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10 x approx. 60 Minutes

Unsolved Murders. Forbidden Love. Europe in Turmoil. Anno 1790 is an innovative take on crime drama in which the hero is a controversial surgeon and police commissioner who uses unconventional means to solve murder cases during the Age of Enlightenment. The TV series of 10 x approx. 60 minute episodes is set in a time when Europe was undergoing great changes. The French revolution had taken place – a beacon of hope to the freethinkers across Europe, and a great threat to the reactionaries and those in power. Anno 1790 is a 200-year-old modern crime story and shows life as it was in 18th century Stockholm. It was a city where tumbledown buildings stood alongside stately manors, and whores and beggars walked the same streets as rich merchants and noble women. The murder cases and the methods of solving them differ from those of our time. But the motives stay the same: revenge, greed, love, jealousy and politics. The main character Dåådh is a modern man with modern problems. He is a “closet revolutionary” who often finds himself in danger because of his views. He is torn between loyalties and is struggling with his forbidden love to Magdalena Wahlstedt, the wife of Dåådh’s boss, the police chief constable. May the truth prevail…

Who is Johan Gustav Dåådh? Trained physician, endlessly curious about science, people and life. He has a strong passion for gender equality and justice, and wants to see a better life for everyone, which is what drives him to take on the job of district commissioner – in order to gain power to improve society. Quick and impulsive, impatient at times. He has a hard time controlling his scathing sense of humour, which at times borders on insolence. He beats his own path and cannot blindly take orders without questioning them. Hardworking, methodical, and incredibly stubborn. Good humoured for the most part, and fond of women, likes a drink but always in moderation. An eager supporter of revolution, but doesn’t want it to be achieved through violence. As a child of the enlightenment, he is sceptical of religion. If he believes in anything, it is the inherent goodness of mankind, despite the harsh world that surrounds him.

Who is Simon Freund? Brought up in an atmosphere of pietistic religiosity, a true believer, with a good education that has allowed him to make a living as a tutor, over the past few years primarily for the chief constable’s children; a job that he combines with being Dåådh’s assistant. Freund is very wary of the opposite sex, burned by previous experiences. His lodestars in life are the Bible and the bottle. A chronic alcoholic possessed of a strong conviction that the Lord controls everything that happens in this world – and in the next. Concerned about his master Dåådh’s lack of respect for matters holy, but very attached to him, despite being in many ways his master’s opposite.

Who is Magdalena Wahlstedt? Raised in a wealthy merchant family. Wanted more out of life than to be married off, defied her parents and studied to become a midwife. As such she worked among the poor women of the city who viewed her as their benefactor. This frightened off most of the young men of the city, however, with the exception of deputy judge Carl Fredrik Wahlstedt, who after a year of courting her became her husband – and the chief constable. They have two children and are happy together, even if it has forced Magdalena to give up her duties as midwife. She is dutiful, an able and diligent housekeeper, as well as a good mother and wife.

Who is Carl Fredrik Wahlstedt? Competent bureaucrat, blindly loyal to the king, who has done him the honour of naming him chief constable. Quite conventional in his disposition, but can sometimes act impulsively, such as when he recommends Dåådh to be district commissioner. Wahlstedt is very much in love with his wife, and sees her and their children as his life’s blessing. He is happy to hand over the more routine aspects of the police work to his subordinates, and dreams of taking his next step up the career ladder: to become advisor to the King and a Knight of the Order of the Seraphim. But behind his warm and jovial demeanour, stands a powerful man who does not hesitate to strike, hard and relentlessly when necessary.

Episode 1

Between Blood and Lilacs Barber-surgeon Johan Gustav Dåådh returns

surprise, he is offered the position of district

to Stockholm from the war in Finland.

commissioner, i.e. police inspector. Dåådh’s

He’s taking a patient, Simon Freund, to chief

first reaction is to turn it down, since he’s a

constable Wahlstedt’s home, where Freund

political radical and objects to the injustices in

has been working as a tutor. But there Dåådh’s

society. But when he realises that Magdalena

life takes an unexpected turn. For one thing,

believes in him, he decides to accept the job,

he falls head over heels in love – with the

with Simon Freund as his assistant. Johan

chief constable’s wife Magdalena – and also

Gustav Dåådh’s intention is to use his new

becomes involved in solving a murder case,

position of power to try and make a difference

which he does so successfully that, to his

– in the name of justice.

Directed by Rickard Petrelius • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 2

The Perfumed Pistol A shop owner is found dead with a knife in his

angle – and reaches a surprising conclusion.

chest. A man has been caught seemingly red

One of Dåådh’s radical friends from the old

handed, but Dåådh is not satisfied with what

days needs his protection, but their meeting

seems to be the obvious solution, and instead

ends in tragedy that suddenly makes Dåådh

tackles the problem from a completely different

the focus of a vengeful woman’s rage.

Directed by Rickard Petrelius • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 3

Fickle Woman Libellous pamphlets against the king are

woman, and, after a few more gruesome

being distributed around town. When Dåådh

murders are committed, Dåådh realises

is going to interrogate the person who printed

that the old adage holds true: hell hath no

them, the man is found murdered, his skull

greater fury than a woman scorned.

crushed in his own printing press. Dåådh’s

This is just as true of Märta Raxelius, who is

investigation brings him in contact with a

convinced that Dåådh killed her brother and

beautiful and radical young French

will stop at nothing to get her revenge.

