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Voted the best skiing in Sweden!

So Sweden

Royal Blue Gallery

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Alison Allfrey on what makes Sweden different

Mikael Aronowitsch has got art in his blood

Take a trip off the beaten track

Winter deal! During selected days, you can book rooms and get a 20% discount if you stay at least 2 nights. This offer is valid during the period from

December 1st 2019 until March 31st 2020.

Please use code VJ3591 or scan the QR code to book.

Weekend fun in Gothenburg! We offer package deals with accomodation and tickets to theaters, shows and other tourist attractions. Right now we offer for example show and dinner tickets at Park Lane show ”The Greatest Stars”, or tickets to Universeum where you will get an unforgettable adventure. Everything is within walking distance from Hotel Lorensberg.

Family owned, friendly breakfast hotel in a comfortable atmosphere. Over 100 unique wall paintings. Close to everything – museums, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Welcome to a lovely stay in the heart of Gothenburg! Berzeliigatan 15, Gothenburg | www.hotel-lorensberg.se | +46 (0)31 – 81 06 00 | info@hotel-lorensberg.se

the Design

the Hotel

the Experience ART GLASS EXPERIENCE Full board with lunch, dinner, breakfast and entrance to our unique glass inspired spa area.



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SEK 1.845 per person with double occupancy

www.kostabodaarthotel.se • +46 478-348 35

A pilgrimage from coast to coast

Hike or bike along the pilgrim route St. Olavsleden from Sweden to Norway. Find your pilgrim experience or let us customize your trip. We have the local knowledge. www.aktivuttravels.com

Content Issue No 7 • 2019

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HIKING IN SWEDEN Hiking over miles of mountains is one of the most liberating and fantastic things you can do.


STÖTEN This year, Stöten won the coveted award ”Ski Resort of the Year”. Stöten has something for all!


SWEDISH TREASURES Sweden is so much more than just the big cities and the traditional sights!

THE HEART OF THE GLASS KINGDOM Orrefors Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands within glass and glass art.

48 JILL’S WINES The popular singer Jill Johnson entered a new scene by releasing a red wine – Nashville Stories. After the debut, now comes the organic sequel – Prosecco Brut.



FUN MUSEUMS What is better than sneaking into a museum and getting some new experiences when it is freezing cold outside? Nothing, if you ask us!

SO SWEDEN Living on the same latitude as S:t Petersburg isn’t for everybody, british author Alison Allfrey claims. But the Swedish winter can be hugely rewarding . . .




Human contact in 2020?

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Premiers! icals dance & mus Film, theatre,

No 5 • 2018



“The Artistic Tenor” on stage in Sweden and the USA




es: Art Galleri seums & ns! bitio ARTMu THEATRE FOOD & DRINKt exhi No 1 • 2019 the lates Read about






Will we finally get back to face to face contact in 2020? It almost sounds like we’re talking about the distant future but it turns out the future could already be here! George Orwell painted his angst-laden future scenario in 1984 as early as 1948, his vision back then was showing that he believed the world would become an oligarchic communist dictatorship with the entire world becoming just like big brother, you could be seen at all the time, everywhere. So 1984 was now 36 years ago! To some extent Orwell may have been right, however if you look at the futuristic ads from the 1950’s nothing that cool actually happened, as yet, anyway. According to those ads, we should have been flying around long ago in small neat space capsules, wearing slim polyester suits with glitter flashes along the legs. We should be chewing a striped tablet’s for our supper and each family would have at least one household robot. In those fifties ads we were surrounded by family, neighbours and robots all in a happy way and everyone got to participate. Instead, we are still driving around in our boring none hovering cars, have the same plain old boring clothes, eat dutifully, ordinary locally produced vegan food and spend all our waking moments heads down engaged with our mobile phones. 20/20 vision in English-speaking countries means that you have perfect vision. Can we all agree to interact with people more in 2020? What do you think would happen if Big Brother forbids us all from using the mobile phone to two days a week? The worst thing that may happen is you miss some neat posts on social media; the best thing would be that we would be forced to become closer to others again. Just like in the 1950’s – then it would be easier to be without crisp polyester suits and fast household robots. So lets all have 20/20 contact for 2020. In this issue you can learn everything you did not know about snow, read lots about the country’s exciting museums and indulge in everything from art to wine! We wish you an exciting 2020 with lots of 1 to 1 contact and at least two mobile-free days a week.

Hotel Tips & Experiences!

Happy New Year!

TRAVEL WITH INLANDSBANAN The train that drops you off in the middle of an adventure



SABATON OPEN AIR Sweden’s Meta l event of

the year returns




Tony Manieri, contact lover

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Noteworthy Majskrokar

Thailand is an easy place to love! There are lazy days on beaches filled with palm trees, snorkelling adventures and cool dining experiences. Although you could know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s always hard to choose. Here are some popular tips for a few seaside resort, all with there own little charms and each plays their part within the crown jewels of Bangkok! KRABI is the main town on the west coast of southern Thailand; it has a formation of islands in the Krabi Province which have archipelago-like landscapes and high rock formations. Ao Nang is a major tourist resort which has many good restaurants which are great for fine dining. The area also has many different shopping spots! If you fancy a swim on the lovely Ao Nang Beach you can of course, but there are many nicer beach locations if you take one of the longtail boat’s to some of the other nearby islands. Why not try mountaineering on the rock faces of the nearby Railay Beach. KHAO LAK is within a series of villages in the Takua Pa District and translates as Lak Mountain. This mountain is one of the peaks within Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park - a large nature reserve with fine beaches. Here you can book a snorkelling excursion to Koh Similan one of the main Islands within the Similan-island group; here the Crown Prince has his summer residence. One of the world’s best coral reefs can be discovered hereby experiencing the fantastic dives on offer and snorkeling adventures for all the family. Khao Lak is very quiet and calming, it’s a good destination for quiet family time and those wanting an absolutely relaxing trip. Why not split your trip with a relaxing week in Khao and one in the slightly speedier Phuket? KOH LANTA is called the Swedish island it even has a Swedish school. Many Swedes travel here to stay on the island for longer periods. This is also a favorite travel destination amongst families with children, those who want sun, sand and sea. If you are happy to book some excursions for your stay at Koh Lanta they offer, great diving and snorkelling opportunities along with trips to Phi Phi Island. KOH SAMUI is a beautiful island located on Thailand’s east coast. Early Autumn is usually the best time to travel and often has very good weather at this time of year. Koh Samui has two



seaside resorts; Chaweng Beach is classed as the islands best beach is long and beautiful. Here there is a lot more life and people, whereas Lamai Beach is smaller and quieter. Both beaches have gorgeous beachfront hotels.

BANGKOK is a real gem in Asia, chaotic and busy, but in a positive way. You have to allow some time in the city to acclimatise and explore. In Bangkok you will find many good and very reasonable priced hotels. You can find luxury hotels for around SEK 1,500 a night. To travel around the city you can take the Skytrain. This is an air-conditioned tram which rides upon rails situated a little above the ground this helps to avoid traffic congestion and some of the heat. In this fantastic city you can also experience much more by going on a boat trip on the Klongs - Bangkok’s canals, here you can experience how the Thai people live. The shopping experience is amazing and cheap and bargains to be found everywhere in Bangkok. There are large department stores around Siam Square such as MBK and Siam Paragon. In the latter there is a giant aquarium that’s really worth seeing. You can arrange to take a full day trip on the River Kwai if you stay in Bangkok for several days. Here the classic famous movie ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’ was filmed. There is an historic tour you can arrange to go on and it is well worth it. You get to experience beautiful environments. RED


Tattoo Festival 2020 Skåne’s biggest tattoo event begins in Helsingborg when 50 Shades Of Ink takes over Oxhallen for a huge festival at the end of May next year. The festival lasts for 3 days with the best tattoo artists from all over the world. The weekend offers many surprises and everything’s topped off with both indoor and outdoor entertainment. A wide selection of food is available with restaurants and cafes there. Helsingborg Brewery is one of the sponsors who make sure visitors can get a good cold beer, in the evening there’s a party accompanied by international hosts coming from the UK, a total of thirteen different artists in competition, including Miss Ink Queen and Mr King with the prizes awarded on Saturday night. Early Bird tickets are now available! There’s free parking available within walking distance of Knutpunkten. AE

Bredgatan 25, Helsingborg www.50shadesofink.com

GLÖGG is a Nordic hot beverage based on spiced wine (usually red) or spirits. The word mulled comes from the older word glow, formed of the verb glow ’warm up’ (cf. glow). In other languages hot spiced wine is called vin chaud (French), Glühwein (German) and mulled wine (English). Of course mulled wine can also be non-alcoholic, based on fruit juice or alcohol-free wine. Skål!


The Witch Museum The Museum of Furniture Studies Möbeldesignmuseum – the Museum of Furniture Studies – is based on a private collection by architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. Their collection consists of around 800 items from over 300 designers. With the museum the founders aim to create a platform for the development of tomorrow´s furniture. The current exhibition, FEMALE TRACES, highlights 60 female designers from the pioneers in the early 1900s to the young coming designers. Some have become shining stars in the design world, while others have fallen into the shadow of male colleagues. Through this exhibition, the museum seeks to showcase the creativity and strength that are to be found among female furniture designers. AE Möbeldesignmuseum, Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50 – Stockholm www.mobeldesignmuseum.se

Tixis world! “When I grow up I’m gonna be an Internet influencer. Or chase Tixi, 1 year cats.”

‘The Great Noise’ was a brief but intense period of witch hysteria that went on between the years 1668 - 1676. A total of 71 people were beheaded and burned at Häxberget in Kramfors municipality. The executed were sentenced to sorcery, it was said that they made trips to Blåkulla and lived a sinful life with the devil. This was Sweden’s largest mass execution in peacetime, it’s well documented and was carried out with the support of the current legislation. Here so called witches were in 1675 mainly men sentenced women accused of being witches in accordance with the beliefs of their faith at this time, there is an inscription written on the large memorial stone at Häxberget or the campfire as it was also called. The actual execution site is at the intersection of three parishes and was well known as a place for disciplinary action way before the Torsåker witch trials. In 2017, the Witch Museum opened in its new premises at Hola Folkhögskola, it’s within walking distance of Torsåkers medieval church where the sermon was held for the convicted before leaving for Bålberget. If you have more time to spare, a trip to Häxberget is well recommended. Here is where the memorial stone has been erected in memory of the events of 1675. The museum is a collaboration between Kramfors Municipality and Hola Folkhögskola with contributions from the Västernorrland and Tillväxtverket region. The exhibition was moved to its new location to be closer to the historical sites and to become more accessible. During the summer the museum is open every day and Hola Folkhögskola offers specialized tours of the museum and the church, there are also guided tours from outside Häxberget if visitors’ prefer. RED Folkhögskolevägen 5, Nyland www.haxmuseet.se

FYRKLÖVERNS STUGBY live in wonderful nature overlooking Siljan 80 cottages, 3-6 beds, 21-46m2. Walking distance to Siljan and Rättvik city center - with shops, restaurants, bowling alley and swimming pool. Golf course 3 km. Many events and activities. Low season rates untill W.24.

Open all year. Onlinebooking

www.stugby.se 0248-107 65 MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Noteworthy Effective treatment for varicose veins

Varicose veins is a regular occurrence, and some studies show that 1/3 of the western populations has some form of varicose veins. Earlier studies have shown a female predominance, but this can be questioned in later years thanks to new studies. The regular reason for varicose veins is age, but young people can be the subjugated aswell. Varicose veins runs in the family, which means it is inheritable, the one who has it will often find that they have a close relative that also has it. SYMPTOM OF VARICOSE VEINS

Håkan Rudström, M.D.

The regular symptoms is a feeling of heaviness and tension. Sometimes, itching, tenderness, calf-cramp, and ache. The symptoms often show a day circle, where it tends to get worse towards the night. The troubles can be eased by having the leg in a high position or compression treatment. The varicose veins clinique in Uppsala and Stockholm offer at the first visit of consultation with a vascular surgical specialist. During the same visit, an ultrasound is done (duplex), and the specialists decide what kind of treatment is most efficient for you from the information given. If wanted, a date for surgery can be scheduled. Treatment is made by daytime-surgery, and if no anaesthetic is distributed, the patient is free to leave the same day. There are options to stay the night as well on nearby hotels. MANY PROS OF CONSULTING A VARICOSE VEINS CLINIQUE

Immediate access to a higly specialized surgent with interest for varicose veins, and only need for one consultation before action. With the most intuitive and effective treatments there is with the cosmetic results that are shorter than convalescence than with traditional surgical technique. Endovenous Laser Ablatio (Long Saphenous Vein): 1400 Euro (2400 Euro both legs). Endovenous Laser Ablatio and varicose vein resection with multiple mini incisions: 1800 Euro (3000 Euro both legs). AE www.aderbrackskliniken.se

Winter Glamping Aurora Safari Camp is the first glamping site in the world for experiencing an arctic winter climate. Aurora Safari Camp was founded and is owned by the photographer Fredrik Broman along with the safari specialist Jonas Gejke. The camp is situated on a very quiet place on the river deep into the forest and far away from all artificial light, the electric grid and all road networks. With Aurora Safari Camp as base which is within the middle of the forest, you can explore the surroundings in various ways. Here are all kinds of equipment is available for you to borrow. There is a sled pulled by a team of Siberian Huskies and snowmobiles to name a few. A visit to the sauna is something highly recommended, it’s a very enjoyable experience, you will be as relaxed as any human can be. A visit here in winter is definitely a memory for life! AE Lassbyn 217, Gunnarsbyn www.aurorasafaricamp.com

Meet the Sami culture!

Full speed ahead in the kids’ room!



