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13 January 2012, Issue 580




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Got some flotsam!

After three months teetering on the Astrolabe Reef, the wrecked container ship Rena finally broke in two, under heavy seas. Hundreds of containers spilled overboard, with many splitting open and scattering their contents along the shores at Waihi Beach and


Matakana Island. Debris litters the water and another oil slick is headed towards the Bay’s shores again. Read more about Rena and the effect on the Bay, including editor Brian Rogers’ first-hand experience on Matakana Island, in this week’s Sun.

Pictured: Matakana farmer Sam Taikato was on his farm bike surveying the wreckage washed up on the island when he found a beachcomber’s trophy: a Rena life ring amidst the debris. Photo by Brian Rogers.


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Ships in the night (Be mine tonight) Many of you have a lot of very good theories as to why a ship would be wrecked on a reef. But they’re not as good as this one. This theory was developed as the RR research team wandered the windswept beaches of Matakana Island earlier this week. It is based purely on the items found on said beach, and we have drawn some logical conclusions, based also on scuttlebutt doing the rounds of the local marine sector, of which we are a little bit ingrained. But also because we’ve studied Crime Scene Investigation. The television series, that is. But before we start, I want you to know that this scenario is purely fictitious and any resemblance to a real life situation, person or ship is purely coincidental. It goes a bit like this. A ship about to sail from an east coast New Zealand port, say, Napier, is bound for say, Tauranga, and it’s the captain’s birthday. So at Napier, a whole gaggle of Napier’s finest shipgirls are loaded aboard, along with a bit of cargo, possibly a container or two and a large amount of refreshments.

How do we know there were shipgirls aboard? Well, not all the rumours can be wrong, can they? Besides, we found one of their shoes on the beach this week. How do we know it was a shipgirl’s shoe? Well, who else would wear super duper high cork heels?

ne: exhibit o

The RR team surmise that if you are shipgirl, you would wear cork heeled shoes, in case of falling overboard. Or, in a very rare circumstance, the ship might HIT A REEF and be wrecked. Unlikely I know, but work with me here. It COULD HAPPEN. Some doubters within the RR research ranks believe this is pure

Sun Media owner/editor Brian Rogers

nonsense, because a shipgirl falling overboard in cork heeled shoes would float upside down. This surely is an investigative opportunity for a future RR column, in which we will dangle a selection of slappers in water to see how their particular footwear offers any sort of lifesaving benefits. So, back to our purely fictitious scenario. The captain and crew are having a jolly fine time, drinking rum, a few cans and smoking an Asian brand of cigarettes.



And we all know what happens when you smoke Asian cigarettes, because Dave Dobbyn and the Th’ Dudes told us, back in the seventies: Asian cigarettes A long talk a few cans if you can Be my bare-skinned baby In for a long night A strong night You! Look what you’ve done to me You lit me you bit me I’m rapt, whoa! And there’s no shortage of cans evident amongst the flotsam, more evidence, whoa! So while all this partying is happening, not much attention is being paid to the route of the ship, instead attention is distracted by other routes.


t thre


During all this unattentive routing, the ship, believe it or not, ends up running into a well charted reef at top speed. Whoa! This causes an abrupt deceleration of the aforementioned shipgirl’s legs, which at the time of penetration (ship into reef ) were in the air somewhere south of the bridge. The force of the impact causes the shoe to fly out the porthole. The evidence is all laid bare along the beaches of our fine coast. Most of you look out and see twisted containers, oily seaweed, milkpowder and timber – but the investigative minds such as those at the helm of the good ship RR can see the cause as clear as day. Once on the reef, the crew were heard to sing those immortal Dobbyn lyrics: “I’m bailing, out on the green, I’ll never get used to the sea…” We’re guessing that as dawn broke over the eastern horizon, the strains of the other classic Dobbyn favourite was heard: “Oil, I see there’s oil, too…” Whoa!

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IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission of the publishers. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers. The Weekend Sun takes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all published information however will not be liable in any way for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Dave Dobbyn’s first success came with rock band, Th’ Dudes (1975-80), which he joined soon after leaving Sacred Heart College in the suburb of Glen Innes, Auckland. The band’s hit song “Be Mine Tonight” (1978) won single of the year in 1979 in New Zealand, whilst their song “Bliss” (1980) has become an iconic New Zealand drinking song.


The Weekend Sun

Rena slips into relief As masses of debris and containers wash up on Bay of Plenty beaches from the Rena wreck, residents are relieved things may finally be coming to an end. By Phillipa Yalden

This week, response and clean-up operations got underway as the Rena broke up, sending about 150 containers into the ocean, their contents littering beaches from Maketu to the Coromandel. Milk powder and polystyrene scattered the sand of Waihi Beach, while Matakana Island took a beating with containers of wheelbarrow tyres, timber and packets of eggfried rice lining the shoreline. Floating containers and debris could be seen bobbing past in the waters at the entrance to Tauranga Harbour and are being located as far north as Whiritoa. Waihi Beach Top 10 Holiday Park owner and Chief Fire Officer Ian Smith was on Waihi Beach on Monday when the containers first started washing ashore. He says although it was devastating to see the mess made on the beach, he is relieved there is an

outcome to the environmental disaster that has been teetering on the brink since the ship ran aground on October 5. “It was always on the cards Waihi Beach would be exposed to some risk from the Rena and it was just a matter of what the winds and weather did. “Yes we have copped it – it would have been nice not to have anything, but at the end of the day I think we will have got off lightly. Ian says he is impressed with the fast response and clean-up of Waihi Beach, with contractors and the community rallying together. “The beach is looking a lot cleaner. There are a few containers to pick up, but a lot of the stuff is gone already. “We are looking forward to some fine settled weather and at least people who have lost their holidays may be able to come back and enjoy it.” Dolphin Seafaris NZ skipper Stuart Arnold says he is relieved the disaster is drawing to a close. “We are actually glad that something positive has happened, if it was just hanging around out there like it was, it would of just gone on and on. Now at least something has happened.”

Stuart says there are concerns for the wildlife and the ocean environment with so many containers thought to have sunk around the Astrolabe Reef. “If you have got something that is toxic that has gone straight down to the bottom on top of our most pristine reefs, it has potential to totally decimate the reef and damage all of the animals, fish life, dolphins, everything.” On Tuesday, the stern of the vessel began taking on water and started to sink. By Wednesday, 75 per cent of the stern half was submerged in water on the reef with only the bridge visible. The bow of the ship remains grounded in a similar position to when it hit the reef on October 5. The fate of what remains of the vessel is still unknown as Costamare, in conjunction with Maritime New Zealand and the ship’s salvors Svitzer Salvage, work on plans to deal with both parts of the wreck, which is understood will be removed from the reef. As The Weekend Sun went to print, the oil that spilled when the stern slipped off the reef was expected to wash ashore in areas east of Mount Maunganui around Maketu on Thursday night.


The Weekend Sun

A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

Mapping first, salvage second A comprehensive sonar mapping programme covering the Astrolabe Reef and surrounding seafloor is necessary before the Rena salvage operation can continue. Maritime New Zealand salvage unit manager David Billington says the seafloor has to be mapped to find all the lost containers, hatch covers and other scattered wreckage. That task has to be completed before the Smit Borneo crane barge is returned to the Rena wreck to lift containers from the bow section that remains on the reef. MNZ say they are not rushing, to give time for both the wreck and the weather to settle. For now the ship and the weather will have to settle before further steps are taken.

Exclusion zones for Rena debris

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is advising boaties of new exclusion zones associated with the Rena wreck on Astrolabe Reef. In addition to the three nautical miles exclusion zone around the wreck, all vessels must stay at least 200m clear of all floating containers and any salvage vessel working on the response. The council states these exclusion zones are issued to keep vessels away from areas that are known to contain navigational safety hazards. Boaties are urged not to go out onto the water unless it is necessary. If the trip is unavoidable, the council is asking boaties to proceed at slow speeds, keep a good lookout and travel through the area in daylight only.

After 20 years, Vasectomies at Promed Urology have moved. now at Bay Urology 120 Hamilton street, tauranga BOOK nOW to be able to sit on the couch for · super 15 Opening weekend February 15th · nrL Opening weekend March 2nd · the Masters, Augusta April 8th

suite a,120 Hamilton street, tauranga P (07) 571 2288 E W

Public urged not to touch containers

People are being urged not to interfere or touch any of the containers and debris found washing up from the Rena wreck. Containers and debris are washing up on Waihi Beach this morning, and more oil is expected on beaches from Mount Maunganui to Papamoa today after the ship broke in two during the weekend.

David says once they have done the mapping and find out what’s on the seabed, MNZ will consider putting the Smit Borneo back in position and start trying to think about getting containers off. Maritime New Zealand is asking people who come across any containers not to attempt to open them, but to contact the container and wildlife response line on 0800 333 771. Up to 300 containers have been lost overboard, with most expected to have sunk. Debris including milk powder and polystyrene are washing up in areas northwest of Tauranga.

Rena owner committed to salvage

The Rena’s owner, Greek company Costamare, is continuing its commitment to funding the vessel’s salvage operation. In a statement, the company indicated it would continue to fund this operation, including the recovery and processing of containers washed overboard. Payment responsibility for these operations is also held by Costamare’s insurers. The statement also says that in conjunction with the company’s appointed salvors and insurers, plans are being formulated for dealing with both parts of the wreck. These plans are to be discussed with government authorities and other experts in the field, to ensure minimum damage to the environment and disruption to affected people.

Important Rena contact numbers:

Oiled wildlife, container and debris sightings: 0800 333 771 Pxt and email photos or reports of containers to or 027 897 4259 Oil spill sightings: 0800 645 774 Public health queries: 0800 611 116 Iwi liaison 0800 AWHI ME / 0800 294 463

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Should people who find Rena cargo washed up on beaches be allowed to keep it? Yes





Tauranga Computers Ltd


The Weekend Sun

Dogs on show

Rose Lee with her Dalmatians Leila, Chevy, Stella and Jake. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Dog lovers will get a chance to experience the fun of taking part in a dog show this weekend with any purebred dogs able to compete in a Tauranga Kennel Association show. Association president Rose Lee is encouraging anyone interested in learning more about dog shows to come along and take part in the club’s ribbon parade. This was how Rose first became involved in dog shows herself almost 40 years ago and she has never looked back. “It’s a great opportunity for people to learn more about what’s involved. “They will be shown what to do.

It’s an ideal way to be shown the ropes and get a feel for what dog shows are like and talk to the other exhibitors,” says Rose. “That’s what ribbon parades are all about – giving pet owners a chance to get involved.” While Rose first became involved in shows with Beagle dogs, she has long since switched breeds to Dalmatians. She currently owns four – including two champions who both retired about a year ago and bitch Leila and dog Chevy who at 21-months have both almost achieved champion status. Aside from the satisfaction when her dogs win, Rose says she gets a lot out of just being involved and taking part in dog shows – which can see her taking part in two or three events a month. “It’s the enjoyment and the social

contact I love.” She says the ribbon parade is open to any purebred dogs aged over three months – and is a “conformation” show where the dogs are simply judged on conforming true to the breed’s type, rather than agility or obedience. Those wanting to find out more, but unable to take part in the show can attend show training events at Morland Fox Park in Greerton on Wednesdays from 6pm or contact secretary Gail Robson phone 07 573 7229 or Rose 07 543 0768. The dog show is at Waipuna Park, Welcome Bay on Sunday, January 15. Entries for the ribbon parade open at 7.30am ($4 per dog), with judging from 9am. The open show for kennel associationregistered dogs begins at 10am. By Hamish Carter

Open 7 Days | Ph. 07 575 5590 Open 7 Days | Ph. 07 575 5590 174 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui 174 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui


Bridge repairs to cost $76,000 Repair work on the Haiku Bridge in Katikati is estimated to cost about $76,000. The repairs are expected to be completed in stages, with HEB Structures Ltd contracted to do the repair work. Western Bay of Plenty District Council says the first stage of the repair work happened prior to Christmas and involved removing the bridge by a crane. This has then been taken back to HEB’s facility at Mount Maunganui for strengthening, a repaint and refurbishment.

The total repair work is expected to cost $76,000, with $22,000 being spent on removing the bridge via crane, disassembly and transportation to HEB’s base at the Mount. Council says by way of background, removing the bridge for repairs was a cheaper option compared to trying to undertake repairs on-site which would have included erecting scaffolding across the stream. The bridge is expected to be fully operational in early February.

Jazz in the park Listening to live jazz in the park, a glass of rosé in hand, nibbling on picnic treats and talking with friends. Is there a better way to spend a summer’s day? The sounds of summer return to Kulim Park this Sunday with the Tauranga Big Band Picnic.



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The Weekend Sun

The jazz performance by the 17-member band has become an annual highlight for music fans and group members alike. Band president and pianist Lynda Wing is among the musicians who profess to love the event. She says as well as the many other shows the group puts on, it is always a thrill to put on a performance that the audience loves. “You are lucky enough as a musician to be given some talent and it is great that you can give what you have back to the community. “You are enriching people’s lives with the music. You know that you have done something that has enhanced their day.” Lynda describes music as the universal language which can lift spirits and communicate across cultures and ages. Inspired by music around her as a young girl, she began learn-

Tauranga Big Band pianist Lynda Wing hopes this Sunday’s Big Band Picnic will lift audience spirits with the sounds of summer. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

ing to play the piano at age five. The classically trained pianist – who combines her passion for performance with teaching the next generation of musicians – says she also loves the freedom of playing in the jazz group with its range of musical genres. “It’s really exciting. I love teaching music. I’m one of those lucky people who is able to earn a living doing what I love in my job.” From overseeing the full music department, teaching and producing musical theatre shows at Otumoetai College, Lynda has gone on to teach at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic for the last five years. Among the student success stories she is proud of is rock group Inertia –whose members have all been through the polytechnic and recently opened for Dave Dobbyn. Lynda says she gets lots of satisfaction out of helping to foster the area’s young musical talent and also gets support from some of the other talented members of the big band – many of whom have been course guest speakers. “It’s motivating for the students, but it’s also very inspiring for everyone in the band to be playing alongside such talented musicians.” The Big Band Picnic takes place at Kulim Park this Sunday 11am2pm – a gold coin donation. By Hamish Carter

Permanent liquor bans in the WBOP The Western Bay of Plenty District Council is reminding everyone that there are still areas around the district which have a permanent liquor ban in place. In December 2009, council adopted permanent liquor bans for a number of areas at Katikati and Waihi Beach. The objective of this bylaw was to help minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public areas, protect the public from nuisance and protect, promote and maintain public health and safety. Council would like to remind a number of people visiting the area of the bylaw.

36 months to pay No deposit


At Katikati, a liquor ban is in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week and includes public areas within the 50km/h speed limit zone of the town and all areas within the 80km/h speed limit zone of Pukakura Road and Beach Road/MacMillan Reserve. It also covers areas within the 100km/h speed limit zone of Wharawhara Road to Marshall Road and the Hunter Reserve Estate. Waihi Beach also has a 24 hour liquor ban and includes public areas within the 50km/h speed limit zone in Waihi Beach, Island View, Athenree and also the 100km/h speed limit zone of Seaforth Road, between Island View and Bowentown.


The Weekend Sun

Women warned about ruse

London bridge reveals Gate Pa history A former Tauranga man working on a London bridge has discovered the remnants of a newspaper detailing events at the battle of Gate Pa in the 19th century.

“We had been breaking the concrete cap above and keeping the area damped down with water, so the paper was a bit wet. “Only when it had fully dried out and I opened it up in the office was I surprised to see the report from back home of 147 years earlier. “It was also interesting to read another article about The newspaper is a copy of the Evening Star of July the American Civil War which was happening at the 14, 1864 and it was found during works undertaken same time. near a Victorian era railway “Note the article was bridge across the Thames. written on 18 May 1864, Jeremy Gordon worked so the news took about in Tauranga for Beca for two months to get back to about four years, including Britain.” some of the pre-construction James and his team are work on the Harbour Link demolishing the piers of Project, before moving to the the London Chatham & UK in June 2007. Dover Railway Bridge, He’s has been working which was opened in on the Blackfriars Bridge 1864. The newspaper is refurbishment and widenfrom the same year. ing project for the last three “The newspaper must years. have been put there by one The newspaper discovery of the Victorian construccame as a surprise. tion workers,” says Jeremy. “It was an exciting find “It was found in a void – our foreman looked into behind the flowery castings a dark void we had just The newspaper clipping was found in a at the top of the pier.” exposed and saw an old brick-filled red pier. newspaper,” says Jeremy. By Andrew Campbell

A text message warning women about a potential ruse to get them alone is circulating the Bay of Plenty. The message is being forwarded among friends and warns people to be cautious of a little boy found crying in the streets, holding a piece of paper with his address on it. The message reads as follows: “ATTENTION ALL GIRLS AND LADIES: if you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! Take him straight to the police station for this is a new ‘gang’ way of rape. This incident is getting worse. Warn your families.” Tauranga Police say they have not heard of this sort of thing happening in the area, but if a child is missing, this should be reported. Western Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Inspector Mike Clement says any person who is upset and on the roadway should be removed from immediate danger as quickly as possible.

