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Editor’s comment Summer is here at last, and what better way to enjoy it than with the July issue of Sussex Living! As always, we’ve done our best to bring you lots of interesting stories past and present from around the Mid Sussex area. Our main feature this month focuses on the work of the Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group in Hurstpierpoint and surrounding areas. Here’s a group of dedicated, knowledgeable and local volunteers who spend many hours giving nature a helping hand, so that we can all enjoy the benefits. We sent Ruth Lawrence to accompany them on one of their outings (pages 7-11). Back in the mists of time, before the existence of the Crown Court, serious criminal cases were tried by visiting judges. The Sussex Assizes took place in Lewes and East Grinstead – and a fascinating piece of history they are too (pages 65-66). Firmly rooted in the present time, Kangaroos are a Haywards Heath based charity dedicated to providing afterschool and holiday activities for children and young people with disabilities. Roger Linn discovered the sheer wealth of exciting activities on offer and just what it means to have this fantastic resource in

the middle of our community. See pages 55-57 for details. Charity gardens are in full bloom this month. We visited Copthorne Open Gardens and Moustows Manor in Henfield (pages 34-37) and came home with plenty of green fingered inspiration for our own gardens. And whether you’re after fresh ideas for al fresco dining at home, a country walk around Worth and Maidenbower, lots of health and beauty tips or looking for Mid Sussex events – Sussex Living is where you’ll find all that and much more!

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7-11  Woodland Flora & Fauna Group

58  Food Glorious Food

by Ruth Lawrence

13-16  Home & Garden You can do it if you BBQ it! by Hanna Lindon

20  Trash to Treasure by Ruth Lawrence

23-27 Local Living 28-29 Hickstead Ticket Offer Longines Royal International Horse Show,

30th July – 3rd August, Hickstead

31  Spear & Shield Your knights in shining armour

32  Blooming Times by Flo Whitaker, Burgess Hill Horticultural Society

34-36  Copthorne Open Gardens

by Robert Hanson

61  The View from the Downs by Roger Linn

65-66  East Grinstead: Crime & Punishment by Hanna Lindon

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75  Price Green & Co Focused on your success

77 Business to Business 78-79 Distribution 80 Letters & Feedback

80  The Last Word by Tanis Banham & Carla Faulks

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37  Charity Garden: Moustows Manor, Henfield



by Hanna Lindon

39-40  Worth & Maidenbower Walk by Les Campbell

42  Mirror Mirror on the wall… by Nicole Tata

45  Hassocks Eyecare All eyes on the summer

47  Summer Beauty at the Orchards Haywards Heath

48-49  Health Beauty



Go for glow – shop local for the summer season!

50  Mind Body Soul by Nicole Tata

52-53 The Perfect Present Company in Burgess Hill 55-57  Kangaroos: Helping, learning, having fun! by Roger Linn

S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014


by ruth Lawrence


Giving nature a helping hand The Woodland, Flora and Fauna group formed a decade ago after a biodiversity survey revealed the need for human intervention to help endangered species survive. Nature is always giving out the unexpected. During a morning walk with Michael Nailard from the Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group, we witnessed something neither of us had ever seen before. We watched as a baby rabbit was chased by a weasel in hot pursuit. In its desperation to escape, the rabbit launched itself into the deep pond we had come to examine and swum vigorously to the opposite bank. This small event seemed somehow symbolic, as the Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group’s monumental task of restoring a hidden pond was proving its importance: here was a top predator chasing its herbivore quarry within a reclaimed habitat where both were thriving! Furze Field Wood in Sayers Common was home to an old clay pit, silted and abandoned, dark with overgrown foliage until the Group stumbled across it while stumbled across it whilst inspecting bat boxes in adjacent woodland. “We opened up the canopy, allowing flowers to grow again,” said Michael, pointing out the carpet of bluebell seed heads left from the spring. “Three large oaks had fallen in the water and we removed one and left two as potential perches for kingfishers.” Frogs now populate the once murky water while herons fish under an open sky and deer drink under the shade of sheltering willows. The Group has created a ‘hibernaculum’, piles of logs that face the same way, continued on nex t page SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014


continued from previous page

covered with soil for frogs and newts to hibernate. The pond is now ringed with birdsong; scolding wrens defending territory and, in the distance, a solitary cuckoo – testament to the fact that if you create a habitat, wildlife will find it and make its home in it. We walked into the surrounding Furze Field wood to check on another success story: the bat and owl boxes installed by the Group in specific locations. Bats and owls are in dire need of help since the reduction of much of their habitat over the last few decades. Roosts in ancient barns are lost when buildings are converted and developed. Another favourite nest site, rotten trees are often felled for health and safety reasons. Habitat for the owls’ prey is specific; they need the tussocky long grass, home to voles, mice and shrews, which is now in short supply. The Group fi nd suitable locations for nest boxes and approach landowners directly, who are often suspicious until they realise how important the work has become. Barn owls require a nest box in a stand-alone tree in a hedgerow with a hundred yards of visibility and a clear flight path. The box should be facing south or southeast, but as tree foliage is thickest on its sunnier side, this often involves branch trimming before the box can be properly located. The owl needs a 2km hunting area, so it requires a large open space to survive; cut grass is useless as no prey will live in it. Two boxes are placed in proximity to one another, so that male and female can then have their own box while sharing the youngsters’ feeding in turn. Talking to Michael, I sensed the frustration that makes this desperately valuable work necessary in the fi rst place. Wildlife is rarely prioritised over economic development. Countryside stripped of wild habitat, of bat and bird, of hunter and


SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014

The pond is now ringed with birdsong – testament to the fact that if you create a habitat, wildlife will find it and make its home in it. prey, is a kind of rural no-creature land, an urbanised country that ought to be shared with numerous species. Tawny owls have other requirements: woodland roosts with a clear fl ight path to the box, which is differently shaped to that of a barn owl. “We have to repair and clear out the boxes in winter,” Michael told me. “Squirrels bore through the side and floor and some boxes have been patched again and again.” I asked how the boxes are funded; Michael told me that legacies, grants and private donations help fi nance the £50 cost per box although the Herculean task of habitat creation and maintenance of the boxes is all down to a dedicated core of regular volunteers. The Group has no membership fee and all donations are completely voluntary. Time and dedication are the most valuable contributions and volunteers can work either outdoors with practical tasks or in a supportive role, which may be less physically demanding. Returning to the pond, we drove on to a nearby site where restoration has begun, revealing an ancient meadow which had for decades been covered by thick blackthorn and brambles. Here, distinctive rare flora is re-establishing. The meadow is connected to a large lake, and flowers that have lain dormant for a long time have begun to emerge now the continued on nex t page



APPOINTMENTS AND ENQUIRIES 01273 220000 Bonhams 19 Palmeira Square Hove, BN3 2JN

Tuesday 22 July 2014 10am to 4pm Brighton and Hove office Prices shown include buyer’s premium. Details can be found at

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right conditions are being restored. I saw a common spotted orchid, stonecrop and the delicate white stitchwort, while Michael told me there would be a sea of betony in the summer. Ancient anthills dot the meadow, some still in use. They stand like tiny cities high above the grass. The 20-acre site is now home to voles and lots of rare fungi. Pond Lye was an old, artificially created mill lake with a weir where herons, ducks and swans now thrive. Plenty of bat boxes have been placed in the woodland, since several different species feed on insects that skim above the lake. Hibernation boxes have been put up – no mean feat as the 30kg boxes have to be fi rmly secured with heavy chain high in the tree. Clear fl ight avenues had to be created for the boxes which are made from ‘woodcrete’, a highly insulated material formed from wood pulp and cement. Owls and bats are not the only species requiring specialised shelter. Dormice tubes have been put up in two localities as this tiny native mammal is in severe decline due to habitat loss. The Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group has erected 42 owl boxes that all require regular maintenance, and their residents need to be checked and monitored for future success. I was lucky to watch two barn owls emerge from one of the Group’s boxes on Chantry Farm earlier in the season – a thrilling

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SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014


Full free survey and advice British quality and flues to the highest standard Retailers for: sight and one that lingers in the memory for a lifetime. The Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group’s work is unrestricted by boundaries. Although mainly concentrated around Hurstpierpoint, Goddards Green and Sayers Common, any area that offers potential for wildlife rich habitat is sought out. They do as much as resources and time allow and are actively seeking new volunteers to help with as much or as little work as they can realistically manage. Tools are provided and lifts are usually available. There is an enthusiastic core team who work in all weathers, right through the year. This is frontline conservation, valuable beyond measure and extremely rewarding.

Flowers that have lain dormant for a long time have begun to emerge now the right conditions are being restored . Imagine watching a pair of barn owls teach their young to hunt, with their specially adapted, silent wing feathers making them undetectable to prey. Now consider how those birds would not exist there without the correct habitat, the properly sited nestboxes and the dedicated work of volunteers. To be part of that process must feel incredibly rewarding; to become a link in the chain of a thriving, purposeful habitat, more necessary now than ever before, for ourselves and our children’s children. 

Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group If you want to become a volunteer for the Woodland, Flora and Fauna Group, please contact Michael Nailard on 01273 834001 or visit the Group’s Facebook page.

Office: 01403 820 983 Mobile: 07545 084 235 Email: The Stable, Crawfold Farm, Balls Cross, near Petworth, GU28 9JT (By Appointment Only)




Tuesday 22 July – Friday 25 July 10.00am – 1.00pm Using ‘Paint & Paper Library’ Paints as sold at Claire Cork Interiors. You are very welcome to pop in at any time to watch and speak with Thelma whilst she is working on this project. 26660 Claire Cork LH_Layout 1 01/04/2014 10:17 Page 1

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Time to get sizzling

on the barbecue – summer is here! The smell of sausages sizzling on the barbecue is as much a staple of the British summer as strawberries and cream or Pimm’s on the lawn. Whether it’s an al fresco dinner with the family or a full-scale garden get-together with all your friends, holding a lip-smacking barbecue party is the perfect way to celebrate the sunny weather. First, though, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment. If you’re agonising over which barbecue is best for open air cooking in your garden, then our guide should help make up your mind.

You can do it if you BBQ it! Gas vs Charcoal

Choosing between gas and charcoal is the fi rst decision you’ll need to make when buying a barbecue. Charcoal is the more traditional option – you’ll get that scrumptious, smoky flavour without spending as much as you might on a gas barbecue, but it’s much easier for beginners to go wrong with a charcoal grill. Portable gas cookers are more straightforward and far more controllable, but tend to be pricier. Base your decision on your lifestyle and requirements. If your priority is reliable food at the touch of a button, then choose gas. Opt for charcoal if you’re sticking to a tight budget or looking for a more traditional experience.

Perfect Placement

It’s a good idea to fi nd a perfect spot for your barbecue before you hit the shops. Freestanding models work well on patios and hard surfaces, but if you plan to cook on the lawn, then perhaps you should consider a sturdier than average barbecue that won’t be floored by a gust of wind. Portable tabletop barbecues can be a good option for smaller meals, and some are designed to fit perfectly on a garden bench. Charcoal models start from as little as £10, although tabletop gas cookers with disposable gas canisters offer more flexibility and can double up as camping stoves too. continued on nex t page

Charcoal will give you that scrumptious, smoky flavour, but gas cookers are far more controllable. SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014


continued from previous page

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Must-Have Features

Most good quality barbecues are made at least partly from stainless steel. It’s is easier to clean and a more effective conductor than other materials, although cast iron is an excellent alternative. Other features you might want to look out for include a built-in thermometer, a side-burner for cooking vegetables and sauces, and a lid so that you can roast as well as grill food. Another factor to bear in mind is ease of assembly. If you plan to use your barbecue frequently and in several different locations, then this will be a prime consideration. Many models now come with wheels to make them more portable.

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Size Matters

Looking forward to an intimate garden barbecue? Or are you planning to cater for a large group of hungry partygoers? Barbecues come in a variety of grill sizes, and some have multiple burners – so you should be able to fi nd something to suit your needs.

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Finishing Touches

Just like fashion, barbecuing is partly about getting your accessories right. Good quality fuel is crucial and can make the difference between a delicious meal and a blackened disaster. For a charcoal barbecue, briquettes tend to burn longer and more evenly than lump charcoal, while gas models that use lava rocks give a truly authentic fl avour. Add wood chips to lava rocks or charcoal to add a delicious, smoky taste to grilled food. A good, sturdy set of stainless steel tongs are an essential buy for every barbecue chef, and you’ll need a spatula for fl ipping burgers and fi sh as well. Other useful tools include wire cooking baskets for delicate items such as mushrooms, basting brushes to add sauce to your creations, and mitts for handling hot items. A fi re extinguisher will ensure that your barbecue never gets out of hand. continued on nex t page


SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014


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Try cooking foil-wrapped sweetcorn or peaches in charcoal embers. Beyond Barbecues

If you’re a fan of al fresco cooking, then barbecues aren’t the only option available. Clockwork spit roasts, outdoor ovens with charcoal fuel pods, brick-built pizza ovens or even the traditional medieval kotlick – a cooking pod hung on a tripod stand above a fi re – are all fun ideas to experiment with.

If you’re feeling intrepid, you could try roasting food over an open fi re or cooking foil-wrapped treats such as buttered sweetcorn, or peaches, in charcoal embers. Summertime is a wonderful time of year – so make the most of cooking and entertaining in the open air and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

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by ruth Lawrence

crafts & creativit y

TraSH To E TREASUthiR ng special! azing out of no

Make something am

Build a bug hotel

it’s a good idea to invite insects into your garden, and a lot of fun to build them a home. I’ve been delighted to discover that bees have recently moved into my roof void. I’m guessing it’s a welcome consequence of my wildflower lawn which provides them with plentiful nectar a few yards from their home. This got me thinking about homes for other species and as part experiment, part exercise in recycling, I decided to make a residence for beetles, solitary bees and any other crawling or flying beastie in search of a place to lay its antenna’d head. I pulled together a ramshackle collection of typical garden refuse: a piece of old fence panel, a length of wire, a small section of branch, a handful of twigs and a long discarded copper ball valve. After assembling them in a pile, I tried to imagine what an insect may look for as shelter. Bees want snug holes to dive into, so I drilled lots of pencil width holes in the branch, cutting in about two inches deep. Next, I thought that ladybirds might like slatted wood, so I roughly cut the fence panel wood into hand-sized pieces and stacked them like leaves in a book. I bound them together with waxed cord so the wind wouldn’t dislodge them and tied the bundle to the branch. Earwigs are typically found hiding among sticks and wood, so I wrapped a bunch of various sized twigs with more cord and attached the whole thing to the other side of the branch. The ball valve was selected more for its weathered finish than

What do insects look for as shelter? It’ll be interesting to see if the

accommodation offered will stay empty for long.


SuSSex Living July 2014

potential for shelter, but after drilling a hole in each side I thought it may act as a roomy space for any rain-drenched insect to escape the wind or wet. Wildlife seems to investigate everything, man-made or natural; I discovered a couple of baby lizards the other day under a toppled fence post I had left lying in the grass since the spring. After tying the ball valve to the branch, I bent the piece of wire into a loose golfball-sized shape and stuffed it full of dead meadow grasses. This might be useful to birds repairing a nest or perhaps it might serve as a warm place for a wandering beetle to hide amongst. I stood back to admire the resulting structure. It may look more salvage than shabby chic, but that’s the nature of experimentation and it’ll be interesting to see if anything moves in over the summer. The ‘hotel’ is portable, mostly biodegradable and possibly edible. It’s easy to construct and children could have fun inventing their own design from whatever materials they find to hand. The bees in my roof may soon have some new neighbours.

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SuSSex Living July 2014

LOCAL Coro Nuovo Coro Nuovo is an exciting new project based in Mid Sussex. It is a choir consisting of top singers from top choirs led by the international opera singer Andrew Rees whose home is in Sussex. What makes Coro Nuovo different from other choirs is that it comprises experienced singers who do very little note bashing but concentrate on the theatre and subtlety of performance giving the audience a very uplifting experience. Having a Music Director who is a full time international performer giving valuable tips and coaching is beyond jewels. Andrew brings great enthusiasm, energy and drama to rehearsals and performance. The choir’s President is Dame Josephine Barstow, the soprano, who also lives in Sussex! Another important aim of the choir is that it actively supports Email your local news to and encourages emerging musicians who have a Sussex connection and enables them to perform with the choir and that gives them valuable exposure. Getting a career in music is cutthroat; PR and connections are everything. An opportunity to play with a top choir and have the additional support and valuable advice from an international performer like Andrew is a huge help. Coro Nuovo’s next concert is on 2oth July at St Wilfrid’s Church, Haywards Heath at 7.30 pm. The theme is Best of British and will be saluting 500 years of British music from Tallis to the Beatles. The evening will be celebratory with lots of flag-waving! Kieran Carter a young, gifted cellist from Sussex will be featuring in the concert. In addition, we welcome Nick Houghton, organist and Gareth Hancock, répétiteur at Glyndebourne, to accompany.

Tickets are £15 (£12.50 concessions) from www. or from Kate on 07740 946276.

Sayers Common Community Shop Owned by the community, run by the community to serve the community, Sayers Common Community Shop is here at last! Malcolm Heather, Chairman of the shop’s management committee, thanked the Parish

Council for the initial funding needed to set the shop up as an Industrial & Provident Society, a form of business that is owned by the community with an unpaid management committee running it. He said: “A group of us decided that 10 years without a village shop was more than enough for anyone, so we asked the villagers of Sayers Common if they would support a community-owned shop and the massive response was ‘the sooner, the better’. Three years later, it is happening!”

ARE YOU SINGLE? YOURS TRULY INTRODUCTIONS THE PAIN-FREE WAY TO FIND YOUR FUTURE PARTNER Yours Truly Introductions, based in Crowborough, East Sussex, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and its owner Louisa Sheridan is busier than ever. Having interviewed hundreds of clients who tried internet dating before joining Yours Truly, Louisa believes that her approach is by far your best option. “Many of my clients have had difficult experiences using internet dating sites. ‘Hunting for a needle in a haystack’ is a phrase that is coined by most who are left feeling deflated, frustrated and demoralised by the vast number of people who are just not able to meet their basic criteria. After the initial euphoria of being contacted by large numbers of the opposite sex, it becomes obvious that very few are likely to be a perfect match.” Louisa prides herself on creating hand-picked introductions for each client. After a thorough face-to-face interview that includes understanding your fundamental values, future goals and needs, she is able to produce a substantial profile portraying the essence of you. Her service also provides continual feedback and advice, allowing each client to feel secure in the knowledge that they are in very safe hands. Louisa, whose experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and Counselling spanned twenty years, has developed a niche in the market. With only a handful of introduction agencies operating in the Kent, Sussex and Surrey regions and even fewer offering a completely personal service,

she believes that anyone seeking a genuine, committed relationship should consider using her services. Her warm-hearted and friendly but still professional approach means that clients are relaxed enough to discuss many aspects of their life history in total confidence. Her fees are surprisingly competitive and success rate second to none. Her clients are aged between 35 and 70 and are single, separated, divorced or widowed. If you are keen to meet a new partner and would prefer a more exclusive and personal service, then give Louisa a call on 01892 667750 or email her at

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LOCAL Email your local news to

The first step was to find a location. A number of suggestions were put forward from conversion of an old stable block to a newly constructed building in the middle of the village. All of these were ruled out for one reason or another and, just when the group began to feel all was lost, the Sayers Common Village Hall Committee came forward with a suggestion: as the hall was about to be refurbished, would the Community Shop Group be interested in using a part of the renovated Village Hall for their shop? The two groups got together and, in the true spirit of community, worked towards something they could both be proud of: a sparkling ‘new look’ Sayers Common Village Hall and Community Shop began to appear in the middle of the village. Thanks to the stirling work of local volunteers and

the builders, Solid Platform, this amazing regeneration has been achieved in just 10 weeks. Obviously, money was needed to finance the project. The Village Hall Trustees were able to sell some unused land adjacent to the hall. This, together with a donation from The Dunlop Trust and a grant from the West Sussex Community Initiative Fund helped to finance the first phase of the redevelopment of the hall. A grant from the Plunkett Foundation and help from some local businesses helped get things moving and many residents of Sayers Common have invested in £10 shares to be partner owners of the Community Shop. None of these shareholders are able to profit from this venture; the investment was purely altruistic on their part. The Sayers Common Community Shop will be staffed and run by volunteers, so if you can offer an hour or two of your

time, you will be most welcome. As well as normal convenience store products, the Community Shop will be selling take-away tea, coffee and snacks. Visit www. sayerscommoncommunityshop. org and like our Facebook page too.

