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Women Rising Mobilizing with Love to Heal Humanity

Moo-Free Beautiful When We Birthing Set Out Milks

Evaluating Non-Dairy Alternatives

Giving a Baby the Best Start

Let Spirit Steer Us

May 2017 | Broward County, FL |

New Treatment Now Available in the U.S…

Reduces and Reverses the Symptoms of Neuro-degenerative Diseases

Utilizing stem cells to reduce and reverse the debilitating symptoms of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other dementia, The Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami is at the forefront of medicine with a new and effective treatment program. If you or someone in your family suffers from the symptoms of one of these diseases, contact The Center at 305.866.8384 or email info@

The Center for Regenerative Medicine South Florida’s Premier Center for Stem Cell Therapy 1001 NE 125 Street, Miami 305.866.8384 | International 305.891.4686








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natural awakenings

May 2017


detail: “Heart of Mother Nature”



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Broward County, Florida

ay—the last month of the colorful spring season and the early part of turtle nesting season here in Broward. As of this writing, I’ve yet to spot any cordoned off sections of beach near my home, noting the arrival of the turtles. Every year they come en masse and I believe this year will be no different. May—Natural Awakenings’ annual celebration of feminine energy. Included in this issue are a few articles and briefs for women of child-bearing age along with helpful tips to be used during that life stage. While pregnant, I became a voracious reader, educating myself about my body, what was happening, and how to “go with the flow,” being fully present, paying attention to my changing needs. Building one’s team, one’s support system during this special time is important on so many levels. One of the articles I especially resonated with in this issue is “When We Set Out.” I have often used the sailboat and holding onto the rudder to set one’s life’s course as a metaphor. I have been sailing ever since, making course corrections as the wind changes. That process puts a smile on my face and says to me, “Yes, I’m heading in the right direction.” As you know, sailing is never about “set it and forget it.” It’s an active process of continually assessing the moment. As in life, we’re in constant motion and, according to a recently heard talk on e-motion (energy in motion), we are systems reacting to mostly what is happening in our subconscious mind. The science is interesting and there is value in knowing the numbers, understanding our mind-body connection and being able to make choices to improve the results we want to achieve. I can get caught up in trying to fix myself or my thoughts and can get frenzied feeling that I need to be something different than I am. I believe

the important thing is to know when to hold and when to let go. The tandem ride with some of these thoughts is birthed by my current read, The Code to an Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani. It’s a mindbender and has set me on yet another chapter in my life—one in which I breathe deeper into perfecting the questions I ask of myself for my life. It’s about taking a fresh look at the rules of the culture in which I exist and determining more closely what fits and what doesn’t, allowing myself to break free from those that no longer serve, aligning the inner and outer. I find this process to be quite empowering and can feel some shifts in the way I make my choices. A side note: For those reading this in April... I’m inviting you to help keep our county beautiful and participate with a public collaborative art project as part of THE WALLS Street Art Project, from 1-7pm, April 29, at House of Art, 813 NE 13th St., Ft Lauderdale 33304. For my project, “THE POLE,” in the lot east of House of Art, I’ll be orchestrating an artistic covering of a non-utility pole with metal objects collected from parking lots and streets (flattened cans, bottle caps, washers, etc.). Safely collect street metal for the project. If you cannot attend, drop off your street finds at the gallery. Event includes House of Art exhibit with three artists and adjoining lot spaces to the east with art jewelry designers, live muralists, fine artists, ceramist, art students, DJ Adora and live performance by Circ X. Food truck will be there too. MAY this month reflect nature’s ever-changing landscape; focus on the colors you enjoy. Love the rainbows; plan on it.

SusieQ Wood Publishing Editor

Understanding the Tooth/Body Connection by Ellen R.


hat would you call it when because of a chance meeting at a business conference you get the card of someone who has a major impact on the rest of your life? I call it a miracle or divine intervention. I had already decided to seek out a biological dentist for future dental care. My dentist in NYC did not seem to be aware nor interested in the issues of toxicity and mercury and their effects on a patient’s holistic health. Two weeks after being shown Dr. Cintron’s card, I had a toothache. I called her office, made an appointment and started what turned out to be a journey that would make a profound difference in the rest of my life. Along with the news of the work needed on my decaying tooth, Dr. Cintron encouraged me to have additional work done to ameliorate three root canals and mercury that had been in my mouth for at least 25 years, and in some teeth, much longer than that. I was not the easiest of patients—feeling I knew a lot about dentistry. When my decayed tooth work was completed, Dr. Cintron and her staff encouraged me to explore what possibilities existed to correct the toxic mouth I had. I politely said, no thank you. Two weeks after the completion of the new crown, I broke a porcelain jacket on one of my top front teeth which had a root canal in it. So again, back to Dr. Cintron’s office, with encouragement to remove the tooth, have an implant, and start the cleanup of my mouth. Again, the no thank you words came from my mouth. Dr. Cintron replaced the jackets on the two top front teeth so that the colors would match, leaving the root canal in place. Again, there was the conversation about removing

at least one of my root canals (which meant removal of a back molar) as that particular one had been filled with silver points—outlawed by the ADA at least 25 years earlier. (Even the ADA knew that silver points in a dead tooth was not a good health decision—with the toxicity risk too great—having direct access to one’s blood supply.) Yet again, no thank you was my response. Two weeks later (notice a pattern here), I found a lump on my right breast that I could swear wasn’t there the day before. When I visited Dr. Cintron for a follow-up on the new jackets on my front teeth, I asked her which part of the body would be impacted by the root canal with the silver points in my top right rear molar. The top right molar is connected by meridians to the RIGHT BREAST. Bingo! It all came together; I was now paying attention with a new sense of importance. The need to clean up my toxic mouth became imperative and that was even before I received the news that the biopsy of the lump had come back with the diagnosis of infiltrating ductile carcinoma—breast cancer. Dr. Cintron has been working closely with my naturopath in order to provide me not only the appropriate dental care, but also taking into consideration my other health challenges. I have had four root canal teeth removed with subsequent implants. My husband had a concern about the cost of all the work. To appease his skepticism, I called my former dentist in NYC as well as my husband’s current practitioner here in South Florida. When I told the NYC dental office what work was needed, I was quoted a price higher than what the cost was going to be with Dr. Cintron. When I called the South Florida practitioner,

Loneliness, Acute Grief, Humiliated, Trapped, Inhibited, Lack Joy Greed, Not lovable

Anxiety, Self-Punishment, Broken Power, Hate, Low self-worth, Obsessed

Duodenum Middle Ear, Shoulder Elbow, CNS S-I joint, foot, toes

Sinus: Maxillary Oropharynx, Larynx

Heart, Small Int., Circulation/Sex, Endocrine

Pancreas Stomach

1 32

Heart, Small Int., Circulation/Sex, Endocrine Shoulder, Elbow Ileum, Middle Ear Peripheral Nerves S-I joint, foot, toes

Right Breast

2 31

3 30

Chronic Grief, Overcritical, Sadness, Controlling, Feeling trapped, Dogmatic, Compulsive, Uptight Sinus: Paranasal and Ethmoid, Bronchus, Nose

Anger, Fear, Shame, Fear, Shame, Resentment Guilt, Guilt, Broken will, Broken will, Frustration, Blaming, Shyness, Helpless, Shyness, Helpless Incapable to Deep exhaustion Deep exhaustion take action, Manipulative

Sinus: Sinus: Frontal Sinus: Frontal Sphenoid Pharyngeal Tonsil Pharyngeal Tonsi Palatine Genito-Urinary Genito-Urinary Tonsil System System Hip, Eye, Knee Liver Lung Kidney Kidney Large Intestine Gallbladder Bladder Bladder

4 29

5 28

Lung Large Intestine

Pancreas Stomach

Sinus: Paranasal and Ethmoid, Bronchus, Nose

Sinus: Maxillary Larynx, Lymph, Oropharynx Knee

6 27

Liver Gallbladder

7 26

8 25

9 24

Kidney Bladder

10 23

Kidney Bladder

Sinus: Sinus: Frontal Sinus: Frontal Sphenoid Ear, Pharyngeal Ear, Pharyngeal Tonsil Tonsil Palatine Tonsil Genito-Urinary Genito-Urinary System System Hip, Eye Right Breast Knee Chronic Grief, Anger, Anxiety, Loneliness, Fear, Shame, Fear, Shame, Overcritical, Sadness, Self-Punishment, Resentment Acute Grief, Guilt, Guilt, Humiliated, Broken will, Broken will, Controlling, Feeling Broken Power, Frustration, Trapped, trapped, Dogmatic, Blaming, Shyness, Helpless, Shyness, Helpless Hate, Inhibited, Lack Joy Compulsive, Uptight Low self-worth, Incapable to Deep exhaustion Deep exhaustion Greed, Not lovable take action, Obsessed Manipulative

Acumeridian Organ Tooth WWW . D R C I N T R ToothO N . C-O M | Relationships (954)938-4599 [with Autonomic/Neuropeptide Emotion correlations]

| 2021

their cost was also higher than Dr. Cintron’s and they could not accommodate my need to be sedated to get the work done. Additionally, neither of the other offices could provide the toxicity protection that is always used at Dr. Cintron’s—and that is that the toxins being removed are not being reabsorbed by the patient in the form of the air they are breathing. The other dental offices might have recommended root canals because of the extensive issues underlying the old crowns which would not have been seen until they were removed— which would have added additional toxicity exposure to my system. I also sent my X-rays and dental plan to another holistic/biological dentist that I was referred to in NJ. He reviewed everything and was in total agreement that all the work in the plan was necessary and appropriate—well worth it for my own peace of mind. Patients, including myself, feel like family when they walk into Dr. Cintron’s office. I just received my tooth guard to protect my teeth from future fissures due to grinding, which most people do whether they know it or not.

Advertorial ~ International Center for Dental Excellence • See ad page 37. 2021 E. Commercial Blvd., Suite 208, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 • 954.938.4599

Abri Dr



organic beauty experience awaits. Location: 1259 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. For more information and appointments, call 954-325-5144 or visit​See ad page 11.

Organic Katon Salon


aton, the #1 organic hair salon and spa in Fort Lauderdale, is one of only 10 fully certified salons in the U.S. to perform all Oway treatments and services, ranging from herbal hair growth to cold fusion herbal hair repair to their two-time award-winning, ammonia-free, organic and holistic hair color. Experience an all-inclusive vegan, chemical-free treatment in their natural day spa with premier handmade products from ilike Organic Skincare (100% raw herb). Continue the journey in their salon with organic makeup from ZAO Essence of Nature, the cleanest makeup palette on the market; with their eco-stance on refillable bamboo cases and 100 percent cruelty-free, this company fits in line with Katon’s philosophy. For those who’ve never given organic a chance, thinking it doesn’t work as well as commercial products, let Katon prove otherwise. From the longest lasting chemical-free hair color of Oway to the skin correcting and antiaging properties of ilike, clients become believers, returning to harsh products no more. Enjoy a luxurious, clean, relaxing salon environment with Euro flare and eco-sustainability at its heart. Your enriched

Yogi Plus Yoga Celebrates 2nd Anniversary


he Yogi Plus Yoga Studio (YPY) invites one and all to join them in celebrating their 2nd year anniversary during the month of May. The “Plus” in their name stands for plus size yoga. They are a body-positive yoga studio. Their mission is the same as their vision: To make yoga accessible for every body and to use yoga as a tool to connect with their body. They couldn’t care less about the fancy poses, but rather care deeply about helping attendees feel freedom in their own skin. All levels, body types and ages are welcome to this non-heated yoga salon. Anniversary deals include new student unlimited yoga for one month $65; 20 class pack $150; and 10 class pack $75. There will be a few select classes gratis, taught by loving founder Shauna. On May 20, enjoy free yoga. Gather with the YPY family and share in the wonderful energy created! Location: 6329 W. Commercial Blvd., Tamarac. For more information, call 754.235.3353. See ad page 50.


Broward County, Florida

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natural awakenings Keiser University is a private, not-for-profit university

May 2017


newsbriefs Shop, Play, Imagine at LilaSky


ot just a retail store but rather a community hot spot for families to connect and enjoy, a brand new children’s concept store has opened in downtown Hollywood. As a family with three small children and residents of Hollywood, the creators/owners came up with the concept for LilaSky as in their travels they could not find a shop that not only sold eco-friendly products but also made their autistic son feel welcome. The store’s design concept was inspired by items carefully curated and sourced from global vendors, from oversized custom wood houses and branches upon which to hang clothes, to an indoor grassy area and stage inspiring a wholesome, casual environment. Products range from certified organic cotton baby clothing and handmade toys to artisanal objects and high-end European brands, creating a mix rarely found in stores in the U.S. Maternity clothing coming soon. In addition to products, LilaSky offers programs for children, including Story and Music Time and Kids Yoga. In collaboration with My Florida Therapy, they will host Sensory Integration classes for children on the autism spectrum. Location: 2019B Hollywood Blvd. Store hours: 11am-8pm, Tues. through Sat. 11am-4pm Sun. Call 754-263-2482 and/or shop online at See ad page 49.


