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No 92 January 2013

The art of stained glass

Chailey Heritage Foundation

Every child is special Cobbs Mill

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Home sweet home

Rowfant Walk

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As we toast the beginning of the New Year, Sussex Living’s first issue of 2013 is full of things to celebrate. Hassocks’ Star Cinema is 10 years old (pages 72-73). An entirely volunteer-run initiative for the benefit of the local community, their monthly film nights at Adastra Hall are well worth a visit. It’s also the 20th anniversary of the Hurst & Hassocks Community Bus Service, an essential local service for many of our villages’ elderly residents. See pages 49-50 for the full story. This month, we have the first of our popular Wedding Features (pages 56-62) this season. Our special congratulations and best wishes go to Craig and Tasmin Wilson, who kindly agreed to share their wonderful wedding pictures (courtesy of with us. Stained glass is a beautiful sight, especially when it’s used to great effect on buildings, artefacts and objects – no wonder it has inspired numerous artists through the centuries. We sent Ruth Lawrence to shed some light on it (!) – see pages 7-10. Our thanks to David Randall (www.opusstainedglass., Tim Gill (, Jenny James ( and Dee Dobinson ( for

giving their time and advice so freely. We are especially grateful to Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club for giving us access to their converted chapel (the stunning Richard Towneley Suite) and, of course, our beautiful January cover picture. Roger Linn spent a day at Chailey Heritage School and was touched and humbled by the experience. Take a look at our feature on pages 27-31 and see for yourself how this truly inspirational place of learning is enriching the lives of many profoundly disabled children. As we continue our look at quirky and historic buildings, Ruth went to see Cobbs Mill (pages 22-24), an ancient and beautifully restored water mill and also a truly stunning family home. We’d like to thanks Tom and Stefanie Smith for giving us a private tour. Ever since we featured the magnificent Rowfant House in our January issue exactly a year ago, we’ve been hoping Les Campbell would send us a walk from around there. It’s taken a while for a crucial section of footpath to be fixed, so we now give you: the Rowfant Walk (pages 33-34). Finally, you may notice that Sussex Living magazine has a new look – we thought we’d celebrate the New Year with a bit of a redesign. Doesn’t it look fab? Wishing all our readers and supporters a Happy New Year.


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by Ruth Lawrence


Longing for some colour and light to brighten the short winter days, I combed the local area for past and present artists involved with the historic craft of stained glass.

Inspired by the light Few art forms react to their immediate environment as sensitively as stained glass. Utterly dependent on sunlight or an external source, colours respond and alter according to how they are lit. Most people naturally associate stained glass with windows, specifically church windows, but its versatility has ensured its continuation among 21st century artists. Writers as early as the 5th century mention coloured glass in windows. Set in wood or plaster frames, the shapes were limited by the weight and complexity the network could support. When lead began to be used, its strength and malleability enabled more creative freedom. Excavations in the north of England unearthed strips of lead and glass cut to continued on next page S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


continued from previous page

specific shapes dating from the 7th century. A 12th century treatise by a monk using the pseudonym Theophilus described how to make sheets of transparent coloured glass and fabricate a window. Although centuries of innovation have refined techniques, his basic concepts still hold true. During the Middle Ages, complex pictorial messages of salvation could be portrayed through stained glass windows. Lit like gigantic modern-day cinema screens, towering cathedral windows literally shone on the gathered congregation. Renaissance church windows seemed like translucent tapestries that told stories and served as a metaphor for God’s light and transparency. When Henry VIII began the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536, church stained glass was wantonly destroyed. Much of our medieval glass was lost during this period and it wasn’t until the early 1600s that a religious revival brought the craft back to life. The Victorian Gothic Revival gave rise to a relearning of medieval skills in stained glass making, leading to a thriving craft industry employing hundreds of workers. The architect Augustus Pugin found a glass painter skilled enough to satisfy his legendary perfectionism: John Hardman, whose studio was to become one of this country’s largest, remaining in family ownership until 1959. 80,000 stained glass windows were produced during Victoria’s reign, and two of the most prolific artists have left superb examples of their work in Sussex. Charles Eamer Kempe (whose cousin Thomas Read Kemp gave his name to Brighton’s Kemp Town development) produced exquisitely rendered, painterly glass. St George Church in West Grinstead has a window where Adam and Eve are depicted being expelled from Eden in subtle, rich colour with fine detailing throughout the design. Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones made panels for Morris & Co in 1862 for St Michaels Church, Brighton, depicting the Flight into Egypt and the Baptism of Christ. The Arts and Crafts movement saw female stained glass artists achieve wide recognition for the first time. Wilhemina Geddes created windows for Northchapel Parish Church in Sussex. Strikingly modern, they have a quality akin to woodblock printing with bold compositions and jewel-like colour.

Lit like


modern day cinema screens,

towering cathedral


literally shone on the gathered congregation.

80,000 stained glass windows were produced during

Victoria’s reign, and two of the most prolific artists have left superb examples of their work in Sussex. Harry Clarke was one of the most highly regarded stained glass artists and produced towering windows for the church which now forms part of the extensive Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club near Forest Row (see main picutre, right). Clarke used 35 shades of blue in the Sanctuary Windows. When I visited on a bright day, they shone with the iridescence of a butterfly’s wing or a piece of turquoise. Soaring like turrets of blue light, they have a hypnotic intensity made more intimate by the fine depiction of features on the figures’ faces. The 20th century heralded a new artistic freedom as stained glass became incorporated


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

into public buildings, art galleries and modernist domestic interiors. Engraving, sandblasting or photo etching could be combined with traditional methods to exert considerable control over the final image and produce works which would have been technically impossible previously. Entire walls could now be made of glass. Lit from behind with artificial light, they came alive at night and transformed city buildings. In Sussex today, most stained glass artists I spoke to found the majority of their work comes from restoration. David Randall of Opus Stained Glass in Poynings told me that panels usually last about a century before they need to be replaced or restored. continued on next page

continued from previous page

Between the lead and the glass is a stabilizing solution called ‘leaded light cement’. If windows flex in the wind, this eventually breaks down to powder, leaving windows to rattle and beginning to leak. Further movement means that the glass can crack and the panel has to be removed for repair. David said that the glass in ancient buildings will have been replaced several times, so medieval windows are never completely original. Previous artists used to carry out repairs with more lead but today glue is used to bond broken glass, enabling more light to filter through. David’s workshop was buzzing with activity. Artists were working on several restorations, and many commissions centre on replacement of worn Victorian panels or those removed when period features were considered unfashionable. David acts as a supplier to the burgeoning hobby artists. Courses are taught across the region in evening classes where you can learn how to cut, solder and

lead glass into panels, lampshades and a variety of decorative items. I visited the Laughing Dog Gallery to see some work by Sussex-based artists Dee Dobinson, Stephanie Else and Caroline Mouran. Gallery partner Jenny James stocks a colourful selection of wall panels, light catchers, lamps and home decorations. Dee undertakes commissions of clients’ pets in stained glass, delicate hanging panels that bring colour to a plain window, and richly coloured house number panels for exterior use. Stephanie makes subtle and powerfully abstract wall panels mounted in frames and delicately shaded seascapes that exploit the translucence of glass to advantage. Caroline creates light catchers that have a liquid quality, seeming almost like captive water held aloft by copper wire hangers. Tim Gill is a highly regarded stained glass artist whose public commissions include windows at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. The south facing windows have the blue sea as background and depict iconic Sussex landscapes with wildlife in the foreground. They have an exuberant quality, perfectly suited to their location and the Downland river valley and white cliffs make iconic Sussex motifs. The colouring process of stained glass is far deeper than simply painting on the surface. The ‘paint’ is composed of iron oxides and ground glass called ‘frit’. Once applied, the work is fired in a kiln. The surface softens enough to fuse the paint into the glass and create colour from within. The glass can then be cut and fixed within soldered lead panels that give shape to the piece, dividing it into sections of separate colour. David Randall estimated that a beginner could create a simple A4-sized door panel in around 6-8 hours and, judging by the activity in his glass supplies shop, many people are learning these centuries’ old techniques. Sussex has much to offer the curious onlooker in search of stained glass. From jewel bright windows to contemporary giftware, encompassing commissions and opportunities to create your own piece of translucent glass, there are examples from the deep past right up to the present day. No other medium changes with light as readily as glass; this quality gives it life and spontaneity as it alters with the hour and the season. Take in its timeless luminescence and be inspired by light.

No other medium changes with light as readily as glass, giving it life and spontaneity as it alters with the hour and the season .

Further Reading: ‘Decorative Glass’ by Nance Fyson ‘The History of Stained Glass’ by Virginia Chieffo Raguin ‘English Stained Glass’ by Painton Cowen With thanks to David Randall at Opus Stained Glass


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Searching for the

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Andy also stocks high quality Staples pocketed beds. “We are the largest stockist in Sussex. These beds have been produced for nearly 120 years,” he told me, adding that the beds offer the same exceptional quality as his sofas. As Andy’s showroom is located above the workshop, customers can actually see their sofa being made. There’s a comforting honesty about watching a craftsman hand-stitch a sofa that has a 10-year guarantee of construction and is built to last generations rather than years. “We encourage people to take their time; you can’t rush something as personal as a sofa.” I watched Andy advise some of his customers, encouraging the couple to find out exactly which design worked best for them. If you are pondering your options for recovering or replacing your existing sofa, get exactly what you want at this unique workshop. The right sofa can be pure joy and will never disappoint.

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LOCAL Do you love to sing? The Sussex Harmonisers have over 60 members in their male-voice chorus, singing unaccompanied four-part Barbershop harmonies, under the Musical Direction of Zoe Peate. The chorus rehearses every Tuesday (7.15-10.15pm) at St Paul’s College, Burgess Hill, to refine and perfect a changing repertoire of songs, from traditional Barbershop pieces to classics from people like Irving Berlin and Cole Porter, through to more modern pieces by groups like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Queen. The Sussex Harmonisers truly love to sing, and are regularly invited to perform at concerts, charity and business functions, weddings and other celebrations, throughout Sussex. Every year, the chorus also competes nationally against other choruses from all over Britain, and the Email your local news to annual Barbershop Convention is the major singing and social highlight of the year. New singers are always welcome. The Sussex Harmonisers will be having an Open Evening on 8 January, 7.15-9pm at St Paul’s College, Burgess Hill, where you can hear them sing, and even have a go if you want. A free sixweek introduction programme follows, where you can learn how to use your voice effectively, start to sing Barbershop music, and enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of singing with others.

You don’t need to be able to read music to join the chorus – they provide CDs and MP3 downloads as well as the words and music to help you learn each song, and there is always plenty of help available from experienced members. If you would like to know more about coming along to sing with the Sussex Harmonisers, call or email Brian Beglin, Membership Secretary on 01273 553102, brian@ .

The Pangdean Prom On Friday 18 January, the fundraising committee for the Pyecombe Church Building Fund are hosting ‘The Pangdean Prom’ at The Old Barn, Pangdean, Pyecombe. You are invited to come and enjoy a musical extravaganza of an evening, with a varied selection of songs performed by The B & H Soiree Rotary Singers, followed by a set from Lou Beckerman & The Chris Sutton Trio. Lou is a very well known local singer/songwriter and will be singing a selection of favourite songs from her repertoire, including her own compositions, and traditional sacred and folk songs that inspire her. She will then be joined by the very gifted Chris Sutton Trio (double bass, piano and drums) for a warm, vibrant and fun celebration of classic jazz. They’ll

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LOCAL be playing some of the best loved standards by great jazz composers from Gershwin to Monk and beyond… a journey from mellow soft ballads to blues; samba to swing, delivered with style. Doors open at 7.00pm with the concert starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 each and include nibbles and a glass of wine. Tickets can be purchased from Orion News in Hassocks or from Jean Wilkins on 01273 842028 or

Strictly ... The BIG Dance Off! It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – The BIG Dance Off! will be back on Saturday 9 March, and this year we are delighted to be hosted by The K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley. As in previous years, dancers of all ages, disciplines and Email your local news to abilities are invited to participate and can enter as a solo act, a couple or a team. For a mere £30 per act, you could find yourself champions by the end of the night! New for 2013 is our judging panel. In true ‘Strictly’ style, our contestants will need to impress not only the audience but our esteemed judges too. Over the past three years The Big Dance Off! has raised over £7,500 for local causes and we are delighted to again be supporting the Sussex-based children’s charity Time4Children ( The charity was established in 2005 and offers children someone safe to listen to them, through fully trained volunteers using reflective listening and nondirective play. As it has grown, they now support children in schools all over West Sussex at no cost to schools or families. Places are limited, so if you

would like to take part in The Big Dance Off! 2013, contact Claire for more information and a registration pack at thebigdanceoff@hotmail. or on 07813 680707. www.facebook .com/#!/ TheBigDanceOff

Winter Bird Walk

St Lawrence Fair The 700th St Lawrence Fair will take place in Hurstpierpoint on Saturday 6 July 2013. The theme for the fair will be ‘Seven’ – 007, seven dwarfs, 700 years, seven wonders of the world etc. To make this an extra special event, there will be a collectors’ brochure to celebrate this landmark anniversary. The St Lawrence Fair committee would love to hear from anyone who has photos or stories from fairs gone by. Please help us make this a fitting celebration of our village fair. Contact

A smallish but enthusiastic group appeared at Bedelands for the winter bird walk, on what was initially a grey but bright day. Sadly, the birds themselves must have been put under considerable pressure to boycott the event, because I can’t remember seeing so few at Bedelands. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable walk, relishing not just the occasional bird that we did see, but also admiring the

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CQC registered & approved by WSCC All our staff are CRB checked and fully trained 1a The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN SuSSex Living January 2013


LOCAL fantastic colours of the autumn leaves on display not just on the oak trees, but especially the beeches, hornbeams and Norway maple. Email your local news to The small number of birds however did nothing to spoil a pleasant walk on a mild winter day. Top avian sightings included a green woodpecker, a tree creeper and a small flock of long-tailed tits. John Prodger

Strictly blooms again!

The southern end of Big Wood looked a real picture with its carpet of bright yellow leaves. On a retrospective count, I think we must have seen only about a dozen different species, and heard at least three others.

Strictly Come Gardening, Haywards Heath’s Gardening show, is back, bigger and blooming, on Saturday 27 April, providing lots of ideas for your garden. The celebrity expert panel returns, chaired by Jean Griffin, BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey’s gardening guru. Last year’s exhibitors, plus many more, are planning to attend so we’ll again have the great Sussex gardens, plant specialists, nurseries, schools and colleges.

There are also new features planned, including flower arranging lessons from De Novo Flowers, a Gardening Treasure Hunt, where clues will be hidden in the shops in The Orchards Shopping Centre and a quiz entitled ‘Know your Plants’. There’ll also be lots of music and dance from local schools during the afternoon to make this a really fun community event! Virtually every school in and around Haywards Heath is taking part in the Strictly Schools Challenge. Young children are being asked to paint a picture of their favourite tree, while Key Stage 2 children will be creating their ‘Edible Metre’, a mini kitchen garden. Older students are being challenged to design a sustainable gardening feature – for example, something

optimising the use of water. Meanwhile, regulars at Age Concern’s Redwood Centre in Haywards Heath will creating brilliant floral displays in wheelbarrows, sponsored by The Orchards Shopping Centre. Any organisation or residents’ group wishing to become involved should contact Ruth on 01444 453399,

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“The tax landscape is changing all the time and it’s my job to help my clients to plan their tax position, so that they don’t pay any more than they need to.”

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SuSSex Living January 2013

LOCAL Email your local news to

Ditchling Players

Charity Quiz Night

The Ditchling Players are looking forward to their next production Far from the Madding Crowd (15-18 May) and are very pleased to welcome a new director, Steve Thurley, who has chosen this play, adapted from the novel by Thomas Hardy. Since its publication in 1874, there have been many adaptations and versions including radio plays, a musical, ballet and even an opera. As Steve says, “it offers a superb plot, immensely exciting characterisation opportunities and the chance to become involved in one of the truly great British love stories.” Auditions take place at Ditchling Village Hall on 14 January, 8pm. If you are unable to make the audition but would still be interested in being involved, please contact us on either 01273 842778 or 01273 844868 for further details.

The Mid Sussex Branch of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research held a Charity Quiz on the evening of 30 November 2012 at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield and raised the outstanding sum of £1,006. The evening was a great success enjoyed by all and a special thank you must go to our Quiz Master, David Turner, who made the evening so entertaining. Thank you also to King Fish in Haywards Heath who provided the excellent fish and chips. The Committee would like to thank the following organisations for their sponsorship and generous raffle prizes: PDH Cars Ltd, Hassocks; Heath Designs, Burgess Hill; Mansell McTaggart, Estate Agents, Burgess Hill; Masters & Sons, Funeral Directors, Lindfield; Flowercraft, Lindfield; The Bay Tree Cafe, Haywards Heath;

Lavender Motors, Haywards Heath; The Urban Sanctuary, Haywards Heath; Sainsbury’s, Haywards Heath; Friars Oak, Hassocks; Sussex Osteopath & Complementary Health Clinic, Hurstpierpoint. Thanks also goes to those who gave further raffle donations, to volunteers and committee members for all their hard work, who helped to make this such a successful evening. Also thank you to all the competing teams for their support, which was much appreciated. For more information on Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Research, please visit: leukaemialymphomaresearch.

Burgess Hill Choral Society We are a friendly and vibrant choir of around 90 singers, led by a dynamic conductor/ musical director, Michael Stefan Wood, who makes rehearsals fun, leading to inspired, high quality performances. We welcome experienced singers and those who have not sung for a while. Why not come and


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LOCAL try a rehearsal before deciding whether to join us? Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 8-10pm at the United Reformed Church Hall, Junction Road, Burgess Hill. Our 2013 season begins on 7th January and our Spring Concert will include Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and the world première of Requiem by Alan Smith, an acclaimed local composer. For further information visit www.burgesshillchoralsociety. or phone 01273 834223.

Life Saving Partnership A partnership between the South East Lions Clubs and the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance will help to save even more lives at night in 2013. In launching their public appeal, Lions Clubs in the South East have pledged to Email your local news to raise £250,000 over the next 10 years which will help the charity to achieve its aim of night flying. The funds will be a significant contribution towards the additional £1 million a year needed to allow the Air Ambulance to extend its operations. Adrian Bell, Chief Executive of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance said: “‘Lions Clubs have been long-term supporters of the Air Ambulance for many years. This is a major step forward in forging a path to operating by night and potentially saving many more lives each year.” The Air Ambulance currently operates two helicopters with two crews working from 7am7pm. But early next year the charity will replace one of its aircraft with a newer helicopter with night-flying capabilities which will allow the charity to operate after dark from the charity’s Redhill base. The


specialist doctor and paramedic crew bring to the scene of serious medical emergencies the type of skills normally only found in a hospital A & E department. Howard Lee, Chairman of the SE Lions Night Flying Appeal Steering Committee, said: “For quite some time, Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust has done a wonderful job during daylight hours reaching out to those in distress and bringing life-saving medical help as quickly as possible. Lions Clubs across the four counties have been more than pleased to assist over many years. Now we are proud to be able to act as one of the main catalysts to expanding the Air Ambulance service to cover the hours of darkness as well, bringing help to around 700 more people each year. Through this initiative, we feel we are making a difference; indeed we feel that this really is Lions Clubs Saving Lives.”

