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TRAVEL WITH INLANDSBANAN The train that drops you off in the middle of an adventure

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28 March – 30 May Spinneriet, Lilla scenen

Kulturen in Lund Kulturen in Lund is a museum spanning two adjoining sites in the heart of Lund. Step into the houses and experience life from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. We also have around twenty exhibitions for you to enjoy, on subjects ranging from folk art to modern design, from mediaeval history to the present day and from local to global culture.

Kulturen in Lund | www.kulturen.com/english

Content 36 Issue No 1 • 2019

SWEDEN’S FIRST RAILWAY MUSEUM Step back in time and travel on the museum’s steam locomotive in Södertälje. Fun for all the family.


THE MUSEUM OF EVOLUTION Scandinavia’s largest collection of dinosaur bones can be seen here in this Uppsala University’s museum. Prepare to be fascinated by a world long extinct.

38 THE ICE HOTEL Check out the beautiful photographs of Asaf Kliger and Lars Lindh of Sweden’s amazing Ice Hotel.

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INLANDSBANAN A unique train experience that drops you off in the middle of an adventure.

GRANÖ BECKASIN Sleep in the tree tops, surrounded by nature next to the beautiful Ume River at this ecohotel.



Museum of Evolution – Palaeontology Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

Muraenosaurus leedsii (Plesiosaur)

Pentaceratos sternbergi

View the largest collection of genuine dinosaur skeletons in Scandinavia! Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se


Marching towards the light March will soon be here and then we can really start to believe that the sunshine and the light is coming back to us. It’s been a dull winter that has kept us holed up inside practising hygge with cosy blankets, candles, books and no doubt some Netflix. It’s time to get up from the sofa and stretch out those limbs and head outside into the coming spring days. And they are coming and bringing with them the rebirth of all mother nature has to offer. Forests of bluebells, the air alive with birdsong, green leaves shooting forth, warmer winds and kinder skies. This edition of Magazine Sweden has some great suggestions of where to go to witness for yourself the magic of the natural world coming alive once again. Tylebäck Hotel by the sea in Halmstad, Blommenhof Hotel in charming Nyköping, lakeside Fyrklöver in Rättvik and Granö Beckasin on the beautiful Ume river all boast a close proximity to some of Sweden’s best nature experiences. Hiking, cycling, rafting, salt water bathing or just listening to the birds singing in the trees whilst you sip a cup of frothy coffee in the sunshine, all can be enjoyed as nature puts on its greatest show. Or if you are the camping type, why not check out one of Caravan Clubs many campsites across the country.

Euhelopus zdanskyi



What could be more perfect than waking up the body from its long winter hibernation by witnessing Sweden’s wonderful and beautiful nature also awakening from its hibernation and coming into bloom. We say a big welcome back to the light.

Nicola Green

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Museum of Evolution – Zoology

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Uppsala’s Natural History Museum

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Welcome to our newly renovated exhibitions. Here you can discover animals from all over the world.

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Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–16 Under 18 free, adults 50 kr Museum of Evolution Zoology, Villav. 9 Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, Norbyv. 22 www.evolutionsmuseet.uu.se



Foto: Sofia Lundell


Sweden’s biggest rock poet is back! Ulf Lundell had his swan song concert at Göta Lejon in Stockholm on New Year’s Eve 2015. Now he is back with a new summer tour. Really, we should have known it! For some of us it has been obvious, new music has been released and now Ulf Lundell will be taking to the stage again. His fans are celebrating. The premiere kicks off in Helsingborg on 29th June. In total there will be 15 shows until the tour’s finale in Gothenburg on 24th August. - I’ll take the responsibility. We can’t have another dry and hot summer. If I go out on tour again, it will definitely rain, everywhere, he says, in a press release sent out by Huskvarna Folkets park, where one of the summer’s gigs will take place. Tickets will be available at livenation.se as well as at local box offices. MT

Linnaeus’s home and gardens Less than an hour from Stockholm and only twenty minutes from Arlanda, in the university town of Uppsala, you find the home and gardens of Carl Linnaeus. As you step into the beautiful baroque gardens of the world famous botanist and physician you leave the city’s pulse behind. More than a thousand species of Swedish and foreign vegetables, wild flowers, trees and medicinal plants are arranged according to Linnaeus’s classification system, first published in 1735. Recognized as the “Father of Taxonomy”, Linnaeus also invited the binomial system of naming organisms that we still use today. In Linnaeus’s home you will experience the a unique 18th century atmosphere. You can admire hand-painted linen wallcoverings, furniture, collections of china and textiles. This is where the family entertained friends, where his five children grew up, and where Linnaeus wrote scientific papers as well as letters to friends and colleagues. He observed, reflected and followed seasonal changes in the garden, which can be seen as his early biology laboratory. Welcome to the Linnaeus Garden and Museum, open from May 1st! AE www.linnaeus.uu.se



Meet Ulf Lundell this summer! 29th June Helsingborg, Sofiero Castle 5th July Oskarshamn, Latitud 57 12th July Hasslö, Hasslö festival 16th July Fårö, Stora Gåsemora Gård 19th July Furuvik, Furuviksparken 20th July Härnösand, Härnösand Festival 24th July Borgholm, Borgholms Castle ruins 26th July Ystad, Öja Krog 27th July Vadstena, Vadstena Castle 30th July Rättvik, Dalhalla 1st August Stockholm, Skansen 2nd August Varberg, Societetsparken 9th August Stenungsund, Stenungsbaden 23rd August Huskvarna, Folkets Park 24th August Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg www.livenation.se

Noteworthy Foto: Judiska museet

The Jewish Museum Re-opens The Jewish Museum (Judiska museet) has been closed since the end of August 2016 and is finally opening up its doors again in new premises in one of Stockholm’s oldest preserved synagogues in Gamla Stan. On 6th June, Sweden’s National Day, it’s time! The old synagogue will be the starting point for the new Jewish Museum as it tells the story about Jewish life in Sweden over the last 300 years. It’s the story of when the first Jews came to Sweden, how they formed a Jewish community and became part of the Swedish society. An almost unknown cultural heritage will be made visible. It was here that everything started once upon a time - now the story will continue. The Jewish cultural heritage has often been invisible. For example, for more than 100 years, the pulpit that was made to order for the synagogue in Gamla Stan was categorised as “un-

known church”. The Jewish pulpit was therefore categorised as general church art and thus part of the Jewish heritage disappeared. The Jewish Museum now focuses on the parts of the story that have been there all along, but only appeared in the margin. By changing perspectives and talking about what has previously been unknown, we get a more nuanced and perhaps truer picture. In this way, the story of Sweden is enriched. The museum director, Christina Gamstorp explains why they have chosen to open on the Swedish National Day. - My hope is that both Swedish and Jewish communities will meet and that something new will grow forth, we want to lower the barriers to the Jewish community and make it part of Sweden. AE www.judiskamuseet.se

Scandinavia’s favourite dog bed Bia’s dog bed has become a Swedish classic, a bed that man’s best friend chooses to lie in. The Bia bed has been made in Valdemarsvik, Östergötland since 1969. The story began with a Doberman Pincher named Bia, she didn’t have a comfortable sleeping place but her master Bengt worked in the furniture industry and soon made a bed for her. Bengt started to produce the beds and it is the very same model still being sold today, 50 years later. Still produced by the family-owned company. Of all dog beds, the Swedish-made Bia is the best-selling in Scandinavia. The heavy-duty artificial leather that makes up the bed’s outer casing is durable and easy to clean. A frame made from Swedish polyether provides ergonomic support for the dog and the edges of the bed appeal to a dog’s wolf gene instincts. But the most important of all is, of course, that dogs love being in the bed. The Bia bed is available in various sizes to suit all dog breeds and can be accessorised with various soft outer covers. With luxurious velvet, soft cotton and fluffy options, Bia fits in to the home as a beautiful interior detail. TM www.biabed.com