Pin Up Pet of the Week My name is ‘Daisy’ and I am a 3 month old sweet, gentle natured staffy cross female puppy. I came to the SPCA with my brothers and sisters after we were dumped in a box. I will be an awesome addition to any family as I am a lovely quiet little girl who probably won’t grow too big. I will need a little training and fenced section to keep me safe. Please come on in and meet me and I know you will want to take me home with you or you can phone 578 0245 for more information. Ref no. 15803

Bruce Matthews

Ben Heath

021 580 580

021 701 237

B e t h le Open hem Town 7 Day s Ph Centre 579 3 444

“Children in particular may not appreciate the danger they are in by being on a roadway, whether or not they are upset and crying at the time. “Once the child is safe from immediate harm, then the next priority is to re-unite the child with a parent or guardian.” Mike says if that person is not in the immediate vicinity, then police should be contacted on the emergency number 111. “In turn, if a parent of guardian has lost sight of or contact with a young child, then they should ring police as soon as possible so a search can commence immediately. “The longer the delay, the further a child may travel and therefore the more harm they can be subject to.” Mike says members of the community who do the right thing by keeping a child safe are to be applauded. “It may well be they are well qualified to look after children, but the best option is to ensure police are notified so the child can be returned back to mum, dad or guardian as soon as possible.” By Letitia Atkinson


The Weekend Sun

Riding under cover


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Rain or shine – the first riders to be able to enjoy Tauranga’s Riding for the Disabled equestrian centre get to saddle up under the new indoor arena on next week’s school holiday programme.

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Riding for the Disabled volunteer Lily Kwiecien, 13 and pupil Jessica Rolleston, 7 riding on Zac. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

After a year of fundraising and six months disruption to riding programmes, building work has finished on the long-awaited Welcome Bay indoor arena. Tauranga RDA chief executive Kat Macmillan says she is excited to see the $800,000 building project completed and is looking forward to seeing it used by riders. “Before the arena was built, we had a very old, partially covered barn for saddling up and mounting, but no dry area for riding. “So basically, every time it rained we had to cancel – so that meant up to a third of sessions were called off. “This was very frustrating for all the volunteers who helped – but was particularly disappointing for the riders who looked forward to it so much.” Kat says it was great to reach the fundraising target for the building just prior to Christmas, but the organisation still needs to raise money to cover operating costs. “We were really amazed and overwhelmed by the support from the community. “Everyone has been so generous.” Kat says they are now able to offer equestrian therapy to more people with disabilities because sessions would no longer be cancelled for rain. “It can be amazing the impact the horse riding can have. You see their confidence boosted all the time.” Kat has even seen children who have been unable to walk go on to take their first steps thanks to the exercise increasing their body’s strength. The centre offers a school holiday programme for able-bodied students as well, which incorporates some horse riding. By Hamish Carter

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Tracking the Tauranga rainfalls since 1898 Monthly rainfalls for Tauranga have been recorded at several recording sites over the last 114 years. From January 1898 to December 1904, the observation site was the Tauranga Harbour, from November 1904 to April 1907 the site was

described as simply ‘Tauranga’, from January 1910 to December 1923 the site was Waikareao in Otumoetai, from January 1924 to September 1940 the site was at 148 Waihi Road in Judea, from October 1940 to January 1941 the site was at Te Puna, and from February 1941 to the present, the site is Tauranga Airport. C.S Thompson of the former New Zealand

Meteorological Service computed a homogeneous rainfall series for Tauranga appropriate to the current recording site at the airport. The methodology use in adjusting the older sites to the current observing site is published in the NZ Meteorological Service Miscellaneous Publication No 180 in 1984. See full version on

Calling for transparency over Treaty settlement claims I sympathise with the view of many who are calling for transparency during the settlement process of the Tauranga Moana Treaty claims. Word has it that local Maori can expect a settlement of about $150m (with probably about $50m

in cash) and I personally don’t have a problem with this. What is more concerning is the thought of co-governance arrangements for our harbour and waterways. While theoretically not a problem, the ongoing cost to all ratepayers and ‘reverse grievance’ issues associated with co-governance, threaten to just exasperate our grievances for generations to come. Let’s get this process settled so

that we can all move on as one nation. The Office of Treaty Settlements (and Minister Finlayson) represent all New Zealanders and an open and transparent process is the only way to ensure that this process is fair to us all. There should be nothing to hide and local government elected representatives and the public in general need to have confidence in this process. See full version on

Rena is delivering on the environment That shiny sheen on the water surface around the Rena is not just oil. It is fish, lots of fish. It was in 1975 that the battle to create a marine reserve at Goat Island at Leigh was won. Local fishers, who had strongly resisted the reserve, soon discovered that more crayfish and bigger snapper were caught at the edges of the reserve

than they had seen for years within the protected area. The exclusion zone around the Rena is an impromptu marine

reserve. Fishers working the edges of the zone are finding an abundance of fish not seen for many years. This is no surprise. Astrolabe is (or was) already a popular diving destination. Why not make the exclusion zone permanent and create a haven for marine life, divers and tourism at the same time? Subsistence harvesting by the local iwi could be enabled. It’s not all bad. See full version on

The old fable reports on an emperor who, through his social media, had managed to convince everybody that his sartorial splendour, the ultimate in minimalist fashion was the very latest and was to be praised and admired. All of his subjects believed him, but their response to one little boy’s

startling revelation on the Emperor’s nakedness is a sharp reminder of how fragile these media images can be. I wonder how many of his advisers had been running around naked copying and supporting the great leader and how many of those should have lost their jobs as consultants and advisers when the truth hit home. To survive politically they would have had to form a committee to review protocol and standing

With Brian Anderson

orders. The committee would have to admit nakedness, assess the implications for their different corporations and plan for a new dress code that would fit them as leaders into the future. I’m worried for the little boy messenger was probably shot at dawn. See full version on

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Fit and toned – fast As a singer and entertainer in the local band SparX, it requires me to be reasonably fit and healthy.

Expo, I made an appointment straight away to talk about my dilemma. I was worried that because I was so unfit it would be a struggle. This was a new style of gym to me, dealing with exercise and nutrition. I was not disciplined with my diet and the thought of writing down what I ate was daunting. All my fears were listened to by the wonderful staff at Healthy Inspirations. I was made to feel valued and that there was an achievable answer to my

worries. A diet plan was chosen to suit my lifestyle and eating habits. It fits me perfectly. I now really enjoy filling in my food diary with all the yummy foods I am allowed and have to eat. Before I joined Healthy InspiraMy particular diet plan includes tions, I had belonged to another cream and my new husband was gym for approximately five years. amazed to find I could have this I had become disillusioned with and lose weight. That has been it as I seemed to be fit, but could fun. The exercise equipment and not seem to lose weight and when the circuit style of training are all my membership ran out I let it easy to use and I can go as hard lapse. In six months, my muscle out as I like or if I’m having a bit turned to fat and I was feeling of an off day I can tone it down unmotivated. I was unfit too and still get the benefits and I was feeling very of a good workout. depressed. I feel for the first time in In June, my partner of my life that I am in control 15 years, who is also the of my body. I am so excited other half of SparX, proabout the changes I have posed to me. I accepted made in five months. and we decided to get I think Healthy Inspiramarried on November tions is a really great place 11. to make those changes I now had a in a safe, caring problem and I environment. needed a solution I have reached – fast! How was my goal weight I going to lose and set a new one weight and look and I am feeling fantastic in 12 fantastic. weeks? The encouragement I get from After a chance Vicky and her meeting with amazing staff, who Vicky, the owner know their job so of Healthy Inspirations at The Healthy Inspirations team Vickey Mackintosh, Julie Klink, well, is wonderful. Gaylene Brennan and Ania Mikrut . Photo by Tracy Hardy. By Shona Dellow Home and Lifestyle

Christmas lights up for hospice Lighting up Maungatapu’s Plover Place with Christmas decorations has helped raise $1930 for the Waipuna Hospice. Plover Place resident and Christmas lights display organiser Alan Holloway says he is delighted with the money raised – which was simi-

lar to previous years – and thanks all the visitors to the street for their donations. “We want to say a very big thank you to all the people who came around and gave donations. “We certainly can’t take credit for it ourselves.” Alan – who is a hospice volunteer – says it was great to see what had begun as just some neighbourly

fun, helping contribute to a good cause. “It makes a lot of people happy. It’s a magical atmosphere and everyone loves it.” He estimated in the peak evenings leading up to Christmas, the cul de sac was attracting 500 pedestrians and 200 cars per hour. Almost every house in the street is involved. Lights have since been By Hamish Carter taken down.

The Weekend Sun


Ten tips for mental wellbeing When I ask people why they move to Tauranga, they usually mention ‘the lifestyle’. It’s a fantastic place to live; parks, events, boating, fishing, beaches. Recently though, our lifestyle came under threat and many of us pitched in and helped volunteer wherever we could to help preserve our environment and wildlife. As well as lifestyle, what are we doing about our ‘mindstyle’? Mental health is about the way we think and feel and our ability to deal with ups and downs. It’s important to take care of ourselves and get the most from life. Here are 10 practical ways to look after our mental health: 1. Talk about our feelings. This is not a sign of weakness. Just being listened to can help us feel supported and less alone. 2. Keep active. Regular exercise can boost our selfesteem and help us concentrate, sleep, look and feel better. 3. Eat well. Our brain needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy and function well, just like the other organs in our body. 4. Drink sensibly. Apart from the damage that too much alcohol can do to our bodies, we would need more and more alcohol each time to feel the same short-term boost. There are healthier ways of coping with tough times. 5. Strong ties with supportive families or friends can help us deal with the difficulties in life. There’s nothing better than catching up with someone face-to-face. But that’s not always possible. Give them a call, drop them a note or chat to them online instead. Keep the lines of communication open. It’s good for us.

6. Ask for help. We should consider getting help if difficult feelings are stopping us getting on with life, having a big impact on the people we live or work with, affecting your mood over several weeks. Support groups, GPs, budget advice, counsellors have contact details listed on 7. Take a break. Sometimes the world can wait. Give ourselves some ‘me time’. 8. Do something we enjoy. It can be good to have an interest where we’re not seen as someone’s mum or dad, partner or employee. You’re just you. 9. Accept who we are. We’re all different. Good self-esteem helps us cope when life takes a difficult turn. 10. Care for others. It also helps us see the world from another angle. That can help to put our own problems in perspective. To find support groups, medical centres, counsellors and other services for Tauranga visit www.bop. – your link to wellbeing. To be connected to Rise Up Tauranga go to the Facebook Page ‘Rise Up Tauranga’ or email riseuptauranga@ Rosalie Crawford is a medical scientist and lecturer. Email phone 021 072 8255, Skype: Guavablue or Facebook/Twitter: Rosalie Crawford

Relighting your inner spark through others At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. ALBERT SCHWEITZER Although we can be encouraged to ‘live in the present moment’, it’s good to give some thought to those who came before us. Sometimes a spark that is rekindled in us may be from someone we have never met, but who has affected our lives by their contribution to our world and it builds up our gratitude when we reflect on the generosity of those we may never meet, but who impacted our lives through their qualities and talents. If you gave it some thought who could you think of who has lit (or re-lit) a spark within you? If you would like to find out more about coaching, phone Mary Parker for a complimentary session 07 577 1200, email or visit


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Holiday fun at home Everybody loves school holidays – at least for the first few days. No more mad morning panic organising school lunches, checking homework then rushing out the door.




11 22

But the novelty can quickly wear off and the cost can add up if parents do not have a plan on how to make it work. To help you and your children enjoy the holidays as much as possible, without costing the earth, The Weekend Sun has some tips on how to organise a great family time with suggestions on cheap activities the children will enjoy. Family focused website www. has lots of tips on organising enjoyable holidays with your children. Website editor Rochelle Gribble says some parents get carried away trying to make the holi-

days fun, forgetting it should be a relaxing and restful time, so being active should be balanced with lazy days. “If you’re planning activities to do with your child, don’t think the days have to be jam-packed with expensive outings or trips away,” says Rochelle. “There are plenty of fun things you can do at home and there are some great places to visit which won’t cost a cent.” Planning activities together with your children can help make it fun and save a lot of unnecessary disagreements. One way is to suggest some general ideas – such as going to the movies or a day-trip out of town – then

leaving it up to them to decide on the details. “Some families have a holiday calendar where they can write and plan activities together. If you’re a parent who splits school holidays between a little work and a little down-time, then using this calendar to plan ahead will help you make the most of every day.” Some suggested activities: Make up a scavenger hunt in your garden with a list of things they need to find; challenge your neighbours to a family cricket match at the local park; make a mobile for the garden using shells, leaves and other found natural items; fly a kite; make your own mini golf course in the backyard; or go on a bushwalk. For more ideas visit www. By Hamish Carter


Mount walking tracks in tact Walkers and runners are being reassured the tracks on Mauao are open as normal despite all the rain – apart from the Oruahine track, which remains closed for repairs.

4256414AA 4256414AA

CREATE THE BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED! If there was a way you could target fat and cellulite in the problematic areas of your body without the cost and painful recovery of surgery, would you be willing to give it a try? Well, here’s your chance. Hailed by UK media “the most effective fat reduction and cellulite treatment on the market”, HYPOXI® is now taking New Zealand by storm. This innovative treatment enables you to burn fat and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite from the stubborn areas of the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs in as little as 6 sessions. HYPOXI’s unique combination of gentle exercise with vacuum therapy increases blood circulation and accelerates fat metabolism in those stubborn areas, yielding some amazing results. The real beauty of HYPOXI® is that the recommended course of treatments is just 3 sessions a week for a period of 4 weeks. A session takes just half an hour and is provided in a private boutique environment.

HYPOXI® ARRIVES IN MOUNT MAUNGANUI See how easy it is to create the body you’ve always wanted, call our friendly staff at The Body Studio on (07) 575 8454 or visit for more information.


1 Free Consultation and 1 HYPOXI Session

Valid at The Body Studio

Suite 3, 43 Girven Road Mount Maunganui 3116

Tauranga City Council is warning people to report any debris which may have washed up on Mauao from Rena.

Tauranga City Council communications advisor Alison Clifford says the region’s recent bad weather hasn’t affected the tracks. “We’re not aware of any damage to the

tracks as a result of the recent weather extremes. “There may be debris as a result of the stern of Rena sinking, so people should be vigilant on the shoreline.” Council hopes to have an update on the Oruahine repairs sometime next week. Alison says if anyone sees debris, containers or oiled wildlife while they are walking around Mauao they should phone 0800 333 771 to report it. “If anyone sees oil they should phone 0800 645 774.” She says it’s also important that people look after themselves when walking around Mauao. “It's important to keep hydrated when walking in the hot summer months. “People can rehydrate themselves at the aquafill unit beside the Mount Surf By Letitia Atkinson Club.”

E L A S 13

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Beating weather boredom We couldn’t have wished for a wetter Christmas than what we’ve had this year.

SCHool HolIday ProGrammE From only $36 a day 4-27 JANUARY 2012

Summer Garden Desserts Greenies Movies

Mini Putt Skatepark Café Series YMCA Swimming Y Water Action at the Blue Lake World World TECT ALL

Terrain Park

Kulinary Kidz

I am sitting here looking out at yet another rainy, rainy day and the prospect of another week of it. It looks like it’ll be fine for the week after this issue of The Weekend Sun – bring it on! Rainy weather can be very trying for parents lumped with children inside. Many children do not want to be caged in and cannot understand the notion of not being able to escape outside in the rain – after all it is just a bit of water and nothing a towel can’t fix. Raincoats and gumboots and off they go is one solution to the camped-in fever. Another is taking advantage of this time to help your children develop their creative talents. This does not cost much at all in dollars,

just some of your time. Our time as parents is what children love and benefit from the most. Take time every day to make your children feel important – to sit with them during a meal, to read to them, to make things with them. It is amazing what you will find out about your children’s abilities, thought patterns and ideas by simply sitting with them, listening and doing. Now, for some parents, this may not come easily. For some the pressure of work means they get home and just have nothing left to give. For others, their make up makes it hard to just sit and come down to their children’s level. Whatever the reason, I’m sorry, but it’s just not good enough. Remember the song ‘Cats in the Cradle’ by Johnny Cash – ‘I’m sorry son if I could find the time’? Try to give at least 20-30 minutes of quality time doing something with your children every day. It will be good for you too.

