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ISSUE NO 5 • 2018

Sverige magasinet Sweden’s BIGGEST magazine

on tourism and pleasures

ANNA JANSSON How does queen of crime manage everything?

SVEN-INGVARS Sudden success for legendary swedish band

ZARA LARSSON SWEDISH POP PRINCESS AT STORSJÖYRAN! Read the full story about the fabulous festival in Östersund

INGMAR 100 Bergman anniversary all over Sweden this year

”Get used to being noticed”


Vi ses på Björken!


NORRLANDS STÖRSTA HOTELL FINNS I UMEÅ Vi har fantastiska rumspriser, stora familjerum och helgbuffé ingår i priset. Ring bokningen på 090–10 87 21. Välkommen till Hotell Björken!

NORRLANDS STÖRSTA HOTELL U BESÖKER UMEÅ rumspriser, stora familjerum och helgbuffé ingår i priset.

g och sommarpriser med middag som ingår i rumspriset. på 90 108721 00460046 90 108721


www.hotellbjorken.se www.hotellbjorken.se www.hotellbjorken.se




FRIDAY NIGHT BUBBLES People like to call us a SPA. Even if we aren’t a typical SPA, here you’ll find: pool, sauna, steam sauna, hot benches, relax section, gym and much more.

ALL IN ONE PACKAGE for only SEK 129 000

Price example for 88 guests incl tax



Blommenhof the caring hotel & restaurant

Blommenhovsvägen 41 | 611 39 NYKÖPING | +46(0)155-20 20 60 | info@blommenhof.se | www.blommenhof.se

BUSINESS TRAVELLER Included for BUSINESS TRAVELLERS: Breakfast buffé • Free parking • Free Wi-Fi • Wall charge box for electric cars • Always coffee • A delightful main course cooked in a nordic tradition




Welcome to Nääs Fabriker! Here you will find shops, café, hotel, restaurant and modern offices – all located in a beautiful mill community. Read more at naasfabriker.se

café, restaurant & deli

get inspired by our selected shops

Choose between our hotel restaurant, lunch and coffe in our café or a pizza at Hugos deli.

Here you will find scandinavian fashion, design, interior details and delicasies. And more inspiring shops are on the way.

visit our wellness area & hotel

activities on the lake

Stay at one of Swedens best hotels and enjoy our wellness area with saunas, heated outdoor pools right by the beautiful lake.

Relax with a cup of coffee by the lake or try one of our activities such as stand up paddle boarding or a ride in our duffy.

Spinnerivägen 1, Tollered +46 (0)31-799 63 00 naasfabriker.se


22 SEPTEMBER 2018 - 6 APRIL2019 Köp biljetter och boka bord i GöteborgsOperans Restaurang 031-13 13 00. www.opera.se goteborgsoperan GOdanskompani




Foto: Tommy Andersson

Välkomna till Dalarna och Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri

Hos oss kan du bo, äta och koppla av i en underbar fäbomiljö med härlig utsikt över Orsasjön och Siljan. Efter en skön dag i naturen njuter du av en gourmetmiddag lagad av utvalda närproducerade råvaror av högsta kvalitet.

Vår, sommar och höst, perfekt för utomhus aktiviteter Foto: Klemner Studio

Våren och försommaren är perfekt för MBT träning och andra aktiviteter. Cyklingen i skogarna runt Orsa Grönklitt och Fryksås erbjuder stor variation. Välj mellan rejäla backar både uppför och utför, eller lättcyklade skogsstigar och mysiga grillplatser. Se våra erbjudanden på www.fryksashotell.se

www.fryksashotell.se info@fryksashotell.se 0250 – 460 00, 460 20






Den 30 juni–19 augusti kan du besöka o


56 15 Karlskrona kulturarkipelag. Mer information finns på karlskrona.se.

28 Contents 34 Issue No 5 • 2018

STORSJÖYRAN Read all about the music festival in Sweden that attracts the biggest names.

ZARA LARSSON The Swedish pop princess takes a new step towards star status on the international music scene.


44 SVEN-INGVARS Many believed that the beloved band would disappear when Sven-Erik Magnusson passed away. They were wrong. His son Oscar leads Sven-Ingvars towards a new great time. And the future looks bright.


SABATON The Swedish metal giants invest heavily on Open Air - a four-day party for anyone who loves metal.

THE FALLACY REPORT It started as sporadic posts on Instagram. Now Mathias Leclér comes out with his award-winning satire in book form both in Sweden and England.

66 104

STANLEY WONG Svenska Dryckesmässor attracts over 50 000 visitors annually. Founder Stanley Wong talks about his passion for noble drinks.

ANNA JANSSON The queen of crime is published with five books in 2018. We ask her how it is possible to be so productive and still have time for the rest of her life.




The same book, every summer… “The Long Ships” is my summer book. It’s a fabulous viking adventure by the Swedish writer Frans G. Bengtsson. The first thing I do when we come to the summerhouse every year is to hang the hammock between two of the trees. Then I go in and get my summer book, hurry back out, flip out any kids who may have occupied the hammock and throw myself in it. Well, yes? So? Is that something to write home about? The answer is yes. This year, it’s the thirty-forth consecutive year in the hammock with viking hero Orm and his unbelievably funny companions. Thirty-four years. I read the book for the first time at the same time as Thåström, and Docenterna ravaged at the country’s punk scenes. And german band Kraftwerk presented itself to the world with its electronica. Now they meet at Storsjöyran together with our perhaps greatest international star, Zara Larsson. Read all about Jämtlands fantastic unique music festival in ours great reportage. And do not miss the interview with crime queen Anna Jansson, this year up to date with five new book releases. Thirty-four years with the same summer book. I’ve read the book so many times that I can easily flaunt twenty-something quotes from the amazing text – and I’ve used them countless times, both on barbecue evenings and ice-cream benches. The children ask me what the big deal is with “The Long Ships” (my wife stopped asking a long time ago). I always answer that this is the only of the hundreds of books I’ve read through the years that hits me straight in the heart. A magnificent summer book, as made for the hammock. And no, it does not matter that I know exactly what’s going to happen on the next page. And the next. That’s part of what makes the reading so great and for me it’s half the joy. For the record – it’s not really summer until I’ve read the first page. My family agrees. We all wish you a great summer and a pleasant read, wherever you are!

Tony Manieri, soon to be found in my hammock

Sverige magasinet Sweden’s BIGGEST magazine

on tourism and pleasures

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Best Western Hotel Svava Bangårdsgatan 24, Uppsala, 018-13 00 30 info@hotelsvava.se www.hotelsvava.se

Look here! Hanoi/New York in Gothenburg “With a huge bundle of coriander, honest handling of raw materials and a strong creative expression, here is bastardized Asian food or simply world food at its best.” With that motivation, Jinx Food Truck, at Magasinsgatan 17 in Gothenburg, won the category “Street food of the year”, this year’s version of the Fast Food Awards industry competition. The specialty is pork buns, steamed bread filled with flavoured pork or tofu. Another option is thaicos, which is exactly what it sounds like. Crossover between Asia and Mexico USA. A visit is a cheap way to get to Hanoi/New York. AE www.jinxfoodtruck.com

Microbrewers with big plans for the future Hyllie Brewery outside Malmö is one of the approximately 330 microbreweries in the country that struggle to create a stable place in the beer market. Michael Nathhorst works daytime as a plumber to finance his dream. And he is on his way. – The biggest challenge for a small brewery is not to fight about the space on the swedish liquor stores beer shelves, restaurants often have extensive agreements with the major suppliers. This means that the supplier owns the drip equipment, provides furniture, umbrellas, glasses and other accessories – provided that no other beers can get inside the door. But that trend is turning. We see more restaurateurs who choose to invest in their own equipment to have as much choice as possible. Anders Hansson at Malmö Brewing Co /Taproom agrees: – The concept of a big strong is about to disappear, and we, who work with beer, like that of course. More and more people come to the bar and want to try something new, get a different experience of their beer. And today there is really something for everyone. TM www.hylliebryggeri.se

Michael Nathhorst, Hyllie Brewery together with Anders Hansson, Malmö Brewing Co. There are close to fifty varieties to try - 15-20 are brewed inhouse. The rest is from small breweries that share the same love for beer. (Note the row of beer cranes on the wall behind Anders ...) PHOTO: Tony Manieri

A skeleton comes in to a bar and steps up to the bartender: ”Give me a beer. And a mop.” Al Pacino 16


Look here! An amazing trip to The Good Old days Several other famous actors are already doing it. Now Claes Malmberg also starts a separate theatre, just outside Gothenburg. First out is: The amazing trip to The Good Old Days, a musical laughing party under the rowan and the lilac! Oh yes! Everything was better before! Do not miss the highlight of the summer! The inspiration comes from the old British music hall, which mixes sketches and humour with singing-friendly song numbers. Here the ensemble invites you to a senseless Music Hall evening filled with laughter, song, truth and poems. An oyster of blossomed, dripping nostalgia. All in a genuine spirit of timeless old-fashioned charm in an infinite sundrenched, summer-pristine Jonsered Manor and Gardens. Premieres June 29th. RED www.jonseredsommarteater.se Theatre director Malmberg in high form. Photo: Pontus Höök

Ingmar Bergman 100th anniversary Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala on the 14th of July 1918. The 100-year celebration is celebrated over the whole world. And is one of the biggest celebrations for a single movie producer says Jan Holmberg, VD for Stiftelsen (foundation) Ingmar Bergman. Bergman was a movie and theatre director, scriptwriter, theatre director, play writer and a writer. He counts as one of the most distinguished culture-personalities of all times in Sweden. It’s a Bergman craze not only in Sweden but also all over the world. In New York, the Distinguished Film forum I west village showed 47 Bergman movies, of which 30 have been newly restored by the Swedish film institute. Timeout called it “the movie event of the year” and Bruce Goldstein on Film Forum is the Bergman retrospective they’re biggest turns out ever over a single Director. At the retrospective in Rome every show was sold out. In Wien, the Ostrich movie museum shows all of Bergman’s movies, according to Die Presse “ a cleansing bath for the soul”. Here in Sweden, Cinemateket in Stockholm are showing all Bergman’s movies every Wednesday on throughout the whole year. In Gothenburg, it’s every Sunday at Hagabion. SF (Swedish Film) is showing one Bergman movie a month on selected cinemas. As if that wasn’t enough SVT are also showing documentaries and TV series across the whole year. MT Film director Bergman in high form. Photo: Bengt Wanselius

ingmarbergman.se SVERIGEMAGASINET


Look here!

Rock’n’roll at Gröna Lund in Stockholm From Ikaros you can see all of Stockholm. If you have a sense of mind enough to enjoy the view ... Photo: Press picture

Most swedes have been to Gröna Lund to ride a roller-coaster, eat sugarcane, be spooked in The Haunted House or steal a kiss in the Love tunnel. And of course there is Bob Marley, the classic concert in 1980 – who wasn’t there? Almost every swede has a fond memory from Gröna Lund at Djurgården in the capitol. The park was founded in 1883 and the tradition says the park open the last week of April every year. This year they’re investing, even more, to get world-class musician to come and play. The entry fee is also quite reasonable, which

is excellent! Get the green card for only 270 SEK, which grants you free passage for the whole summer season including concert nights. You can also get the Gold Card for 1499 SEK which means the same opportunities, plus that you’re allowed to go on all the attractions in the park. Like for example last year’s significant addition Ikaros. Which is 95 meters high and gives a horrible thrill. Or try a 90 degree drop to the ground. There are only two of them in the entire world! Gröna Lund will have artists playing

Bokknikk – the boat owners best friend

through the whole summer. Weeping Willows singer Magnus Carlson solo (11th of May) the reunited band Popsicle (18th of May), Gene Simmons band (2nd of May), Marilyn n Mason (6th of June), Beck (11th of June), Sven-Bertil Taube with guests (25th of June), The Breeders (28th of June), Billy Idol (26 of July), Thåström (30th of August), Union Carbide Production 20th September). Full speed ahead, let’s rock into the future! AE www.gronalund.com

It is always extra exciting with revolutionary products. Kjell Persson got the idea of BokkNikk’s smart sawhorse 25 years ago, but then his focus was on building another business. But the idea was too good to just lie in the chest of drawers, so Kjell has in the past year developed his original idea for a range of smart products for the construction industry and boat owners. Now there are two information films to show how simple and flexible the products are. RED www.bokknikk.se



Look here!

A total of 319 flavours wait in Glassmagasinet in Visby. Photo: Press image

Full speed in the water park, Kokpunkten. Photo: Pressbild

I scream, you scream... Double up in Västerås The winter is finally over, but some of us can’t wait for more cold. The ice-cream lovers. In Visby port, there is one of Europe’s most prominent ice cream spot, Glassmagasinet. Which within its 319 different tastes surely has something for everyone, even for you! Here does their gelatine get made, and even sorbet at a high-class mark. It’s built on great produce and Italian recipes. There are over 130 different flavours! Only the imagination sets the boundaries for the inventor behind the frosty curtains. The owners Andreas, and Joelle Younan are taking great pride in their great variety of ice cream. Some examples that are created by them are, Smurf, Hubba bubba, Harry Potter, Popcorn, Cafe latte, A la Italian job, Mojito, II Milanese (risotto with almond and saffron), Whiskey ice-cream, Scotch, Chai latte, Pokémon, Hello Kitty. To midsummer, there’s a herring and chive ice cream with yoghurt. During The Medieval Week there’s a Gotlands sorbet, which is made on a local brew. A best seller is a variant on the theme black, salty liquorice, I scream, you scream... AE www.glassmagasinet.se

This might be the countries most spectacular combination of adventure waterpark and hotel and it is located in Västerås. The city of Mälaren, just by the North’s biggest lake. In a century-old powerplant, that before supplied the whole town and some other parts of the country with electricity. Right there is where you can find the waterpark, which is split into 8 different floors. Next door you can find the Steam hotel, 18 stories high, with 227 rooms, 2 restaurants, conference rooms and a spa. A combination that offers possibilities for accommodation, bathing and is a dreaming site of culture. It’s a real biggie considering all the floors! As icing on the cake is the city of Västerås a fantastic city, full of life, summer activities on the beaches of Mälaren. Welcome to Västerås! AE www.kokpunkten.se www.steamhotel.se

Lights on Sigrid Hjertén She was born 1885 in Sundsvall, studied for Henri Matisse in Paris and was married with the giant Isaac Grünewald. She belongs to the cities most hipp artists, but ended her days at 1948 in a mental hospital, where she deceases after a lobotomy. Sigrid Hjerténs life couldn’t have been more dramatic. But despite of her hard life, she still managed to become one of our greatest painters. THE EXPRESSIVE

Sigrid Hjertén. Ateljén, 1916. Oil on canvas, 176x204 cm. Photo: Prallan Allsten / The Modern Museum

The expressive colourist is current through an exhibition at

Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde in southern Djurgården in Stockholm until August 26, In parallel there are also a number of paintings by Isaac Grünewald and the couple’s son Iván Grünewald. But this time, the main character, Sigrid Hjertén, is in focus. Her name is on top. She’s allowed to play the leading role as the coloursintensive, captivating and amazing artist she was, exactly 70 years after her death. With great respect and some rectification. MT www.waldemarsudde.se



Look here!

Dogbuddy – solve your dog problems with a click!

PHOTO: Adobe Stock

There are more than over 75 million dogs in Europa, which means one in four persons have a dog. Are you one of them? Then you know it can become a problem to get accommodation for your dog when you’re away. Are you wondering where you are going to leave your dog when the vacation arrives? Maybe you don’t know how to find a dog-sitter because you need to work all week? With the DogBuddy app, you can easily find and book a dog-sitter in your area that can take care of your beloved friend. DogBuddy was founded in 2013 by passionate entrepreneur Enrico Sargiacomo (Vice VD) after they were in the same predicament of finding a good dog-sitter last minute. DogBuddy is now Europe’s leading marketplace for dog-sitting and one of the first that offers an app for dogs in Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Sweden. DogBuddy have 250000 dog-loving users. Of these is 20000 super strictly picked dog sitters. The 20000 dog-sitter has had more than 200000 nights of taking care of other people’s dogs. MT dogbuddy.se

Gourmet candy – yummy for the doggy You will be able to hear a collective howl of happiness from Sweden’s all 900 000 dogs. Mini-meatballs, a candy with tasty sausages and 100 % Swedish bovine liver paté in an environmentally friendly packaging is some of our news that we expect to make a grand slam on the market with. At least amongst our four-legged friends, says Frida Bresender, Brand Manager at Doggy. – We launch these to patés entirely made on Swedish products. Which we are proud of ! We know that it is essential for the dog owners, and it’s extra important for us as well! Besides that, the food is entirely Swedish, is it also free from dry goods, cooked on natural ingredients, and no added sugar. The dogs that have tested it love it! Their taste buds love the bovine liver and turkey. – We want to give Sweden’s dogs a better life. It’s not only about the taste of the dog food. It also needs to be nutritious! We noticed that many dog owners seeks the more healthy alternative and we would like to help them give their dogs a healthy choice even when they are getting a treat. That’s why we keep launching treats with no added sugar. We genuinely believe that the mini meatballs and sausages will have a great success among the dog owners, says Frida Bresander. AE




Look here! The hottest table this summer

The gas heater Gongga creates a cozy atmosphere. Photo: Berg & Nycander.

English Muztag has 30 years of experience in gas heater and offers high-quality heaters and ultramodern design. Buying a Gongga gives you both high functionality and eye-catching design on the purchase. The exquisite and ultramodern Gongga has both functionality and eye-catching design. The flame is mesmerizingly reflected in black mirror glass, whilst the extensive

surrounding ledge provides ample space for drinks or food. Gongga is made of steel and has a blackglass finishing area as standard. It comes complete with both lava and glass balls and the accompanying rain cover. The size is generous and measures 1088 x 865 x 942 mm. Gongga is marketed in Sweden by Berg & Nycander, Stockholm. AE www.bony.se

Bows & Arrows for all Archery is truly a sport that suits the whole family – old or young – and excellent amusement a lazy holidays at the farm or at the vacation home. Whether you want to search for your inner Robin Hood with a classic elbow or chase the OS dream with a modern recruit, you find everything you need to get started at Bågar & Pilar. Bågar & Pilar are located in The Old Town in Stockholm, and also have a well-stocked webshop and a mail order system with fast deliveries. AE www.bagskytte.se


Fast and healthy My experience with fast food is that it usually takes a long time to queue to access it, usually not fast at all. But now Icha Icha opens at the Central Station in Stockholm. Icha Icha is a Swedish restaurant chain with healthy food with Asian flavours cooked as fast as an espresso. – Its incredibly exciting and challenging to open a restaurant in Sweden’s perhaps most vibrant place. Everything is good to go! Now we welcome all travellers and passers-by who crave really good healthy food, says Niclas Sellebråten from Icha Icha. Icha Icha’s food is healthy; every dish is composed according to the guest’s wishes. All dishes are without additives and the ingredients fresh and local as far as possible. The guest quickly compiles its own dish, and those who are on calorie hunting also get that information. The chain’s first restaurant opened in 2012 and the plan is to open two new restaurants a year. Icha Icha Central Station is located in the northern part of the station, where a former food court left room for a modern food destination. Icha Icha Central Station has the same concept as other restaurants in the chain but the unit is smaller and the menu somewhat simplified. In addition to lunch and dinner, breakfast is also served. MT www.ichaicha.se SVERIGEMAGASINET


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Relaxing stay at Visby’s city wall in Gotland Visby Inner-city Apartments & Rooms offers rooms and spacious selfcatering apartments. The accommodation has a large terrace, located directly on the medieval ring wall of Visby and Wi-Fi is free.

