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World heritage City

Notodden 2017

In Notodden, there is several good restaurants and cafes with different varieties on the menu.

Notodden has its own town beach at Nesøya – to the delight of both visitors and residents.

The Hydropark at Notodden are vibrant industrial and business park with a number of buildings holding exiting industrial history. Outside Ovnshus A at Notodden, the first Light Arc Furnace from 1905 is exhibited.


Welcome to Notodden


Notodden was built up by the cornerstone companies Hydro and Tinfos. The city has been an industrial city from the early 1900s until late 1980s, when Hydro moved their business. With time the city has developed into more varied business as trade and technology. In 2015 Notodden was inscribed on the UNESCO world Heritage List as a part of the Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage. The admission is based on an epochal invention; industrial production of fertilizer for agriculture by using hydropower. Read more about thison page 14. Welcome to Notodden Blues Festival 3.-6. August 2017.

Notodden is currently best known for the towns major music festival Notodden Blues Festival. In 2017 the festival celebrates its 30th Anniversary. It is always arranged the first weekend in August. Read about this year’s program on page 12 Please feel free to stop by our national treasure - Heddal Stave Church - which is Norway’s largest stave church. Each year many tourists visits this spectacular wooden church from the early 13th century. See page 4 for more information about Heddal Stave Church. Notodden is located at Heddalsvannet, The Eastern part of the Telemark Canal. You may travel from the coast to Notodden by boat.

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Heddal Stave Church................................. 4 Heddal local museum............................... 6 Lysbuen & Telemarksgalleriet.... 8 Bok & Blueshuset.......................................... 10 Notodden Bluesfestival...................... 12 World Heritage................................................. 14 Experience World Heritage........ 15 Hiking in Notodden................................ 16 Notodden city..................................................... 18 Notodden Airport....................................... 20 Travel as Queen Maud......................... 21 The Silvermines – The Norwegian Mining museum......................................................................... 22 Midt-Telemark.................................................. 23 Gallery Karen...................................................... 35

Accomodation Brattrein Hotel................................................... 24 Notodden RV-park.................................... 26 Notodden Camping................................. 27 Notodden Hotel.............................................. 28 Lystang Camping.......................................... 28 Overview - Accomodation.......... 29

Dining Eyde Restaurant............................................... 30 Stasjonen Cafè.................................................... 32 Bergbys............................................................................ 34 Heimat............................................................................. 34 Overview - Dining..................................... 36 Tourist Information.................................. 38

Heddal Stave Church


One of the unknowns church furniture – ”Brudebenken”.

Welcome to Heddal Stave Church, the largest and most beautiful of them all. This iconic national treasure with its three distinctive towers, displays extraordinary woodworking skills and architecture. The Stave Church has been in the Heddal valley since the 13th century. It was built during a period of transition from paganism to Christianity, and this can be seen clearly in many symbols and ornaments inside and outside of the church.

The Stave Church is still used as a parish church during the summer months. In the red barn opposite the church is Cafe Olea, here you can enjoy homemade food, cakes and visit the gift shop.

The altar in Heddal Stave Church. Tel.: + 47 922 04 435 Tel. Cafe Olea: + 47 479 73 145 Adresse: Heddalsvegen 412, 3676 Notodden Heddal Stavkyrkje / Kafe Olea Opening hours: 10.5-20.9: every day kl. 10.00-17.00 On Sundays when the church is used for services; 12.15-17.00 Closed 14., 17. and 21. May Tickets: Adult kr. 80,Group (min. 15 pers) kr. 70,Students kr. 50,Children under 16 accompanied by an adult; free. (During the period 11/6 to 31/7 the ticket also includes admission to the Heddal local museum) We sell Joint ticket for Vemork, Tinn museum, Rjukanbanen, Lysbuen og Telemarksgalleriet and Heddal bygdetun. See website for more info.

In Cafe Olea you can enjoy homemade food and cakes.


Heddal Bygdetun

Say hello to the rabbits and enjoy the beautiful scenery from Heddal local museum.

