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Sabbatical, Trustee, Exec, Media, & RAG Elections 2012/2013 Manifesto Booklet President Vice President Education & Welfare Vice President Communications & Campaigns Vice President Student Activities Student Trustee x 2 Union Chair Democracy Officer Entertainments Officer Women & Marginalised Genders’ Officer LGBT+ Officer Black and Minority Ethnic Officer Disabled Students’ Officer Academic Affairs Officer International Students’ Officer Communications Officer Campaigns Officer Ethics & Environment Officer Sports Officer Societies Officer Students’ Union Publication Editor Students’ Union Publication Deputy Editor Students’ Union Radio Station Manager Students’ Union Radio Station Assistant Manager Rhubarb-TV Station Manager Rhubarb-TV Assistant Station Manager RAG Chair RAG Vice-Chair

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VOTE CRAIG GENT FOR PREZ Hi. I’m Craig and I’m running


for President. I’m as friendly as everyone else and I’m almost as passionate about the union as I am about OFFICE

«Address» «Address»,BLAH! «Address» «Address»

my CV. I really care about


having a nice time and student experiences and blah blah blah blah.

«Phone» FAX


«Phone» EMAIL





I’ve spent lots of time on committees you’ve never heard of and in meetings you don’t care about, making changes you haven’t really noticed; but at least it made me feel good about the fact that I have few discernible opinions about anything. Increasing participation is a nice idea, but meetings are F***ING BORING – so let’s get rid of the Union and have a MAD RAVE, which will obviously be much better than any Union night.

I aim to represent every single student by somehow getting to know every single one and


having a God’s eye view of everything you all think at


every moment. In the event that this doesn’t work out I will



I want to find dynamic and efficient ways of doing even more nothingness so we can move forwards – wherever that might be. “DRUGS”* I will also try to get a 3D printer in the SU because it’s COMMUNISM IN A BOX.

(Trust me, I’m a union hack!)

*Not actual drugs

Finance  I WILL fight for a bigger block grant  I WILL budget for the London Living Wage for all staff  I WILL publish the accounts at least once per term


 I WILL support the liberation campaigns and provide them with a specific budget  I WILL fight for autonomy for the liberation campaigns

Your University  I WILL fight for better teaching space on campus  I WILL set a challenge to Paul Layzell to swap his plush meeting room with a Queen’s Annexe seminar room for a week  I WILL oppose privatisation of key services within the university  I WILL fight for the university management to focus on making Royal Holloway better for

current students and not just spend their time marketing it to prospective students!

 I WILL work with the UCU to organise a joint campaign around democratising Royal Holloway

Entertainments  QUEUES QUEUES QUEUES! I WILL make a real commitment to reducing queues at the SU by pledging to support spending money on the swipe card system we desperately need!

 I WILL look towards getting air conditioning in the SU Main Hall

Your Union  I WILL aim to split the role of Vice

President (Education and Welfare) into the two jobs that it should be before next year’s sabbatical elections  I WILL support our student staff by attending all new staff inductions and informing them of their rights at work  I WILL organise a Re-Freshers Fayre so you can have a second chance to join clubs and societies  I WILL install all officer manifestos as a permanent feature in the SU so you can see what your officers promised to do  I WILL look to remove a lot of the bureaucracy from the SU  I WILL always give my support to and be active within the campaigns for free

education and for better, more affordable housing.

ABOUT ME Alice Branson rd 3 Year Management student Residential Support Assistant (2012 – 2013) Ethics and Environment Communication Representative (SURHUL) (2012 – 2013) Scrutiny and Accountability (SURHUL) (2012 - 2013) Started an investigation with the NUS to improve sabbatical welfare during their time in office (2012 – 2013) Lay student on the finance investigation (SURHUL 2012) Got naked for RAG (2012)

VOTE APRIL Improve coordination between subcommittees of the Students’ Union. (Help to run campaigns and further opportunities through sub-committee cooperation)

Campaign to provide more Vegan/Vegetarian/Allergy Free food options on campus, and run educational campaign on nutrition. (Includes vegetarian/vegans, gluten and dairy allergies, and applies to religious groups. Create a campaign for healthy eating, awareness and advice)

Ensure cooperation between faculty departments and improve effectiveness of the student-staff committee. (Work towards departments being able to coordinate deadlines so they don’t all fall at once and increase the Ensure better cooperation between the awareness of the student staff reps) Students’ Union and the careers service to provide improved development opportunities to student body. (Work with the Development Coordinator to improve career prospects of students, provide further cooperation between Union and careers service) Increase student role in contributing to the local area. (Gain more connections in local schools to get students work experience in teaching, and provide advice for those who are thinking about higher education)

Broaden the activities held by RAG. (build connections and share events with other universities of London in order to encourage inter-university cooperation and competition)

Vp EdWelfare


Organised the hugely successful International Student coach trip, which sold out and was ranked ‘good’ or ‘amazing’ by 92% of participating students.

Get SSHH Bus Ticket Machines outside the SU and Medicine

with College to limited learning


better space.

Standard online registration Don’t leave your drink unattended campaign. process across Increase awareness and participation of all departments. welfare campaigns by moving events to busier locations and increasing flyering and postering - pressure College to allow this.

