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2015 Buyers Guide a guide to sourcing and specifying composite panels and decorative surfaces

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Limitless Design Solutions + Enduring Performance: 2015 Surface & Panel Buyers Guide: Your guide to the world of composite panels and decorative surfaces R es i de n t i a l • c o m m er c i a l • re t a i l • H e a l t h c a re • h o sp i t a l i t y • Or g a n i z a t i o n • E d u c a t i o n

The 2015 Surface & Panel Buyers Guide , sponsored by the Composite Panel Association, provides the most comprehensive product information available for North American composite panel and decorative surfacing materials. Included within are product descriptions for a wide array of standard and specialty products.

COMPOSITE PANELS Wood-based composite panels, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, engineered wood siding and trim (EWST) and hardboard can be tailored to meet a project’s requirements. Customers can specify physical and mechanical properties, as well as surface characteristics, to create end-products with ideal attributes. These composite panel products are produced from renewable wood fiber, such as wood chips and sawdust recycled from lumber mills. By their very nature, composite panel products are among the greenest materials in the world and a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers. All particleboard and MDF facilities in this Guide offer third-party certified products to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM 93120) regulation. The CARB regulation excludes hardboard and EWST products. CPA maintains a current list of CARB-certified and exempt facilities at CompositePanel.org.

DECORATIVE SURFACES Decorative surfaces offer nearly limitless options for design and functionality. They are used in a wide variety of wood-based applications, including cabinets, mouldings, flooring, furniture, countertops, store fixtures, doors and shelving. Composite panels provide an ideal substrate for decorative surfaces – affordable, consistent, uniform in strength and free of defects. Decorative surfaces can be broadly separated into two categories: overlays and coatings. Overlays include thermally fused laminate (TFL), film overlays (3D laminates, 2D laminates, etc.), decorative foils, high pressure laminates (HPL), light basis weight papers, wood veneer and heat transfer foils. Coatings are utilized in both liquid and powder forms.

ENVIRONMENTAL CREDITS The following programs are designed to recognize the environmental efficacy and/or green building claims of composite panel products available in the marketplace. Eco-Certified Composites

CPA’s Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Sustainability and Certification Standard is predicated on life cycle inventory and other verifiable environmental practices. The Standard highlights the responsible use of wood fiber by composite panel manufacturers in North America. The basis of the standard includes the CPA Carbon Calculator, an expert tool developed to assess the life cycle and carbon footprint of composite panels. Visit ECCProducts.org and click on “ECC Certified Companies” for a comprehensive list of program participants.

Other Green Building Programs

The most prominent U.S. green building certifications are the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines and the USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System.



detail the characteristics of the materials, common applications and key physical properties.

SPECIFYING SURFACES VIGNETTES are sprinkled throughout the issue. They provide examples of applications in specific environments.


SALES CONTACT INFORMATION is an alphabetical list of all panel and surface companies listed in the guide.

provide company-specific product information for the major manufacturers and suppliers of these panel and surfacing products, including designations for Eco-Certified Composites, CARB certified and exempt, and no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF) products.

CPA also offers an extensive online library of articles and technical bulletins on products referenced in this guide at CompositePanel.org.

ABOUT THE COMPOSITE PANEL ASSOCIATION Founded in 1960, the Composite Panel Association (CPA) is dedicated to advancing the North American wood-based panel and decorative surfacing industries. CPA represents both industries on technical standards, industry regulation and product acceptance. CPA General Members include the leading manufacturers of MDF, particleboard, engineered wood siding and and trim, and hardboard (representing nearly 95 percent of North American manufacturing capacity). CPA Associate Members include manufacturers of decorative surfaces, furniture, cabinets, mouldings, doors and equipment, along with laminators, distributors, industry media and adhesive suppliers. CPA is a vital resource for both manufacturers and users of industry products. As a highly regarded and accredited standards developer, CPA publishes the industry’s ANSI product standards. CPA operates an International Testing and Certification Center (ITCC) and manages the Grademark Certification Program, the largest and most stringent testing and certification program for North American composite panel products. CPA also compiles and publishes proprietary industry economic performance data and technical bulletins on the use of industry products and other educational materials. The association partners with Surface & Panel magazine in publishing an annual Buyers Guide and regular editions of the magazine. fo r M o r e In fo r mati o n

Composite Panel Association 19465 Deerfield Avenue, Suite 306 Leesburg, Virginia, USA 20176 (703) 724-1128 www.CompositePanel.org www.DecorativeSurfaces.org surface&panel

buyers guide 2015


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2015 buyers Guide [

















3 About this Guide and the Composite Panel Association 6

Message from the Composite Panel Association


Selecting Composite Wood Panels 101 A primer for selecting the best panel for the application.


Product Descriptions Characteristics of the materials, common applications and physical properties.

12 MDF 22 Particleboard

On the cover: Consistent and durable composite panels combined with fashionable decorative surfaces offer infinite design possibilities in residential and commercial applications. The Surface & Panel Buyers Guide is your complete source for specifying the right materials for any application.

28 Hardboard

Surface & Panel magazine and the Composite Panel Association thank the following organizations who contributed images for the production of this issue: Amy Carman Design, Arauco, Arborite, Arclin, ATI Decorative Laminates, Blum, Caesars Entertainment, California Closets, Cefla, Chemetal, Closet and Storage Concepts, Collins Products LLC, Crayola Experience, CT Designs, Duraplay, DVUV, Formica, Georgia-Pacific, Greenlam, Harley-Davidson, Haworth, Hickory Chairs, IG Pulvertechnik AG, Interprint, JB Cutting, Kimball Office, Kleiberit, KML-Kustom Material Laminates, Krono System, Lamitech, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Midmark Corporation, Moore+Fries, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Northern Contours, Nucraft, Olon, Omnova, Panelite, Panolam, Renolit, Riken, Sauder, Schattdecor, Stevens Industries, Surteco, Synergy Thermal Foils, Tafisa, Toppan Interamerica, TransFORM, Treefrog, TruWood Siding + Trim, UCS Forest Group, uglycute, Uniboard, VT Industries and Wilsonart LLC.


Engineered Wood Siding and Trim


High Pressure Laminate


Thermally Fused Laminate

Specifying Surfaces Examples and advice on the use of multiple surface materials in specific environments.


Film Overlays

32 Kitchen


Decorative Foils

60 Contract Furniture


Heat Transfer Foils

94 Retail


Light Basis Weight Papers

116 Healthcare

58 Veneer 62

Liquid Coatings


Powder Coatings

80 Product Guides Company specific product information for manufacturers and suppliers of panel and surfacing products, including designations for Eco-Certified Composite (ECC).

80 MDF 82 Particleboard 84 Engineered Wood Siding and Trim 84 Hardboard 85

North American Composite Panel Manufacturers Map



90 Overlay Manufacturers

C o m p o s i t e Pa n e l A s s o c i at i o n Main Office

19465 Deerfield Avenue, Suite 306 Leesburg, VA 20176 Ph: 703-724-1128 fax: 703-724-1588 Toll Free 1-866-4COMPOSITES www.CompositePanel.org C anad i an O ff i ce

Post Office Box 747, Station B Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1P 5P8 Ph: 613-232-6782 fax: 703-724-1588 International Testing and Certification Center

73 Lawson Road, Leesburg, VA 20175 Ph: 703-724-1128 fax: 703-724-1588 www.itcclab.org




Coating Manufacturers


Laminating Adhesives Suppliers

118 Hardware Vignettes highlighting hardware products that enhance the functionality of today's panels and surfaces. 122 Sales Contact Information Alphabetical listings provided for each producer to help customers locate products. 126 CPA Member Directory 130 Advertiser Index

Publisher's Perspective

34 The s&p symposium 64 Gibson & The Moonlight Fire 67 Dimension and Texture in a Flat World

Surface & Panel is published quarterly by Bedford Falls Communications, Inc., 1617 Country Club Lane, Watertown, Wisconsin 53098, telephone 920-206-1766, fax 920-206-1767. John Aufderhaar, President, Christine Aufderhaar, CFO. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic or mechanical without written permission from the publisher. Subscription policy: Individual subscriptions are available, without charge, to manufacturers who engage in panel processing, qualified service providers and suppliers. Publisher reserves the right to reject non-qualified subscribers. One year subscription to non-qualified individuals: U.S. $50, Canada/Mexico $75, all other countries $100, payable in U.S. funds. Single issues are $15, and must be prepaid. Bedford Falls Communications, Inc., does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in the material contained herein, regardless of whether such errors result from negligence, accident, or any other cause whatsoever. Printed in the U.S.A.

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special sec tio ns

70 Finishing Matters A special section highlighting the finishing industry.



A Guide to Troubleshooting Common Finishing Problems

Process Documentation


adv e r tisi n g

Ryan Wagner VP Sales & Marketing | Bedford Falls Communications 302 N. 3rd Street, Watertown, WI 53094 Ph: 920-261-1945 fax: 920-206-1767 rwagner@bedfordfallsmedia.com Katy Schroedl Client Services Director | Bedford Falls Communications 302 N. 3rd Street, Watertown, WI 53094 Ph: 920-261-1947 fax: 920-206-1767 kschroedl@bedfordfallsmedia.com

97 Distribution Matters A special section highlighting the NBMDA (National Building Materials Distribution Association). 98 An Interview with Bill Sauter incoming president of the NBMDA

100 Distributor Roundtable Discussion

104 What Suppliers Look for in a Distribution Partner

G r aphic D e sig n / P r i n t p u b l icatio n s

Karen Leno Graphic Designer | KML Design, Inc. 923 Forest Edge Circle, Coralville, IA 52241 kmldesign@mchsi.com

108 A Conversation with Kevin Gammonley on the value of membership in the NBMDA

C i r c u l atio n


112 NBMDA Member Directory 2015







texture by tafisa® Featuring ORIGEN, ISOLA, ALTO and CRYSTALITE. An ensemble of textures and stunningly tactile surfaces for decorative panels. Available in a broad selection of mix and match colours, these textures are yet another design innovation from Tafisa® – the company that leads the way in fashion-forward interiors, touching off world-class trends right here in North America. And raising industry standards too. Tafisa’s wood-fiber panels are manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials, saving millions of trees every year. Now that’s making a statement. Find out about Tafisa’s green mission and see all textures at tafisa.ca Customer Service: 1.888.882.3472


F r o m

t h e

C o m p o s i t e

P a n e l

A s s o c i a t i o n

A Good News Story from the Composite Panel Industry


ver the past three decades the North American composite panel industry has led the way in product stewardship to ensure that the marketplace for North American-made

composite panel products is supplied with quality products that meet or exceed all state and federal regulations.

As the Composite Panel Association (CPA), representing North American manufacturers of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, engineered wood siding/trim, hardboard and decorative surfaces, we were troubled by the CBS 60 Minutes television report, which aired on March 1, 2015, regarding some Chinese flooring products that apparently do not comply with California

“I am proud of the proactive steps the North American composite panel industry has taken over the last three decades to address the formaldehyde issue and supply the marketplace with quality, low emitting panels."

Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations on formaldehyde emissions. This television segment raised many concerns from homeowners and the greater marketplace prompting us to share our good news story. Based on the industry’s track record, we have every confidence that North American produced composite panels that are labeled as compliant with CARB (Phase 2), meet or exceed the CARB regulation. The industry has proactively spent more than 30 years developing products that continue to reduce emissions. Compliance with voluntary formaldehyde emission standards is monitored through the largest Third Party Certification formaldehyde certification program in North America which is administered by CPA. The certification program is operated with oversight from internationally-recognized agencies that provide auditing and accreditation annually. Product testing dates back to the 1980’s when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations of formaldehyde emissions products used in manufactured housing. From the start, CPA and its members embraced the HUD regulation and the association developed voluntary product standards for emissions from particleboard and MDF intended for any end-use. In the 2000’s, CPA first supported the development of CARB’s formaldehyde regulation and later joined a petition to have the US EPA develop a national standard modeled after the CARB regulation. CPA, along with other industry allies, are urging the EPA to finalize their regulation so that finished goods made with composite panels, made domestically or internationally, are regulated nationwide. CPA’s credentials and excellent reputation gives its clients, secondary manufacturers and enduse customers the confidence that products are indeed compliant to advertised standards or regulations. This Buyers Guide edition of Surface & Panel has a comprehensive listing of North American composite panel manufacturers that produce CARB compliant products. Additionally, look for the “CPA Certified” logo on composite panels for the highest level of assurance. For more information, visit www.CompositePanel.org.




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© 2015 Hexion Inc. All rights reserved.


Gotham Font Greens

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70, 80, 90K

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Easy Custom Design


+Powerful Building Options

C a b I n oTC h ®


Gotham Font Greens

50C 100Y 10K 50C 100Y 30K


70, 80, 90K

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Selecting Composite wood Panels


omposite wood panels are the result of many decades of applied materials science. These innovative products take sustainability and environmental friendliness to new levels. Composite panels include medium density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, hardboard and engineered wood siding and trim. Understanding the basic make up of the products, as well as related industry standards and environmental accreditations, makes it easier for specifiers to choose materials that meet both performance and environmental criteria. By volume, composite panels are comprised of approximately 90 percent wood and 10 percent resins. Most or all of that wood is recycled content. Pre-consumer residuals, such as shavings, sawdust and plywood trim/ chips, is recovered from other operations. Post-consumer urban wood waste and agri-fiber also provide source materials for composite panels.

The Composite Panel Association (CPA) was instrumental in the development of these EPDs, which are sponsored by the American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council. The EPDs are certified by UL Environment, a business unit of Underwriters Laboratories that is recognized by the green building community as an independent certifier of products and their sustainable attributes. EPDs sponsored by UL are recognized by US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes and other similar building certification programs. TERMS TO KNOW

The composite panel industry continues to be a leader in working with state and federal agencies to develop fair regulations that protect consumers. The following terms are important to know and understand when specifying and using composite panels:

The stability, strength and homogeneity of composite panels make them an ideal substrate for a broad range of applications. Wood composite materials are the substrate of choice for decorative surfaces because they can be engineered for specific performance characteristics and physical properties including: strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, fire resistance and low or no emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

NAF & ULEF: CARB exempt (NAF/ULEF-exempt) products have no

added formaldehyde (NAF) and/or ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF), and have been exempted from third party certification requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) 93120. NAUF: No added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) products, as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standard, may be used for low-emitting materials credit under LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors and LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations for projects registered by June 1, 2015. Projects registered to LEED v4 (as of November 20, 2013) will offer LEED credit to IEQ 4.4: Low-emitting Materials for NAF and ULEF CARB compliant panels. LEED v4 does not recognize NAUF.

Composite panels are used for a wide array of applications including:

• Hospitality • Healthcare • Education • Retail • Commercial • Organization • Residential VERIFIED GREEN Environmental Credits and Certifications

Combining decorative surface materials and composite panel substrates is an effective means of obtaining points for environmental building certification programs such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Home Building Guidelines. ECO-CERTIFIED COMPOSITES (ECC)

The voluntary Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) sustainability standard, launched in 2011, established the first certification of its kind for composite wood products. The ECC program verifies the responsible use of wood fiber by composite panel manufacturers in North America and focuses on life cycle inventory and other verifiable environmental practices. ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATIONS Available for Particleboard and MDF

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a verified document that reports environmental data of products based on life cycle assessment (LCA) and other relevant information. This is the contemporary standardized format for communicating a product’s environmental impact to consumers, much like nutrition labels on food products, or credits in green building rating systems. It works in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations). EPDs give specifiers, designers and fabricators an important new tool to objectively compare life cycle impacts of wood products with products made of plastic, metal or other materials. Building codes and green building rating systems are driving demand for verified LCA information found in EPDs. In response, industry-wide EPDs are now available for particleboard and MDF made in North America. Based on ISO standards 14025 and 21930, EPDs have worldwide applicability and include information about the following product environmental impacts: use of resources, global warming potential, emissions to air, soil and water, and waste generation. 10

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Detailed descriptions of the different composite panel products described above begin on page 12.

ECC-Certified Products may help achieve the following NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines Credits: • Section 2.4.1 (3 points) Recycled Content • Section 2.6.1 (3 points) Renewable Materials • Section 5.1.5 (6 points) Minimize Potential Sources of Pollutants

Composite Wood Products may help achieve the following U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Credits: v4 rating system

• MR credit: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction: BD+C, ID+C • MR credit: Environmentally Preferable Products: Homes • MR credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Environmental Product Declarations: BD+C, ID+C • MR credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials: BD+C, ID+C • MR credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients: BD+C, ID+C • MR credit: Furniture and Medical Furnishings: BD+C • MR credit: Purchasing – Ongoing: OM • MR credit; Purchasing – Facility Maintenance and Renovation: OM • EQ credit: Low-Emitting Materials: BD+C, ID+C, Homes • MR prerequisite: Certified Tropical Wood: Homes BD+C (Building Design and Construction) ID+C (Interior Design and Construction) OM (Building Operations and Maintenance) 2009 rating system

• • • •

MRc4: Recycled Content MRc5: Regional Materials MRc7: Certified Wood EQc4.4: Low Emitting Materials

With over 95 percent of North America composite panel manufacturers certified to produce ECC panels, specifying verifiable green products is easier than ever. Visit ECCProducts.org for more information and a list of program participants.

Your Local Advantage:

Manufacturing Huntsman understands supplying MDI-based resin solutions to composite wood product manufacturers takes more than just delivering products. It takes commitment, planning and a local worldscale manufacturing site, backed by an experienced manufacturing and supply chain team. Our dedicated associates in Geismar, Louisiana, know your market, its challenges, and more importantly how to respond quickly and adapt reliably to your changing conditions. It’s what we at Huntsman like to call‌ Your Local Advantage.



p a n e l

le adin g applicatio ns

Office & Residential Furniture Store Fixtures Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Flooring Moulding Doors, Jambs & Millwork Laminating & Finishing

Medium Density Fiberboard ➊


edium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is widely used in the manufacture

of furniture, kitchen cabinets, door parts, mouldings, millwork and laminate flooring. MDF panels are manufactured with a variety of physical properties and dimensions, providing the opportunity to design the end product with the specific MDF needed. MDF is a composite panel product

consisting of cellulosic fibers combined with a synthetic resin or other suitable bonding system, joined together under heat and pressure. Additives may be introduced during manufacturing to impart additional characteristics.


MDF is the perfect solid wood substitute. The stability, strength and homogeneity of MDF allow for an increasing number of applications. It is widely used in the manufacture of Office Furniture ➊ and residential kitchens ➋ as it is easily machined and laminated or painted. MDF is valuable in Retail settings ➌, in which shelving, wall panels and benches often utilize MDF as their substrate material. 12

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Embossing Paneling

ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100C Certified


Visit us at The Interzum May 5-8th, 2015 Cologne, Germany Booth: Hall 6.1 Aisle B No: 028


m e d i u m

d e n s i t y

f i b e r b o a r d

pembroke s+p ad 2015 q2.pdf



10:41 AM

➊ The surface of MDF is flat, smooth, uniform, dense, and free of knots and grain patterns. The homogeneous density profile of MDF allows intricate and precise machining and finishing techniques for superior finished products. Trim waste is significantly reduced when using MDF compared to other substrates. Stability and strength are important assets of MDF, which can be machined into complex patterns that require precise tolerances. MDF continued on page 16 �





The smoothness and stability of MDF makes it a perfect substrate for wall panels, cabinetry and furniture in Commercial Interiors ➊. MDF is well suited for residential construction as illustrated in the ceiling panels and mouldings of this home. The picture frames are another good example of the versatility of MDF ➋. 14

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Plum Creek MDF and HDF



Plum Creek’s Glacier Green™ and Glacier Clear™ are formulated to meet a wide range of ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable’ product standards:

low e m i s s ion m df/ h df

G r e e n-b u i ldi nG c om p liant m df/ h df

SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative®

Certified Sourcing

CARB California Air Resources Board

Phase Two ATCM 93120

Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Standard 4-11

Environmentally Responsible Use of Wood Fiber

LEED® US Green Building Council credit support for

New Construction and Major Renovations

Green Globes® System Green Building Initiative credit support for

New Construction and Major Renovations

ICC 700-2012 National Building Standard

Chapter 6 Building Materials

Chapter 9 Indoor Environmental Quality

With Glacier Green and Glacier Clear, you get an engineered wood panel prized by woodworkers and construction professionals for exceptional qualities including: • An unblemished surface optimized for painting and laminating

* Made with no-added formaldehyde resin. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® guides our commitment to practice sustainable forestry on all Plum Creek timberlands. www.sfiprogam.org

• A homogeneous fine fiber core • Smooth machined fine profiles and edges • Exacting tolerance standards • Light consistent color Our customers benefit from rapid machine throughput speeds, extended cutting tool life and fewer finishing steps to achieve superior results. Available in a thickness range of 0.063” to 1.5” (1.6 mm to 38.1 mm).

Plum Creek Growing Value from Exceptional Resources

For more information visit our web site at www.plumcreek.com or call us at 800-548-3099.

m e d i u m

d e n s i t y

f i b e r b o a r d

Although MDF typically serves as a substrate for other decorative surfaces, there are applications where the board itself is the aesthetic. Such is the case with these routed MDF panels that add both understated interest and sound-dampening function to a hospital’s auditorium. Within the contours of the deep texture the surfaces are absolutely smooth, making the routed panel a perfect canvas for 3DL, paint, powder coating or a simple clear finish.

A strong partner, from start to finish.


The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A208.2 Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for Interior Applications is the North American industry voluntary standard. It classifies MDF by physical and mechanical properties and identifies product grades for MDF and thin MDF. Specifications identified in the Standard include physical properties, dimensional tolerances, mechanical properties

Genesis is a leading supplier of wood and laminate products. As your project partner, we can meet your needs and lock in costs throughout the supply chain – from sourcing and design, to assembly and distribution.

and formaldehyde emission limits. ANSI A208.2 was developed

Laminated Panels PUR/EVA Glue Lines Cut-to-Size Parts Mill Direct Sourcing Wrapped Moldings

Guide, and copies of ANSI A208.2 are available from CPA.

Bed & Drawer Parts Pressed Parts Interior Doors Tables & Bases Contract Manufacturing

through the sponsorship of the Composite Panel Association (CPA), in conjunction with producers, users and general interest groups. A summary of the MDF Property Requirements are included in this Third-party certification to ANSI A208.2 is required for many applications of composite panels. For example, HUD and the states of California and Minnesota require third-party certification of formaldehyde emissions for nearly all MDF and particleboard under their jurisdiction. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are the widely accepted standardized specification format for communicating the environmental footprint and performance of a product. EPDs are the definitive source of environmental technical data that is scientifically

Braden McCormick, VP Industrial Sales 574.322.6559 IndustrialSales@genesisproductsinc.com www.genesisproductsinc.com

based on life cycle analysis and can be used to directly compare alternative product materials. An EPD for North American MDF is now available. See page 10 of this Guide for additional information. MDF continued on page 18 �


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SierraPine – committed to our long standing reputation for cutting edge and specially engineered MDF & Particleboard. SierraPine – delivering the best in environmentally certified composites WHEN and WHERE demanding customers need it.

LONGSTANDING – PR EDICTA B LE – LEA DERSHIP As Nor th America’s most recognized manufacturer of composite wood panels and mouldings, SierraPine is renowned for innovation in highquality and sustainable wood products. Our U.S. manufacturing facilities produce both medium density fiberboard (MDF) and Par ticleboard. SierraPine product brands such as Medite®, Medex® and Encore™ are recognized and specified by more architects and designers than any other composite wood panel for green construction projects.

w w w.sierrapine.com • 800-676-3339


m e d i u m

d e n s i t y

Table 1

f i b e r b o a r d

1 Physical and Mechanical Property Table Requirements for MDF When Determined in Physical and Mechanical Property Requirements forPart MDFAWhen Determined in Accordance with ASTM D 1037-06a with ASTM D 1037-06a Part Table 1: Physical and Accordance Mechanical property requirements for A ANSI A208.2-2009 MDF for Interior Applications

MDF when determined in accordance with ASTM D 1037-06a Part A Grades

Physical and Mechanical Properties


Physical and Mechanical Properties

Maximum Thickness Swell (TS) Maximum Thickness

Swell (TS)

Screw-holding Modulus of Rupture Modulus of (MOR) Rupture 2 (psi) N/mm (MOR)

Modulus of Elasticity Modulus of (MOE) Elasticity 2 N/mm (psi) (MOE)

N 703

(pounds) Face

(pounds) 158

<15Panel mm Thickness >15 mm

Edge N

(pounds) Edge

N 601

mm (inch) <15 mm

(pounds) mm (inch) 135 1.65 (0.065)

percent >15 mm

130 115

21.6 12.4

3130 1800

2160 1241

313000 180000

0.54 0.47

78 68

988 703

222 158

787 601

177 135

1.65 (0.065) 1.65 (0.065) 11% 11%

155 130

27.9 21.6

4050 3130

2792 2160

405000 313000

0.81 0.54

117 78

1201 988

270 222

1001 787

225 177

1.65 (0.065) 1.65 (0.065) 11% 11%













(psi) 68

Face N

N/mm 12.4


(psi) N/mm 180000 0.47

Panel Thickness



(psi) N/mm 1800 1241

Internal Bond Internal (IB) Bond 2 N/mm (psi) (IB)


1.65 (0.065)

percent 11%


Property Requirements Common to all MDF

Pr o p e r t y r e q u i r e m e n t s c o m m o n t o a l l m df

Property Properties

Requirements Common to all MDF Limits Tolerance

Panel Length or Width > 0.61 m (2 feet)

+ 2.0 mm (0.080 inch)


MDF works well in the manufacture of mouldings for home interiors. Its light weight makes it especially applicable for large scale installations such as the ceiling beams in this home office.

Tolerance Limits

+ 0.125 mm (0.005 inch) + 2.0 mm (0.080 inch) + 0.125 mm (0.005 inch) + 0.125 mm (0.005 inch) < 0.33 percent + 0.125 mm (0.005 inch) See below < 0.33 percent

Panel Average from Specified Thickness Panel Length or Width > 0.61 m (2 feet) Variance from Panel Average Thickness Panel Average from Specified Thickness Linear Expansion (LE) Variance from Panel Average Thickness Formaldehyde Emissions Linear Expansion (LE)

Formaldehyde ≤ 0.11 MDF with a minimum thickness greater than 8mm. FormaldehydeEmissions Emissions≤ ≤0.21 0.21ppm or ≤or.011 forppm MDFfor with a minimum thickness greater than 8mm. Formaldehyde EmisFormaldehyde Emissions Seea below Formaldehyde Emissions ≤ 0.21 or ≤ 0.13 for MDF thickness with maximum sions ≤ 0.21 ppm or ≤ 0.13 ppmppm for MDF withppm a maximum ≤ 8mmthickness ≤ 8mm.

Formaldehyde Emissions ≤ 0.21 or ≤ .011 for MDF with a minimum thickness greater than 8mm. Formaldehyde Emissions ≤ 0.21 ppm or ≤ 0.13 ppm for MDF with a maximum thickness ≤ 8mm MDF continued on page 20 � 1) Grades shall also meet the requirements listed in Section 3 of this Standard. 2) Refer to Section 4, Identification, for grade, formaldehyde emission, moisture resistance and product identification. 1) Grades shall also meet the requirements listed in Section 3 of this Standard. 3) Physical and mechanical property values represent a minimum or maximum value representing 5 (lower) or 95 (up2) Refer Section expressions, 4, Identification, for grade, formaldehyde emission, moisture resistance and product identification. per) to percentile respectively.

3)4) Physical mechanical values minimum or maximum value representing or 95 (upPanels and of thickness less property than 9.5 mm (3/8represent inch) shalla not be tested for face screw-holding. Panels5of(lower) thickness less per) percentile expressions, than 16 mm (5/8 inch) shall respectively. not be tested for edge screw-holding. 4)5) Panels of thickness thanonly 9.5 apply mm (3/8 inch) shall not be tested for face screw-holding. Panels of thickness less Thickness toleranceless values to sanded panels. than 16 mm (5/8 inch) shall not be tested for edge screw-holding. 6) Linear expansion shall be measured between 50% and 80% RH in accordance to ASTM D 1037-06a. 5) Thickness tolerance values only apply to sanded panels. 6) Linear expansion shall be measured between 50% and 80% RH in accordance to ASTM D 1037-06a.