Broward County, Florida

A New Spin on Healing Circles


any have received handson healing in a circle, be it Reiki or another. Born empath, psychic, medium and healer, Reverend Carole Ramsay, RMT, was born fully sentient. Unique to any other, she has been holding Sacred Circles for almost 20 years. A frequent participant named Karen shares, “Carole is the real deal! I had a stinging pain in my neck which had lasted a week without any relief from hot or cold compresses, medication, etc. Carole applied energy to my shoulders, neck, throat and jaw, uttered a few whispers, and the healing continued on until I felt complete relief when I got home that evening. Thanks, Carole!” Ramsay’s multi-dimensional innate gifts allow her to channel guided meditations, offer hands-on healing to balance the energy and/or physical bodies, and everyone receives a channeled message. The Sacred Circle is held 7:30pm, every Wednesday, at Center for Inner Wisdom, in Oakland Park, $15 cash only. Ramsay also has a private practice for individual sessions including Life Readings, Past Lives, Pet Psychic, Spiritual Mentoring, Coaching for Galactic Beings experiencing 3D, offers Reiki up to master level and is a Young Living Essential Oil distributor #295162. For more information, call 954-655-5490 and/or visit See ad page 49.



esearchers from the United Kingdom’s University of Winchester have found that cycling improves brain function. The study tested the cognitive function of 17 physically active men in their 20s before and after two, 30-minute sessions on a stationary bike. The results showed significant cognitive improvements following each session. Biking to work is also a good way to reduce our carbon footprint, but breathing in exhaust fumes and other pollutants is a concern for street cyclists. Alexander Bigazzi, a transportation expert in the department of civil engineering and school of community and regional planning at the University of British Columbia, has studied the relationship between average-speed bicycle travel and inhalation of potentially harmful air. Using a U.S. Census-based computer model of 10,000 people, Bigazzi found that the ideal bicycling speed to inhale the minimum amount of pollution is between 7.5 to 12.5 miles per hour (mph), placing the lowest risk for women at nearly eight mph and for men at just over eight mph. “The faster you move, the harder you breathe and the more pollution you could potentially inhale, but you are also exposed to traffic for a shorter period of time. This analysis shows where the sweet spot is,” says Bigazzi.

esearchers from the Copenhagen University Hospital, in Denmark, discovered expectant mothers that take omega-3 supplements while pregnant reduce the risk that their babies will develop asthma. Analyzing blood samples from 695 Danish women at 24 weeks of gestation and again one week after birth, the study tested the levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)— long-chain omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, fish oil and DHA-algae supplements—in the women’s blood. The health of the babies was monitored for five years and compared with the blood analysis. The children of the mothers given 2.4 grams of long-chain omega-3 supplements during their third trimester displayed an overall 31 percent reduced risk of developing asthma. “Asthma and wheezing disorders have more than doubled in Western countries in recent decades,” explains Professor Hans Bisgaard, of the Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Asthma in Childhood at the hospital. “We now have a preventative measure to help bring those numbers down.”


Daxiao Productions/

Not-So-Speedy Prenatal Omega-3 Reduces Pedaling Kids’ Asthma Risk Boosts Benefits R

A woman is like a tea bag–you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

natural awakenings

May 2017


DNA Markers Link Lifespan to Nutrition Syda Productions/


elomeres, located at the end of human chromosomes, protect DNA from deterioration. Multiple studies over the past decade have associated longer telomeres with increased longevity and a slowing of the aging process. A study from Kookmin University, in Seoul, Korea, collected nutrition data from 1,958 men and women between the ages of 40 and 69. The information included a baseline food frequency questionnaire assessing the consumption of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 (folate), C and E, as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc, during an 18-month period. Researchers measured the length of the subjects’ telomeres after 10 years in a follow-up examination and compared these results with the nutrition information. The study found an association between longer telomere length and vitamin C, folate and potassium intake in all participants. These nutrients are available in many fruits and vegetables.

Even One Drink Daily Increases Melanoma Risk


study from the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island, has linked alcohol consumption with an increased risk of melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Using data from three studies, researchers followed 210,252 adults for an average of 18 years each using food-frequency questionnaires to measure alcohol consumption. Comparing the results to instances of melanoma among the participants, they found that each alcoholic beverage consumed on average per day was associated with a 14 percent increased risk of melanoma. An associated conclusion was that individuals that regularly drank alcohol were 73 percent more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma on the trunk of the body than non-drinkers. “The clinical and biological significance of these findings remains to be determined, but for motivated individuals, counseling regarding alcohol use may be an appropriate strategy to reduce risks of melanoma, as well as other cancers,” explains Eunyoung Cho, Sc.D., the study’s lead author and an associate professor of dermatology and epidemiology at the university.

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Holistic dentistry supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural, and less toxic life. Fredda Rosenbaum

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• Comprehensive Holistic Dentistry • Mercury Free Office since 1993 • IAOMT Protocol followed strictly for amalgam removal • Surgical Free Options for Periodontal Treatment • Distilled Water Lines Running Through Entire Office • Cosmetic Dentistry • Implant Placement & Restoration • Titanium and Zirconia Implants • Oral Conscious Sedation • Oral ID (Oral Cancer Screening)

Dr. Rosenbaum is a board certified biological dentist, an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine as well as a member of the Holistic Dentists Association.

2925 Aventura Blvd., Suite 201 Aventura, Florida 33180

One light South of Ives Dairy Rd. on Biscayne Blvd.


Africa Studio/



Latin American Tree Bark Improves Diabetes Markers study from the University of Prague, in the Czech Republic, has found that extracts from the bark of the Hintonia latiflora, a tree grown in Mexico and South America, can help regulate blood glucose levels in people with Type 2 diabetes. Researchers administered a capsule containing a dry concentrated extract from the plant to 32 subjects with the condition and monitored their blood glucose levels for six months. The subjects experienced an 11 percent decrease in glycated hemoglobin, an indicator that the body can better regulate blood glucose levels during the period, as well as a slight reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides. The researchers also found the natural treatment resulted in a 25 percent reduction in fasting blood glucose levels and a 22 percent reduction in post-meal glucose levels. Liver enzymes showed improved levels in the subjects, as well. No adverse side effects were observed.



Hybrid Vehicles Plus: Chronic Pain

June articles include: Hybrid Vehicles Update Natural Remedies for Pain Prevent and Ease Shingles and so much more!

Val Thoermer/

Negative Stereotypes Sabotage Girl Soccer Players


esearchers from Germany’s Goethe University, in Frankfurt, sought to determine the impact that the belief held by some that females are poor soccer players would have on their performance. The study had 36 teenage female soccer players engage in a ball-dribbling drill before and after reading a pertinent article. Half of the subjects read about the perceived incompetence of female soccer players and the other half read a piece about the growing popularity of the sport. The players that read the negative article needed significantly more time to complete the drill than those that read the positive article, possibly highlighting the impact that negative stereotyping has on women.

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May 2017


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Shane Myers Photography/

Cycling Chicago

William Perugini/

Pioneering Bike Paths Promise Easy Commutes Chicago has created 100 miles of new bike lanes in the last five years and plans to add another 50 miles of upgraded lanes with curbs to protect riders from cars by 2019. Beyond that, a series of floating, solar-powered bike paths along the edge of the Chicago River is on the drawing board; each mile of pathway may cost between $5 million and $10 million. The architecture firm SecondShore first proposed the idea. “You look at the river, and while it used to be the main commercial artery in the city, it’s not much of one anymore,” says firm cofounder James Chuck. “This fits with the mayor’s general economic strategy for the city—how to make use of latent infrastructure.” The floating bike paths, named RiverRide, would give pedalers a truly autofree place to ride for part of their commute and connect with existing bike lanes. The system would fill gaps in the network, creating around a 17-mile stretch of continuous bike paths connecting 28 neighborhoods. Floating on concrete pontoons, the paths would use solar power for lighting. Solar panels could also heat the surface so the path doesn’t ice up in winter. Plans call for the path to intersect with river bridges so bikers can cross to the other side.

Turtle Turnaround

Record Hatchlings Give Hope Worldwide, six of the seven sea turtle species are threatened or endangered because of human activity. A ray of hope now shining from conservation efforts is that nesting sea turtles have posted record numbers of successful hatchlings in South Carolina the last three years, with Georgia and Florida reporting similar results. Decades of helpful efforts are paying off due to increased public awareness of turtlefriendly practices at seaside locations. Heed these rules: 4 Keep lights off on beachfront property during nesting season. 4 Refrain from using flash photography on the beach at night. 4 Keep beaches and oceans clean. Litter such as plastic bags and balloons can cause injury or death when sea turtles mistake them for jellyfish, a favorite food. 4 Respect sea turtles by observing them from a distance. 4 Report dead or injured sea turtles and nest disturbances to 1-800-9225431. Learn more about sea turtle conservation and how to get involved at Find an introductory video at endoceanseaturtles.


Broward County, Florida

Balloon Doom

jan kranendonk/

Helium-filled balloons look pretty when released at special events, but they eventually become earthbound trash littering land and water, often traveling great distances before reaching their final resting places; spans of up to 1,300 miles have been recorded. The Ocean Conservancy recently picked up nearly 94,000 balloon remnants in the course of a year’s worth of cleanup operations. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fish, dolphins, whales, seabirds and sea turtles have all been found with latex balloons in their stomachs, blocking their digestive tracts. One study of two stranded sperm whales in California attributed their deaths to huge amounts of consumed ocean debris. Another found that more than half of one species of sea turtle surveyed had trash in their gut; mostly balloons. The problem is so serious that several states and cities have already outlawed mass balloon releases. Latex balloons are technically biodegradable, but that process can take six months or more, according to the UK National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers. Celebratory alternatives include laser shows, music performances, bubbles, banners and reusable inflatable characters. Source:

Choo Choo Breakthrough Wind-Powered Trains in Holland

Nederlandse Spoorwegen reports that all of its electric trains are now running on energy harvested from wind. Working with Eneco, a sustainable energy supplier in the Netherlands, the goal was to operate the trains via wind turbines by January 2018, but they beat their own deadline. Electric locomotives don’t use conventional engines; instead, they act like a component in an electric circuit transmitted via high-voltage power lines. Three options for usage include onboard energy storage systems such as batteries; an overhead wire; or an extra live rail, which has current flowing through it at all times. It’s used to power lights and air-conditioning, as well as for propulsion. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, turbines capable of generating 586 megawatts of electricity are the workhorses. In 2016, a 700 megawatt offshore wind farm near the town of Borssele became the most cost-effective of such installations in the world.



Far-Flying Rubber Harms Sea Creatures


Designing Cabinets and Chairs Made from Recyclables Swedish design firm and retailer IKEA is introducing a new line of “no waste” products that includes seating, vases and kitchen cabinets made of recycled materials. IKEA hopes that the design will help people see waste not as garbage, but as just another material that can be used in creating new and beautiful things. The Kungsbacka kitchen employs affordable, sustainable supplies that look stylish, including cabinet doors incorporating recycled plastic bottles and recycled wood; the entire cabinet is said to be 99.9 percent recycled. The Odger chair is 70 percent recycled plastic and 30 percent renewable wood. The design, available in a range of colors and wood finishes, is the result of collaboration between Swedish designers at Form Us With Love and eschews the environmentharming plastics of other chairs. IKEA also melts recycled glass to turn it into beautiful vases. Each mouth-blown vase is unique, thanks to the materials.

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Planting Progress

Airbnb Battle

Corporate Interests Oppose Private Rentals


Local governments and hotels are struggling to come to terms with the growing phenomenon of Airbnb room rentals, which help residents find short-term paying guests that often provide an economic lifeline to help them pay their bills, rent or mortgage. It’s an affordable, convenient and comfortable alternative for travelers. Critics claim the service removes affordable housing units and official hotel rooms from the market by turning suitable apartments into unofficial hotels. Consequently, proposed ordinances are in the works in several U.S. metropolitan areas where Airbnb entrepreneurs and industry groups are also active in trying to shape future laws. Other on-demand grassroots industries such as ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft, which have flourished in unregulated “gray areas”, have learned they need to employ teams of lawyers and lobbyists to fight a stream of restrictive laws and lawsuits. Source: CNN

California is the fourth state to pass a law making it legal to swap seeds and collect them in non-commercial libraries. That’s good, because the U.S. Department of Agriculture Federal Seed Act, in place for 80 years, mandates that any activity involving non-commercial distribution of seeds must be labeled, permitted and tested according to industrial regulations that would be both costly and burdensome to the hundreds of local seed libraries operating in 46 states. Nebraska, Illinois and Minnesota also recently passed laws protecting non-commercial seed activity from regulatory requirements. Free seed libraries, swaps and exchanges increase access to local food and can play a large role in expanding and preserving biodiversity. Neil Thapar, the food and farm attorney at the Sustainable Economies Law Center, says, “We wanted to create the legal framework for an alternative system that is not reliant on large companies to provide open-pollinated seed varieties. Seed sharing has a direct connection to building local economic resilience.” The center is taking action to try to get laws changed in all 50 states.