Extract from �Rambergstugo�. The room was painted by Olav Hansson in 1784.


Here you will find 19 old houses and farm buildings from the middle age until the 1930s.

Our knowledgeable host will give all the visitors a pleasant stay at Heddal local museum.

Heddal local museum is located right next to the Heddal stave church. Here you will find 19 old houses and farm buildings. Explore how Norwegian houses and construction methods have changed from the middle age until the 1930s. In Heddal Bygdetun you can have a look at how a wealthy farm in Telemark appeared 200 years ago. Here you will find Rambergstugo, one of the most significant buildings at the museum, with a beautiful rose painted interior by the painter Olav Hansson

from 1784. In Rambergstugo there is also an exhibit on Bunadmaker Anne Bamle, the creator of the traditional folk costume in eastern Telemark. The Hola smallholding gives you an impression of life on a small farm during the 18th and the 19th century. Visit our vegetable garden, say hello to the rabbits and chickens and enjoy the beautiful scenery from Heddal Bygdetun.

7 Tel.: 35 09 90 00 / 909 64 601 Adress: Heddalsvegen 385, 3676 Notodden Heddal Bygdetun Opening hours: 11.6 – 31.8: 10.00-17.00 Tickets: Outdoor Museum- free Guided tour - Joint ticket Heddal Stavkirke Adult 80,Student 50, We sell Joint ticket for Vemork, Tinn museum, Rjukanbanen, Lysbuen og Telemarksgalleriet, Heddal Stavkyrkje and Heddal bygdetun. See website for more info.

Foto: NIA

Lysbuen & Telemarksgalleriet

The Industrial Museum tells the story of the most important Norwegian invention; the production of mineral fertilizer.

Foto: Kai-Wilhelm Nessler

Photo above: The Art collection includes art from the golden age in Telemark, with artists like Christian Skredsvig and Theodor Kittelsen. The Terje Bergstad collection is an important part of the museum. Photo to the right: The gallery has exhibitions of national and international art. This year`s summer exhibition is a tribute to the Blues Festival.


Foto: NIA

In 1907 and 1908 Theodor Kittelsen painted five watercolors from the construction of ”Svælgfoss”.

Experience industrial history and inspiring art Telemarksgalleriet and Lysbuen Industrial Museum shows art exhibitions and industrial history in a beautiful industrial building from the late 19th century. The Industrial Museum tells the story of the most important Norwegian invention; the production of mineral fertilizer. An industrial history that is on the UNESCO world heritage list. More than a 100 years ago Notodden was venue for a modern fairy tale. In 1905, the world’s first industrial production of mineral fertilizer – with air as raw material – started here. It happened at a time when the world

needed more food and farmers needed more fertilizer to increase crop yields. A visit in the industrial museum will make you better acquainted with the events that put Notodden and Rjukan at UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

 Telemarksgalleriet has an enjoyable café and a nice museumshop. Tel.: 35 01 00 80 Address: O. H. Holtasgate 27. 3678 Notodden Telemarksgalleriet / Lysbuen Opening hours: 1.6-31.8: Tue – Sun: 10.00 – 17.00 1.9 -31.5: Tue – Fri: 12.00-16.00 Sat-Sun: 12.00-17.00 Tickets: Adult: 100,Senior/Student: 80,Youth (12-18 years) 30,Children under 12 years – free We sell Joint ticket for Vemork, Tinn museum, Rjukanbanen, Lysbuen og Telemarksgalleriet, Heddal Stavkyrkje and Heddal bygdetun. See website for more info.


Foto: Vigdis Ormevik

Bok & Blueshuset

Bok & Blueshuset lies adjacent to lake Heddalsvannet, with a scenic view of the lake and the surrounding hills, founded on industrial history and with a unique blues scene. 10

The library is worth a visit for both young and old.

Eupore’s only Blueseum.