The 70 Lions Clubs across the South East and south London have been raising funds and providing services and facilities to their local communities for 50 years including helping to make a difference to the needy and to those experiencing less fortunate circumstances. Members of the Clubs come from varied backgrounds and professions using their skills and initiatives to improve the quality of life and the community.;

Mid Sussex Wellbeing The Mid Sussex Wellbeing Team is offering free induction sessions to help local people get the most out of outdoor gym equipment in Mid Sussex. Outdoor fitness equipment is provided by Mid Sussex District

Enjoy a festive atmosphere at Plumpton’s most valuable day of racing including the At The Races Sussex National, and live music from popular band Reel Strings.    A delicious Sunday lunch is served in the panoramic Paddock Restaurant.      A welcome glass of mulled wine, 3 course lunch and your table for  required.     the day is  only £42 per person– advance booking is required.     Gates open 11am. First Race 12.55pm     Advance Adult Admission £14 (£18 on the day)     Senior (60+) £14 on the day – photo ID required     Accompanied Children under 18: FREE

SUSSEX NATIONAL RACEDAY Sunday 6th January | 01273 890383 Plumpton RC Sussex Living 130x190.indd 1 SuSSex Living January 2013


06/12/2012 13:32

LOCAL Council in many of the parks around Mid Sussex. It gives local people the opportunity to stay fit and active without spending a penny on membership fees. However, just like a real gym, people get more out of the equipment if a qualified instructor is on hand to provide advice and support. The Mid Sussex Wellbeing Team is giving local people the chance to book a personalised induction session with a fitness expert. Not only will residents have the chance to learn how to use the open-air fitness equipment but instructors can help to develop a fitness plan that is tailored to suit each individual. Mid Sussex outdoor gyms boast a range of fitness equipment including, treadmills, chest press and lat pull-down machines, parallel bars, street fitness bikes and balance discs for Tai Chi. Each piece of equipment is low impact and Email your local news to resistance based, so it is safe for people of all ages who are looking to boost their health and fitness. The induction sessions are available at all eight outdoor fitness equipment areas in Mid Sussex. Local people can try an open air workout at: Balcombe Recreation Ground, Balcombe Fairfield Recreation Ground, Burgess Hill St John’s Park, Burgess Hill Holland Way, East Grinstead London Road, Hassocks Victoria Park, Haywards Heath Barn Cottage, Haywards Heath Reeds Lane, Sayers Common “Our outdoor gyms are located right in the heart of our local communities so that everyone has the opportunity to take regular exercise in the fresh air,” said Councillor Christopher Snowling, Cabinet Member

for Health and Community. “However, anyone who is unfamiliar with gym equipment may find these outdoor fitness areas a bit daunting so we want to show everyone just how easy they are to use. “Fitness experts are able to travel to your nearest outdoor gym so the inductions will take place at a park close to you. Sessions only take around half an hour and afterwards you will know how to take full advantage of the free exercise equipment that’s right on your doorstep.” The Mid Sussex Wellbeing Team is available to provide local residents with support and advice on all health and wellbeing issues, including taking more exercise, eating healthily, losing weight, cutting down on drinking, quitting smoking and managing stress. You can contact them by telephone on 01444 477191, by email at wellbeing@ or see www. To book a free induction contact Physical Activity Coordinator Kamella Clough by calling 01444 477048 or email K amella.Clough@midsussex.

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LOCAL Email your local news to

Mid Sussex Ramblers We offer a varied programme of walks throughout the year to suit all ages and walking abilities. Walks are arranged for every Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday throughout the year, and on Bank Holidays, and sometimes other days. They consist of halfday walks of 3-6 miles and, for the more energetic, all-day walks of 9-11 miles. During the summer months there are also Wednesday evening walks (3-4 miles) and weekend walking breaks and coach outings. Whether you’re a new or experienced walker, do give us a try. Visit www.midussexramblers. for more details.

Clayton Tunnel ‘Life above a railway tunnel’ – A presentation by David Porter:

Thursday 7 February, 7.30pm at The Old Meeting House, Ditchling. Nestling in the foot of the beautiful South Downs just to the north of Brighton, Clayton Tunnel North Portal is a truly unique building. Every day, hundreds of trains hurtle under this Gothic folly, whose imposing castellated towers protect the old tunnel keeper’s cottage. However, for most people this secluded building remains a mystery. What are its historical origins? What lies behind the commanding battlements? And what is it like having trains running right beneath your living room? This presentation will answer all these questions and more, featuring bold Victorian engineers, plucky railway families, all manner of flora and fauna, homemade jam and wine, railway disasters, secret passages and a few ghosts.


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by Ruth Lawrence

Home Sweet Home:


Dr Tom Smith and his wife Stefanie both grew up in the countryside; when they decided to leave London in 2009, they stumbled upon a building steeped in the deep rural past of Sussex.

Cobbs Mill Cobbs Mill is a working watermill, likely to have been standing in one form or another since Saxon times. The Domesday Book from 1086 lists three mills in the vicinity of Hurstpierpoint, probably the same three sites that are known today. “We weren’t looking for a mill; it found us,” said Tom as he recalled their search for an old rural property. The Mill had been saved from ruin in 2000 by the foresight of Les Thorpe and his son Lee, who restored the Mill complex and wheel, converting part of the Mill into an unusual residence. When the Thorpes began work, the building was rife with wood rot, extensive decay and structural instability. Grade II listed, the Mill would only have lasted another few years, were it not for their intervention. “80% of the structural timbers needed to be replaced,” remembered Lee, “the bottom 3ft was rotten and the roof had caved in.” Les was no stranger to a challenge. A Master Builder, specialising in historical buildings, he had restored Newhaven Fort and loved breathing new life into neglected buildings. Lee has inherited his


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

The Kitchen Specialists that you can trust

We weren’t looking for a mill;

it found us. father’s passion; he described how they lifted the building on hydraulic jacks, using the decayed timber base as a template to create a replacement. Living on site, father and son slowly eased the ancient building into existence again and learned much about its rich past in the process. Owners have been traced from 1605. From 1834, the Packham family ran the Mill well into the 1900s, and William Packham’s name is carved into a beam in what is now a bedroom. Under their ownership, the Mill’s capacity was increased to four millstones and it became an important part of the local economy. The Mill was water driven until about 1870 when steam was introduced to ensure continuous milling through long, dry summers. The steam engine boiler survives as an upright water tank; it’s a solid reminder of the days when the Mill must have breathed like a dragon, stoked by workers, steam belching from behind the timbers on hot summer days.

The Kitchen People 61 The High Street, Lindfield West Sussex RH16 2HN

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Cobbs Mill: A modern family home.

With renewable energy and the repurposing of buildings pointing the way to a sustainable future , Cobbs Mill looks strangely

continued from previous page

Around 1906, steam gave way to a gas Tangye engine that has been restored to working order by the Sussex Engineering and Industrial Society. Dennis Richardson from the Sussex Engine and Associated Machinery Society arrived during my visit to run the engine, turning brass knobs and levers, watching dials and making adjustments until it roared to life, the heart of the Mill awoken. The 50HP four-stroke engine is now run on propane, but previously a gas-producing plant in an adjacent building would have supplied the fuel. The last millers of Cobbs Mill were Fred Sayers and Percy Trower. Fred’s parents met in the village when his mother Peggy was billeted there during the war. The millstones turned for the last time in 1966 and Tom showed me how the gigantic cogs would have turned the heavy stones, grinding corn to supply the local area. Wheel teeth were made of fruit tree wood, hard enough to prevent friction building up. All 160 teeth were made by hand and even the quickest glance reveals the sheer amount of labour that went into constructing and maintaining this machinery. I wondered what it felt like to live in a building that once played such a central role in the lives of local people. Reminders of its former function are everywhere and I guessed it must have had a profound effect upon its inhabitants. “It’s a different world,” said Tom; “it has immense character. It’s timeless, peaceful, quirky and unique and you can

ahead of its time.


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

feel the links with this part of the world.” The mill turned out to be the perfect place to bring up their two children – large rooms, lots of wall space and a hundred places to play hide and seek. I realised the opportunity such an environment would present for a child’s creativity and curiosity, from the clattering engine to the gigantic wheels turning like the insides of some enormous clock. Floor-to-ceiling metal columns give the downstairs rooms an almost nautical feel and when Tom described the timbers creaking in strong winds, I imagined the similarity to a great ship at sea. The millwheel connects the building directly to the landscape, linking it to weather and rainfall in a way that few buildings will ever experience. Tom particularly loves the way the Mill engages the family with nature. “We see the full moon reflecting on the mill pond, we’ve seen owls, deer, bats and a kingfisher,” he told me, before joking that they now have the largest water feature in their social circle! Large it certainly is: the millwheel had to convert the tumbling river into power and power meant food for the village. Nearly 7 feet wide and 11 feet in diameter, the turning wheel is an impressive sight, turning the Mill into an intrinsic part of the diverted Herrings Stream, a headwater of the River Adur. With renewable energy and the repurposing of buildings pointing the way to a sustainable future, Cobbs Mill looks strangely ahead of its time. A 1,000-year-old building at the heart of a community, it has, like the wheel it supports, turned full circle, giving future generations the inspiration to restore the past for new and vivid purpose.

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SuSSex Living January 2013

by RogeR Linn

communit y

Every child is special Chailey Heritage School is a pioneering centre of excellence for young people with complex physical disabilities and learning difficulties. It was Lord Morris, champion of the disabled, who said: “I would choose a society where...if years cannot be added to the lives of the disabled, at least life can be added to their years.” He could have been describing Chailey Heritage Foundation, which includes Chailey Heritage School and Children’s Home, because the vision he expressed so eloquently mirrors almost exactly the ambition which drove Dame Grace Kimmins to open a school in Chailey for disabled boys in 1903. “Wounded soldiers fighting the battle for an independent life” was how she described her charges and although, over the years, her school has grown and changed out of all recognition into today’s world-renowned institution, her philosophy of ‘never, ever give up’ is still central to its mission. Originally, Chailey was set up to care for children with what, nowadays, we would regard as relatively straightforward disabilities, such as the loss of a limb.

However, the advent of the National Health Service and advances in medical science have combined to provide infinitely better care in our community than was ever envisaged by Dame Grace. In consequence, Chailey Heritage School now cares for children and young adults with only the most serious and complex physical and mental disabilities. I was invited to spend a morning with the staff and pupils at Chailey and it was a highly inspirational as well as an illuminating experience. Sylvia Lamb is the charismatic Principal who has spent her entire teaching life enabling children with special needs. As well as giving me the basic information about the school and its pupils, she explained Chailey’s ethos – what drives her and her staff. “Our core values lie in pursuing the potential that exists in all of our pupils. We believe every child, no matter how disabled, has the right to strive. Every child can make a next step. Our job is to find out what they need to make that step and enable them to try.” For some of these children, the next step can be something as simple as smiling or tapping a finger. As if to demonstrate the immense difficulty underlying this seemingly straightforward ambition, I was privileged to be shown some of the raw statistics which illuminate the reality of everyday life in Chailey continued on next page SuSSex Living January 2013


We believe every child , no matter how disabled, has the right to strive.

Left: Verena Hanbury MBE, President of Chailey Heritage Foundation

continued from previous page

Heritage Foundation. All of the children have multiple disabilities. On the day of my visit, the school had 72 pupils between the ages of 2 and 19. Only two of these children could stand unaided and then only with great difficulty, especially since one of them is both blind and deaf and needs to be led. All other pupils are wheelchair-bound, and seven of them have to spend all or part of the day prone on a trolley. 61 pupils were visually impaired, of whom 12 were also deaf. 32 had epilepsy and there were a number of cases of autism of varying degrees of severity. 46 children needed to be fed by gastrostomy tube, and the staff would deliver 700 different sorts of medications that day. The Foundation was also caring for a further 17 similarly challenged young adults aged 19 to 25. If those numbers and the distressing nature of the profound disabilities they reveal make you think that Chailey is a hospital, you must think again. This is a school, but one with NHS world-class medical support permanently on site. There are no ‘patients’ here, only pupils. And if teaching them how to communicate is probably the single most important subject on the timetable, at least initially, the National Curriculum is adhered to as far as is possible for each child throughout the school. Ofsted inspections are a regular feature of the school’s life. Here is


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

an extract from a recent report: ‘...a combination of outstanding teaching, excellent curriculum, accommodation and resources...’ The rest of the 15-page report continues in the same vein and concludes by describing Chailey Heritage School as ‘outstanding’. After I had been guided round the school, I thought they might have added ‘happy’. My guide turned out to be none other than Dame Grace Kimmins’ granddaughter, Verena Hanbury MBE, President of Chailey Heritage Foundation. Would that I had the space to tell you of the impression the tour made on me as we visited group

after group of busy, engaged, sometimes joyful children with their dedicated teachers and teaching assistants. Although all of them were confined to the complex and expensive wheelchairs essential to their daily lives, they were clearly committed to and deeply involved in a wide range of activities appropriate to their disabilities. In a group of infants, a visually impaired child was listening to a drum softly played while her hand rested on the instrument to feel continued on next page

Below: Sylvia Lamb, Principal of Chailey Heritage School

This is a school,

but one with NHS world-class medical support permanently on site. There are no patients here, only pupils .

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

29 29

continued from previous page

its vibrations. In an older group, a young man was using a Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) to discuss with his teacher which keyboard he wanted for his ongoing IT work. Christmas decorations were being made and biscuits baked. Some very young children were having a rest period attended by their carers while music filled the background. Each child of school age has his/her own programme and is taught to use the Chailey Communication System, a personalised vocabulary set of pictures and symbols which can be easily extended and enhanced as the child’s abilities increase. VOCAs of different degrees of sophistication are used extensively and the ‘sign-a-long’ communication system is also used throughout the school, with training in ‘sign-a-long’ being mandatory for all staff. Advances in technology, of which VOCAs are good examples, have made and continue to make real differences to the lives and to the future

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We will never, ever give up looking for ways to support our learners to make their own choices in life , and to achieve their own desired destinations . potential of Chailey’s pupils. The latest and, for me, the most exciting is called ‘Eyegaze’. Currently, the school owns one of these astounding devices (your donations could help buy more!), allowing users to operate a computer by simply looking at the monitor screen. Try googling ‘Eyegaze’. I promise you’ll be amazed. The possibilities are simply staggering. Chailey is fortunate in having its own highly talented Research & Development Engineers who identify ways that technology and equipment can improve the young people’s mobility and independence. One of their many innovations is the Track System – a network of more than a kilometre of buried cable that guides powered wheelchairs around the school and grounds. I finished my morning by

talking with Simon Yates, the school’s Head Teacher and yet another of Chailey’s inspirational leaders. We had a wide-ranging conversation about what the school means to him and the responsibility he feels towards the parents as well as the pupils. I found it quite humbling and I really can’t do better than share his vision with you: ‘Every learner at Chailey Heritage School will be given every opportunity to make progress towards fulfilment. We will never, ever give up looking for ways to support our learners to make their own choices in life, and to achieve their own desired destinations.’ Future plans include the launch in April of Chailey’s own Life Skills Centre, which will allow the school to cater for the needs of the 19-25 age group, by offering a range of provisions including a

purpose-built kitchen, an IT suite, a gym and sauna/spa bath for leisure and therapeutic activity and much more. At the heart of the Centre will be a café that will be open to the wider community as well as young people. It is important to stress that, apart from statutory funding for the day-to-day operation of the School, Chailey relies entirely on charitable donations to provide the wide range of equipment and facilities – like the Eyegaze – to enable these young people to experience such a wide variety of activities. If you would like to contribute to the amazing work of Chailey Heritage Foundation, there’s plenty you can do. Whether it’s becoming a volunteer or simply donating some much needed funding, you will be supporting an outstanding, world-class establishment.


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Henfield Road, Poynings, Brighton BN45 7AY S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

by Les camPbeLL

LocaL waLK

Start the new Year with a short, easy walk, passing through the attractive grounds of Rowfant House and following the course of a former railway.



From Worth Way car park, return to Wallage Lane and turn left, passing the buildings on your right of the former Rowfant Station. This station was one of two on the Three Bridges to East Grinstead branch line (the other being Grange Road) which succumbed to the Beeching cuts in the mid 1960s. The reason why a station was provided here in such a remote location was due to a former owner of Rowfant House, Curtis M Locker-Lampson, an American fur trader, who agreed to the sale of his

land to the railway company in return for his own station! To start the walk, take the path signed ‘Worth Way to Crawley Down and East Grinstead’. On reaching a concrete road, turn left for a few yards to join Wallage Lane once again. Turn left along the lane and, at a red post box, turn right into the grounds of Rowfant House. The origins of this building date back to the late 16th century, and it

was extensively restored in the 19th century. It is owned by the Latvian Church and is available for private functions and has a bar area serving light meals. A feature article on Rowfant House can be found in Sussex Living’s January 2012 issue. To resume the walk, the path bears immediately right to cross a bridge between metal posts to join a drive. Bear left along the drive, which swings right, with Rowfant House now in front of you. Pass under an arch, then continued on next page

SuSSex Living January 2013


continued from previous page

right through a parking area. At the end, bear left on a track, then almost immediately right on a signed path going uphill. The path soon becomes enclosed between banks and joins a rough track coming in from your right. Carry on ahead, with buildings on your left and, at a path junction just past no.2 Home Farm, turn left and follow this track through farm buildings to eventually arrive at Old Rowfant. The track bears right here for a few yards before going left downhill on a gravel track to Rowfant Mill and its attractive mill pond. Carry on uphill and, on reaching Ley Lodge on your right, turn left on a signed surfaced track which bears right at the entrance to Ley House. Bear left on a confined path



between farm buildings, then left on to a track. Take the obvious path ahead, which soon becomes a grassy track, eventually rising uphill between fences to enter woodland via a stile. Follow the meandering path through the wood to join a road. Bear left along this road for a few yards, then left to join the Worth Way by a white house which was the former crossing keeper’s cottage. Follow the Worth way back to your car at the start of the walk.

