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Importers and distributors of a range of some of the most well known and leading brands from around the world.

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Tania Walters Publisher

THE COVID-19 pandemic has done

many things to markets worldwide, but the beverage industry is perhaps a good barometer for other categories to watch. It’s a bit strange to hear that beverage suppliers are optimistic when faced with the impact of the pandemic. Yet, based on New Zealanders’ increased appetite for locally-produced, locally-sourced and New Zealand-made products since March 2020, that is the general feel of the market when talking about the future growth of the beverage industry in New Zealand. The pandemic has pushed local consumption, with consumers caught in lockdown ordering through supermarkets, direct-to-consumer (d2c) and liquor outlets with what has been called the pandemic pivot to locally made alcoholic, craft and non-alcoholic beverages. A key driver to the sector’s growth comes from consumers reacting to supply chain disruptions mid-pandemic. Panic buying during the first lockdown showed how quickly the shelves could empty, leaving store owners unable to replenish imported value-added products quickly enough. Consumers voted with their wallets. They looked not at just what was missing from the shelves but what they could do to support kiwi suppliers. As kiwis had to shelter at home during the lockdowns, their online searches and purchasing helped trigger a resurgence

of interest in locally made. Supply chain disruptions got people thinking about buying New Zealand made and how to support local by brand switching. Many of our clients, particularly those with more artisanal offerings, have told us that more customers support local producers. Consumers would much rather buy local and have that craft quality. Though already a conscious trend over the last few years, the pandemic has brought it to the forefront of consumer buying patterns. Particularly with consumer spending being driven more towards products that make them feel better in lockdown. While a trend for some years, health and wellbeing products have picked up the pace with the advent of COVID-19. The pandemic has encouraged brands to reformulate and newcomers to look to superfood ingredients to bolster the health and wellbeing aspects of their products. Consumer demand for zero or low alcohol and functional beverages has increased over the past two years. Using hemp, CBD and terpenes, among other ingredients, beverage manufacturers are answering that demand. Perhaps it is more about what manufacturers are taking out than putting in that is the driver. The long-running trend towards drinking less but better quality in many mature markets has seen the emergence of craft beverages gain strength. Premiumisation in the spirits category continues to grow at a fast rate. The growth of craft has also helped to fuel the demand for spirits generally. And then there’s Gin. The gin

revolution continues to expand its reach and draw new consumers to the category. This year tonic is having its minirevolution with the flavour developments showing some great innovation. Though flavour innovations are helping to entice new demographics into spirits, millennials’ demand for low and no alcohol is also a dynamic area of growth in established markets. Here in New Zealand, we have seen the rise of craft in beers and spirits, non-alcoholic and functional drinks. Pubs and taverns have been severely disadvantaged in lockdowns, with social distancing requirements sending most operators into a rethink of their operations. D2C, subscription or club memberships for wine, beer and craft spirits are growing, and this disruptor is garnering brands more sales in their niche categories. Water looks next to join this d2c model. Major players are also picking up artisanal brands as their experimentation with flavours shows real promise. Whatever the outcome of the pandemic, the markets have changed, and the only way ahead is to drive forward with innovation, however, the shelves are not elastic, and the surge in brands will undoubtedly hit the wall when faced with the struggle to be listed.

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Tania Walters

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LYRE'S non-alcoholic old fashioned Lyre’s award winning range of non-alcoholic spirits are quietly changing the way the world drinks. How? By giving drinkers and non drinkers alike the freedom to drink their drink, their way. Is your venue missing out on the growth from Lyre’s Premium non-alcoholic options? Be part of the change. Contact the Lyre’s team at today or call 0 21 073 2329 to discuss the unparalleled range of drinks that can only be made with Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits.

Stay Spirited. Make it a Lyre's. Review Publishing Co Ltd


New Zealanders’ Spirits Come of Age Kiwi’s palates are evolving. The cheerio with tomato sauce has evolved into porcini with crème fraiche, Gordon’s gin into New Zealand’s own double gold medal crafted botanical spirit. We are demanding premium local spirits, and our industry is delivering.

Dr Sue James Chairperson, Distilled Spirits Aotearoa


he popularity of spirits in New Zealand has been steadily increasing – the sales volume of spirits has risen each year for the last five years, driven mainly by gin. For the first time ever, spirits have overtaken beer as the No1 selling category in leading liquor stores. While our New Zealand distillers are still only a small part (4.6 percent) of the total value of the market, they are driving the most growth in the spirits category (>25 percent volume growth last year), out-distancing global imports. Interestingly, the COVID lockdown seemed to have been the epiphany for the New Zealand public – we found our neighbourhood distillery and the joy of a home-made cocktail experience. Gin clubs and tasting groups have popped up on social media, with bloggers and influencers encouraging the public to be more adventurous and aware of quality. With time on our hands, we learned to enjoy the


flavours and the experience the spirit in a considered way - to ‘sip and savour’. New Zealand consumers are following global trends with the move to premiumisation, and a move away from quantity to quality. In December 2020, the NZ Alcohol Beverages Council surveyed New Zealander’s attitudes to alcohol, polling 1000 New Zealanders. They showed that 62 percent of Kiwis had enjoyed a premium drink in the previous 12 months. The choice to enjoy a liqueur or quality spirit is now equal in choice with quality/premium wine (30 percent), while 23 percent of people chose a craft beer, and 20 percent a cocktail. Our New Zealand spirits may not be the cheapest on the market. Even though many cocktails and mixed spirit drinks contain less alcohol than a glass of wine or strong beer, spirits are penalised with the highest excise rate. The New Zealand government takes a hefty third of the price of a bottle of spirits in tax (excise, HPA and GST). Our New Zealand distillers struggle to break into the market against this disadvantage. To get on the shelf, distributors and retailers will typically charge up to 50 percent of the recommended retail price (RRP) of a bottle, leaving just 17 percent of the

RRP for the distiller to cover materials, production and overheads, and any profit. Many distillers would earn as little as $5 profit on each bottle they make, which means a significant number of bottles need to be sold in order to make a business viable. In many cases the switch to on-line sales over COVID was the key to helping our new distilleries survive. The massive global growth in the popularity of spirits, increasing costs, focus on origin, sustainability, and quality, plus COVID-related supply delays have already caused New Zealand distillers to seek out local sourcing opportunities for their ingredients. As the Kiwi distilling industry expands there is a parallel opportunity for New Zealand’s own raw material suppliers to gain traction. We are already seeing this in botanicals several New Zealand growers are currently expanding their crops of angelica and orris root, and the development of a juniper berry industry for New Zealand is underway. Excitingly we are seeing a particular vibrancy to our botanicals due to our unique sun and soil, which could lead to a distinctive sensory profile for New Zealand-made spirits. And New Zealand’s spirits genuinely do stack up against overseas imports. In the latest NZ Spirits Awards, local and imported spirits were judged sideby-side in blind tastings by 21 qualified judges. New Zealand gin and vodka yet again won the overall trophies for these categories, beating extraordinarily wellknown international brands. We expect to see New Zealand distilleries in serious contention for the overall whisky, rum and brandy trophies in the next few years, when these aged products come onto the market. Summer bought out the love of festivals, with an explosion of Gincredibles, Gindulgences, Gintastics, Dram Fest, Gin & Fin, On the Rocks and Spring Festivals. Kiwis were ready for a cultured, grown-up occasion to enjoy the great New Zealand craft spirits on the market – relaxing in a garden-party type atmosphere, with good music and company. Interest, attendance and overall spend has increased every year these festivals are held. The responsible adult drinking population has shown that there is a growing enjoyment and appreciation of premium craft spirits, and spirits are deservedly seen as a responsible drinking option alongside beer and wine. New Zealanders’ spirits are coming of age.


