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Ready, Set, Summer! still get that feeling of anticipation when the school days are winding down and summer is right around the corner. The kids excitement is contagious, plus those fond memories of spending time boating and swimming in the lake, morning or evening runs through the woods when you can feel the warm air wrapped around you, enjoying meals outdoors, and taking time to spend with family and friends. Our summer adventure guide is full of great ideas both near and far that will give your family lasting memories. I’m planning to write at least one “adventure” on the calendar each week so we have something to look forward to! For this issue we had the opportunity to interview some very special local kids. We hope you enjoy their stories as well as the rest of the issue! Be sure to check out the recent event recaps and photos, and City Buzz and the calendar for information on local happenings and many events to come in Suwanee and surrounding areas. I also want to take a moment to thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work, our advertisers for supporting Suwanee Magazine and making it possible, and our loyal readers for your excitement and appreciation of Suwanee Magazine. We have a community to be proud of! Enjoy this issue and the start to summer!

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ON THE COVER: MattyB photographed on April 10th by Steve Glass at his Suwanee home.


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Suwanee Business Alliance holds annual charity golf outing

he 2014 Masters Golf Tournament might be over, but there’s still plenty of golf going on. In fact, the Suwanee Business Alliance held their annual golf outing on April 22 at the Hamilton Mill Golf Course in Dacula. With a record 33 sponsors, including Platinum sponsors “Go Waiter” and “Northside Hospital,” and 72 participants that took part in the annual golf outing, the SBA was able to raise over $6,000 for local charities. Some of the benefiting charities include: Annandale Village, Toys for Tots, Veterans, Sentinels, Suwanee Performing Arts, Rainbow Village, GaGa for TaTas, American Red Cross, Suwanee SPCA, The Quinn House, Foster Children’s Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes and other local groups who may need assistance throughout the year. The team from Squeaky’s Car Wash won the coveted “Suwanee Cup” this year and will retain the cup plus huge bragging rights…until next year’s event! The purpose of the Suwanee Business Alliance is to facilitate interaction and business relations between members, to promote and recommend member businesses to others, to support local community activities and charitable organizations, and to create a "Sense of Community" between member businesses. ■ The Suwanee Business Alliance meets on the second Wednesday of every month at various locations around the city of Suwanee.


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BY: Bill and Cindi Porter Aileron Investment Advisors


How do I take advantage of the very large and aging Baby Boomer population?

Answer: Various age groups share common spending habits. Baby Boomers (people ages 50 – 68) comprise - by far - the largest single demographic group of Americans. They are living much longer than their ancestors and they are living very different lifestyles as well. Many industries will be the beneficiaries of the economic dynamics created by Boomers as they spend during their golden years. The first wave of Boomers has already transitioned from employment into retirement and tens of millions will soon follow. Statistically, a large number of them will live for decades and many of their spending habits are quite predicable. For instance, highly specialized areas of health care – especially discretionary – such as dental implants, hearing aids, and glasses, are already experiencing huge increases in demand. That trend will most likely continue to increase. Companies that are well positioned to capitalize on the spending habits of Boomers may offer investors significant opportunities. For example, loud music first became popular in the 1960s. As a result many of today’s new retirees have hearing problems. However, many also have the money to deal with such medical inconveniences and are very willing to spend aggressively on items that will extend their physical capabilities for as long as possible. Modern technology has created hearing aids that are discreet, nearly invisible, able to filter out ambient noise, and capable of extending “normal” hearing levels for many additional years. Yet according to William Demant Holding, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer, only about 20 percent of those suffering from hearing loss have purchased a hearing aid. Obviously the potential is very large. However, investing in companies is always a challenge and involves risk. Evaluating the risk/reward potentials with your trusted Send us your advisor is essential. ■ investment

questions to: info@suwanee

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily that of Suwanee Magazine.


Heart of Suwanee Animal Hospital

Area animal hospital offers cutting-edge stem cell therapy

PHOTOS BY: Katrina Krom

BY: Tana Christian Suggs e all love our four-legged friends, and for many of us, our families include at least one. They are part of the family and a best friend all rolled into one. And just like any other family member, we don’t want them to experience any type of pain. So when one of our furry family members is in physical pain, we just want them to feel better. Like their human counterparts, animals can suffer from a number of diseases, such as degenerative joint disease, that can cause them to suffer from chronic pain. Up until recently, medication has been the primary treatment used to address the symptoms and reduce the pain. But now, the Heart of Suwanee Animal Hospital is certified and offers a stem cell therapy to treat animals for chronic joint pain to alleviate the pain and the need for ongoing medication.

Dr. Tim Jackson, one of the veterinarians at Heart of Suwanee Animal Hospital who performs the cuttingedge procedure, explained that the procedure involves extracting cells from fat of the animal’s own body, and then those cells are cultured and implanted back into the pet at the site of the affected area they are looking to treat. He said the procedure is allnatural and minimally invasive. It is done all in the same day and usually takes about two hours. “It decreases pain and inflammation and there’s a rapid recovery time,” he said. “It doesn’t just reduce inflammation and pain, it actually regenerates damaged tissue.” Good candidates that may benefit from the procedure include pets with arthritis, joint pain, cartilage damage, any type of ligament or tendon injury and dysplasia; and many patients are senior, 7 years and older. "This procedure is also used in conjunction with some surgeries to help the healing process." Jackson said. "It’s a straight forward procedure, such as a spay procedure, but it’s less invasive."

Good candidates that may benefit from the procedure include pets with arthritis, joint pain, cartilage damage, any type of ligament or tendon injury and dysplasia; and many patients are senior, 7 years or older.


Suwanee Magazine


“Even though it’s a minimally invasive procedure, it’s very scrutinized with the process for the actual harvesting,” he said. “We do it on a step by step approach, very thorough, and aseptic to avoid any contamination to the cells. That process is done textbook.” The practice had to be certified in order to perform this procedure by going through a continuing education program, and has been certified for over 10 months now. Jackson said that they are seeing good results so far. He said recovery time is relatively short and they are seeing significant improvements for pets. “Usually after 30 to 60 days owners are starting to report that pets have improved range of motion in their joints and they are definitely more comfortable and more active,” he said. The cost for the therapy is about $1,900 and includes the anesthesia for the harvesting and implantation, the plasma-rich protein, the culturing and the implantation. But, cost can vary on a case-by-case basis when multiple procedures are involved. For more information about Heart of Suwanee Animal Hospital and the stem cell therapy, visit the website at ■

Heart of Suwanee Animal Hospital 750 Peachtree Industrial Blvd



Local Businesses Dedicated To Keeping You Healthy



truth about

BY: Jennifer Baker Lachnicht, RD, LD, CNSC Diabetes and Nutrition Education, Northside Hospital

etox diets seem to be everywhere these days.

“The Clean Detox,” “The Master Cleanse” and “The Lemonade Diet” are just a few examples of extreme diets made popular by celebrities. According to some starlets, these diets do more than just make them look red carpet ready; they eliminate toxins, increase energy levels and promote longevity. Still, dieters should be wary of the benefits of such restrictive regimens, and for good reason. Detox diets usually involve some sort of restricted food intake or period of food deprivation (fasting) and sometimes rely on liquid nutrition from fruits and vegetables (juicing). Many also involve “cleansing” products such as herbal laxatives and diuretics. Advocates claim that these practices can aid in weight loss, decrease bloating and improve focus. Others even go so far as to suggest that detox diets can cure or prevent diseases such as cancer. However, there is no evidence of any health benefit to this Your body is type of extreme way of eating. already perfectly Above all, detox diets are supposed to rid the body of unwanted toxins. However, equipped to detoxify your body is already perfectly equipped to itself from everyday detoxify itself from everyday environmental environmental toxins. In fact, plans that involve extreme toxins. calorie (especially carbohydrate) restriction may actually do the opposite and cause an increased production of ketones in the body. Ketones are toxic by-products that are produced when your body breaks down fat and muscle for energy because it is not getting enough carbohydrates. Bottom line, any diet that restricts calories will cause you to lose weight. However, any diet that severely limits certain food groups also puts you at risk for protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances are also a possibility, which can be very dangerous and even potentially life-threatening. It may sound cliché, but if you truly want to “detox,” the best approach is to eat clean.

10 I

Suwanee Magazine



health It may sound cliché, but if you truly want to “detox,” the best approach is to eat clean: Eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains. Drink plenty of water, without going to extreme measures. Limit your intake of red meat, processed foods, sugar and alcohol. ■ Stop smoking. ■ Don’t skip meals. ■ Get enough sleep. ■ ■ ■

These simple and moderate changes will leave you feeling more healthy and energized for long term health and wellness. If you still want to try a detox diet, consult with your physician first. Certain groups of people should never use a detox diet. These include children of all ages, pregnant women and individuals with diabetes.

Northside Hospital offers a full range of outpatient weight management and nutrition services designed to help you achieve optimal health and feel your best. For more information call 404-851-6023, or visit


Suwanee Magazine


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Saturday, May 24th, 2014 AT 11:00AM Go to to register. seating is limited!


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Functional Nutrition: Weight Loss − Gut Issues − Auto Immune Hormones − Thyroid − Diabetes

DID YOU KNOW: Diseases such as Celiac, Colitis, Eczema, Crohn’s, Graves, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Arthritis, ADD, and Alzheimer’s, just to name a few, have now been lumped into one Autoimmune Category?