7 Photo by Alex Wang

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m e d i u m

d e n s i t y

Table 2

f i b e r b o a r d

Physical and Mechanical Property Requirements for MDF (< 9.5 mm (0.375 inch) Thick) When Determined in Accordance with ASTM D 1037-06a FORMALDEHYDE EMISSION LIMITS 1,2 Table 2: Physical requirements Part Band TestMechanical Methods forproperty Hardboard ANSI A208.2 has a tiered system of emission levels allowing for MDF when determined in accordance with ASTM D 1037-06a either a maximum of 0.21 ppm or 0.11 ppm for panels

Part B (≤ 9.5 mm Thick)

thicker than 8 mm. Panels 8 mm and thinner shall conform


to either the 0.21 ppm or 0.13 ppm maximum limit. To meet

Physical and Mechanical Properties Internal Bond (IB)

Modulus of Rupture (MOR)

the needs of the market, many MDF manufacturers offer ultra-low emitting and no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF)

Maximum Thickness Swell (TS)







products. There are a wide variety of products available








today with reduced formaldehyde levels, as well as a growing








number of non-formaldehyde alternatives. Those companies








currently producing ultra-low emitting and NAUF products are identified in the product listings in this Guide. In addition, CPA’s Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Program

Property Requirements Common to all MDF

(to which almost all of the North American producers


subscribe) requires emission limits no higher than the

Tolerance Limits

Panel Length or Width > 0.61 m (2 feet)

+ 2.0 mm (0.080 inch)

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne ToxicPanel Average from Specified Thickness3,5 Control Measure (“CARB Rule”). Finally, various overlays and surface treatments have

+ 0.125 mm (0.005 inch)

Variance from Panel Average Thickness3,5

+ 0.125 mm (0.005 inch)

Linear Expansion (LE)3,6

< 0.33 percent

Formaldehyde Emissions

See below

been shown to significantly reduce product emissions. Formaldehyde Emissions ≤ 0.21 or ≤ .011 for MDF with a minimum thickness greater than 8mm. Formaldehyde Emis sions ≤ 0.21 ppm or ≤ 0.13 ppm for MDF with a maximum thickness ≤ 8mm For additional information about emissions, see the CPA Technical Bulletin VOC Emission Barrier Effects. n

Mdf panels can be digitally printed and Coated, offering a cost effective alternative Please see pages 80-81 for information about the companies that to solid wood components. They can be used in place 1) Grades shall also meet the requirements listed in Section 3 of this Standard. produce Medium Density Fiberboard. of expensive, hard to source exotic woods.

2) Refer to Section 4, Identification, for grade, formaldehyde emission, moisture resistance and product identification.

3) Physical and mechanical property values represent a minimum or maximum value representing 5 (lower) or 95 (up per) percentile expressions, respectively. 4) MOR and IB shall be tested in accordance with Part B of ASTM D 1037-06a. 5) Thickness tolerance values only apply to sanded panels.


Intr oducing I N S P I R E D

6) Linear expansion shall be measured between 50% and 80% RH in accordance to ASTM D 1037-06a. BY NORTHERN CONTOURS

Floating Shelves Doors & Drawer Fronts


Black Walnut

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White Oak

Textured Wood Veneer | Textured Face | Internally Edgebanded



p a n e l

le adin g applicatio ns

Countertops Kitchen Cabinets Shelving Door Core Stair Treads Floor Underlayment Office & Residential Furniture



oday’s particleboard gives industrial users the consistent quality and

design flexibility needed for fast, efficient production lines and quality consumer products. Particleboard panels are manufactured in a variety of dimensions with a wide range of physical properties, providing maximum design flexibility for specifiers and end users. particleboard continued on page 24 �

➊ ➋

Particleboard is consistent, durable and produced to precise thicknesses in a variety of panel sizes ➊. Particleboard is used extensively in residential kitchens ➋, playing a role in countertops, cabinets, shelving and floor underlayment.


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Store Fixtures Manufactured Home Decking


p a r t i c l e b o a r d Advances in paper, décor printing and resin technology allow for the production of textured thermally fused laminates on particleboard ➊ adding high fidelity design to a standard particleboard panel. Particleboard is made in a wide range of properties to suit just about any purpose. In custom shelving, storage and slot wall applications ➋, the vertical portions may utilize a low density product, while in the more demanding horizontal work surfaces, a higher density product may be indicated. Particleboard provides the stability and consistency needed for use in the core of interior doors ➌.

third-party certified. HUD and the states of


California and Minnesota also require third-

The American National Standard Institute

party certification of formaldehyde emissions

(ANSI) A208.1 for Particleboard is the

for nearly all particleboard and MDF under

North American industry voluntary standard.

their jurisdiction.

It classifies particleboard by density and

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

strength, and covers physical, dimensional Particleboard is a composite panel

and mechanical characteristics as well as

product consisting of cellulosic particles

formaldehyde emission levels. ANSI A208.1

of various sizes that are bonded together

was developed through the sponsorship

with a synthetic resin or binder under heat

of the Composite Panel Association (CPA)

and pressure. Particle geometry, resin

in conjunction with producers, users and

levels, board density and manufacturing

general interest groups. A summary of the

processes may be modified to produce

Particleboard Property Requirements is

products suitable for specific end uses.

included in this Guide and copies of ANSI

At the time of manufacture, additives

A208.1 are available from CPA.

can be incorporated to impart specific performance enhancements including greater dimensional stability, increased fire retardancy and moisture resistance. Particleboard is widely used in the

are the widely accepted standardized specification format for communicating the environmental footprint and performance of a product. EPDs are the definitive source of environmental technical data that is scientifically based on life cycle analysis and can be used to directly compare alternative product materials. An EPD for North American particleboard is now available. See page 10 of this Guide for additional information.

Third-party certification to ANSI Standards is

particleboard continued on page 26 �

required for many applications of composite panels. For example, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires

the physical properties of manufactured

manufacture of office and residential

home decking to be third-party certified. In

furniture, countertops, kitchen cabinets,

addition, many building code jurisdictions

shelving, store fixture, underlayment, door

require the physical properties of particle-

core and stair treads.

board underlayment and stair treads to be


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p a r t i c l e b o a r d


ANSI A208.1 has a tiered system of emission levels allowing either a maximum of 0.18 ppm or 0.09 ppm for industrial grades or 0.20 ppm for manufactured home decking. To meet

the needs of the market, many particleboard manufacturers offer ultra-low emitting and no added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF) products. There are a wide variety of products available today with reduced formaldehyde levels, as well as a growing number of nonformaldehyde alternatives. Those companies currently producing ultra-low emitting and NAUF products are identified in the product listings in this Guide.

Table A Requirements for Grades of Particleboard 1,2

Table A:

ANSI 208.1-2009 Particleboard

R e q u i r e m e n t s f o r G r a d e s o f P a r t i c l e b o a rd


Dimensional Tolerances

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Thickness Tolerance





+0.125 (0.005) -0.375




±0.125 (0.005)











±0.125 (0.005)












+0.125 (0.005)

Table B Requirements of Particleboard Flooring and Building Code Grades 1,2 TableProducts B



Requirements of Particleboard Flooring Products and Building Code Grades 1,2

l) Particleboard shall conform Note: and Table i r e mtoe requirements nTolerances t s o f P aasr specified t i c l e bino Section a rd f3.4 l o Formaldehyde o r i n g p r oprovisions. du c t s Mechanical a n d The B Properties u United i l d i nStates g C oDepartment d e G r a dofe Housing s Grade B: R e q uDimensional Physical and Urban Development’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24 C.F.R. Part 3280, exempts particleboard bonded with a phenol-formaldeThickness Tolerance Grade Dimensional Physical and Mechanical Properties hyde resin system from emissionTolerances testing, for end use applications in manufactured homes. Linear

Thickness Tolerance

6 Variance fromappropriate Modulus of Moduluslisted of Internal3 of this Standard. Concentrated Thickness Swell Expansion Length & tablePanel 2) Grades listed in this shallAverage also comply with the requirements in Section Panels designated as “Exterior Glue” must Linear from Specified Panel Average Rupture Elasticity Bond Hardness Loading max. avg. max. avg. Width maintain 50% MOR ASTM D 1037 accelerated (Subsection 3.3.5). Average Variance from aging Modulus of Modulus of Internal Concentrated6 Thickness Swell Expansion Length & afterPanel 2 2 2

mm (inch) Width

mm (inch) from Specified

mm (inch) Panel Average

N/mm (psi) Rupture

3) Refer to Annex B for general information. mm (inch) mm use (inch)and grade mm (inch) N/mm2 (psi) PBU





±0.250 (0.010)



N/mm (psi) Elasticity N/mm2 (psi) 1725 (250200)

N/mm (psi) Bond N/mm2 (psi) 0.40 (58)

N (pounds) Hardness N (pounds) 2225 (500)

N (pounds) Loading N (pounds) NS7

mm (inch) percent max. avg. mm (inch) percent 1.6 (0.063) NS

percent max. avg. percent 0.35

7 4) Physical property values±0.250 represent a minimum or maximum value representing 5 (lower) 95 (upper) NS percentile expressions, respectively. -4.0 (0.160) 1.6 (0.063) NS 0.35 PBU and +0 mechanical (0) ±0.375 (0.015) (0.010) 11.0 (1595) 1725 (250200) 0.40 (58) 2225 or(500)




±0.250 (0.010) 19.5 16.5 (2828) (2393)

3100 2750

(449600) (398900)



2225 (500)






6) NS—Not Specified D-3 ±2.0 (0.080)

D-3 D-2




±0.250 (0.010) 19.5 (2828)





2225 (500)






ANSI ANSI A208.1-2009 A208.1-2009 Particleboard Particleboard

-4.0 (0.160) 5) Thickness tolerance only for ±0.250 sanded(0.010) panels.16.5Unsanded panels shall be in0.55 accordance with (500) any thickness tolerances D-2 ±2.0 (0.080) values ±0.375are(0.015) (2393) 2750 (398900) (80) 2225 2670 (600) NS specified8 by agreement 0.30 between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

7) Grade M-3i has an “i” for “Industrial” to differentiate it from Grade M-3 found in Table B that is commonly referenced to in building codes for structural applications. Thickness Tolerance


Length & Width Length & mm (inch) Width ±2.0 (0.080) mm (inch)

Modulus of Rupture Modulus of 2 (psi) N/mm Rupture 2 16.5 (2393) N/mm (psi)

Modulus of Elasticity Modulus of 2 N/mm (psi) Elasticity 2 2750 (398900) N/mm (psi)

Internal Bond Internal 2 N/mm (psi) Bond 2 (80) 0.55 N/mm (psi)

Hardness N (pounds) Hardness 2225 (500) N (pounds)

Face N (pounds) Face 1100 (270) N (pounds)

Edge N (pounds) Edge 1000 (225) N (pounds)




16.5 (2393)




1100 (270)


9 9 26


Thickness Tolerance Panel Average Variance from from Specified Panel Average Panel Variance from mm Average (inch) mm (inch) from Specified Panel Average ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) mm (inch) mm (inch)










Linear Expansion Linear max. avg. Expansion percent max. avg. 0.35 percent 0.35

l) Particleboard shall conform to requirements as specified in Section 3.4 Formaldehyde provisions. Note: The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24 C.F.R. Part 3280, exempts particleboard bonded with a phenol-formaldehyde resin system from requirements in Section 3.4 Formaldehyde provisions. Note: The United States Department of Housing and Urban Develops u b s c rl)i bParticleboard e o n l i ntesting, e ashall t wfor wconform w . s uuse r fto aapplications c e a n d p a nine as l . cspecified om emission end manufactured homes. Grades D-2 and D-3 shall not exceed a maximum formaldehyde emission level of 0.20 ppm. ment’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24 C.F.R. Part 3280, exempts particleboard bonded with a phenol-formaldehyde resin system from

ANSI A208.1-2009 Particleboard


Linear l) Particleboard shall conform to requirements as specified in Section 3.4 Formaldehyde provisions. Note: The United States Department of Housing and Expansion of 3280, exempts Internal particleboard bonded with a phenol-formaldeLength & Manufactured Panel Average Variance from Modulus of Urban Development’s Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24 Modulus C.F.R. Part l) ParticleboardWidth shall conformfrom to requirements as specified in Section 3.4 Formaldehyde provisions. Note: The United States Department of Housing Elasticity Bond Face Edge max.and avg. Panel hyde resin system from emissionSpecified testing, for end useAverage applications Rupture in manufactured homes. Urban Development’s Home Construction and Safety Standards, 24N/mm C.F.R.2 (psi) Part 3280,N/mm exempts bonded N with a phenol-formalde2 2 (psi) (psi)particleboard N (pounds) (pounds) percent mm (inch) Manufactured mm (inch) mm (inch) N/mm resin system from emission testing, forwith endthe use applications in manufactured homes. 2)hyde Grades listed this table shall also comply requirements 3 of this as “Exterior must H-1 ±2.0 in(0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100appropriate (0.004) 14.9 (2161) listed 2160in Section (313300) 0.81Standard. (117) Panels 1600 designated (360) 1200 (270) Glue” NS maintain 50% MOR after ASTM D 1037 accelerated aging (Subsection 3.3.5). 2) H-2 Grades listed in this table shall also comply with the appropriate requirements listed in Section 3 of this Standard. Panels designated as “Exterior Glue” must ±2.0 (0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) 18.5 (2683) 2160 (313300) 0.81 (117) 1700 (382) 1400 (315) NS 50% MOR ASTM 1037 accelerated aging (Subsection 3.3.5). 3) maintain Refer to Annex B forafter general useDand grade information. H-3 ±2.0 (0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) 21.1 (3060) 2475 (359000) 0.90 (131) 1800 (405) 1400 (315) NS 3) Refer to Annex B for general use and grade information. 4) Physical and mechanical property values represent a minimum or maximum value representing 5 (lower) or 95 (upper) percentile expressions, respectively. M-0 ±2.0mechanical (0.080) property ±0.200 values (0.008)represent ±0.100 (0.004) or7.6 (1102) 1380 (200200)5 (lower) 0.31 (45) NSpercentile expressions, NS NS 4) and a minimum maximum 95 (upper) 5) Physical Thickness tolerance values are only for sanded panels. Unsanded panelsvalue shall representing be in accordance withorany thickness tolerances specified respectively. by agreement M-1 ±2.0 (0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) 10.0 (1450) 1550 (224800) 0.36 (52) NS NS 0.40 between the manufacturer and the purchaser. 5) Thickness tolerance values are only for sanded panels. Unsanded panels shall be in accordance with any thickness tolerances specified by agreement M-S ±2.0manufacturer (0.080) ±0.200 1700 (246600) 0.36 (52) 800 (180) 700 (157) 0.40 and the (0.008) purchaser.±0.100 (0.004) 11.0 (1595) 6) between NS—Not the Specified M-2 ±2.0 (0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) 13.0 (1885) 2000 (290100) 0.40 (58) 900 (202) 800 (180) 0.40 6) NS—Not Specified 7) Grade M-3i has an “i” for “Industrial” to differentiate it from Grade M-3 found in Table B that is commonly referenced to in building codes for structural applications. M-3i ±2.0 (0.080) ±0.200 (0.008) ±0.100 (0.004) 15.0 (2176) 2500 (362600) 0.50 (73) 1000 (225) 900 (202) 0.40 7) Grade M-3i has an “i” for “Industrial” to differentiate it from Grade M-3 found in Table B that is commonly referenced to in building codes for structural applications.

P a r t i c l e b o a r d

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In addition, CPA’s Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Program (to which almost all of the North American producers subscribe) requires emission limits no higher than the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (“CARB Rule”). Finally, various overlays and surface treatments have been shown to significantly reduce product emissions. For additional information about emissions, see the CPA Technical Bulletin “VOC Emission Barrier Effects.”


Please see pages 82-83 for information about the companies that produce Particleboard.

Particleboard is often utilized in office furniture and in entertainment applications ➊. Lightweight Panels are built by sandwiching a paper honeycomb core between two thin sheets of particleboard, producing finished products that achieve big, bold aesthetics while components remain easy to transport, assemble and install ➋. Particleboard has excellent machining characteristics, which is important when post-forming high pressure laminate countertops ➌.

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102x254-iz15-M1 US-Surface & Panel.indd 1


15.01.15 15:10 27

buyers guide 2015


p a n e l

le adin g applicatio ns

Office & Residential Furniture Prefinished Paneling Door Skins Perforated Board Underlayment



ardboard is used in a variety of applications including furniture

components, moulded door skins, paneling, underlayment and perforated boards. Hardboard is a composite panel manufactured primarily from inter-felted, ligno-cellulosic fibers consolidated under heat and pressure. Other materials may be

added during the manufacturing process to improve certain properties, such as resistance to abrasion and moisture, and to increase strength and durability.

➋ Perforated hardboard has long been a staPle in home organization and storage ➊. Hardboard resists marring, scuffing and abrasion, making it well suited as a work surface ➋. its ligHt weigHt, tHin profile and structural integrity make it tHe rigHt cHoice for backing material in office and residential furniture ➌.

LEAF, GP, bonds that last. advancements that work. and the GP and LEAF logos are trademarks owned by or licensed to GeorgiaPacific Chemicals LLC. ©2014 GeorgiaPacific Chemicals LLC. All rights reserved.

GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS offers a comprehensive portfolio of wood adhesives for particleboard and medium density fiberboard, including the new LEAF® ULEF single component scavenger resin. We also invented and provide exclusive service for the GP™ Dynamic Microchamber formaldehyde emissions testing system.

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866-477-2436 | gpchemical@gapac.com

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h a r d b o a r d

Hardboard has a uniform thickness, density, appearance and has no grain. It resists marring, scuffing and abrasion, as well as changes in temperature and humidity. Hardboard can be cut, routed, shaped and drilled with standard woodworking tools. In addition, it can be securely glued or fastened with screws, staples or nails. Hardboard panels can be laminated with paper overlays, plastic laminates and veneers. PRODUCT STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A135.4 for Basic Hardboard is the North American industry standard. It classifies hardboard by thickness and physical properties, and includes five classes: Tempered, Standard, Service-Tempered, Service and Industrialite. ANSI A135.5 for Prefinished Basic Paneling establishes the property requirements for dimensional tolerances and moisture content, along with resistance to abrasion, fading, heat, humidity, scrape, steam and stain. Requirements for washability, gloss, workmanship and flame spread are also specified. ANSI A135.4 and A135.5 were developed through the sponsorship of the Composite Panel Association (CPA) in conjunction with producers, users and general interest groups. Copies of ANSI A135.4 and A135.5 are available from CPA. n

usually relegated to the background, hardboard can also be the star of the show, such as in this trendy bar that features walls and a bar made of hardboard panels edged in brass.

photos by K ristia n P ohl

Please see page 84 for information about the companies that produce Hardboard.


p a n e l

le adin g applicatio ns

Siding Interior Trim Exterior Trim

Engineered Wood Siding and Trim


ngineered Wood Siding and Trim

(EWST) is a category of composite

panels designed and manufactured to per-

form in interior and exterior exposure applications with the appearance of traditional wood. These advanced composites can be engineered with enhanced resistance to moisture, dimensional stability and protection against fungal decay and termites. The engineered properties translate into long-lasting durability allowing for decades of service life while maintaining their attractive appearance. Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s engineered wood siding and trim products are highly versatile, coming in many forms including sophisticated woodgrains and embossed surfaces.


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E n g i n e e r e d

W o o d

S i d i n g

a n d

t r i m

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) A135.6 for Engineered Wood Siding defines quality and dimensional attributes for siding products. The standard covers requirements and methods of testing for exterior durability, dimensions, straightness, squareness, physical properties and surface characteristics. It also includes trade terms and methods of identifying engineered wood siding. Third-party certification to the ANSI Standards is required for many applications of siding panels. Many building code jurisdictions require the physical properties of engineered wood siding to be third-party certified. The Composite Panel Association’s (CPA’s) accredited certification program is recognized and approved by building code officials to evaluate siding products for code compliance.

Today’s siding and trim products are offered in a wide range of textures, widths and profiles that can create endless styles and themes.

ANSI A135.7 for Engineered Wood Trim covers requirements and methods of testing for exterior durability, as well as physical and mechanical properties. These consensusbased standards are sponsored by CPA. Copies of ANSI A135.6 and A135.7 are available from CPA. Engineered wood siding and trim products may be eligible for LEED credits. n Please see page 84 for information about the companies that produce Engineered Wood Siding and Trim.

Engineered Wood Siding and Trim are manufactured to withstand the rigors of seasonal weather exposure. surface&panel

buyers guide 2015


S p e c i f y i n g S u r fa c e s

Kitchen Innovative Products for a Sustainable Future

➊ There are several methods for achieving high-gloss surfaces, including 3DL over MDF, acrylic panels and lacquer.

➋ Matte surfaces in 3DL or TFL provide an interesting, yet understated, contrast of texture. Both materials are available in a vast array of colors and woodgrains with distinctive textures.

➌ Solid surface, HPL and engineered stone are popular man-made countertop options.

ccording to NKBA polling, shifting consumer preferences for cabinetry in North America put transitional styling ahead of the traditional aesthetic. Contemporary design is also making significant gains. Consider this trend from the inside out. Both transitional and contemporary designs favor frameless cabinet box construction, which is standard in Europe. One benefit is that there are minimal reveals between door and drawer fronts, allowing for sleek, uninterrupted surfaces. Most functional hardware is initially developed for frameless boxes (then adapted for framed cabinetry), giving kitchen designers who work with frameless cabinets access to the most cutting-edge innovations – and when it comes to kitchen and bath cabinets, hardware technology truly drives design. Think large lower drawers, vertical lift systems, soft-close mechanisms and more. The modern aesthetic also celebrates the best of what engineered surface materials have to offer- essentially an endless opportunity to play with color, pattern and texture. From stark contemporary, to transitional’s popular mix of contrast, to traditional framed cabinets with 5-piece woodgrain fronts, decorative surfacing materials, carried on composite panels, offer the full range of high-performance design solutions.

photos courtesy ofDur a Supreme 32


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Hemlocks Grey on particle board



on MDF

Get the look and feel of natural wood grain in a composite panel. • 14 colors and wood designs • superior color consistency • unmatched fade protection • exceptional water resistance • four high-quality substrates

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The surface and panel symposium will be held at the iconic Harley davidson museum in milwaukee.

Bedford Falls Communications is excited to announce the debut of the Surface & Panel Symposium in conjunction with the grand opening of the mHouse in fall 2015.


he theme of the symposium is uniting materials, technology and design. The event, which will be Sept. 29 at the iconic Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, will feature spectacular surface materials, value-added surfaced components, revealing design trends and creative advances in panel-based products from around the world. John Aufderhaar, founder and president of Bedford Falls Communications, stressed the symposium’s wide appeal and must-see programming. “Whether you design residential or commercial environments or whether you specify or produce kitchens, store fixtures, office furniture, household furniture or closet and organization products, panel processing is


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the common thread of DNA in all of them,” Aufderhaar said. “Interior designers, architects, fabricators, distributors and anyone in the panel-processing supply chain simply must attend this event. “The symposium will be unlike any other conference or trade show you attend in 2015 or any other year,” he added. The Surface & Panel Symposium will conclude with the grand opening of the mHouse. The mHouse unites the industry’s finest materials and technology in new and unique applications to show the world what’s possible in modern residential interiors. Nationally recognized architect John Vetter of Vetter/Denk Architects designed the mHouse. The interior design is a collaboration between Vetter and Amy Carman of Amy Carman Design.

“Integrating the interior and exterior architecture with so many amazing decorative surface materials and components is a pleasure and a unique learning experience,” Vetter said. “We are proud to contribute our expertise to such an inspiring and innovative home. The mHouse will certainly surprise and delight.” The Surface & Panel Symposium and the mHouse’s opening offer the perfect environment to learn about the latest decorative materials in an educational setting and then see them in a real-life application. Products from more than 20 sponsoring companies from all corners of the globe will be showcased in the mHouse. A wide array of additional materials and value-added products will be revealed at the Surface & Panel Symposium. Bedford Falls Communications is proud to add the Surface & Panel Symposium to its growing list of brands, which include Surface & Panel (www.surfaceandpanel.com), International Wood, Materialicious (www.materialicious.com), Print Works!, Distribution Matters, Finishing Matters and the mHouse. Aufderhaar said the Surface & Panel Symposium is a natural evolution for the growing company and allows it to capitalize on its employees’ six years of conference and trade show experience.

Located on beautiful Lake Michigan and with attractions and amenities that rival top-tier destinations, Milwaukee offers superior meeting facilities along with lots of built-in fun, all in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.


“Our industry body of knowledge in the decorative surface and panel processing industry combined with our conference experience make us uniquely qualified to present the symposium,” Aufderhaar said. “In an evolving landscape, we understand the need for education among those involved in specifying materials. “The Surface & Panel Symposium is squarely focused on that need, while the mHouse extends that education by quantum levels, revealing materials in a practical application,” he added. Vetter and Carman both acknowledge that their heightened understanding of the materials featured in the mHouse has dramatically and positively shaped their perception, giving them the confidence to specify these new materials in other residential and commercial projects. “Our goal is to advance the specification and use of our industry’s amazing products, and that goal is precisely what the sponsors of the Surface & Panel Symposium and the mHouse desire,” Vetter said. For more information on the mHouse, go to www.materialicious.com and click on the mHouse logo in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. s&p

Parapan® Solid Cast Doors

For more information on the Surface & Panel Symposium, contact John Aufderhaar at 920-206-1766 or Ryan Wagner at 920-262-2080. surface&panel

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s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

tabletops countertops furniture cabinetry case goods flooring

High Pressure Laminate


igh Pressure Laminate or HPL is

the direct descendent of the original

plastic laminate. It is considered to be one

of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. Special grades of HPL can be postformed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint. HPL is produced by saturating multiple layers of kraft paper with phenolic resin. A layer of printed décor paper is placed on top of the kraft paper before pressing. The resulting sandwich is fused together under heat and pressure (more than 1,000 PSI). Because phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset plastics, the curing process transforms the resin into plastic by a cross linking process that converts the paper sheets into a single, rigid laminated sheet. Thermosetting creates strong, irreversible bonds that contribute to HPL’s durability. HPL is laminated to a panel utilizing a variety of adhesives. Particleboard or MDF are the preferred substrate because they provide a stable, durable, consistent and economical foundation.

HIgH PreSSure LAMInATe IS ConSIDereD one oF THe MoST DurABLe DeCorATIve SurFACe materials. It performs well in both HorIzonTAL and vertical APPLICATIonS. HPL is often utilized for countertops ➊, ➋, ➌, ➍, cabinetry ➍, and wall systems ➋. special custom laminates ➋, ➍ can be produced to match the theme or decor of any environment. 36

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h i gh


p r e s s u r e

l a m i n a t e

The nature of HPL allows it to be post-formed. The technology has evolved to include a variety of premium edge treatments with ogees and multiple radiuses that mimic more expensive stone installations.

Due to its durability, HPL is a common choice for horizontal surfaces including flooring, countertops and desktops. It also performs well in horizontal and vertical applications for high traffic settings such as hospitality, office furniture, healthcare, retail casework, commercial interiors and educational facilities. A relatively new development in HPL technology is Double Belt Press (DBP) for the production of Continuous Pressed Laminate (CPL). CPL is decorative paper impregnated with resins and fused under heat and high pressure with resinimpregnated backer(s). Laminate properties are similar to standard HPL and typical thickness range is .4 mm to 1mm. CPL is available in desired sheet lengths or continuous rolls. Flexible CPL is decorative paper impregnated with flexible thermosetting resins and fused under heat and high pressure with resin-impregnated backer(s). This engineered CPL offers a unique range of formable decorative laminates suitable for profile wrapping and edgebanding applications. Common thickness range is .2 mm through .4 mm. Surface properties are similar to vertical grade HPL and are used significantly to complement HPL and TFL laminates. HPL continued on page 38 ďż˝



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H i gh

P r e s s u r e

l a m i n a t e

There are many types or grades of high pressure laminates engineered for specific performance requirements: GENERAL PURPOSE: Most widely used HPL and suitable for horizontal and vertical surface applications. Typical thickness range from 0.028" to 0.048" (0.71 to 1.22 mm). POSTFORMING: Can be formed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint. Maximum thickness is approximately 0.038" (0.97 Through窶田olor, also known as solid color high pressure laminate (HPL), eliminates the dark line of traditional HPL. It is constructed with multiple layers of solid color saturated dテゥcor paper to insure color consistency throughout.

mm) and can normally be formed to radii as small as 3/8" (9.5 mm). BACKER: HPL produced without a decorative face. Available as standard (most common; slightly thinner than decorative HPL) or regrind (reclaimed HPL with decorative sheet sanded off). SPECIAL PRODUCTS: Special purpose high pressure laminates include cabinet liners, high-wear, fire-rated, electrostatic dissipative and chemical resistant laminates. In addition to aesthetic attributes, the lamination of particleboard or MDF with HPL can improve the physical performance of the substrate. For example, a shelf of 3/4" industrial (M-2) particleboard that is 24" long will carry 45 lbs per square foot (psf) of uniform loading with 0.133" deflection. The same shelf can carry 85 lbs psf before reaching the same deflection if overlaid with HPL. n Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce HPL.

Due to its durability, HPL performs well in horizontal and vertical applications for high traffic settings such as healthcare facilities.

Making flat panels fabulous for over 40 years....

Thermally Fused Laminate Panels Woodgrain Printed Panels HPL Panels Leather Veneer Panels Water Based Painted Panels Slatwall Panels Cut-to-size 1.800.433.7142 www.panel.com 38


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A more beautiful surrounding with Greenlam® decorative laminates. Greenlam® has grown into one of the world’s most powerful producers of laminate products, providing projects across the spectrum with decorative and durable HPL, compact HPL (4’x8’, 5’x8’ and 5’x10’) and veneer (4’x8’) surfaces. With solutions for doors, washrooms, lockers, interior fittings and kitchens, we are focused on innovation, providing beautiful high performance surfaces for commercial offices, education, healthcare, public and residential spaces. With an array of textures, patterns and colors including stunning wood and metal effects and a range of surface finishes, our collection is sure to include just the right look. What’s more all of our products achieve GREENGUARD Gold standard. Greenlam products are suitable for use in places where children spend significant periods of time, making them perfect for use in interior spaces. For demanding locations such as retail outlets, Greenlam Unicore brings uniform color throughout the laminate, avoiding telltale dark edges and making a more beautiful and durable surface. Contact us today to discover a way to more beautiful surfaces.

