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The Artistic Tenor on extensive christmas tour for the 26th year Orrefors Kosta Boda Ejes Chocolate World famous glassSmall but loved chocolate works since 1742 shop in Stockholm

Christmas opera Three unique performances await at Wermland Opera






respektive artisteratsom medverkar SeeSewhich artistsort arevilka performing respective venues

22/11 24/11 26/11 27/11 28/11 29/11 30/11 1/12 3/12 4/12


6/12 8/12 9/12 10/12 11/12 12/12 17/12 18/12 19/12





• Julvandring • Ett sagolikt äventyr för hela familjen

• Fasadshow • Traditionsenlig ljus- och ljudshow

• Stjärnorna i baren • Gnistrande vintershow pÅ Wermland Operas Stora scen Hotell- och kulturpaket från 1 250 :- / person.

INFO & BILJETTER 054–21 03 90 we r m landopera .com

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JOHN KLUGE The Artistic Tenor hits the road for the 26th year with his christmas tour.



CHRISTMAS AT WERMLAND OPERA Under the heading Christmas at the Opera hides no less than three spectacular productions.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL All around Europe, Christmas is celebrated with traditional markets and most are within easy reach, perfect for a day trip.

16 EJES CHOCOLATE In the small cosy chocolate shop at Östermalm in Stockholm, all chocolates are made by hand according to the old tradition.


THE GLASS KINGDOM The glassblowers at Orrefors Kosta Boda have through generations learned to master the liquid glass mass and refined the craft since 1742. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Welcome to Sweden!

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Premiers! icals dance & mus Film, theatre,

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Sweden. Your perception of this northern country is specific to what you have seen or experienced. However, this oblong nation is so much more, well, more than what most people think about it. We have a rich culture, thriving in the big cities and nourish our smaller towns. You can leave Sweden on a culinary trip around the world with our world-class chefs and our world-leading street food vendors - without ever leaving the city you have chosen to visit. You can also visit someone I’m sure you already know, Pippi Longstocking! Did you know that you could celebrate Christmas with one of Sweden’s most beloved characters? Pippi will be celebrating with her theatre group on “Intiman” in Stockholm from the 30 of November. Both Tommy and Annika will be there. We offer means to entertain you with a variety of different articles. You can read about healthy lifestyles, culture, regular exercise, and self-improvement. Also, where you can go when you don’t want to do anything strenuous but just want to hang around. As Sweden being a monarchy comes some small, but significant titles for the corporations involved. You can become a Royal purveyor. We have written about one of these purveyors, Ejes. A family-driven enterprise, which make handmade chocolate and have made it for many years; in fact, they make it well enough for the royal family here in Sweden, as in Great Britain as well. We highly advise that you make an excursion to visit them when you visit Stockholm. Because it’s something you will remember for a long time.

“The Artistic Tenor” on stage in Sweden and the USA




es: Art Galleri seums & ns! bitio ARTMu THEATRE FOOD & DRINKt exhi No 1 • 2019 the lates Read about






Hotel Tips & Experiences!

TRAVEL WITH INLANDSBANAN The train that drops you off in the middle of an adventure



SABATON OPEN AIR Sweden’s Meta l event of

the year returns




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Mother Africa – a dance show filled with speed and acrobatics from South Africa Mother Africa takes us on a journey. The show is filled with dance and music, and the costumes are colourful. Entertaining dances and acrobatic numbers. It is more than just a show. It is a new way to see the beauty of Africa. With help from music and brilliant dancing, we get to take part in a tale from the suburb of Khayelitsha which is located around 25 km outside of Capetown and is the most prominent suburb in South Africa with approximately 2 million inhabitants. In the centre of Khayelitshas high criminality, you can find joyfulness and hope. The streets are filled with talents and positive energy. The-

se are some of the prerogatives the shows want to depict. Life in Africa often balances between the old ways, and traditions and the new modern way. It is because of that you won’t find it weird that traditional Zulu-dancing meets the much more modern dance form, breakdancing. Their first show is 19th of February, 2020 in Stockholm, after that will they perform in Jönköping, Gothenburg, Borås, Norrköping, Linköping, Växsjö and Malmo. RED

Swedish Santas celebrate Christmas in july! Santa’s World Congress takes place every year on Bakken, Copenhagen, in week 30, from Monday to Thursday and has done so since 1957. More than 140 Santa’s from all over the world have participated in Santa’s World Congress on Bakken over the years. During the week they have spread joy among Bakkens guests, competed against each other in different competitions and games and exchanged experiences between one another. The Santa’s has also visited The Little Mermaid, they have gone on a parade through Ströget in Copenhagen and received their usual sea bath at Bellevue Strand.



Birger Simonsson at Bohusläns museum With an extensive program Bohusläns museum becomes an epicentre of culture and a centre for one of Sweden´s most visited regional museums and modern art. The 28th of september they will open their art hall for Birger Simonsson (1883-1983) which is a local artist from Bohulän. His skill was important for the breakthrough of modern art in Sweden during the start of the 1900s. Simonsson is held as important as Gösta Sandel when it comes to influencing ”Göteborgskoloristerna.” Birger Simonsson lured many of his colleagues from the capital of art, Paris, and Académie Mattise. The years after the visit in Paris Birger Simonsson worked with ”expressive art” colourful with sharp lines of significant fields of colour, he was later influences with other painters as, Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard and Auguste Renoir. Over time he developed a more intimate landscape way of painting with a significant effort on light differentials. During the winter he foremost worked with portraits. AE www.bohuslansmuseum.se




Classical luxury in Singapore Kungsbacka accordion gala 2019! Sunday the 13th of October there will be an accordion Gala in Kungsbacka. This tradition has been kept for over 20 years and offered the audience a wide range of artists in high class. All the concerts are musically mixed to show how the accordion can sound, and this year will be a mix between traditional, folk, rock and classical music. As usual, Lars Karlsson Band will be one of the main numbers with their mix of blues and rock, worldly-music, songs and much more. The masters on accordion from Finland, Netta Skog and Annika Andersson and Pierre Eriksson Trio will gild this year’s gala. Netta Skog won the class “Digital accordion” in the Accordion world cup 2015 and has toured around the world and plays both entertaining-music and classical repertoires of the highest degree. Annika Andersson has belonged to the elite accordion class for the latest 20 years and plays more of a traditional repertoire with an extraordinary rhythm and brilliant finesse. Pierre Eriksson Trio also consists of, aside from Pierre on the accordion, Rolf Jardemark on guitar and Peter Milefors on drums and according to them they promise a night with music that swings with both jazz and Latin American rhythms, and much more. Netta Skog will also be demonstrating digital accordion from Roland before the concert (16.00) and then perform during the show that starts at 17.00. Prepare for a varied and exciting gala in the accordion’s tunes on Kungsbacka Teater! AE www.ticketmaster.se/event/kungsbackadragspelsgala

One of the most iconic luxury hotels is opening its doors after years of extensive renovations. Now, a new chapter is about to start in Raffles Singapore’s long and beautiful book. Luxury travellers around the world are making themselves ready for a new era of classical extravagance. – Few hotels around the world have become associated with their hometown as Raffles Singapore. The hotel is one of the great 1800s hotels that are still standing. Because of that, the restorations have remained focused on preserving the unique charm and history of the building. Now we hope that our guest will continue to create memorable moments here and rekindle what made this hotel special - the architecture, the legacy and the legendary service, says Christian Westbeld, General Manager on Raffles Singapore. Raffles started their restorations in February 2017. Interior-architect Alexandra Champalimaud led the work, together with the architect and design enterprise Aedas, restoration experts from Studio Lapis and Lighting

consults from Tino Kwan. Together they have created beautiful suites and other places where the visitors can meet, live, do shopping or eat. The revived Raffles Singapore offers unbeatable comfort and service with Raffles Butlers with an enhanced suite experience in nine categories; State Rooms Suite, Courtyard Suites, Palm Court Suite, Promenade Suite, Studio Suite, Grand Hotel Suite and the Presidential Suite. The total number of suites has also gone from 103 to 115. If you are visiting Singapore and looking to make your visit first class, this is the place to be. RED www.raffles.com

Singapore sling is a gin-based drink that was invented between 1920 and 1915 on Raffles in Singapore by the Bartender Ngiam Tong Boon. The original recipe included gin, cherry liqueur and Benedictine. The drink was shaken and poured in a glass and topped with club soda.

Robots – a thrilling experience Welcome to “Tekniska museet” located at Northern Djurgården in Stockholm, come and meet the most humanlike robots ever shown. The exhibit displayed is thrilling but also scary. Why do we create a machine that looks like us? Why humans? With over 100 humanoids is “Robots” the most extensive collection of humanlike robots ever to be shown. Come and

meet and interact with some of the stars of the exhibit, that would like to give you a “fist bump” and MR Robotherspian, that quotes from famous movies. RED Museivägen 7 www.tekniskamuseet.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Sissel’s Christmas 2019 Few artists in the north are as strongly connected to Christmas as Sissel Kyrkjebø who starts her Christmas concert the 21st of November in Stockholm. Sissel has a unique ability to make you feel like she is singing directly to you, and only to you! The combination of the fantastic voice and her scene presence has made Sissel to be a very much coveted singer in parts of the world. She has during the years worked with names like Diana Krall, Placido Domingo, Bryn Terfel and José Carreras only to mention some. Here in the North Sissel’s Christmas concert has

been seen by over 1 million people, which is a close to unbeatable record within the context. Together with Placido Domingo and José Carreras, Sissel was invited to host the first Christmas concert in Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union. Sissel’s Christmas 2019 will other than Sweden Visit Norway, Denmark and Germany. Welcome to a show with a genuine Christmas feeling. MT www.besterman.nu

Pippi Långstrump celebrates christmas! 30th of November the Christmas starts for Pippi Longstocking at Intiman in Stockholm, and she REALLY knows how to celebrate Christmas, cookies will be baked, a tree will be shrouded in christmas decorations and the thrill to ride a sledge with Tommy and Annika is something you have to do! But Mrs Prysselius cannot stand the thought of Pippi celebrating Christmas alone. And when Pippi visits the Christmas market, she sends the constables Kling and Klang to get her to the orphanage. But as you all know, Pippi is not easy to catch!



Come along with Pippi, Tommy, Annika, Mrs Prysselius and Kling & Klang on a fun Christmas adventure. There will be singing and dancing. No one has told you about Christmas as well as Astrid Lindgren did, with tales of anticipation that genuinely gets you in the right mode for Christmas. That goes for young and old. This year you can savour that magical Christmas feeling on the Intiman. The show plays until 6th of January 2020. AE www.intiman.nu

Änglaljus for the 26:th time The Artistic Tenor – John Kluge – embarks on an extensive Christmas tour together with Linda Lampenius, Py Bäckman and Sofia Källgren. It’s the 26:th time Kluge arrange Änglaljus, filled with traditional songs and music with lots of christmas spirit and cosy atmosphere.

Tour dates: Fri, Nov 22 Borås

Fri, Dec 6 Stockholm

Sun, Nov 24 Karlstad

Sun, Dec 8 Piteå

Tue, Nov 26 Kalmar

Mon, Dec 9 Umeå

Wed, Nov 27 Kristianstad

Tue, Dec 10 Linköping

Thu, Nov 28 Anderstorp

Wed, Dec 11 Bergsjö

Fri, Nov 29 Goteborg

Thu, Dec 12 Växjö

Sat, Nov 30 Sundsvall

Tue, Dec 17 Västerås

Sun, Dec 1 Östersund

Wed, Dec 18 Malmö

Mon, Dec 2 Stenungsund

Thu, Dec 19 Ängelholm

Tue, Dec 3 Jönköping

Noteworthy Bergrummet’s new exhibition

Famous horses

6th of September 2019 – 15th of March 2020

Håkan Rudström, M.D.

