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Discover beautiful Sweden by train

The Museum of Evolution

Wonderful Ramsvik

Stockholm Toy Museum

Swedens biggest collection of real dinosaur skeletons

Western Sweden is one of the world’s most exciting destinations

The exciting underground maze attracts visitors all year-round


City Kungsträdgården


Gamla Stan


In the underground tunnels of Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, something amazing can be found...

A museum filled with tens of thousands of toys and comics!


Exciting exhibits...

...and something for everyone!!

...play areas...

...a nostalgic meeting ground that crosses generational boundaries...

Tell us more, grandpa! Do you want to know more about what’s happening at Stockholm’s most exciting and playful museum? Do you want to join us for hobby horse parades, paint tin soldiers or attend a tour filled with ghosts? Find out more at www.toymuseum.se!



Foto: Kristina Sandin

Experience the genuine and unique

There are few places in the world that can match Sigtuna’s rich history. The ruins, castles and beautiful nature create a unique atmosphere. For over a 1000 years our destination has sparked the joy and creativity in visitors from near and far. Meet the genuine and unique in Sigtuna. Here you can experience everything from Swedish cultural history to contemporary art. And activities that suite both young and mature visitors. www.destinationsigtuna.se



Content Issue No 1 • 2020


INLANDSBANAN Other trains stop in the middle of a town. Inlandsbanan drops you in the middle of an adventure.

NORTHERN LIGHT Turn off all your artificial lights, gaze up into the sky and witness the sun’s greetings reaching us on Earth.


24 50

KONSTRUNDAN IN SKÅNE Skåne is home to probably one of the world’s largest art exhibitions. In northwest Skåne the exhibit is in it’s 26th year.


ARE YOU A LAW-ABIDING TRAVELLER? Traveling in Europe is fantastic - as long as you don’t break any laws. For example, can you buy Antiques in Turkey?

STOCKHOLM TOY MUSEUM The exciting underground maze with over 40,000 toys and comic books attracts lots of visitors year-round.



THE MUSEUM OF EVOLUTION In The Museum of Evolution, you’ll find Sweden’s most significant collection of real dinosaur skeletons.

WONDERFUL RAMSVIK Western Sweden is one of the world’s most exciting destinations to visit in 2020. A place of particular interest is Ramsvik Stugby & Camping. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Museum of Evolution – Palaeontology Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

Muraenosaurus leedsii (Plesiosaur)

Euhelopus zdanskyi

Pentaceratos sternbergi

View the largest collection of genuine dinosaur skeletons in Scandinavia! Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr


Blue Monday and Fat Tuesday? We are approaching Fettisdagen, with rows of the traditional pastry ”semla” in every bakery window. ‘Fatty Day’ is a strange saying. Do you get fat then, maybe by eating too many carbs? Possibly, however, the name actually A traditional swedish comes from the French ”mardi gras” – fat semla. Yummy! Tuesday, when all the fatty food would be cooked up before fasting. It is known as Shrove Tuesday or pancake day in the UK for the same reason. (Carnival days in New Orleans don’t really have the same meaning, even if they are named the same!) Blue Monday is originally the Monday after the determined Sunday. Blue Monday is also called the Bull, Pork or Sausage Monday. The name comes from the German ”Blauer Montag”, which may be from the time when the Churches dressed in blue on blue. The festive period was a time for carnivals and rallies and soon became a ”work-free day”. In the past, handicraft companies were happy to leave on Mondays, so-called free Monday (which was, however, prohibited in the oblique order of 1669). A tradition in Bohuslän was to sweep the chimneys on Blue Monday. In Skåne, the cat was knocked out of the barrel (Similar to piñata), and there was lots of fun and games. Farm workers and maids had time off. So just roll up your sleeves: when Blue Monday comes, it’s time to take time off from work and party properly (don’t forget to knock the cat out of the barrel and eat well with buns, pork and sausage). Once you have slept, it will probably fit fine with a few steady semlas for a fat day breakfast. Then comes Ash Wednesday, and the fast finally begins. In this issue you’ll meet the author Kristina Appelqvist, read a great report on skiing in Stöten and Sälenfjällen and enjoy an insight into the west coast paradise Ramsvik along with many tips for weekend trips in the spring. We hope you have an enjoyable read and make the best of both Blue Monday and Fat Tuesday!

Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Tony Manieri, semla-lover

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Museum of Evolution – Zoology

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Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

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Welcome to our newly renovated exhibitions. Here you can discover animals from all over the world. Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Noteworthy Photo: Johan Wennerström

Malmö’s wildest place Stroll along with an exotic tour of a tropical world in the middle of Malmö. Malmö Reptile Center consists of 500 square meters of jungle. Zoos have an important role in today’s society to increase understanding of animals and nature. The terrarium in Malmö ’s Folkets Park started in 1983 and has been known for their good breeding results. Guided tours can be booked for schools, along with other activities such as bachelorette and bachelor parties. Malmö Reptile Center also offers both companies and individuals an opportunity to feed the reptiles in the exhibition. CL Folkets Park, Malmö www.malmoreptilcenter.se

Designmuseum in a back pack Foreign tourists can now partake in a curated design exhibition, by booking one of the backpack’s available for tourists when they come to Sweden. The Swedish Design Museum ‘To Go’ initiative, has created virtual tours, consisting of four exhibitions - South, West, East and North and its geographically based in and around four Swedish cities. The design objects in the various exhibitions are to be collected on the sites in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå. The items are all linked to stories that should hopefully inspire things to do around each site, something which, we, Swedes also love to do. The four exhibitions have been created by local curators who work in creative industries. They have selected up to ten well-designed, useful objects to inspire you and create unique experiences for you to take part in. For example, hiking the Pilgrim Trail with the Icebug shoes which are to be found in the backpack collected in Gothenburg. Or a Swedish-designed towel from Noy Road that points the visitor towards the beautiful Källtorp lake at Hellasgården just outside Stockholm, to experience a winter bath - sauna. The curators’ tips on the experiences available on-site and stories about the objects are published in the virtual museum, acting as a real inside guide to Sweden - even for those who do not book a backpack. MT www.swedishdesignmuseum.com

Tixis world! ”The best thing about cats is that you can chase them up in a tree.” Tixi, 1 year 8


Högbo Guest House Skommarsgården Beautifully located in Högbo a 20 minute drive from Gävle is Skommarsgården. The name comes from the first owner, who made shoes here. Skommarsgården has stayed in the family, and Lennart Bertilsson, the ninth descendant is now the owner. It offers the highest privacy for conferences, with conducive conditions for a successful meeting with its beautiful and serene environment, good food, individual focus and personal family-friendly treatment. Want to go here on holiday? There are many activities such as; horseback riding on Icelandic horses in the Hogbos forests, golfing or skiing with an overnight stay in Skommarsgårdens Guest House. You can even rent the whole house if you want. In the hotels vicinity there are four great golf courses to play; Högbo, Gävle and Hofors along with a smaller golf course called Mackmyra Pay & Play. During the winter there are nice length-ski trails available at Högbo Mill and if you prefer to go downhill skiing, Kungsberget is only 30 minutes drive away. AE Jutbacksvägen 14, Sandviken www.skommarsgarden.se

Noteworthy Photo: Tobias Regell

WORLD’S MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL ROOM Hotel President Wilson opened the gates in 1962 in Hotel Swiss Geneva and has long housed the world’s most expensive suite. The suite occupies an entire floor level and extends over nearly 1,700 square meters. The living room is over 230 square meters in size and offers an impressive view of Lake Geneva through bulletproof windows. Inside the suite there are, amongst other things, a Jacuzzi, private gym, a Steinway grand piano and a 1930s Brunswick pool table, the huge terrace comes with a telescope. Mont Blanc can also be seen, for those who are tired of the natural experience there is also one of the world’s largest television screens at 103 inches big from Bang & Olufsen. It may be a place to invite your friends or colleagues to join. The suite has 12 bedrooms and a total of twelve bathrooms / toilets, a library and a dinner table that seats 26 guests. What does it cost? SEK 650,000 - per night. But that includes both a chef and a butler …

Melissa Horn returns to Furuvik When Melissa Horn was 15 years old, she got her first guitar, a few years later she had a record deal. Today she is a well-established artist. With a unique voice and lyrics, her 2008 debut album ”Long Nights” provided proof that she is a singer-songwriter of high caliber. Melissa Horn has been nominated for both Grammys and Rockbjörnen and her first three albums went platinum. In September last year, her sixth studio album ”Artificial Breathing” was released and among other things contains the popular songs ”You used to call me baby” and ”For each time”. On August 1st Melissa Horn will return to Furuvik’s Big Scene. - It’s so wonderful to have such an amazing artist as Melissa Horn coming to us this summer. August the 1st will be a magical summer evening, says Nina Tano, CEO of Furuvik. Furuvik is a combination park with a zoo, amusement park, water park and concert arena. You’ll findFuruvik about 1 mile south of Gävle, and it opened in the early 1900’s. Since 2008 it’s the Nordic region’s only primate research station can be found in the park. Furuvik is a member of the Swedish Wildlife Parks Association and the European organization EAZA, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. One of the park’s most important tasks is to disseminate knowledge about animals and nature. In 2019 Furuvik had a total of around 350 employees during the season and was visited by almost 350,000 visitors. Furuvik has been part of Parks and Resorts, the Nordic region’s leading player in the experience industry since 2010. Some of the groups included are some of Sweden’s most popular travel destinations; Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Furuvik and Skara Sommarland respectively. RED Lövlundsvägen 5, Gävle www.furuvik.se

The Museum of Furniture Studies Möbeldesignmuseum – the Museum of Furniture Studies – is based on a private collection by architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. Their collection consists of around 800 items from over 300 designers. With the museum the founders aim to create a platform for the development of tomorrow´s furniture. The current exhibition, FEMALE TRACES, highlights 60 female designers from the pioneers in the early 1900s to the young coming designers. Some have become shining stars in the design world, while others have fallen into the shadow of male colleagues. Through this exhibition, the museum seeks to showcase the creativity and strength that are to be found among female furniture designers. AE Möbeldesignmuseum, Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50 – Stockholm www.mobeldesignmuseum.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Noteworthy The Licorice Festival move to Fotografiska!

GBG Beer Week Snart smygstartar GBG 2015-02-27 14:45 CET

The licorice festival is moving to Fotografiska! March 27-29, 2020, it is time again for the liquorice party with tasting experiences and liquorice delight. The licorice festival is being honored this year at Fotografiska at Stadsgårdkajen in Stockholm, which is one of the world’s largest gathering places for photography and one of Sweden’s most popular destinations. The licorice festival is the world’s largest licorice party with taste experiences and fountains of licorice

knowledge. A meeting place for liquor lovers, producers and retailers since 2009. At the festival, visitors can go to tastings or workshops and buy old and new licorice favorites. This year, they have divided the experience up so that more visitors can take part in the festival. AE Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm www.lakritsfestivalen.se

Gothenburg is often called the Swedish beer Beer Week – Sveriges capital. The goal of GBG Beer Week is to get första ölvecka! the city’s beer culture to flourish even more. Göteborg kallas ofta Sveriges främsta ölstad. Här finns en uppsjö av duktiga During a fantastic week in April, we celebrate bryggerier, ölkrogar och ölintresserade göteborgare. Målet med GBG Beer Week är att få stadens ölkultur att blomstra ännu mer och hylla mångfalden the diversity with new Swedish beer. Here everything has a space; small and large, locally and internationally, broad and narrow. GBG Beer Week has set a movement in rolling, events arranged by breweries, importers, restaurants, pubs and associations getting the whole city to experience tasty experiences. The culmination is the Beer & Whiskey Fair with over 23,500 visitors over two days. The beer week in Gothenburg was the first in Sweden and had its premiere in 2015. Well over 300 different events have been conducted over the years from; beer dinners, beer drops, breweries, home brewing courses, beer chemistry lectures and dog walks with the beer theme. GBG Beer Week was awarded the “Beer of the Year” award and “Beer developer 2017” for having created a beer manifestation that has become a new tradition. The prize was presented at the Restauranggalan in Stockholm. GBG Beer Week runs from 27/3 to 4/4. AE Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, Göteborg www.gbgbeerweek.se

Weekend package in the fantastic Sundbyholm Castle Book a weekend package, experience a wonderful weekend at Sundbyholm Castle and enjoy superb food, drink and beautiful surroundings. Sundbyholms Slott is located at Lake Mälaren, a southern beach outside Eskilstuna, only seventy minutes journey from Stockholm. Sundbyholm offers its guests a number of interesting weekend packages. Why not test that, play detective and book one of the murder weekends that takes place over a three course dinner on a Friday or Saturday. Guests get to experience an exciting and far-fetched murder theme with professional actors, they gather clues and guess who is the killer. There are various murder mysteries and dates to choose from.



A seafood weekend can be both romantic and relaxing as fine seafood platters are served at beautifully presented tables with lit candles. Included on the platters are; lobster, crab, sea lobster, smoked shrimp, oysters, mussels followed by dessert and coffee. This package is only available in season from September to early April. Celebrate Easter with an Easter weekend in an ornate castle with lots of goodies and enjoy an amazing Easter buffet served on Easter Eve. After dinner there will be a pub troubadour in the castle’s cellar vault. CL Sundbyholms Slott, Eskilstuna www.sundbyholms-slott.se

UPHILL SKIING A few years ago a tough finish was introduced for skiers on the cross-country Tour de Ski – the deciding race goes up a slalom slope and whoever comes first wins. But already in 1905 a competition was held on the mountain Muckenkogel in Austria, and it was not the time but the style that decided the result. The man the picture was possibly included in the competition.

