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Collingwood Batchellor’s showrooms are Re-opening Monday 12th April! We cannot wait to welcome you back to the joy of shopping in a real store! Hand selecting furniture is an experience which can’t be replicated online and our welcome back spring sale is a feast for the senses..





See our huge range of sofas, chairs, dining furniture, beds and bedroom furniture.

Try our comfy beds and mattresses, test our plush sofas or relax in our superb recliners.

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Touch & feel our vast selection of sumptuous fabrics, luxury leathers and quality oak furniture.

With 25% OR MORE OFF all furniture there has never been a better time to come and visit.

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Cover Stories 8

Edward Booth’s Emporium

Active Retirement

Adele Trathan discovers the golden years of life can be far more productive than previously thought

77 Blooming Times

Flo Whitaker explores the world of ferns and traces their history back to the dinosaurs


83 Edward Booth’s Emporium

Michael Blencowe reports on a Hove museum that serves as a warning from history


87 Spring Off The Sofa

Hanna Prince suggests some ideas for getting the kids outside and engaged with nature

Get ourdoors

99 Herbs For Health

Three herb inspired recipes from Sarah Hillyer



20 The University Of Later Life

The joys of discovery, education and friendship lie in wait at the University of the Third Age

Active Retirement

23 Home Is Where The Heart Is

Lisa de Silva chats to Danielle Hope of Sussex Home Checks and learns how they help clients in later life

25 Wonder Woman

A mystery woman who has spent most of her life helping others refuses to be unmasked

32 An Entrepreneurial Approach To Law

Jonathan Lea’s ambition to create a more flexible approach to Law has finally been realised

Editor’s Comment

It’s time to get outside and hopefully enjoy some spring sunshine. Why not make a cuppa and sit in the garden to read Sussex Living magazine. This month we investigate how to make the most of retirement years by keeping both body and mind stimulated. We explore how herbs can boost immunity and help beat stress, while Lisa de Silva guides us through managing and minimising the effects of stress. Our blossoming new life feature encourages kids to discover natures signs of spring and Michael Blencowe goes in search of the world’s extinct creatures via The Booth Museum in Brighton. Take some time out to enjoy.

77 Garden Ferns



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36 Rural Renovation

On The Home Front

A rural retreat on the outskirts of Arundel with magnifient views of the South Downs

55 Pondlife

If you’ve ever considered creating a pond here are some ideas to get the water flowing

62 Over The Top

The challenge of updating a Victorian apartment in the centre of Brighton

90 Hidden County Make more of Sussex by joining this club ILLUSTRATION: JADE THEY

104 Safe Refuge

Charlotte Baker learns more about a charity that supports the victims of domestic abuse

108 Losing Your Mind?

Help for dementia sufferers who’ve been struggling through lockdown

Regulars 28 Mortgages In Retirement

Peter d’Aguilar looks into the complex topic

93 Hailsham Walk


Robert Veitch and his friend Callum explore the intriguing hinterland of Hailasham

103 Wellbeing

Healthy Herbs


Avoid getting stressed by stress with some handy tips on managing and minimising the effects of it

112 Puzzle Page

Hailsham Walk

Four problems to tease the mind

114 It’s A Dog’s Life

‘Her Indoors’ is planning a new arrival but Teddy is determined to remain the boss

116 If You Ask Me

Flo’s perpetual struggle with social media

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April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING XX7


Golden Years What does an active retirement mean? Adele Trathan discovers that it means very different things to people who enjoy a sense of freedom and fulfilment during their golden years


ost people at some point in their life have thought about how they would like to spend their ‘golden years.’ Exotic travels to far flung destinations, spending time pottering in the garden, DIY, enjoying hobbies, or socialising with friends old and new might all have been considered at one

8 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

time or another. However, the reality of the situation is probably more complex. As with other stages of life, we need to find a balance to fulfil our social, emotional, mental and physical needs for optimum enjoyment of life. Looking after ourselves and our wellbeing, in all these aspects is important to help make the most of

our body and mind as we get older. Keeping active both mentally and physically, learning or developing new skills and interests, and enjoying entertaining times with others, are all ways to help achieve personal satisfaction. Thankfully there are many opportunities to explore and make the most of life in retirement. We live in

times when attitudes have changed, and age is not the barrier it was once perceived to be. People are living longer healthier lives, and society has evolved to embrace the fact that communities and individuals can benefit from the time that seniors have available. When it comes to personal fulfilment in later years, it is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario, more a case of finding what works for an individual. I’ve explored four different ways that retirement can offer both enjoyment and contentment and have spoken to local retirees about what an ‘active retirement’ means to them personally. SPORTY AND ACTIVE Being older doesn’t necessarily mean losing that competitive edge. It’s a drive that should be embraced, as many senior sportsmen and women will testify, allowing them to continue enjoying a sport and to remain active for many years. This can manifest itself in many capacities; such as playing competitively or undertaking managerial or committee roles in associations and clubs. Helping and supporting a team or club still provides a feeling of involvement, of being connected to a game or sport.

Thankfully there are many opportunities to explore and make the most of life in retirement Golf is a great sport for an active retirement, offering plenty of fresh air, the technical demands of mastering the swing and the endless frustrations of putting, and all in pleasant surroundings. It’s notoriously competitive for some and just a good walk spoilt for others. In normal times there’s a great social life to be had in the nineteenth hole, also known as the clubhouse. Many seniors enjoy a game of tennis and unsurprisingly the benefits are plentiful. Increased heart rate and improved lung capacity, building all round body strength and providing a full body workout. Tennis promotes good hand-to-eye co-ordination and agility, and has been linked with positive mental health benefits, whilst also being socially interactive. Bowls is a gentle way to keep active and social. Many local towns and villages have clubs where beginners can try their hand. It’s surprising to discover how much walking is involved; legs and arms get a workout too as players lunge to play the bowl towards the jack. Bowls can be played both

outdoors and indoors and the rules are relatively simple to learn. However, don’t be fooled by this genteel sport, it can become very compulsive and competitive, as semiretired Des Foord from Newick bowls club explained. “The great thing about bowls is that you can play as much or as little as you like, a couple times a week or every day. I enjoy competing but I also like the social and fun side as well. You can play at what level you like, starting with friendly roll-ups. Some of us play at county and national standards too – I love it.”

If competitive sport isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to stay fit and active. Recreational walking is one of the most accessible activities available and can range from a short walk around the block to a long countryside hike. Regular walking of 30 minutes or more can generate multiple health benefits including strengthening of the heart and improved circulation. Walking April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 9


Ditch the lockdown fog and step into spring with 7 days of virtual fitness classes absolutely FREE! At AHS Wellbeing, we offer a range of fun virtual workouts for all ages and abilities, delivered right to your home by our friendly support team. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or a tech wizard, you just need to want to take a positive step towards getting active and let us do the rest. Get started today, simply visit www.ahswellbeing.co.uk to register Contact details: Telephone: 01444 675150 Email: info@ahswellbeing.co.uk AHS Wellbeing Online is a not-for-profit community interest company offering a range of Wellbeing services to keep you active at any stage of your lifetime

Fu ac

Green Wright Chalton Annis Solicitors has been established for over 100 years and has 6 local offices covering East & West Sussex Our experienced and friendly team will provide you with an affordable professional service in all aspects of preparing your Will, Inheritance Tax, Care Home Fee Planning, Probate/Intestacy and Powers of Attorney.

Fr re

In co

G ow D

Please call your local office to make an appointment or for further information. Worthing 01903 234064 Rustington 01903 774131 Steyning 01903 814190

Goring Arundel Hove

01903 700220 01903 881122 01273 253500

www.gwca.co.uk GWCA is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority No. 205902


10 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 12 September 2019 11:56 am DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: October 19 GWCA 1-2




DANNY HOUSE - Retire in Style -

Your own serviced apartment with companionship, security and culture.

Fully serviced apartments to rent for active retired people. From £2,500 to £4,200 per month with a refundable deposit of six months’ rent. Inclusive of all meals, heating, electricity, council tax and maintenance etc. Grade 1 Elizabethan mansion set in its own estate amid the glorious South Downs.

For a brochure and to view, please contact Richard Burrows at: Danny House, New Way Lane, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, Bn6 9BB rburrows@dannyhouse.org.uk

01273 833 000


boosts energy levels and the immune system, as well as helping improve low moods or depression. There are many walking or rambling groups available in Sussex where members can enjoy the companionship of others, while taking in the fresh air and natural surroundings of our beautiful county.

Being older doesn’t necessarily mean losing that competitive edge If you prefer pedal power you won’t go far wrong by getting on your bike. Cycling has become increasingly fashionable and it’s no wonder that this green, alternative transport is continually gaining popularity. It has

12 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

less impact on the joints than running but strengthens leg muscles without overstressing them. Cycling also works the core muscles, improving balance and co-ordination, increases cardiovascular fitness whilst decreasing stress levels. If traffic safety is a concern, cycle to your hearts content indoors on a static bike and avoid any inclement weather at the same time. Mountain bikes are robust and can be used off-road across countryside trails. If pedalling up steep hills sounds too daunting, electric bikes or electric adaptations can provide that extra push to get over the top. COMMUNITY AND VOLUNTEERING Having free time in retirement could be the opportunity to fulfil a sense of emotional wellbeing and positivity whilst benefitting others in the process. Research indicates that people who give their time to help others feel more capable, confident and useful within society. As well as giving a sense of purpose and accomplishment, volunteering can also have a positive effect on a volunteer’s psychological health due to the meaningful productivity of the role. However, when considering volunteering give careful consideration to those options that are flexible and fit into your schedule. For some, a few hours a month is all that works within a busy lifestyle, but for others 20 hours a week still offers plenty of time to partake in other activities. It’s also important to find something you are

passionate and care about in order to feel fully engaged and involved. Some folk love working with young people and this can help bridge the generation gap. The interaction between young and old can instigate the sharing of important life lessons and build connections between generations to create respect and consideration for each other. Volunteering in the community can also help increase levels of physical activity. Many towns and villages have groups for those who are concerned about local environmental issues. It could be as simple as helping to clear up litter on the roadsides. Nature lovers can get involved with helping wildlife thrive, by creating safe nesting sites, clearing undergrowth and generally helping create a habitat that encourages wildlife to flourish in the local area. Joining a group with common interests allows like-minded people to connect by working together towards a mutual goal.

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Convert your old bike to a smart new electric bike in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

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Freephone 0333 577 0343 www.easifitebikekit.co.uk Freephone 0333 0333 577 03430343 Freephone 577 Freephone 0333 577 0343 www.easifitebikekit.co.uk www.easifitebikekit.co.uk www.easifitebikekit.co.uk www.easifitebikekit.co.uk

Worthing Stamp Auctions Member PTS

HAVE YOU READ IT? The Secret Rehearsals for D-Day...

Dealers in Fine Philately


• Regular Autions at The Charmandean centre • Experts in Probate Wills and Estate Commissions • Valuations for all philatelic properties • We specialise in breaking lots for auction • Retail shop with branded accessories • We also value the following items: Coins, cigarette cards and postcards • Private Treaty Purchases can be arranged • Home visits by appointment

70 Victoria Road, Worthing, Sussex BN11 1UN

Tel 01903 235846

“A wonderful book...” Michelle Magorian ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ “A jewel!...” Actress June Brown Dot in EastEnders

Order online or at your favourite book store now: Paperback: £8.99 ISBN 978-0-9535123-2-4

Email: worthingstampauction@btconnect.com



Ladies clothes, fashion jewellery and accessories ALL STOCK £40 OR UNDER (Except jewellery and handbags)

9.30 - 5 Mon - Sat 4 Middle Row, East Grinstead RH19 3AX 07913911030 STUDIO PROOF

14 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021 28 January 2021 12:59 pm PROOF DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: March 21 Something Else 1-2

Everyone tends to have favoured charities, and retirement could provide the perfect landscape to volunteer for them. Animal welfare and wildlife rescue charities often rely on volunteers to help them with practical duties and administration work. Care charities need volunteers to give time and companionship to people living alone and in isolation. Some historic properties and charitable

Research indicates that people who give their time to help others feel more capable, confident and useful trusts eagerly welcome help in the gardens or visitor centres. Many charities require volunteer help to sort out ‘charity bag’ donations as Janet Funnell from Crowborough did. “I was fit and energetic, and felt it was a role for me. The camaraderie generated with other volunteers was similar to the team bonding I experienced during my working life. I voluntered every Monday for a decade and enjoyed the sense of routine it generated. The satisfaction gained from helping others was a big bonus too.”

NEW SKILLS AND HOBBIES Many people pursue hobbies throughout their lives, but retirement can free-up time to take this dedication to another level, or to explore new interests that the world of work has previously prevented. Learning new skills in later life is a great way to keep the mind ticking, ensuring brain stimulation and assisting good mental health for as long as possible. Whether you are creative or

practical it’s never too late to embrace a new skill or hobby. It’s often a time to rekindle interests from those formative years of life. For example, a talent for drawing or painting that was left behind as a career and family became the priority can finally be nurtured again. Or it could be a completely new pursuit, perhaps a course to learn pottery and ceramics, woodworking or even jewellery making. Sewing and knitting are surprisingly fashionable pastimes

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 15

and being able to create something from scratch creates great satisfaction and pleasure with a tangible product to show for the fruits of your labour. Gardening is perennially popular. Spending time in the fresh air, cultivating the earth and watching plants grow is healthy for the body and mind. Growing your own vegetables is happiness guaranteed - fresh food straight from the garden or allotment always seems to taste that bit better. Being at one with nature is good for the soul and there are many hours of

Whether you are creative or practical it’s never too late to embrace a new skill or hobby contentment to be had bird watching or exploring the countryside, viewing our natural surroundings and wildlife. Enjoyment from being out and about can develop other interests such as photography. Taking a photo and harnessing the memory creates an even

Roz Nathan MA

Art Courses/Workshops

Weekly relaxed, enjoyable live Zoom classes on a range of topics, with all sessions recorded. Demos, discussions, live project work with feedback. Other online options soon. Summer schools/workshops in July and August in a large marquee, all COVID safety measures in place. Painting Holidays to Africa and France, new dates tbc.

01435 864241

deeper connection with the subject being viewed. Some people prefer to dig deeper and explore interests in which they have a personal interest. Investigating family history has proved incredibly popular in recent years given the access to specialist internet sites. Preservation trusts offer the opportunity to learn and preserve the history of local areas and industries. Alternatively, it could finally be the time to learn to play the guitar, piano, saxophone or whatever instrument takes your fancy. Love to sing? There

078 3334 2020

www.christinemastersart.wordpress.com christinemastersart@gmail.com Capture the essence of your house, garden, a holiday home, a wedding venue, for yourself or as a fabulous gift. Fine pen and ink drawings, black and white or colour-washed. Prices start at £150 and depend on the scale and complexity of the artwork. required.

Amanda Duke Amanda Duke workshops in Natural Dye, Ecoprint, Handstitching, Botanical and landscape drawing. 2 day and 1 day courses running throughout summer at Sussex Prairie Garden and in Steyning.

For details and testimonials:

07913 080061

roz.nathan@hotmail.com • roznathanart.com


www.amandaduke.co.uk STUDIO PROOF

16 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

PROOF DATE/TIME: 17 March 2021 3:19 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Amanda Duke 1-8

are choirs and choral groups singing Rock, Gospel, Classical and everything in between across the county. During lockdown some groups have come together via Zoom; members revelling in the joy of collective song. Robin Kennedy and his wife Phillipa have been singing for over 25 years, “Singing makes your spirits soar and almost gives you a sense of escapism. When singing as part of a group the feeling of unity is incredible. You make friends, and it is good for fitness as it gives your lungs a workout as you control you breath”.

WORK AND BUSINESS Retirement is a word that doesn’t exist for some. Generally, because the enjoyment, fulfilment and satisfaction that can come from work or business means there is no reason to retire, especially if in good health. Going to work creates a sense of purpose, direction and structure in life. Many years of experience can be invaluable to a company and if you want to continue work, and are fully able to, it is in fact age discrimination if an employer refuses to let you work or asks you to retire.

Often though, it can be a time of finding some ‘middle ground’, perhaps cutting working hours to take up some new interests and appreciate a change of pace over a period of time. In recent years, many retirees having left their job on reaching retirement age, find they miss the comradery of work life with colleagues and decide to take up new employment in a capacity that suits their lifestyle and time. It can help top-up the pension and generate a new lease of life and improved confidence, plus many employers value the life


Wood Turning Courses E S TA B L I S H E D 2 3 Y E A R S

Flexible one day workshops cost £130 a day and the price includes all tuition and materials. This can be split into mornings, afternoons or evenings if preferred. Course lunch is taken at Elvira’s Café whenever possible, or alternatively pre-packed sandwiches of indvidual choice and tea or coffee are provided.

Online and In-Person Sculpture, Painting & Drawing Courses • Tuition by professional sculptors and painters • Friendly studio • Small groups • One to one tuition available

Summer School courses NOW BOOKING

COVID Safety measures in place

Unit 8, Sugworth Farm, Haywards Heath RH16 1XP 07498 502282 | Email: khutson1@hotmail.co.uk www.khutson.co.uk


PROOF DATE/TIME: 16 December 2020 9:16 AM OUR FILENAME: Jan21 Kevin Hutson 1-4

Contact: 01403 786224 info@artjunction.uk | www.artjunction.uk

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 17


graphic design in 3 months NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

I WOULD LIKE TO BUY YOUR RECORD COLLECTION ● If you are looking to sell your record collection, then please give me a call . ● No collection too large. ● All types of music considered and I will come to you at a convenient time.

BEST PRICES PAID FOR TOP QUALITY VINYLS Give me a call on 01243 870375 or 07966 519247 and ask for Garry Or email me at gazwoz@aol.com (and include some pictures of your records)

If you are creative and want to fast-track to a career as a graphic designer contact us now!

We are Recruiting!


Comprehensive and ongoing training to reach your full potential and progress your career in care Helping the elderly and vulnerable and giving them the best possible care in our award-winning care home

01243 882724

Flexible hours – Day and night shifts available – Fully paid induction training

strohackerschool@gmail.com www.strohackerdesignschool.co.uk

01323 412285



Our team have or work with




featuring Shihan Julia Turley 6th Dan 33 years of training excellence

featuring Shihan Julia Turley 6th Dan featuring Shihan Julia Turley 6th Dan 33 years of training excellence 3 3 y e a rCsh iol df r te rna, i n ing excellence Teen's and Adult classes

Featuring Shihan Juliaa Turley excellence v a i l a b6th l e Dan t h|r o33 u gyears h o u tof training Mid-Su ssex Apply NOW to Sensei Julia via:

www.renshinkankarate-england.org.uk E-mail h


: n

jtrenshinkan@btinternet.com e







Children, Teen's and Adult classes available throughout Mid-Sussex Apply NOW to Sensei Julia via:








an@btinternet.com C :h ji tl rde rn es hni ,n k T een's and Adult classes Cnh ie l d: r0e 1n , 4 T4 e 4e n ' s4 5a n4 d8 A classes 2 d7 u l t a Children, v a i l a b Teen l e and t hAdult r o u classes g h o u available t M i throughout d-Sussex available throughout Mid-Sussex Mid Ap p l Sussex. y N O Apply W t oNOW S e ntos Sensei e i J uJulia l i a via: via: Apply NOW to Sensei Julia via:

E-mail P



www.renshinkankarate-england.org.uk www.renshinkankarate-england.org.uk www.renshinkankarate-england.org.uk Email: jtrenshinkan@btinternet.com

E-mail : jtrenshinkan@btinternet.com E-mail : jtrenshinkan@btinternet.com P h o n e Phone: : 0 01444 1 4 4 454827 4 4 5 4 8 2 7 P h o n e : 0 1 4 4 4 4 5 4 8 2 7 18 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021




PROOF DATE/TIME: 12 October 2020 1:31 pm OUR FILENAME: Nov 20 Sovereign Lodge 1-8

Do you want help with technology? SUPPORT FOR:

featuring Shihan Julia Turley 6th Dan 33 years of training excellence


Registered Nurses and Care Assistants

Sovereign Lodge

• PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones • Software, networks, Microsoft, Apple • Security, backups, data protection • The Cloud, connecting all your devices, access from anywhere

Telephone & Remote Support available

ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS Call our gobbledygook-averse Richard Long now on

07831 196534 or email richard@absolute-solutions.company

experience older employees bring to a company. For others, it could be that a hobby can be turned into a small business. Skills learnt in life can be utilised for additional income; the services of gardeners, tradespersons, craftspeople and even dog walkers are all in demand. However, even in retirement, it is still important to ensure any relevant insurances are in place and that income is declared. Anne GrahamEvans has been running her fashion boutique in Hurstpierpoint for decades. When asked why, Anne responded, “I love to meet people and I have built up many loyal customers over the years, and they have also become friends. It has never felt like work, which is why I have continued my business well into retirement. Plus, I adore fashion, so my business is also a personal interest and it means I always like to try to look stylish myself!” One thing is for sure, retirement comes in many shapes and forms, it offers the prospect of free time, achievement, contentment and accomplishment – it’s the time to embrace life and live it to the full. Enjoy. l

Feel better

with our Better You virtual exercise referral programme

“I’m already feeling the benefits of my new exercise programme. By taking me gradually through step-by-step routines, it has slowly built up my confidence again.”