Quilting in Burgess Hill Are you interested in patchwork, quilting, needlework, embroidery or any other textile form? Whether you are a novice or a skilled stitcher, come and be inspired by the first Patchwork & Quilting Exhibition in Burgess Hill. The Exhibition will display a diverse range of patchwork creations from large bed quilts to cushions, in traditional and contemporary styles and created by both beginners and experienced quilters. The Exhibition will take place

on Saturday 26th July from 10.30am to 4.30pm at The United Reform Church, Junction Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0JS. There will be £1 admission charge. Limited parking at the church, but plenty of street parking nearby. Tea, coffee and homemade cakes will be available for the price of donations, patchwork fabric will be on sale for £4 per metre. Profits will go to St. Peter & St. James Hospice. Contact Dorita on 01444 241722 or email her at doritas@tiscali.

‘Outdoor Theatre What do women really want? Well, there’s a question! Is there one man who has not asked it? The Rude Mechanical Theatre Co will be coming to Wivelsfield on Sunday 3rd August with a play that asks that very question. It’s called ‘The Wife’ and it is based on Chaucer’s ‘Wife of Bath’.


DON’T MISS OUR SUMM ER FUN DAY Sun 20th July 10am-4pm

Come and take a trip out to the National Cat Centre, set in 50 acres of the beautiful Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. We have a lovely Visitor Centre that houses a café serving home-made cakes, coffee and sandwiches as well as a gift shop. Out of doors why don’t you take a walk around our nature trail? And don’t forget, the site is home to our flagship adoption centre where you can meet the adorable cats and kittens who are looking for new homes. Open daily 10am – 4pm Free entry National Cat Centre (on the A275),Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT Use this postcode RH17 7DE for Satnav. T : 01825 741 370 W: Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland)

• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex

• 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

• Quality vehicles at competitive • No mileage charge prices • FREE evening collection • Comprehensive 25 item safety (subject to availability) inspection carried out before • Ample free parking each hire

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL


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Alyson, a wife from Bath, is travelling to Canterbury on a pilgrimage and describes with hilarious outcomes the five men who have shared her marriage bed. Then she tells the story of a young knight called Roland who, having ravished a young maiden, is forced, in order to avoid being put to death for his crime, to undergo a test and search the world for an answer to the question: What is it that women most desire? With his stupid but innocent servant Dogrose, he encounters a series of marriage relationships

and asks each of the women the question. It seems none of them agree – until finally he encounters an old crone and she tells him the true answer, but only on condition he will do anything she asks of him. The play comes dramatically to a conclusion as the answer is revealed. Hilarious and provocative, but also tender and deeply poetic, the play digs deeply into the nature of love and human relationships. The play will be shown on the Recreation Ground and starts at 7.30pm. Bring warm clothing, chairs and a picnic. Tickets cost

£13 with a range of concessions available by ringing John Jefferson on 01444 471324. For the fourth year running, the Wivelsfield Hospice Support Group for St Peter & St James Hospice will be fundraising at the performance by providing pre-ordered picnics at £8 each (please contact John Jefferson for these), together with a raffle and bar. Coffee and cake will also be available. Please come along with a group of friends to support your local Hospice at this popular local event.

The Ultra Club returns 50 years ago, Hassocks used to host a venue called The Ultra Club with bands such as The Who, The Yardbirds, and artists such as Gene Vincent playing. Fast forward to the current day and a change of venue to The

79th Anniversary summer sAle

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Hassocks Hotel, and once more the Ultra Club comes to Hassocks. Consisting of five different DJs all playing various original vinyl 45’s, ranging in style from Motown, Northern Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Ska, Reggae, Surf and Jump Blues, there is something for everyone. The idea is that by doing something local it saves the usual journey of travelling up to London or down to Brighton for these sorts of events. Come along on Friday, 1st August to join with resident DJ’s Wee Mark and Unkle Brian, along with special guests Dave Crozier (lost and found, Soho) and Terry Nicholas (Heart and Soul Radio) and one other still to be confirmed, all playing original vinyl 45’s. It all starts at 8pm, entry is £5 on the door. All welcome. Dress to impress. More information available from theultraclub@ We would also

Visit our store in Sussex Road 01444 414 292 Worthing 01903 200 222

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FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Steven Bentley FCCA, FMAAT, ATT Suite 6, 141/143 South Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 4LZ Email: Website:

New Laptops from £259

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23 Sussex Road, Haywards Heath , RH16 4DZ

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love to hear if anyone has any memories of the original Ultra Club?

a splendid start to the summer holidays in a safe and novel environment. Normal parking rules are in place and buses are diverted around the town centre for the day. You can also visit the Market by taking the Bluebell Railway, with trains running through the day, allowing a double dose of pleasure.

Midsummer Market East Grinstead’s Midsummer Market takes place on Saturday 19th July, 9am-5.30pm. Set in the heart of the town’s shopping centre, this established popular event sees the major part of London Road closed to traffic for the day and encourages the shops and cafés to spill out onto the street. The roadway is filled with stalls and small fairground attractions for the children. The major section is taken over for the day by our famous French Market, which offers a wide range of continental produce and also many gifts and artisanal products. The Market also takes over the adjacent Queens Walk, allowing

Theatre for Chailey Heritage local charities to take space selling goods to raise funds for local worthy causes, and it is also the location for much of the entertainment during the day. The event is organised by a small committee, with representatives from the town’s retail community and other volunteers and is non-profit making. It serves to give townsfolk and visitors alike

STAB Productions, a new independent theatre company, is launching its debut production this summer. The performances, which run across two nights in July at The Players Theatre in Hurstpierpoint, will entertain and challenge audiences with two one-act plays: Two by Jim Cartwright and The Donahue Sisters by Geraldine Aron.

“These two superbly crafted plays have each won a host of awards and are compelling to watch,” says Steve Thurley, co-founder of STAB. “Two tells the tale of a landlord and landlady of a pub in the North of England kept together by the need to work but brooding over a dark secret that has kept them at loggerheads for years. Meanwhile The Donahue Sisters is a dark but amusing story surrounding three siblings who reunite and re-enact a singular but significant event from their childhood.” STAB Productions was formed by Steve Thurley and Andy Bairsto, who met in 2011 while rehearsing for a production of Guys & Dolls at Haywards Heath Operatic Society. “Our remit is to create good quality modern and edgy drama in a variety of venues around Mid Sussex at a sensible and affordable price,” says Andy Bairsto, co-founder.

KEYMER HASLAM & CO Chartered Accountants & Independent Financial Advisers


Call us for a friendly, personal and efficient service for all your business needs 4/6 Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9AE - 01444 247871 Email: or Website:




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LOCAL STAB starts with a company of five – the two co-founders plus Victoria Brewer, Lynda Brown and Emma Hudson. In rehearsal for their first production, the company has formed ties with Chailey Heritage Foundation, a pioneering local charity that educates and cares for children and young adults with complex physical disabilities and health needs. It is envisaged that all post production proceeds will pay for much needed multi-sensory and ICT equipment, helping to improve opportunities and outcomes for young residents and customers from the community. “We are delighted that this new and innovative company has chosen Chailey Heritage Foundation to benefit from their debut production and wish them every success,” said Joan Martin, Fundraising Officer at Chailey Heritage Foundation. The performances will take place on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th July at The Players Theatre, High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Curtain up at 8pm. Tickets are priced at £8 and available from or by calling 01273 936808.

Orchard House The glorious gardens of Orchard House (Weald Chase, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield RH17 5HY) will be open in aid of St Peter & St James Hospice on Sunday 13th July (2-5pm), and under the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 20th July (2-5pm). The development of the garden at Orchard House commenced when the present owners took up residence in 1995. What was a paddock and orchard extending to a little under two acres has been transformed in to an open

aspect garden with distant views to the South Downs. The orchard has been retained and is now surrounded by a mature beech hedge. 14 beds have been created and the planting includes herbaceous borders, a grasses bed, a small North American Prairie Meadow, a cutting bed and shrubberies. There are four raised vegetable plots, extensive compost bins and a wild area which accommodates a children’s play area. To the south of the house there is a walled courtyard with a formal pond and a gravel garden. The main Victorian style greenhouse contains a small Alpine area. The garden is situated just south of Cuckfield Golf Centre on the Cuckfield to Staplefield road. Ample car parking including disabled parking will be available, as will teas, cakes and plant sales. All proceeds to charity.

Your Local Independent Kitchen Studio

Racing for charity Friday 8th August will be a great finish to the three-day racing festival at Brighton Racecourse. It’s a day to generate funds and raise awareness of the outstanding work of three great charities – Teenage Cancer Trust, Whoopsadaisy and the Checkatrade Foundation. Gates open at 12 noon and the first of 7 exciting races will be off at 2.10pm. Tickets for the day can be purchased online via Or if you would prefer to really show your support for the charities there are places for lunch in a luxury marquee, prices are just £65 + VAT per person and include admission to the races, gourmet 3-course lunch and a fun afternoon of fundraising. Call Brighton Racecourse on 01273 603 580 or visit

The Kitchen People 61 The High Street, Lindfield West Sussex RH16 2HN

Tel: 01444 484 868 Email: @KitchenPsarah

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The Longines Royal International Horse Show 30 July - 3 August 2014

The world’s best showjumpers will head to Hickstead this summer for the Longines Royal international Horse Show (30 July – 3 August).

l Enjoy a great family day out l See the world’s leading riders in action l Military Marching Band l Children’s fun fair l Shopping village, craft & food hall l Licensed bars and restaurants

Ticket Prices Wed: £16 Adult £12 OAP £8 Child Thurs/Fri: £22 Adult £17 OAP £11 Child Sat/Sun: £22 Adult £17 OAP £11 Child

Free Admission


The Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ (Friday) and the Longines King George V Gold Cup (Sunday) are the showpieces of the fixture, each having a prize fund of €200,000. In the former, the British team will be competing against Belgium, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands as they all bid to pick up qualifying points towards the Final. They’ll face further opposition from the USA, France and Sweden, who have also elected to send teams to Hickstead. The Longines King George V Gold Cup is one of the most coveted prizes in showjumping. Last year, a year after winning team gold medal at London 2012, Ben Maher jumped a double clear to win the King’s Cup on his former Olympic partner Tripple X III. As well as international action, the show also boasts a huge range of national jumping classes, from amateur classes right up to the Templant Events Queen Elizabeth II Cup. In the showing classes, around 1,600 horses and ponies will arrive at Hickstead, having qualified at shows around the UK. The best will go through to the British Horse Society Supreme Horse and the Underwood Supreme Pony Championships, held on Sunday. Ladies’ Day will once again be held on Saturday, and this year proceeds will go towards the charity Dreamflight. A team of ‘spotters’ will pick out the bestdressed guests and invite them into a special ringside enclosure, where a celebrity judge will then pick out a winner and two runners-up. The top prize is a two-night stay with dinner and spa treatments from Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa in West Sussex. To book tickets for the Longines Royal International Horse Show go to or call 01273 834315.

For 2 adults or children on Friday 1 or Saturday 2 August on production of this advert. Parking will be charged at £10 per car.

For more information about Ladies’ Day, go to:’-day.aspx

Valid at both main entrances. Original version only accepted. No photocopies or downloads. Strictly not for resale.

THE ESSEnTIalS All England Jumping Course, Hickstead, West Sussex RH17 5NU Tel: 01273 834315

Download Hickstead’s free App for iPhone and Android Follow the All England Jumping Course Twitter and Facebook pages Visit the website THE EQUESTRIAN.COM HICKSTEAD DERBY MEETING 26th - 29th June 2014 THE LONGINES ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW 30th July - 3rd August 2014 THE HURST COLLEGE NATIONAL SCHOOLS & PONY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 7 August 2014 THE ALL ENGLAND JUMPING CHAMPIONSHIPS 4th - 7th September 2014


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Hickstead Ladies Day Saturday 2 August

supporting the charity, Dreamflight Best Dressed Filly wins a 5* luxury two night stay at the Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa First Runner-Up will be treated to a luxurious overnight stay at Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa Second Runner-Up will enjoy a dining extravaganza for two people on the 8-course “e Pass Experience” menu at South Lodge Hotel

01273 834315

S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014











HURRY, LAST 4 BEDROOM HOMES AVAILABLE All imagery is illustrative and may vary from shown. Available incentives are subject to reservation criteria, scheme approval and restrictions (including the Government Help to Buy scheme) and can be development specific, please ask our Sales Consultants for more information.


5 RATED HOUSE BUILDER SuSSex Living July 2014

by Lisa de siLva

advertising feature

Have enduroShield applied to glass, ceramics and metal surfaces and

reduce cleaning time by a staggering 90%.

Knights in shining armour Save both time and money when cleaning glass, tiles and grout, and stainless steel! EnduroShield is a revolutionary product, new to the UK market, which not only reduces cleaning time by up to 90% after application, but cuts out any need for harsh chemical cleaners. “EnduroShield is a protective product with astonishing properties for protecting and cleaning glass, ceramic and metal surfaces. As soon as I saw what it could do, I knew I wanted to be involved in bringing it to the UK market,” explains David Spear, who holds the licence to supply EnduroShield in Sussex. His Cowfold-based company Spear & Shield has a team of skilled technicians on hand who professionally apply the product to all manner of surfaces, both in residential homes and commercial environments. Glass, tiles and grout are porous surfaces and, over time, absorb contaminants, leaving discolouration, etching, build-up of mould, as well as harmful bacteria. Thanks to state-of-the-art nanotechnology, EnduroShield provides a long lasting invisible shield on these surfaces. Once treated, they repel both water and oil-based stains, making them easy to keep clean by simply wiping over with a microfibre cloth and mild detergent. Stainless Steel cookers, splash backs, and cooker hoods are a breeze to clean after the protective coating is applied.

Can you imagine the time saved, when cleaning the shower screen, tiles and grout simply involves wiping them over? Or how easy it would be to keep kitchen stainless steel, tile and glass surfaces free of grease and fingerprint marks? It’s no wonder that EnduroShield has taken both the Australian and US domestic and commercial markets by storm. What’s more, glass extensions, patio doors, conservatories

Spear & Shield have a team of skilled technicians who professionally apply EnduroShield to all manner of surfaces, in residential and commercial environments. and office block windows all become easier and quicker to clean. Treated solar panels even offer more efficiency because EnduroShield protects them from bird dirt and moss build-up. For the marine market, EnduroShield provides an impressive barrier, protecting boats, glass balconies, pool fencing and coastal properties. Car windscreens can also be instantly transformed into a rain repellent surface, dramatically improving visibility in bad weather. As if to prove it, David very kindly treated my car – and as I drove through rain and hailstorm the following day, the improvement in visibility was unbelievable! EnduroShield provides extremely durable and long lasting

protection to new or existing surfaces. The product is available as a DIY kit from David’s website, but for a professional application, contact David and his team direct, and benefit from a warranty of up to 10 years for new surfaces. Prices are keen: car windscreens start at £20; shower enclosure, glass and tiles from £60. This August, look out for a special Summer Promotion with Keymer Double Glazing.

SpEar & SHIEld lTd Unit B9, Oakendene Industrial Estate, Bolney Road, Cowfold, West Sussex RH13 8AZ Tel. 01444 410 738 / 07975 946 720

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by fLO whitaKer


Blooming Times About now, garden centres will be selling colchicums – fascinating bulbs that are useful for boosting an end-of-summer display. Pick the biggest and heaviest you can find. When it comes to bulbs, size really does matter. Good quality colchicum bulbs will cost a few quid each, but, once planted, you’ve got them forever because they’re in it for the long haul, quietly increasing with every passing year, making sizeable clumps that will outlive you. They have a lengthy growing cycle and hate being out of the ground for long, so plant them as soon as you get them, 10cm deep, in dampish (but not wet) soil in full sun or light shade. They start into growth at an astonishing speed. By the time you’ve hung up your spade and headed back indoors, they’ll be on the move and will be in flower within a few weeks. They have the vigour to cope with being planted in rough grass; their leafless flower buds push

Colchicums look like

giant crocuses but they are not related.


SuSSex Living July 2014

through short turf with ease and the delicatelooking flowers last a surprisingly long time before gently fading away. In early spring, strappy leaves start to appear, rapidly making lush clumps that provide essential nutrients for the bulbs below. By late spring the bulbs start their dormant phase and the now tired-looking foliage obligingly dies back, leaving space for other plants. In autumn, the flowering spikes reappear and the whole process starts again. Their ‘nude’ flowers give them their old cottage garden name of ‘Naked Ladies’, which I think is far more poetic than the more commonly used and misleading ‘Autumn Crocus’. Although colchicums look like giant crocuses on steroids, the two are not related. Colchicums are seriously tough characters who regard ‘essentials’ such as compost or water with lofty distain. If you can’t be bothered to dig a hole, just leave a bulb lying about on a sunny windowsill. Within a fortnight, it will have magically sprouted exotic flowering spikes, looking like something from another planet entirely. Squirrels, mice and deer give them a wide berth. These wise animals have clearly read their gardening books and know that the bulbs contain colchicine; a substance used for centuries to treat rheumatic conditions that has proved as effective as arsenic in the wrong hands. Extract of colchicine was the drug of choice for bored Victorian housewives wishing to bump off tiresome husbands. Merely handling the bulbs is unlikely to damage your health, although purchasing them will most definitely damage your wallet. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and wear gloves when planting out. Mind you, I’ve been handling them (gloveless) for years and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. Ask matron…


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Copthorne Open Gardens Seven characterful Copthorne gardens will throw open their gates on Sunday 20th July,

in aid of St Catherine’s Hospice.

Organiser Lana Peile took me to Knowle Drive, where owner Helen guided me round multi-level herbaceous borders, which will be dense with colour throughout summer. Her lawn was dotted with enchanting small flowers, aptly named ‘little blue stars’ and she pointed out a peanut plant that smells exactly like its namesake when the leaves are rubbed with the fingers. A stately American pillar rose grew close to a Crystal Fountain clematis while yellow irises rose from a sea of colourful blooms. “Everyone brings plants to me to get well”, Helen admitted as we passed her plant nursery. She must possess the healing touch as her rock garden was full of revived plants nestling among the carefully placed stones. Apple Tree Cottage changed hands in the late 1970s and the new owners transformed a neglected, long narrow plot into a welcoming garden with nooks and seating to enjoy the variety of intimate views on display. I met keen plantsman Terry at his home ‘Penarth’ where labels give each plant’s name to curious visitors. The garden buzzed with bees; Terry has placed a row of bee houses on his shed wall and the effect has been spectacular, with


SuSSex Living July 2014

insects settled in bamboo nest holes, enjoying the warmth and proximity to tasty floral forage. A magnificent crinodendron boasts flowers that resemble scarlet lanterns and generous pink peonies rise from the central beds. The next stop was Maureen’s picture perfect Simmonds Cottage, home to a well stocked cottage garden overlooked by three towering yews. Bronwen and Philip’s home ‘Bridgelands’ has the recent addition of a 3/4-acre paddock where

by ruth Lawrence

OPen gardens

Terry has placed a row of bee houses on his shed wall – insects settled in bamboo

nest holes, enjoying the warmth and proximity to tasty floral forage. Philip has planted 34 specimen trees and leopard orchids peep from between the meadow grass. Having lived here for 40 years, the couple have had time to perfect their vegetable plot, nurtured in sturdy brick raised beds while a round metal seat circling the trunk of a pendulous willow gives them somewhere to sit and enjoy the result of their labours. A young gingko tree stands in the corner of the meadow, keeping a watchful eye over the other trees that keep it company. Clay Hall has been a labour of love for owners Amanda and Peter; their twoacre garden encompasses ponds, a large vegetable plot and an idyllic wild garden where badgers and deer can wander. Peter is

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ROOFS – WINDOWS – DOORS – CONSERVATORIES POINTINg – BuIlDINg Complete design, installation and repair service

MyTreeCompany Your Tree Care Specialist Based in Brighton and covering the whole of Sussex, we offer a fully insured, professional Tree Surgery, Fencing and Landscape Maintenance Service. We are a family run company and run our business with passion and attention to detail.