Are Kiwis paying too much for a cup of coffee? No, they’re probably not paying enough. When you take the time to consider what goes into the daily brew, you soon realise there’s a lot in that cup.

Luise Metelka from Flight Coffee Roasters will represent NZ at the World Barista Championship in 2022

ROZ CATTELL​ President of the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association


s an association built on coffee, we are often asked why different coffees are more expensive than others. We also get asked how much we should be paying for that cup of coffee. Legalities rightly keep us from “setting the price” or indeed setting the recipe for a flat white. What we can do is explain what to consumers what they are paying for in that cup, and why they could potentially be paying more. Roz Cattell​, president of the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA), said that roasters and cafes across New Zealand are absorbing significant increases in costs, which means the true value of a cup of coffee isn’t being represented in what Kiwis are paying.

“Our members are taking one for the team of five million by trying to keep the price of a long black or flat white relatively low. But we need to appreciate what we’re actually putting into your cup of coffee, and there’s a lot in that cup,” explained Cattell. “Coffee is a deceivingly simple product - beans, water and maybe some milk. However, add on the rising cost of freight, education on how to make the coffee, wages, equipment, power, rent, milk, the vessel you drink from and beans themselves, and it starts to paint a different picture. “ New Zealanders drink around 2.2 kilograms of coffee each per year and we do have excellent coffee. It’s our daily affordable luxury. Looking at the journey of the coffee to the cup, the NZSCA can see the added value to every part of the link in the chain. And there’s a lot of people and systems in that chain. “The price of a cup of coffee should reflect the skills and experience that growers, roasters and baristas add to take your coffee from a caffeine injection, to

a real experience. We owe it to coffee professionals to look at the value we place on their expertise,” Cattell continued. It can be hard to take a step back to appreciate the global supply chain of coffee, and the things that can impact it. In New Zealand, we might notice a traffic jam of cargo ships waiting to be unloaded, costing more each day they wait at sea. But we don’t see the devastating impacts of weather events like droughts or frosts that have ruined countless crops in Brazil. Or the changes in global currency that drives down the money farmers can earn while increasing the cost of importing coffee. Or the investment in research and development that farmers are doing to keep pushing up the quality, yield and resilience of their crops. It’s interesting to note that in the last three years, the wages of New Zealand’s frontline staff have gone up $4 an hour. The cost of the cup has remained insanely stable in the café. So while we are now valuing and ultimately paying a living wage to our daily barista’s who have trained for hours and hours, and work with thousands of dollars of equipment in fit-outs that are architecturally designed as safe, warm, clean inviting spaces, our consumers are certainly not paying for the unseen extras in the cup. It all adds up. It costs everyone in the chain before it ends up in your cup. With all of this in mind, would people care if their coffee costs more and reflects the true value of the experience they’re having? It may take some time, but changing the mindset is an exciting prospect. There’s a lot to be said for the rise of craft beer, wine and chocolate in New Zealand and the messaging that consumers have embraced when happily paying for quality artisan products. Coffee is no different. What can you do to get consumers to appreciate the full value of your daily coffee? Spread the true value message of a good cup of coffee, let customers know they are still getting a bargain, but might be paying a fairer price. Keep buying coffee from your local roastery. We’re lucky to have an abundance of members doing good for sustainability in all aspects of the supply chain. Supporting locals has allowed our economy to bounce back stronger. Remember, there’s a lot in that cup. Stay safe, be kind, drink New Zealand coffee. Review Publishing Co Ltd


JUICES Juices and syrups

SIX BARREL SYRUP The team at Six Barrel Soda are a bunch of soda lovers based in Wellington who have been making wonderful drinks for nearly 10 years. The brand makes small-batch syrups using real fruit, high quality ingredients, and fairtrade cane sugar - nothing fake or nasty. Six Barrel syrups are perfect for mixing with sparkling water or using as a spirit or cocktail mixer. The range covers 18 classic and creative flavours, as well as seasonal limited editions plus fun partner collaborations. There’s something to suit every palate - from classic cola, to feijoa, to rosemary and cucumber tonic. Championing flavour and quality, these syrups are guaranteed to make any occasion fancy.

Browse the full range at


Delicious tasting 100% pure blueberry juice with no added sugar or additives. It›s not just a drink, it›s a healthy start to your day! Made from Mamaku blueberries, packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. Blueberries can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also antiinflammatory making Mamaku blueberry juice a great, natural addition in one’s daily health regime. Studies show that a bowl of blueberries eaten consistently every day can also help reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. We have made the job even easier by squeezing 1,200 berries into a single bottle for Kiwis to get their daily intake. Just measure out a tot sized serving, you can enjoy it just like that or add to hot or cold water. Cold pressed and made by the Frost family with more than 30 years of experience.

311 Maraeroa Road, Mamaku, Rotorua 3072 NZ 07 332 5840

Apple is the new orange. 8

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ Recognised as the Best Coca-Cola Bottler in the World! Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand Brings Home The Candler Cup


oca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand (CCEP NZ) has been named the winner of the 2020 Candler Cup, a competition to find the best Coca-Cola bottler in the world. The competition is designed to recognise the Coca-Cola bottler that best demonstrates executional excellence including investment in people, capability, and culture. With over 220 bottling partners globally, there are qualifying criteria just to gain entry into the competition. Following this, regional competitions are held until 9 bottlers head into the global finals. While nowhere near the biggest in the world by size, in typical Kiwi fashion CCEP NZ punched above their weight in other significant areas to stand above the crowd. This included consistent sustainable growth, record employee engagement, and leading customer support all set against the backdrop of a global pandemic. “It’s an honour to be recognised as best in class by our peers and The Coca-Cola Company. While the financial results speak for itself, at the heart of our success are our people and our customers.

Their passion, dedication, and incredible resilience is what makes us the best Coca-Cola bottler in the world,” noted Chris Litchfield, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand. Julie O’Toole Country Manager of CocaCola Oceania, (The Coca-Cola Company’s local arm) is thrilled for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ. “It’s been inspiring to see CCEP NZ deliver positive commercial results, high employee engagement and keep their focus on sustainability. The Candler Cup win confirms what we have known here locally for a while, that CCEP NZ is indeed the best Coke bottler in the world.” With COVID putting New Zealand back in lockdown, CCEP NZ is focusing on what it’s known for - looking after its 1000+ employees across New Zealand and supporting its customers both large and small. 2020 was the third year Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand has been in the finals, having worked its way to the top 3 in 2018 and 2017. This is the first time New Zealand came out with the win. Review Publishing Co Ltd


JUICES Juices and syrups


If you struggle with joint pain or even getting a good night’s sleep, Bickford’s 100% Premium Cherry Juice could be just what you need. Cherries are one of the few sources of melatonin – a hormone that may help to regulate your sleep cycles and can improve your overall sleep quality. Plant foods, like cherries, are also commonly known for their role in helping to combat obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, when consumed as part of a balanced diet. Cherries are also a great source Vitamin A and C and are high in antioxidants, zinc, fibre, protein and good fats, great for your overall wellbeing. Bickford’s 100% Cherry Juice is made up of sweet cherries and tart cherries to deliver you a perfectly balanced cherry flavour you just can’t resist. All Bickford’s Premium Juices are made from 100% natural fruit juice and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and no added sugar. It’s only natural.

For more information, contact or your Centurion Sales & Marketing representative.


Here’s one for the cheeky little Charlies. The team has blended its famous notfrom-concentrate fruit juice with pure water to create the perfect drink for the little ones, and of course they’ve not added any preservatives or sugar - just the good stuff! Available in tropical, orange, apple, blackcurrant/apple, 200ml pouches.