New Seed-Sharing Law in California

Safe Harbor


Full-Body Massage European Facial Back Facial Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, or Peel

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The French government has expanded the Réserve Naturelle Nationale des Terres Australes Françaises, a highly protected marine reserve in French-controlled, sub-Antarctic waters of the southern Indian Ocean, from about 8,000 to more than 46,000 square miles; it now includes seven areas surrounding the islands of Crozet and Kerguelen. France intends to designate 10 percent of its oceanic territory by 2020, and this action brings the total as of the end of 2016 to 1.3 percent. These large-scale, fully protected marine reserves may serve as climate refuges for many species. The rich biodiversity of the new addition includes marine mammals, fish, seabirds, orcas, penguins, Antarctic fur seals and the critically endangered Amsterdam albatross. Source:


Massage & Skin Care

Marine Reserve Preserves Ocean Biodiversity

ecotip Greener Diapers

Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer item in landfills. When even those labeled “eco-friendly” are covered by other debris after being discarded and hidden from sunlight and air, they don’t readily biodegrade. Producing disposables also makes major demands on water, energy, nonrenewable resources like oil and renewables like wood. Many brands contain harmful ingredients such as polyacrylate, dioxin, phthalates and heavy metals that can be absorbed by a baby’s soft, developing skin and promote rashes. According to, 90 to 95 percent of American babies annually generate 27.4 billion single-use plastic diapers, or 7.6 billion pounds of garbage. While comparable statistics on adult diapers aren’t available, Euromonitor International forecasts a 48 percent increase in U.S. sales to $2.7 billion in 2020, up from $1.8 billion in 2015. In a decade, sales of diapers for adults could surpass those for babies at Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble, attributed to bladder control issues related to health and age, according to the Urology Care Foundation and Mayo Clinic. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association advise that in all cases, fecal matter and urine should be rinsed and flushed down the toilet instead of put in the trash, so that contaminants don’t enter groundwater and potentially spread disease. Traditional cloth diapers are the way to go for several reasons beyond budget:

Pamela D. Maxwell/

Cloth Better than Disposable for People and the Planet

4 Using cloth facilitates earlier potty education by quickly communicating to the baby when they are wet. New cloth diaper systems like Nicki’s Diapers ( can be easily cleaned in regular and high-efficiency washing machines. Some popular brands are listed at 4 The nonprofit association at helps connect local groups of mothers to communicate and share best practices in use, cleaning and potty training, such as learning a baby’s cues for needing to go. It also hosts informative events such as the annual national Great Cloth Diaper Change. 4 Cloth diapers in good condition can be resold on eBay and sites like

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Women Mobilize to Heal the World by Linda Sechrist


he Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good, a documentary film directed and produced by Cheryl Gould, of Naples, Florida, explores the emerging paradigm of heart-based feminine leadership and how it is attuning women to their inner strengths, beliefs, each other and our Earth. “Women’s deeper unity of being is empowering them to take action and lead. Women who once longed for a culture that would reflect their highest priorities are now creating one in which they support each other and make a difference,” says Gould. She notes that for centuries, a vast number of women have led and served as change agents. “Unfortunately, the majority of them never made it into the headlines or history books. A prime example—few individuals knew that 12 women ran for president before Hillary Clinton.” In a recent Yes! magazine article, Rucha Chitnis reports that women are rising up to push back against growing corporate power, land grabs, economic injustice, climate change and more. Women’s groups and networks offer a paradigm shift, she concludes, exposing links between unbridled capitalism, violence, the erosion of human rights and destruction of the Earth. A woman’s style of leadership in


Broward County, Florida

America’s corporate boardrooms, activist-led movements or state and federal government may not be plainly evident. Feminine wisdom’s emerging solutions are compassionate, collaborative and consensus-building, and pursue universal outcomes and group cooperation. They contrast with conventional competitive strategies and solutions, according to The Legislative Effectiveness of Women in Congress study at Vanderbilt University’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in Nashville. Jean Shinoda Bolen, a medical doctor, Jungian analyst in Mill Valley, California, and author of Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman, has been advocating since 2002 for a United Nations Fifth World Conference on Women (5WCW). “Empowered and equal women are the key to peace and sustainability. We need to rise up together and fulfill the Dalai Lama’s words at the Vancouver Peace Summit: ‘It will be up to Western women to bring about peace.’” Bolen’s 5WCW vision joins millennial women worldwide now entering their era of activism with the feminist movement spearheaded by a boomer generation of women that’s forwarded the equality and empowerment of women this far. To this end, she marched in Washington, D.C., on January 21 in the



Million Women’s Women Rising Resources make this happen,” says Hart. March that globally The Rising attracted 5 million Women Rising participants. “To WomensHeartToLeadFilm World organizamake human rights tion provides tools women’s rights, we need a united global and training to help women and men women’s moveAsSheIs develop feminine ment,” she states. wisdom and the Sande Hart, qualities of potent compassion, deep from Orange County, California, dilistening, intuition and inclusivity. Hazel rector of the Charter for Compassion Henderson, an evolutionary economist International-Women and Girls sector in St. Augustine, Florida, host of the and president of the women’s global Ethical Markets online TV show and interfaith organization Spiritual and Reresearcher of The Love Economy shared ligious Alliance for Hope (SARAH), parin her book The Politics of the Solar Age: ticipated in the Los Angeles Women’s Alternatives to Economics, has menMarch with 750,000 others. “There’s tored staff members of Rising Women a sense that we’ve had enough. We’re Rising World. Henderson contends that not angry. We are morally outraged and to shape a future for the good of all, we seeking peaceful solutions wrapped in compassion and based in justice for all. must bring into balance the masculine and feminine energies and learn to In nearly 15 years of women’s comvalue the long-marginalized qualities of munity building, I’m convinced that healing our communities with resilience feminine wisdom. Henderson’s Love Economy paraand a regenerative spirit is our biologidigm reflects the sharing and caring seccal and innate imperative. I see women tor not presently reflected in the nation’s emerging in unprecedented ways to

gross domestic product. “Women’s unpaid work—raising children, taking care of households, serving on school boards, volunteering, caring for aging parents, etc.—constitutes 50 percent of all production in the U.S. and 70 percent of that in developing countries. This unvalued economic sector underlies and supports the public and private parts of the entire economy,” advises Henderson, who observes that competition cannot be the sole basis for an economy with any expectation of high quality of life on a small planet. In her film, As She Is, producer and director Megan McFeely, of Marin County, California, captures her own journey to understand the collective potential of the feminine and how to live true to its innate knowing. She queries: “Can you imagine what might happen if women here and around the world rose up together and used our power of longing to heal the Earth?” Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

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MASTERING SELF-DEFENSE Staying Aware Avoids Problems by Aimee Hughes


Hypnosis Works with Pi`ilani


Broward County, Florida

began my personal training in the Non-Violent System (NVS) of self-defense with Grandmaster Verkerke in 1996,” says Eddie Rose, senior instructor of NVS Peace in the Midst of Non-Violence at Shangri-La Springs, in Bonita Springs, Florida. This aspect of the martial art form seicho jutsu was created by Canadian Daniel Verkerke, Ph.D., as a simple self-defense system to teach and perpetuate nonviolence; he continues to share it with the public, law enforcement, corporations and private security firms in the U.S. and internationally. Nonviolent self-defense is akin to the dynamics of bullfighting. “The matador never matches his strength with the enormous animal; rather, he redirects the energy of the bull with simple and precise movements—counterbalancing—and letting the bull’s energy move past him,” explains Rose. He’s trained everyday people of all ages and walks of life in this approach, in the U.S., UK, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. “As they train, students begin to feel more secure wherever they go, because they are learning how to be safe even in the midst of physical confrontation,” says Rose. “They wind up feeling more empowered as they learn how to neutralize aggression simply and effectively.” Practicing NVS increases balance, coordination, overall flexibility and joint mobility. Its soft, circular, martial arts movements, combined with slow-to-fast linear movements, also enhance cardiovascular health. “Mental and spiritual training includes the awareness and development of a state of being conscious of energy and mind.

Everyone’s actions and reactions directly reflect the development of their mind,” says Rose. Another nonviolent form of self-defense is Shaolin five animal kung fu, a martial arts style that mimics the characteristics of five animals—the tiger, leopard, snake, crane and dragon. Instructor Lloyd Fridenburg owns Fitness with a Purpose, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, where he emphasizes the awareness and avoidance concept as the psychological heart of nonviolent self-defense. Fridenburg, founder and senior instructor of the Waterloo Kung Fu Academy, explains, “The concept emphasizes being constantly aware of your surroundings while avoiding obvious areas of potential danger.” He also stresses the importance of proper body language—being able to read that of others, as well as how to diffuse confrontation upfront in how we present ourself. “Martial arts are a two-sided coin,” he says. “There’s the martial aspect, which involves techniques that allow a person to defend him- or herself in a wide range of situations. Then there’s the art aspect, which encompasses a deeper study, encompassing forms of movement and mental, philosophical and meditative techniques.” “Overall health benefits are no different than one might expect of any disciplined fitness regimen,” notes Fridenburg. “However, the nature of a quality martial arts program forces practitioners to focus their entire attention on what they are doing. The mere act of staying grounded in the present moment dramatically reduces stress and sets martial arts practices apart from many other forms of movement.” Tai chi, an ancient, softer style of Chinese martial art, leverages relaxation, posture and energy work, rather than muscular tension. As a Taoist art, it embodies the way nature works, using minimal effort to accomplish a lot. “Demonstrating tai chi as a form of nonviolent self-defense is much easier than describing it,” says Aaron D. Nitzkin, Ph.D., of New Orleans, a Tulane University professor, tai chi master and certified medical qigong instructor. “If someone attacks, you don’t resist; you can use tai chi principles to yield to their movements with a natural, circular, continuous motion, turning their own force against them. When you move aggressively against a master, it feels like you’ve just bounced off them and fallen down. In order to win at tai chi fighting, you need to remain completely calm and centered and most of all, listen to your opponent’s energy with your hands, so that you can yield to it and then redirect it.” It’s a profound lesson in interpersonal communication. “My students report stronger immune systems, greater clarity of mind, better sleep, less anxiety and depression, and greater emotional stability,” says Nitzkin. “Practitioners become much more sensitive to and conscious of the internal condition of their bodies, and even develop the ability to feel bioelectric fields.” Whichever form of nonviolent self-defense suits us, experts advise that students study with a certified and experienced instructor for optimum results and safe practice. Aimee Hughes, a freelance writer in Kansas City, MO, is a doctor of naturopathy and senior staff writer for Longevity Times online. Connect at natural awakenings

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Garden for Life by Donna Torrey


y garden is full of many blessings. Because I love flowers, and my yard has a plethora of them, and because I have come to appreciate how important insects are to the web of life, I became a beekeeper about eight years ago. I love being able to harvest and sell treatment-free honey at my store. When purchasing honey, always try to know the beekeeper because most so-called natural honey can be tainted with pesticides used inside of the hive and can also be adulterated with corn syrup and the pollen removed. These alterations make honey a less-than-healthy sweetener. Pure, unadulterated honey is medicine—but you have to know the source. The products of the hive also include wax, and when a beekeeper keeps her bees without any pesticides, then the wax is pure. Most cosmetics use wax in them, but unfortunately, most wax is tainted with pesticide residue due to conventional beekeeping. Did you know that? Do you ever stop to think about the stuff you are putting on your body? When I found out that everything that touches our skin is actually absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds, I started scrutinizing all of my cosmetics and skin care products. What I found was appalling. I discovered that almost all of the products on store shelves are using toxic ingredients—even known carcinogens. Even those products claiming to be all natural or pure can actually have bad ingredients included in their fine print, if you dare to look and know what to look for. Unfortunately, in order for companies to be profitable, they need to be able to keep their products on the shelves as long as possible without spoilage, so they routinely add preservatives, most of which are toxic. If you don’t know the word in the ingredient list, chances are it isn’t good for you. Ideally, you should be able to eat anything that you


Broward County, Florida

put on your skin. Yes, eat. If your lotions and creams and lip balms aren’t edible, then you should choose another product. Anything that contains mineral oil should never be used on the skin as it clogs pores and prevents normal skin respiration. Petroleum products have no place on our bodies.

Because I found it so difficult to find many products that were indeed good enough to eat, I decided to make my own. My bees provide me with pure, clean beeswax which I mix with food grade coconut oil and pure essential plant oils. There are no chemical additives or preservatives, just the healing energy of the bees, and yes, the outcome is products that ARE pure enough to eat! What we put on our bodies matters as much as the food we put into them. Clean, local honey and Donnabees Lotions and Potions are available at The Garden Gate, located at Sears, in the Pompano Citi Centre. For more information, call 954-695-3914 and/or visit See ad page 47.

