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New Products 2019 Edition

MV32385 Ballpoint Pen

MV32386 Rollerball Pen

Fountain Pen MV32382 - F MV32383 - M MV32381 - B MV32384 - S Crafted as the next in line to an exclusive series of Regatta™ pens, the Limited Edition Regatta Flagship represents one of Monteverde USA®’s most iconic collections. Taking on a double meaning with its title, the Flagship aligns with the theme of watercrafts that inspire the uniquely designed Regatta™, as well as denoting this line of pens as one of our most significant models. Named after the fine sport of boat racing, the Regatta™ collection features magnetic closures for capping and posting on every fountain and rollerball pen, making them as dynamic as the contests themselves with features that bond the pen’s elements together. The Flagship displays the line’s notable carbon fiber aesthetic, and is finished off with rose gold accents that define the style. This Limited Edition design is available in fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint pen. The fountain pen’s black nib is available in Fine, Medium, Broad, and Stub sizes, and uses an included threaded ink converter or ink cartridges. Fountain pen fills with Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges, ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills, and the capped rollerball accepts G2 and W2 refills.

MV32395 Ballpoint Pen

MV32396 Rollerball Pen


MV32397 - EF MV32392 - F MV32393 - M MV32391 - B MV32394 - S


Fountain Pen

Charm is personified by the new Regatta™ Allura. Named for its sleek, edgy design that brings charisma to the forefront, this carbon fiber and brass pen features a multitude of textures and looks. Brushed silver sections and matte accents unify to create a bold style to suit any taste. The word “allure” denotes a quality of powerful and mysterious beauty, and the Allura pen’s unique features say it all. The Regatta™ collection offers magnetic closures for capping and posting on every fountain and rollerball pen, while the solid weight provides ideal balance for a supreme writing performance.


MV35379 Ink•Ball™

Draw ink up through the Ink•Ball™ tip The retractable Engage™ utilizes one-of-a-kind Ink•Ball™ technology to draw ink in the fashion of a fountain pen, but with the convenience of a rollerball. It can be filled from an ink bottle by using the converter and drawing ink up through the point. The metallic rainbow tones on this Engage™ offer a stunning array of hues to capture the eye.

MV36825 - EF MV36822 - F MV36823 - M MV36821 - B MV36824 - S

Fountain Pen


MV36827 - 0.5mm MV36828 - 0.7mm MV36805 - EF MV36802 - F MV36803 - M MV36801 - B MV36804 - S

Fountain Pen


MV36807 - 0.5mm MV36808 - 0.7mm MV36815 - EF MV36812 - F MV36813 - M MV36811 - B MV36814 - S

Fountain Pen


MV36817 - 0.5mm MV36818 - 0.7mm

Lagoons blend contrasting colors and wildlife with a union that indulges all of the senses. The beauty of these natural wonders has inspired artistry around the globe, as the sun casts intricate patterns onto each wave. The Laguna™ collection was designed with these natural tones in mind, offering tranquil hues and a unique clip. The collection is offered in Blue, Red, and Clear, with fountain pen and Ink•Ball™ options. Our innovative Ink•Ball™ technology allows users the experience of a pen that fills and writes as fluidly as a fountain pen, but with the convenience of the point offered in a rollerball. The Laguna's unique bamboo-shaped rolling clip allows for easy access while still securing your pen to any pocket. Every pen is crafted from handmade resin and its sleek design offers a unique, ergonomic experience. Ink•Ball™ is offered in 0.5mm and 0.7mm point sizes, while fountain is offered in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and 1.1mm Stub Nib sizes. All options fill with included Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges or converter, and are housed in a luxury gift box.

