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17 January 2014, Issue 683 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Political push

Fishing bonanza

Big dig for Jet Sprints

Thundercats are GO! The roar of Thundercats will echo through the Bay as racers compete in two demanding events this weekend. Tauranga entrants Anthony Inskeep and Devon Carter are hopeful their local knowledge will render them a win - or two. See page 5 for full story. Pictured: Devon and Anthony take their boat Ultima through the surf this week. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

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Hysteria, paranoia and other Greek characters Shark hysteria, as mentioned last week, continued unabated as irrational behaviour towards these creatures went from the sublime to the ridiculous. The latest piece of nonsense is the closure of Waihi Beach, because a lifeguard spotted a real man-eater: A 50cm baby shark. Yes that’s right folks. There are real attacks happening in Whangamata from dogs, yet we don’t see them closing the streets. The beach was closed because a puny little cute baby fish, which

probably couldn’t even open its mouth wide enough to bite anyone, happened to swim between the flags. It could have choked on cellulite. The poor little shark is the one who needs protection. It probably needs counselling for the psychological stress of seeing all those sun-burned plump thighs and scary speedos. No-one has yet died this year from a shark attack. But plenty have died in drownings. So instead of closing the beaches when baby sharks appear, why not close them when there’s a sighting of water?

It would make more sense than the paranoid panic that’s rampant around our coastline these days.

No laughing matter

In other more important news, here’s a warning about laughing. It may not be as healthy for you as originally thought. So when you hear something ridiculously funny, such as a beach being closed because of a baby shark, try not to suffer oesophageal rupture or even loss of bladder control. Here’s what the British Medical Journal reckons: Research on harms arising from laughter revealed a wide-ranging list of laughing-related dangers, from asthma attacks, protrusion of abdominal hernias, jaw dislocation, and stress incontinence, cardiac and oesophageal rupture and cerebral tumours. The authors concluded: “Laughter is not purely beneficial. The harms it can cause are immediate and dose-related, the risks being highest for Homeric (uncontrollable) laughter”. Homeric? That’s the last time I’ll watch ‘The Simpsons’.

Resolutions up in smoke

How are your New Year resolutions going? I decided to take up smoking this year. It’s not going very well, mainly due to the fact that I just can’t bring myself to spend money on a packet. Which is strange, since the people trying to stop smoking only have to NOT FRIGGIN BUY THEM. A couple of interesting comments came

through our SunLive news site recently. “I used to be a smoker – up to 30 cigarettes each day. My Doctor said he smoked more than that! One day I decided just to go “cold turkey”. I handed out any smokes I had left and challenged another lass to quit as well. She did well until about 3pm in the afternoon, then let out an expletive and raced across to the supermarket and bought a packet of smokes. I looked at her and thought ‘Loser!’, and continued on with my non-smoking endeavour. That was in 1972. To this day I have never had another cigarette. Based on today’s prices I am saving $152 per week. I could live on that alone for my food. So stopping smoking saved me about $8000 per annum since 1972. That’s $328,000 that I have saved in 41 years.” A question from Peter P: “Why is low alcohol beer so expensive and not available on tap in many establishments? At 2.5 per cent, it should be less expensive as I am led to believe the tax is on the alcohol content. Also across the ditch, low alcohol beer must be on tap in all bars and clubs.”

The RR New Year resolution:

I really want to achieve clarity in my life this year, so have set some New Year resolutions. Last year, I set my resolution at 1024 x 768 but this was just too detailed and difficult to focus on. So my New Year resolution is now 640 x 480. I’m hoping this will result in some graphic displays of change for 2014.

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Sunandha Kumariratana, the Queen of Thailand, drowned while her subjects watched because they were forbidden to touch her. A man drowned at a party in New Orleans attended by 100 lifeguards who were celebrating having made it through the summer without a drowning at a city pool.


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The Weekend Sun

Boundary fencing A former Tauranga City councillor is collecting signatures at this weekend’s A&P show for his petition challenging the Electoral Commission’s proposal to move Tauriko/Pyes Pa into the Bay of Plenty electorate. Larry Baldock, a former United Future politician, also hopes to meet Pyes Pa people against moving from the BOP electorate to Rotorua representation. He’s challenging the commission’s plan to move Tauriko to top up former BOP voters, who’ll be propping up Rotorua’s flagging numbers, plundered to boost East Coast’s electorate. “The Conservative Party will have a stand and I’ll probably see at least some people from Pyes Pa,” says Larry. Signatures will be presented to the commission when Larry speaks to his submission. Larry says it’s time the commission started looking at Tauranga first when re-modelling electorates, instead of down south.

Changes to commission rules are needed before the next census too, says Larry, to slow the spread of massive rural electorates that poorly serve the people living in them. “The Coromandel is spreading down to Omokoroa, and north to Auckland, says Larry. “That doesn’t make much sense really.” Larry and fellow objectors are calling for Tauranga East and West seats, divided by harbour. He says instead of moving Tauriko into the BOP, Arataki is a better choice because of an existing community of interest between it and Papamoa. “The point I’m trying to make is in the very near future Tauranga should be a place where we have a new electorate. Instead of always pushing the numbers all the way up to Auckland, creating new electorates up there, they should start looking at other growth areas – and Tauranga is one of them. “We really ought to have a

Tauranga East and West; then probably a sort of rural electorate around Tauranga that Te Puke might be the centre of.” Larry and Tauranga independent MP Brendan Horan say the idea of Te Puke becoming part of Rotorua electorate is ridiculous. “Here we have an Electoral Commission wanting to put Te Puke into Rotorua and Maketu into Whakatane. There’s no geographical sense or community of interest to these changes,” says Brendan. “I’m asking for people to be given another opportunity to make submissions.” Brendan made submissions to the commission last November in Wellington. The boundary changes are set to balance populations among the three electorates, with the commission tasked to keep numbers at 59,731 plus or minus five per cent, per electorate. The A&P show is at Greerton Racecourse tomorrow.


By Andrew Campbell

Larry Baldock wants two Tauranga City seats in Parliament. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

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4 A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

Woman jumps from moving car A woman found lying in the middle of Route K expressway on Wednesday had jumped from a Department of Corrections vehicle headed for the courthouse. The 20-year-old Tauranga woman suffered moderate injuries when she leapt from a probation vehicle about 1km from the toll plaza. The woman had been sentenced to home detention during a previous court appearance and was due to appear in Tauranga District Court on a probation matter. A Department of Corrections spokesperson says the woman was being transported in a probation officer’s fleet vehicle when she managed to escape from the front passenger’s seat.

Intruder’s actions ‘sickening’

Police are seeking the public’s help to find the intruder who broke into an elderly woman’s home in Greerton in a ‘sickening’ incident. The man, described as male Maori about 165cm or 5’5” of thin to medium build, broke into the 84-year-old’s home in the early hours of Sunday, January 12. Police say the woman was awake when the man broke in and has confronted him in the address before he fled. She received minor injuries as a result but did not require any medical attention. Police would like to hear from anyone who saw, or witnessed anyone, fitting the offender’s description in the Fraser Street, Chadwick Road, Pemberton Park area of Greerton between 11.30pm on Saturday, January 11 and 1am on Sunday, January 12.

Fatal crash driver charged

The driver of a car that lost control and crashed into a tree on Labour Day killing Katikati teenager Ricky Pettigrew is facing charges. The 18-year-old man is due to make his first appearance in Tauranga District Court on Monday, January 20. He is charged with manslaughter, two counts of excess blood alcohol causing injury, two counts of reckless driving causing injury and failing to ascertain injury following a crash.

Remedial restoration A section of a well-worn and popular Tauranga walkway will be closed for the next three months as Tauranga City Council restores the eroded structure to give it a new lease of life.

From Sunday, the Daisy Hardwick walkway between Maxwells Rd and Coach Drive, at Pillans Point, will be closed as council staff work on the Waikareao Walkway Erosion Protection. The 700metre section forms part of the 9km Waikareao Estuary loop walkway, which many people cycle, walk and run around on a daily basis. TCC project manager Cameron Warr says the busy walkway gets damaged whenever there are Easterly storms. As a result, about 1km of the walkway will be closed with a detour along Maxwells, Pillans Point and Goods roads to re-join the track – totalling 1.2km. “Damaged areas are made safe and/or repaired after storms, but coastal structures only have a limited lifespan – and this track is pretty much at the end of its life,” says Cameron. As part of the $462,000 Waikareao Walkway Erosion Protection works, 800m3 of dredged sand will be used as fill for part of the construction – currently stockpiled in the Goods Road Reserve. The three-month project involves forming

A Mount Maunganui man has been sentenced to four years and nine months jail after being found guilty of beating and robbing two French tourists. Che Teraumate Bridger, 25, was sentenced in Tauranga District Court after being found guilty by a jury of two counts of aggravated robbery at a trial in December 2013. The only local daily news source you need, constantly updated, seven days a week • Got News? Phone


Tauranga City Council harbour parks coordinator Craig Fea and community projects manager Cameron Warr inspect the track to be rebuilt. Photo by Luke Balvert.

a new rock rip-rap seawall along the seaward side of the walkway and resurfacing the wellworn walkway – eroded via gradual wear and tear. The riprap seawall is similar to what has been recently constructed along Beach Rd. “This is one of the most popular walkways in Tauranga; and it is hard to find a suitable time to close the walkway to undertake

the works,” says Cameron. “The works were originally going to be split over a two-year period, but we are doing two sections at once which should provide some savings and less disruption. Renewing the walkway involves repairing and resurfacing it, including placing more gravel on the surface, where required. By Luke Balvert

Looking to a new political future

Jailed for tourist bashing

The Weekend Sun

Brendan Horan.

Independent MP Brendan Horan says he’s working on continuing his career in parliament following his name being cleared this week of allegations of gambling away his late mother’s funds. With claims of the MP taking money from his late mother’s accounts being refuted, Brendan – who has been an independent representative for 14 months – says he’s seen parliament through an “independent lens” and is no longer interested in returning to NZ First. “What I have seen in parliament is every person in there has to do what their party says, so it’s actually party first and not country first,” says Brendan. “What I’m suggesting is a mechanism to allow people to have a say right throughout the term.” He’s proposing a coalition of independent MPs, whose first duty will be to their electorates. The coalition will agree to govern on confidence and supply, but members vote on all other issues as their respective electorates wish. “We now have the digital technology to do this. I could easily put it out to everybody that is a member of the coalition entity – ‘this is the government position, this is the minority position, here are the submissions to the select committee, this is why I think [a topic is] good or bad for Tauranga. What do you think?’” On major issues the electorate would hold its own mini referenda, and Brendan would have to vote accordingly. “The tally might be National, Labour, and Independent Coalition, eight for and ten against – because people will be voting for their areas and as directed by the people of those areas. “You wouldn’t do it for every Bill, but you would do it for the major Bills that had a bearing on your particular area. Brendan says people have approached him, willing to stand in other electorates because they like the idea. “And they like the idea of putting other people first – and of New Zealanders having a say in the democratic process right throughout the parliamentary term, and this is a mechanism to do that. “What happens is you stand as an independent [MP] but also in the coalition. That would be a party entity; people would be able to give their party vote for it. If people are interested in that, I would like to get feedback from them.” Since NZ First leader Winston Peters expelled Brenan from the party last November, Brendan says he’s managed to get more legislation through parliament than any other first-term MP. He also believes he’s managed to ask more questions for Tauranga than all other MPs. By Andrew Campbell


The Weekend Sun

Rip-roar riding

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Cover story

The rip-roaring of high-speed inflatable boats will descend upon Tauranga and Mount Maunganui this weekend, as the Thundercats take the city by storm.

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Racers Devon Carter and Anthony Inskeep.

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Photos by Tracy Hardy.

The Mount race is surfcross racing, beginning at Tay St at 11am. This will provide spectacular viewing for the public, as boats rip across waves at speeds of up to 80km/h. Anthony says racing has been going well for their team up until the National Surfcross event at Whangamata on January 4, when the boat’s motor broke during racing. “It’s all fixed now and we’ll be ready to go hard this By Corrie Taylor weekend.”


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Competitors in the national Thundercat series will race in two events; the first testing longevity and strategy in Tauranga on Saturday; and the second boasting jumps, thrills and spills at Tay St on Sunday. One man hoping to take out both races is Anthony Inskeep – the sole Tauranga entrant. Racing in his third series, Anthony – along with co-driver Devon Carter – came second in the 2013 Tauranga leg and is confident of a win this weekend in their boat, named Ultima. New to this round is the ‘King of the Island’ race – a 110km stint which sees racers start from Sulphur Point at 10am, racing out of the harbour and north to the Bowentown entrance and back to Sulphur Point. Anthony says it’s one of two long haul races in the series, which demands a whole new strategy than shorter races. “A lot more goes into it; everything has to be perfect, otherwise you will break down while racing.”

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The Weekend Sun

Rejuvenating business Te Puke businesses are revamping their shops to create a more enticing shopping destination before Tauranga Eastern link’s completion, set to offer a bypass around the town. Te Puke Economic Development Group’s managing director Mark Boyle says in the last two months seven retailers have either created new branding, shop fronts and/or, internal fit-outs, signalling businesses are readying themselves for a traffic change in the township. “This is proactive retailers wanting to be part of the future and doing things to lift their business by making themselves attractive and being part of Te Puke EDG’s over-arching strategy for growth and development. “So the town has got its brain around change – and it’s more than just the shop fronts, it’s the whole strategy we have underway.” Te Puke Florist owner Murray Howell, who has re-fitted his shop and helped two nearby businesses re-brand, says the stimulus is TEL. “We’ve come up with a new look, made it a bit more modern by making everything in the shop black…which pops all of our colours. “We knew, with the bypass coming up soon, we had to get ourselves geared up and keep people interested in Te Puke, so we’ve been smartening our shop up – and it’s giving us a good feeling and other people a good feeling. “We’re getting lots of good response from people saying: ‘My God, we’ve never seen anything like this in Te Puke before’ and it’s making people feel good about coming into a nice shop,” says Murray. Mark says while some Te Puke stores are in good shape, others need work – and with less than 750 days until TEL opens, changing traffic patterns through Te Puke will follow. “Currently, there are 20-odd thousand vehicles a


Te Puke Florist owner Murray Howell outside his revamped store. Photo by Tracy Hardy. day; and they’re [NZTA] not predicting it’s going to be so much less, but the expectation is there will be diversion of heavy traffic. “There will be a change in the pattern of the traffic, but we can’t predict what will happen.” By Merle Foster

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The Weekend Sun


Message in a coaster

Bahama Hut general manager Karl Brambley, with the recently rolled out safe message bar mats and coasters. Photo by Tracy Hardy. colourful and not to detract from the message.” If you find yourself at a bar this summer, In new a move to keep up to date with moving pause for a moment, lift your glass – and advertising platforms, the mats are fitted with a magtake a read of the new safe drinking netic strip and QR barcode, so people can scan the barcode for alarming facts on binge drinking and the messages staring back at you. dangers of drink driving. “This means they are going to have a longer life, That is the conservative plea from Tauranga’s and we can refresh and interchange the messages in District Licensing Agency, as they roll out new safe drinking bar mats and coasters throughout the city’s years to come.” Bahama Hut general manager Karl Brambley says CBD and wider Western Bay of Plenty. the mats and coasters will be a handy tool in promotTauranga District Licensing Agency chairman ing a safe and enjoyable drinking culture – both for John Payne says the project, in conjunction with members of the public and bar owners. ACC and the Ministry of Justice, is trying to proHe adds any visual images are certain to stick in vide reasonable resources to get key messages people’s minds much clearer. across to people. “People will take note about anything around them “A drunk driver message might be served with a picand having something visual will help get the mesture of a clown. This type of key messages are about sage across,” says Karl. keeping yourself safe, not over-indulging – and that “There is always a minority that will try and ruin it you have got plans for the night. for the rest, but I say 99 per cent are out to have “We have spoken to the licensees about what they wanted and they said they don’t want things to be too a good time.” By Luke Balvert

Get making for A&P

Bake a cake, cut some flowers, grow vegetables, make creations, decorate biscuits, the list goes on and on –and people need to get their home industries entries for February 2’s Katikati A&P show underway. Competitions exist for children and adults, covering a range of different sections. Entry forms to be in by midday January 31. Visit www.katikati. and click on Katikati A&P show.