Dålusj ájge, dálásj ájge, agev dávvervuorkán! (The past, always present at the museum!) The Ájtte Swedish Sami Museum in Jokkmokk is a must for those interested in Sami culture. More than ten basic exhibitions as well as temporary make you happy to visit them several times. In the kids’ room Sarredievvá / Blåbärsbacken where you can fish in the creek, throw lasso, milk Klinga, bake in the baking oven, barter on the market street and carpen-

ter in the carpentry shop. Challenge your friends and parents in Laponiamania. Here you can kill the most mosquitoes, joke tons safe and collect knowledge points. Many animals are difficult to spot, more common is to find their droppings. In the Laponia exhibition you and your friends can guess the poop! RED Kyrkogatan 3, Jokkmokk www.ajtte.com


Bergaliv Landscape Hotel Jesus Christ Superstar i Dalhalla Bergaliv landscape hotel here you can stay high above the treetops on the scenic Åsberget at Orbaden in Hälsingland. The concept of a landscape hotel is now an internationally accepted concept that aims to adapt architecture and function to the surrounding nature and thus blend in naturally. The Loft house which was the first of Bergaliv’s four retreat houses are located just below the top of Åsberget, 373 meters above sea level near Orbaden within the ancient cultural landscape along the valley of Ljusnan. In bright high-class hotel rooms with wide-open attic ceilings, guests have the opportunity to hike up the mountain, after a while, you leave the city noise behind and then you can comfortably experience the power of nature’s pure silence. Orbaden is a kilometre-long sandy beach on Lake Orsjön next to the foot of the mountain, it is known as The Riviera of Hälsingland. Here you will find Orbaden Spa & Resort with its enriching qualities and here the check-in to Bergaliv takes place. The Tidensas road passes a few miles north of Norrlandporten, hikers can choose either short or long distance walks along the Saints trail which connects them both to the founding cities of Uppsala and Trondheim. It is also possible to get here by bus or by train via Stockholm or Arlanda. If you are interested in culture and plenty of activities there are Guest houses: Hälsingegård is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Orbaden Zip & Climb: Adventure park with zipline and climbing, Järvsö ski paradise, a bike park and zoo, lots for everyone! RED Åsberget, Orbaden, Vallsta www.bergaliv.se

In Dalhalla Jesus Christ Superstar is without exaggeration one of the world’s greatest musical successes over the ages. Since the Broadway premiere in 1971, the rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice has been well loved. The Musical has had a variety of performances staged and has been seen by millions of people all around the world. The time first it showed in Sweden was in 1972 at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg with Peter Winsnes (The Spotnicks) in the title role and Agnetha Fältskog as Maria Magdalena. On the 15 th July 2020, it will finally be that time again when Dalhalla hosts a star packed concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar! In the role of Jesus is the Gold Mask-rewarded Linus Wahlgren, who most recently experienced great success as the lead in the musical The Book of Mormon, which had a three token-shelved and sold-out season’s at the China Theater, Stockholm. Linus plays against Patrik Martinsson in the role of Judas, a role he debuted in ”Jesus Christ Superstar” early in 1991 and has played several times since. Fred Johanson plays Pontius Pilate, Fred has previously held roles in ”Les Miserables” in London, he has also played,The Beast in the Gothenburg Opera set of ”Beauty and the Beast”. Participating also are, Tord Hansson, Kristoffer Hellström, Laila Adèle, Malena Tuvung and Jessica Berge. MT Dalhalla, Sätra Dalhallavägen 201, Rättvik www.dalhalla.se

Idre Himmelfjäll On December 17, Sweden’s new alpine ski area will be opened! They plan to stay open up to April 19, 2020. After many years of planning and construction, Sweden’s new large Alpine ski area is ready for opening. Idre Himmelfjäll is the first i nvestment in a new, large ski resort in over 30 years in Sweden. When fully expanded, in another 15-20 years, the facility will have over 20,000 beds, a bout 50 alpine slopes, hotels, restaurants, shops and associated services. Idre Himmelfjäll is a facility for everyone and with a great focus on families. – This year, the first guests will celebrate Christmas at Idre Himmelfjäll, is a unique destination with beautiful old mountain nature, real snow and exciting activities, says Torbjörn Wallin, the CEO of Idre Himmelfjäll. In addition to long-distance, cross-country skiing, activities, dinner, shows, ski camps and competitions are all offered during the first season. The environment is a magical one and families with children will appreciate it’s genuine nature and also the many fairy-tale characters who enjoy the mountain. CEO Torbjörn Wallin believes that many will have the chance to enjoy this incredible mountain plot at Christmas. RED www.idrehimmelfjall.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Stöten is this year’s ski resort! The Swedish Ski Resort Organization, SLAO, each year designates ”Ski Resort of the Year”. The award is presented to a facility that has extraordinary dedicated staff, which have made courageous efforts and with great creativity, that have contributed to developing the industry far beyond the norm. This year, Stöten won the coveted award!


he nomination read: “Stöten is the northernmost facility in Sälenfjällen, it developed within the shadows of the other local facilities. The ambitious improvement work of last year - the big lift venture has, this year, been followed up with nice new slopes, providing better snow experiences and an impressive ski run and all without losing its soul. Stöten continues on its exciting track, largely thanks to the dedicated staff who provide a high level of service. The impact is an even more attractive, healthy picture for those who ski in Sälenfjällen”. – We are proud, honored and indescribably happy to be the ‘Ski Resort of the Year!’ We have our fantastic staff to thank for this! All are genuinely knowledgeable and supportive which is noticed by our guests in the service that they each receive. Thanks also to our guests, many of whom return over the years. Having now been officially appointed and praised as this year’s winner is yet more proof of this”,



Chief Executive Officer of Stöten i Sälen AB Johan Thorn says. MagazineSweden interviewed Magnus Dovallius, the marketing manager: What are you proudest of this season? – Our staff ! Guests come from all over the country to experience the season at our resort. Our utmost aim is to deliver a good experience to all of them. Receiving this year’s Ski resort award is really down to our amazing staff and we owe our thanks to each one of our employees! What kind of skiing awaits the visitors to Stöten? – We usually say it’s the width that is our strength. We have invested in building a complete ski area, which includes slopes for all, from beginners to pros! The black slopes here are some of Sweden’s best slopes; the highest altitude of Sälenfjällen and several kilometer long blue and green slopes for those who would prefer to Cruise down at a slower pace and enjoy the Swedish and Norwegian mountain world.

Do you have any fun things for the kids? – Lots! In addition to all child-adapted skiing we have the ’Wolf Club’ and our mascot Vargy. The club organizes activities almost daily and all for kids only! You can also leave the kids with Vargy, assured that they are nice and cozy in the Varglyan. Here they can play to their hearts content and also experience some night time fun. Also available in Stöten there’s a water park including a large activity center, Game Zone, Ping Pong, Floorball, plus more games and lots of other stuff. What do you look forward to most this season? – Oh, that’s hard to choose! Of course I am always excited to see all our guests and observe their bliss of skiing on our slopes and enjoy our beautiful community spirit. On a personal level, I yearn after the day’s first ski on lovely fresh virgin snow and eating waffles afterwards with my family, Magnus Dovallius concludes. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Magnus Dovallius


The ski instructors in Stรถten offer ski school to those who have never been skiing as well as the more experienced, who wish to hone and improve their skills.





Stöten’s mascot Vargy helps out in the ski school!

After a lovely ride it’s nice to have a little warm juice.

Grandma’s downhill race is Dalarnas – it is also Sälen’s longest, a pleasurable descent of 3,060 meters

This is Stöten! The Shock (‘Chocken’) has the best skiing in Sälenfjällen according to several studies. Sälenfjällens is the most northern ski resort and is located northwest of Dalarna. The bump has 21 lifts and 47 runs. In addition to the skiing, there are over 800 0 beds here to stay at! The resort’s facilities are such that a nice winter holiday is pretty much guaranteed. The resort also provides for conferences as well as group and private trips with wonderful skiing for beginners and professionals alike.



Gustafsberg’s Porcelain Factory Made in Sweden since 1825

Gustafsberg’s Porcelain Factory is the Nordic region’s only fine bone china manufacturer. Our finest products are sold through resellers across the country and online. In Gustavsberg we have our own shop for sale of seconds and many other kitchen and tableware goods. We also have a guided tour of the factory at least once a month.

Chamottevägen 2, Gustavsberg, Stockholm (by the wheel in the harbour) info@gustavsbergsporslinsfabrik.se www.gustavsbergsporslinsfabrik.se

Tel Shop: 08-570 369 00 Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 11-17 Tel Factory: 08-570 356 63 Mon-Fri 9-15

Winter experiences

Fabulous skiing in Sweden Skiing in Sweden holds the highest international class, with many fine facilities and lovely ski trails through forests and open plains. Read all about Stöten in our feature story. Here comes a review of the best facilities Sweden has to offer – whether you are looking for family fun or an off-piste challenge.

Perfect för families KLÄPPEN

The perfect experience for little ones can be found Troll slope with its Troll theme. Here Troll mascots Trolle & Trolla take the lead roles. Plenty of adventures await: the Troll cup’s a competition where the kids are allowed to rush down between the Troll’s - soft characters and wave’s and jumps along the slope, with cheering audiences. Other things on the theme are amongst others; Troll safari, treasure hunts, then after skiing a troll disco. When it comes to skiing Kläppen has various green and blue slopes, children’s areas and roller coasters are also available, along with a children’s ski school. Kläppen is Sweden’s King of park rides. After many years of hard work the Eriksson’s family park - Kläppen Snow park - has become one of Sweden’s best, many world stars visit. Kläppen has 21 lifts and 34 slopes with the vast majority being green so very light slopes. The slope height does not seem to be much to hang in the Christmas tree. 315 m. But despite the



skiing goes pretty fast the ski resort gets out pretty much from these few fall height meters. Klippen’s Snow Park has been designated as Sweden’s best 9 years in a row and if you want to go and visit it it’s 41 km from Stockholm and 47 miles from Gothenburg. If you look closely you can see Kläppen Snow Park in many of the world’s ski movies. The slopes are otherwise hilly and fun with sufficient length for you to feel the burn in the legs. The lifts are well placed and take you quickly and efficiently up and around the system. LOFSDALEN

Lofsdalen attracts families with young children with wide slopes, child-friendly lifts and ride belts. Also here are fairytale tracks for cross-country skiing, children’s activities, playland and bowling. In the snowst the side of the lifts, ski instructors stand at the lift hosts, so that the kids can get good tips and advice. In the large children’s area, children play among character figures on the slopes, on the ski carousel meet

Lofsdalens mascot, Loffe he will be skiing, doing tricks or leading treasure hunts. The Lift takes the whole family for both green and blue skiing. The fall height is ot bad at 492 meters, which is the sixth best in the whole country. The small village with the great skiing, as they say, a quiet ski resort in Härjedalen. With 9 lifts and 25 descents Lofsdalen is perfect destination for those who want to take the whole family on a winter adventure. In Lofsdalen queues for the lifts are rare, which makes it ideal for those who want to collect many meters per day. Here one of Sweden’s steepest preparations pistes, gutter with 42 degree slope for those adrenaline junkies. There’s also opportunities for off-piste skiing. For those of you who would prefer a slower pace there are gentler ones for you to take on. Like other ski resorts it also offers ski school. After a fast day skiing in the mountains you can end the evening at one of Lofsdalen’s restaurants serving both a la carte menus and fast food. With 115 km of well-prepared longitudinal tracks and 150 km of beaten trails it attract skiers from all over Europe.

Winter experiences FUNÄSFJÄLLEN

In the northwest of Härjedalen, about 30 minutes from the Norwegian border is Funäsfjällen. It has 36 lifts and over 110 slopes and is an excellent ski resort, for those who want to enjoy well-groomed trails for cross-country skiing. In fact, Funäsfjällen and the other nearby ski resorts together form NSC -Nordic Science Center. This is the world’s longest system for cross-country skiing. However, Funäsfjällen is more than just miles behind miles of cross-country skiing pistes. Here’s you also have four parks and several children’s areas and a varied ski area with something for everyone, from old to young. Thanks to the investment in snow cannons, the season may start a little earlier than others. It’s one of the better ski resorts in Sweden and well worth visiting at least once. Do you have an extra long free weekend during winter? Then you know exactly where you can find wicked skiing.

Sweden’s best off-piste The ski resort Riksgränsen may have a bad snow season this year compared to 2017, but ”The Border” won the best off piste. There are three reasons why the national border off-piste is the best in Sweden: Nordalsfjäll, Nordalsfjäll and Nordalsfjäll. Second in the vote were Kittelfjäll. Snow-filled canyons and playful terrain, as well as a calf mountain for a top ride and heliski gave Kittelfjäll second place. In third place was Sweden’s best ski resort Åre. Eastern and Western ravine, Angle gutters, Cross river, Svartberget, Blåsten, Mårtens steep, E14, Bananen, Susabäcken and so on. In Åre there are a lot of places to go good off-piste. For the really daring, three people in history so far, there is also the notorious drop Högsta Högsta. Sweden’s best ski park.

Sweden’s best ski park The ski resort Kläppen is stiffness right now - won best piste with Lostupet and was voted the third best ski resort in all of Sweden after Åre and Funäsfjällen. In the parade branch park, nothing but gold applied to Sweden’s best groomed kicks and plateaus. Nearly 50 percent of the total 1,205 votes fell just at Klappen park. Two in the vote were Bräcke in Åre. One who was recently there and went was Jesper Tjäder, he got there in the evening and used

the colorful illuminated lower part where the halfpipe used to be. In third place Funäsdalsberg’s park ended.

Sweden’s best piste The Lostup in Kläppen wins best piste. The 894 meter long slope is located south of Sälenfjällen and is a black piste. In second place was a classic in Jämtland’s largest ski resort: Störtloppet-Lundsrappet in Åre. In the high zone, the Downhill race is to begin with a red piste, but then blackens as it snakes across the crest just to the side of Svartberget and as it starts to lean down towards the Olympic Platform, where the piste then changes its name to Lundsrappet. The last pallet site went to the popular Elven in Stöten, which is also a blackest piste of all over on the far right as seen on the piste map.