3.5 miles 1 Ordnance Survey Explorer Map No.135 Worth Way Car Park, Wallage Lane, close to the old Rowfant railway station Rowfant House Map Š Ordnance Survey None

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run If you were in Haywards Heath last May 6, you might have seen an under-trained and over-strained runner (me) desperately trying to keep up with a much fitter colleague, during the Sussex Living Marathon. Walking was painful for days afterwards. Having agreed to run again in 2013, I decide to stick to a proper training plan, and ask a couple of personal trainers for advice. I am told I can save time by following pre-prepared training plans, Living 130 from online. and that there arequarter plenty96 to xchoose I’m going for a 12-week half-marathon plan 3.875 x 5.25 inch which looks manageable: an easy half-hour run on Tuesday; half an hour of slow-fast-slow-fast running on Wednesday; a fast half-hour on Friday; and three miles on Sunday. This sounds easy, but the distances and times increase pretty quickly. If I followed the routine for 12 years instead of 12 weeks, I’d end up jogging to Uzbekistan and back every Sunday (and risk missing Downton Abbey if I got held up at border control). There are other things to think about too, say the professionals. First: eat healthily. That’s no fun. As Woody Allen said: “You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.” What is actually suggested is eating more carbs, which sounds easy enough. I’ll just follow someone on the Atkins Diet round the supermarket, and buy everything they don’t buy. Second, listen to music for motivation, or run with friends. Again, that’s probably not too strenuous, unless you’re friends with Haile Gebrselassie and Mo Farah. Third, don’t just run. Try other things, like Pilates and gym exercises, for all-round strength. I don’t really go to gyms. They seem to be places where people who are tougher than me gather to grunt and grimace at each other and listen to almost unbearable pop. And the only thing I know about Pilates is that, contrary to popular rumour, it wasn’t invented by Pontius Pilate. Maybe I’ll try it in a future column. Next month, I’ll actually do some running and report back.

The Sussex Living Marathon Weekend 2013 is fast approaching! In its first year in 2012, over 1,300 entries were received for the Marathon Weekend. Hoping to build on this, the three-day event will again be taking place over the May Bank Holiday. (4-6 May 2013) Comprised of three races over three days – 10 miles each in East Grinstead and Haywards Heath and 10 km (6.2 miles) in Burgess Hill – the combined distance is the full 26.2 miles of a marathon. Race spaces are available now. Why not set yourself a New Year challenge and enter one or more of the races? Each race can be entered individually and you can sign up online at One of last year’s runners was Lucie Venables (pictured right) from Mid Sussex District Council. Lucie is back this year, not only to run a leg of the Sussex Living Marathon Weekend – she is also the lead contact for the event! Lucie says: “I’m really excited to be leading this event for Mid Sussex District Council and I think the fact that I have experienced the Marathon Weekend at the sharp end will really help me get it right for everybody involved.” Lucie is currently looking for commercial event sponsorship for 2013, with packages available for all. Sponsorship opportunities include coverage of your business in Sussex Living magazine and other publicity material. Why not raise the profile of your business in Mid Sussex and be part of a fantastic community event? To talk through the packages available, call Lucie on 01444 477012 or email Lucie is also looking for volunteer marshals for the three races. For more details call 01444 477012 or email Don’t forget, you can follow the Sussex Living Marathon Weekend on Twitter (@livingmarathon) and Facebook (Sussex-Living-Marathon).

We believe good health concerns your entire wellbeing and is not simply an absence of illness. Prevention really is better than cure. With the start of the New Year, why don’t you book in for an acupuncture treatment at Sussex Osteopath and Complementary Health Clinic, Hurstpierpoint? With Spring approaching, harmonise your energies, ready for the change of season. We also offer Facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Give yourself a boost and look youthful – the natural way.

10% off

during January EVENING AND WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 135-137 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9PU - Tel 01273 835116

SuSSex Living January 2013


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Naldred Farm Offices, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1XR

01444 616797 • McTimoney Chiropractic • Osteopathy • Acupuncture • Reiki • Nutrition Reflexology • Hypnotherapy • Counselling • Homeopathy • Meditation Energy Healing • Life Coaching • Mindfulness Groups • Holistic Massage Chrysalis Effect: help with ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia

Invest in a fresh NEW YOU this NEW YEAR with The Clinic... The Clinic at Borde Hill invite you to try one or many of the therapies they offer this New Year. Not only is the environment calm, quiet and rejuvenating it will leave you feeling revitalised with its natural products available to buy. High quality Glucosamine is perfect for joints and the unqiue Electric Body skin care range is a healthy, natural and a safe choice for the whole family. What more could you want in the new year than to feel oxygenated, detoxified and nourished? The Clinic owner, Tony Dawson offers a new concept in health care, bringing together experts in all aspects of body therapy under one roof. Working from a converted dairy on the Borde Hill Estate, Tony and his dedicated group of practitioners offer therapies including McTimoney Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Nutrition. The Clinic has recognition from all major health insurance companies.


NE W O YE 10%FFER AR all pro OF Jan duct F uar s in y

Please contact Tony Dawson on 01444 616797 for more information.


The Heel & Foot Pain Specialists The Heel & & Foot FootPain PainSpecialists Specialists Leading Edge Leading Edge Edge Leading Technology Technology Technology Our scanner system

We are are experts expertsin intreating treatingfoot foot We We are experts in treating and heel heelpain painproblems problems foot and and heel pain problems

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functionbecomes becomesaaquality qualityofof function function becomes a life issue. If you cannot walk,of life issue. If you cannotquality walk, life issue. If you cannot life becomes diffi cult. life becomes difficult. walk, life becomes diffiof cult. Poor alignment ofthe thefeet feet Poor alignment Poor alignment of the and legs can cause wear and and legs can cause wear andfeet andtoto legs canparts causeofof wear and tear other parts thebody body tear other the tear to other parts of the body oft en disrupting normal knee often disrupting normal knee oft en disrupting normal knee function and hip alignment function and hip alignment function and hip alignment wellasasincreasing increasing forceson on asas well forces as well as increasing forces muscles in the lower back. muscles in the lower back. on muscles in the lower back.

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Our scanner system Our scanner system provides dynamic provides aa 3D 3D dynamic provides a 3D dynamic scan of the foot, scan of the foot, scan of the foot, ankle, hip ankle, knee knee and and hip ankle, knee Our and hip in in motion. motion. Our intechnology motion. Our will help help technology will technology to foothelp to diagnose diagnosewill foot to diagnose footpain. and lower pain. and lower limb limb and lower limb pain. Prescriptive foot orthotics Prescriptive foot orthotics Prescriptive can sufforthotics ering and and can help help end endfoot suff ering can help relapse. end suffering and prevent prevent relapse. prevent relapse.

To make make an an appointment appointmentcall callone oneofof our ourSussex Sussexclinics clinicsororvisit visitour ourwebsite: website: To To make an appointment call000 one| of our Sussex clinics or visit our website: SEAFORD : 01323 890110 | LEWES : 01273 475 WWW.THEFOOTSPECIALISTS.CO.UK

SEAFORD : 01323 890110 890110 || LEWES LEWES ::01273 01273 475000 475000 || WWW.THEFOOTSPECIALISTS.CO.UK WWW.THEFOOTSPECIALISTS.CO.UK SEAFORD : 01323 890110 | LEWES : 01273 475000 | WWW.THEFOOTSPECIALISTS.CO.UK SuSSex Living


January 2013

by Suzi Reeve

advertising feature

Do you want to start the New Year feeling positive and in control? Then Freedomlite may be your answer.

Healthy habits for a

lighter weight

At this time of year, the media is full of quick-fix diets and exercise plans, and it’s easy to grab the first one you read in the hope that it will give you results. This may be fine if it’s just a few extra Christmas pounds that you need to lose, but if you want to shift a larger amount of weight, you need a programme that offers support and techniques to help you not only lose the weight but keep it off. Freedom Leisure is one of the largest not-forprofit leisure trusts in the South East and focuses on encouraging people to enjoy (and benefit!) from their leisure time. In addition to a broad range of gym, swimming and fitness classes, Freedomlite – in partnership with weight loss guru Pete Cohen – is an 8-week course that addresses nutrition, exercise, habit breaking and motivation to help re-educate you, to achieve sustainable weight loss results. Debbie Reed explained the programme to me. “Freedomlite is a holistic approach to losing weight. This is not a diet or calorie-counting regime; it’s about new behaviours. The weight got there through behaviours and habits, and with a little bit of guidance, you can change those behaviours and habits to lose the weight too.” There are no rules – just tools. “We want people to work at their own pace,” said Debbie. “Think on six months and visualize how you want to look and feel about yourself.” The programme has four stages: Stage 1 prepares you for

Pete Cohen (bottom centre), Freedom Leisure’s Bev Whitney (fourth from right) and Freedomlite participants Above – Alison Kennard after Freedomlite Right – before

your journey – not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. In Stage 2, the tools you need to stimulate change are introduced. Stage 3 supports you in putting these tools into practice and Stage 4 helps you perfect your newfound regime, so that it becomes second nature. The Freedomlite programme helps build confidence and self-belief. Crucially, you are supported by a qualified weight loss practitioner every step of the way. You’ll also discover enjoyable ways to exercise, even if going to a gym has always appeared a daunting task. And you’ll make friends along the way – there’s even a Freedomlite community blog to encourage interaction. Freedomlite is a powerful and effective programme that will really help you achieve your goals for 2013 and beyond.

The weight got there through behaviours and habits , and with a little bit of guidance, you can change them, and lose the weight too. “The programme has changed my life completely. I am now much more confident, my food choices are improved, I have more energy and feel fitter and healthier than ever. The website has been such a help and the love and support is amazing.” (Linda) “You get support from other people on the programme – far, far more than the weekly chat during the weigh-in at the slimming club.” (Kat)

For details on how to join the Freedomlite programme, email, or visit

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


by nicoLe tata

When it comes to shoes, i need no encouragement to go shopping. Boots, especially, are a weakness.

Can a girl ever have enough pairs?

heaLth beaut y st yLe


Bootylicious! As it’s cold outside, it seems a sensible idea to buy a (new) pair. So, like a pro, I start by making a list of ‘must have’ boxes to tick: something stylish and on-trend, but not too silly; a pair I can wear comfortably during the day, but smart enough for going out in; at a price point that doesn’t require remortgaging the house; and probably black leather. Simple enough? You would think so. I went off-duty, online and in-store in search of the perfect pair and found myself caught up in a maze of befuddling footwear fashion options. Had I considered biker boots? They look ohso-cool teemed with flippy mini skirts and grungy jumpers, the fashionistas tell us. The contrast of masculine boots (especially the studded ones) and petite girly frame is what gives ‘the boyfriend look’ its fashion edge. Real women with average-sized bones stand no chance here. Distressed military boots, de rigueur several seasons ago, suffer from a similar problem, though I still mourn the passing of mine. Too old, too distressed. Move along.


SuSSex Living January 2013

Then there’s that whole sky-high (thigh-high?) heeled, spiky boot business that I find difficult to take seriously, like TOWIE or 50 Shades of Grey. As winter footwear goes, this particular look fails epically on all fronts. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have what Mumsnet insiders affectionately term ‘mum boots’. Perfect for running around after your toddler, eminently practical, supercomfy and nil style points. Perhaps wedges would be a good all-round choice? The heel height tends to be mitigated by a concealed platform, making wedge boots surprisingly wearable as well as providing a good dose of fashion cred. That’s why I already own a pair. My hope of finding anything half decent was waning fast when, like an epiphany, the perfect pair of boots revealed itself to me. I am now the proud owner of a classic Chelsea ankle boot with enough of a heel to give me a lift, smooth soft matt black leather that will mellow and look better with every step I take, and a timeless style that will set me up for years, sartorially speaking. OK, so they didn’t even come close to passing the price test but, as investments go, they’re bound to perform better than any money I may have had left in the bank!

Are you desperate to lose your weight once and for all? W

hat do you do when you have tried everything to lose weight, but yet you still have a weight problem? Nothing seems to work, as your weight steadily increases. If this sounds familiar read on!

The most common complaints that Rachel Ricketts, weight loss consultant hears are: • The effects that being overweight have on energy levels and health • Feeling very uncomfortable with excess weight • Constantly dieting but yet weight is steadily increasing • Frustration with very slow weight loss • Unhappy with the way one looks Judging by the endless list of hand- written testimonials, it is very evident that the programme is hugely successful. Time after time the testimonials show the life changing results that Rachel’s clients achieve.

Key points of the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme • Expected average weight loss of 10 -14 lbs. a month • No pills, diet shakes – just healthy foods • One-to-one support • Easy to follow guide line for weight maintenance Rachel has also earned the respect of GP’s who are very impressed by the weight loss they have seen in some of their patients as a result of working with Rachel and her team.

“This is one of the few weight loss programmes that our surgery will endorse.” “I am amazed at how quickly you have lost the weight, come off all your medication and yet look so well at the same time!” “A lot of my patients have lost their weight with you, now the time has come for me to do the same!” “This is the first time I have seen a diet so rapidly reduce cholesterol.”

Kirsti lost 2 stone

“I was desperate to find something that worked. I had struggled with my weight for so long. While I was on the programme I wasn’t hungry and didn’t have any cravings. I am absolutely delighted with my 2 stone weight loss.”

Call now for a free consultation

Tel. 01342 327396 Rachel Ricketts Weight Loss Consultancy SuSSex Living January 2013


Hair Emporium


New Year Start 2013 as you mean to go on – happy healthy and looking fabulous!

Julie Forbes & Associates

Massage Reflexology Reiki • Aromatherapy Massage • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Indian Head Massage • Pregnancy Massage • Reiki Columbines, 61 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9RE Tel: 01273 833133 Mob: 07759 667015

Leaf of Lindfield

SALE IN STORE & ONLINE Looking for a dress with sleeves? Visit our new website 39 High Street Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2HJ Tel: 01444 484333 Free parking at rear


SuSSex Living January 2013

50% off NEW Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Retexture System Valid until 31 January 2013. (limited places available)

Three ways to get your curls under control. Sleek & straight, lift & volume, soft smooth waves, with beautiful customised results. Book now for a free consultation with this offer. 50 Keymer Road, Hassocks West Sussex BN6 8AR Tel. 01273 841234

Health | Beauty | Wellbeing

JANUARY OFFER Treat for your hands Columbines has the perfect postChristmas treat for dry hands – a deluxe manicure for the price of a standard manicure (£24), valid until 31/01/13. This luxury treatment includes tidying nails and cuticles, hand massage, ultra moisturising wax dip and a polish/buff to finish. For your appointment, call or pop into the salon: Columbines Health Beauty & Wellbeing 61 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9RE Tel: 01273 833133

Nicola Preston Bell BA DHypPsych (UK) GHR Reg Registered Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner Experienced Therapist, with many satisfied clients. Call me if you would like help with: • Weight management • Stop smoking • Alleviate anxiety • Lift depression • End phobias • Fertility & Hypnobirthing Clinics in Hurstpierpoint and Haywards Heath. Call 01444 819075 for appointments and for a confidential chat. Email:


Marc Stenham

MBAcC - BSc Oriental Medicine Clinics in Haywards Heath at: The Dolphins Medical Practice 01444 414 767 Age UK - Low Cost Clinic 01444 450 248 (over 50’s only) More and more people are discovering what Acupuncture can do for them. What can it do for you?

Feathers, 155 High Street, Hurstpierpoint Tel: 01273 834686 Visit our new website

For more information: Call Marc on 07788 696145

... for health! Aspire Sussex Health and Beauty Courses in Burgess Hill Would you like a NEW career in the health & beauty industry? We provide part-time courses to enhance your skills and knowledge in this exciting profession. We offer Level 2 City and Guilds and Level 2 and 3 VTCT courses in: Beauty Therapy, Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

We are enrolling NOW for courses commencing in January 2013. Please telephone 01444 236355 or email burgesshill.acl@

Here at Just Fish we offer locally sourced fresh fish daily. We also purchase products from all over the UK and abroad, to offer our customers the finest quality and selection. Fish is essential for a balanced diet. A low fat, high quality protein, regular consumption of fish can reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders. When it comes to fish – Simon and James have a wealth of experience – just pop in and ask Just Fish, 115 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PU Tel: 01273 835511

Want to know about our ‘special offers’ and ‘catch’ updates – join our emailing list. @JustFish2

Buy 4 Sunbed Sessions, Get 1 Free Set to soul-stirring music you won’t be able to resist, Nia is the kind of exercise your body will love! A sensory–based form of non-impact aerobics which draws from dance, martial and healing arts. Performed barefoot, each move can be adapted to individual abilities. Improve your wellbeing and have fun while burning calories, improving mobility, balance and cardiovascular fitness. For more info. on Nia Classes:

Buy 8 Sunbed Sessions, Get 3 Free 188 London Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8LL Tel. 01444 248084 SuSSex Living January 2013


Where will you go? 2013? Each week, from January, we are devoting our office to one of our partner operators – taking you to far flung places of the world ....Africa, the Caribbean, Indo China, River Cruises and more ....every Saturday, meet our expert from the destination - and find out more over a glass of wine and some authentic nibbles!

Our Weekly Window to Wonderful Holidays! 02 January Longwood Holidays – Cyprus, Eilat and the Red Sea, and closer to home... The Channel Islands. 07 January USA – and the beaches of Florida. 14 January Jetset – Worldwide flight routes and stopovers, tailor-made multi-stop holidays, hotels, cars, sightseeing tours, trains and motor homes. 21 January APT – Escorted Touring Holidays and Luxury River Cruises. 28 January Cosmos – Tours and Cruises and Avalon Waterways.

Only at Hallmark Travel: 3 West Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4EY Tel: 01342 312305 Email:

Tel no 01444 455955 Reg. charity 291646

now it’s your turn...

achieve your personal best in 2013 12 months for the

price of 10! offer ends 31.1.2013


0845 803 5518

The Dolphin, The Triangle, Kings Centre, Hassocks Sports Centre & K2 Crawley


SuSSex Living January 2013

by suzi Reeve




adveRtising featuRe


from the inside out “We want to tell people what we do and stress the importance of how we go about it,” enthuses Christine Burdon, owner of re:ab Pilates and Physiotherapy. re:ab has been established in Haywards Heath for 3 years now, with many devoted followers. It is a unique business which brings together the benfits of Pilates and physiotherapy, with great results. Pilates focuses on strengthening and stretching the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture. Due to the distinctive way Pilates works your body, it is adaptable to many fitness levels and requirements. You may be at maximum fitness and want to enhance your training programme, or perhaps you’re recovering from a illness and are in need of more target specific Pilates methods – re:ab have both the facilities and relevant expertise to help you. Christine tells me that practising Pilates can compliment any other sport. “It trains the body as an integrated whole, with the focus on breathing, so it really helps you ‘tune in’ body and mind.” She goes on to explain that, “Pilates focuses on the core (abdominal area) which helps to strengthen everything – the knock-on effect is that you walk taller, feel better and start to look good from the inside out.” If required, Pilates can be combined with traditional physiotherapy methods to work on your individual condition. This process ensures that you get back your fitness and health, progressing slowly but steadily with the specialist focus you need. “We get many referrals from osteopaths and chiropractors

and we’ve been very successful in treating long-term problems,” says Christine. For example, for those suffering from back pain and worried about returning to exercise, re:ab offer classes with extra support for those who feel particularly fragile at the start of their programme. Christine and her team are passionate about what they do and genuinely want individuals to

Please call re:ab to book a Taster Session on the following Saturdays:

5 January: 8.30 Reformer, 10.00 Clinical Pilates, 11.30 Mat Introduction 12 January: 11.30 Mat Introduction, 13.00 Reformer 19 January: 11.30 Reformer, 13.00 Clinical Pilates 26 January: 11.30 Mat Introduction

benefit from their experience and facilities. There are timetabled Pilates classes you can sign up for, or you can hire the studio and an instructor for your own group – handy for corporate groups, a fitness club or a bunch of friends. This January, look out for re:ab’s ‘Introduction to Pilates’ classes – special 90-minute sessions to showcase different types of class, so you can experience the benefit of Pilates for yourself and try before you buy!