Chiropractic: Corrective Care − Pediatrics − Pregnancy Frozen Shoulder − Sports Injuries Injured Discs

If you have any of these diseases or are experiencing new or unexplained symptoms, you must read on. They are caused by a misfiring of the body’s “Innate Intelligence”, whose job is to recognize cells that are foreign and don’t belong in the body, and attack them in order to rid itself of invaders. In an Autoimmune state, “Innate Intelligence” does not recognize the good and necessary cells, and attacks them just like foreign cells. Presently, there are about 200 known Autoimmune diseases. The newest research has been proving that the causes of diseases like Diabetes, Autism, and some forms of ADHD are linked to an Autoimmune response. Medical standards for testing and treatment of Autoimmunity is sadly stuck in the 18th century. Medications have remained the same, the common being steroids and chemotherapy drugs. Many patients have either tried these approaches and had little or no results, leaving many others with severe side effects. The good news that in the last 5 years science has made ground breaking strides in the understanding of how all of this works. And I am here to tell you that our team at Sugar Hill Spine and Wellness have helped many people GET THEIR LIVES BACK! We understand that there are 3 factors that contribute to Autoimmune diseases: GENETICS, STRESSORS AND THE MICROBIOME. For some, fixing these 3 factors can be a somewhat simple reboot of their system, for many it can be very intense and time consuming. I know from personal experience and research that through a series of events, such as trauma, emotional stress and/or chemical exposure, that we can experience something called the PERFECT STORM. A combination of these events kicks the immune system into high gear, eventually overriding normal function and forcing it into an Autoimmune state. But, you don’t have to get caught up in the medical system too. Allow us to help you. Let us show you how we got our lives back and how you can get your’s back too. We will be hosting a FREE Life Changing Seminar on Saturday MAY 24th at 11:00am. Please go to to register and hold your seat. Seating is limited and is on a first come first serve basis. THE POWER TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK IS UP TO YOU!

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Medical: Lab Work − Physical Therapy Extremity Injections Our team of Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are well trained in Cellular Healing with a combined 40 years in the Medical field and over 34 years in Chiropractic. Our Mission is to improve the state of well-being of our world by helping one person at a time to heal and express Maximum Health. We understand that every individual is different and needs to be treated that way. At our office you are not just a number! Dr. Joseph Clarino

16 years of experience in Chiropractic, Sports Injury, Cellular Healing and Frozen Shoulder

Dr. Debra Cirone 16 years of experience in Chiropractic, with a fellowship in Pediatrics and Pregnancy Dr. Matt Lindsay 2 years of experience in Chiropractic and Sports Injury Cheney Davis 25 years of experience in the Emergency Room and 3 years of experience in Functional Medicine Jessa 15 years of experience as Office Manager of Medical Practice

Organizations & Individuals Who are Giving Back

Change4Georgia Georgia youth bring positive change to military, veterans and their families BY: Rachel Fasig hile most 7th graders may be concerned about what to wear to school, who they are asking to the dance, or what a celebrity just posted on Twitter; 13-year-old Riverwatch Middle School students Remington Youngblood and Grace Anne Carlson are more concerned about the well-being of soldiers overseas, whether or not a local veteran Grace Anne and Remington with family has enough food for the holidays and where to organize Governor Nathan Deal at the Fireside Chat their next fundraiser. in Dahlonega, January 2nd, 2014. Remington is the Founder of Change4Georgia (C4G) – a nonprofit whose mission statement is “to provide the troops and their families with items of comfort and school supplies and to inspire students to get up and get involved!” C4G does this in three ways: 1) by sending non-perishable food, gifts and letters to those deployed overseas, 2) by providing food and other items of need such as clothing, diapers and school supplies to local veterans or activeduty families and 3) by providing scholarships to veterans in college. “It’s the least we can do!” said Remington, “They really deserve our thoughts, prayers and support and we are here to give them all three! It is a phenomenal feeling to be able to help them out.” Remington’s family said that he has always had a compassionate heart and asked his mother at a young age how he could help others. Change4Georgia kids having fun at their Suds4Soldiers Car Wash She encouraged him to reach out to local soup Fundraiser, September 15th, 2013 which raised $2,200! kitchens and churches, but was turned down numerous times for “being too young and a possible liability.” Knowing it would be a lot of work and a huge time commitment, Remington decided to take matters into his own hands and started C4G. He was ten years old at the time! Grace Anne was the first member of C4G’s Junior Executive Board. The organization now has about 30 students who are involved and seven youth leaders who sit on the Junior Executive Board alongside Grace Anne and Remington. The group researches, plans, organizes and implements large-scale fundraising activities from beginning to end. But, they make sure to


Suwanee Magazine


Remington and Grace Anne sorting through donations from a recent food drive.

Remington as a keynote speaker at the Live Your Legacy Summit in Atlanta, Sept. 9th, 2013.

have fun while doing it. “You should have seen us at the car wash, we were having a blast! And, we even got to wash a really cool Corvette!” Remington said. “We all hang out after meetings and on weekends, we’re all friends,” Grace Anne added. And, this group of middle school friends has raised over $86,000 to date! Remington hopes to inspire other youth to join him, “I want to show them all the fun they can have while helping others…I know once they get involved, they’ll love it!” Remington’s mother, Rebecca Youngblood, acknowledged how much the community has embraced and supported the kids of C4G. The Fresh Market in Suwanee, led by General Manager Jim Healy, has donated over $20,000 worth of food and gift baskets for the cause; HoneyBaked Ham did a corporate drive and gave each of C4G’s veteran families a certificate for a baked ham; and Stephanie Morjan of The Home Depot in Buford will help Remington with whatever he needs. “One time, he called her and told her about a veteran family we were helping out in Forsyth County and she donated an air conditioner for them, no questions asked!” Rebecca Youngblood shared. The work that these young adults are doing is inspiring. It is refreshing to see a group of uniquely talented and caring individuals use their time, energy and resources to help others. Remington hopes that C4G becomes the blueprint for future youth-led nonprofits. He said, “I hope there’s a Change4Kentucky, a Change4California, a Change4 NorthCarolina…a Change for every State! One day when I grow up, I hope to still be a part of it…but in the background, I want kids to take it over and take on the leadership roles.” The purpose of the organization is that it’s youth-led, however, The Executive Board consists of a group of adults and parents who are dedicated to supporting the cause: Chris and Rebecca Youngblood (Remington’s parents), Paul Romanick, an Army Veteran, Dan White, and Aurea McGarry, an award-winning talk show host and cancer survivor.


Our soldiers and veterans not only deserve, but need our attention and appreciation for their choice of dedication, service and sacrifice to our great country. Now is the time to stand up and answer the call. - Remington Youngblood

“We learn so much from each other and from our experiences,” Remington said. But, the kids of C4G have also had the opportunity to learn from and spend time with influential people, such as Governor Nathan Deal, John Yates and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. The skills that they’re learning now are highly instrumental and will stick with them for the rest of their lives. “We are learning how to build a business, about networking, how to use social media, fundraising, marketing, public speaking, about how our government works.” Remington said. “And, I have definitely become a better speaker. I’ve learned social skills like how to communicate effectively, the importance of eye contact and a strong handshake,” added Grace Anne. A very articulate young man, Remington has already spoken at over 70 speaking engagements, including Veterans Summits, Gainesville State College, Wreaths Across America, City Council Meetings, The VFW Post 9143, Teen Kids News, 11 Alive, CBS, Fox News and a keynote speech at the “Live Your Legacy” Summit to name a few. But, the feeling that they get when helping others and “serving those who have served us” is more impactful than anything else, said Remington. Grace Anne hopes that these experiences shape her life from here on out, “I want it to always be part of who I am. I want to be proud of who I was in middle school. Most kids look back and don’t remember much about middle school, but I’ll get to look back and say, “I was a part of Change4Georgia and I got to help a lot of people,” she said. Remington often says, “Success cannot be achieved by simply living. You have to act in order to achieve!” And through their actions, Remington and Grace Anne are hoping to create a legacy while inspiring other youth to follow in their footsteps. For more information about Change4Georgia and ways to get involved, please visit ■

Change4Georgia kids in Govenor Deal's office during a personal Capitol tour on December 20th, 2013.