C O M PA C T & H P L : 4 ’ x 8 ’, 5 ’ x 8 ’, 5 ’ x 1 0 ’ I V E N E E R : 4 ’ x 8 ’ I C O U N T E R T O P : 5 ’ x 1 2 ’

Store Displays

8750 NW 36TH St, Suite 635, Doral FL, 33178 USA T: (305) 640 0388 Toll Free: 877 647 0388 Fax: (305) 640 0426 info.us@greenlam.com www.greenlam.com



s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

laminate flooring cabinetry countertops shelving Store fixtures home office furniture

Thermally Fused laminate


hermally Fused Laminate or TFL is made

by fusing a resin-impregnated sheet of

décor paper directly to a substrate. There is no kraft paper used in TFL, and the resulting panel is ready for finishing. The décor paper generally weighs between 60 and 130 g/m2

and is the same as the paper used in the production of HPL, making for easy matching across materials. Heat and pressure activate the resin in the saturated TFL sheet, creating a cross-linked bond with the substrate. This effectively seals the substrate. Particleboard and MDF are ideal substrates for TFL because they are consistent, uniform in strength and free of defects. TFL continued on page 42 �

Decorative papers saturateD with reactive resins, cureD unDer heat or pressure anD permanently fuseD to a substrate such as particleboarD or mDf become both a Decorative and a construction material. these panels are often referreD to as thermally fuseD Laminate (TFL). residential applications include laminate flooring as well as cabinets, countertops and shelving in home storage and modern Kitchens. 40

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t h e r m a l l y

f u s e d

l a m i n a t e

➊ ➋ TFL decorative panels can be manufactured with enhanced visual and performance characteristics. Surface textures are created with steel press plates that emboss the decorative overlay to heighten the realism of wood grain, stone or abstract designs. Steel press plates can also be used to create or control the gloss level of the surface. TFL decorative panels have excellent scratch and wear resistance. They are widely used in laminate flooring, office furniture, closet system components, store fixtures and cabinets. It is also an appropriate spec in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail settings. TFL decorative panels typically require a decorative edge treatment and can be specified with or without edge, and with single or opposite-side face treatments. Due to the performance, design flexibility and cost advantages, TFL offers an excellent option for designers and specifiers. TFL continued on page 44 �

The performance, design flexibility and cost advantages of Thermally fused laminate offers excellent options for designers and specifiers. It is well suited to work surfaces in commercial environments ➊ and functional furniture in the home ➋. 42

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Sustainable products present in everyday life

Composite Panel Solutions MDF Ultralight MDF HDF Particleboard NAF/ULEF Hardboard



ARAUCO manufactures the industry’s most comprehensive selection of sustainable composite panels, premium plywood, millwork, lumber, and wood pulp. Ask for our FSC® certified products.

Construction, Industrial, and Architectural Design Solutions

Papermaking Solutions

TFL Plywood Moulding Lumber

Hardwood Pulp Softwood Pulp

Ultralight MDF

TFL I Thermally-Fused Laminate

t h e r m a l l y

f u s e d

l a m i n a t e

The two most common thermoset resin systems used in TFL decorative panels: MELAMINE: The resin is introduced into the paper during an impregnating operation. After the paper is impregnated, it is partially cured (B stage) using curing ovens. The melamine resin is fully cured under heat and pressure during hot press lamination. The B staged paper has a definite shelf life that varies with temperature and humidity. Melamine resins are fully cured at 300400 psi and 300-400 F. They are noted for their hardness, scratch resistance and color

stability, and are the most commonly used resin in saturated paper overlays. POLYESTER: The resin is introduced into the paper during an impregnating operation. After the paper is impregnated it is partially

Thermally fused laminate provides excellent hardness and scratch resistance sufficiently durable for office furniture ➊ and hotel room fixtures ➋, as well as cabinets, countertops and shelving in modern Kitchens ➌.

cured (B stage) using curing ovens. Polyester resin is fully cured at 175-200 psi and 275-350 F during hot press lamination. The B staged paper has a definite shelf life that varies with temperature and humidity. Polyester resins are noted for their chemical, stain, water and impact resistance, color clarity and machinability. n Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce TFL.

➋ ➌


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Working for you.

Dennis Tally Complex Manager, 8 years



Specialty Panels

Hardwood Plywood |



SkyBlend Particleboard

UltraBlend Particleboard www.Roseburg.com



s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

kitchen cabinets furniture shelving manufactured Housing office applications Wall Paneling

Film Overlays


➊ ➋

nown as rigid thermoformable foils (RTF), three-dimensional laminate

(3DL) and two-dimensional laminate (2DL), these materials are thermoplastic film overlays. They provide end users the freedom to design components with contoured surface profiles and seamless edges without requiring edge treatments. Designers can also use film overlays to customize shapes and incorporate punchouts, logos and concave/convex surfaces. These films are available in solid colors or printed designs.

➌ 46

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Film overlays can be vacuum formed or membrane pressed over contoured substrates ➊. Common uses for 3D and 2d laminates alike include cabinet doors and drawer fronts in striking modern kitchens ➋, and shelving in home storage ➌, ➍.

f i l m

o v e r l a y s

The films used in 3DL and 2DL are thermoplastic, meaning they soften when heated to take on the shape of their substrate and return to a firm state when sufficiently cooled. 3DLs are primarily made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyester (PET) films. They can be seamlessly membrane pressed or vacuum formed around contoured components, including edges. 3DL can also be used in 2DL applications such as profile wrapping and flat lamination. 3D laminates are available in typical thicknesses from 0.008" to 0.040" and customized gloss ranges. In addition, they can be embossed with specific patterns to improve realistic aesthetics. Film Overlays continued on page 48 �


3D Laminate Film

Volcano Series

The Volcano Series is part of the North American Textured Beauty Stock line of 3DL films. Available in any quantity Perfect TFL matches Contact us today




973.598.0152 www.ssinorthamerica.com info@ssinorthamerica.com surface&panel

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f i l m

o v e r l a y s

3D laminates are resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking making them a popular choice for retail store fixtures. In addition, their application seals the core panel substrate from bacteria and moisture, which make them an increasingly popular choice in healthcare settings for over bed tray tables, furniture and cabinetry. Due to their ability to wrap around custom shapes, edges and contoured surfaces, designers often specify 3DL materials for POP displays, commercial hospitality components, office furniture and door/drawer fronts for cabinetry. 2DLs are generally made from vinyl, polypropylene (PP) or oriented polypropylene (OPP). They are designed to be flat laminated or profile wrapped. 2DLs are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.001" to 0.007", and can be solid colored, reverse printed or top printed with an overlay based on end use requirements. 2D laminates provide excellent water and chemical resistance, and varying degrees of scratch and stain resistance. Common uses for 2D Laminates include walls and ceilings of recreational vehicles,

➊ Film overlays boast A sEamLEss EDgE PROFILE anD an Easy TO CLEan suRFaCE, making them ideal for hEaLThCaRE aPPLICaTIOns ➊. 2D Laminates are commonly used in the production of 5-piece doors ➋.

vertical surfaces for retail store fixtures, cabinets, commercial flooring and residential components. Films can be divided into eight categories: 2ML Reverse Printed Rigid Film: Print design and base coat are printed on the back of the film in reverse order. This film is used for wall paneling (mostly in recreational vehicles), kitchen cabinets, furniture and manufactured housing. Semi-rigid Clear Film / Reverse printed: The film is frequently embossed and can be coated with scuff-resistant coatings. These films range from 4 to 8 mils in thickness. Some can be mitre folded.

film overlays continued on page 50 �

954.420.9553 www.SynergyThermofoils.com 48

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Laminates Inspired by Life. Urban Studies Collection The Urban Studies Collection, a collection of surf(x)ÂŽ 3D Laminate designs from OMNOVA Solutions, brings together a unique fusion of texture and print inspired by urban environments across the globe. This collection of 11 unique and artistic patterns features a stunning compilation of color, print and texture to citify retail, hospitality and food service interior environments.

Lamp Post


Flat Iron

Etched Medallion

Liquid Vintage

Liquid Stainless

Elemental Silk

Street Sign

Steel Diecast

Vintage Marquee

SURF(X) is a registered trademark of OMNOVA Solutions Inc. Š 2015 OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

Tin Ceiling

866.332.5226 www.omnova.com/laminates

f i l m

o v e r l a y s

Silky Finish Supermatte


miter folding capabilities allow the creation of seamless edges to 3d laminates for increased strength and beauty.

Sandwich Film: Semi-rigid two-ply overlay. The opaque base film is top printed and a clear overlay is laminated on top. This

Smooth as baby's skin. Ask for available colors.



film is designed for mitre folding and flat sheet lamination. These films range from 5.5 to 8 mils in thickness. Some are available with scuff-resistant topcoating. Solid Color Film / Semi-rigid film: This film is integrally colored and can be top printed and/ or embossed. Top-printed film is used extensively in manufactured housing, recreational vehicles, commercial paneling and movable walls. Plain solids are used in furniture, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, displays and office furniture applications. Thicknesses range from 3.5 to 8.0 mils. Some films are available with scuff-resistant topcoatings. Thermoformed Overlay Films: Single-ply or two-ply construction. Gauges range from .010" to .030" and the film may be printed in wood grain or decorative patterns. Films may be embossed and may be coated with scuff- and stain-resistant coatings. Primers to promote adhesion are available. Films are designed for thermoforming with heat and pressure in a bladder press or vacuum forming process. Decorative effects can be achieved with two-ply films when a router is used to expose a different color in the bottom ply film. Films may also be flat laminated or mitre folded. Raised panel cabinet doors and freeformed furniture components are the most common applications for this type of film. film overlays continued on page 52 ďż˝

RIKEN USA CORPORATION 26200 Town Center Drive, Suite #135 Novi, MI 48375 Tel: 248.513.3511 | Fax: 248.513.3510 info@riken-usa.com | www.riken-usa.com

Common uses for 2D Laminates include cabinets.

For More Information:



Competitive prices


Over 80 designs available in stock


High quality PVC foils

Euro Vinyl Plus

13199 NW 107 Ave. Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Telephone: 305-362-9900


f i l m

o v e r l a y s

➊ films can be designed for wrapping Profiles in mouldings for furniture and kitchen components ➊. Relatively new to the decorative overlay category, OPP films are ideal for decorative patterns ➋. The latest developments in Film overlays include high performance, PVC-free plastic surfaces applicable to flat lamination, postforming and thermoforming in furniture components such as the panels in this modern credenza ➌.

Wrapping Films are rigid vinyl films in gauges from .005" to .010". Film may be printed in wood grain or decorative patterns, may be embossed, and may be coated with scratch and stain resistant coatings. Films are designed for wrapping profiles, like picture frames and furniture moulding, and can also be flat laminated and mitre folded. CALENDERED POLYPROPYLENE FILM: These films range from 5 to 20 mils in thickness and are available in a range of solid colors. Typical applications include flat laminations and edge banding for garage and kitchen cabinets, as well as electronics. ORIENTED POLYPROPYLENE (OPP) FILM (OPAQUE): Relatively new to the decorative overlay category, these films are stretched (oriented) in both the machine and cross-machine direction to deliver improved dimensional stability. In addition, OPP offers resistance to water and chemicals. Because of its non-absorbent print surface, OPP is ideal for high-fidelity wood grain prints and decorative patterns. OPP films may be embossed and are typically coated for scuff, scratch and stain resistance. Oriented polypropylene films are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.9 to 2.2 mil (23 gsm to 56 gsm). Typical applications include RTA furniture, cabinets, wrapped profiles, ceiling and wall panels. n Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce Film Overlays.


s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

cabinets & doors furniture & cabinet surfaces closet systems Store Fixtures Ready to assemble furniture picture frames

Decorative Foils


ecorative foils are an intermediaterange, paper-based overlay and are

also called impregnated papers. They are generally pre-impregnated with a blend of melamine, acrylic and urea resins during the paper-manufacturing process, or post-impregnated after the paper is fully cured. Decorative foils weigh between 40 and 200 grams/m2 untreated. During the impregnation process, the cellulose papers typically gain between 20 and 50 percent of their base weight. Those between 100

and 200 grams are dubbed specialty papers and are more likely than lighterweight varieties to be used for exposed decorative surfaces.

Heat Transfer Foils


eat transfer foils involve the transfer of a complete coating system from a carrier film to a substrate by means of heat and pressure. When transferred at point of contact

between heated roller and substrate, the coating system provides both a decorative effect Decorative foils are adhered to a substrate using a glue system. The applications are virtually identical to thermally fused papers and include furniture for the home ➊ and shelving and closet systems ➋, ➌, including slatwall ➍.

and a protective layer to provide specified end use properties. The foils are gravure printed in reverse sequence on a co-polymer film. That is, the release coat is applied first followed by a protective coating, the decorative pattern, the base coat and finally, the heat-activated adhesive. These foils can be applied vertically or horizontally to flat surfaces, curves, edges and contoured profiles. They are thermoformable, making them ideal for applications with doors or decorative trim, and can be restamped after application to correct defects or damage.


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d e c o r a t i v e

f o i l s

A Complete Program of Decorative Building Solutions. 5 Piece Door Mouldings • Over 200 TFL colours available • 10 stock finishes of NEXGEN™ laminates that out-perform hardwood • Resists scratches and high heat with antimicrobial protection • Fade resistant • Zero formaldehyde emissions may be achieved

9 Accessory Moulding Profiles • Crowns, cornices, light shield, batten and baseboard

Drawer Components • Blank, miter-fold and knockdown (KD) styles

The impregnated foils are bonded with an adhesive

• Available in vinyl and polypropylene

system to a substrate (ex: MDF or particleboard).

• Custom drilling, grooves and thicknesses

Quantity, method and type of impregnation, as

• Birch plywood drawer systems also available

well as the type of adhesive system and substrate, will have a direct effect on the finished product. These qualities will be demonstrated in cutting and machining performance. Although impregnated papers do not require a topcoat to be considered a foil, most foils receive a finished topcoat for increased durability and scratch resistance. Due to substrate surface advancements, the use and performance of decorative foils has increased. Widespread use of decorative foils ranges from retail fixtures to closet systems, RTA furniture, profile wrappings and POP displays. Specifiers choose decorative foils for their sharp print fidelity; wear-, stain- and water-resistant qualities; ease of maintenance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and their reliable machining and manufacturing characteristics. n Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce Decorative Foils.


• www.olon.com


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s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

cabinetry shelving systems Closet systems paneling Store fixtures home office furniture

Light Basis Weight Papers


➊ ➋ ight basis weight papers range

in weight from 23 to 50 grams/m2. The

paper may contain acrylic, polyester or other resins added during the paper making process to improve the internal bond strength. The paper is then printed

industrial. Standard grade papers contain

and topcoated with polyurethane,

a lower amount of resin in the base paper

urea, polyester, acrylic, melamine or a

and offer an economical overlay for use on

combination thereof for increased durability

general surface applications.

and performance.

Industrial grade papers with their higher

These papers can be printed with excellent

resin content, should be specified for

quality and high-fidelity patterns. Optional

applications that demand higher production

chemical, optical, or gloss-matte embossing

and processing performance (i.e.,

of these papers enhances the realism of

improved cutting and machining). The cost

woodgrain and natural patterns. Light basis

effectiveness of this overlay group is further

weight papers have long been common

enhanced by the possibility of single-sided

in higher levels of value engineering and

panels. It is not necessary to laminate

are widely used in cabinets, store fixtures,

both sides of the substrate to achieve a

paneling, shelving, closet systems, RTA and

balanced panel. As an additional application,

home office furniture.

depending on their weight, light basis weight

Light basis weight papers are usually

papers can be profile wrapped to produce

divided into two categories, standard and

trim that is an exact match of the flat surface.

Light basis weight papers will accept a variety of adhesives applied during the laminating process. Additionally, they can be supplied precoated with hotmelt adhesive ready for hot roll laminating without any additional adhesive application to the paper or substrate. The performance and appearance of the finished panel will be affected by the adhesive system used and substrate quality. n Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce Light Basis Weight Papers.

LIghT bASIS weIghT pApeRS (Lbwp) ARe IdeAL AS An ecOnOmIcAL OveRLAy. Standard LBWP are used in low wear applications like paneling, in this case for ceilings ➊ and rta furniture, ➍. InduSTRIALgRAde Lbwp hAve A hIgheR ReSIn cOnTenT And gReATeR InTeRnAL bOnd. They are OfTen uSed In vertical surfaces such as shelving ➋ and in store fixtures ➌. 56

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s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

Edge Banding Cabinetry Furniture Store Fixtures Case Goods

Veneer Made by generations to last for generations. ➊

From our founding in 1918 as a single ply veneer mill, Darlington Veneer has grown into one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of quality hardwood plywood products in the nation. Third-generation family owned, we’ve merged our knowledge and expertise with modern manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship. From the selection of raw materials to completion, you’ll find outstanding quality in our hardwood plywood products that include cores of: • MDF, Particleboard, Domestic and Imported Veneer Core, OSB, Combi-core, FR MDF, FR Particleboard • Forest Stewardship Council Certified Products • Custom and Special Orders Available Contact us for a trusted relationship that will last for generations.


nother common decorative surfacing

material used in the lamination industry is natural wood veneer. Veneers are available in

a variety of wood species, both domestic and imported. Composite panels, like particleboard and MDF, are the preferred substrate for veneers due to their superior surface qualities of being flat, smooth, uniform, dense and free of knots and grain patterns. In addition, their dimensional stability, strength properties and cost advantages further increase the advantages of using these substrates.

Darlington, South Carolina 800.845.2388 dvci@darlingtonveneer.com www.darlingtonveneer.com

Veneers are typically sliced between 1/25" to 1/50" (1.0 mm to 0.51 mm) and are available plain or with a paper or fleece backer that has varying degrees of flexibility. The backers provide stability and strength to the veneer and minimize


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splintering, cracking and checking. Veneered

urea-based adhesive due to its ability to

composite panel constructions are used

make the panel more rigid, faster processing

in many applications including high quality

parameters and lower-cost base. Another

furniture, case goods, store fixtures and

hot press resin system that is increasingly

cabinetry. Some veneers are used for profile

used is a soy-based resin. Cold press

wrapping, typically over MDF, for high-end

systems typically use polyvinyl acetates,

millwork applications.

casein and contact adhesives. These

Veneers can be overlaid with either heat-

systems are used for smaller production

activated resins or cold pressed. The

quantities and may be less rigid than heat-

main resin used in hot press systems is a

activated resin systems. n

Jowat | your partner in bonding

Please see pages 87-91 for information about the companies that produce Veneer.

Jowat offers a variety of Adhesives for furniture components that covers • 3D Membrane Pressing (1K and 2K) • PUR Hot Melt Adhesives for High Gloss Flat Lamination • Thermoplastic and PUR Hot Melt for Edgebanding • Hot Melt Adhesives for Precoating and Laminating Jowat – One supplier for all system components.

Wood veneers have become thinner as the technology to process them has improved. Nevertheless, thin veneers would not have practical application without advances made in the surface quality of particleboard and MDF. Wood veneers require a glue system and a surface finish. Veneers add warmth to furniture and cabinetry for the home and office ➊, ➌. Veneers can play a starring role in event venues ➋.

Jowat Corporation 5608 Uwharrie Rd. Archdale, NC 27263 Phone +1 336 434 9000 Fax +1 336 434 9173 www.jowat.com


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S p e c i f y i n g S u r fa c e s

Contract Furniture

➊ Veneer is often considered the high-end finish for contract furniture, in part because it requires additional top-coating to achieve the chemical and scratch resistance the application demands.

Innovative Products for a Sustainable Future


ersatility is the name of the game in contract furniture. Most major manufacturers offer several lines to meet the needs of specific applications, such as office, education, healthcare and commercial spaces. Yet even within general categories, technology and crossovers between market segments are changing the way people think about functional spaces. The task of the contract furniture designer is to develop products that can work within multiple lines. One way to accomplish that is through integrated material palettes, which allow for consistency across the entire product offering. When it comes to casegoods, the predictability of modern substrate materials – combined with precision processing equipment – gives manufacturers the agility to create a standardized set of components that can be easily customized. Decorative surfacing materials- which can be specified for a vast array of aesthetic effects, performance demands and price points – further expand the possible permutations of a product offering.

➋ Laminates make excellent specifications for contract casegoods. Both HPL and TFL are beautiful, durable and require no additional finishing. HPL offers superior impact resistance, making it ideal for horizontal and high-use applications. Coordinating low basis weight papers and laminate foils are often specified for low-wear areas, such as interiors and back panels for shelving.

➌ By virtue of location, upper vertical panels are somewhat protected, making it a good place for accent materials. In this system, the uppers are painted, though they could easily be finished with laminate, veneer, translucent resin panels, acrylic or glass.

➍ This particular product line offers three options for countertops: HPL, solid surface and stone.

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s u r fac e

le adin g applicatio ns

Edge Banding Cabinetry Furniture Store Fixtures Case Goods


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nother common decorative

surfacing option is paint coating. With the advance of technology, coatings can now be applied to composite wood substrates in either liquid or powder forms. Paint can also be used in tandem with special inks, particularly in applications calling for printed wood grains or abstract patterns. Aside from wood grain printing, coatings are available as a decorative color finish or as a clear protective topcoat. The surface characteristics of composite panel products, especially MDF, allow for direct coating and printing applications, which result in exceptionally consistent defect-free finishes. While some industrial finishes are available on a retail basis, most coatings are custom formulated to fit the specific prefinisher’s line configuration and the requirements of the intended end application.

l i q u i d

c o a t i n g s

There are many types of liquid coatings used as industrial decorative surfaces. Coatings can be water- or solvent-based, and chemistry advancements continue to provide increases in performance of both types. Both families of coatings are used in finishing cabinets and furniture, exterior siding, millwork, trim, flooring and fixtures. WATER-BASED ACRYLIC LATEX COATINGS: These coatings are used in industrial, commercial and residential settings, and are formulated for both interior and exterior applications. Manufacturers can modify these coatings with different types of resins and cross-linking agents to extend the service life and exterior durability of the coating system. These additives also improve the chemical, corrosion and water resistance properties. One of the advantages of water-based coatings is their lower VOC content, which reduces their impact to indoor air quality. They are also superior to other coating types in their exterior durability and color retention, which is a function of the acrylic resins used in the formulation. However, these coatings do not perform as well as solvent-borne coatings in chemical and wear resistance. SOLVENT-BASED COATINGS: The higher VOC nature of solvent-based coatings limits their use primarily to industrial settings that are equipped with specialized air handling and treatment devices. These coatings can be modified with urethanes, epoxies, nitrocellulose, alkyds and acrylics to impart certain performance qualities.

➌ Ideal coatings can cure completely at a low temperature and protect the substrate permanently ➊. MDF is the perfect substrate for the striking finishes available in fine cabinetry and millwork ➋. RTA shelving for a retail company is Lacquer coated in the company's signature yellow ➌. Powder coating provides a consistent and durable finish for home furniture and work surfaces ➍. It is perfectly suited for Contoured components ➎, and is available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes. 62

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Solvent-based coating systems are widely recognized for their outstanding chemical- and wear-resistant properties. This family of coatings is used for high gloss finishes that have superior abrasion resistance. Their toughness and performance properties are among the reasons they are extensively used in the furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing business. In addition, there is minimal grain raise and fiber swell with solvent-based coatings, and the finish is easier to touch up and repair if damaged. ULTRA-VIOLET (UV) COATINGS: The main difference with this coating type is how the coating is cured or dried. UV coatings have special ingredients that react almost instantaneously with UV radiation. This results in a significantly faster curing process. As a result, UV coatings are extremely tough, durable and long lasting. They are mainly formulated as clear coats and sealers.

c o a t i n g s p o w d e r

c o a t i n g s

The popularity of powder coating has continued to grow as an industrial finishing system. Initially developed as an alternative way to coat metal, the advantages of this evolving technology have made powder coating the fastest growing industrial finish for metal in the world. Powder coatings are used on appliances, machinery, furniture and fixtures. The powder coating process significantly reduces waste, with nearly 95% transfer efficiency and low-VOC emissions. In the late 1990’s, companies began experimenting with applying powder to wood products, particularly MDF. As MDF was a wood-based product and not prone to carrying electrical charges (critical for the electrostatic process), there were significant processing challenges to overcome. With the development of specially engineered MDF and powders, along with new processing techniques, these efforts were successful and a new way to finish composite panel products was launched. Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish onto a wide range of materials and products that are used for both industrial and consumer applications. The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin that is sprayed onto a surface to be coated. The charged particles adhere to the electrically-grounded surface until heated and cured, creating a variety of smooth and textured finishes that are uniform and durable. The coating process is a single-stage application where all exposed surfaces are coated simultaneously. The benefits of powder coatings include increased design flexibility, cost efficiency and seamless edges. Powder coatings also provide high resistance to heat, moisture, abrasion, staining and fading, and offer a range of colors, textures and finishes. n

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americ an adhe sive c oatings c ompany

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Gibson & The Moonlight Fire b y


hen did the apathy begin? When did the average American stop caring about the federal government’s assault on US corporations and capitalism? It is time to stand up and defend the constitution or we will all wake up in another America. In fact, we may already have. The current administration and Eric Holder’s justice department have attacked many corporations and private citizen – because they can. They use the IRS, Homeland Security, Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Forestry to bully and intimidate. I believe it is for two reasons: 1) They have a disdain for entrepreneurial spirit that has the courage to create something from nothing with the goal of profit along the way.

R e v e r e n d

F .

W o o d

2) Jealousy, envy and greed for not having the courage or creativity to develop the qualities above. They use the full force of the Fed’s arsenal to unjustly attack and extract huge sums of money. Corporations are too busy trying to be profitable, employ families, and focus on their role as honorable corporate citizens than to spend countless hours and attorney’s fees defending themselves. Instead they often agree to settle and pay the shakedown artists and move on. After all, the federal government has unlimited resources and plenty of time on their hands to make anyone’s life miserable for many years. All funded by you and I – the taxpayer. This industry has heard of the raid upon the Gibson guitar factory by gun wielding

Homeland security agents. Yes, you heard that right – homeland security agents. They were in hot pursuit of a couple of pallets of wood which allegedly were in violation of the Lacey Act. Seriously – don’t they have something better to do? Maybe the Gibson Guitar folks sent that political donation to the wrong address. Gibson Guitar is an American institution, beloved by musicians and music lovers everywhere. It’s a shame that Les Paul is no longer with us, the feds lost their opportunity to implicate him – after all, his name is on many of those guitars. Probably one of the most audacious attacks on corporate America involves one of our brethren in the wood products business, Sierra Pacific. The prosecution of Sierra Pacific and who started the

New Engineered Flooring System Only from Union Tool Engineered flooring is used as an alternative to solid hardwood flooring. The Union Tool Corporation offers a complete material handling and coating system for laminating engineered flooring. • Includes a hot melt roller coater, lay-up conveyor and multi-nip roll machine. • The hot melt roller coater applies a controlled and consistent amount of (PUR) adhesive. • The lay-up conveyor allows a piece of lamella to be placed on top of the coated core. • The multi-nip roll machine is then used for pressing and holding the two pieces together. Count on Union Tool for your next engineered flooring system.

The Union Tool Corporation 574-267-3211 E-mail: sales@uniontoolcorp.com 64

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G u e s t

Moonlight Fire in 2007 will become legendary. I wish I had the movie rights. The fire burned 65,000 acres, two thirds of which were on federal land. Before the fire was extinguished, California Forestry and Fire Protection (known as Cal Fire) was quick to blame the disaster on Sierra Pacific, suing for $1 billion. The government’s lies will become just as famous as the Moonlight Fire itself. But, unless you subscribe to the Sacramento Bee, you’ve probably heard little of the case. You won’t find it on the front page of the New York or LA Times unless the news relates to a short term government victory – which you can attribute to the willing infidels in the national media. Like other cases of government intimidation, abuse and shakedowns of monumental proportion, Sierra Pacific felt it was easier to settle for a $55 million fine and fork over 22,000 acres of their private land to the feds. In the State of California case (yes, everybody lines up to follow the money) certain facts began to surface. Government investigators doctored reports, misrepresented

facts and intimidated and retaliated against their own employees who threatened their strategy. The one brave soul who led the fire investigation and litigation on behalf of the state, found that prosecutors withheld material information in the case and actually changed the fire’s stated point of origin. When he reported his findings, he was promptly removed from the case. Prosecutors also claimed that the fire started when a Sierra Pacific bulldozer operator hit a rock and created a spark. They had a signed statement from the bulldozer operator to that affect. One small problem, the bulldozer operator could not have confirmed the statement he was forced to sign, because he didn’t know how to read. When another prosecutor joined the case, he quickly withdrew when he discovered what he called prosecutorial abuse directed clearly at raising revenue. He told the defense counsel, “In my entire career, I have never seen anything like this. Never.” In February 2014, California State Judge Leslie Nichol (a voice of reason) pummeled

p e r s p e c t i v e

state and federal prosecutors for “abuses of discovery so reprehensible and egregious that they threatened the integrity of the judicial process.” He threw out the case and awarded Sierra Pacific $30 million in sanctions against Cal Fire, noting that prosecutors were out to win at any cost. Sierra Pacific fought back and filed a motion in federal court to vacate the original settlement on grounds that it had been reached as a result of fraud on the court. What happened next is predictable, the judge was removed and a new federal judge assigned to the case. This is how Eric Holder’s Justice Department works. Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Americans need to stand up to the ugly, yet powerful hand of the federal government. The abuse has gone on for too long and it will continue because only a handful of true patriots like the leaders at Gibson Guitars and Sierra Pacific are standing firm. They need your support. s&p

New Machine New Approach

With today’s advanced technology, it’s time for something new…. something even better….something a lot easier. A Cut Center is different. It’s all in the machine, ready to run. No computer, no software and no programming. Tens of thousands of products ready to run. Your products can be added. Easy enough to run that anybody can use it. If you just want to make cabinets and not program computers, this is your answer.