A FREE bespoke programme of 1-to-1 consultations alongside 12 weeks of online fitness classes designed to improve your health and mental wellbeing Get in touch today on

01444 675150 www.ahswellbeing.co.uk

Programme managed by AHS Wellbeing in partnership with Mid Sussex Wellbeing, Crawley Wellbeing and Horsham District Wellbeing

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 19


The University OF LATER LIFE

No longer in full time work? Just Retired? Audrey Bateman has the opportunity of later life learning and friendship waiting for you at the University of the Third Age


our local University of the Third Age (u3a) offers a variety of low-cost daytime activities for, what we call, the third age of life. It provides opportunities to keep active, meet like-minded people and to continue to use existing knowledge and skills while learning new ones. There are 39 u3a groups in Sussex and over 1,000 across the UK. The East Grinstead branch of the u3a was formed in 1995. It’s a particularly strong and flourishing group with 550 members and a managing committee made up of volunteers. Activities are organised by members and the East Grinstead branch contains over 50 groups of varying size, catering for a wide range of interests, from the book club or cross-stitch to family history, handbell ringing, science and technology or country walking. An annual holiday, within the UK, is also arranged for members who might wish to participate. Linda Howard, Secretary of the East Grinstead group, recalled, “Shortly after retiring, I joined the 20 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

family history interest group and have been delighted at the friendliness of the group and the opportunity to share knowledge and skills. The u3a has helped me to make new friends and feel so much more positive about retirement and what I can potentially learn and achieve in my Third Age.” Despite the curtailment of faceto-face meetings in recent months, a number of activity groups have continued online using Zoom, as have regular monthly member speaker meetings and quiz afternoons. Linda is optimistic that before too long the full range of activities can be restarted. In addition, planning for exciting new groups such as photography and gardening is underway. Val from the singing for pleasure and ukelele groups is full of praise. “Joining the U3A enriched my retirement. It has given me the

Learning is not pursued for qualifications but for enjoyment

opportunity to try things I’ve always wanted to do and to learn new skills. It’s enabled me to meet people with similar interests.” The u3a helps people regain their self-confidence, avoid loneliness and depression, and makes people feel valued. Learning is not pursued for qualifications but for enjoyment and age is no barrier as Andy from the all seasons walking and country walking groups noted. “I joined the u3a in East Grinstead as I felt they offered an interesting programme of activities. I also wanted to meet new people and have made a number of new friends since joining the group.” The University of the Third Age has branches all across Sussex and existing members look forward to welcoming new members. To find more more information about membership and activities visit the website. Rather than winding down in later life, why not take the opportunity to spread your wings and reach new heights? The third age of life is an opportunity to learn, laugh and live. l www.u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/home Contact Membership Secretary, David Bignell, at memsec@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk or by calling 01737 218047. Find your local u3a sites in East or West Sussex at www.u3asites.org.uk/ sussexu3anetwork/members

Connecting you to everything you need to live well in West Sussex The Connect to Support website is for anyone in West Sussex who is looking for additional help or support to maintain their independence, manage day-to-day tasks and improve their health and wellbeing. Visit our website to: • access information and advice • discover tips on improving your health and wellbeing • view equipment to help you stay independent around your home • find support for carers • learn about options for extra care and support. Need help to use the Connect to Support website? Email: socialcare@westsussex.gov.uk | Phone: 01243 642121



CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS & INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS Keymer Haslam & Co is a local accountancy practice with offices in Burgess Hill and Lewes We provide the high value service you would expect from a professional, qualified practice at a low cost, which you would not expect. ●


Call us for a friendly, personal and efficient service for all your business needs 4/6 Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9AE

01444 247871

Email: alec@keymerhaslam.co.uk, ian@keymerhaslam.co.uk, daniel@keymerhaslam.co.uk

Website: www.keymerhaslam.co.uk April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 21


ff ’ Collin l s








Pet ’ e c a


Discover the new you McIndoe Lodge, Garland Road

EAST GRINSTEAD Petlands Lodge, Church Road

HAYWARDS HEATH Neville Lodge, Rowe Avenue

PEACEHAVEN St Giles Lodge, Shipbourne Road


Call us to book an appointment

0800 458 1851 churchillretirement.co.uk Photography represents typical interiors, specifications may vary across developments

Buy a Churchill retirement apartment and enjoy life on your own terms. An active community, no maintenance worries, and a place to call your own. Every apartment comes with modern, beautiful fittings that are easy to maintain, and you’ll have a Lodge Manager devoted to making sure you’ve everything you need. So you can focus on what really matters: you.



Many elderly people prefer to stay in their own home, but they can feel isolated and alone. Lisa de Silva spoke to Danielle Hope of Sussex Home Checks about how they help clients in later life remain independent at home, but still enjoy social and practical support


aturally kind and caring, Danielle Hope has always kept an eye out for her older neighbours. So, on moving to Henfield three years ago, she happily agreed to check up on her elderly neighbour when asked by his daughter. As word spread among the older community, more people came forward to ask Danielle if she could pop in and check on them too. “Gradually, it dawned on me that there are lots of older people out there who are not ready for carers, but would nevertheless appreciate someone popping in to check that all’s well and help them with shopping, paperwork and generally brightening up their day,” she smiles.

Three years later, Danielle’s company, Sussex Home Checks, has built a loyal and ever-expanding clientele throughout the county. The team all share Danielle’s warmth and empathy and are committed to helping the older community maintain their independence at home for as long as possible, without having to rely on family. “We’re like a surrogate family member so we can do shopping, medication checks, prescription collection, provide and prepare meals, as well as dealing with paperwork and tradesmen. Our customers really enjoy having us popping in and you can see how much brighter and happier they are. Our tea and cake visits are really popular, as are the Friday night fish ‘n’ chips suppers.” The company philosophy is to celebrate being young at heart and they always make a fuss of customers on special occasions. “We bought cards and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and gave our ladies

flowers on International Women’s Day. It brings a little sparkle to their eyes and their lives,” Danielle tells me. Staff are all DBS checked, first-aid trained, fully insured and receive ongoing training. What’s more, all staff and customers now have vaccine protection and Danielle is proud that during the pandemic, visits were maintained using PPE and social distancing, with nobody contracting the virus. “Our service offers reassurance to both our customers and their families,” Danielle explains. Families praise the positive impact Sussex Home Checks has on their relatives, also reporting that with checking up and admin tasks taken care of, it leaves them free to enjoy time with their loved ones. Access to online reports detailing each visit, also allows any issues to be nipped in the bud.

Keeping customers mentally and physically active is a priority, so staff will do puzzles and crosswords on their visits and as lockdown relaxes, there will be walks and garden centre visits, to help rebuild confidence and reintegrate customers back into the community. The service is tailored to each individual, whether that’s a regular medication reminder telephone call, or a daily visit. Packages are also available, starting at £69 for three one-hour weekly visits. Sussex Health Checks are always looking for people who would enjoy working with them so please get in contact should you wish to discuss current opportunities. l Sussex Home Checks

01273 492 629 hello@sussexhomechecks.co.uk www.sussexhomechecks.co.uk Henfield Home Checks is a registered trading name of Sussex Home Checks Limited

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With over 35 years’ experience, our highly trained teams are experts in delivering award winning care. We have enhanced infection control measures in place across all care homes protecting those already living with us, as well as providing a safe and reassuring welcome to new residents. If you’re considering care for yourself or a loved one, discover why Care UK leads the way. To arrange a virtual tour or one-to-one video chat, please call 01342 887905. Experts in award winning care. Trusted by over 6,500 families.

Francis Court care home, Copthorne Heather View care home, Crowborough Mill View care home, East Grinstead careuk.com/carehomes


Wonder Woman Retirement used to be seen as a time in life to wind down and accept the inevitable fact that time is running out. Robert Veitch recently met someone who turns that concept on its head and sees retirement is a golden era of opportunity


ot so long ago I had the honour of meeting someone who fitted all the criteria of a modern day community focused volunteering superhero. Her motto was simple, “You don’t look at your mountain; you climb it.” In the 1920’s and 30’s there was no NHS or Welfare State, just church and family. Back then the only major charity events she could recall were Remembrance Day in November and Alexandra Rose Day in June. “I worked in commerce in London from 1938. My husband served in the War, he wrote every day for six years; I still have the letters,” she remembered. In 1954 they moved to Mid Sussex and her commerce skills proved a beneficial skill set in the voluntary sector. After ‘retiring’ in 1984 there was no slowing down. Retirement did little more than free up the weekdays to help more people. This lady didn’t see a problem she only

saw a solution, a doer not a talker. Story after story poured forth, she chattered away with an enthusiasm that belied her advancing years. It was an oral history of the life and times in community service, of volunteering, of not wanting to cause a fuss, just wanting to get things done. “It’s because you’ve got to keep going,” she told me, “I just got on with things, responded to a need.” The list of causes served is long and varied; Chailey Heritage League of Friends, Bluebird Community Partnership, Neighbourly Care, The Princess Royal Hospital League of Friends, the NHS Retirement

Fellowships as well as helping to improve facilities in her local town. Having helped get them installed she pointed out, “At one point I knew every dropped kerb in town. It was always about helping people.”

You don’t look at your mountain; you climb it

Retirement from voluntary work finally happened about ten years ago when she stopped driving, although she continued to attend community meetings by bus until deciding her hearing wasn’t good enough. “I do miss my car,” she noted, “but I still use the bus to go shopping.” She doesn’t see herself as others do. Friends are proud of her; they cherish her pearls of wisdom and the inspirational inheritance she is leaving for the next generation. She’s modest, enthusiastic, talkative, self-deprecating, and at times she is feisty too. As her friend Anne told me, “Never underestimate the power of an older woman. She takes the fear out of getting older, she’s proof that retirement can be a fulfilling time, that the golden years of life can be active and full of opportunity.” Oh, and by the way, she turned 100 in February and received 219 birthday cards. “God has been very good to me,” she confided with a smile. And her name… she wouldn’t let me say! l

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Probate, trust & wills specialists Call us on 0800 84 94 101 OFFICES ACROSS SUSSEX



PROPERTY PLANNING FOR RETIREMENT Property, equity and retirement can be a complex topic, so we asked Peter d’Aguilar to shed a little light on some of the options currently available


ne of later life’s great in lifestyle and moving further away challenges is how to ensure from close friends and family - plus the we have a comfortable immediate expense of estate agents, retirement. The two most solicitors and removal firms. If you are important factors within our control determined to remain in the family are ‘where to live’ and ‘what to live home, there are ways to utilise the on.’ If you are lucky enough money invested in your bricks to have a generous private or and mortar. These products company pension pot to keep There are come under the umbrella title you in the manner to which of Equity Release and give several you are accustomed, this is not access to the capital tied up factors to in your home, which is then a major problem. If, however, you are concerned about how reclaimed by the lender when consider to pay the bills and afford a few you die. Equity release is an essential luxuries once your regular easy way to raise cash - though it is not monthly salary ceases, then there are necessarily the cheapest. However, any decisions to be made. beneficiaries of your estate will find One option is downsizing to a their inheritance reduced accordingly. smaller house with lower overheads, thereby releasing capital and reducing outgoings. While this could solve any long-term financial concerns, it might also involve a drastic change

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Company Promotion

Financing an Active Retirement Mortgage borrowing during retirement continues to be popular. Much of that lending is through lifetime mortgages, a type of equity release but having much in common with standard mortgages. The first half of 2020 saw £1.47bn released through lifetime mortgages nationally, via 19,869 transactions. Things slowed a bit after that, but with hopes of more active lifestyles and ability to travel in the not too distant future, expectations are that this type of lending will increase. I am delighted to continue to specialise in borrowing for those aged 55+. Working with Finance Planning Group means that I am a “whole of market” adviser, with 11 lifetime mortgage lenders to find you a great deal from, and even more lenders for products like retirement interest only mortgages. You will be working with an adviser who is local to Mid-Sussex, as I grew up in Hurstpierpoint and still live close by.

By Nigel Urban

Mortgage, Equity Release and Protection Adviser

It is a great time to take out a lifetime mortgage. Interest rates hit an historic low in recent months and, although they have increased slightly, are still low. An article in the Times recently stated that lifetime mortgage rates average 5%. That may be true nationally, but rates for my clients in Sussex over the last year averaged 2.7%. One reason for that is that property prices in Sussex are high, so

loans as a proportion of the property value tend to be low, which in turn gives low rates. Another reason may be that, as a “whole of market” adviser, I can search for the very best rates, a service that somebody who answers a television advertisement and deals with an adviser tied to only one lender will not get. Although lifetime mortgages have much in common with standard mortgages, there are three important distinctions. Firstly, payment of mortgage interest is voluntary. If it is not paid then interest will roll up, but at the level of rates shown above that happens slowly. My clients often elect to pay monthly interest, but have the

flexibility not to do so if their financial position changes or they want to divert income elsewhere. Because interest payments are voluntary there are no affordability checks by the lender - no minimum income is required. Secondly, the mortgage has no set term – it lasts until the borrower dies or goes into permanent care. Finally, the interest rate is fixed for life, a welcome certainty in an uncertain world. Whether you want to enhance your retirement lifestyle, help family get on the property ladder or if your current interest only mortgage is ending, contact me for a free initial discussion, with no obligation.

Email me at nigel.urban@financeplanning.co.uk,

or call/text me on 07765

465508 (preferred) or our head office number, 01444 449200 (ask for Nigel)

FCA Registration Number 715721


Head Office: Hurstwood Grange, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath, RH17 7QX


If you are aged 55 or over, you can take out an equity release product to free up some of the money locked into your main residence – whether as a one-off lump sum or in several smaller amounts (or, as a combination of both). It’s important, however, to remember that equity release can be more expensive in comparison to an ordinary mortgage. There are two main routes to releasing the capital in your property. The most widely used is a Lifetime Mortgage, which allows you to borrow some of your home’s value at a fixed or capped interest rate. The Lifetime Mortgage is a popular choice, as it allows the homeowner to take money out of their property in instalments up to an agreed amount – with interest charged on the sum taken, rather than the whole amount available. The borrower does not have to make any interest repayments during their lifetime but, if they do, it reduces the ultimate cost to their estate. There are several factors to consider before committing to a Lifetime Mortgage. The earlier you start, the larger the ultimate cost – as unpaid interest is added to the loan. The maximum you can borrow is 60% of the value of your property. You can remain in the property for the rest of your life or move to another property –

Seek advice from an independent financial adviser

as long as the new house passes muster with your equity release provider. When your property is sold, even if the amount left is not enough to repay the outstanding loan to your provider, neither you nor your estate will be liable to pay any more – due to a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee. The loan amount, plus any accrued interest, is paid back to the lender when you die or move into long-term care.

For those aged 65 plus, another equity release option is a Home Reversion Plan. This involves an equity release provider paying you a tax-free lump sum for a portion of your home at below-market value. You can then live rent-free in the property until you die. When it’s sold, the proceeds are split based on the percentage owned by you and the lender respectively – if the value of your

WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU IS IMPORTANT TO US At NFU Mutual we can look after you, your family and your business. Our insurance products and financial services include: • Home • Farm • Life Assurance • Car • Equine • Critical Illness • Business • Travel • Income Protection NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers. When you get in touch we’ll explain the advice services offered and the charges. Financial advice is provided by NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited. For a real conversation about your insurance call or email us. NFU Mutual, Bysshopps, High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HP T: 01273 025 176 E: Henfield_agency@nfumutual.co.uk NFU Mutual, 1 North Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TJ T: 01243 887 713 E: Chichester_agency@nfumutual.co.uk

C A Modi is an appointed representative of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). And an introducer to NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited, a member of the NFU Mutual group of companies.

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property rises significantly, the lender stands to benefit. Home Reversion Plans allow the homeowner to ringfence a percentage of their property. The percentage you retain will always remain the same regardless of the change in property values, unless you decide to take further cash releases. At the end of the plan your property is sold and the sale proceeds are shared according to the remaining proportions of ownership. Another idea worth considering is a Retirement Interest-only Mortgage. While this is similar to a standard interest-only mortgage, it has two key differences – the loan is usually only paid off when you die, move into long term care or sell the house and you only have to prove you can afford the monthly interest repayments. While there’s no minimum age requirement, retirement interest-only mortgages are generally aimed at older borrowers who might not qualify for a typical interestonly mortgage. Unlike a Lifetime Mortgage, you only pay off the interest each month; so monthly repayments are lower and it’s likely there will be more left to pass on as an inheritance or to pay for long-term care. There are two parts to paying off a retirement interest-only mortgage – the

interest and the outstanding capital. During the term of the mortgage, you will make monthly repayments to cover the cost of the interest on your loan. The outstanding capital still owed will be paid off when the house is sold, you die, or when you move into long-term care. In conclusion, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Equity release is generally more expensive than an ordinary mortgage. It’s best not to borrow the full amount you need in one go, as this will end up more expensive. You should check whether you can transfer the scheme if you move home, what happens if you die soon after taking out the scheme, whether it will affect your state or local authority benefits and if there are penalties for early repayment. Always seek advice from an independent financial adviser first and take the time to check they a

member of the Equity Release Council, on the Financial Conduct Authority register and signed up to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Find out what their fees are, what type of equity release products they can offer and any other costs you may have to pay. l Useful websites www.equityreleasecouncil.com https://register.fca.org.uk/s/ www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Need financial advice? Then let me help you! Need financial advice? I’m Michael Bains, your local Then let me help you! Financial Adviser. I’m Michael Bains, your local

Adviser. Need financialFinancial advice?

Do you need advice about your pension? Would you Do you need advice about your pension? Would you like to review your savings or investment portfolio? like to review your savings or investment portfolio? Then let me help you! I’m Michael Bains, Are you thinking about buying a new property or, Are you thinking about buying a new property or, your local perhaps, Financial considering Adviser. equity release? perhaps, considering equity release?

Do you need advice about your pension? Would likereliable, to review your savings or investment It can be difficult to know where to you get good, financial advice, financial advice, especially if you want a service that provides everything under one Are roof. you thinking about portfolio?

It can be difficult to know where to get good, reliable, It can be difficult knowawhere to get good, reliable,everything financial advice, especially if youtowant service that provides under one roof.

new property or, I’m a qualified financial adviser and can offer you expert advice buying on all yourafinancial especially if you want a service that provides everything under one roof. needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council

perhaps, considering I’m a qualified financial adviser and can offer you expert advice onthe allSociety your financial and SOLLA, of Later Life Advisers. equity release? I’m a qualified financial adviser and can offer you expert advice on all your financial needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council needs, both personal and commercial. I’m also a member of the Equity Release Council Mortgages, equity release, life insurance, business protection, investments, and theSociety Society of Later Life Advisers. pensions, savings, inheritance tax planning – and much more. andSOLLA, SOLLA, the of Later Life Advisers. By providing you with advice tailored to your needs along with a high level of service, I aim to win

Mortgages, equity release, life insurance, investments, Mortgages, equity release, life insurance, businessbusiness protection, investments, your trust andprotection, build a long-term relationship with you; a relationship that means I can help you both now and, as your financial circumstances and goals change, in the future. pensions, savings, inheritance tax planning – and much more. pensions, savings, inheritance tax planning – and much more. For a free initial consultation, please contact me to book an appointment.

ByByproviding youwith withadvice advice tailored to needs your along needswith along with a of high level of service, I aim to win providing you tailored to your a high level service, I aim to win I look forward to meeting you! yourtrust trust and and build long-term relationship with you; a relationship that meansthat I canmeans help youI can help you both your builda a long-term relationship with you; a relationship bothand, nowas and, as your financial circumstances and change, in theinfuture. now your financial circumstances andgoals goals change, the future. Foraafree free initial consultation, pleaseplease contact contact me to book anto appointment. For initial consultation, me book Michael an appointment. Bains I lookforward forward to you! I look tomeeting meeting you!

DipPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER) Financial Adviser t: m: e: w:

01892 664477 07827 018481 michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk


Michael Bains Michael Bains DipPFS, Certs CII (MP&ER)  Financial Adviser t: 01892 664477 m: 07827 018481  e: michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk  w: www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk DipPFS, Certs CII(MP&ER) Financial Adviser One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2plan wealth management Ltd. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk) under reference 607130.

Registered address: Dorset House, Regent Park, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7PL. Registered in England No: One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2plan wealth management Ltd. It is authorised and regulated byis not theregulated Financial Conduct andmay entered onif you the 08141263. Tax planning by the Financial Conduct Authority Authority. Your home be repossesed do not up repayments on yourRoad, mortgage.Leatherhead, Most Buy to Let mortgages are not KT22 regulated 7PL. by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk) under reference 607130. Registered address: Dorset House, Regentkeep Park, Kingston Surrey Registered in ID: OFS MB Adif (v.1b) 0321 England No: 08141263. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home may be repossesed you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Most t: 01892 664477 © Copyright One Financial Solutions 2021 Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. ID: OFS MB Ad (v.1b) 0321 © Copyright One Financial Solutions 2021

m: 07827 018481 e: michael@onefinancialsolutions.co.uk w: www.onefinancialsolutions.co.uk


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One Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of 2plan wealth management Ltd. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register (www.fca.org.uk) under reference 607130. Registered address: Dorset House, Regent Park, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7PL. Registered in England No: 08141263. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your home may be repossesed if you do not



In 2017 Jonathan Lea had ambitions to create a more flexible, bespoke and affordable type of law firm and today this dream is a reality as Peter d’Aguilar discovered recently when he visited Jonathan in his Haywards Heath headquarters


ong before the influence of Covid-19, Jonathan Lea had ambitions to create a more flexible, bespoke and affordable type of law firm. His aim was to utilise the power of the internet and modern technology to pull together a network of freelance and full-time lawyers who could offer skills, knowledge and experience tailor-made to each client’s specific needs and budget. Today this dream is a reality, in the form of the Sussexbased Jonathan Lea Network, an SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) firm of solicitors giving UK legal advice to clients throughout the UK and around the world. Jonathan’s carefully assembled team consists of employed solicitors, paralegals and trainees operating from JLN headquarters in Haywards Heath. They combine seamlessly with a remote network of self-employed solicitors selected for their experience, integrity and specialist expertise. As a result, every client is guaranteed swift 32 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

Solicitors selected for their experience, integrity and specialist expertise access to the right legal advice at the right price, without undue delay from an overstocked caseload or a gap in professional knowledge. “I believe the future for the legal profession is a law firm synthesising

the security of core staff in a traditional bricks and mortar office with the flexibility and customisation of a specialist network,” Jonathan explained. “Rather than relying solely on retained employees on high salaries within physical office spaces in expensive locations, we see the advantage of adopting technology in a smart way and collaborating in an agile manner with the best possible people – no matter where they are based. As a result of this formula, we have successfully weathered the challenges of the pandemic and emerged with a 125% increase in revenue over the course of 2020.” The Jonathan Lea Network core specialisation is in corporate work, including company law, mergers and acquisitions, equity investment rounds, corporate tax, share option schemes and shareholder disputes. The team also assist businesses with a wide range of other matters including employment and commercial property, while they have also started to take on more private client work, such as probate and residential conveyancing. “One of our particular strengths is in advising high-growth technology start-ups” said Jonathan. “We help with all the legal and tax issues involved in raising successive and ever larger investment rounds, which in turn leads

to these companies referring us all their other legal work too. It has been very rewarding in getting to know entrepreneurs right from the start of their new ventures and then being able to grow alongside their rapidly expanding businesses.” JLN is now increasingly international. They have added UK solicitors living in Canada and Switzerland to the team and, as another example of JLN’s flexibility, its senior corporate tax solicitor is now based at her vineyard on the Isle of Wight. As well as advising UK clients on business deals overseas, JLN also assists many international clients with their operations in the UK. Recent examples include advising a New York headquartered Australian construction group on a range of intellectual property issues in the UK, being instructed by an AngloIranian family in Tehran in respect of their UK interests and working closely with Swedish entrepreneurs in respect of a £5 million investment in their UK start-up. JLN has also successfully developed e-commerce functionality on its website and is selling an increasing number of its own legal template products, with recent downloads coming from as far afield as Turkmenistan and Ukraine. At the same time, the firm is proud of its contribution to the local economy and is increasingly developing its Sussex connections and client base. JLN recently gave support to two local primary schools and is keen to do more in the community, while it makes a point of recruiting and developing a number of juniors – mostly from Sussex. “We are one of the very few law firms in the UK that offered work experience placements in our office throughout the summer of 2020” noted Jonathan. “This led to us hiring three law school graduates in the second half of the year.”

