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Top quality European Oak Dining & Bedroom Furniture with a great selection of wood finishes, paint choices and handle options.






Cover Stories 9

Educating Horsham


Stephen Tompkinson and Jessica Johnson come to town with a Great British classic

48 Picture Perfect

Living the dream in a delightful country cottage near Chichester

67 Nature’s Natural Transformers

Ruth Lawrence gets up close and personal with the High Weald Beekeepers’ Association

86 The End of Primary Education


Sara Whatley looks into seconday school options for those who are considering the next step

105 What’s Your Wedding Style

Wedding Style

Vintage, Elegant, Eco-Chic, Spice or Country Garden; Adele Trathan delights in explaining them all


22 Trust Your Instincts

Creating a happy home in Lewes with Sam Stas

41 Delicious Kitchens

Be on trend with the latest designs and innovations

78 Spotlight Events

67 Beekeeping

A what’s on guide to some of the best events in Sussex this August and beyond

89 Sporty Sussex

Discover the joys of skateboarding, rock climbing, paddleboarding and volleyball this August

116 Meet The MDNA

David Setters writes about the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Editor’s Comment

Bees are the buzz word this month as we talk to the High Weald Beekeepers’ Association about their work and discover some amazing bee facts. In respect to the hard-working honeybees we have two delicious honey recipes. We also look at considerations that parents might want to contemplate when choosing a secondary school for their children. And with the school holidays in full swing, the August issue has plenty of ideas to keep the family amused. Great days out and plenty of events that are taking place post-lockdown so there’s lots to do. Have fun getting out and about!




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6XXSUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

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Stephen Tompkinson & Jessica Johnson




64 Blooming Times

120 Dust Of Your Apron For Cancer Get baking for the 2021 Macmillan coffee morning

22 On The Home Front

127 The Not Forgotten Centenary Prom

Eddie Bingham celebrates a century of supporting wounded war veterans


64 Blooming Times Flo Whitaker recommends plants that love a heatwave 73 Honey Griddled Prawns

Three ways to use honey and impress your guests

74 Spiced Loukoumades

A gorgeous Greek dessert to dreamily drool over

93 Berwick to Seaford Walk

73 Honey Griddled Prawns

An epic downland crossing with memorable views all the way

99 Wellbeing

Lisa de Silva explains the need for bone strength

102 Beauty

Overhaul your make-up bag with Sara Whatley

113 Prenuptial Agreements

Peter d’Aguilar offers his thoughts on the topic

124 It’s A Dog’s Life


Teddy muses about gender equality

131 If You Ask Me

Berwick to Seaford Walk

Home made artisan breads fire Flo Whitaker’s ire this August

132 Puzzle Page

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August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING XX7

The Butterfly Gardens


Located in the heart of Ditchling Common, The Butterfly Gardens is a tropical 3000 square feet oasis full of free flying butterflies from all over the world. You can watch them feed, look out for their eggs and caterpillars, and if you stand still for a moment you may even be paid a visit!

07495 302357



PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 April 2021 2:06 pm OUR FILENAME: May 21 Butterfly Gardens 1-4

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L ux ur y J our ne ys E v er yti me ·

Our holidays include

· · · · · · · 8 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021




Stephen Tompkinson and Jessica Johnson are a couple in real life and will be performing together this September. They are heading to Sussex to tread the boards in Horsham, Robert Veitch chatted to them while they cooked dinner together


tephen Tompkinson was born in 1965, in Stockton-on-Tees, and has an elder brother, John. The family moved to Scarborough in 1969, then relocated to St. Annes in 1971. Dad, Brian managed a branch of the Yorkshire Bank, while mum, Josephine taught nearby in Blackpool. Stephen went to school in Lytham and later in Blackpool, growing up with a love of cricket and acting. Laurel and Hardy were his heroes and he has both their autographs. AA Milne’s Winne the Pooh, written in Hartfield and set on Ashdown Forest is among his favourite books.

It’s a joy to do such a great play and once the train leaves the station, we’re off and running Aged 18, Stephen won a place at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. After his grant was withdrawn, his parents backed him financially and their faith was rewarded two years later when they saw him performing. He graduated in 1988. Since then, Stephen has gone on to appear in a host of familiar TV programmes including: Drop The Dead Donkey, Ballykissangel, Grafters, Bedtime, Wild at Heart and DCI Banks. In 2019 he returned to the stage to set out on the 40th anniversary tour of Educating Rita. Two years and three lockdowns later Stephen and his co-star, Jessica Johnson are bringing the play to Horsham’s Capitol Theatre from 7-11th September for 8 performances in the penultimate week of the seven-week run. August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 9

I caught up with the pair of them over the phone while they were cooking their dinner, at home in Whitley Bay. Jess was animated at the prospect of coming to Horsham. “I haven’t been so I’m very excited. One gain from touring is going to all these lovely places, meeting new and interesting people, it’s a real eye opener.” Stephen added, “We’ve been touring this production for almost three years, so it’s something that we’re very proud of. It keeps developing. We’ve had the lockdowns and had to make changes within the show. We’ve made it snappier so there’s no interval; we get it done and dusted in about an hour and a half. It’s just the two of us on stage. It’s a joy to do such a great play and once the train leaves the station, we’re off and running!” Willy Russell wrote the play for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1979, although the first two months of writing yielded little of worth. Then Rita strolled on to the page and Frank would follow. The themes still resonate today, and include personal development, formal education, social class, and choice.

We played through storm Ellen and storm Francis, being upstaged by rainbows, dolphins and seagulls Educating Rita revolves around the relationship between Rita, a hairdresser who signs up for an Open University course in English Literature; and Frank, a lecturer who wants to be a poet, but is tutoring to pay for the drink he so enjoys. Two lost souls, two mismatched people, who help and have a profound influence on each other. Willy Russell later wrote Shirley Valentine and Blood Brothers. Stephen told me, “Willy Russell’s writing is great. They say you should write about what you know and the two characters are both Willy in a way. He had one ‘O’ level and was a ladies hairdresser for a number of years; then he went back into education to become a teacher. So he knows both characters and the interplay between them. It’s just Rita and Frank on stage in Frank’s office, over the course of an academic year and the audience invest in that relationship. It’s very poignant as well.” Jess recalled the early days in 2019. “We had a short warm up tour and then we went into lockdown. It was heartbreaking to be taken off stage; it was on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Then we had a great opportunity last August at the Minack Theatre on the Cornish coast. It was spectacular to be able to perform outdoors.” 10 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Stephen remembered, “We played through storm Ellen and storm Francis, being upstaged by rainbows, dolphins and seagulls.” Jess remembered the Minack experience as, “one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in theatre.” It’s clear that people all over the country are bursting to get back out and enjoy some culture and entertainment, as Jess noted. “We feel exactly the same, double lucky that we get to perform an amazing play, a British classic.” Jess had her first encounter with Rita at youth theatre. “My teacher gave me the script for a National Youth Theatre audition when I was about 14 or 15. I fell in love with Rita, as I’m sure many people who go back into education as a mature student or change direction in life also do. She really resonates with people who have changed their careers and their lives. People are very protective of her. Stephen’s first encounter was similar. “I saw the play before I saw the film. It was in the early 80s, when I was also 14 or 15, I was given a copy of the script, which I rehearsed in the garage with a school friend. When I met Jess in 2017 we just started talking about it.” Jess had done a short run in Durham and Stephen had relocated to the northeast. “She casually said ‘you would make a good Frank’, so I read it again and realised I was the right age to play him. We took it to (the producer) David Pugh and auditioned in front of David, and Willy Russell’s daughter, who helps looks after her father’s estate. The rest as they say has been joyous.” Julie Walters starred in the original 1980 run at the Donmar Warehouse and reprised the role in the 1983 film with Michael Caine. Jess revealed, “I am a Julie Walters fan. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting her and I don’t know if I would recover from meeting her, but I would love to meet her, she’s my hero. She was a huge inspiration when I was growing up.” Having made Jess aware that Julie Walters lives in the village of Plaistow, about 15 miles west of Horsham, she seemed astonished. “Hey now, behave yourself,” she said with a nervous laugh after pausing to catch her breath. Stephen told me, “We paid a little homage to Michael Caine. Frank’s teaching certificate on the wall of the set, has been signed Michael Caine… We should get them both along to see it,” he chuckled. Michael Caine wrote in his 2010 autobiography “To me, Educating Rita is the most perfect performance I could give of a character who was as far away from me as you could possibly get,

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 11

07833 478786

Stephen Tompkinson, Nigel Havers and Denis Lawson, in the 2018 production of Art

She really resonates with people who have changed their careers and their lives and of all the films I have ever been in, I think it may be the one I am most proud of.” Sussex may be an unfamiliar landscape for Jess, but Stephen has good memories of the county. “We filmed the second series of Grafters in Brighton. I lived in Hove for a while and my daughter was born in Brighton. But I’ve never been to Horsham so I’m looking forward to it. The pictures we’ve seen of the town look lovely.” Stephen’s career portfolio is extensive. His character, Damian Day, from Drop the Dead Donkey is ingrained in my funny bones for his sensationalised reporting, creating fake news before fake news was real… way ahead of Donald Trump. “That was down to the talents of Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, we were lucky to have such amazing writers. No one had done

14 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

a sitcom based in a TV newsroom before and we all just accepted that the BBC and ITV must be pure as the driven snow. We were inundated with stories from journalists who wanted us to put things out there, a real Pandora’s box. We burst the bubble a bit.” For many people Wild at Heart was a favourite programme and Stephen recalled it fondly. “It was a lovely family show and I think there should be more things like it, whereby three generations of the same family can sit down and enjoy the same programme.” In contrast to Stephen, Jess has focused on theatre work. “I’m from Sunderland, very quiet, very shy. I’m a theatre girl, we’re just cogs that keep culture moving along. Initially, I worked in theatre, film and TV and then I went back to study at University aged 23, so I did it the other way around. I went back and forth in life, people are ready to study at different times.” A real life link to Rita I suggest. “Absolutely. It’s a great responsibility playing her, she’s like a relative and people hold her very dear to them. You‘ve got to really try and live up to their expectations. People change course during their lives; it requires

16 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Stephen Tompkinson and Jess Johnson on either side of Willy Russell, during rehearsals

a great deal of bravery and Rita has bucket loads of it.” Away from his career Stephen maintains an association with Alzheimer’s Research UK. “I lost my dad in 2015. He deteriorated over seven years from dementia. I’m very keen to raise the profile of the charity and for the cause, because we’re all getting older and it will be a disease that affects all of us. We need more money to go into it, for research and development.” With time running out, and their dinner almost cooked it seemed shrewd to ask Stephen about his Twitter bio, which states ‘I used to deliver pigswill.’ He recalled, “My first Saturday job was at a fruit and veg store that also did fish and chicken. There would be quite a lot of waste and a lot of it would end up in pigswill buckets that we delivered to farms. It was one of the treats of getting out of the shop,” he chuckled. There’s obvious warmth and understanding between Stephen and Jess as they finish each other’s sentences and enthuse about their week in Horsham and their play. We could have continued chatting, but their dinner was ready and I had been suitably educated… l

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August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 17

A musical celebration of 50 years of What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye Sat 30 Oct 2021

For one night only

25 Sep 2021

Brighton Dome Concert Hall

Brighton Dome Concert Hall

The 7 Fingers -Passagers A jaw-dropping and unexpected journey celebrating connections and adventures. Death defying feats with storytelling create this spectacular and beautiful show.

Thu 30 Sep & Fri 1 Oct 2021

©Alexandre Galliez

Brighton Dome Concert Hall


23/07/2021 10:26

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22 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


instincts Want a home with real personality? Have faith in your own taste and create a home as happy as Sam Stas and Joseph Ellis

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 23

BUILD BETTER LJB are a family run, local building company, established in Eastbourne in 1999 Extensions – Loft Conversions – Garage Conversions – Driveways & Patios – Roof Repairs – Flat Roofing Guttering – Fascias & Soffits – Brickwork – Carpentry – Painting & Decoration – Bathrooms – Kitchens – Structural & Internal Alterations – uPVC Windows & Doors – Drainage – Repointing – Electrics – Heating & Plumbing – Plastering & Rendering – Insurance Quotes

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01892 661858 24 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

01892 661858


am Stas and her husband Joseph Ellis were living in a cottage in Steyning, West Sussex that dated from circa 1900 when they decided to move. “It was a pretty little village, but it just a bit too ‘tickity-boo’,” explained Sam. “We’d moved from Brighton and we needed somewhere with a bit more life! The cottage also had really small windows and a very overgrown garden and although it was very pretty, it was dark, so we craved somewhere with a lot more natural light.”

A vintage telephone seat adorned with an eclectic selection of accessories from the same period creates a colourful corner at the bottom of the stairs

HOME TRUTHS LOCATION: Lewes, East Sussex THE OWNERS: Sam Stas, her husband Joseph Ellis, and their children; Oscar and Kitty. Sam is a textiles designer and Joseph works in recruitment THE PROPERTY: A four bedroom, semidetached house, built during the 1950s

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 25

A large geometric rug defines the lounge area and helps to create a separation from the dining area in this open plan space

Friends suggested they looked at the more modern estates on the outskirts of Lewes that many families seemed to be migrating to They identified Lewes as “part Brighton, part Steyning,” and started looking for another period property. They quickly realised that the period properties within their budget often didn’t have gardens, were right on the road and weren’t going to offer them the space they needed as a growing family. “We wanted something with a bit more space than the cottage, so you could at least get a buggy in and out,” said Sam. Friends suggested they looked at the more modern estates on the outskirts of Lewes that many families seemed to be migrating to. “We went to have a look and I’m such a convert!” laughed Sam. “As soon as we started talking to people in the area, we realised that so many other families were doing the same thing.” When they first saw the property they eventually 26 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

U P TO 2 0 % O F F I N O U R S U M M E R SA L E ( E N D S 3 1 ST AU G U ST ) U P TO 2 0 % O F F I N O U R S U M M E R SA L E ( E N D S 3 1 ST AU G U ST )

A SOMNUS SLEEP IS I S RY S H E EAR S, O S UMMNPUTSUSOLUESE PLUXU S H E E R , S U M P T U O U S LUXU RY Our handmade British craftsmanship, combined with our very own Sensa Intelligent spring system and Our handmade British craftsmanship, combined with home-grown sustainable natural fillings, from our our very own Sensa Intelligent spring system and farm in North Yorkshire, makes every bed unique. home-grown sustainable natural fillings, from our We’ve redesigned sleep. And you’re invited farm in North Yorkshire, makes every bed unique. to see the results. We’ve redesigned sleep. And you’re invited to see the results.

Somnus Local Retail FP_210x297_ Fine Furnishings July 21.indd 1

FINE FURNISHINGS Unit 5, FINE LindfieldFURNISHINGS Enterprise Park, Lewes Rd,

Haywards Heath RH16 2LX Rd, UnitLindfield, 5, Lindfield Enterprise Park, Lewes tel: 01444 Heath 482011 RH16 2LX Lindfield, Haywards tel: 482011

28/07/2021 15:54

Lots of friends ask which white we used, and are amazed to hear that it’s still just the basic white we put up to start with

“The blue cabinet is my favourite thing in this room. It looked a bit sad in the shop and I just had to rescue it. I really like the very retro shape of it”

28 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

bought, it had been quite neglected – there was even a fridge freezer in the dining room. Despite her husband’s initial reservations, Sam had an immediate sense that it was the one for them. “The house just seemed right. Joe took a bit of convincing, because it was so horrible inside, but I just got that gut feeling; I thought “We could make this nice.” I didn’t immediately think “wow”, but I think I knew that it could work. On top of that it was a very quiet area and we felt the house had a bit of space around it.” Once they were in, they set about opening up the space inside. They knocked the lounge and dining room into one large open plan room. This allowed them to close off what had been the dining room door. Sam explained; “There

The big change

Knocking down walls to create a light-filled open plan space and filling it with colour and character

was a really long hallway, and having blocked off the second door, it didn’t need to be that long anymore, so we thought: “Why have a really long hallway and a small kitchen?” We moved the kitchen wall to steal some space from the hall and make the kitchen bigger.” They did a similar thing upstairs to create a larger family bathroom from what had been a separate toilet and bathroom. “We were keen to do as much as we could ourselves. Joe had never done a house up before, so it was really nice to have that feeling of having done it together,” says Sam. “I would love to have a splashed out on a nice Smeg fridge, but we just didn’t have the space. We were quite practical. I like doing things on a budget, because it makes you more

“I’ve been collecting Polish dolls for about eight years. They’re something I’ve always liked, so if I see one in good condition I’ll buy it”

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 29





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creative. Realising we didn’t have enough space for a freestanding kitchen, but not wanting it to look too fitted, We did quite well by finding the catering unit and the little second hand wall unit and shelves, rather than fitted wall units – I think we achieved that look in the space and for a really good budget.” Having created the spaces they wanted, they set about decorating them. “Because the light was such a big deal for us, we thought we’d do something we’ve never done before and just paint it all white,” says Sam. “We were very determined to give that a go. We wanted to start with a blank canvas and take it from there, but in the end we really liked it. We had friends who’d used fancy shades of white, but we thought for the time

Joe had never done a house up before, so it was really nice to have that feeling of having done it together The look

A Scandi-inspired riot of colour and character. Sam and Joseph have created a bright, white canvas for their colourful collection of flea market finds

“I love to open the Velux window and just hang out of it looking at the view across the Downs – or do a spot of ‘indoor sunbathing”

32 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


FROM £34.50 Inc. VAT

Extremely high quality, Italian outdoor porcelain tiles. Full-bodied, natural looking slate with R11 Anti-slip properties that require no maintenance. A modern range, perfect for floor and wall applications.

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being, we’ll just use plain white. Because it’s so light, I don’t feel it looks grey. Lots of friends ask which white we used, and are amazed to hear that it’s still just the basic white we put up to start with.” Sam collects vintage toys and children’s books, so using white throughout the house provides a perfect counterbalance for her colourful collections. She says, “When we were in the

What home means to us

“Home is a place where you can just ‘be’ – you come in the front door and immediately relax. Because we’ve liked living here so much, it’s a really positive space. I’m constantly surprised by how happy this house makes me. It’s not spectacular or amazing, but it’s right for us – it just works”


Flat & Pitched Roofing

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07789 117778 34 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Telephone: 01273 486110 • Email:

“This is the only place we’ve used anything but white paint. We did Oscar’s room first and we thought it might look too stark all in white, so we did one wall in blue”

   

Soft furnishing specialists catering for all budgets including bespoke, custom made and readymade Curtains, valances, pelmets, cushions, bedrunners • Tracks, poles and accessories • Roller, venetian, vertical and conservatory blinds Free measuring • Fitting service available • Extended showroom with over 10,000 soft furnishing fabrics • Hundreds of blind fabrics and contract fire retardant fabrics

MADE TO MEASURE FLYSCREENS AND DOORS 


  

We are a friendly husband and wife run business with an excellent team of helpful staff supplying beautifully handmade custom designs at very competitive prices. 9 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1DQ Tel: 01323 844555 email:

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 35

All Types of Roofing, Tiling, Repairs, Leadworks, Sofit, Fascias & Guttering

The only call you ever Theonly only call you ever The youfor: ever need tocall make needtoto make for: need make for: Theonly only call you ever The call you ever •The Heating and Plumbing The only call you ever only call you ever The only call you ever The only call you ever need to make for: •need Heating and Plumbing to make for: • Heating and Plumbing need to makeand for: • Oil Heating Systems Tanks need to toto make for: need make for: need make for: • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks

• Heating andRepair Plumbing • Installation, & Maintenance Heating Plumbing Heating &and Plumbing • Heating and Plumbing and Plumbing ••• Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• Heating and Plumbing • All Heating and Plumbing Boiler Types & Heating Systems Oil Heating Systems & Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• All Types & Heating Systems •• All Boiler Types & Systems •Boiler Installation, Repair &Heating Maintenance Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Installation, Repair Maintenance ••• Renewable Energy &Maintenance Solar Installation, Repair &&Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Installation, Repair & Maintenance •• Renewable Solar • All BoilerEnergy Types &&Heating Systems ••• All Renewable Energy Solar Installation, Repair & Maintenance AllBoiler BoilerTypes Types & Heating Heating Systems Installation, Repair &&Systems Maintenance & • All BoilerTypes Types & Heating Systems • All Boiler & Heating Systems • Renewable Energy & Solar • All Boiler Types & Heating Systems

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• Renewable Energy & Solar EXPERT &Run RELIABLE EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving Your Local Family Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community for over 35 years. our community for over 35 years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE


our community for over years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT RELIABLE our community for& over 35 years. our community for over 35 35 years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community forRun over 35 years. Your Local Family Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, our community for for over 35 years. our community over 35 years. serving For a FREE For FREE For aaFREE our community For a FREE for over 35 years.

For aacall: FREE 01825 891720 quote 891720 quote For call: FREE quote call: 01825 891720 quote call: 01825 quote call: For a FREE 01825 891720 quote call: For a FREE | | 01825 891720 quote call: For a FREE | | Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote call: Oak Tree Blackboys Sussex | |East Oak Treecall: Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex |

01825 01825 891720 891720 01825 01825 891720 891720

Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL Oak Tree Blackboys East Sussex Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys| East Sussex TN22 5JL | Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL

£££ Cash paid for scrap metal £££ ✔ Brass ✔ Copper ✔ Lead ✔ Zinc ✔ Stainless Steel ✔ Aluminium

£££ Cash paid to scrap your car £££ 45 Chartwell Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TU t: 01903 761228 m: 07730 285 368 e: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00 Saturday 08:00-12:00


Nicholls Bros

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Sussex Ltd

Driveway and Surfacing Contractors Est in 1995, Frontline Automation specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of automated gates across Sussex & the South of England

∙ Access Control & CCTV

Red and Black Tarmacadam

01424 838 350

∙ Free Site Surveys & No Obligation Quotations

36 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Prolong the life and enhance existing surfaces with Hot Tar and Gravel


∙ Gates & Barriers

01444 248292


Haselden Oast, Battle Road, Dallington, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9LG


cottage, I was aware that learned my love of kitsch didn’t “We lost the cat in the rubble really work, so it was – he fell asleep on a dust bag really refreshing to be and we didn’t see him for days! able to revisit all the Between that and the children things I used to love,” playing with marbles on a wet said Sam. “We sold lots concrete floor, I would love to of things – a lovely, but have had all the work done rickety Victorian sofa and and then moved in a round, very ‘country’ afterwards” dining table, and I got stuck into flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops. You can get some great stuff on the High Street, but that doesn’t give a space much character. Part of the fun of it is unearthing things at car boot sales. If I see something I like, I just buy it. Sometimes I get it home and there’s nowhere to put it, so I’ve come unstuck a couple of times, but it’s not hugely considered. I think people get too hung up about creating a certain look and think everything’s got to be from the right period. If you’re confident enough, just be brave and it’ll work. If it makes you happy, a bit of bad taste thrown in is a great idea! You can be too precious.” Sam enjoyed the finishing touches most: “The most fun part was definitely when things started going up on the walls. We’ve got a big collection so I liked doing that, and that bit when you start picking out or making cushions.” And now it’s done? “I don’t think I’ll ever feel it’s finished, there’s always room for more! It’s a work in progress and I’m happy to tweak things. For now we’re quite happy with how it is… but if I spot something brilliant, I’ll definitely try to squeeze it in somewhere,” she laughs. l

Sam’s statement staircase adds a real ‘wow-factor’ to the entrance hall and ensures the theme of bright colours on a white backdrop is carried through

Text by: Katie Treggiden Photography: GAP Interiors/Bruce Hemming Styling: Sally Maton “If you’ve got a bit of confidence, you can get away with things. The look in here is quite feminine, but it’s eclectic. I’ve made it more masculine for Joe with an Anglepoise – and he’s got an old 1970s record cabinet as his bedside table, so that’s his little masculine corner!”

