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No 4 • 2019


BERGRUMMET The fantastic underground toy museum in the middle of Stockholm

Medieval days in Arboga Cheer for the knights in real thrilling tournaments

The Museum of Evolution A collection of more than 5000 animals from the late 17th century until today

Höör Barock with Dan Laurin Schola Gothia with Johannes Landgren Göteborg Baroque with Magnus Kjellson


VALLE BAROQUE august 14 –18 201 9


© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2019


IKEA Museum, IKEAgatan 5, Älmhult

Ingvar Kamprad and his sister Kerstin.

Explore, eat, play and stay. Welcome to the heart of IKEA. IKEAmuseum.com








FRIDAYS UNTIL AUGAUG 16 (not FREDAGAR 28 JUN–16 (ej 99th) aug)







HIGT E C IN I N F S F U O R X IK . L . B BPO U A KV ALOLW ARS R H T S X E A 2 R T X E 2 13 & 14 SEP + 19 & 20 DEC

20 SEP–23 NOV

BOKNING · www.kajskjul8.se · bokning@kajskjul8.se BOOKING&&INFO INFO031-10 +46 31 75 10 50 75 50 • www.kajskjul8.se • bokning@kajskjul8.se

JAN–MAR 2020

Kulturen in Lund Kulturen in Lund is a museum spanning two adjoining sites in the heart of Lund. Step into the houses and experience life from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. We also have around twenty exhibitions for you to enjoy, on subjects ranging from folk art to modern design, from mediaeval history to the present day and from local to global culture.

Kulturen in Lund | www.kulturen.com/english

Photos: Viveca Ohlsson/Kulturen

Welcome to Sweden’s oldest theatre! Opera


Acis and Galatea

En confidence

- a pastoral about love and loss

With Jonas Nordberg & Marika Lagercrantz


10/8 at 3pm

Using Confidencen’s intimate yet spectacular rococo stage, director Tine Topsøe captures the pastoral tragedy of Acis and Galatea, which in Händel’s lifetime became one of his most beloved and performed works. Sung in English.

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger’s music for the theorbo in 17th century Italy meets the words of persian poets Rumi and Hafiz.

Music: Georg Friedrich Händel Conductor: Olof Boman Stage director: Tine Topsøe With: Ylva Stenberg, Hyojong Kim, Staffan Liljas, Jihan Shin. Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra and Choir


Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day 6/8, 7/8, 8/8 at 7pm A dance performance where you as an audience member can move freely around the auditorium, or stay in your favourite spot and let yourself be surrounded by music and dance. After the show, we invite the audience to join the artists at the bar for more music, readings, and talking “en confidence”. Sung in English. Music: Georg Friedrich Händel Conductor: Olof Boman Choreograper: Satoshi Kudo With: Stina Ahlberg & Anthony Lomuljo, dancers, Ylva Stenberg, soprano, Anders J Dahlin, tenor, Jonas Nordberg, lute, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, cello. Confidencen Opera & Music Orchestra


Beneath the Orange Trees 11/8 at 1pm

- on a treasure hunt in Europe with Johan Helmich Roman In the beautiful Orangery of the Ulriksdal Palace Park. After their winter’s sleep, the orange trees give room for this year’s festival orchestra performing some of the musical treasures from the journeys of Johan Helmich Roman, and music by our Swedish baroque master himself. Musical director: Johan Lindström


Sing Along at Confidencen 24/8 at 3pm Olof Boman, artistic director of the Confidencen Opera and Music Festival, is a dedicated choir leader and has invited folk musicians Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Långbacka as well as baritone Carl Ackerfeldt to a musical feast where everyone can sing along.

Family performance



En confidence

26/7 at 11.15 & 27/7 at 11.15 & 12.30

With Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann & Hannes Meidal

3/8 at 3pm Bach’s cello suites performed as a journey through life by one of Europe’s finest baroque musicians, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, and actor Hannes Meidal.

A guided tour into the theatre magic. Be the first to experience the tale of Acis and Galatea! The tour starts in the foyers where we are introduced to the world of Baroque theatre and its secrets. We then get a sneak peek of the rehealsals of the opera. Recommended from age 6. In Swedish.

confidencen.se | +46 8 85 60 10

Content Issue No 4 • 2019



BERGRUMMET The underground toy museum in the middle of Stockholm, located on the island of Skeppsholmen.

RIKSTOLVAN The new art hall on Österlen, just outside Simrishamn, presents three heavy artistic aces.



32 PORTIXOL HOTEL Y RESTAURANTE Palma’s first boutique hotel, located in the authentic fishing village of Portixol. Read about a dream vacation.


JAN MÅRTENSON Dödligt hot (Deadly threat) is Mårtenson’s 50:th crime novel, and his 70:th book overall. In other words a double anniversary for the man who has combined diligent writing with diplomacy all over the world.

Halland prepares for one of the world’s first festivals with sustainability as a common theme.

50 ARBOGA MEDIEVAL DAYS Travel back to the Middle Ages and experience thrilling tournaments.


THE MUSEUM OF EVOLUTION In The Museum of Evolution palaeontology, you’ll find a fantastic collection of real dinosaur skeletons. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Museum of Evolution – Zoology

The same book, every summer… “The Long Ships” is my summer book. It’s a fabulous viking adventure by the Swedish writer Frans G. Bengtsson. The first thing I do when we come to the summerhouse every year is to hang the hammock between two of the trees. Then I go in and get my summer book, hurry back out, flip out any kids who may have occupied the hammock and throw myself in it. Well, yes? So? Is that something to write home about? The answer is yes. This year, it’s the thirty-fifth consecutive year in the hammock with viking hero Orm and his unbelievably funny companions. Thirty-five years with the same summer book. I’ve read the book so many times that I can easily flaunt twenty-something quotes from the amazing text – and I’ve used them countless times, both on barbecue evenings and ice-cream benches. The children ask me what the big deal is with “The Long Ships” (my wife stopped asking a long time ago). I always answer that this is the only of the hundreds of books I’ve read through the years that hits me straight in the heart. A magnificent summer book, as made for the hammock. And no, it does not matter that I know exactly what’s going to happen on the next page. And the next. That’s part of what makes the reading so great and for me it’s half the joy. For the record – it’s not really summer until I’ve read the first page. My family agrees.

Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

If you by any chance don’t fancy giving Orm and his viking-buddies a go in your hammock, we’ve got a great summer special double issue for you right here.

Welcome to our newly renovated exhibitions. Here you can discover animals from all over the world. Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr

Read about the fascinating underground toy museum Bergrummet, a wonderful dream-come-true story about the Portixol Hotel in Palma de Mallorca (with a few bonus tips from the internationally renowned swedish writer Mons Kallentoft), the unique Kulturen museum in Lund, find out what makes the official tourist guides in Stockholm so popular – and lots more in this jam packed issue of MagazineSweden! We all wish you a great summer and a pleasant read, wherever you are!

Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Tony Manieri, soon to be found in my hammock

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Museum of Evolution – Palaeontology Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

Muraenosaurus leedsii (Plesiosaur)

ENGLISH TRANSLATOR: Reidar TIllman LAYOUT: Tony Manieri WEB: Daniel Sander ADMINISTRATION: Charlotte Lindmark CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Tony Manieri (TM), Marie Tillman (MT), Charlotte Lindmark (CL), Anna Ekberg (AE), Maria Bohlin, Fredrik Persson, Caroline Knutsson-Hall, Henric Tiselius

Euhelopus zdanskyi

COVER: Bergrummet PHOTO: Tidö Collection of Toys and Comics

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View the largest collection of genuine dinosaur skeletons in Scandinavia! Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Noteworthy Don’t miss! MARSTRAND, BOHUSLÄN

Marstrand is one of many magical destinations that can be discovered along the Bohuslän coast. Marstrand has been counted many times to one of Sweden’s most beautiful places. The island, located about 30 minutes northwest of Gothenburg, offers an exciting mix of both culture and history. Marstrand is also a favourite of sailors and enthusiasts thanks to its well-known sailingraces. ABISKO, LAPPLAND

Left: Majlis Agbeck, Animal Food Flower, 2015-2018 © Majlis Agbeck. Right: Johan Röing, Rosa, 2016 © Johan Röing

People have come to Abisko for more than hundred years and one of the reasons is Abisko National Park, just in the middle of the park you will find Aurora Sky Station which together with its surroundings is said to be one of the world’s best places to see the Northern Lights. Kungsleden stretches from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south and several other trails runs through the park. Expect a magical experience. STOCKHOLM ARCHIPELAGO

Majlis Agbeck and Johan Röing at Moderna Museet Malmö With thin threads and transformed wood, Majlis Agbeck and Johan Röing take their places at Moderna Museet in Malmö. In two separate exhibitions, the two Malmö-based artists are presented with both older and completely new works. At first glance, it is two very different artists who are presented in a respective gallery this summer at Moderna Museet Malmö. Majlis Agbeck works with embroidery and thin, sheer threads while Johan Röing uses angle grinders and chainsaws when processing his sculptures. Despite the different modus operandi, they are united in their craftsmanship, willfulness and great respect for the material they use. One can therefore find a common ground between the two artistries and their exhibitions. – Agbeck is an observer who gives us images of sensations that are in a zone beyond words. The artist is a master in scaling away everything unnecessary . There is a silence and wonder in these images that breathe of loneli-

ness, but can at the same time be an invitation to participate. The wires to the outside world are very thin and fragile. She is embroiding stales of a careful exploration of relationships, of approaching an unknown world outside her own limitations, where nothing is a given, says Iris Müller-Westermann, a curator at the museum. – Johan Röing’s work is in constant transformation and he gladly returns to previous works, where older sculptures can be reworked and retested for instance. Although his art has moved from the figurative to a larger and larger abstraction over the years, Röing’s sculptures have kept something archaic and secretive over them, concludes Iris Müller-Westermann. The exhibition is on from May 25th - October 6th. AE Ola Billgrens plats 2–4, Malmö www.modernamuseet.se

MAJLIS AGBECK was born in Halmstad and started out as a painter. After her art studies in Malmö between 1969 and 1970, she continued her studies at The Royal College of Arts (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm until 1975. She has since 2004 used thread and embroidery for her primary expressions. Majlis Agbeck currently lives and works in Malmö and Sjörup/Ystad. JOHAN RÖING was born in Malmö but spent his childhood in Germany. He studied at the Staatliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf between 1979-1986 with Tony Cragg as a teacher, amongst others. He returned to Sweden in 1996 and currently lives and works in Fuglie in Söderslätt and in Malmö.