Gentle attention or physical challenge? Pilates caters for

every body.

re:ab Physio Rooms, Church Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3NU Tel. 01444 473970

SuSSex Living January 2013


Haywards Heath Hospital


Mummy Make As cosmetic surgery becomes more commonplace and accepted in the UK, plastic surgeons have seen an increasing demand for procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, breast enlargements, breast uplifts and labiaplasty. Indeed, these are now the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures in the UK, marking a trend in the rising popularity of socalled ‘body-contouring surgery’.

In appropriate patients, surgery can result in improved proportions, better fitting clothes and a more appealing silhouette, as well as potentially boosting confidence and enhancing quality of life. Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, explains: “Patient satisfaction is often extremely high for breast and body contouring procedures, but it is vital that patients have realistic expectations of outcomes”. He also points out that the consultation is a fundamental part of this process and endorses the BAAPS message of “Be Safe, Be Sure” – no surgery is risk free.

Post Pregnancy A recent study by Mother & Baby magazine found that the joys of childbirth may be reduced by the toll it takes on mothers’ figures. The study found that 86% of women said that they felt less attractive post-pregnancy, while a similar number were unhappy with their weight and shocked by their body changes. Mr Banwell comments: “It is perhaps not surprising that some women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery to help restore their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state. Common concerns include loose abdominal skin with sagginess and small, empty or drooping breasts. Childbirth can also cause tears and stretching of the labia, and ladies are often also keen for a ‘tidy up’ down there. However, Mr Banwell’s policy is not to operate on mums until their last child is at least 6 months after breast feeding. “I usually advise patients to complete all their pregnancies before commencing surgery. Otherwise, results might not be maintained.” Post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery can have a very positive effect. “As long as the expectations of outcomes are realistic, I find the overall satisfaction rate in this group of patients is extremely high,” Mr Banwell concludes.


SuSSex Living January 2013

Mr Paul Banwell

Quality Facilities Nuffield Health Haywards Heath offers a cosy, intimate and discreet Cosmetic Surgery Service with a full range of procedures available for the breast, body and face. We also specialise in nonsurgical anti-ageing and skin health treatments (such as skin peels, dermal fillers, botox and hair removal) as well as cosmetic mole removal.

adveRtising featuRe

overs We have the highest standards for infection prevention and For further information please see orculture control and along with our of cleanliness; will see that phone 0845 2600 261. Mr Banwell will be hosting ayou Cosmetic our commitment todetails. quality is Surgery open event on 28 February. See next month for everywhere.



rW ay

Mill Green Rd

d oa ll R r re

SuSSex Living January 2013

Haywards Heath Station


ad Ro

Perrymount Road




ge Colle


Ba nn

et Pla We are closer than you think – glance

(tel.look 0845 for 2600the 261) LABIAPLASTY over your shoulder and Pro: More sculpted, tidier look; eases discomfort in clothes/exercise. blue balconies! and follow him on Twitter @PEBanwell Massive benefits with confidence and self-esteem.

arlands Rd


TUMMY TUCK Pro: Excellent body contouring procedure. Removes excessContact fat and us on 01444 476777 skin from lower tummy. Flattens and tones tummy. and quote “Sainsburys” or also visitcontact You can nuffieldhealth.comPaul Banwell direct at Con: Big scar. Must rest up after operation.

Mill Rd

create a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital rs ne Tur

INVERTED NIPPLE CORRECTION Nuffield Health Pro: Inverted nipples are more common than most people think. Can Haywards Heath Hospital be a huge source of concern for girls but is, surprisingly, fairly easy to correct surgically under a local anaesthetic. From orthopaedics to gynaecology, Con: Milk ducts are cut, so no breast feeding afterwards. general surgery to urology, we

Balcombe Rd

Burrell Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1UD Enquiries: 01444 476777

Milton Ro ad

BREAST UPLIFT Pro: Breasts going southwards? An uplift (‘mastopexy’) aims to lift the nipple and restore shape and fullness. Often combined with breast implants. Con: Scarring around nipple and under breast.

Con: Needs regular massage afterwards to help contour to settle.


BREAST AUGMENTATION Pro: Breast enhancement is still the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. Anatomical (tear-drop shape) implants are now typically used for a natural-looking breast shape. Quick recovery and high patient satisfaction. Con: May need future operation for replacement.

Pe nla nd

Quick Guide

Do you have private healthcare insurance, or are LIPOSUC TION you thinking of paying for Pro: Shifts those stubborn areas of fat. Quick recovery. Minimal discomfort. yourself?


Care of the Elderly & Young Adults; Live-In Companion/Carers; Nationwide (UK) Service; Companionship and Care in the comfort and security of your own home. For all enquiries call Sheena or Jackie

01978 752800 e-mail: Company Registration Number: 5522775

Long-Term, Short-Term or Respite; All Companion/Carers CRB Checked; CSSIW Registered; ESTABLISHED IN 1984

CARING COMPANIONS (UK) Ltd THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE! Many people feel that when it gets a bit difficult to maintain a good level of independence whilst living in their own home, they do not have any choice but to go into residential care homes. The common perception is that ‘there is no alternative’.



SuSSex Living January 2013

THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE. Caring Companions (UK) Ltd can provide that alternative by placing live-in Companions/Carers with our clients, thus enabling people to live in the comfort and security of their own homes with all their beloved memories and treasured items surrounding them. All stages of health/ ill-health, mental or physical, can be catered for, with the exception of invasive nursing.

by Ruth LawRence

communit y

Community wheels in motion A thriving example of how a community can respond to an urgent need from its residents, the Hurst and Hassocks Community Bus has been running for 20 years.

If you were a pensioner without a car or spare cash for a taxi, how would you manage when the local shops you relied on for your daily needs shut their doors for good? This was the problem for householders along London Road in Hassocks, back in 1992, when they suddenly found that the local garage was soon to be their only facility within easy reach. John Bushell from the then Clayton Parish Council realised that a bus service was needed from London Road to Hassocks. The village would need all the support it could muster because a new superstore was being proposed on the outskirts of Burgess Hill. The Hassocks Traders Association joined forces with local councils in Keymer, Hurstpierpoint, Albourne and Sayers Common, Pyecombe, Fulking, Poynings and Newtimber. There was strength in numbers. Discussions took place with West Sussex County Council and a survey was commissioned to gauge the need for a community bus scheme. A bus route was created to leave ample time for passengers to shop in Hurst and Hassocks while a business plan was put together to obtain funding for a vehicle and advertise for volunteer drivers. The bid was successful and a vehicle was ordered for conversion – the Hurst and Hassocks Community Bus Association was born! The bus service went ‘live’ on 17 January 1993 amid the first snowfall of winter. John Bushell and Ron

Batchelor of the Hassocks Traders Association remember the day well. A car drove the route first to ensure safety and John admitted live on Sussex radio that he never wanted to do it again! He must have ignored his own advice as, 20 years later, I met him as Chairman of the Association along with seven other members of the committee. “We’re looking at increasing service to areas that could benefit,” he told me. “We listen to customers and try to accommodate their specific needs.” The timetable shows a thriving service: a series of loops begins from Hassocks at the Age Concern car park, ferrying people to Keymer, Clayton and Pyecombe on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays see the bus take passengers to Poynings and Fulking via Albourne and Hurstpierpoint. Two convenient runs ensure that people have ample time to shop without having to hurry or worry about missing out on the return trip. There’s even a library run on alternate Wednesdays and, while adults pay only £1 or £2, over-60s with a card can travel for free. Co-ordinator Simon Strange told me how excursions to places of interest are a regular and oversubscribed additional service. Wheelchairs continued on next page

SuSSex Living January 2013


SUSSEX & SURREY CARE CENTRES LTD Either visit our out of town showroom • Easy Parking • Just off the A23 take the A2300 to Burgess Hill and follow the signs for the Bolney Grange Business Park and you will find us at Unit 17 Or call the office for brochures or to arrange a no-obligation home demonstration.


4 Wheeled Scooter New – Full Warranty £800.00

Manual Wheelchairs Available We noW hire WheeLFrom £140 chairs and scooters!



Unit 17 Bolney Grange Business Park, Stairbridge Lane Bolney, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH17 5PA

Community Home Care Enabling a Quality and Unique Care Service for you in your own home

(SuSSex) Ltd

We provide personal assistance with: • Washing • Dressing • Catheter Care • Incontinence • Medication

• Preparation of Meals • Laundry Care • Housekeeping • Shopping

The Forum, 277 London Road Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9QU

01444 240230

West Sussex Social Services approved

Westall House, Birch Grove Road, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex RH17 7BS

Our Residential Care Home has 21 en-suite bedsitting rooms, pleasant public rooms and beautiful gardens set over 2 acres. Care staff on duty 24 hours a day. We also have 16 selfcontained bungalows providing very sheltered accommodation for residents who can lead more active and independent lives. For further information or to make an appointment to view, please contact: Elizabeth Day, Manager.

Tel: 01825 791157


SuSSex Living January 2013

From left to right: John Bushell Simon Strange Peter Gibbons Bryan Stephens Terry Harper Ron Batchelor Tony Chaitaw Alf Milner

Chairman Co-Ordinator Training Officer Honorary Treasurer Liason Officer Hassocks Traders Association Publicity Representative for Pyecombe

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can be accommodated and there is a low access floor. Dogs and shopping trolleys can be taken on board and an electronic ticket machine has replaced the original hand-operated ‘Setright’ machine which may spark memories in those of a certain age! I caught up with the bus the next day to find driver Colin Brittain behind the wheel. “I’ve been driving for 7 years and always look forward to meeting the regular bunch; they’re a cheerful crowd,” he smiled. Colin’s first passenger of the day, Joyce Hill, told me she uses the service twice a week. “It’s a lifeline for me as I don’t drive” she told me. “I’ve been using it since I retired in 1992.” Joyce epitomises the kind of person who the Association originally intended to provide for. Their

People are no longer stranded in their homes, dependent on friends or family to take them. foresight means that people are no longer stranded in their homes, dependent on taxis or car-owning friends. The bus is there for the community in other ways too. Available for hire, it can carry wedding guests, partygoers, club members or simply friends who fancy a day trip without the hassle of driving. Carrying up to 16 people, it has the scope to handle a sizeable party or community group. Although there are 20 volunteer drivers, the committee is always looking for more. Drivers with a pre-1997 car licence should be eligible and can train under the MIDAS scheme, which ensures a high level of competence for passenger comfort. Training Officer Peter Gibbons manages the scheme and underwent rigorous training to pass on to volunteers. For 20 years, the Hurst & Hassocks Community Bus has been providing a service of inestimable value, transforming the daily experience for countless people whose needs would otherwise have been overlooked. For more information on bus services or volunteer opportunities please contact Simon Strange (01273 843908) or John Bushell (01444 245940).

by Sarah Furey

health & Beaut y

Local herbalist Sarah Furey shares her knowledge and remedies for treating that perennial bugbear: the common cold. There’s no getting away from the fact that sore throats, coughs and runny noses affect us all, especially during winter. Luckily, there is plenty that we can do to ‘nip it in the bud’, ease the symptoms and hopefully lessen the effects. Take sore throats, for instance. I’m constantly exposed to the sniffles of people around me and a sore throat is usually the first sign that I am fighting a virus. My favourite remedy is honey and garlic. I crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and put them in half a jar of honey. A teaspoon of this, several times in the first few hours, will often stop a virus in its tracks. When a virus takes hold, the body’s natural defence includes the secretion of copious amounts of mucus. This is the body’s way of getting rid of dead bacteria and damaged cells. When the sinus cavities get infected, I reach for a topical rub of goldenseal, myrrh and propolis and dab it on my forehead and cheeks. Any one of these three is very effective, and if you know a friendly beekeeper, ask him if he can spare a little precious propolis. It’s a powerful antibacterial agent which bees make to keep their hives healthy. Then there’s the cough. Many viruses travel down the airways and damage the fragile membranes of the bronchi that lead to the lungs. Again, the body quickly tries to heal itself by producing mucus, resulting in the congestion of the airways and coughing fits. I make a chest rub (see recipe below), which passes through the skin directly to the infected area. Or try the simple herbal cough remedy below.

Herbs for Health

Simple Herbal Cough Linctus

Propolis Tincture 1. Add a golf-ball-sized piece of propolis to a 1lb jam jar and fill the jar with the strongest vodka or gin you can get hold of. 2. Screw the lid on tight and leave on the kitchen windowsill. Shake daily. 3. Once the propolis has dissolved, strain off the small amount of sediment, then bottle the fine propolis tincture. 4. 10 drops in water to gargle works wonders! The tincture will keep for several years, as you only need to use a few drops at a time.

2 tbsp of garden thyme (the stronger the flavour, the better!) 200ml boiling water 200ml glycerine (from your local chemist or the cookery section of any supermarket) 20 drops of eucalyptus oil (and hyssop oil, if you can get it) 1. Steep the thyme in the boiling water for 10 minutes, and strain well. 2. Add the liquid to the glycerine and let cool. 3. Add the essential oils. 4. Take 1 teaspoonful up to 8 times a day (half a teaspoon for children under 12).

Chest Rub Take 100ml of good quality oil (almond or very mild olive oil) and add 10 drops each of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and hyssop essential oils. If you can only find two of these, that’s fine too. This is an excellent rub to massage on to the front and back of the chest just before bedtime.

CAUTION: Always consult a qualified health care professional if you are unsure of any medical symptoms. S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


by giLLian Reay-young

food & dRinK

For January, i’ve chosen a delicious and healthy fish dish that is easy to prepare and light on the stomach, after all that Christmas gorging!

What’s Cooking? Garlicky Fish Stew

Vanilla Ice Cream with Black Cherry Sauce To make the sauce: 450g black cherries 50g sugar 50ml water tsp cornflour 2 tbsp Kirsch (optional) 1. In a heavy-based saucepan, place the cherries,

sugar and water and cook the cherries until soft.

2. Mix the cornflour with a tablespoon of cold

water until smooth and add to the cooked cherries over a low heat, stirring well until the mixture has thickened. 3. Add Kirsch liqueur (adults only!) and serve over vanilla ice cream. Heaven!

Ingredients: 700g white fish (any type, mix with some smoked fish if you prefer a stronger taste), boned and filleted and cut into cubes 1.25 litres of fresh fish stock (or 3 fish stock cubes with 1.25 litres of water) 1 large tin (400g) of tomatoes 3 medium potatoes, diced 1 large onion, chopped

1 small green/red pepper, chopped 1 small courgette, chopped Bunch of fresh, chopped parsley 3 crushed cloves of garlic 3tsp fresh basil to taste (or 1 level tsp if using dried basil) Lemon juice 2-3 tbsp olive oil Freshly milled pepper

1. In a large, heavy, flameproof casserole dish, mix together the 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

potatoes, onion, pepper, courgette and garlic, then coat evenly with olive oil and sweat gently for about 5 minutes. Add the fish, stock and tomatoes. Season with ground black pepper and sprinkle in the basil if using dried (fresh basil should be added later with the parsley). Add a squeeze of lemon and cook gently for 15-20 minutes until the vegetables are cooked. Put in the parsley (and fresh basil) just before serving. Check for seasoning (if stock cubes were used, you probably won’t want more salt). A tablespoon of tomato paste can also be added. Delicious served with crusty or garlic bread.

Mix in some smoked fish if you prefer a stronger taste. GILL’S BRILL TIP OF THE MONTH: If a recipe calls for fresh herbs and you only have dry on hand, a general rule of thumb is to use 1/3 of the amount asked for in the recipe. For example, 3tbsp fresh = 1 tbps dried.


SuSSex Living January 2013

Sussex cover 2009


10:57 AM

Page 2 2

The Peacock Inn 16th Century Free House & Restaurant

“A grEAT MEETiNg houSE for good food, good wiNE ANd good coNvErSATioN”




Traditional pub menu - A la carte - Specials board

* is Set in the Tudor Village of Cuckfield this charming house set in nine acres of grounds just an hour from London and 20 minutes from Brighton. It is within a short drive of Wakehurst, Nymans, Borde Hill and Leonardslee making an and ideal spot for2ndlunch, *This offer entitles you to agardens 25% discount off fooditonly is valid from January, expiring on 31st March 2013. Maximum eight per table, one voucher per table. afternoon tea people or dinner.

open 7 days a week 11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm

Please this offer when making a reservation 10%quote off your total lunch or dinner bill (not bring available any other offer) and thiswith voucher with you.



Burns’ Night Join us for a night of Scottish celebration Friday 25th January 7.30 for 7.45pm After “a wee dram” and the ceremonial ‘Ode to the Haggis’ enjoy a 4-course meal, accompanied by a Scottish Piper. £20 per person

Don’t Forget!

14th February

Book early for a romantic evening. Enjoy our Valentine’s Evening menu and some gentle jazz from our special guests “L’Escargot Trois” £25 per person

The Eight Bells,Village Pub, Restaurant and B&B The Street, Bolney RH17 5QW |

01444 881396





Ockenden Manor Cuckfi eld, West Sussex RH17 5LD Cuckfield,West Telephone 01444Sussex 416111RH17 5LD Telephone 01444 416111 Facsimile 01444 415549 Facsimile 01444 415549


Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa


The Eight Bells

Present this advertisement and receive


01825 762463

Shortbridge, Piltdown East Sussex TN22 3XA

Excludes Valentines, is subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Includes VAT at 20%.


food served Mon-Sat 12.00-2.30pm and 6.00-9.30pm Sun 12-7pm

from our daily lunch menu


Victory Inn

The village pub with great food and a warm welcome!