Noteworthy THE WORLD’S MOST LUXURIOUS TRAIN JOURNEY Pride of Africa has been named the world’s most luxurious train and next summer the owner Rovos Rail starts a new route through southern Africa between Tanzania and Angola. Virgin journey started in Dar es Salaam on July the 16th 2019. Breakfast is served between seven and ten, lunch at one. Tea is served at half past five in the lounge car situated at the back of the train. When the bell sounds half past eight, dinner is served. If you can’t join the restaurant, there is room service around the clock so you can dine in your suite with the African starry sky outside the window. The price? A ticket between Dar es Salaam and Lobito starts at SEK 133,000 per person. All aboard!

The sisters Jobs & Carin Rodebjers Between March 21st and 27th September is the exhibition of The Sisters Jobs at Vandalorum in Värnamo. The Artists Lisbet Jobs (1909-61) and Gocken Jobs (191495) created textiles and ceramics set with Swedish flowers. The rich domestic flora - where plants and Pattern Aurora, 1956 by Lisbet Jobs. Photo: Thomas Svensson meadow flowers are joined by tree branches and ferns - meandering over ceramic barrels and tiles, transforming into decorative patterns hand-printed on to textiles. The exhibition, which is a comprehensive continuation of the one displayed by the Thielska Gallery in the spring of 2019, will contain more than 250 textile and ceramic objects by Lisbet and Gocken Jobs borrowed from about 20 museums and private lenders. As an important addition, Vandalorum presents how the Sisters Jobs classic textile designs are used by designers today. This is shown by the leading Swedish fashion designer Carin Rodebjers collection from 2019 and a new environment created specifically for the exhibition of the award-winning design and architecture studio TAF. The exhibition shows Lisbet and Gocken Jobs’ world of designs and decorations through effective staging and plant arrangements, all created by flower artist Gunnar Kaj. Here is the story of two successful artists and their work, as well as nature, art and everyday life as a model and source of inspiration. Lisbet and Gocken Jobs’s design has roots in Dalarnas craftsmanship and folk traditions. The sisters are now presented on a large scale in Småland, linked by their family history. Modern Elisabeth WisénJobs grew up outside Nybro in Småland. The exhibition presents new information about the sisters life and their creations, based on the book; ceramics and textiles: Lisbet Jobs and Gocken Jobs, two sisters - two artists (Votum 2018) RED Skulpturvägen 2, Värnamo www.vandalorum.se

Bergaliv Landscape Hotel Bergaliv landscape hotel here you can stay high above the treetops on the scenic Åsberget at Orbaden in Hälsingland. The concept of a landscape hotel is now an internationally accepted concept that aims to adapt architecture and function to the surrounding nature and thus blend in naturally. The Loft house which was the first of Bergaliv’s four retreat houses are located just below the top of Åsberget, 373 meters above sea level near Orbaden within the ancient cultural landscape along the valley of Ljusnan. In bright high-class hotel rooms with wide-open attic ceilings, guests have the opportunity to hike up the mountain, after a while, you leave the city noise behind and then you can comfortably experience the power of nature’s pure silence. Orbaden is a kilometre-long sandy beach on Lake Orsjön next to the foot of the mountain, it is known as The Riviera of Hälsingland. Here you will find Orbaden Spa & Resort with its enriching qualities and here the check-in to Bergaliv takes place. The Tidensas road passes a few miles north of Norrlandporten, hikers can choose either short or long distance walks along the Saints trail which connects them both to the founding cities of Uppsala and Trondheim. It is also possible to get here by bus or by train via Stockholm or Arlanda. If you are interested in culture and plenty of activities there are Guest houses: Hälsingegård is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Orbaden Zip & Climb: Adventure park with zipline and climbing, Järvsö ski paradise, a bike park and zoo, lots for everyone! RED Åsberget, Orbaden, Vallsta www.bergaliv.se

Busness Class Ekman Travel arranges a brilliant trip to Sundsvall and the birch city of Umeå. Where you can enjoy Mozart’s Don Giovanni on fine Norrlandsoperan. Take the bus from Stockholm with a nice stop for lunch and coffee along the route to Sundsvall. Here there will be a city tour which will include large vista’s from Södra Stadsberget. In the evening dinner will be located at the central hotel Knaust. In a building from 1891lies this enriching hotel, widely known for its beautiful marble staircase and magnificent mirrored hall. The next day’s journey continues along the coast up to Umeå and a check-in at the fancy Scandic Plaza. Then it’s time for Mozart’s Don Giovanni at the fine Norrlands opera. On the way back you can enjoy the beautiful views. MT www.ekmanresor.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



New booking site for sports travel BE Travel is Sweden’s leading sports travel agency since its inception in 2007 and has footballing niche, Formula 1 & MotoGP. Here you can either buy a complete package; flights, hotels and event tickets or customize your sport trip according to your own wishes. BE Travel offers event tickets as a complement to the conference trip and is a unique product. If you book a conference trip, for example; Barcelona at the same time as Formula One, you can supplemented with such tickets. The company has been named Official Ticket Agent by various football clubs, Formula 1 Federation and MotoGP. It is something that means a lot for its founder Kliven Issa. – There may not be as many people who know the meaning of what an official ticket agent means; it basically means that you buy tickets directly from the football clubs or event organizer without ant intermediaries. For example, in the Netherlands F1 there are three companies in the world that are appointed Official Ticket Agents. It is very big for us and we’re obviously proud. However we are not satisfied yet, Issa continues. As part of the development, BE Resort has launched a new booking site to easily book their sports trip. Here you can choose flight times from different airports, pictures from the different stands, several categories on hotel standards etc. – The response has been very positive, says Issa, from both before and new customers. We asked the question to hundreds of customers and many of the answers given said that the page was ”easy to understand” and that was the goal from the beginning. We wanted to create a fresh page with useful information for the customer and at the same time easy procedure to book. It feels like we have succeeded very well, Issa Kliven concludes. MT www.beresor.se



Hotel concept with sustainability and good experiences in focus Blue Star is TUI’s most popular hotel concept with sustainability, experiences and almost three hundred thousand Nordic visitors annually. This summer the concept will undergo a major update to meet demand from tomorrow’s travelers, with experiences and sustainability its focus. Keywords for the new Blue Star, are; enjoy, experience and contribute. The approximately fifty hotels are spread across thirteen countries worldwide and can be booked for both summer and winter. Blue Star is the most popular hotel concept among the Nordic travelers. Nearly three hundred thousand Nordic travelers stay every year at one of the Blue Star hotels in countries such as Greece and Mexico. Soon new hotels are to be presented. The work begins with a major update, with the modern traveler in focus. The goal for all their hotels is to be environmentally friendly - or sustainability certified 2022, today the figure is at 80 percent. Energy consumption from a hotel stay is climate compensated and an initiative is now underway to accelerate the phase-out of disposable plastic items. The new Blue Star is designed to create experiences together, whether it’s by more traditional activities or by contributing to the local community by, for example, helping to clean beaches and make an effort for the local wildlife and nature.

Everything is booked digitally in The TUI app and activities are designed to be carried out when it suits the customers. “Common to most of our travelers is that they want to enjoy and experience together with people they get along with and like. That’s why Blue Star continues to create the perfect conditions. In connection with the update we chose to put extra focus on sustainability and experiences. Whoever wants to can now contribute in different ways to the local community, or help out on the beach when turtle chicks hatch”, says Patrick Törn, sales manager at TUI. In surveys carried out Swedish travelers say the dining experience is amongst the most important of their journey. In addition, it is an area where there is the opportunity to reduce climate impact at the same time supporting local producers and local culture. Blue Star works at reducing food waste. The ambition is that in the future to reduce carbon dioxide levels and labeling all food to give visitors the opportunity to make smarter choices themselves. Beyond that, it is invested in making the vegetarian alternatives even better! RED www.tui.se


Welcome to Luleå

– the harbour city that has it all

NOISE - HOTEL GUESTS BIGGEST COMPLAINT For hotel guests in big cities, noise is the most common complaint, followed by non-functioning hotel lifts. An analysis of the online reviews of 5,600 hotels located in 20 major tourist resorts, was conducted by rating analysis company ReviewPro, showed that in 19 of the 20 tourist destinations analyzed the biggest complaint was noise. The only exception being hotel guests in Cape Town, South Africa. Hotel lifts not working was the second most common complaint, followed by odors. Negative references to air conditioning and heating systems are also high on the list. Such complaints are more than twice as common as negative reviews about the internet.

With northern lights in winter and midnight light during summer, Luleå is a place where the pulse of nature and city meet. Just a stone’s throw from the city’s shopping street is Luleå’s largest meeting facility Culture House. In recent years, several major conferences and congresses have taken place here, often in connection with a grand concert or a nature adventure. Culture House is a good starting point when you want to discover Luleå. In addition to really good conference facilities, it also houses a library, art hall, restaurant, café, tourist center and concert halls. Outside the door is Northern Harbor. Here you can go during the summer months out on the in boats and during the winter there are several activities to do out on the frozen sea ice. Discover all that Luleå and Kulturens has to offer - book your travel today! AE Skeppsbrogatan 17, Luleå www.kulturenshus.com

Malingsbo rehab center

Norrköping City Museum The exhibition ”Collaborators and Resistance - Nazism in Norrköping then and now” opened on January 26th and runs until January 21st 2021. The exhibition is about the Nazi movement that existed in Norrköpings during the Second World War and the resistance that followed. The exhibition, which is produced by the Norrköping City Museum in collaboration with researcher Johan Perwe, also addresses issues of xenophobia in our modern world. AE Holmbrogränden 2, Norrköping www.norrkopingsstadsmuseum.se

Malingsbo Rehab Center is a treatment center for people with addiction problems. 90% of society’s dependents are still in employment. Treatment is based on the 12-step philosophy and the goal is to be totally drug-free, and thus have an enhanced quality of life for both clients and their relatives. At the treatment home in Malingsbo, Tolvsbo are; mixed education, boarding and outpatient care. Duration of treatment and design is determined in consultation between Malingsbo, the client and their employer. A normal arrangement for full-day care is 5 weeks’ accommodation, and for outpatients 6 weeks / 40 hours per week. Malingsbo Rehab Center organizes training for staff managers, managers and others who, in their professional practice, meet people with addiction problems. Company programs for developing alcohol and drug policy are also offered. Malingsbo Rehab, Örebro now also offers gambling addiction treatment in outpatient care. If you have a gambling problem you cannot Control, you’re gambling for money and it is affecting your relationships, finances and work. Gambling syndrome is also commonly called gambling addiction and is considered a psychiatric condition similar to alcohol and drugs syndrome. Malingsbo Rehab 24/7 care is located in a fantastic environment with proximity to a forest and water. In addition to the more traditional treatment content, which focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviors, there are also features such as acupuncture, mindfulness, meditation and energy exercises. All-day care is now in new premises and at a new address. CL Tolvsbo, Värdshusvägen 13, Söderbärke malingsborehabcenter.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Photo: Mats Bäcker

Noteworthy Orfeus in the Underworld Welcome to the underworld! There will be speed, fun, crazy pranks, lots of laughs and daily fresh social satire in Jacques Offenbach’s classic Orpheus in the underground. The banquet tables are distinguished and the nectar flows in the now worn Olympics. Here we meet the blasphemed gods, all are related to everyone. They party, quarrel and are unfaithful while the Olympian ruler Jupiter tries to keep order and a ’Friend of Order’ settles into everything. Here Orpheus, unwillingly descends into the underground to pick up his wife Eurydike. Malmö Opera’s set of Orpheus in the underground is filled with irony and madness, so it is important to keep up with the turns! The roles are played by; Loa Falkman, Rickard Söderberg and Marianne Mörck. Premiere February 14, plays until May 10. TM www.malmoopera.se

Brokamåla Farm

Brokamåla Farm is located in the lake district of western Blekinge in Sweden’s southernmost wilderness. It offers a wonderful and relaxing stay with access to more than 25 different lakes, with exclusive trout fishing in natural environment, boats, swimming and fantastic roaming areas. Nice conference opportunities are also available in an old farm environment that can be combined with pleasant activities such as; an adventure course, fishing, canoe / kayaking, clay pigeon shooting, drink tastings, dinners etc. and end your day with a warm and pleasant bath in wood-burning sauna or hot tub. Staying in the woods, listening to the silence, hiking or picking mushrooms are an unbeatable nature experience. Being in nature also increases our well-being and strengthens our health. For many, silence has disappeared. Why not enjoy this experience across all four seasons on Brokamåla Farm. RED Nytebodavägen 337-7, Olofström www. brokamala.se

Swedish opera to premiere on Holocaust rememberance day 2021

Mats Larsson Gothe har komponerat operan Löftet. Foto: Mats Bäcker.



A new Swedish opera will premiere on Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th 2021, The new opera will premiere on The Royal Opera’s big stage. ‘The promise’ has been composed by Mats Larsson Gothe to Susanne Marko’s libretto, it is about when war victims take their first stumbling steps to try to recapture their humanity. In many ways ‘The promise’ is first and foremost a story about the power of love. The opera, directed by Stefan Larsson, is inspired by a real event. Sven Haraldsson

is responsible for the scenography and Stefan Solyom leads the opera soloists, choir and court chapel. Mats Larsson Gothe has previously provided attention for operas such as ‘Poet & Prophetess’, ‘Blanche & Marie’ and the ‘Silver Bird’ (the latter about Jussi Björling). In 2015 he was awarded both the Svenska Dagbladet’s opera prize and the Music Publishers Prize for ‘Blanche & Marie’. AE Gustav Adolfs torg 2, Stockholm. www.operan.se

Nightlife in the High Coast

Here with us you will make camp with people from all over the world. Pitch your tent under clear starry skies and enjoy stories around the campfire. With the sound of waves or babbling streams rather than the dunk dunk dunk of a bass beat. Nights are an important part of the High Coast experience. If you stay a few extra days you will also have time to discover fantastic views, the sea, the aromas and the culture of our world Heritage Site. We hope to see you here!