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 37

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES “It’s the best home improvement we have ever made. Our conservatory is now our dining room in the garden.” Mike Millis, Middleton On Sea



*Quote Ref SLE0821

There are many reasons to change your conservatory roof with Green Space UK

INSTALLED IN 1 DAY “What a difference a day makes as the saying goes, and yes, that’s all it took to install.”

MOULD & CONDENSATION “This is the best thing we have done in this house. Used to run with condensation and now zero.”

Mr & Mrs Barber, Wells

Karen Thomas, Chippenham

WARMER IN WINTER “There is no doubt that the conservatory is much warmer than previously, and no, the room is not darker either!”

COOLER IN SUMMER “You could have fried an egg on the table in there in the summer, I now look upon the conservatory as a new room. It is quiet, restful and cosy.”

David Birch, Chichester

USABLE ALL YEAR ROUND “The conservatory is now used throughout all seasons of the year and is far more comfortable to sit in whatever the weather outside.” Mr & Mrs Gibson, Portishead


QUIETER IN BAD WEATHER “For the first time in 10 years we do not have to close the door to the conservatory when it rains, as the noise is minimal and before I found it difficult to hear the TV over the loudness of the rain on the old roof.” Mr & Mrs Bailey-Webb, Warsash

Carol Doyle, Surrey


REDUCES ENERGY BILLS “I’ve already turned the underfloor heating down. Lovely job guys, thank you!”

We can offer contact-free installations, and perform these in less than a day!

Anne Bird, Bristol

Get a price for your conservatory roof


0800 08 03 202

*Finance subject to status. Terms and Conditions apply. Green Space UK, Unit 8 BH24 1PD & Registered No. 8542786, as shown on FCA authorisation, trading as Green Space UK, is a credit broker and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Credit is provided by Hitachi Personal Finance, a trading style of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register no 704348). Subsidies are limited by area and not guaranteed. Putting off your enquiry could reduce the potential subsidy available to you.


0.5% To celebrate the opening of our new office we’re offering any new sales instruction, a rate of just 0.5%+vat for sole agency, to market your home.

Call: 01444 523444

Email: 24 The Orchards, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3TH



All types of pitched roofing ■ lead and metal roofing flat roofing ■ roof repairs A Professional Service from Start to Finish ■ Covering areas of Hassocks, Brighton, Haywards Heath, Lewes and Burgess Hill, as well as the surrounding West Sussex area 01273 843566 I 07833 607182 I 07814 196328 I I August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 39

Barge Tiles Showroom Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm Saturdays 9.30-4pm

Pick up some Inspiration for your next Tiling Project. Wall and Floor tiles, You’ll be Spoilt for Choice!


PLACING PRIVATE HOUSEHOLD STAFF & PAs With over 20 years in practice, working first hand in private homes, giving us the understanding and experience to know what would be a good fit for our clients, we work with professional Private Household Staff in London, Home Counties and Sussex. Are you looking for a PA, EA or VA? Taylor Gray Ltd supports busy professionals to make their life easier, if you need full time or part time or remote assistance we can help. Please do contact us for more information.

Newchapel Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6BJ Tel: 01342 833470 | • Ample free parking •

86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Tel: 0203 8722009 Mobile: 07407 156745 •


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40 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021 14 September 2020 12:24 pm PROOF DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Mid Sussex Kitchens 1-2




he evolution of the kitchen is a juicy story. From cooking over the open fire in the Middle Ages and huddling in for warmth, food, light and safety to the trend for the kitchen being separated and shunned as a space to entertain (which lasted right up until the 1950s/1960s), to today’s kitchen which is now the hardest working room in the home and is often pride of place for entertaining. Today’s kitchen is a multifunctional space that includes a kitchen, dining room, comfortable living area and increasingly, a workspace too. As we are spending more time at home than ever before, we expect our kitchens to perform to our every need. On the dream kitchen wish list you will likely find an island, a breakfast bar (perhaps to be integrated into your island), modern pantry, nifty concealed appliances and storage solutions, a dining area, a cosy, soft furnished area and maybe even a

Thinking of remodelling the kitchen this summer? Read on for some tasty on-trend design and style tips from Sara Whatley wood burner or workspace other than the dining table. And of course, it must look absolutely stunning too! Probably the most desirable design for this room of the house is openplan living and for those with gardens, an extension of the space out into the garden for

that glorious Mediterranean vibe. Or if you desire a little more seclusion from your cooking and dining areas you could opt for the brokenplan design, where you use a well-placed shelf unit or raised breakfast bar to create separation instead of a fullon wall.

When thinking about the design of your kitchen there are numerous styles available from sleek, modern and minimal to rustic country farmhouse and everything in between. It’s always a good idea to think about the general feel and style of the rest of your home and to keep the kitchen in step with that. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a bold statement with your kitchen to ensure it’s the true humming heart of your home. I believe functionality should be the buzzword of any kitchen, for even if it looks amazing, if it doesn’t function sufficiently it’s just not worth it. Luckily this is not a problem with all the nifty storage solutions and ergonomic designs available today. Contemporary kitchens are keeping up with all the latest tech and gadgetry trends to make them function at an all time high, but that doesn’t mean we want to look at them all the time, and now we don’t have to. Concealed appliances are de rigueur August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 41

due to the de-cluttering movement and create sleek fuss-free living. Food storage has also found a new solution; the modern-day larder. Essentially a tall and deep free-standing cupboard with all the shelves, draws and racks you could desire meaning all your dry goods are compactly stored in one organised place. With colourful doors to fit in with the rest of the kitchen scheme or with glass fronted doors, the modern-day larder is not only highly functional but also looks the part. Another great storage space is a kitchen island. These multi purpose kitchen features are infinitely adaptable and can be designed just the way you want. House the sink here

42 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

You could even go for a dining island – where your standard kitchen island has an extension dining table added for the ultimate in sociable cooking and eating

SUSSEX STONEWORKS Granite, Marble & Quartz Installation Specialists

❖ Local friendly team ❖ Free honest advice ❖ Home appointments available ❖ Best prices around

LEWES TILE SHOWROOM OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY Suppliers of the finest tiles and stone 15 Malling Street, Lewes BN7 2RA 01273478965 |

❖ Specialists in the supply and fitting of Quartz, Granite and Marble worktops ❖ New local showroom in Hurstpierpoint ❖ Full design and renovation package available 30 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9RG 07379 373339 ❖


PROOF DATE/TIME: 25 March 2021 9:49 am OUR FILENAME: April 21 Sussex Stoneworks 1-4

Retail kitchens at trade prices

Call into our Burgess Hill Showroom

The kitchen you want at an affordable price

t: 01444 715069 e: w: Unit 15, Sheddingdean Business Centre, Marchants Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8QY


PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 July 2021 11:20 am OUR FILENAME: August 21 Sussex Trade Kitchens 1/2

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 43

Concealed appliances are de rigueur due to the de-cluttering movement and create sleek fuss-free living

or perhaps you would rather the cooker to be the centre of the room, easily done with a downdraft extractor fan which sits behind the hob. Include a sociable breakfast bar, extra worktop space and of course oodles of storage underneath. Kitchen islands are not just for the large kitchens either, small spaces can also benefit from a compact island creating 44 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

extra storage and worktop areas. Play with shapes and designs to fit around your kitchen space; small and square, long and thin, rounded, curved – whatever takes your fancy. You could even go for a dining island – where your standard kitchen island has an extension dining table added for the ultimate in sociable cooking and eating.

Once you have the design of your kitchen nailed it’s time to start thinking about the look. Colour schemes are quite bold for 2021, think mood enhancing dark reds, greens and blues with the addition of statement countertops and splashbacks. Don’t forget about the fifth wall as well – the ceiling! Choosing a bold colour to go up top can really enhance your space and

make it much more visually interesting. Lastly, turn your attention to the all important small finishing details which lift a design from mediocre to wow! Shining brass taps, verdant hanging plants, stylish handles, beautiful tiles across the floor, a stunning lampshade or an inviting cosy sofa. Now all you have to do is turn up the heat and get cooking! l

Transform your Transform kitchen in 2020! your

Ca Pietra

kitchen in 2021!

DID YOU KNOW that we can completely change your kitchen in as little as that we DID YOU KNOW 1 can or 2 days? completely change

your kitchen in as little as 1 or 2 days?

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform your kitchen for half the cost of a complete replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.

Ca Pietra

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform yourGive kitchen usfor a call 01323 644141 half the cost of a complete | 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1HS replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.


£ £

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen Transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and were very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Give us a call 01323 644141

Open Tuesday to Saturday OR BY APPOINTMENT 9 Keymer Road Hassocks BN6 8AD 01273 845655

Showroom: 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1HS

STUDIO PROOF • From simple door replacements to • complete From simple door fitted kitchens

PROOF DATE/TIME: 23 July 2021 12:28 pm OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 De la Casa

replacements to • Fully installed local complete fittedbykitchens


professionals in just a few complete kitchens days • Choose fromfitted a large

by simply replacing theLESS doors and worktops UP TO 50% THAN A

professionals indoor just a few From simple • • Fully installed by local days replacements to

of doors, • selection from a large • Choose Fully installed by local worktops and appliances selection of doors, professionals in just a few worktops days and appliances

40 Grosvenor Road Choose from 40• Grosvenor Roada large Tunbridge Wells selection of doors, Tunbridge Wells worktops and appliances TN1 2AS TN1 2AS

Call us now for a free Grosvenor 40 us Call now for a Road free estimate: estimate: Tunbridge Wells

01892 039 01892 458 458 039

TN1 2AS www.dreamdoors. www.dreamdoors. Call us now for a free estimate:

01892 458 039

www.dreamdoors. Where reputation matters



by simply replacing the doors and NEW FULLY FITTED KITCHEN


NEW FULLY FITTED KITCHEN by simply replacing the doors and worktops





Wow your friends and family!




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Your satisfaction is our success


• All aspects of pitched, flat & lead roofing • All maintenance & repairs • Tiling, slating & stone specialists • Zinc and copper roofing

Haywards Heath: 01444 239977

With over 25 years experience Stephen Farmer has transformed 100s of lofts. We are the loft company others are talking about. 100% works completed on time and on budget

Thank you

Add space – add value

e t 01795 481265 / 07715 312576 loft doctors 30 New Road, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1BW

Tel: 0800 699 0522 • 07957 156467

46 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Company Promotion

Auction Fever In A Pandemic Did you hear on the news that Princess Diana’s bike had been sold at auction recently? What you might not have realised was that it was sold for nearly £55,000 to an American lawyer bidding online from his office in Baltimore. Perhaps even more surprising was that it was not sold at one of the main London auction houses, but at Burstow and Hewett auctioneers in Battle. The run-up to the auction was a media frenzy, with auctioneer Mark Ellin conducting interviews with news networks from all over the world, including Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, but the interviews on the American TV networks tapped into a rich seam of fanatical royal collectors.

This means achieving much higher prices for interesting or good quality items, with people looking for alternative ways to invest their savings, when bank interest rates are close to zero. The past year has been the busiest and best yet for the Battle auctioneers, with a constant flow of fascinating items coming up for sale, but with the audience now almost entirely online.

The day of the sale was electric, with thousands of registered bidders online, but only a handful of people in the room, which has become the norm since the start of the pandemic. There has

been a huge increase in the number of buyers at auction sales over the past 18 months, but a decrease in people attending the saleroom.

One of the main areas of growth has been in jewellery and watches, which are great investment opportunities for buyers, and a huge internet audience for sellers. Will Ellin (the fourth generation auctioneer of the Ellin family) is the resident jewellery specialist and is a qualified gemmologist, which means that he can assess gemstones, grade diamonds, and give realistic valuations and professional advice, and then if you decide to sell, there’s a worldwide audience of eager buyers waiting to bid!

Olympic archive of British Athlete George Nicol, sold for £7,000 (Dec 2020)

For free advice on selling, call Burstow and Hewett on 01424 772374 or visit Abbey Auction Gallery, Lower Lake, Battle, East Sussex TN33 0AT

When Fiona White embarked on her rural idyll, she wasn’t alone in falling for the charms of a traditional thatched roof

Picture 48 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021



August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 49


Call now on:

01342 823397 Email:







Renovate and refurbish your gates, railings, garden furniture and any metal items. We also make gates and railings and any metal items. We also carry out Environmental Friendly Cleaning of Patio, Stone, Brickwork and Wood

Reliability, Professionalism & Quality


01323 849229 - Unit 35, Station Road Industrial Estate, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2ER Email: 50 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

EXTERIOR From the thatched roof to the flintstone wall and picket gate, this Grade II listed property in Sussex has all the classic features of a traditional English country cottage


Near Chichester, West Sussex


Fiona White, a retired local government manager and her Persian cat, Princess Marmalade


A grade II listed cottage that was originally two separate dwellings, built in the 1500s


Sitting room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom


iona White’s love affair with Sussex began 30 years ago when she was still living in her native Scotland. “Back then I had a collection of ornaments called Sussex Cottages but had no idea where it was!” she remembers. “I certainly never dreamed of living there or owning a picture-perfect thatched cottage with roses around the door. But when I saw Meadow Cottage while passing an estate agent’s window, I fell in love with it immediately and was desperate to buy it.” When ill health forced Fiona to give up her full-time career as a senior manager in local government, she wanted to invest her pension in “a home that I could enjoy.” The cosy two bedroom cottage suited her perfectly though, being on a busy road, the location was something of a compromise. One of the first changes she made was to install secondary glazing in the listed building which “cuts out road noise and improves August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 51

insulation without detracting from the appearance of the traditional windows.” Fortunately for Fiona, there was little else that needed doing to the cottage, as the interior had already been sympathetically renovated by the previous owners. “They had lavished all their love and attention on it,” she recalled. “The beams had been stripped back to give them a lighter feel, some of the stone and brickwork exposed, the old bread oven had been restored and the fireplaces opened up with two wood burning stoves installed.” The most significant improvement, however, was the two-storey extension added at

Fiona’s home is in a run of three cottages, two of which were knocked into one to create Meadow Cottage some years ago

SITTING ROOM On the coffee table a vase of fresh flowers from Fiona’s garden stands next to her favourite ornament, a gift from colleagues when she left work. Along with the flowers, appliqué cushions add a hint of pink to the blue and cream colour scheme

52 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


Summer Sale


Starts Monday 2 August


Special Offers on beds, sofas, dining sets, tables, chairs, recliners, bedroom furniture, cabinets, carpets and more! 1-3 Station Approach, Seaford (opposite the railway station)

01323 892040


SummerSale2021SxLiving.indd 1

12/07/2021 13:15

DINING ROOM With space at a premium, Fiona was lucky to squeeze in a much loved family heirloom, her upright piano beside the steep staircase that leads to her first floor bedroom


“My dining suite in a distressed oak/duck egg blue finish which is a perfect fit for the space in my dining room and came from a local garden centre.”

KITCHEN The recently built kitchen extension has been given a contemporary treatment with sleek walnut units, stainless steel appliances and metallic mosaic tiles. In fact, the only traditional features are the butler’s sink and tap!

DAVID SHEPARD BATHROOMS Design • Supply • Install

Bathrooms | Shower rooms | Cloakrooms | Tiling | Painting | Plastering | All aspects of electrical work


Please call David Shepard 01444 250262 / 07952 544739


PROOF DATE/TIME: 23 March 2021 12:58 pm 54 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

OUR FILENAME: April21 DMC Bathrooms 1-2

The colour theme began with the sofas and silk curtains in the sitting room the rear of the building, which created a spacious modern kitchen and a luxurious bathroom upstairs. In contrast with the existing rooms, these are both totally contemporary in style – the kitchen sleek and streamlined in walnut and stainless steel, the bathroom designer hotel style with its spa bath and marble countertop basin. There was still plenty of opportunity for Fiona to put her own stamp on her new home and she admitted she “had great fun with the interior design, creating what my friends tease me is ‘duck egg heaven’.” The colour theme began with the sofas and silk curtains in the sitting room that came from her previous home and continued when she invested in a new dining suite with plush velvet curtains to match. Upstairs she went for more girly pink, with rose-strewn bedding and curtains complementing her romantic looking painted bedroom furniture. With fitted carpet in a pale shade of sand and the walls throughout painted creamy white, Fiona has helped to create a lighter feel and maintain a sense of space in the cottage’s small, low-ceilinged rooms. But perhaps her greatest achievement is the beautiful cottage garden she created in a mere eighteen months from the bramble-infested overgrown plot she took on with the house. With the help of a landscape gardener friend,


• M A D E T O M E A S U R E C U R TA I N S & B L I N D S •

Please call for friendly advice

Ashdown Roofing Unit 12a More House Farm, Ditchling Road, Wivelsfield RH17 7RE

At Ashdown Roofing the key to our success is customer satisfaction. Established in West Sussex for over 20 years, our qualified team can handle work of all sizes. All work is guaranteed & fully insured with designs tailor-made to your needs. We are an Anderson’s, Bauder & Alumasc Approved Contractor. Our services include:

• Roof Repair • Flat, Tiled & Slate Roofs • Chimney Repairs • Lead Flashing • Valleys, Guttering • Domestic & Commercial • Your Roofing Problems Solved! Call us today 01444 239401 or 07802 291121 for a no obligation quote

Eastbourne Foam & Fabric

For that hassle free personal service Beautiful made-to-measure Curtains and Blinds, Cushion Covers and Upholstery * Foam/fibre infills or complete seat cushion replacement (for homes, boats or caravans) * Curtain fabric and fire retardant upholstery fabric all available by the metre. Please * Foam cut to any shape or size wear a Brand names * Trade welcome ce mask *


See our Extensive Range at

137 Green Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1SB ☎ 01323 430777 August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 55


Imagine sitting in your new living space...

Laughing with family, entertaining friends, enjoying views of your garden!

Orangery Extensions


Garden Rooms

Adding a stamp of quality to your home by creating a new living space that provides more room and gives you a natural connection with the outdoors. As Designers and Installers of luxury glazed extensions & garden rooms created for your allyear-round comfort and enjoyment, we want to help make your dream living space a reality!

Windows & Doors

I am delighted with the finished conservatory and thank you for your advice, customer service and professional care in making this happen, the space has transformed the property and added a beautiful entertaining area.

Mr. Lake (E.Sussex)

Have peace of mind that your project will be in safe hands... With over 50+ years experience, 200 projects designed and built by our team and a 96% client satisfaction score. Family owned East Sussex business

Finance Options Available

Full design, planning application & build service

3D design concepts & detailed quote proposals

Deposit protection & guarantee insurance

High Spec Solar Glass Included. Premium Aluminum & uPVC

Please quote ‘Sussex Living’ when calling

Book your free design consultation

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and on




The key to creating a sense of space in a small house is to keep the background light and neutral and overlay it with a simple colour palette of just one or two contrasting shades. Follow it through from room to room for a feeling of continuity.

DINING ROOM Purchased specially for her new home, Fiona’s French farmhouse style furniture is a perfect fit in the dining room with its low-beamed ceiling and rustic looking stone floor. She added plush velvet drapes to create a more sumptuous look, and her delightful plaid and thistle patterned tableware is a reminder of her Scottish roots

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 57


“I really like the way you can mix the contemporary with the old to bring a modern twist to a period home without losing any of its character.”

MASTER BEDROOM Fiona chose her aptly named Amore bedroom suite to create a look of ‘romantic luxury’ in her own room and combined it with pink floral bedding and curtains for a feminine finishing touch



Free Consultations Fully Licensed & Insured Homeowner & Residential Commercial, Industrial & Municipal

Bird Guano Removal Nets, Spikes, BioAcoustics Complete Systems & Installation


01273 421307

58 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021



The most significant improvement was the two-storey extension added at the rear of the building

who specialises in cottage gardens, she transformed the rear garden with herbaceous borders brimming with traditional favourites such as alliums, foxgloves and penstemon, adding tall thistles (Cardoon) to bring a touch of Scotland to the garden. A rustic style pergola was planted with wisteria, clematis, fragrant roses and honeysuckle and a new patio provides a seating area in full sun, from where Fiona can look back and “enjoy the beauty of the thatch.” At the front of the house, she planted a beech hedge for year-round interest, a lavender path leading to the door and pink climbing roses to “complete the rural idyll.” Sandwiched between historic Chichester and the Blue Flag beach

BATHROOM A new addition to the cottage is the impressive bathroom designed in the style of a boutique hotel by the previous owner. “It has all you could wish for in contemporary luxury” says Fiona



Conservatory Roofs



•Traditional Conservatories & Orangeries

Innovative garage door solutions. . . . . .from a local family firm you can trust Roller Doors

Electric Doors

Wood Effect Doors ( 01323 441616 ( 01323 846375  Blackbrooks Garden Centre, Lower Dicker, Hailsham, BN27 4BJ Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Sectional Doors

Full installation service • Garage door repairs Electric conversions • Senior citizen discounts Call us for a free quote 01435 277998 01323 287990 August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 59





WAS £899.00

WAS £429 NOW £389

58 - 60 High Street, Heathfield, TN21 8JB Tel: 01435 868137 Open 7 days a week: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:00, Sunday 10:00 - 4:00


Danish Design

Selling and installing stoves for 32 years

Pizza Perfection Bolney Stoves Ltd. 60 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

10 The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green, Hassocks BN6 9LE T: 01444 871815 | |

GARDEN Fiona loves looking back at the view of her idyllic cottage from the newly installed sun trap patio at the bottom of the garden. The garden was designed with the help of a landscape gardener friend

Her greatest achievement is the beautiful cottage garden she created from the bramble-infested overgrown plot she took on with the house

The front garden has been transformed with a winding lavender path, pink geranium planted baskets and Times Past and Albertine roses growing round the door

at West Wittering, Fiona’s home is in a run of three cottages, two of which were knocked into one to create Meadow Cottage some years ago. As a result, there are still two staircases in place, though the steep one leading from the dining room up to a tiny door into her bedroom is rarely used. On the upstairs landing, where the original wall has been removed, the supporting beam is so low, that even Fiona, who’s not very tall, has to stoop to get to her bedroom! It all adds to the character of the charming cottage which she still describes as “a dream.” “I have a very blessed life!” she concluded. l Text by: Gill Rothwell Photography by: GAP Interiors / David Giles August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 61

Rush PC Summer 21 DPS S'sex living.qxp_Layout 1 08/06/2021 13:43 Page 1

The Su Let’s welcome

Welcome back to Rushfields!

