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Manifesto Booklet ExecuƟve CommiƩee & Media ElecƟons 2012

Lighten the rules Lighten the mood

Democracy within the Union has become stale. Candidates are heavily restricted about what they are allowed to say, and campaigners feel frustrated that they are limited in the ways they can campaign. This makes voters get bored and switch off. Everyone from campaigners and candidates to students trying to grab a quick snack from the college shop are annoyed by the situation that occurs outside the Windsor building every election. Students wish campaigners would go away, and campaigners wish they could do something more creative with their time to pass across their message more effectively.

Help make elections more exciting

We need to relax the rules and make the campaign more fun and engaging for everyone involved. Giving candidates the freedom to come up with innovative campaigns will get everyone more interested in taking part in elections ● We need to democratise the rule making process. Currently the Code of Conduct is made by committees with no input from the student body. The CoC should be approved by a General Meeting so that everyone can have their say about how elections are run. ● The SU should be funding the candidates election campaigns (as happens at other SUs) to remove financial issues from blocking creative ideas. My Experience: ● We need to let candidates debate with I hold an equivalent position in the Green Party where I manage conferences that 500 each other, not just themselves. people attend. Managing a GM with 50 Currently you can't mention another people will be no problem. candidate or their policies. I would like to I act as Deputy Returning Officer (aka guy change it so candidates can speak freely who runs elections) for the RHUL Physics Society and have lots of experience running about each other ●

other elections, as well as experience of running in SURHUL elections.

Vote Rustam Majainah for Democracy officerVote Friday 9

I'm a complete electoral geek (my favourite voting system is STV, if you're interested). th


I’m a 3rd year politics student, applying for masters at Holloway, with a passion for democracy. I’ve been on the mighty mighty demoks for the last two years, and sat on the scrutiny and accountability sub committee for both years as well.


•updating the constitution alongside the SABBs and the Union Chair so •Keeping it fluid and in line with current student politics.

DEMOK SURGERY:•‘Demok Surgery’ once every two weeks for anyone to come and discuss democracy related issues or ideas • As I feel that democracy works best when as many people as possible have their voices heard.

•My main focus would be finding interesting and exciting ways to increase participation; • In elections as well as general meetings.

SCRUTINY AND ACCOUNTABILITY :•More meetings held and increase the influence of the sub-committee.





“I WANT TO MAKE YOUR RHUL NIGHTS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE!” Let’s get FACEBOOK involved EVEN MORE for YOU as students to give honest opinions on YOUR nights out and what YOU want changing through an independent FACEBOOK group! Also to make suggestions to the DJ’s on what song YOU want playing to make YOUR night perfect!


SID FOR EQUALITY & LIBERATION OFFICER The Equality & Liberations Officer helps out the Vice President Education & Welfare, and sits on the Inclusion & Representation Senate. This is made up of Reps for Halls, for LGBT, Ethnicity, Disability, Gender etc.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” Hellen Keller

Who is this “Sid”? Me! Sid is short for Sidonie, I’m from Brighton, a 2nd year Psychology undergrad, and I’m currently the Gender Equality Rep (on the I&R Senate) for SURHUL. I was recently elected as a Women’s NUS Delegate for the national conference, and am a member of Feminism Society. I also work part time on campus and I like squirrels. What do you believe in? That’s easy! Equality and empowerment, for everyone. You are a human being, and for all your qualities you deserve a voice in our Union, and a loud one too.

What’ve you done, Sid? - Organised and chaired “Let’s Talk About Porn” (more coming!) - Collaboratively created the Student Parents & Carers Representative role at SURHUL - Collaboratively ensured the Chair refers to students as “they” instead of “he/ she” (gender neutral pronouns) at SU General Meetings - Amended Schedule 6 to include protecting students from discrimination of gender, collaboratively - Organised flashmobs for Zero Tolerance to raise awareness - Following closely the Welfare Reform Bill - All since September!