You can learn more about blues history in the Blueseum, the only museum of its kind in Europe. Willy’s Cafe offers good food and other refreshments. The library is worth a visit for both young and old. In addition to all the books you may read at the library, there is fresh newspapers every day, free Wi-Fi and if you need to use a computer, feel free to use one of the public terminals. If you’re in the mood for a movie, our state of the art cinema will give you the best experience possible, with perfect image quality and Dolby Atmos sound. Willy’s Café is the heart of Bok & Blueshuset. Café, bar, restaurant and live stage. In the summer we can offer the city’s finest seating by Heddalsvannet.


At Bok & Blueshuset music stage, Livescenen, you can enjoy local, national and international artists. The tourist information at Bok & Blueshuset is open all days, all year around, and will be happy to help you. Storgata 1, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 56 00 For opening hours see:

Notodden Blues Festival 3.–6. August 2017

Experience Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Steven, guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and actor in the TV series The Sopranos and Lilyhammer with his 15 piece band Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul.


Buddy Guy loves Notodden.

Always spectacular experiences.

Welcome to Notodden Blues Festival 3.–6. August 2017 Widely known as “Europe’s Best Blues Experience”, the Notodden Blues Festival is the continent’s largest blues festival. This year, from August 3 – 6, the festival will mark its 30th Anniversary with the very best that Norwegian and international Blues has to offer, including the legendary Buddy Guy. “Little Steven” Van Zandt, of Bruce Springsteen and Sopranos fame is bringing his 15-piece Disciples of Soul band to Notodden for a rare European appearance, and you can also experience festival favorites as Beth Hart, the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Charlie Musselwhite and many more. Notodden Blues Festival is the recipient of the “Keeping The Blues Alive Award”, the Blues’ answer to the Academy Awards as the best inter-

national blues festival, awarded annually by the Blues Foundation in Memphis. Notodden also has Europe’s only blues museum, the Notodden Blueseum, which is well worth a visit. There is something for everyone here at the Notodden Blues Festival. In pleasant surroundings in and close to the city center the Notodden Blues Festival offers everything from major concerts featuring the biggest international stars on the festival’s main stage to small intimate club concerts with local artists, to Blues Cruises on the beautiful lake Heddalvannet, workshops in the European Blues Centre, church concerts, band camps for young people, and children and family events.


Blues for everybody. Notodden Blues Festival

“Where there is a will, there is a way” Sam Eyde

Foto: Øyvind Wæhle

The Light Arc Furnace – the most important Norwegian invention off all times.

Tinfos plant - an example of infrastructure that was built in conjunction with the industry and social housing.

Foto: Øyvind Wæhle

The housing in Grønnbyen, for working-class families, held a high standard in its time, and was among the first houses to have indoor WC.

Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage is the story of the second industrial revolution, based on hydropower. Rjukan-Notodden is an expression of a new global industry in the early 20th century, an electrochemical industry that produced “Norgesalpeter” (calcium nitrate). The first industrial scale production found place in Notodden in 1905, and contributed to a substantial increase in food production. In many ways it was to do the impossible - win in an industrial race with competitors that had far greater resources, both professionally and financially. A daring railway project from Notodden to Rjukan was completed in two years. It made it possible to build the world’s largest power plant at Vemork and at Såheim.

From Farmland to Cities in 10 Years

Two townships evolved alongside the rise of Hydro’s industry at Notodden and Rjukan. Skilled architects, engineers, builders and craftsmen were hired. Between 1907 and 1914 Hydro built 340 housing units at the two locations. Both cities received a distinctive architecture.

Admini, the administration building. This is where Sam Eyde had his residence when he was in Notodden. A Unique Status The 5th of July 2015, Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage was inscribed by UNESCO as the 8th heritage site in Norway. The inscription is based on an epochal invention, industrial production of fertilizer for agriculture, using hydropower.


Foto: Bryn Eiendom

Experience World Heritage

Guided sightseeing with bus, every day 11:00 a.m. 8th of July - 4th of August 2017 Rjukan – Notodden Industrial Heritage is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. Norsk Hydro (1905), known worldwide for the first industrial production of mineral fertilizer at Notodden.