FRESH FISH DISHES A SPECIALITY FOOD SERVED Monday to Saturday 12-3pm 6-9pm, Sunday 12-5pm THE VICTORY INN Warninglid Road, Staplefield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 6EU

Tel: 01444 400463 SuSSex Living January 2013



Sally & Dave welcome you to

The Snowdrop

Dining Area Homemade Menu Food Specials (including gluten free) Sports Bar with Pool Table Free Wi-Fi

A pub for the community with a great atmosphere and great food

Fabulous Roast Sunday and all day Wednesday. Sunday Lunch: £8.95 1 course, £12.00 2 course, £15.00 3 course. Food served 7 days a week • À la carte menu • Traditional bar menu • All fresh produce • Function facilities available for birthdays, wakes, christenings etc.

30 years experience as a Chef. The TRADITION continues.

01273 842645

Keymer Road, Hassocks BN6 8QT

sumptuously tasteful advertising

Find us on Facebook: The-Snowdrop-Inn

Tel: 01444 440664

Snowdrop Lane, Lindfield RH16 2QE

The Castle Inn and

The Shanghai Brasserie Specialists in Chinese Cuisine Saturday 9th February Come and celebrate

Chinese New Year! Year of the Snake! Champagne Reception, Lion Dance, Special Chinese Banquet and Disco.

Valentine’s special menu available. ALL YOU CAN EAT CHINESE BUFFET LUNCH SPECIAL Sat & Sun 12-2.30pm £13.95 per head BAR LUNCH MENU/CHINESE TAPAS AVAILABLE from £6.50 per head Restaurant food to take away. Delivery to all local villages. Open 7 days a week from 12pm onwards. Restaurant open 12.00pm-2.30pm and 6.00pm-11.30pm.

London Road, Hickstead, West Sussex RH17 5LZ Tel: 01444 881223 SuSSex Living January 2013

Mon-Sat LUNCHTIME ONLY Valid 1st Jan to 28th Feb

Entice your potential customers with



This entitles 2 PERSONS to dine for




Call our sales team on

01273 835355

THE SPORTSMAN Goddards Green, West Sussex BN6 9LQ

open log fires • locally sourced menu • cask marque ales • friendly atmosphere families & dogs welcome • gift vouchers • plenty of on-site parking

Burns Night Supper 4 course & coffee Sunday 27th January

Book now for Valentine’s Regular Menu Regular Prices Irregular romance

Call for 31st December & 1st January opening hours or see our website

Follow us on Twitter: @thesportsmanpub and Facebook: The Sportsman Pub, Goddards Green


01444 233460

by lisa de silva

advertising feature

Short Break

Foster Care: A positive experience for everyone involved Short Break Foster Care has been designed to give disabled children the chance to broaden their social horizons, feel less isolated and develop their independence.

As Wendy and Peter both work full-time, they provide care one night and one weekend a month as well as occasional tea visits, to a disabled young boy. “As a family, we all enjoy having him around and our daughters look forward to him coming to stay,” says Wendy. “It’s also very rewarding to see his progress and to know you’re helping to offer him a wider range of experiences. It also makes us take time out as a family, giving us an excuse to all do something together.” West Sussex County Council are currently looking for more people to train in this important role and it is not necessary to have specialist experience. Louie Perren, Wendy’s Family Placement Social Worker, explains. “What we’re looking for are ordinary people who have the time and commitment to be able to offer Short Break Foster Care to a disabled child. We provide lots of training and support networks, so whether you have experience of working with disabled children or not, we can get you the skills you need.” During the approval process, family placement workers get to know applicants, which then helps them to find the best child and family match for you and your circumstances. As Wendy says, “it’s such a positive experience for everyone involved and when problems do crop up, there’s always plenty of support and advice on hand.”

As parents raising

While most children take parties, sleepovers and play dates for granted, many disabled children never get the opportunity to spend time away from their families. Short Breaks are planned periods of time for a disabled child to do just that. It could involve a few hours during the day, overnight stays or, for example, one weekend of care each month. This benefits the child as much as the whole family, who get the chance to spend time with their other children, to catch up on sleep and chores, or to simply enjoy a break from the pressures of caring for a disabled child. One couple that have been on both sides of the fence are Wendy and Peter Fever. With two daughters of their own, Jo and Ali, who both have a learning disability, they’ve not only benefitted from the advantages of Short Break Care, but are now Short Break Foster Carers themselves. “As parents raising two disabled children, Short Break Foster Care was an invaluable resource for us as a family. Now our daughters are adults, we wanted to be able to offer this to other families. We also really enjoy building a relationship with the child and their family,” Wendy tells me.

two disabled children , Short

Break Foster Care is an invaluable resource for us as a family .

If you are considering becoming a Short Break Foster Carer, please contact the West Sussex Fostering Recruitment Team on 01403 229333. For further information, visit the website

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


by tasmin wiLson



French Vintage Wedding

Tasmin and Craig Wilson celebrated the wedding of their dreams in the Sussex countryside. Tasmin tells us about all the little personal touches that made their day so special. In November 2009, Craig and I went away to our dream destination – LasVegas. On our second night there, Craig asked me to put a nice dress on as he was taking me out. It was still early evening, so there were a lot of tourists about to watch the grand proposal. But it was so magical that I didn’t realise that there were a dozen or so people clapping and cheering – it felt like we were in our own little bubble! I have heard of other brides rocking up to their first wedding dress shop and finding ‘the one’. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have much clue of what sort of dress I wanted. I drove all around Sussex going to dress shops and trying on half their stock. Well, 14 shops and 70 dresses later, I finally found ‘the one’!


SuSSex Living January 2013

Proud to be the media sponsor of AB Special Events Wedding Fairs

01273 835355

AB Special Events Our ceremony was at All Saints Church in Lindfield. The Reverend conducted such a moving ceremony that made people laugh and cry – he brought so much meaning to the ceremony. We decided to go for a Thursday wedding. I did have concerns over whether guests could make it, due to work commitments etc, but we knew that if we wanted a beautiful venue, we would have to take a chance and go with a less popular day. We were so lucky that our guests took the time off work and made our day so special. Our country house hotel had everything that we wanted in a venue, from its historical charm to the beautiful rural soundings. My theme was French vintage. We had a sweetie table displayed with vintage glass jars that I’d collected from charity shops and car boot sales.

The guests will always be happy as long as they can see the bride and groom have a good time .

Wedding Fairs 27th January 2013

Triangle Burgess Hill – 11am-3pm

24th February 2013

Gatwick Manor – 11am-3pm

3rd March 2013

Plumpton Racecourse – 11am – 3pm

17th March 2013

Wakehurst Place, Ardingly – 11am-3pm

5th September 2013

Wakehurst Place, Ardingly ‘An evening showcase’ 6pm-9pm

15th September 2013

Triangle Burgess Hill – 11am-3pm

October 6th 2013

One little touch that went down really well with the girls was that we had a little basket of toiletries in the Ladies’. It had everything from hair pins to dry shampoo to chewing gum, just so they could freshen up throughout the day. For evening entrainment we had a DJ, but there was also a vintage-style suitcase with different props like moustaches on sticks and oversized sunglasses. It went down a storm with our guests and we all laughed so much looking at the pictures the day after! The words of wisdom we were given were just to enjoy the day – the guests will always be happy as long as they can see the bride and groom have a good time. I can truthfully say we had a great time! Congratulations to Tasmin and Craig from all at Sussex Living. Photos courtesy of Sarah Critchlow Photography.

Gatwick Manor – 11am-3pm

October 13th 2013

Plumpton Racecourse – 11am-3pm

For more details, call 01444 257711, email: or visit for offers and discounts. SuSSex Living January 2013


Wedding d n a l r e d n o W fall in Stylish wedding ideas to rever love with and treasure fo

Glass Acts

is a Sussex based business located in the downland village of Plumpton Green. We provide a full hire and delivery service of premium, cut lead crystal glasses for weddings and prestigious events throughout South East England.

Rosanne Florists – Burgess Hill Rosanne Florists is a long established Florist with an excellent reputation for good quality and a great service. Clare Clayton, the proprietor of Rosanne Florists, has a long floristry career with over 26 years’ experience working for some of London’s best florists – specialising in beautiful wedding flowers.

Our range includes champagne flutes, red and white wine glasses, whisky glasses and water glasses.

We are now a Vera Wang licensed florist. If you would like to come and discuss your wedding requirements, please phone 01444 244792 for a free consultation.

Wishing all our customers a Happy and Healthy 2013 50% off ALL treatments over £15 for the month of January! Tel: 01444 233060 43 Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill

Zumba Get motivated and have fun losing those Christmas inches! All classes start back from 4th January. | Contact Anita: 07971 866787


SuSSex Living January 2013

Please contact us on 01273 890044 or 07702 330 312 Email:

Gelato Gemelli’s Ice Cream Tricycle What better way to spoil your guests than to hire our fabulous ice cream tricycle, complete with attendant, for your special day? We make and serve an amazing range of home-made Sussex ice creams and sorbets using local ingredients wherever possible. Our extensive menu includes Eton Mess, Cookies & Cream, Honeycomb and Lemon Meringue plus the ever popular Baileys and Mojito, and many more. We can serve inside or outside depending on your venue and your needs. Contact Jane Capaldi on 01273 495628 Email: |

• Boys’ and Menswear Hire from size 20 – 56 • Latest styles and colours of co-ordinating waistcoats and ruches • Lounge Suits and Evening Wear • Highland Wear 18 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN Tel: 01444 242682

Your Dream Wedding! Romantic & Fairytale - Stylish & Elegant - Modern & Tasteful Chair Cover Chic provides high quality Chair Covers and Sashes, offering an extensive venue decor, design and accessory service. Unique and inspiring ideas – experienced professional service with attention to detail.

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning

We work with many quality hotels and venues in Sussex and Kent who have chosen to recommend our services.

Your wedding dress is very precious to you, and deserves to be cleaned and heirloomed with care. Sarah will personally take care of your dress, discussing the best cleaning techniques with you.

Please browse the website for inspiration. Contact: Vivienne Brewer Tel: 01342 824180 Chair Cover Chic - 89 Hammerwood Road Ashurstwood, West Sussex RH19 3RX Email:

Anne @ Goldfinger

engagement, wedding & eternity rings Chosen and designed by you without pressure, in the comfort of your own home. Huge savings on High Street prices and interest free payment plans. No additional charges for engravings, valuation certificates, special ring shapes or hand delivery. Call Anne on 01444 244483 or email for an appointment

She and her team will also care for the Groom, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids’ garments. You can choose from boxes by The Empty Box Co, or our own Treasures Box, should you wish to preserve your dress for the future. 1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644 (Forecourt Parking)

ASHDOWN EVENTS Venue decoration for weddings, parties and corporate events.

• Flowers • Chair Covers • Balloons • Lit Backdrops • Centrepieces Tel: 01444 831003

SuSSex Living January 2013


Cruttendens the southern Goldsmiths 4 Generation Family Jewellers th



Beautiful rings made for you...

            

   

      All wedding rings  available in  9ct & 18ct yellow  and white gold,  platinum and  palladium.  

Handmade special shaped rings made to order. 

  84 Church Walk, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9AS Tel: 01444 232329

107 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4LR Tel: 01444 441447 email CBN1000316 Theo Browns Advert Jan_Feb_Layout 1 06/12/2012 10:05 Page 1

Theo Brown’s would like to wish all of our Clients a Happy New Year with a 15% discount for any service booked in January or February.

Dana our new graduate stylist



Theo Brown’s would like to introduce “Dana”, our new graduate stylist, whom for a short period only will be offering additional treatments to new customers.  Why not come in and meet our Award Winning stylists and Colourists for a free  consultation in our relaxed 5 Star Salon! With rebooking essential, our list of regular clients is ever increasing which speaks  for itself! To accommodate our rising demand we have extended our  opening times to include an extra late evening on a Wednesday. 

Mon: 10am-7pm, Tue: 10am-7pm, Weds: 10am-9pm,  Thurs: 10am-9pm, Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat: 8.30am-4.30pm, 


WELLA - SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL- 5-STAR RATED BY GSG   | 01444 450011 |  Theo Brown’s, No.11, The Broadway, Haywards Heath, RH163AQ


  SuSSex Living  January 2013 

The Team at Theo Brown’s


  OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR           

   

by suzi Reeve


With dates for summer weddings often booked up three to four years in advance, more couples are beginning to look at the winter season to celebrate their Big Day – and not only because it’s the most cost-effective time to get married.

Fall in love with


Winter is the perfect time for a real ‘fairytale’ wedding – it’s charming and romantic. The cold days and long nights can create an intimate atmosphere in your venue of choice. Make the most of the fading light and use the backdrop of amazing early sunsets and nature’s bareness at this time of year to enhance your wedding pictures. This can add that little bit of magic to your special day, as much (if not more so!) as glorious sunshine and blue skies. There is also the real possibility of snow making an appearance on your Big Day! And even if you can’t guarantee softly falling snowflakes, you can still create a wonderful, wintry feel with sparkly decorations: glittering snowflakes, white


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or silver branches, snow globes or even an ice sculpture to wow your guests – perhaps even a snow machine? Planning a wedding can be exhilarating and petrifying in equal measure, so it’s good to know that organising a winter wedding may have a few stress-reducing surprises in store. You may find you have your pick of amazing venues and sought-after suppliers, due to it being low season. If you get married post-Christmas, you may also be able to negotiate substantial low-season discounts at venues, while hotels down on bookings after the festive season will be keen to offer attractive overnight packages to your guests. It is, of course, crucial to take the cold weather into account when planning your day. In addition to your wedding dress, you will need to think about clever statement layers for you and your bridesmaids if you are outside for any part of your nuptials. It might be a good idea to advise your guests too, if you plan to have any photos taken outside. Fur and

Wow your guests with glittering snowflakes , silver branches or even an ice

sculpture .

velvet are sumptuous winter fabrics to use for your cover-up – dramatic capes, cloaks, cowls, gloves and muffs – you can really go to town! The texture will not only keep you warm but look stunning in any pictures. An icy diamond or shimmering pearl tiara will add drama and glamour to your wintry theme, while incorporating a hint of opulent gold, silver, ruby red or holly green will help create a stunning seasonal look. The groom and best man could always have complementing scarves to keep the cold at bay – we don’t want them to feel left out! To carry the winter theme through, look at seasonal flowers for both the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets and the buttonholes. Many winter flowers are bold and bright – think amaryllis, anemone and camellia. Or you may choose not to use flowers at all; wintry bouquets of fir, wild pine, cedar, twigs and berries would look just as stunning and smell divine too.

Clothing alterations and repairs Wedding dresses our speciality AlterEgo

Unit 1, Burrell Road (behind Sainsbury’s) Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 1TW

Tel: 01444 415002


SuSSex Living January 2013

Hot toddies or cocoa and

shortbread biscuits

will keep your guests going, especially if your photos are taken outside . Be gracious to your guests and offer hot toddies, cocoa and shortbread or mulled wine with gingerbread to keep them going before the wedding breakfast – especially if your wedding photos were taken outside. As you will be inside for the majority of the time, make sure you create a cosy reception – think roaring log fires or candles used to stunning effect to create a romantic ‘all is calm, all is bright’ glow. And don’t be afraid to use items such as feathers, crystal droplets and glittery paper birds to add sparkle and enhance that magical ambience. Once you start exploring winter themes, you’ll find there’s a huge range of choice available to cater for every taste and budget – it’s definitely worth thinking of this special time of year for your celebrations. Illuminate the colder days with glamour, sparkle and magic, and breathe love into winter!

Now offering an all inclusive wedding/party package This service includes china hire, waitress service, balloons, flowers and more. Call for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Simple finger food buffet or full sit down package available. Prices to suit all budgets. Built on 20 years experience. Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 8am-3pm. Car Parking Available.

14 Valebridge Road, Burgess Hill. 01444 235015

by RogeR Linn

communit y


h s t e om c .. ere . e H id r b

So how was it for you? 2012, I mean. I completely failed to keep any of my resolutions and fell down particularly badly on the one where I was going to stop shouting at the telly. Perhaps it was unwise of me to choose an Olympic year, when cheering on our athletes and loudly disagreeing with TV pundits is all part of the fun. But the Olympics weren’t the only fun in my year. Sussex Living kindly sent me off to discover all manner of interesting and entertaining stories that exist here on our doorstep, as it were, in Mid Sussex. Early in the year I had a sensational lunch in The Cat at West Hoathly. It was a tough assignment, but somebody had to do it. Then, later, as if to continue a theme, I was asked to explore the history of pubs and brewing in Hurstpierpoint, discovering in the process that nowadays our drinking habits seem mild in comparison with those of our ancestors. Other highlights, though for quite different reasons, were my visits to St Peter & St James Hospice and Chailey Heritage School, where I was privileged to meet and talk with some incredibly dedicated and caring people. It should be a source of great pride to us that in both of these establishments, which have reputations that go far beyond these shores, the superb, professional staff say they are greatly enabled by the assistance of the many volunteers drawn from our Sussex community, as well as the generosity of the Sussex people. In the summer, I discovered and wrote about the heritage that lies behind Hurstpierpoint’s annual St Lawrence Fair and, happily, Fair Day itself lived up to the billing I’d given it. Who can forget the extraordinary sight of over 200 young gymnasts – from ‘tinies’ to teens – holding hands and marching onto the village green to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida? Not a dry eye in the crowd. I seem to have finished the year with an aeronautical flavour in writing about Spitfires over Chailey and the new and exciting, ultra-modern Gatwick Airport, while 2013 is patiently waiting in the wings. See what I did there? Happy New Year.

Lily & Grace beautiful bridal collection provides the ultimate comfort for your wedding day. Choose from strapless bras, bridal briefs and thongs and of course suspenders, perfect lingerie for your big day plus other pieces that you will want to pack away for your honeymoon too! Come along for a free fitting and see our luxury lingerie perfect for your wedding day, night and honeymoon. The Studio • Lower Road • Forest Row • East Sussex • RH18 5ES • 01342 822122

Turkish Luxury Holidays Liratur Sailing

“I’ve just been to heaven” Sussex Living Magazine. Advertorial June 2011

Sailing holidays in the Turkish Riviera available for spring summer. Group bookings from 1st May 2013 on board Prences Funda (luxury Gulet). Explore ancient ruins at Caunos, see turtles and tortoises at Dalyan or go dolphin spotting around the Greek islands. 07850 674611 SuSSex Living January 2013


Diary Dates Friday 28 December 2012

Monday 31 December 2012, 19:00

Hill House, Mutton Hall Hill, Heathfield. 01435 865599 138 London Road, St Leonards on Sea. 01424 443464 231 Seaside, Eastbourne. 01323 639446 104 South Road, Haywards Heath. 01444 452222

Felbridge Hotel and Spa, London Road, East Grinstead, RH19 2BH

hKs annual sale

Sale starts today! HKS is a family business specialising in designing and installing quality fitted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. They offer a full service including initial survey, design, project management and installation as well as a ‘supply only’ service. For over 30 years now HKS have been offering excellent products, standards and service. HKS are an approved member of the KBSA, meaning you can buy with complete peace of mind. With 4 stores in Sussex you won’t have to travel far.

new year’s eve masked ball

Champagne and canapés on arrival, a 4-course meal and the 5-piece band LA Tour, followed by a DJ playing into the early hours. Discount accommodation for attendees. £109, contact 01342 337700.