JONATHAN LEA As JLN’s founder and managing director, Jonathan has more than 16 years’ experience in the legal profession. Born and bred in Sussex, after studying at Bristol University and the University of Law, Jonathan trained at leading London law firm Clyde & Co. He worked for a further three years in the City, before joining a firm in Cornwall. After two years in the West Country, Jonathan returned to London to work for Bargate Murray, a small law firm focused on the superyacht industry. In 2013 Jonathan started working as a self-employed consultant solicitor carrying out work remotely under the regulatory and insurance umbrella of another law firm. From the outset,

he pursued his interest in internet marketing to build a website and publish useful content to develop his own client base. Jonathan’s model in the early days was to refer most of the leads he attracted to a network of recommended law firms. Having relocated to Haywards Heath, towards the end of 2017 he moved to a small office and started employing people. A strong opponent of the UK government’s lockdown restrictions, Jonathan is a leading member of the new Lawyers For Liberty pressure group, which is resulting in JLN taking on a number of pandemic and lockdown-related claims – for example against schools trying to impose masks and testing. “I am very proud of the fact that, despite the obstacles placed by Covid-19, we stayed open throughout 2020, more than doubled our turnover, retained our key clients, won new business and grew the team” said Jonathan. “We even managed to hold summer and Christmas parties, a corporate awayday, networking events and paid staff bonuses. Since the start of 2018 the firm’s turnover has increased more than ten-fold and our ambition now is to become one of the UK’s top 100 law firms by 2030.” l Jonathan Lea Network John de Mierre House, Bridge Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1UA 01444 708640 wewillhelp@jonathanlea.net www.jonathanlea.net April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 33



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April 21 Home Front Rural Renovation.indd 36

26/03/2021 14:36


RENOVATION Karen didn’t even wait to view this former stable block before putting in an offer as instinct told her it would make the perfect bolt hole with magnificent views of the South Downs

BACK EXTERIOR The brick arches are an original feature of the property and provide a lovely backdrop to the garden with amazing views over the South Downs

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 37

April 21 Home Front Rural Renovation.indd 37

26/03/2021 14:36


Burpham, near Arundel, West Sussex


Karen Campbell and her husband with their children Rosie and Sean and Digby the Golden Retriever

THE PROPERTY: A converted stable


Hall, sitting room, kitchen, garden room, master bedroom, ensuite, two further bedrooms and family bathroom


hen Karen Campbell spotted an ideal renovation opportunity whilst searching an online property site, she wasted no time in calling the agents and put in an offer for it straight away. “I hadn’t even seen the house but I knew from the floor plans that it was just what we were looking for,” Karen remembered. “It was a huge leap of faith, but I’d recently lost out on another property that had gone to sealed bids and I wasn’t going to let it happen again.” With her professional background as a chartered surveyor, Karen was confident that the floor space she had assessed on the plans, combined with the convenient location of Burpham, only an hour and a half away from London, was worth taking a gamble on. April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 39

“And when my husband and I did see it a few days later, it really was love at first sight,” said Karen. “It didn’t look much from the street when we arrived and it needed totally refurbishing, but I had a good feeling about it. During my training to be a surveyor, I was always taught to get down low in a building to smell for damp and when I did this in the new house, I didn’t discover any damp, but I did find beautiful parquet flooring under the old carpet. I felt it was all meant to be.” The property, a former stable, had been converted into a house in the 1930’s and several owners later, there was some serious updating to be done.

The property, a former stable, had been converted into a house in the 1930’s and several owners later, there was some serious updating to be done

SITTING ROOM Karen hand-picked every item in her new home and has put together an unfussy country look with modern touches

40 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

ROTATING SEATER Relax and enjoy those long balmy evenings with the contemporary sphere, a new concept to the garden. With the ability to rotate 360° your pod can be positioned into the sun, shade or out of the wind. Using six timber arcs and wide tinted windows this sleek design offers a full panoramic view. The entrance to the pod is set at 60° providing a comfortable seating area for seven guests


A garden should be enjoyed, so make it somewhere to relax and unwind

Please call us or email us for further details or prices sales@volerefurniture.com | www.rotatingpod.com


PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 March 2021 11:05 am OUR FILENAME: April 21 Volere 1-2

Interior Design Studio e. info@knoxandvox.com w. www.knoxandvox.com p. 078 8920 6555

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 41

SECTION SUBJECT KITCHEN The galley kitchen is quite narrow so Karen asked the carpenter to make thinner worktops to create more space


Flow is also important where two or more rooms link together such as the garden room, sitting room and kitchen. I achieved this by the colour scheme, with green accents off a neutral base and the fresh greens also linking in with the outside

“It was in quite a state and the roof was infested with rats,” recalled Karen, “but once I had a local architect board that was an expert in renovating period properties, I knew I was in safe hands. I was very keen to retain the integrity of the house and wanted to use organic local materials including wood and flint to compliment the natural environment outside.” Karen’s idea to use flint on the inside walls certainly brought the outside in, as did the huge oak beams used as structural support in the sitting room. “We discovered there were structural issues

42 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

GARDEN ROOM Karen adds a modern, dramatic twist to the garden room with two bold ceiling lamps suspended from the highest point in the ceiling

I was very keen to retain the integrity of the house and wanted to use organic local materials including wood and flint

HALLWAY I discovered the parquet floor under some old carpet when I was looking for damp

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 43



• Bespoke and Ready-made Framing • Hundreds of Mounts and Mouldings We moved • Local Artists' Gallery andhave Mirrors • Textile,to: Tapestry and 3D Framing

Unit 4, Merrydown Business Park, Discovery Way, Horam (Entrance opposite village hall) • Bespoke framing and a large selection of mounts and ready-made frames

• Mirrors made to order • Textile, Tapestry and 3D Framing Canvases, prints & original artwork for sale

Discovery Horam . tel: 01435 Vines Cross Road,Way, Horam TN21 0HB . tel:812075 01435 812075 info@orchardframing.co.uk info@pictureframes.plus.com. .www.orchardframing.co.uk www.orchardframing.co.uk Open:Tuesday Tuesday--Friday Friday9am-5pm, 9am-5pm,Saturday Saturday9am-1pm 9am-4pm(Closed (ClosedMonday) Monday). .Easy EasyParking Parking Open:

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Now you can order online and get 10% off online products with code SUSSEXLIV Have your Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom designed and installed by our in house designers and installers. Everything from heating and plumbing to tiles available


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Contact 01273 835355 I sales@sussexliving.com April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 45

in the sitting room and we decided to use two big oak beams instead of a steel support and it’s created a lovely feature,” explained Karen. “The flint wall is equally impressive and when our architect wasn’t happy with the mortar mix because it wasn’t gritty enough, he went to the seaside to find more sand to add to the mix. The detail that’s gone into the house is what makes it so special.” Before moving in, Karen and her family spent weekends camping at the house as the renovation took 9 months to complete and it proved a worthwhile experience.

GUEST BEDROOM Yellow is not a colour I’ve worked with but my inspiration for the yellow guest bedroom came from Cow Parsley in the garden


Always programme in sufficient time between floor sanding and final redecoration so the dust can settle and be cleaned away before the final coat of paint

46 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

ll N s erN ork

For your free,For no your obligation free, no no estimate, obligation callestimate, estimate, us on call callus uson on free, obligation l l l a l a errss ke 011 01444ttoo482 or email 011ator or info@finesofas.co.uk email us us at at info@finesofas.co.uk info@finesofas.co.uk 01444 482 us 011 email orrk wo yyw


t Sussex • RH16 2LX ttSussex Sussex••RH16 RH162LX 2LX t Sussex • RH16 t Sussex RH16 •2LX t Sussex RH16 2LX t •Sussex RH162LX 2LX 301 713 • email: info@finesofas.co.uk

tel: 01444 07867 www.finesofas.co.uk 4 482 011 tel: or01444 07867482 482 301011 011 713or oremail: 07867info@finesofas.co.uk 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk tel: 01444 482 011 or 07867 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk 444 011tel: or 07867 01444 482 301 713 011 or email: 07867 info@finesofas.co.uk 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk tel:482 01444 482 011 or 07867 301 713 email: info@finesofas.co.uk www.finesofas.co.uk


• MDATE/TIME: A D E T 17 O March M E2021 A S12:23 U Rpm E C U R TA I N S & B L I N D S • F OA M • S O F T F U R N I S H I N G S • U P H O L S T E R Y • PROOF OUR FILENAME: April 21 Fine Furnishings 1-2

Re-opening 13th April 9.30am


Eastbourne Foam & Fabric For that hassle free personal service

Beautiful made-to-measure Curtains and Blinds, Cushion Covers and Upholstery * Foam/fibre infills or complete seat cushion replacement (for homes, boats or caravans) * Curtain fabric/fire retardant upholstery fabric and water repellent fabric all available by the metre. * Foam cut to any shape or size * Brand names * Trade welcome

See our Extensive Range at 137 Green Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1SB |

☎ 01323 430777 | www.eastbournefoamandfabric.co.uk

email:eastbournefoamandfabric@gmail.com April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 47

MASTER BEDROOM I love denim blue as I find it calming and comforting so it was the perfect choice for the master bedroom. The fabric has a vintage feel and this enhances the country look I was aiming to achieve

Beautiful Traditional Timber Windows and Doors High quality windows and doors, made in the UK. Preserving the character of your home, while incorporating double glazing, where permitted. Trusted trader

48 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

01344 868 668 www.sashwindow.com

FAMILY BATHROOM Karen used a neutral palette throughout the house and has followed this through in the bathroom with a crisp, clean look

Every piece has been handpicked and there’s nothing I’m not delighted with

“I felt that we got to know our way around the house before deciding what to demolish and what to keep,” said Karen. “The old lean-to had to go and in its place we built a light and airy garden room which has amazing views over the South Downs. And despite my love of period features, I do like a modern twist which I’ve added with unusual pendant lamps hanging from the highest beam over the dining table. They certainly add the wow factor.” The neutral palette chosen by Karen, who has re-trained as an interior designer, was an obvious choice as it’s given her a blank canvas to work from which she has always craved for herself. “I love working on other people’s homes but I’ve relished this opportunity to choose things for myself. Every piece has been hand-picked and there’s nothing I’m not delighted with. I put

DAVID SHEPARD BATHROOMS Design • Supply • Install

Bathrooms | Shower rooms | Cloakrooms | Tiling | Painting | Plastering | All aspects of electrical work


Please call David Shepard 01444 250262 / 07952 544739 davidshepard12@gmail.com


PROOF DATE/TIME: 23 March 2021 12:58 pm OUR FILENAME: April21 DMC Bathrooms 1-2

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Bespoke sliding wardrobes

Styles to suit every home

Wide range of colours and finishes to choose from

96 showrooms nationwide www.dreamdoorsbedrooms.co.uk



From simple door replacements to complete fitted kitchens

Fully installed by local professionals in just a few days

Choose from a large selection of doors, worktops and appliances

96 showrooms nationwide www.dreamdoors.co.uk

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM NOW: 40 Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2AS Call us now for a free estimate:

01892 458039


SEAN’S BEDROOM Karen decorated her son’s bedroom in a dormitory style as there are so many friends keen to stay over

ROSIE’S BEDROOM Rosie’s bedroom is given a vintage makeover with an old floral eiderdown and a pretty, colourful blind

that down to sourcing with an open mind in lots of different places and also a bit of luck. I’ve also experimented with colour and have been inspired by Cow Parsley Yellow which I’ve used in the guest room which is not a colour that I’d usually associate myself with at all.” It’s clear that Karen is not afraid to take a risk, whether on a big purchase like the house, or a smaller purchase such as a rather bold fabric colour, but in both cases, the risks have certainly paid off. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” she said, “this house really is our perfect rural retreat.” l Text by: Karen Jensen-Jones Photography: GAP Interiors / Nick Smith

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 51

Rush PC Spring 21 S'sex Living DPS.qxp_Layout 1 25/02/2021 11:08 Page 1

We’re Op Farm Shop Open

Plant Centre

The Rushfield Roadmap to Recovery In line with Government guidelines we are delighted to gradually phase in our new, opening strategy:

Plant Centre is open • Our from 16th March for visitors,

deliveries and click ‘n’ collect.

We will be open 7 days a week • from 5th April ‘til 27th June, then 6 days a week.

Our Café will open 12th April • with alfresco tables only. Farm Shop is open to • The visitors and we’re taking orders for deliveries.*

We insist on face-coverings • and social distancing throughout the site.

Our Farm Shop has all that’s best, local and in-season. Visit us, order online or call: 01273 850115 Spring, Sussex Lamb from our • butcher Award-winning pies, pastries and • sausages Fresh, seasonal vegetables, local • cheeses, bread and milk • Sussex wine and ales

Rushfields Plant Centre Henfield Road Poynings, Brighton BN45 7AY

Open : Café open:

9.00 – 5.30 9.00 – 4.30

Phone: 01273 857445 • E-mail: enquiries *£5 fee currently applies to households within a ten mile radius of Rushfields. All information correct at time of going to press. See website for latest news.

P52-53 Ads.indd 52

26/03/2021 14:40

ening up! Open

Café Open


Enjoy an indulgent treat on our sun-drenched terrace

Hearty home-cooked breakfast, • lunch, tea, coffee and juices. Home-made pies, cakes and • savouries baked fresh every

day. Enjoy a glass of local wine in the sunshine.

@rushfields.com • Website: www.rushfields.com P52-53 Ads.indd 53

26/03/2021 14:40

Surfacing Solutions STAR PL ANT LTD


Providers of Surfacing Solutions including Tar and Chip, Resin Bond and Tarmac for residential, commercial and public applications including all associated groundworks.

Resin Bond

01825 840390 Fully insured - free quotations

April 21 Homes Extra Ponds.indd 54

Tarmac & Surface Dressing

info@starplant.co.uk www.starplant.co.uk

Tar & Chip

Dower House Farm, Blackboys, Uckfield TN22 5HJ 26/03/2021 14:43



PONDlife With longer warmer days ahead, Robert Veitch recalls his youth and why he helped to build the garden pond; before offering a few thoughts for those who might be making similar plans this spring


hen I was a teenager I purchased a small mirror carp for 80p from my local garden centre. I thought it would make a suitable friend for the goldfish in my fish tank. A shy carp, barely two inches long, it would hide at the back of the tank most of time. Things changed when an audience peered through the glass, the fish became flamboyant, a born entertainer. I named it Freddie. Freddie was a good example of buying fish small and allowing them to grow into their environment. He grew to about six inches over the next couple of years and needed to spread his wings, it was obvious his aquarium rhapsody was coming to an end, that Freddie needed to break free.

We built a garden pond and for those considering the installation of a pond, here are a few ideas. PRE CAST When touring a garden centre, there’s no denying pre-cast ponds are impressive, towering over the rest of

the water garden, standing end on, awaiting a buyer. However, dig a hole, drop them in, fill them with water and suddenly they don’t look quite so big. A lack of water volume can be problematic in areas with ground heave, as the pond won’t be heavy enough to prevent heaving. Pre-cast ponds are cost effective, quick to install, watertight and there’s usually a style to fit any space. In a small garden they can be just the ticket, harnessing the relaxing experience of water with a few colourful fish. CONCRETE Concrete ponds are significant construction projects, but their clean curves and angular lines can be a reward in itself. They require excavation and foundations, plus the construction of retaining walls and are not the domain of the novice. Any integrated plumbing and drainage should be planned in advance. With lime in the render, this needs to be dealt with before any inhabitants move in. Once completed these ponds can make wonderful showpieces for a cherished collection of koi carp. LINER Liners are synthetic, flexible and ideal for creating bespoke pond shapes. Generally, the more you pay the better you get. They’re UV resistant but can be prone to tearing if sharp stones are not removed during digging. Some people line the hole with sand or old carpets before the liner is laid down. Always remember to make your supplier aware of your ponds dimensions when ordering liner. It’s always preferable to cut off waste rather than watch an edge slip beneath the waterline, certain that doom will follow and the process will have to begin again. NATURAL A natural pond will only work on suitable land. Sandy ground or chalk will drain far too fast. Natural ponds

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 55

April 21 Homes Extra Ponds.indd 55

26/03/2021 14:43

need to be lined with puddled clay in order to retain water and remain watertight. Location is key if it’s going to be a wildlife haven so consider a corridor of hedge or uncut meadow grass to serve this purpose. Water levels fluctuate according to the season as clay expands and contracts throughout the year. Not a pond for the novice, but a wonderful addition to the garden when done properly.

RAISED PONDS There’s no denying that a pond with a thigh high water level brings the inhabitants closer to the eye and offers an instant attraction. Ponds raised above ground level are great for viewing fish, but aren’t particularly wildlife friendly. That aside, there’s a lot to be said for sitting on the wall of a raised pond, with a chilled drink on a warm summer evening, watching

the multicoloured inhabitants go about their lives. CONSTRUCTION There’s no doubt that turning the first few sods of grass and soil can be an exhilarating experience, as if on the cusp of something magical. But digging down deep into the ground is hard work and can generate huge amounts of spoil, which needs to be used for landscaping or removed from the site. Sometimes, it’s easier to get an expert in, make the tea for the workers and admire their handiwork. PREDATORS Cats, snakes and some birds will all take fish, as can some daft dogs. Deep areas and vegetation both provide natural shelter. A mesh cover can

In a small garden they can be just the ticket prevent aerial bombardment. A water level out of reach of a feline paw should extend the life of the occupants. NATURE VS NURTURE There’s something wonderfully clinical about an immaculate pond with gin clear water, populated with colourful shoe sized fish. Such ponds require filtration systems, aeration, and algae

56 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Homes Extra Ponds.indd 56

26/03/2021 14:44


LJB are run, local buildingcompany, company, established LJB are aafamily building company, established LJB are afamily familyrun, run,local local building established in inin Eastbourne in 1999 Eastbourne inin1999 Eastbourne 1999 Extensions – Loft Conversions – Garage Conversions – Driveways & Patios –

Extensions – Loft Conversions –– Garage Garage Conversions – Driveways & Patios – Extensions – Loft Conversions – Driveways & Patios – Roof Guttering–Conversions –Fascias Fascias&&Soffits Soffits – Brickwork RoofRepairs Repairs––Flat Flat Roofing Roofing Guttering – Brickwork – – Roof Repairs – Flat Roofing Guttering – Fascias & Soffits – Brickwork – Carpentry Bathrooms– –Kitchens Kitchens – Structural Carpentry––Painting Painting & & Decoration Decoration ––Bathrooms – Structural & & Carpentry –Alterations Painting & Decoration – Bathrooms – Kitchens – Structural Internal –– uPVC Windows Doors––Drainage Drainage – Repointing InternalAlterations uPVC Windows &&Doors – Repointing – – & Internal uPVC Windows & Doors – Drainage – Repointing ElectricsAlterations Heating&&–Plumbing Plumbing – Plastering &&Rendering – Insurance Quotes Electrics ––Heating Plastering Rendering – Insurance Quotes– Electrics – Heating & Plumbing – Plastering & Rendering – Insurance Quotes

01323 01323639917 639917 info@ljbleebotting.com 01323 639917 info@ljbleebotting.com www.ljbleebotting.com info@ljbleebotting.com www.ljbleebotting.com


OurOur experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that wethat havewe become experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured have an become an established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a reputation for courteous, professional service Our experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that we have become an

reputation for courteous, professional service

established and trusted name throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas with a reputation for courteous, professional service


All projects of any size welcome Find our work at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and look us up on Check a Trade, Facebook and Twitter

Enviro-Tech Resin Systems Ltd CALL TODAY AND QUOTE SL04/21 for a 10% DISCOUNT* *On our resin surfaces only

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26/03/2021 14:44

Location is key if it’s going to be a wildlife haven removal system. Some even utilise underwater lighting. But it’s not very natural and there is also something to be said for overhanging plants, coloured water, vegetation, hard to spot residents and an ecosystem that generally looks after itself. Rock ladders help amphibians clamber in and out, as well as providing havens for other microscopic aquatic life further down the food chain. Pond location is critical and along with waterfalls, adjacent pools and landscaping should all be considered, long before the spade first slices through the grass. Ultimately, the best rule of thumb is to think long and hard, to plan well, then enjoy it for years to follow. As for Freddie, he lived for about 15 years in our pond and grew just over a foot in length. He made friends with the Shubunkins, Fantails and Comets; after a couple of years little Freddies began to appear. He continued to perform when there was an audience. He’s buried in the garden and is fondly remembered; who wants to live forever! l





Flat & Pitched Roofing

Innovative garage door solutions. . . . . .from a local family firm you can trust Roller Doors

Quality Domestic • Heritage • Commercial • Education • Industrial

Electric Doors

Reputable for price, reliability materials for longevity, a legacy of quality service.

