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Worlds oldest group!


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Traditional Scottish celebrations


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The Coppice Street View


OPEN DAILY 10AM - 5PM The Coppice Street View

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The Clayton

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admires beautiful wood carvings

Happy New Year for 2015! Welcome to January at Sussex Living, where we are positively buzzing with feel good articles, offers and news and support from you, our lovely readers – let’s enjoy another wonderful year together. The New Year is the perfect time for refreshing your mind, body and home. Forget the old resolutions and follow Sasha Kanal’s lead as she gives you the low-down on health and fitness goals you really can stick to for a clean, lean 2015 (p. 20-25). And thanks to Sasha for being our fighting fit cover girl this month as well; crunch, munch and away! To get your home looking tip-top, see pages 57 to 61 where Lisa de Silva takes you through paint and colour options for both inside and out. Now you’ve got no excuses not to brighten up your home in these winter months. Personally, I have had a very busy 2014, and relished the opportunity to reflect on life when I met astrologer, Helen Sewell. Helen kindly read my star chart, which I am very grateful for. Visit www.astrologicalinsights.co.uk to find out more. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience on pages 39 to 45, and maybe even feel inspired to look up into the sky tonight. I am not the only one in a reflective mood this month; Ruth Lawrence writes more about her connection with water, as it leads her to life on a riverboat (p. 50). For more dry-land adventures, Roger Linn visited the 1st Henfield Scouts, the oldest scouting group in the world. They are on a mission to save their hut and carry on the scouting tradition passed down through generations; to fi nd out more and lend a helping hand see pages 70 to 71. Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2015.

a s T he S e tr cret ol s of o p3 g 9 y

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January 2015

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New You! kick 20 . . . . . .Happy start a healthly you with Sasha Kanal

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Night Robert 66. . . . . .Burns Veitch enjoys the traditions

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Andy Walters has run Lindfield’s Fine Furnishings’s for over 25 years, and he explained to me how his team hand-makes every sofa to each customer’s specifications. Uniquely, this utterly bespoke customer service, instead of costing the earth, is entirely free. “It’s our unique selling point, which helps us beat our competitors on the high street,” Andy told me. Each design has numerous permutations and literally thousands of fabric options. Find a sofa that appeals visually, then fine-tune it: add a couple of inches to the legs, choose a cushion fi lling (feather, foam or a combination), make the seat wider or the arms narrower, then

Made just for you! There’s a comforting honesty about watching a craftsman hand-stitch a sofa that is built to last for generations rather than years.

choose the perfect fabric. Instead of having to select from a small swatch book, Andy can usually request a large piece of fabric to be sent, so you can drape it in situ and see how it works in your room. After so long in business, Andy has a range on show of his most successful designs, which can be further tweaked for individuality. “Many customers wonder whether to re-cover their existing suite or buy a new one,” said Andy. He can advise during a personal visit if a sofa is worth re-covering or more economical to replace. Some customers choose a new sofa but have an existing chair covered in matching fabric –

Searching for the

perfect sofa

can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. You fi nd one with the right fabric, another is more comfortable but won’t fit in your lounge, a third has great styling… What to do?

a great way to recycle favourite pieces of furniture. Andy also stocks high quality Somnus pocketed beds. “We are the largest stockist in Mid Sussex. These beds have been produced for over 150 years,” he told me, adding that the beds offer the same exceptional quality as his sofas. As Andy’s showroom is located above the workshop, customers can actually see their sofa being made. There’s a comforting honesty about watching a craftsman hand-stitch a sofa that has a 10-year guarantee of construction and is built to last generations rather than years. “We encourage people to take their time; you can’t rush something as personal as a sofa.” I watched Andy advise some of his customers, encouraging the couple to fi nd out exactly which design worked best for them. If you are pondering your options for recovering or replacing your existing sofa, get exactly what you want at this unique workshop. The right sofa can be pure joy and will never disappoint.

FINE FURNISHINGS Unit 5, Lindfield Enterprise Park Lewes Road, Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2LX Tel. 01444 482011 info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk


SUSSEX LIVING January 2015


Win t Saleer

25% OFF up t o

We believe our expert knowledge will find the right bed for you… Come an d view the Suprema cy Collectio n

FREE Delivery

Free old bed disposal

The premier stockists of pocketed beds in Mid-Sussex for over 25 years.

Unit 5 • Lindfield Enterprise Park • Lewes Road • Lindfield • West Sussex • RH16 2LX

makers of sofas & chairs re-upholstery • quality beds

tel: 01444 482 011 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk Find us on Facebook/FineFurnishingsLindfield SUSSEX

LIVING January 2015



by ruth lawrence

In Grained

I’ve always loved the feel and texture of a well carved piece of wood. My grandfather was a joiner and my father used to carve with a set of beautiful old chisels whenever he felt inspired to create. It was time for me to find out more. Going to the Sussex Woodcraft Society Exhibition in Henfield recently was a real treat. I had the chance to meet the craftspeople individually, and savour examples of carving, stick making, pyrography, turning, model and instrument making. Secretary Bob Jubb explained the origins of the Society; 30 years ago, four woodworking friends decided to stop working in isolation in their sheds and support one another in their chosen medium. An advert in the Mid Sussex Times gathered over thirty members who were quickly being placed in national competitions. There are presently around 120 members from beginners to retired professionals and the Society is actively aiming to recruit younger members to carry the skills into the future.


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

The Society meets on the second Wednesday of every month in Cypress Hall, Burgess Hill at 7.30pm. With regular speakers, members bring pieces along to show, swap timber and tools and socialise over tea and coffee. Help and advice is always freely given and some members offer private tuition from home. Bob told me that “we have a 14 year old just starting out and we need more young members; there’s a wealth of experience on offer.” I met Sean Kelly, one of the youngest members who practices pyrography, or burning a design into the wood with a heated nib. Having always been interested in medieval imagery and runes, Sean can now combine the two in his recent works. He’s also working on a large relief carved panel of the Green Man. A display of instruments caught my eye where I met Jeanne Waller, who crafted a baroque guitar 30 years ago and has been making beautiful, unique instruments ever since. Presently working on an Appalachian dulcimer with soundholes in the shape of buffalo, Jeanne told me the historical origins of the instruments she had on display, including a lute based on a design from the www.sussexliving.com

1580’s. When I inquired about the design which I assumed was drawn onto the surface of the wood, Jeanne explained the process of wax filling, where a design is inscribed into the wood, then filled with wax to create a thin lined, incredibly detailed design. Jeanne makes cellos and violins as well; part of her exhibit was the initial stages of a violin where the bones of the instrument are laid out before construction. Like many of the society members, stick maker Adrian Smith had an indirect path into woodcarving; “When my daughter turned 20 she asked me for a shepherd’s crook so I did an evening class and have been making ever since,” he told me. Brian Campion’s introduction to woodcraft was equally unconventional; “My son came home from school and announced he’d entered me in a craft fair,” he remembered before adding, “many people have hidden talent and just need encouragement to get started.” Bob Jubb’s initial foray into woodcraft occurred in Cyprus where he was working through the winter. Wanting something to do, he bought some carving tools and began to make a beech table top. On returning

There are presently

around 120 members from beginners to retired professionals

continued on page 10


Free survey and advice British quality and flues to the highest standard

Office: 01403 820983 Mobile: 07773 781506

Retailers for:

Web: woodburnersltd.co.uk Email: info@woodburnersltd.co.uk

3 The Stables, Crawfold Farm, Balls Cross near Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 9JT

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


continued from page 9

to England he found a woodcarving school in Burgess Hill with the late George Swaysland, who had worked in Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. I spotted a piece called ‘Guardian of the Black Pearl’, an intricately carved octopus in boxwood. Bob told me the tentacles were suggested by the shape of the tree root from which they were carved. Surrounding the octopus are other sea creatures, all carved with astonishing detail and attention. Bob’s display also included several tiny netsukes, and it came as no surprise that Bob had written a book on how to carve these intricate pieces. Concentrating on wildlife of a different kind, Bob Fielding uses jelutong wood and seasoned lime to carve birds to which he adds feather detail with a pyrograph. Bob cuts out the bird’s profile with a bandsaw, revealing its form, and then

Sean Kelly, one of the youngest members, practices

pyrography, or burning a design into wood with a heated nib

proceeds to carve using power tools and knives. Next to Bob, toymaker Iain Russell told me how he has been making and painting wooden toys for 16 years; nothing beats wood for longevity and beauty and children clearly appreciate the solidity and colour of his vibrant, bold designs. Woodcarver Wendy Quantrill was busy demonstrating her skill to onlookers when I reached her exhibit. Carving since the age of nine when her father realised she was serious, using her great grandfather’s tools, she went on to learn from George Swaysland. “I think of him when I use the tools I inherited from him,” she told me while working on a large relief carving. I also noticed a prize-winning Welsh love spoon by Wendy in the competition at the front of the hall. For anyone searching for an engrossing interest, regardless of age or skill level, the Sussex Woodcraft Society seems to offer an almost limitless opportunity to learn and evolve in any number of disciplines, while becoming part of a cohesive, friendly social group; what could be a better start to the New Year than that?

Sussex Woodcraft Society For more information visit www.sussexwoodcraft.co.uk, email Bob Jubb on robertjubb7@aol.com or for membership inquiries email briancampion@talktalk.net or call 01444 232824.

3 Station Road, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 8LD 01435 868686 mail@woodstockfires.co.uk www.woodstockfires.co.uk Woodstock Fires is a well established company with over 40 years experience in the trade, selling a wide range of stoves, range cookers, chimney linings and fireside accessories. You can view all our products online. We have an online shop where you can purchase cookware, items for stove maintenance and fireside accessories.


a series of summmer masterclasses

1, 2 and 3 day practical classes covering a range of furniture making and antique restoration skills Suitable for all abilities www.johnlloydfinefurniture.co.uk/courses 01444 480388 I Sussex


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015



Tuesday 27 January 2015 10am to 4pm Brighton and Hove office

APPOINTMENTS AND ENquIrIES 01273 220 000 jenny.bouston@bonhams.com Bonhams 19 Palmeira Square Hove BN3 2JN rArE PAlE grEEN jADE fIgurE Of BuDDhA late Qing dynasty Sold for £482,500


Prices shown include buyer’s premium. Details can be found at bonhams.com

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


Local New Year, New Friends A round of golf? Day at the races? Mackerel Fishing? Country walk? Dinner? Casino? Cinema? These are some of the local events that appear on the diary of The Group, a Sussex club for single men and women, aged 45+. We have over 400 members and need more men just to balance things out. The Group is not a dating agency but it is an opportunity to make new friends doing the things you enjoy. And, once you become a member, you can add events to the diary and introduce others to your own interests. Members create the events and that way we get great variety in the things we do. There’s plenty going on. It’s just a matter of knowing where to fi nd them. Visit www.thegroup.org.uk and make 2015 the year that kickstarts your social life.

Minibus Mobility Hassocks Age Concern Pauline Thaw Centre was packed to capacity on Saturday 6th December for the launch of their new minibus, by the High Sheriff of West Sussex Mr Jonathan Lucas who visited for the occasion with his wife Caroline. Also present were Mr Christopher Muschamp, the president of Burgess Hill Lions with his wife, Cllr Leslie Campbell from Hassocks Parish Council and Mrs Gwyneth Powell, Age Concern’s Patron.


SuSSex Living January 2015

Sussex Living supports the local Mid Sussex community. Send us After a short speech summarising his appointment and duties the High Sheriff unveiled the bus showing its distinctive new signage. Christine Muschamp then presented Gwyneth Powell with a cheque for £13255, Burgess Hill Lion’s major donation for the bus. Other funding had come from the National Lottery, Hassocks Parish Council and other generous supporters of Age Concern. The vehicle’s main purpose will be to provide transport for less mobile and house bound members from Hassocks and the surrounding area, to Age Concern’s daily Lunch Club.

New Name for Over 60’s Club The December Club meeting treated members to a beautiful performance by children from St Lawrence School, with a mixture of traditional and more unusual songs. This engaging and heart-warming rendition was introduced by Jane Willis, the new vicar of Holy Trinity Church. The singing was followed by a visit from Santa himself, and a Christmas tea for members. The next Club meeting will be on 6th January and we will be welcoming Judy Malins and Cathy Fraser to talk about keeping safe, fit and active. Judy and Cathy have also been asked to give information to clarify what services are available at the Kleinwort Centre in Haywards Heath.

After the January meeting, it is proposed to change the name of the Club to the Hurst Afternoon Club as decided earlier this year. Club meetings are always the fi rst Tuesday of the month at 2pm at the Village Centre in Hurstpierpoint. We run outings four times a year. The next outing will be in the Spring and we would welcome any ideas. We also have regular walks and plan some theatre trips. If you would like to know more about these, please contact our President Geoff Farmer on 01273 835153. The Hurst Afternoon Club always welcomes new members. People are invited to come along to one meeting without joining to experience what we have to offer. The Club is run by a Committee of dedicated volunteers and we are keen to hear from anyone interested in joining the Committee to make the Club more sustainable and successful in the future. If you require any more information about the Club, please do contact me. Pam Mitchell, Chair 01273 831705 pam.mitchell@plusmail.plus. com

Pedal Power for Charity The Greater Haywards Heath Bike Ride enters its fi fth year with even more excitement and bigger ambitions as well as the loyal support of its sponsors. The 2015 ride is set for Sunday 31st May and once again, 1st Central, Nuffield Hospital, The Orchards and Masters & Son have committed to support this community event which has raised so much for local people. As Chairman, Mike Oliver, says: “We’ve taken on board all our rider suggestions and have four revised routes for 2015, with plans to make the day very special with lots of fun for everyone as well as providing a challenge – whether you’re a ‘professional’, taking part for fun or to raise sponsorship for your own charity.” The Bike Ride ‘Team’ is aiming next year to raise funds to help the local dementia sufferers and John

Email your local news to editorial@sussexliving.com McMenamin, the new Director at the Nuffield Hospital, is delighted: “Whether those with Dementia, or family and friends, this condition affects so many more people than we realise, so it’s a privilege to be able to take part and help in some small way.” So please join us to make our Bike Ride the very best and biggest ever in 2015. Pre-Registration for the ride will be on Saturday 30th May in The Orchards Shopping Centre and registration is now OPEN at www.hhbikeride. co.uk – or call Ruth on 01444 453399 (ruth@i-dmc.co.uk). And, of course, if you’re not a cyclist but would like to part of the fun, do get in touch and help us by being of our ‘marshal’ or ‘registration’ teams?

The Ditchling Players Think About 2015! We had some really good houses for our Autumn production ‘The Nightingales’ and we would like to thank Nan Crofton and everyone involved in making it such a success. So, we now turn our attention to next year. The director of our spring production is Alan Carter, and his chosen play is ‘The Ladykillers’ by Graham Linehan, on 13th to16th May 2015. I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the Ealing fi lm of the same title but, if not, it’s a classic black comedy where a sweet little old lady is pitted against a gang of criminal misfits who will stop at nothing to pull off the crime of the century. Mrs Wilberforce lives alone with her parrot General Gordon in an old house by Kings Cross station. Forced to seek a lodger to help make ends meet one appears in the shape of Professor Marcus, a shadowy figure and leader of a group of amateur musicians looking for somewhere they can rehearse undisturbed. In reality they are a gang of ruthless criminals with a plan to pull off a daring robbery. With only General Gordon to help her, will Mrs Wilberforce prevail or will she have to face the music? Not only are we looking for


Genuine Reductions in our once-a-year


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01435 866166 Haywards Heath

104 South Road, RH16 4LL Also at: Heathfield Hill House, Mutton Hall Hill, TN21 8NL Eastbourne 231 Seaside, BN22 7NR


St Leonards-on-Sea 138 London Road, TN37 6NA

a lady in her 60’s to play Mrs Wilberforce but also 6 men (ranging in age from mid 20’s to 60’s/70’s) to play the gang of criminals and Constable MacDonald and some ladies to play Mrs Wilberforce’s friends, so something for everyone! Auditions are being held on Monday 12th January at Ditchling Village Hall at 8.00pm. For more information or if you would like to be involved in this production (either on stage or backstage) but are unable to make the audition date please contact Alan on 07960945688 or by e-mail atalanvcarter1@ hotmail.com

Do You Enjoy Singing? Burgess Hill Choral Society is a friendly and vibrant choir of around 90 singers, led by dynamic conductor/musical director Michael Stefan Wood BEM, who makes rehearsals enjoyable, leading to inspired, high quality performances. In our spring season we are rehearsing the great Brahms

‘German’ Requiem, probably one of the most remarkable and moving choral works ever. We invite new members to join us, both experienced singers and those who have not sung for a while. You are welcome to come and try a rehearsal before deciding whether to join. Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 8pm – 10pm at the United Reformed Church Hall, Junction Road, Burgess Hill and begin on Monday 5th January. You may join on any Monday in January. For further information and to contact us, visit our website at www. burgesshillchoralsociety.org.uk, or phone 01273 834223.

The Weald Classic Vehicle Club If you own, enjoy or just admire Classic Cars or Motorcycles, join our club from 13th January 2015, every 2nd Tuesday at 7.30pm. The intention of The Weald Classic Vehicle Club is to give the local people of Burgess Hill and surrounding areas the opportunity to get together, have fun and talk about, look at and ride something they admire. There is no obligation to own a classic vehicle, although we rely on people who do to prosper. It is open for Car,

Motorcycle and Commercial Vehicle enthusiasts alike. There will be a regular club night every second Tuesday evening 7.30pm at the Weald Inn. If the club goes the way we envisage it to, there will be the occasional guest speaker, field trips to body repair, paint and engineering shops to see how it is done. We also plan invites to many Classic Car Shows and organised runs out during the year. Meeting will be held at The Weald Inn, Royal George Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9SJ. For further information contact Jeff or Fred on 01444 236755 or 07773 778484 or e-mail wealdclassicclub@gmail. com

Ditchling Film Society Our fi rst fi lm in the New Year is on Thursday 8th January 2015 and will be A Late Quartet, written and directed by the American documentarian, Yaron Silberman. The future of this world-renowned string

PRB accountants the accountants you can count on

Chartered Accountants and Business Development Specialists

Kingfisher House, Hurstwood Grange, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 7QX Tel. 01444 458252 Email: info@prbmp.com www.prbmp.com


SuSSex Living January 2015





Lancashire Hotpot, 6th July, 5 Days

‘Little Switzerland’ & Springtime in Vianden, 20th April, 5 Days

The Isle of Man, 15th May, 7 Days

Doc Martin & The Cornish Coast, 6th August, 6 Days



0124 3 87166 6


Information/Bookings: 01243 868080 Park Road, Aldwick, Bognor Regis PO21 2PX


Bonded for security S u Syour S e x total L i v i nfinancial g January 2015

quartet suddenly becomes precarious when the muchloved cellist receives a lifechanging diagnosis. Suppressed emotions, competing egos and uncontrollable passions start to threaten all the years of their collaboration and friendship. Only their intimate bond and the power of music can preserve the group’s legacy as they are about to play their 25th anniversary and possibly their last concert. This beautiful fi lm was inspired by and structured around Beethoven’s Opus 131 String Quartet in C-sharp minor, and pays homage to chamber music. The stellar cast includes Christopher Walken in an uncharacteristically pensive role as Peter Mitchell, their founder, and Philip Seymour Hoffman (who tragically died earlier this year) as the impetuous, overweight Robert Gelbart. They are more than ably supported by Catherine Keener as Gelbart’s wife and Imogen Poots, who plays their daughter. Director: Yaron Zilberman. USA 2012. 105 mins. 15 Cert. On Thursday 5th February

2015 we will be showing The Wind Rises. “Aeroplanes are beautiful dreams,” so muses budding aircraft designer, Jiro Horikoshi, at the beginning of this fascinating animated biopic. The fi lm was inspired by the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the pre-war and wartime aeronautical designer, who built the murderous Mitsubishi A5M and A6M Zero fighter planes. Although a “work of complete fiction”, it plays out over a troubled historical canvas encompassing the great Kanto earthquake of 1923, years of depression, the tuberculosis epidemic and the descent into war – all of which create what Miyazaki calls “a sense of stagnation more intense than the one hanging over Japan today”. This animated fi lm is a confl icting masterpiece and was the director’s fi nal feature. Director: Hayao Miyazaki. Japan 2014. 126 mins. PG Cert. The fi lms will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Our fi lms start at 8.00pm. Doors open at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and wine can be purchased by

the glass. There is ample free parking behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small charge payable at the door.

