone around the clock, all year long and free of charge. Umedalen Skulptur has received considerable attention and numerous awards. Text: Editorial Photo: Visit Umeå


Experience Visby in autumn and winter From 725 sek Stay in the middle of the world heritage city Booking.com www.innerstadshotell.se Södra Murgatan 14, 621 57 Visby. Tel +46 707901509. info@innerstadshotell.se um ! use other m A no like

Welcome to

Jamtli in Östersund

Welcome to Sweden’s biggest automobile and aviation museum

Always something to see and do! Visit permanent and temporary exhibitions, and Nationalmuseum Jamtli – a new arena for art and design experiences. During summer, the open air museum comes alive. Once you enter Jamtli Historyland, anything can happen!

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Old cars and aircraft are not only about technology - it is about design, form and, lot least - it is about dreams... The dream about your own car, the dream about flying, the dream about freedom. Here we have one hundred years of dreams. Welcome to an exiting and fascinating museum!

For more information:

You will find us in Ugglarp, along the coast road between Halmstad and Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast.


www.svedinos.se - 0346-431 87 - info@svedinos.se

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Hike or bike the S:t Olavsleden pilgrim trail

Hike or bike across two Scandinavian countries from the east coast of Sweden to the west coast of Norway. Whether cycling or walking, your St Olavsleden experience will include stunning scenery from meadows and mountains to farmlands and fjords. It will be a cultural and culinary delight dotted with the warmest of welcomes from the friendliest of locals.


or many people, a pilgrimage is an escape from the hectic pace of daily life. For others it’s a lifelong spiritual dream, or perhaps a physical challenge to overcome. There are many ways to enjoy all or just parts of the 564 kms that Viking King Olav once travelled. Find the right pilgrim experience for you with Aktivut Travels. “Most pilgrims don’t embark on this kind of trip often and our mission is to help everybody focus on their own personal pilgrimage while we take care of everything else along the way,” says Sofie Julgård Löfgren, Founder of outdoor experience company Aktivut. St Olavsleden packages offered by Aktivut Travels include accommodation, food, luggage transportation, route information and more, for both hikers and cyclists. For groups or others looking for a customised experience or additional activities, Aktivut Travels offers tailor-made itineraries that can include yoga, skiing, local culinary experiences and more. “We are locals, we live in the area and all our guides and staff hike, bike, run, kayak or ski along different parts of the St Olavsleden as part of daily life. We know the route intimately



and love showing it to people from all over the world,” continues Sofie. WHO ARE AKTIVUT TRAVELS?

Aktivut has more than 20 years of experience of guiding people in the great outdoors, and we’ve been helping pilgrims along St Olavsleden since it re-opened in 2013. We have a team of outdoor guides, mountain guides, officials and specialists covering a broad spectrum of skills. “Spending time in nature with our guests is what we live for. We only work with local suppliers and guides so that we can provide genuine, responsible and sustainable tourism experiences will full respect for nature and culture”, explains Sofie Sofie Jugård Löfgren. Aktivut Travels is located on the island Frösön, Östersund, just next to St Olavsleden. Our packages and guided tours along the pilgrim route are based on helping you enjoy the areas where we love to spend our free time. Contemplation and being present in nature provide a fantastic experience for pilgrims of all levels. Join Aktivut Travels on one of our St Olavsleden packages or contact us for a tailor-made trip at www.aktivuttravels.com. Text: Editorial Photo: Aktivut Travel

Aktivut Travels’ top tips for S:t Olavsleden Visit Glassbaren in Bräcke for the best Swedish ice cream. Stop for a few minutes extra at Hälleberget to enjoy the stunning view. Go past the monastery in Munkeby and buy their cheese to enjoy during your hike. Quench your thirst at one of the many cold-water springs along the route.


Center of Gravity – Massive Juggling event on the stage of Kristofferscenen. Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants

New circus space in Stockholm A new partnership between Kristofferscenen and CirkusPerspektiv opens up for a new circus space in the western Stockholm area.


e are very pleased and proud to announce that Ivar Heckscher and Marie-Andrée Robitaille have been appointed program managers for the Kristofferscenen. Together, they are a driving force! They combine a large circus network, excellent management, and leadership skills with broad experiences in the production of artistic projects and long-lasting devotion and passion for the development of contemporary circus arts in Sweden. I believe they are the right people to make Kristofferscenen an exciting and important arena for the development of contemporary circus in Sweden, says Andil Dahl, Kristofferscenen›s Chairman. Ivar Heckscher continues: – There is an imminent need for more spaces dedicated to circus artists and the art form in Stockholm. We hope that through a dedicated circus program and a commitment to put the circus artists at the center, we will in the years to come organically grow and establish Kristofferscenen as a circus attraction when it comes to meet the circus talents, ingeniosity and world-class circus performances that are created here in Stockholm and widerly in Sweden.