Wood Effect Doors

Sectional Doors All advice is free and without obligation:

Full installation service • Garage door repairs Electric conversions • Senior citizen discounts

• Approved contractor to numerous local authorities • Award winning projects undertaken

Trades Undertaken: - Slating & Tiling - Reinforced Bituminous Membranes - Mastic Asphalt -

- Single Ply - Liquid Coatings - Shingling - Leadwork - Green Roofs -

Call us for a free quote 01435 277998 01323 287990 Telephone: 01273 486110 • Email: enquiries@richardsoan.co.uk



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Free Consultations Fully Licensed & Insured Homeowner & Residential Commercial, Industrial & Municipal

Bird Guano Removal Nets, Spikes, BioAcoustics Complete Systems & Installation


01273 421307




01273 478454 • In Ground Pools • Above Ground Pools • Hot Tubs • Swim Spas • Chemicals & Accessories •Servicing & Maintenance


in your own home! With a quality pool built by Giles Leisure

Fabulous showroom at North Court, Lewes BN7 2AR April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 59

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Charity Profile

sc Help Hospice Care BloomDiwith scDoiu nted no teud WillW i wrllitw iting inrg 1 s t 1 – s t – 30th 30Ath Ap Open Gardens this Summer pril ril St Peter & St James Hospice are delighted to announce that their extremely popular open garden season is back for 2021 This summer will give you an opportunity to explore a wonderful variety of private gardens in Mid Sussex in support of your local hospice. Immerse yourself in a range of outdoor spaces that cater to every taste; country to town, large and small, individual gardens and village trails.


“It is a wonderful way to see lovely local gardens, meet with friends and enjoy delicious homemade refreshments whilst supporting a Please quote St Peter St James Please quote Stlocal Peter &Expect St&James cause. raffles, plant sales and other stalls to help when making your appointment. when making your appointment. raise much-needed funds for hospice care in the community. We are Adams & owners Remers Colemans Solicitors Adams & Remers Colemans Solicitors so grateful to the garden Solicitors 01444 459555 generously given their 01444 459555 who haveSolicitors gardens, and we01273 are looking Haywards Heath 480616 Haywards Heath 01273 480616 forward to being with people again Lewes Lewes at our 2021 Open Garden season” Rohan Solicitors Rohan Solicitors

01444 450901 01444 450901

Astburys Solicitors Astburys Solicitors

The first garden of the season will – Carol Hughes, Community We’ve partnered up with Haywards Heath 01273 405900 We’ve partnered up many with locallocal Haywards Heath 01273 405900 open in late June, with others Fundraiser Lewes solicitors to you Lewes openingto from Julyprovide and the hospice’s solicitors provide you withwith Waugh Waugh & Co& Co own grounds opening to the supporting local families affected avery free Will writing service this a free Will writing service this 01444 451666 Lawson Blakers public on Saturday 3rd July 2021. by life-limiting illness. 01444 451666 Lawson LewisLewis Blakers in return a donation Information01273 about01273 each garden and Haywards Heath 480234 AprilApril in return for afor donation to to Haywards Heath 480234 The hospice open garden A limited number of tickets will their exact opening times will be Lewes Lewes St Peter &James St James Hospice. St Peter & Sthas Hospice. programme been running since be available for each garden to Smith Griffith LLP on the website throughout Griffith Smith LLPavailable 2010, with a break in 2020 due to with ensure comfort the next few months; please visit Book your appointment onethe garden owners’ Book your appointment with one 01273 843405 01273 843405 the pandemic. In 2019 it raised over and safety and allow visitors plenty www.stpjhospice.org/events or of our participating solicitorsofnow. Hassocks of our participating Hassocks £38,000, which went asolicitors long way to now. space. email fundraising@stpjhospice.org.

more information www.stpjhospice.org ForFor more information visitvisit www.stpjhospice.org 01444 470710 fundraising@stpjhospice.org fundraising@stpjhospice.org fundraising@stpjhospice.org 01444 470710 www.facebook.com/StPeterStJames www.facebook.com/StPeterStJames @StPeterStJames @StPeterStJames

Registered charity number: Registered charity number: 1056114 1056114

April 21 Homes Extra Ponds.indd 60

26/03/2021 14:45


OPEN Spot birds and butterflies on a tour of the Woodland Walk, and enjoy stunning views of the South Downs with a cuppa and slice of cake. You can also meet the two most mischievous members of the hospice team: the donkeys Dudley and Dylan!

North Common Rd, North Chailey, BN8 4ED


Registered charity number: 1056114

Saturday 3rd July 1-5pm

For tickets please visit stpjhospice.org/events





Cheapest skips in Sussex! ›› 4 to 16 yard Builders’ Skips ›› 16, 20 & 40 yard Roll on/off Skips ›› Hazardous Waste Accepted ›› Road Permits Arranged ›› Same Day Service




Waste Collection Service

Be it just an old sofa, armchair to a shed, garden or full house clearance.KSD are the people to call for a FREE no obligation Quote

Egg-septional Skip Hire

01273 608711

Hire a skip from KSD and it’s all so easy We offer a ‘no hassle’ service throughout Sussex. Not only will you be saving time and money, but you’ll also be helping the planet. Our target for this year is to re‑cycle 96% of all waste from our skips on your behalf, so you can relax at the end of the day with an easy conscience.

96% of all waste recycled

›› Waste Transfer Station

01273 608711





Email: info@ksdenvironmental.co.uk

www.ksdenvironmental.co.uk April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 61

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KITCHEN Because everyone congregates in the kitchen at parties, we wanted ours to look theatrical as well as practical

62 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 62

26/03/2021 14:47


THE TOP Chic town apartment Moving into a grandiose, Victorian apartment proved a challenge for minimally-inclined Sarah Turner and Simon Hopkins

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 63

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 63

26/03/2021 14:47

We look forward to reopening the doors to customers old and new on 12th April 2021 Carpets and Furniture Carpets anda Furniture We supply and fit tremendous selection of domestic carpets, vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, laminates, flooring and commercial We supplywood and fit a tremendous selection carpets of and flooring. areluxury FREE vinyl and home domestic carpets,Quotations vinyl flooring, tiles, visits can be laminates, wood flooring andarranged. commercial carpets and flooring. Quotations are FREE and home visits can be arranged.

Denis Parkinson Carpets & Furniture 169 Ninfield Road, Carpets Bexhill on&Sea, TN39 5BD Denis Parkinson Furniture 01424 210 070 169 Ninfield Road, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 5BD 24 Cooden Sea01424 Road,210 Little Common, TN39 4SJ 070 01424 842 091 24 Cooden Sea Road, Little Common, TN39 4SJ 01424 842 091


Only the best from Scandinavia Contura, Morso, Jotul & Scan

Selling and installing stoves for 32 years

Get ready for clearSkies standards

Bolney Stoves Ltd.

10 The Farmers Stores, Gatehouse Lane, Goddards Green, Hassocks BN6 9LE T: 01444 871815 | sales@bolneystoves.co.uk | www.bolneystoves.co.uk

64 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 64

26/03/2021 14:48

HOME TRUTHS LOCATION: Brighton, East Sussex THE OWNERS: Sarah Turner, her partner Simon Hopkins, both digital media consultants and Simon’s son, Frank THE PROPERTY: Ground floor flat in an 1820s building, the front of which is listed Grade II ROOMS Hall, sitting/dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), study/guest bedroom, utility room

The beautiful tiles in the hallway and the way the light comes through the stained glass of the front door

HALL The narrow entrance hall is surprisingly bright, due to the glazed internal doors, and full of interest thanks to the Victorian encaustic tiled floor and gallery of posters


e wanted to buy a place together and we needed more space,” says Sarah Turner, explaining the reason why she and her partner Simon decided to move from her small Brighton flat into a bigger apartment in the town. “I work mainly from home and as Simon has three children, one of whom lives with us, we needed room for them to sleep over.” When a double-fronted, four bedroom, ground floor apartment in a discreet, private terrace came on the market, Sarah’s estate agent hurried her round to view the property.

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 65

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 65

26/03/2021 14:48

SITTING ROOM The clean lines of contemporary and mid-century furniture work well against the grand and decorative interior design

“I loved the large proportions of the rooms,” she said, “and was amazed to find that all the houses on the crescent had private, on road parking which is pretty unique for Brighton.” The interior, however, was less than exciting. “The sitting room walls were dark purple with a pink ceiling and the fireplace was covered up, there was just one bathroom which could only be accessed through the kitchen and the place lacked any central heating. We didn’t want a challenge as big as that but, as the flat was by far the nicest we had seen, we had to accept it,” explained Sarah.

Decide on one range of paint colours and stick to it, otherwise you can spend ages agonising over which to choose

It reminds me of my school which had that high kitsch, Victorian style of interior 66 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 66

26/03/2021 14:49


Free mattress upgrade

DOUBLE TO KINGSIZE Offer ends 31 May 2021 - more bed offers in store!

Store opens 12 April Handcrafted beds and mattresses made from sustainable products, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable ... it’s not surprising this makes for a perfect nights sleep!


Spacious showroom for social distancing 4 floors of sofas, furniture, beds, bedroom furniture and carpets

V. R. FLOWERS & SON 1-3 Station Approach, Seaford (opposite the railway station)

01323 892040


FREE CAR PARKING - FREE LOCAL DELIVERY - EXPLORE OUR 4 FLOORS VRFlowersHypnosApr21.indd 1 April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 67

08/03/202114:49 16:35 26/03/2021

DINING AREA I specifically wanted a large, round table in the bay window and this fitted the bill perfectly

The couple decided to stay put in Sarah’s old flat for six months while the floorboards were ripped up and the plumbing was re-rerouted in the new place. They made a controversial decision to sacrifice one of the bedrooms in order to create two bathrooms, one of which forms the en suite to the master bedroom. “It was the right thing to do,” Sarah recalled. “The old bathroom was cold, damp and in the wrong place. It’s now our utility room.”

The dining table and sofa which were big buys but five years later, I still haven’t seen anything that I like better









Barge Tiles







Showroom Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm Saturdays 9.30-4pm

Registered company: 11370573

WHY CHOOSE COLOSSAL ROOFING LTD? • Family run business • Over 25 years in the roofing industry • Covering all aspects of roofing and chimney repairs

• All work comes with a guarantee • Free site visits • Affordable prices • Free no obligation quotes

www.colossalroofingltd.co.uk info@colossalroofingltd.co.uk

• Free advice • Quality workmanship • References available on request

0800 303 2082 Onsite: 07803 810647 Freephone:

Pick up some Inspiration for your next Tiling Project. Wall and Floor tiles, You’ll be Spoilt for Choice!

Newchapel Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6BJ Tel: 01342 833470 | www.bargetiles.co.uk • Ample free parking •

68 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 68

26/03/2021 14:50

The dated kitchen also needed a total overhaul and the couple commissioned a skilled carpenter to create a beautifully series of solid cupboards and shelves laminated in ebonised oak and walnut, which echo the astonishing panelling elsewhere in the flat. “It’s bonkers, isn’t it?” she laughed, referring to the highly polished and ornately carved Cuban mahogany under the sitting room dado rail and on the majestic fire surround. “It reminds me of my school

GRAND PIANO My grandmother was a concert pianist and I inherited this small grand piano from her

Transform your Transform kitchen in 2020! your

kitchen in 2021!

DID YOU KNOW that we can completely change your kitchen in as little as that we DID YOU KNOW 1 can or 2 days? completely change

your kitchen in as little as 1 or 2 days?

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform your kitchen for half the cost of a complete replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Kitchen Transformations will show you how we can transform yourGive kitchen usfor a call 01323 644141 half the cost of a complete www.kitchen-transformations.com | 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1HS replacement with our made to measure doors and fascias.

“The kitchen was finished in 3 days and on budget. Kitchen Transformation was recommended. The workmen all introduced themselves and were very polite. Cleaned up every night, no mess left. My husband and I were very pleased with the job of transforming my kitchen.” Avril, East Sussex

Give us a call 01323 644141

Showroom: 38 Church Street, Eastbourne, BN21 1HS www.kitchen-transformations.com

Soft furnishing specialists catering for all budgets including bespoke, custom made and readymade Curtains, valances, pelmets, cushions, bedrunners • Tracks, poles and accessories • Roller, venetian, vertical and conservatory blinds Free measuring • Fitting service available • Extended showroom with over 10,000 soft furnishing fabrics • Hundreds of blind fabrics and contract fire retardant fabrics MADE TO MEASURE FLYSCREENS AND DOORS


UP TO 25% OFF Curtains & Blinds

We are a friendly husband and wife run business with an excellent team of helpful staff supplying beautifully handmade custom designs at very competitive prices. 9 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1DQ Tel: 01323 844555 email: creativecurtains@me.com www.creativecurtains.uk.com

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43 years continuous trading 42 Years of continuous trading

Insulation Services Home Improvements

Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Bifold Doors

• • •

‘A’ Rated PVC-U Windows as standard Front and Back Doors Timber, Aluminium, PVC-U and Composite

• • •

Conservatories Orangeries Replacement Conservatory Roofs


Visit our showroom or info@insulation-services.co.uk call for a FREE no Obligation Quotation Vision House, Crowborough Hill, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2EG

01892 661858

01892 661858

info@insulation-services.co.uk www.insulation-services.co.uk

Company ID 16253

01892 661858



Upholstered Furniture, Dining Furniture, Beds & Bedroom Furniture

01892 661858

T: 01323 847759 Unit 1, Burfield Park, South Road, Hailsham BN27 3JL

www.thorndale-furnishers.co.uk Amazing showrooms full of quality products at competitive prices. Sofas, recliners, dining, bedroom & beds, accessories, pictures, mirrors, lamps & rugs


Open: Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm Bank Holidays 10am-4pm

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Our bedroom. It is at the back of the house and when we close the shutters at night, it becomes dark, incredibly private and womb-like

It became clear to them both that trying to compete, in decorative terms, with such an ornate interior they would be doomed April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 71

April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 71

26/03/2021 14:53

which had that high kitsch, Victorian style of interior. I would never have commissioned it if starting from scratch as it is so ostentatious. I’m naturally inclined to simpler styles of interior. But you have to admire and enjoy the overthe-topness of it all.” The windows, too, are magnificent examples of 19th century leadwork and the tiled hall floor still boasts the original encaustic tiles of the period. “We had to rip up some of them up in order to reach the floorboards,” admitted Sarah, “but thankfully the builder carefully put them back in place.” Even the high ceilings are fine examples of Victorian plaster work, with their swirls and scrolls, flowers and winding vines. Once most of the dust had settled, Sarah and Simon moved in with their computers and furniture. “Simon contributed his vast collection of records, books and music posters; he’s an electronic jazz musician in his spare time. I brought most of the kitchen stuff and bedroom furniture. But the rest we collected from scratch, often secondhand or acquired from relatives.” It became clear to them both that trying to compete, in decorative terms, with such an ornate interior they would be doomed. “We thought that fairly minimal, modernist pieces would complement it quite well,” said Sarah.

EN SUITE BATHROOM This en suite was created by sacrificing part of the fourth bedroom in the flat

SUSSEX STONEWORKS Granite, Marble & Quartz Installation Specialists

The only call you ever Theonly only call you ever The youfor: ever need tocall make needtoto make for: need make for: Theonly only call The callyou youever ever •The Heating and Plumbing The only call you ever only call you ever The only call you ever The only call you ever need to make for: •need Heating and Plumbingfor: to make • Heating and Plumbing need to makeand for: • Oil Heating Systems Tanks need to toto make for: need make need make for:for:

• Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Heating andRepair Plumbing • Installation, & Maintenance • Heating and Plumbing Heating & Plumbing • Heating and Plumbing • Heating and Plumbing • Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Maintenance • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• Heating andand Plumbing • All Heating Plumbing Boiler Types & Heating Systems Oil Heating Systems & Tanks Heating Systems and Tanks ••• Oil Oil Heating Systems and Tanks • Oil Heating Systems and Tanks •• All Boiler Types & Heating Systems All Boiler Types & Heating Systems • Installation, Repair & Maintenance Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Oil Heating Systems and Tanks Installation, Repair Maintenance •••• Renewable Energy Solar Installation, Repair &&Maintenance • Installation, Repair & Installation, Repair &&Maintenance Maintenance •• Renewable Energy & Solar • All Boiler Types & Heating Systems • Renewable Energy & Solar Installation, Repair & Maintenance AllBoiler BoilerTypes Types & Heating Heating Systems •• All Installation, Repair &Systems Maintenance & • All BoilerTypes Types & Heating Systems • All Boiler & Heating Systems •Renewable Renewable Energy & Solar • All Boiler Types & Heating Systems • Energy & Solar Energy && Solar •• Renewable All Boiler Types Heating Systems • Renewable Energy & Solar EXPERT &Energy RELIABLE • Renewable & Solar • Renewable Energy & Solar • Renewable Energy & Solar EXPERT &Run RELIABLE EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving Your Local Family Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community for over 35 years. our community for over 35 years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT & RELIABLE


our community for over years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving EXPERT RELIABLE our community for& over 35 years. our community for over 35 35 years. Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community forRun over 35 years. Your Local Family Business, serving Your Local Family Run Business, serving our community for for over 35 years. our community over 35 years. For aaa FREE For FREE For FREE our community for over 35 years. For a FREE

For aacall: FREE 01825 891720 quote 891720 quote For call: FREE quote call: 01825 891720 quote call: 01825 quote call: For a FREE 01825 891720 quote call: For a FREE paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk 01825 891720 quote For acall: FREE paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote call: Oak Tree Blackboys East Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Treecall: Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL quote Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk

01825 01825 891720 891720 01825 01825 891720 891720

Oak TreeBarn, Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22TN22 5JL 5JL Oak Tree Blackboys East Sussex paynes-heating.co.uk sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys| East Sussex TN22 5JL

paynes-heating.co.uk | sales@paynes-heating.co.uk Oak Tree Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL Oak Tree| Barn, Blackboys East Sussex TN22 5JL


April 2021

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❖ Local friendly team ❖ Free honest advice ❖ Home appointments available ❖ Best prices around

❖ Specialists in the supply and fitting of Quartz, Granite and Marble worktops ❖ New local showroom in Hurstpierpoint ❖ Full design and renovation package available 30 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9RG

sussexgranite@gmail.com 07379 373339 ❖ www.sussexstoneworks.co.uk


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Cookware Carpets & Curtains

Martell’s for all your furnishing carpets beds curtains cookware & TOYS come l e w o t d e t f are li s n o op i t h s c i r d t n s a e r e c n i e k adv s en wh a p o e s e b w l o l r i b w We ent to m n o r i v n e at: e s u t i s i v you to a saf e pleas


k u . o c . s l l e t r a m . w ww


The Whi tehalWhitehall, l, London Road,London East Grinstead, RH19 1AP The Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1AP

01342 321303 www.martells.co.uk Established


April 21 Homefront Over The Top.indd 74


Martells 26/03/2021 14:55

SECTION SUBJECT “So we have chosen classic, modern pieces of furniture, many from the 50s and 60s.” We still have to sort “But there were many moments when we wondered just how much we were taking out what to do about an on,” she added. “When we stripping off the old conservatory at the anaglypta wallpaper from the sitting room walls, the steamer released what was probably back of the house nicotine which dripped down on us. That was horrible!” “It would have been lovely to have been able to walk into a picture perfect flat,” Sarah remembered. “But without our own input, we would never have been able to create a home that is unique to us.” l Text by: Pat Garratt Photography: GAP Interiors/David Giles

STUDY With its Wedgwood blue and cream décor, this doubles as a restful guest room

• Resin Bound & Bonded • Hot Bitumen & Gravel • Dropped kerbs and crossovers • Block paving • Groundworks • Tarmacadam

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26/03/2021 14:55


WIN A 2 TAP BAR HIRE WITH FREE DRINKS How would you like to entertain family and friends at home with the help of this amazing portable bar? This attractive and practical self-serve bar trolley will be delivered to the winner’s home along with 20 litres of Peroni beer OR Thatchers cider for one tap, and 10 litres of 1754 on the other! The competition is brought to you by The Small Keg Shop, who provide these amazing mobile bars, with chilling facilities included. The bars are ideal for post-covid garden parties, weddings, corporate events and so many other fun occasions, and are available to both hire (two tap or four tap bars available), or to buy.

To win, all you need to do is visit www.smallkegshop.co.uk and click on the

Win Free Week End Hire 2Tap Bar with 2xKegs link

Entries close on Friday April 23 2021 – best of luck Please note: Due to the weight and size of the bar trolley, the winner will be required to provide a location for the bar with safe mobility access (for example, anywhere which would require moving the bar up a flight of stairs will not be suitable).