The High Coast - always the next level.

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Noteworthy Crane festival at Hornborgasjön The annual crane festival goes off this year on March 27-29 at Trandansen and Naturum Hornborgasjön. There will be fun activities such as guided tours, children’s activities, lectures and a weekend with exhibitors. The entire festival is a joint event with several different organizations. The Tran festival is arranged through a collaboration between Visit Hornborgasjön, County Administrative Board, Falbygdens Fågelklubb, Skövde Fågelklubb and Studiefrämjandet. MT Hornborgasjön, Broddetorp www.visithornborgasjon.se/tranfestivalen

Erik Pändel, Food and Beverage Manager, Jessica Norgren, General Manager, Anna Thomsen, Hotel Manager. Photo: Liisa Eelsoo

The best hotel in Sweden On February 13, the 27th Grand Travel Awards took place at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. 17 awards were on offer in 17 different categories, within the travel and hotel industry. Among other categories were; Best Airlines Europe and the Service and Support Prize of the Year. For the hotels, the highest award on offer is ‘the best individual hotel of the year’. The prize for the best hotel in Sweden was the hotel in the former PUB-house, Haymarket by Scandic, for the second time since opening back in 2016 when it was the first signature hotel in Sweden. The motivation was: “Haymarket is a hotel that is both an obvious part of our capital and a destination in itself. Haymarket is a mosaic of seven houses. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find your room but it’s so well done that this is a chance to enjoy a good look around, the rooms are all smartly furnished and the beds are wonderful. You may only be here a single night, but once you are here, you will never want to leave. Scandic’s renewal, is perhaps, the most important piece of the puzzle. - Thank you so much for all the congratulations! We are extremely proud and happy to receive this award. This is a confirmation that Scandic’s investment in this unique hotel is now a complete dish. Now we will continue to nurture and develop Haymarket by Scandic and the wonderful ”ThatHaymarketFeeling”, Jessica Norgren from Haymarket by Scandic says. AE Hötorget 13-15, Stockholm www.scandichotels.se

TRAVELING AROUND EARTH means globetrotting, you have to start and finish in the same place and at the same time, move in one direction. You have to prick two antipodes, that is, two places that are on the other side of the earth from where you start. In addition, you should: A: Pass the equator at least two times. B: Pass all longitudes. C: Total travel at least 40,000 km. If you manage it in 80 days, it will be a gold star at the end.



Alternative winter in Bohuslän The mild winter has so far been merciless towards ski resorts in large parts of the country. Stick away for yourself some time for luxury and relaxation everyday. Time to be together and time for recovery is extremely important to handle intensive family life. Don’t have to worry about who will empty the dishwasher and who will sort the socks … Many of our children and young people also have busy weekdays with homework, requirements and training. Getting away,even if it is just for a night or two, can do wonders for all ages. BUT - if not coming for a ski holiday it is often a challenge to find a place where everyone in the family wants to go. TanumSrand’s seaside location - in the middle of the beautiful Bohusland archipelago - attracts visitors to both play and outdoor living. Inside along with a large family bathroom the hotel also offers salty winter baths and a chance to have a sauna on the pier. Obviously the active experiences are interspersed with lots of good food and time for the parents to enjoy the tranquility of the SPA. So it is a wonderful place with something for everyone, TanumStrand is one of Bohuslän’s largest hotel and conference facilities with 160 rooms, 99 cabins and its own guest harbor. The hotel is located at Skagerrak beachfront, 2 km south of Grebbestad and is open all year all around, it is right at the Skagerrak beach, and can accommodate up to 1000 guests for overnight stay, dinner, meetings and activities. RED Tanum V, Grebbestad www.tanumstrand.se


Photo: Plantagen

should according to the ”World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ ’ Eating at the Spanish restaurant El Cells De Can Roca. The competition goes on the fact that 972 experts are allowed to vote at seven restaurants they are supposed to have visited in the last eighteen months, it’s a way of highlighting the world’s best restaurants and chefs. Here are the top five: 1. El Celler De Can Roca, Girona, Spain 2. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy 3. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark. 4. Central, Lima, Peru (Best South American Restaurant) 5. Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA (Best North American restaurant) PS. Don’t ask for ketchup

Biodegradable pots The plants and garden company Plantagen offers sustainable bio-pots that are completely degradable and therefore, extra kind to their surroundings. The pot can be planted directly down in the soil, the roots grow through the pot when it is planted. The plantation will launch several different plants with plastic-free pots in 2020. The plant’s newly launched pots are a biodegradable product made of renewable and completely natural material. It is a sustainable alternative for all plants that are often grown in plastic pots. With peat and wood pulp as main ingredients it also contains lime and water and is completely free of fertilizers. - For us at Plantagen it is important to constantly improve. At our plastic pot return system, we are now launching products in degradable pots made of natural materials, which can be planted directly in the soil. It reduces both the number of plastic pots and can save time when planting, says Malin Bjurvald, sustainability manager at Plantagen. Instead of removing and throwing the pot before planting, plant it this natural bio-pot together with the plant or flower directly down into the soil where the roots grow through the pot and then break it down naturally. - In addition to reducing plastic, the plants themselves also have a positive impact. The roots of the plant receive no shock when transplanted, often the root system of the potted plants is weakened so that growth is stopped when the plastic pot is removed. But with the degradable pots, the root growth is left undisturbed which gives healthier plants, says Hans Jensen, category manager at Plantagen. RED www.plantagen.se

The mobile map is part of the whole of Sweden’s digital tourism map.

Sweden’s digital tourist map I​ n the era of simplification, we have now taken yet another step: Everything you as a tourist need to bring with you on a car vacation is a single map, easily accessible in mobile device browsers without the need to download any app. With the help of the mobile map on turistkanalen.se you can at any time see the nearest 200 visitor destinations, no matter where you are in the country or not. The need of a digital tourism agency that covers the entire country is considerably larger today than it has been before. - Turistkanalen.se provides quick access to over 16,000 visitor destinations in the whole of Sweden and new ones are added every day, says Bengt-Arne Jöckert, founder of Svenska Turistkanalen AB. On the Mobilkartan they will be 200 of the nearest visitor destinations are visible as pins, so the search radius varies depending on how close it is between visitor destinations and where you are. One single click on the pin gives you access to more information about the destination - We call ourselves ‘Sweden’s only digital tourism agency’, says Bengt-Arne Jöckert. Everyone who works with the tourism industry can be seen on here, no matter how big or small they are. Every place is just as important to us as they are to campers, motorhome owners, business travelers and anyone else traveling to Sweden looking around for new, interesting sights! MT www.turistkanalen.se

2 orchestras, 1 passion Johann Sebastian Bach: Matthew Passion, BWV 244 - set of the monumental works of music history, composed for two choirs, soloists and two orchestras. This masters work is being advanced in a unique collaboration between Gothenburg Baroque and the legendary Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble (DBE). The Stockholm-based orchestra DBE, which in Sweden laid the foundation for the tradition of performing baroque music on time-honored instruments celebrates the 50th anniversary year 2021. MT Thursday 26 March 19.00 German Christinae Church, Gothenburg Friday 27 March 19.00 German Christinae Church, Gothenburg Friday April 3 at 7 pm Vara Concert Hall Norra Hamngatan 16, Göteborg www.goteborgbaroque.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Photo: Ana Vera Burrin Burata


Världens största akvarium innehåller fler än 50 000 fiskar – och 11 hotellsviter i två våningar där sovrummen har stora fönster under ytan. Ocean Suites breda rutor går från golv till tak och visar ett ständigt skiftande undervattensliv. På övervåningen finns vardagsrum, uteplats och bubbelpool. Behöver du en drink, eller något att äta, är det bara att ringa på butlern som står till förfogande dygnet runt. En natt kostar ca 10 000 kr. Men då slipper man hålla andan.

Less than an hour from Stockholm and only 20 minutes from Arlanda, in the university town of Uppsala, you find the home and gardens of Carl Linnaeus. The beautiful baroque gardens of the world famous botanist and physician provide refuge from the city. They can be seen as an early laboratory in biology, where Linnaeus studied the life cycle of plants during the shifting seasons. Today, around 1.500 species of domestic and foreign plants, many of them medicinal or otherwise useful, are arranged according to Linnaeus’ classification system from 1735. Signs show the scientific names he gave them when he introduced the binomial system of naming organisms, a system still in use today. In Linnaeus’s home, the unique collection of scientific objects, furniture, textiles and porcelain and the hand painted wallpapers keep the 18h century atmosphere alive. Visit the rooms where he wrote his groundbreaking works, where he taught his students, and brought up his family. Welcome to the Linnaeus Garden and Museum! Open May through September. Linnaeus’ birthday in May is celebrated with an 18th century festival with family activities celebrating Linnaeus and his science. Silks skirts rustle along the stalls of the handicraft and food fair, shoe buckles glisten dancing to music, and lucky visitors might meet Linnaeus himself ! Carl Linnaeus’ Garden Party takes place 16th of May. CL Svartbäcksgatan 27, Uppsala www.linnaeus.uu.se

THE WORD TOURISM comes from the Latin for thorns - meaning twist, turn, circle. The word comes in to Swedish from English and is supposed to appear in text for the first time in 1824. In 1840, the author C J L Almqvist an article in Aftonbladet entitled ”What is a Tourist?



Photo: Lars Vilks

Photo: Åke Eson Lindman

Linnaeus’ home and gardens

Candide turns the Opera upside down Opera Candide is now performing at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. The naive youngster Candide travels around the world trying desperately to understand what his teacher Pangloss meant, that man lives in ”the best of worlds”. To top it all off he has lost his beloved Cunegonde and is prepared to do anything to get her back. How to live and learn in a world that is drowning in double standards? And what do they mean when both the heart and the earth are on fire? The enlightenment Voltaire wanted with his poisonous satire Candide In 1759 the reader can see the double morality of the society then. In 1956, Leonard Bernstein’s version of the book premiered. With the distance and sharp humor of the operetta, Bernstein sees the western human bestiality of the history of war, slave trade and colonialism. Ole Anders Tandberg previously made a success at the Royal Opera with sets of the popular classics such as the Happy Widow, the Troll Flute, Don Giovanni and Figaro’s wedding. Now he makes a playful and surreal interpretation of Bernstein’s catchy and jazzy operetta. The show is presented in English with Swedish text on a text machine. AE Gustav Adolfs torg 2, Stockholm www.operan.se

KIRUNA Arctic experiences year round!

Here, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, you will experience contrasts from Northern Lights to the midnight sun, the highest mountain in Sweden to the world's largest underground iron-ore mine, ancient Sรกmi culture to an ongoing city transformation.

Photo: Lights Over Lapland

In Kiruna there is a variety of sustainable experiences.




0980-188 80 info@kirunalapland.se www.kirunalapland.se



Photo: Mats Bäcker


Mwuanas masterpiece Celebrated Mwuana will release new music and play live in 2020. Mwuana is facing an exciting year. There is a lot of new music coming from him in 2020 and the first two singles have already been released. After the 2017 debut album Triller topped all expectations. The record was that year’s most celebrated, won the award for Hip hop of the Year at P3 Gold and was nominated for no less than three Grammys. Now he is embarking on a mini tour that includes stopping at the Moriskan in Malmö March 27 and The trap in Stockholm April 4. The talk about Mwuana gained momentum after much hype about EP trilogy and the MW-GO mix, even though it was Triller that got everything started. The album was a cocky, contemporary, relevant, gifted, sincere, hard, soft, varied but at the same time closely cohesive. “A masterpiece from an artist who is out on a very unique journey, ”Sonic wrote. “He can make one sympathize with lines of pettiness and putting words and feelings about love, betrayal and craves better than maybe anyone else, ”Kingsize wrote. Today, no one doubts that the Stockholm son whose real name is Robin Nyström is one of the country’s leading hip hop artists - all enhanced by last year’s singlessuch as; Craftmanship, Me So Nice and Fast Display (don’t miss out the video!) went and became hits. AE www.luger.se

Lohengrin Dreams success train goes on With stylish humor and lustful devotion, Charlotte continues Engelkes exploring Richard Wagner’s marvelous opera world. After successes like Miss Very Wagner and Siegfried - the Very Wagner Hero For hours she has taken on Lohengrin - an opera about faith, to find herself, asking the question you swore never to ask. It is a motley ensemble of six actors presenting Engelkes, an epic work in the form of a dream game. A dance work about the identity and belonging of our time, performed with both the utmost seriousness and playfulness. Lohengrin Dreams juggles faith and doubt, magic and reality - everything packed into Engelke’s marvelous and peculiar aesthetics with newly written music as well by the ever-present Wagner. And perhaps he finally comes ... Lohengrin, just like in the opera sailing on a swan. But where does he come from? Maybe we can ask together instead of separating us? Lohengrin Dreams had its premiere and subsequent tour with Dansnät Sweden in November. Now we continue the tour starting on February 15th at Jonkoping. Charlotte Engelkes is a director and performance artist. Her performances are played both in Sweden and at dance and theater festivals worldwide. Charlotte’s artistic span extends dance, theater, performance and opera - all in her own highly personal way. RED www.dansnatsverige.se

Never snow-free in Torsby!

In most of Sweden it is snow-free but you do not notice that in the Torsby Ski Tunnel!