What’s Going On in Your Bedroom?

by Gary Greenleaf ere are five tips for creating an improved energetic bedroom environment so you can rest, rejuvenate and thrive: A good mattress is a critical starting point. I recommend an organic latex mattress without metal springs or a metal box spring; all metals are conductors and antennas and can become electrically charged—and you can become charged too. You are an electrical being with a built-in electromagnetic field and any charge is received and responded to by your body. Get a set of remote control electrical outlet switches. These devices shut off the electrical charges at the outlet in the wall and not in your lamps next to your head, which have measurable electrical fields even when switched off. Replace your light bulbs with traditional incandescent bulbs or warm LEDs. Regular LED and compact fluorescent bulbs emit high levels of unbalanced blue light; this can affect your sleep by inhibiting natural melatonin production and creating circadian biological mismatches. Unplug your Wi-Fi at night even if it is not in your bedroom. If you can receive Wi-Fi on your phone, your body is also receiving and responding to these signals. When your body goes into parasympathetic mode for sleep, it does not have the natural defenses to handle this radiation.


Get rid of the TV, another source of blue light, an electromagnetic field plus the subconscious programming it emits. Read a book, relax or meditate before you go to sleep. You will sleep much better as a result. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Gary Greenleaf is a certified geo-biological consultant with the Geo-Safe Institute, Germany. He assists clients with EMF testing and neutralization for homes and offices. For more information, call 520-5918282 and/or visit and geosafeusa. See ad page 48.

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Inspiring young people to make environmental action part of their everyday lives and in the lives of those around them -- offering hands-on presentations and unique eco-action programs!



Milk Minus the Moo

Evaluating Alternatives to Dairy by Judith Fertig Snyder Park, Ft. Lauderdale



hen dietary concerns, food sensitivities or curiosity prompt us to try alternative milks, it helps to know the basic facts about the leading types, to choose the best ones for us.

Almond Milk Pro: Almond milk is low in fat and can be easily made at home, so ingredients are known. One cup of homemade almond milk has about 40 calories, one gram of protein, 6 percent of the daily value (DV) for calcium, three grams of fat and eight grams of carbohydrates. As for storebought options, one cup of Silk Organic Almond Original contains 60 calories, with one gram of protein, 10 percent DV for calcium, two-and-a-half grams of fat and eight grams of carbohydrates. Con: Almond milk is neither high in protein nor calcium; it’s not as nutritionally packed as other alternatives. Some might not care for the faint nutty flavor.

Coconut Milk

Pro: Dr. Josh Axe, a functional medicine physician who owns the popular natural health website,, and the Exodus Health Center, near Nashville, Tennessee, points out, “High in mediumchain triglycerides, coconut milk is a very filling, fat-burning food.” One cup of homemade coconut milk has about 24

Broward County, Florida

450 calories, six grams of protein and 64 grams of fat, plus trace minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and copper. Canned coconut milk is similar: one cup of Native Forest Unsweetened Coconut Milk Classic contains 420 calories, three grams of protein and 45 grams of fat, plus trace minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and copper in each cup. Con: High in fat and calories, coconut milk may not be the best choice for drinking every day, but is delicious in Asian-style soups and curries.

Hemp Milk Pro: Hemp milk, made from hulled hemp seeds, contains 10 essential amino acids, including key fats. “Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are vital for healthy functioning of the brain,” says Axe. Hemp milk works well for people with tree nut allergies. One cup of Pacific Hemp Original has 140 calories, three grams of protein, 50 percent DV for calcium, five grams of fat and 20 grams of carbohydrates. Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk has 80 calories per cup, two grams of protein, 30 percent DV for calcium, eight grams of fat and one gram of carbohydrates. Con: Grassy-tasting hemp milk tends to separate in hot coffee.

Rice Milk

Soy Milk Pro: Soy milk provides more protein than other alternative milks. Look for a calcium-fortified, organic brand that doesn’t contain the thickening agent carrageenan, suggests Dr. Andrew Weil, founding director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, in Tucson. Different brands have different nutritional components. For example, one cup of Organic Valley Soy Original has 100 calories per cup, with seven grams of protein, 30 percent DV for calcium, three grams of fat and 11 grams of carbohydrates. One cup of Organic EdenSoy Extra Original Soymilk contains 130 calories, with 11 grams of protein, 20 percent DV for calcium, four grams of fat and 13 grams of carbohydrates. Con: Some people might not like the thick texture and soy aftertaste. Dr. Frank Lipman, founder and director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, in New York City, says that limiting soy is a good idea due to soy’s prevalent pesticide saturation and its researched links to thyroid, endocrine system and sex hormone dysfunction (Tinyurl. com/SoyDarksideStudies). If soy is eaten, “Choose certified organic, soy products— preferably fermented versions like miso, natto and tempeh—with the Non-GMO Project seal; and do so sparingly, no more than twice a week,” advises Lipman. Judith Fertig writes food health articles and cookbooks from Overland Park, KS (

DIY Milks Looker_Studio/

With fresh ingredients, a high-speed blender and a reusable nut milk bag or strainer, we can make our own alternative milk in minutes at home.

Coconut Milk

Yields: About 3 cups 2 cups hot water 1 cup fresh organic, unsweetened, shredded coconut

Almond Milk

Yields: About 4 cups 1 cup raw, unsalted organic whole almonds ½ tsp sea salt 4 cups pure filtered water Sea salt, stevia, agave nectar, honey, a date, vanilla bean or lemon juice

Place hot water, and then shredded coconut, in a high-speed blender, starting on low speed and increasing to high for a total of three minutes. Strain the coconut milk through a nut milk bag into a container.

Soak the almonds in salted water for at least 12 hours before blending.

Store covered in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Using a high-powered blender, start blending on low and increase to high to reach a smooth milk consistency. Strain through a nut milk bag to remove any almond skin or pieces. Optional: Add a preferred flavoring.

Pour into a container and store covered in the refrigerator for up to three days.


Pro: High in vitamins and calcium when fortified, rice milk made from brown rice is also high in vitamins. According to Ted Kallmyer, author of Flexible Dieting, in Bend, Oregon, rice milk is the least likely alternative milk to trigger an allergy. One cup of Pacific Rice Milk has 130 calories, one gram of protein, 30 percent DV for calcium, two grams of fat and 37 grams of carbohydrates. One cup of Rice Dream Organic Rice Drink has 120 calories, one gram of protein, 30 percent DV for calcium, 2.5 grams of fat and 23 grams of carbohydrates. Con: Low in fat and protein, it’s also relatively high in carbohydrates. It has a less creamy texture than hemp, coconut or soy milks.


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NATURAL MOTHERHOOD Creating the Best Start for New Life by Deborah Shouse


woman’s body is exquisitely designed to conceive, nurture and give birth,” says Dr. Carol J. Phillips, an Annapolis, Maryland, prenatal chiropractor, doula and author of Hands of Love: Seven Steps to the Miracle of Birth. Judith Lothian, Ph.D., associate editor of the Journal of Perinatal Education, professor of nursing at Seton Hall University, in South Orange, New Jersey, and a natural childbirth educator, knows the significance of women’s deep intuitive instinct. “Women who feel supported and encouraged can tap into their own wisdom and find deep satisfaction in giving birth naturally. The process itself perfectly prepares mother and baby to continue on their journey together.” Several gentle strategies help mothers-to-be prepare for the joys of natural pregnancy and childbirth.

research its benefits and healing qualities. The yearning for comfort foods like pizza, macaroni or ice cream may signal the need for more nurturing. Eyeing popcorn or chips could be a sign she’s stuffing down an emotion. She can ask herself, “What am I suppressing?” “Eat a lot of protein, including vitamin B-rich foods, during both pregnancy and breastfeeding,” advises O’Mara. “Nursing moms need to eat nutrient-dense foods frequently, along with getting adequate fluids,” says Wilson. She recommends foods that assist lactation called galatactagogues, like

Build a Baby-Friendly Body “Follow your urges,” counsels Peggy O’Mara, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, former editor of Mothering Magazine and author of Having a Baby, Naturally. “Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re weary. Go to the bathroom the moment nature calls. Practice this in pregnancy so you’ll be in the habit of listening to your instincts when you give birth.” This simple advice counters women’s common habit of attending to other people’s needs instead of their own. Along with eating organic whole foods, Kristy Wilson, of Las Vegas, a certified professional midwife, labor doula and placenta preparation specialist, recommends both a plant-based food supplement with iron and whole food prenatal supplement. Vitamin C is important for a strong amniotic sac; she suggests at least 500 milligrams daily. A high-strung mom can take magnesium chloride baths or sip a soothing cup of red raspberry leaf tea. “Women that are concerned about their diet can tune into the baby and ask what they need,” says Lori Bregman, of Santa Monica, California, a doula, birth coach and author of The Mindful Mom-to-Be. If craving a certain dish, she can


Broward County, Florida

Evgeny Atamanenko/

Discover Intuitive Nutrition

Monkey Business Images/

almonds, avocados, legumes, kale and spinach. To increase milk production, add fennel to meals or smoothies, or turn to capsules.

Keep Moving With Intention

Craniosacral therapy reestablishes balance to the membranes that encapsulate the brain and spinal cord.

Prepare The Mind

“Just say, ‘No thanks,’ to friends who want to burden you with stories of their Wilson recommends yoga, swimming, long, excruciating labors,” O’Mara walking or light jogging three to five advises. “Protect yourself from toxic times a week, for 20 minutes a day. people and their horror stories. Focus “Squatting like a child on your haunches on maintaining your own good health is a great exercise for childbirth,” she and surround yourself with people that says, noting that 20 squats daily will have experienced a normal birth. Plan strengthen core muscles. Sitting on an to have uplifting support during the exercise ball instead of a desk chair or birthing process and in the postpartum couch also engages core muscles, while period.” im“Regular exercise brings more enA woman easily influenced by ergy, better sleep, reduced stress, higher others might ask her doula, midwife or spirits, better odds of an easy labor, faster spouse to be her advocate. A woman post-delivery recovery and reduced risk that needs to exercise control might of gestational diabetes and high blood seek such assistance for peace of pressure during pregnancy,” Bregman The connections established mind, knowing that her wishes will be finds. She recommends a prenatal yoga between mother and followed. practice that includes breathing and vi‘Pain’ is a fear-based word,” to sualizations. This restorative form of yoga child are much stronger be avoided in conversations about offers gentle stretching, promotes good when she progresses through labor, Wilson explains. “Don’t fear circulation and naturally supports relief the strength of contractions. They are or healing of many possible pregnancy pregnancy and birth from doing exactly what your body needs ailments. a natural perspective. to do to give birth.” As a midwife, she “To alleviate physical distress, try helps moms relax and embrace these chiropractic prenatal care,” says Phillips. ~Kristy Wilson intensely important sensations by Light finger contact from an expefocusing on what is going on in their rienced practitioner helps realign bony body. Research published in the journal Cell Adhesion & Misegments and restores the body’s normal tone. “A prenatal gration shows that the hormones released during labor enter expert can adjust so the mom’s body maintains its balance into the baby’s immune system to also strengthen the child. and the baby is free to move.”

First time customers only. Not valid with other offers. With select technicians. Must mention coupon when seeing appointment. Exp. 6/1/17. MM#29811

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Spark The Spirit

We birth best where we feel safe. Evidence shows that birth can be safe in just about any setting. ~Peggy O’Mara meditation,” she says. The mother copes through the contraction, then uses her meditation skills to reset, refocus and ground herself before the next contraction. Wilson and Bregman both encourage expectant mothers to keep a journal during pregnancy. “Record thoughts and experiences. Sometimes dreams tell things about the child, who has a story too,” advises Wilson.

Design a Special Experience Create A Birth Plan

Those that prefer a home birth can find a compatible midwife through a natural birthing community such as the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, International Childbirth Ed-

detail: “Heart of Mother Nature”

Affirmations can positively state the mother-to-be’s intentions for pregnancy and birth. Examples include: “Birth is a safe and wonderful experience. I am choosing the right path for my birth. I trust my body and my instincts. I have all the support I need.” Wilson recommends choosing two to four that resonate, repeating them every morning while gazing into the mirror, placing them on the refrigerator door and even having them pop up on a smartphone. “Meditation prepares you for childbirth and can also be soothing during labor by offering tools that push away fear,” says O‘Mara. She likes this mantra from Thich Nhat Hahn’s book, Being Peace: “Breathing in, I calm myself, breathing out, I smile.” To begin, sit comfortably in a quiet room with eyes closed. For women new to meditation, Wilson suggests lighting a scented or colored candle and noticing the colors and movement of the flame for something physical to focus on. “This calming practice is important because labor becomes like a

ucation Association and La Leche League. For a hospital experience, look for low-Caesarean rates, a personally compatible doctor and a distinct birthing center. Either way, a doula or midwife can help craft the desired birth plan. Upon selecting a venue, the expectant mother may imagine the ideal birth environment and write positive statements, such as, “I want to move around freely. I want my husband and sister with me at all times.” “If a home birth is a mother’s first choice, design two plans; one for home and one for the hospital,” suggests Phillips. “If the mother needs hospital care during labor, the attendants will know her wishes.” Wilson encourages the spouse to be involved from the beginning. “The partner’s energy plays a role in how the birth progresses during labor. Plus, being part of the planning keeps him engaged and attuned to her wishes.”