For more information, contact

PHOENIX ORGANIC JUICE Organic since day one. Phoenix Organic Juices are a range of delicious drinks crafted using the finest organic ingredients made in Auckland, New Zealand. Phoenix is also a proud sponsor of Sustainable Coastlines — a New Zealand charity who roll up their sleeves to protect our beaches and waterways. Available in Apple Blackcurrant, Apple Peach Raspberry, Apple Guava, Apple, Apple Orange Mango, Apple Feijoa, Apple Pear, Apple Mango Passion.

For more information contact



A Charlie’s not much has changed since they squeezed their very first orange back in 1999. With Charlie’s, what you see is what you get, because let’s face it - it’s juice not rocket science. It’s just a bottle filled to the brim with pick-of-the-bunch, juicy, squeezed oranges – that’s pretty much it! Charlie’s never add concentrate, preservatives or sugar – there’s no room for it – it’s orange juice after all. Enjoy! Available in orange juice, low pulp, extra pulp, with fibre, mandarin/ mango/pineapple, and apple juice. 300ml, 500ml, 1l, 1.5l and 2l.

For more information, contact

Employer Of Choice For Third Consecutive Year HRD has unveiled New Zealand’s top employers for 2021, naming Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand (CCEP NZ) number one for a third consecutive year.


he company is thrilled to be named New Zealand’s Employer of Choice 2021, the only company to receive the reputable gold award for three consecutive years. The annual HRD Employer of Choice Awards reveal New Zealand’s top-ranking employers in terms of overall experience for employees and aims to recognise companies who stand out in a crowded marketplace by showcasing the best places to work. The awards assess New Zealand companies from the perspective of their employees, assess a wide range of key areas and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ has been recognised for its excellent results in key areas including work-life balance, health and wellbeing, career progression, recruitment, training and development, and access to technology and resources. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ is one of this country’s top performing companies when it comes to its people experiences, having received the HRD Employer of Choice Award for the past three years in a row for highly engaged employees. Managing Director of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ, Chris Litchfield is delighted with the award recognition,

saying it is people that make up the heart of the New Zealand business. “Our employees, the people who have built the foundations of such a successful workplace and company, are the reason we have received this award again,” he said. “This recognition showcases our commitment to listening to our employees’ needs and indicates we are on the right track in doing what’s right by our people. We treat awards as a compass rather than the destination, it’s critical we continue to adapt and make Coca-Cola Europacific Partners an even better place to work.” The General Manager of People and Culture at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ, Susan Lowe noted that to be recognised as New Zealand’s top employer reflects the company’s values and ongoing efforts to adapt to everchanging environments and do right by its people. “Significant emphasis is placed on candidates’ experiences to ensure that the company both attracts and retains the best talent. This includes empowering our people through our flexible working policy, Flex@ Amatil, and investing in our people’s development with a comprehensive L&D framework, Learn@Amatil, providing our

people with a self-service platform where they can learn anywhere, anytime. “To be named the 2021 Employer of Choice after an incredibly challenging past 12 months with a global pandemic, is a testament to our initiatives and suggests we stepped up and put our people first at a time when it mattered most, which included keeping all our staff employed and paid 100% of their wages, and the repayment of the $7.2M wage subsidy.” “The past year has been a challenge to say the least, as organisations pivoted and adapted in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis,” added HRD’s managing editor, Emily Douglas. “However, throughout the whole pandemic, employers continued to lean on their HR teams for support and guidance. In times of stress and uncertainty, it was HR that led the way. Congratulations to all of our 2021 Employer of Choice winners – each shining examples of how to lead with decisiveness, compassion, and empathy.” Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ was also honoured to be one of the first companies in New Zealand to be accredited with the Rainbow Tick, 2020 is the sixth consecutive year Amatil NZ achieved this recognition. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ employs over 1,000 throughout New Zealand and indirectly creates thousands more jobs across the supply chain and with key suppliers. Having access to millions of consumers through more than 15,000 active customers, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners NZ is committed to leading through innovation, building a sustainable future and delivering longterm value to shareholders. Review Publishing Co Ltd


CRAFT Wine, beer, cider and spirits Importers and distributors of a range of some of the most well known and leading brands from around the world.

Get fizzed

With WORLD CLASS REFRESHMENT Calypso Taste of the Islands Calypso, the originator of the flavoured lemonade category. Made with real lemon or lime bits, real sugar, natural flavours and served in premium custom glass bottles. Over the past eighteen years, Calypso’s range has evolved from four lemonade blends into over a dozen lemonade, limeade, and tea and lemonade combinations.



LaCroix The USA’s no. 1 Sparkling Water Discover LaCroix’s incredible range of 13 refreshing flavours, ranging from Passionfruit, Lime and Peach Pear. Each sip is flavoured with the natural essence oils extracted from real fruit, provoking the senses with robust aromas, hints of flavour and a crisp effervescence. With so many flavours to choose from, LaCroix is the perfect guilt-free drink for every occasion with zero calories, zero sugar and zero sweetener. No wonder it’s number 1 all across the US.

CARBONATED Original, craft and sugar–free IRN-BRU Made in Scotland Scotland’s ‘second’ national drink, always a top seller at home competing directly with global brands. How would you describe the essence of a flavour that only two people in the world know? One that the unique combination of 32 flavours is such a closely guarded secret, that it is held under lock and key in a vault in Switzerland? With no way to ever say for sure, let’s just agree IRN-BRU tastes magic.

Freshpak Rooibos Tea Original Rooibos from South Africa Freshpak Rooibos grows in the clean mountain air on the slopes of the Cederberg in the Western Cape South Africa to produce a tea distinguished by its warm aromatic fragrance and strength of flavour. Freshpak Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and contains beneficial antioxidant, polyphenols.

US Canned Beverages Iconic USA Flavours Every famous flavour you’ve never had the chance to try, all in one place. Discover classic beverages that have been American favourites for decades such as Dr Pepper, Cherry Cola, A&W Root Beer, Welch’s Grape and more. After just a sip, you’ll be asking why these aren’t world famous in New Zealand yet.

Get in touch to stock the best from around the world Review Publishing Co Ltd


Cold Beverages Sector on the Rise Julie Bramley Presents an Insight into the Trends Around this Growing Market Julie Bramley Market Insights and Research Consultant, IRI New Zealand


lose to $1 billion was spent on Cold Beverages in the grocery channel over the past 12 months with additional sales of $55.2 million and growth up 6 percent. By comparison, total pre-packaged goods are down 0.6 percent for the same period, so, what can be learned from Cold Beverages about successfully driving strong growth? The answer seems to lie in identifying and then meeting consumer needs, desires and goals. Carbonated Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks categories are responsible for nearly $6 in every $10 of beverage growth. No-Sugar options are growing twice as fast as their sugary counterparts across both categories which is good news, but is it enough? The bulk of sales still remains firmly with sugar versions. In 45 countries around the world, including the UK, governments have intervened by introducing a sugar tax on soft drinks. New Zealand has the third highest obesity rate in the OECD, so NZ soft drink manufacturers must keep encouraging the adoption of low-sugar options to demonstrate they have the interests of their consumer top of mind…and steer clear of any potential for similar intervention here.

Meeting the Need to Indulge While we know that recent consumer trends are driven by health and wellness goals, we see time and time again that actual behaviour shows that consumers still like to feel indulgent with confectionery and other segments benefitting. Indulgent categories are also quite recession-proof. We know we’re going to be heading into a period where consumer wallets are likely to be more stretched with


cost-driven inflation predicted, and interest rates predicted to rise going into 2022. Consumers love to spend on small indulgences at these times. There are two well-known trends evident throughout the beverages sector:

The art of Premiumisation Driven by the desire to create elevated experiences at home, consumers are willing to pay more for products that offer something that is, or is perceived to be, more premium. A great example is FeverTree tonic up 42.5 percent with more than $1 million in sales growth in the past year. Growing 5.5 times faster than the Soda/Tonic category and despite being priced at 5.7 times more1 than the category average, FeverTree shows what can be achieved when a brand truly understands consumers’ needs. In this case, it’s the gin drinker who is experimenting at home with some of the many new varieties now available and finding tonics to match.