Making a rocket

You’ll need: • 1 large (1.5—2L) plastic bottle • Rubber bung that fits snugly into the neck of the bottle • Valve from old inner tube • Bike pump Drill a hole through the bung (you can put it into the freezer first to make it easier to drill through) and fit the valve into this. Fill bottle with water until it is about 1/3 full. Push the bung into the neck of the bottle (it should be firm). Attach bike pump to valve and prop up bottle on an angle on the ground to launch. Pump! Sooner or later the rocket will shoot into the air – you never know exactly when, but that only adds to the suspense.


& BBQ Biking

Pony Rides



Round Robin





You will need: • Small chicken wire • Wire cutters • Scraps of material (op shop, old clothes or curtains are good for this) • Dacron or filling • Pipe cleaners • Eyes ($2 shop)

Decorating Christmas Alphabet The Hunt

Chaos Games Super Kayaking Sports

at Pilot Bay

for Santa...

Food War


Lollipops The Paeroa Secret Playland Art Escape Party

FUn STarTS 8.00am to 5.30pm Locations on both sides of the bridge.

monEy TIGHT? You are probably eligible for a participation subsidy! Just ask us.



Montessori Bethlehem, for a stimulating learning environment! l l

BooKInG dEadlInE:


Please consult the brochure on our website or at your school office.

register your children today. Call 578 9272 or go online!

Here are some creative activities you can do with your children. Be sure to let them do as much as they can and praise them lots along the way. This will encourage them to keep doing and improve – ‘practise makes perfect’. It does not have to be perfect first time – or even the second – the value of learning is in the doing and trying.



Montessori Education starting from 6 months through to 6 years Programmes for 6 months to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years and 3 years to 6 years Prepared environment allowing children to experience excitement for learning 20 ECE hours available for 3-6 year olds “I’m glad I chose Montessori for my child before school.”

Phone: 07 579 3661, 250 State Highway 2, Bethlehem, Tauranga, Email:

show your spirit...

K i d i c o r p f o r h a p p y, c o n f i d e n t l e a r n e r s

Cut the chicken wire in the shape of a butterfly (quite large) – if in doubt, check for a butterfly shape on Google. Cut strips of material about 2cms wide with your children. Weave the strips through the wire until the wire is filled up and the butterfly is a lovely colourful shape. Make the body of the butterfly with the dark brown material – see your Google picture for the shape and sew round the edge. Stuff the body with Dacron. Attach the body to the wings with needle and thread. Attach pipe cleaners to the head for antennae and attach the eyes on the head and hey presto – you have a beautiful butterfly to hang on the wall or attach to the ceiling as a mobile.

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theworks theworks

Kees Leenman and Michie Nishiyama welcome their daughter weighing 3.375kgs (7lbs 6oz) on January 2.

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Sabrina and Tarn Montgomery welcome their son Carter Paul weighing 2925g (6lbs 7oz) on January 3.

You have won this week’s Prize Pack from Nappies for Less & Sassi Photography

Kern Singh and Tamati Walker welcome their daughter Teiya weighing 3095g (6lbs 13oz) on January 6.

Your best store For all your Baby Gear & Nappies Cameron Rd, Ph 07 571 4446

Coralie Loveridge and Kirk Matuschlea welcome their daughter Sophia weighing 3050g (6lbs 7oz) on January 6.

Sassi Photography Studio 6 Stableford Drive Pyes Pa Ph 07 543 3101 or 027 246 2067

Jennifer and Josh Cole welcome their daughter Alexi Kayley weighing 3690g (8lbs 2oz) on January 4.

Sarah and Jason Bradley welcome their son Wyn Jason weighing 2920g (6lbs 7oz) on January 3.

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A quaking good time through history Some are fascinated by the history, others by the scenery and for the kids, well they just love to get out on the water on one of New Zealand’s unique scenic tours.

City&LakesTour We provide W id a greatt iintroduction t d ti tto R Rotorua, t its’ history and its’ people. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: The WWII Landing Craft | The Magnificent Lakes | Mt Tarawera The Birdlife | The ConDucktor | History of Rotorua | Geothermal History A FUN ADVENTURE ALL AGES WILL ENJOY Bookings Essential: Ph 07 345 6522

The Rotorua Duck Tours are the only one of its kind in New Zealand, using retired WWII military landing craft to take visitors on a scenic tour around the Rotorua area and surrounding lakes. These amphibious crafts were primarily used in Normandy in D-Day landings, easily moving from water to land and visa versa. Owner Trevor Weir and his co-owner brother Peter, sourced the crafts from Australia, Canada and America from private collectors. It was on Peter’s travels that he saw a similar idea in America,

where more than 21,000 crafts were made for World War Two and decided to bring the idea home. Originally from Central Otago, Trevor says he chose to bring the duck tours to Rotorua as it was a great tourist destination, with excellent natural attractions. Each craft has to go through testing every six months like a vehicle, as well as adhering to maritime and land transportation certification. The tours take passengers on scenic tours of Rotorua’s rich history, as well

as the landing crafts’ history. Highlights include informative commentary, ‘splashdown’ into the lakes, geothermal activity and Maori historical sites. Trevor says the tours are fun, with each passenger getting a brightly coloured ‘quacker’ to blow as they come onboard. “We get the passengers to blow the ‘quackers’ as we go through the town and often we get big waves from people on the street. “We get a lot of Kiwi families and a lot of tour groups as well. It suits the older-aged traveller

with the informative history on the vehicles and the scenery and for the little kids they get excited to be riding on the big bright ‘duck’.” The ducks seat up 28 passengers, with two ducks operating at any one time. Tours run for 90 minutes around Rotorua and lakes or 120 minutes around Tarawera and lakes.

Chef adds spice to airshow festivities The Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow is only 15 days away and organisers are starting to make final preparations, including confirming pilots and planes. One of those to receive the nod is wellknown Masterchef Judge Simon Gault from Auckland who will be flying a Thunder Mustang in both the Saturday and Sunday programme. Simon is part of a syndicate that owns the Thunder Mustang, together with a CT4 Air Trainer, Harvard. Rated for aerobatic flight and holding a FAST formation rating, he is excited about the opportunity to fly this stunning plane with some of the country’s

best at the Tauranga City event. The good news for the foodies is that Simon has agreed to sign autographs for half an hour after his flights on Saturday and Sunday and thereafter he will spend an hour in the Gold Pass Marquee mixing and mingling with gold pass ticket holders. For those wanting to chat with Simon, it’s recommended they purchase an advance Gold Pass, which organisers describe as incredible value at only $175 per day (or $172 for TECT card holders). Gold Pass ticket holders get access to a shaded seated area and marquee, with

grandstand seating adjacent to the sight line. In addition, there is the provision of a light lunch together with all-day finger food and two alcoholic beverages per day and unlimited ice water. Corporates that choose to buy eight tickets or more are also given the opportunity to display their corporate promotional material within the Gold Pass area. Gold tickets are limited to only 500 per day and demand is forecast to exceed the marquee’s capacity. For those looking to secure the best seats at the Airshow, it is recommended you visit and make a reservation before tickets run out.


The Weekend Sun Winner Alex Ferdinando, Gull manger Graham Stirk, with Sherryn Buck and Rex Turnbull from Night n Day. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Fuelling a region A lucky Tauranga motorist has had his summer road trips made easy after winning $3500 worth of fuel vouchers in a competition run by Gull on Hewlett’s Road. The lucky winner is Alex Ferdinando of Matua, Tauranga. His winning entry was picked from the pile of entries received during the course of the competition. “Congratulations to Alex on wining the competition and thank you to our other loyal customers,” says Gull New Zealand retail manager Graham Stirk.

Walk through the wild side Paradise Valley Springs, a beautiful New Zealand trout, bird and wildlife park, is a must see attraction.

plus trout in spring pools as well as New Zealand’s wild animals during the walk.

There is a pride of African lions with a feed time at 2.30pm every day and two young lion cubs, Benji and Bella, that you can get to pat and interact with as well. The cub encounter is actually free when you purchase your entry ticket. As well as the lions, visitors can see wild trout in the stream


only $2.00 save $1.80


only $2.00 save $1.90

Walk through the kea aviary and water-bird wetland. Visit and pat the friendly farm animals. An elevated treetops walkway takes you through centuries old native bush. Trout and animal food is available from reception and umbrellas can be hired if it is wet. The walkways are built for all weather conditions. Paradise Valley Springs is open every day from 8am. Last entry 5pm. Park then remains open till dark.


Single $1.50 save $1.40 Double $2.00 save $1.90

Offers available from 6pm Friday Jan 13 - 12.00pm Monday 16 Jan. Only at Gull / Night'n Day - 131 Hewletts Rd, Mt Maunganui.

“Hewletts Road is home to the Gull business in New Zealand,” says Graham. “The volume of entries received is proof of the support from our Bay of Plenty customers. “Gull will soon be opening their third site in the greater Tauranga area and remain committed to the region.” Customers who missed winning the big one will be able to save on their fuel bills this weekend – Gull will be discounting all fuel grades by 5c a litre from 4pm on Friday, January 13 through to midday on Monday, January 17 at the Hewletts Road site in Mt Maunganui. Motorists will be able to save further by using Countdown and Foodtown supermarket vouchers.


The Weekend Sun

Recruits retreat from Rena waters

It's been another challenging week for local surf lifesaving clubs, with the Rena breakup disrupting our northern neighbours at Waihi Beach.



It means the Top Rookie Lifeguard of the Year competition has had to change venues on Sunday, with Mount Maunganui taking the hosting rights from Waihi Beach. The Top Rookie Competition is designed to test the skills of the rookies (12-13 year olds) within the Eastern Region, in male, female and overall categories. Rookies compete in a number of theory and practical tests, having trained in all aspects of surf lifesaving in preparation for sitting their surf award when they turn 14.

competition. Our regional lifeguards helped out with a rescue at Papamoa East last week, when two children were caught in a flash rip and were a long way out to sea when help arrived. Two exhausted adults managed to keep them afloat until the IRB arrived to take them to shore. Please remember – the safest place to swim at a beach is always between the flags.


Mount Maunganui

Our rookies have consistently done well in the previous Top Rookie competition and we’re hoping to continue that trend this weekend. We’ve also had three of our young lifeguards pass their IRB Drivers Award and four passed their Crewman’s Award last Sunday. The testing was in extremely challenging surf conditions so they did very well to get through. Junior Surf started up again on Sunday, although the weather wasn’t on our side and the conditions kept everyone out of the water. Junior Surf will be on every Sunday from 10am-midday, through to early March. Anyone aged between five and 13 is welcome to come down and give it a go. We’re also building up for our big Papamoa Junior Invitational carnival on January 21, starting with a march-past at 10am. Juniors come from across the North Island for this fun-packed day of

CRAIG MARINE LTD Trailer Boat Surveying & Maintenance

With Jamie Troughton.

Congratulations to the big Mount Maunganui team who competed at the Owen Chapman Cup at Red Beach on Saturday. There were plenty of shining lights, but among the highlights were the open men’s ski relay win and the form of our ‘rookie’ beach sprinter Fraser Cameron, who took out the flags and sprint double. Sam Shergold also continued his recent form, cleaning out a quality under-19 board race field to win in style. Even though we weren’t eligible for the cup, we won the unofficial points tally and brought home plenty of loot for our troubles. We’ve got another big team heading down to Taranaki this weekend, with IRB crews racing in the BP Surf Rescue series at Oakura on Saturday and more than 50 athletes competing in the Central Region championships at Oakura on Sunday, which doubles as the second round of the Sonic Surf Race series. Pictured: Mount Maunganui twins Kirby and Chad Wheeler will be competing at the second round of the BP Surf Rescue series in Oakura on Saturday. Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Journalism.


The Weekend Sun

Open day of fitness Experience a community gym with a difference and work out in a flexible training environment at a great location. The Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre is holding a free open day for the public to try their extensive facilities and user-group classes on January 21 from 10am until 2pm. This facility is known as Papamoa’s best kept secret, it has a fully functional gym, with membership options to suit everyone, but manager Sarah Hobbs says their point of difference is their “community focus”. “For me, our focus is the relationship between the members and the staff; we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic customer service. “We are a multi-purpose facility where we host a number of private functions. We also have a large number of user groups who hire the space, giving those from the community a place to teach. “We also operate a fully staffed

fitness centre where we ensure there is always someone on the gym floor to assist with members needs.” Facilities inside the fitness centre include free weights, resistance machines, cardio machines, as well as a stretch room with Swiss balls and boxing bags. The user group classes are an additional cost to the membership fee and vary in price from $4 to $15. The centre is also popular with sports groups as it is positioned in the middle of Gordon Spratt Reserve. Visitors on the open day can experience seven different user groups that operate at the centre for free as well as try the fitness centre out. There will also be gym challenges running throughout the day with spot prizes. Each user group is running 20

minute ‘taster’ sessions, including Zumba, Tai Chi, Kempo, Pilates, Aerobics and personal training. Also, if you decide to join on the day you will receive a joining pack filled with exciting goodies. You must be 14 years and over to participate in the centre open day due to health and safety reasons. For more information about the centre visit health-fitness

Yvonne English, Anne Charraz, Bill Tasker and Audrey Tasker enjoy the facilities, under the aid of centre manger Sarah Hobbs (standing).

Bowling up a great contribution Described as a “gracious and generous individual”, Bowls Mount Maunganui player Brian Yardley is honoured for his assistance with the new club with the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award.

Club president Morris Bradley, who has known Brian for 15 years, says Brian might as well have lived on the green as he is involved in everything from maintenance work to playing the game. “To me, this award is like getting a Queen’s Birthday Honour. “It is a pretty amazing recognition.” The award was jointly given to

Barking Biting Jumping up Pulling on the lead Walking issues Bad manners

Denis Wilson from the Taieri Bowling Club. The judges decided that both individuals “were inseparable due to their high level of contribution to their clubs” as “multi-skilled, generous and proactive in their volunteer roles”. Brian contributed to everything from building shelters, mows greens, tends gardens and anything else that needs doing around the club. He also worked to assist when new greens were being laid and his input Brian and advice is always Yardley sought when making receiving his decisions on the new award. club.

Not coming when called Separation anxiety Chewing/destruction Over weight issues Obedience and much more




The Weekend Sun

Are you investing in education in 2012? Many families are investing in independent professional guidance and advice from Ewan McLeod at McLeod Careers.

McLeod Careers specialises in allowing children to make positive, informed choices in planning for their future. “Despite recessionary pressures, many parents are recognising that investing in career planning for their teenagers and young adults is essential spending and a sound investment for

their futures,” says Ewan. “Other examples of this investment spending include school fees, voluntary contributions, school trips and individual subject tutoring. “McLeod Careers experienced 25 per cent growth in client numbers in 2011 – with families driving from as far away as Manawatu to come and see us.” Last year, Ewan decided to resign from his fulltime job as a national programme director at the Young Enterprise Trust to spend more time with his wife, Sue and focussing on their home-based business in Greerton. “We’re both ‘people people’ – I’ve spent decades encouraging youth development, while Sue is well respected for her local voluntary work. “Having Tim and Juliana Smithells (who are recognised nationally for their career development work) as our mentors, definitely provides advantages in being a First Careers licensee.” Ewan says that at this time of the year, many young people are anxious about results and are considering what secondary subjects to continue on with – or tertiary students, like Stefan Dodunski, are deciding on their future focus at university. “Our business supports individuals taking positive steps on their unique education pathway, so they gain personally suitable qualifications.” Ewan McLeod enjoying career planning with Stefan Ewan strongly believes McLeod Careers is “a worthwhile educational investment”. Dodunski, from Massey’s Manawatu campus.