Effective treatment for varicose veins Varicose veins is a regular occurrence, and some studies show that 1/3 of the western populations has some form of varicose veins. Earlier studies have shown a female predominance, but this can be questioned in later years thanks to new studies. The regular reason for varicose veins is age, but young people can be the subjugated aswell. Varicose veins runs in the family, which means it is inheritable, the one who has it will often find that they have a close relative that also has it. SYMPTOM OF VARICOSE VEINS

The regular symptoms is a feeling of heaviness and tension. Sometimes, itching, tenderness, calf-cramp, and ache. The symptoms often show a day circle, where it tends to get worse towards the night. The troubles can be eased by having the leg in a high position or compression treatment. The varicose veins clinique in Uppsala and Stockholm offer at the first visit of consultation with a vascular surgical specialist. During the same visit, an ultrasound is done (duplex), and the specialists decide what kind of treatment is most efficient for you from the information given. If wanted, a date for surgery can be scheduled. Treatment is made by daytime-surgery, and if no anaesthetic is distributed, the patient is free to leave the same day. There are options to stay the night as well on nearby hotels. MANY PROS OF CONSULTING A VARICOSE VEINS CLINIQUE

Immediate access to a higly specialized surgent with interest for varicose veins, and only need for one consultation before action. With the most intuitive and effective treatments there is with the cosmetic results that are shorter than convalescence than with traditional surgical technique. Endovenous Laser Ablatio (Long Saphenous Vein): 1400 Euro (2400 Euro both legs). Endovenous Laser Ablatio and varicose vein resection with multiple mini incisions: 1800 Euro (3000 Euro both legs). AE www.aderbrackskliniken.se

Tidö collections of Toys and Comics celebrating two this year and celebrate with an exhibit about Famous horses. Through history the horses has always been a beloved toy for children. Who hasn’t played on the rocking horse or ran around on a cane horse? One of Sweden’s biggest and most famous symbols is the “Dalahäst”, Dala horse, and riding is extremely popular amongst kids and grownups throughout the country. The exhibit shows toy horses and tells the stories about inspirational horses. Amongst other, visitors get to hear the fantastic story about the museum’s owner David von Schinkel’s grandmother Linde Klinckowström von Rosen, she was an excellent rider, and she rode all the way from Stockholm to Rome, and then back again! Horses have been vital in the comic book world as well, there are many critical pairs, as the phantom and Hero, Bamse, Billy Boy or Mulle from “My horse” to mention some. Also, in the eyes of collectors, horses are valued. Dala horses are attractive items, same as “My Little Pony” that today has made significant collections and has social circles with gathering and active social media groups, with many collectors across the world. The exhibit displays cane horses that the children get to take care of and take jumping over obstacles or take for a ride through the museum. The phenomenon of cane horses has exploded through the years since teenage girls started doing serious races, both in regional and national setting. You can play stable games with smaller horses or rock on the rocking horses. 26th of October will there be a parade of cane horses from “Hovstallet” (the court stables”) to Bergrummet. Welcome to see if your favourite horse is in the exhibit! RED www.bergrummet.com

Tixis world! “I realize how this may look, but I was actually MAKING the Tixi, 11 months bed.” MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Snälltåget expands The public understanding and the engagement about the climate have during the years grown and become a movement for everyone! The aftermath of this has been that the demand for train travel has risen. At the same time, has it never been harder to travel by train across Europe, because of the infrastructure of the railways. All the night trains to the continent have now been shut down, well not all of them; you can still take “Snälltåget.” Snälltåget is today the only company that offers night train from Sweden to the continent. During the later years have the market been growing steadily and the demand for train travel to Berlin has doubled during one year, and they are now expanding with three direct trains, Stockholm - Malmö - Berlin during the fall of 2019. There will be departures in connection to the Berlin Marathon, the thirty years celebrations of the fall of the Berlin wall and Berlins Christmas markets. AE www.snalltaget.se

Carl Linnaeus’ home and gardens Less than an hour from Stockholm and only twenty minutes from Arlanda, in the university town of Uppsala, you find the home and gardens of Carl Linnaeus. As you step into the beautiful baroque gardens of the world famous botanist and physician you leave the city’s pulse behind. More than a thousand species of Swedish and foreign vegetables, wild flowers, trees and medicinal plants are arranged according to Linnaeus’s classification system, first published in 1735. Recognized as the “Father of Taxonomy”, Linnaeus also invited the binomial system of naming organisms that we still use today. In Linnaeus’s home you will experience the a unique 18th century atmosphere. You



can admire hand-painted linen wallcoverings, furniture, collections of china and textiles. This is where the family invited friends, where the five children grew up, and where Linnaeus wrote scientific papers as well as letters to friends and colleagues. He observed, reflected and followed seasonal changes in the garden, which thus can be seen as an early laboratory in biology. Welcome to the Linnaeus Garden and Museum! The Garden is open throughout September while the Museum is open for group visits all year. AE Svartbäcksgatan 27, Uppsala www.linnaeus.uu.se

Visiting Sweden this winter? SKI IN ONE OF 200 RESORTS From resorts around the popular ski village of Åre in central Sweden to ski facilities in the provinces of Dalarna, Jämtland, Härjedalen and Swedish Lapland, there are hundreds of places where you can hit the slopes. TRACK REINDEER AND MOOSE ON SAFARI Safaris aren’t limited to tracking the ‘Big Five’ in Africa. During winter, you can enjoy several safaris that take you through Lapland’s wilderness, forests and tundra regions to find Sweden’s own ‘Big Six’: moose, wolverines, wolves, brown bears, lynxes and musk oxen. SLEEP IN HOTELS AND IGLOOS MADE OF ICE For a long weekend, you can head up to Jukkasjärvi, close to Kiruna, to bed down in the world’s first ice hotel. Opened in 1990, the Icehotel is rebuilt every year based on designs from various artists, using ice blocks made from water collected from the Torne River.

Christmas at the Wermland Opera



During December Wermland Opera will turn into a real Christmas house for all ages! Under the heading Christmas at the opera hides no less than three different productions that you can experience in one and the same evening or spread out throughout the month. Choose between: ”The fairy-tale adventure of Christmas walking”, “The traditional facade show” and the Christmas show “Stars at the bar”.


hree years ago, Wermland Opera decide to create a Christmas spirit on the first advent by giving the first facade show ever. Without having a clue as to how the people of Karlstad would react to this new phenomenon. They invested in a free event that was hoped to be received well. After the first evening, with invited audience and some curious visitors the rumour spread like wildfire and after the very first facade shows the week could be summed up to 20-30 thousand visitors! The event also became a viral success, so those who couldn’t get to Karlstad could still experience the spectacular show. After repeating the facade show two more years, of course with some modifications, Wermland Opera extends this year with activities both before and after the facade show. Now the visitors who come to the Opera House can also get to extend the experience inside the building. Wermland Opera would like to establish itself as a given Christmas tradition for the audience, for both Karlstad’s habitants and visitors. The three different productions aimed at slightly different target groups, but which also one and the same person can experience. The productions are given in chronological order, as audiences have the opportunity to experience all three events during the same night. CHRISTMAS HIKE

They open up the entire opera house for the smallest visitors and their families with a walking tour both in public areas and ‘ backstage. Of course, adults are also welcome, but only those who have the children’s mind left. As a visitor you will be greeted outside the opera house by a giant snowman and then you start by entering the opera’s large gate that stands open. The Inside is hiding a shimmering fairy tale world! During the exciting hike you get to venture into the witch’s gingerbread house, have a look in the Santa’s workshop at the top of the attic before you stop for a coffee in Cinderella’s Golden Café. You can also peek into the sewing studio where the mice and birds sew Cinderella’s dress. If you take the road down through the root system of the large tree you will find the underground beings dwelling, the underground beings guard all the animals in the stables. The stable is normally an orchestra ditch for 40-musicians. Finally, you can also take the opportunity to dance on the opera’s big stage! During the

45-minutes hike you will be amused by this and much, much more! Take your friend in your hand and follow along, and travel through all the opulence of the opera, nooks and lounges and discover the amazing magical worlds together. FACADE SHOW

Traditionally, Wermland Opera invites you to our light and sound show against the exterior wall of the opera house. When darkness has fallen, Wermland Opera for the fourth consecutive year can offer the residents in Karlstad and tourists a possibility to take part in the fantastic facade show. The filmmaker Jan Brånå has once again, with his special 3d technology, created a magical moment that illuminates Karlstad in the winter darkness. The facade show is a free event that suits everyone, big or small. In the previous years, it has gathered thousands of people outside the Opera House and has already had time to become a part of many people’s Christmas tradition. The show is on every afternoon from five o’clock. You can also drink mulled wine, hot chocolate and refreshments in the bright park. THE STAR IN THE BAR

A little later in the evenings, the sparkling winter show “Stars in the bar” starts at Wermland Opera’s big stage with high-quality entertainment. With Wermland Opera’s orchestra as a backdrop. The opera stars Cecilie Nerfont Thorgersen, Anna-Maria Krawe, Christer Nerfont, Richard Hamrin and Ole Aleksander Bang will sparkle in the bar with Frank Sinatra and Zarah Leander performing songs from the upcoming musical: “Monday all week”. Be prepared to enjoy one and another opera aria and of course music that gives a lovely tingly Christmas feeling! Even the crowd may shine in the bar! The bar at the stage edge is open an hour before the show start, at seven o’clock, here you can buy both food and drinks and the crowd can mingle in the salon with both artists and other audiences. The bar is then open throughout the first act until the end of the break. The idea is that you can start your Christmas experience in the opera house with the Christmas hike, which lasts about 45 minutes thereafter go out and see the facade show. If you are a little older, you can end the evening with the show “Stars in the bar”. Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock, Wermland Opera







Ejes Chocolate has been at the same address since 1963. All chocolates - and their famous jelly raspberries - are still manufactured in the same way as when the company was started in 1923.

Passion for pralines

Stepping over the threshold of Ejes chocolate is like stepping into another world, another era. And it shows how much love and care is put in every little chocolate praline. It takes almost two days for a praline to get finished. In the small cosy chocolate shop at Östermalm in Stockholm, all chocolates are made by hand according to the old tradition. The pralines both smell and taste absolutely amazing and the staff is equally sweet!


jes chocolate is not something you should enjoy under stress, says Linda Ardebäck, head of Ejes. Our chocolate should be eaten with love and care just as it has been manufactured! – Our chocolate is like health food, do not have a bad conscience when you eat it, she smiles. – Since Ejes pralines are freshly made, we recommend that you enjoy them immediately, but we guarantee sustainability for two to three weeks. That probably won’t be a problem, since the pralines have a tendency to be consumed faster than you had planned … How can you have such a large assortment and still sit in quite small premises? – Isn’t it amazing? Linda laughs. We are so incredibly happy and proud that a small family business can survive in our time. Our premises are like you say quite small, and here there are both manufacturing and shop. But since we still use most of the equipment from the past and work according to the same methods and traditions that we have always done; it actually works just fine even if we are a bit crowded.

– Absolutely everything is done by hand, and it really feels like it is a cultural heritage that we manage. The most amazing thing is that we have become known all over the world over the years, and yet our products can only be purchased here with us. – We have received many requests to open branches, get retailers and create a web shop, but have chosen to continue with what has made Ejes chocolate so appreciated; Amazing pralines provided with excellent service in our small shop. – It is very important for us to have control over the manufacturing process and our brand, so that we can guarantee that our customers get the same perfect pralines every time. At the same time, it is of course a challenge to dare to refuse to grow, but we have a very safe and stable business, and see no reason to change it. Do you eat any pralines yourself ? – Absolutely! People may think you get tired of pralines when you have access to them all the time, but that is not true. I probably eat 20-25 pralines a day – every day! And if you ask me, our pralines are pure health food, they are like balm for both body and soul! Linda concludes with a smile. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Ejes Choklad

Eje’s history

1923 The company is founded by Judith Andersson. The movement is growing rapidly and after only a few years a branch is opened at Flemminggatan 45. The business has increasingly switched to the manufacture of chocolate and confectionery. 1963 Judith & Son is looking for new premises. They will find the perfect place, a former grocery store on Erik Dahlbergsgatan 25 at Östermalm in Stockholm with both manufacturing and shop, and the aura remaining from the early 60 ’s. Mrs. Andersson then assigns her entire business to the son Erik, whom she always have nicknamed Eje. 1988 Eje sells the business to the Ardebäck family. With confectioner Rune in the lead, wife Marie-Louise and the children Mats and Linda, the business is driven further. The idea was and is even today to bring the chocolate culture and all the chocolate traditions further. 1990 Ejes Chocolate is appointed Royal Court supplier, a great honour for the family. This is based on that the company supply goods or carry out services to a member of the Royal family. 2010 Ejes chocolate creates the wedding pralines for the royal wedding between Victoria and Daniel Westling on the 19th of June 2010. The praline is a success and is now one of the store’s flagships. 2014 The book character, Marianne Jidhoff, from the detective novels written by the well-known author Denise Rudberg is a regular guest on Ejes and loves white truffle nougat. Ejes and Denise Rudberg starts a collaboration and has since been a tradition that the premier signing for Denise has been at Ejes where white truffle nougat and personally signed copies are offered. The 11-12th of October is it time again for the signing of Rudbergs latest book named “During nine nights.” The same year Ejes gets an award from the Japanese ambassador at that time, Mr. Morimoto. In solemn forms, Ejes is thanked for contributing to a better relationship between the countries. The award is widely acclaimed in Japan in magazines, television and books and many Japanese come to visit the store. 2016 Once again Ejes gets appointed to Royal Court supplier when Linda takes over as CEO of the family company. A recognition that Ejes still has quality as the highest priority. Ejes is even representing the Swedish purveyors in England. They meet with the British purveyors and exchange ideas, knowledge and make visits. Ejes hands over a gift to the British Queen and gets a personal letter where the Queen expresses her gratitude for the consideration and the exquisite chocolate. 2018 Ejes goes through a generational shift where the daughter Linda takes over the company together with her husband Jonas.




