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SEE YOU IN STOCKHOLM Are you a traveller?

Historical Sigtuna

Stockholm Museum of Modern Art

Stockholm is located at the junction of the Lake Mälaren

Feel the wings of history

Moderna Museet has one of Europe’s finest collections of art

Nightlife in the High Coast

Here with us you will make camp with people from all over the world. Pitch your tent under clear starry skies and enjoy stories around the campfire. With the sound of waves or babbling streams rather than the dunk dunk dunk of a bass beat. Nights are an important part of the High Coast experience. If you stay a few extra days you will also have time to discover fantastic views, the sea, the aromas and the culture of our world Heritage Site. We hope to see you here!

The High Coast - always the next level.

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Issue No 2 • 2020


INLANDSBANAN Other trains stop in the middle of a town. Inlandsbanan drops you in the middle of an adventure.

HISTORICAL Sigtuna offers fantastic experiences, both in nature and culture.




TRAVEL LAWFULLY IN EUROPE Travel lawfully in Europe? Traveling in Europe is fantastic – as long as you don’t break any laws.


ARE YOU A TRAVELLER? Stockholm is located at the junction of Lake Mälar (Mälaren) and Salt Bay (Saltsjön).

NO MUSIC ON THE BEACH! No music is allowed on the beach in Mallorca, it is illegal. If you still insist on bringing speakers you run the risk of being fined 200 euros.



MODERN MUSEUM IN STOCKHOLM REACH THE TOURISTS In Corona times, many activities have been canceled and public events have been rescheduled.

Modern Museum has one of Europe’s finest collections of modern and contemporary art. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Is April the best month? Normally, April is the most wonderful month of the year: spring comes creeping, it’s green in the gardens and the little birds chirp. Summer is coming. Winter clothes go down into the basement, summer tires go on the car. Normally. The outdoor seating is filled with sun worshipers and it is high time to decide on the summer adventures.

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And to return to normal, we must continue to devote all our efforts to caring for each other and our loved ones. And believe in the future. Believe that this hard time soon will be over. Lets hope that April next year will be normal and the most wonderful time filled with opportunities to hang out and do fun things together. Just as usual. Still Sweden rocks. We have Abba, Ingmar Bergman, Avicii, Sweden is a major exporter of culture, and the world’s biggest exporter of pop music in relation to GDP. Another global Swedish hit in recent years has been the so-called Nordic noir literary genre, led by Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. Look backwards in time and you have cultural heavyweights like Bergman – widely regarded as one of the leading directors in the history of film – and August Strindberg, the respected and highly influential dramatist. There are countless opportunities to get involved in Sweden’s cultural life through the concerts, plays, gigs and exhibitions held the length and breadth of the country, yearround.

“The Artistic Tenor” on stage in Sweden and the USA


Of course, nothing is normal right now. We are going through a time unlike any other in modern times, and everyone is worried about health.



We wish you a pleasant read and hope you take care of both yourself and your loved ones!

Hotel Tips & Experiences!

Marie Tillman / editor

TRAVEL WITH INLANDSBANAN The train that drops you off in the middle of an adventure



SABATON OPEN AIR Sweden’s Meta l event of

the year returns




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Welcome aboard! MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Noteworthy Photo: Johan Wennerström

Malmö’s wildest place Stroll along with an exotic tour of a tropical world in the middle of Malmö. Malmö Reptile Center consists of 500 square meters of jungle. Zoos have an important role in today’s society to increase understanding of animals and nature. The terrarium in Malmö ’s Folkets Park started in 1983 and has been known for their good breeding results. Guided tours can be booked for schools, along with other activities such as bachelorette and bachelor parties. Malmö Reptile Center also offers both companies and individuals an opportunity to feed the reptiles in the exhibition. CL Folkets Park, Malmö www.malmoreptilcenter.se

