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First Cross Campus & By-Elections 2012/2013: Code Of Conduct First Year Representative 2x NUS Delegate Democracy Officer Postgraduate Students’ Officer International Students’ Officer Communications Officer Rhubarb-TV Station Manager RAG Chair RAG Vice Chair

First Cross Campus & By-Elections 2012/2013 The following information contains a comprehensive guide to what you can and cannot do during the forthcoming elections period. Please read carefully and understand the contents of this document. The rules laid out within, and verbally imparted at the Candidates’ Meeting on Thursday 11th October 2012 at 5pm (in Rialto), must be adhered to at all times. Any breach of these rules may lead to disciplinary action against you, and could ultimately lead to your disqualification from this election. Please note that in this document, the term ‘campus’ refers to the grounds of the main campus of Royal Holloway, University of London, and also the grounds of Kingswood Hall and those properties north of the A30 (Penrose, Highfield, and surrounding areas inclusive of the Drama and Music Departments). No canvassing of any sort may take place outside of these areas of Royal Holloway, University of London property.

Campaigning and Canvassing Please note that the term ‘campaign materials’ refers to all forms of publicity available to a candidate during the campaigning period, including those purchased with their own allocated budget. On-line and campus canvassing starts Tuesday 16 th October at 10am and continues until voting closes on Friday 19th October at Midnight. List of do’s Always wear official elections campaign t-shirts when campaigning T-shirts may be decorated as individual teams see fit Remove all canvassing materials from campus by 9pm each night Ensure any form of hand out is stamped including paper and cardboard Display campaign materials on Royal Holloway property but limit this to the main campus, North A30 properties and Kingswood Hall Be creative in your campaigning! List of don’ts Interfere or cover any of the t-shirt’s pre-printed text or imagery Display any form of campaign materials on any surface, including but not limited to, walls, trees and specifically assigned notice boards, i.e. those outside the Advice and Support Centre and Departmental notice boards. Attach any canvassing materials to any College property using any method including but not limited to: blue-tac, sellotape, duck tape, string, rope etc. Canvass/campaign/flyer inside any buildings at all on campus Use SATV, Rhubarb TV, the Students’ Union Insanity Radio Station, the Students’ Union Orbital Publication, The Founder or any other form of media to publicise yourself, another candidate, or the election in general. Do any additional printing from that supplied by the SU Do any form of door-to-door canvassing Use voice projection devices Mention any another candidate whilst canvassing, with the exception that you may say the names of other candidates running for your position – you may not discuss policy or make any comments about them. Lie in your manifesto or campaign Use bribery Interfere with Students’ Union or College facilities, or the allocated polling areas (specifically the entrance to Bedford Library). Display laptops/smartphones/tablets/ipads or any similar device or invite students to vote using these devices. Consume alcohol and illegal substances whilst canvassing/campaigning. Use any posters.

Facebook and Twitter List of Do’s Use your personal Facebook ( and Twitter ( for online canvassing and campaigning Allow the Deputy Returning Officer to see your personal home page by logging on in front of him. Add ‘Joe Rayment’ as a friend on Facebook and allow full access to your profile Monitor your profile and that of your teams to ensure that no slander or libellous material is published Anyone can donate Facebook statuses providing there is nothing slanderous or libellous. Follow @surhul_democ on Twitter (if Twitter is being used). List of Don’ts Candidates and campaign teams are not allowed to post on any Facebook Groups/Events/Pages aside from ones you create for the purposes of this election.

Candidates’ Question Time

Thursday 18th October – 8pm - SU Main Hall All candidates will be asked questions about their aims and positions that they are running for. These questions can be asked by anybody present including candidates running for the same position as you. There will be a limit on how many questions are asked and answering time. This will be 3 minutes per person running for each position, for all positions. List of Do’s Give a speech at the Candidates’ Question Time (up to 3 minutes long) Use visual aides such as PowerPoint presentations when giving your speech (if you wish) however you must inform Joe Rayment, Deputy Returning Officer of your intention to do so, and submit any visual aides at least 24 hours in advance of the Candidates’ Question Time. You must deliver your speech in person, unless you have been granted permission from the Democracy Sub Committee and Returning Officers at least 24 hours in advance of the Candidates’ Question Time. Should a candidate be unable to make Candidates’ Question Time and they have informed the Democracy Sub Committee as outlined above, one of their nominated Candidate Team Members may deliver the speech on their behalf. List of Don’ts Listen to other candidates’ speeches running for the same position as you. Mention any other candidate in your speech. Lie in your speech or in your answers to any questions asked.