Stockholm archipelago is the largest in Sweden and the second largest in the Baltic Sea with 30,000 islands. The Stockholm archipelago has been inhabited since the 500th century and today there are around 10,000 people living all year around in the archipelago. The most popular tourist islands include Sandhamn, Finnhamn and Möja but there is an island for everyone, so it is simply up to you to find your favorite. You take you to the various islands with the archipelago boats from Stockholm. VISBY, GOTLAND

Visby is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the Nordic region and has a location on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The combination of church ruins, medieval houses and one of the world’s most beautiful preserved city walls gives Visby a completely unique atmosphere. It is a lot of taverns and entertainment. You can also swim in Visby as there is a small sandy beach. ASTRID LINDGREN’S WORLD

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a theme park and a theater with a 130 000 square meters area. You can wander around in the Mattis Castle, Bullerbyn, Katthult, Villa Villekulla or in other well-known environments from the author’s books. In the streets you find theatre performance from the stories of Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson on the roof, and more, played by actors on different scenes and events improvised in front of the children. MT


Swedish industrial titans ALFRED NOBEL

Alfred Nobel blessed the world with countless patents – 355 to be exact. Nobel is best known for creating dynamite (a safer form of nitroglycerin) and bequeathing the funds to start the Nobel Prizes. ERLING PERSSON

Don’t forget to visit Virum Moose Park this summer! Virum Moose Park, just outside Vimmerby started in spring 2008 and is run by Kjell and Helene Svensson. As a visitor you get to experience moose and deer in their own environment. you can study theirs behaviour and come close to the animals and fascinated by their special beauty in beautiful surroundings. Moose and deer walk in eight acres great enclosure. One part consists mostly of open ground, fields and meadow land. The second part is more wooded. In the scenic garden there is a large pond where the moose loves to swim. It’s a lovely experience to see them pleasantly splashing around! In a small enclosure, there are also Hungarian screw horned sheep. These are quite unusual in parks in Sweden and very special with their

screwed horns and nice curly, long hair. Around the sheep’s farm there is a nature trail that you can follow and information boards where you can read about the animals in the park. Visitors can also experience the proximity of the moose through safari tours in the park. The cars have a roof and partly open sides so you have the opportunity to pat and feed the animals while you are well protected. Bad weather is no problem. To solve entry and get information about the tours, everyone is welcome at the “Älglogen”. There you can take a drink and shop in an old-fashioned cosy environment before or after the safari. AE www.virummoosepark.se

Erling Persson started the widely popular Swedish clothing store H&M. Originally titled Hennes (“hers” in Swedish), it only sold women’s clothes. In 1968, Persson bought hunting equipment store Mauritz Widforss and expanded the name and collection to include menswear. Today, H&M is the second largest global clothing retailer. ANDERS CELSIUS

Did you know a Swede created our most important temperature scale? Anders Celsius developed a new thermometer which measured exactly 100 degrees between water’s freezing and boiling point, becoming the standard worldwide. INGVAR KAMPRAD

Possibly the most successful Swedish entrepreneur in history, Ingvar Kamprad transformed his startup IKEA into one of the biggest furniture companies in the world. Kamprad began IKEA as a mail-order business when he was 17 years-old and revolutionized the furniture industry with his flat-box furniture. TM

Åbergs Museum They have a fantastic collection of comic and arts at Åberg Museum located in Bålsta. Also, there is one of the world’s most famous collections of Disney objects, mainly from 1928-1938. The museum was founded by Lasse Åberg in 2002 and is housed in a converted barn from the end of the 19th century. Here is the world’s only and smallest Stig-Helmer museum with clothes and props from the films about the nerd Stig-Helmer. For the children there is also Trazans jungle hut on three floors. RED www.abergsmuseum.se




Sigtuna – the city you must see before you die Sigtuna is Sweden’s first city and for over a thousand years visitors have been welcomed to the picturesque town by Lake Mälaren’s glittering water. In the daily newspaper Expressen’s travel book, Allt om Resor, Sigtuna ends up in first place over Swedish places you should see before you die. It is easy to understand why this summer pearl is so popular to visit. There are plenty to discover here - from magnificent castles, historic environments, golf courses, beaches, beautiful scenery, runestones and ruins to world-class shopping and culinary tastes. Whether you are traveling on your own, with your family, friends or your sweetheart, Sigtuna has something to offer. Sigtuna has a unique place in Sweden’s history, with Sweden’s oldest city, first coin, ruins and many attractions. Our proximity to Arlanda and many overnight accommodation makes it easy to visit us, says Anna Lakmaker, CEO of Destination Sigtuna. - In Sigtuna city one must not miss our ruins which recently have undergone restoration, go on our cozy shopping street named Stora gatan with a unique range of shops. There is also nature for both hiking, cycling, swimming and we have so many as five castles – and I think you should experience at least one of them, says Anna Lakmaker. AE www.destinationsigtuna.se

Tixis world! “The best thing about being a dog is that the world is full of chewy sticks.” Tixi, 8 months

The Tivoli Lake with the Chinese Tower and The Demon ride in the background – true magic in Tivoli. Photo: Christoffer Anias Sandager

Take a trip to Tivoli! Tivoli Gardens (or just Tivoli) in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen opened in 1843. It is the world’s third oldest amusement park after Bakken (just a few kilometers north of Copenhagen!) and Vienna Prater park. Tivoli is also Scandinavia’s most-visited amusement park today. Tivoli is an experience suitable for any age and any traveler. In the park, you’ll find romantic gardens, amusement park rides, entertainment choices and restaurants. RIDES AND ENTERTAINMENT

Tivoli boasts one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world that is still in operation. Called ”Rutsjebanen,” the wooden coaster was built in Malmö, Sweden, over a hundred years ago – in 1914. Other highlights among the many rides are The Demon, Fata Morgana (improved this season), and Himmelskibet (Star Flyer), one of the world’s tallest carousels. Tivoli is also a popular event location in Copenhagen, especially the huge Tivoli Concert Hall. Other (usually free) entertainment choices are found at the Pantomime Theater. Tivoli is the host for part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival concerts this summer. ACCOMMODATIONS

Tivoli is a popular destination, so much so that the park owns two hotels. The five-star Nimb Hotel was built in 1909 inside Tivoli Gardens. It is high-priced, but a classy option. This hotel is often used by couples getting married in or near Tivoli. It makes for a great honeymoon stay. The hotel has a little more romance to it than other more modern hotels in the center of Copenhagen. food and drink In Tivoli there is more than 30 places to eat with a wide range of local and international food. And, of course, lots of ice cream stands and candy shops. Don’t miss out on Tivoli this summer! TM www.tivoli.dk



The classic wooden rollercoaster ”Rutschebanen” has thrilled Tivoli visitors for over a century! Photo: Rasmus B. Hansen

The total number of islands in Sweden is an amazing 267.570 – most in the world! In the Stockholm archipelago alone you’ll find over 30.000 islands. Gotland is by far the biggest island in Sweden and the smallest is an unnamed island in lake Runn, Dalarna. It spans one square meter and you’ll have to be really careful when you land so you don’t miss it . . .

© UNESCO/Voxnadalen Biosphere Reserve


Ö till Ö

Voxnadalen Biosphere Reserve Voxnadalen Biosphere Reserve in Sweden is located in the central part of the country, the 341,533 hectare Biosphere Reserve encompasses the catchment of the River Voxnan. Extensive boreal woodlands cover much of its northwest while open farmland to be found in the more populated southeast. The site is also home to engineering, hydro energy and high tech companies and to 274 nationally endangered specifies of flora and fauna as well as 16 that are internationally threatened. Local authorities have introduced policies prioritizing the preservation of several species including wolves (Canis lupus) and wolverine (Gulo gulo), and their habitats. The site is notable for its Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2012. Thirteen-thousand people live in the site, which will seek to explore and demonstrate collaborative approaches to sustainable development on a regional scale. RED https://www.ovanaker.se/boendeochmiljo/klimatochmiljo/biosfaromrade.947.html

Foto: Mattias Lindbäck

Photo: Jakob Edholm


Ö TILL Ö (island to island) is the original swimrun race, it is the Swimrun World Championship. To finish the Ö TILL Ö course from dawn to dusk, the competitors must be very fit and they must be very fast in and out of the water as there are 46 transitions. The teams swim between the 24 islands and run over them. The total distance is 75 kilometres of which 10 km are open-water swimming and 65 km are trail-running. The start at Sandhamn is mythical and the finish at Utö Värdshus on Utö is like coming to Nirvana. There are spectator spots and food stations at some well known restaurants on the islands along the way. There are safety boats, medical staff and race marshalls on the course to try to guarantee everyones safety. To gain entry to Ö TILL Ö you must either qualify in an Ö TILL Ö Swimrun World Series race, have great merits, participate in 7 races in 24 months or just be lucky. The Baltic is the life lung of the Stockholm Archipelago, the organizers work with environmental groups to create awareness about the need for a clean Baltic. The race takes place on the 2nd of September. www.otilloswimrun.com

Anders Petersen at Liljevalchs During 4 years, between 2015 and 2018, the photographer Anders Petersen wondered around Stockholm with his analogue camera. To document the city and the people of Stockholm was an assignment from Liljevalchs. Now, the art gallery is filled to the brim with hundreds of photographs by Anders Petersen where his own hometown is depicted for the very first time. Pictured in the photographs is a fast growing city and the lives of people in all parts of every day life. The pictures depict the old, the young, extroverts and introverts. The snow falls over Katarinavägen, an operation table at Danderyd Hospital, a New Year’s Eve celebration at the giant tree at Skeppsbron... Petersen’s interest In people and his longing for companionship leads him to close encounters with the city’s residents, in their home or other environments. The exhibition is a unique portrait of the time we live in, the bustle and calm, the joy, sorrow and love. AE Djurgårdsvägen 60, Stockholm www.liljevalchs.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Photo: Sanna Dolck Wall / Moderna Museet


“Swedish Fika” at Moderna Museet Malmö this summer

Carl Linnaeus’s home and garden Less than an hour from Stockholm and only twenty minutes from Arlanda, in the university town of Uppsala, you find the home and gardens of Carl Linnaeus. As you step into the beautiful baroque gardens of the world famous botanist and physician you leave the city’s pulse behind. More than a thousand species of Swedish and foreign vegetables, wild flowers, trees and medicinal plants are arranged according to Linnaeus’s classification system, first published in 1735. Recognized as the “Father of Taxonomy”, Linnaeus also invited the binomial system of naming organisms that we still use today. In Linnaeus’s home you will experience the a unique 18th century atmosphere. You can admire hand-painted linen wallcoverings, furniture, collections of china and textiles. This is where the family entertained friends, where his



five children grew up, and where Linnaeus wrote scientific papers as well as letters to friends and colleagues. He observed, reflected and followed seasonal changes in the garden, which can be seen as his early biology laboratory. Welcome to the Linnaeus Garden and Museum! CARL LINNAEUS’S GARDEN PARTY

In May Linnaeus’s birthday is celebrated in Uppsala. Time travel to a world of rustling silk skirts and glistening shoe buckles. Enjoy a vibrant 18th century festival with music, handicrafts, food and family activities. Date and venue: May 18th in The Linnaeus Garden, Uppsala. AE Villavägen 8, Uppsala www.linnaeus.uu.se

The exhibition Warhol 1968, which is currently being showcased in the Moderna Museet Malmö’s Turbine Hall, attracts large groups of visitors to the museum. During the summer, we meet the demand of deepening interest in Warhol’s artistry, and launching a new concept - Swedish Fika viewings. Every Wednesday in July and August, two open viewings are on, in English and Swedish, followed by a coffee break in our café. – To be able to digest impressions and discuss the art you have just taken part of is a perfect way to round out a museum visit. For some time now, we offer lunch tours at the Moderna Museet Malmö, and as a summer supplement during the big tourist season, we are now introducing fixtures. In this way, our visitors can enjoy both art and coffee, says Iris Müller-Westermann, museum director at Moderna Museet Malmö. The exhibition Warhol 1968, which runs until 8 September, is very much appreciated by the museum’s visitors. In the exhibition you can discover a whole new side of the legendary Warhol, and here, a number of unique works that are shown for the first time at Moderna Museet Malmö is presented. As a visitor you get, among other things, the opportunity to take part in a unique collection of the vinyl covers that Warhol designed, his famous cow wallpaper, Ten-Foot Flowers and Electric Chair. Every Wednesday during July and August two viewings are given by the exhibition Warhol in 1968. At 2.30 pm, a viewing in English is started, followed by a viewing in Swedish at 3 pm. Bröd och Vänner serve a snack package consisting of a cinnamon bun, a cookie and coffee or tea at a discounted price to anyone who has participated in the show. A perfect opportunity to get an introduction to this iconic artistry and then enjoy a genuine “Swedish Fika”! The viewings are free of charge and no pre-registration is required. There are however, a limited number of participants. The Modern Museum Malmö has free entrance. AE