Designmuseum in a back pack Foreign tourists can now partake in a curated design exhibition, by booking one of the backpack’s available for tourists when they come to Sweden. The Swedish Design Museum ‘To Go’ initiative, has created virtual tours, consisting of four exhibitions - South, West, East and North and its geographically based in and around four Swedish cities. The design objects in the various exhibitions are to be collected on the sites in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå. The items are all linked to stories that should hopefully inspire things to do around each site, something which, we, Swedes also love to do. The four exhibitions have been created by local curators who work in creative industries. They have selected up to ten well-designed, useful objects to inspire you and create unique experiences for you to take part in. For example, hiking the Pilgrim Trail with the Icebug shoes which are to be found in the backpack collected in Gothenburg. Or a Swedish-designed towel from Noy Road that points the visitor towards the beautiful Källtorp lake at Hellasgården just outside Stockholm, to experience a winter bath - sauna. The curators’ tips on the experiences available on-site and stories about the objects are published in the virtual museum, acting as a real inside guide to Sweden - even for those who do not book a backpack. MT www.swedishdesignmuseum.com

Tixis world!

”The best thing about cats is that you can chase them up in a tree.” Tixi, 1 year 10


Högbo Guest House Skommarsgården Beautifully located in Högbo a 20 minute drive from Gävle is Skommarsgården. The name comes from the first owner, who made shoes here. Skommarsgården has stayed in the family, and Lennart Bertilsson, the ninth descendant is now the owner. It offers the highest privacy for conferences, with conducive conditions for a successful meeting with its beautiful and serene environment, good food, individual focus and personal family-friendly treatment. Want to go here on holiday? There are many activities such as; horseback riding on Icelandic horses in the Hogbos forests, golfing or skiing with an overnight stay in Skommarsgårdens Guest House. You can even rent the whole house if you want. In the hotels vicinity there are four great golf courses to play; Högbo, Gävle and Hofors along with a smaller golf course called Mackmyra Pay & Play. During the winter there are nice length-ski trails available at Högbo Mill and if you prefer to go downhill skiing, Kungsberget is only 30 minutes drive away. AE Jutbacksvägen 14, Sandviken www.skommarsgarden.se

Photo: Plantagen


The mobile map is part of the whole of Sweden’s digital tourism map.

Biodegradable pots The plants and garden company Plantagen offers sustainable bio-pots that are completely degradable and therefore, extra kind to their surroundings. The pot can be planted directly down in the soil, the roots grow through the pot when it is planted. The plantation will launch several different plants with plastic-free pots in 2020. The plant’s newly launched pots are a biodegradable product made of renewable and completely natural material. It is a sustainable alternative for all plants that are often grown in plastic pots. With peat and wood pulp as main ingredients it also contains lime and water and is completely free of fertilizers. - For us at Plantagen it is important to constantly improve. At our plastic pot return system, we are now launching products in degradable pots made of natural materials, which can be planted directly in the soil. It reduces both the number of plastic pots and can save time when planting, says Malin Bjurvald, sustainability manager at Plantagen. Instead of removing and throwing the pot before planting, plant it this natural bio-pot together with the plant or flower directly down into the soil where the roots grow through the pot and then break it down naturally. - In addition to reducing plastic, the plants themselves also have a positive impact. The roots of the plant receive no shock when transplanted, often the root system of the potted plants is weakened so that growth is stopped when the plastic pot is removed. But with the degradable pots, the root growth is left undisturbed which gives healthier plants, says Hans Jensen, category manager at Plantagen. RED www.plantagen.se

Sweden’s digital tourist map I​ n the era of simplification, we have now taken yet another step: Everything you as a tourist need to bring with you on a car vacation is a single map, easily accessible in mobile device browsers without the need to download any app. With the help of the mobile map on turistkanalen.se you can at any time see the nearest 200 visitor destinations, no matter where you are in the country or not. The need of a digital tourism agency that covers the entire country is considerably larger today than it has been before. - Turistkanalen.se provides quick access to over 16,000 visitor destinations in the whole of Sweden and new ones are added every day, says Bengt-Arne Jöckert, founder of Svenska Turistkanalen AB. On the Mobilkartan they will be 200 of the nearest visitor destinations are visible as pins, so the search radius varies depending on how close it is between visitor destinations and where you are. One single click on the pin gives you access to more information about the destination - We call ourselves ‘Sweden’s only digital tourism agency’, says Bengt-Arne Jöckert. Everyone who works with the tourism industry can be seen on here, no matter how big or small they are. Every place is just as important to us as they are to campers, motorhome owners, business travelers and anyone else traveling to Sweden looking around for new, interesting sights! MT www.turistkanalen.se