Insanity Question Time.

Wednesday 17th October – 12noon-2pm – Insanity Studio. List of Do’s Give a short introduction live on Insanity Radio 103.2 FM. Answer questions posed by the Deputy Returning Officer and Insanity Head of News on behalf of Students. Encourage people to listen in. Sign an On-Air Agreement at the Insanity Studio. List of Don’ts Turn up late, you will be unable to speak if you are late. Mention another candidate or at any time swear on air.

Campaign Teams Campaign Team Members are bound by the same rules as Candidates. If for whatever reason a candidate needs to change a Campaign Team Member, they must first ask the Deputy Returning Officer, who shall inform the other candidates running for that position. If all the other candidates agree, then the Campaign Team Members may be changed. List of Do’s Use up to but no more than 10 Campaign Team Members during the campaigning period. Campaign Team Members can campaign and canvass on their candidates’ behalf.

Budgets and Campaign Materials List of Do’s Use up to 50 pieces of paper provided by the Students’ Union Use up to £15.00 of your own money to fund campaign materials. Candidates are encouraged to be creative with their campaign materials; however you must provide a complete budgeted breakdown of your personal expenditure using your receipts and the Budget Sheet provided. This Budget Sheet is to be submitted to Joe Rayment before 5pm on Friday 19 th October, or strictly between 11am-12noon on Saturday 20th September (at the SU reception). List of Don’t’s Actively seek sponsorship or freebies from any organisations, companies, groups and/or individuals in order to aide their campaign work.

Elections Broadcasts List of Do’s Film a brief elections broadcast, the maximum length of which will be 1 minute. This will be available alongside candidates’ Manifestos on the website and will be broadcast at Candidates’ Question Time. Max time allowed 10 mins to record the broadcast. Adhere to the rules on Manifestos and Candidates’ Question Time as outlined in this document, within the broadcast. PLEASE NOTE: By recording an elections broadcast, the candidate gives permission to the Students’ Union at Royal Holloway, University of London to use the footage in promotional material for the Students’ Union, outside of this elections period.

Results Night & The Count List of Do’s Do encourage all your friends and campaign team members to attend Results Night from 8:30pm in Medicine Do inform Joe Rayment, before voting commences, if you would like a nominated member of your campaign team to attend the count – bear in mind they will be unable to make any contact with you before the results are announced.

KEY DATES AND TIMES Thursday 11th October – 5pm Friday 12th October – 1pm Friday 12th October – Evening

Candidates Meeting in Rialto Manifesto Deadline

Candidates notified of any required changes to manfiestos th Monday 15 October – 10am Revised manifesto deadline Electronic Copy to Dan Kelly in SU Reception via Disc, USB or Email Printing Requirements Deadline Monday 15th October – Afternoon Elections Broadcast Filming (sign up for a time slot) th Tuesday 16 October – 10am Manifestos and Videos available on the SU website Start of Cross Campus & Online Campaigning th Wednesday 17 October - 12noon-2pm Insanity Question Time Thursday 18th October – 8pm Candidates’ Question Time – SU Main Hall th Thursday 18 October – Midnight till VOTING IS OPEN at Midnight on Friday 19th October Friday 19th October at 9pm Cross Campus Campaigning ends – Online Campaigning is open until midnight th Friday 19 October at 5pm & Saturday Deadline for Budget Sheets to be given 20th October 11am-12noon to Joe Rayment – SU Reception th Saturday 20 October – 8pm The Count – remember to inform Joe Rayment if you want someone to attend on your behalf Saturday 20th October ; 8:30pm Insanity Radio Presents: Results Night Medicine

We, the undersigned, agree to abide by the above rules and those imparted to us verbally at the Candidates’ Meeting. We recognise that any breach of these rules could result in an Elections Complaint being submitted against us, disciplinary action, or our disqualification from this election. Candidate’s Signature:

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Democracy Sub Committee October 2012

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