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Society of St. Vincent de Paul–Cincinnati

2020 Annual Report


DEAR FRIENDS, At St. Vincent de Paul, we thought serving from our brand new Don & Phyllis Neyer Outreach Center would define the year. After years of planning, seeking support and building, we were thrilled to settle into our new space in November. We, along with other members of the Executive Committee, were accustomed to meeting monthly to discuss organizational operations. When the pandemic hit Ohio, we were in constant communication. We were making decision after decision. Our guiding principle in decision making was keeping our team and our neighbors safe. We would only continue to operate, if we could do it in a safe way. We are proud to say that our Neyer Outreach Center, home to many of our programs and services, has not shut down for a single day since the pandemic started. While our Thrift Stores did shut down for eight weeks in response to Governor DeWine’s orders, they are all open for business today and doing well. Additionally, our 54 parish-based Conferences have continued to serve neighbors in need faithfully during these challenging times.

Mike Dunn Executive Director

During this extraordinary year, St. Vincent de Paul has extended assistance to thousands of neighbors to help keep them housed, fed and healthy. Our team has been inspired by our neighbors’ resiliency, as they work to overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Equally inspiring has been the generous response from the community. Thousands of people like you have wanted to help neighbors and have trusted St. Vincent de Paul to put your support into action. You have empowered us to remain steadfast in our commitment to our neighbors. Thank you! Your generosity reminds us of Pope Francis’ recent words, “A worldwide tragedy, like the COVID-19 pandemic, momentarily revived the sense that we are a global community, all in the same boat, where one person’s problems are the problems of all. Once more we realized that no one is saved alone; we can only be saved together.” Together, our team has modified our programs and services to ensure neighbors can still access assistance. Together, we have given and received resources. Together, we look ahead with hope. This annual report is a small snapshot of what we accomplished together this year. Thank you for your faith in our mission and your commitment to helping our neighbors in need. Gratefully, Mike Dunn

Dan Long

Dan Long Cincinnati District Council President


FISCAL YEAR 2020 (October 1, 2019–September 30, 2020)


The Don & Phyllis Neyer Outreach Center opens on November 8th


More neighbors visit St. Vincent de Paul daily than ever before, thanks to the new Neyer Outreach Center




Many Conferences transition regular in-person meetings to Zoom; all Conferences remain active







West End children enjoy activities and safe trick-or-treating in our parking lot


2,940 children enjoy Christmas gifts, thanks to many partners & donors


Neyer Outreach Center closes to the public; services pivot to curbside and by phone




Beds are delivered to 50 children in need VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING BY THE OZANAM CENTER Students participate in service learning from the safety of their home this summer

AC/FAN Distribution

896 families receive a fan or AC unit to stay cool, as we all spend more time at home







MAXIMIZING MEDICINE, MULTIPLYING HOPE DOUBLE FROM A DISTANCE DAYS Celebration of Service becomes a virtual giving effort to generate support for Homelessness Prevention

In lieu of the Golf Outing, supporters give online to support the Charitable Pharmacy



Items that do not sell in our 7 Thrift Stores are now sold at even deeper discounts at our new Outlet Store

Many Vincentians continue to engage in virtual training opportunities

ESSENTIAL RESOURCES Little did we know how critical our timing would be back in 2016, when we began planning for a new outreach center and additional support for our Conferences. With the leadership of Co-Chairs, Becky Catino and Bart Kohler, over $12 million was raised to bring these plans to life through our Upward Spiral Campaign. The completion of the Campaign, opening of the Don & Phyllis Neyer Outreach Center and creation of the Ed & Joann Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund marked the very beginning of our 2020 Fiscal Year. Our ability to serve our neighbors was transformed, but little did we know to what degree until the pandemic hit. These two new resources would be critical to our continued operations and services throughout this crisis. The Don & Phyllis Neyer Outreach Center closed its

doors to the public after just four months but it has served as the perfect hub for curbside services to neighbors in need: food distribution from back doors, pharmacy refills from the side doors and seasonal items, like air conditioners and Christmas gifts, from the dock doors. The facility has also provided the necessary space for our social services and call center teams to safely work as we continue to respond to neighbors’ adapting needs for assistance. The Neyer Outreach Center has not shut down for a single day since the pandemic started. The Ed & Joann Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund has allowed Conferences to continue to provide help, like rental assistance, to neighbors throughout the pandemic. Conferences typically depend on support from parishioners to help

fund their services, but these donations simply have not been sufficient in a year when requests for assistance have increased. Conferences have relied heavily on the Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund to continue to serve neighbors in need. $344,578 in direct assistance, most commonly rental assistance, was extended to neighbors in need through the Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund, a 38% increase from Fiscal Year 2019. Call it perfect timing or divine intervention – the exact resources needed were bestowed upon St. Vincent de Paul, empowering us to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our neighbors.


HONORING BECKY CATINO AND BART KOHLER In honor of their leadership of the Upward Spiral Comprehensive Campaign and longtime involvement with St. Vincent de Paul, Becky Catino and Bart Kohler were to be honored at the annual Celebration of Service event in May. It quickly became apparent Celebration of Service could not occur, in its traditional form, in 2020. When we made the decision to cancel Celebration of Service, our largest fundraiser of the year, we knew we would need help from the community. Over $250,000 in support for our Homelessness Prevention Program (rent/utility assistance) is typically raised through this event. What we did not know was how much help we would receive. Event sponsors and generous donors formed a matching gift challenge and Double From a Distance Days, a virtual giving

effort, was launched on April 15th. Videos starring Bart and Becky and emails from our team about new needs in our community were shared with followers and friends. From April 15th –17th, over 560 supporters gave generous gifts online, totaling over $276,775. A special thanks to The Catino Family Foundation, The Heidt Family Foundation and Protective Life Corporation for their generous support of this effort. At a time when need for our services was extremely high and our Thrift Stores were shut down, Double From a Distance Days equipped us with the resources needed to sustain our pandemic response. We look forward to honoring Becky Catino and Bart Kohler at Celebration of Service 2021.


ANSWERING THE CALL The Call Center has always been on the frontlines of St. Vincent de Paul’s outreach with its neighbors. But, following the decision to suspend walk-in services last spring, the phone lines quickly became an even greater point of communication between St. Vincent de Paul’s neighbors and its network of staff and volunteers. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Call Center was primarily staffed by in-house volunteers, supervised by Call Center Manager, Adriana Howard. But as volunteers were asked to stay home over safety concerns, St. Vincent de Paul’s Social Services team quickly jumped in to help answer calls for help. “It was like divine intervention,” Howard recalls. She says bringing employees into the Call Center from other departments has not only kept operations running, but has helped grow understanding and connectivity across the organization. “It’s helped those in Social Services to have an understanding of what happens in the Call Center, and vice versa.”

Vincentians have also been a source of support, with some Vincentians fielding calls for the Call Center, from the safety of their own homes. That is possible thanks to recent tech upgrades, including a switch from paper records to a digital data tracking method. Those upgrades couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for St. Vincent de Paul. This year, the volume of calls for assistance increased by almost 5,000 to a total of 47,701. Nearly half of all calls received were from neighbors looking for help with rent or utilities. “We now have the right lenses moving forward,” Howard says. “There’s a lot more collaboration happening in the Call Center than ever before.”

CALL CENTER: BY THE NUMBERS Top forms of assistance sought on calls: Rent: 14,387 Utilities: 8,814 Thrift Store Vouchers (clothes, furniture, beds): 6,931 Seasonal Programs: 3,503 Food: 2,503

PROVIDING FOOD AND EASING HARDSHIP Xavier Farrell, a current senior studying Health Sciences at the University of Cincinnati, recalls a visceral experience during his first time volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul in early 2018. As he helped a married couple out of the Pantry to their car, he realized their van doubled as their home. But what he remembers most is their positive outlook on life. “If you can be that way when living out of a van, then there’s no excuse for me to ever complain,” Xavier says. He began volunteering regularly following that encounter. When the pandemic first hit, Becky and Ted Catino Choice Food Pantry volunteers were asked to stay home. Putting this measure into effect was difficult, as the Pantry’s operations depend very heavily on volunteers, many of whom regularly volunteer and take on significant responsibilities. Staff members from other departments were redeployed to fill roles volunteers normally would, ensuring neighbors could continue to access food assistance, albeit through a new curbside distribution model. This plan remained in place for the first stage of the pandemic, while Xavier patiently awaited an opportunity to return to the work he feels called to do.