Fishing competition finale Bowentown Boating and Sports Fishing Club’s 18-day Waihi Beach Village fishing competition ends this Saturday at 5pm. Entrants have had since 5am January 1 until this Saturday to be part of the competition, with weigh-ins daily for one snapper, trevally, kawahai per angler per day and only one kingfish during the competition. Take note that prize giving will be this Saturday from 7.30pm.


The Weekend Sun

Masterful approach on Mount Main Beach Mount Maunganui’s Main Beach will wind back the clock this weekend as surf lifesaving’s masters step on to the sand and show they still have what it takes.

ters champs – competition is expected to be fierce. Omanu Surf Club competition and coaching director Koenraad Groot is expecting more than 20 competitors to line up from his club, including 84-year-old Sid Salek. Last year’s event saw between 50 and 100 people compete from across the region. “If ‘Super Sid’ turns up we will have competitors from 84-years-old right through to 35,” says Koenraad. “They all certainly enjoy the day, but there are always some sore bodies with many competing in 11 or so events, including team relays, in one day.” And competitors love nothing more than getting out and showing the younger lifesavers how the sport is done – despite the occasional injury or

This Sunday, the annual Eastern Regional Masters Championships sees the club’s more mature surf lifesavers compete in traditional sand and ocean based races with age groups from 30-39-years-old right through to 70-plus. And with the region boasting a strong contingent of competitors – Omanu Surf Life Saving Club is the current Surf Life Saving New Zealand Masters Champions and Mount Maunganui Surf Club is the reigning Eastern Regional Mas-

sporting wear and tear – says Koenraad. SLNZ eastern region programme and services manager Mike Lord says the event is a fantastic opportunity for competitors to stretch their legs and get some racing under their belts before the State National Championships in Ohope this March. “We haven’t run this event for too long so it’s still kind of small, but the national champs gets about 300 competitors,” says Mike “There should be some good competition between the Mount and Omanu this year with their two titles.” The Eastern Regional Masters Championships gets underway from 9am at Mount Maunganui Main Beach. By Luke Balvert

It’s good to be good hosts



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The start of a new year is the traditional time to assess where we are at and set goals and targets for the next 12 months or so. Some of us may be even be determined enough to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s a similar process in Government, as Parliament resumes with fresh energy and ready to launch into 2014. So what are the priorities and what can the people of Katikati and the rest of the Western Bay expect? For most of us, our interactions with Government come through the public service.

It would be great to think that all visitors to Tauranga and the Mount are welcomed with manaakitanga – hospitality (broadly speaking). It is good to be good hosts, it is friendly, and economically our visitors are worth more than $416 million to us every year. But sadly it is not always so. We opened our office early this year and have been rather embarrassed for two sets of visiting holidaymakers, who called in to complain that they had received parking offence notices. Their holiday had been spoiled by overzealous parking wardens. Though not an MP’s business, as a local I was disturbed.

Grabbing your attention

What’s ahead in 2014?

Moving forward in 2014

I’m not going to try sell the benefits of civic duty to you, because I know you already care about your community – it’s part of being a Kiwi. This column is about the council being more relevant to you. Because you – the resident – are our shareholder, partner, and customer all at the same time; and we need to look after you. From the time you wake up until you go to bed, you are bombarded with people and organisations trying to grab your attention. Businesses fork out thousands to try to get you to buy or do something. Family and friends also cry out for your limited time.



At this time of the year, when we have endured the reviews of what happened in 2013 – now we look ahead to what might happen in 2014. As it is an election year, it will be an interesting one. Here are my predictions: The election race will be tight, but I think National will edge out a Labour/ Greens coalition. The size of the margin will depend on National adjusting some of their policies to make them a bit greener and a little less Auckland centric.

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The Weekend Sun

Reeling in the biggest catch encouraging the sport of casting, teaching the art of angling, and encouraging good sportsmanship and friendly competition, says Dave. Major prizes this year include $6000 for heaviest snapper, $1000 for heaviest kahawai, plus a section for children under age 12. There are also prizes for the heaviest fish caught by a woman, heaviest trevally, and heaviest fish of other species. Competition entry fee costs $25 per rod or hand line with fishing starting 8am Sunday morning and finishing at 2pm. The final weigh in is at 3pm at contest headquarters. The fishing ground is from Waitahanui Stream at the west, and Matata Domain in the East. Tickets are available from Tauranga shops Hamills on Cameron Rd and Top Catch on Mirrielees Rd, The Bait Shop on Mount Maunganui’s Totara St, and Te Puke Rod and Line on Jellicoe St. You can also enter at Top Catch Hamilton on Kahikatea Drive, Iceman commercial wharf at Whakatane, Matata Seafoods on Arawa St, Opotiki Bait and Tackle on St John St and Mad Mike’s Sports Emporium on Tongariro Street, Taupo.

Dave Brown, getting in a little practice before next week’s competition.

luxury airport


By Andrew Campbell

Looking for a spot to go fishing on January 26? Try Matata – and you might win $6000 if you catch the biggest snapper on the day, or $1000 for a decent-size Kahawai. But there will be a bit of competition in this year’s Rotorua Fishing and Casting Club Inc’s 45th Surf Casting Bonanza, after last year hooked 800 fishers vying for the prizes. Club president and Papamoa resident Dave Brown says the 2013 competition reeled in about 100 Tauranga surfcasters on the beach at Matata, enjoying the fishing and the company. He’s unsure how many will hook into the competition this year – but says as a family day trip, the surfcasting bonanza offers something for everyone. “For 2014, we have made some changes to the prize pool,” says Dave. “We have increased the value of the ladies’ prizes and added one more prize to the kahawai section.

“There will be a barbecue on the day courtesy of Paengaroa School, and a lolly scramble for kids during weigh-in. This is a great family day with everyone catered for.” Organisers have also had to make traffic arrangements to handle more than 800 anglers the club is expecting. On competition day, a 70km/h speed restricted will be in place 20 metres either side of the contest headquarters, at the eastern end of Matata straight. No road-side parking is permitted in the restricted speed zone, but signposted parking is next to Greenfield’s farm. Starting in 1969, the competition has become one of the longest running one-day fishing competitions organised and run by an amateur fishing club in New Zealand. The Anniversary weekend competition is the not-for-profit club’s main fundraiser. Money raised helps run the club and achieves its objectives of

our specialty See Us At: 111 Grey St - Tauranga (behind Macpac) PH: 579 4923


The Weekend Sun

Countdown is on

Excavator Colin Amrein at ASB Baypark.

Replacing almost 200 truckloads of dirt with 1400m3 of fresh water is no easy feat, but it’s a mission accepted by ASB Baypark this week as the venue prepares for the high-octane ENZED V8 Jetsprint Championship series next Saturday.

All eyes have been on Baypark as global interest in the transformation of the stadium’s ground into a jetsprint track takes place. Digging of the jet sprint track began on Monday and Jet Sprint Bay of Plenty spokesperson Matt Minnell says he could not be more pleased with how things are

Inset: Photo by Neil Jones, In-shot Photography.

progressing. This is the first time V8 jet sprint races have been held in an enclosed seated arena. “To break dirt is very exciting for me. Things are going really good; everything is working really well, and we are on track,” says Matt. “We hear there is even some interest out of America at the moment, as to how we go and whether they can dig up a superbowl stadium.” Matt knows the global spotlight brings a serious amount of attention and expectation, but he’s confident the joint initiative between New Zealand Jetsprint Association, Jetsprint BOP and Bay Leisure Events Limited is a winner. Next weekend’s highly anticipated competition will feature 49 competitors, including six from Australia, which will navigate the temporary circuit of twisting five-six metre-wide channels, covering 450m in total, at a depth of between 40cm to 70cm. “The crowd for them is going to be a lot closer, so that’s going to be the difference really; being in front of so many people (about 15,000).” Bay Leisure and Events Limited chief executive, Gary Dawson, is excited to offer something new and exciting to the public, and host a world first and national event. “It’s going to be a spectacular day. I know it’s going to be successful and will bring more events here.”


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WW1 fighter aircraft in flight

Visitors to the Classics of the Sky – Tauranga City Airshow will be privileged to see aircraft not seen this far north before in New Zealand. Four WW1 fighter aircraft from The Vintage Aviator Limited in Masterton, will be on display at the airshow on Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26. This year is 100 years since the outbreak of WW1 and has been chosen by organisers as the main theme for the airshow. The aircraft include two Allied fighters and two

Organised by:

German Fokkers. When the aircraft are not flying, they will be moved to a location where the public can get up close to them. Air displays vary from vintage biplanes and triplanes, to gliders, WWll fighters, RNZAF aircraft and jets. Other displays are as diverse as a local police squad ‘arresting’ some bad guys with the ever-popular police dog section, and radio controlled model aircraft. Watch out also for the favourite race with the Audi R8 from Farmer Auto Village; this year’s race has a major twist. Visitors are advised to purchase tickets in advance to gain the easiest

Major Sponsors:

access to the airshow. Tickets are available at, from Eventfinda, Creative Tauranga, or from the Bunker/Pilot Shop at Classic Flyers NZ. You can buy a full colour souvenir programme here too, or holders of current TECT cards can receive a complimentary programme on-site during the airshow.

Event Partner:

Supporters & Media Partners:

Pilots Pete Ham, John Lanham and Dave Morris. Photos by Bruce Barnard.

The Weekend Sun has two double passes to the ENZED V8 Jetsprint Championship event next Saturday, as well as five family combo passes to the Jetsprints and Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow, to give away to lucky readers who can answer a simple question for us. Enter online at under the competitions section. Choose to enter either the Combo Pass giveaway or the Jet Sprint giveaway. Enter by Wednesday, January 22.


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Pool splash and ocean clash Katikati Masters Swim Club’s annual January splash of pool and ocean races is on this weekend – with opportunity still open to enter the Sunday Orokawa Bay race. Entries have closed for Saturday’s annual NZ 33.3metre Pool Champs at Katikati’s Dave Hume Pool, but committee member Sue MacFarlane says people are wel-

come to come along to watch. In Saturday’s pool event beginning at 4.30pm, 45 entrants will splash their way towards medals for first, second and third masters age group points placings, with a maximum of five events per swimmer. On Sunday, the iconic Orokawa Bay 2km swim will sees contestants walk round to the bay, and swim back to Waihi Beach, with the race beginning 10am, to finish at the surf club. Sue says people can still register

to enter the ocean swim, at a cost of $30, on Saturday morning between 7.30am and 8.15am at the surf club. The race is open to people aged 14 years and over, with all entrants required to attend a mandatory briefing at 8.30am. A bright-coloured cap and competitor number must be worn on each swimmer’s body during the race. “All of the money raised goes to Waihi beach Surf Club and St John ambulance in the region,” says Sue. By Merle Foster

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Spike, set and smash for youth at Mount Brewing volleyball talent will be on display in Mount Maunganui next week, as the Volleyball NZ Age Group Beach Champs draws the sport’s young talent to town.



On Tuesday and Wednesday, an estimated 80 or so pairs will take to 16 courts set up on Mount Main Beach and battle for the top spots. Four age groups will compete (Under 15, Under 17, Under 19 and Under 23), with finals expected to be played about 3pm on Wednesday. Event director Tim Cleaver says successful per-

formances could help pairings gain entry into their respective Age Group World Champs events this year. Next week’s competition is one of two flagship events for junior players, and is a vital part of the Junior High Performance Programme, says Tim. “National coaches use these events to see head-tohead performance and also to spot new emerging talent.” Volleyball NZ will send teams to the Age Group Worlds Champs in Poland (Under 23), Cyprus (Under 21), and Portugal (Under 19). To catch the action, be at Mount Main Beach on By Corrie Taylor January 21-22.


Wear a life jacket


If you do end up in the water, it could save your life Wear a life jacket

If you do end up in the water, it could save your life

ski safety For more information about jet Council onal Regi ty Plen of Bay ct conta

Phone: 0800 884 880 Website:

For more information about jet ski safety contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council

For more information about jet ski safety contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Phone: 0800 884 880


Phone: 0800 884 880





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Young cast and crew acting up The city’s youngest director is taking Tauranga audiences back in time to the 1960s with a firstever musical performed by the city’s newest youth group. The new 16th Avenue Youth group, made up of teenagers aged 13-18, is taking audiences back to an era where music was loud, skirts were short and Mods and Rockers were sworn enemies in a musical – called ‘Electric Dreams 2’ – at 16th Avenue Theatre this week. At age 20, director Dyllan Martin has already directed three shows including ‘Electric Dreams 1’. This time, she’s bringing a fast-paced musical full of comedy, drama and 1960s music with a distinct 21st Century spin. Set at the very dawn of the teenager, the show sees plain-Jane Alice desperately trying to get her brother’s arch nemesis – Jonny of the Rockers – to notice her. Things go from bad to worse when Jonny’s evil twin sister, Lavinia, comes home after being framed for a crime she insists she didn’t commit – and now she’s vowing revenge.

Digging for bones Hoards of toddlers are expected to hit the sand to dig for buried

“It’s about love, justice and truth, with a little bit of murder mystery thrown in there,” says Dyllan. Singing and acting since age seven, Dyllan says seeing performers having fun on stage is what makes a good show. “If they’re having fun then I’m having fun,” she says. “I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew, everyone’s been amazing.”

