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Gucci is special

Push to support disabled athletes Disabled athletes such as Matthew Lack, who studies in Tauranga and holds International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation under-20 world records for 800m, 1500m and 5000m along with a host of other titles, will benefit from a revitalisation of ParaFed Bay of Plenty. Matthew is hoping to qualify for the 2012 Paralympics and is currently training with a ParaFed Auckland coach. ParaFed Bay of Plenty’s Neil Cudby says improvements in Parafed’s services could mean Matthew and others would have more support in the Bay. See full story page 11. Photo by Tracy Hardy.



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11 June 2010, Issue 499

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Full medical services available includes Xrays,splints & plasters. Fracture Clinic, Womens Health Clinic, Mole Removal Clinic & Ear Care Service.


FAX: (07) 571 1116 Ad enquiries: News enquiries: PO Box 240, 1 The Strand TAURANGA

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Fixing up an old bridge

It just goes to show that, along with missing socks and techniques for eating corn on the cob, it’s the little anomalies in life that can up a lot of our time. This, from concerned reader Kathryn: “Solving the problem starts when you remove the cover. A problem usually needs to be traced back to its roots. When you remove the cover it usually ends up inside-out. This is good so leave it like this and wash it inside-out and dry it this way as well. This also prevents fading. And if birds pass by it is only on the inside. Then when you come to put it back on, put your arms right in to the far corners of the cover and grab the duvet inner corners. Now pull your hands out holding onto the corners, don’t let go, and so the whole thing is now turned inside-out, but now the right side is out and the inner is inside. Hope you got that. The two bottom corners just need to be tucked in depending on how big the opening is and give it a shake. Glade to hear you make the bed!”

Sun Media owner/editor Brian Rogers

And this, from concerned reader Muriel: “Hi Brian, guess you have heard this heaps of times, just love your Rogers Rabbits each week. The duvet article was so true. I had to write in and mention along with duvets there is the matter of the valances. These usually have to match or tone in with the duvets so when a new duvet is required one has to shift the mattress off and put on a new valance! Very difficult as mattresses are usually extremely heavy and cumbersome. In short, a major operation which quite often ends in sore backs and strained muscles, not like the old days of just throwing on a new bedspread. Bring back candlewick.” Oh yeah, Valances. Don’t start me on the evil Valances. No wonder they shot Liberty Valance. Thanks for the comments, always appreciated. There’s definitely a rising tide of duvet resentment out there at bedtimes!

Cool fish

The Kaimai Woolshed is now stocked with all your Winter Essentials. Possum and Merino Clothing, Scarves, Hats and Gloves for men, women and children. Extensive range of New Zealand knitting wools.

I’m not one to get all gooey about whales and dolphins. But after encountering Moko in the harbour on several occasions this week, I have to concede he is pretty cool, for a fish. There’s been a bunch of stories, pics and videos on SunLive in the last week, so I won’t go overboard here. But the short version is that I jumped in the harbour with a kayak, following a tip off from the fishing vessel

Eskdale that Moko had followed them into port. It didn’t take long for Moko to find me, charging around the kayak like an enthusiastic Labrador. After a bit of friendly argy bargy and boat bumping, he started nudging my paddle. It only took a split second, while I was fiddling with the camera, for him to pinch the paddle and take off around the harbour with it. Later the same day we caught up in Pilot Bay, this time I took a spare paddle and left him to play happily with the other. Check out the full story, pictures and video on And take care around Moko. He’s a big boy at about 3m long and up to 300kg. No-one has any idea whether he’s around for long, or maybe has already moved on. But best that he and his visitors stay safe. Check out DOC’s advice on SunLive.

No Riff Raff?

It’s bizarre that an iconic New Zealander such as Richard O’Brien could be refused residency in this country. The Rocky Horror Show creator is famous the world over. And sure he might be a little different, but there are stranger people allowed to live in Katikati. We all know who you are! And compared to some of the lowlifes that immigration lets slip into NZ, he’s positively angelic. You’d think the Minister of Immigration or Rock Legends or whatever would have the power to step in and make worthwhile exceptions to the rules. After all, Richard O’Brien is a former pupil of Tauranga Primary School and has a statue in Hamilton in his honour. Even our vasectomised Prime Minister has admitted dressing up to go see the show in his younger years. (Too much scary information) Not only should he be welcomed to live in the Bay of Plenty, but Katikati’s Barry could be shuffled along the bench seat to make way for a giant bronze Frank N. Furter. Check out Winston Watusi’s piece, page 42.

New Zealand made garments and gifts arriving daily.

Kaimai Cafe on site for you to also enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you. Kaimai Woolshed Winter Hours, Open 7 days 10am – 4pm 1603 State Highway 29, RD1, Tauranga, New Zealand Ph: 07 543 0750. Just 8 kms from Cambridge Road

The Ridgewood 186m 2

Authentic Pieces of New Zealand IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission of the publishers. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers. The Weekend Sun takes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all published information however will not be liable in any way for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Dr. Frank N Furter’s tattoo on his upper right arm reads “BOSS.” Mick Jagger wanted to play Dr. Frank N. Furter in the film version. Aside from the chemical symbols scrawled on the lab wall next to the control panel, there is a grocery list calling for flour, eggs, bread, sugar and two hypodermics. The set builders forgot to put an extra door in the lab set, thus Dr. Scott had to crash through the wall for his entrance.



Rail Bridge No 71.

More bedtime stories Well I never thought a soppy story about the woes of duvet wrestling would draw such a response from our readers.

Friday 11 June 2010

Tauranga City Councillors may be quietly hoping a small earthquake will knock over the rail bridge – so they don’t have to pay $10 million for a stand alone walkway/southern pipeline support structure. The council is hoping to piggyback the sewer across the harbour on a rebuilt walkway, which will double as a repiling project for the frail rail bridge. The Matapihi bridge was built in 1926 and is expected to fail in a ‘small to moderate’ earthquake, although it is presently ‘fit for purpose’. Replacing the piles is not Kiwi Rail’s most urgent priority, but it is of growing urgency for the Tauranga City Council. The existing walkway is nearing the end

of its life, and will require major work in the next three years. Council staff are expecting the walkway alone will attract about $1 million in government money – not enough to re-build it. ‘Off and on’ talks with Kiwi Rail over the southern pipeline route across to Matapihi are ‘on’ again, says group manager city services Barry Somers. A revised concept of building the walkway/sewer structure and strengthening the rail bridge can be done as a two stage project. The walkway and sewer support piling is done on the southern side of the rail bridge, with the pile capping and bridge support piling on the northern side of the bridge completed as a separate project. A heads of agreement is expected to be completed with Kiwi Rail by mid June, with work on the design, project estimates and cost sharing proceeding in time to

Oceanblue Voucher

Little known Matapihi railway bridge facts • The original walkway was a 50:50 council/government project undertaken to stop people being killed on the railway bridge. • At one stage people were being run down by trains on the bridge at the rate of about one a year, with a total of 14 killed on the bridge before the walkway was completed. • The present walkway was originally tacked onto the southern side of the bridge in 1952-54. • The Matapihi bridge was designed and built in England as a straight bridge because the railway line was originally intended to go down Elizabeth Street. • The council of the day decided at the last minute to run the rail line along The Strand, and the bend was built in. produce a recommendation on the project’s viability by the end of the year. By Andrew Campbell

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Palm Beach Plaza, Papamoa Phone: 07 574 4909

2010 Programmes University of Waikato Pathways College - Tauranga Campus



Friday 11 June 2010

Friday 11 June 2010


The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Grass growing at Mount Greens Recent rain has been a bonus for the Mount Greens project with the croquet greens grass growth shooting ahead. Tauranga City Councillors viewed progress this week following the projects and services committee meeting. Seed for the six croquet lawns was first sown three weeks ago when that part of the project was handed over to the Mount Greens Sports green keepers. “They look like they are just about ready for their first cut,” says council project manager Tony Bodger, “but that decision is up to the green keepers.” The bowling greens, two grass and one artificial turf, are to be handed over in July. All playing surfaces are expected to be ready for games by mid November. Handover of the whole project including the clubrooms and new Cosmopolitan club is expected mid December. The budget for site development is $3.2 million, consisting of $2.9 million from council and $300,000 from Mount Greens Sports Inc.

Ross Linney show councillors and staff the greens progress. Mount Greens Sports is paying for the amenities block, shade structures and seating. Mount Greens is also growing in the lawns and greens following handover from the main contractor. “We are really delighted with where we have got to, other people will look at it in envy,” says Mount Greens Sports chairman Ross Linney.

Colleen Bardell and Pat Cameron with some of the hundreds of items for sale in this week’s Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions Book Fair. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Keep winter boredom at bay Hundreds of things to do on a rainy afternoon go up for sale at Te Puke Memorial Hall next week during the Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions Book Fair, June 17-19. By Natasha Mitchell

The selection includes books, magazines, board games, puzzles, CDs, DVDs, and sheet music. The book fair, in its 15th year, raises money for the Te Puke community and the Cancer Society’s new Lions Cancer Lodge in Hamilton. Lions Clubs throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato have pledged to raise $3 million to see the lodge completed. It will accommodate approximately 600 people from around the region each year, providing free accommodation and meals in a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for people while they receive treatment for cancer at the Waikato Regional Cancer Centre. The fair is open 9am-5pm Thursday and Friday, June 17 and 18, and 9am-1pm Saturday, June 19.

sale ends sunday 20th June excludes denim and nappy bags


Having your say is a piece of cake! Tauranga City Council urban designers Lucy Ullrich and Clinton Bowyer are offering residents free coffee and cake in return for sharing their thoughts about the future of Masonic Park. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Tauranga City Council is offering residents free coffee and cake in return for people having their say on what they would like for the future of Masonic Park. The council is organising a park open day on Tuesday, June 15 from 12-2pm and staff are encouraging the public to come along and share their thoughts.

The Masonic Park site, the grass area on The Strand opposite the council office, between The Horny Bull and Hot on the Rocks, was historically home to the Masonic Hotel and is now an open space reserve. Council staff are in the process of developing a master plan for the site that will look at the physical features as well as any rules and guidelines surrounding the site. The feedback from the open day will contribute to the

master plan. The Masonic Park development is part of the City Centre Strategy, which was developed to provide a guide to major change to land use, built form, public spaces and access in Tauranga’s city centre during the next 25-30 years. For people who can’t make it on the day, there is a feedback form available on the council’s website or phone 07 577 7000.

Friday 11 June 2010


Friday 11 June 2010

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Rates revenue increase 9.9 per cent Tauranga city rates revenue take will increase After allowing one per cent for growth anticipated, this will mean about 8.9 per by 9.9 per cent next year. cent for ratepayers. Plus an extra 2.5 per

cent GST for the second instalment rates in February. Council cut out about $600,000 in the deliberations, of which $500,000 I reported on last week was for proposed funding for leaky homes. This increase is just another nail in the coffin of how rates are unsustainable for a majority of ratepayers – if not now, then it is coming. The government seems intent on transferring unpopular controversial expensive issues on to local government, but also appears to be embarking on privatising essential utilities or water/wastewater. These, like the electricity ‘reforms’ are in fact cash cows for central government. You charge what you like, collect PAYE and tax on profit, GST, profit through SOEs and have your people installed to run the CCOs – every post a winning post for everyone except the consumer. I digress. Something will have to give in this equation. In the meantime, this is the cost of keeping the city ticking over, keeping up maintenance and allowance for costs coming on stream from past decisions.

Learning from the library

Make just one call to express any ideas, concerns, thoughts or opinions directly to Tauranga’s Mayor and Councillors.

Phone 9856171 to leave your message. This is an automated voicemail service Messages are sent instantly to council members only

Or email:

NB: This service and advertisement is provided at absolutely no cost to the ratepayer or taxpayer.

The library debate demonstrated the difficulty of altering the status quo and future controversial proposals are likely to meet the same resistance until the situation inevitably reaches the crisis point for the majority. The 10 year plan shows more of the same to a greater or lesser extent depending on which year you look at. If it is the community/ratepayers’ wish to keep up with the demands of growing community then this is the real cost. And no amount of promises from anyone will change this. It’s only an acceptance from the majority in the community to reduce services and central government giving support that will reduce the unsustainable rates spiral.

Riding for orphaned children

Development contributions

During the annual plan deliberations elected members canvassed the issue of development contributions. These are the costs collected when land is subdivided and when a building permit is issued. Costs of growth are horrendous. Especially when infrastructure has to be completed and paid for before the people arrive. It’s either sub-dividers, builders or ratepayers, or a mixture who have this at face value proved expensive for some to pay. Mayor Stuart Crosby fired a salvo shoppers who copped a $40 fine. My phone at some developers and gave an example of ran hot as constituents rang me. Complaina purchase of reserve land at Royal Palm ants told me later they had rung the Bay Beach, some time ago that should have cost Times to find out the source of this item council $60,000, but only to be given ended up at $240,000. the bums rush. On the other hand, No-one wanted to take the Lakes subdiviknow apparently. sion – more or less For the record complete, but hardly there was neither any new impact fees a council nor being paid as the Mainstreet parkdownturn affects sales. ing promotion. The building industry is affected also, but in the interim all the expensive infrastructure is in the ground The library book charges issue highand of course there is a lights the council’s budget problem. huge holding cost.

Residents before business

Council also discussed a request for attention to stormwater issues in the Triton Ave commercial area. It was agreed that any extra stormwater expenditure would give priority to urgent residential flooding over commercial and industrial property. Matua Bowling Club will get $60,000 towards their upgrade. Rick Curach said it was a bit rich getting ratepayer funding, but he anticipated that because it was election year it would go through. He said it was a private club but Mayor Stuart Crosby told Rick he was in fairyland – Matua Bowls was a public entity – an incorporated society. Rick agreed and said he hadn’t thought of that and changed his mind and voted for it.

Wearing it for Wellington

On the GST increase, some council activities will absorb the increase – like the Airport. The GST increase will cost the parking account around $200,000, but elected members will consider this when parking charges are reviewed. David Stewart fell about laughing when I suggested reducing the time limit to accommodate the matter in the short term. I was serious. If the city is to have more parking, the money has to come from somewhere – not rates.

Not so free parking

Another oopsie from the Bay Times. In Friday’s paper before Queen’s Birthday Weekend, under the heading ‘All you need to know around the Bay’ on page five there was an item headed ‘Parking’. It read “parking will be free this public holiday”. Taking

Bay Times Council’s stormwater must have priority is with residents. been interviewing their keyboards again. My suggestion to those who acted on this false information was to keep on and seek redress from the newspaper.

Friday 11 June 2010

Tauranga’s Tim Mills and Mark Pratt are planning to cycle 1200km through unknown territory in Cambodia to raise money to build houses for orphaned children.

Mark Pratt and Tim Mills are looking forward to their big 1200km adventure through Cambodia where they will benefit orphaned children. Photo by Tracy Hardy

for a fundraising raffle, with the prize a 2010 mountain bike valued at $2100. Tim and Mark became interested in the Great Cambodian Bike Ride because all they have done over the years is race. “This is about the people, I find this

really cool. “Our kids over here don’t know how good they have got it.” To purchase a raffle ticket or donate towards Mark and Tim’s cause, go to Avanti Plus Mount Maunganui. By Tash Cain

The pair is participating in the Great Cambodian Bike Ride, September 1-8, with 10 Australians. Mark and Tim are raising $4000 each and the group hopes to raise in excess of $60,000 for Kampuchea Orphanage. “It’s a pretty achievable target,” says Tim. He says he has paid $370 for all accommodation, food and support from the medics while riding. “$60,000 should make a fair bit of an impact then.” The pair is paying for their own flights and has purchased new bikes for the race and will donate them to the orphanage, or someone in need, once finished. Tim owns Avanti Plus Mount Maunganui and is selling $20 tickets

The price of fish?