I Suwanee Magazine I MAY / JUNE 14


2014 Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest Fourth annual festival raises money for local charity Kingdom Kids BY: Rachel Fasig his event just keeps getting better and better! You better watch it, the Suwanee Beer Fest is getting the reputation as the best festival in Georgia!” said master home-brewer and owner of Brew Depot in Alpharetta, Bob Carlton. March 15th, 2014 marked the 4th anniversary of the Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest and it marked their biggest and most successful event to date. Even with a lingering forecast of rain, the event sold out several days before the festival, leaving many scrambling to purchase tickets and scouring Facebook for sales the day of. Fortunately, the clouds cleared the morning of March 15th and the leprechauns emerged! That is, thousands of people decked out in green hats, beards, tutus, shirts, face paint, wigs and more to participate in a St. Patrick’s party they will never forget! With over 300 different types of beer, over 100 breweries represented and food from the best vendors in Metro Atlanta, the Suwanee Beer Fest has become one of the largest craft beer festivals in the South. Beer-lovers traveled from as far away as California and Texas for the experience. A couple celebrities, including band members from Sevendust and Skid Row, were even spotted enjoying themselves in the park! Presented by The Fresh Market in Suwanee, this year’s Beer Fest aimed to support local Atlanta-area businesses, restaurants and breweries through sponsorships, vendor space and marketing. Jim Healy, manager of The Fresh Market said, “my most profitable non-holiday weeks of the year were the week before and the week after Beer Fest…and I attribute that success to the festival marketing.” Local restaurant, Taco Mac also hosted a “Suwanee Beer Fest Week” dishing out double points to “Brewniversity” members who sampled a selection of beers that were being featured at the festival, such as Jekyll Brewing’s IPA – Hop Dang Diggity. Many local breweries debuted new beers or rare seasonals at the festival, and brewed exclusive casks for the VIP tent. The VIP Tent also offered a delicious spread of food including a wing bar, beer cheese fondue fountain, grilled kabobs and gourmet

GO TO PEOPLE & PLACES (page 56) & online @

burgers – cooked on-site by The Fresh Market! Live music from local bluegrass band – Pullin’ Strings and Chicago’s rock band– Fulkinetic had crowds of people moving, singing and dancing on the grass by Suwanee Town Center’s main stage! But, a huge selection of beer, delicious food and great music weren’t the only items on Suwanee Beer Fest’s agenda! The festival was packed full of activities by vendors & sponsors alike, and was also home to the largest home brew competition in the area – sponsored by Brew Depot. With 400 entries, the competition was stiff, but Paul Bushell and Mike Branam took home “Best in Show” with their American Barleywine “Doomsday”. Suwanee Mayor, Jimmy Burnette even made an appearance to taste some beers and congratulate the winner! Gwinnett Cornhole League hosted an exclusive tournament with a grand prize of Sweetwater & Terrapin brewery tour tickets, Suwanee Beer fest t-shirts and hats, a Samuel Adams prize bucket and a $50 Suwanee Pizza Tavern gift certificate - all won by Steve and Carol Black. Other highlights included: Harlem Legends Globetrotters performing basketball tricks and taking pictures with attendees, backyard basketball with the Atlanta Hawks, putt putt golf from Canongate Golf Club, belly dance performances from Roya Mediterranean Tapas, cooking with beer demos from The Fresh Market, beer pong with Mellow Mushroom, cornhole with The Beer Growler and giveaways and prizes from dozens of other sponsors & vendors. The event, largely staffed by over 150 volunteers, gave a large portion of proceeds to local nonprofit Kingdom Kids – an organization that grants wishes to children with terminal illnesses. Justin Hutchinson, Co-Founder of Kingdom Kids said, “This is an incredible event that continues to grow each year, and we’re very fortunate to be the benefiting charity.” It was a fantastic event that indeed continues to grow in size, popularity and appeal each year. The event organizers are constantly working to truly make the Suwanee Beer Fest the best beer festival in the US. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015! ■


The Best Culinary Experiences Suwanee Has To Offer


Upscale Suwanee Restaurant serves Mexican food with an attitude BY: Rachel Fasig eticulously prepared margaritas, live music, people dancing, delicious tapas and an energetic patio. Sounds like a scene straight out of Buckhead…or Cinco’s After 5 on a weekend night in Suwanee. While many know Cinco as a cool spot to grab upscale Mexican food, it is also becoming increasingly known as the place to be seen in Suwanee. Named aptly for the nation’s beloved postwork drinking hour – Cinco’s “After 5” is dishing up more than just some tasty Latin-infused plates. “Mexican food with an attitude” – that’s the slogan of North Georgia’s family owned and operated restaurant chain, Cinco Mexican Cantina & After 5 Lounge. Michael Burandt partnered with Cinco’s previous owners in 2006 as a financial investment, not realizing at the time that this “investment” would later turn into a life-long passion for his entire family. By 2010, Cinco was fully owned by the Burandt family, with each member of the family bringing different strengths to the table, which has contributed to the ongoing success of their restaurants. Michael Burandt Sr. as a savvy businessman, his wife Peg Burandt with an eye for interior design, son Michael Burandt Jr. with a background in restaurant operations and bartending, son Todd Burandt with a photography/ graphic design background, and daughter Kelly Lackey with a background in marketing.


Suwanee Magazine


Cinco’s “After 5” Lounge

Cinco is different than traditional chain restaurants in that they have no plans of franchising. “We’re about quality, not quantity,” Burandt Jr. explained when asked about plans for growth. Lackey said, “Well, we are called Cinco so we can’t just have four!” With restaurants in Suwanee, Cumming, Alpharetta and Atlanta, they’re currently scoping out their next location, “ideally in the Perimeter area.” Although intent on keeping the Atlanta area chain family owned, the Burandt clan has “no plans of stopping at five restaurants though,” Lackey explained. A neighborhood staple for several years now, Cinco is known as one of Suwanee’s “go-to” Mexican restaurants for families. In fact, they have recently proclaimed Sunday official “Family Night” where they encourage patrons to “unplug their electronics, engage with each other and enjoy one another’s company and our delicious fajitas,” according to Lackey. Sunday Family Nights began in early March with discounted fajita prices and have been a success so far for both the restaurant and families who have commended the “unplugged” concept. The restaurant boasts a relaxed, yet upscale environment with food to satisfy all ranges of palates, and the Cinco team is not afraid to voice their own personal favorites. Lackey appreciates the authenticity



Salmon a la parilla and simplicity of the Tacos al Pastor – marinated grilled pork with a roasted corn and grilled pineapple pico de gallo and pasilla salsa. Catering Director, Scott Jordan, raves about the salmon a la parilla – a grilled salmon filet with sautéed spinach on a jalapeno potato cake drizzled with a lobster shrimp sauce: just the right amount of savory & spice. Suwanee’s General Manager, Nicolas Normand, says he could live off of the Carne Asada – seasoned skirt steak grilled with onions, roasted poblano peppers, nopales and queso fresco served on a bed of whipped chorizo mashed potatoes. The adjacent lounge is a lively “21 and over” hotspot serving tapas-style dishes and specialty cocktails, such as: lobster nachos, smoked salmon tacos, chorizo burger sliders, steak and blue cheese flatbread, and margaritas muddled with lavender or other herbs. “We are in the process of changing our menu again. Ideally, we’d like to change it up twice a year – but there are some staples that have been customer-favorites since 2006 that we’ll never get rid of,” explained Jordan. In terms of special events and catering, he will work with customers to prepare custom menus suited perfectly for their guests. Cinco has the capacity to do largescale corporate parties, weddings or special family dinners at home. “We even did a summer pool party last year at someone’s house with a full fajita and taco bar and we brought our margarita machines,” he said. But, whatever route you go: Family Fajita Night, ladies lunch on the patio, private party in your backyard, or a night out at After 5; be sure to rasie your perfectly-crafted beverage and toast to the Burandt family for a job well-done! ■


1500 Peachtree Industrial Blvd



Suwanee Magazine


BY: Rachel Fasig PHOTOS BY: Steve Glass 22

I Suwanee Magazine

hat do Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, One Direction and Suwanee resident, Matthew Morris aka MattyB have in common? Answer - they have each earned a spot on Billboard’s 2013 Top 21 under 21 List. So, how exactly does an 11-year-old rapper from Suwanee, Georgia garner the attention of Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, NBC’s Today Show, FOX 5 News, The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Phil, and Extra? Well, I had the chance to catch up with MattyB right before recording his next music video to find out…

Behind the scenes at MattyB's latest video shoot


Suwanee Magazine


As I pulled up to the Morris home, I noticed they resembled a typical Suwanee family with five kids: toys were strewn around the backyard, teens were grabbing snacks out of the fridge, his little sister was having a “play date” with a friend in her room, and Mom & Dad, Blake and Tawny Morris were keeping it all together. “Matt, did you clean the dirt under your nails for the photo shoot?” his mom asked as I saw the 4’ 6”, 11-yearold boy come running down the stairs wearing his signature “MattyB” hat and white Nike Air Jordans. “Sorry,” she turned to me, “he was just playing outside before you got here”. I introduced myself, shook MattyB’s hand, and noticed, yes, his nails were clean. “Hey, MattyB, nice to meet you! What were you doing outside?”, I asked. “I was skateboarding,” he replied. When MattyB isn’t in school, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, playing baseball or airsoft, he is rapping and creating songs and videos that have generated nearly 1 billion views on YouTube and a combined 7.7 million followers on social media! MattyB attributes much of his success to two things: his cousin/ producer, Marshall Manning and YouTube. MattyB’s cousin, Marshall Manning aka Mars, is a rapper himself and made it to Hollywood Week of American Idol in 2010. When Mars mother passed away, he moved in with his Aunt and Uncle (Blake and Tawny Morris). At that point, MattyB was six years old and just started getting into music and dance. He loved having his older cousin around the house and considers him a role model.

