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A hydrating visual experience

The World's First 'Light Up' Water MoJo Electro Light is the World's first 'light up' bottled drinking water. Private labeling of MoJo Electro Light is only available through qualified promotional product distributors.

MoJo contains only ultra purified drinking water. No chemicals, preservatives or contaminants of any kind are ever added to the water. MoJo water is safe and suitable for all ages.

Light up your venue with a spellbinding mix of color and light. MoJo Agua introduces the World's first fully illuminated disposable water beverage container. Designed to enhance the atmosphere, each bottle of MoJo Agua delivers a refreshing, hydrating experience unlike anything your customers have ever seen.

Electro Light


MoJo Electro Light was designed as an atmosphere enhancement, for entertainment venues and nighttime special events. Unlike alcoholic or highly caffeinated mood altering drinks, MoJo Electro Light delivers all of the fun and exciting benefits but contains nothing but ultra purified drinking water, making it suitable for all ages.



Decades of scientific studies confirm the positive impact light can have a on an individual's mood and psychological well-being. These energizing effects of light provide basis for this exciting new water beverage.

When the electronic label is activated, the bottle instantly lights up to display one or more of a dozen different colors and color combinations. The dramatic effect makes the client's brand highly visible, especially at night.

ELECTRO LIGHT MoJo's patent-pending electronic label engages customers visually, from a distance - a viral marketers dream. MoJo Agua attracts passersby, converts the curious, and delivers a steady stream of new fans and followers of the brand.

The MoJo beverage contains only purified drinking water MoJo does not contain flavored water

Atmosphere in a bottle MoJo Agua is a unique bottled beverage, designed to alter moods, enhance the environment and generate an uplifting feeling of excitement and energy.

Completely water-proof and can be packed in ice Lights shine at peak brightness for several hours (up to 6hrs) Bottles are Disposable/Recycleable (remove battery first) Light is activated by a tiny switch at the bottom of the container

Actually, everything around you may be a dream or an illusion. Your personal consciousness is all that you know for certain truly exists.

LED light does not heat up the water

MoJo Electro Light - Ultra Purified Drinking Water Item#: MEL000 Unit Size: 16.9fl oz | 500ml Case Pack: 24 units Case Weight: Standard Production Time: 5 days
















Price includes a single location, 1 color imprint. Pricing shown is per piece. Setup charge $50.00(v).



MoJo Agua is committed to being a responsible environmental citizen. We only use RoHS compliant electronics to ensure that technology produced by our factories does not end up in community landfills but is recycled and disposed of properly.

MoJo water is currently available as a branded retail product. Under the brand name MoJo Agua, MoJo 'light up' water is being sold through retail outlets in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin and New York.

MoJo Agua Corporation is a privately held beverage distribution company, licensed by the state of California. Founded in 2013, MoJo Agua is the inventor and distributor of the World's first illuminated water beverage. MoJo water is bottled and labeled locally, in Southern California. MoJo Agua's manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen, China with final product assembly conducted out of its Los Angeles location.

For detailed recycling information please visit:

MoJo Colors is a completely separate promotional product division. After much research and testing, MoJo has developed an efficient method of delivering custom imprinted labels quickly and in quantities as low as 250 pieces. Customized labels and c u s t o m i z e d p ro d u c t i s o n l y available through qualified promotional product distributors.

Distributed Exclusively by:

MoJo Water is available in a wide range of LED light colors. For quantities larger than 10,000 pieces, custom LED colors are available, including custom blink patterns and customized activation methods.

MoJo Colors Corporation - Los Angeles, California Electro-Light is a trademark of MoJo Agua Corporation LED 'Light Up' Plastic Bottle: U.S and International Patents Pending Mojo Electro Light is the World's first light up bottled water. Designed as an atmosphere enhancement for entertainment venues and nighttime special events, MoJo sparks life into any party. Unlike alcoholic or highly caffeinated drinks, MoJo contains nothing but ultra purified drinking water, making it suitable for all ages.

TO ACTIVATE YOUR MOJO (instructions): Look for the circular label underneath this container. To activate, click the dot at the center of the label. 1) Press once to blink 'fast' 2) Click twice to blink 'slow' 3) Click three times for a steady light 4) Click again to turn the light off

Please recycle responsibly The lighting unit attached to the base of this bottle must be removed before recycling.

Water source: Colton Municipal Water District For water quality information, please visit:

At the consumer level, we encourage customers to never throw batteries into trash cans or recycle bins which are intended for plastic or aluminum. Instead, we ask our customers to follow the instructions printed on the MoJo Agua label and recycle our product in a responsible manner.



* labeling requirement

A hydrating visual experience

MoJo 'Light Up' Drinking Water  
MoJo 'Light Up' Drinking Water