Great ski resorts ÅRE

Sweden’s only real ski resort according to many. Say Åre and you conjur a variety of associations; Alpine World Cup competitions, the 2007 World Cup, stingy New Year’s celebrations or international jibb competitions, off-piste, conference trips or just a quiet village where you can finally relax. Most people have a positive relationship with Åre. Being a tourist destination is nothing new, already in the 12th century, thousands of pilgrims stopped from all over Europe at the village during their walk to St. Olav’s tomb in Nidaros, now Trondheim. In 1910 Åre Bergbana was opened more when air tourism grew and people visited the Jutland village for some fresh air. Since then Åre’s attractiveness has only increased with its nature and mountain vistas. Åre is high class and is one of the most popular winter destinations in all the Nordic countries. The ski area extends from Duved to the west via Åre village to Åre Björnen in the east. Number of lifts: 43 Number of slopes: 90 Longest descent: 6500 m Total piste length: 101 km FUNÄSFJÄLLEN

Funäsfjällen is a several lift system which you travel with the same lift card (same lift card = same ski resort, according to our reasoning).

The lift systems in Funäsfjällen are: Funäsdalsberget, Kappruet, Ramundberget, Tänndalen, Tänndalsvallen and Tännäskröket. In the northwest of Härjedalen, approx 30 minutes from the Norwegian border, finds you at the ski block. With its 36 lifts and over 110 slopes it’s an excellent ski resort for those who want to enjoy long well-paced trails and off piste. In fact, Funäsfjällen and the other nearby ski resorts together form the NSC - Nordic Sci Center. This is regarded as the world’s longest system for Cross Country. However, Funäsfjällen is more than just miles behind miles of pistes for cross-country skiing. Here’s you also have four parks and several children’s areas. It’s a varied ski resort with something for everyone, from old to young. Thanks to the investment in snow cannons, the season usually starts a little earlier than others. It’s definitely one of the better ski resorts in Sweden and well worth visiting at least once. Do you have an extra long free weekend during winter? Then you know exactly where you can find wicked skiing. Number of lifts: 34 Number of slopes: 118 Longest descent: 2100 m KLÄPPEN

Kläppen is Sweden’s crowned King in terms of park rides. Through hard work, their park - Kläppen Snow Park - has become one of Sweden’s best and many world stars visit. But it doesn’t end there. The cliff has 21 lifts and 34 slopes with various green and blue, but there are also steeper red and black slopes. The slopes are otherwise hilly and fun with sufficient length for it to start aching in the legs. The lifts are well placed and take you up quickly and efficiently around the system. The drop height is 315 meters at Sälenfjallen’s southernmost ski resort with only a 41 Mile route from Stockholm and 47 mile route from Gothenburg and is a big favorite among those who voted for Sweden best ski resort. Number of lifts: 21 Number of slopes: 37 Longest descent: 3000 meters Total piste length: 26 km Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Adobe Stock



A richer experience Leave the noice and come to Västerbotten this summer. Here you can wander between high mountain tops, cycle in unspoiled wilderness, fish in bottomless lakes, ride along beautiful forest paths, enjoy local delicacies and take part of the Sami culture. Come and enjoy the Västerbotten experience! visitvasterbotten.se


CANOE RONNEBYÅN The canoe trail on Ronnebyån is about 70 km long, but you can also paddle sections. Experience true wilderness on this beautiful river, surrounded by deep forests with rich wildlife. Camp grounds Transports

SEA KAYAK JÄRNAVIK The lush archipelago in Blekinge, ARK 56, is Sweden's southernmost. It has numerous islands and bays and is excellent for kayaking. If you are lucky you can spot white-tailed sea-eagle and seal. Courses Transports

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Winter experiences

Mountain hiking in Sweden Hiking over miles of mountains is one of the most liberating and fantastic things you can do. Sweden has plenty to offer of high mountains and deep valleys. Select the existing hiking trails and hit camp for the night under the large and wonderful open sky. Where a starry night is guaranteed and if you’re lucky you may experience the magical northern lights.

Grövelsjöfjällen and Rogen Grövelsjöfjällen offers fine hiking areas in the border regions of Norway. STF Mountain Station, Lake Grövelsjön is at the end of the road and is a fine starting point for day trips or multi-day trips. The Långfjällets nature reserve is situated here with Töfsingdalen National Park on the Swedish side and Femundsmarkas National Park on the Norwegian side. To the northeast, is Rogens Nature Reserve, which is one of Sweden’s lesser known wilderness gems. The Inland Ice created The Rogens’ unusual landscape which consists of long rocks and rock ridges. Between the ridges lay many interconnected small lakes plus the larger Rogens’ lake. Here you can find pine and spruce trees pushing up from within the barren ground. Here at STF we have three log cabins along the hiking trail between Grövelsjön and Tänndalen. From Härjedals and Tännäs you can reach Rogen. In this area reindeer husband-



ry is being conducted and does require hikers to keep this in mind and be respectful. FIND IT

Bus from Mora to Grövelsjön Bus to Tännäs / Funäsdalen from Östersund and Stockholm

Jämtland and Härjedalsfjällen In Jämtland and Härjedalsfjällen the wilderness surrounds you in abundance. Sylarna, Helags and Vålådalen nature reserve’s are all well-visited mountain areas and offer many opportunities to vary your hiking experience. Here are plenty of marked hiking trails and overnight accommodation. In the east you are greeted by low mountains with both mountain birch and coniferous forest’s and over to the west is Kalfjäll with its

fine peaks both on the Swedish and Norwegian sides. In Jämtland and Härjedalsfjällens you can find high alpine massif . Here you will find classic Alpine character of glaciers and grand peaks - most famous are perhaps Helags and Sylarna. From the area you can of course hike across the border to Norway. There are endless opportunities to vary your hiking in Jämtland and Härjedalsfjällen. You can for example, follow classic hiking trails like the Jämtland Triangle and the Sylarna. Or choose to cross the landscape by starting with Vålådalen, Ljungdalen or Ramundberget. The area offers opportunities for both the experienced and the absolute beginner. Here throughout the area, reindeer husbandry is also conducted – so again please show consideration! FIND IT

Bus to Ramundberget / Funäsdalen from Östersund / Stockholm Bus from Östersund / Svenstavik to Ljungdalen

Winter experiences Bus from Undersåker to Vålådalen Bus from Duved / Enafors to Storulvån Bus / train to Storlien Bus to Kolåsen from Järpen.

Abisko and the Kebnekaise mountains The Abisko and Kebnekaise areas have extensive routes and a selection of overnight cabins which are easily accessible to hikers. The stretches most hikers choose are Abisko Nikkaluokta. Kungsleden passes through the area between Abisko and Vakkotavare. ABISKO NATIONAL PARK AND LAPPORT

The area has the high peaks of Abisko National Park and Sweden’s most famous mountain silhouette – Lapporten. Above the tree line the landscape is a varied mosaic consisting of large plains, lake systems and high mountains. All around here lush mountain hills and open moors frame the high mountains’, barren mountains and snow-capped peaks. Some of the steep peaks do require climbing while others are easier to reach. Some valleys are rocky, others lush meadows. In the high alpine Kebnekaisi massif are glaciers and Sweden’s highest peak. Most people who climb the summit do so with a guide from STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station. This is one of Sweden’s finest and most visited mountain areas! Please note that here too there is an extensive reindeer husbandry in the area that requires great consideration! FIND IT

Bus / train from Kiruna to Abisko and Katterjokk. Bus from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta Bus from Gällivare to Vakkotavare and Ritsem KUNGSLEDEN

At Kungsleden, between Abisko and Hemavan is one of the world’s best known and perhaps best hiking trails. The trail is just over 400 kilometers and was created by the Swedish Tourist Association back at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then it has been visited by hikers from all over the world. Kungsleden extends through a varied landscape in Lapland’s mountain world. The path changes dramatically along the road, between alpine terrain and a lowland mountain birch forest. A walk through the royal trail takes you through lush greenery, mountain heaths that are nicely bordered by lakes, high dramatic peaks and passes through several small mountain villages. Kungsleden itself passes through all four national parks; Abisko, Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Pieljekaise. Along the entire trail, reindeer husbandry is on-going and again we ask that whilst you walk and enjoy the views and fresh air, please show a little consideration. The trail is well marked and bridges are placed throughout so it’s easy to get over the many waterways. STF has no less than 16 mountain huts along Kungsleden. The cabins are at distances be-

tween 10 to 20 kilometers. There are no STF cabins between Kvikkjokk and Ammarnäs, however other accommodation is available to a limited extent. The most common places to start or end a hike on Kungsleden are; Abisko, Vakkotavare, Saltoluokta, Kvikkjokk, Ammarnäs or Hemavan. However, those who start in Nikkaluokta will arrive at Kungsleden after a 2 day hike. Laponia Padjelanta, Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus are names that sound sweet to hiker’s ears. These four national parks make up the World Heritage site; Laponia, along with the nature reserves Sjaunja and Stubba. The area is as large as Gotland. The western part of Laponia; Padjelanta, is a rolling mountain plateau with large lakes. The unique plant life makes Padjelanta popular with botanists. In the central part Sarek, hundreds of high peaks rise. Several of them have glaciers in-between mountains, deep valleys and wondering paths. In northern and eastern Laponia are the low mountains, wetlands and primeval forests. Hiking trails and mountain huts surround Sarek. To the west and south you will find the Padjelantal Trail. Kungsleden goes along the east side and continues north towards the Kebnekais mountains. In Muddus pine forests which contain spruce and birch trees are several marked trails. If you want to hike more freely, you can enter Sarek which is Europe’s largest wild area. Hiking should not be undertaken without experience. In Sarek there are no marked trails or accommodation. In Padjelanta, on the other hand, there are marked summer trails and overnight cabins. Reindeer husbandry is again on-going throughout the area so wanderers please be considerate. FIND IT

Bus from Murjek Jokkmokk to Kvikkjokk Bus from Gällivare to Suorva, Vakkotavare and Ritsem

Vindelfjällen Vindelfjällens nature reserve is like a summary of the Lapland Mountains. Here you will find high mountain masses, u-shaped valleys and mountain lakes. On the lower altitude mountains are birch forests, bird-rich wetlands, fishrich lakes and the locals. You may even see a mountain fox! The Kungsleden between Ammarnäs and Hemavan runs right through this area, and you will find STF cabins at the end of each day’s stage. If you walk south from Ammarnäs you can find a tough first days climb up towards STF Aigert Fjällstuga. If you would like an easier route you can take the boat trip to Servestugan over Tjulträs for a unique winter experience West of Ammarnäs. Pass the stage between Aigert which will point the way to Kungsleden’s second highest pass. Stop and admire the magnificent view towards Ammarfjället. Birdwatchers and fishermen happily stop at Lake Tärnas.

Down at the southern end of the lake you will find the Tärnasjöarkipelagen, her are long suspension bridges. As you approach STF Syter Fjällstuga the views open to the Sytertops. The u-shaped Vitersk shell is locally called; Södra Lapporten. Next to the Viterskalet the Norra Sytertoppen rises with at 1,766 meters is the highest peak in Vindelfjällen and here the trail ends with a long slope down towards Hemavan at the southern end of Kungsleden. In Hemavan there is another STF hostel where you can eat well and sleep comfortably. FIND IT

Ammarnäs and Hemavan can be reached by train, bus, car or flight. Airports are located in Hemavan and Arvidsjaur. You can also fly to Umeå, Lycksele or Wilhelmina. From the airport you can easily take the county bus or taxi further. If you choose the train - go to Vännäs and on the county bus (which should be booked as Resplus, i.e. train and bus on the same ticket). Summertime from June to August, you can on the Inlandsbanan to Storuman and then on with the county bus. From Stockholm there is also a direct bus to Hemavan with the Lapland trail. Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock

TRAVEL FACTS: Hiking in Sweden BEST TIME: Depends on where in Sweden you hike, but mainly in the summer. The summer season on the mountain is counted from midsummer time up to a few weeks at the beginning of September. The botany enthusiast come early, the mosquito-sensitive arrive late. LIVING: The easiest thing is to book an STF facility, guest house or hotel and to use this as a base for day trips. Anyone who wants to go further into the wilderness can choose a multi-day trip and stay in overnight cabins, at mountain stations, and in hotels along the trail. Freedom seekers may not wish to necessarily follow this advice and may wish to organize tents to sleep in. EAT: Experience cooking yourself in the self catering accommodation’s kitchen, or enjoy a three course dinner with organic wines at various STF facilities or other hotels. GOOD TO KNOW: In mountain terrain you can hike an estimated three kilometers in an hour. Difficult terrain will obviously, be shorter distances. Four basic tips for a successful hike is: listen to the weather report, adapt the tour to the experience to suit, pack light, take just what you need and stick to walking along the marked paths only.




Experience Visby in autumn and winter From 725 sek Stay in the middle of the world heritage city Booking.com www.innerstadshotell.se Södra Murgatan 14, 621 57 Visby. Tel +46 707901509. info@innerstadshotell.se

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Swedish Treasures

Sweden is so much more than just the big cities and the traditional sights! Why not take sometime to visit these fantastic destinations? They may not appear on the first list when you’re looking for Swedish Treasures but they’re great, here are some of our picks for you to experience!



Trollsjön translates as Troll Lake, Trollsjön with it’s clear blue water, reminds others about the italian lake, Lake Garda. However, the atmosphere here is completely magical and something absolutely different. In Sami the lake is called Rissájávri which means “The lake that shines Fire”. North of Sami is Rissá, which means sulfur, ie the sulfur lake. According to the old Folks beliefs Sulfur was said to protect against witchcraft and that’s the link to the Swedish name Trollsjön! Not far from Abisko is Låktatjåkka or Vassijaure where you can catch a train to. From there it’s about six kilometers to the Trollsjön. Starting with a nice walk through a beautiful birch forest, one would then walk up a slightly steeper climb before being rewarded with a magnificent view. The ice age left its mark in both terms of Lake Garda and the hike to Trollsjön. After climbing the hike then continues through the Kärkevagge valley which is a real fairy tale landscape with stone formations created in the ice age, lush meadows with mountain flowers and small winding streams. Then you’ll reach the magical troll lake, Trollsjön. Clear blue water flows down from nearby glaciers and makes Trollsjön, Sweden’s clearest lake providing you with the ability to see 36 meters down into the lake! So take a break, enjoy the beautiful view and take the opportunity to take a refreshing dip, its great!