cover story

MattyB said, “I kept following Mars around and watching him rap…I begged him to help me make a YouTube video and he said, “If we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do it right.” That is when they made the Justin Bieber cover of ‘Eenie Meenie’ which generated nearly a million views in one week. MattyB’s father, Blake Morris told Mars, “I think we have something here – this is not normal!” At that point, Mars decided to lay down his dreams in order to help his young cousin, and the family knew they were in for a wild ride! MattyB with Mom & Dad, Morris said, “YouTube has provided a platform for Matt to allow Blake and fans to discover his music as he discovers it at an organic level, so Tawny Morris they are a part of his ongoing success. It allows him to mobilize them to come to his concerts, to share his concerts and to give fans an in-depth look into his life.” MattyB wants to be reachable to his fans and he wants them to be able to relate to him on a personal level. While many artists are trying to fit the pop-star mold, MattyB is just trying to be himself. He works with Mars to recreate popular hip-hop singles with G-rated lyrics, as well as co-write original pieces. Although MattyB’s first video was a Justin Bieber cover (produced when he was just seven years old), he does not like being called a “Mini-Bieber” as many have called him in the past. “I like Eminem,” he said, “but only the clean versions of his songs.” MattyB said, “when I first started I wasn’t even allowed to listen to rap music and didn’t really know who I liked…I liked my cousin Mars!”   It is inevitable that MattyB will continue to grow and succeed as an entertainer. But, when asked if the family would relocate, I heard a resounding, “No!” They have moved around the Metro Atlanta area a few times, but have grown very fond of Suwanee over the past couple of years. “I love Suwanee!’ MattyB said. “I was shooting music videos in the (Town Center) park before we even lived here!” Actually, Blake Morris confided, that part of the reason they moved to Suwanee from a neighboring city was to be closer to the park and in such a family-friendly area. And, MattyB loves performing around Atlanta. Back by popular demand, he is kicking off his “MattyBLive Summer 2014” concert tour with a hometown show in the Sidney Marcus Auditorium at the Georgia World Congress Center on Saturday, June 14th. For the remainder of the summer he will be performing headline shows across the US, in major cities, in California, Washington D.C., New Jersey, North

MattyB with cousin/producer, Marshall Manning

MattyB and his family have recently inked a deal with the digital content giant, Endemol to develop, co-produce and distribute an original online video series called “MattyB’s World” which will give fans an exclusive look into his life in the format of a digital reality show. Fans can watch the series on YouTube at the channel “MattyBVlogs”. Endemol produces some of the most successful shows on network television, such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout, Hot in Cleveland and Black Mirror.

cover story

Carolina and Illinois. When MattyB first went on tour he sold out two back-toback headline shows at New York City’s Gramercy Theatre and other noteworthy locations. He’s excited to get back out on the road and see his fans, who are affectionately dubbed “Bgirls and Bboys”. “My fans are the best!” MattyB said, “they really support me and if there are any haters they back me up… plus they get crazy at all the concerts, which is fun! I even autographed a shoe one time!” Recently, MattyB did a concert in St. Petersburg, Florida and he described the chaotic fan scene as “awesome.” He said, “people were crying and shaking and this was 2 1/2 hours after I finished my show and the “meet & greet” session… they were waiting outside for me!” MattyB may have many adoring fans, but his classmates at school aren’t necessarily like other Bboys and Bgirls. While they definitely support their peer, they treat him the same as everyone else, “I’ve grown up with them since kindergarten…we mess with each other and they still punch me and stuff (jokingly of course!), he said. Already receiving marriage proposals from crazed Bgirls, MattyB is bound to be a heartbreaker! But, at 11-years-old, he cares more about hanging out with family and friends and going to the skate park than he does about female attention! Mars often “encourages him” to get work done with promised trips to the skate park. In fact, as we were shooting our cover photo, I told him that we would take a couple photos in the backyard and he could bring his skateboard. His eyes lit up and he was very excited to show us his tricks. “Dad, you missed it! Did you see it? I just ollied on my skateboard!” MattyB excitedly announced. A lot of young stars have lost a sense of their moral compass and the Morris family is fighting to protect MattyB from that. Blake Morris said that they are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy by keeping him in school and organized sports as long as possible. “He still has to try out for the school talent show just like everybody else…and he might not even make it into the show,” he explained. “For us, it is important to not release the authority (to the entertainment industry) that we have been given as parents. It is our job to teach him and instill values in him while he’s in the maturing process and if we can hold onto that, then things will turn out great.” ■


I Suwanee Magazine I MAY / JUNE 14

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The Latest From The Suwanee Art World

Peace, Love & Arts in the Park BY: Tana Christian Suggs

hat’s more fun than peace, love, and art? It’s the 2014 Peace, Love, and Arts in the Park… a day filled with art, 1970s music, food, fun, and more! Arts in the Park will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., May 17 at Town Center Park and will feature an artist market, chalk-walk competition, talented performers, writers, music, and food. The chalk-walk contest is a juried event for children and adults. There will also be a professional sidewalk artist creating a 3-D chalk design. Food trucks will roll into the park bringing in some delicious fare, and new for this year’s event is a community art tent for children. This year will be the Fifth Annual Arts in the Park event held by the North Gwinnett Arts Association in conjunction with the city of Suwanee. The NGAA is a nonprofit organization that was created in 2009 to bring together artists and art lovers to share their love of the arts through knowledge, skills, and friendships. The group raises money through events such as Arts in the Park and community art activities to - Vickie Johnson fund student scholarships, and the organization is planning to award two $1,500 scholarships in May. The city of Suwanee has been very supportive of community arts and the various programs and events in and around the community. Vickie Johnson, president of the NGAA, said they appreciate the support and patronage of the community as the


I Suwanee Magazine I MAY / JUNE 14

organization strives to continue to bring meaningful art-based education and fun to Suwanee. “Art inspires, expresses the heart, and motivates and this is what Suwanee embraces through the support the arts receive in this community,” Johnson said. “I always feel a sense of hope for our generation and those to come whenever I look at the emphasis placed on the arts in Suwanee – we truly are the ‘creative’ community!” For more information about Arts in the Park, visit the event website ■


Dalmatians generally considered strong, muscular, active dogs capable of great endurance and considerable speed, not only look aristocratic, they also behave like gentlemen – they're neat and clean, short-coated, and sensible. Almost inevitably, given their great capacity and almost insatiable

desire for exercise, they were long ago turned out with fire engines and raced the horses through the streets, thus acquiring the nickname "The Fire House Dogs." The dogs in this sculpture, created by artist Jim Collins, are constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and are the approximate size of real Dalmatians. The larger dogs weigh 35 pounds while the smaller ones weigh 15 pounds. Collins is primarily a public art sculptor working in a figurative manner, which is best exemplified by his long-running series, The Watcher. His sculpture style has been characterized by the use of silhouettes of people and animals fabricated of stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. Collins was a professor of art at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga from 1966-1983, when he resigned to devote full-time to his career as a professional artist. He received degrees from Marshall University in West Virginia, the University of Michigan, and a master of fine arts degree in sculpture from Ohio University. Collins currently resides in Signal Mountain, Tenn. This piece is sponsored by Ippolito's Italian Restaurant in memory of Amelia & Addison Cunningham's Uncle Rob. For more information about Collins, visit ■


Design Tips from Suwanee Decorating Pros


Play on Your Turf BY: Chuck Lebar, Owner Magnolia Lawn

pring is upon us and with it comes the time for enjoying the outdoors, trips to the lake, kayaking down the “Hooch,” having friends and family over for a BBQ – or just relaxing with the family on a warm, beautiful spring evening. Mother Nature has provided many of us with beautiful flowers, fragrant honeysuckle, vegetables, and grass for our enjoyment, and then a lot of us take further steps to provide ourselves with a fresh, comfortable yard in which to relax. The largest portion of our outdoor area is


Suwanee Magazine


generally the lawn, since it is able to take traffic and is reasonably easy to maintain. To grow the lush lawn you want during spring and summer, there are a few things homeowners can do. First, it’s important to know that in their native state, grasses commonly planted for lawns grow to about 18” in height, so planting them in the yard and mowing them at one to three inches, depending on the turf type, creates an artificial environment and invites problems. But with some planning, you can usually work around these problems.

There are three sources of maintenance for your lawn: 1) You or your lawn care provider - Fertilizers and control materials.

2) Mother Nature- Supplies sunlight, soil and water. 3) Good mowing and watering practices - Most Important.


To grow a good lawn:

Pick the right grass for the environment. For example, bermudagrass needs full sun – all day, every day – to be healthy. It takes very little shade to harm bermudagrass, so if you have a partially-shaded environment, zoysia or fescue would be better options. Zoysia generally needs to be sodded, while fescue can easily be seeded in the fall. Mow frequently and at the proper height. In general, bermuda and zoysia should be mowed at about one and a half inch, while fescue should be mowed at about three inches. No more than 1/3 of the leaf blade should be removed with any one mowing as mowing off too much at once will shock the plants and cause thinning. Mowing once per week during the growing season is usually sufficient. Clippings add nutrients to the soil if they are left behind after mowing, so they should not be bagged. Most people tend to overwater. Water your lawn only when necessary. Usually one inch of water per week in the absence of rainfall is sufficient to keep your lawn healthy. Shaded or low-lying areas of the lawn will need less water, and some areas will rarely need to be watered. Water only at night between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to keep the leaves of the turf grass plants dry during as much of the day as possible. Wet leaves encourage fungus development. And most importantly… if you own a “Keep off the Grass” sign, discard it, grab a kid or two, and play in the grass! ■

Yeah...Spring ! Kombi Motor


Optional attachments available

ONE TOOL MANY USES! Magnolia Lawn, owned by Chuck Lebar and located in the Suwanee Gateway area, offers fertilization, weed control, insect and disease control to home lawns and ornamental plantings, mowing maintenance services, and was licensed to perform mosquito treatments in 2012. In addition, Lebar has a Nite Time Decor franchise (landscape lighting), and a Christmas Decor franchise adding some twinkle to the holiday season, hanging lights and other outdoor holiday decorations on commercial buildings, subdivision entrances and homes. For more information about Magnolia Lawn, visit the website at

You only need one powerhead for your hedge trimming, edging, pruning, cleaning and cultivating needs!


A Grill. An Oven. A Smoker.

The Most Versatile Cooking Device Ever!