Show review:

They may be young, but the cast and crew of ‘Electric Dreams 2’ are extraordinarily talented. The musical had me giggling almost the entire show, except when I was on the edge of my seat watching Jonny of the Rockers and Michael of the Mods play fisticuffs in the middle of the audience. In an epic tale of truth and justice, I had fun trying to guess who committed the crime as the murder mystery unravelled throughout the musical. Talent shone from the entire cast, but there was one young character who had me unable to take my eyes off him – Theo. Played by Reece Ratcliffe, Theo’s excel-

dinosaur bones next week. The annual PORSE childcare event, on January 22, sees children and their families hunting for pretend fossil eggs and

bones to be traded for dinosaur-themed prizes. The Dinosaur Dig is from 9am to 11am at Mount Maunganui Main Beach, opposite Leisure Island.

lent dance moves, beautiful voice, and clever portrayal of character had me fooled – it is his first lead role in a musical. So to find out if love and great music can really conquer all, I suggest you head down to 16th Avenue Theatre and check out ‘Electric Dreams 2’ this weekend, on until January 19. Tip: You may want to grab their autographs before they become famous. To buy tickets, visit: By Zoe Hunter


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Getting set to muck in An overgrown gully at Katikati Primary School is being transformed into an environment for learning and play – but next year is when Year 5-6 students will really roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty. “We are going to make some raised platforms where the children can sit, sketch and take in their environment – as the ground there takes runoff water,” says teacher Liz Woods, who is a project

organiser alongside Kathryn Burtenshaw. Children are also making weta houses to be placed in the gully next year. “Once the community gains respect for the site and looks after it – we will place the weta houses down there.” The project began in October this year, after the school received an Environmental Enhancement Fund grant of $10,000, making it possible to makeover the Te Awaawa gully. About 40 parents plus children and community members spent a day planting more than 600 plants to landscape the gully after a bank was resculpted to stop erosion. “This has created an area the children can explore and walk among the flora, which in time will create micro-habitats they can explore close up,” says Liz. A hut building area nearby has also been created, with a digger removing unsuitable bark. Liz says phase one is near completion, so next year the school can involve more children in a hands-on way to learn about the environment. Phase two will involve weed removal, under-planting and riparian plantings. Making a viewing deck,

Katikati Primary School student Abby Corbett waters plantings for her school’s restoration project with classmates Phoenix Chinnery and Logan Ward. paths and steps will also continue next year. “We plan to clear the gully out with kids-power from the school and re-plant it. “The school’s elective programme for Years 3-6 and an enviro group will participate in weeding, planting, watering and other activities in the gully every Friday,” says Liz. “It is a very exciting project to be involved in, as we are so fortunate to have this area in our school to By Merle Foster use for learning.”

It is all about those relationships Recent scientific brain development research alerts parents and early childhood education teachers to the need of providing quality early childhood environments that provide for optimal brain wiring. The brain at birth is not fully formed. Genes and experiences interact to influence the brain’s form and function; and positive relationships are primary to brain development. Infants develop best when they are engaged in a positive reciprocal relationship with a responsive consistent caregiver, who can read their cues and respond to their needs. Papa Kaainga Home Based Early Childhood Education Service provides experienced educators who give priority to this essential relationship while caring for and educating children. This is enhanced within the

warmth of a home environment, with a group size of no more than four children. Attending children determine the pace and direction of the day. Papa Kaainga upholds values of trust, empathy, hope, respect, affection, communication, care and love – all of which are fostered within the day-to-day curriculum. The home-based service has recently been reviewed by the Education Review Office, which says home settings are skillfully adapted to create interesting and responsive learning environments where children demonstrate a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Children picking the tomatoes they planted and nurtured, with their early childhood education teacher. They say a range of strategies are used to extend children’s language, thinking and social skills. Papa Kaainga is a not-for-profit community organization, which also provides education and support for pre-school, fostered children.


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Babies with the best Providing babies with the best of everything without blowing the household budget can be challenging – but Nappies for Less in Tauranga can help. All products at the Cameron Rd store are sold at great prices including a range of baby nappies and gear, and furniture products such as capsules, car seats, strollers and joggers, buggies, walkers, rockers and portacots and more – and laybys are available. The 100 per cent New Zealand-

owned company sells USA and European premium day and night nappies as well as eco-friendly, biodegradable German-made nappies, which are kind to the earth and to babies’ skin. “We are well-known by all parents and mums in the Bay of Plenty to be the best place to get quality baby nappies and gear for your little ones for less money,” says store manager Eman Safi. As the name suggests, customers can purchase good quality nappies – for less – with premium nappies costing from 23 cents each and economy nappies available from

Nappies for Less store manager Eman Safi in her wellstocked store.

16 cents per nappy. “These are really great prices,” says Eman. All premium nappies range from premature sizing to XXL and come with velcro, double guards and breathable panels. These are available in store and online, with free nappies deliveries to Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Welcome Bay (conditions apply). The company also ships nationwide. “Please visit our Facebook page Nappies Plus. It’s really fun and informative, with more than 1500 subscribers. We are also on Instagram at nappiesforlessTGA.”

Tasty new cereals are a bowl of fun With four different flavours to choose from, my daughters Teegan and Danika were jumping for joy at trying the new children’s cereals range from Hubbards. With Banana Bugs ‘n’ Mud, Neapolitan Super Pops, Cookies and Cream Rumbles and the Berry Tricks Mix on offer, they found it far more exciting than their normal breakfasts. They each chose a box to taste test first and both were adamant each cereal makes a very yummy breakfast. Plus, the boxes are exciting and full of fun jokes, fun facts and ideas for experiments and games. With round two, the remaining flavours also got the thumbs up. Asking for the girls’ comments I received a resounding “Yum, excellent, delicious, scrummy, and awesome” – and, of course, “Can I have more?” If they had to choose just a favourite, Danika says she’d have Cookies and Cream Rumbles, while Teegan says opted for the Berry Tricks Mix – answers that came after a very hard and long decision process. Each box is packed with good stuff children need to start the day right, including essential nutrients. Hubbards CEO Rob White says children need a

good breakfast to give their day a kickstart, so they can make the most doing what they do best. “Our research and development team has created a range of cereals that are delicious for kids, but also have essential nutrients, fibre, wholegrains and iron to keep mums happy too. We have taken on mums’ and dads’ feedback on sugar levels in kids cereals and have focused on reducing it, while still retaining a great taste.” By Kathy Sellars

The Weekend Sun has a prize pack of the new cereals to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us how many flavours there are. Enter online at under the competitions section, before Wednesday, January 22.

Lots of prizes to be won

Dino Dig!

Tuesday 21 January, 9am - 10.30am at Mount Main Beach by Leisure Island Come and dig for dinosaur bones and be in to win prizes. Bring a spade, a hat and a sense of adventure. Free activity. PORSE Tauranga Ph 578 8546.


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Musical moments... Dance teacher Paula Harrison says anything is possible at Steps Performing Arts. theatre school A registered teacher of the International Dance Teachers Association, Paula says Steps is a wonderful experience to watch students grow, increase their confidence and self-esteem, while developing new skills both in class and performing on stage. Specialising in musical theatre, theatre dance, tap and jazz, Paula says Steps offers structured classes in a friendly atmosphere with emphasis on having fun, gaining confidence and building essential life skills, while learning the art of performance. Students learn vocal training, singing, dance, drama, musical theatre performance and theatre terminology in the musical theatre class. “The aim of the class is to have a balanced performance of the three skills; acting, singing and movement,” says Paula. In theatre dance, which is a combination of ballet and jazz, students learn a form of movement for

Students enjoy taking part in Steps’ musical theatre classes.

theatrical performance, preparing the body physically through exercise and stimulating artistic ability, improvisation and interpretation of music. “It provides all of the must-have qualities for today’s amateur and professional dancer,” says Paula. Children and adult tap classes are available with beginner’s jazz classes new to the school this year. Throughout the year, children partake in IDTA examinations with international examiners from the United Kingdom and an annual show. Last year’s production was based around Dr. Seuss’ musical ‘Seussical Jr’, which Paula says received excellent reviews. To immerse children in a variety of musical theatre skills, vocal training, singing, dance and drama, Steps Musical Theatre is hosting a summer school in Tauranga on January 20-24. Please see advert on this page for contact details.

Reaping the benefits of ballet Teaching classical ballet is as popular as ever – and Dance Education Centre has a strong programme for aspiring dancers.

Giving students a sense of confidence and integrity is so important, say DEC dance teachers. Experiences at DEC begin at pre-school, but

often students begin ballet at any age and level including in adulthood. DEC is a familybased dance school and offers a fun but comprehensive training where everyone achieves their goals.

If ballet is for the pretty pink tutus, learning to work with a group, or wanting to make ballet a career, DEC is the right place to start. In 2014, the school is celebrating senior students Alice Beedie and Kaylee Bird, who will further their dance training with NZ School of Dance and Tania Pearson Classical Coaching Academy in Sydney. DEC’s senior students are highly trained dancers and the experience for most will be skills for life.


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Evelyn’s dreaming of the big screen A Tauranga woman is hoping the public can help turn her life-long dream of appearing on the big screen into a reality. Recently graduating a one-year On Screen Acting course at South Seas Film and Television School, in Auckland, Evelyn Hunter is looking to further her career in acting at the city’s The John Bolton Theatre School. The 20-year-old needs to raise about $5000 to pay for the nongovernment funded four-month course, which begins March 31, 2014. With a life-long dream of becoming a professional actress, Evelyn says acting is a form of expression. “I find people fascinating and complex – and it’s being able to dig Evelyn Hunter, 20, dreams of being deeper into a person’s behaviour on the big screen, like acting icon and mind-set that interests me.

Marilyn Monroe. Photo by Zoe Hunter.

“Being able to communicate a person’s [life] journey, and to truly connect and be in the moment, is what inspires me the most,” says Evelyn. “It feels like flying. That is why I do it.” Getting into the course wasn’t an easy feat for Evelyn, who narrowly missed the cut-off date for 2014 auditions. Witnessing her acting talent blossom throughout her course at South Seas, Evelyn’s physical theatre tutor encouraged her to audition for the theatre course. With only three days before auditions, Evelyn quickly sent in her application form. Receiving the application just in time, course organisers invited Evelyn to audition in Auckland. Nervously waiting for the next few days, Evelyn received an invitation into the highly sought-after course for 2014. The aspiring actress is hoping to turn her acting dream into a reality.

Dance classes for everyone Rhythmz Dance Co is the largest provider of dance classes in the Bay of Plenty, teaching more than 600 students every week. The team at RDC is passionate about keeping dance fun – and have done away with costly uniforms and exams, says owner Carla Beazley. “Dance is about enjoyment and expression – it’s something that should build confidence, not something that should be critiqued.” RDC offer two different programmes, their school-based

classes and public classes. “Our school classes are more relaxed and better suited to those with little dance experience,” says Carla. “For those wanting more of a challenge, we offer public [or outof-school] classes that are more technique based”. Regardless of which dance class you choose, everyone has the opportunity to perform at RDC’s large annual shows held at the end of November. This year, RDC will also offer intensive workshops in various genres for those wanting to extend their ability and knowledge. “Our first workshops are hip-

Christine Paul SCHOOL OF DANCE

hop based and cover styles such as housing, popping and isolations; slow jam, new jack, wacking and vouging; reggaton, locking, new jack and jazz funk”. RDC teach their public classes in Papamoa, Mount Maunganui and also at their dance studio at the Historic Village. The schools they teach at are: Bellevue Primary, Bethlehem College, Greenpark Primary, Matua Primary, Maungatapu Primary, Mount Primary, Otumoetai Intermediate, Papamoa Primary, Pillans Point Primary, Tahatai Coast School, Tauranga Intermediate, Tauranga Primary and Selwyn Ridge Primary.

“Becoming a professional actress, doing what I love and getting paid for it, would be a dream come true,” says Evelyn. “My ultimate goal would be to star as

the lead in a feature film that is successful. But you’ve got to be able to walk before you can run, right?” Visit


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Get paid and stay paid - preventing disaster During the last year in the Bay of Plenty there have been an increasing number of debtor payments being clawed back by liquidators and receivers from suppliers, which have been paid in full by a company that has later gone into liquidation and/or receivership.

This practice can be very disheartening and threaten a business’ livelihood when monies have already been allocated to expenses. So how can this be prevented? Although it is very difficult in these economic times to fully prevent such occurrences completely there are steps businesses can take to reduce the risk, such as credit checking new accounts using a third party checking service like Veda. Have up-to-date Terms of Trade that will allow you to become a secured These clawed back payments have creditor if necessary will also reduce the been found to be payments made to a risk, including monitoring existing and ‘non-secured’ creditor in preference of a new credit accounts electronically using ‘secured’ creditor an alert monitoring system. and therefore Other tips are to are ‘voidable’ Active secure your business under the law. Alarms’ Jason as a secured creditor, Evans and where applicable on the EC Credit Control’s Nick Kerr.

PPS Register, and have an effective credit management strategy with defined steps and stages. The above can be achieved with help from EC Credit Control in Tauranga. EC Credit Control is a credit management company with a difference; not only do they collect overdue accounts, but they also work with business owners to implement effective systems to protect their business. Working alongside New Zealand businesses since 1989, EC Credit Control understands each business is as unique as the people behind it. EC Credit Control specialises in creating customised and industry-specific Terms of Trade.

Personalised documentation is designed to integrate with how a business transacts with its clients, providing access to credit checking and a credit monitoring facility through a strategic partnership with Veda. Robust Terms of Trade are an excellent way to protect your business and enable you to register an interest on the Personal Property Securities Register. The PPS Register gives businesses a better chance of recovering a debt if your debtor defaults. By securing an interest you become a ranked creditor, giving you priority when payments are made or assets distributed. EC Credit Control has area managers throughout New Zealand

who care about each business and will take the time to sit down and discuss what is needed. They will demonstrate business protection, and how to use the various credit management tools available. Local area manager Nick Kerr has been servicing the Bay of Plenty region for more than seven years; and during this time he’s developed a strong reputation for providing solutions to Bay businesses. Now seen as a subject matter expert in credit management issues, Nick is often called upon to consult with businesses in order to ensure both systems and processes are set up to meet ‘best practice’ in an ever-changing and often volatile economy.

Computer doctors not nerds or robots For all things computer-related – including sales, service and repair – The Computer Medic can help. They are not nerds or geeks – they are Microsoft certified professionals who offer 24/7 plain English speaking support for all computer-related issues for home and business users in the Tauranga area. They have relocated to new premises at 35 Chapel St, where owner Andrew Wood and his staff now offer customers more than 60 years’ combined experience in the IT Industry. They are now also Tauranga’s premier authorised service centre for Brother, Epson, Fuji Xerox and Samsung printers, and have a new website and graphic designer on staff. Andrew stresses its important to hire experienced professionals to help with any computer problem. “When you have a problem with your car, or require a service, do you take it to John around the road, or do you take it to a certified mechanic?,” says Andrew. “When it all comes down to the person working on the computers, do you hire certified professionals with

Michelle Wood, David Bell, Andrew Wood and Phil Reed. more than 60 years’ combined experience or somebody who plays games and fixes their own PC? Nowadays, if you stuff up your computer or server it can impact your life and business quite severely.” Andrew and his staff keep up-to-date with new technologies and can offer advice on how to make businesses run more efficiently. They can tailor an IT solution for you, using tried and tested industry standards and experience. They are Microsoft, Checkpoint and Cisco certified. So when your computer is sick, they are the ones to call.