Reach the tourists digitally this summer In Corona times, many activities have been canceled and public events have been rescheduled, when we humans cannot or should not visit places where social distance is difficult to maintain. And this summer, many Swedes will probably choose to vacation locally, but continue to avoid crowds. To make the domestic trips

exciting for tourists even during the crisis, location-specific audio stories in Storyspot can be a way to reach out and showcase interesting sights. Storyspot is a free app that is based on a map view with markings where there are so-called “story spots”, ie audio stories that the user can listen to. AE




Three successful Fine Art auctions During March and April, Bukowski’s conducted no less than three successful Fine Art auctions online with very good results, Löwenadler Collection, Modernism after 1945 and most recently Helsinki Design + Contemporary Art as all three exceeded expectations with many bidders from all over the world - which shows that the market for qualitative art and design is stable. When I look back on the economic downturns that affected the world in connection with the IT crash of 2000 and the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008, art prices have remained stable even during these periods. The signs we have seen now in spring 2020 show the same trend. Many collectors have recently inquired with inquiries about the significant works that will come out in connection with this spring’s major stroke auctions, says Andreas Rydén, Chief Art Specialist.

The online auction Helsinki Design + Contemporary Art attracted a record number of bidders from over 25 countries and sold high over exclamations. The design department offered outstanding sales of sought-after collection items. Our design auctions have always attracted many international bidders and this auction was really no exception. The offer was exceptionally good and included many sought-after and very unusual collectors’ items that attracted great interest both before and during the auction, says Anna Rosenius, Specialist Design. The Contemporary Art Department featured works by Paul Osipow, Marika Mäkelä and Peter Frie, which offered strong final prices. The department’s most expensive works were Osipow’s magnificent works, which achieved a final price of SEK 104,000. AE

Free opera from The Met! The New York Metropolitan Opera broadcasts rehearsals of previously performed operas every day, even though they have no new performances. Click on the website and enjoy outstanding performances from one of the world’s premier opera scenes. For example, what about Mozart’s Cosí fan tutte, Verdis Aida, Rossini’s Barber in Seville or Wagner’s Parsifal? You just have to sit in the corner and enjoy fantastic New York opera. MT www.metopera.org


A walk through an Iceberg At Nordiska Museet you an take a stroll Through an Iceberg. The museum is closed until June but the exibiton will be open for the rest of the year. The central element of the exhibition is a mock-up of a giant iceberg with a deep rift between past and present, created in cooperation with the design-duo MUSEEA. As a visitor, you can walk into the iceberg



and through the rift, where you will encounter narratives and objects linking the present to the past, connecting science to mythology, and presenting a multi-faceted, poetic story about the past and future of the ice and the daily lives of people in the Arctic. www.nordiskamuseet.se

according to the ”World’s 50 Best Restaurants” visit the Spanish restaurant El Cells De Can Roca. The competition goes on the fact that 972 experts are allowed to vote at seven restaurants they are supposed to have visited in the last eighteen months, it’s a way of highlighting the world’s best restaurants and chefs. Here are the top five: 1. El Celler De Can Roca, Girona, Spain 2. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy 3. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark. 4. Central, Lima, Peru (Best South American Restaurant) 5. Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA (Best North American restaurant) PS. Don’t ask for ketchup.

Caravan Club of Sweden är en ideell förening för alla som gillar campinglivet och mobil fritid. FÖRMÅNER Klubben bildades 1958 och AKTIVITETER har idag fler än 28 000 medlemsfamiljer. TRYGGT

MERVÄRDE PÅ DIN FRITID. – Bli en av oss du också! Du är välkommen med i ett härligt gäng medlemsfamiljer som delar ditt mobila fritidsintresse. Dessutom är ditt medlemskort i Caravan Club laddat med många fina förmåner som kan ge dig mervärde på din fritid.






Historical surroundings Sigtuna offers fantastic experiences, both in nature and culture. And here you can really talk about culture with quality! This year more Swedes than ever will stay at home on holiday and there are more reasons than ever to stop and discover what is in the immediate area. Sigtuna offers a lot all year round and you can be sure of the return of foreign tourism as tourism begins to recover.