MV41682 - F MV41683 - M MV41681 - B MV41684 - S

Black Mountain

Fountain Pen

The Black Mountains make their way across the stunning landscapes of western North Carolina, and are the highest mountains in the Eastern USA. Named after the breathtaking spruce and fir trees that darken the scenery, the mountains are a prime example of the elegance of nature. Varieties of wildlife thrive throughout the region, from bears and trout to otters and falcons, creating a thriving ecosystem. Inspired by the sweeping beauty of this iconic mountain range, Monteverde USA®’s designers have manufactured a splendid new collection called The Black Mountain Pen. Black gunmetal accents bring dimension to the classic uniform look, with a stark black nib on the fountain pen option, and fine black resin to tie the style together. This pen is the perfect staple for any professional, and can complement an array of front pocket shades with its effortless sophistication. The collection consists of a capped fountain pen and matching twist ballpoint. Made from solid acrylic resins, each pen is adorned with polished chrome trim and features an ergonomic clip. Fountain pen fills via cartridge or included converter and is available in Fine, Medium, Broad, and 1.1mm Stub Nib. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills.


MV41685 Ballpoint Pen


MV42155 Ballpoint Pen


MV42157 - EF MV42152 - F MV42153 - M MV42151 - B MV42154 - S

Fountain Pen

The Rodeo Drive collection is modeled from a vision of luxury. Whether you’re writing away at a cafe in Beverly Hills or signing a check on Wall Street, you’ll catch the eyes of others with this stunning design. Ergonomically balanced, a joy to own, and ideal for your pocket, briefcase, purse, or desk, your collection won’t be complete without a Rodeo Drive pen. The latest iridescent designs are sure to captivate the eye with each dazzling turn, encompassing a variety of elegant hues.

Full Color

MV42135 Ballpoint Pen

MV42137 - EF MV42132 - F MV42133 - M MV42131 - B MV42134 - S

MV42127 - EF MV42122 - F MV42123 - M MV42121 - B MV42124 - S

Fountain Pen

MV42125 Ballpoint Pen

Fountain Pen

Redesigned for a uniform, yet bold look, the latest Rodeo Drive pens are sure to become a staple in your collection. The fountain pen’s stainless steel nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Stub sizes, and uses a threaded ink converter or ink cartridges. Fountain pen fills with Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills.




MV29915 Ballpoint Pen

MV29916 Rollerball Pen

MV29912 - F MV29913 - M MV29911 - B MV29914 - S

Fountain Pen

The modern design of the Impressa™ starts at the top of the cap with a perfect square, which then transitions into the round barrel. The sleek clip has a spring action that allows for smooth placement and removal from the pocket. The classic hue of black merges with a bold design to unite modern and timeless concepts. Mode choices include ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain pen with a black nib in either in Fine, Medium, Broad, or Stub. Fountain pen fills with Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges or included piston ink converter. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills and the capped rollerball accepts the G2 and W2 refills.

MV35407 Ballpoint Pen

MV35408 Ballpoint Pen

MV35409 Ballpoint Pen

This multifunctional writing instrument is as innovative as it is sleek, offering several functions. The heavy weight, six-sided barrel houses a touchscreen stylus, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, a built-in level, a ruler, and two different scale functions, all in one ballpoint pen. The chiseled spring clip holds the pen securely in a pocket, making it easily accessible to handle numerous jobs. The latest edition to the collection comes with the introduction of the Tool Pen Edge™. Available in black, blue, and red, the striped look offers a bold design choice on a pen that is a universal necessity. This pen fills with Monteverde USA® D1 refills.

MV36799 Medium



Express your creativity with a different nib for every occasion. The Monteverde USA® Monza 3™ offers three removable front sections to accompany a trio of stainless steel nibs in Fine, Omniflex™, and Medium. Utilize the Fine nib when crafting personal greeting cards. The Omniflex™ nib adapts to every curve, which is perfect for unique line variation. Choose the Medium nib when writing down your daily thoughts and quick meeting notes. Each set comes with three piston ink converters, two ink cartridges, and is presented in a beautiful gift box.