Space’ online


concept and

‘Safe to


media by exploring ways to allow students to




Work utilise


I was Vice President Membership Development of my Sorority where I spear-headed the personal development of our For GMs support Union Chair to stick to strict members in everything from structure emplace to give everyone a chance to conflict resolution to awareness speak and issue informal and formal warnings. and education campaigns.


attacks and investigate

Education that isn’t just memorizing facts and figures. A meaningful education that enlightens and encourages a passion for learning. A campus that is safe, open and loving so students’ are encouraged to do things that would ordinarily scare them.

procedures for dealing



Continue work to make Royal Holloway more wheelchair accessible by expanding Founders Access from trial period to all students.


Run features with student media on RAG chosen charities focussing on people who work for the charity and people who have been helped on it.

Mentoring Education and Welfare Officers.

Promote Community Liaison Support Office, counselling, Vice President Education and Welfare’s role throughout the year with campaigns.

Pressure College Estates to replace light I was Vice President with these, such as bulbs on campus in a timely manner. Scholarship of my encouraging RHULSorority. I got 63% of Modernise Class connected Facebook girls off of scholarship Registration probation in one term. Process. groups to add the VP Education & Welfare as an admin and/or

list their email address for people to contact if they feel harassed.

Continuing Liberation through active support of new liberation officers via bitermly team meetings

Enlightened kindness inspired by education. Lobby college for more funding to more effectively meet students needs by splitting the Education and Welfare sabbatical role into two positions.

VOTING OPEN 07/02/13 08/02/13



A bit about me… I’m a 4th year, currently studying MA Marketing I’m Sideline Captain for the RH Tom Cats Cheerleading Squad I’m an RSA in Founder’s Hall I work as Bar Supervisor in the Students’ Union and you’ll occasionally see me work Security too! As Vice President of Education and Welfare I want to continue the work of my predecessor, and build a higher awareness of events & progression through social networks and the website

What I aim to achieve… Implement a minimum usage policy for Moodle Expand the Peer Guidance Scheme Increase Graduate employability

EDUCATION… Push the College to implement a minimum usage policy for Moodle for all departments Increase communication between module leaders in courses in order to ensure deadlines clash as little as possible Improve the speed at which course assessment feedback is returned, and ensure it is beneficial Boost the number of internship fairs to help increase graduate employability Work with Support & Advisory services to expand the peer guidance scheme into more departments, bettering the student experience Work to improve the relationship between individual departments and Educational Support


Increase communication with the local authorities, police force and on-campus support and advisory services Enhance awareness of the weekly drop-in clinic at the Health Centre Work with the library services to aim to increase accessibility of Founder’s library Continue to communicate events such as Mental Health Awareness Week and SHAG Week and make them even bigger this year! Maintain the use of personal safety reminders on the SU website Boost the awareness of our Zero Tolerance policy Look at developing a third ball, specifically for recognition of those committed to volunteering and charity work, including RAG and Community Action.






-Rei magi nedSU websi t e:A f r eshnew websi t e wi t hf r equent l yupdat edcont ent ,userf r i endl y i nt er f aceandi nf or mat i onatyourf i nger t i ps. -Bet t ersoci almedi aut i l i zat i on:St r eaml i nedand i mpr ovedusageofsoci almedi aout l et ssuchas Facebook,Twi t t erandYout ube -Smar t phoneAppf orTi cket s:Ut i l i set hel at est t echnol ogyofQR codest obuyandsel lSU and SHHH bust i cket sal latt hecl i ckofabut t on. -Al umniCar eer sWeek:A weekl ongcampai gn eventwher eSURHULi nvi t essuccessf ul al umnibackt oRoyalHol l owayandgi vesyou t i met onet wor kandr egi st eri nt er esti nt he r ol es.They' l lpr ovi deyouwi t hadvi ce,suppor t andencour agementonf i ndi ngapl acei nt he gr aduat ewor l d. -Anonymousonl i nef eedbackf or ms:Unhappy wi t ht hemusi ci nt heSU?Wor ki ngcondi t i ons? Haveyoursayi nconf i dent i al i t y.

Rel evantExper i ence -Gr aphi cDesi gner , Ar t i st ,Vi deoand audi oedi t or .

-Ear t hDays:Wor kwi t ht hecol l eget obecome anener gyef f i ci entcampusandcar ef ort he dYearComput er envi r onmentbyt ur ni ngof fal lacademi cbui l di ng -3r Sci ent i st . l i ght s. -SU Secur i t y Al so. . Super vi sor . -Suppor tanddevel opmentf orourownSoci al cePr esi dentand Medi aout l et sRhubar b,I nsani t yandt heOr bi t al -Vi Capt ai nofSURHUL -Pl at f or msf ormor edebat esandcampai gns Amer i canFoot bal l . -Lovet hyhousemat ecampai gn -Resi dent i al -Sabbat i calandExecVi deoLogs Suppor tAssi st ant . -Assi st i ngSpor t sandSoci et i eswi t hvi deo pr omot i on

#1 n e e r G e i Jam Vice President

#1MoreYear votejamiegreen.

Communications & Campaigns Campaigns

What have I done?