The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, a sofa, flat-screen TV and washing machine. The brightly decorated rooms have a flat-screen TV, a work desk and a private bathroom. Guests have access to a breakfast room with a communal kitchen. The cosy and relaxing backyard is perfect for barbecue evenings. The pedestrian street Adelsgatan is only 80 meters from Visby Inner-city Apartments & Rooms. Almedalens Park is a 2-minute walk away. The house has a long history that extends hundreds of years back in time. As early as 1697, the property, which then named as Tjärkoket, had its current size, with an associated cottage and cabbage farm. The house has since been called several things, such as Klinteroten and Mästermanshuset (due to that the city’s executioner lived there.) In the second half of the 17th century, the construction of the stone building, which today is the main building. In 1866 additional parts were built and the property became the largest building in the neighbourhood. By the end of the 19th century a bakery was opened in the main building’s bottom floor, while the rest of the building was working as a residence. The bakery remained a bit in the 1980s and was then replaced by a framework workshop. In 2007, the property was converted into an apartment hotel named Tjärkoket after the property designation. In 2015, the current owner took over the business and then built the upper floor of the property to include a B & B business that complements the existing apartment hotel. From 2016 the business is run under the name Visby Innerstad’s apartments and rooms. RED www.innerstadshotell.se

30 JUNI:
 Per “Texas” Johansson. When “Texas” goes on stage, he invites poetic tones from both clarinet and saxophone. He has a guest singer (presented May 30th), which is one of Sweden’s premier singers, whose voice takes us on a journey between jazz and peeled pop.



11 JULI:
 Svante Thuresson. PHOTO: Pressbild

One of the leading votes at Sweden’s jazz scene, when she was 20 she received the award, The Jazz Cat as “Newcomer of the Year”. She has a masterful ability to jump between different genres and succeeds in making every song personal.

Svante Thuresson started as a jazz singer, in the early 1960s, but he still has both the energy and the voice that’s needed to conduct a first-class concert. After that, he has continued to keep the audience update with genuine musicality and his own tone. 14 JULI:
 Ida Sand. With expressive voice and amazing piano play, Ida Sand touches the audience with her soulful style. She jumps between jazz, blues, funk and gospel. Her inspiration comes from world artists like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

PHOTO: Niclas Lindström

27 JUNI:
 Viktoria Tolstoy.

PHOTO: Pressbild

PHOTO: Jan Perneros

PHOTO: Gregor Hohenberg

Artipelag cultural center opens the gates for Jazz. During six evenings we will meet some of Sweden’s foremost performers, accompanied by Max Schultz’ orchestra.

PHOTO: Wikiwand

Jazz evenings at Artipelag this summer 18 JULI:
 Sharon Dyall och
Peter Asplund. Peter Asplund is one one of Sweden’s most important trumpet players. He’s an artist who always plays directly from the heart. Together with jazz singer Sharon Dyall, whose scenic expression ranges from movie, theatre and musicals to swinging big band jazz. This duo will take us on a trip that won’t leave anyone unaffected. 19 JULI:
 Edda Magnason.

She took Sweden by storm when she portrayed Monica Zetterlund. In this concert we meet Edda in person, as singer, musician and composer. Her music moves between a sleepless mix of jazz, pop and classical tones. In her role as composer she is compared to world artists like Björk and Kate Bush. MT www.artipelag.se

Look here!

Sweden’s biggest garden party Thousand of Gardens opens the gates July 1 for the public throughout the country and on the same day. All types of gardens are represented: private villas, urban landscapes, community farms, colonial areas, parks and balconies. In many of the gardens there is coffee, in others there is a gardening or art exhibition. In some, there is an ornithologist who can tell about the birds in the garden or a crawler expert who can tell about butterflies and bees. Thousand Gardens is a full day dedicated to the common interest in cultivation and gardening. Enter the homepage and see which gardens are open in your vicinity, make your own garden trip. MT  www.tradgardsriket.se 


From fishmonger to Royal Court Supplier It started early in the 1920s. At the square at Stockholm stream, stood the fisherman’s daughter Lisa Elmqvist surrounded by a fast growing number of customers. Her fish, seafood and knowledge’s of preparation of the fish led her to Östermalm›s Saluhall. Today, more than 90 years later, the fourth generation of the Elmqvist family

works on the same site. The Elmqvist family runs a fish shop and a restaurant with unique knowledge and inherited sense of all the delights of the sea. Here you go shopping, or becomes served in place, the absolute best of fresh seafood - as well as prepared dishes and delicacies directly from the kitchen. HA www.lisaelmqvist.se

ur mycket vi än ser att du besöker oss i Östermalmshallen så förstår vi också att din tid inte alltid räcker till.

Good stay in small cabins

r därför Lisa Elmqvists e-handel finns. Med fantastiska färska råvaror, färdig, fisk, kött, menyer, matkassar, presenter, recept, förslag med mera så kan du la on-line och få leverans till bostaden, kontoret, jobbet eller t o m utomlands.

Vår e-handel, Mat Online, hittar du genom vår hemsida: lisaelmqvist.se. är lätt ochIt’s lustfyllt att handla precis som vi vill att ska vara hos oss calm and quiet at där, “Fyrklöverns stugby”, butdet only a couple of minrkliga livet.utes Ochfrom tro Rättviks inte att kunskapen ochcottages kvaliteten för att du centrum. The are uteblir modernbara and equipped handlar på with nätet. dygnet runt. När det passar allTvärtom, the utilityden youfinns need,där WC, and electric heating, TV, anddig. internet,

some of them have an open stove. Most of the cottages have an outtake for motor heating. The biggest cabin is 55 square meter and have a big porch with furniture and sunbathing chairs. Dogs are allowed to come, so if you are allergic to dogs, you can book a cabin there no animals are allowed. There is also a park where your kids can play! In the area, there’swww.lisaelmqvist.se a range of restaurants and coffee shops. There are even more in Leksand and Tällberg, which is only a short car ride away. 30 June - 8 July is it time for the yearly, “Musik vid Siljan in Rättvik,” Leksand and Mora, with concerts, “old-fashioned dance” and choir singing and “folk music.”. HA https://stugby.se/lankar

Music at Siljan at Café Nyfiket, Rättvik. Photo: Lennart Fast SVERIGEMAGASINET


Look here!

JärvZoo invites you to meet the animals of the forest The five Swedish great carnivores are bear, wolf, wolverine, lynx … and, not least interesting … the human. JärvZoo, located in Järvsö in Hälsingland, just over 15 miles northwest of Gävle, invites you through a visit to the Rovdjurscentret (Predator Center) for cultivation in the nature of the five predators. A three kilometres long forest walk, where these animals moves in their natural habitat, additionally complemented by forest rye, elk, red fox, pure, deer, musk ox. Lynx, hedgehog and mountain fox, acts as JärvZoo’s main experience. Its possible to get a glimpse of pearl owl, spar-

rows, white-collared woodpecker, horn-owl, hawk owl, slug owl, torn owl, king eagle, cat owl, eagle owl, patch and mountain gull. JärvZoo also invites you to eat and sleep in The Wolf hotel, with a panoramic view of the house where one of the world’s most mythical animals moves freely. Powerful magic grey legs. A visit to JärvZoo works in these urbanized, globalized times, when many of us live far from our forests, as an update of our natural and cultural history and thus origins. Extremely exciting! Valuable, important! RED www.jarvzoo.se

Something Rotten gets it’s Europe premiere in Karlstad November 8 at Wermland Opera Join London in the 90’s - 1590s! At the Wermland Opera this autumn you can see Something Rotten, about Nick (Christer Nerfont) and Nigel Bottom (Tord Hansson). The brothers who struggle to appear as playwrights while the fancy and extremely popular “rock star” William Shakespeare (Patrik Martinsson) produces hits after hits. When the local oracle predicts that the future lays in performances with singing and dance, the brothers throw them in writing the world’s first musical to crack Shakespeare. Tony Award winner Nigel Hook will design the scenography and costumes. HA www.wermlandopera.com



Brahms festival at Wermland Opera Four wonderful summer nights in July will be dedicated to Johannes Brahms in Karlstad. Brahms wrote four symphonies and therefore its perfect for Wermland Operas orchestra to play one symphony each evening in chronological order. They start with Symphony 1, Thursday the 5 of July, and finish Sunday the 8 of July with symphony 4. Every evening, begin with an outstanding solo instrumentalist who play chamber music before the break. Johannes Gustavsson conducts and music critic Camilla Lundberg guides the audience throughout the festival.. HA www.wermlandopera.com

Look here!

Thåström is getting ready. Photo: Amanda Ooms

Wanås Art in favor of folk art! During the education to artist, he noted a condescending attitude towards the realm of the real people. Therefore Richard Johansson built his own ITINitinerant mini-museum with the mission of mediating folk-art. The waggon is a creation that through design and colour choices sends the thoughts to the old-age circus wagon. You find a unique peasantry-style inside, which has been hand picked at markets and online auctions. The mini-museum of things is currently being, until June 24, at Wanås Art in Knislinge, Österlen, two kilometres north of Kristianstad. The goal is, among other things, to raise the question: Who is really an artist? At the mini-museum is opportunity for visi-

tors to create unique object as a contribution to the collections. About Wanås Art with the associated sculpture park. Today they boasts 70 permanent works, in addition, complemented by the legendary Danish artist Poul Gernes’s social sculpture Pyramide. Wanås Art continues to include exhibitions with Danish-Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota and Katarina Löfström from Sweden until 4th of November. AE www.wanaskonst.se

Thåström+ First Aid Kit at Sofiero Castle He is our only true rock star. The two, today’s most celebrated duo. The two stars, Thåström and First Aid Kit, will perform together at Sofieros castle in Helsingborg in the middle of July. The question is: Will the artists to bid on any number together? The answer is written in the stars by these three superstars. We will have the answer the 12 of July. To know (if the answer is yes) might be worth the money in itself. AE www.sofiero.se

Hova Medieval Week The City guard in Hova blows reveille in July. This is the beginning of a fantastic medieval week with the Nordic region’s biggest daily rider play and tournament. Locals and the visitors dress in medieval clothes. Knight to horse strikes together every night in the struggle for the Kings crown and jesters and entertainers sweetens the evening with their adventures. This is the Eldorado for adventurous kids. Here you can play in the big knight castle, make your own things in the pedestrians tent, or play games in the playground. Riddarveckans thought is that families should be here and have a real fun at a reasonable cost. Hova medieval week takes place July 7-15. CL www.riddarveckan.com SVERIGEMAGASINET


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Findings for foodies at Frantzén, NK Stockholm

Muchas ladies invite you to Arken in Copenhagen Alphonse Maria Mucha was a Czech painter, graphic designer and designer. He was born in 1860 in Ivanice, Austria, and died in Hungarian Prague in 1939. Alphonse Mucha was initially known as a delicate, sensual and aesthetic poster artist, often with famous women as the theme. He has gone to history as one of the

greatest art nouveau artists, and until June 3, he is showed out on the Arken, two miles south of the Danish capital. Plan a City trip to Copenhagen and meet the ladies. AE www.arken.dk

Björn Frantzén and his colleague Daniel Lindeberg participated in the television production of the program Hunger, the theme was theirs quest for the magic third star from Guide Michelin. Earlier this year, the dream became reality and today is Björn Frantzén owner of 3 stars in the Guide Michelin for his self-titled restaurant Björn Frantzén at Klara northern Church Street in central Stockholm. But quality costs. Exaktly 3.000 SEK for lunch or dinner, if you go there it probably as a rare-in-life experience. Overall, Björn Frantzén’s activities can, at the very least, be described as a small empire. Gaston, The Flying Elk and Corners Clubs all in the Old Town of Stockholm. At NK are his Nordic canteen, Botanique and Boberg’s dining room with the attached lounge. In particular, the last three restaurants provide all of us the opportunity to enjoy the culinary artist Björn Frantzén’s star-food, to reasonable prices. A visit for all of us foodies, passionate food lovers, to indulge in the summer’s Stockholm holiday? AE www.bjornfrantzen.com



Look here! 106 years old and still going strong Lyckopenningen, (the lucky buck) is one of Sweden’s oldest jewellery with its own name and has been sold in favour of vision impaired since 1912. Many people recognize the jewellery as a classic baptismal gift, or as a gift to the student, the company or the birthday. However, not everyone knows the story behind the jewellery. The idea of the happiness ​​ jewellery came from a postmaster named Holbøll. He suffered from an eye disease that made him blind temporarily, but he later recovered. Nevertheless, he never forgot the strong experience of being blind and the challenges it implied. He would therefore help the blind organizations in Scandinavia in some way. But how? Holbøll got the idea of the ​​ lucky amulet to newborn children with a wish for happiness in life. The sales began 1912, initially via midwives at the country’s BB departments. Today, 106 years after the start, revenues from Lyckopeningen continue to be an important support for The Blind Society. And today, Lyckopenningen supports midwives around the country by awarding scholarships. Simply a happy story! GC www.lyckopenningen.se

Wij gardens – an eldorado for garden buffs Are you interested in cultivation? Want to see how the professionals work with their gardens? Perhaps meet a prince or princess...? Visit the gardens of Wij in Ockelbo, five Swedish miles northwest of Gävle. You have the opportunity to enjoy six experiences after the opening of June 2, through visits to the rose garden, the herb garden, the kitchen garden, the landscape park, the forest garden and the children’s garden. The kitchen serves consequently serves only organic food, produced local produce, usually from its own crops. Visitors can also be enriched by royal shine. Prince Daniel comes from here. His mom and dad occasionally show up as a regular family of the people. A bit of royal shine, but still in an environment firmly rooted in the local mill, a so-called extra bonus with the visit. MT www.wij.se



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PHOTO: Linda Himsel

Carmen moves to Åseda

Avoid holiday stress – Book a health trip and enjoy! Strandgårdens Hälsoresor is a good alternative for those who are looking for a healthy and active holiday. Soon 40 years have elapsed since the first trip took place with 35 people. On the journeys there is a solid range of activities that not let anyone get bored. Try yoga, qigong or interval training before breakfast, go on a walk, line dance and end with vegetarian dinner, enjoy singing, music and dancing with the organizer’s own orchestra. Today, the Strandgården hires entire hotel and charters own flights. They have an ecological whiteness, for both body and soul. All the senses can be satisfied

Whether you want a lot of activities, look around or just rest under the palm tree with a good book. There are a variety of fun activities, interesting lectures and healthy treatments. “In addition, you can attend both all-night evenings, music quizzes and we will always arrange some surprises,” says Ann-Marie Sjögren. This fall we celebrates a 10-year collaboration with Kristjan Lootus from Let’s Dance, which has both fun dance on the beach for all, as well as private lessons. CL www.halsoresor.se

Everybody has heard something from Bizet’s opera Carmen. This summer, when Smålandsoperan move from Huseby Bruk to Åseda amusement park in Uppvidinge municipality, one has chosen to listen to the audience who has wanted Bizet’s opera Carmen for several years. George Bizet never experienced the success that Carmen became. He died in a heart attack only 36 years old. The Carmen is today a classic work with many bottoms that survived for generations. That itself is an achievement in a changing world. Participating singers are; among others, Alexandra Hedin, Hélène Kimblad, Karin Kjellgren, Åsa Elmgren and Ulrika Skarby. Among the male roles are Joakim Larsson, Markus Kroon, Daniel Ohlman and Michael Axelsson. The orchestra has also been expanded and it’s currently being built in the park. CGM

Are you close to Karlstad this summer?   Then you should try a stay at Dömle Herrgård, the mansion from the 1400’s. Here you will find everything you may need. Golf, Conference, party, wedding parties or why not? Chill in luxury treatments. The charming hotel also attracts with beautiful rooms and suites, own winebasement, luxury outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna in a fabulously beautiful manor park with its own beach.  CL www.domle.se




ALE MÖLLER BAND THE REAL GROUP JONAS KULLHAMMAR & EKDAHL/BAGGE BIG BAND MAGNUS LINDGREN & STOCKHOLM UNDERGROUND MIRIAM AIDA AMANDA GINSBURG ADELN THOU SHALT SWING Världsarvsjazzen är en festival i det lilla formatet för dig som gillar vacker miljö, god mat och riktigt bra jazz och folkmusik. Här är allt nära; hälsingenaturen, världsarvet, maten och framför allt; artisterna och musiken. Mer information om artister, biljetter, avgångstider för festivalbussar med mera finns på www.varldsar vsjazzen.se


Storsjรถ 30




– a music festival unlike any other The first festival evening is topped by Thåström and Kraftwerk’s 3D show. Pop icon Zara Larsson warms up the crowds the second evening before President Ewert Ljusbergs traditional speech in honour of Storsjöyran. Here is the story of Storsjöyran. The festival that really does not resemble any other. Text: Marie Tillman Photo: Göran Strand




Stortorget i Östersund is jam packed with anticipation from the many thousand patricipants during the ”Yran” highlights.


slogan often feels exaggerated. But “the festival that does not resemble any other” describes exactly the colourful folk festival Storsjöyran in Östersund, which takes place 27-28 July. The organizers year after year manage to book Swedish and international top stars, complemented with upcoming stars, according to an almost magic druid Miraculix-power. But there is something more with Storsjöyran. There seems to be something almost electric people between during the magic days and nights at the end of July. The atmosphere is uniquely festive. When the “President” of the Republic of Jämtland, Ewert Ljusberg, makes the entrance at the stage at midnight on Sunday in order



to keep his traditionally freedom speech from Stortorget, the city near Storsjön explodes. The Liberation celebration are dating back to the 1960s, Andréa Wiktorsson, 44, is CEO and program manager for Storsjöyran. She describes it like this: Through the decades the party has grown to be today’s oldest, largest and most indwelling city festival. - The two festival nights attract approximately 35000 visitors each year. In Jämtland many say that you divide the year into two parts before and after Storsjöyran. That might sound right. “Yran”, as the festival is called in public, has a special place in jämtlänningarnas heart. Andréa Wiktorsson continues: - Storsjöyran consists of two parts. The music festival are going on for two days with around 60 artists from around the world and appears on seven scenes and the “Yran Week”, which lasts over ten days. Yran Week starts

one week before the music festival and always consists a generous dose of street performance, film, street art, exhibitions, tivoli and happenings - mostly completely free. And of course the “Tavern passage”, with temporary restaurants along Storsjöns beach, which serve local food of high quality. How did you plan when you booked this year’s artists, for example, did you thought about how they should complement each other? - We are a wide festival, so we try to have a mix of major international and Swedish artists, but we also like to offer the new and unexpected. This year we have Kraftwerks 3D Concert, which is the only show they give in Sweden. Zara Larsson makes a long-awaited gig. Ziggy Marley takes his reggae to Östersund, but we also have newcomers like Sarah Klang and Fricky.


You now have a substantial artist CV. The festival has become internationally renowned and recognized as a result of fingertips-sensitive bookings, the creative mix and amazing mood. How does your secret formula look, in a few words? -That we kept Bonnier’s rock lexicon when others dumped it ... How does it feel that Thåström and Kraftwerk, the latter with 20000 3D glasses that will be distributed to the audience, will resolve each other on stage at Stortorgets scene Friday night? - It will be a festival experience out of the ordinary, I can promise! Queens like Monica Zetterlund, Lady Gaga and Laleh have performed at the festival in previous years. This year, pop princess Zara Larsson returns. How do you think her queen potential look in the future?

- In 2015 Zara Larsson opened the festival on the Saturday, I remember that she was premiered with the highest rating of Östersund Postens reviewer. She was then at the beginning of the breakthrough, but had a large number of fans who followed her slavishly on social media and had gathered to see her at Yran. Andréa Wiktorsson continues: -In recent years, Zara Larsson has developed especially on the live side. I recently watched a concert that was filmed from Lollapalooza in Brazil with thousands of visitors and realized what huge song catalogue and voice she had. - I’m not sure that people in Sweden really understand what platform she has created around the world. As one of the few festivals in Sweden are we extremely pleased to say welcome back to Zara Larsson. She will play before the president speech. Saturday 28 July. If her last performance was a pop princess who

stood on our stage, a full-fledged queen now will enter! A mythical performance was when you managed to book Lady Gaga just before her major worldwide breakthrough, with 26.200 people in front of Stortorgets scene resulting in an all time attendance record. How did it feel when she got up on stage? - Then we were the most engaged in solving input logistics. It may never be full up in a city, so it is clear that there was space in the festival area, but just around the main square scene, there were no more space for people, so we had to put up “studded” signs. But then it was quite cool to turn to the stage ... It is election this year. In what way will Yran be affected by it, for example, regarding President Ewert Ljusbergs speech? SVERIGEMAGASINET


Festival - His speech is not political. It revolves around humanism and takes stand for the weak people in society. He looks forward to the future with a great deal of humour. President Ewert Ljusberg has become famous for his spectacular entrances, renewing from year to year. Name someone or some memorable entrances! - He has, among other things, ridden on Europe’s largest elephant, Colonel Joe, flown in with a zeppelin and sprung in with a stolen OS-torch ... Can we get a little hint about how you plan this year’s entrance? - No, it’s so secret that we do not even know. The so-called riders, solves questions about hotel room, requirements, backstage wishes and scenes, normally the demands are listed in the singer contracts. Tell us about some unusual wishes!

industries, sometimes it’s good, sometimes worse. New festivals come and others disappear. On the other hand, it has become harder because the operating costs have increased with artists and production costs, so the margins are much smaller. Most festivals do not survive only on ticket sales, not even The Roskilde festival. Besides that, there are other types of business cooperation that must be done. Have you ever been under real pressure? - We have had years when we had bad economy, but we try to have a long-term thinking and do not take too many unnecessary risks. Does Storsjöyran exist in 100 years? - Yran has done its best and delivered for 35 years, we can only hope that the festival still will exist 65 years into the future, and deliver music in world-class for new generations!