Ballpoint Pen

MV10273 - Maui Blue

MV10274 - Racing Red

MV10275 - Black Attire


MV10271 - Cool Grey

5 A multifunctional design is key when choosing a staple piece for your daily errands. The Poquito Stylus™ easily conforms to fit your needs at a moment’s notice. Transition from note taking with the ballpoint, to typing on your phone with the stylus. The soft rubber is as responsive as your finger, but offers improved accuracy and prevents fingerprints. Utilize it on-the-go for a variety of screens from ATMs to airport kiosks and e-readers. Choose from a stunning array of colors to suit any taste. This ballpoint pen accepts D1 refills.

CK71361 Fountain Pen

The Conklin® Duraflex™ Sunstone collection showcases amber toned multidimensional designs with layered handmade resin and rose gold accents, coupled with a flexible nib to complement all writing styles. The Duraflex™ celebrates the ingenuity of the Duragraph™, a pen that influenced pen manufacturing for years after its time. The Duraflex™ Sunstone is enhanced with our Omniflex™ nib technology to offer a supreme writing experience, crafted for maximum performance. The rose gold nib is designed with tines that spread for ideal line variation, allowing sweeping strokes and tapers to be added to your writing with ease. Express your thoughts and develop your masterpieces with the intricate cut. This stunning Duraflex™ uses a standard international cartridge, or included piston converter, and is housed in a luxurious gift box.

Raven Black CK71495 - Ballpoint Pen


Fountain Pen


CK71491-F • CK71492-M • CK71493-S • CK71496-Omniflex

The Conklin Pen Company® aimed to distribute pens that would be affordable to the public without compromising quality, which sparked the rise of the All American™ collection in the early 1900s. Crafted from handmade European high-grade resin, the All American™ is developed to unite comfort and durability, with a carefully tapered cap and barrel. The fountain pen uses international cartridges, a converter (supplied), and the ballpoint is accompanied with a refill which accepts the Monteverde USA® P1 and P4 refills. Each Conklin® brand writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift box lined with satin. The All American™ collection is an ideal gift for any person in your life, whether they use the pens in their professional lives, home offices, or as a stylish accessory.

CK75386 Rollerball Pen Fountain Pen CK75387-EF CK75381-F CK75382-M

CK75384-B CK75383-S CK75388-Omniflex

CK75396 Rollerball Pen Fountain Pen CK75397-EF CK75391-F CK75392-M

CK75394-B CK75393-S CK75398-Omniflex

CK75406 Rollerball Pen Fountain Pen

CK75407-EF CK75401-F CK75402-M

CK75404-B CK75403-S CK75408-Omniflex

CK75426 Rollerball Pen Fountain Pen CK75427-EF CK75421-F CK75422-M

CK75424-B CK75423-S CK75428-Omniflex

CK75436 Rollerball Pen Fountain Pen CK75437-EF CK75431-F CK75432-M

CK75434-B CK75433-S CK75438-Omniflex

CK75416 Rollerball Pen

CK75417-EF CK75411-F CK75412-M

CK75414-B CK75413-S CK75418-Omniflex

Drawing inspiration from Conklin®’s original models and the rich heritage of the brand, we are proud to introduce a new collection to the lineup: the Empire™. Offered in both fountain pen and rollerball, this collection offers vintage appeal and elegance coupled with a modern, bold style. Torpedo-shaped with tapered ends, each Empire™ is made from quality shimmering acrylic resins and is engineered to perfection, creating its distinctive and unforgettable fluted cap and body design. A timeless new model, the Empire™ offers a unique shape and an ergonomic and sculpted feel, perfect for daily writing. Paired with engraved silver accents, the clip displays the legendary Conklin® trademarked name which is hand-painted in blue lacquer, while the cap band is painted red. Along with a daring new appearance is a hidden mechanism: our all-new twist magnet lock system that allows a swift, soft, and pleasing opening and closure. Each fountain pen comes with Conklin®’s famous nibs in six available sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1mm Stub, and Omniflex™. These fountain pens fill via standard cartridge or included converter, while the rollerball uses standard refills. Each Conklin® fine writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift box.


Fountain Pen


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2019 MV & CK New Products Catalog  

2019 MV & CK New Products Catalog