Let S&S ACE become your local Egg-Quarters

WE CARRY ALL SIZE EGGS! Plus over 100 accessories







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Nestled on 325 beautiful acres at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Georgia, Andy's offers a tranquil respite with lodging in their rustic cabins by the creek, fishing the day away for Rainbow Trout, hiking the trails with nature at your side, and enjoying the quiet peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of life. Cope Hall is the new mountain venue for church groups, family reunions and special events! Call for special group pricing! C'mon - drop a line and make some memories! Contact us at 706-746-2550, or on Facebook:

678-765-8999 I


Mondays-Fridays 9am-4pm (with extended times: 7:45a & 5:30p) $25 reserves your child's spot $99/wk for first child, $89/wk for each additional

770-945-8787 I


Located within the 1,500-acre resort in Georgia, LanierWorld is home to a variety of attractions, restaurants, activities, and a beach and water park sure to thrill adventure seekers and beach bums alike. Comprised of the Family Fun Park, Big Beach, and Sunset Cove areas, LanierWorld encompasses all that you seek in a vacation and more. Whether you are looking for the coolest lakeside spot for day play and nightlife, a sandy area to bask in the sun, or a place to let loose and let your inner child out, LanierWorld has it all. Truly Georgia’s summer vacation destination, LanierWorld has activities for every taste and age range alike.

706-663-8744 I


You will find animals from 6 continents roaming across the Georgia countryside. More than ‘just a zoo’, Wild Animal Safari is one of the only parks of its kind in the Southeast. You can get up close with hundreds of animals in the Serengeti Adventure. Wild Animal Safari is home to some of the rarest animals in the world, such as Ligers, Gaur, Giraffes, and Siberian Tigers. Bring a picnic or dine at the Safari Grill. Check out Wild Animal Safari at and on facebook. Get your wild life on!


Suwanee Magazine


summer adventure guide

706-258-BARN (2276) I


They can accommodate children that are seven years old and older. Their trails offer beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and countryside. Located in the beautiful Cashes Valley, the guides will lead you to mountain views of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, all in one spot! Ask about the romantic sunset rides and private rides. They also offer the most unique horseback ride in Georgia: The Fairy Cross ride is a horseback ride and treasure hunt of sorts all combined into one adventure!

770-975-4025 I


Waterfalls and lakes, salt marsh and mountains are just some of the beautiful environments of the 48 state parks. Georgia State Park Golf Courses offer the best variety and value around, with eight golf courses to choose from. Most state parks offer fishing, boating, hiking, camping, geocaching, biking and more. Accommodations include campsites, cabins, lodges, even yurts, and vary by park. Annual ParkPasses are $50 (or just $25 for seniors 62 and older) and a Historic Site Annual Pass is only $35 per family. Campers can participate in loyalty programs that earn them every 10th night for free.

706-335-FUNN I (3866)


There are a wide variety of attractions including: inflatables, go karts, arcade games, mini golf, laser tag and more! With water attractions in the summer to keep you cool. And in the fall, Funopolis transforms into haunted laser tag, haunted house and corn maze. Funopolis also hosts great birthday parties and group outings. You can even have a character visit your party. Funopolis Family Fun Center is located near shopping and hotels at the Tanger Outlet Center and Banks Crossing located at exit 149 just a mile east of I-85 on Hwy. 441 in Commerce.


The Southern Cross Guest Ranch, just outside of historic Madison, welcomes guests from around the world to their 230-acre facility with 16 guest rooms and more than 200 horses. They offer horseback rides twice daily on their wooded trails, as well as delicious home-cooked meals. Come for the day, a few days, or a week (or more). It is truly a horse-lover’s paradise… a place to ride, relax, experience nature, and make new friends.

706-795-3242 I 770-846-6721 I 4635 River Green Parkway, Duluth


June 2 - June 27 (week-to-week) or July 7 - 27 (3-week Summer Stock) JUNE'S WEEKTO-WEEK PERFORMING ARTS CAMP INCLUDES:

Acting, Improv, Stage Combat, Singing & Dance June 2 - June 27 9:00-3:00 Ages 7-17


The cast will rehearse daily with shows on July 25, 26 & 27 AUDITIONS for 13: April 26th from 2:00-5:30 or April 28th from 5:30-7:00. Open to actors age 12+


With scenic floats and beginner WhiteWater, the Broad has something for everyone. $20 per person Weekends or Holidays - $15 weekdays for boat rental. Camping for groups or individuals - $1 per person donation to Bring your Club, Class or Church Group for recreation, fellowship and education. Groups of 10 plus get a 10% discount. Two day rental, 10% discount. Hiking is available at Broad River Natural Area. For info or reservations call 706.795.3242 or email Check out Facebook and Google Map pages! Helping to protect the Broad River since 1980.

678-514-3430 I


Test your skills through a maze of partitions, hidden rooms and gunpowder barrels. Take a break from piracy to enjoy a delicious meal from their very own cafe or continue the fun with their Laser Maze Challenge and complete arcade! Visit today or call ahead to book your very own pirate themed birthday event.

803-684-2590 I


in York, South Carolina

Held on Saturday, August 23rd, this event, identified as the Best One-Day Festival in South Carolina, will attract over 40,000 visitors. Events include the 10K, 5K and Fun Run, classic car show, craft and food fair, children’s activities, robotics demonstrations, sports tournaments, musical entertainment, Healthy Fair, Texaco Country Showdown, and much more. Summerfest kicks off with a Friday night concert and concludes with a concert the evening of Summerfest. Contact the Greater York Chamber of Commerce 803-684-2590 or visit

770-967-4444 I


With a total of 14 lanes; seven are 35 yards and seven are 30 yards in length. Membership is not required. Range fees are $12.50 for the first person and $7.50 for each additional shooter sharing a lane. Rates are daily and not by the hour. Children from 8-12 are welcome to shoot on Young Guns Day (Tuesday). Ladies shoot free on Thursdays. Fridays are Date Night; ladies shoot free when accompanied by a male. Check our website for other events!


Learn gymnastics skills, climb the giant cargo net, enjoy trampoline and the foam filled pit, indoor and outdoor play, open work-out and more!

• Boys & Girls • 4 yrs old- ½ day only • 5 and up- ½ day or full day • Open to 3 yr old during select weeks • Summer Classes also available!


eady, set, get dirty! The Dirty Girl Mud Run took place on Saturday, April 12 in Buford at Lake Lanier Islands Resort for the second consecutive year. Originating in Wisconsin, there are now Dirty Girl runs in 25 different cities throughout the United States. The theme of The Dirty Girl Mud Run is to provide an inspirational and encouraging event that empowers women. The event is for ladies only and consists of 10 to 12 obstacles set throughout a 5k course. Some of the obstacles consist of “Pretty Muddy Stuff” (a mud pit), the “Get-a-Grip” rope climb (sponsored in Buford by Fruit2O), and “Down and Dirty”, where ladies crawl under a series of nets in the mud. All of the obstacles are optional and the event is not timed. According to Becca Bijoch with Lola Red PR, “the event is about creating a day that encourages women to get out there and do something unexpected with their friends and loved ones. At the end of the day, they’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment and a day of fun they’ll never forget.” The average Dirty Girl Run has 5,000 attendees, with over 17,000 attendees participating in the 2013 Wisconsin run - their largest event to date. There are many stories of cancer survivors that come back year after year to take part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run. One participant, Casssie Brown, and her team have all been affected by cancer. She and her best friend had breast cancer,

Brenda of team Forensic Foxes whose one year “cancerversary” is April 19th


I Suwanee Magazine I MAY / JUNE 14


dirty girl run another friend had melanoma, a friend’s spouse passed away as a result of cancer and another friend is currently fighting cancer. Another participant, Brenda Busch, is an active military member who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012. Her cancer kept her from deploying and she underwent a double mastectomy last April. April 2014 marks her one year ”cancerversary”. Prior to being diagnosed, Busch was a runner and invited to participate in the Dirty Girl by a coworker. The cost to participate is $65 to $85/person, depending on when you sign up (the earlier the cheaper). The Dirty Girl events donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer charities. Since its beginning, Dirty Girl has donated over $475,000 to breast cancer charities and will donate at least $125,000 in 2014 to Bright Pink alone. Bright Pink continues to encourage young women to be proactive with their health as the only national non-profit in the country dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancers in young women. In Buford, local Paul Mitchell students were offering free hair braids and pink hair extension for a $5 donation that went to Bright Pink, and at each 2014 event, 300 free registrations are reserved for cancer survivors.