Computer Issues? Let us help you... 1/2 Price


0800 00 1950

Offer ends 31 March, 2014

35 Chapel Street, Tauranga


Pick Up & Delivery

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Pathway to degrees now open A new programme of study offering students a pathway to diploma and degree study is starting at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic this year. It’s designed to allow students tailor a programme which can help pathway them into a degree or diploma of their choosing, which they may otherwise be unable to get into, says the Group Leader – Bridging Programmes, Lauren Swann. The Certificate in Foundation Studies is a 17 week, Level 4 programme which sees students choose four elective courses to focus on and study. The courses include Information management; English for Academic purposes; Biology; Maths; Social Science. “This is for when you know what study you want to move in to, and you want to build for that.” “It may have been that people were turned away

The results are out Tauranga students were among hundreds of thousands huddled around the computer checking their NCEA results released online this week. New Zealand Qualifications Authority released NCEA results on Wednesday to the relief of 163,000 students across the country. It will also be a relief for Papamoa College receiving its first ever NCEA results. The college opened to Year 7 to 9 students in 2011 and last year its first set of 140 Year 11 students sat NCEA Level 1 exams. These students will move through to Year 12 this year, and next year the school will have a full set of year groups. It is understood the college is one of the only schools in the country to have sat NCEA for the first time in 2013. Papamoa College principal Steve Lindsey had high hopes for the results. “It’s something we’ve been working quite hard towards, not just last year, but in previous years, and in the set-up of the school,” says Steve.

from some diplomas or degrees and told they’re not ready or need to brush up on certain skills and knowledge.” Lauren says the course was developed after a need arose for people who have set their hearts on a higher level goal and just need a little more development in a certain direction to achieve that. “There a lot of other foundation programmes out there to pathway into certificate courses, and this is a step up from that.” She says while it targets students who may have missed out on required NCEA results, it is also a great choice for more mature students, who may be looking into getting back into higher level study or want to gain confidence in tertiary education. Applications are now open for the Certificate in Foundation Studies, with the semester one course beginning in March, and semester two in July. By Corrie Taylor


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Free help for literacy learning Many people have questions on how they can improve their reading and writing skills. Free programmes to improve reading, writing, numeracy and basic computing skills are available through Literacy and

Language Bay of Plenty. Literacy manager Annamaria Grafas and her team of tutors are available to provide support in a range of programmes, covering workplace literacy, the road code, reading, writing, and numeracy – including budgeting and timesheets.

“We are student-centred and can usually work at a time, place, and level suitable for each individual learner,” says Annamaria. “All of our programmes are ideal to improve skill levels and help towards gaining employment, or increasing literacy abilities in current employment can be included.” Workplace Literacy covers form filling, journal updates and incident reports. Any material relevant to the workplace, for example instructions and guidelines. One-on-one or small group tuition is available and students can supply their own material if they wish. Annamaria says these programmes are suitable for any adult at any level. “Literacy and Language receive amazing positive feedback from people who have experience great outcomes, and just a real improvement in their quality of life.” Small group tuition includes about 100 hours of intensive literacy and numeracy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term times. After a group course, Annamaria says most learners ask to move on to one-on-one tuition to build on their learned skills. By Corrie Taylor

Learning the art of identifying and using herbs A small community group in Katikati is helping people learn about the identification, cultivation, and use of herbs Katikati Herb Society president Jenny Ager-Pratt says the groups’ aim is to educate people about the uses of herbs,” says Jenny.

“My background is being a medicinal herbalist but that’s not everyone’s focus; we also cover culinary, nutritional, health, first aid, home remedies and crafts – and things like using herbs for liquid fertiliser or insect repellents.” Jenny says there is always

more to learn about herbs – which offer so many different purposes – whether you grown your own or not. Katikati Herb Society meets the second Wednesday of each month from 7pm at St Pauls Presbyterian Church lounge, Mulgan St. Phone Jenny on 07 552 0697.

Are you investing in education in 2014? Many Bay of Plenty families are continuing to invest in independent professional guidance and advice from Ewan McLeod, at McLeod Careers, allowing their children to make positive, informed choices in planning for their future.

Looking forward to YOUR future!

Ewan enjoys his career planning work this week with Corrineke Windle, from Raetihi. “Despite recessionary pressures, parents are recognising that investing in career planning for their teenagers and young adults is essential spending, and a sound investment for their futures,” says Ewan. “McLeod Careers has consolidated the last two years’ growth in client numbers in 2013 –with families having come from as far away as Wellington and Whangarei to see us.” Ewan and his wife Sue have operated their homebased business from Greerton for the last seven years, seeing hundreds of clients from all over the North Island. “We’re both ‘people people’ – I’ve spent decades encouraging youth development, while Sue is well respected for her voluntary work. Having Tim and Juliana Smithells [recognised nationally for their career development work] as our mentors, definitely provides advantages in being a SmithellsNZ licensee.” Ewan notes at this time of the year, many young people are receiving their NCEA results, and considering what secondary subjects to continue on with, like Corrineke Windle – meanwhile, tertiary students are deciding on their future focus at polytechnic or university. “Our business supports individuals taking positive steps on their unique education pathway, so that they gain personally suitable qualifications.” Ewan strongly believes McLeod Careers is a worthwhile educational investment.

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Standing up for the nation Debating the nation’s views against the world’s aspiring young business people excites Tauranga teenager Loren McCarthy – who is seeking funding to represent New Zealand in a mock United Nations conference. Loren, 18, is a member of the NZ Secondary School’s delegation going to The Hague International Model United Nations conference at the World Forum Convention Centre in The Netherlands on January 26-31. The conference sees top young business people from around the world representing interests of their assigned nation in a mock United Nations Assembly. “I am incredibly proud to have been selected to represent NZ, and especially to be one of the few delegates who live outside the main city centres of NZ,” says Loren. Talented teenager Loren McCarthy.

A former Tauranga Girls’ College student, Loren is the first Tauranga teenager to attend the National NZ Model United Nations Assembly in Wellington last year, where she was selected as an NZ delegate for THIMUN. Loren is also chosen to represent NZ on the Security Council – the highest level of debate at the international competition, according to Loren, who says it is “an honour I hope to justify through great representation of our nation”. One of 22 students chosen from hundreds of keen applicants, Loren says THIMUN is “a once in a lifetime experience”. Loren has been involved in Model United Nations Assemblies in Tauranga since 2010, winning the junior level competition in her first year running, coming third in the senior competition in 2011 and winning the senior competition in both 2012 and 2013. “I can only expect that my experience at THIMUN will be an extension of this and will allow me to utilise the skills, I have learned here in Tauranga, on the world stage.” Loren says her only barrier is the cost with each delegate required to fund the $7500 trip to the conference themselves. She recently represented NZ at the FedEx International Trade Challenge in Hong Kong, earning second place and winning $1500, which she’s put toward the first payment to attend the conference – but she’s still seeking funding. Loren thanks her main sponsor Heartlands Bank for their contributions and the Lions Clubs for their support. To donate to Loren’s trip, or sponsor her, email By Zoe Hunter

Puppy love

My name is Jessie, and I am a stunning three-month-old female Mastiff cross. I came to the SPCA after I turned up as a stray at the pound. I’m a very quiet puppy, who is a little shy at first but if you spend some time with me I’ll soon come out of my shell and come over to say hello to you. As I’m going to be a large dog, some early training to learn basic good manners would be advisable before I get too big. If you would love a nice, gentle puppy for your family please come in and meet me and see for yourself just what a sweet, little girl I am. Or phone 07 578 0245 for more information. Ref no: 19495.


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The battle of the offices Competition in the workplace returns for 2014 in the form of Sport Bay of Plenty’s Tour de Bay corporate challenge.

Sport BOP office administrator Lisa Dangen, recreation advisor Jen Riley and community sports team leader David Mortimore get ready to cycle. Photo by Tracy Hardy. kilometres they travel each week. “In teams of three, your mission is to get cycling and accumulate kilometres, which are collated each week and inputted into a virtual map of the Bay. “They send their kilometres into us on a weekly basis and from there we do weekly prizes and results, for most kilometres cycled or biggest improvement during the week, etc.” This year there are two grades: competitive and recreational – the later offering a more casual approach, with teams cycling more than 100km in the month going in the draw for Rocket Bikes vouchers. Jen says about 40 teams entered last year, with great feedback. Businesses can challenge others, or battle teams from inside their own company. “A lot of people enjoyed the camaraderie, and a lot of people put effort into doing more cycling than they would normally do, which is awesome. “That’s what it’s all about.” Entries are now open online at Register by January 31 to receive a Tour de Bay map, bike month calendars and a few bike goodies.

Running during the month of February, as part of Bike Month, the competition challenges businesses to create teams of three, get cycling and see how many kilometres they can clock up as a team during the month. Sport Bay of Plenty recreation advisor Jen Riley says it’s an incentive to get people out cycling in the city and making use of the region’s scenic cycleways and showing people how enjoyable cycling can be – but it’s also a chance to ramp up a little competition between businesses. “Not only is it good for your health, but it is a ‘clean and green’ form of transport. “It’s all about the cycling, and getting people out and about – but of course there’s that competitive element, which we love to see. “It’s just a fun thing. We’re trying to highlight some of the urban bike rides around Tauranga. A lot of people are put off by cycling on the road, so we’re trying to make people aware of those other awesome and scenic options.” Jen says teams can cycle together or as individuals during February, and record the number of

By Corrie Taylor






Katikati MON


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Mt Maunganui



Tauranga Te Puke






l’ irtua a ‘v ou is y is Th nge le o chal have t ’t bike n o d ay. ally actu d the B n u aro Proudly supported by






81.2km Mt Ngongotaha

54.6km Kawerau


Rotorua Team 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 TOTAL

Team 2


Total = 409.9km Team 3

Team 4

Team 5


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A young girl admires one of last year’s woollen creations in Greerton.

Bombing the streets The Greerton Guerrilla Knitters are warming up their knitting needles in a second attempt to cover the town in their woollen creations. The group is getting ready to dress Greerton’s streets in brightly coloured yarn creations, covering trees and other objects by June. Greerton Village Mainstreet manager Victoria Thomas says the yarn bombing received an “awesome” response when the group covered the streets for the first time last year, which is why they are doing it again. But this time, they want to “step it up a bit”. “Knitting is seen as a bit of an old craft, but actuJavier Martinez.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

ally there’s a whole lot of people out there who still knit and you’d be surprised at their ages. “You cannot look at a tree with a sock on it and not smile.” Last year’s yarn bombing saw about 20 trees covered in colourful woollen masterpieces – a big jump from initial expectations of covering just eight trees, says Victoria. The Guerrilla Knitters meet every Tuesday and Friday fortnightly, where beginner knitters can learn how to knit, experienced knitters can learn new stitches, or simply meet new people. The group is also putting their needles together with the Ninja Knits to create a giant flower and vegetable garden for the Tauranga Garden and Arts Festival in November 2014. By Zoe Hunter

Fill your boots at sale One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. This could be the case at Greerton Village School’s Car Boot Sale this weekend. Starting 8am on Saturday, participants are invited to fill their car boots with goods no longer wanted in theirs households – and park up on the school grounds. A fundraiser for Greerton Village community patrol groups, the event – held every third Saturday of the month – is an opportunity for participants to sell unwanted goods or a chance to pick up a few treasures.

Organisers say the event will be cancelled in the event of rain and participants are advised to check the Greerton Village website for cancellation notices. The Car Boot Sale is on January 18 from 8am to 12pm at Greerton Village School. A $4 fee for each car is required, with all proceeds to Greerton Village community patrol groups. Admission is free.

Dedicated to teaching The first New Zealand branch of the Pa-Kua International League is open in Greerton. It’s an institution dedicated to the teaching of Pa-Kua: an ancient Chinese knowledge used by people to better understand themselves. With more than 35 years on the field in more than 14 countries, Pa-Kua International League is celebrating its first New Zealand centre. The no-compe-

tition philosophy ensures students focus on their own development and progress, always trying to improve from who they were yesterday, says Greerton branch master Javier Martinez. “This creates a unique camaraderie environment with very positive results, the understanding that everybody has their own limitations that have to be overcome; and the acceptance of all types of people.” Javier is a black belt and is originally from Argentina. He has settled in Tauranga, providing to the community his teaching experience accumulated in several countries during 10 years. Join Javier for martial arts, traditional Chinese archery, tai chi, acrobatics, Chinese yoga and more.

Clear Mind, Healthy Body Happy Life Start Today!

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What will be your ‘FAF’ this year?

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)

The year has started fairly well for most people I know, and the holiday buzz is still apparent even as many return to work. The farmers’ markets have been busy with a lot of visitors keen to try local fresh produce and seasonal treats. New season, fresh stone fruits, runner beans, blueberries, even microgreens have been selling well, as people discover produce and products you can’t get at your supermarket. Sometimes, it not just the fact that you never see a runner bean at the supermarket, it’s the fact the produce is fresher and tastes better. Then of course there is the, what I term, flavour addiction factor or FAF consistently in certain market products that make them an

essential must-have. For example, Flaveur Breads’ Mount Maunganui Gold sourdough, or small batches of local chocolate peanut butter or Mamaku blue blueberries. Of course, some chefs regularly buy their produce at the market because they need the best; and can often deal directly with the grower, with some foreign nationals likely to strike up a deal for bulk purchases. Also this year, I’ve already noticed an obvious increase in awareness of more organicallygrown and healthy foods; and a dramatic increase in day-glo running shoes. But the question remains, what will be my FAF? For this week, it’s going to be the highly unusual flavour of Texas tarragon, sometimes known as Mexican mint, infused in a blancmange and served with blueberries.


Texan blueberry blancmange Ingredients 6 cups full cream organic milk (divided) ½ cup maize cornflour ¾ cup white sugar 8-10 leaves Texas tarragon 3 cardamom pods 2 strips of lemon rind 1 chip of blueberries Method First, make simple syrup by using half the sugar and ¼ cup of water. Heat until dissolved in a stainless pot. Drop in the cardamom pods and the Texan tarragon leaves and a couple of peelings of lemon skin. Once the syrup has cooked a few minutes, add in three cups of the milk bring the mixture to the boil, whisking occasionally. Mix the cornflour and the rest of the sugar together. Add the milk in a separate bowl. Once the pot is nearing boiling point, pour in the cornflour mix in a steady stream. Whisk continually and boil for about 30 seconds then remove from heat. Strain into non-stick Texas muffin tins or ramekins and chill for six hours before un-moulding. Serve with fresh blueberries, or drop them into the mix before chilling.

Cheers to the New Year, bring on 2014 Welcome 2014 – we’re looking forward to a positive ‘glass half full’ type of year Tauranga.

One thing I’ve noticed is there has been a definite increase and improvement in customers awareness of the new drinking laws and their responsibilities, so a huge “well done” to everyone. Customers are looking for either low alcohol or no alcohol options in order to still enjoy the company of friends, family and work colleagues during this fantastic summer. For the beer-lover, we offer the Export citrus, a refreshing and easy-drinking



Experience a well-functioning brain and reduced fatigue from ENZOGENOL, a natural bark extract from the humble New Zealand pine tree. ENZOGENOL is one of the best researched nutritionals exciting scientists for its ability to support brain health. Discover how your brain health can excel. In only 6 weeks you could notice a real difference for your brain function with the ENZO Brain Recovery.