New safety procedures were developed and went into effect over the summer, and a limited number of volunteers were permitted to return to the Pantry. Xavier was glad to be one of them. He now works the Pantry door, serving neighbors as he loads food from the Pantry onto a shelf for neighbors to pick up curbside, remaining contactless. Reflecting on how it is different during the pandemic he says, “There’s definitely a lot less interaction...but it’s taught me the importance of making my words count. I have the opportunity working here to have a positive impact on their day, their week, their life...I remind people hope is on the horizon.” Xavier misses the conversations he used to have with neighbors as they selected food in the Choice Pantry; now he hears short stories of struggle as neighbors stay in the safety of their cars. In many cases he hears how “their lives are on the lines. Their livelihoods have been taken away this year.” This is the unfortunate reality for many in our community. Over 39,300 neighbors relied on the Becky and Ted Catino Choice Food Pantry to help put food on the table. An additional 7,800 neighbors turned to a smaller Pantry in St. Vincent de Paul’s Pantry Network and Conferences provided 13,211 households with food.

Xavier, along with other volunteers and our dedicated Pantry staff, have served

22% more neighbors this year than last year. Generous partners also helped ensure St. Vincent de Paul could respond to this increased need. Over 365,200 pounds of food were donated to the Becky and Ted Catino Choice Food Pantry, an increase of 98,000 pounds from last year. When asked what keeps him coming back, Xavier made his words count, “This year especially, we saw how painful the human experience is…and my ultimate purpose…is to ease that suffering for others.”


NEW CONFERENCE PROVIDES COMPASSIONATE CARE Growing up, St. Vincent Ferrer was Edward’s school. In adulthood, St. Vincent Ferrer became his church. Now, the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St. Vincent Ferrer has become his lifeline. Last fall, Edward was diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent surgery to have half of a kidney removed. While this surgery saved his life, it also significantly affected his livelihood. Edward was no longer able to work his job in retail due to his health challenges. Then, Edward was prescribed a medication that cost $300 per month. On a fixed income, this new expense threw off Edward’s budget. He got the medication, but could not pay his rent for the month. “Believe me, I don’t like asking for help, but sometimes you have to,” Edward explains. Fortunately, a St. Vincent de Paul Conference had recently formed at St. Vincent Ferrer. Vincentians had been recruited in the parish, a structure was in place and the Conference had begun to meet and serve neighbors in the Kenwood area. Edward spoke with Elaine and Jeff, two Vincentians at St. Vincent Ferrer, who listened to his needs and explained that St. Vincent de Paul could provide rental assistance. “She is a blessing from God,” Edward says about Elaine, who calls him consistently to check in. Now, Edward is becoming healthier and stronger, and looks forward to being cleared to return to work. St. Vincent Ferrer Conference is one of three new Conferences that formed this year. In a year when more neighbors than ever needed help, having more Vincentians and more Conferences serving was truly a blessing. For Edward and many others, St. Vincent de Paul Conferences are a lifeline, bringing compassionate care and hope in the most challenging times.


CONFERENCES The hands and feet of St. Vincent de Paul are 1,159 Vincentians, organized in Conferences based at 54 parishes, five youth settings and two “special works” settings. Vincentians serve neighbors in need through home visits, St. Vincent de Paul’s signature service delivery method. When the pandemic hit, it quickly became apparent that home visits could no longer take place in their normal form, yet every Conference opted to stay active and continue to serve. Vincentians began meeting neighbors in parks or on front porches and facilitating many visits over the phone. Conference meetings began occurring on Zoom. While the opportunities to nurture friendships with neighbors and fellow Vincentians were limited this year, Vincentians persevered in the service component of our spirituality. In the past year, Conferences served 58,985 neighbors through 20,871 person-toperson visits. Vincentians and volunteers at Conferences performed 71,667 hours of service.

The Cincinnati District Council Conferences are:

St. Cecilia

All Saints

St. Clement


St. Dominic


St. Elizabeth

Bellarmine Chapel

St. Gertrude

Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains/ St. Xavier

St. Ignatius

St. Clare

Church of the Resurrection

St. James of the Valley, Wyoming

Corpus Christi/ St. John Neumann

St. James the Greater, White Oak

Good Shepherd

St. John the Baptist, Northgate

Guardian Angels

St. John the Baptist, Harrison

Holy Family

St. John the Evangelist, Deer Park

Holy Trinity Immaculate Heart of Mary McNicholas High School Mount Notre Dame High School Nativity of Our Lord Our Lord Christ the King Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of the Rosary/ St. Matthias Our Lady of Victory Our Lady of the Visitation Resurrection of Our Lord Roger Bacon High School San Oscar Romero* St. Aloysius Gonzaga St. Ann St. Antoninus St. Bartholomew St. Bernard, Spring Grove Village

St. Joseph, North Bend St. Joseph, West End St. Jude St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret of Cortona/ St. John Vianney St. Martin of Tours St. Mary, Aurora, IN St. Mary, Hyde Park St. Michael the Archangel St. Saviour St. Therese Little Flower St. Teresa of Avila St. Ursula Academy St. Vincent Ferrer* St. Vivian St. William Sts. Peter & Paul/ OLSH Xavier University*

St. Bernard, Taylor Creek St. Boniface St. Catharine of Sienna

*Denotes a Conference formed in Fiscal Year 2020

COMING HOME TO WARMTH A part-time job, part-time nursing school and full-time parenting of two little girls, ages seven and eight, might sound like a lot for any one person to manage. But for Addie, it was her way of life and she could manage just fine. That’s all until the pandemic hit Ohio. As a nursing home employee, Addie’s hours were reduced and she suddenly needed help providing the basics for her family. Addie Googled “rental assistance in Cincinnati” and discovered St. Vincent de Paul. Over the phone, Addie met Jim, a Vincentian at St. Vivian Conference, which is the group of St. Vincent de Paul volunteers that serves neighbors in her area of Finneytown. Jim explained the different forms of assistance St. Vincent de Paul could provide. St. Vincent de Paul provided food and personal care items for Addie and her family, as well as a clothing voucher to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores. The girls had outgrown most of their clothing and were thrilled to pick out some new-to-them clothes.

Their excitement subsided when reality hit and they asked their mom, “How are we going to pay for all this?” When Addie explained the voucher, the girls said, “Wow!” and happily walked out of the store with their new wardrobes. St. Vincent de Paul also helped Addie pay one month of rent through the Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund. Addie says she doesn’t know what she would have done without that rental assistance. She explains the impact saying, “I’m always grateful to come home to a warm place…after a hard day’s work in a COVID unit, I am grateful I can come home and take a shower.” As many neighbors like Addie faced unemployment, reduced hours at work and other effects of the pandemic, the need for rent and utility assistance grew significantly. While an eviction moratorium has been in place, unofficial evictions are still happening and neighbors know they will eventually be expected to pay their full rent.

With the Hubert Family Conference Assistance Fund, government funds allocated for rental assistance and traditional sources of support for our Homelessness Prevention Program, St. Vincent de Paul provided over $2.1 million in rent and utility assistance to thousands of families like Addie’s this year. This is an increase of over $450,000 in direct assistance, with payments made directly to landlords and utility companies, to help families avoid the trauma of becoming homeless in an already challenging year. St. Vincent de Paul helped Addie overcome the financial challenges she faced in 2020 and now she looks forward to staying healthy in 2021. “Health is everything. If you don’t have health, you can’t help anyone,” she says. As a mother, nursing student and nursing home employee, there are a lot of people grateful for the help they are receiving from Addie these days. As she says, “It is a blessing to give and to receive.”


America’s Eviction Crisis *An estimated 9.2 million adult renters who have lost employment income during COVID-19 are not caught up on rent (Source: Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey)

*38% of renters who lost income due to COVID-19 say they either have no confidence or slight confidence in paying next month’s rent (Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

*Hamilton County reported a

28% increase in people living unsheltered over January - November 2020, compared to the same time period in 2019 (Source: WXIX, Strategies to End Homelessness)

NEW OUTLET THRIFT STORE OPENS On July 24th, St. Vincent de Paul opened its eighth Thrift Store in the Greater Cincinnati region. As an Outlet Thrift Store, this location is a little different and offers even bigger savings. Donated merchandise that is not sold in our traditional Thrift Stores is sold by the pound. The Outlet Thrift Store is located at 4545 Chickering Avenue, in the Winton Place neighborhood, just a block away from our existing Thrift Store on Este Avenue. Clothing, shoes, linens, books, toys and more are sold here – most at just $1.09 per pound!