Health & Wellness functional benefits

According to IRI’s recent Health & Wellness Survey2, nearly one in five Kiwis make food and drink choices because of specific health benefits such as including ingredients with properties known to improve gut health, increase metabolism or support physical and emotional wellbeing. Kiwis are choosing drinks with the following benefits: IMMUNITY BOOSTERS One in five New Zealanders is buying specific food, beverage or supplements with immunity-boosting/support qualities. Beverages which call out ‘immunity’ in their packaging are up 16.2 percent and include brands such as Homegrown and McCoy. BRAIN FUNCTION A significant number of New Zealanders (21 percent according to the IRI survey) are seeking to achieve enhanced brain function and memory by consuming

specific foods, beverages or supplements. Arepa, a Nootropic drink which purports to promote mental clarity, is up 310 percent compared to a year ago. A New Zealand brand, Arepa is a patented formula which focuses on plant-based ingredients. GUT HEALTH One in four Kiwis is seeking digestive and gut health benefits so it’s not surprising to see growth within the Kombucha category. Although the category growth overall has slowed down significantly to 2.6 percent, it’s hard to ignore the two brand leaders within this space – Lo Bros up 18.2 per cent and Remedy up 16.1 percent. REDUCED SUGAR Beverage brands have been responding to the consumer demand for less or no sugar soft drinks for some time. ‘No sugar’ options are up 8.2 percent in dollar growth but account for 39 percent of all dollar growth across the total Cold Beverages category. No-sugar options now represent 36 percent of the Carbonated Soft drinks category sales and are responsible for more than half the growth. They are also growing 3.8 times faster among Sports Drinks and 5.8 times faster among Shlef-Stable Juices & Drinks, compared to their sugary versions. It’s reassuring to see No Sugar options growing in popularity. Three of the top four sub-brands in dollar sales growth are represented by sugar-free versions from brand cleanser Coke, V Blue and Sprite. Cold Beverages is a dynamic category representing a plethora of innovation and trends in action. Growth is coming from multiple areas where the needs of the consumer are being met. There are no doubt further opportunities for premiumisation and indulgence as Kiwis seek more exciting tastes and options to elevate occasions at home and out and about. The pursuit of improving health and wellbeing is evidenced by the growth of sugar free options and drinks offering functional benefits such as brain, gut and immunity enhancements. So what’s next? What else could beverage manufacturers target to provide benefit and excitement to New Zealanders? References: IRI Market Edge Grocery, New Zealand, MAT to 11/07/21 1 based on a per litre comparison IRI NZ Health & Wellness Survey May 2021 2, n=1000. Powered by Yabble


FUNCTIONAL Water, fermented and superfood



NEW MINI CANS - AVAILABLE NOW IN A 6 PACK For more information, contact or call 09 579 0963 Review Publishing Co Ltd


CARBONATED Original, craft and sugar–free


Barker & Quin tonic water is delicious enough to be drunk on its own, but add it to a craft gin, and you create a unique gourmet drinking experience. In a bid to create a superior tonic for the discerning gin drinker, Barker & Quin went to great lengths to source only the highest quality, natural products from Africa. Its citrus flavours and spices are created from distilled essences, and the tonic’s quinine is harvested from the bark of Chinchona trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Combining these ingredients with spring water from the Breede River in the Slanghoek Valley outside Cape Town, Barker & Quin have created a delectable tonic, free of artificial sweeteners, colourants and flavourants. This has helped create a delicious range of flavours, now available in New Zealand.

Contact, 021 058 7894 or visit


A revolution in its time CH’I Drinks turns 10 years old this spring. In the late 1980’s the owner of this cheeky New Zealand start up became increasingly concerned about sugars in drinks as CH’I became a mainstream product. Refusing to use the synthetic sugar replacers available, he learned about Stevia – natures incredibly sweet leaf herb. At the time it was a banned ingredient. He wrote to the Minister of Health expressing concern about sugar and asking for permission to use Stevia in 1989. The answer was NO, and CH’I waited until 2010 for the law to permit Stevia. First sold in October 2011, CH’I Herbal Sugar Free engages consumers who habitually buy large volumes and swap stores to find it.

For more information contact Ray Nicholls on 021 453 258 or


The brand’s best tasting, no sugar cola yet. The taste experts at Coca-Cola HQ in the US have been quietly working to optimise the flavour of this new recipe for more than five years. With Coca-Cola No Sugar, they’ve hit upon the best tasting no sugar Coca-Cola the team have ever made.

For more information contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand representative or call 0800 505 123


Foxton Fizz has been increasing distribution in the last 12 months, adding to the 103 year old brands’ footprint in the grocery and convenience channels. In addition to increased distribution, they’ve been working on their NPD and the recently introduced Foxton Fizz 1.5L bottles have proven to be a hit, with sales increasing strongly over the last six months. Creaming Soda leads in terms of sale rate, followed by Raspberry and Kola. While Foxton Fizz has been available in the 250ml bottles for over 100 years, the 1.5L PET bottles allow an affordable take home and share option, with their research indicating that consumption occasions often include events and gatherings of friends and family. The small town soda drinks brands, of which there used to be over 200, were strongly associated with family gatherings and holidays such as Christmas and Easter, and it seems this continues.

Foxton Fizz is supplied to the grocery channel by DKSH New Zealand. Phone: +64 6 356 5323, Email:


CARBONATED Original, craft and sugar–free PETE’S NATURAL

After perfecting their core range of freshly squeezed sodas, Pete’s Natural have added three bold innovative products to their line up: Lemon & Manuka Switchel, Hemp & Manuka and Beetroot Manuka Lemonade. These natural Super Soda’s are low in sugar and high in antioxidants and other good stuff.

Brewed in their solar powered factory in sunny Motueka and available nationwide at any good store, or online at


Royal Crown Cola is a truly unique product providing consumers with a smooth, refreshing, indulgent cola. Unlike other cola brands on the market, Royal Crown has a rich, caramel undertone, bottled in glass to preserve the quality and provide a premium flavour experience. A Kiwi favourite since 1997, Royal Crown Cola is available in 24 pack single- serve and 6x4 pack.

For more information, contact or call 09 579 0963.


Six Barrel Soda have been shaking up the soda game with experimental batches and flavours that pop since 2012. Now, they’re shaking things up with a fresh new range! All Six Barrel drinks are made in New Zealand from real fruit and fair-trade organic sugar (30% less than most other sodas, mind you). Served up in recyclable glass bottles, this is serious soda worth savouring. The new range includes a fresh take on familiar favourites, as well as some exciting new flavours - feijoa soda made from organic Hawke’s Bay fruit, anyone? We’ve taken all the good stuff from our renowned syrup range, added water and bubbles, and made the perfect ready-to-drink soda for home or hospitality.

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These iconic Italian Sparkling Drinks have been crafted with creativity since 1932. The winning recipe for a top drinking experience always begins with careful selection of the highest-quality Mediterranean fruits, herbs and spices. These drinks are produced exclusively in Italy with the oranges for the Aranciata coming exclusively from Sicily and Calabria, while the Limonata is made with lemons from Sicilian citrus groves. Flavours include Aranciata (Orange), Limonata (Lemon), Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange), Melograno & Arancia (Pomegranate & Orange), Clementina (Mandarin), and Pompelmo (Grapefruit).