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September 29th – 30th, 2015


Milwaukee / Watertown, WI


The Surface & Panel Symposium and the grand opening of the mHouse represent the best of material, technology & design in theory…and in practice. The Surface & Panel Symposium will offer an exhibit session revealing the best the world has to offer in surface materials, surfaced components and the coolest products for residential and commercial interiors. Experience round table discussions and presentations from industry professionals on the latest trends design ideas. If you are an interior designer, fabricator, architect or distributor, this event is for you. It all culminates with the grand opening of the mHouse where everything is put into practice in this spectacular John Vetter designed modern home. Enjoy the golf outing, sparnfarckel (pig roast), beverages, entertainment and fireworks. The Surface & Panel Symposium and the grand opening of the mHouse is the best inspirational one-two punch uniting materials technology & design.

Surface & Panel Symposium September 29th 2015 Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee WI mHouse Grand Opening September 30th 2015 On the 16th green at Watertown Country Club 1400 Country Club Lane, Watertown WI 53098

Registration is free to the first 100 attendees. Registration opens on May 1, 2015. Go to www.sandpsymposium.com for more information Those interested in exhibiting should contact Ryan Wagner at 920-261-1945 or rwagner@bedfordfallsmedia.com http://bit.ly/18wcVld

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Dimension and Texture in

T a flat world B y

J ohn


30 lines sold! 50 m rinting P l a t i g i Pass D Single up tomm 2.100

Individual. Fast. Brilliant.

A u f d e r haa r

he world is flat. In the global decorative surfacing arena, this statement used to be true. In the last five years, we’ve come to realize that the world is not only round, but it has dimension and texture, as well. Decorative surface materials have come a long way from solid color surfaces in white, almond and gray where the only options were two gloss levels. Henry Ford famously said, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” Not long ago, our industry was stuck in a similar rut.


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Advances in rotogravure and digital printing, paper technology, saturating chemistry and techniques, and – maybe most important – press plate technology have contributed to an industry on the verge of a renaissance. These technical advances have driven “design” to new heights. Surface material realism and texture have vaulted what used to be a “replacement for the real thing” to a desired and respected category with its own level of “real.” Decorative surface materials have made quantum leaps in style, design and performance. Many new types – including high pressure laminate (HPL), thermally fused laminate (TFL), light basis weight papers (LBWP) and its higher basis weight cousin, finished foils, three-dimensional laminates (3DL), oriented polypropylene (OPP), and the list goes on – have made their way into just about every product in residential and commercial environments. When a consumer says, “This wood is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it before,” and then asks, “What is it?” our industry has arrived. We are no longer taking a back seat to lumber and veneers. And by the way, the answer to the question is, “That’s textured TFL. It is not solid wood or veneer, and it performs better.” We have entered an era where the vast majority of consumers believe it is wood or stone. Most important, they love what they see, and they want it. Architects and interior designers must become familiar with this new breed of surface materials because they are used in increasing volumes, and consumers are demanding them. Not long ago, consumers had no idea what medium density fiberboard (MDF) was. When it

became a material of choice for the stars on HGTV remodeling shows, they learned quickly. In many cases, they became more knowledgeable than their architects or designers about the material, its characteristics and where it is used in the home. Yes, the world of panel processing is flat, but surface texture and finishes have dramatically increased the visual and haptic qualities of what used to be ho-hum, overlooked products. Decorative surfaces are about to go prime time. Look for increased exposure of and more education about our materials in kitchen cabinets, store fixtures and household and office furniture leading to an increased demand in years to come. s&p

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Guide to


Common Finishing Problems


urface treatments are designed to protect surfaces and to give them qualities such as depth, sheen, transparency, color, coherence, and intensity. Various materials are used in the finishing process, including fillers, stains, wood-protective products, prime and finishing lacquers, primer and top coating, furniture oils and waxes. These products can be applied in various ways to achieve an endless range of surface appearances. When problems arise with the finishing process, use this guide to troubleshoot the probable cause and remediate the issue.


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Poor Coverage

Possible Cause of the Problem Applied coating is lighter or darker than the base color.

Use primer and sealer of the same color.

Coating material is too thin.

Add a small amount of concentrated mixed coating material.

Applied thinner is too slow or the temperature of the treated surface is too high resulting in a thin coating. Orange Peel

Possible Cause of the Problem Insufficient or incorrect thinner has been used. Temperature changes between the coating and the treated surface. Incorrect spraying pressure or distance from the surface. Excessive air circulation or humidity in the spraying and drying areas.

Recommended Solution

Recommended Solution Use a slower thinner or add more thinner to the mixture. Adjust temperatures so that the relative temperatures are compatible.

Pigment is too thin at the top and too thick at the bottom of the coating container.

Use more rapid thinner and moderate the temperature of the treated surface before applying the coating. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the pigment is evenly distributed throughout.

Adjust the spray gun and follow the working instructions. Adjust the environment as necessary Uneven Surface Cell Formation

Possible Cause of the Problem Too much thinner. The coating is too thick.

Recommended Solution Add more undiluted mixture to the solution. Apply a thinner coating.

Bubble Formation

Possible Cause of the Problem Bubble formation in the mixture.

Temperature or air velocity is too high in the drying area. Time for flash-off is too short. Incorrect thinner has been applied resulting in a surface coat sealed for bubbles. Moisture ratio in the wood is too low. Dirty spots on the treated surface. Spraying distance is too close, viscosity is too high or coating temperature is too low.

Recommended Solution Remove bubbles using a filter and ensure there is no air leakage in the spraying unit. Adjust the environment as necessary. Prolong the drying time by reducing conveyer belt speed. Use slower thinner. Poor or Incomplete Drying

Increase the moisture ratio in the wood.

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Clean the surface thoroughly.

Temperature is too low or drying time is inadequate.

Check the drying temperature and timing. Also check ventilation and filters, as a slow air exchange affects the thermal exchange and the evaporation rate.

Adjust spraying method, spray unit pressure or add thinner to the coating and increase the temperature.

Conveyer belt speed is too high. Pre-heating temperature is too low.

Adjust conveyer belt speed downward to allow for more drying time Adjust the pre-heating temperature upwards


Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Oil, silicone or moisture in the coating.

Check all possible sources of contamination, including packers, compressed air, containers, etc. Do not use skin lotion or cream containing silicone.

Porous surface.

Sand damaged areas and use a filling primer.

Incorrect coating viscosity. Incorrect thinner.

Adjust coating viscosity as needed. Use a slower thinner.


finis h ing matters 2 0 1 5


Uneven Tone and Gloss

Possible Cause of the Problem

AKZO NOBEL is a renowned manufacturer of chemicals, paints, pharmaceutical products and surface treatment materials for wood. AKZO NOBEL paint products are used for surface treatment of furniture, parquet, windows, doors, boards and other wooden surfaces. The company offers new products and new technologies which have a minimal environmental influence.

Recommended Solution

Uneven coating application.

Adjust spray unit methodology.

Coating mixture is too viscous.

Add more fresh coating mixture to reduce viscosity.

Treated surface is defective or absorbs coating unevenly.

Eliminate defects by sanding and use a filling primer.


Possible Cause of the Problem Too much hardener in the mixed finish. Wrinkling

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Applied coat is too thick.

Use less coating.

Thinner evaporates too slowly while drying.

Allow the primer coat to dry completely before applying a coating.

Pink discoloration of coating after contact with rust.

Store acid-cured finishes in stainless steel or plastic containers.

Treatment of resinous pine wood with acid-cured finishes turns red or pink.

Sand the resinous pine wood immediately before the coating application. Avoid exposure to open light and store wood in a warm place.

Contamination of Finished Surface

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Dust appears on the surface of fresh lacquer or paint.

Check ventilation and air quality in the working area.

Dry residue from the hose is dissolved in the coating mix.

Clean the coating unit thoroughly with thinner. Replace the hose if necessary.

Silicone Problems

Lubricants, compressed air and/or hand creams have contaminated the coating.

Recommended Solution Keep the working area clean and avoid use of skin creams, hand lotions, silicone treatments.


Possible Cause of the Problem Poor intermediary sanding. Time lapse between sanding and coating application. Too much hardener.

Uneven Streaky Surface

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Incorrect spray gun settings; defects and impurities in the spray nozzle.

Adjust the spray gun settings. Clean the spray gun nozzle.

Conveyor belt and spray guns are not synchronized.

Applied coating is too thick. Moisture ratio is too high. Incorrect quantity of hardener. Insufficient drying, poor storage conditions and excessive swings in temperature.

Apply coating immediately after sanding is complete. Adjust the components of the finish mixture. Add more fresh mixture.

Paraffin or wax on the treated surface. Too much hardener in the mixed coating.

Recommended Solution Use primer and wood materials that do not contain paraffin or wax. Clean your hands and tools carefully to remove any residue. Add hardener in small increments and reduce the amount in the mixture.

Recommended Solution Apply thinner coating. Reduce the moisture ratio. Adjust the mixing ratio. Change the drying and storage conditions.

Incompatible surface and coating.

Check compatibility of surface and coating.

Pot life of mixed finish has expired.

Use freshly mixed coating.

MDF boards are treated by dull blades.

Check the sanding unit and sanding belt.

Possible Cause of the Problem

Synchronize the spray gun movements with the conveyor belt speed.

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution




Reduce hardener in the mixture.

Use a different thinner.

Top coat is applied before the primer coat is completely dry.

Possible Cause of the Problem

Recommended Solution

Replace the blades; use primer if necessary.

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When choosing a surface treatment system, consider the coherence or suitability of the different layers to the treated surface as well as the correspondence of the treatment system to the properties of application, transportation and usage of the finished product. Using quality materials and following established protocols and best practices can help ensure a perfect finish each and every time. s&p

A Great Finish is Only the Beginning

RG Fine Finishes talks about the clear advantages of using Varicure® 275 We traveled to Santa Clara, CA, to talk with Robert Gomez, owner of RG Fine Finishes, and Donald Jones, owner of Chemcraft Distributor Cascade Coatings. Founded in 2002, RG Fine Finishes, Inc. produces architectural millwork, cabinetry and custom woodwork for commercial and residential customers.

“I started my business in 2002 and began working with Don and Cascade Coatings that same year,” said Robert Gomez. “It’s been a great relationship. “We specialize in custom, higher-end finish work involving multi-step processes with a lot of layering, so we needed a product that would hold its clarity and color. Don suggested we try Varicure 275.” “We make sure that we match our customers with the products and services that suit their application setting and desired results,” said Donald Jones. “In addition to locking in and holding its color on solid colors, Varicure 275 has other exceptional points that make it a good fit for the processes that Robert favors.

L to R: Luis Garcia - Foreman, RG Fine Finishes. Robert Gomez - Owner, RG Fine Finishes. Lydie Jones - Owner, Cascade Coatings. Donald Jones - Owner, Cascade Coatings.

“Another one of Varicure 275’s great qualities is that it’s a pre-catalyzed product,” said Jones. “That makes it very easy to use in a production setting. “You don’t have to worry about mix ratio or under and over catalyzing,” continued Jones, “it’s taken care of for you. Just open the can and spray it out.” “Varicure 275 is very user friendly,” said Gomez. “It’s easy to spray and it’s more efficient because we don’t have to take the time to catalyze it. “It works much better for us than the other “lacquers we’ve used,” continued Gomez, “it’s very durable, it’s chemical resistant, scratch resistant just overall a very good, durable product for cabinet finishing.” © 2015 AkzoNobel

Chemcraft® is a registered trademark of Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

Regarding Chemcraft product support, Robert Gomez said, “If I do have any questions or issues that come up, Don is always there to support me. He’s very good at color mixing - very consistent. “He shows up in person to make sure we’re getting the results we need. The support I get from Don and Cascade Coatings is just phenomenal.”

Visit chemcraft.com to locate your nearest distributor

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Process Documentation b y

P h i l

St e v e n s on

Wood finishing is precise work that involves a myriad of variables, and QC issues that result from inconsistent processes or improper procedures can weigh heavily on a manufacturer’s bottom line. However, using a well-defined methodology, proper coating technology, appropriate equipment, and an optimum process set-up makes the wood finishing process far more consistent, less labor-intensive and requires a relatively lower skill level. Often re-engineering the finishing process to achieve better, more reliable results requires only small procedural tweaks and calls for little to no additional capital outlay by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers rely on an experienced lead foreman or a paint process engineer to run their finishing processes. In such instances, what is commonly referred to as “tribal knowledge” often serves as the information base used in the finishing room. In many cases, tribal knowledge is the sum total of information that the lead finisher or supervisor has acquired through trial and error over the years. It can be hit-and-miss, and it may or may not be efficient, economical, based on best practices or informed production standards, materials and technologies.


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Craftsmanship through TECHNOLOGY RIPPING. SHAPING. MOULDING. With decades of experience helping wood product manufacturers succeed, Stiles understands what it takes to create superior cabinets with quality construction. See what Stiles has to offer at www.stilesmachinery.com.

Kentwood R-340E M2 Rip Saw

Ironwood FX 750 Shaper

For information on how Stiles can put new technology, new thinking to work for you, please contact Stephan Waltman, VP of Marketing and Communications.

swaltman@stilesmachinery.com | 616.698.7500 | www.stilesmachinery.com

Kentwood M609X Moulder

An SWI is a written document that gives precise stepby-step instructions for each process to be performed, together with a list of required materials and equipment necessary to carry out the procedure.

For example, we recently performed an evaluation on a manufacturer and discovered that workers were using four different grit sizes in the final sanding and preparation department prior to finishing. This inconsistency resulted in annual rework expenses of over $1.5 million for the firm. Even worse, when the guru who is the source of the firm’s tribal or institutional knowledge moves on, production can come to a standstill and product quality is often severely compromised.

What are Standard Work Instructions (SWIs)? By implementing Standard Work Instructions (SWIs) to set up finishing processes and ensuring that operators follow all established procedures respectfully, the need for a dedicated in-house process engineer to operate the finishing facility can be eliminated. An SWI is a written document that gives precise step-by-step instructions for each process to be performed, together with a list of required materials and equipment necessary to carry out the procedure.

Do you really need SWIs? Every shop, whether large or small, needs SWIs for every process they perform, from sanding and surface preparation through to clean-up and equipment maintenance. While developing comprehensive SWIs can be tedious and time consuming, without a thorough, replicable, well-defined process, it is impossible to ensure consistent finishing results each and every time. If you commit to writing one SWI per month, in a few months, you can complete the procedures necessary to provide security for your business.

What are the basic SWIs?

In a typical finishing department, these are the most essential processes for which SWIs are needed: n White wood sanding n Stain and color development n Glazes n Sealer application n Sealer sanding n Gun set-up n Topcoat applications n Spray equipment flush out procedures n Gun Maintenance n Quality control procedures

Discover the UV Advantage

www.dvuv.com UV-Cured Powder Coated MDF Components Retail Fixtures POP Displays Healthcare Education Office Furniture & More


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SWIs should describe the finishing process for every step of each specific application. How to write and what to include in an SWI

When writing an SWI, remember that you are not writing an essay. Your objective is to condense the information and describe each step of the process as succinctly as possible. You will need to think through the process first so that you include all critical information about the procedure in order to make sure that the SWI is accurate and complete. We recommend that several process experts work together as a team to develop SWIs. The team should include the “doers” and the “decision makers” from the finishing team as well as representatives from plant management and from the engineering department. It is important to take into consideration everyone’s input; however the final SWI must be based on the best practice standard for performing the process and the best interest of the company. As you review the documentation process, you will have an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate and update your processes. If a process is not based on current best practice standards or you want to integrate lean manufacturing methods or environmentally friendly processes, this may be the time to implement changes and improvements. If this requires new equipment or a capital outlay, we recommend that you write the SWI for the existing process while bearing in mind the changes that you have identified and making allowance for the updated process information to be inserted into the SWI at a later date.

In many cases, tribal knowledge is the sum total of information that the lead finisher or supervisor has acquired through trial and error over the years. It can be hit-and-miss, and it may or may not be efficient, economical, based on best practices or informed production standards, materials and technologies.

Steps in writing an SWI

Does your Company Rely on Tribal Knowledge?


anufacturers often rely on “tribal knowledge” as the basis for methods, procedures and

practices used their finishing processes. In many cases, tribal knowledge is basically “the way we’ve always done things around here,” and serves as a means to justify outdated processes, inefficient techniques or

n Define and describe the purpose of the SWI; n List all equipment and materials required for the process; n Note where these items are located and/or stored; n Specify any steps to be performed before the process begins. This may include quality checks or preparing equipment and the environment; n Specify all safety procedures in the pre-process procedure checklist;

unproductive steps. Developing standard work instruc-

n Number and describe each step in the procedure. Use pictures, charts or graphics to illustrate complex steps.

tions (SWIs) enables a manufacturer to maintain qual-

n Specify all instructions for product handling and storage.

ity procedures and also to incorporate best practices, lean manufacturing methods, revised environmental standards and changing technologies into their finishing operations. SWIs can also be used for quality control, training and process analysis purposes. AWFI offers cutting-edge software applications that streamline the process of developing SWI documentation. Finish Genius software systems include templates, standard terminology, pre-written SOPs, best practices

n Include areas for approval signatures; n Append any related SWI documents. As a final step in the SWI development process, you will need to verify the accuracy of the document. A good way to do this is to designate someone who is unfamiliar with the process to read the SWI and follow the instructions given. This lay person should be able to perform the procedure successfully per the SWI. At this stage, you can identify and make any necessary modifications needed.

and other features that enable users to develop SWIs

Implementing SWIs in the finishing environment

quickly and easily. AWFI also provides training and con-

Once standard procedures are developed, they need to be implemented. Too often SWIs are relegated to a file cabinet drawer and never seen again. The key to implementing a flawless, replicable process is clear, precise communication and competent oversight. Keep in mind that an SWI is a living document that will need to be updated when processes, procedures, regulations or codes are changed or upgraded.

sulting services on developing SWIs for processes and procedures used in the wood finishing industry.

Writing finishing procedures can be a laborious, mindnumbing task. Fortunately, however the process of developing and writing SWIs has been automated and greatly simplified. Today, software is available on the market that provides written work instructions as well as illustrations, videos, SWI templates, sample SWIs, and best practices for developing finishing procedures. In most cases, these platforms are easier and more effective training devices than the 50-page written SOP guides that are stashed in the back of your file cabinet. s&p


subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com


moisture resistant

high density

standard Density

Low density

ULEF / NAF (as approved by CARB)**

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

ECC Certified

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g


3/8 – 1-1/2

Mixed Hardwoods



Standard Premium, Flooring Premium, Standard Premium High Density

Hardwoods Northern Softwoods


• • • • • • •

Solidium Ultra, Solidium Free

Southern Pine

• • • • • • •




Southern Pine Mixed Hardwoods

• • • • • • • • •

Krono-light, Krono-med, Krono-DR Krono-dur, Krono-dur plus


Willacoochee, Georgia

Langboard MDF, Elite®

www.langboard.com • (912) 534-5959

9 x 25

4 x Continuous

9 x Continuous

10 x Continuous

5 x Continuous,

Southern Yellow Pine


• • •


5 x 18

CS HD LF LD MR 10 x Continuous Southern Pine, • • • • Light Hardwood


Langboard, Inc.

Eastaboga, Alabama

www.kronospanusa.com • (256) 741-8755

Kronospan LLC



Monticello, Georgia

Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania

www.buildgp.com • (800) 727-9452

Georgia-Pacific Wood products llc

El Dorado, Arkansas

www.deltinfiber.com • (936) 699-1800

Del-Tin Fiber

Shippenville, Pennsylvania

www.clarionindustries.com • (800) 373-4383

Clarion Boards, Inc.

St. Stephen, New Brunswick Fibrex®, Fibrex® Vesta

3/8 – 1-1/4

1/8 – 1-1/2

1/4 – 1-1/2

1/10 – 1/4

3/16 – 1-1/4

3/16 – 1

1/16 – 5/16

3/16 – 1-1/2


HD LP LD M PF 10 x Continuous Superior MDF, Superior Plus MDF, Spruce, Pine, Fir FSC Superior SW, Superior Lite, Vesta


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


7/32 – 1 1/8

5 x 18, 5 x 24

1/4 – 1-1/4

3/8 – 2

10 x Continuous

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

4 x 16

5 x 18

Premier®, Premier® Plus, Premier® MR, Vesta Pine FSC


• • • • •

• • • • • • •

Premier®, Premier® Plus, Premier® HD


Malvern, Arkansas

Douglas Fir, Hemlock

Eugene, Oregon Premier®, Premier® Plus, Premier® FR, Premier® MR, Vesta, eLite™, Evo, Terra™, Vestex


Moncure, North Carolina


Bennettsville, South Carolina Premier®, Premier® Plus, Premier® HD, Premier® MR, Vesta

www.arauco-na.com • (800) 268-9830

Arauco North America

41 – 52

32 – 62

40 – 55

50 – 56

40 – 60

40 -54

55 – 62

40 – 50

39 – 58

41 – 50

20 – 55

39 – 55

Special Items Density Company certified and Treatments Thickness Range and Mill Location Brand Name Wood Species wood (see legend below) Press Size (ft.) Range (in.) (lbs/ft3 )

Medium Density Fiberboard C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

medium density fiberboard 2015


• • •

Uniboard MDF, Standard, Excel, ExcelPlus,

NU Green® MR50, NU Green ZERO® MR10

Softwood, Hardwood


• • • • • • •

Southern Yellow Pine


• • •

• • •




Spruce, Pine, Fir


Spruce, Pine, Fir

• • • • • • • • • • •



6 x 24

10 x Continuous

9 x Continuous

9 x Continuous

5 x 18

5 x 18, 10 x Continuous

8 x 20

4 x Continuous 7 x Continuous

3/8 – 1-1/2

1/10 – 3/4

1/16 – 3/8

3/16 – 1-1/4

1/4 – 1-1/2

1/16 – 1-1/2

3/4 – 4

1/12 - 7/32

41 – 60

41 – 60

45 – 62


40 – 55

40 – 60

22 – 65


Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.


b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

** Manufacturers approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to produce composite wood products that meet the no-added formaldehyde (NAF) and/or ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) requirements of CARB's ATCM 93120 (2008). See CompositePanel.org for the most current list of CARB-approved manufacturers.

* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED 2009 rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.

Base Coat (B), Bullnose Edge (BE), Countertop (C), Concrete Form (CF), Colored MDF (C-MDF), Cut to Size (CS), Door Core (DC), Door Stiles and Rails (SR), Edge Fill (EF), Edge Tape (ET), Fill (F), Fire Retardant (FR), Flush Door Skins (FD), Foil (FO), High Density (HD), Hot Melt Wax (H), Laminate Flooring Substrate (LF), Laminated Products (LP), Lockblocks (LB), Low Density (LD), Thermally Fused Laminate (M), Mende (MN), Moisture Resistant (MR), Moulding (MO), Moulded Door Skins (MDS), Paint (P), Paper (PA), Perforated (PE), Prefinished (PF), Print (PR), Shelving (S), Smooth Siding (SS), Stair Tread (ST), Textured Siding (TS), Topcoat (T), Tongue and Groove (TG), Turning and Moulding (TM), Vinyl (V), Wood Veneer (W)

Special Items and Treatments:

WestPine MDF, EcoGold™

Ranger Board

Quesnel, British Columbia

White Court, Alberta

www.westfraser.com • (250) 992-9254

West Fraser Mills Ltd.

Mt. Gilead, North Carolina

www.unilin.com • (910) 439-6959

Unilin US MDF

Mont-Laurier, Quebec

www.uniboard.com • (800) 263-5240


ARREIS, Medex, Medite, Medite II Western Softwoods FSC • • • • • • • CS DC FR HD LD MR MO S Medite FR, Medite 3D, Permacore

www.sierrapine.com • (800) 676-3339

Medford, Oregon


Super Refined MDF2®, Western Softwoods SFI • • • • • • CS FD HD LD LF MR Glacier Green™ and Glacier Clear™

100% Pine


Columbia Falls, Montana

www.plumcreek.com • (800) 548-3099

Plum Creek MDF, Inc.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

www.panpacificproducts.com • (580) 584-6247

Pan Pacific Products, Inc.

CS LP P W Tlalnepantla, Mexico MACOCELL Pine •

www.macosa.com.mx • +52 (55) 5715 5870

Maderas Conglomeradas S.A. de C.V.

medium density fiberboard


Industrial Grades

Door Core LD-1, LD-2

Mfd Home Decking D-2, D-3

Floor Underlayment (PBU)

ULEF / NAF (as approved by CARB)**

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

ECC Certified

Special Items Density Company Certified and Treatments Thickness Range and Mill Location Brand Name Wood Species wood (see legend below) Press Size (ft.) Range (in.) (lbs/ft3 )



w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n







St. Stephen, New Brunswick DuraFR, Rezflake, Vesta

B CS F FO FR LP M MN P PA PF PR T (2) - 4' Continuous, 8 x 32 3.0mm – 1-1/8 42 – 47

• • • • • • •

4 x 24, 6 x 26 3/8 – 1-15/16 32 – 55 10 x Continuous 9/32 – 1-1/2 30 – 46 9x24 multi-opening 3/8-1 1/2 30 – 48


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • •


5 x 18, 4 x 24

3/8 – 1-1/4

39 – 50

Western Pine


• • • • • •


5 x 24

3/8 – 1-1/4

40 – 50


Southern Yellow Pine


5 x 12, 5 x 24

5/16 – 5/8

Southern Pine Southern Pine Southern Pine Southern Pine


• • • •

• •

• •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •


1/4 – 1-7/16 3/8 – 1-1/2 1/4 – 1-7/16 3/8 – 1-1/4

41 – 52 41 – 52 41 – 52 41 – 52

4 x Continuous 8 x Continuous 1/12 - 5/16 46 – 49

4 x 24 9 x 25 4 x 24 4 x 24

www.customdoorcomponents.com • (800) 826-4020 Marshfield, Wisconsin Uni-Cor ST, Uni-Cor ST Lite, Uni-Cor FR

Aspen, Basswood, Northern Hardwoods


• • •



1-1/8 – 2-1/4 28 – 37

Marshfield DoorSystems, Inc.

www.macosa.com.mx • +52 (55) 5715 5870 Tlalnepantla, Mexico MACOPAN Pine / Softwood • CS LP P W

Maderas Conglomeradas S.A. de C.V.

www.buildgp.com • (800) 424-2311 Diboll, Texas Temstock Hope, Arkansas Temstock Monroeville, Alabama Temstock Thomson, Georgia Temstock

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC

www.flply.com • (850) 948-2211 Greenville, Florida


8 x 48 Single Opening, 1/8 – 1-1/8 40 – 55 4’ Mende

Florida Plywoods, Inc.

www.duraplay.com • (505) 217-1700 Parral, Chihuahua Duraplay Supremo, Duramel, Pine • • • • • Duracore, Duralam

Duraplay de Parral, S.A. de C.V.

www.collinspineparticleboard.com • (800) 547-1793 Klamath Falls, Oregon Collins Pine Particleboard, Collins Pine FreeForm®, Collins Pine MR50

Collins Products LLC

www.bc.com/particleboard • (888) 264-7372 La Grande, Oregon Boise Select®, Boise Evergreen™, Anchor™ Western Pine, Super Shelf®, Super Step® Mixed Softwoods




www.arauco-na.com • (800) 268-9830 Albany, Oregon Duraflake®, Vesta, Terra Douglas Fir, Hemlock Bennettsville, South Carolina UltraPine®, UltraPine® Plus, Vesta Pine Moncure, North Carolina UltraPine®, UltraPine® Plus, UltraPine® Custom Pine

Arauco North America

particleboard 2015

Ponderosa Pine Wood Mixture

• • • • • • • • BE C CS FO LP M S ST CS FO LP M

8 x Continuous 8 x 20 Multi-Opening

3/8 – 1-1/8 3/8 – 1-1/4

40 – 50 40 – 50

Canadian Wood Mixture

• • • •


5 x 18, 8 x Continuous

1/4 – 1-1/2

42 – 45

Western Softwoods


• • • • • • • • • • CS DC MR

4 x 8

1/4 – 1-1/8

28 – 48

Pine (Some Recycled)

• •


4 x 40

3/8 – 1-3/8

42 – 47

8x24 5 x 24 10 x continuous 5 x 24

3/8 – 1-1/2 7/16 – 1-1/2 1/4 – 1-11/16 1/2 – 1-1/4

30 – 55 40 – 49 34 – 50 42 – 52

Western Pine


• • • • • • • • • •


5 x 24

3/8 – 1-3/4

Spruce, Pine, Fir, Maple, Birch, Aspen


• • • • • • • • •


9 x & 10 x Continuous

1/4 – 1-1/2

38 – 44

32 – 55

Sayabec, Quebec Val-d’Or, Quebec

Fir, Pine


• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



3/8 – 1-3/4

8 x 114, 10 x Continous 1/4 – 1-3/4 8 x 20 3/8 – 1-1/8

4 x 16

28 – 43 36 – 43

30 – 47


• • • • • • •


5 x 12

7/16 – 1-1/2

30 – 48

Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.


b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

** Manufacturers approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to produce composite wood products that meet the no-added formaldehyde (NAF) and/or ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) requirements of CARB's ATCM 93120 (2008). See CompositePanel.org for the most current list of CARB-approved manufacturers.

* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED 2009 rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.

Special Items and Treatments: Base Coat (B), Bullnose Edge (BE), Countertop (C), Concrete Form (CF) Cut to Size (CS), Door Core (DC), Door Stiles and Rails (SR), Edge Fill (EF), Edge Tape (ET), Fill (F), Fire Retardant (FR), Flush Door Skins (FD), Foil (FO), High Density (HD), Hot Melt Wax (H), Laminate Flooring Substrate (LF), Laminated Products (LP), Lockblocks (LB), Low Density (LD), Thermally Fused Laminate (M), Mende (MN), Moisture Resistant (MR), Moulding (MO), Moulded Door Skins (MDS), Paint (P), Paper (PA), Perforated (PE), Prefinished (PF), Print (PR), Shelving (S), Smooth Siding (SS), Stair Tread (ST), Textured Siding (TS), Topcoat (T), Tongue and Groove (TG), Turning and Moulding (TM), Vinyl (V), Wood Veneer (W)

www.webbfurn.com • (276) 236-6141 Galax, Virginia Webb Particleboard

Webb Furniture Enterprises, Inc.

Uniboard PB, NU Green SOYA™, NU Green® 2 Softwood, Hardwood Uniboard PB Softwood, Hardwood FSC FSC

www.uniboard.com • (800) 263-5240


www.timberproducts.com • (800) 547-9520 Medford, Oregon GreenT ™

Timber Products Company

www.tafisa.ca • (888) 882-3472 Lac-Megantic, Quebec Tafipan Evolo® Tafipan®

Tafisa Canada INC.

www.sierrapine.com • (800) 676-3339 Martell, California Ampine™, Encore™


www.Roseburg.com • (800) 245-1115 B BE C CS DC ET F FO HD LD LP Dillard, Oregon UltraBlend™, SkyBlend™ Fir, Pine Blend FSC • • • • • • • • • M MR P PA PF PR S ST T V W Missoula, Montana UltraBlend™, SkyBlend™ Western Pine, White Fir FSC • • • • • • • C CS ET HD LD LP M MR S ST Simsboro, Louisiana UltraBlend™ Southern Pine FSC • • • • • • C CS DC HD LD LP M Taylorsville, Mississippi UltraBlend™, SkyBlend™ Southern Pine FSC • • • • • • BE C EF MR S


www.pacificpanelsmexico.com • (619) 819-6064 Tijuana, Mexico Best Board

PPm Pacific Panels Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

www.plummerforestproducts.com • (208) 777-2202 Post Falls, Idaho EnStron, EnStron Plus

Plummer Forest Products

www.panolam.com • (800) 672-6652 Huntsville, Ontario Panolam

Panolam Industries International, Inc.

www.masisa.com • +52 (55) 91382300 Ext. 2608 Chihuahua, Chihuahua Zitacuaro, Michoacan

Masisa S.A. de C.V.



Brand Names

Wood certification

Smooth trim

textured Siding

Smooth Siding

ECC Certified

• • • • •


One-Sided (S1S)

Two-Sided (S2S)

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

ECC Certified

2" – 12"

N/A 3" – 12"


N/A 16'

9" – 12" 6" – 16"

N/A 8' - 9'

6" – 16" 84" – 108"


N/A 48"



panel siding

3/8 – 7/16 7/16 – 5/4

7/16 – 5/4

thickness categories (inches)

Special Items and Treatments: Base Coat (B), Bullnose Edge (BE), Countertop (C), Concrete Form (CF) Cut to Size (CS), Door Core (DC), Door Stiles and Rails (SR), Edge Fill (EF), Edge Tape (ET), Fill (F), Fire Retardant (FR), Flush Door Skins (FD), Foil (FO), Garage Door Panels (GD), High Density (HD), Hot Melt Wax (H), Laminate Flooring Substrate (LF), Laminated Products (LP), Lockblocks (LB), Low Density (LD), Melamine (M), Mende (MN), Moisture Resistant (MR), Moulding (MO), Moulded Door Skins (MDS), Paint (P), Paper (PA), Perforated (PE), Prefinished (PF), Primed (PM), Print (PR), Shelving (S), Smooth Siding (SS), Stair Tread (ST), Textured Siding (TS), Topcoat (T), Tongue and Groove (TG), Turning and Moulding (TM), Unprimed (UP), Vinyl (V), Wood Veneer (W)

12' 16'






lap siding

Trim (L x W)

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

Douglas Fir

Aspen, Mixed Hardwoods



• •

• • •

• • • •

• •



4 x 16

4 x 8

Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.

* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED 2009 rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.

www.stimsonlumber.com • (800) 445-9758 Forest Grove, Oregon Stimson Hardboard

Stimson Lumber Company

www.buildgp.com • (800) 727-9452 Phillips, Wisconsin Jubilee, Lionite, UltraStrate

Georgia-Pacific wood products llc

1/10 – 5/8

1/10 – 1/4

50 - 70

62 - 66

Special Items Density Company certified and Treatments Press Thickness Range and Mill Location Brand Name Wood Species wood (see legend above) Size (ft.) Range (in.) (lbs/ft3 )



application door skin/face





*Collins has a CARB Executive Order (EO) for using ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) resins in its engineered wood siding and trim products.

www.lpcorp.com • (888) 820-0325 East River, Nova Scotia Canexel SFI • Roaring River, North Carolina SmartSide SFI • • • •

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation


• • •


special items




siding textured trim

www.truwoodsiding.com • (800) 417-3674 Klamath Falls, Oregon TruWood Siding & Trim FSC • • • •

Collins Products LLC*

Company and Mill Location

Engineered Wood Siding and trim treated


Interior Paneling

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

e n g i n e e r e d w o o d s i d i n g a n d t r i m / H ARD B OARD 2 0 1 5

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.




29 33




4 4




Copyright Š March 2015 Composite Panel Association. All Rights Reserved. www.CompositePanel.org

Arauco North America Boise Cascade Company Clarion Boards Inc. Collins Products LLC Dakota Panel Decorative Panels International, Inc. Del-Tin Fiber, LLC Duraplay de Parral, SA de CV Florida Plywoods, Inc. Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC Industrias Emman, SA de CV JELD-WEN, Inc. Kronospan LLC Langboard, Inc. Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Maderas Conglomeradas, SA de CV (MACOSA) MASISA, SA de CV Marshfield DoorSystems, Inc. Masonite International Corporation Pan Pacific Products, Inc. Panolam Industries International Inc. Pembroke MDF Plum Creek MDF, Inc. Plummer Forest Products Ponderplay, SA de CV PPM Pacific Panels Mexico, SA de CV Pro MDF Roseburg SierraPine Ltd. Stimson Lumber Company Tafisa Canada Inc. Taosa Paneles SA de CV Timber Products Company Uniboard Unilin-US Ltd. Webb Furniture Enterprises, Inc. West Fraser Mills Ltd. 28



8 8

17 17




32 32


17 16 16



20 10

7 28



10 18

28 19





14 10









1 1




b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5


Non-Member MDF, Hardboard or Engineered Wood Siding/Trim

Non-Member Particleboard

CPA Hardboard and Engineered Wood Siding/Trim Members

CPA Medium Density Fiberboard Members

CPA Particleboard Members


45 35










North American Composite Panel Manufacturers

N o rth American Co mp osite Panel manufac turers Map


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Vinyl Film

wood veneer

Thermally Fused laminate


Saturated Paper




Light Basis Weight Paper

Heat Transfer Foil

High Pressure Laminates

Decorative Foils

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

3D Laminates

w w w. D e c o r a t i ve S u r f a c e s . o r g

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g



Veneer Core

PB, MDF, Mende,

• •

bottoms. Particleboard manufactured in-house; homogeneous.

PB, MDF, Veneer Core

surface &panel

Exact matching across multiple product lines from one location. Featuring: custom lamination of flat panels (HPL, foils, vinyl, surf(x), FRP, www.jmcwood.com • (314) 291-0414 KYDEX, Boltaron, Metal, duraMAX™ on Plywood, Gyp, PBD, MDF), profile Bridgeton, Missouri • • • • • • • • • • • • wrapped mouldings, membrane pressing, miter-folding, contour & straight banding, routing and drilling. Full part fabrication and assembly to print. Capable of turnkey fixtures and cabinets.

buyers guide 2015

Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.


* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.

JMC Wood Manufacturing






b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

Plywood, NAF

Gypsum, MR, FR.


Standard as well as custom papers available. Can ship raw, cut-towww.buildgp.com • (800) 727-9452 size, printed and paper laminated panels on same truck. Perforation. Monticello, Georgia InfiniCor SFI Thin MDF • •


Sebring, Florida

www.funderamerica.com • (800) 438-6276 Hope, Arkansas FUNDER FSC PB, MDF • • • • Multiple surface textures & glosses, complete fabrication/ component capability and multiple sizes. Mocksville, North Carolina •

Funder America, Inc.

Greenville, Florida

www.flply.com • (850) 948-2211 Cut-to-size, bullnose edge, drawer sides, shelving, end panels, tops &

Florida Plywoods, Inc.

www.duraplay.com • (505) 217-1700 Mix loads capabilities with raw PB, Mende, softwood and hardwood Chihuahua, Mexico Duralam, Duramel, Duracore • • • • • • plywood, CTS, bullnose and furniture parts.

Duraplay de Parral, SA de CV

Mix ship capabilities with raw MDF, melamine laminated MDF and www.arauco-na.com • (800) 268-9830 (Fibrex®), Mende, particleboard. Can produce MDF/HDF, particleboard, mende with Fire-rated Albany, Oregon Duraflake®, Terra™ (NAF), Vesta ™ (ULEF) FSC Yes • • paint, print, melamine, paper/foils, CTS and perforated board from one ® (Duraflake Bennettsville, South Carolina UltraPine®, Vesta™ (ULEF) FSC FR/ Yes • • source. Premier®FR), Moncure, North Carolina Premier®, UltraPine®, HDF FSC • • Specialty products also include melamine lamination on thin MDF Moisture Resistant Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Superior MDF, Superior Plus MDF, FSC Yes • • (Fibrex®), moisture resistant, fire-rated, NAF and ULEF (Vesta), (VESTEX™ MR50), particleboard and MDF. NAF (Terra™), Superior SW MDF, Vesta (ULEF) ULEF (Vesta™) St. Stephen, New Brunswick Fibrex®, Rezflake, Vesta (ULEF) FSC Yes • • • •

Arauco North America PB, MDF, HDF

With MDF and CARB II Pine manufactured to M2 Plus specifications. www.americanlaminates.com • (800) 800-2536 High inventory with 50+ colors in stock as panels, edge-band shelving, Riverbank, California FSC • • • line bored or grooved. Available in FSC & other LEEDs credits material.

Offering one premium melamine panel product line only (no low line). American Laminates, Incorporated

PB, MDF Company certified Special treatments, substrates or HB and Location Brand Name wood features and capabilities offered producer

Laminators ECC Certified

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

l a m i n a t o r s 2 0 1 5 continues on next spread l aminato rs

87 87

Vinyl Film

wood veneer

Thermally Fused laminate


Saturated Paper




Light Basis Weight Paper

Heat Transfer Foil

High Pressure Laminates

Decorative Foils

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

3D Laminates

ECC Certified

w w w. D e c o r a t i ve S u r f a c e s . o r g



Moisture resistant

FSC, Fire Retardant,

Veneer Core, NAF,


• • •

Cut to size, LP in one / two faces, Thickness up to one inch, Mix PB/MDF.

• •

Panolam®, Pluswood® TFL

Oshkosh, Wisconsin



• • • • • •

Panolam®, Pluswood® TFL

Norcross, Georgia


Panolam®, Pluswood® TFL

Huntsville, Ontario

• •


Hampton, South Carolina

Pionite Decorative Services®

Auburn, Maine


Panolam®, Pluswood® TFL

Albany, Oregon

www.panolam.com • (800) 672-6652

• • • •



Fiberglass, Plastic

Metal, Backers,

MDF, Solid Wood,

All locations:




All locations: Six laminating plants located throughout North America (Albany, OR; Auburn, ME; Hampton, SC; Huntsville, ON; Norcross, GA; Oshkosh, WI). PB, MDF, Hardwood Plywood • •

Panolam Industries International, Inc.

Custom Component parts and OEM manufacturing. Manufactures Wall Systems, Casework, Marine Panels, and Panel Board. Services include www.panelspec.com • (254) 774-9800 laminating, edgebanding, cut-sizing, drilling, and machining. Temple, Texas FSC

Panel Specialists, Inc.

www.olon.com • (905) 877-7300 Decorative profile wrapped cabinet stiles and rails with thermally fused Geneva, Illinois Decorative Laminates FSC • • • • • • • • • polyester, vinyl and lightweight decors. Vinyl & Polypropylene wrapped Georgetown, Ontario Olon Components FSC • • • • • • • • • drawer components, v-grooved, blank, mitrefold and KD drawer Jefferson, Indiana Olon Creative Products FSC • • • • • • • • • systems. Baltic & Chinese Birch Plywood drawer sides. Washington, Indiana Olon Components FSC • • • • • • • • •

Olon Industries Inc. (Components Division)

Custom component fabricator. Cut-to-size, edgebanding, CNC routing www.mjbwood.com • (972) 293-5249 and boring. National warehouse distribution. Cedar Hill, Texas Plywood • • • • • • •

MJB Wood Group, Inc.

www.masisa.com • +52 (55) 91382300 Ext. 2332 In-house impregnation, mix loads capabilities with raw PB, Bullnose, Stair Tread and CTS. Chihuahua, Mexico Panelart • • •

Masisa S.A. de C.V.

Tlalnepantla, Mexico

www.macosa.com.mx • +52 (55) 5715-5870

Maderas Conglomeradas S.A. de C.V.

Fully integrated manufacturing facilities featuring continuous and HPL laminating, membrane pressing plus full fabrication capabilities. Double www.lamtech.net • (800) 231-2523 All locations: sided continuous laminators capable of laminating papers, vinyls, Diboll, Texas PB, MDF, • • • • • • • • • • • • polyester and polypropylene. HPL panels available in many sizes and Gallatin, Tennessee Hardwood Plywood, • • • • • • • • • • • • from all major HPL manufactures. Full fabricating capabilities at all Ridgeway, Virginia Veneer Core • • • • • • • • • • • • locations including cut-to-size, edge banding, drilling, dadoing, toe Tiffin, Ohio • • • • • • • • • • • • notching, mitre folding and routing for custom components.

Laminate Technologies

including Edgewood. Slotwall panels, edgebanding/shelving, custom components and line boring. High pressure laminate bonded panels. Stockton, California

Tacoma, Washington

Top quality panels with decorative overlays from Uniboard, Arclin, www.kmlcorp.com • (888) 358-5075 Wilsonart, Formica and Tafisa. Variety of plate finishes available

KML Corporation











PB, MDF Company certified Special treatments, substrates or HB and Location Brand Name wood features and capabilities offered producer



w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

l aminato rs 20 15 co ntinued fro m previous pag e

• • •

RTA packaging to precise custom specifications.

Best Board

• •

• • •

matching products such as high pressure laminates, PVC edgebanding, polyester wrapped mouldings, thermovinyl films and five-piece Tafilam® FSC • • • doors. TFL panels with Wilsonart and Arclin/Coveright decors are also available. All of Tafisa's TFL decors are available on ULEF PB panels. Tafisa Decorative Panels

Tafisa Decorative Panels are offered with various complementary color Tafisa Canada inc.

Lac-Mégantic, Quebec

www.tafisa.ca • (888) 882-3472


ULEF SkyBlend™



PB, MDF, Plywood.

and other papers available.

Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.


* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED 2009 rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.






b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

MR10, MR50

laminates, PVC edgebanding, mouldings, 3D laminates and 5 piece door www.uniboard.com • (800) 263-5240 profiles. All surfaces available on NU Green particleboard or MDF (NAF/ULEF). ® Laval, Quebec TFL WoodPrint Technology EIR • • • Multiple surface textures/glosses and multiple sizes. Embossed-In-Register (EIR) PB, NU Green MDF, ® Sayabec, Quebec Uniboard TFL, Particleboard, MDF, NU Green FSC • • • Thermofused laminate panels with custom designs: WilsonArt, Formica, Arclin HDF, NAF/ULEF PB,

Thermofused laminate panels. Matching products such as high pressure Uniboard

Thermofused laminate panels, rolled laminates (vinyl & foil), UV finish, www.timberproducts.com • (800) 547-9520 extensive custom components capabilities, drawer sides (square edged White City, Oregon Spectraboard, Spectracore, ColorLam, FSC/SFI PB, MDF, • • • • • • • • • or bullnosed UV),, shelving. Specialty textured laminates, hardwood Decraboard Plywood face/laminate back panels.

Uniboard TFL, Particleboard, MDF, NU Green® FSC •



NAF (Green) PB, MDF


Fire-rated PB, MDF.

Timber Products Company

Val-d'Or, Quebec






Plywood, NAF,



Hardwood, Plywood

and Decorative

PB, MDF, HB, Luan



• Yes No • Yes •

Premium Textured Program of Matching TFL & HPL, edge banding, www.stevens-wood.com • (217) 857-7100 moldings and doors. Embossed In Registration in Walnut and Teutopolis, Illinois Design Art Surfaces, Legno Collection, FSC • • • • • • Alder.  StevensWood textured panels, Cut-to-size panels, Post-form Artika & Rain Collection, StevensWood™ countertops, slatwall, shelving, TFL & HPL panels in Wilsonart, Formica and Stevens HPL, Stevens Shelf™ Arclin papers.

Stevens Industries, Inc.


Duramine TFL, SkyBlend™

Duramine TFL

Oxford, Mississippi

Simsboro, Louisiana



Duramine TFL, Hardwood Plywood, FSC • • • • • • • • • Mixed shipments of flat panel, CTS, edge-treated matching surfaces from this integrated producer of custom designs, Wilsonart, Formica, UltraFinish-Paper & Vinyl Overlays, Arclin and others. RediPly, Melagard, Redishelf, SkyBlend™

Duramine TFL, Melagard, SkyBlend™

Missoula, Montana

Dillard, Oregon

www.Roseburg.com • (800) 245-1115


Full spectrum panel laminating. Thermofused HD melamine offering a www.premiereurocase.com • (303) 373-9718 distinctive deep grain texture. Lightweight PUR panel production using Denver, Colorado PureCore TFL, Roucke TFL, FSC • • • • • • • aluminum & paper honeycomb. cores. High Gloss Acrylic laminations Roucke HD, Reflekt using PUR. High pressure laminate panels from all major HPL brands. 3D membrane pressing.


Tijuana, Mexico

www.pacificpanelsmexico.com • (619) 819-6064

PPM Panels Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Eight laminating plants located throughout the US (2-Elkhart, IN; Mt. www.patrickind.com • (574) 294-7511 Joy, PA; Decatur, AL; Phoenix, AZ; Waco, TX; Tualatin, OR; Fontana, Elkhart, Indiana Decorative Dynamics FSC Drawer sides, wrapped mouldings, cut-to-size, HPL panels, • • • • • • • • • CA). edgebanding and custom components, and membrane pressed doors.

Patrick Industries, Inc.

Sumner, Washington

Custom laminating and cutting –shelving and drawer parts – www.pasquierpanel.com • (253) 863-6323 edgebanding, CNC routing and boring, moulding, profile wrapping and

Pasquier Panel Products

l aminato rs



subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com wood veneer

vinyl film

Thermally Fused laminate

saturated paper



Light Basis Weight Paper


High Pressure Laminates

Decorative Foils

CPL (continuous pressed laminate)

3D Laminates

w w w. D e c o r a t i ve S u r f a c e s . o r g

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

• • •

• • • • • • •

• Glue film, PG backers, technical films, natural fibre, composite mat, coated glass mat, decorative prints for surfaces

Exterior Film

• •

• • • •

• •

• • •

• • •

Solid surfacing, custom digital laminate, specialty laminates,decorative edges

Decorative printing of saturating papers up to 2700mm wide, Decorative and solid color printed papers for along with full digital design and engraving services. TFL, HPL and laminate flooring markets

• •

• • •

NEXGEN™ laminates are aligned with TFL & HPL manufacturers: Arauco North America, Formica, KML, Roseburg, Stevens, Tafisa, Uniboard and Wilsonart. Over NEXGEN™ Thermally Fused Continuous • 200 exact match colours and finishes. Saturated products with polyester resins, Decorative Laminates such as decor cellulose paper, fiberglass and backers.

www.omnova.com/laminates • (866) 332-5226 EFX 3D Laminates (non-PVC), Beachwood, Ohio OMNOVA Laminates, surf(x) • • • • • • • 2D Paper and Vinyl Laminates, Pre-applied Auburn, Pennsylvania 3D Laminates, EFX 3D Laminates, adhesive, Broad range of technical films, Jeanette, Pennsylvania radiance Flat Laminates Acrylic Laminates Monroe, North Carolina

North American manufacturer with short lead times, leading print designs, small minimum orders, extensive stock program and a range of performance coatings. Variety of constructions with matching designs across constructions (Harmony Program) provides the best application of laminate based on cost and functional requirements.

Omnova Solutions Inc.

www.olon.com • (905) 877-7300 Geneva, Illinois Olon Decorative laminates

Olon Industries Inc. (Decoratives Division)

Decorative printing, in-house laser engraving, design and repro services. Premeer® printed oriented polypropylene decorative overlay with electron beam-cured performance coating.

Specialty laminates: chemical resistant, color-through, metal, fire-rated, compact, dry-erase and magnetic markerboards, architectural doors.

High clarity wear resistant overlays for residential and heavy commercial flooring applications, available for deep textures and with enhanced scuff resistance; woodgrains, solids and pigmented whites in roll or sheet form, embossed in register or antistatic; FSC certification.

Arclin's E-Gen™ designated decorative overlays are available for TFL, HPL, CPL, flooring and industrial surfacing applications. Available with FSC® Chain of Custody Certification. High wear and impact resistant laminate.

3D laminates, PVC, PET and PP decorative films for pressing wrapping and thermoforming. Horizontal grades. Extensive stocking with cut roll program. Solids, prints, metallic and high gloss. Popular TFL/HPL matching program.

Producers of DuraSorb® saturating kraft paper for use as core paper for HPL, CPL, and compact laminates as well as overlays for construction grade applications.

Base paper manufacturer (saturated www.munksjo.com • (978) 342-1080 and pre-impregnated) for the printing, Leominster, Massachusetts saturating & laminating industry

Munksjo Paper

www.lamigraf.com • (404) 583-6254 Barcelona, Spain Bönen, Germany Curitiba, PR, Brazil

Lamigraf, Inc.

www.KapStonePaper.com • (843) 745-3069 North Charleston, South Carolina

KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp

www.interprint.com • (413) 443-4733 Pittsfield, Massachusetts Premeer®


www.formica.com • 800-367-6422 Cinncinnati, OH Formica® Laminate, 180fx®, IdealEdge®, ColorCore2™, DecoMetal®, Formica® Compact™, Chemtop™2, Formica® Solid Surfacing, Formica Envision™

Formica Corporation

Melamine backers and treated décor www.dekor-kunststoffe.de • (418) 861-9103 papers for laminate flooring and TFL. Erndtebrück, Germany Liquilay • Digitally printed decor papers. Liquiclean •

DKB Dekor-Kunststoffe gmbh

www.arclin.com • (877) 689-9145 Roswell, Georgia


www.laminatefinder.com • (610) 944-1413 Swedesboro, New Jersey Renolit LaPorte, Indiana

American Renolit Corporation

Company Special treatments, and Location Brand Name other product types features and capabilities

Overlay Manufacturers

ov e r l ay m a n u fac t u r e rs 2 0 1 5

Panolam® TFL, Pluswood® TFL

• • •

Custom print capabilities in TFL and HPL. ProWrap® Polyester and Melamine in standard and high-wear laminates in a variety of textures. Custom print capabilities in TFL and HPL.

Custom print capabilities in TFL and HPL.

such as kitchen cabinet doors, store fixtures, and office furniture. The 3D Laminate Collection offers extensive colors and patterns including wood grains in high gloss, satin, and matte finishes. Also available short roll program for high gloss.

• •

SynDECOR®, a performance polymer-based decorative overlay

Pre-applied hotmelt adhesive coating for all weights of foil and edgings. Slitting services

Water resistant, sustainable overlay. Dimensionally stable. High print fidelity. Miter-foldable. No VOC's. Available 23gsm thru 56gsm; white and beige.

basis weight form. EB and AC topcoated surfaces in smooth, embossed, stippled, and recoatable versions. Melamine Edgebanding for straight and soft formed edges. Decor printing for flooring, furniture and store fixture applications offered with in house design services and cylinder engraving. Treating services for decor and solid designs, backer papers and release papers all available in roll or sheet form.  High abrasive wear layer and a wide range of gloss options available.

www.transilwrap.com • (847) 678-1800 Franklin Park, Illinois

Transilwrap Company, Inc.

www.tia.toppan.com • (770) 957-5060 McDonough, Georgia G-EFFECT, G-EFFECT-T, G-FORCE, Morgantown, Pennsylvania HD ONE, Design Stimulus Packages

surface &panel

In Stock and Custom Manufactured Decorative Solid Color Laminating Papers using Electron Beam Cure Technology. Smooth, Stipple, High Gloss, Dri Erase and Matte finishes available.

• • • • •

Dry Film Adhesives, Permanent Assembly Value-added manufacturer, converter, and distributor of specialty film Mounting Films, Digitally Printable products. Specialized manufacturing and converting services including liquid Adhesives and Substrates, Dry Erase, and extrusion coating, specialty compounding and a wide range of precision Hard Coats and Specialty Films converting including slitting, sheeting and specialty printing.

North American manufacturer of printed light basis weight papers, saturating grade papers and printed PVC films for decorative surfacing industries. Printed Non-PVC films also available for architectural and hospitality markets.

www.wilsonart.com • (254) 207-7000 Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces: Temple, Texas Wilsonart Laminate, Wilsonart Quartz, • • • • Wilsonart Solid Surface, Wilsonart Laminate, TFL Panels and Edgeband and Decorative Metal, Wilsonart Adhesive Performance and Specialty Laminates

buyers guide 2015

• •

• •

Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.

www.zamma.com • (540) 672-5200 Orange, Virginia

Frame and profile wrapping, floor transitions, mouldings.


b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

wrapping in various surface finishes. High abrasive resistant surfaces including flooring grade. Edgebanding and custom treating solutions up to 1,400 mm (55") wide.

Zamma Corporation Laminates and continuous pressure laminates for flat surfaces and profile

AEON™ Enhanced Performance; Custom/Digital Laminates; RE-COVER™ and Solicor™ Laminates; Performance Laminate Types: Chemical Resistant, FireRated, Markerboard, Chalkboard, High Wear Laminates.

Wilsonart LLC

www.uscoating.com • (803) 957-3377 Lexington, South Carolina

U.S. Coating Company

• • • • • • • •

Printed PVC and Non-PVC films, Pre-applied hotmelt adhesive

Toppan Interamerica INC.

Full range of LPL, HPL, printbase, preimpregnated (PRIP®), edgebanding, foil, www.felix-schoeller.com • (315) 298-8465 pre-impregnated papers) for the printing, backer and inkjet-compatible papers. Pulaski, New York saturating and laminating industries

Technocell Dekor Base paper manufacturer (saturating and

www.syndecor.com • (302) 326-5500 Wilmington, Delaware SynDECOR®

Taghleef Industries

www.us.bauschlinnemann.com • (800) 992-3936 Agawam, Massachusetts D.Foil, D. Release East Longmeadow, Massachusetts Myrtle Beach, South Carolina TecoFoil, TecoLine, TecoPrint, TecoSmart

Flat surface and profile wrap Foils in post impregnated, pre-impregnated and low SURTECO North America

Stocking distributor with same day shipping and an on-staff technical department. HPL/TFL matching program. Slitting services available. PVC & PET High Gloss and solid color 3DL program. Printed designs with a wide range of embossings from ultra-smooth to deep texture. Special surfaces available for healthcare and fixture & display markets. PETG 2-D high gloss and low gloss films with scratch resistant surface.