VOTE SID for EQUALITY AND LIBERATION OFFICER Voting opens Friday 9th March 00:00 - 24:00

What are you going to do? - Get as clued up about ethnicity and ability at RHUL as I am about gender, sex and sexuality - Mobilise “Kick Racism Out of Football” - Get campaigns together in time for national ones: like National Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Make the Gender Equality Group at RHUL official - Create more talks, so we can learn with and from one another - Make an online forum for Student Parents & Carers - Encourage empowerment in the I&R Senate, so they pass it on to you all!

In a climate of cuts, fees and attacks on our education, the role of Academic Affairs Officer is crucial. When students see their contact


NO CUTS TO SUPPORT SERVICES – As a disabled student myself, I know the importance of proper support and guidance for equal learning opportunities. I would campaign with the Equality and Liberation Officer to make campus more disabled-accessible, and oppose cuts to Disabled Students Allowance, counselling services, and

SUPPORT FOR LIBERATION CAMPAIGNS – University should be an opportunity to learn and flourish whoever you are. We need to tackle racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, ableism, ageism, classism, and other oppressions – whether through attending NUS Conferences, running campaigns and public meetings, challenging our own members inside the Union and enforcing ‘Zero Tolerance’, and ensuring we don’t cut grants and support to these groups. Unionise student workers for better pay and conditions – you can’t study well if you’re being ripped off by your boss!

Education for Everyone

time reduced, their seminars removed or their course discontinued, they need an SU that takes up their interests and fights on their behalf.

TAKE OWNERSHIP OF CAMPAIGNS - Opposing attacks on the student experience shouldn't just be in the hands of a few leaders. I will hold public meetings coordinated with the Campaigns Officer, and continue the Education Assemblies to make sure the defence of education is in the hands of students. other support. We should campaign for more bursaries for poorer students, and not accept fee waivers. Stop playing with the rolling stock, viewing rooms and offices in Bedford Library – let’s push for an extension!

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY - Plans to make changes to courses and degrees should be open to students and staff. It is a disgrace that Italian students recently only heard about proposals to cut their degree after it had been decided upon. Making information about changes available to students is common courtesy, but beyond that, it allows us to organise to oppose them! We need to push for more representation within the university too: it runs because of students, academics and staff, not bosses, so we should get a bigger say!

GIVE STUDENTS CONTROL – Students need to have a say and influence in the way their course operates. We need to make sure that students’ representation is maximised through course reps and the student-staff committees. I will work to make these roles publicised, so that people can get involved, but also towards empowering these bodies to change their courses for the better.

For a Democratic and Accountable University

But Academic Affairs shouldn't just be about reacting to whatever management and government are up to. We should also take the opportunity to lay down a positive vision for what a University can and should be. We need a Royal Holloway that is more open and more democratic, in which all students have a proper say in their education.

Fight Fees, Cuts and Privatisation FIGHTING CUTS - Cuts to education, whether by the government or uni management, inevitably impact on the education and welfare of students. The SU should be the first port of call in coordinating anti-cuts campaigns. We have seen by the ‘Save Classics’ campaign which kept the department open and saved 30 lecturers’ jobs, that we cannot just plead for what we want: we need campaigns which sustain and escalate pressure, are creative, varied, and involve direct action, and student-staff unity and co-ordination. OPPOSE PRIVATISATION – University should be a public service, not a business dealing with consumers. I will oppose attempts by management to introduce private companies like Kaplan and Pearson from tampering with our education. Students should be put before the needs of profit. OPPOSE FEES – FOR STUDENT GRANTS - £9000 fees make University even harder to access for working-class students. Education should be free, including at postgraduate level, funded by taxing the rich. Universities should be publically owned, student debts should be cancelled, and we should return to the student grants enjoyed by previous generations. About Me I am a second-year English and Philosophy student, an activist and a socialist. I have been regularly involved with the AntiCuts Alliance this year, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, the Campaigns Sub-Committee and the Education Assemblies. I am a member of the socialist organisation Workers' Liberty, the Labour Party and the GMB trade union.