- Riders are standard to help the performers to do their work in the best way and it’s mostly about technical issues. Then there are singers who like to joke about it a little, like Iggy Pop, who had a classic list where he wanted seven dwarfs in the dressing room. We solved this by adjust seven garden gnomes. He was pleased with that.

Six questions to Andréa Wiktorsson, 44, CEO and Program Manager for Storsjöyran. How did you get to the Yranoffice? -It started as a summer job at Yran 1992, and the following year I got employment on a more permanent basis.

Hultsfredsfestivalen, Peace & Love in Borlänge. Last year, Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping. Most of the previous trendsetting festivals have shutdown in Sweden. There is a lot of talk about the so-called festival death. How does your strategy look like to survive? - I think the concept of festival death is an exaggeration. Many in the industry knew that they had financial problems of different degrees before being liquidated. I don’t think the festival industry is so different from other

”If I could make a wish, I’d love to book Prince.”

Describe your work. - As a program manager, I work with the content of the festival, not so much with the practical. As CEO, I have the overall responsibility for finance and personnel. Because we are few workers in the company, I’m also involved in marketing, external collaboration and much more. Andréa Wiktorsson, CEO and Program Manager, awaits for this year’s Storsjöyra.

What would you work with if it hadn’t been Storsjöyran? - Something creative, do not know what. How many are working with Yran? -We are six full-time employees. We also have other assignments and projects, such as Guldgalan and the Winter Park for the rest of the year. During the festival and projects we have to include project staff. Right now, the focus clearly.is on the festival. The music industry is described by a part as cynical. How do you do to keep you enthusiastic?

There is a lot to look forward to during the Yran Week.



- We keep up to date in music, movies, literature, and more. There s no strain, it is our interest. Of course, we need to get the economy to work, but the drive is not money. Then we would probably have applied to other industries. Who would you like to have at the festival, living or dead, if you got to imagine someone? - Prince!

Festival A string of pearls – the artists at Storsjöyran over the years When the updated version of Storsjöyran was launched in 1983, 20 Swedish artists appeared, many with local affiliations. Since then, much has happened. Thåström, Ulf Lundell, Kent, Håkan Hellström, Laleh, Lars Winnerbäck ... Most of the country’s largest artists have played more than once on Storsjöyran. Several international big stars have also performed at the festival since the start of 1983: Shakespeare’s Sister, Buddy Guy (1992), Sioux- sie & The Banshees (1993), Crash Test Dum- mies, The Mission, Saint Etienne (1994),


Neneh Cherry, Shane MacGowan (1995), The Corrs,
Maria McKee, Skunk Anansie (1996), Suede,
The Buzzcocks, BB King (1997), Bryan Adams,
Motörhead (1999), All Saints (2000), Iggy
Pop, The Pulp (2001), The Pretenders (2003),
Blondie (2008), Lady Gaga (2009), N*E*R*D
(2010), Roky Erickson (2011), Patti Smith
(2012), Bad Religion, Alice Cooper, (2013), The
Prodigy (2014), Sting (2015), Van Morrison,
W.A.S.P (2016), Pet Shop Boys (2017, as well as

Kraftwerk is one of the main attractions with their hi-tech 3D-show. PHOTO: Pressbild

FRIDAY 27 JULI: Jill Johnson & Vänner, Hov 1, Junior Brielle, Clara Mae, Lamix, Wolfmother, Maxia Märak, Slowgold, Arvvas, Ulf Stureson, The Vaccines, Thåström, Kraftwerk. SATURDAY 28 JULI: Sarah Klang, Blues Pills, Kaliffa, Lissie, Sabina Ddumba, Public Service Broadcasting, Loreen, New Kid, Docenterna, Orkid, Jennie Abrahamsson, Ros, Ziggy Marley, Magnus Carlson, Zara Larsson.

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Zara by numbers The last evening at Yran has a Swedish pop star received the honourable mission to warm up Stortorget before this year’s solemn presidential speech. There is always talk about Zaras world career. But who is she really? We have mapped Zara Larsson, 20 years. By numbers.


Her family members: Mom Agnetha (nurse), father Anders (officer) and three years younger sister, Hanna. The daughters have grown up in a stable home in Enskede, Stockholm, as Zara herself described as “a extreme debate family “. Her parents have in interviews called her “unbelievably stubborn”.


So many – or rather few years had Zara Larsson reached when she won the TV contest Talang with Céline Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On”. Then, a small tiny girl and through the years tagged to the teeth with ... tooth rail, indisputable pop star talent and extraordinary communicative ability. Now, latterly with the intention to side with and to stand up for young women as important opinion makers. In parallel with the job as a singer.


This duo might not be any of Zara Larssons most fervent supporters. The artist Günther, 50, the artist behind the song “Ding dong song” and Alexander Bard, 58, who both had a verbal war with her, Zara went out and criticized the Bråvalla Festival’s marketing strategy and received strong counter-reactions from the Ding dong song man. The fans started the #backazara campaign with a huge impact on the web. Zara hit back against Günther in Aftonbladet by saying “Fuck, I thought he was dead”. After being called teenage girl by Alexander Bard, the former Army of Lovers member, condemned Zara Bards intellectual capacity in Alex Schulmans pod, and declared he has zero brain cells. Without taking a stand but “the teenage girls” against the uncles. Very entertaining.


The number of further controversies with feminist inscriptions that Zara Larsson has also (least) been involved in. According to an article in Dagens Nyheter, she has made palace revolution in centers office buildings in New York, she questioned record company directors, and management companies and brand builders how much, or little, skin

to be displayed in marketing contexts. She has also criticized the Bråvalla Festival’s equality thinking by pointing out in social media that the marketing campaign of her is smaller compared to guys who are not really as popular as she is. When the # backazara battles were on top, Zara acted even further by presenting a feminist manifest on the blog. Attack instead of defence, thus. Zara further contradicted by telling in Dagens Nyheter about all threats and all hate she has suffered, as a consequence of strength and fragility. With further (gender) war-raising consequences.


The number of times Zara Larsson has been nominated for the music industry’s most important price galas. The outcome so far is one Grammy, three P3 Gold Awards and five Rockbears. More than singers active for decades, have been able to gain during whole career.


The day she led the radio show, Summertalk as the youngest program leader ever.


The year when she said no to tour with the Canadian superstar Justin Bieber because she felt she was not fully prepared with the rehearsals. Even though it would mean huge profits for her career.


The launch date of her very own H & M collection, obviously made with the star involved in the creation process.

1 000 000s

So many follow Zara Larsson through social media. With the words “Hello bloggisen”, the forum on the net where she over the years went from treat what could be referred to as less complex questions to what we today must be considered a full-fledged feminist, she has acquired an entire army of girls. Younger girls,

endlessly tired at appearance fixation and excessive demands, they see her as their very own spokeswoman. The cool female cat Zara, with Z, does not just take a stand she is also unconventional cursed. number 20 000 000 The of fans who

in just a few hours after release usually download her songs via Spotify.

1 000 000 000

The amount Zara Larsson in interview has said she will have earned when she reached the age of 25. After that she plans to grow bigger than … Elvis! 1000 Swedish krone, (the amount of money she has spent every Friday in salary) despite the millions she have in circulation, she did not think she needed more money.


Number one on the international artistic sky ..? For years, it has been talk about Zara Larsson’s world potential. But at the same time it is about the world’s most difficult industry to breakthrough in. Almost as lottery, in terms of being in the right place at the right time. Or it’s about being lucky. However, Zara Larsson’s evidently rising development curve in really all areas that an international pop star today should master still speaks its clear language. The seemingly smaller step will be well known in the long run, with a pop star that, on Saturday 28 August, warms up for the presidential speech at Storsjöyran in Östersund. Zara Larsson has the proud main act, as Queen of Stortorget. At four years, as she predicted, she will have earned her first billion (see above). What speaks for that her plans, sooner or later, will become reality is everything she has already accomplished.









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Experience 1,300 km of inland Sweden by train. Pass the Arctic Circle. Selected package tours or adventurous hop on/hop off.

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Visfestival Holmön 27–29 JULI 2018

Missa inte en av landets mest omtyckta visfestivaler på Sveriges soligaste ö. Ett besök på Holmön är en magisk upplevelse – speciellt under festivalen. På hemsidan kan du snart boka vår populära Visresa – buss från Umeå centrum, färja till Holmön och konserbiljett. Programmet växer snart fram på:


En rikare upplevelse Lämna bruset och boka in Västerbotten i sommar. Här kan du vandra mellan höga fjälltoppar, cykla i orörd vildmark, fiska i bottenlösa sjöar, rida längs vackra skogsstigar, njuta av lokala delikatesser och ta del av den samiska kulturen. Allt det som tillsammans format platsen till det den är i dag. visitvasterbotten.se





See Sweden – go with Inlandsbanan Trains usually stop in the middle of big cities where the buzz is at the highest peak. But the Swedish Inlandsbanan let you get off in the middle off the real adventure. Boil coffee over an open fire, fish in wild streams, scout for wild moose’s or tent under the midnight sun. Welcome onboard!


nlandsbanan is 130 miles long and goes through Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It is a fantastic trip throughout Sweden’s inner countryside, where the lakes are glittering, the streams are shining and proud pines and exotic animals are a big part of the experience. Sverigemagasinet meets with Eva Palmgren, manager for Destination Inlandsbanan, for a talk about this century-old national treasure. For many, travellers mean to discover other countries. One strives to come as far away from home as possible to get new experiences. But just might more people should stay in Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan? - Absolutely, says Eva. You get to see a fantastic part of Sweden at the same time as you travel in a comfortable way. There are calmness, serenity, magical views, fresh air and the midnight sun. You can participate in one of the many festivals that yearly are arranged after the railroad tracks and you can take part in the rich culture and history the Samerna have. If you want you can also jump on one of the buses that goes deeper into the Swedish mountains. You can also relax and enjoy the scenery that

the train goes by, which is accompanied by the sound from the railroad. -During the trip does the train pass through the Arctic Circle. Which for many people is a dream that comes true. Says Eva Palmgren, and continues: - There’s also a nice coffee shop on-board, but a big part of the pleasure of traveling by Inlandsbanan is to stay and experience the local area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a close-up of Norrland. You can eat the local food, meet the local population and really get a feel for the real Norrland. You can choose to stay overnight at a variety places during your trip and jump on the next train the day after, depending on how you want to plan your vacation. You can choose to camp under the open night sky, or if that’s not you, you can choose a 4-star hotel. Many people decide to stay to watch local art or go to a museum. Other looks forward to going fishing in the Norrlands älv (streams) or takes a stroll in the dense forest to experience the wildlife in first-hand experience. It’s so much to discover along the railroad tracks. There must also be a special feeling of traveling on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys in the past. - Absolutely! Inlandsbanan manages the railways exclusive, we do not have much other traffic to take into account as we are the only

company in the country that drives trains, manages the railways while arranging travel. It gives us unique possibilities to plan the trips according to the passenger’s requests. We can also offer extraordinary flexibility, which contributes to the feeling that travelling with Inlandsbanan is something remarkable. -You can say, in this case, that the journey is the goal and the destination comes in second place. We are in so many ways, the opposite of the transporter that travels quickly from point a to point b. -We do naturally also runs according to a timetable, but it often happens that the driver has to stop because of there are reindeers on the tracks. When that happens, we have to wait until they decide to move themselves, and that can take a while. But it’s something that contributes to the charm of travelling by us. -Most of our passengers want to see wild animals and birds. We have seen moose, wolf and bear. And a lot of bird of prey. How does the future look for Inlandsbanan? Our booked travels went up with 20% last summer, so we have high hopes for the same increase this year. There is a rising interest to discover Sweden, and we, of course, think that’s very fun! Says Eva Palmgren as an ending statement. TEXT: Tony Manieri SVERIGEMAGASINET


SUDERSAND Fårö, Gotland

Sudersand Resort är Fårös största semesteranläggning. Boende för alla - camping, hotell, stugor, strandvillor m.m. Det finns bl.a. en stor lekplats för barnen, pool, äventyrsgolf samt en 3 km lång & fantastisk sandstrand! Läs mer på vår hemsida och boka ditt boende idag!

www.sudersand.se | 0046 (0)498 223536


Peking–Shanghai fr 13850:-

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Peking–Xian–Tibet 24850:-

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Peking + Hainan 15 dagar (sol och bad) Ordinarie pris 19990:- nu 17990:-

EURO CHN www.eurochn.se

tel: 0707–997977





A paradise for music lovers The dynamic music scenes in Västerbotten are alive all year round. There are festivals, concerts and performances; opera, hardcore, pop, punk, rock, blues, jazz, folk music and unexpected fusions. There is also a guitar museum of absolute world class!


ästerbotten always creates its own soundtrack an exciting music region with a particular wide music register. Norrlandsoperan together with a symphony orchestra offers a generous repertoire of music and art performances. There are also modern world-known artists from Västerbotten such as Refused, Jonas Knutsson, Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren, Meshuggah and The Wannadies, all of them raised in the county’s genuine music culture. Jazz, pop, and hardcore have been strong genres for decades, but even rap music has gained an energetic and youthful voice throughout the county. Everything from Cleo to Gonza-Ra, from the hip-hop collective Random Bastards - all of whom are good a representation of the atmosphere that characterizes the county’s cultural, and predominantly, music life. Pop is still strong, not least through Deportees, who has for many years been acclaimed as one of Sweden’s best live performers whose album is celebrated by music reviewers and music lovers alike. Umeå also boasts the unique “Guitars - The Museum,” a museum where music history is narrated by guitars. Over the years, the Åhdén

twins have exchanged and sold everything from classic American cars to precious guitars so that the most spectacular guitars can be part of the collection. There are over 400 guitars at the museum, once played by artists such as ZZ Top to band members by Elvis Presley. FESTIVALS AND MARKETS

Brännbollsyran is one of Sweden’s biggest festivals in Västerbotten, which focuses on modern dance music. Yran has gone against the currents of mainstream and grown into a large gathering place, a manifestation for live music. Brännbollsyran is held on campus in Umeå the last weekend of May every year. In the picturesque Nordanå area of Skellefteå, the Trästock Festival is organized at the end of July - Sweden’s largest free festival and folk party that offers live music, performances, and food during the day. The motivation behind the festival, which has been around for 26 years, is to create the opportunity for everyone to partake in the cultural folk festival, regardless of one’s wallet size. Västerbotten also has one of Sweden’s largest markets, Åsele Market, which grew from an ordinary market to Sweden’s largest folk festival. For four days, the place fills up with nearly 150,000 visitors and a full-featured program where the most current and favourite

Swedish artists take to the stage. Skellefteå is as good. During five summer days, the streets of the city transform into a party. The well-established City Party has the music in focus and attracts nearly 100,000 visitors annually. On stage, world stars appear with their music - Avicii, Agnes and Airbourne are just a few of the nearly 300 artists who have attended the festivals. The street festival has something for everyone and a program going on until the sun rises, in the city that never sleeps. At idyllic Holmön, artists such as Eldkvarn, Lill-Babs and Helen Sjöholm among many others performed during the unique festival. A festival with the vision to visualize and raise the status of the song. Here, even less famous talents are given an opportunity to perform, and perhaps the festival is Sweden’s most equal festival. Pack the pick nick basket, sit down in the grass and enjoy the music, on Sweden’s sunniest island. Västerbotten is not only the narrator’s county - it’s also the music’s. The varied and dynamic palette of various musical acts and scenes is in itself a good reason to travel there TEXT: Anna Ekberg




To manage a cultural heritage Sven-Ingvars 2018; from left Staffan Ernestam (guitar), Stefan Deland (bass), Klas Anderhell (drums), Oscar Magnusson (song and guitar) and Olle Nyberg (keyboard). The tour also includes the multi-instrumentalist Niklas Bäcklund. Photo: Press image.



Music Sven-Erik Magnusson, the man who became synonymous with Sven-Ingvars, passed away in March 2017. Now, one of Sweden’s most beloved bands return to concert halls and the swedish folk parks. The difference is that Sven-Eriks son Oscar has taken over the microphone. And the response during the ongoing tour has been overwhelming.


ven-Ingvars was formed in 1956, and there is probably no one in Sweden who has not ever sung on any of the band’s most popular songs: Re-start from the beginning, I do not think so, Miss Fräken, Kristina from Vilhelmina, I call Friday, Do not Say No, Say Maybe, Two Dark Eyes. Taste sample from an outstanding song treasure, Sven-Ingvars is behind 56 songs in the Swedish top and was chosen in 2016 in the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Now the band is on a national tour that stretches until Christmas - the first without Sven-Erik Magnusson in the headlight focus. Sverigemagasinet meets Oscar Magnusson and the band’s musical dynamo, guitarist Staffan Ernestam during a rare break in the on-going success tour. Neither Oscar, Staffan nor any of the others in the band are newcomers. Oscar got up on stage with the band for the first time in 2006 and Staffan has basically been a regular member of Sven-Ingvars since 2000. In other words, they have been involved in shaping the band’s sound for a long time, which creates basic security in what lies in front of them. - I see it a bit defused like I am moving closer to the middle of the scene, and I can do something nice, relevant and good and at the same time say a kind of ‘thank you for all dad’. I can, will or shall not try to fill his shoes, only lovingly follow his steps. Sven-Ingvars music will always be part of the Swedish folk souls, but it will also live on and take part in the room for live music in the future, says Oscar Magnusson. Did you ever hesitate to go on, or was it obvious to do this without Sven-Erik? – It crystallized when we met last summer, Staffan Ernestam starts, we met to play a little and try out the material, and it worked instantly. We scratched a few times and then we decided that the band would continue. What we thought of then was that maybe we should perform on smaller theaters and then build it from there. But then it quickly turned out that there was an enormously much greater interest than we could ever imagine. It feels almost like Sven-Ingvars is bigger than ever, the audience pressure is similar to what the band perhaps had fifteen years ago. – We have received a very positive wel-

come, something we could not dream of. And of course it feels absolutely amazing, Oscar continues. – You may still say that it was obvious that we would do this, move the torch forward. It felt quite fast within me that there was something that would be a wish to give something back to dad. And what can there be for better ways to do it than through music? We have all lost a friend and colleague, and this has also become a way to process all the emotions. How do you handle the balance between nostalgia and backstrokes during a tribute tour with a possible further development of Sven-Ingvars? - What we do now is the first tour after Sven-Erik’s death, and of course it is dedicated to him. Then it will inevitably be a tribute to the founder of the band, and we have a tradition of care and consideration, says Staffan. But at the same time we want to introduce the band and the music in the future and freshen up the material so that we feel that it is relevant to us who are Sven-Ingvars today. – It’s probably one of the reasons we’ve got such good reviews everywhere, that it’s not just a band that tears of old bats, but actually adds its own expression. Some newspaper wrote that Sven-Ingvars has become a band of its contemporary and that is probably the best grade we can get. Something that has contributed to the fact that Sven-Ingvars has been in the lead for so many years is that the band has always been revitalized and given the songs some new life with new musical interpretations and arrangements. We have always allowed ourselves to twist and turn on lyrics and music and never stagnated in tracklists. Having that music catalog we have, with so many hits, is not only positive. Of course, we play those songs that we know the audience wants to hear, but we are broadening ourselves to show both for ourselves and for our audience that there is so much more. – We can find songs that are right in this forum, songs that we may never have played live or songs as dad toned, but have been forgotten. Those songs suddenly find their context in what we do today, and it feels very exciting. – One reason why Sven-Ingvars has been able to survive for over sixty years is of course that we has always being contemporary. There are not many bands that got away with singing a song such as Fröken Fräken - and make SVERIGEMAGASINET



Oscar and Sven-Erik Magnusson together on stage during a gig in 2016. Photo: Carl Edlom

it work. But it has always been the case with Sven-Ingvars, and that’s what we are working on. We are constantly finding new listeners from younger generations, and are very proud of it. Who knows who listen to the band in sixty years? The tour extends almost until Christmas. How does the future look after that? – We will carry on with the band, Staffan says. This is the first tour, and for obvious reasons, it becomes a tribute to Sven-Erik. But we have definitely decided to continue long after that. – On my part, Sven-Ingvars and the music are someone who has been with me throughout my life, says Oscar. Without that relationship and without having been on stage for so many years, this might not have been possible. But as it seems now, it’s natural for us to bring the band forward into the future. There are many ways to get the opportunity, because SvenIngvars is so much bigger than us, members of the band. – Now it’s our turn to shoulder the mantle, move on and take care of it. Was it obvious to you, Oscar, to take the step forward into the spotlight? - No, I wouldn’t say that. But I’ve always been close to that idea, and for many years it



has been something that people around me have seen as a natural thing. Now the future is secured, here we have an excellent heir. And in recent years that thought has been rooted - this will not continue for itself for sixty years without anyone taking over daddy. – When he died, it was obviously not the first thing I was thinking about, because the grief and the lack were so big. But when we sat down and began to discuss the future, all the pieces fell quite quickly in place. One last question to you, Staffan, how does stage diving work? Is that something we will see in the future? - Ha ha ha, probably not! By contrast, I have seen pictures when Sven-Erik did it, far into the 1990s! - That’s right! Oscar fills in. He did it often sometimes without and sometimes with guitar. And the times he was so excited that he forgot to hang off the guitar before he threw himself into the crowd, it often ended with the occurrence of blood white! So those who might think that there is not so much rock’n’roll over SvenIngvars may think twice! TEXT: Tony Manieri

SUMMER 2018: A big summer tour is being planned. More tour dates will be announced! FALL 2018:

2/12 – Uppsala 4-5/12 – Stockholm 7/12 – Halmstad 14/12 – Sundsvall 15/12 – Luleå 16/12 – Umeå 20/12 – Växjö 21/12 – Vara

16/11 – Karlstad 17/11 – Eskilstuna 20/11 – Göteborg 23/11 – Borås 24/11 – Jönköping 25/11 – Linköping 30/11 – Karlskrona 1/12 – Norrköping 22/12 – Kalmar More datesd to be announced.


