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BEST VALUE FOR MONEY The Council independent and not-for-profit approach guarantee that you get the best deal in a conference program. The Council is committed to educate the supply chain profession in China. Why should you pay more than US$ 1,000 for a conference when the Council provides the same format, quality and speakers, 5-stars hotel setting for a fraction of that cost!

MARKET-LEADING EVENTS Our events are conceived, developed and launched in close consultation with industry experts to ensure that they are timely, relevant and directly targeted to market needs. And we are at the forefront of innovation, with an aggressive launch programme, averaging some 10 new events annually.

UNRIVALLED SUPPLY CHAIN KNOWLEDGE Unlike other conferences organizers, we do truly understand supply chain management. Our board of directors and management is comprised of leading supply chain professionals with an average of 10 years experience in supply chain, sourcing or logistics operations in Asia. The Council is on the forefront of the profession and that's why our themes and topics are fresh and innovative.

SUPPORT TEAM EDUCATION Reasonable prices allow all executives, not only the top management, to learn and network in a high quality 5-stars hotel setting. And because supply chain management encompasses several departments and functions in your company, the Council is in unique position to support team learning and influence decision-making.

CONVENIENT 1-DAYFORMAT If you are sponsor or a speaker, you know that you may loose up to 50% of your audience in the second day. So, if you think that the traditional 2-days conference format is too long, then switch to the Council events. Knowing your time is important, we produce well-researched and high-quality conferences allowing busy executives like you to get the essential knowledge and key contacts you need in just 1 day...

LOCAL & PRACTICAL CONTENT The Council spends time and efforts to select speakers who have strong local and practical business experience. Vendors speaking are required to present highly practical case studies and sales pitches are not allowed. With such a line-up of experienced practitioners, you'll bring back highly applicable and practical information to advance your supply chain operations.

MEDIUM-SIZE EVENTS FOR BETTER NETWORKING The Council recognizes that meeting the right people is as important as getting the relevant knowledge and all our events feature the ideal networking environment. Our focus is always on providing delegates, speakers and sponsors with an intimate, interactive experience and this is why we prefer medium size groups. Attendees tend to shy away when the events are too large and busy and our most successful events had between 50 to 80 delegates.

WE RESPECTYOUR PRIVACY Unlike other organizers, we don't have telemarketing people working on endless listings and we don't chase or annoy people with phone calls. Why should we after all? We offer the best value for money conferences in China and you can make your own decision when you see the value.


International Procurement Organizations (IPOs) International Procurement Offices (or IPOs) is the ultimate buzzword in today's global sourcing and establishing it tends to be the most widely practiced and most successful approach to optimize global sourcing activities in China, India and other Low Cost Countries. IPOs Conference is the only event of its kind focusing on how leading companies manage their global sourcing operations. Unlike other conferences, this event focuses on the practical side of sourcing operations so expect lots of hands-on experiences from practitioners. Previous speakers: Accenture, Alcan China Global Sourcing, Baker & McKenzie, BSH Bosch & Siemens Home Appliances, Danfoss, Drennan, EAC Global Procurement, Electrolux, Nokia Networks, Teradyne Inc., PwC, TradeCard. Who Should Attend: This program is designed for executives responsible for sourcing or procurement in China or India. VP’s, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors and Managers responsible for: n Sourcing & Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) n Procurement & Purchasing Past sponsors:

Target sponsors: consulting firms, software vendors, solutions providers, 3PLs.

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Doing business in low cost country sourcing like China or India has focused on achieving significant savings through the sourcing and procurement of "direct" manufactured goods. However, another layer of considerable cost reductions can be ascertained by managing a more cost-effective services spend - which typically represents 30% of their total purchasing To n

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Some leading-edge companies are beginning to focus on services spend and bringing a degree of professionalism to defining this category.ProcureServices brings leading supply chain and procurement executives to exchange their experience in managing and optimizing corporate services spend. h



Previous speakers: Accenture, Agilent Technologies, Astrazeneca Pharmaceutical, Auchan Trading, Intel, Electrolux, Kraft Foods, Mastercard, Oracle, SAP. Who should attend: Any executives responsible for acquiring corporate services in China. VP's, Chief Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors and Managers responsible for: n Procurement/Purchasing n Distribution and Supply Chain n Sourcing and Contracts Past sponsors:

Target sponsors: consulting firms, software vendors, credit card companies.