It’s Here Again – The Poynings Players Annual Panto In their fourth year, the players will be bringing you their very own adaptation of ‘Aladdin’ Packed with local humour and played out in the beautiful surroundings of The Holy Trinity Church in

Poynings. A welcome addition to the cast this year sees the Willoughby Triplets, Christopher, David and Philip making their inaugural appearance. Born in the Village of Poynings and with strong family ties in the area, they are sure to be a huge hit. Plus former Brighton & Hove Albion Captain Adam Virgo will be treading the boards with the Players. Money raised from the sale of the tickets goes towards the Church Restoration Fund. Our Downland Churches, once the lifeblood of the smaller communities need an enormous amount of money to maintain their upkeep. It is hoped that throwing open their doors to other activities will encourage visitors to enjoy these wonderful churches and once again set them at the heart of the community. The Pantomime will stage 4 performances from Friday 9th January through to Sunday 11th January, details and tickets can be obtained from www. poynings.net or on sale at The Royal Oak in Poynings.


The Family Run Garage in Lindfield ➲ Friendly Welcome ➲ Top Quality Service ➲ On Site MOT’s ➲ Realistic Prices ➲ All Makes Cared For ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists

Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988

Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG www.lindfield-motors.co.uk


SuSSex Living January 2015

• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex • Quality vehicles at competitive prices • Comprehensive 25 item safety inspection carried out before each hire • 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

• No mileage charge • FREE evening collection (subject to availability) • Ample free parking

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL

www.vht-rentals.co.uk www.sussexliving.com

The One

When you need to change, you’ll be supported by a full-service creative agency

Open competition for Bands & Soloists from ages 11—24

(terms and conditions apply - see website for details)

Entries close Monday 19th January Contact snowdropmusic@talktalk.net or go to the website for details

Auditions Sunday 25th January and Sunday 1st February

Hurstpierpoint BN6 9RW

01273 833353 hello@calico-uk.com calico-uk.com

www.theone.eu.com S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015




TRAVEL AGENT! Travel services for importing and exporting your precious pets U Airline Booking

U Travel Kennels

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U Transport

Accountants and Statutory Auditors • Annual Accounts Preparation • Bookkeeping, VAT & Payroll • Statutory Audits

• Personal & Corporate Taxation

01444 456358

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Steven Bentley FCCA, FMAAT, ATT Suite 6, 141/143 South Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 4LZ Email: info@bcca.uk.com Website: www.bcca.uk.com

PAWS ON PLANES Pet Travel Services Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 1444 240230 www.pawsonplanes.com e: Info@pawsonplanes.com

We pride ourselves on 14 years’ professional pet shipping experience

A club for single men and women, aged 45+

The Group

Keeping Business Local!


Mon-Fri: 8-5.30pm Sat: 8-12pm


Eating out, walking, theatre, sport, arts & music, travel...

Regular club meetings Regular club meetings in in Brighton & Hove, Brighton & Hove, Lewes, Lewes, Mid Sussex, and Haywards Heath, Horsham Horsham. and Worthing.

Unit 18, SM Tidy’s Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8SG

For further information visit our website

Tel: 01444 241455 enquiries@ditchlingmots.co.uk www.ditchlingmots.co.uk

Not a dating agency

SuSSex Living January 2015



Find Your Feet Podiatry & Chiropody Dedicated To Providing First Class Podiatric Care

Call us on 01444 455242 / 07712 241232 F R A N K LY N N S U I T E 4 , T H E P R I O RY B U S I N E S S C E N T R E , SY R E S H A M G A R D E N S H AY WA R D S H E AT H R H 16 3 L B Find Your Feet Podiatry & Chiropody is located at The Priory Business Centre in Haywards Heath. Its central location is perfect with the town centre in the immediate vicinity and a bus stop directly outside the building. Find Your Feet Podiatry & Chiropody has two parking spaces allocated exclusively for our patients. Luis Hugman qualified as a podiatrist in



has worked continuously since qualification


specialising in rheumatology, wound care


and nail surgery. His wife, Zoe Hugman


Podiatry & Chiropody.



BIOMECHANICS By working together in the surgery our treatments are patient focused and relaxed. We hope to combine experience and quality, our aim is excellence.


2004 from The University of Brighton. He in both the NHS and private sectors,

is the Practice Manager of Find Your Feet

haPPy new yOu

by SaSha Kanal

Are you a

Cruncher or a

Muncher? For many, January is an endurance test starting on new Year’s Day and ending as we limp into February. Lethargy? Over-indulgence? Don’t put up with it! Read on to make for a clean, lean 2015.

Sasha Kanal shows you how to stay fighting fit.

Forget those unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. It’s far better to make small, gradual changes to your life that can be easily incorporated into your daily or weekly routine, thus ensuring their longevity. What does your path back to health look like? Many people take one of two routes: exercise or a better diet. The ‘cruncher’ is no stranger to abdominal crunches. Endorphins are their best friend and these feel-good brain chemicals set them up for the day and keep them coming back for more. The ‘muncher’ is happy to follow a healthier eating pattern to get results, whether it be weight loss or better energy levels. They recognise that good nutrition is a baseline for health and may even know their gourds from their goji berries. So for all you ‘crunchers’ and ‘munchers’ out there (heck you might even be both), here’s what’s hot in 2015.

2015 will see the rise of body weight training 20

SuSSex Living January 2015



Go past many a park and you may spot a small group of people clinging to walls or balancing on railings. No, they’re not pretending to be superheroes, they’re doing Parkour. Originating in France in the 1980s, this movement discipline is gaining ground here in the UK. The aim is to overcome obstacles in your environment by stepping, running, jumping or vaulting them in the most efficient way possible. If this sounds a bit too ‘out there’ and beyond the reach of someone over 25, it’s worth bearing in mind the core attributes required to do Parkour fit perfectly with the human body’s basic movement skills. These skills such as core strength, precision in movement, coordination and spatial awareness, have taken a back seat in our sedentary 21st century lives, but honing these can make a fundamental difference to our wellbeing at any age. Parkour is perfect for people who don’t like the gym; you’re in the fresh air and learning something new. The fun element is a huge bonus too and not forgetting the psychological challenge of overcoming things you never thought possible.


Body weight training

If HIT (High Intensity Training) was the star of 2014, then 2015 will see the rise of body weight training - that’s using your own body weight - to get results. Squats, lunges, planks, burpees and push-ups are all body weight moves and have been around forever. So what’s

new? The answer lies in the sheer accessibility of them. Aside from the fact that these movements are tried and tested for toning and fat burning, they are also one of the most inexpensive workouts around and can be done anytime, anywhere and with no equipment needed; what’s not to like? continued on page 20


Burgess Hill 0844 445 7962

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

WIN a complete hair makeover

with Peewees Founder Lee Gold worth up to £400!

This hair makeover is a fantastic opportunity for those that see everyday as a 'bad hair day' or may be in need of a 'hair rescue' – we are specialists in colour correction and fashion colour techniques.

The winner can expect to receive a full personalised consultation with Lee as well as a restyle cut, luxury conditioning treatment with a relaxing shiatsu shoulder neck and head massage as well as full colour services as agreed at consultation and a take home hair care package consisting of a luxury shampoo, conditioner, styling product and finishing product from either the Moroccan Oil or Paul Mitchell range – whichever is recommended by Lee at the time. To enter, please email Lee or Tracey peeweeshairshop@aol.com or post to Peewees 25a Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9BB in up to 20 words tell us why you, or someone you know, would deserve a makeover. Closing date is 31stJanuary 2015 As a professional salon we only use top of the range products, such as cruelty-free Paul Mitchell colour as we believe it is the best on the market for our clients, our team and the environment. It contains a patented Beeswax complex that ensures the continued condition of the hair and gives incredible shine.

Peewees, founded by Lee Gold, has been in Brighton for almost 29 years and can now also be found in Burgess Hill. With over 40 years experience in the hair industry, Lee started as a trainee and worked up to being artistic director at Harrods and Selfridges, travelling the world to teach other hairdressers in South Africa, America, Canada and the Ukraine and conducted demonstrations on stage at the Albert Hall to an audience of 8,000! In addition, he has always worked in the salon with loyal clients – some visiting Lee for more than 30 years.

25a Church Road Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9BB www.peewees.co.uk peeweeshairshop@aol.com 0844 445 7962

The winning entry will be chosen from all entries received by 31st January 2015. The prize has no cash alternative and all services must be carried out on the same day. Winner agrees to any photos taken on the day being used by Peewees for promotional and marketing activities S u S S e xby L iend v i n gof February 2015. including Peewees social media. Winner will be contacted direct and appointment with Lee to be at an agreed date/time January 2015


Healthy Food & Drinks to Go

The Best Local Class for Active Ladies 60+

3, 5 & 7 day detoxes Hearty soups & salads

ALSO AVAILABLE: Breakfast & Lunch Smoothies / Protein Shakes / Boosters The Orchards, Haywards Heath www.frootiejuices.com 07748 026903 Work together with other lively ladies in a social, fun and supportive programme to help keep you fit and feel young again. Our modern fitness studio also offers: - Small Group Training (max 4 people) - Health and Nutrition programs

“Great teachers, very professional, super music and good fun. Lots of laughs and lovely exercises… I feel very energized, fitter and firmer!” Jane Miles

Book your FREE consultation to day

LOST WEIGHT?! Clothing alterations and repairs Wedding dresses our speciality

by calling us on 01444 847951 or sign up online to access yo ur FREE report

“I feel great, not so sluggish and tired and can almost touch my toes again and I’ve made some new friends” Shirley Henwood

den Su e Bug


Phoenix Performance Centre 59-63 South Road, Haywards Heath RH16 4AD

Formerly Alterego

Burrell Road, Haywards Heath

Tel: 01444 459074 Mob: 07548 771619

Tel. 01444 847951 Email: info@fitformoore.co.uk www.fitformoore.co.uk

25off %

Througho uT JaNuarY Mo nday-Frida y

ExclusivE aNd luxurious hair saloN, iN ThE hEarT of hursTpiErpoiNT Treats for your hair and for you this New Year: - Bucks fizz and continental breakfast with morning appointments - Cheese board and antipasti with lunchtime appointments - Tea and brownies with afternoon appointments All inclusive with your cut or colour

99b HigH Street i HurStpierpoint i bn6 9re 01273 832760 LuStig & Webb . SaLon De Coiffeur .


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

Over 15 years experience with Toni and Guy worldwide, Stephen, Daniel and Jacqui specialise in high end, bespoke cuts and colouring, starting from just £45

plEasE is BriNg Th To r E h c u o v ur cl aim YoNT u o disc


continued from page 23



You must have been living on another planet if you missed the juicing revolution of 2014, with everyone extolling its virtues and health benefits (according to experts it’s a fast-track vitamin delivery system for the body). Juicing remains a hot ticket this year, but this time around, the emphasis is on vegetable juices made from seasonal greens such as spinach and kale rather than high fructose fruit juices. For a sure-fire way to beat those New Year blues, throw a couple of Cox’s apples into your juicer, along with some peeled limes, a thumbnail of fresh ginger, some kale leaves and even a little beetroot if you’re feeling adventurous and you’ll have a vitamin-packed pick-me-up that tastes surprisingly delicious on a cold January morning.

The emphasis is on vegetable juices made from seasonal greens such as spinach

and kale



Time to put aside your fears regarding sauerkraut. Fermented foods are where it’s at for 2015, with both foodie and health circles embracing all things pickled. Fermented dairy products such as yoghurt and fromage-frais already feature strongly in Western diets, with most of us aware of their health-giving pro and pre-biotic properties. Now more unusual foods from Eastern Europe and Asia, such as sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kefi r – fermented milk that has its origins in Russia, and kombucha, a fi zzy fermented tea drunk in China, are gaining popularity. So what’s all the fuss about? Put simply, when certain foods ferment, they are predigested by beneficial bacteria found naturally in the food and according to experts, this in turn allows the nutrients to be more easily absorbed. Add to this continued on page 23

New year, new you?

Discover how the latest braces can give you the smile you have always wanted Total Orthodontics offer a range of Orthodontic treatments from fixed braces, to the latest invisable braces from Invisalign® which are comfortable and removable.



call 0800 781 0035 visit totalorthodontics.co.uk/smile

SuSSex Living January 2015


Save £s. Lose pounds.

2 months free

on a fitness or swim membership.

Fitness membership includes: ■ Results guaranteed or your money back ■ 3 tailor-made 1-on-1 gym sessions ■ 1 FREE small group training session ■ Unlimited use of the gym ■ Swimming ■ Workout classes



01444 876000

01403 219200

Triangle Way, Burgess Hill enquiries@thetriangleleisurecentre.org

Hurst Road, Horsham




01444 457337

01403 211311

Pasture Hill Road, Haywards Heath enquiries@thedolphinleisurecentre.org

Wickhurst Lane, Broadbridge Heath




01342 328616

01903 879666

Moat Road, East Grinstead enquiries@kingsleisurecentre.org

Horsham Road, Steyning



01403 787500


Places for People Leisure Ltd working in partnership with Mid Sussex District Council. When paying in advance for one year. Terms and conditions apply.




With your physical health addressed for 2015, lets not forget your mental health. Mindfulness meditation has been a buzzword for a few years now and is increasingly seen as a panacea for some of our 21st century ills. Think of it as a shower for the brain, with just 5 -10 minutes daily practice of what can be described as ‘being aware and nonjudgmental in the present moment,’ potentially helping you to slow your thoughts down and de-stress. Recent research has suggested a whole raft of benefits to be gained from daily meditation, including: decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, higher cognitive function, better ability to control pain and emotions, improved sleep quality and not forgetting its potential for tackling anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness is like a shower

for the brain continued from page 25

the probiotic punch they bring to the digestive system and you potentially have foods that can help boost your immunity and which also add a little spice to the menu (these foods may not be suitable for everybody, check before you buy). So whether you crunch, munch or even meditate your way into 2015, with just a little research and planning, you can jump into January with your head held high.

Lifestyle tough on your glasses? 30% off our tougher, lighter Trivex Lenses

tel: 01444 248277 89 Church Walk, Burgess Hill RH15 9BQ


Living 93x267 Gardiner Opticians Trivex ad.indd 1

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


15/12/14 12:10:49


Happy New You! Say Hi to the new improved you, with the help of these great services Pain Free E-book

Sussex Injury Centre

Download now from www.midsussexbackcare.com 01444 410944

01444 441520 (Dolphin Leisure Centre, Haywards Heath) 01273556199 (Withdean Sports Complex, Brighton) Also based at level 10 so contact details for that for the moment are 07795 085 432. www.sussexinjuryclinics.co.uk

Running for over 30 years and with a wealth of collective experience, we can help with any issues you may have. Whether you are an elite athlete, retired, office based, a child or just want an MOT for your body. Come to us for cutting edge knowledge and insight.

Free e-book download from experts at The Perrymount Clinic. This e-book offers you self-help tips for back pain and a special offer for osteopathy and posture examination with our osteopaths.

New year, new back

Osteopath with 26 years experience. Start the year as you mean to go on and come and see if I can help with any of your aches and pains. Book in January for a £5 discount. 51 Kings Drive, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8DY Also at 30 The Drive, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3JD 01273 843380 07860 470081 www.emma-ross-osteopathy.com emmaross.30@virgin.net Like my Facebook page Emma Ross osteopathy

“Imagine a better future for yourself…

…and make it a reality in 2015! Learn how to gain balance for your health and wellbeing; develop self-confidence and make positive changes in your life. Clinics in Haywards Heath, Hove and Shoreham. Contact Jenny on 01273 463723 / 07708 025188 jenny@jrslifecoaching.co.uk www.jrslifecoaching.co.uk”

Gaynor Platt Podiatry

Perfectly Calm

We offer a variety of massage treatments and nutritional support that can ease your discomfort, aid recovery from injury and pain and optimise health. Biochemical lab testing, reflexology, deep tissue, hot stone and pregnancy massage.

Book in with your local Podiatrist/Chiropodist Gaynor Platt at Columbines for foot health assessment and treatment. Columbines, 61 Hight Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9RE 01273 833133 www.columbines.co.uk

07903 432325 www.thecalmplace@hotmail.co.uk

New Fitness Resolution?

Are you tired of failing your New Year’s exercise resolution? Time for a change? Heights fitness programmes guarantee results. We can prove it! Heights health & fitness, Town Centre Burgess Hill 01444 239444 enquiries@heightshealthclub.co.uk www.heightshealthclub.co.uk


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

Energy Boosting & Low Carb! Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is a perfect complimentary nutrient for anyone doing sports or weight training. Quote SUSSEX5 for 5% off. Unit 7 Hillsdown Farm, Birch Grove, Twyford Lane, Wychcross, East Sussex, RH17 7DH 01342 888 098 www.microrganics-uk.com info@microrganics-uk.com


Yoga for All

Best Body Ever Challenge!

Beautiful, warm yoga studios in the heart of Crawley, bringing classical yoga, meditation, mums, bumps & toddler classes & Hot Yoga. 25+ Classes a week, suitable for all. No courses, come and go as you will. Use the discount CRAWLEY5 for a 5% discount.

FREE 6 week programme, guaranteed to make you look and feel better than you have in years, plus prizes for the winners! Donations to St Catherine’s Hospice.

LOOSEYoga Studios, 41 Gatwick Road, West Sussex RH10 9RD 07930 406 878 www.looseyoga.co.uk studio@looseyoga.co.uk

For a Mobile, Happy You

For all your winter aches and pains, stiff neck, sore hips, tight chest. We’ll help you move more freely again and give you back your smile. Meridian Osteopath, 30 Railway Approach, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BP 01342 326708 contact@meridianosteopath.co.uk www.meridianosteopath.co.uk

Contact Lisa at Fit For Moore on 01444 847951 or visit www.bestbodyever.co.uk

Lets Get Fit!

Level 10 Personal Training Studio is NOW OPEN within Borde Hill Gardens. Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Sports Therapy. Special Offer for January no joining fee. www.level10training.co.uk Tel: 01444 473421

Enhance Skin & Beauty

Bright and White Let your teeth shine with Enhance Orthodontics. Private Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Hygienist & Cosmetic Dentistry.

For all your beauty needs, in our beautiful salon. Beauty, Body Wellbeing, Facial Aesthetics, Inch Loss & Laser Hair Removal, IPL.