We’re thrilled to welcome everyone back to Rushfields, but we ask you to follow our guidelines. Please use separate entrances for Plant Centre and Farm Shop and wear face coverings at all times.


• Massive range of Summer

plants – many home-grown • Shrubs and herbs • Garden furniture and parasols • Hanging baskets • Tubs and terracotta planters • Compost, plant food, tools and more

Rushfields Plant Centre

Henfield Road Poynings, Brighton BN45 7AY

Open Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00 – 5.30 Café open Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00 – 4.30 Phone: 01273 857445 E-mail: Website: All information correct at time of going to press. Alterations to opening and availability subject to latest HM Government policy. See our website for latest updates


F of wins arm Our th F S e Y oo ho ea d S p r a ho wa p rd !

New ‘Taste of Sussex’ Menu!

Our popular Café is now open serving delicious local food and drinks from our new ‘Taste of Sussex’ menu!

• Rushfields full English

breakfast with our own home-made sausages

• Lunches served on our

sunny terrace created by our innovative chef

• Morning coffee, afternoon tea or sparkling wine

All your barbecue and alfresco dining needs from our Farm Shop and Pie Kitchen: • Award-winning pies, quiches and pastries • Sausages and barbecue meat from our in-house Butcher • Local cheeses, craft ales and Sussex sparkling wine. • Artisan bread and olives • Market-fresh fruit and vegetables

at Rushfields


Is your garden looking tired and dusty? This month, Flo Whitaker recommends plants that revel in summer heat and will keep on looking good until autumn

P r

HOTHeads I

f you’re bewilderedly wandering around the garden centre, searching for plants that won’t shrivel in the heat, seek out those with light-reflective grey or silvery foliage as this usually indicates drought tolerance. Likewise, plants with tiny leaves, succulent or hairy foliage, are often better equipped for hot conditions. Small leaves have reduced surface areas – so less moisture loss. Succulent leaves mimic water reservoirs, while hairy foliage insulates from temperature extremes and also traps precious dew and moisture (a clever adaptation from desert environments). Convolvulus cneorum is the perfect rockery plant; a compact, shrubby perennial with drought-busting silvery foliage and white funnel-shaped flowers. Convolvulus mauritanicus has periwinkle blue trumpet flowers and small grey/green leaves that casually tumble over walls or pot edges. It takes root wherever the stems touch the soil and, providing the soil is


SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

in southern regions, especially if grown well-drained, is fully hardy. against a sunny wall. The more heat Silver-leaved plants are ideal for and light you can give campsis, the seaside-themed or gravel gardens, as more it’ll flower. Like passiflora, it are many herbs, including rosemary, needs to be kept firmly under control. lavender, thyme and sage. Verbascum, The fleshy leaves and roots of artemisia, senecio, eryngium and agapanthus are adept at shrubby nepeta, (Catmint) holding onto moisture also enjoy full sun and their bold seed and free-draining heads give them soil. Verbenas a long season of are practically interest. Don’t indestructible in believe the myth heat. They are about keeping a large, diverse agapanthus starved family; from lowand cramped in growing bedding small pots – yes, plants to stately they’ll survive verbena bonariensis grim conditions, but that’ll attain 2 will positively thrive metres. when given space and If it’s height you’re nutritious compost. after, annual forms of For summer patio ipomoea will revel in pots, try sun-loving sunshine and speedily Silver-leaved plants are foliage plants such as reach 3 metres. Don’t ideal for seaside-themed variegated trailing panic – although or gravel gardens nepeta, dichondra related to ‘Bindweed’, ‘Silver Falls’ or furrythese non-hardy leaved helichrysum petiolare – and characters won’t set seed and rampage don’t forget those old stalwarts; potted over your garden! geraniums. Most varieties of bedding The Passiflora family, (Passion geraniums and pelargoniums are Flower) are vigorous perennials with derived from indigenous South African astonishing blooms. Some forms won’t forms. Heat and drought seldom survive outdoors in the UK and are more suited to conservatory life. Curb trouble them, making them ideal their thuggish tendencies by regularly candidates for hot conservatories. In fact, overwatering is what usually kills removing excess growth and carefully them off, so when an absent-minded choose the planting site as you’ll need friend forgets to do the watering while ‘room to prune’. Campsis, (Trumpet you’re away, your pelargoniums will be Vine) is another borderline-hardy perfectly content. l climber, but will usually cope outdoors



Surfacing Solutions STAR PL ANT LTD


Providers of Surfacing Solutions including Tar and Chip, Resin Bond and Tarmac for residential, commercial and public applications including all associated groundworks.

Resin Bond

01825 840390 Fully insured - free quotations

Tarmac & Surface Dressing

Tar & Chip

Dower House Farm, Blackboys, Uckfield TN22 5HJ



£15 £15**

PER PERTREATMENT TREATMENT * Based on a lawn size * Based on a lawn size up to 40m2 2 up to 40m

JOIN OUR NATION OF LAWN JOIN OUR NATION OF LAWNLOVERS LOVERS We’ve been lovingly caring forfor the nation’s lawns We’ve been lovingly caring the nation’s lawnsfor forover over35 35years’. years’.By Byusing usingour ourexpertise, expertise, dedication, and love forfor lawns, we continue toto create the dedication, and love lawns, we continue create theultimate ultimatecentrepiece centrepiecefor foryour yourgarden. garden.

OASIS: KEEPING YOUR GRASS OASIS: KEEPING YOUR GRASSGREENER, GREENER,FOR FORLONGER LONGER Now featuring a unique seaweed extract, our Oasis Now featuring a unique seaweed extract, our OasisTreatment Treatmentimproves improvesthe thecolour colourand and quality of of your lawn almost immediately. Oasis will quality your lawn almost immediately. Oasis willkeep keepyour yourgrass grasshealthy healthyand andhydrated, hydrated, meaning you’ll need toto water upup toto 80% less. meaning you’ll need water 80% less.

’s createthethelawn lawnweweboth bothlove love LetLet ’s create

Start your Lawn Care journey today: Call:01273 01273490199 490199 Start your Lawn Care journey today: Call: Email: Email: Visit: Visit:

• Resin Bound & Bonded • Hot Bitumen & Gravel • Dropped kerbs and crossovers • Block paving • Groundworks • Tarmacadam

66 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


Bees are some of Mother Nature’s most important pollinators and our relationship with them goes back for thousands of years. Ruth Lawrence has discovered how the High Weald Beekeepers’ Association at the Horsted Green Park Apiary are working hard to maintain thriving colonies and extend this relationship

Nature’s Natural Transformers “H

ow many bee miles do you think go into making a 1lb jar of honey?” asked Dr Peter Coxon who helps look after Horsted Green Park’s ten hives on behalf of the High Wealden Beekeepers’ Association. “A thousand,” I hazarded, wishing I’d done a little more homework before our meeting. “Forty thousand miles!” was the astonishing reply; adding that a large colony flies a daily distance equivalent to the moon and back, in their search for nectar. Horsted Green Park near Uckfield is Wealden District Council’s latest country park. It’s enjoyed by hundreds of visitors and their dogs each week

That 1lb jar of honey has two million flower visits packed inside

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 67

Peter Coxon at Horsted Green Park

and the hordes of wild flowers within the meadows provide much of the pollen and nectar that honeybees need to survive. Honeybees use a complex ‘waggle dance’ to relay messages to each other, advising where the best nectar and pollen can be found. Wealden District Council stopped using insecticides and herbicides in its green spaces last year. This is one of the best things we can all do to help honeybees; along with planting suitable flowers and encouraging wildflowers which have evolved alongside the honeybees for millennia. The High Wealden Beekeepers’ Association is currently searching for a patch of land on which to build a clubhouse, ideally in the Mayfield or Crowborough area. They hope for something that would enable them to expand their work and encourage more people to learn about and take up beekeeping, as well as discovering the myriad of other species that are crucial pollinators. People often fear swarming honeybees, but Peter pointed out how gentle they usually are and that there is no need to be afraid of them. The Association has a membership scheme, and taster days, as well as longer training courses for potential apiarists. They have stalls at local country fairs where the public can ask questions and receive advice. The life cycle of the honeybee offers some mind-bending statistics. A queen typically lives for three to five years and can produce 2,000 eggs each 68 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

The life cycle of the honeybee offers some mind-bending statistics day, whereas a female worker bee lives for only 40 days in summer, or four months over winter. A worker bee can forage for up to three miles a day, to produce just one quarter of a teaspoon of honey during that short lifetime. Next time you spoon honey into your tea, onto your pancakes, porridge, or toast at breakfast, spare a thought for the enormous effort that went into its

collection and creation – that 1lb jar of honey has two million flower visits packed inside. If honeybees were paid the minimum wage for the work they do, each jar of honey would cost a million pounds, a fact that means honey might just be among the best bargains on the planet! Peter explained how the many different species of bee play an essential role in Earth’s ecology. Bees pollinate seventy of the hundred or so crop species that feed 90% of the global population. Without them, food chains would collapse and put the survival of

Woodland stool making weekend Create a beautiful piece of furniture to last a lifetime. Learn age-old woodworking techniques in our woodland workshop.

Delicious lunches provided.

07970 556006 •


EARTH AIR EARTH ~~ FIRE FIRE ~ ~ WATER WATER ~ ~ AIR EARTH ~ FIRE ~ WATER ~ AIR ver verthe the course course of of a a year, year, we we shall shall explore explore


the that ver the course of a year, we shall explore theElements Elements that make up our the that make upElements our beautiful beautiful planet and expand our make our beautiful planetup and expand our understanding of planet and expand understanding of our Nature understanding of us. Natureall all around around us. The workshops are Nature all around The workshops areus. timed to The workshops areas timed to coincide coincide as timed as closely as isis practical closelyto ascoincide practical closely is practical with Solstices and withthe theas Solstices and with the Solstices andthe Equinoxes that EARTH FIRE Equinoxes that~mark mark the~ WATER ~ AIR Equinoxes that mark the march of the seasons. march of the seasons. EXPLORING THE ELEMENTS ver the course of a year, we shall explore march of seasons. thethe Elements that We start with EARTH We start with EARTH EARTH FIRE ~ WATER ~ AIR make up~our beautiful We start with EARTH 2021 on SUNDAY 3rd OCTOBER on SUNDAY 3rd planet and expand our OCTOBER ver the course of a year, we shall explore onLodge, SUNDAY OCTOBER 2021 at Yew beautiful manor house at Yew Lodge, a3rd beautiful understanding of a the Elements that at Yew Lodge, a beautiful manor house venue on the Surrey / Sussex borders. venue on the us. Surrey / Sussex Nature all beautiful around make up our Surrey Sussex borders. venue on the planet our The workshops are Price isisand £80 for day to refreshments £80expand for the day to/include include Price understanding ofthe day Price is a £80 for to include refreshments timed coincide aslunch. and buffet-style Limited en-suite and ato buffet-style lunch. Limited Nature all us. closely as is practical and aaround buffet-style lunch. Limited en-suite accommodation is available accommodation is available at Yew Lodge. Thewith workshops are and the Solstices accommodation timed to coincide as is available at Yew Lodge.



In In the the heart heart of of Sussex lies an Sussex lies an inviting inviting and and diverse landscape diverse landscape of of untold untold hidden hidden gems, just gems, just waiting waiting to be found! to be found!


Equinoxes that mark theSpeakers: Confirmed Speakers: Confirmed

Staplecross Garden Centre

Cripps Corner Road, Staplecross, East Sussex TN32 5QR New owners Mike & Molly look forward to welcoming you

closely as isofpractical march theConfirmed seasons. Speakers: with the Solstices and Nicola Peel Nicola Peel Wethe start with EARTH Equinoxes Nicola Peelthat mark march of theon seasons. SUNDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2021

International Environmentalist, ~~International Environmentalist, at YewWe Lodge, a beautiful start with EARTH manor house ~ International Environmentalist, Inspired Speaker, Solutionist Inspired Speaker, Solutionist the Surrey / Sussex venue on on SUNDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2021 borders. Inspired Speaker, Solutionist icola will be talking talking about icola will be about Price is £80 for the day to include refreshments at Yew Lodge, a beautiful manor house icola will be environmental talking about Limited en-suite some ofher her environmental some of and a the Surrey /lunch. Sussex borders. venue onbuffet-style some of her environmental work with indigenous people accommodation is at Yew Lodge. work with indigenous people Price is £80 for the day toavailable include refreshments work with people around the world and andlunch. leading a vision vision quest of of around the world leading a quest and aindigenous buffet-style Limited en-suite Confirmed Speakers: around the world and leading a Yew vision quest of personal discovery the woodlands and gardens. accommodation isinavailable at Lodge. personal discovery in the woodlands and gardens. personal in the woodlands and gardens. Nicola Peel "Myjob jobisisdiscovery to inspire others to make make a a difference difference in "My to inspire others to in Confirmed Speakers: "My job is toI Ipush inspire make aeverything differenceand in theworld... world... push us usothers all to to to question everything the all question and Nicola Peel the world... I push us there all to is question everything ~ International Environmentalist, there is a a problem problem there is toremember remember where to where there isand Inspired Speaker, there is a problem there is to remember whereSolutionist always asolution." solution." always a ~ International Environmentalist, icola will be talking about always a solution." Inspiredsome Speaker, Solutionist Richard Creightmore of her environmental Richard Creightmore icolaCreightmore will be talking about Richard work with indigenous people some ofthe her world environmental around and leading a vision quest of ~ Geomancer, Water Diviner, work with indigenous people ~ Geomancer, Water personal discovery inDiviner, the woodlands and gardens. ~ Geomancer, Water Diviner, around theMaster, world and leading a of Feng Shui Teacher "My job is to inspire others tovision makequest a difference in Feng Shui Master, Teacher inTeacher the woodlands andeverything gardens. and personal discovery Feng Shui Master, the world... I push us all to question ichard will be talking about ichard will be talking "My job is to inspire others toabout make a difference in to remember where there isEarth a everything problem there is ichard will be talking about leys, Earth energies and the world... I push us all toand question and leys, Earth energies Earth always a solution." leys, Earth energies and Earth there is acupuncture, and giving to remember where there is a problem acupuncture, and giving always a solution." acupuncture, and giving of practical demonstrations Richard Creightmore practical demonstrations of practical demonstrations of dowsing and Earth acupuncture in the the grounds, grounds, Richard Creightmore dowsing and Earth acupuncture in dowsing and Earth acupuncture the grounds, inviting everyone Water to improve skills. ~ Geomancer, Diviner,theirindowsing inviting everyone to improve their skills. inviting everyone to improve their dowsing dowsing Feng Shuigood Master, Teacher "Living with clean harmonious energyskills. can ~ Geomancer, Water Diviner, "Living with good clean harmonious energy can Feng Shui Master, Teacher "Living with good clean harmonious ichard will be talking about doingenergy between poorly can and make the difference make the difference between doing poorly and and ichard be talking about leys,will Earth energies and Earth between doing poorly make the difference thriving." thriving." leys, Earth energies Earth acupuncture, andand giving thriving."





OVER 5000 PLANTS AVAILABLE THE TRAIN CAFÉ WILL BE OPEN FROM 1ST MAY 2021! Click and collect available or browse our large outdoor site. New Pet Store coming soon, including Bird Food supplies. Hairdresser and Craft Units on site.

Find us between Staplecross & Cripps Corner on the B2165 Off the A21 just past Whatlington & The Royal Oak sign posted ‘Cripps Corner’

01580 830581

07429 848344

Open: Mon-Sat: 9:00am-5:30pm. Sun: 10:00am-4:00pm


R R acupuncture, and giving

practical demonstrations of

practical demonstrations of people Dates for future workshops: dowsing and Earth acupuncture in all theages grounds, Indigo Umbrella brings together of who share an Dates for future workshops: dowsing and Earth acupuncture intheir the grounds, for future workshops: inviting everyone to Dates improve dowsing skills. interest across the spectrum of Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, Sun 19th Dec 2021 ~ Fire everyone to improve their dowsing skills. Sun 19th Dec 2021 ~ Fire Fire with good clean harmonious energy can viainviting the"Living rabbit hole of Conspiracy. We hold regular meet-ups in person Sun 19th Dec 2021 ~ "Living with good clean harmonious energy can Sun 20th Mar 2022 ~ Water make the difference doing poorly and and via Zoom, supported by Sun abetween regular programme of talks, workshops 20th Mar 2022 ~ Water make the difference between doing poorly and Sun 20th 2022 ~ Water thriving." and outings, and a lively monthly newsletter. Sun 19thMar June 2022 ~ Air thriving."

Sun 2022 ~ ~ Air Air Sun 19th 19th June June 2022 For more info and to book: Dates for future workshops: Dates for futureinfo workshops: For more and to to book: book: ForSun more info and Dec 2021 Fire Sharp 07597 SunJudy 19th 19th Dec 2021 ~ Fire ~020512 Judy Sharp 020512 Judy Sharp 07597 Sun 20th Mar07597 2022 ~ 020512 Water 20th Mar 2022 ~ Water Sun 19th June 2022 Sun 19th June 2022 ~ Air ~ Air For more info to and to book: more info and book:

JudyJudy Sharp 0759707597 020512 Sharp 020512

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 69

Buttercups at Horsted Green

our own species in jeopardy. Nectar is the carbohydrate bees use for energy; pollen is their source of protein and essential for raising young on the scale needed by a hive. The Horsted Green Park honeybees inspired the Wealden Cabinet member responsible for climate change, Councillor Roy Galley to comment, “it is important we all help provide the conditions in which they can thrive and help keep our countryside green and fertile.” Membership of the High Weald Beekeepers’ Association includes membership of British Beekeepers’ Association, monthly news and ‘Bee Banter’, an informative social event, in person or online where members


can share advice, anecdotes and get support from people who have been keeping bees for years. Next time you see a bee, note its appearance, for it will be one of 250 UK species, of which honeybees comprise only seven. Each and every bee has a role to play in the vital

pollination of the food we need to survive. We are truly dependent on these tiny creatures that help the natural world function and should do our best to pay attention to their needs and play a part in protecting them for future generations. l

Gradwell Park is a brand new community with stylish apartments and cottages to buy or rent; but it’s not really about the bricks and mortar. It’s about the beautiful grounds, the wellness team, the art and craft activities, the nature trail… it’s a place to live to the full!

Unretire at

Gradwell Park 70 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

If this sounds like the place for you, or a loved one, why not book your place at our open day on Thursday 12th August or arrange a personal tour with our team. 01273 916 499 Gradwell End, Off Mill Lane, South Chailey, East Sussex, BN8 4PX *Places on our Open Day must be booked in advance.



The Dorset Arms Withyham East Sussex TN7 4BL 01892 770278 The Earl De La Warr and family welcomes you to The Dorset Arms, part of the Buckhurst Estate. A traditional village pub offering an excellent dining experience, with locally-sourced produce, a summer garden and B&B accommodation.

10% Off

when you book in advance and mention YEW21


Food served all day - Home Cooked Food - Freehouse - Real Ales - New Menu

01323 870590

Perfect place to visit before or after your country walk

B I S H O P S B U TC H E R S t the top end of Uckfeld – loca nal butchers a l delivery A traditio n high quality, local, seasona i s t s i l a i c e p S . e l b a l produce. l i a v a o s al

In the interests of safety for our customers and staff masks will continue to be worn inside the pub if you are not seated at a table Book now online at or on 01892 770278 to avoid disappointment

Traditional Inn • Good Food • Accommodation • Private Dining The Green, Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7AW

214 High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1RE

TEL: 01825 762820

The Jolly Tanners Staplefield RH17 6EF

The Crown Horsted Keynes

Welcome back!


Monday, 30th August 3-6pm

The Radiators

We are now taking booking for the inside area

01825 791609 |


72 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF August 2021 DATE/TIME: 20 May 2021 11:34 am OUR FILENAME: June 21 The Crown Horsted Keynes 1-4

Independent family-run pub with a wide selection of real ales and tasty food made using local ingredients wherever possible, all to be enjoyed in a traditional pub environment. Large gardens, child and dog friendly.

Tel: 01444 400335 •  STUDIO PROOF

PROOF DATE/TIME: July 27, 2021 2:21 PM OUR FILENAME: August 21 Jolly Tanners 1-4 v2


Honey Griddled




This is a dish to impress your guests. Adele Trathan uses honey in three stages of her recipe, generating depth and sweetness to deliciously succulent, griddled king prawns INGREDIENTS 700g (1lb 8oz) uncooked, king prawns with tails on 250ml (8½fl oz) boiled water 2 tsp salt 6 tbsp quality runny honey 1 handful of ice cubes 3 tbsp red wine vinegar 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 3 spring onions, finely shredded 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 small red chilli, finely sliced Small bunch of flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped A few sprigs of fresh oregano, finely chopped 1 sliced lemon

METHOD Put the boiled water, salt and two tablespoons of the honey into a bowl and stir until the salt dissolves. Add the ice cubes and stir through to allow the mixture to cool quickly. Once cool, add the prawns and pop into the fridge for 30 minutes.


Remove from the fridge and discard 2 the liquid. Pat the prawns dry using kitchen paper. Then, in a bowl, mix a further two tablespoons of honey in with the prawns.

large bowl combine 3 Inthearedseparate wine vinegar and remaining

two tablespoons of honey with a whisk. Gradually add the olive oil, stirring with the whisk continuously until well blended, then stir in the onions, garlic and herbs. Pre-heat a lightly oiled griddle-pan 4 over a medium-high heat, add the prawns and cook for 2½ minutes on each side, until cooked through, pink and lightly charred.

Add the prawns to the honey, olive 5 oil and herb bowl and toss well to coat the prawns. Serve on a platter with salad leaves and slices of lemon or slide on to skewers for individual portions.

