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SUPER SUSSEX A Celebration

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Inside... Cover Stories 9

Super Sussex

29 Gently Down The Adur


57 From Earth & Turf To Decking & Resin

Kyaking On The Adur

Celebrating the best of the county this month A serene paddle from Henfield in a kayak Extending the home out in to the garden

93 Turning The Tide

A brief history of rising and falling coastal waters

Features 10 The Sussex Flag


How martlets came to define the county

15 Sussex By The Sea

Homes Extra – Patios

Celebrating the county anthem

18 Sussex Day

Our county day and how it came to be


20 The Pride Of Sussex

The round headed rampion in all it’s glory

23 The White Hut Company

The Sussex Flag

Hand crafted high quality shepherds huts

32 Sporty Sussex The joy of stoolball, golf, orienteering and angling 37 A-Plan Insurance

Meet the new team on Haywards Heath high street

38 A Pop Of Colour

The challenge of a plain white shell near Hastings

55 Clean & Crafty With Sarah Lacey

Bespoke dry cleaning from the local expert

Editor’s Comment

We are celebrating all things Sussex in this issue. Flags, flowers, and Sussex By The Sea are symbolic of our county, so Robert Veitch dives into just how super Sussex really is. In the hope that June finally heralds the arrival of summer and some sunshine, we talk to Sussex Ramblers and The Monday Club about the footpaths and walkways to be enjoyed across the county. The South Downs are iconic of Sussex, so why not follow our walk this month over Devil’s Dyke for a birds eye view of our beautiful countryside and coast? Or you could enjoy the traditional recipe of Sussex Pond Pudding – whatever you do, have a joyous June!

81 How Does Your Garden Grow?



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66 Growing Up Gracefully

Updating a picturesque property in Midhurst

81 How Does Your Garden Grow?

On The Home Front

Some tips for inspiring young gardeners

86 Open Garden Season Is Here

Support St Peter & St James Hospice this summer

99 Herbs For Health

Shiny hair and glowing skin with Sarah Hillyer

103 The Circle Of Love

Adele Trathan explores the symbolism of rings

113 Small Change, Big Difference

Make a life switch with Mid Sussex District Council

121 Walk Your Way

Get walking says Philip Buckle of Sussex Ramblers

122 Stile Appreciation

Get volunteering with The Monday Group

Regulars 63 Spreading The Risk The necessity of insurance with Peter d’Aguilar 89 Blooming Times

Create a herb filled paradise with Flo Whitaker

97 Sussex Pond Pudding

Adele Trathan updates a traditional county recipe

109 Beautiful You


Check out the styles of summer with Hanna Prince

110 Wellbeing

Sussex Pond Pudding

Be more active with Lisa de Silva’s clever tips

115 Devil’s Dyke Walk

An epic walk for Super Sussex month

126 Puzzle Page 130 It’s A Dog’s Life

109 Beautiful You

Puppy training the young protege, Bear

132 If You Ask Me

We need less spoon mangling writes Flo Whitaker

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t’s been a tough year, of that there is no doubt. A new normal evolved during the last 15 months, but slowly things are returning to the old normal – something we took for granted in the past, but probably cherish more

now than we did at the time. As lockdown continues to ease and the county continues to open up, we decided it high time to beat the drum about where we live. We wanted to celebrate the freedoms that are being re-established and the

wonderful landscape, history and communities in which we live. The next few pages are devoted to all things Sussex; The Sussex Flag, Sussex Day, The Sussex Flower and Sussex by the Sea. Further on we’ve got a traditional Sussex recipe and

a walk in an iconic part of the county. In this edition we highlight places to get out and visit this summer, gardens to delight in sampling and sports to enjoy. Enjoy June, enjoy Sussex, from all the team at Sussex Living. l June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 9


EMBLEMS OF GOLD in a field of blue T

Can it be true that Sussex has its’ own flag? It is and it does and it’s rather impressive, just like the back-story as Robert Veitch discovered when he met Brady Ells

10 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

he sight of six yellow birds on a vivid blue background is one that’s become increasingly frequent over the last decade, but how did it come to be and what are those birds with fluffy feet? Those fluffy footed avians are mythical martlets. A martlet has feathers instead of feet because it’s always airborne, which infers continuous effort, plus a thirst for knowledge and adventure. The word martlet derives from the bird name martin and the suffix let meaning smaller. The venerable heraldic shield of Sussex pictures six gold martlets on a blue background using one bird as an emblem for each historic rape: Chichester, Arundel, Bramber, Lewes, Pevensey and Hastings. Martlets have appeared on heraldic shields in Sussex since the 14th century. Back then it was on the coat of arms belonging to Sir John de Radynden and featured silver birds on a

blue background. Sir John was from Brighton and represented Sussex as a Knight of the shire. When Sir John’s daughter married into the Dallingridge family of Bodiam Castle a shield comprising of six martlets was carved into the castle gatehouse.

A shield comprising of six martlets was carved into the castle gatehouse Over time, Martlets came to be seen as an emblem of Sussex, they started to represent an area, not just an individual. During the early 17th century, John Speed, the renowned cartographer of the era used Sir John de Radynden’s shield to represent the Kingdom of the South Saxons in his work. The martlets evolved from silver to gold but the background remained blue. The design became incorporated into many emblems across the county over subsequent years; including Sussex

Police, Sussex County Cricket Club, Sussex County Football Association and The University of Sussex shield. In 2011 Brady Ells created the Sussex Flag with the help of his father, David. He lived in Heathfield then, but resides in Plumpton Green these days. “I first became interested in flags around the time of the millennium. On a trip to London, we travelled down The Mall and the flags of the Commonwealth were on display. I ticked off most of my I-Spy book that day and became fascinated by the colours and history associated with flags,” or vexillology as it’s otherwise known.

Brady’s campaign for a recognised flag began with the title St. Richards Flag in reference to patron saint of the county. Brady, who was 17 at the time undertook some research and came up with the design – based on the old heraldic shield. Other flags had been created to represent Sussex, but none had been registered. David and Brady had their flag registered at the Flag Institute in May 2011 and it was first flown at Lewes Castle on 28th May 2011. The Flag Institute is an educational charity that’s been flying high since 1971. Based in Hull, it maintains the

unofficial registry of flags in the UK and can help with almost anything vexillologically related. However, The College of Arms in London remains the only official authority on flags, although these are only awarded to individual’s not geographic areas. The Duke of Norfolk who lives in Arundel Castle heads up The College of Arms. The 1888 Local Government Act divided Sussex into East and West, administratively in 1889. Brighton and Hove gained unitary authority status in 1997 having previoulsy been an independent ‘county’ borough from 1888-1974. Some suggest the psychological Berlin Wall needs dismantling and that spiritual reunification is the way forward with the Sussex Flag being part of this. “It would be nice to just have ‘Sussex’ signs around the county periphery at the borders with Kent, Surrey and Hampshire,” observed Brady. The Sussex Flag is free of copyright to be flown without permission and with Sussex Day on June 16th it could be time to feel part of a countywide community. “I’m a flag fanatic,” observed Brady, “Flags should be for everyone, not hijacked for political reasons. People should be proud to fly the Sussex Flag.” l For further information: www.facebook.com/SussexFlag

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 11

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m e r m u 20 2 1 S COMPLETED: Bexhill 1940 Winter Wartime Model Railway With Eddie Izzard’s finishing touches

SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Augusta Victoria College Bexhill’s School for Nazi Girls

SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Common Threads Folk Costume & National Dress from around the World

BEXHILL MUSEUM: Encouraging Discovery All your favourite features & collections

Egerton Road, Bexhill TN39 3HL Tel: 01424 222058 Open 11:00am to 4:00pm Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)




Bexhill Museum is an accredited museum and a registered charity no 1102638

14 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021



x e s s u h e Se t y b

Sussex by the Sea is our unofficial anthem, a marching song written by a Cheshire native during his six-year residence on the northern fringes of Bognor Regis, as Robert Veitch discovered


t the beginning of the 20th century, Birkenhead born William Ward-Higgs was a London based solicitor who

also wrote songs. In 1902 he moved to South Bersted, near Bognor Regis, living just a few steps from the modern day A29 spur. It was here he wrote his most widely performed composition in 1907. William Ward-Higgs inspiration is not known with certainty. It might have been his love of his surroundings, after all the Sussex coastline extends for about 100 miles. He also had connections with the Royal Sussex Regiment after his sister-in-law married into it. Kipling’s 1902 poem Sussex was also thought to be an inspiration. The song was written as a march.



William Ward-Higgs moved back to London in 1908. His later years were prone to bouts of epilepsy and he took his own life in Roehampton in 1936, aged 70. Once published, the song immediately gained traction with Royal Sussex Regiment who adopted it as their own. It was said that in WWI, troops from the regiment marched across northern France towards the front lines belting out the tune. It remained

SUSSEX BY THE SEA Now is the time for marching, now let your hearts be gay Hark to the merry bugles sounding along our way So let your voices ring my boys, and take the time from me And I’ll sing you a song as we march along of Sussex by the sea


For we’re the men from Sussex, Sussex by the sea We plough and sow and reap and mow And useful men are we So when you go to Sussex, whoever you may be You can tell them all that we stand or fall For Sussex by the sea


Sussex, Sussex by the sea Good old Sussex by the sea! You may tell them all we stand or fall For Sussex by the sea Up in the morning early, start at the break of day March till the evening shadows, tell us it’s time to stay

We’re always moving on me boys, so take your time from me And sing this song as we march along Of Sussex by the sea Light is the love of a soldier; that’s what the ladies say Lightly he goes a wooing, lightly he rides away In love and war, we always are as fair as fair can be And a soldier boy is the ladies joy In Sussex by the sea Far o’er the seas we soldier, wide through the world we roam Far from the kind hearts yonder, far from our dear old homes But ne’er shall we forget, my boys, and true we’ll ever be To the girls so kind that we left behind In Sussex by the sea Sometimes your feet are weary, sometimes the way is long Sometimes the day is dreary, sometimes the world goes wrong But if you let your voices ring, your cares will fly away So we’ll sing you a song as we march along Of Sussex by the sea

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 15

Goodwin scored the winning runs to secure the first County Championship for Sussex after 164 years of trying, the match was stopped for almost ten minutes, allowing the team to do a lap of honour as Sussex by the Sea played out over the speakers. It’s an apt title for a song about our county, after all nowhere in Sussex is more than about 30 miles from the coast as the crow flies. l




Saturday 10th July 4pm to 8pm


A walk to remember

rid’s Hos ilf

e pic

St W

St Wilfrid’s


popular with the regiment until its’ demise in 1966, when amalgamated with others to form the Queen’s Regiment. The song has become immersed in the psychological soil of the county and

remains popular, particularly at bonfire celebrations. Variations on the original lyric have sprung up. Brighton and Hove Albion FC have perhaps, the largest amount of people performing the song at any one time. Brady Ells of sussexflag. wordpress.com told me, “Fans first began singing it in 1910, after returning victoriously from that years Charity Shield.” Supporters down the ages will recall the song blaring over the speakers as the team ran out at Falmer, Withdean, Gillingham’s Priestfield, and at the clubs’ birthplace, the Goldstone Ground. At Sussex County Cricket Club it is also popular. In 2003 when Murray

nive rs ar y

We are so excited to bring Starlight Stroll back to Eastbourne Seafront for the 7th year running, and we would love to invite you to join us on the 10th July for a very special Starlight Stroll. Join us for a summer stroll along the beautiful Eastbourne Seafront. Starting at Princes Park, you will walk approximately two miles to the Italian Gardens, where you can lay a special lantern in memory of a loved one who is no longer with us. You will then walk back to Princes Park to receive your Starlight Stroll medal. Last year, over 500 people attended our special, socially distanced version of Starlight Stroll and together raised over £61,000 - can you help us raise more this year?

To sign up > stwhospice.org/starlightstroll2021 Registered Charity Number: 283686

16 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Hands up, who wants to see a show?

Check out our website for the best



PRESENTS Forthcoming events at Uckfield Civic Centre What’s On : Civic Centre Uckfield All events in Weald Hall starting at 7.30pm ( doors open 6.45 ) Tickets only available online via www.wegottickets.com/search


5 June

The Spikedrivers and Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke performing as Saints & Sinners

16 June

Georgia Van Etten support: Joel White

30 June

James Oliver Band support: Brave Rival

10 July

Luke Jackson Trio support: Barber & Taylor

30 July

Tommy Blaize support: Joel White

PLUS -UCKFIELD BLUES & ROOTS FESTIVAL Tickets - Uckfield Blues & Roots Festival uckfieldbluesandroots.co.uk

Visit the website for full details of acts appearing

Box Office: 01403 750220

thecapitolhorsham.com North Street, Horsham RH12 1RG

23/24 July


25 July






Sixth Form

Inspiring now for exciting futures

Lingfield College is a vibrant and successful co-educational day school for ages 2-18. A happy school with inspirational teaching, leading pastoral care and a rich and diverse extra-curricular programme. 40 acres of fields and woodlands in Surrey Specialist teaching with an individual approach Excellent A level & GCSE results Rated EXCELLENT in all areas. ISI 2017 Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards available

Prep & Nursery Virtual Information Evening Tuesday 15th June 2021 Whole School Open Morning Saturday 25th September 2021

St Pier's Lane, Lingfield, Surrey 01342 . 838153


June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 17




June 16th is fast approaching and this means Sussex Day is almost here. Robert Veitch spoke to Brady Ells about this relatively recent innovation of a celebratory day to all things Sussex


he day for all things Sussex is June 16th, which coincides with St. Richard’s Day – the patron Saint of our county. Sussex Day isn’t ancient tradition it’s a recent creation, thanks to a 2006 collaboration between Worthing resident Ian Steedman and Henry Smith, then leader of West Sussex County Council and now MP for Crawley. Henry Smith liked Ian Steedman’s idea of celebrating Sussex history and culture, of restoring local pride in communities. West Sussex County Council


ichard de Wych was born in Worcestershire in 1197 and educated at Oxford University where he later taught, before entering the church. In 1244 he became Bishop of Chichester. On a personal level Richard employed strict disciplines and avoided indulgence; he dressed in a hair shirt and was vegetarian. After Richard died in Dover on April 3rd 1253, his internal organs were removed and buried there, but his body was returned to Chichester and interred in the Cathedral on June 16th. Nine years after his death Richard was canonised and his

18 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

recognised the inaugural Sussex Day in 2007, with many local councils and central government doing so in more recent times. Since then, Sussex Day has grown organically across the whole county, a slow burner that’s gradually seeped into the pores of the county and the communities within it. Events spring up here and there

tomb became a place of pilgrimage. At the time it was reportedly almost as popular as Thomas à Becket’s. Henry VIII ordered the tombs destruction in 1538 and its rumoured St. Richard’s remains may have been moved to West Wittering. The modern shrine to St. Richard inside the Cathedral came to fruition in 1930 and June 16th has long been celebrated as his feast day. A statue to St. Richard was unveiled outside the Cathedral to mark the millennium. St. Richard became the patron saint of Sussex during the fifteenth century and is also the patron saint of coach drivers.

as Sussex Day gathers a little more momentum each year. “I like the grassroots feel of it” Brady told me, “that it’s grown organically, that people do their own thing.” For most of the last decade at Brady’s instigation the Sussex Flag has been flown in the six rapes

Sussex Day gathers a little more momentum each year of Sussex in advance of Sussex Day. The rapes were administrative areas set up more than a millennia ago and were an early form of local government. Flags are flown at locations in Chichester, Arundel,

Bramber, Lewes, Pevensey and Hastings. At other locations the Sussex Flag is also flown and performances of Sussex by the Sea take place. In some communities, the reading of the Sussex Charter is also part of the proceedings. Some county days are as old as the hills, but most are relatively recent innovations. Ours is on June 16th so mark your calendar, make a note in your diary, and be prepared to celebrate! l

• • • • • •

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THE PRIDE of Sussex

The round-headed rampion, otherwise known as the ‘Pride of Sussex’ is our county flower. Robert Veitch has never seen one but has learnt what to search for


serrated edge. Flowers appear from n national terms, round-headed May to August in purple or deep blue rampion is our equivalent to shades. Each flower is an aggregation of the red rose of Lancashire, the primrose of Devon, honeysuckle many smaller tube-like florets. Round-headed rampion is found of Warwickshire and the bogbean of on chalky grassland, and its greatest Renfrewshire. density occurs on the South Downs, Round-headed rampion or making it an apt choice for the county Phyteuma Orbiculare to use the flower. correct botanical nomenclature is an In downland meadows that are left herbaceous perennial. It’s a plant that un-grazed it’s possible to see a purple dies back to the ground each autumn haze during the then grows afresh summer, though each spring. It’s part round-head rampion of the Phyteuma It’s possible to see a purple is not common, it is genus and from the in fact a ‘nationally Campanulaceae haze during the summer scarce’ plant. Like family that also the orchids that also contains campanula, populate the South lobelia, and some Downs, these plants are varieties of tobacco. to be cherished where Round-headed they grow and then rampion grows up left alone. to 50cm (20 inches) In 2002 in height, though Plantlife, the wildlife it can mature at a conservation charity smaller size. The decided to assign leaves are lanceolate each county an (narrow oval shapes), official flower. Before sometimes with a

20 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

then blue cornflower had been seen by some as the county flower of Sussex. The poll took place and round-headed rampion topped the vote to become ‘official’ and maybe it is a good choice as rampion is at home in Sussex, bearing in mind it grows so sparsely elsewhere in England. Harking back to the past, the Ringmer village sign on the junction of Lewes Road and Vicarage Way has been in situ since 1923. It’s home to a round-headed rampion, among shields, tortoises and illustrious local names from history. Mid Sussex District Council have had a round-headed rampion on their coat of arms since 1978. More recently, at the start of the 2010s planning began on what was then called the Southern Array, but is now called Rampion Wind Farm. Georgia Starr and Megan McCullough, pupils at Davison CE High School for Girls in Worthing suggested the name when a competition was held. The duo enjoyed a tour of the wind farm in 2018, when it opened. Rampion Wind Farm has 116 turbines, 140m (459 feet) in height, located 8-12 miles offshore between Worthing and Brighton and powers 350,000 homes. Boat tours of the site are available. The round-headed rampion may be the ‘Pride of Sussex’ but spare a thought for its sibling, the very rare spiked rampion, currently known to exist at only eight locations across the county. l


Wealden do the best

tions attrac x in Susse

r yside o un t ing C Coastline unn ... St ctacular e p S


Wealden One hour from

Wealden do

the best attractions ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Area of Outstanding Beauty Stunning Countryside Spectacular Coastline Over 80 Attractions Hundreds of events



London by train


01435 864241

078 3334 2020

www.christinemastersart.wordpress.com christinemastersart@gmail.com Capture the essence of your house, garden, interior, wedding venue or possession for yourself or as a fabulous gift. Fine pen and ink drawings. Black and white or colour-washed. Prices start at £120 and depend on the scale and complexity of the artwork required.


A new exhibition of works by the celebrated Sussex painter Piers Ottey can be seen at The Fittleworth Gallery throughout June. Renowned for his large, spectacular landscapes and architectural paintings the exhibition is an exciting display. It is a fitting demonstration of not only his range of subjects but the enthusiasm and love he has for each painting. The Fittleworth Gallery near Petworth aims to provide a unique hub for Art and Artists from the South Downs as well as further afield valuing both traditional and historical art as well as the creativity of more contemporary work. We offer an exciting mix of paintings, sculptures and prints in a bright, creative space.

01798 865437 | www.fittleworthgallery.co.uk Lower Street, Fittleworth, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1EJ


PROOF DATE/TIME: 12 May 2021 9:50 am OUR FILENAME: June 21 The Fittleworth Gallery

Pictures: Steve Speller. Piers studio: Christian Doyle

2nd June -11th July 2021

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm. Sunday 10.00am – 2.00pm

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 21


Sussex Past

Fascinating Museums, Gardens, Artefacts, Historic Buildings & Events that will to keep the whole family entertained

Explo re & Di sc

Great over Days Out

Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens Explore this first century home and archaeological site. Marvel at the largest collection of early mosaic floors in Britain and walk through Britain’s first garden. 10 minutes from Chichester

Michelham Priory House & Gardens, nr Hailsham

Lewes Castle & Museum of Sussex Archaeology, Lewes

On the picturesque island you will find 7acres of gardens, historic buildings and forge, Dovecote shop, café and playground. Plenty inside and out to keep the family entertained all day.

Climb to the top of this 1000 year old Norman Castle for stunning panoramic views across Sussex. Visit the fasinating Museum of Sussex’s past. Bring a picnic to enjoy in the lovely gardens.

15 minutes from Eastbourne

www.sussexpast.co.uk 22 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


Inspired by the traditional Victorian shepherd’s hut, the White Hut Company offers handcrafted, high quality, custom-built huts for contemporary lifestyles as Lisa de Silva discovered


hese beautifully designed huts remain faithful to the heritage of their historic origins, while the interiors exhibit all the style and comfort of a boutique hotel. Whether you’re looking for a selfcontained annex, garden room, office space or glamping accommodation, these huts provide a stylish solution. Established by Ashley White in 2019, the White Hut Company has gone from strength to strength. “I’m a carpenter and joiner by trade and when I made my first hut, I never dreamed it would end up being a business,” explained Ashley. “But I put a photograph of it on Facebook and suddenly I had two orders. I’ve now got a workshop in Cooksbridge, five members of staff and our huts are delivered throughout the country.” With an emphasis on sustainable, durable and resilient materials, the huts are built to last for generations. All are built on an oak chassis with metal wheels, so they can be moved over grassland. The plastic-coated steel exterior is weatherproof, while the timber panelled interior is fully insulated to retain the

The White Hut COMPANY warmth. The huts can be made to various sizes, with the largest measuring a very spacious, 2m by 5m. Depending on the planned usage, clients can choose the interior specifications which include underfloor heating, wood burning stoves,

The huts are built to last for generations

kitchens with butler sinks, king-size beds, dining areas, ensuite shower rooms, solar roof panels, French doors and Farrow & Ball colour schemes. The workmanship is meticulous and the attention to detail is exquisite, particularly in the choice of door and window furniture, lighting and power sockets. “It was my father-in-law who first suggested I try making a shepherd’s hut,

but interestingly, we made one recently which was actually going to be used as a shepherd’s hut during the lambing season,” Ashley told me. While historically these mobile huts were used for shelter and warmth for shepherds tending their flock during lambing, today these adaptable structures have many uses including as a peaceful hideaway in which to work or write, as a spare room for visiting guests, as holiday lets, fishing huts or a cool place for a family to hang out. One happy client is Alciston Court Farm who have two White Hut Company huts dotted across their land amid the stunning East Sussex landscape. The huts are beautifully designed with wood burning stoves, king-size beds, butler sinks and ensuite shower rooms and are available for holiday rentals on Airbnb. Meet Ashley at the South of England Show from 11th June and see for yourself. l

but I wanted to maintain the historic integrity, so I spent a long time researching and practising the traditional methods of construction. Most The White Hut Company of the ones we’ve 07914 665581 made are being www.thewhitehutcompany.co.uk used for glamping info@thewhitehutcompany.co.uk or garden offices

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 23


SPOTLIGHT EVENTS Sat 26 June to Sun 4 July

Etchingham Music Festival Saturday 26th June to Sunday 4th July Etchingham Music Festival at Etchingham Church features vintage jazz with the Dime Notes, the Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Romon Kosyakov (winner of Hastings International Piano Competition 2018) playing works by Mozart and Dvorak, Piano Duets by Emma Abbate and Julian Perkins, the Benyounes String Quartet playing Beethoven’s Serioso opus 95, Haydn’s opus 77 no 2 and Debussy’s opus 10, piano and wind music by Florian Mitrea and the Atea Wind Quintet. Tickets are £18 and £15 concessions by calling 01580 819384 or online: www.wegottickets.com or www.etchinghammusicfestival.co.uk for up to date information. By post to PO Box100, Etchingham, TN19 7US with a SAE and cheque.

Open daily until 31 Oct

Tue 8 June to Wed 16 June

Special Rose Week From Tuesday 8th June every day up to and including Wednesday 16th June, 10am to 5pm (last entry at 4pm) Come mid-June the roses are glorious at Pashley. Gorgeous pinks spilling out of their box hedged borders in the Rose Garden; red hued shrub roses are complemented by rich red climbing roses on the eighteenth century walls in the Herbaceous Borders; even the front of the house is covered in the creamy apricot flowers of Rosa Gloire de Dijon. Pre-booking tickets for the event is essential this year – tickets go on sale 14 days beforehand at www.pashleymanorgardens.com

There will also be rose talks scheduled through the week; rose themed gifts from the Shop – even the café menu features rose inspired dishes! Call: 01580 200888 Online at www.pashleymanorgardens.com

Shakespeare at Half House Farm near Hastings After almost two years, the Bowler Crab Theatre Company return to the C16th Half House Farm with a socially distanced one man show performed in the open air. In an effort to answer why BC perform only Shakespeare, Artistic Director Stephen John presents his answers to socially distanced circles whilst performing twenty famous Shakespearean speeches from his eight years of running his theatre company. Tragedy and comedy lace this charismatic and personal performance as Stephen fights, feasts, frights, fakes and falls about laughing in every effort to share his passion for Shakespeare and answer the ultimate question: “Why Will?”.

Performing 25th 26th 27th June, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 8th 9th 10th 11th 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 29th 30th 31st July, and 1st 5th 6th 7th August at Half House Farm, Butchers Lane, Three Oaks, near Hastings, TN35 4NE. Tickets and more info at: www.bowler-crab.com or call: 07801893115

Various dates over summer

High Beeches Woodland and Water Garden

From Waste to Wall

Open daily until 31st October, 1pm to 5pm A glorious woodland and water garden of the Sussex Weald, High Beeches has been sensitively planted with many rare trees and shrubs to create a unique place of great beauty and tranquility. In June the ancient wildflower meadow is in full flower, primulas line the streams and the later flowering azaleas light up the glades. A perfect place to spend some time to reflect and connect with nature. High Beeches is one of the finalists for the Historic Houses/ Christies Garden of the Year Award. www.highbeeches.com 01444 400589 High Beeches Lane, Handcross RH17 6HQ

20th May to 11th July 2021 An exhibition of colourful collages, created from numerous pieces of used scratch cards and other recycled materials, by talented, young environmental artist, James Owen Thomas (J.O.T.) J.O.T. highlights the damaging effects of single-use products on the environment; turning the waste discarded by others into his medium for artistic expression. “I’ve been told that my work and its message are ‘truly inspiring and thought provoking.’ www.jamesowenthomas.com Farleys Gallery, Muddles Green, Chiddingly, BN8 6HW Gallery open: Sundays & Thursdays, 10am to 4.30pm Pre-book online: www.farleyshouseandgallery.co.uk For queries contact: info@leemiller.co.uk

24 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Thur 20 May to Sun 11 July

Heathfield Auction Rooms Burwash Road, Heathfield TN21 8RA T. 01435 862132 E. auctions@watsonsauctioneers.co.uk


TOY & TRANSPORT AUCTION 17TH JUNE AT 9.30AM Catalogue illustrated from 3rd June. Online only auction, viewing times available on our website.