67-69 Cantelupe Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3BL 01342 313 373 www.enhanceorthodontics.co.uk

67-69 Cantelupe Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3BL 01342 779 200 www.myenhance.co.uk

JANUARY OFFER: Columbines has the cure for your dry winter hands

A deluxe manicure for the price of a standard, normally £30, for January only £25. Includes tidying nails and cuticles, hand massage with super rich hand cream, ultra moisturising paraffin wax dip and a polish or buff to finish. Call or pop into the salon:

New SlimThink Programme

Change your mindset, change your body! 6 sessions plus daily texts. Special rate for bookings made in January. Only £250. Start the New Year right! Contact: nicola@nicolaprestonbell.com 07887 751640 www.optionsinmind.co.uk

Columbines Health Beauty & Wellbeing 61 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9RE 01273 833133 S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning Because special clothes deserve special care A true family business, now in it’s fi fth generation, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning are experts in the dry cleaning of vintage clothing and vintage wedding dresses. Our expert staff have the knowledge to handle and care for delicate fabrics and garments.

1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644 Email: sarahlaceydrycleaning@gmail.com www.sarahlacey-drycleaning.co.uk STUDIO PROOF

PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 November 2014 11:14 AM OUR FILENAME: Sarah Lacey 1-4

Quality Dentures at reasonable prices HanD maDe Dentures createD in our own lab repairs anD relines olD Dentures copieD moutH GuarDs in team colours “The advantages of having dentures which have been made by the same man who measured and fitted them are, I think, obvious – especially when the man concerned is as passionate about his work”

call today 01444 241812 www.sussexdentureclinic.co.uk

Andrew Hopkins

Now Full Time in East Grinstead

Love to ski or cycle? Looking forward to some high energy, high adrenaline activities this New Year? Ensure your kit contains everything you need to succeed.

Specialist Sports Eyewear

Specialist prescription sports sunglasses and goggles have benefited recently from huge advances in technology and can make a real difference to your experience. They not only reduce glare and protect from UV light but they also enable you to see perfectly. And they look great.

Everything you need under one roof

Hassocks Eyecare Centre stock prescription goggles and sunglasses from some of the leading global brands like Maui Jim and Bolle and will offer advice, prescribe and then fit them perfectly. Leaving you, to take on the mountains. Now open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm

17 Keymer Road, Hassocks, BN6 8AD www.hassockseyecare.co.uk Demand more from your Optometrist

Call us to book an appointment on 01273 843946


OAKMEAD DENTAL CARE Tomorrow’s Dentistry Today www.oakmeaddentalcare.co.uk 48 Moat Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex 01342 325363


S u ss e x L i v i n g PROOF DATE/TIME: December 11, 2014 2:46 PM January 2015

OUR FILENAME: Jan15 Hassocks Eyecare Centre 1-4


By SaSHa kaNal

advertiSiNg feature

Unchain Your Heart

Lose yourself in the beauty of jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall’s bespoke creations.

“I see my creations as a form of art for the body.” On first meeting jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall, it’s clear that this is a woman positively brimming with creativity, warmth and a zest for life. All this is perfectly reflected in her unique jewellery concept – an exquisite line of chain jewellery that can be styled how you want and for any occasion. The striking and graceful Svetlana demonstrates her ‘Pautinka’ chain. Made with the highest grade, sterling silver and consisting of five moveable rings (themselves intricately crafted from chain), the chain ends are threaded through each ring to create endless variations and looks. This is so much more than statement jewellery - when wearing Svetlana’s pieces, it’s almost as if you yourself become the designer, experimenting with different styles. It’s the ultimate in versatile and multi-functional jewellery. A thread of the chain

through here, a twist there and an outfit is transformed. Whether it’s a little black dress or plain t-shirt, the possibilities are endless. As Svetlana explains: “I see my creations as a form of art for the body. Women can express themselves through my jewellery. The way you drape the chains can enhance the natural line, just as a dress designer does with cloth. They will always look individual because no woman wears them the same.” Svetlana understands the aesthetics of the human form, having been a choreographer in her own dance school in Belarus, where she has her roots. Dance is very much an inspiration for Svetlana and she talks animatedly about the recent video she’s made with two professional dancers to showcase her designs. Based in Sayers Common

since 2013, Svetlana’s business started with a one-off design for a friend. “The impact was instant. People would constantly come up to me and comment on my jewellery, asking me where they could buy it. It never fails to turn heads,” she laughs. Svetlana’s passion is infectious and her reputation growing. In 2013 she won a coveted British Jewellery Association Award for her work and this year she plans to launch a handbag line featuring her signature metal chains. Prices start from £25 for the versatile ‘Fashion Chains’ range in a number of colourways, rising to £1000 for a bespoke commission in sterling silver or gold plate – perfect for brides wanting something absolutely original on their wedding day. All jewellery is handmade to order and regardless of whether you’ve paid £25 or more for a piece, when you put on Svetlana’s creations you can look directional or classic, edgy or romantic, like a Bond girl or a medieval siren – the choice is all yours.

SVETLaNa MaRSHaLL, DESIGNER Web: www.svetlanamarshall.co.uk Tel: 0775 52882785 Email: Svetlana.marshall@gmail.com

SuSSex Living January 2015


Health Beaut y St yle

by Amy Newson

The New Year has begun so you may be considering a bit of a remodel, and the easiest and most satisfying way to achieve this is with a new haircut. Nothing compares to the feeling of walking out of the salon with freshly styled hair

y u


Feel like a change but

Choosing a new look is not an easy decision to make; talk to your stylist about what you like and they will have an expert opinion tweaked to suit you perfectly. To help you decide what to go for, get to know the current and upcoming hair trends that are guaranteed to start your year off with many an admiring glance when you are out and about.

What’s in now?

Current trends mainly involve short and mediumlength hair. If you like low-maintenance hair, try one of these styles: n A chic bob looks casual and can be worn in different ways: messy and air-dried or sleek and straight. Neither of those options will take you long to accomplish, and the result will be fantastic! n If you’re not sure about going short, try a medium-length cut, which should hang just below your shoulders. To style it, you can either wear it poker-straight or in light waves. Don’t be afraid to swap and change them either.

What to expect this Spring

For those of you who prefer to keep those locks long, it’s time to rejoice; word has it that long hair will be back this spring. So if you like to be on-trend, the time’s never been better to let your hair grow! Try a natural and simply textured style, with ‘barely-there’ waves and a centre parting.

don’t fancy a full-chop? The

solution is a fringe all hair lengths. It also guarantees a really fresh, noticeable difference without going all the way!


A change of hair colour assures an instant fulllook update. Just make sure to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and eye colour. n In recent months there has been an abundance of bold colours around: pastel pinks, purples, oranges and greens. If you’re curious but not ‘all in’, try a semi-permanent colour that usually lasts for 6-12 shampoos. Or just try a streak! n If you prefer to stick with a more natural look, warm brown tones are on the rise. Try warming up darker hair by lightening it or darken light hair with soft brown. Now that you are armed with the facts on current and upcoming styles, trends and colours, get down to your salon for the perfect start to the New Year and a new you!

Just looking for something small?

Feel like a change but don’t fancy a full-chop? The solution is a fringe. This is an easy escape from your existing style and works with


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


TAMARIND NEW YEAR TASTER SESSIONS Back by demand! - from 10th Jan - 10 Feb try one of the the following treatments for £30.

Stylish simplicity

Choose from either: 45 min - CACI 45 min - Ear Candling 45 min - Indian Head Massage 50 min - Lymphatic drainage massage

(maximum 2 treatments per client subject to availability)

43 Silverdale Road Burgess Hill www.tamarindtreatmentrooms.co.uk


Tel: 01444 233060 All cla sses

in G et o r t h e ef s ha p


NEWR YchEecAkeotauilts

Ju st turn u p!


ou r d

Monday: 6.30pm ZUMBA 7.40pm FITSTEPS Wednesday: 6.30pm ZUMBA 7.40pm BODY BARRE Birchwood Grove School, Burgess Hill Thursday: 9.30am Body Barre 9.30am ZUMBA 10.35am FITSTEPS Friday: The Kings Centre, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill

155 High Street, Hurstpierpoint

Tel: 01273 834686

www.bodywithanita.co.uk www.feathersofhurstpierpoint.co.uk facebook: bodywithanita Tel: 07971 866787 CBN1000610Theo Browns 2015 Jan Colour Touch Advert v2.qxp_Layout 1 08/12/2014 16:11 Page 1


PROOF DATE/TIME: 15 December 2014 10:02 AM OUR FILENAME: Jan15 Tamarind 1-4


PROOF DATE/TIME: 1 December 2014 10:53 AM OUR FILENAME: Feathers Jan15 1-4

New for 2015 and available at Theo Brown’s, Wella Professionals new colour range by Color Touch. • Go from mild to wild,change your colour when inspiration hits. • Colour touch is a high gloss, rich semi permanent colour giving 4-6 weeks of shine and bounce to the hair, and providing coverage of white hair with natural fade out. • For the month of January only: Colour and blow-dry only £45. Mon: 10am-7pm Thurs: 10am-9pm

Tue: 10am-7pm Fri: 10am-7pm

Weds: 10am-7pm Sat: 8.30am-4.30pm

WELLA - SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL- 5-STAR RATED BY GSG www.theobrowns.com | 01444 450011 | info@theobrowns.com Theo Brown’s, No.11, The Broadway, Haywards Heath, RH163AQ

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


st yle

Bespoke Footwear

Now stocking a selective range of men’s Geox shoes, designed for ultimate breathability and comfort. – more details at Bespokefootwear on Facebook. 126c High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9PX 01273 831110

Wright Works

 Bespoke solid silver and

gold vermeil keepsakes and print jewellery. Keep your loved ones close. Commissions very welcome, get in touch for a quote. Personalised items start from £40.

07825092621 www.wright-works.co.uk Or find pieces at Paul Badham Gallery, The Orchards or It’s Sew Vintage, Mill Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Ab Fab 2015 Fed Up With Your Eyebrows?

Keep yourself feeling absolutely fabulous all the way into the New Year with our stylish guide to health, beauty and fashion

We can give you the eyebrows you’ve always wanted with Semi Permanent Make-Up at Pretty Permanent Make-Up. Eyeliners, Lip Enhancements, Camouflage and Derma Rollers also available.

Willo Baby & Childrenswear

Bonnie Baby; Unisex 5% Cashmere 95% Cotton Playsuit & Hat Set. Sale starts Monday 12th January

Holly House, 98 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, Surrey RH19 2NU 01342 323554 www.prettypermanentmakeup.co.uk

The Old Post Office House, Cuckfield High Street, West Sussex RH17 5JX 01444 413 880 www.willo-baby.co.uk

Limes Treatment Room

Full range of beauty treatments available including skin care using Temple Spa. 15% off all treatments in January when you mention Sussex Living

87 Barncroft Drive, Lindfield, West Sussex RH16 2NJ 07766 216301 madeleine.lowson@btinternet.com

jojo boutique

 Exclusive, invitation-only Prom

Dress evening on Friday 30th January 4-9pm. Relax in a lovely setting with a glass of prosecco whilst viewing our collection of prom dresses. You will look your absolute best in a guaranteed oneoff gown. Limited spaces available so please R.S.V.P

01444 413551 info@jojoboutique.co.uk jojoboutique.co.uk


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015



Profiles Heath and Beauty

LIVING Feathers

Wrap yourself up in

 To celebrate Profiles

Health and Beauty being awarded the Guinot Crown award for 2015, they are offering 10% off all Guinot manual facials in January & February. Call 01273 846348 to book.

16 Keymer Rd, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8AN 01273 846348

luxuriously indulgent faux fur for Winter with a beautiful Crush coat. Feel and look a million dollars. 155 High St, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9PU 01273 834686

The Leaping Hare Boutique

 Luxury Cashmere Ribbed

Swing Tunic £169.00 available in both the Lindfield and Hurstpierpoint boutiques. The Big Leaping Hare January Sale is now on, don’t miss out on our fantastic discounted items.

Lindfield 0144 482188 and Hurstpierpoint 01273 833975

Big Life Organics

Clearance Sale

Now On! Find your perfect New Year outfit and feel great!

Plaistow Street, Lingfield, Surry RH7 6AU 01342 832567 www.suitables.co.uk

Happy New Year with Dr Hauschka! Refresh and invigorate your skin with over 70 years of natural, organic and biodynamic plant knowledge – the best your skin could ask for!

Suitables of Lingfield

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Bespoke solid silver and gold vermeil keepsakes and print jewellery. Keep your loved ones close. Commissions very welcome, get in touch for a quote. Personalised items start from £40.

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SuSSex Living January 2015

T. 19 6


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by sasha kanal

Très Beau-ty

Find calm, tranquility and a solution to all your beauty needs at Beau Nails & Beauty, right in the heart of Haywards Heath. If you’re looking to book in some ‘me time’ this 2015, then discover the peaceful and elegant haven that is Beau Nails & Beauty. Newly opened in November 2014, this stylish salon offers an extensive array of treatments from manicures and pedicures to facials, hot stone massage and male grooming; all done with a bespoke approach. Formerly manager at Tips and Toes in the Orchards, Charlotte Walker and her bubbly team pride themselves in their expertise and wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things beauty. There is no ‘one size fits all’ attitude here. For Charlotte, the emphasis is on customizing the treatments to a person’s specific needs. “I love building a rapport with my customers and offering them advice, whether it’s about nail care or the best cleansing regime for their skin. Our aim is to impart our vast skills and years of experience to customers, so they leave the salon happy and content.”

Beau Nails & Beauty is the only salon in the area that uses the acclaimed Dermalogica range in its facials and has a large range of its products on sale within the salon. Charlotte and her team of five are committed to using products of the highest quality, such as CND Shellac and OPI for nails. Indeed, Beau Nails & Beauty consider themselves the experts in acrylic and gel nail enhancements. Some have said that acrylics can potentially damage nails but Charlotte points out that with the right application and care this needn’t be the case. Also on the treatment menu is the more cutting-edge Lava Shells Relax Massage,

Beau Nails & Beauty are experts

in acrylic and gel nails

advertising feature

which is proving hugely popular among clients. One of only a few salons to offer this unique treatment, the Lava Shell Massage is an alternative to hot stone massage and uses smooth, self-heating tiger clam shells applied to the skin. As well as warming the muscles for deep relaxation, the natural mineral heat in the shells means there is continuous heat throughout the treatment ensuring a seamless massage. The salon itself is spacious and bright with two treatment rooms. There is a chatty and friendly atmosphere inside and despite the salon’s well-appointed air, it never feels intimidating. The star of the show has to be the beautifully designed raised ‘stage area’ where clients enjoy their pedicures in comfy and stylish chairs overlooking the salon. The whole experience has a luxurious feel to it, designed for the comfort of both the therapist and the client. In fact, everything on offer at Beau Nails & Beauty is an experience, and a beautiful one at that.

Beau Nails & Beauty 26 The Broadway, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3AL Tel: 01444 617207 www.beaunailsandbeauty.com

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


The Award Winning, Sussex Health Care Group are excited to announce the opening of their brand new purpose built care facilities at Rapkyns Care Centre, Broadbridge Health, nr. Horsham. The facilities are comprised of two buildings, each purpose-built, consisting of four 10 bedded units. These are specifically for clients with acquired brain injury and neurological conditions as well as for people with autism or young people leaving school or college with profound learning and physical disabilities. These buildings bring a exciting new service to potential clients which include all the latest technologies and also provides residential, respite and outreach placements. Within the grounds, there is a brand new gymnasium facility which provides equal opportunities and access regardless of the service user’s ability or health status. Providing the right support to enable service users to train in a safe and highly effective manner. Whether it is to work on strength, fitness or just increase general health, service users will receive all the help and motivation to help them achieve their goal. What’s more, this service is available to people within the local community as well as for people who

For more information about Rapkyns Care Centre and other Sussex Health Care services call 01403 219828 or alternatively email becky.davis@sussexhealthcare.co.uk.

are living in a residential setting or at home seeking a private outreach service. Sussex Health Cares enthusiasm for the latest high-tech, interactive technology systems are of a strong focal point. New interactive technology systems have been installed, whereby service users are encouraged to make choices which can involve number games, pictorial and floor games. All of which are fantastic sensory learning tools that have the capacity to engage the service users and are suitable for any ability. Whether the choice is to play individually or interact with one another in a group, the systems can be controlled by simply moving on or over the projected image or by using their eyes as a mouse.

“One adult in particular surprised us all. We had no idea how cognitively able he was, it is hard to get much response from him, but when we introduced him to the eye gaze straight away he realized he was controlling it by himself. He got through a lot of the games quickly! He was deliberately closing his eyes to stop the game and starting again, teasing us! It was a very emotional day for us.� - Unit Manager The team at Rapkyns Care Centre are genuinely passionate about the people in their care and their wellbeing is always at the centre of everything they do. As well as the use of the above new services, service users attend social outings and outreach services with the help and support of the homes dedicated mini bus service. Arts, Crafts and Cooking seem to be one of the many popular activities along with the strong emphasis around community presence. Rapkyns Care Centre has the added benefit of a beautiful and diverse landscape, which clients are encouraged to explore and utilise as stimulation for their creative projects. The sessions are intended to trigger the learning of new skills or improve those they already have. Sussex Health Care is committed to genuine inclusion for people of any ability. Having achieved accreditation for 2014, Investors in People Standards (IIP), the group operates with professionalism and excellence, with over 25 years of healthcare in Sussex, offering a range of quality person-centred services.

Š National Trust Images/Lola Muance. Registered Charity Number 205846.

Nymans 12 Jan - 27 Feb: 10am- 4pm with special, free, Friday evening openings 23 Jan - 27 Feb: 5pm - 7pm. This winter French artist Lola Muance will create luminescent sculptures within the famous garden at Nymans, transforming the surroundings with colour and light.

outdoor art

The sculptures will look particularly spectacular during our late Friday openings, as dusk falls. Free event. Members and under 5s go free.

01444 405250 nationaltrust.org.uk/nymans

by sara whatley


Written in the

STARS The ancient art of astrology is still practised by many today. Used as a tool to read both global and personal changes, the stars hold the key to our past, and our future.