The indoor arena Torsby Ski Tunnel & Sports Center offers the possibility of skiing all year round. The ski tunnel extends the ski season and means unique training opportunities for both elite athletes, exercisers and beginners. The temperature is between 0 and -3 degrees. Cooling is produced by a combination of soil and air cooling. Big Precision has been placed on dehumidification, ventilation and lighting because the factors are important for the overall experience. The length of the ski tunnel trail is about 1.3 km, or exactly 1,287 meters with the arena included. The tunnel itself is built in concrete and soil masses have been excavated

over the tunnel so that the plant resembles a ridge. It has a semicircular shape with an internal diameter of 8 meters and one ceiling height of 4 meters. The ski tunnel has perfect weather conditions all the time. Before you come, you can prepare you well so that you get the most out of your stay. - Be prepared and know how to dress properly and how to ski safely before you go home. Torsby Ski Tunnel opens in May. AE Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter, Torsby www.skidtunnel.se


Marine Museum In the middle of the historical environment on the island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona, stretches the Marine Museum’s beautiful building on a pier out in the water, in a place that for hundreds of years belonged to the armed forces. The naval museum is exciting, fun and educational for the whole family. Exhibitions, ships, submarine hall, wreckage tunnel under the surface, guided tours, restaurant, activity room, a museum shop with content linked to the museum and much more. In addition to exhibitions, the Marine Museum has object collections, drawing archives, picture archives and libraries. The museum is also dedicated to research. The current museum building at Stumholmen in Karlskrona was inaugurated in 1997 by King Carl XVI Gustaf. Before that, the museum was located in the old shipwreck barracks at the War Harbor. Until 1963, the museum was named the Shipbuilding Museum. They have a large selection of activities at the museum during most of the year, not least on Wednesdays with both lunch time and evening lectures. They always fill all the holidays of the year with extra content for the whole family and on Sundays - fun with a maritime theme. Check the museum’s calendar so you don’t miss anything. AE Stumholmen, Karlskrona www.marinmuseum.se

A place of serenity Following a competition in 1915 to design a new cemetery the architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz created their masterpiece “Tallum’’. Here at Enskede there is a unique landscaped space with architecture and art combined. It has been a UNESCO’s World Heritage site since 1994. A place of rare beauty and poetry working together. The forest cemetery was built in a tall overgrown space. More than 2000 funeral ceremonies are held here annually. The nature at the Forest Cemetery is beautiful. There are over 10,000 pine trees, with many over 200 years old. During the hike you will see: Almhöjden, Seven Wells Path and the Resurrection Chapel, the Forest Church Chapel and you can also visit Greta Garbo’s grave. The unique forest cemetery is an historical place. RED Sockenvägen, Stockholm www.skogskyrkogarden.stockholm.se

The astronomical clock in Orloj is a clock from the 15th century found in Prague, Czech Republic. It is located in the Old Town, on the south wall of City Hall.

February February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 28 days (29 during leap year) and is thus the shortest month of the year, then all other months have 30 or 31 days. It contains the 32nd to 59th of the year day (32nd to 60th during leap year). Originally, the Roman year began with the month of March, however the calendar then extended to December (September was the seventh, October the eighth, November the ninth and December the tenth per month, based on the calculator). The period from the end of December to the beginning of March was only designated as ”Winter”, before the Roman king Numa Pompilius of about 700 B.C. had introduced the months of January and February, which thus became the eleventh and the twelfth month respectively. At this time, the months did not have that length they have today, but were slightly shorter (some had 29 days and some 30). This meant that the Roman year was 354 days, ie 11 days shorter than the current one. This meant that sometimes a short month had to be added, so that the calendar would not go out of phase with the seasons and the end of the year, which was the end of February. In the year 153 BC the beginning of the Roman year was postponed to January 1, which meant that February thus became the second month instead of twelfth, but the short month continued to be laid at the end of this month. When the Julian calendar was introduced 45 BC and the months were extended, so that one no longer needed a short month, but only one short day every four years, it was traditionally allowed to continue at the end of February, although this was now at the beginning and not at the end of the year. This tradition has also followed the Gregorian calendar, though since 2000, the shooting date has been placed on February 29 and not, as before, until the 24th. The name February comes from Latin’s February, which in turn comes from the name of the Etruscan god February. CL MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Welcome to Mittpunkten! Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund always ready to receive international visitors. With 20 stores, a health center, a pharmacy and our own parking garage, you will find most everything you need under one roof!



Taste of Lapland – Sami heritage, flavours and mysticism

This is a journey for all who are fascinated by food, flavours and nature experiences and who are curious about Sami culture. Open your senses and discover the land of the midnight sun and Swedish Sapmi. Here you will meet the people, the food, the crafts and the history. You get to hear about the love of the reindeer, the hard life in the wilderness

Read more & book this or one of our many other package tours on: inlandsbanan.se | book@inlandsbanan.se | +46 771- 53 53 53 Summer Traffic on Inlandsbanan runs 15 June–23 August

A pac n 8-da y kag e to Pric ur e

13.4 from 95 SEK

and the ancient traditions that still live on. Båtsuoj Sami Centre is one of many treasures waiting along the way, alongside the unique Silver Museum in Arjeplog. In Östersund, gastronomy entrepreneur Manne Mosten will take you on a food walk. In Jokkmokk you can take part in a flavour performance featuring local artisan foods and in Gällivare the midnight light awaits you.




Take the train to the adventure The train as an environmentally friendly alternative is hotter right now than it has been for a very long time. Inlandsbanan not only offers fantastic scenery and wildlife, but also a wide range of breathtaking experiences. A trip with Inlandsbanan is truly an adventure of a lifetime. Welcome on board!






Travel ”Inlandsbanan is very unique. Whereas other trains stop in the middle of a town, Inlandsbanan drops you in the middle of an adventure. Cycle along forest trails, pitch your tent under the midnight sun, make coffee over an open fire, fish, and keep an eye out for moose, reindeer and the odd bear. Welcome aboard!” Elena Jönsson, managing director Destination Inlandsbanan AB


nlandsbanan is a 1,288-kilometre railway line between Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It’s a wonderful trip into the Swedish inland, where sparkling lakes, babbling streams, proud pine trees and exotic animals play a big part of the experience. MagazineSweden meets Elena Jönsson, managing director of Destination Inlandsbanan, for a talk about this centuries-old cultural treasure. Northern Sweden and the arctic region are on the bucketlist of many travelers. Maybe more people should go to Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan to experience the wonders of the north? – I absolutely agree, says Elena. You will get to see a fantastic and beautiful part of Sweden whilst traveling. Come and experience the stillness and silence, magic views, fresh air and midnight sun. You will find adventure, hiking and cycling trails, fantastic fishing waters and a rich wildlife. – You can also participate in one of the many festivals that are held every year along the track and experience the rich cultural life and Sami history. Jump on one of the moun-

Inlandsbanan’s package trip to Jokkmokk’s market. Photo: Lena Koller



tain buses and get further up into the mountain range. – There is a nice coffeeshop on-board the train, but a big part of the enjoyment of traveling on Inlandsbanan is to get off the train and experience the area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a closer look at Inland Sweden. It must also feel special to travel on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys of the olden days. – Absolutely! And because Inlandsbanan runs on a line of its own. We are the only company in the country that run trains, manages the rails and arranges journeys. It gives us unique opportunities to offer trips based on our own criteria. It gives us a unique flexibility and helps to create the feeling that it is a special thing to travel with us. – Of course, we run to a timetable, but it often happens, for example, that the driver must stop because of reindeer on the track. When this happens, we wait patiently until they move off back into the forest and it sometimes takes a while. But this is all part of the experience and even an exciting experience for many of our travelers. A trip with the Inlandsbanan really sounds like an amazing experience! – Absolutely! It’s an experience from the

second you get on the train. The travel can be described as slow, but, this is meant in the very best sense of the word; you can enjoy your time in peace and quiet with your travel companion or alone, while Sweden’s beautiful wilderness spreads out before you through the window. It is almost guaranteed that you will get to see reindeer and moose and if you are very lucky, you may also witness a curious bear. – In addition, we have a pleasant train host who is well-read and will guide you, keeping you informed about the local cultures and nature that you will pass along the way. There is a whole host of great tips about things to experience along the journey. You can hop off the train for your own little adventure and when you’re done, then hop back on again? – Yes it is true! We have a special ‘interrail’ card available for the summer, which is valid for fourteen days. This will allow you, the traveller to jump on and off exactly when you want. Many choose to travel this way, if, for example, they are interested in fishing, we pass through some of Sweden’s best fishing waters. – You can travel with us in one of three ways; either choose a ticket between two destinations, buy the interrail card, or you can choose one of the many travel packages, which allow you to take turns choosing from the many

Experience the magical midnight sun on the journey. Photo: Peter Rosén

Travel Some fantastic experiences along the Inlandsbanan: Train travel to the snowy mountains has increased. More people travel to Vemdalsfjällen with the Snälltåget night train and the Snötåget day train. Photo: Ulrica Dahlqvist

options available, such as a visit to the wilderness or a trip to sample the local food or any other special cultural experiences you wish to experience. There is something for everyone! What are some special experiences along the way? – During the winter, the snow train is our most popular experience. We go from Mora to Östersund, and via the stop in Röjan you can transfer on to the snow paradise in Vemdalsfjällen. So whether you want to go cross-country skiing or downhill, the adventure is waiting for you! – Then there is the Jokkmokk’s Market in February, which is also very popular. This package includes both food and accommodation. You can also travel to Jukkasjärvi and visit the world famous ice hotel, which really is fantastic for a winter trip. We also pass the Arctic Circle, which is yet another special experience. If you are lucky you can also witness the northern lights. – Our most popular package is available during the Summer months, a combination of the Inlandsbanan with the Hurtigruten. This provides a wonderful combination of Swedish mountains and Norwegian fjords. It is a truly spectacular experience, with the magical nature on show all around, which we feel will beat almost everything. You can breathe in the crispy clear mountain air and taste the salt-sprayed sea breeze on the same journey!

– Another unique experience is our ‘Taste of Lapland’, where you can sample the local food and experience some traditions from the Sami people. Enjoy a fantastic journey with many unique tastes and experiences from a part of Sweden that is unlike any other. – We also have a collaboration on-going with the Railway Museum, where we travel in the Wilderness train, between Stockholm and Abisko, a splendid trip with the final station at Kiruna. We then journey on the Railway Museum’s historic train, a thing we are really proud of. In addition, the Inlandsbanan have invested in a lot of sustainable travel? – Trains are a sustainable journey in themselves and we have also taken more steps to further reduce the climate footprint. As of this year, we are refueling the trains with fossil-free fuel, HVO, which we are immensely proud of. So, what does the future look like for Inlandsbanan? – There’s an increasing fascination in discovering the Swedish Lapland and Inland Sweden, along with an interest in rail journeys, so the future for Inlandsbanan is bright, concludes Elena Jönsson. Text: Tony Manieri Photo previous spread: Ulrica Dahlqvist

FRÖDINGEGÅRDEN: Visit Gustaf Fröding’s childhood home in Kristinehamn. Here you can either walk around on your own or choose a guided tour. ZORNGÅRDEN IN MORA: Next to the farm is the Zorn Museum, one of Sweden’s most popular art museums. Here you will find a selection of Anders Zorn’s watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings. VASALOPPET MUSEUM IN MORA: Here you can find out about Vasaloppet’s almost 100-year history. A special section about Vasaloppet’s greatest profile of all time: Mora-Nisse. WORLD HERITAGE IN FÅGELSJÖ: Fågelsjö Gammelgård is one of seven Hälsingegårds designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The estate dates back to Finnish immigration in the 17th century. NATIONAL MUSEUM JAMTLI: In June 2018 a branch of the National Museum in Stockholm, the National Museum Jamtli was opened in Östersund. It is now showing ”From Dawn to Twilight - Nordic art from around the turn of the century 1900”, with 130 works by Elsa Beskow, Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors, amongst others. Continues until spring 2020. INLANDSBANAN MUSEUM IN SORSELE: Here you will find out about Inlandsbanan centennial history. From the first thoughts about a railway inland at the end of the 19th century, right up to the 1990’s when Inlandsbanan became a public limited company. It also gives an insight into how the runway was built, about the inauguration in 1937 and German traffic during the Second World War. LAPPSTADEN: Lappstaden is one of Arvidsjaur’s great treasures. When Inland Sweden got their first churches back in the 17th century, the Sami people needed a place to live when they visited the said church, according to the church’s duties. The inhabitants then built a number of cottages in the forest for the surrounding Sami people. THE MINES IN MALMBERGET: Take a guided tour of LKAB’s mines in Malmberget. Every day, year round, iron ore is mined in the mines. The amount corresponds to about six Eiffel towers - calculated by the amount of steel! A good opportunity to learn more about the mines’ history and its significance for Sweden.

Steam train from the Railway Museum, Inlandsbanan’s partner in the three theme trips of the Wilderness Train. Photo: David Larsson







Aurora borealis Turn off all your artificial lights and gaze up into the sky and you can witness the sun’s greetings reaching us on Earth. In the northern hemisphere, we call it the northern lights or Aurora Borealis, while you around the South Pole will experience Aurora Australis.


here is a couple of things to take into consideration for your successful aurora chase. Up north, Kiruna to Abisko, under the auroral oval, it’s not so much about whether it’s northern lights or not, more if it’s clear sky or not. Talking about a northern lights chase is more about chasing clear skies. Already in 2015 Lonely Planet dubbed Abisko as the world’s most illuminating experience. Giving the northern lights in the village up north all that acknowledgement, that the buzz had been about for years. On any given day, between November and April, you can take the

chair lift to the top of the mountain Njullá just to watch a incredible light show. There’s a good chance that you might witness a green, blue or red light in the shape of drapes, curves or rays dancing across the sky. It is particles from the sun colliding with the outer parts of the Earth’s magnetic fields in the atmosphere, whereby the kinetic energy is transformed into visible light. And without this magnetic shield, it’s a good chance our electrified life on earth would struggle big time. Text: Editorial Photo: Swedish Lapland, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock MORE NORTHERN LIGHT ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES



Experiences The best destinations to view the Northern Lights In medieval times, before we knew the scientific explanation of Aurora Borealis, it was believed that the lights were an omen of war or famine. Aurora Borealis – or the famous Northern Lights – is a fascinating phenomenon of Mother Nature that has kept humanity gazing at the sky in fascination for centuries.