With over 20 years in practice, working first hand in private homes, giving us the understanding and experience to know what would be a good fit for our clients, we work with professional Private Household Staff in London, Home Counties and Sussex. Are you looking for a PA, EA or VA? Taylor Gray Ltd supports busy professionals to make their life easier, if you need full time or part time or remote assistance we can help.



Please do contact us for more information.

• Bespoke and Ready-made Framing • Hundreds of Mounts and Mouldings We moved • Local Artists' Gallery andhave Mirrors • Textile,to: Tapestry and 3D Framing

Unit 4, Merrydown Business Park, Discovery Way, Horam (Entrance opposite village hall)


• Bespoke framing and a large selection of mounts and ready-made frames • Mirrors made to order • Textile, Tapestry and 3D Framing Canvases, prints & original artwork for sale

Discovery Horam . tel: 01435 Vines Cross Road,Way, Horam TN21 0HB . tel:812075 01435 812075 info@orchardframing.co.uk info@pictureframes.plus.com. .www.orchardframing.co.uk www.orchardframing.co.uk Open:Tuesday Tuesday--Friday Friday9am-5pm, 9am-5pm,Saturday Saturday9am-1pm 9am-4pm(Closed (ClosedMonday) Monday). .Easy EasyParking Parking Open:


86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Tel: 0203 8722009 Mobile: 07407 156745

info@taylorgrayprivatestaff.com • www.taylorgrayprivatestaff.com


PROOF DATE/TIME: 18 May 2021 8:48 am OUR FILENAME: June 21 Taylor Gray 1-4

Roz Nathan MA

Art Courses/Workshops

Weekly relaxed, enjoyable live Zoom classes on a range of topics, with all sessions recorded. Demos, discussions, live project work with feedback. Other online options soon. Summer schools/workshops in July/August in a large marquee in Sussex, all COVID safety measures in place. Painting Holidays to Africa and France, new dates tbc.

For details and testimonials:

07913 080061

roz.nathan@hotmail.com • roznathanart.com June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 25

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Motion Motion


£1395 £1395

1000 1000

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4 4 FIRM






An Adjustable Bed can provide you with many health and sleep An Adjustable can provide youback with pain, manyacid health andarthritis, sleep benefits. It canBed provide relief from reflux, benefits. It can provide relief from back pain, acid reflux, arthritis, sleep apnoea, leg swelling and circulation. sleep apnoea, leg swelling and circulation. Our collection of adjustable beds and mattresses give you the ability to Our adjustable give of you ability to raisecollection and lowerofthe height ofbeds bothand themattresses head and foot thethe bed to any raise and lower the height of both the head and foot of the bed to any suitable, comfortable position using the easy to use handset. suitable, comfortable position using the easy to use handset.


Do you suffer from a chronic medical condition? could Do you suffer from You a chronic claim VAT relief on You yourcould new medical condition? MotionVAT Therapy Bed. claim relief on your new Call for Therapy more information. Motion Bed. Call for more information.

Featured single 3’0” 90cm Ortho Therapy Adjustable Bed. Complete bed with firm pocket sprung mattress, 2 drawer, 5 partTherapy adjustable 2 motorBed. system base and usepocket handset. Featured single 3’0” 90cm Ortho Adjustable Complete bedeasy withtofirm Headboard extra. 2Available otheradjustable colours and sizes. system base and easy to use handset. sprung mattress, drawer, in 5 part 2 motor Price was £1859.99 NOW £1395 SAVE £464.99 Headboard extra. Available in other colours and sizes. Price was £1859.99 NOW £1395 SAVE £464.99

Call 03300 03300 583200 583200 Call

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to book an appointment with an Adjustable Bed Specialist in SCAN FOR INSTANT to anstores appointment withaan Adjustable Bed Specialist in ACCESS OUR SCAN FORTO INSTANT onebook of our or to order free Motion Therapy brochure. MOTION ACCESSTHERAPY TO OUR one of our stores or to order a free Motion Therapy brochure. RANGE THERAPY ONLINE MOTION www.sussexbedcentre.co.uk RANGE ONLINE www.sussexbedcentre.co.uk FREE DELIVERY, DISPOSAL & ASSEMBLY Present this voucher when purchasing from any of our Present thisyour voucher when purchasing any of our and get DELIVERY, DISPOSAL &from ASSEMBLY FREE! FREE DELIVERY, DISPOSAL & ASSEMBLY stores

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stores and getthese yourcodes DELIVERY, DISPOSAL & ASSEMBLY Enter at checkout if ordering online: FREE! slmtfreedis Enterslmtfreedel these codes at checkout ifslmtfreeasm ordering online: slmtfreedel



Stores in: Ashford, Bexhill, Hailsham, Haywards Heath, Maidstone, Newhaven, Portslade, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Worthing Stores in: Ashford, Bexhill, Hailsham, Haywards Heath, Maidstone, Newhaven, Portslade, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Worthing


Gently Down

THE ADUR Kayaking offers one of the best possible workouts for arms and shoulders so Ruth Lawrence took to the River Adur to explore a stretch known as the West End Levels that meander through water meadows near Henfield


ne of the most challenging aspects of kayaking is carrying the craft to the water. This is why, last year, I bought a ‘packraft’, an ultralight inflatable kayak weighing 4kg, originally designed for hikers needing a portable boat for exploration. This makes it considerably easier to walk any reasonable distance before launching, which is handy as most rivers are rarely near car parks. I popped on my life jacket and ‘put in’ just west of Henfield at Bineham Bridge and was soon coasting between steep sided banks, watching acrobatic swallows overhead while being observed by inquisitive lambs on the bank. The West End Levels are tidal, so its sensible to time the downstream journey, paddling against the incoming tide, allowing the same tide to make the return leg easier, later on. While paddling a family of mallards passed close by and a small formation of geese honked above. The water surface broke occasionally as a small

fish leapt out to avoid a predator, but otherwise my only companions were chaffinches and rooks. Paddling against the tide in an inflatable kayak is easier at the edges of the river, away from the stronger current in the centre, where a heavier, rigid craft would be better.

The tranquility of being afloat on the water is one of its main advantages The Downs beckoned to the south and Truleigh Hill gradually led my eye towards the Devil’s Dyke in the east. This stretch of the River Adur is sunk below the flood plain, so mature trees are the only significant landmarks, which is why the distant sight of the Downs felt so prominent. Kayaking usually takes participants far from roads, so the tranquility of being afloat on the water is one of its main

advantages. Apart from the flapping wings of disturbed ducks or the buzz of passing insects, my experience was utterly peaceful and relaxing. I found a comfortable rhythm and although my shoulders felt the pull of the water, it was not too tiring to travel against the tide as the river gradually widened. The West End Levels are designated by Henfield Birdwatch as one of eleven areas surrounding the village, being particularly rich with birds during winter, when migrating flocks settle on the low-lying wetland. The group have been surveying the areas since 1999 and with over 40,000 records submitted

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 29

became the largest local community conservation project in the UK. With a book published for every five-year survey, the 2010 book won the Marsh Award from the British Trust for Ornithology, as well as an award for being the best community project. Historically, the tidal Adur has been an important feature in these parts. In Saxon times, there was a port at Steyning and salt production at Bramber and Upper Beeding played an important role in the growth of the region. A quarry existed in Upper Beeding from 1725 and during the industrial revolution clay and coal were transported upstream from Shoreham Port to the cement works there. This stretch of the river offers fantastic walks on both sides,


3 0 h rs eyee spread across the year





Open 8am-6pm, Monday to Frid ay

Children Love Toddlers Inn Nursery Explore our fantastic nursery and see how your child flourishes!

51 weeks per year fo 0-8 year r s

 2 Forest school areas with yurts!  Oak garden and allotment!  Forest school session 9am-3pm! North Chailey, Lewes, BN8 4DB

 01825 721800 or 07517 103371

www.toddlersinnnursery.co.uk  toddlers777@gmail.com 

30 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


My only companions were chaffinches and rooks heading downstream to the sea at Shoreham. The Downs Link, a 37 mile route for walkers, cyclists and riders connecting the North Downs Way to the South Downs Way, crosses the River Adur north of Henfield at Betley Bridge and south at Stretham Manor. Eventually, it was time to turn around and allow the incoming tide to help me upstream and back to Henfield. Although hardly needing to paddle on the return journey, ‘dipping a paddle’ became necessary to remain straight otherwise the shifting breeze and river currents would send the kayak spinning. Clumps of seaweed passed by to remind me that the English Channel was not that far to the south. Fish breached the surface once in a while. In summer, mullet swim up with the tide, to join the carp, bream, pike, tench, chub and perch that inhabit these waters. The swallows and lambs reappeared close to journeys end to round off a memorable experience. After ‘pulling out’ the kayak was deflated and rolled it up, ready for the next adventure. I headed for home after a gentle workout through peaceful, green surroundings, completely refreshed. l www.henfieldbirdwatch.co.uk www.britishcanoeing.org.uk Before venturing out in a canoe, please check for a public right of navigation, and that your kayak is licensed by the relevant authority in non-tidal waters.

Open daily including Sundays & Bank Holidays

Vineyard, Winery, Wine Bar & Shop in the heart of East Sussex Tour & Tasting Experience available throughout the year. Check website for details Join us for a free sample, stay for a glass or join one of our tours and see the whole process from grape to glass with a guided tasting included.


01435 813078 | info@hiddenspring.co.uk | www.hiddenspring.co.uk

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Sporty Sussex Having looked into croquet, hockey, bowls and tennis in May, Hanna Prince turns her attention to four more sports this June. It’s time to get ready to go fishing, run for checkpoints, swing for glory and bat for Britain!

Stoolball Although the game first originated back in the 15th century, it was in Sussex during the 19th century that the first organised teams played, spreading nationwide after WWI Two teams compete to see who can score the most runs. Batsmen score by hitting the ball into the field and running between two wickets, or by hitting the ball beyond a boundary line. It’s fast-paced, fun and easy to get into. “Stoolball is cheap to play, you don’t need your own equipment and it’s a really good community – you make loads of friends,” said Rick Mason, a

Golf With 66 clubs to choose from, Sussex is a top spot for anybody looking to try their hand at golf This historic club-and-ball sport has been played in Britain since the 15th century, with the first 18-hole course created at the Old Course in St Andrews in 1764. The Open Championship first played in 1860 remains the premier global tournament. Today, golf courses

vice president of Stoolball’s governing body, Stoolball England. “First and foremost it’s about camaraderie, but the ladies’ game is more competitive than the mixed. There are county and England exhibition games in ladies, whereas the mixed game is really just about having a good time.” One advantage of this traditional Sussex sport is that it’s multi-generational. It’s commonly played in schools and there are junior teams across the area, but kids can also take part in adult games from the age of 11. Something you see a lot in stoolball is families playing together,” says Rick. “I play with my

sister and in our team we also have a mother and son.” The starting point for anybody hoping to take up stoolball is the Stoolball England website: www.stoolball.org.uk – Use the map to find your local team and contact the team manager directly for advice on how to sign up.

consist of either 9 or 18 holes, with an 18-hole round taking about four hours to complete. Nearly 900,000 people in England play golf regularly – so what’s the big appeal? “It’s healthy exercise,” said Peter Scaramanga, a regular player based in Lewes. “I love being outside in the fresh air, enjoying the views. The other critical thing is the social element. With most sports it’s quite difficult to chat and play at the same time, whereas with golf you can have a chat along the way.” Another big part of golf’s appeal, said Peter, is that it offers the opportunity for players of all

levels to compete against one another. “Because of the handicapping system, you can play golf with people who are much better than you and much worse than you,” he said. “You can play with your wife, your friends, your kids – regardless of ability.” Beginners will generally need to take lessons from a professional before progressing to playing full games. Contact your local golf course to find out how to get started.


32 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


new for 20 2








Day & Residential camps for children aged 5-14yrs at Ardingly College.

5TH JULY - 25TH AUGUST Standard Day: 9am - 4.30pm Extended Day: 8.30am - 6pm

activities Swimming


Laser Tag

Baking & Cooking

Den Building

Treasure Hunts

Arts & Crafts


Capture the Flag

Mini Olympics

Theme weeks World of Wizardry



The Great Outdoors & Laser Tag Festival

Book Online at www.ardingly.com via the ‘Ardingly Active tab’ Call us: 01444 893030 Email: active@ardingly.com

SLM - Artwork.indd 2

21/05/2021 13:48

Orienteering The popularity of this fast-paced and adventurous sport is on the rise in the UK. Participants use an orienteering map to navigate between checkpoints, the challenge at competitive events being to complete the course in the fastest time “The two skills of orienteering are athleticism and navigation,” said Will Heap, member of Southdowns Orienteers. “It’s this amazing combination of physical and mental agility, which is so appealing to many people. You can be good at one but not the other and still be able to join the sport.” Southdowns Orienteers has around 300 members ranging in age from one to 90. The club runs events most weekends, with courses

ranging from fun and easy to long and complex. At larger events competitors are grouped into different age classes, making it a perfect adrenaline sport for the whole family. “There’s something amazing about seeing all ages competing in the same sport,” said fellow Southdowns Orienteer, Kate Turner. “I think that’s what really appeals to our family – we can all go together, have loads of fun and be challenged on different levels. Our kids have made lots of new friends too.”

It couldn’t be easier to get started – all participants need is a stout pair of shoes or running trainers. Maps and dibbers (electronic chips that register your locations at checkpoints along the course) are provided at events. Sussex has a good selection of permanent orienteering courses (POCs), which orienteers can navigate independently. For more information visit www.southdowns-orienteers.org.uk

Angling If you’re searching for a sport that combines stress-relief with an idyllic outdoor setting, angling might be for you. Whether you’re float fishing, lure fishing or fly fishing, the ultimate object is, of course, to catch a fish – but Uckfield angler Dave Flint says that it’s really about so much more than that

34 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

“Anglers are privy to Mother Nature at her finest,” said Dave. “It’s not unusual to have a friendly robin or a kingfisher flitting from bush to

bush. Because anglers sit quietly, rabbits, foxes and deer are often visible. Anglers are also at the vanguard of spotting pollution incidents. For me catching fish is probably only about 25% of the joy of angling. I’ve had many enjoyable sessions where I haven’t caught any fish!” Angling is also a top activity for kids. Not only can it help detach them from screens and encourage a connection with nature, it also teaches patience – in fact, it’s often used as a therapy for children who suffer with ADHD. “Our club run an annual junior day to encourage kids to have a go,” noted Dave. The sport can be solitary or sociable, depending on your preference. “You can fish a small pond, a five-acre lake, a 280acre reservoir, a bubbling stream, a large river, from the beach or out in a boat at sea… Angling appeals to a wide variety of people,” explained Dave. With basic equipment available for under £50, it’s cheap to get started. Attend a Get Fishing beginner session www.anglingtrust.net/getfishing or contact Dave at www.crowboroughanglers.org.uk to find out more.

Pre-paid funeral plans

If you want a natural burial, a zero emissions hearse and a tree planted in your memory, have it. It’s your funeral. Our pre-paid, inflation-proof funeral plans guarantee the way you want to be remembered and protect your loved ones from unnecessary burden and costs. Drop in to see us today, visit us at funeralcare.co.uk or call us on 01825 764125

£100 OFF

our pre-paid funeral plans*

Enter SUSSEXLIVING21 at: funeralcare.co.uk/funeralplans or take this coupon along to your local funeralcare home. *Terms & Conditions: The voucher may only be redeemed against eligible Southern Co-op funeral plans costing £3,000 or more and will be deducted off the cost at time of sale. The voucher has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion. For full terms and conditions visit: funeralcare.co.uk/funeralplanterms, request a copy from any Southern Co-op funeralcare home or by calling 0800 008 6878. This voucher is valid until 31/12/2021.

Moving Home? Call us on 0800 84 94 101 Offices across Sussex



The Only Plan is A-Plan It’s not often that you get to visit something so new the Mayor and local MP are cutting the ribbon as you arrive. But that’s what happened to Robert Veitch when he met the team at the new A-Plan Insurance branch in Haywards Heath


he newest branch in the A-Plan Insurance family is prominently located on Sussex Corner, but the benefits of stepping inside are far more prominent. The spacious open plan branch is a delight and the new team of Dominic, Skye and Liam are so welcoming it’s like meeting old friends.

In modern society personal service and the difference it makes can get forgotten but at A-Plan


Insurance this is their remit. Good customer service, problem solving, answering questions, and providing peace of mind are what they do. A-Plan was established in 1963 and the current CEO Carl Shuker began on a branch counter just as Haywards Heath manager Dominic Oswald did in 2017. As the perception of the high street continues to evolve, the A-Plan proposition has



remained constant, remains commercial and public successful, and the company liability. Policies don’t have continues to be a positive to be off the shelf; for specific presence on the high street. requirements bespoke policies “All consultants work are available. towards being Chartered Annual client retention Insurance Institute qualified stands at a very high level, from the start,” Dominic told which demonstrates that once me. “We’re here to help, to people experience A-Plan they advise, to answer questions, tend to go back, year after to be completely transparent. year. A-Plan also takes great We work for the client not the pride in helping vulnerable insurers. The consultants are people and their carers. not on commission. For us, A-Plan Insurance get it’s not about getting things involved in the community, done as quickly as possible, it’s supporting good causes, about getting the right product charities, and sponsoring for the client, to provide the sports teams. Community right cover, getting it at a networking events take place competitive in branch from price, and time to time. A providing peace It’s about getting community notice of mind.” the right product board in the A-Plan window is free for for the customer local groups to Insurance consultants populate, there’s a are proud of their customer children’s play area too. service and when things As Dominic noted, “We’re a national business do go wrong, when a claim that prides itself in being becomes necessary, they local, being visible on the become the first port of call. high street, engaging with the Consultants invest time in local community.” sourcing the correct policies, For service, for so they know the right competitive pricing, for all resolution for the client will your questions answered and be forthcoming. all your insurance problems “We cater for most resolved, there’s only one instances of insurance that most people need in everyday plan, A-Plan. l life. We are as comprehensive as the policies,” said Dominic. A-Plan Insurance 2-4 South Road, A-Plan broke policies that cover car, home and van, plus Haywards Heath RH16 4LA 01444 719860 caravans and motor homes, www.aplan.co.uk/haywardsheath travel, marine, agricultural, June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 37


KITCHEN The huge long breakfast bar was just crying out for a line of bar stools where friends could sit while I was cooking, and I’ve used the top of the units to display all my pieces of coloured glass and my funky flamingo

38 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021



Taking on a house with every room a plain white shell was a blank canvas for tv producer and painter Tania Fallon

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 39



Due to the large bulk purchase owing to large education contracts, we have 800 kits 1-3m and 2-5m suitable for school playgrounds, car parks, driveways, paths, forecourts and outside areas.

£££ Cash paid for scrap metal £££ ✔ Brass ✔ Copper ✔ Lead ✔ Zinc ✔ Stainless Steel ✔ Aluminium

We supply and lay resin bound surfacing to British Standard thickness for only £90 per square metre.

£££ Cash paid to scrap your car £££

29 Colours and blends available • Offers available for 3 months • All work guaranteed for 15 years • £10 million public liability

45 Chartwell Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TU t: 01903 761228 m: 07730 285 368 e: davismetalrecycling@yahoo.co.uk Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00 Saturday 08:00-12:00

STUDIO PROOF All Types of Roofing, PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 May 2021 10:09 am OUR FILENAME: Davis Metal Recycling 1-8

Tiling, Repairs, Leadworks, Sofit, Fascias & Guttering


01444 523161/01403 900163 Email: sales@jacoblevyprojects.co.uk Web: www.jacoblevyprojects.co.uk High Street, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath RH17 5JU

01903 918572 | 07969 845359

Established 1966




PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 May 2021 9:29 am OUR FILENAME: June 21 Jacob Levy 1-4

Transform your Transform kitchen in 2020! your

Conservatory Too Cold? Conservatory Too Hot?

kitchen in 2021!

DID YOU KNOW that we can completely change your kitchen in as little as that we DID YOU KNOW 1 can or 2 days? completely change

your kitchen in as little as 1 or 2 days?

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform your kitchen for half the cost of a complete replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform yourGive kitchen usfor a call 01323 644141 half the cost of a complete www.kitchen-transformations.com | 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1HS replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen Transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and were very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Give us a call 01323 644141

Showroom: 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1HS www.kitchen-transformations.com

40 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Changing to a tiled roof can reduce noise, help with heating, and give more space!

Solicon Conservatory Roofs! 01323 382898 | www.soliconservatoryroofs.co.uk A SUSSEX FAMILY BUSINESS!

Because we’re not overlooked, I have resisted any temptation to have anything fussy or bulky at the windows as the views to the fields and sea beyond are why we love it

HOME TRUTHS LOCATION: Near Hastings, East Sussex THE OWNERS: Tania Fallon and husband Bruce, with frequent visits from their six grown up children and dog Fraser


he light, space and intriguing shapes were three of the reasons that Tania Fallon fell for her 1960s house, set into the hills above the East Sussex coast when she decided to make the move from London six years ago. “It had the most fascinating history, as it was originally built as a two-bedroom house, but in the 1980s the family who moved here added various sheds, a sauna, hot tub and a large swimming pool with retractable solar powered roof.” Thereafter, a local property developer transformed it, giving it the look of a modernist villa, and having decided to move on, put it on the market in the winter of 2014. “It’s quite odd to think where my kitchen is now

THE PROPERTY: A six bedroomed detached 1960s house built into the hillside

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 41

used to be the swimming pool and you can still see the curve of the edge of the pool outside on the patio area,” explained Tania. Living in the Hastings area had long been on the wish list for the couple who wanted to enjoy the coast and countryside of East Sussex. “I had been living in a Victorian house in Clapham, but for a long time I had thought about moving here as I have always wanted to live by the sea. This house really appealed to me. It has the most amazing far reaching views across fields of sheep to the sea. I just had to have it,” smiled Tania.

Thereafter, a local property developer transformed it, giving it the look of a modernist villa

42 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

ll N s erN ork

For your free,For no your obligation free, no no estimate, obligation callestimate, estimate, us on call callus uson on free, obligation l l l a l a errss ke 011 01444ttoo482 or email 011ator or info@finesofas.co.uk email us us at at info@finesofas.co.uk info@finesofas.co.uk 01444 482 us 011 email orrk wo yyw


BED SALE NOW ON Great offers on Ex display models

t Sussex • RH16 2LX ttSussex Sussex••RH16 RH162LX 2LX t Sussex • RH16 t Sussex RH16 •2LX t Sussex RH16 2LX t •Sussex RH162LX 2LX 301 713 • email: info@finesofas.co.uk

tel: 01444 07867 www.finesofas.co.uk 4 482 011 tel: or01444 07867482 482 301011 011 713or oremail: 07867info@finesofas.co.uk 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk tel: 01444 482 011 or 07867 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk 444 011tel: or 07867 01444 482 301 713 011 or email: 07867 info@finesofas.co.uk 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk tel:482 01444 482 011 or 07867 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk


PROOF DATE/TIME: 13 April 2021 1:49 pm OUR FILENAME: May 21 Fine Furnishings 1-2


PROOF DATE/TIME: 14 September 2020 12:24 pm OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Mid Sussex Kitchens 1-2

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 43

HALLWAY Looking down the landing was all a bit too white, so I’ve added a handy wooden desk for texture, and put up a set of my own prints on the wall

Having sold her London house quickly, Tania finally moved in June 2015, and she couldn’t wait to make it her own. “All the walls were painted white and all the floors a pale wood laminate. It was an invitation to fill it with bright, bold colour. My old house had walls in blues, greens, pinks, you name it. But I had to completely rethink my look here, as it just wouldn’t have suited it.” Deciding to keep the basic walls and floors, Tania experimented with adding colour and mid-century inspired furniture, taking it slowly over the past few years and documenting her style on her Instagram @lifeatprospect. Tania said, “I found these fantastic enormous cow paintings for the living room, which cover one wall. I’m also an enthusiastic artist and printmaker myself, having studied at art college, so I’ve put up loads of my own canvasses in blocks on walls wherever there’s too much white.” Sticking to primary colours plus orange as her basic palette, Tania has gone for strong tones in everything from furniture to furnishings. “I love seeing big blocks of colour leap out, like the orange sofas and the different colour dining chairs. I also prefer white

44 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

LIVING ROOM This is where we tend to gather in the evenings to watch television, play board games or just sit and look at the view, so I didn’t want it to be boring. There’s plenty of sofa space and hits of colour

Tania experimented with adding colour and mid-century inspired furniture June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 45


LJB are run, local buildingcompany, company, established LJB are aafamily building company, established LJB are afamily familyrun, run,local local building established in inin Eastbourne in 1999 Eastbourne inin1999 Eastbourne 1999 Extensions – Loft Conversions – Garage Conversions – Driveways & Patios –

Extensions – Loft Conversions –– Garage Garage Conversions – Driveways & Patios – Extensions – Loft Conversions – Driveways & Patios – Roof Guttering–Conversions –Fascias Fascias&&Soffits Soffits – Brickwork RoofRepairs Repairs––Flat Flat Roofing Roofing Guttering – Brickwork – – Roof Repairs – Flat Roofing Guttering – Fascias & Soffits – Brickwork – Carpentry Bathrooms– –Kitchens Kitchens – Structural Carpentry––Painting Painting & & Decoration Decoration ––Bathrooms – Structural & & Carpentry –Alterations Painting & Decoration – Bathrooms – Kitchens – Structural Internal –– uPVC Windows Doors––Drainage Drainage – Repointing InternalAlterations uPVC Windows &&Doors – Repointing – – & Internal uPVC Windows & Doors – Drainage – Repointing ElectricsAlterations Heating&&–Plumbing Plumbing – Plastering &&Rendering – Insurance Quotes Electrics ––Heating Plastering Rendering – Insurance Quotes– Electrics – Heating & Plumbing – Plastering & Rendering – Insurance Quotes

01323 01323639917 639917 info@ljbleebotting.com 01323 639917 info@ljbleebotting.com www.ljbleebotting.com info@ljbleebotting.com www.ljbleebotting.com


OurOur experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that wethat havewe become experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured have an become an established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a reputation for courteous, professional service Our experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that we have become an

reputation for courteous, professional service

established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a reputation for courteous, professional service

A Roofing Contractor you can trust Looking for a local Roofing Contractor? Ansty Roofing Ltd can offer your exact requirements by roofers with a wealth of experience in all aspects of roofing Based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex we cover all surrounding areas in Mid Sussex We can offer a first class service from start to finish, delivering top quality workmanship at very competitive prices

Contact us today to find out more!