Staycation in Sigtuna


igtuna offers a variety of interesting experiences. Pack your own lunch bag or put gold on the excursion and buy food from any of the city’s all hotels, restaurants and cafes. In the town, Drakegården’s fine garden is very accessible. as well as all of Sigtuna’s fantastic promenade. Any brave person can buy food from any of Sigtuna’s cafes and visit the Death Skull cliff at Västerängsudd’s nature reserve. There you are usually alone with the fantastic view of Lake Mälaren. Or why not bring your neighbors or friends and take a guided city tour to get to know the city and its history better. The guide from the Sigtuna Museum tells about Sigtuna from its founding in the 970s to modern times.

Here are some tips for those who want a vacation on their own, with the family, with a loved one or friends from near and far.

HIKE THE INGEGERD TRAIL Did you know that Ingegerd, Sweden’s first female saint, was born in Sigtuna? Follow in her footsteps and hike the Ingegerd trail that winds its way through beautiful forests, across fields and past castles. The Ingegerd trail extends all the way from the Storkyrkan in Stockholm, via the Mariakyrkan in Sigtuna, to Uppala Cathedral. Put gold edge on the hike and combine with a good dinner and an overnight stay in Sigtuna.

This summer, you expect more Swedish visitors than ever? - We absolutely do! says Anna Lakmaker, CEO of Destination Sigtuna. You don’t have to go far to experience amazing things. We have a wide range of outdoor activities to offer and look forward to everyone in our immediate area taking advantage of the opportunities for great experiences. - Sigtuna has a lot of places that are culturally interesting, such as the old church ruins that all have a story to tell. Here you can really stop and feel the wings of history. - You can also take a trip to one of the beautiful nature reserves; on foot, by bicycle or perhaps from the horseback. Here are many nice places to stop for a cozy picnic in the green. The walkway in Sigtuna town, the green areas and the castle parks are examples of excursion destinations that are very popular! - You can play golf, swim, go on a guided

The old town center and Skokloster attract many visitors to Sigtuna.how she learned to embrace the frozen north.

tour or go shopping. In addition, we have our fantastic castles, which are really worth a visit. STAY OVERNIGHT

- There is so much to see and experience in Sigtuna that you can’t do it in a single day. Therefore, it is good that many of our hotels have good deals for overnight stays. - In other words, it is equally good to book at least one hotel night so as not to miss out on any of what Sigtuna has to offer, concludes Anna Lakmaker. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Destination Sigtuna

TEN BEAUTIFUL NATURE AREAS Sigtuna Municipality works actively to promote both biodiversity and experiential diversity and there are no less than ten beautiful nature reserves to explore all year round. Meet the cows in Steningedalen, see centuries-old pine in the Sköndalsskogen, hike part of the Uppland Trail through Rävsta Nature Reserve the list of easily accessible nature experiences can be made as long as possible. ARE YOU A FISHERMAN? There is free fishing with hand gear in Lake Mälaren. There are nice walkways along Garnsviken and also along the water at the marina and away towards Sjudargårdsbadet. Just to explore! ON TWO WHEELS Sigtuna offers a large selection of fine cycle paths. FIVE CASTLE AND ITS PARKS In the area around Sigtuna there are five castles to discover: Skokloster, Skånelaholm, Steninge castle with Steninge Castle village, Wenngarn and Rosersberg, which is one of the kingdom’s ten royal castles. The castles all have a unique historical atmosphere, which makes them a treasured excursion destination for both history lovers and those who want to experience a beautiful day in the beautiful landscape. MAGAZINE SWEDEN



The history of Stockholm Stockholm is located at the junction of Lake Mälar (Mälaren) and Salt Bay (Saltsjön), an arm of the Baltic Sea, opposite the Gulf of Finland. The city is built upon numerous islands as well as the mainland of Uppland and Södermanland. By virtue of its location, Stockholm is regarded as one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.