- Set-up an SU online TV station. Students’ Unions, as well as providing quality services, should - Campaigned on a broad and diverse range of issues. be campaigning organisations who exist to defend and extend - Organised the first full mental health awareness week. your rights. We should be campaigning to the university, - Created strong links outside organisations and won funding for local and national government on a variety of issues affecting campaigns. student living. I’d like to run the following campaigns: - Fought for better SU democracy – Making the trustees accountaFight the Housing Crisis: ble, removing RHUL management’s influence from SU governance. - A campaign for cheaper accommodation at RHUL and local area - Campaigned around student rights at work, including SU staff. – The cost of living is soaring whilst landlords/agents take huge - Won societies more rooms, created their own section on the chunks of money from students and the uni makes huge surpluses. what’s on guide and provided funding for their campaigns. -I’ll campaign against unethical practises of agents and to lower - Supported campus wide celebrations of LGBT, Black and Womens’ halls prices on campus. history months. -Lobbied our MP over equal marriage making international news Reclaim your campus: - Fight injustices on our campus and make real wins for students. - Strictly Come Holloway Runner Up 2013 - Stop lock-out fees in halls, win more rooms for societies, more Communications non-commercial space for students + get a cash machine in New innovative ways to communicate Kingswood. – Too often we rely on posters and social media to promote what - Empower course reps so they are more than just tokenistic we’re doing. consultants and to give students more of a say in their university! - I’ll begin a regular e-zine updating all our students on what SURHUL is doing. I’ll also fight to secure funding to create an SU A campaigns network: - To make SURHUL a hub for campaigns of all varieties and views. app! - Setting up links with local/national organisations (EG Greenpeace, RSPB, etc) so students can campaign on a wide variety of An SU night Re-Brand & Re-think: Element and Escape are unclear brands. I’ll work with the entertainments officer to issues and ideas and bring them back to RHUL. improve them so SU nights are definitely for and by the students! Defend Education: – I will oppose any cuts to departments and jobs as well as fightInsanity Radio: I will work with the station managers to apply ing against privatisation of our University. for more alternative funding and ensure we meet our key commit- Save our Health Services: Team up with other SUs and organisations to protect our hospitals from closing! ments when OfCom audit us in early 2014. Liberation: Supporting successful liberation campaigns at RHUL Rhubarb TV: We have the set up and facilities, now we need to and across London.

Sustainability develop it and make it bigger and better – I’ll find development opportunities via Media Arts and outside bodies I’ll ensure Rhubarb Supporting Green Campaigns - Back campaigns to change environmental behaviour on campus will be at campus events and build prominence at RHUL. like student switch-off & Go Green Week. The Orbital: I’ll use information from this year to set targets

for more contributors and better circulation and visibilty of the publication.

Gold in Green Impact: Let’s make SURHUL one of the greenest SUs in the country and go for gold (again!).

Vote Jamie Green #1 on March 7th-8th

VOTE ANGUS WYATT VICE-PRESIDENT STUDENT ACTIVITIES (VPSA) * President and Co-Founder, Voices of Holloway (2011-13) * Student Activities Communications Rep (2011-12) * * Assistant Station Manager, Insanity Radio (2012-13) * Head of Marketing, Insanity Radio (2011-12) * * Freshman of the Year 2010/11 * Outstanding Contribution to RAG 2012/13 * SPORTS * Campaign for a permanent lighting solution on sports fields and hard courts and an improvement to pitch drainage in order to maximise training time * Actively promote home games, to improve attendance of supporters * Improve and increase inter-club events like Martial Arts Day/Community Sports Day * Increase participation in sport by expanding the number and availability of recreational and social sports SOCIETIES * Develop a more transparent, coherent and fair system for room bookings * Work with college to increase the number of rehearsal/meeting spaces * Reliable support and practical assistance when dealing with Commercial Services * Produce clear guidelines for fundraising and offer practical, active support and guidance on society fundraising and sponsorship. COMMUNITY ACTION & RAG * Create more opportunities for clubs and societies to get involved with community action and charity fundraising, and offer rewards to those that do. * Create and encourage collaborative charity fundraising through initiatives such as Arts Week and Club-Soc Swap INCLUSION & REPRESENTATION * Extend the Charter against Homo-Trans-phobia to include race, religion, gender and (dis)ability, so that all clubs and societies promote a safe, equal and inclusive environment for their members GENERAL * Restore campus noticeboards for the promotion of Club/Society Events * Improve employability by working closer with the careers service and alumni * Review the positions on the Student Activities Committee to make it more reflective of the specific needs of our SU * Work with Student Media to increase the promotion and coverage of club and society events through, for example, a Student Activities radio show * Improve access to club and society storage spaces * Address feedback from Colours/Socs Ball and CIYK/CIYS to ensure that you are getting what you want out of these events * Update Student Activities documentation to improve efficiency and ensure documents are relevant to those using them

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down! Vote on 7th & 8th March at #surhulelects #VPSAngus

Vote Gareth Berry Vice-President of Student Activities

BSc Biology with Psychology Finalist Mens’ Lacrosse 1sts Captain 2012-13 Lacrosse Social Secretary 2012-13 Finance Officer for SAC 2012-13 Ex-Absolute Harmony Secretary 2011-12 Ex-Lacrosse Mixed 2nds Captain 2011-12 Qualified Minibus Driver Friendly, Organised and Approachable

Vote Thursday 7 and Friday 8th March on the SU Website th

-Explore the draining system on Nobles and Eastfields. Explore methods of avoiding water damage to playing pitches, such as covers etc. Push for better facilities and examine and develop current plans. As well as explore options of facilities off the main campus, such as Astro Turfs. -Representation of Student Activities at UCAS Open days. Having a SA stall at the Windsor Building with the VPSA or an SAC member there to represent the SA brand and promote clubs and societies for future students. Form contacts with Academic Departments to use their forums to advertise activities. -Drinking water fountains around campus for students. Get a water tap in Rialto, for SU nights etc. as well as around campus and especially in libraries and study areas.