01444 682782 | anstyroofing@gmail.com | www.anstyroofing.co.uk 46 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Now you can order online www.3stepdesigns.com

COME AND ENJOY ONE OF THE LARGEST SHOWROOMS IN WEST SUSSEX Have your Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom designed and installed by our in house designers and installers. Everything from heating and plumbing to tiles available


t: 01444 817711

Unit 3B York Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9AD info@3stepdesigns.com • www.3stepdesigns.com June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 47

Q A In an all white house, it sounds simple, but you have to keep on repainting and touching up all the time, as it gets grubby very quickly so we always have a paint pot and brush ready at a moment’s notice

OUTSIDE PATIO This is where you can really see the curves of the old swimming pool, so we’ve kept the furniture minimal and gone for something with curves to echo the shapes

Yes, I love design from the 1950s onwards, people like Alexander Girard, Philippe Starck, Xavier Pauchard with his Tolix chairs. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the originals, but you can get such good reproductions these days and still get the look

Contemporary and quirky, with lots of original artwork, and a lack of clutter

It’s actually my bedroom as it’s got the benefit of the fantastic views at the back of the house plus its own terrace where you can sit out and have breakfast, plenty of wardrobe space and a smart en-suite

I found my coffee table with the pink and blue glass sections which light up through a local network where people offer things for sale, so it’s worth checking out if there’s one near you as I got an unusual designer unit for a really great price

I absolutely adore the huge cow paintings. They were the backdrop of a musical I went to see, and I knew the director. So, once it was all over I managed to do a deal with her as I knew they’d look amazing in my living room

48 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

ZONE YOUR AREAS When I can work from home, it’s nice to have a proper corner that is separated off, and I can still be distracted by the view

43 years continuous trading 42 Years of continuous trading

Insulation Services Home Improvements

Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Bifold Doors

• • •

‘A’ Rated PVC-U Windows as standard Front and Back Doors Timber, Aluminium, PVC-U and Composite

• • •

Conservatories Orangeries Replacement Conservatory Roofs


Visit our showroom or info@insulation-services.co.uk call for a FREE no Obligation Quotation Vision House, Crowborough Hill, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2EG

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01892 661858

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01892 661858


Call now on:

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It was an invitation to fill it with bright, bold colour

bedding, with splashes of colour using bedspreads and cushions, and while the bathroom suite is white, I’ve got lots of towels in my signature colours.” The proportions of the rooms have also led to a complete rethink. “There was no way I could have moved my furniture from Clapham into this house, as some of the spaces are so huge, they

DINING AREA Rather than go for one colour seating, I’ve tried to get in as many different tones as possible with my retro chairs to add a buzz of colours

Beautiful Traditional Timber Windows and Doors High quality windows and doors, made in the UK. Preserving the character of your home, while incorporating double glazing, where permitted. Trusted trader

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01344 868 668 www.sashwindow.com

GUEST BEDROOM A replica of a Philippe Starck Ghost chair adds a splash of vivid red in a spare bedroom and a transparent desk doubles up as a dressing table.

Mandy Williams

The shop that comes to you!

Curtains, blinds

The shop that comes to you!

Soft furnishings

Local Builders in Mid Sussex

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mandy.mwdesigns@gmail.com www.curtainsblindsupholstery.co.uk

tel: 01444 235233 mobile: 07751 653457 K i t c h e n s , B a t h ro o m s a n d B e d ro o m s

Polegate Interiors

We specialise in the alteration, refurbishment and extension of domestic properties of a mature age, matching materials and style of 50-500 years.

Free consultation with experienced, top designer

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Peter Turnbull Quality appliances including: Neff, AEG, Bosch


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Constructing solutions for our clients with care


PROOF DATE/TIME: 20 October 2020 12:21 pm OUR FILENAME: Nov 20 Helme&Hallett

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• M A D E T O M E A S U R E C U R TA I N S & B L I N D S • F OA M • S O F T F U R N I S H I N G S • U P H O L S T E R Y •

Great to be Open!


Eastbourne Foam & Fabric For that hassle free personal service

Beautiful made-to-measure Curtains and Blinds, Cushion Covers and Upholstery * Foam/fibre infills or complete seat cushion replacement (for homes, boats or caravans) * Curtain fabric/fire retardant upholstery fabric and water repellent fabric all available by the metre. * Foam cut to any shape or size * Brand names * Trade welcome

See our Extensive Range at 137 Green Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1SB |

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We look forward to reopening the doors to customers old and new on 12th April 2021 Carpets and Furniture Carpets anda Furniture We supply and fit tremendous selection of domestic carpets, vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, laminates, flooring and commercial We supplywood and fit a tremendous selection carpets of and flooring. areluxury FREE vinyl and home domestic carpets,Quotations vinyl flooring, tiles, visits can be laminates, wood flooring andarranged. commercial carpets and flooring. Quotations are FREE and home visits can be arranged.

Denis Parkinson Carpets & Furniture 169 Ninfield Road, Carpets Bexhill on&Sea, TN39 5BD Denis Parkinson Furniture 01424 210 070 169 Ninfield Road, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 5BD 24 Cooden Sea01424 Road,210 Little Common, TN39 4SJ 070 01424 842 091 24 Cooden Sea Road, Little Common, TN39 4SJ 01424 842 091


52 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

would just be lost.” Tania explained. “So, I’ve more or less started again, selling some of my old furniture to raise money to buy new stuff, and also buying some of the key pieces from the previous owners.” Having finally settled into her new home Tania smiled and said, “The best thing about this house is that we have space for all our kids to bring their partners and friends to stay. I can’t wait until life gets back to normal post lockdown, as its lovely having a house full of friends and family, and luckily we don’t get under each other’s feet.” l Text by: Stephanie Smith Photography: GAP Interiors/David Giles

GUEST BEDROOM The inherited marble topped side tables work in here because they’re teamed with a lot of contemporary pieces and light colours

MASTER BEDROOM I tend to go for plain white bedding and then add layers of colour with bedspreads, cushions and accessories for a relaxing atmosphere

ENSUITE TO MASTER The en suite bathroom is tiled floor to ceiling so I’ve added my usual spots of colour with towels and toiletries

It has the most amazing far reaching views across fields of sheep to the sea

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 53


Ashdown Roofing Unit 12a More House Farm, Ditchling Road, Wivelsfield RH17 7RE

Over 200 10/10 reviews on Check-a-trade and more across Google and social media

Next generation carpet and upholstery cleaning has arrived with the new SLX47 engine driven machine for unbelievable results Call, text or email for our price list and information

07789 117778

At Ashdown Roofing the key to our success is customer satisfaction. Established in West Sussex for over 20 years, our qualified team can handle work of all sizes. All work is guaranteed & fully insured with designs tailor-made to your needs. We are an Anderson’s, Bauder & Alumasc Approved Contractor. Our services include:

• Roof Repair • Flat, Tiled & Slate Roofs • Chimney Repairs • Lead Flashing • Valleys, Guttering • Domestic & Commercial • Your Roofing Problems Solved! Call us today 01444 239401 or 07802 291121 for a no obligation quote ashdownroofing@btconnect.com www.ashdown-roofing.co.uk




Free Consultations Fully Licensed & Insured Homeowner & Residential Commercial, Industrial & Municipal

Bird Guano Removal Nets, Spikes, BioAcoustics Complete Systems & Installation


01273 421307

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Offering everything from beautiful face masks and craft supplies to bespoke cleaning services, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning is getting back to business post-lockdown as Hanna Prince discovered to Dylon fabric dye and a brandnew range of Anchor embroidery thread. With an increasing number of people picking up crafting hobbies during lockdown, this product range has been increasing popular. But the business is most famous for its bespoke dry-cleaning service, with a focus on designer wear, wedding dresses, delicate fabrics and vintage clothing. Sarah’s family have been keeping the people of Haywards Heath spick and span since the late 1800s. “It began with my great great grandmother Jenny Marchant, who started out taking laundry into her kitchen in Western Road,” said Sarah. “The family continued laundering and our first shop was in Commercial Square. I took on this shop in 2007, but I have over 30 years of experience in dry cleaning.” Part of the appeal for customers of Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning – who


ockdown has been tough on small family businesses, but Sarah Lacey has turned the time to good account. Through creating and selling beautiful handmade masks, she and her team have managed to raise an incredible £3,000 for St Peter & St James Hospice. “We’re still making the masks on the premises and we’re hoping to raise more money for the charity over the next few months,” said Sarah, who continued opening her Haywards Heath shop for limited hours during lockdown but is now once again offering a full-time service. As well as selling face masks, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning stocks a full range of craft materials – everything from zips, ribbons and curtain tape

She carefully assesses each garment that comes in come from all over the county and beyond – is that Sarah offers a uniquely bespoke service. She carefully assesses each garment that comes in, and her lengthy experience includes dealing with everything from business suits and school uniforms to oneof-a-kind designer pieces.

Her green ethos also chimes with ecominded customers. “We are trying hard to reduce our plastic consumption,” Sarah explained. “Our garment wrap is biodegradable and can be recycled alongside carrier bags at the supermarket. We also take back, clean and reuse our own coat hangers. But if customers want to bring their own garment bags and coat hangers then we are, of course, more than happy to use those.” After a difficult year, Sarah is particularly keen to express her gratitude to regular customers. “Some of our customers continued to come every week during lockdown because they needed the help,” she said. “I’d like to thank all our loyal customers and say how grateful we are to them for continuing to use our services.” l Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning 1 College Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1QN 01444 416644 enquiries@sarahlacey-drycleaning.co.uk www.sarahlacey-drycleaning.co.uk June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 55

Tel: 0800 699 0522 • 07957 156467

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From earth & turf



ow we are finally allowed to meet family and friends, it’s time to enjoy much needed gatherings in our gardens. In many ways, when considering the perfect al fresco area, it’s similar to creating a living room – you need to think about: flooring, lighting, colour schemes and furniture. Adopt this way of thinking to your little bit of the ‘great outdoors’ and it will be fit for those hot summer days that are just around the corner… or so we have been promised. This month we are looking at the surfaces underfoot as we enjoy those lazy lunches in the sun and those hazy evenings with friends. These days, it’s not just turf or earth beneath our feet to choose from, there are many different surfaces to make an outside space more

Although technically the garden isn’t a room, it is an extension of the home and as Adele Trathan discovered, there are many things to consider when deciding on the surface for an ‘al fresco’ space attractive and desirable. Here are some of the most popular options. DECKING Decking has been a firm favourite for many years now. Some people deck their entire outside space as a flat area, but decking works even better

when splitting different heights and separating areas of the garden. In a sloped or banked garden, look to create a raised flat area for a barbecue or seating with steps that lead to it, creating a focus area. Decking has come a long way in recent years and there are many considerations to make when choosing the preferred option; it’s not just about which wood these days. Budget and maintenance are the biggest considerations. As a general guide, pressure-treated softwood boards are the most affordable and easiest to install, but they require regular, yearly maintenance. Hardwood boards cost more but are organically beautiful and more durable. They still need looking after with regular cleaning and treatments. June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 57

More recent developments in decking materials have led to composite (WPC) board, which consists of a mixture of wood-flour and recycled plastic mixture. This is a big step-up on the budget but the material is resistant to mould, insects and moisture, meaning very low maintenance, but it still looks like the real deal. The final option is PVC plastic boards, made solely from plastic. Once again high cost, long lasting and low maintenance but the decking can look quite artificial. PATIO PAVERS Patio paving slabs come in an impressive array of cut pavers available in many different colours, sizes and materials. Ideally, it is best to start by finding a preferred finish, at a cost that relates to the budget. Choose from a natural stone such as flagstone, Indian stone, marble, granite or a composite concrete mix that emulates the appearance of natural stone. The cost of natural stone is more

expensive, but the beauty and durability of stone will last at least a lifetime. That aside, a well laid, well maintained patio of concrete or brick pavers, can still look fantastic and provide a perfectly adequate patio area for a family to enjoy for many years. In recent times, tiles have come to market that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, creating viable options to link the house to the garden in properties with bi-fold doors. Using the same tiles internally and externally creates a seamless transition, extending the living space naturally, and being easy on the eye. Homeowners on a tight budget with an old patio or broken slabs, could consider a recycled retro crazypaving patio. It may take a little time to match the broken pieces, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, but planned well and laid properly it will still be perfectly functional and have a certain nostalgic appeal. OTHER OPTIONS Gravel – It’s cost effective, visually appealing, simple and easy to lay and drains easily. However, it can be difficult to maintain, requiring regular

58 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


Surfacing Solutions STAR PL ANT LTD


Providers of Surfacing Solutions including Tar and Chip, Resin Bond and Tarmac for residential, commercial and public applications including all associated groundworks.

Resin Bond

01825 840390 Fully insured - free quotations

Tarmac & Surface Dressing

info@starplant.co.uk www.starplant.co.uk

Tar & Chip

Dower House Farm, Blackboys, Uckfield TN22 5HJ

The beauty and durability of stone will last at least a lifetime

weeding and raking. It’s definitely not the most comfortable to walk on… barefoot! Resin Bond – This mixes an aggregate, there are many colours and materials to choose from, with a resin bond mixture. When laid it looks highly attractive and creates a smooth, non-slip, low maintenance surface that prohibits weed growth. Not the cheapest option by far, but long

lasting and works well for pathways and smaller patio areas. Whatever the preference for the surface underfoot it’s still important to consider the size and area of any al fresco space in relation to the total home and garden area. Where might the barbecue, shed or trampoline be best located to make the most of the al fresco space? How much ‘green’ space is necessary for grass and plants, and

what is the aspect of the garden in relation to the sun? Readers that are lucky enough to have a south or south-westerly facing garden will be blessed with sunshine most of the day. Even those lucky souls might want to consider a shady spot to make a cool retreat away from those sizzling temperatures for a chilled-out lunch. Now all we need to hope for is the sunshine! l

• Resin Bound & Bonded • Hot Bitumen & Gravel • Dropped kerbs and crossovers • Block paving • Groundworks • Tarmacadam

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07833 478786 info@wandsbc.co.uk www.wandsbuildingcontractors.co.uk

WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU IS IMPORTANT TO US At NFU Mutual we can look after you, your family and your business. Our insurance products and financial services include: • Home • Farm • Life Assurance • Car • Equine • Critical Illness • Business • Travel • Income Protection NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers. When you get in touch we’ll explain the advice services offered and the charges. Financial advice is provided by NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited. For a real conversation about your insurance call or email us. NFU Mutual, Bysshopps, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HP T: 01273 025 176 E: Henfield_agency@nfumutual.co.uk NFU Mutual, 1 North Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TJ T: 01243 887 713 E: Chichester_agency@nfumutual.co.uk

C A Modi is an appointed representative of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). And an introducer to NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited, a member of the NFU Mutual group of companies.


High Beech Lane, Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2DQ 0333 321 8929 thebeeches@croudacehomes.co.uk 62 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


LIGHTENING THE LOAD, SPREADING THE RISK Safeguarding against things that might happen in life is an unfortunate necessity most people need to be prepared for, as Peter d’Aguilar explains


othing in life is totally risk free, including life itself – so we all need a degree of security and protection from unforeseen setbacks. In one form or another, insurance has always been around. Early humans hunted dangerous prey in groups, to spread the risk. Valuable goods were transported in several different cargo ships, reducing the chances of losing everything at sea through shipwreck or piracy. In more modern times, the insurance risk is passed from the individual to an institution that has the resources to cover a substantial loss.

The dictionary definition of insurance is an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium – providing protection against a possible eventuality. In a nutshell, insurance is a mechanism to mitigate risk by spreading it among a group of participants – so that no one is left to carry the burden single-handed. In an ideal world we would never need insurance. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know we are covered

against a variety of potential risks. Insurance comes in many forms to cover the different elements in our lives – from our home and its contents, possessions, cars, health, life, pets and travel to income protection, public liability, professional indemnity and long-term care. Its protection or coverage can be for a limited period or throughout a whole lifetime. Insurance works on the principle of the policy holder paying a regular, relatively small premium to the insurer in case they should suffer a loss or a claim against them. If this should unfortunately occur, the insurer then pays out a potentially much larger sum by way of compensation. The insurance policy is the contract between the insurer and the insured, setting out everything the policy covers and any conditions and exemptions. In order to keep premiums down and avoid too many small claims many policies include an excess, which is the amount of your claim you agree to cover before

A good insurer can turn a difficult situation into a more bearable one

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 63

This yourtime time This is is your

Let your future

OUR SEMINARS: Whenlife life is is busy busy and can bebe thethe last thing When and time timeisisprecious, precious,money money can you want to last thing you want to think about.planning But clever financial PENSIONS think about. But clever financial can bring huge benefits and positive take flight planning can bring huge benefits and positive changes in 10th June changes in your life. It’s time to get your money working for you. your life. It’s time to get your money working for you. 5pm – Your 7pmbest life starts now At helpingyou you achieve financial freedom and peace AtHerbert Herbert Scott Scott we we believe believe ininhelping achieve financial offreedom mind, so you can of get on with enjoying every day knowing your finances are TAX and peace mind, so you can get on with Let your future INHERITANCE enjoying every taken care of. day knowing your finances are taken care of. 19th August take flight 10am – 12pm What kind of life would you like for you and your family? What youlook likelike forto you andHow your family? This is your time What does a life well-lived Whatkind doesofa life life would well-lived you? will This is your time Your best life starts now look to you? Howfuture? will you for your We take time tocanproperly OUR SEMINARS: Your best lifefuture? starts now When life is busy busy and time bebe thethe last thing you like provide for your Weprovide take time to properly When life is and timeisisprecious, precious,money money can you want to INVESTMENTS last thing you want to think about. But clever financial PENSIONS think about.relationship But clever financial planning can bring huge benefits and positive understand where you are now and explore your with money, as well understand where you are now and explore your planning in can bring huge andyour positive changes in for you. st working 10 June changes your life. It’s benefits time to get money 21 October your life. about It’s time toYour get your money working for you. 5pm – 7pm as your hopes for the years ahead. We then set helping to make your best life starts now relationship with money, as well as your hopes for the years –financial 4.30pm At helping2.30pm you achieve freedom and peace AtHerbert Herbert Scott Scott we we believe believe ininhelping you achieve financial long-term financial goals a reality. ahead. We then set about helping to make your long-term offreedom mind, so you can of get on with enjoying every day knowing your finances are TAX and peace mind, so you can get on with INHERITANCE enjoying every taken care of. day knowing your finances are taken care of. 19 August financial goals a reality. 10am – 12pm What kind of life would you like for you and your family? This is your time Invest in your best life; together we can make it happen. What kind of life would you like for you and your family? What does a life well-lived This is your time What does a life well-lived look like to you? How will us on Call Invest in your best life; togetherOUR weSEMINARS: can makelook it like happen. to you? Howfuture? will you forto your future? We take time to properly you provide for your Weprovide take time properly INVESTMENTS When life is busy and time is precious, money can be the When life is busy and time is precious, money can be the last thing you want to understand you are arenow nowand andexplore explore your 405700 relationship with as well 01273 to money, understand where where you your 21 October last thing you want to think about.planning But clever financial PENSIONS think about. But clever financial can bring huge benefits and positive as your hopes formoney, the years ahead. Wehopes then set helping to make your relationship with as well as your for about the years This is your time 2.30pm – 4.30pm planning can bring huge benefits and positive changes in book your free place 10 June This is your time changes in your life. It’s time to get your money working for you. long-term reality.to make your long-term ahead. Wefinancial then setgoals aboutahelping your life. It’s time to getget your money working for you. us today on 5pm –01273 7pm Lets started, call 407500 financial goals a reality. OUR SEMINARS:

Let your future Let take flight

your future take flight th




Lets get started, call us today on 01273 407500

Whenlife life is iswe busy and time precious, money can bebe the When busy and timeisis precious, money can thepeace last thing youinwant to life; together we can make it happen. At Scott believe helping you achieve financial freedom and Invest your best AtHerbert Herbert Scott we believe ininhelping you achieve financial Call us on Invest in your best life; together we can make it happen. last so thing you want about. But financial offreedom mind, you can get on to with enjoying every dayclever knowing your finances and peace of mind, sothink you can get on with PENSIONS think about. But clever financial planning can bring huge are benefits positive 01273 405700 to INHERITANCE TAX and th enjoying every day knowing your finances areand takenpositive care of. changes19in taken care of. th planning can bring huge benefits book your free place 10 June changes in your life. It’s time to get your money workingAugust for you. Lets get started, call us today on 01273 407500 your It’s timeyou tolike getforyour money working for you. 10am – 12pm 5pm – 7pm Lets get started, call us today on 01273 407500 What kindlife. of life would you and your family? What kind of life would you like for you and your family? What does a life well-lived What does a life well-lived look like to you? How will At Herbert Scott believe inhelping helping you achieve financial look like to you? How willwe you provide for your future? We take time to properly freedom and peace At Herbert Scott we believe in you achieve financial you provide for your future? We take time to properly INVESTMENTS understand you arenow now and explore your relationship with money, as well offreedom mind,where so you can get on with enjoying every day knowing your finances are TAX and peace of mind, so you can get on with understand where you are and explore your st INHERITANCE 21 October as your hopes formoney, the day years ahead. We then set helping to make your • The • 173 High Street • Lewes • East Sussex • BN7 1YE relationship with as knowing well as your hopes for about the years Herbert Scott Ltd Left Bank enjoying every your finances are taken care of. taken care of. 2.30pm – 4.30pm Herbert Scott Ltd • The Left Bank • 173 High Street • Lewes • East Sussex • BN7 1YE 19th August long-term reality.to make your long-term ahead. Wefinancial then setgoals aboutahelping 10am – 12pm financial Tel: 01273 407 500 Email: enquiries@herbertscott.uk Web: www.herbertscott.uk Whatgoals kinda reality. of life would you like for you and your family? What kind of life; life would you like forto andHow yourwill family? What Invest in your best together we can make ityou happen. Call us on does a life well-lived What does lifetogether well-lived look like you? Invest in your bestalife; we can make it happen. look to you? Howfuture? will you for your take time to properly 01273We 405700 th you like provide for your Weprovide take time to properly Herbert Scott Ltdfuture? is authorised andtoregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. your free place understand you are are nowand andexplore explore yourbook relationship withINVESTMENTS money, as well understand where you now your Lets get started,where call us today on 01273 407500 st

This yourtime time This is is your

OUR SEMINARS: Whenlife life is is busy busy and can bebe thethe last thing When and time timeisisprecious, precious,money money can you want to Tel: 01273 407 500 Email: enquiries@herbertscott.uk Web: www.herbertscott.uk last thing you want to think about. But clever financial PENSIONS think about. But clever financial planning can bring huge benefits and positive planning in can bring huge andyour positive changes in for you. 10 June changes your life. It’s benefits time to get money working 21 October your life. It’s time to get your money working for you. Lets get started, call us today on 01273 407500 5pm – 7pm advice? as your hopes formoney, the years ahead. Wehopes then set helping tolet make yourhelp you! Then me relationship with as well as your for about the years Need financial 2.30pm – 4.30pm long-term reality.to make your long-term ahead. Wefinancial then setgoals aboutahelping At Herbert Scott we believe in helping you achieve financial peace At Herbert Scott we believe in helping you achieve financial I’m Michael Bains, your localfreedom and Then let me help you! financial goals a reality. of mind, so you can get on with enjoying every day knowing your finances your best life; together we can make it happen. Jan Invest 21 Herbertin Scott FP.indd 1 03/12/2020 14:36 freedom and peace of mind, so you can get on with Herbert Scott Ltd The Left Bank 173 High Street Lewes East Sussex BN7 1YE Call us on Adviser. INHERITANCE I’m Michaelare Bains, local Financial TAXyour Invest in your best life; together we can make it happen. 01273 405700 to of. Tel: 01273taken 407 500 care Email:every enquiries@herbertscott.uk www.herbertscott.uk enjoying your finances are taken care of. day knowingWeb: th Financial Adviser. 19 August book your free place Do you need advice about your pension? Would you Lets get started, call us today on 01273 407500 – about 12pm need advice your pension? Would you Lets get started, callyou us today on 01273 407500 What kind of life would like for you and your family? portfolio? Do you10am like to review your savings or investment like you! to review savings or investment portfolio? What you like forto you andHow your family? What does a lifeyour well-lived Then let me help I’m Michael Bains, Whatkind doesofa life life would well-lived look like you? will Are you thinking about buying a new property or, Are you thinking about buying a new property or, look like to you? How will you provide for your future? We take time to properly your local perhaps, Financial considering Adviser. equity release? you provide for your future? We takeperhaps, time toconsidering properlyequity release? INVESTMENTS understand where you are now and explore your relationship with money, as well understand where you are now and explore your st Herbert Scott Ltd The Left Bank 173 High Street Lewes East Sussex BN7 1YE 21 October Do you to need advice about your pension? Would as your hopes formoney, the years ahead. Wehopes then set about helping make your relationship with as well as your for the years like to review savings or investment Tel: 01273 407 500 Email: enquiries@herbertscott.uk Web: www.herbertscott.uk 2.30pm –your 4.30pm It can be difficult to know where to you get good, reliable, financial advice, It can belong-term difficult to know where to get good, reliable, financial financial ahelping reality. ahead. We then setgoals about to make youradvice, long-term especially if you want a service that provides everything under one Are roof. you thinking about portfolio? It can be difficult to know where to get good, reliable, financial advice, especially if you want a service that provides everything under one roof. a that reality. new property or, I’m a qualified financial adviser and can offer you expert advice buying on all yourafinancial especiallyfinancial if you wantgoals a service provides everything under one roof. needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council Invest in your best life; together we can make it happen. perhaps, considering I’m a qualified financial adviser andtogether can offer you expert advice onthe allSociety your financial Call us on and SOLLA, of Later Life Advisers. Invest in your best weadvice can on make it financial happen. equity release? I’m a qualified financial adviser andlife; can offer you expert all your needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council01273 405700 to needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council Mortgages, equity release, life insurance, business protection, investments, and theSociety Society of Later Life Advisers. book free place pensions, savings, inheritance taxyour planning – and much more. andSOLLA, SOLLA, the of Later Life Advisers. Lets get started, call us today on 01273By407500 providing you with advice tailored to 407500 your needs along with a high level of service, I aim to win Lets getlife started, call protection, us today on 01273 Mortgages, equity release, insurance, investments, Mortgages, equity release, life insurance, businessbusiness investments, your trust andprotection, build a long-term relationship with you; a relationship that means I can help you both now and, as your financial circumstances and goals change, in the future. pensions, savings, inheritance tax planning – and much more. pensions, savings, inheritance tax planning – and much more.

Need financial advice? Jan 21 Herbert Scott FP.indd 1

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Need financial advice?

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ByByproviding youwith withadvice advice tailored to needs your along needswith along with a of high level of service, I aim to win providing you tailored to your a high level service, I aim to win I look forward to meeting you! yourtrust trust and and build long-term relationship with you; a relationship that meansthat I canmeans help youI can help you both your builda a long-term relationship with you; a relationship bothand, nowas and, as your financial circumstances and goals change, in High theinfuture. • 173 • Lewes • East Sussex • BN7 1YE now your financial circumstances and goals change, the future. Herbert Scott Ltd • The Street Left Bank Foraafree freeTel: initial consultation, please contact me to enquiries@herbertscott.uk book anto appointment. For initial consultation, please contact me book Michael an appointment. 01273 407 500 Email: Bains I lookforward forward to you! I look tomeeting meeting you!

DipPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER) Financial Adviser t: m: e: w:

Web: www.herbertscott.uk

01892 664477 07827 018481 michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk

Jan 21 Herbert Scott FP.indd 1 Michael Bains  DipPFS,

Certs CII (MP&ER)  Financial Adviser Michael Bains t: 01892 664477 m: 07827 DipPFS, Certs CII(MP&ER) 018481  e: michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk  w: www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk Financial Adviser One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2plan wealth management Ltd. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk) under reference 607130.

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m: 07827 018481 e: michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk w: www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk

64 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2plan wealth management Ltd. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk) under reference 607130. Registered address: Dorset House, Regent Park, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7PL. Registered in England No: 08141263. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home may be repossesed if you do not



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the insurer pays the rest. In the event of a claim, the case is assessed by a claims or loss adjuster. Insurers sometimes dilute their exposure to larger claims by taking out reinsurance, spreading the risk across other insurance companies. Insurance underwriters are professionals who evaluate and analyse the risks involved in insuring people and assets. Insurance underwriters establish the pricing for accepted insurable risks. The term underwriting means receiving remuneration for the willingness to pay a potential risk. Perhaps the world’s best-known insurance institution is Lloyds of London, which was founded in the seventeenth century and operates as a marketplace within which multiple financial backers, grouped into syndicates, come together to pool and spread risk. As with any product purchase, it is advisable to shop around for the best and most cost-effective insurance cover. A good insurer can turn a difficult situation into a more bearable one, providing helpful advice and prompt payment. While it’s worth asking for independent recommendations from friends and family, the internet is

It is reassuring to know we are covered against a variety of potential risks another place to search. Comparison sites advertise widely and memorably (ranging from meerkats to opera singers) and provide access to a range of insurers. Many people still prefer the customer service, personal touch and face to face experience that comes from using an insurance broker. Ultimately, the aim is the same; to find the best product and negotiate the most favourable rates. Inevitably, insurance premiums tend to go up after a claim has been made. Conversely, especially in the case of car insurance, a no-claims discount can bring the premium down. While we hope that our most substantial claims, if any, will be for nothing more drastic than a dented car or a lost handbag, natural disasters can result in massive compensation payments. Earthquakes such as Los

Angeles 1994, China 2008 and Japan 2011 resulted in multi-billion-dollar pay-outs; as did several recent hurricanes and tsunamis. However, the biggest hit insurers have ever taken was the 2008 financial crisis, which cost institutions and governments over 20 trillion dollars. l

10% off and a FREE consultation

Put a smile back on your face

Dental Implants. A fixed solution to tooth loss and dentures. We use the latest intra-oral technology and you’ll receive top quality care from our caring clinicians.




Starting price


Finance available**

Northgate Dental Clinic, 1 Woolborough Road, Northgate, Crawley, RH10 8EZ. Call us on 01293 543421 or email reception.northgate@colosseumdental.co.uk Stone Cross Dental Clinic, 1 Mimram Road, Stone Cross, Pevensey, BN24 5DZ. Call us on 01323 769069 or email stonecross.reception@colosseumdental.co.uk Book your FREE consultation today!

** Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and over. Credit subject to status.

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 65

66 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


Growing Up Gracefully When Nicole Phillips and her husband, Richard, found they were expecting their first child, they quickly realised they needed to upsize to a bigger home

SITTING ROOM Pale fabric shades and a soft, neutral palette on the walls lend a relaxed air to the sitting room

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 67

The kitchen you want at an affordable price

Retail kitchens at trade prices

Call into our Burgess Hill Showroom

The only call you ever Theonly only call you ever The youfor: ever need tocall make needtoto make for: need make for: The only call you The only call youever ever •The Heating and Plumbing The only call you ever only call you ever The only call you ever The only call you ever need to make for: • Heating and Plumbing need to make for: • Heating and Plumbing need to makeand for: • Oil Heating Systems Tanks need to toto make for: need make need make for:for:

• Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Heating andRepair Plumbing • Installation, & Maintenance Heating Plumbing Heating &and Plumbing • Heating and Plumbing and Plumbing ••• Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• Heating andand Plumbing • All Heating Plumbing Boiler Types & Heating Systems Oil Heating Systems & Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• All Types & Heating Systems •• All Boiler Types & Systems •Boiler Installation, Repair &Heating Maintenance Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Installation, Repair Maintenance ••• Renewable Energy &Maintenance Solar Installation, Repair &&Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Installation, Repair & Maintenance •• Renewable Solar • All BoilerEnergy Types &&Heating Systems ••• All Renewable Energy Solar Installation, Repair & Maintenance AllBoiler BoilerTypes Types & Heating Heating Systems Installation, Repair &&Systems Maintenance & • All BoilerTypes Types & Heating Systems • All Boiler & Heating Systems • Renewable Energy & Solar • All Boiler Types & Heating Systems Renewable Energy Solar Energy &&& Solar •• Renewable All Boiler Types Heating • Renewable Energy & Solar Systems EXPERT & RELIABLE • Renewable Energy & Solar • Renewable Energy & Solar • Renewable Energy & Solar EXPERT & RELIABLE EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community for over 35 years. our community for over 35 years. Your Local Family Business, serving Your Local Family RunRun Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE


our community for over years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT RELIABLE our community for& over 35 years. our community for over 35 35 years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community forRun over 35 years. Your Local Family Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community for for over 35 years. our community over 35 years. For aaa FREE For FREE For FREE our community for over 35 years. For a FREE

t: 01444 715069 e: sales@sussextradekitchens.co.uk w: www.sussextradekitchens.co.uk Unit 15, Sheddingdean Business Centre, Marchants Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8QY


PROOF DATE/TIME: 17 May 2021 4:51 pm OUR FILENAME: June 21 Sussex Trade Kitchens 1/4

For aacall: FREE 01825 891720 quote 891720 quote For call: FREE quote call: 01825 891720 quote call: 01825 quote call: For a FREE 01825 891720 quote call: For a FREE paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk 01825 891720 quote For acall: FREE paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote call: Oak Tree Blackboys Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk |East sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote Oak Tree call: Barn, Blackboys East Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk

01825 01825 891720 891720 01825 01825 891720 891720

Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL Oak Tree Blackboys East Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys| East Sussex TN22 5JL

paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL



All types of pitched roofing ■ lead and metal roofing flat roofing ■ roof repairs A Professional Service from Start to Finish ■ Covering areas of Hassocks, Brighton, Haywards Heath, Lewes and Burgess Hill, as well as the surrounding West Sussex area 01273 843566 I 07833 607182 I 07814 196328 I www.jrhroofing.co.uk I r.haskins1984@gmail.com 68 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


Midhurst, West Sussex


Detached period cottage built in the 1800s and extended in the 1970s and 1980s


Kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, utility, dining room, sitting room, four bedrooms (one en-suite), family bathroom

GARDEN Perfect for outdoor dining, this corner of the garden lies conveniently adjacent to the kitchen’s French doors


hen Nicole Phillips was pregnant with her first baby, Elizabeth, the nesting instinct quickly kicked in. “My husband, Richard, and I realised we needed a bigger house,” she remembered, “and we discovered that his boss, who owned this property was putting it on the market.” When we went for a viewing and I saw the large kitchen with its lovely Rayburn, I thought, “This is it!” Although the cottage was picturesque, tucked away in the corner of a pretty Sussex village, the interior looked tired and dated. “As the house had been rented out for ten years, it needed a lot of TLC,” said Nicole. So before moving in, the couple re-painted throughout and replaced the old mismatched carpets. June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 69

The couple created a stylish, sunny breakfast area with new French doors leading into the garden

KITCHEN I inherited this gas-fuelled Rayburn but I really like it and wouldn’t swap it for anything

Then with their first baby imminent, they decided to make the nursery their first major job. Upstairs, two of the bedrooms were interconnected, “so you had to walk through one to get to another,” explained Nicole. To circumvent this, and create a separate nursery, a corridor was created by stealing space from one of the two bedrooms. “Luckily my husband is very practical and he built the stud wall himself,” said Nicole. “He also split the large bedroom at the end of the house into two so that we

HOME IMPROVEMENTS Design • Supply • Install

Bathrooms | Shower rooms | Cloakrooms | Tiling | Painting | Plastering | Electrics

■ David 07952 544739 ■ Showers/bathrooms Kitchen taps Power showers General plumbing

■ Craig 07969 842910 ■ Lights Sockets Rewires Certificates



PROOF DATE/TIME: 70 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021 28 April 2021 10:54 am

OUR FILENAME: May 21 DMC Bathrooms 1-2

■ Mat 07737 348233 ■ Painting/plastering Tiling Garden fencing/maintenance Flat pack furniture


Barge Tiles Showroom Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm Saturdays 9.30-4pm

Pick up some Inspiration for your next Tiling Project. Wall and Floor tiles, You’ll be Spoilt for Choice!

Newchapel Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6BJ Tel: 01342 833470 | www.bargetiles.co.uk • Ample free parking •

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 71

BEST BUY I love collecting glass, for its shape and colour, and generally buy it at antique fairs and car boot sales. But it needs cleaning regularly to look good.

72 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

BREAKFAST AREA Nicole designed the new breakfast area which has bench seating with storage below and a sunny, seaside feel




Flat & Pitched Roofing

Quality Domestic • Heritage • Commercial • Education • Industrial

Reputable for price, reliability materials for longevity, a legacy of quality service.

All advice is free and without obligation: • Approved contractor to numerous local authorities • Award winning projects undertaken

Soft furnishing specialists catering for all budgets including bespoke, custom made and readymade Curtains, valances, pelmets, cushions, bedrunners • Tracks, poles and accessories • Roller, venetian, vertical and conservatory blinds Free measuring • Fitting service available • Extended showroom with over 10,000 soft furnishing fabrics • Hundreds of blind fabrics and contract fire retardant fabrics


Trades Undertaken: - Slating & Tiling - Reinforced Bituminous Membranes - Mastic Asphalt -

- Single Ply - Liquid Coatings - Shingling - Leadwork - Green Roofs -

Telephone: 01273 486110 • Email: enquiries@richardsoan.co.uk


We are a friendly husband and wife run business with an excellent team of helpful staff supplying beautifully handmade custom designs at very competitive prices. 9 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1DQ Tel: 01323 844555 email: creativecurtains@me.com www.creativecurtains.uk.com

We’ll help you raise the roof! Is your conservatory too cold in winter? Too warm in summer? Too noisy in bad weather? Too bright when the sun is out? Too leaky when it rains? Too draughty? Then why not replace your existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with a new tiled and insulated roof and transform your conservatory into the garden room you deserve. It’s a lot more affordable than you may think. Call now for a free, no obligation quote on 01323 844944 because we all need a roof over our head.

33 South Street, Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 4UP Telephone: 01323 844944

www.solidconroofs.co.uk info@solidconroofs.co.uk

74 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

The sparkling chandelier and the large mirror, which reflects light from the window, help brighten the dining room

could have a room for an au pair.” This proved a good move, as the family later expanded to include Elliot and Charlie. More recently, the au pair’s room was no longer needed so it was turned into a second bathroom. Meanwhile at the opposite end of the house, the couple also reconfigured their own bedroom, by turning the old-fashioned, family bathroom, which opened onto the landing, into a contemporary en-suite for themselves. Downstairs, the initial changes were more cosmetic. One of the first things to go after the couple moved in was an unsightly, brick fireplace which took up most of the sitting room wall. This was replaced by a simple, classic, painted wood surround. The ungainly 1970s ceiling light fittings were also updated and a ‘dodgy’ stained glass window in the sitting room was swiftly replaced. More recently it was decided that the kitchen needed a complete makeover. “The old units were handmade and good quality so initially we just repainted them,” remembered Nicole. “My husband also chopped off the twiddly bits to make them look more contemporary and we replaced the tiled worktop that was so difficult to keep clean. That kitchen lasted us for quite a few years but eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore and we re-worked the whole layout.”

Although the cottage was picturesque, tucked away in the corner of a pretty Sussex village, the interior looked tired and dated

DINING ROOM The dining room, which is the oldest part of the cottage, has a more formal air and is home to several antique pieces of family furniture

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 75

An intrusive chimney breast was demolished to make room for an island unit and, in place of a large wall cupboard, the couple created a stylish, sunny breakfast area with new French doors leading into the garden. The new floor and wall units are all solid wood and look modern but with a country twist. For the upholstery throughout the cottage, Nicole was spoilt for choice. A potter and botanical artist by training, she changed career direction when one of her hips had to be replaced – not once but three times. She realised

CALL NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 01342 891408 Stunning range of carpets and flooring on display

CARPETS • LUXURY VINYL FLOORING • WOOD • LAMINATE • BESPOKE RUGS 84 London Road, East Grinstead RH19 1EP www.silverdaleflooring.com • eastgrinstead@silverdaleflooring.com


DATE/TIME: 76 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 20 May 2021 4:09 pm OUR FILENAME: June 21 Silverdale Flooring 1-2

DESIGN TIP When renovating, don’t go for an ultra-fashionable look. It’s expensive to do up a house, so temper your style with a classic edge. To add depth to an interior and avoid a sterile look, don’t be afraid to mix old with new and cheap with expensive.

MASTER BEDROOM The dark wood bedhead and side tables make a crisp contrast to the white bedlinen and pale carpet. Luxurious textures of silk, linen and fur soften the look

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 77



Granite, Marble & Quartz Installation Specialists

GARAGEDOORS Innovative garage door solutions. . . . . .from a local family firm you can trust Roller Doors

Electric Doors

Wood Effect Doors

❖ Local friendly team ❖ Free honest advice ❖ Home appointments available ❖ Best prices around

Sectional Doors

Full installation service • Garage door repairs Electric conversions • Senior citizen discounts Call us for a free quote 01435 277998 01323 287990


❖ Specialists in the supply and fitting of Quartz, Granite and Marble worktops ❖ New local showroom in Hurstpierpoint ❖ Full design and renovation package available 30 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9RG

sussexgranite@gmail.com 07379 373339 ❖ www.sussexstoneworks.co.uk


PROOF DATE/TIME: 25 March 2021 9:49 am OUR FILENAME: April 21 Sussex Stoneworks 1-4

LEWES TILE SHOWROOM OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY Suppliers of the finest tiles and stone

MASCOT ROOFING Visit our website at


15 Malling Street, Lewes BN7 2RA 01273478965 | info@materialplans.com www.materialplans.com


• All aspects of pitched, flat & lead roofing • All maintenance & repairs • Tiling, slating & stone specialists • Zinc and copper roofing

Haywards Heath: 01444 239977 office@mascotroofing.co.uk 78 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

EN-SUITE BATHROOM The en-suite bathroom has a classic, New England vibe and a distinctive, herring bone design to the marble floor

ELIZABETH’S ROOM This sophisticated teenage girl’s bedroom was recently updated with a new double bed and grown-up grey wall colour

The old units were handmade and good quality so initially we just repainted them

that standing at a potter’s wheel or an easel for hours was not beneficial. “Lying in bed one day, I realised that my artwork would translate well onto fabric.” Nowadays her striking images of fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables grace everything from tablecloths to tea towels. Nearly all the curtains, cushions and home accessories in the house use her own fabric and as a result complement each other beautifully. One of her own favourite design images is that of a large pineapple, “which is traditionally a symbol of welcome in a house,” said Nicole. She has used it generously in her own home which, thanks to her artistic flair, has now become the perfect family nest that she has always wanted. l Text by: Pat Garratt Photography: GAP Interiors / David Giles

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 79

We’ve Moved

To Ardingly Showground

Reclaimed Building & Landscaping Materials Architectural Salvage & Antiques


Find us at the Stockman’s Building South of England Showground, Ardingly RH17 6TL Follow signs from the North Gate NEW  USED  SERVICE  REPAIRS

We stock everything from Bricks to Bird Baths and Stone to Statues

01444 413726

Covid-secure systems in place www.facebook.com/AGM26/


Monday - Friday 7.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

email: ruth@bestreclamation.co.uk www.bestreclamation.co.uk

Harcourt Lodge Buildings Burwash Road Heathfield E Sussex TN21 8RA

01435 862381


All projects of any size welcome Find our work at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and look us up on Check a Trade, Facebook and Twitter

Enviro-Tech Resin Systems Ltd CALL TODAY AND QUOTE SL06/21 for a 10% DISCOUNT* *On our resin surfaces only

01825 890973 80 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


5 Tips

From toddlers to teens, children of all ages can benefit from learning gardening skills. Hanna Prince looks at how to raise green-fingered kids

for inspiring young gardeners


Tool up: Nothing motivates a little gardener more than their own set of gardening tools. Start with a pair of gloves, trowel and a watering can – you can add a wheelbarrow if they seem superenthusiastic!


A patch to call their own: Gardening is creative as well as practical, and older kids will love designing their own area. You can use the opportunity to talk to them about planting design, layout and soil types - ultimately, though, this is just about giving their imaginations free reign.




Gardening with the kids


mall children are natural gardeners. They love being outside; squidging happily around in the soil, digging for worms, moving earth around and carefully planting seeds. When it comes to the activities that adult gardeners find boring – watering, weeding,

pruning - they also have remarkable patience. I’ve watched my two-year-old solemnly holding a hosepipe on the apple tree in the back garden, until its roots were sitting in a paddling poolsized puddle. What’s more, gardening is good for kids. According to the Royal Horticultural Society

(RHS), children perform better at school if they’re involved with gardening and are more likely to be interested in healthy eating if they get to grow their own produce. There are other benefits too. What better way to get a daily dose of vitamin D than by helping in the garden? Teaming up on a creative


Quick results: Kids love planting seeds, but younger ones can get miffed if they take a long time to develop. Opt for quick and easy to grow seeds, such as sunflowers, sweet peas, nasturtiums, marigolds and poppies.


From plot to plate: What could be more exciting than growing something delicious in your back garden? Children’s favourites such as strawberries, carrots, peas and apples are all relatively easy to grow and sure to taste better than their shop-bought cousins.


Find what they love: Some kids are happy to spend hours watering the garden – others get thrills from clipping back hedges or even (if they’re old enough) mowing the lawn. Letting them spend time doing what they love will help inspire a lifelong enthusiasm for gardening.

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 81

project, such as planting a flowerbed or building a bird house, makes for a great parent-child bonding activity. Little gardeners learn how to love, cherish and nurture the natural world. And gardening teaches essential life skills: responsibility, curiosity, self-confidence, forwardplanning, creativity and teamwork, to name but a few. If you’re wondering how to get started, a family veggie patch could be the way to go. Growing fruit and veg

from seed to plate is hugely satisfying for all ages. My kids started helping with the tomato plants from a very early age and barely walking, pressing the seeds into seed trays, filling pots with compost, pinching out side shoots, watering and, of course, eating the fruits of their labour. As they became more dexterous, they moved on to smaller seeds – our rows

of lettuce are a little uneven this year, but it was worth it to see my five-year-old creating the shallow drills with one careful forefinger. They both eat most of what we grow – potatoes, strawberries, peas, beans – not just because it tastes better than shop-bought versions, but also because they are proud of what they have produced. Growing edible delicacies isn’t the only way to engage young gardeners. There are


Little gardeners learn how to love, cherish and nurture the natural world plenty of garden projects that will spark their imaginations and spruce your garden up at the same time. Try building a twig tepee, making a big box or bird house, creating a container pond or magicking up a fairy garden. It won’t be long until they’re confidently dividing the begonias and advising you on composting strategies. l


£15 £15**

PER PERTREATMENT TREATMENT * Based on a lawn size * Based on a lawn size up to 40m2 2 up to 40m

JOIN OUR NATION OF LAWN JOIN OUR NATION OF LAWNLOVERS LOVERS We’ve been lovingly caring forfor the nation’s lawns We’ve been lovingly caring the nation’s lawnsfor forover over35 35years’. years’.By Byusing usingour ourexpertise, expertise, dedication, and love forfor lawns, we continue toto create the dedication, and love lawns, we continue create theultimate ultimatecentrepiece centrepiecefor foryour yourgarden. garden.

OASIS: KEEPING YOUR GRASS OASIS: KEEPING YOUR GRASSGREENER, GREENER,FOR FORLONGER LONGER Now featuring a unique seaweed extract, our Oasis Now featuring a unique seaweed extract, our OasisTreatment Treatmentimproves improvesthe thecolour colourand and quality of of your lawn almost immediately. Oasis will quality your lawn almost immediately. Oasis willkeep keepyour yourgrass grasshealthy healthyand andhydrated, hydrated, meaning you’ll need toto water upup toto 80% less. meaning you’ll need water 80% less.

’s createthethelawn lawnweweboth bothlove love LetLet ’s create

Start your Lawn Care journey today: Call:01273 01273490199 490199 Start your Lawn Care journey today: Call: Email: haywardsheath@greenthumb.co.uk Email: haywardsheath@greenthumb.co.uk Visit: greenthumb.co.uk Visit: greenthumb.co.uk

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Your satisfaction is our success

Nicholls Bros Sussex Ltd

Driveway and Surfacing Contractors

DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL - MACHINE LAY PLUS ALL ASSOCIATED GROUNDWORK Prolong the life and enhance existing surfaces with Hot Tar and Gravel

Red and Black Tarmacadam FREE ESTIMATES - FULLY INSURED Trading for 50 Years

01424 838 350

Haselden Oast, Battle Road, Dallington, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9LG


With over 25 years experience Stephen Farmer has transformed 100s of lofts. We are the loft company others are talking about. 100% works completed on time and on budget

Thank you

Add space – add value

e info@loftdoctors.com t 01795 481265 / 07715 312576 www.loftdoctors.com loft doctors 30 New Road, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1BW

Aprimatic Automation Limited

• Manufacturing & installation of Wooden (hardwood/softwood) & Metal gates • Gate repairs and servicing undertaken • Service contracts

Setting the tone of your home Aprimatic Automation Ltd, Unit 8, Victoria Business Centre, 43 Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9LR

T: 01444 243 567 | M: 07931 420 688 | E: aprimatic.equipment@yahoo.co.uk | W: www.aprimatic.biz


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Rush PC Summer 21 DPS S'sex living.qxp_Layout 1 14/05/2021 11:26 Page 1

The Su Let’s welcome

Welcome back to Rushfields!

We’re thrilled to welcome everyone back to Rushfields, but we ask you to follow our guidelines. Please use separate entrances for Plant Centre and Farm Shop and wear face coverings at all times.


• Massive range of Summer

plants – many home-grown • Shrubs and herbs • Garden furniture and parasols • Hanging baskets • Tubs and terracotta planters • Compost, plant food, tools and more

Rushfields Plant Centre

Henfield Road Poynings, Brighton BN45 7AY

Open Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00 – 5.30 Café open Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00 – 4.30 Phone: 01273 857445 E-mail: enquiries@rushfields.com Website: www.rushfields.com All information correct at time of going to press. Alterations to opening and availability subject to latest HM Government policy. See our website for latest updates


New ‘Taste of Sussex’ Menu!

Our popular Café is now open serving delicious local food and drinks from our new ‘Taste of Sussex’ menu!

• Rushfields full English

breakfast with our own home-made sausages

• Lunches served on our

sunny terrace created by our innovative chef

• Morning coffee, afternoon tea or sparkling wine

All your barbecue and alfresco dining needs from our Farm Shop and Pie Kitchen: • Award-winning pies, quiches and pastries • Sausages and barbecue meat from our in-house Butcher • Local cheeses, craft ales and Sussex sparkling wine. • Artisan bread and olives • Market-fresh fruit and vegetables

at Rushfields


Help the Hospice bloom this summer F

rom pretty plants and ponds, to woodland, wildflowers and water features; gardeners across the region are kindly opening their garden gates in support of St Peter & St James Hospice, and you are warmly invited to visit them. Television and radio presenter Katie Derham is lending her support to St Peter & St James Hospice annual Open Gardens campaign to help raise vital funds for the charity. Katie, who lives in the West Sussex countryside and is a patron of the hospice, says of the Open Gardens, “As a keen gardener I am greatly in awe of other people’s skill in creating stunning outdoor spaces, and can’t wait to take a peek at some of the county’s best private gardens. I am delighted to be involved this 86 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Carol Hughes from St Peter & St James Hospice encourages readers to explore some of the most beautiful gardens in Sussex and support the expert and compassionate care given to local families

year and to offer support to the fundraising activities of the hospice.” The first Open Gardens of the season are opening up on the 19th and 20th June in Scaynes Hill, Hassocks and Keymer. On Saturday 3rd July from 1-5pm, St Peter & St James Hospice will be opening its own grounds for the first time in two years. Visitors can wander around ancient woodland, meet resident donkeys; Dudley and Dylan and learn more about

hospice care in this sanctuary in the heart of Sussex. Visitors will be able to see the work of the hospice’s dedicated volunteer gardeners who look after the lovely grounds. Volunteers Liz and Paul Mercer explained, “We look forward to working in the hospice grounds every Friday morning, all year round; enjoying the differing tasks of each season. As well as having fun with good friends, volunteering in the gardens is also great motivation for getting up and getting out during the winter months. Knowing that our enjoyment also provides pleasure for others and raises funds for the hospice is a bonus.” The volunteer hospice gardeners will be on hand to offer gardening advice, and there will be homemade tea and cake to enjoy, as well as other stalls and a coin amnesty. On Sunday 4th July from 1-5.30pm it’s time for the Burgess Hill Garden Safari, whereby keen gardeners from the town allow the

I am greatly in awe of other people’s skill in creating stunning outdoor spaces

St Peter & St James Patron, Katie Derham

general public to visit their gardens. Proceeds from the sale of refreshments goes to the hospice. Look out for Burgess Hill in bloom online. In true hospice tradition, tea and cake will be served in the larger gardens as Open Gardens season progresses; including Mill House in Plumpton on 18th July, The Beeches in Barcombe on 25th July and Newtimber on 22nd August. Some gardens are also dog friendly so feel free to bring Fido along as well. To ensure the comfort and enjoyment for both the garden owners and all visitors, tickets to all gardens must be ordered in advance via the hospice website. l Pre-book tickets only please from: www.stpjhospice.org/events For Burgess Hill Garden Safari visit burgesshillinbloom.co.uk


Saturday 3rd July 1-5pm North Common Rd, North Chailey, BN8 4ED

Registered charity number: 1056114

Spot birds and butterflies on a tour of the Woodland Walk, and enjoy stunning views of the South Downs with a cuppa and slice of cake. You can also meet the two most mischievous members of the hospice team: the donkeys Dudley and Dylan!