The development and opening of an Outlet Thrift Store had been identified as an initiative in St. Vincent de Paul’s 2019–2023 Upward Together Strategic Plan, but the pandemic accelerated plans. As everyone began spending more time at home, cleaning out closets and garages, St. Vincent de Paul began receiving more and more donations of clothing and household items. At the same time, many families impacted by the pandemic needed more affordable retail options. St. Vincent de Paul was prepared to meet this need, thanks to the wonderful donations of clothing, household goods, furniture and more from thousands of generous Cincinnatians.

THRIFT STORE LOCATIONS Colerain 8269 Colerain Ave. Winton Place 4530 Este Ave. Evendale 9864 Reading Rd. Mason 1065 Reading Rd. Milford 813 Main St. Mt. Washington 2300 Beechmont Ave. Western Hills 3015 Glenhills Way Outlet Store 4545 Chickering Ave.


ADAPTING THRIFT STORES “How will our Thrift Stores survive?” thought Jim Wenstrup, as the pandemic hit Ohio. For Jim, who has worked at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores since 2011 and currently serves as Director of Stores, business -- as he knew it -- was about to change. Stores leadership and the Executive Committee of the Board agreed to close all stores March 19th, just days before Gov. DeWine ordered all nonessential businesses to shutter. Jim will always remember that Thursday: “The worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life was tell so many people that we had to temporarily furlough them and we didn’t know when they would be coming back.” Over 280 dedicated thrift store employees were furloughed, with the assurance that they would be called back in when it was safe. Over the next eight weeks, Jim and Store Managers prepared for reopening. They got to work creating new safety policies and procedures, and acquiring necessary personal protective equipment. The Western Hills Thrift Store was the first to reopen on May 11th, followed by six other locations on May 14th. Nearly all employees were able to return to their jobs. “I attribute that to a sense of family on our team and trust in safety precautions put into place,” Jim says. Jim says his biggest motivations throughout the pandemic have been providing work for the 300+ members of his team, as well as ensuring neighbors have access to affordable clothing and household goods. Over $501,000 worth of clothing and furniture was distributed at no cost in the past year through St. Vincent de Paul’s voucher program, although, unfortunately, the program was suspended for two months during store closures. While generating support for St. Vincent de Paul through store operations and providing over half-a-million dollars in free supplies for local families are both big accomplishments, Jim says what he is most proud of in 2020 is witnessing his team’s resiliency. Their ability to adapt and their commitment to safety has ensured St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores will, in fact, survive.


CHARITABLE PHARMACY Louis knew something was wrong with his foot. The root of his discomfort, however, was much deeper than he suspected. In July 2020, Louis sought medical attention for what he thought was a recurring infection. He was shocked when doctors at a local hospital revealed he had diabetes and dangerously high blood pressure, and that they would have to operate to remove his toe. When Louis was released from the hospital, he was referred to the Deaconess Health Check / Charitable Pharmacy at St. Vincent de Paul. At the time, he had been sent home with a week’s worth of medications and little knowledge on how to manage his diagnosis. That’s where nurse practitioner Lenzi Kiluba stepped in. Kiluba joined the Charitable Pharmacy team amid the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, when pharmacists began to see many patients having trouble accessing primary care. She has quickly become a valuable asset to the Pharmacy’s outcomes-based clinical programs which aim to help patients become healthier. Kiluba has been able to become a primary care provider for patients like Louis, who may not have access to quality health care elsewhere. Alongside a volunteer translator, Kiluba worked with Louis weekly on the phone to monitor his diabetes and blood pressure,

and reiterate healthy lifestyle changes. At each telehealth appointment, Kiluba says, Louis came prepared with daily logs of his vitals and took careful notes of her adjustments. Months later, his hard work has paid off. Louis has drastically decreased his risk of having a cardiac event, lost weight, and now says he’s feeling better than he has in a long time. “As a provider, working with patients like Louis reaffirms why I feel called to healthcare,” Kiluba says. “You can prescribe the education, you can prescribe the pills, but Louis is healthy because he was open to learning.” In 2020, Kiluba provided care through 528 telehealth appointments with patients, saving the healthcare system an estimated $1.2 million. The Deaconess Health Check / Charitable Pharmacy has remained open, serving patients curbside and through telehealth, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pharmacy filled over 73,000 prescriptions, valued at $11.6 million, for 1,307 patients over the past year. The Pharmacy served 56% more new patients in 2020; as many neighbors lost employment and insurance and needed help accessing their life-saving medications. Ninety percent of prescriptions filled were sourced from donated medications.

Maximizing Medicine, Multiplying Hope For the past 13 years, supporters have joined St. Vincent de Paul for the Prescription Fore Fun Golf Outing and Wine & Bourbon Tasting, an event that generates enough support to fill nearly 6,000 prescriptions for neighbors in need. In the interest of public health, this event was canceled in 2020. In its place, St. Vincent de Paul hosted Maximizing Medicine, Multiplying Hope, a virtual two-day giving event for the Charitable Pharmacy with a goal of raising $100,000 to help fill 8,500 prescriptions. Over the span of the two days, supporters received emails and video messages highlighting how gifts to the Charitable Pharmacy would not only provide medications but also create hope for our neighbors. Thanks to more than 195 supporters, $107,000 was raised, helping fill more than 9,145 prescriptions for neighbors in need. A special thanks to the Deaconess Associations Foundation, the Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam and Protective Life Corporation for their generous support of this initiative. While we missed hitting the links, the generosity extended during Maximizing Medicine, Multiplying Hope helped ensure that underserved neighbors could still access the healthcare they need and deserve.

OUTREACH PROGRAMS Re-Entry Program Before the pandemic caused widespread unemployment, returning citizens (formerly incarcerated people) already had an unemployment rate over 27%. St. Vincent de Paul has served this population through its Re-Entry Program, dedicated to helping returning citizens integrate back into the community, since 2014. One component of this program is Upward to Work, a workforce development initiative that trains returning citizens to secure, retain, and advance in full-time jobs, while also providing wraparound basic needs support. Upward to Work has proven its transformative effect on some of our region’s most vulnerable residents. During each eight-week cohort, participants gather for three hours every morning for daily

Keeping Cool lessons on topics ranging from financial education to workplace preparedness. After lessons and lunch, participants are transported to work second shift jobs, typically at local manufacturing facilities. Simultaneously, St. Vincent de Paul provides basic needs assistance to participants as they work to reestablish self-sufficiency. Widespread unemployment, due to the pandemic, has made it even more difficult for returning citizens to find jobs. Recognizing this challenge, Upward to Work continued to operate this year through three smaller cohorts to allow for social distancing. Twenty-eight returning citizens graduated from Upward to Work empowered with the resources, education and support to reintegrate into the community.

St. Vincent de Paul has been committed to helping our neighbors stay cool during the hottest days of the summer for 19 years—and this year was no different. The pandemic amplified the need for the Fan and Air Conditioner Drive, presented by Braun Heating and Air Conditioning: many people were staying home for longer periods of time and thus more susceptible to heat-related health complications. Through the Fan and Air Conditioner Drive, 419 air conditioner units and 477 fans were donated and distributed throughout the summer months. Fans and air conditioners were given to the elderly, families with young children and those with documented medical needs.


Providing the Comfort of a Bed

Feeling the Warmth

Due to various effects of the pandemic, more neighbors than ever are struggling and significant expenses, like that of a bed, are unaffordable. There are a startling number of Cincinnati neighbors – especially children – who do not have a bed of their own to sleep in.

an energetic, live event at the Cincinnati Reds Urban Youth Academy, as children are surprised with a bed of their own. This year, children were surprised as they opened the doors of their homes and found volunteers had delivered new beds directly to them!