Not ‘about to fall over’

At projects and services committee elected members had a presentation on getting the Southern Pipeline across the harbour. It’s linked with the need to replace the Matapihi rail bridge walkway which we were told will need major work within three years. Staff are still negotiating with Kiwi Rail (which has absorbed On Track) for a mutually beneficial upgrade of the rail bridge. Apparently they have two grades of bridge. One is ‘fit for purpose’; and the other ‘about to fall over’ – Matapihi is ‘fit for purpose’ – at present – but we were also told it was susceptible to even a minor earthquake. Council’s proposal is for adjacent piers to carry the pipeline with a new walkway on top. If we go under the harbour via a submarine pipeline we still face the conundrum of the walkway. Staff told us that a stand alone walkway would cost $8m12m with only about $1m in government subsidy. We also said that non replacement was not an option. It’s not easy and this is just another example of difficult issues and decisions that face the city that will have to be paid for in future annual plans. At the upcoming council election in October I will be seeking re-election as an ‘at large’ councillor. I will also run for the mayoralty. If I am re-elected this column will continue.

These rock fishermen in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were putting their lives at serious risk. I had to ask myself, “Is it worth giving up your life for a fish?” A big swell was running and one freak wave would have carried them all away and in fact nearly did! I captured this moment with a 70-200mm zoom lens at F8 and 1/1000th second shutter speed.

Enrol now for Andy’s next digital photo workshop. Email

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Friday 11 June 2010

Spot the difference?

The Weekend Sun

Open roof viewing for astronomers


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Old bras wanted for record attempt


Skin Cancer is by far the most common cancer in New Zealand and here in the Bay, and the number of diagnosed cases continues to rise each year. Skin Cancer can be life threatening, specifically melanoma if not treated early, so ensure you receive the right analysis and treatment at an early stage.


Call the Skin Centre today to arrange an examination.


Skin Cancer

171 Cameron Road, Tauranga Freephone: 0508 578 578


Arataki Guides (front) Melissa Osborne and Grace Rich and (back) Brigette Horgan and Laura Sawyers need unwanted bras.

Astronomical society members and the new telescope. Society member Toby Tobias says the beauty of With clear night skies this week Tauranga the system is it can be operated remotely with the astronomers are expected to be putting their telescope’s view shown on a large screen. new telescope through its paces. “Then we can watch it down below on TV,” says Tobias. The new Meade 14” reflecting telescope was installed It means several people can view the result at the on its new custom-built viewing platform in what used same time and that on cold nights they can stay inside to be the Ferguson Park Soccer Club rooms. and enjoy their viewing in comfort. The roof over the viewing platform slides back, The ACF tag on the $14,000 telescope stands for allowing full night sky viewing. The Meade LX200 ACF has a built-in GPS to locate advanced coma free optics, enabling astronomers to see fainter stars. itself on the surface of the planet. People are able to join the society’s meetings, which This is the key to enabling it to point straight to any are on the fourth Tuesday of every month. star in the catalogues.

Western Bay of Plenty Girl Guides don’t want women to throw away their old bras, but rather donate them so they can help create a record-breaking 200,000long bra chain. By Natasha Mitchell

A unit of eight Guides from Dargaville is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the

longest bra chain, currently held by Australia with a bra chain made of 160,000 bras. The record attempt aims to raise breast cancer awareness and educate girls and women in the prevention and detection of breast cancer. The unit’s aim is to have enough bras by November 2010. Unwanted bras can be dropped off at Salvation Army, Waipuna Hospice, St Vincent de Paul and NZ Red Cross opportunity shops. Bras are also being collected at

NOW ON Mon - Fri 8.30-5.00pm M Thursday 8.30-7pm

Greerton Mainstreet during office hours, Bayfair Shopping Mall Information Desk, and Welcome Bay Baden Powell Hall on Mondays 4-7pm. Once the record attempt has been achieved, all the highest quality bras will be sent to women in Africa, Haiti, the Pacific Islands ,or other countries as a way of giving back to women and girls overseas. To follow the record attempt, visit or the Facebook page: Longest Bra Chain.

Saturday 9.00-2pm

11TH AVE PLAZA, TAURANGA P. 07 578 2867

Public poll helps church with sign choice The public have spoken about Reverend Jim Wallace’s billboard predicament and have recommended he choose: ‘Don’t wait for a hearse to take you to church!’ From Bethlehem Community Church, Jim sought the public’s help to decide which sign should fill the space left by the now removed billboard: ‘Atheists have nothing to worry about! Yeah Right’ The Moffat Road billboard was removed six weeks ago when DB

Breweries asked the church to take it down because it was too similar to its well-known Tui signs. After the church removed it, in good faith DB Breweries asked its advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, to create six new designs to replace the old one. Some options the international advertising agency came up with were: ‘God, the ultimate search engine’, ‘God only answers kneemail and ‘God tweets too – just look up in the trees’. Jim wanted community input via a SunLive poll, which asked people to vote for their preferred design.

Results had ‘Don’t wait for a hearse to take you to church’ as the clear winner with 34 per cent, ahead of the rest of the choices, all similarly rated with 10-15 per cent each. Jim says the winning design is “very clever” and it is one of two signs the church is now considering. “It’s a bit more blunt. It’s got a bit of sense of humour to it,” says Jim. The church is also considering the ‘God tweets too – just look up in the trees’ design. By Lyle McMahon

Proud Supporters of Waipuna Hospice

Ph 0800 254 833

Ph 0800 687 428 36


Friday 11 June 2010

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Foundation grows to 100 donors Bigger, brighter and better

Pin Up Pet of the Week Hi my name is Tonic I am around 2 years old, male lab x. I am an outgoing playfully adult dog who loves to run around. I love kids, other dogs. I looking forward to finding a home that will love me forever and give me the attention I deserve. Ref: 13093. Please call the SPCA on 07 578 0245

Tauranga’s Deidre Hamerton and John Lucas are proud to say they were among the first to donate to the Acorn Foundation, which is now celebrating having 100 donors.

Acorn Foundation executive officer Nicky Wilkins with John Lucas and Deidre Hamerton, who were among the first Acorn Foundation donors. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

It started in 2003 to enable people to donate their entire estate, or part of it, to the foundation, which supports Bay of Plenty charities, when they die. Deidre and John, who are brother and sister, were the sixth to register with the Acorn Foundation. They combined their estate and donated it to the foundation after Deidre had no children with her late husband and John also had no children. “When we started it was a whole new thing. Over the years it’s really taken off,” says Deidre. All donations, currently totalling about $4 million, are invested and a portion of the annual profits are donated to Bay of Plenty charities. Deidre says it is amazing to know her donation will be generating revenue for local charities long after her death. “This way, people know it’s going

to be an ongoing thing that benefits Tauranga.” Acorn Foundation chief executive Nicky Wilkins says a number of people are now choosing to set up a fund during their lifetime so they get the pleasure of seeing their money making a difference. “They can also claim up to a 33.3 per cent tax credit for these donations.” It is not only the wealthy that contribute, with one donor a woman who has worked most of her life as a cleaner at Tauranga Hospital. In November 2009, the foundation distributed $166,722 to Bay of Plenty charities and it is expected about $230,000 will be given out this year. Prime Minister John Key will help the foundation celebrate the 100 donor milestone at a special breakfast in Tauranga on Thursday, June 17. By Lyle McMahon

John Key talk sells out

When the Port of Tauranga’s new pilot boat, Arataki, arrives in September she will be easy to see. As well as being bigger and faster, Arataki will be bright fluoro yellow. “Yellow seems to be the international colour for visibility these days,” says Port of Tauranga operations manager Nigel Drake. “We want her to be a highly visible boat. When ships are approaching the port it’s really good for the master of the ship to be able to immediately identify the pilot boat.” The aluminium hulled Arataki is completing construction at Q-West in Wanganui, and is to be delivered in September. “Arataki means to guide and to lead, but there’s a local connection as well,” says Nigel. Arataki is designed by Auckland design house Bakewell White. She’s 16.5 metres long, weighs about 20 tonnes, and will be powered by

Nigel Drake and pictures of Arataki

twin Scania diesel engines driving fixed-pitch propellers. Her service speed is 25 knots, compared with the 18 knot speed of the port’s existing pilot boat, Tauranga II. It is a planned replacement, says Nigel. Tauranga II, one of the first high speed pilot boats in the country, is now 25 years old, and by coincidence was built at the same Castlecliff yard. The job was put out for tender with interest coming from overseas as well as New Zealand boat build-

ers. Arataki will have the same capacity and general internal layout as Tauranga II. She will have a crew of two and be able to carry six pilots. She’s expected to be quieter. “Quite a lot of work has gone into sound proofing, both inside and outside,” says Nigel. “We’ve been able to improve areas like the engine room, which has full headroom. There’s a lot more room around the engines than we have at present.”

Highlighting disabled community’s needs From front cover

ParaFed Bay of Plenty, the organisation that supports athletes with physical disabilities, is calling for public input on sport and recreation activities for the disabled community. The Bay of Plenty branch has been in recess for more than a decade but is now undergoing a review of how it delivers activities to the disabled community. SPARC, Paralympics NZ and Sport Bay of Plenty are all assisting with the review. Paralympics New Zealand’s project manager Dave Stewart says ParaFed BOP plays an integral part in the pathway for athletes with a disability, from participation to high performance sport. “Whether it is through holding quality events,

running successful programmes, or providing links to other organisations, ParaFed Bay of Plenty has an important role in the community,” says Dave. “I am very pleased to see the revitalising changes they have undertaken and I look forward to soon seeing the organisation as a role model for other regions around the country.” Parafed BOP working party chairman Neil Cudby says as part of the review a survey has been created to look at what people are currently doing and what is needed. “This vital information will provide us with a skeleton platform for the working party to put on the meat and really give our organisation life and real grunt.” Anyone who is involved in sport and recreation in the disability sector; participants, administrators, coaches and parents, should complete the survey. To see the survey, or find out more about Parafed, visit

Looking at The Strand from the Monmouth Redoubt in the early 1940s and today. Photos courtesy of Tauranga City Library and Bruce Barnard. Roly Hammond is proving an excellent organiser, both for minds and pockets. w! nrol No


s start


y l u J h 27t 1980722AA

More than 300 people are counting down to June 17, when Prime Minister John Key is coming to Tauranga and giving a speech to Probus Club members from the region. The event is organised by Roly Hammond, who says all tickets are sold. He is unsure what the Prime Minister will speak about, but has filed in advance the questions to be asked by attendees. "Most of the questions are about the erosion of superannuation through GST increases," say Roly. Roly was also the organiser of a recent lawn bowls tournament fundraiser for Waipuna Hospice. The event raised about $4000 from the event that featured former All Black Colin Meads. The tournament raised $4105 for Waipuna Hospice, which was gratefully received. In a letter of thanks to Roly, the hospice's Trish Rae commented, “It is only with such community support that Waipuna Hospice can continue to provide quality care for terminally ill patients and their families in the By Edward Scragg area.”

Special Offer: 237.1m2 Home For $ 225,900!! (from 1st May to 1st July 2010)

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Head Office & Showhome: Cnr 15th Ave & Fraser St Tauranga Normal Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8.00am - 4.00pm Sun 12.00pm - 3.00pm

Terms & Conditions Apply

Friday 11 June 2010


The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Birthday parties and other celebrations

Simon Bridges (centre) with Marty Hoffart and Bruce Trask from EERST after receiving their Green Ribbon Award at the Beehive last week. Photo by

In the last wee while I have enjoyed spending time with Tauranga people both here and in Wellington. Locally, I have appreciated meeting Tauranga exporters (something I do regularly) and visiting Mrs Florence Harvey who has just turned 104 and treated me for an hour to her experiences since 1906. In Wellington it was awesome to see Bruce Trask and Marty Hoffart from Tauranga at the Beehive. They were at the prestigious Ministry of Environment Green Ribbon Awards for Environmental Excellence where I had much pleasure at the ceremony presenting them and their locally based Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust with the Award for Community Action. For 10 years now Bruce and Marty have been work-

ing to increase recycling rates and environmental awareness in schools. This recent recognition is not before time. Tax cuts for Tauranga I have written a bit recently about Budget 2010, but given its significance for our country in the years ahead, let me tell you more about a key aspect of it: the most thorough and beneficial overhaul of tax rates in nearly 25 years. Our Budget 2010 tax package helps tilt the economy in favour of productive investment, savings, and exports, and away from consumption, borrowing, and unsustainable government spending. That is essential to create jobs, higher incomes, and opportunities for Kiwi families to do well in New Zealand. Furthermore, the tax package rewards effort, helps attract and retain skilled people in New Zealand, and makes the tax system fairer. Across-the-board personal income tax cuts more than offsets the rise in GST. This is fair and leaves the vast majority of New Zealanders better off. A typical person on the average wage of about $50,000 a year will get a tax cut of about $29 and pay about $14 more a week in GST. They will be about $15 a week, or $800 a year, better off. A typical family on the average household income of $76,000 a year will get a tax cut

of about $46 a week and pay about $21 more in GST. They will be about $25 a week, or $1300 a year, better off. The government believes those changes will help individuals and families save more, pay off debt, and get ahead. You can calculate your tax cut, the extra GST you will pay, and any compensation you will receive through increased Working for Families, NZ Super or benefits at Some say that forecast inflation means families won’t be as well off after the tax changes. But that’s not the case. Forecast inflation will be more than offset by forecast wage rises. The vast majority of New Zealanders will be better off as a result of the tax changes. But the tax package isn’t just about what people get in their pocket. It’s about improving the incentives for people to get ahead, to save, to invest in productive businesses, and to do so in New Zealand. Only through lifting the long-term performance of our economy can we create jobs, boost incomes, raise living standards, and provide worldclass public services for you and your family.



A glittering prize for the gallery Reuben Paterson’s glittering installation, Whakapapa: get down upon your knees, will be installed in Tauranga Art Gallery’s Atrium from Saturday, June 12. This impressive 8sqm work was originally painted for the sixth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, held earlier this year, and will be displayed in the gallery’s atrium in four smaller segments. Tauranga Art Gallery is the first venue in New Zealand to exhibit this work. Reuben will hold a floortalk on his work on June 12 at 11am. Entry by gold coin donation. Whakapapa: get down upon your knees is about family and lineage. Reuben’s lineage is diverse, being Maori and Scottish, and the objects from which he has drawn inspiration explore both his Scottish ancestry and the nuance of his iwi, Ngati Rangitihi and their long association with art and craft. Tauranga Art Gallery, corner of Wharf and Willow Streets, is open daily 10am-4.30pm.

Reuben Paterson’s 8sqm work will be displayed in four parts at Tauranga Art Gallery.

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Ben Ben Heath Heath

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2 62 m22 H ome


Simon Bridges congratulates Florence Harvey on reaching 104 years.


Friday 11 June 2010

The Weekend Sun

Fieldays is held over four days in June each year and is the largest agribusiness exhibition in the southern hemisphere. This year is the 42nd annual National Fieldays and

 

 

 

  

          

 

Children and adults can take part in Whakamarama School’s annual possum hunt, June 25-27, where the aim is to catch as many possums as possible.

is expected to attract between 115,000 and 130,000 visitors from around New Zealand and internationally from 38 countries. The current exhibition and demonstration space is more than 30 hectares and boasts over 1000 exhibitors on 1500 sites. New Zealand is a world leader in agriculture and pastoral farming and the National Fieldays is the ultimate platform for cutting edge agricultural technology and innovation. At National Fieldays there are some great demonstrations, seminars, competitions and stalls.