I am a naturally open and receptive person, drawn to the alternative and holistic, so when the opportunity arose to meet an astrologer, I jumped. I visited Helen Sewell, a qualified astrologer with 25 years experience, at her home in Forest Row. Helen suggested that having my own stars read would give me the biggest insight into this practice, and would also show me how astrology affects our world on a continued on page 40

SuSSex Living January 2015


Astrology was used to predict the lives and deaths of Kings and Queens. continued from page 39

global level. I was not sure what to expect. In fact I will admit to feeling a little apprehensive; having my stars read for an article would not give me the same personal reading that I expect most people enjoy! I hoped I would not expose too much of myself, but what I did not expect was to walk away feeling emotional, impressed and somehow relaxed; life is written in the stars and all we have to do is turn up. “Astrology has been around since time immemorial, with the first written records from the Babylonians in the 19th Century B.C.E.” Helen explained. “Then in the 4th Century B.C.E. it spread to the Greeks and Romans. Plato and Aristotal made it a respected science, and it went worldwide.” Ancient astrology was so respected, especially when it came to battle, drought or famine, they felt sure in the predictions of the heavens. In fact they believed so strongly, astrology was used to predict the lives and deaths of Kings and Queens. With the discovery of the three outer continued on page 42


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015




The breakdown of a relationship is a confusing and emotional time. It is difficult to know which way to turn particularly if you feel unable to talk to family and friends. Information online can often be contradictory and unspecific. At Tisshaws Solicitors we offer an initial one hour fi xed fee consultation of ÂŁ50 including VAT where we can provide you with information and discuss the way forward. We also offer a fi xed fee for divorce proceedings. Tisshaws Solicitors Ground Floor, 3 Hazelgrove Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3PH 01444 472700 info@tisshawssolicitors.co.uk www.tisshawssolicitors.co.uk S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


My Reading I am born right on the very cusp between Cancer and Gemini, by 00 degrees. At the moment I was born the sign coming up over the horizon was Scorpio, which marks how I approach any new situations in life, as it was my first introduction to life. I have got four planets in water, which makes me more of a feeling person rather than a logical rational type. “Cancer is ruled by the moon,” Helen told me, “and is to do with security, whether it be in home, family or feeling. The crab is half in the water and half on the land; it needs the safety of the land and home, but the freedom of the watery depth.” I relate to these Cancerian attributes an awful lot, being a very family orientated, nurturing person. I like to settle at home. My moon is in the fiery sign of Aries, which is the fi rst sign of the zodiac. Aries can be seen as having a selfish quality because it is focused. This helps give my moon – to do with my emotional life – focus and a single mindedness, which is good considering all my watery nature. Also, Helen explained that the cardinal signs, which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, have a lot of get up and go. As a stubborn child and a teenager who may not have known what she wanted, but most certainly knew what she didn’t want, I recognise that single minded focus. The sun in my 8th House is complimented by my Scorpio rising. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, so is very private. “Looking back at the myth, when Jupiter usurped his father Saturn, Saturn gave Neptune the rivers and the seas and Pluto the underworld. Although a seemingly lesser inheritance, the greatest riches lay in the underworld. It’s hidden, where all our more complex emotions lie: envy, jealousy, but also our greatest gifts. Scorpio is usually private because Pluto also rules primal fear. When we fear something we usually want to control it, therefore Pluto represents power; being empowered or


SuSSex Living January 2015

disempowered. And if we are disempowered then we tend to attract people that want to control us.” Pluto only came out of the underworld twice and each time he wore the helmet of invisibility, so when I go into new situations I have a certain amount of caution or suspicion, until I become more familiar. Again, I recognise this quality in myself; I was a shy child. A lot of people with the sun in the 8th House go from crisis to crisis and are drawn to the dramatic, to the darker side of life and the Nordic noir. For me this does not quite ring true, although I am interested in people’s inner lives, the workings of their mind and analysis. Helen tells me that she can see me being a psychoanalyst or something to do with forensics, as I cannot bare it if I do not know the truth. With Pluto as my chart ruler he is a powerful figure in my psyche. As Pluto rules the unseen, Helen suggests that I have a high perception of the subtle

Mercury was the messenger on behalf of the sun, as well as the information gatherer and communicator. www.sussexliving.com

continued from page 40

planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, a different consciousness came in; the concept of the individual. “In terms of global astrology, the three outer planets are huge archetypal forces that impact us personally, and collectively,” Helen told me. “In 2012 Uranus went into the fiery sign of Aries, the planet of revolution and upheaval, and we have had a lot of violent revolution in the world since.” Further to this, Helen explained that the fall of institutions and establishments like banks, the NHS and governments coincided with Pluto, the planet of power and control, moving into the sign of Capricorn, who rules institutions. “Astrologists were amazed at the accuracy,” Helen said, recalling this planetary shift in 2008 and the upheaval since. I asked Helen if she can see a shift in how astrology is now accepted, thinking about the recent interest in practices such as mindfulness,

“The chart, for me, is a bit like a Shakespearian play ”

meditation and yoga. “I’ve noticed that in the last couple of years there has been more interest in spiritual things, because there is a hunger for it. In 2012 Neptune returned home after 165 years to its own sign of Pisces,” Helen explained. “Last time this happened we had a whole resurgence of interest in the afterlife, with spirit photography, ectoplasm, and photographs of fairies at the bottom of the garden.” As well as global movements and changes, astrology is a fantastic tool for understanding ourselves and our psyche. Many people come to astrologers with specific questions before their charts are read to help them understand certain aspects of their lives, but for me Helen read my birth chart. “The chart, for me, is a bit like a Shakespearian play,” Helen told me before my reading. “The planets are the actors, the signs the planets are in are the costumes they put on (the parts they are going to play), and the houses are the stage sets where they are going to live it out.” This is Helen’s reading of my play:

nuances between people around me. Looking at the glyphs of the crab and the scorpion, they have got their antennae out; they pick up on the emotions around them which can be a gift, but consequently leaves me quite open. I have got Venus in my chart which represents what we value and what’s attractive. When Venus is next to the sun it is viewed as a physical attractiveness and beauty. “Venus loved to be loved, so therefore Venus people often have quite a lot of skill in presenting themselves so people like them.” Helen suggests that it would be a horror for me to be rejected or alone, especially as Cancerians love to be needed. My Mercury is in Gemini – it rules Gemini. When a planet is in its own sign it is very strong. Gemini rules communication, both verbal and writing. Mercury was the messenger on behalf of the sun, as well as the information gatherer and communicator. This means there is a side of me that likes to gather information, especially knowledge. This culminates in the way I think, giving a good and quick mind. Moving on to Mars, which for a woman’s chart is the inner masculine. I’ve got Mars in Scorpio which again, is emphasising that side of me which

can dig deep. Mars is the warrior on behalf of the Sun. The difficulty for me is that it’s in the 12th House, which is the very selfless Piscean House. So, Helen asked me, how can Mars the warrior fight in a selfless way? The best way to use that kind of Mars is to fight on behalf of people who can’t fight for themselves. Be the warrior for someone else. Mars is next to Saturn in my chart, which is an interesting combination. Before the discovery of the outer planets, Saturn marked the boundary of the solar system. He was known as the strict parent who gave us harsh lessons on the physical incarnation and how to honour the physical world. The glyph of Mars is a big arrow forging it’s way out, full of energy and impatience. But Saturn says no, you have to wait – very frustrating for Mars. Saturn is fi rst, however, in my chart, so what I might fi nd in life is initial caution followed by flowing energy. Together, these energies give a strong inner core of determination and organisation. When Uranus was discovered in 1781 it was a time of huge revolution going on in the world: the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. He is the idealistic Sky God; wanting the perfect society where everybody has their place, so he rules systems – astrology is ruled by Uranus, which rules Aquarius. Helen explained that when you have got Uranus in what’s called a square aspect to the Midheaven and the IC, which is the case with my chart, that can indicate a lot of moving house. I agree with her that I have moved quite a lot, but that I do not like to feel unsettled, so I try to avoid it. On the birth chart the lines in the centre represent the energy flows: blue lines at 60° and 120° are easy flowing, and the red lines at 90° and 180° are the hard work where the energy is up against each other creating tension. I have got some strong blue aspects from Pluto to my Sun, Venus continued on page 44 SuSSex Living January 2015


The Houses

The chart is divided into twelve houses, which rest on top of the signs of the zodiac. Going round anticlockwise, the houses are akin to the life cycle.

1st House – Arian (fiery in nature) ‘I am’. Starting at birth, awe and wonderment, centred around you as an individual, impulses in life and potential to be a leader.

5th House – Leonian (fiery in nature)

‘I create’. Creativity, performance arts and play. The house of children and our inner child.

6th House – Virgoan (earthy in nature) ‘I serve’. House of work and service, health, diet and daily rituals.

2nd House – Taurean (earthly in nature) ‘I own’. Now baby gets it’s rattle; possessions, material resources, what we value, how we earn a living and money.

3rd House Geminian (airy in nature) ‘I think’. The house of siblings, neighbours, early education and communication; baby starts to verbalise.

7th House – Libran (airy in nature) ‘I balance’. Known in old fashioned text books as the house of marriage. It’s about partnership and how we relate to others.

4th House – Cancerian (watery in nature) ‘I feel’. The house of the father. Home, family, nurturing, roots.

8th House – Scorpio (watery in nature) ‘I transform’. House of the underworld, where things are much deeper; birth, death, transformation, sex. Complexity



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S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


9th House – Sagittarian (fiery in nature) ‘I teach’. To do with our belief systems, philosophy, religion, higher education, the ‘big picture’ and meaning of life.

10th House – Capricornian (earthy in nature) ‘I utilise’. Our most public side, which is often represented by our career. Public standing. Mother

11th House – Aquarian (airy in nature) ‘I know’. How we are all connected on a mind level and the brotherhood of man. Groups, friends, equality and humanity. Politics.

12th House – Piscean (watery in nature) ‘I believe’. Represents our time in the womb before birth begins again, excarnating back to the source. Art, music, the collective unconscious, selfless service. House of ‘self undoing’. continued from page 43

and Mercury, which really help in terms of my will power and ability to see beneath the surface. Helen particularly wanted to talk about Neptune as it is so focused in my chart. She told me that when Neptune was discovered it was the time of film and photography, glamour, an interest in the afterlife, the numinous, the spiritual and human connections. These aspects are very strong in my chart, and as such Helen suggested I must have a very good imagination. “A lot of artists, musicians and people who work with the spiritual have a strong Neptune; it is very selfless, deeply sensitive and compassionate, particularly to the suffering in the world,” Helen explained. “They say people who have a strong Neptune are here to suffer or to serve.” Helen suggests it would benefit me to have a place of sanctuary, somewhere that I can escape to and just be, and this will feed me. I certainly recognise the imaginative aspects of Neptune in myself, and feed my imagination with my writing. Helen finished by telling me I have got the chart of an artist, which pleased me greatly. I drove away feeling very calm and relaxed. It was a fascinating experience having my stars read, and so accurate it was uncanny. A perfect way to start the New Year, it made me consider not just my own journey through life, but life on a global level, and beyond.

The glyph of Mars is a big arrow,

full of energy and impatience

The stylish New Year


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advertising feature

by sara whatley

Good Moves with

Flint & Co Giving me a warm smile and positive handshake, Jane Todd welcomes me into the Flint & Co office. We sit on the comfortable sofas and enjoy a coffee while Jane tells me about the exceptional past 12 months Flint & Co estate agents have experienced. Since the beginning of trading, Flint & Co have gained great market presence in Haywards Heath and the surrounding villages in a very short space of time. Their success can be attributed to a few key factors, most notably the faultless customer service they give. “We are a very strong team and people sense that,” Jane explains, although it is clear to see as soon as you step into their stylish office. Theresa, Harry and Jan make up the team along with Jane, and all are highly qualified and passionate about their work. The relaxed atmosphere in the office puts customers at ease, and even lends to them enjoying the whole moving process. Building good relationships with customers is paramount, which is why the comfortable sofa area is the perfect welcome, breaking down the desk barrier. With over 25 years experience, Jane is in the perfect position to realise her longterm dream of setting up her own estate agency. “I started in Fulham as a negotiator, then became area manager covering all of South West London,” she tells me. Setting up the training department in Foxtons, Jane stayed in London until having her children and moving back to Sussex. After this Jane worked on a consultancy basis, training estate agents, trouble shooting offices and keeping her hand in the London markets.

With her boys now teenagers Jane felt the time was right to set up Flint & Co, bringing her wealth of experience to Haywards Heath. Many people considered it ambitious setting up in a town with so many established Estate Agents. “I thought that with the right image and marketing, our fresh and unique approach would be welcomed...so far so good!” Little did Jane know, there was going to be an upturn in the property market. “We have been very fortunate,” Jane tells me, “however, it takes more than just luck to achieve what we have so far.” For the first six or seven months, Jane frequently worked until 10pm, “but I didn’t mind that; being busy meant we were selling lots of houses and flats!” With so much professional experience behind her, Jane knows the key to success. “Estate Agency is an industry one can shine in quite easily by offering exceptional customer service, having integrity and a thorough knowledge of the business.” Flint & Co cover a wide area around Sussex, including: Ditchling, Poynings, Ardingly, Newick, Warninglid, Lindfield, Cuckfield and Haywards Heath and are proud to offer a diverse range of property values, starting at £160,000 for a one bedroomed flat to a fabulous down-land house at £1.5 million. “From the outset, Flint & Co’s philosophy has been: whether marketing a studio flat or a fine country house, our service is the same. We value everyone equally.” Flint & Co produce beautiful, professionally photographed brochures for every property they are instructed upon; each brochure includes a digital floor plan - all of which are printed on high quality card to a matt finish. Having such high caliber photographs has attracted attention to their website

Recently sold properties


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


Testimonial: “Jane promised to market our house in the same way she would a million pound property and that is exactly what Flint & Co did. The attention to detail was superb producing the most amazing photographs. Everyone did a fantastic job and Harry sold our house a week after we appointed Flint & Co. I would recommend anyone wanting to sell their house to contact Flint & Co. Thank you to all the staff.”

and generates excellent responses to houses and flats advertised on the property portals, which is where most people commence their search. That said, Flint & Co pride themselves on how many customers walk through the door. “We are really well situated, bang in the middle of the High Street, away from most of the other estate agents,” Jane tells me. “Everyone who comes in comments on the lovely atmosphere,” Jane continues, and I can well believe her, seeing for myself a new customer sitting and chatting with Jane on the sofa, whilst Harry fussed over her two Labradors! Jane accounts many of her customers to recommendations and word of mouth. “We are very proud of the personal recommendations which have played a pivotal role in obtaining valued instructions. Also, our prominent board presence has really contributed to our success and brand awareness. Nothing speaks louder than a SOLD BY board!” Striking up good relationships with both buyers as well as vendors is very important to Flint & Co,

and surely one of the reasons they are achieving unprecedented levels attaining the top prices for many properties. Having grown up in Sussex, Jane is keen to give back to her local community. “Thanks to our continued success, we have been able to donate to many worthy causes including: St Peter and St James Hospice, Lindfield Primary School, Warden Park Acadamy, Chailey Heritage and Lindfield Arts Festival and we look forward to supporting more in 2015.” After their anniversary and Christmas celebrations, Flint & Co will be looking forward to building on their first year’s success, and ensuring that the company’s winning streak continues into the New Year and beyond.

“Whether a studio flat or a fine country house,

we value everyone equally.” Flint & Co

113 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4LR Tel: 01444 627762 Email: jane@flintandcompany.co.uk Web: www.flintandcompany.co.uk

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


local walk

by les campbell

Henfield Walk Get into the stride of January with this month’s easy walk around Henfield and the River Adur.

This walk starts from the small Downs Link car park beside the Cat and Canary pub in Upper Station Road Henfield, which is about a mile from the centre of the village. It is an easy walk with no hills, and initially heads out on a restored bridleway down to the River Adur and follows the riverbank to Betley Bridge before heading south along the Downs Link back to the start. From the car park cross to the pavement opposite and turn right along West End Lane. Immediately opposite the car park was the site of Henfield Station on the former Shoreham-by-Sea to Horsham railway, which closed in 1966. A housing estate appropriately named “Beechings” occupies much of the station site. After a few yards, turn left into Hollands Road. On reaching a T-junction, turn right into Hollands Lane. It is possible to walk


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

parallel with this road on an unofficial path, which seems to be well used by local people. Ignore all paths off to your left and right and carry on along a signed bridleway, which eventually narrows and joins the access track to Leeches. At a crossing track, carry on ahead on a signed bridleway to New Inn Farm. Where the track swings away sharply left, take the signed bridleway ahead down to the River Adur. In times gone by, a wharf stood on the eastern bank of the river and the nearby house held a licence for the refreshment of river traders. It still retains the name of New Inn although it is now just a farm. No doubt Smugglers used this place for landing contraband as it is a fairly remote spot approached only by narrow lanes! On reaching the river, turn right and follow the eastern bank for about two miles to Betley Bridge. The River Adur begins life as two separate branches, the Eastern Adur and the Western Adur. The eastern branch rises on Ditchling Common in East Sussex and it meets another major stream at Twineham. Up until the early 1800’s boats could navigate as far as Mock Bridge where the A281 crosses the river. The western branch rises at Slinfold www.sussexliving.com

We are very grateful to Les Campbell for bringing us new and exciting local walks every month. A founder member and former Chairman of the Mid Sussex Ramblers, he is a very experienced and enthusiastic walker indeed. Les insists on testing all routes personally, making sure they are suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email editorial@sussexliving.com

to the west of Horsham and is tidal to the south of West Grinstead. Both branches meet to the west of Betley Bridge and flow out through Steyning and Bramber to the English Channel at Shoreham-by-Sea. At Betley Bridge, join the Downs Link, turn right and follow this back to the car park. DISTANCE:

5 miles


3 (along river bank)


Ordnance Survey Explorer Map No. 122


Free Downs Link car park, if full roadside parking close by


Cat and Canary pub

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: None to start Map © Ordnance Survey (www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk)



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by ruth Lawrence

Last month I spoke of how we may head to water in times of change; in doing so I must have unconsciously predicted a shift in my own life. I’m writing this not from Sussex but from a houseboat on the Thames next to Battersea Bridge, a temporary home for myself and my new partner. It’s a dynamic environment; boats whizzing past, planes overhead and the sight of London buses crawling across the bridge on their way to Chelsea. Yet the water dances not only with reflected neon and river traffic, but the flutter of numerous wings; this is a rich environment for city birds. The boat is hitched next to a tall post, topped by a carved Easter Island head. The first morning we found it had become perch for a cormorant, wings outstretched against the cold blue of dawn. It was not alone; a line of them stood sculpture still, across wooden posts all the way to the bridge, they seemed a slice of prehistory to remind us of the river’s ancient inhabitants. They are perhaps the most archaic of birds, there’s a hint of the flying dinosaur about that unmistakeable silhouette, that ragged, tattered cloak of tar black feathers. Henry VIII appointed a ‘keeper of the cormorants’; perhaps these birds are long descendants of those royal charges, roosting downriver in search of easier fishing. Living on the Thames literally has its ups and downs. Twice a day, the tide rises up to 23 feet, revealing an estuarine shoreline which brings geese and ducks to scavenge while the water has receded. At high tide the boat rocks and creaks; it feels akin to residing in the guts of some huge clock, marking the hours until the tide shifts and the floor stabilises

once more. Being at the mercy of planetary rhythms is a connective experience; I feel part of a celestial timepiece, the hours dictated by the tug of moon and the corresponding pull of earth’s gravity. The river is an artery, pulling unimaginable amounts of watery lifeblood in and out of the land’s body. It certainly hammers home the fact that we live in a perpetually shifting place that dances to a tune far beyond our influence. The water flows faster than walking pace, it would likely keep abreast of a lazily jogging horse. The cormorants must find that dinner arrives within a conveyor belt of swirling silt laden water. Once they’ve dived to feed, the unfortunate lack of waterproofing on those immensely powerful wings means that they must hang out their waterlogged feathers to dry in the breeziest place they can find. It’s a strange evolutionary blip that forgot to attach water repellent feathers to a large, successful diver, yet their own adaptation is equally perfect. Life on the river holds the promise of vivid connection to the land that beats beneath and through the city; it’s going to be an interesting Spring.

I feel part of a celestial timepiece, the

hours dictated by the tug of moon and the corresponding pull of earth’s gravity.




S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015



FRIENDS… • Feeding stations • Nest boxes • Bird food

Tel: 01273 857445 Tel: 01273 850015 Rushfields Plant Centre & Farm Shop Henfield Road, Poynings, Brighton BN45 7AY


Award-winning, home-made pies and sausages. Locally sourced meat, prepared for you by our own butcher. Wide range of relishes, sauces, beers, wines and winter treats. Enjoy delicious home-made cakes and scones, light lunches and snacks in our welcoming café.


by flo whitaker

We don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors in winter – a pity, because winter gardens can be beautiful and inspiring. So, put on that hideous novelty jumper you were given for Christmas and step outside, because now is the best time of year to think about garden design.