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Summer Fun


– an underground toy museum in the middle of Stockholm



Summer Fun

Bergrummet is located on the island of Skeppsholmen, in the middle of Stockholm. Despite the location, it’s almost impossible to discover the amazing toy museum if you do not know where the entrance is. The museum is housed in secret military premises, built during World War II to prevent enemies from gathering information. Nowadays it has been turned into an exciting underground labyrinth with colourful walls and more than 40,000 toys and comics attracting visitors all year round.


ergrummet is located on the island of Skeppsholmen, in the middle of Stockholm. Despite the location, it’s almost impossible to discover the amazing toy museum if you do not know where the entrance is. The museum is decorated in secret military premises, which was built during the World War II to prevent enemies from gathering information. Nowadays it has been turned into an exciting underground labyrinth with colourful walls and more than 40,000 toys and comics which attracts visitors all year round. Bergrummet is a private collection of toys and series owned by David von Schinkel. He has collected toys along with his father for over 60 years. For many years, the collection was found at Tidö Slott outside Västerås, but since autumn 2017 you will find it at Skeppsholmen - Bergsrummet was built in the 1940s as a large military shelter, where the Navy had its communications center, says Kylliki Hellström, CEO of Bergrummet. In the 1960s however, the military operations moved out to Muskö, and since then the premises have been more or less empty. The East Asian Museum and the World Culture Museum have used the premises for temporary exhibitions and events, but we are the first permanent tenants. - Around forty craftsmen and artists have jointly built the environment, and the result is really amazing. Today, it is almost impossible to notice that there are old military premises we sit in, Kajsa Logan Müller, designer at Bergrummet, continues.

- It really is a very playful showroom. It has become a magical place, where everyone can find something fun and exciting to experience, no matter how old you are. The oldest toys in the collection are from the 15th century, and then the collection extends through the centuries right up to today. It’s amazing that it’s possible to make a colorful toy exhibition in the old underground military premises. - It sure is! And it doesn’t really feel like claustrophobic, because it’s high in ceilings and easy to get around everywhere. At the same time, it really feels like you are in a little secret place almost like being in an Agent movie! The raw rock walls also form a very special contrast to all colorful toys and series, which makes the experience even more intense. In some places you can actually still see traces of the old business. There are some concrete foundations in the walls that were used for work with torpedoes during the war, and we have used them as support for some of our stands, which has become very effective, says Kajsa Logan Müller.

The German carousel horses are a permanent addition to the exhibition. Popular regardless if you are big or small. Photo: Lena Mannerfelt / Bergrummet - Tidö Collection of toys and Comics

And in the autumn, the exhibiton will be concentrated on horses instead. - People have lived side by side with horses for thousands of years, so of course it has been reflected in our toys. toyhorses, Dala horses, plastic horses, rocking horses ... the list goes on and on. We will organize canoeing and other fun events in the autumn, we never stop playing in Bergrummet! Kajsa Logan Müller concludes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Tidö Collection of Toys and Comics

The exhibition Childhood Cars & Raffling Racing shows several hundred cars, including models from the giant Scalextric. Photo: Maria Sandberg at Bergrummet - Tidö Collection of Toys and Comics

BERGRUMMET was created the early 1940s to make room for the navy commander and his staff during wartime. It is linked together with transverse holes and tunnels and has a total area of ​​4 800 square meters. Bergrummet was set up in the beginning of 2010 as a showroom for special exhibitions, including the East Asian Museum and the World Culture Museum. The facility is owned by the state but rented by Tidö collection and toys and comics, and is called the Bergrummet in short. Until 2017 the Tidö Collection of Toys and Comics showed at Tidö Castle outside Västerås under the name Tidö Toy and Comics Museum. It was inaugurated in 1974 as a toy museum. The museum was moved in 2017 to the present premises in Stockholm, where it is located with its 2500 square meters, just over half of Skeppsholmen’s rock room. At the same time, the museum was closed at Tidö Castle. The museum has been built by the museum director and owner David von Schinkel and the designer Caroline Romare. The collections embrace about 40 000 toys from the 17th century onwards. It makes the museum the Northern Europe’s largest toy collection. The exhibition is arranged by theme area. On some 60 monitors, so called infostations, the objects are explained in addition to Swedish also in English, Finnish, Turkish, German and Chinese. Bergrummet has its own café and a small shop. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Fun

Stockholm’s qualified tourist guides



They are invaluable to the tourism industry and make sure that the visitor’s time in Stockholm will be filled exactly with what they want. The tourist guides bring history to life between the two waters of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. From past to present.

Summer Fun

Mario Delgado, one of the qualified tourist guides in Stockholm. Photo: Lieselotte van der Meijs


any visitors in Stockholm know exactly what they want to see, others want a guide to help them see and experience the most interesting and important

things. – We tailor all programs to every visitor’s needs and wants, Karin Olsson Trollmo explains. She is the spokesperson for the 401 qualified tourist guides in FSAG (Föreningen Stockholms Auktoriserade Guider). The association has more members than ever, as well as guides in more languages than ever. There are 31 languages including sign language. – When you work as a tourist guide, you must have finely-tuned intuition in order to optimize the visit to Stockholm. It is easy to guide a person who knows exactly what they want to see. For others, however, you have to discuss with the participants and suggest alternatives. A guide needs to understand where the visitor comes from and what special interests they have, explains Karin. Visitors who stay for several days can choose to spend their first day with a tourist guide and then go on and do things on their own. It is a good way for them to be sure that

they do not miss the most important things to see and to learn how to get around. It is easy to walk around in Stockholm – there is very good public transportation and one can travel by ferry as well. The tourist guides in Stockholm organized and formed FSAG in 1953, in connection with Stockholm’s 700th anniversary. They are invaluable to the tourism industry and make sure that the visitor’s time in Stockholm will be filled exactly with what they want. STOCKHOLM CITY CERTIFIES

Today the majority of qualified tourist guides in Stockholm are entrepreneurs. They have completed special training and thereafter certified by the City of Stockholm.. The assignments can be everything from taking care of cruise visitors in ready-made programs, to families or smaller parties who want a professional guide to help them get around. A qualified tourist guide in Stockholm has a solid knowledge of Stockholm, historically and current; culture, environment and the city’s role in Sweden, and in the world and they know all the various attractions in the city. Thanks to FSAG, it is easy for members to do continuing education and share experiences with each other. WE LOVE OUR JOB!

– Those of us that work with this love our job and especially that we constantly are able to continually update our knowledge and learn

FSAG spokesperson Karin Olsson Trollmo. Photo: Lieselotte van der Meijs

more. The more you learn, the more you realize that there is more learning to do. This dynamic makes the work so fun and stimulating. We meet people from all over the world and tell them about Stockholm, and just as often we get to hear their stories. For many visitors, the qualified tourist guide is the only local they meet during their visit. A tourist guide in Stockholm can meet around 3,000 visitors during a season. We have a great responsibility to represent our city in a correct and interesting way. – We want the visitors to go home and tell their friends that they should go to Stockholm! says Karin Olsson Trollmo. Text: Caroline Knutsson-Hall





A thousand years in a 1000 steps

The perfect day trip Sigtuna has welcomed visitors from all over the world for over a 1000 years. Feel the tide of history and take a day trip or mini vacation to Sweden’s first city. Discover Sigtuna’s unique atmosphere and stroll along the picturesque alleys. Combine first-class shopping with a rune stone hunt and enjoy a meal, or a Swedish fika, overlooking the glittering lake Mälaren – all within a few steps. This is where Sweden begins and where the Viking era ends. For more information, visit www.destinationsigtuna.se

Summer Fun

Summer days at Kulturen in Lund 24


Summer Fun

Kulturen in Lund is a museum spanning two blocks in the central part of Lund. It is the second oldest open-air museum in the world, but also feauteres some twenty exhibitions. Summer is a great time to stroll around the museum park and discover a varied and rich selection of cultural history.


f you arrive to Lund by train, it takes less than ten minutes to walk to Kulturen in Lund from the central station. Right at the entrance is Kulturens restaurant where you can have lunch, dinner or just a beer. In the open-air museum you can enjoy some coffee in Kulturens café. FROM THE MIDDLE AGES TO 1930’S

The museum opened in 1892 and is the world’s second oldest open-air museum. The cultural-historical houses tells the story of life in southern Sweden from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. In six of the houses, you can enter reconstructed homes, like a vicarage from the middle of th 18th century, a farmhouse from the beginning of the 19th century, a bourgeois home from the middle of the 19th century, a poor cottage from the turn of the last century and a working class family’s small flat from the 1930s. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Bosebo church, a wooden church built in 1652, with a church organ and murals from the 18th century. PARK AND GARDEN

The park links the entire museum together, providing space to sit down for a while and maybe have a picnic. Several of the open-air museum’s houses have gardens or outdoor environments, which together with the houses tells a story of the past. Outside The Blekinge Farmhouse for example, hops grow on high poles on one side, while the other side is adorned with flowers that attract bees. An apple tree and a pear tree next to the traditional stone wall represent the many fruit trees that once grew at the buildings original site. The garden of The Thomander house shows how a bourgeois city garden may have looked like in the mid-19th century. The circular flowerbed in the middle, surrounded by form-cut boxwood, was a recurring theme in many gardens at this time. KATJA OF SWEDEN

Kulturen’s buildings and houses accommodates about twenty exhibitions, all with different

themes, such as folk art, design, history of style, medieval times, weapons and ceramics. Every year the museum also have a number of temporary exhibitions, one of which is always a play exhibition for children. This year, the play exhibition is based on the Grimm brother’s classic tale Hansel and Gretel. From June 15th you can see the exhibition Katja of Sweden, about Sweden’s first internationally renowned fashion designer Katja Geiger. The brand had it’s own department at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, front pages of world-leading fashion magazines and the collections became a success at Harrods in London. In the exhibition, Katja of Sweden’s clothes and shoes from the 1960s and 1970s are mixed with fashion photographs by Claës Lewenhaupt and Georg Oddner. Collaborators and fashion connoisseurs explain in short films about Katja of Sweden’s importance for Swedish fashion.

Kitchen in the worker’s house. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson / Kulturen

The open-air museum. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson / Kulturen


I see you – photographer Ida Ekelund is another of this years new exhibitions. It opens on September 7th. Ida Ekelund worked as a photographer in Lund in the 1920s, with her own photo studio. Although her portraits were high quality, her name was soon forgotten when she was no longer active. In 2012, thousands of Ida’s glass negatives were found under the floor during the renovation ot the house which once housed her studio – a photograpic treasure that is now part of Kulturen’s collections. The exhibtion tells the story of Ida Ekelund as a person and a photographer, and of photography technique in the early 1900s. Around 100 of the portraits that was found in 2012 are featured, but also photos from Ida’s personal photo albums.