St. Vincent de Paul’s Bob & Sylvia Rahe Bed Program serves families who have suffered a range of traumatic experiences, ranging from bed bug infestations to homelessness to unemployment. This year, 802 families received a mattress, box spring and bed frame. Fifty of these beds were delivered directly to children through Day to Dream, a partnership with Morris Furniture and WCPO 9. This initiative typically occurs through

With the shutdown of Thrift Stores and significant supply chain issues early in the pandemic, this form of assistance was halted temporarily and has continued to be impacted. Therefore, St. Vincent de Paul plans to double the number of beds it will distribute to neighbors in the year ahead in order to meet the increased need for comfort, warmth and health.

For the last 18 winters, St. Vincent de Paul has helped keep neighbors warm by collecting and distributing new and gently used winter coats. In partnership with WLWT, Gold Star Chili, WARM 98.5 and Lemasters Consulting, St. Vincent de Paul began gathering new and gently used coats in the fall. Fifty corporate and civic groups, along with 20 St. Vincent de Paul Conferences, hosted drives on site and helped collect thousands of coats. This year, in lieu of large distributions, neighbors received a voucher for a free coat of their choosing, to redeem at any St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. So far this winter, 1,514 neighbors have received a new jacket and felt the warmth that comes with it.

FILLING THE HOLIDAYS WITH JOY After a particularly challenging year, 2020 ended on a note of generosity, compassion and hope. St. Vincent de Paul facilitated 10 special holiday programs that helped make the season brighter for our neighbors in need. Programs all operated differently this year, as health concerns were kept top of mind. St. Vincent de Paul missed having hundreds of volunteers involved in its programs throughout the holiday season, but plenty of help was offered in alternative ways. Food From the Heart, an annual holiday effort to help stock the Becky and Ted Catino Choice Food Pantry shelves, became a virtual food drive this year. Over 500 FOX19 viewers and Kroger shoppers made financial donations online, totaling over $74,000 which will help provide over 35,000 meals. For 30 years, St. Vincent de Paul has partnered with FOX19 and Kroger on this effort to help alleviate hunger. 3,064 children received Christmas gifts through programs including Christmas Together, Angel Toy and Teepe Giving Tree. Additionally, 2,638 families received holiday meals to share through the Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Distributions. In a year when more families than ever sought holiday assistance, St. Vincent de Paul also received more help and support than ever. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals, businesses and groups that collected toys, donated turkeys, wrapped gifts and much more. *Holiday program results reflect activities in December 2020 (Fiscal Year 2021).

VINCENTIAN VOLUNTEERS OF CINCINNATI Twelve young adults recently made the courageous and generous commitment to serve through St. Vincent de Paul’s Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati (VVC) Program. VVC is an 11-month, faith-based, residential service program that provides young professionals an opportunity to live in faith, grow in friendship and serve in solidarity. VVC members live together in St. Vincent de Paul’s Kohler-Hubert house, just down the street from St. Vincent de Paul, and serve in full-time positions throughout the organization. VVC members have filled critical roles in St. Vincent de Paul’s operations throughout the pandemic. Five VVC members completed their year of service in July and seven VVC members began their year of service in August. Together, VVC members served over 8,520 hours at St. Vincent de Paul this year.

Via Zoom, VVC members, past and present, gathered for fellowship and formation.



OZANAM CENTER EVOLVES In 2009, St. Vincent de Paul developed the Ozanam Center for Service Learning to expand its focus on the social justice component of its mission. Programming primarily includes overnight immersion retreats, workshops and poverty simulations. Space was modified in 2009 to accommodate this new initiative, but the evolution of programming and a growing number of participants necessitated updated, additional space. When the Neyer Outreach Center opened in November, space became available in the Liz Carter Center and modifications began in February 2020. Four new bunk rooms were constructed, increasing capacity for overnight retreats to 30, and the space that had previously served as the staff breakroom evolved into a kitchen, ideal for group cooking. A laundry room was installed to conveniently wash bedding between overnight retreats. The Ozanam Center summer schedule included eight weeks of back to back, week-long high school immersion retreats to be

hosted in the new space, but when the pandemic hit, in-person events were cancelled. Several groups chose to participate in virtual retreats hosted by the Ozanam Center staff. Workshops evolved into bi-weekly Ozanam Cafés – Zoom discussions, open to the public, on the seven principles of Catholic social teaching and other justicefocused topics. The Ozanam Center team also facilitated racial justice programming for staff and community members, including a racial examination of conscience, implicit bias trainings and a “Racisim and the Catholic Church” workshop. Throughout the year, the Ozanam Center facilitated 59 programs. Over 1,500 individuals, ranging from students preparing for Confirmation, to college students on alternative breaks, to corporate employees participating in continuing education expanded their awareness of systemic issues that disproportionally affect many of the neighbors St. Vincent de Paul serves.

Ozanam Center for Service Learning Top Left: Ozanam Center Logo Mural, painted by Alleya Harris, VVC ‘18-’19; Top Right: One of the bunk rooms for overnight retreatants; Bottom Left: Renovated kitchen space; Bottom Right: Kitchen gallery wall, dedicated in loving memory to Jordan A. Hoak, 1997-2013. A junior at Ursuline Academy, Jordan was the ultimate volunteer and Youth Leader. The kitchen gallery wall is decorated with images from Old Turtle and the Broken Truth, one of Jordan’s favorite books.


Dan Long, President

Managing Partner Cincinnati Business Brokers

John Sawyer, Chairperson

Retired, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer Protective Life Corporation

Cindy Givens, Vice President Program Manager - Customer Assistance Funds and Community Outreach Duke Energy

Lisa Mather, Treasurer

Audit Partner Ernst & Young - Cincinnati Office

Ron Christian, Secretary

Charitable Pharmacy Board Representative Partner Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

James Biro

Vice President of Supply Chain Perfetti Van Melle

Moira Clark Bonn Owner 101 Mobility

Kelly M. Dehan

Retired, Former Owner The Besl Transfer Co.

Paul D. Dorger

Senior Vice President & General Counsel Belcan, LLC

Lana Durban-Scott

Vice President, General Manager for WRTV E.W. Scripps

Gigi Meyer Escoe, Ph. D.

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Dean of the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education University of Cincinnati

Pam Farley Volunteer Dan Fleming

Managing Director of River Cities Capital Funds

Kevin Flynn

Retired, Attorney Griffin Fletcher & Herndon LLP

D.J. Hodge

Marc A. Alexander, M.D.

Robert Killins Jr.

Amar Bhati, M.D.

Kathy Qualls

Wayne Bohenek

Market President iHeartMedia, Cincinnati Director of Giving Strategies Greater Cincinnati Foundation Senior Vice Provost for Academic Finance and Administration University of Cincinnati

Sister Christine Rody

Attending Physician Queen City Physicians Tri-Health President and CEO MD360 LLC Chief Ancillary Officer Mercy Bon Secours

Pete Brown

Sisters of Charity

Executive Director Main Street Ventures

Kitty Strauss Rosenthal

Chris Canarie


Elaine Suess

Principal STNL Development

President Beyondbeing Executive and Leadership Coaching

Liz Carter

Brian Thomas

David Catanzaro, Pharm.D.

M. Jay Wertz, CFP

Ron Christian

Attorney Graydon Head

Principal and Director of Wealth Advisory Services Johnson Investment Counsel

Alison Zlatic

President and CEO Scripps Howard Foundation Retrophin Pharmaceuticals Senior Medical Liaison

Partner Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Jason Combs

Nativity Vincentian

VP of Planning and Budgets EW Scripps

Mike Dunn

Kelley J. Downing

ex officio Executive Director Saint Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati

Deacon Royce Winters, Spiritual Advisor


Executive Chair Bartlett & Co.

Mike Jennings, M.D. Chief Clinical Officer Christ Hospital

Dr. Neil MacKinnon, B.Sc. Pharm, M.S. Pharm, Ph.D., FCSHP, FNAP

Chief Executive Officer KeySource Medical, Inc.

Dean and Proffesor, James L Winkle College of Pharmacy Chair, Council of Deans University of Cincinnati

Mike Puccini, R.Ph., Vice President

David Mayhaus, Pharm.D., MS,

Todd Szewc, President

340B Contract Pharmacy Specialist RxStrategies, Inc

Brad Schwartz, CPA, Treasurer International Mold Steel Controller, HR Director

Aaron Seurkamp, Secretary

Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer Protective Life Corporation

Assistant Vice President Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Katie McKinney, Pharm.D., MS, BCPS Director, Pharmacy Services UC Health – University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Rev. Frank Nation

Vice President Mission and Culture TriHealth, Inc.