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lager with obvious tangy citrus flavours at two per cent. For you wine-lovers out there, the Brancott Estate flight sauvignon blanc at nine per cent has clean and fruity characteristics. And for the tee-totallers, mocktails are the way to go – they’re non-alcoholic, have wonderful flavour combinations, and can look as stunning as real cocktails. Come on Tauranga; let’s make 2014 a memorable and fantastic year.


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No waiting for waxing Tracey Peters welcomes clients to try out 2 B Waxed. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Forget about waiting long hours to be seen by a beautician – newly-opened 2 B Waxed in Tauranga specialises in just waxing and can usually fit clients in at any time. Internationally qualified and experienced beautician Tracey Peters has opened a new affordable waxing bar in Piccadilly Arcade. Open three days a week, 2 B Waxed offers only waxing so clients don’t have to wait for

other beauty treatments to finish. As an opening special, Tracey is offering a free eyebrow wax with every wax treatment. Originally training and working in the United Kingdom before moving to New Zealand 10 years ago, Tracey has 25 years’ beauty experience and shares her vast knowledge tutoring aspiring beauticians at Tauranga College of Beauty Therapy. 2 B waxed is open Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm. No appointments are necessary but can be made via phone or text. By Zoe Hunter

Starting fresh with a new you Start 2014 with a new lease on life by becoming a certified Life Coach. Momentum is New Zealand’s leading face-toface life coach training school, with one of its training facilities based in Tauranga City. Momentum prides itself on providing its students with the tools and skills required to move clients forward in a safe, warm and comfortable classroom setting. Life Coach Trainer Sarah Lanigan says there is nothing more rewarding than assisting people to create positive change, take control of their lives and to ultimately live a more fulfilling and happy life. Sarah says now is the time to learn how to become a life coach. Momentum is inviting people to a taster evening on January 30, from 6.30pm. Life coach training courses, consisting of a maximum of eight people, are extremely versatile and focus on moving people from where they are now to where they ultimately want to be, says Sarah. “We teach a variety of tools. Everything from reoccurring pattern intervention, overcoming limiting self-beliefs, goal setting, communication skills, personality profiling, looking at values, and what drives people at their deepest core. It’s a positive, purposeful and constructive process.” Momentum is aligned

with the International Coaching Federation and its course framework is directly based on the ICF’s core competencies. Momentum has two courses available: Level One Life Coach Training – providing a good base of life coaching tools and skills. Level Two Advanced Training – for level one graduates, focuses on business and workplace coaching, health and wellbeing, Momentum Life Coach trainer Sarah Lanigan (stress, and the mental teaching her class. emotional causes of weight gain) relationship/couple coachThe Level One day course, from 10aming, and career/life purpose coaching. 2pm, starts February 14. The Level One evening course, from The Level Two day course begins By Zoe Hunter 5.30pm-9.30pm, begins February 11. February 13.

2 B waxed

Call: 574 2664 Call:(07) (07) 574 2664 or 021 266 0279 or 021 266 0279




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Is it safe to wear Heelys or Street Gliders? Street Gliders, Heelys, roller shoes – love them or hate them these shoes are still popular for children and teens years after being first patented in 2000. We often have parents ask us if it’s okay for their child to wear these shoes. We have done some research to try answer this question.

Most of the studies done on Heely shoes report the number of emergency department visits required by children. Many of these injuries are broken bones in the upper arm, elbow or wrist. Unsurprisingly, nearly all of the children were not wearing the protective gear (namely helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads), that is highly recommended by the Heelys manufacturer.

Here at Salveo Therapy we often have parents ask us if it is okay for their child to wear Heely shoes?

In one study, 70 per cent of the injured children had only worn the shoes less than five times. Perhaps this implies that with increased use of the shoes comes improved co-ordination and control, meaning the children are less likely to be injured. So far, only one study has indicated the possibility of long-term foot, ankle and knee pain if walking in Heelys on a regular basis. This is because the presence of the wheel

Get help with muscle cramp I had someone call me about severe body-wide cramps. These were not the common night cramps in your leg.



Please phone to make an appointment 07. 578 9408

What is in Cell-X?  Cell-X contains nature’s most potent antioxidants to protect from free radical damage including OPC, Green tea, Bilberry, Goji, Hesperidin, Lutein, Lycopene, Beta carotene and vitamins C and E.

 Cell-X is a full multi-vitamin including full B complex, C, D and E.  Cell-X is a full multi-mineral including calcium, magnesium, potassium with trace minerals selenium, zinc, copper, boron, manganese, iron, molybdenum, chromium, silicon, iodine, vanadium and a 50+ trace mineral complex.

How can Cell-X help you?  Supports heart health and circulation  Includes a specific eye health formula  Protects joints against free radical damage  Supports immune function and optimum energy levels.

Abundant Health

forces the user to strike less with their heel as they walk. So if you are thinking of allowing your child to wear Heelys, consider protective gear and insist your child only uses them for recreation and not as a daily shoe. If your child is complaining of ankle, foot or knee pain, whether it’s due to wearing Heelys or not, it is important to get assessed before any long-term harm is done.

They affected her in the torso and many other parts. She was under the care of her GP for the problem. Our goal was to ensure her muscles were getting all of the important minerals, especially magnesium; and also to ensure her blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to her muscles were working as well as possible. Be aware that medications, especially cholesterol medicines, can cause muscle problems; and these need very different treatment, including intensive CoQ10 therapy. After three months she noticed the cramps had significantly reduced. She also noticed her general energy and wellbeing had improved, as had her hair and nails. These were matters we had not discussed and the benefits were completely unexpected. We often think of our bodies as separate components or systems that are somehow independent of each other. Anyone who has studied physiology learns that this inter-connectedness is central to how our bodies

operate. Of course sometimes damage or disease is localised, but systemic weakness can cause local problems. As a simple example, if your immune system is generally producing too much background inflammation this may show up as seemingly unrelated problems. You may have a problem with various joints and have swollen gums. If we can lower overall inflammation, we may be able to help both problems. In the case of the person with cramps we included specific antioxidant complexes with minerals, especially magnesium along with solid Omega 3 doses. These nutrients affect every cell not just muscle fibres. We also used targeted nutrient therapy to assist with proper blood flow and to improve blood vessel function. This is especially important with people prone to cramps. The really good news is that despite her 70-plus age she is now experiencing a period of significant health improvement. Our body is very capable of healing, once we give it what it needs. John Arts (B.Soc.Sci, Dip Tch, Adv.Dip.Nut.Med) is a nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. Contact John on 0800 423559 or email: Join his weekly newsletter at: For product information, visit:


The Weekend Sun

Knowing your neck links Firstly, happy New Year to you all. In my last article, I talked about the spine being like a kinetic chain with links to other health conditions through the nerve connections acting like malfunctioning electrical wires.

linked areas. Common clinical examples I see are related shoulder problems, such as rotator cuff tears, bursitis or frozen shoulder (capsulitis), tennis or golfers elbow, carpal tunnel and tendinosis. Often, these are viewed in isolation and are not related to the underlying nerve impingement which acts as a driver.

To explore this in more detail, I‘ll first start with the upper chain; that being the neck or cervicle spine. In terms of pain, the neck can refer anywhere from the head to the hands including around the mid back/scapulae. Associated nerve signs can include pins and needles, change or loss of sensation, weakness, or in extreme cases complete loss of movement in these

Similarly, headaches and/or migraines, vertigo and jaw problems more often than not will have an underlying mechanical cause. Hence, many of these problems will simply not go away and persist unless the underlying mechanical cause is rectified. Medications are only part of the answer, as they only deal with the inflammation side of the equation.

Has Christmas made you a bit heavy? It’s the perfect time for an overhaul. Time to start fresh with your diet and exercise.

chew slowly and be aware of what and why we eat.

We often eat without thinking – television and mobile phones being major distractions. As a result, we eat without being aware of our true hunger. Mindful eating encourages us to

Balance – you’re much more likely to stick with regular exercise if you enjoy the workout you do. Look for new activities to complement your fitness and help shed kilos. Swimming and weight training, yoga and cycling or walking and circuit training are good matches.

in eight weeks’ time, I want to be able to swim for 30 minutes without stopping. This is more likely to make you stick to healthier lifestyle choices.


Set goals

Set smart goals, short-term specific and time-based goals that you can achieve. For example,

Positive people You’re much more likely to slim down and stay healthy if you’re in regular contact with supportive friends. What are your energy levels like when you have spent time with someone? If you feel flat then they are not having a positive effect on you. If you feel great and boosted, continue to see them. Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Toasting to new, healthy, public confidence Tauranga residents from all walks of life are banding together to fight sweaty palms, shaking hands and stuttering voices – overcoming their distaste for public speaking. EXCEL Toastmasters Tauranga meets every second Tuesday of the month to improve speech and confidence on a business and public level. The club, with 14 members, uses a selfpaced, tried and true programme designed to ensure growth. Toastmasters Tauranga public relations manager Kaaren Davey says the club prides itself on striving for personal development for all its members. “We are not targeting business people particularly as we have people from all walks of life. We have retirees, a baker, a dairy farmer and a hairdresser. “It is for anyone that wants to improve their skills in the workplace or dealing with the public.” Since 1924, more than

14million people globally have joined Toastmasters. Today, 13,500 clubs make up the global network of meeting locations. Tauranga Toastmaster member Rachel Cooper is up front and honest when saying she lacked confidence in any public

speaking role prior to joining the club 12 months ago. Encouraged by a friend to come along to one of the meetings, Rachel is now full of speaking thanks to “very supportive” club members. “I lacked confidence speaking to people and

was a shy person. “Toastmasters has really helped with this and I now feel confident in speaking in all situations, whether it is socially, work or anytime I need to speak.” Meetings are held at the Arataki Community Centre from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Taylor Burley


Hospital is celebrating 100 years Tauranga Hospital will turn 100 on March 6 and memories and photographs are being sought to help tell the hospital’s story. Tauranga Hospital was officially opened on March 6, 1914, just under five months before the

outbreak of World War 1. Those stories and pictures can be emailed to See next week’s edition of The Weekend Sun for more information.


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Buying a financial lemon Stadiums make no cash Tauranga’s minority-elected Mayor Stuart Crosby (nearly 90 per cent of enrolled voters didn’t support his mayoral candidacy in 2013), is at it again. During the festive holiday period, Mr Crosby sees fit to yet again propose the possibility of a new purpose-built rugby stadium without consultation with his councillors. With no council meetings since midDecember 2013, and none scheduled until late January 2014, Tauranga City councillors have not been given opportunity to have any input into Mr Crosby’s unilateral pronouncement. This is contrary to TCC voters’ demands, as the new council team

was elected to urgently address and curb TCC’s spending and reduce our crippling debt. Presumably, Tauranga ratepayers will yet again be conveniently sidelined and marginalised. The stadium scenario Mr Crosby presented is logistically and financially ill-conceived. I urge all TCC councillors to contact the media and advise the public of exactly where they stand on this issue before this financial lemon acquires a life of its own. In my view, the proposal is preposterous, and any elected representative supporting it should step down now. Tony Fellingham, Tauranga South.

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference is given to short letters (200 words maximum), supplied with full name and contact details. Photos are best in high resolution, jpeg format. Email:

I agree fully with new TCC councillor Matt Cowley’s opposition to Mayor Stuart Crosby’s idea for a new 15,000 seat stadium (‘Stadium Seperation’ Weekend Sun, January 10). Is there any stadium in New Zealand that pays for itself? I very much doubt it. Mr Crosby says plans for a university, international hotel, conference facility and stadium need to be linked together as a package. Until the options have been examined, we won’t know. Shouldn’t Mr Crosby have done this examination before pulling the idea for another stadium wildly out of left field? If Mr Crosby wants to discuss this

proposition publicly, he must take it to the people and shouldn’t be expecting them to come to him. For example, hold public meetings in Welcome Bay, the city, Otumoetai/Matua, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Bethlehem etc. Get out of his office and go out and meet the people on their home ground. All funding must be from private sources and none from ratepayers. Otherwise, the way Tauranga finances are going ,Tauranga City Council should be renamed Tauranga Borrow Council. I have said elsewhere this should be called Crosby’s Folly. In fact it could be Crosby’s downfall. Roger Bailey, Papamoa.

All-in-one best idea Finally, common sense from an elected member of Tauranga City Council. Sports/university/ hotel and conferences all in one area on preexisting council-owned land will benefit the city and bring more jobs. Well done Matt Cowley for attempting to include all, rather than just one city group. In reality, debt needs to be cleared before our city goes bankrupt. If that happens we’ll have no services - but also no need for councillors. F Williams, Omokoroa.

Lessons of Baypark Bob Clarkson’s new rugby stadium assessment is laughable. In 2007, he off-loaded Baypark stadium to Tauranga City Council and its unfortunate ratepayers. Mr Clarkson’s interests lost ownership and control of Baypark activities, with exception being the retention of Speedway operating rights - a business profit stream. Initially, the Speedway stadium was just that. It wasn’t sanctioned a rugby stadium when a nonnotified RMA consent was granted in 2000 by TCC for a huge stadium. For that matter, rugby didn’t feature in the original 1997 Speedway RMA submissions, nor subsequent Environment Court appeal. And BOP Rugby did not move its headquarters to Baypark until about 2006, although the first games were held 2003/2004. I don’t agree with Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby’s comments about Baypark’s in-field being churned up by Speedway. This because council-owned Bay Leisure and Events Limited currently sanctions monster trucks, jet boat sprinters and other activities, which will decimate the in-field. R Paterson, Matapihi.

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plus we can assist with household chores like cleaning, laundry and meals. To find out more about this peace of mind retirement living, call us to make an appointment at a time that suits you.


Greenwood Park

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192 Kitchener Rd, Milford. Ph 486-4558 6 Ryan Place, Manukau. Ph 262-3768 20 Moore St, Howick. Ph 537-3133 102 King St, Pukekohe. Ph (09) 238-5457 84 1st Ave, Tauranga. Ph (07) 578-9178 374-376 Grey St, Hamilton. Ph (07) 856-2056 570 Pollen St, Thames. Ph (07) 868 3498

Mail Orders to PO Box 46, Pukekohe (add $7.50 P&P) or Ph 262-3768


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Stadium: Multi not single purpose sible future passenger rail access to the site from other major cities. Build a multi-purpose international stadium with a modifiable playing surfaces that can readily be changed to artificial turf - waterproof membrane - for aquatic sports and hard surface for outdoor tournaments. Combine such a multi-purpose outdoor stadium with the ASB arena, for indoor events, and the city will posses a world class complex suitable for most any major

crowd-drawing event including trade exhibitions, pop concerts (either indoor or outdoor), international guest speakers, and major music and theatre performances. In fact, nearly every type of large crowd-drawing event could be staged. This concept would be more commercially viable than a single-purpose stadium sited in Tauranga Domain; and will be recognised as a real investment in the future of our city. M Lewis, Mount Maunganui.