Outside the 18th century vicarage. Photo: Viveca Ohlsson / Kulturen


The summer program includes some guided tours in English, and a lot of the activities for families with children can be enjoyed even if you don’t understand Swedish. The museum is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm during the period May 1st to September 15th. On Wednesdays you can enjoy the historical environment right up to 8 pm. Text: Maria Bohlin

Dress from Malmö Mekaniska Tricotfabrik’s spring collection 1969, in pattern Näckros by Sven Fristedt. Photo: Claës Lewenhaupt




Christoffer Totte Engvall, I would love to love to be here. Photo: Marita Jonsson Photo: Helga Jonsson

Mattias Käll, Packaged – an investigative project on plastic. Photo: Marita Jonsson

Cherry Garden

”Nobody understands how it happened but a grand art gallery has slipped up towards the Great Sky ocean horizon. The ship is now anchored there . . . A white construction that, without boasting, manages to float on the moorland, fitting in to the Gotlandic building tradition and measuring itself with the outside world. ” (Ingela Lind)


herry Garden is situated on the southern tip of Gotland, in the small village of Sundre. Here, Marita and Jon Jonsson have errected an Art Museum, a Sculpture Gallery and pavilions, surrounded by a park with sculptures, opening up toward the surrounding nature and sea. Both Swedish and international contemporary art is exhibited here. In the Park there are about 20 permanent works on display. People call the artmuseum The Louisiana of Gotland. It is situated in a main building and a wing of 750 square metres of exhibition area, to this are added pavilions, a Sculpture Gallery,



four gardens and the park with the sea visible in the south and east. This year, the Japanese Gutai painters Akiko och Sadaharu Horio are on display with Japan inspired textiles by Barbro Lomakka, Late paintings by Björn Erling Evensen, Abstract whims by Pi Eriksson, primitive and wild Brain leakage by Christoffer Totte Engvall, Cliffs by Channa Bankier, as well as two chosen artists from the spring exhibition from the Royal Institute of Art. On permanent display are works by Maria Miesenberger, Cajsa von Zeipel, Fredrik Wretman, Lars Olof Loeld, Eva Lange, SIMKA, Dan Wolgers, Klara Kristalova, Anna Bjerger, Shiro Tsujimura, B E Evensen och Sadaharu Horio can be found. Cherry Garden is a place for contemporary art, architecture, literature, music and modern

dance which challenges the habits and makes visitors to stop and reflect, and share their thoughts with others. It is a place in unison with nature and with sustainability as a concept. Children’s Art School consists of ten summer courses for young and older children. The courses go on during the whole summer with pedagogues and exhibiting artists and deal with creativity and sustainability. One special guest this summer is Mattias Käll who has gathered all the packaging plastic from his family in one year and then photographed it on different places in nature and created a sculptor installation which is on display in the park. Text: Editorial


Caravan Club is a non-profit association for all camping and mobile leisure lovers. The club was founded in 1958 and today has more than

ADVANTAGEOUS ARTISTS 2019 AMONG OTHERS Katarina and Svante ECONOMICAL Henryson, song & cello Magnus Holmander, clarinet SECURE Mats Bergström, guitar Mats Lidström, cello Anders Kjellberg Nilsson, Daniel Lozakovich and Victoria Stjerna, violin

29,000-member families. .


Built 1876 • Preservation order

Siljan Cruises Leksand Rättvik Mora June 12th - August 18th



um ! use other m A no like


Welcome to

Jamtli in Östersund

Restaurant with full serving rights Meal of the day • Evening cruises with shrimps or á la carte and day cruises with á la carte

Visit permanent and temporary exhibitions, and Nationalmuseum Jamtli – a new arena for art and design experiences. During summer, the open air museum comes alive. Once you enter Jamtli Historyland, anything can happen!

ADD VALUE TO YOUR FromLEISURE Dawn Jamtli Historyland TIME. June 22–August 18, 2019 to Dusk Nordic Art Around the Turn of the Century 1900

– Become one of us today!

You are welcome to join a lovely group of member families May 28, 2019–April 19, 2020

who share your mobile leisure interest. Your membership card Caravan Club is loaded with many nice benefits that can add value to your leisure time.

www.caravanclub.se For more information: Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .ai


Information and booking www.wasanet.nu +46 705 421 025


Laurie Anderson to Rikstolvan on Österlen

— just as Tova Mozard and Gittan Jönsson Gittan Jönsson, The Wanderess. Photo: Press image




Laurie Anderson, Conga. Photo: Press image

Tova Mozard, from “Psychics”. Photo: Press image

The new art gallery Rikstolvan, on Österlen has barely opened it’s doors when it can present three grand artistic aces. American world artist Laurie Anderson, the explorer Tova Mozard and legend Gittan Jönsson. You can see their work, from paintings to photographs, from film to Virtual Reality, just outside Simrishamn between June 29th and September 29th.


ova Mozard who is based in Stockholm, but is often depicting Los Angeles, Gittan Jönsson from Brantevik and Berlin, as well as world artist Laurie Anderson, New York creates the summer’s big exhibition in the many rooms at the art gallery, Rikstolvan. Tova Mozard’s film “Psychics”, shown on Rikstolvan, is a journey into David Lynch-country. All roads off Los Angeles, where pale flashing signs try to entice us into an odd endeavor, the fortune-tellers, the occult media. – I visited a number of oracles around Los Angeles for a time when I felt confused and wondered if I had an inherent ”bad spirit”. I wondered if my father’s depressions had caught me or if I simply had very bad luck, Tova Mozard says. The neon signs for fortune-tellers had always been there in LA, but now they shone through the dark in a new way. – They attracted me, as secular temples as promising guidance through my confused life. “Psychics” is a fascinating film about close to exotic different meetings, eternal and at the same time depicting an oasis in our time. I wanted to use myself to look more closely at these exchanges of emotions that these women can offer. Predictions in this way are female domains, where one talks about emotions and about existence. In a meeting with these “oracles”, it is both about being yourself, trying to dive down in yourself, but also going in and taking on a role. But it is not certain which part of it is the reality, says Tova Mozard, who had to record the conversations - about herself with a hidden microphone. - Perhaps because there is no actual evidence

for anything at all, so a kind of freedom-based game develops, around helping and being helped in turn. Rikstolvan wants to invite the modern art, such as the film, and also the contemporary. And a lot of the world’s most interesting works today, are being created in the VR technology, which in its infancy, is filled with power, experiments and opportunities. So this summer you will also experience Laurie Anderson’s magnificent VR project “Chalkroom” at Rikstolvan. Created in collaboration with Hsin Chien Huang. You enter a new world in this Virtual Reality work filled with white letters against a black background. But much more than that. At the Venice Festival, “Chalkroom” won “Best VR Experience” and is now shown for the first time in public in Sweden - a staggering poetic experience. ONE OF THE LARGEST

Laurie Anderson is a musician, artist, performance artist and filmmaker and is regarded as one of the greatest names in avant-garde art, despite the fact that she surprisingly became a famous pop star in the early 80s, with the song “O Superman”. The multimedia artist and violinist has been living in New York for decades and works worldwide. The mourning over her painting dog Lolabelle’s death is portrayed in Anderson’s beautiful “Heart of a dog” (2015). A both melancholy and hopeful essay film about death, life, friendship and love. Even though he is just passing by in a photograph, the loss of life partner Lou Reed rests heavily on “Heart of a dog”, which is also shown at Rikstolvan this summer. GREAT ART NEARBY

Gittan Jönsson is regarded as one of our most important painters, today. Yet her work is

fetched to the Rikstolvan from just a stone’s throw away. Her large studio and Rikstolvan are in the same village; Järrestad, outside of Simrishamn. She however, divides her time between the small village of Brantevik and Berlin. She became known in the art world with the work “Diskkasterskan” (The dish thrower) 1978, while “Dammsugerskan” (The vacuum cleaner) came to be in around 2001 and since then, she has followed her in much of what she creates. - From the beginning she was a colour spot among other colour spots, but she wanted something more, says Gittan Jönsson. I found her in an old 50s newspaper, in an advertisement for tampons where she explained that she could now “live as usual”. She was smiling in high heels and vacuumed. - Imagine my mother being a housewife and having to deal with that. Since then, however, the vacuum cleaner has lived a life of its own in Jönsson’s paintings … - And it sucks up things she doesn’t like, bombs and missiles for example. Gittan Jönsson published the book “Dammsugerskans fyrtiotvå uppdrag” in 2011 and created the 2014 facade painting “Dammsugerskan i världen”, in Simrishamn. The vacuum cleaner is constantly present in crucial historical events, from the 70’s women’s struggle with Sonja Åkesson’s text “Be White Man’s Slave”, via the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rebellion in the Tahirtorget during the Arab Spring. We follow the Rikstolvan Dammsugerskan through the decades … Catch them and much more at Österlen this summer. And don’t miss Laurie! Text: Henric Tiselius

WHAT IS RIKSTOLVAN? The Rikstolvan is an art gallery which opened in spring 2019. It is also a restaurant and a cultural meeting place at Österlen in Skåne and is run by Bea Tigerhielm, gallery owner and photographer, as well as Staffan Julén, documentary filmmaker and researcher at the Institute for Future Studies. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


The home and gardens of Linnaeus

May–September Tues-Sun 11-17 www.linnaeus.uu.se

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum in Uppsala

Sollefteå Antik

Gives you the unique feeling Fittings • Locks/Keys • Hinges Visit our website


COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff!

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se





Enjoy summer IN SKELLEFTEÅ

11-13 JULY




15 JUNE - 14 JULY




www.visitskelleftea.se - Welcome to Skellefteå!


Portixol Hotel y Restaurante, Palma’s first boutique hotel, is located in the authentic fishing village of Portixol, within walking distance of Majorca’s vibrant capital. Prior to Mikael and Johanna Landström’s total renovation, the buildings were worn out, but in 1999 the Bird Fenix rose ​​ from the ashes. Today a great success, hotel history in its own time.

A Swedish/Mallorcan fairytale come true

The location in the authentic fishing village was optimal, but the buildings, in contrast, were in ruins. Mikael and Johanna Landström decided to let Bird Fenix rise ​​ from the ashes and opened Palma’s first design-oriented boutique hotel. The rest is a hotel history; a real fairytale, but also a reminder of that a chain never is stronger than its weakest link.


alma de Mallorca. The sea. The Capital. The atmosphere. High-quality range. Breathtaking history. High mountains and deep valleys. That’s the explanation to why Mallorca continues to attract visitors year after year. Over 15 million tourists travelled to Mallorca last year, and nearly 400 000 of them were from Sweden. The traditional charter tourists, the urban youth in search of the heartbeat of Palma de Mallorca, the families with children looking for the versatile vacation, the international jet set elite which looking for the exclusive life or the



Spaniards on holiday to one of Spain’s most beautiful places ... Palma. The city caters most people, most of the time. With the intriguing history to captivate anyone ready to dive into it! INVASION AFTER INVASION

Mallorca has been populated for over 6000 years. The island is characterized by attacks by Romans, as well as Arab Muslims. The Catalan culture formed on the island in the 13th century, the century after the end of the plague and the start of Christianity. The pride of the capital, the La Seu cathedral (Cathedral of Light) was built in 1229, on top of the ruins where a mosque had stood before. That’s the reason why the sanctuary is turned to Mecca, and not what would have been

more suitable for a Christian church - against Jerusalem. It took 700 years before La Seu was completed. After the start with the Sagrada Familia architect Antonio Gaudi and with over 15 generations of property developers involved. The Mallorquins have, through the centuries, been incorporated into the central power of Spain, and saw General Francisco Franco’s fascists in the mid-1930s take over the land and thus the island. But the latest invasion are the tourists responsible for. The first Swedish charter plane landed on the island in 1955. Two years later, the mythical and still open nightclub Titos was renovated at Plaza Gomila in the glittering entertainment areas of El Terreno in Palma.