tockholm was first mentioned as a town in 1252 and was largely built by the Swedish ruler Birger Jarl. It grew rapidly as a result of a trade agreement made with the German city of Lübeck. This agreement ensured Lübeck merchants freedom from customs charges for their trade in Sweden, as well as the



right to settle there. The city came to be officially regarded as the Swedish capital in 1436. After conflicts between the Danes and Swedes for many years, Stockholm was liberated from Danish rule by Gustav I Vasa in 1523. Stockholm developed rapidly in the mid17th century as Sweden temporarily became a great power. The central government departments were then placed there, and the city became an independent administrative unit. The old city walls were torn down, and

new districts grew up north and south of the “city between the bridges.” In the 18th century, fires destroyed large parts of the city, and stone buildings were constructed to replace the old wooden houses. Stockholm had by then become the cultural centre of Sweden; many of its literary societies and scientific academies date from this time. A new period of development began with industrialization in the 19th century, and the introduction of municipally organized cleaning (1859) and sanitation (1861)


contributed to a rapid increase in population. During this time redevelopment took place in the medieval city nucleus, buildings were reconstructed, boulevards, avenues, and parks were laid out, and many of the city’s present-day schools, museums, libraries, and hospitals were built. Many suburbs and satellite towns have subsequently developed. The original nucleus of the city is the “city between the bridges”—Gamla Stan (Old Town), consisting of Stads Island, Helgeands

Island, and Riddar Island. The buildings in this area are mainly from the 16th and 17th centuries. This well-preserved city nucleus, with the original network of streets and many of its buildings dating from the Middle Ages, is legally protected from change. Stads Island contains the Royal Palace; Storkyrkan, also called the Cathedral, or Church, of St. Nicolas; the German Church; the House of Lords; the government offices; the Stock Exchange; and a number of

other notable buildings. Riddar Island is dominated by the Riddarholm Church. The House of Parliament and the National Bank are on Helgeands Island. – Oh, that’s hard to choose! Of course I am always excited to see all our guests and observetheir bliss of skiing on our slopes and enjoy our beautiful community spirit. MORE ON STOCKHOLM ON THE NEXT SPREAD




Stockholm is a city of islands


hese islands are connected by old bridges and modern overpasses to city districts occupying the mainland of Uppland to the north and that of Södermanland to the south. The chief northern districts are Norrmalm, Vasastaden, Östermalm, Kungsholmen, and Stadshagen. Of these, Norrmalm is a modern shopping, business, and financial centre, while Kungsholmen has the City Hall and other municipal buildings. East of Gamla Stan lies the island of Djurgården, a cultural-recreational area that has several museums, including the Vasa Museum, which houses a salvaged Swedish warship dating from 1628. Stockholm is Sweden’s leading industrial area. Its major industries include metal and ma-



chine manufacturing, paper and printing, foodstuffs, and chemicals. It is also the country’s chief wholesale and retail centre and serves as the headquarters of many banks and insurance companies. Stockholm is also the second largest port in Sweden (Göteborg being the first). The national government’s many offices are a major employer in the city, as are various educational, scientific, and cultural institutions. Stockholm is the chief educational centre in Sweden and is home to Stockholm University (1877), the Royal Institute of Technology (1827), and the Caroline Medical Institute. The city’s leading cultural institutions include the Royal Theatre (the opera), the Concert Association (Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra), and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock





Take the train to the adventure The train as an environmentally friendly alternative is hotter right now than it has been for a very long time. Inlandsbanan not only offers fantastic scenery and wildlife, but also a wide range of breathtaking experiences. A trip with Inlandsbanan is truly an adventure of a lifetime. Welcome on board!






Travel ”Inlandsbanan is very unique. Whereas other trains stop in the middle of a town, Inlandsbanan drops you in the middle of an adventure. Cycle along forest trails, pitch your tent under the midnight sun, make coffee over an open fire, fish, and keep an eye out for moose, reindeer and the odd bear. Welcome aboard!” Elena Jönsson, managing director Destination Inlandsbanan AB


nlandsbanan is a 1,288-kilometre railway line between Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It’s a wonderful trip into the Swedish inland, where sparkling lakes, babbling streams, proud pine trees and exotic animals play a big part of the experience. MagazineSweden meets Elena Jönsson, managing director of Destination Inlandsbanan, for a talk about this centuries-old cultural treasure. Northern Sweden and the arctic region are on the bucketlist of many travelers. Maybe more people should go to Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan to experience the wonders of the north? – I absolutely agree, says Elena. You will get to see a fantastic and beautiful part of Sweden whilst traveling. Come and experience the stillness and silence, magic views, fresh air and midnight sun. You will find adventure, hiking and cycling trails, fantastic fishing waters and a rich wildlife. – You can also participate in one of the many festivals that are held every year along the track and experience the rich cultural life and Sami history. Jump on one of the moun-