John Kluge –the Artistic Tenor



Entertainment John Kluge has the wind in his sails. With his new management team that is based in London, the intensive preparations have started for the Christmas tour “Änglaljus” along with several new projects in regard to his art. His performance this year at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York has also opened new doors in the USA. Next year John Kluge will perform there again and numerous exciting projects await him in a career that is becoming more international by the minute.


our years ago the tenor, John Kluge, was on the Crystal Serenity, a cruise ship, and attended an Odyssey Art at Sea painting class. Pretty soon, he found a new interest in painting, and his audience, sooner rather than later, discovered that he had a great talent. Today he has sold over 450 original paintings, and can, with authority, call himself “The Artistic Tenor.” MagazineSweden asked John some important questions about his career: How do you find time to paint when your singing career is taking up more time? John states: – Painting is an intergraded part of my connection with my audience, The painting time just comes as part of my daily program. Frequently my art has its foundation in a song or lyrics, which creates a symbiosis between the different disciplines. – I often have the opportunity to perform a song with a painting on stage, which is exhilarating. I’m aware that my audience appreciates the opportunity to buy a piece of art that is a unique recollection of my performance. How do you find the songs that you sing and paint? John states: – For example, I recorded the song “Leaving on a High Note” which is written by the Grammy Award winner Allan Rich along with Alan Roy Scott, Rickard Bonde Truumeel. – Allan Rich has been writing for Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Tina Turner among others. When the song was recorded, I painted a painting that illustrated the feeling of the music and of the lyrics. The painting is one of many that tours with me, either on an easel or projected on a large screen on the stage. This way, everything is combined, and the name “The Artistic Tenor” becomes even clearer. The experience becomes more intense when I perform a song with a painting on the stage. I have heard several people say that they feel a closer and have a deeper connection to the music with the help of my paintings and the stories they tell.

Tell us about your management team. John states: – Now that my music and my art are getting international reknown, I felt it was time to sign with an established management company. This led to my signing with 57th Street Management. They are based in London and handle a roster of international, world-famous artists in the world of music and theatre. I felt that 57th Street Management has the experience and knowledge to guide my future development. I’m excited to work with them. They are currently working on a global marketing strategy for 2020 with a world tour that will encompass Europe, USA and Asia. Tell us about a happy moment with your paintings on stage. John states: – I have done events where I have spoken and displayed my art at the same time. I once spoke in front of a group of professors at a university in Sweden, where the theme was mentorship. They had very different opinions, and were trying to establish a collective view of mentorship. I showed them an abstract painting and asked what they saw. At first they were quiet. Then a professor said that he could see a face. When I switched to another picture, all of a sudden, more of them could see faces. The conclusion was that when you know what you are looking for, it is much easier to find. The professors came to the understanding that helping others to see opens up the possibility to share knowledge. – The conversations I have with people once they have seen my paintings, are often more in-depth and more profound than if they have simply listened to a song. People tend to discuss feelings differently when they are talking about art. This is very exciting for me and gives my connection with my audience another dimension. Tell us what excites you about performing in New York? John states: – The opportunity to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall this year was, without a doubt, a milestone in my career. Moreover, I have been invited to return next summer. I cannot emphasize enough how welcomed

I felt at Carnegie Hall. New York is a fantastic city as well, with a vibrancy without equal. The New Yorkers have an intense interest in art and music, which makes the experience of performing in New York even more exiting. How many years have you been doing Christmas concerts? John states: – This year is the 26th time I am producing the annual Christmas tour of “Änglaljus” in Sweden. There are 20 concerts and my intensive tour takes place within a single month. Which guest artists will be joining you this year on the tour? John states: – This year, the well-known Swedish artists Py Bäckman, Linda Lampenius and Sofia Källgren will join me. They are performers who add that extra dimension to my concerts. I hold them all in very high regard.   Are you involved with any charity? John states: – In addition to my music and art, I created the Kluge Foundation that offers young people around Sweden the possibility to excel in music, literature and art. We will offer masterclasses next year for young adults in Sweden. The main objective is to give back to the younger generation. Are you doing any performances in the UK in the near future? John states: – For the first time I am presenting my Christmas concert ”Änglaljus” in London. I will be accompanied by the London Nordic Choir under the direction of Carina Einarson. The concert will be held at St George the Martyr Church, Borough High Street, SE1 1JA London on December 16 th at 7.30pm. The entrance is free and all donations will go to the John Kluge Foundation. – I welcome everyone to come and enjoy the evening! Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Annci Gustavsson




Grand Advent Concert SUNDAY DEC 1 14.00 AND 16.00




Stockholm City Hall with Blå Hallen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the Blue Hall in the famous Stockholm City Hall? Well you could join a guided tour and, well, you’d see an empty space. However, to experience it in all its splendour and magnificence, then you can either hope for an invitation to the Nobel Banquet - lucky you! - or you can buy a ticket to the traditional Advent Concert, a highly regarded event that this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.


hose that have watched the Nobel Prize banquet on TV have savoured the magical shimmer that radiates throughout the Blue Hall as the Royal Family and eminent guests glide down the marble staircase in their finest attire. A spectacle exactly as the architect, Ragnar Östberg envisioned when Stockholm City Hall was inaugurated in 1923.

– The Advent Concert is a traditional event, where the audience members recognise their favourite Advent and Christmas songs. Quite a few of our visitors consider our concert a yearly tradition. We receive emails already during the Summer, when old friends want to make sure they have tickets. We also have returning visitors from various countries, who enjoy the unique experience of our Advent Concert.

What can the audience expect from this year’s jubilee concert?

– That is correct. It puts high demands on us and on our sound engineers. I have myself conducted concerts in the Blue Hall for over 40 years, so The City Hall is my home arena. I feel confident that the audience will have an unforgettable experience - both visually and musically.

We ask Bo Aurehl, the event’s conductor and presenter: – You could say that the Advent Concert has two major characters, Bo says. One is the setting itself, probably Sweden’s most famous hall. Rather fittingly, our concert takes place a few days before the Nobel Banquet. The other is the performance, where the main focus is on the big and beautifully sounding choir. We are presenting three choirs, with my very own ensemble Stockholm Singers, the Stockholm Musikgymnasium Chamber Choir and the Helene Stureborg Chamber Choir. All three choirs perform at a world class level, having won major international choral competitions. – The show will also feature dancers from the Stockholm Ballet Academy and the Stockholm Concert Orchestra together with singers Henriikka Gröndahl and Lars Johansson Brissman. Jonas Lundblad will be playing the impressive City Hall pipe organ, the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia.

The acoustic must be something you are not used to, because the Blue Hall was not built for concerts, right?


Bo Aurehl conducts the music together with Helene Stureborg, a renowned musical partner. Bo also punctuates the evening’s musical high points with humorous and festive verse. While this is only in Swedish, the international guests highly appreciate the event nonetheless. This year the Web Site www.advent.nu has been updated with an English version, as a service for non-Swedish visitors. – I am actually working on the rhymes just now. It’s one of my Christmas habits, albeit a few months in advance. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Habanera

In 1907 the city council decided to build a new city hall at the former site of Eldkvarn. An architectural contest was held which in the first stage resulted in the selection of drafts by Ragnar Östberg, Carl Westman, Ivar Tengbom jointly with Ernst Torulf, and Carl Bergsten. After a further competition between Westman and Östberg the latter was assigned to the construction of the City Hall. During the construction period, Östberg constantly reworked his plans, resulting in the addition of the lantern on top of the tower, and the abandonment of the blue glazed tiles for the Blue Hall. THE BLUE HALL, with its straight walls and arcades, incorporates elements of a representative courtyard. Its walls are in fact without blue decorations, but it has kept its name after Östberg’s original design. It is known as the dining hall used for the banquet held after the annual Nobel Prize award ceremony. The organ in the Blue Hall is with its 10,270 pipes the largest in Scandinavia. Above the Blue Hall lies the Golden Hall (Gyllene Salen), named after the decorative mosaics made of more than 18 million tiles. The mosaics make use of motifs from Swedish history. They were executed by the Berlin, Germany, firm of Puhl & Wagner, after nine years of negotiations by Gottfried Heinersdorff (1883-1941) for the commission. Stockholm City Hall is considered one of Sweden’s foremost examples of national romanticism in architecture. The architectural style is one of refined eclecticism, blending massive, austere, North European brick construction and playful elements reminiscent of oriental and venetian architecture, such as turrets adorned with golden starlets, decorated balconies, wooden masts, and statues. The building was inaugurated on 23 June 1923, exactly 400 years after Gustav Vasa’s arrival in Stockholm. Authors Verner von Heidenstam and Hjalmar Branting delivered the inaugurational speeches.

Ragnar Östberg 1934.



Christmas Special

Europe’s Christmas Markets It’s not just us here in Sweden that think it’s nice to stroll around Christmas markets with a warming mug of Glögg in hand. All around Europe, Christmas is celebrated with traditional markets and most are within easy reach, perfect for a day trip or weekend away! Text: Marie Tillman Photo: Adobe Stock



Christmas Special

Berlin In Berlin, the variety of Christmas markets is huge and they get going at the end of November. One of the most sought-after Christmas markets in Berlin is at The Charlottenburg Palace. The stall holders and food vendors are all hand-picked and the palace also holds special exhibitions. Food, toys and gifts can be purchased in the market, making it perfect for those who want to start enjoying the Christmassy atmosphere. November 25 - December 31st www.visitberlin.de/en/christmas-markets-berlin www.vdsc.de

Copenhagen Copenhagen has a big selection of Christmas markets, but it is the traditional market at Tivoli that draws the most attention, attracting over a million visitors each year. It is packed full of Christmas elves and ice sculptures, an ice-skating rink, a pantomime theater and activities for children. It is truly spectacular with its many kilometers of fairy lights and over 60 beautifully decorated huts selling old-fashioned toys, Christmas decorations and much more. They serve their glรถgg with raisins and almonds, just like we do in Sweden. The market is open from the beginning of November to the end of December. November 17 - December 31st www.tivoli.dk



Christmas Special

London In central London’s Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland spreads Christmas joy all over London, it is appreciated by both tourists and Londoners alike. The market has grown exponentially since its inception and today houses the city’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink as well as a Christmas circus, a Ferris wheel and over 100 other attractions. Naturally, there are many stalls selling all kinds of treats to help keep your strength up as you wander this huge site. Free entrance. November 23 - January 6th www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

