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MTN SUDAN: PROVIDING LEADING MOBILE AND INTERNET SERVICES IN AFRICA MTN Sudan continues to enrich the lives of its customers through innovative service solutions


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art of the wider MTN Group, MTN

pany that sponsored the 2010

Sudan is the African arm of the lead-

FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

ing provider of communication

But what is it that separates

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MTN Sudan from other providers

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of communication services? A

more than 230 million subscribers across its

commitment to innovation and a

operators all around the world in Africa, Mid-

continuous drive to enrich the

dle East and Europe.

lives of its customers.

It is the MTN Sudan arm that has taken the

“We are determined to lead the

spotlight over recent years, becoming the first

delivery of a Brave New World in

African telecom company ranked amongst the

the daily mobile communication

top 100 global brands according to Millward-

usage of our customers by inno-

Brown Brandz in 2013. The company also can

vating our friendly used services

boast at being the one and only African com-

and through our consistent provi-

developing innovative and attractive packages and services that create a far greater customer experience. In today’s world of social media, communications service providers have to be able to allow their customers to access the biggest communication tools in the world in Twitter and Facebook. To this end, MTN has a Facebook Zero initiative. This initiative sees MTN prepaid subscribers being given exclusive access to Facebook through their mobile phones. Better yet, it is entirely free of charge. sion to make MTN customers lives a whole lot

Facebook Zero is a “light-weight,

brighter,” the company promises in its strate-

text based” version of Facebook

gic vision.

Mobile. All customers have to do is

“Customers are at the heart of what we do,

send a message to a designated

we guarantee to deliver the change for good.”

number provided by MTN Sudan

The way in which MTN Sudan achieves this

and they will be granted access to

is key. The company has invested heavily in

the social media platform, enabling

expanding its MTN network to cover more

customers to connect with their

than 500 regions across Sudan and in doing

friends and families at the touch of

so, the responsibility to keep the customers at

a button and on the go.

the heart of the matter expands with it. MTN encourages loyalty and strives for cus-

It is but one example of how the company works extremely hard to

tomer retention through the provision of the

do more than provide a simple ser-

highest quality services and continuously

vice to customer. w w w. m t n . s d


Powering digital customer interactions to transform customer experiences

Digital Content and Streaming Services

A2P Business Messaging Platform

Create compelling customer experience across mobile and digital touchpoints.

Value-added messaging to improve A2P monetization and operational efficiencies.

Video streaming Mobile games (HTML5) Voice services

Managed enterprise messaging layer Intelligent messaging routing Advanced micro-services

Working in partnership with MTN to deliver services across more than 20 countries in The Middle East and Africa.

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Another key trend emerging in the world of communications is the rollout of 4G and 5G. While the maturity of communications and technology in Africa highlights that it is not quite there with regards to 5G, there is one perk for customers of MTN Sudan seeking a 4G connection. In the state of Khartoum, MTN Sudan provides customers with the MTN Start 4G internet service. This enables a “wonderful internet” experience for customers using their existing contract/SIM card setup. Much like its Facebook Zero initiative, customers simply dial a number and are presented with a choice of many packages that range from 1GB of data right up to 100GB of 4G data. But as the company continuously states, its goal is to w w w. m t n . s d

lead the delivery of a bold new digital world to its customers and make their lives a whole lot brighter. One way in which it delivers on this, is through gifting. For a population of around 40 million people, MTN Sudan recognises that while most of its customer base continues to access its services it cannot forget about those that don’t. As a means of attracting more customers, and connecting them with the existing customer base, MTN Sudan has an incentivised offer of the MTN Freebie. Designed to “make someone’s day”, MTN Freebie allows prepaid customers the oppor08

tunity to invite their friends and family into the MTN Sudan family through gift internet bundles. But of course, the customer of MTN Sudan is not only the people in the street and in their homes. The company also offers communication and internet packages for business and enterprise customers. MTN Sudan provides a number of packages specifically tailored to business customers, whether they be small or medium enterprise, designed to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of their work performance. As the market continues to grow and the telecommunications network becomes more stable and more mature, MTN Sudan is finely poised to lead the front on adopting and implementing technologies and solutions to

2005 Year founded

Operating in 23 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe


w w w. m t n . s d


continue to provide the greatest level of

of companies in the region that collabo-

service it can to its customer base.

rated on this pilot scheme, including

This is exemplified by the launching of Mobile Cash a few years ago. Cashless

EBS and the Central Bank of Sudan. While cashless payments are but one

payments are huge across the Western

example of technology innovation that

markets, but in areas like North Africa,

MTN Sudan is investing in, the future will

there is still a lag with regards to adopt-

continue to be defined by this techno-

ing this technology solution.

logical growth.

MTN Sudan successfully piloted a

Speaking at the successful conclu-

Mobile Cash solution as a means of

sion of the pilot scheme, Mr. Malik

highlighting this innovative solution to

Melamo MD, MTN-Sudan noted that the

the citizens of Sudan. In Sub-Saharan

scheme represented everything the

MTN Sudan was part of a conglomerate

company stands for as well as opening


the market’s eyes to the opportunity of Sudan’s market. “The chances for the success of this project in Sudan are very high for the availability of a strong infrastructure of communication, besides that, Sudan is a promising healthy market for such mega-project which represents the top-notch payment and financial transactions system across the globe,” “MTN-Sudan is striving to deliver the highest quality of services and best solutions to its customers based on its vision and core commitment to lead the delivery of a new bold digital world to make their lives a whole lot brighter.”

w w w. m t n . s d

MTN Sudan - Brochure 2018  
MTN Sudan - Brochure 2018