Mikael and Johanna Landström originally came to Mallorca through their work on developing Sunwing Resort. Today, the two with passion-driven perfectionism lead the business family Portixol Group, which includes three hotels, design-oriented Palma Sport & Tennis Club and the event yacht Falcao Uno. Here a design typical picture from the bar in Hotel Espléndido in Puerto de Sóller in northwest Mallorca.

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner attended the club side by side, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kirk Douglas, Prince Rainier & Grace of Monaco all visited Titos, they were attracted to Mallorca in general and Palma in particular. So, it has continued through the decades with a strong positive trend. The majestic Queen Palma, with La Seu as a crown jewel, attracts more people than ever before. QUAINT MARITIME ENVIRONMENT

The latest news is Portixol, a former fishing village located by the sea, within walking distance, and just east of the centre of the capital. A quaint maritime environment, transformed into one of Europe’s most expensive areas to buy houses in. The older fishing huts, often painted in sharp, bright colours, are for sale for tens of millions of Swedish crowns. Despite the renewal, the area still feels authentic, perhaps as a result of being commercially exempt, but above all for the intact feeling of an authentic fishing village. Along the promenade, about 20 restaurants and bars glitter in the nighttime, some with a classic and local focus on fish dishes, others with ultramodern urban menus á la London or New York. There’s, however, no stores and shopping areas. People cycling, running or roller-skating in the sunset along the beach walk. On the edge, as close to the water you can

get, at the beginning of the Palma area, is a white-lined stone building located, signalling local identity, with the area’s name painted with maritime blue letters. Here, the exclusive and Swedish-owned Portixol Hotel y Restaurante is located since 1999. The owners, Mikael and Johanna Landström, worked before with the development of the Sunwing Resort and thus came to end up at Mallorca. METICULOUSLY CRAFTED THOUGHT-OUT DETAILS

In the mid-1990s, the couple’s interest in the architect-designed 1950s hotel, with the grand restaurant part, was awakened. Franco’s former kitchen manager had previously run a popular top restaurant here, though when we began to take an interest in the place, it was almost in ruins. We bought it in 1997, and two years later we opened Palma’s first design boutique hotel with 25 rooms, after an extensive renovation, says Mikael Landström. PORTIXOL HOTEL Y RESTAURANTE

Today, it is fabulous, magnificent but at the same time small-scale, elegant and tasteful. After two decades it’s still as fresh as ever. Among others, the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has stayed at the hotel. The fact that the American actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones visited the bar feels a bit as a matter of course. It feels like home, but it is relaxing

as though on a visit to another peaceful world. Everything is well thought out but still not exaggerated. The style, and therefore the environment, is created based on the owner’s grand interest in design, architecture, food, popular culture, beverages and people. With exiting Swedish modern art as a hallmark, as well as trendy, original artists from the rest of the world. The staff are aware of the balance between being attentive but not obtrusive. Hundreds of details form a unity - from the scent of shampoo and conditioner to the high-quality bathrooms, to the design of the staff ’s clothes, to the food art. The same thing with the kind of wood, fabrics, colours, wallpaper, mosaics and tiles. Several interior styles are represented and form a restful unit together. Earthy Nordic colours interlace the whole and give the present, timelessness and modernity through refined style but also humour. We see, among other things, a clear sign of this in the fantastic breakfast buffet, which invites to around a hundred high quality locally produced products. Together with the air-dried ham, Pata Negra hailed as a king amongst hams. We also find humorous yellow foam bananas. Camareron, the waiter, who immediately feels like a dear friend, and who’s personal appearance just as easily would fit in as a DJ in a cool bar, laughs aloud over our enthusiasm over the buffet’s more unexpected, yellow elements. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Mallorca The surface must, as you know, be filled with depth to get to the soul. The foam bananas and Camareron with DJ appearance light up our day extraordinarily. The rooms are amazing in terms of comfort, interior design and views. But best of all is the heavenly feeling of contact with the boats in the harbour and the ocean. On the other side of the marina, we see the magnificent silhouette of the enigmatic Gothic Cathedral La Seu as in a foggy, surreal, beautiful dream. WATER VIEW FROM THREE DIRECTIONS

The hotel’s location, with water and beautiful views in three directions, was one of those fantastic conditions we fell for. The location in the city, but at the same time a small-scale fishing village with a genuine feeling directly adjacent to the sea, was another reason, says Mikael Landström. Today, two decades later, small-scale design hotels are very fashionable in Palma. The couple were groundbreaking by opening the city’s very first one. The British interior design Bible



Wallpaper’s legendary editor-in-chief, Tyler Brûlé, drew attention early to the hotel with the result that it became prevalent. Overwhelmed guests have since spread the rumour further, with mostly fully booked rooms as a result. The restaurant has, over the years, become a visitor attraction itself. Throughout the two decades, Mikael and Johanna have further refined the concept, with the result successively growing further successes for the business family of Portixol Group. Their ability to mix form and function and provide everything with passion-driven perfectionism has proved to be a truly winning formula. The business is now broadened: Two additional design hotels (Espléndido in Puerto de Sóller in northwest Mallorca and Valluga in the Austrian Alps). At the Palma Sports & Tennis Club in the popular area Santa Catalina; a completely renovated, design-oriented 10,000 square-meter gigantic health temple with

five tennis courts originally, designed by star architect Francesco Mitjan in the 1960s. All in world class, even with the arrangement of the ATP championship tournament Legends Cup, which this year takes place between October 3rd and 6th. Furthermore, the Portixol Group includes a spectacular event yacht anchored in the harbour, also built in the same classical design decade. 200 HAPPY EMPLOYEES

The Portixol Group now has almost 200 employees. Judging by the Group’s art catalogues staff presentation, each one of them is just as important.





The Palma Sport & Tennis Club was designed in the 1960s by Francesco Mitjan, one of the architects behind the world’s largest football stadium Camp Nou in Barcelona. The prestigious tennis club in Palma, after the complete renovation of the Portixol Group, has now been transformed into a 10,000 comprehensive health training stamp with design focus, all in the highest world class. Here the ”club’s” aesthetically shimmering restaurant.

Sensational, stylish, serene, slick and still supercosy . . . Everyone is smiling or laughing; the pictures have been put together to the most colourful photo collage. 200 happy cogs in a personal gallery that forms a piece of welloiled machinery, with an underlying attitude that puts your finger on how important it is for all people to be seen. - We are incredibly fond of our staff, and everyone is genuinely a part of our family. Every employee is recruited based on our attitude, that we seriously love people, says Mikael. He refers to the Buddhist language of speech ”The only way to eat an elephant is to chop it into small pieces”. When is the Landström family (Johanna, Mikael, and the children Saga, 23, and Simon, 20) most happy and satisfied? – When our highly regarded staff and our guests feel good, it simply won’t work other-



wise. Due all the details, we devote ourselves to work-intensive and personnel-intensive activities that are depending on a genuine interest in people. That’s our driving force. The success may be a consequence of that attitude but was actually nothing we counted on. We have only been able to do this in our way and are humbly grateful for our success, says Mikael Landström. His answer ”a wish for everyone to feel good” could feel like a cliché. But the pictures of 200 happy workers with all the personalities hit right in the heart. This was enhanced by physical encounters with some of these genuinely nice, new friends. A picture difficult to fake. A chain is, as we all know, not stronger than its weakest link. The elephant must be chopped into small pieces if it is to be eaten, but in the

Portixol Hotel y Restaurante, we experience the opposite. Genuine, maximum care for every detail and person, both the staff and the guests. A true fairytale. Hotel history in its own time with an underlying philosophy to learn from. Text: Marie Tillman Photo: Johanna Gunnberg


A sneak peek into the unknown Palma In his topical novel “Se mig falla”, the author and Palma resident Mons Kallentoft combine sociology with excitement in making the story take place in Mallorca noir, in the dark and unknown backside of the glittering tourist island. The author himself prefers a barrio life and the community in his own local neighbourhoods. Join the popular, real Palma!


thus tensions. At least two of the mentioned neighbourhoods can be defined as pure slum, contrasted by the fact that Europe’s richest people are holidaying a few blocks away, reports Mons Kallentoft from his lookout post over a caffe cortado in Palma’s oldest waterhole & café, the ever-popular Bar Bosch. In the midst of everything, but with excruciating poverty just a few blocks away. Mons actualizes the true story of the local drug queen and the matriarch Francisca “La Paca” Cortés Picazo, a tangle of a woman with many talents. Money laundering, buried millions of euros and an advanced underlying structure with long branches up in society. These are all some of her doings. Reality really surpasses far beyond a crime novel.

n his topical novel “Se mig falla”, the author and Palma resident Mons Kallentoft combine sociology with excitement in making the story take place in Mallorca noir, in the dark and unknown backside of the glitter-

ing tourist island. The author himself prefers a barrio life and the community in his own local neighbourhoods. Join the popular, real Palma! Mons Kallentoft, 49, is one of Sweden’s bestselling authors in the genre of tension novels, and is also a foodie, traveling gourmet, has written books & reportage on food. He has won numerous awards, his books have been translated into some 25 languages, his work has sold in multi-million editions and he has been living with his family in Palma for five years. Mons appreciates this great barrio life, which is a social and laid-back existence with an associated community in the city’s popular neighborhood where he also lives. In the latest novel “Se mig falla”, which came out earlier this year, sociological research is combined in both environments and people

Will “La Paca” appear in any future books? Mons Kallentoft is originally from Ljungsbro outside Linköping, multiple award-winner, translated into over 25 languages ​​and nowadays living in Palma.

with dense and feverish excitement. – Palma is, under the glittering surface, an extremely hard city, strongly influenced by social structures, class differences and

– The one who lives get to find out, says Mons Kallentoft mysteriously, but promises not to leave this exciting stage for sociological studies. Which in several ways, not least here on-site, falls quite naturally and is very important. Text & foto: Marie Tillman

Mons Kallentoft’s best tips to the popular, real Palma MERCADO PERE GARAU Nowhere else on Mallorca is the barrio feeling stronger than around the market in Pere Garau. Ordinary people shop for food at cheap prices and at the cafes around, the older generation spends their time. RESTAURANTE CHINO SHI SHAN XUAN

Palma’s best china food, completely authentic, is located in Palmas Chinatown, Pere Garau. NITOS The best in town, the marinade recipe is secret. Very old school.

ANATOLIA Palma’s best kebab. Carrer de Julià

Alvarez, 3.

LA CASA DEL SABOR There are lots of South American immigrants in Palma. The Ecuadorians eat here, on a tavern in simpler neighbourhoods. Carrer de Joan Alcover, 5. SA ROQUETA The former fishing village of Portixol is completely gentrified, but Palma’s best fishing rook at Sa Roqueta is the real deal.

SON BANYA Considered to be Spain’s most intense area when it comes to drugs. Visit at your own risk for anyone who wants to see a slum that many probably do not believe exists in Europe. PALMA BEACH Palma Beach always has a great atmosphere, with large Hispanic families regularly having a party on the dunes.

PATXI Palma’s best meat. Carrer d’Espartero, 28. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


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Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå inte.

villa@kallhagen.se • 08-665 03 00 • kallhagen.se

Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassat för beresta människor med höga förväntninga Man sover gott i sköna sängar, äter gott i den klassiska restaurangen eller den leva lobbybaren. Bra förbindelser och snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnet runt och matservering alla dagar i veckan. Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen ell Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöjli Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm

Business or pleasure? BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!

Business pleasure? Business or or pleasure? BUSINESS PLEASURE! BUSINESS AND AND PLEASURE!

Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassat för beresta människor med höga förväntningar. Man sover gott i sköna sängar, äter gott i den klassiska restaurangen eller den levande lobbybaren. Bra förbindelser och snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnet runt och matservering alla dagar i veckan. Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen eller Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöjligheter.

Business or pleasure? or pleasure? Business or pleasure? Business or pleasure? Business AND PLEASURE! BUSINESS ANDBUSINESS PLEASURE! BUSINESS AND PLEASURE! BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!

Business or pleasure? Villa är anpassat beresta människor med höga förväntning Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassat förKällhagen beresta med högaför förväntningar. Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassatmänniskor förperfekt beresta människor med höga förväntningar. AND PLEASURE! Mangott sover gott igott sköna sängar, äter gott den levande klassiska restaurangen eller den lev Villa som på landet fast ändå i Man soverKällhagen, gott i sköna äter i den klassiska restaurangen elleri den Man soversängar, gottBUSINESS i sköna sängar, äter i den klassiska restaurangen eller den levande

lobbybaren. förbindelser och snabb trådlös uppkoppling. lobbybaren. Bra förbindelser snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnet lobbybaren. Braoch förbindelser ochBra snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnetBemanning dygnet ochdagar matservering dagar veckan. från Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen e runt och matservering alla dagarrunt i veckan. Promenadavstånd från iStrandvägen eller runt och matservering alla i veckan.alla Promenadavstånd Strandvägen eller Karlaplan. Buss precis dörren, lätt att fåparkeringsmöjligheter. taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöj Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi ochutanför utmärkta parkeringsmöjligheter. Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta

Villa Källhagen, som på inte. landet fast ändå i Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå inte. expectations. Man sover gott i sköna sängar, äter gott klassiskamänniskor restaurangen eller den levande Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassat föri den beresta med höga förväntningar. Sleep fitfully införbindelser our comfy beds, eat sumptuously in our restaurant ordygnet lively lobby lobbybaren. ochäter snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning Man sover gott iBra sköna sängar, gott i den klassiska restaurangen eller den levande bar. a fast, wireless internet connection. Staff at your disposal 24-7 with runt ochEnjoy matservering alla dagar i veckan. Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen eller 10, 115 27 Stockholm lobbybaren. Bra förbindelser och snabb trådlös uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnet lunch and dinner served every day. We are walking distance to Strandvägen and Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöjligheter. Karlaplan and have a good bus service on our doorstep, with taxis never far runt och matservering alla dagar i veckan. Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen eller away and ample on-site parking available. villa@kallhagen.se • 08-665 03 00 • kallhagen.se Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöjligheter. Villa Källhagen is the perfect forberesta those who are well-traveled and have high Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassatfitför människor med höga förväntningar.

Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm 10, 115 27 Stockholm Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm Villa feels like thepå countryside, andändå yet it’s inte. not.Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen VillaKällhagen Källhagen, som landet fast villa@kallhagen.se • 08-665 03 00 • kallhagen.se villa@kallhagen.se • 08-665 03 00 (0)8-665 • kallhagen.se villa@kallhagen.se • +46 03 00 • kallhagen.se

Villa Källhagen, som på landet fast ändå inte. Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 115 27 27 Stockholm Stockholm Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, villa@kallhagen.se 03 00 00 •• kallhagen.se kallhagen.se villa@kallhagen.se •• 08-665 08-665 03

Villa Källhagen är perfekt anpassat för beresta människor med höga förväntningar. Man sover gott i sköna sängar, äter gott i den klassiska restaurangen eller den levande lobbybaren. Bra förbindelser och snabb trådlösSVERIGEMAGASINET uppkoppling. Bemanning dygnet87 runt och matservering alla dagar i veckan. Promenadavstånd från Strandvägen eller Karlaplan. Buss precis utanför dörren, lätt att få taxi och utmärkta parkeringsmöjligheter.


Jan Mårtenson “I’ve always had a need to withdraw to my garden with Homan and a dry martini.”



Litterature Dödligt hot (Deadly threat) is his 50:th crime novel, and the 70:th book. In other words a double anniversary for the man who has combined diligent writing with diplomacy all over the world. Jan Mårtensons books have sold in several million copies and are translated into a dozen languages. The books about Homan are the big sellers, but Mårtenson has also written cultural-historical books on, among other things, the Tessin architect family, the Royal Palace, Djurgården and Drottningholms Castle.


an Mårtenson used to say that he was a peace broker during daytime and a murderer at night. Nowadays, his career as an international diplomat has been completed, and instead he concentrates on his favourite hobby. – I write two kinds of books: Cultural history without murder and cultural history with murder, Jan Mårtensson says. And now it’s a double anniversary; crime book number fifty and book number seventy. How did you manage to write so much next to your work, which must have taken up a big part of your time?

You’ve also had another career, as a diplomat. – Writing has always been a hobby for me. Some people collect stamps, and I slightly kill people . Through my work on many occasions, I have had fairly exposed situations in life. For several years I was deputy Secretary General of the UN with responsibility for disarmament, and I also had responsibility for human rights. I have also been the head of the UN office in Europe for a number of years. It was under the cold war when the east and west had extermination weapons directed towards each other. My mission was one of the most difficult - disarmament, human rights, peace and the

How did you manage to make time for the rest of your life? There are many people who want your presence. – I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my work. By that I mean that I never taken it home with me, I always managed to twist a little self-time that I can share with my loved ones. I have four children and I have grandchildren and great grandchildren, and I am always there for them in every conceivable context. I think it’s healthy not to take your work or yourself too seriously, and make sure you have enough space for other things in life. What can we expect from Johan Kristian Homan in Deadly Threat?

– Luckily, by nature I am pretty lazy. I only write when I think it’s fun and I’m just writing what I think is nice. This means that I always have a theme in my crime novels; It can be the East Indian company, the Roman Empire, maritime archeology, art falsification or anything else that interests me. Then I will be able to tell you facts about the current phenomenon, and at the same time let Johan Kristian Homan solve a crime. Many of my readers says they learn a lot from my books, and that’s pleases me.

- The book is about a possible nuclear weapons attack in Stockholm. Human lives will be saved on the last page by Mr Homan. The crimes are never the main thing in my books. I never describe any in-depth details of murder, for example. It is far more about red wine than blood. – I like the books - and a lot of food recipes! concludes Jan Mårtenson with a smile. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Cato Lein

And several of your readers are members of the Homan Society. – Yes, we actually had an annual meeting in Homan Society just weeks ago. We have been meeting for over thirty years, which is absolutely fantastic. During our meetings, it feels like Homan himself is present because all members know him very well. They know how he thinks, what he likes and what he doesn’t like.

On a personal note NAME: Jan Mårtenson

Can Homan still surprise you? – Yes, I rarely know what he will come up with in my books. And it contributes of course to the joy of writing, the story is growing so to speak while I am writing. In oppose to many other writers, so I never make any synopsis. Many writers are very accurate from the beginning with what will happen to each chapter and who is the murderer. I let the story go where it wants and who is the killer comes through a dialogue with Homan. – We live in a society with freedom of expression, so I can’t decide what Homan should say and not say!

war and misery for a while. But above all, I think it is very fun to write!

AGE: 86 years

environment. I also worked as private secretary to the Royal Court during the years when Olof Palme wanted to introduce a republic, which was also a lot of a challenge. One can say that I have been to many places where it has blown hard around the ears, and I had had to pull myself away sometimes and just sit with Homan and a dry martini. – In that ways my writing has worked as a sort of therapy, I been able to get away from

CAREER: Writer. Ambassador to Bern, deputy secretary general of the UN, secretary general and director of the UN European Office and chef de cabinet to the Royal Swedish Court. FAMILY: Married to Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson, former CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council. Four children, five grandchildren, one great grandchild. MOTTO: ”Never say why – say why not”. WHAT’S UP: Release of the 50th crime novel ”Death Threat” – Mårtensons 70th book. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


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Summer Fun

Into the Woods In Halland they have succeeded to translate what people are talking about to reality. The festival “Into the Woods” is a sustainable project, that will connect people in a three kilometre big area in the Halland region of Hylte. It’s a brand new festival concept that arranges for the first time in Sweden. The interest is vast – not just for the local devotees. 46


Summer Fun


ight in the centre of the deep woods of Halland, the festival “Into the Woods” will be celebrated during the 5th-11th of August and is primarily built on the community. During the first days, there will be different activities, crafts courses and nature activities. During the end of the week, there will be music, workshops, yoga, forest bathing and much more. One of the festivals main partners is Stedsans in the Woods, as is driven by the star cooks Mette Helbeak and Flemming Schiott Hansen from Copenhagen. The pair has together with five other entrepreneurs brought a new sustainable alternative for festival food. All meals are organic and locally produced and will be inclusive with the festival-pass. Visitors are asked to bring their own china to reduce pollution. Into the Woods invites to an engaging experience that lies entirely in time. -Yes! Many devotees in the area have the craftsmanship and the sustainability thinking that’s required for us to host this kind of event, says Jimmy Strandberg, market strategist on Visit Halland. – Into the Woods is a forest experience, but Halland is more than just deep woods and salty beaches, says Sara Lundberg Torgé, Communicator on Visit Halland. Coast- and surf culture are active here, and if you want to be a part of, you can! Visit Hallifornia which embodies what is so trendy in Halland right now: the nature that’s always just around the corner, to eat in the wild and sustainable events. It truly feels like Halland is ahead of its time when it comes to sustainable projects like this. - A big part of this is that there are so many people that would love to make these ideas come to life. Many people are looking to go to Halland and eat dinner in nature with a big emphasis on sustainability, like Into the Woods. We are, of course, very proud of our green prerogative. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Into the Woods MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Opera

Left: Paulina Pfeiffer. Poto: Lars Redhe. Top right: Jeremy Carpenter. Photo: Mats Bäcker. Bottom right: Mathias Zachariassen. Photo: Sten Andersson

Singing in the bushes

The opera-party in Dala-floda started as an exciting project to do opera for “the everyday man” but has now grown to a festival to count with where there are several scenes and multiple program points.


he beautiful Dala-Floda is enchanted with singing during a week in August where opera becomes the centre. From every corner, every bush, you can hear opera singing from amateurs, pros, old and the talented youth - Well, everyone is welcome to join in. For the ninth year in a row will the festival be hosted in Dala-Floda. It starts with a variety of preformences between the 4-11 of August. 5th of August the premiere of Figaro’s wedding, then Opera of Finnskogen visits Dala-Floda and feelings run high. Here you meet a powerful duke that rule a band of robbers with an iron fist at the same



time as Figaro bend over backwards to fix what seems to become a more entangled situation, which he made himself. The tale tells about erotic twists and threads that will ensnare the dutchess and Cherubin. In Mozart’s astounding music, you can hear fresh winds blow, and in the storms eye, we find Sussana. But under the crackling boards of the deck, we can still hear the ocean roar. The show continues for 2.45 hours and during the pause, you can find “fika”, well coffee and coffee bread. – This is the ninth year that the festival is active, it started by the opera singer Anna Eklund-Tarantino, that has a summerhouse in Dala-Floda, says Roine Wassberg who’s one of the organizers. – Our most significant commitment this year is the operetta “The merry widow.” This

operetta will be performed five times in the regime of Märit Bergvall in the opera house in Björbo (IOGT-room). You can find names like Paulina Pfeiffer, Mathias Zachariassen, William David-Lind, Evalina Stenvall and more, contributing in the Dala-Floda opera choir and a 9-man orchestra under the leadership of Jonas Lindgård. At the end of the week, you will be able to see the Gala concert in Gagnef church with Dalasinfoniettan under the guidance of Marie Risenmir and the soloists Paulina Pfeiffer and the british barytone Jeremy Carpenter. In the ’19/20 season at the Royal Opera he sings Pangloss in Ole Anders Tandberg’s production of Candide and Sonire in La Fanciulla del West. Text: Editorial

Welcome to Tykarpsgrottan!