For tickets please visit stpjhospice.org/events

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ROTATING SEATERS Relax & enjoy those long balmy evenings with one of these contemporary spheres, a new concept to the garden

Please call or email us for further details or prices: sales@volere-uk.com



Danish Design

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Selling and installing stoves for 32 years

Pizza Perfection Bolney Stoves Ltd. 88 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

10 The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green, Hassocks BN6 9LE T: 01444 871815 | sales@bolneystoves.co.uk | www.bolneystoves.co.uk



Paradise No garden is complete without a few herbs, writes Flo Whitaker. Herb gardens are beautiful and practical – and you don’t have to break the bank to make one


he earliest known gardens were constructed within a protective barrier of walls or hedges to deter animals or trespassers. Throughout history, horticulture and religious symbolism have kept close company and the idea of a garden based on an ‘Earthly Paradise’ is an ancient one, but the concept wasn’t just about plants. Paradise gardens sought to provide sustenance for both the body and soul in a peaceful, enclosed space - safe from the dangerous world beyond. Trees and arbours to provide cooling shade were essential features, as were seats for conversation and contemplation. However, the most important element in a paradise garden was life-sustaining water. Fish ponds and ‘dipping’ pools provided gardeners with an on-site water source, while ‘rills’ (narrow, gravityfed streams), were early examples of water features; combining functionality with artistic elements. Herb gardens are descendants of these paradise gardens.

Monastic gardens were the pharmacies and laboratories of the medieval world. With a mostly illiterate population, the first herbal books were written by monks. An herbal publication was a complete instruction manual – a combined gardening book, cookery book and pharmacy

Paradise gardens sought to provide sustenance for both the body and soul

Chives, in bloom

journal. Drawings and descriptions of plants were set alongside notes on propagation, cultivation, medicinal uses and recipes for cures, (‘prescription’ comes from the Latin word ‘recipe’). It had long been realised that different plants required different habitats. That’s why the invention of subdivided flower beds was so clever and it remains a flexible, practical system for the modern gardener wishing to grow a wide variety of plants in a limited space. For instance, moisture-retaining leaf mould can be incorporated into one bed, while free-draining grit can be dug into the neighbouring compartment. Also, a network of paths between the beds makes access easier; ideal for tending crops that might require daily attention. Over time, gardening became evermore scholarly. From the 16th century, botanical gardens started appearing throughout Europe and the notion of rigorous academic endeavour, with plants properly classified by type and grown in allotted spaces began to take hold. The regimented layout of the old monastic herbal was perfect for this new scientific era. June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 89

Herb gardens can be as fancy, (expensive!) or as simple as you like. Edged with wood, brick or stone, the beds are commonly laid out as a series of squares or rectangles; sometimes subdivided diagonally to create triangular shapes. An herb wheel, (a circular design with beds radiating from a central ‘hub’), is practical if space is limited – circles often fit into areas where squares won’t. Whatever Lavender style you choose, ensure the beds are level, otherwise soil/water will forever wash downhill and make a horrible mess. Herb beds traditionally had barriers of brick or slate sunk 30 cms below the soil surface to stop roots migrating into surrounding areas, but this isn’t For culinary purposes or just necessary, so long as you keep invasive ornamental effect, herbs should herbs such as mint, lemon balm and comfrey in pots to curb their thuggish feature in every garden tendencies. Some herbs are annuals; others die back in autumn, so think about how the shape. A large decorative pot, (planted space will look out of season. Terracotta or left empty) placed at a central point edging or gravelled paths will embellish or end of a path gives year-round visual impact. the scene, even in the middle of winter. An herb garden in a container is Long-lived and fully hardy, bay can be possible, providing you choose plants clipped into an eye-catching topiary

that are not over-vigorous and enjoy similar conditions. Try adding some salad-type crops too – a trailing tomato plant will thrive in a sunny window box planted with basil and a colourful thyme – there are many thyme varieties to choose from. Lettuces, chives, dill, coriander and parsley will happily grow in pots in light shade – cooler temperatures makes them slower to run to seed. Tiny alpine strawberries also prefer dappled shade. Frankly,

Renovate and refurbish your gates, railings, garden furniture and any metal items. We also make gates and railings and any metal items. We also carry out Environmental Friendly Cleaning of Patio, Stone, Brickwork and Wood

Reliability, Professionalism & Quality


01323 849229 - www.sussexblastcleaning.co.uk Unit 35, Station Road Industrial Estate, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2ER Email: info@sussexblastcleaning.co.uk 90 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

I’ve never had much success growing maincrop strawberries in bespoke strawberry pots, (sometimes called ‘towers’). I find it impossible to get the watering right; moisture quickly runs through the top section, so the compost stays too dry, but fails to drain adequately at the base. However, strawberry pots are brilliant for herbs - position one by your kitchen door, perhaps? Plant the bottom tiers with shade/damp lovers; try violas, (for

edible flowers) or different types of mint. Use the upper, drier levels for sun worshippers such as oregano and marjoram. If you have a boring expanse of paving, lift alternate slabs

Tiny alpine strawberries prefer dappled shade

Boxed herb garden

and make a ‘chessboard’ of planting pockets. In a sunny situation, droughttolerant rosemary, lavender, thyme and sage will revel in impoverished freedraining soil and the heat radiated by the surrounding masonry will enhance their fragrance. Whether grown for culinary purposes or just ornamental effect, herbs should feature in every garden. In the 1980s, I was fortunate to travel through Egypt. Stopping in a remote village, my travelling companions and I gratefully sat in the shade cast by the derelict walls of a once-substantial building. The house was uninhabitable, but someone had made a tiny garden in the ruins. An area of beaten earth no more than two metres square was neatly bordered by an assortment of old food tins and plastic containers. Herbs and salads of various types were growing out of these repurposed flowerpots. Positioned at the centre was a water-filled dish. Right on cue, a small bird appeared for a refreshing drink. That’s the beauty of gardening. You can create a little bit of paradise anywhere. l

Staplecross Garden Centre

Cripps Corner Road, Staplecross, East Sussex TN32 5QR New owners Mike & Molly look forward to welcoming you

balcombesawmill.co.uk Growing and sawing home grown sustainable timber products in the heart of Sussex for over 50 years. l Bespoke beams and

structural timbers (Oak, Douglas Fir & Larch)

l Sleepers, fencing and

landscaping materials

l Firewood logs

and woodfuel

l Worktops, desktops,


OVER 5000 PLANTS AVAILABLE THE TRAIN CAFÉ WILL BE OPEN FROM 1ST MAY 2021! Click and collect available or browse our large outdoor site. New Pet Store coming soon, including Bird Food supplies. Hairdresser and Craft Units on site.

tabletops and shelves

l Heating and garden

grade woodchip

l Traditional chestnut

fencing products

Find us between Staplecross & Cripps Corner on the B2165 Off the A21 just past Whatlington & The Royal Oak sign posted ‘Cripps Corner’

Haywards Heath Road, Balcombe RH17 6NJ 01444 811446 email: sawmill@balcombeestate.co.uk

01580 830581

07429 848344

Open: Mon-Sat: 9:00am-5:30pm. Sun: 10:00am-4:00pm

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 91

Traditional Inn • Good Food • Accommodation • Private Dining The Green, Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7AW


Food served lunch and evening - Home Cooked Food - Freehouse - Real Ales - New Menu

01323 870590 www.yewtree-inn.co.uk

Perfect place to visit before or after your country walk

The Crown Horsted Keynes

Happy Days Café

Welcome back!


The perfect place for a special occasion!

We are now taking booking for the inside area

Cream Tea Afternoons, Family Gatherings, Weddings, Funeral Wakes, Christenings, Birthdays


Sat 28th August 7.30pm – £28pp includes meal Tel: 01825 872883 Email: jjehu@outlook.com




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The Sportsman Pub Goddards Green, West Sussex, BN6 9LQ

Open Thursday to Sunday Thursday, Friday & Saturday Food served all day Brunch 10am-2pm Main Menu 12pm-8pm Bar 10am-9pm Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm Main Menu 12-6pm Bar 10am-7pm Our delicious brunch menu is available every morning and serves up brunch classics, such as Eggs Benedict and Pancakes With Maple Syrup. At brunch time, we can offer you crisp glass of Prosecco or a lovely coffee from Lindfield Coffee Works. We also have a ‘bottomless brunch’ drinks option available; at £20 a head, you can have bottomless drinks to compliment your fabulous food. Why not make it extra special and book a bottomless brunch in a pod? You can check out our brunch menu on our social media pages. Our wonderful main menu is served from 12pm all day and can be experienced in the pub, the pods or in our fabulous beer garden.

email: eat@thesportsmanpub.com Call: 01444 233460


DATE/TIME: 92 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 19 May 2021 2:09 pm OUR FILENAME: June 21 The Sportsman 1-2

Check out our website for our daily menus www.thesportsmanpub.com

For regular updates on what is happening with The Sportsman Pub, follow us on Facebook & Instagram


01825 791609

www.thecrownhorstedkeynes.co.uk | tables@thecrownhorstedkeynes.co.uk


Lunchtime or evenings - Licence until 11pm and alcohol licence.




With summer approaching the prospect of toes, and knobbly knees entering the sea once again is upon us; Robert Veitch combs the foreshore in search of all things tidal


n its simplest form, the tide is the rise and fall of water levels around the coast, inlets and rivers at or around sea level. Tides are generated from the effects of the sun, gravitational forces of the moon, rotation of the earth, ocean currents, coastline topography and more. Although the moon is in a landlocked orbit around our planet, its distance from the earth varies from its perigee

of 225,000 miles to its apogee of 250,000 miles. This is why the moon appears to change size in the night sky. The fluctuation in the distance of the moon from the earth affects its gravitational force on the sea. In plain terms the mass of a larger object attracts the

mass of a smaller object to gravitate towards it, which is why the apple hit Sir Isaac Newton on the head as it fell to earth. It’s how the moon can exert an influence on a movable object like water. Tidal frequency or Lunitidal interval can be accurately predicted from the known times of moonrise, moonset, the elevation of the moon in the sky and the times of previous tides. High tides are about

This is why the moon appears to change size in the night sky 12½ hours apart, evolving daily in line with the forces that create them. There are other influences on tides and tidal times, but maybe a comfy chair, tea, cake June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 93

and an encyclopaedia is the necessary course of action for that. Oscillating currents are generated by the changing tides. They generate slack water around the Low Water Mark (LWM), after which the tide is often said to be on the turn. Then the pace picks up and the flood tide runs towards the next high

High tides are about 12½ hours apart, evolving daily tide and High Water Mark (HWM). After more slack water, and the turning of the tide, the ebb tide continues the process to the next low tide. The length and depth of the tide varies with the 28-day lunar cycle. Longer deeper spring tides and shorter shallower neap tides rotate on a 7-day cycle, culminating with the highest spring tides of all at the full moon and new moon.

As waves crash onto or gently lap the beach, the undertow is the return flow of water back to the sea, beneath the next oncoming wave. Undertow is normal; it is not a rip current. Rip currents are narrow, localised, strong currents

of water cutting through the waves and out to sea. They are strongest near the surface and to weak or inexperienced swimmers they can be life threatening if swum against. Rip currents usually dissipate just beyond the breaking waves, releasing

everything in their grasp – a real case of go with the flow. On rocky beaches the ebb tide can reveals tidal pools, or rock pools, which are a whole new world of exploration, and something for next months edition of the magazine. l

Handcross Butchers LTD www.handcrossbutchers.co.uk

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

Situated in the heart of Sussex, we deliver throughout Sussex Beautiful fresh meats, poultry and game including freezer, breakfast and BBQ packs

Windyhills, High Street, Handcross, West Sussex RH17 6BN

01444 400396/400622 STUDIO PROOF

94 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 13 April 2021 3:33 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: May 21 Handcross butcher

We are finally open and are ready for a fantastic summer in the garden

Lockdown 3 gave us the opportunity to develop a full open fire barbecue kitchen, which now forms a permanent part of our newly extended marquee. With the prospect of most restrictions being lifted soon we are all looking forward to a great summer and what better way to spend it than in our garden enjoying some of the Hurst Festival performances. It will even be the home of the ever popular outdoor cinema. Food at The New Inn is provided by our partner Brambles, who not only talk the talk of being sustainable but walk the walk! All food is locally sourced with a lot even grown in our own garden and their nearby orchard. Their food is less ‘Pub Grub’ more ‘Your local neighbourhood restaurant’. We also have an extensive range of fine wines, a good selection of Sussex still and sparkling wines, local beers and a diverse range of spirits/cocktails, which can be enjoyed in our garden or inside by the fire. The team are looking forward to welcoming you all back soon.

76 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9RQ

01273 834608 www.thenewinnhurst.com

The Dorset Arms Withyham East Sussex TN7 4BL 01892 770278 enquiries@dorset-arms.co.uk www.dorset-arms.co.uk The Earl De La Warr and family welcomes you to The Dorset Arms, part of the Buckhurst Estate. A traditional village pub offering an excellent dining experience, with locally-sourced produce, a summer garden and B&B accommodation.

We are now taking bookings inside for tables of 6 people or 2 households of any size

B I S H O P S B U TC H E R S t the top end of Uckfeld – loca nal butchers a l delivery A traditio n high quality, local, seasona i s t s i l a i c e p S . e l b a l produce. l i a also av

214 High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1RE

TEL: 01825 762820

HAILSHAM CARS Hailsham’s Premier Taxi Company

Long & Short Distance ® Airports ® Docks ® Local

FAST RELIABLE SERVICE Established for over 30 years George Street, Hailsham

Book now online at www.dorset-arms.co.uk or on 01892 770278 to avoid disappointment

01323 84 44 64

The Eight Bells BOLNEY

Welcome back! We are now open inside as well as outside, visit our newly refurbed restaurant, open for food 7 days a week. Great food, local ales.

Book now for Father’s Day! (20th June)

All our tables are socially distanced and we are fully compliant with the latest Covid regulations. We have a newly renovated, secure childrens’ play area. The Eight Bells is fully dog friendly. Check our website for the latest menus and opening hours. Follow us on facebook and Instagram for daily specials and upcoming events.

The Eight Bells,The Street, Bolney, Haywards Heath, RH17 5QW

01444 881396 ◆ info@sasdavltd.co.uk ◆ www.theeightbellsatbolney.co.uk.  STUDIO PROOF

96 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 19 May 2021 4:14 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: June 21 Eight Bells 1-2


Sussex Pond Pudding This month we are celebrating all things Sussex so how about making a traditional Sussex dessert? Adele Trathan has put her spin on this old suet pastry pudding recipe that encases a whole lemon. Once steamed, the lemon should be almost candied and luxuriating in a pond of butter and sugar. Decadent! INGREDIENTS 225g (8oz) self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting 110g (4oz) shredded suet 150ml (6fl oz) milk 200g (7oz) butter, chilled and cubed, plus extra for greasing 200g (7oz) soft brown sugar 1 large ripe, unwaxed, thin-skinned lemon, pricked all over with a skewer

over (so the juices can escape), on top of the butter and sugar. Place the remaining butter and sugar on top of the lemon to fill the bowl. Roll out the reserved quarter of dough into a circle and then place it on top of the basin. Press the edges of the two doughs together to seal the pudding. Place a piece of greased foil, with a pleat in the

6 7 8

middle, over the basin. Tie the foil securely in place with string, then create a string handle over the top, so the pudding can be easily moved when hot. Locate an upturned saucer in the bottom of a large saucepan then place the basin on top. Add boiling water and fill to half-way up the side of the basin. Cover the pan with a lid. Bring to a simmer and steam for 3


hours, adding more boiling water when the level falls too low. After 3 hours carefully remove the basin from the pan and remove the foil lid. Put a deep dish over the basin and turn the pudding out onto the dish. Serve immediately, the delicious juices should flow to create the pond – perfect with double cream or vanilla ice cream.

10 11 12



METHOD Mix the flour and suet together in a bowl, then add the milk gradually to create a soft, but not sticky, dough. Remove a quarter of the dough ball and set aside. Roll out the remaining dough on a lightly floured surface to make a large circle (approximately 30cm). Grease a 1½ litre (2¾ pint) heatproof basin or bowl, and line the bowl with the dough. Place half of the butter cubes and half of the sugar into the bottom of the lined bowl. Put the lemon, which should be pricked all


2 3

4 5

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 97

Family friendly pub ◆ Large garden ◆ Play area ◆ Homemade locally sourced food

The Farmers Freehouse Lewes Road, Scaynes Hill, RH17 7NE 01444 831899 Book online: www.thefarmersfreehouse.com


Snowdrop Inn Lindfield

Come join Ellie & Chris at the Snowdrop

OPENING TIMES Wednesday to Saturday – 12pm to 11.30pm Sunday – 12pm to 9pm


Enjoy sipping a glass of wine by the wood burner in the winter, a tasty beer or a refreshing gin & tonic on our open terrace in the summer or indulge yourself with freshly prepared local produce on our homemade seasonal menus all year round.

FOOD AND TAKEAWAY SERVICE TIMES Wednesday & Thursday – Food Service 12pm to 3pm & 6pm to 9pm Friday & Saturday – Food Service 12pm to 9pm Sunday – Food Service 12pm to 6pm Sweet treats and hot drinks will be available during food service times.

Snowdrop Lane, Lindfield, West Sussex, RH16 2QE

98 SUSSEX LIVING | June PROOF2021 DATE/TIME: 11 May 2021 1:51 pm OUR FILENAME: June 21 The Snowdrop Inn 1-2

At the Snowdrop we’ve worked hard to create a warm and welcoming pub environment, a place where you can feel at home and a place where you can disconnect from the world.

T: 01444 416 316

W: www.snowdropinn.co.uk


HERBS FOR HEALTH are very nourishing. They work on all but the most greasy hair. Rosemary is also a lovely conditioner – it will make the hair shiny and encourage growth. I infuse the herbs in almond oil, which is kind to the scalp, but coconut oil is a good alternative. I was lucky enough to be given this wonderful recipe for a body scrub. he prospect of It stimulates the summer and Carrot oil which blood supply to the sunny days helps rehydrate dry skin which, in turn, ahead is an and chapped skin, promotes healing and ideal time to detox and will make your skin cleanse our skin. We’ve it is also an old silky smooth. waited a long time for the remedy for sunburn Finally, I also have sun (and that Vitamin D) a recipe for carrot oil to arrive. While enjoying which helps rehydrate dry and chapped the sun’s healing benefits, why not also skin, it is also an old remedy for sunburn think about how you can look after your – in fact, carrot oil is found in plenty skin and hair at the same time? of commercially available skincare Chamomile and rosemary oils both products and sun lotions. have anti-inflammatory properties and

Local herbalist Sarah Hillyer explains how to help your skin glow and protect and promote strong hair growth this summer


HERBAL HAIR RINSE AND FACE TONER 4 parts lemon balm 4 parts German chamomile flowers 4 parts rose petals 3 parts marigold flowers 1 part rosemary leaves 1 part lemon or orange peel Organic wine vinegar or vodka to cover A few drops of lavender or frankincense essential oil 1 Crush all the leaves and flowers and slice the citrus. 2 Place in a preserving jar and cover with the liquid. 3 Shake once a day for 2 weeks. 4 Strain and add the essential oils. Store in a cool dark place.

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 99

BODY SCRUB 50g (2oz) fresh mint leaves 50g (2oz) rosemary leaves 50g (2oz) chamomile flowers Peel of 2 lemons 300ml (10fl oz) olive oil 400g (14oz) fine sea salt 4 tsp Vitamin C powder 1 Infuse the finely chopped herbs and lemon peel in the olive oil at a medium heat for about 5 minutes, then allow to cool and squeeze all the oil out of the herbs, using a muslin cloth.  ix the sea salt and 2M Vitamin C powder into the oil. Put into a sterilised jar and label.  pply to wet skin in the 3A bath or shower. Scrub and rinse off well with warm water.

Sussex Asparagus Freshly cut every day Late April to mid June

Home reared meat, vegetables and local produce

South Brockwells Farm Little Horsted, Nr Uckfield TN22 5QS

Free Asparagus Bundle For First 10 People With This Advert

01825 750466 email: farmshop@southbrockwellsfarm.com www.southbrockwellsfarm.com 100 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

THE GREEN MAN Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, RH17 7AS Old fashioned village pub sitting on the green SPECIAL FOOD OFFERS

2 courses for £10 Mon & Tues evenings Free bottle of wine with every 2 steaks Thurs evenings (NOT APPLICABLE on Bank Holidays e.g. Xmas Eve etc)

Serving great beers – Timothy Taylors Landlord, Abbot Ale & St Austell Brewery Tribute Ale Fantastic centuries old fireplace

Separate restaurant area Serving good home cooked food with a truly sincere attitude. Menus available on our website or by post – free parking front & back


01825 790656

CARROT OIL 1 Grate two carrots and weigh the grated amount. 2 Add the same weight of good quality olive oil or coconut oil. 3 Heat the two together gently until the carrots are soft and the oil has turned orange. 4 Strain and bottle. 5 Use sparingly as and when required. CAUTION: Always consult a qualified health care professional if you are unsure of any medical symptoms.

An English Wine Experience for Two

ENJOY ENGLISH WINE BRONZE PLUS AT ITS BEST Carr Taylor GOLD Bronze plus gift voucher


Vineyard tour voucher now £30 The rich, crisp andfor juicy Cannonball Half Price Tickets Vineyard Tour, Was £79 now £40 Reduced from £49 still white wine is available in cases of Wine Tasting & Lunch NO in the Beautiful NO EXPIRY DATE EXPIRY DATE

12 bottles fortour, just £89.00 “A guided group vineyard Sussex Countryside “This isincluding for a guided tour, tutored wine tasting tutored wine tasting FREE shipping. and ploughmans’s lunch and cream tea for 2” for 2 guests” Normally £75 For 2 People

with Hidden County Guided Tours, Gift Membership Vouchers and Free Just £39 for 2 People Wine Tasting at the Join via sussexliving.com award winning Carr DON’T MISS OUT � Taylor Vineyards. LIMITED AVAILABILTY Carr Taylor Taylor Vineyards Carr Vineyards Westfield, Hastings TN354SG 4SG Westfield, Hastings TN35 01424 752501 www.carr-taylor.co.uk Tel: 01424 752501 OPEN DAILY 10am-5pm www.carr-taylor.co.uk

Local, organic, seasonal fruit & veg – from our farm to your door ■ 100% Organic, fresh seasonal fruit & veg boxes ■ Weekly, Fortnightly or try a one-off order – there’s no commitment

■ Plastic-free fruit & veg deliveries

■ Zero emission deliveries in central Brighton ■ We deliver to & Hove (certain Brighton & Hove, postcodes apply) Lewes and other areas of Sussex

Visit www.barcombenurseries.co.uk to find out more

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PENNY FARTHING JEWELLERS Whether it’s will you marry me? or I do, let us help make your special day sparkle We offer a large selection of engagement and wedding rings made to order, bridal wear jewellery and gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen

Jewellery made round the world, bought with passion, sold with pride

28 HIGH STREET, EAST GRINSTEAD 01342 323331 – pfjvintage@gmail.com

www.pennyfarthingjewellers.net @pennyfarthingjewellers pennyfarthing_jewellers



Circle of Love T

hroughout the ages, the wearing of a ring has become symbolic of commitment and the promise of eternal love, even in Ancient Egypt a betrothed couple exchanged rings made from braided reeds. They believed the circle symbolised eternity and reflected their unity as a couple. It was the Romans that introduced the custom for wearing the ring on the left hand third-finger, as they believed (incorrectly) that this finger connected directly to the heart via the vena amoris or the vein of love. These traditions have been carried throughout history and even now, in western culture, the ring has been adapted to symbolise significant milestones in a relationship. Engagement rings are steeped in tradition as historically they represented a formal agreement to a

A ring is a never-ending circle which makes it the perfect symbol of love. Whether for engagement, wedding or eternity, Adele Trathan explores the symbolism of offering this gift of love future marriage. This was significant in that it united not just the couple but the union of properties, titles and families. These days, an engagement ring represents a couple in readiness to marry and has a more romantic connotation. The engagement ring tends to be the ring leader – a more show-stopping piece to show the world commitment to each other. Diamond rings became popular in the 1940s after the famous slogan, ‘diamonds

The most important consideration should be the meaning that the ring holds for the couple are forever’ was launched by a diamond mining company. These days engagement rings are as individual as the couple marrying. Gemstones are chosen through personal preference, sentimentality, and the intent and thought behind the design. The most important consideration should be the meaning that the ring holds for the couple, not how much has been spent. The wedding ring represented commitment, love and faithfulness

between two people and was synonymous with the vows exchanged on the wedding day. Wedding bands tended to be less extravagant than the engagement ring as they are generally worn every day throughout the couple’s life. They were more practical and comfortable to wear and often just a simple band made from a precious metal. Some wedding rings are now

shaped to fit around the engagement ring, so they sit comfortably with the wedding band. They can also combine precious stones that create a stackable design with the engagement ring. Matching rings have become increasingly popular as a beautiful way to tie the unity together. The final symbolic circle of love is the eternity ring. This was usually a gift after a significant milestone, such as a momentous anniversary or birth of a child, as a reminder of everlasting love. Typically, this would be a simple band of precious metal inlaid with a continuous line of small identically cut gemstones. As this style can be quite cumbersome to wear there is the ‘halfeternity’ option when only the front of the ring contains gemstones to make it more comfortable and easy to wear. June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 103

So, what about gemstones? History and archaeology have demonstrated that gemstones were not only treasured for their value and beauty, but many have been appreciated for their spiritual attributes as well. Here are some of the more popular gemstones and their reported properties. DIAMOND In ancient history, the diamond was used for detoxification as it is said to protect from poison. It is also believed to absorb and amplify the thoughts of the user. EMERALD This stone is thought to have a host of properties and has been stated to aid fertility, improve eyesight, relieve

104 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

The ancients believed that sapphires could help predict the future insomnia and promote peaceful dreams, as well as lifting depression and encourage balance and patience. RUBY The red ruby is said to be a protector from misfortune and bad health as well as a symbol of vitality and royalty. If given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love and was used to open the heart to promote love. SAPPHIRE The ancients believed that sapphires

could help predict the future and it has long associations with peace and happiness. It is also reported to help with inspiration, intuition, insight and communication. ROSE QUARTZ This stone is known as the stone of ‘gentle love’, bringing peace and calm to relationships. It is also said to be excellent for healing emotional wounds, removing negativity and restoring harmony after conflict. JADE A traditional stone for gardeners as it is said to bring bountiful harvests. A stone of serenity, thought to alleviate anxiety and fear and promote good luck and prosperity. l


Wildflower Events

Arabella Floral

Wildflower Events specialise in outdoor weddings with our beautiful Giant Hat Tipis and huge selection of furniture, lighting and decor to hire. Let us help you create the perfect day!

www.wildflower.events 01273 845398 email: sarah@wildflower.events

Arabella Floral is a weddings and events florist covering Sussex, Kent and Surrey. We love using seasonal flowers and foliage to create beautiful, natural and wild designs. www.arabellafloral.com contact@arabellafloral.com 07870 271212


Wedding Felicity Hat Hire

Over 20 years experience helping ladies find the perfect headpiece for that special event. From our bespoke studio, we offer a flexible appointment service to suit your busy lifestyle.