Just to the south of Kivik, in the beautiful region of Österlen hidden away is a white finegrained beach surrounded by greenery. It has the feeling of being dropped in the middle of a tropical caribbean paradise, although it’s in Sweden! The 4 to 5 km long beach belongs to the Stenshuvud National Park, which gets its name from the three-peaked mountain Stenshuvud. Up on the mountain there’s a magnificent view accompanied by gleams from the Danish Bornholm on the horizon. Further into the national park there are hiking trails meandering throughout the deciduous forest. During the summer, cows graze on the wonderous flowering meadows, plus there’s always an opportunity for a barbecue and camping out! Stone Head National Park is very easy to reach by boarding a train to Simrishamn and then a brisk bus ride to the location and you’re there. Climate-smart and at the absolutely wonderful Stenshuvud it’s really a place to see.



Djäknesundet For the holiday maker who loves crystal blue waters and beautiful scenery you don’t need to travel to the Greek island Samos to experience that! Just take a train journey to Skövde then it’s a short bus trip to Karlsborg, here is Vättern’s hidden gem: Djäknesundet. High cliffs

surround turquoise water, the luscious greenery gives such a tranquil calm environment and the forest provides a calming aura. This place looks as if it’s been taken right out of a fairy tale, it’s perfect for families with children! In the middle of the bay there is a nice, child friendly, sandy beach and along the water there are high cliffs to jump from. Djäknesundet, is a nature reserve, it also attracts some diving enthusiasts thanks to its clear water and lean sandy bottom. Don’t forget to pack your swimwear for an unbeatable summer day at Vättern’s little oasis.

Skuleskogen Instead of traveling to Iceland to visit the famous Silfra crack, you can experience an equable beautiful natural phenomenon in the Skuleskogen National park, in the heart of the High Coast. This breathtaking place is named Slåttdalskrevan, a 200 meter long and 30 meter deep mountain slope that splits the rock into two parts a walk through the ridge is a powerful natural experience that you won’t forget! The high coast is one of sweden’s most magnificent places, where the mountains collide with the sea and the archipelago all within one combined magical landscape. The coast was shaped in the ice age and once rose from beneath the sea, today it’s the world’s largest land rise and it is also one of The Unesco World Her-

Experiences itage sites. Just like Iceland this part of sweden also offers a barren nature specticle. Within the Skuleskogen National park you can hike through the forest-like nature, enjoying the miles of amazing views from amongst the barren rocky fields, It’s truly a sight to behold.

Kosterhavet North of Bouslan lies inside the Kosterhavets National park which is full of life, both above and below the surface. It’s a beautiful place to go kayaking, snorkeling and even for just paddling, just as gorgeous as at Abel Tasman’s National Park on the south New Zealand. In the vast sea you can discover Sweden’s richest area of sea life there’s over 12,000 species within its Coral Reef. Another way you can explore the sea is to go on a boat trip in the archipelago. There’s also a seal safari organized where there’s a good chance that you’ll see gray seals. They love to sunbathe on the rocks! All around the coastal isles there are many fine rocky beaches and lovely hiking trails. Would you like to experience the koster life for real? Sign up as a volunteer lighthouse keeper at Ursholmen, which is Sweden’s westernmost inhabited point!

Mölle Surfing in Sweden? Of course! You don’t have to travel all the way to the French Biarritz on the Atlantic coast to catch some waves! Take the train down to the west coast of Skåne and experience one of Sweden’s best surfing paradises - Mölle. If it’s the tides that form waves in Biarritz, it’s the western winds from the Kattegatt that makes Mölle a must for surfers. The Swedish surf season is better during the winter season, however, with the right wind you can enjoy surfing along the beautiful rocky coast even during the summer. The so-called ”Möllevågen” was discovered in the 90’s and has since attracted surf enthusiasts from all over the world! In the cozy marina after being completed just this summer, there’s even a surf shop, so if you decide you want you can get any equipment you need to go and have some fun on these beautiful waves! Would you rather stay on land? You could spend the day on the hot stone pebbles in Solvik, upon the hundreds of meters of long beaches, covered in pebbles and surrounded by cliffs it surely is a spectacle.

Åstol Bohuslänska Åstol is an idyllic little island with beautiful wooden houses clad in the island’s rugged cliffs. Just like the Greek island of Hydra, Åstol is a traffic free island. Here you can easily travers around on foot or by bicycle. Start the morning right with a look at the islands southeast side and watch the sunrise over the mainland. Then stroll along the horseshoe-shaped harbor where sailboats bop and bump. In the middle of the harbor lay Åstols cafe offering traditional fare that’s amazing and also offers cheese that’s at least as good as any greek cheese. They’re also known for their

lovely fish! Over on the northern side of the island is Klockarudden, a salt-water filled rock pool with things for the whole family. From the pool you can see the iconic Pater Noster lighthouse and the Stately Carlsten’s Fortress on Marstrand. Just like in the Greek fishing villages you can buy daily fresh fish as well as other amazing seafood straight from the harbor fishing boats!

Hven A bike ride on a hot summer day on the idyllic island of Hven is a Scandinavian classic. But did you know Hven has its own distillery? Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is a relaxed hotel and distillery, you can try locally brewed Whiskey, gin, snaps and vodka! Admittedly, the alternatives are not as many as on Islay Island in Scotland, but the experience is at least as enjoyable. Cycling or hiking around the island followed by a dram of whiskey it easily compare’ to hiking on the Scottish island. The open landscape is surrounded by steep slopes that reach all the way down to the sea, the so-called reverse fall. If you stand on the edge of the cliff you will have a magnificent view. You can also explore the creations of the danish scientist Tycho Brahe, the castle Uraniborg and the Stjärneborg Observatory, which once was the hub for astronomical research in europe.

Sundborn An artist’s home in the spirit of Money in the village of Sundborn outside Falun, surrounded by lush forestry and glistening lakes, stands a house with white knots. It is one of Sweden’s most talked about artist’s homes, namely Carl Larsson’s home. Just like the french village Giverny was a paradise for the impressionist painter Claude Monet, Sundborn became the source of inspiration for several of Carl Larsson’s most famous paintings. Carl Larsson’s Farm gives you an insight into the artist’s iconic home and guided tours and art shows are organised all year round! Monet did indeed have his water lilies, but in the summertime it is a joy to see the farm flourishing, it’s still preserved in Sundborn today. In connection with the farm, locally produced rustic dishes are served with taste of Dalarna. It’s been 100 years since Carl Larsson passed away, which is marked on the city walks by art shows and installations by performance artists.

Kiruna “Blissful logout, ecological balance and gastronomic conviction”. The Arctic gourmet Cabins knows what’s up! Nature junkies prepare to cross the country and kingdom and if you add one of the worlds smallest restaurants along with northern lights and you get a difficult destination for an extraordinary traveller to head. The restaurant is nine square meters large, or small depending how you look at it. There’s a fully equipped restaurant kitchen and a “chef ’s table” with space for four. The Arctic Gour-

met Cabin is located in Kaalaslupsa, 20 minutes from Kiruna and far far away from any disturbing city lights. That means there’s a very high chance to see the northern lights up until the end of March. Oh and there’s a hot tub, sauna and two cottages with a standard hotel. As well as the beautiful Arctic wilderness as far as the eye reaches!

Östhammar In Roslagsidyllen Östhammar hides Forslundska villa - a newly renovated turn of the century villa where the lovely couple Michaela Puls Eriksson and Luke Hurst spent almost a year running a restaurant and a mini hotel! They met when they were working in Pontus restaurant in Stockholm, the two are experienced pub staff and are noted for how they meet the guests and especially food on the plates, raw materials are picked up in the immediate vicinity, as far as humanly possible. If visit here during the lush part of the year they will be serving amazing tasting tomatoes. Overnight guests also get to enjoy a heavenly breakfast. Think sourdough bread straight from the oven and local apples straight from the press along with cookies on floral barrels!

Orbaden High up on Åsberget at Orbaden, in the heart of Hälsingland, hiding away is one of the country’s most spectacular accommodations: The Loft House - it’s a ten meter tall wooden house that is one with nature! The Loft room comes with no insulation in the walls which makes it possible to look out for all weather sun or rain. The magnificent view stretches far over the valley of Ljusnan and the surrounding mountains. In other words, made for those who need to gather their thoughts and just think, or want to do the solar greeting without disturbing city noises. The lower room has light wood and a simple interior design: an angled wooden bench by the window as well as a futon mattress with linen. The forest stay is even happier when combined with a day at the nearby Orbaden Spa and Resort, or going hiking on the Hälsingland trail with it’s 17 mile footpath west of Ljusnan.,

Varberg Varberg is Sweden’s premier health resort. In the 19th century pumped up Swedes traveled here to take a health-soaking bath and strengthening walks along the ocean. In 1903 it opened the quite beautiful Moorish-style coldbath house, which nowadays has the company of baths for all tastes: Asian contemplation at Varbergs Stadshotell and Asian Spa, thalasso at Varbergs Kusthotell and even a dose of communist. The latter belongs to Hotel Gastis and is the self sufficient hotel owner Lasse Diding’s work, built with Lenin’s favourite bath in St.Petersburg as a role model. He also runs the Cuban-inspired Hotel Havana. In the basement of the house is a spa made for cuba and bath lover Hemingway. A place that captures a CaribbeMAGAZINE SWEDEN



an atmosphere is promises never to be far away from the old and the sea.

Tjorn In another location on the island of Tjörn, surrounded by the barren rocks, there are few museums that immediately hit like the Nordic Watercolor museum within its surroundings. Here are some known artists from near and far this spring including a separate exhibition of the japanese-german artist Leiko Ikemura. Here you can see where amateurs live with their artistic dreams in the open studio, anyone who wants to develop their painting skills are offered short day courses they can try too! The museum also provides space for other forms of culture, including the intimate concert concept go on the Ground. During the spring, guests will include El Perro Del Mar (March 8) and José González (April 12). The most affordable package is a weekend package that includes lots of water colour, food, includes the museum en-



trance, dinner and an overnight stay in one of the five architect-designed guest jellies built on poles over the water!

Österlen Talldungen’s farm hotel in Österlen is one definite destinations for anyone who loves food and drink that it’s a testing experience to control themselves at this destination! This intimate farm is located in the middle of brosarp slopes and has several nice hiking trails on the knot. Here the hosts Emma and David live and work there, the couple who know how to direct the pub perfectly keep order in the hotel as well, it’s just what they do!

Nora Say Nora and people think of The Small wooden towns, the Maria Lang novels and the well-preserved buildings. However one of Swe-

den’s best hotels: Lilla Hotellet is situated here also. It’s located in a turn of the century villa in the middle of Nora and is run by Peter and Peter, a couple who are excellent hosts. For two years in a row, they have been nominated for best Swedish hotel at the ‘Oscars’ for the Swedish travel industry gala - the Grand Travel Awards. Perched on a mountain slope idyll is where you will find Nora’s neighborhood the brewery is a gently restored industrial area that has been lovingly transformed into a creative neighborhood with art studios and craft rooms. Here the beer brewer Nora Brygghus is situated along with the Brewery tavern. The latter is run by Veronica Carlsson, who worked at the superb restaurant Mathias Dahlgren Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock

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Nightlife in the High Coast

Here with us you will make camp with people from all over the world. Pitch your tent under clear starry skies and enjoy stories around the campfire. With the sound of waves or babbling streams rather than the dunk dunk dunk of a bass beat. Nights are an important part of the High Coast experience. If you stay a few extra days you will also have time to discover fantastic views, the sea, the aromas and the culture of our world Heritage Site. We hope to see you here!

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Exciting museums

What is better than sneaking into a museum and getting some new experiences when it’s freezing cold outside? Nothing, if you ask us! Here you will get a taste of some of the country’s foremost museums and what they have to offer this winter and spring.

Husqvarna museum Historical museums often have reason to pay attention to different anniversaries. Husqvarna Museum is no exception. In 2020, we will notice two boats long and short anniversaries for a long time. It has been a full 400 years since King Gustaf II founded the Husqvarna Group - then known by the name ‘Jönköping’s factory’. In the beginning only military equipment was produced but with sewing machine from in 1872 came into civilian production and became the main product. Another of these civil products is the robotic lawnmower, which appeared in 1995, and therefore celebrates during the year its 25 year anniversary.This may seem to be a short anniversary, but it’s even more significant for Husqvarn, as with the mowers it now has a truly modern product profile. All this can be found in the museums new basic exhibition which includes both the company history of its products to be completed in the spring. Welcome! Hakarpsvägen 1, Huskvarna www.husqvarnamuseum.se



JAMTLI – a museum like no other! Every year, about 200,000 visitors arrive at Jamtli in Östersund. Many of them are families with kids. Some interested in history, others visit just to have a nice day out. On a Summer stay it’s particularly magical when Jamtli Historieland opens up the doors. The historic houses all wake up land come to life and visitors are given a sense of traveling back in time. In a few steps, the visitor is moved between the 18th, 19th and 20th century and get to meet people from the past. Everywhere history surrounds you, all visitors are taken on dramatized tours through Jamtli. Jamtli Historieland is open from the 20th August 2016 until 2020. You can visit Jamtli’s exhibitions year round. Among other things you can find, the 1000-year-old Överhogdalsbonadonnes - Europe’s oldest complete picture weaves, temporary exhibitions of current artists and trends within art, photography and community development. Visit also National Museum Jamtli - an arena for art and design experiences with painting, sculpture, crafts and design from the National Museum collections.. Museiplan 2, 831 31 Östersund www.jamtli.com

Astrid Lindgren’s Näs museum in Vimmerby This is where it all began … Astrid Anna Emilia was born on 14th November 1907 at the farm Näs. Astrid was number two of four children. Her and her siblings along with the cowboy’s children and the children from the parsonage next door, the Bullerby children lived in reality. The story of their games has now spread Worldwide. This is where she climbed the sugar drink tree and played ”zigzag” and ”Non-bump floor” with his siblings. It was here she jumped in hay and listened to fairy tales in Kristin’s Kitchen. Astrid Lindgren’s Näs is just ten minutes walk from Astrid Lindgrens World and twelve minutes walk from Stora The square in Vimmerby. Prästgårdsgatan 24, Vimmerby www.astridlindgrensnas.se