The mining in Tykarpsgrottan stopped around 1880. Left underground is an enchanting world, a unique labyrinth created entirely by human hands for centuries. And if you’re lucky, you’ll meet the friendly bats …

Tykarpsgrottan, Hässleholm • Reception +46 451 350 87 • info@tykarpsgrottan.net • www.tykarpsgrottan.net

Recreation and water park in Roslagsskogen In the middle of the beautiful forest, a few miles north of Öregrund lies Berkinge bath and fishing camp. Here people come from near and far to go fishing, camp, swim, play miniature golf and play in the big water park. After that, enjoy a good dinner at the Kvarnen restaurant.

Berkinge Bath & Fishing camp

Berkinge 121, Lövstabruk. Webpage: www.berkinge.se

Call +46 720 073216 for more information

Summer Fun

Arboga Medieval days Travel through time, go back hundreds of years to the exciting time of the middle ages! Dress up according to the times, cheer for the rowers, watch the knights fight in thrilling tournaments and much more.



elcome to get inspired by activities that are exciting for real – both for kids and grownups. There are, for example, plenty of cool things to do for kids in “Ahllöfsparken”. We offer historical walkabouts, rowing regattas on the Arbogaån, lectures and concerts.

Arboga medieval days have a rich programme for the younglings. There are possibilities to be a jester, a craftsman or a through some trials be dubbed a knight. You can also enjoy the kids’ theatre or face paintings. THE ROWING COMPETITION


Experience the middle ages in Ahllöfsparken, Nygatan, the main square and the Craftsman village in the church village where they offer diverse entertainment, craftsmanship, food and much more! Here are the medieval times still alive and ready to be discovered and experienced by the whole family. Ahllöfsparken is the biggest market, with several different table and crafts, beautiful fabrics and clothes, food and much more! Ahllöfparken is a lovely



park that lies in the central part of Arboga. It was made ready already in the 1800s. The park is still a popular oasis for children and grown-ups. In the park, the oldest buildings are located, amongst those are “Stekaren” from the thirteenth century. Here is also a playground, a beautiful pond and St Karin’s herb garden. In the farther part of the park, there is a skittle-alley also from the 1800s. The markets here are open all days during the medieval days.

One of the medieval days most public events are the medieval rowing competition which is held on the Arbogaån, close to the Bergmansparken. Join in and cheer for your favourite team or challenge a group of friends. The more the merrier. More teams equals more exciting competition! MEDIEVAL ENTERTAINMENT

The medieval entertainment is a cluster of music shows, fire shows and Monastery, herb gardens and dramatized city walks. Text: Editorial Photo: Föreningen Arboga Medeltid

COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 13 - Red Line

20 meters from the Metro entrance

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff!

Sollefteå Antik

Gives you the unique feeling Fittings • Locks/Keys • Hinges Visit our website


favourite? Experience 1,300 km of inland Sweden by train. Pass the Arctic Circle. Selected package tours or adventurous hop on/hop off.






3 53

53 nestorville.se

Which is your

M & re ore inf o inla servat nds ions ba


Dinners invest in service

The market for road restaurant has changed drastically during the last few years and will probably change even more. One of the reasons seems be that the way we travel has changed. Flying has become the norm whilst is used to be to put the family into the car and drive to the holiday destination. Another reason could be that the fast food chains are very much established along the roads. Dinners however, have grand plans for the future. The key? Great service!


ever before have so many road restaurants been built in Sweden until now. One competitor who demands space is the petrol companies. The margins on fuel are not very big, so most stations invest in food and drinks. – Basically all petrol companies are rebuilding their stations to bistro cafés, says Georg Häselbarth, founder of Dinners. Coffee is their main product today, not fuel. A cup of coffee basically yields as much in revenue as a car. But how can there be room for Dinners in a market that is increasingly harder? – We are a niched company and we invest a lot in fresh and locally produced fast food with a continental focus. We have restaurants with tasty and homemade local meals during lunch,



a wide variety of snacks in the afternoons and really nicely cooked meals in the evening. – In addition, we have a large vegetarian salad buffet at all our restaurants, which is much appreciated by our guests. One segment that is increasing is the market for electric cars. Dinners is a partner for Tesla, and has charging stations in all restaurants. – If you drive an electric car, you automatically get a break for about twenty minutes when it is time to load the car. Most people use the time to get something to eat and drink, which has become an increasing part of the market. Many people also choose to use the time to catch up on work; make phone calls or reply to emails. This way, our restaurants also become a kind of workplace along the roads. What is the future like? – We build about 1-2 new restaurants a year, and will have ten in a few years. We don’t

want to expand more than that given what the market situation looks like today, says Georg Häselbarth. – In addition, we focus exclusively on owning our restaurants ourselves, in order to be able to develop in the direction of our choosing. Previously, we rented our premises by the petrol companies that were already established in the municipality, which led to us having a competitive situation when they decided to invest in food and drink as well. TAKE AWAY INCREASES

– An increasing number of our guests are asking for take away food. A lot of times it may be that you have been driving and are on your way home. The first thing on your mind is probably not to cook for yourself, but you can sit down at the dinner table and enjoy freshly prepared food from us instead. – We have also noticed a positive develop-


ment at the bus companies. Many chooses to make at pit stop and guests find the atmosphere enjoyable. There are plenty of opportunities too meet people over a cup of coffee or a meal. – We sell an experience, not just food and drinks. The experience is that you meet people at Dinners and have an opportunity to enjoy good company. This is why we choose to place our restaurant close to centres instead of in the middle of nowhere. Many of our guests come from nearby cities for a complete experience; Tasty and well made food and a moment of socializing in good company. – To many elderly, visiting Dinners has become somewhat of an outing. Here, they can meet up with their friends in a cosy atmosphere. This way, dinners also becomes a meeting point, a place where people can get together and have a nice time together. FRIENDLY RECEPTION

– We put a lot of time and energy into providing good service. It is a lot more important than one might think and something that Dinners is investing heavily in. If you are greeted pleasantly then the positive overall impression increases, and a happy guest will often come again, concludes Georg Häselbarth. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Dinners



Photo: Mika Rogers

Summer Fun

Enjoy the wonderful archipelago at Lillsved



Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

At Lillsved you can enjoy both the archipelago and sports and health. And nowadays everyone is welcome to this unique place, just a short trip from the big city. At Lillsved there’s room for everyone. And you don’t need a car or boat to get there!


The Swedish gymnastics federation started the first school of gymnastics here in 1937. “Idrottsfolkhögskolan”, as it’s called today, is still the hub, but Lillsved is also a big conference,course and camp center. Here is also a high standard STF-hostel for tourists who wants to explore the Stockholm archipelago. On Lillsved, there is a deep understanding of teambuilding and coaching leadership, which makes this a perfect place for conferences and kick-off parties. As well as wondeful nature, there are sports facilities, gym, outdoor gym, café, food hall, cycling and kayaking and significant areas to trek with trails and hiking paths. And most importantly: this gem welcomes everyone that wants to enjoy it – with a big emphasis on everyone. – Not everyone has easy access to the archipelago, but you do have access via Lillsved. Either as a student, a tourist, camp leader or as a conference group. And you don’t need to have your own boat to come here, says Stephan Styfberg, and names some alternatives to get to Lillsved; by bus, car or commercial boat from Stockholm. WONDERFUL NATURE

Next to Lillsved lies the adandoned military training area Myttinge, which means that there is plenty of nature to walk around in. From deep woods with berries, mushroom and herbs, to open meadows with animals strolling. The

long coastline, with small bays, small beaches and rocks for sunbathing, and fishing for perch, pike, pike-perch and trout. For the one that makes there way with a stroller, walker, or wheelchair there is gravelled road, as tracks and marked hikes with bridges over the wet areas. During the wintertimes, you can go skiing, and if the ice bears, you can go skating. Summertime you can go paddle, sail or go diving. There are two sunken wrecks, marked with buoys, where you can dive and explore. In one of them, Harm, which rests at a depth of 18 meters, there is an air pocket where sport divers can talk to each other.

Photo: Stephan Styfberg


illsved on the northern part of Värmdö, just outside Stockholm is closely connected to sports and health. Famous footballers Nacka Skoglund and Gunnar Gren used to come here, as skiers Charlotte Kalla, Emil Jönsson and countless different athletes. And H.R.H Prince Daniel went to “Lillsveds idrottsfolkhögskola.” – Lillsved used to be closed for the public and therefore not so famous. Nowadays the gates are open and invite anyone who likes sports, training, experiences, culture and the archipelago, says the market manager Stephen Styfberg. – It’s unique with so much nature and silence this close to Stockholm.

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Stephan Styfberg

Photo: Albin Händig

Summer Fun


With a map and compass, you can spend a lot of time on orienteering, or with a cellphone, geocaching; on Lillsved there are several hidden treasures for this GPS based version of orienteering. – Lillsved provides all kinds of ways to recharge your batteries, which we all need now and then, says Stephan Styfberg. If you are interested in exploring Lillsveds surroundings and don’t think a day is enough, you can stay the night at The Swedish Tourist Associations biggest archipelago based hostel. Just like the dining room, with full rights to sell liquor, it’s open all year around. LIFE-GIVING ARCHIPELAGO SURROUNDINGS

Even if Stephan Styfborg is doing everything he can to make as many as possible stay at Lillsved, is it a fact that the place is an excellent start for a hike in the archipelago. Here passes a high number of boat lines before they continue into the archipelago. – Lillsved is the gateway to the archipelago, we use to say. The availability, the ease to quickly get here, no matter what condition you are in, or your stamina, you can enjoy nature, that’s what makes this place so unique, says Stephan Styfberg. – Everyone who finds us leaves here happy and pleasantly surprised over that they found so much nature and energy from the archipelago so close to the capital. To the ones who’s already been here, I am sure I will see you soon again, Stephan Styfberg concludes. Text: Marie Tillman

How to get to Lillsved Bus 437 has its last stop on Lillsved. Travel time from Slussen is approximate 50 minutes. You can find a timetable on www. sl.se. Waxholmsbolaget have several boats that anchor at the port of Lillsved. Travel time from Strömkajen is between 140 minutes to 215 minutes. You can find a time table at www.waxholmsbolaget.se For the one who drives, there is a distance of about 40 kilometres. There is free parking for the guests at the facility. For other visitors, there is paid parking. FACTS

In the 17th century Lillsved was called Lilla Swedie, which reveals that sweating was practiced here; unwanted vegetation was burned to make the soil cultivable. The farm Lillsved was at it’s greatest during the start of the 1900s when it was owned by the owner of NK, the warehouse in central Stockholm, Joseph Sachs. Lillsved is owned by The Swedish Gymnastics Federation, The Swedish Sports Confederation and SISU Sports Education. Many sports organisations have their leadership courses here. Throughout the years the school has developed, but the focus on health, sport and leadership have always been the foundation on which the school is built.