Premier feature

This year’s premier feature ‘Innovation for future profit’ recognises the level of New Zealand groundbreaking innovation in all aspects of agriculture and cultivation. This feature will acknowledge the results of New Zealand’s progressive agri-technology and the ability to adapt and even thrive in a challenging economic environment. Other exhibitions to look out for are the Innovation Centre, Mystery Creek Pavilion, International Exhibition Area, Outdoor Agricultural, Exhibition Building, Kiwi’s Best, Horticulture Hall and the Rural Living Area. The Mystery Creek Events Centre is located in the heart of the Waikato adjacent to Hamilton International Airport, close to State Highways 1 and 3 and is 10 minutes from Hamilton, Te Awamutu and Cambridge. Gates open daily at 8am and close at 5pm for the duration of Fieldays. For more information, visit

By Tash Cain

Solutions to pollution problems When fully assembled, the hoppers sit 9.6m high providing ample space for trucks to drive under and be filled with product at the rate of up to 500 tonne an hour, says Page Macrae project manager Bruce Ennis. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

A Tauranga-based business has come up with an innovative solution to an environmental problem experienced at ports around the world. Hoppers provide the link between removing cargo from a ship’s hold, and discharging it into waiting trucks as swiftly as possible – an exercise which often results in dust emissions. These emissions are bad for both the environment and a transport company’s production.

Resolving problems

One such company, P & O Automotive and General Stevedoring, approached Page Macrae Engineering hoping it could produce hoppers that resolved this problem. Page Macrae project manager Bruce Ennis says his business was able to devise a solution. “This project represents a major research and development effort to deliver what P & O wanted,” says Bruce.

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Friday 11 June 2010

“Australian ports are very conscious of their environmental foot print, especially around dust emissions. As in New Zealand they often share their harbour resource with recreational users, and want to ensure they are not damaging that resource.”

Dust sucker

The hopper works with special discharge spouts automatically adjusting, according to the height of the load in the waiting truck, and sucking dust back up into the hopper rather than losing it to the atmosphere. Also, the billowing effect of loads like fertiliser being dumped from ship operated cranes is reduced, thanks to a unique positive air flow design that ensures the hoppers draw the dust in, rather than it escaping outwards. The new 35 tonne discharge hoppers are being assembled in preparation for shipping delivery to their new home with P & O Automotive and General Stevedoring, in Darwin, Australia. They are each worth about $600,000 and when full they can contain 107 tonne of product. By Richard Rennie

Teams are made up of four people and there is one rule “possums have to be humanely killed,” says possum hunt coordinator Julianne McMillan. There are prizes for the hunt includ-

Whakamarama School pupils Zinzan McMillian, Dacina Hamlin and Aleesha Steel, with the Grotty Trophy. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

ing the Grotty Trophy for most possums caught during the weekend. Other prizes include heaviest possum, best dressed possum, best team name, dirtiest vehicle. “Possum Hunt 2010 is Whakamarama School’s major fundraising event with all children from the school involved as well as an active community involvement.” Entry for a team of four people is $40 and registrations close Wednesday June 23. For more information contact Julianne 07 552 5044 or 027 435 6024.



Challenging recipe for world citizens With a current 9.5 per cent poll rating by Roy Morgan Research, last weekend’s Green Party AGM was powering up for next year’s election campaign with great enthusiasm. More good news followed with the announcement that former Green Party coleader Jeanette Fitzsimons has been made a Companion of the Order of New Zealand in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. It did feel appropriate as the Green Party celebrated its 20th anniversary to have Jeanette recognised for the enormous contribution and leadership she has given to the Party, our country and our planet. As the first co-leaders, Jeanette and Rod Donald built a foundation for our continuing success and we are now clearly the third party in parliament and the only party expressing a coherent independent vision. At the same time, some of our friends in the media are still predicting the collapse of

the Green Party. I don’t know how long it will take before they accept our increasing relevance, but we’re not taking this personally. We are too busy working on a vision of an equitable and healthy country where those who are missing out receive justice, and the environment that sustains life is looked after. As the latest international research shows, a fairer society benefits people across all income bands. At the same time the global scientific consensus says climate change and biodiversity collapse are upon us. Mix this up with the economic instability of the global financial systems and you have a challenging recipe for all citizens of the world. At our conference, plenty of Greens from both ends of the Bay were there talking about the latest environmental, social and cultural threat to our region: oil exploration. We can't understand why the government is welcoming the boys from Brazil to explore and possibly drill the offshore ocean without any consultation from the people of

the region, and without a robust process of environmental impact assessment. If global oil giant BP can’t fix their own mess, what chance does an unregulated industry off the East Coast of New Zealand and in the unforgiving southern ocean have? The current myopic government never told you about mining and off-shore oil drilling; they never said ‘Welcome to the George Bush years Downunder’. That’s why the Green Party is needed in parliament more than ever. Someone needs to point out to the naked emperors that their agenda is backward thinking and transparently unsustainable; and that there are better ways to build a prosperous economy


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Catching possums at annual hunt

Ultimate platform for agriculture

People who wish to learn about the latest farming and agricultural trends are attending New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays June 16-19 at the Mystery Creek Events Centre.

The Weekend Sun

Sleepyhead Chiro Plus

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Friday 11 June 2010

This week on

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

The only local daily news source you need, constantly updated, seven days a week. Phone 0800 SunLive with breaking news.


Murder accused named The man accused of killing Ravneet Sangha at a Ngatai Road address last weekend is 23 year old Deepak Nagpal. Also found at this address was Ravneet’s 18 month old daughter, Anna. Police have not yet charged anyone with her murder. Nagpal was further remanded in custody without plea until June 25. Nagpal, employed as a packer, was arrested in Auckland while Tauranga police were con-

ducting a detailed search for Anna, who was not found in the first search of the house. Her body was discovered on Monday.

Will Vanessa stand?

Save Our Libraries campaign leader Vanessa Byrnes says she will stand for Tauranga City Council in this year’s election if enough people think she is worth voting for. She successfully headed the campaign against the council’s proposal to introduce a 50 cent

charge on adult books at Tauranga libraries. Vasnessa says the council needs to be more representative as there is only one woman and no mixed age representation currently.

OCR rise discontent

Western Bay of Plenty property and business leaders have reacted negatively to Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard’s announcement to raise the Official Cash Rate 25 basis points to 2.75 per cent. Quotable Value’s Western Bay spokesperson, Shayne DonovanGrammer, says the region’s property market is not ready for an OCR rise. He says the region’s property market is not doing well enough to justify it.

SunLive community highlights

Picture of the Week: Early riser at Papamoa Domain, by Murray Guy (left). Blog of the Week: Sports blogger, Sideline Sid, writes about the need to involve children in competitive sport – not just for participation. Comment of the Week: By user, ricnholly, about the possibility of Vanessa Byrnes standing for election to the Tauranga City Council this year. “In our first two years in town we have been singularly unimpressed with this Council – we definitely need more diversity, leadership and vision, especially with respect to historical values, the arts and community. Tauranga ranks miserably on these quality of life factors that attract and hold businesses and employees. Two votes right here for Vanessa.”

Speed cameras snap 13k

About 241 speeding tickets were issued by Western Bay of Plenty police during Queen’s Birthday Weekend with two stationary speed cameras screened over 13,400 motorists. These were placed on State Highway 29 and State Highway 2 during the long weekend. Of the 13,457 motorists screened by them, only 121 were snapped for speeding.

TBC dance to victory




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Tauranga Boys’ College has won the Tauranga Stage Challenge and J Rock national tour and will now compete in the national television final in August. Tauranga Boys’ wowed the audience with their performance ‘Angels and Demons’; about good versus evil and making the right decisions. Stage Challenge and J Rock event manager Alice Larmer says their performance was visually spectacular with the boys’ body paint costume being simple yet effective.

New Zealand were ticketing drivers caught 4km/h above posted speed limits during Queen’s Birthday Weekend. Senior sergeant Ian Campion says the crackdown clearly had an impact on driving behaviour and it should be made permanent to keep the roads safe.

The officer in charge of Western Bay of Plenty road policing wants the long weekend’s speed crackdown to be enforced permanently. Police across

He korokoro ora he manawa ora mo tatou katoa (A healthy throat, a healthy heart for all of us) Whakatane paediatrician Dr John Malcolm shares his perspective on rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease and the healthy throats and hearts projects in the Bay of Plenty. Rheumatic fever ‘licks the joints and bites the heart’. It follows a group A streptococcal throat infection (‘strep throat’). A few weeks later the following symptoms may develop: sore or swollen joints, shortness of breath, a skin rash, fever, jerky movements and fatigue. Although these symptoms may disappear,

Singing country at nine

Tauranga nine year old country music singer Georgia Baker-Trebilco has returned from the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards a winner after placing as a finalist in its junior category. As one of the younger performers at the event, to be one of four finalists from a field of 65 is a great achievement, says mum Rachael.

Bikes may be lost forever

Tauranga police say a $25,000 hoard of stolen bikes may never be seen again if the items have left Tauranga. Detective sergeant Eddie Lyttle says police have received no information about the gear stolen in May from AvantiPlus Mount Maunganui and Mount Bikes in Central Parade. Four BMX bikes, valued at about $1000, and four mountain bikes valued between $1700 and $6800 were stolen from the two stores.

Help for flood sufferers Speed crackdown worked

A healthy throat, a healthy heart.

Civil Defence is urging affected homeowners to get help from the Earthquake Commission for the costs of cleaning silt from their properties left by flooding. Civil Defence controller Diane Turner says the commission can assist with clean-up costs but homeowners need to lodge claims.

Echocardiogram heart image.

the heart valves may be permanently damaged – this is called rheumatic heart disease (RHD) Rheumatic heart disease kills an average of 145 New Zealanders each year. Both rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease are dear to the hearts of those looking at prevention, early detection and good treatment, sharing the common goal of preventing loss of young and adults in their most productive years. Rheumatic heart disease survivors include Crusaders Robbie Fruen. Local heroes have fronted rheumatic fever campaigns in Opotiki, Taneatua and Kawerau. Like the palisades of Maori pa or trenches of historic wars there are many lines of defence against rheumatic

fever, evolving with time and technology. One example of this is ultrasound, which was developed for submarine detection in World War 2. Using similar technology, echocardiographs (or ‘echos’) are able to scan the heart in detail and observe contractility (how effectively the heart is pumping), valve shape and valve leaks. Echocardiographs are a useful tool for doctors, children with rheumatic fever and their whanau. The echo machines are now portable, the size of a laptop and have come down in cost. The article below describes two healthy heart echocardiograph studies recently conducted in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. The aim of the studies was to check whether local childrens’ hearts were healthy at intermediate age, or whether they had undiagnosed rheumatic heart disease and congenital ndings as had been found in Auckland and East Coast children in recent years.


Did you know... • Rheumatic fever is a serious disease that can lead to permanent heart damage • It is almost three times more common in the Bay of Plenty than in New Zealand overall • Maori and Pacific children aged between 5 -14 years are most at risk of developing rheumatic fever • Rheumatic fever is preventable provided sore throats are treated correctly • An untreated sore throat (‘strep throat’) can cause rheumatic fever • If a child complains of a sore throat make sure they are checked by a doctor • If a ‘strep throat’ is diagnosed, the doctor will usually prescribe a 10 day course of antibiotics • It is important to complete the whole 10 day course to prevent rheumatic fever from developing • Sore throats matter – get them checked!

Healthy throats and hearts projects based in Taneatua, Murupara & Kawerau In late 2009, the opportunity arose for two echocardiograph heart studies to check for undiagnosed rheumatic heart disease amongst 10-12 year old children living in high incidence areas in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. After months of consultation and planning the echo studies were conducted in April and May 2010, led by Starship Heart Specialist Dr Nigel Wilson, Hana Harawira’s Early Intervention team with Taneatua based Te Kaokao o Takapau, Lyn Hartley’s team for Kawerau PHO and myself. Support for the studies came from Kawerau PHO, Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau, Te Ao Hou PHO, Te Kaokao of Takapau, Toi Te Ora - Public Health and BOPDHB and Norske Skog. Northern Regional ethics committee granted approval with appropriate community support. School principals were involved discussing the project and staff assisted distributing yers and consents to pupils. Local radio stations and media have been highlighting the ‘sore throats matter’ message. The rst study commenced on the 26

are known because each abnormal echo is being peer reviewed by three consultants.

Starship hospital cardiologist Nigel Wilson with an echocardiogram that measures heart performance. Photo: Paul Estcourt

April at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Tawhiuau and then moved to Taneatua school where local schools sent their pupils. Over the week 290 children had an echo check. Kawerau’s echo week began on 17 May where 250 children were checked. Two echocardiographers came from Auckland & Gisborne each week. Dr Nigel Wilson attended and thanked each team and had his research fellow Dr Bo Remenyi present each week to support the echocardiography and assist with diagnosis. It will be some time until the full results of the project

The goal of a national rheumatic fever workshop in Auckland in June 2009 was to outline strategy and process to ensure the reduction or acute rheumatic fever rates in Maori and Pacic young people (5-14 years) to European levels by 2020. The overarching conculsion of the workshop and published evidence supports that this is achievable. The Bay of Plenty and Lakes rheumatic fever steering group are currently working towards that goal. Acute sore throat swabbing in schools for group A streptococcal infection (GAS) starts soon in Kawerau (and possibly Murupara in 2011) alongside community, nursing, Hauora & GP awareness raising. Those with known RHD have regular 28 day penicillin, with a Bay of Plenty and Lakes DHB wide register on the horizon to support timely care, as steps towards those achievable goals. John Malcolm, Paediatrician R163bw953-10

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Friday 11 June 2010

Why use a mortgage adviser? month in repayments can take years off your mortgage, and save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in interest repayments? 4) Your application will be presented to lending decision makers directly. Side stepping those pesky call centres, tellers and managers and a mortgage adviser will help to place your best foot forward.

Whether you have a mortgage or would like a mortgage, a mortgage adviser can help you more than you may think. Over the last few years, banks have drastically changed the way they lend money and getting a mortgage has become somewhat harder than a few years ago. So how can a mortgage adviser help you? 1) The rules of the game have changed. Lending criteria have changed, lenders have come and gone, however, plans and action can still be taken! 2) Be in control. Home and business finances, and processes can be confusing. Most of us would rather ignore it than face it. In fact, most Kiwis don’t even know how much they owe on their mortgage, or how much they are paying for it! A mortgage adviser can help you to piece this puzzle together. 3) Debt free faster and cheaper. There are many strategies a mortgage adviser can help you with to pay your mortgage off faster. Did you know an extra $200 a


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5) One point of contact. A mortgage adviser will come to you and is generally available 24/7, not a call centre in another town (country!!) 6) Heaps of alternatives. There are many lenders (banks and non-banks) they can be found without spending hours of your time walking around or thumbing through the yellow pages.


7) Regulation. Shortly all good mortgage advisers will be qualified. This is an exciting prospect for us and gives you more peace of mind. 8) Impartial and honest advice. Mortgage advisers are influenced by you, not the banks. It is your mortgage and therefore it

should be built for you. 9) Service. Simple really, for expansion please read points one through to nine. We have found many examples where people have gone to their own bank (after being with the bank for 20 years) and had no luck. They have then come to Financial Independence Mortgages and we have been able to get them a better deal. In some cases with the same bank that originally declined them! In a recent case we managed to save the clients $7000 in bank fees. So there you go, whether you are a first home buyer, into investment property, looking for commercial or business finance, or existing mortgage holders, then you need to call Financial Independence Mortgages today. Philip Holland is the general manager for the Financial Independence, Tauranga’s leading specialist insurance and mortgage advisers. For further information please contact an adviser at Financial Independence 07 578 4414 or email info@yourbroker. A Disclosure Statement is available free of charge on request.

Business boost for small businesses Most small business owners are happy to support community projects, but it’s always nice for them to get something back in return. Thanks to the generosity of Sun Media, and several other business-tobusiness providers, business owners now have the chance to make a difference and boost their business at the same time.