Ola Salo – It takes a fool to remain sane Ola Salo has recently had the premiere his new show It takes a fool to main sane at Rondo in Gothenburg where the show is playing between 24th January and 27th April. Expect a piece of rock poetry! But above all, it’s an extravagant evening with perhaps the country’s most charismatic live artist! It is in part a tribute to his time with the band members of The Ark but also to life, all packaged in a stylish show where every detail has been refined. MT Director: Edward af Sillén Script: Henrik Schyffert Lyrics & Music: Ola Salo www.livenation.se MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Visit Säröhus Hotel to be really spoiled When the rain is pouring down and the wind is forcing its way in under jackets, there are many of us daydreaming ourselves away somewhere else. But you don’t have to travel far to experience a day of luxury and relief. Säröhus Hotel, Conference & SPA is nestled right by the sea just 20 minutes from Gothenburg. Torgny Berntsson bought Säröhus Hotel in the middle of the 1970’s and he has built up a stable business offering accommodation, conference facilities and spa. The employees of the hotel have become like a small family and there are many guests who say that it feels like coming home when they check in at reception. The

hotel is fantastic, located right by the sea, offering its guests full relaxation with good food, magnificent nature and catering to all categories of visitors, from private guests to business travelers to conference participants. There is a wide range of different room types available, including wheelchair accessible and pet-friendly rooms. With a large outdoor gym equipped with 13 fixed machines as well as the close proximity to a nature reserve and fifteen high quality golf courses, it also feels like the perfect hotel for sportier guests! MT www.sarohus.se

Tixis world! ”I can’t explain why my master’s sneakers taste better than dog food. They just do.” Tixi, 3 months

Take a break!

Is life flashing by too fast? Too much stress and worry? We all need to sometimes just stop and enjoy the little things in life. Because these are the little islands of recovery that make all the difference. A morning yoga session in bed, a quick break from the job to relieve a sore back and neck, a nap or meditation. So that we can wind down, find a little peace and then sleep well at night. The book PAUS - Yoga, rest meditation is about finding these calm pockets in life. The seams where activities meet or the moments between an inhalation and an exhalation. Moments when everything is still. When you restore your energy. Karin Björkegren Jones is a journalist, yoga teacher and author of many popular and engaging books on health and yoga. The book’s atmospheric images are taken by the photographer Anneli Hildonen. TM www.semic.se




Lollapalooza comes to Sweden

The international music festival Lollapalooza is coming to Sweden and is happening in Stockholm, right in the city centre, a big city festival, something that many Stockholmers think has been missing. The initiative comes from Live Nation and it will be held at Gärdet from 28th to 29th June. Lollapalooza proudly presents the arena filling giants the Foo Fighters who will make their first Stockholm appearance in over 8 years. The magnetic Travis Scott – currently the world’s biggest and most influential hip hop star. Lana Del Rey – not so much a sucker punch, more like a warm desert breeze, she will sweep over Gärdet in June. Laleh - one of Sweden’s biggest and most important voices in modern times will also be keeping us company. Super-hot Billie Eilish, The 1975, DJ giant Eric Prydz, energetic Swedish superstars Hov1, British giants Bring Me The Horizon, plus the world’s most current hottest new bands Greta Van Fleet, Brockhampton, The Hives and many many more. RED www.livenation.se www.lollastockholm.com

Nobel laureate to Sweden this summer Nobel Prize winner and legend Bob Dylan and his band will visit both Stockholm and Gothenburg this summer. Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature on the grounds that he “created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. Bob Dylan is 77 years old and has a career spanning over 50 years behind him. He released his first album Bob Dylan in 1962. On 26th June he plays Globen in Stockholm and on 28th June Scandinavium in Gothenburg. AE www.livenation.se

Spring 2019 at the Royal Dramatic Theatre In the spring of 2019, Dramaten, as it is fondly known, offers up Shakespeare’s Hamlet on their main stage, directed by Sofia Jupither, with Adam Lundgren starring in the lead role. Lars Norén is back with the premiere of the first part of a trilogy about aging and farewell: Andante. And Circus Cirkör, in collaboration with Dramaten and Malmö Stadsteater, is holding a performance of Gunilla Thorgren’s Guds Olydiga Revben (God’s disobedient rib). Later in the spring, a unique co-production of five theatres from Europe, will stage the performance I am Europe directed by Falk Richter. Stefan Larsson directs the modern classic Linje lusta by Tennessee Williams and Sara Bergmark Elfgren has dramatised Selma Lagerlöf ’s The Changeling (Bortbytingen). Hålla Andan by Zinnie Harris directed by Lena Endre. Both Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg participate in a newly written play, Hugh and Nancy’s Många Världar, written and directed by Lars Rudolfsson. At Elverket, Runar Hodne directs Orfeus Stiger Ner. In collaboration with the Nobel Center, comes a new Performance Lecture: Om Lycka with Micael Dahlen, professor of economics. RED www.dramaten.se

FYRKLÖVERNS STUGBY Stay surrounded by nature overlooking lake Siljan

80 cottages, 3-6 beds, 21-46m2. Walking distance to lake Siljan and Rättvik city centre - with shops, restaurants, bowling alley and swimming pool. Golf course 3 km. Many events and activities. Low season rates untill Wk.24.

Open year-round. Book Online

www.stugby.se 0248-107 65 MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Grenna Museum Andrée Polar Expedition Center ‘One of Sweden’s best museums! A hidden gem that is well worth a visit. The exhibition is the perfect size to hold your interest for the entire exhibition’. Yes, there have been many accolades all very positive, after Grenna Museum’s transformation with its new exhibition exploring S. A. Andrée’s polar expedition.


n 1897, S. A. Andrée along with his companions Nils Strindberg and Knut Frænkel, took off in the balloon The Eagle from northwest Spetsbergen in an attempt to cross the North Pole. It didn’t make it. The remnants of the expedition were discovered on Vitön some 33 years later and the story is now presented in a new exhibition at Grenna Museum. The new exhibition is spread over two levels. The ground floor level describes the planning of S. A. Andrée’s polar expedition and alongside other expeditions both historical and modern day to the Arctic and Antarctica. For the first time, there is now also a permanent exhibition about Sweden’s first expedition to Antarctica: Otto Nordenskjöld’s southern polar expedition 1901-1903. This was before both Scott’s and Shackleton’s expeditions, and just as dramatic and also scientifically successful. The exhibition on S. A. Andrée’s polar expedition continues one floor down with projections of Nils Strindberg’s photographs which



documented their journey and their fate. There are also the much talked about fingernails and Strindberg’s long-johns, which took on a ‘new life’ after the author and doctor Bea Uusma’s research into the cause of death of those on the expedition - she also discusses her theories in a so-called augmented reality application. On both floors there is an introductory 15 minutes film which tells the story of S. A. Andrée’s polar expedition. In addition to this, there are more films about historical polar expeditions. This summer, there will also be the premiere of a film about those who stayed behind; how did life continue for Strindberg’s fiancée Anna Charlier and Nils Ekholm - the man who dropped out of the expedition? But Grenna Museum is not just about polar history. At the museum you will also find Franckska gården. It is one of the city’s oldest buildings, dating back to the mid-17th century and is now a local history museum. Here you can find out about, amongst other things, the famous peppermint stick (polkagris) manufacturer Amalia Erikson and in the summer, the Vättern sword will be put on display. This sword was the unexpected catch of a fisherman in Vättern as

he brought up his nets on a summer day in 2000. The sword is dated to late 15th century. Three kilometers south of Gränna, on the shores of Vättern, lies the village of Röttle, where Grenna Museum grinds flour in Rasmus mill during the summer months and a little downstream is also Jerusalem mill integrated into the mountain. Dating back to the 13th century, it is one of the nation’s oldest profane buildings. Seeing as you are in Röttle anyway, you may as well take the opportunity to take a swim in Vättern, a more refreshing swim than this is hard to find. Back in Gränna, the Grännaberget mountain rises majestically, forming as natural a border to the east that Vättern is to the west. On Grännaberget is Grenna Museum’s openair museum, a Skansen in miniature, with such things as a soldier’s cottage, paper maker’s home and a café. A good tip is to walk along the trail at the edge of the mountain, to take in the view and also to learn more about Gränna from the information boards you’ll find there. Text: Editorial team Photo: Grenna Museum