Inlandsbanan’s package trip to Jokkmokk’s market. Photo: Lena Koller



tain buses and get further up into the mountain range. – There is a nice coffeeshop on-board the train, but a big part of the enjoyment of traveling on Inlandsbanan is to get off the train and experience the area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a closer look at Inland Sweden. It must also feel special to travel on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys of the olden days. – Absolutely! And because Inlandsbanan runs on a line of its own. We are the only company in the country that run trains, manages the rails and arranges journeys. It gives us unique opportunities to offer trips based on our own criteria. It gives us a unique flexibility and helps to create the feeling that it is a special thing to travel with us. – Of course, we run to a timetable, but it often happens, for example, that the driver must stop because of reindeer on the track. When this happens, we wait patiently until they move off back into the forest and it sometimes takes a while. But this is all part of the experience and even an exciting experience for many of our travelers. A trip with the Inlandsbanan really sounds like an amazing experience! – Absolutely! It’s an experience from the

second you get on the train. The travel can be described as slow, but, this is meant in the very best sense of the word; you can enjoy your time in peace and quiet with your travel companion or alone, while Sweden’s beautiful wilderness spreads out before you through the window. It is almost guaranteed that you will get to see reindeer and moose and if you are very lucky, you may also witness a curious bear. – In addition, we have a pleasant train host who is well-read and will guide you, keeping you informed about the local cultures and nature that you will pass along the way. There is a whole host of great tips about things to experience along the journey. You can hop off the train for your own little adventure and when you’re done, then hop back on again? – Yes it is true! We have a special ‘interrail’ card available for the summer, which is valid for fourteen days. This will allow you, the traveller to jump on and off exactly when you want. Many choose to travel this way, if, for example, they are interested in fishing, we pass through some of Sweden’s best fishing waters. – You can travel with us in one of three ways; either choose a ticket between two destinations, buy the interrail card, or you can choose one of the many travel packages, which allow you to take turns choosing from the many

Experience the magical midnight sun on the journey. Photo: Peter Rosén

Travel Some fantastic experiences along the Inlandsbanan: Train travel to the snowy mountains has increased. More people travel to Vemdalsfjällen with the Snälltåget night train and the Snötåget day train. Photo: Ulrica Dahlqvist

options available, such as a visit to the wilderness or a trip to sample the local food or any other special cultural experiences you wish to experience. There is something for everyone! What are some special experiences along the way? – During the winter, the snow train is our most popular experience. We go from Mora to Östersund, and via the stop in Röjan you can transfer on to the snow paradise in Vemdalsfjällen. So whether you want to go cross-country skiing or downhill, the adventure is waiting for you! – Then there is the Jokkmokk’s Market in February, which is also very popular. This package includes both food and accommodation. You can also travel to Jukkasjärvi and visit the world famous ice hotel, which really is fantastic for a winter trip. We also pass the Arctic Circle, which is yet another special experience. If you are lucky you can also witness the northern lights. – Our most popular package is available during the Summer months, a combination of the Inlandsbanan with the Hurtigruten. This provides a wonderful combination of Swedish mountains and Norwegian fjords. It is a truly spectacular experience, with the magical nature on show all around, which we feel will beat almost everything. You can breathe in the crispy clear mountain air and taste the salt-sprayed sea breeze on the same journey!

– Another unique experience is our ‘Taste of Lapland’, where you can sample the local food and experience some traditions from the Sami people. Enjoy a fantastic journey with many unique tastes and experiences from a part of Sweden that is unlike any other. – We also have a collaboration on-going with the Railway Museum, where we travel in the Wilderness train, between Stockholm and Abisko, a splendid trip with the final station at Kiruna. We then journey on the Railway Museum’s historic train, a thing we are really proud of. In addition, the Inlandsbanan have invested in a lot of sustainable travel? – Trains are a sustainable journey in themselves and we have also taken more steps to further reduce the climate footprint. As of this year, we are refueling the trains with fossil-free fuel, HVO, which we are immensely proud of. So, what does the future look like for Inlandsbanan? – There’s an increasing fascination in discovering the Swedish Lapland and Inland Sweden, along with an interest in rail journeys, so the future for Inlandsbanan is bright, concludes Elena Jönsson. Text: Tony Manieri Photo previous spread: Ulrica Dahlqvist