SWEDEN Abisko is the place to go. Almost at the northernmost tip of Sweden lies the small town of Abisko, There is an Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park where you can admire the Aurora Borealis from the tower or terrace, or enjoy the café. Abisko is protected by magnificent mountains, has clear skies and lies in the very centre of the Aurora Zone.

ICELAND is one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis. Due to its proximity to the arctic circle that often ensures cold nights and clear skies Thingvellir National Park is one of the best spots to catch the Northern Lights. Thingvellir National Park is located about 45 minutes away from the light pollution of Iceland’s capital Reykjavík, chances are high that you will be able to witness this unique spectacle.




NORWAY Just 35 kilometres away from Trondheim, the island of Sommarøy is isolated and quiet, with just 400 inhabitants and a perfect view of the Northern Lights. There is one hotel where you can relax and comfortably watch the ballet of colours in the sky from your window or the terrace. During the fall you can even enjoy the sight of passing whales as they swim near the island.

FINL AND The village of Nelli, just 9 kilometres from the Russian border,they only has a few stores, a small harbour and is mainly known for its hotel and, of course, the Northern Lights. It’s extremely isolated and has hardly any light pollution, making it a favourite spot for Northern Lights fans. There are Aurora Camps to be found in the most amazing spots, without anything obstructing the night sky. You can cuddle up around a campfire and wait for the spectacular show to begin.




Travel lawfully in Europe? Traveling in Europe is fantastic – as long as you don’t break any laws. Most laws are very similar to the ones we have in Sweden, but there are some real humdingers. Wearing high heels and playing nice music on the phone are not liked everywhere. Always check before you travel so you don’t spend your vacation in a Police station! Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Adobe Stock



Travel Don’t forget identification In several countries, there is a requirement to have identification on your person at all times. Spain, Greece and France are three examples of destinations that require you to be able to prove that you are you. Which of course you are …

No peeing in the ocean! In Portugal, they fine people for peeing in the sea. A good idea is to check out where the nearest toilets are just in case. However, exactly how the authorities locate people who defy this law is a little unclear.

No high heals, please At the archaeological antique sights of Greece wearing high heels can cause damage to the sights as well as your ankles and the shoes heels, so choose something more appropriate if you intended to visit historical sites on the trip. Also, you can only bring along water to drink – all food and other beverages are prohibited.

No music on the beach! No music is allowed on the beach in Mallorca, it is illegal. If you still insist on bringing speakers you run the risk of being fined 200 euros. Headphones are permitted, but please refrain from bawling out of tune.

Bikini and topless a no-no. Topless bathing is allowed on the beaches but not if you intend to combine Spanish beach life with a trip in to Barcelona for example.

Copies better than originals In Turkey there are many authentic markets where you can enjoy a nice walk around and buy souvenirs. And there are many fake goods on sale, good copies. Just make sure not to buy anything classed as antique, they are illegal to own, sell or export. The penalty if you choose to buy a genuine antique is prison. Copies, however, are free to buy – even if the original artists may disapprove... MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Monaco has Europe’s most expensive Airbnb 2020 may just be getting underway but many of us are already making holiday plans for the year ahead – with short trips to European capital cities a popular option. A lot of people will undoubtedly believe that it might be more cost-effective for them to stay in someone else’s home (via Airbnb) than splurge a hefty sum on a hotel.


nterested in travel accommodation, Sellhousefast.uk found out what the most expensive option for an Airbnb per night would be within a one-mile radius of the central point of 49 different European capital cities. Sellhousefast found that lavish Monaco has the most expensive option for an Airbnb within a one-mile radius at an astonishing € 349.00 per night. Thereafter, London has the next most expensive choice for an Airbnb within a one-



mile radius of the central point at € 222.00 per night. Andorra la Vella ranks third, with the highest priced Airbnb within a one-mile radius set to cost interested travellers € 184.00 each night. Interestingly, the most expensive Airbnb rate per night in other popular European capital destinations is as follows: Rome € 171.00, Paris € 169.00, Madrid € 138.00, Berlin € 114.00. At the other end, the most expensive choice for an Airbnb in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, is just € 40.00 per night. Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock

Macedonia’s capital Skopje is Europe’s less expensive capital, according to Sellhousefast.

Urkult Folk and world music festival in Sweden

Music / workshops family activities / eco food scenic area / poetry crafts / market tickets available now urkult.se/tickets




5 tips for sustainable holidays The concept of conscious tourism has, in recent years grown stronger and more travelers want to draw their straw to the stack . However, traveling sustainably, can be easier said than done. It can feel difficult to navigate among sustainability labels and certifications. The hotel and travel search site Momondo has therefore produced 5 feasible tips on what to bring in your luggage for upcoming trips.


good starting point for those who want to travel with greater awareness of sustainability is to think of an extra lap around wherever you choose to spend your stay. There are a number of travel destinations where tourism contributes to social sustainability and where your stay will also offer opportunities that benefit their local communities, its business and population. Therefore, there are a number of questions to ask yourself as a traveler, that simplify the choices for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious holiday. Everything from looking at the possibilities of traveling through areas on public transport to the choosing of restaurants with care. - We see more and more people wish to travel sustainably and environmentally conscious, but when planning to go to a place you are not familiar with, it can be difficult to know where to start. Many find that planning the



trip can, actually, take as long as the trip itself. That is why we are committed to helping you, the traveler to prepare yourself for doing some good on your trip, says Lasse Skole Hansen, spokesperson at momondo. 1. EAT LOCAL

resources and electricity. Please only ask for ”Turndown service”, which avoids unnecessary washing without compromising cleaning. This saves you water and you usually get a small piece of chocolate on the pillow at this service. A reward in itself.

The vegetarian choices on the menu will most often than not include locally produced, seasonal treats. Thus, choosing one of these alternatives also benefits the local economy in several ways.




Living near attractions, restaurants or activities that interest you will make it easier to walk or choose the bike. If you live a little further afield, it is also good to try to keep track of the local public transport lines - a nicer choice for both nature and wallet. 3. DO YOUR PART TO SAVE ON RESOURCES

Remember to turn off all items when leaving the hotel room and skip the plastic, saving on

Try visiting the smaller resorts on the popular destinations, or choose to travel during the off-season. Often this is both cheaper, without losing out on fun experiences on the spot. Micro adventures, staycation, swimming holidays - dear children have many names. You don’t always have to travel far to get a great experience. Rediscover your hometown through a night in hotels, or take the opportunity to visit the place you heard so much about in the resort next door. Text: Editorial Photo: Adobe Stock

UPPPTÄCK ÅH STIFTS- OCH KONFERENSGÅRD I BOHUSLÄN discover a little piece of heaven

a place in bohuslän called åh Perfekt för konferenser under veckorna, ungdomsläger på helger och lov, bröllop och fest, semester eller ett matstopp på vägen om du kommer med bil, buss eller båt! Kom och njut i vår hemtrevliga miljö med god mat, underbar natur och miljö. Åh ligger alldeles vid havet med egen A perfect stop strand over if you wantmellan break up your journey stay och only brygga, Ljungskile och and Uddevalla, for a night in our hotel or if want to stayom longer rent one of our 40you minuter norr Göteborg houses with sea views foroch a week! Discover west coast and come en timme frånthe norska gränsen. back to Åh where it is peace and quiet, recharge those På denna oupptäckta pärla erbjuder vi batteries dig 10%ofrabatt yours to be ready for your next adventure! då du uppger kod ” Sverige Magasinet ” vid bokningen.

free parking and free wi-fi

40 minutes north of Gothenburg and only 1 hour to the Norwegian Fira Påsken med oss! border, right on the coast with fantastic views. Öppet varje dag mellan, kl: 12.00 - 16.00

discount for readers!

Missa inte Mors dag i år!

When you book, useFira the following ”MAGAZINESWEDEN” mor medcode Morsdagsmiddag hos oss and you’ll get a 10% discount!27 Maj, kl: 13.00 - 16.00 We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Varmt välkomna!

Telephone: 0522–250 56 | E-mail: info@ahstiftsgard.se | www.ahstiftsgard.se

Tfn: 0522-250 56 I E-post: info@ahstiftsgard.se I www.ahstiftsgard.se For booking information: boka@ahstiftsgard.se | Welcome! Vi ser fram emot att träffas på Åh 2018 I boka@ahstiftsgard.se


Hike or bike the S:t Olavsleden pilgrim trail

Hike or bike across two Scandinavian countries from the east coast of Sweden to the west coast of Norway. Whether cycling or walking, your St Olavsleden experience will include stunning scenery from meadows and mountains to farmlands and fjords. It will be a cultural and culinary delight dotted with the warmest of welcomes from the friendliest of locals.


or many people, a pilgrimage is an escape from the hectic pace of daily life. For others it’s a lifelong spiritual dream, or perhaps a physical challenge to overcome. There are many ways to enjoy all or just parts of the 564 kms that Viking King Olav once travelled. Find the right pilgrim experience for you with Aktivut Travels. “Most pilgrims don’t embark on this kind of trip often and our mission is to help everybody focus on their own personal pilgrimage while we take care of everything else along the way,” says Sofie Julgård Löfgren, Founder of outdoor experience company Aktivut. St Olavsleden packages offered by Aktivut Travels include accommodation, food, luggage transportation, route information and more, for both hikers and cyclists. For groups or others looking for a customised experience or additional activities, Aktivut Travels offers tailor-made itineraries that can include yoga, skiing, local culinary experiences and more. “We are locals, we live in the area and all our guides and staff hike, bike, run, kayak or ski along different parts of the St Olavsleden as part of daily life. We know the route intimately



and love showing it to people from all over the world,” continues Sofie. WHO ARE AKTIVUT TRAVELS?

Aktivut has more than 20 years of experience of guiding people in the great outdoors, and we’ve been helping pilgrims along St Olavsleden since it re-opened in 2013. We have a team of outdoor guides, mountain guides, officials and specialists covering a broad spectrum of skills. “Spending time in nature with our guests is what we live for. We only work with local suppliers and guides so that we can provide genuine, responsible and sustainable tourism experiences will full respect for nature and culture”, explains Sofie Sofie Jugård Löfgren. Aktivut Travels is located on the island Frösön, Östersund, just next to St Olavsleden. Our packages and guided tours along the pilgrim route are based on helping you enjoy the areas where we love to spend our free time. Contemplation and being present in nature provide a fantastic experience for pilgrims of all levels. Join Aktivut Travels on one of our St Olavsleden packages or contact us for a tailor-made trip at www.aktivuttravels.com. Text: Editorial Photo: Aktivut Travel

Aktivut Travels’ top tips for S:t Olavsleden Visit Glassbaren in Bräcke for the best Swedish ice cream. Stop for a few minutes extra at Hälleberget to enjoy the stunning view. Go past the monastery in Munkeby and buy their cheese to enjoy during your hike. Quench your thirst at one of the many cold-water springs along the route.


Experience Visby in autumn and winter From 725 sek Stay in the middle of the world heritage city Booking.com www.innerstadshotell.se Södra Murgatan 14, 621 57 Visby. Tel +46 707901509. info@innerstadshotell.se

Out of sight, out of mind Contact our advertising department on telephone +46 707-17 30 50 or Email: annons@magasingruppen.se

COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff! 130


+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se

Welcome to Sweden´s southernmost wilderness



Photo: Serny Pernebjer

Photo: Bengt Nyberg

Photo: Jens Lennartsson

Sweden’s southernmost wilderness f you look at the Blekinge map and at the same time read the heading ”Sweden’s Southernmost Wilderness” you might be surprised? But the fact is that Olofström is just that: A large lake system in a municipality that is among the richest in the state. Surrounded by vast forests with trails for hiking, horseback riding and cycling. Dramatic scenery broken by mountain cliffs with majestic viewpoints over the water and challenging terrain. In short, a world where you can be an explorer far from civilization and everyday noise if you wish.


he area around Lake Halen is an important hub for visitors. Here you can live Robinson life in wind shelter or check in at SPA between just adventurous excursions. The tail area provides both opportunities - and everything in between. You visit Sweden’s Southernmost Wilderness to challenge yourself and become one with nature. Or just to relax in an idyllic setting and pamper yourself for a while. Here you can rent a canoe to go out along the Halen’s trails to find your own strawberries. If you want to get through the entire lake system with Raslången and Immeln (all the way to Skåne) you can count on several days. Then there are centers along the road

where you can pick up and leave the canoe I and around Halen are offered besides canoe rental including camping, swimming, hotels, restaurants, paddle, sauna and fishing. WORLD CLASS FISHING!