The Gate to Swedish Lapland – all year round Please contact us for bookings and questions. Phone +46 933 410 00 info@granobeckasin.com





The Museum of Evolution

At the Museum of Evolution Palaeontology, you will find the Nordic region’s largest collection of genuine dinosaur bones together with skeletons of ancient ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs. At the Museum of Evolution Zoology, you can transport yourself between all the continents of the world, from the polar regions to the tropics. The museum has over 5,000 exhibited animals on show, for example, you can meet proboscis monkeys, giant anteaters, African penguins, moose, and Tasmanian devils. The animals have been collected since the time of Carl Linnaeus and continues today with numbers continuously increasing.


ats Eriksson is the museum director at the Museum of Evolution, which is a part of Uppsala University. Working with such a large museum collection that is in many cases up to 400 years old is very special. – We have an extensive collection, and some of the items have been in our possession since the 17th century, says Mats. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to walk around and potter a little amongst them and think about those people who did the same thing maybe a hundred or two hundred years ago. One thing that is always fascinating are the dinosaur skeletons, and you have many of these? – Yes, in the paleontology department at the museum we have a lot of fossils and parts of dinosaurs, which is very exciting. What sets us apart from many dinosaur museums is that we actually have genuine examples. Perhaps they are not so spectacular as the plastic models you find in some museums, but they are genuine, continues Mats Eriksson. – When you find something during excavations, it is very rare to find the whole skeleton, it is usually smaller pieces. It is very rare to find whole animals. – We have a fantastic skeleton, a sauropod, which is called Euhelopus or ‘marsh foot’. It actually consists of parts from two animals, and we are in the process of restoring in to its full glory. We have about 60 percent of the original animals, and the rest will be cast. It is the only specimen in the world, so naturally, we are very proud of it. How did this skeleton end up with you? – Most of what we have in our paleontology collections come from China. It was an explorer from Uppsala who went to China in the 1920s to look for fossils in various places together with Chinese researchers. – At that time, it was quite unsettled in Chi-

na, and there was no organized science concerning fossils. So, they gladly accepted help from other people including us Swedes. We actually had an agreement between Uppsala and the equivalent Chinese Institute of Science, where joint excavations were made. The findings were then sent to Uppsala for analysis, and all duplicates were then sent back to China. – This was quite unusual at that time, most of the other countries that had scientific expeditions in China, just went there and took everything they found. Uppsala were the only ones who had an actual agreement with China. It is something that is remembered and respected even today in China. Often, when we get a visitor from China, that collaboration is remembered as something positive and honourable. It sounds a bit like Indiana Jones worked for you in Uppsala? – Yes, you could actually believe that! At that time, it must have been extremely exciting to be an explorer because so much was still unknown to man - not least in China. Except for the paleontology, what is the main reason for visiting you? – It is of course, our wonderful zoology department. It has only recently re-opened and we have put a lot of effort into updating the collections and everything on show. We only have taxidermy at the zoology department, so it is very similar to an old style museum. It’s quite a different experience when you can really study an animal up close, something which you never get the opportunity to do in the wild. – We have so many animals and fossils in both departments that it’s unlikely you’ll manage to see everything in a single visit, says Mats Eriksson. – There is a special pleasant atmosphere at the museum, which I really want to emphasise. People really enjoy it here, so many of our visitors have pointed this out to us.

it is usually very much appreciated. Do you have any fun stuff going on in the spring at the Museum of Evolution? – During Easter we usually have a special dinosaur theme, which always attracts many visitors. Then on 24th March we have an event we call ‘Behind the Scenes’, where we allow visitors in to peruse our large collections, which are not usually available to the public. Usually they are only open to researchers who visit us from all over the world. But on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ day, the public is welcome to get a tour around the collections and then we explain about the important work we do as part of international research. – Also, we run an event we call ‘Winter Animals’ during the school’s half term holiday, where we focus attention on the zoological exhibition and look at how wild animals adapt to life in winter, with all the challenges it entails. – So, there are all sorts of reasons to come here and visit us at the Museum of Evolution, whether you are curious about dinosaurs, wild animals or the origin of man, concludes Mats Eriksson. Text: Tony Manieri Photos: The Museum of Evolution

It must be a real treasure trove, especially for school classes. – Yes indeed! We have a lot of visits from schools, which we think is very nice. They come and get a guided tour through the exhibits, and

Mats Eriksson, museum director at the Museum of Evolution.



favourite? Experience 1,300 km of inland Sweden by train. Pass the Arctic Circle. Selected package tours or adventurous hop on/hop off.

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3 53

53 nestorville.se

Which is your

M & re ore inf o inla servat nds i o ns ba

Gustafsberg’s Porcelain Factory Made in Sweden since 1825

Gustafsberg’s Porcelain Factory is the Nordic region’s only fine bone china manufacturer. Our finest products are sold through resellers across the country and online. In Gustavsberg we have our own shop for sale of seconds and many other kitchen and tableware goods. We also have a guided tour of the factory at least once a month.

Chamottevägen 2, Gustavsberg, Stockholm (by the wheel in the harbour) info@gustavsbergsporslinsfabrik.se www.gustavsbergsporslinsfabrik.se

Tel Shop: 08-570 369 00 Open Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 11-17 Tel Factory: 08-570 356 63 Mon-Fri 9-15


Breathtaking Granรถ Beckasin Granรถ Beckasin is located, surrounded by nature, next to the beautiful Ume River. Experience a night sleeping up in the tree tops, choose from a plethora of activities in the forest and countryside all year round and eat fantastic food in the fair-trade restaurant.






Photo: Bea Holmberg






he small village of Granö, with circa 350 inhabitants, is an hour’s drive from Umeå in Västerbotten. There is a shop, a café and a school. It is the school that is actually the reason why Granö Beckasin exists. - Eleven or twelve years ago, we were told that local politicians had plans to close the school. My friends and I thought this a really bad idea, says Annika Rydman, CEO and one of the founders of Granö Beckasin. The parents formed a group to fight against the school’s closure. And they succeeded. The school still exists today. - By that time, we had all concluded, that we had to do something to prevent the village from slowly dying out like so many other small countryside villages do. It was then that we saw that tourism could be the answer, she says. Annika and her friends made study trips both in Sweden and abroad and formed a clear idea of what to do to save the village. - We decided that we wanted to become a destination for nature tourism that would be sustainable, both ecologically sustainable and allow the district to be sustainable. Nothing should be at the expense of nature, animals or the lifestyle we enjoy here, she says. FLYING SNIPE

old camping site and since then the place has evolved from having some simple cabins and bathing facilities, to become a destination for people from all over the world. HOTEL ROOMS IN THE TREES

Today, Granö Beckasin has an ecohotel with twelve rooms - the building is completely recycling friendly and built in environmentally friendly materials. The eight cabins that were on the original campsite were renovated to hotel standard. And among the tops of the trees, sit six Bird Nests with a wonderful view out over the river and the valley. - Who hasn’t built a treehouse of some sort as a child? asks Annika rhetorically and continues: - Our tree houses, or the Bird Nests as we call them, are sustainably built just like the ecohotel. And they are actually proper hotel rooms in the


Granö Beckasin also attracts companies and organisations wanting to hold a conference. Many choose to have meetings in the beautiful Glashuset (glass house) which stands amidst the spectacular Bird Nests. Larger groups choose Beckasingården, a very nice meeting room full of light. - Our conference guests say that it is wonderful to come from busy towns and cities and be able and have a meeting in peace and quiet in a such a beautiful environment. Many also choose to do an activity out in the nature as part of a team building exercise, says Annika. Granö Beckasin owns an old Västerbotten ranch in the village called Sjungaregården. The ranch is completely ‘unspoiled’ and therefore not renovated to modern standards, but it is warm and comfortable even in winter time thanks to the tiled fireplaces. During the summer, Sjungaregården turns into a cultural centre. Where there are concerts, theatre, lectures and art and art exhibitions. The business is growing every year. - It is our business goal, to cooperate with other entrepreneurs, both in the industry and outside. We want to be a hub for entrepreneurship. Today we have lots of different collaborations with everything from foreign tour operators to local independent craftsmen, says Annika and continues: - We want things to go well for the district, for the people and for the local businesses.