Donald Nofziger, M.D.

Steve Culbertson

Bob Saelinger

Jim Dodd


Retired, Business Executive

Attorney and Partner Graydon Head

Retired, Senior Vice President Fifth Third Bank

Chuck Schroer

John Gartner

Retired, Attorney Frost Brown Todd LLC

Mike Dunn

ex officio Executive Director St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati

Chris Shimala

Dan Hurley

Bob Stautberg

Philanthropy Compliance Director Miramar Services Inc.

Ron Joseph Jr.

Mark Casella

Director Joseph Auto Group

CEO/Founder Coppertree, Ltd.

Bart Kohler

Becky Catino

Michael Conaton

John Kron

Retired, Vice Chairman The Midland Company

Michael D. Connelly, MA, J.D., Fache

Past Chairman/President Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co. Senior Vice President Huntington National Bank Certified Public Accountant Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co./KPMG

Tamara Sullivan

President Sullivan Communications, Inc.

Chris Williams

Past Chairman, President and COO Specialty Products Group of Takkt AG/Hubert Company

Partner 625 Investments

Co-Founder and CEO Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.

Robert E. Gramann, FAIA

Tricia Johnson

Chief Operating Officer The Armor Group

Dan Meyer

Neil O’Connor

Applied History Associates

Ron Brown

Vice President for University Relations Xavier University

Brokerage Senior Vice President and Principal Colliers International Chairman Emeritus GBBN Architects


Gary Massa

Owner JCW Consultants

Rev. Barry Windholtz Pastor St. Rose Church

Retired, Partner Deloitte & Touche LLP

President and CEO Emeritus Mercy Health


Liz Carter President and CEO Scripps Howard Foundation Charitable Pharmacy Board

Gigi Meyer Escoe, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Dean of the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education University of Cincinnati

LaTasha Patrick Human Resources Director Crossroads

Dr. Emmett (Chip) Roper, M.D. Mercy Health Internal Medicine

FINANCIALS STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020

REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT Contributions & legal bequests ............................$10,295,778 In-kind donations ...................................................20,828,154 Stores ....................................................................10,977,708 Investment gain...........................................................563,854 Auto & other ............................................................... 652,405 Total revenue, gains & other support .....43,317,899 EXPENSES Program services Assistance to neighbors in need .........................5,450,318

Sources Of Support Contributions & legal bequests ........24% In-kind donations..............................48% Stores................................................25% Investment gain .................................1% Auto & other........................................2%

Food pantries .....................................................2,087,055 Furniture, clothing & other goods …..................27,636,793 Total program services.....................35,174,166 Car donation program ...........................................395,689 Supporting services Management & general .........................................769,657 Fundraising ............................................................763,522 Total supporting services ..................1,533,179

Uses Of Support Assistance to neighbors in need.......15%

Total expenses .....................................37,103,034

Food pantries......................................6% Furniture, clothing & other goods…..74%

Change in net assets ..............................6,214,865

Car donation program.........................1%

Net assets at beginning of year .............35,900,521

Management & general......................2%

Net assets at end of year ...................$42,115,386


Of fiscal year 2020 revenue, we budgeted to use $500,000 for COVID relief efforts in fiscal year 2021 to assist more of our neighbors impacted by the pandemic.



LEGACY OF HOPE SOCIETY One of the most powerful ways to bring hope is to care for people you will never meet. Thank you to the following generous donors who have included St. Vincent de Paul in their will, trusts or other legacy plans. Anonymous (x16) Sherrin K. Ashcraft Peter Bauer David Beckett Bob and Karen Bell Sandy and Bruce Brielmaier Rosemary Burger

Phyllis Dawson Carl and Linda DeBlasio Jim and Elizabeth Dodd Mark Durrough Jerome and Diane Eisele William and Rosemary Erman Heidi and Mike Felton Ernest Gillman Tim and Christine Jette Jim Jurgens Mary McGrover Bob and Star Mierenfeld John and Kathy Mitchell Jacqueline C. Neumann

Don Neyer Dan and Pam Payne Theo Penker III Richard and Bonnie Peterson Elaine Rairden Bill and JoAnn Ropp John T. and Carole Ruschulte Lana and Jason Scott James and Linda Steffen Richard Thie Mary Theresa Thiemann Connie Widmer Gary and Paula Yerke If you are interested in leaving a gift to St. Vincent de Paul, please contact Daniel Flynn, Senior Development Manager, at 513-345-4994 or dflynn@SVDPcincinnati.org.

HOPE–AND HOUSING–FOR THE FUTURE “Faith means everything. We would be lost without it.” When you hear Mike and Sue West say this, you know they mean it. Raised in strong Catholic families—Mike in Chicago and Sue in Cincinnati—they met while teaching at St. Margaret Mary School in North College Hill. Eventually, Mike transitioned to a career in land development, home building and real estate while Sue raised their two children. They know from personal experience the importance of a stable, loving home environment. Mike and Sue’s abiding faith and concern with housing has driven their involvement with St. Vincent de Paul, especially the Homelessness Prevention Program. This program provides rent and utility assistance to families at risk of eviction. As past landlords, Mike and Sue recognize the importance of this program and wanted to do something to help further stabilize housing in our community. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they knew the time had come to take action. With both tenants and landlords struggling, Mike and Sue made a major gift in April 2020 to launch the West Family Housing Assistance Endowment. But their vision did not end there. Mike and Sue also decided to make St. Vincent de Paul the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This legacy gift will help grow the Endowment and allow even more families in need to stay safely in the comforts of their own homes. As our region and our country continue to recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, Mike and Sue’s commitment inspires hope for the future. “We would hate to leave this world and not give something back,” they assert. “We chose St. Vincent de Paul to receive the social services portion of our estate plan because they are a premier local provider of services to the needy in our community.” Mike and Sue truly are putting their faith into action. And this means everything.

DONORS Amid a year of tremendous challenges and growing need, we are humbled by your incredible generosity to St. Vincent de Paul and, more importantly, your compassionate concern for neighbors in need. More than 3,700 individuals, families, foundations and corporations donated to help house, feed and heal those struggling in our community. This listing recognizes all donors who contributed $500 or more to the Cincinnati District Council from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. We are also grateful to those who gave less than $500 during this time and those who donated to St. Vincent de Paul Conferences at their home parishes. Thank you for putting your faith into action! $100,000+ Anonymous* (x2) Anonymous Catholics United for the Poor* Becky and Ted Catino* City of Cincinnati Cincinnati/Hamilton County Continuum of Care for the Homeless, Inc. Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Foundation* COVID-19 Regional Response Fund Elaine and Henry Fischer* Emergency Food and Shelter Program Farmer Family Foundation Greenacres Foundation Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation* Hamilton County Community Development Block Grant Hamilton County Indigent Care Levy Heidt Family Foundation* Ed and Joann Hubert Family Foundation, Inc.* Mary Huntt The Kroger Co. Terrence and Suzzy McLean Ellen M. Miller* Don Neyer* $50,000-$99,999 Allergan Foundation Anonymous* Bank of America Charles H. Dater Foundation Marylyn and Raymond Clark* Sheila Conway Greater Cincinnati Foundation Impact 100, Inc. The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation*

Protective Life Foundation* Rotary Club of Cincinnati Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Genny Sedler* St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store Customer Round-Up Sue and Mike West* $25,000-$49,999 Andrew and Cynthia Berman Sheldon and Norma Braun* William and Anne Burleigh Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Castellini* Castellini Foundation CPPS Heritage Mission Fund David R. Clare & Margaret C. Clare Foundation Carl and Linda DeBlasio* Direct Relief GE Foundation* H.C.S. Foundation John and Jenny Ward Family Foundation Bart and Linda Kohler* Ms. Jean Lambert* The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics Jim and Dennie Patton Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation* Paula M. Steiner Family Foundation, Inc.* Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler* Dick and Kitty Rosenthal John and Sherry Sawyer* SC Ministry Foundation* Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati* St. Rose Church* Sutphin Family Foundation Western & Southern Financial Fund* Mr. Mark Zlatic* $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous*