Experience Nykรถping with your family



Sights In Nyköping there are experiences and activities for all. If you prefer salty waves, you can go out on a dinner cruise with the Three Crowns brigade, where you sail with the crew in the same way as the 19th century. Exciting Stendörren (Nature Reserve) attracts many visitors every year and has its own archipelago market in July with tarpaulins, ignition engines and crafts as far as the eye reaches.


yköping is a town in Södermanland, located on the coast where the river Nyköping flows into the Baltic Sea. Nyköping has a long and motley history that stretches back to about 2000 BC, there were found remains after settlements beside the river Nyköping. Just the state of the Just the state of the river mouth still attracts people to settle there. From being one of several Swedish capitals for 400 years, Nyköping became an industrial town in the 1700s, with a significant brass manufacturing. During the 1900s, both furniture was produced for NK and cars on SAAB-

updates. In the library’s children’s section, fairy tales are organized in Swedish, Somali, Arabic and Finnish. You can get book tips, borrow books, play and read fairy tales and participate in song writing. Books can be borrowed in many languages, always free. There is the possibility for you to warming baby food and changing the diaper. SKATING SPOT

For those who want to be creative outdoors there are legal graffiti wall in the harbor. There are sometimes workshops and courses organized. In the area at the graffiti wall on the eastern harbor side there is also a skateboard spot, with a larger asphalt surface with concrete elements. A larger ski park at the Woodland area includes the elements speedbumps, curbs, quarter pipes and moon pads. the edges of the site are metal clad. SÖRMLAND’S MUSEUM IN THE FALL

ANA, and at Skavsta an aircraft fleet, F11, was set up. Among the cultural personalities in the last decade, Ulf Peder Olrog and Birgit Cullberg are especially noted.

In autumn 2018, the new county museum in Sörmland will open the doors in Nyköping harbor area. Sörmland Museum has over 75 000 objects, one million photographs, about a thousand shelves of archives and a large trade library. In the new house, there will be a new kind of flexible and fashionable museum, collections focusing on people and stories. Several of the rooms get glass walls and everyone will be


In Nyköping there are activities and experiences for everyone and many will be able to stimulate your childhood. The cosy creator of the city library Culturum enjoys the whole family. During the year there is creative activities every Saturday, with different artists who inspire with materials and ideas. For example, it can be about making figures of clay, creating own superheroes of metal or making plaster blossoms. In the room next door you can play and dress up and even get something to drink. The Children’s Culture Centre also offers theatre performances, courses and much more. During the summer, children’s culture centre has special programs so check the website for

The museum welcomes all ages, but the children have a special position. So that’s why it will be one custom built playground and special places where children can experience and be on their terms. The house will also have several meeting rooms in different sizes for smaller arrangements. And place for party and birthday party.

open for visits with guide and in connection with various programs. If you want to take a closer look at a particular item or archive document, you can order it in a special study room. There will be three educational workshops. They will be used for educational programs, courses, workshops and free creation. For school and leisure. For experts and ignorant. For young and old.


There is a great selection for holiday makers, both with or without children, find updates on the website nykopingsguiden.se. One tip is The Harbor Party in Nävekvarn with a sailing regatta at the end of May, or Stigtomtaloppet and Oppebylöpet, two scenic runners race festivals in May. Sörmlandskusten swimrun is organized in July and the one who likes top class volleyball has great opportunities to see world stars this summer. In the month of May-June, the finals of the European League Volleyball at Rosvalla in Nyköping will be played. Both of Sweden’s national team is playing. In August, the Swedish Beach Tour, the Swedish elite tour in beach volleyball, plays their matches at Stora Torget. Are there engines on land that are interesting, veteran vehicle meetings are held in the harbor during Wednesdays summer time. Sörmland has plenty of markets and squares, and many are located in and around Nyköping. In addition, the area is famous for its food and a variety of fish and restaurants in Nyköping, which commands an honor to offer local delicacies, ranging from rhubarb, cheeses, baked goods and pastries. TEXT: Anna Ekberg PHOTO: Gunta Podina, Fredrik Laaksonen, Wikimedia, Kalle Gustavsson SVERIGEMAGASINET


Sjuk - men doktorn hittar inget fel! Kan det vara tänderna?

Exempel på symptom: • Extrem trötthet • Värk i muskler och leder • Tarm- och hjärtproblem • Klåda och hudutslag • Hormonrubbningar

Kontakta Tandvårdsskadeförbundet Tel 08-428 0520-8092600 Tel 42 eller eller www.tf.nu www.tf.nu


Situated in Hägghult, 20 km east of Osby in the north of Skåne. Started in 1994 and today has ca 200 members. Black Mountains has ca 8000 visitors during high season and many more during the rest of the year. Booking of guided tours is made at the Black Mountains restaurant or through the web site. Rafts and tents can be rented and fishing gear is on sale in the restaurant.

The mezmerising magic of the Black Mountains Take a guided tour throw the magnificent landscape, ride the raft between beautifully mountain walls, take a snack or just watch the view. The Black Mountain nonprofit association works for that the unique environment of the old diabas quarry outside Lönsboda in northeastern Skåne, being taken care of and preserved. TEXT: Anna Ekberg PHOTO: Black Mountains




Amazing views in and around the Black Mountains.


he diabase from Lönsboda is unique in its kind. For more than a hundred years, the diabase has played a major role in the history of the countryside, and the black slide from Hägghult, just outside Lönsboda, has a good reputation internationally thanks to its recognized high quality. The nonprofit association Svarta Bergen takes care of the environment surrounding the old quarry that was laid down in 1989 and offers visitors guided tours, a magnificent view and a chance to unwind in a unique environment. – I am very biased at the moment, but it is a wonderful environment for walking and stay-

ing in. It’s something completely unassuming, says Mari Arvidsson, restaurant and booking manager. – Some guests saw the sign down the road, drove here and exclaimed: “Wow, where have we landed somewhere?” It ended with that they ate lunch and lay on the rocks all day long. They said they would not leave from here. It describes this place quite well I think. It’s something magical with the stones, something very special, she continues. The rock eruption is still on going in a new quarry in the immediate vicinity. There is also the opportunity to enjoy the view in peace and quiet and visitors are offered the opportunity to go for a nice trip down the old quarry. – You see the area from another view and

you understand the greatness in a new way. It’s magical to see the quarry from that point of view, “says Mari Arvidsson. GUIDED TOURS

All old pictures, movies and, not least, the guided tours at the quarry create a link between past and present. There is a lot of artwork in the area that tells the story of Diabas and shows what it can be used for. – Just to come and enjoy the view and buy a glass of coffee, you do not have to pay an entrance fee. But I also really recommend a trip with one of our good guides - or with our new raft. The story behind this site is fantastic and uniquely preserved, says Mari Arvidsson.



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Cavalleria Rusticana Cosi fan tutti Konsert med Ann Hallenberg Galakonsert med Dalasinfoniettan Biljetter: visitdalarna.se 0771–62 62 62 från 2 maj www.dalaflodaoperafest.se

Den lilla festivalen med det stora hjärtat



Beställ kostnadsfri katalog på 0300–54 51 19 Eller ladda ner den på


Red Sudersand

A summer’s paradise in Bergman country



Living For many, Fårö is synonymous with Ingmar Bergman. But to Fårö you travel first in order to swim on the east coast’s miles of long sandy beaches or to watch the raven on the west side of the island, at least if you ask Rolf Lindvall at Sudersand Resort. After almost twentyfive years, responsible for the big holiday resort, he should know. And Ingmar Bergman actually has a special and unexpected link to Sudersand.


udersand Resort is a large holiday resort close to the nature, located at one that many people considered as Sweden’s finest and most childfriendly sandy beaches. Here you will find a variety of accommodation options - ranging from luxury beach villas to beachside tents. As a resident of the facility, many exciting excursion awaits. Visit the raving field Langhammars, Fårö lighthouse, fish camp Helgumannen or Ulla Hau nature reserve. Or just sit on one of the vast sandy beaches and be led by the salty calm. Sverigemagasinet is having a chat with Rolf Lindvall, who runs the facility together with his wife Lotta Gebenius since 1994. What are the main reasons for going to Fårö in the summer? - A big thing is of course that the country’s finest sandy beaches are here. There are two common reasons for tourists to come to Fårö: the Anna amazing sandy beaches that are on the eastern and southern side, and then the whole west side with rocky and sprinkled with raukar. It is a unique and very dramatic landscape. Virtually all images seen on raukar are taken in Langhammars. Of course we are very proud of that.

Fårö is intimately associated with Ingmar Bergman. And you at Sudersand have a special connection to it. – Part of our holiday village is called Bergman village, and he is the author of it. He was able to build the cottages in 1964 to allow actors and filmmakers to have a good living during the recordings. Bergman handed over the cottages to the island a long time later, and today, we are the owners. – There are many internationally renowned actors who have lived in those cottages over the years. – Then it’s the 100th anniversary of Ingmar Bergman this year, and there will be a lot of festivities. The so-called Bergman week is 25 June to 1 July, and then the island is filled with film enthusiasts from around the world.

Above: Lotta and Rolf during a rare break in preparation for Sudersand. Below: Holiday cottages of different style in the idyllic landscape.

What does it look like during the rest of the year, if you do not just think about the summer months with sun and bath? – In spring there are very many bird lovers and botanists who come to the island. Orchids are something that attracts many Jansson, writer people, and at the very beginning when it begins to bloom, people begin to flow to us. Then there are many Germans and an older crowd coming with their camper vans, and the same thing is on the autumn edge. The campsite closes last September, but the cottage is open all year round.

”The sand at Sudersand feels like flour under your feet.”

And then you will certainly come to Sudersand for summer holidays. Which audience is most attracted to you? - All of course are welcome to us, but our facility is very child friendly so there are many families with children who choose to spend their holidays with us. We have several playgrounds and children’s pools in the area, which is highly appreciated. We also clean the beaches with tractors every morning at five o’clock to make the experience as nice as possible for our bathers. – And because the beaches are so long, you can choose whether you want to be among people or if you want to be a bit to yourself. If you bring the dog, that’s fine. There is room for everyone!

And what does the future look like for Sudersand? – Although we have been here for almost twenty five years, it feels like we never get ready. There are always new ideas on how we can develop the area and the business. Now, we have built seventeen new cabins that will be ready for the summer, and then we will build a brand new store and reception later this year. In general, new construction and improvements are on-going in the area, so there is no risk that you need to sit and roll your thumbs! TEXT: Tony Manieri PHOTO: Sudersand


Bergman came here for the first time in 1960, when he was looking for a place to shoot Through a glass darkly (1961). Bergman fell in love immediately and settled later on the island. In total, he recorded four feature films at Fårö: Through a glass darkly, Persona (1966), Shame (1968) and The passion of Anna (1969). Bergman lived in Fårö until he passed away in the summer of 2007 and is buried at Fårö Cemetery. Bergman Week (25/6 - 1/7) is a cultural event created for his memory, a tribute to Ingmar Bergman’s artistry, with films, guests, seminars and tours in Fårö. Ingmar Bergman with his photographer and gunman Sven Nykvist during the work of Through a glass darkly 1960. Press image SVERIGEMAGASINET


Välkommen till Tylebäck

Den naturliga mötesplatsen Möten • Hotell • Friskvård • Relax • Restaurang • Lunch • Fest • Events

T E L 035-19 18 00 | I N F O @T Y L E B A C K .C O M |

W W W.T Y L E B A C K .C O M




A comfortable stay – for your dog as well Best Western Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest hotel family. A global hotel chain consisting of 4100 privately owned hotels in more than 100 countries. In Scandinavia, which originates from the head office in Sundbyberg, they have 130 hotels in a hundred places.


o you need a hotel for a few nights? Best Western is an option for both families and dogowner. Long-term stay for those who need to stay longer in one place. In total there are ten options for accommodation within the chain. Everything from a base offering 3 or 4 star hotels, best known as Best Western, offering local meeting places in welcoming environments. The hotels are adapted for leisure and business travelers looking for personal accommodation there is also often a possibility to check in with your dog as a company. In addition, there are a variety of variants, all the way up to the design hub for those looking for accommodation in addition to the usual in

city locations. All of the Best Western hotels include free Wi-Fi and the Scandinavian hotels also include a breakfast buffet. Best Western Hotels & Resorts has become famous for a committed response, focusing on hotel accommodation as well as the experience of the place. Guests can expect lovely rooms with modern amenities, flatscreen TVs, coffee and tea makers and desks. Most hotels also have minirefrigerators in the rooms. In other words, there are all the conditions for a really comfortable and nice accommodation at Best Western. TEXT: Anna Ekberg PHOTO: Adobe Stock




Sabaton Open Air August 15th it’s time again. Four days with the Sabaton Open Air Festival in Falun. “It’s great both for us and for our fans,” says Sabaton’s Pär Sundström. And there’s more to come. TEXT: Torbjörn Karlgren PHOTO: Patrik Eriksson



PHOTO: Ryan Garrison



abaton, Primal Fear, Dalriada, H.E.A.T, Blaze Bayley, Beast in Black, Eleine, Hulkoff … and so we can go on for a while. When it’s time to introduce this year’s line up for the Sabaton Open Air Festival in Falun, August 15-18, it’s an impressive list. – Sabaton has always had the vision to do something bigger than just a gig when we do something special and we felt that the release part for our disc The Art of War was something special, says Pär Sundström. – Starting a festival felt like a challenge worth doing and that there were no similar events in Falun made it all the more attractive. One thing surprised. Success and Lifetime. – Yes, that it would last for more than ten years, we did not really think when we started, says Pär in the rearview mirror. With a military-inspired band name, it may not be strange that the premiere for Sabaton Open Air 2008 was on the old military area of the I13. More remarkable is that there came visitors from more than ten countries already the first year. – Right now we are planning the show. This year we will try something we have not done before so it’s exciting, says Pär with a teaser for this year’s event. At the same time, he notes that there is a wide program at the festival. – We are just one of the bands that appear. Personally I look forward to H.E.A.T. which I think is a great band. – Sabaton Open Air means as much for the band as for the fans, says Pär. – At the moment, the festival means the same for our fans as for anyone who helped us build it, implement and run the festival as it once meant to us, he points out. It’s all these people who make it as special as it is. When we go on stage, it is always with a slightly different show than otherwise. It’s always fun to test stuff on our most loyal fans. Sabaton has just arrived home from Asia and the final part of the world’s latest tour, The Last Stand. – We will spend the coming time working on new music. And of course, he plans to enjoy the existence of Sabaton and Sabaton Open Air. – It’s almost 20 years of my life I devoted to Sabaton. And because I barely did anything else during this time when I have no family or other interests, it’s extremely much time I’ve given Sabaton, says Pär. - is amazing to se that the band today brings so much back, to se new achievements is equally amazing. But I enjoy the most of making plans for the future. The plans also apply to the festival. – For Sabaton Open Air, for many years I have had plans for how we can make the experience even better for our visitors and it looks bright to start implementing more and more of these improvements in the future. One and another taste of it, we will see you already 15-18 August this year in Falun. SVERIGEMAGASINET


Literature Satire is a literary form of expression whose purpose is to ridicule or mock someone or something, often in an “elegant and compassionate way.” Satire is sometimes used as rhetorical grip, either to provoke or defeat the opponent, and often coupled with irony, and may in some cases be their own subgenre to humour. Satire is sometimes used as a weapon against authorities when direct criticism is dangerous to convey or when different voices have difficulties to be heard. – Wikipedia





athias Leclér began publishing his photos on Instagram 2014. Four years later, his wonderful satirical pops were released in book form in Swedish and English and he has been established in a way that may not was the meaning of the beginning. What does a person who works by confuse the head of us others think? One will immediately think of Englishman David Shrigley when you see your pictures - mainly because there are not so many who have successfully chosen to express themselves in such a grotesque way and yet convey an immense depth. How do you find the connection between your thoughts and the way you express yourself ? – Thanks for that comparison! Yes, that’s probably true, personally I think you can disarm difficult questions with humour of all kinds. It takes the edge of trouble. I have chosen to do it my way, it felt completely natural. Do you feel that you need to compromise when you work with others, like the photographer Per Englund? If so, is it good or bad? – I have to compromise with myself, one can say. It might require an explanation. When I started working with Per (Englund & Villelser), he spoke about the fact that he never takes pictures with people’s faces, which is a bit of a sign when it comes to the Fallacy Report and I thought crap. But then it felt like an exemption. – It’s not supposed to be easy. It shall be difficult. With The Fallacy Report it’s easy. I do not spend so much time on them, it comes naturally. I try to put an touch on the projects I’m working with, all of them are delusions, but it should feels that it, for example, Englund & Villfarelser. My language changes. When published in English - do you know that you can convey just what you do in Swedish, or do you have to change the tone and details of your expression? – Luckily, I do not translate the texts, my old friend James does it. But it is quite clear that some things cannot be translated, others are, in my opinion, better in English. We have also discussed swear words, as these are a stack of goods in the languages of Mathias, and the Fallacy Report. For example, how do you use swear words in English in relation to Swedish? TEXT: Tony Manieri PHOTO: The Fallacy Report SVERIGEMAGASINET



A quiet pilsner with Pastor Pernryd Johan Pernryd is baptist-pastor with a big and genuine interest in beer. An interest that woke unexpectedly almost 20 years ago during the theology studies in Uppsala.


uring the last decade, beer has gone from being an anonymous drink to a richly varied beverage that suits all aspects. Microbrewery’s pop up all the time, there are now more than 1600

breweries in Sweden. - Today there are so many different flavours and variants that it would take several years to try everyone. I like that. You can constantly find new favourites and offering friends and guests an experience of beer that they might not have expected, says Johan Pernryd. How has your trip been, from taking a beer a hot summer day to where are you today? – I tried beer when I was old enough to go to pubs, but did not get stuck at all for the taste. Not until many years later when I studied theology in Uppsala I got a real interest in beer. I had some peers who had a better understanding of the subject, Johan added with a laugh. I was hanging out with them sometimes and then it was especially a friend who had a lot of interest. He introduced some exciting varieties, and one can say that my attitude to beer changed completely.

a vinous barley wine or a sour spontaneous yeast Lambic can be perfect. But I have a special weakness for Trappist beer, which is brewed by monks in the Benedictine monastery. And not only because I share theirs values at large, but also because they are brewing a great beer! Today you are a member of a beer association that has been active for over ten years. One could say that your interest has lasted over the years. – That is absolutely correct. I met some of the members when we moved to Malmö, and what started a little cautiously with the Christmas beer test once a year has become a bit bigger today. Soon we have tested and registered a thousand beers in our catalogue, soon its perhaps time to present our thoughts and reviews in book form! TEXT & PHOTO: Tony Manieri



Authentic Trappist There are only eleven Trappist breweries in the world, and Westmallei in northern Belgium is one of the largest. The Benedictine monastery was founded in 1794 and has since 1836 been part of the order of trappist. Shortly thereafter, a brewery was ready and the first trappistbeer was served for lunch on December 10, 1836. Eventually, the monks began selling beer at the monastery’s gates, and due to increased demand, in 1921; they decided to brew beer for general sales. Westmalles beer assortment consists of three varieties, all of which are considered herbicides for their variety. Most of the revenue goes to charity purposes around the world. WESTMALLE DOUBLE


Johan is an active member of one of the many beer association that are scattered throughout the country, and discusses news, trends and industry news at the meetings. - Of course, the beer tests itself is the highlight, but social cohesion is at least as important. We all have a great interest in beer, and it is noticeable when we gather around an exciting new variety, Johan continues. It creates a community that I really appreciate. And in addition, the experience is different in terms of, for example, if you take a cold beer and grill. - Today I like many types of beer, much depending on what occasion it is about. A tasty IPA is perfect for grilling, a complex oil seeded stout is always exciting and in another context,

Westmalle is brewed in the picturesque monastery of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van het Heilige Hart in northern Belgium. Photo: Adobe Stock.