But in order to succeed the friends understood that they needJAN-ERIKS LEGACY ed something special, something Granö Beckasin has a lot on offer throughout the whole year. Floating along the unique. In the village lived JanRunning through everything we beautiful Ume river is a great way to venture out into the wild. Erik Sjöbloom, a man who has do here is a common theme - susbeen throughout his life a consertainability. It’s an important legacy from the late vator. tops of the trees, with showers and toilets. conservator Jan-Erik Sjöblom. He loved nature He was not a hunter but gathered up dead The large windows look out onto a stunning and all the forest animals and saw the big picture birds and animals which he then used for taxiand beautiful view - the river, the forests and in the little things. The very best thing in life, he dermy. He had decided that when the day came the mountains. The ecohotel and the cabins also knew, was to be outside in the woods and counthat he died, his entire collection would go to have a view of the river. tryside and to see and listen to the birds. the local municipality. As a result, Granö Beckasin has grown and - Jan-Erik’s humble attitude and amazing The friends got the idea to build a bird mutoday the company employs eleven year-round skills have inspired us in our work at Granö seum for the collection, something that both employees. During the high seasons in winter Beckasin. His favorite bird was the simple snipe Jan-Erik and the municipality thought would and summer, the number of employees is much (Beckasin) and when we asked him if we could be a good idea. Also, the group wanted to create higher. Guests come to experience Europe’s last name our company Granö Beckasin he said yes, some unique accommodation for the guests that wilderness, to hike, to ski, go dogsledding, build says Annika and continues: they hoped would come and visit from all over timber rafts and go for an adventure on the - We want our guests to feel free and see the the world. But then came the crash in the world Ume River, paddle, cycle - or just be. big picture in the little things. We want them economy in 2008-2009 and the friends had to - We usually say that you can hear the sienjoy the nature that surrounds us. We want to put the plans on hold. lence when staying with us. Our guests from help people get out into the woods and show - We wanted to build a house that looks like the continent are usually very lyrical about this, them all the beauty that exists and give them a flying snipe that one of the participants, arthey really enjoy the silence and calm, says Anexperiences that they can take home in their chitect Ted Preutz, had designed. But when the nika and continues: hearts. We simply want to share our lifestyle. If crash came we had to put those plans on ice. - In addition, they are usually completemore people took the time to sit by an open fire But we invested in his idea of ​​the tree houses a ly taken with the food in our KRAV recognised in the woods and listen to the silence, the world few years later, says Annika. fair trade restaurant. The chefs cook all the would probably look very different. The friends formed a limited liability comfood from scratch and the ingredients are of pany and with the help of an investor started course from the region, such as moose, reindeer Text: Editorial Team to develop the idea. They took over the village’s and Arctic char. Photos: Granö Beckasin MAGAZINE SWEDEN


The home and gardens of Linnaeus

May–September Tues-Sun 11-17 www.linnaeus.uu.se

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum in Uppsala

Welcome to till Tylebäck Välkommen Tylebäck

Den Thenaturliga Natural Meeting Place mötesplatsen Möten • •Hotell • Relax • Restaurang Lunch Meetings Hotel •• Friskvård Health Care • Relax • Restaurant• • Lunch••Fest Party• •Events Events Tylebäck är en mötesplats dig who som vill få ut bästa ditt Tylebäck is a meeting place for för those want to det getmesta more och out of theav experience. arrangemang. Vi är en modern hotelloch konferensanläggning med We are a modern hotel and conference facility with exciting architecture that seamspännande arkitektur som varsamt knyter samman historia och nutid. lessly connects history with the present day. Here you can combine effectiveness with Här kombinerar du effektivitet med avkoppling i natursköna relaxation in beneficial surroundings close to both the forest and the sea. omgivningar med närhet till både skog och hav.

Our big is to facilitate your jobertbyjobb planning engaging in your stay Vårpassion stora passion är att underlätta med attand planera och genomföra er with us. We are responsive, flexible and offer a high level of service. We think a good host vistelse hos oss. Detta genom att vara lyhörda, flexibla och erbjuda en hög servicenivå. should Ett gottbe värdskap ser feature vi som ett a natural in naturligt everydayinslag life. i vår vardag.



Mittpunkten is a popular shopping centre in central Östersund and is getting ready to receive international visitors.



t is said that Östersund is exactly in the middle of Sweden. What could be better than to name the mall Mittpunkten - The Midpoint? The shopping centre in central Östersund has a wide variety of stores, a health centre, a pharmacy and its own parking garage. At Mittpunkten, you can also buy the gift card Citykortet which gives discounts at most stores in the town centre. Annette Lindow is responsible for marketing at Mittpunkten, and sees the future as bright: – We have many positive developments at the shopping centre. Mittpunkten has a large and wide variety of both small and large shops, a food store and a cafe. Recently, a health centre was also opened and since we already have a pharmacy on site, it goes without saying that we cover a large part of the local residents’ needs. – At Mittpunkten, it is very much about ‘onestop shopping’, that is, you can find everything you need under one roof, Annette continues. – We also have the city’s longest opening times, open until 7 pm every night and we are closed just three days of the year. Accessibility



There is a lovely community spirit among the staff at Mittpunkten, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere at the shopping centre. This is the staff party, that had a country theme, where the staff got to learn how to square dance to the centre’s signature song.

and convenience are also big plusses, visitors come directly into the shopping centre from our parking garage. Mittpunkten puts a lot of effort into customer-focused activities that make for an enjoyable shopping experience: – We often have fun competitions, which we follow on our social media outlets. As an example, we gave away gift cards from all our

stores in December through various competitions. The event ended with a late-night opening evening where we handed out Christmas treats, had a piano and a choir that sang Christmas carols during course of the evening. We want our customers to have as pleasant a shopping experience as possible. We have also held competitions for home game tickets to our popular


IBU World Championships Biathlon 7-17 March 2019 Be there when the best biathletes gather in the winter city of Sweden, Östersund, for the IBU World Championships Biathlon. Take part of the nail biting drama on the stands, the festive spirit and a World Championship with new drama every day.

Competition Program* Wednesday March 6 20:19 Opening ceremony Thursday March 7 16:15 Mixed Relay 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Friday March 8 16:15 Sprint Women 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza


Saturday March 9 16:30 Sprint Men 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Sunday March 10 13:45 Pursuit Women 16:30 Pursuit Men 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Tuesday March 12 15:30 Individual Women 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Wednesday March 13 16:10 Individual Men 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza football team ÖFK, which has been really appreciated. BIATHALON CHAMPIONSHIPS

One of this year’s highlights in the city of Östersund, will be the World Championship in Biathlon, which is being held from 7th to 17th March. This event attracts many thousands of visitors from all over the world to Östersund, who come to witness the exciting competitions, and cheer on their favourite competitors. In preparation for the event Mittpunkten will be staying open one hour extra on the evening of the inauguration of the World Championship, which will be held at the City Hall (Rådhuset) on 6th March at 8.19 p.m. – We have several fun events going on for both our long-distance and local visitors. There will be, among other things, a competition where

we will give away a gift card every 15 minutes between 6-8 pm and we want to create an atmosphere where everyone enjoys themselves. It is of course a great way for us to ensure that no one misses out on a visit to Mittpunkten! – Mittpunkten is as far as I know, the only shops and stores in the city that will be open longer during the Biathlon World Championships. It feels good that we are able to offer this possibility to anyone who comes to Östersund - both Swedish fans and our guests from abroad. It will be a real party! promises Annette Lindow. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Lasse Thoresson and Nestorville

Thursday March 14 17:10 Single Mixed Relay 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Saturday March 16 13:15 Relay Women 16:30 Relay Men 20:19 Medal Ceremony, Medal Plaza Sunday March 17 13:15 Mass Start Women 14:05 Medal Ceremony, the arena 16:00 Mass Start Men 16:50 Medal Ceremony, the arena 17:00 Closing Ceremony *Competition times are preliminary and times might change due to external conditions, we keep this site updated with any changes. MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Caravan Club is a non-profit association for all camping and mobile leisure lovers. The club was founded in 1958 and today has more than 29,000-member families. .