Vote online at ONLY ON Friday 9 March


Having studied in the UK and US I have been in an international environment for 7 years and have experienced being an international student in Royal Holloway for my first year. Today in Royal Holloway there are international students from 100 different countries. It is essential that international students feel supported during their time of study. For students who are studying for their first year abroad, they should be able to cope with the change in environment, this can only happen if the university supports internationalism and engagement and avoids isolationism and protectionism. With an international community that is vibrant and full of energy who are given a stable and healthy environment to promote their success, Royal Holloway can grow and strenghten since a large proportion of the university is international. Hence I can propose to do the following for international sutdents, 1) Boding activities for newly arriving international freshers to help prepare for the university. 2) More funding for international societies. 3) Stamp out antisocial behaviour and prejudice for international students. 4) Make sure people are happy with the school. 5) English language welfare support. 6) Support and advisory services can be improved. 7) Make sure students are supported academically. 8) Giving international students a real voice. 9) Make sure international students are comfortable in participating in activities. 10) Cheap transport services back and forth from airport at the beginning of term. The short term support of international students will affect their long term success. In my opinion it is essential that we see international students as assets to the university, our university can’t be strong if this large proportion of the university who are international are unhappy. This is only possible with the engagement of international students to the rest of the community. Pelin Ural

My name is Susuana Antubam. I am a second year media arts student, a media arts student

course representative, a NUS women’s conference delegate and also a member of the

Media & Communications committee. If this list doesn’t show you why I am a great candidate for this executive position, then please continue reading about what I plan to do if

elected your Media & Communications Officer for 2012/13. Student Media

Four SURHUL Media Outlets - One SURHUL Student Media •

I will work the Vice President of Communications and Campaigns, as well as the editors and

Insanity FM: I aim to increase the promotion of Insanity shows through working with other SURHUL Media boards. I will also assist with the promotion of Insanity FM, as a new community

management of The Orbital, Insanity FM, SURHUL Website and Rhubarb TV to boost efficiency, inclusiveness, partnership and consistency across the board.

radio station, by using the “Love your neighbour” campaign and the Community Liaison Forums as an environment to foster new ideas and gain feedback from existing shows. The Orbital: I will work with The Orbital Editor to improve communications within the magazine to help meet deadlines and also increase the involvement from students on campus.

SURHUL Website: I will use my skills to help develop the new SURHUL website and will also encourage the submission of general regular updates from SURHUL committees and Student

Activities. •

SURHUL's TV station: I will assist in the process of constructing the board for SURHUL's TV

Student Activities Media Network: I will create an open media and communications forum for students that see themselves as: writers, artists, graphic designers, photographers, web designers,

station, which has been mandated and outlined in the Student Union's business plan. I will also build on the consistency and efficiency of it as a media outlet.

videographers an so on. This will give them the opportunity to gain experience and share their skills through working on with SURHUL Media and Student Activities. Student's Union

Know Your SU's Officers: I want to engage with the Executive Officers and their sub-committees in making creative ways of reporting back to the student body via all Student media forms.

Inclusiveness: I will aim to work with the Equality and Liberation, International Students' and Postgraduate Students' officers to boost communication and involvement of under-represented

groups of students on campus.

Elections: I will work with the Democracy officer to create new ways of raising awareness and

increasing participation of all elections on campus.

On Campus Communication

Student Union Poster Boards: I plan to liaise with the Vice President of Communications and

Campaigns and Ethics and Environment officer and the college to replace the currently decaying SU poster boards around campus, with a more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly substitute.

The Student Experience: I want to work with the Academic Affairs officer and the

Entertainments officer to gain feedback from students on campus about their experience of SURHUL and upload the media to various student media outlets. RAG

I plan to work with the RAG board to raise the awareness of the causes supported by RAG, to promote their events across campus and report on their success stories through the use of Student Media outlets. VOTE ONLINE AT WWW.SU.RHUL.AC.UK AND AT POLLING STATIONS AROUND CAMPUS ON FRIDAY THE 9TH!