Cost Optimization Summit


While there is no doubt that the current soft economy has created a renewed focus on cost management for most organizations, those who use this opportunity to align cost cutting measures with their long-term strategic goals could emerge with a distinct competitive advantage. The Cost Optimization Summit has one goal: to bring together in one place all the decision makers looking for efficiency, to give them access to the best practices in a range of different areas: procurement, finance, corporate travel, logistics? This event offers best practices on costs optimization through conferences sessions, case studies, workshops and a compact exhibition space. Previous speakers: ABF1, ARAIA Supply Management , BBK, Best Buy, Dell, Ernst & Young, Knorr-Bremse, Lishen, Microsoft. Who should Attend? Attendees span the enterprise and business solution environments from functional-level management to director-level decision-makers. You should attend this summit if you are working in supply chain management , manufacturing, production, procurement, sourcing, operations, logistics. Target sponsors: consulting firms, third party logistics service providers.

Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) China and India are now ranked as the leading M&A market in Asia and are insreasingly becoming a focal point on the global M&A scene. Logistics service providers must now determine their strategy in these local markets as well as evaluate how these new investments will affect their global logistics operations. Logistics M&A Forum is a copact one day event bringing together leading logistics companies and advisors to share their perspectives on investment oppprtunities, challenges and critical issues facing the logistics sector. Previous speakers: Baker & McKenzie, BG Strategic Advisors, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, GaoDe Investment, Hewitt, Javelin Investments, Kerry EAS Logistics, PwC. Who Should Attend: CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Managing Directors, Heads and Managers of: From: n Corporate Development/Planning n Business Development n Freight Forwarders & Transportation Companies n Finance n Third & Fourth Party Logistics Providers (3PLs-4PLs) n Mergers & Acquisitions n Warehouse Operators and Property Development n Strategic Investment/Planning n Carries & Shipping Lines n Restructuring & Integration n Financial Institutions n Human Resources n Financial Advisors, consultants & accountants n Legal n Lawyers & Legal Advisers n Integration Solution Providers Target sponsors: consulting firms, investment and financial services, law firms.

Hazardous Materials “HazMat� Logistics China's quick growth in the industrial sector is driven by increasing demand for many raw materials that are hazardous chemicals and special gases. HazMat Logistics is a unique networking event for supply chain executives to exchange best practices and get in-depth knowledge and updates of the recent changes and strategies to effectively implement their hazardous operations. With a continuous stream of legislation and the ever growing commercial and competitive pressures on consignors and transporters of dangerous substances, ensuring that your business stays compliant with all of the legislative requirements all over the world is becoming increasingly more difficult. China currently has few local logistics firms capable of providing high-quality; safe control of hazardous products and many of them are local providers who have poor processes and systems. Chinese ports also face new safety problems along with their expanding throughput as dangerous goods, which accounted for 13% of the total in 2005 and have grown by 20% annually in recent years. Previous speakers: Akzo Nobel, Baker & McKenzie, BDP International, Degussa, Intertek, S&W International Chemical Logistics, Transportation Development Group. Who should attend: Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors, Managers in Supply Chain, Procurement, Sourcing, Logistics, Operations and Manufacturing directly involved or simply interested in hazardous materials: distribution, operations, safety and regulatory compliance, transportation, packaging, warehouse operations or environmental matters. Target sponsors: quality assurance providers, consulting firms, software vendors, logistics service providers.

Service Spare Parts Logistics The return process, also called service parts or reverse logistics, is a critical component of leading manufacturers today. The faster customers get parts back, the faster the parts can be fixed and put back into circulation, reducing the amount of new product buys or the waiting time to repair a broken piece of equipment. With manufacturers getting increasingly aware of the critical nature of the service and spare parts in creating a competitive advantage, Service Parts Logistics Summit is the ideal event for you to learn how leading companies are dealing with issues like inventory management, customer support service, parts distribution, planning and forecasting and other service parts and support challenges. Previous speakers: Arvato Services, ASML,Barkawi & Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services, Briggs& Stratton, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Inservio, Naya Technologies & Services, Novellus Systems, Philips, SAP, Siemens, 3Com. Who should attend: Organisations for whom spare parts and service support is critical! This conference has been specifically developed for Directors and Senior Managers of: n Spare Parts, Service Support, Aftermarket / Aftersales Operations n Customer Support, Returns and Repairs, Inventory Management n Parts Distribution, Warehousing and Transportation, Supply Chain Share best practice with diverse industries including: n Automotive n Hi-Tech n Electronics n Consumer Appliances n Medical Devices n Industrial Equipment n Telecommunications Past sponsors: Management Consultants

Target sponsors: consulting firms, software vendors, logistics service providers.