Photo: File

Stadium to set scene of new TCC’s spending When Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby stated immediately after the last election that the handbrakes were now off, never would I have realised his meant promoting a downtown sporting stadium. But then I don’t really know what he meant by that statement - because as a ratepayer I believe Tauranga needs a firm hand, not a potentially spendthrift Mayor which is what

he seems to now be promoting. At least new councillor Matt Cowley seems to have the common sense to publicly come out and say a stadium will not necessarily bring economic benefit to Tauranga - and in this instance I support Matt 100 per cent. Surely this cannot be part of the Mayor’s stated 100 days of new

vision and direction he promised for the city if re-elected? And let’s be honest, he only just made it as Mayor this time; his massive previous majority was reduced when only winning the top seat in October by about 600 votes. We are expecting more than this from our elected representatives; and the months ahead will basically set the scene for the spending habits of this council. Having a Mayor that has been on council for more than 27 years, I don’t have high expectations anything will change. Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

Tauranga has two culprits causing sea lettuce I recently read an article on the weed problem - sea lettuce. I was impressed by how many authorities were actively monitoring the situation, but one glaring omission stood out. Although there was the usual blurb, ranging from agricultural run-off to seasonal weather patterns, nothing was mentioned of possibly the greatest contributors to this scourge. Sea lettuce has its natural place in the harbour, but the volume during recent years has burgeoned to plague proportions. I’m convinced mismanagement and complacency has seen this once pristine harbour descend to the

cesspool we see today. Culprit one: Allowing commercial fishing of parore, grey mullet and flounder in inland waterways. Parore eat the weed, grey mullet eat the faeces (often directly from the host’s anus), crabs clean up the mullet faeces and flounder thrive on crabs. Shrimps ensure nothing is left behind the crabs. It’s called a food chain and the primary links have been broken. Culprit two: black swans and Canadian geese. These birds contribute more to the problem than any other source. An adult bird can eat or destroy its own body weight of marine

habitat and juvenile fish every 24 hours. Tens of thousands descend on Tauranga Harbour every season. After grazing damage comes the resultant effluent, smothering the harbour’s seabed for hectares around their activities. As with most inland harbours, Tauranga cannot completely flush with tidal movements so the nutrients from swan and geese faeces simply spreads, creating ideal conditions for sea lettuce to thrive. These birds are not native and contribute nothing to our ecosystem. Total eradication would be a great start to recovery of the jewel in the crown of Tauranga. Kevin Molloy, Omokoroa.

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. This year, we’re on the lookout for letters opening up fresh debate on new issues. Preference is for short letters (200 words maximum), supplied with full name and contact details. Photos are best in high resolution, jpeg format. Email:

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30493 WKS

I read the Sun’s article on TCC councillor Matt Cowley’s opposition to Mayor Stuart Crosby’s idea for a new 15,000 seat stadium. I agree, as most people do, that Tauranga needs an international standard sports stadium. But I suggest the city capitalise on existing facilities at ASB Baypark. Namely, the space to expand and improve parking and egress from the site. Plus, it has easy motorway access from all directions and offers pos-

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Let’s get rid of British gongs With silly season ‘gongs’ happening again, we can reflect on one things the Labour Government got right - abolishing Knighthoods and Damehoods dished out to the rich and famous. New Zealand doesn’t need this archaic part of the British honours system to sweeten and glorify those who’ve already been amply rewarded in their business careers and past-times. There is no need for this embellish-

ment at all, nor can it be justified for any reason. Simply dish out the nondescript meaningless NZ Honours (in many cases undeserved); and everyone might be reasonably happy. This should also shorten the afterdinner speaking circuit too; and that’s not a bad thing either, not having to listen to those expounding their selfinterest agendas. S Paterson, Arataki.

The Weekend Sun

Roundabout signal rules: They send us in roundabouts

Regarding Roger Rabbits’ summary of roundabout signalling rules last week - these are fine and sensible for big roundabouts, but many of Tauranga’s roundabouts are quite small. The rule says that as you pass the exit before your intended exit, signal left. The trouble is, you can’t. The curve is such that a car has a significant right lock on, and the indicator mechanism won’t allow a ‘left’ signal in these conditions. Even if you could signal, the

roundabout is so small that your vehicle’s indicator would manage at best two flashes, more likely only

one, before you reached your exit. What use would that be? So much for signalling for three seconds before manoeuvring . I suggest that, as everyone at a small roundabout can see everyone else, left-turners signal ‘left’, right turners signal ‘right’, and straightaheaders don’t signal at all. However, this opens a can of worms as to what is a ‘small’ roundabout and what isn’t Parliament needs to take another look at the whole issue. Kevin Mooney, Papamoa.

Two Tauranga seats tick local boxes After reading Larry Baldock’s idea that Tauranga City should be divided into two electoral seats – one for the east and one for the west, I must say I tend to agree with him, possibly for once. While it’s known the Electoral Commission’s top job is to level out populations in the electorates – it really seems ridiculous that Te Puke – the heart of the Western Bay and a bare 20-odd minutes from Tauranga City – is now being shunted out to the Rotorua Electorate. Will either Pyes Pa residents or those from Te Puke

want to have to turn up in Rotovegas to get their local issues sorted out? I wouldn’t. Te Puke is a Western Bay town through and through – I don’t see many kiwifruit vines when I’m visiting the muddy hot pools in Rotorua or when I’m out on their lakes. Come on commission staff - different issues and a different people. So Larry’s call for two seats in Tauranga – east and west – sounds about right to me. But then, what do us voters know about anything? R Shaw, Te Puna.

Churches disconnecting from real life? A couple of decades ago, we used to attend church in Tauranga. The minister was educated and delivered messages that were relevant to the current events in the community and the world generally. The congregation were all friendly, and we used to take on duties such as greeters, or offerings stewards etc. It was a truly Christian church. When we visited the United States, we found the same;

excellent music and friendly congregations. But, in New Zealand, things have changed during the last few decades. When we settled in a new town we found significant changes. We did try the major denominations, but experienced disappointment in all. Clergymen who had no understanding of real life, sermons that had no connection with life in their communities, and were

not game to tackle current antiChristian moves by the atheist ‘pseudo-scientists’. Today, real science has made enormous advances, but, contrary to the views of the atheists, these advances do not rubbish God but, in some respects, tend to support the idea. For the sake of our children, we should take more time to examine the conflict. John Mills, Mount Maunganui.

Answering letters no longer common courtesy I was under the misapprehension if a letter is sent to a Member of Parliament it is incumbent on them to reply. This, in an earlier age, was considered common courtesy. I personally directed letters to 120 MPs and only 10 per cent acknowledged receipt. Plus, of these, only three made pertinent comments. The others must have reasoned there was little

purpose in having a secretary who did not relieve them of the responsibility of actually reading what had been directed to them. To do so might make them aware of how members of the public are thinking and even require them, God forbid, to take some action. But then, being politicians and omniscient, they doubtlessly consider they have a firm finger on the

public pulse. Secretaries can be such a blessing, even if they only acknowledge receipt of the missive and promise the member will be informed of it. Yeah right. There is seldom, if ever, a ‘follow up’ and I have a strong suspicion the secretary’s initial reply is ‘pro forma’ and electronically generated. Bryan Johnson, Omokoroa. Do you have a topic, issue or concern you that think is worth raising? The Weekend Sun welcomes new letters and photographs. You are also welcome to offer your take or opinion on already published letters. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words) and supplied with the writer’s full name and contact details. Photographs are best in high resolution and jpeg format.



The Weekend Sun


Fresh start: wanting more in the New Year

I want 2014 to be different. Don’t get me wrong, 2013 was pretty good – but I want more. I’m approaching this year wanting to feel fresh and new. I want more energy, more passion; I want to feel more alive. I want to be more adventurous, take more risks and feel more satisfied. I’m not sure how I am going to

achieve all this yet, but that doesn’t matter, I’m going on the journey. What journey are you going on this year? What do you want out of 2014? Whatever our hopes and dreams are for this year, whatever struggles and challenges we can feel coming our way, there is one thing that we all need – community. A bunch of people around us who we know and are known by. Not a superficial group of shallow acquaintances, but real friends. People we feel like we belong with and can be our true selves around. People with whom we can share the best and worst of life, our light and our darkness and still feel accepted. This year lets decide to build community, to be inventive in hospitality and help others feel like they belong in this world; it is the key to whatever your goals are in 2014.

Keeping conscious of the law Just recently, I received an infringement notice for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Yep, I’m guilty as charged. Breaking the law has now made me more conscience of the law. I am more attentive to bushes on the side of the road and any presence of police, so has the law had the desired effect? In some ways yes, I now have a

fear of getting a ticket placed in me every time I see a police car, because I know they are not watching to see how good I drive but waiting for me to make a mistake to punish. My misdemeanour will stay on my record forever and if I choose not to pay the fine, I could eventually become a serious criminal doing jail time. This is how many people view Christianity; that God’s wrath on sin is gonna get you, when in reality Jesus took God’s wrath for sin on the cross. Let’s say the law turned to grace like this; I was pulled up for breaking the law and the officer asks: “Sir, are you aware of what you just did? I answer: “Yes officer, I broke the law; I

Sunday Services 9:30am & 6:00pm Come along!

07 576 5387 252 Otumoetai Road

sunday at 10 10am am thursday at 7pm 146 devonport Rd

You'll love it!

deserve to be punished”. The officer answers: “I am going to let you off this time please be more careful”. Both, to me, would have the same effect of not doing that again with greater respect for the law. The Holy Spirit doesn’t convict you of sin, the law does. The Holy Spirit draws you back to Jesus to know you are forgiven; this is what true freedom means. God is good all the time. By Pastor Rod Collins

Sunday Gatherings 10:00 am Mount Sports Club 51 Miro Street Blake Park The Mount


The Weekend Sun

E N T E R T A I N M E N T G U I D E MUSIC The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene.

Friday 17 January

Charity Dance for Deaf Association

The 60’s musical with comedy, drama, back in time in this amazing show for all the family. At 16th Ave Theatre, Tauranga until Jan 19.

Katikati Art Group Summer Sale

Electric Dreams 2

The Rocky Horror Show

Presented by The Little Big Markets & Night Owl Cinema, screening at 9pm at Tauranga Waterfront. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize for best Rocky Horror themed outfit to be announced 8.30pm. Markets 5-9pm. After party at La Mexica. Drinks specials if you mention Rocky Horror.

Saturday 18 January Alcoholics Anonymous

Women’s meeting at Mt Maunganui Primary School, Orkney Rd 10-11am. Children welcome.

Arts Market at Cargo Shed

Open every day 10am - 4pm.

Bay Association of Sea Kayakers

Novice sessions, surf practice & other activities with legendary kayaking guru JKA from Christchurch. Bevan 576 8885

Bokwa Fitness

Saturday at Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd 9.30am & Tuesday at Bethlehem Primary School Hall, Carmichael Rd 6pm. Dance your way to a healthier & fitter you. Re-mixed house music, easy steps to sign language, an amazing cardio workout is here. Go at your own pace. All levels of fitness welcome.

Car Boot Sale

Every third Sat at Evans Rd Church. $5/ car. Bargains for all. 0211 338 986

Car Boot Sale

Greerton School 7 – 11.30am. Cost $5 per single site or $10 for double site. Weather permitting. Something for everyone. All welcome. Shirley 577 1116 or 0274 146 040

DVD MOVIES Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

At Greerton Hall 7.30-11.30pm. Men $10, ladies $5 plus a plate for supper. Valerie 573 7093 Artists interpretation of common sayings. Until Jan 19. Gallery open in Memorial Hall, Main Rd, Katikati 10am - 4pm

Katikati Masters Swimming Club

Jan 18 & 19 NZ 33.3m pool champs & 2km ocean swim. Pool champs at Dave Hume Pool, Carisbrook St, Katikati. 2km ocean swim at Waihi Beach Jan 19. Email: craig.sue@ or

Katikati Tramping Club

Whiritoa walks 8.30am start. Easy. Gail 07 863 4543 katitracks

Tauranga A&P Show

Tauranga Racecourse, Cameron Rd, Greerton 10am – 4pm. All the usual A&P events – equestrian, western riding, cattle, shearing competitions, home industries (pick up an entry form, even the kids can enter), plus wood chopping demonstrations, BOP strongest man contest & more. Adults $10, children aged 12 & under free. Gate sales only.

Tauranga Farmers Market

Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Fresh & artisian produced food. Trixie 552 5278 or

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

Remote control yacht racing every Sat 11am - 4pm & every Weds 1-4pm at Scoria Close, the Lakes. Join the fun.

Tauranga Woodcrafters Guild Every third Sat at club rooms, Yatton St, Greerton 1pm. Visitors & interested people welcome. Geoff 579 3637

OUT THERE GUIDE Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

The Sociables

Te Puke Spiritual Discussion Group

Waikato/BOP Masters

Wai/BOP Bisexual/Lesbian Women’s Group

30’s/40’ age group of males & females that meet once a week to socialise by dining out or participating in local activities & events. Email your enquiries to: And Northern Regional combined events championship (eg pentathlon) at Tauranga Domain. Day 1 starts 9am. Spectators welcome. No charge.

Sunday 19 January

Argentine Tango for Beginners

6 week introduction to salon Tango, starts Feb 9 5.30-6.30pm. This unique social dance is growing in NZ & worldwide. First lesson free. Carl 021 280 4464 or email:

Athenree Historic (1878) Homestead Open every Sunday in Jan & Feb. Tours 10am - 3pm. 360 Athenree Rd Cnr SH2. Tee 07 863 4363 or www.

Bay Bible Fellowship - Lord’s Day

Welcome Bay School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Rd 10am. Praise, worship & expository Bible teaching. An inter-denominational church. Elder John Kerr teaches from Joshua 24 “Whom you serve.” All welcome. Gerald 021 938 618.

BOP Tree Crops Assn

AGM 12pm & field day after, approx 1.15pm. A neglected 1 hectare property, home orchard, vegetable gardens, green house, being restored using organic & biodynamic methods. Elizabeth 549 2795

Maketu Rotary Club Market

3rd & 5th Sunday (Jan 19) at Village Green, Park Rd, Maketu. Stalls $10. Lyn 533 1572 or 021 882 059

Miniature Railway

Every Sun at Memorial Park, Tauranga 10am - 4pm. $1 per ride, weather permitting.

Prestige Singles 50+

Coffee afternoon 2.30pm. Looking to meet new individuals who go on great social adventures. Email: mixandmingle@ or 027 349 4367

Radio Controlled Model Yachts

Meet Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron & similar 3ft long yachts. Graham 572 5419

Tauranga Rainbow Social Network

For gay, bi, lesbian, trans & intersex. Meet 2nd Sun of month 3pm. Peta 577 0433 or 021 128 2544

Tauranga Rainbow Youth

For gay, bi, lesbian, trans & intersex 25 yrs & under. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411

Held 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday at Hair Linez, Old Railway Station, Jellicoe St 10.30-11.30am. Gathering of spiritual minds to discuss & learn from each other. $3 donation. Elaine 573 5361 Trans & intersex welcome. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411

Waikato/BOP Masters

And Northern Regional combined events championship (eg pentathlon) at Tauranga Domain. Day 2 starts 8.30am. Spectators welcome. No charge.

Monday 20 January Body & Soul Fun Fitness

Classes resume Jan 20. For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Instructor/Cardiac Care leader.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Free, confidential info & advice about anything call in Mon - Fri at 38 Hamilton St, Tauranga 9am - 5pm or freephone 0800 367 222. JP service every Weds & Thurs 9am - 12pm. Weds CAB service at Welcome Bay Community Centre 9.30am - 12.30pm, Fri at Mount Library 11.30am - 1.30pm. No appointment necessary. All welcome.