VOTE for Media & Communications Officer


Who am I?

• Jack Gordon. Aged 19. • Film & Television Studies. • Insanity Radio presenter 2011-12 • Insanity Head of Web 2011-12 • SU Tech Crew 2011-12 • Founded & set-up leading industry e-magazine.

IMPROVE the website: The key things are there, but it looks very 1990s and isn’t easy to use: this needs to change. ENGAGE with social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more are all massive marketing tools - we should be using them far more and becoming a premier advertising outlet for all Union activities. Promote EVERYTHING: Promotion varies massively between different Union-related events; everything should be publicised equally. Online, in the Orbital, on noticeboards, on Insanity: everywhere. SUPPORT Sabbaticals, Executive Officers, Societies and Clubs to get word out: If you’re running something, campus should hear about it, and if you’ve got a good idea to do that, then let’s make it happen. Too often notices get obscured and events go unnoticed - this must change. ADVANCE links with the local community: RAG week, Community Action and other projects are all excellent ways of integrating the Union with the local community - but we can do more. Challenge the perception of drunk students staggering home from Union nights and show everything that we can do. Make Insanity FM the SUCCESS it deserves to be: Securing the license was the easy part. Insanity is embarking on the biggest project in its history, and meeting all the requirements of its license is no easy task. Good publicity and keeping to our high standards of this year is key. Get Insanity played EVERYWHERE: We have an amazing station - so why can no-one hear it? The Union, Medicine, Stumble, Crosslands, the HUB - we should be playing daily. Further EXPLORE new media: The Orbital’s website is fantastic. Let’s look to improve it further by inspecting how new media can take the publication to the next level. INCREASE campus visibility: Despite being established for 25 years, The Orbital is still relatively hidden away for many students, particularly Freshers and other visitors to the University. Distribution and publicity of the title around campus can be increased - with relative ease.

Polls Open Friday 9th March until MIDNIGHT

* * * Re-elect Craig Gent for Campaigns Officer * * *

I am a 2nd year Philosophy and Politics student, and current Campaigns Officer at SURHUL. I want you to re-elect me because I believe a students’ union exists to campaign for the interests of its members. A vote for me is a vote for vocal campaigns based on participatory democracy and against banal platitudes and paying lip service to tackling important and unavoidable issues.

* Defend education – fight cuts! -

Continue education assemblies and direct participation


Lobby management to defend departments


Campaign for an NUS national demonstration


Forge links with lecturers and other university staff

* Student-worker campaign -

Encourage workplace assemblies to identify workplace issues


Graduates are facing record unemployment! SURHUL should be campaigning against casualization and workfare as both will impact on many graduates

* Speak out against domestic abuse -

Information and poster campaign


Challenge misconceptions about domestic abuse and domestic violence


Work with RAG to raise money for local refuges

* Encouraging participation -

Campaigns should be directed by students


Expanding the environmental and ethical campaigning of the union by working with the E&E Officer to engage sympathetic societies


Advertising all campaign meetings so everyone knows how they can get involved


Working with the Societies Officer to allow societies to get on board with campaigns



ONE DAY TO VOTE: FRIDAY 9 MARCH 2012 My manifesto has been broken up into an ACE action plan Action, Communication & Experience which coincidently also stands for Alice Christina Elizabeth. It’s in my name, it’s in my beliefs and it’s in my manifesto.       

ACTION To continue to highlight the student awareness of waste on campus and to follow through with the 10 year plan already in place to make the university 100% waste free by trying to work with community action and creating an outreach monthly litter pick on campus. To create a fresher’s “make-do-and-mend” guide which would teach them simple skills to reduce wastage and help the environment. To communicate with college to try and implement the WWF’s Earth Hour policy. Also to encourage unused buildings on campus, especially over the weekends, to have their lights switched off. To continue aiming toward the gold award for the NUS Green Impact award. To liaise with college to increase the variety of fair trade products, both food substances and other products, available and to increase their use in food sold in eateries around campus. To communicate with college to increase the awareness of allotment space available to students living on campus. To encourage college to apply for funding for solar panels on the Student’s Union Building through the Mayor of London’s Mayor’s Energy Strategy within the “Clear Skies” scheme.