S.PELLEGRINO SPARKLING MINERAL WATER S.Pellegrino Mineral Water flows from the thermal spring in the foothills of the Italian Alps towering above the Brembo River. The S.Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Mineral Water is a rare, perfect combination of dissolved minerals (rich in magnesium and calcium), with the addition of natural C02 resulting in a light, delicate effervescence, which is seen in its fine perlage. S.Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Mineral water is the ideal compliment to the world’s finest wine and cuisine. Now available in a 330ml slimline can.


S.Pellegrino Essenza is flavoured sparkling mineral water with a subtle, creative blend of Mediterranean fruit flavours crafted in S.Pellegrino gentle bubbles. Available a stunningly designed slim, recyclable 330ml can, in three unique Mediterranean flavours including Lemon & Lemon Zest, Tangerine & Wild Strawberry and Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate.

For more information, visit or contact, (09) 5783261

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FUNCTIONAL Water, fermented and superfood ANTIPODES WATER

For over a decade Antipodes water has been consistently rated as one of the finest waters in the world and the purest in New Zealand. Proudly New Zealand owned and the first carbon zero (Toitu certified) bottled water company in the world, since 2007. From the source, to any dining table in the world antipodes leaves behind absolutely no carbon footprint. Antipodes fine artesian water offers the highest degree of purity, pristine mineral flavours and neutrality, which makes it an ideal companion for fine food and wine. The glass bottle design is clean and simple, reflecting the purity of the water. Available as a still or softly beaded sparkling water, and presented in a stylish, contemporary and elegant glass bottle it is offered in 1,000ml and 500ml sizes.

Distributed nationally via Negociants NZ. Contact to place an order or for more information. Drink Chilled. Drink Often. Live Well.


Karamalz is a natural, non-alcoholic, non-fermented malt beverage from Bavaria, Germany. Made from the best ingredients to give you a drink that stands out in taste and quality. It contains only natural ingredients like barley malt, hop extract, natural juices. Free from preservatives and colourings, vegan friendly and produced in accordance with the German Purity Law. Karamalz is suitable for the whole family, provides a kick of energy and plenty of micronutrients through the natural malt. The lemon and pomegranate version provides a refreshing experience. This is a drink that you can’t miss. The Eichbaum beer brewing company is located in Mannheim, BadenWürttemberg in Germany. It was founded in 1679 and is the oldest company in Mannheim, but also one of the most modern, with state-of-the-art bottling and brewing technologies.


Mauriora Kombucha is the best you will ever try, it will even turn Kombucha haters into Kombucha lovers. How did Mauriora arrive at the best tasting kombucha? By nurturing! The brand takes Te Ao, Hauora and Mātauranga Māori and apply these concepts throughout its decisions and processes to arrive at a delicious well-being beverage that happy customers keep coming back for. The Mauriora journey began with a family health scare and a koha of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) from a close whānau friend over eight years ago. Curious and intrigued by its health benefits, what started as a hobby quickly blossomed into an obsession, for health and wellbeing From Ginger & Kawakawa, Hibiscus & Miro to Elderflower & Āporo, the distinctive tasting kombucha and new Jun-Green Tea & Mīere all utilise unique New Zealand botanicals and flavour combinations as well as environmentally sustainable packaging and processes.

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Imported by Bobere Ltd. Visit, or contact, 022 560 0801


Making its first bottles of Karma Cola in 2010 using a bag of cola nuts from their friends in Boma, a small village in Sierra Leone, the team at Karma Drinks learnt that the world drinks more than a million colas a minute but none of the money went back to the people who originally discovered the stuff. So they made a range of drinks to fix that with 1% from every Karma Drink supporting the Karma Foundation. After putting the karma back into cola, Karma Drinks has grown to now bring you cult organic and Fairtrade fizzy favourites such as Lemmy Lemonade, Gingerella Ginger-Ale, an Organic Juice and Kombucha range, and now, Karma Water.

Available through Karma Drinks, Gilmours & Trents, and select Supermarkets. Visit



A nutrient enriched water with great flavour. Hydration with a combination of vitamins and minerals. Glaceau Vitaminwater is available in 500mL bottles.

For more information contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand representative or call 0800 505 123


You can’t beat the original. Unless you add bubbles. Made of pure NZ spring water, Pumped Sparkling is sure to quench that thirst and tickle the tongue. Thirsty for a fruit twist? Get your tastebuds fizzing with Pumped Sparkly Berry or give your sparkling spring water a tangy kick and look for Pumped Sparkling Lime. Pumped sparkling bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

For more information contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand representative or call 0800 505 123

FUNCTIONAL Water, fermented and superfood


Introducing Raglan Food Co›s award winning Probiotic Kefir! Four delicious flavours, each with different health benefits to get you through the day. Natural Coconut (Gut Health) took out the Drink Champion Award, as well as gold medals alongside their Green Apple & Ginger (Immunity) flavour at the 2021 Outstanding Food Producer Awards. With Elderflower & Lime (Cleansing) and Raspberry & Raw Cacao (Energy) also receiving silver

medals. Dairy-free and sweetened only with coconuts and/or fruit, it›s a drink the whole family can enjoy. Their Kefir is packed with live probiotics and Vitamin C, so your gut (and taste buds) will thank you! Pour it into a glass, or drink straight from the bottle to get your daily dose of goodness.

For more information or to order, email


A 48% Raw Peruvian Cacao Paste sweetened with New Zealand Yacon Syrup (33%). A blend of Natural Prebiotic Coconut Nectar Sugar and Virgin Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract and a pinch of Himalayan Salt. Theobromine promotes calming, while anandamide enhances bliss and flavonoids for antioxidant activity. The perfect way to make Drinking Chocolate a part of one’s daily health management.



Go wild on flavour, not sugar, this summer! Summer has come early this year with the launch of Remedy’s Wild Berry Kombucha. Bursting with strawberry, blackberry and blueberry bliss, this sun-ripened blend is sweet, jammy and beautifully aromatic. Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is a great gateway drink for non-kombucha drinkers, and is one everyone can enjoy guilt-free with its delicious berry taste and no sugar, naturally. Made the old school way, Remedy Kombucha is made in small batches following a long-aged 30-day brewing process to create the tastiest, healthiest kombucha going around that’s chock full of live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants.

Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is available at Countdown, New World, independent grocers and online via


Nootropics are a better kind of energy. Anyone can do “energy”. Shine+ nootropics are better because it’s every for the mind first. Mental energy is the edge that elevates you above the rest. It’s the edge you need to feel better, think better, and do better. It’s the difference between 9/10 and 11/10. Shine+ achieves what no one else does, better energy to help you switch on.

Available soon from


Premium New Zealand spring water Voyage is set to take the local gastro scene by storm after impressing internationally with a major award in its first year. Voyage is sourced directly from The Blue Spring, Te Waihou, in the Waikato. Shaped by its geographical journey, Voyage is 99.9% pure and this crystal clear spring water is characterised by its passage through deep strata and bedrock. It is available in both Still and Sparkling. Voyage Sparkling received a coveted Gold Medal and the title ‘Best Sparkling Water 2020’ at the 20th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

For more information contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand representative or call 0800 505 123

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Mylk Made is fresh nut and seed mylk, made simple. Its bases work as a concentrate, simply blend the base with water to make mylk. Available in 6 different flavours and various sizes. Mylk bases are a cleaner and greener alternative to buying plant mylk in a carton. A waste free product that you can make what you need, when you need it. Mylk Made bases contain no unnatural additives, binders, gums or preservatives. All bases have a 12 month shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperature. Mylk Made have an exciting new barista range coming soon, and are looking forward to working with the hospitality industry to help reduce their plant mylk carton waste.