Directed by Levan Akin • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 4

Good Evening, Beautiful Mask! A cunning burglar is wreaking havoc in

Dåådh is offered help from the renowned

Stockholm. As the panic spreads, Dåådh

hypnotist Cagliostori, who happens to be

is under great pressure to apprehend this

performing in the city. Dåådh allows himself

masked thief, who is known to be both

to be hypnotised, falls asleep – and wakes

dangerous and violent. He is close to

up in a most unpleasant situation where his

getting caught, but escapes, whereupon

very life is in danger.

Directed by Levan Akin • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 5

The Wages of Sin Is Death A bomb explodes in one of Stockholm’s

manner – then suddenly another murder

packed coffee houses. Dåådh’s investigation

takes place that demands his attention.

of the attack is interrupted by an order for him

A respected priest in the state church is found

to put a stop to the illegal church services held

burned to death. Dåådh starts to sense that

by a pietistic congregation – of which Simon

there is an unexpected link between the two

Freund is secretly a member. No sooner has

murders, and that the perpetrator could be

Dåådh taken care of this crisis – in his own

found in unsettlingly close proximity…

Directed by Levan Akin • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 6

A Toast to the Scaffold One of Dåådh’s old radical comrades is

Dåådh soon realises that his enemy Märta

accused of treason and hung on the square.

Raxelius must be involved in the theft of

His body is going to be donated to Uppsala

the body. But two more murders take place,

University to undergo dissection for the

and it becomes clear to Dåådh that someone

advancement of medical science.

is ready to kill indiscriminately in order to

But the body instantly disappears, and the

prevent him from uncovering the dangerous

two students who were sent to take possession

truth he has got wind of. And before he

of it are found murdered.

realises it, his own life is also in danger.

Directed by Kristina Humle • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 7

The Blind Hand of Fate A number of children are found dead in the

is chosen to carry out the drawing in the

great piles of excrement and rubbish that line

Number Lottery, a popular event where

Stockholm’s shoreline. Dåådh’s investigation

large amounts of money are in play.

leads him to the Great Orphanage, but there

And to Dåådh’s dismay and anger he is

they claim to know nothing about the bodies.

forced to concede that a child’s life is worth

One of the children from the Orphanage

little when money is at stake.

Directed by Kristina Humle • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 8

The Die Is Cast A landowner is found dead in the stables

of them to the crime. Any member of

of his estate, kicked to death by his horse.

the victim’s family could have done it,

Dåådh soon determines that the tragic

but the evidence is very scanty. Then the

accident was actually a murder. He has no

chief constable intervenes and decides that

difficulty finding people who bore grudges

the law must run its full course – someone

against the victim, but is unable to tie any

has to be found guilty!

Directed by Kristina Humle • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 9

The Voices of the Dead Dåådh is invited up to Uppsala by his old

constable back in Stockholm that will

professor, who needs his help to find out who

affect Dåådh’s future. And furthermore,

poisoned one of his students. Dåådh involves

his old enemy Märta Raxelius has decided

himself in the case and quickly realises that his

to put her planned revenge into action –

own life is in danger. Someone clearly doesn’t

but rather than striking at Dåådh, the blow

like him snooping around. Meanwhile, sub-

lands on someone else altogether…

versive events take place at the home of chief Directed by Rickard Petrelius • Duration approx. 60 min.

Episode 10

A Different Kingdom Dåådh’s world has been shaken to its founda-

around, and even uncovers a crime ring with

tions. His friend Freund has disappeared

connections to the highest levels of society.

and Dåådh’s worst enemy has taken the

But suddenly he is harshly confronted by his

deathly ill chief constable’s place. Through his

own past and is forced to bargain with those in

knowledge of medicine, his courage and his

power in order to save his life. This experience

ability to see patterns in seemingly unrelated

causes him, for the first time, to seriously

events, Dåådh succeeds in turning the situation

question his future as an officer of the law.

Directed by Rickard Petrelius • Duration approx. 60 min.

Main Cast Johan Gustaf D책책dh: Simon Freund: Magdalena Wahlstedt: Carl Fredrik Wahlstedt: Nordin: M채rta Raxelius:

Peter Eggers Joel Spira Linda Zilliacus Johan H:son Kjellgren Richard Turpin Sara Turpin

Production Facts Genre: Country of Origin: Production Year: First Release: Format: Sound: Duration: International Distribution:

Crime Series Sweden 2011 September 2011 16:9 HD 5.1 10 x approx. 60 min AB Svensk Filmindustri

Crew Production Designer Composers Casting Casting Children & Youth Costume Designer

Eva Norén Patrik Berggren & David Åström Tusse Lande Catrin Wideryd Kicki Ilander


Jonas Frykberg Sara Heldt Alex Haridi

Ep. 1-2, 9-10 Ep. 3, 5-6 Ep. 4, 7-8


Tomas Blom

Ep. 3-8


Louise Brattberg Marinella Angusti Patrick Austen

Ep. 1-2, 9-10 Ep. 3-5 Ep. 6-8


Geir Hartly Andreassen Jan Jonaeus Björn Lundqvist

Ep. 1-2, 6-8 Ep. 3-5, 9-10 Ep. 9-10

Executive Producer Producer Production Company Directed by

Johan Mardell Renée Axö Pampas Produktion Rickard Petrelius Levan Akin Kristina Humle

Ep. 1-2, 9-10 Ep. 3-5 Ep. 6-8

Episode 1 •

Between Blood and Lilacs

Episode 2 •

The Perfumed Pistol

Episode 3 •

Fickle Woman

Episode 4 •

Good Evening, Beautiful Mask!

Episode 5 •

The Wages of Sin Is Death

Episode 6 •

A Toast to the Scaffold

Episode 7 •

The Blind Hand of Fate

Episode 8 •

The Die Is Cast

Episode 9 •

The Voices of the Dead

Episode 10 •

A Different Kingdom

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