COMMUNICATION To work with Vice President of Communications and Campaigns and other relevant members of the executive committee to expand on existing campaigns and to spread awareness of them on campus, including;  Go Green Week  Swap Shop (to be rebranded as Reduce, Reuse, ReLOVE)  Blood and Bone Marrow donations drives  Raising the awareness of societies such as RAG, People and Planet, UNICEF and Amnesty International and the work they do. To develop on new ideas and create a strong base for future campaigns such as;  Think globally, act locally. Encouraging local business around Egham and Englefield Green to participate in Tuesday Market’s creating more diversity and options for students.  Communicating with college and encourage them to provide information on the food content of the meals sold in eateries on campus, to help students who abstain from eating various foods for religious, dietary or ethical reasons.  The Free(k) economy. Where students can list their skills and when another student is in need of learning new skill students can call on one another to help. It’s not a bartering system more of a support network, as students don’t have very much money and it is encouraging them to be self sufficient. To have an open door policy for ideas and questions and to make myself accessible to students and other relevant bodies through e-mail, phone, twitter, facebook, blog and all forms of student media in order to help students to keep up to date on what is happening and how I will be moving the role forward.  To create a forum where by students can give their opinions on relevant ethical and environmental issues that affect the university and the student’s union, such as supplying products from companies with poor ethical standings.  To try and work with societies to create debates on ethical issues, which are relevant to their society, ending in students being more informed on a wider variety of current ethical issues. EXPERIENCE Thank you for reading my manifesto, I won’t keep you long now. Why would I be a good choice for Ethics and Environment Officer and what have I already done to prove this, I hear you asking. I am a second year management student; my course has given me the skills to think constructively, clinically and laterally, which helps when understanding the full potential in long term causes which won’t see results over night. I have held a job since the tender age of sixteen, which has given me the ability to conduct myself in a professional manor, as well as able to balance academic work with the demands of being employed. I have been volunteering since I was twelve and have been working with the NSPCC, WWF and Refuge for the past five years. Furthermore, I created the first environmental awareness group for my secondary school by the age of fourteen and within the first year we had recycling available throughout the school and the natural habitat had improved so much so that we began to see more wildlife around the grounds. I am passionate and dedicated to everything that I set my mind to and, if elected, I would use my personal experiences and the experiences of those around me to help strive towards the purpose of being your Ethics and Environment Officer. Also, I’m vegan... Can’t be more ethically sound than that!


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Voting Opens for 24 HOURS on 12am Friday 9th March!

 2nd year student studying Physics with Philosophy  Founder and President of Royal Holloway Sikh Society in my fresher year, reelected for the 2011/2012 year

Current Societies Officer st  1 Year American Football Player  Winner of Freshman of the Year award at Societies Ball 2011  Nominee for VPSA Cup 2012

Been involved in a record breaking year for Student Activities: Over 2400 sign-ups done by increasing awareness and encouraging publicity!  Helped organise RAG naked calendar: Photos were produced by our very own Photography Society!  Organised and ran the Love Holloway, Hate Racism campaign: Collaboration of culture, religion and charity!  Worked with all of the Sabbatical Officers to get them involved in helping societies  Successfully implemented the Carbon Footprint scheme: Worked with the Ethics & Environment Officer  Increased attendance at Societies Council: Increase in communication between Student Activities and societies.

Encourage societies to be even more involved in the local community, especially with the introduction of Insanity FM  Introduce collaborations between clubs and societies, as well as between societies  Work with the VPSA and look into getting more performing space for societies, such as Sutherland and Boiler House.  Continue to involve societies in campaigns such as: Love Holloway, Hate Racism and One World Week  Continue to work with new societies after ratification to ensure their longevity  Ease the workload on the VPSA by acting as an intermediate point of contact for societies



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My 5 Main Priorities If Elected:

- Undergraduate Politics student with a passion for journalism.