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For a free, no obligation estimate, FREEPHONE

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n d s a re o p f o s e i r e s A p ic t u re s q u e

continued from previous page

keen on repurposing; cobbles forming the paths were rescued from Liverpool Docks and it’s gratifying to think of the countless feet that must have trod them from century to century. During the Open Gardens, a nest box camera should be operational, giving visitors the chance to watch birds in their breeding home. A duck house shelters wild ducks and a series of ponds are crossed by a picturesque bridge, making the ideal spot to stand and survey the rest of the garden. Open Gardens entry tickets (£5) with map will be on sale outside Copthorne Village Hall on Sunday 20th July from 12.30pm; gardens open from 1-5pm. All proceeds, including those raised by plant sales and refreshments are donated to St Catherine’s. St Catherine’s Hospice makes an invaluable contribution to the wellbeing of its patients, their families and carers; they help anyone who is referred by a GP in Mid Sussex, Crawley, Horsham or East Surrey. As well as providing end-of-life care in comfortable, compassionate surroundings, St Catherine’s offer a Day Hospice, group activities and medical or nursing outpatient appointments. With such a valuable asset to the community being supported by Copthorne Open Gardens, visiting these seven uniquely different gardens will benefit many people while providing an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon.


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c ro s s e d b y a g t h e id e a l b r id g e , m a k in a n d s u r v e y s p o t t o s t a n d t h e g a rd e n . t h e re s t o f

CopTHornE opEn GardEnS copthorne village hall, copthorne bank rh10 3re sunday 20th July, 1-5pm

!"##$%&!"''$(&)*%+$,&-$*&.*%/0$'&& 0,&123425+&6789&& :0*%;&:*/$'<&& & !"#$%&'()*+',"-&'' !"#$%&'(.*+'/"0"1*'&

=,>2;&*,&2?$,&@*%+$,&?*%/;&30/A&50B$&#"'0CD&/$*&*,+&+$50C02"'& C*E$'F&& -A$&/$*&?*%/0$'&*%$&$'?$C0*55;&42%&?$2?5$&30/A&+$#$,/0*D&/A$0%& 4*#050$'&*,+&4%0$,+'F&G&%$?%$'$,/*/0B$& 4%2#&H2%'A*#&G5IA$0#$%J'& !2C0$/;&3055&K$&/A$%$&30/A&0,42%#*/02,&*K2"/&52C*5&'$%B0C$'F&& L$&522E&42%3*%+&/2&3$5C2#0,@&;2"&MMM&/A$%$&0'&,2&CA*%@$F&& N4&;2"&32"5+&50E$&#2%$&0,42%#*/02,D&?5$*'$&C2,/*C/&O2*,,$&& 7PP88&QRS&6PR&2%&7897T&SQ9&98R&&

3.00pm-5.00pm Trenchmore, Burnthouse Lane, Cowfold, RH13 8DG Please call to confirm if the sun isn’t shining!

Are you thinking about extending or refurbishing your property? We are local building specialists, with over 40 years experience. We specialise in: • House Extensions • Loft Conversions • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Plastering • Carpentry

AE Whitehead & Son

Trusted local builders Telephone: 01273 842652 • Mobile: 07775 832518 web: email: 4 Spinney Close, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9AS


SuSSex Living July 2014

by hanna LindOn

When Lyn and Nick Peacock bought Moustows Manor in the centre of Henfield, they knew that they had a challenge on their hands. Their aim was to restore the rambling Georgian manor house and its neglected gardens to their former glory in record time. It was an ambitious project, and they couldn’t have orchestrated the redesign of the grounds without a professional garden designer. “It’s right on the high street and the whole property is an acre, including the house, which is relatively small if you want to achieve that ‘country manor’ feel,” they explain. “The front garden had grass that never grew because it was in the shade, and there was a poor patio with an overgrown rockery. It had been a lovely garden, but it had just got old and neglected over the years.”

Lyn and Nick had ambitious ideas for the redesign. They wanted a riot of flowers in bold, bright colours and they were keen to keep the garden looking stunning all through the year. The project began in 2011 and today the spectacular gardens progress from an area of woodland clustered around an ancient yew tree to a pastel colour scheme and then onto a ‘bright’ zone packed with hot colours such as fuchsias, plums and lemons. The well-stocked borders overflow with roses, delphiniums, campanula and geraniums, which line a perfect, bowling green-style lawn. When Moustows Manor gardens open for charity under the NGS scheme in July, visitors will be able to sit in the sunken circular seating area in front of the summerhouse and enjoy the panoramic view over the hot borders, the pleached pear trees, the wall-mounted fountain and the pergola. What adds to the appeal of this stunning garden is that the ironwork was all done by the local blacksmith, much of the stone and paving is reclaimed from local sources, and the lawn is maintained by the same person

OPen gardens



The gardens of Moustows Manor in Henfield are open to the public for two days in July – the perfect opportunity to explore these stunning grounds and support charity at the same time.

Enjoy the panoramic view over the hot borders, the pleached pear trees, the wall-mounted fountain and the pergola

who cares for the nearby bowling green – all under the stewardship of a Henfield garden designer. This is truly a product of local effort.

naTIonal GardEnS SCHEME opEn daYS moustows manor, high street, henfield, west sussex bn5 9dd saturday, 12th and sunday 13th July, 2pm-5pm

SuSSex Living July 2014


GREAT IDEAS FOR OUTDOOR LIVING From natural stone and concrete paving to walling, fencing, decking, garden buildings and specially selected and graded natural aggregates, Parker Paving can help you create anything from a small patio to large domestic or public gardens.


in HASSOCKS, HAYWARDS HEATH and throughout the South East

38 TelS u0844 ss e x L i257 v i n g 7000 July 2014

by Les camPbeLL

LOcaL waLK

Worth &



This 4-mile walk starts from Worth Church, which is situated off the B2036 between Balcombe and Pound Hill, close to Crawley’s Maidenbower Estate. From Worth Church, return to the road junction of Church Road/Street Hill and, just before the junction, turn left on a tarmac path and follow this downhill to the B2036. On reaching the B2036, turn left and walk past the Coach Halt pub to a roundabout. Go over this roundabout and carry on ahead along a wide grass verge. At the entrance to the Europa Hotel, cross to the opposite pavement and shortly go over a bridge with the ever busy M23 roaring beneath you. At the second roundabout, cross to the exit road from the M23 and pick up a signed footpath. Ignore the signed track immediately to your right and carry on ahead to a fork in the tracks, where you should take the right-hand fork. The path climbs steadily

Discover Worth Church and parts of the Worth Way around Maidenbower along this

charming 4-mile walk.

uphill; at a crosspath, carry on ahead as signed. Follow the wide obvious track into the depths of Worthlodge Forest, ignoring all paths off to your left and right. In a little under a mile and on reaching a T-junction, turn half right as signed along a wide gravel track. Shortly, you will reach a wide crossing track, Standinghall Lane, and you should turn sharp left and follow this track for about a mile to join the Worth Way at the Pound Hill to Turners Hill road. The Worth Way is a 7-mile shared user route between Three Bridges and East Grinstead and mostly follows the route of the former railway, which closed in the 1960s. Nothing remains of the line between the M23 and the Pound Hill to Turners Hill road at Keepers Cottage, as the cutting was used as a landfill site in the 1970s. The line of trees in the field on your right indicates the route of the former railway. continued on next page SuSSex Living July 2014


continued from previous page

We are very grateful to Les Campbell for bringing us new and exciting local walks every month. A founder member and former Chairman of the Mid Sussex Ramblers, he is a very experienced and enthusiastic walker indeed. Les insists on testing all routes personally, making sure they are suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email

Go over a rather awkward stile, and turn left, following the obvious wide path ahead. This is the Worth Way, which you will follow all the way back to Worth Church and the start of the walk. The Way passes around the buildings of Worth Lodge Farm to cross the M23, before climbing uphill to Worth Church and Church Road where you left your car. The Church of St Nicholas’ Worth is of AngloSaxon origin, and is estimated to be the fourth oldest church in the country. It was relatively isolated until the expansion of nearby Crawley. At one time, Worth was the largest geographical parish in England!


4 miles




Ordnance Survey Explorer Map No.135


Limited parking in Church Road opposite the Rectory


The Coach Halt PH, Maidenbower

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Sussex Bus Route 37 from Crawley and Haywards Heath, which stops on B2036

Map © Ordnance Survey (

breeze up

to Devil’s Dyke... The Comtec Challenge Cup The Finals


Sunday 13th July 2014, 12-5pm C





...on an open top bus from Brighton!




Phone (01273) 292480

kids go FREEnt! ou Train travellers’ disc ils ta de r See leaflet fo


SuSSex Living July 2014


For times, fares, leaflets and walk ideas:

SupporƟng Registered Charity No. 800797


Tomorrow’s Dentistry Today Up until about 10 years ago, dental patients didn’t care about customer service. As far as they were concerned, you went to the dentist to get a filling. They didn’t expect it to be a pleasant experience and they considered all dentists and all fillings to be the same. Well, it’s a different experience at Oakmead Dental Care. “Dentistry has advanced farther and faster than most people realise,” says Andrew Hopkins. “It is no longer just about restoring damaged teeth but also about improving patients’ self-confidence. There is no better feeling than watching a patient leave the surgery with a real spring in their step after a dental health procedure that has improved their self-image. And there is no reason today why a trip to the dentist should be uncomfortable.” Andrew qualified at Guys Hospital in 1986 and developed a passion for restorative dental care early-on as an undergraduate. In his final year, he was awarded the Newland Pedley Medal and Prize in restorative care and was then awarded a House Officer position in the restorative department. This provided the impetus to complete many postgraduate courses, helping to refine his techniques in modern restorative and cosmetic dental care. He established Oakmead Dental Care in 1989 in Chislehurst and opened the East Grinstead branch in 1991, where he now practises fulltime. He had a vision to provide a refreshing approach to dentistry built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for people seeking his care. His empathetic nature makes him ideally suited to supporting anxious individuals and children throughout their dental care. “At Oakmead, the first thing we do when you open your mouth is listen, since we feel we can learn as much about your teeth by listening to you as by looking. So you won’t find yourself staring up at the ceiling as soon as you sit down.

Instead you’ll find yourself talking face to face with a dedicated professional.” Oakmead is such a proactive dental surgery that regular patients can book their appointments online when they receive their reminder. Prospective patients can also book a free assessment with Kate, our treatment coordinator. Kate explains: “Most people feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of a visit to the dentist, perhaps from a bad experience. Others worry because they have not visited a dentist for a long time. They feel it is too late or they are too embarrassed by the state of their teeth. We understand this, which is why the free assessment can be a great introduction to the practice and a real confidence booster.” When not at work, Andrew can be found on the touchlines of some sporting venue supporting his two young sons. He is also active in fundraising for children’s charities. He enjoys cycling and trekking and competes in triathlons. Oakmead were one of the first 50 practices in the country to receive the coveted Gold British Dental Association Good Practice Award. They were awarded this accolade in recognition of being able to demonstrate good practice for 10 years in a row. “This is a fantastic achievement,” enthused Andrew, “and is an assurance to our patients that our treatment and care are of the highest standard.” When asked about the practice’s philosophy, Andrew answers: “Our patients are the heart of our practice, and the goal of our whole team is to provide a top-quality dental experience for them. It is our priority to ensure that our patients receive the exceptional care they deserve. We do not forget they are the reason we come to work every day – it’s all about going that extra mile to achieve that healthy smile!”

OAKMEAD DENTAL CARE Tomorrow’s Dentistry Today 48 Moat Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex 01342 325363 S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014


by nicOLe tata

heaLth beaut y st yLe

MIRROR MIRROR MIRROR on the wall... Sure, there are more important things in life than to have soft, kissable lips – but not when you’re leaning in for a smooch.

Kiss me

quick............ How much do you think about your lips? Not at all, I bet, unless they’re giving you trouble, in which case you’ll be thinking of nothing else. Given everything our mouths routinely come into contact with, it’s no wonder that even a small amount of neglect can have unwanted, unsightly consequences. Are you a habitual lip licker? Your saliva may add as a quick-fi x lip gloss, or provide welcome temporary relief for dry lips but it will actually make matters worse. Try to break the cycle by always having a lip balm to hand. Do you often breathe with your mouth open? You may not realise that the constant in-out airflow through the mouth has a disastrous dehydrating effect on the delicate lip tissue. Regularly biting your lips leads to dry, peeling and sore lips, while sharing kisses indiscriminately may expose you to herpes simplex, the virus that causes cold sores. You have been warned. So, excluding any conditions that need real medical attention, what should you be doing to keep your lips ‘pucker-uppable’? For starters, don’t underestimate the power of a good lip balm and be relentless in its application! Have one in your pocket, handbag, office drawer, car, night table – anywhere and everywhere you can think of – then get into the habit of applying lip balm whenever you can: a minimum of three times a day is a good rule of thumb. Look for a product with a base of petroleum or paraffi n jelly to seal in the moisture. Or go for natural alternatives, which is my personal preference: beeswax, shea butter, mango seed butter, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera are just some of the many natural products widely used, and all have wonderfully hydrating and moisturising properties


SuSSex Living July 2014

Don’t underestimate the power of a good lip balm and be relentless in

its application

to keep lips smooth and supple. My current favourite is coconut oil, 100% pure and simple. If your lips are chapped and flaking and need extra TLC, you might want to consider a weekly exfoliating scrub. For an easy home-made version, try mixing honey (or fresh strawberry) and sugar and gently scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush. Sunscreen is important for lips too. Luckily, many lip cosmetics now combine the benefits of colour application, moisturising treatment and SPF protection in one product. Go buy. Finally, night time is repair time for your skin cells, and that includes lips. Make a habit of slathering on a lip treatment before you go to sleep and wake up ready to kiss the world!

…a shoe shop made with you in mind… The Emmie Summer Sale Extravaganza! UP TO 50% OFF IN STORE & ONLINE Starting 5th July

EMMIE BOUTIQUE 123 High Street Hurstpierpoint West Sussex BN6 9PU 01273 835147 mon - sat 9.30 - 5.30

126c High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9PX Tel: 01273 831110

CBN1000526 Theo Browns July 2014 Racoon advert.qxp_Layout 1 09/06/2014 13:51 Page 1

Above: Mandy, a fully qualified graduated stylist

Theo Browns have been certified to offer Racoon International Products.

Racoon International is the Number One supplier of high-quality, glamorous human hair extensions. Their collection of multi-awardwinning lines – including reusable human hair extensions & aftercare products – guarantee hair extensions which are both safe & ethically sourced. Theo Browns would like to introduce Mandy, now a fully qualified graduated stylist. Mandy has qualified and achieved her level 3 advanced hairdressing, and is full of fresh ideas. We are offering a 25% discount on any services booked with Mandy for the following month. Mon: 10am-7pm Thurs: 10am-9pm

Tue: 10am-7pm Fri: 10am-7pm

Weds: 10am-7pm Sat: 8.30am-4.30pm

5-STAR RATED BY GSG - WELLA - SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL | 01444 450011 | Theo Brown’s, No.11, The Broadway, Haywards Heath, RH16 3AQ

S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014


Award Winning Care Homes Sussex Health Care is an award winning group of care homes providing 28 years of healthcare in Sussex. The Group operates 20 homes, predominantly in the West Sussex area, providing over 550 placements, incorporating specialist care provision as well as care for older people. CARE HOMES FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES/ PHYSICAL DISABILITIES/NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS Beechcroft Care Centre and Hazel Lodge Beech Lodge and Oak Lodge Horncastle Care Centre Kingsmead Care Centre Kingsmead Lodge Norfolk Lodge Orchard Lodge and Boldings Lodge

01342 300499 01403 791725 01342 813910 01403 265335 01403 211790 01403 218876 01403 242278

CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE Clemsfold House 01403 790312 Forest Lodge 01825 712514 Horncastle House 01342 810219 Kingsmead Care Centre 01403 265335

Rapkyns Care Centre 01403 276756 Rapkyns Care Home

01403 265096

Redwood House

01403 790948

Sycamore Lodge

01403 240066

White Lodge

020 8763 2586

Wisteria Lodge and Stable Lodge

01825 714080

Woodhurst Lodge

01444 401228

Longfield Manor Rapkyns Care Home Upper Mead

01403 786832 01403 265096 01273 492870

STOP PRESS: Two brand new purpose-built units opening Spring 2014. 10 bed unit for younger adults with profound multiple learning disabilities plus an additional 10 bed unit specialising in acquired brain injury and neurological conditions.

To find out more about our homes and the services we offer, contact: Corrine Wallace Head of Operational Care Services

01403 217338 44 S u ss e x L i v i n g

July 2014

Sussex Health Care Care Centresin & care Support Services excellence

by ruth Lawrence

advertising feature

One of the most important items in your summer wardrobe is a top quality pair of sunglasses.

All eyes

on the summer Hassocks Eyecare Centre has a great range of summer eyewear on offer. Owner Vicki Macken introduced me to the state-of-the-art Maui Jim range which originally comes from Hawaii. To look through the lenses is to glimpse a richer, higher contrast world. Superlightweight and utterly stylish, the glasses offer great UV protection and a lens coating top and bottom to cut out reflection above and below, relieving you of having to squint into the sunlight. All their lenses are polarised and I was astonished at just how much better textures and colours appear through them. If you’re in need of reading glasses, try the ‘Readers’ range of sunglasses, which incorporate a magnifying area in the lower portion of the lens, thus avoiding the irritating need for two separate pairs of glasses. The ‘Sports’ range is snug fitting, with a useful air gap to avoid fogging. There are also plenty of sunglasses in the fashion collection that cater to the current trend for large, face flattering frames, many of which feature their new MauiGradient® tint which is darker at the top and gradually gets lighter moving down the lens, so the appropriate amount of light is allowed to fi lter through. Also available in-store are the photochromic Bollé glasses that quickly adjust to light levels, and the fashionable Gant, O’Neill and Superdry brands that offer diverse styles from classic to modern retro. Specialist lenses are available for golfers, swimmers, cyclists and sailors – there’s certainly no need to compromise on either style or functionality. There are even interchangeable lenses for playing tennis that highlight the ball and the lines on court, and sports shooters can have their lenses

glazed to assist focus through the gun sight. As a keen walker, I loved the Bollé wraparound shades – perfect for a hike over the windswept Downs. After choosing my favourite pair, William Morris designer glasses with upswept corners that follow the eyebrow line, I was given a behindthe-scenes tour of the eyecare centre. A 3D OCT scanner can detect eye problems early, while retinal photography can highlight potential difficulties before they become harder to treat. This is cutting edge technology designed to help protect your sight. Vicki receives plenty of personal recommendations which speak of her commitment to her clients’ eye health. Along with two dispensing opticians, Anne Sales and Liz Mobbs, she has extended the opening hours since taking over Hassocks Eyecare Centre two years ago. The centre also runs a popular Dry Eye Clinic to help people with this irritating condition, and the whole team always “encourage people to think about their choices. We’re here to sort out any problems,” says the friendly receptionist. Focusing all their attention fi rmly on your eyes, Vicki and her team are here to offer a brighter, healthier future for your precious sight.

No need to compromise on style or functionality

HaSSoCKS EYECarE CEnTrE 17 Keymer Road, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8AD Tel. 01273 843946 Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

SuSSex Living July 2014


At Henfield eyecare

! e r e h t y o Ah Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or sunning yourself on the beach, we have everything you need to look fabulous this summer. Use discount code “Highsummer” when making your purchase and receive 20% off Swimwear, Hats and Kaftans. Offer valid until 31st July 2014 and can not be used in conjunction with any other sale/offer currently running.