Domestic Logistics and Transportation China and India logistics costs and complexity are eroding the advantages gained from the much-touted low labor costs, discouraging some manufacturers to move further inland and forcing them to work with multiple service providers to match suppliers and customers requirements and geography. Road transportation in both countries is still very fragmented and combined with poor infrastructure quality, overloading practices, razor-thin margins, illegal tolling, red tape, different licenses and permits for each province, multi-levels subcontracting arrangement, manufacturers or retailers can expect over 20% of their operations costs to be logistics-related, copared with 10% in western countries. This event brings together logistics leaders and features one day of presentations, panels, roundtables and workshops that address the strategies and tactics necessary for manufacturers and retailers to formulate, implement and manage effective transportation and logistics operations within China or India. Previous speakers: Agilent Technologies, Bertelsmann, B&Q China, China Resources Supermarkets,, GE Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Goodyear, Heineken, Intel, Oracle, Bertelsmann Who Shoud Attend: The target audience will include executives across a wide range of industries: n Senior Managers in Logistics, Transportation, Distribution and Warehousing n Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers involved in distributing products n Logistics Service Providers involved in national transportation and warehousing n Solution Providers & Consultants in China Target sponsors: third-party logistics service providers (3PL), freight forwarders, warehouse developers and operators.

Temperature Controlled Logistics Optimizing the supply chain has become a competitive necessity in virtually every industry and this strategy is particularly crucial to cold storage and distribution suppliers, who face many unique challenges. Food, flowers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or perishables are high-profile, potentially high-profit products and companies are implementing new ways of monitoring, tracking and packaging in order to establish a more integrated, end-to-end cold chain. Cold Chain Summit is a comprehensive event where you will network and learn from industry and regulatory thought-leaders to ensure your cold chain practices are robust, safe, validated and cost-efficient. Previous speakers: Alaris Consulting, All Fresh Tech, Amsafe, ATMS, Auchan Hypermarkets, Carrier, Clasquin, Emball'ISO, Havi Foods, IBM, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Linfox, Merial, Olivo Logistics, OOCL, Roche, Sensitech, Sinotrans, Tesco-Hymall, World Food Logistics Organization, YG Cold Logistics, Zuellig Who Should Attend: n Senior Managers in Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing and Quality Compliance n Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers involved in cold chain logistics and distribution in China n Logistics Service Providers involved in temperature-controlled logistics both within China and internationally Target sponsors: consulting firms, 3PLs, equipment vendors.

Supply Chain Risk Risk management has emerged as a critical discipline due to the business need for global sourcing strategies, increasingly complex contract manufacturing relationships, and the greater number of natural and greater number of natural and political events that can disrupt the supply chain. So it's no surprise that supply chain risk management is becoming an increasingly important part of many manufacturers' operations, particularly in Asia. Organized for first time this year, the Supply Chain Risk Summit will gather leading experts and Fortune 500 executives to discuss and share through panel discussions and interactive debates the most pressing challenges faced by today's companies operating in Asia. For the first time, all risks will be defined and explained in their regional environment: from operational accidents to operational catastrophes and more strategic risks such as future investments in specitic resources based on uncertain scenarios. The stage of risk handling will also be discussed in details and the different ways of responding to them (e.g. avoid, reduce, transfer or share risks). Who Should Attend: This program is designed for any executives interested in risk management. VP’s, Chief Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors and Managers responsible for: n Supply Chain n Supplier Management n Sourcing & Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) n Procurement & Purchasing n Procurement & Purchasing n Manufacturing & Production n Business Development Additionally, team leaders, project managers and members of cross-functional teams involved in risk management projects or initiatives will profit from this event. Target sponsors: consulting firms, third party logistics service providers.