Windermere land swap agreed A land swap allowing the polytechnic to expand its Windermere campus in return for land for a public walkway alongside the Waimapu Stream has been agreed to in principle. The swap outline is for about 1.2 hectares of Windermere Reserve to go to the polytechnic and about 1.8ha of Ministry of Education land to go to the council. The polytechnic is interested in a portion of Windermere Reserve beside sanctuary point, which Bay of Plenty Polytechnic facilities manager Michael Thomson says is the only land in the vicinity suitable for building upon. The Windermere Reserve is effectively in two parts: Half is off Windermere Drive and the other part is accessed by crossing through the wetland to the isolated spot, bounded by sanctuary point and the wetlands and abutting onto the polytechnic’s land.

Looking forward to YOUR future!

“We are looking in the long term for the community good for the polytechnic,” says Michael. “Long term, we will continue to grow and we will need to keep an eye on our capacity to do that. Looking forward, longer term, we can foresee the time when we have consumed all our space.” The polytechnic land alongside SH29 is not good for development, being low lying, soft and good for only single storey buildings. The proposed swap is for land edging the Waimapu Stream off Oropi Road, which will enable the eventual construction of a walkway along most of the distance between the polytechnic and Yatton Park. The council decision means staff can go ahead with the details, including costings, values and rezoning, before returning a more detailed report to council in the new year. By Andrew Campbell


The Weekend Sun

Catching up on education Pick a new direction in 2012 with Pacific Coast Technical Institutes’ new youth courses, individually tailored to suit each individual student.

Director Mark Hellyer says the course is designed for 16 to 17 year olds who hadn’t completed NCEA Level 1 and 2 and want a second chance for a tertiary education. The course gives students the ability to go back, as well as integrate vocational education areas that the institute offers, such as truck licensing or forklift training. “It is a really cool way to come back and make up for lost time, especially for people thinking ‘I should have done that right when I had the chance’. “We can save them wasting any more time, we’ll get their NCEA sorted so tertiary study becomes a reality.” NCEA Level 1 and 2 deliver core credits in numeracy and literacy Pacific Coast Technical Institute owner that are required for tertiary level Fiona Morris and Ngaiei Manuel. courses, polytechnic education or Photo by Bruce Barnard. other training establishments. Once in the course, each individual has the course tailored to suit their level and the number

A touch of youth Touch, one of the fastest growing sports in the country, is about to launch a youth pathway in the Western Bay of Plenty.

With about 80,000 registered players and thousands more that play outside the Touch New Zealand competitions, touch numbers suggest the sport is a genuine New Zealand sport heavyweight. Touch NZ in association with Sport BOP, is introducing a touch module specifically established for primary and intermediate school age youngsters. The new module incorporates a pathway for young athletes, coaches and referees who have aspirations for the future. There will be four mixed divisions of Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 participants, with a requirement that there must be two girls on the field throughout each game. Fergusson Park in Matua has been chosen because of a surplus of parking, excellent changing facilities and a vast green space for families to picnic as they support their families. Touch NZ has a well-established international pathway in place, that kicks off with Under 15 and 17 boys, girls and mixed teams, which tour Australia annually. Under 19 and 21 teams can ultimately lead to the

Touch Blacks, who contest trans-tasman test matches each year and play in the Touch World Cup every four years. A major objective of the new Western Bay Primary Touch module, is to introduce comparative youngsters to the sport, in a friendly fun environment. Another objective is to provide the young players, with a pathway to age group representative teams and higher honours. The eight week primary module starts Friday, February 10. There will be plenty of prizes on offer each week, with reasonably priced food and refreshments available on site. For more information phone David Mays 021 286 8251.

of credits they need to achieve, whether it is two or three or the full NCEA Level course. Mark says the great thing about this course is its flexibility – the ability to make the course work for the many different youths from different walks of life and to help them achieve their goals. The first intake begins late January. Phone Pacific Coast Technical Institute to find out if you are eligible for this free programme.


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Rena salvors set for big game of fetch Howdy, it’s Flo Flotsam here. I’ve been jetsamming around with the bosses on assignment this week, chasing flotsam photos from my hometown to Bowentown. (And let me just clarify, it’s pronounced like Bow-wow’n town.) First challenge of the mission, apart from getting a good seat on the boat, was to learn to ride a quad bike. Crikey, I’ve only just managed the family station wagon. Never mind, I soon sorted out the easy way to cruise the coastline, without having to figure the gearshift: Get Uncle Pete to drive. I got to sit on the handle bars and direct. Sure beats running along the beach. That’s only good for a few miles, then commonsense takes hold and a dog has to ask: Why am I the only one running here? Also while I was running alongside, I had to ask the question about Uncle Pete’s quadbikes –when ‘quad’ implies ‘four’, why does one only have three wheels? Uncle Pete reckons it’s an oldie, but a goodie.

We took a load of photos for the Sun and SunLive, with Mrs Boss getting really clever and beaming the photos back to the office from her perch on the back of the bike. What technology! Makes carrier pigeons redundant. Perhaps we could now eat them? Nek minute, someone will invent the self-biting postman. Or the slow running, clawless cat. Anyway, I got a lot of exercise and fresh air, apart from the wafty smells of heavy fuel oil, dead sea critters and the regular dose of milk powder aroma. I know it says on the instructions to “mix with water”, but I don’t think Fonterra meant to add a whole ocean. Personally I found the milk powder

pretty tasty straight from the bag. Probably not good for my lithe figure, but sure was interesting to try. The boss says we’re not allowed to touch any of the stuff, but plenty of people have been picking it up. I can’t say it’s going to be a lot of use to anyone, and there sure wasn’t much of a clean up happening otherwise. I was very glad to come home to my dry, warm bed after a couple of days on assignment. I had a day in Doggy Day Care after that, which was meant to be recuperation, but it ended up a major party. More to come on that in future editions. Also the tale of my new Hidden Fence that Uncle Max from Collartron has installed. Now that really is clever technology – keeping me in. Although it doesn’t seem to work the other way around, in keeping cats out. Bring on invention of the clawless slow runner, I say. Till next week, be careful out there, let’s hope Rena rubbish doesn’t trash our lovely coast too much more and good luck to the salvors. They’ve got a pretty tough game of fetch now Cruisin’ with uncle Pete, that half of the bitch is with me navigating. under the water.

Capture the ‘hero shot’ hair to train


Advertising agencies and tourism organisations often use one strong image right throughout a campaign. It’s often referred to as ‘the hero shot’. This is the hero shot I took for a client in Taupo. The model is Carys from Wales who was spotted by the client and recruited on the spot. Ask Andy to shoot a hero shot for your business. See

Free hairdressing course ENROL

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recognised nationally & internationally National Certificate in Salon Support Level 3 Are you 16 or 17 years old? Live at home with supportive parents Great future in an exciting industry

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TXT or visit our website only 027 531 6606 or

hair to train


9 Anson Street, Tauranga Tel / Fax: 578 5747


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Get your beetroot fix After all the festivities during the Christmas and New Year period, the gyms have enjoyed increased patronage and many New Year resolutions involve diet and exercise.

The food that we eat can play a vital role in our heath and people are becoming more aware of this. Many fresh vegetables contain antioxidants to help the body flush out toxins and free radicals. One of my favourites is beetroot.

Renowned bestselling author Dr Peter D’Adamo of Eat Right For Your Blood Type finds dark fleshed fruit and vegetables always contain higher levels of antioxidants and Betaine. Beetroot was used for its medicinal properties more than its eating qualities in the Middle Ages when it was long and thin like a carrot. It was used to treat a range of ailments including fevers, constipation, wounds and skin problems. Now we know that it contains Betaine, a nutrient which protects against liver disease and has been shown to lower blood pressure

Spiced beetroot and sour cream

Makes enough for a large salad bowl for 8-10 people Ingredients 1kg fresh beetroot 1Tbsp fennel seed 1Tbsp cumin seed 3 black cardamom pods 2 crushed garlic cloves 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1tsp cracked black pepper 1tsp heaped, flaked sea salt 1.5 cups spiced vinegar 1/2 cup liquid honey 180g tub of sour cream

Directions Bring beetroot to a simmer in a large pot of salted water. While it’s cooking, crush seeds and cardamom pods in mortar and pestle. In a smaller pot, heat the oil and honey, add the crushed seeds

and thus help protect against cardiovascular problems. Beetroot is rich in the element boron one of the essential elements and has high concentrations of potassium, iron and Vitamins A B and C. There are so many ways to use this vegetable. It has been used to colour and flavour tomato paste in soups like the Ukrainian borsch and is essential in a decent hamburger. This week’s recipe is for a simple and tasty beetroot salad dressed with sour cream. discarding any cardamom pod husk, add the garlic, then the vinegar and bring up to the boil then set aside. When the beetroot is cooked though – usually 40 to 60 minutes – run pot through with cold water and rub off the skin and root stumps. If you do this under running water, you lesson the purple hand effect. Chop the beetroot into a rough dice, allow to cool, then pour on vinegar spice mix. Allow to marinate until required – 12 to 24 hours or longer is good. Strain off any surplus vinegar mix and season with salt and pepper. Stir through with the sour cream and serve with other salads as part of your summer barbecue spread.

Twist on classic lamb leg

Leg of lamb

Good Food sources their meat from Harmony. The lamb legs are easy to carve as they have only the hock bone at the end, not all the way through, which makes them easy to carve and serve. The Good Food Champagne lamb legs are a delicious and tender twist on lamb marinated in two different flavours to suit every taste.

Either marinated in rosemary/thyme salt and pepper and olive oil or Moroccan spice mix. So quick and easy to cook. Roast them in a 200 degree oven for 45 minutes or cook on the barbecue for the same and rest for 10-15 minutes before carving to seal in the flavours. Serve with a simple green salad and new potatoes. You won’t be disappointed with this twist on summer lamb.


NZ Farms


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Sleek, slim temperature control Use Your Outdoor Living Areas All Year Round WAIKATO & BAY OF PLENTY

99.99% U.V. Protection Powder coated steel frame with laserlite Polycarbonate sheeting

Call now for a brochure or free quote

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M 021-654 112


Investing in a heat pump for the New Year ensures your summer days are cool and winter nights are warm. With the latest in Fujitsu technology, Shane Snowden from Snowden Electrical says bulky unattractive heat pumps are a thing of the past with the brand new Premier Plus model. With 105 millimetres shaved off the heat pump’s depth compared to the Premier models, this model is sleek, modern and slim, to ensure minimal disruption to the room’s aesthetic. Releasing this new model in December, Shane says the heat pump is so new Fujitsu is not even showing it on the New Zealand supplier’s website. Not only is it slim, but it boasts the latest in heat pump technology, including human sensors and a seven day timer unit, not previously offered with Fujitsu. The human sensor can detect when someone enters the room and adjust the temperature accordingly, to make sure the room temperature is perfect. With the seven day timer, the heat pump can be programmed to turn on at a certain time each day, so you can return to a cool home after work.

Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Shane says more homes are being built in the Bay of Plenty and building a heat pump into the build time is becoming more common place. With only 20 Premier Plus models in stock, get in quick to future proof your home comfort.

Berescourt wrangle over The city council has acted to stop a 20-year wrangle between Berescourt Place and Concord Avenue residents. Concord Avenue residents backing onto Berescourt Place are now officially permitted to have back gates on their properties. The council decision is opposed by a number of Berescourt Place residents who registered their opposition to the proposal and who attended Monday’s Tauranga City Council meeting to speak against it. They are concerned their property values will fall if the people across the street have legal access from the rear of their sections onto Berescourt Place. They also raised concerns about parking. The issue is that six of the 13 properties that back onto


Shane Snowden with the new Fujitsu Premiere Plus range.

Berescourt Place are allowed pedestrian access into Berescourt Place and the rest aren’t. The six ‘gateable’ sections have a wider area of reserve land between them and the road. The rest have a ‘segregation strip’, a narrow section of reserve designed to keep them on their side of the fence. It was that unfairness that tipped the council decision. The issue dates back to the former Mount Maunganui Borough Council, which when the Berescourt Place subdivision was approved, stipulated a narrow 8m roadway and single footpath on the basis that residential development would be only on the golf course side of the street. The subdivision scheme plan included a local purpose reserve segregation strip and recreation reserve area. The council required the Concord properties be fenced off to prevent vehicle access between the Concord properties

and Berescourt. When the councils amalgamated, the Berescourt residents promptly requested the new Tauranga City Council enforce access restrictions for Concord residents – which it did. Things lapsed a bit during the years and late in 2010 the Berescourt residents again asked the council to enforce the ruling. A council letter was sent out in January requesting the Concord Avenue residents close their gates – those not adjacent to the reserve strip that is. The affected Concord residents petitioned the council in May, seeking pedestrian access from the rear of their sections onto Berescourt Place, which also has pedestrian access from Oceanbeach Road through the reserve at the end of the street, Solway Place and the Concord end of Berescourt Place. By Andrew Campbell


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House upgrade on a budget We all want to make the most of our homes and, hopefully, increase their value. There are plenty of ways to do this without breaking the bank. • Invite a real estate agent or interior designer over to check out your home. Many realtors will do this as a courtesy, but you may have to pay a designer. They can give you lots of ideas for needed improvements. Even small improvements such as paint colours or furniture placement can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your home. • Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated — and that spells value. When selecting paint colours, keep in mind neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people, therefore making your home more desirable. • Plan for the future with landscaping that will mature over time. Trees make your home more desirable and mature landscaping is also good for the environment, providing a home for wildlife while adding curb appeal to your home.

• If you want to make your house feel bigger, replace curtains with blinds to let light in. A sunny room feels larger and more open. Try adding a mirror to a room to visually double the space and clear away any clutter. • Bathroom updates are always a smart move. Small changes such as replacing dated wallpaper and old lighting will update the room without denting your wallet. Replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing and lighting fixtures or adding a new tile floor will give your bathroom an updated, modern look. • The same rule applies in the kitchen. Start by swapping items such as sinks and microwaves for new models. Even small kitchen updates will add big value to your home.

By Justine McLeary

UNDER $400,000?

is quality; buying a brand like Phillips, you know you are getting reliability and style. Plugging the iPhone, iPod or ever an iPad in is a breeze and I soon had Meatloaf blasting around the bedroom. I was impressed – note to self; wife not impressed with me. Other devices like mp3 players can be connected using the external input. You can download a free Fidelio app, which adds heaps of features like a multi function alarm clock and radio mode where you can tune into more than 7000 stations. Now that’s going to fill in time while my wife irons my shirts. This is one of the best add-ons you can get and as it is mains or battery powered, it will be great in the campervan. I might try another Meatloaf classic during the next episode of Coronation Street. Check out Available from Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond – Normal Retail $149.99.





Featured Plan:

Hillsview Subdivision Tauranga $379,000 Phone for details of packages in your area


Up to

By Ross Brown

95% Finance

Superior ZogÂŽ steel

GoldsealÂŽ 10 year

frame technology

completion &

with 50 year guarantee

defects warranty

NEW SHOWHOME Excelsa Village, Papamoa Open Tues & Thurs 2-4pm & Sundays 11am - 3pm or by appointment call 07 985 6336

Call 0800 22 22 56 6 PA N 1 0 2 1 2 3 3

My review gadget finally got delivered, however, at 6:30am. As an iPhone user, 4Gs no less, I was looking forward to trying the Phillips Fidelio Docking Speakers. Ripping the package open on the bed, I looked at the black box and thought, hmm, where does the phone plug in? I flung the instruction book at my wife, who by now was desperate for a cuppa and not at all interested in navigating the set up start guide, but she rose to the occasion and with super easy diagrams got me under way. Now, I must say, this docking speaker

way or a slate finish around the pool or patio. Whichever texture you choose, it will be a huge improvement over standard concrete.


Docking speakers resonate quality Isn’t great at this time of year, when you are waiting for a new gadget to arrive by courier, you race the dog to the door, only to find it was a delivery of the wife’s anti-something cream...