The World Heritage Bus departs daily at 11:00 a.m. from the Bok & Blues House from 8th of July until 4th of August 2017. Attractions: Telemarksgalleriet/Lysbuen Industrial Museum. Scenic drive along Kanalveien and further on to Grønnbyen to Admini, the administrative office of Norsk Hydro and Hydroparken, where fertilizer was first produced in arc-furnaces, still on display today outside Ovnshus A. After the tour, relax and finish the tour with coffee or lunch in the historic Station Café of Hydroparken. 15 - Guided World Heritage Bus - Every day 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from 8th of July until 4th of August 2017 - Departure daily from the Bok & Blues House at Notodden Til Telemark is planning to extend the World Heritage Bus tour to include Rjukan in July, read more at

Hiking in Notodden Notodden has many scenic hiking routes just outside the city-centre.

Company Town – Grønnbyen, Villamoen & Admini: The industrial worker, office clerks and engineers, and the entrepreneur. That is how the early 20th century housing situation was organized, almost like steps on a flight of stairs. The working-class was at the bottom, then came the middle-class, and at the top with a view you had the founder, the CEO – the upper class.

A family get-together at Tinnemyra, a stroll to Eikeskar mountain or industrial history at the Tinfos plant – the choice is yours.

A trip around Tinnemyra is enjoyable for all ages.


The trail takes you around the Tinnmyra lake. The trail itself is a 2 kilometre long, handicap friendly trail, with lights all around. There are several picnic areas around the lake and in the summertime, it is nice to go for a swim. The lake is excellent for fishing, bathing or just to have a stroll in idyllic surroundings.

Eikeskar Tinos plant – 200 years with industrial-history.

A visit to Eikeskar mountain will give you a scenic view over the city and the Lifjell mountains.


Tinfos plant

The Tinfos plant is an important part of the world heritage Rjukan-Notodden, and a place to see if you are in to historical places. Here you will see over 200 years with industrial-history in a scenic area. At Tinfos you will get to see the development from the first pre-industrial society to the first – and second industrial revolution. Here you can see an old paper factory and three old power plants. Visit Notodden Municipal for other hiking adventures.

A visit to Eikeskar mountain will give you a scenic view over the city

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Notodden city The preferred place to stop in Telemark


Enjoy shopping in Notodden city Downtown Notodden is compact with short distances. Even though it is a small town, Notodden City will have a modern appeal to its users alongside with its historical roots. Notodden is one of two cities in Norway with this architecture. Here you will find a great variety of shopping opportunities. We want people to use the city; shop downtown, eat downtown, go to concerts, see a movie, sit on a bench or in a park, meet friends or just stroll the city for pleasure. Our main events are: – “Springjump” (Vårspretten) in March/April – Late night shopping in June – Harvest market in September/October – Christmas market / Late night shopping in December

Downtown you will find a great variety of shopping opportunities focused on expertise, good hosts and unique concepts.

We have a great variety of dinning places – downtown you will find something for everyone.

For more information about our events and shopping opportunities

Our traditional markets gather a lot of people – a good, positive meeting point for everyone.

Downtown Notodden you will find Telemarks largest music business, Ljosland Musikk.

19 Tel.: 481 79 805 E-mail: Notodden i sentrum

Notodden Airport – daily flights to Bergen Free parking Short check-in time

Telemark Airshow is a amazing event that draws people from around the region.

General aviation: • Light Aircrafts • Gliders • Seaplane harbour • Historic planes

Telemark Airshow

• Annual airshow 1st weekend in September • Spectacular show with great planes

At Notodden and Kongsberg flying club you can take a private pilot license to fly both land and seaplanes.

We have an active glider club in Notodden, here you can order a trip up in the air.

20 Merdeveien 18, 3676 Notodden Tel. 35 02 60 70 E-mail:

Speak Out It is all about our values. A global campaign by the Notodden artist, Merete Løndal

Travel as Queen Maud

See more at

During the food festival Mersmak in Skien 25.-26. August we arrange culinary rail return tours Skien-Notodden.