-Investigate new systems for room bookings to make the system easier. Having a campus virtual map on the website with pop-ups to show where meetings are; accessible to everyone. -Preferential bookings for dedicated societies. Societies that meet regularly with regular attendance get requested rooms as priority. Minimum people requirements to hire bigger rooms. -Create a place for free outdoor activities such as a basketball hoop near The Hub or Founders Fields

-Update the SU website to make tickets and general SA information more easily available. -Create a centralised hub of information for all students on the website . Online calendar where people can view daily/weekly/annual events and find all information and contact details. Create links for easy access to room bookings schedule, meetings, media outlets, rehearsal and training times.

-Increase participation at Freshers’ Fayre from Clubs and Societies. -Increase advertisement of Taster Sessions and society and club events during Welcome Week. Strive for better Fresher participation and inclusion. -Societies, Media and RAG Ball. Increase the size to the same as Colours Ball -Use Founders and Kingswood Tennis Courts to capacity. -Come In Your Kit and Come In Your Socs tickets to go on sale exclusively to clubs and societies a week before general sale. -Maintaining the weekly email to all committees with updates of the past and upcoming week’s events/activities. Work with media and the SU website to expand information dispersion round campus (e.g. The Orbital Sports and Societies Pages) for students not currently involved in SA.

Budget and Spending Plans 1. Allocate resources efficiently 2. Encourage sponsorships and make the application process easier 3. Focus on needed equipment Don’t Panic!

Elizabeth ScottWilson for VPSA!

Improve Employability

Help Clubs and Societies Grow 1. Promote collaboration between clubs and societies 2. Make advertising easier – e.g. introducing notice boards just for C&S 3. Introduce first-sessionfree policy

Charity Work

1. Work on integrating passport points with clubs and societies 2. Employability workshops targeted at specific clubs and societies 3. Expand the skills needed for employability via awards

1. Get clubs and societies more involved in volunteering, MADD and RAG week. 2. Introduce compulsory volunteering liaison officer on every committee

Increase Efficiency: Boost Transparency! 1. Make it easier to set up new clubs and societies by making the application process more transparent and by setting up meetings prior to the start of the ratification process 2. Use the SU website and social media sites more efficiently 3. Increase accountability and transparency through an open door policy and by sharing information through social media and the blog 4. Work more closely with other ULU clubs and societies, looking into creating more shared events such as the annual London Photohunt. 5. Have an additional Welcome Fayre in second week 6. Make the Colours Ball Award Ceremony more accessible and transparent

Elizabeth Scott-Wilson for VPSA!

Vice President of Student Activities Temi Awoniyi #TeamUp WithTemi WHO AM I? Temi Awoniyi, Computer Science graduate currently studying for an MSc in information security. I am a vibrant member of Student union activities. I am


currently part of RHUL football and last year repre-


sented my course on the Student Staff committee.

Encourage societies to feature

Prior to university I was captain of my local football

regularly in student events ie.

team and played badminton for my sixth form

SU nights and Antidote. While

college. 2003 - 2009 was an integral part of my

aiming to offer reduced entry

school/colleges Charity Committee.

to those society members

CELEBRATING SUCCESS Dedication to highlighting the success of all sports clubs and societies, moving the score board away from Stumble Inn to a more visible and accessible place for rhul students. Creation of an

Online Hub

where all

societies and sports teams have a page in which





societies to reduce event clashes. Encourage




information about events and opportunities within their society

greater integration between the sporting teams in an attempt to develop one social entity.


STUDENT TRUSTEE The Only Candidate for the Job Manifesto for Royal Holloway Student’s Union elections on 7th-8th March 2013 (2012/2013)

The Student’s Union (SU) at Royal Holloway, University of London, is an important part of the fabric of student life. The trustee board takes on this role on behalf of the student population to ensure the Student’s Union meets its aims as a charity; is financially stable and acting within financial and charity law.

Vote for Samir Akhtar: 

 

As the Student’s Union is a core provider of services to the student population, as well as maintaining a monopoly in several key areas, it is important there is oversight into the processes and responsibilities taken on by the department. The current economic climate within the country and world appears fraught with uncertainty. Therefore it is of great importance to ensure that the SU is responsible financially. However any financial decisions made should be fair and within reasonable limits (i.e. affordable to the general student population). It is also important the students union remains relevant and useful to the student population. The core aim should be to ensure the services provided are needed and fair. The events (SU nights and Medicine) remain an important part of the future vision of the SU and care must be taken to ensure that the pricing structure (e.g. for nights out, drinks) remain competitive and not overly costly. The SU must always be able to provide a cost effective service and place its members at the core of its values.