Retail & Distribution



China and India retail supply chain presents many challenges like linking the consumer in the supply chain planning process, managing product life cycles, promotional planning, planning for seasonal products, determining cost-effective supply channels, forecasting (CPFR) and scheduling in a volatile economic environment. The Retail Supply Chain Summit is a one-day conference focusing on the most important issues facing retailing and consumer packaged goods companies today. This event features key presentations, real world case studies, interactive discussion and high level networking opportunities for anybody involved in retail and distribution. Previous speakers: adidas, Accenture, Amway, Auchan, Best Buy, B&Q, DHL Solutions, eBizPrize, Electrolux, FM Logistics, Gillette, Metro, Michelin, Lian Hua Supermarkets, LVMH, Sharmoon, Tesco, Yum!. Who should attend: n CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, MDs n Heads of Logistics n Heads of Supply Chain n Heads of Retail n Heads of Procurement n Heads of Material Planning n Heads of Inventory Management n Heads of Operations n Heads of Business Development

From: n Retailers n FMCG Manufacturers n FMCG Distributors n Transportation and logistics vendors n Supply chain management vendors n Packaging vendors n Technology vendors n Consultants

Past sponsors: Target sponsors: third-party logistics service providers, freight forwarders, warehouse developers & operators.

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) RFID technology has become a buzzword in today’s technology marketplace and the mandates from retail giant Wal-Mart further pushes this technology to the frontier. Industry analysts and company officials agree that RFID will have a significant impact on markets like China, its economy and how people process information. RFID Summit is a business experience for all professionals interested to learn about a new technology. It is customer friendly (all presentations are very practical), extremely cost effective and big on genuine business contacts. RFID Summit is an essential Forum for end-users who wants realistic answers to questions about RFID technologies so that they can accurately evaluate vendors, create a feasible business case, plan and launch pilot projects. Previous speakers: Deloitte Consulting, Esquel Enterprises, HighJump, IBM, Liti, Marc Global, NOL Group, Psion Teklogix, R4 Global Solutions, SAMSys, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Symbol, Texas Instruments, Trans-Access Solutions. Who should attend: This conference is specifically tailored for any executives responsible for supply chain management, logistics and information systems. Past sponsors: Target sponsors: consulting firms, 3PLs, software providers, technology vendors.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Is your business effectively managing social & ethical compliance in your China's supply chains? Poor social and ethical performance in the supply chain can be terribly damaging to your brand, reputation, share/ stock value and the way your customers, shareholders and the market view your company. Many discussions around social and environment impacts in China revolve around the methods for monitoring and auditing Chinese suppliers. Although it is important, driving Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) programs involves much more than simple surveys or pre-scheduled inspections. In the best companies, CSR scrutiny should include all of the company activities from ethical sourcing through to proper disposal of the end-product/packaging. Previous speakers: Bayer Healthcare, Carbon Disclosure Project, Dragon Sourcing, DSM Asia Pacific, Eaton Corp, Greater China, Hill & Knowlton, Nestle, PwC, Strategic Development Partners. Who Should Attend: As the leading professional organization in China, this event will attract the most dynamic and senior executives in China . It's a must-attend for all working in supply chain, with job titles such as: n VPs and senior executives responsible for supply chain, sourcing, procurement, risk management, logistics, compliance, product supply, CR (corporate responsibility), or EHS (environment, health & safety) n Executives interested to improve the effectiveness of supply chain compliance management or in charge of corporate responsibility: government/industry regulation, corporate strategy, sustainability, corporate communications, ect..

Supply Chain Go West With growth slowing in the crowded and costly coastal centers, China is ushering investors into the hinterlands. China has been the largest recipient of foreign direct investment among the developing countries for 15 straight years, but government statistics show that some 90% of foreign investment enterprises are located in east China, worsening the unbalanced development between the west and the east. After years of easy expansion, coastal China, and particularly the Pearl River and Yangtze River deltas, are facing growing pains. Labor and land costs are rising fast in tier-1 cities, with commercial rents up nearly 40% over the past 3 years, while industrial or logistics space is simply not available. Labor costs are inching up in Guangdong too, but the bigger problem is finding any workers at all for its huge manufacturing sector. Previous speakers: Asia Base A/S Law & Projects China, Beijing Hollysys, Control Risks, CEVA Logistics, ERM China, Honeywell, Intel, M&M Militzer & Munch Tiaobao, Tratus-Asia. Who Should Attend: As the leading supply chain professional organization in China with a community of over 25,000 professionals, this event will attract the most dynamic and senior executives interested to explore the potential of moving inland. It's a must-attend event for all working in the supply chain community and the audience will include VPs and senior executives responsible for supply chain, sourcing, procurement, logistics, risk management and CSR (corporate responsibility). Target sponsors: consulting firms, third party logistics service providers.