Junction Mental Health Peer Support

And advocacy. Coffee & chat 10am 12pm. 579 9890

Learn to Dance Te Puke

Every Mon at St Pats hall, Beatty Ave, Te Puke 7pm. Sequence dancing for beginners & more. More male partners needed for our dancers - if interested please come along. $3pp. Gordon 572 0060


Free classes Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace, spiritual awareness & the meaning of your life. David 576 9764

Mobile Phone Workshop

Not sure how to use your mobile phone? Book now for your lessons & learn the basics - receive & send texts; charging your battery; sending photos; phone calls - receiving & sending. Register now for your 3 x 1 1/2 hr classes. Age Concern Tauranga 578 2631

“Other Roads”

One of the top contemporary folk bands in the UK today. At Te Puna War Memorial Hall, 3 Te Puna Rd, Tauranga 7.30pm. Door sales - $20pp.

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where.

Recycled Teenagers

Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s Church Hall, Girven Rd. All 9 - 10.30am. Classes taken by qualified instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411

Relationships Aotearoa

Mon - ManMade - gain insights into what shape us as men 6.30-8.30pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation. Free course for separating parents 6.30-8.30pm. Parenting for Success learn how to support the well-being & development of your 2-11 year olds 12.30-2.30pm. Weds Blended Families - combing a household? This course covers step parent & step sibling issues 6.30-8.30pm. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women - Papamoa 12.302.30pm. Parenting through separation - Papamoa 10am - 12pm. Thurs - Positively Me 4 women- self esteem course for women 6.30-8.30pm. Parenting today’s Teens - this course covers issues being experienced by teenagers in today’s society 12.302.30pm. Parenting through separation 10am - 12pm. Fri - Positively Me 4 Women 12.30-2.30pm. 576 8392

Tauranga Creative Fibre

Every Mon at Arts Centre, Elizabeth St from 9.30am. Spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet & more. Learn & share in a mutually supportive club. Also on Thurs evening twice a month. Joan 577 6781


(Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 9-10am & 10.1511.15am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-9.55am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. All welcome. First class free. Thurs 9-10am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Also Fri at Papamoa Library 10.20am. 578 9272

Tuesday 21 January Anxiety Support Group

Support for people with an experience of anxiety 1-2pm. If you need a ride, or more info 579 9890

Balmorals Leisure Marching Team

Ladies welcome to join aged 30-60 for fun, friendship & travel. Training every Tues at Greerton 6-8pm. Anita 571 4096 or 021 0257 6094

as ire ylinder SERVICES


The Weekend Sun Bayfair Petanque Club

Every Tues & Thurs at Bayfair Reserve, Russley Drive 1pm. Tuition & boules available for learners & visitors. Margaret 572 3173

BOP Shirley Club Walking Group

Meet every Tues outside the Mount Surf Club 9.20am. Easy walking. Cafe jaunt after great group. See you there.

Genesis - Women’s Group

1st & 3rd Tues during school term. This week: Meet at Gana Cafe, 26A Gravatt Rd, Papamoa 10am. New members welcome. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264

Home Instead Music Event

Harlequin singers, a local duet singing classics from the 40’s to the 80’s Feb 4 at RSA Tauranga, 1237 Cameron Rd 10am. $4 – morning tea provided & delivered to your table, plus a raffle. RSVP Home Instead Senior Care 571 4228 (limited seating)

Inachord Chorus Womens 4 Part Harmony

Every Tues at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 6.55pm. Enjoy the challenge of singing & performing varied repertoire. Cathy 579 2040

Junction Mental Health Peer Support

And advocacy. Coffee & chat at Papamoa Community Centre, Papamoa Library, 15 Gravatt Rd, Papamoa 10am - 12pm. 579 9890

Mates Mens Network

Men’s meetings addressing mental health, depression & suicide. Meet fortnightly at Totara House, 1428 Cameron

Rd, Greerton 7-9.30pm. Donation appreciated to cover costs. Email: or 08004mates.


Tauranga/BOP Club. New piste at Club Mt Maunganui. 1pm start. Neita 572 3768

Tauranga Acoustic Music Club

McSwiggan’s Irish Pub, 158 Cambridge Rd 7.30pm. Friendly jam sessions. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or

Wednesday 22 January Age Concern Walking Group

Meet at Kulim Park, Bureta 10am. All welcome. 578 2631

Awareness Through Movement Class

(Feldenkrais method) Weds starts Jan 29 at The Dance Institute, 5.45pm & Thurs Jan 30 at the Yoga Centre 1.30pm. All levels. Gisella 544 4823 or 027 286 0891

Badminton Mt Maunganui

Summer social club night at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd 7-9pm. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Baywide Community Law Service

Drop in clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary. Free legal assistance. 571 6812. Every Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399

Bipolar Support Group

Support for people with bipolar 1-2pm. If you need a ride or more info 579 9890

Cribbage Club Tauranga RSA Greerton

New members wanted for this long established club, all ages. Every Weds 1-3.30pm. Entrance $3. Robert 579 1342

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class

Weds 10.45-11.45am. Held rain or shine, but not during school holidays. New participants planning to attend, ph Jennifer 571 1411

Salvation Army Meeting

For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tauranga. This week: Video morning. New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264

Toastmasters - City Early Start

For GenX GenY - building confidence & leadership skills. Every Weds at Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe 6.50-8.15am or find a club near you email: or 571 1545.

The Writing Project

Group of people who are working on or planning a writing project of any kind. Meet 3rd Weds 7pm. Kaye 021 239 7142


Fergusson Park 6.45pm. Stella 021 0249 3690

Pride of Lions big on books items will be in the $5 and less range. “Children’s books will be very reasonably priced,” says David. Excess books are sent to children overseas. The book fair will run from about 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday, January 25-26, at the Mount Sports Centre in Mount Maunganui. By Corrie Taylor

Mount Maunganui Lions president David Peart thinks the book fair will be a real page turner. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

It’s taken an entire pride of lions and lionesses to sort through the “thousands” of books donated for next weekend’s annual Mount Maunganui Lioness Book Fair. The second-hand books have been carefully sorted and boxed ready to be transported truckload by truckload to the Mount Sports Centre, ready for the January 25-26 sale. This is the Lioness’ 14th annual book fair, though it’s the second year they are joining with the Mount Maunganui Lions to ease the workload. Lions president David Peart says the men learned a lot from the Lionesses last year, but they’re muscle came in handy for lifting heavy books and boxes. “It was an interesting exercise, we learned a lot from them. They knew what sort of books sold and what didn’t; and we found that to be true.” David says they have been sorting through this year’s books for months and members are overwhelmed with the sheer numbers. “We have all of the books you could imagine. “Loads of children’s books and there are even some quite good school books. “There is a huge number of fiction and some wonderful vinyl records.” Money raised will be spilt in thirds, with the Lions and Lionesses each receiving a share, and the final third going to a joint project between the two. Last year’s joint proceeds were designated for local education projects. David says they haven’t decided on this year’s recipient yet, but it will be local. He says some of the better fiction books will be priced about $8 but generally

Thursday 23 January

Friday 24 January

Salvation Army, Eversham Rd, Bayfair 7.30-8.30pm.

Open meeting every Fri at Hamner Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Tyremaster) 7.30pm. 0800 229 6757 for more meetings or assistance.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Keynotes 4 Part Harmony

Women’s chorus meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Nora 544 2714

Mauaopac Contemporary Choir

Meet every Thurs at 11 Totara St, Mt Maunganui 6.30-8.30pm. Email Alice

Petanque Tauranga/BOP Club

Every Thurs & Sun at Cliff Rd venue 1pm start. Jo Ann 578 3606

Relationships Anonymous for Women

Destructive, painful relationships? Self help group meet weekly 10-11am. Liz 562 1400

Taoist Tai Chi

Exercise your body, challenge your mind. New class starts Feb 13 at 15 Koromiko St, Judea 12.30pm. Ann 577 9145

Alcoholics Anonymous

Chess Tauranga

Every Fri at Tauranga RSA, Greerton 6pm onwards for the whole family. Noel 579 5412

Free Immigration Clinic

Every Fri - legal advice & information on immigration issues. For appointment, Baywide Community Law 571 6812

Gay/Bi Men’s Support Group

Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph/text Alex 027 358 5934

Zumba Class

Every Fri at 129 Birch Ave 5.30pm. Get fit & have fun. Maya 021 995 065

Tauranga Heart Support Group

Classes resume Jan 23. Phase 3 rehab exercise, social events & guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Every Thurs at City Church Hall, Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St 9.30-10.45am. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified instructor/Cardiac Care leader.

Tauranga Storyteller’s Group

Meet last Thurs every month. Learn how to develop your storytelling skills. Claire 577 7220

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. Email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.


A country sensation



The Weekend Sun By Winston Watusi

Katikati Folk Club is beginning 2014 with a nontraditional gig tonight – a top country duo from Australia. Promoter Christine Donehue says she’s been getting enquiries “from all over” about duo Camille and Stuie appearing on January 17. In 2013 Camille and Stuie won their first Golden Guitar Award for Best Alternative Country Album of the Year. The duo play from 7pm at Katikati Bowling Club on Park Rd. Door tickets cost $20 per adults, members $15, school children enter free. Visit:


“Providing over 25 years of experience”

New Zealand NewTours Zealand Tours Great Barrier Great Island Barrier Island 23 Feb 2014 21– 23 Feb21– 2014 Ellerslie Flower Show Ellerslie Flower Show Feb – 3 Mar 2014 28 Feb – 328 Mar 2014 ForgottenForgotten World RailWorld Rail & Boat Tour & Boat Tour 11 – 132014 February 2014 11 – 13 February Kapiti Island Kapiti Island 28 – 2014 31 March 2014 28 – 31 March Warbirds Over Warbirds Wanaka Over Wanaka 18 – 22 April 18 2014 – 22 April 2014 South Island South Highlights Island Highlights Apr2014 – 8 May 2014 22 Apr – 822 May Scenic East Scenic CapeEast Cape 1 – 6 May 12014 – 6 May 2014 Wearable Wearable Arts Tour Arts Tour 25 – 28 September 25 – 28 September 2014 2014

Overseas Overseas Tours Tours BurgundyBurgundy & Provence & Provence River Cruise River Cruise 21 Apr – 1621May Apr2014 – 16 May 2014 Colorado Colorado Rail Adventure Rail Adventure May2014 – 9 June 2014 28 May – 928June Canadian Canadian Rockies Rockies & Alaska Cruise & Alaska Cruise 11 June – 11 1 July June2014 – 1 July 2014 Discover Greenland Discover GreenlandI stopped by for a few minutes – 24 July 2014earlier this week and looked at 5 – 24 July52014 New Caledonia New Caledonia the boarded-up shell of the 13 – 20 July 132014 – 20 July 2014 Toowoomba Toowoomba Bureta Park Motor Inn. Carnival ofCarnival Flowersof Flowers I realise that the only constant thing is 2014 16 – 25 September 16 – 25 September 2014 change, and that there have been enough Norfolk Island Norfolk Island farewell gigs there to get the idea bedded 2 – 9 November 2014 2 – 9 November 2014 in, but it still seems sad to lose a venue that

Mourning a top-notch venue


Call us today 0800 534 787 or visit


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3Fill the grid so that 16 3 every row 2 1 5 and every 3x3 square contains 9 8 the digits 6 1 to 7 9 5 1

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How to solve Sudoku!

7 No.1712 8 2 Fill the grid so that 3 every row and every 9 3x3 square contains 4 1 the digits 1 to 9 6 5

How to solve 6 Sudoku! 7

7 8 2 3 9 4 1 6 5


was home to so many significant musical events in the city's history. Once upon a time the National Jazz Festival lived there. In the days after the event moved out of the racecourse and beforeto it became How solve the musical behemoth that currently bestrides Tauranga - from around Sudoku! 1991 to 1996 - the festival took place at Bureta. There was the big bar, Humphrey's, aftersoanthat errant sea elephant that Fillnamed the grid foolishly attempted every row and every to have a beer on The thecontains Rose and Fern next door and a 3x3Strand, square couple of conference rooms, and that was the digits 1 to 9 the Jazz festival in those days.

Solution No.1711 6 9 1 3 8 5 2 3 4 5 6 2 9 1 5 1 7 4 9 8 6 7 6 8 9 4 1 5 8 5 2 1 3 7 4 1 2 6 7 5 3 8 4 8 3 2 7 6 9 2 7 9 5 1 4 3 9 3 4 8 6 2 7

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Solution No.1711 6 9 1 3 8 5 2 4 3 4 5 6 2 9 1 7 5 1 7 4 9 8 6 3 7 6 8 9 4 1 5 2 8 5 2 1 3 7 4 6 The Crown and Badger 2 6 Mt7 Maunganui 1 Club 5 3 8 9 Friday 17 – Sparx. Friday 17 – DV8. 4 8 3 2 7 6 9 5 Saturday 18 – DV8. 2 McSwiggans 7 9 5 1 4Irish 3 Pub 8 7 1 9 3Tuesday 4 8 6 21 –2 Tauranga Sunday 19 – Jessica

Acoustic Music Club Ross 4-7pm. jam night 7.30-9.30pm. Mount RSA The Matua Friday 17 – Shy and Sunday 19 – Wireless Retiring Co 7.30pm. 3-6pm. Saturday 18 – Back Wednesday 22 – A Porch 7.30pm. Taste of Country Night Sunday 19 – Krissie 4.30pm. 7.30 - 10pm.

A lot of bands played the Rose and Fern. The bar brewed its own beer which was pretty adventurous in the early nineties, years before anyone thought the term “boutique” would actually help sell beer to a population which thought Lion Red and Steinlager were the pinnacle of the craft. Hard To Handle played there before anyone knew who they were, and Big Garlic Moon and Kokomo. And for years the Bureta Park was home to Doctor Jazz, Neil McKenzie, and his regular Wednesday night jams where he kept a loyal week-in week-out following and musicians competed on how many times they'd been fired and rehired by Neil. There were a few more years led by Dave Proud after Neil died but, spirited though they were, it was never the same without without the irrepressible frontman and his awful jokes (one area where Dave always competed equally).

The very best

But Humphrey's Bar was the best of the venues. There were legendary nights in there. It was a big bar and, in the days when the powers that be were more forgiving of fire regulations, they used to cram a lot of people in. Three or four hundred easily and punters would spill out into the car park. Hunters And Collectors played there and brought more gear than anyone had ever seen in Tauranga. Ian Moss played there. People still talk about those shows. And there were the local gigs too, the Amnesty concerts throughout the eighties and nineties and others. Those Amnesty gigs were great: Ritchie Pickett and his various bands; Chris Gunn; Dr Jazz with guests from New Orleans; the Kaimai Cowboys; Jazz-a-Plenty; Jane Bonne in her

hat; Kokomo Blues; good times for a good cause, I wish I still had a few posters from those days. Sadly, I struggle to think of a venue in Tauranga now that equals Humphrey's Bar (or whatever they called it for the past decade – some names you just stick to, like Red Square which hangs on despite regular council attempts to “rebrand” it).