TRANSPARENCY – Improving the accountability of the students union to its members FAIRNESS – Ensuring decisions made are not biased and are fair COMMUNICATION – Ensuring that all students and other members feel they have a voice and input into their SU by being receptive to people’s ideas and opinions SERVICES – Focusing on the needs of its members: the student population INTEGRITY – Protect the reputation of Royal Holloway and it’s students union LEGAL COMPLICITY – Ensuring the students union is complying with all legal requirements, including charity and financial laws CONFIDENCE – Ensuring that members retain confidence and trust in the students union


Disclaimer: Alex no longer looks like this; however he does still own the gloves and Beanie Babies.


for UNION CHAIR “My vision for general meetings (GMs) is of them being a space where everyone feels able to voice their opinion and challenge the opinions of others, in a form that is respectful, open, and safe for everyone. This is what I’m endeavouring to create”

What I’ve Done

What I plan to do

• Chaired a successful GM whilst in role as Equality and Liberation Officer • Worked with the Union Chair on the access review of GM structures • Completed a frontrunner leadership for disabled students course • Chaired several meetings through the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and the Anti-Cuts Alliance • Organised (with others) several conferences with over 100 attendees.

• Challenge the abuse of twitter in GMs by displaying an approved feed constantly on screen for people to interact with positively • Draw up and propose a draft document that helps people understand the difference between heated debate and personal attacks, and where the line needs to be drawn • Work with the liberation officers to be sure members of their groups don’t feel unwelcome or unable to participate in GMs, and where issues are raised, respond appropriately and efficiently • Use a stacked chairing system whereby I don’t go to the person who put their hand up fastest but to people who haven’t spoken before, hence encouraging participation from more of the people attending • Hold a regular “motion-writing workshop” in which people can come with ideas for motions and have help in putting them together • Release a “guide to GMs” explaining everything from what a motion and procedural motion is, to what an access break is, to how to use twitter, to how to write a motion, and have it available online and offline by the first GM of the year • Request from the editors of the orbital a short GM column every edition, as a way of keeping the wider student body better informed of policy passed • Work with parts of the student body to discover why they aren’t involved in GMs, especially those engaged in union events, clubs, societies or sports but not politics, and international students, and try to improve participation, Ideas for achieving this include raffles of SU vouchers or guestlist spaces • Improve the accessibility of GMs by continuing to limit timing of debates and vote on their continuation after a set length, and by campaigning to have Rialto open and serving food during the GMs

I am a politically engaged student with strong views. I will not allow those to prevent neutrality when chairing GMs. Central to my political beliefs is respectful, open, honest, fair debate. However, in my role sitting on College Council, and in Exec discussions I will be political – standing against course closures and privatisation, and upholding the union’s passed policy on issues such as anti-cuts work

• I will always try to be open when sharing information with the student body • I will remain accountable by being contactable through multiple methods and keeping my officer blog updated • I will communicate with the rest of the student body using any methods available • I will be fair and unbiased and not let my opinions affect my chairing • I intend to make the union a space where every student feels able to participate • I will work for you • For more information, I can be found on: Twitter: @PublicMatt | Facebook: | Gmail: If you require this manifesto in a different format for reasons of accessibility please contact me

Vote Hannah Strathern for Democracy Officer • First year History undergraduate • Ladies 3s Hockey team • Democracy & Participation Board member • Entertainments Sub-committee member

To investigate the possibility of a ‘stand in’ Democracy Officer.

This is an option I would like to look into as a safety net in case the Democracy Officer is unable to oversee elections. I propose that at the General Meeting before elections an individual can nominate themselves for the position and the GM can vote on their suitability. This eradicates there being a situation where there is no Democracy Officer during the election period.

To provide a wider range of volunteers to ensure the smooth running of elections.

With Sabb, RAG, Media, Trustee and Exec elections now combined it is more important than ever to have a dedicated team able to assist with the process. I aim to achieve this by either expanding the Democracy and Participation Board or drafting in help from other elected committee members.


To hold a First Year Meeting during Welcome Week.

First Year involvement with the Union has always been notoriously poor and this is something which I feel the Union must work on. I aim to hold a meeting to which all newcomers will be invited in which we give an overview of the Union. By doing this I think we may see an increased level of First Year involvement and as a result a higher level of turnout.

General Meetings

Improving the accessibility of General Meetings.

In December 2012 a forum was held by the Equality and Liberation Officer and suggestions were made as to how the GMs could be made more accessible. These ideas were implemented for the subsequent meeting but many have not been carried through. Prior to the first GM of the year I would like to revist the suggestions made with the Executive Committee in order to reintroduce the successful points.



/RHULVoteHannah @RHULVoteHannah

Hold a ‘Get Involved’ session prior to the first General Meeting. As a follow up to the Welcome Week meeting I propose we host a session attended by as many elected individuals as possible to which anyone can attend to enquire about getting involved with the Union.

Create a leaflet explaining GM procedure and ensure copies are available at all GMs. GMs can be very intimidating particularly if you are new to the University or have never attended one before. I suggest a leaflet is made available both online and at all GMs which explains the format, processes and timings of GMs.

 

– –

 

– -

Who am I?

1.) Establish a connection with the University of London Union (ULU): • Establish a connection with the University of London Union for joint events. • 18 University of London campuses across London to participate with. • Allows SURHUL to create a variety of new and big events, for example nights out, joint society socials and sports matches.