Supply Chain Innovation Many of today's leading companies still support 20th century operations in an era of 21st century processes. As companies become increasing global and more dependent on external partners, the supply chain plays a greater and greater role in their innovation strategy. As a result, companies need to not only consider how an innovation will affect the delivery of goods and services but also look at their supply chain operations with fresh eyes and a China focus. More conversation than conference, this forum will bring together many of today most compelling supply chain innovators and true transformers to reveal the secrets of procurement, manufacturing and logistics innovation through personal storytelling and interactive discussion. Previous speakers: Accenture, Alvarez & Marsal, Bayer Technology & Engineering, CHEP, Envirowise, JDA, IBM Global Business Services, Integrated Decision Systems, Kong and Allan, Oracle, Savi Performance Logistics. Who Should Attend: This program is designed for any executives interested in risk management. VP’s, Chief Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors and Managers responsible for: n Supply Chain n Supplier Management n Sourcing & Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) n Procurement & Purchasing n Procurement & Purchasing n Manufacturing & Production n Business Development Additionally, team leaders, project managers and members of cross-functional teams involved in risk management projects or initiatives will profit from this event. Target sponsors: consulting firms, third party logistics service providers.

Supply Chain HR (Human Resources) Summit Despite the importance of supply chain management, many companies in Asia still struggle to find the management talent they need, when they need it. This 1-day event is packed with conference sessions, panel’s discussions and interactive debate with senior supply chain and HR leaders. Recruitment, leadership development, retention good practices, team management, corporate governance and ethics, effective training and the benefits of HR outsourcing are just some of the issues which will be addressed at this highly interactive event. Previous speakers: Accenture, AdMark, Baker & McKenzie, ChinaWhys, Dragon Sourcing, Electrolux, Goodyear, Heidrick & Struggles, Hewitt Associates, Human Capital Group, Ingersoll-Rand, Integrated Decision Systems, Intel, Logistics Recruitment, Xecutive, Manpower, Schindler, Stanton Chase, Thelen, Thomas International China, Wang & Li Asia Resources. Who should attend? This event should not be missed by anyone involved in strategic human resource management and business strategy. This programme is created specifically with the following people in mind: Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Heads of Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Sourcing, Logistics, Operations, Manufacturing and IT directly involved in human resources decisions. Target sponsors: recruitment firms, consulting firms, software vendors.

Supply Chain Roadshows Held regularly in China and India, these nationwide tours will bring together leading experts and practitioners to discuss the latest in supply chain management in an interactive series of half-day practical and experience sharing seminars. Experts in supply chain, logistics, procurement and manufacturing operations will provide insight and experience into the current trends and developments of supply chain management. Join the Global Supply Chain Council for a series of exciting half day event that includes in depth presentations and experience sharing all across China. In each stop is scheduled a non-profit half-aday afternoon seminar featuring each time 4 to 5 speakers. Topics to be addressed include Supply Chain Management, Procurement & Sourcing, Logistics & Transportation, Retail & Distribution, Planning & Forecast, Information Technology, Customs & Regulations, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Repair & Maintenance, Best Practices (Lean, 6 Sigma). These visits give exposure to other supply chain executives from across China and the opportunity to interact directly with other professionals and eventually gain from fresh feedbacks and remarks on their supply chain, manufacturing, sourcing and logistics operations. Previous site tours organized by the Council include IKEA Asia-Pacific DC, Nike factory, Unilever DC, Bertelsmann China DC, Shanghai Volkswagen, Amway China National DC and Philips Lighting. Groups usually range from 20 to 100 persons but the host company can to decide what maximum size or number of people is manageable. Host companies can also review, filter the participants list and, if required, reject persons or companies that they don’t wish to see in your premise.