Dixon Anderson Dixon Anderson Tailoring provides a top quality Made to Measure service at affordable prices. Whether you are planning a wedding outfit, black tie or a special suit for those important business meetings, look no further, Dixon Anderson is the perfect choice. Dixon Anderson Tailoring Limited 75 High Street, East Grinstead RH19 3DD 07703 186 517 gerry@dixonanderson.co.uk www.dixonanderson.co.uk

01342 313665 07722 444417 www.felicityeastgrinstead.co.uk

Horam Manor Farm Horam Manor Farm provide a rural setting for your wedding. Receptions are held in the beautifully restored Cartlodge barn. Enquiries welcome. The Cartlodge, Horam Manor Farm, Horam, Heathield TN21 0JB 07736317602 (Hilary) thecartlodge@gmail.com www.horammanorfarm.co.uk/weddings Facebook.com/EastSussexRuralWeddings

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning Chair Cover Chic High quality room decor for your affordable dream wedding, private party or corporate event. Chair covers and all styles of sashes, draping, lighting, backdrops, flower wall , blossom and topiary trees. 89 Hammerwood Road, Ashurstwood RH19 3RX 01342 824180 enquiries@chaircoverchic.co.uk www.chaircoverchic.co.uk

Expert care for your wedding dress. Sarah believes every wedding dress is unique, that’s why her personalised cleaning and boxing service is so popular with brides. 1 College Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex, RH16 1QN 01444 416644 sarahlaceydrycleaning@gmail.com

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Sarah Lacey

The Dandelion Clock


Dry Cleaning

Your wedding dress is very precious to you, and deserves to be cleaned and heirloomed with care. Sarah will care for your dress, discussing the best cleaning techniques with you. They will also care for the Groom, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids’ garments. You can choose from boxes by The Empty Box Co, or our own Treasures Box, should you wish to preserve your dress for the future. A true family business, now in it’s fifth generation, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning are experts in the dry cleaning of vintage clothing and vintage wedding dresses. Our expert staff have the knowledge to handle and care for delicate fabrics and garments. 1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644

sarahlaceydrycleaning@gmail.com www.sarahlacey-drycleaning.co.uk

The ideal place for that special present. Visit our centre for 100’s of unique gift ideas. Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Closed Sundays

Lewes Road, Forest Row, RH18 5ES T: 01342 822 335 E: lindi.dandelion@gmail.com

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LOOK NO FURTHER To be included and to promote your business call us now on 01273 835355 or email sales@sussexliving.com


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Margaret Watson HARPIST

Rhymes for our Times

The Romance Of A HARP At YOUR Wedding 01342 810641 | 07957 669504

goldharp23@gmail.com www.harpmusic.co.uk


106 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 18 May 2021 1:31 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: June 21 Margaret Watson 1-4

A collection of inspired poetry written by Fran, a no-nonsense 80-something. Some are wicked observations on modern life; others are more profound and poignant: all will make you smile

A perfect gift for those who remember ” the good 0ld days”

Price £5, all monies go to St Peter & St James Hospice. Find the book in the Hospice shops or call Jude on: 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512


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Vic Davis Bridal & Wedding Dress Service

WickyWooWoo Cakes

Award-winning bespoke wedding cake designer, specialising in sugar crafting. Working with you to create your beautiful, delicious centre piece for your special day.

A full range of bridal and wedding clothing services for before and after the big day, including wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid dress alterations and the creation of christening gowns and cocktail gowns incorporating material from your wedding dress.

07443 485622 emma.wickens@hotmail.co.uk www.wickywoowoocakes.co.uk

Market place, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9NP 01444 248206 info@vicdavis.co.uk

The Flower Shop

Floral artistry for your Wedding Day. Wedding floristry specialists offering free wedding consultation. Let us bring your wedding day dreams to life - and don’t forget your Valentine Flowers!

184 High St, Uckfield TN22 1AU 01825 765903 www.theflowershopuckfield.co.uk

Felicity Harvest, Humanist Celebrant

Ceremonies written for and with you, indoors, outdoors, festivals, back gardens, beaches, re-weddings, renewals - your wedding your way!


The Sussex Afternoon Tea Co.

Hen parties, weddings, birthdays, baby showers or any celebration. The Sussex Afternoon Tea Co. takes great pride in delivering delicious, homemade afternoon teas to your door.

07988 689827 www.sussexafternoonteas.co.uk


Best festival style weddings. Busses Farm is the ideal venue for your fun-filled wedding weekend with a huge oak-framed barn, unrivalled location, views and stylish accommodation, glamping and camping.

Forest Rose Flowers

The team at Forest Rose Flowers are dedicated to providing customers with the most stunning floral displays, for every occasion. We take pride in delivering creative designs, using a combination of classic and quirky blooms.

Aafke – 07761 703469 info@yoghurtrooms.com

Hartfield Road, Forest Row RH18 5DN 07703 583523 www.facebook.com/forestroseflowers

Butterflies and Bows Friendly professional company with fourteen years experience. Bouquets, table centres, fairylight backdrops, chair covers, decorations and lighting. Discounted packages available. 01342 892392 07717 527923 info@butterfliesandbows.co.uk www.butterfliesandbows.co.uk June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 107

Clinical Foot Consultant

Give your body an MOT

Qualified Chiropodist • • • • •

We are experienced specialists in Clinical/Sports/Remedial Massage as well as providing Relaxation Massage, Hot Stones, Thai Foot and Indian Head Massage treatments.

✾ Our Massage treatments start from £35 up to £85 ✾

Corns – Callus Nail Problems Heel Problems Athlete’s Foot Fallen Arches

Get in touch to book - You deserve it! 43 Silverdale Road Burgess Hill

www.tamarindtreatmentrooms.co.uk www.sussexbeautytraining.co.uk

Tel: 01444 233060

Foot Treatments

With Manipulation and Laser Therapy

• Strained Ligaments and Tendons • Skin Problems • Heel Spurs • Enlarged Joints • Morton’s Neuroma

Dorothy Dickson

D.S.Ch., M.Inst. Ch.P., Dip.I.I.H.H.M. 72 West Street, Burgess Hill Tel. 01444 870429

So Happy to be Back to

In Person Classes

MONDAY & WEDNESDAYS 6.30pm Zumba/Fitsteps Mix Birchwood Grove School, Burgess Hill THURSDAYS 9.30am BodyBarre

Laser Therapy and Acupuncture for Foot – Knee – Hip – Back Shoulder – Neck – Elbow

Kings Centre, Burgess Hill FRIDAYS 9am Fitness Pilates 10am Zumba/Fitsteps Mix Kings Centre, Burgess Hill Get in touch to BOOK YOUR PLACE

£6 per class

Live Zoom classes also running as well as pay-as-you-go classes accessed via the website

t: 07971 866787




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Domus Live-In Care

Bespoke live-in care solutions Bespoke live-in care solutions

Having a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a realistic, affordable alternative to residential care and allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Domus Live-In Care we provide experienced careHaving staff who assist you with the activities of daily living. a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a The services we provide include: care and realistic, affordable alternative to residential allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Personal Care Domestic Support Domus Live-In Care we provide experienced care staff Companionship & Social Support Long-term or Respite who assist you with the activities of daily living.


For a free consultation and assessment of your care needs please contact us: 01892 512961 TheTelephone: services we provide include: Email: info@domus-live-in.co.uk www.domus-live-in.co.uk Personal Care Companionship Social Support Domestic Support SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021 Long-term or Respite


From pretty pastels to poolside chic, Hanna Prince shares the key style and colour trends for summer 2021


ooking forward to ditching the tracksuit bottoms of lockdown for something a little more on-trend? Bright, bold and flamboyant, the colours and styles of summer are inspired by optimism. DRESS TO IMPRESS Most of us have spent the past year in loungewear and slippers, so it’s no surprise that the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions is expected to coincide with a craze for occasionwear. The spring summer 2021 catwalks were overflowing with fantastical dresses, with full skirts,

Alongside Hawaiian shirts and swimwear as streetwear elaborate embellishments and layers of tulle all featuring heavily. The high street has already embraced this flamboyant trend – a clear sign that it’s here to stay for the season. In male fashion, the occasionwear mode has manifested itself in creative shirting. Voluminous shapes, origami-style shirts and bright prints have all made an appearance on the catwalk. THE GREAT ESCAPE We might be debarred from foreign travel, but that hasn’t stopped the fashion world embracing a creative escapism. Poolside attire – brightly-coloured beach bags, platform espadrilles and beach prints – are



having a moment this year, alongside Hawaiian shirts and swimwear as streetwear. Along the same lines, men’s designers have been making a splash with nauticalthemed outfits. Think Breton tops, anchor-covered knitwear and sailor sweaters. LOOSE DENIM Good news if you like to live in jeans – denim is having a style resurgence this summer. Forget the slim silhouettes of last year. This summer’s trend is more jogging bottom than drainpipe, with 70’s-style wider leg jeans a popular choice. But the yen

for denim isn’t limited to jeans. Denim dresses will be popular this year – wear them long, low-necked and with three quarter-length sleeves for the latest look.

BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL This summer’s colours aren’t for shrinking violets. The catwalks have thronged with mood-lifting shades, including bright yellows and hot pink. Neon is on trend as well, particularly in menswear – try teaming fluorescent separates with muted tailoring for a trendy touch that won’t blind onlookers. Not quite brave enough for brights? Pastels have been making a

comeback too, with lilacs, light pinks and pistachio shades bringing an ice cream shop vibe to spring - summer 2021 fashion shows. BLACK IS BACK At the opposite end of the colour spectrum, slinky black dresses are once again making their way into designer collections. The key to taking this trend from average to outstanding is in the detail – cut-out necklines, strap detailing and textured materials are where it’s at. On the subject of dark colours, black face masks in silky fabrics are also set to be a summer sensation. The best bit is they look good with almost any outfit. l June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 109


How to

BE MORE ACTIVE In our busy 21st century lives it can be hard to make time for formal exercise, despite all our good intentions, so Lisa de Silva has put together a few tips to make increased activity more manageable


hile we all know the positive impact of activity on our physical and mental health, many of us simply do not have schedules that allow for a regular gym visit or a specific commitment to workout. The good news is that we can still improve our physical health simply by raising our level of general activity. The UK Chief Medical Officer recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week for adults and while


• •

Do the housework to music to put a spring in your step Get outside for a brisk 10-minute walk or put your headphones on for a 10-minute silent disco session twice a day Take a longer walk listening to a podcast or an audiobook Multi-task while watching TV – walk on the spot, do some squats, lunges or stretching during the ad breaks Wear a step tracking device to motivate you to increase your step count Catch up with friends over a walk Walk to the shops Spend time playing active games,

• • • • • •

110 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

that might seem overwhelming, if you break it down into manageable chunks, it need not disrupt your life. If you commit to 20-minutes a day, broken up into two 10-minute sessions, the task instantly feels more manageable. The trick is to stop thinking of

The trick is to stop thinking of exercise as something you have to change your clothes for going on a bike ride, swimming or dancing with your children Walk the children to school If you have younger children, set up a buggy group with other mums for long walks and chats Spend time gardening

• • •


• Walk or cycle to work • If you drive, park furthest away from the entrance • Always take the stairs • Use your lunchbreak to get outside for a brisk 10-minute walk • Arrange to walk and talk instead of sitting in a meeting room

exercise as something you have to change your clothes for, warm up for, get out of breath for, or need a post-session shower for. Simply think of it as moving a little more and incorporating more general physical activity into your daily routine. These small changes add up over time and will help with weight control, as well as lowering levels of stress and cholesterol. To inspire you into action, we’ve listed some ideas for increasing your general physical activity both at home and work. l

• • • •

Stand up and move around while talking on the phone Try a standing desk Make face to face visits in the office instead of messaging colleagues Offer to do the coffee run for your colleagues


The Movement is a small, friendly yoga studio located behind Café Nero on the high street in Haywards Heath. It offers classes for all levels and abilities, from sweaty vinyasa flow to gentle restorative yoga, and everything in between. importantly, I wanted kind, compassionate, empathetic people,’ she says. ‘I don’t care if they can’t do a handstand or have a big social media following. I wanted teachers who will understand that many people are nervous when they walk into their first class, that people might be going through something difficult in their lives and are feeling vulnerable. All the teachers bring a grace and maturity to their classes which inspires me daily.’ Owner Emily Scott had been teaching yoga for 6 years around Haywards Heath, Lewes and Brighton, but wanted to create a ‘yoga home.’ Born and raised in Southern California, Emily never thought she’d be running a yoga studio in Sussex. While dancing for the NBA Boston Celtics during a promotional tour of Europe, Emily met her now-husband. She traded her dance shoes for wellies, and now has two boys (who she still can’t believe have English accents!) and loves spending her free time exploring the Sussex countryside. When designing the studio, she wanted to bring an industrial chic Los Angeles feel. ‘I wanted clean, modern and simple, but with little accents to make it feel like a special place,’ she says. There is underfloor heating to keep it cosy, and there are infrared heaters for the warm classes, where the room is heated to 26 degrees. The windows are frosted to ensure privacy, and it has all the equipment you need.

Opening a yoga studio during the pandemic has not been easy, of course. ‘My timing couldn’t have been worse!’ laughs Emily. ‘I had been looking for premises for ages, finally found the perfect location, and then – boom – Covid.’ She quickly adapted and offered online classes through Zoom and grew a wonderful community. ‘Teaching online was strange to begin with, but I grew to love it. Seeing people and having a chat after class made us feel less isolated.’ She has kept the popular 7am Wake Up and Flow classes exclusively online since they’ve been such a success. ‘I was so surprised, but people love those early classes. It sets them up for their day, and

the accountability factor of attending a live class rather than watching a recording has been huge for people.’ Given the popularity of the online classes, the studio recently launched an On Demand site with a library of pre-recorded classes for a monthly subscription. Emily hopes The Movement will become a place for people to move, flow, gather, laugh, learn, connect and grow. ‘I want the studio to not just be a place to get flexible and fit, but to provide a valuable resource for the community,’ she says. She gives 10% of profits to charity, most recently the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, and is keen to partner with a local charity to give back to the community. ‘If I could say one thing to someone wanting to try yoga, it would be just to come and try. We really are a group of caring, down-to-earth people here at The Movement. People always comment on how unpretentious and easy-going the studio feels,’ explains Emily. ‘We don’t expect anyone to be able to do anything special or look a certain way when they come to class; you just show up exactly as you are and we’ll meet you there.’

Designing the studio was fun, but Emily was most interested in creating a space that felt welcoming and inclusive, and she believes a lot of this comes down to the teachers. ‘I wanted high-quality, experienced teachers, of course, but almost more

73-75 South Road, Haywards Heath





DRY EYE do you? Some of the symptoms: • Sore, itchy eyes • Sensitivity to light • Eye redness

• Difficulty with night driving • Watery eyes • Blurred vision or tired eyes

Still working from home? Not enough screen breaks? More online meetings? All of these can contribute to dry eye. Soothe and refresh your eyes - contact your local Barracloughs to arrange your click and collect order of Thealoz Duo.


How can I brighten my smile? Professional Tooth Whitening, simple, safe, affordable and effective Problem Just about everyone wishes they had whiter teeth. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make your teeth whiter with professional oxidising. Simple yet effective, it is safe to use and is carried out at home. Teeth become discoloured over time from ageing, staining from substances such as tobacco and coffee, and from antibiotic con sumption during teeth formation.

Life would be a lot easier if our hair got darker and our teeth got whiter as we grew older! Solution Professional Tooth Whitening • No removal of tooth enamel; • Long lasting. The retention rate of colour is 84% after three years; • Easy to touch up at home whenever required; • Simple, safe, affordable and effective.

Thanks Oakmead. My whiter “smile has greatly improved my

self-confidence. I can now freely smile without masking my mouth

Contact us today at East Grinstead for Oakmead's tooth whitening guide


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Small changes

CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Probably now more than ever we are conscious of our wellbeing in every respect, and as Adele Trathan found out when she attended a couple of Mid Sussex District Councils wellbeing sessions, a few changes can really help


t’s not surprising that the last year has made such a difference in our attitude towards our wellbeing. Personally, I have experienced a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes I have been extremely active at working on my physical and mental wellbeing, but there have been times I have completely neglected to look after

myself due to the anxiety caused by the pandemic. So, I was intrigued to find out about some of the courses that Mid Sussex District Council run for the wellbeing of the residents. I was invited to join one of the virtual video sessions on offer. The list of courses was comprehensive, covering many aspects of wellbeing from physical wellbeing including Stretch and Move, Weight Loss and Quitting Smoking, to emotional health issues such Relax and Breathe or Sleep Awareness. I joined the Food and Mood session which was hosted by a friendly lady called Julia. She was very welcoming and helped us explore our relationship with food. We learned the difference between physical and emotional hunger, how mood can be positively affected with good nutrition rather than comfort eating poor substitutes.

We learnt what foods constitute a good balanced diet and finished with an exercise that trains our body to engage with the process of mindful eating. Whilst I was already aware about some of the details that were covered, I found the session really helped to reinforce the importance of fuelling my body effectively and how it impacts so many aspects of personal wellbeing.

I think most people have seen their wellbeing challenged over the last year It re-engaged me and subsequently I have made a few changes to my diet that have made me feel more alert and energetic than I had been previously. Next up was the Relax and Breathe workshop. I was interested in this as many people have suffered from anxiety and stress over the last year. It was a short 20-minute talk on mindful or conscious breathing that was hosted by an informative and engaging Michelle. She taught us the benefits of conscious breathing and how effective it can be on calming our emotions, relaxing the body, reducing tension and even helping to lower blood pressure and manage panic attacks. I enjoyed the practical exercise and learned that your breath is a bit like an anchor, that can really help especially if suffering with stress or anxiety. The sessions also work like a gateway to other areas of wellbeing that you might like to work on, many of which are free of charge but if needed, you can also book additional sessions or workshops for a small additional charge. l Courses are available from Mid Sussex District Council Wellbeing: 01444 477191 wellbeing@midsussex.gov.uk midsussex.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 113

Are you feeling a bit out of shape?

Finding the time and space to think about your health and wellbeing can be difficult. Mid Sussex Wellbeing’s 12-week programme is designed to give MEN support to make changes working towards a healthy lifestyle. Each week will include 45 minutes healthy lifestyle discussion followed by a 45 minute exercise session.

Join MEN (Motivation, Exercise and Nutrition) for only £20




June is upon us, with warmer weather, the longest of days and feelings of optimism spreading out across the land. We sent our graphic designer Jo Grey, out with our resident coddiwompler Robert Veitch to find a joyous, scenic and apt walk for this time of year


rom the car park walk west, through the kissing gate and along the chalk path of the South Downs Way towards the triplet of aerials atop Truleigh Hill. Beyond the derelict building and terracing on the Fulking escarpment is a metal gate by the 4-way fingerpost near the summit of Fulking Hill at 206m (676 feet). Follow the rolling contours, past the oilseed rape on the left, through the metal gates and over the brow of Perching Hill at 176m (577 feet). Then it’s down into the dip, towards the electricity cables and crosspaths. At the bottom turn left, through both gates. Ramble south into the valley gently descending to the isolated buildings of Perchinghill Barn. Behind the

I wonder what life here might have been like all those years ago

buildings, distant scrub and terraces mark what was once the medieval village of Perching. “I wonder what life here might have been like all those years ago,” observed Jo. Continue, through the gate, then in tandem with the power lines,

past the disheveled barn to a gate that leads into Summers Deane. Hawthorn and oilseed rape border the track on the left. 500m further on the track veers notably left at Hazelholt Bottom, then underneath the power lines. Horses and ponies in enclosures on either side indicate settlement is close by, as does the ever-increasing hum of traffic. Approximately 100m shy of the bridge (beneath the A27) turn left by the green lamp-less lamp post. Walk between the farm buildings, turning left then right, past the silos and hopper, then left again and uphill for 50m. Turn right, and head into the field, then right again, across the field, through the gateway and past the trough before bearing left to pass the covered reservoir and mobile phone mast on the right-hand side. Pause by the redundant stile and spin around to see the eastern entrances to the tunnels under Southwick Hill. Over the brow it’s steeply downhill to the kissing gate preceding Cockroost Bottom. Advance east, through a stuck open gate by another redundant

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 115

stile and follow the path as it deviates away from the A27 and uphill to the T-junction at Foredown Hill. Turn right, towards the coast and along the ridge to a gated T-junction. Bear left and head downhill, through the yard and between the buildings and silos of Newbarn Farm, then gradually uphill once out the other side. This is part of the Monarch’s Way, a historical route approximating Charles II escape after defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Veer right on the brow then its downhill into Benfield Valley towards the golf course. There’s a squeeze stile by the 4th hole, after which the track leads uphill looking almost straight but wriggling all the way. There’s wheat to the left and the 5th hole on the right. Another squeeze stile, leads onto the tarmac. Ease left, crossing what was once the Dyke railway and continue past the clubhouse and metal barrier, then wander to the junction with Devil’s Dyke Road. Cross carefully, heading past the bus stop and into the field via the stile. Continue downhill gently in the same general direction to a broken stile. The route across the next field descends more steeply, under the power lines, then aim for the roadside stile. Turn left and continue along the verge of Saddlescombe Road, past four curious gates. 75m beyond the fourth curious gate cross the road carefully.

116 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Beyond the pair of gates take a hint from the bridleway sign that points uphill and follow the track to the summit of Varncombe Hill, before eventually arriving at a metal gate. Turn sharp left, through another metal gate, then across the paddock to a wooden gate. This is a section of The Sussex Border Path. Beyond the next gate, is a tree covered in a swarm of ivy, the living encapsulating the dead. Continue as far as the next gate, where the Sussex Border Path joins the South Downs Way. Turn left and downhill, through the arboreal tunnel to the gate into

Spin around to see the eastern entrances to the tunnels under Southwick Hill

Saddlescombe Farm. Follow the track, past the next gate; then 50m later bear left and downhill, past another gate to the traffic island. Cross Saddlescombe Road with care, then walk down nine steps to the ladder stile. Once over it, ease left, past the trough, then slightly uphill, to follow the shadow of compressed grass southwest across the field to another ladder stile. From here, it’s time to take your pick… Up for the challenge? Turn right and head to the base of Devil’s Dyke, then along the bottom, climbing to the head of the valley.


0.5% To celebrate the opening of our new office we’re offering any new sales instruction, a rate of just 0.5%+vat for sole agency, to market your home.

Call: 01444 523444

Email: sales@acornsalesandlettings.co.uk 24 The Orchards, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3TH

Residential, Nursing & Dementia Care Located in the heart of Balcombe, Russettings is a recently refurbished purpose built care home which offers bespoke care from our skilled and experienced team. We focus on ensuring all our residents enjoy a better quality of life and live as independently as possible whilst receiving the best care. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING

“Welcoming, compassionate, personalised, responsive great friendly staff. We feel confident that my father is in the best place especially this year with all the restrictions...”

WHY CHOOSE US ?? Quaint & modern 43 bedroom home.

24 hour support by our dedicated team.

Beautiful garden & amenities for residents to enjoy.

Staff trained in dementia care.

Daily activities & entertainment organised by our activities coordinator.

Reported by the CQC as having “good practice” in preventing the spread of COVID-19.



Mill Lane, Balcombe, Haywards Heath, RH17 6NP

for more info: www.russettings.com +44 (0)1444 811630 info@russettings.com

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 117

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Weary legs? Keep going straight on, along the southern side of the Dyke. It’s still uphill, but somewhat easier. Both routes lead to the same place, back to the car park and the end of a long walk worthy of a round of applause. “I love it up here” noted Jo with a wink, “I might come back later for a picnic!” l Robert has tested the route personally, making sure it is suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email editorial@sussexliving.com

Distance: 9½ miles Walk Time: 3¾ - 4¼ hours Footwear: Trainers should be fine Stiles: 7 Elevation Gain: 304m (998 feet)

Calorie Burn: Approximately 900kcal Map: Explorer OL11 Refreshments: Take them with you, Jo recommends a picnic Parking: Pay parking at Devil’s Dyke

COVID Compliant National care provider Shaw healthcare offer a variety of care services across West Sussex

We are Open for Admissions

Accepting New Residents

Vaccinations PPE Stringent Hygiene


Social Distancing Risk Assessment

Shaw healthcare is welcoming new residents to ensure that we are there for those that require care and support.

Burleys Wood Crawley Glebe House Southbourne Croft Meadow Steyning Mill River Lodge Horsham Deerswood Lodge Crawley Rotherlea Petworth Contact us today to book a visit or find out more about our services @shawhealthcare

118 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


View our rtual Tour Vi

0800 902 0092 www.shaw.co.uk

Care UK leads the way in safety, with enhanced infection control measures and purpose-built visiting suites. We are championing the Covid-19 vaccination programme to protect those living, visiting and working in our care homes. With over 35 years’ experience, our highly trained teams are experts in delivering award winning care. If you’re considering care for yourself or a loved one, discover flexibility and assurance – ask about the Care UK 28 day guarantee*. Please call us to discuss booking a one-to-one video chat or viewing on 01342 888511.


Experts in award winning care. Trusted by over 6,500 families.

Francis Court care home, Copthorne

Mill View care home, East Grinstead

Heather View care home, Crowborough


*Seven days’ written notice required.