Anonymous (x2) Karen M. and Bruce J. Berno Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation* Michael and Rebecca Bohmer Donna and Gordon Brown* Michael and Carolyn Burns* The Christ Hospital Medical Associates* CIN-STL FUND William and Maureen Coleman Michael and Sally Connelly* Deaconess Associations Foundation Difference Maker Legacy Fund Andrew P. and Susan M. DiLoreto Charitable Gift Fund John and Georgia Dirksing Jim and Elizabeth Dodd* Loi and Andreas Drath Duke Energy Foundation Mark and Diane Ellis* Elsa Heisel Sule Charitable Trust Jerome D. Fagel, Jr.* Nancy and Ed Finke Daniel and Susan Fleming Galvin Family Fund QuasiEndowment, Johnson Charitable Gift Fund General Mills Foundation Hometown Grantmaking Program Jim and Alyson Gerwe Greater Cincinnati Tamil Sangam Bob and Sharon Hoverson* Humana Donald and Susan Hunsberger Jack J. Smith, Jr. Charitable Trust James E. Evans* The James J. and Joan A. Gardner Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Kathleen Jennings* Therese and Joseph Johnson Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.* William and Suzanne Joiner* Amy and George Joseph Koch Foundation Florence Koetters Paul and Maureen Lechleiter* Leser Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation* Kevin and Ann Lynch* Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson Foundation The McCloy Family Foundation* Richard and Beverly McClure* Linda Mueller Brian and Heidi Murray* Neediest Kids of All Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.* Niehaus Financial Services, LLC* Bernadette Nisbett Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Prasco Laboratories


The Province of St. John the Baptist of The Order of Friars Minor Sue and Bob Ramsay Raskob Foundation Robert C. & Adele R. Schiff Foundation Schwierling Insurance/ Liberty Mutual Group Inc. Robert T. Keeler Foundation Patricia and Steve Robertson Kathleen and Alvin Schaeper Becky and Aaron Seurkamp* Kenneth and Kathleen Skau* Mary Ruth and Robert Smyjunas James Stallbaumert Jane and Jon Votel Jay and Kathy Wertz* The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation The Wyler Family Foundation $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous* (x2) Anonymous The Benevity Community Impact Fund James and Jenny Berg* Tom Bobenread Braun Heating Co. Michael and Patricia Brunst* Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bult Prentice and Liz Carter* Leslie and John Caulfield Manuel and Cynthia Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Vicki Christian* Church of the Good Shepherd Connexus Credit Union Joseph and Margaret Conway Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Liz Curran* Paul and Christy Dorger Theodore and Mary Lou Elchynski* Episcopal Society of Christ Church Frank and Susan Fiore* Fr. Tom Fitzsimmons Mr. Mike Flaherty* Thomas and Janice Forte Doug and Monica Gerstle The Gockerman Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Carol Gramann*

Haglage Construction* Michael and Mary Anne Hengehold I-systems Corporation Eloise and Charles Jung Justin R. Niklas Family Foundation Arleene Keller* Richard and Eva Komoroski* Mr. and Mrs. John and Susie Lame Thomas and Adele Lippert Mike Marek and Elizabeth Weaver* Dr. Charles and Mrs. Ann McCarthy New Riff Distilling Steve and Cindy Ortner John and Frances Pepper Protective Life Cincinnati* Harry and Helen Rabe Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Nicholas and Martha Ragland Mrs. Dorothy G. Roth*t Mr. and Mrs. John and Carole Ruschulte* Robert and Maria Schaffer William and Elizabeth Schlater Robert A. Schmidt Daniel and Amanda Schwallie David and Sandra Schwartz* Lana and Jason Scott* Michael and Janet Sepela* Tammy and Anthony Silvestri Katherine and Tim Stautberg James and Linda Steffen* Jim and Kate Stutz Mrs. Mary Theresa Thiemann* Kenn and Karen Tompos* UC Bicentennial Community Grants Geraldine Warner Bob and Marilyn Wildermuth* Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Diane Williams* Gary and Paula Yerke* $2,500-$4,999 Henry and Nancy Acciani Anonymous* (x2) Anonymous (x3) Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Bonnie Albers* Marc and Barbara Alexander* Archdiocese of Cincinnati* Marian Bilvar James and Paola Biro The Helen and James G. Broe Fund*

Jeff and Amy Bruns* Chris and Beth Canarie* Christopher and Kathleen Carr Mark and Mary Casella Steve and Gina Culbertson Sonia Daoud* Jim Daria Elaine Day Steve and Carolyn Dick* Joyce and Terry Donnellon* David and Kelley Downing* Michael and Anne Dunn* William and Mary Edmund Tripp and Margaret Eldredge, III* The Electrodyne Company, Inc.* David and Jennifer Ellis Facebook Fundraisers Mary Ann Fagel* James and Leslie Fitzgerald* William Groneman and Maureen Flanagan* James B. Hagerty* Phil Hock* Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Kathy Hoeting* Peggy and Brian Hogan* Home City Ice Co.* Jennifer and Robert Howe* Huntington Foundation Judy Hutton Kim Jordant Katzen International Matt Keeler KeySource Donald and Kathy King* Michael and Katie Kleinfelder Mr. and Mrs. Marlene and Urban Kocher* Mr. and Mrs. John and Marguerite Kron* George and Jo Ann Kurz* Frank and Teresa Lamantia Jim and Kathleen Laughlin* William and Mary Lennard Dave and Judy Lococo* Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Lisa Long* Magnified Giving Michael and Susan Martin* Lisa and James Mather* Roy and Mary Sue McDuffie Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation* Tom and Melissa McNally

The Gorilla Glue Company helps hold our community together through their kindness and generosity! Special thanks to their employees who hosted food and toy drives, in addition to their donation in support of our holiday programs. We are grateful for the Gorilla Glue Company and all corporate partners who generously support our work. *These donors have financially contributed to St. Vincent de Paul for five or more consecutive years. t These donors contributed to St. Vincent de Paul through a gift from their will or trust.

Miramar Employees Annual Giving Fund of the Miramar Charitable Foundation Gerald Mushaben* William and Karen Neyer Anne Niehaus and Martin Madar* Christa Nordlund* James Poon Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Pamela Pratt* The Pride FC Cincinnati Supporters Club John and Kathy Qualls Mitchell Quint Cynthia Reed Kenneth and Bernice Reeder* Ken and Barb Rinehart RPP Containers* Christine Ryan* Bre Sambuchino* Robert and Patricia Schemenauer* Peter and Marina Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mary Schmitz Theodore and Alice Schneider James and Margaret Schrimpf* Mr. and Mrs. William and Amy Schult Allan and Robin Shropshire Mary and Barry Smyth* Robert and Michelle Stephens Shirley Stivers George and Linda Strietmann* Swapalease Inc.* Todd and Megan Szewc Taft, Stettinius & Hollister* Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Marilyn Vogele* Walmart Elizabeth Walsh Amy Wertheimer William H. Albers Foundation, Inc. Rebecca Williams* Dennis and Patricia Worthen Paul and Alison Zlatic* $1,000-$2,499 Thomas and Clare Ackerman* Diane and Thomas Adamec Barrett Aldemeyer Steve and Kathleen Anneken Anonymous* Anonymous (x5) Anonymous Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Paul and Gwen Arling* Rev. Thomas R. Axe Ann and Todd Bailey* Patti Banks David Barkalow Paul Barlarge and Nancy Broering Edward and Kimberly Bayliss William and Anita Bechtold Robert and Barb Becker*

Michael and Sheila Becker Kathleen and Gregory Bell Family Fund Vincent and Murielle Bennett Katherine Berger* Joseph and Jeanne Berns Jr. Rob and Chris Besse BeyondBeing LLC Manish Bhandari Dr. and Mrs. Amar and Tanu Bhati* Douglas Blanford Diane Blasch Adeline Bodart The Body of Christ Christian Church Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Moira Bonn* Janet Booth John Borger Stanley Boric* Mary Lou Boylan Shirlie Briggs Beverly and Michael Brigner Mary Brinker Skahan Michael and Mary Anne Broe Tom and Kathryn Brokamp Pamela Brosch Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis Bonita Brower Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Linda Brown* Dr. Dennis and Jennifer Brown* J. Robert and Dianne Brown* John Bruening Daniel Brunck Frances Bruns Janet Buescher James and Elizabeth Burridge* Joseph Busam Luke Camarota Carespring Health Care Management, LLC Paul Carlson* James Carpinello Ann and Timothy Cator David and Mary Celmer Cory Cevasco CFBank Tammi and Craig Chalfie Stephen and Kathleen Chambers Angela Charron Marianne Chernesky Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Norma Clark David and Mary Kay Clark Martha Claypool CLH Foundation Michael and Nancy Conaton* Tim and Joni Conway Family Fund Diane Custer Jacqueline Dages Tom and Melinda Dankenbring Daughters of Penelope Calypso 13 Tom and Joyce Davoran John Dell Joseph and Philomena Dillhoff