Building houses

In September, Courtney Tilby, a 13-year-old Tauranga Girls’ College student is travelling to Mexico where she will help to build houses in the slums of Tijuana. She needs to raise $4000 to take part and has set up a page on the fundraising website ‘Givealittle’


EVEN YOUR PETS WON’T LEAVE • Superior durability • Unbelievable softness • Built-in stain protection • Quality tested in a real rhino enclosure

Corner 11th Avenue and Cameron Road, Tauranga, Phone: 07 928 7000 - 49 Totara Street, Mt Maunganui, Phone: 07 575 2323

to help make it happen. Western Bay business owners are being asked to visit Courtney’s fundraising page and make a donation of $10 or more. Every $10 donation will put them in the draw to win $6000 worth of products and services to help boost their business. Some of the prize package includes advertising with The Weekend Sun and , as well as corporate cards for No.1 The Strand, $200 credit at Bay Office Products Depot, and a six months subscription to the Venus Business Referral Network. To make a donation, visit www. Follow the instructions on the fundraising page to go in the draw. Entries close June 30. For more information, phone Kerri Tilby on 07 571 8819 or email kerri@


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Commitment to donate for life World Blood Donor Day on June 14 gives New Zealand Blood Service a chance to thank its current donors for the contribution they make and to also encourage a new wave of donors By Kirsten Pope

daughter, Diane Sanford, is also a regular donor and her granddaughter Sarah couldn’t wait to donate for the first time too. She became eligible when she turned 16 in December and has made two donations since. “I wanted to donate the day I turned 16, but it was a Sunday so I had to wait a day,” says Sarah. “I’ve been coming with my parents when they donate for a long time and plan to be a life-long donor as well. It doesn’t hurt and it’s great to help those who need it.” Donated blood only lasts 35 days, so NZBS needs a steady stream of blood donors to its centres. Every time a blood donation is given three lives can be saved or relieved from suffering and each donor can give up to four times each year. To find out if you are eligible to donate and to book an appointment for your next donation, call the Tauranga centre on 07 578 2194 or visit

The theme for this year is “New Blood for Life” encouraging young people to get involved in regular blood donations and thank those committed to donating for life. Tauranga resident Gladys Van Pelt has donated blood for 41 years and says that even though she has never needed a blood Three generations of blood donors; Gladys Van Pelt, who has transfusion, she would recommend others donated 114 times, with her daughter Dianne Sanford, who has get involved because it only takes a half donated 54 times, and granddaughter Sarah Sanford (centre), hour, costs nothing and is worthwhile to who has donated twice. see those who do benefit from it. Her

Helping asthmatics breathe easier The definition of asthma is that this is reversible, unfortunately not completely in everyone. The tubes (bronchioles) to the lungs can become narrowed by either a muscular spasm or an irritation of their lining producing inflammation, a thick mucous – both will mean there is less space in these tubes for the air to travel down causing the characteristic ‘wheeze’ of asthma. ‘Attacks’ can be caused by a number of stimuli, small particles, (dust, pollen, smoke) exercise, stress, excessive laughter, crying

or screaming. If an attack occurs, ask the individual if they have any medication on them. Be aware they may not have the breath to answer! Hand signals work. Sometimes moving to a different location that is calm, clean, quiet, shaded and ventilated may help – if it doesn’t, seek medical advice.

In between attacks the use of manual therapy to relax the accessory muscles of respiration may be helpful. These muscles are used in heavy breathing and can tighten in asthmatics, which makes breathing shallower. Loosening these (QL Traps Scalenes) and other muscles and keeping the joints of the neck, back and chest free can possibly assist in reducing the severity and frequency of the attacks as well as make the individual more comfortable. Breathing exercises can be very helpful to an individual who can then take some control in the earlier onset of an attack, hopefully removing the need for further intervention.

Improving team dynamics Tolerance of one another’s weaknesses Encouragement of each other’s efforts Acknowledgement that every person has something to offer Mindfulness of how each person depends on the others for success -Anonymous Our lives are formed and enhanced by building relationships, and many of those are in the form of teams. The above acronym gives some clear guidelines for how we can strengthen and maintain healthy teams and create a more pleasant environment in

which to work and play. Are you applying the above principles or are there more ways you can change and improve the dynamics of your team? If you would like to find out more about coaching, phone Mary for a complimentary session,

07 577 1200, email or visit


The Mount

Osteopathic Centre


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The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

Life is not perfect abundant

LIVING with John Arts

Life is not perfect and certainly this applies to health. There is much we have no control over. We are born with a set of genetic weaknesses we inherited from our parents. We could not control what our parents fed us as young children. While accepting that there are many things we cannot change, the key to health is to identify all the things we can change, starting of course with what we put in our mouths and what we do with our bodies. If you are not well, or perhaps have the first signs of some health problem, the first call should be to your GP

to get a proper diagnosis. Once you have done this, you should gather information about the role nutrients from diet and supplements, to help your body’s defences restore your health. You may require a period of more intensive supplementation with specialist products before dropping to a maintenance level. For example, let’s say you have some arthritis in your fingers and hands. Left unchecked the condition will steadily worsen. Add the compounds that prevent oxidation of joint cells, reduce local inflammation by changes to dietary fats and the difference can be profound.


Not only will there be almost certainly a reduction in pain and swelling, but the rate of degeneration could slow quite dramatically. If you feel great, I still strongly recommend supplementing a good diet with a maintenance level of a

New and existing clients are invited to help the ‘Hair 2 Stare @’ team celebrate three years this Saturday at the salon in Otumoetai.

broad spectrum multi-antioxidant that is also a full multi-mineral and multivitamin. This becomes a real insurance policy that guarantees you are getting optimum levels of all these critical micronutrients. Avoid products that claim you can get all the nutrients you need in a one-a-day formulation. It may sound great, but no single tablet can contain optimal levels of antioxidants and minerals. If you are not well it is worth remembering that many of the background causes of the problem were directly or indirectly linked to insufficient micronutrients over many years. You cannot expect to return to health while ignoring the very things that caused the problem in the first place. John Arts is a natural health commentator and researcher. If you have questions or would like a free health plan you can contact John at john@johnarts. or phone 07 578 9051 or 0800 423 559. You can join his newsletter at Read more from John at

known? Japan has committed several billions of dollars to the research of fatigue (including ME/CFS). John’s column refers to Dr Pall having “unlocked the scientific basis of the disease”. Dr Pall’s book Explaining Unexplained Illnesses… was recently reviewed by Professor Dr Christine Winterbourn, who heads the Free Radical Research Group, Department of Pathology, Otago University. She is familiar with the fields Dr Pall refers to and says, “Much of the evidence he (Dr Pall) presents is circumstantial, and I do have concerns because at least in a few cases that I am aware of, it is not as strong as he portrays. While it is an interesting hypothesis, it is far from proven.”

Reported facts

hair in the city

As part of Men’s Health Week, men of all ages can get a free spine check and free lung function test. The Age Concern Tauranga organised event is at the Historic Village Hall at the Historic Village on June

‘Hair 2 Stare @’ owner Corina Conn and stylists Rachael Smith (not pictured) and Natasha Hellyer invite new and existing clients to their third birthday party this Saturday.

Chance to learn fast growing healing modality

By ME/CFS Support Group (BOP) Inc secretary/manager John Kelliher

There is no known cure for ME/CFS. About 10 per cent recover naturally over a period of years. Science cannot yet tell us why. Others remain affected to varying degrees for the rest of their lives. Why would governments be putting millions of dollars into research if the cause and treatment is already

Checks for Men’s Health Week

“We’ll have nibbles and wine available and will give out free gift bags full of vouchers for hair cuts, colours, sachets of shampoo, conditioner and other hair products,” says owner Corina Conn. “The party will also provide an opportunity for new clients to meet with the team and get a free consultation.” Hair stylist Rachel Smith will soon go on maternity leave and ‘Hair 2 Stare @’ welcomes hair stylist Natasha Hellyer, who has many years experience. Natasha owned her own salon in Auckland for seven years and moved to Tauranga five years ago. Corina has 11 years experience hairdressing, has worked for TVNZ doing hair and makeup and has owned ‘Hair 2 Stare @’ since 2007. Corina and the ‘Hair to Stare @’ team specialise in permanent hair extensions that are lasting and won’t damage the hair, starting from $850, as well as hair ups for special occasions and up-to-date fashion hair colours and cuts for women and men. The girls keep up with all the latest trends by doing cut and colour courses all year round. “We are also really good at permanent hair straightening and every client who gets it is over the moon and says ‘it lasts longer than ever before’. It only costs $250 and can last up to a year.” Visit the ‘Hair 2 Stare @’ team on Saturday from 12-3pm.

John Arts’ ‘Abundant Health’ column of April 30 featured Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as ME/CFS.

No cure

Friday 11 June 2010

Celebrate with the stylists

Chronic fatigue syndrome – some facts

He refers to having recovered after having ME/ CFS for 15 years, and puts this down to treatment he devised himself, as well as a book by Dr Martin Pall of Washington State University.


John, however, reports it as fact. Dr Pall and John refer to the involvement of peroxynitrite. Dr Winterbourn’s comment is “At this stage, attributing a role for peroxynitrite in chronic fatigue syndrome must be regarded as even more tenuous.” Mainstream international ME/CFS medical and research experts also refute Dr Pall’s opinion. When we read something in a publication that includes reference to material written by a Doctor of Physics such as Dr Pall, the average person would accept this as accurate and reliable. John’s column does not state that he can cure ME/CFS. However, that inference can be drawn from it. John’s recommendations often include taking vitamin C. In ME/CFS, the immune system is already overactive. Vitamin C stimulates the immune system and people with ME/CFS should not take it. Many claims have been made of products that will cure ME/CFS, and some of our members, in desperation at defeating this awful illness, have spent thousands of dollars chasing the “magic cure”. None have worked. Our group believes in an approach using both conventional medicine and holistic or natural products that may help relieve some of the symptoms of ME/ CFS. They are not however a cure. Symptoms and severity vary from person-to-person with ME/CFS. It is certainly not ‘one size fits all’.

Lovelight Holistic Health is running a series of courses in Tauranga to teach the simple and effective ThetaHealing techniques. For several years, Lovelight Holistic Health owner Alan Willoughby has conducted therapy sessions to enable all types of people to free their lives from all forms of ‘dis-ease’ – physical, emotional, behavioural and spiritual. The ThetaHealing techniques employed in this therapy are easily learned and used by anyone. “ThetaHealing is possibly the fastest growing healing modality in the world today,” says Alan. “It quickly (often instantly) and permanently heals a wide range of common ‘dis-ease’ symptoms including allergies, phobias, learning disabilities and many symptoms which are considered ‘incurable’ by conventional medicine.

and thoroughly prepare people for using ThetaHealing to work on themselves and loved ones. “The courses combine theory with a large amount of practical work which allows you to practise the techniques in a supportive environment to gain confidence in your own new healing abilities.” For more information, visit

Lovelight Holistic Health owner Alan Willoughby.

Healing children

“ThetaHealing is particularly effective for children, healing many childhood complaints and allowing children to grow and develop to their full potential.” Alan says ThetaHealing can also change the deeplyheld beliefs which drive a person to think and act in a particular manner. “Beliefs are extremely powerful and as Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you believe you will succeed or fail, you are right.’

Changing beliefs

“Beliefs underlie everything we do, think and say. ThetaHealing can change your deeply-held beliefs instantly and can also teach your body what it feels like to have the new beliefs and to live life having these beliefs.” ThetaHealing courses are enjoyable, informative

Stop @ staring me!!

17, 10am-12pm. Men’s Health Week runs June 14-20 in many countries around the world and draws attention to men’s health issues, promotes healthy living for men and provides health information for men. For more information phone Age Concern Tauranga 578 2631.


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The Weekend Sun

Health and weight loss fever sweeps N.Z! A new health and weight loss revolution is sweeping New Zealand, driven by Ben Warren. If you haven’t heard this guy speak you need to hear him, it is truely life changing, at least it was for me. Ben Warren and his ‘Bepure Health Revolution’ is creating a groundswell of change, getting your every day people up and on their feet, eating better – living better. Ben is someone to watch in the future and now is possibly your best chance to see him live, in person, for free. What Ben has to say is for everyone, it does not matter if you are young or old, the principles that Ben talks about are principles you need to know and be applying in your life so you can have incredible health and be the weight you want as you get older. He has already put thousands of people through the Bepure Health Revolution with incredible results. The face of food and eating in New Zealand is beginning to change because of what Ben teaches and practices religiously. This guy lives it, breathes it, speaks it - he is the Real MaCoy. Results from his course have been nothing less than spectacular; people with various medical conditions, people who have been unable to lose weight, people who just want to have more energy or maintain health as they age, have all come away from the programme raving.

Meet the sensation!

I thought I’d delve into the ‘psyche’ of Ben to see just what it is that makes him tick. How does one come to create a sensation? While we won’t compare him to pop stars or the likes of Oprah or Anthony Robins yet – he seems to be well on the way to creating the kind of feel good, be good phenomena that has made those two so popular. 36-year-old Ben immigrated to New Zealand from the UK 11 years ago having met his Kiwi wife at University in America. At 20 Ben was an elite golfer and received a scholarship to play golf and study at the University of South Carolina. After graduating with double honours in Experimental Psychology and being named as an Academic All American Scholar Ben pursued his passion of golf. It was in the pursuit of excellence in golf that Ben discovered the importance of nutrition. During the next 5 years Ben studied Nutrition and organ function extensively through the Chek Institute in California, a renowned Health and Exercise institute (Paul Chek the founder introduced us to the Swiss ball as a training aid). Ben brings a holistic approach to permanent weight loss and incredible health. He now concentrates on his seminar business and has been contracted as a health presenter by firms such as Estee Lauder. His goal - make one million New Zealanders healthy (and that’s why he does free seminars.) Let’s hope he can succeed, with New Zealand recently being hailed as the third most obese nation in the OECD I sincerely hope more than 1 million take up his message.

Unbelievable weight loss, amazing energy, improved vitality (if you know what I mean), improved bone density, stabilising and reversing conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes are just some of the results reported to me by past and present participants of The Bepure Health Revolution. It’s a way of living that changes lives and creates happiness and satisfaction. Ben and the Bepure Health Revolution are the ‘Doctors of the future.’ Rather than looking only at present ailments they are looking to improve the body so it continues to function fully for as long as possible. I thought I knew a lot about food, a lot about nutrition – but this guy blows me out of the water. He has information you must know, information that is hard to find anywhere else, plus he’s put it together in an incredible ‘common sense’ way that makes it easy for you and me to pick up and do.

Evolution of the ‘Revolution’ I asked Ben how the Revolution came about? ‘ I developed the Bepure Health Revolution after years of studying the body - that includes joint mechanics, organ systems, hormone and adrenal function, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, motivation and personal growth. What most people need is the whole package. I asked Ben Warren why is the Bepure Health Revolution achieving such unparalleled successes? I mean all those I’ve talked to have done nothing but rave about the programme, ‘Easy weight loss that they had never been able to achieve before despite trying countless diets,’ ‘Results that can be seen and felt within the first couple of weeks.’ ‘My menopause/fibromyaligia/Irratable bowel/poor eye sight has improved.’ No-one I spoke to said ‘ Oh the programme is OK’ everybody absolutely raved about it – some I couldn’t stop talking.

What Ben had to say.. ‘The truth is most people don’t know the information they need, I give people everything they need to know to have permanent weight loss and incredible health. I then try and give them as much motivation and support for them to actually achieve this. What I do is show participants how their body works, how and why the problem occurred in the first place and then how they can heal themselves through nutrition and lifestyle choices.’ Before I heard Ben talk, I was one of the those people who thought I knew about health and nutrition.. but I didn’t! You simply need to hear Ben talk - his passion and enthusiasm are catching and my writing skills cannot do him justice. Don’t take my word for it, go hear him speak for yourself. It could, quite simply, save your life! - Joyce Bolton.