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 73


Adele Trathan loves these delicious Greek treats. They are similar to doughnuts or churros, but a healthier option as they are baked rather than deep fried, then soaked in a warm spiced honey



INGREDIENTS 250g (9oz) strong white flour 7g sachet fast-action yeast 175ml (6fl oz) water 5g (1tsp) salt

3 cardamom pods, bruised 1 cinnamon stick 1 star anise A handful of pistachio kernels, optional to garnish



For the syrup: 250ml (8½fl oz) water 250g (9oz) honey


Line two baking sheets with baking In the meantime, place the water, 3 paper and place ten dough balls 5 honey, cinnamon stick, cardamom on each tray, allowing plenty of space pods and star anise into a medium


Cover the dough balls with some 4 oiled cling film and allow the balls to rise for a further 40 minutes. Remove

METHOD Mix the flour, salt and yeast together in a bowl, then add the water and combine to make a dough. Knead the dough for at least 10 minutes, until smooth and stretchy. Place the bowl in a warm place for one hour, or until the dough has doubled in size. When the dough has risen, divide it into 20 equally sized small balls.

74 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

between them. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 6.

the cling film and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes, or until they turn golden brown.

saucepan. Heat on the hob over a medium to high heat and simmer gently for at least five minutes. Remove from the heat and allow the spice to infuse until needed.

Remove the spices and drop the 6 dough balls into the syrup, gently stirring to cover each one in a generous coating of syrup. Serve with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and an optional sprinkling of pistachio kernels.

Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate Pre-war car Party, Jazz and Picnic, 18th August 12.00 - 3.30pm Our first big event this season will be the Classic car and wine Party. While sipping some delicious sparkling wines you can enjoy some great Pre-war examples of Aston Martins, Bentleys, Rolls and many others with some jazz songs by Jennifer Maslin from Eridge. Bring your own picnic and enjoy the vineyard in full glory with our wonderful views of Sussex. A bar will be available where our award winning wines will be available by the glass or bottle.



Local, organic, seasonal fruit & veg – from our farm to your door ■ 100% Organic, fresh seasonal fruit & veg boxes ■ Weekly, Fortnightly or try a one-off order – there’s no commitment

Tickets available at Eventbrite 07590 181718



■ Plastic-free fruit & veg deliveries

■ Zero emission deliveries in central Brighton ■ We deliver to & Hove (certain Brighton & Hove, postcodes apply) Lewes and other areas of Sussex

Visit to find out more

01273 400011 Wednesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 3pm

An English Wine Experience for Two

Enjoy a cuppa from The Poachers Pocket


Vineyard tour voucher now £30 The rich, crisp andfor juicy Cannonball Half Price Tickets Vineyard Tour, Was £79 now £40 Reduced from £49 still white wine is available in cases of Wine Tasting & Lunch NO in the Beautiful NO EXPIRY DATE EXPIRY DATE

12 bottles fortour, just £89.00 “A guided group vineyard Sussex Countryside “This isincluding for a guided tour, tutored wine tasting tutored wine tasting FREE shipping. and ploughmans’s lunch and cream tea for 2” for 2 guests” Normally £75 For 2 People

with Hidden County Guided Tours, Gift Membership Vouchers and Free Just £39 for 2 People Wine Tasting at the Join via award winning Carr DON’T MISS OUT � Taylor Vineyards. LIMITED AVAILABILTY Carr Taylor Taylor Vineyards Carr Vineyards Westfield, Hastings TN354SG 4SG Westfield, Hastings TN35 01424 752501 Tel: 01424 752501 OPEN DAILY 10am-5pm

Grass reared lamb, goat, free range pork and wild game in season Delicious speciality sausages & burgers Seasonal vegetables from our veg patch, free range eggs Shepherds Kitchen Quiches, Tarts & Pies

Why not try our great value BBQ boxes

Quality local: Fruit * Cheeses * Milk & ice cream * Bread & cakes * Jams, jellies & juices

01825 750 466 South Brockwells Farm Shop, Little Horsted, Nr Uckfield TN22 5QS *

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 75

THE GREEN MAN Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, RH17 7AS Old fashioned village pub sitting on the green SPECIAL FOOD OFFERS

2 courses for £10 Mon & Tues evenings Free bottle of wine with every 2 steaks Thurs evenings

THE SIDINGS KIOSK Open 9am to 4pm daily

(NOT APPLICABLE on Bank Holidays e.g. Xmas Eve etc)

GARDEN Open from 9am to 8pm daily


Open from midday every day

Covid-19 Compliant

Call to book to avoid disappointment

Serving great beers – Timothy Taylors Landlord, Abbot Ale & St Austell Brewery Tribute Ale Fantastic centuries old fireplace

Separate restaurant area


01273 492509

Follow our facebook page and website for up to date information

Serving good home cooked food with a truly sincere attitude. Menus available on our website or by post – free parking front & back

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The Eight Bells BOLNEY

We are so happy to be back open again both outside and inside, even though restrictions have lifted we are still very COVID conscious in all that we do. We have introduced a third chef to our already fantastic team here at The Eight Bells, and have a brand new menu showcasing the talents of our chefs. We are open for food 7 days a week, booking is advisable either by phone, email or social media. Fancy extending your stay in the lovely village of Bolney? We have overnight accommodation in our beautiful B&B just a stones throw away from the pub. Got a celebration coming up? We can hold wedding receptions, christening parties, baby showers, birthdays, or any other commemorative event in our spacious restaurant, bar area or large decked area.

The Eight Bells,The Street, Bolney, Haywards Heath, RH17 5QW

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SPOTLIGHT EVENTS Tangmere Military Aviation Museum Open Daily 10am to 5pm Tangmere Military Aviation Museum is located in a corner of the old Tangmere airfield, famed as an RAF fighter station from 1918 until Fighter Command left in 1958. It was opened by a group of aviation enthusiasts in 1982 with the aim of promoting public awareness of the UK’s military aviation heritage, educating

Open daily

present and future generations in military aviation, and serving as a memorial to airmen and airwomen who gave their lives in the service of this country. The Museum is now managed and run entirely by volunteers. In 2017 was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Now one of the UK’s leading aviation museums, it is home to an impressive display of historic aircraft with a unique collection of aviation memorabilia stretching from WWI through to the Cold War. Amongst the many attractions, there are numerous interactive displays and aircraft cockpits and simulators for visitors to experience. Light refreshments may be purchased in the Museum’s acclaimed Cockpit Cafe. A museum with something for all members of the family to enjoy. 01243 790090

Golden Rye Arts Festival

Haslemere Educational Museum Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm Haslemere Educational Museum has a packed calendar of events for all the family in August. There are engaging and interactive sessions including film set building Lego challenges on the 19th August, tying in with the Brick Flicks exhibition. A Falconry display team on the Open afternoon of 26th August; Tue to Sat giving close up encounters with these majestic feathered friends. A Live Garden Festival Tour of 21st Century Abba on the 7th August, to name but a few. Entrance to the Museum is by donation and does not need to be booked in advance.

Tickets for other events start from just £3 and are bookable online via Haslemere Educational Museum, 78 High Street, Haslemere GU27 2LA

Friday 10th to Sunday 26th September The 2021 Rye Arts Festival is offering a packed programme of over 60 events! East Sussex’s biggest multi-arts offers world class artistes, with everything from opera to English folk music by way of jazz and choral Open singing. Drama and film Fri 10 to are on the menu and Sun 26 the books and talks will Sep feature themed Rye Crime and Rye Spy days as well as Rev Richard Coles and Gyles Brandreth! And there is a free prize draw open to all, with a one-off solid gold broach, created by a local jeweller! To enter, and for full programme details as well as tickets, go to

Mind-Blowing Journeys Into Space This Summer Visit website for times

78 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

The South Downs Planetarium in Chichester is an exciting place for people of all ages to visit. Sit back and relax. Get lost in the stunning fulldome images and breath-taking videos whilst the highly experienced and enthusiastic lecturers take you on a mind-blowing journey through space. In conjunction with the new fulldome video system which produces stunning immersive images

and video, the magnificent star projector projects nearly 4500 stars and other celestial objects onto the dome above your head. Tickets must be booked in advance online with a credit/debit card. There are no ticket sales on the door or cash sales. For details of all shows and opening hours, plus a map to find the Planetarium visit


Bluebell Railway Bluebell Railway will be celebrating six decades of steam this month, with its belated 60 Plus 1 anniversary from 6th to 8th August. The event will showcase what the heritage railway does best, with displays, music, festivities and of course, steam engines. A Teddy Bears’ Picnic will be running over the August bank holiday weekend and kids travel free when they bring their teddy!

Wed to Sat and Sun

Denmans Garden Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm, Sunday 12noon to 4pm Created by Joyce Robinson, a pioneer in gravel gardening, and former home of influential landscape designer, John Brookes MBE, Denmans is a Royal Horticultural Society Partner Garden and Grade II listed post-war garden renowned for its curvilinear layout and complex plantings. Enjoy year-round colour, unusual plants, structure and fragrance in the gravel gardens, faux riverbeds, Walled Garden, ponds and Conservatory. Browse Denmans-grown plants and vintage garden ornaments in the plant centre, and a thoughtfully curated selection of house and garden accessories and work by local artists in the gift shop. Beverages and treats are offered in the treat shop. For information and to book tickets visit: @denmans_garden 01243 278 950 Denmans Lane, Fontwell Nr. Arundel BN18 0SU

Open daily

The attraction is open and running every day over the summer holidays and tickets are available to book online or on the day of travel. Please see the website for further information and timetables: 01825 720800 Sheffield Park Station, East Sussex, TN22 3QL

Crowborough Arts’ Annual Open Studios Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September, 11am to 5pm Over 40 local artists will open their workspaces to the public, in 14 venues around the Crowborough area. “This year’s Open Studios will be the best yet,” says CA’s co-chair Angela Vernon Bates. “The standard and range of work is fantastic, and we’ve got some really exciting new artists, as well as many of our accomplished regulars.” A full list of artists and venues is available from our dedicated OS website at: www., or visit to find out more about what we do as an organisation.

Remember Mindfulness - Transform How You Feel for The Better

Live At Langhams: Madhurst ’21 Saturday 21st August, from 1pm to 10pm Live At Langhams is part of MADhurst 2021 – a month-long celebration of art, music, drama and creativity. Expect a fabulous atmosphere, wonderful live music, a well-stocked, award-winning bar and delicious, fresh food from local producers, including a fantastic selection from Sneaky Duck Catering. Live music comes from The Charcoal Burners, Choro Bandito, Fate The Juggler, The FOCs, One Way Out, Tobiah, Torpedoes And Wavy Davy Band. This is a free event with a collection for the South Downs ‘Help Nature to Renature’ project. More via

Sat 4 and Sun 5 Sep

8 Week courses

8 Week Courses and Free Taster Sessions Do things not feel quite ‘right’? Mindfulness is a perfect way to bring balance into your life and there is no better time to do this than now especially if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed! Mindfullness courses run over 8 weeks. You’ll learn mindful meditation and mindful movement. Topics include mindful - eating, communication, and relationships, which are typical triggers that affect mental and emotional health. Debbie is a fully qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher and is a member of the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approached (BAMBA). To contact Debbie: Email: Website:

Sat 21 Aug

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22/06/2021 18:22

6th - 8th August 2021 Pippingford Park, Sussex


A new event celebrating life, our ability to form new communities and embrace our challenge to evolve together. Nestled within the stunning natural habitat of The Ashdown Forest, Good Vibrations Society will awaken our shared love of nature with incredible music, delicious healthy food and drink, workshops and wellness activities, wild swimming and inspirational art. A unique opportunity to connect with ourselves, each other, and our environment.

‘A camping weekend‘

Good vibrations Society is a camping weekend with music, great food, drink and inspirational activities. This first-year event is laid across the Pippingford Estate on The Ashdown Forest. Party amongst the trees and take a woodland walk down to our wild swimming lake. The weekend is an opportunity to build and form a new society, a community celebrating friendship, creativity, artistic expression, personal development and our place within nature’s beautifully harmonious ecosystem.

See our website for full info:

Sussex Past

Fascinating Museums, Gardens, Artefacts, Historic Buildings & Events that will to keep the whole family entertained

Explo re & Di sc

Great over Days Out

Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens Explore this first century home and archaeological site. Marvel at the largest collection of early mosaic floors in Britain and walk through Britain’s first garden. 10 minutes from Chichester

Michelham Priory House & Gardens, nr Hailsham

Lewes Castle & Museum of Sussex Archaeology, Lewes

On the picturesque island you will find 7acres of gardens, historic buildings and forge, Dovecote shop, café and playground. Plenty inside and out to keep the family entertained all day.

Climb to the top of this 1000 year old Norman Castle for stunning panoramic views across Sussex. Visit the fasinating Museum of Sussex’s past. Bring a picnic to enjoy in the lovely gardens.

15 minutes from Eastbourne August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 81

HigH BeecHes Woodland &Water garden

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 AT


29th August to 26th October 2021

An exquisite exhibition of life-size Regency costumes and stylish accessories, wholly created by extraordinary decorative paper textile artist and Sussex resident Stephanie Smart. However, all is not as it first appears... Astonishingly each of the items in the collection, from dresses and shoes, to fans, jackets and bonnets, have all been entirely made from only paper and thread. Don’t miss this unique exhibition of Regency style and exceptional craftsmanship.

Sunday 29th August, 11am to 4.30pm Please join us to watch the heavy horses harrow the wildflower meadow. The traditional harrow drawn by the horses will remove the thatch, scatter seed and open up the sward to enable the wildflowers to seed successfully. It’s a wonderful opportunity to watch these beautiful horses at work.

High Beeches Lane, Handcross,West Sussex RH17 6HQ

Tel: 01444 400589 |


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Sunday and Thursday afternoons 2pm to 6pm, last entry 5pm (with extra Wednesday afternoons during August). This historic pilgrim inn, c1450, is a Sussex Grade 1 listed building which is of national importance, included in Sir Simon Jenkins ‘England’s Thousand Best Houses’. The current owners restored it over 35 years ago and still live there. It has rare and fascinating interiors, including fine panelling, wall-leather, and a beautiful Music Room.

The 5 acres of gardens are beautifully maintained. Designed and grown by the owners, with the wonderful help of dedicated volunteers. Visitors can explore a series of different ‘garden rooms’, a Topiary Garden, Jubilee Rose Garden, circular Poetry Garden, and Water Garden with small lake. There is also a delightful Tearoom. St. Mary’s House, Bramber, West Sussex BN44 3WE

Sun and Thur 2-6 pm

Pelican Cove & Coastal Creek Aviary at Arundel Wetland Centre Open daily 10am to 4.30pm Discover the NEW Coastal Creek aviary at Arundel Wetland Centre, a walk-through experience with waterfalls and a new diving duck tank! The brand new Pelican Cove exhibit has opened next door as home to the New for Dalmatian pelicans, 2021 the largest pelicans in the world with a wingspan of 10 feet! Families can become Wetland Explorers this summer when they pick up the free activity trail postcard to use all ‘BELONGING’ BY DEBORAH DAVIES

Open Thur to Sun

their senses to discover nature. The Pond Explorer dipping station is open or try a ride through the reeds on the Wetland Discovery Boat Safari. Tickets must be booked in advance at:

Sat 28 to Mon 30 Aug


St Mary’s House and Gardens in Bramber

Sussex Guild Contemporary Craft Show Saturday 28th to Monday 30th August Bank Holiday Weekend The Sussex Guild is delighted to be back at Pashley Manor Gardens. Guild members will be showing their inspiring work in a large airy marquee near the manor house. Ceramics, furniture, textiles, jewellery, woodwork, glass, metalwork; all work can be purchased or specially commissioned. Wander through the gardens, enjoy delicious refreshments and meet the Sussex Guild designer-makers who will be pleased to discuss their work and inspiration with you. Pre-booking 4 weeks beforehand at: events/sussex-guild-craft-show/ 01580 200888

Art and Nature in Perfect Harmony at The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ockley Open Thursday to Sunday each week Nestled in a tranquil valley in the Surrey Hills, The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden exhibits an ever-changing collection of contemporary sculpture amidst lush planting, towering trees and gentle waterways. Each sculpture is carefully placed to create a relationship with its surroundings, creating a truly unique and magical atmosphere to enjoy art and nature. Tickets must be pre-booked online Adults £12.50, concessions £8.50, see website with regards to children: Coming up: ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden - A Midsummer Ballet’ Thursday 5th August - tickets available online

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 83

Roz Nathan

Art Courses/Workshops

Weekly relaxed, enjoyable live Zoom classes starting in September on a range of topics, with all sessions recorded. Demos, discussions, live project work with feedback. Other online options soon. August Summer schools/workshops in a large marquee on the Sussex coast, all COVID safety measures in place. Painting Holidays to Africa and France, new dates tbc.

CrawleyMUSEUM • Independent local history museum • Community Focused • Family Friendly • Wheelchair Accessible • Group visits arranged • Museum shop • Coffee machine • Free entry (donations welcomed) Opening Times: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10.30-4pm

The Tree, 103 High Street, Crawley, RH10 1DD

Ifield WaterMill • Working waterwheel • Family Friendly • Upper floors accessible by stairlifts • Group visits arranged • Free entry (donations welcomed) Opening times: Last Sunday of the month, April to September, 2.30-5pm Next open days: Sunday 29th August, Sunday 26th September, 2.30-5pm Off Hyde Drive, Ifield, Crawley, RH11 0PL

For details and testimonials: • 07913 080061

01293 539088



PROOF DATE/TIME: 22 July 2021 4:13 pm OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 Crawley Museum 1-4

Ropetackle Arts Centre and Calf 2Cow proudly present:


Kept us spellbound until the final moments! London Theatre 1

” Join Mole, Ratty and Badger in a floor stomping, live music, hilarious recount of this woodland adventure as they save Toad and his shiny new motorcar from deep trouble. Suitable for ages 2+.

MONDAY 30TH AUGUST | 4PM | £16 ADULT / £12 CHILD / £40 FAMILY BOX OFFICE: 01273 464440



84 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Educational Promotion

What are your course highlights? I really enjoyed a project we worked on for a domestic abuse charity in Brighton called Rise. We worked in a team to produce a video for the charity and I loved seeing the reactions of the staff from the charity who were so pleased with what we’d produced.

What made you decide to study a degree at the MET as a mature student? I was running a busy tea rooms but due to a health issue my career took a different direction. Everyone kept telling me what I couldn’t do. I’ve always loved photography and the degree programme has given me a purpose. Being a student at GB MET has enabled me to be part of a community rather than isolating myself. When I was at school, the teachers made me feel that I wasn’t good enough. I wanted to prove myself. What were you doing before you joined GB MET? Prior to running the tea rooms, I was a chef by trade. I’ve also worked as a special needs learning support assistant so I’ve always been around people. What’s the mature student community like at the MET? There are other mature students on my course and in the wider College. When I started, the SU set up a number of meetings specifically for mature students, which was a great opportunity to meet new people and network. How has the course helped your future career progression? I needed something that I could hold on to and my course has given me the ability to still work and be in control. As a self-employed photographer, I have the

What’s it like to return to study? You want to go back to college, but you’ve been out of education for some time and you don’t know what to expect. So what is it like to return to study? Here BA (Hons) Photography student, Kay, shares her inspiring story about her study journey at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and shows that there’s no barrier to higher education. flexibility to plan and decide which projects I take on. How has Greater Brighton Metropolitan College supported your development? The student support is fantastic and adaptions have been made to support my learning needs. They

organised a dyslexia test and occupational therapy assessments to ensure I had the right resources to facilitate my learning. This included a stool on wheels to help me to move around the classroom and a scriber to take notes. I also had access to software that scribes my dictation.

How was your experience of studying alongside younger students? I found that it worked both ways. They help me but I can also use my life experiences and skills to help them. For example, my career has developed my communication skills, which was useful when working on course projects with external clients. On the other hand, the younger students have been great at supporting me with technology! What are your plans for the future? I am taking part in an exhibition at a gallery and hope to enter competitions. I’m also going to set up my own website to showcase my work. I like doing charity work and in lockdown I produced work for the RNLI which they used in posters and on their website for their open gardens. What advice would you give to a mature student studying at the MET? Do it! It might be scary but do it! Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. The only person stopping yourself from doing something is you.

It’s not too late to apply for September 2021 entry!

To find out more about our wide range of courses, please visit


THE NEXT STEP Is your child nearing the end of their primary education? If they are, then secondary school awaits and Sara Whatley has been considering the options available for their next step


here are many considerations to take into account when the time comes for parents and children to choose their secondary education. These might include location, funding, sibling attendance, religion, and the aptitude of the child themselves. Does your child favour the academic subjects and thrive from book learning or are they more inclined to splash around the paints and glue gun? Does your child possess a natural gift for music, languages or sports? Perhaps they are never happier than when tinkering with nuts and bolts, making great creations? Maybe they are a solid all-rounder, happy to try their hand at

anything; or perhaps they need more help in certain places and would benefit from a special environment. Whatever your child’s natural proclivity, there will be a secondary school out there to suit them and take them on the next step of their educational journey. There are many different secondary school options available, and below I have listed some of them. STATE SCHOOLS The government funds most state secondary schools and many of them follow the national curriculum (KS3 and KS4). State secondary schools are routinely inspected by Ofsted or other bodies to ensure a high standard of schooling. The four most common state schools are: 1 Community schools – sometimes called local authority maintained schools. These follow the national

Does your child have a natural gift of music, languages or sports? 86 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

curriculum and are not affiliated with a particular religion or business, and are funded by the government and local authority. 2 Foundation and voluntary schools – still funded by the local authority but these schools have more choice in the way they do things, although they still have to follow the national curriculum. 3 Academies and free schools – funded by, but run independently from the local authority, by a not-for-profit academy trust such as a charitable body. These schools can follow a different curriculum. 4 Grammar schools – free to attend but choose their pupils based on their academic ability. An 11+ entrance exam needs to be taken, but places can also be offered on special merit to pupils with a particular aptitude for languages, sports, music or other subjects. These schools follow a similar curriculum to the national curriculum but give more weight to the academic subjects. There are of course other types of state school available which include: 5 Special schools – for special educational needs. Specialising in different categories dependent on your child’s individual needs. These schools are funded by the government and free for pupils to attend.