Jean Sepate and Peter Djuric James Donnelly* Charles Dorenkott Michael and Carolyn Dowling* Brad Dreier* Mary Dunn Albert and Carla Eilers* Elite Photography David and Mary Ann Ellerbrock* Elizabeth End* Rev. David J. Endres* Jay Erdman William and Rosemary Erman* Ernst & Young ES Properties Esther Price Candies, Corp. Stephen and Judy Fagel Paula Farrell Raymond and Christine Fay* Diane and Melvin Firestone* Joe Fisher Laurel and Gerald Fitzgerald Joan Fleming Matthew Forrester William Fradin David and Marie Frazer* David and Anita Freeman* Sue Frey Dr. and Mrs. Harry F. Fry* Joseph and Colleen Furey William and Kathleen Fussinger* Karen Gaddis John and Camille Gartner III John and Rosalie Gartner, Jr. Steve and Cindy Gatermann GBBN Architects* M. Joy and Stephen Gemperline Gregory and Brigitte Gentile Steve and Julie Gerhardt* Brian and Anne Marie Gibler Mark and Angela Ginty John Gitt Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Marilyn Gorman Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP* Paul and Laura Griffith John and Kimberly Gruber Kok Lew and Natalie Gunawan James and Kim Gusweiler Fred and Nancy Habegger Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Mary Haglage Jeffrey and Jenny Haglage The Haglage Construction Fund of The Community Foundation of West Chester William and Lana Haller* Barbara Hammersmith* David and Cynthia Hammerstrom* Jon Hansen Nicholas and Mary Hatch Gary and Mary Beth Haubner


The Ellen Haude Charitable Gift Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation Craig and Linda Hayden* Thomas and Barbara Heil Timothy and Sherrie Heist Dave and Betsy Hendy Jeffrey Herbert* Dianne and Mark Hill Douglas and Mary Beth Hines D.J. Hodge Jack and Jacqueline Hoeting* Gary Hoffman* James and Ann Hoffmann Denis Hoffmann* Ms. Margaret M. Hogan* Martin and Tina Hollenbeck* The Homan Foundation Diana Housman James R. Howe, Jr. Arthur and Rita Hudepohl Douglas and Doris Hughes* Al and Kathy Humbert* Dan and Karen Hurley* Carla Hutton* Interact For Health Terrence and Debra Jennings Tricia and Eric Johnson* Johnson and Johnson Jordan Family Fund JP Morgan Chase Foundation Thomas and Mary Kay Junglen Stanley E. Kaleta* Barbara and Enore Kanzler Judith Marie Keiber* Marge Keller Edward Kinny Theresa Kleinhaus Andrew Koval Dan and Mary Kramer* Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Joan Kramer* Kroger Community Rewards Daniel and Leanna Lach Emily LeFevre* Benjamin and Alana Levy Lords Roofing Company Joseph and Meredith Loughran* William and Phyllis Luehrmann* Arthur and Maryann Maines* Sherie Marek Jacquelyn and Jake Marsac Roger Barbe and Jill Martin

Raymond and Madelynn Matlock* Paul Maus David and Denise Mayhaus Timothy and Peggy McCarren* Janie McCormick Fund Thomas McDonald Mr. and Mrs. William J. McGowan* Mr. Thomas G. McKenney* In memory of Susan A. McNamara* Leslie McNeill Patrick and Jan McNerney* William and Nancy Menne Katherine Metzger Megan Meyer Roger and Maryann Meyer Pat and Kathy Michel* Kathy and John Mitchell Norbert Mollmann Matthew Monteleone Carolyn and Richard Morin* Gerald and Roxanne Motl David and Barbara Mueller Paul and Theresa Muething* Frank and Tracy Nation Lois Neltner Jacqueline C. Neumann* Christine Neyer* Jim and Jane Neyer* Joan Nickert Mary Joan Niehaus* Barbara Noble* Rev. Thomas C. Nolker* James Nordlund Holly O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. and Virginia A. O’Connor Ohio Valley Electrical Services, LLC Lawrence and Joyce Ohmer Mary Olberding Mary Lee and Donald Olinger Osborn Williams & Donohoe LLC Dan and Pam Payne Perfetti Van Melle Richard and Bonnie Peterson* Judith Pierce* PNC Bank Louis G. Pohl Trust* Robert Prescott Elaine M. Rairden Mary and Ranjit Rath* Steve Raymond Sharon Redmond

Mary Reitz Victoria and Rick Reynolds Rita Riddell* Shirleerae Robbe Sara Robertson Rev. David C. Robisch* Jeremy Robison Roger Bacon High School Bill and Jo Ann Ropp* Fr. Ryan Ruiz Mark and Sue Ryan Robert and Tracie Saelinger* David and Cheryl Schildmeyer* Michael and Judith Schmidt William and Karen Schrepferman Mark and Barbara Schermann Elizabeth B. Schulenberg Phyllis and Stephen Schwartz Scripps Howard Foundation* Max Seibert* Joseph Shaughnessy Sheakley HR, LLC Kristen Simmons Robert Siverd David and Linda Smith* Stephen and Lyle Smith* Edith Smitson* William and Kay Snead Kenneth and Karen Sovern Spencer Family Charitable Fund Sprimag Inc. St. Ignatius Conference of SVDP Dave and Karen Staley Judith Stalford Matthew and Debra Staton Judy and James Stautberg Elizabeth Stautberg* James and Kim Stegeman* Steven and Sue Steller Steve and Chris Sullivan Surescripts Dennis Swaney Brian and Leigh Taylor Charitable Fund Alexander and Lura Teass Scott and Lyn Teepe Jacquelin Tepe* Marylu and Scott Torrison Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Barbara Trauth* Jerry and Lydia Trefzger* James and Susan Troutt Arthur and Linda Tucker

Special thanks to the parishioners of St. Rose Church who pack and donate hundreds of boxes of food annually during the holiday season. These donations are distributed to neighbors in need through our Becky & Ted Catino Choice Food Pantry. We appreciate St. Rose Church and the many other groups that facilitate food drives throughout the year. *These donors have financially contributed to St. Vincent de Paul for five or more consecutive years. t These donors contributed to St. Vincent de Paul through a gift from their will or trust.

Suzanne and Jason Tucker U.S. Bank Foundation* Grace Ulm* Gerald and Ann Umberg* Marge and Joseph Varatta The Vista Foundation Lee and Kathleen Vonderhaar* Margaret Wachs Angela Waddle Tracey Wagner* Kevin and Megan Walsh* Lisa and Jeff Warren Denis and Alice Waymire James and Jacquelyn Welborn Mr. James Wenstrup* Mark and Jennifer Westerbeck* Thomas E. Westerfield Phyllis Weston* Raymond and Elaine Westrich* John and Tiffany Whitcomb Jacquelyn White Amy and Steve Whitlatch Connie Widmer William Hueneke Foundation Carl Wollering Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Donna Wyatt Matt and Shannon Yung Lisa and Jonathan Zapf* $500-$999 Gregory Achten Suzanne Albert All Saints Conference of SVDP Jeffrey Allan* Romola Allen* Kevin Allan Ashley Altenau Thomas and Lynne Alverson* Janet and Andy Andrea Anonymous (x4) Lorraine Artis Martha and Jerome Bain Drs. Sabino and Agustina Baluyot* Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barden Donald and Annette Bartolo Timothy and Kristine Bayer Robert and Patricia Becker David and Valarie Bender Stephen Berry Barry and Carol Bien Harold Binder Harry Blaney Mary Jo Blankemeyer Elizabeth Blessingt William and Shirley Boardman Wayne Bohenek William Bradley* James J. Brady Ed Brady Fr. James Bramlage Peggy Brewer Mary Ann Brewer Virginia Brezinski