“I lost ten kilos and feel great, I don’t need as much sleep, am full of energy, have more stamina at the gym and now understand my body.” Rei Johnson - NZ “ This course has been a godsend for me. I was on medication for Rheutomid Arthritis and since starting this program i have not taken my medication. Last lot of blood tests came back negative and i feel really great at the moment . I am doing a half marathon next weekend and also on no medication. I have alot more energy now” Rachael Chadderton, NZ “I’ve lost 16 kilos, my belt buckle has come down 5 notches. My metabolic age was 70 when I started the programme now my metabolic age is 49 and I’ve had a birthday! It’s so easy to adopt, just listen to Ben’s advice, adapt your meal plans and the weight will just fall off.” Bill Shepherd - NZ In four weeks, Isla from Havelock North lost over 6 kilos of fat. Put on 4.4kg of muscle, increased bone density by 8% and reduced visceral fat - she had this to say “these results blew me away!” Isla Stewart - NZ “After about seven weeks on the implementation programme I was feeling so fantastic in every area of my life... What I have learned will stay with me right through life and for that I thank Ben, John and the team. Your encouragement and support is what makes doing this programme easy!” Carol Gilbertson - NZ

“I loved it! How it was not all about losing weight. Being healthy was the big thing - I am looking forward to a life without food restrictions and calorie counting. I can’t wait!” Brooke Strachan - NZ

You’re invited to an Evening Seminar with Ben


! P . O . B n i y l

n available O s ’ t igh tickets ed Limit

Do you want… Confidence More energy Better sleep Increased sex drive Improved mood Incredible health Freedom from health issues Plus: Permanent Weight Loss

At this fun and entertaining seminar you will learn Ben’s formula to losing weight and being healthy for life. Don’t expect the same old boring information here... On the night you will get cutting edge information on health, diet and weight issues. Information you can immediately put into action for amazing results! Jamie Lawson came to an evening seminar and emailed... ”We have been doing the things that were suggested at the Seminar that night, and I have already lost 4kg and it’s only been just over a week!” For coming along to this night Ben will email you a free report “The Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss and Incredible Health” – plus a special offer to join the Bepure Health Revolution.

Tauranga - Tuesday 15th June, 2010 Papamoa - Wednesday 16th June, 2010 Te Puke - Thursday 17th June, 2010 Greerton - Friday 18th June, 2010 7:30pm - 9:00pm - entry by ticket only

Visit for more information, call 0800 873 787 or email for your COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS.


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Charity lunch helps fund programmes Money raised by Air New Zealand Holidays during a charity lunch earlier this year will go toward Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust programmes which help women like Sally Rains through breast cancer. “The services provided by BCSS are just incredible,” says Sally Rains. “There are many programmes to participate in and I regularly took part in the meditation and relaxation groups. Gentle exercise post-surgery helps prevent lymphoedema and the programmes and group talks provide a very positive environment for women who are all going through the same thing. I can’t speak highly enough of BCSS.” The charity lunch, held on a cruise ship earlier this year, raised $2767 for Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust.

very supportive and we are happy to have raised this money for BCSS, which does such a wonderful job in the community.” Breast Cancer Support Services will use the money raised during the Air New Zealand Holidays charity lunch to fund a YWCA Encore programme later this year. BCSS organiser Julie Blake says the money Encore is a gentle exercise programme raised by general manager Rose Chalmers and which helps women after breast cancer to the Air New Zealand Holidays team will help restore mobility, flexibility and confidence fund programmes for women like Sally Rains while the warm water in the hydrotherapy sessions relieve affected muscles. The eight (centre) after breast cancer. Photo by Tracy Hardy. week programme includes specifically designed pool and floor exercises, healthy “This fundraiser was held onboard Crystal lifestyle information, relaxation and peer Symphony – one of the last cruise ships to support, providing women an opportunity to visit Tauranga,” says New Zealand Holidays share their experiences in a safe and supportTauranga general manager Rose Chalmers. ive environment. “Our staff and the guests onboard were all By Kirsten Pope

Accessing resources Information about Tauranga health and social services will become easier to access with a Webhealth internet kiosk planned for installation in Bayfair Shopping Centre next month. The Webhealth Linkage kiosk is a free-standing internet-based resource of health and social service information that is region specific, so ensures services registered are easily found in the community. Currently there are more than 650 health and social service organisations registered on the regional website Webhealth representative Rosalie Crawford says the kiosk will be of huge benefit to the community. Funding for the kiosk was provided by BayTrust and First Sovereign Trust with the website itself funded by Bay of Plenty District Health Board. “Webhealth is able to link all community organisations and providing a free standing kiosk makes that linking process easier. The information and resources on the site and kiosk will always be up-to-date,” says Rosalie. Webhealth Linkage is a not-for-profit organisation that has spent the last six years creating a service navigation directory of links for the community, to health and social service providers, (such as GPs, pharmacies, budget advice, accredited counsellors, and support groups), to health resources and information, (such as cancer, immunisation, parenting information), along with self-assistance scenarios. “If you want to find health and wellbeing information for your whanau/family, you can use the kiosk free of charge to find the help you are looking for. “It is an excellent tool for those who do not have internet access or who wish to remain anonymous when searching for information.”

Pianist performance Internationally acclaimed pianist Roman Rudnytsky will perform works by Schumann, Beethoven, and Liszt on Sunday, June 20 at 2pm at Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre. Roman is a graduate of The Julliard School and Mozarteum University in Austria, has won

more than 10 major international piano competitions, and is professor of piano at Youngstown State University in Ohio, USA. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for senior citizens and $5 for children under 12 and are available from Baycourt. Door sales will also be available.

Friday 11 June 2010


Friday 11 June 2010

252 477


NZ Importer of Second Hand Engines & Transmissions LARGEST RANGE IN NZ

Full warranties Large & small Petrol & diesel

NZ Distributor of ATV 6 & 8 Wheeled Amphibious Vehicles “Le take t an Arg o you wh no has bother AT ere een b V efor e” -NEW



Adults often find moving house to be as stressful as the death of a close relative, severe illness, job loss or divorce. So why do we sometimes assume that children won’t be as affected by moving house? Children are essentially powerless when shifting house as they are not involved in the decision to move; this has been a choice adults have made for them. Generally children will focus on the loss, whether it is their friends or just having a safe and familiar environment. Remember that change of any kind can be incredibly difficult to deal with for many children. Many young children find the changes in daily routines scary so moving house from where they feel safe and secure may become potentially traumatic, especially if they are young and dependent on routine for stability.

Different perception

An adult’s perception of the move may also affect children’s ability to adjust to moving house. If the move is a result of parental separation, domestic violence or job loss, then the resulting stress and anxiety for the adult can also be very frightening for a child. If however, the move is viewed and talked about as a positive change and if the whole

family feel and are involved in the decisions about the practicalities of the move this may help children to adjust more easily. A move can become a positive experience for your family as any kind of change creates the need for a lot of communication and planning. If you are moving, this may provide you, as parents, with an opportunity to learn more about your children, their reactions and feelings. After a successful house move, you may find your children have become more independent.

Support and help

Some children are able to settle in quickly and make connections with new people. Others may require extra support in order to settle in and others may be very insecure about moving. Most children experience a sense of loss and respond in a grieving manner by becoming distressed, angry, depressed or withdrawn whilst others may become defiant and aggressive. Children who move often may find it difficult to form and maintain friends and relationships. Older children may find it more difficult to become part of established social groups. To understand whether children are affected by the move or not, it is important to identify any changes in behaviour and to listen to what they are saying. If what they are saying is in opposition to how they are behaving, they may be telling you what

they think you want to hear rather than how they really feel. Stability tends to be the key antidote to the effects of moves and especially so for multiple moves. A new beginning means children will have to make connections to new people, places and things after the shift. This also means the end of an era and this must be acknowledged to nurture children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. Children should be fully involved in the process of being able to say goodbye. The goodbyes may be as simple as saying farewell to familiar gardens, parks and local play areas to arranging complex farewells to friends, peers and favourite teachers.

Award recently – a free programme encouraging early childhood centres to promote the healthy heart message to under fives and their families. Sandy says to achieve the award, centres must meet a series of criteria showing that they promote and support healthy nutrition and physical activity.

The Montessori method, developed by Dr Maria Montessori 100 years ago and now used worldwide, is based on observations of how children naturally learn. Maria discovered all children have the instinctive tendency to develop through their own interactions with activities, what she calls their ‘work’ within a specially prepared Montessori environment.

Independence nurtured

The carefully organised Montessori-prepared environment promotes independence and is fundamental to the method as is indoor outdoor flow within a three hour work cycle.

Experienced Montessori directresses observe the activities that children are engaged in and follow their natural interests. “We follow the child. We respect a child’s ability to follow their inner guide through self-directed learning.

By concentrating on an activity they have freely chosen, a child will begin to show spontaneous self-discipline, independence, love of order, and complete harmony with others. They also learn from each other so we encourage mixed grouping of children aged two to six.” Little Sweethearts Montessori sessions run from 9am-12pm and 12.303.30pm daily with an extended day option available.

for all your Baby Gear & Nappies! ONLINE OR INSTORE

“Developing a nutrition policy, having food safety qualifications, and including nutrition and physical activity in the curriculum are just some of the requirements.” The award not only provides early childhood centres with recognition from the Heart Foundation, it also raises aware-

ness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle at an early age. To promote the message, primary and high schools are offering the award as well. “With heart disease the major cause of death in New Zealand, we hope that a healthier generation will result,” says Sandy. By Tash Cain

Chloe enjoys the individualised programme at Little Sweethearts Montessori.

Purr-fect for cat lovers Dewey, there’s a cat in the library! by Vicki Myron, Simon and Schuster, RRP $28 A true story guaranteed to warm the hearts of cat lovers. On a cold winter’s morning, a young kitten was found in the returned books bin at Spencer Library, Iowa, USA. He was near-frozen, starving, dirty and scared. A kind librarian, Vicki Myron, fed the stray kitten. Then she washed him and discovered his ginger coat, white chest and white paws. Vicki named the furry survivor, Dewey Readmore Books, and he became the library mascot. He rode the book returns trolley, snooped in open drawers, played with pens, and made friends with library patrons of all ages. Dewey showed a gift for charming shy children and educating those who wanted to pull his tail and squeeze him too tight. When he needed to escape for a nap, small boxes became his bed of choice. Evocative illustrations by Bret Witter capture Dewey’s lovable personality and expressive eyes. Witter shows Dewey’s interaction with children through lifelike close-ups, full of appeal. The library cat became an international celebrity with a fan club and television interviews on YouTube. There’s even a movie about Dewey planned for release in 2011. Purr-fect! Reviewed by children’s book author, Jean Bennett

Mere-Heeni Te Hauwaho, kai awhina (carer/ teacher) Tiria Maunder and Nepia Daniels from Merivale Whanau Aroha Centre have a vegetable garden and this promotes healthy eating for the children and families.

home based child care

Photo by Bruce Barnard


Friday 11 June 2010

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129 Willow St, Tauranga Ph: 578 5472 Weekdays to 5pm, Sat to 4pm. Size 8-18

“At Little Sweethearts Montessori we meet the needs of individual children offering a calm, secure environment where a child’s sense of order, desire to be independent and to help out is acknowledged” says owner Rhonda Davison. “During their three hour work cycle, the children can work in any area once they are shown what to do. The children move inside and out at any time and can work alone or with their friends in the garden, in the sandpit or enjoy some quiet time.”

Self-directed learning

Next week – What can we do to make moving house less stressful?

Under fives: nutritionally aware Many Western Bay early childhood centres have vegetable gardens to promote the healthy eating and physical activity message to their under fives, says Heart Foundation health promotion coordinator Sandy Ritchie. Twelve early childhood centres in the Western Bay have been awarded the Healthy Heart


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Following the natural learning path

We’re moving again

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Recent award holders include: ABC Papamoa, ABC Tauranga, Katikati Kindergarten, Kids R Us Welcome Bay, Merivale Whanau Aroha Centre, Te Kohanga Reo o Ngati Hangarau, Te Kohanga Reo o Poike, Te Kohanga Reo Pirirakau; Te Puke Playcentre; Top Kids Welcome Bay; Otumoetai Play Centre.

home based child care

PH 07 571 4446

Cnr 9th Ave & Cameron Rd, Tauranga

Friday 11 June 2010


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Friday 11 June 2010


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SAVE $7,000 SAVE $7,000 SAVE $7,000

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• Active stability and traction control • 6 airbags, including side and curtain

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• 5 Speed automatic model available


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• 4 Star ANCAP Safety Rating