Vienna Austria’s capital is one of the world’s leading cities for celebrating Christmas with a market that has been held annually for over 700 years. Here you can drink glühwein and eat vanillekipferl (a vanilla sugar covered biscuit) and roasted chestnuts. The celebration is very social and there are many meeting places. Every year the City Hall’s windows are painted by local artists with Christmas themes. The cosy markets are tightly packed together in the city: Altweiner Christkindlmarkt is especially cosy and is dominated by local artists and their work, the market next to the City Hall in Rathausplatz sells simple and less sophisticated gifts, while the market at Schönbrunn Palace, in addition its striking setting, offers Christmas items of a more lavish nature. November 15th - December 31st. www.wien.info



Christmas Special

Lübeck This Christmas Market held on a square next to the Town Hall is very old and was first mentioned more than 350 years ago. Today, it has grown and spread out onto the pedestrian streets surrounding the Town Hall and Koberg. Lübeck’s medieval squares and houses set the perfect stage for Christmas and hundreds of vendors purvey everything from glühwein to old-fashioned wooden toys, gifts and Christmas treats. The Enchanted Forest at St Mary’s Church is a creation inspired by the brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, 20 fairy tale houses depicting favorites such as Hansel & Gretel and Sleeping Beauty make for a charming Christmas atmosphere for all the family. November 26th - December 30th. www.lubeck.nu

Strasbourg One of the oldest Christmas markets not only in France but in the world. Christmas decorations and lights are not spared in this town. It’s peppered with Christmas choirs singing out, Santa and his elves and even a depiction Jesus’s birth. In the area around the Notre Dame Cathedral you will find lots of stalls selling traditional Christmas items, decorations and spices and a huge selection of gourmet foods. To accompany the local version of glögg, try a flammekeuche (a thin pizza with bacon, onions and crème fraiche), goose liver or the traditional Christmas biscuits recettes de bredele. Perhaps the biggest point of pride in the market is the Christmas tree in the middle of the square: At 30 meters high, it’s Europe’s largest naturally growing Christmas tree. November 23rd - December 30th www.noel.strasbourg.eu



Christmas Special

Stockholm In central London’s Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland spreads Christmas joy all over London, it is appreciated by both tourists and Londoners alike. The market has grown exponentially since its inception and today houses the city’s largest outdoor ice-skating rink as well as a Christmas circus, a Ferris wheel and over 100 other attractions. Naturally, there are many stalls selling all kinds of treats to help keep your strength up as you wander this huge site. Free entrance. November 23 - January 6th www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

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Christmas Special

Christmas Market IN GAMLA STAN

Julmarknad Gamla Stan

Welcome to Stortorget’s traditional Christmas market in Stockholm!

There has been a Christmas Market in Stortorget since the Middle Ages, a time when nearly all trade took place at markets. Stockholms-Gillet has managed the Christmas market for over 100 years, offering a broad selection of handicrafts and treats. Come along with all your family and friends and experience a genuine Christmas atmosphere in the middle of Stockholm!

Open daily between 11 – 18 From 24th November to 23rd December

new ’s m l o h k c o t S Welcome to comics, d n a s y o t f o museum xhibit e e h t e l p m a x and see for e

s Famous hosrse

as well a jects! b o r e h t o 0 0 40 0 rch 15 a M h t 6 r e b Up Septem t.com e m m u r g r e .b www




WHERE MYTH MEETS TRUTH www.thevikingmuseum.com - Djurgårdsvägen 48

COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se

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The Kingdom of Crystal

Grand master Bertil Vallien with his work Leaving Port. Photo: Orrefors Kosta Boda Group




Orrefors Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands within glass and glass art. The glassblowers have through generations learned to master the liquid glass mass and refined the craft since 1742. Kosta has just 800 inhabitants, but during the year the location draws over a million people from around the world. The production of the glass that is done in the sheds is the centre of attention. With time, more activities have come to life and today is Kosta a destination for excursions that lasts for days – for the whole family.


he name Kosta comes from the founders, Koskull and Staël von Holstein, who founded the brand in their name. You have many activities for your visitors. Is it something you shouldn’t miss?

– The Christmas market is my baby, and that is what many people associate us with during the season. It is an exceptional experience with lots of traditional Christmas celebration. We have hired the same special effect company as Liseberg, and together with them, we have successfully created a memorable experience for the whole family. – This means that we can offer snow. No matter the weather. We always have a sheet of artificial snow, that stays during the whole period of the Christmas market. Accompanying this we also have five million lights in Kosta Boda, that shines, and lights up the Christmas market, and provides a splendid experience

– We are usually ranked as one of the best markets in Sweden, which of course makes us proud and happy. And have this spread abroad as well? – Absolutely. We have many Danish and German visitors during the Christmas market, and usually, everyone is pleased with the framing of the experience. Kosta and the surrounding have been a destination since its start in 1742. If you come here during the sunnier side of the year, you can visit our glass sheds or experience one of our other experiences, of course, you can get information about the next Christmas market as well. Thanks to that, a lot of the visitors choose to come back here for the Christmas market. Is there any glass blowing during the Christmas market? – Indeed there is! The market is placed on the old glass blowing grounds, which enable us to connect our history and the crafting. – We have around 80 people daily in the huts, and we are keeping the furnaces warm all

year round, and creating glass 365 days a year. Kosta Boda is one of Sweden’s oldest companies that is still in effect, and the main reason for that is that we have the same high standard on our glass as we always have. This is noticeable foremost international, where we soon will be represented across the world. – We always put extra effort into international deals and export to over 40 countries; our biggest ”client” would be the USA which is one of the biggest markets. So with all this said, you can say that the future is looking bright for Kosta Boda? – It truly is. We are looking forward all the time and following along with the changes. Ten years ago, everyone said that it was impossible to build a glass hotel in the forest. Still, today we are planning to expand the hotel with 55 new rooms, a new restaurant, amphitheatre and a microbrewery. It is all about putting your faith in the ideas that make you fall in love, and then go for it, and work, with determination to make the concept real. – There is always something going we on

1741 the construction of the glassworks was started, which was named Kosta after the initial letters in the two owners’ names, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein. The first glass blowers came from Thüringen in Germany. It took 50 years for Swedish names to be found among these. 1761-1790 Under Johan Friedrich Wickenberg’s leadership,

the glassworks expanded. Sales offices were established in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kalmar, Karlskrona and Kristianstad. Glass was also sold from Stockholm to Riga and Saint Petersburg. Both window glass and white and green household and decorative glass were manufactured. 1830 Uno Angerstein was appointed director. His interest in the art development at the glassworks got him for a number of years to let the artist Kilian Zoll stay free at the glass factory. 1890 A narrow-gauge railway opens between Kosta and Lessebo, really intended for Kosta’s sawmill, but the railway line came in handy for the glass factory. 1892 they started melting whole crystal, a new grinding for 60 glass grinders and modern smelting furnaces ahead. 1901 Kosta suffers from a devastating brand, which destroyed the entire factory complex. However, the ovens survived the fire and the operation could be resumed provisionally in just a few months. 1930S Kosta is bought by a consortium with Eric Åfors, the owner of Åfors glassworks, as the main interest. 1978 Kosta with the Åfors Group acquires Upsala-Ekeby AB and is then part of the Orrefors Kosta Boda Group. 1997 The group is sold to the Danish art industry group Royal Scandinavia A / S. 2005 The Orrefors Kosta Boda group is taken over by New Wave Group with Torsten Jansson in the lead.




– The glass hotel is booked to 73 % the year around which as surprising, considering where we are located. Kosta Boda is the biggest in what’s called Glasriket (The glass empire), and we supply a big part of the municipal in the form of working opportunities in our different branches. During Christmas, you also have six concerts with the Swedish entertainer Tommy Körberg, which also is notable. – Yes, that is cool! You can’t experience that anywhere else in the country, so we are pretty proud of it. It is also a confirmation that we are doing something right with the Christmas market. The audience is also willing to come, and with that said, we are attracting some big names to appear and play. Many of the artist that come also like to stay a couple of days. They live at the hotel with their families. That way they get some Christmas peace and quiet and even some Christmas spirit in a stunning environment, which where they can relax between performances as well. You also have a book signing with the author Anna Jansson, a big seller in Sweden and internationally. – Yes. Anna is a real Kosta-friend. One of her books is set in Kosta Boda, and that is, of course, something we take great pride in. Moreover, will Kristin Kaspersen to sign her latest book, and we also, always, have to people from the TV show Idol come and live here a week after the final. They make a special show for us, and it is one of the first times the audience get to get familiar with this year’s winner. – So, you can say with some weight to your words, that there is always something going on here at Kosta – whether you come to see Bertil Vallien and Kjell Engman work in the huts, eat good food, listen to established artists or experience the beautiful nature here at Kosta. Everything is connected, and there is guaranteed something for everyone in the family! Emil Andersson finishes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Destination Kosta






the Hotel

the Christmas Experience the Design

A Sparkling Christmas Experience – in the Kingdom of Crystal The Glass Hotel presents: a Christmas buffet package at Kost Boda Art Hotel With full board and Christmas buffet, accommodation, breakfast, musical entertainment in the Glass Bar and admission to the unique spa facility. From 2.045 SEK per person in a double room



2 018 • 2



7 01

2015 • 20 1

15 November – 21 December, Thursday to Saturday

www.kostabodaarthotel.se • +46 478-348 35

Business or pleasure? BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!

Villa Källhagen is perfectly suited for well-traveled people with high expectations. You sleep well in comfortable beds, eat well in the classic restaurant or the vivid lobby bar. Staffed around the clock, and food served all days of the week. Villa Källhagen will leave you well rested and rejuvenated for the challenges of tomorrow.

Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå inte.

Easy to get to with walking distance from down town Stockholm, bus right outside the door, easy to get a taxi, and excellent parking possibilities.

Villa Källhagen, unique countryside feel in the city of Stockholm.

Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm villa@kallhagen.se • +46 (0)8-665 03 00 • kallhagen.se

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Woodstock – fifty years after

Meet Conny Bloom, Claes Yngström, Dan Hylander, Mikael Rickfors, LaGaylia Frazer, Mats Ronander, Py Bäckman and Janne Åström at Woodstock 50 years. Photo: Mehdi Bagherzadeh

The festival culture was born a field outside of New York in 1969, and 50 years later, Woodstock is celebrated across the world. Original artist Carlos Santana tells his friend Mikael Rickfors memories about Woodstock, that turns back time with a Swedish package and celebratory tour. Without Woodstock, there would be no Hultsfredsfestival, no Way Out West, no Peace and Love in Borlänge, no Bråvalla in Norrköping or Lollapalooza. Woodstock became the mother of all festivals. The myth has since then been built up for five decades. Now comes the tour that celebrates Woodstock and the Woodstock and other songs of the era.




Woodstock-festival 1969 attracted half a million visitors, by far the largest music event in that time. Foto: Pressens Bild/Julius Produktion

A they followed.

joyful festival, in the name of peace and love. That is what Mikael Rickfors and the other artists in the jubilee tour is looking forward too. Precisely like the predecessor for fifty years ago, there is a definite theme

What is your relationship to Woodstock? – It was during the time everyone loved each other, and there was to be peace on earth, says Mikael Rickfors. During that period, I was myself out demonstrating for the peace, and the grand music festival was on Gärdet, Stockholm, with clear authoritarian messages. That created a sense of belonging, which to this day is still solid, I still say “peace and love” after each concert.  – I remember when we were demonstrating the Vietnam war, and other things, and what big impression it left on me. I remember somewhat less fondly that I was denied a visa a couple of years later when I was to travel to England and the USA, which was not as fun … – Musically I have another connection to Woodstock. Some of the artists that performed recorded some of my songs, which were fun Carlos Santana and Richie Havens, amongst others.

America that had them, the most prominent musicians, live. What can the audience expect from Woodstock 50 years later, except for a lot of good music and a lot of good artists? – Some form of documentation of the festival. Since we only play the music that was performed during Woodstock. We will also have short stories and anecdotes in between the songs, which we hope will be appreciated. – First and foremost, I hope that we will succeed with passing on the feeling of peace and love, and some hippie feeling with bandanas and so on. There will be a couple of hours of “togetherness” and good Jojo. 

”The Woodstock festival is the largest crowd ever assembled for a purpose other than war.”

Did you talk about going to Woodstock back here in Sweden? – Yes, some did, but I did not get there until the year after. I felt too young to go the first year. But it sure would have been a memory for life to get to be there and see all the greats live. During that time, it was only England or

Have you decided who will do which songs?