All things considered, plants are surprisingly cheap. You may wince when paying twenty quid for a prize specimen, but think about it. Before you clapped your covetous eyes on it, someone had to grow it, nurture it and transport it to the garden centre. Remember, if you plant a shrub in the wrong spot, you can move it. If it gets too big, you can prune it and if you decide you really hate it, you can chuck it out. What cannot be so easily and cheaply rectified is badly designed hard landscaping. It may seem blindingly obvious, but make sure your paths actually go somewhere. Paths shouldn’t ramble without purpose – they should connect the various elements in the garden. Badlyconsidered ones leave features in splendid isolation; giving a jarring stop-start feel instead of a natural, flowing sensation and paths that run perfectly straight down the middle of a plot feel like a motorway. Even the humblest path to the wheelie bins can be

It may seem blindingly obvious, but make sure your paths actually go somewhere! 52

SuSSex Living January 2015

made more interesting. Instead of going direct from A to B, route it past an existing feature. If it’s a frequently trod path, introduce some winter flowering plants. Rushing to work, you may only be able to appreciate them for a few seconds, but their fragrance will lift your mood. A badly ‘designed’ patio is a miserable thing. Unloved, and situated in a dismal spot, it quickly becomes a dumping ground for the stuff you meant to take to the tip. Chances are if a plant doesn’t like growing there, you won’t like sitting there. Design your patio to fit in with your lifestyle – think carefully before you commit to an expensive building project. If you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a spot that catches the morning sun may suit. Out all day? Choose a westerly aspect to take advantage of the evening light. Hosepipes are useful for mapping out designs. Strong and flexible, they can be quickly laid on the ground, will curve to any shape and really help to visualise ideas. Bamboo canes also make useful design tools. If you’re intending to plant a 6ft hedge, push a line of 6ft canes into the ground, stand back and take a good look. Will the hedge fit the available space or will it be too dominant? All this may seem like a great excuse for ‘messing about’, but getting the design right fi rst time will save you a fortune in blood, sweat, tears – and money. www.sussexliving.com

Visit our new website at www.roofers4u.co.uk • FREE ESTIMATES & ADVICE • 10YR INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEE

• All aspects of pitched, flat & lead roofing • All maintenance & repairs • Tiling, slating & stone specialists • Zinc and copper roofing

➤ Bathrooms ➤ Carpentry ➤ Tiling ➤ Plumbing ➤ Plastering ➤ Electrical (Part P Certificated) ➤ Central Heating ➤ Flooring General building work undertaken

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SCAFFOLDING LTD All Quotations Beaten Scaffolding supplied and created throughout East & West Sussex • Prompt friendly service • £10 million Public Liability Ins.

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PROTECTION AND TOTAL PEACE OF MIND FROM £650 + VAT • Domestic Wire Free Alarm Systems • Commercial Alarm Systems • CCTV Systems • Electronic Door Entry Systems • Discreet Camera Surveillance Systems • Remote Internet Surveillance Camera Viewing • Annual Maintenance of new or existing security systems • Free Site Surveys HOLT SECURITY SYSTEMS

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incorporating BURGESS HILL GLASS CO.



Made-to-Measure Blinds and Curtains, Plantation Shutters and Patio Awnings


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A local, family run business

23 Station Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9DE


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The Tile People Try before you buy! Free full size samples!

Quality tiles from £12.35m2


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


by ruth Lawrence

advertising feature

The kitchen is the social hub and family heart of the home. Now is the time to show yours some love. Plus, receive a free wine chiller cabinet with every kitchen ordered this January and February.

Heart, Hub and Home David Otway of Woodborne Solid Wood Kitchens introduced me to their exciting new range of contemporary kitchens, which have naturally evolved from the company’s trademark bespoke traditional solid wood designs. Senior Consultant and Designer Paul Robinson joined the team a year ago; he can conjure up your dream kitchen before your eyes using the sophisticated ARTicad system, customisable on screen before bringing it to reality. Made in the UK, these contemporary kitchens encompass sleek graphic German designs with sweeping curves and handleless doors, to minimal oak veneer, black walnut or the bleached Scandinavian look of pale maple. Rich accent colours can be created with stunning glass splashbacks and texture added with striking granite or quartz worktops. If you prefer a painted finish, any colour can be applied or found from subtle vintage hues to bold brights;

it’s always surprising just what a difference the right colour can make to a scheme. With a delivery time of less than 4 weeks, a gorgeous new efficient kitchen could be installed while your New Year’s resolutions are still fresh. A free design consultation with Paul will help you to see the dormant potential in your kitchen and the company website will whet your appetite with possibility. The best thing is that this personal service usually works out less expensively than purchasing a standard high street kitchen and all the designs can be tweaked according to taste. With a choice of 50 handles and knobs, designs really can be customised down to the smallest detail; the CAD system will enable you to try different ideas before committing to a choice. The ability to see your own ideas take shape can have a profound effect; one happy couple wrote, “We love the final results….I can’t quite believe it when I come down each morning…” Once you are happy with your kitchen, it will be filled with warmth and enjoyment, a feeling which will radiate around the rest of your house. As a small independent company David and the team have ample time to spend with each customer who, in his own words, is “Always the boss.” As I looked longingly at a beautiful duckegg blue hand built Lacanche cooking range, I imagined it installed, a large pan of homemade soup bubbling away while conversation flowed in the background. We all yearn to create a heart in our home and with the right help, this can easily become a reality.

A gorgeous new kitchen could be installed while your

New Year’s resolutions are still fresh.

Woodborne Solid Wood Kitchens Ltd 25a Firsland Park Estate, Henfield Road, Albourne, West Sussex BN6 9JJ Tel: 01273 495575 Email: info@woodbornekitchens.co.uk Web: www.woodbornekitchens.co.uk

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


Holiday home France

Lakeside House

Ecuras, Charente

Village le Chat. 142 Rue des Narcisses. 16220 Ecuras

£65,000 Also available for rent

Summary • Type: Lakeside house • Bedrooms: 2 • Bathrooms: 1

• Year Built: 1980 • Lot dimensions: 400 sq m • Floor area: 70 sq m

This lakeside house is situated in a private village between Angouleme and Limoges in the beautiful department of the Charente. Nestling in a shallow wooded valley, this village of about 200 dwellings has a lake central to its position. There are about 20 houses that border the lake and this is one of them. The house was refurbished in 2009 with upgraded electrics, a new quality kitchen, new lounge furniture, new bedroom furniture and heaters. All but one small window is double glazed. The ground floor is open plan with a lounge, diner and kitchen. Stairs lead up to the first floor where there are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage cupboard. The village itself has a reception centre, restaurant/bar, laundrette and shop. Other facilities include a large heated outdoor pool, a children’s pool (with attendants in the summer months), tennis, table tennis, mini golf, fishing and a football pitch. Fishing in the lake is available for owners, their friends and tenants of the property. There are many more activities locally, too numerous to mention. The village can look after the property for you if you wish, including interior cleaning, repairs, gardening and turnaround days if renting. This village is totally safe for children and pets, as the max. speed limit is 15kph/9mph. The public park areas are always kept neat and tidy. The house is located about 1hr from the Atlantic coastal town of Royan and 1 1/4hrs from the beautiful port of La Rochelle, being situated only 30 min east of Angouleme and 40 min west of Limoges, both with airports. Motorway links are within 20km of the property. The village has 2 entrance/exits and has its own unobtrusive security patrols. Peace of mind when you cannot be there is everything. This house is set in a plot of about 400 sq metres of easily managed garden in the most gorgeous setting. Tranquility and peace for only £65,000 ONO. This property is also available for rent. Contact information for rates as below.

Community features • Playground

• Tennis court(s)

• Lake

• Two swimming pools

• Laundry on site

• International 18 hole • Restaurant/Bar • Shop golf course

Property features • Tiled floor

CONTACT: Tristram & Gillian Reay-Young Phone: 0034 952 890 082 / 0034 626 866 381 Email: gillandtris@telefonica.net

• Hardwood floor

• Balcony with views over the lake

• Private garden

• Parking for two cars

by lisa de silva

hoMe & garden

Pick your


Palette A quick splash or a full revamp, painting your walls is an instant refresher for your home. Choose your complimentary colours, favorite fi nish and grab your brush! From the very first cave paintings, mankind has used pigments to colour and decorate his living environment. Forty thousand years later, paint remains the easiest and quickest decorating tool to revive and refresh our homes. What’s more, advances in technology have made paint safer for both our health and the environment, as oil and solvent based formulas are replaced by high performing water based paints, low in toxic chemicals and almost odour free. The only issue revolves around choice. With a mind boggling array of paint types and fi nishes to choose from, it can be confusing. So, here’s our guide for selecting the right paint for the right job.

The greater

the pigment ,

colours and is good for all interiors, except bathrooms. Satin or silk Good for interior walls in high wear areas, like hallways, or children’s rooms. Gives a slight sheen fi nish and can be wiped clean more easily than matt paint. Has reflective qualities that can brighten and lighten rooms with poor natural light. Eggshell Can be used on interior woodwork and metal to give a low sheen durable fi nish. Satinwood More durable than eggshell, but also produces a subtle sheen on interior woodwork. Gloss Offers a high sheen reflective fi nish and long lasting protection for interior woodwork and metal. Smooth Masonry Great for both flat and rough exterior walls, producing a smooth fi nish. Textured Masonry Has a ceramic bead formulation, producing a fi ne textured fi nish on exterior walls.

the better the

paint quality

What paint finish works best where?

All paints are made up of four main ingredients: pigments, binders, liquids and additives and as a rule of thumb, the greater the pigment, the better the paint quality, as it will provide better coverage and produce a more durable fi nish. For the best results, select paint according to the surface being decorated. Matt Gives a sheen free fi nish, which is great for hiding any imperfections in interior walls and ceilings. Comes in a huge variety of

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Satin Use on exterior woodwork and doors for an attractive sheen fi nish. Chalk A decorative paint with a strong matt, or slightly chalky fi nish. Can be used on furniture, walls and floors to create a textured, smooth or distressed fi nish. Chalk paint can be lightened, dulled with wax, or used as a wash.

Speciality paints

Bathroom & Kitchen Paint These will resist moisture better than standard paint formulations and help to prevent mould and mildew build up. Hammerite A specialist paint for metalwork, such as radiators and garden furniture. Traditional Paint For specialist decorating of older properties, traditional paints are now more widely available from paint companies. These include paints such as limewash, made from slaked lime and water, which is good for porous surfaces, and distemper, made from animal and

Choosing Colours

Refreshing or changing the colour of a room will have a positive impact on how the space both looks and feels, however deciding on a colour scheme can be a daunting prospect. When choosing colour, the trends in interiors move more slowly than in the fashion world and you may live to regret painting a room the latest couleur du jour. It might be wiser to keep walls and ceilings to more classic neutrals, using home accessories for on-trend colours and textures. As light, both natural and artificial, has such a profound effect on how colours appear, it’s a good idea to try several paint samples. Paint swatches of A4 card in your proposed colours and stick them up around the room. This lets you experience them at all times of the day and night, until you fi nd a continued on page 61


Chalk paint can be lightened, dulled with wax, or used as a wash.

natural resins, which gives a velvety fi nish, good for plaster mouldings. Eco Paint While most leading brands now produce a range of health and environmentally friendly paints, for those seeking ecological certainty, there are now a number of specialist ranges.

Stoves Liners Installations 1412

Bolney Stoves Ltd.

10 The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green, Hassocks BN6 9LE T: 01444 871815 | sales@bolneystoves.co.uk | www.bolneystoves.co.uk


SuSSex Living January 2015


Your Local Independent Kitchen Studio

* ear oN tap w Y TI er Ne omo wat Pr iling o eb

fre n *o

rs de


ed ac pl

an tj ou

gh ou

r th



b fe

The Kitchen People www.kitchenpeople.co.uk

61 The High Street, Lindfield,West Sussex RH16 2HN

Tel: 01444 484 868 Email: paul@kitchenpeople.co.uk

www.facebook.com/kitchenpeople @KitchenPsarah

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80th Anniversary Winter SAle Starts 8th January

Household Linens, Fabrics, Haberdashery, Knitting Wools, Handicrafts and much much more... 25% off All curtAin rAilS And poleS* *Complete units only

01444 454648


Established 1935

120 & 120a South Road Haywards Heath (opp Victoria Park)

colour that you’re happy with. There tends to be three main types of colour scheme. A monochromatic scheme uses one colour on both walls and woodwork to create a clean and contemporary look. It can make a room feel larger as there are no contrasts to draw the eye. It can also bring a sense of calm. A related colour scheme involves using one dominant colour, alongside a calmer companion, with a neutral for ceilings and woodwork. For example, you could match slate grey, with a paler grey and a white neutral. This can work well if you want to match walls to existing furniture and fabrics. If you have a favourite colour, or like a bolder approach, a colour contrasting scheme could work for you. This involves using complementary opposite colours, such as apple green and raspberry red. When positioned side by side, it creates the effect of a strong contrast, making each colour sing with brightness and intensity.

Make sure your walls are prepared and you have the

right brushes for the job

Mandy Williams

The shop that comes to you!

Curtains, blinds

The shop that comes to you!

Soft furnishings Free estimates and design No vat mandy.mwdesigns@gmail.com www.curtainsblindsupholstery.co.uk

tel: 01444 235233 mobile: 07751 653457

We have a fabulous flooring showroom in Hurstpierpoint, with friendly, experienced staff to help you choose your ultimate flooring. We’re tidy, on time, fast and the quality is second to none. We offer a fantastic range of products including Roger Oates, Karndean and Fabulous Floors is the Amtico Approved Showroom for Sussex we are also an approved Amtico showroom. specialising in designing, retailing and fitting Amtico floors.

The Painting Process

If you have decided to tackle the painting yourself, preparation is the key to a good job. Make sure your walls are prepared and you have the right brushes and rollers for the job. Drawing up a plan will make sure you give yourself enough time. Do use the best quality brushes and rollers you can afford as you will get a superior fi nish. Rollers can leave an orange peel effect. To rectify this, brush over while the paint is still wet. They also apply a thinner coat than a brush and you will need to apply several coats to get good coverage. Generally, it is best to start at the top with the ceiling and work down to the walls. Cut the walls in fi rst, using a paintbrush to do all the bits a roller will not reach. Finish with the woodwork and any decorative painting, like stencils. Transformative, creative and versatile - let’s get painting!

Fabulous Floors provide:

Fabulous Floors provide:

• Amtico Flooring • Commercial & Domestic Flooring Amtico Flooring • Speedheat Underfloor Heating Commercial & Domestic Flooring & solid Hardwood flooring Specialist • Engineered • Carpets Speedheat Underfloor Heating

• • Engineered & Solid Hardwood Flooring Specialist • Carpets Part P registered

130 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PX Tel: 01273 833681 130 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PX www.fabulous-floors.co.uk Tel: 01273 833681 www.fabulous-floors.co.uk info@fabulous-floors.co.uk info@fabulous-floors.co.uk

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Specialising in Bespoke Furniture


• Bedrooms • Kitchens • Studies • Storage/shelving solutions

www.taylorcraftedfurniture.co.uk T: 01444 483718 M: 07738 445994 E: petertaylor799@btinternet.com




SHOW HOME AVAILABLE 01933 230119 enquiries@tingdeneestates.co.uk www.royaloakcountrypark.co.uk


PROOFthinking DATE/TIME: 15 Decemberabout 2014 2:46 PM extending Are you OUR FILENAME: Jan15 PT Furniture 1-8 or refurbishing your property?

We are local building specialists, with over 40 years experience. • House extensions • Loft Conversions • Plastering

• Carpentry • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Trusted local builder

Free no-obligation quotation for any size project. Locally Based in Hurstpierpoint Call now: 01273 834866 or 07775 832518 Email: nick@whiteheadbuilders.co.uk www.whiteheadbuilders.co.uk


PROOF DATE/TIME: December 3, 2014 4:57 PM OUR FILENAME: Tingdene Jan15 1-4

The right fire for your home...

ANTARES www.antareswoodfloors.com

Real Wood Floors


Specialists in hardwood flooring. Professional fitting service. Visit one of our showrooms.

O P E N T U E S DAY- S AT U R DAY 10AM-5PM Grate Fires of Sussex

9 Commercial Square, , Haywards Heath RH16 1DW Tel: 01444 452626 info@gratefires.co.uk www.gratefires.co.uk


SuSSex Living January 2015

14 Sussex Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4EA Tel: 01444 416892 4 Market Lane, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2NT Tel: 01273 473498


by ruth lawrence

Window Wonder Windows are the eyes of a house; as well as framing the world for the occupants they personalise the outer appearance of the building. Shutters bridge that crucial visual space between inside and out.

Shutters add kerb appeal and value whilst reducing noise and improving insulation

advertising feature

Tim and Liz Sawyers, who set up The Window Shutter Company two years ago, explained the enormous impact well chosen shutters can have on a property both to owner and onlooker. From full height shutters that cover the whole window, to a light maximising café style or the fully flexible tier on tier system, shutters can add a completely different personality to a plain window or door. Bay windows look absolutely stunning with shutters which tend to flatter awkward angles; they are certainly the only option that works for unusually shaped round, arched or triangular windows. “Shutters not only look great on period properties, but add a contemporary twist to any house including new builds,” Liz explained. It’s not all about looks; shutters add kerb appeal and value to a property whilst reducing noise and improving heat insulation and they can act as a burglar deterrent. Child friendly, due to lack of cords, shutters have a neat, uncluttered appearance and are durable while being exceptionally easy to clean and operate. Tim added that shutter frames can be fitted onto the outside of a window reveal or sit inside according to personal preference. Choices are offered at every stage of the design; louvre width according to privacy or light required, material and colour depending on the feel you wish to create and the shape and style which will largely be dictated by the windows they are to dress. Liz has noticed that customers often fit shutters in their lounge then decide to install them in bedrooms after discovering they work so well downstairs. Once Tim has visited a potential customer to find out their needs, he measures the windows and gives a written quote with a lead time of 7-10 weeks to being installed by a qualified fitter. Unlike many companies, there is no minimum order as customers often wish to try living with shutters before installing them throughout their property. Liz and Tim publish a superb brochure which outlines everything clearly with large photographs and comprehensive descriptions of each style and permutation of shutter. Before starting the company, Tim had been product and training manager for one of the UK’s main shutter suppliers and his expertise has ensured a constant stream of satisfied customers who have passed on recommendations to friends and family. Covering the whole of the South East, Tim and Liz are keen to share these timeless window shutters with customers in Mid Sussex who wish to add beauty, value and practicality to their home.

The Window Shutter Company Tel: 01444 440056 Email: info@thewindowshuttercompany.co.uk Web: www.thewindowshuttercompany.co.uk

S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


food & Drink

by Robert Hanson

Food Glorious Food You certainly won’t find anyone jumping for joy about the culinary opportunities available in January. But do not despair; there are still a few star ingredients to shine on your table.