All enquiries to

New Zealand oat milk made in New Zealand from New Zealand oats ORDERS@BORINGMILK.COM BORINGMILK.COM @BORINGMILK


Thousands of years ago, no one milked cows. So when our ancestors needed fuel to do their thing, what did they milk? The family goat. They were onto something. It naturally contains A2 proteins, and vitamin A which is good for skin health and immunity. It can also be an alternative for people who are sensitive to cow’s milk. 9000 years later, you can enjoy those same benefits with Before Cow Goat’s Milk. Use it wherever you’d normally use milk: Cereal, coffee, baking, luxurious milk baths… BC Goat’s Milk comes from Oakdale & Oete Farms in Patumahoe and were the supreme winners of the Auckland Balance Environmental Awards in 2020.

BC is currently available in 50 Auckland Supermarkets (New World, Countdown, Pak N Save and Farro). For more information, visit For orders contact orders

MILK & MYLK Dairy and alternatives GREEN VALLEY

Take a passionate family business with its roots in the lush soil of the North Waikato, add a modern manufacturing plant along with a dedicated team who have the belief they are creating the best possible milk available in New Zealand and you’ll get an idea of what makes Green Valley Dairies an innovative and leading supplier in the NZ Dairy industry. The Green Valley range includes Pure Milk, Organic Barista Velvet Milk, Pure Organic 3.3% Milk, Calci Enriched and next in line, the beautiful 1.5% fat lite milk in a new turquoise colour that really stands out from the crowd. Green Valley, it’s your local.

ALPRO BARISTA FOR PROFESSIONALS Alpro For Professionals has been specially crafted for use by baristas and comes in four varieties. Alpro For Professionals Soy was created specifically for use in espresso, the soy is toned down so the barista can showcase the coffee. Alpro For Professionals Coconut leaves a lovely fresh aftertaste with a hint of coconut that won’t overpower the taste of the coffee. Alpro For Professionals Oat is a delicate alternative milk, it has a neutral taste and is 100 percent organic.

Visit, or contact Kim Angle on, 0272 339 555

Specially blended for coffee it helps baristas make the perfect cappuccinos and lattes for customer who want an alternative to dairy milk, while Alpro For Professionals Almond froths in a sturdy and shiny microfilm that holds exceptionally well in both hot and cold applications.

For more information contact Daniel Moir on (09) 256 4284 or

Dilmah and a Trusty Cuppa Tea Over the coming year we begin to celebrate 30 years in New Zealand so it’s a time to reflect on how important New Zealand has been in the success of Dilmah. New Zealand is a second home to the Dilmah family and it’s an honor to be told by customers that they consider us an adopted kiwi brand. It’s also an honor to have been awarded by Readers Digest as New Zealand’s ‘Most Trusted Tea’ for the 6th year in a row. Tea remains a mainstay of the New Zealand community and a well loved beverage both at home and in hospitality. A good cuppa brings together friends and family who value Dilmah not only as the experts in tea but for our philosophy that ‘Business is a matter of human service’. Call us anytime to talk tea. All sales & distribution is now direct with the Dilmah NZ Office: 0800 DILMAH (345624)

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Eliminating Gender Barriers with Equal Paid Parental Leave

Frucor Suntory’s Equal Paid Parental Leave eliminates gendered terms of primary and secondary carer by offering 13 weeks of Paid Parental Leave (PPL) to every new parent.


he beverage company became the first FMCG in Australia and New Zealand to introduce a policy that offers all eligible employees 13 weeks on top of their statutory leave entitlements. The policy also recognises all parenting arrangements and new parent events including adoption, surrogacy and birth loss. Chief People Officer, Amy Rixon noted that Frucor Suntory’s PPL is an important step towards more gender equality in the workplace and the home. “A large portion of our workforce have families or are planning for them, so it made sense to rethink the importance of supporting our people who are ‘working parents’. As any parent will


tell you, starting or growing a family is a significant moment that matters. Now, both parents can embrace the new challenge of parenthood with the support of an equal-gender policy.” Since introducing the policy last year, more than 60 new Frucor Suntory parents have used it – and enjoyed the extra time it’s allowed to create those special moments with their new baby. Over 40 of those using the leave have been men, like Health & Safety Coordinator, Louie Patti. Patti said that when his daughter Aliah-Helena was born in April, Frucor Suntory’s PPL enabled him to put work on the back burner, support his partner and focus on his family. “Initially, I thought I’d be using this

leave to focus on the baby. However, what I found myself doing was supporting my partner by taking care of the house and day-to-day activities – like school drop-offs and pick-ups, taking the kids to sports training, supermarket runs and everyday chores.” He said the time enabled him to help his family adjust to the new addition – and to help get back into the routine of having a baby in the household. “The level of support I gave my family would have been difficult if I had only had taken the first few days off to spend with the family, before heading straight back into work.” For first-time dad Ben Walkley, Frucor Suntory’s PPL allowed him to adjust to the new normal that comes with having your first child. “Besides adjusting from a two-person to a three-person family overnight, I was able to enjoy those first initial weeks connecting with my son, Finn – and be an extra pair of hands for my wife, Anna,” he expressed. Walkley, who heads up the company’s Sustainability agenda, is making use of the Policy’s flexibility by taking his 13 week-entitlement in two blocks. He took four weeks off after Finn’s birth in December and plans to take the remaining nine weeks next month. For Cam Mostyn, Frucor Suntory’s PPL policy was introduced after the birth of his son Hendrix. Luckily for Mostyn, he was eligible for Frucor Suntory’s PPL as it was introduced before his eldest son’s first birthday. “It was very much a pleasant surprise. It allowed me to be able to take some time out – be there for my family more and allow my wife to transition back into part time work, which helped our family financially.” Mostyn explained that the support he received from the business coming back to work after taking paid parental leave was incredible. “There was a lot of flexibility with returning to work, making it easier for me to strike a good work-life balance. Outside of work, most people were amazed by the fact that I was entitled to 13 weeks leave. For me, it was just a great opportunity to spend time with Hendrix. It also gave me a far greater appreciation for the challenges that come with being the primary care-giver, which is certainly no holiday.”


Treat your tastebuds to Barista Bros epic new range that offers up the familiar, delicious flavours that Kiwis know and love, but without the added sugar. In recognition of the love affair Kiwis have with coffee, Barista Bros has rereleased its range of Iced Chocolate, Espresso and Double Espresso flavours, developed with health-conscious consumers in mind.

For more information contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand representative or call 0800 505 123

CHARITY TEA Charity Tea supplies Certified organic tea in elegant black and gold, signature refill tins. Available in premium Loose leaf or Plastic-free compostable tea bags, with eight flavours available in Individually wrapped premium pouches, and retail or bulk supply. Low waste packaging – compostable, refillable, or recyclable. The only Ekos certified Climate Positive tea company in NZ. Social impact driven, they feed a hungry child with every purchase and employ disadvantaged people. Buy local and buy better with Charity Tea – the tea that nourishes.

Find out more and open a wholesale account:,, 09 390 2625


An 83% New Zealand Manuka blend honey combined with Ground Spices including Turmeric (7.0%), Ginger with its anti-inflammatory properties, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pimento, Black Pepper Virgin Coconut Oil and Vanilla Extract making Golden Turmeric a perfect part of one’s daily health management.



Established in 2010 ŌKU was formed by husband and wife team Scott and Helen out of the desire to harness the incredible native plants of Aotearoa into a Tea range that can help people rediscover and experience the amazing properties held within our ngahere. While the tea range focuses on Kawakawa, ŌKU also uses many other natives as well as more traditional herbs to give the teas distinct properties and original flavours. At ŌKU, sustainability is front and centre of its kaupapa and comes into consideration with every decision the brand makes. From harvesting the rākau right through to the compostable and recyclable packaging, ŌKU chooses how it runs its day to day business. Throughout, ŌKU strive to be the best kaitiaki it can be to the whenua. The brand’s NZ herbal tea range was recent;y announced as a finalist for the 2021 NZ Inspire+ Artisan Awards.