The top spot

Humphrey's had several advantages over pretty much anywhere I can think of: it was big; it was affordable for bands; an it was respectable enough for any demographic. Where else can a band play and attract 200 people? Baycourt is expensive and a bit staid (no dancing!), Mills Reef is primarily a restaurant; Brewer's Bar is a bit too “rock 'n' roll” for more well-heeled punters; and everywhere else is too small. Atmospheric though it may be for bands to play for 50 people in an over-packed bar it takes a long time to conquer the world that way (and there's no money in it). There's a lot of that at the Mount, where most of the music scene seems to happen in tiny venues, be it the explosion of Latin music that has emerged from Armazem or the profusion of touring acts at Major Toms. In the past week alone Major Toms have hosted Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes, Paper Cranes, Joseph and Maia, Watercolours, Husk, The Libres, and a week today (Friday 24 January) country star Tami Neilson is playing there with her ma and pa on The Neilson's “Family Reunion” tour. Great to have them in the Bay – but what a small venue for them! You can find out more about the woman who has won no fewer than three Tui awards for “Best Country Album” at


The Weekend Sun D V D


Gourmet market extends

With Winston Watusi

The best of 2013 - Part 2… The second and final of Winston's journeys into the rapidly-receding past to revisit his favourite DVD and blu-ray releases from last year. Check Sunlive for last week's Oscar winners, sci-fi, action and documentaries. Now the rest...

Bone in which Marion Cotillard plays a whale trainer who learns to live and love again after Bad Things happen. And there was Michael Haneke's Amour, an almost unbearably sad and honest story about octogenarians George and Anne confronting life after Anne is left partially paralysed by a stroke. It won every award going and will break your heart. Then, in what seems like a hat-trick of some sort, there was The Intouchables, a French film about the unlikely friendship between a aristocratic quadriplegic man and his working class carer. It's fantastic, and will make you happy to be alive. Elsewhere Gael Garcia Bernal was great in No as the ad man who ran the campaign to oust dictator Augusto Pinochet, and Mads Mikkkelsen was terrific as the schoolteacher wrongly-accused of sexual assault in The Hunt, which was as good as any film this year.


Still my favourite comedy of 2013 is Ben Wheatley's The Sightseers, a pitch black English road movie about a working-class couple's caravan holiday, taking in some of Britain's more eclectic sights (Keswick Pencil Museum anyone?) with a spot of well-intentioned murder on the side. The World's End was everything you could hope as the conclusion of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's “Cornetto” trilogy. Pub crawls, lost youth, and vanishing rural Britain collide with an alien invasion. Brilliant. And, partly because nobody else even noticed it, I was particularly fond of Butter, a satirical American laugh-fest in the same vein as Thank You For Smoking, centred around butter carving, with a barnstorming central turn from Jennifer Garner.


These aren't easily categorised but were all great achievements and have stuck with me. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master is an enigmatic film with few sympathetic characters. Through Joaquin Phoenix's damaged “hero” the film explores America's postWW2 trauma. Sort of... Killing Them Softly was a crime flick I guess but mostly was various grades of crims talking and each time I see it it gets better: Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta in a bleak and oblique indictment of corporate America. The Wachowski's Cloud Atlas was as complex as Before Midnight was simple. But both were enthralling and rather wonderful. Don't let the former's elaborate time-shifting narrative throw you, or the “two people talking” set-up of the latter put you off. And Ben (Sightseers) Wheatley scores again with A Field In England, touted – inexplicably – as a horror film, it's an hallucinogenic black and white journey into delirious civil war England where five men hunt for treasure and go crazy. In a field.


It wasn't much of a year for horror was it? More zombies, a bunch of low-rent possession films and everybody falling for The Conjuring. Which was OK. As was Sinister. But my favourites skewed towards the weirder, with director Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) proving a chip of the old block with futuristic body horror Antiviral. Even better was the stylishly designed Excision, a film about a schoolgirl with deluded dreams of being a surgeon. An American parable, perhaps, about the dangers of attempting to live your dreams. Also putting up a good fight in the body horror corner was American Mary from Canada's Soska sisters. And I revised my opinion of zombie epic World War Z. Despite seriously drifting in the last 40 minutes the earlier stuff is so striking that, on second viewing, I really rate it.


PHILOMENA AUGUST: Fri to Sat: 10:30, 12:30, 2:30,


Fri to Sat: 11:00, 1:25, 5:45. Sun: 10:20, 12:45, 5:15. Mon & Wed: 11:15, 1:45, 8:30. Tue: 11:00, 1:25, 5:45.



COME SEE THE MOVIE FOR ONLY $5 Fri to Sat: 4:05. Sun: 3:30. Mon: 4:00. Tue: 4:05. Wed: 3:45.

2D Fri to Sat: 3:50. Sun: 3:15. Mon: 4:20. Tue: 3:50. Wed: 4:30. 3D Thu to Sat: 8:30. Sun: 8:00. Mon: 8:50. Tue: 8:30. Wed: 8:40.

There were, of course, a bunch of foreign films that I loved, but best for me were three oddly connected films. Firstly, the incredible paraplegic love story Rust And



Fri to Sat: 11:30, 6:00. Sun: 11:00, 5:30. Mon: 11:30, 6:15. Tue & Wed: 11:30, 6:00.

Fri to Sat: 1:45, 8:00. Sun: 1:10, 7:30. Mon: 1:30, 8:15. Tue: 1:45, 8:00. Wed: 1:25, 8:00.


BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE INFO LINE (07) 577 0445 - 21 Devonport Road, TGA

With Rialto

M (offensive


Across No. 1354 6. Court (5) 6. Belongings (11) 11. Roam (8) 7. Plant (4) 13. Cite (6) 8. Tense (8) 14 Victim (6) 9. Town (NI) (6) 15. Implore (6) 10. Small (6) 16. Bird (5) 12. Bicycle (6) 18. Undersized (4) 15. Indifference (6) 17. Nonsense (8) C U N G E B T S I O A S H 19. River (Canterbury) A N T I S E P T I C K W M SWU M E D L R M E C H O (4) T E R M E A R E N A K I M 20. Talkback host (5,6) E L D I D U G E X N O T E B L A C K B A L L J K U M Down Y E L K OW I T O A A T O A V C D M A R C E L L I S 1. Mixed (8) T A X I I S G O T I I M K 2. Discredit (6) A U C M U S I C I MO P E 3. Slumbering (6) F L E A E E I K I O O I K A T C G E N T L E N E S S 4. Missing (4) F E T E E T E E O Y T H R 5. Help (6) Solution 1353

Capitol Cinema 4

language and

Friday Jan 17 to Wed Jan 22 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke.

content that may

47 RONIN (2D) (M) Violence. Sat 5:30pm. JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT


Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone – tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth – and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.



4:30, 6:30, 8:15. Sun: 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 7:45. Mon: 11:00, 1:15, 3:30, 6:30. Tue: 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:15. Wed: 10:15, 12:15, (M) 2:15, 4:15, 6:30.



Mount Maunganui’s Gourmet Night Market will be around a little longer than originally intended. Market organisers announced this week the market will continue to run through February, having originally been planned for December and January alone. The market is at Coronation Park from 5-9pm every Friday, and last week attracted a record estimated 6000 people to the park.

The Weekend Sun has two double passes to ‘Gravity’ for lucky readers who can tell us who plays Dr Ryan Stone. Enter online at: www. under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, January 22.


Info line 573 8055



DRAMA, THRILLER. PLAYING NEW THIS THIS WEEK WEEK ININ 3D3D WALKING WITH DINOSAURS(2D) Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley. 47 RONIN (3D) (M) Violence. (PG) Scary Scenes. Fri 3:40. Sun 10:45. Tue 1:40 Fri 1:35, 3:45, 8:35. Sat 1:25, 6:20, 8:35 Keanu Reeves. A band of samurai set THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG Sun 1:35, 3:45, 8:35. Mon 1:15, 8:35pm out to avenge the death of their master. Tue 1:10, 3:50, 8:35pm. Wed 1:15, 8:35. Fri 8:30pm. Sat 12:40. Sun 5:30pm. (2D) (M) Viol. Fri 3:00. Sun 3:05. Tue 8:10. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (R18) PHILOMENA (M) Off Lang & Sexual References. Mon 3:20pm. Wed 8:20pm. Judi Dench, Steve Coogan. TRUE STORY. FROZEN (3D) (G) Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Drug Use, Sex Scenes & Off Language. Sat 8:00pm. Sun 8:00pm. Mon 8:10pm. Tue 8:25pm. Fri 6:10. Sat 12:50, 6:15. Sun 1:00, 6:15. From the Creators of “Tangled”. Mon 11, 6:10. Tue 3:30, 6:05. Wed 3:55. Fri 11:00, 6:00. Sat 3:10. Sun 12:45. FINAL WEEK! FROZEN (2D) (G) Kristen Bell, Josh Gad. Mon 1:00. Tue 11:10. Wed 1:00, 6:00. ANCHORMAN 2 (M) Off Lang, Sexual Fri 12:45. Sat 11:00am. Sun 10:45am. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS References & Drug Use. Mon 3:50. Wed 6:00pm Mon 11:00. Tue 1:35pm. Wed 11:00am.

Sun 3:05. Mon 5:50. Tue 6:00. Wed 3:20

(M) Violence. ACTION,

(3D) (PG) Scary Scenes. ANIMATION. CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 (2D) (G) Sat 10:45. Tue 11. THE BOOK THIEF (PG) Viol. War, Drama. Fri 1:30. Sat 10:45am. Mon 11:00. Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse. Fri 11:00,

HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE 6:00. Sat 3:40, 8:30. Sun 11, 6:00. Mon (M) Violence.

Mon 1:00pm. Wed 11:00am.




Fri 4:10pm. Sat 5:35pm. Sun 7:20pm. Mon 1:30pm. Tue 4:00pm. Wed 6:00pm.



3:25, 6:00. Tue 11, 6:00. Wed 3:25, 6:00 THE SPIRIT OF ‘45 (G) Documentary. Fri 6:15. Sat 11:30, 7:30. Sun 1:15. Mon 3:30. Tue 11:45, 6:10. Wed 11:45, 7:50.


(M) Sex Scenes, Off Lang & Drug Use.

Fri 12:00, 8:15pm. Sat 1:30. Sun 3:10. Fri 2:00. Sat 3:25. Sun 11:10, 5:10pm. Mon 11:30, 6:15. Tue 8:10pm. Wed 1:45 Mon 8:15pm. Tue 1:45pm. Wed 3:50pm.

Tue 3:55pm. Wed 11:00am.



(M) Violence.


Fri 8:15pm. Sat 3:00pm. Sun 8:20pm. Mon 8:15pm. Wed 8:25pm.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 (3D) (G) Fri 10:45. Wed 1:55


Star-filled event selling fast Time and opportunity is running out to grab tickets to this month’s ‘Stars Under The Stars’ – with one of two shows already sold out. Promoter Craig Wilson says the first of the two Anniversary Weekend shows at Mills Reef Winery has sold out and tickets for Sunday’s show are selling fast.

“Because there are no gate sales, concert-goers wishing to still purchase tickets for the Sunday show will need to get in quick before they too are all gone.” This year’s line-up features a range of household Kiwi names from the 1980s and 1990s, making up the best collaboration the event has seen yet, says Craig. “This is easily the best show in the

12-year history of the event, which has previously featured the likes of The Hollies, CCR and Glen Shorrock.” Artists include The Narcs, Andrew Fagan, Margaret Urlich, Sharon O’Neill, Shona Laing, Annie Crummer and Debbie Hardwood – promising more than three hours of hit after hit entertainment. The audience can relax under the stars with friends and family at Mills Reef Winery and enjoy many much-loved hits from these Kiwi artists, says Craig. “The performers themselves have all heard so much about this event from their colleagues in the industry, that they are all genuinely very excited about coming here.” Tickets are available at Ticket Direct, or there are less than 100 still available in the tasting room at Mills Reef Winery.

The Weekend Sun Kiwi musician Andrew Fagan.

Margaret Urlich, Sharon O’Neill, Shona Laing, Annie Crummer and Debbie Hardwood as When the Cat’s Away.

Summer with Stan Walker Getting a good groom A good groom can show off your dog’s personality and structure, says Step Pets owner Cat Jenkins. Cat recently attended a weekend seminar with NDGANZ master groomer Angela Anderson before spending one day with Angela at her home salon with co-worker Bridee Manning.

“We covered hand striping an Italian Spinone and the breed standard of grooming a mini German schnauzer and Bridee worked with Angela on a border collie as she is specialising in larger dogs,” says Cat. This is the second one-on-one session Cat has had with Angela and after her experience, Cat says it is very important to continue her education and keep up with modern techniques. “Angela taught us to look at the complete dog and to complete a groom that will show off the dog’s body structure and personality. “We want to get the best out of the dog not just shave it off.”

Mount Maunganui raised musician Stan Walker is making a rare trip back home to perform for his fans at the 2014 Classic Hits Winery Tour. Stan will headline the tour from January 31 – March 1, alongside fellow Kiwi music legends The Exponents and Breaks Co-Op. The Tauranga show is on February 14. Raised on Tamapahore Marae the 23-year-old says he rarely gets to travel back home and “can’t wait” to see his friends, fans and family. “It’s home. It’s always beautiful,” says Stan. “The weather’s always beautiful when I come home. The people are beautiful. I just can’t wait to come back.” Stan’s favourite memories of summer at home are of his childhood on the marae. “We used to go around the back to the estuary. We’d take our lunches and go hiking over the hill.” He and his cousins would call it the “big journey”. “Then we’d go for a swim, eat our lunch, then come back home. We’d play tiggy, and hide-and-go-seek in the grass. “And every day after school we used to slide down

Mount Maunganui raised Stan Walker will return home to perform at The Classic Hits Winery Tour 2014.

the hill on our cardboard boxes. I’ve got some awesome childhood memories with all my cousins.” The trip will be time out recovering from a busy 2013, having appeared as a judge on TV 3’s The X Factor New Zealand, landed a lead role in his first film Mt Zion, and meeting pop sensation Beyoncé – a moment he calls “the highlight” of last year. “It was the biggest and best year of my life [so far]. I had a lot of incredible things happen last year. I’ve had a lot of challenges, a lot of hard times, but I’ve had the best times too.” Stan says his fans can expect “a lot of more” of him in 2014. Presented by Civic Events, The Classic Hits Winery Tour is coming to Tauranga on February 14. Tickets can be purchased from: By Zoe Hunter

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Catrina Morris, Ashton, Joziah and Nicole Kettle stand back to look at their shark sculpture.

Sandy showdown Dozens of beachgoers turned up at Mount Maunganui Main Beach on Wednesday to put their artistic skills to the test at the annual MORE FM Sand Sculpture competition. Photos by Bruce Barnard.

TREE SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping removal, rubbish removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958 or 027 498 1857

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Eight-year-old Joshua Hudson helping his mother Katrina by spraying a little water on the sand of their ‘Minion’ sculpture.

Maddy Mason and Emma MacDougall from Tauranga shovelling sand.

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The Weekend Sun 17 January 2014