Spring at Norrköping’s art museum

The Museum of Furniture Studies Möbeldesignmuseum, the Museum of Furniture Studies, opened in 2018. It’s based on a private collection by the architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. The collection consists of about 800 pieces of furniture designed and made from the late 19th century until today. 300 Nordic and international designers are represented. The museum’s goal is to create a platform for developing the furniture culture of the future. The exhibition Female Traces presents 60 female designers, from the early pioneers to today’s young talents. Some have become shining stars in the design world, others have fallen into the shadow of their male colleagues. Through the exhibition, the Furniture Design Museum intends to show off the strength and creativity of female furniture designers. Möbeldesignmuseum, Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50, Stockholm www.mobeldesignmuseum.se

Jussi Björling museum Welcome to the Jussi Björling Museum in Borlänge, which was inaugurated on the 22 nd October 1994 in connection with The Jussi Björling Tenor Competition. Jussi Björling is one of the world’s leading tenors of all time and one extensive exhibition is presented on the world famous tenor from Borlange. Here his music is collected on record, tape and video, as well as clips, programs and other documents. Everything is available to anyone who wants to see and listen for a while, however, for those who want to immerse themselves in the subject of Jussi Bjorling. The Jussi Björling Museum has the world’s largest Jussi Björlings recordings for sale. CDs and vinyls are many books, posters, postcards and t-shirts. www.borlange.se/uppleva-och-gora/kultur/konst/jussi-bjorling/

March 28 opens Cecilia Edefalk - Homecoming, filling Norrköpings Konstmuseum’s entrance level. Here we meet iconic works such as a complete reconstruction of the series Another movement side by side with new works. Edefalk also allows a meadow to be planted outside the museum entrance to promote biodiversity. Cecilia Edefalk was born in Norrköping in 1954 and is active in Stockholm and Berlin. In April, the doors are opened for Sinnerligt, where visitors are invited to explore the art with their senses. Artists Laura Blake and Ellie Griffiths have collaborated with Greta McMillan who paints with the eyes using a computer. Her image Staffin Beach captures a natural experience that visitors get to experience with sight, feeling, smell and hearing. The aim is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience culture and art regardless of ability, function or age. The Art Museum’s collection presents art by some of Sweden’s foremost artists such as Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Lena Cronqvist, Isaac Grünewald and Carl Larsson. Book a tour and see the museum’s calendar on the website. Kristinaplatsen, Norrköping www.norrkopingskonstmuseum.se

The match museum 15 JAN - 2 FEB GENERATION 01

Image & form of media orientation year 3, Per Brahegymnasiet, Jönköping. “Society is changing rapidly in our digital world. What will the consequences of this development be is the question we are asking our utopian and dystopian forms. We express this in photos, sculpture and installation.” 8 FEB - 5 APRIL TIDE

Ingela Strandberg “The exhibition shows a selection of paintings from the mid sixties until today, all of which are in tune with each other about our future environment and questions about existence.” 11 – 14 FEB SPORTS HOLIDAY AT TÄNDSTICKSMUSEET (WEEK 7)

Creative workshop with craftsman Åsa Nero Tändsticksgränd 27, 553 15 Jönköping www.matchmuseum.jonkoping.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



From the exhibition ’The Child in the Tower’. Photo: ÖLM/Per Torgén

Örebro county museum Jönköping’s county at Örebro Castle museum THE CHILD IN THE TOWER – JAN HÅFSTRÖM AT ÖREBRO CASTLE

Jan Håfström is one of Sweden’s most influential artists. He lived in Örebro for a few important years in his childhood. After that, wondered he has returned to Örebro and to a unique exhibition in the south-west castle tower. THE POSSIBILITIES OF OPPORTUNITIES, THE HELP QUESTION - GADGETS AND CONSUMPTION DURING THE 1800’S

In the exhibition The Mirror of Opportunities, the Desires of the Senses, we go back 200 years to a time before industrialization. Through a variety of objects and people, such as Karl XIV Johan, farmers, manufacturers and fashion sellers are told about the historical background to our modern consumer society. In the mirror of possibilities we see a time when the desire of the senses could be satisfied. Today, our wishes are insatiable. With the exhibition we want to give inspiration for changes in the future. How do we get there? Open Sat - Sun 11-15, for different opening hours, see www.olm.se. Showing in the exhibitions every Sat. at 2 PM. Free admission. Örebro slott, Kansligatan 1, Örebro www.olm.se

FOLLOW JOHN John Bauer’s artistry in a playful way. Extracts from letters, several original works and many drawings. A WALK AMONG THE ART AT THE MUSEUM Featured works of art from the Museum and Jönköping County Art Association’s collection.

Upcoming exhibitions: 30 NOV-26 JAN | JAKOB OJANEN

The Åke Andrén Foundation’s, artist scholarship 2019. Ojanen (b. 1980) includes within his rich art a number of different techniques and medias’ such as painting, sculpture and installation art. 18 JAN – 29 MARCH | MARIA FRIBERG THE SILENT REVOLUTION

In her exhibition ”The Silent Revolution” the artist Maria Friberg explores themes of opposition. In today’s youth, she finds a newly founded inner strength, beyond consumerism and contentless entertainment. 14 SEPT- 23 FEB | PROPAGANDA - RISK OF INFLUENCE

Critical thinking and propaganda from a historical and contemporary perspective. Dag Hammarskjölds plats 2, Jönköping www.jonkopingslansmuseum.se

Västernorrland museum Västernorrland Museum is a county museum, and a cultural history museum with a main building and an open-air museum located at the top of Murberget in Härnösand. In 1880 the Museum Society of Härnösand Västernorrland County was formed, which is the foundation of today’s county museum. There is a modern museum building with exhibitions, a shop and a café, as well as an open-air museum with houses and environments from the 19th and 19th centuries. In addition to its own buildings and environments, the museum conducts temporary activities, eg. exhibitions, in collaborations around the county. Murbergsvägen 31, Härnösand www.vnmuseum.se



Museums Gotland art museum At Fornsalen you can see picture stones, ancient treasures and objects from all over the world. The premises also have Gotland’s Art Museum where Gothic art, contemporary art, form and design are displayed. There is also the children’s and family exhibition Skepp & amusement where you can sail boats, get dressed for Viking and tie knots. EXHIBITIONS ON THE FORNSALEN SPRING 2020


Jan-Apr and Oct-Dec: all days 11-16. May-June and Aug-Sept: every day 10-18. July: all days 9-18. S:t Hansgatan 21, Visby www.gotlandsmuseum.se

Graphics: Marcus Rosmalm AGoodId

Year-round: In the exhibition we get to meet 78- to 95-year-olds with different backgrounds and experiences from different parts of Sweden. They tell about life’s desire, sorrow,

love, enjoyment and death. Displayed until 16/2 2020. Children’s and Young’s Salon: February 29 - April 13. Photo line and Textile line, Gotland Folk High School: 25 April - 24 May. Sports holiday fun with play, crafts and family visions 24-28 / 2. Easter holiday fun at Fornsalen with play, toys and family shows 6-10 / 4.

Liljevalch’s Spring comes early to Djurgården this year! In any case, in the form of the flowery event called Spring Season. Already shortly after the thirteenth weekend we are ready to open the gates to twelve halls with vital and varying art from all over the country. Kl. At 12.00 the doors are opened to the public. Anyone who intends to buy a work will bring a license plate to the sale. 12.30 starts sales of works. Liljevalchs traditionally invites the queuing audience to sausages and drinks. Kl. At 14.00 the exhibition will be inaugurated by Stockholm’s City Director Magdalena Bosson. Spring season runs from 10/1 - 22/3. Djurgårdsvägen 60, Stockholm www.liljevalchs.se

Halland art museum Halland Art Museum is beautifully located next to Norre Katts park and Nissan in central Halmstad. The museum building was designed by Ragnar Hjort and inaugurated in September 1933. For three years the museum has been closed for renovation and extension. Now Halland’s Art Museum is an eventful and accessible meeting place with rooms for exhibitions, events, learning and reflection. Be sure to come here too! Current exhibitions: OLLE BARTTLING 26.10-22.3 • LOTTA ANTONSSON 26.10 - 23.2 • PER BACK JENSEN 26.10 - 8.3 • GRENSLAND - FROM THE COLLECTION Tollsgatan, Halmstad www.hallandskonstmuseum.se

Norrköping’s Museum Norrköpings Museum Exhibition Membership and Resistance - Nazism in Norrköping then and now opens on January 26, 2020 and runs until January 21, 2021. The exhibition talks about the Nazi movements that existed in Norrköpings during the Second World War and the sunsequent. The exhibition is produced by the Norrköping City Museum in collaboration with researcher Johan Perwe, it also addresses issues of xenophobia in our contemporary world. Welcome! Holmbrogränden 2, Norrköping www.norrkopingsstadsmuseum.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Njutvandra Ingegerdsleden


Visste att that Ingegerd, Did youdu know IngegSveriges första erd, Sweden’s firstkvinnliga female helgon Sigtuna? saint wasföddes born in iSigtuna? Följ hennes fotspår och Follow her footsteps vandra delofav and hikeen part the Ingegerdsleden – Ingegerd Trail från Rosersbergs from RosersCombine Kombinera slott Castle till Sigtuna. berg to with hotel Den 2 mil långa Sigtuna. The 2 med hotell vandringen går miles long walk & & SPA SPA utmed Mälarens goes along the glittrande vatten, glittering waters vackra skogar, ofgenom Lake Mälaren, över beautiful fält och förbi slott through forests, och over fornlämningar. fields and past castles Det är härligt att vandra and ancient remains. It’s tillsammans! Passa på att wonderful to walk togethsamla och er! Takekompisgänget the opportunity avsluta vandringen med to gather your friends and en middag påwith någon av finish the hike a dinner Sigtunas fantastiska restauat one of Sigtuna’s fantastic ranger, eller varför inte unna restaurants, or why not treat dig en SPA-behandling yourself to a SPA treatment och övernatta i Sigtuna? and overnight in Sigtuna? Miljösmart åker du Read more at: kommunalt till/från destinationsigtuna.se Rosersbergs pendeltågsstation eller till/från Sigtuna busstation. Läs mer på destinationsigtuna.se

* Ingegerdsleden går mellan Storkyrkan i Stockholm, via The Ingegerdi Sigtuna, Trail runstill Mariakyrkan between Storkyrkan Domkyrkan i Uppsala,inen Stockholm, to Mariakyrkan 11 mil lång pilgrimsled, indelad in Sigtuna, to the med Cathedral i 7 etapper. Boken samma in Uppsala, a 11 km long namn innehåller vägbeskrivningar, pilgrimage path, divided kartor och korta texter om historiska into 7 stages. platser och händelser längs vägen. Den kan laddas ner som pdf * Njutvandra translates to eller köpas i församlingar ’casually stroll and enjoy the isceneries.’ Stockholms och Uppsala stift.


A world-class tourist destination in the beautiful sorroundings of southern Sweden

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Opening hours hours 2020 2019 April 10 September29 27 3 - -September Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m - 5 p.m For groups and conferences there is the possibility to visit all year round. www.dhbackakra.se

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The Kingdom of Crystal

Grand master Bertil Vallien with his work Leaving Port. Photo: Orrefors Kosta Boda Group




Orrefors Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands within glass and glass art. The glassblowers have through generations learned to master the liquid glass mass and refined the craft since 1742. Kosta has just 800 inhabitants, but during the year the location draws over a million people from around the world. The production of the glass that is done in the sheds is the centre of attention. With time, more activities have come to life and today is Kosta a destination for excursions that lasts for days – for the whole family.


he name Kosta comes from the founders, Koskull and Staël von Holstein, who founded the brand in their name. You have many activities for your visitors. Is it something you shouldn’t miss?

– The Christmas market is my baby, and that is what many people associate us with during the season. It is an exceptional experience with lots of traditional Christmas celebration. We have hired the same special effect company as Liseberg, and together with them, we have successfully created a memorable experience for the whole family. – This means that we can offer snow. No matter the weather. We always have a sheet of artificial snow, that stays during the whole period of the Christmas market. Accompanying this we also have five million lights in Kosta Boda, that shines, and lights up the Christmas market, and provides a splendid experience

– We are usually ranked as one of the best markets in Sweden, which of course makes us proud and happy. And have this spread abroad as well? – Absolutely. We have many Danish and German visitors during the Christmas market, and usually, everyone is pleased with the framing of the experience. Kosta and the surrounding have been a destination since its start in 1742. If you come here during the sunnier side of the year, you can visit our glass sheds or experience one of our other experiences, of course, you can get information about the next Christmas market as well. Thanks to that, a lot of the visitors choose to come back here for the Christmas market. Is there any glass blowing during the Christmas market? – Indeed there is! The market is placed on the old glass blowing grounds, which enable us to connect our history and the crafting. – We have around 80 people daily in the huts, and we are keeping the furnaces warm all

year round, and creating glass 365 days a year. Kosta Boda is one of Sweden’s oldest companies that is still in effect, and the main reason for that is that we have the same high standard on our glass as we always have. This is noticeable foremost international, where we soon will be represented across the world. – We always put extra effort into international deals and export to over 40 countries; our biggest ”client” would be the USA which is one of the biggest markets. So with all this said, you can say that the future is looking bright for Kosta Boda? – It truly is. We are looking forward all the time and following along with the changes. Ten years ago, everyone said that it was impossible to build a glass hotel in the forest. Still, today we are planning to expand the hotel with 55 new rooms, a new restaurant, amphitheatre and a microbrewery. It is all about putting your faith in the ideas that make you fall in love, and then go for it, and work, with determination to make the concept real. – The glass hotel is booked to 73 % the year