– No, not really. I will do some Carlos John Lennon Santana and some Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young together with Dan Hylander Mats Ronander and Janne Åström. But nothing is set in stone yet, and I have a feeling other constellations will appear as well. One last thing, many, as I am sure of, will wonder: Who will make Jimmi Hendrix’ legendary interpretation of Star Spangled Banner – Conny Bloom or Claes Yngström? – Ha ha ha, I think they still are fighting about it! But whoever ends up doing it, will turn it into something magical, Mikael Rickfors finishes. Text: Tony Manieri

WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL was held in august 1969, in the small community Bethel, around 150 kilometers northwest of New York. The arrangers had counted that this would be the biggest music and folk festival through all times, and to gather an audience up towards 100.000 people. What was to happen was that over four times the expected amount came. 450.000 people arrived to the festival and it is said that over 1,5 million people were on their way but did not make it all the way. The car queues stretched all the way to the Washington Bridge in Manhattan. The theme for the festival was 3 DAYS OF PEACE & LOVE, which it was. You succeeded in feeding almost half a million people, they rode out storms, there were children born, and all this happened in one harmonious place. Everyone was helping, the audience as festival workers, political activists, locals and a stream of volunteers that seemed to be never ending, to get this all of a sudden, midsize town to work, which it did. The National Guard entered with helicopters, doctors and nurses to and set up multiple field hospitals in the area, 300 New York officers went up and volunteered all weekend, for once unarmed. The organizers had managed to book some of the greatest artists in 1969; Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Grateful Dead, Johnny Winter, Arlo Guthrie, Jimi Hendrix, Richie Havens, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, Mountain, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and more. At the same time, Woodstock marked the definitive breakthrough for artists such as The Who, Ten Years After, Santana and Joe Cocker. However, both the Rolling Stones and The Beatles failed to book themselves at the festival, but later learned to regret it. Or as John Lennon put it: - The Woodstock Festival is the largest crowd ever assembled for a purpose other than war.



On stage



On stage


Herring Wermland Opera invites you to Benjamin Britten’s most successful opera ever - the humorous opera performance: Albert Herring. The municipal council gather in the female chairman’s living room in a Swedish small town to nominate and choose Lucia of the year. (Lucia was a saint in the Roman Catholic Church). They want a girl, of course they do, Lucia is always a girl. As if that wasn’t enough, she must have high morals as a role model for the city’s youth. Unfortunately, all nominees shown to have “a skeleton in the cupboard” and the congregation suddenly has no suitable candidates left. Everyone is horrified about the youth’s total decay and the situation seems insoluble. Suddenly a bomb explodes from nowhere. One of the participants suggests that they shall choose a boy for Lucia instead. He knows that there is an immaculately candidate, a young man named; Albert Herring. Said and done. What they don’t know is that this choice will make the whole village upside down ...


lbert Herring is a humorous opera in three acts based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant. When Benjamin Britten, in the 1940 ‘s, made opera of the French story, the history was moved to the composer’s home country in eastern Suffolk. The original story therefore took place in the English countryside in a real “Midsomer Murders” environment. The plot revolves around the people of the small village of Laxford and the governing who will appoint a May queen. Wermland Opera has moved the action to Sweden and the fictional town Laxfors since few people in Sweden have any relation to the phenomenon May Queen.Instead of appointing a May Queen it is now about appointing the Lucia, which most Swedes is familiar with!

It is grand with 13 singers at stage at the same time in this vocal ensemble and the characters are clearly chiselled and exaggerated and easy to parody about. Most of the characters have their own music that accompany them and reinforces their personalities. Albert’s overprotective chicken mom accompanies by music that can be likened to a stubbornly chopping hen. The city’s leader is accompanied by music that reflects their social class and stiff unfree life. For example, when the pastor named “Viking” is on stage monks- music plays that takes you to ancient countryside and churches during Victorian times. While teacher Siw Hurtigh characterized by the worst kind of traditional ballad music. The pompous Laila Viklund, who is the chairman of the city Council, characterized by Baroque music and grandiose opera with an undertone of British patriotic glorification. The city’s children and young people are freer and consequently their music has more

playful rhythms with lighter music and the older ones are more maturity and with erotic undertones. The completely impeccable Alberts lacks musical personality and is instead coloured by the one he is currently hanging out with. On stage we see AnnLouice Lögdlund as Laila Viklund, Anna-Maria Krawe as teacher Siv Hurtigh and Anton Ljungqvist as the reverent Viking Munk. As Albert Herring and his mother Kajsa, we meet Ole Aleksander Bang and Gunilla Stephen. Albert Herring premier on October 26th at Wermland Opera’s main stage. The opera is directed by Dan Turdén, scenofrafi and costume by Kari Gravklev and chief conductor Johannes Gustavsson redirects. Text: Pernilla Eduard Photo: Wermland Opera MAGAZINE SWEDEN



On stage



On stage Life has changed for John Lundvik since hi won the Swedish tune festival. After this summer´s tour with the Diggiloo-tour, it now stands clear that we get to see him in Swedish concert halls. Lundvik takes over the show Christmas Night in November, after Magnus Carlsson. For the past five years, Carlsson has had the lead, but now will Lundvik take the lead role as the star of the show. – It will be an exciting, but also a stressful fall, the singer says with a smile.


ohn Lundvik has vigorously stated that he has not changed since last year. – I have been working as a scene and music artist for many years, and I feel immensely confident where I am right now. To be taken by the blinding success I have had, is not really who I am, says John. – But truthfully sometimes I must pinch myself in the arm. My career has taken off in a spectacular way, for which I am grateful. I have worked hard for this.  John Lundvik has extensive experience as both songwriter and with artistry, and has been writing music to both TV series and movies, amongst others, the hit series “Empire” and “Snabba Cash.” He has worked with a row of Swedish and international celebrities. Prince Daniel gave him the assignment, together with Jörgen Elofsson to write the wedding gift to the royal marriage; the song, “When you tell the world you’re mine.”  And to this year’s Eurovision he had besides his own song, written England’s contribution, which felt odd.  – There was, of course, fantastic that the Englishmen picked my song to the final, but at the same time there was no doubt in my mind that it was my performance I was hoping to win!  INTENSIVE 2019 

After the Eurovision song contest, and the summer tour with Diggiloo. He has proved himself to belong to the upper echelon of artists in Sweden. Now it also stands clear that he will together with the praised group The Mamas go on tour this fall, a mini-tour that will be premiering on Cirkus Arena in Stockholm the first of October. – Right now, I am living my dream. To follow up the Swedish tune festival with a remarkable Eurovision adventure, and after that, even more new music, and get my very own tour … It feels fantastic! Also, to get to invite our Nordic neighbours to come and see the concert is thrilling. I am so proud and glad that The Mamas has chosen to come along with me on this experience. The team feeling we have right now is hard to beat and priceless. LOVES THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT

After all the success did it feel natural when Johns name came up for the winter success Christmas Night, when it was to be renewed.

John förbereder sig för en av många fotograferingar tillsammans med Tommy Nilsson och Wiktoria. Foto: Rickard L Eriksson

– I got happy when I was asked since I am, in every sense of the word, is hopeless romantic and I truly love the spirit of Christmas. – I will also have the chance to do the show with three amazing artists. We have an opportunity to get a perfect mix. Elise Lindström comes from country music and sub-genres from it, Wiktoria who makes dance music with a pop twist to it, and Tommy Nilsson who has a fantastic career with a long row of songs that has ended up in the Swedish hearts and souls. – Then I will add some R&B and soul feeling, and I hope that there is something for everyone, in this year´s edition of Christmas Nights!  WELL PREPARED

Parts of the staff that comes along on the Diggiloo tour will also work with Christmas Night. – Several of us that does sound and lighting will come along during the winter as well. It feels like we are setting our self up for success, and that the production will go smoothly, and we do closer to thirty performances during the time of one month, so we need it to go smoothly as well. 

– It will be fun to travel the country together with three incredibly talented artists and spread some Christmas spirit with lovely songs, John finishes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo big picture: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT

Bet you didn’t know! John Lundvik is a former athlete. He trained in the same training-group as Carolina Klüft in IFK Växjö, he has the most NC-gold medals on youth/junior level and was the winner of “Ungdomsfinnkampen” 2001. He has run 100 meters on 10.84s. His greatest achievement is NC bronze with IFK Växjo, 4x100 meters from 2005. John is also making the voice for the grownup Simba in the new Lion King movie.



um ! use other m A no like

Jamtli Welcome to

in Östersund

Visit permanent and temporary exhibitions, and Nationalmuseum Jamtli – an arena for art and design. Jamtli Christmas Market The historical buildings at Jamtli create a wonderful setting where visitors and vendors of genuine handicraft meet each other in a unique Christmas atmosphere.

From Dawn to Dusk

Christmas Market December 6–8, 2019

Nordic Art Around the Turn of the Century 1900

May 28, 2019–April 19, 2020


A world-class tourist destination in the beautiful sorroundings of southern Sweden - Museum, café and conference - Culture, art and nature experience - Everything from Dag Hammarskjölds private home in New York - Exhibition about Dag Hammarskjöld, former UN Secretary General and world citizen

Opening hours hours 2020 2019 April 10 September29 27 3 - -September Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m - 5 p.m For groups and conferences there is the possibility to visit all year round. www.dhbackakra.se

For more information:


www.dhbackakra.se Tel. (+46) 076-835 26 70 Backåkravägen 73, 271 77 Löderup

The newest hotel on Åland! Welcome to Park Alandia Hotel, a newly renovated, family-owned hotel by the lush Esplanade alley in the centre of Mariehamn. We have a restaurant and a bar with outdoor terrace. Live music is played Wednesday–Saturday.

Conference or vacation – we are here for you!

HOTEL | RESTAURANT | BAR | POOL | CONFERENCE www.parkalandiahotel.com, +358 (0)18 14130

Twin room from

99 €

, otel h e to t h s t x e ht n us-tour ople, g i r ing ually B 30 pe k r l a P ann m for 1 st hote roo ge r g a n l i s Din len'



Ö S T E R L E N Hotel Svea, dated from the 1840s, is one charming, cozy hotel right by the sea but still in the middle of Simrishamn with its culture and nature as well as shopping. We are the largest hotel in Österlen with 60 rooms, which make us able to welcome larger groups. The rooms, ranging from Prince Eugens suite to economy, pet and handicap friendly have sea view or garden view. The rooms have a shower or bath, cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Relax with a massage or sauna. For conference and meeting guests and larger companies we offer a variety of options and activities for up to 130 people. Our Restaurant the Pirate has sea view and you can see small fishing boats outside the window. Here you are enjoying yourself of the best recipes from Skåne, Swedish as well International food carefully updated to match modern taste buds. Our knowledgeable chef Johan Linnerborg, selects local produce as far as possible. In the airy lobby we are happy to serve you one glass of wine or beer from Österlen producers with some appropriate snacks. During the summer we open the garden as restaurant and bar. Welcome to Hotel Svea, wish Patrik, Maria and all our amazing colleagues!

tel: 0414 - 41 17 20 mail: info@hotelsvea.se





Twilight image from the fabulous Park Güell park area.

Barcelona is magical The capital of Catalonia has sights that you can spend several days exploring. It cries out of beautiful houses, churches and parks. Among the city’s main landmarks is the fabulous unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral, created by local architect Antoni Gaudí. During his lifetime, he leaves many impressions in the city, including the magic sago park Parc Güell. And between the yards, the city offers lots of cosy eateries.