Any further questions or information required please do not hesitate to contact


Mr Black has been in Espresso Workshop’s core blend offering since 2008. Originally crafted for black espresso the team at Espresso Workshop have broadened its flavour profile over time, Mr Black is now a wonderfully versatile blend option whether consumed as a black or white beverage. Made up of 3 origins, Brazil Fazenda Jaguara, Colombia Popayan Reserve and Tanzania AA, this blend has a sweet nutty aroma with flavours of chocolate, muscovado sugar and roasted almonds. Mr Black is a complex coffee designed to deliver balanced sweetness, lifted by a hint of acidity, while still providing great body and depth.

Espresso Workshop are an independently owned coffee roaster based in Orakei, Auckland. If this coffee sounds like your jam or you’d love to explore their full range of blends and single origins then don’t hesitate to contact Espresso Workshop via their website, or by email

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CRAFT Wine, beer, cider and spirits BUZZ CLUB

Buzz Club create sparkling session meads, naturally brewed from native New Zealand honey. Founded by lifelong mates Edward and Wilbur, who traded his day’s beekeeping to search for an innovative use for our often forgotten native honeys. Now Buzz Club is focused on highlighting world-class native New Zealand honeys and reconnecting Kiwis to our native environments through its range of session meads. Currently, Buzz Club is selling a Pōhutukawa Blossom + Strawberry, and a Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon session mead which are all low in sugar, light, crisp and ultra-refreshing. In growing recognition and demand for these honeys, Buzz Club is contributing towards a more sustainable and diverse beekeeping industry in New Zealand. Brewed by bees, that’s the buzz.

For more information visit or email


The sweet and sun-ripened essence of ClemenGold, South Africa’s leading mandarin, now treats gin aficionados to a classic Cape Dry style gin with subtle hints of citrus. Eight botanicals – with sundried ClemenGold peels taking the flavour lead – are used when distilling this superb gin in the heart of Cape Town. ClemenGold and orange peel, cinnamon, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica and orris root, and coriander are macerated and vapour-infused. Enjoy the refreshing, complex flavours of ClemenGold Gin paired with a premium tonic, or serve on ice with a twist of orange, or a cinnamon stick.

Contact, 021 058 7894 or visit


CRAFT Wine, beer, cider and spirits GARAGE PROJECT DIRTY WATER MIX

Garage Project is here to try something new. To push boundaries, reinterpret styles and challenge the notions of what beer can be. Dirty Water is a brewed alcoholic seltzer, with a gluten free grain, real fruit and natural flavours. This delivers a sparkling clean, alcoholic seltzer with only 90 calories and less than 1g of sugar per can. Drink Dirty today, for a cleaner tomorrow. 10% of Dirty Water profits go to supporting clean water initiatives in our own backyard. This Mixed Six pack contains: 2 x 330ml cans each of Pineapple Passion, Lemon Lime, Raspberry Yuzu.

Available now, for more information please contact Hannah Lloyd on or 0211864081

1ST NIGHT AMBROSIA HONEY LIQUEURS (30% ALC/VOL) Mead Amour is excited to be presenting a new look for its Award Winning 1st Night Ambrosia Honey Liqueur. Ambrosia is a blend of our 1st Night Honey Mead, French brandy and honey then infused with a selection of spices to create a smooth flavour packed & unique tasting liqueur with the addition of 23 carat gold flake, enhancing the elegance of the experience. If you are looking for that point of difference on your menus and wanting to add a unique New Zealand story, Ambrosia is a definitive ingredient that could be incorporated across any fine dining service. Can be enjoyed in cocktails inspired by East cape honey, as an aperitif in summer with a local cheeseboard or as a night cap on a chilly winters night. 1st Night Ambrosia Honey Liqueur is full of flavour, after all, if it’s not about flavour why bother, right!

Visit, queries to


Building on their range of traditionally crafted beers and ciders they have been producing for 25 years, Hawkes bay Brewing Co have a range of very popular RTDs. Ginger Fusion, Ginger beer, made the old fashioned way with a mandarin infusion, plus it’s gluten free. Red Sangria, a combination of the best Hawkes Bay red wine, fruit juices and zest with a delicate spritz. Crushed Peach Bomb, using New Zealand’s favourite peach – Golden Queen with a deep golden yellow colour and intense flavour, also gluten free.

For more information contact Hawke’s Bay Brewing Co at


A beautiful bubbly rosé from family owned Matahiwi Estate, grown sustainably in the Wairarapa. A gorgeorus rosé to celebrate with! Lovely strawberry and Raspberry aromatics and flavours, a delicate structure. Adding to this is fresh melon and citrus characters, mid palate texture and fresh acidity. In the glass the wine has a lovely pale pink colour and fine bead. The palate is fresh and long with subtle texture and a lively balance. Excellent on its own, we are enjoying this wine with Salmon canapes, Fresh Wairarapa Crayfish, or summer fruits. Awarded gold by Dish Magazine and recommended and Best Buy by Cuisine Magazine.

For trade pricing and to order contact or check out


Coming from a neighbourhood that always looks on the bright cider life, MorningCider Brewing’s cider barons, were inspired to make Morningside a better place to live by making what some consider to be the most bad-ass cider in the land. The team have been working hard to use local apples, add some good times, wrap them in street art and bring you some of the most fun cider around. Along the way they have picked up plenty of awards, and are excited to bring some fun and innovation to the cider scene. Check out MorningCider’s interesting mixes, from Classic Cider, Lucky Taco Cider to Apple IPA, there is something for all cider lovers.

They also come in super low sugar all from apples #howyoulikedemapples. Available now, visit or contact

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CRAFT Wine, beer, cider and spirits 1ST NIGHT MEADS (11.5% ALC/VOL)

Mead is a ferment of honey rather than grapes and is one of the world’s oldest fermented beverages. At Mead Amour they have a saying “For the Love of Mead”, with Mead making a resurgence in many major cities around the world including here in New Zealand where we know Kiwis are enjoying joining the trend. There are three styles of 1st Night Meads available, offering the discerning customer a point of difference for any occasion. The most popular is Medium French Oaked Mead with sales doubling over the last 12 months. The brand has also created an Off Dry French Oaked Mead to cater for the dryer palate. To complete the range is the Original 1st Night Manuka Honey Wine which is a slightly sweeter mead than the Medium. All of Mead Amour’s meads mature very well and contain Manuka honey which adds to the complexity of the mead, great to drink now or add to the cellar.

Visit with queries to


Waitui Whiskey is a unique New Zealand Single Malt Whiskey crafted with care in beautiful Golden Bay, New Zealand. Eight long years mellowing and maturing in Manuka honey mead barrels have resulted in an exquisite drop - a smooth and easy drinking dram now finally ready for you to enjoy. This small batch single malt is one of only a few true honey malt whiskeys produced in the world today. Made using New Zealand malted barley and aged in Manuka Honey Mead oak barrels for no less than eight years the result speaks for itself in a very gentle easy to drink whiskey.

To order, email


The new Zeden Cider has launched with a promise to help New Zealand achieve its goal of being predator free by 2050, and help New Zealand become the veritable Garden of Eden it once was. Bevan Wait, co-founder of Ranga Alcoholic Gingerbeer, is spearheading Zeden Cider, combining a passion for both the environment and authentic dry cider. “For me personally, this is a true passion project. I love good cider and I love the New Zealand environment,” noted Wait. “We have a massive pest problem in New Zealand and we as a nation need to get onboard to support our native forest and bird wildlife. At Zeden Cider, we are dedicated to doing that by raising awareness as well as donating 10% of our profits to Forest & Bird.”