1741 the construction of the glassworks was started, which was named Kosta after the initial letters in the two owners’ names, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein. The first glass blowers came from Thüringen in Germany. It took 50 years for Swedish names to be found among these. 1761-1790 Under Johan Friedrich Wickenberg’s leadership,

the glassworks expanded. Sales offices were established in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kalmar, Karlskrona and Kristianstad. Glass was also sold from Stockholm to Riga and Saint Petersburg. Both window glass and white and green household and decorative glass were manufactured. 1830 Uno Angerstein was appointed director. His interest in the art development at the glassworks got him for a number of years to let the artist Kilian Zoll stay free at the glass factory. 1890 A narrow-gauge railway opens between Kosta and Lessebo, really intended for Kosta’s sawmill, but the railway line came in handy for the glass factory. 1892 they started melting whole crystal, a new grinding for 60 glass grinders and modern smelting furnaces ahead. 1901 Kosta suffers from a devastating brand, which destroyed the entire factory complex. However, the ovens survived the fire and the operation could be resumed provisionally in just a few months. 1930S Kosta is bought by a consortium with Eric Åfors, the owner of Åfors glassworks, as the main interest. 1978 Kosta with the Åfors Group acquires Upsala-Ekeby AB and is then part of the Orrefors Kosta Boda Group. 1997 The group is sold to the Danish art industry group Royal Scandinavia A / S. 2005 The Orrefors Kosta Boda group is taken over by New Wave Group with Torsten Jansson in the lead.




around which as surprising, considering where we are located. Kosta Boda is the biggest in what’s called Glasriket (The glass empire), and we supply a big part of the municipal in the form of working opportunities in our different branches. During Christmas, you also have six concerts with the Swedish entertainer Tommy Körberg, which also is notable. – Yes, that is cool! You can’t experience that anywhere else in the country, so we are pretty proud of it. It is also a confirmation that we are doing something right with the Christmas market. The audience is also willing to come, and with that said, we are attracting some big names to appear and play. Many of the artist that come also like to stay a couple of days. They live at the hotel with their families. That way they get some Christmas peace and quiet and even some Christmas spirit in a stunning environment, which where they can relax between performances as well. You also have a book signing with the author Anna Jansson, a big seller in Sweden and internationally. – Yes. Anna is a real Kosta-friend. One of her books is set in Kosta Boda, and that is, of course, something we take great pride in. Moreover, will Kristin Kaspersen to sign her latest book, and we also, always, have to people from the TV show Idol come and live here a week after the final. They make a special show for us, and it is one of the first times the audience get to get familiar with this year’s winner. – So, you can say with some weight to your words, that there is always something going on here at Kosta – whether you come to see Bertil Vallien and Kjell Engman work in the huts, eat good food, listen to established artists or experience the beautiful nature here at Kosta. Everything is connected, and there is guaranteed something for everyone in the family! Emil Andersson finishes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Destination Kosta







Travel the Inlandsbanan The Inland Line (Inlandsbanan) is very unique. Whereas other trains stop in the middle of a town, the Inland Line drops you in the middle of an adventure. Cycle along forest trails, pitch your tent under the midnight sun, make coffee over an open fire, fish, and keep an eye out for the odd moose. Welcome aboard!




Big picture: The wilderness of Dorotea. Photo: Håkan Wike. Above: Travel with The Inland Line through the snowcovered landscape. Photo: Peter Rosén. Top Right: Experience the wonder of the midnight sun. Photo: Håkan Wike. Middle Right: Join the train in the midst of nature. Photo: Håkan Wike. Bottom Right: Take a fly fishing course at the water’s edge. Photo: Sofia Klasson.


he Inland Line is a 1,288-kilometre railway line between Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It’s a wonderful trip into the Swedish inland, where sparkling lakes, babbling streams, proud pine trees and exotic animals play a big part of the experience. MagazineSweden meets Eva Palmgren, Acting Head of Destination Inlandsbanan (to give it its Swedish name) for a talk about this centuries-old cultural treasure.

Northern Sweden and the arctic region are on the bucketlist of many travelers. Maybe more people should go to Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan to experience the iconic wonders of the north? – I absolutely agree, says Eva. You will get to see a fantastic and beautiful part of Sweden whilst traveling very comfortably. Come and experience the stillness and silence, magic views, fresh air and midnight sun. You will find adventure, hiking and cycling trails, fantastic fishing waters and a rich wildlife. You can also participate in one of the many festivals that are held every year along the track and experience the rich cultural life and Sami history. Jump on one of the mountain buses and get further up into the mountain range.

Or just sit back and relax and enjoy the dramatic scenery through the train window and the soothing clackety-clack of the rails. – During the trip, the train passes over the Arctic circle, which for many is a dream come true, says Eva Palmgren. She continues: – There is a nice coffeeshop on-board the train, but a big part of the enjoyment of traveling on The Inland Line is to get off the train and experience the area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a closer look at Norrland. You can choose to stay overnight at different places and jump on the train again the following day, depending on what you would like to do. It’s possible to stay in a four-star hotel or even pitch your own tent. Many choose to stay to look at local craftworks or go to a museum. Others are looking forward to fishing in a Norrland river or just go walking and experience the nature and wildlife up close. There is so much to discover along the way. It must also feel special to travel on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys of the olden days. – Absolutely! And because The Inland Line runs on a line of its own, we do not need to consider the regular train traffic. We are the only company in the country that run trains, manages the rails and arranges journeys. It gives us unique opportunities to offer trips based on our own criteria. If you want to jump on or off the train at a milking stool in the

middle of the forest for example, it can usually be arranged. We do not need to consider any other trains waiting behind us. It gives us a unique flexibility and helps to create the feeling that it is a special thing to travel with us. – You could say that it is the train trip itself that is the attraction and the end station of your journey is secondary. We are in many ways the opposite of a mode of transport that runs between points A and B as quickly as possible. – Of course, we also run to a timetable, but it often happens, for example, that the driver must stop because of reindeer on the track. When this happens, we wait patiently until they move off back into the forest and it sometimes takes a while. But this is all part of the experience and even an exciting experience for many of our travelers. It’s something that contributes to the charm of traveling with us. – Most people want to see reindeer and wildlife. We have seen elk, wolves and bears during our trips. And lots of birds of prey. What is the future for The Inland Line? – There is an increasing fascination in discovering Swedish Lapland and Northern Sweden, as well as an interest in rail journeys, so the future for Inlandsbanan is bright, concludes Eva Palmgren. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Inlandsbanan MAGAZINE SWEDEN


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COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

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Ingegerdsleden A walking trail worthy of a pilgrim



Experiences Erik Segersäll founded Sigtuna in the 970s, it is one of Sweden’s oldest preserved cities. The city has many stories to tell, and one of them is about Ingegerd. She was born around the year 1000 and was the daughter to Olof Skötkonung, the first appointed king in Sweden, and she was granddaughter to Erik Segersäll. Ingegerd Olofsdotter came to be a powerful woman, and as the Grand Princess of Kiev she was in the forefront of the first Russian empires first golden age.


ngegerd married prince Jaroslav of Novgorod, the northern dynasty of Rurik, who had the crown in the former Russian empire to strengthen the political ties. She seemed to have been wise and energetic, she broke peace between fighting brothers and had under the name Grand dutchess Irina (“that means peace”) a big part of what to become the former Russian empire with Kiev in the centre. Before her death on February 10, 1050, Irina made a monastic promise and her name, as a nun was Anna. After her death she is revered as “the holy Anna of Novgorod” by the Orthodox Church, which means that she is the first Swedish-born saint. She has two saint days in the Russian calendar: 10th of February (the day of her passing) and 4th of October. She as a spiritual figure is not only alive in Russia, but also in Sweden as an orthodox saint, Sankta Anna. A LEISURE WALK TO SIGTUNA

A way to pay attention to Ingegerd is to go out and hike along the Ingegerd trail. If you want to go the whole route, you start at Storkyrkan in Stockholm to continue to Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna and so on to Uppsala Cathedral. Ingegerdsleden is around 110 km long and very accessible. In other words: it is a walk easy to access, a hike for enjoyment. But there is a shorter distance you can walk as well, which offers impressive culture and nature along the way. Anna Lakmaker is CEO on Destination Sigtuna, who arranges the hike along Ingegerdsleden: - There is a very exciting history behind the Ingegerd trail. Moreover, in terms of sustainable tourism, proximity to nature and the clear connection to history, it really is in time. When you think of the Ingegerd trail as a pilgrim, you will often think of the Spanish counterpart “El Camino Francés” who leads to Santiago de Compostela. - That is correct. Many similarities can be drawn between Ingegerd and the early walks at Sankt Jakob in Spain. Not least regarding the time period. So my thought is that you should have similar historical experience here in Sigtuna. GUIDED TOUR ON THE SAINT´S DAY

The 4th of October will be a special day for

There are many resting places along the Ingegerd trail. Take a break and enjoy the magnificent sceneries.

Destination Sigtuna since there will be a hike to acknowledge the Russian saint day, who is celebrated in Sankta Annas name. The hike is the fourth hike out of seven, and it starts by Rosersbergs Castle, South of Sigtuna and continues for another 21 km to Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna, a hike that takes you past Rosersbergs castle, Steninge castle, historical places, nature reserve and lake Mälaren. There are multiple possible opportunities to stop and pick-nick on the way. You will also find many accommodations along the path whether you like a simple living or if you prefer to live in hotels with multiple stars to their name. If you like to take a pause you can have dinner at a hotel and follow up with a spa experiences - This tour is the only guided tour we have, Anna Lakmaker continues. What makes that part of the trail special is that Ingegerd was born in Sigtuna. Everyone has heard of Holy Birgitta, who is our second female Swedish saint. But few people know about Ingegerd, or Saint Anna, who became her saint. Therefore, we would like to highlight her and have chosen to do so through this hike. She really deserves her attention as a person. What should you think about when going on a rather extensive hike?  - We usually call it a hike to enjoy, by that we mean that the trail is quite easy to walk, it is not too much disruptive over logs and stones. It is pretty much a walk in the park. There are also several restaurants, so you do not need to

bring dried or frozen food if you do not want to. Halfway down the road you find Steninge castle, they have a fantastic restaurant that we recommend dearly. START AT A ROYAL CASTLE

- The hike starts at the amazing Rosersbergs royal castle, with a walk through the courtyard, which is astounding, absolutely breath taking. Then we continue the hike alongside lake Mälaren, where we will walk past rune stones and remain from the stone age. Later we arrive at Steninge castle, with another fantastic courtyard and a picturesque restaurant. - Continuing down the road, we take part in the beautiful Upplandsleden. After that, we go through forests and meadows, all the way to Sigtuna and Mariakyrkan. In Sigtuna you can enjoy a rich history that waits to be unveiled. With famous rune stones, monastery ruins, church ruins, museums and lovely shopping and cosy alleys to walk down in the city centre. Everything ties together elegantly; it is an experience of a lifetime to walk Ingegerdsleden.  - Also, the hike is mostly snake- and mosquito-free, which most of us appreciates, Anna Lakmaker concludes with a smile. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Destination Sigtuna




Find the Balance Point

A kayaking trip along the Swedish west coast is a wonderful adventure. Slowly gliding forward you will experience narrow passages amongst the cliffs and then the next moment out in the vast open sea where you get to know the forces of nature. With much more awaiting you suchas – Balance Point in Grundsund which brings you a new experience each day.





he slow rhythm of the North Sea waves on a calm summer day is an added dimension. Surrounding sounds and silence can both arises when the sea is hit by rain. Maybe you will be visited by curious seals or you’ll surprise some seabirds as you slowly sail over forests of seagrass. The go ashore by the smoothest of cliffs and enjoy lunch which is included and then maybe have a swim, then sail out into the salty blue-green sea again happy and relaxed. Swedish magazine gets a conversation with Christina Ingemarsdotter a wellness therapist and owner of Balance Point: Kayaking feels like one summer activity, but it will be a lovely one experience even in winter? – Absolutely! We have offered winter kayaking for three years now, and everyone who has been here finds it absolutely breathtaking. Winter paddling around the surrounding landscape of Bohuslän as it emerges is just superb. Often when you’re out and about as tourists there are lots of things to see, rather than watching just one. You do not see one entire thing. Whereas in the summer it’s full of people and boats, hectic activity everywhere, in winter it’s quiet and not as busy. That’s the attraction with winter paddling; you experience harmony with your surroundings where you really feel that you’re at one with nature and the elements. The fact that there are very few distractions allows a deeper contact with nature, but also with yourself. You feel so small and humble thereby gaining an increased presence - both outwardly and inwardly. You also offer yoga along with other mental and physical exerciser on Grundsund? – Yes, it’s largely related. The body and soul are most comfortable when doing something for both. This is lacking in our daily lives as many people choose to either do something for either the soul or body. Here you get the opportunity to do something that benefits both. – During the physical challenge of paddling you’re physically working the body whilst also staying tranquil, the fantastic scenery doing wonders for the soul. The whole experience Is so much richer similar to yoga, when the body and soul meet.


The balance point offers customized kayak packages along with a knowledgeable guide who knows the surroundings and all its secrets. The guide contributes with good campsite choices, good food and provides tips on good paddle techniques for different circumstances. Days are filled with simple but important choices and a good night’s sleep after the physical work. With Balance Point you can paddle to Strömstad, Gothenburg or choose to paddle around Orust, Skaftö, or around the Gåsö archipelago and maybe even around the harbor. Winter trips will often take place under slightly more severe conditions conditions. Then you make sure you get to stay indoors when it’s dark, eat well and sleep in a proper bed. – Kayaking can be enjoyed so many different ways. I myself love the grand stillness - to go out when it’s big waves, so that you can parry the winds and try to progress. It is very educational for all those who choose to follow such a tour. – People are looking for different experiences. Some want an intense and physical challenge under tricky weather conditions, whilst others prefer to just glide forward in silence. With us there is a wide spectrum of possibilities, most certainly something for everyone. – During the summer months we also have our ‘wind and wave’ courses. I take people out on adventures that they would never normally do. They get to experience, understand and they learn how to behave under difficult conditions, which is very important whilst at sea. – During the winter months, however, it’s important to be more careful and stay together in a group. I usually say that when going for a winter paddle, your group should wear the correct clothing and you should stay together and keep each other safe. If you wear too little clothing it will put you and the others in your group at risk. – We are always very careful with the safety training before we go, so that there is very little risk something like that would happen, it would not be good to test your dry suit unplanned!