Already in the middle of the 1850s, the monks, besides their own daily beer, also brew a dark trappist beer. It is the origins of today’s Westmalle Double. WESTMALLE TRIPLE

Is a bright golden yellow trappist beer that was brewed for the first time in 1934 to the opening of the new brewery hall. The current recipe is almost completely unchanged since 1956. WESTMALLE EXTRA Johan Pernryd enjoys a glass of Oude Kriek Boon in the sun. “A delicious lambic with clear cherry flavors. Appropriate drink for the coming summer evenings.”

Extra is not available in the market, it’s brewed only twice a year for personal use in the monastery. Then the monks and their guests enjoy the beer at lunch.


Hur mycket vi än ser att du besöker oss i Östermalmshallen så förstår vi också att din tid inte alltid räcker till. Det är därför Lisa Elmqvists e-handel finns. Med fantastiska färska råvaror, färdiglagat, fisk, kött, menyer, matkassar, presenter, recept, förslag med mera så kan du handla on-line och få leverans till bostaden, kontoret, jobbet eller t o m utomlands. Vår e-handel, Mat Online, hittar du genom vår hemsida: lisaelmqvist.se. Det är lätt och lustfyllt att handla där, precis som vi vill att det ska vara hos oss i verkliga livet. Och tro inte att kunskapen och kvaliteten uteblir bara för att du handlar på nätet. Tvärtom, den finns där dygnet runt. När det passar dig.



Stanley Wong – a man with a mission

PHOTO: Daniel Steinberg

Stanley Wong grew up in a restaurant family - his grandfather came to Sweden in 1947 and started Sweden’s first Chinese restaurant. He owned a restaurant for many years, but in 2010 he founded the company Swedish Beverages Fair.Today, the company attracts over 55,000 visitors annually to its fairs. Stanley’s mission is not that the company should expand – it’s getting Swedes to invest in quality instead of quantity.


ystembolagets monopoly as an importer of alcohol ceased in 1995, and it opened a whole new world. A whole range of import companies were started, who took home wine in particular and the consumers opened their eyes to brand new flavours and varieties of wine. Curiosity increased, while at the same time quality awareness and the desire for rich and varied range.



Sverigemagasinet meets Stanley Wong, CEO at Svenska Dryckesmässor (Swedish Beverages Fairs) to test the temperature of drinking in Sweden. - For the past ten years, beer has had the same dramatic development that wine had twenty years ago, much due to all microbreweries that appeared throughout the country, Stanley says. Today, there are more than 330 microbreweries, ten years ago, there were maybe twenty, fifteen years ago, just a handful. The development goes hand in hand

with the general consciousness of quality. After-production is important, handling raw materials as well. The same goes for food, everything you put on the dining table. There is an increasingly widespread awareness about what we eat and drink, and of course it promotes the end result. Companies that focus on high quality and high environmental thinking are claiming better than ever before. INCREASED CURIOSITY

- A few weeks ago, we had 24000 visitors

Beverages in two days at our fair A Beer & Whiskey Fair, a huge development from previous years. This is because there is an increasingly widespread curiosity on good quality beverages. You rarely hear anybody who orders a big strong on the pub anymore. You want to know what to drink, and people often make a conscious choice when ordering. You want quality. And it promotes small local producers who focus on quality in terms of quantity. Producers such as Oppigårds, Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri and Dugges have grown into something thats hard to named as microbreweries anymore. How do you look at the development in Sweden? How many microbreweries can the market handle? - It has been a long journey from what had previously only been about stocks from different breweries, mainly in Europe. A few years ago, the IPA made its entry in Sweden, and immediately became extremely popular, today it is a lot of surprises and different tastes. It can be about mango, raspberry or why not liquorice, Stanley continues. -The last thing we noticed at our trade fairs is an increasing interest in German pils, a dry, sour but easy to drink beer. It does not anymore need to be ale to appeal to consumers. Just as everything else in our society change faster, am I convinced that we have only seen the beginning of the development in Sweden and the world. - For each year, microbrews increase their share of total sales in the country. Of course, the big producers are aware of this, and in many cases they start small sub-labels, so as to approach the target groups of the microbreweries. What does the future hold for Swedish Beverages Fairs? -We had our first fair in 2011, and today we organize eight recurring fairs with more than 55,000 visitors annually. When we arrange a beverage fair, it’s a lot about getting to a city and giving visitors an exciting experience. And an increasing consciousness about alcohol and all its flavours and variants. -When we hosted our fair in Västerås 2012, we were nominated for the award for the year’s marketers in the city. It is just such recognition that confirms that we have something really good. And that is appreciated by very many both producers and consumers. And the fairs in general, what do you see in the future? Will there be more niches or more mergers of food and beverage fairs? -In the future, I think visitors will put even higher demands on quality regarding the con-

tent of the exhibitions. There are quite a few companies that arrange food and beverage fairs of various kinds, but not many that make positive results. Those involved in the development and in keeping track of trends in the industry will do the best results, - Fairs that have a holistic approach to food and drink tend to grow so much that it becomes difficult and in many cases a little impersonal. Our fairs are a bit more specialized, but not just for the so-called nerds, those who may spend an hour at Systembolaget to really make sure that they get exactly what they’re looking for. We turn to the broad public, everyone who is curious about the development and are willing to try something new. You not only focus on beer, whiskey and other spirits, but also do fairs with wine and delicacies. In what way do they differ? -There is a big interest in fairs for wine lovers, and it is something that is equally important to us. But there is another type of arrangement. Here the fairs are typical during the day, and close early in the evening. Our beer and whiskey show underway late. At our latest fair in Gothenburg, A Beer & Whiskey Fair, it almost looked like we had gathered 175 pubs at the Swedish Fair. It will be a different, somewhat more cozy atmosphere.

Stanley Wongs favoriter WHISKY

Glendronach Allardice 18YO Auchentoshan 12YO Sherry Darling Ferie


EKTA Pils– O/O Brewing Nils Oscar God Lager Vega Beast Coast IPA


-We have international producers coming from Germany, Spain with several countries, who are deeply impressed by what we have started. It is something they do not recognize from fairs and exhibitions in their own countries. It is a clear acknowledgment of that we are thinking correctly - it is largely because our visitors look for all the great taste experiences, while at the same time getting a more sober and conscious approach to alcohol. - In the future, we will probably work more internationally, bringing more producers from other countries. We would like to see that an Ale & Whiskey Fair becoming an international issue. We organize the fair together with the Swedish Fair, and they have a clear ambition to become Europe’s largest meeting place. A venture we would be happy to join.


Delas Les Launes Crozes Hermitage


Clotilde Davenne Bourgogne Blanc





Beverages Beerology ALE

Ale is the collective name for many different over-the-top beers. Within the category there is a wide variety of flavour, character and colour, and here we find everything from India Pale Ale and Red Ale to Brown Ale. BITTER

The lucky winners of A Beer & Whiskey Fair’s traditional beer competition. Photo: Anna Sigvardsson

More than 400 tried to be the best beer During the fair A beer and whiskey fair in Gothenburg there were 17 certified beer judges in place to breed the best beer in the fair. More competitions than ever had been announced and the jury had a rigorous job before they tasted through the big start field. – A lot of prestige was at stake because this is the Nordic region›s largest dominated beer

competition, says Fredrik Berggren, responsible for the competition. A beer and whiskey fair continues to grow and is now the largest beer fair in the Nordic countries, it concerns both as number of participating breweries and beer exhibitors. This means that the fair’s traditional beer competition, which was organized for the fourth time, now is becoming the Nordic region’s largest judging beer competition. And now the big microbrewery Oppigårds managed to bring home two gold medals, in competition with several of the largest breweries.

Biggest fair organiser in Sweden Svenska Dryckesmässor is Swedens largest organizer of beverage fairs with more than 55000 visitors annually. Focus on all trade fairs is to spread knowledge about noble drinks and associated delicacies. The interest in drinks is greater than ever and we often choose more expensive products. The number of beverage companies has increased significantly and today there are more than 1000 importers and about 200 Swedish producers. Exhibitions are the ideal meeting place for experienced and inexperienced drink detectors. Here the industry meets the market and gets the opportunity to talk about their products and share their knowledge. The hope is that the visitors acquire knowledge, use it when choosing a drink and spreading it further. Svenska Dryckesmässors goal is to help Swedish beverage companies meet an interesting target group and market. It also wants to give consumers an opportunity to try and increase their knowledge to get the best possible drink experience.



A well-organized and well-attended arrangement also creates positive effects for the city in terms of increased number of hotel nights, restaurant visits and trade. Svenska Dryckesmässor organizes fairs in six cities: Stockholm. Gothenburg, Uppsala, Linköping, Västerås and Karlstad.

Perhaps the most common beer type in England. Included in the category of ale and can be anything from golden yellow to copper-colored in the colour. The tasteful bitter has a clear bunch of fruit and hops in taste. Next to tea, you are usually called bitter for England’s national drink. INDIA PALE ALE

India Pale Ale, or IPA, dates back to the 1700s and were created when large amounts of beer were to be shipped to the thirsty Englishmen stationed in India. In order for the beer to pass the long journey, it brewed to higher alcohol content and added extra hops. LAGER

Lager is the collective name for all under ferment beers. Unlike ale, the beer is fermented at a low temperature, which results in the yeast sinking to the bottom. The colour of a layer may vary from light yellow to brown black, all depending on the type of paint used. To volume, the undergrowed beer is the largest in the world. LAMBIC

The basic form of spontaneous fermented beer. Unbound Lambic is very rare and has a bright colour, light, dry, very sour taste without blemish and barely any carbonic acid. PILSNER

In 1842 the worlds first pilsner brewed in the Czech city of Plzen. Today the beer type is brewed mainly in the Czech Republic but also in Germany. The Czech pilsner is usually amber collared with aromatic and full character. The German pilsner has a more dry and clean character, often with a marked bitter. PORTER

The porter is said to originate in London and is characterized by a roasted character, clear sweetness and very dark colour. STOUT

Svenska Dryckesmässor gathered during one of the year’s fairs. Stanley Wong, Hanna Wreeth, Minny Källman och Emelie Oscarson. Photo: Henrik Mill

Very dark, almost black beers characterized by bitter and dry, roasted taste. The malt is roasted strongly and it is from there it gets its characteristic, next to black colour. Stout is regarded as Ireland’s national drink. Source: Ölkollen.se






Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

– ett humlearomatiskt öl med en helt ny, innovativ metod för att förstärka och behålla humlens aromatiska karaktär

Alkohol i samband med arbete ökar risken för olyckor.

Möt nutidens dinosaurier Välkommen till strutsfarmen som är långt mer än bara strutsar. Restaurang och café med meny som passar alla. Som kronan på verket ett eget brygghus och fullständiga rättigheter. Prova gärna våra storsäljare strutsägglass och strutsburgare. Gårdsbutik med allt från strutskött till dammvippor och hudvårdsprodukter av strutsolja. Guidade turer. Lekland för barnen.

kaffe Guidad tur och aka: 135 kr. med strutsäggk KATUR” Uppge koden ”FI

Sveden 1, Borlänge • 0243–23 31 37 www.sahlinsstruts.se

Upplev Nossebro marknad! Upplev Nossebro marknad! ✔ Mars–november: varje marknad har ett tema,

det finns Varmt välkomna till Essunga och kommun medserveringstält sin vackra natur i sommar!     www.essunga.se ✔ Nya öppettider: kl.8.00-13.00

✔ Juni juli: öppet Boka till kl. plats 16.00på marknaden genom att ringa tel. 0512-570 17. Mars–november: varje marknad haroch ett tema, och det finns serveringstält E-post: nossebromarknad@essunga.se Nya öppettider: kl. 08.00–13.00 Har du en fråga? Kontakta Pernilla, tel. 0512-570 30. Vårens och sommarens teman Juni, juli och augusti: öppet till kl. 14.00 Varmt välkommen att besöka Nossebro marknad! 29 mars H Vår- & påsktema, med bland annat utställning av rasfjäderfä. Locka fram vårkänslorna!

2 juni kl. 09.00–15.00 Motorlördag Veteranbilar, sportbilar, MC & moppe uppställda på olika parkeringar.

26 april H Lantbruks- & maskintema, spana in det mesta som har med lantbruk och maskiner att göra när lokala företag visar 27 juni upp allt ifrån gräsklippare Sport & Hälsa till traktorer.

25 juli Sommarmarknad

Träffa sportkändisar och Årets mest 31 maj och hälsoföretag. sportvälbesökta marknad! Kultur- & trädgårdstema, få inspiration inför sommaren! Kulturskolan spelar under 26 juni och 28 augusti kl. 18.00 dagen och biblioteket har sin årliga utställning, Allsångskvällar Kreativa biblioteket. Kom dagen innan Nossebro Marknad, campa i naturskön miljö och upplev en fantastisk allsångskväll med 28 juni duktiga sångare, musiker och underhållare. Grilltema (öppet till kl. 16.00), Sigrid Bárány från Sveriges mästerkock grillar och delar med sig av sina bästa grilltips!

29 augusti Energi & Värme Råd om de bästa värme alternativen för just dig.

Gasolbord och växthus 26 juli Sommartema (öppet till kl. 16.00), förhoppningsvis visar sig sommarsverige från sin bästa sida under årets mest välbesökta marknad! ★★★

3 juni kl. 8–15 Powermeet! 2000 amerikanare invaderar Nossebro!

Varmt välkommen att besöka Nossebro marknad! Boka plats på marknaden genom att ringa Mona, tel. 0512-570 17 E-post: nossebromarknad@essunga.se Har du en fråga? Kontakta Pernilla, tel. 0512-570 30


www.bony.se • tel 08-560 310 70

VĂ…REN KOMMER MED STORMSTEG! SĂśndagsĂśppet mars! SĂśndagsĂśppeti LaxĂĽ i LaxĂĽ11-15. 11-15.VĂ…RVISNING VĂ…RVISNINGi Karlstad i Karlstadbutiken butiken24-26 6-8 april!





Missa inte!

Inkl Garmin 722xs, bakre dynsats & pulpetĂśverdrag



Ryds 488 Sport med honda 50 hk Just nu fÜr Endast 12.000:- Värde: 40.000:-

ill: KĂśp t Garmin 527xs, komplett dynsats, vattenskidbĂĽge, hydraulstyrning, pulpetĂśverdrag, en extra sittplats i fĂśren och stereo med 2 st hĂśgtalare.

Fyrhjuling Goes

Micore 480 SC med Honda 50 hk

eller om ni har ekonomi, betala halva bĂĽten nu och halva bĂĽten om ett ĂĽr HELT RĂ„NTEFRITT.

ill: KĂśp t

Stort utbud av mopeder!

FVMMEZOTBUT /NFBTUBSULJUUJMMNPUPSO TUFSFPNFETU IĂšHUBMBSF WBUUFOTLJETCĂŒHe Du kan även fĂĽ annan storlek eller annat märke pĂĽ motorn. Alla modeller hemma nu!


8.995:Bayliner 175 BR-E




Utrustad med ham kapell, stereo, mattonri vattenskidkrok

Med gallergrind monterat




FISKERllEA upp ti



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Allt förbränns och blir lukt-och bakteriefri aska


Utvecklad sedan 1959 och konstruerad för krävande miljöer


Besök vår utställning - Mörtnäsvägen 2, 13936 Värmdö, vardagar 12-16, lördagar 10-14

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Lovely summer fragrances

The 17th-century vicarage moved from central Helsingborg to the open-air museum Fredriksdal, where Flora Linneas plantschool lies today. One wants a hot summer day and the unforgettable feeling of strolling among thousands of flowering and fragrant roses.


isa Sommelius, who runs Flora Linnea together with Max, says that it grows more than 700 different kinds of roses outside Helsingborg. There are varieties that are older than a thousand years old, such as Rose de Rescht. About this fragrant beauty we knows that it has been cultivated as early as the 800th century in areas around the city of Rescht in current Iran. It was used for example for the manufacture of rose oils. - Our customers are interested in the history of the roses and they often have their own stories and memories to tell,” says Lisa Sommelius. It was common for people to get a shot from a rosebush that grew in the parents home when moving to one’s own home, and roses could inheritance from generation to generation. -Another specialty at Flora Linnea is the Austin Roses, which are grown on license from David Austin in England. These roses are intersections between old-fashioned scented roses and modern roses that have the ability to flower continuously from midsummer and far into the autumn. A solid refinement work for 50 years has resulted in hundreds of amazing roses with lovely fragrances and colours. -The Austin roses are the most sought after roses and it’s not hard to understand why, Lisa tells and shows one of her favourites, The



Shepherdess. A sweet fruity fragrance from the stuffed apricot flowers fills the nose. The Austin roses have such a generous bloom that you can cut and put them in a vase without shame. - Imagine the smell in the living room! Many want help decide what rose kind of rose they have at home and often we can figure it out together. It’s good if you can show the flower, but also leaf and tags, and if you know how long it’s bloom. If there is a story to tell, it is also useful. - Here at Fredriksdal there is a well-known rosary with many historical roses and a good selection of modern varieties. It is interesting to see the roses in different environments and samplings when they grow for a few years and it is impressive to see the rose Paul’s Himalayan Musk wrap up in a 15 meter tall tree and flower like a cherry tree in the spring. Inside the park there is also a lovely Treefarm café serving both good coffee and lunch, which may be needed after a few hours of rose safari. Often, they use raw materials grown in Fredriksdals vegetable or orchards. We meet Max Sommelius and we are curious about how the roses grow. We will accompany the cultivation, which is approximately five kilometres from Fredriksdal. A piece down a gravel road we see a rolling field of flowering roses of all colours. - We grow about 100 000 roses every year and they grow on the open for 1.5 years before we can harvest them, says Max Sommelius. We are one of few growers that still working in

Sweden, but we feel that demand increases on Swedish-grown roses, and we use rootstocks that are adapted to Swedish climate in a way other than many imported roses. We set out rootstocks in the spring and then we oculate or graft the varieties on the rootstocks in July-August. Then they will stand and grow to October the following year before we dig them up. They are to be cut back, fertilized and sometimes watered in the meantime. A large part of the work is done by hand and there are not many which can carry out some of these tasks today, especially the oculation. -When we dug up the roses, they are stored in a big fridge and then we sell them as plants in autumn and spring, but we also have a large part of the roses that you can buy in the shop at Fredriksdal or at others who is selling roses from US. We have private customers, municipalities and gardeners as customers. -Can you really buy roses online wonder a lot of people, and yes you can, Max declares. The number of customers who order roses in our webshop is constantly increasing and now we send almost 10000 roses to private customers across the country every year. As many plantschools have reduced their range of roses, we have had customers who want something a little bit more than usual - and Swedish-grown, of course! TEXT: Marie Tillman PHOTO: Adobe Stock

Besök Växhuset i sommar



– ett prisbelönt miljöprojekt i södra Hälsingland!