Barcelona is a family-friendly city, so even a day at the beach can include fun activities. But there is also plenty of other fun within easy reach. The city has its own zoo, an amusement park and an aquarium plant with an 80-meter



long tunnel where sharks slide around. A bit outside the city is also Europe’s second largest amusement park. One of the city’s biggest trump cards is its combination of intensive big city and relaxed seaside resort. But the habit of bathing in the middle of the city is quite new. Thirty years ago, the district was down to the plagues, Barcelona, yet another very poor fishing district

and the beaches were not inviting. But now the area closest to the water has turned into a whole pearl band of fine sandy beaches lined with bars and taverns. Barcelona has a touch of working class with washed clothes on the drought between the roofs of the narrow alleys, but unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before a brighter establishment replaces its many genuinely

Travel neighbourhood and bars. One of the best pleasures in Barcelona is to completely easily walk around, soak up the atmosphere and admire all the beautiful buildings. Gaudi’s fabulous buildings set its unique feel on the city. Do not miss highlights like Casa Mila and Casa Battle. They are both located along Passeig de Gracia, one of the city’s major avenues. LA RAMBLA AND BARRI GOTIC

La Rambla stretches from the port to the south to the main square of Plaça de Catalunya, which with its big department stores is the heart of the shopping district. North of the square constitutes the extension of the Rambla de Catalunya walkway to the north into the distinguished district of Eixample. Here the crowds are smaller, the walks is beautiful adorn with benches and protective

Ciutat Vella, also known as Barri Gòtic, is the oldest part of the city with narrow picturesque streets designed for cosy walks. Here is an abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes. The wide boulevard of La Rambla constitutes the border between Barri Gòthic and El Raval and extends 1.2 km to Plaça de Catalunya. Walking along La Rambla is an experience in itself. Along the busy street there are market stands, flower shops, exhibitions and street performers. The long paradise street has a wide, stony walk in the middle, fillet stands and kiosks with flowers and much more. On vacant surfaces, street artists fight for space to gather crowds for their often super-professional shows. The folklore is wonderful, but watch out for burgles, crushers and all kinds of mufflers. City authorities think that the street An example of Antoni Gaudís richly varied artistry. has become all too popular among the tourists and they have recently banned certain trees and lined with shops and bars of a bit types of street sales and planning a complete more luxurious kind. Here are many exciting renovation of the area 2019. Among the estaand slightly different stores.. blishments along the street are the magnificent PARCS AND RECREATION Mercat de la Boqueria commercial hall and For those who are tired of both beach life and some good as the old fine patisserie Antiga Casa Figueras with “stockholmers” among their city pulse, the city offers a large number of relaxing parks and other nature experiences. excellent pastries. But many of the places here Barcelona’s highest mountain Tibidabo, 512 are tourist traps and prices are often lower just a few blocks away. meters above sea level, offers a charming and

Casa Batllo. Gaudí’s splendor on the main Passeig de Gràcia.

different experience. Up here you will get one of the most panoramic views of the city. A walk on the skywalk here further enhances the sight impressions. The mountain is the site of the city’s oldest amusement park, opened in 1901, and for those who do not have the age for carousel skiing, the old-fashioned tivoli lake is a very pleasant setting for a snack or for a coffee. FOOD AND PLEASURE

The range of restaurants and tapas bars is huge. Tapas are served day and night, and many bars always include one or two tapas when you drink something. Ordering a lot of different dishes to share is often a culinary experience. The Spanish cuisine with meat dishes, fish and seafood is highly appreciated. The nightlife begins late and goes on into the dawn. SHOPPING IN BARCELONA

Barcelona is famous for it’s shopping. you find all big chains here and they often have not only a store but also several. If you want to take a break in your shopping, just sit down on one of the many tapas bars along the way and take something to eat and drink. FOOTBALL IN BARCELONA

The football team FC Barcelona is one of the city’s premier prides. They are playing their home games at the famous stadium Camp Nou. As one of the world’s best football teams with some of the biggest football stars, tickets to Barcelona’s matches are highly sought after. If you want to experience the magical atmosphere of Camp Nou, it is therefore important to be out in good time. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Tony Manieri & Adobe Stock

The medieval neighbourhood of Ciutat Vella, or Barri Gòtic, breathes history. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and capital in the Catalonia region. The city is founded in the year 230 BC by Hamilcal Barca, father of Hannibal. The constitution will be elaborated in 1060 and the word Catalonia will be written for the first time. Today, Barcelona is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations with over 5 million visits a year. In 1992, the summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. City pride FC Barcelona has won La Liga 25 times, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the World Championship for club teams, and has 20 international titles which is a record.

Sagrada Familia

– the jewel of Gaudís crown

Cosy Sitges The beautiful seaside town of Sitges is approximately 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona and is sometimes called Spain’s Tropez. Here gather families who love beach life, couples celebrating honeymoon and wealthy life-lovers. Residents of Barcelona often travel to Sitges over the weekends, because many of them have summer cottage. Sitges has a long sandy beach, trendy shops and some sights. The city’s main landmark is the church of Església de Sant Bartomeu in Santa Tecla. Three museums offer a combined ticket that gives access to everyone. It is Museum Cau Ferrat with works by the artist Santiago Rusiñol, the Museum Maricel del Mar craft museum and Museum Romàntic depicting the life of a Catalan 19th century family. RENTAL AND PRICES

It takes no more than half an hour to reach Sitges by train. There are four rodalies trains per hour from Barcelona, and the price for a ticket is approximately 2.50 euros.




he most famous attraction in Barcelona and Spain is the Church of the Sagrada Familia. The Church is fully funded by donations. In recent years, revenues from tourists have also contributed to a better financial situation for the project.The construction began on March 19, 1882 by the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar. The following year a dispute arose between the architect and the financiers, whereupon Part Villar resigned and the work was taken over by Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí began to redesign virtually the entire project and realized that it would take many, many years before the church was ready. When protesting voices were raised for the long-term project, Gaudí easily responded that his client had no hurry. In order for the church construction to flow as smoothly as possible, Gaudí built a school right at the one corner of the church. The school was for the children of those who worked with the Sagrada Familia and also for the children whose families belonged to the congregation. In 1914 Antoni Gaudí decided to indulge in the project with the church. He even lived in a small room next to absiden, a room that

really was used to make models, drawings and sketches for the church building. Gaudí realized that he would not live long enough to see the church fully completed, and left guidelines to the architects that one day would take over the work. Unfortunately, a great deal of Gaudi’s drawings, models and sketches were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, when anarchists put both the school and the crypt on fire. One of Gaudi’s co-workers, Francesc de Paula Quintana, managed a few years later to restore and recreate some of the models and drawings. Thanks to Paula Quintana’s patient work and respect for his former colleague, one can still follow Gaud’s guidelines and ideas on how to complete the basilica. The church is far from finished and the latest plans say it will be completed only in 2030.

View from the roof of the unique and beautiful basilica.

In balance with nature.

We love to paddle, to be close to the sea and its nature, and getting others to find and feel that love. We have courses in paddle technology, we have tours with tents, we have winter paddling with indoor living.

We have rentals for short and long trips and we have great knowledge of Bohuslän which we are happy to share. We give people contact with nature, both outside and inside themselves.



Ingegerdsleden A walking trail worthy of a pilgrim



Experiences Erik Segersäll founded Sigtuna in the 970s, it is one of Sweden’s oldest preserved cities. The city has many stories to tell, and one of them is about Ingegerd. She was born around the year 1000 and was the daughter to Olof Skötkonung, the first appointed king in Sweden, and she was granddaughter to Erik Segersäll. Ingegerd Olofsdotter came to be a powerful woman, and as the Grand Princess of Kiev she was in the forefront of the first Russian empires first golden age.


ngegerd married prince Jaroslav of Novgorod, the northern dynasty of Rurik, who had the crown in the former Russian empire to strengthen the political ties. She seemed to have been wise and energetic, she broke peace between fighting brothers and had under the name Grand dutchess Irina (“that means peace”) a big part of what to become the former Russian empire with Kiev in the centre. Before her death on February 10, 1050, Irina made a monastic promise and her name, as a nun was Anna. After her death she is revered as “the holy Anna of Novgorod” by the Orthodox Church, which means that she is the first Swedish-born saint. She has two saint days in the Russian calendar: 10th of February (the day of her passing) and 4th of October. She as a spiritual figure is not only alive in Russia, but also in Sweden as an orthodox saint, Sankta Anna. A LEISURE WALK TO SIGTUNA

A way to pay attention to Ingegerd is to go out and hike along the Ingegerd trail. If you want to go the whole route, you start at Storkyrkan in Stockholm to continue to Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna and so on to Uppsala Cathedral. Ingegerdsleden is around 110 km long and very accessible. In other words: it is a walk easy to access, a hike for enjoyment. But there is a shorter distance you can walk as well, which offers impressive culture and nature along the way. Anna Lakmaker is CEO on Destination Sigtuna, who arranges the hike along Ingegerdsleden: - There is a very exciting history behind the Ingegerd trail. Moreover, in terms of sustainable tourism, proximity to nature and the clear connection to history, it really is in time. When you think of the Ingegerd trail as a pilgrim, you will often think of the Spanish counterpart “El Camino Francés” who leads to Santiago de Compostela. - That is correct. Many similarities can be drawn between Ingegerd and the early walks at Sankt Jakob in Spain. Not least regarding the time period. So my thought is that you should have similar historical experience here in Sigtuna. GUIDED TOUR ON THE SAINT´S DAY

The 4th of October will be a special day for

There are many resting places along the Ingegerd trail. Take a break and enjoy the magnificent sceneries.

Destination Sigtuna since there will be a hike to acknowledge the Russian saint day, who is celebrated in Sankta Annas name. The hike is the fourth hike out of seven, and it starts by Rosersbergs Castle, South of Sigtuna and continues for another 21 km to Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna, a hike that takes you past Rosersbergs castle, Steninge castle, historical places, nature reserve and lake Mälaren. There are multiple possible opportunities to stop and pick-nick on the way. You will also find many accommodations along the path whether you like a simple living or if you prefer to live in hotels with multiple stars to their name. If you like to take a pause you can have dinner at a hotel and follow up with a spa experiences - This tour is the only guided tour we have, Anna Lakmaker continues. What makes that part of the trail special is that Ingegerd was born in Sigtuna. Everyone has heard of Holy Birgitta, who is our second female Swedish saint. But few people know about Ingegerd, or Saint Anna, who became her saint. Therefore, we would like to highlight her and have chosen to do so through this hike. She really deserves her attention as a person. What should you think about when going on a rather extensive hike?  - We usually call it a hike to enjoy, by that we mean that the trail is quite easy to walk, it is not too much disruptive over logs and stones. It is pretty much a walk in the park. There are also several restaurants, so you do not need to

bring dried or frozen food if you do not want to. Halfway down the road you find Steninge castle, they have a fantastic restaurant that we recommend dearly. START AT A ROYAL CASTLE

- The hike starts at the amazing Rosersbergs royal castle, with a walk through the courtyard, which is astounding, absolutely breath taking. Then we continue the hike alongside lake Mälaren, where we will walk past rune stones and remain from the stone age. Later we arrive at Steninge castle, with another fantastic courtyard and a picturesque restaurant. - Continuing down the road, we take part in the beautiful Upplandsleden. After that, we go through forests and meadows, all the way to Sigtuna and Mariakyrkan. In Sigtuna you can enjoy a rich history that waits to be unveiled. With famous rune stones, monastery ruins, church ruins, museums and lovely shopping and cosy alleys to walk down in the city centre. Everything ties together elegantly; it is an experience of a lifetime to walk Ingegerdsleden.  - Also, the hike is mostly snake- and mosquito-free, which most of us appreciates, Anna Lakmaker concludes with a smile. Text: Tony Manieri Foto: Destonation Sigtuna



Come as a guest – leave as a friend

Your adventure starts here. In Västerbotten. In Lapland

Nightlife in the High Coast

Here with us you will make camp with people from all over the world. Pitch your tent under clear starry skies and enjoy stories around the campfire. With the sound of waves or babbling streams rather than the dunk dunk dunk of a bass beat. Nights are an important part of the High Coast experience. If you stay a few extra days you will also have time to discover fantastic views, the sea, the aromas and the culture of our world Heritage Site. We hope to see you here!

The High Coast - always the next level.

+ 46 (0) 7 7 1 2 6 50 00 H O G A K U S T E N .C O M

Museums & Art Galleries

Exciting experiences await! ABBA The Museum Monogram by Robert Rauschenberg. Picture: Moderna Museet. © Robert Rauschenberg / Untitled Press Inc.