• Limited numbers available SAVE $4,000 • 5 Speed automatic model available Speedautomatic automaticmodel modelavailable available • •5 5Speed + ORC* + ORC* • Active stability and traction control 1 2 3 + ORC* Activestability stabilityand andtraction tractioncontrol control + ORC* • •Active + airbags, including sideavailable and curtain ••56Speed automatic model + ORC* ORC* Powertrain Warranty New Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist airbags,including includingside sideand andcurtain curtain • •6 6airbags, + ORC* + ORC* ••Active and traction control 4 Speed Starstability ANCAP Safety Rating + ORC* 5 Speed automatic model available • automatic model available 4Star Star ANCAP Safety Rating • •5 4NEW ANCAP Safety ZEALAND’S BESTRating NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES ••• 6 airbags, including side and curtain Limited numbers available + ORC* ORC* Active stability and traction control ••Active 5Limited Speed automatic model available + stability traction control • 5• automatic model available numbers available (1)numbers 10 year orand 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km •Speed Limited available + ORC* ••46Star ANCAP Safety Rating New Vehicle Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable). (3) 5 year or 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes first) airbags, including side and curtain curtain + • Active stability and traction control • 6 airbags, including side and + ORC* • Active stability and traction (noncontrol transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. ••Speed Limited numbers available • 5 automatic model available 4 Star ANCAP Safety Rating 1 2 3 •airbags, ANCAP Safety • 46Star airbags, including sidecurtain and curtain •• 6Active including sideRating and + ORC* 1 1 22 3+ 3 ORC* stability and traction control • Limited numbers available •Star Limited numbers available • 4 Star ANCAP Safety Rating ••• 4 ANCAP Safety Rating Powertrain New Vehicle Warranty RoadsideAT Assist BE THEWarranty FIRST TO SEE THE EXCITING NEW ASX FIELDAYS 56Speed automatic model available airbags, including side and curtain 1 2 3 PowertrainWarranty Warranty NewVehicle VehicleWarranty Warranty RoadsideAssist Assist Powertrain New Roadside Limited numbers available ••• Limited numbers Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi+ ORC* Active stability and available traction control 4•Star ANCAP Safety Rating Powertrain Warranty New Vehicle Warranty 2 52 3 NEW ZEALAND’S• BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ALL MITSUBISHI VEHICLES dealer now, see orON call 0800 NEW 54 53 forRoadside moreAssist information. 11 2 3 6Limited airbags, including side and curtain •BEST numbers available NEWZEALAND’S ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ONALL ALLNEW NEWMITSUBISHI MITSUBISHIVEHICLES VEHICLES NEW NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON (1) 10 year or• 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes fi rst) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km 4 Star ANCAP Safety Rating Powertrain Warranty New Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist 1 comes Powertrain Warranty NewColour Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist *Offers available atcomes participating Mitsubishi dealers from 1 June until 31 (3) July 2010 or while last. choice subject2to availability. excludes On Road 2Offer 3 NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES yearoror 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever fistocks rst) (non transferable). year or130,000km 130,000km (1)(1)1010 year 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes fi1 rst) (non transferable). (2)(2)5 5year or New Vehicle Warranty (whichever first) (non transferable). 5 year or 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes fi3 rst) Costs of up to numbers $850 which consists of vehicle registration, WOF, 5,000km Road User Charges (where applicable) and a full tank of fuel. Savings quoted are off RRP • Limited available NewVehicle Vehicle Warranty (whichever comes fi rst)(non (non transferable). (3)5fi5year year or130,000km 130,000km Assist (whichever comesfirst) first) New (whichever comes first) transferable). or Roadside Assist (whichever comes 1or(3) 2Roadside 3 (which exclude ORC’s). Offers not available to Visit major fleet, lease, rental Government purchasers. Contact local Mitsubishi dealer for (non transferable). for terms and your conditions. (1) 10Warranty year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes rst) (non transferable). (2) 5 year ordetails. 130,000km Powertrain WarrantyWarranty for New Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist (nontransferable). transferable). forterms terms and conditions. Powertrain New Vehicle Warranty NEW ZEALAND’S BEST VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES (non Visit and conditions. NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES New Vehicle Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable). (3) 5 year or 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comesRoadside first) Assist Powertrain Warranty New Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist (nonPowertrain transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. (1) 10 year or 160,000km Warranty (whichever comes fi rst) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km 1 comes first) (non transferable). 2 3 (1) 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever (2) 5 year or 130,000km Bay City Mitsubishi NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES New Vehicle Warranty Warranty (whichever comes first) rst) (non (non transferable). (3) 5 5 year year or or 130,000km 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes first) rst) NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALLAssist NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES New Vehicle (whichever comes fi transferable). (3) Roadside (whichever comes fi 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES Powertrain Warranty New Vehicle Warranty Roadside Assist (non transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. (non transferable). for terms and conditions. (1) 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain WarrantyVisit (whichever comes first) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km (1) 10 year 160,000km or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes fitransferable). rst) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km 07 578Powertrain 0039 Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi (1) Warranty 10 year or (whichever Warranty (whichever comes first) (non (2) 5 year or 130,000km New Vehicle comes first) (non transferable). (3) 5 year or 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes first) NewVehicle Vehicle Warranty (whichever comes fi rst) (non transferable). (3) 5 year orALL 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes first) Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi New Warranty (whichever comes fi rst) (non transferable). (3) 5 year or 130,000km Roadside Assist (whichever comes first) NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY–AVAILABLE ON NEW MITSUBISHI VEHICLES dealer now,Visit orfor call 0800 53 52 for more information. (non transferable). terms and54 conditions. arenow, falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi (non transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. (nonPrices transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. dealer see or call 0800 54 53 52 for more information. dealer now, see or call 0800 54 53 52 for more information. (1) 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable). (2) 5 year or 130,000km dealer now, or call 0800 54Roadside 53 52 for more information. New Vehicle Warranty (whichever comes first) (nonsee transferable). (3) 5 year or 130,000km Assist (whichever comes first) *Offers available at participating Mitsubishi dealers from 1 June until 31 July 2010 or while stocks last. Colour choice subject to availability. Offer excludes On Road Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi (non transferable). Visit for terms and conditions. Prices are falling right across the Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi Costs of up to $850 which consists of vehicle registration, WOF, 5,000km Road User Charges (where applicable) and a full tank of fuel. Savings quoted are off RRP










*Offers available participating Mitsubishi dealers from 1 June until July 2010 while stocks last. Colour choice subject availability. Offer excludes Road *Offers available at at participating Mitsubishi dealers from 1 June until 3131 July 2010 oror while stocks last. Colour choice subject to to availability. Offer excludes OnOn Road (whichavailable exclude ORC’s). Offers not available to major fleet, lease, rental or 2010 Government purchasers. Contact your0800 local dealer for details. dealer now, see or call 54 53 52 for more information. *Offers at participating Mitsubishi dealers from 1 June until 31 July orUser while stocks last. Colour choice subject totank availability. Offer excludes On Road Costs $850 which consists vehicle registration, WOF, 5,000km Road Charges (where applicable) and aMitsubishi full tank fuel. Savings quoted are RRP Costs of of upup to to $850 which consists of of vehicle registration, WOF, 5,000km Road User Charges (where applicable) and a full of of fuel. Savings quoted are offoff RRP dealer now, see or call 0800 54 53 52 for more information. Costs of up to $850 which consists of vehicle registration, 5,000km Road User Chargespurchasers. (where applicable) and ayour full tank ofMitsubishi fuel. Savings quoted are off RRP (which exclude ORC’s). Offers available major flWOF, eet, lease, rental Government purchasers. Contact local dealer details. (which exclude ORC’s). Offers notnot available to to major fleet, lease, rental oror Government Contact your local Mitsubishi dealer forfor details.


Prices are falling fallingright rightacross across the Triton range. Drop Mitsubishi Prices are the Triton Drop intointo youryour Mitsubishi Prices are falling rightTHE across therange. Triton range. Drop into your Mitsubishi BE THE FIRST TO SEE EXCITING NEW ASX AT FIELDAYS dealer now, see call 0800 54 52 for more information. *Offers available available at at participating participating Mitsubishi Mitsubishi dealers dealers from 1 1now, June until until 31 July July 2010 or or while while stocks stocks last. Colour choice subject to availability. availability. Offer excludes On Road Road *Offers from June 31 2010 last. Colour choice Offer excludes On dealer see oror call 0800 54 subject 53 53 52to for more information. (which exclude ORC’s). Offers not available to major fleet, lease, rental or Government purchasers. Contact your local Mitsubishi dealer for details.

Bay City Mitsubishi Costs of up up to to $850 which which consists of of vehicle vehicle registration, registration, WOF, 5,000km 5,000km Road Charges (where (where applicable) and a a full full tank of of 54 fuel. Savings Savings quoted are off RRP RRP information. dealer now,Road see or call 0800 53 52 forare more Costs of $850 consists WOF, User Charges and tank fuel. quoted off are falling across theapplicable) Triton range. Drop into (which exclude ORC’s).Mitsubishi Offers not available available to toPrices major fl fleet, eet, lease, rental or or right Government purchasers. Contact your local Mitsubishi Mitsubishi dealer foryour details.Mitsubishi Bay City Mitsubishi (which exclude ORC’s). Offers not major lease, rental Government purchasers. Contact your local dealer for details. Bay City 140 Cameron TAURANGA Bay CityRoad, Mitsubishi

dealer now, see or call 0800 54subject 53 52 for more information. *Offers available at participating Mitsubishi from June until31 31July 2010oror while stocks last. Colour choice to availability. Offer excludes On Road *Offers available at participating Mitsubishidealers dealers from 1 June until 2010 while stocks last. Colour choice subject to availability. Offer excludes On Road 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA Costs of up to $850 which consists of 5,000km Road31 User Charges applicable) fullchoice tank ofsubject fuel. Savings quoted off RRP Costs ofavailable up to $850 consists ofvehicle vehicleregistration, registration, WOF, Road User Charges applicable) and and aColour fullatank of fuel. Savings quoted are off are RRP 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA *Offers atwhich participating Mitsubishi dealers WOF, from5,000km 1 June until July 2010 (where or(where while stocks last. to availability. Offer excludes On Road (which exclude ORC’s). Offers notavailable available major eet, lease, rental ororGovernment purchasers. Contact your locallocal Mitsubishi for details. (which exclude Offers not totomajor flfleet, lease,WOF, rental Government purchasers. Contact your Mitsubishi details. Costs of up ORC’s). to $850 which consists of vehicle registration, 5,000km Road User Charges (where applicable) and adealer full dealer tank offor fuel. Savings quoted are off RRP

07 578 0039

07578 578 0039Mitsubishi 07 0039 Bay City 07 578 0039 *Offers participating Mitsubishi dealers 1 June until 31 July 2010or orGovernment while stocks last. Colour choice subject to availability. Offer excludes (whichavailable excludeatORC’s). Offers not available tofrom major fleet, lease, rental purchasers. Contact your local Mitsubishi dealer On forRoad details. Costs of up to $850 which consists of vehicle registration, WOF, 5,000km Road User Charges (where applicable) and a full tank of fuel. Savings quoted are off RRP 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA (which exclude ORC’s). Offers not available to major fl eet, lease, rental or Government purchasers. Contact your local Mitsubishi dealer for details. 140 Cameron Road, TAURANGA

Bay City Mitsubishi Bay Mitsubishi 07 City 578 0039

BayCity CityMitsubishi Mitsubishi Bay

Cameron Road,TAURANGA TAURANGA 140140 Cameron Road,

07 578 0039Road, TAURANGA 140 Cameron 07140 578 0039 Cameron Road, TAURANGA 07578 5780039 0039 07

Friday 11 June 2010


A night of fine wining and dining

Enjoy an evening of superb food and beautiful wines during a degustation dinner at No.1 The Strand on Thursday, June 24.

italian pizzer ia & medit er r anean caf É

The seven course menu, designed by No.1 The Strand chef Darryl Switalla will be accompanied by eight Lawson’s Dry Hills wines, specially selected by local wine aficionado Oliver Pasquale of Red + White Cellars. The newly released Pioneer range of Lawson’s Dry Hills wines will be featured. This is a limited series wine that is hand-crafted and only produced in exceptional vintages,

Oliver Pasquale of Red + White Cellars (left) and chef Darryl Switalla have created a matching food and wine menu for a degustation dinner at No.1 The Strand. using the very best grapes from the Marlborough region. The Pioneer range is a tribute to founder Ross Lawson who passed away suddenly in 1999. Lawson’s Dry Hills will be presented by national marketing manager Tanya Orchard on the night. “The first wine will be served at 6.30pm sharp during a meet and

greet,” says Oliver. “The remaining wines will be served alongside the seven course menu when all guests are seated, from 7pm. This will be a relaxed evening with superb food and beautiful wines.” Places are limited. To book, phone Tony at No.1 The Strand.

Following on from my ramblings last week, I apparently have one fan thinking of me and the way I get my rocks off, ooops sorry about that, I mean my teething issues from carrying stones.

By Kirsten Pope

Savour Wasabi Peas and Savour Chilli Flavoured Peas are lightly toasted peas with a crispy wasabi or chilli flavoured coating and are the perfect snack for all occasions. Whether sharing with friends or enjoying them by yourself, these lightly roasted spicy peas taste

Savour Wasabi Peas and Chilli Flavoured Peas, available at Culinary Council, are a great snack to share or keep to your self. great with your favourite beverage anytime of the day. Those who enjoy crunchy snacks will appreciate the texture and crispiness of the peas, while those who enjoy foods with a spicy kick will enjoy the Japanese horseradish. They are also a smart, low calorie snack. Most people will only handle eating one or two at a time and they are difficult to overeat because of the strong wasabi flavour. The Savour Chilli Peas taste mild in comparison but still offer crunch and flavour that leaves you wanting more. Packets of Savour Wasabi Peas and Chilli Flavoured Peas are available for $2.50 at Culinary Council in the Gate Pa Shopping Centre.

By Kirsten Pope

Friday 11 June 2010

My molars are now at peace

A smart and delicious snack with a kick The combination of a common garden vegetable and a beloved sushi condiment proves to be a smart and delicious thing with Savour Wasabi Peas.


The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

Jed thinks he has found just the place for me to pay a visit and get my well worn gnashers rebuilt (pictured). Now I can dig up rocks on the beach quite happily knowing there is a safety net out there for old dogs like me. Thanks Jed, this means a lot, as Ralph the cat has been getting a little bit too daring, and with my well-worn teeth, he knows that when I give him a little hurry up, he has nothing really to fear. This has been very upsetting for a dog of my character and breeding, and there was a thought that I would have to seek counsel-

ling as I was loosing my edge. Well no more, the “intrepid chocolate crusader” is once again on the prowl, so beware, all you creatures of the night, (including some of the two legged variety, down on The Strand), as my good mate Arnie said, “I’ll be back,” and sure enough… Mind you, it is getting a little jolly chilly, so I may just bide my time and stay in front of the fire. Now talking about fires, my good mate Johnny the Aussie Butcher has certainly lit one under his prices this week, there are some quality specials to be had for sure, so get on down to see him and get your teeth into his meat.

Slow roast pork

Ingredients 2.5kg pork shoulder roast 1 Tbsp chilli flakes 1 Tbsp cumin seeds 1 Tbsp mustard seeds 1 Tbsp crushed garlic 1 Tbsp salt 2 Tbsp oil Method Preheat oven to 200C. Score the skin of the pork with a sharp knife then pat dry with a paper towel. Mix together the flakes, seeds, garlic and salt and massage into the pork, rubbing in well between the scored lines. Place pork on a rack in a roasting tray. Insert a meat thermometer into the middle of the meat (avoiding the bone). Drizzle over the oil and pour one cup of boiling water into the oven tray. Place in preheated oven for 30 minutes, then reduce temperature to 120C and cook 3-4 hours until the juices run clear when the meat is pierced or until the thermometer reaches 71C. Serve with roast vegetables and Brussels sprouts.


Ingredients 1 tsp bourbon dash orange bitters ½ tsp superfine sugar dry sparkling wine 1 slice brandied peach (optional)

Method Combine bourbon, bitters and sugar in mixing glass. Pour into chilled champagne glass. Top with sparkling wine. Do not stir. Garnish with 1 slice brandied peach. Well my good people, that is all from me this week, so take it easy out there and remember, do it to them, before they do it to you.

Recipes to uplift and enhance your lifestyle I picked up this great recipe book the other day from Mount New World. ‘Animal free recipe book’ written by Angel Selenie. With over 100 tasty, easy and practical recipes to make, you will be guaranteed to never be hungry or go short of meal ideas. The recipes are very healthy and based around a variety of nutritional ingredients. A great book for vegetarians, vegans or the health conscious. It would also make an excellent gift. I particularly liked the red lentil dahl, and the eggplant curry with cashews was just lovely. The raspberry cheesecake with a macadamia crust is divine.


The Weekend Sun has a copy of the Vegan and Vegetarian recipe book to give away to lucky readers who can tell us who wrote the ‘Animal free recipe book’. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by June 16.

Grab a copy from the Bethlehem Tea Shop, Palm Beach Health, City Produce, Books a Plenty, Mount New World, or email and get cooking. RRP $30.


ju st $1.

With compliments from Karen and Gary bb’s cafe Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, Tauranga


The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Wipe away glass worries A warm home is a dry home People frustrated by dirty shower glass can have it professionally cleaned to wipe away their worry, says Roly Wray. Roly owns and operates Shower Clean Services, a Tauranga owned and operated glass cleaning business that restores shower glass to as new condition. Shower Clean Services can clean glass professionally at a fraction of the cost it is to replace it. Shower glass gets dirty for many reasons including water residue, mineral deposits, lime scale and soap residue. “It’s an eyesore when you walk in and see dirty showers,” says Roly, who also notes, when restored to its original form the glass will last indefinitely. He recommends after having glass profession-

While some people believed that summer would continue on forever, the temperatures this week have proved that winter has finally, well and truly, arrived.

ally cleaned it is important for people to clean it regularly to keep it in pristine condition. “If you don’t stay on top of it – it will start to reappear again.” He says once glass is professionally cleaned it is easy to maintain the crisp look by cleaning the glass every two weeks with a shower ball on a string, scrubbing some dishwashing liquid on the glass, rinsing it off and then letting it dry. Roly provides a friendly service to his customers, with good advice and a quote that includes high quality protectant with no hidden extras. Shower Clean Services also cleans acrylic backs, ceramic tiles, balustrades, windows and marine. “Basically, anything glass.” By Tash Cain

Roly Wray professionally cleans the glass in showers to as new condition.

Putting an end to kitchen crimes New Zealanders can spend less time sick from food poisoning by keeping the kitchen clean and being food safe. One in four Kiwis say they have had a bout of food poisoning in the past two years, and the vast majority believe the cause was a meal bought outside the home, according to a survey done by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). “But that’s not necessarily the case,” says NZFSA’s principal adviser Roger Cook.