6 City technology colleges – specialising in practical and technical subjects. These schools are owned and funded by business as well as government and are free for pupils to attend. The teaching emphasis in these schools is science and technology. 7 Faith schools – have to follow the national curriculum but have the freedom to teach whatever they like for religious education. They are government funded and free to attend.

who have the talent but not the financial means to pay for private education. The change from primary to secondary education can be a daunting, and exciting prospect for a child. They may be moving away from their friendship group and will be meeting and making new friends in a new and likely bigger environment. Naturally, around this time children will start to become independent from their parents, and their peer

relationships will become ever increasingly important. It may be a good idea to keep checking in with your child as they transition through this period to reassure them that they are not alone in their feelings and there are many people to talk to if things get difficult for them. Often the thought of big changes is much more scary than the reality. If your child can boldly take this next step they will be on their way to greater things. l

PRIVATE SCHOOLS Private schools, also known as independent schools, are not funded by government and charge a fee for pupils to attend. They do not have to follow the national curriculum. They must be registered with the government

Peer relationships will become ever increasingly important and undergo regular inspections. Some private schools are open to children of all abilities, while some offer places to the highest achievers, which might be based on an entrance exam, such as a Common Entrance exam. Many schools offer bursaries and scholarships to pupils

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Saturday 25th September “Autumn colours and textures”

Back to School? Lots to Label? Try our Sticky Starter pack, for clothing, shoes, stationary ,sports kit. We have you covered! Starter Pack

Arlo Giddin gs

Arlo Giddi ng


at Framfield with professional artist JO HUDSON

Arlo gs Giddin

Arlo Giddings

Arlo Giddings Arlo Giddings

Fast Delivery! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Stay local Study in Sussex

Small group teaching | Industry-standard facilities | Expert tutors

Degree-level courses starting this September:


Sporty Sussex This month Sara Whatley revels in the sporty spirit, getting stoked about skateboarding, recalls paddleboarding off Brighton, gets up high with rock climbing and thwacks some balls on the volleyball court

Skateboarding Skateboarding is not just a sport or a way of travelling, it’s a lifestyle. Fun, fast and highly social, it’s for the small kids and the big kids to enjoy equally Invented in the 1950s by Californian surfers for something to do when the waves were low, it has grown in popularity to become the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Skateboarding enjoyed its Olympic debut this year in Tokyo. There are no age restrictions, scorekeeping or time limits; and with

65 skateparks in Sussex, you are never far from a dedicated place to practice and master your technique. Grab a board and some protective gear and you’re good to start learning. It might be worth having a lesson or two to get you going, alternatively go to skateparks to watch and learn as you go. “The community that surrounds us is an amazing thing,” says Dale Lay, founder of South Coast Skate Club. Dale went on to say, “The positive outcomes from learning to skateboard are ongoing and limitless. We at South Coast Skate Club use skateboarding as a way to have a positive impact on young people, supporting them by providing

physical activity and mental health support through exercise as well as building confidence, building resilience, overcoming and conquering fears, learning that with failure comes growth and to see failure as part of the journey towards rewards.” See South Coast Skate Club on Facebook for more details

Rock Climbing Got a head for heights and enjoy adrenaline fuelled sport? Then rock climbing might be your thing! The aim of rock climbing is to climb up, down and along natural rock formations or indoor climbing walls to reach a set goal without falling off. Sounds simple but this skilled sport takes a lot of physical and mental strength and will test the climber’s strength, agility, endurance, balance and mental capacity too. Using the right gear and having a sound knowledge of proper climbing technique is crucial, as this sport can be dangerous. It’s best enjoyed by groups or at least two people together. Creating a trust between climbing partners is essential as you’re assisting each other’s climbing and safety. I spoke to local Sussex climber Katy Pullum who is relatively new to the sport, but totally dedicated. “My boyfriend roped me into climbing a year ago and now I’m hooked! There are so many benefits; whole body fitness, making new friends and developing courage, to name a few. One of the beauties of the sport is that as well as

a range of indoor facilities the UK has a wealth of outdoor climbing locations from wild sea cliffs to inland woodland crags. Not forgetting our very own sandstone outcrops here in Sussex too!” For sandstone rock climbing in Sussex visit

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 89

Paddleboarding Paddleboarding can be traced back to Hawaiian surfers in the 1940s, but only in the past decade has this sport gained an enormous worldwide following and appreciation

Part of the growing popularity is the versatility of this fun water sport; you can paddleboard in the sea, on lakes, lagoons and on rivers and enjoy exploring coastlines, family excursions, solo trips, racing, even paddleboard yoga.

Volleyball Summer is a brilliant time to get into volleyball. Indoor, grass or beach, it is an adaptable sport requiring just a net, a ball and a friend, to get started “Volleyball is a fun way to keep fit for people of all abilities. It’s a social, team

90 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

There are many different types of board and equipment to invest in depending what, where, when and how you will be paddling. There are however, good all round options which are very user friendly. There are also different styles of paddleboarding to consider; prone (lying down), kneeling and stand up. The prone and kneeling positions are also known as traditional paddleboarding and you use your arms to propel yourself forwards instead of a separate paddle. Standup paddleboarding, or SUPing is probably the most popular style with many schools and clubs to be found in Sussex. I had a go myself for my birthday a couple of years ago and had such a good time. I went out on the sea in Brighton with a few friends on a lovely sunny day. After wobbling about and falling in I found my balance and once up on the board I experienced a totally new perspective of the sea and land. It is incredibly peaceful and calming on the water; I can see why everyone is falling in love with this sport. Contact your local water sports centre for hire and lessons

game, involving athleticism, tactics and skill which can be played indoors, on sand or grass,” said Dan Wright from the Sussex Volleyball Association. Six team players per side rally the ball back and forth over the net with the aim of grounding the ball on their opponent’s side. A player starts the rally by serving the ball (using their hand or arm to hit the ball with force) from the back of the court over the net and into their opponent’s court. Only three touches of the ball are allowed per side before the ball must be

played back across the net. Players must not touch the ball twice consecutively, but can set each other up for an attack shot, striking the ball over the net and towards the ground leaving the receiving players unable to return it. “There are eight volleyball clubs across Sussex with more than 20 teams, catering for men, women and juniors of all levels,” continued Dan. “At Worthing, East Grinstead and Dolphins volleyball clubs there is a focus on developing young players with junior sessions available.” Visit for further information and free taster sessions


Established 13 years

FANCY A NEW CAREER? Enrolling now for our part time Accredited Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy courses commencing October 2021 (Exams 2022)

Our Specialist Courses include:

★ CIBTAC Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy ★ CIBTAC Body Massage & Anatomy and Physiology ★ CIBTAC Electrical Facial

Specialists in CIBTAC internationally recognised Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy and Body qualifications. CPD Enrichment training days also available. We offer payment schemes and professional high quality training. Call us for more details:

Tel: 01444 233060 43 Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0ED

Do you want help with technology? SUPPORT FOR:

• PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital devices and media • Software, networks, databases, Microsoft, Apple • Security, backups, data protection • The Cloud, connecting all your devices, flexible access, work from anywhere

Telephone & Remote Support available ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS

Call our gobbledygook-averse Richard Long now on

07831 196534 or email

CAROUSEL MUSIC – ANGIE RETIRES AFTER 28 YEARS It all started in 1993 when Angie Craik bought Roundabout Antiques in Commercial Square Haywards Heath. As well as antiques her passion was music and she could never resist buying old instruments at fairs. To sell them she then needed ‘How-to-Play’ books and the services of an instrument repairer. At this point she realised that there was no music shop in the area and so she decided to convert her shop into Carousel Music. Over the years the business flourished, and Angie and her staff were able to give help and advice to parents wanting the best instrument for their child, and to people of all ages wanting to try a new instrument for the first time. Angie had learned to play the piano, guitar, violin, flute, and saxophone and so she was able to advise on a wide range of instruments. She also loved being at the heart of the local music scene, selling tickets and putting up posters for musical events. Now, at 80, Angie feels that she really ought to retire and so she is having a huge sale of stock at discounted prices. The good news is that the shop will continue as a music store, run by the Macaris. Ant and Steve are sons of the Macari brothers, who developed the worldfamous Fuzz Pedal for rock guitars. Angie wishes to thank all her loyal customers, who have been with her for many years, and who she will greatly miss. On the plus side she will now be able to have more time to play her instruments.

7 Commercial Square Haywards Heath RH16 1DW 07921 719 902

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 91

HAILSHAM CARS MOT’s & Hailsham’s Premier Taxi Company


Long & Short Distance ® Airports ® Docks ® Local


1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Ken Tel: 018 Email: info@commun www.commun


Established for over 30 years AND EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE George Street, Hailsham

1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email:

TRUST HASTINGS 01323 MOTOR84 CARE COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL 44 64 An Independent Family Run Business The Family Run Garage COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL in Lindfield Call: 01424 461309 ➲ Friendly Welcome

1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email:

1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email: rs ➲ Top Quality Service ai COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL ep R ➲ On Site MOT’s 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email: n ➲ Realistic Prices c ro Ai COPY FOR YOUR APPROVAL ➲ All Makes Cared For Call: 01424 461 309 MOTs & OT ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists M GENERAL REPAIRS MOTs &




Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988




MOTs & An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

Call: 01424 461 309


Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG

v er



s re Ty


TRUST HASTINGS MOTOR CARE An Independent Family Run Business

Call: 01424 461 309

REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor Care)

An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

NOTES Call: 01424 461 309



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STUDIO PROOF Should you Care) require any amendments, please indicate them An Independent Family Run Business REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor SIZE 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 MOTs &


PROOF DATE/TIME: October am it to us together with this clearly on 8the copy2020 and9:59 return form within next Autocare 5 working days Thank you OUR FILENAME: Nov 20the Hastings services 1-8


Call: 01424 461 309









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“We care enough for you” clearly onto thecare copy and return it to us together with this

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Call: 01424 461 309 WITH EST:1946



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APPROVED FOR PRESS IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE Free Ford Roadside Assistance in UK & Europe with

regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork,

every Ford Vehicle Serviced

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Ford Servicing from £169 – Genuine Ford parts, labour & VAT included  Ford Authorised Repairer incl. Warranty

regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork, we will assume all is correct and approved for press. Company No: 7404427 • VAT No: 990360412 All advertisements, artwork and associated images, unless supplied by the advertiser or their representatives, are the property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any

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• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex

Free Collection & Delivery Service

• Quality vehicles at competitive prices • Comprehensive 25 item safety inspection carried out before each hire • 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

 • No mileage charge • FREE evening collection (subject to availability)

‘Cheaper than a Main Dealer’

• Ample free parking

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL 92 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Service, MOTs & Repairs on ALL Vehicle Makes & Models

NEW & USED CAR SALES Please quote RJK11 when responding

North Street, Rotherfield TN6 3LY

01892 852286 | RJK11





rom Berwick Station walk south for 50m, then turn right by the fingerpost and follow the path past the buildings into a field of maize. Beyond this field is a second and third field. In the fourth field, advance as far as the tarmac drive before turning left to follow the drive past the poplar trees to the junction with Common Lane. Aim for the fingerpost on the left when crossing the road, then walk through more maize to a small copse and timber bridge. Amble through a corridor of blue chicory flowers into the field of maize, which leads to a stile by a pair of rusty gates. Continue in the same general direction, respecting any livestock that might be in the field as the path dips, rises, and continues to a stile. Bisect the two telegraph poles, turn right, and follow the left side of the hedge down to the bridge crossing the Cuckmere River tributary. Keep walking in the same direction to the stile beside the busy A27. Turn left and walk 50m, before crossing the A27 with great care into The Village (Berwick). Follow the road past the red telephone box, veering left at the traffic

With summer in full swing we sent our resident rambler, Robert Veitch, on an epic downland crossing from Berwick to Seaford, accompanied by our graphic designer Jo and former assistant editor Cheryl. They set off from Lewes Station under grey skies and a looming prospect of rain

island, all the way to the church car park. Follow the ‘to the church’ sign between the brick and knapped flint walls lined with hollyhocks to the porch of St. Michael and All Angels Church. Take the opportunity to pop inside and see the work of the Bloomsbury Set, it’s a worthy distraction as Jo and Cheryl discovered. Follow the path on either side of the porch around to the gate in the rear churchyard. Turn right and follow the track for 200m, past the rapeseed to the T-junction with the concrete drive. Turn left, following the track as it sweeps right, then left, continuing to the 90° right-hand bend. 25m around the bend, turn left by the fingerpost and continue between the trees as the path ascends the slope, to a gate. Through the gate, the path is glued to the contour, curving left, slowly openingup to reveal the ominous looking ‘wall’ ahead, although this ascent of downland escarpment is not to be feared.

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 93

The route bears right traversing the gradient to reach a hairpin bend by the tumulus. Turning 180°, continue uphill; beyond the gate the gradient begins to ease as the path loops right towards the summit, before easing downhill between the stock proof fences to the gate and the junction with the South Downs Way. “Not as bad a climb as it looked,” noted Jo with a smile. Turn right and follow the national trail to the next gate. 300m beyond this gate, turn left by the fourfingerpost, and follow the wide Greenway, over the brow of Black Patch and the highest point of the day at 174 m (571 feet). Continue past the open 7-bar metal gate, rambling downhill through the wildflower meadows into the valley of Blackstone Bottom and the copse beyond. Beyond a gate the path narrows and starts to make its way uphill and out of the valley, crossing the contours one by one as it gradually 94 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

curves left. At the top a gate precedes the junction of four paths at Paul Earl’s bench. Turn right and walk 15m, before turning left by the fingerpost and redundant stile, into a field of wheat. The path caresses the brow then slants downhill,

sweeping right into Devilsrest Bottom at the base of the valley. Turn left and follow the narrow path between tall grasses for 200m until reaching the kissing gate. Wander along the entirety of the track, respecting any livestock,

Amble through a corridor of blue chicory flowers

veering right at the very end to the kissing gate. Continue past the fingerpost in the same general direction for almost 300m then turn left at the crossroads, into the hamlet of Norton. Follow the tarmac past the traffic island for half a mile, into the hamlet of Bishopstone, where the road rears up, among picture postcard buildings and knapped flint walls. St. Andrews Church on the right is another interesting distraction; reportedly dating from the 8th century it may be the oldest in the county. Just beyond the church, where the road bends right, walk straight on, into another wheat field. Take the left path, across the field, then up the slope between the fences, and through the kissing gate at the top. Across the next wheat field, a kissing gate precedes the junction with Grand Avenue. Across the road beyond the East Blatchington fingerpost, is the final field of the day, before the journey enters suburban Seaford, betwixt garden fences.

Million dollar smiles. FREE consultation & teeth whitening**

Teeth straightening without a brace. Now from just £83.13 per month with 0% APR* Available at our clinics in Brighton & Hove, Crawley, Heathfield, Horsham & Stone Cross. Scan the QR code for more information and to book your FREE consultation. *T&C’s apply – please ask for more details **For patients undertaking dual arch treatment only.







Saturday 18th September 6.30pm As the sun sets over Sussex, join us for a virtual sponsored walk. Pick your favourite route, gather family and friends, and light up the night in celebration of hospice care. As you bring love, light and joy to the dark hours, you’ll help hospice nurses bring the same to local families, both on our ward and in their own homes.

Entry £18 per adult £8 under 16s

Sign up now at Receive 10% off with the code: SUNSET at checkout

Includes a T-shirt, LED candle and paper lantern for you to personalise at home and carry with you.

Registered charity number: 1056114

SPSJ_Sunset_Walk_A5_landscape_ad_v2.indd 1

16/07/2021 16:15

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 95

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey. Media 047/20

Cross Clementine Avenue and follow the path across Churchill Drive and Princess Drive, before a final section uphill to Carlton Road. Continue past Tudor Close then turn right into Beacon Road, barreling downhill towards the coast. Cross the A259 at the traffic island, and keep walking towards the sea, along Hawth Way, over Claremont Road, then over Lambes Bridge before strolling down Edinburgh Road to the seafront. Turn left and amble along the promenade for 450m before turning left into Dane Road, at the end of which there are opportunities for reward to celebrate a good walk, well done. Alternatively, turn left and the railway station is just a few paces away. “That’s a cracking walk,” exclaimed Cheryl with a grin, as the sun finally appeared, “now where’s the tea and cake!” l Robert has tested the route personally, making sure it is suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email

Distance: 9½ miles Walk Time: 3¾ - 4¼ hours Elevation Gain: 210m (690 feet) Calorie Burn: Approximately 800kcal

Map: Explorer OL25 Trains: Parking: Pay parking at Lewes Station, Berwick Station and Seaford Station

! u o y k n Tha For all of the amazing feedback you send us each week!

RATED EXCELLENT Battle . Bexhill . Eastbourne . Polegate . Seaford . St. Leonards . Uckfield 96 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

East Sussex, we're coming to seriously upgrade your broadband. Lightning Fibre's brand new, hyper fast full fibre broadband network will upgrade Eastbourne, Hastings, Hailsham and Heathfield to future proofed ‘gigabit-towns’.

Rated “Excellent”

With packages from 100Mbps download and upload through to 10,000Mbps - Now, THAT’S fast! For home workers, students, gamers, video callers, and streamers - our strikingly fast, reliable network will change your life.

Join the Broadband Revolution. Register your interest, or order online today.

Call 01323 380 260 I @LightningFibreBroadband








The 8 we k workshop is £20 which also includes 6 exercise ses ions

We can help you make changes that will be sustained for life Our 12 week workshops will help you…


Our 12 week Workshop is £20. FREE weekly exercise sessions included

S en d us a messa ge t o f i n d o ut a b o ut o ur Midsussexwellbeing S e nr d u s a m e s s a g e t o f i n d o u t Midsussexwellbeing ab S o u te o u rn dMidsussexwellbeing u s o u t o u upcoming dates or scan the QR code to send us Mid Sussex u p cn omin g d a t eu s ors s c a nu the p Q R cc o d eo to m s e n dSussex uis nWellbeing g d t o s e d Mid Sussex Mid an interest request WellbeingWellbeing an interest request @MSDCwellbing We l l b e i n g @m i d s u s s e x . g o v . u k 0 1 444 47 7 1 9 1 @MSDCwellbing @MSDCwellbing We e i n1 g @m i d s u s s e x . g o v . u k W 0 1 444 e 47 7 l1 9l1 b e i n g 44 47 7 1l l b 9


Our quality of life and ability to enjoy all the activities we love is dependent on good health and fundamental to this is building strong muscle and bone, as Lisa de Silva explains


o enjoy a good quality of life forming cells, improving bone walking, swimming, water and to be able to enjoy all mineral density. Calcium is aerobics, cycling, dancing and the activities we love, good the main mineral found tennis are all excellent ways to health, particularly bone in bones and as old bone build and maintain strength. health, is a necessity. This is especially cells constantly break Specifically, resistance and true as we age, as maintaining our down and regenerate, weight training can help strength and bone health, gives us the increase muscle mass and freedom to enjoy an active life, while protect against bone loss. Try Bone and muscle are also protecting us from injury. body weight exercises like lunges, Bone and muscle are both living squats and push ups, or using a both living tissue tissue that require good nutrition resistance band or free weights. that require and regular physical activity to stay good nutrition strong and healthy. Both weaken with MAINTAINING A inactivity, which causes a loss in muscle HEALTHY WEIGHT and bone mass. Specifically, this puts One W of the best weapons against L E A R N H O T O us at increased risk of osteoporosis and it’s important to loss of muscle and bone density is to MA S I M E , fragile bones, while more generally, consumeK calciumE maintain aP healthyL and stable weight. weakened muscles reduce our capacity on a daily basis. Those with low body weight risk reduced PL E A S U R A BLE to go about our daily lives with ease. Good sources include green leafy bone density, this is particularly true Thankfully, keeping ourC bones Hvegetables, dairy products andE cheese. S for post-menopausal women. Similarly, A N G T H A T and muscles strong and healthy simply High quality protein also helps to build being overweight impairs bone quality W LL R Eincluding S U T Ifractures N involves some basic nutrition andI lifestyle and maintain body tissue, andL increases the risk of owing A habits. Here are our top four tips. muscle and bone. Aim for around 100 to the body’s stress of carrying excess H E A L T H W E as Iweight G grams a day, balanced with Y plenty weight. However, loss isH linked T NUTRITION of plant foods. reduced bone density, it’s important Y OU Cto A N A high intake of vitamin-packed not to yo-yo diet. Instead, aim to M A I N T A I N Fand O R vegetables will help to increase the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY maintain a healthy stable weight. production of boneFor optimal muscle and bone L I F E strength, it’s important to SUPPLEMENTATION keep as active as possible. While it is always better to get nutrition General activities like from food sources, there are some vitamins and minerals where this is not always possible. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium through exposure to the sun and is important for a m e s s a ge t o f n o gs g strongimuscles andd healthy bones, but u t we may need a supplement during the d a t e s o r s c a n t h e Q R c o winter months. Likewise, magnesium, a n i n t e r e s t rand e q u zinc collagen can all help ine the s t quest to keep bone and muscle mass n g@m i d s u s s e x . g o 0 healthy andv strong..l u k August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 99

Feeling a little ‘meh’ and can’t explain what’s wrong? It’s called languishing, the most dominant emotion of 2021. The ongoing disruption caused by the global pandemic has affected almost everyone’s mental health in some way or another. After more than a year of separation from loved ones, and with the continued uncertainty of what’s next with Covid, we’ve been living with ongoing low-level anxiety - and it’s taken its toll. Society may be ‘opening-up’ now, but many of us are still struggling to recover from daily life being put on pause. We’re left with a lack of motivation and decreased energy levels. In other words, we’re languishing. Languishing is a feeling of stagnation, of lack of progress and an inability to focus. It’s a state that often creeps up on you without you even noticing, and makes you feel un-inspired, without your usual energy and vigour. On the spectrum between flourishing and depression, its stuck right in the middle, leaving you feeling a little bit ‘meh’ and indifferent about things. First coined by sociologist Keyes (2002) languishing is a feeling of emptiness, “a life of quiet despair” and it is the “absence of mental health.” According to psychologist Adam Grant’s recent piece in the New York Times, languishing is “the neglected middle child of mental health,” and it’s the most dominant emotion of 2021. It’s not categorised as a mental health disorder, so hasn’t yet got the attention perhaps it deserves, but further studies suggest that, if left unmanaged, languishing becomes a major contributing factor for depression.

So, if you’re finding yourself muddling through each day, lacklustre and feeling foggy, then the chances are, you’re languishing. But the good news is that there are ways to get your motivation back and enjoy that feeling of progress again. To begin with you need to acknowledge that this disconnected, aimless state you feel actually is a real thing. You may have been struggling to put your finger on why you’ve not been feeling quite right. But don’t worry, your apathy and lack of enthusiasm is shared by lots of other people. You’re not alone. If you need further confirmation, then ask those close to you, see if they’ve noticed anything wrong - a lack of positive emotions affects behaviour and decision making in all aspects of life. Once you’ve recognised the symptoms, talk to someone. There’s lots of free support out there and many professionals who can help you start to feel more in control of your life and boost your wellbeing. Your therapist will work together with you to agree strategies and techniques that enable you to feel more optimistic about your future. They’ll support you to start socialising again, set goals and celebrate individual achievements to rebuild confidence and motivation. The pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on us all, but with the right help and guidance, personalised to your individual needs, you can gradually rediscover a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Here are 5 ways you can start to feel better today:

1: Open up about how you’re feeling – we’ve all been through a rollercoaster of emotions this past year, it’s okay to say, ‘I’m not okay’.