Animals and plants from all around the world

My name is Mr Nilsson

ADD VALUE TO YOUR LEISURE TIME. – Become one of us today! You are welcome to join a lovely group of member families who share your mobile leisure interest. Your membership card Caravan Club is loaded with many nice benefits that can add value to your leisure time.



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10-18 12-18

Experiences Upplevelser

Surrounded by nature Fyrklöverns Stugby (which translates to The Four-Leaf Clover Holiday village) is a real idyll - both in winter and during the summer. There is both downhill and cross country skiing available, as well as lovely hiking and cycling trails. And when lake Siljan freezes, you can skate out for a spin on the ice. After all that action, maybe there will be a rumble in your stomach, what better than to grab a bite to eat and take in the view at Sweden’s longest wooden pier.


yrklöverns Stugby is surrounded by beautiful nature, just a few kilometers away is a popular 18-hole golf course and opposite is a summer toboggan run, which is something you don’t see very often, one of few of its kind. In short, Fyrklövern it is a great place to stay! - It is really quiet and peaceful, close to nature with a fantastic view over lake Siljan. Then there are the many activities you can try when you are here, says Per Mårshagen at Fyrklöverns Stugby. - Now, in the winter, for example, you can go



skiing down Rättvik’s slalom slopes, which is quite close by. Rättvik is a fairly small and cosy ski resort that is great if you are a beginner or traveling as a family with smaller children. - You can easily get to Orsa Grönklitt or Sälen by car, if you want a bit more of a challenge on the slopes. And of course, we have excellent opportunities for long-distance cross-country skiing right here in the local area. Does it get fully booked in the cabins during the school holidays? - Yes, there are usually many families who come and visit us then. Especially during the race week (Vasalopp), when there are many people going out on the skiing tracks. Many people choose to stay with us, even though the

race takes place about 40 kilometers away. It’s a bit calmer here, and that is something appreciated by many. Additionally, we are about half the price for the accommodation, when compared to the larger ski resorts. What else is there to discover in the area around Rättvik and Siljan? - There are several nice hiking and cycling trails that go through the forests. You can rent a bike direct from us and then it is just a case of heading out on an adventure in the wonderful nature. - And as soon as the ice is thick enough on lake Siljan, there are great opportunities for adventures in a fantastic winter wonderland environment. It is something that is extremely appreciated - both by our local population and


by all who come and visit us, continues Per Mårshagen. - There is a small non-profit organisation in the area that plows the ice and makes sure that it is nice to go out on. Taking a trip out on ice skates is really something I can recommend! You need to tell us more about the summer toboggan run. It sounds like fun! - Yes, it really is a fun experience. It is located on the same slalom slope that is used for skiing in the winter, so in this way the slope is used all year round. Then you have Dalhalla just a few kilometers away. It must also be a popular day trip destination. - Yes, it really is. Dalhalla has become very well-known, even internationally, as a concert and theatre venue, artists from all over the world have visited over the years. Many people who want to experience one of these events choose to stay with us, continues Per Mårshagen. Also, you can boast about what is probably the world’s longest wooden pier. - Yes, it’s really amazing. The pier is a total of 628 meters long, and truly worth a visit. Lake Siljan is very shallow, so the pier was built in 1895 to enable the steamboats to load easily. - And right next to the pier is a cosy restau-

rant, where you can grab a bite or enjoy a coffee after a walk out on the pier. From the restaurant there is a fantastic view of lake Siljan and the beautiful wooden pier. - There is also a long sandy beach close by, so during the summer months it is an excellent place to take a dip in the lake. That is, if you prefer not to have a refreshingly cold winter dip! concludes Per Mårshagen with a smile. Text: Tony Manieri Phoro: Fyrklöverns Stugby FYRKLÖVERNS STUGBY FACTS During the summer months, Siljan and its wonderful nature invite you to experience the glorious outdoors.

Founded in 1964, it’s the first holiday village in the area around Siljan. Fyrklövern has 80 cottages with 3-6 beds. They are 21-46m2 and are equipped for self-catering. The centre of Siljan and Rättvik is about 1.5 km away. A service facility with reception, kiosk, laundry, sauna, & solarium is available on site.

The facilities are located in the middle of the holiday village and provide many amenities.

Conference room available.



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THE PROVINCE OF DALARNA is in central Sweden with its western edge bordering Norway in the Swedish mountains. Dalarna seems to get first dibs on imagery that is considered more Swedish than ABBA and IKEA combined. A redpainted cottage, glimmering lake in the foreground, deep forest in the background. Dalarna. The brightly-coloured model Dala Horse. Dalarna. Happy Swedes sporting traditional dress, celebrating midsummer, dancing around a maypole. Dalarna. If you add in the fact that Dalarna has the perfect natural environment for hiking, skiing, cycling, skating, canoeing and a host of other outdoor activities, you’ll understand why Dalarna is the Swedes’ favourite holiday destination.

→ visitdalarna.se/en





Gustavsberg – A Swedish Classic

Gustavsberg’s Porcelain Factory was founded in 1825 and has been in continuous operation ever since. All of the production takes place in the factory’s red brick building in Gustavsberg, just east of Stockholm, and a large part of the production is done by hand. Many famous artists have contributed to the design of the products, such as Siv and Stina Juhlin, Stig Lindberg, Ingegerd Råman, Margareta Hennix and Signe Persson Melin.


arie Bohjort, CEO, is the fourth generation to work at the classic porcelain factory. Even as a child she observed the production and has seen many classics designs born. – We have the privilege of representing many famous designers, not least Stig Lindberg, who is a timeless artist and designer. SWEDISH AND HANDMADE

Everything that is produced at Gustavsberg is done by hand, and this has been true since the start, almost 200 years ago. Our resellers are spread all over the country and much of the world, with Japan being one of the largest markets. – In Japan, they have always had a good eye for Swedish design and it is something we of course think is very nice, says Marie Bohjort. ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS

– We have noticed a big interest among our customers in the environment, how transportation is handled and a preference that things should be locally produced where possible. This is an ethos that has always been close to our hearts and thus coincides well with the customers’ wishes. – There are more and more restaurants, hotels and customers who like to see porcelain being locally produced and handmade - partly for the quality, but also for environmental reasons. FEWER SERVICES

Traditionally, it has always been fashionable to collect pieces for a large porcelain table service. This is something we see less of today. – In general, our customers are more interested in mixing things up a little and thus creating their own individual collection of porcelain.


When Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel married in 2007, Gustavberg was commissioned to create pieces of specially monogramed porcelain. Something which we have done in the past through the years, but which was still a great honour. – Today, we no longer make ornamental goods, but focus exclusively on high quality household porcelain. Gustavberg has deliberately chosen to keep to the classic models, where famous artists have created many timeless designs. – Stig Lindberg’s design is something that is always high up on the sales list. We regularly produce new collections of the classics, such as Berså, Adam, Salix and others. They are still going strong, and are extremely appreciated by our customers. NEW COLLECTIONS

Gustavsberg often presents new variations and colour options of the classic designs, which is a way to retain the traditional favourites while simultaneously creating something new. – Our customers love the classic designs, but there is also something new and exciting in sometimes working with new colours and design. So, there are always new classics from Gustavsberg. YOUR OWN DESIGN

Many artists choose to cooperate with the factory on their own designs, and at Gustavsberg there is every opportunity to get creative. – Companies, book publishers and private persons can order their own designs to be printed on porcelain. It can be in conjunction with a wedding, anniversary or other special occasions. It is something that we are happy to help with, concludes Marie Bohjort. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Gustavsberg’s Porcelain Factory

GUSTAVSBERG’S HISTORY 1955 - The great home exhibition H55 in Hälsingborg, became the highlight of the decade. It was here, Stig Lindberg’s Spisa Ribb was presented together with the flameproof Terma goods. 1949 - Stig Lindberg superseded Wilhelm Kåge as artistic director. In the 1950’s, the designers broke through into Swedish homes. 1937 – The family business was sold by the Odelberg family to Kooperativa Förbundet. In 1939, the production of sanitary porcelain started and a few years later even plastic products and in 1948 they manufactured enameled bath tubs. 1917 – At the home exhibition at Liljevalsks, Wilhelm Kåge emerged as the artistic director at Gustavsberg’s Factory. 1900 – Around the turn of the century, Allmoge began to be painted at Gustavsberg and has since then appeared in different variations and with different names until today, where it is still being manufactured. 1895 – Gunnar G:son Wennerberg was hired as a pattern drawer and artistic director. His collection for the large Stockholm exhibition in 1897, with a bright floral pattern inspired by the Swedish nature was something completely new. The factory, which then had about 900 employees, was electrified. One of Gunnar Wennerberg’s designs, Lijekonvalj, is still included in the range today. 1870 – The Blå Blom coffee service began to be manufactured. 1864 – Big news: FINE BONE CHINA. The Gustavsberg’s factory was one of the first in Europe, outside of England, that managed to learn the difficult art of producing fine bone china and is still one of the very few manufacturers of porcelain’s white gold. 1839 – The first anchor mark was introduced on their porcelain, the one that continues today. The factory then had about 150 employees, of which there were several Englishmen who taught the technique with copper-printed designs. 1827 – The first Creamware objects were produced, with tableware the basis of the production. The first ones were completely undecorated or hand painted with very simple designs. There were about 50 employees at this time. 1825 – A factory for ‘All sorts of Porcelain’ is being built in Farstalandet in Värmdö.



the accordion of the future

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Scenic lakeside experiences at Toftasjön


oftastrand is a family owned property hotel and pastry shop, which started in 1993. The business began in small scale with garden café, room rental and catering to for example weddings and parties. From the beginning there were nine rooms in the main building, as well as two cottages right on the seafront. In 2014 the hotel was expanded with twelve double rooms, with its own terrace, and several with lake views. - We want to offer our guests a peaceful and quiet relaxing environment, where we work for great food, made of ingrediencies from the region. All cooked and baked from scratch, says Inger Svensson. VILLA VIKS DINERS

When the neighboring house Villa Vik was for sale, came the possibility of expanding, and the majority of the restaurant business was moved to the beautifully located villa. CHRISTINAS NILSSON’S VILLA VIK

The branches are cracking when the horse’s skate, rolls forward on the gravel-road up towards the house. A woman rises, goes up the stairs and slowly opens the heavy oak doors of Villa Vik. The woman is our greatest opera singer ever, and it is here she retires after her amazing career. Christina Nilsson or Countess Casa de Miranda, as she was also called, was the poor girl from Snugge who conquered the world with her talented voice. Now, a hundred years later, the family welcomes you to Villa Vik’s Dining Rooms, which they have carefully renovated and restored to a top-class restaurant and conference facility at scenic Toftasjön. Text: Jonny Bothin Photo: FB, Nina Johansson




Steam locomotive with a time machine

In 1959, a few railway enthusiasts began to run steam locomotives with 600mm track-width on a brickworks railroad outside Södertälje. This was Sweden’s first Railway Museum, and it was called Östra Södermanlands Railroad, ÖSlJ.


n 1964, SJ ended its traffic route Mariefred - Leggesta. ÖSlJ then had the opportunity to take over and rebuild the 11-kilometre-long track to 600mm slim track and started traffic for the public. By the late 1990s, the state railway between Södertälje and Eskilstuna was built. In connection with this, ÖSlJ was able to acquire the disused Nedesta-Taxinge-Näsby route, which was then rebuilt to the 600mm track width. Today, ÖSlJ runs passenger traffic every day during the summer season and on Saturdays and Sundays during spring and autumn. THE SLIMMEST TRACKS

The Museum Association Östra Södermanland Railway is a non-profit association that works with collecting, renovating, preserving and operating show- locomotives and wagons from the country’s slimmest railways, those with 600- mm track width. There have been seven such railways with passenger traffic in Sweden, but also many industrial railroads. The first of the seven was the Kosta-Lessebo Railroad, which opened in 1888. The 600-mm track with



passenger traffic had its golden period in the early 20th century. Most closed down in the 1930’s when competition from buses and cars became too strong. BREAKFAST WITH KING OSCAR II OF SWEDEN

The station in Mariefred is built in Art Nouveau style, and at the inauguration of the railroad between Mariefred and Leggesta on 30th September 1895, King Oscar II had lunch in the waiting room. The station house currently has the railway operation on the ground floor and the library and staff areas upstairs. The station clock, a clock with a pendulum, was made in 1893 for Jönköping-Gripenberg Railway. Before it came to Mariefred in 1966, the clock could be found at the Jönköping East Station. The station house in Leggesta was also built in 1895 in a style that was then common for smaller stations in the countryside regions. ÖSlJ has restored the station and returned the waiting room to its former glory. IT’S OWN TICKET PRINTING

Taxinge Näsby station was also built in 1895 but a stepped gable fashion from Skåne. The then owner of Taxinge Castle, the Earl Arvid Posse,

Nostalgia from Skåne, paid for the station house and let his son Fredrik Posse, a well-known railway builder, to influence the drawings. In the house, ÖSlJ own ticket shop is installed and outside is an old-fashioned semaphore. LIKE A TIME MACHINE

If you travel on the railway, there is a spoken route description via a mobile app. Through the app ”Time Machine”, the traveller receives a continuous description of what you see through the train window on the trip between Mariefred and Taxinge. An unexpectedly modern meeting between past and present. TEXT: Marie Tillman PHOTO: Östra Sörmlands Järnväg


ÖSlJ has about 1500 members who support the business with its annual fees. About 130 of them work actively and voluntarily on the track with traffic and with the renovation and maintenance of the materials in their workshops. ÖSlJ has eleven steam locomotives, nine engine locomotives, an electric accumulator locomotive, a multiple-unit train, 17 passenger cars and over 30 goods wagons. Most of the equipment is in working condition. More information about the passenger carrying 600-track can be found at an exhibition at the Jernvägscaféet, on the wall panels in the station house in Mariefred.




The Ice Hotel




Jukkasjärvi A Life-enriching moment. A hotel and an art exhibition made from the ice of the Torne river that changes its form as it is rebuilt each year. A place to discover the silence, the Northern Lights, glistening snow-clad forests, Arctic char, wild berries, reindeer, coffee and much more. Photos: Asaf Kliger and Lars Lindh
















Can a hotel be locally produced? If a hotel can be called locally produced, then we would like to say that Blommenhof Hotel has good intentions to be just that. The hotel has a great location, local to everything that may be of interest to the traveller, everything is within close proximity. NykoĚˆping has a small-town charm, and the hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the city centre and 800 meters from the central station. If you are travelling from farther afield, you have Skavsta Airport just 5 km away. 44




f a hotel can be called locally produced, then we would like to say that Blommenhof Hotel has good intentions to be just that. The hotel has a great location, local to everything that may be of interest to the traveller, everything is within close proximity. Nyköping has a small-town charm, and the hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the city centre and 800 meters from the central station. If you are travelling from farther afield, you have Skavsta Airport just 5 km away. There are many great experiences on offer very close to the hotel. Nyköping has a water park, ski slope, shopping and many events at the Rosvalla Arena / stadium. In the vicinity, you will also find the adventure centre Boda Borg, the largest zoo in the Nordic region