Tel: 01444


WhatsApp: 07957


Unit 1b/6a, Paynes Place Farm,Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8RG


PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 March 2021 9:57 am OUR FILENAME: April 21 SKS/Mid Sussex Kitchens 1-2

St Leonards mas ter landscaper s


Creating beautiful landscapes in Sussex, Surrey and London

W: stleonardslandscape.com E: info@stleonardslandscape.com T: 0845 467 9656


76 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 19 March 2021 1:45 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: April 21 St Leonard Lanscapes

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FERNTASTIC Dinosaurs ate them, and the Victorians obsessed about them; ferns are astonishing survivors from the prehistoric world and still have the power to enchant us, writes Flo Whitaker

Matteuccia struthiop teris (Shuttlecock Fern)


n the evolutionary timeline, ferns, (Pteridophyta) are a staggeringly ancient family of plants. The earliestknown fern fossils date back to around 360 million years ago – long before the arrival of flowering plants. Ferns were the first plants to evolve a vascular system and ‘proper’ leaves with distinct veins and stems. They occur in great variety across the globe; from tiny alpine types just a few centimetres high to Australasian ‘tree fern’ giants that reach 20 metres. In 1750, approximately 15% of the British population lived in a town. By 1850, it had risen to 85% – the Industrial Revolution had arrived. Rapidly expanding towns and cities struggled to cope; disease, poverty and pollution were rife. Recognition that workers needed healthy outdoor exercise and recreation resulted in the creation of the first gardening clubs and public parks. Once the exclusive domain of the gentry, horticultural pursuits were now accessible to the lower classes, which is how, bizarrely, a tiny London fern played a pivotal

role in the development of global horticultural knowledge and trade. For centuries, explorers had returned from their voyages of discovery with extraordinary stories and souvenirs, but preserving specimens of flora they had encountered was fraught with difficulty. Live plants perished during long sea voyages. Attempts to dry plant material for later study usually resulted in samples rotting in the humid air or being eaten by insects. In 1829, Dr Nathanial Ward, a keen amateur naturalist and medical doctor practising in London’s East End, stumbled upon the solution. Placing a moth chrysalis inside a

sealed jar to study its development, he noticed a tiny fern emerging from the damp soil surrounding the cocoon. Nobody knows the fate of the moth, but he keenly observed the plant as it grew and thrived. Water condensed on the inside of the jar, ran down the sides and kept the fern hydrated. Whilst others before him had witnessed similar phenomenon, Dr Ward was the first to correctly surmise that the sealed microclimate protected the plant from polluted air. He experimented with different containers, eventually designing the ‘Wardian Case’ which was an early forerunner of the modernday terrarium and aquarium. The largest cases were a metre long and could hold hundreds Athyrium niponicum of seedlings. Living var. pictum plants, many of great economic significance, could now be successfully shipped across the globe. In 1849, 20,000 Camellia sinensis (tea) plants were sent from China to India; ‘Assam’ tea had arrived. Commercial air travel eventually rendered Wardian Cases redundant, but Kew Gardens Asplenium scolopendrium continued to receive consignments by (Hart’s Tongue Fern) this method until the 1960s. April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 77

April 21 Blooming Times.indd 77

26/03/2021 14:58

Dryopteris (Buckler Fern)

Although botany was considered a respectable activity for a Victorian lady, visiting a steamy tropical glasshouse, one of the new wonders of the age, was not for the faint-hearted. Newly-discovered exotic plants flaunted their sexuality, shamelessly displaying their reproductive parts for all to see. In contrast, native British plants were regarded as thoroughly wholesome in character. Ferns were the noblest of all because they displayed no reproductive organs – even the most prudish couldn’t take offence at a fern. We now know that ferns reproduce by the dispersal of microscopic spores –

Ferns have horrid, mindboggling names that only a devoted Fernatic could love something not properly understood until the late 19th century. Images of nature decorated the Victorian world. Carved into wood and stone, embroidered onto fabrics, painted on porcelain, depicted in stained glass and on tombstones; motifs of birds, flowers, insects and seashells were everywhere. ‘Fernmania’ was


all the rage. In popular ‘Language of Flowers’ compendiums, enigmatic ferns represented magic and mystery. In 1855, Charles Kingsley wearily noted, “Your daughters, perhaps, have been seized with the prevailing Pteridomania and are wrangling over unpronounceable names… which seem different in each new fern-book they buy.” Kingsley was right. Ferns have horrid, mindboggling names that only a devoted Fernatic could love, but don’t be put off, as ferns make excellent garden plants, give a long season of interest and require little maintenance or specialist care. Start with a few reliably hardy native types that require similar conditions of humus-rich, damp soil in semi-shade. Athyrium filix-femina (Lady Fern) reaches 1 metre high and bears finely dissected, graceful fronds. Asplenium scolopendrium (Hart’s Tongue Fern) has glossy evergreen leaves and reaches approximately 50 cms. Many varieties of the Dryopteris family (Buckler Fern) are hardy and also have the added bonus of tolerating dry shade – water them regularly for the first year



PER TREATMENT * Based on a lawn size up to 40m2

REVOLUTIONISING LAWN CARE With our passion for innovative solutions and most importantly, our love for lawns, we’ll ensure your lawn takes pride of place as your garden’s crowning glory, all year long. Our ground-breaking Lawn Treatment Programmes feature four fantastic NutraGreen Treatments, plus an application of our newly improved Oasis Water Conserver. Our unique Standard and Ultimate Programmes include even more benefits to ensure your lawn remains weed-free, luscious, and of course, beautifully green!

Let ’s create the lawn we both love Start your Lawn Care journey today: Call: Henfield 01273 491099 Email: haywardsheath@greenthumb.co.uk Visit: greenthumb.co.uk

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WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES “It’s the best home improvement we have ever made. Our conservatory is now our dining room in the garden.” Mike Millis, Middleton On Sea



*Quote Ref SLE0421

There are many reasons to change your conservatory roof with Green Space UK

INSTALLED IN 1 DAY “What a difference a day makes as the saying goes, and yes, that’s all it took to install.”

MOULD & CONDENSATION “This is the best thing we have done in this house. Used to run with condensation and now zero.”

Mr & Mrs Barber, Wells

Karen Thomas, Chippenham

WARMER IN WINTER “There is no doubt that the conservatory is much warmer than previously, and no, the room is not darker either!”

COOLER IN SUMMER “You could have fried an egg on the table in there in the summer, I now look upon the conservatory as a new room. It is quiet, restful and cosy.”

David Birch, Chichester

USABLE ALL YEAR ROUND “The conservatory is now used throughout all seasons of the year and is far more comfortable to sit in whatever the weather outside.” Mr & Mrs Gibson, Portishead


QUIETER IN BAD WEATHER “For the first time in 10 years we do not have to close the door to the conservatory when it rains, as the noise is minimal and before I found it difficult to hear the TV over the loudness of the rain on the old roof.” Mr & Mrs Bailey-Webb, Warsash

Carol Doyle, Surrey


REDUCES ENERGY BILLS “I’ve already turned the underfloor heating down. Lovely job guys, thank you!”

We can offer contact-free installations, and perform these in less than a day!

Anne Bird, Bristol

Get a price for your conservatory roof


0800 08 03 202 www.greenspaceconservatories.co.uk

*Finance subject to status. Terms and Conditions apply. Green Space UK, Unit 8 BH24 1PD & Registered No. 8542786, as shown on FCA authorisation, trading as Green Space UK, is a credit broker and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Credit is provided by Hitachi Personal Finance, a trading style of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register no 704348). Subsidies are limited by area and not guaranteed. Putting off your enquiry could reduce the potential subsidy available to you.

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07833 478786 info@wandsbc.co.uk www.wandsbuildingcontractors.co.uk April 21 Blooming Times.indd 80

26/03/2021 15:05

and they’ll make long-lived clumps that will thrive on neglect. Non-native Matteuccia struthiopteris or ‘Shuttlecock Fern’ (1.5 metres maximum), is reliably hardy. In a spring-themed border its upright architectural fronds perfectly compliment tulips, lunaria, and aquilegia. Some Asian forms of Athyrium, known as ‘Japanese Painted Ferns’ are hardy here. Diminutive Athyrium niponicum var. pictum

(30cms), has astonishing beetroot red stems and veining, while the variety ‘Ghost’ (90cms), is well-named, bearing silvery/grey spectral fronds.

Ferns were the first plants to evolve a vascular system and ‘proper’ leaves with distinct veins and stems

Athyrium filix-femina (Lady’s Fern)

Athyrium (Japanese Pai nted Fern)

A mature fern produces millions of spores, but only a few will land on a suitable surface and germinate. Given the right conditions, baby ferns sometimes appear in peculiar places and can be easily transplanted. Hart’s Tongue Fern is jokingly known in my garden as ‘Fernus Downpipeus’ after the discovery of several young plantlets growing happily in a leaky roof gutter! Potted ferns do well in a sheltered location. Add a few handfuls of waterretaining leaf mould to the potting mix. Water daily in hot weather and dampen the foliage to help maintain humidity. Grouped with other shady characters such as potted acers, hostas and violas, majestic ferns will add timeless grace and a touch of mystery to your garden. l

Nicholls Bros


Sussex Ltd

Driveway and Surfacing Contractors

Visit our website at


• All aspects of pitched, flat & lead roofing • All maintenance & repairs • Tiling, slating & stone specialists • Zinc and copper roofing

Haywards Heath: 01444 239977 office@mascotroofing.co.uk

DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL - MACHINE LAY PLUS ALL ASSOCIATED GROUNDWORK Prolong the life and enhance existing surfaces with Hot Tar and Gravel

Red and Black Tarmacadam FREE ESTIMATES - FULLY INSURED Trading for 50 Years

01424 838 350

Haselden Oast, Battle Road, Dallington, Heathfield, East Sussex TN21 9LG


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Your satisfaction is our success

balcombesawmill.co.uk Growing and sawing home grown sustainable timber products in the heart of Sussex for over 50 years. l Bespoke beams and

structural timbers (Oak, Douglas Fir & Larch)

l Sleepers, fencing and

With over 25 years experience Stephen Farmer has transformed 100s of lofts. We are the loft company others are talking about. 100% works completed on time and on budget

landscaping materials

l Firewood logs

and woodfuel

l Worktops, desktops,

tabletops and shelves

l Heating and garden

Thank you

Add space – add value

e info@loftdoctors.com t 01795 481265 / 07715 312576 www.loftdoctors.com loft doctors 30 New Road, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1BW

grade woodchip

l Traditional chestnut

fencing products

Haywards Heath Road, Balcombe RH17 6NJ 01444 811446 email: sawmill@balcombeestate.co.uk

Tel: 0800 699 0522 • 07957 156467

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Edward Booth’s Menagerie

A Warning From History The Booth Museum in Brighton is home to an original presentation of the natural world as one Victorian saw it. Generations later, it’s also a timely reminder that extinction is all around today as Michael Blencowe explains


serried ranks in the drawers of polished mahogany cabinets. Collecting turned into an obsession for certain men with time, money and means; country clergy, recently retired colonels from the front lines of Empire, or, in the case of Edward Booth, those who had inherited a substantial family fortune.

He enthusiastically pursued his passion with his doublebarrelled shotgun


here is a wonderful museum that lurks unassumingly on Brighton’s Dyke Road, the tree-lined avenue connecting the city to the rolling chalk hills of the South Downs. The Booth Museum of Natural History was built in 1874 by ornithologist Edward Booth. Booth loved birds and he enthusiastically pursued his passion with his double-barrelled shotgun. Inside the museum a display cabinet holds Booth’s gun along with the battered waterproof sandals and sou’wester he would pull on before tramping Britain’s marshes and moors hunting his quarry. Born in 1840, three years after Queen Victoria took to the throne, Booth’s behaviour, which today seems archaic, was typical of a nineteenth century naturalist. Victorian society was enthralled by the natural world and they demonstrated their admiration through coveting, collecting and

categorising it. Birds, butterflies, ferns, eggs, seaweeds, shells, you name it – if the Victorians could get their hands on it they would kill it, skin it, stuff it, press it and pin it. Their collections and curios, local or exotic, were displayed as a statement of their wealth, status and intellect. Just beyond the Booth museum’s entrance there’s a reconstruction of a typical dimly lit parlour, the showcase of some Victorian homes. Amid the shadows, the iridescent wings of tropical birds glimmer within glass domes and metallic blue butterflies lie meticulously ordered in

When Booth’s expanding bird collection threatened to engulf the family home he built this museum to house his overflowing hobby. Yet while other Victorian museums crammed their cabinets with regimented rows of birds in strict scientific order Booth was a pioneer in presenting his specimens posed within three-dimensional replicas of their natural habitats called dioramas. In one, a yellowhammer broadcasts a silent song from a facsimile of a farmyard fence. In another, two swooping skylarks defend their nest from a predatory stoat.

Inside each diorama a different species is immortalised in a frozen moment, a recreation of the life that Booth had taken away. Upon his own death in 1890 Booth bequeathed his museum to the people of Brighton. Over time the Booth museum has slowly absorbed and amassed an incredible wealth of almost one million natural history specimens; everything from microscope slides of bacteria to mounted mammals, anthrax to zebras. Today the museum remains a special place for everyone, from dinosaur obsessed children to scientific researchers, to

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 83

April 21 Michael Blencowe .indd 83

26/03/2021 15:07

people like me who value the inspiration, information and escape this wonderful museum provides. A few years ago, a curated display of extinct animals reconnected me to my dinosaur obsessed childhood. I was captivated by some mysterious animals, which had tantalisingly disappeared from our planet relatively recently: the enigmatic Dodo, the elegant Great Auk, the delicate Xerces Blue butterfly and the gigantic Steller’s Sea Cow. I was inspired to take a journey, a pilgrimage in search of the places where these animals once existed, and I sought out what remains of them today in the world’s natural history museums. My travels in search of their legacies took me to the fern-filled forests of New Zealand, the streets of San Francisco and the


museum storerooms of London, Copenhagen, Paris and Helsinki. But extinction is not restricted to rainforests and remote islands. It is happening all around us, right now. Species are slowly vanishing from our local areas to be lost in turn from our districts, our counties and our countries. One Sussex species has vanished from the world completely. The Ivell’s sea anemone was only ever known to exist in one place; Widewater Lagoon on Lancing seafront. Its disappearance in 1997 has entitled this beautiful creature to membership of an exclusive club. One in which animals once found in Britain are now globally extinct, a dubious honour it shares with the woolly mammoth. Ironically, after searching for

extinct animals around the globe I found myself floating on a lilo just 15 minutes from home, searching for a lost species. It’s a reminder that we live on an increasingly fragile planet. l Gone: A search for what remains of the world’s extinct creatures by Michael Blencowe and published by Leaping Hare Press is out now

84 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

April 21 Michael Blencowe .indd 84

26/03/2021 15:07

April 21 Michael Blencowe .indd 85

26/03/2021 15:08


Wealden do the best

tions attrac x in Susse

r yside o un t ing C Coastline unn ... St ctacular e p S


Wealden One hour from

The booking platform for outdoor educators.

Wealden do

the best attractions ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Area of Outstanding Beauty Stunning Countryside Spectacular Coastline Over 80 Attractions Hundreds of events



London by train



Quality, value and lots of fun!

Toy Stop refurbished Now open and newly Centre in Langney Shopping

Join others like: Project Rewild • Sacred Earth • Wolf Pack • Seeking Wild • Treehoppers • Tablehurst Farm Kids

Superb choice of Traditional and pocket money Toys Logo, Barbie, Airfix and Scalextric and much more! Great value for money

Find them all on w w w. e e q u . o r g / o u t d o o r e d u c a t o r s


3 0 h rs eyee spread across the year

Open 8am-6pm, Monday to Frid ay

Children Love Toddlers Inn Nursery Explore our fantastic nursery and see how your child flourishes!

51 weeks per year fo 0-8 year r s

 2 Forest school areas with yurts!  Oak garden and allotment!  Forest school session 9am-3pm! North Chailey, Lewes, BN8 4DB

 01825 721800 or 07517 103371

www.toddlersinnnursery.co.uk  toddlers777@gmail.com 


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Blossoming NEW LIFE Spring is the perfect time to get kids outdoors and engaging with nature. Hanna Prince suggests some familyfriendly activities


arly blooms, busy bees, nest-building birds – the first signs of spring are all around us, and spotting seasonal clues can make an exciting project for the whole family. From pond dipping to bird watching, these springtime activities are a great excuse to get the kids outside. SPOT THAT SHRUB Trees and shrubs are tricky to tell apart in winter – when the leaves and blossoms start coming out, though, kids can enjoy trying to identify early bloomers. Blackthorn is one of the first

native species to flower, erupting in beautiful white blossom towards the end of March. Then comes goat willow, wild cherry, crab apple and hawthorn, all of which can be recognised by the colour and shape of their flowers. Pack a field guide and

Blackthorn is one of the first native species to flower

a notebook and turn detective, noting which species grow near where you live. If your kids prefer the high-tech approach, treetoolsforschools.org. uk has plenty of interactive tools for identifying trees, along with printable activity sheets. GET BIRD WATCHING The dawn chorus ramps up as the weather warms, with more and more species progressively joining this avian orchestra. It’s the perfect chance for budding young twitchers to expand their knowledge – try April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 87

April 21 Blossoming New Life.indd 87

26/03/2021 15:10

April 21 Blossoming New Life.indd 88

26/03/2021 15:10

downloading a bird watching activity sheet from rspb.org.uk and seeing how many common species you can tick off. Wrens, meadow pippets and reed warblers are particularly active at this time of year, and swallows and swifts are beginning to arrive in the UK. If you’re particularly lucky then you might hear the distinctive call of a cuckoo. Get creative by drawing, painting or photographing your favourite birds. You could even start your own illustrated field guide. SEARCH FOR BABY ANIMALS Baby animals are the cutest sign of spring, and kids will love looking out for them. Take a trip to your nearest

The dawn chorus ramps up as the weather warms, with more and more species progressively joining this avian orchestra lake or river for the chance to see a line of baby ducklings paddling frantically along behind their mother (look out for fluffy black moorhen chicks as well). Fields at this time of year are often full of frolicking newborn lambs – and if you venture out at dawn or dusk then you might just spot some fox cubs making a first foray outside their den.

GO POND DIPPING Grab a net and head to your local lake to discover a watery world teeming with critters. This is the time of year when aquatic life really starts to get active – April sees tadpoles begin to hatch and all sorts of fascinating creatures (including water beetles, pond skaters and backswimmers) emerge to enjoy the warmer spring weather. If you don’t have your own garden pond then there are plenty of nature reserves around Sussex where you can enjoy a spot of responsible pond dipping. Try Woods Mill near Henfield, with its purposebuilt pond dipping platform, or visit sussexwildlifetrust.org.uk to find a location near you. l

Outdoor Learning and Forest School are important parts of the curriculum for all pupils at Copthorne. As well as helping children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space, they develop good social and physical skills. Learning outside is exciting and thus leads to better concentration and motivation. The older pupils are excited by the Senior School plans for an outdoor kitchen as well as growing their own fruit and vegetables!

! SE ble GC aila to av w aces No pl

7 ar Ye

Next Virtual Open Morning: Saturday 8th May

■ Full range of GSCE options ■ Flexi Boarding ■ Scholarships available ■ Nurturing environment Our Nursery takes children from the age of 2 and, from this September, any pupil joining us in Year 7, will be able to stay up to Year 11 for their GCSEs. We are a dynamic school with big ambitions for every child.


01342 712311 . www.copthorneprep.co.uk www.facebook.com/copthorneprep



Copthorne Prep School, Effingham Lane, Copthorne RH10 3HR


PROOF DATE/TIME: 25 March 2021 4:04 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Copthorne 1-2 April 21 Blossoming New Life.indd 89

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If not, you are missing out! Hidden County is all about Sussex Living readers enjoying the benefits and making the most of what Sussex has to offer. If you love Sussex then you will love Hidden County and what’s more, all the benefits are completely FREE! This special membership club gives you the opportunity to experience exclusive competitions, discount vouchers and offers, exciting online events and fascinating features as well as a FREE online magazine every month. What’s not to like?

Sign up today and here are just a few things you could take advantage of this month.

Special Offers Looking forward to the summer to get out and about again? How about a half-price tour, tasting and lunch at a local vineyard? Love live music - Hidden County has offers available for Elton John ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour and Diana Ross Live in Concert plus much more...

FREE 4 Week Course on Makeup, Nails and Beauty Want to look good with confidence? Master the basics of skincare fundamentals, makeup application and learn how to give your nails the wow factor.

Win a Two Bar Hire with FREE Drinks Looking forward to a post lockdown get together with friends and family? Hidden County members can win a two-tap portable bar hire along with 20 litres of Peroni beer or Thatchers cider for one tap, and 10 litres of 1754 on the other.

Join in with Exclusive Online Events Concerned with Mental Health Issues? Heading out of lockdown is a time to make mental health a priority. Join our panel of experts on ways to help tackle any worries and concerns as we attempt to adapt back to a sense of normality postlockdown. Want to get the best out of your garden this year? Then don’t miss this event with gardening expert and designer Juliet Sargeant, who will share her best advice and tips, for year-round colour and interest in the garden and have the opportunity to ask your own gardening questions.

Win a Brand New Samsung Smartphone Simply join Hidden County and guess where the holiday snap was taken for a change to win this great prize.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get in on the action and enjoy FREE membership to Hidden County Visit www.sussexliving.com to join now 90 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

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Wrendale Wrendale Designs Designs M AMYABYUBGUSG S www.MAYBUGS.co.uk www.MAYBUGS.co.uk Vicarage - Hailsham Vicarage Field Field - Hailsham 449901 0132301323 449901

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Join the Prince of Cocktails for... An evening of Cocktail Making on Friday 7th May at 7.30pm


DON’T MISS THE FUN! Shop our full range at: www.harleyhousedistilery.co.uk or call us on

01323 491998

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HAILSHAM WALK With spring finally up on us, Robert Veitch and his friend Callum ventured to Hailsham for a leisurely walk along the quiet lanes, byways, waterways and fields on the periphery of the pan flat Pevensey Levels


eave South Road car park on the eastern side and walk southeast along Garfield Road. At the end, turn left into Bell Banks Road and continue to the junction with Mill Road. Turn right and walk for half a mile, then around to the right as the road curves more significantly by the static caravan park. Turn left onto White Dyke where the signpost points to No Through Road. Ramble on, past the manicured hedges, oak trees emerging from their winter slumber and a solitary beehive, to a solid metal barrier signalling the end of the road and the beginning of the byway. An avenue of common reeds line the route as it wends its way between the drains of Horse Eye Sewer. The dome that once housed the Isaac Newton Telescope at Herstmonceux Observatory is visible on the northeastern horizon. Towards the end of the byway the route slips between Horse Eye Sewer and Rickney Sewer, “This feels like Holland” noted Callum with a sardonic smile. Some Armco precedes another solid metal barrier and the junction with the road.