Alvhild Jørgensen eftf. yarn & handicrafts

Travel back in time. Enjoy local food from Telemark in exclusive dining wagons from 1926 and 1937. You may experience Queen Maud`s favorite, a lounge from 1909 that was used on her many trips from Christiania to Bergen on her way to England. The historic trains itself is an attraction. You may choose between lunch or dinner tours. During the tour you’ll hear about the industrial history of Rjukan-Notodden and why they got UNESCO World status in 2015.

Yarn • Gifts • National Costume - Quality and Design The store’s selection is large and span from yarns and accessories to handicrafts in best quality.

​ Historiske togreiser Tickets:


Oscar Nissensgt. 3, 3674 Notodden Tel: +47 350 11 693 E-mail: Alvhild Jorgensen eftf. Garn og brukskunst

Foto: Tor Magnus Anfinsen


The museum has the largest collection of native silver in the world.

Join us for a ride inside the King’s mine. This summer we will show ”HULENES HEMMELIGHET” a family theatre in the Silvermines 1.-23. July at 6 PM. Tickets include train ride and theatre show.

The Silvermines The Norwegian Mining Museum The Silvermines

Tour the Silvermines. Join a train ride that takes you 342 meters below the surface and 2.3 kilometers into the mountain. Inside the King’s mine, there is a guided tour for 1.5 hours. The temperature in the mine is 6°C.

The Norwegian Mining Museum

The museum’s main attraction is its silver collection. It represents the largest collection of native silver anywhere in the world. At the Norwegian Mining Museum you gain historical insight into coin production, as well as medals from the great Nordic War to the Nobel Peace Prize. Take a trip through the golden age of Norwegian ski jumping from 1924 to 1952, an era dominated by the “Kongsberg-jumpers”, including brothers Sigmund, Asbjørn and Birger Ruud as the local champions. 22

Opening hours The Norwegian Mining Museum in Kongsberg city center 03.01-16.05 Tues.-Sun. 12.00-16.00 18.05-27.08 Daily 10.00-17.00 28.08-23.12 Tues.-Sun. 12.00-16.00 Train departures – The Silvermines 03.01-16.05 On order 18.05-09.07 Daily 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 10.07-06.08 Daily10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 07.08-01.09 Daily10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 02.09-01.10 Sat.-Sun. 12.00 and 14.00 02.10-08.10 Daily 12.00 09.10-23.12 On order


Exciting activities and unique flavour experiences

Bø Sommarland

Attractions located only 30 minutes from Notodden: • Bø Sommarland, waterpark • Høyt & Lavt

Climbing and activity park

• Lifjell, hiking area

Norsjø Cablepark

The Telemark Canal

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park

• The Fruit Village • Norsjø Cablepark For watersports • The Telemark Canal The Fruit Village

www.visitbø.no Visit Bø – Tel. 414 52 229


Brattrein Hotel – A night in beautiful surroundings


Our rooms will give you as guest, a comfortable stay in idyllic surroundings. With good spaciousness and lovely beds. We will guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

Brattrein hotel – A unique hotel in breathtakingly scenery The hotel is surrounded by a tranquil park with a magnificent view of the Heddal Lake and Lifjell Mountains. The park allows for different outdoor activities. Here you will be greeted with a warm and cozy atmosphere. In 1957 – 2003 Brattrein Hotel was owned by Norsk Hydro and served as a business school for their own employees. This puts us right in the middle of the industrial-history that brought Notodden at the UNESCO – World Heritage list In 2015.

The kitchen is known for its tasty food, with good taste and its processing of commodities with high quality. The hotel has recently been renovated, and houses all the facilities that you may want. Enjoy your life in the restaurant or at the terrace by the bar – with Notodden’s best view.

The kitchen is known for its tasty food, with good taste and its processing of commodities with high quality. Our dining room can be seat up to 100 persons, but we can also do smaller events. Tel.: +47 35 01 23 00 E-mail: Adress: Brattreinsgt. 9 3683 Notodden Brattrein Hotell AS Rooms: 25 / Beds: 40 Convention/Banquet facilities: 80-100 Meeting rooms: 20/12 Restaurant: 100/60 Terrace: 80 / Garden: 300 (telt) Bar: 60/140

We do our utmost so that your stay with us will be a special experience - welcome!