FRÖDINGEGÅRDEN: Visit Gustaf Fröding’s childhood home in Kristinehamn. Here you can either walk around on your own or choose a guided tour. ZORNGÅRDEN IN MORA: Next to the farm is the Zorn Museum, one of Sweden’s most popular art museums. Here you will find a selection of Anders Zorn’s watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings. VASALOPPET MUSEUM IN MORA: Here you can find out about Vasaloppet’s almost 100-year history. A special section about Vasaloppet’s greatest profile of all time: Mora-Nisse. WORLD HERITAGE IN FÅGELSJÖ: Fågelsjö Gammelgård is one of seven Hälsingegårds designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The estate dates back to Finnish immigration in the 17th century. NATIONAL MUSEUM JAMTLI: In June 2018 a branch of the National Museum in Stockholm, the National Museum Jamtli was opened in Östersund. It is now showing ”From Dawn to Twilight - Nordic art from around the turn of the century 1900”, with 130 works by Elsa Beskow, Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors, amongst others. Continues until spring 2020. INLANDSBANAN MUSEUM IN SORSELE: Here you will find out about Inlandsbanan centennial history. From the first thoughts about a railway inland at the end of the 19th century, right up to the 1990’s when Inlandsbanan became a public limited company. It also gives an insight into how the runway was built, about the inauguration in 1937 and German traffic during the Second World War. LAPPSTADEN: Lappstaden is one of Arvidsjaur’s great treasures. When Inland Sweden got their first churches back in the 17th century, the Sami people needed a place to live when they visited the said church, according to the church’s duties. The inhabitants then built a number of cottages in the forest for the surrounding Sami people. THE MINES IN MALMBERGET: Take a guided tour of LKAB’s mines in Malmberget. Every day, year round, iron ore is mined in the mines. The amount corresponds to about six Eiffel towers - calculated by the amount of steel! A good opportunity to learn more about the mines’ history and its significance for Sweden.

Steam train from the Railway Museum, Inlandsbanan’s partner in the three theme trips of the Wilderness Train. Photo: David Larsson






Travel lawfully in Europe? Traveling in Europe is fantastic – as long as you don’t break any laws. Most laws are very similar to the ones we have in Sweden, but there are some real humdingers. Wearing high heels and playing nice music on the phone are not liked everywhere. Always check before you travel so you don’t spend your vacation in a Police station! Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Adobe Stock



Travel Don’t forget identification In several countries, there is a requirement to have identification on your person at all times. Spain, Greece and France are three examples of destinations that require you to be able to prove that you are you. Which of course you are …

No peeing in the ocean! In Portugal, they fine people for peeing in the sea. A good idea is to check out where the nearest toilets are just in case. However, exactly how the authorities locate people who defy this law is a little unclear.

No high heals, please At the archaeological antique sights of Greece wearing high heels can cause damage to the sights as well as your ankles and the shoes heels, so choose something more appropriate if you intended to visit historical sites on the trip. Also, you can only bring along water to drink – all food and other beverages are prohibited.

No music on the beach! No music is allowed on the beach in Mallorca, it is illegal. If you still insist on bringing speakers you run the risk of being fined 200 euros. Headphones are permitted, but please refrain from bawling out of tune.

Bikini and topless a no-no. Topless bathing is allowed on the beaches but not if you intend to combine Spanish beach life with a trip in to Barcelona for example.