Tuesday 01 January 2013, 11:00

mid sussex Ramblers

Ditchling Village Hall car park

New Year’s Day Walk. Ramble in and around Ditchling, no big hills. Leaders Bernard and Barbara. 3 miles. Contact 01273 844840.

Tuesday 01 January 2013, 11:00-12:30

winter walks at sheffield Park

emmie boutique’s seasonal sale Emmie Boutique, 123 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PU

Fabulous Seasonal Sale starts 9.30am today! Lots of quality pieces from brands including InWear, Darling and Almost Famous. Find some great additional pieces for your wardrobe at attractive prices. Lots of accessories to choose from too - scarves, jewellery and shoes. Contact 01273 835147.

Henfield Theatre Company’s production of Oliver by Lionel Bart. With a matinee at 2.30pm on 5th January. £12/£10.00 from Stevens Estate Agents, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9DA, 01273 492141.

Haywards Heath Circular via Butlers Green – Horsgate – Penland Farm Haywards Heath Station. Leader John C. No dogs please. 4 miles. Contact 01444 483860.

Every Thursday. Set to soul-stirring music you won’t be able to resist, Nia is the kind of exercise your body will love. Based on 52 moves drawn from dance, martial and healing arts, Nia provides all the conventional fitness benefits and more. £7 drop in, £60 for a 10-class pass Contact

Wednesday 02 January 2013

Henfield Hall, Henfield

Haywards Heath Station Forecourt.

Dynamo Dance, South Road, Haywards Heath

Walk off those festive calories around the garden and parkland. Normal admission prices apply, but please book your place in advance. Contact 01825 790231 or


mid sussex Ramblers

nia dance and movement class

National Trust, Sheffield Park and Garden, Sheffield Park, East Sussex, TN22 3QX

Thursday 03 – Saturday 05 January, 19:30

Monday 31 December 2012, 14:00

Thursday 03 January 2013 9:30-10:30

Thursday 03 January 2013, 20.00

open mic night The Greyhound Inn, Keymer Road, Keymer, BN6 8QT Every Thursday. Contact 01273 842645.

Friday 04 January 2013, 20.00

sussex mineral & Lapidary society Redwood Centre, next to Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, Wet Sussex Illustrated talk by David Aubrey Jones – ‘Minerals of Devonshire’. Free to members and anyone interested in minerals, fossils, gems, etc.. Contact 01444 483041.

We invite you to take part in the following Sales: • January 7th Toys and Models • January 8th Arms and Militaria • February 11th Toys and Models • February 12th Arms and Militaria

All our auctions are live online and buyers can register to bid with

Last entries for february – January 12th (am)

• March 18th Toys and Models • March 19th Arms and Militaria Last entries for March – february 16th (am)

If consigning a collection for auction please mention this advert for a preferential rate



SuSSex Living January 2013

78th Anniversary Winter SAle


Friday 04 January 2013, 20:30

Tuesday 08 January, 10:30

The Sportsman, Goddards Green, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9LQ

Recreation Ground, Station Road, Groombridge, TN3 9QX

the sportsman band night - a cow The Hurstpierpoint-based band are back! Free. Tel. 01444 233460.

Saturday 05 January 2013, 15:00

sussex chorus new year afternoon concert

St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street, Brighton, BN1 4GP

Bach - Christmas Oratorio, sung in English. Part 3 “The Adoration of the Shepherds; Part 4 “The Circumcision and Naming of Jesus”; Part 5 “The Journey of the Magi”; Part 6 “The Adoration of the Magi”. Choir, soloists and The Musicians of All Saints conducted by Neil Jenkins. Tickets: £15; concessions £12; students & under-16s £5 from Sussex Chorus 01444 412579 or the Dome on 01273 709709. Contact 01444 236779 westeacott@

Sunday 06 January, 12:55

at the Races sussex national Raceday Plumpton Racecourse, BN7 3AL

Including seven action-packed races featuring the Sussex National, music in the Paddock Bar from popular Irish Band the Reelstrings, free Race Programme, and free parking. £20-£12. See

Monday 07 January, 10:30

toys auction

Wallis and Wallis. West Street Auction Galleries, Lewes, BN7 2NJ Contact 01273 480208 or auctions@

Monday 07 January, 20:00

Keymer folk dance club

URC Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

Contact Janet on 01273 843399 or just come along; no partner needed. The evenings consist of folk dancing, with a break at about 9.00 for a cold (soft) drink. Dances are always walked through first.

Monday 07 January, 20:00

mid sussex camera club

Community Rooms above Lloyds TSB Bank in Burgess Hill Gone Digital-AV. We welcome Graham Moore and Joe Mott back to MSCC now they have gone digital with their audiovisual presentations.

mid sussex Ramblers

Up and Down the High Weald from Groombridge Mobile on the day: 07801 711401. Langton Green – Danemoore Park – Fordcombe (picnic stop and possible pub drink) – Stone Cross – Burrswood – Groombridge. Leader William. Metrobus route 291 (daily) Crawley / East Grinstead – Tunbridge Wells stops nearby. Please bring picnic lunch. 7.5 miles. Contact 01444 831098.

militaria, arms and armour auction Wallis and Wallis, West Street Auction Galleries, Lewes, BN7 2NJ

For more details auctions@wallisandwallis. org 01273 480208

Tuesday 08 January, 19:45

gardeners’ Question time Village Hall, Hurstpierpoint

Enjoy a glass of wine in convivial company with the Hurstpierpoint Horticultural Society whilst our local prize-winning experts answer your gardening problems. Questions please with contact details to the email address below or deliver to Gibsons in Hurstpierpoint High Street. Members £2, non members £3 to include drinks and nibbles. Contact greenhpp@ .

soul of the city choir

Downlands School, Dale Avenue, Hassocks, BN6 8LP

One free taster session for new members. New Term Starting today. No auditions & no need to read music; just great fun. Ward away those January blues singing classics from Jackson 5 to the Kinks. For details please contact, or 07929 265 872.

Wednesday 09 January, 19:30

mid sussex Philatelic society

Oaks Hall, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill

Members’ Evening and Instant Auction. Contact 01273 471897.

Every Monday: curry and a pint or glass of house wine for £8.95 per head. Contact 01273 842645.

*Complete units only

01444 454648

Established 1935

120 & 120a South Road Haywards Heath (opp Victoria Park)

Sewing and craft workshops Join us for beginners sewing, crochet, needlefelting, patchwork, dressmaking, china decoration and more! Friendly and relaxed classes for all abilities and ages. Bring your own machine or use one of ours. out Ask ab sewing parties

Visit or call 07967 819540

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what’s on at martlets hall & clair hall

Winter Highlights Type copy here - Gill Sans Carthy, Hardy, Farrell & Young

Wednesday 09 January, 20.00-22:00

Rare chance to see the greatest folk violinists and singers of our time perform together. Wed 6 Feb | 8.00pm | Clair Hall

Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

The Comedy Club

hassocks horticultural society

all the Right notes choir taster sessions

The Greyhound Inn, Keymer, Hassocks BN6 8QT

25% off All curtAin rAilS And poleS*

Wednesday 09 January, 19:00

Wednesday 09 January, 19:45-21:15

curry night

Household Linens, Fabrics, Haberdashery, Knitting Wools, Handicrafts and much much more...

Tuesday 08 January, 11:00

A illustrated talk on the ‘History of the Lawn Mower’ by Clive Gravett. Members £1.50 Visitors £2.50 Refreshments included. Contact Sylvia Hancock on 01273 844544, andyhancock844@tiscali.

Monday 07 January

Starts 3rd January everything reduced

Royal British Legion Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

A chance to try out Burgess Hill’s own community choir – no experience needed, all ages (over 9) welcomed! Everything from ABBA to Adele, Glen Miller to Morecambe & Wise, The Monkees to Flanders & Swann. Relaxed, friendly and stress-free singing for fun.

Banish the post-Christmas blues with over 2 hours of stand-up comedy! Thurs 21 Feb | 8.00pm | Clair Hall

Sids Show Sid from Cbeebies - Live on stage! Perfect for kids aged 3-7 years! Fri 22 Feb | 11.00am & 2pm | Clair Hall

Pudding Night – French Fancy Eat your way through 5 tempting French puddings in this fun, interesting and thought provoking talk! Thurs 28 Feb | 7.00pm | Martlets Cafe

Josh Widdicombe Hotly anticipated follow-up tour for the 2011 Fosters nominated newcomer! Fri 1 Mar | 8.00pm | Clair Hall

martlets hall, burgess hill 01444 242888 clair hall, haywards heath 01444 455440 book online at

SuSSex Living January 2013


Diary Dates Taster sessions are free to new members Contact; tel. 07808 922715 or visit the website

Sunday 13 January, 10:00

Wednesday 09 January, 20:00

King Edward Hall, Lindfield

Sunday 13 January, 11:00-16:00

Four Days at the Nursery. Talk by Jacqueline Aviolet, who owns ‘Rosie’s Garden Plants’ in Aylesford, Kent. 50p members, £1 visitors. Contact 01444 451362 or see

Friday 11 January, 9:30-12:30

sew friendly session

steyning decorative & fine arts society

Stanmer Park car park (near church)

Stanmer Circular via St Mary’s Farm and Falmer. Leader Alison G. No dogs please. 5 miles. Contact 01273 833794.

Lindfield horticultural society

Monday 14 January, 10:45-12:00

mid sussex Ramblers

The Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft Car Park, Church Street, Steyning 10.15 Coffee. Andrew Davies discusses English Caricature from Hogarth to Punch. £35p.a. subscription or £5 donation for max 2 visits. Contact 01903 814390 or

wedding showcase day Pelham House Hotel, St. Andrews Lane, Lewes, BN7 1UW

Monday 14 January, 13:10

Come to see Pelham House all dressed for that special day. Chat to our wedding coordinator and have a complimentary glass of bubbly. Free. Contact 01273 485635 or email

timeform Raceday

For more information and to book online please visit Sew Friendly Session – Made by Me - £15 A session where you can bring along your own project and Sarah will be on hand to provide any guidance that you are after.

Wednesday 16 January, 10:00-16:00

The Dolphin Leisure Centre, Haywards Heath

London’s Lost Route to the Sea: a talk by David King. Members £1, visitors welcome. Contact 01273 832351.

Monday 14 January, 20:00

mid sussex camera club

Old Burgess Hill In Pictures. Alan Seymour will show a number of pictures from our Archive. £1/£2. Contact paulinetm@gmail. com

1st of 3 sessions – Made by Me - £75 for all 3. Over the course of three Wednesday morning sessions we will familiarise ourselves with a sewing machine and make a cushion using patchwork techniques. You will finish the course confident enough to sew a variety of projects.

do you remember the gamesmakers?

Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill. RH15 8DX

For more information and to book online please visit

Seven action-packed races. Admission Tickets include free Race Programme, and free parking. £20-12. See

hassocks field society

burgess hill Local history society

mastering Patchwork

Plumpton Racecourse, BN7 3AL

Monday 14 January, 19:45

Friday 11 January, 20:00

Wednesday 16 January, 9:30-13:30

Community Rooms above Lloyds TSB Bank in Burgess Hill. Home grown: members’ images.

Now it’s your turn to make a difference. Only a little time will make someone happy in our local community. Come and join us! Contact 01444 455955 or see

Wednesday 16 January, 19:30

sccba charity simultaneous Pairs (duplicate bridge) West Sussex Bridge Club, Broad Street, Cuckfield, RH17 5DP Crawley Open House and St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley will benefit from the money raised. £5/£6. Contact Hazel Beveridge, Honorary Secretary, on

January Valuations Chinese Works of Art Tuesday 29 January 10am to 3pm Jewellery Valuation Thursday 31 January 10am to 2pm

Our London Chinese Works of Art specialist and Jewellery specialist will be visiting Brighton & Hove to provide free and confidential valuations.

A very fine famille rose bowl Qianlong seal mark and of the period (1736-1795) Sold in London for £121,250

To make an appointment or for further information contact: 01273 220000

International Auctioneers and Valuers -

Prices shown for sold lots include buyer’s premium. Details can be found at


SuSSex Living January 2013


01825 740960 or email secretary@

Wednesday 16 January, 19:45

choir taster sessions Royal British Legion Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill See Local Living.

Wednesday 16 January, 20:00

mid sussex franco-british society Function Suite, Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath Miscellanées. Presentations by MidSussex Franco-British Society members. Following tradition, the main language of the evening is French. 01444 452385 or

Thursday 17 January, 14:30

mid sussex association national trust Lectures Clair Hall, Haywards Heath Self Portraits and how Artists see Themselves by Jane Watt. Contact 01444 457648.

Friday 18 January, 19:00

the Pangdean Prom The Old Barn, Pangdean, Pyecombe See Local Living. Tickets are £10 each and include nibbles and a glass of wine. Tickets can be purchased from Orion

News in Hassocks or from Jean Wilkins on 01273 842028 or jwilkins028@

Friday 18 January, 19:15-21:45

Common – Vale Farm – Pelling Bridge – Chailey Common – North Chailey. Leader Diane. 4.5 miles. Contact 01444 450493.

Saturday 19 January, 14:00-16:00

Rod Pooley in concert Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8DX

Music for everyone. Celebrated organist/ keyboardist Rod Pooley in concert. £5 on door for non-members of the Burgess Hill Keyboard Club. Contact 01444 241269 or

Saturday 19 January, 09:00-12:00

open day

Tavistock and Summerhill School, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath RH16 1RP

An Open Morning for parents to visit the school and meet the staff. Enjoy a tour of the school and coffee, whilst the children take part in activities arranged in the gym and classrooms. Contact Deborah Charrington, Registrar, 01444 450256.

Saturday 19 January, 10:00

mid sussex Ramblers

Chailey Common Sports Ground car park, North Chailey Circular Walk round Chailey via Chailey

table-top sale The Haven Centre, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, RH10 4JL Sale of bric a brac and other items. In aid of various charities. Refreshments Available. 50p, children free. Contact 01342 716791, email or call 01342 716437 to book or for more details.

Sunday 20 January, 10:15

mid sussex Ramblers Little London lay-by opposite Ardingly Showground, Ardingly Circular from Ardingly, Little London. Mobile on the day 07762 737890. Fulling Mill Farm – East Wood – Wakehurst Place deer park – Ardingly Brook – Balcombe Mill – West Hill – Tillinghurst Farm – Little London. Leaders Ray and Alison. Please bring a snack for break. Optional visit to nearby pub after the walk. 1200 feet of ascent/descent. Dogs under control 6.3 miles. For more details please contact 01342 311632.

Monday 21 January, 20:00

Keymer folk dance club

URC Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

Contact Janet on 01273 843399 or just come along; no partner needed. The evenings consist of folk dancing, with a break at about 9.00 for a cold (soft) drink. Dances are always walked through first.

Wednesday 23 January, 13:00

mindful hour

The Clinic at Borde Hill, Naldred Farm Offices, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath, RH16 1XR

A chance to join with a small group exploring mindfulness in a tranquil setting. Guided meditations to calm the busy mind. To guarantee a place contact or 01444 819075. See

Wednesday 23 January, 19:30

mid sussex Philatelic society

Oaks Hall, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill

BCOF - Malcolm Price (Half evening). Recent Acquisitions – Members (Half evening). Contact 01273 471897.

Wednesday 23 January, 20:00

balcombe history society

Victory Hall, Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, RH17 6HP

We are currently accepting entries for our forthcoming Auction Auction: 6th & 7th February 2013 Entry Deadline: 16th January 2013

For a FREE valuation please call Aaron Dean

0800 881 5684 15 North Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2PD uk BRIGHTON

George II mahogany and brass inlaid supper table Sold for £10,000



SuSSex Living January 2013


Diary Dates “Balcombe Buildings in the Landscape” Joan Dutton, local historian and Vice President of the Balcombe History Society, will speak on a wide variety of buildings within the parish, covering a lengthy timespan, and will make reference to the recently competed tithe map. £1/£3. Contact julie.budgen@ or 01444 811 641.

Friday 25 January, 19:45

burns’ night at the eight bells Eight Bells, The Street, Bolney, RH17 5QW Join us for a night of Scottish celebration. After “a wee dram” and the ceremonial ‘Ode to the Haggis’ enjoy a four-course meal accompanied by Scottish Piper £20 per person. Contact 01444 881396. See

Sunday 27 January,15:00-17:00

nia dance Party Oaks Hall, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 0EG (Doors open 2.30pm) Set to soul-stirring music you won’t be able to resist. Nia is the kind of exercise your body will love. Based on 52 moves drawn from dance, martial and healing arts, Nia provides all the usual fitness benefits and more. £5. Contact

Monday 28 January, 13:30

January Raceday Plumpton Racecourse, near Lewes BN7 3AL Seven action-packed races. Tickets include free Race Programme and parking. £12-20. See

Monday 28 January, 19:45

hassocks field society Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks ‘Life in the 1300’s in the Hassocks area’ - a talk by Heather Warne. Members £1 Visitors are very welcome. Contact Beryl Varley 01273 832351.

Monday 28 January, 20:00

mid sussex camera club Community Rooms above Lloyds TSB Bank in Burgess Hill

Sussex Life. With a local Photographer from Danehill with a precedent for winning competitions.

Tuesday 29 January, 10:00-15:00

Friday 01 February, 20:00

friends of east grinstead museum – speakers night East Court Mansion, East Court, East Grinstead

bonhams art valuation 19 Palmeira Square, Hove BN3 2JN

Chinese Works of Art. To make an appointment or for more information contact Jenny Bouston on 01273 220000 or

Thursday 31 January, 10:00-14:00

bonhams Jewellery valuation 19 Palmeira Square, Hove, BN3 2JN

To make an appointment or for information contact Jenny Bouston on 01273 220000 or

Thursday 31 January, 19:45-21:30

‘a history of the tidemills at bishopstone’ Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. A talk by Kevin Gordon of Seaford Museum, hosted by the Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle. There will be a raffle and refreshments. £1/£2, under16s free. Contact 01444 242667 or email for further information.

`St Petersburg’ – Presented by Brian Phillips, who will, via the city’s varied forms of transport, take us on a journey through the history and architectural beauty of this fascinating Russian city. £2.50 (members free).