Notodden RV-camp – centrally and idyllically by the lake Heddalsvannet Welcome to Notodden RV-Camp, centrally and idyllically located by the lake Heddalsvannet, with ideal bathing and fishing opportunities, and just a five minute walk from Notodden City Center. The guests at Notodden RV-Camp have access to electricity, sanitation, water and a dump station. 26 Nesøya 2, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 413 95 701 Notodden Bobilcamp - Nesøya

Notodden Camping The idyllic Notodden Camping is situated 2 km outside Notodden City Center, in the direction of Seljord. There are a great amount of attractions to enjoy nearby - Heddal stave church, Bø Sommarland, Telemark’s highest mountain Gaustatoppen, The sea serpent Selma, The silvermines at Kongsberg and the Telemark canal among others. At our camping there is great space to put up tents and to park motorhomes and caravans. You may also rent one of our 17 cabins. All our cabins are equipped with everything you need; pots and pans, a fridge, hot plates, a coffee maker, blankets and pillows. In high season there is great demand for our cabins, and we therefore recommend to pre-book.

Notodden Camping is situated nearby the river Heddøla, where there are great opportunities for bathing and fishing. Notodden airport is also close by, and at times you may enjoy some sailplane activity. Welcome to Notodden Camping AS. Reshjemveien 46, 3676 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 33 10 Notodden Camping



Notodden Hotel

Lystang Camping

– in the middle of Notodden City Center

– a green and enjoyable place along the Telemark Canal.

Notodden Hotel has since June 2014 undergone considerable renovations. The hotel has 60 rooms, 100 beds and conference rooms. We proudly present our new fitness center with saunas and solarium beds. Billiards tables, table tennis, darts and chess are to be enjoyed by our guests at ”Galveston Pub”. The hotel is located in the middle of the “World Inheritance City” Notodden and the reception is open 24hours. Our staff speak English, German, French, Spanish, Lithuanian and Arabic.

Welcome to Lystang Camping - located along the road FV 360, between Notodden and Gvarv. Cabins, beautiful fields for campers, caravans and tents. You can go svimming, use the canoes, kayaks, go fishing, and maybe see a beaver.

​ Torvet 8, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 20 88 E-mail: ​ Parking: Free

You are welcome to enjoy some good and relaxing days along the Telemark Canal.


​ Sauheradvg. 1344, 3683 Notodden Tel.: 905 63 261 E-mail: ​ Lystang Camping


Accommodation Notodden offers a variety of accommodations - Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, RV Park and Caravan Park.

Brattrein hotel

Notodden Camping

Brattrein Hotel is a pleasant and intimate hotel located in a stunning scenery, close to downtown Notodden. Brattreinsgt. 9, 3683 Notodden / 35 01 23 00

Notodden hotel

Our hotel is located in the heart of downtown Notodden. We have 60 rooms with 100 beds.

Torvet 8, 3674 Notodden / 908 52 028

Notodden Camping is located beside the river Heddola - with spacious place for tents, caravans and RV’s.

Tjønnås Økogård

Tjønnås is 400 metres asl. far east in Hjartdal along Tinnsjoveien. We offer accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner at an organic farm.

Reshjemveien 46, 3677 Notodden / 35 01 33 10

Notodden RV-camp

Lystang Camping

Notodden RV-camp is located in the center of Notodden – at the city-beach, nearby the city’s culture house, Bluseum, dining, movies and Heddalsvatnet. Nesøya 2, 3674 Notodden / 413 95 701


3692 Sauland / / 911 97 667

You`ll find us between Notodden and Gvarv. We have cabins for rent, and a lot of space for tents, caravans and RV’s.

Sauheradvegen 1344, 3683 Notodden / 905 63 261

Eyde Restaurant – located in the heart of the city


Across the street from Eyde, you will find Professor Birkeland bar and pub. The pub is named after Kristian Birkeland, Sam Eydes partner end the founder of Hydro. Birkeland is an irish sports bar, showing sport every day from 7 pm. Our opening hours are flexible to fit the broadcasting schedule.