CHaINA Combining conferences, trainings and workshops, a mini-exhibition floor and an awards gala dinner, the CHaINA attracts every year more than 500 delegates and 80 speakers. At CHaINA, we'll provide you with the tools, the resources and the know-how - everything you need right now to overcome the obstacles ahead, optimize your supply chain operations and stay ahead! So you can manage your supply chain more efficiently, serve your customers better and help increase your company's return on investment in China. n More than 80 speakers & trainers: Strategies, best practices and recommendations from leading experts to improve the effectiveness of your planning, procurement, sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain management processes in China. n Dozen of comprehensive trainings & workshops: From warehouse management to strategic sourcing and sales & operations planning, customize your learning experience across a broad spectrum of topics. n Hands-On Experience & Case Studies: Take home best practices and lessons learned from leading companies operating in China as they reveal their challenges, experiences and methodologies to success. n Solutions Showcase: See at the CHaINA Expo how products and services from leading third-party vendors can help you to improve your supply chain operations in China. n BIG Networking Opportunities: Share experiences, exchange ideas and discuss the tools and approaches that have (and have not) worked well for your counterparts at other companies during tea breaks, lunches and more. With more educational and networking opportunities than you'll find at any other event, there's something for everyone at the CHaINA. Whether you're in procurement, manufacturing, logistics or IT - or you're just starting out in the supply chain profession - you'll benefit from real world information you can put into practice right away! Who should attend: Attendees span the enterprise and business solution environments director-level decision-makers involved in: n Supply Chain Management n Manufacturing and Production n Procurement and Sourcing n Management and Operations n Logistics and Transportation n Third-Party Logistics n Information Technology n Quality Assurance

from functional-level management to n Freight Forwarding n Warehousing & Distribution n Customs & Government Affairs

Past sponsors included:

Target sponsors/advertisers: consulting firms, 3PLs, software providers.

Supply Chain Networking Mixer Working in supply chain, sourcing, procurement or logistics and interested in supply chain management? Join us regular supply chain mixers in both China and India. As part of our ongoing effort to continually grow the awareness around supply chain management, we invite you and your guests to join us for our first networking mixer. Supply chain networking mixer is your chance to network with other supply chain professionals and learn how you can get plugged in with the Council activities. And it's not just for members either - if you're a not a member but wish to have more information and to meet other members of the Council, then you're welcome! Come on out and mix it up with us! Come find out what our membership is all about! We'll have our Council "ambassadors" there to answer any questions you might have, and you'll get to meet other fellow new members in a fun social event!

India Supply Chain Summit India's exposure to the multinationals and its developments in various domains has forced itself towards a unique path of success. The country has sophisticated manufacturing know-how; its auto components industry has the advantage of skills in process, product, and capital engineering. This Summit provides an excellent opportunity for supply chain executives to share their local experiences, challenges & success with each other and learn from keynote presenters & trainers from the industry. Participants attending this summit will learn the latest trends & practices in supply chain, including explanatory case studies from leading companies across wide range of industries and sectors. Previous speakers: Accenture, Caterpillar, Chainalytics, Corbus, Electrolux, Goodyear, i2, RedPrairie, Third Eyesite, Total Logistics, Wipro Who Should Attend: This program is designed for any executives responsible for: n Supply Chain n Sourcing & Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) n Procurement & Purchasing n Logistics & Distribution n Manufacturing & Production Target sponsors: consulting and outsourcing firms, 3PLs, software vendors.

China-India "CHINDIA" China and India. Rarely has the economic ascent of two nations been watched with such a mixture of awe, opportunism, and trepidation. What makes the two giants especially powerful is that they complement each other's strengths. China is still relatively dominant in global sourcing and mass manufacturing, India is a rising power in software, design and services outsourcing. The event brings together key experts - from both China and India - and will act as a forum to meet and exchange ideas on how the yin and yang of these immense markets are already converging and how the growing importance of China and India will eventuslly change your global supply chain. Previous speakers: Access Asia, Associated Container Terminals Limited & group companies, Baker and Mackenzie, Bombay, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation, Deloitte, EAC, Fiducia Management Consultants, Geodis East, Geodis India, Goodyear, India Geodis, Lehman & Co., Third Eyesight Who should attend: This program is designed for any executives responsible for China and/ro India operations. VP’s, Chief Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Directors and Managers responsible for: n Supply Chain n Logistics & Distribution n Sourcing & Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) n Manufacturing & Production n Procurement & Purchasing n Business Development Target sponsors: consulting and outsourcing firms, 3PLs, software vendors.