Cassie Brown who was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago and her Dirty Girl team

“Pit Crew” Kerri, a breast cancer survivor and Jerry who lost his wife to breast cancer Dirty Girl made its debut in 2011 in 3 cities: Milwaukee, Denver, and Buffalo. The mud was abundant and the laughter contagious. Women were ready to forget about their deadlines and “to do’s” for one glorious day.  They gathered their gal pals and rejoiced in finally being the ones to soak up the sideline cheers!  Yes, the Dirty Girl nation was born.  Never before had there been an event devoted solely to women, welcoming ALL fitness levels. For more information on Dirty Girl as well as upcoming events, visit ■


Beer and Wine News from the Experts


BY: Curtis Stockwell OF THE BEER GROWLER ey everyone, summer is just around the corner which means we are about to be outside as often as we possibly can! Although not every outdoor soirée calls for beer, many of them will. I want to give you an idea of some of our summertime favorites here at The Beer Growler. As you would probably guess, summer beers tend to be on the lighter side, but that doesn’t mean they need to lack in flavor. Since so many year-round beers are great in the summer, I am going to focus this article on beers that are brewed just for the summer months. First, I will start off with a beer that I look forward to every year. Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche. This is an interesting take on the Berliner Weisse style which is a typically cloudy, sour, wheat beer often served with raspberry or woodruff syrup to help soften the sometimes intense tart notes. This style is brewed with lactic cultures to give it a green apple like quality. In Festina Peche, the natural peach sugars are broken down by


I Suwanee Magazine I MAY / JUNE 14

the yeast and intertwine the peach flavors into the aroma and body of the beer, removing the need for an addition of sugary syrup. It’s one of my favorites, and if you are looking to try something new, be sure to give it a try. I am not typically a fan of beers that lean to the sweeter side, but one of my favorite guilty pleasure summer seasonal brews happens to be Abita’s Strawberry Lager. Louisiana strawberry juice is added to this beer after filtration giving it a smooth, crisp strawberry flavor. To make things even better, Abita has decided to finally offer this beer on draft, which as you know is always better than in a can or bottle. In my opinion, this is the perfect picnic beer and goes quite well with fresh fruit…. especially watermelon! Another style that comes to mind for the summer months is hoppy wheat beer. Sometimes wheat beers can be overly sweet or just lacking a little balance in my opinion. But, hops add a bitterness that can be a great complement to the smooth sometimes-fruity flavors of wheat beers. Southern Tier makes a great hoppy wheat beer called Hop Sun. This beer exhibits the bitterness of an IPA, citrus notes of a Pale Ale with the crispness of a Lager. It’s


refreshing and has great balance…what’s not to enjoy! I said I would focus on beers that aren’t available year round but there is a beer that I cannot get enough of that is a perfect match for the summer. I might be burnt at the stake for saying this - but I tend to find the heavier, hoppier IPA’s a little tough to handle on hot summer days. You may not agree with me on the latter and that’s ok, but I do think we can agree that if you are looking for a beer with tons of flavor but doesn’t feel too

heavy, Terrapin’s RecreationAle fits the bill perfectly! This beer is a hopped up session ale meaning it has tons of hoppy flavor but only comes in at 4.7% which is perfect if you plan on having a couple of these outdoors on a beautiful day. I think this will be my beer of the summer. If you find yourself enjoying this beer, I would suggest giving Founder’s All Day IPA and Lagunitas Daytime a try. Both of these beers follow a similar philosophy of packing huge flavor in a lower ABV beer, great for hanging out all afternoon. As I preach with every article I write, there are so many beers out there and everyone’s tastes are different. If I can convince you of one thing, it would be to step out of your comfort zone and try some new beers this summer! Most of these beers are very approachable so this is the perfect season to break out of your beer shell! Cheers! ■

41 43

Summer Food & Wine Pairing Tips BY: Sean Wilborn OF CHÂTEAU ÉLAN

s we usher in the warmer weather, we beasts of nature leave the warmth of shelter and trade in our boots and fireside dining for flip-flops and patio eats. What an amazing time to enjoy food! Whether you’re grilling out or dining on the patio of your favorite eatery, there’s no better time to step outside of the ol’ comfort zone and try new wines to pair with your summer fare! There’s a common saying in the world of wine that you pair lighter foods with lighter wines and heavier foods with heavier wines. That is a good foundation for matching the right wine with the right meal however, what’s more is the balance of texture. You taste wine and you feel wine. The same is true when we eat food so it’s important that you not only compliment flavor but texture as well. Do that and you can turn mere sustenance into a symphony or even a full blown rock concert! The key is not being afraid to experiment and to take time…slow down… let the flavors develop and ultimately taste and feel what’s going on inside your mouth. So light up the grill, put your capris on and use these helpful tips to help you wine and dine like a pro this season!

Light with Light

Among the simplest rules is pairing the “weight” of a dish with a similar bodied wine. A light and delicate dish such as white fish calls for an equally delicate wine so after the charter boat has docked and it’s time to cook up the catch, reach for a Pinot Grigio or perhaps a nice Chablis.

Heavy with Heavy When enjoying Mama’s homemade lasagna, you need something that can stand up to the complex girth of the dish. Don’t create a “one-ring circus” a Master Sommelier once advised me, meaning, don’t let the dish overpower the wine and vice versa. To stand up to a heavy pasta dish, go for a Chianti, Barbera or my favorite…Barolo!!

Sweet and Spice

Something that counters the spice of a dish quite well is sugar. A sweet wine hits the reset button on your palate and allows you to dive back in for more pain! I love a spicy Thai dish with our Muscadry, which is an off-dry Riesling style muscadine wine. It’s unlike any muscadine wine you’ve ever tasted and will make you think twice about the potential for this amazing grape. Other options are a German Riesling or Gewurztraminer.


Suwanee Magazine







in n o f the W


Each month the Winery hosts an evening exclusively for the ladies! Catch up with friends, network or just enjoy good company along with award-winning wines and specially prepared hors d’oeuvres by our Winery Chef.

Acidity and Tannin with Fats Protein fats are magical with tannic wines in the same way acidic wines work well with fats. Protein fats such as those found particularly in meats neutralize the palate from heavy tannins and the tannins help reset the palate. A “cab and slab” being the perfect example of this where enjoying a fire grilled slab of Ribeye with oaked Cabernet Sauvignon will make you levitate just a bit. Not all fats work with red wine however. The most disastrous pairing would be to pair an oily fish with a red wine. Fish oil clashes with red wine like toothpaste and orange juice. Save yourself and don’t do it. But do enjoy acidic wines like Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling with a buttery shrimp or the like! The list goes on and on but these are a few tips that will help you get started. We have a lot of fun at our wine education events where we discuss wine pairings such as our new “Taste of Georgia” event where we join forces with some of the finest artisan food crafters from Georgia and showcase local fare with our award winning wines or our ladies night called “Women of the Winery” where our winery chef showcases tapas pairings with our wines. So get out in Suwanee or the surrounding area and try new daring pairings… and live! ■

Women of the Winery

May 15th, June 12th, July 10th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. $35 per ticket when you order online or $40 at the door. Use QR code below or visit

Order Tickets Online Sean is the Tasting Room Manager at Château Élan Winery and conducts several wine tasting, educational and team building events at the resort.

Château Élan Winery | 100 Tour De France Braselton, Georgia 30517 Located I-85 North, Exit 126 30 Minutes North of Downtown Atlanta

41 45

Everybody is beautiful

Entrepreneur creates book to empower teen girls and women to love the reflection they see in the mirror

Suwanee resident, Ardre Orie, author of Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough is on a personal mission to create awareness regarding the real struggles that many teen girls and women face on their quest to appreciate the reflection they see in the mirror. Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough is an inspirational, intimate depiction of real women with real beauty who confront real issues on their quest to love the reflection they see in the mirror. Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough holds no bars as the ladies depicted pour out their souls to reveal their fight against the world to find happiness, joy and acceptance. Through her work as an educator, mentor, entrepreneur, and author of Consciously Beautiful: I AmEnough, Ardre Orie has dedicated her life to empowering women. After teaching for six years and serving as an assistant principle for 4 years, she founded, a 501(c)(3), to alleviate economic distress and selfdestructive behaviors in girls ages 8–18, which currently provides services to over 500 families in Florida and Georgia. The Barnes & Noble at the Mall of Georgia will host her book launch and signing on May 31st, from 3-5pm. You can learn more about Ardre Orie and her mission at her website

Suwanee one of the top places to raise children We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a million times. We know what a great community Suwanee is. More and more people are finding out as Suwanee was recently named one of the top places to raise children. To see what all the buzz is about and to see a few of your neighbors, check out this HGTV video brought to you by Chase:


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Be part of Suwanee’s first two-day community festival After 30 years, Suwanee's annual celebration of community is becoming a twoday festival. Suwanee Day is being rebranded as Suwanee Fest and will be celebrated Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21, at Town Center Park. "For many years, we prided ourselves on the fact that Suwanee Day was one of the best and most well-attended one-day festivals around," says Suwanee Events Manager Amy Doherty. "Our popularity has caught up with us, and now we look forward to making Suwanee Fest even bigger, and especially better." Applications for Suwanee Fest are now being accepted from fine arts and arts and crafts exhibitors, who will be selected through a jury process, as well as food vendors and entertainment acts. Guidelines and applications are available at The deadline is June 1.

Community Foundation awards $125,000 in challenge grants From left to right, Tom Merkel-The IMPACT! Group, Kyra Slack & Shirley Cabe-Norcross Cooperative Ministry, Greg Lang-Good Samaritan, Judy Waters - CFNEG, Sherry Patton & Leigh Couch Creative Enterprises. The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia (CFNEG) is pleased to announce the award of $125,000 in Challenge Grants to four non-profit organizations in our community - Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett, The IMPACT! Group, Norcross Cooperative Ministry and Creative Enterprises, Inc. These awards are part of the Foundation’s 2014 discretionary grant disbursements that are gifted to help these organizations leverage dollars to further their current capital campaigns. The Foundation’s Challenge Grants offer each grantee the opportunity to double their fundraising efforts with a one-to-one dollar match. Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett and The IMPACT! Group were each awarded a $50,000 challenge. Norcross Cooperative Ministry was awarded $15,000 and Creative Enterprises received a $10,000 grant. Each organization must first raise their awarded amounts and then the Foundation will disburse the challenge grant dollars. Monies raised must be new contributions and the organizations are required to have the dollars in-hand, not pledges. Each is challenged to raise their funds by the close of 2014. In addition to these grants, the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia is in the last year of a five-year cycle granting a total $50,000 to the nursing program at Gwinnett Technical College, and in the third year of a five-year, $50,000 grant for Georgia Gwinnett College.