With over 200 lakes and Mörrumsån in the municipality, we are Sweden’s answer to the UK’s ”Lake District”. If you are planning a fishing holiday, you will be offered a rainbow at Harasjömåla Fishing Camp, pike in Lake Halen and salmon in the calm running water of Mörrumsån next to Ebbamåla Bruk. You may want a lake just for yourself ? At Brokamåla Gård you can subscribe to your own lake and enjoy a sauna and good food. RIDE, HIKE, BIKE!

cling and horse riding. Get on a bike from Växjö to Simrishamn on the Southeast Trail that runs through the northern parts of Olofström. Stay at Ebbamåla Mill and experience the history of the industry in a unique way. Why not stay for the night and test the fishing in Mörrumsån? It is not for nothing that Olofström was named Outdoor Municipality of the Year 2019. In the immediate area you will find gems such as: The Marine Museum in Karlskrona, the IKEA Museum in Älmhult, KREATIVUM in Karlshamn, Sölvesborgsbron & Hanö in Sölvesborg as well as a variety of farm shops. Welcome to the wilderness! Text: Editorial

In Sweden’s southernmost wilderness you will also find long and varied trails for hiking, cyMAGAZINE SWEDEN


Winter Fun



Winter Fun

The Museum of Evolution

In The Museum of Evolution palaeontology, you’ll find the most significant collection of real dinosaur skeletons together with skeletons of prehistoric fish-lizards and swan-lizards. On the zoology department you move between all the continents of the world, from the polar areas to the tropics. Amongst the museums 5000 animals, you’ll meet the proboscis monkey, giant anteaters, the African penguin, mooses, giant salamanders and the Tasmanian devil. The animals have been collected from the late 17th century until today, and the number keeps growing.


ats Eriksson is the director of The Museum of Evolution, a part of Uppsala University. To work with exhibitions this old, in many cases up to four hundred years old, is an extraordinary feeling. -We have a vast collection, some of our items has been in our ownership since the 1600s, says Mats. It’s an exciting feeling to poke around in it and wonder who did the same hundreds of years ago. One thing that always fascinates is dinosaur skeletons, and you have quite a few? -Yes, in the palaeontology part of the museum we have a lot of fossils and dinosaurs, which is super exciting. What set us apart from many dinosaur museums is that we have real skeletons, fossils and many other things. But they are all real. They might not be as spectacular as their plastic counterpart that you can find on other museums, but they are real, Mats continues. - When you find something during an excavation is it seldom a whole skeleton. Usually it’s smaller parts. But we have a magnificent skeleton of a Long Neck, or as it’s called, Euhelopus. It’s actually parts from two different animals, and we are working on restoring it to its original glory. We are unbelievably proud of this, since it’s the only one in the world. We have approximately 60% of the original animals, and the rest is made from a cast. How did the skeleton end up at your museum? – Most of what we have in our palaeontology collection comes from China. An explorer from Uppsala that was in China during the 1920s together with local scientists. During that time, you didn’t have an organisation to take care of fossils. But there was an agreement between Uppsala and the Chinese equivalent institute

when you were doing a cooperative dig. The finds were sent to Uppsala to get analysed, and all duplicates were sent back to China. It was a rare agreement for the time, and most other countries who had exhibitions to China just took everything they could find. Uppsala was the only institution who had a deal with China. That’s something they remembers to this day and are thankful for. We have had visits where they tell us that they remember the cooperation with fondness, on multiple occasions. Except for palaeontology, what can your visitors expect to find? – Our zoology department, it’s pretty newly opened, we have put a lot of effort to update our collections and everything we display. We only have stuffed animals in the zoology department, so it’s similar to the old type of museum from the past. It’s a different feeling when you can study an animal closely, that you will assumedly never see in the wild. We have so many animals and fossils on both departments that you can barely see all of them in a single visit, says Mats Eriksson. Amongst our collection of animals, we basically have all the Swedish animals, which is a great joy for both scientists and visitors. There’s a unique feeling of familiarity and cosiness to visit us. I want to emphasise that. You feel at home here, which many of our visitors often says.

family configurations, included in nature, which everyone may not know. In some animals, it’s the mother who takes care of the children, in others it’s the father, in some animals the children grow up together with many mothers. – We normally hold the annual event; SciFest March 5-7 here in Uppsala, where the whole university has many great things on offer Including fossils that we will tell you about. Another popular event we hold on March 22 ”Behind the Scenes,” where the public get to come along and see our collections archives, where they can find lots of things we don’t place on exhibit. This might be because the objects are very fragile or very valuable. It is a very popular event that usually draws a lot of people. - Then for the Easter holidays, we have a dinosaur theme where you can take part in arts and crafts and other fun. A lot happens here at the Evolution Museum, Mats Eriksson concludes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: The Museum of Evolution

This has to be a real treasure, especially for school classes. – Yes, it is! We have several visits from schools, which we think is very pleasant. They come here and get guided tours through our collections and exhibits. It’s usually very appreciated. Do you have some especially fun things in the plans for The Museum of Evolution? - We put lots of concentration on school holidays, when families with children have the opportunity to come visit. Now at the Sports Act, there will be an exhibition we call ”Mum, Dad, Child?”. It is about young animals and their family life. After all, there are all kinds of

Mats Eriksson, director at the Museum of Evolution. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Foto: Lisa Sjölin


Anna Höglund

Everything is connected

Something has happened at Tomelilla Kulturhus! The entrance to the Art Hall has been transformed into a forest. In the grove, the birds sing. A white rabbit with red shoes stands with a sign in his hands. On the sign we read the word ”Welcome!”. We are about to enter another world. On the other side of the forest is the landscape of the stories and stories.


nna Höglund, born 1958, is regarded as one of Sweden’s foremost children’s book illustrators. She has written and illustrated most of her own books, but has also collaborated with authors such as Ulf Stark, Barbro Lindgren, Eva Susso and Gunnar Lindkvist. In 1982, Höglund debuted with the book Sagan om pancake. A book that later became a movie. Since then she has written and illustrated, written drama and made cartoon. In Tomelilla Konsthall’s newly produced exhibition “Anna Höglund - Everything is connected”, about 50 original illustrations from forty years of book-making are shown. Around the illustrations, environments from the books have been built up and made alive. Through interactive elements and scenographies, the visitor literally enters the stories. Characters from nine of Höglund’s prized children’s books offer different adventures. For example, you can whistle together with the boys Bertil and Ulf and see how they pallet cherries together with Grandpa from Ulf Stark’s book Can you whisper Johanna, as Höglund illustrated. Or how about following up with the Bear couple Mina and Kåge out in the wild? Build a hut and maybe pack a picnic basket?



Höglund has written and illustrated five books about Mina and Kåge. The picturesque style of the pictures in combination with the complications of the couple relationship makes both small and big to smile, to recognize and to be moved included in the stories. The exhibition is aimed at a wide audience. The smallest children have a long time to enjoy the stimulating play environments where they are given the opportunity for exploration and creativity. For those not yet really adults, but older children, the book To Be I, both written and illustrated by Anna Höglund, offers the opportunity for identification. Being me is as much a fun as serious and deep story about the thirteen-year-old Rose’s adult future. Several of Höglund’s books and book work deal with heavy and important subjects. Together with Eva Susso, she has created a philosophy book for children; Everyone is wondering why? Here, children of all ages are allowed to devote some time to life’s big questions, such as finding a meaning with everything that happens or where evil comes from. One of Höglund’s most prized youth books

is called If this is only spoken with rabbits and was published in 2013. A highly sensitive young rabbit is the storyteller self who has developed strategies to protect himself from a harsh and noisy environment. From their partially self-selected isolation, the rabbit observes his situation and concludes that they have become so good at refusing to fellowship that they have forgotten how to say yes. The main character of the book has been given the role of guide through the exhibition. Here and there, it pops up with questions to ponder on and with suggestions on things to do in the various sections of the exhibition. For her work, Anna Höglund has been awarded both Swedish and foreign Photo: Karin Nilsson literary prizes, including the Elsa Beskow plaque, the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, the August prize and the Heffaklumpen. In 2016, she was also awarded the Astrid Lindgren Prize. Text: Désirée Lennklo


IN NORRBOTTEN An exhibition about the county’s prehistory and history


A world-class tourist destination in the beautiful sorroundings of southern Sweden - Museum, café and conference - Culture, art and nature experience - Everything from Dag Hammarskjölds private home in New York - Exhibition about Dag Hammarskjöld, former UN Secretary General and world citizen

Opening hours hours 2020 2019 April 10 September29 27 3 - -September Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m - 5 p.m For groups and conferences there is the possibility to visit all year round. www.dhbackakra.se www.norrbottensmuseum.se LULEÅ CIT Y CENTRE Storgatan 2. Free entrance! Mon closed, Tue 10-16, Wed 10-20, Thur-Fri 10-16, Sat-Sun 11-16

www.dhbackakra.se Tel. (+46) 076-835 26 70 Backåkravägen 73, 271 77 Löderup

EXHIBITIONS © Carl Johan De Geer. Produced by Norrköpings Konstmuseum.

KRISTINEHAMN, VÄRMLAND PICASSO CHOSE KRISTINEHAMN January 22th - April 25th 2020 Kristinehamns historical museum


Carl Johan De Geer


February 29th - May 3rd 2020

Kristinehamns art museum Dr Enwalls väg 13 C Kristinehamn +46 550-882 00

Kristinehamns historical museum Södra Hamngatan 1A Kristinehamn +46 550-885 70

Tue-Wed 11.00-16.00 Thu 11.00-20.00 Fri-Sun 11.00-16.00

Tue-Fri 10.00-16.00 Last Wed/month 10.00-19.00 Last Sat/month 10.00-15.00

CARL JOHAN DE GEER SLÄKTEN OCH SLAVARNA /THE FAMILY AND THE SLAVES & HILMA NORDÉN, SCHOLARSHIP 2020 February 29th - May 3rd 2020 Kristinehamns art museum SUMMER EXHIBITION - BENGT OLSON May 23th - September 13th 2020 Kristinehamns art museum THE APRONS TELL ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO WORE THEM June 13th - September 4th 2020 Kristinehamns historical museum KATJA OF SWEDEN October 24th 2020 - January 24th 2021 Kristinehamns art museum WWW.KRISTINEHAMN.SE

Del av Kristinehamns kommun, med stöd av Region Värmland.

© Natalia Edenmont


Marilyn Minter and Nathalia Edenmont at Blique by Nobis The design hotel Blique by Nobis presents art by American Marilyn Minter and Stockolm-based Nathalia Edenmont. Through photography and painting, the artists explore complex themes of beauty, sex and femininity in their own works. The exhibition is open to the public and can be viewed in the hotel lounge until March 2020.


lique by Nobis is located right where the up and coming district Hagastaden blends together with popular Vasastaden. The neighbourhood is also known as Stockholm gallery district, with several art galleries just around the corner. Since the opening in spring 2019, the hotel has shown contemporary art on their walls. Now a new exhibition is presented, where works by prominent American artist Marilyn Minter are hung alongside works by Stockholm-based Nathalia Edenmont. Marilyn Minter’s sensual paintings, photographs, and videos vividly explore and expose the complex and contradictory emotions around beauty and the feminine body in American culture. She trains a critical eye on the power of desire, questioning the fashion in-



dustry’s commercialization of sex and the body. Over her long career she has produced stunning and provoking photographs and videos. The most recent photographs, shown at Blique culminate in Minter’s ongoing investigation of how the beauty industry expertly creates and manipulates desire through images. Minter has been included in more than 20 museum exhibitions including Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum in New York and Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The elaborately staged photographs of Nathalia Edenmont explore fundamental themes such as birth, death, womanhood, sex, beauty, and decay. Juxtaposing opposing subjects and aesthetics, Edenmont’s work is underpinned by a tension between painting and photography, abstraction and figuration, attraction and repulsion. Her abstract butterfly works, which are exhibited at Blique, are employing thousands of butterfly wings painstakingly collaged onto

a surface, evoke the joyful colours of Kandinsky and the gestural freedom of the German Expressionists. Born in Yalta, Crimea, 1970, Edenmont trained at State Art School of Kiev, Soviet Union, Simferopol State Art School, Crimea, and Forsberg’s International School of Design, Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States and can be found in private and public collections globally including the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Miami Art Museum and Moscow House of Photography Museum among others. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with Theodor and Isabella Dalenson and Wetterling Gallery, one of Scandinavia’s leading galleries for contemporary art. Text: Editorial Photo: Press photo

KONSTRUNDAN iinnordvästra april 2020 northwestSkåne Skåne 10-19 April 10-19, 2020

121 öppnar sinastudios ateljéer 121konstnärer artists open their verkstäderfor förthe 26:e åretyear and och workshops 26th Stor samlingsutställning konsthall Large collection exhibition iatLandskrona Landskrona Konsthall

12 april 14.00 and och 16.00 16.00 violinist spelar April 12 kl. at 14.00 violinisten Krzysztof Ludwiszewski Krzysztof Ludwiszewski performs in the art hall. i konsthallen. April 16 at 19.30 lectures by the artist 16 april kl. 19.30 on föreläser konstnären Nina Bondeson the theme “The conditions of Nina Bondeson temat ”Konstens villkor and art from my ownpåperspective ” • Members ur mitt eget perspektiv” • Medlemmar och 40. Support members free entry, others SEK stödmedlemmar fritt inträde, övriga 40 kronor. Ladda ner vår Download ourapp! app!