3.) On-Campus Integration:

• Hannah Wilde, aged 20 • 2nd year Media Arts • Interested in: Making the SU the best it can possibly be! • Follow me on Twitter @WildeSURHUL

2.) Giving YOU a say in what events happen in YOUR SU:

• Giving you the choice of events, music and theme nights. • Allowing you to give feedback so we can add or improve events – More of the stuff you like, less of what you don’t! • Working with you to guarantee the SU has something for everyone.

• Creating new events nights influenced by societies to get other people involved. • Creating events that integrate both societies and sports teams, for example charity sports matches or nights out, such as a Holloway bar crawl.

4.) Using social networking to create and market NEW events:

• Using Facebook and Twitter to connect to students, regularly asking what events you’d like to see at the SU. • Based on your feedback, I aim to ensure that there is always a fun and entertaining event happening on campus every night.


Who I am I’m Jack, a second year Politics student and a socialist feminist. I have been involved in anti-cuts, LGBT+ and feminist campaigns for the past 5 years. I campaigned for the creation of liberation officers and have been involved in protests at Royal Holloway against homophobia. I am an active member of the Feminism Society and one of the 3 LGBTQ reps on the national committee of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC).

What I stand for All people should be free from the oppressions that society forces on them. All forms of oppression need to be combatted at once – sexism, ablism, racism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia together. What I will do 1. Fight discrimination From the national level to the local, I will fight all forms of discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer people, organising campaigns on workplace discrimination, bullying, conversion therapy, and homophobia in sport. A democratic campaign of open forums and public meetings on LGBT+ discrimination. An intersectional campaign: all forms of oppression need to be fought at once, not just from one section. 2. Austerity is an LGBT+ issue Austerity attacks the weakest in society. This includes the LGBT community. The Tories’ and Lib Dems’ cuts are destroying the services LGBT rely on most: housing benefit, AIDS research funding, NHS services and counselling services. 3. Trans* awareness Trans* issues are historically the least represented within and out of the LGBT movement. To combat this, I will run a trans* awareness campaign across the whole year to educate students about trans* issues. I will continue our zero tolerance work and lobby for more gender-neutral toilets across campus. "Jack has been by far one of the most active LGBTQ reps that NCAFC has ever had. He's principled, dedicated and has a habit of making an idiot out of government ministers" – Michael Chessum, ULU President and NCAFC National Committee.

You can vote online at on 7th-8th March 2013.

Vote Chris for Academic Affairs I am a 1st year student studying History and International Relations, currently serving on as the IT representative on the Academic Affairs Senate, standing on a platform of a free and democratic education for all. As Academic Affairs Officer, I aim to:

1. Democratize Education

To reform the current course representative system, through the creation of Departmental Forums, for students to be able to discuss issues important to them. I plan to raise the awareness of course representatives around campus, through an awareness campaign, and to make it easier to contact them, by including contact information on the SURHUL website

2. Empower Education

To focus on how we can extend our education during our time here at Holloway, such as the introduction of extra-curricular language lessons. There are also questions of what is going to happen to Bedford Library after the completion of the new library in 2015

3. Defend Education

Over the last few years, both on this campus and around the country, we have seen attempts to cut back on faculty staff and services provided to students. I pledge myself to the defence of education both on this campus, and to support others doing the same around the country

If you believe that we as students and the lecturers should be in charge of this university, vote Chris for Academic Affairs For more information, go to

My name is Zosia Edwards, and I am currently the Communications Officer for 2012/13 on the SURHUL Executive Committee. I love this position and the work I’ve been doing, and I would very much like to continue in this role.

Since my election in October, I have been working with several societies and various other Exec officers to publicise their activities. In conjunction with the Student Activities Committee, I have been publishing details of society events for the Societies Events Guide in the Orbital and on the back of the SU Events guide. All this term I have been working with the Democracy Officer and many others to publicise these elections. I’ve chaired the Media and Communications Subcommittee and I’ve attended all sorts of meetings about various exciting projects in order to help the officers and representatives organising them to publicise them through campus media and other forms of publicity.

I’m a second year history student with a taste for studying medieval magic and medicine, and as Art Director of the Orbital I’ve been designing content and writing articles all year. I also represent the Orbital on the Media Society board, which has set up the London Student Media Network this year.

Societies have been a priority of mine, and I want this to continue into the next academic year. I want to give communications training to new committee members in the summer term to get them shouting about their events as loud as possible. I want to encourage more engagement with the Sports and Societies section of the Orbital, with more match reports and society updates. I would also like to publicise sports fixtures on the SU website. I want to see continuing co-operation between the various campus media outlets, I want the Orbital and Insanity to continue to flourish and I want to help RhubarbTV to grow over the next year. I’d like to formalise the arrangements for society advertising with campus media, and I want to ensure all students know how they can get involved in student Media. Engagement with SU activities is always an issue, and I want to attempt to bring people in right from the start. I would like to set up Facebook pages for new students informing them what the SU is before they arrive, and I think that communication during Welcome Week will be key. I want to work with exec and campus media, as well as the College to find ways of reaching out to these students.