2: Talk to someone – talking through our feelings can help us understand what we are experiencing.

3: Set goals – rediscovering enthusiasm can be a gradual process. Set yourself individual tasks that you can work towards to help you get back to feeling good.

4: Improve your concentration – take up positive habits to help boost your focus such as limiting screen time and practising mindfulness.

5: Reconnect with people – make plans to see family and friends. As you start to feel better, you’ll be glad to have dates in the diary.

Elysium Therapy


At Elysium Therapy Brighton we recognise that

If you would like to seek help or discuss

seeking support and help for yourself, a friend or a

treatment options, please get in touch.

family member who is struggling is a brave thing to do.


Our team are here for you and can help facilitate

T: 01273 059700

personal growth and help with any mental health


difficulties you or those around you are experiencing. We provide consultations, psychiatric assessments and talking therapies delivered individually or on a group therapy basis, in person, via video conferencing or by telephone.

Elysium Therapy Brighton Withdean House 52 Dyke Road Avenue Brighton BN1 5LE


Out with the old and in with the new for multifunctional makeup to save you time, space and money. Sara Whatley looks at a few hard working products, some of which you probably already own!


eading off on your summer holidays soon? This year it might just be a staycation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. No one wants to be dragging a ton weight of makeup and beauty products in their luggage though, and this is where multifunctional products come in especially handy. Getting two or three uses out of one product makes so much sense for space saving, money saving and planet saving, especially if you choose ethical brands. Power to the products! Summer heat can mean dryness for many skin and hair types, and traditionally that might mean at least three different products for face, body and hair. However, if you opt for a natural oil product, such as coconut, olive, nut oil or avocado, this can be used on face, body and hair with great results. Just be aware that oil


products tend to work better on thick or coarse hair as a leave in conditioner or shine serum. We don’t want lank looking locks now do we? Cream blush formulas are another really hard working beauty product that triple up for eyes, cheeks and lips. Dab onto eyelids, blend into the apples of your cheeks and slick across lips for a really pulled together but super simple look. Turning this on its head,

For a sultry sun-kissed evening look sweep bronzer across your collarbones and down the centre of your cleavage 102 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

you could also use your lipstick as a tint for your cheeks and even eyes to achieve the same coherent look. Just go for a light touch on cheeks and eyes as lipstick pigment can be quite strong. Summer is a great time to indulge in the sun kissed look, and what better way to achieve this than bronzer? Another totally adaptable product, I use mine three ways. Firstly, use as a traditional bronzer blended across forehead, cheeks and nose. Secondly, use as an eyeshadow. Personally I like to pick out the individual lighter shades to sweep across my lids, but you could create a great shimmery dark eye with the darker shades blended into a bit of liner. And thirdly, for a sultry sunkissed evening look sweep your bronzer across your collarbones and down the centre of your cleavage. Your friends will think you’ve just drifted in from a day on the beach! One last strong product with a multitude of uses is clear mascara. Used on eyelashes, this lighter more natural looking mascara creates definition and a dewy sheen, gorgeous for subtle summer makeup. You can also use it swept across your brows for light definition or as a base coat for your usual brow colour. And lastly, clear mascara is perfect for taming flyaway hairs! A quick swipe here and there instead of hair gel or spray and you’re good to go. l


The Movement is a place to move, flow, gather, laugh, learn, connect and grow. It’s a place to create change, both inside and out. It’s a place to cast our egos aside, move our bodies and reconnect to our souls.

This is a yoga studio with a difference. 10% of profits are donated to charity, and we are committed to creating a welcoming environment for all shapes, sizes, genders, abilities, ethnicities and cultures to thrive.

Introductory offer for new students: £20 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga 73-75 SOUTH ROAD, HAYWARDS HEATH


PROOF DATE/TIME: 16 June 2021 10:09 am OUR FILENAME: July 21 THe Movement 1-2

How to Choose A Dentist Do you feel comfortable with the dentist? This may be a gut-instinct but do you feel they are listening to you and giving you bespoke advice related to your mouth and habits. You only have one set of teeth so be careful who you entrust them to. Remember this should be a relationship for life; if you do not feel comfortable, find someone else.


Choosing a Dentist can be confusing and a bit daunting, so having the right dentist can help calm any fears you have about an impending dental visit

Is the practice well established? Experience and continuity of care can be very valuable. Will the dentist or hygienist be there next time you have your check-up? It takes time to build a relationship on both sides. They will get to know your mouth, what materials work best in your mouth and how often to review you. Changing dentists regularly can mean you end up with more restorative work undertaken.



It is best if you can get referrals from as many sources as possible Ask some of your relatives, colleagues or friends if they can recommend reliable dentists.



Do they have a dental hygienist? Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. Does the hygienist clean your mouth thoroughly?

Ask questions The most important thing to remember is to ask questions! Make a list of questions to ask before your appointment as you may forget.

Call Oakmead Dental on 01342 325363 and see how we at Oakmead in East Grinstead are changing Dentistry. Do they guide you in what are the best oral hygiene aids for your mouth?


Training and further education Look for award winning practices and those committed to continuing education.

“I wanted to finally express my appreciation for everything the staff at Oakmead have done for me over the past 20 years. Yes, I was surprised it had been that long”

01342 325363 STUDIO PROOF

PROOF DATE/TIME: 18 September 2020 4:39 pm OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Excellence/Oakmead (gums)1-2

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 103

Wedding Showday S U N DAY 2 9 T H AU G U S T | 1 1 A M - 4 P M

Explore our 18th Century Coaching Inn fully decorated & dressed for a stunning summer wedding. Enjoy complimentary champagne & venue bookings with exclusive offers. Countryside events with an enchanting twist of India.

Open Day • Live Music • Canapés & Champagne • Exclusive Offers Indian Marquees • Free Parking & Drinks • Caterers & Suppliers

R.S.V.P online to claim a complimentary glass of Champagne on arrival at the venue - Front Desk: 01825 790 200 | Enquiries: Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green, East Sussex, TN22 3RB W W W. T R A D I N G B O U N D A R I E S . C O M


PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 July 2021 1:22 pm OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 Dyke Golf Club 1-4

104 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


WHAT’S YOUR Wedding Style? A great theme can help you to plan a fabulous wedding. There are numerous possibilities, but the best wedding themes are those that reflect your personalities. Adele Trathan explores some ideas VINTAGE One of the hot trends for weddings in 2021 is vintage or retro-inspired with a modern twist. It is an easy theme to personalise and to use in a subtle way without going too mad. The fun thing about a vintage inspired wedding theme is that you can choose any era which

A fun idea is to ask your guests to also dress in the style of the era too August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 105

ECO-CHIC Opting for an eco-chic wedding theme is the perfect way to add your own spin to your wedding. Make it really personal, cast your own values over your big day and make it memorable for your family and friends. Decide just how far you want to take your eco-chic theme; are you happy with just an accent or is it the key to your whole wedding?

Earth friendly materials and practices can definitely co-exist with high style


you identify with from the roaring 20s to the swinging 60s. Follow the theme in the key areas such as the dress, transport and venue dressings and the rest can be styled to suit. A fun idea is to ask your guests to also dress in the style of the era too – just make sure you remember to tell them!

your venue. Why not hold your table plan within a beautiful gilded frame, have ornate hurricane lamps with candles as centre pieces, and keep your floral arrangements classy with long single stems in neutral tones. When it comes to the dress, it’s fair to say that a bubblegum pink meringue would not be suitable with this type of theme; instead opt for a sleek and sophisticated sheaf dress, or slim A-Line in ivory silk.

Earth friendly materials and practices can definitely co-exist with high style. Brides can look stunning in an eco-chic bridal gown (choose a gown made from organic or fair-trade fabric, or a recycled vintage gown). Serve organic local cuisine and wine for the reception dinner, which is both food mile friendly and guarantees you super fresh and delicious ingredients and use flowers from a local farm or supplier arranged in recycled containers for your centrepieces.

ELEGANCE If you are looking for a glamorous, yet understated wedding why not consider a theme of modern elegance? Start with a venue that’s got the wow factor, yet remains intimate for you and your guests. The dressing for the venue is very much about quality, not quantity! Use a few beautiful and lavish items to accent

106 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


EASTBOURNE’S NUMBER ONE WEDDING VENUE Picture yourself and your guests sipping champagne on a balcony with an unrivalled view of the Eastbourne coastline and that’s exactly what you’ll get from The View Hotel. All of our event rooms are fully licensed for civil ceremonies, so you can choose the perfect space for your day and our specialised Wedding Packages have been designed with only you in mind, giving you full flexibility to create a special day exclusive to you.

YOU’RE INVITED We’ve teamed up with local wedding experts to ensure when you attend our wedding fair, you have everything you need to create the perfect day...

All our Wedding Packages include: Dedicated experienced wedding co-ordinator to assist and advise you every step of the way Menu consultation and complimentary tasting of your chosen options Complimentary accommodation for the newly weds Cake stand and knife Minimum three course Wedding breakfast Reception Drinks for you and your guests Preferential accommodation rates for all your guests

Join us at The View Hotel Eastbourne on

Sunday 12th September 2021 11am until 3pm Want a chance to win one of our exclusive wedding package upgrades? From £250 bar credit or complimentary bedrooms to canapes at your reception, a sorbet course or drinks upgrades, head to now for more information on how to register

Scan Me

Room hire for your Wedding breakfast

REGISTER NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF OUR EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE UPGRADES T&C’s apply and are available on request. Offer for new bookings only and are subject to availability.

You’ll be surprised at just how flexible we can be when planning your big day, we can tailor the package to your needs should you have more people during the day or evening.

AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED SO BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT Head to for more information, to pre-register or to enquire about holding your wedding with The View Hotel THE VIEW HOTEL | GRAND PARADE | EASTBOURNE | EAST SUSSEX | BN21 4DN |

Create a sumptuous atmosphere with ornate glass lantern lights

SPICE Why not spice up your wedding with the vibrant colours, tastes and sounds of the Far East? Be inspired by the glitz of Bollywood with a vivid palette of hot pink, vibrant violet, fiery gold and orange with touches of red. Use the colours for flowers, table linens, bridesmaid dresses, and even your crystal bridal jewellery. Dress tables with beautiful sari fabric and use mirrored and jewelled fabrics as draperies. Create a sumptuous atmosphere with ornate glass lantern lights that will make the colours glow and indulge your guests with decadent tiered wedding cake displayed as a centrepiece of the occasion.

COUNTRY GARDEN English country garden wedding themes offer an original way to personalise your wedding day. A romantic country style wedding can be held outdoors or in a marquee, barn, or even an English country hotel. Use rustic style hearts as chair backs, drape pretty bunting from trees or inside the reception venue. Flowers should, of course, be English garden varieties such as lavender, sweetpeas, stocks or beautiful English roses. Decorate your tables with rustic baskets or cake stands filled with blooms and use teacups with floating candles. Styling your wedding day with a country garden theme is a lovely way to encourage a relaxed fun atmosphere at your wedding reception. l

Margaret Watson HARPIST

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning

Your wedding dress is very precious to you, and deserves to be cleaned and heirloomed with care. Sarah will care for your dress, discussing the best cleaning techniques with you. They will also care for the Groom, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids’ garments. You can choose from boxes by The Empty Box Co, or our own Treasures Box, should you wish to preserve your dress for the future. A true family business, now in it’s fifth generation, Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning are experts in the dry cleaning of vintage clothing and vintage wedding dresses. Our expert staff have the knowledge to handle and care for delicate fabrics and garments.

The Romance Of A HARP At YOUR Wedding 01342 810641 | 07957 669504


108 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF August 2021 DATE/TIME: 18 May 2021 1:31 pm OUR FILENAME: June 21 Margaret Watson 1-4

1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644


PROOF DATE/TIME: 5 November 2018 1:22 PM OUR FILENAME: 17-18 Sarah Lacey Wedding-2 1-4

Opening Times Monday to Saturday 10am - 9pm Sunday 10am - 4pm

Our newly opened exclusive boutique prides itself in having a fun, welcoming and personal approach to help brides find the perfect wedding dress By appointment only

first-rate fashion! 155 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9PU

01273 834686 |

Book your VIP bridal experience with us and we will make that magical ‘YES!’ moment – one you’ll never forget! 07763 302 104 or 01342 318700 73 High St, East Grinstead RH19 3DD


PROOF DATE/TIME: 21 July 2021 4:53 pm OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 Lily Jacobs


Set in the heart of the idyllic Sussex countryside with the distant sound of the Bluebell Railway in the background lies the picturesque Bluebell Vineyard With the luscious vines all around you are totally immersed in the Vineyard and can drink in the views as you enjoy

your wedding breakfast creating a perfect and memorable backdrop for your special day and perfect for photographs Bluebell Vineyard offers a relaxed setting to be able to enjoy your day whilst you and your guests enjoy the wine surrounded by its heritage

Bluebell Vineyard, Sliders Lane, Furners Green, East Sussex TN22 3RU 01825 791 561 | Open daily including Sunday & Bank Holidays


PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 July 2021 11:09 am OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 Bluebell Vineyard Estates 1-4

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 109

The Dandelion Clock


Menswear & Wedding Hire Specialists

The ideal place for that special present. Visit our centre for 100’s of unique gift ideas. Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Closed Sundays

Lewes Road, Forest Row, RH18 5ES T: 01342 822 335 E:



PROOF DATE/TIME: 21 May 2021FRAMING 3:12 PM ORCHARD OUR FILENAME: Feb19 DandelionClock 1-8



• Bespoke and Ready-made Framing • Hundreds of Mounts and Mouldings We moved • Local Artists' Gallery andhave Mirrors • Textile,to: Tapestry and 3D Framing

Unit 4, Merrydown Business Park, Discovery Way, Horam (Entrance opposite village hall)

Coles of Uckfield


01825 762156


Vintage inspired gifts, homeware, accessories, bath & beauty products, cards, candles & reproduction clothing Units 65-66 Enterprise Shopping Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1BD � 01323 640013 Follow us on Facebook @aurelieandrosevintage Follow us on Instagram/Twitter @aurelieandrose 110 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

• Bespoke framing and a large selection of mounts and ready-made frames • Mirrors made to order • Textile, Tapestry and 3D Framing Canvases, prints & original artwork for sale

Discovery Horam . tel: 01435 Vines Cross Road,Way, Horam TN21 0HB . tel:812075 01435 812075 Open:Tuesday Tuesday--Friday Friday9am-5pm, 9am-5pm,Saturday Saturday9am-1pm 9am-4pm(Closed (ClosedMonday) Monday). .Easy EasyParking Parking Open:


Butterflies and Bows Friendly professional company, based in Lingfield, with fourteen years experience. Bouquets, table centres, fairylight backdrops, chair covers, decorations and lighting. Discounted packages available. 01342 892392 07717 527923

Chariots Chauffeur Hire

Forest Rose Flowers

Chariots Wedding and Executive Cars specialise in classic, veteran and modern car hire for weddings beautiful cars can be hired for weddings in Lewes, Uckfield, Eastbourne, Brighton and everywhere in between.

The team at Forest Rose Flowers are dedicated to providing customers with the most stunning floral displays, for every occasion. We take pride in delivering creative designs, using a combination of classic and quirky blooms.

Chariots Wedding & Executive Cars, Merlins, Uckfield Road, Clayhill BN8 5RU 01273 813401

Hartfield Road, Forest Row RH18 5DN 07703 583523


YOUR Arabella Floral Chair Cover Chic High quality room decor for your affordable dream wedding, private party or corporate event. Chair covers and all styles of sashes, draping, lighting, backdrops, flower wall, blossom and topiary trees. 89 Hammerwood Road, Ashurstwood RH19 3RX 01342 824180

Arabella Floral is a weddings and events florist covering Sussex, Kent and Surrey. We love using seasonal flowers and foliage to create beautiful, natural and wild designs. 07870 271212

Sarah Lacey Dry Cleaning Expert care for your wedding dress. Sarah believes every wedding dress is unique, that’s why her personalised cleaning and boxing service is so popular with brides. 1 College Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex, RH16 1QN 01444 416644

Ashdown Events Ashdown Events provides a full event decoration and floristry service for weddings, parties and corporate events including bridal and reception flowers, chair covers, backdrops and draping. Unit 2, Moonhill Farm, Burgess Hill Road, Ansty RH17 5AH 01444 616090

Butterfly Meadow Weddings An amazing new marquee venue set in beautiful private farmland in the Surrey hills. Includes all furniture, DJ, flowers, décor, bar, generator and toilets! 07717 527923

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 111

Write your Will online with our LawEasier service. Try it for free, it’s easy-peasy!



AGREEMENTS It’s a sad fact of life that some marriages or civil partnerships don’t go the distance, so Peter d’Aguilar has been investigating the role of the prenuptial agreement and offers his thoughts on the topic


hen a couple falls in love, and life is all moons, Junes, and Ferris wheels, the idea of a prenuptial agreement is probably the last thing on their minds. If one

party were even to broach the subject in an insensitive way, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nevertheless, viewed dispassionately, a ‘prenup’ could save a great deal of money and heartache if the marriage or civil

partnership should sadly hit the rocks at some stage in the future. So, what exactly is a prenuptial agreement? It’s a contract entered into by both partners before they marry or form a civil partnership. Its aim is to identify ownership of each partner’s assets in case the relationship fails and comes to an end. While its main purpose is to set out who gets what, it also includes other important elements.

Its aim is to identify ownership of each partner’s assets

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 113

Most newsworthy prenup stories involve the rich and famous, but this kind of agreement is relevant to every legally joined couple that possess any form of assets. Often there is a disparity in the respective wealth of the two partners. The prenup can protect the wealthier partner from losing a disproportionate amount in an equalsplit settlement. This applies both to existing assets and also prospective future earnings and inheritance. In the event of re-marriage or new civil partnership, a prenup can ensure that money earmarked for offspring is not diluted. The legal aspect of a prenup can be a potential minefield. Technically, prenups are not legally enforceable in Britain. Nevertheless, as long as the original agreement has been drawn up correctly and ratified by independent legal advisers on both sides, judges normally take them into account when dividing assets fairly. It is therefore essential to make sure a prenuptial agreement is put together correctly and fairly, without coercion or bias in favour of either party. This means that all assets and liabilities should be disclosed in full, with the voluntary agreement of both partners. The main essentials of a prenup are that the agreement must be fair, contractually valid and freely entered

It is possible to draw up a postnuptial agreement or make mutually agreed legal alterations to the prenup

into. A prenup must be made at least twenty-eight days before the union and both parties need to understand the implications and receive separate independent legal advice. There should be full and honest disclosure about all financial circumstances. It should not be unfair or discriminatory towards any children and the needs of both parties must be met. A time frame can be set, otherwise the agreement will continue in perpetuity – unless formally revoked

at some point in the future. The assets that should be covered include the family home and any other properties, personal belongings, all financial assets (including savings, pensions and business assets), debts, plus any future inheritance scenarios. Once the union has taken place, it is possible to draw up a postnuptial agreement or make mutually agreed legal alterations to the prenup, to reflect any subsequent changes in circumstances. It can also be helpful to seek independent mediation when first discussing the agreement, as some aspects may be sensitive. Just as taking out a home insurance policy does not mean that your house is definitely going to burn down, a prenup does not increase the likelihood of divorce or the end of a civil partnership. In some ways, it could help to remove a potential point of contention in a union by knowing that, if the worst does come to the worst, the process of separation will probably be less prolonged, acrimonious and expensive. The cost of a prenup can vary greatly, depending on the variety and complexity of the assets to be divided. Prices range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. As always, it is best to seek advice, shop around and use a specialist to draw up the agreement. l

WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU IS IMPORTANT TO US At NFU Mutual we can look after you, your family and your business. Our insurance products and financial services include: • Home • Farm • Life Assurance • Car • Equine • Critical Illness • Business • Travel • Income Protection NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers. When you get in touch we’ll explain the advice services offered and the charges. Financial advice is provided by NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited. For a real conversation about your insurance call or email us. NFU Mutual, Bysshopps, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HP T: 01273 025 176 E: NFU Mutual, 1 North Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TJ T: 01243 887 713 E:

C A Modi is an appointed representative of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). And an introducer to NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited, a member of the NFU Mutual group of companies.