Crème de la Grande Tante

Let’s start with cauliflower and a Crème de la Grande Tante. Quite who the great aunt was, and indeed whose great aunt, remain a mystery. Nevertheless with this Crème de la Grande Tante you will be in very good company. It was a favourite soup of both Madame Récamier (the great chef Brillat-Savarin’s mother) and politician, diplomat, Prince Talleyrand. 1 cauliflower separated into florets. (about 2 pounds, untrimmed) 1 litre of chicken stock 300ml of milk, or more to taste 120g of butter, at room temperature 4 egg yolks Salt to taste 1.Steam the cauliflower until soft, then purée. 2.Bring the chicken stock to the boil, add the cauliflower purée and bring it back to the boil, then simmer for ¼ of an hour. 3.Remove from the heat, stir in the milk and taste. If it is too salty, add a little more milk. Add the butter, and stir until it melts. In a bowl whisk the egg yolks with 150ml of water until blended. Add to the soup and whisk it in. 4.Return the soup to the stove and whisk it over medium-low heat until it thickens into a cream. Season to taste.

Basque Lamb Stew

Next, to the Basque Country, or rather from the Basque Country: Basque Lamb Stew For 4 to 6. Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 4 hours 3½ lbs. of lamb shoulder, cut into 2 inch pieces 6 cloves of garlic, crushed and peeled* 1 sprig of fresh rosemary, (about 1 tablespoon) chopped 125ml of dry white wine 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil 1 large onion, peeled and chopped Salt 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika 1 10-ounce tin of roasted red bell peppers, cut into ½ inch strips 1 large ripe tomato, peeled, seeded, and chopped 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley 1 bay leaf 250ml of dry, full-bodied red wine 1 cup chicken stock Freshly ground black pepper

to 3 hours. Drain the meat, discard the marinade, and pat the meat dry with paper towels. 2. In a large, heavy-bottomed pan with lid, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Working in batches, brown the meat on all sides, about 10 minutes per batch. Salt as it browns. 3. Remove the meat from the pan and add the onions. Cook until soft, scraping any browned bits stuck to the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon. Add the garlic and cook for another minute. 4. Return the meat to the pan, stir in the paprika, roasted peppers, tomatoes, parsley, bay leaf, and red wine. Bring to a boil then simmer uncovered for 15 minutes, allowing the liquids to reduce. Then add the chicken stock, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer covered, stirring occasionally, until meat is very tender, 2 to 2½ hours. Add freshly ground black pepper and more salt to taste.

1. Combine the lamb, garlic, rosemary and white wine in a medium bowl and marinate for 2

*One recipe I found recently called for garlic cloves to be ‘gently smashed’. Quite how you can gently smash anything is beyond me.

Finally, look out for Breakfast Week (25th-31st January) when we will all be more than encouraged to eat and enjoy lots of jolly good breakfasts; and why not?


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


by sasha kanal

advertising feature

The Cat’s Whiskers When it comes to excellent food and comfy, relaxed surroundings, The Cat inn at West Hoathly has long been the place to go for those in the know. now come and fi nd out for yourself!

This beautiful Elizabethan inn has been at the heart of the village since its’ inception. We were warmly welcomed inside on a cold winter’s lunchtime by owner Andrew Russell and it was clear that this awardwinning pub has become both a mainstay of village life and a foodie destination. I started with a hazelnut crisp crumbed goats cheese with honey roasted figs and Parma ham. The supercrunchy hazelnut crumb and juicy figs offered a lovely juxtaposition with the young, lemony goats cheese. The savoury tang of the pan-fried halloumi with Chichester Heritage tomatoes chosen by my sister was perfectly tempered by a

The Cat Inn is all about

simplicity in cooking, allowing the quality and flavour of a dish to shine through

fresh pesto dressing. As we ate these wonderful plates of colour and texture, it was evident that The Cat Inn is all about simplicity in cooking, allowing the quality and flavour of a dish to shine through. It makes a welcome change from the experimental, science-lab style of cuisine so popular of late. “I want to see the classics done properly here at The Cat, and then taken a step further”, Andrew told me. This was all too evident in my Beef Bourguignon. With the meltingly tender meat hailing from Sussex Blond Cross cows, this delicious, wine-rich stew was dotted with small sweet onions and earthy mushrooms accompanied by a bed of buttery mash. Our dessert of divine-tasting coffee parfait arrived in a cappuccino cup complete with froth, a homemade shortbread biscuit and two ‘sugar cubes’ of chocolate jelly. Providence is key here and most of the ingredients in dishes are local and seasonal. This extends to the wine on offer too. We were delighted to see

some Sussex wines fi rmly on the menu alongside more traditional French and New World offerings. A number of exciting wine and dinner events (including a Portuguese wine event with wine writer Charles Metcalfe) are also planned from February 2015 onwards. Despite its refi nery, The Cat remains unstuffy and democratic in its offerings and its prices. With starters on average priced at £6, rising occasionally to £8 for seasonal specials, this represents extraordinarily good value for cooking of such quality. Andrew Russell and his friendly, efficient team make everyone feel like a local. It’s so unusual to fi nd a place that strikes a balance between local inn and gastro pub, but The Cat does it with ease. Whether it’s a special lunch in the snug, a light bite in the bright and airy dining room or a quick pint of ale by the roaring fi re, The Cat Inn offers it all.

The CaT inn Queens Square, West Hothly, West Sussex RH19 4PP Tel:01342 810369 Email: thecatinn@gmail.com www.catinn.co.uk

SuSSex Living January 2015


burns night

by Robert Veitch

Address yer Haggis For most people in England, Burns Night is something to be aware of, but the traditions may not be known. All that changed for me when I recently met Marian Imrie, the current President of the Mid Sussex Caledonian Society Marian and her husband Bob welcomed me into their warm and delightful Horsham home, with a cup of tea and freshly baked shortbread. She told me that the Mid Sussex Caledonian Society began in 1926 in Cuckfield and the Society exists to promote Scottish culture and traditions. They have a variety of events throughout the year, the biggest of which is Burns Night. Being Scottish is not a condition of entry, Bob told me, and they have several English members within their ranks. Marian may be in her first year as Society President, which she has enjoyed very much, but she is already looking forward to the Societies’ Burns Night in January. She explained that a Burns Supper takes place on Burns Night although the terms are interchangeable. She went on to say that a Burns Supper is held annually to remember Robert

Burns’ birthday, the 25th January 1759. Robert Burns is best remembered as the national poet of Scotland and although he only lived for 37 years his birthday is now more widely celebrated in Scotland than St. Andrew’s Day. But it’s not only in Scotland that the occasion is observed, as these days’ Scottish societies and ex-pat communities celebrate it around the world. Around 80 society members come to the annual Supper each year. The very first Burns Club opened in Greenock in 1801, just five years after his death and the protocol instigated then, is still largely in use today. When I asked Bob to outline what happens during a Burns Supper, he was only too keen to elaborate. Once the guests are assembled, the host for the evening will welcome them all and then say ‘The Selkirk Grace’ which is one of Burns’ poems. After the grace is complete the haggis is usually carried or ‘piped in’ to the sound of bagpipes. The head chef carries it to the top table and lays it before the host. The host then performs another of Burns’ works ‘Address to a Haggis’. During this poem, when the line “An cut you up wi’ ready slight” is reached, the haggis is ceremoniously cut open. The haggis is then toasted with a glass of whisky before the guests sit down to dine. Haggis is made from oatmeal, sheep’s offal (heart, liver, kidney and lungs), onion,

Burns is best remembered as

the national poet of Scotland,

although he only lived for 37 years


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


salt, and pepper. Traditionally a sheep’s stomach was used as the casing, but these days a synthetic casing, similar to a sausage casing is more likely. The dinner menu will generally follow a Scottish theme: for example a Cock-a-leekie soup followed by a portion of Haggis with neeps and tatties (mashed turnip and potato) and then a dessert like Tipsy Laird to finish the meal. While the coffee is served the most important part of the evening takes place, it is entitled The Immortal Memory. A guest will stand to give a short speech outlining the poet’s talent and his relevance to the world today. It is a personal tribute highlighting why the memory of Robert Burns should remain immortal. The Immortal Memory is followed by the Toast to the Lassies, which is often light hearted and witty. It is always performed by one of the men and as Marian pointed out, the men should be careful as the women get the last word with their Reply to the Laddies which follows, and is usually a humorous riposte to the men. Poems or songs by Burns follow the speeches and after that there is continued on page 67

Address to a Haggis Fair fa’ your honest, The groaning trencher sonsie face, there ye fill, Great chieftain o the Your hurdies like a puddin’-race! distant hill, Aboon them a’ ye tak Your pin wad help to your place, mend a mill Painch, tripe, or thairm: In time o need, Weel are ye worthy o’ While thro your pores a grace the dews distil As lang’s my arm. Like amber bead.

His knife see rustic Labour dight, An cut you up wi ready slight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright, Like onie ditch; And then, O what a glorious sight, Warm-reekin, rich!

Address to a Haggis Translation Fair and full is your honest, jolly face, Great chieftain of the sausage race! Above them all you take your place, Stomach, tripe, or intestines: Well are you worthy of a grace As long as my arm.

The groaning trencher there you fill, Your buttocks like a distant hill, Your pin would help to mend a mill In time of need, While through your pores the dews distill Like amber bead.

His knife see rustic Labour wipe, And cut you up with ready slight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright, Like any ditch; And then, O what a glorious sight, Warm steaming, rich!

THE SPORTSMAN Goddards Green, West Sussex BN6 9LQ

• Locally sourced food • Cask marque ales • Real log fires • Friendly atmosphere • • Families & dogs welcome • Gift vouchers • Plenty of on-site parking


Friday 6th February

The Rhythm Experience Friday 6th March

Mark Wright - The King of Swing

t h g i N s n r u B Supper 4 course Burns Night supper with traditional Scottish piper

Sunday 25 Janutahry

is back! Entry FREE. Live from 8.30pm

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Valid until 28th February 2015 Excluding Bank Holidays

01273 842645

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Web: www.thegreyhoundkeymer.co.uk

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Freshly prepared selection of delicious, imaginative open sandwiches, homemade scones & biscuits



Minimum 24 hour advanced booking essential, available throughout January & February subject to availability

WEDDINGS From £3995 Wedding Open Day

Saturday 24 January 11.30am-3.30pm

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The Eight Bells Bolney Celebrate

Burns’ Night Join us for a night of Scottish celebration Saturday 24th January 7.30 for 7.45pm After “a wee dram” and the ceremonial ‘Ode to the Haggis’ enjoy a 4-course meal, accompanied by a Scottish Piper. £20 per person

Don’t Forget!

14th February

Book early for a romantic evening. Enjoy our Valentine’s Evening menu and be serenaded by the wonderful barbershop quartet ‘The Royal Males’ The Eight Bells,Village Pub, Restaurant and B&B The Street, Bolney RH17 5QW www.theeightbellsbolney.co.uk | www.8bellsbandb.com

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S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

continued from page 68

Scottish country dancing. Dances are normally structured in the form of jigs, reels and strathspeys and people dance in couples within a set. The music is provided by an accordion, drummer and a fiddler. Bob captivated me with the story of a dance called the ‘Reel of the 51st Division.’ It was devised by prisoners of war in World War II to keep their spirits up and to symbolise Scotland, particularly the Highland 51st Division in adversity. It’s key formation is the cross of St Andrew, which is part of the Division badge. The evening always ends with the singing of Burns’ best known work ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Marian pointed out that hands are not linked until the first line of the final verse, “And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!” Bob was kind enough to show me a book of Robert Burns works. It’s interesting to see that he wrote letters in what we might call today the Queen’s English and yet most of his works were written in the Scottish vernacular of the time, in an effort to preserve the dialect and give the language a life beyond his own death. Marian and Bob moved south more years ago than they care to remember and although their accents may have softened a little over time, just a few moments in their company will leave you in no doubt what they, and so many others, hold dear.

While the coffee is served the most

important part of the evening takes place , The

Immortal Memory

Mid Sussex caledonian society For more details about the Mid Sussex Caledonian Society visit their website www.midsussexcaledoniansociety.org.uk


by roger linn



Home cooked meals All day breakfast OAP special dinners with pudding £5.50

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Cookery Demonstration by Rosemary Moon Author of A Feast of West Sussex 14th January 2015 18:30 Ticket only event - £5 43 High Street, Lindfield, RH16 2HN

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Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa


(not bring available any other offer) and thiswith voucher with you.


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I am so useless at keeping to my New Year resolutions that this year, I’ve resolved not to make any. I’ll certainly feel a twinge of guilt at this pathetic course of action, but not nearly as much as I would by failing to drink less, learn Italian, run more, watch less television, or any of the other worthy ambitions that I’ve aspired to in the past. I even searched the internet for new, more interesting and perhaps less demanding resolutions to carry me into 2015, however although they were very politically correct and wellmeaning, they weren’t quite me. For example, ‘This year I will say Hi to a stranger,’ could cause some alarm in rural Sussex and ‘This year I will be present in every moment,’ was frankly, incomprehensible. Instead, I thought a better plan might be for me to provide helpful New Year resolutions for other people starting with my family, although they seemed strangely reluctant to embrace the idea. However I’ve requested that in 2015, all our children resolve to talk to their parents more often, acknowledge receipt of our interesting texts or emails, and not express surprise that we’re still ‘getting out’ at our age. Further, during the coming year they are resolved that all their children will be required to write fully detailed, interesting and deeply grateful ‘thank you’ letters to their grandparents at the appropriate times. Getting into the swing of it now, I offered my wife Liz a challenging range of New Year resolutions, like ‘I will learn how to use the TV recording device without deleting random saved programmes,’ and ‘I will take an interest in sport,’ but sadly, they were not well received. It is possible that she thought I was joking. Happy New Year everybody.



SuSSex Living January 2015


coMMunit y

by roger linn

Be Prep red! The 1st Henfield Scout group was the fi rst group ever to be formed – it is an incredible distinction. in 1907, those long-ago Henfield boys were the original members of a movement which today, has some 40 million adherents in over a million local scout groups around the world. Today the Henfield Scout Group has of course changed dramatically from the one formed by the twenty nine boys in the early part of the last century – not least in the admission of girls – but its members are very proud to be the inheritors of the core traditions and values of the scouting movement. In 2007 they were the only village in England chosen to host the Scouting Centenary Torch on its journey around the world to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, where the fi rst scout camp was held. When General Robert Baden-Powell sailed back to England after his heroic defence of Mafi keng in the Boer War, he was accompanied by Captain A G Wade, the son of a Henfield solicitor. During the journey, they discussed the brave conduct of the boy ‘scouts’ that acted as runners throughout the siege, and his plans for the creation of a ‘scouting for

The range of activities undertaken by the group is diverse and creative


SuSSex Living January 2015

boys’ movement in England based on the training his Mafi keng scouts had received. Wade told his sister who ran the boys hockey club in Henfield and she was so taken with the idea of an all-yearround activity that she promptly turned the hockey club into the Henfield Scout Troop. That was in the early winter of 1907 and by the time scouting was officially formed nationally in 1908, Henfield already had its own thriving and busy troop of scouts. Of the thirty men the village lost in the Great War, thirteen had been Henfield scouts and six were members of that original troop. Tony Hills is the Chairman of today’s Henfield Scout Group. He has previously been Group Scout Leader and scouting has played a significant role in his and his family’s life for many years. His wife Michelle is the group’s secretary and his father was an earlier Group Scout Leader. A fi re-fighter by profession, Tony is a big man and I imagine his large cheerful presence is one of the real dynamics of the Henfield Group. Laughingly he told me that in his day job he still uses the knots he learnt in the cubs. Tony leads a diverse yet closely linked set of activity groups which include the Beavers, the Cub Pack, the Scout Troop, the District Explorers and the Young Leaders, who have decided to stay on in www.sussexliving.com

the scouting movement to mentor and lead their young colleagues. All the groups are comprised of both male and female members. Through weekly meetings, indoor and outdoor activities, camps, ‘away days’ and expeditions, Henfield Scout Group helps to develop young people from six years old right through to adulthood. The range of activities undertaken by the group is as diverse and creative as the membership; from the sheer exuberance and noisy fun of the tiny Beavers to the demanding and fulfi lling challenges available to the Scouts and Explorers. Tony himself is a holder of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, and he knows a thing or two about helping young people to develop skills for life and work. In the last 20 years, one female and twelve male Venture Scouts from Henfield have been awarded the Queens Scout Award, the highest award a member can achieve. Today, they have a different challenge. The scout hut where all meetings of all the various groups take place, has been in use now for over 40 years and by 2016 will be beyond repair and will have to be condemned. The consequences for the Henfield Scout Group will be catastrophic. Without a Centre, the group would close and not only would

Of the thirty men the village lost in the Great War, thirteen had

been Henfield scouts and six were members of that original troop

Scouting lose the oldest group in the world, but Henfield would lose a wonderful and very valuable resource. An appeal has been launched to build a new Scout Centre Building and details of how you can contribute through donating, buying a brick or simply offering some time can be found at www.henfieldscoutsbuildingappeal.org An important part of the scouting ‘Promise’ is to ‘help other people’ and with well over 100 years of this service behind them, let us hope the 1st Henfield Scout Group can continue contributing to the local community for another hundred to come.

henFieLd SCouT Group For further information visit www.1sthenfieldscoutgroup.co.uk or call Tony Hills on 01273 494741

Look ou t for ou

Educati Featu re on

r nex t

i n t he M a r ch of Sussex L issue i v i ng

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Every Day is an Open Day

Traditional values, outstanding facilities, soaring aspirations and limitless possibilities

Making new friends is easy

Open Day

Saturday 24th January

9.30 – 11.00am Pre-Prep, 11.00am onwards Prep School

An Exceptional Co-educational Nursery and Preparatory School

We put learning at the heart of all we do Summerhill Lane Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1RP Tel: 01444 450256

Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep for children aged 2½ to 13

east Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3pD

01342 321004 www.brambletye.com


Registered Charity no. 307003

PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 November 2014 4:03 PM OUR FIlEnAME: Jan15 Brambletye 1-4

www.tavistockandsummerhill.co.uk Tavistock & Summerhill School is a registered charity number 800086.