The Modern Museum Welcome to one of the world’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art! See paintings, sculptures and photography by artists like Bourgeois, Dalí, Hjertén, Matisse, Picasso, Sherman, Warhol and many others. The Moderna Museet has one of the world’s foremost collections of modern and contemporary art dating from the beginning of the twentieth century through to today. In addition to the collection there are also temporary exhibitions. Since 12th May you can now see the celebrated Monogram by Robert Rauschenberg, which is back in the museum after a two-year world tour. Exercisplan 2, Stockholm www.modernamuseet.se

The Abba Museum is a permanent exhibition about the Swedish music sensation Abba. It is located in the district of Konsthallen in Djurgården. The exhibition depicts many of the places and environments associated with the group, along with many original items from the group’s career. Interactive features allow visitors to truly take part, there is the possibility to perform in the group on stage, sing in the recording studio and enter quizzes. Djurgårdsvägen 68, Stockholm www.abbathemuseum.se

Modern Photography

Chocolate in Malmö

Fotografiska is one of the world’s largest venues showing modern photography, it features four unique major exhibitions and around 20 smaller exhibitions each year. Currently on show is Evelyn Bencicova, whose work often consist of eerie compositions where models are placed in mysterious environments surrounded by distinctive cold colours.

For those who love chocolate, a visit to the chocolate factory’s museum in Malmö is an absolute must. Dive deep into 120 years of chocolate history with old chocolate moulds, labels and many other curiosities of chocolate making. Möllevångsgatan 36B, Malmö www.malmochokladfabrik.se

Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm www.fotografiska.com



Museums & Art Galleries

Malmö Art Museum is one of Sweden’s largest art museum and has both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The collection comprises of mainly Nordic but also European art, handicrafts and artistic objects from the 16th century up until modern day. The collection of Nordic art is constantly updated so you can always see something new. Malmöhusvägen 6, Malmö www.malmo.se/konstmuseum

Photo: Maria Klang

Malmö Art Museum The Sami Culture Here you can learn about Swedish culture and the nature of the high mountains. Ajtte is the main museum presenting the Sami culture in Sweden. It also serves as an information center for mountain tourists. The current exhibitions at the museum consist of Getting By, Life of the Settlers, Costume and Silver, Laponia, Drum Time, On the Move and The River. Kyrkogatan 3, Jokkmokk www.ajtte.com

Aeroseum This aviation museum is housed in a former secret defense facility. Aeroseum is a museum with an ambition to fully present the development of the aviation industry, both civilian and military as well as national and international. Find out everything from the days of Ikarus through to modern day space travel. Holmvägen 100, Gothenburg www.aeroseum.se

Guitars –The Museum

See a one of a kind guitar collection dating from the 1950’s through to today. You can even join a guided tour that will teach more about the finest guitar collection the world has ever seen. The stories are many and truly captivating. A must for all music geeks. Vasagatan 18-20, Umeå www.guitarsthemuseum.com




Meet the vikings in real life!

The Vikings and their lives have fascinated us for a long time. In both books and films, they have long been portrayed as domineering conquerors and beer swilling brutes. We now have the opportunity to get a unique insight into how they actually lived. At The Viking Museum in Stockholm you can even meet a thousand-year-old real-life Viking. Well, almost . . . 54




he idea for the The Viking Museum came about because there is a growing interest in the Viking era and Stockholm was simply missing a museum that solely focused on the life in Sweden of a thousand

years ago. – First and foremost is that we naturally want to convey knowledge about this fascinating part of our history, but at the same time we get the chance to create a fantastic tourist attraction, says Tora Larsdotter Andersson, archaeologist and guide at the museum. And is archaeology closely linked to the museum?

– Yes, it would have been difficult to create a museum about the Viking era without archaeology having a central role to play. It is where we find all the information about the Vikings and their lives, then we present our findings to the public in the museum. – We need to focus heavily on archaeology otherwise there are only runestones available to give us information. It also means that our exhibition is constantly evolving as new discoveries are constantly being made. For example, just now in Uppåkra in Skåne, we are working on a very large excavation that is already showing clear signs that Uppåkra was a very big settlement in southern Sweden – it could turn out to be even more important than Birka. Obviously, this is something that will force us to revise current theories about how the country was built-up. The Vikings are often portrayed as being conquerors and brutes, but presumably the majority of their lives was very different? – Absolutely, this is actually one of the most important elements of our exhibition. Something not everyone is aware of is how strong the women were during the Viking era. There

is often much focus on the men and their conquests but in a lot of cases it was the women who were the strongest in society. – What is the most fascinating with the Vikings era, is that it was during this time that Scandinavians first started appearing in other countries and were described by other cultures. Previously we lived pretty isolated lives up here in the north. But the Vikings undertook many trips south across Europe, not just to conquer and brutalise, but also to trade.

– Our train ride is another thing that makes our museum unique. First you walk around in our modern interactive exhibition section and then you continue through the Viking era on our special story train! Do you have any special events or activities going on just now?

– We notice that the HBO series “Vikings” have generated a genuine interest for the Viking age far abroad the borders of Sweden. Many of our visitors wonder what’s The Vikings are accurate, and aline with often depicted in Viking culture. That’s why their classic helmets, we have created a guided so what is the actual tour that will answer these story behind these questions. We tell the real helmets? story about some of the series characters. – This is quite interesting – We also believe in because during all the learning through experiexcavations that have been ence, and that goes for all made, we have only ever the senses. So during the found three helmets. Most weekends and between were actually made of the school semesters, we leather and the notion of have live vikings walking the classic helmet is more around. They are teaching something that was creTora Larsdotter Andersson, archeologist and guide at The Viking Museum. how to do crafts from the ated by popular culture in Viking era. We also have the 19th century. Someone returning dramatized shows, and battles are who had a major role in creating this myth of acted out. Both are entertaining and instructive. the classic Viking helmet was Richard Wagner, – In our restaurant, you can try to drink he made the helmet synonymous with Vikings REAL mead. During the everyday meals, the and the people of the North with his operas! Vikings drank beer and a sort of soft drink, but What are you most proud of at the during special occasions, they drank mead. The museum? popular belief is that mead is similar to beer, – There are many gems, but one thing I would but the closest thing we have today is honespecially like to mention is our DNA man. ey-wine and not beer. This is a model created using genuine Viking This fall we will also have mead testing, for era DNA. So, you can actually meet a real the curious viking! Viking eye to eye! – Our model, Estrid, is also created from Text: Tony Manieri genuine DNA. We have managed to map Photo: The Viking Museum almost all of her life. We can even see from her skeleton that she fell in her seventy’s and broke her arm. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Kids Corner

Cool winter days out with the kids!

Do something fun together with the kids during the school holidays or the weekend. Hide those mobile phones, computers, pads and tablets and try something fun and exciting at some of the country’s most enjoyable days out! Why not challenge friends and family to a sumo fight? Or get experimenting together and learn something new? There are lots of fun things to do, so get out and about ... Text: Children’s Editor

Dino-Doris giving a show at the Fossil and Evolution exhibition with knowledge-hungry children. Photo: Martin Stenmark

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm Discover Sweden’s largest museum with the whole family and meet giant dinosaurs, test your senses and see animals and plants from all over the world. Be fascinated by the glittering stones from the earth’s interior and see our meteorites from the far reaches of outer space. At the Museum of Natural History, you can also find Cosmonova, which shows films in the world’s largest film format. As you look up at the huge 760 square foot dome, you will be taken to fascinating places around the world and even go into outer space. Only for all the brave ones, aged five years and over. Frescativägen 40, Frescati www.nrm.se

Children play ‘Police’ at the exhibition Police, Police ... Photo: Linda Forsell

Polismuseet, Stockholm At the Police Museum, you’ll find the children’s exhibition: Police, Police ... where children can learn more about the police force in a playful way. Search for lost property, play detective and solve exciting cases, dress up in a police uniform and play police. Drive a police motorbike or a police car with a communication radio! Also join in with our fun children’s exhibition about the police. Museivägen 7, Gärdet www.polismuseet.se



Kids Corner Malmö Museums Malmöhus (Malmö’s Castle) has an aquarium and many different exhibitions ongoing throughout the year. Nearby you will find Teknikens & Sjöfartens Hus (The Technical & Marine museum) and Kommendanthuset, built in 1786, which now houses an ecological café. Technology, science and experiments. A fun museum shop and playroom. Inventions, engines & a submarine! CREATIVE WORKSHOP: THEATRE 27–28th December 12–16. Make your own doll actors and create your own theatre drama. FAIRY TALES IN THE CASTLE 5-6th January. Starting from the giraffe at 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00. Join us as we walk through the fairy tale castle and see where the queen slept and dressed. Maybe you will get to hear the story of why two magical horns were once placed at Malmöhus or how a girl got such a terrible pain from a tiny pea. Limited number of tickets. Tickets can be collected at the reception on the same day. Malmöhusvägen, Malmö www.malmo.se/museer

Siggesta Gård’s food is modern and rustic with a focus on ecological and local products. Photo: Lina Eidenberg Adamo

Family Friday with sleepover in Värmdö Round off the week with a cosy family dinner in front of the fireplace. Let Siggesta Gård set the table for you and serve a meal that will satisfy all the family. When everyone is fed and full, a luxurious accommodation awaits. At a special offer price, it’s a perfect end to the long working week and a great start to the weekend! Siggesta Gård has a children’s playground, a forest obstacle course and woodland paths where trolls hide out. There are also alpacas, horses and hens resident all year round. A double or family room cost 600-850 Kr / adult including breakfast. Why not stay the whole weekend? Two nights cost 1,000 kr / adult. Children in a separate bed cost 400 kr / night including breakfast. Siggesta Gård, Värmdö, Stockholm www.siggestagard.se

Full speed ahead at Malmö’s Museums! Photo: Pressbild

Group activities in Farsta Challenge friends and family with these crazy fun games and activities. It’s an excellent way to celebrate children’s birthday parties, weekends, family reunions or even just to spend a rainy or dull day! There is a variety of fun options that you can mix and match as you wish, to suit your group’s needs. Test your reaction skills with our moose game, practice your flexibility with Twister, wrestle in sumo-suits or box with giant boxing gloves. Super cool activities that stimulate both body and mind! Mårbackagatan 31, Farsta, Stockholm spelapaintball.com It doesn’t get more fun than this - Twister in Farsta. Photo: Adobe Stock MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Kids Corner

Full concentration needed when experimenting. Photo: Pressbild

Learn cool stuff at Cool Minds in Malmö Cool Minds is a world of science and play in Malmö. A massive play heaven where children’s and youngster’s curiosity and interest are stimulated to the max. Working together with well-trained and talented workshop leaders, the children are guided through a number of exciting educational workshops where they can learn everything from DNA analysis, IT and film skills to building their own robot. Children can attend different courses specific to their age group, come for a birthday party or try out activities spontaneously in our drop-in sessions. Our wide range of activity subjects include technology, programming, biology, chemistry, film and innovation. In our drop-in sessions, for example, you can visit our ceramic and light studio, look in microscope or create and build something using 3D pens. The best way to learn is through play and having fun. Norra Parkgatan 2, Folkets Park, Malmö www.coolminds.se

At Universeum, you can take a walk in the rainforest. Photo: Pressbild

Universeum, Gothenburg Universeum is the Nordic region’s largest science centre. Universeum’s mission is to positively influence children’s and adolescent’s attitude to science, technology and mathematics. If you have not yet been here - we highly recommend that you go. Universeum is open throughout the year! There is a lot to see for children (and adults!) of all ages. Look for sharks in the aquarium or take a journey into space or walk in the rainforest and spot exotic birds and other small animals. When you have finished exploring, take the elevator to the ground floor to find our playground and toys. Södra vägen 50, Göteborg www.universeum.se

Vattenhallen Science Centre in Lund Vattenhallen or Water Science Centre is filled with fun experiences and experiments, activities and interactive exhibitions, as well as exciting experiments that you can try on your own. The staff will be happy to help you and explain and sometimes they even demonstrate things themselves! Within the large experiment hall is Lund’s Planetarium. When darkness falls over the planetarium, the stars start to shine and you can take a trip through outer space. Sit down, look out into our universe and get to know the world full of stars, planets, galaxies and comets. The planetarium’s own astronomer is available throughout the viewing and will be happy to answer any questions at the end of the show. John Ericssons väg 1, Lund www.vattenhallen.lth.se Almost like being in outer space for real! Photo: Fojab Architects



Kids Corner

At Åbybadet, enter a world of fun with a big splash! Photo: Pressbild

Waterslides in Mölndal At Åbybadet, children can splash, swim and enjoy crazy waterslides. Older children can take on the 3 different waterslides with differing twists and turns. Whist smaller children can enjoy the jungle lagoon, a pool with a water depth of 20-40 cm, perfect for splashing about in. The lagoon has smaller waterslides and water sprays. There is also a 34-degree pool for children who want to learn to swim or for baby and parent swimming or for those like to swim in warm water! Idrottsvägen 9, Mölndal www.molndal.se/abybadet

Meet Alfie and his friends at their place in Trädgårdsförening. Photo: Pressbild

Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus The National Museum of World Culture is full of exciting experiences. Photo: Pressbild

Världskulturmuseet The National Museum of World Culture continuously has various events for small children: musicals, singing, dancing and other activities. The museum itself though is more aimed at an older audience with interesting exhibitions and events and current issues from around the world, are taken up by the museum throughout the year. For the youngest children, there are various events during the year, for example, ‘More Mosaics’ where the children can explore the world of mosaics, or why not try ‘Bäbisdisco’ baby disco every other Friday.