0702-55 26 13 www.vaxhuset.se facebook.se/mobodarne

Här finns inspirationsträdgård, café, ekoby, djur, utställning, naturstigar i de fina omgivningarna, fiskemöjligheter i Edesjön, badbrygga, kanoter och cyklar att hyra och mycket annat.

Bo i vårt unika 12-kantiga vandrarhem 100 meter från Edesjön som vi driver i samarbete med Svenska Turistföreningen. Medlemsrabatt gäller.

Gå en kurs i bland annat odling, hantverk och permakultur!

Upplevelser för alla åldrar!

Tusen Trädgårdar är Sveriges största trädgårdsfest! Under en och samma dag över hela landet öppnar tusen trädgårdar upp för allmänheten. Inte bara privata trädgårdar utan gemensamhetsodlingar, parker, stadsodlingar, koloniområden, ja, till och med balkonger. Gå in på www.tradgardsriket.se för att se vilka trädgårdar som är med där du bor.

Boka bussresan till Svarta Bergen – den svarta diabasens Mecca och världens största öppna dagbrott

Natur- och stenarbetarmuseum Åk flotte • Boka Guidning Bo, vandra och upplev den unika miljön eller ta en god bit mat och fika i serveringen Hjärtligt välkomna!

Svarta Bergen • Hägghult 280 70 Lönsboda • www.svartabergen.se Info@svartabergen.se • För gruppbokning, ring 0479–215 20

Vär ld




re ns


d tri : As Foto



Vi m m e r by, S m å l a n d | Te l . 0 4 9 2 - 3 0 6 0 0 | w w w. f re d e n s b or g . c om

Det var här allt började...

Barndomshem • Trädgårdar • Utställningar ”Låt oss börja från början – i november 1907, det var då jag föddes – i ett gammalt rött hus med äppelträd omkring. Gården där vi bodde hette – och heter fortfarande – Näs. Och vi jag och mina tre syskon levde ett lyckligt Bullerbyliv på Näs, i stort sett precis så som barnen i Bullerbyböckerna.”

Ett besök på Astrid Lindgrens Näs för dig närmare vår mest folkkära författarinna. Gå en guidad visning i barndomshemmet, se utställningen om Astrid Lindgrens liv, njut av trädgårdarna och låt dig inspireras av konst och kreativa rum. Astrid Lindgrens Näs är en plats för både ro och lek.

Öppet: 29/3 – 30/4 tors-sön 11-16 • 1/5 – 8/6 dagl. 11-16 • 9/6 – 26/8 dagligen 10 -18 • 27/8 – 30/9 dagl. 11-16 • 1/10 – 16/12 tors-sön 11-16

Astrid Lindgrens Näs • Prästgårdsgatan 24 • Vimmerby • Tel 0492-56 68 00 • www.astridlindgrensnas.se

Ett genuint växthus byggt i trä. Finns i olika storlekar, passar även som uterum. Florum Träväxthus AB Skråmträsk 80 931 96 SKELLEFTEÅ

Tel: 070-6656090 www.florum.nu info@florum.nu

ÄLGSAFARI Virum Älgpark, den unika Älgupplevelsen

Här upplever ni älgarna i deras egen miljö. I vackra omgivningar kommer ni djuren riktigt nära genom att åka på våra guidade safariturer. Från vagnarna ni sitter i kan ni mata och klappa älgarna. Café och älgshop finns på Älglogen. VÄLKOMNA! Helene o Kjell Svensson

För mer information och öppettider. Se vår hemsida! Tel. 070-625 68 16 • 070-5200768 • 0492-520 07 • 0492-520 24 • GPS Lat: 57.6095 Long: 16.2032

info@virummoosepark.se • www.virummoosepark.se


Home of the people Pictures from the Swedish public home, in the past. Photo: Karl Erik Granath (above and bottom). Erik Holmén (middle).

The Social Democratic minister, Per Albin Hansson, coined the concept of the “Swedish People’s Home, Folkhemmet” already in 1928. Now the Västmanland County Museum displays an exhibition of nostalgic images from the public housing as it appeared in the middle of last century.


photo exhibition from the Nordic Museum is displayed in the Västmanland County Museum this summer. 135 pictures of the 1940s and 1960s living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, complemented by some typical items from the county museum’s own collections, offer a moment’s thoughtful nostalgia. The people’s home became widely known as a concept of Sweden in the decades of the 20th century, through social democratic politician Per Albin Hansson. He held a speech in 1928 where he used the word peoples house as a metaphor for Sweden to become a home for all the people who should be characterized by consensus and equality. It was a vision based on ideas of solidarity, equality and justice. Many social reforms were implemented in the following decades to improve people’s lives, and especially housing was important when Sweden was to be modernized. The misery would go away and the standard would be raised. During the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s



millions of healthy, bright and practical homes were built for all, using state loans. Residential areas were the place of opportunity and the eyes were aimed at the future. The good home had modern kitchens with electricity and bathroom with hot water and WC, living room for socializing, bedroom with wardrobes, shared laundry and sink. The Folkhemmets rum is an exhibition of 135 photographs from the Nordic museum collections. The pictures show housing ideals from the so-called folklore. The photographs show kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom during the period. They are taken by some of the most famous photographers of the time such as Gösta Glase, Karl-Heinz Hernried, Kerstin Bernhard, KW Gullers. Erik Holmén and Karl Erik Granath. The Västmanland County Museum complements the exhibition by displaying some period furniture and other items from museum collections and supplies. Some privately held private items will also be visible. The exhibition opened on April 21st and continues until August 19th. TEXT: Marie Tillman

Äkta Hälsoresor Mallorca 14 - 26 oktober

Även laktos- & glutenfri kost förstås!

• Vandringar • Cykelturer • Meditation • Core & Puls • Morgongympa foto: Jaak T. Arendi

• Danspass • Yoga & Qigong • Behandlingar • Kurser & föredrag • Sång, musik & dans

Kristjan Lootus Vi firar 10 års Roliga dans-

Charlotte Söderström Naturmedicinare

från Let´s Dance! härligt samarbete! & fyspass eller privatlektioner.

Maj Blom Hans Ericson Medicine Doktor Osteopat/ kinesiolog

Eva Bruce Färg & stil

Dalarna 5-9 september

Natursköna vandringar Aktiva hälsodagar i härlig miljö! Vandringar, mjukyoga, vattengym, matdemo & spakväll. Vi bor på First Hotel Tällberg i en stor blommande trädgård med utsikt över vackra ängar och sjön Siljan. Du kan välja längre vandringar eller färre vandringstimmar och en spännande matlagningskurs!

Mån-Fre Lör-Sön

Jul -Aug Sep -Apr Maj -Jun

10 -17 12 -17

10 -17 12 -18

10 -18 12 -18

“Mat för ett friskare liv” Louise Nilsgard - näringsterapeut, matskribent & utbildare, erbjuder kurs om “Den gröna maten” för bättre hälsa. Med rätt kost kan du bli piggare, gladare och få mer ork & energi!

www.halsoresor.se / 08-775 00 57

29:e året

7–15 juli 2018



MEDLEFORSPARKEN, SKELLEFTEÅ: 16 JUNI - 15 JULI 2018 REGI: RONNY DANIELSSON MEDLEFORSPARKEN I SKELLEFTEÅ, JUNI: 16/6, 19/6, 20/6, 21/6, 26/6, 27/6, 28/6, 29/6, 30/6, JULI: 1/7, 4/7, 5/7, 6/7, 7/7, 8/7, 11/7, 12/7, 13/7, 14/7, 15/7. REK. ÅLDER FRÅN 7 ÅR. FÖRKÖP: SKELLEFTEÅ TURISTCENTER 0910-45 25 15, NORDANÅ 0910-73 55 10, WWW.TICKSTER.COM WWW.VASTERBOTTENSTEATERN.SE

www.vasterbottensteatern.se @vasterbottensteatern

Måndag 18 juni kl 19.00 Renålandet Förbokning: 070-218 69 31

Tisdag 19 juni kl 19.00 Lövberga Bygdegårdsförening Förbokning: 070-200 57 73 Onsdag 20 juni kl 19.00 Tornvallen – Fyrås Förbokning: 070-533 98 64 Torsdag 21 juni kl 19.00 Bredbyns föreningshus Förbokning: 070-386 32 05 Tisdag 26 juni kl 19.00 Lyransgården – Fåker Förbokning: 072-204 49 45 Onsdag 27 juni kl 19.30 Hembygdsgården – Hammarstrand Förbokning: 070-325 46 54 Torsdag 28 juni kl 19.00 Haga – Brunflo Förbokning: 070-544 09 75 Fredag 29 juni kl 19.00 Folkets Hus – Ytterån Förbokning: 070-523 69 75 Lördag 30 juni kl 16.00 Hembygdsgården – Ramsele Förbokning: 073-839 25 35 Söndag 1 juli kl 18.00 Hembygdsgården – Norsjö Förbokning: 0918-77 20 90 Ta med egen stol till spelplatsen!


Den fantastiska resan till

The Good Old Days Hanna von Spreti

Claes Malmberg

Jan Malmsjö Eva-Lotta Bernst röm

Succéparet från CHARLEY´S TANT tillsammans igen!!

Samt ensemble & The Winston Trio

Jonsered Sommarteater En underbar utomhusteater vid Jonsered Herrgård & Trädgårdar Spelas 29/6-22/7

Biljetter: www.ticketmaster.se • Tel: 0771-70 70 70 Mer info: www.jonseredsommarteater.se


Karlskrona Culture Archipelago



Do you want to sunbathe on the roof of a bunker, look upon seagulls and ferries or swim to the tunes of bossanova? What does an old wooden roof have in common with the colours of the sunset, South African music, natural wine, sunbeds and beetles? If the answer is yes to the first question, you have the chance to find the answer to the second question in the Blekinge archipelago this summer.



une 30, Mjölnareholmen will be opened to the public. With its distinctive military history, it and the sister-island of Basareholmen included in the world heritage and is part of 56°15°. With innovation, art and culture, the world heritage will be opened to local people and tourists. MJÖLNAREHOLMEN

With history as a fund, the city and archipelago meet at Mjölnareholmen. This little isle of over three hectares comprises a magnificent gunpowder house, a small weight house and a guardhouse, a so-called corps de garde. The combined gun and defence tower located in the middle of the island is almost 300 years old. It was built to defend Karlskrona against attacks over the ice, as well as to minimize the risks associated with the handling of gunpowder previously manufactured in the city. The handling of the gunpowder was extremely risky, extensive safety measures were required. Objects or tools of iron were forbidden, instead they used wood, copper or bronze as materials and on the feet only felt or straw slippers. The roof itself is a so-called peace ceiling, which means that it can easily be removed in times of war to be armed with heavy artillery. When war management increased, the need for a building for weighing and packaging grew. This led to the construction of the smaller weight house. When the island was a military island, a guardhouse was built also. Inside the

gunpowder house are rows of thick wooden beams to be able to carry the upper floor’s weight on several tons. The distance between the beams is precisely measured after the height of a gunpowder barrel, as the barrel should be rolled between them during storage and handling. This summer, this enchanting island will revive. With a look forward and a foot in history, the island slowly transforms into an open and inviting place where both experiences and tranquillity coexist. Three nights a week, the summer theatre takes the stage to offer laughter, excitement and drama. During the summer, various music constellations will bring the audience along on trips through time and space, countries and sea, instruments and voices. The recurring music brunch offers a repertoire with everything from bossanova to Bach. In August when the sunset begin to creep down in hours, Sweden’s largest outdoor cinema hits its sails and shows films - all with the gunpowder house as a fund. For the younger there is always something to find. Our experience packages offer missions and thought riddles where nature, creativity and list will take you a good deal along the way. The program also includes children’s theatre, workshops for building dragons and circus tricks. For the whole family there are cubs and other games to borrow, or why not a lounge chair that you can put on your favourite cliff on the island or stroll away to rent a kayak? The food interacts with the archipelago’s elements, but the concept is also green and innovative. It’s going to be easy, whether you want to sit under a parasol at the cafe or buy a picnic basket and enjoy a show.


Sister to Mjölnareholmen is Basareholmen with its 29 smaller buildings. The island’s history testifies to a 300-year secret activity operated by the Armed Forces until 1986, when the island was closed again and left abandoned. Throughout the centuries, ammunition production has, among other things, been in the ten apterings workshops, and today there are bricks found in the grass that can be residues from fatal accidents. Basareholmen has played a role in history. In which hands did the ammunition that was produced on the island ended? How did they fill up the patroon shell with gunpowder and what working conditions did the 100 women and men who worked day and night? Today, Basareholmen faces a transformation aimed at becoming a center for international art and innovation. From being a closed and deserted place, the island opens up and takes its first steps towards being a place where you can experience, consider, learn and enjoy. Past, present and future united; History is narrated by objects from the past, but now we have the art, and the future will be created by learning from the two, and national and international works will be built site-specific on the island based on the conditions, limitations and innovation. Together we discover the soul of the place and reshape it. Welcome to Karlskrona Culture Archipelago!

TEXT: Anna Ekberg PHOTO: City of Karlskrona SVERIGEMAGASINET


2015-05-18 Med gott hantverk från grunden skapar vi många unika smakminnen från er grill.

Ändlös god smak!

Allt kött är noga utvalt och kommer ifrån den vackra Örserum och Gränna trakten. Titta in till oss och upplev en naturlig atmosfär av Hugos många, ändlöst goda charkprodukter. Får vi här fresta er med Hugos wienerkorv – en svensk grillklassiker! Besök oss: www.hugosschark.se och följ oss på facebook. Öppet: vardagar 09.00-18.00 lördagar 09.00-13.00 i juli söndagar 09.00-13.00

Örserum, Gränna Tel 0390-300 35



bo i underbar natur med utsikt över Siljan


80 stugor, 3‐6 bäddar, 21‐46m . Gångavstånd till Siljan och Rättviks centrum - med butiker, restauranger, bowlinghall och simhall. Golfbana 3 km. Många evenemang och aktiviteteter. Lågsäsongspriser t.o.m. v.24.

Öppet året om. Onlinebokning

www.stugby.se 0248-107 65

Read Sverigemagasinet in english at visitsweden.com

Sverige magasinet Sveriges STÖRSTA tidning

Biog·s Sert„o+100 Samarbete med lokal NGO

Socialt miljˆprojekt i Brasilien

Din vinst blir gl‰djen att bidra till hÂllbart liv fˆr familjerna i Brasilien och en global miljˆinsats

V‰lkommen att bidra med valfritt belopp


Biogas frÂn gˆdsel till spisen

gratis energi fˆr matlagning lÂter tr‰den st kvar mer tid fˆr odling b‰ttre h‰lsa i ett kˆk utan rˆk mer fritid fˆr barnen kvinnor fÂr mer egen tid b‰ttre ekonomi CO2-neutralt

om turism och nöjen

Bankgiro 246-2653 M‰rk: BGS100 Swish 123 197 19 02 M‰rk: BGS100 Orgnr. 556700-3354 Bengt Carlsson Tel. 070-265 12 90 www.bento50.se

Biofˆrgasare hos familjen Sales i Mucambo, Cear·-Brasilien

Inkomna pengar ˆverfˆrs frÂn Bento50 AB till CETRA utan annan kostnad ‰n bankavgifterna


Gamla Linköping Tidernas sommar 25/6-19/8 2018 Massor av familjekul varje dag!

013-12 11 10 • www.gamlalinkoping.info • www.facebook.com/gamlalinkoping


Oss hittar du mellan Västerås och Enköping. Butiken med allt från vintage till modern design. I vårt café kan du njuta av gofika och smarriga smörgåsar, samtidigt som du får inspiration till inredning och utemiljö. Galleriet erbjuder fina konstupplevelser under året.

Säsongen har startat!

Vårt galleri har många spännande utställare detta år. Nyfiken på att se vilka det ärvilka? Gå in på www.brobygard.se/galleri Välkomna att besöka oss under året!

Broby Gård Tillinge Broby Gård 2, 74594 Enköping www.brobygard.se Följ oss på facebook och instagram Öppet lör, sön kl 12-16, övriga tider bokning av grupper

Öppet: Juni - aug: månd - fred 11 - 17 lörd - sönd 11 - 15 Övriga året: Tisd - fred 12 - 17

Ett rikt material om 1900-talets störste sångare presenteras i en utställning. Man kan lyssna och se på Jussi, studera böcker och klipp. Försäljning av CD, DVD, böcker och minnessaker.

Kontakt: Tel: 0243-742 40. jussibjorlingmuseet@borlange.se Besöksadress: Borganäsvägen 25, Borlänge

www.borlange.se/jussibjorling info@rattviksknuten-massan.com Mobil: 070-652 89 78

Sitt och sov! Med Nyttadesigns Resekrage får du en skön sömn i sittande ställning. Resekragen som fått högsta betyg i test är tillverkad i mjuk ekologisk trikå och plysch. Den är fylld med boveteskal och väger cirka 400 gram. Kudden är unik eftersom du kan ändra volym och forma den med händerna efter ditt individuella behov och stöd. Häng den runt en rem eller stag så tar den ingen plats i väskan. Högsta betyg i Expressens (Allt om resor) test av resekuddar 2014 och 2016. 22 apr.


08-650 75 08 • info@nyttadesign.se

Fyra generationer kvinnor Succéroman av Anita Hammarstedt

Succéroman av Anita Hammarstedt Läs den spännande historien där vi får följa fyra kvinnor från tidigt 1800-tal och 150 år framåt. Deras öden blandas med Sveriges utveckling och historien utspelar sig i Sörmland och Stockholm. Christina föddes i Malmköping 1808 och fick sex oäkta barn. Hon var Anitas farmors mormors mor. Du beställer via AVH förlag www.avh-forlag.se eller via telefon till Anita (0709-820016) Förutom signering ingår en broschyr med foton bl a på verklighetens kvinnor.