Décor gravure, finish foil and digital printing services. In house digital lab color matching (NA). Single source design development and production delivers highest quality standard. Worldwide presence with 13 production facilities including NA.

and glass partitions suitable for commercial spaces.

www.ssinorthamerica.com • (973) 598-0152 Phenolic Backed 3D Laminates, Randolph, New Jersey Klöckner Pentaplast, Pentadecor®, Basic Line, • • • • • • Peel n stick 3D laminates, Matte Line, Gloss Line, kpExtreme™, EGR, ABS - Edge banding, PMMA-Edgebanding, Stylelite®, Acrylic sheets, 2D Acrylics, Toray, High gloss acrylic sheets Miolze-2D PETG Scratch Resistant Films

Surface Source International

www.schattdecor.com • (314) 400-6100 Maryland Heights, Missouri


www.riken-usa.com • (248) 513-3511 Novi, Michigan Integra, Tre Nuovo, FINO, Rivestar

3D Laminates (Thermofoil) for residential and commercial interior applications Riken U.S.A. Decorative glass films for windows

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

www.panolam.com • (800) 672-6652 Auburn, Maine Pionite® decorative laminate, • • • • • • • Resopreg Treated Papers Hampton, South Carolina Nevamar® decorative laminate • • • • • Morristown, Tennessee ProWrap® Polyester and Melamine • •

Panolam Industries International, Inc.

ov e r l ay m a n u fac t u r e rs

91 91



Powder Coating

Liquid Coating

NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde)*

ECC Certified

AkzoNobel®, Chemcraft®

• •

Industrial wood coatings and adhesives that provide protective and decorative properties for wood, MDF, wood composites and wood-based products. AkzoNobel specializes in Building Products Interior and Exterior, Cabinetry, Contract Furniture, Residential Furniture, Flooring, Windows, Doors, Distribution and more.



Powder coater of engineered wood.

Standard color and woodgrain line available as well as custom matches. Can ship raw, perforated, cut-to-size and printed on same truck.

Wood powder coating, custom components, cut-to-size, CNC routing.

Engineered wood

Thin MDF Hardboard


Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.

* Panel products manufactured with No Added Urea-Formaldehyde (NAUF) resins may be eligible for low-emitting materials credit under USGBC's LEED 2009 rating systems. Check with the manufacturer to confirm the current eligibility of specific products.

UV fill and topcoat, wood grain print, PB, ULEF MDF, VC, acrylic PB, ULEF MDF, solid colors with custom color program, prefinished shelving www.Roseburg.com • (800) 245-1115 ULEF SkyBlend™, Dillard, Oregon UltraFinish-UV Cured Paints & Finishes, SkyBlend™ FSC edge banding. and others • • • and Decorative and protective coatings for wood, metal and plastic in The Valspar Corporation the industrial markets, interior and exterior decorative paints and www.valsparwood.com • (336) 889-2157 aerosols for architectural use, coatings and inks for rigidpackHigh Point, North Carolina • • aging containers, automotive and fleet refinish products, floor coatings and specialty polymers, composites and colorants.


www.powderinnovations.com • (855) 830-6015 Paris, Texas DuraSeam® Powder Coatings

Powder Innovations, LLC

www.buildgp.com • (800) 727-9452 Monticello, Georgia InfiniCor SFI • • • Phillips, Wisconsin Jubilee, Lionite, UltraStrate SFI • • •


www.funderamerica.com • (800) 438-6276 FSC • • • Mocksville, North Carolina





Yes Yes



Wood powder coating, custom components, cut-to-size, CNC routing. PB, MDF, HB No

UV-cured powder coated MDF component finishing serving retail, healthcare, hospitality, education & office furniture industies and more, cut to size, custom color matching, CNC machining.


PB, MDF, Fibrex®, Yes ULEF (Vesta™), Mende

Funder America, Inc.

www.dvuv.com • (216) 741-5511 Cleveland, Ohio


www.closetmaid.com • (352) 401-6000 Chino, California


www.arauco-na.com • (800) 268-9830 Standard acrylic and UV top coat, silkscreen-able paint finishes, St. Stephen, New Brunswick Rezcote FSC unlimited solid colors, wood grain print, ULEF. • • •

Arauco North America

www.akzonobel.com • 841-5111 High Point, North Carolina

Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.

substrates PB,MdF, or offered HB producer

w w w. D e c o r a t i ve S u r f a c e s . o r g

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

Company certified special treatments, and Location Brand Name wood features, capabilities and services

• Manufacturers are in shaded fields

Coaters & Coating Manufacturers

coaters & Coatin g Manufac turers 20 15

Manufacturer of hot melt adhesives for particleboard and MDF laminations to paper up to five feet wide.

w w w. D e c o r a t i ve S u r f a c e s . o r g

w w w. C o m p o s i t e P a n e l . o r g

TecoFoil, TecoLine, TecoPrint, TecoSmart

Pre-applied hotmelt adhesive coating for all weights of foil and edgings.

G-EFFECT, G-EFFECT-T, G-FORCE, HD ONE, Design Stimulus Packages

Pre-applied hotmelt adhesive coating for Light Basis Weight Paper, Decorative Foils and backers.


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Additional company contact information can be found on pages 122-124.

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www.transilwrap.com • (847) 678-1800 Extrusion coater of dry film adhesives, permanent assembly mounting films, digitally printable adhesives Franklin Park, Illinois and custom blends on a variety of film substrates.

Transilwrap Company, Inc.

www.tia.toppan.com • (770) 957-5060 McDonough, Georgia Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Toppan Interamerica INC.

www.us.bauschlinnemann.com • (800) 992-3936 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

SURTECO North America

www.aacc-hotmelts.com • (978) 688-7400 Lawrence, Massachusetts

American Adhesive Coatings LLC

Company and Location Brand Name special treatments, features, capabilities and services

LAMINATING ADHESIVE SUPPLIERS C o mp o sit e P an e l A ss o ciati o n

L aminatin g Ad hesive Suppliers 20 15

buyers guide 2015


S p e c i f y i n g S u r fa c e s


➊ The HPL for this cashwrap is custom specified for a branded color palette. HPL is postformed to give it a gentle curve, inviting customers to flow into the merchandizing areas.

Innovative Products for a Sustainable Future


➋ White color-through HPL is one way to eliminate dark edges on casework. Miter-folded 3DL is another.

etail designers develop high-impact spaces – in terms of visual appeal and performance. Decorative surfacing materials carried on composite panels deliver on both criteria. Whether the environment is sophisticated and luxurious, or bold with pops with branded colors, the specified materials help to create an experience that orients, engages and persuades customers.

➌ Slatwall, both ubiquitous and useful in retail

photos courtesy of Cr ayol a

environments, is made by routing out a finished panel. In this use, the substrate is typically a specialty MDF or HDF that is manufactured for strength, smoothness and structural integrity. The most common overlay for slatwall is laminate foil, it machines well and presents a nice surface aesthetic. Custom slatwall can be specified with nearly any decorative surface, from HPL and veneer, to ready-to finish faces.

➋ ➊


subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com

NeoConvergence NeoCon is the commercial interiors industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most important annual eventâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;bringing together the right people, the best products, and the most innovative ideas. The Merchandise Mart, Chicago Register at NeoCon.com

Distribution M a r c h

2 015


An Interview with Bill Sauter Distributor Roundtable Discussion What Suppliers Look for in a Distribution Partner A Conversation with Kevin Gammonley 2015 Member Directory

An Interview with Bill Sauter President of OHARCO and Incoming President of the NBMDA

b y

L e a h

W h e e l e r


ill Sauter is a 35-year veteran of the building materials distribution business. He became president of OHARCO in 2002 and steered the company through the steep recession and ensuing recovery. OHARCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s core values of relationships, respect and integrity have kept the company strong for more than 110 years and continue to sustain it today. Together with his team, Bill is guiding the firm through the tremendous changes and challenges the industry is undergoing today. Q. What brought you to the industry and what do you find interesting or compelling about being in the building material distribution business? A. In college I wrote a paper for a Marketing class based on an interview I had done with the CEO of Color Tile, a national retail floor covering chain. That prompted my interest in the building products industry. In fact, I started my professional career working for Color Tile. Then six years later, in 1984, I joined OHARCO as an outside sales associate selling to markets in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, calling on lumber yards, countertop manufacturers, cabinet dealers, home centers and other retail outlets taking orders and promoting new products.


subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com

Q. How has the industry changed during your time in it? A. In my early days as a sales rep, the standard sales cycle was to call on customers, offer new products and write orders. In those days manufacturers made products and brought them to market hoping they would sell. Today, we are proactive about understanding where the market is heading and look to provide products ahead of the needs, trends and requirements. We conduct research to find out what the market will want in the future and we provide a broad range of products and valueadded services. Now we take a much more consultative approach. Our goal is to add value so that our clients can better serve their customers by providing solutions, not simply products. Consequently, our client relationships have evolved and changed over time. When we visit clients, we discuss their needs, their customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs, and provide knowledge and education as a standard part of our service. We also call on architects and the design community to stay current with trends and to consult on larger projects, such as hospitals and commercial applications. Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market moves very quickly and the window of opportunity for a product category to succeed is narrower. We work closely with our clients to understand and develop the market and to provide valueadded solutions that drive business for them. We offer education classes and fabrication clinics. We also do extensive market research to help make our clients knowledgeable and ultimately more profitable, to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with lasting benefits for all parties.

©i stock .com /sergeyniven s

“Today’s market is constantly changing, driven by globalization, technology, and social media, which influence the entire supply chain. It has truly become a partnership, a team effort involving manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users.”

Q. What are some challenges that distributors face today and how will they overcome these challenges? A. Today’s market is constantly changing, driven by globalization, technology, and social media, which influence the entire supply chain. It has truly become a partnership, a team effort involving manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users. We rely on each other to be successful and to stay ahead of the curve so that we can all stay relevant. Q. What distinguishes the top distributors from the rest of the herd in today’s marketplace? A. They listen better, communicate with their customers and think about how they can help their customers be more be profitable and better serve their markets. Top distributors help energize and educate customers. They make the effort to understand their customers’ businesses because each one is different. Top distributors understand the nuances of markets, including the differences between rural markets and metro-based areas with variations in the regions, segments and industries served. They are attuned to impending changes due to design trends, air quality concerns, environmental regulations, etc. All of these are pushing industry members to improve and continually reinvent themselves.

or innovative place to work, but I think this is changing. I see many community colleges and even universities starting to focus on creative design, advanced technology and workforce development, and this is prompting young people to look at this industry as a promising career path. More and more schools, colleges and universities are training students in craft professions, emphasizing the potential of technology and creative concepts in materials, manufacture, design, engineering and building at all stages. The industry itself is now seen as a good career with well paying jobs and interesting work. Q. What is your overall vision for the industry and what do you think the future holds? Are you optimistic? Do you see big changes ahead? A. I am excited about what the future holds for our industry. The distribution industry came out of the recession stronger, more forward leaning, and we are rapidly adopting the use of data and technology to make ourselves even more relevant and the entire value chain stronger. I see new talent entering our industry, bringing with them energy and enthusiasm, creativity and fresh perspectives. I see technology continuing to play a bigger role. I see a level of excitement in the industry today that I haven’t seen in a long time. s&p

Q. Talk about the impact technology is having on the industry. A. Traditionally this industry has not been out in front when it comes to technology. It was essentially a craft industry. That has changed dramatically, and we are now becoming much more tech-driven. Technology is driving automation, supply chain data analytics, sales and marketing. It’s making us more efficient, progressive, connected and able to respond quickly. Today, we use social media for training and data analytics for inventory management all throughout the supply chain. We use technology to provide the real-time responses that our customers expect. Technology is also bringing the industry closer together through collaboration and problem solving that enables us to come up with innovative new products, materials, fabrication methods, services, solutions. We have become a community on the move.

Engineering is the most underrated form of magic.

Q. What keeps you up at night with regards to the industry? A. I’m a pretty good sleeper, but sometimes an inspiration or an idea makes me sit up and say “ah-ha!” We all know that the industry is changing rapidly and we need to be thinking of ideas that help us go to market better, faster, more effectively, and serve our customers better. A solution, a new big idea, a better way to do something; those are the things that excite me. Q. What do you talk about when you get together with colleagues and peers in the industry? A. One concern that often comes up is the need for motivated, qualified talent to come into the industry. Ours is essentially a craft industry, and that requires trained, skilled craftspeople. In the past high school graduates may not have seen our industry as an exciting

Open your imagination to new space and design possibilities with LEGRABOX, the full extension stainlesssteel box system from Blum. It’s simply the most elegant and practical drawer we’ve ever engineered.Seeing is believing. Look for LEGRABOX at KBIS booths N2448 and N2363. / blum.com Perfecting motion

surface&panel BLUM-3268-05 PRINT LEGRABOX Magic Doves Ad for Surface & Panel_V1.indd 1

distribution matters 2 0 1 5

99 12/5/14 1:16 PM

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Roundtable Discussion L e a h

W h e e l e r

The distributor members of the NBMDA steering committee are leaders in their markets and in the building products distribution industry. These folks know their businesses, know their customers, know their markets, and they know how to deliver over-the-top service and value.

S&P asked each of the NBMDA steering committee distributor members to answer the following question: What is the one thing you do that you are most proud of to bring value to your customers?

Here’s what they had to say: Table stakes:  All the steering committee members were in agreement that customers today expect and demand high quality products, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and reliable customer service. “The standard is to have no mistakes, no delays, and no problems. These are table stakes, and in order to stand out and be known for best-in-class service, you have to take it to the next level,” said Craig Francisco, of the L.E. Smith Company. Daniels-Olsen\Metro Hardwoods’ Michael Donnelly concurred on this point. “No-hassle delivery, competitive price, consistent high quality, these are all expected. Beyond that, what you bring to the table are the intangibles that are embodied in your people.” The human element:  Marty Wojick, vice president of Atlantic Plywood, based in Woburn, MA, made this point: “The thing I am most proud of is our sales staff and their commitment to our customers.


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We have a team of outside sales reps (OSRs), inside sales reps (ISRs), specifiers and category specialists that is talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Their average tenure in the industry is more than 15 years. The commitment of our people is what enables us to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers. It is a huge competitive advantage for us.”

It’s all about the customer:  Industrial Plywood, located in Reading, PA, specializes in carrying high quality, highend, hard-to-find plywood in stock. Andy Wernick, president of IP, stated: “We define our business as being customer oriented. We tell our people, ‘You may work for IP, but never forget that you really work for the customer.’ What this means on a daily basis is that we roll up our sleeves and get things done, period. We respond to inquiries promptly.

photo courtesy of the Read in g Eagle

b y


Top: 9497-34 Silver Quartzite Base: 9480-NG Salvage Planked Elm

Since our inception in 1974, we have prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality products from leading suppliers. Our employees provide the highest level of service to every customer, every day. A T A TLANTIC P LYWOOD , I T ’ S A M ATTER OF P RIDE .


We correct errors immediately. We follow through ASAP. We don’t try to upsell or down-sell, but to right-sell each and every customer. Every day little things happen that you don’t even think about, but it’s all the little things that make the difference. And that’s due to the integrity of the way we do business.”

“No-hassle delivery, competitive price, consistent high quality, these are all expected. Beyond that, what you bring to the table are the intangibles that are embodied in your people.”

We train the daylights out of our people:  Michael Donnelly, general manager of Daniels-Olsen\Metro Hardwoods, located in Sioux Falls, SD, noted three pillars that contribute to the superior value Metro Hardwoods provides to customers. “We have very strong partnerships with our vendors that we can harness to produce creative solutions for our customers. We also have a marketing culture which enables us to know our customers, from small mom-and-pops to large commercial clients. Every customer


w w w.sierrapine.com • 800-676-3339

LONGSTANDING • PR EDICTA B LE • LEA DER SHIP As North America’s most recognized manufacturer of composite wood panels and mouldings, SierraPine has a long standing reputation for cutting edge and specially engineered MDF and particleboard. SierraPine product brands such as Medite , Medex and Encore™ are specified by more architects and designers than any other composite wood panel for sustainable, green construction projects. ®




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SP 1-4pgAd2015.indd 1

2/19/15 11:12 AM

has different needs, and we see our role as helping each one of them maximize their business opportunities. It’s a consultancy relationship. We’re not just out there pitching products or selling lumber and plywood, but helping them find solutions. This all stems from the third pillar, which is the training and development of our people. We train the daylights out of our people because our fundamental philosophy is to be consultants to our customers. Our company is not a series of transactions only; we stand for something bigger.”

Fanatical dependability:  Mike Strauss, chief supply chain officer of C.H. Briggs, home based in Reading, PA, summed up his company’s competitive edge succinctly. “In a word, it’s dependability. When we commit and make promises to customers, we are fanatical in meeting or exceeding those promises,” he said.

“In a word, it’s dependability. When we commit and make promises to customers, we are fanatical in meeting or exceeding those promises.”

Reliable suppliers and a diversity of products:  Missy O’Daniel, vice president of sales at Web-Don, based in Charlotte, NC, pointed to the importance of products and inventory. “One important thing we do as a distributor is ensure that we carry top quality product lines. We make sure we deal with reliable suppliers and have a diversity of products, cutting edge as well as traditional, and that the products we carry are available, competitive and sustainable. Customers looking for innovative concepts, cutting edge designs and new materials, such as quartz, marble, laminates, recycled glass and stone in counter tops or cabinets, know that we will stand by these and all of our products.”

We are on their team.  Craig Francisco, chief operating officer of The L.E. Smith Company, in Bryan, OH, agrees about the importance of going beyond customers’ expectations when it comes to product, basic service and accurate delivery. “One way we do this is by offering marketing support and providing education to customers about products that can help them increase sales or grow a particular line. We offer best practices, ensure our website has rich, value-added content so they can learn and steer their customers to this info, and even create marketing pieces for them. We are right there on their team with them.” WLAC_HalfPg-030315 copy.pdf




Make every customer feel important and valued.  Mike Steck, president of Alpine Sales, located in Columbia SC, spoke for many of his colleagues when he said, “I don’t think there is one single thing, but rather a multitude of things that we do that add value for our customers. Each customer is different in their respective needs. Our primary job as distributors is to understand what the customer wants to accomplish with their business and then help them achieve that goal. Product training, competitive pricing, and timely delivery are tools to help make them successful, but the key ingredient is to understand their business and become a partner to help sustain and/or grow their business. The ability to distinguish what is important to each individual customer is the key to both our successes. And to deliver that service or product in the same fashion we would expect it to be delivered to us. The bottom line: we try to make every customer feel important and valued.” s&p PM

“Customers today expect and demand high quality products, ontime delivery, competitive pricing and reliable customer service. The standard is to have no mistakes, no delays, and no problems.”

Wurth Louis and Company

•20 locations in Western United States and Growing! •A complete line of solid surface products and high pressure laminates •Dedicated Specification Sales organization to service the architectural and design communities Please Visit www.wurthlac.com to Find the Location Nearest You.

Wurth Louis and Company - Headquarters 895 Columbia Street, Brea, CA 92821 Toll Free: (800) 422-4389 surface&panel

distribution matters 2 0 1 5


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What Suppliers Look for

in a Distribution Partner b y

L e a h

W h e e l e r

S&P spoke with associate members of the NBMDA steering committee to get a perspective from suppliers/manufacturers about what makes a good supply chain partner. Here’s what we learned:

Sustainable products present in everyday life

l, TFL Plywood Moulding Lumber


MDF Ultralight MDF HDF Particleboard NAF/ULEF Hardboard

Hardwood Pulp Softwood Pulp

www.arauco-na.com 104

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A supply chain partnership is a mutual investment.  Building materials suppliers look for distributors who are committed to maintaining strong, positive, long-term relationships. They expect their distribution partners to have confidence in them and their products, and to convey this meaningfully to their customers. They want to work with partners who understand the importance of mutual success and who demonstrate this in a variety of ways. Face time  Clete Massi, National Sales Manager for Knape & Vogt, stressed the importance of face time. “We look for channel partners who are willing to allow our reps to get in the car and ride along with their OSMs. If we can spend a day or even half a day interfacing with them and some of their customers, it sends a powerful message. It not only builds rapport and puts a focus on our products, but it also gives us an opportunity to address any issues that may be out there, answer questions and help resolve customers’ problems, educate and discuss plans and goals. At the same time, it’s important that management send a topdown message that validates those kinds of efforts and shows the importance of the products through their investment of time and resources in things like training and product knowledge, inventory management and infrastructure.”

“It takes solid financial strength to be able to support technology and maintain sophisticated logistics, inventory management, and billing platforms; commit the time and resources to training and professional development; and to stock and store the product line, not to mention investments in sales and marketing and overall quality presentation.” Steve Brant, western sales manager for Blum

Financial and representational stability:  Blum, Inc. Western Sales Manager Steve Brant highlighted the critical importance of distributors’ financial stability. “We want channel partners who have the financial wherewithal to be there for the long term. This enables them to invest in things like training, inventory, infrastructure and systems that support a professional presentation and a quality operation. The inventory investment alone for a new branch can be in the range of $60,000 to $80,000,” he said. “It takes solid financial strength to be able to support technology and maintain sophisticated logistics, inventory management, and billing platforms; commit the time and resources to training and professional development; and to stock and store the product line, not to mention investments in sales and marketing and overall quality presentation.” Another factor Brant cited as essential for top distributors is a stable workforce. “Our line is a complicated one, and understanding it requires commitment and knowledge so we offer a lot of training. If we invest in a person and spend 20 or 30 hours training them and they leave the distributor, that investment is lost. Moreover, continuity of representation is extremely important to a customer’s experience when they purchase our products.” In addition to financial and representational stability, Blum also noted the importance of clear communication channels and respectful, professional interactions at all levels.

Made by generations to last for generations.

From our founding in 1918 as a single ply veneer mill, Darlington Veneer has grown into one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of quality hardwood plywood products in the nation. Third-generation family owned, we’ve merged our knowledge and expertise with modern manufacturing techniques and craftsmanship. From the selection of raw materials to completion, you’ll find outstanding quality in our hardwood plywood products that include cores of: • MDF, Particleboard, Domestic and Imported Veneer Core, OSB, Combi-core, FR MDF, FR Particleboard • Forest Stewardship Council Certified Products • Custom and Special Orders Available Contact us for a trusted relationship that will last for generations.

Darlington, South Carolina 800.845.2388 dvci@darlingtonveneer.com www.darlingtonveneer.com


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Your success is built on hardwork, determination & taking decisive action.

At OHARCO we offer the solutions, support & innovative thinking you can rely on to help you take your business to the next level.

Building Solutions It’s who we are.

It’s what we do. find out more at www.oharco.com

Wood Supply Solutions from Raw Materials to Final Assembly

National Manufacturing & Distribution | Vendor Managed Inventory | Logistics Global Sourcing | Product Development Solid Wood & Panel Products • Interior & Exterior Millwork • LSL • LVL • Cabinet & Door Components • Green Materials Cut-To-Size • Machining • Lamination • Finishing • Assembly • Packaging




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Essential intangibles:  While some of these aspects are subjective and hard to quantify or measure, virtually all suppliers agree the intangibles are important. “We are looking for professional distributors that reflect the quality and value of our product line in their essence,” said Jeff Winters, Kessebohmer’s North America Sales Manager. “There’s a certain attitude, a vibe in the work environment. Are the employees happy? Is the warehouse clean and neat? Do you have a sense that everyone is committed to customers and customer service? Are people well trained and cross trained? Is the support staff knowledgeable and experienced?” Kessebohmer, a German manufacturer of high quality, highend interior storage solutions, shifted from exclusive distribution relationships in the U.S. and Canada to a regional distribution model eight years ago. The company launched its first regional distributorship in February 2014 and added a second one in November of that year. “Obviously, geography was a key factor in our selection process, since we wanted to have distributors located near where the business is. However, too much duplication in the same geography could create a cannibalization problem, and we wanted to avoid that. We also looked at distributors’ current product mix to make sure that it included other premium brands and lines, but not our direct European competitor. We look for distributors who have a strong local presence; carry adequate inventory stock close to their customers; have a good number of reps on the street; and are in tune with their market. We like to see a smaller, more focused product mix. It’s a plus if they have their own local delivery trucks because we’ve found that that truck driver often has the most direct personal contact with customers, and it’s better if he represents the distributor than if he’s a FedEx or UPS driver. He is likely to treat the product better and know the customers better.” Family values and work ethic:  “We are particularly drawn to distributorships that are family-owned or have a tradition of family ownership or at least have a family orientation,” Winters said. He cited Charles McMurray Co., a Fresno-based distributor of household hardware goods and laminates serving California, Nevada, and Southern Oregon, as an example. “The company holds quarterly sales meetings that conclude with a company meal for employees and their families. As a supplier, I was invited to join. It seems like a simple gesture, but it was impressive and spoke volumes about the company’s deep-rooted family values,” he said. “Another thing that impresses me about Charles McMurray is that they don’t leave until every order is processed and out the door. Many distributors have a cut-off point, maybe 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, after which orders go out the following day. Not so with Charles McMurray,” he said. “They don’t shut the doors for the day until every order is completed. You might think that this means employees often stay late, but it motivates them to keep on top of things and maintain the pace throughout the day. That way if a late order comes in, they are not backed up and they don’t push it to the next day. That’s over the top, in my opinion.” s&p

“There’s a certain attitude, a vibe in the work environment. Are the employees happy? Is the warehouse clean and neat? Do you have a sense that everyone is committed to customers and customer service? Are people well trained and cross trained? Is the support staff knowledgeable and experienced?” Jeff WInters, Kessebohmer western North America Sales Manager

C a s e St u d y :

The Charles McMurray Company

the chicken coop from which company founder Charles McMurray launched the business in 1946

It’s just a fun place to work! The Charles McMurray Company is a wholesale distributor of cabinet, door and surfacing products based in Fresno, CA. Founded in 1946, the firm is a thirdgeneration family-owned business and an acknowledged standout among materials distributors. What is the ‘secret sauce’ that has made the Charles McMurray Company successful over the course of nearly seven decades? “It’s not any one single thing,” says Charlie McMurray, CEO, who together with his father, Lou, and brother, Jed, runs the company. “We do everything possible to make it easy for customers to do business with us. We are laserfocused on customer convenience, and that goes for every department from warehouse to delivery, customer service to accounting.” “The thing I’m most proud of is that our employees enjoy working here, and, as a result, they stay with us for a long time,” says Charlie. The Charles McMurray Company has an average staff tenure of 15 years. “Because we’re a family company, we treat our employees like family. We pay a competitive wage, and more importantly, we make this a fun, energetic and cooperative place to work. Our employees are excited about coming to work every day and they know they are empowered to make the best decisions for our customers.” “I am very proud of our ability to retain good folks, and it truly is a win all the way around for our company, our customers, our suppliers and our employees. Because our people stick around, we're able invest heavily in training, and continue to focus on creating the most convenient place for our customers to do business.” n

Real Metal Laminates

800 228 2238 | www.abetlaminati.com

A Conversation with

Kevin Gammonley on the

value of membership in the NBMDA Kevin Gammonley is executive vice president of the NBMDA (the North American Building Material Distribution Association). During his 24 years as an association management professional, he has worked closely with executives from both distributor and manufacturer member firms within the building and woodworking materials industry.


BMDA’s mission is to develop and promote the effectiveness of distribution processes to improve member profitability and growth. According to its website, www.nbmda.org, the organization represents the leading wholesale distributors of specialty building products and woodworking materials. Distributor members operate more than 900 distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Canada and have a collective purchasing power of over $25 billion.

b y


L e a h

W h e e l e r

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“Our goal is to help make distributors a stronger component of the supply chain, to help them be more efficient, productive, and profitable,” says Gammonley. “We do this in a variety of ways: through education and training; dissemination of information about new methods, new products and new technologies; and by facilitating exchange and communication about best practices, value-added customer service, and current and upcoming trends. NBMDA represents a network of distributors, manufacturers, and firms that provide services to distributors, all dedicated to pursuing the association’s mission of developing and promoting the effectiveness of distribution processes to improve member profitability and growth. Membership in NBMDA allows distributors to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, to focus on what they are good at, and concentrate on their local markets while still maintaining a strong connection to other parts of their industry. “Our value proposition is built around enhancing the wholesale distribution process. As distributors help to pull products through the supply chain, NBMDA addresses trends and best practices related to their relationships upstream with manufacturers and also downstream with customers and purchase influencers, such as architects and designers who spec, develop and stimulate demand,” Gammonley says. One of the organization’s strengths is that it attracts the most successful and innovative firms in the industry. “We continually look for ways to enhance this component of the supply chain, connect distributors with the supplier base, including current and potential future suppliers, and provide forums for relationships to strengthen. It goes beyond simply networking and encompasses the exchange and sharing of information at all levels of the distributorship covering topics such as sales, marketing, inventory management, warehousing, credit and financial management, and much more.

A Great Finish is Only the Beginning

McKeever Inc. talks about the Chemcraft Mobile Product App We traveled to El Cajon, CA, just outside of San Diego to talk with Dan McKeever, owner of McKeever Inc, and Rob Olivarez, his Finish Specialist from Chemcraft Distributor E.B. Bradley. McKeever Inc. was founded in 2005 and produces architectural millwork, cabinetry and custom woodwork for commercial and residential customers.

“We’ve had a long relationship with Rob and E.B. Bradley,” said Dan McKeever “They’ve been with us from the beginning.” “As Dan said, we’ve been with Mckeever since about 2005, but only in the last couple of years have we been supplying their coatings.” said Rob Olivarez, “We also provide them product training and technical support. Because of the Low VOC regulations here in Southern California, one of the most important things we supply is product documentation. We make sure they have what they need for the inspectors and regulators.” “It’s a real a challenge keeping up with all the VOC data for the products.” said McKeever, “We need to have the information readily available for inspections and for submitting new project bids.”