Saturday 02 February, 10:00-16:00

mid downs Lacemakers Redwood Activity Centre, Haywards Heath

Our group meets six times a year on Saturdays to make lace and exchange ideas about technique. Speakers and suppliers are invited to the meetings. We also hold an annual lace day in June. Visitors are welcome – entry fee is £3.

Saturday 02 February, 10:20

mid sussex Ramblers

Glynde Railway Station/car park

Glynde to Lewes Linear Walk via Glynde car park – Saxon Down – Ashton Green – Ringmer (pub lunch at The Anchor Inn) – Malling Hill – River Ouse – Lewes. Leader John C. No dogs please. 8.5 miles. Contact 01444 483860.

Every Wednesday 7:30!

From 9th Jan - 27th March

NEW JAZZ, BLUES & SWING CHOIR! Starting Thursday 17th January, 2013, 1.30-3.30pm then every other week during term time. Venue: Catholic Church Hall, Church Lane, Henfield (opposite St Peter’s Church)

Cost: £4.00 per session (inc. tea/biscuits) Lou Beckerman, musical director & jazz vocalist, and Wayne McConnell, jazz pianist & composer, will be sharing and teaching gorgeous songs from the great era of jazz, blues and swing.

All ages and abilities welcome. All music learned by ear. Try a free taster - new terms starting in January and April!

Come and join others in an innovative opportunity to share in the pleasure and fun of this moving and vibrant music. TO BOOK YOUR PLACE: Please contact Jennie: Tel: 01273 494300 Email:


SuSSex Living January 2013

Drusilla Duffill Theatre School Artistic Director: Drusilla Duffill C.D.E F.I.S.T.D Examiner, R.A.D, R.T.S, Adjudicator Principal: Vikki Harris C.D.E A.I.S.T.D, Choreographer

6th – 7th July 2013

Dance E -Motion Photograph by Champion Photographic of current pupil aged 15 years

Professional School Production

Complete Theatre Training to Advanced Level Opening Opportunities in Theatre and Dance

★ Pre School Classes ★ Adult Classes ★ Examinations ★ Competitions

Tel: 01444 232672 email:

Great Walstead School, where a warm welcome is guaranteed. Open Mornings: 8th & 9th February starting at 10am SuSSex Living January 2013


Harvey Self Drive Taking Risk out of Rental....

Local Company Established Over 30 years

• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex

• 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

• Quality vehicles at competitive prices

• No mileage charge

• Comprehensive 25 item safety inspection carried out before each hire

• FREE evening collection (subject to availability) • Ample free parking

Woodstock Fires is a well established company with over 40 years experience in the trade, selling a wide range of stoves, range cookers, chimney linings and fireside accessories. You can view all our products online. We even have an online shop where you can purchase cookware, items for stove maintenance and fireside accessories.

Warm the heart of your home

Charnwood C-six woodburning stove. One of the finest woodburning stoves available with clean lines and contemporary in design. Using the latest technology for maximum efficiency and low emissions.

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire

Tel: (01273) 833154 Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL

3 Station Road, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8LD 01435 868686

Heyworth Interiors INTERIoR FuRNISHERS Curtains, Blinds, Furniture Repairs & Restoration

Frontline Fire & Security are a Sussex based company offering all aspects of Electronic Security

Servicing · Maintenance · Upgrades

FREE SURVEY AND QUOTATION CALL 01444 248292 “Clearly, here is a man who is exceptionally proud of his business. With his unique wealth of experience, he has every reason.” South Downs Living April 09 30 New England Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 3JS Tel: 01444 454928 Mob: 07803 159860 Email:


SuSSex Living January 2013

· CCTV · Access Control

· Intruder Alarms · Fire Alarms ·


Lindfield Films King Edward Hall, High Street, Lindfield

Great Expectations (12A)

Wivelsfield Films Wivelsfield Village Hall, off Eastern Road, Wivelsfield Green

Great Expectations (12A)

Mike Newell, 2012 SUNDAY 20 JANUARY DOORS: 19.00, FILM: 19.30 British film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel in which a humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor. Tickets (£5.50) available on the door, in advance from the Post Office & Village Stores, The Cock Inn or online via Facebook (Wivelsfield Films) or Home-made cakes, ice cream and drinks are available before the film. Free, easy parking.

Star Cinema Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks

The Artist

(PG) Michel Hazanavicius, 2011 FRIDAY 4 JANUARY DOORS: 18.30, FILM: 19.30 Set in the world of cinema, The Artist follows the story of a silent movie star who meets a young dancer, only to have the arrival of talking pictures take their careers in different directions. There’s also a very cute dog! Tickets £4/£3.50 concessions. Special gala evening with a quiz, raffle and refreshments. Glamorous dress optional. Come and join the 10th birthday celebrations of a very successful volunteer-run community cinema Contact Sherrian Guest on 01273 842081.

Ditchling Film Society Ditchling Village Hall, Lewes Road, Ditchling


(12A) Lee Chang-dong, 2010 THURSDAY, 10 JANUARY DOORS: 19.30, FILM: 20.00 A mysterious and beautiful Korean film about a 60-something grandmother, Mija, who is getting by with a nursing job. Once renowned for her beauty, she still receives extravagant compliments and praise, a fact which embarrasses her greatly. Mija looks after her troubled teenage grandson who lives with her in a modest apartment in the sticks. Upon discovering a family crime and gradually finding that she can no longer remember basic words, she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This appalling news inspires her to learn poetry, from which she gains strength and purpose, and before the facility of language deserts, her greatest wish becomes to write a poem. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parking behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small charge payable at the door.

Forest Row Film Society Village Hall, The Square, Forest Row

Choice Point Movie 2011

Hurstpierpoint Film Society Players Theatre, High Street, Hurstpierpoint

The Big Lebowski (15) Joel & Ethan Coen, 1998 FRIDAY 11 JANUARY DOORS/BAR: 19.00, FILM: 20.00

After Life (PG) Hirokazu Kore-eda, 1998 THURSDAY 24 JANUARY DOORS/BAR: 19.00, FILM: 20.00


Tickets: Members £4, non-members: £6

Greyfriars Bobby (U)

Don Chaffey, 1961 SUNDAY 6 JANUARY, FILM: 15.00

Hurstpierpoint Saturday Cinema

The Fairy

Ponyo (U)

(PG) Bruno Romy, Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, 2011 FRIDAY 11 JANUARY, FILM: 20.00

Hayao Miyazaki, 2010 SATURDAY 26 JANUARY DOORS: 14.30, FILM: 15.00

January Films

Mike Newell, 2012 THURSDAY 24 JANUARY DOORS: 19.30, FILM: 19.45 Tickets from the Box Office at King Edward Hall on Tuesdays 10.00-13.00, Thursdays 10.00-12.30 or call Jennie on 01444 483431.

Tickets: £3.50

Cairo Station (NC)

Youssef Chahine, 1958 FRIDAY 18 JANUARY, FILM: 20.00 Tickets: £6 including refreshments. Contact 01342 822301,

Tickets available from Mishon Mackay, High Street, Hurstpierpoint, or online: Contact: 01273 835875, email

SuSSex Living January 2013


by Sherrian Guest


Star Cinema shows six films a year

at Adastra Hall, Hassocks, on behalf of the Hassocks Community Partnership. On 4th January, we celebrate our

10th birthday.

What a In 2002, I was on the committee reviewing the Hassocks Village Action Plan which asked local residents about the facilities Hassocks offered and what they’d like to see. One of the requests was for a cinema, with many people fondly remembering the old Orion Cinema, situated where Knight’s Budgens is now and which closed in 1964. While a purpose-built cinema just wasn’t feasible, Colin Wilsdon, who chaired the Action Plan group, asked for volunteers to investigate putting on films at Adastra Hall. Before I had time to think, my hand was in the air. Janet Everest also volunteered and together we began work. We were soon joined by Liz Bellamy, and Liz Mortimore and, full of enthusiasm, we booked our first film, Chocolat, and swiftly arranged for some publicity in the local papers. By 7pm on Friday

3 January 2003 everything was ready – but would anyone come? Luckily, they did and they’ve been coming ever since. In 2004, we ran a naming competition, judged by local actress Gwyneth Powell. She chose ‘Star Cinema’ as suggested by Lorraine Langridge, and joined us to declare the cinema officially open. We’re hoping that she will join our birthday celebrations too. There have been changes over the years. We’ve been able to get an electronic screen installed. Volunteers have come and gone. However, our current team – Carolyn on chairs, Sue and Wendy on washing up, Paul and Lynda on Box Office, Amanda running an excellent raffle, Liz Mortimore, Liz Bellamy and friends running the kitchen, and me getting under everyone’s feet – works very well.

Sherrian Guest (second right) and some of the Star Cinema volunteer team at Adastra Hall.


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

by David Saitch



star! We have shown 58 films, and the cinema is particularly appreciated by older people who might not want to drive in the evenings to other local cinemas. Audience comments at a recent show included: “It’s so handy” … “It doesn’t cost a lot” … “I’ll always meet someone I know” … “There’s a very nice atmosphere” … and “You feel you can come on your own.” Joy, a regular film-goer, told me, “it’s great because I’m disabled and it’s difficult to go to the cinema.”

In 2004, we ran a naming competition, judged by local actress Gwyneth Powell who chose ‘Star Cinema’. Our projectionist, Colin Hide, and his wife Margaret told me: “When we were first invited to Star Cinema we didn’t know what to expect. We were delighted to find the shows being run by a team of enthusiastic film fans, very well supported by regular film goers who appreciate quality popular films. We really enjoy showing these films in such a warm and friendly community atmosphere and wish the Star Cinema great success for the next 10 years.” Colin Wilsdon, Chair of Hassocks Community Partnership commented: “This has been one of the most successful of the Partnership’s projects. It’s a great example of what can be achieved by local people working together for local people and I congratulate Liz Mortimore, Sherrian Guest and their team on the tenth birthday.” So, whether you’re new to the area or a regular, why not make coming to Star Cinema one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Nights The Trial (PG) Director: Orson Welles, USA (1962) DVD/Blu Ray Release date: 10 September 2012

Many people believe Citizen Kane was Orson Welles’ greatest film. In fact, many people believe that Citizen Kane is the greatest film ever made, and that seems to be confirmed by that fact that, for the last 50 years, it has sat at Number One on the venerable Sight & Sound poll of international critics. But Orson Welles did not agree. For him, the greatest film he ever made was his 1962 adaptation of Franz Kafka’s paranoid masterpiece The Trial, now lovingly restored by Studio Canal in this 50th Anniversary release. While a director is not necessarily the best person to decide which of their works is a masterpiece, he may well have been right. Welles assembled a terrific cast, with Anthony Perkins ideally cast as the everyman defendant, Joseph K. He is as nervous and vulnerable as Norman Bates had seemed without a knife in his hand, but this time he is the hapless victim who wakes to find nameless officials in his room who arrest him and interrogate him for an unspecified crime. Orson Welles himself gives a superb performance as the sinister, fable-spinning advocate, Hastler. Welles not only brilliantly dramatizes K’s dark and paranoid odyssey through the labyrinthine legal system, as he tries to discover just what he is accused of, let alone vindicating himself; he also brings out unexpected, off-the-wall humour. Stunningly photographed in black and white, it would be possible to sit back and just look at the images in awe, without even thinking about the story. It is a masterclass in monochrome photography and the use of landscape and architecture. Budgets were so tight that no film sets were used. Welles used real locations, from grim concrete buildings in Zagreb to dark Gothic areas of Paris, to create a menacing modern city, and this leads to seductive and sinister visual effects. The Trial is a much overlooked masterpiece by one of the greatest film makers, which relentlessly builds to an astounding climax. S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


by Jonathan KemP


It’s official – car sales are doing well! UK 2012 new car sales volumes hit the forecast 2 million units a month early, so it’s turned out to be the strongest year since 2008 (Source: Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders). Even more remarkably – and aside from the demand surge during the scrappage initiative – the past quarter was the best for a decade. And new car sales to private individuals are up by 20%. So, why should this be?

The Family Run Garage in Lindfield ➲ Friendly Welcome ➲ Top Quality Service ➲ On Site MOT’s ➲ Realistic Prices ➲ All Makes Cared For ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists

Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988

Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG

Established 1959


Charlwoods Road, East Grinstead RH19 2HG


SuSSex Living January 2013

One observation is that the motor trade is seeing a lot of long-kept, often large-engined family jalopies finally getting the heave-ho. Owners of these old sofas on wheels are fed up with wincing at fuel costs and, instead, are grabbing new cars with twice the fuel economy, extra-long warranties and little or no road fund tax – not to mention a life free from the fear of unpredictable, expensive car repairs. Happy days. New cars, however, are not entirely risk free. For example, stories abound of new(ish) cars with diesel particulate filter (dpf) problems that are excluded from warranty cover and can therefore cost more than a thousand pounds to fix. The lesson here is that a modern diesel needs regular motorway speeds to burn off and regenerate the filter in the exhaust, without which the filter blocks, needing replacement. My personal hot tip for this year is a new flushing product that decarbonises engines and even cleans exhaust filters. I’ve seen it produce startlingly good results in terms of better performance, reduced emissions and much enhanced mpg! If you’re still emotionally bonded to your old sofa on wheels, decarbonising may be the way to go. Alternatively, there are virtually limitless choices out there, with 7 million used cars changing hands every year in the UK. In terms of finding your automotive needle in a haystack (and having done your homework on the internet), it’s reassuring to know that we have all manner of car sales outlets in our area, and even an auction of two for the really brave. Here’s to happy motoring in 2013!

by Susan Fleet

Burgess Hill Business Parks Association


(BHBPA) began with enthusiasm in late 2004 and has now become a vibrant, successful organisation supporting businesses in and around Burgess Hill.

business to business

The business voice in the


Formed by a small group of business leaders, with backing from local MP Nicholas Soames, to bring likeminded business people together, deal with collective issues in a cohesive and structured way and become the respected voice for the business community in Mid Sussex, the BHBPA continues to grow. There were earlier business associations in the town and many of them were successful, but it is only now with the formation of BHBPA that all the various business parks in the vicinity have come together with other smaller

businesses in the town in a united and structured partnership. Since 2006, the BHBPA has been coordinated by Peter Liddell – a respected former teacher from Oakmeeds Community College – with support from the Chairman Chris Pearce and Directors Susan Fleet, David Shore and Nicky Loutit. The Association is now going from strength to strength and has a packed programme of events for 2013. Last year, BHBPA members enjoyed eight networking events at a wide range of venues,

including Ockenden Manor, Icon Live, Ridgeview Wine Estate, Birch Hotel, Hickstead Hotel and Plumpton College. Presentations were given on engaging subjects of interest for all members and there was ample opportunity for networking – a key component of the BHBPA. Meetings are free of charge and regularly attract 40+ attendees. Those with wine-tasting on the agenda are particularly well supported! A similar number of events are planned for next year and topics continued on next page S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013


continued from previous page

are at the discussion stage. The aim is to find subjects which are relevant to all businesses, whether large or small, and allow sufficient time for questions and interaction. One of the highlights of the year is the annual Burgess Hill Means Business event which takes place in the Martlets Hall in May. This came about because many members wanted to support local businesses but were unsure of the products and services offered. The first exhibition was in 2008 and the event has grown steadily each subsequent year. With 50 stands on offer, there is plenty for visitors to see and sample – and successes include contracts worth thousands of pounds. On two occasions, the exhibition saw business visitors from the twin town of Schmallenberg in Germany as well as dignitaries from Mid Sussex District Council and Burgess Hill Town Council. Nicholas Soames MP has also been a frequent visitor. BHBPA has a close working relationship with Burgess Hill Town and Mid Sussex District Councils, Oakmeeds Community College, the Police and other key local organisations. A joint initiative

with the Town Council improved and enhanced the working environment of the business parks, and it is likely that this exercise will be repeated in the future. Another ongoing project is the link between business and education – local schools are developing the business leaders and employees of the future. Both local secondary schools – Oakmeeds and St Paul’s – are members of the BHBPA and have hosted members’ meetings. BHBPA has donated a trophy for the best Oakmeeds Work Experience student and Peter, or one of the directors, presents it each year to the most deserving candidate. Moving forward, it is hoped that other strong links will be forged with additional education partners. A new venture is to encourage young people back into the workplace through

apprenticeships. In a collaborative partnership with Rewards TRC, a training provider based in Haywards Heath, BHBPA is setting up a local system through which young people can access apprenticeships and receive financial support from business. There are other plans on the theme of apprenticeships, which will be unveiled later in the year. As businesses in Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas strive to successfully weather the storm of recession in a climate of uncertainty, the BHBPA is determined to continue to support them and act as the business voice in the community. With 140 members, consisting of the largest companies to the smallest SMEs, the future looks very bright for the BHBPA, and for continuing support for businesses in Burgess Hill.

With 140 members , consisting of the largest companies to the smallest SMEs, the future looks very bright for the BHBPA.

For further information,please contact: Peter Liddell, Business Park Coordinator 07903 984 366,


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2013

Milan Builders Service, The Complete Sussex Design & Build Solution. Delivered on time, on budget and to a luxury finish Completed project in Hurstpierpoint

Milan Builders Services is your choice for the best design and build specialists in Brighton and Sussex. We are a leading construction and general building contractor based in Brighton and Hove, serving customers throughout Sussex. Our Brighton builders will deliver high standards of craftsmanship and customer service. We offer you peace of mind with fully insured and guaranteed work, qualified and certified tradesmen, and the best available materials.

Call us today... • Tel: 01273 555642 • Mob: 07814 612212

Declutter for a fresh start in 2013... HIRE A SKIP FROM KSD AND IT’S ALL SO EASY We offer a ‘no hassle’ service throughout Sussex. Not only will you be saving time and money, but you’ll also be helping the planet. Our target for this year is to re-cycle 90% of all waste from our skips on your behalf, so you can relax at the end of the day with an easy conscience.

• 4 to 16 yard Builders’ Skips • 16, 20 & 40 yard Roll on/off Skip Containers • Hazardous Waste Accepted • Road Permits Arranged • Same Day Service • Waste Transfer Station

• Cheapest skips in sussex!



01273 608711


SuSSex Living January 2013






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Scaynes Hill

Nor Chailey North

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South Chailey Chailey

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Small Dole

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LEWES Distribution outlets


Mid Sussex border Areas we w cover cover

Where to find our magazines Pick up a free copy of Sussex Living magazine from one of our 150+ distribution points, including local supermarkets, shopping centres, garden centres, railway stations, pubs, and independent shops. Copies also go to around 100 doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries and some private hospitals, as well as over 125 restaurants. You can also find complimentary magazines in luxury hotels and retirement villages in the area, for the benefit of residents, guests and visitors. See for the full list of our distribution partners. In total, 17,500-19,000 copies of Sussex Living are distributed each month, making us the magazine with the most readers in Mid Sussex of any quality publication! Call 01273 835355 or email for details.