114 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Company Promotion


Rustington Hall


Property Services

Rustington Hall OG

Oakhurst NursingGardens and Care



ustington Hall is a not-for-profit charitable organisation, run by Littlehampton and Rustington Housing Society. It is a dualregistered nursing and care home, meaning that as a residents’ needs change from caring to nursing, their environment does not need to change. We cater for all needs, from respite to long-term, and provide a friendly home-fromhome for up to 61 residents. We have a carefully selected team here who are all devoted to making sure that our residents are at the forefront of everything we do. We are very proud of who we are and what we represent, in working together to provide a community for residents and their families alike. Wellbeing of our residents is such an important part of our residents stay and it is vital that all our residents have a sense of this. Our wellbeing team love to engage and get to know our residents by offering a huge variety of entertainment and activities.

meditation/prayer room. When the weather allows, residents enjoy sitting outside in the communal grounds, which include secluded gardens, courtyard, terraces, verandas and a spacious wooden gazebo. In the latest CQC report, Rustington Hall nursing & care home achieved Good overall, with Outstanding in Responsiveness. The CQC inspectors, who visited in April 2021, noted: “Without exception, everyone we spoke with talked about the fantastic care they received at Rustington Hall. Everyone was happy to be living there and spoke positively about all aspects of the service.” The report also praises staff, saying they “had excellent knowledge of people and there was a focus on the individual and on tailoring care and providing activities which were meaningful to them”. “Relatives spoke of the incredible support they had received from staff and of the wonderful photos and videos they received of their loved one.” So, if you are looking for quality residential or nursing care for yourself or a loved one, call Rustington Hall Nursing and Care Home on 01903 777501 or email

Littlehampton & Rustington Housing Society is a not-for-profit charitable organisation, providing quality care and housing solutions since 1948


We have an extensive programme of activities including quizzes, film afternoons, games, and a range of animal visitors! We also have monthly themed events, which the residents love participating in, such as Ascot Day, Mad Hatters Tea Party, Masquerade Ball and Country & Western Day, to name a few. For those that stay in their rooms, we have a trolley that travels around the Home, offering puzzles, books, colouring and games. The carers provide one-to-one interaction, including using our incredible Omni-projector that is indescribable… it needs to be seen to be appreciated! Our large, modern lounge leads onto a wheelchair-friendly decking area. We also have a dedicated activities suite, quiet lounge, and

t: 01903 777501 e: w: f:

Rustington Hall, Station Road, Rustington, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16 3AY


Meet the


The three Sussex branches of the Motor Neurone Disease Association are currently seeking new recruits to join their enthusiastic and dedicated teams of volunteers. David Setters, MNDA volunteer and patient writes about what they do, how they help, and how easy it is to get involved


he branches covering East Sussex, West Sussex North and West Sussex South, raise funds for and awareness of motor neurone disease, and also offering support to some 150 people in the county living with this incurable condition, as well as their carers and families. Motor neurone disease is a progressive terminal neurological condition which attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord. This means messages stop reaching muscles, leading to weakness and wasting throughout the body. It affects an individual’s ability to walk, talk, eat, drink and ultimately to breathe. The progression and presentation of symptoms do not happen in the same way or in the same order for everyone. Around half of those

116 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

diagnosed with the disease pass away within two years, 33% within a year. Motor neurone disease should not be thought of as rare. There is a 1 in 300 lifetime risk of contracting motor

Motor neurone disease is a progressive terminal neurological condition neurone disease, which means that over 200,000 of the current UK population will get it unless treatments are found. There are various volunteering roles to fill within the three branches, who urgently need enthusiastic fundraisers to come up with exciting event ideas and to help organise events. Other

volunteers who can lead or help with raising awareness and campaigning for improved services, both locally and nationally, are also in demand. The Association Visitor role involves visiting people living with the disease to provide them with information, advice, support and a friendly face. The East Sussex branch, for example, urgently needs an Association Visitor in the Uckfield area. “Volunteers make a huge difference to the services we can offer patients and their families,” said West Sussex North branch chair, Julie Taghan. “Whether you have the appetite to raise funds and awareness or to offer a caring, helping hand to those living with the disease, we can offer fulfilling opportunities. Staff and fellow volunteer support is on hand and, where required we can offer appropriate training.”

A Caring Pathway

• Day Care • Residential Care • Passive Dementia Care • Nursing & Palliative Care 10-12 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, BN20 7EJ

01323 734009

Our Care Homes are family run and provide homely and attentive social, residential and nursing care. Both homes have isolation facilities where visitors can spend private quality time with loved ones.

Manor Hall Borough Lane, Eastbourne BN20 8BB

01323 722665

Caring for the people that you love STUDIO PROOF

PROOF DATE/TIME: 18 September 2020 2:12 pm OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Ingham House/Manor Hall

National care provider Shaw healthcare offer a variety of care services across West Sussex

We are welcoming New Admissions GREAT N E WS!

No need to isolate*

Care and the individual are at the very heart of each of our services, where wellness, happiness and kindness are the core values embellished by our staff each day.

We are Open for Admissions

Burleys Wood Crawley Croft Meadow Steyning Deerswood Lodge Crawley The Martlets East Preston Our care fees are dependent on care requirements so please call to discuss on:

0800 902 0092 Or visit *Admissions are now faster & safer. Testing applies.



August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 117

Time spent on the roles can be tailored to each volunteer's specific needs. Typically, the Association Visitor role might take up 2-4 hours per week, while fundraisers and campaigners can adjust their input according to the timetable of events. “They are challenging and rewarding roles, providing volunteers with benefits such as self-development and the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives,” said Julie. “I have met with some amazing people and their dedication and tenacity helps put life into perspective. We would love to hear from people throughout Sussex who might like to join us. We guarantee them a warm welcome.” The three branches are combining for a fundraising walk along the

promenade at Brighton on Sunday 29th August. The walk starts at 2pm by Hove Lagoon, BN3 4LX and will proceed to Brighton West Pier, then back to Hove. As well as able-bodied adults, there will be wheelchairs,

Volunteers make a huge difference to the services we can offer pushchairs, children and, dogs taking part. The volunteers will be resplendent in their blue and orange Motor Neurone Disease Association T-shirts and other regalia to raise awareness, and collect much-needed funds through

a bucket collection. This is a great opportunity for potential volunteers to meet with Motor Neurone Disease Association supporters, patients and carers, and everyone is very welcome to come and join in. For further information on the opportunities and the walk please contact the following people at the three branches. l

• Julie Taghan, West Sussex: North (Burgess

Hill, Crawley, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Horsham) – Maureen O’Neill, West Sussex: South (Billingshurst, Chichester, Petworth, Shoreham, Worthing) – Sharon Bass, East Sussex: Brighton, Crowborough, Eastbourne, Hastings, Uckfield –

• •

You’re invited to Alzheimer’s Research UK’s antiques valuation event Join Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, for a morning of antiques valuations over tea and cake, in conjunction with Dawsons Auctioneers. You can bring along an antique item of your choice and the experts from Dawsons will be ready to value all items. You will also hear from one of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s leading scientists about some of the pioneering research taking place locally and how gifts in Wills are playing such a vital role in making this groundbreaking research possible. Where: Danny House, New Way Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex BN6 9BB When: Thursday 9 September at 10:30am for 11am start To find out more and register your place please contact Maxine Peel-Yates Telephone: 07825 4780711


118 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Let’s Get Together The highest quality care starts with a connection Every member of our team gets to know your loved one as an individual when they move in, so we can support them to live a life they love. We call it relationship-centred care. If you’re looking for the highest quality care for your loved one, let’s get together and talk.

01273 080 111

Residential Care I Nursing Care I Dementia Care I Respite Care


It’s Time to Dust Off Your Apron for Cancer

The Macmillan Horizon Centre

Sophie Beresford from Macmillan Cancer Support has written about the good work the charity does in Sussex, and then makes the case for getting involved in this year’s Coffee Morning to help the good work continue

is doing whatever it takes to support people living with cancer across Sussex from the moment they are diagnosed. In 2020 alone, Macmillan gave just over £131,700 in hardship grants to people with cancer in Sussex, meaning 439 people in the county were able to pay for essential home comforts, such as heating their homes, travel to hospital appointments, bedding and clothing. In 2016, Macmillan, Sussex


t’s nearly 18 months since the first lockdown forced us indoors, quietening streets up and down the country. Whether it was jumping on a Zoom quiz, a 5km run for the NHS or binge-watching boxsets we all found ways to keep ourselves busy. One of the most popular hobbies, however, had to be baking. As a result, we all witnessed an exceptional shortage in flour, with many outlets left with cobwebs as a reminder of where the much-desired ingredient was once stocked. Even Mary Berry knows it’s quite challenging to make a good cake without flour. Thankfully, outlets have replaced the cobwebs with flour just in time for Macmillan Cancer Support’s much-loved annual fundraiser – Coffee Morning. It’s an unfortunate truth that one in two of us will face a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime. That is why Macmillan

120 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Having a coffee morning is the perfect chance to catch up over a cuppa and a slice of something delicious

Cancer Fund and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust addressed this issue by working in partnership to open The Macmillan Horizon Centre. Located next to Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital, the centre provides vital support to the increasing number of people affected by cancer in Sussex. The Macmillan Horizon Centre offers a calm, friendly and welcoming environment where people can access a wide range of cancer information and find out more about local and national support services. They can speak to benefits advisers about financial matters, receive counselling and complementary therapies, and chat to other people affected by cancer. There is also a café on site, where people can get together, as well as spaces for families, carers and support groups to meet. Geoff Brown has been the Centre Manager at The Macmillan Horizon Centre since it opened and has witnessed first-hand the benefits the service has had on local people living with cancer. Geoff said, “Until five years ago, people affected by cancer in many parts of Sussex didn’t have anywhere to go where they could access professionals and resources to provide them with the information and support, they need under one roof. This meant local people may have been facing

“Her room was comfortable, and the staff were caring and considerate. We would definitely recommend this home to others.” Brother of resident, December 2020 Source:


Vidveailable sa tour

The Goldbridge Care Home Welcoming new residents There’s been lots of smiles, tears and laughter over the last year, through it all we’ve been there for our residents and their families, relentlessly. We make sure our team always have personal protective equipment available and regular testing takes place. We also participate in available vaccine programmes and follow strict UK infection control standards. Our team help residents settle in with family video calls, lots of activities and booked visits. Residential | Nursing | Dementia care

Call us for advice today

01444 849 273 Lines are open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 12.30pm Saturday. Closed Sundays and bank holidays. Calls are charged at no more than local rate and count towards any inclusive minutes from mobiles. We may record or monitor our calls.

All types of funding welcome

9.7 Review Score 26 reviews†

No health insurance needed

†The Review Score is based on the quality and number of independent reviews this home has received on in the last two years, at the time of going to print.

FEB21 CS 02125

In an idyllic rural location in Storrington

A leading provider of residential, dementia and nursing care homes across the south of England and a not-for-profit charity. Safely welcoming new residents with our welcome promise, providing comfort, reassurance and a safe place to enjoy life. Contact us today to see how we can help create a new home for you or a loved one

01903 744221| Sussexdown, Washington Road, Storrington, West Sussex RH20 4DA Registered Charity No. 1014697


August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 121

distressing physical, months, it’s become even emotional, financial more challenging and Geoff Brown, or practical cancer complex. That is why we Centre Manager problems alone, or want everyone in Sussex struggling to access who needs us to know support from different One in two of us will Macmillan are here for services.” whatever cancer face a cancer diagnosis you, “It has been throws your way.” in our lifetime an anxious and Macmillan receives frightening time for no government funding many people trying to cope with cancer and relies on generous donations from during the Covid-19 pandemic – going the public to provide Macmillan grants through cancer treatment or getting a and to fund the Macmillan Horizon diagnosis is tough enough, but over the Centre, alongside other cancer services last eighteen disruptive and uncertain across the county. That’s why the

cancer charity needs you to dust off your apron and whizz up your best bake to help people living with cancer live life as fully as they can. Having a Coffee Morning is the perfect chance to catch up over a cuppa and a slice of something delicious. People all over the UK host their own Coffee Mornings to raise money for Macmillan. The official date is Friday 24th September, but it can be held at any time. From a group in the garden, sharing a coffee over a screen, or a takeaway cake and cuppa, hold yours however and whenever you like. In 2020, Macmillan raised over £10 million. This is significantly lower than in previous years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But this year, we hope to top this total with your support. To find out more or sign up to host a Macmillan Coffee Morning, visit l For comprehensive cancer information and support, including more information on the services mentioned above, visit

Domus Live-In Care

Bespoke live-in care solutions Bespoke live-in care solutions

Having a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a realistic, affordable alternative to residential care and allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Domus Live-In Care we provide experienced careHaving staff who assist you with the activities of daily living. a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a The services we provide include: care and realistic, affordable alternative to residential allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Personal Care Domestic Support Domus Live-In Care we provide experienced care staff Companionship & Social Support Long-term or Respite who assist you with the activities of daily living.


For a free consultation and assessment of your care needs please contact us: 01892 512961 TheTelephone: services we provide include: Email: Personal Care Companionship Social Support Domestic Support SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021 Long-term or Respite

Our highly trained care home teams are specialists in residential, nursing, dementia and respite care, so whatever your needs and personal preferences, we’re here to help you and your family at every step of the journey. If you’re considering care for yourself or a loved one, call 01342 888511 to arrange a tour or oneto-one chat, or search Experts in award winning care. Trusted by over 6,500 families.

Our care homes in Hampshire and Sussex Martlet Manor, Haywards Heath - Marketing suite now open Heather View, Crowborough Mill View, East Grinstead Francis Court, Copthorne


With Bear being the first female pooch in the house of Teddy, this month our favourite Border Terrier muses on all things gender related, with his thoughts translated into human, as they always are, by Helen Stockton


he arrival of my apprentice, our puppy Bear, has thrown up some interesting issues in the gender department. ‘Them Indoors’ have always previously had male dogs, mainly because ‘Her Indoors’ childhood pooch was male, but, as discerning readers will have undoubtedly noted, Bear is female. ‘Them Indoors’ decided that as she is their third Border Terrier and future breed deviation is unlikely, a female puppy would add variety.

I think a fine beard and luxuriant facial hair are great qualities in a female However, one thing we have noticed, is that people often automatically assume Bear is male. Now I know Bear is a gender ambiguous name, but an assumption of maleness seems to come before formal introductions. I also appreciate that human perceptions of femininity differ to ours. For example, I think a fine beard and luxuriant facial hair are great qualities in a female, but, by 124 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

‘Her Indoors’ tweezer and magnifying mirror routine, I gather this is not a shared view. Additionally, Bear has ear-hair at least two centimetres beyond her actual ears, which I reckon any selfrespecting senior man would be proud of, so I guess there are some grounds for confusion. Short of peering at our respective undercarriages, which is not something you can do discreetly with a small dog, there is no easy way of finding out. Our behaviours don’t give much indication either. I’m a discerning sort, dainty with eating and drinking, fastidious with personal hygiene, and frankly uninterested in the more unsavoury canine occupations such as swimming, mud wallowing or rolling in unpleasant things. I’m not bold, and new things make me anxious. I am also uninterested in stalking, or, heaven forbid, catching anything furry or feathered. Bear, on the other paw, eats and drinks with abandon, takes

every experience in her tiny stride, has been practising her stalking technique, rather alarmingly, on me, and shows a not entirely wholesome interest in any small furry that crosses her path. The bunnies in the garden are in for a hard time when she is fully grown. However, she shares my dislike of getting her paws wet, and after rain, picks up each foot like a trotting pony. She also seems to enjoy having her fur blow-dried which is something that ‘Her Indoors’ must like too as she spends enough time doing it. So, gender in our household is a fluid concept, and to be honest, I’m not sure Bear has any notion of femininity right now. She is just a puppy and has more important things to think about such as playing, pestering her Uncle Teds and chewing her way through whatever she can get her tiny teeth into. Which just goes to show that peskiness isn’t a gendered quality, male or female, it applies across the board! l

th ou so W an r o p e ks n ro are to lin ud all e re of wh vie o p ws os , ted

I would like to say how delighted I am with the quality of the stables, I think they look really excellent Mrs Richards, Sussex


Your Local Stable & Timber Building Manufacturer Established 30 years • Based in Ashdown Forest Base construction and groundworks now undertaken

Call: 01342 824117

Bespoke hand painted pet portraits make the purrrfect timeless keepsake for any animal lover. Wildlife prints and cards are also available from

07740 345932 |

A crematorium for everyone Wealden Crematorium offers a peaceful, rural setting to celebrate the life of your loved ones.

The spacious ceremony hall and large car park allows a safe space to gather. You will find generous service times, live webcasts and visual tributes, direct cremations and memorial options in our beautiful gardens.

Our friendly team are here to help you through this difficult time.

Wealden Crematorium, Horam Road, Horam, East Sussex TN21 0FX @   01323 443400

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 125

and cake visits

Rhymes for our Times

d delivery

WALKIES A worn-out dog is a wondrous thing. Snug in its bed like an uncoiled spring until, sources renewed, and ready once more to drag me reluctantly through the door for yet another exhausting hike. However – Scheduled checks this time I'll take my bike!

Simple and straightforward services for any scenario:

Simple andin daily/weekly/monthly. straightforward Booked services for any scenario:

Unscheduled checks Simple and and straightforward straightforward Simple notice for a next day visit If you like24hrs this, you will find Scheduled more like checks it in services for any scenario: services for any scenario: daily/weekly/monthly. "Rhymes Booked for our in Times". t gift A perfec ho w for those r e rememb d o o g e th ” 0ld days”

Telephone reminder service

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Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. Simple and straightforward Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. Telephone We are reminder also ableservice to offer emergency Available anytime between 7am and 10pm services for any scenario: Simple andUnscheduled straightforward checks need it. Price £5, all monieschecks go tofor St those Peterwho & St James as many times a day as needed. Unscheduled checks Hospice. Find services for anynotice scenario: 24hrs for a next day visitthe book in the Hospice shops 24hrs notice for a next daychecks visitor call Jude on: Scheduled We are also able to offer emergency Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. checksor for07597 those who020 need 512 it. Telephone reminder01444 service459 433 Scheduled checks Telephone reminderUnscheduled service checks Booked in daily/weekly/monthly. Available anytime between 7am and 10pm 24hrs notice7am for a next visit Available anytime between andday10pm many times a day as needed. Unscheduledaschecks Simple and straightforward asformany times as needed. 24hrs notice a next day visit a dayTelephone reminder service

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We provide personalised wellness checks for your loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace of mind We provide personalised wellness checksservices for yourensure daily tasks have been completed to loved ones in sunny Sussex. Our peace ofenable mind anyone to live happily in their own home. services ensure daily tasks have been completed to enable anyone to live happily in their own home.

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As a local, family run business, we really are

Shopping services


Annie Riley

Armed Forces Charity, The Not Forgotten is celebrating a century of supporting wounded serving personnel and injured veterans at the prestigious Danny House in Hurstpierpoint, writes Eddie Bingham


Centenary Proms


ormed in the wake of World War I, The Not Forgotten works with 10,000 beneficiaries every year to improve their physical and mental health, address isolation and loneliness, and promote a sense of community and balance. The charity regard it as a real privilege to be able to mark their centenary at Danny House, which was famously the location of vital War Cabinet meetings which helped bring an end to World War I. The Not Forgotten was founded by American soprano Marta Cunningham, who was inspired to support veterans after visiting a Ministry of Pensions hospital in 1919, having heard that there were ‘perhaps a handful’ of soldiers wounded in WWI still residing there. She called on the Matron and asked if she had a few lonely patients who

would like to come out for tea. The Matron looked surprised and replied that there were in fact 600 injured patients lying in the hospital, with many more across the country.

Marta formed The Not Forgotten for the ‘comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of the war wounded Marta was horrified by what she saw and said, “Could these wasted, listless men be the once adored youngsters, who, but a few years, nay months ago, went so dashingly, with a swing and a song to the Nation’s rescue. Alas and this was their reward, suffering, silence and loneliness.” Marta was an avid charity worker during World War I and soon set about

contacting her friends to organise tea parties, concerts and outings for those able to attend. During one of these early invitations one injured soldier said, “We don’t want no charity Miss, we are forgotten by everybody and we’d better stop so.” But, undeterred, Marta formed The Not Forgotten for the ‘comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of the war wounded. Thanks to the generosity of other charities and the public, as well as the firm backing of the Royal Family; hospital visits and tea concerts were followed by outings, drives and gifts such as fruit, chocolate and cigarettes. Today, The Not Forgotten continues its tradition of holding an annual Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for veterans, but now offers a much wider array of activities for veterans such as mountain climbing, canoeing, and concerts for care homes. August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 127

The Hurstpierpoint Centenary Proms will pay tribute to Marta and The Not Forgotten on 21st August through a series of musical performances and will be capped off by a beautiful Son Et Lumiere, projecting the history of The Not Forgotten on the side of Danny House. Annie Riley, who regularly works with The Not Forgotten to provide entertainment for wounded service personnel and disabled veterans, also volunteers her time to support the charity at collections, fundraisers and has surprised isolated beneficiaries with performances. She said, “These people who served us have done so much to keep us safe,

and when they’re sadly injured or become ill, it becomes our duty to look after them and lift their spirits. The Not Forgotten is a wonderful charity and the work that they have done for

This was their reward, suffering, silence and loneliness service personnel and veterans to put smiles on faces for 100 years is priceless and needs to be celebrated. If she were here today, I think The Not Forgotten’s founder, Marta Cunningham, would be shocked to learn that the small charity she started to support

World War I veterans is still thriving and has maintained its core values for over a century.” Annie will be joined by the British Police Symphony orchestra and a collection of world-class musicians who have kindly offered to support the event. She added “It’s going to be an evening of wonderful music, dance, and we’re really lucky to have so many talented performers for the occasion. I’m so excited to be doing this at a place like Danny House that holds so much history and shares the World War I link with The Not Forgotten. The Son Et Lumiere will be absolutely stunning.” l

MAIS HOUSE A Royal British Legion Care Home, providing residential and nursing care, exclusive to the Armed Forces and their spouses Mais House is a large care home located near the sea in Bexhill-On-Sea, with a capacity to house 54 residents inclusive of 3 double rooms for adults over the age of 65. Mais House is one of six care homes across the country dedicated to care for our veterans and operated by The Royal British Legion, providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, delivering 24-hour care from a team of nurses and care assistants. We also offer respite care.

18 Hastings Rd, Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 2HH If you would like further information or to arrange a virtual tour contact us on 01424 215871 128 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Pre-paid funeral plans

If you want a natural burial, a zero emissions hearse and a tree planted in your memory, have it. It’s your funeral. Our pre-paid, inflation-proof funeral plans guarantee the way you want to be remembered and protect your loved ones from unnecessary burden and costs. Drop in to see us today, visit us at or call us on 01825 764125

£100 OFF

our pre-paid funeral plans*

Enter SUSSEXLIVING21 at: or take this coupon along to your local funeralcare home. *Terms & Conditions: The voucher may only be redeemed against eligible Southern Co-op funeral plans costing £3,000 or more and will be deducted off the cost at time of sale. The voucher has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion. For full terms and conditions visit:, request a copy from any Southern Co-op funeralcare home or by calling 0800 008 6878. This voucher is valid until 31/12/2021.

Time to enjoy older age Darwin House Crowborough Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2JA

• Dementia Care • Multiple Sclerosis • Respite Care • Post Stroke Rehabilitation • Post-operative Recovery Support • Parkinson’s Disease Support • End of Life Support • Companionship & Housekeeping

Providing supported, independent living at affordable all inclusive prices ● A warm, safe and homely atmosphere with a lovely garden ● Comfortable room with en-suite facilities ● Dedicated live-in Housekeeper ● Two daily nutritious, home-cooked meals ● A calendar of social activities and events

You’ll love our kind of care

For further information please contact us on 01892 653 653 or

Berkeley Home Health, Sussex provides tailored high quality live-in care across Sussex and flexible visiting care within a 10 mile radius of Horsted Keynes (RH17)

Our service includes: • A fully managed service • Same day assessments - FREE home visits to assess your needs • Expert care staff - fully trained carers & experienced care team • Quick starts - start care usually within 24hrs • A personal Care Plan, tailored to your needs and preferences

Call us 01825 705529

We have the perfect carer waiting for you

Tel 01892 611811

(24 hours)

“You were such a comfort to us when we needed it.”

When someone dies there must be time to grieve and reflect on the life we’ve lost - yet there are people to inform, forms to sign and a funeral to arrange. It’s comforting to know that a local, independent and personal funeral service is available at the end of a phone - 24 hours a day.  Memorial Masons  24 hour service  Pre-paid funeral plans  Bereavement Support Group  Member of The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors

130 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

London Road, Crowborough East Sussex, TN6 2TT E - W -


ask me..