Lily & Grace Lingerie


PUT NEW LENSES INTO YOUR FAVOURITE FRAMES! Single vision lenses £29 Bi-focal lenses £69 complete

Our BRAND NEW equipment allows glaucoma testing without the “puff of air”

• Free sight tests for over 60’s, children and NHS patients • Free glasses for children and NHS patients • Glasses can be made up in 1 hour in our onsite laboratory

FREE TRIAL of the very latest in custom-made digital hearing aids Home visits throughout Sussex Call 01273 494030 for details.

All Ears Hearing Centre Limited at Henfield Eyecare

3 Bishops Croft, High Street, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9DA, 01273 494030

Free home visits or call 01273 494030 to book an appointment at: Henfield Eyecare, Lancing Eyecare and Averns & Sandall Eyecare Storrington

Denture Care Centre

DID YOU KNOW WE PROVIDE NHS DENTURES? If you receive the following, you are entitled to free dental treatment and we can provide FREE NHS DENTURES




7 Keymer Parade, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AB

01444 236367


SuSSex Living July 2014

Denture Care Centre Horsham – 01403 210616 Crawley Down – 01342 716822

by Lisa de siLva

advertising feature

Summer Beauty Orchards

at the

Come to the Orchards Shopping in Haywards Heath for all your summer beauty needs!

Centre With warmer, sunnier days to look forward to, now is the perfect time to get your hair and body looking ready for the beach. Pop into Clarins Gold Salon Pruners Hair & Beauty and be thoroughly pampered in luxurious surroundings, choosing from the whole range of Clarins face and body treatments. If you’re looking for an extra glow this summer, a spray tan may be the perfect answer. Pruners have just launched a whole new range of beauty treatments, including an Express Hair & Beauty Menu, with a 20% discount on mix and match services. Pruners are delighted to introduce Jade and Jemima, their new graduate stylists. With lots of new young stylists, the salon is buzzing with fresh ideas and energy. With a Cut & Finish starting at only £26.50, it’s a great opportunity to refresh your look. Visit Tips & Toes Nail & Beauty Spa to give your hands, feet and nails a professional,

beautiful fi nish. There’s a comprehensive menu of manicure and pedicure services for you to choose from. Also available are Dermalogica facials to revive and rebalance your skin. Book a free 15-minute face mapping consultation, with sample products to take away, so you can

You don’t have to go far to find the best professional beauty advice and treatment. choose at leisure whether to come back for a full facial or just to buy the products. This summer, buy two Dermalogica products and receive a free make-up bag and Age Smart gift combination worth £45. For essential holiday preparation, Tips and Toes also offer waxing, eyelash tints and

relaxing massages – putting the ‘treat’ into treatment. Your summer hair regime may need an extra boost to keep limp or frizzy locks at bay, and that’s where a great cut with low maintenance can really help. Essensuals Haywards Heath aim to help you create the look you want, working with your budget and time constraints, so your hair is perfect for your lifestyle. As part of Toni & Guy, the salon is always full of new products, promotions and inspiration. Just like skincare, using professional hair products will make a big difference to the condition and appearance of your hair. This summer, Essensuals are offering half price label.m products (conditions apply). And if you’re heading to a festival or fancy a pop of colour, why not pick up a spray-on, wash-off colour? Essensuals is the place to go. With so much on offer right on your doorstep, let Beauty at the Orchards be your summer mantra.

prunErS HaIr & BEauTY

TIpS & ToES naIl & BEauTY Spa


11 The Orchards, Haywards Heath Tel. 01444 413839 Email:

29 The Orchards, Haywards Heath Tel. 01444 452581 Email:

25 The Orchards, Haywards Heath Tel. 01444 473333 Email:

SuSSex Living July 2014


Go for Sthheospulomcmalerfosreason.


Jewellery making classes at Get Crafty!

Craft Classes — Craft Supplies — Crafts for Kids — Crafts for Adults Books — Kits — Spin Art — Inspiration — Handmade Gifts & more! Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5.30pm, Sunday 10am – 1pm 24 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN Tel: 01444 236607 Email: Join us on facebook: /getcraftyonline


a NEW 45-minute body toning class for EVERY body! Wednesday - 7.40pm Birchwood Grove School Burgess Hill Thursday - 9.30am Kings Centre, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill ZUMBA and FITSTEPS CLASSES also running throughout the week. Tel: 07971 866787

Tighten and Brighten for Summer! CACI facial - £48 (save £7) Fake Bake Spray Tan - £18 (save £7) Offer ends 5th August

Let there be sunshine! Maui Jim Bollé Gant Guess

O’Neill Superdry Skechers

Sunglasses now in stock Now open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm 17 Keymer Road, Hassocks, BN6 8AD Tel. 01273 843946


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

43 Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0ED Tel: 01444 233060 43 Silverdale Road Burgess Hill SUSSEX BEAUTY TRAINING SCHOOL

NOW ENROLLING for September course:

Fancy a new career in Beauty Therapy? Body Massage? Nail Treatments? Internationally recognised CIBTAC qualification courses, taught by our highly qualified and experienced tutors. Tel: 01444 233060

Hot Summer Fashion Come and take a look!


155 High Street, Hurstpierpoint Tel: 01273 834686

Book a Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure for just £32 to include a FREE GELeration Polish A Saving of £19! Please mention this ad when booking to receive your discount.

New Cottage, High Street Handcross, West Sussex RH17 6BJ 01444 400323

Find Your Feet Podiatry & Chiropody

Dedicated To Providing First Class Podiatric Care • HCPC registered • General foot care advice • Nails, Corns, Calluses • Verrucae, Nail Surgery • Biomechanics and Insoles • Home visits available 01444 455242 07712 241232 Franklynn Suite 4,The Priory Business Centre Syresham Gardens, Haywards Heath RH16 3LB

Weigh In Work Out With Alex Duffy For the Burgess Hill, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath & Scaynes Hill Areas. I am very passionate about helping you become fi tter and healthier. I have lost 4 stone myself and have maintained my weight for 23 years now, and I will do everything I can to support YOU in achieving YOUR goals! Together, we can help YOU do it! 01293 408338

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning Your wedding dress is very precious to you, and deserves to be cleaned and heirloomed with care. Sarah and Deborah will care for your dress, discussing the best cleaning techniques with you. They will also care for the Groom, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids’ garments. You can choose from boxes by The Empty Box Co, or our own Treasures Box, should you wish to preserve your dress for the future. 1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644 S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014


by nicOLe tata

naturaL weLLbeing

MIND BODY SOUL Holistic perspectives and complementary approaches to health & wellbeing Lisa de Silva’s first experience of a Reiki session left such a profound impression that she decided to take a Reiki Level 1 course. Here, she explains the benefits of this gentle but powerful

healing technique.

“Pronounced ‘ray-key,’ Reiki is Japanese emotionally and mentally has for ‘universal life force energy’ an impact. Poor care means and is a healing and wellbeing depressed energy frequencies technique developed in 1922 by and a reduced rate of vibrations. Dr Mikao Usui to combat energy Reiki aims to get our energy imbalance and blockages. flowing again, restoring us back Energy, in this context, can to ‘good vibrations.’ mean emotions, pain or stress. As such, it is an incredibly When this type of energy is left gentle but powerful therapy, to build up in the body, we can which involves an attuned feel heavy, stuck, overwhelmed practitioner acting as a channel or in pain. The main objective for energy flow to the person of Reiki is to shift this old receiving the Reiki. The debilitating energy and practitioner positions his/ fi ll the body with her hands either on the Reiki can help fresh, clean life body or hovering just force. above, to directly to bring a Now, here affect the energy comes the , fields. All that is science bit. Our required is that you leaving us with an bodies contain wear comfortable a number of clothing and come atoms, composed with an open heart of both protons and mind. of spirit. and electrons, with Being open to electrical energy running whatever feelings and through them. These atoms emotions come up during your vibrate at a specific frequency session will help to shift the based on the available energy energy, allowing it to flow more within the body, so how you freely to bring you both healing care for your body physically, and deep relaxation.

positive shift in perspective

incredible lightness


SuSSex Living July 2014

Reiki can work in two ways: Physically, it can help to release blockages in the body which may be causing pain or disease. Emotionally, it can help to bring a positive shift in perspective, allowing us to let go of overwhelming and negative mind chatter and leaving us with an incredible lightness of spirit. As Reiki works on so many levels, it has many benefits including pain relief, relaxation, improvements in sleep, digestion, mood and self-esteem. These effects are usually seen after the fi rst treatment and intensify with each session. Akin to decluttering your mind, body and spirit, Reiki can help to cleanse your whole system physically, emotionally and mentally, leaving you feeling both deeply relaxed and serene.”

Light years Light years ahead ahead If the question is ‘How do I stop being overweight once and for all?’ If the question isquestion “How do I stop If the is ‘How dobeing I stop thenoverweight the answer once is Rachel Ricketts. andthe for all?’ overweightbeing once andand for tested all?” then Her tried weight loss then the answer is Rachel Ricketts. programme is entirely free of spin by Nicole Tata answer is Rachel Ricketts. Herweight tried and Herand tried and tested loss gadgetry and gets the job done programme is entirely of spin loss programme isgood. entirely bytested Nicole Tata weight quickly, safely and forfree

and job done free of anyand fadsgadgetry and gets thegets jobthe done quickly, safely and for good. quickly, safely andknows for only good. s any dieter



too well, losing weight is a

“I don’t s anyserious dieterbusiness. knows only s any dieter losing weight runknows, an open-ended dietis club too well, losing weight is aan not a walk in pay the park! “I don’t run where you per week and lose a serious business. “I don’t open-ended club where pay “I pound herediet or there,” saysyou Rachel. runat an club per week and lose aopen-ended pound here ordiet there, ” want least 3 months’ commitment where you payin per week lose a says Rachel. “Iyou, need at least a minimum 3 I will from return forand which pound here or exactly there,” says Rachel. “I teach you how reach months commitment - which willto vary fromand wantmaintain atperson least 3 months’ target commitment weight, using the person to -your depending on the amount you, return which I will Metabolic Weight Loss I offrom weight thatin needs to befor lost. Inprogramme. return for This is much more than just a diet. Iyou willexactly be there for every teach you exactly how to reach and which I promise will teach how to you reach “It’s as much about understanding step of thetarget way.”weight, and maintain your using the the maintain your target weight, using WHY you’re overweight as it is Sounds tooProgramme. goodprogramme. to be We true? Not Metabolic Weight Loss help Metabolic Weight Loss I about shifting the pounds.” really, when you consider that Rachel’s you every step of the way on your weight loss Thisactually is much more than just a diet. promise I will be there for you every Rachel helpsabout herto clients identify the highly personalised that have aunderstanding person’s unwanted and maintenance journey.” weight loss “It’s ascontributed much step of the way.” underlying causes that stop them consultancy has helped over 1,500 weight. It’s as much about understanding WHY you’re overweight as it is Sounds too good to be true? Not weight – alcohol, stress, coffee, men to Not achieve Soundswomen too goodand to be true? really,their long- whylosing you’re overweight as it is about actually about actually shifting the pounds.” really, when you consider that Rachel’s to name a few obvious ones – so that term dreamthat of aRachel’s happy,highly healthy weight.shifting when you consider the pounds. Rachel helps her clients identify the highly personalised weight loss they can be addressed and eliminated. From housewives to senior execs, personalised weight loss consultancy has underlying causes that stop them consultancy has helped over 1,500 The average weight loss of 7-14 lbs. a month The programme also quickly deals teenagers to grandparents, Rachel’s helped over 3,000 people to achieve their losing weight and –ofalcohol, stress, coffee, women andare men to achieve longmotivating welcomed! Clients with feelings hunger and cravings, clients on onetheir clear goal: is very long term dream offocused a happy, healthy weight. tomaking nameremark afailure fewthat obvious ones – so that term dream oftoaweight happy, healthy weight. constantly much likely. theyless don’t feel hungry, permanent loss to improve From housewives senior execs, children they can be addressed and eliminated. From housewives to senior execs, It’s all too easy to be lulled into their looks and general wellbeing. cravings disappear and their energy levels to grandparents, Rachel’s clients are focused thinking we’re healthily. programme alsoeating quickly deals to grandparents, Rachel’s areThe higher. Wethat are frequently hearing how onteenagers one clear goal: permanent weight loss Bowl ofclients cereal for breakfast, sandwich pleased our with their health with feelings ofare hunger and cravings, focused on one clear goal: toclients improveare their looks, health, self-esteem for lunch and pasta tea? Wrong! improvements due to theirfor weight loss. For making failure much less likely. permanent loss more to improve and well-being.weight This is much than just “There are so many different diets many,it’s a life changing experience! It’s all too easy to be lulled into looksaddressing and general wellbeing. a their diet. “We’re any lifestyle issues out there, no we’re wonder people are thinking that eating healthily. It’s all too easy to thinkofthat we are confused. Some mywhat clients need to Bowl of cereal for breakfast, sandwich be is completely re-educated about the eating healthy; cereal for breakfast, for lunch and pasta for tea? Wrong! effectsforoflunch nutrition on their bodies, sandwich and pasta for your “There are so just many different diets while others need finetuning.” evening meal. Think again! For some people, out there, no wonder people are Rachel’s eating plan uses normal foods it’s just a matter of fine tuning whereas Some of my clients that are easily available – no forconfused. others, their whole diet needs to funny beneed to beshakes, completely about the pillsare orre-educated medication. addressed. There so many different diets effects of nutrition on their bodies, Judging by Rachel’s long list of out there, no wonder people are confused.” while others just need finetuning.” delighted clients, the programme is hugely successful. hasnormal also earned Rachel’s programme usesShe normal foods that Rachel’s eating plan uses foods theare respect of –available local GPs who very arethat easily available no shakes, pills or easily –diet noare funny impressed weight extensive loss and list quick fixes. Judging by Rachel’s shakes, pillsbyorthe medication. health improvements they’ve seen of delighted clients and hundreds inspiring Judging by Rachel’s longoflist ofin some of their patients as a result ofis delighted clients, the programme working with Rachel. hugely successful. She has also earned As an investment into your health, the respect of local GPs who are very the Metabolic Weight Loss programme impressed byeffective the weight and is more cost thanloss well-known health improvements they’ve seen in some of their patients as a result of working with Rachel. As an investment into your health, the Metabolic Weight Loss programme is more cost effective than well-known

“All the tools you’ll ever need to reach and maintain a healthy “All the tools you’ll weight – for life!” ever need to reach and maintain a healthy

“Allthethe tools you’ll testimonials, programme is hugely weight – for life!” successful. She has also earned the respect ever need to reach and of GPs who are very impressed by the weight a healthy loss andmaintain health improvements they’ve seen in diet clubs. Rachel explains: some of their patients as a result of working weight – for “One life!” ladyRachel. came to see me; she was 4 stone with overweight. ‘I can’t afford it,’ she said but was so impressed with the what a As anshe investment into your health, diet clubs. Rachel explains: friend had achieved on the programme Metabolic Weight Loss programme is“One cost that shecame askedtoexplains: her towas pay lady seehusband me; shelady 4 stone effective. Rachel “One came to for it asshe a combined Christmas and see me; was 4‘Istone overweight. ‘I she can’tsaid overweight. can’t afford it,’ birthday present toimpressed her.was In so just 10 what a afford ’ she said so but she impressed butit,she was with weeks she had actually recouped the with what a friend had achieved on the friend had achieved on the programme cost ofshe the that programme by not having programme sheher asked her husband to that asked husband to pay herfor of wine byshe had pay as present. In just 10and weeks fornightly itit as abottle combined Christmas and changing her eating habits. It programme took her actually recouped the cost of the birthday present to her. In just 10 less than four months to slimofdown by not having her nightly bottle wine and weeks she18-20 had to actually recouped the from a size ahabits. size 10, losing an by changing her eating It took her less cost of the programme by not having amazing 4 stone!” than four months to slim down from a size 18her nightly bottle of wine and by is losing committed to providing 20 toRachel a size 10, an amazing 4 stone!” changing eating habits. It took her the very besther weight loss consultancy less than four months to slim down service, giving her clients a clear Rachel is committed to providing the very from a size 18-20 to a size 10, losing an structure to follow and lots and best weight loss consultancy service, giving lots of one-to-one support. And the amazing 4 stone!” her clients a clear structure to follow and oneprogramme works! In programme essence, she Rachel isAnd committed to providing to-one support. the works! provides all the tools you’ll ever the veryshe best weight losstools consultancy In essence, provides all the to help need to reach and her maintain a weight. healthy service, giving a clear you reach and maintain aclients healthy Q weight – forto life! structure follow and lots and lots ofRicketts one-to-one support. And the Rachel Weight Loss Consultant programme works! In essence, she Tel. 01342 327396 / 01825 705020 provides all the tools you’ll ever need to reach and maintain a healthy weight – for life! Q

For a free consultation, absolutely no obligation, call

Rachel Ricketts 01342 327396 • 01444 226328 Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultant 3 Tel. 01342 327396 / 01825 705020 SuSSex Living for mid SuSSex August 2011 SuSSex Living July 2014


The perfect present Present Company is a veritable jewel of ethically traded gifts and homewares, nestled on the

upper level of Burgess Hill’s Market Place Shopping Centre. Come on up! Shopping for your home should be an uplifting experience – and the moment I set foot inside Present Company’s premises, I could feel the welcoming atmosphere, with subtle aromas complementing the rich, vivid colour decor. This is a shop with impact, well loved by locals and those discovering it for the first time. Owners Brian and Louise traded from Burgess Hill’s shopping centre for 27 years. When the 20-year lease on their Martlets shop ended last September, they took the decision to reinvent Present Company for the 21st century. They relocated their shop of wonderful treasures. “Not everyone has access to the internet or out-oftown shopping, and many people still love to browse and choose for themselves,” Brian explained. The shop itself is just a small part of the premises. A

“When we travel to Asia, we

s ource everything ourselves ; many of our designs are

completely unique.”


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

new warehouse has just been acquired in time for a new shipment en route from India. Best of all, this new space will allow the shop to become much larger in the near future. With much lower overhead expenses, many prices have been reduced. In addition, the brand new online shop has just gone live. Recognising that their retail premises can’t possibly display the entire range of furniture, the user-friendly Present Company website is there to enable online ordering and also offers a ‘click and collect’ service, avoiding delivery charges. Brian and Louise’s ethos for Present Company is impeccable. As passionate believers in fair trade, they support family producers in the developing world by commissioning their own designs to be handmade by local craftspeople. “When we travel to Asia, we source everything ourselves; many of our designs are completely unique,” Brian told me as he led me round their cavernous storage room, filled with gorgeously quirky one-off pieces of furniture, lighting and artefacts. The couple visit India, Thailand and Indonesia each year, buying from small rural suppliers wherever possible to support the local economy. “We never haggle on prices,” Brian said, “we pay a cash advance upfront to help our suppliers finance the materials and labour. In our small way, we hope that this is relieving something of the relentless urbanisation and preserving traditional rural skills.” This personal attention to their workers is reflected in the pieces they produce. Real thought and care has gone in to each piece of handcrafted furniture. I was immediately drawn to the antique carved wood details inset within the doors of a generous cupboard, the verdigris rubbed paint

by Ruth Lawrence

advertising feature

company just giving a hint of colour to complement the rich wood tones underneath. There is an impressive collection of Indian chests, blanket boxes and benches, all of which would make fabulous home (or, indeed, wedding!) presents for a couple setting up home. Sturdy brass fittings and subtle colour variations only add to the feeling of understated opulence. The carefully chosen product range reflects the couple’s taste for something a bit different, and they’ve succeeded in appealing to all ages, from children with pocket money to their most senior regular customer who is over 100 years old! There are tried and tested brands that people love: from Crabtree & Evelyn, Jellycat and East of India. This is the shop to get your fix of pampering as well as individual, affordable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Lovely sea glass wind chimes sit next to richly translucent lamps, beautiful woven cushions complement hanging spun glass balls to catch the sunlight in an alcove or window. It’s a truly inspiring shop and there’s so much on offer. Many customers travel quite a distance to visit Present Company in Burgess Hill. Many pieces are simply not available anywhere else; this is an advantage of individually designed and one-off pieces. It’s obvious that running Present Company brings Brian and Louise plenty of pleasure. “It gives us a sense of purpose in an ever changing world, we travel to wonderful places and become friends with our suppliers.” Brian and Louise are mindful of the impact of wooden furniture on the environment. “Our wood is sustainable and much is recycled,” they assured me. “We are dedicated to environmental obligation.”