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Under the bar PEL BB01 On the loadingdock/storage PEL BB06 See link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=byMGJYhRCFU https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEuCku6eHXo


+46 31 150050 • www.scanwaste.se Komprimering för återvinning www.scanwaste.se

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WEEKDAYS 10-19 • SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS 10-17 • MALMÖVÄGEN 12, TOMELILLA • +46 417 787 00






Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund always ready to receive international visitors. And don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a stray football or a quiz during the annual music festival Storsjöyran.


t’s said that Östersund is exactly in the middle of Sweden. What could be better than to name the mall Mittpunkten - The Midpoint? The shopping centre in central Östersund has a wide variety of stores, a health centre, a pharmacy and its own parking garage. At Mittpunkten, you can also buy the gift card Citykortet which can be used for payments in most of stores in Östersund. Annette Lindow is responsible for marketing at Mittpunkten, and sees the future as bright: – We have many positive developments at the shopping centre. Mittpunkten has a large and wide variety of both small and large shops, a food store and a cafe. Recently, a health centre was also opened and since we already have a pharmacy on site, it goes without saying that we cover a large part of the local residents’ needs. – At Mittpunkten, it is very much about ‘onestop shopping’, that is, you can find everything you need under one roof, Annette continues. – We also have the city’s longest opening times, open until 7 pm every night and we are closed just three days of the year. Accessibility

and convenience are also big plusses, visitors come directly into the shopping centre from our parking garage. Mittpunkten puts a lot of effort into customer-focused activities that make for an enjoyable shopping experience: – We often have fun events, which we follow on our social media outlets. As an example, we recently held a really appreciated skills competition tournament for all ages, where we gave away vouchers to use as payment in our stores. We also had a lottery, where the first price was a professional football signed by all the players in our popular footboll team, Östersunds FK. During season we have a collaboration with the team where you can compete for tickets for all home games. We want our customers to have as pleasant a shopping experience as possible! Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Göran Strand and Nestorville

There is a lovely community spirit among the staff at Mittpunkten, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere at the shopping centre. This is the staff party, that had a country theme, where the staff got to learn how to square dance to the centre’s signature song.



Summer Music

Gothenburg Baroque



Höör Barock with the kids play The boy and the Fiddle. Photo: Emily Willman

Summer Music

Anna Paradiso Laurin. Photo: Pelle Piano

Dan Laurin. Photo: Pelle Piano

Welcome to another year in the beautiful Vallebygden, the part of Sweden that’s between Skara-Falköping-Skövde. For the eighth year it has its very own baroque music festival in August. This year the theme is Queen Kristina.


his hard to grasp person, that after only ten years on the throne abdicated, become a catholic and moved to Rome to live there for the rest of her life amongst Europe’s cultural and intellectual elite. Valle Baroque will be visited this year by amongst others Dan Laurin, one of Sweden’s most international music exporters of classical field. He has recorded loads of albums and toured across the whole world. Now, together with Höör Baroque, he will be presenting music that Queen Kristina would have encountered to her travels to Rome. You can get into costume and be living the dream be at a Venetian masquerade at Kråks mansion in Skara, 17th of August. Food inspired by the 1700s will be on the menu, Martin Bagge will be entertaining tableside, and Elizabeth Svarstad will be teaching, those who are interested, baroque dancing. At

the end of the night, you will be welcomed to Skara cathedral with a vocal concert that fills the medieval halls with Gregorian singing. Gothenburg Baroque will of course also be playing during the festival. The ensemble will be starting their performances with the beautiful Jephta of Carissimi, one of Kristina’s favourite composers, 14th of August. Gothenburg Baroque makes their second showing on Friday with chamber music by composers that Kristina could have encountered on the roads of Europe. As their last hurrah, they will be performing with Charpentiers Te Deum. Gothenburg Baroque concerts are in the fantastic Varnhem monastery church. One of Queen Kristina’s allies, Gabriel de la Gardie, had the church renovated into a grand baroque church during the 1650s. The baroque music festival Valle Baroque 14-18th of August is presented by Gothenburg Baroque. Text: Editorial

Programme at Valle Baroque: 14th of AUGUST 19.00 Opening concert with Gothenburg Baroque, Varnhem monastery church 15th of AUGUST 19.00 Longing for Italy with Dan Laurin and Höör Barock, S:t Olof ’s church Falköping 15th of AUGUST 21.00 Pub Düben at Vilhelmsro farm cafe, Falköping 16th of AUGUST Kids play with Höör Barock, Kråks mansion. For more information see skara.se/sommarlov 16th of AUGUST 19.00 Mysterium Rosarium with Göteborg Baroque, Varnhem monastery church 17th of AUGUST 18.00 Mascarade, Kråks mansion, Skara, with among others Martin Bagge and Elizabeth Svarstad 18th of AUGUST 11.00 Party service with the natural trumpet ensemble course, Varnhem monastery church 18th of AUGUST 18.00 Te Deum with Gothenburg Baroque and a choir led by Cecilia Martin Löf, Varnhem monastery church Additional program will be added.



Welcome to Mittpunkten! Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund always ready to receive international visitors. With 20 stores, a health center, a pharmacy and our own parking garage, you will find most everything you need under one roof!



Take an historical journey with our authentic steam trains! Information and timetable at www.oslj.nu

P.O. Box 53, 647 22 Mariefred Tel +46 159 210 00 oslj@telia.com

Summer Fun



Summer Fun

The Museum of Evolution

In The Museum of Evolution palaeontology, you’ll find the most significant collection of real dinosaur skeletons together with skeletons of prehistoric fish-lizards and swan-lizards. On the zoology department you move between all the continents of the world, from the polar areas to the tropics. Amongst the museums 5000 animals, you’ll meet the proboscis monkey, giant anteaters, the African penguin, mooses, giant salamanders and the Tasmanian devil. The animals have been collected from the late 17th century until today, and the number keeps growing.


ats Eriksson is the director of The Museum of Evolution, a part of Uppsala University. To work with exhibitions this old, in many cases up to four hundred years old, is an extraordinary feeling. -We have a vast collection, some of our items has been in our ownership since the 1600s, says Mats. It’s an exciting feeling to poke around in it and wonder who did the same hundreds of years ago. One thing that always fascinates is dinosaur skeletons, and you have quite a few? -Yes, in the palaeontology part of the museum we have a lot of fossils and dinosaurs, which is super exciting. What set us apart from many dinosaur museums is that we have real skeletons, fossils and many other things. But they are all real. They might not be as spectacular as their plastic counterpart that you can find on other museums, but they are real, Mats continues. - When you find something during an excavation is it seldom a whole skeleton. Usually it’s smaller parts. But we have a magnificent skeleton of a Long Neck, or as it’s called, Euhelopus. It’s actually parts from two different animals, and we are working on restoring it to its original glory. We are unbelievably proud of this, since it’s the only one in the world. We have approximately 60% of the original animals, and the rest is made from a cast. How did the skeleton end up at your museum? – Most of what we have in our palaeontology collection comes from China. An explorer from Uppsala that was in China during the 1920s together with local scientists. – During that time, you didn’t have an organisation to take care of fossils. But there

was an agreement between Uppsala and the Chinese equivalent institute when you were doing a cooperative dig. The finds were sent to Uppsala to get analysed, and all duplicates were sent back to China. It was a rare agreement for the time, and most other countries who had exhibitions to China just took everything they could find. Uppsala was the only institution who had a deal with China. That’s something they remembers to this day and are thankful for. We have had visits where they tell us that they remember the cooperation with fondness, on multiple occasions. It sounds like Indiana Jones worked with you at Uppsala? – Yes, you would think that he did. Back in the day, it must have been super exciting to be an explorer, since we didn’t know as much as we do today, not the least about China. Except for palaeontology, what can your visitors expect to find? – Our zoology department, it’s pretty newly opened, we have put a lot of effort to update our collections and everything we display. We only have stuffed animals in the zoology department, so it’s similar to the old type of museum from the past. – It’s a different feeling when you can study an animal closely, that you will assumedly never see in the wild. We have so many animals and fossils on both departments that you can barely see all of them in a single visit, says Mats Eriksson. Amongst our collection of animals, we basically have all the Swedish animals, which is a great joy for both scientists and visitors. – There’s a unique feeling of familiarity and cosiness to visit us. I want to emphasise that. You feel at home here, which many of our visitors often says.

come here and get guided tours through our collections and exhibits. It’s usually very appreciated. Do you have some especially fun things in the plans for The Museum of Evolution? -During the summer we are opened, as usual, and anyone, whose path goes by Uppsala are welcome. We also have some extra fun events coming up this fall. During the Culture night the 14th of September we will present something we call “Skulpturalt”. We will then open a new room in the zoology wing where we will have an art exhibit with objects on pedestals. We have worked with fossils and animals and made art from that. It will make the observer think, you will get a new perspective on the objects presented. It will be presented as a piece of art rather than the animal it once was. Seashells, for example, have an inspiring shape. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: The Museum of Evolution

This has to be a real treasure, especially for school classes. – Yes, it is! We have several visits from schools, which we think is very pleasant. They

Mats Eriksson, director at the Museum of Evolution. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Summer Fun

Culture route Dalarna A truly historical journey awaits in the swedish province of Dalarna. Culture, art, music, nature and fascinating people greet you as you enter the wonderful region in the middle of Sweden.


he province of Dalarna is in central Sweden with its north-western edge bordering Norway in the Swedish mountains. More typically Swedish than ABBA and IKEA combined, Dalarna is home to red-painted cottages, glimmering lakes, deep forests, Swedes in folk costume dancing around maypoles at midsummer and the iconic painted Dala horse. Explore the province where art and history come to life. In Dalarna you can experience live art, music and culture in a heady blend of past and present Visit exciting museums, cutting-edge art galleries and beautiful, well-preserved houses, including the homes of world-famous local artists Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn. At historic cultural sites, you can listen to colourful stories about people who have left unique legacies and be amazed by the people and creativity that existed both then and now. Visit former industrial sites and gardens and soak up Dalarna’s legends as you travel the length of this contrasting province, from farmlands to



deep forests, lakes and majestic mountains. This historical journey of discovery include a visit to Zorngården, the home of Anders and Emma Zorn, to learn more about this Mora native who became a world-renowned painter and what he and his wife have meant to their hometown. The stop at Falu Gruva tells the story of the copper mining industry in the World Heritage town of Falun and the mining by-product that came to be a vital ingredient in the warm, red paint that gives so many Swedish homes their distinctive colour. The journey will lead you to former industrial buildings that have been transformed into exhibition spaces for contemporary art. At Verket in Avesta you can still hear the sounds of the ironmaking process and feel the warmth of the blast furnaces as you wander among paintings, sculptures and installations. The trip will also take you to the place where artist Carl Larsson was inspired to paint his colourful watercolours with motifs from his own home and gardens. Paintings that today enrich our image of Sweden and inspire designers all over the world. At Ornässtugan, a medieval timber building on the shores of Lake Runn, 500 years old

stories about the future king Gustav Vasa’s adventures in Dalarna live on - legends that inspired the famous long-distance ski race, Vasaloppet. From the middle ages to the early 20th century, stop by Hildasholm estate, home of Axel Munthe and his English wife Hilda, for a stroll in the beautiful English-style gardens Hilda designed there. Get to know the people and places that have played a vital part in Sweden’s industrial and cultural development, people who for generations have made a living by transforming natural materials into works of art. Dalarna’s best known celebrity is the Dala horse and in the village of Nusnäs can you find the Nils Olssons Dalahästar, carved from pine wood transformed to hand-painted horses decorated with traditional kurbits painting, while at Porphyry Museum in Älvdalen you can learn more about the fascinating igneous rock, porphyry. Embark on a cultural journey of discovery in Dalarna!

Text: Editorial Photo: Jonas Lindgren / Visit Dalarna



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