2014 Snap Suwanee exhibit

Suwanee’s new 9-11 memorial, other public art, parks, and events are featured in the 2014 Snap Suwanee photo exhibit, currently on display at Suwanee City Hall. Thirteen photographs by 10 different photographers were selected to be part of the 2014 exhibit, which will remain on display at least through the remainder of the year. Each year the City of Suwanee hosts a community photo competition. This year, 76 Snap Suwanee entries were received from 23 photographers. The winning photos are displayed in the first floor foyer area at City Hall, 330 Town Center Avenue. The exhibit may be viewed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For the first time this year, some of the winning photographs were submitted via Instagram.

Concert series features America's best songwriters HOME BY DARK, a songwriters in the round concert event featuring the best performing songwriters in America accompanied by some of the best instrumentalists on the planet, was held at April 19 at Gwinnett Center. Georgia’s own James Casto was joined by Nashville’s Tony Arata and Craig Carothers. Arata wrote the iconic hit song “The Dance” for Garth Brooks as well as tunes for Patty Loveless, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, and Delbert McClinton. Craig Carothers' songs have been recorded by Trisha Yearwood, Kathy Mattea and many more. An all-star lineup of instrumentalists that includes Nashville bassist Tony Marvelli (Mark Shultz, Point of Grace, The Drifters), Atlanta guitarist and lapsteel player Steve Cunningham (Susan Tedeschi, William Bell), and piano/B3/accordion king, Jim Hettinger, sat in with the writers.


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Sponsored by Pooch N' Paws!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Cutest Pup Contest, sponsored by Pooch n Paws Pet Boutique & Bakery in Suwanee Town Center! We promoted the contest on Facebook and received over 50 entries of adorable dogs! We then held a public voting period over the course of several weeks on our website. After tallying all the votes, we present you with the winner and runner-ups:

Duncan is a two year old Boston Terrier who will eat anything, but his favorite treats are carrots and watermelon! His favorite things to do are: give kisses, eat and sleep. Something unique about Duncan is his abnormally long tail for a Boston Terrier!


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I MAR / APR 14

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Lake Lanier Islands Resort Expands Guest List to Include Four-Legged Variety

Tater Tot is a three year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Her favorite treat is "Aunt Grandma's Dehydrated Sweet Potato Treats". She loves to go for walks in Suwanee Town Center because she always gets tons of attention. Tater Tot and her brother French Fry are fashion show dogs and strut their stuff for no kill animal rescue shelters. They have traveled to California to kick off Fashion Week twice, have been to Nashville several times and will be in a fashion show to benefit the Georgia SPCA at the Gwinnett Center on September 6th. They have helped raise over $150,000 for no kill shelters so far! Congratulations Tater Tot - the 2014 Suwanee Magazine Cutest Pup winner! Tater Tot and her family will receive a gift basket from Pooch n Paws valued at $100!

Harley is a four year old Pomeranian whose favorite things to do are "patrol the backyard and cuddle with his momma!" He is able to walk a long distance on his two hind legs and loves the attention he gets. Harley knows he is handsome, but is still camera shy.

Georgia’s Lake Lanier Islands Resort® has long prided itself in appealing to a wide variety of guests. Today, the Islands is proud to expand its target audience to include an entirely new segment – the four-legged variety – as it declares itself a pet-friendly resort. Pets will now be allowed in specially designated rooms in the 216-room Legacy Lodge and the newly renovated LakeHouses at Legacy, as well as the Campgrounds at Shoal Creek and Blue Ridge. For guests who wish to book a visit to the Islands to include their pet, they will need to consider the following: n n n n n

Pets must weigh less than 80 pounds. There will be a $75 fee per stay for each pet. (This fee will not apply to guide dogs or assistive dogs) Pets left unattended in the guest room when the guest leaves the hotel premises must be secured in a proper pet crate or carrier. When outside of the room, pets must either be in a pet carrier or on a secure leash. Due to health regulations, pets cannot join guests in any of the Food and Beverage Outlets, the Pool, Fitness Center or LanierWorld – which includes Family Fun Park, Big Beach and Sunset Cove.

Well-known for its dedication to the provision of excellent customer service, Lake Lanier Islands will extend the same hospitality to its furry new friends. Guests who forget to pack a pet bed for their dog or cat need not worry. The resort will be happy to provide a mat and some welcome gifts for them through its Housekeeping Services. Lake Lanier Islands is also pleased to add pet walking to its long list of Concierge services for a nominal fee of $10.00 per walk, which will be added to the guest’s room bill. Guests who opt to walk their dogs themselves will find disposal bags at the front desk and conveniently dispensed along many of the walking paths throughout the resort. For more information, visit Lake Lanier Islands’ website


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Fundraisers support women’s cancer care and prevention The Sport of Giving will put on three events hosted by The River Club, raising money to support women’s cancer care and prevention. The ladies golf SwingFest will be held May 28, the men’s golf challenge at TPC Sugarloaf on May 30th, and the Tennis Pro-AM at The River Club on May 31st and June 1st. The Sport of Giving was founded by Sheila Stevens after her mother, Joan Glover, fell victim to cancer. The foundation has donated over $1,600,000 to Gwinnett Medical Center, Northside Hospital Forsyth, and TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare since its inception in 2001. For more information or to participate, visit

Community Leaders Announce Candidacy for HAMerica's Vote  

15 Candidates Vying to Kiss-A-Pig in Support of Programs & Services for People with Developmental Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injuries

On March 25 at the Historic Gwinnett Courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia, 15 community leaders publicly announced their candidacy for election year 2014. No, they will not be running for a  Senate or for a seat on their local city councils. They are running for HAMerica's Vote and the opportunity to pucker up and kiss a pig in support of programs and services for men and women with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other forms of developmental disabilities.    From March 25 until InHOGuration Day, May 10, the fifteen community leaders, representing a diverse mix of businesses, community organizations and professions, will serve as candidates of Annandale Village's fundraising and disabilities awareness program, Kiss-A-Pig: People Invested in Giving. Through this whimsical, and sure to be zany campaign, candidates will vie for "votes" by seeking to raise money to support the comprehensive programs and services of Annandale Village. Each dollar donated equals one vote. The candidate that receives the most number of votes or raises the most amount of money will be named the winner of the Kiss-A-Pig campaign and have the honor to kiss a pig...a real one.   City of Suwanee Mayor, Jimmy Burnette, is among those that hope to kiss the pig.     Annandale's Chief Executive Officer, Adam Pomeranz, said, "funds raised through the Kiss-A-Pig campaign will allow us the opportunity expand our capacity to serve our clients, and Jimmy Burnette Mayor, City of Suwanee the rapidly growing number of individuals and families in search Bradley Carr Andersen, Tate & Carr, PC of quality programs and services.  Through the fundraising efforts Norwood Davis 12Stone Church of our Kiss-A-Pig candidates, we will implement new programs and services that reflect an innovative approach to providing a Johanna Ellis Atlanta Classic Cars full-continuum of care for adults with developmental disabilities Karen & Steve Hill SKH Enterprises, Inc and traumatic brain injuries. In addition, we hope to increase Matt Hyatt Rocket IT the public's awareness and understanding of people with Princess Lawrence Gwinnett Church developmental disabilities." Laurie McClain McClain & Company, PC Voting Polls for Kiss-A-Pig 2014 are now open. To vote or to Alfie Meek Georgia Institute of Technology learn more about the candidates on this year's ballot, please visit Kevin O'Brien Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Donny Phillips Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Clyde & Sandra Strickland Metro Waterproofing Lisa Zaken Leadership Gwinnett Suwanee Magazine MAR / APR 14

Complete list of Kiss-A-Pig candidates:




Happenings In The Suwanee School World

BY: Tana Christian Suggs

he Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation announced in April that the Gwinnett County Public Schools was named a finalist for the 2014 Broad Prize for Urban Education. As one of only two school districts in the country recognized this year for student achievement gains, Gwinnett is guaranteed $250,000 and could win as much as $750,000 in college scholarships for its high school seniors. The Broad Prize for Urban Education is an annual $1 million award—the largest education prize in the country—that honors urban school districts that demonstrate the greatest overall performance and improvement in student achievement while reducing achievement gaps among low-income students and students of color. Among the reasons that Gwinnett was chosen as a 2014 Broad Prize finalist:




A greater percentage of AfricanAmerican students are reaching advanced academic levels in Gwinnett than in other districts in Georgia. In 2013, the percentage of Gwinnett’s African-American students in elementary, middle and high school who performed at the highest achievement level (Exceeds) in reading, math and science ranked in the top 10 percent statewide compared to other African-American students.

A greater percentage of low-income students are reaching advanced academic levels in Gwinnett than in other districts in Georgia. In 2013, the percentage of Gwinnett’s lowincome students at all education levels (elementary, middle and high school) performing at the highest achievement level (Exceeds) in reading, math and science ranked in the top 20 percent statewide compared to other low-income students.

Gwinnett had the highest SAT participation rate among the 75 Broad Prize-eligible districts for high school seniors, and the district’s SAT participation rate for AfricanAmerican seniors and Hispanic seniors ranked in the top 10 percent of the eligible districts. In 2013, 88 percent of Gwinnett’s seniors participated on the SAT, including 90 percent of the district’s AfricanAmerican students and 70 percent of Hispanic seniors.