We serve a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts and vegetarian dishes.

Eyde Bar and Restaurant is located in the heart of the city - named after one of the creators of Hydro which has earned the World Heritage status. We serve a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts and vegetarian dishes. In addition to our rich menu, we offer lunch buffet Monday through Friday between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Our lunch buffet is very popular among workers and residents of the city.

a large patio with heating lamps and awnings to keep you dry and warm both summer and winter. We advise all guests to reserve a table, but you are also welcome without a reservation. Welcome to you all.

Also, we offer “Today’s special” from Monday through Friday. Our restaurant is child friendly, and we contain Tel.: +47 35 01 11 00 E-mail: Adress: Storgata 31, 3676 Notodden Eyde Bar og Restaurant Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11.00 to 22.00 Fri-Sat 11.00 to 02.30 Sun 14.00 to 22.00 Professor Birkeland Adress: Storgata 32, 3676 Notodden Professor Birkeland Bar & Pub

After 10pm we only serve drinks.


Stasjonen Café Bakery - Confectionery - Café

Notodden railway station was planned by the famous architect Thorwald Astrup and was ready for use in 1909. It was the terminal station for the Tinnoset Line and the switching station for the industrial sidetrack to Rjukan Quay. All goods from the World Hertiage site Rjukan – Notodden had its start and ending point here. Transport to the world continued on the Eastern Telemark Canal. The first two years the line was operated with steam locomotives, and later the line became the first standard gauge electric railroad in Norway. The station was in use until 1919 when the company Tinnos- Porsgrunn Railway Corporation was established and we were connected to the national railway grid.

The station represent the architecture known as Art Nouveau in an excellent way.


Sam Eyde accompanies King Haakon VII at the opening of the Tinnoset line in 1909, the line started at Notodden railway station.

We serve warm and cold dishes made from scratch, using only local products.

Stasjonen Café – part of the world heritage The Stasjonen Café is located in Notoddens first railway station, a beautiful art noveau building from 1909, part of the UNESCO world heritage. Café, bakery, confectionery and gift shop right next to the most significant Norwegian invention of all time, be

sure to ask the staff. Serves hot and cold dishes made from scratch, using only local produce and old, well kept traditional recipes. After internal refurbishment the old station café appears as something out of the ordinary. Experience the atmosphere, welcome. 33 Tel.: 481 79 805 E-mail: eller Adress: Heddalsveien 11, bygg 52 Hydroparken, 3674 Notodden Stasjonen kafé Contact Stasjonen Kafe, Signe Johanne Øygarden Opening hours: Mon-Wed 10:00-17:00 Thu-Sat 10:00-20:00

Bergbys Notodden


Bergby Hamburger Restaurant - not like other fastfood restaurants

Welcome to Heimat Notodden

Bergby hamburgers are made from 100% pure beef! Our dressing, sauces and potato salad is made from secret recipes.

In the historic train station building, Notodden Station from 1917, is a brand new cafe. At Heimat you can enjoy good food and watch the exciting story that is well cared for. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the great views of the water.

Our food is made from the high quality goods. Local, healthy and good food!

Our food is often regional, mostly homemade by us or a local producers with our recipes. The menu has good old fashioned home norwegian cooking, a la carte, salads, cakes and sandwiches of many kinds. Welcome!

Welcome! ​ Nesøya E134, Notodden 3674 Tel.: 404 04 900 E-mail: ​ Bergbys // bergbysburger Parking: Free


​ ​Sam Eydes gate 29, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 14 00 E-mail: ​ ​ // Parking: Free Train: Ticket automat


My hope is that the paintings will trigger your imagination.