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Hurstpierpoint College

Pre-Prep | Prep | Senior School | Sixth Form

Excellent education for boys and girls aged 4 to 18 years Day school to age 13 with boarding options available in the Senior School

2015 Open Mornings Reception entry Tuesday 20 th January 8.45 - 10.15 am Year 3 entry Thursday 22nd January 8.45 - 10.15 am To book a place or to arrange a private visit, please contact Admissions on 01273 836936 Hurstpierpoint College


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015

Hurstpierpoint West Sussex BN6 9JS




DiaryDates Monday 29 December – Saturday 31 January

Monday 05 January, 20:00-22:00

Haywards Heath Tile Showroom, Spencer House, Mill Green Industrial Estate, Mill Green Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1XQ Crawley Tile Showroom & Bathroom Studio, Metcalf Way, Crawley,West Sussex RH11 7SU Redhill Tile Showroom, 22 Monson Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 2ET Receive up to 75% off selected tiles and 20% off all bathrooms in our stylish New Year Sale. Contact Details: Rogers Ceramics 01293 612057 isales@rogersceramics. co.uk www.rogers-ceramics.co.uk

United Reform Church Hall, Junction Road, Burgess Hill See Local Living

Rogers Ceramics January Sale

Thursday 01, 17:00, Friday 02, 19:30 and Saturday 03 January, 14:30 & 19:30

There Was An Old Woman – The Musical

The Henfield Hall, Coopers Way, Henfield BN5 9DB World premier family musical with 15 new songs and incidental music. See: www.henfieldtheatrecompany.com for information and sample music. Adults: £12 and £10, Children under 12: £9 and £7. Box Office: Stevens Estate Agents, High Street, Henfield 01273 492141 Friday 02 January, 10:00-16:00


Haywards Heath, Heathfield, Eastbourne & St Leonards-on-Sea Our once a year Sale will be on at all HKS branches. Contact 01435 866166 www.hks-uk.com Sunday 04 January, 10:15

Mid Sussex Ramblers Hurstpierpoint Circular

Hurstpierpoint Trinity Road car park Circular walk, least muddy route to be selected nearer the day. 5.5 miles TQ281165. Contact: Phil 01273 835931. Option of a drink in the New Inn at the end of the walk. Sunday 04 & 18 January, 10:00-14:00

Bi Monthly Work Parties

Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve. Meet in the car park. Come and help to conserve your local green area. Stay as long as you wish. See www.bh-green-circle.org.uk for details of other events. Contact: Mary Smith (Secretary of Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network) 01444 242667 mary.s.smith@talktalk.net Monday 05 January, 08:00-17:00

General Antiques & Collectables Auction

Gorringes, Garden Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1TJ Gorringes hold a weekly Monday sale located at Gorringes Garden Street Auction Rooms, Lewes. This is a well-established regular auction holding between 600 and 800 lots of antique and other furniture, ceramics, jewellery, pictures, silver and collectables. Contact: clientservices@gorringes.co.uk 01273 478221

Burgess Hill Choral Society Rehearsals

Do you have a Mid Sussex community or charity event to promote? email info@sussexliving.com and ask for a Diary Dates form. Thursday 08 January, 19:30-21:00 Friday 09 & Saturday 10th January – all day

Rebalance your Body for 2015

Designers Choice, 9 Keymer Road, Hassocks BN6 8AD 1/2 price on many Ex Display Kitchens and Giftware. Contact: 01273 841048 www.designers-choice.co.uk

Big Life Organics, 112 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4LL 2-Day course to learn how to detox safely and sensibly with a naturally healthy diet. With Cooking Demonstrations and Hands-On Workshops for lots of quick, tasty family meals. £245 (meals and refreshments included). Contact: 01444 628667, classes@ biglifeorganics.co.uk or www.biglifeorganics.co.uk

Tuesday 06 January, 10:15

Friday 09 - Sunday 11 January

Tuesday 06 January

Designers Choice January Sale

Mid Sussex Ramblers Plumpton Circular

Plumpton Railway Station or Playing Field car park opposite An easy paced ramble. Street Half Moon PH (lunch stop) - East Chiltington Church - Plumpton. 6.1 miles TQ365161. Contact: Pam B. 01444 248717

The Poynings Players Annual Panto - “Aladdin” See Local Living

Friday 09 January, 20:00-22:00

Farewell to Keymer Brick and Tile Works

See Local Living

Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill RH15 8DX A talk by Fred Avery with photographs by Phil Dennet. Members £1. Visitors £3. Including refreshments. All welcome. Contact: paulinetm@gmail.com

Thursday 08 January

Saturday 10 January, 10:30–15:00

Tuesday 06 January

Hurst Afternoon Club Baldwins 80th Anniversary Winter Sale

120-120a South Road, Haywards Heath RH16 4LT Everything reduced on Household Linens, Haberdashery, Handicrafts, Knitting Wools, Curtain Rails and Poles, Dress and Furnishing Fabrics. Thursday 08 January, 10:00-12:30

U3A Burgess Hill Information Day

Martlets Hall, The Martlets, Burgess Hill RH15 9NN Come along and explore the many opportunities in being a member of the Burgess Hill U3A and its interest groups. Contact: Peter Mitchell, 01444 236848 mitchell@platform11.org.uk Thursday 08 January, 10:30-12:00 for 5 weeks

Food for a Big Life – Five Week Course

Big Life Organics, 112 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 4LL Do you want to clean up your diet but love your food? Join us for 5 weeks of fun and informative Expert Talks and Cooking Demonstrations to learn how to achieve long-term health simply through the food you eat. Cost £125. Contact: 01444 628667, classes@biglifeorganics.co.uk or www. biglifeorganics.co.uk Thursday 08 January

Ditchling Film Society - A Late Quartet

Ditchling village Hall, Ditchling See Local Living Thursday 08 January, 20:00

Open Mic Night

The Greyhound Inn, Keymer Road, Keymer, Hassocks BN68QT Every Thursday in January. Contact: 01273 842645, www.greyhoundkeymer. com

Introduction to Metal Jewellery Making

Get Crafty, 24 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN Make a beautiful pendant by piercing (cutting) out copper or sterling silver. Suitable for beginners. All materials and refreshments supplied. Cost £39. Contact: 01444 236607getcraftyonline@gmail com www.getcraftyonline. co.uk/metaljewellery.html Sunday 11 January, 20:00

Uckfield Film Society The Night of the Hunter

Picture House, Uckfield A compelling, haunting and frightening classic Hollywood thriller fantasy with Robert Mitchum playing a sinister preacher. This is the only film directed by the veteran actor Charles Laughton. Monday 12 January, 08:00-17:00

General Antiques & Collectables Auction

Gorringes, Garden Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1TJ Gorringes hold a weekly Monday sale located at Gorringes Garden Street Auction Rooms, Lewes. This is a well-established regular auction holding between 600 and 800 lots of antique and other furniture, ceramics, jewellery, pictures, silver and collectables. Contact: clientservices@gorringes.co.uk 01273 478221 ann.blakelock@gmail.com Monday 12 January – 27 February, 10:00–16:00 Special Friday late night garden openings on: 23 & 30 January, + 6, 13, 20 & 27 February, 17:00–19:00

Deuxième Regard / Second View

National Trust, Nymans, Staplefield Road, Handcross RH17 6EB Both a light installation by night and a sculpture installation by day. French company, Lola Muance, creates luminescent sculptures made from a variety

of materials. Wander and wonder at their latest creation as they transform the garden with colour and light. Event free, normal garden admission applies. Contact: Nymans property office, 01444 405250 nymans@nationaltrust.org.uk mwww.nationaltrust.org.uk/nymans.

Monday 12 January, 19:45

Hassocks Field Society, “Through the seasons in a Sussex woodland”

Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks A talk by Reg Lanaway. Members £1.50. Visitors £2. Contact: Beryl Varley 01273 832351 Monday 12 January, 20:00

The Ditchling Players Auditions Ditchling Village Hall, Ditchling See Local Living Monday 12 January, 20:00

Greyhound Inn -Quiz Night

Greyhound Inn, Keymer Road, Hassocks A monthly Quiz. Why not pop along for this fun night and pit your wits against others. Monday 12 January, 20:00-23:00

The Group

A pub in Mid Sussex A club for single men and women, aged 45+ meets in Mid Sussex, Lewes, Brighton and Horsham. Walking, eating out, sport, arts & music, theatre and travel. Not a dating agency, but an opportunity to make new friends doing the things you enjoy. Contact: www. thegroup.org.uk Tuesday 13 January 19:30

The Weald Classic Vehicle Club The Weals Inn, Royal George Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9SJ See Local Living

Tuesday 13 – Saturday, 17 January

Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood

Clair Hall , Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath. West Sussex RH16 3DN Evening performances every day and matinee on 17th. Charity Panto involving 50 local children and adults. The 72nd panto by The Weald Theatre Group. Tickets range from£5 - £12, and are available from The Clair Hall 01444 455440 Tuesday 13 January, 19:45

‘Serendipity and the Art of Finding Alpine Gems’ plus New Year Social

Hurstpierpoint Horticultural Society, Village Hall, Hurstpierpoint An illustrated talk by David Brown on his travels in Argentina and Patagonia followed by wine, nibbles and socialising. All welcome. Members £2, Non-members £3. Contact: greenhpp@tiscali.co.uk Wednesday 14 January, 18:30

Cookery Demonstration by Rosemary Moon

Field + Forrest, 43 High Street, Lindfield RH16 2HN Rosemary is the author of “A Feast of West Sussex”. This is a ticket only event - £5. Contact: 01444 483700 www. fieldandforrest.com S u ss e x L i v i n g December 2014


DiaryDates Wednesday 14 January, 19:45 for 20:00-22:00

Hassocks Horticultural Society - Life above a Railway Tunnel

Meet at Adastra Hall, Keymer Road Hassocks David Porter, who has lived in the Clayton Tunnel Cottage since 2003, will be presenting his talk “Life above a Railway Tunnel”, which tells the history of this unique building and also gives some details of his horticultural experiences there. So come along for a great evening. All welcome. Members £1.50. Visitors £2.50. Refreshments included. Contact: Sylvia Hancock 01273 844544 n8a5cluv@talktalk.net Wednesday 14 January, 20:00

Unfurling the Gardens of Firle - A Talk by Phil Fenech, Head Gardener at Firle Place

King Edward Hall, Lindfield RH16 2HH The talk will detail the history of these 18th century pleasure gardens through to the extensive and on-going restoration of the historic grounds. Entrance: £1 members, £2.00 visitors. All welcome. Contact: Publicity Officer 01444 451363 www.lindfieldhorts.org.uk Friday 16 January for three weeks, 09:30-13:30

Dressmaking from Patterns

Made and Making, The Workroom, Unit 3 Turner Dumbrells, Dumbrell Court Road, Ditchling BN6 8GT Nervous about making your own clothes? Can’t read all those funny markings? Come along with the pattern and fabric of your choice and banish

those thoughts. (runs 16th Jan, 23rd Jan and 6th Feb). £80 for three weeks.

Friday 16 January, 19:15-21:45

Music for Everyone

The Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill RH15 8DX Doors open 18:00 Robert Lashmar, celebrated organist/ keyboard player. Entry £5 on the door. Contact: Rosalie Birchmore 01444 241269 bhkeyclub33@talktalk.net Sunday 18 January, 10:30

Mid Sussex Ramblers - Winter Stroll

Hassocks Dale Avenue Long-stay car park Clayton - Hurstpierpoint - Hassocks. 4 miles TQ308153. Dogs OK on leads. Contact: Frances 01273 842628f Sunday 18 January, 12:30 for 13:00

The G & S Celebrity Annual Lunch

well-established regular auction holding between 600 and 800 lots of antique and other furniture, ceramics, jewellery, pictures, silver and collectables. Contact: clientservices@gorringes.co.uk 01273 478221

navigation and is a restoration supervisor. He is a practised speaker both locally and on cruises. £1 Members, £3 Visitors (includes refreshments) julie.budgen@btinternet.com

Tuesday 20 January, 08:45-10:15

The Mid-Sussex FrancoBritish Society-Haywards Heath - January Meeting

Hurstpierpoint College Pre-Prep Open Morning

Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9JS For Reception entry into Pre-Prep. Contact: Mrs Christina Treadaway, Pre-Prep Admissions Officer 01273 836927 for further information. Tuesday 20 January, 19:45-21:45

Wolstonbury WI Monthly Meeting

Club Suite, Hurstpierpoint Village Centre, Trinity Road Life in the Trenches in World War 1. Speaker is Robert Thrush. Contact: Jane Biggs 01273 834421 Visitors welcome.

Birch Hotel, Lewes Road, Haywards Heath RH17 7SF. A good three course lunch including coffee, with well-known baritone Richard Suart as guest speaker. £23 per person. Contact: Edwin Cowley, 01342 715709 ecowley@theiet.org www.gilbertandsullivantoday.org.uk

Tuesday 20 January, 20:00-22:00

Monday 19 January, 08:00-17:00

Wednesday 21 January, 20:00-21:30

Gorringes, Garden Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1TJ Gorringes hold a weekly Monday sale located at Gorringes Garden Street Auction Rooms, Lewes. This is a

Victory Hall, Stockroft Road, Balcome RH17 6HP Mike Anderson is a Balcombe resident with an enthusiasm for canals and their

General Antiques & Collectables Auction

Lindfield & District Folk Dance Club

Ashenground Community Centre, Vale Road, Haywards Heath Folk dancing for fun, no partner needed. £2 including tea/coffee and biscuit at half time. First evening free. Contact: Mike 01444 482741.

‘London’s lost route to the sea - the history and restoration of the Wey and Arun Canal’

Wednesday 21 January, 20:00-22:00

Function Suite, Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath RH16 3DN An illustrated talk in French by Barbara Stevens on ‘Une visite a BHUTAN, le Pays du ‘Thunder Dragon” dans les Himalayas’. All members and visitors are most welcome. Contact: 01444 452385. Thursday 22 January, 10:00-12:00

RVS Good Neighbours New Volunteer Event

Mid Sussex CVS, 38 Church Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9AE Drop in to find out more about volunteering for our befriending service to assist older people in the local community. Contact: Royal Voluntary Service 01293 228060 crawleycoasthub@royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk www.royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk Friday 22 January, 08:45-10:15

Hurstpierpoint Prep School Open Morning

Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9JS For Year 3 entry into the Prep School, please contact: Mrs Christina Treadaway, Pre-Prep Admissions Officer 01273 836927 for further information.

2015 Auction Calendar Entry Deadline


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Call Freephone 0800 881 5684 to request a FREE valuation


S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015


15 North Street, Lewes, BN7 2PD


DiaryDates Saturday 24 January, 09:30

Open Day

Brambletye, Lewes Road, East Grinstead RH19 3PD Pre-Prep 09:30-11:00 Prep School 11:00 onwards. Contact: Harriet Tarnoy, 01342 321004, registrar@brambletye.com Saturday 24 January, 10:00-12:00

Open Morning

Show your business some love this February Advertise in our Valentines and Wedding features Contact 01273 835355 sales@sussexliving.com

Tavistock and Summerhill School, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath RH16 1RP Please join us for our School and Nursery Open Morning. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and to observe the school in action. Contact: Registrar 01444 450256 Saturday 24 January, 11:30-15:30

Wedding Open Day

Tottington Manor, Edburton Road, Edburton, West Sussex BN5 9LJ Visit Tottington, a beautiful wedding venue, and a number of selected suppliers to help create the wedding of your dreams. Contact: Sara Luff 01903 815757, info@tottingtonmanor.co.uk, www.tottingtonmanor.co.uk Saturday 24 January, 19:30 for 19:45

Celebrate Burns Night

The Eight Bells, The Street, Bolney RH17 5QW Join us for a night of Scottish celebration. After a “wee dram” and the ceremonial ‘Ode to the Haggis’ enjoy a 4 course meal, accompanied by a Scottish Piper. £20 per person. Contact: 01444 881396 www.theeightbellsbolney.co.uk Saturday 24 January, 20:30-13:30

Hound Dogs

The Princess Royal Hospital League of Friends

l l a B g n i Spr Wickwoods Country Club and Hotel Albourne, West Sussex Saturday February 28th 2015

Prosecco reception 3 course dinner with coffee & chocolates Disco: 60’s to modern Tickets: £55 per person Available from: LoFball@gmail.com 01273 832661


PROOF DATE/TIME: December 1, 2014 2:50 PM OUR FILENAME: Jan15 LeagueOfFriends_1-4

Clayton & Keymer Royal British Legion, Woodsland Road, Hassocks BN6 8HE Duo performing 50s’ and 60’s Rockabilly and Classic Rock and Roll at its best. So if you Swing, Stroll or Jive, make sure you don’t miss them! A great night of entertainment £3.00 guest fee Contact: ckrbl@btconnect.com 01273 845829 if you require any more information. Sunday 25 January, 10:00

Mid Sussex Ramblers Jack and Jill Circular

Clayton Windmills car park on downs (turning off A273 Clayton Hill) Clayton - Underhill Lane - Clayton Church - New Way Lane - Warenne Pass -Wellcombe Bottom - Wolstonbury Hill - Newtimber Church - Pyecombe - South Downs Way - School Lane - Pyecombe Golf Club - New Barn Farm - Jack and Jill car park. 7 miles TQ302133. Contact: Jill 01273 480167. Mobile on the day 07938 833868. Please bring a picnic lunch. Sunday 25 January

Burns Night Supper

The Sportsman, Goddards Green, Nr Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9LQ 4 course Burns Night supper with traditional Scottish piper, Contact: 01444 233460 www.thesportsmanpub. com to book.

Monday 26 January 08:00-17:00

General Antiques & Collectables Auction

Gorringes, Garden Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1TJ Gorringes hold a weekly Monday sale located at Gorringes Garden Street Auction Rooms, Lewes. This is a well-established regular auction holding between 600 and 800 lots of antique and other furniture, ceramics, jewellery, pictures, silver and collectables. Contact: clientservices@gorringes.co.uk 01273 478221 Monday 26 January, 19:45

Hassocks Field Society - “Travel in the past – the problems and pleasures of the journey”

Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks A talk by Dr. Janet Pennington. Members £1.50. Visitors £2 Contact: Beryl Varley 01273 832351 Tuesday 27 January, 10:00-16:00

Asian Art Valuation Day

Bonhams, 19 Palmeira Square, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2JN Bonhams Asian Art Specialist will be at the office to provide free and confidential auction valuations on items you are considering selling. By appointment. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Jenny Bouston on 01273 220 000 or email jenny.bouston@bonhams.com Tuesday 27 January, 19:30-21:15 To Tuesday 03 March

Introduction to Mindfulness

The Clinic at Borde Hill, Naldred Farm, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath RH16 1XR A 4 week experiential course where you will learn about mindful awareness, relaxation techniques and guided meditation to get you started on your path to deeper calm. Cost: £80. Contact: Nicola Preston Bell 01444 819075 nicola@nicolaprestonbell.com www.nicolaprestonbell.com Thursday 29 January, 19:00

Sixth Form ‘Pathways’ Evening

Burgess Hill School for Girls Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0EG Provides prospective families and students the chance to find out more about the opportunities available in the Sixth Form for September 2015 entry. Contact: Mrs Y Irvine – Head of Admissions 01444 241050 registrar@ burgesshill-school.com www.burgesshill-school.com Friday 30 January 10:00-16:00

Knitting Socks on circular needles

Made and Making, The Workroom, Unit 3 Turner Dumbrells, Dumbrell Court Road, Ditchling BN6 8GT Learn how to cast on and knit in the round, turn a heel and graft the stitches together at the end for a seamless toe. £60. Saturday 31 January, 10:30–15:00

Silver Jewellery Ring Making Class Get Crafty, 24 The Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN Learn to shape, solder, texture and finish a beautiful ring from sterling silver! Perfect for beginners. Materials and refreshments included. Cost £44. To book, please contact 01444 236607getcraftyonline@gmail. com www.getcraftyonline.co.uk/ ringmaking.html S u ss e x L i v i n g January 2015



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obsErvEr corPs | HOME LIGHTING

res t Give us a c ed? a 01273 835 ll on 355

PlougHing HorsEs

Miniature fun for all ages


We distribute 17,000 copies each month. These can be found in over 160 local distribution points, including supermarkets, shopping centres, garden centres, railway stations, pubs, and local independent shops. Copies also go to around 100 doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries and some private hospitals, as well as over 125 restaurants. We post over 1,000 copies every month to local businesses. You can also find complimentary copies of Sussex Living magazine in luxury hotels and retirement villages in the area, including St George’s Park, Danny House, Ockenden Manor, Copthorne Hotel, Lingfield Marriott, Alexander House Hotel, Tottington Manor, Rowfant House and New Steine Hotel, for the benefit of residents, guests and visitors.

EE hig ution Living. Yo point for Sussex h visibility by being encourag u’ll be straight to ing footfall y your busin our door, and ess THE JOURNEY of a distributio will get a lifetime n listing every mon th. drawn to life Inte October 2014

Pick up a free copy of Sussex Living from any of the local businesses listed here. Our widespread distribution means that you don’t have to go out of your way to find us.