VOTE ANDREW MITCHELL FOR CAMPAIGNS OFFICER Hi, I’m Andrew, I am from Liverpool, I am the current First Year Representative, and I study French with Politics. If elected I would campaign: For the London Living Wage for Students Union Employees For Mental Health support and awareness all year round For better, cheaper housing for RHUL Students– to fight against the excessive costs of private companies, and to stand up for the students against high prices For a more democratic SU, that represents and supports students

For increased international student support at the students union, with complementary events For increased communication between officers and with other Student Unions and organisations for efficient, effective, co-ordinated campaigns To oppose cuts to education, and cuts that affect students universally, such as welfare, the health services and the police

07.03.2013 -voting- 08.03.2013 Vote Andrew Mitchell for Campaigns Officer


Who I am: I’m Theresa Feddersen, I’m 20 years old and currently in my first year of Physics here at Royal Holloway. I’m in the Volleyball team and work in the Students Union as your SAC RAG Rep. I am good at planning events and making things work. Since my degree program and my team commitment are both really demanding, I have learnt how to manage my time efficiently, yet still keep spare time for fun and friends. I always give 100% in all I choose to be involved in, without leaving anything to chance. I am very passionate about Volleyball and spend a lot of time down at the sports center; Most of it with my gym program, attending classes, running the beActive sessions or organizing other events such as RAG 5-a-side football tournaments. This gave me good insight in different areas of sports: High performance as well as just playing for fun. This year I have already: -Worked as your SAC RAG Rep and thus gained valuable insight not only to SAC but also in RAG and the other committees -Gained solid experience knowing and working within the SU as well as in the Sports side (Volleyball team, performance sport package). I know how it works and how to operate within. I know what can be done. What I will do when I am elected: -Ensure the strong and correct running of all sport clubs -Further strengthen the links between different committees, the Union and the Clubs -Will try to make Clubs stronger, more successful and at the same time more popular. I strongly believe that in order to achieve that we need better facilities and therefore will try everything to press forward in that direction. -Try to make sports even more attractive to everyone and get as much people involved as possible to increase the level of achievement

Young Kuk Noh | Societies Officer Vo t i n g o p e n s | 07 . 03 . 20 1 3 Vo t i n g C l o s e s | 0 8 . 03 . 20 1 3 Online | On Campus | Roaming iPad What have I been involved in?

Previous experience    

SAC Events Representative 2011 - 2013 I&R Senate: Halls Rep 2011 - 2012 Secretary of LGBT Society 2012 - 2013 President of LGBT Society 2013 - Present

  

A record breaking year for Student Activities sign ups in one month. Superhuman Sports Day Rainbow Rave Selling out for Societies, Media and RAG Ball

Here to help your committee members If there should be a breakdown in communication within your committee or your society, I can organise meetings and forums to try and see if it can be resolved through discussion. If further assistance is required, the VPSA and Development Co-ordinator will attend also and they will be able to feed back information to your society committee and your members.

Student Media Involvement I will aim to encourage societies to work with student media. This includes but is not limited to RhubarbTV, Insanity Radio 103.2FM and The Orbital.

Full Review of SAC - A motion to update SAC was passed at a general meeting on the 26th February 2013. Since this is the case this will be the first time this system will be used. As a result, a review of each position will be held to see if the new SAC format has been effective in the 2013 - 2014 academic year.

Aims: 1. To update all the SAC roles and responsibilities. 2. To build the foundations for an efficient Student Activities Committee in the future that can help all societies and clubs with any issues they may have.

Ratifications Process Campaign History Months LGBT History Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, no matter what month it may be, I will always offer advice and support to societies who ask for it.

   

Society and VPSA Contact 

To lessen the workload taken on by the Vice President (Student Activities) I can be seen as a point of contact should any society issues arise. Should a society have any outstanding issues that require further help, I will quickly forward the message on to ensure that the VPSA and all relevant contacts can respond in a timely manner.

Communication & Accountability Fortnightly updates on my blog with:  progress of any of my manifesto points I have.  things I have done to help. I will also aim to send emails out to remind committees about societies council and any society events that presidents would like me to promote. If anyone needs to contact me, I can be contacted on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I can also be contacted by text message and by phone call.

Tougher Standards | Stronger Proposals | Better Societies

Further improvements to the ratification process. Proposers will be made aware of the criteria that has to be met to become a ratified society. Improve the Student Activities handbook given to all new society committees. Give guidance to new societies to help them through their first year, but also to ensure their longevity as an SU affiliated society.

Community Action & RAG I will aim to:  Promote volunteering opportunities  further increase experience and potentially increase your employability by aiding you to progress in the RHUL Passport Award As an events representative, I have experience in organising and promoting events. I will use that experience to assist with any RAG events that you plan and organise.

So c i et y Co l l a b o r a t i o n s  I would like to aim for more society collaborations.

Vote for a passionate, experienced and committed candidate!

Vote Young for Societies Officer!

@YoungKukNoh @surhul_democ # Young4Societies # surhulelects

It’s your call... It’s your vote... And your time is NOW…

Vote Alex Pegler For

Orbital Editor The Track Record 2012/2013 Orbital Deputy Editor Helped bring stability to a publication previously dogged by snap resignations and late issue releases. Coordinated investigations into crime against students, road safety and ULU.

2012 News Intern at Trinity Mirror (publishers of the Daily Mirror and The People) Worked as a junior reporter for Widnes Weekly News- a best selling regional news title. Articles published on everything from NHS reform to football match reports.