Over the next two months, teams of educational researchers and practitioners led by the education consulting company, RMC Research Corporation, will conduct a four-day site visit in each finalist district using a research-based rubric for district quality to gather qualitative information, interview district administrators, conduct focus groups with teachers and principals and observe classrooms. The teams will also

60 52

Suwanee Magazine Suwanee Magazine


interview parents, community leaders, school board members and union representatives. A selection jury of prominent individuals from business, industry, education and public service will then evaluate both the student achievement data and the qualitative site visit reports to determine a winner. For more information about The Broad Prize, visit ■


Left to right: Curtis Northrup, Beth Hilscher, Mary Kay Murphy, Denise Brinson, Sheila Crumrine

Gwinnett County Public Schools seek continued success In an effort to stay on course for continued success, Gwinnett County Public Schools continuously reviews its goals for the future. In doing so, GCPS is revisiting its vision, mission, and strategic goals. These goals help to keep the focus on teaching and learning, and striving to improve while remaining relevant and resonating with the community. GCPS invited the community to help answer the question, “Are we on course for continued success?” by way of an online survey that was available on the district’s website at through the end of April. District leaders plan to review the feedback from the survey during the summer and will present a final draft for public review in the fall.

Harlem Legends At North Gwinnett Harlem Legends entertained a crowd at the Harlem Legends Hoops and Health celebrity basketball event held March 22 at North Gwinnett High School. It was a fun-filled, learning experience that included a basketball clinic, a health fair, and a celebrity basketball show that included local law enforcement, fire fighters, community leaders, coaches, and teachers. The Harlem Legends are a group of professional athletes including former players of the Harlem Globetrotters, NBA, NFL and more and was established by Michael Douglas in 1991. A portion of the proceeds from the March 22 event will benefit the Michael Douglas Youth Foundation.

L R l A u u t C A adv e n tu r e AT HOME International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) seeks host families for the 2014-2015 School Year: Gwinnett County Families have an opportunity to make a dream come true for an international student! ■ Exchange students will attend local Gwinnett County Schools. ■ Students are 15-18 years old and from Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. ■ Local families provide a loving home with a bed and meals for the students. ■ Host families get to choose their student out of hundreds that have applied for our program. ■ Students have their own health insurance and spending money while here. ■ Family application process includes: complete online application, check references, background checks, and a home visit interview. ■ Families can host for a full school year, semester program or even just a few weeks as a welcome family. Foreign exchange is an exciting opportunity to experience another culture in the comfort of your own home. You can fulfill the dreams of an international student by opening your heart and your home. Treat them like family and learn first-hand about their culture while sharing American culture with your student. For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with a local ICES representative, exchange students or host families please email Cindy Sachse, area coordinator at



people & places

AIR Salon Grand Opening Party March 27th, 2014

Diamond Insurance Ribbon Cutting


March 27th, 2014




Miss Suwanee NGHS Relay for Life March 29th, 2014






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people & places Suwanee Beer Fest March 15th 2014




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people & places


Run for the Rescues 5K March 22nd, 2014





SBA March Meeting March 12th, 2014 SALON GRECO



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61 59

people & places

Shamrock Run 2014 March 15th, 2014



60 60

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people & places

Harlem Legends April 8th, 2014





Suwanee's Super Incredible Race April 19th, 2014






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GGIA's Spring into Color 5K Dash

March 29th, 2014 TOWN CENTER PARK



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Paradise YOUR

awaits you Installation Cleaning Repair & Maintenance Koi Transport Koi Pond Cleaning




Upcoming Suwanee Area Events

calendar Under 10 Movies the Stars

May 2014 1

Art on a Limb

Beginning May 1st the City of Suwanee hides two pieces of artwork daily through the month of May along the Suwanee Creek Greenway or at Sims Lake and White Street parks. This year's Art on a Limb pieces are ceramic frog bowls created by local potter Richard Shivers. WHOEVER FINDS THE PIECES GETS TO KEEP THEM!

Truck Friday/ 2 Food High School Night of Jazz

Friday, May 2 @ 5:30 pm Town Center Park Food will be served 5:30-9:30 pm; music will begin at 7 pm.

de Mayo 2 Cinco Celebration

May 2 - May 5 Cinco Mexican Restaurant Live music, food & drink specials at Cinco & After 5.

Market 3 Farmer's Opens

8am-noon Saturdays thru October 4; 4-7pm Tuesdays thru August 5 Town Center Park

3 64

Saturday, May 10 @ dusk Town Center Park Activities start at 7 pm, movie around 8:30 pm. Movie: Saving Mr. Banks.


Saturday, May 10 @ 6:00 pm Lillian Webb Park, Historic Norcross Fundraiser. For more info or to purchase tickets visit

Day of School

Day Event 23 Memorial and Concert Friday, May 23 @ 7:00 pm Town Center Park

28 31 THRU

Saturday, May 3 @ noon Town Center Park For more info, visit


Wednesday, May 28 The River Club

Tennis Pro-Am

Saturday, May 31 - June 1st The River Club For more info, The River Club

Arts in the Park

Saturday, Sat. May 17, 2014 May 17 @ 11:00 am Town Center Park For more information, visit


Ladies Golf Swingfest

Friday, May 30 TPC Sugarloaf

Thursday, May 15 @ 6:30-8:30pm Château Élan For more info or tickets, visit


The Sport of Giving

Men’s Golf Challenge

11 Mother's Day Elan’s 15 Chateau Women of the Winery

Star 94 Woofstock

Suwanee Magazine

Annandale's Jazzy Thing

County 22 Gwinnett Public Schools Last

Lake Lanier Islands Full Moon Party

Saturday, May 17 @ 5:00 pm Sunset Cove Live music from the EXCITE! Boardwalk entertainers: stilt walkers, fire breathers, jugglers and more! Fireworks show at 11 pm For more info, visit


Braves Game on the Green

Saturday, May 31 3:00 pm Town Center Park

Beautiful: 31 Consciously I Am Enough Book Tour Launch & Signing Saturday, May 31 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Mall of GA Barnes & Noble Suwanee Author, Andre Orie signs copies of her new book.



Thursday, June 12 @ 6:30-8:30pm Château Élan For more info or tickets, visit

June 2014 1

Georgia Cup Basketball Tournament Championships Saturday, June 1 Suwanee Sports Academy


Big Peach Running Company Potluck Dinner Walk/Run Tuesday, June 3 @ 6:30 pm Town Center Park For more information, call 678-869-5012.


Food Truck Friday Friday, June 6 @ 5:30 pm Town Center Park Food will be served 5:30-9:30 pm; music will begin at 7 pm.


Movies Under the Stars

Saturday, June 7 @ dusk Town Center Park Activities start at 7 pm, movie around 8:30 pm.

Chateau Elan’s Women of the Winery

13 Lanier Longhorn

Football Golf Tournament

Friday, June 13 Sugar Hill Golf Course Sign up at fundraising/golf-tournament.


2014 Dare to Dash 5K & Family Fun Day

Saturday, June 14 @ 8:00 am Town Center Park For more info, visit daretodash or call Lisa Higgins at 404/451-0917 or email

15 Father's Day 21 Shemoves Atlanta 5K, Suwanee

Saturday, June 21 @ 8:00 pm For more information, email shemovesatl@

to beat 21 Eat Alzheimer's

Saturday, June 21 @ 11:00 am 10:00 pm Burger 21 in Buford


dive into




LanierWorld Season Pass Family Pack! Includes 3 Season Passes with access to LanierWorld water, beach & carnival attractions and MORE!


another family member for only $69.99!

Check out our 2014 Club Memberships and more great savings at:

SUWANEE JUBILEE Suwanee's Premier Upscale Shopping and Dining Center

We are happy to announce Warrior Wellness and Rejuvenation & Homework Central will be joining our existing roster of tenants!


Homework Central





Homework Central Warrior Wellness and Rejuvenation has been serving Suwanee and surrounding areas since 2006. Specializing in strength and conditioning, body composition transformation, special populations (seniors and adolescents) and the overall health, wellness and rejuvenation of the human body. Modern training facility featuring functional, strength and cardio training equipment. Warrior Wellness and Rejuvenation is also home to a select group of elite personal trainers that specialize in the Warrior Wellness philosophy and training methods. Offering one on one Personal Wellness Sessions, Small/ Medium Group Wellness Sessions and the ever popular Contact Fitness Kick Boxing (CFKB). Owner Terence Mills, holder of advanced training certifications, three black belts and over 16 years of experience. 678-793-9455

Homework Central & Lifestyle Center is a homework help center for students in Grades 4-12, also offering assistance with standardized test preparation (ACT, SAT, PSAT, and others) for the older students. Although they are not a tutoring center, they do identify and tutor kids in various disciplines based on results from the nationally recognized Achieve diagnostic test, in addition to areas of weakness identified during homework assistance. Homework Central stands at the intersection of home, school, and lifestyle. Their goal is to enhance the academic performance of students by improving their learning skills, self-confidence and understanding of their subject areas. The center will begin accepting applications for membership on July 7th 2014, with their grand opening scheduled for August 4th 2014. 678-371-2661 •

1500 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard • Suwanee, GA 30024 Urbana Realty Advisors, LLC

3350 Riverwood Parkway • Suite 2140 • Atlanta, Georgia 30339 •

For Leasing Information, Contact Maximillan Gutierrez 404-249-8310 ext 205

AAA Bond Rating

10 Best Towns for Families

– S& P, 2014

– Family Circle, 2013

330 Town Center Ave. Suwanee, GA 30024 770-945-8996

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