This is the shop to get your fix of pampering as well as unique, affordable gifts for special occasions. It’s a truly inspiring shop and there’s so much on offer. The couple support ‘Sightsavers’ and ‘Elephant Family’, two charities that have a huge impact in the areas where their suppliers live – they are committed to benefitting the economy and working conditions of the local craftspeople. I looked up at a handmade Buddha carved from sustainable suar wood, smiling upon the proceedings. Present Company is filled with colours of earth and sky. Not only is it heartening to find a shop with such dedication to its suppliers, the ethos spills over into the ‘vibe’ as you walk through the door. Friendly, unusual, surprising and quirky, Present Company sells with an ethical soul. 

PRESENT COMPANY Unit 33, Upper Floor, Market Place Shopping Centre, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NP Telephone: 01444 233078 Email: Open Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014


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A REVOLUTIONARY HEARING AID THAT CAN HEAR LIKE YOUR EARS DO Lyric, the world’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, sweatproof, showerproof* hearing device is now available at your local Sussex Audiology

Book your



NO BATTERIES TO CHANGE NO DAILY INSERTION/REMOVAL REQUIRED SHOWERPROOF* CLEAR NATURAL SOUND QUALITY *Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.

Risk-Free 30-Day Trial - Arrange your assessment today! CALL TODAY ON:

01273 627090

Sussex Audiology Centre

Sussex Nuffield Hospital, Warren Rd, Woodingdean, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 6DX

We offer Home Care, not Care Home in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and surrounding areas All our services are supervised by our experienced team, call now to discuss your needs

01444 244770


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

by rOger Linn

cOmmunit y

Helping – learning – having fun

20 years ago, a group of parents who had children with learning disabilities at Court Meadow School in Cuckfield decided to set up an organisation to offer fun and learning opportunities outside of normal school hours. They called it Kangaroos. Jenni Herrett (pictured right) was one of those parents, and today, her passion undiminished, she is still the driving force behind Kangaroos, which has grown into a highly respected and award-winning charity. Based in Haywards Heath, the charity describes its role as ‘Enriching young disabled people’s lives’ and it was recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Initially, the parents set up a Saturday Club with just six children, but their popularity grew so quickly that, aided by a grant of £5,000 from the Mencap charity, they were able to hire qualified staff and Kangaroos expanded to include a holiday playscheme. That was then. Now, with four full-time staff and 40 fully qualified sessional staff, they cater for around 150 disabled young people aged from six to over 30 years old. “Why Kangaroos?” was pretty much the first question I asked Jenni, now the charity’s Projects and

With 4 full time staff and 40 fully qualified sessional staff, Kangaroos cater for around 150 disabled young people from 6 to over 30 years old .

A charity dedicated to disabled youngsters, Kangaroos is all about

enriching young lives in and around Haywards Heath.

Funding Manager. “It was really my husband’s idea,” she laughed. “He found the picture we still use as our logo and we loved the idea of the kids jumping around from one activity to another. Of course, kangaroos also have this lovely image as nurturing caring creatures.” I was keen to know more about the nature and scope of these activities, but I wasn’t prepared for the extraordinary range of clubs, interest groups, sports, pastimes and competitions in addition to the general, busy goings-on that are at the heart of Kangaroos, and that mean so much to not just the young people themselves, but also to their hard-working parents. It would be impossible in this short article to cover all these activities, but a brief look at some of them paints a picture of the seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm that drives this local charity. continued on next page SuSSex Living July 2014


continued from previous page

Bathe in Safety


Special Needs Bathrooms Walk-In Baths, Showers and Wetrooms

• Expert suppliers, installers and converters of mobility bathrooms • Established friendly family business serving Sussex and Kent Feel free to call for details on

0800 6906771 / 07591 881778

Why are you holding on to your excess weight? I can help you uncover the real emotional reasons. Resolve these, achieve closure, leave the baggage behind – and move on with your life, lighter in every way! Mature, experienced hypnotherapist JUDY SHARP Dip Hyp; Dip PLT GHR & CNHC registered 01444 459 433 – 07597 020 512

STONEMAN FUNERAL SERVICE Fifth Generation Family Funeral Directors Established 1865

• Private

Chapels Of Rest

• 24hr

• Private Arrangement • Prepaid

Funeral Plans



• Home Visits

Littlewood House, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down, West Sussex RH10 4HE Tel: 01342 716333 email: FUNERAL PLANNING British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

Free advice and guidance on Registration or the Coroner’s procedure


SuSSex Living July 2014

‘PALS’ (Play, Activities, Laughter and Support) is a Saturday Playscheme for 6-12 year-olds in which the kids can fi nd themselves doing anything from junk modelling, to farm visiting. Allsports is for 14-18 year-olds and takes place on Monday afternoons, and Champions, an after-school club on Wednesdays for young people aged 8-17 years, encompasses a range of arts, leisure and sports activities, including trampolining, bush craft, adventure activities and drama. BreakAway is the Saturday afternoon club for young people up to 19. Members enjoy age appropriate activities, many of which also incorporate life skills, such as cooking, craft work, using electronic equipment, games and trips out in the local community to events like the

It’s really important that children and young people with special needs have fun and social opportunities, the same

as other youngsters

South of England Show or visiting the BBC Studios, as well as the occasional overnight trip. Then there’s the Challenges Group, the Holiday Club and the TeenScene youth club. Activities under the Raising The Bar programme and the No Limits, Youth and Social Clubs are geared towards young adults and are designed to offer companionship and foster friendships. All these initiatives, clubs and groups have the overall aim of improving the lives of young adults with learning disabilities, broadening their horizons, helping them to develop new skills and to feel less isolated. When I expressed my admiration for the richness and complexity of Kangaroos’ work, Jenni said: “Well, we’d love more local people to know what we do here, because it’s really important that children and young people with disabilities have fun and social opportunities, the same as other youngsters.” The challenges of meeting those needs are, of course, very great when you consider the range and degree of severity of the children’s disabilities. Some may require one-toone care, others can have complex disorders like diabetes or epilepsy in addition to learning or behavioural difficulties, so it is absolutely vital that the right staff with the right training and qualifications are present during any of the activities. It is a very complex juggling act but one which has become second nature to the Kangaroos team. One of that team, Becki Tucknott who looks after the young adults in

their care, was cock-a-hoop on the day I visited, because her Kangaroos team had just won the ‘It’s A Knockout’ competition in Crawley, which is sponsored annually by the Burgess Hill Lions Club. This is a major event in the calendar for organisations involved with the care of those with mental and physical disabilities, so Becki was delighted at their fi rst ever victory. For me, her obvious pride in their achievement exemplified the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of all the people: full-time staff, sessional care specialists, volunteers and of course the young people themselves who combine to make Kangaroos such a special place. The charity is funded from many different sources including grants, local authority contracts,

donations, fees and the unstinting generosity of local companies. Fundraising by individuals and clubs also plays a significant role in the never-ending search for cash and, as Jenni Herrett says, “we are always extremely grateful for any help we’re offered, no matter how large or small the contribution. It’s certainly going to a worthwhile cause.” I couldn’t agree more.

KanGarooS If you want to find out about the activites on offer, or wish to become a volunteer, please contact 01444 255120 or email or

11 * y ng nl ni O ai m re

Show Suite Now Open!

Assisted Living Development Hurstwood Court

Our Show Suite is now open at this stunning new assisted living development consisting of 15 one and two-bedroom apartments. *Current sales subject to contract

This exclusive development offers luxury living for those who want to keep their independence with the reassurance of knowing that help is at hand. You can enjoy a beautiful home and garden without the worry of maintenance, in the company of like-minded neighbours and safe in the knowledge that there are on-site carers 24 hours a day. The apartments are situated next to Hurstwood View Care Home, which provides first-class nursing, residential and dementia care. Large sitting room • Modern kitchen • Stylish bathroom • One or two bedrooms with en-suite

Show Suite Now Open! Call us to book your personal tour

To book an appointment to view our Show Suite or for more information call 01825 731 700 Linum Lane, Five Ash Down, Uckfield, TN22 3FH •

SuSSex Living July 2014


by rObert hansOn

fO Od & drinK


Glorious Food Picnic comes from the French piquer (to pick at food) and nique (something small and valueless, (as in the English ‘knick-knack’). In 1740, the word pique-nique was accepted by the Académie française and thereafter, it “became a universally accepted word in many tongues”, according to Larousse Gastronomique.

Crab, Saffron & leek Quiche Ingredients: 225g readymade shortcrust pastry 100g leeks, outer leaves, bottoms and tops removed A pinch of saffron strands soaked in 1 tbsp warm water 15g butter

300ml fish stock 25ml of Noilly Prat Vermouth A little lemon juice Salt A pinch of cayenne pepper 3 eggs 120ml double cream 175g fresh white crabmeat

1. Preheat the oven to 190˚C/375˚F/Gas Mark5. 2. Roll out the pastry and line a 20cm flan ring. Prick the pastry, cover it with greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans. Bake for 20-25 minutes, then remove the beans and paper and leave it to cool. 3. Slice the leeks and boil them in lightly salted water for about 10 minutes until they’re really soft. Drain and put them in a pan. 4. Add the soaked saffron with the butter and get rid of excess moisture by stirring everything over a high heat. 5. Boil the fish stock and Vermouth together to reduce it to about 25ml. Add the lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper, then beat it into the eggs and cream.

Wonderful weather and delicious food surely spells picnic. While i can’t do anything about the former, i can suggest a few mouthwatering picnic foods.

pea, Smoked Salmon & avocado Salad

Rather as Cesare Cardini created his delicious Caesar Salad from what little was available one evening in his restaurant in Mexico in 1924, so my wife made this fabulous salad from what we could fi nd at home one evening when we were hungry and too late (or lazy) to go shopping. Mix together a couple of handfuls of fresh peas, a couple of slices of smoked salmon (cut into small pieces) and an avocado (cubed). Combine everything together, perhaps with a little olive oil, and enjoy the taste sensation.

BlT Sandwich

There are very few things that you can’t put into a sandwich, and it is in the sandwich that the Iceberg Lettuce fi nally comes into its own. It is, in my honest opinion, the most tasteless of all lettuces, but what a crunch! And a wonderful place to put some is a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) which, when I last looked, was Britain’s 4th most popular sandwich, Egg Mayonnaise being the winner. Take bread, butter, bacon, lettuce, sliced tomato, mayonnaise – but don’t overdo it. Cafés and sandwich bars often serve an overfull sandwich and a large pile of garnish made with more of almost everything that’s in the sandwich. It looks delicious, of course, but is messy and irritating to deal with. Don’t go there.

6. Line the pastry case with the leeks and sprinkle with crabmeat over the top. 7. Pour over the eggs and cream and bake in the oven for 35 mins.


SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014

Sussex cover 2009


10:57 AM

Page 2 2

Established 1976

A selection from our new menu: • Jheenga Malai • Murgh Tikka Makhani • Lamb Rann • Mirchi Murgh-Juhl




from our daily lunch menu




(not bring available any other offer) and thiswith voucher with you.

Indian Restaurant

122 High Street, Hurstpierpoint

Tel: 01444 457527/ 01444 412794

Tel: 01273 833156/ 01273 834016

Tottington Manor HOTEL & RESTAURANT


Enjoy a lazy fun day with family and friends. £18.50 pp (kids £7.50) with cocktail on arrival

BO O K NOW 019 03 815757

Tottington Manor has played an important role in the community since foundations were first laid in 1604. Tottington is very different today, but still serving the community as a much loved venue for weddings and parties, or to dine in the light and spacious restaurant. Whatever your reason to visit, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the South Downs. There is some great live entertainment lined up, so book your tickets now on 01903 815757. 6 July & 10 August

A night not to be missed! Dean Weedon is simply brilliant.

A fabulous way to enjoy Tottington with family and friends. A 3-course lunch with cocktail on arrival for £18.50 per person (children £7.50). Live musical entertainment and delicious food makes for a fun Sunday afternoon.

£35 pp with a glass of bubbly on arrival and 3-course buffet



RAT PACK NIGHT Saturday 2 August



Car Park at rear of restaurant

Ockenden Manor Cuckfi eld, West Sussex RH17 5LD Cuckfield,West Telephone 01444Sussex 416111RH17 5LD Telephone 01444 416111 Facsimile 01444 415549 Facsimile 01444 415549



139 South Road, Haywards Heath

Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa




Indian Restaurant

Excludes key dates, is subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Includes VAT at 20%. Present this advertisement and receive Please this offer when making a reservation 10%quote off your total lunch or dinner bill



* is Set in the Tudor Village of Cuckfield this charming house set in nine acres of grounds just an hour from London and 20 minutes from Brighton. It is within a short drive of Wakehurst, Nymans, Borde Hill and making it an fortolunch, *This offerLeonardslee entitles you to agardens 25% discount (food only) andideal is validspot Monday Saturday. Offer ends 31st August 2014. Maximum eight per table, one voucher per table. afternoon tea people or dinner.


2 August


An evening bursting with energy. Dean Weedon will amaze you with the favourite Rat Pack songs. Enjoy a 3-course buffet, including glass of bubbly on arrival, for only £35 per person. Everyone is welcome. Sara Luff, General Manager, says: “Tottington Manor is a great place to spend time and everyone is welcome. If you’d like to suggest other musical entertainment evenings, please call me on 01903 815757 or email – we’d love to hear from you.” • Edburton Road • Edburton • BN5 9LJ S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014



Great Food

Great Service Great Surroundings


2 course £13.95 3 course £15.95 Breakfast: 10:00 - 11:45 Lunch: 12:00 - 2:30 Dinner: 6:30 - 9:30

67 High Street, Lindfield RH16 4SL

Telephone 01444 487858 @LimesLindfield

HURSTPIERPOINT HURSTPIERPOINT COOKSHOP COOKSHOP Win Win a a Kitchenaid Kitchenaid Mixer! Mixer! Every time you spend £20 Every time you spend £20 in our cookshop you will in our cookshop will be entered into our you prize draw. be entered into our prize draw. Worth Worth £430 £430

01273 832909 01273 832909


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

See See for terms and conditions for terms and conditions

The winning ticket will be The winning will be drawn on ourticket 9th Birthday drawn onSept our 9th on Sat 27th 2014Birthday at midday! on Sat 27th Sept 2014 at midday! 55-57a High Street, Hurstpierpoint 55-57a High Street, Hurstpierpoint

by rOger Linn

I was invited to an unusual party recently. No, not that sort of party; it was unusual in that there were some 2,000 people attending and I didn’t know any of them. In fact, I was entirely unaware that a party had been arranged because all I was trying to do was to take my dog up onto the Downs for his morning run. We were driving up the narrow road which runs beside the Dyke golf course when I realised that there seemed to be rather more cars parked on the verges than usual. In fact, so many were there, parked on both sides of the road, that it became almost impossible to drive through. Looking back on it, I was extraordinarily slow on the uptake and I can only put it down to my total surprise at the turn of events and my being slightly dim at that time of day, especially since there were one or two clues that perhaps should have alerted me to the strange goings-on. Of the hundreds of people milling about on the road, none appeared to be over thirty and many were sporting extreme hairstyles, tattoos and safety pins. The low trees, brush and gorse which cover that section of Devil’s Dyke had become home to what looked like the encampment of a medieval army with vans. And when I stuck my head out of the window, I realised that the volume of noise from the several different sound systems playing simultaneously was simply awe-inspiring. When I could go no further, I rather stupidly asked a pretty girl with tartan hair what was going on. “Well, obviously it’s a party,” she said incredulously. “D’you wanna come?” “If only you’d asked me earlier,” I replied. I walked there again last week and although there will have been some long-lasting damage to the ecology of the grassland, the cattle still gazed incuriously as I passed and the larks still sang. Of the revellers there was no sign, thanks to another army – of volunteers this time – who had turned out to help the National Trust Rangers return the downland to its natural state.


THE SPORTSMAN Goddards Green, West Sussex BN6 9LQ



Friday 1st August

Sussex Old Spice LIVE MUSIC FROM 8.30PM Parties & Celebrations • Large Car Park • Dogs Welcome Locally Sourced Food Follow us on Twitter: @thesportsmanpub and Facebook: The Sportsman Pub, Goddards Green

01444 233460

Townings Farm Shop Meat for the connoisseur

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton reared by us in the heart of Sussex


Vintage Harvest Fair Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st August • Working vintage machinery • Rural crafts • Farm animals • Shearing demonstrations • Spinning demonstrations • Local produce • Tractor and trailer rides • Beer tent and refreshments


Come and discover some of the best produce Sussex has to offer. OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Tel: 01444 471352 email:

Townings Farm, Plumpton Road, Chailey, Lewes BN8 4EJ SuS Se x Li v i ng July 2014




A NEW WAY TO MOVE WITH JUST A 5% DEPOSIT It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting, living with family/friends or you’re at the stage where you’re looking to move up the property ladder or just need more space for you growing family – the Government-backed Help to Buy scheme could be the key. You require just a 5% deposit and is available to both first time buyers and homeowners.

Help to Buy is a Government-backed scheme For first time buyers and existing homeowners Buy with just a 5% deposit No shared ownership, own 100% of your home Competitive mortgage rates

Help to Buy

Whether you’re looking to move up the ladder to accommodate a growing family, change in lifestyle, or searching for your first home, now is your chance to make that dream move, with a brand new Barratt home. We have a selection of high quality developments across Surrey and Sussex. With a variety of properties and styles available at each site, you are spoilt for choice. The Acres in Horley is a stunning development of beautifully designed three, four and five bedroom homes, with easy access to the beautiful countryside of the Weald. Kingley Gate is an exciting new development for north-west

Littlehampton offering two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments. This expansive new neighbourhood will bring 600 premium new homes, stunning landscaped grounds and comprehensive amenities. At Bluebell Gate in East Grinstead there is a selection of three, four and five bedroom homes, located off Holtye Road and close to the High Weald Area. Cissbury Chase, Worthing, is a superior collection of two, three and four

bedroom properties uniting the finest elements of 21st century architecture, contemporary build quality and innovative design. Heathwood Park coming soon to Lindfield, an exciting new development of two, three and four bedroom homes. All of our properties are designed, built, fitted and finished to a high standard and are ready to move into – so what are you waiting for?


Bluebell Gate, Holtye Road,

Cissbury Chase, Bolsover Road, Worthing BN13 1NS

Kingley Gate, Worthing Road (A259), Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17

4 & 5 bedroom homes from £519,995

4 bedroom homes from £301,995

4 bedroom homes from £284,995

Telephone 01342 328 813

Telephone 01903 240 731

Telephone 01903 252 672

East Grinstead RH19 3EY 01483 306 480 62

office Limited availability, selected only. ce is at S u ssplots ex L i v iSubject n g to status, terms and conditions apply. See full details. BDW Trading Limited (number 03018173) whose registered offi provides an equity loanJuly for20% of the purchase price of the property. The equity loan provided by the HCA is secured as second charge on your property. The amount you have repay to the HCA may be 2014 home spec can vary, purchasers of Barratt homes spend on average £3,132 on upgrades.



Explore all that Kingley Gate has to offer and find your new home with our free interactive App. Scroll below to navigate





The Thornbury

1207 sq.ft

Four bedroom detached home

Lighting Low energy lighting reflects building regulations and will help to keep your household bills down.

The Thornbury is a stunning four bedroom home with kitchen/dining area, with a separate living room and dining room.


The Barwick

For comfort and peace of mind gas fired central heating is Three bedroom semi-detached fitted home as standard throughout your new home.

On the first floor, there is an en-suite master bedroom, two doubles and a further single bedroom.


Floor plans Press floor to see

Flooring As part of our Choices upgrades, you can opt for a sumptuous carpet in your new lounge for that added luxury under foot*.

TV Points TV sockets are fitted in the lounge and master bedroom as standard.

*Subject to build stage and availability.