Kolmården and Tom Tits Experiment. If you like to have the nature and forest just outside the door, you’ll find it here. It cannot be any closer to Sörmlandsleden, it truly is on the doorstep! You will find maps at the reception and if you wish, you can take advantage of our hiking package. If you just want to stroll or start the day meeting the morning air in the woods on a short trek then there is the nice trail forest at the hotel. ENVIRONMENT AND LOCALLY PRODUCED

Blommenhof is operated as much as possible with solar energy. The hotel is, of course, also Swan-labelled, which means that they constantly think about materials they use, using locally produced goods and suppliers in the immediate area. Blommenhof also works with raw ingredients in the kitchen, locally produced and organic products. They want to do things

from scratch, and serve something that they can be proud of and hopefully as our guest, you will experience the food as delightful. A PLACE TO MEET

There are many who choose to rent the whole hotel. The concept brings together wedding parties, celebrity celebrations and business conferences that want to focus on meetings outside the daily life. School vacations gather families for adventure, play and treats. The hotel also offers a relaxing calm retreat for couples on romantic weekends. Welcome to a hotel where staff work closely with the guest for joy, quality and personal attention. - We want to do well in everything we do and provide something that we can be proud of. Text: Marie Fleetwood Photo: Blommenhof MAGAZINE SWEDEN



Travel the Inlandsbanan The Inland Line (Inlandsbanan) is very unique. Whereas other trains stop in the middle of a town, the Inland Line drops you in the middle of an adventure. Cycle along forest trails, pitch your tent under the midnight sun, make coffee over an open fire, fish, and keep an eye out for the odd moose. Welcome aboard!




Big picture: The wilderness of Dorotea. Photo: Håkan Wike. Above: Travel with The Inland Line through the snowcovered landscape. Photo: Peter Rosén. Top Right: Experience the wonder of the midnight sun. Photo: Håkan Wike. Middle Right: Join the train in the midst of nature. Photo: Håkan Wike. Bottom Right: Take a fly fishing course at the water’s edge. Photo: Sofia Klasson.


he Inland Line is a 1,288-kilometre railway line between Kristinehamn in the south and Gällivare in the north. It’s a wonderful trip into the Swedish inland, where sparkling lakes, babbling streams, proud pine trees and exotic animals play a big part of the experience. MagazineSweden meets Eva Palmgren, Acting Head of Destination Inlandsbanan (to give it its Swedish name) for a talk about this centuries-old cultural treasure.

Northern Sweden and the arctic region are on the bucketlist of many travelers. Maybe more people should go to Sweden and book a trip with Inlandsbanan to experience the iconic wonders of the north? – I absolutely agree, says Eva. You will get to see a fantastic and beautiful part of Sweden whilst traveling very comfortably. Come and experience the stillness and silence, magic views, fresh air and midnight sun. You will find adventure, hiking and cycling trails, fantastic fishing waters and a rich wildlife. You can also participate in one of the many festivals that are held every year along the track and experience the rich cultural life and Sami history. Jump on one of the mountain buses and get further up into the mountain range.

Or just sit back and relax and enjoy the dramatic scenery through the train window and the soothing clackety-clack of the rails. – During the trip, the train passes over the Arctic circle, which for many is a dream come true, says Eva Palmgren. She continues: – There is a nice coffeeshop on-board the train, but a big part of the enjoyment of traveling on The Inland Line is to get off the train and experience the area. Eat local food, meet the locals and get a closer look at Norrland. You can choose to stay overnight at different places and jump on the train again the following day, depending on what you would like to do. It’s possible to stay in a four-star hotel or even pitch your own tent. Many choose to stay to look at local craftworks or go to a museum. Others are looking forward to fishing in a Norrland river or just go walking and experience the nature and wildlife up close. There is so much to discover along the way. It must also feel special to travel on a single-track railway, almost like train journeys of the olden days. – Absolutely! And because The Inland Line runs on a line of its own, we do not need to consider the regular train traffic. We are the only company in the country that run trains, manages the rails and arranges journeys. It gives us unique opportunities to offer trips based on our own criteria. If you want to jump on or off the train at a milking stool in the

middle of the forest for example, it can usually be arranged. We do not need to consider any other trains waiting behind us. It gives us a unique flexibility and helps to create the feeling that it is a special thing to travel with us. – You could say that it is the train trip itself that is the attraction and the end station of your journey is secondary. We are in many ways the opposite of a mode of transport that runs between points A and B as quickly as possible. – Of course, we also run to a timetable, but it often happens, for example, that the driver must stop because of reindeer on the track. When this happens, we wait patiently until they move off back into the forest and it sometimes takes a while. But this is all part of the experience and even an exciting experience for many of our travelers. It’s something that contributes to the charm of traveling with us. – Most people want to see reindeer and wildlife. We have seen elk, wolves and bears during our trips. And lots of birds of prey. What is the future for The Inland Line? – There is an increasing fascination in discovering Swedish Lapland and Northern Sweden, as well as an interest in rail journeys, so the future for Inlandsbanan is bright, concludes Eva Palmgren. Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Inlandsbanan MAGAZINE SWEDEN


Culture history

Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn How did Alfred Nobel actually come to Karlskoga? And why does Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn play such an important role in the Nobel Prize? Did you know that the prize very nearly did not come about?


lfred Nobel is mainly remembered as the father of dynamite and as the creator of the world’s most prestigious award - the Nobel Prize. Alfred was a multifaceted innovator and a global citizen with companies throughout the world. In the 1870’s he settled in Paris, which became his permanent residence in between his many travels. After conflicts with the French state, Nobel moved to San Remo in Italy, where he tested cannons by shooting them straight into the Mediterranean, this was not appreciated by the people in the local neighbourhood. Alfred therefore searched for a place where he could both experiment with the cannons and test shoot them without any problem and found the solution in Karlskoga, where he bought AB Bofors-Goldspång



in 1894. Björkborn mansion was included in the purchase and this became his last Swedish home when he died 1896. The place plays an important role in the amazing history of how the Nobel Prize came about. When Alfred’s famous testament was read, Karlskoga and Björkborn came into focus. Complicated legal negotiations were required to determine where he had his permanent residence. Was it in Paris where he had left his magnificent apartment? Or maybe in San Remo where he owned a big private villa? If the testament had been dealt with under French law, it would probably have been rejected for formal reasons and the entire legacy would had gone to Nobel’s relatives. Due to his three Russian Orlov stallions being in the stables at Björkborn, the courts agreed that he had his residence in Karlskoga. Now it was possible to perform Alfred Nobel’s last wishes and the first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901.

At Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn you can see Alfred’s last Swedish home, admire his personal belongings and his library. In the laboratory there is a lot of his original equipment, as well as exhibitions about his business and inventions. The museum offers guided tours all year round, with regular tours from June through to August. If you are hungry there is a café that serves light lunches and coffee. Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn is a perfect getaway for those who want to enjoy the exciting story of Alfred Nobel in a beautiful cultural environment. Text: Anna Ekberg Photo: Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn


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– the natural meetingplace



Experiences ‘See you at the seaside’ is the perfect expression for Tylebäck Hotel and Conference. Tylebäck is located eight kilometres from Halmstad city centre, between Tylösand and Frösakull, and a short walk from Kattegatts salt water bathing and famous sandy beaches.


t’s only 150 km to both Gothenburg and Malmö, with direct train connections from Copenhagen and a flight to Stockholm in less than an hour, so the hotel is perfectly placed for most of us in Sweden. Here you can combine effectiveness with relaxation in an environment surrounded by nature. Out on the terrace you hear chirping birdsong and the salty scent of the sea fills the air. Our stressed-out guests soon feel a sense of calm overtake them! - We have a great location here in the coastal forest, without doubt it’s the environment that is our main selling point, says Mats Petersson at Tylebäck Hotel & Conference. Being close to the sea, also gives the area a special light, which is extremely beautiful. And in addition to the fantastic environment, you are also involved in the local art scene? - That’s right. We arrange something called Halmstad Art, which is an exhibition of seven Halmstad artists. For some years now, we have been able to offer our guests a special cultural experience, which we are very happy about. It is also something that is very much appreciated by our guests, continues Mats Petersson.

out onto the terrace and slip into the spa-pool and take in the sky. Maybe something good to drink with that, maybe a little Champagne? Just place an order and then sit back and enjoy life. Now that’s love and commitment for the guest experience, something the staff at this hotel are passionate about! LOCALLY PRODUCED INGREDIENTS

The surrounding area around Nyrebäcken have wonderful and inviting walks.