Turn right and follow the line of telegraph poles along ‘telegraph road’ as they lead south. The three turbines at Shepham Wind Farm are visible in the distance. At the t-junction, turn left, for Pevensey as the signpost indicates, and walk for 250m, between the farm

buildings to the t-junction. Turn right for Hankham, into Rickney Road, across the bridge, then sharply around to the right. Continue past the blue picket fence and picture postcard farmhouse to the far end of Rickney Road and the traffic island.

Past the blue picket fence and picture postcard farmhouse Bear right into Glynleigh Road and continue for half a mile, after which the road crosses Drockmill Hill Gut. Turn right, by the concrete post and metal rail fence and enter the field via the metal 7-bar gate. After 100m turn left, and follow the drain for another 150m before crossing over it via the bridge in the hedge on the left that can be missed very easily. Turn right and cross another bridge 50m further on. April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 93

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Enjoy the view of the twin peaks of Combe Hill and Willingdon Hill Aim north by northwest for 100m, then turn left and walk between the parallel lines of stock proof fence, which are about 20m apart. Take care not to disturb any sheep or their lambs. Follow the right hand fence, as it runs parallel to the curves of Glynleigh Sewer. After about 450m, pass through the squeeze stile, adjacent to the metal 7-bar gate and cross the bridge beyond it. Once through the gate, turn sharp left and follow the field boundary to a pair of stiles. Once across these, aim across the field towards the distant metal gate beside the pool. Cross the stile beside the gate and tread across the

next field to another stile beside another oncoming traffic for one-third of a mile. gate. Pay attention to the horse sign. Where the road swings left and eases Then it’s paddock, gate, paddock, downhill, bear right, past the barn and two gates, paddock, stile, and then across the concrete yard to the stile. alongside the pond to a final gate Follow the right hand field leading into the farmyard. Walk boundary, but enjoy the view of between the buildings for 50m, before the twin peaks of Combe Hill and turning left at the fingerpost. Willingdon Hill on the left. Once Cross the stile and walk behind the across the 2-sleeper bridge and the 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Ken Tel: 018 touring caravans to a stile by an old small bridge shortly after that, the path Email: info@commun www.commun OUTSTANDING VALUE roller, FOR at the other end of the field. The continues along the right hand side of COPYtoFOR YOUR APPROVAL path AND continues EXCEPTIONAL past the pond, over the the paddock beyond, steps leading up SERVICE 1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD 4-sleeper bridge, then across the field to to the Cuckoo Trail. Tel: 01843 834160 info@communityad.co.uk the stile that opens onto Saltmarsh Lane. Turn right and walk north for two- Email: www.communityad.co.uk Turn left and walk carefully along thirds of a mile, Cuckoo COPYafter FORwhich YOUR the APPROVAL the road on the right hand side, towards Trail leads into Freshield Close. 1st Floor,The 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD

MOT’s &


An Independent Family Run Business

Tel: 01843 834160 Email: info@communityad.co.uk www.communityad.co.uk


Call: 01424 461309

1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email: info@communityad.co.uk www.communityad.co.uk





p Re

1st Floor, 6-7 Cecil Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1BD Tel: 01843 834160 Email: info@communityad.co.uk www.communityad.co.uk www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk


rc Ai




Call: 01424 461 309





MOTs & An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

Call: 01424 461 309


v er



www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk TRUST HASTINGS MOTOR CARE MOTs &

Tel: 01444 482988 or 01444 483988 Lewes Road, Lindfield RH16 2LG www.lindfield-motors.co.uk

94 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

TRUST HASTINGS MOTOR CARE An Independent Family Run Business

Call: 01424 461 309

NOTES Call: 01424 461 309





REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor Care)

An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

The Family Run Garage in Lindfield ➲ Friendly Welcome ➲ Top Quality Service ➲ On Site MOT’s ➲ Realistic Prices ➲ All Makes Cared For ➲ Diagnostic and Electrical Specialists

s re Ty


SIZE 1/4

DATE 03/08/2020




8 October 2020SERVICE 9:59 am 24PROOF – DATE/TIME: HOUR OUR FILENAME: Nov 20 Hastings Autocare services 1-8

www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk Should you Care) require any amendments, please indicate them An Independent Family Run Business REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor SIZE 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 MOTs &




clearly on the copy and return it to us together with this form within the next 5 working days Thank you


Call: 01424 461 309


regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of Company No: SIGNED DRAFT 1 GT 7404427 • VAT No


we Motor will assume is correct and approved for press. TRUST HASTINGS MOTORShould CARE(Hastings www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk REF RCCM03-027 Care) allany SIZEplease 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 you require amendments, indicate them

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clearly will onremain thethecopy and return it to us together with this intellectual property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any format or used in any other publications without the prior written consen DATE form within the next 5 working days Thank you

MOTs & NOTES An Independent Family Run Business GENERAL REPAIRS

APPROVED FOR PRESS LONG OR SHORT FAST & IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork we you will assume all isany correct and approved for press. indicate them FRIENDLY Company No: 7404427 • VAT No: 990360412 Should require amendments, please DISTANCE clearly on the copy and return it to us together with this ®form within the next 5 working days ® Thank you A BUSINESS ESTABLISHED regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork, APPROVED FORNo: PRESS we will assume all is correct and approvedNOTE for press. 7404427 • VAT No: 990360412 IMPORTANT PLEASE YOU CAN FOR Company OVER Should you require any amendments, please indicate them TRUST! 25 YEARS clearly on the copy and return it to us together with this

Call: 01424 461 309




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REF RCCM03-027 Motor SIZE Ad 1/4Web Ltd and may notDATE 03/08/2020 DRAFT 1 in GT without the prior written consent of the Publishe DATE An Independent Family (Hastings Run Business willCare) remain the intellectual property of Community be reproduced in any format or used any other publications NOTES

All advertisements, artwork and associated images, unless supplied by the advertiser or their representatives, are the property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any

SIGNED willCare) remain the intellectual property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any format or 1used in any other publications REF RCCM03-027 (Hastings Motor SIZE 1/4 DATE 03/08/2020 DRAFT GT without the prior written consent of the Publisher. NOTES

form within the next 5 working days

Thank you


IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE Freephone: 0808 512 12 93 ® www.726726.co.uk APPROVED FOR PRESS

regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork,

weyou will assume all any is correct and approved for press. indicate them Company No: 7404427 • VAT No: 990360412 SIGNED Should require amendments, please All advertisements, artwork and associated images, unless supplied by the advertiser or their representatives, are the property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any Male &and Female Drivers ® this Lowest inMeter Rates in Town clearlywill on the copy return it to us together with remain the intellectual property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any format or usedDATE any other publications without the prior written consent of the Publisher. form within the next 5 working days Thank you regarding any artwork, either by email, telephone or post. In the event we do not hear from you within 5 working days of receipt of your artwork, we will assume all is correct and approved for press. Company No: 7404427 • VAT No: 990360412 All advertisements, artwork and associated images, unless supplied by the advertiser or their representatives, are the property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any

will remain the intellectual property of Community Ad Web Ltd and may not be reproduced in any format or used in any other publications without the prior written consent of the Publisher.

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close bears right into Lindfield Drive, which ends almost immediately at the junction with Station Road. Turn left and after 300m the car park will reappear. We finished as dusk was turning to night so the last word and some sage advice is left to Callum, “If you set off late in the day, stick to the path, and beware of the moon!” l Robert has tested the route personally, making sure it is suitable for walking. However, even he cannot guarantee the effects of the weather, or roadworks, or any other factors outside of his control. If you would like to send your feedback about a local walk, please email editorial@sussexliving.com

Distance: 8¼ miles Walk Time: 2¾-3¼ hours Footwear: Stout footwear is best as it’s muddy in some places Stiles: 10 Elevation Gain: 53m (175 feet)

Calorie Burn: Approximately 735kcal Map: Explorer OL25 Refreshments: Callum recommends a takeaway; there are plenty in Hailsham Parking: Free parking at the South Road car park in Hailsham

Kennedy Bros


“We care enough to care for you”


Free Ford Roadside Assistance in UK & Europe with every Ford Vehicle Serviced (See website for full details & T&Cs or call for more information)

Ford Servicing from £169 – Genuine Ford parts, labour & VAT included  Ford Authorised Repairer incl. Warranty 

Free Collection & Delivery Service 

Service, MOTs & Repairs on ALL Vehicle Makes & Models

‘Cheaper than a Main Dealer’

NEW & USED CAR SALES North Street, Rotherfield TN6 3LY enquiries@kennedybros.co.uk 01892 852286 | www.kennedybros.co.uk

• Largest Mercedes fleet in Sussex • Quality vehicles at competitive prices • Comprehensive 25 item safety inspection carried out before each hire • 24 hour 365 day Mercedes breakdown cover

• No mileage charge • FREE evening collection (subject to availability) • Ample free parking

Also available are sack trolleys & ratchet straps for hire Newhouse Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex BN6 9LL

www.vht-rentals.co.uk April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 95

April 21 Hailsham Walk.indd 95

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Weight Off Workshops Want to lose some Weight but don't know how to start?

The Wellbeing team have put together an 8 week virtual workshop that will guide you through a new healthy topic and helpful tips each week. Making small changes will set you up for long term change!

Only £20

Checklist 8 Week Workshop

Upcoming Dates Tuesday 11am - April 20th Wednesday 1.30pm - April 21st Wednesday 5.30pm - April 21st

Thursday 6pm - April 22nd BOOK ON NOW

wellbeing@midsussex.gov.uk 01444 477191 P96-97 Ads.indd 96

Private community group Weekly Nutritional topic 6 Free Exercise classes Goal Setting Time to put my health first

26/03/2021 15:22

P96-97 Ads.indd 97

26/03/2021 15:22

Cottage Bakery

ENJOY ENGLISH WINE AT ITS BEST The rich, andfor juicy Cannonball Half Pricecrisp Tickets Vineyard Tour, still white wine is available in cases of Wine Tasting & Lunch in the Beautiful 12 bottles for just £89.00 including Sussex Countryside FREE shipping. Normally £75 For 2 People

with Hidden County Guided Tours, Gift Membership Vouchers and Free Just £39 for 2 People Wine Tasting at the Join via sussexliving.com award winning Carr DON’T MISS OUT � Taylor Vineyards. LIMITED AVAILABILTY

• Speciality breads • Cakes • Traditional hot cross buns, spelt & honey hot cross buns, novelty Easter cakes

10 The Green, Newick, East Sussex BN8 4LB Tel: 01825 722206

B I S H O P S B U TC H E R S t the top end of Uckfeld – loca nal butchers a l delivery A traditio n high quality, local, seasona i s t s i l a i c e p S . e l ab l produce. l i a v a o s l a

Carr Taylor Vineyards Westfield, Hastings TN35 4SG

Tel: 01424 752501


214 High Street, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1RE

TEL: 01825 762820

W Ne ✿ eb w si te

balcombesawmill.co.uk Growing and sawing home grown sustainable timber products in the heart of Sussex for over 50 years. l Bespoke beams and

structural timbers (Oak, Douglas Fir & Larch)

l Sleepers, fencing and

landscaping materials

Plastic Free Shopping in Lewes & Forest Row with Fresh Organic & Biodynamic Fruit and Veg, Dried Goods, Artisan Breads, and Local Produce.

l Firewood logs

Easter Opening

Good Friday 10am-4pm (click & collect and deliveries as usual) Easter Saturday 8am-6pm Easter Sunday Closed Easter Monday Closed

and woodfuel

l Worktops, desktops,

tabletops and shelves

l Heating and garden

grade woodchip

l Traditional chestnut

fencing products

16-17 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, BN7 2AH

01273 359200

Haywards Heath Road, Balcombe RH17 6NJ 01444 811446 email: sawmill@balcombeestate.co.uk

Medway House, Lower Rd, Forest Row, RH18 5HE

01342 824673


98 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

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HERBS for HEALTH Herbs are a great natural way to help beat stress, boost the immune system and get your skin glowing as local herbalist Sarah Hillyer explains


ur stress-packed 21st century lives can quite make sure you also have a glass of water. The adrenalin literally make us ill. Stress in small doses is ‘kick’ you’re looking for will keep you going in the short good for us – we thrive on the term but plays havoc with the water content occasional adrenalin rush – but of your skin in the longer term. Drinking when this carries on day-in day-out, our enough water will do more than any beauty Too much adrenalin adrenal glands become exhausted and our product to hydrate your skin, keeping it immune system weakened, and that’s when will not only keep us supple and beautiful. nasty viruses can strike. And what about the stress? A brisk awake at night but Adrenalin is our ‘fight and flight’ daily walk in fresh air will reduce your can lead to stomach hormone. As it rushes through the body, adrenalin load. Yoga, tai chi and meditation the blood moves away from the gut to the upsets, ulcers and IBS may not be your thing, but finding your heart and muscles, ready for action. Too own way to relax is essential. And a large much adrenalin will not only keep us awake daily helping of green fruit and vegetables at night but can lead to stomach upsets, ulcers and IBS. will do wonders to boost your immunity. Stress is also extremely dehydrating. Next time you Food for thought? Try these three recipes and amplify reach for caffeine-containing drinks, alcohol or nicotine, that positive start to 2021. l

Golden Milk (to boost your immunity) In a small saucepan, simmer half to 1 tsp of turmeric powder in approximately 120ml (4fl oz) of water for 5 minutes, then add about 200ml (7fl oz) of milk (or almond milk), a pinch of black pepper and 1-2 tsp of sweet almond (or coconut) oil. Bring just to the boil and remove from heat, add honey to taste and drink hot. Research has shown that the cucurmin in turmeric will also boost the ‘good’ cholesterol in the body, and it has anti-inflammatory properties and improves joint health.

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 99

Herbs for Health Jan 21.indd 99

26/03/2021 15:24

Calming Herb Tea (to lift the spirits) Put 2 tsp of mixed dried herbs (chamomile, rose petals, limeflower, borage, lavender, peppermint in any combination) into a mug with around 200ml (7fl oz) of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes. Strain and drink. This tea is good to have before bedtime as it will aid restful sleep.


Formerly The Cat & Canary

The Dorset Arms Withyham East Sussex TN7 4BL 01892 770278 enquiries@dorset-arms.co.uk www.dorset-arms.co.uk

THE SIDINGS KIOSK Open 29th March (TAKE AWAY ONLY) Serving fresh cakes, paninis, bacon/sausage baguettes, chips, hot and cold refreshments. Now serving homemade soup, made with fresh local produce


Re-opening (OUTSIDE ONLY) 12th April (Subject to government guidelines)

The Earl De La Warr and family welcomes you to The Dorset Arms, part of the Buckhurst Estate. A traditional village pub offering an excellent dining experience, with locally-sourced produce, a summer garden and B&B accommodation.

Covid-19 Compliant


01273 492509


Follow our facebook page and website for up to date information


We are re-opening on the 12th April for garden tables, and from 17th May for indoor and outdoor dining Book now online at www.dorset-arms.co.uk or on 01892 770278 to avoid disappointment

100 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

Herbs for Health Jan 21.indd 100

26/03/2021 15:24

Power Juice (to aid the immune system) Blend 1 raw beetroot, 2 apples, 1 stick of celery and 1 carrot through an electric juicer and drink immediately. Beetroot is full of vitamins A, B and C and iron and zinc. It contains Betaine which cleanses the blood, liver and gallbladder and is used in naturopathic cancer treatment programmes.

*CAUTION* Always consult a qualified health care professional if you are unsure of any medical symptoms.


Open from 12 April for Cellar Door Sales Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm Tours start from 15 April

Booking in advance required. Tour days are Thursday-Sunday (Maximum group: 6 people)

Cheese & Wine Tours Every Saturday from 2pm For updates and information please check www.bluebellvineyard.org

You will be offered a genuine experience of winemaking. Our relaxed, fun and informative tours take visitors through the art and science behind winemaking, before a tutored tasting of our award-winning current releases in our Tasting Room accompanied by local chesses from High Wield Dairy. All our tour options are available as gift vouchers.

Bluebell Vineyard, Sliders Lane, Furners Green, East Sussex TN22 3RU

01825 791 561 | wineinfo@bluebellvineyard.co.uk

Open daily including Sunday & Bank Holidays


PROOF DATE/TIME: 9 March 2021 1:37 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Bluebell Vineyard Estates 1-2 Herbs for Health Jan 21.indd 101

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 101

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COLOUR. CLARITY. DETAIL. Available in prescription

Uckfield . Battle . Bexhill . Eastbourne . Polegate . Seaford . St. Leonards


How to Choose A Dentist Do you feel comfortable with the dentist? This may be a gut-instinct but do you feel they are listening to you and giving you bespoke advice related to your mouth and habits. You only have one set of teeth so be careful who you entrust them to. Remember this should be a relationship for life; if you do not feel comfortable, find someone else.


Choosing a Dentist can be confusing and a bit daunting, so having the right dentist can help calm any fears you have about an impending dental visit

Is the practice well established? Experience and continuity of care can be very valuable. Will the dentist or hygienist be there next time you have your check-up? It takes time to build a relationship on both sides. They will get to know your mouth, what materials work best in your mouth and how often to review you. Changing dentists regularly can mean you end up with more restorative work undertaken.



It is best if you can get referrals from as many sources as possible Ask some of your relatives, colleagues or friends if they can recommend reliable dentists.



Do they have a dental hygienist? Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. Does the hygienist clean your mouth thoroughly?

Ask questions The most important thing to remember is to ask questions! Make a list of questions to ask before your appointment as you may forget.

Call Oakmead Dental on 01342 325363 and see how we at Oakmead in East Grinstead are changing Dentistry. Do they guide you in what are the best oral hygiene aids for your mouth?


Training and further education Look for award winning practices and those committed to continuing education.

“I wanted to finally express my appreciation for everything the staff at Oakmead have done for me over the past 20 years. Yes, I was surprised it had been that long”


01342 325363 STUDIO PROOF

102 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 18 September 2020 4:39 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Excellence/Oakmead (gums)1-2



With an estimated 18 million working days lost to stress each year in the UK, Lisa de Silva explores the effects of stress and offers some tips for minimising and managing its effects.


hile small amounts of stress can be useful and even beneficial in helping us survive various life events and challenges, too much stress can lead to serious physical and mental health conditions. WHAT IS STRESS? Primarily, stress is the body’s response to a threatening situation. When we are fearful, the body releases hormones to help us ‘fight or flight’ from the perceived danger. So, if we have to give a public speech or run out of the path of a speeding car, the stress response is beneficial in elevating our ability to perform and protect ourselves. Once the threat has passed, our hormone levels stabilise and we can continue with our day, relatively unscathed. The problem with stress in the modern world, is that many of us get stuck in the hormonal turmoil of the ‘fight or flight’ response. If we fear that we are not good enough at work or in our personal lives, we will constantly live with the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. This is not only physically exhausting but can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF STRESS? Living under the influence of stress, many of us become indecisive or inflexible. We may suffer from insomnia, develop compulsive habits, experience anxiety attacks and become increasingly withdrawn. Headaches, nausea, indigestion, IBS, skin problems

and cardiovascular disease can all be symptoms of stress. While self-medicating with alcohol, high fat and high sugar food, or cigarettes, may hold some initial short-term appeal, using these coping mechanisms will usually cause more harm than good. HOW TO MANAGE STRESS People have different tolerance levels when it comes to the amount of stress they can withstand, but even those who experience it mildly still need some stress management strategies. l

HERE ARE OUR TOP SIX TIPS FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT 1 Identify what is causing the stress and resolve the issue if possible. 2 Connect to others who may be able to help you address any conflicts, or to those who can provide a sympathetic ear. 3 Develop a programme of relaxation techniques, such as meditation, stretching, time for hobbies and interests, along with physical activity. 4 Do not overwhelm yourself by taking on too much – stop striving for perfection and practise selfcompassion, self-forgiveness and self-care. 5 Try to have a regular change of scenery by visiting somewhere you would not normally visit. 6 Set yourself a challenge, volunteer for a cause you care about or focus on activities which aim to help others.

Many of us get stuck in the hormonal turmoil of the ‘fight or flight’

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 103


A REFUGE FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN As Refuge turns 50, we asked Charlotte Baker to find out more about the work they do, the people they help, the campaigns they run, and the ongoing fundraising that makes it all possible


Domestic abuse survivors have been forced into thinking constantly about survival strategies

domestic abuse. Lisa told me, “People started to listen to that and think ‘my goodness, this really is the biggest social issue affecting women and children.’” Refuge, which opened the world’s first women’s refuge in Chiswick in 1971, supports more than 7,000 women and children on any given day. This is done not only through refuges, but also through community programs for women who may still be with their partners, or want ongoing emotional and practical support. It also offers quasi-legal professionals to help women going through court; child support workers for children who witness domestic abuse; and a national domestic abuse helpline. During lockdown, domestic abuse survivors have been forced into thinking constantly about survival strategies, as there’s no way to reach out and go to normal social groups, visit a GP or see a neighbour. “It is a perpetrator’s playground,” noted Lisa. Needless to say, there’s been very high demand for all domestic abuse services during the pandemic. One specific issue the charity faced was continuing to provide a way for women to reach out safely. That manifested in a new live chat service launching in May 2020, where women can reach out silently if they can’t make contact over the phone.


uring the coronavirus pandemic there has been global recognition of the increased risk of danger for women and children facing domestic abuse. That’s one of the, slightly backwards, silver linings that Refuge has seen over the last year. For the first time, society has been in an enforced situation where social contact is reduced. Being locked in and locked down has left many quite isolated, struggling with home schooling, dealing with work, or with your (slightly annoying) partner. It has made many of us wonder what life is like for those who are living with the perpetrators of their domestic abuse. Research over recent years revealed that according to police statistics a domestic abuse call is received every 30 seconds.