Front, L to R: Rob Olivarez - Finish Specialist, E.B. Bradley. Dan McKeever - Owner, McKeever Inc. Back, L to R: Terry Best - Sales Representative, E.B. Bradley. Colin McKeever, Technology Supervisor, McKeever Inc.

“The Chemcraft App has made it a lot easier. It’s the same information as before, but now it’s at Dan’s or someone else in the facilities fingertips.” said Olivarez. “On new jobs, we have to show product data up front, and the mobile app makes it easy for us to pull that information up.” said McKeever, “It works out pretty well for us. The app is a very good thing to have. It’s easy to use, and you can find what you need quickly.” “From a distributor side of things, I really like the tools that Chemcraft has brought to market to benefit the end-user.” said Olivarez “The app is a great example of that. To put product information, how-to videos, a © 2015 AkzoNobel

Chemcraft® is a registered trademark of Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.

troubleshooting guide in an easy-to-use app is great. While this is all information that I have readily available to give to our customers, there are just times when they need it faster. It’s a great tool.” US market: go to chemcraft.com/mpi on your mobile device and follow the instructions to download. Canadian market: go to chemcraft.com/mpca on your mobile device and follow the instructions to download.

Visit chemcraft.com to locate your nearest distributor

Kevin Gammonley, Executive vice President, North American building material distribution association (NBMDA)


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“The members of NBMDA are leaders of their own companies as well as industry and marketplace leaders. They are an impressive group of people, hard-working, forward-leaning, and they have a real service orientation.”

Membership in NBMDA enables distributors to align with top tier suppliers through events and communication. And associate membership in the NBMDA is a cost-effective, efficient means for manufacturers nationwide to stay connected to the distributer community. As a result, they are able to develop and provide products ahead of the need and before the products become commoditized. The value derived from these connections also benefits architects, designers and end-users because they can align themselves with top distributors and tap into the knowledge, technologies, products, trends and best practices that are available. Gammonley praised the caliber of the organization’s members. “The members of NBMDA are leaders of their own companies as well as industry and marketplace leaders,” he said. “They are an impressive group of people, hard-working, forward-leaning, and they have a real service orientation. Many of our members represent familyowned companies that have achieved market leadership and success through vision and effort. What has made them successful in their businesses is what makes the organization strong.” “It’s an exciting time for the building material and woodworking distribution channels,” Gammonley notes. “Macro trends such as globalization, environmental regulations, building standards, advances in technology and innovative new marketing strategies using social media are having huge impacts on the channel and industry overall. The good news is that in recent years the industry has gone through a difficult time and emerged stronger, more aware and more focused,” he said. The other good news is that NBMDA offers many ways for distributors to stay connected to their peers, competitors, service providers, trading partners, industry thought leaders and experts on distribution management and strategy , and also provides resources, such as branch management education, sales training, leadership development through webinars, conferences and convention as well as online training tools. In November of this year, NBMDA will partner with the NAFCD (North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors) to hold the fifth joint NAFCD + NBMDA Annual Convention & Tabletop Networking Forum in Orlando, FL. s&p






Uniboard’s WoodPrint Technology®

is the first synchronized texture in Thermofused Laminates in North




America. The technology aligns the décor paper and the surface texture to replicate real wood characteristics that are perfectly synchronized, just as they would be in nature.









Visit uniboard.com for more details


N o r t h A m e r i c an B u i l d i n g Ma t e r i a l D i s t r i b u t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n

N B M D A M e mb e r D i r e c t o r y

Manufacturers Accuride International 12311 Shoemaker Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 92679 P (562) 903-0200 F (562) 903-0208 www.accuride.com Amerock Corporation 3 Glenlake Pkwy NE Atlanta, GA 30328 P (704) 987-7545 F (704) 987-7534 www.amerock.com ARAUCO North America 80 Tiverton Court, Ste. 701 Markham, ONT L3R 0G4 Canada P (905) 475-9686 f (905) 475-3827 www.arauco-na.com

Chemetal 39 O’Neil Street Easthampton, MA 01027 P (413) 529-0718 f (413) 529-9898 www.chemetalco.com Choice Brands Adhesives 666 Redna Terrace #500 Cincinnati, OH 45215 P (513) 772-1234 f (513) 772-9118 www.choicebrandsadhesives.com Cikel America, LLC 700 S Royal Poinciana Blvd. Miami Springs, FL 33166 P (305) 742-2219 f (855) 462-4535 www.cikelusa.com

Armstrong World Industries 2500 Columbia Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 P (717)396-6058 F (717)396-6038 www.armstrong.com

Clarion Boards Inc. 143 Fiberboard Road Shippenville, PA 16254 P (800) 373-4383 www.clarionindustries.com

Berenson Corp. 2495 Main St., #111 Buffalo, NY 14214-2152 P (716) 833-3100 F (716) 833-2402 www.berensonhardware.com

Columbia Forest Products, Inc. 7900 Triad Center Dr., Ste 200 Greensboro, NC 27409 P (800) 637-1609 f (336) 605-6969 www.columbiaforestproducts.com

BHK Of America, Inc. PO Box 486 South Boston, VA 24592 P (845) 928-6200 F (845) 928-2287 www.bhkofamerica.com

CompX National/CompX Waterloo P.O. Box 200 Mauldin, SC 29662 P (864) 297-6655 f (864) 297-9987 www.compx.com

The Bilco Company P.O. Box 1203 West Haven, CT 06516 P (203)934-6363 F (203)931-4365 www.bilco.com Birchland Plywood Limited PO Box 430 Hwy 17 Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0 Canada P (705) 842-2430 F (705) 842-2496 www.birchlandplywood.com Blum Inc. 7733 Old Plank Rd. Stanley, NC 28164 P (704) 827-1345 F (704 )827-0799 www.blum.com Brown Wood, Inc. 7040 N. Lawndale Ave. Lincolnwood, IL 60712 P (800) 328-5858 f (800) 884-0423 www.brownwoodinc.com C.A. Technologies LLC 337 South Arthur Ave. Louisville, CO 80027 P (303) 438-5707 f (303) 438-5708 www.spraycat.com


Chemcraft 1431 Progress Ave. High Point, NC 27261 P (336) 841-5111 www.chemcraft.com

Darlington Veneer Co., Inc. P.O. Box 1087 225 4th Street Darlington, SC 29540 P (843) 393-3861 f (843) 393-8243 www.darlingtonveneer.com Deerwood Fasteners 638 Reese Dr. Conover, NC 28613 P (828) 469-1075 f (828) 469-1050 www.deerwood.com Doellken-Woodtape, Inc. 18 Covington Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260 P (760) 862-1285 f (760) 862-1820 www.doellken-woodtape.com Edgemate, Inc. 213 Smith Transport Road Roaring Spring, PA 16673 P (814) 224-5717 f (814) 224-5975 www.edgemate.com Element Designs P.O. Box 7747 Charlotte, NC 28241 P (704) 332-3114 www.element-designs.com

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Far East American 5410 McConnell Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066 P (310) 822-7771 f (310) 822-2920 www.feaco.com Ferrari America Inc. 4189 Eagle Hill Drive Suite 110 High Point, NC 27265 P (336) 841-1445 f (336) 841-3543 www.ferrariamerica.com Formica Corp. 10155 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241 P (513) 786-3043 f (513) 786-3566 www.formica.com FormWood Industries, Inc. 1601 Production Rd. Jeffersonville, IN 47130 P (812) 284-3676 f (812) 285-5074 www.formwood.com Franklin International 2020 Bruck St. Columbus, OH 43207-2329 P (614) 443-0241 f (614) 445-1813 www.titebond.com Fulterer USA, Inc. 542 Townsend Ave. High Point, NC 27263 P (336) 431-4646 f (336) 431-4620 www.fultererusa.com Gemini Coatings 421 S.E. 21st St El Reno, OK 73036 P (405) 262-9310 www.geminicoatings.com Grand River Wood Products 360 Remington Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224 P (330) 945-6464 f (330) 923-8699 www.gr1879.com Grass America Inc. 1202 Highway 66 S. Kernersville, NC 27284 P (336) 996-4041 F (336) 996-4547 www.grassusa.com Hettich America L.P. 4295 Hamilton Mill Rd. Ste 400 Buford, GA 30518 P (770) 887-3733 F (678) 537-0115 www.hettich.com International Markets Group 130 Indian Cliffs Drive Chico, CA 95973 P (888) 955-6550 F (530) 852-8575 www.imgsourcing.com ITW Polymers Sealants NA 111 S. Nursery Road Irving, TX 75060 P (800) 878-7876 F (972) 554-3939 www.itwsealants.com

IVM Chemicals SRL – Milesi Via Strauss, 15, Seregno Monza e Brianza, Italy P 39 0362 232756 www.ivmchemicals.com/ivi/en/ John Boos & Company 3601 S Banker St. Effingham, IL 62401 P (217) 347-7701 f (217) 347-7705 www.johnboos.com Jowat PO Box 1368 High Point, NC 27261 P (336) 434-9000 www.jowat.com Karran USA 1291 E. Ramsey Rd. Vincennes, IN 47591 P (866) 452-7726 www.karran.com Kerfkore Company 2630 Sidney Lanier Drive Brunswick, GA 31525 P (912) 264-6496 f (912) 262-9763 www.kerfkore.com Kessebohmer USA Inc. 2528 Independence Blvd. Suite 102 Wilmington, NC 28412 P (910) 338-5080 f (910) 338-5082 www.clever-storage.us King Plastic Corporation 1100 N. Toledo Blade Blvd. North Port, FL 34288 P (941) 493-5200 f (914) 497-3274 www.kingplastic.com Knape & Vogt Company 2700 Oak Industrial Dr. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505-6082 P (616) 459-3311 f (616) 459-0249 www.kv.com L&S Lighting Corporation 4501 Green Point Dr. Greensboro, NC 27410 P (336) 937-9024 f (336) 553-0638 www.LS-light.com Liberty Woods International 1903 Wright Place, Suite 360 Carlsbad, CA 92008 P (760) 438-8030 F (760) 438-8303 www.libertywoods.com Lomanco 2101 West Main Jacksonville, AR 72076 P (800) 643-5596 F (501) 982-1258 www.lomanco.com M.L. Campbell 101 Prospect Ave., 525 Republic Cleveland, OH 44115 P (216) 566-2904 f (216) 515-7756 www.mlcampbell.com

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NorthStar Chemicals, Inc. 19 Smiley Ingram Rd. Cartersville, GA 30121 P (770) 386-6961 f (770) 386-0615 www.northstarchemicals.com Panolam Industries International Inc. 20 Progress Drive Shelton, CT 06484 P (203) 925-1556 f (203) 225-0050 www.panolam.com Peter Meier Inc. 1255 South Park Dr. Kernersville, NC 27284 P (336) 996-7774 f (336) 996-1812 www.petermeier.com Ply Gem Siding Group 2600 Grand Blvd., Suite 900 Kansas City, MO 64108 P (816) 426-8200 F (513) 474-3593 www.plygem.com Pro-Ply Custom Plywood Inc. 1195 Clark Blvd. Brampton, ONT L6T 3W4 Canada P (905) 564-2327 f (905) 564-2330 www.proply.com

SierraPine, Ltd. 1050 Melody Lane Suite 160 Roseville, CA 95678 P (916) 677-4472 www.sierrapine.com SR Wood Inc. 1801 Progress Way Clarksville, IN 47129 P (812) 288-9200 www.srwoodinc.com States Industries 29545 Enid Road East PO Box 41150 Eugene, OR 97404 P (800) 626-1981 F (541) 689-8051 www.statesind.com Tafisa Canada 729 Meloche Ave. Dorval, QC H9P 2S4 Canada P (514) 780-1324 f (514) 780-1354 www.tafisa.ca Timber Products Company P.O. Box 269 Springfield, OR 97477 P (541) 747-4577 f (541) 744-4296 www.timberproducts.com

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Amerhart Ltd. P.O. Box 10097 2455 Century Rd. Green Bay, WI 54303 P (920) 494-4744 f (920) 494-0388 www.amerhart.com Arthur Distributor Company 364 N. CR 270 E Arcola, IL 61910 P (217) 543-2166 f (217) 543-2167 Atlantic Plywood Corp. 8 Roessler Rd. Woburn, MA 01801 P (781 )933-1932 f (781) 933-3654 www.atlanticplywood.com

N o r t h Am e r i c a n B u i l d i n g M a t e r i a l D i s t r i b u t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n

N B M D A M e mb e r D i r e c t o r y

Central Florida Cabinet Supply 2617 Pemberton Dr. Apopka, FL 32703 P (407) 292-3644 f (407) 292-3799 www.flcabnts.com Central Wholesale Supply Corp. 1532 Ingleside Road Norfolk, VA 23502 P (757) 855-3131 f (757) 855-4140 www.central-wholesale.com Charles McMurray Co. 2520 N. Argyle Fresno, CA 93727 P (559) 292-5751 f (559) 292-6147 www.charlesmcmurray.com


distribution matters 2 0 1 5


N o r t h A m e r i c an B u i l d i n g Ma t e r i a l D i s t r i b u t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n

N B M D A M e mb e r D i r e c t o r y Chesapeake Plywood, LLC 1700 Ridgely Street Baltimore, MD 21230 P (410) 244-0055 f (410) 244-1269 www.chesapeakeplywood.com Compi Distributors, Inc. 2855 Haag Rd. Arnold, MO 63010 P (636) 296-1111 f (636) 296-1411 www.compidistributors.com Connecticut Plywood Corp. P.O. Box 330236 W. Hartford Ind’l Pk/9 Andover West Hartford, CT 06133-0236 P (860)953-0060 f (860)953-0599 www.connply.com Darant Distributing Corp. 1832 E. 68th Ave. Denver, CO 80229 P (303) 289-2220 f (303) 289-2225 www.darant.com Diamond Hill Plywood Co. 1455 Ebenezer Road Darlington, SC 29532 P (843) 393-2803 f (843) 393-1245 www.diamondhillplywood.com Distributor Service, Inc. 1 Dorrington Rd. Carnegie, PA 15106 P (412 )279-7824 f (412) 279-8454 www.distributor-service.com Dixie Plywood & Lumber Company 204 West Lathrop Avenue Savannah, GA 31402 P (912) 447-7000 F (912) 447-7039 www.dixieply.com E.B. Bradley Co./West Coast Laminating P.O. Box 58548/5080 S. Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 P (323) 585-9201 Ext. 3106 f (323) 585-5414 www.ebbradley.com E. Roko Distributors 3150 Lake City Way Burnaby, BC V5A 3A4 P (604) 420-9599 f (604) 420-8914 www.eroko.com Fessenden Hall 1050 Sherman Avenue Pennsauken, NJ 08110 P (800) 220-2233 www.fessendenhall.com Finish Systems 2691 South Calhoun Road New Berlin, WI 53151 P (262) 784-5977 F (262) 784-5974 www.finishsystems.com Flagg, Inc. 9195 Seward Road Fairfield, OH 45014 P (513) 874-5900 F (513) 874-5974 www.flagginc.com 114

Formations Inc. 12220-142 Street Edmonton, AB T5L 2G9 Canada P (780) 893-7540 www.formations-inc.com Guardian Building Products 979 Batesville Road Greer, SC 29651 P (864) 281-3389 www.guardianbp.com Hardwoods, Incorporated of Atlanta 5400 Riverview Rd. Mableton, GA 30126 P (404) 792-0910 f (404) 799-2079 www.hardwoodweb.com Holdahl Co. Inc. 1925 Annapolis Ln. Plymouth, MN 55441 P (612) 333-7111 f (612) 550-9966 www.holdahlcompany.com Horizon Forest Products 2422 Castle Hayne Rd. Wilmington, NC 28401 P (910) 343-3331 f (910) 343-3334 www.horizonforest.com Industrial Plywood, Inc. 550 South Fifth Street Reading, PA 19602 P (610) 376-3343 f (610) 376-2256 www.industrialplywood.com

McFadden’s Hardwood & Hardware Inc. 2164 Buckingham Road Oakville, ON L6H 6M7 Canada P (416) 674-3333 f (905) 855-8822 www.mcfaddens.com McKillican International, Inc. 16420 - 118 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5V 1C8 Canada P (780) 453-3841 f (780) 481-6904 www.mckillican.com Metro Hardwoods 9540 83rd Ave. N. Maple Grove, MN 55369 P (763) 391-6731 f (763) 391-6741 www.metrohardwoods.com MJB Wood Group, Inc. 2201 Royal Lane, Ste 250 Irving, TX 75063 P (972) 401-0005 f (972) 293-6283 www.mjbwood.com Monsma Marketing Corporation 2450 Buchanan SW Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0238 P (616) 245-8714 F (616)245-1720 www.monsma.com Nashville Plywood 415 27th Avenue, North Nashville, TN 37209 P (615) 320-7877 www.nashvilleplywood.com

Intermountain Wood Products PO Box 65970 Salt Lake City, UT 84165 P (801) 486-5414 f (801) 466-0428 www.intermountainwood.com

National Nail Corp. 2964 Clydon SW Grand Rapids, MI 49519 P (616) 261-2104 F (616) 538-6566 www.nationalnail.com

Lensing Building Specialties P.O. Box 965/600 N. 6th Ave. Evansville, IN 47710 P (812) 423-6891 f (812) 421-3788 www.lensingonline.com

OHARCO P.O. Box 27427 / 8109 F Street Omaha, NE 68127 P (800) 228-9460 f (888) 808-5575 www.oharco.com

The L.E. Smith Company 1030 East Wilson Street Bryan, OH 43506 P (567) 239-2494 www.lesmith.com

Parksite, Inc. 1109 Classic Road Apex, NC 27502 P (919) 335-0000 f (919) 387-1525 www.parksite.com

Lumbermen’s, Inc. 4433 Stafford SW Grand Rapids, MI 49548 P (616) 538-5180 f (616) 261-3223 www.lumbermens-inc.com

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. 2617 Uwharrie Rd./P.O. Box 400 High Point, NC 27261 Canada P (336) 841-5100 f (336) 887-8677 www.richelieu.com

Lumberyard Supply, Co. 5060 Manchester Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 (314) 533-7557 (314) 533-5730 www.lumberyardsupply.com

Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co. 727 North Cherry San Antonio, TX 78295 P (800) 292-5672 F (210) 226-1591 www.roddislumber.com

Mac Murray Pacific 568 7th St. San Francisco, CA 94103 P (415) 552-5500 f (415) 552-5840 www.macmurraypacific.com

Rugby Architectural Building Products 10 Ferry St, Suite 427A Concord, NH 03301 P (603) 369-6004 f (603) 369-6005 www.rugbyapd.com

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Russell Plywood Inc. 401 Old Wyomissing Rd. Reading, PA 19611 P (610) 374-3206 f (610) 374-9138 www.russellplywood.com Shelter Products Inc. P.O. Box 174 / 810 North Front St. New Ulm, MN 56073 P (507) 354-4176 F (507) 354-6710 www.shelterproducts.com The Wolf Organization 20 West Market St. York, PA 17401 P (717) 852-4800 www.wolforg.net Trade Supply Group 624 W. 52nd St. (btwn. 11th and 12th Ave) New York, NY 10019 P (212) 255-2522 f (212) 255-4670 www.manhattanlaminates.com Web-Don, Inc. P.O. Box 26367 Charlotte, NC 28221 P (704) 375-0250 f (704) 375-6655 www.web-don.com White-Wood Dist. Ltd. 130 Plymouth Street Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Z1 Canada P (204) 982-9470 f (204) 633-2557 www.w-group.ca Wimsatt Building Materials 36340 Van Born Rd. Wayne, MI 48184-0609 P (734)722-3460 F (313) 278-1600 www.wimsattdirect.com Wood Stock Supply, Inc. 4705 South I-90 Service Rd. Rapid City, SD 57703 P (605) 341-6900 f (605) 341-0271 www.woodstocksupply.com Wurth Baer Supply Co. 909 Forest Edge Dr. Vernon Hills, IL 60061 P (847) 913-2237 f (847) 913-9606 www.baersupply.com Wurth Louis and Company P.O. Box 2253 / 895 Columbia St. Brea, CA 92822 P (714) 529-1771 f (714) 990-6184 www.louisandcompany.com Wurth Wood Group P.O. Box 668005 / 4250 Golf Acres Dr. Charlotte, NC 28266-8005 P (704) 887-7951 f (704) 394-2141 www.wurthwoodgroup.com NBMDA Headquarters 330 N Wabash, Ste. 2000 Chicago, IL 60611 P (312) 321 6845 toll free (888) 747-7862 f (312) 644-0310 info@nbmda.org www.nbmda.org

North American Building Material Distribution Association Serves the Unique Needs of Wholesale Distributors NBMDA ... An organization dedicated to supporting the leading wholesale distribution firms who serve the woodworking and kitchen and bath industries. NBMDA members operate from 800+ distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada. NBMDA distributors primarily handle: n Board & Panel Products n Decorative Surfaces n Hardware n Production Supplies including Adhesives, Coatings & Finishes

NBMDA distributors support the unique needs of: n Cabinet & Case Goods Manufacturers n Fabricators n Kitchen & Bath Retailers n Architects & Designers

NBMDA provides distributors and their suppliers with: n Facilitated opportunities to strengthen their trading partner relationships n Education and training across the spectrum of distribution management topics n Insights into the leading trends and best practices that impact distributor productivity and profitability

NBMDA He adquarters : 330 N Wabash, Ste . 2000, Chicago, IL 60611 |


(312) 321 6845 |

info @ nbmda .org | w w w.nbmda .org


(312) 644-0310 |

toll free

(888) 747-7862

S p e c i f y i n g S u r fa c e s

Healthcare Innovative Products for a Sustainable Future

➌ Soft edges and rounded corners are not only safe, they make a space feel less austere and intimidating. In this waiting area, post-formed HPL desking ➊, resin panels with rounded cut-outs ➋ and semi-circular tables ➌ literally take the edge off. 3DL is also a great specification for rounded and contoured pieces, particularly because the edges are seamless – making it a popular choice even in examination rooms. Custom digital printing can be achieved through various methods, including laminate surfaces ➍.

➎ HPL inset in solid surface is a combination that looks great, offers excellent durability and is easy to clean and maintain.

➏ Woodgrain HPL adds warmth to the environment without compromising on performance.


his example of pediatric healthcare reflects the latest in evidence-based design principles. In addition to integrating both ambulatory and cutting-edge hospital functions (including, emergency, surgery, rehab and sub-specialties), the campus is located in a medical community populated by other scientific research and educational institutions. This arrangement is proven to expedite innovation and streamline the process of turning concepts into practice. Yet, despite its prestige, it is still a healing space for children. This puts safety, durability, cleanability – and perhaps most importantly – comfort, at the top of the list for design criteria. Which is why carefully selected engineered materials are used throughout this entire facility.


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photos courtesy of Nemou r s Child ren 's hospital

Particularly in this setting, it is the patients that require care and attention, not the fixtures.

abstract, vintage, eclectic.

Lamitech COLLECTION Lamitech Refs.: Petrified Grey 3129 Mint 2236

We are inspired by natural creativity.

Phone: (57-1) 644 9898 Fax: (57-1) 644 9897



Silentia Faceframe hinges Salice America announces the completion of the Silentia face frame hinge series program with integrated soft close. With the introduction of the two cam adjustable excentra hinge series last summer, Salice has now completed the program by also introducing the three cam adjustable excentra series of hinges to customers. With overlays from 1/2" – 1-3/8", this extensive program covers most major industry overlay requirements. All hinges are offered in a standard Nickel finish and Salice has also developed a darker Titanium finish to allow the hinge to better blend in and complement the colors and design of today’s cabinetry. n www.saliceamerica.com

HHardware < BLUM LEGRABOX premium metal drawer system Straight lines create a sleek and elegant design that clearly defines LEGRABOX, the attractive full extension box system from Blum. The interior can be organized with AMBIA-LINE, an interior organization system that has been specifically developed to complement the design of the premium metal drawer system. New design and high-quality motion LEGRABOX offers an impressively slim drawer profile thickness of only one half inch (12.8 mm) which is straight on the inside and the outside to maximize the usable interior space of the drawer. LEGRABOX is available in two luxurious finishes: a new brushed stainless steel, or a gray matte finish, both of which give LEGRABOX a distinct look and feel. The LEGRABOX program consists of three drawer side heights for standard drawers and two drawer side heights for interior roll-outs. The versatile LEGRABOX program allows for a wide range of design options for any kitchen, bath or furniture application. LEGRABOX combines design and function for well-balanced solutions creating elegance in motion. LEGRABOX features an innovative runner system utilizing motion technology for greater running action and performance even under heavy loads. This enhanced runner system combines low opening forces with the proven soft-close BLUMOTION. n www.blum.com More HArdware on page 120 � 118

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VIONARO ART IN MOTION Works exclusively with Dynapro for flawless performance.

FORGED FROM STEEL Nothing is quite as beautiful as a well-designed product. Especially if it is as stunning as Vionaro. The beauty of the VIONARO drawer system runs deep. Smooth, solid, stream-lined structure on the outside; silent, stable, concealed DYNAPRO running below. A system so advanced, yet so stylish means VIONARO drawers will look perfect in any application. Art has never been engineered so well.



Hafele Vionaro Drawer System The new Vionaro double-wall drawer system features an elegant minimalistic design with slim lines providing a clean look and more interior storage space. The drawers utilize the Dynapro slide system that is well-known for its high load carrying capacity, outstanding running performance and low pull-out force. They are available in graphite or silver grey. FREE Lift-up Fittings The newly developed FREE lift-fittings from H채fele allows cabinet doors to lift up and out of the way instead of swinging toward you. Once you lift the cabinet door, it conveniently remains in place regardless of how far it is opened. The Soft&Silent feature allows it to silently swing open and close without a slam. With its improved product design, it is easier to mount and gives a more stable performance by operating on a coil-spring system. n



tiomos The Tiomos 95째 hinge for thick doors can accommodate doors up to 36mm (1 7/16") thick. The Tiomos 95 offers a three tiered adjustable soft-close mechanism which is fully integrated and concealed in the hinge arm. The Tiomos hinge is available in a tool free version, Impresso, a 45mm boring pattern and the Grass standard 42mm boring pattern. The cabinet doors pull open with ease and can accommodate overlays up to 24mm (15/16"). For frame and frameless cabinets construction. n www.grassusa.com


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Silentia Face Frame

with integrated soft-close



More adJUstMent caPaBilities adjustments made easy through eccentric cams. the best side to side adjustment in the industry (+3 mm - 2 mm) ensures butt door problems are easily resolved. the Xr version has also a vertical adjustment by eccentric cam making it a breeze to install multiple doors.

easY to oPerate on/off switch when a different soft closing strength is desired the decelerating mechanism on the hinge can be easily deactivated by using the activation switch clearly visible on the front of the unit. consistent closing speed from one door to the next.

shallow cUP 11mm (7/16â&#x20AC;?) cup depth is maintained all through the line making it easy to standardize production even with heavy profiled doors. turning radiuses for all overlays are below 1/4â&#x20AC;? to eliminate doors rubbing.