“About 40 per cent of food poisoning is from kitchen crimes at home. The most common crimes are not washing your hands properly and not cleaning the chopping boards between preparing raw meat or poultry and ready-to-eat foods.” Food poisoning costs New Zealand $86 million each year, mostly due to lost productivity from 5.3 million days off work.

“Most people probably think they are squeaky-clean in the kitchen, but if you take a closer look many of us have to plead guilty to unknowingly committing food crimes in the kitchen.” Avoid nasty food borne bugs by cleaning, cooking and chilling food properly and ensuring you have good hand hygiene. • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before, during and after preparing food. • Use separate cloths for wiping hands and dishes – and make sure they are clean. • Change sponges and dishcloths regularly. For a quick clean, rinse well in warm soapy water and then microwave for 2-4 minutes on high to kill most bugs. • Keep raw and cooked foods, and the utensils and plates used for each, separate at all times.

Raw foods

• After cutting raw meat and poultry, wash the chopping board and knives thoroughly in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. • Cook chicken, mince and sausages right through. If in doubt, use a meat thermometer to check that these meats are cooked to the safe internal temperature (75C). • Perishable food can be left covered at room temperature for up to two hours. Then it should be eaten, refrigerated or thrown out. • Make sure the fridge temperature stays in the 2-4C safe zone. • Cover food before putting it in the fridge. • Cover raw meat and store on the bottom shelf of the fridge so juices don’t drip onto other food.

Snowden Electrical is knowledgeable and experienced and will put in place in correct position so it operates efficiently in any home. “Our installers are full time staff and we take total responsibility for the implementation from initial consultation, recommendation, through to installation, plus, further maintenance and servicing should you require,” says Shane. By Kirsten Pope

“Shane Snowden Electrical has the largest Fujitsu air conditioning/ heat pump display in New Zealand so people are able to see exactly what they are getting and compare the models to find what will work best in their room,” says owner Shane Snowden. “Fujitsu makes a heat pump model to suit every situation from small, high walls to low walls and ducted units.” The Nocria is an elegant unit designed to sit very high on the wall, just 40mm below the ceiling and remain very unobtrusive. It has improved heating and cooling efficiency, saves energy and has automatic self-cleaning filter system that ensures highly efficient operation plus a UV filter that disinfects and deodorises the air. The Hi-Wall Plasma model is quiet, efficient, and has air cleaning abilities. It removes small dust particles, even mould spores and mite carcass, while absorbing most unpleasant odours like kitchen and pet smells. Keep warm this winter and visit the showroom at Shane Fujitsu is the leading heat pump brand in New Zealand and offers a six year warranty Snowden Electrical to compare the range of Fujitsu heat pumps. Pictured is owner Shane Snowden. Photo by Tracy Hardy. on all parts and labour. The team at Shane

Looking for a good home for Gucci A pet is often one of the finishing touches which make a house a home. People who are thinking about getting a pet should consider Tauranga SPCA, says animal attendant Becks Lloyd. “We have a particularly special puppy called Gucci, a seven month old Whippet Collie cross.” Gucci has been at the SPCA for four months and was brought in as a matter of neglect as her

previous owners did not take her to the vet after she was run over by a car. “We received a complaint about the dog’s health and welfare and uplifted her from the property,” says Becks. Gucci has had various operations including a hip replacement and an operation to fix her hind legs. “She’s a massive fighter.” Gucci has a bubbly and playful personality and enjoys the company

of others. Becks says Gucci loves human food as well; her favourite foods are cheese and marmite sandwiches and chicken. Because of her injuries, Gucci does not know how to sit properly but knows how to come when called. “She may need some further obedience training.” Gucci has been micro chipped, vaccinated and spayed. Get in touch with the team at SPCA Tauranga and arrange a time to meet Gucci. There are cats, kittens, dogs and puppies are the SPCA, who all need a good home. By Tash Cain

Tauranga SPCA animal attendant Becks Lloyd fostered Gucci through her operations and nursed her back to health. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Tale of an unconventional flying lady Gail Hewlett launched her biography of Hilda Hewlett, entitled Old Bird The Irrepressible Mrs Hewlett, at Classic Flyers on Sunday. Hilda was born in 1864, the daughter of the vicar of an impoverished parish in South London. She went on to make her mark on the world aviation scene and eventually have roads named after her here in Tauranga and also in Luton, England. The biography tells the fascinating story of a pioneering and unconventional woman who played an interesting part in Tauranga’s history. The author is married to Hilda’s grandson, Anthony. Old Bird - The Irrepressible Mrs Hewlett, RRP $39, is available from The Bunker Shop at Classic Flyers, through the Bunker Shop online, and at Books A Plenty.


Better Value

With a House & Land Package Deal Oakwood, Papamoa .................$371,246 Gated subdivision, 4 bdrm, double garage

Ella Place, Papamoa .................. $551,340

Walk to beach, 2 level, 3 bdrm, 2 bthr, WIR, dble garage

Amy Place, Pyes Pa ................... $403,110 3 bdrm plus study, 2 bthr, double garage

Rowesdale, Ohauiti..................... $510,799 4 bdrm, 2 living, ensuite, WIR, double garage

At Signature Homes we work together with land developers to ensure that our clients get the best value for money when purchasing a House & Land package. Prices include house & land, permits, fencing, patios, driveway, letterbox and clothesline and are available for a limited time only. We can modify our homes to suit your requirements or design you a custom home.

Mortlake Heights, The Lakes ... $488,154 Open plan living, 3 bdrm + study, 2 bthr, double garage

Lynley Park, Omokoroa .............. $503,256 Nice outlook, 2 living, 4 bdrm, ensuite, WIR

Hawkridge, Bethlehem............ $523,240 4 bdrm, 2 bthr, WIR, spacious living, double garage

The Weekend Sun has a signed copy of Old Bird – The Story of Hilda Hewlett to give away to lucky readers who can tell us the year Hilda Hewlett was born. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by June 16.

Contact us for more site and plan options! Showhome: 113 Lakes Boulevard, The Lakes Open: Tue to Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat to Mon 1pm - 4pm Office: Cnr 16th Ave & Fraser St. Open: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Ph 07 578 1000 or Visit


Friday 11 June 2010

Friday 11 June 2010



The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Clean it up to hold the price to consider sprucing up your home,” says Richard. To increase a homeowner’s chance of a quick sale at top dollar, the Welcome Bay based company recommends real estate spruce ups.

Spruce up evaluation In the current market, selling a home is difficult with many people dropping their prices to meet the market, say The Spruce Up Company owners Richard and Elodie Knaggs. By Tash Cain

“If you want to make a strong impression without breaking the bank and keep your price, you may want

“Don’t drop the price, give your home a spruce up.” The Spruce Up Company performs an evaluation of the home with the client and details what needs to be done and at what cost. Richard says people can either do everything themselves and just pay for the report or get The Spruce Up Company to do the work or part of it. Richard and Elodie enlist the help of contractors to assist them in specialist areas, including interior designers, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and tillers. “When customers spend $1000, they get the cost of the report back.”

All-round sprucing

Richard and Elodie Knaggs have much experience in helping people spruce up their home to increase its value.

The Spruce Up Company takes care of half finished jobs, makeover the garden, maintain the interior and exterior of a house, declutter, as well as reorganise wardrobe storage. The Spruce Up Company also specialises in new home design and landscape design.

Out on a LIM In March this year, the Court of Appeal delivered a judgment, Marlborough District Council v Altimarloch, concerning council liability for issuing land information memoranda (LIM).

The claimant purchased a farm property in Marlborough in 2004. The sale and purchase agreement was conditional on the claimant obtaining and being satisfied with a LIM report from the Marlborough District Council. The LIM report stated that the farm had the benefit of class A and C water permits which gave the property owner the right to take and store water from the Altimarloch stream. However, contrary to the report, the class C permit had been transferred to a third party

and therefore any purchaser of the farm would only obtain the benefit of the class A permit. When the claimant discovered that they only had a class A water permit they issued proceedings against a number of parties including the council.

Statutory immunity

In defending the claim amongst other things the council argued that it had a statutory immunity when issuing LIM reports. The Court of Appeal confirmed that councils do owe legal duties to those to whom they supply LIM reports. In doing so the court ruled that there was no statutory immunity protecting councils for claims relating to the accuracy of LIM reports. The Court of Appeal judgment also confirmed that purchasers who do not protect themselves

by getting LIM reports when purchasing may have their claims reduced for contributory negligence.

Council legal liability

Purchasers of residential property often obtain LIM reports before committing themselves to the purchase of a property to ensure that the council is not aware of any problems with it. Where a purchaser has obtained a LIM report which is later found to be inaccurate and the inaccuracy has caused loss to the purchaser of the property, the council may have a legal liability to the purchaser. Bryan Easton is an associate at law firm Grimshaw & Co where he specialises in building defect disputes including leaky building claims. Email: Website:

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Friday 11 June 2010

This limited release wine is named after the 1879 Bird in Hand goldmine in the Adelaide Hills’ town of Woodside, South Australia where the Nugent family winery vineyards and olive

groves are situated. This lovely full and rich example of varietal Merlot, characterised by fleshy plums, red berries, fine grained French oak and a long supple finish. If you can resist drinking this lovely wine now, it would be a perfect addition to your cellar. Curl up at home with a bottle of this lovely wine; the Merlot would be perfect served with a Oliver Pasquale from Red + White Cellars.

dinosaur steak from the Aussie Butcher, quickly seal it in the pan and then transfer to the oven. If you haven’t tried these steaks, you seriously need to do it this weekend. Enjoy! with

The Weekend Sun has a bottle of Bird in Hand Merlot to give away to lucky readers who can tell us where the Nugent family winery vineyards are located. Enter online at www.sunlive. under the Competitions section. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Entries must be received by June 16.

No need to suffer to save power By making a few simple changes to your house and to the way you live you can lower those power bills. There are simple things you can do to save money on your energy bills and they won’t cost you a cent.

• Turn appliances on stand-by off at the wall - e.g. microwaves, stereos, televisions, DVD players, computers, etc. • If you have to use a heated towel rail, do so for a few hours each day instead of continuously. • Turn off your beer fridge during the week. • Use cold water for washing clothes. • Take shorter showers. • Turn off the lights when you leave the room. • Check your hot water is 55C at the tap and 60C at the cylinder (10C higher uses 10 per cent

Friday 11 June 2010

An update on mangrove removal

The beauty of a bird in hand Bird in Hand, indeed a very appropriate wine this evening, given that I am about to leave for home to figure out how to cook my goose, literally (bird in hand)!


The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

more energy). • Close your curtains at night. While individually these may not seem like they will have much impact on your power bills, over a period of time you will notice the difference. For more information on this and many other topics call Tauranga Citizens Advice Bureau on 07 578 1592 or call in to 38 Hamilton Street, Tauranga. The office is open Monday to Friday 9am 5pm.

You will remember that 92 hectares of mechanical mangrove removal was consented for the Tauranga Harbour last year. Operations began in January, and while the progress is a lot slower than anticipated, the methodology is producing an excellent finished result with no unexpected adverse ecological effects. If I might say so myself, well done Environment BOP for pioneering this first (mechanical removal) for New Zealand. The frustrating aspect of the current removal programme is the seemingly mindless line that the mangrove multcher has removed the mangroves back to. The reason for this is that the consent was granted for the areas that already

had hand-removal consent. This machine clears as many mangroves in just one hour as the relevant Care Group had managed to hand clear in total for the previous year. The consent requires a ‘shutdown’ from September to December (the bird roosting season), so the slower pace of removal will see the machine operating up until July 2011 to clear the whole of the consented area. The cost of the consenting process cost ratepayers more than $90,000, and the removal contract another $113,065. We now need

to find a more cost effective mechanism to obtain consents for further removal, if we want to further reduce this 900 hectare infestation of mangroves. Your regional councillors are proposing changes to our regional plans (both the Regional Policy Statement and our Regional Coastal Policy Statement) to facilitate a more cost effective process. Re-writing our regional rules will help this process, but we will also need collaboration from central government to confirm sensible changes. In 2005 I presented a paper for the annual Environmental Defence Society Conference, recommending a ‘permitted baseline’ approach for mangrove removal consenting, and finally this approach is gaining recognition that it does have merit. I would like to quote from my 2005 presentation: Is there a better way forward? I believe that it is time for regional councils to look at this issue more pro-actively. They have the opportunity to look to their statutes and amend their plans to provide better guidance. I see a case within the Tauranga harbour in particular, where there is clear research show-

ing the increase in mangrove canopy cover over the past 30 years. Surely a practical solution would be to determine a ‘permitted baseline’, based on the historical data from the 70s or 80s, and then allowing within our coastal plans for the removal of vegetation back to that ‘permitted baseline’ level. Current digital mapping technology allows for this capability, and while the determination of the permitted baseline will still require extensive public consultation, the long-term benefits appear obvious. For the RMA to be effective as an environmental protection instrument, we need to focus on the hurdle approach. Set a standard and allow activity of right, based on the hurdle approach of say 100 per cent mitigation,

and with a clear whip if that right is exceeded. We can’t continue spending as much on the consenting process (where we achieved overwhelming community support) as we do on the actual removal. We just have to find a better way, and soon. If you have a view on these or any other matters relating to regional council issues, I invite you to email me so that I can represent you more effectively. Email: Andrew von Dadelszen is a Tauranga constituency representative on Environment Bay of Plenty, chairing the council’s transport committee.

Mangrove canopy cover within a number of estuaries in the Tauranga Harbour.



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A ‘world class’ historic museum site at village

Messages from Moko

Failing to stop at Mount I was having a natter with a friend outside the NZ Post Shop on Central Parade whilst watching the Fulton Hogan guys working on the footpaths and to my shock/horror/awe saw 4 vehicles fail to stop at the STOP signs by the Mt Fresh Fruit and Veg shop. Four! Four of the buggers! Apparently it happens out side the Chemist too. Well, you’ll all have to stop when the new intersections go in. Be very careful. We will take numbers. Joye Adams, Mount Maunganui.

There is a cultural understanding that Moko, the dolphin, has come to ‘us’ with a message. I have no problem with this, and thinking about it I have come up with a few of Moko’s probable basic messages. When Moko tags along after a fishing vessel he may be ‘protesting’ bottom trawling because bottom trawling destroys his marine environment. His message may extend to Gill netters because these vicious nets have a catastrophic non-selective by-catch and are the major cause of accidental dolphins deaths. Moko may well be trying to draw attention to the proliferation of rapacious mussel farms that filter massive amounts of ‘natural life’ sustaining protein from sea water, leaving the water in their wake bereft of life. Protein, in the form of plankton, includes fish eggs, minute hatchlings and is the ‘grass’ on which all species depend either directly or indirectly. Moko may well be concerned about the

danger to whales and dolphins of entanglement in mussel farm lines. Moko has been known to toss empty beer cans back into boats. That, surely, would be a simple message to understand. By entering estuaries Moko may following silting to its sources. Silting is of major concern to coastal eco-systems because silt covers everything and changes undersea fauna and flora making areas uninhabitable, as does polluted storm water runoff from sprawling urban areas. Moko may be intelligently advocating on behalf of the ocean while people continually miss the point and treat the dolphin as they would a stray lost puppy. Poor Moko, he must be one very confused individual, especially when he knows just how well the ocean will nurture every species, including humans, provided variants of greedy ‘goose-golden-egg’ syndrome can be eliminated. Graeme Butler, Butler’s Swim With Dolphins

Ely’s Room 14 campaigns for safety Room 14 at Arataki School are looking to get sensor lights and a pedestrian crossing on Maranui Street. But to do that we need the community support. The reason we need to put it there is because too many lives would be in danger without it. We interviewed an elderly man and he said he felt unsafe to cross Maranui Street because he was scared his life would come to an end. We did a count to see how many cars drive along the road in a twelve minute period over three days. On average a car went along every three seconds. If a crossing is there on Maranui Street more people would be able visit

the beach, a local resource more often. School children are a target for cars around that area. The community could help us by signing our petition. If we put a crossing on Maranui Street parents and caregivers would not have to worry as much about their children. Our classroom teachers have to risk their lives and step out in front of the cars to let us cross. Room 14 does recognise that putting a crossing on Maranui Street will slow down the flow of traffic. However safety comes first. Please visit our website: click on Our teams, Mauao, Team 14 and Maranui Street inquiry. Ely Gilchrist, R 14, Arataki School.