Lisa King has worked for Refuge for eighteen years. It’s the first time she has seen the charity get the opportunity over an extended period of time to talk about domestic abuse, and people have started to listen. According to the charity, one in four women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime; two women are killed by their partners or ex-partners every week in England and Wales; and one in five children in our classrooms across the country witness or experience

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Clinical Foot Consultant Qualified Chiropodist • • • • •

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Foot Treatments

With Manipulation and Laser Therapy

• Strained Ligaments and Tendons • Skin Problems • Heel Spurs • Enlarged Joints • Morton’s Neuroma

Dorothy Dickson

D.S.Ch., M.Inst. Ch.P., Dip.I.I.H.H.M. 72 West Street, Burgess Hill Tel. 01444 870429 Laser Therapy and Acupuncture for Foot – Knee – Hip – Back Shoulder – Neck – Elbow

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm. Saturday: 9am to 5pm 1 College Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QN Tel: 01444 416644 (Forecourt Parking) sarahlaceydrycleaning@gmail.com www.sarahlacey-drycleaning.co.uk


In rp Fam dep or at ily end in O en g wn t Ax e el d l-E am es




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Refuge’s services and campaigning is only possible through donations that you didn’t want to make because you were frightened your abuser was going to share that content.” Refuge has campaigned to change the law through the Domestic Abuse bill, supported by around 45,000 people who sent online letters to government ministers. The government took notice


The number of responders to that service doubled in November 2020. Refuge’s work also involves campaigning to address poor practices across state agencies, such as the police or the criminal justice system. A year-long campaign has been aimed at tackling abuse through technology, using the threat of sharing intimate images or videos as a way to control or coerce women. Lisa said “imagine if someone said to you ‘if you don’t do X, Y and Z, I’m going to share this video of you to your mum and dad’. You would probably be a bit frightened by that, especially if you’re a young woman, and perhaps make decisions

and threatening to share intimate videos or images of someone is to become a criminal offence for the first time. It comes after the sharing of private, sexual photos or videos of another person without their consent, and with the purpose of causing embarrassment or distress, was criminalised in England and Wales in 2015. Refuge’s services and campaigning is only possible through donations, fundraising challenges and from sharing information via social media.

Throughout the pandemic people across the UK have been squatting, running, and taking part in a myriad of virtual events to mark the charities 50th year. I felt compelled to help, so I’m undertaking a Himalayan fundraising expedition in India later this year to mark Refuge’s 50th anniversary. It’s a tough and physical challenge for me, but ultimately it’s a very worthwhile gesture to celebrate the golden anniversary and to help the good work continue. l Website: www.refuge.org.uk

Domus Live-In Care

Bespoke live-in care solutions Bespoke live-in care solutions

Having a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a realistic, affordable alternative to residential care and allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Domus Live-In Care we provide experienced careHaving staff who assist you with the activities of daily living. a Personal Assistant living with you in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, is a The services we provide include: care and realistic, affordable alternative to residential allows you to continue to live your life, your way. At Personal Care Domestic Support Domus&Live-In we provide experienced care staff Companionship SocialCare Support Long-term or Respite who assist you with the activities of daily living.


For a free consultation and assessment of your care needs please contact us: 01892 512961 TheTelephone: services we provide include: Email: info@domus-live-in.co.uk www.domus-live-in.co.uk Personal Care Companionship Social Support SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021 Domestic Support Long-term or Respite

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“Her room was comfortable, and the staff were caring and considerate. We would definitely recommend this home to others.” Brother of resident, December 2020 Source: carehome.co.uk


Vidveailable sa tour

The Goldbridge Care Home Welcoming new residents There’s been lots of smiles, tears and laughter over the last year, through it all we’ve been there for our residents and their families, relentlessly. We make sure our team always have personal protective equipment available and regular testing takes place. We also participate in available vaccine programmes and follow strict UK infection control standards. Our team help residents settle in with family video calls, lots of activities and booked visits. Residential | Nursing | Dementia care

Call us for advice today

01444 849 273 Lines are open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 12.30pm Saturday. Closed Sundays and bank holidays. Calls are charged at no more than local rate and count towards any inclusive minutes from mobiles. We may record or monitor our calls.

All types of funding welcome

9.7 carehome.co.uk Review Score 26 reviews†

No health insurance needed

†The Review Score is based on the quality and number of independent reviews this home has received on carehome.co.uk in the last two years, at the time of going to print.

FEB21 CS 02125

al ite tu bs vir e a rw ke ou Ta on ur to

A new affordable development in Heathfield Open for viewings May 2021

Brought to you by Abbeyfield South Downs, Holdenhurst offers new care-enabled assisted living for older people. Offering 48 one and two bedroom apartments you can enjoy an active life in modern, homely surroundings. Holdenhurst is designed for independent living, with the option of support – if or when you need it. So, you can future-proof your move.

Register your interest today: visit www.holdenhurst.org or call 01435 898380 April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 107

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There are over 29,400 people living with dementia in Sussex. Alzheimer’s Society has been supporting many of them, and people across the county who are concerned about their memory, through the pandemic, explains Jacqui Justice-Chrisp (Alzheimer’s Society Area Manager for Sussex)

Jan and Ian Br


Worried about



any of us worry about our memory, when we misplace our keys or forget things that we usually recall, most of the time. These slips are a nuisance rather than something more serious. But if you are noticing problems with your memory, or a loved one’s memory, and these problems are seemingly getting worse and affecting your everyday life, it’s important to speak to a GP. Memory problems do not always mean dementia. They can also be a sign of other conditions including depression, infections, and vitamin deficiencies, which is another reason to get them checked out. Since March 2020, all our faceto-face and group services have been suspended due to coronavirus. Alzheimer’s Society have adapted their services across Sussex, so they can be delivered virtually or over the phone. Dementia Advisers have made almost

3,000 welfare checks and referred clients onwards for companion calls. Over 100 volunteers have made more than 1,000 companion calls in Sussex, since the start of the pandemic.

Coming together regularly and sharing experiences, ideas and most of all hope, has made a difficult situation, a lot better Alzheimer’s Society CrISP courses (Carers Information Support Programme) are being delivered virtually across Sussex, as are peer support groups. Dementia Voice Groups have gone from strength to strength too, and there is a new group starting for people who are diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65.

The Memory Assessment Service has remained open in Brighton and Hove. Area Manager for Sussex, Jacqui Justice-Chrisp said “I am enormously proud of the way our teams have pulled together and adapted our services which can now all be accessed through the Dementia Connect support line.” Tim Wilkin’s, Alzheimer’s Society Service User Involvement Officer in West Sussex added, “Our groups and services have provided a lifeline throughout the pandemic, particularly as people living with dementia have been hardest hit by this crisis. Coming together regularly and sharing experiences, ideas and most of all hope, has made a difficult situation, a lot better.” Jan Brice, whose husband Ian has Alzheimer’s, attends the Horsham Rusty Brains group said, “The Zoom meetings have been interactive and very informative. I know we have all appreciated the camaraderie that now

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26/03/2021 15:30

Dementia friendly home with staff fully trained in dementia care Activities 7 days a week with lots of visits out of Russettings Beautiful gardens Home made food tailored to individual needs

Mill Lane, Balcombe RH17 6NP 01444 811630 www.russettings.com STUDIO PROOF


PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 March 2021 1:50 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Russettings

A Royal British Legion Care Home, providing residential and nursing care, exclusive to the Armed Forces and their spouses Mais House is a large care home located near the sea in Bexhill-On-Sea, with a capacity to house 54 residents inclusive of 3 double rooms for adults over the age of 65. Mais House is one of six care homes across the country dedicated to care for our veterans and operated by The Royal British Legion, providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, delivering 24-hour care from a team of nurses and care assistants. We also offer respite care.

18 Hastings Rd, Bexhill-On-Sea TN40 2HH If you would like further information or to arrange a virtual tour contact us on 01424 215871 www.britishlegion.org.uk April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 109

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26/03/2021 15:30

navigating social services • Help Advice legal documents and • LastingonPower of Attorney Connection to dementia groups • within local communities

Memory problems do not always mean dementia exists between us all. It has been so positive that throughout lockdown we have been able to quiz, sing, and laugh. Ian and I have looked forward to our weekly meetings, which have also led to new friendships.” If you are diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s Society can help get the right support in place for you or your loved one. Dementia Connect, is a personalised support service that offers complete support, by phone, online, and face to face (once it is safe to do so).

Dementia Connect operates at a local and national level, connecting people with support in their community, seven days a week. SUPPORT PROVIDED CAN INCLUDE: Advice on how to cope and live with dementia Tips for making a home dementia-friendly Support with everyday living such as government benefits

• • •

Margaret Watson HARPIST “Music Speaks”

Hans Christian Anderson

Of course, everyone’s experience of a diagnosis of dementia is different. Sadness, fear and a sense of loss or disbelief are all common reactions. People can also feel relief, as they have an explanation for the changes they have been experiencing. Once you have a diagnosis, you can deal with it and do something about it. Your doctor may prescribe drugs that can lessen symptoms for a while. Dementia can be treated with or without drugs, by looking after other medical conditions and making changes to your lifestyle. With a combination of these, even though there is no cure, it is possible to live well with dementia for many years. If you would like to support the work of Alzheimer’s Society, why not hold a virtual Cupcake Day on June 17th, 2021. Baking is a great way to get everyone together, even virtually. l

You can get a fundraising pack and sign up for Cupcake Day at: www.alzheimers.org.uk/cupcake-day Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by dementia through the Dementia Connect support line on 0333 150 3456

Haviland House: Dementia nursing care home

Safely welcoming new residents Comfortable furnished en-suite rooms

Margaret has been playing the harp in care homes 24/7 high-quality care and support and hospitals for over 20 years. Live music has High staff-to-resident ratio such a positive effect on the elderly and those suffering with dementia, so she uses the powerful Comfortable furnished en-suite rooms Safe visiting options and universal language of music to help improve physical and mental health. Communicating and high-quality Covid care vaccinations currently underway 24/7 and support relating with words can be a struggle whereas the Regular staff and resident C19 testing language of music connects and motivates. High staff-to-resident ratio TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR AT GUILDCARE.ORG/HAVILAND-HOUSE 01342 810641 | 07957 669504 Safe visiting options

goldharp23@gmail.com www.harpmusic.co.uk


110 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 18 September 2020 11:29 am DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: October 20 Margaret Watson 1-4 April 21 Care- Dementia.indd 110

Call ourcurrently friendly Customer Service Team on 01903 327327 Covid vaccinations underway to discuss how we can help you and your loved one today

Regular staff and resident C19 testing

Registered Charity Number 1044658


PROOF DATE/TIME: 10 March 2021 5:19 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Guildcare 1-4

Call our friendly Customer Service Team on 01903 327327 to discuss how we can help you and your loved one today Registered Charity Number 1044658

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highest quality care

Beechwood Grove - Eastbourne

Hastings Court - Hastings





Bespoke Residential, Nursing, Memory and Respite Care Our care homes in East Sussex, offer the highest quality, personalised care, with exceptional living facilities and the freedom to explore and enjoy a range of hobbies. Beechwood Grove and Hastings Court care homes will provide residents the independence and support to continue living life to the fullest together. OUR FEES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO BOOK A VISIT Call: 0300 303 5445 Email: clientrelations.bg@oaklandcare.com I Web: www.oaklandcare.com/care-homes-in-east-sussex

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This month’s solutions can be found on our website, www.sussexliving.com



A simple process of logic is all that it takes to solve each puzzle in this game. Put the numbers 1 to 9 in each vertical column and each horizontal line. Each number must appear only once in each column and line and in each of the 3x3 boxes in the grid.



8 6 1





9 3

5 3



4 7



4 5

Place a different arithmetical sign (add, subtract, multiply, divide) in each circle so that the total of each line across and down is the same. Perform the first calculation in each line first and ignore the mathematical law which says you should always perform division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.

4 5



7 8

7 8 1


9 4

3 6





1. Mocks (7) 5. Merry frolic (5) 8. Swindle (inf.) (3) 9. Room, space (7) 10. Allow in (5) 11. Assignation (5) 13. Gold ingots (7) 15. Always (4) 17. Fall back (6) 19. Guests (anag.) (6) 22. Prayer ending (4) 24. Wonderful event (7) 26. Throttle (5) 29. Semi-precious stone (5) 30. Flagrant (7) 31. Pastry dish (3) 32. Curt (5) 33. Completely full (7)

1. Gold coin (5) 2. Poised for action (5) 3. Discussed formally (7) 4. Writer (6) 5. Angry growl (5) 6. Stays (7) 7. No longer alive (7) 12. Regret (3) 14. Exhort (4) 16. Calf meat (4) 17. Battlement (7) 18. Pirate (7) 20. Release (7) 21. Moose (3) 23. Amalgamation (6) 25. Thin pancake (5) 27. Chemical compound (5) 28. Bird of prey (5)

Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of letters as you identify them.








8 9


12 19


13 15







30 31





2 23


2 26




15 5


12 13








6 15




















12 22



16 1




13 12





15 14





23 23

11 20


13 14



9 15


1 25




15 20




6 3



23 5



16 14




23 12



7 25



15 24













9 12





20 11



112 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021
































A Caring Pathway

• Day Care • Residential Care • Passive Dementia Care • Nursing & Palliative Care

www.inghamhouse.co.uk tess@sch.healthcare 10-12 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, BN20 7EJ

01323 734009

Our Care Homes are family run and provide homely and attentive social, residential and nursing care. Both homes have isolation facilities where visitors can spend private quality time with loved ones.

Manor Hall www.manorhall.healthcare tess@sch.healthcare Borough Lane, Eastbourne BN20 8BB

01323 722665

Caring for the people that you love STUDIO PROOF

PROOF DATE/TIME: 18 September 2020 2:12 pm OUR FILENAME: Oct 20 Ingham House/Manor Hall

Helping you make the right decisions

Arranging long-term care for yourself or on behalf of a relative can be challenging, with so many choices to consider and the pressure to make the right decisions. Contact the Carewise care funding scheme for impartial information and expert independent financial advice on paying for care. All the Carewise-approved care fees specialists are members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Book your free consultation Visit www.carewiseadvice.com and arrange your free consultation by requesting a call back or contacting your chosen adviser directly. Alternatively, you can email socialcare@westsussex.gov.uk or phone 01243 642121 and ask for a SL0321 Carewise referral, quoting ref: SL1020.

WS32852 08.2020

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 113

PETS develop into miniature frogs, but ‘Her Indoors’ wasn’t unduly bothered by those particular babies; I can’t think why. My careful observations have led me to believe that youngsters have to be furry, feathered or human, to illicit the verbal cooing from ‘Her Indoors’, but there are probably a few exceptions to that rule, not yet discovered.

Apparently, I’m getting an apprentice of my own and she’s going to be called Bear However, there have been some worrying developments, in the new arrivals department, on the home front. Not ‘Her Indoors’, I hasten to add. Our juniors are long-since grown and she’s far too old for that kind of thing. However, she has been having some interesting phone conversations. “Blah, blah, blah, Teddy. Blah, blah, blah Border Terriers.” Anyway, ‘Them Indoors’ both vanished for a couple of hours the other weekend and came back smelling of other Border Terriers and a different, small Border Terrier,

Teddy is excited about the arrival of spring but has concerns about another new arrival on the horizon. As always, his human translator Helen Stockton, interprets his barks


hilst March can’t decide if it’s a lion or a lamb, April is definitely spring in my book. By the time it arrives, I’ll have had my summer furdo, which is more than can be said for ‘Her Indoors’, and I’ll be looking all freshly shorn and ready for some sunshine. Spring is a time for fresh beginnings, and the bulbs will be poking their floral heads above ground in the garden and the ‘definitely not to be barked at’ lambs will be making an appearance in the local fields. ‘Her Indoors’ usually 114 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

disgraces herself with lots of ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’. I don’t know why, as she doesn’t bother with the adult sheep the rest of the year and they are the same species. Other creatures involved in new beginnings, that don’t get the ‘Soooo cute’ treatment, are the frogs and toads, engaged in noisy courtship rituals in the local waterways. We did see one intrepid mum collecting some frogspawn for her children to watch

kind of scent. I found some incriminating evidence of puppy pictures on her phone, so the dog was out of the bag. Apparently, I’m getting an apprentice of my own and she’s going to be called Bear. She is very small at the moment, so she’s got to stay with her mum and littermates for a bit longer, but she’s coming to us towards the end of the month. I’ve already had the indignity of new dog paraphernalia arriving that is not for me. She’s even got her own special food and treats. What’s that all about? Still, I guess I’ve got the opportunity to train her up in true Border Terrier ways, although if she thinks she’s getting anywhere near this column she’s got another thing coming. She needs to start on the chubby crayons and work her way up! l

th ou so W an r o p e ks n ro are to lin ud all e re of wh vie o p ws os , ted

I would like to say how delighted I am with the quality of the stables, I think they look really excellent Mrs Richards, Sussex


Your Local Stable & Timber Building Manufacturer Established 30 years • Based in Ashdown Forest Base construction and groundworks now undertaken

Call: 01342 824117 mark@levadesystems.co.uk www.levadesystems.co.uk

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Huge range of wild bird feed & feeders coal, logs & calor gas

LARGE FREE CAR PARK – LOCAL HOME DELIVERY OPEN: 8.30am - 5pm Tuesday - Friday Saturday 8.30-1pm. Closed Mondays Staplefield Road Cuckfield l West Sussex l RH17 5HY

01444 441511

Quiet rural location in an area of Quiet rural location in an area of outstanding natural beauty outstanding natural beauty •• • •• • •• • •• • •• • •• •

International International Cat Cat Care Care listed listed and and approved approved by by local local vets vets International Cat Care listed and approved by local vets Open Open all all year year for for long long and and short short stays stays Open all year for long and short stays Spacious, Spacious, centrally centrally heated heated units, units, each each with with its its own own run run Spacious, centrally heated units, each with its own run Each cat’s dietary needs catered for, with exception Each cat’s dietary needs catered for, with exception of of Each cat’s prescribed dietary needs catered veterinary diets, which we ask the to veterinary prescribed diets, whichfor, wewith ask exception the owner ownerof to provide provide veterinary prescribed diets, which we ask the owner to provide Beds Beds & & bedding bedding provided provided but but you you are are welcome welcome to to bring bring your your Beds & bedding cat’s bed cat’s own own bed provided but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own bed Collection Collection and and delivery delivery service service available available Collection and delivery service available

Book Book online online at at Book online at eldcattery.co.uk www.thecuckfi www.thecuckfi eldcattery.co.uk www.thecuckfi eldcattery.co.uk or or call call 01444 01444 454187 454187 or call 01444 454187 Tall Tall Pears Pears Farm, Farm, Deaks Deaks Lane, Lane, Tall Pears Deaks Lane, Cuckfi eld, West RH17 Cuckfi eld, Farm, West Sussex Sussex RH17 5JB 5JB Cuckfield, West Sussex RH17 5JB

April 2021 | SUSSEX LIVING 115


Dixon & Company CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Local independent firm specialising in small businesses and personal taxation • • • •

Accounts – Tax Returns Management Advice Payroll Service Debt Management

Phone 01825 891034 for free consultation roger@languedoc.co.uk Unit C3, Bird in Eye Farm, Uckfield

Books Wanted

Antiquarian & secondhand books purchased on all subjects including academic, sporting, military, literature, scientific, natural history, travel, polar regions and maps, documents, ephemera etc.

Sexton’s, booksellers since 1910.

Tel: 01323 870991


. . . e m k s a


I don’t want to tweet, nor am I remotely interested in someone else’s self-indulgent twitterings. And who can explain the joys of internet ‘tagging’? In my day, a polite handshake sufficed. And what about internet ‘friends’? Just because your hairdresser’s boyfriend’s sister-in-law posted pictures of her repellent children, and you clicked the like button because you didn’t want to offend, doesn’t mean these people are your actual friends. You’ve never met them. They are just people who know other people – that’s all. To my way of thinking, real friends can be defined in three simple categories. To illustrate my theory, let’s assume you need to move house – immediately:


A casual friend will ask lots of annoying questions as to why you’re packing up in such a hurry, then half-heartedly indicate they may be able to assist, unless it’s raining – or it’s too hot. Or their knees/shoulders/hips, (delete as appropriate) are “playing up again” which they probably will be.

2 MOT’s &



An Independent Family Run Business

Call: 01424 461309 www.hastingsmotorcare.co.uk

116 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

A good friend will enthusiastically offer to help, will keep their enquiries to the bare minimum, are 100% sincere and can be guaranteed to actually turn up, regardless of weather conditions or physical impairments. And they’ll bring chocolate biscuits.


A best friend will refrain entirely from questioning your motives and be content to work on the “I really don’t need to know” principle. They’ll arrive within 30 minutes, bring wine, vodka and a takeaway…and then help you dispose of the body. Now that’s what I call friendship.