Pete and Kate Brown* John and Margaret Bruggeman Rosemary Brune* Patrick and Barbara Brunner* Donald Buehler Bulman Family Charitable Fund* Robert and Felicia Burger* Dione Burkhardt Butler Family Fund John and Beverly Cannon* Dino Carota Tony Carpenter David and Marie Catanzaro* Robert and Pauline Chaloult Cincinnati Machines Jonathan Cohen Cathy Cole Douglas Colton Jason and Theresa Combs Dan and Jamie Constable Doren and Steven Cook Terrence Cosgrove* Michael and Mary Craven Christopher Cushman Kathleen Cyr Anna Daddabbo* Mary Davis* Katie and John Dawson Daniel and Melanie DeBrosse* Nancy DeBrunner James Deddens Steven and Peggy Dehne Anthony and Sara Delisio Stephen Derose* John Derrick and Jane Phelan Thomas Digman* Bill and Kathy Dillhoff Beth and Joseph Doench Bryan Dougherty* Lisa Doxsee Eric Drumm Mark & Kathy Dunford Kenneth and Claire Edgell* Samantha and John Elliott Mary and Ranz Esbenshade Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Mary Espel* Patrick and Mary Fages* Julie and Dick Fairbanks Dorene and Lawrence Farwick Alan and Carol Faulhaber Mr. Frank Fellerhoff* Terri Ferree Amanda Fessler Becky Flesch Kevin and Margaret Flynn Thomas and Helen Flynn Andrew and Rosemary Fogarty* Kevin Fogarty* Thomas and Peggy Frank Randy and Donna Friedman Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable Daniel and Julie Fries

James Gallagher The Gardner Family Trust Mike Geoppinger Virginia Gessing Steve and Linda Giessler Matthew and Ashleigh Gifford John and Dorothy Gillen* Rebecca Gillie Ernest Gillman Martha Gitt Todd and Maria Goble Nancy Grewe James Grimme David and Laura Groenke* William Grote Ardith Grote Gary Gruber Ryan Gruters Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Amy Guiot* Deborah Gula Thomas Habegger Thomas and Jane Kammer Habig* Tom and Sandra Hagenbarth Kathy Hamm Revovable Trust* Michael and Margaret Handleton Richard Hansman, Jr.* Raymond and Caroll Harrigan James and Karen Hawks Janet Heiden* Robert and Judith Heile Audrey Hemmer Walter and Mary Herbster Kathleen and Joseph Herzog Suzanne Hilvert Mary Hilvert* Daniel Hogan Caroline Hogan Pat Hudepohl Mike Huhn Karen Hulefeld* Lawrence and Marlene Humbert* Mary Hurlburt Ingage Partners Oscar Jenkins Mark and Denise Jewell* Tyler and Jennifer Johnson David and Beth Johnson Ronald G. and Caroline Joseph, Jr. Robert and Anne Jurek* Dorothy E. Kaiser* Peter E. Kauffman Brian Kellett Ms. Ellen A. Kellogg Sue Kentrup Janet Kessler Chris and Pat Kief Michael and Patricia Kimutis Randall King Kitchen Saver Timothy Klapper* Donald and Kathleen Klocke Linda Klump Eugene Koellhoffer


David and Ashley Kohnen James Kohrman George and Susan Kovach Michael and Christina Kowalski Alan Krodel James Krueger Michael Schroer and Carey Kruer Jean and John Kupfer Family Trust* Thomas and Jane Lake* Kevin Lavelle Kathryn Lawrence Joyce Ledwin* David and Marla Ledwin* Tammy Leitsinger Lenox Wealth Management Charitable Fund Randy Lines Michael and Molly Lippert* Angie and Wally Lovejoy Duane and Phyllis Lowe* William and Carolyn Mackey Neil and Leanne MacKinnon Michael Malone Mary Alice Manley* Jennifer Mansfield Greg and Lisa Mastruserio Janet McCarthy Timothy and Jennifer McConnell Nancy and Charlie McDonald Timothy and Patricia McDonald Bruce and Dianne McGoron Parnel McGreevy Paula McIntosh Karen Medley Mike Mendenhall Michele-Marie Merritt* Cynthia and David Metz Robert and Mary Mierenfeld* Andres Mijares Mary Jo Mock* Modern Office Methods John and Mary Anne Monroe Vivian Morgan Christopher and Nanciann Moschner Mother of Mercy Council #16461 Herbert Mueller Eric Mueller Kenneth and Theresa Mullen* Jeff and Julia Muntel Christopher Nagle Joseph and Marlene Nasello* Dennis Nead* Paul Niklas* Eleanor J. Noe Trust

Catherine Noell Timothy and Margaret Nolan* O.S.F. Mission Activities Paul and Janis Obermeyer* Bill and Mary Carol O’Brien Mark O’Donnel Sharen Ogier MaryAnn O’Leary O’Neill-Aley Charitable Fund Dennis Otto Our Lady of Victory Julie Payton Norman and Debbie Pearson* Michael Petrany Michael Petrucci* Lynn Piening Charles and Dee Pittinger Lisa and John Pomerlean Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Melissa Puccini* David and Maria Quehl* Patricia Quinlint William and Cathy Rasmussen Kimberly and James Reinhold Cyndy Reynolds Rhinegeist Brewery Michael and Barbara Ricke Frederick and Laura Riehle* Thomas and Beth Roberts* Clifford and Jean Robson William and Sandra Rody Thomas and Margaret Roedersheimer Patrie Rolling Deborah and John Roney Richard and Sharon Rose Richard and Sue Royer Robert and Margaret Ruffing Don Saelinger William and Judy Sander James and Lois Sanitato Martin and Suzanne Schmitt* Michelle Schneider Charles and Rebecca Schroer James Schubert Jerome Scheuhler* Harold Schuler* Michael and Michele Schuster Ruth Schwallie Mary Schweitzer Robert and Elaine Schwendeman David and Janice Shea Gregory and Margaret Shields*

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Meghan Shimala Tony and Lynda Shipley Thomas and Carol Simons Richard and Barbara Slavinski Daniel and Gail Smith Diana Sova St. Bartholomew Conference of SVDP St. Dominic Conference of SVDP St. Jude Conference of SVDP* State Farm Insurance Companies Chris Stautberg Mark and Lori Stenger Adam Storck Karen Suedkamp Mr. and Mrs. John and Tamara Sullivan* Jacqueline Sweeney Mary Ann Tebbe* David and Heidi Temming Susan Tolbert David and Margaret Tondow Jeffrey and Monica Troy Martin and Karen Umberg Robert and Patricia Curran VanStone* Ms. Susan M. Vergamini* John and Nancy Von Benken James and Darla Wainscott Andrea Walczak Justin Wallace Jonathan and Maureen Ward Chuck Warden Jenna Washatka Jennifer Molano and Matthew Watkins Jerome and Dianne Wedig* Thomas and Janet Weingartner* Wilson and Maureen Weisenfelder Ben and Judy Wells Kathaleen Weyer Tim Whalen* Robert Whang Steven and Patricia Wilken Michael Willig Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Kathy Wissel* Kim and Scott Wolcott Gary Wooley Eric Wright Darwin and Patricia Yung Jeffrey and Katie Zaenger Sharon E. Ziegler Paul and Marianne Zook John and Mary Ann Zorio*

Thanks to a grant from the Charles H. Dater Foundation, 192 Cincinnati children now have a bed to call their own. We are grateful to the many foundations that support St. Vincent de Paul’s programs and services through generous grants. *These donors have financially contributed to St. Vincent de Paul for five or more consecutive years. t These donors contributed to St. Vincent de Paul through a gift from their will or trust.

Non Profit Org US Postage Paid Cincinna�, OH Permit #1106

1125 Bank Street Cincinnati, OH 45214-2130



INCORPORATE ST. VINCENT DE PAUL INTO YOUR LENTEN JOURNEY With the Lenten season approaching, we invite you to reflect on how we, together, can grow in spirituality through the three pillars of the season: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Here are ways that you can connect with St. Vincent de Paul this season:

• ORGANIZE a food drive at your school or workplace • JOIN a Conference in your parish • DONATE to our Thrift Stores • COLLECT travel-size hygiene supplies for our neighbors • PLAN to honor St. Vincent de Paul in your will or trust • PRAY for candidates considering a year of service through Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati To find out more ways you can connect this Lenten season, visit www.SVDPcincinnati.org. “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” – Luke: 10:27

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2020 Annual Report  

2020 Annual Report