Additional TV points are also fitted in the kitchen and study*

The Faringdon

*Specific housetypes only. Ask your Sales Advisor for further details.

bedroom semi-detached home Images are indicative of a Barratt Homes property and may differ from the actual interior of Three the properties at Kingley Gate. Advertising images may include upgrades as home specification can vary, purchasers of [Barratt] homes spend on average £3,132 on upgrades.




The Acres, Langshott, Horley, Surrey RH6 9LL

Heathwood Park, Gravelye Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath RH16 2SL

2, 3 & 5 bedroom homes from £239,995

2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes - Coming Soon

Telephone 01293 771 372

Telephone 01483 306 480

Please note external finishes, renders and window placements may vary. Juliet balconies on specific plots only.






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Barratt House, Cartwright Way, Forest Business Park, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 1UF(“BDW”) BDW is a subsidiary of Barratt Developments PLC. Homes Agency (“HCA”) S The u ss e x Land i v Communities i ng more than the amount of the equity loan provided. Scheme is available in England only and on properties up to £600k. Prices correct at time of going to press. AdvertisingJuly images may include upgrades as 2014

Lindfield’s High Street Deli stocks Ouse Valley jams and chutneys, smoked salmon from the Weald Smokery and some of the world’s best international cheeses. Drop in for a cup of award winning coffee or a cool organic Luscombe drink and browse our extensive range of deli items.

Sunday Special: 4 courses for only £10.95 per person

43 High Street, Lindfield, RH16 2HN

The finest contemporary Indian cuisine in the heart of Cuckfield.

01444 483700 StL_Family_BBQ_eighth_pg.qxp_Layout 1 18/06/2014 18:32 Page 1

Authentic mouthwatering dishes Open 5.30 -10.30pm every day incl. Bank Holidays


Takeaway service available Fully licensed


1 Ockenden Lane, Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5LD 01444 441373 – 01444 451123

Friday 4th July 6.30 - 10.30pm

Hot Dogs and Burgers The Famous St Lawrence Beer Tent Bands Playing

OPEN DAY 20th July 1pm – 4pm


@ ROWFANT BUSINESS CENTRE RH10 4NQ If you are getting married or organising a corporate event and are looking for a high quality catering service, then come and see what we can offer you! Please call 01342 718 411 to book your COMPLIMENTARY TICKET now and enjoy some samples of our fabulous food & drinks (Places will be limited and issued on a first come first serve basis)

We look forward to hearing from you! | | |


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

by hanna LindOn


The criminal Courts of Assize held at east grinstead between 1558 and 1799 played a part in boosting the town’s national importance. It just takes a stroll along East Grinstead’s High Street to realise that this history-rich town is a focus for the legal profession. There are fi rms of lawyers and solicitors scattered liberally around its centre; and hidden away behind the shops and cafés is a narrow little street called Judges Terrace. This line of grand Tudor Houses is a reminder of the town’s legal genesis. Because it was here, between the 16th and 18th centuries, that visiting judges stayed when they came to dole out justice at the Assizes.

Crime and Punishment Before the existence of the Crown Court, these periodic criminal courts were the ultimate go-to for serious legal cases. The Sussex Assizes were held in the county town of Lewes during the summer, but in winter the roads were often too muddy and dangerous for London-based judges to venture that far south. Instead, the court met at the Sessions House in East Grinstead High Street, on the site now occupied by the imposing Constitutional Building. The old records suggest that Sussex was a gig that the judges of yore did their best to avoid. “The southeastern counties were disagreeable,” says Cynthia Herrup in her book The Common Peace. “The per diem was the smallest; the dockets

Over 60% of trials ended in committal and hanging was a common sentence for everything from stealing to murder.

were the largest; the terrain was generally familiar, unexciting and poor for hunting. Nearness to London did not guarantee cleaner quarters, safer surroundings, or more congenial inhabitants.” The distaste of London judges for East Grinstead can’t have been helped by the events of March 1685. The second day of the Assizes was in full swing and a jury “consisting mostly of knights and gentleman” had been sworn in when the rotting floor of the ancient courthouse suddenly caved in. An account given at the time by a local surgeon says that “the floor of the Nisi Prius Court fell down, and with it all the jury gentlemen, counsel and lawyers into the cellar; yet no person received any considerable injury except one witness, who was cut across the forehead. The bench where the judge sat fell not, but bung almost to a miracle. The rest of the trials were held in the Crown Court, and the Sessions House was soon after quite pulled down.” Not every meeting of the Assizes was so comical. Thanks in part to the discontent of the judges, the East Grinstead sessions garnered a reputation for extreme harshness. Local legend has it that Judge Jeffreys – also known as the ‘Hanging Judge’ – presided over several cases here. No official sources confi rm this, but we do know that over 60% of trials ended in committal and that hanging was a common sentence for everything from stealing to murder. Often the decrees were even more brutal. In 1771, a repeat offender called William Boldry was condemned to be “hung by the neck till he was continued on next page SuSSex Living July 2014


There was a set of stocks and a whipping-post at Sessions House as well as a small lock-up

continued from previous page

dead” and then “hung in chains on the most convenient spot upon Burpham New Downs, in the parish of Burpham, nearest to the gate at the end of Blakehurst Lane, near Arundel, in the County of Sussex”. Another criminal, highwayman Jack Upperton, was sentenced by the same judge to have his body dipped in tar and displayed in a gibbet near Upper Wepham Woods to deter other would-be offenders. Interestingly, the sentences passed at the Assizes and their application fluctuated throughout the centuries, reflecting changing attitudes towards justice and the will of the ruling monarch. “The judges at the Assizes sentenced more people to be executed in the 1630s than in either the 1590s or the 1620s,” says Herrup. “They rejected almost one in every five pleas for benefit of clergy. And they revived a practice common twenty years earlier - adding to convictions for lesser crimes and even to acquittals disciplinary penalties such as time in the House of Correction.” The crimes defendants were accused of also changed through the centuries. In 1591, a young woman called Agnes Mowser from Fletching was tried at the East Grinstead Assizes for “bewitching one Ann Flemens to death” and sentenced to a year’s imprisonment plus six hours in the pillory. A year earlier, yeoman John Osborne had been indicted for “popish non-conformism”. He obviously persisted in his religious beliefs, because he was indicted again in 1592. Unlike many other counties, Sussex did not

Judge’s Terrace

stands on the site of an earlier residence occasionally used as judges’ lodgings during the Assizes


SuSSex Living July 2014

have an ancient prison. Harsher sentences were often carried out in front of the Sessions House, which today would be near the mini-roundabout at the junction of the High Street and London Road. There was a set of stocks and a whipping-post here as well as a small lock-up. Hangings were held in this central stretch during the 16th century too, although in later years the gallows were moved a short distance outside the town. “The last execution took place on the Gallows Croft, a field now forming part of Halsford Park, in 1799, a man being hanged for horse stealing,” says Wallace Henry Hill in The History of East Grinstead. “In still earlier times executions took place immediately in front of the fi ne Old Stone House in Judge’s Terrace. These houses are so named as they stand on the site of an earlier residence occasionally used as the Judge’s lodgings during the Assizes, although for some years the representatives of the law found accommodation in Sackville College, where the suite of apartments reserved for the use of the Dukes of Dorset was placed at their disposal.” The last Assizes took place in East Grinstead during the winter of 1799. Empty and redundant, the Sessions House was then used occasionally by a company of strolling players, and subsequently revived unsuccessfully as a meat and vegetable market. In 1829, the townsfolk decided to pull the building down altogether and use the building materials to construct a new manor near Buckhurst. The one remaining relic of this old court was the judge’s chair, which was saved by the De la Warrs and is still kept in the family’s ancestral home today. Still, the legacy of the Assizes lives on in East Grinstead’s status as a small but important legal hub.

Diary Dates Tuesday 01 – Thursday 31 July

breeze up to devil’s dyke Number 77 Open Top Bus leaves from outside Brighton Train Station, every day

do You HaVE a MId SuSSEX CoMMunITY or CHarITY EVEnT To proMoTE? EMaIl InFo@SuSSEXlIVInG.CoM and aSK For a dIarY daTES ForM.

Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables Auction. Contact: Julie Kelly juliek@, 01273 472503.

are welcome for a small charge payable at the door.

Wednesday 02 July, 19:30

Open mic night

Thursday 03 July, 20:00

Only £5 return and there’s a 2-for-1 if you show train tickets to bus driver – and up to 2 kids per adult go free on the bus. Bus passes valid too. Contact: 01273 292480,

‘the wife’ – an Outdoor Play

Tuesday 01 July

3d needle felting

Friday 04 – Sunday 06 July

feathers of hurstpierpoint summer sale

Made and Making, The Workroom, Unit 3 Turner Dumbrells, Dumbrell Court Road, Ditchling BN6 8GT

Emerson College, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX

Feathers, 155 High Street, Hurstpierpoint Come and find lots of great offers to enhance your wardrobe, yet not leaving your purse empty! Contact: 01273 834686,

Tuesday 01 July

show suite now Open

Ditchling Village Green See Local Living.

Thursday 03 July, 09:30 – 12:00

Come and discover the fun of three dimensional needle felting. Less messy than welt felting and wonderfully therapeutic. Cost: £30. Contact 07967 819540.,

Hurstwood Court, Linum Lane, Five Ash Down, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3FH

Thursday 03 July, 20:00

Open daily - booking by appointment only. Visit the show suite of this luxury new Assisted Living development. 15 one and two bedroom apartments now available. Contact: Jane Higgins 01825 731700 or visit

Village Hall, 18 Lewes Road, Ditchling

Wednesday 02 – Thursday 03 July, 10:00 – 17:00

fine art, antiques & collectables auction Gorringes, 15 North Street, Lewes BN7 2PD

ditchling film society : the moo man (u) Remarkable documentary about a maverick farmer called Steve Hook who runs a small family dairy farm near Hailsham in East Sussex. Beautifully and discreetly filmed, it is a peculiarly moving and emotionally satisfying portrait of a compassionate, decent man who loves his animals. Directors: Andy Heathcote, Heike Bachelier UK 2012. 97 mins. Refreshments. Free parking. Guests and temporary members

Greyhound Inn, Keymer Road, Hassocks Every Thursday. Whatever your talent come and show it off or just watch others. Just pop in for a fun night out - entrance is free!

social ecology and community Workshops on themes connected with social development, collaboration, community building and related areas. Starting with: Spirit of Community. Tuition £160 per workshop – 10% reduction when booking more than one workshop. Book your place now: Contact Belinda Heys at: or visit: to find out more.

Friday 04 – Saturday 26 July

baldwins summer sale 120-120a South Road, Haywards Heath Everything reduced on Household Linens, Haberdashery, Handicrafts, Knitting Wools, Curtain Rails and Poles, Dress and Furnishing Fabrics. Contact: 01444 454648,, www.

Saturday 05 – Sunday 06 July, 10:00 – 17:00

bluebell railway’s sussex food festival Horsted Keynes Station

Celebrate the finest local Sussex food and drink produce at our Horsted Keynes Station for the 6th annual Festival. Trade stalls will be lining the platforms with mouthwatering produce and delights. Enjoy the freshly cooked bites in our picnic area. There is something for everyone! The Sussex Food Festival is free for travel ticket holders. Station admission tickets are priced at £4 Adults and £2 per Child. Contact: www. or call 01825 720800.

Saturday 05 July,

st Lawrence fair Hurstpierpoint

Carnival comes to Hurstpierpoint!

Saturday 05 July, 09:30 – 11:30

st barnabas nearly new sale

St Barnabas Church Hall, Worth Road, Pound Hill, Crawley RH10 7EA

Sale of baby and children’s clothes, toys and equipment. Refreshments and raffle. Mini Pamper treatments available. £1 entry per adult including raffle ticket. Free entry for children. Contact: for more information.

Keeping Business Local!


Mon-Fri: 8-5.30pm Sat: 8-12pm

Unit 18, SM Tidy’s Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8SG

Tel: 01444 241455

The Family Run Garage in Lindfield ➲ Friendly Welcome ➲ Top Quality Service ➲ On Site MOT’s ➲ Realistic Prices ➲ All Makes Cared For ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists

Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988

Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG

SuSSex Living July 2014


Diary Dates Saturday 05 July, 09:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17:30

emmie sale

Emmie, 123 High Street, Hurstpierpoint

The sale will include some Almost Famous, Amazing Women, In Wear, Codello Scarfs, Goubi, Darling, Meisie, Soma London, Nali Accessories, London Rebel and J Shoes. Contact: 01273 835147,

Saturday 05 July, 10:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 15:00

metal Jewellery making â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Level 2 Get Crafty, 24 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN

Make a pair of beautiful earrings from copper or sterling silver. Level 2 class (see website). Materials and refreshments supplied. Cost: ÂŁ39. Contact: 01444 236607,,

The club will be open during the St Lawrence Fair and members will be there to help you. Contact: Anne CliďŹ&#x20AC;ord 01273 842770.

scaynes hill Open gardens

This year, Micky Hart and The Hart Brakers will have been rockinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and rollinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for 25 years! Come on down and dance the night away to all the classics of the 50s. ÂŁ3 per non-member, free to members. Contact: 01273 845829.

Mondays throughout the year. Aerobic Fitness â&#x20AC;&#x201C; cardio-style workout including ďŹ&#x201A;oor work or Upstanding Body Conditioning. (11:00-11:15 Weigh In). You can achieve your goals! Contact: Alex 01293 408338 or 07982310284.

Scaynes Hill West Sussex

Sunday 06 July, 14:00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17:30

Monday 07 July, 18:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 19:30

Open gardens in Plumpton

aerobic fitness with alex duďŹ&#x20AC;y

The bottom end of Plumpton BN7 3AJ

Southway Junior School, Southway, Burgess Hill RH15 9SU

Saturday 05 July, 13:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17:30

Eight village gardens open in aid of St Augustines School. Entry for adults ÂŁ5, children free. Tickets from the gardens or the church. Teas available at the church. Contact: Jenny Cattermole,

Saturday 05 July, 19:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 21:40

brighton welsh male voice choir in concert Henfield Village Hall, Coopers Way, Henfield, West Sussex BN5 9DB

Open Garden trail with a variety of village gardens, large and small, in the pretty village of Plumpton. Opposite end of the village to last year! A map of the trail will be given to you with the ticket. All proceeds to St Peter & St James Hospice. Refreshments, Jazz Band. Admission: All gardens ÂŁ5. Per garden ÂŁ1. Children under 14 free. Contact Gill Gamble 01273 891218.

Traditional Village Fete with Flower Show, Fun Fair, Classic Cars, Fun Dog Show, Stalls, Games and much, much more. Free entry. Contact: Ann Walker, 07779 354586,

Concert for Macmillan Nurses. Beautiful live music combined with delightful harmonies, memorable songs plus a varied programme promises a dynamic and entertaining evening to remember. ÂŁ10. Tickets available in advance from: Jasmines Florist, HenďŹ eld High Street Tel: 01273 491936, Contact: GeoďŹ&#x20AC;rey James, 07775 747069, geoďŹ&#x20AC;, http://www.brightonwelshmalevoicechoir.

Saturday 05 July, 13:00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 17:00

Saturday 05 July, 20:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 23:30

hurstpierpoint bowling club

micky hart & the hart breakers

Monday 07 July, 11:00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12:00

South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint

Clayton & Keymer Royal British Legion, Woodsland Road, Hassocks BN6 8HE

The Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hall, High Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5EL

Saturday 05 July, 12:00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16:00

cowfold village fete

The Village Green, Bolney Road, Cowfold

Come and try your hand at Bowling - FREE.


Sunday 06 July

slow roast sunday Tottington Manor, Edburton Road, Edburton West Sussex BN5 9LJ Enjoy a fun day with family and friends. 3-course lunch with a cocktail on arrival. ÂŁ18.50 pp (children ÂŁ7.50). Contact: Sara LuďŹ&#x20AC;, 01903 815757, info@tottingtonmanor.,

weigh in work Out with alex duďŹ&#x20AC;y

Ardingly Activity Centre

Mondays throughout the year. (18:30-18:45 Weigh In). Contact: Alex 01293 408338 or 07982310284.

Wednesday 09 July, 19:45 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 22:00

hassocks horticultural society clematis through the seasons

Adastra Hall, 31 Keymer Road, Hassocks

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Clematis through the seasonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; . Guest speaker Everett Leeds with an illustrated talk. Come along for an enjoyable evening. Members ÂŁ1.50, Visitors ÂŁ2.50. Refreshments included. Contact: Sylvia Hancock 01273 844544,

Thursday 10 July, 09:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 14:30

get to know your Overlocker

Made and Making, The Workroom, Unit 3 Turner Dumbrells, Dumbrell Court Road, Ditchling BN6 8GT

Come along and understand how to get the best from these wonderful machines. Cost: ÂŁ60. Contact: www.madeandmaking.

Ardingly Reservoir

for ages 6 years plus

* Sailing * Windsurfing * Kayaking * Great idea for groups & parties * Sit on kayaks for hire * Adult courses available * No previous experience required * All equipment supplied




Call 01444 892549

3030 67$//62)*,)76&$5'6 &$/(1'$56 3/$176 %5,&­%5$& $%803(5%22.67$// 5$))/(720%2/$ +20(0$'(&$.(6  


62+29,//$*( -$==%$1' 



SuSSex Living July 2014

do You HaVE a MId SuSSEX CoMMunITY or CHarITY EVEnT To proMoTE? EMaIl InFo@SuSSEXlIVInG.CoM and aSK For a dIarY daTES ForM.,, 07967 819540.

Friday 11 July, 20:00

Thursday 10 July, 12:00 – 16:00

Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill

Unit 3 Bridge Road Industrial Estate, Haywards Heath RH16 1UA

‘The Archaeology of Fishbourne Roman Palace and Chichester’ - a talk by John Manley, a professional archaeologist who excavated at the Roman Palace. Members £1, Visitors £3 including refreshments. Contact:

hPs 8th birthday bbQ Lunch

HPS are hosting a BBQ lunch celebrating our 8th Birthday. We will also be raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Free entry. Contact: Lauren Sutton 01444 419800, haywardsheath@hpsmerchant., branches/haywards-heath

Friday 11 – Sunday 20 July

uckfield festival Uckfield Town

The 15th Annual Festival presents an amazing variety of events for the entire 10 days. Contact: Halina Majcher 01825 767040,,

Friday 11 July, 09:30 – 13:00

cuckfield crafts and market

Queens Hall, High Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5EL 35+ quaint, quirky and contemporary stalls comprising of jams to jewellery, vintage homewares to Italian handbags! Refreshments available. Free admission. Contact: Beverley 01444 440274,

burgess hill Local history society

Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 July, 14:00 – 17:00

national gardens scheme Open days Moustows Manor, High Street, Henfield, Sussex BN5 9DD For further information, please contact

Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 July, 10:00 – 17:00

Pyecombe village weekend 2014 Pyecombe Church, Church Hill, Pyecombe

are many wartime heroes we should remember; it is the Commonwealth Games and we are celebrating the many sporting heroes of past and present; Lewes DC is championing the Zero Heroes for recycling; and who doesn’t love a superhero? Offering a huge range of attractions for all ages including a large central arena with many displays and competitions such as tug-of-war, pantomime donkey derby and children’s races and a football match, and music by local bands; a Kennel Club licensed fun dog show; Harris’ traditional funfair, a miniature steam railway, a climbing wall; fire engine, free willow weaving, and a craft tent and many trade stands. Contact: Barbara Harty, 01444 470024.

Tea and homemade cakes available. Plant stall. Admission £1, children free. Enquiries to Show Secretary 01444 483236. www.

Saturday 12 July, 12:30 – 15:30

Saturday 12 July, 22:00 – 0:00

Woodlands Meed School Field, Chanctonbury Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9EY

Dolphin Leisure Centre, Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1LY

woodlands meed summer fair

Flower festival, organ music, ploughman’s lunches, Songs of Praise at 6pm on Sunday. Contact: Andrew Munday, 01273 566276.

Fabulous Raffle, Beat the Keeper (Brighton & Hove Albion Coach), Tombola, Face Painting, Sensory Bus, Inflatables, Children’s Entertainer, BBQ, Beer & Pimms Tent, Cream Teas. Please come along and join in the fun!