Orchestrate a Childbirth Team

“The birthing mother needs continuous support from someone that can focus on her and her needs,” says Phillips. “The partner also needs to have access to experienced support. Both need to surround themselves with people that know how to enfold them in love.”’ A birthing team includes the medically trained attendant appointed to help deliver the baby; either a midwife or a doctor. Many women choose to have a trained doula collaborate, as well. She provides continuity of care and advocacy, lessens the need for medical intervention, stays with the mother, honors and includes the partner and supports the parents in making informed decisions. With home births, family members tend to invite themselves over. The mom needs to have control of her birthing atmosphere. “I encourage moms to be firm regarding who they want in the room when the baby is born,” Wilson says.

Honor The Postpartum Mother

“Giving birth is the first big unknown of parenting,” says Wilson. “You plan for it and then you have to trust and accept the outcome.” She encourages postpartum appointments for discussing the birth.

Call : 954.630.1610 28

Broward County, Florida

“A breastfeeding mother’s nutrient requirements are actually higher postpartum,” Wilson says. To prevent deficiencies, she suggests moms nourish themselves during this period, delaying any focus on weight loss and regaining muscle tone. The birth team and other friends can deliver meals, do light housecleaning, run a load of laundry and bring groceries. The new parents will welcome this generous and loving help. Deborah Shouse is a mother, writer, speaker, editor and health advocate in Kansas City, MO. Her latest book, Connecting in the Land of Dementia: Creative Activities to Explore Together, focuses on life’s meaningful moments (

JUNE Hybrid Vehicles Plus: Chronic Pain

Blessing the Birth by Deborah Shouse



he blessingway ceremony helps a woman prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing, opening her to instinctive abilities that will guide her in mothering,” says Donna Miller Watelet, interfaith minister and co-author of Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey into Motherhood. Miller Watelet, a facilitator of dozens of blessingway rituals, shares an example of a nourishing gathering: In a comfortable and safe room, a group of friends circles the mother-to-be, signifying their support. They discuss the intention for the blessingway and invite the mom to symbolically let go of any fears blocking a harmonious experience. Once her fears are emptied out, they fill her up

with affirmations, appreciations and adornments. Women can gift an object that has meaning to them, such as a bead, flower or scrap of cloth, as a sign of their commitment to her. These gifts will then be fashioned into something lasting, such as a necklace for the mother. The circle may then bind themselves together, each woman wrapping red yarn around her wrist before passing along the skein until everyone is connected. As they discuss this intertwining, they cut the binding yarn and keep the bracelets, a reminder of their caring for the new family. “Finally, we enjoy a feast together,” Miller Watelet says. “Sharing a meal reminds us to bring the intentions of the blessingway back into everyday life.”

June articles include: Hybrid Vehicles Update Natural Remedies for Pain Prevent and Ease Shingles and so much more!

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May 2017



Taggart Siegel Seeks to Seed an Agricultural Revolution by April Thompson


or more than 30 years, Taggart Siegel has produced award-winning films on little-known aspects of the natural and cultural world. His diverse documentaries range from the story of a Hmong shaman immigrant adjusting to American life to a Midwestern organic farmer that salvaged his family’s farm. Siegel’s latest film, Seed: The Untold Story, follows global seed keepers from Minnesota to India battling multinational agribusinesses in a quest to protect our agricultural heritage and food sources—ancient seeds passed down through untold generations. Interviews with farmers, ethnobotanists and activists explore the importance


Broward County, Florida

of the genetic material that these tiny time capsules carry. Siegel is the founder and executive director of Collective Eye Films, a nonprofit media company in Portland, Oregon. He codirected and produced this latest offering with documentary filmmaker Jon Betz, with backing from Academy Award-winning actress Marisa Tomei.

Why does the colossal loss of food crop diversity during the past century matter? Up to 96 percent of seed varieties have been lost since 1903. During this period, we have destroyed the infrastruc-

ture of traditional agriculture: 10,000 years of seeds saved from families and farmers. It threatens our survival. We can’t rely on genetically modified seeds to see us through climate changes. We need non-genetically engineered seed varieties like the thousands of different types of rice grown in India to be able to adapt to extreme events like floods and droughts. Universal responsibility to save seeds began to dwindle in the 1920s, when hybrid corn crops came onto the market, promising higher yields; instead of growing crops from seeds saved, borrowed or shared with neighbors, farmers bought seeds from stores. In the 1990s, huge corporations bought up some 20,000 seed companies, and the number of cultivated seed varieties dropped precipitously. Ten agrichemical companies now control more than two-thirds of the global seed market.

How do hybrid seeds differ from open-pollinated seeds?  You cannot save a hybrid seed; if you try to use it, the results are unreliable. Hybrids are engineered to be planted for one year only. With open-pollinated and heirloom seeds, you’re planting reliable seeds saved from year to year, generation to generation, bred for the consistency of their qualities. Indigenous people in Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley, for example, have successfully cultivated local seeds for at least 8,700 years, right up to today.

Hybrids require high levels of chemical inputs to produce. Illustrating the contrast, Hopi corn, grown for thousands of years, requires little water and contains much more protein than today’s commercial crops, without poisoning the land with heavy industrial inputs. The Hopi think of seeds as their children, intimately connected with their heritage and culture, so they protect them. Beyond big, strong crops, farming is a spiritual act.

Why do so many farmers voluntarily choose hybrid seeds, given the troubling issues involved? Most farmers just want streamlined labor and the biggest yield. Often, commodity crops using commercial seeds and chemical fertilizers have the biggest yield and make them the most money, even though severe downsides like the loss of flavor and nutrients mean it’s ultimately not the best result. In India, more than 250,000 farmers have committed suicide during the past 20 years to escape onerous debts accrued to purchase industrialized agricultural inputs. An Indian seed salesman interviewed for the film despairs, “The seeds we sell don’t taste good and require so many chemicals that many farmers kill themselves.”

What is the seed-saver movement achieving, and how can everyday gardeners and citizens take action?



Seed libraries and banks are critically important because the seeds are adapted to the local environment. Seed libraries have multiplied from only a handful a few years ago to as many as 300 located in towns across America today. Public libraries check out seeds to plant in your garden, asking only that you return harvested seeds for others to enjoy. Farmers can now “back up” their seeds in local seed banks, which are also becoming important educational resources to teach students about these issues. To locate a screening or purchase a DVD of the film, visit Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at natural awakenings

May 2017



When We Set Out Let Spirit Steer Us


by Mark Nepo


eaching me how to steer the 30-foot-long sailboat he built, my father would say, “It’s the sail that follows the wind, and the rudder that follows the sail.” The sail, by its nature, will catch the wind and lean into it. The rudder is for steering once we’ve set sail. Our soul is like a sail. Once hoisted, it’s filled by the wind of Spirit, which establishes our course and direction. Our will is our rudder; its job is to follow where the soul filled with Spirit leads, helping to steer our way. When we lean on will to make things happen, we can grow stubborn, confused or lost. Clear


Broward County, Florida

sailing comes when we’re being carried toward a vision greater than our self, feeling wholly alive along the way. Scudding along the sea, my father was living once for all time, feeling the sensation of all life in that moment. We all yearn to live in these moments forever, yet even a taste of aliveness can fill, sustain and refresh us in the midst of daily tasks. We all face times beyond our control when life doesn’t follow our designs and we’re asked to work with life and not fight, curse or hide from it. When insisting on our way, we can get so tangled in our will that we can’t find or feel the wind of

Spirit. During these times—when we fear there is no meaning and it seems there’s nothing holding us up—our will can puff, snap and flap about in a desperate attempt to fill what looms as an empty life. But even setting out on the sea, it’s never easy. My father remarked, “It’s always harder to sail toward a fixed point, because you will inevitably have to cross the wind several times to get there.” By contrast, a boat moves its fastest and cleanest when it simply follows the wind. It’s the same when we listen for where life is taking us, instead of busily thinking about where we’re going. Devoting ourselves to experiencing the journey, rather than determining a destination, we discover our way. Like a sail, our life must be out in the open before the wind will show its face. Likewise, Spirit fills us when we can inhabit our true nature. We miss what awaits us if we hover too close to the shore of our past, our family, someone else’s dream for us, or an old identity. To feel the wind in our face, we must leave the shallows and harbors for the deep. Only then will the larger, timeless destination show itself and our soul be filled enough with Spirit that our smaller self will have no choice but to engage in steering us toward all that matters. Adapted excerpt from The One Life We’re Given: Finding the Wisdom that Waits in Your Heart, by Mark Nepo (Atria). Connect at and

Chronic Pain Plus: Hybrid Vehicles

June articles include: Natural Remedies for Pain Prevent and Ease Shingles Hybrid Vehicles Update and so much more!

The Joys of Grandparenting How to Mindfully Love Little Ones by April Thompson


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Broward County, Florida

eing a grandparent can be magical; an opportunity to create both lifelong memories and formative experiences for grandchildren. However, it can also pose challenges that need to be managed mindfully, say experts. For more than 25 years, Patricia Salem, of Louisville, Kentucky, a licensed and board-certified art therapist, has taught mindfulness practices and art therapy in such diverse settings as hospitals and schools. Aiming to help kids and adults learn to harmoniously ease life’s challenges, her work across generations has led her to seek ways to support entire family systems on their individual and familial journey to more mindful living. Her classes focus on skills like cultivating awareness, communication, self-compassion and self-care. “Teaching mindfulness and stress reduction to children is a start; however, teaching parents and grandparents is important, too. Children need reinforcement at home for practices they are learning in order for them to take hold,” says Salem. Carolyn Tucker, a psychotherapist in Atlanta, started offering classes on mindful grandparenting six years ago after witnessing a rise in grandparents seeking therapy. “In working with new mothers, I’ve found that a common area of friction is too little or too much support from

grandparents. I thought it wise to help prepare them,” says Tucker. She helps grandparents develop realistic expectations of their role. “It’s easy to revert to what you know—the parenting role—so it’s important to set mindful intentions,” she observes. Tucker encourages grandparents to make mindful memories during time spent with the grandchildren. “You can find joy by being still and marveling at a grandchild’s beautiful little hands and dimpled knees while registering how the air in the room feels to create a vivid mental snapshot of the moment. “Parents and kids can become too busy, and grandparents can help them slow down. Lie on the grass together and look at cloud shapes or blow a dandelion. To me, that is the romance of grandparenting, and mindfulness allows the romance to blossom,” she says. Susan Moon, a Berkeley, California, author and grandmother who has practiced Zen Buddhism for nearly 40 years, sees grandparenting as an opportunity to release expectations; this feat can be difficult for parents caught up in their youngsters’ identities. “It’s easier for grandparents to accept grandkids for who they are and just be joyful with them. They get to be in the moment with the kids without worrying about the day-to-day

Ruslan Guzov/



“She gave me mindful feedback without making me feel like she was trying to usurp my role.” Moon suggests practicing “right speech”—messages that are positive, affirming and loving—with everyone. “It’s important to be humble and recognize the

huge job of parents and all they juggle. Let them know that you are there to support them in whatever way you can.” Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

Conscious Grandparenting


details of caregiving that can consume parents.” She explores such ideas in her book This is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity. Being past their working years, grandparents are often more accepting and peaceful themselves, which can be inspiring for younger generations, adds Salem. For Moon, it’s vital to be mindful of the image of aging that’s projected; “I try to model that old age isn’t tragic, and show the joy in this stage of life,” she says. Yet grandparents also should be mindful of any physical limitations and set boundaries with grandkids as needed. “It’s okay to say, ‘I can’t hang on the jungle gym with you,’ and suggest an alternative,” says Moon. Good relationships with the grandkids begin with maintaining open relationships with their parents, experts note. To do this, consistently engage in compassionate listening. “It can be tempting for grandparents that know what may have worked in raising their own children to react or jump in, but it’s important to avoid giving unsolicited advice,” Salem cautions. At the same time, grandparents can notice aspects a harried parent may miss and, if handled carefully, can provide important insights. “I was known as the ‘fairy mom’, offering magic, art and imagination. I was grateful my own mother was there, too, because one child needed more structure and stability than I was providing,” says Tucker, a mother of four.