Pre-paid funeral plans

If you want a natural burial, a zero emissions hearse and a tree planted in your memory, have it. It’s your funeral. Our pre-paid, inflation-proof funeral plans guarantee the way you want to be remembered and protect your loved ones from unnecessary burden and costs. Drop in to see us today, visit us at funeralcare.co.uk or call us on 01825 764125

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our pre-paid funeral plans*

Enter SUSSEXLIVING21 at: funeralcare.co.uk/funeralplans or take this coupon along to your local funeralcare home. *Terms & Conditions: The voucher may only be redeemed against eligible Southern Co-op funeral plans costing £3,000 or more and will be deducted off the cost at time of sale. The voucher has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion. For full terms and conditions visit: funeralcare.co.uk/funeralplanterms, request a copy from any Southern Co-op funeralcare home or by calling 0800 008 6878. This voucher is valid until 31/12/2021.




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Hurst & Hassocks Cars


Long and Short distances


Christopher Jones


Architectural Designer & Planning Consultant

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enquiries@jones-projects.com www.architectural.jones-projects.com

Burgess Hill

Tel: 01444 25 33 28

Email: hursttaxis@live.co.uk

Preparation of Planning/Building Regulations Drawings


Tel.01444 233073

For all your garden requirements • Regular Mowing • Drive & Patio Cleaning • Landscaping Est 1994



Established 25 years. City and Guilds Qualified.

Hurstpierpoint 01273 761388 07843 263650

• New Build • Extensions • • Loft Conversions • • Basements •

01444 233073 07446 951109




PROOF DATE/TIME: April 7, 2017 10:35 AM OUR FILENAME: May17 Lewis decoration 2 unit

PROOF DATE/TIME: December 10, 2020 12:53 PM OUR FILENAME: Jan 21 Greenscape 2

MOT Repairs Welding Engine Diagnostics CLEANING SERVICES LIMITED


Servicing Brakes Air Con Tyres

Contact us for a no-nonsense quote:

Tel: 01444 480606


MOT just £ 29.95 when booked with a service Offer ends 30/4/ 2021

07957 999 280 info@transparencycleaning.co.uk transparencycleaning.co.uk


118 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 7 January 2021 4:28 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: March 21 Transparency Cleaning 8




Merry Maids of North Sussex have been providing domestic cleaning services to customers in West Sussex since 1996. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Tele same

mobile same 01444 250374 07736 589002 Enquiries@jones-projects.com www.developments.jones-projects.com

enquiries@jones-projects.com Do you have a garden plot, www.developments.jones-projects.com barn, outbuilding or an old commercial

Deep Cleans End of Tenancy Office /Communal Area Cleans New Builds Regular Domestic

building you would like sell for a cash sale?

Do you have a garden plot, barn outbuilding or an old commercial building you would like to sell for a cash sale?


Expert Legal Compliance Advisers

Local, Experienced, Professional Chauffeur Service Business travel, corporate travel, airport transfers, holiday transfers to trains, cruise liners, ferries and coaches. Adult and child student travel, or just a fun day out. Reasonable, competitive prices

northsussex@merrymaids.org.uk 01403 613023 or 01293 613133


• All site considered, with or without planning • Substantial cash funds immediately available • Purchasing decisions made quickly • Introductory fees paid

Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with current offers! Instagram: rampion_cleaning_services Twitter: @RampionL Facebook: Merry Maids of North Sussex

Please call/email for further info or a quote

John 07881 292669


Fire Risk Assessments are mandatory for all commercial properties [including garden offices]

Data Protection/GDPR – Data Protection Officer Role – Employment Law – Health & Safety – Fire Risk Assessments – Construction Health & Safety – CDM Regs. Audits – Policies – Procedures – Record Keeping

www.ilisi.co.uk Tel: 01444 811 434



PROOF DATE/TIME: 19 March 2021 3:17 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Merry Maids 2



Why cut corners?


Installation & Servicing

Don’t have the hump with your stump – Call the Arbor Cura team for a free quote on removing your stump.

of gas and electric fires

No job is too big or too small for us!

01444 452626

info@gratefires.co.uk www.gratefires.co.uk

PROOF DATE/TIME: 22 March 2021 3:35 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 illisi 2

01273 917995 / 01444 307995 www.arborcura.com enquiries@arborcura.com

• NTCP Qualified • Fully Insured • £5million Public Liability • CSCS • Proud Members of Checkatrade

STUDIO PROOF A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables

Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.

• • •


PROOF DATE/TIME: 24 March 2021 2:49 pm OUR FILENAME: April 21 Arbor Cura 4 Forge Works, Sparks Lane, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath RH17 5JP

MOT • Servicing & Repairs • Tyres • Aircon • Brakes • Clutches • Batteries • Diagnostics • Exhausts • Engine Carbon Clean • 4 Wheel Alignment • Free Local Collections & Deliveries

Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour!

www.puckamuck.co.uk or call Harriet 07899676166 Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.


01444 452510 brookstreetgarage@btconnect.com www.brookstreetgarageservices.co.uk

Car Repairs & Servicing

MOT Testing

Vehicle Diagnostics & other Services


PROOF DATE/TIME: 29 January 2021 1:16 pm OUR FILENAME: March 21 Brook Street Garage 1-8

Advertise with Available 6 days a week

Contact 01273 835355 I sales@sussexliving.com To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com

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50 th



OLD TOOLS NeedHAND a local, traditional OF RURAL CRAFTS

JCP Decorating Landscape Gardeners

Creators of beautiful gardens

£24 + VAT

an eye catching advert to promote your business. more info: 07728 458129 / For 01435 661224

For friendly advice and a free quote, please contact:

jcpdecorating@gmail.com Call 01273 835355 or www.checkatrade.com/jcpdecorating

01273 843283

Also architectural ironmongery,


brass,• CALOR locks,GAS • COAL • •including LOGS • KINDLING hinges, knobs, and Pet handles Food

Haywards Wild bird feed Heath specialist supplier Homecare Peter Hanman (Tools)

Sussex 0800 917 0796 01273 843283

of Ditchling Ltd C re a t o r s oEst.1960 f beautiful water and landscape gardens

Call today 474019 0796601444 176015



Or see us in store at: Unit 1, 30 Bridge Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1TX hanmanpete@gmail.com

Web: www.standens.net Email: info@standens.net Find us on Facebook

email sales@sussexliving.com

Keeping Business Local! HOURS OF OPERATION

Mon-Fri: 8-5.30pm Sat: 8-12pm


Bought & Sold

Garden design & waterscapes LOCAL • Garden design & waterscapes Hard & soft landscapes • Hard & soft landscapesay Planting & tree work PEST CONTROL sd Wedne • Paving & driveways nt Paving & driveways for Tuesday,rnings at prese raphsDecking & fencing Open& g o • Decking fencing ym Pond maintenance hoto Saturdaing passport p andmaintenance • Pond For friendly advice & a free quote call or email us still tak We are & tree work • Planting

Small Family Run Business 17 Years’ Experience per month for regular bookings Residential & Commercial Friendly, Efficient & Professional This price also includes a Service free Competitive Ratesservice & Free to Quotations graphic design produce

CLASS 4, 5 & 7

hardware shop?

Landscape Gardeners THE PEST MAN

All Internal & External Painting

Woodwork Metalwork Painting You could&be advertising in All Paper Hanging this space for as little as

Unit 18, SM Tidy’s Industrial Estate, Ditchling Common, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8SG Tel: 01444 241455 enquiries@ditchlingmots.co.uk www.ditchlingmots.co.uk

www.haywardsheathhomecare.com www.hanman-tools.co.uk  STUDIO PROOF

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Located at: 10 Victoria Gardens Burgess Hill RH15 9NB (Next to Albion Garages)


Buy 6 washes and get the next wash free!

Starting From £6 for car, £10 small van, £15 large van

(outside only)

Open 7 days a week Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-5pm STUDIO PROOF

A erialbeam PROOF DATE/TIME: 13 July 2018 3:26 PM OUR FILENAME: Aug18 Gaby Car Wash 4

Digital Aerial Upgrades & Satellite Installation The Name You Can Trust

01444 242 324

Aerialbeam is a family run business based in Mid Sussex, founded in 1971.We are specialists in all aerial and satellite installation work including all repairs and additional points

TV/Dab aerials Extra aerial and satellite points ● New and upgrade dish systems ● TVs on wall ● Distribution systems ● We also clear out gutters ● Covering the Mid Sussex area ●

Burgess Hill Glazing Limited


PROOF DATE/TIME: 31 October 2019 12:53 pm OUR FILENAME: Feb20 BHG 2

Burgess Hill Glazing Limited For All Your Glass & Glazing Requirements From Green House Glass To Balustrades Including UPVC & Timber Repair Work No Job Too Small Servicing The Whole Of Sussex & Surrey Call Or Email Us Today For Your Free, No Obligation Quotation


01444 682268


120 SUSSEX LIVING |PROOF April 2021 26 February 2020 3:36 pm DATE/TIME: OUR FILENAME: March 20 BHG 2


PROOF DATE/TIME: 31 October 2019 12:53 pm OUR FILENAME: Feb20 BHG 2

aerialbeam@btinternet.com www.aerialbeam.co.uk


Your local decorating professionals PROOF DATE/TIME: 16 December 2020 3:15 pm OUR FILENAME: Jan 21 Aerial Beam 4

Fully insured Fully qualified Published by Dulux Master Decorators (Est.1989)

075 1211 3893 01444 455 441 Member of

solutionsbyidl@gmail.com www.idlaidlowdecoratingservices.c om




established 1980

01342 311550 > Installation of Up & Over, Roller and Sectional garage doors

> Repair and maintenance > Professional tradesman > Trustworthy & reliable > Free quotations > Family run business

www.gm-garage-doors.co.uk info@gmgaragedoors.co.uk

01444 882899



PROOF DATE/TIME: March 21, 2018 1:04 PM OUR FILENAME: April18 GM Garage doors 2 1

To sue.young@forestrow.gov.uk bFacebook: ook  a  stall   please  call   @Frowmarket

Remove leaves - moss - debris

• Accident Repairs

• MOT Welding • Valeting

• Trade / Retail / Dents / Scratches / Stains

• ICI Mixing Scheme – Low Bake Oven

• Loan Cars Available

• Local Pick Up Service

07809 369563 01444 233351

Sue Young,  Market  Manager   Tel:01342  778062   No Problem sue.young@forestrow.gov.uk   No Call Out Charge Facebook:  @Frowmarket   Gutters Cleared  

Southdown Bodyshop


Before & After


Conservatories & up to 4 Storeys Tall buildings, schools,nursing homes and industrial units.

£5million insurance & a Receipt Peace of mind that we’re a proper business.

Timed Appointment

Unit 27, Mid Sussex Business Park, Ditchling Common, Ditchling, West Sussex BN6 8SE Email: SDBS@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01444 254910 / 07788 580024


House Signs

Forest ow  Market Market     ForestRRow • Handcarved house names First Saturday First  Saturday  Monthly Monthly   • House numbers 10am – 3pm • Restoration carving 10am   –  Hartfield 3pm   Road Community Centre, Community  Centre     Winners: NABMA, Britain’s Best Small Community Market Hartfield   Road  2017   To book ain   stall please call Grand  Finalist   the   Sussex   Food   woodcutz.co.uk Sue Young, Market Manager &  Drink   Awards   Tel:01342 7780622017   housesignsatwoodcutz.co.uk

You can track our arrival online

Get an instant price

01273 929 914

5000+ Reviews 4.96


or online gutterpro.co.uk

Bolney Grange Business Park, Unit 40 M, Stairbridge Lane, Bolney, RH17 5PB

199 0

- 2020


Tel: 01444 239534 www.doubledot.co.uk


07540 241870 www.popmotors.co.uk



PROOF DATE/TIME: 1 February 2021 10:17 am OUR FILENAME: March 21 Pop Motors 1-8

Landscaping Garden Care • All aspects of landscaping & design • Walls • Paving • Fencing • Ponds • Turfing • Hedges cut • Mowing • Garden clearance • General maintenance • Block paving & patio surface renovations • Royal Botanic Gardens trained • 25 Years experience • Fully insured Tel Steve on

07493 100151 01444 245168

www.sjcooklandscaping.co.uk To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: sales@sussexliving.com

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Why not promote your business in our new online directory at www.sussexliving.com

01273 835355 | sales@sussexliving.com | SPECIALISTS IN THE

Problems withCONSTRUCTION Water Supply OF HEAT RETAINING LINER POOLS or Disposal? We havePool the technology • Swimming Installationand experience to solve it. • RepairsMole” • Renovations “Mechanical Pipe Laying, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment. • Maintenance Stockists of Pumps, Pipes, Fittings and Drain Jetting. New Liners, Heating, Filtration

Workshop facilities also available for service and

Comprehensive repairExperience of all types of plant and machinery. Fully Insured and Guaranteed A friendly professional service BEENEY Satisfaction Guaranteed


Oakville Farm, Easons Green, Uckfield Tel: Halland (01825) 840276 www.principools.com W A T E RNeil A Pearson N D D :R01892 A I N A G E Mobile E N G: 07870 I N E 667932 E R S Telephone 664004

VERANDAS, AWNINGS AND CARPORTS Supplied and installed. Call for a free quote today! SBI Ltd est. 1998 – Most installations completed in a day!

Awning servicing, repairs, cleaning and replacement parts.

CALL NOW 0800 0742 721 sbiproducts.co.uk

122 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

/sussexliving |


JCP Decorating We clean your oven... so you don’t have to.

All Internal & External Painting • Woodwork & Metalwork Painting Decorating & Paper Hanging

Call today to have your oven, hob, Small Family Run Business • 17 Years’ Experience extractor orResidential Aga professionally cleaned & Commercial Friendly, Efficient & Professional Service CompetitivePaul Rates &Gilbert Free Quotations

Tel 01323 406386 Mob tel 07935 820251 07728 458129 / 01435 661224 • jcpdecorating@gmail.com www.ovenwizards.com www.checkatrade.com/jcpdecorating


CONTRACTORS WATER PIPE RENEWAL No-mess pipelaying by mole or steerable drill, we can bore up to 100m at a time under your garden or driveway, without digging the surface. Chain trenching for field water supplies. Troughs installed. Leaks fixed.

DRAINAGE / TREATMENT Trouble with a soakaway or cesspool? Install a Mantair Conversion Unit into your existing tank and discharge clean water, for half the cost and none of the upheaval of other systems. Land drains, etc. Free advice.

T: 01825 872611 . www.nickcoleman.net . M: 07778 664466 MILL FARM . GOLDEN CROSS . HAILSHAM . EAST SUSSEX . BN27 3ST

Over 16 years’ experience RHS qualified designer BSC hons landscaper Fully insured.

Design & Landscaping

Sussex Ponds & Gardens For all ponds, terraces and associated landscaping Portfolio available Personal and efficient service

Telephone: Stephan Hurst 01825 872180 www.sussexpondsandgardens.co.uk

Bespoke Hardwood Gates and Automation


hard and soft landscaping - garden design - turfing - fencing / decking tree / hedge work - patios / driveways - general garden works

Please call now for a FREE quotation 831501 / 07752 553939 jonny@limelandscapes.co.uk 01323 811834

All Weather Tennis Courts Constructed and Resurfaced in Kent Sussex & Surrey

Spalding Enterprises Ltd, Hailsham BN27 3JL T: 01323 847744 l M: 07761 961545 l www.woodbees.co.uk

We clean your oven... so you don’t have to. Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned Paul Gilbert Tel 01323 406386 Mob tel 07935 820251 www.ovenwizards.com

20% Local TV Aerials DISCOUNT & Satellites

with this advert for all customers

Installation, Repair & Realignment of all types of Aerials and Sky Dishes Fault Finding • Phone Points • Freeview HD • Freesat • HD TV Wall Mounting • 30 Years Experience • Fully Insured

Please call Martin for Free Advice & Quotations. 01424 892265 | 07831 643835


Freephone: 0800 8021791 Brighton: 01273 917736 We accept card payments too (Visa, Mastercard etc)

Email: enquiries@localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk www.localtvaerialsandsatellites.co.uk

03/02/2021hello@sussexliving.com 09:51 To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email:

MsgsportsWT226.indd 1

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Heathfield Hire

01435 864 144 (Heathfield) 01580 753 183 (Hawkhurst)


Plant Hire

Tool Hire

Garden Machinery

From diggers to dumper trucks

From screwdrivers to wireless drills

From lawn mowers to shovels

DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Unit 1, Browning Rd. Station Road Industrial Estate, HEATHFIELD Highgate Hill, HAWKHURST - www.heathfieldhire.co.uk

Where quality is assured


Excavations Ponds / Impact Moleing

Foundations Landscaping Drainage Clearance

Tinkers Lane Hadlow Down


07717 280358

Also architectural ironmongery, including brass, locks, hinges, knobs, and handles

Peter Hanman (Tools)

07966 176015

hanmanpete@gmail.com www.hanman-tools.co.uk


Installation & Servicing Competitive prices, friendly installers. Local work can be viewed or check us out online at checkatrade.com. Over 18 years’ experience. Call us for a free no obligation quote on 01825 764912 or 07930 533588 www.campaving.co.uk

of gas and electric fires

01444 452626

info@gratefires.co.uk www.gratefires.co.uk

Blackboys Service Station is a family-run business established for over 50 years. We service and repair all makes of vehicle.



www.bss-renault.co.uk ru@bss-renault.co.uk

NEW ADDRESS: Lancelot Unit, Squires Farm Industrial Estate, Palehouse Common,Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 5RB

Problems with Water Supply or Disposal? We have the technology and experience to solve it. “Mechanical Mole” Pipe Laying, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment. Stockists of Pumps, Pipes, Fittings and Drain Jetting. Workshop facilities also available for service and repair of all types of plant and machinery.


Kwik-Lawn Turf SUPPLIERS OF TURF AND TOP-SOIL Various Grades of Turf • Laying Service Available Ground Clearance Undertaken • Bulk or Loose Soil Available • Turf Soil / Compost • Free quotations • Fast, efficient service with Prompt Delivery Competitive Rates • Visa & Mastercard Taken

Heathfield 01435 868833 / 07831 452084

Oakville Farm, Easons Green, Uckfield Tel: Halland (01825) 840276 W AT E R



124 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021


Sandy Fields Farm, Sandy Cross Lane, Heathfield, TN21 8QH




You can trust to make a difference

✔ Gutter & Conservatory Roof Cleaning ✔ PVC Soffit and Fascia Clean ✔ Driveway & Patio Jet washing ✔ Price Match with Legitimate Quotes

(01435) 865453





Visit the Visit the Pool Shop Pool Shop

for Discount Discount Chemicals Chemicals for and Accessories Accessories and

Call Steve on 01323 893365 Mobile 07881 903076

Station Rd. Industrial Estate Station Rd. Industrial Estate Heathfield, Sussex Heathfield, Sussex Open 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri Closed 1-2pm for lunch • Open 9am - 1pm Open 9am - 5pm MonSat- Fri



Puckamuck is a completely natural and organically sourced well-rotted horse manure.


Shred on site so easy to handle and spread. Fully aged by us so ready to use straight away. 100% manure - no green waste, peat-free and no odour!

www.puckamuck.co.uk or call Harriet 07899676166 Puckamuck is a Registered Trademark.



perienced in all aspects of building work including:


For our portfolio and reviews visit

www.compasskitchens66.co.uk 01424 576733


3 Claremont, Hastings TN34 1HA

01323 841359

for lunch • Open Sat 9am - 1pm❖ ❖Closed 54th1-2pm Anniversary 1965 - 2019

Recommended by


A natural growth accelerator for plants and vegetables

• • •




We provide a complete service to care for all of your garden needs * * * * * *

Regular maintenance One off visits Hedge cutting * Pruning Mowing * Lawn Care Garden Clearance Experienced & reliable


Contact Vince on 07467


E-mail: vince@vcottingham.co.uk

Lady Decorator

With over 30 years’ professional experience • Interior painting • Paper hanging • Decorative paint effects • Furniture painting • Stencilling

Quality work and reliable service Call Colin for Free quotationsavailable / References available Call Colin for Free quotations / References

T: 01825 07960 249021 mobile T: 01825 700812 eves 700812 07960eves 249021 mobile

For free advice and estimate call Sue 07969 870889 susandesigndecoration@outlook.com

FOGGY2CLEAR Double Glazing Repair Specialist

BUILDING CONTRACTORS With over 40 years of building experience

• Conversions • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Improvements

Is your double glazing foggy? No need to replace the whole frame: we can save you money by replacing just the glass! Year-round fittings, repairs and maintenance

Telephone: 01323 841532

Website: www.jhpayne.co.uk Email: enquiries@jhpayne.co.uk Bolneys Units, South Road, Hailsham BN27 3NU


• Misted windows (including Velux) • Window hinges, handles, mechanisms and trims • Replacement seals (gaskets) • Door hinges and locks • Door furniture (handles, spy holes, knockers, letterboxes etc) • Cat flaps *insured

For a free, no-obligation quotation, call Chris: 01273 470325 or 07939 018849

To find out more please call 01273 835355 or email: hello@sussexliving.com

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More thAn Just A MAgAzine


Sussex Living Ltd, Unit 4, Regent Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9TL

Tel: 01273 835355 www.sussexliving.com /sussexliving


MANAGING EDITORS Tanis Faulks, Adele Trathan editor@sussexliving.com adele@sussexliving.com

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whAtever your PuBlishing or Design ProBleM we hAve the solution ContACt us 01273 835355 sales@sussexliving.com 126 SUSSEX LIVING | April 2021

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MRL GRAB & TIP are an established grab hire and muck away company operating across Sussex. We aim to offer a complete muck removal service and we also supply and deliver a full range of aggregates


• NEW ARRIVALS – YANMAR MACHINES READY FOR HIRE NOW • Please call or email for prices on grab and plant hire and all aggregates supplied and delivered

Mick Cave 07876 503940 or 01273 844590/01273 835249

www.mrlgrabandtip.co.uk • mrlgrabtip@hotmail.co.uk




Your local waste and recycling specialist licensed waste carriers Registration No: CBDU139423


New Kitchen, Bathroom Refit, House or Garden Clearance p






New kitchen, bathroom refit, house or garden clearance projects?




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