Ivar Heckscher has been the educational leader of the Cirkuspiloterna at Cirkus Cirkör and the first head of circus education at the school of Dance and Circus (now SKH-Stockholm University of the Arts). He is also one of the initiator of Manegen, the National organization for circus, variety, and street arts. Marie-Andrée Robitaille has led the bachelor program in circus at SKH-Stockholm University of the arts from 2009 to 2018. She is educated in human Sciences at CEGEP Ste-Foy, in modern dance at Ecole de Danse de Québec and Circus at National Circus School in Montreal, Canada. Robitaille has previously worked as a circus performer and head of circus gymnasiet at Cirkus Cirkör, and she has been employed as a talent scout for the casting team of Cirque du Soleil. At SKH she has conducted several research projects with a strong focus on the integration of interactive technologies and the agency of women in Circus and she is currently a doctoral candidate in mediated and performative practices with specialization in choreography. She is the founder of CirkusPerspektiv a production company based in Stockholm. – We want to highlight, increase access, and give more opportunities to more circus artists/companies emerging from Sweden to be presented in Stockholm. Of course under prevailing conditions, we had to postoponed the

launch of the program, but to this day, the lineup of excellent new and established circus initiatives waiting to be presented in Stockholm is impressive. Many local circus artists have already expressed their interest to part in the development and to benefit from a residency and co-production supports from CirkusPerspektiv at Kristofferscenen. This is testifying of the great needs and potential for increased opportunities and more space and stage for circus in Stockholm, says Marie-Andrée Robitaille about the new collaboration. – In this day and age, expecially now in corona crisis, we need to seek new ways of development for the arts in society,» says Marie-Andrée Robitaille. “It is then becoming especially important to have a place where artists can be, feel at home and develop different forms of contacts with the local area. For us, both the local aspect and new methods of community-relevant circus with different forms of public enagagement are important, not to say necessary, says Ivar Heckscher. – This new partnership is a good news in a difficult situation. It will soon bring increased meetings and development possibilities for the contemporary Circus!, says Andil Dahl, chairman of Kristofferscenen. Text: Editorial MAGAZINE SWEDEN


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Stockholm’s qualified tourist guides



They are invaluable to the tourism industry and make sure that the visitor’s time in Stockholm will be filled exactly with what they want. The tourist guides bring history to life between the two waters of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. From past to present.

Summer Fun more. The more you learn, the more you realize that there is more learning to do. This dynamic makes the work so fun and stimulating. We meet people from all over the world and tell them about Stockholm, and just as often we get to hear their stories. For many visitors, the qualified tourist guide is the only local they meet during their visit. A tourist guide in Stockholm can a normal year meet around 3,000 visitors during a season. We have a great responsibility to represent our city in a correct and interesting way. – We want the visitors to go home and tell their friends that they should go to Stockholm! says Karin Olsson Trollmo. COLLABORATION IN THE CITY, NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY

FSAG has been working closely in cooperation with most visitor destinations for a long time, sharing and exchanging experiences in order to be able to adjust and do better. The association also cooperates with the administrations in the City of Stockholm, who work with marketing of the city as well as with the city´s service to visitors. FSAG also network with other cities in Sweden to lift up and strengthen the tourist guide´s role. FSAG is run on a voluntary basis and also participates in important international cooperation’s through its membership of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA). Mario Delgado, one of the qualified tourist guides in Stockholm. Photo: Lieselotte van der Meijs


any visitors in Stockholm know exactly what they want to see, others want a guide to help them see and experience the most interesting and important

things. – We tailor all programs to every visitor’s needs and wants, Karin Olsson Trollmo explains. She is the spokesperson for the nearly 400 qualified tourist guides in FSAG (Föreningen Stockholms Auktoriserade Guider). The association has more members than ever, as well as guides in more languages than ever. There are 31 languages including sign language. – When you work as a tourist guide, you must have finely-tuned intuition in order to optimize the visit to Stockholm. It is easy to guide a person who knows exactly what they want to see. For others, however, you have to discuss with the participants and suggest alternatives. A guide needs to understand where the visitor comes from and what special interests they have, explains Karin. Visitors who stay for several days can choose to spend their first day with a tourist guide and then go on and do things on their own. It is a good way for them to be sure that

they do not miss the most important things to see and to learn how to get around. It is easy to walk around in Stockholm – there is very good public transportation and one can travel by ferry as well. The tourist guides in Stockholm organized and formed FSAG in 1953, in connection with Stockholm’s 700th anniversary. They are invaluable to the tourism industry and make sure that the visitor’s time in Stockholm will be filled exactly with what they want.


On FSAG’s website all members introduce themselves. One can contact a specific guide or fill in a booking form with all requests, and then choose a guide. Welcome to see and experience Stockholm with a qualified tourist guide! Text: Caroline Knutsson-Hall


Today the majority of qualified tourist guides in Stockholm are entrepreneurs. They have completed special training and thereafter certified by the City of Stockholm.. The assignments can be everything from taking care of cruise visitors in ready-made programs, to families or smaller parties who want a professional guide to help them get around. A qualified tourist guide in Stockholm has a solid knowledge of Stockholm, historically and current; culture, environment and the city’s role in Sweden, and in the world and they know all the various attractions in the city. Thanks to FSAG, it is easy for members to do continuing education and share experiences with each other. WE LOVE OUR JOB!

– Those of us that work with this love our job and especially that we constantly are able to continually update our knowledge and learn

FSAG spokesperson Karin Olsson Trollmo. Photo: Lieselotte van der Meijs MAGAZINE SWEDEN




Profile for Sverigemagasinet

MagazineSweden issue no 3 2020  

Sverige turism, Turism i Sverige, utländska turister, semester i Sverige, res i Sverige, semester i Sverige, sverigesemester, holliday in Sw...

MagazineSweden issue no 3 2020  

Sverige turism, Turism i Sverige, utländska turister, semester i Sverige, res i Sverige, semester i Sverige, sverigesemester, holliday in Sw...


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