February. Sun and calm. Photo: Pia Herbertsson

December. Smögen in the back. Photo: Clara Lerbro

Text: Tony Manieri Photo big picture: Christina Ingemarsdotter

New Year’s Eve with fireworks in gray. Photo: Henrik Sonesson



Food & Drink

Jill’s wines 48


Food & Drink The popular singer and host Jill Johnson released her first cookbook a few years ago and entered onto the Swedish food scene. Last spring, Jill has again entered another new scene by releasing the new red wine - Nashville Stories. After the debut, now comes the organic sequel to Nashville Stories – Prosecco Brut.


ashville Stories is a personalized wine with style that suits occasions there; community, food and music are at the center. The wines are caringly selected by artist Jill Johnson and are inspired by her dining experiences, memories and special life moments. Nashville Story’s wines stand for quality, taste and feeling regardless of country of origin. The bubble fits extra well as an aperitif together with small bites for festive occasions. - I love to invite my loved ones round for good food and drink, especially when I get home between my commitments. It’s one way to celebrate seeing them and being seen! This year I have lived several dreams of mine and next to the music and that this sparkling wine, says Jill Johnson.

– Nashville Stories Prosecco Brut is an organic wine that works perfectly as an aperitif but also for lighter Mediterranean and other light dishes. Prosecco’s country of origin is Italy, though the wine style has become so popular it’s exported to large parts of the world, not least to the United States – a country located close to Jill Johnsons’ heart after her many visits to the city of Nashville. The first wine to be released from Nashville Stories in the spring, was a red wine that is perfect with spicy casseroles. The wine is an excellent complement to southern American food culture but also tolerates being drunk on the terrace in good company Nashville Stories red wine and Nashville Stories Prosecco Brut are available in some stores or you can order at Systembolaget. Text: Editorial Photo food pictures: Ulrika Ekblom


Origin: USA, California Producer: Spring Wine & Spirits AB Grapes: Petite Sirah, Tannat, Teroldego, Zinfandel Alcohol content: 14.5% vol Art.nr: 72113-01 Price: SEK 109, bottle 75 cl Distribution: Systembolaget

Delights to Nashville Stories STICKY RIBS BBQ-STYLE


Perfectly suited to Nashville Stories red wine. From Jill Johnson’s cookbook ”Country Cooking”. When Jill Johnson wants to relax from the tour life, she cooks. In the kitchen she lets go with the same passion and creativity as in her music, in Country Cooking she offers everything from hand-rolled meatballs to these wonderful smoky ribs.

Wonderful for Nashville Stories Prosecco Brut. Read more in Jill Johnson and Maria Molin Ljunggren’s cookbook ‘Jill & Marias’ Taverna’. Jill and Maria fell in love with Crete from the first visit to the island. Since then, they have continued to travel there and enjoy the unique supply of fantastic raw ingrediants and the generous community of the Greeks.


Origin: Italy Prosecco D.O.C. Producer: Spring Wine & Spirits AB Grapes: Glass 100% Alcohol content: 11% vol Labeling: organic Article No: 75708-01 Price: 115 SEK, bottle 75 cl Distribution: Systembolaget MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Mikael Aronowitsch looks out over Stora Värtan from the terrace of the Royal Blue Gallery.

With art in the blood In 1928 Bukowski’s auction house was purchased by banker Martin Aronovich. Bukowski’s remained in the family’s possession for almost 50 years. son Gregor Aronowitsch (1911-89) took over after his father and served as CEO from 1953 until 1980. Between 1966 and 2011, William Aronowitsch ran one of the country’s foremost art galleries in Stockholm. Therefore it can be said that William’s nephew Mikael Aronowitsch has art running through his veins. With Royal Blue Among other things, he wants the gallery to reach younger people with high quality art at reasonable costs.


he Royal Blue Gallery is located fantastic in Hägernäs beach outside Stockholm, overlooking the water. – The idea was to do a small gallery in a pleasant environment targeted to an audience wanting to see something out of the ordinary, says Mikael Aronovich. – Over the years we have had a number of exhibitions, including the Russian artist Vik-



toria Tikhomirova and Swedish artist Anders Wallin. - We make graphic magazines in ‘Giclée’ fine art digital prints using a type of pigment print, so that interested customers can have the opportunity to buy a piece at a slightly lower price without compromising on quality. ART FOR EVERYONE

– This is a way they can offer young people the opportunity to buy unique works of art for a reasonable amount of money. It’s an exciting one, an alternative to purchasing a painting at a

large department store that many others will have at home on their wall. - Here you get one of only twenty copies made and signed by the artist. We also hold internet auctions so we can reach wider participants with our concept and we also offer art glass pieces from artists such as Orrefors Kosta Boda. - Art is within me, it’s in my DNA. My family owned Bukowski’s Auctions for many years, my uncle ran one of the country’s top galleries. It has become an escape, my joy and it allows me to continue my other business, affording me


Tern towards Red Sail. Viktoria Tikhomirova

Waterlily lady. Viktoria Tikhomirova

Ducks. Viktoria Tikhomirova

the opportunity to spend some of my energy doing what I have loved all through my life. Spending time with artists is also something I really appreciate it a lot, I like to think I too have an artistic vein. NEW TIMES

– Over the years portrait painting has been experimented with a lot. Today for example we photograph exclusively with mobile cameras, though we want to take it a step further. To combine portrait photography with an artistic frame provides a completely different experience. Viktoria Tikhomirova has done this in a very exciting ways, as you can see in some of her shoots. - When a photograph gets an artistic frame or decoration, you experience a more personal relation with the image that’s difficult to achieve with just a single photograph. It adds another dimension, something we see a lot of in modern portraiture. It’s become a way for Royal Blue Gallery to create its own window into a narrow niche, as opposed to running the gallery in a more traditional sense. - This is also a way to try to maintain an artistic level in our modern information society with everything about now, the present with it available instantly at our fingertips. I believe that many people, especially the young - would almost certainly feel better taking a step back, taking time, enjoying art, allowing it to stimulating the senses at a slightly more comfortable pace, Mikael Aronovich concludes.

Musings. Viktoria Tikhomirova

Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Royal Blue Galleri ROYAL BLUE GALLERI

| Södra Catalinagränd 19 b, Hägernäs Strand | Phone +46 8–756 80 88 | www.royalblue.se | mikael@royalblue.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Kulturen in Lund Kulturen in Lund is a museum spanning two adjoining sites in the heart of Lund. Step into the houses and experience life from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. We also have around twenty exhibitions for you to enjoy, on subjects ranging from folk art to modern design, from mediaeval history to the present day and from local to global culture.

Kulturen in Lund | www.kulturen.com/english

Business or pleasure? BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!

Villa Källhagen is perfectly suited for well-traveled people with high expectations. You sleep well in comfortable beds, eat well in the classic restaurant or the vivid lobby bar. Staffed around the clock, and food served all days of the week. Villa Källhagen will leave you well rested and rejuvenated for the challenges of tomorrow.

Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå inte.

Easy to get to with walking distance from down town Stockholm, bus right outside the door, easy to get a taxi, and excellent parking possibilities.

Villa Källhagen, unique countryside feel in the city of Stockholm.

Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm villa@kallhagen.se • +46 (0)8-665 03 00 • kallhagen.se

In balance with nature.

We love to paddle, to be close to the sea and its nature, and getting others to find and feel that love. We have courses in paddle technology, we have tours with tents, we have winter paddling with indoor living.

We have rentals for short and long trips and we have great knowledge of Bohuslän which we are happy to share. We give people contact with nature, both outside and inside themselves.



Koh Kho Khao Dreaming of your own private Thai beach? A place where you can relax on white sands for a whole day without seeing another soul. Just you, the sand and the sea. At Koh Kho Khao’s Paradis Villa Resort the dream becomes reality. Text: Jonny Bothin Photo: Gerry Langer and Paradis Villa








Thailand is the dream paradise for many. The beaches, hotels, warm weather, friendly people, food and the magnificent scenery continue to attract Scandinavians to return. Year after year. All year round.


The dream paradise

t takes about two hours by car (including a short ferry ride) from Phuket International Airport to get to the island, which may not be suitable for those who just want to fly and flop. But it’s a true paradise so worth the extra effort and a perfect holiday destination for families with children. Along the west coast of the island is an 18-kilometer-long stretch of beach with soft, fine sand and marine blue waters. Koh Kho Khao is a quiet island but there are about twelve restaurants serving great Thai food along with a number of small shops and a tailor. Paradis Villa’s own restaurant also serves European dishes. The resort can also arrange excursions for sightseeing around the island, to other islands and to the mainland. My tip is to rent a longtail boat and visit James Bond Island where part of the movie ”The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. Visit Koh Pratong (Buddha Island) or Koh Pha for snorkeling and swimming with the colorful fish and coral reefs. Fancy going shopping, trying elephant riding, or visiting the National Park? Then rent a taxi and travel to Khao Lak on the mainland or take a day trip to Phuket. It takes about 20 minutes by taxi / minibus and ferry to Khao



Lak. When it comes to nature and particularly the underwater environment - Similan Island is the pride of Thailand! Here you can experience nature totally unspoiled, pure white sand

beaches, crystal clear waters and fish in all the colors of the rainbow. If you are lucky you can also get to see turtles.





Paradis Villa Resort


aradis Villa Resort welcomes you with its warm smiles, white sands, delicious food, beach massages, colorful orchids and turquoise seas. It’s as close to paradise as you can come. On the stunning exotic island of Koh Kho Khao in Thailand, Paradis Villa Resort is located in all its splendor directly on the beach on the island’s sunny west coast. There are 30 lovely villas which were built in 2008, mainly hosting Swedish and Norwegian families. It is the stillness and calm here that everyone is looking for, to make that perfect relaxing holiday experience. The villas can be rented for both short stays and even longer time periods. Paradis Villa Resort has a pleasant restaurant serving delicious Thai food alongside European cuisine. Set amongst the villas is a children’s pool and at one end of the villas is a large and deep swimming pool with a pool slide for those who love to swim.



The island is a beautiful and lush tropical paradise, with an 18km-long white sand beach on its west side, not to mention the most amazing sunsets. On the main road that runs from north to south you will find many cosy, simple restaurants and shops. Koh Kho Khao is the southernmost island of a chain of three islands. The island stretches from the beautiful beaches of Andaman Sea to the jungles, rainforests and high mountains 30 km inland. Koh Phra Thong is the middle island which remains relatively isolated from the outside world. Like Koh Kho Khao this island also consists of long beaches, savannah and rainforest. The northernmost island is Koh Ra, it boasts a rich and varied wildlife. This small island consists of mountains covered with dense rainforest that makes the terrain is difficult to access. Read more at: www.paradisvilla.com








Alison Allfrey An expat posting to Sweden is perhaps like no other. Here, images of swimming pools, cocktails, home help aplenty and frequent forays to tropical isles are redundant. More relevant are snowsuits, studded tyres, requisite muscles to dig out your drive with vim for up to six months – and a good dose of courage and humour. Living on the same latitude as St Petersburg isn’t for everybody, but the Swedish winter has a definition to it which is challenging and can be hugely rewarding.


nlike endless months of fog, mud and dim light in England or perhaps the Netherlands, Sweden offers a very distinct proposition. It’s whether you accept the challenge and whether you’re going to be warm enough that count. As the Swedes say, ”There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” So, armed with a really good winter coat or snowsuit, heavy duty boots, a resilient snow shovel and plenty of determination, the Swedish winter can work for you. What’s more, Swedish houses are actually warm, unlike their draughty English counterparts. So as the days shorten, take heart, even if you’re from a non-skiing nation. It’s true that non-Swedes may lack the innate balance which makes shuffling along icepacked pavements without catastrophe hazardous and brings a wobble to the legs when stepping onto vast expanses of frozen lake ice. But all that incredible space, bracingly crisp air, pristine nature and Scandi determination to get outside, get fit and revel in the extreme dice thrown when Sweden was given its climate are so invigorating. Where else do you see families, from babes encased in sheepskin rugs in prams to grannies being pushed on makeshift chairs with a skating blade on the back, out in force on the ice? Where else do octogenarians speed round cross-country ski tracks as if they could go on forever? Not to mention, the solitary man patiently twisting a massive corkscrew through the ice so he can fish the freezing waters below? How ever cold it gets, there’s always time for fika afterwards – reassuring vats of hot

chocolate, pepparkakor and kanelbullar. Hot coffee. That fantastic aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and saffron lacing the air. The satisfaction of having got something out of the climate, rather than it insisting on dominating you.

’It’s every man for himself ’: A foreigner’s survival guide to the Swedish winter. The Swedish winter is not for the faint of heart. But Alison Allfrey from the UK explains how she learned to embrace the frozen north.

Admittedly the stakes rise as the force of winter hits, as the snowy existence has more of a direct impact on the individual than in Switzerland or Canada, where roads are pristine every morning, however the weather has vented its spleen.

Here it’s every man for himself, with neighbours nodding sagely at each other over the morning dig out of their drives, the elderly teetering perilously along lethal pavements, Stockholmers competing for rare parking spaces as the weekly clear out of snow ensues. But, in true Darwinist style, Sweden has adapted to its lot and there’s every possible accessory to ease your path and every sporting temptation to seduce – one trip to XXL will reveal all. Perhaps that’s just it – the contrasts and extremes which make Sweden so different. There isn’t really any middle ground and it’s difficult to do such an extreme climate by halves. Sometimes it feels as if the rest of the world has abandoned you, as you persist in a seemingly forgotten realm far above the southerly latitudes of warmer climes. On those really foggy days, the horizon seems to have vanished, as whirling snowstorms merge with a closed sky. But waking up to a morning which seems to say, ”try me, ski, skate, dog sled to your heart’s content”, is like nothing else. It’s an invitation to succumb to nature as it used to be. The frozen embrace of Sweden. Alison Allfrey is an avid linguist and traveller from the UK. So when she and her snow-loving husband were posted to Sweden in 2012 with their sons Tom and Ben, the stage was set for adventure. Her first book, SO SWEDEN – Living Differently, is now available in paperback and Kindle form on Amazon.  Text: Editorial Photo: Press photos



Literature MagazineSweden publish an excerpt from Alison Allfrey’s novel ’So Sweden’ in collaboration with the publishing house.

selling reindeer meat, little wooden stalls offering huge round lollies of gingerbread perfectly decorated and everyone consuming Swedish mulled wine – glög – to conquer the chill.  The twin cafés on one side of the square, one ochre, one terracotta, with their amazing stepped roofs were brimming with people eagerly consuming large and fragrant kanelbullar and vats of hot chocolate, sitting on circles of reindeer hide to soften the wooden seats. It was an entirely dark mid afternoon, but the scene twinkled with lights, good humour and expectation.     