• Make regular lists of anything broken or in need of repair and get everything fixed. Small repairs might not seem important, but if left undone they can create the impression your home has been neglected. • The look of your front door and entrance impacts heavily on the appeal of your home. It should complement the home’s overall design, not detract from it. A welcoming entrance will increase your home’s value. • Top on many home owners’ list of wants is more storage space. Consider upgrading your home’s storage by adding custom shelving systems to a wardrobe. Sort your belongings and put them away in your new storage areas. • Replacing any cracked concrete surfaces around your home can cost a small fortune, but concrete can be resurfaced in a multitude of colours and finishes on a much smaller budget. Consider adding a cobblestone finish to your driveway, a brick look to an old walk-

R to Ro oru r a Ta auran urran anga ga

0 7 3 4 5 3 07 7 0 7 5 7 7 99 34



The Weekend Sun

Industry opportunities Every now and then opportunity arrives for the building industry to advance, sometimes through innovation, demand or regulatory change. As of March 1, builder licensing will be in force, encompassing practitioners involved with critical strength and weathertightness aspects of residential work. While the intent is to have the work done right first time, it brings an opportunity for practitioners to elevate their status and gain confidence from homeowners as a sector of worth. How do we achieve this? By taking a good look at where we have been and changing the culture of our industry to recognise it as a service industry to the homeowner. Like that of the new car industry where a quality product and service is delivered every time. We have arrived at licensing because of some poor performance across many levels. We are at a cross roads where practitioners need to embrace the LBP system and step up to the mark and deliver quality and customer satisfaction through good business practices, continuing up skilling and focusing on delivery of

customer service with every aspect. From conception to completion, whether you’re the main contractor or specialist trades. The poor performers will either need to shape up or ship out, those that already deliver this culture throughout their operations, then well done – it will be business as usual for you. When the sector has captured this level of customer satisfaction only then will builders and specialist trades alike regain the recognised value and respect the sector once enjoyed. If you always do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got. Designers, builders, bricklayers, plasterers and roofers – take a deep breath, stop and focus on changing the culture of our industry and use licensing as an opportunity to change what we have always got. Certified Builders Association provides its members the tools to aspire to this culture, you can find them by visiting

Using sustainable ways to move Ridiculously enough, our family is contemplating a third move this year.

3. Sort your rubbish. Recycle metal and whiteware as well as plastic, tin and paper. 4. Save rags and make cleaning product. Vinegar and baking soda recipes are online and clean almost To avoid unnecessary stress on the planet here are a everything. Avoid panic buying over packaged and few tips: 1. Get rid of stored furniture, buy second hand when over-chemicalised product the day you leave. 5. Be carton conscious. If moving yourselves, start you need it. saving newspaper and boxes for wrapping. Use egg car2. Lose anything you don’t need, there is no point tons for small precious items and fill the corners of big moving stuff and then chucking it. Be ruthless – one cartons with socks and towels. Use linen and clothes to pre school picture of a chicken is adequate. wrap ornaments and fill bags room by room. Borrow cartons (name them for returning) and use a hand truck, it will save a lot of human energy and back ache. 6. Make plans for dinner and pack your lunch on the big day to avoid getting hungry and resorting to plastic wrapped globs of sugar and fat to keep you alive and civil. 7. If moving with a firm, ensure they recycle the wrapping. Most come and collect it later providing you have kept it clean and dry – nominate a storage place for flattened cartons and bags of paper. 8. Empty your compost into the old garden (try not to cry) and set it up as soon as you arrive or dig a hole in the interim. Don’t forget the worm bin. 9. Write ‘no junk mail’ on your new letterbox as you drive up the drive. In blood if you have to. 10. Find out the rubbish and recycling days at the new place so you can start straight away. Mig McMillan is a sustainable guru, exploring ways to be sustainable in the home and around town. Mig is a contributor to The Weekend Sun.

By Mig McMillan

A NEW YEAR, A NEW HOME Artists impression only

Whether you’re after a holiday home or a permanent home, Signature Homes have the solution for you. You can choose or adapt a plan from our range of award-winning designs, or work with our designers to create something unique. We also have a number of House & Land packages available. For a free consultation, speak to one of our New Home Consultants.

Emerald Shores, Papamoa


Mark Silvester



113 Lakes Boulevard, The Lakes Open: Daily 1 - 4pm Cnr 16th Ave & Fraser St Open: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Great investment, flat north-facing site, 3 bdrms, permits, driveway and patio

Inlet Views, Bethlehem .................................................... $565,625

Elevated north-facing site, 4 bdrms, 2 bthrms, WIR, 2 living areas, dbl garage, permits, driveway and patio


Nice, flat, easy-care section in a quiet cul-de-sac, 4 bedrooms, office, double garage, permits, driveway and patios. A great location for a relaxing lifestyle.


Welcome Bay .................................................................. $299,772

Lynley Park, Omokoroa .................................................... $480,522

or visit

k e Coo

Gated subdivision, 4 bdrms, dbl garage, permits, driveway and patio

Waterfront subdivision, 4 bdrms, 2 bthrms, WIR, 2 living areas, dbl garage, permits, driveway and patio

Phone 07 578 1000 House & Land from $484,843

95% FINANCE AVAILABLE* Oakwood, Papamoa ......................................................... $383,737

The Lakes, Tauriko .......................................................... $588,870 Fantastic views across the Lakes, north facing, 4 bdrms, 2 bthrms, WIR, 2 living areas, dbl garage, permits, driveway and patio

Ridge St, Otumoetai ........................................................ $410,014 Level section, 3 bdrms, 2 bthrms, dbl garage, permits, driveway and patio

771 1 728 ph 02 76 1741 5 7 ah 0

ph 021 022 10365

ph 027 4 346 90 ah 07 570 09 0 31

* Terms & conditions apply. Speak to one of our New Home Consultants for more information.


| Owners ie Williams a Craig & Debb mes Taurang Signature Ho


The Weekend Sun

Contemplating a renovation Any home renovation project takes a lot of work. But don’t let this put you off. With a little forethought and some good planning and advice, creating the house of your dreams will be a breeze.

Once you have your design ready to go it is off to the architect who will draw up your plans. Architects can vary greatly in price, so do your homework and make sure you use someone you get along well with.

Inspiration is everywhere. A friend’s home, magazines, websites, TV shows, you name it. Take pictures and write down ideas and keep them together in a file. It will help at the building stage if you know exactly how you want something to look.

When the plans are complete, they must be lodged with your local council to ensure they comply with all relevant by-laws. Smaller renovations may not require council approval, but it pays to check. A council representative will visit periodically during the renovation to check everything is done as per the building code and council rules.


Builder or DIY?


If you have no idea what you want, talk to an expert. Any designer should be able to give you advice, but it will cost. Once you have plans in place, an experienced renovation builder can advise on the length and cost of the project.

when they say, complete work efficiently and put your needs first. And, of course, the price estimate has to suit your budget. By Justine McLeary

Red tape


Make sure you take a look at the value of your land as well when deciding on an amount to spend on your property. A valuer can suggest a spending limit depending what your house is worth. Remember, once your home is done the exterior may look dated in comparison, so you may want to keep some money aside to revamp landscaping, fences, retaining walls and so on. Consult an expert if you need finance to complete your renovation.

photos and, where possible, inspect completed jobs. A professional builder won’t mind you doing this. You need someone who will turn up

The biggest question to ask yourself is ‘do I have time to do this myself?’ Are you willing to give up every weekend for the duration of the project? Are you ready to sacrifice time with your family and friends to sand floors or paint? If the answer to both questions is no, get a builder. When choosing a builder, make sure it’s someone you can get along with. He or she will be in your house for long periods of time and you need to be able to express your opinions and be listened to. Experience is important. Request a list of previous clients and talk to them. Look through

t your summer ters Bay of Plenty overed Market rent figures online

The Department of Building and Housing have released the most recent market rent information for July 2011 to December 2011. Market rent is described as what a landlord might reasonably expect to receive for a property, and what a tenant might reasonably expect to pay, in comparison with rent levels for similar properties in similar areas. For example, according to the table, a tenant living in Tauranga central/Greerton with a four bedroom house is charged an average rent of $384 a week, Radiata Merch Grade Radiata Prem Radiata Merch Grade Radiata Prem whereas a tenant living in a four bedroom apartment H3.2 R/S 1.8m Paling H3 Decking Griptread H3.2 R/S 1.8m Paling H3 Decking Griptread in Tauranga central is paying an average rent of $423 Radiata Merch GradePrem Radiata Prem 150 x 25mm 100 x 40mm Radiata Merch Grade Radiata Prem 150 x 25mm 100 x 40mm Radiata a week. Radiata Merch Grade H3.2 R/S 1.8m Paling H3.2 H3Paling Decking Griptread H3 Decking Griptread R/S 1.8m H3.2is R/S 1.8m Paling Griptread 15025RAMEH3RS18 10040RAPRH3DKGT 10040RAPRH3DKGT Market rent a useful guide for a landlord when H3 Decking15025RAMEH3RS18 150 x 25mm 150 x 25mm100 x 40mm 100 x 40mm 150 xthe 25mm deciding what rent will be. It needs to be com- 100 x 40mm 52 87 52 87 15025RAMEH3RS18 each10040RAPRH3DKGT (EXCL GST) per m (EXCL GST) 15025RAMEH3RS18 10040RAPRH3DKGT each (EXCL GST) per m (EXCL GST) parable to15025RAMEH3RS18 the rent charged for other properties of a10040RAPRH3DKGT similar type, size and location. 52 87 52 87No 2 Radiata No 2 Radiata Radiata No 2 Radiata No 2 52 87 each (EXCL GST) per m (EXCL GST) each (EXCL GST) per m (EXCL GST) Visit the to compare each (EXCL GST) per (EXCL GST) H3mR/S 4.8m H4 R/S H3 R/S 4.8m H4 R/S your rental property on the site’s regional breakdown. Radiata No 2 Nox250mm 100 x 50mm 150 x 50mm Radiata No 2Radiata Radiata No 2 100 150 x 50mm Radiata No 2 Radiata No 2 H3 R/S 4.8m H3 R/S 4.8mH4 R/S10050RAN2H3RS48 H4 R/S 15050RAN2H4RS 10050RAN2H3RS48 15050RAN2H4RS H3 R/S 4.8m H4 R/S 100 x 50mm 100 x 50mm150 x 50mm 150 x 50mm 100 x 50mm 150 x 50mm 52 13 52 13

no matter your summer nowhat matter what your summer project is Carters Baysummer of Plenty project is Carters Bay of Plenty no matter what your no summer no matter what your summer matter what your have got you covered have you project Bay is project Carters BayCarters ofgot Plenty is Baycovered of Plenty project is Carters of Plenty have got you covered have got you covered have got you covered

$2 Radiata Prem $2 $2 $2 at your summer Decking Griptread tersH3 Bay $9of $3 $9 Plenty $3 $9 $3 $9 $3 $3 overed $9 100 x 40mm $2 $2 $2




$2 $2

10050RAN2H3RS48 per 15050RAN2H4RS length (EXCL GST) per length15050RAN2H4RS 10050RAN2H3RS48 (EXCL GST)per m (EXCL GST) 15050RAN2H4RS



per length (EXCL GST)

per m (EXCL GST)

13 these 52 13 atlatest Check out latest your deals at your Check outdeals these m (EXCL GST) per length (EXCLper GST)

per m (EXCL GST)

per m (EXCL GST) local Carters today. local Carters today. Check out these latest deals at your Check out these latest deals at your Carters Tauranga Carters Mount Maunganui Carters Tauranga Carters Mount Maunganui Radiata Prem Check out these latest deals atCarters your local today. local Carters Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Place, BayfairOwens Place, Bayfair Birch Avenue, Judeatoday. local Carters today. Ph. 07 578 9099 H3 Decking Griptread Ph. 07 575 6821 Ph. 07 578 9099 Ph. 07 575 6821 Carters Tauranga Carters Mount Carters Carters Maunganui Mon - Fri: Tauranga 7am - 5pmMon Mon Mount - Fri: 7am - 5pmMon - Fri: 7am - 5pm - Fri:Maunganui 7am - 5pm Carters Tauranga 100 Carters Mount Maunganui Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Place, x 40mm Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Place, Bayfair Sat: 8am - 12pm Sat: 8am - 12pm Sat: 8am - 12pm Sat: 8amBayfair - 12pm per length (EXCL GST)

10040RAPRH3DKGT $287

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The Weekend Sun

Get the right qualifications to move your career After working for nearly a year in a supporting role, Joan Dodd took the next step in her business career – turning to Bay of Plenty Polytechnic to ensure she got the right qualifications to get her career moving.

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Working at The Link as a business sales coordinator, Joan decided she wanted to move into broking. To be able to sell businesses she required a National Certificate in Real Estate (salesperson). While she could have completed the course part-time, she decided to dedicate her attention to full-time study. “I work better in a class situation,”

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KATIKATI ph Daphne on 07 928 3044

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Welcome Bay Oropi

TE PUKE Otamarakau

tor Lyall Winter says all new salespeople says Joan. “Having the knowledge of the must complete the National Certificate tutors on hand made it easier when you and be licensed in order to work in the got stuck and working with other students industry. meant you could discuss things out of This course takes 12 weeks full-time hours.” to complete and requires students to Joan was really surprised by how much attend class two days per week working of the course was based around law on self-directed study for the balance and ultimately found this the most of each week. interesting part of the course. There is also a part-time option Joan says the lecturers worked that is delivered online. Online hard to make the information classes start on the first and third practical through their own Monday of each month, with experiences. students setting their own indi“One of the best things about vidual completion time within a the course was the knowledge the maximum of 30 weeks. tutors had. The course was really “The first full-time course begins practical – lecturer Bill Marshall in the week commencing January would relate the Acts to his own 23 with many enrolments already in experiences which helped line everyplace,” says Lyall. thing up.” Once her qualification has been If you think a career in real estate is for verified by the Real Estate Agents you, contact Bay of Plenty Polytechnic for Authority, Joan will work for Link in further information. Phone 0800 BOP her new role as business broker. Joan Dodd and Steven Matthews. POLY or visit Real Estate programme coordina-

Cutting costs and planning success Helping clients cut out costs has been a major emphasis of small business specialist accountant Robert Tapp during the last year. It is one of his top tips on improving business profitability and it has been helping make a difference for businesses which have found 2011 particularly challenging. Robert, who runs Tax Link BOP, talked to The Weekend Sun about building a thriving business through the economic downturn. His top two keys to business success are a tight control on financials and having a clear guiding business plan. Helping clients get cashflow under control and develop clear business and life plans have been key focuses during 2011 and he expects this will continue. “It’s extremely important to have a

business plan, but you also need to have a life plan. “They’ve got to be congruent.” After more than 30 years in accounting, the biggest failing he still sees in business is lack of planning. “One thing that really kills a lot of New Zealand businesses is not looking at where you are going in five or 10 years time.” Robert knows it can be hard to find the time to work on business planning, but stresses the effort is worthwhile. Whether planning for growth or the business sale, he says by working out where you want to go, it helps you see the key steps to be taken. “Often they need to do a lot of internal tidy up before they can go the next step. To get the staff on board and make sure the right

The new wave in IT service

people are in the right jobs.” Once your business plan has been clarified, he says you need to share it with your team to get everyone working in the same direction. Robert argues tight financial management needs to be a key part of any business. While many people focus on driving sales to improve profitability, he encourages business owners to focus on cutting out costs for the best impact on the bottom line. “Every dollar you save at cost is a dollar to the bottom line – every dollar you make in sales is about 20 cents to the bottom line. If you are looking at it purely in terms of cashflow perspective, if you can trim your costs to meet your needs you are much better off than trying to By Hamish Carter do sales.


The Weekend Sun

Stepping up the business ladder The only constant in the world today is change. More than ever before we are challenged by complex changes in society, with technology and with changes to our natural environment. In such a world of change, the ability to view issues systemically (by considering multiple interrelated perspectives) and be resilient is critical. These are skills and competencies you will gain from our Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies. University of Waikato student Diane Drummond.

The programme covers a broad range of competencies and business skills required to be an effective manager in your organisation. It is very much practise-based and offers you the opportunity to immediately apply your learning in your work environment. The learning is very interactive and you learn as much from your peers as from your lecturers. The opportunity to network, not only with participants from Tauranga, but with alumni spread locally as well as globally, is a unique advantage of the programme. The programme is designed not only for managers wishing to step into senior leadership roles within their organisations, but also for those who want to enhance the performance of their own businesses.

The Waikato qualification appealed to student Diane Drummond, particularly because the tutors are all current practitioners. “They have kudos in the wider global business community, they relate to the issues faced by New Zealand’s unique business environment and they also understand the global context in which we must be competitive,” says Diane. “Having this type of mentor to take you through your training is invaluable.”

Selecting the right leader for the job People’s expectations of leaders are now quite different as the world is constantly changing. Previously known boundaries are continuing to shift as we enter a global world due to factors such as technology. Gone are the days of ‘Autocratic leadership’ where information was controlled. Generation X, Y and younger are seeking

more participation in decisions and are looking for a feeling of being included. A sense of belonging is becoming more of a factor as we move towards the future. We regularly see the choice of ‘Team Leaders’ having major positive and negative impacts on organisation dynamics, yet often these factors are not considered. For more information visit www.