For more information contact Bevan Wait,, +64 21 421 530

ZEFFER FRESHLY CRUSHED CIDER, SELTZER & ALCOHOLIC GINGER BEER Nestled in rural Hawke’s Bay you’ll find Zeffer, a cidery with a small team of skilled cidermakers crafting premium ciders from freshly crushed local apples and real fruit. They’ve also discovered their cider makes the perfect base for a zingy alcoholic ginger beer and a refreshing range of seltzers too. Zeffer have now packaged a selection of their favourite ciders and seltzers into a handy new Mixed Six Cider and Mixed Six Seltzer pack, the perfect option for those who love variety. The team also make a hugely popular Zeffer 0% Crisp Apple Cider available in a handy 4-pack. Zeffer beverages are naturally gluten free, vegan friendly and always crafted seasonally from fresh pressed juice, not from concentrate (and you can taste the difference!).

For more information visit


COFFEE & TEA Hot and cold

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ALCOHOLIC Beer, wine and spirits PALS

A better-for-you Ready to Drink. ‘The Best Tasting Ones’ product from Pals quality is number one, the brand went the extra mile on all aspects with high quality base spirits for a far more premium product, allnatural flavours and real fruit extracts, no artificial colours, sweetners or preservatives and zero compromise on taste. Low sugar from Hawkés Bay Apples (from less than 0.8 grams per 100ml) Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and Low calories (starting from 31 cals per 100ml). Flavours include Vodka, Lime and Soda; Vodka, Peach & Passionfruit and Soda; Vodka Watermelon & Mint and Soda; Gin Lemon & Cucumber and Soda, and American Whiskey, Apple and Soda.

For more information, visit or contact, (09) 5783261


But wait, isn›t all wine vegan? You’re probably surprised to learn that most wine is not. Sure, the majority of wine is just grapes, but widely used traditional methods of winemaking use animal byproducts in the filtering process. While valuing tradition there’s also benefit to modern thinking; creating wines that have less impact on the environment and more impact on your palate seems like a no brainer. By using only vegan friendly products, The Vegan Wine Project wines have greater flavour and texture, and pair even better with food. Simply put, by leaving more of what nature had created, the viticulturists had nurtured, and the winemakers crafted, in the wine; the brand was doing less, adding less and making better wine. The Vegan Wine Project by Yalumba – vegan friendly wines that are sustainable, ethical, and better for the environment.

For more information contact Negociants on 09 531 5222


Earlier this year, iconic New Zealand winery, Villa Maria, launched its first organic wine range as part of its commitment to converting 100% of its company vineyards to be organically managed by 2030. EarthGarden embodies Villa Maria’s passionate view of sustainability where organic management means healthy soils and vineyard ecosystems, creating healthy vines and wines full of life and flavour. When tasting these wines, you taste the care put into the soil, the conscious tending of the vines, the careful handling of the fruit produced and the respect for our relationship with the land. The range includes a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Hawke’s Bay Rosé, Marlborough Pinot Noir, Hawke’s Bay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon with a Hawke’s Bay Pinot Gris on the horizon. Ideal for the warmer weather, the EarthGarden Rosé showcases summerprovoking aromas of blood-orange, rosehip, and watermelon. The palate is rich and moreish, finishing refreshingly dry.

For more information, visit

ZERO ALCOHOL Wine, beer, cider and spirits LYRE’S

The full range of world-leading non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s is now available in New Zealand. The meticulously crafted range uses the finest all-natural essences, extracts and distillates to match the aroma, taste, and appearance of traditional spirits, without using alcohol as a base. Recognised for its quality and refinement, Lyre’s is the most awarded non-alcoholic spirits brand in the world delivering true to taste non-alcoholic cocktails without compromise. The range includes 13 spirit variants that are capable of crafting 90% of the world’s best-selling cocktails and five newly launched ready-to-drink cans, and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime - from crafting your own Lyre’s Negroni or Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, to reaching for a Kiwi classic G&T or the Classico, a non-alcoholic Prosecco style drink.

The Lyre’s range can be purchased now from the following stockists nationwide: Farro Fresh, New World, Countdown, Glengarry, Super Liquor, Liquorland and The Market. Trade enquiries welcome at


Non-alcoholic drinks are refreshing, sure, but water will do that. Whether you’re out all night, around the barbeque or nestled into your comfy chair, Terps & Co gives you more feeling from every sip. Harnessing the elevating properties of the terpenes found in fruits, herbs and plants, Terps & Co represents non-alcoholic spirits 2.0, where function is just as important as flavour. Non-alcoholic spirits have found firm footing in the drinks world. In the U.S., sales volume grew 289% CAGR between 2016 and 2020, and 78.9% last year alone.




FUNCTIONAL Water, fermented and superfood


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A Deliciously Devilish New Drop This summer, Invivo is releasing the sixth wine to the Graham Norton range – Graham Norton’s Own He-Devil rich crafted red.


erfect for BBQ season, He-Devil is an intense, big, juicy slightly sweet red wine, tapping into growing demand from consumers around the world for red blends. From Mendoza, the home of Argentinian Malbec, Graham Norton’s Own He-Devil is deep purple in the glass with a bouquet of sweet spice and plum compote which envelopes the palate with a sweet toasty finish. Graham Norton’s Own Wine range is on track to sell its 14 millionth bottle since launch and is now available in ten countries including New Zealand. The wines are the most awarded celebrity wine collaboration in recent years, receiving over 200 medals and 90 point ratings globally. Graham is a shareholder in Invivo and personally blends the new vintages of the wines with Invivo Cofounders Tim

Lightbourne and Rob Cameron every year. The wine range now consists of a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz, Rich crafted Red, Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé. New for the 2021 vintages, Invivo are introducing a new modernised look and feel to the labels. Updates including textured paper stock, premium foil finish, curved label top and premium caps featuring ‘Graham Norton’ written around them, adding to the premiumisation of the range. For more information, visit

Consumers of the future – what are they drinking? Picture this, it’s 2030, COVID (as we know it today) is a distant memory, we’re all back in bars enjoying drinks in the sun although our locations are still tracked. The technology of the iPhone20s means that as soon as you walked in, your location was noted and the bartender started pouring your favourite drink without you having to lift a finger. Social media still exists, and the power of a selfie in a suave location still lingers. From the comfort of your table you can order food and drinks and know exactly where they came from, what its emissions were from farm to table. Offset them if you wish. Is this the consumer of the future? It doesn’t feel too farfetched. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine my peers caring about the amount of sugar and carbs in their drinks. Fast forward (a few) years to today, and low sugar, low carb, natural drinks reign supreme. So where is our industry heading now? And how do we take it there? There’s one word I’d use to describe our direction: premiumisation. Let’s break that down into three key trends.

Drinking less, and drinking better The consumption of alcohol in New Zealand is in decline, and the next generation is leading the charge. People are making more conscious decisions about what they consume, and this is a positive thing. In New Zealand we consume less alcohol than the OECD average per capita, but still have a thriving local


industry of great beers, fine wine, and increasingly progressive RTDs. People might be drinking less, but they are drinking higher quality. Premiumisation means drinking better.

Experience is king Expectations of brands have evolved significantly. We want to experience brands, not just consume them. People actively seek brands that align with their personal values or offer something bigger than just the functional purpose of the product. Whether that’s aesthetics for Instagram, donations to a cause, or the sustainability credentials of the brand, consumers want more. Our friends in hospitality have a lot to gain from this; how can the on-premise create experiences that fulfil consumer needs and deliver something ‘more’?

Minimise impact, maximise benefits And last but not least - sustainability, which has well and truly moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ and I suspect in future it’ll be embedded into the majority of our experiences as consumers. In essence, we need to deliver premium products, create premium experiences for our consumers, and have less impact on the planet. Shouldn’t be too hard? Read about each of these trends in depth online.



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