We are also able to offer emergency

Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. checks for those who need it. Telephone reminder service Scheduled checks Telephone reminderUnscheduled service checks Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. Available anytime between 7am and 10pm 24hrs notice7am for a next visit Available anytime between andday10pm many times a day as needed. Unscheduledaschecks as many times a day as needed. 24hrs notice for a next day visit Telephone reminder service Available anytime between 7am and 10pm We areservice also able toasoffer emergency Telephone reminder many times a day as needed. We are also7am able offer emergency Available anytime between and to 10pm checks for those who need it. as many times a day asfor needed. We need are also it. able to offer emergency checks those who We checks for those whoprovide need it. personalised Scheduled checks wellness checks for your We are also able to offer emergency Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace of mind checks for those who need it. We provide personalised wellness checks for your

Simple and straightforward helping fun – a Peace of Mind for you and Simple and straightforward services for Making any scenario: services any scenario: personalised your loved ones Making alternative helping fun –or a Peace of for Mind for you and Simple and straightforward addition to hiringalternative a carer inor Scheduled checks personalised your loved ones Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. Simple and straightforward services for any scenario: to hiring a carer Sussexaddition and surrounding areas Simple andinstraightforward services ensure tasks completed to services forany any scenario: Unscheduled checks loved ones in sunnydaily Sussex. Ourhave peacebeen of mind Sussex and surrounding areas Unscheduled checks services for scenario: enable anyone to live happily in their own 24hrs notice for a next Making day visit helping fun – a services 24hrs ensurenotice daily tasks beenvisit completed tohome. Scheduled checks for a have next day Peace of Mind for you and enable Making helping helping fun fun –– aa personalised alternative Peace of Mind youanyone andto live happily in their own home. Booked in for daily/weekly/monthly. Making Peace of Mind for you and your ones Making helping fun a oforMind forchecks you andloved ‘For–service when you needPeace reassurance’ Our core checks are:service Telephone reminder Scheduled checks Telephone reminder Scheduled ‘For when you need reassurance’ Our core checks are: personalised alternative or addition to hiring a carer in loved ones checks Available anytime between 7am and 10pm personalised alternative or7am and 10pm youryour Unscheduled Available anytime between in daily/weekly/monthly. lovedBooked ones Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. personalised alternative or your loved ones As acarer local, family run business, we really are as visit many times a day as needed. 24hrs notice for a next day as many times a day as Sussex needed. and surrounding areas addition to hiring a in a local, family run business, we really are Medication addition to to hiring hiring aa carer carer inAspassionate Medication Unscheduled checks passionate about supporting families with our daily addition in about supporting families with our daily Unscheduled checks We provide personalised wellness checks for your Sussex and surrounding areas Weyour are also able to offer emergency 24hrs notice forTelephone a nextwellness day reminder visit checks We provide personalised for service We are also able to offer emergency home checks. Our service enables people to live home checks. Our service enables people to live Meals Meals 24hrs for a next daypeace visit of mind loved ones in notice sunny Sussex. Our Sussex and and surrounding surrounding areas checks for those ‘For when you need reassurance’ Our core checks are: Available anytime between 7am and 10pmwho need it. loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace of mind Sussex areas their enjoying normal checks for those wholives needindependently, it. lives independently, their enjoying their their normal We provide personalised wellness checks for your loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace of mind We provide personalised wellness checksservices for yourensure daily tasks have been completed to loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace ofenable mind anyone to live happily in their own home. services ensure daily tasks have been completed to enable anyone to live happily in their own home.

services ensure reminder dailyastasks have been completed to testing Telephone service Blood sugar many timesbeen a daycompleted as needed. Blood testing andrun hobbies with their services ensure daily tasks have tosugar a routine local, family business, wecore really arefriends. ‘For when you need reassurance’ Our checks are: routine As and hobbies with their friends. Telephone reminder service Available anytime between 7am and 10pm enable anyone to live happily in their own home. Medication passionate about supporting familiesenable with our daily anyone toanytime live happily in their own home. as many times day as needed. Available andCompanionship 10pm As a local, family run business, we really home are We Companionship checks. Our service enables people to live Meals know that it isn’t always possible to check inaWe on arebetween also able 7am to offer emergency Medication passionate about supporting families with our daily their lives it independently, enjoying their normal We know that isn’tones always possible tocore check on Fall as many a day as needed. ‘For when you need reassurance’ Our checks are: your loved with busy modern living oriniftimes your checks for those need it.Alarm sugarwho testing homeneed checks. Our service enables peopleroutine to live Meals ‘For when you reassurance’ Our core checks and hobbies withhelping their friends. Weor are also ableare: to offerBlood emergency Making fun – a Fall Alarm your loved ones with busy modern living if your relatives live further away. We will be a friendly face their lives independently, enjoying their normal Concierge Companionship checks for those who need it. Blood sugar testing

Simpleandstraightforward servicesforanyscenario:

Peace of Mind for you and

Peace of we Mind forlivetopersonalised you and check they’re thatwill they eating, taken As a local, family run business, really are relatives further away.ok,We beare a We friendly face arehave also able to offer emergency alternative or yourShopping lovedservices ones Medication As a local, family run business, we really are their Concierge Fall Alarm medication and that they haven’t had a fall. Companionship Medication passionate about supporting families with our daily to check they’re ok, that they are eating, have taken checks for those who need it. your loved ones passionate about supporting families with our daily addition to hiring ahad carer in Concierge Alarm Meals home checks. Our service enables people to live their medication and that they Fall haven’t a that fall. your We provide personalised wellness checks for your Shopping services Tea and cake visits We are here to give you the reassurance home checks. Our service enables people to live Meals Shopping services Making helping fun – a loved onesyou in sunnyand Sussex. Our peace of mind Sussex and surrounding areas Peace of Mind for Concierge their lives independently, enjoying their normal loved one getting the help they need at home We provideenjoying personalised wellness checks foris your Food delivery their lives independently, their normal Blood sugar testing Tea and cake services ensure daily tasksvisits have been completed to helping fun –here apeace Peace ofyour Mind for you and Tea and cake visits routine and Making hobbies with their friends. Shopping services We are to give you reassurance that before a carer is the needed. Blood sugar testing loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our of mind sroutine personalised alternative or and hobbies with their friends. your loved ones enable anyone to live happily in their own home. lovedhave onebeen isor getting the help need at home ones Food delivery Tea and cake visits personalised alternative services ensure daily tasks completed to they your loved Companionship Food delivery Companionship to hiring a carer in Making helping fun – a We know that itenable isn’taddition always possible to check in on Peace Mind for you and before a carer is needed. ‘For when you need Our core checks anyone to live happily in their own home. Food reassurance’ delivery of We provide personalised wellness checks for are: your We know that it isn’t always toacheck in on addition to possible hiring carer in Fallpersonalised Alarm your loved ones withSussex busy modern living or if your We provide wellness checks for your loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace of mind Fall Alarm and surrounding areas your loved onesOur with core busy modern living or if your personalised alternative or As a local, family run business, we really are Sussex. your loved ones checks loved ones in sunny Our peace of mind Medication and surrounding relatives liveSussex further away. We willare: be a friendly areas face services ensure daily tasks have been completed to passionate about supporting families with ourtasks daily relatives live further away. We will be a friendlyALL face Concierge OUR STAFF ARE: services ensure daily have been completed to Concierge ALL OURchecks. STAFF ARE: toaddition check they’re to ok, that they areaeating, have taken enable anyone to live happily in their own home. hiring carer in home Our service enables people to live to check they’re ok, that they are eating, have taken enable anyonepersonalised to live happily wellness in their own home.forMeals We provide checks your their medicationALL and OUR that they haven’t had a fall. Medication Shopping services 3their DBS First Aid trained 3 Fully insured liveschecked independently, enjoying their normal STAFF ARE:had a3fall. www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk DBS checked 3 First 3 Aid trained 3 Fully insured www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk their medication and‘For that they haven’t Shopping services Blood sugar testing when you needareas reassurance’ core checks ones in Our sunny Sussex. Ourare: peace of mind Sussex and surrounding routine and hobbies withloved theircore friends. ‘For when you need reassurance’ Our checks are: ALLAidOUR STAFF ARE: 3 DBS checked 3 First trained 3 Fully insured Meals routine and hobbies with their friends. We know that it isn’t always possible to check in on your loved ones with busy modern living or if your We know that it isn’t always possible to check in on relatives live further away. We will be a friendly face your loved ones with busy modern living to or check if yourthey’re ok, that they are eating, have taken relatives live further away. We will be a friendly face their medication and that they haven’t had a fall. to check they’re ok, that they are eating, have taken their medication and that they haven’t had fall.here to give you the reassurance that your Weaare loved one is getting the help they need at home We are here to give you the reassurancebefore that your a carer is needed. loved one is getting the help they need at home before a carer is needed.


www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Tea and caketasks visits services ensure to Companionship We are here to give you the reassurance that your Tea and daily cake visitshave been completed As a local, family run business, we really are We are hereAs toagive you the reassurance that your possible to check inMedication on local, family run business, we really areWe know that it isn’t always enable anyone to live happily in their own home. STUDIO PROOF loved one is getting passionate the helpsugar they need at home Medication Blood testing 3 DBS checked First Aid trained 3 Fully insured Fall Alarm www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Food delivery about supporting families with our3 daily your with busy modern livingdelivery or if your about supporting families with our daily PROOF DATE/TIME: 21 May 2021 9:31loved am ones loved one is passionate getting the help they need at home Food before a carer is needed. OUR FILENAME: Juneenables 21 Sussex Home Checks 1-2 home checks. Our service people to live relatives live further away. We will be a friendly face home checks. Our service enables people to live Meals Meals before carer is you needed. Companionship ‘Fora when need reassurance’ Our core checks are: Concierge

Your Local Mobility Experts

to check their lives their independently, enjoying their normal lives independently, enjoying theirthey’re normalok, that they are eating, have taken Blood sugar testing Blood sugar testing their medication and that they haven’t had a fall. routine and hobbies with their friends. Fall Alarm routine and hobbies with their friends.

Shopping services As a local, family run business, we really are MedicationCompanionship Companionship e passionate about supporting families with our daily Tea and cake visits Concierge Weinare to give We know that it isn’tthat always possible to check on know it isn’t always possible tohere check in onyou the reassurance that your n home checks. OurWe service enables people to live Fall Alarm Meals loved one is getting the help they need at home yourRiser lovedyour ones with busy modern living or if your Recliners Stairlifts Fall Alarm Food delivery Mobility Scooters loved ones with busy modern living or if your services before liveShopping further away. Wetheir will be a friendly facea carer is needed. their OUR lives relatives independently, enjoying normal ALL STAFF ARE: relatives live further away. We will be a friendly face Concierge ALL OUR STAFF ARE: Blood sugarConcierge testing to hobbies check they’re ok, thatfriends. they are eating, have taken routine and with their and cake visits toTea check they’re ok, that they are eating, have taken their medication and that they haven’t had a fall. services 3 DBS DBS checked checked 3 First Aid Aidthat trained 3 Fully Fully insured Shopping www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk their3 medication and they haven’t had a fall.insured Shopping services Companionship 3 First trained 3 www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Food delivery We know that it isn’t always possible to check in on Tea and cake visits We are here to give you the reassurance that your Fall Alarm Tea and cake visits your lovedloved onesone with busy modern living or your We are here give you theifatreassurance that your is getting the to help they need home Food delivery ALL OUR STAFF ARE: loved is getting help they need at home relatives live further away. We will bethe a friendly face before a carer is one needed. Concierge Food delivery before carerare is needed. to check they’re ok, that athey eating, have taken 3 DBS checked 3 First Aid trained 3 Fully insured www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk their medication and that they haven’t had a fall. Shopping services ex-VAT Tea and cake visits We are here tofrom give£499 you the reassurance that your ALL OUR STAFF ARE: oneinsured is getting the help they need at home Food delivery 3loved Fully www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Wheeled Walkers ALL OUR STAFF ARE: before a carer is needed. 3 DBS checked 3 First Aid trained 3 Fully insured www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk

3 DBS checked 3 First Aid trained 3 Fully insured from £1,690 ex-VAT Burgess Hill


21 Albert Drive Burgess Hill RH15 9TN


Hove www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk 18 Boundary Road Hove BN3 4EF

3 DBS checked 3 First Aid trained 3 Fully insured www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Call 01444 253 300 Call 01273 424 224 .99 ex-VAT from £69

Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Mon-Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Shop Online: www.clearwellmobility.co.uk 120 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

from £649 ex-VAT





WITH SUSSEX RAMBLERS THIS SUMMER Summer is approaching and with it the gradual end of lockdown, freeing us to wander across our lovely county writes Philip Buckle from Sussex Ramblers


’ll give my jewels for a set of beads. My gorgeous palace for a hermitage, my gay apparel for an almsman’s cloak. My figured goblets for a dish of wood, my sceptre for a palmer’s walking staff…’ so wrote William Shakespeare in Richard II. I’m lucky enough to live within sight and easy walking distance of the South Downs and can build my own preferences into my walking. However, the county has lots to offer and when googling ‘walking in Sussex’ I got 39,500,000 hits. Walking in Sussex often brings people to our iconic coast. It includes one of my favourite walks – from Birling Gap to Cuckmere Sound and back. It’s harder than it looks as the elevation gain over the Seven Sisters is noticeable, but well worth the effort. There’s a pub at one end and café at the other, plus glorious views throughout. Another favourite route is from Ditchling Beacon to the Jack and Jill windmills at Clayton. An easy walk with stunning views inland and out to sea, and on clear days of the Rampion Wind Farm. There are plenty of other walks I’ve enjoyed, particularly in the Weald venturing from ancient church to ancient church. There’s Bodiam Castle, St John the Baptist Church at Clayton (with its wonderful frescoes), the Dark Sky areas at Harting Down and Pulborough. The going is never too rough nor too far from transport or refreshments. There’s growing evidence for the

mental and physical benefits of walking; being outdoors, forest bathing, lowered stress levels, aiding better sleep, and helping to treat and prevent depression. To me walking is enjoyable and its own reward and everyone can gain something unique. As well as the walks printed in this magazine each month, it’s easy enough to organise one’s own walks, individually or with family and friends. Alternatively, contact one of the ten Ramblers groups in Sussex for advice on walking, routes, or groups and walks to join.

Sussex Ramblers will be encouraging everyone to Walk Your Way Sussex Ramblers’ website lists local groups and walks for the coming months, with registration details at www.ramblers.org.uk/sussex This summer, Sussex Ramblers will be encouraging everyone to Walk Your Way, as part of a nationwide Ramblers campaign. Whether you’re in search of calming nature or thrilling adventure, whether you’re an ambler, scrambler, experienced rambler or absolute beginner, the Ramblers will be offering

ideas, challenges and tips galore to help you enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes from walking in the great outdoors. There will be a series of downloadable Walk Your Way inspiration packs at www.ramblers.org. uk/walkyourway Find a group walk or develop your own routes. Walk by yourself, with friends or a Ramblers group. But get out there. Respect others, respect the natural and heritage environment, and enjoy yourself. Happy summer walking… l

To help make your summer walking even more joyful, join the Ramblers from £3.05 a month and get a free neck-warmer (until August 31st and while stocks last). You’ll get more out of walking with the Ramblers’ group walks and walking app. Find out more at ramblers.org.uk/join quoting: A21Z6A June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 121


The Monday Group


The Monday Group are rightsof-way volunteers, founded in 1961 by Harold Rowling MBE of Westmeston. They’ve been creating stylish stiles ever since as Jim Redwood explains


he Monday Group work mainly on the north side of the South Downs, broadly from Albourne to Ringmer. Currently, there are 49 active volunteers, turning out every Monday, rain or shine, to improve the access to our beautiful countryside. Monday Group stiles are designed to be easy to use and durable, they look pretty good and are identifiable from the distinctive yellow and green labels. Green Sussex oak is used to make the stiles, which cost £150-£250 each in materials. Other structures such as causeways and stairways can be more expensive. Our labour is free, of course. We are funded by donations, stile sponsorship and the sale of bird boxes. 122 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Donors who sponsor a stile are offered a commemorative plaque on it. A stile to mark the 50th anniversary of The Monday Group near Ditchling is dedicated to Dame Vera Lynn who lived nearby. There are stiles dedicated to dogs such as ‘Stanley and Monty’, and some have literary references such as ‘All was quiet in the deep dark wood, a mouse found a nut and the nut was good.’ We’ve been asked to build a stile in memory of the late Tim Renton, Lord Renton of Mount Harry, who championed the Downs, and chaired the Sussex Downs Conservation Board, which preceded the creation of the National Park. Amuse yourself looking out for our stile dedications – they can be found just about anywhere we work! This year, The Monday Group worked in partnership with the National Trust for the first time. A stile installation demonstration at Wolstonbury Hill was observed by National Trust rangers and volunteers. They were so impressed by the quality of the work, one of our volunteers was invited to attend their workshop and supervise the construction of a stile in our design. Quite an accolade indeed – being recognised

by the nation’s premier conservation body. The Monday Group sometimes get involved in bigger projects, like the Jubilee Pathway Trust around Ditchling and Westmeston. Last year, between lockdowns, we helped the Trust create a new off-road path which included the construction and installation of two substantial stairways.

Quite an accolade indeed – being recognised by the nation’s premier conservation body Like everything else, Covid-19 affected our work. We stood down during the 2020 March - June lockdown, watching path use increase as new walkers discovered the network and joy of local paths. As a result, we built up a huge backlog of work. Before the post-Christmas lockdown, we were gradually getting back to work, dutifully obeying social distancing and the rule of six, while hauling heavy oak structures into place or slashing back accumulated months of footpath overgrowth. As June 2021 begins, there is plenty of work ahead. We love what we do, and we hope you do too. To join us, donate, or sponsor a stile, visit our website www.mondaygroup.org l

“Her room was comfortable, and the staff were caring and considerate. We would definitely recommend this home to others.” Brother of resident, December 2020 Source: carehome.co.uk


Vidveailable sa tour

The Goldbridge Care Home Welcoming new residents There’s been lots of smiles, tears and laughter over the last year, through it all we’ve been there for our residents and their families, relentlessly. We make sure our team always have personal protective equipment available and regular testing takes place. We also participate in available vaccine programmes and follow strict UK infection control standards. Our team help residents settle in with family video calls, lots of activities and booked visits. Residential | Nursing | Dementia care

Call us for advice today

01444 849 273 Lines are open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 12.30pm Saturday. Closed Sundays and bank holidays. Calls are charged at no more than local rate and count towards any inclusive minutes from mobiles. We may record or monitor our calls.

All types of funding welcome

9.7 carehome.co.uk Review Score 26 reviews†

No health insurance needed

†The Review Score is based on the quality and number of independent reviews this home has received on carehome.co.uk in the last two years, at the time of going to print.

FEB21 CS 02125

In an idyllic rural location in Storrington

A leading provider of residential, dementia and nursing care homes across the south of England and a not-for-profit charity. Safely welcoming new residents with our welcome promise, providing comfort, reassurance and a safe place to enjoy life. Contact us today to see how we can help create a new home for you or a loved one

01903 744221|care-south.co.uk Sussexdown, Washington Road, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4DA Registered Charity No. 1014697


June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 123

FRIENDLY AND APPROACHABLE Independent, family run funeral services 64 High Street, Heathfield, TN21 8JB heathfield@wealden-funerals.uk | 01435 868844 Belmont Buildings, High Street, Crowborough, TN6 2QB crowborough@wealden-funerals.uk | 01892 487435


We buy used scooters. We are always happy to give free advice so why not drop in or call - you could save £££’s

Easy, level parking at: 3 Collington Mansions, Collington Avenue, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 3PU

*Price ex VAT. Most clients can claim VAT exemption. Please call for details.

A Caring Pathway

• Day Care • Residential Care • Passive Dementia Care • Nursing & Palliative Care

www.inghamhouse.co.uk tess@sch.healthcare 10-12 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, BN20 7EJ

01323 734009

Our Care Homes are family run and provide homely and attentive social, residential and nursing care. Both homes have isolation facilities where visitors can spend private quality time with loved ones.

Manor Hall www.manorhall.healthcare tess@sch.healthcare Borough Lane, Eastbourne BN20 8BB

01323 722665

Caring for the people that you love STUDIO PROOF

124 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021 PROOF DATE/TIME: 18 September 2020 2:12 pm OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Ingham House/Manor Hall


Tester & Jones Funeral Services: Here to help We established Tester & Jones in 2004 and are proud of the excellent reputation we’ve built over those 17 years as an independent funeral director and a trusted member of the Crowborough community. In fact, you’ll probably already know one of us or our team, because we are your neighbours, you see us out and about in the local area or you’ve known us since school days! We are proud of the care we take in arranging every single funeral entrusted to us and support families from not only Crowborough but our surrounding villages, including Withyham, Mayfield, Rotherfield and Groombridge. Additionally, as an active and long-time member of SAIF (The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors), you have peace of mind that we follow its strict code of practice. The death of a loved one can be a traumatic experience. Even when a death is expected, you will still feel a sense of shock and experience a mixture of emotions. You may feel overwhelmed

by what needs to be done and the many questions and decisions facing you. Our many years of experience means we are well-placed to support you at this difficult time. The fact that we are independent gives us the flexibility to create a funeral which truly reflects your loved one. This also means that we can tailor a service to match your expectations and your individual budget. We are based in the heart of Crowborough, yet have the advantage of a large private car park. This is not only important for less mobile family members but affords you privacy when you need it. Inside our welcoming building, we have private lounges, where you can sit comfortably and talk to our team. Your loved one will be looked after with care and dignity here on our premises and we offer a quiet room where you can sit with them, if you’d like.

One area which sets us apart from other funeral directors is the continued support we give families after a funeral has taken place. Just over 10 years ago, we launched our Bereavement Group. It has now grown to more than 100 people, who meet once a month, while also enjoying trips to London and the coast. It is a truly amazing group of people and has evolved so that existing members are welcoming and supportive to newer members. This is part of just one of the many thankyou notes we have received from families: “Your assistance, professionalism and sensitivity before, during and after my father’s funeral has been amazing, and you have provided excellent support and advice throughout.” Our offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm every day and you are more than welcome to drop by or call us with any questions. Outside of these times, there is always somebody to take your call, 24 hours a day.

We would be privileged to assist your family at your time of need. Stephen Tester and Glenys Jones

www.testerandjones.co.uk 01892 611811 (24 hours)



This month’s solutions can be found on our website, www.sussexliving.com



A simple process of logic is all that it takes to solve each puzzle in this game. Put the numbers 1 to 9 in each vertical column and each horizontal line. Each number must appear only once in each column and line and in each of the 3x3 boxes in the grid.








1. Good Queen ---- (4) 2. Implement (4) 3. Glorify (5) 4. Ointment (5) 5. Dispatched (4) 6. Apartment house (8) 7. Heavy burden (fig.) (9) 8. Ornamental horse covering (9) 11. Possession (5) 12. Dismal (5) 13. Lanky (5) 14. Noblewoman (8) 20. Main artery (5) 21. ----- Day, film star (5) 23. Greedy (4) 24. Ray (4) 25. Piquancy (4) 


126 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021























Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of letters as you identify them.




1. Wall support (8) 5. Narrow aperture (4) 7. Highest Alpine peak (4,5) 9. Make dirty (4) 10. Ribbon (4) 11. Type of tree (5) 14. Pacifies (5) 15. Astound (5) 16. Lustre (5) 17. Unlace (5) 18. Culpability (5) 19. Late (5) 22. Food fish (4) 24. Crossbow arrow (4) 26. Always bearing foliage (9) 27. Remit (4) 28. Taking for granted (8)





Place a different arithmetical sign (add, subtract, multiply, divide) in each circle so that the total of each line across and down is the same. Perform the first calculation in each line first and ignore the mathematical law which says you should always perform division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.






www.frontline-auto.com Est in 1995, Frontline Automation specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of automated gates across Sussex & the South of England ∙ Gates & Barriers ∙ Access Control & CCTV

➲ Friendly Welcome ➲ Top Quality Service ➲ On Site MOT’s ➲ Realistic Prices ➲ All Makes Cared For ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists

Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988

∙ Free Site Surveys & No Obligation Quotations

01444 248292

The Family Run Garage in Lindfield


Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG www.lindfield-motors.co.uk

Kennedy Bros


“We care enough to care for you”


Free Ford Roadside Assistance in UK & Europe with every Ford Vehicle Serviced (See website for full details & T&Cs or call for more information)

Ford Servicing from £169 – Genuine Ford parts, labour & VAT included  Ford Authorised Repairer incl. Warranty 

Free Collection & Delivery Service 

Service, MOTs & Repairs on ALL Vehicle Makes & Models

‘Cheaper than a Main Dealer’

NEW & USED CAR SALES North Street, Rotherfield TN6 3LY enquiries@kennedybros.co.uk 01892 852286 | www.kennedybros.co.uk

• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex • Quality vehicles at competitive prices • Comprehensive 25 item safety inspection carried out before each hire • 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

• No mileage charge • FREE evening collection (subject to availability) • Ample free parking

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL

www.vht-rentals.co.uk June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 127

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A new affordable rental development in Heathfield Open for viewings June 2021

Have you felt isolated or alone during the pandemic? Are you or a family member looking to join a warm, friendly retirement community? Holdenhurst is a new development brought to you by Abbeyfield South Downs, a charity that offers careenabled assisted living for older people. There are 48 one and two bedroom apartments offering affordable rental accommodation. Join our community and enjoy an active life in modern, homely surroundings, at an affordable price.

Register your interest today: visit www.holdenhurst.org or call 01435 898380

MAIS HOUSE A Royal British Legion Care Home, providing residential and nursing care, exclusive to the Armed Forces and their spouses Mais House is a large care home located near the sea in Bexhill-On-Sea, with a capacity to house 54 residents inclusive of 3 double rooms for adults over the age of 65. Mais House is one of six care homes across the country dedicated to care for our veterans and operated by The Royal British Legion, providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, delivering 24-hour care from a team of nurses and care assistants. We also offer respite care.

18 Hastings Rd, Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 2HH If you would like further information or to arrange a virtual tour contact us on 01424 215871 www.britishlegion.org.uk 128 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021



The first week of June is National Volunteer week and East Grinstead District Scouts, Acting District Commissioner, Heather Furminger is keen to recruit new volunteers to enjoy this fulfilling role Did you know that Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall and Helen Glover all volunteer for the Scouts and love it? It has been shown that volunteering is good for you, it offers the opportunity to make new friends, have amazing adventures and learn new skills. It is a two-way street with everyone benefitting. Whether you want to actively get involved to support young people or you are more comfortable planning an adventure from the side-lines, they have a role for you. The Scouts group are asking people to consider volunteering, especially those with a give it a go and get stuck in approach to life. Scouts go camping, hiking, swimming, abseiling, cycling and canoeing, orienteering, pioneering and so much more. But if that’s not your thing they also need the organisers and support volunteers as well. East Grinstead District Scouts, which cover East Grinstead, Forest Row, West Hoathly, Turners Hill, Crawley Down, Copthorne and Ardingly have some wonderful opportunities for people to join their brilliant team of volunteers. It involves learning ‘Skills for Life’, whilst having fun and adventures and inspiring their young people from 6 to 18 to fulfil their dreams. Looking at these statistics, 88% of

their ‘Young People’ said Scouting had helped them develop key skills, 97% reckoned Scouts helped them make new friends and build relationships with other people. More than 90% of Scout volunteers said it has helped them develop personal and practical skills. So why not become part of this magic? Volunteering in Scouting could make you happy, more fulfilled, increase your self-

confidence, provide a sense of purpose and help others along the way too. The benefits of volunteering include widening your social circle and meeting new people. Scouting can help to improve your social and relationship skills, your general wellbeing, give you a new hobby and the opportunity to experience new challenges and feel selffulfilled as well. The opportunities are numerous. Want to climb mountains, kayak rapids, camp, hike, light fires and enjoy the many benefits of nature and the great outdoors? The East Grinstead District Scouts are looking for people with leadership and problem solving skills, who are excellent at organisation and planning, good communicators that are able to build relationships and be team players, with time management attributes and of course, just want to have fun. Want to make a difference, but don’t want to work directly with young people? There are loads of opportunities to make an impact behind the scenes. They can help you find something that matches your skills and the time you have available. If the answer is YES to any of the above then don’t miss this opportunity – Contact 01342 821556 or email gsl@egscouts.org.uk to find out more.