ARE YOU STUDYING AT NEW ZEALAND’S LEADING BUSINESS SCHOOL? The Waikato Management School, Internationally Triple Crown accredited (AASCB International, EQUIS and AMBA), is where applied industry meets technology. The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies develops management skills, covers functional business areas and applies learning to existing workplace situations. Offered locally, the Postgraduate Diploma is offered at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Bongard Centre, 200 Cameron Road, Tauranga. Final chance to enrol: programme starts 18 February 2012. We are about you. Your life. Your career. Your organisation.


0800 800 891

Corporate & Executive Education. For more information phone 0800 800 891, email or visit


The Weekend Sun

Enough of the whiners What With some amusement I see the Anti Council brigade are off to a great start for the new year. The never ending wave of negative letters in the Sun just keep on coming, week after week. What is it with these people? Boredom perhaps, no hobbies, bad at golf? Or are they just so much more intelligent than the rest of us. One would think with all their infinite knowledge and expertise that one day they would go for Mayor Crosby’s job . But oh no, Just keep bitchin’ on about every single development in the Bay. Whether it’s a roading project, sporting facility, The Strand development,

Bay wave, Route K ... the list goes on. Totally sick of reading all of the gripes from the same old bunch of whiners. I’ve lived here in the Bay for 30 plus years and have seen a tremendous change. People from all corners of the globe leave everything behind so they can live in the Bay. So I’m thinking Mr whiner leave Tauranga, leave for good. Plenty of smaller rural towns would welcome you with open arms. But I’ll put money on it you won’t . Why? Because they simply haven’t got what we have here. Keep up the good work TCC. Andre Vlietman, Mt Maunganui.

Hot pools and mindset of management The Mount Hot Pools appeared well patronised over the Christmas/ New Year break, with up to 130 people at times which do make the Pools rather overcrowded, particularly since the large spa pool has been closed down permanently. Other than that, attendances seem to have been disappointing and for example, on Wednesday afternoon, 4 January 2012 there would not have been more than 30 people there. The 2 new large umbrellas (apparently purchased at the obscene cost of $22,000) have now been installed but don’t do the job nearly as well as the sail they purport to replace, with limited sun-screening coverage over the passive pool. While the structures seem sturdy enough, it remains to be seen how long the fabric and ribbing lasts in a decent windstorm. The new concrete concourse around the Pools becomes very slippery when wet and pose a real danger to patrons. It

is understood there have already been 2 or 3 nasty falls and this danger needs to be addressed immediately before someone is seriously injured. The four spouts in the passive pool have suddenly become three and the pressure is still pathetic. On the question of what turned out to be fairly major repairs to the lifting tiles on the entry to the small spa pool, it is asked what the cost of that work was and who paid for it? What is the latest on the Baywave leak and how long has it been going on? Those with genuine concerns over the future of the pools should be asking serious questions about the so-called TCAL repairs and maintenance program and the mindboggling ‘estimated’ costs involved recently provided to TCC Council. People need to speak out about the seemingly profligate mindset of Tauranga Aquatics or this state of affairs will continue. R Paterson, Matapihi.

about the ancient right to salvage flotsam? that wash ashore from the wreck of the container ship Rena are still someone’s property. “The container itself will belong to a container company, the contents of the containers are people’s property,” says Piers. “The insurer of the container, the insurer of the content of the goods. They do not become the property of anybody else. “I know this flies in the face of common knowledge but it hasn’t been the situation for probably 100 years. I was slightly bemused by all the hoo-ha over bods But there you are, folk lore continues.” helping themselves top a bag or two of milk powder. New Zealand’s Maritime Transport Act 1994, sections police emphasising that it’s stealing. 105 and 98B are the relevant bits. Actually is it really? Have the ancient laws regarding Section 105 says if a person finds or takes possession flotsam and salvage claims, disappeared? The right to of any wreck, which in section 98B includes shipping claim what is washed ashore or abandoned on the high containers, they must notify the director of Maritime seas gone under a smelly pile of red tape and political New Zealand. correctness? If they are not the owner of it they must deliver it to A dollar to a glass of milk it will all end up in a land- the police or allow police to take possession. fill stinking the place up any-ways.. “Then it goes on to say every person commits an To me it makes more sense to let people have it for offence who without reasonable excuse fails to comply their calves, pigs or what-ever, rather than letting it shall in addition forfeit any claim to salvage and shall waste. Insurance covers the loss no doubt. be liable to pay to the owner of the wreck double the Wayne C Jessop, Mt Maunganui. value thereof, to be recovered in the same way as a fine,” says Piers.

Editor’s Note

The short answer is yes, the common belief that floating stuff is ‘fair game’ is folklore a century out of date, legally. However in the case of spilled milk powder, its unlikely the owner, salvor or insurance would be interested in having it back (or press charges.) There are no doubt health hazards that the bureaucrats will howl about, such as toxic oil contamination on packaging, and there’s always the chance that some lowlife would try to onsell it to unsuspecting parties. From a purely legal perspective, scavengers would seem to be on the wrong side of the law. This is from a story by Andrew Campbell we published in the early days of the Rena wrecking: Tales of flotsam and jetsam and the lore of the sea are just that, says Maritime lawyer Piers Davies. They are tales from the 18th and 19th centuries and have no place in modern maritime law. Containers

Ernie’s cricket answers I am sure our Ernie writes his letters just to create controversy. I know Ernie was a bit of a cricketer in his young days and half decent half back at rugby too. No doubt thousands will write in to let Ernie know the exercise of polishing the ball on one side only is all about aerodynamics. Polishing the ball on one side will make that side of the ball try to travel faster through the air because of its smoothness and so create swing and lift. The run up has a physiological effect on some batsmen too. Watching a rather large scowling man running at you to gain maximum pace so the ball will bounce and take your head off is a terrifying sight experienced by many novice batsmen. Sir Richard did prove of course that a bowler can be just and at times more effective with a shorter run up so Ernie gets a bit of support on that comment. However not all fast/medium bowlers are as tall and rangy as Sir Richard so those shorter chaps like Danny Morrison need a longer run up to gather pace. Alastair Bourne, Bethlehem.

Flyover required?

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good and clearly, Port of Tauranga is the big winner with both Maersk Shipping and Fonterra deciding to route containers through our port. Clearly the heavy traffic volume along Maunganui Rd will increase and one hopes New Zealand Transport Authority will factor this into their upcoming deliberations (due for Feb 2012) regarding the Matapihi/ Girven Rd roundabout. IMHO, a Maunganui Rd “through traffic flyover” similar to the traffic flow plan designed at the Maunganui Rd/Gulf Road intersection is the safest solution for this (even busier) intersection. Max Lewis, Mt Maunganui.

Foodbank support thanks As Chairman of the Tauranga Community Foodbank and also on behalf of the committee, I would like to thank the entire Tauranga community for its support of the recent Foodbank appeal that raised in excess of $40,000 of non perishable food items and cash. We assist some of the most vulnerable people in Tauranga, with the provision of food parcels and the fantastic outcome of the appeal has certainly placed us in a good position for 2012 which we suspect could be another challenging year. Thank you once again and we look forward towards your ongoing support. Mike Baker, Chairman Tauranga Community Foodbank Trust.

Some media ‘nutting off’ over New Year events Alarmingly some sectors of the Tauranga media seem to live on planet bongo! The bleating about the poor weather at New Year which quite rightly for safety reasons closed down the events scheduled to be held at Marine Parade on New Year’s Eve has become something to behold. In these bozo’s eyes, something else had to be provided for the rest of us for the public that can’t amuse themselves – why? It is then suggested in some ways that Council

should be involved in rescheduling events at a moment’s notice by using the gold-plated TECT Arena. Would an entry fee be charged and how would the place accommodate 10,000 people at short notice anyway? No thought is given to the likely damage and what muck might be dragged into the Arena with its pristine wooden floors as a result of the weather conditions. New Year’s Eve was such a poor night, who would want to be out in such weather conditions. After

all, it is just another night and we cannot control the weather, just live with it. The next thing we know, there will be a call to build a fully enclosed Stadium for $squillions (now there’s a thought!) just to cater for New Year’s Eve or other events cancelled by adverse weather. Phrases like ‘one short of a six-pack’, ‘living in cloud cuckoo land’, and ‘non compos mentis’ spring to mind to describe this brain fade piffle. MS Senior, Mt Maunganui.


The Weekend Sun

Coastal cargo carnage Sam Taikato aboard, a Rena life ring around his waist. We award Sam the title of “Beachcomber of the Year” for his iconic find. (picture, p.1) Day two, we start back again at Bowentown. Two of the harbour-invading containers have been corralled at Shelly Bay, awaiting their fate; tied to a Pohutukawa like a pair of bad dogs. The timber and debris is less, but a more insidious assault is underway. Oil. A sheen of smelly brown heavy fuel oil has been tumbling down the coast in the storm, and with the incoming currents, it’s funnelled into Bowentown. In the calm of the harbour, the slick re-groups and spreads up-harbour with the tide. Off Ongare Point, the wind catches on and blows the oil into evil fingers, stretching out towards Beach Road and the upper harbour. The boaties are staying home in their droves and good on them. But the oil crisis at the Northern Harbour goes practically unnoticed. It’s not as dramatic as the big cargo chaos on the beaches or the dramatics unfolding at the reef. Out there, the back half of Rena sinks. SunLive again breaks the news first, just as in the first day those months ago, when our cameras were first on the scene, alongside the Rena on day one, before the exclusion zone. Back on the Matakana beach, the iPad and three-wheeler team again documents the carnage. Clean up crews, like little spacemen in their white suits, are in action at the north end, where the funnel’s mouth is gungy around the lips from sucking Rena’s filthy oil. But no one is doing anything

r en a

n r ov i a

As Rena spills her guts 20km out at sea, it doesn’t take long for the mayhem to reach land. The SunLive crew spent two days on formerly pristine Matakana Island, photographing and filming the chaos. Taking the boat from Tauranga through the central harbour shallows, we are greeted off Kauri Point by 6x2 inch timbers, floating menacing at water level. Large pieces of plastic, bags of milk powder and then, lurching along in the tide, a battered 20 foot container with half its load of timber spilling out the ruptured end. Further up the harbour, drifting along the ski lane at Matakana, a massive 40 foot container, dented but still intact. In the Bowentown harbour entrance, another container floats on a precarious angle, just a third of it above the water. A salvage contractor zooms out of Tanners Point to check its number, but are powerless to stop it being sucked back out the Bowentown entrance. Acres of water is peppered with broken polystyrene packaging, with milk powder bags interspersed, some billowing smoky white trails in the water. We pick our way gingerly back up harbour, dodging timber and debris that blows determinedly towards Katikati’s beaches. Some of it will go out again with the falling tide, but a lot will languish around the harbour for months. Back through the central harbour, we head up Hunters Creek, borrow a rusty old three wheeler bike from a mate and head for the ocean beach. Claire on the back with the iPad takes photos and emails them directly back to the office, on the move, as we pick our way along 20km of

formerly pristine ocean beach. The scenes are posted almost instantly on SunLive. It’s an odd paradox that humans have the technology to record such scenes of carnage and send them instantly around the world; yet it would seem, not the power to prevent the mishaps in the first place. We drive into a landscape that is more like a Mad Max movie than the perfect pacific beach. Enough milk powder to feed a small starving nation is washed up on the beach; enough timber to rebuild a small town. On SunLive, we see similar scenes unfold at Waihi Beach. The only difference that Matakana is almost deserted, except for the Mad Max characters in their rusty old island hacks, mostly unwarranted and even if they were, some with no windscreens to stick them to. The locals are friendly and philosophical, despite the trashing of their island paradise. A container load of wheelbarrow wheels and tyres peppers five or six kilometres of beach, amongst the timber, oily ropes, dead penguins and copious blue bottles. A car’s back seat is stacked to the roof with wheelbarrow wheels; their rusting, sandfilled bearings unlikely to ever achieve smooth running. But their new owners are happy. Jokes fly about the marae kitchen trolley getting new dual wheels. Others pick their way through the vast amounts of sawn timber, constantly tumbling ashore in the surf. An old truck tears along the beach with big planks chained by one end to the towbar, the other end carving a trail of evidence through the oily blue bottles. A farm bike whizzes along the beach with a very happy


Astrolabe’s shipwreck chaos is unleashed along the Bay of Plenty coast again this week.

it seems, about the mess along the miles of hazy ocean beach, except for a few locals scavenging amongst the debris. More containers lurch and shudder ashore in the surf. Hundreds of reels of bright blue baling twine, some covered in oil, have joined the beach mayhem. Thousands of packets of microwave dinners, pottles of rice meals join the pot luck dinner that no one except a cautious gull will eat, and a consignment of skirting boards will never reach their intended destinations. A mile or so of beach, just beyond the dead seal, we call the ‘Furniture Department’ is punctuated with the bulky remains of sofas, all in chocolate brown. Fortunate – they won’t show the oil stains so much. Nearer to the Mount, is evidence of a family’s life. Strewn along the sand are kids’ toys, shoes, a tooth brush. Cuddly animals. A tonka dump truck has more sand than it can deal with. A shapes puzzle, bereft of its shapes, looks puzzled itself. We almost feel like an intruder in their house, seeing the symbols of their private lives sprawled in a random parade of personal effects. Do they know their belongings are lost? Are they still holding out hope that their precious container might still be on what is left of Rena? How do we tell them that Mr Elephant and the rest of the household are marooned on Matakana? Maybe, they’ll read it in the paper. It would be good to put someone’s mind at ease, even if it’s not the answer they pray for. At least someone would get some closure on a saga, that for the rest of us coast dwellers, seems destined to drag on for a while yet. By Brian Rogers


The Weekend Sun




News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene.

Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

GUIDE The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

Friday 13 January

The Sociables Males/Females 30’s/40’s.

022 012 0376

Saturday 14 January

Aqua-Evolution Swim School Summer break 2011-12 holiday programme includes learn to swim lessons plus swimming & fun daily indoor/outdoor activities. 2 age groups: 4-6yrs & 7-12yrs. 1/50 Cross Road, Sulphur Pt, Tga. Jan 571 5286 or Art in the Park Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui 7.30am – 5pm. Tauranga Society of Artists offer for sale a variety of art to suit all tastes. BOP Christian Singles Over 40’s group meet 1st Sat of month for fun & fellowship. 575 5556 Brazilian Drumming Absolute beginners every Sat at Elizabeth St community centre 9.30-11am. Gold coin. Phil 021 0754 300 or Charity Dance Jan 21 Te Puke Memorial Hall 8pm. Good music, great dancing (sequence, old time, etc). Entry $3 plus a

plate or $8 for ladies & gentlemen. Spot & door prizes. Donations can be made on the night - all money raised will go to St John Te Puke. All welcome. Valerie 573 7093 Historic Village Bazaar & Market 17th Ave, Tauranga 9am - 2pm. Crafts, car boot sales etc. All shops open. Katikati Art Gallery Main St, Katikati Mon - Sat 10am - 1pm. Maketu Duathlon Jan 21, Annual summer event fun-run/walk for the whole family. At the same time, there is a Historic Hikoi, a 6km walk around the historic sites of Maketu. Email: or Moggies Market Memorial Hall, Katikati 8am – 12pm. Amazing selection of plants. Spray-free home produce, unique local crafts, home baking, recyclables & knick knacks. Come & find a bargain. Facebook Moggies Katikati NZ or John 0274 534 050 Mount Music Club Mount Senior Citizens Hall, 345 Maunganui Rd 1-4.30pm. Sharing all music genres. 576 0434 Tauranga Radio Sailing Club Model yacht sailing every Sat 11am - 4pm & Weds 1.30-6pm at Lake Taurikura, Scoria Close, The Lakes, Tauriko.

Sunday 15 January

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Hanmer Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Tauranga (behind Tyremaster) 10am. Ph 0800 AAworks. Bethlehem Lions Market Incorporating arts & crafts indoors, at Bethlehem Town Centre car park. (Second entrance to town centre off Bethlehem Rd) 8am – 12pm. Stallholders $10 per site. On wet or fine. 576 0106 Kingdom of Heaven Healing Fest Jan 29 at Memorial Park (Jordan’s Field) 3-5pm - Jazz Gospel Concert. 5-8pm Prayer for the sick & disabled. No charge & no appointment.