Saturday 12 July, 10:00 – 16:30

Saturday 12 July, 14:00 – 16:45

wivelsfield village day Wivelsfield Village Hall and Recreation Ground, Eastern Road RH17 7QQ The theme this year is ‘Heroes’ , as 2014 is the 100th anniversary of WW1 and there

Lindfield horticultural society summer show

King Edward Hall, 24 High Street, Lindfield

Flowers, fruit, vegetables, flower arranging, cookery, handicrafts and children’s classes.

Saturday 12 July, 19:00 – 24:00

the eight bells summer Party

The Eight Bells, Bolney RH17 5QW

Featuring The Blunter Brothers playing classic funk and soul that will have you dancing in the streets! Supported by The Meddlars and ending with a retro disco – Oh what a night! Live music starts 7.30pm. Tickets £12.50 in advance, £15 on the door. Contact 01444 881396,,

haywards heath & Lindfield sleep walk Everyone is welcome on our 10K Walk and we would love you to dress up in your PJs and join us! Entry is £15, closing on Friday, 4th July. By raising sponsorship you help St Peter & St James Hospice provide vital specialist care and support, encouraging and enabling our patients to live their lives to their full potential despite their illnesses. Please complete one form per entrant (photocopies are acceptable). All entry forms must be received by 4th July. After this date you can register on the night for £25 (cash only).

amber proves more precious than gold

To arrange a FREE valuation of your Amber please call us on 0800

881 5684 15 North Street ,Lewes, BN7 2PD

SuSSex Living July 2014


Diary Dates Sunday 13 July, 10:00 – 12:00

Pond Open day

Lingfield Nature Reserves, Entrance by the fire station in Saxbys Lane, Lingfield

Pond dipping fun for all the family. Nets and equipment provided and experts on hand to help identify mini-beasts. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Admission is free. For further information, please contact Anne Richards (01342 870200) / Sally Cole (01342 833814) or visit www.

Sunday 13 July, 11:00 – 16:00

country crafts

Oldland Mill, Oldlands Lane, Hassocks BN6 8ND

The Mill will be open and run if weather permits. Refreshments, Mill gifts and memorabilia will be available, together with attractions and other activities. There is no car parking available near the Mill. A free shuttle bus will be provided on this day, every 20 minutes from The Thatched Inn, Ockley Lane. Groups can also be picked up by shuttlebus from Hassocks Station by prior arrangement. Contact:

Sunday 13 July, 12:00 – 17:00

the comtec challenge cup finals Sussex Polo Club, Home Farm, Wallage Village, Rowfant, West Sussex RH10 4NH Sussex Polo Club are hosting the cup finals, with all proceeds going towards the Autism Spectrum Partners charity

for equine therapy. Adults £10. Children 14 and under are free. Tickets can be purchased online in advance on www. A limited number will be available on the day at the gates.

welcoming you – there is no charge. For more information, please contact Joanne 07711 698 279 or 01403 864419, especially if the sun isn’t shining!

Sunday 13 July, 14:00 – 18:00

steyning decorative & fine arts society

Open garden in cuckfield

Orchard House, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield See Local Living. .

Sunday 13 July, 15:00 – 17:00

woodland tales for st Peter’s church St Peter’s Church, Chailey Green, Chailey, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4DA An enjoyable afternoon of Woodland Tales, told by the Weald Storytellers, that will appeal to both young and old. Tickets £10, children under 16 Free. Includes Afternoon Tea. In aid of St Peter’s Restoration Fund. Fiona Pearl Tel: 01825 723135 email: fiona. orJanet Barnes Tel: 01825 722574 email: Janet.barnes42@

Sunday 13 July, 15:00 – 17:00

summer sussex garden tea Party

Monday 14 July, 10:00 – 12:00

The Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft Car Park, Church Street, Opposite St Andrews Church, Steyning Coffee followed by monthly lecture at 10:30 by Martin Heard: Toulouse Lautrec and Bohemian Paris. £36 annual subscription or £5 donation per visitor for maximum of two visits. Contact: Mrs Ann Blakelock, ann. , 01903 297553.

Monday 14 July, 20:00

Quiz night at the greyhound Greyhound Inn, Keymer Road, Hassocks Quiz Night is on the second Monday of every month (except Bank Holidays). Great fun for all ages, great cash prizes! Just come along, no bookings necessary.

Tuesday 15th – Thursday 31 July

Alzheimer’s Society, Trenchmore, Burnthouse Lane, Cowfold RH13 8DG

summer sale

This tea party is especially for people with dementia, their families and friends. A representative from Horsham Alzheimer’s Society will be there with information about local services. We look forward to

Willo Baby & Childswear, Old Post Office House, Cuckfield RH17 5JX Summer Sale on all Spring/Summer stock. Up to 40% off selected lines. Contact: 01444 413880,

Tuesday 15 – Sunday 20 July, 10:00 – 18:00

Lingfield art exhibition Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre, High Street, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6AB (Sunday until 4pm) This annual exhibition has been running for 37 years and features over 400 original paintings and sculptures from 100 artists. No charge for entry. Catalogues priced at £1. Refreshments available. Contact: Irene Hinton 01342 324929,,

Tuesday 15 July, 10:00 – 16:00

fostering drop-in session Burgess Hill Library, The Martlets, Burgess Hill Interested in becoming a foster carer? Come along for a friendly, informal chat and find out more! Contact: fostering. 0330 222 7775.

Tuesday 15 July, 19:45 – 21:45

wolstonbury wi monthly meeting Club Suite, Hurstpierpoint Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint Mark Kerr with a talk entitled ‘The Donkey Sanctuary’. Contact: Brenda Mack, Secretary, Wolstonbury WI, 01273 832575.

Wednesday 16 July, 10:00 – 15:00

Paintings valuation day Charleston, Firle, Lewes BN8 6LL

Registered Charity Number: 1056114


• 10k (6.2 miles) route • Around Haywards Heath • Finisher’s Memento • Breakfast

Teams of 4 at £50 per head Package includes 18 holes of golf and 2 course dinner


To book email or call 01444 415 582 Charity No. 1122579


SuSSex Living July 2014

do You HaVE a MId SuSSEX CoMMunITY or CHarITY EVEnT To proMoTE? EMaIl InFo@SuSSEXlIVInG.CoM and aSK For a dIarY daTES ForM.

Bonhams paintings specialists will be in attendance at Charleston Farmhouse to offer free and confidential auction valuations on works you are considering selling at auction. By appointment. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Jenny Bouston on 01273 220 000 or email

See Kate Adie, Mark Tully, Jonathan Meades, Ann Treneman, Peter Hain, Polly Toynbee, John Sweeney, Ann Widdecombe speaking. £10-12.50 per entry. Booking line 0333 666 3366.

Wednesday 16 July, 15:00 – 17:00

haywards heath Prostate cancer support group

Haywards Heath United Services Club, Wivelsfield Road, Haywards Heath

music for everyone

A garden party with entertainment and a good variety of stalls. Entrance fee £2 to include tea and cakes. Contact: Mrs J Taplin, 01273 845276,

Fun event for all the family: Fun Dog Show, loads of stalls, refreshments, licensed bar, cakes, games, children’s entertainments, etc - all to help the animals! Free parking. £4 per car or £1 per pedestrian (includes programme). Contact: Anne Bond, info@, 01273 554218,

The Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill

Saturday 19 July, 19:30-23:00

National and international musician Byron Jones playing the electric organ/ keyboards. Entry £5 on door. Doors open 6pm. Contact: Rosalie Birchmore 01444 141269,

Sunday 20 July, 13:30 – 17:00

Danny House, New Way Lane, Hurstpierpoint

burgess hill in bloom: 14 Open gardens

Friday 18 July, 19:15 – 21:45

A talk by Macmillan Information and Support Centre, followed by a general discussion. Entry is free. Contact: Arthur Millard 01403 262868 a.millard44@

Friday 18 July, 19:30 – 21:30

Wednesday 16 July, 19:00 – 21:00

Ian Everest, well known Sussex local historian, will give a talk and show historical film footage of ‘A Sussex Farm during the 1950’s’. All welcome. Non-members £1.50. Members £1. Contact: Joan Roberts, 01342 322648.

abc – after breast cancer

Woodhatch Community Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Reigate RH2 7LS We offer support and information for anyone who is having or has had treatment for breast cancer. £3 donation. ABC contacts: Liz Darragh / Chris Turner – Breast Care Nurses 01737 768511, Ext: 6688, liz.darragh@ /

Friday 18 – Sunday 20 July, 16:45

Lewes speakers festival

The All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes

Saturday 19 July, 14:00 – 17:00

east grinstead society meeting Main Hall, East Court Mansion, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3LT

Saturday 19 July, 09:00 – 17:30

midsummer market London Road, East Grinstead Charity and Market traders and a big French Market with fairground rides and entertainment for young and old. Contact: Simon Kerr, Town Promotions Manager, 01342 410121,

garden Party

Villa Adastra, Keymer Road, Hassocks

1940s dance

Commemorate the two World Wars and dance the night away with a live band and 1940s hit tunes. Cold buffet, pay bar. Dress: black tie or preferably 1940s costume. Tickets £25 from Susanna Kemp 01273 835460 or Ian Buckeridge 01273 831528. In aid of BLESMA The Limbless Veterans.

Sunday 20 July, 10:00 – 16:00

national cat adoption centre: summer fun day

National Cat Adoption Centre, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7DE

Charity Fun Day, free entry. Live band, beer tent, BBQ, classic cars and bikes, stalls, tours, raffle, tombola, birds of prey, games and much more! Contact: 01825 741331

Sunday 20 July, 10:30 – 16:00

rsPca Open day & dog show

Braypool Sports Field (opp RSPCA Animal Shelter), Braypool Lane, Brighton BN1 8ZH

Burgess Hill Discover and enjoy some ‘hidden gems’ – fine Burgess Hill gardens of varying sizes, styles and design. Refreshments available. Combined entrance ticket £4. Children free. hill in bloom., 01444 244617. Proceeds to St Peter & St James Hospice and Mid Downs Radio at the PRH.

Sunday 20 July, 14:00 – 17:00

7 Open gardens in hassocks 2 Ockley Lane & 6A Woodsland Road, Hassocks Come and enjoy seven different gardens in Hassocks and Keymer, from family and cottage gardens to contemporary, modern and newly landscaped gardens. Refreshments available 6A Woodsland Road (part wheelchair accessible) and 28 Ockley Lane. Admission: £5 for 7 gardens (trail map). Plant sales. All proceeds to St Peter & St James Hospice.

Lingfield Show 2nd and 3rd August 2014

Blue Anchor Show Site, Blindley Heath RH7 6JL

Show Line 020 8295 1510

supporting charities

Lingfield Steam & Country Show 1-4.indd 1

19/06/2014 10:39

SuSSex Living July 2014


Diary Dates Sunday 20 July, 14:00 – 16:00

Paws & claws Open day Coombe Downe, London Road, Sayers Common BN6 9HZ Open Day with stalls including home made cakes, books, jewellery, gifts, cards, tombola and raffle. Entertainment by Raye Du-Val and his Jazz Band. Refreshments. Contact: Rosemary Harding, 01273 846946, email: rosemary.,

Sunday 20 July, 19:30

wivelsfield films: monuments men (12a)

Wivelsfield Village Hall, off Eastern Road, Wivelsfield Green RH17 7QG

south downs sponsored walk

Drama War Biography. Director: George Clooney. An unlikely World War II platoon (George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray) is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners. Refreshments and parking. Tickets £5.50 on the door, in advance from the Post Office and Village Stores or The Cock Inn, or online via the Facebook page for Wivelsfield Films or

Stafford House, Hassocks, West Sussex

Sunday 20 July, 19:30

Sunday 20 July, 14:00

Join us in our 130th Anniversary Fun Walk and register for our newest annual event! The walk follows the beautiful route over the Jack and Jill Hill. This is just 5 miles long and is ideal for groups of friends and families. Everyone is welcome - current volunteers and supporters, their friends and families. We ask for a minimum sponsorship of £10 for adults and £2 for children under 16 and suggest that you raise as much as you can on top of this. All monies raised will help provide disadvantaged children aged 7-11 with a much needed break from their difficult lives. Sign up for an online Just Giving page at;

Tuesday 22 – Friday 25 July, 10:00 – 13:00

furniture Painting demonstration Claire Cork Interiors, 5b Mill Road, Burgess Hill RH15 8DN Furniture Painting demonstration from start to finish. Please pop in and see how we can transform a piece of furniture. No fee. Contact: Claire Cork, 01444 244155,,

Tuesday 22 July, 10:00 – 16:00

chinese works of art valuation day Bonhams,19 Palmeira Square, Hove BN3 2JN

See Local Living.

Bonhams Chinese Works of Art Specialist will be at the office to provide free and confidential auction valuations on items you are considering selling. By appointment. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Jenny Bouston on 01273 220000 or jenny.

Monday 21 July, 10:30 – 13:00

Friday 25 – Saturday 26 July, 20:00 – 22:30

coro nuovo concert

St Wilfrid’s Church, Church Road, Haywards Heath RH16 3QH

wallis & wallis specialist toys & model auction 7-9 West Street, Lewes BN7 2NJ A specialist Auction of collectable toys and models, No. 6 of 9 held per annum. Free entry. Contact: Glenn Butler, 01273 480208, www. wallis&

two 1-act Plays by stab Productions The Players Theatre, 147 High St, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9PU

Edgy and amusing dramas by STAB Productions. Proceeds to Chailey Heritage Foundation for much-needed equipment for young people with disabilities. Tickets £8. Please book via the website: www. or ring 01273 936808.

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 July, 11:00 – 17:00

macmillan coastal garden trail

30 Gardens between Brighton and Eastbourne Trail of 30 private gardens, many never opened to the public before, raising money for a new Cancer Centre in Brighton. £2 per garden or £12 for a weekend ticket and you will be able to see as many as you want! Contact: Geoff Stonebanks, 01323 899296,,

Saturday 26 July, 09:00 – 12:30

hassocks village market National Tyres Forecourt, Keymer Road, Hassocks

A lively and bustling village market supporting local producers and craftspeople. Huge selection of fresh bread, free range meats - pork and chicken, fresh fish, traditional cheese, freerange eggs, plants, home baked cakes and much more. Music and singing, weather depending, plus Hassocks Horticultural Society and Hassocks Football Club promoting their services to the community. Contact: Mrs Sarah Lessacher, 07810 800248 or contact via Facebook “Hassocks Village Market.”

Cuckfield Crafts & Market Friday July 11th 9.30am-1pm Lively village market offering a delightful mix of stalls with something for everyone, including a huge plant stall. Tea, coffee and cakes are available.

Next Market 19th September

Contact Beverley | 01444 440274

StL_Fun_run_eighth_pg.qxp_Layout 1 18/06/2014 18:37 Page 1 Queens Hall, High Street, Cuckfield, RH17 5EL

Fun Run 2014 Saturday 5th July, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex For more details or to download an entry form contact: Benny Coxhill email - tel - 07917 207 268 Online entry:


SuSSex Living July 2014

do You HaVE a MId SuSSEX CoMMunITY or CHarITY EVEnT To proMoTE? EMaIl InFo@SuSSEXlIVInG.CoM and aSK For a dIarY daTES ForM.

Saturday 26 July, 10:30 – 16:30

Monday 28 July, 19:30

United Reform Church, Junction Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0JS

Post Graduate Medical Centre – Crawley Hospital, West Green, Crawley RH11 7DH

Patchwork & Quilting exhibition See Local Living

Saturday 26 July, 11:00 – 13:00


Southway Junior School, Southway, Burgess Hill RH15 9SU

Charity event to raise money for Jessica Jayde Allen, Alex Duffy’s 18 year-old niece who is in remission from cancer. The fee is £8 (pre-booked and money up front) or £10 on the day (just turn up!). For details, please contact: alex@ or 01293 408338.

Saturday 26 July, 20:30 – 23:30

the Parlophones

Clayton & Keymer Royal British Legion, Woodlands Road, Hassocks, West Sussex

5 piece 60s tribute band from Brighton who have played from Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club to some of the great venues in the country covering songs from Rolling Stones, The Searchers, The Animals and many more. £3 entry fee non-members. Free for members. Contact:, 01273 845829.

Sunday 27 July, 10:00 – 12:00

work Party

Lingfield Nature Reserves, The Butterfly Garden, off Vicarage Road, Lingfield

Maintenance tasks on the Nature Reserve are carried out by local volunteers. There are tasks to suit all ages and abilities so if you would like to help look after this local open space, we would love to see you. Fairtrade refreshments are provided for volunteers. For details contact Anne Richards (01342 870200) / Sally Cole (01342 833814) or visit www.

Sunday 27 July, 10:30

mid sussex ramblers

Balcombe Railway Station car park

7-mile walk from Balcombe to Staplefield and back, via Kemps Farm - Sidnye Farm - Staplefield (picnic lunch or Victory Inn pub) - Ditton Place - Balcombe. TQ306302. Leaders: Ray and Alison. 01342 311632. No dogs please.

Sunday 27 July, 12:00 – 17:00

fulking fair

Downsview Meadow, Poynings Road, Fulking, West Sussex

Traditional summer fair. Plenty for kids to enjoy. Craft demonstrations, stalls, dog show, bar, cream teas. live music, animals, owls, pony rides, free parking. Adults £1, Children under 13 free. See our Facebook page – Fulking Fair, Fulking Village

Monday 28 July – Friday 01 August

furniture making i (beginners)

John Lloyd, Bankside Farm, Jacobs Post, Ditchling Common, East Sussex RH15 Cabinet-Making Skills for Beginners: sharpening and tuning hand tools, hand skills and techniques, setting out and principles of cabinet-making. Fee: £640. Contact: 01444 480388 or info@

chrysaLis – crawley

We offer support and information for anyone who is having or has had treatment for breast cancer. Chrysalis contacts: Sue Gattinesi & Jan Horner – Breast Care Nurses, 01293 600300, Ext: 3238. / jan.

One of the best family days out in Sussex!

Tuesday 29 July, 18:00 – 19:00

make your own shamballa bracelet Get Crafty, 24 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN

Learn to make your own gorgeous Shamballa bracelet. All materials, instruction and refreshments are supplied. Perfect for complete beginners! Cost: £15. Contact: 01444 236607getcraftyonline@,

Wednesday 30 July – Saturday 02 August, 19:30

henfield theatre company: twelfth night Red Oaks Garden, Henfield

Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy with true Elizabethan laughs. Beautiful costumes, boisterous revels, haunting music and anarchic plots are played out for a sublime experience on a summer evening. The director is Rosemary Nice. Tickets £10 per head available from 14th July at Henfield Furnishings in the High Street (01273 490080). Gates open from 6pm for picnickers, and there will be a Pimms Tent for summer sippers.

Wednesday 30 July – Sunday 03 August, 09:00

the Longines royal international horse show The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead

Everything from the thrills and spills of international showjumping to the eleganceand glamour of champion showing horses and ponies. Not to mention GREAT shopping! Tickets prices start from £16 adults, £8 children. Contact:, 01273 834315

Wednesday 30 July, 14:00 – 17:00

children’s safari

Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve, Maple Drive, Burgess Hill (meet on football field).

Bring a picnic and enjoy pond dipping, meadow sweeping, hedge beating, parachute games, exotic reptiles, raptors and learning bushcraft skills with your children. Free, but donations to Burgess Hill Green Circle Network welcomed. Contact: Mary Smith (Secretary of Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network), 01444 242667,

Thursday 31 July – Sunday 03 August, 10:30 – 17:00

the sussex guild contemporary craft show

Michelham Priory, Upper Dicker,Nr Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3QS

See the best of Sussex crafts; designer makers exhibit their work in marquees and the Elizabethan barn. Craft demonstrations too. Admission to house, gardens and show: Adult £7.80, Child (5-15) £4.20, Student/Senior £6.80, Disabled/Carer £4.20, Family £21.00 Contact: The Sussex Guild, 01273 479565,,

6th Sussex Food Festival Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July 10.00am – 5.00pm Celebrate Sussex’s finest local food and drink produce at our Horsted Keynes Station. •

Trade stalls will be lining the platforms with mouth-watering produce and delights.