SuSSex Living January 2013

Pick up your copy





Most business owners will agree with our view that networking is a highly useful tool for meeting and interacting with other traders and local organisations. At Sussex Living, we try to attend as many events as our time allows (which is never enough!). Recently, we went to a really lovely BHBPA (Burgess Hill Business Parks Association) event at Ockenden Manor in Cuckfield. Steve Golding (International Trade Adviser with UKTI) gave a very informative presentation on businesses wishing to export, while Burgess Hill Town Clerk David Carden updated us on changes happening in the town. Ockenden Manor’s luxurious surroundings and wonderful hospitality were the icing on the cake to what we thought was a fantastic local event. Thank you to everyone for making such a great effort. Back in the office, there’s good news – we’re already getting subscribers to our free online newsletter which launches at the beginning of January. If you fancy joining our mailing list, simply visit and click on the newsletter button. We also say hello and welcome to our newest team member. Jo Sheppard is Lee’s artwork assistant and she is settling in nicely. As always, we really appreciate the support from all our clients. We are very blessed to work with such a lovely bunch of people and will do whatever we can for the local business community. And we hope you know by now that your feedback, good or bad, is always welcome. The team at Sussex Living would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013.

Letters Please email your feedback to Follow us on Twitter (@sussexliving) and Facebook (

Dear Sussex Living… … Sussex Living is a beautifully presented magazine and, although we were skeptical as advertising in this manner has never really worked for us, we decided to give it a go. We have been amazed and truly delighted with the response we have had, with many nice comments from people who have said how good the advertorial was. Thank you for all the effort you have put into this; we are truly grateful. Maureen and Ian Holt Holt Security Systems, Burgess Hill … On Saturday 24 November, an almost full house at Oakmeeds College enjoyed an excellent concert of songs from well-known and less well-known shows, with brilliant performances from members of HandsOn Theatre Productions. Thanks to all the artists, musicians, helpers and all those who donated, bought raffle tickets or attended.  £1,745 was raised for St Peter & St James Hospice. Ben Ross, Rotary Club of Burgess Hill & District … Our Hassocks Open Houses event was quite successful. Footfall was good until the rain arrived again but it was the best Christmas event we’ve had in terms of sales. So we’ll probably use Sussex Living magazine and repeat our advert next year. John Gilbert, Hassocks Open Houses lovinglymadeltd: @sussexliving Always a great magazine to keep abreast of what is happening in our lovely Sussex. Stevie4PM1day: What a great piece by @sussexliving on the @HHDBA1 in the latest magazine :) A really good local publication for businesses & residents

TANIS BANHAM & CARLA FAULKS Co-Directors. Sussex Living Ltd

Sussex Living is proud to be a member of the following business associations: Periodical Publishers Association, Federation of Small Businesses, West Sussex Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme, Haywards Heath & District Business Association, East Grinstead Business Association and Burgess Hill Business Parks Association. SuSSex Living January 2013


business diRectoRy

Find Your Feet Podiatry and Chiropody


Luis Hugman BSc (Hons), MChS


to advertise please call 01273 835355

• All our podiatrists are HCPC registered • General foot care advice • Nails, Corns, Calluses • Verrucae, Nail Surgery • Biomechanics and Insoles • Home visits available Franklynn Suite 4, The Priory, Haywards Heath RH16 3LB


New winter clothing,

Ariat, Kingsland, Horze, Sarm Hippique, Pikeur, Mark Todd, Shires, Stubben, Tagg, TBK, top quality leatherwork. Pyecombe, Sussex BN45 7ED

01273 845545

Tel: 01444 455242

01273 846 823 established since 2001


Airport tAxi Service

Mid Sussex • 1-8 passengers Prestige Vehicles • Taxi prices 077 344 89 222 ▪ Mid Sussex ▪

• Painting and decorating • Property maintenance • Flatpack furniture • Decking and fencing • Fully insured • Professional tradesmen • Trustworthy, reliable • Free quotes • Family run business

▪ 1-8 passengers ▪ ▪ Prestige Vehicles ▪ ▪ Taxi prices ▪ ▪ Fixed fares available ▪

077 344 89222


Tiles From Around The World



Tiles From Around The World


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BalcomBe Glass LTD

incorporating Burgess Hill glass co.

For all your Glass and GlazinG requirements EmErgEncy glazing sErvicE availablE: sEalEd unit manufacturErs tEstEd to En 1279 brokEn down unit rEplacEmEnt sErvicE. cut glass to tradE & rEtail frEE EstimatEs amplE parking Unit 5 Avocet Trading Estate, Victoria Gardens off Victoria Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NH

T: 01444 230986/246004 F: 01444 230987/247007

Baby Naming Sussex

Special days for special babies & toddlers Prue Peters

Naming Ceremony Celebrant

Alternative to a Christening

01273 835064 / 07769 904724 133 College Lane Hurstpierpoint West Sussex BN6 9AF

01444 831138

Keeping Sussex Warm for 50 years Total Peace of Mind with BSW Central Heating


FREE 3 Years Parts and Labour FREE 3 Annual Service checks

Keeping Sussex Warm since 1962

7 Year Parts and Labour Warranty with selected tel: 01444 831 138 email: Worcester Bosch Boilers 1962 - 2012

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Rainflo Plumbing

A.E.Whitehead & Son Building Specialists Established Over 40 Years • Design, Build & Restore • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Qualified, Assured Quality

We offer a reliable prompt service for all your plumbing needs! Free advice & estimates

Telephone: 01273 841 501 Mobile: 07775 832 518

Find us on

Tel: 07966 417684 Office: 01444 254593 Email:

11 Park Avenue | Hassocks West Sussex | BN6 8LT

Make your oven gleam, call us for a clean!

07960 456999

01273 832789 SUSSEXGASSAFE.COM £55 BOILER SERVICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------





Give Hannah a call





Unique 3


(Domestic & Commercial Cleaning)




CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS FITTED FROM £35 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

01444 456040 or 07517 207331

Sussex Trichology


Specialist Treatment for Hair and Scalp, including: • hair loss and thinning • oily, flaky, dry, itchy scalp • allergic reactions, eczema and psoriasis • poor hair condition

Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd

Consultant Trichologist Shuna Hammocks has been a hair and scalp specialist for 12 years. She is a Member of The Institute of Trichologists and of The Royal Society of Medicine. “I will take the time to listen to your concerns and offer individual treaments, advice and support.”

Unit11Stanbridge Stanbridge Park Unit Park, Staplefield Lane, Staplefield, Haywards Heath, W Staplefield Lane Tel: 01444 400419 Fax: 0870 1410345 Staplefield, Haywards HeathWeb: www.spectrumplumbingandheating Email:

West Sussex RH17 6AS Tel: 01444 400419 Fax: 0870 1410345 Mob: 07940 502151 Heating Services Ltd Franklyn Suite 6, The Priory, Haywards Heath,Plumbing and 228864 Email: West Sussex RH16 3LB | t: (01444) 448082 Web:Lane, Unit 1 Stanbridge Park, Staplefield Staplefield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 6AS |


Tel: 01444 400419 Fax: 0870 1410345 Email: Web:

In Need Of a New Bathroom? FREE quotations on bathroom, en-suite & cloakroom installations

Mid Sussex Bathrooms Ltd Showroom at: 71 South Road,

Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4LQ

01444 416441 or visit our website at:

Professional Animal Nanny and House Sitter


Local references available · fully insured · EST 1984

Amanda Wilde

Fax: 0870 1410345 Web:


Vat Reg No. 887189947

Caring for your animals in their own home

Bowalker Windows

07801 563190 01273 857426 (Poynings)

windows – doors – conservatories glass & glazing

U Fax: 0870 1410345 Web:


Vat Reg No. 887189947


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kle T TwDoginGroomingoes Services


Patient, friendly and professional computer support for the home and small business user in Mid Sussex - evening and weekend appointments available.


Sussex 0800 917 0796


Call Suzi: 07711 26 29 72

ff %o


“No job too small”

Andy the PlAsterer over 35 yeArs exPerience


A clean reliable service at competitive prices

Classic Classic Classic - NEW - NEW -from NEW fromfrom

Steven Hockley

* Honest * Professional * Reliable





Bowalker A5 leaflet May 2011:Layout 1 White White

Cream White Cream




White White


Mobile: 07540 807308 Home: 01825 724180

Page 1 Cream White Cream

Chartwell Cream Chartwell GreenGreen Chartwell Green

BOWALKER WINDOWS GoldenGolden Oak Oak Rosewood Golden Rosewood OakBlack Rosewood Black

01273 921747

All breeds welcome ! 07585 614622 Friendly professional & experienced Call Suzi: new dog grooming service in Hickstead 07711 Doggy Day 26 Care29 72 sit coming soon! st vi 1 Call for details

Irish Oak Irish Oak Golden Irish Golden Oak Oak Oak Rosewood Golden Rosewood OakBlack Rosewood Black


Because your home’s worth it

Classic Classic Classic Classic TAKE A Classic LOOK AT OUR NEWClassic TIMBER EFFECT WINDOW HighHigh security security High security multipoint multipoint multipoint shootbolt shootboltshootbolt locklock lock

Duplex Duplex Duplex sealed sealed unitunit sealed unit creates creates creates authenticauthentic authentic period period looklook period look

Option Option of ofOption of monkey monkey tail tail monkey tail handle handle and and handle and dummy dummy peg peg dummy peg staystay stay

Mitred Mitred Mitred joints joints for forjoints for authenticauthentic authentic looklook look

Available AvailableAvailable withwith A-C A-C with A-C energy energy rating rating energy rating

Durable Durable Durable stainless stainless stainless steelsteel easyeasysteel easy hinge. glideglide hinge. glide hinge.


ONE OF THE BEST ENERGY RATED • Available • Available • glazed Available glazed onlyonly glazed to help to only help youto you speed help speed you up up installation speed installation up installation WINDOWS AVAILABLE! • Lead • Lead time •time Lead for for White time White finish: for finish: White 15 working 15 finish: working 15days working days days Make a call now: Extended Extended lead Extended lead times times apply lead apply times to colour to apply colour finishes. tofinishes. colour Please finishes. Please enquire enquire Please for details enquire for details for details Freephone 0800 881 • Immediate • Immediate • Immediate availability availability availability - Fax - Fax now now for - Fax for a quote now a quote for a quote5640 • Available • Available • on Available on Esteem Esteem on and Esteem and Curve Curve and suites suites Curve onlyonly suites only








new builds

We are experienced and reliable tradesmen offering only high quality workmanship – from renovations right through to new builds – to every customer. All of the work we do is fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.

Call Sean Pollard 01444 471988

Want to look fabulous in your Jeans? Boost your fitness and lose the fat! JPS Bootcamps now in your area.

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Strength Through Fitness

Tel: 07976 325512 Web: Email:

Registered Company


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R.Garden A. Palmer Machinery Sales & Service


Woodburning Stoves

01273 890322 Southdown Stoves Poster.indd 1

Wheel Horse™

Collection & Delivery throughout Mid Sussex

T: 01273 832016/833008 E: E: W: Michaelmas, London Road Sayers Common Hassocks BN6 9HX

Martin Flowers

Painter & Decorator City & Guilds Qualified 40 years experience Fully Insured Free Quotations Mobile 07734

672586 find us on Facebook

01444 245824 07834 630434

06/10/2010 13:22:25



Garden Equipment & Tools.

Tel.01444 Tel. 01444233073 233073

Spares & Repairs.


Coal and logs.


Unit 1, 30 Bridge Road, Haywards Heath

Qualified Chiropodist • • • • •

Corns – Callus Nail Problems Heel Problems Athlete’s Foot Fallen Arches



IT Services





Foot Treatments

With Manipulation and Laser Therapy

• Strained Ligaments and Tendons • Skin Problems • Heel Spurs • Enlarged Joints • Morton’s Neuroma

Dorothy Dickson

D.S.Ch., M.Inst. Ch.P., Dip.I.I.H.H.M. 72 West Street, Burgess Hill Tel. 01444 870429 Laser Therapy and Acupuncture for Foot – Knee – Hip – Back Shoulder – Neck – Elbow

SuSSex Living January 2013

Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified.

01444 474019

Clinical Foot Consultant


Mobile Car Valeting Pressure Jet Cleaning (Patios/Decking) Caravan & Fleet Cleaning

PC and Laptop repairs Computer Supplies Printer and screen repairs

Software Supplies Website Design & Hosting Graphic Design

01342 716971 Unit 6, Grange Farm, Turners Hill Road, West Sussex, RH10 4EY

Web Connections

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For all your building works! CLEAN & FRIENDLY SERVICE


WE ALSO OFFER A PLANNING & DRAWING SERVICE OFFICE: 01444 831 818 | 01825 733 389 MOBILE: 07710 040 995 EMAIL: WEB:

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Hurst & Hassocks Cars



Our taxis take you anywhere you want to go

Long and Short distances Hassocks

Burgess Hill

01444 892393

Tel: 01444 25 33 28


• Local, airport, long distance • Competitive rates

AMBER Electrical

NICEIC approved electrical contractor carrying out all aspects of electrical installation and testing on domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and educational premises.


extinguisher trading company • Sales • Maintenance • Servicing • On-site Extinguisher Training

24Hr Emergency Service also available 07834 828459

Tel: 01444 487821 or 07501 724865 Email:


28a Backwoods Lane, Lindfield, West Sussex, RH16 2ED

ttic sset LO F T C O N V E R S I O N S


Computer, Printer, Plotter & Electronic Repairs • • • • •

01444 233217 - 07803606378


• Local drivers with local knowledge

Tel: 01273 890010 Email:


Computer & Laptop Repairs/Upgrades Virus & Spyware Removal TFT Monitors & TV Repairs Printer & Plotter Repairs Wireless & Wired Network Installation/Repair

LO F T C O N V E R S I O N S Attic Asset is a specialist loft conversion Attic Asset is a specialist loft conversion company that can company that utilise yourasset loft space to utilise your loft spacecan to create available to your home create a valuable asset to your home

We can also repair many other electronic/electromechanical devices,so please call to see if we can help on:

01444 471578 or email: 21B More House Farm Business Centre Ditchling Road, Wivelsfield, E Sussex, RH17 7RE.

Hassocks Eyecare Centre 17 Keymer Road Hassocks, BN6 8AD

Providing NHS and private eye examinations. All types of contact lenses fitted. Children’s dyslexia coloured overlay assessments. Good disabled access. Easy parking for anyone right outside. Call us to book an appointment on 01273


If you are exploring the possibilities and benefits of a loft conversion Attic Asset are offering: A FREE no obligation feasibility survey An opportunity to visit local conversions both completed and in progress

š š

Please contact us with your enquiry by email: or call 01273 835131 or 07734 444799

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Jays Brushes Painter & Decorator Interior & Exterior

Established 1986

Oak House Signs • Handcarved house names • House numbers • Restoration carving

07940 326495

* Cleaning & Ironing Service * House move and Spring cleaning * Commercial/Office cleaning * Our staff are fully insured & have completed a thorough training programme.

Individually carved products from Haywards Heath workshop

For further information and a brochure please call; 07761 065857 01444 456105

Lisa on 01273 846823 Serving Mid Sussex since 1986


surface renovations Ben Duggan-Palmer Fully Qualified Carpenter



Carpentry / Joinery / Building Contractor


Tel/Fax: 01444 245686 Mobile: 07944 073353 email:





07806 754971

WINDOW GALLERY Competitively priced bespoke picture framing service THUR–SAT 11am–5pm Studio 9, Turner Dumbrell Workshops, North End, Ditchling BN6 8GT

Tel: 01273 726190 Mob: 07986 938750 •


Landscaping Garden Design • Bespoke design service • Traditional to contemporary • All aspects of landscape • Construction undertaken • Royal Botanic Gardens trained • Free estimates. Fully insured • Maintenance clearance • Hedges cut and mowing Contact Steve 07703 537316


SuSSex Living January 2013

Ellis Motors garage in Burgess Hill offers a full range of garage services for all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. Over 20 years of retail motor trade experience, providing a friendly and efficient service. All mechanical repairs, brakes, clutches, cambelts & welding Servicing to manufacture’s spec. Independent Toyota specialists MOT’s arranged & MOT repairs Engine diagnostics Air conditioning servicing & repairs Tyre changing and replacement Collection & delivery of customers’ vehicles New & used car inspections by prior appointment Unit 12 Sheddingdean Business Centre Merchants Way Burgess Hill RH15 8QY

Contact us for a no nonsense quote: Tel: 01444 480606 Mobile: 07866 530283 Email:

COMING SOON Martindale Place, a stunning new development in Southwater

Set in the tranquil environs of a former farm, Martindale Place is a rural idyll with a difference. This beautiful collection of 44 new homes has the character and charm of bygone days, but the quality, styling and panache of a thoroughly modern development. This imaginatively designed portfolio of homes rises up around an elegant public park with ornamental seating and landscaping. A generous proportion of the plot is designated green space allowing the site to retain the leafy impression of its farming past. The development’s well-considered layout and ample allocated parking ensures easy passage of residents and visitors.

The properties at Martindale Place maximise light and space through forward-thinking design. These expansive homes are finished to the highest standard with quality fixtures and fittings to create beautiful yet functional living spaces. Martindale Place is situated just one mile north of Southwater village centre. This stunning rural development is awash with open space and properties benefit from spacious plots and pleasant outlooks. The site borders Newlane Wood and is surrounded by patchwork fields.

To register your intereset call 01483 306 480

Martindale Place, Southwater RH13 9AS Get more at or call 01483 306 480

Offer available on selected plots only. Terms and conditions apply. See website for details, subject to contract and status. Images typical of Barratt Homes.

Natural Stone Tiles Direct From Only £12.99 m2

Green with


Stone tiles | Quartz tiles | Granite tiles | Pebble tiles | Mosaic tiles

Stone Tiles and Paving for Floors, Walls and Landscaping. Marblemosaics Ltd provide only the finest quality natural stone tiles at unbeatable prices direct from the importer. Natural Stone Tiles for walls, floors and paving for use in residential and commercial building projects, garden design and landscaping. The best quality stone at the best possible price. We have over 30,000 m2 in stock ready for immediate delivery or collection. Pop in or check our website for the vast selection of tiles we have on sale.

OPEN: MON-FRI 8am-5pm SAT 9.30am-12.30pm

Marblemosaics Ltd

Unit 45, The Old Brickworks Station Road, Plumpton Green East Sussex BN7 3DF

01273 891144

Sussex Living magazine January 2013  

Sussex Living magazine January 2013

Sussex Living magazine January 2013  

Sussex Living magazine January 2013