Mount Maunganui Farmers Market

Every Sun 9am - 1pm in Phoenix car park, rain or shine. Home grown, home made, organic or spray free fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Every Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419 Singles Mix & Mingle 50+ coffee afternoon at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other like-minded singles in a relaxed atmosphere. Gayle 027 439 3267

Tauranga Big Band’s Annual Picnic

Kulim Park 11am – 3pm. No entry fee, but a donation bucket will circulate. Please park by roadside to leave shade trees for people. A popular day’s entertainment. Tauranga Spiritual Society Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start. Guests: Candida Monkley - clairvoyant & Amayah Grace - healer. Door charge members $2, non members $3. All welcome.

Tauranga- Western BOP Friendship Force Picnic at Kulim Park 11am. Bring picnic, chair, umbrella. Sheryl 552 4730

Te Puke Country Music Club

WILL meet today at St Pat’s Hall, Beatty Ave, Te Puke 1pm.

Monday 16 January

A Course in Miracles Study group

meet every Mon 7.30pm. 576 7228 or 0210 274 2502

Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over

50’s. Guest speakers & social events. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Tues & Weds QEYC 11th Ave 9.15am start. Note change of venues this week. Men & women welcome. First class free. Cardiac care leader, Dianne 576 5031 Dance Te Puke Every Monday at St Patrick’s Hall, Beatty Ave 7-9pm. Dudley 027 768 2023

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 542 4191 or

Junction Coffee & Chat Group For people with

an experience of mental illness. Junction office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 10am – 12pm. 579 9890 Lyceum Club Ladies For 2012 check activities available at Clubrooms, 68 1st Ave. Jan 576 2550 Meditation Free classes Mondays 10am & 7.30pm. Find peace, success & a new awareness. David/Trish 576 9764 Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga, Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s church hall, Girven Rd. All 9am 10.30am. Taken by Heart Foundation phase 3 cardiac instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411. Recommencing for 2012 Jan 16. Sit and Be Fit Class Seated down class. Focused on balance, stability, aerobic, flexibility & strength. Tues 11.30-12.30pm at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 11am12pm at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay. 578 9272 Tauranga Ladies Probus Club Meet third Mon of month at Citizens Club 10am. Visitors welcome. Clare 576 5973 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 9-9.55am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-10am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where. Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Thurs 8.459.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

Tuesday 17 January

Anxiety Support Group Junction

office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 1-2pm (note time change). 579 9890 Genesis- Women’s Group Every Tues during school term 10am. This week, coffee morning at Esquires, Fashion Island, Papamoa. New members welcome. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264 Mah Jong Do you enjoy playing the harder hands? Like the idea of restriction of easier hands? Try Katikati Mah Jong, Resource Centre, Beach Rd Katikati every Tues 1-4pm. 549 5954 Papamoa Support Group Coffee & chat for people with an experience of mental illness. Papamoa Community Centre, (Papamoa Library) 15 Gravatt Rd, Papamoa 10am – 12pm. 579 9890 Tauranga Acoustic Music Club Trust Bar, Bureta Park Motor Inn 7.30pm. Friendly jam session. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or

Tauranga Scrabble Enthusiasts

Restart today at Bridge Club, Ngatai Rd 8.50am. New members welcome. Barbara 544 8372

Wednesday 18 January

93.4FM Sand Sculptures Mount Lifeguard Centre 10.30am – 2.30pm. Show your skill & artistic flair. An activity for all the family. Age Concern Walking Group Meet at Daisy Hardwick, off Chapel St 10am. All welcome. 578 2631

City Early Start Toastmaster On holiday - back on Jan 25 at

Zaggers Cafe 6.50-8.15am. Email: Genealogy Get-together at the home of Heather, 8 Cornwall St, Greerton 1.30pm. Newcomers welcome. 578 1689


The Weekend Sun Genealogy at the Mount 1st Weds of month Feb - Nov at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuka Way, Grenada St off Girven Rd 10am - 12pm. Ken 575 6260 Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by qualified instructor. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388 Mix & Mingle 50+ Single coffee morning at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St, Tga 10am. Gayle 027 439 3267

Mount Badminton Club Summer social club night every Weds 7-9.30pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. Cost $8 per night. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529 Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre

Fellowship at Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount 7.30pm. Guest speaker: Krystal Matthews (medium). Door charge $3. All welcome. Jules 027 235 4462 Otumoetai Lions First meeting for 2012 at Armitage Hotel, cnr Willow & Park Sts 6pm for 6.30pm. Social night.



Visiting Lions & potential members welcome. Alan 570 2630 Papamoa Garden Circle Members’ ramble & picnic to Te Puna Quarry. Meet at Plaza car park 10am. 542 1556

Buddha Lounge. Great for fitness, social, no partner required. $2 entry (members free). All welcome.

Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Womens Chorus

Meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Pam 578 3757 Mah Jong Every Thurs at Lyceum Rooms, Te Puke 1pm. Beginners welcome. M Green 573 5355 Social Rock & Roll Dancing Authentic music at Senior Citizen’s Hall, Norris St, Tga (note change of venue) 7.309.30pm. $3 door entry. All welcome. Maria 576 7326

Thursday 19 January

Feldenkrais Classes Start Feb 2 9.30am at Dance Institute & 5.30pm Welcome Bay Kindy. Increase flexibility, improve balance, refine self image, stop pain. First class free. Gisella 544 4823 It is the Season to Salsa Brought to you by Bay Salsa. Intro class every Thurs 8pm followed by social dancing at

Friday 20 January

Gay/Bi Mens Support Group Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph/txt Alex 027 358 5934 “What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. email julie@thesun. or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.

By Winston Watusi

Students amp up for youth battle this summer One of the most exciting new events this year, the Summer Fest, is already gearing up in preparation for its celebration of local sounds. In case you missed it, Summer Fest will take place on February 5 at Blake Park and includes music from Stan Walker, Midnight Youth, The Deeds, Nine Mile Stone, Swamp Thing and more. And you gotta hope that by February this continuing torrent of inclement weather will be a thing of the past. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for young band MSix, who won a Battle of the Bands to earn a place playing on the Mount beach on New Year’s Eve and promptly saw their big gig disappear under several inches of water as the celebrations were reluctantly cancelled. They played another gig last Friday at the Mauao Performing Arts Centre (MauaoPAC), and took another shot at a big festival appearance. Last Friday was the first heat of the ‘Packing Heat’ Battle of the Bands, which is open to all intermediate, high school and polytech students in the Bay of Plenty and is taking place throughout January. There are further heats this Saturday (January 14) and on 21 and 28. The top three bands chosen from all heats and will go through to play at Summer Fest.


And, while they get the chance to play alongside the impressive range of Summer Fest bands, the day will also act as the ‘Packing Heat’ final with the top three places decided and announced at the festival. There’s a good line-up of prizes too. The winner will get a $500 music voucher from Bay City Music Works in Tauranga and 10 weeks of tuition at MauaoPAC while second place gets a $300 music voucher from Bay City Music Works and five weeks of tuition at MauaoPAC and third place gets a $200 music voucher from Bay City Music Works and three weeks of tuition at MauaoPAC. I like it. There’s also an extra prize up for grabs, not necessary related to the top three bands or the winning band, but rather a band that shows a lot of promise and has been well supported by their school. This is to encourage schools to help develop young musicians. The prize is a Saxon ‘Big Booty’ guitar amp head and 12 inch speaker cabinet – it goes to the school’s music department. I was talking to Aaron Saxon, the organiser of the ‘Packing Heat’ initiative and mentioned what a remarkable coincidence it was that the amp in question shared his name. Not so much of a coincidence as Aaron explained… “Early 2011 I was approached by an

With Rialto

Albert Nobbs Historical, Drama, Adaptation Glenn Close (from TV’s Damages) dons a top hat in this tale of a woman posing as a male butler in 19th century Ireland. During an era where female independence was non-existent and heavily discouraged, Albert Nobbs (Close) escapes a life of poverty and despair by disguising herself as a ‘himself ’. However, she seeks to dismantle her façade after meeting a handsome painter.

While seeking to reconstruct an ordinary life, she acquires the company of a gorgeous young house maid (Mia Wasikowska, Jane Eyre), who has her own man-seeking agendas. This is the third big-screen pairing of Glenn Close and director Rodrigo Garcia, the prior two being Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her and Nine Lives. Albert Nobbs is now showing at Rialto Tauranga.

Friday Jan 13 to Wed Jan 18 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. EARLY SCREENING!


ALBERT NOBBS -M- Nudity & sex scenes.

FRI/SAT/MON & TUE: 11:15, 1:40, 6:15, 8:00. SUN: 10:45, 1:10, 5:45. WED: 11:15, 1:40, 6:15.

FRI & SAT: 11:00, 1:20, 3:40, 6:00, 8:20. SUN: 10:30, 12:50, 3:10, 5:30, 7:50. MON TO WED: 11:00, 1:20, 3:40, 6:00, 8:20.



SUN: 5:00. WED: 12:50.

-M- contains violence & offensive language.

FRI & SAT: 10:45, 3:15. SUN: 10:15, 12:30. MON & TUE: 10:45, 3:15. WED: 4:15, 8:40.



2 Hours - 44Mins. Special Prices Apply No Comps

-M- Contains violence & nudity

FRI/SAT/MON & TUE: 1:00, 5:40. SUN: 2:45, 8:20. WED: 10:45, 6:30.


-R16- Contains violence & off. language.

FRI & SAT: 8:40. FRI & SAT: 4:00. SUN: 3:30. SUN: 8:10. MON TO WED: 4:00. MON TO WED: 8:40. Goddards Centre, 21 Devonport Road, Tauranga Info Line: (07) 577 0445.


SIONE’S 2: UNFINISHED BUSINESS (M) WAR HORSE Contains Sex Scenes & Offensive Language. NZ, COMEDY.

(M) Contains Violence.


Spielberg directed war-drama.Benedict Cumberbatch, David Thewlis, Tom Hiddleston, Emily Watson.

Info line 573 8055


NEW THIS WEEK IN 3D Oscar Kightley, Robbie Magasiva, Shimpal Lelisi. (G) Family, Adventure, Drama. Sequel picks up five years after the original and sees Nominated for Golden Globes: Best Film-Drama. HUGO (3D) Asa Butterfield, Chloë Moretz , Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, the Duckrockers getting into more hilarious hijinks. Young Albert enlists to service in WWI after his Sacha Baron Cohen. Nominated for 3 Golden Globes: Wednesday January 18: 10:00pm. beloved horse, Joey, is sold to the cavalry.


Fri 12:35, 5:30, 8:30pm. Sat 2:20, 5:20, 8:20pm. Best Film-Drama & Best Director & Best Original Score. Sun 2:15, 5:10, 8:10pm. Mon 1:45, 5:00, 8:00pm Directed by Martin Scorsese. Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan Tue 12:30, 5:30, 8:30pm. Wed 2:30, 5:30, 8:30. who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton. Fri 12:50, 8:35pm. Sat 1:00, 6:00pm. Sun 12:30, 5:50pm. Mon 1:10, 5:55pm. Tue 12:50, 8:35pm. Wed 2:35, 7:25pm

Singing chipmunks Alvin, Simon and Theodore return for more high-pitched antics. Fri 3:35pm. Sat 10:10. Sun 12:25. Tue 3:35pm. Wed 10:15am.

PLAYING THIS WEEK THE DARKEST HOUR (3D) (M) Violence & Horror. TOWER HEIST (M) Off Language & Sexual References. Olivia Thirlby, Emile Hirsch, Rachael Taylor.

Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni. COMEDY, ACTION. When a group of guys find out they’ve fallen victim a wealthy business man’s Ponzi scheme, they THE FIRST GRADER (M) Violence & Off Language. to conspire to rob his high-rise residence. The true story of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager Fri 4:20pm. Sat 4:15pm. Sun 8:30pm. who fights for his right to go to school for the first Mon 6:05pm. Tue 2:15pm. Wed 8:30pm. time to get the education he could never afford.

3D sci-fi thriller about a group of young Americans visiting Russia when aliens invade earth. Fri 2:25, 6:30pm. Sat 2:20, 8:40pm. Sun 2:20, 6:30pm. Mon 4:00, 8:20pm. Tue 4:25, 8:40pm. Wed 2:35, 6:30pm.

Fri 12:40, 8:25pm. Sat 12:00, 6:00pm. Sun 12:40, 8:25pm. Mon 1:50, 6:00pm. Tue 2:25, 6:10pm. Wed 2:35, 8:35pm.


RELAX, UNWIND AND ESCAPE! -M- contains violence

(11 Totara St at the Mount) for any of the heats. They take place at 5pm and it’s free entry for the public. I also talked to Aaron about the new injection of tutors and courses at MauaoPAC. There are some very cool names being added to the roster this year but as I’ve run out of space we’ll return to that another week.

Capitol Cinema 4



The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us what TV series Glenn Close is known for? Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by January 17.

amp company that I now fully endorse as my main amp of choice. I did a couple of video demos for this company simply because I liked the tone of the amp and they came back to me offering me my own amp range. I was blown away! We have worked together to create a tone that is clean and fat and can gain out and chime and it’s called the Saxon ‘Big Booty’.” That’s pretty high cotton, whoever you are, having an amp named after you. And something of a first for Tauranga as far as I’m aware. Aaron says they’re still working on the ‘Lil booty’, a five watt valve amp, and the ‘Sweet Azz’, a 15 watt valve amp. But back to the ‘Packing Heat’ Battle of the Bands. The heat this Saturday features three bands – Eyes of May, Kuriosity and Storm Eater – but there are still places left in the final two heats. If you are in a band and are interested, or know someone you think might be, email Aaron through for an entry form. And if you want to hear how the town’s up and coming bands are doing, just turn up at MauaoPAC


(M) Contains Nudity & Sex Scenes.

Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson, Brendan Gleeson. HISTORICAL, DRAMA, ADAPTED. Glenn Close dons a top hat in this tale of a woman posing as a male butler in 19th Century Ireland.

Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg. Two giants of cinema, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, team up to bring Hergé’s comic book characters to life. Fri 10:15, 3:35, 8:25pm. Sat 12:05, 6:25pm. THE MUPPETS (G) on MEGA Sun 10:10, 4:15, 8:30pm. Mon 1:30, 8:30pm. FAMILY, COMEDY. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Tue 10:30, 3:30, 6:20pm. Wed 10:10, 12:10, 5:10pm. Fozzie Bear, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt. Fri 10:15am. Sat 12:00. Sun 10:10am. Mon 11:20am. Tue 10:10am. Wed 12:10pm.

Fri 10:35, 6:20pm. Sat 2:00, 8:00pm. Sun 10:35, 6:20pm. Mon 3:50, 8:00pm. Tue 10:20, 8:10pm. Wed 12:30, 6:30pm.




Elijah Wood, Pink, Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt.

Mumble’s son, Erik, is struggling to realize his talents. Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg. DRIVE (R18) Graphic Violence & Offensive Language. Meanwhile, Mumble discovers a new threat their home. ACTION, THRILLER. Ethan Hunt and his new team Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan. Crime, Thriller. Fri 10:35am. Sat 10:40, 3:40pm. Sun 10:15am. go rogue to clear their organization’s name. Fri 2:40. Sat 4:05. Sun 2:40. Tue 12:30. Wed 4:35 Fri 5:55pm. Sat 8:35pm. Sun 3:05pm. Tue 5:55pm


Mon 11:00, 3:45pm. Tue 12:00. Wed 12:25.

(M) Contains Drug Use.

Italian comedy about a man who lives with his mother, wife and daughter, but realises he is the only one without a love life...

Fri 4:35pm. Sat 10:15am. Sun 4:35pm. Mon 12:00pm. Tue 4:25pm. Wed 10:45am.

IN 3D. FINAL DAYS PUSS IN BOOTS (3D) (PG) Contains Low Level Violence. Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis. Fri 12:30. Sat 10:10am. Sun 12:25. Mon 11:20am. Tue 10:05am. Wed 10:15, 4:30pm.



Club Mount Maunganui Friday 13 – Road Runner.

Saturday 14 – Lip Service. Sunday 15 – Zone Three 4.30-7.30pm

Mount RSA Friday 13 – Shy & Retiring Co.

The Crown and Badger Friday 13 – SparX.

Saturday 14 – Second Sense. Sunday 15 – The Blarney Band (Andy Craw and guests). Thursday 19 – Chris Gunn and his band 8pm start.