Opening hours: Öppettider: Påskdagarna 10-18 Easter days 10-18 Vardagar i in konsthallen 12-17 Weekdays the Art Hall 12-17 Weekdays at the artists 16-19 Vardagar hos konstnärerna 16-19 Last 10-18 Sistaweekend helgen 10-18 Main sponsor Huvudsponsor


Landskrona • Ängelholm • Svalöv • Bjuv • Båstad • Åstorp • Klippan • Perstorp • Höganäs • Örkelljunga • Helsingborg


Walid Raad, Sweet Talk: Commissions (Solidere: 1994–1997), 2018. Stillbild från film. Courtesy the artist & Sfeir-Semler Gallery Beirut/Hamburg © Walid Raad

Frankly, the weather helped

Walid Raad exhibits at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, February 15 - May 10. In photography, video, sculpture and performance, Walid Raad investigates how violence affects bodies, senses, cultures and traditions. With playful grips he turns in and out of our ideas and creates works that are both staggering and imaginative.


he exhibition at Moderna Museet will be Walid Council’s largest in the Nordic countries. During the spring, the artist himself returns several times to guide visitors and perform the performance work Kicking the Dead and / or Les Louvres. Walid Raad was born in 1967 in the Lebanese city of Chbanieh. He grows up in Beirut and is eight years old when the civil war breaks out. The conflicts, which last for fifteen years, will cost over a hundred thousand lives and shape all the people living with the war as everyday life. In 1983, Walid Raad emigrated to the United States and today he lives in the city of Medusa outside New York. At the end of the 1980s, Walid Raad begins his artistry with a project that has gained an important place in



art history: The Atlas Group. In the project, the Council, in a manner not unlike anything else, staged an archive of documents and lectures on the Lebanese wars. In the exhibition, a series of testimonies and stories of strange phenomena emerge: Objects that suddenly lose their shadows or the story of how Council’s own artworks once shrunk to a hundredth of their own size. How can this be explained? Is everything just a story? Fiction? Or could it be that we have a habit of thinking in accordance with how we expect the world to behave and that we therefore quickly dismiss everything that contrasts with it? Walid Council’s work can be interpreted as contemporary ghost stories. He himself is afraid that the stories are real. Quite frankly, the weather helped is a retrospective - but not chronological - exhibition where works from the projects The Atlas Group, Sweet Talk: Commissions and Scratching on things I could disavow are presented

side by side in a way never before done. During the exhibition period, Walid Raad will also, on a number of occasions, visit the Moderna Museet to perform his work Kicking the Dead and / or Les Louvres, a 75 minute performance in the border country between theater, lecture and guided viewing. The performance is part of the exhibition and takes place in the exhibition room on 23 occasions. The council also makes five own shows in the exhibition. Walid Raad has previously shown his art in places such as Documenta and the Venice Biennale, as well as having separate exhibitions at, among others, MoMa, Guggenheim, the Louvre and Stedelijk. He has been awarded several awards, including the Hasselblad Award, the Aachener Kunstpreis and the ICP Infinity Award. Text: Editorial

Viktoria Tikhomirova from St. Petersburg has participated in many exhibitions since graduating from the School of the Arts, St.Petersburg (formerly Mushina Superior School of Fine Arts) in 1981. Nowadays, she lives in Stockholm and is one of the most famous and established artists in Scandinavia. Her very special works combine an incredible variety of patterns, structures and styles that reflect a tremendous depth of emotion and intelligence. Her paintings convey love for life and appreciation for beauty on many different levels. Victoria's paintings can be described as anything from mysterious and enigmatic to cool and inventive. Her works cover the entire scale of the artistic spectrum and they stimulate the viewer's imagination. Victoria has an outstanding personality - she is very talented, extremely creative and she is surrounded by a very distinctive aura. She is one of the talented people whose talent was strengthened but not limited by formal training while remaining true to her own imagination and ideas. Buy a unique signed Giclée Art Canvas of Victoria's painting “Life” (Limited Edition 20). Price 26 690 SEK incl. VAT.

Life, 1900 x 1070 mm

For the entire collection see www.royalblue.se and order through mikael@royalblue.se Prices Giclee Fine Art leaf, 2 590-10 060 incl. VAT. Purchase of original paintings go to our website or contact us.


Royal blue AB | Royal Blue Gallery, Södra Catalinagränd 19 B, Hägernäs Strand | +46(0)8 - 756 80 88 www.royalblue.se | mikael@royalblue.se


The Art round in northwest Skåne

For most people, Skåne is synonymous with beautiful scenery, culinary experiences and a high quality of life in general. Perhaps a lesser known fact is that Skåne is also home to what is probably the world’s largest art exhibition. And in northwest Skåne it is for the 26th year.

The artists Eva Nelander Juntunen and Katriona S.W Persson.





very year around the Easter weekend, Skåne is bubbling with activity and creativity as artists across the region open their studios and homes for visitors. In northwestern Skåne, there are over a hundred artists involved in this genuine art festival with meeting places throughout the region. Painters, sculptors and craftsmen all participate and show their art - this is a unique opportunity to enjoy and share everything from paintings and sculptures to metal art, drawings, prints, wood art, ceramics, porcelain, photo art and more. VISIT THE ARTISTS ’HOME AND THEATS

All artists included in the art round are members of the local artists’ association NVSK - Nordvästra Skåne’s Artists’ Association which means that they are established artists in their area of expertise. For visitors who are longing for new inspiration, home decor and a feeling of southern Swedish spring, this is the perfect opportunity as several of the artists open the doors to both their homes and workshops. The art round is a great opportunity to meet and talk with the artists behind the art, discuss their works and literally smell the color. THOUSANDS OF VISITORS

Northwest Skåne with its eleven municipalities is Skåne’s densest region of professional artists, active in diverse cultural environments, close to to the noise of the sea and inspiring natural beauty. NVSK - Northwest Skåne’s

Artists Association are today organizers of one of the country’s largest annual art events, the Konstrundan in Northwest Skåne. The frequency of visits is impressive and holds the positions year after year. Only the collection exhibition at Landskrona Kunsthall usually attracts thousands of visitors. Outside of artists, hundreds of thousands of visitors are counted, who are also boosting tourism and contributing to the commerce of cities and villages. The concept of a collection exhibition, open workshops and studios turned out early to attract a large audience. It is a comprehensive art event that enables unique encounters between creative artists and art lovers, a mutually rewarding concept that has developed into a long-awaited tradition, like a popular movement. KONSTRUNDAN COMPLETED 25 YEARS 2019

NVSK celebrated the publication of an anniversary book. In this beautiful book the focus is on portraying the association’s artists in text and image in close collaboration and dialogue. With the aim of finding the personal expression of each artist and making every voice heard, many candid moments have been spent at kitchen tables, studios and workshops. HARALD HJÄRNE WINS SCHOLARSHIP

The author and literature professor Helmer Lång, founder and long-time chairman of NVSK, instituting a scholarship fund for young promising artists in 2008. The 2019 award winner is named Harald Hjärne, 23 years. According to Harald, painting is something that cannot be replaced, and the ambition is to

Konstrundan turned 25 in 2019 This was celebrated with the publication of a beautiful anniversary book. The book is 180 pages and contains 166 artist presentations with over 800 images. The book can be ordered via konstrundan.se.

continue as a professional artist life out. A lot of exhibitions have already passed through audits, of which the Spring Exhibition at Liljevalch 2018 is the most prominent, where he contributed three works. Harald participated in the 2019 art round with two works at the collection exhibition in Landskrona. Since 2006, Konstrundan in Northwest Skåne has also been a popular art lottery, and under the quality and diversity of Nordvästra Skåne’s Artists Association continues to keep the banner high. The chairman and project manager in Konstrundan Nordvästra Skåne is the artist and photographer Tomas Montelius: - In total we have about 100,000 visitors, both from Sweden and abroad. Only our app generates over 30,000 visits, which of course is exciting. This year, 121 of 179 members of the art association are exhibiting, so there is no doubt that it is popular with the artists as well. Do you notice any special trends in the art round? - Yes, we actually do. Last year it was almost only large paintings, but one year we had a picture that was 5x5 cm. It actually hung a magnifying glass next to the blackboard, which of course attracted many curious eyes. - Then we have a special preview for advertisers and sponsors together with the artists and guests, which usually generates large sales. So all in all, it looks bright for the art round in northwestern Skåne, and we look forward to a nice and interesting round this year too, concludes Tomas Montelius.

2019 Helmer Lång fellow Harald Hjärne with girlfriend Ester Cavalli, left,. and scholarship recipient Solbritt Lindfors Lång, right.

Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Tomas Montelius, Matz Svensson MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Welcome to till Tylebäck Välkommen Tylebäck

Den Thenaturliga Natural Meeting Place mötesplatsen Möten • •Hotell • Relax • Restaurang Lunch Meetings Hotel •• Friskvård Health Care • Relax • Restaurant• • Lunch••Fest Party• •Events Events Tylebäck är en mötesplats dig who som vill få ut bästa ditt Tylebäck is a meeting place for för those want to det getmesta more och out of theav experience. arrangemang. Vi är en modern hotelloch konferensanläggning med We are a modern hotel and conference facility with exciting architecture that seamspännande arkitektur som varsamt knyter samman historia och nutid. lessly connects history with the present day. Here you can combine effectiveness with Här kombinerar du effektivitet med avkoppling i natursköna relaxation in beneficial surroundings close to both the forest and the sea. omgivningar med närhet till både skog och hav.

Our big is to facilitate your jobertbyjobb planning engaging in your stay Vårpassion stora passion är att underlätta med attand planera och genomföra er with us. We are responsive, flexible and offer a high level of service. We think a good host vistelse hos oss. Detta genom att vara lyhörda, flexibla och erbjuda en hög servicenivå. should Ett gottbe värdskap ser feature vi som ett a natural in naturligt everydayinslag life. i vår vardag.



Rita Kernn-Larsen, La pommes de la Normandie. Photo: Niels Fabaek, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Franciska Clausen, Skruven,1926. Photo: Kunstmuseet in Tønder

Women in surrealism at Mjellby art museum The Danish artists Franciska Clausen, Rita Kernn-Larsen and Elsa Thoresen worked in international surrealism and held exhibitions in Paris and London. Nevertheless, it seems as if their artistry has been neglected somewhat in the history of art. Now the Mjellby Art Museum sheds light on them in the exhibition of Surrealist women artists, on show between February 15 and May 17.


urrealism is often associated with a number of male figures who are always on the forefront such as; Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. In surrealism there was a freedom and openness that did not previously exist. There was a desire to overthrow the bourgeois and patriarchal structure with many female artists becoming involved in the movement, represented in Halmstadgruppen, amongst others, primarily from Den-

mark; Franciska Clausen, Rita Kernn-Larsen and Elsa Thoresen. The exhibition Women of Surrealism puts the light on three female artists from Denmark who were all active in international surrealism; Franciska Clausen, Rita Kernn-Larsen and Elsa Thoresen - The exhibition at the Mjellby Art Museum showcases artistry that enriches, nuances and challenges the established male view in the genre. The exhibition is produced by the Kunstmuseet in Tönder and GL Beach in Copenhagen.. Text: Editorial Elsa Thoresen, Objects of elements, 1945. Foto: Kunstmuseet i Tønder



Rent a cabin in Sälen! GuMo celebrates 40 years as one of the region’s most experienced holiday rentals with cottages available all over Sälen from various companies. We have around 520 cottages for rent all over the Sälen mountains. GuMo has cabins with room for groups of; 2 to 22 people, the sizes range between large, small, simple or luxurious. Some cabins are near to ski lifts and crosscountry trail’s as their closest neighbour, some along the forest edge. All with a personal touch. Renting accommodation from us also means ensures that you find a holiday rental from those who also have a good knowledge about Sälen, since we

are permanent residents in this winter paradise. Sälenfjällen is beautiful all year round and every season has its charm; the lush beauty of spring, summer’s lovely warmth, autumn’s beautiful colors and winter’s white cold. With our online service we have made it easy for you to find accommodation that suits your needs and meets your requests here in Sälen. Contact us by phone +46 280-263 50 or e-mail info@ gumo.se Welcome to Sälenfjällen and GuMo!




The home and gardens of Linnaeus

May–September Tues-Sun 11-17 www.linnaeus.uu.se

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum in Uppsala

Grymma groddar! Gör goda groddbiffar, ha dem i en wok, dekorera din mat med spännande smak och färg, ha dem i salladen eller spetsa din smoothie med extra nyttigheter. Mer information och recept hittar du på www.munkagrodden.se ww

Svenska Groddar och Skott Munkagrodden

Vegobiffar på svenskodlade ekologiska groddar!


Stockholm Toy Museum



Experiences Located in the middle of Stockholm in Skeppsholmen is The Toy Museum. The museum is situated within secret military premises, built during World War II to ensure that no enemies could discover what’s going on. Excitingly it is almost an impossibility to discover the fantastic toy museum within, if you do not know where the exact entrance is. Inside is an exciting underground maze filled with cheerful coloured walls and stuffed with over 40,000 toys and comic books that attract visitors all year-round.


tockholm Toy Museum holds a private collection of toys and comics, owned by David von Schinkel. Together with his father they have collected toys for over 60 years. For many years the collection was housed at Tidö Castle outside Västerås, however, since autumn 2017 they have been on show in Skeppsholmen. - The bunk room, a large military shelter, built during the 1940s as a iason centre for the Navy. In the 1960s, the military moved out to Muskö, and since then the premises have been left more or less empty. The East Asian Museum and The World Culture Museum used the premises for temporary exhibitions, but we are the first permanent tenants, says Kajsa Logan-Müller, designer at Stockholm Toy Museum. - About 40 craftsmen and artists built this environment together, and the result is really amazing. Today it is almost possible to forget that this was once a military premises. - The showroom is a very playful place. The space is magical, somewhere that everyone can experience something fun and exciting to, no matter your age. The oldest toys in the collection are dated from the 15th century, the collection then extends through the centuries until the present day. It is absolutely amazing that you can make a colorful toy show in old underground military rooms. - It sure is! It doesn’t feel at all claustrophobic being underground, with its high roof and easy access to all the space. Whist at the same time feeling like you are in a secret location - almost like being in a spy movie! The raw stone walls

provide an excellent contrast to all the colorful toys and other collection items, making the experience even more enjoyable. In some places, traces of the old business are visible. There are some foundations from working with torpedoes during the war that have been left in the walls, we use them to support some of our booths, the effect is very popular. What fun stuff do you have planned for the Spring? - Our exhibition on horses is going to be extended due to its popularity. It is quite great focus on cane horses, and a while ago we had a cane horse parade outside the museum, and that became a great success . People visited from everywhere it ended being a real party atmosphere. It was such fun that we plan to run it again both in the Winter and the Easter holidays. - In addition, there will be a special exhibition of motorcycles and our vehicle toys. We have been given an amazing opportunity, the chance to showcase a brand new electric Harley-Davidson. In the same category we are showing Grandma Duck’s car, which was also electric! - We have some exciting news we will be participating in and arranging the Nordic Championships in jojo, which we look forward to the huge. Together with a skier ranked in the top ten of the world, we are building a big trail as a one of event with everything concerned with jojo. There will be competitions, shows and courses for the curious. - Not forgetting a whole host of other fun events to come in the spring, we never stop playing here at The Stockholm Toy Museum! Kajsa Logan-Müller colcludes. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Stockholm Toy Museum

The German carousel horses are fixed in the exhibition, and are played with both large and small. Photo: Lena Mannerfelt / Stockholm Toy Museum

At the toy museum with grandma. Photo: Sara Sinclair at the Bergrummet - Tidö Collection of Toys and Comics

BERGRUMMET was created in the early 1940s to accommodate the commander and his staff during wartime. It consists of eight tunnels linked with transverse ships and various aisles. The plant has a total area of 4,800 square meters. In the 1990s, all the furnishings were demolished. The stone room was created at the beginning of 2010 as a space for special exhibitions, including The East Asian Museum and The World Culture Museum. The storage room is owned by the National Property Board of Sweden and rent the space to The Tidö collection of toys and comics, under the name of The Stockholm Toy Museum. Until 2017, The Stockholm Toy Museum was located at Tidö castle outside Västerås under the name Tidö toy and comics. It was inaugurated in 1974 as The Toy Museum. In 2017 the collection was moved to its current premises in Stockholm, here it is housed within a 2,500 square meter area, which is just over half of its Skeppsholmen’s mountain rooms. At the same time, the museum at Tidö Castle was closed. The museum was built by The Museum Director and owner David Von Schinkel along with scenographer Caroline Romare. The collections comprise of around 40,000 toys dating from the 17th century onwards. Thus making the museum the largest collection of toys in Northern Europe. The exhibition is sorted by theme. On the ‘infostations’ - some 60 monitors, the exhibits are explained not only in Swedish, but in English, Finnish, Turkish, German and Chinese. The museum has its own café and small shop. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


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Welcome aboard!