Do you remember when buying a loaf of bread was a simple process? There were two basic questions to consider; large or small; brown or white? Nowadays there’s such a bewildering choice. It takes forever to peruse the supermarket bread aisle – and don’t get me started about people who feel compelled to squeeze and poke every loaf. Yes, I’m talking to you! You’re a grown-up… you’re not 3 – stop it! Just when I’d rejected the healthy bread options in favour of some calorie-laden pastries, I bumped into a virtuous, smug-faced acquaintance who surveyed the contents of my trolley with a withering glance, issued a reprimand about the ‘horrors’ of commercially made bread – and went on and on about how she’d spent the entirety of lockdown baking wholesome fayre for an apparently grateful neighbourhood, but she couldn’t stand here all day talking, (“Thank you, God” I secretly intoned) because she had to rush home as she was babysitting a large quantity of starter yeast in the airing cupboard for a chap in the Sussex Sourdough Co-Operative which was prone to be a little bit frisky and liable to overflow without warning. By now, feeling slightly nauseous in this sea of worthiness, I felt compelled to lower the tone and enquired, “I’m sorry, you’ve lost me. Are we still talking about the yeast – or the bloke?” but my scorching wit flew over her vapid head and crash landed; burnt and broken into tiny pieces – rather like her pastry, actually. Not that I’m being bitchy. Ahem.


Dixon & Company CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Local independent firm specialising in small businesses and personal taxation • • • •

Accounts – Tax Returns Management Advice Payroll Service Debt Management

Phone 01825 891034 for free consultation Unit C3, Bird in Eye Farm, Uckfield

Books Wanted

Antiquarian & secondhand books purchased on all subjects including academic, sporting, military, literature, scientific, natural history, travel, polar regions and maps, documents, ephemera etc.

Sexton’s, booksellers since 1910.

Tel: 01323 870991


LOOK NO FURTHER To be included and to promote your business call us now on 01273 835355 or email

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 131



This month’s solutions can be found on our website,



A simple process of logic is all that it takes to solve each puzzle in this game. Put the numbers 1 to 9 in each vertical column and each horizontal line. Each number must appear only once in each column and line and in each of the 3x3 boxes in the grid.







1. Salad vegetable (8) 5. Biblical prophet (4) 9. Monarch (7) 10. Chasm (5) 11. Gratuity (3) 12. Angel (6) 15. Slack (5) 17. Ancient harp (4) 19. Pass (6) 22. Evaluate (6) 24. Speak (4) 26. Interior (5) 27. Antenna (6) 30. Charged particle (3) 32. Relieved (5) 33. Uproar (7) 34. Streetcar (4) 35. Relating to sculpture (8)

1. Masticate (4) 2. Thicket (5) 3. ----- Callas, opera singer (5) 4. Coarse (6) 6. Post with ribbons (7) 7. Apprehension (8) 8. Italian city (6) 13. Tear (3) 14. Entreaty (4) 16. Reserved (8) 18. Garden tool (4) 20. Memory loss (7) 21. Pace (6) 23. Glide on snow (3) 25. Surgical instrument (6) 28. Respond (5) 29. Odour (5) 31. Military force (4) 







132 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021









Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of letters as you identify them.











Place a different arithmetical sign (add, subtract, multiply, divide) in each circle so that the total of each line across and down is the same. Perform the first calculation in each line first and ignore the mathematical law which says you should always perform division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.











MRL GRAB & TIP are an established grab hire and muck away company operating across Sussex. We aim to offer a complete muck removal service and we also supply and deliver a full range of aggregates Please call or email for prices on grab and plant hire and all aggregates supplied and delivered

Mick Cave 07876 503940 or 01273 844590/01273 835249 •





Why not promote your business in our new online directory at

01273 835355 | |

/sussexliving |



Installation & Servicing of gas and electric fires

01444 452626

Over 16 years’ experience RHS qualified designer BSC hons landscaper Fully insured.

Design & Landscaping

hard and soft landscaping - garden design - turfing - fencing / decking tree / hedge work - patios / driveways - general garden works

Please call now for a FREE quotation 831501 / 07752 553939 01323 811834

A friendly and professionally run garage, with over 40 years experience in all aspects of vehicle repairs, old, new, classic, sports & prestige

BUILDING CONTRACTORS With over 40 years of building experience

• Conversions • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Improvements Telephone: 01323 841532

Website: Email: Bolneys Units, South Road, Hailsham BN27 3NU

All Makes & Models • MOTs & Servicing • Repairs Diagnostic Specialists • Wheel Alignment • Tyres & Exhausts Clutches • Cambelts • ECU Remapping • Air Conditioning • Brakes Brake Disc Skimming • Welding & Fabrication • Vapour Blasting Petrol Injector Testing & Servicing • Performance engineering Diesel Specialists • Carbon Cleaning • Courtesy Cars Available Unit 1, The Old Brickworks, Station Road, Plumpton Green, East Sussex BN7 3DF

134 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Tel: 01273




PROOF DATE/TIME: 26 July 2021 11:36 am OUR FILENAME: August 21 Rw Motor Engineering 1-4

Brachers Garden  Garden Design Where quality is assured

Competitive prices, friendly installers. Local work can be viewed or check us out online at Over 18 years’ experience. Call us for a free no obligation quote on 01825 764912 or 07930 533588

Blackboys Service Station is a family-run business established for 40 years with over 25 years Renault experience.

all makes & models ... • TYRES • MOTS CLASS 4 & 7 • EXHAUSTS • SERVICING • AIR CONDITIONING • REPAIRS • WELDING • DIAGNOSTICS • COURTESY CARS 01825 890317 WE NOW DO CLASS 7 MOTS Lancelot Unit, Squires Farm Industrial Estate, Palehouse Common, 5RB Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22

Tel 07841 261388 

Problems with Water Supply or Disposal? We have the technology and experience to solve it. “Mechanical Mole” Pipe Laying, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment. Stockists of Pumps, Pipes, Fittings and Drain Jetting. Workshop facilities also available for service and repair of all types of plant and machinery.

BEENEY & CO LTD Oakville Farm, Easons Green, Uckfield Tel: Halland (01825) 840276 W AT E R




VERANDAS, AWNINGS AND CARPORTS Supplied and installed. Call for a free quote today! SBI Ltd est. 1998 – Most installations completed in a day!

Awning servicing, repairs, cleaning and replacement parts.

CALL NOW 0800 0742 721

To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email:

August 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 135

G. F. Ltd G.Interior F. Sinclair Sinclair Ltd Furnishers Interior Furnishers

Free lining for all new curtain Curtains Making orders taken in January Blinds Upholstery

20% discount •

(t&c’s apply) on &Villa Nova ‘Still&Life’ Fitting Track Pole • Supply

You could be advertising in this space for as little as

fabric throughout July

£24 + VAT

per month for regular bookings This price also includes a free graphic design service to produce an eye catching advert to promote your business. For more info:

Call 01273 835355 or email

SOUTHERN POOLS (01435) 865453



era Cen amH A I L S H A M tre

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT New Opening times from August Thursday & Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 10am-1pm

Visit the Visit the Pool Shop Pool Shop

1-3 South Court Cottages, Morris Happy New Year all our customers Road, Lewes BN7to 2AT 01273 476193 16 Sutton Road, Seaford curtains - upholstery - blinds 16 Sutton Road, Seaford BN25 1RU 01323 890685 01323 890685 16 Sutton Road, Seaford BN25 1RU 01323 890685

Please note that the shop will open Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th but closed 26th, 27th & 28th August

for Discount Discount Chemicals Chemicals for and Accessories Accessories and

Station Rd. Industrial Estate Station Rd. Industrial Estate Heathfield, Sussex Heathfield, Sussex Open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri Closed 1-2pm for lunch • Open 9am - 1pm Open 9am - 5pm MonSat- Fri

for lunch • Open Sat 9am - 1pm❖ ❖Closed 54th1-2pm Anniversary 1965 - 2019

Regular services include passport photographs, prints from mobile phones or memory cards, copies of old photos and transfer of camcorder tapes or cine film to DVD Email: or Facebook


CONTRACTORS WATER PIPE RENEWAL No-mess pipelaying by mole or steerable drill, we can bore up to 100m at a time under your garden or driveway, without digging the surface. Chain trenching for field water supplies. Troughs installed. Leaks fixed.

DRAINAGE / TREATMENT Trouble with a soakaway or cesspool? Install a Mantair Conversion Unit into your existing tank and discharge clean water, for half the cost and none of the upheaval of other systems. Land drains, etc. Free advice.

T: 01825 872611 . . M: 07778 664466 MILL FARM . GOLDEN CROSS . HAILSHAM . EAST SUSSEX . BN27 3ST

Kwik-Lawn Turf

PROOF DATE/TIME: 5 July 2021 11:06 am OUR FILENAME: August 21 Camera Centre

SUPPLIERS OF TURF AND TOP-SOIL Various Grades of Turf • Laying Service Available Ground Clearance Undertaken • Bulk or Loose Soil Available • Turf Soil / Compost • Free quotations • Fast, efficient service with Prompt Delivery Competitive Rates • Visa & Mastercard Taken

Heathfield 01435 868833 / 07831 452084

Sandy Fields Farm, Sandy Cross Lane, Heathfield, TN21 8QH

To advertise in Seaford Scene please call 01273 710793 or email

Uckfield GARAGE

A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables

Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.

• • •


Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour! or call Harriet 07899676166



Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.

Lady Decorator

With over 30 years’ professional experience • Interior painting • Paper hanging • Decorative paint effects • Furniture painting • Stencilling

Quality work and reliable service For free advice and estimate call Sue 07969 870889

136 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021


Sussex Ponds & Gardens For all ponds, terraces and associated landscaping Portfolio available Personal and efficient service

Telephone: Stephan Hurst 01825 872180


MUSIC MEMORABILIA of Alfriston Village

Music gifts for all the Family Children’s classic games Ladies & gents accessories


Open from 10.30am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed Mondays

T: 01323 870434 T: 01323 892487 Situated next door to The Star Inn


Bought & Sold

Also architectural ironmongery, including brass, locks, hinges, knobs, and handles

Pre-owned CDs & records Fine china & vintage housewares Greetings cards

SIMPLY THE BEST Excavations Ponds / Impact Moleing

Tinkers Lane Hadlow Down

Peter Hanman (Tools)

07966 176015


Foundations Landscaping Drainage Clearance

For our portfolio and reviews visit


07717 280358 01424 576733 3 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HA

Recommended by

V COTTINGHAM Bespoke Hardwood Gates and Automation


We provide a complete service to care for all of your garden needs * * * * * *

Spalding Enterprises Ltd, Hailsham BN27 3JL T: 01323 847744 l M: 07761 961545 l

Regular maintenance One off visits Hedge cutting * Pruning Mowing * Lawn Care Garden Clearance Experienced & reliable


Contact Vince on 07467



We clean your oven... so you don’t have to. Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Paul Gilbert Tel 01323 406386 Mob tel 07935 820251

Heathfield Hire

SPECIALISTS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF HEAT RETAINING LINER POOLS • Swimming Pool Installation • Repairs • Renovations • Maintenance New Liners, Heating, Filtration Comprehensive Experience Fully Insured and Guaranteed A friendly professional service Satisfaction Guaranteed Telephone Neil Pearson : 01892 664004 Mobile : 07870 667932

01435 864 144 (Heathfield) 01580 753 183 (Hawkhurst)


Plant Hire

Tool Hire

Garden Machinery

From diggers to dumper trucks

From screwdrivers to wireless drills

From lawn mowers to shovels

DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Unit 1, Browning Rd. Station Road Industrial Estate, HEATHFIELD Highgate Hill, HAWKHURST -

To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email:

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Why not promote your business in our new online directory at

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/sussexliving |


Your local decorating professionals Fully insured Fully qualified Published by Dulux Master Decorators (Est.1989)

I WOULD LIKE TO BUY YOUR RECORD COLLECTION ● If you are looking to sell your record collection, then please give me a call . ● No collection too large. ● All types of music considered and I will come to you at a convenient time.

075 1211 3893 01444 455 441


Member of

solut ionsbyidl@gmail. com www.idlaidlowdecorat ings ervic

MOT Repairs Welding Engine Diagnostics

Servicing Brakes Air Con Tyres

Does your car need a Holiday check? Contact us for a no-nonsense quote:



138 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021 PROOF DATE/TIME: May 25, 2021 1:13 PM OUR FILENAME: June 21 Ellis Motors

Give me a call on 01243 870375 or 07966 519247 and ask for Garry Or email me at (and include some pictures of your records)

Burgess Hill Glazing Limited For All Your Glass & Glazing Requirements From Green House Glass & Balustrade Glass Replacement Misty Double Glazed Units to both Timber & UPVC All UPVC & Door Replacements Servicing the Whole of Sussex & Surrey No Job Too Small Call or Email Us Today For Your Free, No Obligation Quotation

Tel: 01444 682268


PROOF DATE/TIME: 11 May 2021 11:57 am OUR FILENAME: June 21 BHG 2


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Hurst & Hassocks Cars

Long and Short distances

Forest ow  Market Market     ForestRRow established 1980 Christopher Jones First Saturday First  Saturday  Monthly Monthly   01342 311550 10am – 3pm 10am   –  Hartfield 3pm   Road 01444 250374 07736 589002 Community Centre, > Installation of Up & Over, Roller and Sectional garage doors Community   C entre     Winners: NABMA, Britain’s Best > Repair and maintenance Small Community Market Hartfield   Road  2017   > Professional tradesman Preparation of Planning/Building & reliable Regulations Drawings To book ain   stall please call Grand  Finalist   the   Sussex   Food  >> Trustworthy Free quotations Sue Young, Market Manager • New Build • Extensions • &  Drink   Awards   > Family run business Tel:01342 7780622017   • Loft Conversions •



Architectural Designer & Planning Consultant

• Basements •

IT Support

To bFacebook: ook  a  stall   please  call   @Frowmarket

Sue Young,  Market  Manager   Tel:01342  778062   Since 2003   Facebook:  @Frowmarket  

How Can We Help You?  

Help with all computers including Apple Mac Connect Phones, Tablets and Computers Set up or Extend your Broadband & Wireless Prevent & Remove Viruses Set up your own Email Domain or Website Set up Cloud based Phones 01444-812412

Burgess Hill

Tel: 01444 25 33 28




Suite 4, 1 Teknol House, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9LH With over 25 years experience, Dr Alice Zhao offers treatments for: •Pain relief •Sciatica •Slipped disc •Facial Aesthetics

•Back pain •Neuralgia •Infertility •Nerve pain •Depression •Tennis Elbow •Insomnia •Skin disorders

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5.30pm

07735 083316 •

 STUDIO PROOF PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 May 2021 4:35 pm OUR FILENAME: June 19 Tricodent 4unit

All Weather Tennis Courts Constructed and Resurfaced in Kent Sussex & Surrey




Please call Martin for Free Advice & Quotations. 01424 892265 | 07831 643835

1 PROOF DATE/TIME: 7 January 4:28 pm To find out more please call202101273 835355 or email:MsgsportsWT226.indd

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Expert Legal Compliance Advisers



Fire Risk Assessments are mandatory for all commercial properties [including garden offices]

Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified.

Data Protection/GDPR – Data Protection Officer Role – Employment Law – Health & Safety – Fire Risk Assessments – Construction Health & Safety – CDM Regs. Audits – Policies – Procedures – Record Keeping

01444 233073 07446 951109 Tel: 01444 811 434



Unit 18, SM Tidy’s Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8SG Tel: 01444 241455

No Problem

No Call Out Charge

Gutters Cleared

Remove leaves - moss - debris


Before & After

e t 01293 613133

Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with current offers! Instagram: rampion_cleaning_services Twitter: @RampionL Facebook: Merry Maids of North Sussex

PROOF DATE/TIME: April 7, 2017 10:35 AM OUR FILENAME: May17 Lewis decoration 2 unit

Mon-Fri: 8-5.30pm Sat: 8-12pm


Deep Cleans End of Tenancy Office /Communal Area Cleans New Builds Regular Domestic


Keeping Business Local!

PROOF DATE/TIME: 22 March 2021 3:35 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 illisi 2

CLASS 4, 5 & 7

Merry Maids of North Sussex have been providing domestic cleaning services to customers in West Sussex since 1996. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Tel.01444 233073

Domestic and commercial pest control by qualified and insured female technician

•Rats •Mice •Moles •Wasps/Bees •Fleas •Flies •Bed Bugs •Moths •Ants •Cockroaches Vanessa Akers

07762 239847


 STUDIO PROOF 20% Local TV Aerials DISCOUNT & Satellites

PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 March 2021 3:22 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Merry Maids 2

PROOF DATE/TIME: September 8, 2017 2:58 PM OUR FIlEnAME: Oct17 Pest Lady 2

with this advert for all customers

Installation, Repair & Realignment of all types of Aerials and Sky Dishes Fault Finding • Phone Points • Freeview HD • Freesat • HD TV Wall Mounting • 30 Years Experience • Fully Insured

Freephone: 0800 8021791 Brighton: 01273 917736 We accept card payments too (Visa, Mastercard etc)


Forge Works, Sparks Lane, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath RH17 5JP

Conservatories & up to 4 Storeys Tall buildings, schools,nursing homes and industrial units.

£5million insurance & a Receipt

MOT • Servicing & Repairs • Tyres • Aircon • Brakes • Clutches • Batteries • Diagnostics • Exhausts • Engine Carbon Clean • 4 Wheel Alignment • Free Local Collections & Deliveries

Car Repairs & Servicing

MOT Testing

Peace of mind that we’re a proper business.

Timed Appointment You can track our arrival online

Get an instant price

01273 929 914

01444 452510

5000+ Reviews 4.96


or online



PROOF DATE/TIME: 28 July 2021 1:06 pm OUR FILENAME: March 21 Brook Street Garage 1-8


Installation & Servicing of gas and electric fires

01444 452626

140 SUSSEX LIVING | August 2021

Available 6 days a week

Vehicle Diagnostics & other Services




House Signs • Handcarved house names • House numbers • Restoration carving


Landscape Landscape Gardeners



• Garden design & waterscapes • Hard & soft landscapesCreators of beautiful gardens Garden design & waterscapes • Paving & driveways Hard & soft landscapes Planting & tree work • Decking & fencing Paving & driveways • Pond maintenance Decking & fencing Pond maintenance • Planting & tree work


Sussex 0800 917 0796

For friendly advice and a free quote, please contact:

01444 882899

01273 843283

07809 369563 01444 233351

Need Help with Your Business? You could be advertising in this space for as little as

£24 + VAT

per month for regular bookings This price also includes a free graphic design service to produce an eye catching advert to promote your business. For more info:

Call 01273 835355 or email

Mentoring, Costing & Budgets, Accounts Preparation, Invoicing for Start-Ups, Micro & Small Businesses in Sussex Free initial chat at a coffee shop near you

07725-521189 ‘Over 40 Years of Experience.’

For friendly advice & a free quote c

01273 84 of Ditchling Ltd C re a t o r s oEst.1960 f beautiful water and landscape gardens

Web: Email:



We are fully insured and happy to help you in rejuvenating your garden. From one-off garden clearance to year-round management.

Local, Experienced, Professional Chauffeur Service

All green waste can be taken away

Business travel, corporate travel, airport transfers, holiday transfers to trains, cruise liners, ferries and coaches. Adult and child student travel, or just a fun day out. Reasonable, competitive prices

Please call/email for further info or a quote

For a FREE Quotation

John 07881 292669

Phone Roger on 07854 641 942

A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables


Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.

• • •


Why cut corners? Don’t have the hump with your stump – Call the Arbor Cura team for a free quote on removing your stump.

Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour! or call Harriet 07899676166 Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.

No job is too big or too small for us!

01273 917995 / 01444 307995

• NTCP Qualified • Fully Insured • £5million Public Liability • CSCS • Proud Members of Checkatrade


For all your garden needs PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 March 2021 2:49 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Arbor Cura 4

Southdown Bodyshop • Accident Repairs

• MOT Welding • Valeting

• Trade / Retail / Dents / Scratches / Stains

• ICI Mixing Scheme – Low Bake Oven

• Loan Cars Available

• Local Pick Up Service

Unit 27, Mid Sussex Business Park, Ditchling Common, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8SE Email: Tel: 01444 254910 / 07788 580024

Haywards Heath Homecare – British grown flowers & bedding plants – Large variety of potting compost – Garden accessories – Bird feed & beautifully-made bird tables

Call today 01444 474019

See us in store at: Unit 1, 30 Bridge Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1TX

Mon-Sat: 09.00-16.00

 STUDIO PROOF To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: PROOF DATE/TIME: July 19, 2021 5:11 PM OUR FILENAME: Aug 21 HHH 4 GARDEN

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Clinical Foot Consultant

Qualified Chiropodist • • • • •

Corns – Callus Nail Problems Heel Problems Athlete’s Foot Fallen Arches

Foot Treatments

With Manipulation and Laser Therapy

• Strained Ligaments and Tendons • Skin Problems • Heel Spurs • Enlarged Joints • Morton’s Neuroma

Dorothy Dickson

D.S.Ch., M.Inst. Ch.P., Dip.I.I.H.H.M. 87 Dunstall Avenue, Burgess Hill Tel. 01444 870429 Laser Therapy and Acupuncture for Foot – Knee – Hip – Back Shoulder – Neck – Elbow


Sussex Living Ltd, Unit 4, Regent Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL

Tel: 01273 835355 /sussexliving


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YOUR LOCAL WASTE AND RECYCLING SPECIALIST Your local waste recycling LICENCED WASTE and CARRIERS specialist licensed waste carriers REGISTRATION NO: CBDU139423

u �

Registration No: CBDU139423



New Kitchen, Bathroom Refit, House or Garden Clearance projects?

New kitchen, bathroom refit, house or garden clearance projects?



'v' �

01273 608711

(OPTION 2) 01273 608711




Hire a skip from KSD and it’s all so easy We offer a ‘no hassle’ service throughout Sussex. Not only will you be saving time and money, but you’ll also be helping the planet. Our target for this year is to recycle 96% of all waste from our skips on your behalf, so you can relax at the end of the day with an easy conscience.

01273 608711 skips Cheapest



in Sussex!

s ilders’ Skip u B rd a y ips 6 ›› 4 to 1 ll on/off Sk o R rd a y 0 4 ›› 16, 20 & cepted s Waste Ac u o rd a z a H ›› nged rmits Arra ›› Road Pe y Service ›› Same Da on nsfer Stati ›› Waste Tra

of all waste recycled


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