2012 Orbital News Writer of the year Awarded accolade after extended analysis of the impact of the hike in tuition fees on applications to Royal Holloway.

2012 Orbital Sports and Societies Editor Only fresher on the Orbital’s 2011/2012 editorial board. Liased regularly with sports clubs and societies to allow them to promote themselves.

The Vision for a more investigative publication that sets the news agenda on campus: 1. The Orbital should be a vital tool in holding the College to account. Too often the publication has missed opportunities to highlight and challenge the way the College treats its staff, the way it spends its money and how it behaves towards students. I will actively investigate the conduct of College Management through freedom of information requests. 2. The Orbital should be truly editorially independent of the Students’ Union SURHUL’s recent history has seen non-elected employees organise mediocre entertainment events and fight attempts to ensure student staff are given proper rights and a fair pay deal. Equally, previous elections have seen students elected into positions of responsibility and then enact none of their manifesto pledges. I will ensure the SU’s General Manager, Commercial Services and elected officers are properly scrutinised. 3. The Orbital should be a bastion of fair, objective journalism London student media publications too frequently resemble campaign leaflets, rather than newspapers that offer a balanced appraisal of the facts. I will head a publication that fully adheres to the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Code of Conduct. 4. The Orbital should be courageous when it comes to comment pieces SURHUL is a hotbed of debate when it comes to national politics, the environment, equality etc. The Orbital should reflect this and be a facilitator for the exchanging of ideas, wherever they sit on the political spectrum. I will defend freedom of expression to ensure all students have a voice.

Vote Simon I also want to make The Orbital office (Rialto) a space you all feel you can visit, for any queries or just a chat! How can we bring back pride in our paper? If elected editor I promise to:  Ensure content appeals to EVERY student, whether

they be international, LGBT+ or mature students.

With clear leadership combined with my passion for the publication I know that RHUL students will get back behind their publication.

 Set fixed release dates for students to look forward 

 

to combined with a clear distribution plan. Ensure no political bias. With students from 125 different countries every student should feel welcome regardless of political affiliation. Co-ordinate with The Founder, who wants to read the same stories twice? DOUBLE the amount of positions on the editorial board. Providing more opportunities and a better publication. Reach out to students via their departments, whilst utilising social media (Facebook just isn't enough!)

My section – have a flick through to see my written and editorial work in print! I also want to see the Orbital website up and running again. Another change that will get us proud of our publication!

The Big Question... Has the transition from magazine to newspaper worked? I think that’s your (the reader’s) decision. If elected editor I will open a campus wide referendum so YOU can decide what form your publication takes!

About Me... Hi! I’m a second year music student and this year’s Lifestyle Editor of The Orbital. In my section of the newspaper this year I have created my vision for what the whole paper would be like under my leadership, ALL types of students getting involved! RHUL gym enthusiasts had their say in a feature on bodybuilding, your faces graced the pages of the ‘Model of the Month’ page, and our international students shone a spotlight on food across the globe in the ‘Around the World in 6 Issues’ Feature. You’ll have also read my musings on everything from protein shakes to gilets in my ‘Simon Says’. Outside of the Orbital I also brought our campus into the international spotlight after working with The Daily Mail and Pink News, authoring exclusive press releases on the Phillip Hammond story.

0 - the amount of issues that will be printed late under my leadership!

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ST ATI ONSOUND Howwes oundona i r t i e si nt o e v e r y t hi ngI wa nt I ns a ni t yt o dobe t t e r . Wene e dane ws ui t e of s we e pe r sa ndj i ngl e st o ma k euss ounda sgooda s c omme r c i a l s t a t i onsi f wewa nt t oa t t r a c t mor el i s t e ne r sa nd pr e s e nt e r si nt hel oc a l a r e a .



I pe r s ona l l yr a i s e dov e r £ 2 0 0 0 i na dv e r t i s i ngf or t heOr bi t a l t hi sa c a de mi cy e a r , a ndI a i mt o i nc r e a s ea dv e r t i s i ngr e v e nue f or I ns a ni t y . Wes houl da l s oa i r pr omosf or s oc i e t i e sa nd a gs hi ps howst ol l upe mpt y a ds pa c ei nt heda y .

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Ourr s t l i neof t r a i ni ngs houl d bet hepr oduc i ngt e a m, who c a ngi v eone ononet r a i ni ng t opr e s e nt e r s . Be c a us eof t hi s , wene e dat e a mof pr oduc e r s f r omwe e k1of t e r m, whi c hi s whywene e dade di c a t e d pe r s oni nc ha r geof t het e a m.

T he s ea r ej us tt hek e ya i mst ha tI ha v ef ort hey e a r ; I ha v ema nymor e . I wi l l beout s i de t heS t ude nt s ’ Uni onbui l di ngf r om24pme v e r yda ydur i ngc a mpa i gnwe e k( 48Ma r c h) i f y ouha v ea nyque s t i onsorj us twa ntt oc ha t . *Myl ega l na mei sSha mbol i cNi nj a Pengui n; I c ha ngedi tbydeedpol l f orc ha r i t yi nNov ember .

SURHUL Manifesto Booklet 2013  

SURHUL Manifesto Booklet 2013

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