Vegobiffar på svenskodlade ekologiska groddar!

Grymma groddar! Gör goda groddbiffar, ha dem i en wok, dekorera din mat med spännande smak och färg, ha dem i salladen eller spetsa din smoothie med extra nyttigheter. Mer information och recept hittar du på ww www.munkagrodden.se

Svenska Groddar och Skott Munkagrodden

COME AND MAKE BARGAINS! Still Sweden’s by far largest and most popular flea market!

IN VÅRBERG 20 meters from the Metro entrance

13 - Red Line

HOURS Weekdays 11-18 Saturdays 10-16 Sundays 11-16

Come and make great deals and/or rent a place and sell your own stuff!

+46 8 710 00 60 www.loppmarknaden.se

21. mars / March 21th 21 2020

ARCTIC SNOWSHOE SNOWSHO RACE Opplev nordnorsk vinter på sitt beste! Experience the best of the North Norwegian winter! 5 km og 10 km

MY ARCTIC EXPERIENCE 20. juni / June 20th 2020

MIDNIGHT SUN MARATHON Løp i lyset av midtnattsola Run in the light of the Midnight Sun


21.-23.august / August 21th-23rd 2020

TROMSØ MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE Nordnorsk natur på sitt tøffeste Experience the nature of Northern Norway MSM EKSTREMLØP TROMSØ MOUNTAIN ULTRA 50 km HALV ULTRA 25 km TROMSDALSTINDEN 1238 meter opp NORGESCUP I MOTBAKKELØP

Mountain Ultra







Foto: Fredrik Schenholm

Wonderful Ramsvik

Experiences The New York Times has created a list of “52 places to go in 2020”. Western Sweden is one of the world’s most exciting destinations to visit in 2020. A place of particular interest is Ramsvik Stugby & Camping, here there is a clear focus on sustainability and they have made a great investment in becoming self-sufficient using solar energy.


amsvikslandet’s nature reserve has fantastic views and surrounding scenery of red smooth granite cliffs, mixed here with other, younger rocks. It is sometimes called the ’Kingdom of Cliffs’, which is very easy to understand. The hiking trails on Ramsvik are suitable for long day hikes or shorter walks and are perfect for those who want to experience the archipelago during a week or a weekend’s visit. The hike/walk starts from the cottage village parking and there are several trails along with shorter hikes. The shortest being 1.5 km distance, the longest 15 km. Some of the hiking trails follow easy footpaths and trails. Some hiking trails require climbing and detours around ravines with stunning natural beauty. There are well-marked hiking trails along with those that require use of a map. – What is absolutely the uniquest about Ramsvik is the surrounding nature, says Annika Johansson of Ramsvik Stugby & Camping. The holiday village and campsite are in the centre of a nature reserve, which is of course, unique and something that both we and our guests value highly. The landscape around us is of a kind that one does not find in many places around the world. Not least as The New York Times shows their interest by sending a reporter here to experience our unique atmosphere and nature for themselves. How did a reporter from The New York Times find his way to you?

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm

– He participated in the large natural tourism congress ATWS (Adventure Travel World Summit) in Gothenburg last year, arriving later in Rams-

vik and he was just taken with the place. For us here in Sweden it may not be such a unique experience, but if you compare the nature we have here with many other places from around the world, we stand out – not least regarding our focus on sustainability when it comes to natural tourism. His visit happened to coincide with investing in our own solar cell plant, which contributed to his interest. This is actually the largest in Sweden, and we are now self-sufficient in electricity throughout the year. You invest a lot in family activities on Ramsvik - not least the crab fishing! - Yes, it is very important that our activities appeal to all. Therefore we offer other outdoor activities not just hiking and fishing. We make sure we cater to every visitor, not just the most experienced by making them accessible to everyone – not least kids! – Of course, the crab fishing down at the pier is one of the real highlights for kids. The crabs travel up and down from the water everyday and it’s exciting every time! It doesn’t seem to matter what the weather is like – crab fishing is exciting anyway! – We then introduced a fun app, which allows you to go exploring in the wild whilst also learning something new. The app is a game for all the family called ”Ramsvik Challenge”. With the help of a mobile phone, you look for various stations situated in the natural surroundings and when you arrive at one the app will automatically raise questions or provide questions for you to solve. The app is both fun and educational!

the lunch bags we provide for you to take on your hikes. We aim to give visitors a family experience in a unique archipelago environment! – All seafood served is MSC-labeled and has been caught in our waters, between Sweden and Denmark. The MSC marking stands for sustainable fishing, where you fish using the right size mesh in the net, this ensures the younger ones are left to grow and reproduce. We are careful to make sure that all meat and vegetables come from local suppliers who think about both quality and durability. – All in all, we can promise that a visit to Ramsvik will be a wonderful experience in nature and create wonderful memories for life, concludes Annika Johansson. Text: Tony Manieri

FOOD ALSO VERY IMPORTANT – For us it is the food we serve is very important to us, this applies both in the restaurant and in

Crab fishing is one of the great experiences. Photo: Mikael Pihlstrand

New York Times’ ”52 places to go 2020” I den färska undersökningen lägger tidningen stort fokus på städer och platser i världen som har hållbarhet och klimatsmartness högt på agendan. 1. Washington DC, USA 2. British Virgin Islands 3. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia 4. Greenland 5. Kimberley Region, Australien 6. Paso Robles, California, USA 7. Siciliy 8. Salzburg, Austria ... 16. Western Sweden



Photo: Ingvar Dahlqvist, Magnus Julin, Elin Holgersson, Lina Vesterlund, Carl Lindstrom, Emilia Gadd & Eddie Gustin.

Join us for the Hiking in Southern Norway

Moutain Gorillas in Rwanda & Uganda

Mountain Gorillas, Safari & Zanzibar

12 June 2020, 10 days, 10 300 SEK

5 July 2020, 18 days, 32 800 kr

5 July 2020, 5 weeks ,47 800 SEK



Safari & Zanzibar

26 June 2020, 18 days, 18 900 SEK

4 July 2020, 25 days, 26 900 SEK

22 July 2020, 19 days, 28 900 SEK


North Korea

Sri Lanka 50+

29 July 2020, 24 days, 17 900 SEK

27 Aug 2020, 15 days, 31 900 SEK


11 Sep 2020, 17 days, 22 900 SEK

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Biking Tour in Vietnam 50+

Biking Tour in Cuba 50+

Biking Tour in Kerala & Karnataka 50+

3 Nov 2020, 19 days, 29 900 SEK

12 Nov 2020, 16 days, 29 900 SEK

30 Oct 2020, 15 days, 25 900 SEK


India & Nepal

Dancing in Cuba

15 Oct 2020, 15 days, 20 900 SEK

16 Oct 2020, 22 days, 29 900 SEK

16 Oct 2020, 14 days, 24 900 SEK

Peru 50+

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking Kebnekaise

24 Oct 2020, 25 days, 27 900 SEK

3 Nov 2020, 13 days, 21 900 SEK

14 July 2020, 7 days, 11 900 SEK

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Photo: Jenny Ljungdahl, Lina Vesterlund, Julia Munterud, Malin Berger, Isabel Carranza & Roland Rydqvist.

adventure of your life

The newest hotel on Åland! – feels like home Welcome to Park Alandia Hotel, a newly renovated, family-owned hotel by the lush Esplanade alley in the centre of Mariehamn. Take a dip in our new pool, enjoy a nice dinner in the restaurant and relax with a refreshing drink in the bar.

Conference or vacation – we are here for you!

Double room incl. 2-course dinner

89 €

from per person

HOTEL | RESTAURANT | BAR | POOL | CONFERENCE www.parkalandiahotel.com, +358 (0)18 14130

Welcome to our newly built guesthouse with 8 double rooms in an idyllic and relaxing rural setting 500 meters from Högbo Bruk GPS co-ordinates: N60. 66803 E16.80144.

Welcome to Sweden’s biggest automobile and aviation museum Old cars and aircraft are not only about technology - it is about design, form and, lot least - it is about dreams... The dream about your own car, the dream about flying, the dream about freedom. Here we have one hundred years of dreams. Welcome to an exiting and fascinating museum!

skommarsgarden.se Tel 070-555 83 01

Helena & Lennart await you with warm welcome!

You will find us in Ugglarp, along the coast road between Halmstad and Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast. www.svedinos.se - 0346-431 87 - info@svedinos.se



In 1989 I met a wonderful girl at a beach in Gothenburg, called Fiskebäck. Later on, after many proposals Eva finally agreed to say yes to a marriage …   I had to leave my hometown Gothenburg , and move out to the countryside – Munka Ljungby – very scary … What can I do there for a living. I had earlier sold home made sprouts to some shops and restaurants in Gothenburg. So I thought we could start to sprout some seeds and try to sell to some restaurants and schools. We asked Evas father if we could borrow 50 000 sek for some time , to buy some seeds and trays. The rest is like a dream. In 1992 we started in a small room with some seeds, alfalfa and mungbeans. Many schools and restaurants were not familiar with sprouts at that time. So we said to them: ”Try these few kilos, and we’ll come back after a week and see if you want more!” Lo and behold –  they were amazed that so many kids and elderly liked the sprouts! We started to ask bigger companies that sold to restaurants and so on. They bought some smaller amounts, that increased quickly to their surprise. Of course, we have met obstacles over the years,  we have raised four wonderful children at the same time as the company has grown.

Now it’s 2020 and we are circa 40 people in the factory, working with sprouts 365 days a year. It is a great feeling to be a part of a story like this, to be able to give people a job and to see our sprouts  in more and more places around Sweden. Today we sell around 25 000 kg with ten different sprouts and shoots a week. The sky is the limit!    Cheers! Kenneth and Eva Bendroth, Munkagrodden and Nyttogrönt – and Sproutly, whitch I forgot to tell about! Sproutly is our latest endevour, managed by our son Jonas and Lovisa Gibrand, selling seeds to grow in your home.

Kenneth och Eva in the factory. Photo: Munkagrodden



Wilderness Train – a tour through the beautiful scenery of inland Sweden n ratio h o 25–29 August b a coll edis

w A the S useum h t i w ay M Railw R I C E : P


7,7 1 K E

Autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Sweden. Experience the changing colours of the season and relax to the rhythmic sound of the train on the tracks on a journey with the Wilderness Train from Stockholm to Kiruna in the far north. The train makes frequent stops to allow you to enjoy selected sights, good food and unique experiences. The tour is operated in conjunction with the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle and is therefore also an opportunity to enjoy a historic rail experience. The train consists of the museum’s old, beautiful first class carriages, which are in top condition, and a dining car with white tablecloths and real china. Different locomotives are used to pull the train on different sections of the railway, including a steam locomotive between Östersund and Vilhelmina. You can travel in comfort and enjoy a wonderful combination of activities and relaxation on your trip. Selected sights: Abisko and the Lapporten valley, Kiruna, Icehotel, Östersund, Jokkmokk and the Arctic Circle, as well as the Inlandsbanan Museum in Sorsele.

FACTS: Starting from: Stockholm. Dates: 25 – 29 August.

Included in the holiday: Travel by train Stockholm – Kiruna, 4 nights at a 3-star hotel, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and activities according to the programme.

Read more & book this or one of our many other package tours on: inlandsbanan.se | book@inlandsbanan.se | +46 771- 53 53 53 Summer traffic on Inlandsbanan runs 15 June-23 August

F Stoc rom khol m to Abis k term o with in in Ki ation runa

Walpurgis Night 2021 Stockholm–Kiruna Late winter – early spring is considered by many to be the best time of year to travel north and we will travel through Sweden towards the burgeoning Midnight Sun. This journey too will partially take place using a steam locomotive and the Swedish Railway Museum’s historic carriages. En route, you will be able to enjoy selected sights, good food and unique experiences. Read more about the package and what it contains at inlandsbanan. se. You can register your interest on our website now and we will contact you when booking opens.



Profile for Sverigemagasinet

MagazineSweden issue no 1 2020  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 1 2020  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...