ä •S Vintrosa • radsbäck ndhult • L Södertäl • Ljungby rästorp • U n d e nä s • rrhult • Hä veröd • Sa o G • E N • • rp • ll d a e to rp v g e x k n to aryd Stac em/A Möll • DalsLå elfors • Bro ta • Varnh estrand • /Knivsta • s g a Ig ll d • in å n d H u d rp s • e o s B e tt a o g V Harlösa • rkvik • Sky • Skännin våg • Greb Mantorp • rp • Horn rogen • Bjö ker • Vede gsdalen • to k å n s g rs n lå å o o in g V K im e im S • • d S • o g ng e • Vavd • a m n • Hö s • Knivsta kerum • G straHusby • Kristineh rp • Bollnä rånge • Hö k to m e a k rs klösa/ H e ro d • n /K a riestad • Ö A n n årde lfors • Ryc kilstu a lm s jöfors • o D E s K • • ik • y V m • lb u rg s A e rs u •G tteb terås um • • Kilafo • Jönåker äc k • H u s • Skinnska nder • Väs b a a a x ll ra x a a le Ö V V a • • • M n d • ik y b rv å • E n kö p • Boxholm g • Tindere tt na • Eds na • Väste axå • Svart karshamn L reryd • Bo • Eskilstu s • Ö i O v • s • ro d n b n e e s a d Å rr tt O ä d• r/Smedby • Tv arhy rg • • Östersta n • Kalma sta • Ridd bo • O x be g k a m c in a H u p • L rh ö k e a • d rr ft ö ta o Ä s pe r •N ans n•S o • Sjöto • Hjorted Kvarnvik • ckstad • R rp • Viska • rp la to t s B to ry il • s G tt re • ä rn o a K a T a• rlid a• nä s • • Nä ve k v gsjö • Öve an • Arbog mar • Ven lby • Ryds n tt m jö e y a R h M h k • • a e rr L jö rp o s • g N ga • Töreb Gryt • Nitto Väderstad bben • Bin Uppsala • re • Vinnin ågelfors • Vingåker • Timmerna y F • • • jm a l rg e e e rg R d b e • n a b e g n olm Tån • Ströms Ed e er • V • Katrineh bo/Sala • mersdala d e h e d e by • d d M ry im a T • ro • B rk rg a • n e r ri M b a a za ho l y• Å m me • BjörnöM • Olshamm aryd • Bru em/Ljungb g k lm h c n o a å h rg p B a e s • B id in T d • F • ry a jä o • Burse • Källsjö • mmaljung ästholmen e • Å by • S nten • Järb Hagsta • E R a s bo • H v • Kalling a • • k lö d y a ta re v ta li rb T S s u • te • g J y s ri • b a •Ö torp rge a•V rne • Dals hamn • Lim Arvidsjaur ibille • Bo a v • le d K s d n s • a ry ri a k S a G tr • g ru s • n ö b Ö li d • Ilsbo Karlholms Kulltorp • cken • Skil bro • Gräd nerödja • estaden • • Örsunds • O d e n s ba rj o ä ra F rb k d • Lu • å å F a m • d li hamn • Fin n a ll • Melleru ornås ed e s u ng a • G F a H v tå • • s s l ö s ik a å R d d s s • u m H ju Gri erst jö • ritsla Lysvik • L fors • And • Vallsta • llsjö • Väx a bod a • F ls r o m il e V v k m • å K E s a • • ä ik n N v rv y jä sele • Jä bolo • Lud ma r • U n b udiksvall • alis • Lans • Blatt nick Torpsham • Korpilom verum • H • d Ö n e • ta ik s rd rv lm rl å o a g te h s p K x ä • Midlan m •V • Bis la • Bo rs • Molko kellefteå • S Falkenberg • Götlunda fo • • m rn s m a ra å v K n lu k • a ra rt D • /Bjur åneT rillby ela • Hjo • Gunnarn ga • Balsjö Pello • Sk by h e d • G o rå g • n rb rb A rg ju A e • L • b • o s o k n rs m ksjö • Abis oga • Bore orp • Tjäll stavik • Trö k • Slussfo tstorp • E a • Karlsk ede • Hall Sysslebäc re d rn V • d a • y ä s b Å G n s • • le g ä ö o rn • Kälarn na elsb le • S en • H • K u ng s ö r akulla • D ranö • Gun n ga • Å m se G ro o m • B a rb • v h A ö e n • n rl m ä ti o a ll • Stj Kris a•F ne m lefteh n • S k og h a • Forshed lmsbruk • sund • Tra m o e lö a h k e h c rl x e a rä O ft K B • e • • ll y en ke ertor tt by • Knutb • Järnfors rvåla • Öv lsmark • S ju te tena • Bro ik v s s S k Ö • rg c • o a ä J d B d u • • ta R • jön ropen/Fju le • Önnes • Blidsberg • Nykvarn bruk • Ins ng • Å m s e Knutby • G ri • Nossebro ed • Hylte ä r • rr V y o • la m H a n s • k ja rä d ik •G rs • Gam • Ven y•N msta • Dalsjöfo all/Järpen emarsvik ttavaarab K å a e ld • N d a s g V • å y • lt B rs u d • ä h fors • •V by gsry yd • Lid oden • Bro una • Kram ngviksmon Tibro • Tin B å ir • • K /L e s • g å n rg a li e rs g o m rb ju k B d•S rls • He dlanda/Sö • Avesta • Piteå • Ry H o va • K a ByKyrkby m • • • e ru o rp n a s m to te e A ö rs n • G e y P • Tra lmhult • G rdaJohan k na • A ne b s ba c k e n • ndstorp • sterås • Ä Ulrika • U näs/Oden öteborgGå ä n • G ä /V e L • a it • n rg lp y s e il b L rå lb rs ste • Hallen • Til n na aulo • sele • Mön venstavik g • U m eå storp • Gu g S in n d • v n å T ll L ra a • • v b n x n ll a A a u o• de • F hätt isav torp • G kseleKatt rke • Troll Tanumshe kek • Virsb c ä • y ro L rb n /K e a • n d g t e ö a e L S d rd E • a• ge • lmå mla • Lilla vappavaara ulla • Vein ruksvallarn velsjö • Ko S k B a • a T • y l/ ro y b e b B d s • n å rs u d o a S ö T g Sorsele • ollerim • R n • Röstån kär • Stora /Norrala • rkalix • Vu Silverdale e • ro v b il Ö g k • å s • V k ik c • v ä rp n b skölds d • Tjörna • Storuma illa • Fiske ås • Huarö • Vindeln d o • Ra m kv in rb H te • ls a rö F Brålanda anöru n d • E ke säter • Sk Hamburgs mlandsNy

Vi finns där du

minst anar...

En liten station på landsbygden kan göra stor skillnad för bygden, det vet vi alla. Det möjliggörs tack vare att man gör sina tankningar på den lokala orten. Tillsammans kan vi på så sätt hålla hela Sverige levande. Tack för din lojalitet!





Vacations for both dog and dog owner Most dog owners, of course, want to bring their dogs on vacation and there are many options that suits both dog and dog owners. Here are some tips for the vacation to be a wonderful experience.


n order for both you and your dog to have a relaxed and enjoyable time together, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your holiday. Whether it’s a long trip to warmer countries or a major city holiday that’s in mind, you might want to plan for an alternative at home for your dog. Maybe a neighbour or good friend can fit your dog while you’re gone or the dog can live on a well-managed dog’s pension. But if you’re going to hang out at the cottage, wander in the mountains or camp in the summer, of course, your dog will have to hang out. TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG

If you go with your own car, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to walk your dog,

so do many stops along the way and make the tours as short as possible. Remember to never leave the dog in the car a hot summer day! If you are traveling by train, it may be good to be out in good time to get a place where pets are allowed. An increasing number of bus companies allow pets but the rules vary and can change quite quickly so do an extra check before you travel. STAY ACTIVE IN YOUR VACATION

Even if the dog may also need to relax during the holidays, they still like to do activities of different kinds. Hiking in the woods and fields is of course an excellent activity that is both relaxing and active at the same time. If you bring the tent it will be extra fun, dogs usually like to get together with their flock. You can also go on a course with your dog. Perhaps you want to try out dog sports like

agility or nose work or just have a better obedience. Clubs within the Swedish Kennel Club and various private companies organize courses and camps during the summer. IF YOUR DOG RUNS AWAY

Make sure you and your dog are registered at Animal ID.se - the Swedish Kennel Clubs Ownership register. If your dog runs away, it’s easy to get around when the dog is registered. More travel tips can be found at: www.skk.se/resamedhund

TEXT: Måns Engelbrektsson PHOTO: Malin Lindholm




– Gör tovutredning till ett rent nöje med ett resultat som varar! b b a n s er p u S • ! d i t k tor r a r e r a p e R s! l • ä p d a d a l l sk e n o ti p e c x e r e •G ! s n a l g i











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BokkNikk – den smarta arbetsbocken

BOKKNIKK är en svensk uppfinning som är lätt, smidig och snabb att montera. Med två bockar och lite standardvirke (45x95mm) får du på några sekunder en färdig arbetsplats att använda. Se våra filmer och beställ på bokknikk.se

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Psst! Klockan med 7 utseenden åter i lager

Dammode med det lilla extra Vi erbjuder 2-Biz, Avet Lingerie, Ilse Jacobsen Zerres, Joseph Ribkoff, Masai, Elton, Signature, Dranella, MODES Stockholm mfl.


Storlek 36–48 Vardagar 11-18, Lördagar 11-15 Stationsgatan 4, 172 68 Sundbyberg 08-29 66 80, butiken@boutiquesurprise.se Instagram & Facebook www.boutiquesurprise.se

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Caravan Club är en ideell förening för alla Klubben bildades 1958 och har idag fler än 30.000 medlemsfamiljer. Grunden för verksamheten är ett aktivt fritids- och friluftsliv med många aktiviteter, omfattande träffverksamhet, utbildningar, teknisk rådgivning mm. Caravan Club är dessutom Sveriges största privata campingplatsägare med campingplatser från Vindeln i Västerbotten till Sturkö i söder.

CARAVAN CLUB OF SWEDEN Föreningen med familjen i centrum. Tel 019-23 46 10

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DRÖMMER DU OM ATT SE AFRIKAS BIG 5? Följ med oss på safari och få en upplevelse för livet! Vi skräddarsyr safariresor till Afrika, och vår specialitet är östra Afrika. I Tanzania bor du på våra egna bekväma tältcamper som ligger i de djurrikaste delarna av Serengeti. Kombinera gärna safarin med avkopplande sol och bad på Zanzibar, Pemba Island eller Seychellerna. Vi har även resor till bland annat Kenya, Uganda, Sydafrika, Botswana och Madagaskar. Läs mer på kenzantours.se/afrika. Ella Johanson Rustad är ansvarig för Kenzan Tours resor till Afrika. Hon hjälper dagligen resenärer att uppfylla sina drömmar om att åka på safari. – För att våra kunder ska få se så mycket som möjligt av Afrikas fantastiska djurliv har vi egna camper i Serengeti. Camperna flyttas under året enligt djurens migration genom parken. På så sätt ökar chanserna att få se många vilda djur, oavsett när under året man åker dit. Vi sätter också ihop safaripaket med flera olika parker i norra Tanzania så att man får se ett varierat djurliv. Det unika med Kenzan Tours safariresor är också att kunderna, i samråd med guiden, styr över dagarna med safari. Om de vill ha en heldag med djurskådning eller ta en lunchpaus på campen, det bestämmer de själva. En safari är ett oförglömligt äventyr, och vi vill att fler ska få uppleva det.

Vill du veta mer om våra safariresor till Afrika, ring eller mejla mig så berättar jag mer. Tel: 021-18 16 17 Email: ella@kenzantours.se



For those who are not attracted by chrome-blistering classic cars, there are amazing natural experiences to enjoy in Essunga.


– a nostalgic experience with lovely sceneries Those who long back to the 50’s want to relive the 60’s and remember the 70’s must visit the Essunga municipality. Here you pass by Retrovägen and there are plenty of well-preserved sights in magnificent scenery along Nossan.


long the 10-mile long river Nossan lays Essunga municipality, the central location center is Nossebro. Here you will find amazing scenery throughout the municipality. Many exciting events attract a large number of visitors each year. Small scale is the strength of the municipality - here is it always close to everything. RETRO NOSSEBRO

From north Gothenburg and up to Skaraborg, road 190 runs, which is also known as Retrovägen. In the middle of this beautiful stretch you find the retro attractions diamond, Nossebro in Essunga municipality, where you can enjoy the well-preserved cultural heritage from three decades - both the interior and exterior of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In addition to a well-preserved old electrical shop from 1969, there is a unique, contemporary three-room apartment “Second Floor”, an



old fire tower, a station house, a cinema, cafés and eateries with a nice retro piece. ENGINE SATURDAY

Nossebro Engine Saturday is arranged in the middle of central Nossebro the first Saturday in June. One day for all retro and motorcars. Everyone is welcome: Veteran cars, veteran tractors, A tractors, motorcycles and mopeds, brand clubs, and more. Here is also the sales knot for retro or motor, such as car dealers, retro clothes and other veteran sales.

Music entertainment, retro race and various kinds of minirace enhance the mood during the enginesaturday. POPULAR MARKETS

Nossebro boasts Sweden’s oldest and largest monthly market “Nossebro Market” with 543 marketplaces and 100,000 visitors per year. Ever since 1903 the merchant have returned here the last Wednesday of the month. We have different theme markets at the event tent from March to November, with a wide range of products. The day before the market in June and August, can you attend all singer evenings along Nossan’s beautiful edge, and if you want to spend the night here, our campsite is next door. Another type of market that is organized twice a year is the Veteran Market. Here you will find everything from car parts to retro stuff. This is arranged the last Saturday in April and August. TEXT: Charlotte Lindmark PHOTO: City of Essunga

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matt linoljefärg inomhus för naturligt vackra rum ”Äntligen en linoljefärg för inomhusbruk som varken är hälsoskadlig eller miljöfarlig! Med linolja som bindemedel är vår matta linoljefärg ett naturligt och hållbart val. För en sund inomhusmiljö, fri från plast. Färgen fäster på de flesta underlag och ger en tålig och vacker yta.”

l ä s m e r p å w w w. o t t o s s o n f a r g . c o m












Ditt ekonomiska stöd betyder mycket för att våra bidragssökande barn och vuxna skall orka kämpa för ett friskare liv. 1976















Sveriges Cancersjukas Riksförbund (SCR) Barksväg 14 nb • Box 7107 • 170 07 Solna Telefon 08 – 31 82 05 • Fax 08 – 32 07 60 Hemsida www.cancersjukasriks.se E-post info@cancersjukasriks.se Org nr 802006 – 7602


Bankgiro 5140 – 2352 • Plusgiro 302852 – 9







Anna Jansson

Full speed ahead for the queen of crime Anna Jansson constantly has four balls in the air: A new thriller with Maria Wern, a new feel-good novel with hairdresser Angelika Lagermark, a new juvenile book with Maria Werns fictional son Emil and the fourth ball we call “the rest of life”. This year she also publishes with five books. The question “how do you manage to do everything?” has never been more justified.


he author Anna Jansson, has so far published fifty books in sixteen countries and sells in million editions. She is also behind the TV success of detective inspector Maria Wern, which has been exported to over twenty countries. At the moment, eight new episodes are produced, and of course, Anna is involved in the scripting work. And in addition to writing at least three books a year, she keeps guided tours of Visby in the summer, travels around the country and makes author visits to schools, holds lectures and writes books on ethics. Sverigemagasinet meets Anna for a conversation about how to get enough time for everything. – My secret is to always be one hundred percent focused on what’s right now. I make lists of what lies ahead of me, and divide things into three levels; what cannot wait, what should be done quite soon, and what just as well can wait. My dad did the same thing, and it’s surely from him I’ve got the property to not stress but do one thing at a time - and do it right! But I’m still amazed at the pace you hold. Most would be exhausted over half of what you do - and then we have not even mentioned time with your family and your own time. - It is certainly true that everyone would not like to have such a structured existence as I have, but it has always worked for me. Before I started writing full-time, I worked as a nurse for twenty-five years, and of course it is extremely important to always have a good plan

of what is going to happen. But I try to always take an hour’s walk in the forest each day, and then Mondays are holy. Then I socialize with the grandchildren and enjoy it to one hundred percent.

You have a carefully planned schedule for what to do about the days. Is it the key to getting everything together? - Yes, in a way. I mean to do one thing at a time and do it properly, that’s probably the smartest tip I can give. Trying to focus on exactly what you do. You are also involved in the marketing around your authorship. Certainly there are many writers who gladly would like to skip it to put all the strength on the writing.

Your website is called thriller.se. You must have decided early on what you wanted to work with, because I estimate it’s a sought after domain. - Yes, maybe you can believe that, but I actually got it from my husband in conjunction with my first contract for my debut novel. So you can say that at least he was absolutely sure what my existence would be like.

- I have time to do that too. I would probably say that I have a high rate of work after twenty-five years as a nurse. It was really just a matter of transferring it to being a writer. For seven years, I also worked double as a nurse and author. - Something that is extremely important to me is also to plan in time to do nothing. To create space to relax. My forest walks are extremely important to me. Partly, I get fresh air and an opportunity to exercise. But the silence and calm also create excellent opportunities to think about things I want to write about. - I usually start the days with a writing pass, and then I pause after a few hours for a walk. Then I usually think about what I’ve written and make changes or additions or maybe an idea of how the story will continue. Can you really hold it in your head until you come back? - I usually do that. And as soon as I get home I write it in my notebook. Without that it would have been a little messy. I write down everything in it, both about the book I’m writing for the moment and ideas about story’s to other books. All I do not do now gets into the SVERIGEMAGASINET


Literature notebook so I don’t have to worry about things to do later. - It was my dad who taught me to do lists. He was also a pretty confused person and wrote lists of everything that would be done. Priority 1 was something that goes wrong immediately if you don’t do anything. Priority 2 was something that could wait a little while without that everything went to the woods, and Prio 3 was the one that could wait a while, or maybe not even necessary to do at all. I do the same, and it has proved to be a great system for me too! - I have a list for each day. I actually wrote a small poem, perhaps the best I’ve been written: “The long list of life ends with a coffin.”

thor. The idea that sooner or later I would be touched and revealed as cheating. Partly because I have had difficulty spelling since school time. Fortunately, spelling has nothing to do with whether you can tell a story. Correcting spelling mistakes can always be done, but if the story is not good then you guaranteed to be revealed sooner or later. - Next year will be the twentieth anniversary of Maria Wern, so now I think I can call myself a writer! How is your relationship with Maria Wern? Do you still like each other after twenty years?

You will publish five books from your three series this year. With such a large production, it must be important that you write very little wrong? That you find the right track and right language all the time, no matters what kind of book you are working with. - Partly, I have a fairly high pace when I write, and then my editor and my publisher usually process the text. Often, I have to rewrite a lot, because I have a lot of confidence in their ability and listen to their opinions. I even changed killer in a book when the book was finished, after advice from my publisher. I have calculated that, on average, I rewrite about a book seven times before printing. This means that a book takes about eight hundred hours on average. - Having a publisher and editor that you trust is extremely important to me, because it’s quite private and personal to write. Without them, my job would have been infinitely more difficult, and I’m grateful that I have them with me on this trip. -I have worn out some editors and publishers over the years, but always had the opportunity to connect new contacts that help me further in my writing. - When I start a new scripting work, I lock the door with my and my editor on the inside, and when wee come out a few hours later are we completely ruddy and exhausted. It s not easy, and must take all the energy required. That’s when you reaches the finishline and the story really gets as good as it ever can be. Many who work in creative professions suffer from the feeling that they will soon be revealed. That someone should come and say: stop messing around, you have just madfe all that up. You don’t know what you’re doing!. - Exactly I felt so very long. It took quite a few books before I dared call me the au-



And thus risking that it would never come out, in case your readers would abandon you and there were no more books! -Exactly! I realized that in that case I have to be berried with my secret. Or maybe insert a small advertisement in the magazine where I tell you! What does the future look like for Maria and your other characters? - In May I publish a new youth book with Emil Wern, it will be called Lotterifusket. In fall comes the next feel-good book about hairdresser Angelika Lagermark who, in addition to the work at the salon, work as marriage broker in Visby. She brings people together whom she thinks should be cut at the same time. – Then comes an audiobook with a recap that is not found in the books about Maria Wern. “Death is always true it’s named. What do you experience is the biggest difference between writing for children and for adults?

Anna Jansson in one of the cozy alleys of her beloved Visby. Photo: Marianne Westerlund.

- To me, she is an ideal friend. I have shaped her as she is so I can stand out with her over time. One question I often get is if Maria is my alter ego, but it is not. She is not me, she is herself. - Maria is calm and thoughtful, while I’m considerably more impulsive and spontaneous. For example, when I write, I refuse to have a detailed synopsis, where everything is basically clear from the start. I do a kind of sketch in very rough terms, and work from there. That’s because I love excogitate. That the story grows at the same moment as it happens in my head. – On the other hand, I figured out some things about Maria, which I planed would appear much later. For example, it is revealed in book fifteen that her mother had borderline and was mentally ill. This means that Maria constantly has to guard her own private border so as not to be totally exploited by other people. There is a sort of black shadow over the fourteen first books, and then I told you what it was about. It is quite brave. That such big thing around the characters is revealed first in the fifteenth book. -I have repeatedly asked myself when I would reveal it, but I realized that I dared to write one more book and keep the secret.

-It’s absolute that you cannot fool kids! If they do not think it’s good, they stop reading, so simple is it actually. It is both liberating and a bit dramatic at the same time. You will immediately find out if what you wrote is good or bad. And is it bad then it goes out! -I am often out visiting schools and talking to children, and that is a great help. It is important to know how children think and express themselves when I’m writing to children. -I was actually a detective myself as a child. We sneaked around Visby and spied on people and we even made spontaneous searches in homes with unsuspecting people. I was monitoring Visby’s inner city. And we managed without being detected. Even when we sneaked in to people to see if they had hide stolen goods somewhere. Did you already know then that it was a deck writer you would be? - No, I had absolutely no idea not before we got a computer in the late 1990s. Then I started writing and discovered quite quickly how fun it was to sit and come up with stories. And it is still. I think every day it’s a great luxury and a blessing that I’m allowed to work with something that I think is so amazingly fun. TEXT: Tony Manieri PHOTO: Anna-Lena Ahlström

Literature Sverigemagasinet is publishing an excerpt from Anna Jansson’s novel ’The Woman on the Bench’ in agreement with Norstedts Agency.