2. Preparing a Swedish Christmas

So Sweden 1. Christmas Tomtar appeared everywhere with uncanny regularity as part of preparations for Christmas. This had only been in December, however, as the Swedes are wonderfully restrained in keeping Christmas really special by making the run-up short and very charming. Every shop window, café, toy shop, market was awash with these strangely endearing creatures, with their long grey beards, button red noses and capacious red hats. Really, they hovered on the line between utter kitsch and absolute cuteness – which, was a matter of opinion. The less jaundiced view would favour cuteness and Tom’s enthusiasm was certainly boundless for these little men, famed for delivering presents on Christmas Eve and being particularly fond of bowls of porridge left to them by excited children.  December’s candles and snow had brightened winter up superbly, but I learned that Lucia was the culmination of this and the festival of light. There would be celebrations across Stockholm, Sweden and indeed Norway, but for our purposes, all of Tom’s school would sing a dozen very particular songs celebrating Christmas rituals. Birgit had told me it was a real highlight of the year and as we sat together and watched snaking lines of small children enter the stage by candle light, singing the heart-rending melody of ‘Santa Lucia’, I fully agreed. It was a perfectly orchestrated, extremely moving and touchingly old-fashioned sight and hence encapsulated much of the charm which Sweden’s restraint has allowed to be captured in a time bubble. We sat rapt in the moment, as the children sang one song after another, the labyrinthine Swedish words apparently no obstacle. I was transfixed and full of admiration for the part Tom had played in this. The spell of Christmas was cast. We ventured into Stockholm to see the Christmas lights, but above all, the gargantuan Christmas tree which is erected every year at Skeppsbron, a beautiful spot by the water and with the stunning painted buildings of Stockholm’s medieval old city, Gamla Stan, as a backdrop. The tree is the tallest Christmas tree in the world – a heady 38 metres or so and decorated with 5,000 lights, a 4 metre star at its top and a gorgeous array of decorations featuring Swedish signature red and white candy canes and gingerbread men. It was truly mesmerising for its sheer size and its graceful simplicity. Sweden all over. If you rotated Sweden 180 degrees with Stockholm as its pivot point, the tip of the country would reach Rome. This fact seemed awe-inspiring to us and the vastness of the tree suggested wild masses of forest in the north, to which we had not yet ventured. The main square in Gamla Stan, Stortorget, was the focal point of activity with the Christmas market in full flow, Icelandic people bedecked in magnificent woollen full circled coats and heavy silver jewellery



Christmas this year was not going to be a case of repairing home for a strong dose of Englishness, Christmas pudding and turkey, but an audacious embrace of everything Swedish as my family visited. The question was, how Swedish to go? Herring was in danger of taking centre stage – and being almost unanimously rejected. Childhood experience had shown my mother’s resilience with rollmops and an almost addictive appreciation of mustard and dill sauce, so she was likely to score highly on the league table of adventurousness. The others, I couldn’t account for. Turkey wasn’t going to be an option and would need to be supplanted with ham. How hard could that be? Then we could have a chocolate roulade as a Jul log and that would be that. Wouldn’t it? Being a devoted cook with a strong sense of conscientiousness, I performed endless mental circuits as to whether herrings would be authentic and worthwhile if I hadn’t nurtured the finished product ab initio? But that would involve séance-like pickling sessions with vats of red onions and a multitude of vinegars, as the herrings were tamed into submission – and much as I cooked endlessly, the pickling gene seemed to have petered out with my paternal grandmother. I didn’t want to set myself up for a fall and as Ben and I had already made a list of five knock-out puddings we were going to make, not forgetting a new look, lighter Christmas cake with Moomin gingerbread figures dancing around it on a blanket of fluffy icing topped with sugar coated almonds – that really would be enough. So, the herrings could – just about – be shop bought, as long as I went mid range. Then the Julskinka – pronounced ‘Yoolhwinka’ – should be manageable. I would lace it with cloves, brown sugar and marmalade, but certainly wouldn’t source it from Saluhall, Stockholm’s beautiful but ruinously expensive meat and fish hall in Östermalm. Instead, I would ask the man at the Coop (supermarket), if he could put a good one by for me and nobody would know that I hadn’t had to secure an additional mortgage for it. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be too bad after all. Drinks would be simple – a more copious than usual foray to Systembolaget, the government booze shop, taking in some extra bottles of  glögg, otherwise known as extremely sweet but fabulously warming Swedish mulled wine. And Julmust for the kids which I could hardly bear to contemplate, consisting as it did of a thick, viscous and dark brown liquid which, we had been assured, encapsulated a Swedish Christmas in one vaguely fizzy bottle. I had a game plan. A gravitational pull was now to be wrestled with – would we, like the Swedes, celebrate Christmas on 24th December, or stick to our guns and respect the 25th? Were we lily-livered part-timers or truly committed to our Swedish adventure? The latter obviously, so Christmas Eve would need to accommodate herrings, cakes, Julskinka and a candlelit service in Djursholm’s stunning chapel. This would take some planning, so the evening of 23rd saw Ed and myself grappling with the ham as we cajoled it into giving up all saltiness in a large saucepan of water. For ease, we then par boiled it, to quicken the process on the morrow. So far, apparently so good. Christmas Eve brought excitement, my family, 80% rejection of herrings and some reticence about a Swedish Christmas service. I decided that a bracing walk for most – Ed, my mother and Ben excluded – might dispel prejudice and awaken the senses, so we approached the chapel on foot. The numerous steps up to it were fairly treacherous, but on entering we were enveloped by a truly ancient scene, of Swedes in fur coats

Literature greeting each other, the soft light of candles illuminating the disarmingly simple but gorgeous floral painted designs on the wooden roof of the chapel, and muted exuberance about the coming of Christmas. The service was, to me, sublime and my mother gained further brownie points from her clear enjoyment of something so idiosyncratic and beautiful. Other faces spoke of impatience and looming hunger. Thus was the spell broken as we returned to our house, alias The Mustard Pot, some humming tunes Swedish, to address the challenge of the ham and, of course, the roast potatoes. I wondered once more how roast potatoes can possibly exert such a domineering force on Christmas Day (or Eve), refusing point blank as they do, to crisp up or just be ready in any reasonable timeframe. Anticipation stirred, fuelled by glögg and Julmust according to age. The ham must almost be cooked. The potatoes had nearly reached the point of submission. My audience installed itself at the dining table. Swedish Christmas lunch was about to begin. “Ed!” I shrieked in a stage whisper. “Come and look at the ham. It’s sort of stripy, half grey and half pink. Either it was a very confused pig or something’s very wrong.” “Mmm. A bit odd. But don’t worry, there’s nothing you can do,” he reassured. “But what am I going to do?” I panicked. “Nothing, just tell them to get on and eat it!” Perfect nonchalance. What else indeed? There ensued a sort of ghastly, painful charade as each person at the table eyed up their offering of ham, wondering a) if I had bought pork by mistake, b) why much of it was such a vile shade of grey and c) whether they would really have to eat it. At such moments, Ed’s absolutism shines through. Everyone was gathered on our terms, we had – a woeful miscalculation as it transpired – thought we could emulate a typical Swedish Christmas without too much trouble, and there was no quarter for complaint or criticism. We nevertheless had to get through the ordeal of pushing the ham around our plates, chewing some of it with difficulty, until finally there was a collective sigh of relief as a remarkably good chocolate roulade replaced it. Something to do with the salting process, no doubt. Boxing Day saw our guests depart and a slightly haggard self accept with glee an invitation from Hans and Helena to a relaxed Julbord (buffet Christmas lunch). Helena clearly had pickling genes in spades, each herring had behaved impeccably, her Julskinka was pink and succulent, it was all – immaculate. And delicious. Turkey next time, I thought, even if I am committed to going the whole hog with this Swedish business.  

3. The depths of winter and dog sledding

I felt engaged in a constant battle of wills with the snow and had an acute sense of needing to be at one with it and make the most of it, or risk sinking. Appropriate kit was part of this and attitude the other. So, much as the entirely grey, foggy, snowy horizon by the water in Djursholm seemed to mock me impishly, as if to say, “try this, little Englander,” I determined to suppress the sense of having disappeared completely from my previous world, which I knew still existed somewhere way beyond Stockholm, and keep going. My perilously thin skis became allies, as I braved the golf course circuit with German friends, or on Birgit’s first lap of the day, often to be overtaken by indomitable octogenarian Swedes advancing at impressive speed, their limbs loaded with the pent-up energy of a lifetime of sportiness, their cheeks ruddy with fresh air and fulfilment. Ed, of course, came up with the perfect challenge for a few days off at Easter. We would return to Järvsö, Hans and Helena’s favourite skiing haunt, three and a half hours north of Stockholm, the route split between a northbound section on the motorway, then one left turn and the remainder on an empty and twisting road. We returned to the wonderfully old-fashioned painted wood hotel we had visited after New Year, when we had inadvertently come across the ceremonial taking

down of the Christmas tree, amidst much jollity, traditional games and ‘Små grodorna’, a dance which had flummoxed us entirely, consisting as it did of miming the motions of frogs leaping, somehow devoid of ears and hats, with hand motions to match. This was to take on huge significance come Midsummer. Whilst Ed and Tom skied, Tom improving apace but needing a tutorial from a lithe Swedish instructor in Ed’s bid to get him firstly to slow down and secondly, to condescend to turn, Ben and I spent languid mornings on the Magic Carpet, Ben happily ensconced and taking the nursery slope gently on the Snow Racer superior toboggan from the temple of XXL. Periodically we broke the rhythm with hot chocolate, breaks for defrosting and encounters with the Easter witches, benevolently skiing in long skirts and headscarves and endowing children with handfuls of sweets. A throwback to Sweden’s more heathen days. The next day, we rose very early for the highlight of the trip – a morning’s dog sledding with huskies. We drove an hour further northwest on a similarly empty road. The air was brisk on arrival, the sky completely clear and bright blue. We were all anticipation and after a short wait, a four wheel drive with a decidedly noisy trailer arrived, disgorging 21 huskies aching for action. The process of streamlining these howling canines into three immaculately choreographed sledges was significant and the most nerve-wracking point the moment when we were asked to climb into the sledge, Ben on my knee surrounded on both sides by leaping dogs hungry for the off. To his delight, Ed was in charge of mushing for our sledge and we advanced at great speed in formation. The going was certainly firm, our bottoms bouncing along mere inches above very hard ice, corners and tight spaces between fir trees being negotiated through a lean to the left or right by Ed, his face a picture of exhilaration as the wind whistled through his hair. I was in a fond embrace, Ben firmly between my knees and Tom between my legs further down, all of us revelling in the wonderfully invigorating air and, now and then, dodging missiles as the dogs relieved themselves. The remoteness, the purity of the snow, the glimmering of the sunlight were an intoxicating combination. We felt removed from everything, party to some ancient world untouched by humanity or noise, whose engine was the beating sun and the rhythmic pounding of the huskies’ paws in the crusty snow. In typical Swedish style, Tom, though only six, was quickly allowed to become Ed’s right hand man with the mushing, with squeaks of delight and “faster, faster Daddy,” now emanating from behind us. This really was an experience of a life time and with streaming eyes, tingling faces and hearts full of enthusiasm (as well as gratitude that little Ben hadn’t fallen prey to one of the huskies) we finally extricated ourselves from the depths of the toboggan and the mushing position – that, more reluctantly – ready for a bubbly post mortem all the way back to Järvsö.



Photo: Magnus Julin, Elin Holgersson, Håkan Pohlstrand, Barbro Selving, Peter Sundberg, Mika Munterud & Carl Lindstrom.

Join us for the Moutain Gorillas in Rwanda & Uganda

Mountain Gorillas, Safari & Zanzibar


4 july 2020, 18 days, 32 800 SEK

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Argentina & Chile

Safari & Zanzibar

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Short Safari Trip


Colombia & Panama

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Biking Tour in Cuba 50+

Sri Lanka 50+

Hiking Kebnekaise

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India & Nepal

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For more trips and adventures visit our website rosabussarna.com •+468-673 25 20 info@rosabussarna.com • facebook.com/rosabussarna • #rosabussarna

Photo: Thomas Andersson, Jenny Ljungdahl, Lina Vesterlund, Göran Karlsson, Lotta Rhenman, Mika Munterud, Julia Munterud & Malin Berger.

adventure of your life

Wedding magic

The Wedding Fair 2019. Photo: Jenny Drakenlind

A magical wedding event out of the ordinary Planning your wedding, big or small, simple or expensive, requires careful preparations. The wedding day and the wedding party is perhaps the most important day of your life, and it must be both unique and as perfect as possible..


ext year, the Wedding Fair celebrates its 20th anniversary in Sweden and so far 54 wedding fairs have been arranged with everything from 70-144 exhibitors. That means almost 7,000 exhibitors and an average of 200,000 visitors, from MalmĂś in the south to Sundsvall in the north. At the prestigious Grand HĂ´tel in Stockholm in its unique lounges, the Wedding Fair has brought together the best and most interesting companies, who are now just waiting to



guide the visitors and fulfill their wishes. The salons create a wonderful setting when taking a step towards something new in January. The entire fair will breathe sensuality, sincerity, closeness, finesse and elegance together with the best companies for both wedding and party. Wedding impressions and much more will provide many special experiences. There will be a wedding lottery with exclusive winnings at the fair, where the proceeds go to charitable causes. The wedding fair always works with great heart in everything, which helps to create a magical experience for both visitors and exhibitors. Text: Editorial

Ann-Christin J:son-Widinghoff, founder and organizer of the fair. Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt



Profile for Sverigemagasinet

MagazineSweden issue no 7 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 7 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...


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