1. To dramatically increase the readership after conducting a “Readership Review�. This will focus on ways of developing ways to incentivise the reading of the magazine.

- Current Orbital Sports and Societies Editor.

2. To transform the contributor base through conducting campus-wide advertising campaigns aimed at students of all nationalities.

- Regular contributor to Orbital news section. - 2011/2012 Orbital News Writer of the Year.

3. To develop advertising revenue for a better magazine by pitching The Orbital brand to local businesses.

4. To create more journalism training opportunities for students across campus.

5. To work towards producing more than a magazine, with daily Orbital News Bulletins on Insanity Radio.

VOTE PHIL NUTTER FOR INSANITY STATION MANAGER What Phil will do for you… SRA: The Student’s Radio Association is a huge network of likeminded individuals and radio stations that all have a common goal. Over the past years this connection has been neglected and I want to maintain in constant contact to this wealth of knowledge and experience that those involved in Insanity can benefit from.

Experience: Insanity is a spring-board into the professional world of media. The hands-on experience that we currently offer is fantastic but there is little information about how to get into the radio industry. I want to bring our long list of alumni back to their roots to help the next generation of producers, presenters and techies in the form of lectures and workshops.

Funding: Money is always a problem for Insanity and with the move to FM we need a constant flow of cash to ensure our technology is sustainable. I intend to work closer with the Student’s Union: I don’t see why if businesses want to advertise in our Union they wouldn’t want to be on SU’s radio station as well.

Community: The initial response from the community has been impressive and to not build on this momentum would be very silly indeed. Insanity needs to be as open to the community as possible and we need to send representatives to as many local events as possible – not only must the community be part of Insanity but Insanity must go out to the community. Again the SU can provide a wealth of contacts and opportunities.

About me: 

Insanity presenter since September 2010

Head of Operations 2011 – 2012

Nominated for Best Presenting Partnership 2012

Winner of Best Presenting Partnership 2011

I’ve been with Insanity for my entire time while at Royal Holloway and getting involved is by far the best decision of my time here. Insanity has provided me with so much fun and so many opportunities - it would be wickedace if you gave me the chance to give something back. To find out more about what I will do for the station then just look to the left!



INSANITY ASSISTANT MANAGER Across Egham on air  Continue to publicise Insanity across campus by working with the SU and RHUL to give it the increased coverage and recognition it deserves.  Continue to develop and improve links with the local community through events, workshops and open days; giving them a Community FM station which is as much theirs as it is ours.  Increase representation and promotion of club, society and community events.  Use Insanity to bridge the gap between student and non-student residents in the local community.

Across the world online

+ Insanity Radio Head of Marketing 2011-12 + The Chart Show with Angus & Louis 2011-12 + The Angus & Matt Show 2010-11 (Nominated Best Presenter Partnership) + President, Voices of Holloway 2011-12 + SA Communications Representative, Student Activities Committee 2011-12

Vote on Friday: elections

 Strengthen ties with the Student Radio Association (SRA) and other student-run radio stations in order to develop based on one another’s experiences.  Raise the national profile of Insanity Radio to make it one of the most prominent student-run stations in the country.  Ensure regular updating of the Insanity Radio website and ensure it remains a current source of news and events as well as an interactive resource for listeners. This is Insanity  Improve communication between the Insanity board, teams and presenters.  Work to improve the already high standard of broadcasting and ensure our schedule remains diverse and representative of our listeners.  Work with alumni to make information on careers in radio more accessible to presenters.


Candidates QuesĆ&#x;on Time Medicine Thurs 8th March @ 18:30

Results Night Medicine Sat 10th March @ 20:00

Tuesday 13th March, 6.30 pm , SU Main Hall

Manifesto booklet  

Manifesto booklet for Exec & Media Elections 2012

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