Copies better than originals In Turkey there are many authentic markets where you can enjoy a nice walk around and buy souvenirs. And there are many fake goods on sale, good copies. Just make sure not to buy anything classed as antique, they are illegal to own, sell or export. The penalty if you choose to buy a genuine antique is prison. Copies, however, are free to buy – even if the original artists may disapprove... MAGAZINE SWEDEN



The Museum of Modern Art in Sweden The Museum of Modern Art has one of Europe’s finest collections of modern and contemporary art. It includes key works by Pablo Picasso, Ljubov Popova, Salvador Dalí, Meret Oppenheim, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd and Irving Penn, along with works by contemporary practising artists. Here you can read about the various parts of the collection and its history.


he Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet) collects, preserves, shares and exhibits modern and contemporary art. It opened in 1958, when modern art from the early 20th century and photography from 1840 and onwards was moved from the Nationalmuseum into a former navy drill hall on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The current building was completed in 1998, adjoining the old museum premises, and is designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The Museum of Modern Art also opened in Malmö in 2009. A brave museum in a larger world, taking risks in the name of art. The Museum of Modern Art is famous for this, and we continue to pursue our activities in this spirit, enabling all artistic disciplines to meet, and confronting contemporary audiences with the best from the past. An open museum that reconsiders history



and engages with contemporary society The museum is the obvious meeting place for people who want to see modern and contemporary art in Sweden. Here, they will find internationally famous masterpieces that attract many returning visitors. But it is equally important to offer new impulses to visitors who are curious about what is being created today. The museum’s collection is a dynamic and growing resource that is shown from new perspectives constantly. New experiences arise in interaction with the temporary exhibitions. The open museum is both a collection of key works and a mobile arena for activities that engage the public and the world beyond the museum walls. With rich programmes of activities and playful events, the audience meets not just the art but the artists themselves. Ultimately, we are concerned with art as an experience for people of all ages, and art as a source of knowledge about the world, and about ourselves. LIVE STREAMED GUIDED TOURS

Join us for a guided tour in the comfort of your own sofa! The Museum of Modern Art is closed and all events are cancelled but the art

remains. Find a comfortable place to sit and join us, and get answers to your questions about art when our staff and guides show some of our works. Sofa tours take place daily and will be live-streamed at 12 noon on the museum’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Text: Editorial Photo: The Modern Museum

A museum for the future The Collection covers paintings, sculptures, installations, films, videos, drawings and prints by Swedish and international artists from the 20th and 21st centuries, and photography from the 1840s until today. The museum’s collection now comprises some 6,000 paintings, sculptures and installations, 25,000 watercolours, drawings and prints, 400 art videos and films, and 100,000 photographs! The sculptures outside the museum on Skeppsholmen are also a part of The Museum of Modern art collection.




Wilderness Train – a tour through the beautiful scenery of inland Sweden n ratio h o 25–29 August b a coll edis

w A the S useum h t i w ay M Railw R I C E : P


7,7 1 K E

Autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Sweden. Experience the changing colours of the season and relax to the rhythmic sound of the train on the tracks on a journey with the Wilderness Train from Stockholm to Kiruna in the far north. The train makes frequent stops to allow you to enjoy selected sights, good food and unique experiences. The tour is operated in conjunction with the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle and is therefore also an opportunity to enjoy a historic rail experience. The train consists of the museum’s old, beautiful first class carriages, which are in top condition, and a dining car with white tablecloths and real china. Different locomotives are used to pull the train on different sections of the railway, including a steam locomotive between Östersund and Vilhelmina. You can travel in comfort and enjoy a wonderful combination of activities and relaxation on your trip. Selected sights: Abisko and the Lapporten valley, Kiruna, Icehotel, Östersund, Jokkmokk and the Arctic Circle, as well as the Inlandsbanan Museum in Sorsele.

FACTS: Starting from: Stockholm. Dates: 25 – 29 August.

Included in the holiday: Travel by train Stockholm – Kiruna, 4 nights at a 3-star hotel, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and activities according to the programme.

Read more & book this or one of our many other package tours on: inlandsbanan.se | book@inlandsbanan.se | +46 771- 53 53 53 Summer traffic on Inlandsbanan runs 15 June-23 August

F Stoc rom khol m to Abis k term o with in in Ki ation runa

Walpurgis Night 2021 Stockholm–Kiruna Late winter – early spring is considered by many to be the best time of year to travel north and we will travel through Sweden towards the burgeoning Midnight Sun. This journey too will partially take place using a steam locomotive and the Swedish Railway Museum’s historic carriages. En route, you will be able to enjoy selected sights, good food and unique experiences. Read more about the package and what it contains at inlandsbanan. se. You can register your interest on our website now and we will contact you when booking opens.



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MagazineSweden issue no 2 2020  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 2 2020  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...