Create new memories, but also share old stories. “Kids want to hear about how their parents were as children, and it gives them a sense of history,” advises author Susan Moon. Be open to learning new technology to communicate across the generational divide. “While grandparents learn about the world of social media from their grandchildren, they can also encourage them to cut back on checking their cell phones in favor of interpersonal activities,” says art therapist Patricia Salem. When visiting grandkids, especially if they live in different cities, “Always have some ‘grandma magic’ up your sleeve—like games, puzzles or craft projects that can be collaborated on—to maximize precious time together,” suggests Moon. Invite grandchildren to try out meditation or breathing techniques practiced by their elders. “It can help lessen the stresses they encounter in school and at home,” says Salem. “Be careful to foster cooperation rather than competition in any shifting relationship with a child-turned-parent,” advises psychotherapist Carolyn Tucker. Otherwise, it can create chaos, undermine a parent’s confidence and strain relationships. For more advice on being a great grandparent, visit

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Herbs that Beat the Heat

Oliver Hoffmann/


Favorite Varieties that Flourish in Summer by Barbara Pleasant

Reliable Basils “I place basil as the number one herb in popularity, as well as heat tolerance,” says Cristina Spindler, owner of the Peconic River Herb Farm, in Calverton, New York. “Basil actually prefers heat.” There are many types, and greenleafed culinary varieties are easy to grow through the summer, provided they’re not allowed to dry out. Two particularly heat-hardy types are purpleleafed varieties such as red rubin and African blue, which debuted in 1983. “Purple basil is shockingly fragrant and beautiful on the plate. Plus, it’s easy to grow in a small space and 36

Broward County, Florida

produces quickly,” says Lisa Kessler, who for several years has co-owned with her husband, Ben, the White Hills Lavender and Herb Farm, in Dearing, Georgia. “The flowering tops are usable as herbs and as beautiful cut flowers, so don’t toss them away.” “African blue basil flourishes in summer heat and is an especially beneficial nectar plant for bees and other pollinators,” says Traci Anderson, who has been running Seminole Springs Herb Farm, in Eustis, Florida, in their family for more than 20 years. Vigorous and heavy-flowering, it can grow to over three feet tall, and usually persists as a perennial in Florida, Texas and other mild winter climates.

Mediterranean Flavors Rosemary is the most adaptable and heat tolerant of Mediterranean herbs; it can be grown as a perennial where soil doesn’t freeze hard in winter.

Liliya Kulianionak/


ome of the best plants to keep as summer companions are herbs that enrich life with their flavors, fragrances and beauty. It’s not too late to pot up a few herbs or plant them in the garden if we choose varieties that thrive in hot, summer weather.

“My top herb garden choice for the hot, humid conditions in the South is Tuscan blue rosemary, because it is beautiful, easy to grow and is wonderful in all kinds of foods and products,” Kessler says. “It blooms in several seasons and provides bees with off-season food.” Thyme is a top cooking herb, although too much summer rain can lead to mildew and leaf blight. This rarely happens with Summer savory, which has a punchy flavor that Spindler describes as “a peppery cross between oregano and thyme that’s perfect on all of the classic summer veggies— squash, green beans, tomatoes and corn.” Kessler recommends oregano as part of our summer planting list. “Let your kids or grandkids have the experience of putting it in the pasta sauce. It’s easy to grow in a small herb garden and will last through the winter in most

parts of the South.” An unrelated tropical plant from Africa with strong oregano flavor, the leaves of variegated Cuban oregano are pretty enough to grow alongside flowers, and the plants thrive in humid heat. Cuban oregano readily grows through hot summers, and the plants produce more leaves each time leaf tips are harvested.

Tempting Tropicals In Central Florida, Anderson recommends culantro, aka Mexican coriander, as a summer herb different from the better-known cilantro. “Culantro equals the flavor of cilantro, but with no bitter or medicinal aftertaste.” A great longterm performer, it continues producing flavorful new leaves even after the plant starts blooming. Anderson also suggests growing West Indian lemongrass for its fragrant leaves and thick stalks. A vigorous, clump-forming grass, lemongrass can be grown in containers anywhere or served as an edible ornamental in landscapes where summers are hot. “Lemongrass enjoys a sunny and moist

environment, so it benefits from being near an air conditioner drain or downspout,” she advises.

Growing Tips Herbs always need watering in hot weather, and pouring from a watering can at the base is far better than bathing the leaves with a hose. Should containers become so dry that they refuse to take up water, place them in a broad dish or pail filled with three inches of water for 30 minutes to rehydrate the roots. Always grow herbs in pots with large drainage holes, so excess water can drain quickly. Make a habit of pinching off a few herbal leaves, crushing them between the fingers and inhaling their fresh aromas. For maximum benefit, repeat daily. Author Barbara Pleasant’s new book, Homegrown Pantry: A Gardener’s Guide to Selecting the Best Varieties & Planting the Perfect Amounts for What You Want to Eat Year Round, is now available (Storey Publishing). Connect at

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Poprotskiy Alexey/



Chronic Pain Plus: Hybrid Vehicles

June articles include: Natural Remedies for Pain Prevent and Ease Shingles Hybrid Vehicles Update and so much more!

DECODING DOG BODY TALK Three Signals of Anxiety by Susan Briggs


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Broward County, Florida

amily dogs frequently accompany us on errands and outings away from their familiar home environment and we want them to enjoy these expeditions, so understanding their view of the world is important. To a dog, every experience is either familiar or unfamiliar. The first time they encounter a new sound, place or person, they may feel anxious. We can help with the adjustment by introducing them slowly to each new experience and step aside to provide them distance or space to observe it first at their own pace. Knowing the “tells” that signal when a dog is comfortable or uncomfortable goes a long way to a harmonious experience. Allison Culver, assistant director of The Lightfoot Way holistic animal learning center, in Houston, remarks, “Knowing how to communicate with your animal can save a lot of heartache.” With a bit of applied attention, we can readily learn to understand the changes in canine body posture and behavior that communicate their emotional state. Start by observing the dog’s posture

when they are relaxed at home. It’s likely that their weight is balanced on all four legs and their mouth is slightly open; movement is relaxed, loose and agile. When a dog feels happy or playful, notice how their ears may perk up or tilt slightly forward. Their tail might rise and wag, and they may emit a cheerful bark. Using their visual and audio demeanor as a baseline prepares us to be alert for three secret tells that signal a change in their emotion. Closing their mouth routinely occurs when a dog is unsure or anxious. When their mouth remains closed for a minute or more, it’s a sure clue that they need more time to process information. Lip licking such as quick flicks of the tongue is meant to appease and may prevent an uncomfortable situation from escalating into anything resembling a confrontation. Dogs do it with each other and with us, too. A look away that avoids direct eye contact likewise signals that a dog is urgently processing their current environment.

Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas, author of On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, identifies the lip licking and averting of the eyes as self-calming behaviors. She affirms, “When dogs are stressed by the environment, they start using calming signals to ease the stress.” When this happens, first try creating more space or distance between the dog and any perceived threat; this may return them to their body language norm. If not, consider using holistic calming aids like a properly mixed lavender essential oil spray or Bach Rescue Remedy Pet flower essences, keeping these well away from their face. Also try mentally engaging the dog with learned cues. A quick game of sit, down, sit plus high-five allows them to engage in a familiar activity while they adjust to a new environment. If the pet does not respond to normal cues and continues to display multiple stress signals for an extended period, leave the scene altogether. Their anxiety hasn’t been relieved. If it’s still important that the dog learns to enjoy the troubling environment, work with a professional trainer that uses positive reinforcement tools to aid the transition (see or The trainer will assist in creating a plan that allows the pet to adjust at a pace that allows them to remain comfortable. By observing a dog’s posture, we can be confident of choosing mutually good outings. Susan Briggs, of Houston, TX, is co-author of Off-Leash Dog Play: A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun, co-founder of The Dog Gurus and owner of Crystal Canine (

A champion is someone

who gets up when he can’t. ~Jack Dempsey natural awakenings

May 2017


Eat Right, Anytime

with Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon






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askthetherapist Karen L. Kaye, MS, LMHC

Can a Relationship Survive Cheating?


Dear Karen Kaye, I found out that my mate is cheating; is there any hope for us? Thanks, J.W.


Dear J.W., My answer depends on your response to the following questions: Did you catch your mate cheating? Did your mate come to you and say they cheated? Did your mate tell you the reason why they cheated? What are your thoughts, feelings and beliefs regarding cheating? Other factors to take into consideration: How long was the one cheating able to live that lifestyle without coming “clean”? Does the person take ownership or blame others for that behavior? Is the person upset with their decision, willing to take a personal inventory, and take the time and energy to earn back trust? Are you willing to take a personal inventory and allow your mate to gain back your trust? Regardless of the above, cheating is a red flag about a “faulty” foundation and/or the people in that relationship. Believe it or not, some people cheat to stay in a relationship, while others cheat to leave a relationship. All of these factors make good qualified counseling a must because you are at a crossroads personally and ultimately in the relationship. Cheating is never an answer to one’s problems or an

answer to relationship problems. Usually, one or both mates have poor communication and decision-making skills. Therefore, it is a red flag for both individual and relationship problems that exist on a deeper level. My suggestion, J.W., is to get quality therapy for yourself to answer these questions regarding your feelings to determine if this relationship is worth fighting for. If you decide to move forward in the relationship, then you can ask your mate if he/she is willing to commit to counseling as well in order to assist the two of you in deciding if there is a future in the relationship. No matter which direction the relationship takes, counseling is beneficial in looking at your patterns in relationships so that at the very least you will make a better mate selection in your future or set healthier boundaries in the current relationship. Take care of yourself and thank you. Karen L. Kaye Karen L. Kaye, MS, LMHC has been in private practice for more than 30 years in Broward County. She receives clients in person and over the phone. You can reach her at 954-3841217. See ad page 46.

natural awakenings

May 2017


calendarofevents Saturday, April 29

The Walls Street Art Movement - 1-7pm. Free. Local and international souls will gather together to showcase their talents (arts, music, performance, food), including environmental artist SusieQ, who will be trash-forming a non–utility pole. Suggest donation of nonperishable canned goods. House of Art, 815 NE 13 Street, Fort Lauderdale, 33304, Frank Polanco, 305-310-7155.

Saturday, M ​ ay 13

​Trash Talk - 7-11am. Fort Lauderdale Beach Sweep —8am p​ resentation​ w ​ ith S ​ usieQ,​ environmental artist (call 954.630.1610 to confirm)​ & Joan Starr​of Kids Ecology Corps​. ​​Help keep beaches litter-free. B ​ each volunteer clean up. ​300 S. Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Limited volunteer free parking, Las Olas Intracoastal Lot (south of east ramp).

Thursday, M ​ ay 18

Third Thursday L.B.T.S. ArtWalk - 5-8pm. Enjoy music, fun, food and a variety of artists, the third Thursday each month on the Green Turtle Plaza strip mall as part of Frame ‘n Art, 229A Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308.

Wednesday, May 24

Meditation: Awaken Your Inner Power 7:30pm. Free lecture and guided meditation on the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda presented by a monk of the SelfRealization Order. Broward County Convention Center, 1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, Event Coordinator, 954.729.2046.

markyourcalendar THE JOY OF ORGANICS PRODUCE BUYING CLUB Supporting local organic farms and businesses! Always fresh - certified - priced far below retail

20 to 30 pounds / FRUITS & VEGGIES - $49 locations near you

Support local-great value

markyourcalendar Meditation:

Awaken Your Inner Power

Free lecture and guided meditation on the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda presented by a monk of the Self-Realization Order.

Wed, May 24th, 7:30 PM

Broward County Convention Center. For more info:

ongoingevents sunday Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary — 9am– 5pm. Classes for Interfaith Ministry Ordination. A Healing Space, 1410 NE 26th Street, Wilton Manors 33305. Rev. Dr. Grace Telesco 917.579.3750. Unity of Pompano — Join us at 9:30am: Power Hour discussion on spiritual topics/books led by Cynthia Roberts, L.U.T. 11am: Celebration Service-Inspirational Message-Live Music; 11am Youth Classes K-12; Fellowship Hour following service. 261 SE 13th Ave, Pompano Beach, 954.946.0857. Ft Lauderdale Center for Spiritual Living Services — 10:30am Full Celebration Service on relevant topics. Includes musical presentations. 4849 North Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park FL 33334, 954.566.2868.


Broward County, Florida

Catholic Mass — 10:30am, (+ Sat 5pm) The Parish of Sts. Francis & Clare, Staffed by Franciscan friars. 101 NE 3rd St, Ft Lauderdale, 954.731.8173. ECK Worship Service — 11am–12pm, Free. First Sunday/month. Experience Light and Sound of God. Learn about Eckankar HU Song, Rodeway Inn and Suites, 2400 West State Road 84 (Marina Mile Blvd), Fort Lauderdale, 33312, Johanna Carter, 954.693.5681. The Kabbalah Centre of Boca Raton invites you to Spiritual Sunday — 11am. Donation Based. Get inspired every Sunday for an uplifting consciousness-elevating seminar and meditation using ancient Kabbalistic tools. Everyone’s welcome. 8411 West Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, 33433. 561.488.8826. Coral Springs Metaphysical Group — 1–3pm (1st & 3rd Sun ea. mo.) Free. Deep trance channeling. Ask questions. Get answers. Talk to psychics. At the home of Charles and Sondra Zecher, 12140 NW 10th St, Coral Springs, 954.340.7087.