Supply Chain & Logistics Public Seminars The goal of the seminars is to bring together supply chain decision-makers in China to share ideas, explore best practices, and advance industry standards. These seminars are targeted to respond to the information requirements of a horizontal audience, that includes upper and middle-level operations, supply chain, procurement, logistic and IT directors and/or managers involved in manufacturing, distribution or retail across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors in Asia. The seminar audience includes both local and foreign professionals and three sessions over a half day period. Speakers share their ideas and experiences, giving delegates the opportunity to keep fully up-to-date with the latest supply chain thinking and technology applications.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The Council events are a unique opportunity to join a highly targeted group of senior executives from leading manufacturers and retailers interested or involved i supply chain management. As a premier professional organization that addresses the entire value chain, the Council has grown steadily in size and improtance over the past few years. Its back ground in organising highly focused events combined with an extensive database ensures the presence of potential buyers from throughout the world and helps you to realize the return on your investment. The prestige associated with sponsoring a Council event will provide you with an ideal opportunity to promote your position as a leading service provider in China, India or other key markets. You will join a select group of sponsors and exhibitors who will have the opportunity to re-establish old contacts and make vital new contact with the people with whom you want to do business.

Council programs & events offer various unique formats with: Dynamic keynot presentations from industry thought-leaders addressing today’s hot issues Real-world case stydies delivered by leading practitioners Demonstration pavilions and booths to show case solutions in real time Unparalleled networking opportunities among business and technology peers.

Key Benefits of Sponsorship: Reach senior decision-makers and their direct reports who have real purchase power Raise your brand awareness with a blue-chip audience through speaking opportunities and customer interaction in the exhibition floor Generate highly qualified sales leads, use dedicated meeting space to make presentations on-site, and gain access to attendee contact list for follow-up opportunities Cultivate and strengthen your relationships with key supply chain executives Build relationships with other industry leaders and potential business partners Attend the event sessions and gain insight into best practices and discover potential opportunities with companies that have already deployed supply chain solutions.

Who Attend the Council Events

Attendees are regional top-level management executives who will be there actively seeking the best products and services that can help them stay ahead of their competitors. This is an excellent opportunity to create visibility and market domination to those who need your services or solutions. Sponsoring or exhibiting at the Council events has proved a success for many service providers like you in different industries across the globe. Why? Our attendees are the DECISION MAKERS with the money and authority to invest in services like yours. This is a chance to meet all your potential clients way ahead of your competitors!

EXHIBITIONS OPPORTUNITIES The Council conferences and summits offers vendors a captive audience composed mostly of manufacturers and retailers who are actively seeking ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, streamline processes, and increase profitability. If you think that traditional trade shows work best for your solutions, think again. Our experience in running supply chain events has shown that delegates who come to learn also want to meet vendors and solutions providers who can help them to solve their supply chain bottlenecks. Exhibitions are an influential, flexible and highly cost-effective business tool, and our keynote presentations, educational workshops and panels will draw dozen of visitors to the exhibition area. Highly targeted With their tightly focused topics and carefully targeted audiences, conferences are highly cost-effective marketing platforms. The Council is committed to delivering business contacts that create value for each and every attendee. Flexible Exhibitions provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to building brand image, maintaining customer relations and identifying new partners. Live Dimension Whilst an advert, direct mailing or web page may say a product is the fastest, quietest, smallest or most advanced on the market, at an exhibition, buyers can see, taste, touch and try your product for themselves. Nothing beats the impact of a live demonstration. Pro-Activeness Event attendees visitors are pro-active rather than passive recipients of your sales and marketing messages. They make a conscious decision to attend, and set aside valuable time to do so. Many are specifiers and influencers who it might otherwise be impossible to identify. Quick Penetration You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time. Whether you are looking to raise your company profile, change market perceptions or generate sales leads, you can achieve more in 1 day at an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to present your products, services, tools and applications to an exclusive audience of senior manufacturing and supply chain executives from Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies alike. For more information, contact us at

Council Events Catalogue  
Council Events Catalogue  

Catalogue of events organized by the Global Supply Chain Council