The rooms are bright and modern.


For those guests who want to get active, beautiful hiking trails and lovely cycling paths are available, as well as the close proximity to the sea and salt water bathing. There are many gems to seek out and visit and our staff will be happy to give tips on how to find them. Many guests choose a to take a walk or bike ride along Prince Bertil’s path, where you can enjoy the nature and bird song in the lush forest that follows the coast all the way into Halmstad. A good night’s sleep is important and in our hotel rooms guests are peacefully lulled by whispering pine trees and the relaxing nature outside. Each room has a terrace or patio, ideal for the first morning coffee or an evening drink. A visit to the fully equipped gym is also popular and many guests comment on it being the best hotel gym they have been to, with generous opening hours that suit most people.

And if the mood takes you, you can take a dip in Tjuvahålan!

The kitchen puts great effort into finding locally produced ingredients for the best taste experience.

- You can definitely do that. Tjuvahålan is a small bay good for bathing that got its name from smugglers who brought goods in under the cover of darkness. It was so popular amongst smugglers that the Customs Agency actually built a large house very close by in order to have a better overview of their illegal activities. When the smuggling eventually ceased, the house was converted into a holiday home for the Customs Agency’s staff, says Mats Petersson. RESTFUL EXPERIENCE

A hotel stay at Tylebäck Hotel & Conference is a relaxing and restful experience for every guest, just like a dream. - It is something we really put great effort into. Many guests tell us that they feel a calmness descend in their souls as soon as they arrive into the area, concludes Mats Petersson. When you check out, it will be with a smile and a desire to come back soon!


For those who just want to take it easy and relax, it might be better with spending some time in the relaxation area, where bodies can be gently relieved in our soft and calming massage chairs. Afterwards it is nice to sweat it out in the sauna for a while and to finish off, wander

Food is also important for feeling good and the restaurant serves dishes that are attractive both to the eye and palate. Tylebäck’s chef is fantastic and shows off his skills with spices and the best ingredients, using locally produced ingredients as often as possible. During the summer evenings he moves out the kitchen and onto the terrace so that guests can enjoy freshly grilled delicacies from the barbeque. In terms of accommodation, there are 70 fresh twin rooms, each with its own terrace or patio. Our golf houses are another option, they consist of four double rooms with a shared common kitchen & living room, perfect for golfers or family gatherings! - We are constantly working to make Tylebäck more attractive all year round - even during the winter season. There are lovely hiking trails that take on a special character during the winter months, the gym is large and well equipped, and our yoga passes are very popular.

At Tylebäck: chill out in the relaxation area with a refreshing drink.

Text: Tony Manieri Photo: Tylebäck Hotel & Conference





The fortress from the cold war Experience the adventure at the Siknäsfort, a top-secret fortress from the time of the cold war. Situated at 60 meters above sea level, overlooking the astounding Töre fjord.





he fortress of Siknäs is nuclear proof and situated only a few kilometres from the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea. When you arrive at the Siknäsfort you will be met by guides who will take you through a tunnel, which was designed to deflect shock waves from the entrance of the fort. Blasted into the mountain you will find four floors to be explored. There, among the preserved installations, you will find the museums exhibitions, which in an illustrative and interesting way will give you

an understanding of the Siknäs fortress – the northern lock during the cold war. THE SUMMER OF 1987

Somebody reports a frogman coming up from the calm water. Out of several hundred observations 15 are reliable, and the conclusion this time is that a submarine has entered the inlet, declared the intelligence officer of Kalix defence area. Helicopters are dropping explosives and antisubmarine grenades to force the intruder to surface. What is the result? Did they find a submarine? The mini submarine Spiggen II, is now placed in Töre harbour as a memory of the dramatic weeks.


Visit Töre harbour which has played an important role of the military history in the area. You can have a look at the Swedish mini-submarine Spiggen II and from the autumn 2018 a gun tower masked as a summer cottage. You can also get a certificate as evidence for your visit to the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea. Text: Editorial team Photo: Siknäsfortet


The nuclear proof fortress of Siknäs in Töre is situated a few kilometres from the northernmost point of the Baltic sea. VISITING TIMES

During the summer the fort is open for everyone. Opening hours 27/6 –19/8 Wednesday-Sunday between 11.00-16.00 Groups are welcome all year.




The Charm of Camping is at the Heart of Caravan Club The nomadic lifestyle has long held a certain magic and charm. The first caravans came about when people wanted more comfort as they struck out on more adventurous trips. Simple horse drawn carriages with some simple furnishings gave a more comfortable journey and also increased one’s status.


hen the motorcar came into play, the modern caravan was born and a few years later, the first motorhomes soon followed. They were often just secondhand company vehicles with a simple, home-made interior. - Parallel to this, Caravan Club of Sweden was born and today it is Sweden’s largest organisation for all who love the mobile leisure lifestyle, says Börje Svärdström, president of the association, which last year celebrated its 60-year anniversary. Sweden is Europe’s caravan capital and for the last few years more motorhomes have been sold than caravans here. - On social media, we are clearly seeing that there is a huge interest in summer camping, also amongst young people, says Börje. Can anyone recommend a camping site close by? Has anyone visited this place? How was the camp-



site and surroundings? Is it good for the kids? - In Facebook groups and on forums, new campers search for tips on what they should think about as new caravan owners. What do we have to bring with us and is there something that is especially important to remember? they ask. There is an easy way to get the answers to all these questions, says Börje: Join Caravan Club. One main reason is the association’s 34 campsites. Caravan Club of Sweden is actually Sweden’s largest campsite owner. Quite a few members have a seasonal pitch at one of the Caravan Club campsites. - But most just roll, that is, take their caravan or motorhome for exploration and adventure both in Sweden and abroad in Europe, explains Börje. - And don’t hesitate to hit the road! Campers are usually incredibly friendly helpful people. More the merrier! Today, Caravan Club has almost 30,000 member-families. This means that up to 100,000 people see Caravan Club as a way to enjoy a richer leisure time.

- Sometimes this can be meant literally, says Börje. Through the association you get discounts on everything from camping fees and ferries to fuel and accessories. In addition, there are many who think that our insurance is very affordable and competitive. Börje describes the magic of the moment when you lock the front door, start the engine and roll away. So, what is it that is so amazing? - It differs of course, but among other things it’s the opportunity to return to a fantastic place, where the children and adults alike found new friends, and who, together made wonderful summer memories. Perhaps it is the experience of that first summer as a camper, which we now get the chance to relive all over again. - Welcome to camping life and a wonderful holiday! Text and picture: Håkan Johansson



META ROOS OCH TRIO X • AMONG OTHERS Världsarvsjazzen är en festival i det lilla formatet för dig som gillar vacker miljö, Världarvsjazzen is a small andoch intimate festival whohälsingenaturen, enjoy beautiful god mat och riktigt bra jazz folkmusik. Här for är those allt nära; surroundings, good food and really good jazz and folk music. Everything is close världsarvet, maten och framför allt; artisterna och musiken. at hand, nature, heritage, food and best of all, the artists and the music. Find information on artists, tickets, festival bus Mer more information om artister, biljetter, avgångstider för festivalbussar med mera finns på www.varldsar vsjazzen.se departure times at www.varldsarvsjazzen.se



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MagazineSweden issue no 1 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...

MagazineSweden issue no 1 2019  

Magazinesweden is published 10 times a year. Are you on vacation or visit any event in Sweden you read Magazinesweden . In the magazine we h...


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