The Weekend Sun


The best of 2011 Part 2 I wish I was one of those people who could whittle down their ‘best of ’ lists to a mere 10.

Sadly that’s not the case – too much indecision and, frankly, it just seems a shame to miss out on a final chance to recommend cool films. Last week I looked at award-winners, animated films, comedies and others. This week, the rest... It wasn’t the greatest year for big family action films, but a few stood out in the crowded field of insipid superheroes. X Men: First Class was the pick of comic book bunch though there were frustrations amongst its fine moments. Michael Fassbender made a great Young Magneto, though where his Irish accent came from (and where it goes to) remain unexplained. Perhaps the sequel will clear things up. My favourite of this loose genre was Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which set a new bar for motion capture work while maintaining an engrossing and surprisingly human story. In case you missed it, it was that nasty kid from Harry Potter who was so mean to the apes that they, er, rose. And said Draco Malfoy was also, of course, on hand for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2, the worst movie title of the year but actually a pretty good film, certainly the pick of the series and benefiting from the fact that stuff actually happened. Best kids ensemble, however, was the gang in Super 8, a charming film that started better than it finished but still had enough heart to evoke those long summer holidays of youth. The influence of Steven Spielberg was writ large but the result was a genuine pleasure. There were fine documentaries too, the best being homegrown. Operation 8, about the raids upon activists throughout New Zealand and particularly on the Tuhoe people in the Urewera ranges, is a scary piece, made even more so by the complete lack of official dispute about its accuracy. Everyone should see this film, it really is an eye-opener. From America, Inside Job did a fine job of explaining

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)

With Winston Watusi

the current financial crisis and its roots in the greed and corruption of Wall Street. There were also a couple of terrific biopics. Gainsbourg examines the life of the controversial genius of French popular music Serge Gainsbourg, complete with surreal puppets and spot-on presentations of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and other famous lovers of the remarkable singer. Much darker and more serious was Carlos The Jackal, a French television production that plunged you into the life of a terrorist and the strange and seedy world of international crime. It’s a brilliant piece of work. My own personal favourite in this group though was Me and Orson Welles, a look at the famous director’s stage production of Julius Caesar which both nailed the mercurial star and gave a thrilling glimpse behind the scenes at how exciting great theatre can be. And there were three impressive – if somewhat unpleasant – crime films. A Prophet is French and takes place almost entirely in prison where a young inmate rises through the ranks to become head of the criminal fraternity, which seems to act pretty much as it would outside jail. The Killer Within Me is a brutal film noir, all seen through the eyes of a psychopathic small town sheriff ’s deputy (a brilliant Casey Affleck). Most unpleasant, however, and most extraordinary, was the ordinariness of Snowtown, a true story of Australia’s ‘bodies in barrels’ murders. It’s an intensely difficult film to watch but sticks in your mind, even if you wished it wouldn’t. Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

Booking up future reading

Mount Maunganui Lioness Club members, from left: Colleen Butler, Gloria Cooke, Rayna Knighton and Diana Drumm with some summer reading from the book fair. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Across No. 1251 6. Collaborator (10) 5. Quarrel (5) 7. River (NI) (5) 8. Guide (4) 13. Paddle (3) 9. Present (4) 14. Oddments (7) 10. Confuse (5) 11. Reverberation (4) 15. Mild (5) 12. Wind instrument (9)17. Sea (6) 18. Refuge (6) 16. Town (NI) (9) 19. Haphazard (6) 20. Eight (Maori) (4) 21. Below (5) 22. Unpleasant (5) E G M O N T V I L L A G E 23. Old coin (4) A F I O O O A M U R Q N L 24. In the middle (4) R E M I T C I A N M U N E 25. Assessment (10) T E I C H K N L G V A P V Down 1. Skin condition (6) 2. Tedium (7) 3. Spray (6) 4. Concealed (6)











Solution 1250




Book lovers are in for all sorts of treats at the annual Mount Maunganui Lioness Book Fair during Auckland Anniversary Weekend. Fair coordinator Diana Drumm says the sale is at the Mount Maunganui Sports Centre (corner of Maunganui and Hull Roads) and will offer books, magazines, CDs and DVDs for all tastes. Diana says “every penny” from the three-day event is going to support charities – with a strong emphasis on organisations in the Western Bay of Plenty. She is hopeful of raising a similar figure to the $22,000 made at last year’s fair – saying they already have got a lot of good quality items, ranging from the always popular cooking and gardening categories, to new age, biographies and new magazines. To make it easier for browsers to

find books they are interested in, club members have organised them to be displayed in 18 categories. “We like to support the local organisations as much as possible – and are planning to play catch-up by giving extra support to a lot of local groups that missed out last year.” Last year, donations of $6000 to Christchurch earthquake victims and $10,000 to the Lion’s Cancer Lodge in Hamilton, took the bulk of the $22,000 raised. People with good quality items to donate for the fair should drop them at Car Air in Newton Street or at the Mount Maunganui Mainstreet Office, Maunganui Road or phone Diana to arrange a collection 07 574 7400. The fair runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday and from 9amnoon on Monday. By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

computer services TER NEED COMPU

The present-day Ministry of the Holy Spirit Jesus makes an amazing statement to His disciples in John 16:7. Speaking of the Holy Spirit, Jesus says “I tell you the truth: It is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send Him to you”. Here is the Son of God, the One who walked with His disciples in great power and in great wisdom and with great authority. And Jesus says to the disciples, “it is to your advantage, it is best for you, that I go from you because I am sending another to stand in my place”. Jesus goes on to say that this Helper, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, would guide them into all truth, that He would glorify Jesus and that He would take that which

was of Jesus and would reveal that to them. Jesus says of the Holy Spirit in John 14:17 that He dwelt with Christ’s disciples, but that He would be in them. Immediately before His ascension, we read in Acts 1:8 a further promise that Jesus gave concerning the Holy Spirit – “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth”. All these promises concerning the Holy Spirit were fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost, as we read in Acts 2. Consequently, since the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the member of the Trinity that is active in the Church as the executor of the will and

purpose of God. Jesus is Lord over the Church, but the Holy Spirit is Lord in the Church, as the One who stands in the midst of


God’s people, representing Jesus. You are welcome to join us at Jesus First, Tauranga. By David Otway

horse treks

deceased deceased

funeral directors

Exalt God • Worship Jesus TAURANGA PRIMARY SCHOOL HALL, 31 Fifth Ave 10am: Worship & Communion Service Speaker: David Otway Phone: 579 2729 COME & MEET WITH THE LORD

Live & Serve in the Power of the Holy Spirit

They say goodbye is the hardest word. So to help you with your goodbyes, we’d like to say ‘hello’. Because we’ve been around for over 100 years, many Bay of Plenty families already know us. Generations have relied on us to bring family and friends together, to celebrate lives, to share treasured memories and to care for recently departed loved ones.

Caring. Locally. Since 1909. Chris Andrews & David McMahon Registered Funeral Directors

578 4009

appliance servicing


The Weekend Sun

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SimpleDesign Kitchen and Spacial Design

ree ech


Alison Steve To: ________________________________ Time:________________ Date:__________________ From: _____________

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cost +gst


1 2 3 4

your contact:

Alison Adcorp New Zealand Ltd tel: (07) 927 8700 fax: (07) 927 8717



job: T88368


Time 2 Shine

please not

this advertisem understanding In approving th

client’s respon

accuracy of bot the media and

approved by: signature:


The Weekend Sun

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adult entertainment

Corporate Angels Ladies and gay males required for our busiest $100 season. ½ hr


Boutique Parlour

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116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui. 116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui.




karaoke hire to rent

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38 adult entertainment

$$$$ MONEY for Spring. Corporate Angels Escort Agency. Ladies and Gay Males welcome for our extremely busy season. Apply in confidence to Allan 021 606 180

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LEARN TO CUT GLASS 2 Hrs on how to cut glass. Great for stained glass, mosaics and handyman jobs! 28th Jan $50 includes a pencil grip glass cutter. Leadlight Expressions, Village on 17th Ave Ph: 571.3726 MOSAIC WAREHOUSE want to decorate your home & garden, make gifts for family & friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, all your mosaic supplies in one shop. Huge selection available. Making mosaics is easy & so much fun. Give

art & craft

it a go, you’ll love it. Unit 29, 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount (off Hull Rd) Tues to Sat 10am2pm eftpos Ph 572 3866


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s, tuition or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 VIRUS & SPYWARE REMOVAL Upgrades, servicing and repairs Free call out and quotation New power supply $70 fitted Motherboards From $100 fitted. All work has 12 month warranty. Laptops from $300, Desktops from $125. Wanted - faulty pc & laptops. Call Crystal Computing Tel 07 579 5860 or 021 156 0055

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COUNSELLING HELP 4 U, confidential services. Ph Liz D.I.P couns 564 1000


FUN ADVENTURE for all ages! Rotorua duck Tours provide a great introduction to Rotorua, it’s history, and it’s people. Ph 07345-6522 or see our advert in the Sun Fun pages. PAT A LION cub today!! Paradise Valley Springs - Rotorua’s must see NZ wildlife park & trout springs! Ph 07-348-9667 or see our advert in the Sun Fun pages.

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1 ZODIAC with 4 horsepower Yamaha motor with beach trailer. $2000. 5 new 12m power polls, $250 each. Spa pool with 25 jets, $3500. Piano Monington western,

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$2000. Antique renovated 2 seater Kauri school desk $500. Ph 0215 78996 1997 DAEWOO CIELO, Red, excellent engine. No warrant due to rust on two doors, no rego, as is where is, $800 Ph 926 9888 2005 HYUNDAI for Sale $9500 ono 137000 kms, silver, tiptronic, only two owners in NZ, wof & rego, great family car. Ph 027 552 6283 or 07 552 6283 or email 2006 FORD FALCON sedan, tow bar etc. Very tidy order, company owned regular service. New WOF. Rego $9990 Ph 541 3321 CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic, from $9.00 each. Village Stone, 53 Hull Rd. Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 H O U S E WA S H I N G / WATERBLASTING TRUCK 1990 Toyota Dyna. Complete with high/low pressure systems. All lance’s, hoses, ladders and tanks. This truck is ready to go. All equipment in excellent condition. Phone for more details including chemical suppliers etc. $14,800 plus GST ONO. Genuine reason for selling. Ph Mark 027 699 8356 or 544 4541 a/hs INDULGENT, NUTRIENT RICH, body nurturing – Antipodes – buy any two products & get a third FREE. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 INIKA COSMETICS - Organic and Mineral Makeup – now with a face in a box – incredible value – all you need to start. Value $208 for only $119. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333


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PORTA POTTI - CHEMICAL $150 Ph 578 3415 PAVERS Factory seconds, half price. 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 SPA POOL with pump - heater filter, $800. Ph 578 3415


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CAREER RESTRUCTURING? Creating opportunity from Change. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548


MOBILITY SCOOTERS & more. Visit our showroom, 29 Burrows St, Tauranga, ph 578 1213. MES “Supporting your Independence” for 12+yrs. y r s


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Keeping Kiwis Independant

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4 FLAT ACRES, 7 mins to Tauranga with 140 8 year old avocado trees. Power and water to site. $500,000+gst. Ph 0215 78996 BETHLEHEM SECTIONS, 156 Carmichael Rd, 1 boundary, facing reserve. $225,000. 160 Carmichael Rd, 2 boundaries, Reserve, North facing. $325,000. Ph 0215 78996 BETHLEHEM SECTION, 7 Harkin Close, end of cul-de-sac. $190,000. Ph 0215 78996

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FULLY FURNISHED UNIT, Te Puke, free power, sleeps 1-2 people, close to town and Papamoa, short or long term, no children or dogs. Ph 573 8943

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ALLAN HOLMES FOR ALL your carpentry & Handyman jobs around the home. Big or Small. Free quotes. Reasonable rates. Call 021 992 678 or after hours on 07 576 3543

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BAY PAINTERS INC for all your painting needs. Interior and Exterior. Colour consults available. Call Lewis FREE on 07 213 0784 or 021 555 013 BUILDER 30 YEARS experience in BOP. Specialised in outdoor areas, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, fences etc. Reasonable rates. Free quotes. Ph Keith today on 578 6869 or 021 377 387 BUILDER AVAILABLE NOW New homes, renovations, bricklaying, quality rates, quality work. No job too big or small. Call me now for a quote. DK Builders - Dieter 021 474 299 or 574 2139 a/h BUILDER / HANDYMAN 45yrs experience, no job too small. Ph Bryan on 027 408 3905 EARTHWORKS Truck / Digger hire, Tree removal, Farmwork. Opening special only $80+GST per hour. No job too big or small. Call Carl at Addison Civil today 0274 636 560 ELECTRICIAN A professional and affordable registered electrician. New builds, alterations, repairs. Ph Steve 578 0555, 027 848 6042 ELECTRICIAN Able to do all jobs. Alarms, New Houses and renovations. Registered. Quality service at great price. Phone Tomas, Check Electrical 07 544 6448 or 027 566 7872 ELECTRICIAN available for all services. Mitsubishi air conditioner supplied and installed for very competitive rates. Ph 027 5473 831 or a/h on 543 0062 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs, moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER / A1 DECORATOR available. All interior and exterior work. Prompt, reliable, excellent references. Ph Paul 576 4793, 027 689 6252 PAINTER, ACCOMPLISHED, reliable tradesman, friendly service. For free advice and quote. Ph Barry 021 518 994 or 07 579 0119 PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship, friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PLUMBING WORKS no job too big or small, blocked drains, plumbing, spouting & roof repairs. Ph 571 5558 RESPOUT NOW! Call Ageless Continuous Spouting. Made to measure costs less than you think. For a prompt quote. Ph 574 0496 RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole walls, crib walls, tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 a/h 576 0941

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ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 0274 965 375 ROOFING New roofs, re-roofs, spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline, gutters & down pipes, clean or replacement, chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 ROTARY HOEING Lawn preparation & sowing. Loader & blade work. Tractor mowing. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Service. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 0220 764 245 TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990


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DRIVING MISS DAISY, need to get to an appointment or want an outing? But don’t drive? Call us for safe friendly, and reliable service. Discount offered to Total Mobility card holders. Ph Jackie from Driving Miss Daisy, 552 6614

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A DAY OR serveral days away with John’s door to door Trips and Tours. Another “Top of the North Tour” in March. Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Kaitaia, Cape Reinga, 90 - Mile Beach, Hokianga Harbour, Kauri Forest and many attractions. Ph 576 9305 A HOLIDAY OR DAY-OUT. Every week. Small Group Tours. Door to Door Hinterland Tours Ph Kae & Rick 07 575 8118 CURTIS COACHES, for all your coach travel needs! Curtisy Tours. Come join the fun. Day and away trips phone 07 5439205 for quotes or newsletter. SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS, fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see

situations vacant Bay Family Homebased Childcare (BFHC)



Supplement the family income by looking after pre-school children in your own home


Carers required in Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas.

Satara Co-operative Group Ltd is looking to recruit a Coolstore Manager to work at the Glenbervie Site Coolstore, Whangarei.

Benefits of joining our team include: • Free play & music groups, toy library & excursions. • All nursery equipment supplied free. • Retainers paid on statutory days &

our Christmas closure. • Plus more!

For more information or to join our team call

0800 396 406 We look forward to your call

Bay Family Homebased Childcare

WHANGAREI (GLENBERVIE) This role reports to the Site Manager and is responsible for managing the coolstore operation and facilitating the receipt and placement of all fruit product in the coolstores and the preparation and assembly of product for load-outs. The duties of the Coolstore Manager include: • Direct supervision of all Coolstore staff including Coolstore Plant Operations • Responsible for managing the Coolstore inwards and outwards logistics for fruit product (including Short term Bin Store and CA product) • Facilitation of all product orders and pallet lists • Liaison with Transport Companies and management of all product load outs • Appropriately manage returned products e.g. ECPI returns, damaged product, and any “other” returns • Meet all key performance standards including Health & Safety and Quality • Ability to maintain continuous improvements to systems and processes Candidates should have: • Coolstore Management Operations experience • Preferred experience in logistics co-ordination • Grower Centred focus • Confidence in dealing with people • Staff management experience • OSH Certification For further information about this position, If you are interested in applying for this role, send a covering letter and an updated copy of your CV to Applications close Monday, 23 January 2012.

1 or 00 189 11 Phone 08


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The Weekend Sun 13 January 2012

WS 13/1/12  

The Weekend Sun 13 January 2012