With puppy training well underway, Teddy reports on the progress his protégé, Bear, has made in recent times. As always, our favourite Border Terrier’s musings are translated into human by Helen Stockton


ell, my apprentice, Bear, is making her presence felt in our household and, as a good boss should be, I am being fair and just occasionally firm, when her puppy waywardness gets a bit too much. ‘Them Indoors’ have started to refer to me as Uncle Teds, and I rather like to see myself as the benevolent, tolerant, slightly too indulgent uncle. What is interesting is how much Bear copies me. If I run, she runs, if I sit, she sits. She wants my toys, my food and my bed. I have to say that some of the most useful puppy equipment have been a playpen, a stairgate on the kitchen door, and a small puppy crate, all designed to ensure that a mini Border Terrier gets some down time and a more senior fur can catch up on his napping. There are certain advantages to having a youngster around. New toys have appeared, as if by magic, and I am getting lots of fussing for being a good boy. Basic training; responding

130 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

to easy commands like ‘sit’ and ‘bed’, are being role modelled by me, handsomely rewarded by treats. I hope she doesn’t catch on too quickly. Bear is also being praised for any weeing and pooing she manages to do outside. Anyone would think she was excreting pure gold the fuss she gets. An amusing side effect of this is that sometimes ‘Her Indoors’ forgets herself and praises me too. As if I haven’t been doing this for years without any special attention. Bear has just started going out on her lead. She seems to find every twig and leaf worthy of investigation and

Anyone would think she was excreting pure gold the fuss she gets

playing with, so progress is slow. ‘Her Indoors’ has nicknamed her ‘Dora the Explorer’ when she is being good and ‘Gremlin ears’ when she is in manic puppy mode. Both seem very appropriate to me. I am, of course, starting to develop her skills. She has learnt to go upstairs, but downstairs is still a work in progress, and her rug rearranging, something I occasionally indulge in myself, is reaching new heights too. It has also been a prime spot for her little accidents, which largely and mysteriously seem to happen when ‘Him Indoors’ is in charge. ‘Her Indoors’ reckons he isn’t reading the signs, but, in fairness, I haven’t seen Bear holding any up. As far as writing is concerned, she’s progressed from the chubby crayons to those extra-large, ergonomically shaped pencils, ideal for small paws, but I haven’t let her loose on a keyboard yet. That’s a higher level of training and we need to make sure of the basics first. She’s learning fast though, so with my help, it won’t be long… l

Woodland stool making weekend Create a beautiful piece of furniture to last a lifetime. Learn age-old woodworking techniques in our woodland workshop.

Delicious lunches provided.

07970 556006 • www.sussexgreenwoodworking.co.uk

Quality, value and lots of fun! refurbished Now open and newly Centre in Langney Shopping


• PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones • Software, networks, Microsoft, Apple • Security, backups, data protection • The Cloud, connecting all your devices, access from anywhere

Telephone & Remote Support available


Superb choice of Traditional and pocket money Toys Lego, Barbie, Airfix and Scalextric and much more! Great value for money

Call our gobbledygook-averse Richard Long now on


th ou so W an r o p e ks n ro are to lin ud all e re of wh vie o p ws os , ted

Do you want help with technology?

07831 196534 or email richard@absolute-solutions.company

I would like to say how delighted I am with the quality of the stables, I think they look really excellent Mrs Richards, Sussex


Your Local Stable & Timber Building Manufacturer Established 30 years • Based in Ashdown Forest Base construction and groundworks now undertaken

Call: 01342 824117 mark@levadesystems.co.uk www.levadesystems.co.uk June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 131



ask me..


Dixon & Company CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Local independent firm specialising in small businesses and personal taxation • • • •

Accounts – Tax Returns Management Advice Payroll Service Debt Management

Phone 01825 891034 for free consultation roger@languedoc.co.uk Unit C3, Bird in Eye Farm, Uckfield

Books Wanted

There’s something, (ok– if I’m honest, there’s quite Antiquarian & secondhand books purchased on a lot) I don’t get about Uri Geller. In a world full of all subjects including academic, sporting, military, broken stuff, why doesn’t he make himself really literature, scientific, natural history, travel, useful and go around mending things? Who needs polar regions and maps, documents, ephemera etc. wonky watches and bent forks? I’ve got a drawer full of Victorian cutlery that could do with some attention, a mantlepiece clock that’s seen better days and the barometer in the hall is permanently stuck on ‘snow’. Uri could be running a global network of Sexton’s, cosmic repair shops staffed by cheerful, obliging Tel: 01323 870991 booksellers since 1910. space cadets wearing groovy Star Trek styled uniforms. Fixing stuff is what this planet desperately needs – not spoon-mangling. Uri recently claimed credit for dislodging the container ship that bunged up the Suez Canal for a week. Apparently, all we had to do was indulge in some astral chanting and have a collective think. Yep, those engineers, tug boat crews and digger drivers 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent Tel: 0184 were simply wasting their time. Tsk! Email: info@communit www.communit FOR OUTSTANDING VALUE To give him some credit, at least he didn’t blame COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE the problem on Marwa Elselehdar, Egypt’sAND first 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email: info@communityad.co.uk female ship’s captain. Everyone knows that women www.communityad.co.uk TRUST HASTINGS MOTOR COPY CARE FOR YOUR APPROVAL can’t drive, right? Actually, Marwa’s ship was in Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 An Independent Family Run Business 1st Floor, 6-7 CecilEmail: Alexandria at the time, 345 nautical miles away, info@communityad.co.uk www.communityad.co.uk but that didn’t deter the internet trolls, who never COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL allow mere facts to 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Call: 01424 461309 Tel: 01843 834160 scupper the chance of Email: info@communityad.co.uk www.communityad.co.uk www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk irs a character thrashing COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL pa e R 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD session. Someone should Tel: 01843 834160 Email: info@communityad.co.uk n www.communityad.co.uk gently break them the www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk rco Ai COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL news; there have been Call: 01424 461 309 MOTs & OT M three female Space Shuttle GENERAL REPAIRS www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk g FOR OUTSTANDING VALUE pilots… so far. That’s a job that cin AND EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE vi r calls for some classy parallel Call: 01424 461 309 TRUST HASTINGS MOTOR CARE Se An Independent Family Run Business www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk parking skills. Good grief, they’ll s re Ty Call: 01424 461 309 be giving us the vote next…

MOT’s &


MOTs &




MOTs & An Independent Family Run Business




REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor Care)

An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

SIZE 1/4

DATE 03/08/2020


NOTES Call: 01424 461 309



132 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021




www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk Should you Care) require any amendments, please indicate them An Independent Family Run Business REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor SIZE 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 MOTs &

PROOF DATE/TIME: October am it to us together with this clearly on 8the copy2020 and9:59 return form within next Autocare 5 working days Thank you OUR FILENAME: Nov 20the Hastings services 1-8


Call: 01424 461 309







regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of yo Company No: SIGNED DRAFT 1 GT 7404427 • VAT No:


we Motor will assume is correct and approved for press. TRUST HASTINGS MOTORShould CARE(Hastings www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk REF RCCM03-027 Care) allany SIZEplease 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 you require amendments, indicate them

All advertisements, artwork and associated images, unless supplied by the advertiser or their representatives, are the property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be rep

clearly will onremain thethecopy and return it to us together with this intellectual property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any format or used in any other publications without the prior written consent o DATE

MOTs & NOTES An Independent Family Run Business





MRL GRAB & TIP are an established grab hire and muck away company operating across Sussex. We aim to offer a complete muck removal service and we also supply and deliver a full range of aggregates



Please call or email for prices on grab and plant hire and all aggregates supplied and delivered

Mick Cave 07876 503940 or 01273 844590/01273 835249

www.mrlgrabandtip.co.uk • mrlgrabtip@hotmail.co.uk




Why not promote your business in our new online directory at www.sussexliving.com

01273 835355 | sales@sussexliving.com |


/sussexliving |


Problems with Water Supply or Disposal? We have the technology and experience to solve it.


“Mechanical Mole” Pipe Laying, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment. Stockists of Pumps, Pipes, Fittings and Drain Jetting.

Installation & Servicing

Workshop facilities also available for service and repair of all types of plant and machinery.

of gas and electric fires


01444 452626

Oakville Farm, Easons Green, Uckfield Tel: Halland (01825) 840276

info@gratefires.co.uk www.gratefires.co.uk





All Weather Tennis Courts Constructed and Resurfaced in Kent Sussex & Surrey

BUILDING CONTRACTORS With over 40 years of building experience

• Conversions • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Improvements Telephone: 01323 841532

Website: www.jhpayne.co.uk Email: enquiries@jhpayne.co.uk Bolneys Units, South Road, Hailsham BN27 3NU

Heathfield Hire

01435 864 144 (Heathfield) 01580 753 183 (Hawkhurst)


Plant Hire

Tool Hire

Garden Machinery

From diggers to dumper trucks

From screwdrivers to wireless drills

From lawn mowers to shovels

Please call Martin for Free Advice & Quotations.


01424 892265 | 07831 643835


Unit 1, Browning Rd. Station Road Industrial Estate, HEATHFIELD Highgate Hill, HAWKHURST - www.heathfieldhire.co.uk

134 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

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03/02/2021 09:51


Also architectural ironmongery, including brass, locks, hinges, knobs, and handles

Peter Hanman (Tools)

07966 176015

hanmanpete@gmail.com www.hanman-tools.co.uk



You can trust to make a difference

✔ Gutter & Conservatory Roof Cleaning PVC Soffit and Fascia Clean ✔ ✔ Driveway & Patio Jet washing ✔ Price Match with Legitimate Quotes

Call Steve on 01323 893365 Mobile 07881 903076 10% DISCOUNT ON ADVANCE BOOKINGS


Excavations Ponds / Impact Moleing


Foundations Landscaping Drainage Clearance

Tinkers Lane Hadlow Down For our portfolio and reviews visit

www.compasskitchens66.co.uk 01424 576733


3 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HA

07717 280358

Recommended by

A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables

Lady Decorator

With over 30 years’ professional experience • Interior painting • Paper hanging • Decorative paint effects • Furniture painting • Stencilling

Quality work and reliable service For free advice and estimate call Sue 07969 870889

Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.

• • •


Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour!

www.puckamuck.co.uk or call Harriet 07899676166


Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.

VERANDAS, AWNINGS AND CARPORTS Supplied and installed. Call for a free quote today! SBI Ltd est. 1998 – Most installations completed in a day!

Awning servicing, repairs, cleaning and replacement parts.

CALL NOW 0800 0742 721 sbiproducts.co.uk

To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 135


Sussex Ponds & Gardens

FOGGY2CLEAR Double Glazing Repair Specialist

Is your double glazing foggy? No need to replace the whole frame: we can save you money by replacing just the glass! Year-round fittings, repairs and maintenance

For all ponds, terraces and associated landscaping Portfolio available Personal and efficient service

Telephone: Stephan Hurst 01825 872180 www.sussexpondsandgardens.co.uk

Where quality is assured

• Misted windows (including Velux) • Window hinges, handles, mechanisms and trims • Replacement seals (gaskets) • Door hinges and locks • Door furniture (handles, spy holes, knockers, letterboxes etc) *insured • Cat flaps For a free, no-obligation quotation, call Chris: 01273 470325 or 07494 414691


Competitive prices, friendly installers. Local work can be viewed or check us out online at checkatrade.com. Over 18 years’ experience. Call us for a free no obligation quote on 01825 764912 or 07930 533588 www.campaving.co.uk

01825 768316 uckfieldgarage.co.uk EVEN YOUR VEHICLES LEAVE US WITH A SMILE

Over 16 years’ experience RHS qualified designer BSC hons landscaper Fully insured.



For details of offers including print and digital call: 01273 835355 sales@sussexliving.com 136 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Design & Landscaping


hard and soft landscaping - garden design - turfing - fencing / decking tree / hedge work - patios / driveways - general garden works

Please call now for a FREE quotation 831501 / 07752 553939 jonny@limelandscapes.co.uk 01323 811834

Blackboys Service Station is a family-run business established for 40 years with over 25 years Renault experience.

all makes & models ... • TYRES • MOTS CLASS 4 & 7 • EXHAUSTS • SERVICING • AIR CONDITIONING • REPAIRS • WELDING • DIAGNOSTICS • COURTESY CARS 01825 890317 www.blackboysservicestation.co.uk WE NOW DO rupert@blackboysservicestation.co.uk CLASS 7 MOTS Lancelot Unit, Squires Farm Industrial Estate, Palehouse Common, Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 5RB


SOUTHERN POOLS (01435) 865453 Visit the Visit the Pool Shop Pool Shop

for Discount Discount Chemicals Chemicals for and Accessories Accessories and

Station Rd. Industrial Estate Station Rd. Industrial Estate Heathfield, Sussex Heathfield, Sussex Open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri Closed 1-2pm for lunch • Open 9am - 1pm Open 9am - 5pm MonSat- Fri Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 10am to 1pm We are still taking passport photographs




We provide a complete service to care for all of your garden needs


* * * * * *


Regular maintenance One off visits Hedge cutting * Pruning Mowing * Lawn Care Garden Clearance Experienced & reliable

for lunch • Open Sat 9am - 1pm❖ ❖Closed 54th1-2pm Anniversary 1965 - 2019

No-mess pipelaying by mole or steerable drill, we can bore up to 100m at a time under your garden or driveway, without digging the surface. Chain trenching for field water supplies. Troughs installed. Leaks fixed.

Trouble with a soakaway or cesspool? Install a Mantair Conversion Unit into your existing tank and discharge clean water, for half the cost and none of the upheaval of other systems. Land drains, etc. Free advice.


Contact Vince on 07467


E-mail: vince@vcottingham.co.uk

T: 01825 872611 . www.nickcoleman.net . M: 07778 664466 MILL FARM . GOLDEN CROSS . HAILSHAM . EAST SUSSEX . BN27 3ST

SPECIALISTS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF HEAT RETAINING LINER POOLS • Swimming Pool Installation • Repairs • Renovations • Maintenance New Liners, Heating, Filtration Comprehensive Experience Fully Insured and Guaranteed A friendly professional service Satisfaction Guaranteed

www.principools.com Telephone Neil Pearson : 01892 664004 Mobile : 07870 667932

We clean your oven... so you don’t have to.

Bespoke Hardwood Gates and Automation

Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Paul Gilbert Tel 01323 406386 Mob tel 07935 820251 www.ovenwizards.com

Spalding Enterprises Ltd, Hailsham BN27 3JL T: 01323 847744 l M: 07761 961545 l www.woodbees.co.uk

To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com

June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 137





Why not promote your business in our new online directory at www.sussexliving.com

01273 835355 | sales@sussexliving.com | ARBOR CURA T R E E SUR G E RY

/sussexliving |


Suite 4, 1 Teknol House, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9LH With over 25 years experience, Dr Alice Zhao offers treatments for:

Why cut corners?

•Pain relief •Sciatica •Slipped disc •Facial Aesthetics

Don’t have the hump with your stump – Call the Arbor Cura team for a free quote on removing your stump.

www.arborcura.com enquiries@arborcura.com

•Back pain •Neuralgia •Infertility •Nerve pain •Depression •Tennis Elbow •Insomnia •Skin disorders

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm

No job is too big or too small for us!

01273 917995 / 01444 307995


07735 083316

• NTCP Qualified • Fully Insured • £5million Public Liability • CSCS • Proud Members of Checkatrade

zhaoh29@yahoo.com • www.acupunctureinwestsussex.co.uk



PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 March 2021 2:49 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Arbor Cura 4

PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 May 2021 4:35 pm OUR FILENAME: June 19 Tricodent 4unit

Quiet Quiet rural rural location location in in an an area area of of Quiet rural location in an area of outstanding outstanding natural natural beauty beauty outstanding natural beauty


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

International Cat Care listed and approved by local vets International Cat Care listed and approved by local vets International and stays approved by local vets Open all yearCat forCare long listed and short Open all year for long and short stays Open all year for long andunits, short each stays with its own run Spacious, centrally heated Spacious, centrally heated units, each with its own run Spacious, heated units, each withexception its own run Each cat’s centrally dietary needs catered for, with of Each cat’s dietary needs catered for, with exception of veterinary prescribed diets, whichfor, wewith ask exception the owner of to provide Each cat’s dietary needs catered veterinary prescribed diets, which we ask the owner to provide veterinary prescribed diets,but which the owner to provide Beds & bedding provided you we are ask welcome to bring your Beds & bedding provided but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own bed provided but you are welcome to bring your Beds & bedding cat’s own bed cat’s own bed Collection and delivery service available Collection and delivery service available Collection and delivery service available

Taking bookings for 2021!

ONE-OFF & REGULAR WINDOW CLEANING 07957 999 280 info@transparencycleaning.co.uk transparencycleaning.co.uk


138 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF June 2021 7 January 2021 4:28 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: March 21 Transparency Cleaning 8

Book Book online online at at www.thecuckfi Book online at eldcattery.co.uk www.thecuckfi eldcattery.co.uk or www.thecuckfi eldcattery.co.uk or call call 01444 01444 454187 454187 or call 01444 454187 Tall Tall Pears Pears Farm, Farm, Deaks Deaks Lane, Lane, Cuckfi eld, West RH17 Tall Pears Deaks Lane, Cuckfield, Farm, West Sussex Sussex RH17 5JB 5JB Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5JB

50 th



Expert Legal Compliance Advisers

LEWIS DECORATIONS Merry Maids of North Sussex have

Landscape been providing domestic cleaning services to customers in West Gardeners Sussex since 1996. Contact us

Landscape Gardeners

today to see how we can help you!

Creators of beautiful gardens

Garden design & waterscapes • Garden design & waterscapes Hard & soft landscapes Deep Cleans End of Tenancy • Hard & soft landscapes Planting & tree work Paving & driveways Office /Communal Area Cleans • Paving & driveways Decking & fencing New Builds Regular Domestic • Decking & fencing Pond maintenance • Pond maintenance For friendly advice a free quote call or email us e&northsussex@merrymaids.org.uk • Planting & tree work t 01403 613023 or 01293 613133 01273 843283

For friendly advice and a free quote, please contact:

01273 843283

Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with current offers!


of Ditchling Ltd C re a t o r s oEst.1960 f beautiful water and landscape gardens Est.1960

Instagram: rampion_cleaning_services Twitter: @RampionL Facebook: Merry Maids of North Sussex

Web: www.standens.net Email: info@standens.net


A natural growth accelerator PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 March 2021 3:17 pm FILENAME: April 21 Merry Maids 2 for plants andOURvegetables

Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.

• • •

Tel.01444 233073


Fire Risk Assessments are mandatory for all commercial properties [including garden offices]

Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified.

Data Protection/GDPR – Data Protection Officer Role – Employment Law – Health & Safety – Fire Risk Assessments – Construction Health & Safety – CDM Regs. Audits – Policies – Procedures – Record Keeping

01444 233073 07446 951109

www.ilisi.co.uk Tel: 01444 811 434


PROOF DATE/TIME: April 7, 2017 10:35 AM OUR FILENAME: May17 Lewis decoration 2 unit


PROOF DATE/TIME: 22 March 2021 3:35 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 illisi 2


Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour!

www.puckamuck.co.uk or call Harriet 07899676166 Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.

MOT Repairs Welding Engine Diagnostics

Burgess Hill Glazing Limited For All Your Glass & Glazing Requirements From Green House Glass & Balustrade Glass Replacement Misty Double Glazed Units to both Timber & UPVC All UPVC & Door Replacements Servicing the Whole of Sussex & Surrey No Job Too Small Call or Email Us Today For Your Free, No Obligation Quotation enquiries@burgesshillglazing.co.uk

Tel: 01444 682268

Servicing Brakes Air Con Tyres

Does your car need a Holiday check? Contact us for a no-nonsense quote:

Tel: 01444 480606



STUDIO PROOF STUDIO PROOF June 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com PROOF DATE/TIME: 11 May 2021 11:57 am PROOF DATE/TIME: May 25, 2021 1:13 PM OUR FILENAME: June 21 BHG 2


PROOF DATE/TIME: 31 October 2019 12:53 pm

OUR FILENAME: June 21 Ellis Motors



Hurst & Hassocks Cars Long and Short distances

You could be advertising in this space for as little as

£24 + VAT

established 1980

01342 311550 > Installation of Up & Over, Roller

per month for regular bookings This price also includes a free graphic design service to produce an eye catching advert to promote your business. For more info:

Call 01273 835355 or email sales@sussexliving.com



and Sectional garage doors

> Repair and maintenance > Professional tradesman > Trustworthy & reliable > Free quotations > Family run business

Christopher Jones

Burgess Hill

Architectural Designer & Planning Consultant

Tel: 01444 25 33 28

01444 250374

Email: hursttaxis@live.co.uk

Preparation of Planning/Building Regulations Drawings • New Build • Extensions • • Loft Conversions • • Basements •

www.gm-garage-doors.co.uk info@gmgaragedoors.co.uk


Keeping Business Local!


PROOF DATE/TIME: March 21, 2018 1:04 PM OUR FILENAME: April18 GM Garage doors 2 1


Installation & Servicing


Mon-Fri: 8-5.30pm Sat: 8-12pm

of gas and electric fires

CLASS 4, 5 & 7

01444 452626

info@gratefires.co.uk www.gratefires.co.uk


07736 589002

enquiries@jones-projects.com www.architectural.jones-projects.com


Unit 18, SM Tidy’s Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8SG Tel: 01444 241455 enquiries@ditchlingmots.co.uk www.ditchlingmots.co.uk

Forge Works, Sparks Lane, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath RH17 5JP 199 0

- 2020


Tel: 01444 239534 www.doubledot.co.uk

20% Local TV Aerials DISCOUNT & Satellites

with this advert for all customers

Installation, Repair & Realignment of all types of Aerials and Sky Dishes

MOT • Servicing & Repairs • Tyres • Aircon • Brakes • Clutches • Batteries • Diagnostics • Exhausts • Engine Carbon Clean • 4 Wheel Alignment • Free Local Collections & Deliveries

01444 452510 brookstreetgarage@btconnect.com www.brookstreetgarageservices.co.uk

Car Repairs & Servicing

MOT Testing

Vehicle Diagnostics & other Services


PROOF DATE/TIME: 29 January 2021 1:16 pm OUR FILENAME: March 21 Brook Street Garage 1-8

Southdown Bodyshop • Accident Repairs

• MOT Welding • Valeting

Fault Finding • Phone Points • Freeview HD • Freesat • HD TV Wall Mounting • 30 Years Experience • Fully Insured

• Trade / Retail / Dents / Scratches / Stains

• ICI Mixing Scheme – Low Bake Oven

Freephone: 0800 8021791 Brighton: 01273 917736

• Loan Cars Available

• Local Pick Up Service

We accept card payments too (Visa, Mastercard etc)

Email: enquiries@localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk 140 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021

Unit 27, Mid Sussex Business Park, Ditchling Common, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8SE Email: SDBS@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01444 254910 / 07788 580024






Sussex 0800 917 0796

01444 882899


No Problem

No Call Out Charge

Gutters Cleared

Conservatories & up to 4 Storeys

Remove leaves - moss - debris

Tall buildings, schools,nursing homes and industrial units.


Before & After

£5million insurance & a Receipt Peace of mind that we’re a proper business.

Timed Appointment You can track our arrival online

Get an instant price

01273 929 914

To sue.young@forestrow.gov.uk bFacebook: ook  a  stall   please  call   @Frowmarket

Sue Young,  Market  Manager   Tel:01342  778062   sue.young@forestrow.gov.uk   Facebook:  @Frowmarket  

I WOULD LIKE TO BUY   YOUR RECORD COLLECTION   ● If you are looking to sell your record collection, then please give me a call . ● No collection too large. ● All types of music considered and I will come to you at a convenient time. Give me a call on 01243 870375 or 07966 519247 and ask for Garry Or email me at gazwoz@aol.com (and include some pictures of your records)


or online gutterpro.co.uk

• Qualifiedto[advanced]level3City&Guilds ofLondonInstitute(inDecorativefinishing)

Everything you could possibly wish for to keep your pets happy & fed with a range of food, English-made beds & toys

• Membershipwith‘DuluxSelectDecorators’; rigorouslyassessedforhigh-levelworkmanship

Huge range of wild bird feed & feeders coal, logs & calor gas

• Membershipwith‘Painting&DecoratingAssociation’


• PreviouslyshortlistedforDulux’s ‘UK’smosttrustworthyDecorator’

OPEN: 8.30am - 5pm Tuesday - Friday Saturday 8.30-1pm. Closed Mondays Staplefield Road Cuckfield l West Sussex l RH17 5HY

07809 369563 01444 233351


5000+ Reviews 4.96

House Signs

Forest ow  Market Market     ForestRRow • Handcarved house names First Saturday First  Saturday  Monthly Monthly   • House numbers 10am – 3pm • Restoration carving 10am   –   3 pm   Community Centre, Hartfield Road Community  Centre     Winners: NABMA, Britain’s Best Small Community Market Hartfield   Road  2017   To book ain   stall please call Grand  Finalist   the   Sussex   Food   woodcutz.co.uk Sue Young, Market Manager &  Drink   Awards   Tel:01342 7780622017   housesignsatwoodcutz.co.uk

“Ian carried out not only a complete redecoration of my home but more of a transformation, the finished result I can only describe as stunning I would not hesitate in recommending Ian to anyone, he’s a true artisan.”

01444 441511

Mr. C S – Cuckfield

20% Local TV Aerials DISCOUNT & Satellites

with this advert for all customers

Installation, Repair & Realignment of all types of Aerials and Sky Dishes Fault Finding • Phone Points • Freeview HD • Freesat • HD TV Wall Mounting • 30 Years Experience • Fully Insured

Freephone: 0800 8021791 Brighton: 01273 917736 We accept card payments too (Visa, Mastercard etc)

Email: enquiries@localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk

Your local decorating professionals Fully insured Fully qualified Published by Dulux Master Decorators (Est.1989)

075 1211 3893 01444 455 441 Member of

solutionsbyidl@gmail.com www.idlaidlowdecoratingservices.com


2021 | SUSSEX LIVING PROOF DATE/TIME: February 15, 2021 8:40 June PM To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com OUR FILENAME: March 21 IDL 8




Sussex Living Ltd, Unit 4, Regent Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL


Tel: 01273 835355 www.sussexliving.com



making the MOST of sussex

Have you discovered Hidden County? If not, you are missing out! Hidden County is our excusive online listeners and readers membership club. If you love Sussex then you will love Hidden County and what’s more, all the benefits are completely FREE!


making the MOST of our island


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making the MOST of sussex


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142 SUSSEX LIVING | June 2021


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YOUR LOCAL WASTE AND RECYCLING SPECIALIST Your local waste recycling LICENCED WASTE and CARRIERS specialist licensed waste carriers REGISTRATION NO: CBDU139423

u �

Registration No: CBDU139423



New Kitchen, Bathroom Refit, House or Garden Clearance projects?

New kitchen, bathroom refit, house or garden clearance projects?



'v' �

01273 608711

(OPTION 2) 01273 608711






Hire a skip from KSD and it’s all so easy We offer a ‘no hassle’ service throughout Sussex. Not only will you be saving time and money, but you’ll also be helping the planet. Our target for this year is to recycle 96% of all waste from our skips on your behalf, so you can relax at the end of the day with an easy conscience.

01273 608711 skips Cheapest



in Sussex!

rs’ Skips ard Builde y ips 6 1 to 4 ›› ll on/off Sk o R rd a y 0 4 ›› 16, 20 & cepted s Waste Ac u o rd a z a H ›› nged rmits Arra ›› Road Pe y Service ›› Same Da on nsfer Stati ›› Waste Tra

of all waste recycled





Martell’s The Whitehall, London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1AP. Tel: 01342 321303 Email: shop@martells.co.uk

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