SALICE AMERICA INC. 2123 CROWN CENTRE DRIVE - CHARLOTTE NC. 28227 - TEL. 1 800 222 9652 / 704 8417810 - FAX 704 8417808 info.salice@saliceamerica.com - www.saliceamerica.com

sales information 2015 Information about company products offered by category can be found on pages 80-93. AKZO NOBEL COATINGS, INC. 1431 Progress Avenue High Point, North Carolina 27260 (336) 841-5111 Fax (336) 883-8494 infowfaus@akzonobel.com www.akzonobel.com

BOISE CASCADE COMPANY PO Box 62 Boise, Idaho 83707 (888) 264-7372 Fax (208) 395-7635 twparticleboardsales@bc.com www.bc.com/particleboard

• Coating Manufacturer

• Particleboard Manufacturer

AMERICAN ADHESIVE COATINGS LLC 12 Osgood Street Lawrence, Massachusetts 01843 (978) 688-7400 Fax (978) 691-5015 dtemples@gmail.com www.aacc-hotmelts.com

CLARION BOARDS, INC. 143 Fiberboard Road Shippenville, Pennsylvania 16254 (800) 373-4383 Fax (814) 226-7586 Boards.Sales@clarionindustries.com www.clarionindustries.com/Boards.php

• Laminating Adhesive Supplier

• MDF Manufacturer

AMERICAN LAMINATES, INCORPORATED 3142 Talbot Avenue/PO Box 778 Riverbank, California 95367 (800) 800-2536 Fax (209) 869-4040 sales@americanlaminates.com www.americanlaminates.com

CLOSETMAID 650 SW 27th Avenue Ocala, Florida (352) 401-6000 www.closetmaid.com

• Laminator

AMERICAN RENOLIT CORPORATION 403 Heron Drive, Suite C Swedesboro, NJ 08085 (610) 944-1413 jim.barnett@renolit.com www.laminatefinder.com • Overlay Manufacturer

ARAUCO NORTH AMERICA St. Stephen and Sault Ste. Marie Sales 80 Tiverton Court, Suite 701 Markham, Ontario L3R 0G4 (800) 268-9830 Fax (905) 475-3988 customer.service@arauco-na.com www.arauco-na.com Western US Sales

2550 Old Salem Road NE Albany, Oregon 97321 (888) 650-6302 Fax (541) 928-4116 customer.service@arauco-na.com www.arauco-na.com Eastern US Sales

515 River Crossing Drive, Suite 110 Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715-7900 (877) 273-7680 Fax (800) 808-1454 customer.service@arauco-na.com www.arauco-na.com • MDF Manufacturer • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator • Coater

ARCLIN 1000 Holcomb Woods Parkway, Suite 444 Roswell, GA 30076 (877) 689-9145 info.decorative@arclin.com www.arclin.com • Overlay Manufacturer

• Coater

COLLINS PRODUCTS LLC 6410 Highway 66 Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601 www.collinsco.com • Particleboard Manufacturer

• Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

FORMICA CORPORATION 10155 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 (800) 367-6422 jim.wielinga@formica.com www.formica.com • Overlay Manufacturer

FUNDER AMERICA, INC. PO Box 729 Mocksville, North Carolina 27028 (800) 438-6276 Fax (336) 751-5623 jking@funderamerica.com www.funderamerica.com • Laminator • Coater

GEORGIA-PACIFIC WOOD PRODUCTS LLC 133 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, Georgia 30303 www.buildgp.com

(800) 547-1793 Fax (541) 882-8671 mshuey@collinsco.com

• Hardboard • Laminator • Coater

• Engineered Wood Siding /Trim Manufacturer

(800) 727-9452 Fax (404) 924-3170

(800) 417-3674 Fax (541) 884-7282 lburns@collinsco.com (EWST)


DEL-TIN FIBER, LLC 757 Del-Tin Highway El Dorado, AR 71730 (936) 699-1800 mikehopkins@deltinfiber.com www.deltinfiber.com • MDF Manufacturer

DKB DEKOR-KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH Melbacher Höhe 1 Erndtebrück, Germany 57339 (418) 861-9103 +49 2753 5080 190 jean@jspsalessolutions.com www.dekor-kunststoffe.de • Overlay Manufacturer

DURAPLAY DE PARRAL, S.A. DE C.V. Av. Santa Barbara 21 Barrio de Espana Parral, Chihuahua Mexico 33870 (505) 217-1700 Fax (505) 217-1702 duraplayus@cs.com www.duraplay.com • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

DVUV, LLC 4641 Hinckley Industrial Parkway Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 741-5511 Fax (216) 741-6611 sales@dvuv.com www.dvuv.com • Coater


FLORIDA PLYWOODS, INC. PO Box 458, 1228 NW US 221 Greenville, Florida 32331 (850) 948-2211 Fax (850) 948-4616 info@flply.com www.flply.com

subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com

(800) 424-2311 Fax (936) 829-7846 bryan.wilson@gapac.com INTERPRINT, INC. 101 Central Berkshire Blvd. Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201 (413) 443-4733 (413) 443-6940 dfield@interprint.com www.interprint.com • Overlay Manufacturer

JMC WOOD MANUFACTURING 13519 NW Industrial Drive Bridgeton, Missouri 63044 (314) 291-0414 jjappa@jmcwood.com www.jmcwood.com • Laminator

KAPSTONE PAPER AND PACKAGING CORP 5600 Virginia Avenue North Charleston, South Carolina 29406 (843) 745-3069 Fax (843) 745-3068 Terry.jenkins@KapStonePaper.com www.KapStonePaper.com • Overlay Manufacturer

KML CORPORATION 1616 Saint Paul Avenue Tacoma, Washington 98421 (888) 358-5075 Fax (253) 475-7517 www.kmlcorp.com • Laminator

PASQUIER PANEL PRODUCTS PO Box 1170 Sumner, Washington 98390 (253) 863-6323 Fax (253) 891-7993 steve@pasquierpanel.com www.pasquierpanel.com

• MDF Manufacturer

• Laminator

• Laminator

LAMIGRAF, INC. 201 17th Street, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 583-6254 northamerica@lamigraf.com www.lamigraf.com

MUNKSJO PAPER 100 Erdman Way, Suite S100 Leominster, Massachusetts 01453 (978) 342-1080 www.munksjo.com

PATRICK INDUSTRIES, INC. PO Box 638 Elkhart, Indiana 46515 (574) 294-7511 Fax (574) 524-7706 schrammj@patrickind.com www.patrickind.com

• Overlay Manufacturer

LAMINATE TECHNOLOGIES 161 Maule Road Tifflin, Ohio 44883 (800) 231-2523 rjoseph@lamitech.net www.lamtech.net • Laminator

• Overlay Manufacturer

OLON INDUSTRIES INC. Components Division 42 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4R9 (905) 877-7300 Fax (905) 877-7383 sduchesne@olon.com www.olon.com • Laminator

LANGBOARD, INC. 548 Langboard Road Willacoochee, Georgia 31650 (912) 534-5959 Fax (912) 534-5904 mrobinson@langboard.com www.langboard.com

Decoratives Division

• MDF Manufacturer

• Overlay Manufacturer

LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORPORATION 414 Union Street, Suite 2000 Nashville, Tennessee 37219 (888) 457-4246 Fax (877) 606-6015 www.lpcorp.com

OMNOVA SOLUTIONS INC. 25435 Harvard Road Beachwood, Ohio 44122 (866) 332-5226 laminates@omnova.com www.omnova.com/laminates

Roaring River Plant

• Overlay Manufacturer

East River Plant

414 Union Street, Suite 2000 Nashville, Tennessee 37219 (877) 777-6158 Fax (866) 743-3020 www.lpcorp.com • Engineered Wood Siding /Trim Manufacturer

MADERAS CONGLOMERADAS S.A. DE C.V. (MACOSA) Ave. San José # 2 San Juan Ixhuatepec Tlalnepantla, Edo. Mex. CP 54180 +52 (55) 5715-5870 antonio.padilla@macosa.com.mx www.macosa.com.mx • MDF Manufacturer • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

MARSHFIELD DOORSYSTEMS, INC. 1401 East Fourth Street Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449 (800) 826-4020 Fax (715) 387-4218 www.customdoorcomponents.com • Particleboard Manufacturer

MASISA S.A. DE C.V. Blvd. Juan Pablo II km 2.5 Chihuahua, México 31390 +52 (55) 91382300 Ext. 2608 Ixcel.amezcua@masisa.com www.masisa.com • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

411 Union Street Geneva, Illinois 60134 (630) 232-4705 Fax (630) 232-4719 jkozuch@olonusa.com www.olon.com

PAN PACIFIC PRODUCTS, INC. 610 W State Highway 3 Broken Bow, Oklahoma 74728 (580) 584-6247 Fax (580) 584-6230 waynes@panpacificproducts.com www.panpacificproducts.com • MDF Manufacturer

PANEL SPECIALISTS, INC. 3115 Range Road Temple, Texas 76504 (254) 774-9800 Fax (254) 774-7222 customer.service@panelspec.com www.panelspec.com • Laminator

PANOLAM INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. Muskoka Road 3, Box 7500 Huntsville, Ontario P1H 2J7 (800) 672-6652 Fax (708) 789-6658 www.panolam.com • Particleboard Manufacturer

20 Progress Drive Shelton, Connecticut 06484 (203) 925-1556 Fax (203) 225-0050 www.panolam.com

• Laminator


MJB WOOD GROUP, INC. 1585 Highmeadows Way Cedar Hill, Texas 75104 (972) 293-5249 Fax (972) 293-6283 lgaskey@mjbwood.com www.mjbwood.com

KRONOSPAN LLC 1 Kronospan Way Eastaboga, Alabama 36260 (256) 741-8755 Fax (256) 741-8757 mdfsales@kronoflooring.com www.kronospanusa.com

b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

sales info rmatio n 20 15

PLUM CREEK MDF, INC. 265 Meadow Lake Blvd. Columbia Falls, Montana 59912 (800) 548-3099 Fax (406) 892-6870 will.warberg@plumcreek.com www.plumcreek.com • MDF Manufacturer

PLUMMER FOREST PRODUCTS 401 N. Potlatch Road / P.O. Box 788 Post Falls, Idaho 83854 (208) 777-2202 custserv@nwpanel.com www.plummerforestproducts.com • Particleboard Manufacturer

POWDER INNOVATIONS, LLC 2205 W. Park Street Paris, Texas 75460 (855) 830-6015 Fax (903) 784-7982 michael@mgfavreau.com www.powderinnovations.com • Coater

PPM PACIFIC PANELS MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. P.O. Box 5224 Chula Vista, California 91912-5224 (619) 819-6064 Fax (619) 819-8490 araymond@pacificpanelsmexico.com www.pacificpanelsmexico.com • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

PREMIER EUROCASE 12000 E. 56th Avenue, Unit K Denver, Colorado 80239 (303) 373-9718 Fax: (303) 373-9710 awilzoch@premiereurocase.com www.premiereurocase.com • Laminator

RIKEN U.S.A. 26200 Town Center Drive, Suite 135 Novi, Michigan 48375 (248) 513-3511 Fax: (248) 513-3510 info@riken-usa.com www.riken-usa.com • Overlay Manufacturer

• Overlay Manufacturer • Laminator

Information about company products offered by category can be found on pages 80-93.


sales info rmatio n 20 15

ROSEBURG Western Sales PO Box 1088 Roseburg, Oregon 97470 (800) 245-1115 Fax (541) 679-2543 jefflu@rfpco.com www.Roseburg.com Eastern Sales

12000 Findley Road, Suite 320 Johns Creek, Georgia 30097 (866) 387-2646 Fax (678) 474-1258 tomwa@rfpco.com www.Roseburg.com • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator • Coater

SCHATTDECOR 13950 Riverport Place Drive Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043 (314) 400-6100 Fax (314) 400-6123 t.haffner@schattdecor.us www.schattdecor.com • Overlay Manufacturer

SIERRAPINE 1050 Melody Lane, Suite 160 Roseville, California 95678 (800) 676-3339 Fax (916) 772-3415 info@sierrapine.com www.sierrapine.com • MDF Manufacturer • Particleboard Manufacturer

STEVENS INDUSTRIES, INC. 704 West Main Teutopolis, Illinois 62467 (217) 857-7100 billl@stevensind.com www.stevens-wood.com • Laminator

STIMSON LUMBER COMPANY 520 Southwest Yamhill Street, Suite 700 Portland, Oregon 97204 (800) 445-9758 Fax (503) 295-1849 gconnolly@stimsonlumber.com www.stimsonlumber.com • Hardboard

SURFACE SOURCE INTERNATIONAL 961 Route 10E, Unit 2-i Randolph, New Jersey 07869 (973) 598-0152 Fax (973) 598-0156 info@ssinorthamerica.com www.ssinorthamerica.com • Overlay Manufacturer

SURTECO NORTH AMERICA 1175 Harrelson Boulevard Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 BauschLinnemann Sales: (800) 992-3936 tim.vail@us.surteco.com Suddekor Sales: (413) 821-9000 rculver@suddekorllc.com www.us.bauschlinnemann.com • Overlay Manufacturer • Laminating Adhesive Supplier


TAFISA CANADA INC 4660 Villeneuve Lac-Megantic, Quebec G6B 2C3 (888) 882-3472 Fax (888) 711-3472 tafisa@tafisa.ca www.tafisa.ca

UNILIN US MDF 149 Homanit USA Road Mt. Gilead, North Carolina 27306 (910) 439-6959 Fax (910) 439-6497 bryan.traylor@unilin-us.com www.unilin.com

• Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

• MDF Manufacturer

TAGHLEEF INDUSTRIES 2751 Centerville Road, Suite 400 Wilmington, Delaware 19808 (302) 326-5500 Fax (302) 326-5505 ron.rodeck@ti-films.com www.syndecor.com • Overlay Manufacturer

TECHNOCELL DEKOR 179 County Route 2A Pulaski, New York 13142 (315) 298-8465 Fax (315) 298-8822 alward@felix-schoeller.com www.felix-schoeller.com

U.S. COATING COMPANY 465 Industrial Drive Lexington, South Carolina 29072 (803) 957-3377 Fax (803) 957-3357 mglatz@uscoating.com www.uscoating.com • Overlay Manufacturer

THE VALSPAR CORPORATION 1717 English Road High Point, North Carolina 27262 (336) 889-2157 Fax (336) 802-4736 valsparwoodinfo@valspar.com www.valsparwood.com

• Overlay Manufacturer

• Coating Manufacturer

TIMBER PRODUCTS COMPANY PO Box 269, Springfield, Oregon 97477 (800) 547-9520 Fax (541) 744-5431 mherbert@timberproducts.com www.timberproducts.com

WEBB FURNITURE ENTERPRISES, INC. 150 Jackson Street Galax, Virginia 24333 (276) 236-6141 Fax (276) 236-0963 jfrazier@webbfurn.com www.webbfurn.com

• Particleboard Manufacturer

305 S. 4th Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477 (800) 547-9520 Fax (541) 744-5431 lburke@timberproducts.com www.timberproducts.com • Laminator

TOPPAN INTERAMERICA INC. 1131 Highway 155 South McDonough, Georgia 30253 (770) 957-5060 Fax (770) 957-6447 info@tia.toppan.com www.tia.toppan.com • Overlay Manufacturer • Laminating Adhesive Supplier

TRANSILWRAP COMPANY, INC. 9201 W. Belmont Avenue Franklin Park, IL 80131 (847) 678-1800 Fax (847) 233-0199 sue_haines@transilwrap.com www.transilwrap.com • Overlay Manufacturer • Laminating Adhesive Supplier

UNIBOARD Montreal and Quebec Sales 5555, rue Ernest-Cormier Laval, Quebec H7C 2S9 (800) 263-5240 Fax (450) 664-6009 www.uniboard.com

• Particleboard Manufacturer

WEST FRASER MILLS LTD. 1250 Brownmiller Road Quesnel, British Columbia Canada V2J 6P5 (250) 992-9254 Fax: (250) 992-3034 mdf@westfraser.com www.westfraser.com • MDF Manufacturer

WILSONART LLC 2400 Wilson Place Temple, Texas 76503 (254) 207-7000 Fax (254) 207-3209 smartline@wilsonart.com www.wilsonart.com • Overlay Manufacturer

ZAMMA CORPORATION Laminates Division 14468 Litchfield Drive Orange, Virginia 22960 (540) 672-5200 Fax (540) 672-9200 plspielman@zamma.com www.zamma.com • Overlay Manufacturer

Ontario and Western Canada Sales

255 Summerlea Brampton, Ontario L6T 4T8 (905) 673-5743 Fax (905) 673-0175 www.uniboard.com US Sales

(330) 264-9337 Fax (330) 262-8767 www.uniboard.com • MDF Manufacturer • Particleboard Manufacturer • Laminator

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Information about company products offered by category can be found on pages 80-93.

CPA Member Directory The 3M Company St. Paul, MN 651-733-9940 ABB Ltd. Douglasville, GA 770-634-5810

American Adhesive Coatings LLC 12 Osgood Street Lawrence, MA 01843 978-688-7400 Dwayne Temples dtemples@gmail.com www.aacc-hotmelts.com

American Laminates Inc.       P.O. Box 778  Riverbank, CA 95367 800-800-2536 May Yang sales@americanlaminates.com www.americanlaminates.com

Arclin 1000 Holcomb Woods Parkway Suite 444 Roswell, GA 30076 678-999-2100 Brad Bolduc Brad.bolduc@arclin.com www.arclin.com

Bush Industries, Inc. Jamestown, NY 716-665-2000

Argos Solutions AS Dyrmyrgata 35 3610 Kongsberg Norway +47 9166 9410 Tor Gustavsen tor@argossolutions.no www.argossolutions.no      

Ameriwood Industries Wright City, MO 636-745-3351 Andritz, Inc. Kalispell, MT 406-212-7192

Arauco North America 5901 B Peachtree Dunwoody RD, NE Suite 500 Atlanta, GA 30328 800-268-9830 Kevin Shotbolt customer.service@arauco-na.com www.arauco-na.com

BASF Corporation Wyandotte, MI 734-324-5481

Bedford Falls Communications 302 N. Third Street Watertown, WI 53094 920-261-1947 John Aufderhaar jaufderhaar@surfaceandpanel.com www.surfaceandpanel.com www.materialicious.com BioPolymer Technologies, Ltd. Mantua, NJ 856-981-4381

Black Bros. Co. 501 9th Avenue Mendota, IL 61342-0410 815-539-7451 Todd Phalen tphalen@blackbros.com www.blackbros.com BMK GmbH Baden-Württemberg, Germany 49-0-7971-9565


B&W MEGTEC DePere, WI 920-336-5715 CalAg, LLC Browns Valley, CA 530-639-2190 Casey Industrial, Inc. Westminster, CO 720-974-2659

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Arcadia, WI 608-323-6322

Bayer MaterialScience LLC Pittsburgh, PA 412-298-5037

American Renolit Corporation 403 Heron Drive Suite C Swedesboro, NJ 08085 973-706-6912 Lana Cella lana.cella@renolit.com www.renolit.com www.laminatefinder.com

Boise Cascade Company 1111 West Jefferson Street Suite 300 Boise, ID 83702-5389 888-264-7372 Steve Stoler twparticleboardsales@bc.com www.bc.com/particleboard

subscribe online at www.surfaceandpanel.com

Collins 29100 SW Town Center Loop W. Suite 300 Wilsonville, OR 97070-9315 800-547-1793 Mike Shuey 503-826-5222 mshuey@collinsco.com www.collinswood.com Con-Vey Keystone, Inc. Roseburg, OR 541-672-5506 Cornerstone Chemical Corporation Waggaman, LA 504-339-6340 Custom Door Parts Inc. Grand Rapids, MI 616-949-5000 Del-Tin Fiber, LLC El Dorado, AR 936-699-1800 Dieffenbacher, Inc. Alpharetta, GA 30004 770-226-6394 DKB Dekor-Kunststoffe GmbH Erndtebruck, Germany 49-172-2824201

Chemcraft 1431 Progress Avenue High Point, NC 27260 336-841-5111 Cayce Hewlett Chemcraft.us@akzonobel.com www.chemcraft.com

Dominion Chemical Company, Inc. Petersburg, VA 804-733-7628 Duraplay de Parral, SA de CV Parral, Chihuahua Mexico 505-217-1700

Chemisol Italia s.r.l. Province Varese, Italy 011-39-0331-523-111 Chem-Trend LP Howell, MI 517-545-7844

Clarion Industries 143 Fiberboard Rd. Shippenville, PA 16254 800-373-4383 Lance Rooney lance.rooney@clarionindustries.com www.clarionindustries.com

DVUV, LLC 4641 Hinckley Industrial Parkway Cleveland, OH 44109 216-741-5511 Mike Knoblauch mfk@dvuv.com www.dvuv.com e2e Materials, Inc. Ithaca, NY 315-882-2409 ECOSE Technology Mont-St-Guibert, Belgium 32-1048-8488

ClosetMaid Ocala, FL 352-401-6000 CMA Engineering Inc. Timmins, ON, Canada (705) 360-5522

EcoSynthetix Inc. 3365 Mainway Burlington, ON L7M 1A6 Canada 905-335-5669 Chris Anderson canderson@ecosynthetix.com www.ecosynthetix.com

Electronic Wood Systems North America Beaverton, OR 503-643-6305 Evergreen Engineering Inc. Eugene, OR 541-484-4771

KSH Solutions Inc. Montreal, QC Canada 514-932-4611 Hexion, Inc. 180 East Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 888-443-9466 4information@hexion.com 4orders@hexion.com www.hexion.com

Florida Plywoods, Inc. Greenville, FL 850-948-2211 Forest Economic Advisors, LLC Westford, MA 978-496-6335 Formica Corporation Cincinnati, OH 800-367-6422 FPInnovations Ste. Foy, QC Canada 418-659-2647

Intermark Witham, Essex England 44-1376-501565 Holland Southwest International 6831 Silsbee Houston, TX 77033 713-644-1966 www.hollandsw.com

Framerica Corp. Yaphank, NY 800-372-6422

Funder America, Inc. 200 Funder Drive Mocksville, NC 27028 800-438-6276 James King jking@funderamerica.com www.funderamerica.com

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC 133 Peachtree Street NE, 19th Floor Atlanta, GA 30303 541-928-4171 Dirk Killen gpchemical@gapac.com www.gp-chemicals.com

Huntsman 1003 Woodloch Forest Drive  The Woodlands, TX 77380  281-719-4916  John Bebak  john_f_bebak@huntsman.com  www.huntsman.com

Hutton Forest Products Inc. 218 Boida Avenue, Unit 3 Ayr, ON N0B 1E0 Canada 519-620-4374 James Hutton jhutton@hfpi.ca www.hfpi.ca IMAL-PAL Group Ponte di Piave, Italy 39-0422852300

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC Atlanta, GA 800-727-9452

GreCon, Inc. 15875 SW 74th Ave. Tigard, OR 97224 503-641-7731 sales@grecon.us www.grecon-us.com Hardwoods Specialty Products USLP Langley, BC, Canada 604-881-1988

Industrial Finishes & Systems, Inc. 3000 Reese Street Monroe, LA 71201 318-387-8311 Wanda McMahon w.mcmahon@industrialfinishes.com www.industrialfinishes.com

Laminate Technologies Tiffin, OH 800-231-2523 Langboard, Inc. Willacoochee, GA 912-534-5959 Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Nashville, TN 888-457-4246

Interprint, Inc. 101 Central Berkshire Blvd. Pittsfield, MA 01201 413-443-4733 David Field sales@interprint.com www.interprint.com

Louisiana State University AgCenter Baton Rouge, LA 225-578-4131 Lynden Door Inc. Lynden, WA 360-354-5676 Maderas Conglomeradas S.A. de C.V. (MACOSA) Tlalnepantla, Mexico +52 (55) 5715-5870 Marshfield Doorsystems, Inc. Marshfield, WI 800-826-4020

JMC Wood 13519 NW Industrial Drive Bridgeton, MO 63044 314-291-0414 Jeffrey Jappa jjappa@jmcwood.com www.jmcwood.com

Masco Cabinetry LLC Ann Arbor, MI 734-205-4695 MASISA Chihuahua, Mexico +52 (55) 91382300 Ext. 2608 Material Innovations, LLC Dublin, OH 618-761-0643

John Chadwick Corporation Monrovia, CA 626-358-9955 Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corp Charleston, SC 843-745-3069 Kimball International Jasper, IN 812-634-3809

IMEAS 1125 Commerce Drive, Suite 200 Peachtree City, GA 30269 678-364-1900 Nathan Rutherford imeas@imeas.net www.imeasinc.com

Lamigraf, Inc 201 17th Street Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30363 404-583-6254 Rafel Bosch northamerica@lamigraf.com www.lamigraf.com


Ecovative Design LLC Green Island, NY 518-273-3753

b u y e r s g u i de 2 0 1 5

cpa member directory

KML Designer Finishes 1616 East St. Paul Ave. Tacoma, WA 98421 888-358-5075 Leta Falk Leta@KMLcorp.com www. Kmlcorp.com Kronospan LLC Eastaboga, AL 256-741-8755 Kronotex USA, Inc. Barnwell, SC 803-259-4100

Michelman 9080 Shell Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 513-793-7766 Mike Selby mikeselby@michelman.com www.michelman.com Mississippi State University Starkville, MS 662-325-2119

MJB Wood Group, Inc. 2201 W. Royal Lane, Suite 250 Irving, TX 75063 972-401-0005 Jeff Messick jmessick@mjbwood.com www.mjbwood.com surface&panel

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cpA member directory

Munksjo Paper Leominster, MA 978-342-1080

OCI Melamine America Advanced Louisiana Logistics, ALL 320 Somerulos Street – Suite 217 Baton Rouge LA 70802 225-685-3020 / 225-685-3037 rhonda.pizzolato@oci-all.com www.melaminebyoci.com

Olon Industries Inc. 42 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown, ON L7G 4R9 Canada 800-387-2319 Don Hambly info@olon.com www.olon.com

Perten Instruments, Inc. Springfield, IL 217-585-9440

Plum Creek MDF, Inc. 265 Meadow Lake Blvd. P.O. Box 1990 Columbia Falls, MT 59912 406-892-6180 Leaona Fauske www.plumcreek.com Plummer Forest Products Post Falls, ID 208-777-2202 Powder Innovations, LLC Paris, TX 855-830-6015 Poyry Management Consulting Portland, OR 503-475-1199 PPM Pacific Panels Mexico, S.A. de C.V Chula Vista, CA 619-819-6064

OMNOVA Solutions 25435 Harvard Road Beachwood, OH 44122 (866) 332-5226 laminates@omnova.com www.omnova.com/laminates Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 541-737-4957 Pacific MDF Products, Inc. Rocklin, CA 916-660-1882 Pallmann Industries Charlotte, NC 704-543-4400 Pan Pacific Products, Inc. Broken Bow, OK 580-584-6247 Panel Specialists, Inc. Temple, TX 254-774-9800 Panel World, Inc. Montgomery, AL 334-834-1170

Sandvik Process Systems, LLC Totowa, NJ 973-720-7022

Sauder Woodworking Inc. Archbold, OH 419-446-3652

PUR Polymerics Inc. Boca Raton, FL 519-242-4665

Schattdecor Inc. 13950 Riverport Place Drive Maryland Heights, MO 63043 314-400-6100 Tom Haffner t.haffner@schattdecor.us www.schattdecor.com Schelling America, Inc./ IMA America, Corp. Raleigh, NC 919-544-0430

Riken U.S.A. Corporation 26200 Town Center Drive , Suite 135 Novi, MI 48375 248-513-3511 Katsu Mizushima Katsu@riken-usa.com www.riken-usa.com

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Shaw Industries Inc. Ringgold, TN 706-965-0806 Sia Abrasives, Inc. USA Charlotte, NC 704-587-7355 Siempelkamp Limited Partnership Charlotte, NC 704-522-0234

SASCO Chemical Group, Inc. Albany, GA 229-435-8394

Prime-Line, Inc. Malvern, AR 501-844-4429

Pasquier Panel Products Sumner, WA 253-863-6323


Samuel Strapping Systems 1401 Davey Road, Suite 300 Woodbridge, IL 60517 800-323-4424 Dave Gagnon information@samuelstrapping.com www.samuelstrapping.com

Sasol Wax North America Corp 102 Cutting Blvd Richmond, CA 94804 510-232-8704 Anton Smit anton.smit@us.sasol.com www.sasolwax.com

Pro MDF Mexico City, Mexico 55-6235-1504

SESA S.p.A. 12, Mantova str. 21057 Olgiate, Italy +39-0331 631388 Andrea Balordi a.balordi@sesaplates.com www.sesaplates.com Setzer Forest Products Sacramento, CA 916-442-2555

Premier EuroCase 12000 E. 56th Ave. #K Denver, CO 80239 303-373-9718 Andy Wilzoch awilzoch@premiereurocase.com www.premiereurocase.com

Panolam Surface Systems Shelton, CT 203-925-1556

Patrick Industries, Inc. 107 W. Franklin Street Elkhart, IN 46515 574-294-7511 John Schramm www.patrickind.com

Roseburg P.O. Box 1088 Roseburg, OR 97470 541-679-3311 Jeff Lundegard jefflu@rfpco.com www.roseburg.com

Seemac, Incorporated 11350 North Meridian Street Carmel, IN 46032 317-844-3995 contactrequest@seemac.com www.seemac.com

SierraPine 1050 Melody Lane Suite 160 Roseville, CA 95765 800-676-3339 David Smith dsmith@sierrapine.com www.sierrapine.com Smart Cabinetry New Paris, IN 574-831-5010

Smartech International LP 3120 Latrobe Drive, Unit 260 Charlotte, NC 28211 704-362-1922 Jannica Greife jgreife@smartechonline.com www.smartechonline.com

Solenis LLC 500 Hercules Road Wilmington, DE 19808 302-594-5000 dwight_chapman@solenis.com www.solenis.com  South Shore Industries Ltd. Sainte-Croix, QC Canada 418-926-3291

Venango Machine Co., Inc. Wattsburg, PA 814-739-2211

Surface Source International 961 Route 10E, Unit 2-i Randolph, NJ 07869 973-598-0152 Greg O’Connell info@ssinorthamerica.com www.ssinorthamerica.com

Steinemann Technology AG Charlotte, NC 704-522-9435

Taghleef Industries Inc. 2751 Centerville Road, Suite 400 Wilmington, DE 19808 800-688-2044 Ron Rodeck ron.rodeck@ti-films.com www.syndecor.com Technocell Dekor Pulaski, NY 315-298-8465

SURTECO North America

Stevens Industries, Inc. 704 West Main Street Teutopolis, IL 62467 217-857-7100 STEVENSWOOD@stevensind.com www.stevens-wood.com

Stiles Machinery Inc. 3965 44th Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616-698-7500 Steve Waltman swaltman@stilesmachinery.com www.stilesmachinery.com

BauschLinnemann 1175 Harrelson Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 843-848-3000 Tim Vail tim.vail@us.surteco.com www.us.bauschlinnemann.com

Suddekor 240 Bowles Road Agawam, MA 01001 413-821-9000 Rick Culver rculver@suddekorllc.com www.suddekorllc.com

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Engineering is the most underrated form of magic.

Open your imagination to new space and design possibilities with LEGRABOX, the full extension stainless steel box system from Blum. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s simply the most elegant and practical drawer weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever engineered. Seeing is believing. Look for LEGRABOX at KBIS booths N2448 and N2363.

/ blum.com Perfecting motion


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Surface & Panel Buyers Guide 2015  

Surface & Panel Buyers Guide 2015  

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