Spiritual Oasis Event — 1:30–6:00pm, third Sunday of each month. $20, Psychic and Healing Special Event, come and share the excitement. Center for Inner Wisdom, 4849 N Dixie Hwy. Oakland Park, Florida 33334, Robert, 954.696.6389. Helping Parents Heal Support Group — 2–4pm, 4th Sunday monthly, $Love, only for immediate family members who have lost a child. Sunshine Cathedral, 1480 SW 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, Room 2, 954.865.1329. Speakers Forum — 3–4:30pm. $Love. Presenting uplifting topics, honoring all spiritual traditions. The Theosophical Society in Deerfield, 831 SE 9th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 Palm Plaza, US 1 & SE 10th St., 954.242.8527. Loving Spirit Connections — 4pm–6pm. First Sunday of the Month $30. Evidential messages from crossed over loved ones in gallery setting. Can’t Tell Foundation, 712 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33432, Susan, 561.213.0668.

Community HU Chant — 6–6:30 pm. 4th Sunday of each month, release your inner tensions and gain peace and calm Dunkin Donuts/ Meeting Room, 1405 S. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach, FL 33442. For more information, 954.693.5681.

Chakra Yoga — 10:45am–12noon. $15 (All Levels). Chakra means wheels of light. Learn characteristics of the chakras and the properties associated with a particular part of the body recharging your energy. Namaste Yoga, 421 S. Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, 954.785.6333.

Interfaith Sacred Celebrations of Spirit — Weekly on Sunday evenings 6:30–7:30pm at Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution at a Healing Space,1410 NE 26th­Street, Wilton Manors, Florida 33305. Rev. Dr. Grace Telesco 917.579.3750.

Natural Dental Consultations — 2pm– 4pm. Free. Wondering how your oral health is connected to your body? Dr. Lipovetskiy specializes in Natural and Biological Dentistry. Advanced Dental Wellness Center, 104 SE 1st St, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301, 954.525.5662.

Free Guided Meditation & Kirtan (Satsang) — 7–8:30pm Meditation followed by uplifting call-and-response chanting & music. Yoga Warehouse, 508 SW Flagler Ave, Downtown Ft Lauderdale, 954.525.7726.

Kids Yoga — 4:30–5:30pm. $10. No class on school holidays Postures, breathing, relaxation, songs and games while making new friends Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach, 827 SE 9th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, Louise, 954.427.2353.


Have You Had a Spiritual Experience? — 3rd Tue., 6–7pm. Free. Sense you’ve lived before? Out-of-body or near-death experience? Spiritual Discussion for people of any faith. West Regional Library, Room 210, 8601 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation, 33324 Johanna 954.693.5681.

Reiki Circle — 2–3pm. $10Love, Center for Inner Wisdom, 4849 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park, FL 33334 call for more information: 754.214.1066. Reiki Circle/Meditation — 7:30–8:45pm. $10 Reiki healing circle, guided meditation & discussion. Center for Spiritual Living, 4849 North Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park FL 33334, Rev Elise, R. M., 954.317.3907. Men and Women’s Support Group: Conscious Awareness — 8–10pm. $20 per session. Designed for men and women to learn about and from each other regarding relationships, self-worth and the rewrite of negative patterns. Contact: Karen Kaye, LMHC, 954.384.1217 (Landline)

tuesday Raja Yoga Meditation — 10:15–11:30am (& 6:30–7:30pm) Free. Enjoy the peace & love within. Hollywood Library, 2600 Hollywood Blvd, Roz, 954.962.7447.

Yoga 101 — 6:15pm. New to yoga or simply want a more in-depth breakdown of the poses? This is a great introduction. Relaxed and informal with Q&A opportunities. Non-heated. Yogi Plus Yoga, 6329 W. Commercial Blvd. Tamarac FL 33319, 754.235.3353. Holistic Chamber Ft Lauderdale East Chapter — 6:30–8:30pm. Fun, Networking, Authentic Connections, Learning – The effects of Emotional Intelligence in every aspect of your life. For details contact Esther 786.210.6057. Supporting healthy people on a healthy planet! Unity of Pompano —7–9pm. Join us for our ongoing Metaphysics/Bible studies class taught by Rev. Lawrence Palmer, LUT’s Bev Spivey and Cynthia Roberts. Unity S.E.E. credit available. 261 SE 13th Ave., Pompano Beach 954.946.0857. Free Usui Reiki Circle — 7–8:30pm (2nd & 4th Tues). CEU provider classes monthly FL LMT. Center For Optimal Health, 1915 NE 45th St #103, Ft Lauderdale 954.491.6158 RSVP.

wednesday Meditation & Reiki Healing Circle — 7pm, $5Love, Nature’s Emporium, 8041 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs 954.755.2223. Awakened Living Group — 7pm–8pm Free. Practical spirituality for your journey of spiritual transformation/self discovery Center For Spiritual Living Ft. Lauderdale, 4849 N. Dixie Hwy Oakland Park, FL 33334, David, 305.746.0881. Carole’s Circle — Guided Meditation, Reiki Healing & Channeled Message – 7:30pm. $15. Every Wednesday. Center for Inner Wisdom, 4849 N. Dixie Hwy., Oakland Park, FL 33334. Reservations and directions: Call the Center or Carole Ramsay 954.655.5490. Reiki Circle — 7:30–9pm. Donation $Love, Delmar Arts Academy, 1400 N Federal Hwy, Ft Lauderdale, 954.537.9278. Want More Energy, Better Sleep, and Passive Income? - 7:30-9:00pm. $6, Richway’s amethyst crystal/far-infrared Biomat medical device and business opportunity overview. Helpful for arthritis and more. The Biomat Company, Serenity Room: 6011 Rodman St, Ste 300, Hollywood, 786.441.2727, text: 305.297.9360.

thursday Meditation/Relaxation Class — 5:45–6:30pm, free. Guided meditation & relaxation led by Ina Lee. All levels. George English Park Rec Center, 1101 Bayview Dr. Ft Lauderdale. Call first, 954.463.4733. A Course in Miracles Discussion Group — 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Free. Co-Facilitated by Rev. Margarita and Rev. Nancy, graduate of Dr. Jon Mundy’s All Faiths Seminary International. Sunshine Cathedral, 2nd floor classroom, 1480 SW 9th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, 734.395.5857.

natural awakenings

May 2017




Seaside Meditation – 7:30-8:15am. 1st and 3rd Saturday monthly. $Love. Release the week’s tensions, fears and cares in peaceful tranquility. Unity Golden Life Ministries, El Prado Park - Lauderdale by the Sea. Look for green blanket. When raining, under gazebo. 754.252.5939.


Free Reiki Circle —10–11am. Divine Love Institute & Gift Shop, 2832 Stirling Rd, #H, Hollywood, FL 33020. Conveniently located just west of I-95 on Stirling Rd, 954.920.0050.

Natural Detox Options plus: True Prosperity

Fat Village / MASS Art Walk — 5–11pm, (2nd Fri./mo). Valet/paid Parking lot & free trolley service. 954.785.7475.

Our Readers are Seeking Providers & Services for: Natural Healing/Cleansing & Personal/Financial Coaching

Rethinking Cancer plus: Reframing Autism Our Readers are Seeking Providers & Services for: Non-Toxic Household Cleaners Whole/Raw/ Unprocessed Foods Alternative Therapies

Graceful Aging

Our Readers are Seeking Providers & Services for: Natural Healthcare Practitioners Functional Medicine • Organic Foods Financial Planning • Community Banks Yoga Apparel • Yoga Classes

Broward County, Florida

Monthly Gallery Night, Meet the Artists, Show & Sale —6–11pm, (second Friday ea. mo) A great gathering of varied talents. Host/ Artist: Michael D. Colanero. Uncommon Gallery, 2713 E Commercial Blvd, Ft Lauderdale, 954.336.4305.

Community HU Chant — 3rd Friday. 7:30– 8pm. Free. Chanting HU can help you feel more relaxed and at peace. HU chant 20 minutes; contemplation for 5 minutes. Dunkin’ Donuts, Espresso Room, 9170 W St Rd 84, Davie, FL 33324. 954.693.5681.

plus: Yoga


Crystal Bowl Meditation — 6–7:15pm. $15. Learn how to meditate with Singing Bowls. Relax and experience a deep and profound inner peace with these sacred instruments’ vibrations. Namaste Yoga, 421 S Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062. 954.785.6333.

Spiritual Evolution Study Group — 7–8:30pm $10. Ongoing series based on spiritually inspired texts. Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution, 1410 NE 26th Street, Wilton Manors. Call Rev. G 917.579.3750.

Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities and become a member of the Natural Awakenings community at:


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – Unity Hollywood, 7:30–9pm, $10Love. Join us for our ongoing Christian Metaphysics Study on the book ACIM, Unity Hollywood Church (back room), 2750 Van Buren St, Hollywood FL 33020. Victoria 954 609-0091.

Reiki Circle/Meditation —7:30–8:45pm. $10 Reiki healing circle, guided meditation & discussion Center for Spiritual Living, 4849 North Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park FL 33334, Rev Elise, R. M., 954.317.3907.

saturday Volunteer ~ Fort Lauderdale Beach Sweep — 7–11am (2nd Saturday of month), 8am “Trash Talk” SusieQ & Joan Starr. Help keep beaches litter-free. 300 S. Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Limited volunteer free parking, Las Olas Intracoastal Lot (south of east ramp).

The Sistrunk Farmers Market — 10am–2pm. Locally, organically grown fruits & vegetables, old fashioned family fun, Artisan Market Vendors. Market hours EBT & SNAP accepted at the Market. Corner of Sistrunk Blvd & NW 10th Ave, Ft Lauderdale. Raja Yoga Meditations at 3 Libraries — 10:30–11:30am, weekly, Free, at Dania Beach and Carver Ranches. Hallandale Beach 10:30– 11:30am only 1st and 3rd Sat. each month. Enjoy the peace within. Info, Roz 954.962.7447. Community Acupuncture — 11am–6pm $30-$40 (Mon-Sat). Relaxing & effective! Acupuncture treatments in a small group setting. Thrive Wellness Center, 1244 S Federal Hwy, Ft Lauderdale 954.713.6118. Psychic medium Lynnette —12 - 2 pm. also Sundays. $80.00/1/2 hour readings to communicate with your loved ones who have passed. Mystik Sisters, 3475 N Dixie Hwy, Ste 102, Oakland Park, 754.223.7001. Musical Saturdays at LilaSky - 12:30pm1:30pm. $10. Combining storytelling and music in a fun and wholesome environment. LilaSky, 2019B Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020, Viviana, 954.274.4872. Yin Yoga — 2–3:15pm, $15. (+Wed, 6pm) Restorative Postures with Deep Breathing are held passively to expand motion in joints, supporting our immune system and emotional well being. Concludes with meditation. Namaste Yoga, 421 S. Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, 954.785.6333.

Country Heat Live – 3pm. (+Weds 6:30pm.) $Fee Based $7, $6 or $5. Country line danceinspired workout. Low impact, high energy class. Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, 1801 NE 6th St., Nancy, 954.494.5464. Rock Kirtan: Sacred Devotional Singing — monthly (call) 7–8:30pm, $10. Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution, 1410 NE 26th Street, Wilton Manors. Call Rev. G. 917.579.3750.

SusieQ art available at Frame ‘n Art Gallery

Big doesn’t necessarily

229A Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale by the Sea FL Part of the TRASHformation series, as exhibited at Ft Lauderdale City Hall.

mean better. Sunflowers are not better than violets ~Edna Ferber

classifieds business opportunity

For sale

LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE - Create your future with a lifestyle franchise. Publish your own Natural Awakenings Magazine. Natural Awakenings has 22+ years of leadership in publishing, making it the #1 healthy, green living magazine with nearly 100 editions across the US., Puerto and the Dominican Republic. For more information how you can become a franchise owner, please call Anna at 239.530.1377.

Holistic Wellness Center, in Davie, FL. Established clientele, open 32 years. Call Sneha 305.746.6890

For rent Holistic therapy office in Plantation for rent: Internet, Private bathroom, kitchen, waiting area. Paul: 954.817.8730. HOUSING ~ Villa in gated community to share with peaceful housemate. Details 954.893.8092. Private, Gorgeous professional office in Wellness Center. Many amenities and referral opportunities $1,000 a month,

PIano Instructor: Compassionate lessons for children 5 and up, Beginners to intermediate. Hadorah Ginsberg 954.665.0919. Hadorah Ginsberg May17

[Dhanani Jun17]

order your classified ad

help wanted Soles Foot Lounge in Pompano Beach hiring therapists for foot massage/ reflexology. Call Lauren 954.993.2397.

Place your Classified Ad here. Get real results with Natural Awakenings Magazine, distributing monthly over 30,000 magazines throughout Broward County. Call 954.630.1610 today. Ask for SusieQ. i


business, professional and personal growth MENTORING ONLINE: free & paid subscriptions, access some of the greatest minds to integrate just what you need for your next steps. It’s all about the team. JOG Crystal Bed Sessions 20/40 or 60 minutes. Contact Kathryn: 954.306.8251 or to Book your Session – Packages available. NATURAL AWAKENINGS SINGLES: Ready to meet the love of your life? Dip into our pool of conscious, awake singles and meet someone that you would have never met without us! Free to join.

natural awakenings

May 2017


communityresourceguide (crg) acupuncture

Colon therapy

Anisha Durve, D.O.M.