Enjoy the freshly cooked bites in our picnic area. There is something for everyone!

Bouncy Castles, Face Painting and Marco the Magician will be on hand to entertain all ages.

Take part in a competition to win a meal on our Golden Arrow Dining Train!

Our atmospheric steam trains will be running throughout the day between Sheffield Park, Horsted Keynes & East Grinstead.

Admission with a valid Bluebell travel ticket or platform ticket to Horsted Keynes Station.

Tel: 01825 720800

The Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park Station, East Sussex TN22 3QL Twitter @bluebellrailway SuSSex Living July 2014



Your local creative multimedia agency. Design and marketing for branding, social, digital and print.


• Web Design

• Digital Printing

• Corporate Identity

• Graphic Design

• Logo Design

• Signage & Display

We like to add real value to marketing projects. Whatever the job, we’ve got it managed.


01933 230119


t: 01273 833353 w: Sussex House • 23 Cuckfield Rd • Hurstpierpoint • BN6 9RW





Exchange rate of 7th May 2014. Subject to currency fluctuation.


S u ss e x L i v i n g July 2014

Limited bank properties available

Located in the Costa Calida in the South East Coast of Spain

Superb Polaris World Golf Resort featuring a Jack Nicklaus Golf Course

15 minutes from the best beaches of the region


+44 (0)1403 582000 Email:

by hiLary handeL

advertising feature

Price Green & Co: Focused on your success

if you or your business needs help keeping on top of your finances, Price green & Co are only a phone call away. Phil Green has been in the accountancy business for 25 years. Born and bred in Burgess Hill, he worked his way up from a trainee to running his own company, Price Green & Co. The business has steadily expanded over the years, mainly through referrals from happy clients, Phil (pictured) is proud to tell me. Six months ago, Price Green & Co moved to new offices on the Victoria Business Estate in Burgess Hill: 5,200 square feet of bright, airy office space over two floors, responsibly refurbished by local companies, with plenty of useful parking outside – no wonder Phil is pleased with how things are going.

What matters is putting my clients’ needs first . Price Green & Co look after a wide range of clients, ranging from individuals to medium-sized companies, including Recruitment, Engineering and Financial Services, to name but a few. Recently, a dedicated Bookkeeping Bureau has been set up within the business. SPC Bookkeeping Ltd provides bespoke SAGE services, either at their or clients’ premises – which is proving very popular.

Phil is a strong believer in the benefits of teamwork, giving his staff the best possible training to enable them to deliver the best service. His own career background has made him only too aware of how important it is to be given the right opportunity at a young age, which is why he has recently taken on two apprentices. “You reap what you sow,” he says. “It’s about helping the local community and giving back where you can.” Phil applies the same moral compass when it comes to serving his clients. “It doesn’t matter how successful I am, “ he says with real conviction. “What matters is putting my clients’ needs first. Everyone is equal. We provide the same level of care and attention to help sole traders fill in a tax return manually as we would give to a large commercial enterprise.” And if that ethos is at the heart of what makes Phil tick, it comes as no surprise to hear that Price Green & Co are one of the leading accountancy fi rms in the local area.

prICE GrEEn & Co Lynnem House, 1 Victoria Way Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NF Tel. 01444 257047

SuSSex Living July 2014


Millford Grange in Storrington is a distinct collection of properties which includes an exciting array of two, three, four and five bedroom homes. Sweeping avenues, wide lawns and traditionally inspired architecture create a development of peace and tranquility.


Part Exchange gets you moving to a perfect new home If you want to move fast but don’t want to miss out on David Wilson space and style then our Part Exchange scheme makes perfect sense. Simply choose one of our beautiful homes and we could be your buyer, offering you fair market value for your current property, based on the average of two independent valuations*. That’s the David Wilson Difference.

4 and 5 bedroom homes from £474,995 Millford Grange, Storrington Road, Washington RH20 4AG Show homes and Marketing Suite open daily from 10.00am - 5.30pm

See the Difference at or call 01903


740 636

Su ssonly. e x Terms L i v iand ng Offer available on selected plots conditions apply. See website for details, subject to contract and status. Prices correct at time of going to press if mentioned. * David Wilson obtain two independent valuations. July 2014 To achieve fair market value, any offer made will be based on the average of these and on a sale within 8 to 10 weeks. Advertising images may include upgrades as home spec can vary, purchasers of David Wilson homes spend on average £3,514 on upgrades.

business tO business

in conjunction with other Trading Standards Services across the country, the Buy With Confidence (BWC) scheme is an initiative from the Trading Standards Service in West Sussex to help businesses comply with the law and improve consumer protection.

Buy With Confidence! West Sussex County Council’s Buy With Confidence (BWC) scheme is open to any business with premises within the area covered by West Sussex County Council (WSCC) provided they meet the scheme’s criteria.

What’s in it for Businesses? • Independent recognition of your business standards • Use of the ‘Buy With Confidence’ logo at your business premises and on vehicles, documentation, advertising, products and websites etc • A place on our Buy With Confidence website including (if applicable) a link to your own website • Pre-entry vetting to ensure the credibility of the scheme and that high standards are maintained • Listing in the West Sussex BWC Approved Business Directory (published every six months) and opportunities to take out a larger advert and/or to advertise in West Sussex Connections magazine • Increased consumer confidence and reduced complaints • A regular members’ Newsletter containing up-to-date information about the scheme and opportunities to make the most of your membership • A better relationship with Trading Standards based on assistance and advice, rather than enforcement • An independent mediation service in the event of a customer dispute which has not been resolved between the parties concerned

Who’s running BWC? The BWC scheme is run by West Sussex County Council Trading Standards Service as part of a partnership involving other Trading Standards Services across the country. BWC is the largest Trading Standards backed scheme of its kind nationally and continues to expand its geographical coverage. More details are available on the BWC website

limitations of the Scheme Trading Standards do not vouch for the fi nancial stability of any company or for their health and safety procedures. All information provided is to assist customers in exercising their own best judgement. All information is provided in good faith but no guarantee is given or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided.

Membership Fees Annual membership fees apply to each trading premises seeking approval and are based on the total number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees: • Up to 1-5 employees £150 inc. VAT per year per premises • From 6-20 employees £250 inc. VAT per year per premises • Over 21 employees £300 inc. VAT per year per premises There is also an initial £100 application fee. This nonrefundable fee is payable only once and covers the cost of the application process when you fi rst apply for membership.

What’s in it for Customers?

How to apply to join Buy With Confidence?

• A business that is committed to fair trading and providing a quality service for their customers • A business that complies with the spirit and the letter of the law and does not restrict customer rights • A business that deals with customers promptly, efficiently and courteously and in accordance with good trading practice • A business that has a sound customer complaints procedure • A business that ensures its staff are competent for the work they carry out • In the event of a dispute with the business which cannot be readily resolved, mediation may be offered by Trading Standards

Applications can be made through the Buy With Confidence website Alternatively you can contact West Sussex Trading Standards directly: Telephone: 01243 642124 Email Businesses must commit to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the scheme. Details of which are available on the Buy With Confidence website To request a printed copy of the Terms and Conditions or if you would like any other information, please telephone 01243 642124 or email

SuSSex Living July 2014


ry 201 4

No 105

March 2014

Man of letters


Give your business some FREE friends high visibility by being a distribution point for Sussex Living. You’ll be encouraging footfall straight to your door, and your business will get a distribution listing every month.


We distribute 17,000 copies each month. These can be found in over 160 local distribution points, including supermarkets, shopping centres, garden centres, railway stations, pubs, and local independent shops. Copies also go to around 100 doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries and some private hospitals, as well as over 125 restaurants. We post over 1,000 copies every month to local businesses. You can also fi nd complimentary copies of Sussex Living magazine in luxury hotels and retirement villages in the area, including St George’s Park, Danny House, Ockenden Manor, Copthorne Hotel, Lingfield Marriott, Alexander House Hotel, Tottington Manor, Highley Manor, Rowfant House and New Steine Hotel, for the benefit of residents, guests and visitors.

No 106

Benefit from becoming a Sussex Living distribution point

April 2014

Pick up a free copy of Sussex Living from any of the local businesses listed here. Our widespread distribution means that you don’t have to go out of your way to find us.


No 107


Feb rua

Edward Johnston Discover our

feathered Army Cadet Force

Old fo songs lk Army Cadet Force of Su ssex

Service with a smile

Service with a smile Home & Garden oor Pick the perfect fl Pick the perfeMid Sussex W he RDA ct floor n Fr eedo : to Fu water Health & Beauty Educ m to Health ca ation lk way me& Beauty Featu on its is page reing Sprin ride starts Spring Educat xx g is on its ion: way Pa New season, rent – new in the you! whol g Weddi echi ng Fe ld

Home & Garden

starts page



Interested? Give us a call on 01273 835355

Where to find

our magazines Businesses highlighted on the list have one of our distinctive swing signs. We try to make sure these locations always have magazines to pick up. Albourne Village Hall, Ernest Doe Power Ansty Ansty Cross Service Station Ardingly The Koorana Centre 01444 810295 Ashurst Wood New Store Post Office Balcombe Balcombe Tea Rooms, Balcombe Stores, Cowdray Arms 01444 811280 Bolney Bolney Cross Service Station, Eight Bells, Bolney Wine Estate, Old Mill Farm Shop 01444 881356 Bramber The Castle Inn Hotel Burgess Hill Help Point, Market Place Shopping Centre, Martlet Hall, The Triangle, Premier Inn, Miss Mabel’s Magnificent Emporium, The Town Fish and Chips, Hair+Beauty for Everyone, Sahara, Nazar Café, So Sussex Osteopathy 01444 810331, Munchies 01444 235015, P & S Gallagher 01444 239869, The Wine Stand 01444 616950, Bodle Brothers 01444 247757 Chailey May Cottage Tea Rooms, The Five Bells, South Chailey Stores, Chailey Heritage Foundation 01825 724444 Chelwood Gate National Cat Centre Clayton Jack and Jill Cooksbridge McBean’s Orchids, The Rainbow Inn


SuSSex Living July 2014

Crawley Down The Haven Centre, Denture Care Centre 01342 716822 Cuckfield Cuckfield Pantry & Tea Rooms, The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wealden Stores, Sussex Crafts 01444 455611, Cuckfield Pet & Country Store 01444 441511 Danehill Granary Flowers at Heaven Farm 01825 791115 Ditchling Ditchling Post Office, The White Horse, Hogg House Café, Oaks Poultry Farm 01273 843235 East Chiltington The Jolly Sportsman East Grinstead Chequer Mead Arts Centre, East Grinstead Museum, Library, Rail Station, East Grinstead Sports Club, Sainsbury’s, Martell’s, McIndoe Surgical Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital, Angelica’s Convenience Store, Broadleys, Sparrows Nest, W J Armstrong 01342 321478 Edburton Springs Smoked Salmon Fletching Griffi n Inn Felbridge Doves Barn Nursery Forest Row Llama Park, Bromige Ltd, Cyrnel Bakery, Bishops Home Hardware 01342 822740 Fulking Shepherd and Dog Goddards Green The Sportsman 01444 233460 Handcross Sabrina’s Sweet Things, Royal Oak Inn, High Beeches Tea Rooms, Country Gardens 01444 400725, Handcross Village Butchers 01444 400396

Hassocks Budgens, Hassocks Station, The Purple Carrot, Mill Nursery, JJ’s Café, Identity 01273 845777 Haywards Heath Sainsbury’s, Co-Op, Clair Hall, The Orchards Shopping Centre, Nuffield Health Hospital, Pet & Garden Warehouse, Café Elvira (Borde Hill), The Bay Tree, O Delice, Baldwins, Haywards Heath Town Council, Franklands Village Stores, Mike Oliver Associates, The Birch Hotel, Archies Sandwich Bar, Fox & Hounds, De Novo 01444 459166, Antares 01444 416892, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning 01444 223015, Strands 01444 414002, Go Gourmet 01444 410999, Action for Deafness 01444 415582, The Clinic at Borde Hill 01444 440857, Middleton 01444 450711, Deli 13 01444 450065 Henfield Budgens, Post Office, Stokes, Swains Farm & Produce Centre, The Bell Inn, Jack Dunckley’s Birchfield Nursery 01273 491392 Horsham Horsham Markets Horsted Keynes The Crown Inn Hurstpierpoint Washbrooks Farm, Cutters Barn, Co-Op, Janton News 01273 835401, Feathers 01273 834686, D & R Auto Care and Mace Shop 01273 831572 Keymer The Greyhound Inn Lindfield SWALK, Co-Op, Limes, Glyn Thomas Butchers, Keymer News 01273 843204, Clough’s 01444 452060, Field + Forrest 01444 483700 Lingfield Lingfield Station, Lingfield Community Centre 01342 833893

distributiOn Edenbridge





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Turners Hill


Ashurst Wood Forest Row

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Haywards Heath







Scaynes Hill

Sheffield Park

Bolnore Village


Goddards Green

Burgess Hill

Wivelsfield Wivelsfield Green South Chailey

Sayers Common Hurstpierpoint

Clayton Newtimber



Small Dole Bramber Edburton Upper Beeding

Plumpton Green

Hassocks Keymer




North Chailey






East Chiltington


Cooksbridge Offham



Distribution outlets

EASTBOURNE Maidenbower Co-Op, Frogs Hole Farm Pub 01293 885081

Pyecombe Pyecombe Golf Club, The Plough Inn

Upper Beeding Post Office, The Rising Sun, Nisa Local 01903 879976

Maresfield The Chequers Off ham The Chalk Pit, Blacksmiths Arms

Sayers Common LVS Café 01273 832901, Village Hall & Community Shop 01273 834224

West Grinstead The Orchard Restaurant 01403 865693

Pease Pottage Service Station

Scaynes Hill The Sloop Inn

Wineham The Royal Oak

Plumpton Half Moon, Plumpton Racecourse, Plumpton College, The Plough Inn 01273 890311

Sheffield Park Bluebell Railway

Wivelsfield The Cock Inn

Small Dole Stores and Post Office

Wivelsfield Green Post Office

Plumpton Green Village Store and Post Office

Staplefield Jolly Tanners 01444 400335, The Victory Inn 01444 400463

Poynings The Royal Oak, Rushfield Garden Centre 01273 857445

Turners Hill Grange Farm, Central Stores

Westmeston Middleton Common Farm

Steyning The White Horse

SuSSex Living July 2014


Letters Please email your feedback to Follow us on Twitter (@sussexliving) and Facebook (

Dear Sussex Living… …Thank you very much for publishing such an inspiring article about our art trail. Lisa really captured the spirit behind the project and the artists involved. The images help give people a flavour of what they will experience; I’m glad you managed to incorporate so many of them. I was impressed by the overall accuracy of the article as well as the design and layout.

last WORD The

June seems to have flown by in a flurry of activity, with some lovely sunshine to keep us all smiling. The South of England Show at the beginning of June was a real hit. From the office, both our Charlottes and Diane all thoroughly enjoyed their day out – a big thank you to Paula and Izzy from Natural PR for their time and hospitality. Thanks to Claire Peters and the team at Drusillas, Charlotte S and her 4-year-old daughter were treated to a special day out at the new Hello Kitty Secret Garden. Needless to say, both mother and daughter absolutely loved it! Diane and a friend sampled the delights on offer at Henfield’s Gardens & Arts event, where visitors were welcomed all over the village, and often with homemade coffee & cake! Diane also went along to the Cancer Awareness Workshop at Columbines in Hurstpierpoint – a very informative evening with tips for healthy living, courtesy of nutritionist Belle Amatt.

Talking to people at the May Fair recently, it was obvious that some had already heard about the trail through Sussex Living. This is brilliant publicity for us – let’s hope this translates into a well trodden art trail! Hannah Buckley Townscape 2014 Contemporary Art Trail, East Grinstead … Just to say how impressed I was with how the team at Sussex Living dealt with my advertorial in the March issue. Customer service was excellent from beginning to end, and that includes the copywriting, proofing and support service for the magazine article as well as the extra promotion through electronic media channels. All in all, I can’t fault the magazine’s service and I’m convinced this article was a very worthwhile investment in what I believe is a very high quality local publication. Chris Boocock, Pet Pods Ltd, Lindfield … I just wanted to thank you so much for my tickets to the South of England Show and to say how much we all enjoyed our visit. It is a long time since I last went and it was great fun. Thank you for all your efforts and to Sussex Living.  Sussex Living Competition Winner … Many thanks for the article and photo about the new piano in the June magazine. It looked great! Joan Denley Hurstpierpoint Singers

In East Grinstead, Charlotte P watched the long awaited McIndoe Memorial Statue being unveiled by Princess Anne, with many of the original members of the Guinea Club also present. Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the project, which should further raise East Grinstead’s profile. Finally, we had a great day out at the cats! Cats Protection at Chelwood Gate kindly invited us to be judges at their National Cat Awards, sponsored by cat food manufacturers Purina, which was a lot of fun. If you would like to cast your vote too, visit facebook. com/catsprotection for details. Celebrity judges will present awards and announce the overall National Cat of the Year 2014 at a ceremony at London’s Savoy Hotel in August. We also took a look round the cat adoption centre – and had to resist the temptation to take all the cute kittens and cats home with us! Here’s hoping that July brings a busy month’s trading for all our advertisers and much continued sunshine for our readers!

TanIS BanHaM & Carla FaulKS Co-Directors, Sussex Living Ltd


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Enjoy having a pet without the full-time responsibility and get paid! Currently looking for host’s with no other dogs, in and around the Haywards Heath Area. Previous experience with dogs essential.

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Man & Van R. A. Palmer Removals & Deliveries Garden Machinery House/Garage Sales & Service Clearances Collection & Delivery Furniture Disposal

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new builds

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of Ditchling Ltd C re a t o r s oEst.1960 f beautiful water and landscape gardens Est.1960

Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground Creating a new English wood in the heart of Sussex. Full Burial and Ashes Plots available. For further information or if you would like us to send you one of our brochures, please contact the office.

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QUALITY DECORATING SERVICES Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified.

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Eco GRP Roofing

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Software Supplies Website Design & Hosting Graphic Design

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Kitchen splash backs & shower screens • Glazing and double glazing repairs and servicing • Leaded lights - installation and repair • Sash windows - installation and maintain • Glass balustrades • Replacement windows, doors, conservatories and roof lanterns

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(bathing, toileting, support with getting up and going to bed)

• Support with Shopping & Meal Preparation • Prompting Medication • Support with Daily Routines (light domestic work, ironing etc)

• Overnight Support & Live-in Care • Specific Support for Children and Young People

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Card Front

Nina’s Craft Shop Angel Nails

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Moss removal and Gutter clearing • Moss removal • Gutter clearing • See the difference • Brush or jet wash options

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SuSSex Living July 2014

• Moss treatment with fungicide

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Sister company of Aerialbeam

The Tile People

01444 01444 474740 474740

Now Now In In Stock! Stock!

Unit Unit22Bridge BridgeRoad, Road,Haywards HaywardsHeath, Heath,West WestSussex SussexRH16 RH161UA 1UA Unit 2 Bridge Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1UA T:T:01444 01444474740 474740 T: 01444 474740

Indian Sandstone Only £17.99 m of VAT Paving inclusive Many Colours 2

Stone Tiles and Paving for Floors, Walls and Landscaping. Marblemosaics Ltd provide only the finest quality natural stone tiles at unbeatable prices direct from the importer. Natural stone tiles for walls, floors and paving for use in residential and commercial building projects, garden design and landscaping. The best quality stone at the best possible price. We have over 30,000 m2 in stock ready for immediate delivery or collection. Pop in or check our website for the vast selection of tiles we have on sale.

OPEN: MON-FRI 8am-5pm SAT 9.30am-12.30pm

Marblemosaics Ltd

Unit 45, The Old Brickworks Station Road, Plumpton Green East Sussex BN7 3DF

01273 891144

Stone tiles | Quartz tiles | Granite tiles | Pebble tiles | Mosaic tiles

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