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Healthy fun for all

L IA 0 C s 21–3 E P e page Se






events village t guide gif Festivelocal 09:28 22/09/2014 and


Gifts x s& Eventd Susse in Mi

Where to find





20/11/2 014


your magazines Businesses highlighted on the list have one of our distinctive swing signs. We try to make sure these locations always have magazines to pick up.

The Haven Centre, Denture Care Centre 01342 716822


Village Hall, Ernest Doe Power

Cuckfield Pantry & Tea Rooms, The Wheatsheaf Inn, Wealden Stores, Sussex Crafts 01444 455611, Cuckfield Pet & Country Store 01444 441511



Albourne Ansty Cross Service Station

Ashurst Wood

Granary Flowers at Heaven Farm 01825 791115

New Store Post Office


Balcombe Balcombe Tea Rooms, Balcombe Stores, Cowdray Arms 01444 811280

Ditchling Post Office, The White Horse, Hogg House Café, Middle Farm Shop, Oaks Poultry Farm 01273 843235


East Chiltington

Bolney Cross Service Station, Eight Bells, Bolney Wine Estate, Old Mill Farm Shop 01444 881356

East Grinstead

Bramber The Castle Inn Hotel

Burgess Hill Help Point, Market Place Shopping Centre, Martlet Hall, The Triangle, Miss Mabel’s Magnificent Emporium, The Town Fish and Chips, Hair+Beauty for Everyone, Nazar Café, Arington Estate Lettings 01444 221102, So Sussex Osteopathy 01444 810331, Munchies 01444 235015, P & S Gallagher 01444 239869, The Wine Stand 01444 616950, Bodle Brothers 01444 247757

Chailey May Cottage Tea Rooms, The Five Bells, South Chailey Stores, Chailey Heritage Foundation 01825 724444

Chelwood Gate National Cat Centre

Clayton Jack and Jill

Cooksbridge McBean’s Orchids, The Rainbow Inn


Crawley Down

SuSSex Living January 2015

The Jolly Sportsman Chequer Mead Arts Centre, East Grinstead Museum, Library, Rail Station, East Grinstead Sports Club, Sainsbury’s, Martell’s, McIndoe Surgical Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital, Angelica’s Convenience Store, Broadleys, Sparrows Nest, The Kings Centre, W J Armstrong 01342 321478

Edburton Springs Smoked Salmon

Felbridge Alfresco Shop

Fletching Griffin Inn

Forest Row Llama Park, Cyrnel Bakery, Bishops Home Hardware 01342 822740

Fulking Shepherd and Dog

Goddards Green The Sportsman 01444 233460

Handcross Sabrina’s Sweet Things, Royal Oak Inn, Country Garden , Bellamie,

Handcross Hardware, High Beeches Tearooms, Handcross Butchers 01444 400725

Hassocks Budgens, Hassocks Station, The Purple Carrot, JJ’s Café, Identity 01273 845777

Haywards Heath Sainsbury’s, Co-Op, Clair Hall, Deli 13, The Dolphin, The Orchards Shopping Centre, Nuffield Health Hospital, Mid Sussex D.C., Haywards Heath Homecare, Café Elvira (Borde Hill), The Bay Tree, O Delice, Baldwins, Haywards Heath Town Council, Franklands Village Stores, The Birch Hotel, Archies Sandwich Bar, Fox & Hounds, De Novo 01444 459166, Antares 01444 416892, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning 01444 223015, Strands 01444 414002, Go Gourmet 01444 410999, Action for Deafness 01444 415582, The Clinic at Borde Hill 01444 440857, Middleton 01444 450711

Henfield Budgens, Post Office, Stokes, Swains Farm & Produce Centre, Jack Dunckley’s Birchfield Nursery 01273 491392

Horsham Horsham Markets

Hickstead Wishing Well 07938 804237

Horsted Keynes The Crown Inn

Hurstpierpoint Washbrooks Farm, Cutters Barn, Co-Op, Janton News 01273 835401, Feathers 01273 834686, D & R Auto Care and Mace Shop 01273 831572

Keymer The Greyhound Inn, Keymer News 01273 843204

Lindfield SWALK, Co-Op, Limes, Glyn Thomas Butchers, Clough’s 01444 452060, Field + Forrest 01444 483700 www.sussexliving.com



Gatwick Airport


Felbridge Copthorne


East Grinstead

Crawley Down


Ashurstwood Maidenbower

Turners Hill



Forest Row

West Hoathly




Chelwood Gate Horsted Keynes



Cuckfield Bolney


Cowfold West Grinstead




Haywards Heath

Goddards Green

Wivelsfield Green


Sheffield Park

Scaynes Hill North Chailey


South Chailey Plumpton Green Henfield Hurstpierpoint Keymer Streat Hassocks East Ditchling Chiltington Clayton Newtimber Westmeston Cooksbridge A283 Plumpton Small Dole Pyecombe Poynings Edburton Bramber Fulking Steyning Offham Upper Albourne




Burgess Hill

Sayers Common


Borde Hill










Lewes A27




Worthing Lingfield



Lingfield Station, Lingfield Community Centre 01342 833893

The Royal Oak, Rushfield Garden Centre 01273 857445

The White Horse




Pyecombe Golf Club, The Plough Inn

Grange Farm, Central Stores, The Dukes Head


Sayers Common

Upper Beeding

The Chequers

Community Shop 01273 834224


Scaynes Hill

Post Office, The Rising Sun, Nisa Local 01903 879976

Newick Post Office

The Sloop Inn, Inn on The Green 01444 831022


Turners Hill

West Grinstead The Orchard Restaurant 01403 865693

The Chalk Pit, Blacksmiths Arms

Sheffield Park


Bluebell Railway


Half Moon, Plumpton Racecourse, Plumpton College

Small Dole

The Royal Oak

Stores and Post Office


Plumpton Green


The Cock Inn

Village Store and Post Office, The Plough Inn 01273 890311

Jolly Tanners 01444 400335, The Victory Inn 01444 400463

Post Office

Wivelsfield Green

SuSSex Living January 2015



Busy businesses and packed programmes were the story for 2014, and this year looks even better!


Business News Haywards Heath

The Haywards Heath & District Business Association (HHDBA) continues to grow from strength to strength and now has 160 members, with an ambitious programme for 2015. A couple of events that proved so popular in 2014 have made it onto the calendar not just for 2015 but as permanent fi xtures, with the Longest Golf Day being held on Friday 12th June and a Pimms and Petanque Evening planned for later in the summer. 2014 however, had a fabulous end of year party at Savannah, where we enjoyed a competitive but great fun game of Call My Bluff, and the crowds mingled over wine tasting courtesy of Grape and Grain, which went down very well. The party followed on from the success of the Association’s AGM and Question Panel that recently took place in November and was a good way to fi nish what has been a great year for the Association. Everyone is looking forward to 2015 bringing even more new members and a calendar packed with some great events. For further information, please visit the website at www.hhdba.com


SuSSex Living January 2015

for Mid Sussex East Grinstead After a busy 2014 here are some of our highlights: ● Turned the McIndoe Memorial statue into a reality, unveiled by HRH The Princess Royal. ● Reworked the shortly to be re-launched www.visiteastgrinstead.com ● Supported and worked on the Meet & Greet project from the Bluebell Railway. ● Active in the Kingscote Valley project. For 2015 we intend to build and expand these successes by: ● Continuing to build on relationships established in 2014 – Meet & Greet, selffi nancing, Project EG, Kingscote Valley project. ● Continuing to run our regular twice monthly networking meetings and issue monthly newsletters. ● Progressing the mural in Cantelupe Road. ● Continuing to work with Gatwick Airport and Gatwick Diamond to evaluate the planned expansion and to keep our members advised. ● Attending town activities and initiatives. ● Seeking new initiatives to turn East Grinstead into a destination and develop local business. For more info about the EGBA please email either Kate Bennett kate.bennett@egba.co.uk or Caroll Everest carol.everest@egba.co.uk or visit our website www.egba.co.uk

Burgess Hill Businesses in Burgess Hill enter 2015 with renewed confidence. A recent survey among the 300 members of Burgess Hill Business Parks Association, together employing 8,000 people and turning over £2bn a year, showed bosses more upbeat about the future than at any time over the past five years. More than a fi fth revealed they would be looking for new premises in Burgess Hill in the next 12 months, the vast majority driven by expansion with several citing stronger export demand, especially for ‘quality products made in the UK’. “It’s good to see that businesses in Burgess Hill clearly feel resilient enough to plan for a period of strong growth,” said BHBPA chairman Paul Shearing. Another packed programme of business events is planned as the Association enters its second decade. It kicks off with a networking breakfast on 2nd February at the Hickstead Hotel and includes the group’s flagship Burgess Hill Means Business event on 15th May, which last year attracted record numbers. Paul added: “Local bosses have shown there is clearly only one event of any significance to them this May...Burgess Hill Means Business, of course!” www.bhbpa.co.uk


Dear Sussex Living…

…I would like to give my sincere thanks to Sussex Living, in particular, Tanis who I had been dealing with. Sussex Living was recommended to me following arranging a charity event in the Village. I had never done any type of advertising and had no idea where to start, type of size, font or colour! Tanis helped with the layout and I felt very valued as a customer with the way she managed my article from the start to the day it went to print. Tanis was welcoming, warm and friendly, not to mention incredibly patient! I would highly recommend Sussex Living as the whole team are supportive, no question was ever a problem, no matter how small and they ensure your article is the best it can be. Thank you Sussex Living and Tanis. Nadia, Afternoon Tasters

…Les Campbell’s walks have provided me and mine, and no doubt thousands of others, with great walks in a really succinct way. I often look to make sure I’ve got all the instructions because they seem to be encapsulated in a few short paragraphs, but have never got lost on one of his walks yet. Thank you. I hope Les is aware of the pleasure and joy he brings to people in the Mid Sussex area. If you weren’t aware, you are now! Steve Simons …I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with my advertisement in your magazine. It is working really well for me and has generated a lot of work. Your team have tailored it to suit me and it represents my company well. I feel it’s a good quality magazine to be seen in and is helping to build my reputation and reach a larger audience. Many thanks to you and your team. Mandy, Mandy Williams Designs





Welcome to 2015! We hope that everyone had a fun fi lled and happy time over the festive period. The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, and look to the future with positive thoughts to what 2015 has to offer. It has been a busy 2014 at Sussex Living, and we would like to thank our team for all their hard work and dedication. And we are all looking forward to another busy year to come. It was great to hear how everyone supported their local Village High Streets throughout December, especially on the bustling village nights. We are sure everyone enjoyed their presents under the tree this year. Mid Sussex is blessed with having so many lovely villages and it is important that we all carry on using and supporting them. It was Happy 1st Christmas for Banksy, which he celebrated with his fair share of the goose! He was not so sure of sharing his table however; all the feasting and family put his nose truly out of joint. Our next Wedding Feature is coming up in February, when we will be celebrating love. And what better thing to celebrate? Then in March we have our next Education Feature, giving you food for thought. For anyone interested in advertising in and around these features do be sure to get in touch with our friendly sales team. Call us on 01273 835355 or email sales@ sussexliving.com From everyone at Sussex Living, we wish all our advertisers and readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. We always enjoy your feedback, so please do keep in touch.

TANIS BANHAM & CARLA FAULKS Co-Directors, Sussex Living Ltd

Please email your feedback to editorial@sussexliving.com Follow us on

Facebook at /sussexliving or on

twitter @sussexliving

Sussex Living is proud to be a member of the following business associations: Periodical Publishers Association, Federation of Small Businesses, West Sussex Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme, Haywards Heath & District Business Association, East Grinstead Business Association and Burgess Hill Business Parks Association.

SuSSex Living January 2015





Barber ShopHT




10am➧6pm 10am➧8pm Sat 8am➧4pm


to find out more please call


01273 835355


or email: info@sussexliving.com



Cedar Plumbing & Heating


• Professional Sweeping • Safety Checks & Advice • Latest Equipment • Power Vacuum • • Rods & Brushes Method & New Power Sweeping • • Certificates Issued • Camera Inspections • Bird Nests removed • • Smoke Tests to BS 6461-1 & BS 5440-1 • Birdguard & Cowls fitted • • Clean & Tidy • Punctual • Chimney Stack & Pot Repairs • Clean your flues regularly to help avoid avoid chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning

All plumbing & heAting work undertAken guArAnteed & fully insured

Mob: 07759 45 05 64 • Bookings Tel: 01444 453 228 www.chimneysweepwestsussex.co.uk

01444 411180 - 07702590211


Landscaping Garden Design • Bespoke design service • Traditional to contemporary • All aspects of landscape • Construction undertaken • Royal Botanic Gardens trained • Free estimates. Fully insured • All types of fencing and gates • Clearance Contact Steve 07703 537316

Fascias Banners Site Boards Wallpapers Vehicle Livery M: 07796 280 151 E: info@plumptonsigns.com W: www.plumptonsigns.com



advert copy-1.indd 1

WEB DESIGN Get Busy calico-uk.com/getbusy

Creating a new English wood in the heart of Sussex ‘A green alternative to a traditional cemetry’

CLAYTON Brighton Road, West Sussex, BN6 9PD 01273 843842 E: info@claytonwood.co.uk


SUSSEX LIVING January 2015

30/06/2014 18:49

W: www.claytonwood.co.uk www.sussexliving.com


01273 846 823

Sarah Breeze

established since 2001


Established 1986

nt ouan Discfirst 10% cle hou rly rate for

RIBA Chartered

❚ Extensions & Refurbishments ❚ Site Visit & Initial Advice ❚ Measured Surveys ❚ Sketch Options ❚ Full Planning Applications ❚ Building Regulations ❚ PI Insured ❚ Over 10 years experience of running projects.

e: sarah@breezearchitect.com m: 07920 520 360

• Painting and decorating • Property maintenance • Flatpack furniture • Decking and fencing • Fully insured • Professional tradesmen • Trustworthy, reliable • Free quotes • Family run business


ert with this adv

LET US DO ALL YOUR CLEANING AND IRONING SO YOU DON’T ✓ Fully trained HAVE TO! and insured staff ✓ Trustworthy and reliable ✓ Affordable prices ✓ Serving Mid Sussex since 1986

Contact Lisa on


01273 846823



PROOF DATE/TIME: October 3, 2014 1:50 PM OUR FILENAME: Ladies That Do 2

• Servicing • • Spares • • Repairs • Pre-Book for

count 20% Dis er servicing

on wint on all garden machinery Offer valid 1 Nov ’14 – 28 Feb ‘15

Unit 1, Bridge Road Haywards Heath

Tel: 01444


Gutterflow Moss removal and Gutter clearing • Moss removal • Gutter clearing • See the difference • Brush or jet wash options • Moss treatment with fungicide

01444 242324 www.gutterflowsussex.co.uk

Ring for a free survey and quote

Sister company of Aerialbeam

Nina’s Craft Shop •




Beads and Bead Making Equipment

Clinical Foot Consultant Qualified Chiropodist • • • • •

Corns – Callus Nail Problems Heel Problems Athlete’s Foot Fallen Arches

Foot Treatments

With Manipulation and Laser Therapy

• Strained Ligaments and Tendons • Skin Problems • Heel Spurs • Enlarged Joints • Morton’s Neuroma

Dorothy Dickson

D.S.Ch., M.Inst. Ch.P., Dip.I.I.H.H.M. 72 West Street, Burgess Hill Tel. 01444 870429 Laser Therapy and Acupuncture for Foot – Knee – Hip – Back Shoulder – Neck – Elbow

Friendly knowledgeable advice Tel: 07726 597721 email: mail@ninascraftshop.co.uk 34a Market Place, Burgess Hill, above Costa Coffee

SUSSEX LIVING January 2015




w. gr


n sc


e la


For all your garden requirements • Lawn Care • Pruning • Seasonal Tidy-Ups • Fencing • Decking EST 1994 FREE ESTIMATES Sayers Common 01273 835025 07843 263650

sc a


s .c

o. u


Sussex Trichology

Specialist Treatment for Hair and Scalp, including: • Hair loss and thinning • Oily, flaky, dry, itchy scalp • Allergic reactions, eczema and psoriasis • Poor hair condition “I WILL TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS AND OFFER INDIVIDUAL TREAMENTS, ADVICE AND SUPPORT.” Consultant Trichologist Shuna Hammocks has been a hair and scalp specialist for 14 years. She is a Member of The Institute of Trichologists and of The Royal Society of Medicine.

Naldred Farm Offices, Borde Hill Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1XR | t: 07860 387 332 info@sussextrichology.co.uk | www.sussextrichology.co.uk


Electrical Services t. 01444 211959 m. 07894 111102 pjselectricalservices@live.co.uk

✓Full or part re-wires ✓Extra lights ✓Fuse board upgrades ✓Extra sockets & more

Jays Brushes Painter & Decorator Interior & Exterior www.jaysbrushes.co.uk Jason@jaysbrushes.co.uk

07940 326495 Bricks & Brushes

CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE AND DECORATING SERVICES 01444 233524 07908 115800 / 07794 915459 www.brickandbrush.com brickandbrush@gmail.com


SUSSEX LIVING January 2015


House Signs • Handcarved house names • House numbers • Restoration carving

woodcutz.co.uk woodcutz@btinternet.com 07761 065857 01444 456105

LEWIS DECORATIONS Tel.01444 Tel. 01444233073 233073

QUALITY DECORATING SERVICES Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified. www.sussexliving.com


Hurst & Hassocks Cars Long and Short distances

Southdown Bodyshop


• Accident Repairs

• MOT Welding • Valeting

• Trade / Retail / Dents / Scratches / Stains

• ICI Mixing Scheme – Low Bake Oven

• Loan Cars Available

• Local Pick Up Service


• Garden Design • Hard and Soft Landscaping

Burgess Hill

Tel: 01444 25 33 28

Email: hursttaxis@live.co.uk

Unit 27, Mid Sussex Business Park, Ditchling Common, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8SE Email: SDBS@hotmail.co.uk ANNIVERSARY YEAR 50 th580024 Tel: 01444 254910 / 07788

Find Your Feet Podiatry & Chiropody Dedicated To Providing First Class Podiatric Care


Landscape Gardeners Gardeners

• Garden design & waterscapes Creators of beautiful gardens design & waterscapes • Hard & soft landscapes GardenHard & soft landscapes Planting & tree work • Paving & driveways Paving & driveways • Decking & fencing Decking & fencing Pond maintenance • Pond maintenance For friendly advice & a free quote call or email us • Planting & tree work For friendly advice and a free quote, please contact:

01273 843283

C re a t o r s oEst.1960 f beautiful water and landscape gardens







01444 455242 / 07712 241232

01273 843283

of Ditchling Ltd



F R A N K LY N N S U I T E 4 , T H E P R I O RY B U S I N E S S C E N T R E SY R E S H A M G A R D E N S , H AY WA R D S H E AT H R H 16 3 L B










new builds

We are experienced and reliable tradesmen offering only high quality workmanship – from renovations right through to new builds – to every customer. All of the work we do is fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.

Call Sean Pollard 01444 471988 mrsp243@msn.com


incorporating BURGESS HILL GLASS CO.


Available 6 days a week

T: 01444 230986/246004 F: 01444 230987/247007 www.balcombeglass.co.uk SUSSEX LIVING January 2015