A Colon Care Center

Thermae Retreat & Spa 604 S. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale 33301

Offerings: acupressure, aromatherapy, acutonics- sound therapy, guided meditation, Ayurveda wellness consults.

Michele Miglino, LMT/CCT 837 S.E. 9th Street Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 954-421-0703 954-695-6595, cell

Colon hydrotherapy is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellness, and to keep your body functioning at peak efficiency.

Specialties: anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia, ADHD, women’s health, chronic pain, headaches, fatigue.

CranioSacral Therapy Total Balance 4 U

TJ Mallet 2800 E. Commercial Blvd, Suite 211 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 954-234-3299 Release “stuck” areas in your body that cause chronic pain: migraines, neck, low back, PTSD, anxiety, and more. It Feels Good To Feel Good! MA24266, MM30072

MM18325, MA0007506.

Day Retreats

16+ years experience. See ad page 17.


Dr. Bernard Burton, d.c. 7800 W Oakland Pk # 110, Bldg D Sunrise, FL 33351 954-742-0332

Physical Health Complex

Sandra Herrington, OMD, RN, LMT, CT 2544 No. Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale 954-566-0444 Cleansing for health/energy. Constipation, impaction, bowel rehabilitation, digestive disorders, candida detox, nutrition, living foods/ wheatgrass. Individualized plans or Rx followed. Physician/ Instructor administered. Established 1964. Clean, private, caring environment. mm966, ma6884. .

Dr. Bernard Burton is a Holistic Doctor who uses chiropractic, nutrition, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, and craniopathy to find and fix the cause of your symptoms.

Cleaning services


Pure Green Clean Now

KAREN KAYE, Holistic Psychotherapist, LMHC

305.647.9474 Pure Green Clean is an independently owned and operated cleaning company that is committed to providing an ecofriendly environment. 100% guarantee on our services.

2625 Weston Road, Weston, FL 33331 954-384-1217 If talking about your problems hasn’t worked for you.... The transformational process that I teach will offer you awareness, alternatives, and action. Specialties include Transitional Issues, Depression/Anxiety, Pre/ Post Divorce, Self-Worth Issues, Unhealthy Patterns/Addictions, Marital Conflict. 30 Years Experience.


604 S. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301 954-604-7930

Thermae Retreat An organic serene Daily Retreat to prevent or heal. Infrared Saunas, Massage, Skincare, Body Scrubs and Masques, Holistic Healing, Energy Therapy. Yoga, Meditation, Hydrotherapy. See ad page 16.

dental health Advanced Dental Wellness Center Boris Lipovetskiy 104 SE 1st St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-525-5662

Dr. Lipovetskiy specializes in Natural, Biological, and Cosmetic Dentistry offering latest in technology in our relaxing environment. We provide Mercury safe Dentistry, Metal-free Braces, and biocompatible metal-free zirconia implants. He specializes in TMJ and Sleep Apnea.

Spring is independent of our compulsion to manage and direct. It’s beyond our reach. ~Roger Fransecky


Broward County, Florida

communityresourceguide (crg) Brent J. Bracco, DDS – Comprehensive Dentistry

2467 E. Commercial Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 954-771-5300

Do you wait till it hurts to see the dentist? Enhance your smile at our new tranquil, state-of-the-art office. We have been providing wholistic family dental care since 1985. Most insurance accepted. Mon – Thurs, 7:30am – 5pm.

Dental Spa

Gregory Gertsen, DDS Michael Gertsen, DMD, MS 3640-7 N Federal Highway Venetian Isles Plaza Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 954-941-7778 Remove the uncertainty from your dental health! At the Dental Spa we are privileged to have the most up to date t e c h n o l o g y, i n c l u d i n g biocompatible same day crowns! We focus on creating optimal oral health and emphasize patient education and prevention. Let your smile be a sign of your health and happiness!

Dr Yani Holistic and Healing Dentistry 212 SE 12th St (Davie Blvd), Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316 954-525-6010

We follow strict amalgam removal protocols incorporating nutritional supplements for safe mercury detoxification ~ IAOMT member. To promote better healing, our hygiene care incorporates ozone and essential oils for gum treatments. Only Mercury-free biocompatible crowns and dental materials used. Free holistic toothpaste recipe.

Fine art

Holistic Podiatrist

SusieQ Wood

Start With Your Feet

954-630-1610 Art with feeling and purpose. SusieQ is available to talk to groups interested in using the arts to create and maintain litter-free zones. Available for collaborative painting/mixed media projects: weddings, corporate events, etc. Colorful, uplifting, thoughtprovoking designs and images. Oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Visit our website for more information on taking the Global TRASHformation pledge. Call for an appointment or home visit. See ad pages 6, 28, 45 and 51.

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM The Wellness Center at Post Haste 4401 Sheridan St. Hollywood, FL 33021 954.526.5800 One of the only holistic podiatrists in the country who merges traditional and holistic podiatric medicine, along with a patientspecific biomechanical foundation. Offering long distance “customized orthotics” on website online store. #StartWithYourFeet.

homeopathy gardening

Homeopathy cure

Dr. Iqbal Nazir, M.S, D.Pharm, D.H.S. Licensed Lab Medicine Practitioner 954-226-3652

The Garden Gate

Sears (N. side), Pompano Citi Centre corner/Copans Road and US1 954-783-1189 A unique garden center specializing in Florida native plants, butterfly and bird habitats, herbs, orchids, water gardening, organic gardening products, beneficial insects, garden decor and more!

Natural cure by Homeopathy of many Diseases & Symptoms. Diabetic, B.P, Prostate, Arthritis, Sinus, Asthma, Depression, E.D, STD’S, Menopause, Cholesterol, Hemorrhoid, Colitis, Back, Joint or Period pains, Kidney Stones, Candida, Ovarian Cyst, Urine problems and more.... No Side Effects.



6710 Parkside Drive Parkland, FL 33067 954-906-5985

Low TE Florida

Salt therapy, an all-natural treatment, improves respiratory health, decreases stress and fatigue, improves skin conditions, and strengthens the immune system. First session is Complimentary!

Carolyn Zaumeyer, Nurse Practitioner 4540 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 954-791-4498 Bio-Identical Hormone Therapies, Testosterone Treatment for Men, Menopause Treatment, Botox, Weight Loss, Gynecology. See ad page 21.

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ~Meryl Streep

natural awakenings

May 2017


communityresourceguide (crg) massage therapy

Hyperbaric therapy

Angel Light Holistic Healing

hyperbaricsrx llc

Linda Geer, LMT, RMT 954-558-0419

Laura H. Betts, ANDI IT, HCO, CHT 4654 North University Drive Lauderhill FL 33351 954-749-9998

Massage therapy, energy healing work, aura cleansing, aromatherapy and chakra balancing for deep relaxation and healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): We exclusively provide HBOT utilizing hospital grade hyperbaric chambers in a compassionate, professional environment.

Pain Management Scott Irwin, PhD, CTTS at Healing & Wellness Spa 1732 NE 26th St, Suite 202 Wilton Manors, FL 33305 305-942-6378

K•Laser® Advanced Pain Relief Now Available! Non Surgical, Drug free treatment for: Sciatica, Tendinosis, Carpal Tunnel, Neck, Back, Shoulder & Knee Pain, Sprains, Gout, Arthritis, Shingles, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Auto, Sports & Work Related Injuries.

MA 79609



Gary James Greenleaf Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 520-591-8282

Your Life in HD

Arianan Curry 754-816-5053

Professional scientific and bioenergetic EMF analysis of your home or office. Featuring GeoSafe-E EMF neutralizing technology that works. Sleep in peace and feel real rejuvenation today!

Life Coach & Personal Strategist I work as an intuitive life coach and personal strategist. My passion is helping clients resolve inner conflicts and clear obstacles in their life paths to achieve their goals and align with their greater purpose. Schedule a free Discovery Call today!


Psychotherapy A Healing Space

Kris Drumm, LCSW, ACHT 954-549-0263 Uncover and transform limiting and damaging belief systems with individual and group therapies, including heart-centered hypnotherapy and inner child healing. Free one half-hour consultation offered.

Life Organized by Bonnie, LLC


Lymphatic Therapy

Got Clutter! Get Bonnie! Clear your clutter, simplify your life. Specializing in residential organizing and downsizing. Home care coordination. Assistance with life transitions. Complete confidentiality. Licensed/ Insured.

Healing with Love

132 NE 1st Avenue Hallandale Beach FL 33009 305-439-3956 Electro Sound Lymphatic Drainage Therapy • Assists in weight loss


• Detoxifies • Reduces Cellulite tissue • Supports preventive health maintenance

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. ~Robert Browning


Broward County, Florida

Community Reiki Circles. Reiki i n Re c o v e r y. C e r tif ic a tio n classes—all levels. Life and career coaching. Member International Association of Reiki Professionals.

relationship coaching getting what you want

Susan Sheppard 818-414-6032, 818-548-0849 If you want a significant increase in self esteem and a committed loving intimate relationship within the year, call for a free strategy session! See ad page 32.

John Bruno Salon


John Bruno 2412 North Dixie Highway Wilton Manors, Florida 33305 732-887-8126

Lynnette Albert


An organic and vegan hair salon specializing in hair coloring and hair cutting. Using OWAY organics hair color from Italy. Oway hair color is ammonia free, paraben free, sodium free, and more.


2019B Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020 754-263-2482 Eco-friendly and design both inform how we curate our products. A community hotspot as it is a store, thus our unique community retail experience.

salon Hair Holistic Eco-Friendly StudIo Ibana Villasenor 881 E Palmetto Park Road Boca Raton, FL 33432 561-372-5354

Hair services & products with a truly holistic approach. Digital hair - scalp analysis, detox & rejuvenation. Variety of ecofriendly, vegan hair colors like henna. Formaldehyde free keratin & botox.

Specializing in communicating with those who have passed.

Wellness Center

schools RETAIL

As a child, spirits would visit me frequently. Now they come to me with messages for others....

Natural Health Power Works

Summit—Questa Montessori School

Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi, DNM, Ph.D 6974 Griffin Rd, Davie, FL 33314 954-873-8413

Judy Dempsey 5451 SW 64th Ave, Davie, FL 33314 954-584-3466

A non-denominational Montessori school on a lush 10-acre campus with PE fields, organic vegetable garden, live pond, new gymnasium and pools. Montessori education for toddler to 8th grade. Accredited by AISF, AdvancEd/ SACS, MSA, Ai, NCPSA and an AMS full member. Recipient of the Gold Seal Award of Excellence. Judy Dempsey is the author of Turning Education Inside Out. Confessions of a Montessori Principal. Available on

Using the power of nature to heal: Allergies, Autism, ADHD, Detoxification, Gastrointestinal Health, Immune System Support, Customized Nutrition, Mood Disorders, Insomnia. “Health plan for the whole family.” DISCLAIMER: Natural Medicine is complementary healthcare and unintended for diagnosis, prescription or treatment of disease and is not licensed in Florida nor a substitute for medical care.

The Healing and Wellness SPA



Only psychic who guarantees her work! Plus pet psychic. Reiki, DNA Activation, communicates with deceased. Group, parties and private sessions. By appointment only.

Bernadette Mosquera, A. P. 1732 NE 26th St, Suite 202 Wilton Manors FL 33305 954.564.6573

We love treating our clients with TLC. We promote and facilitate their healing and wellness through one on one integrative therapies and education. Acupuncture, Massage, Facials, B-12 Injections, Cupping. MM#33424.

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. ~Albert Einstein

natural awakenings

May 2017


communityresourceguide (crg) Yoga

Yoga Warehouse

Yogi Plus Yoga

Classical Yoga in historic, open-air space since 1998. Beginners and all levels. “Best Yoga” eight times. Wonderful store. Many discounts available. Free meditation and kirtan.

We call our studio Yogi Plus Yoga, “The Plus” stands for Plus Size Yoga. You don’t have to be plus size or curvy to practice here, though if you are, you are very welcome! Our mission is to bring yoga as a tool to connect with your body.

508 SW Flagler Ave. Downtown Fort Lauderdale 954-525-7726

Namasté Yoga Salon

407 South Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062 954-785-6333 We offer yoga for beginners to advanced. Warm, hatha, vinyasa & yin yoga plus crystal bowl and guided meditation. Chakra yoga. Essentials oils for shavasana. See ad page 27.

6329 W. Commercial Blvd. Tamarac, FL 33319 754-235-3353

The flower is the poetry of reproduction.

It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life. ~Jean Giradoux

GROW Your Business Secure this ad spot! Contact us for special ad rates.


Broward County, Florida

“Conscious Evolution”

SusieQ’s Global TRASHformation Art

Beautifying One Community at a Time Third Thursday Art Walk, Frame ‘n Art, 5-8pm 229 E Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale by the Sea FL

954.630-1610 •

Profile for Natural Awakenings, Broward Co., Florida

Natural Awakenings  

May 2017, Broward Co., Florida

Natural Awakenings  

May 2017, Broward Co., Florida

Profile for susiequ