The Woman on the Bench Prologue 600 C.E. The mist rises from the ground like smoke out of a boiling cauldron. The white veils thicken and make the heath seem almost otherworldly. The air is thick with the scent of thyme and soil moist from the rain that stopped as suddenly as it started. The ancient clinkstone appears in the light of the full moon. Around the sacrificial stone, there is a group of women, gathered there for counsel. They carry snakes in their hands just like their sisters on the islands to the south. The snake is the symbol of the mother goddess. The symbol of sisterhood. The mother goddess’ peace is threatened. The peace that brought life to the acres and an abundance of fish to the waters. The peace that made trade blossom and gave time for games, singing, and dancing. Blood has been shed over the dried vegetation of the heath. After the arrival of the male warrior gods, death and devastation have followed. They slaughtered the people of the ram with ax and sword to make them accept the true faith. But the mind is free, and no one can know which god or goddess you worship with your heart. The women are gathered this rainy night on Laikarhaid, the heath of death and wargames, to honor the mother goddess. Rainwater has gathered in the stone’s four ceremonial cup marks. The priestess approaches the stone through the herd, her snow-white hair looking like a halo in the moonlight, and splashes the gathered people with the holy water. The snakes are let down onto the ground. They won’t hurt their protectors. They will dance to the dull beats pulsating through the ground when the priestess thumps her staff against the clinkstone, uniting the sky god and mother goddess in harmonious tones. The singing rises, strong and clear. The rhythm seizes them. Fills their bodies with life. Veiled by the mists, in circles like snakes, rocking back and forth like the ocean they dance to the rhythm until they fall down from exhaustion. Now when their minds are open it is time for counsel. The priestess drinks the last bowl of the holy water and looks at her sisters. She meets each and everyone’s eyes. ”The will of the mother goddess is accordance, reconciliation, and a strive for the common good. We have lived by this will for several thousands of years. Now the circumstances have changed. Time and time again we have been wronged. A will to negotiate has been taken as a sign of weakness. Benevolence as stupidity. Our sons have been murdered and our women violated. The old have been robbed of their belongings. Therefore is the question I am asking you tonight crucial.” The whispered conversations stop. It is silent. ”Do we have the right to take a life that the mother goddess has created? Is that compatible with our faith?” A low murmuring begins as the question is being discussed. The priestess waits patiently and listens to each and every opinion in turn. ”What do you think?” says an old woman from Tingstäde who has

seen both sons and daughters die from starvation and disease after their farm was burnt down. ”Up until now it has been unthinkable – but we have reached the point where we have to make a decision. My belief is that we will disappear if we don’t defend ourselves with whatever means we have. We can’t beat them physically. We have no weapons – the only thing we have is knowledge. What we know about healing herbs and poisonous plants can no one take away from us. But they will try. I see a future where our sisters will be burnt at the stake.” The startled women cry out. ”I have decided on voting instead of leaving it to chance by drawing lots. We alone are responsible for what we decide tonight, a decision that will affect our sisters for a long time. We can’t put the responsibility for our human shortcomings in the mother goddess hands by leaving the decision to her. ”The priestess waits until she has their full attention again. ”Who here say that we get justice ourselves when there is no other way?”

1 Midsummer had arrived with the sun in tow. Julia had bought a rose but hadn’t visited the remembrance garden where her mother’s ashes had been buried. It was a place with too many souls. Instead, she walked to the bench by the Palisades at the ringed wall surrounding the city. The sun made the green grass seem almost fluorescent. Maddeningly beautiful. She had never seen the light reflected like that before. She had stopped next to the bench where her mother was supposed to wait for her so long ago. The bench was empty, just like it was then. She laid the rose down on the green seat. Mommy, I want to go the playground! Go ahead, dear. I have a bad headache. I’ll wait for you here on the bench. The playground was situated in the old, dried up moat. She had been swinging high and wild, singing songs she made up herself, and then fallen off the swing and hit her head. With eyes blinded by blood, the child, meaning her, had crawled up the moat screaming. But mommy wasn’t on the bench. Even though she had promised. The feeling of total abandonment had hit her as a child. Now when she was a grown woman standing by the bench it all came back to her. There was no white bird, no sun or warm breeze that could be a sign that her mother was there with her. Her mother had whispered to her at the hospital. The dead contact the living in other ways. She had never dared to sit down on the bench by the wall as a child. Never ever. It was the bench where you could disappear. Just like mom. It was now, midsummer eve, that Julia had decided to leave Paul. Things had to change or she would break down. Julia moved the rose aside, gathered some courage and sat down on the damp bench. For the first time. The feeling that something magical might happen was there – like a vague promise. Was this bench a door to another life? Was she going to disappear? But nothing happened, and she sat there until her cell phone rang. The display told her it was Paul. She steeled herself and didn’t answer, even though she knew he would be furious. He was probably waiting for her at her place. He had taken the spare key against her will, and when she had asked to get it back he had just laughed at her. There was nowhere she could be safe, no protection. She had to come up with a strategy to get out of the relationship. Julia went for a long walk until she knew that Paul had gone to the bar with his friends. They had made a reservation for 8 o’clock. Instead of going home when the coast was clear she went to the Palisades, back



Literature to the bench, to regain the sense of courage and power to change things. And then something remarkable happened. The bench wasn’t empty. There was a woman dressed as a priest sitting there in an open Adidas jacket over the shirt with the white collar. She wore jeans. Instead of a cross, she had a large key around her neck. The priest had bright, wavy hair and was at least ten years younger than Julia. She looked friendly and curious. The large blue eyes were shaped like funny crescents and the full lips were working their way through an ice cream cone that was melting in the sunlight. Her face was familiar. She had been in the newspapers recently. The young priest moved over and gestured to Julia that she was welcome to join her. They sat there in silence for a while before they started making small talk. In order to not have to talk about herself, Julia asked questions about how what being a priest was like. How long does the education take? What does the work entail? They talk about confidentiality. A priest’s confidentiality is absolute and eternal, even if it concerned murder. Julia compared it to the confidentiality she had as a social worker. ”What happens if someone comes to you and confesses to a murder, can’t you testify in court then?” ”I would be fired if I broke my confidentiality, but that isn’t the most serious consequence. I am bound by my promise to God forever.” ”And if you stopped believing in God?” The priest smiled as if the just the thought of it was ridiculous. ”If so, it is still a promise made to the person talking to me.” The conversation ended up being about Julia anyway after a while. The priest, who was called Alva, got the official story, and perhaps a bit more. Declining to answer questions is also an answer. Before Alva got up to leave she put her hand on Julia’s arm. ”You are welcome to come to the rectory at Lärbro, it is where I work. We can make an appointment if you want to meet again and talk. But feel free to come unannounced if you want to. I’ll be waiting for you.” ”You don’t have to listen to my misery just because you are a priest.” ”That’s not the case at all. I would like to see you again.” Julia stayed until it started getting dark. Loud and drunk midsummer celebrants in bright clothes passed her by on their way downtown. The priest had been sitting on her mother’s bench. Was she a guide? It was obvious that she understood that there were things that Julia didn’t want to tell her, difficult things that had to be told in confidentiality. A confession. There was guilt involved. It wouldn’t leave Julia alone. It was almost there, weighing her down, like an anchor that was constantly pulling her to the bottom. She hadn’t told anyone. The guilt had poisoned her life. As soon as she was happy about something she would ruin it on purpose. She wasn’t worthy of any happiness. Not after what she’d done.

2 The doorbell rang on midsummer day’s morning. When Julia opened she stood face to face with Paul who was standing there with a large bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne, and a stuffed bag of groceries. His way of saying sorry for what had happened the day before when they were fighting before Julia left. They ate herring and potatoes, and strawberries with whipped cream. He was happy and told her funny anecdotes from the night before when one of the guys had been hitting on one of the waitresses and got turned down. When Paul told stories, he was always explaining things in an overly simple way. It was probably needed when he and his friends were drunk, but Julia found it to be a bit too much. Paul really made an effort to be charming, as if he knew that she was about to break up with him. After they had finished eating, he did the dishes and oiled the lock to the squeaking door to the storage area, without



being asked to. She doubted she had made the right decision now. He could be really cuddly and considerate at times, and she didn’t want to be alone. Holding hands, they walked along the shoreline later that evening and then had a glass of white wine at a restaurant. It was nice. Paul once again raised the question if they shouldn’t be living together for real again like they had before they moved to the island. ”It was so nice living together. We belong together, Julia. You know that.” The room felt damp and warm when Julia woke up on Monday morning. The windows where slowly being covered by condensation. The window was closed as Paul wanted it. Julia carefully removed his arm, that was resting heavily on her naked body, and slowly dragged herself out of bed. She sneaked her way into the bathroom and closed the door without making a sound. She had had to pee for the last hour but hadn’t dared to move. Paul was a light sleeper at dawn. It was relieving to finally going to the bathroom. She didn’t dare to flush, as it might wake him up. She closed the lid to the toilet silently, stood by the mirror and let the brush go through the long hair. Her curls were tangled after last night uneasy sleep. She pulled and tugged until her eyes filled with tears. The brushed her tangled hair until the tuffs came loose and she lowered the brush and looked at herself in the mirror. The fluorescent lights threw dark shadows on her face beneath the eyebrows and nose. The large grayblue eyes hurt from lack of sleep. Her skin was pale. Her white arms and legs were spotted by bruises. His irritation over her not wanting to move in together had turned into anger. If she had tried to escape it would only have been worse. Nothing was badly hurt except for her self-esteem. Now he was lying there in the dim bedroom – easily disturbed and incalculable. She had to be very quiet. Not dropping anything or flush the toilet. Not take a shower, even though she needed to, before going to work. She carefully opened the bathroom cabinet and took a couple of face cloths. She turned on the faucet slowly. The water was cold. She washed her armpits and underneath the breasts quickly. Took a new face cloth. Dabbed carefully. It stung like fire after the thrusts into her dry sex. She looked at herself in the mirror. Once, in another life, she had been a model. Julia sucked her cheeks in and opened her eyes wide to try to remember what she used to look like. She pulled the curly hair to one side and let it fall over her shoulder and on to her bare breast like the painting of Venus standing in her seashell. She now realized that she looked like her mother. A somber memory from her childhood joined with the reflection. They were at the hospital. A dark circle of people was standing around the sick bed. The sun was blazing through the half-open window and made the nurse’s close shine blindingly bright in the light. The dust motes in the air danced like small pieces of light. A claw-like hand had searched for her hand and grabbed her wrist over the light blue hospital blanket. Now it was grabbing her soul instead and pressed it so hard that Julia lost her breath. The sense of missing her mother was within her and it felt like it physically hurt her when she faced her reflection. It really was another face she was seeing. An aged face, but still very beautiful. Julia wiped the mirror glass with her hand to make the illusion that wanted to push her over the edge. Pull her away from reality. The image remained when she lowered her hand. The woman in the mirror demanded something from her. Demanded that she remain even though she wanted to go through the glass, cut herself on it and enter the world of the dead. I can’t take it any longer, mom. Live your life, Julia. We’ll see each other again on the other side when the time has come. Where are you going, mom? The child had asked.

Literature To a place close to you. When you feel the breeze on your face it’s me breathing. When the sun warms you it’s my caress. When you see a white bird up high in the sky, it’s me watching over you. My love for you won’t end. It is with you forever. It was a pathetic fairytale she had carried inside of herself. But it was true in one sense. Only a thin veil separated the living from the dead. After Julia had started flushing the psychopharmaceutic medicine that made her senses dull and made her gain weight last week, the boundary had become increasingly thin. There was an irresistible appeal to death and to the state of mind where she could get in touch with her anger, impulsivity, and strength. It was only here, in the lukewarm land called reality that she was Paul’s prisoner. In death and madness, she was free. Julia had been discovered as a teenager and had been hired as a model for a small fashion magazine. She had been thin, almost skinny, with curly red hair that reached her waist. Her hair color brought with it the pale, white skin she hated. Then she had been offered another job. The pay was better if she showed more skin. She had shaved off all visible body hair so that her legs were covered in cuts and her sex raw and sensitive. They had told her she was beautiful that way. She never could see it herself. When she realized what the contract really said, and that she had been fooled by flattery and promises of succeeding as a model in a larger, foreign fashion magazine, she was stuck and could see no way out. But that wasn’t the reason she had cut her copper red hair and dyed it black. It was to hide something else, something much worse. Later, a year or two after the terrible thing had happened, she had met Paul. She moved with him to Stockholm – supposedly to study, but in reality, she hadn’t studied all that much. Paul liked to go out partying and did drugs occasionally. Julia had also tested. When she was twenty-six years old she was already spent. Sick and alone. Paul had left her as soon as she had problems and she had no family to lean on. But she had come back. She had finished resumed her studies and barely graduated to become a social worker. After a couple of longer temporary posts in Stockholm, she had moved back to the island and started working at the department of elder affairs. Paul had followed her and moved to the island as well, and now, more than ten years later she was at his mercy again. Paul, who had dumped her when her anxiety was at its worst, had looked her up once she was feeling better again. Like a recurring nightmare. She should definitely have known better than to let him be a part of her life again. But her strength evaporated as his will was so much stronger than hers. When he was loving and caring. She should have learned from the women she met in her job when she was working with families and women who chose a bad and dangerous relationship before loneliness. Those with broken wills, those who weren’t brave enough. Like her. Julia felt like a hypocrite every time she encouraged someone to gather courage and rapport it to the police. But talking to the priest had given her strength. Paul had to get out of her life.

Veganchoklad – smakar och gör gott! För dig som bryr dig lite extra. Allt fler upptäcker vår naturligt goda veganchoklad.

40 g Veganchoklad, finns i två smaker.


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Vi tillverkar klassiska stilmöbler.

Välkommen att besöka vår utställning eller hemsida för inspiration!

Lyckopenningen är ett tidlöst smycke som sålts till förmån för Synskadades Riksförbund sedan 1912. En uppskattad gåva för lycka i livet till studenten, dopet, födelsedagen eller bästa vännen. Finns i silver, förgyllt silver eller guld och kan fås med namn- och datumgravyr. Beställ på lyckopenningen.se eller ring 08-39 90 70. Åmells Möbler i Gnesta AB, Marielundsgatan 12, 646 34 GNESTA Hemsida: www.amells.se E-post: info@amells.se Telefon: 0158-13850 Öppettider: Vardagar 10-17, Lördagar 11-15, Söndagar & helgdagar stängt

BokkNikk – den smarta arbetsbocken

BOKKNIKK är en svensk uppfinning som är lätt, smidig och snabb att montera. Med två bockar och lite standardvirke (45x95mm) får du på några sekunder en färdig arbetsplats att använda. Se våra filmer och beställ på bokknikk.se

Högbo Pensionat Välkomna till det lilla nybyggda pensionatet med 8 dubbelrum i lantlig och avkopplande miljö


500m från Högbo Bruk GPS koordinater: N 60. 66803 E 16. 80144.


GRUVMUSEUM skommarsgarden.se Tel 070-555 83 01 Helena & Lennart hälsar er hjärtligt välkommna!

Ont i ö r o n e n när du flyger?

Välkommen att besöka den nya utställningen men att besöka den nya utställningen i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas uset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas och gruvägarnas historia är Välkommen att besöka den och nyasägner utställningen någraoch teman i utställningen. vägarnas historia sägner är i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas eman i utställningen. och gruvägarnas historia och sägner är FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO:

några teman i utställningen. vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se


Köp EarPlanes!


Välkommen att besöka den nya utställningen i Stenhuset i Ädelfors. Bergsbruk, arbetarnas och gruvägarnas historia och sägner är några teman i utställningen.

Tryckutjämnande öronproppar Finns a Apotek på utvald latser och Flygp

FÖR ÖPPETTIDER OCH MER INFO: vetlanda.museum@vetlanda.se


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HYR UT DIN STUGA MED OSS Tryggt – Enkelt – Betalning i förskott – Skattefritt upp till 50 000:-

info@stugsommar.se www.stugsommar.se 020-625625

Clinic Strömstad Estetisk plastikkirurgi

HAR DU FUNDERAT PÅ ETT PLASTIKKIRURGISKT INGREPP? Välkommen till den trygga kliniken med patienten i fokus. Hos oss träffar du alltid kirurgen personligen och kan diskutera dina önskemål och möjligheter. Du kan välja att komma på konsultation i Strömstad, Skara, Moss i Norge eller i Stockholm. Om du väljer att operera dig hos oss i Strömstad kan du stanna över natten i vacker och avstressande skärgårdsmiljö.

www.clinicstromstad.se | 0526 667 60 | 08 33 82 80


The shopping and restaurant street in central Torrevieja is next to the lovely beach of Playa del Cura. What could be better than to enjoy an ice cream when the glittering afternoon sun reflects in the Mediterranean?

The dream of Spain

TEXT: Tony Manieri PHOTO: Terese Svensson

Many people dream of a separate small accommodation somewhere where the sun always shine and you can enjoy summer nights all year round. Maria Johansson Cruz got it with her family: A change from a climate where it mostly rain, blow and are freezing cold against Torrevieja in Spain and over three hundred days of sunshine a year.


verigemagasinet meets Maria Johansson Cruz, broker at Rosaleda Real Estate in Torrevieja, for a conversation about the essentials of life. - A big difference between Sweden and Spain in terms of work is that you live in Sweden to work while living down here,� says Maria. Work is something you do to create the best possible conditions for a comfortable life with those you loves. What does the typical house buyer look like? - Previously, you have often bought a home abroad as an investment object, but it has changed. Today, many come here to invest their health and well-being. Instead of buying a summerhouse in Sweden you can buy something nice down here with three hundred days of sunshine a year!



- Rosaleda is not a big brokerage company, but we have accumulated great knowledge and a wealth of experience over the years in Spain. We are always making every effort to ensure that both sellers and buyers are satisfied with a house business. Most important is that both our customers and we feel that there is enough time for everyone to be satisfied. It does not have to go fast, the important thing is that it will be right. - Over the years we have built a very large network of everything from craftsmen and architects to banking contacts - we can help in every way. Today we are stronger than ever and see a bright future - both for us and for our customers! Which are the biggest differences between living in Sweden or in Spain? - The tempo is completely different down here. Everything does not go right after the clock, and sometimes it may have consequences that are not used to at home. For example, if

you have booked a time at the bank at a certain time, you will probably be there at that time. But then it may well happen that the bank woman meets you in the door and announces that she will go out and have a cup of coffee first. - It may feel very awkward at the beginning, but in the long run you feels better from living in an environment with less stress and focusing on the essentials of life. As coffee, for example, Maria Johansson Cruz adds with a laugh. - It may take some time to adapt, but you fell well in the long run. Take a step back, take a deep breath and let the stress flowing away from you. -The buses down here go for example every twenty minutes - but you do not know which twenty minutes. The only thing you can be sure of is that you do not have to wait any longer than that. There is another way of thinking, a way of life that is not always controlled by the clock. - You live in the present. And I love it!

Solen och Nordstjärnan OPÉRA-BALLET POUR LOUIS XIV ET CHARLES XII VADSTENA SLOTT · 20 JULI – 8 AUGUSTI Musikalisk ledare: Dan Laurin · Regi och koreografi: Karin Modigh


Biljtter: vadstena-akademien.org

Den bekväma vägen till Tyskland och Finland

Kapellskär–Åland–Nådendal Malmö–Travemünde

Res lugnt och skönt med oss på Finnlines. På våra båtar kan du ta med dig allt du behöver. Packa bilen full och följ med oss till Tyskland eller Finland. Välkomna ombord.


Profile for Sverigemagasinet

Sverigemagasinet issue no 5 2018  

Sverigemagasinet is published 10 times a year and is distributed through visiting organizations, municipalities and tourist agencies through...

Sverigemagasinet issue no 5 2018  

Sverigemagasinet is published 10 times a year and is distributed through visiting organizations, municipalities and tourist agencies through...


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