Gallery Karen Gallery Karen has been located in Gvarv since 2012. The artist Karen Roed was born in Denmark in 1948, and has also lived in Sweden, and now Norway. Karen paints with acrylics, and spends a considerable time on each painting. The finished result often shows the shadow of different characters that were not planned to be there to start

”Artglue” is a first class product - water based and durable in all weathers.

with - that suddenly appear in the finished artwork. The paintings aren’t meant to specifically show the viewer something specific, it speaks to the senses. It is her hope that the paintings will trigger the imagination and tell its own story. Karen also holds painting, paverol, waxpainting and watercolour courses. Get in contact with Karen Roed for more information. Gvarvgata 39, 3810 Gvarv Tel.: 941 85 559 Karen Roed Galleri Karen Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 13.00 to17.00 o’clock, or after arrangement in advance. When the flag is hoisted outside, I am in!



Dining In Notodden, there is several good restaurants with different varieties on the menu. Baba Sushi

Cafe Felicia

Sushi and Thai food. At our restaurant you will be served tasty Japanese sushi, made with excellent commodities.

Here you will be served Breakfast and lunch. Warm and cold dishes. We have a big variety of sweet temptations and the towns best coffee. Lovely atmosphere inside, as well as outside on the patio.

Storgata 24, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 93 00 / 400 79 914

Beijing House We do Chinese food, aswell as some Norwegian food. Fast delivery- Take out or dine in. Storgata 39, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 08 63

Bergbys Bergbys burgers are made of 100% pure beef. Nesøya, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 404 04 900

Brattrein Hotel Groups on request. All kinds of events, Brattrein Bar, reunions and bachelor parties. Tel.: 35 01 23 00 Brattreinsgt. 9, 3683 Notodden


Storgata 27 , 3674 Notodden Tel.: 901 23 149

Eyde restaurant We offer a varied menu with lunch-buffet from 11am – 2pm on weekdays. Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Gladys Cafe Newly made baguettes, chicken, burgers – and the best milkshake in the world! Tuvenbøygen 2, 3676 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 43 47

Heimat Notodden In our restaurant you will be served proper Norwegian food, as it should be. A la carte, salads baguettes in different varieties. Sam Eydesgate 29, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 907 75 966


Kafe Olea

Tuven Café

We have homemade food and lovely cakes and cookies.

Traditional café with baked goods of all different kinds. Taste our popular waffles! We do gluten free.

Heddalsvegen 412, 3676 Notodden Tel.: 479 73 145

Pizzabakeren Notodden We do what we know best. Pizza! We make fresh dough everyday. Do you like good pizza? Check out our meny. Heddalsveien 24, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 02 24 40

Stasjonen Café

Tuvenbøygen 2, 3676 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 87 35

Willy’s Café At the heart of Bok og Blueshuset. Café, bar, restaurant and live venue. In the summertime we open up our nice patio with a magnificent view at the Heddal Lake. Storgata 1, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 458 67 578

The Café at the heart of the world heritage. Good taste and traditions.

Professor Birkeland Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Teledølen Culturepub Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Bellman pub

Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Eyde restaurant og bar

Heddalsveien 11, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 481 79 805

Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Notodden hotel Storgata 31, 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00

Brattrein bar

Storgata 31 3674 Notodden Tel.: 35 01 11 00


Tourist information – Notodden

You’ll find Tourist information at both the Notodden municipal service center in Teatergata 3, and in Bok & Blueshuset in Storgata 1. If you are looking for information on the Rjukan- Notodden world heritage site, the staff at Telemarksgalleriet and Lysbuen museum will be happy to help you. Tourist information, Notodden municipal service center Teatergata 3, tel.: +47 35 01 50 00 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 0800-1500 Saturday and Sunday Closed Tourist information, Bok & Blueshuset Storgt. 1, tel.: +47 35 01 56 00 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00-20.00 Saturday and Sunday 14.00-20.00 Important phone numbers Hospital (113) + 4735 00 35 00 Police (112) + 4702 800 Fire department (110) +47 35 01 53 50 Emergency Room +47 815 68 094 Taxi + 47 35 01 13 49 Railroad Tickets + 47815 00 888 TIMEkspressen (bus) +47 35 02 60 00 Notodden Airport +47 35 02 60 70



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OPENING HOURS 10 - 20 (18) MENY TUVEN: 09 - 20 (18)


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