Alfie Atkins lives in the Old Seed Shop in Trädgårdsförening, Gothenburg (The Garden Society of Gothenburg) and is perfect for children up to 8 years old. Children can crawl, play, climb and take part in creative activities. You may recognise Alfie from Gunilla Bergström’s books, such as Alfies helicopter, reading corner and living room. You will also surely recognise his friend Millan, Mållgan and his Grandma. There are 3-4 activities per day such as story-telling, theatre, music and other children’s activities. Trädgårdsföreningen – Centrum www.alfonskulturhus.se

Södra Vägen 54, Göteborg www.världskulturmuseet.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Make a booking Tel: +46 52666760

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT HAVING PLASTIC SURGERY? Welcome to our assured clinic where we put you theoss patient full focus. Hos träffar duin alltid kirurgen personligen och kan diskutera dina önskemål

Withmöjligheter. us you always directly the surgeon to discussSkara, your personal requireoch Dumeet kan välja på with konsultation i Strömstad, Moss i Norge mentsi Stockholm. and possibilities. We havei Moss consultation clinics in –Strömstad, Skara, Moss in eller Du opereras till fördelaktiga och momsfria priser. Norway and in Stockholm. For those undergoing a procedure with us in Strömstad, enjoy an overnight stay in our beautiful and relaxing archipelago environment.

www.clinicstromstad.se | +46 526 667 60 | +46 8 33 82 80

SEE info@WHEN mirrokel.com




Mirrokel 1/1 M I R R O K E L, a magnification jewelry that simplifies everyday life and helps you to see even the smallest text. When reading the content on a soda bottle or looking for the amount of calories in your friday snack, when at a restaurant having trouble reading the menu or even the text on your phone. Don’t worry about bringing your glasses. The Mirrokel will be there for you, always.

Mariana ”Mirre” Dehlin mob 0708-30 82 30 info@mirrokel.com

Swedish Design

M I R R O K E L B Y M I R R E | M A R I A N A ” M I R R E ” D E H L I N | C E L L See 0 7when 0 8 - you 3 0 need 82 30 I N F O @ M I R R O K E L . Cwww.mirrokel.com O M | W W W . M I R R O K E L . C Owww.mirrokel.com M

Welcome to our newly built guesthouse with 8 double rooms in an idyllic and relaxing rural setting

Caravan Club is a non-profit association for all camping and mobile leisure lovers. The club was founded in 1958 and today has more than 29,000-member families. .


500 meters from Högbo Bruk GPS co-ordinates: N60. 66803 E16.80144.


skommarsgarden.se Tel 070-555 83 01

Helena & Lennart await you with warm welcome!

FYRKLÖVERNS STUGBY live in wonderful nature overlooking Siljan 80 cottages, 3-6 beds, 21-46m2. Walking distance to Siljan and Rättvik city center - with shops, restaurants, bowling alley and swimming pool. Golf course 3 km. Many events and activities.

ADD VALUE TO YOUR LEISURE TIME. – Become one of us today! You are welcome to join a lovely group of member families who share your mobile leisure interest. Your membership card Caravan Club is loaded with many nice benefits that can add value to your leisure time.


Low season rates untill W.24.

Open all year. Onlinebooking

www.stugby.se 0248-107 65

This could be your ad! Contact our advertising department on telephone +46 707-17 30 50 or Email: annons@magasingruppen.se

Viktoria Tikhomirova from St. Petersburg has participated in many exhibitions since graduating from the School of the Arts, St.Petersburg (formerly Mushina Superior School of Fine Arts) in 1981. Nowadays, she lives in Stockholm and is one of the most famous and established artists in Scandinavia. Her very special works combine an incredible variety of patterns, structures and styles that reflect a tremendous depth of emotion and intelligence. Her paintings convey love for life and appreciation for beauty on many different levels. Victoria's paintings can be described as anything from mysterious and enigmatic to cool and inventive. Her works cover the entire scale of the artistic spectrum and they stimulate the viewer's imagination. Victoria has an outstanding personality - she is very talented, extremely creative and she is surrounded by a very distinctive aura. She is one of the talented people whose talent was strengthened but not limited by formal training while remaining true to her own imagination and ideas. Buy a unique signed Giclée Art Canvas of Victoria's painting “Life” (Limited Edition 20). Price 26 690 SEK incl. VAT.

Life, 1900 x 1070 mm

For the entire collection see www.royalblue.se and order through mikael@royalblue.se Prices Giclee Fine Art leaf, 2 590-10 060 incl. VAT. Purchase of original paintings go to our website or contact us.


Royal blue AB | Royal Blue Gallery, Södra Catalinagränd 19 B, Hägernäs Strand | +46(0)8 - 756 80 88 www.royalblue.se | mikael@royalblue.se


Kristina Ohlsson 64



Kristina Ohlssons two detective stories about the lawyer Martin Benner, Lotus Blues and Mios Blues, has had great success, both in Sweden and internationally. Now is Martin Benner back in a standalone sequel! Henry’s secret life is an exciting and leading criminal detective story about how the past can´t be hidden. Kristina Ohlsson is one of Sweden most praised and prominent authors of detective stories and child books. Last year the TV series ”STHLM Rekviem” premiered, which is based on her detective story about Fredrika Bergman. This fall the spotlight falls once again on Kristina with the book ”Skrivboken, a bestselling author’s best tips.


efore Kristina Ohlsson started writing books, she worked many years with ”säkerhetspolisen” (Swedish Security Services, better known as SÄPO) as an analyst. But that hasn’t helped her in her writing. – To work as an analyst isn’t a thrilling work, so it hasn’t been much help in that regard. How the police work I learned during my time at SÄPO, but I’ve trusted in my other sources when it comes to these kinds of things, Kristina Ohlsson tells us.

– But now I am back and picking up the pace again, and this year, there will come three books again, and next year, there will be more children books. How was it to see your books turned into a movie? – It was exciting, and I learnt a lot from it! I was not active in any significant way in the work, but I got an exhilarating insight on how professional filmmaker work. For example, how you translate book text to a script. You can

During your time at SÄPO, most of it was secret, but nowadays you at least talk openly about your occupation? – Yes, it is a big difference! To work as an author is like nothing I have ever done before. I usually say that it is almost like a ”Pippi Longstocking existence” for an adult. With that, I mean that I fully and completely rule my own time, when I work, How I work and what I do with my time. It is a tremendous privilege which I am very grateful for.

What can we expect from Martin Benner the lawyer in Henry’s secret? – The first two books about Benner are connected, like two acts almost, but this is a standalone title, which has been exciting to write. I have practically longed for Martin Benner, and had the movies not gotten in my way I had probably published the book a year ago! – But he is still himself. He still has a way to find trouble, in his life and others! Partly because they’re in his way, but also because he is curious. I am the same, if something happens a little bit away I can’t walk past it. I need to know what is going on. That curiosity you could say I gave to Martin Benner! But, I don’t have the same big problems he has in his life, but I often think about how I would act if that happened to me, how would I respond? Well, I would probably try to get closer to the ”action”, and then I, later on, I let Martin Benner take the hit! How would you describe your way of writing?

You are a very productive author, with a steady flow of books coming out, three books each year during these last years. – It started when I decided that it was time for me to try writing as an occupation, 2013. I discovered then that if I were only to give out one book a year, I would have much time on my hands. So I figured I would write children books as well, which is fun. – I continued during several years to write three books each year, but when I was working on ”Henry’s secret,” it got decided that my Fredrika Berman books were to be dramatized. Which at the time felt a bit odd that it would come to a new book about Martin Benner at the same time as the TV series with Fredrika. So I decided to wait with the detective story until this year, and last year I dedicated to other things than writing, which was both relaxing and welcoming!

have great respect for, and I am very grateful to get to experience the work professional scriptwriters do.

– I work with entertainment! There is nothing better than to sit down in your reading chair with a book where you can feel that the authors’ goal is to entertain the reader. It doesn’t matter if the author wants to make you cry, be afraid or if he or she has you sitting on the edge of your seat, it is a beautiful thing to be thrown away in a fascinating story. Like the adventure stories from when we were young, but for grownups! – I had a lot of fun when I wrote Henry’s Secret, and I hope that you who reads it can feel that, Kristina Ohlsson concludes with a smile. draw parallels between the occupations, but you need another set of skills to do to it correctly! – To translate a book manuscript on maybe 400 pages to a movie with a role time of 90 minutes means that you need to cut and deduct a lot from the book. Otherwise, it won’t fit the timeframe. It is an extensive procedure that I

Text: Tony Manieri Photo:



Upplev UpplevSveriges Sverigesstörsta störstakonstglassamling. konstglassamling.

Experience the largest collection of art glass in Sweden. Spännande utställningar. Familjeaktiviteter. Spännande utställningar. Familjeaktiviteter. Exciting exhibitions. Family activities.

Glasblåsning Fika. Glasblåsningi hyttan. i hyttan.Shopping. Shopping. Fika.


Storgatan , 360 6565Boda Storgatan , 360 Bodaglasbruk glasbruk Storgatan 5, 3605565 Boda Glassworks 0471-249360, 0471-249360, www.theglassfactory.se, +46 471–24 93 60, www.theglassfactory.se, www.theglassfactory.se, info@theglassfactory.se info@theglassfactory.se info@theglassfactory.se

Naven Outdoor Experience From lighthouse – on water land Fråncastle slotttotill fyr - på vatten ochand land

We are located on Kållandsö, the heart of Lake Vänern. Vi ligger på Kållandsö, i hjärtat av in Vänern. Du hittar oss vid Naven hela You will find us at Naven all year round and in the summer året och på sommaren flyttar vi även in till Läckö Slott. Precis utanför we alsofinns move to Läcköfinaste Castle. We haveegentligen one of the world’s dörren en in av världens skärgårdar, är det en väl finest just outside the oss door actually a well bevaradarchipelagos hemlighet men vi vill dela med av – den till dig. it’s Låt oss ta med dig ut och paddla, vandra cykla. Hängyou. medLet’s på vraksafari eller kept secret, but we want to eller share it with go paddle, ta med på en guidad i skogen sagoväsen. Elleron ta hike orbarnen bike together. Jointurthe wreckbland safariolika or take the kids dig ut på helt på egen hand och utforska Sveriges största sjö. a guided tour of the forest among mythical creatures. Or go out on your own and explore Sweden’s largest lake. Vill du stanna kvar en stund så har vi mysiga stugor som ligger nära

If you och want staybastuflotte for a while, have cozy cottages close vattnet en to härlig medwe badtunna. to the water and a lovely sauna raft with a hot tub. Andas. Stanna Andas ut. Breathe. Stop.upp. Exhale.

- 101– 91 www.naven.se || 0510 +46 510 101| info@naven.se 91 | info@naven.se

A Comedy opera by Benjamin Britten


INFO & TICKETS +46 54 21 03 90 wermlandopera.com

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MagazineSweden issue no 6 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 6 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...


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