Positive response to market The members of Mount Maunganui Lions Club wish to express their appreciation to the Public for their support at our recent Paddy’s Market and also for their donations to the Bucket Collection at Bayfair last Saturday. We raised over $2000 collectively to go towards the new Cancer Society Lions Lodge in Hamilton which services our area. It’s a real pleasure to be involved in community projects when people respond so positively! Thanks everyone! Brian Mansell, President Lions Club of Mt Maunganui.

DISTRIBUTIONS 2007-2010 40 35


30 25 20 15 10 5 0






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The Weekend Sun welcomes letters from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words) and supplied with full name and contact details.


luxury airport


A question of taxi ranks in Tauranga A question and answer for the Tauranga City Council. Over 18 years of driving taxis I have witnessed some strange decisions regarding taxi ranks and spaces for the vehicles. 18 – 25 years ago we had 16 taxis operating in the city. We had 10 spaces on The Strand and one on Devonport Road between Elizabeth Street and First Avenue. A total of 11. Now we have approximately 100 taxis and have five spaces in the city. Four in Hamilton Street and one in Willow Street. Greerton is an example. Three years or so ago we had one rank three spaces, in Chadwick Road where we could be seen , and then was moved to Greerton Road, and one space, out of sight. It seems an Irish way of doing things. For example, if the crime rates goes up by 100 percent, can’t you decrease the police force by 50 percent? A trained monkey even could see that we need a reshuffle. We need two of three spaces at the top end of town for the total mobility taxis, and of course the elderly. It is a long way for them to walk to Hamilton Street and not many of them have cellphones. It will create a better result for the public that want transport. We would like a positive reply through The Weekend Sun newspaper and show that you care. We can help the town planners at no cost if they are not sure how to go about it. We three have 57 years experience of transport for the public. Dennis Bryan, Neil Hirama, Jordan Tuirirangi.

Set rule, then police it The hard line that the Transport Association took on driving above the speed limit during the long weekend has resulted in a minimal death rate. The exercise was well advertised and the public responded by using caution and maybe a little bit of fear of being financially penalized if caught. The result is a large financial benefit to the Health system and a huge plus for many families who would have been traumatized by the injury and death of loved ones. How simple is this example of ‘setting the rules’ (in this case the speed limit) and then actively policing it with severe penalties. If this example was implanted into the Justice system perhaps we would have a safer society. Maureen J Anderson, Pyes Pa.

Rogers Rabbits this week features a letter from John Coster decrying our Historic village site as suitable for the proposed community museum. Obviously Coster has his own agenda - he refers to ‘an old slip face’. This I presume is the same old slip face that our excellent Tauranga hospital is built on! He further states that its relevant isolation discounts it - is he also referring to our hospital. He goes on to state that the historic village is built on a reclaimed swamp - can I point out that many modern civilisations are built on what was once swamp as more than 50% of the CBD of the city of Tokyo can attest - There is no doubt that there is none so blind as he who will not see - I have seldom read such abject misinformation. The shops on Cameron road should go - the Repertory and musical theatre’s should go and the museum built, complete with new facilities for the aforesaid on the embankment several stories down to the Historic museum site - the site should be properly drained (yes I believe they do this sort of thing in Holland) and once again the people of Tauranga (not a bunch of overpaid academics) will support/return for the joy of it, to once again provide a world class ‘live’ Historical museum site. Rob Smith, Matua.

Friday 11 June 2010

Study facts before casting narrow opinions Speedway: Having been enthused about this wonderful event over the last few weeks, and highly disgusted from reading some very anti-speedway letters in the local media, I cannot resist putting some much more positive suggestions to print. This includes advice to those writers who have not made any effort to make any enquiries re costs and availability of the material necessary to make the track suitable for this momentous event. I have spent some considerable time speaking to personal team-mates of Ivan Mauger (ex-World Champion) and current competitors in this extremely exciting and crowd-pleasing sport, and their views

combine to make this event a much more positive boost to it being a continuing happening at Bay Park, also as a huge money-spinner for Tauranga. The covering fro the track is readily available in this area, and would not have to

Petrol boycott answer

When the big boys of the chocolate industry put profit before people they were forced to clean up their act by a global boycott - and then they did so quick smart. The same boycott could and should be applied to the big boys of the oil industry who are putting profit before people, and now we have what is fast becoming an environmental catastrophe. Until BP stops pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico I will stop pouring their petrol into my car. Tommy Wilson, Te Puna.

We really value our Friends as a very important support to the orchestra. Become a Friend or gift a subscription to someone you care about. For $15 per person or $20 per couple you can join our support crew and receive newsletters, advance notice of concerts, preferential bookings, special ticket prices and participation in many of our social and private events. Kindly complete the form and post to: Friends of Bay of Plenty Symphonia, PO Box 14073, Tauranga


Why embrace faults of existing TECT system? Three of the existing TECT Trustees retire and are eligible for re-election. Scott and Denz were elected in 2006 on the platform that all TECT dividends be paid out to consumers resulting in a 2009 Referendum when 80/20 of consumers voted to retain the status quo and support community charities. Their proposal was worthy of debate at the time but once democracy had spoken they had to find other ways of rectifying the many criticisms they had made of TECT. Instead they embraced all the faults in the existing TECT system and did a complete U-turn, voting to give millions to Tauranga City Council without adequate due

diligence. Scott and Denz’ company Stellaris Limited has recently become a City Project Partner. Denz also scored a directorship on the failing TCAL Board. Despite this, Denz and Scott participated in all the decisions to give the Council moneys from the TECT Fund. In the case of the third retiree Chairman Cooney, his full unqualified support for all Council funding applications is unacceptable as this invites Council to float projects which inevitably result in ongoing losses. Because of his firm’s association with Council, Mr Cooney should stand aside from participating in decisions to fund Council’s madcap schemes with TECT money.

TECT voters – do not re-elect any of these three existing Trustees, Messrs Cooney, Scott or Denz. Clean up this mess and elect three new Trustees on a very able list of 15 to choose from, who can address every funding application on its merits using a combination of business skills and empathy from the community. Baywave, Sports and Exhibition Centre, and Art Gallery are Council messups TECT have agreed to fund to date to the tune of $15 million which will result in huge additional, unplanned yearly losses that ratepayers end up paying for from rates. Wake up, Tauranga! J Wesley, Tauranga.

be imported from those overseas places as quoted by Ray Hoggard. The main clay track would have to be smoothed by grader, then covered by the same material that is used for horses, and according to Ivan Mauger’s exteam mate when racing in England, it could be transformed within a couple of days. Motorcycle Speedway on these tracks is an extremely exhilarating display of balance and skills, and attracts huge crowds overseas in the European countries and England, so anyone trying to deny this city of Tauranga an opportunity to be placed in a similar statues, need to study their facts before they cast their very narrow opinions. Stewart Nairn, Omokoroa Beach.

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Friday 11 June 2010


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Friday 11 June 2010

Submissions: A waste of our time?

New Zealand’s greatest value South Island Coach Tours for people in their prime


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Cr Mike Baker claims that I have taken his letter to me out of context, and that in fact councillors take all submissions into account. Of course this is not the first time that I have misunderstood Cr Baker. When he first put himself up for election, he said that he was going to get spending under control, and I thought he meant just that and not that he would vote for almost every inflationary scheme that was put to him. He now goes on to say that of course they don’t act on just one submission as it would not be representative or reflect the wishes and desires of the residents. Now I’m curious, and would ask Cr Baker to answer the following questions.

How many submissions does it take before councillors take them seriously. There were hundreds about the library and the council still went ahead and increased charges. The second question is, could Cr Mike Baker please give the readers 10 examples of public submissions that the council have acted upon, it would also be helpful if he gave us the aprox number of submission in each case. Once these facts have been published I am sure that we will all feel a bit more confident that it is worth our time making a submission. Until we have the facts my personal point of view is that is a waste of time. Chris Laycock, Otumoetai.

Mike Baker responds: Regarding the response of Chris Laycock I somehow suspect that regardless as to what I say he will still want to believe that making a formal submission to Council is a waste of time but I encourage people to continue to make submissions to Council, as contrary to what Mr Laycock says or may think, we do listen. Where has the correspondent been? as whilst he is correct that we did receive hundreds of submissions opposing a proposal for library book charges but for him to then say that we went ahead and increased charges is plainly bizarre, as we did not and the papers widely reported this. As requested I will give a number of examples of public submissions that we have listened to such as agreeing with the community on issues such as the proposed Oceanbeach Road cycleway which subsequently did not proceed. There was the proposed one way roading system for the Mount peninsula,

along with additional angle parking, which also did not proceed as proposed, following public submissions. We also listened to well over 500 submitters who supported users pays for Route K and agreed to increase the tolls and during the recent annual plan process we again listened to the community and managed to reduce the rate spend by close to $600,000 resulting in a lower rate increase than earlier predicted. We also listened to the community on issues such as proposed residential intensification in the Greerton and Arataki residential nodes which subsequently did not proceed and there are of course many other examples. But is this what Mr Laycock really wants to hear, or does he wish to continue to believe that making submissions to Council is still a waste of time? The offer for Mr Laycock to make direct contact remains open and I look forward to hearing from him. Cr Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

Stronger Govt reaction required How are councillors aware of views of non-submitters? In his 4 June letter Councillor Mike Baker took Mr Chris Laycock to task assuring him that he and his fellow councillor’s must take into account the possible views of people who did not submit (to the Annual Plan process). There might be more than 100,000 of these non-submitters, which has to include about 10,000 children under the age of five. I will appreciate Mike giving us three examples of these possible non-submitter views letting us know how the councillors became aware of them and what the results of their considerations were. Perry Harlen, Mount Maunganui.

Mike Baker responds: In response to Mr Harlen’s letter refer to the response to Mr Laycock’s latest letter but further to this as councillors we are frequently out in the community, or at least should be, and of course

because we are councillors the community are invariably keen to discuss Council / ratepayer related issues with us. I believe that it is unrealistic for the correspond to assume that specific approaches such as this should not then be taken into the overall mix as that is exactly what we have been elected to do as whilst we may have firm personal views the ability to be flexible, unlike some, is an exceptionally important part of the role. Cr Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

Harold’s views accurate, let’s see a charge for art gallery Harold Jones views in his letter Weekend Sun 4 June are very accurate. If the same occurs with the proposed museum as occurred with the TCC Art Gallery ie Once the museum is established it becomes TCC controlled and run, any private funding will disappear as benefactors will not be prepared to pour hard earned cash into council coffers to see it frittered away. TCC (councillors and administration past and present) do not appear to have the required business acumen to run any project they create or are involved with at a profit eg The Stadium, Baywave. It is always the ratepayers who are burdened with the task of bailing the council out and picking up any loss. The manager of the TC Art Gallery


The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

announced (proudly) this week that “19,000 school children had visited the gallery” and it had hosted “more than 140,000 visitors”. Presumably these numbers have been since the gallery opened. Being a little mercenary (and an organisation like this should be, if it is being run as a business, especially now it is in the red to ratepayers to over $140,000) it should be looking at ways and means of reducing this amount and to support itself rather than relying on continued injections of funds from ratepayers. If these 140,000 visitors had each paid $5 entry fee and the 19,000 school children $1 this would input $719,000. I know the arguments from the arty crowd

against charging will be “If we charge an entry fee the public will not come” and “Other galleries in NZ and Australia don’t charge’. These arguments are utter nonsense, for if individuals are keen enough to visit an exhibition they will be prepared to pay a small entry fee. You cannot get much for $5 these days so it is pretty minimal. Classicflyersnz museum at Mount Maunganui charges $10 an adult entry fee and have no complaints and no lack of visitors. Let’s see an entry charge of $5 per person introduced for the TC Art Gallery to at least improve its financial standing and assist it moving out of the red. Roger Bailey, Papamoa Beach.

Israel’s recent use of violence against the aid flotilla to Gaza - a brutal attack on civilians acting out of compassion - demands a stronger reaction from our government than Murray McCully’s insipid words, which strangely echo Hilary Clinton’s! Blockading Gaza, denying innocents basic necessities, and making everyday life intolerable; isolating 1.5 million people into a small area one third the size of the Coromandel - this is collective punishment. Moderates and world leaders are labelling it not only immoral but ineffective and unsustainable. The Israeli Govt alleges they are “protecting security”. There is never justification for denying human rights and such callous treatment of human beings. If it weren’t for the USA’s unswerving protection of Israel, the international community would not have tolerated this for so long. What further atrocities does Israel have to commit before the USA withdraws its support for this oppressive rogue government? Criticism of Israel’s official policy is not to be confused with anti-Semitism. Accusations of antiSemitism are attempts to silence dissent and will not lessen opposition to Israel’s racist policy. Nor will it

suppress worldwide abhorrence of such policy. Israel is rapidly losing support and becoming increasingly isolated, repressive and intolerant of criticism. Are Jews inside and out of Israel expected to give their unconditional support to a govt that oppresses and kills Palestinians under the pretext of security? It is time that all decent and compassionate people, Jews and non-Jews around the world, united in their condemnation of Israel’s blockade of Palestinians trapped in Gaza. And it is time that international pressure was put on Israel just as it was put on the South African perpetrators of apartheid until it ends. Dr Ron Lopert, Welcome Bay.

Friday 11 June 2010

Tauranga’s wonderful markets When we moved to Tauranga we were surprised at the number of markets here. Recently we discovered the one at Otumoetai Primary School which has free tea and coffee, hundreds of free items worth up to $50 and some stalls give away free items with purchases. Several people took armfuls of free items like clothing and magazines and said they were not for them but for needy friends. I thought “how nice”. It is the organiser

who encourages stallholders to bring all the free items from home. She said she is also encouraging buskers, school choirs and Kapa Haka groups to come because they will get coin donations from visitors. How wonderful! E Balderston, Otumoetai.

Leaky homes: The true Tauranga picture? As usual, Mayor Crosby is a little bit short in the maths department (he should get a 12 digit calculator) as by my assessment when taking on board the reliable industry estimate of 89,000 homes with a total repair bill of $23 billion, Tauranga City share of this will be at least 5% of that because of its predilection to build the chilly-bin type of home, i.e. $1.15 billion in repair bills and if 25% is TCC ratepayers’ share under the Government scheme – that is potentially $260 million for starters, not $24 million. Perhaps Mayor Crosby could explain precisely how he’s whittled down Council liability to that lower figure so that ratepayers and his fellow Councillors are clear about this. Is it achieved by Council slithering out from under,

hiding its head in the sand and by putting up the private building certifiers’ protective shield? Just spell out how he reaches his conclusion for a change and be specific. Mr Crosby, as the Mayor of Tauranga, would not have been dragged into the loop of the six main centres affected by the leaky homes disaster just for the paltry sum of $24 million. In a couple of years, TCC ratepayers will find out exactly what it’s really going to cost them and let me spell it out, it won’t be only $24 million, which is a fudged, unrealistic figure. This may be the annual interest bill but it certainly won’t be the capital sum involved. As the Minister of Building and Construction, Maurice Williamson said on rate increase “the amount involved will make your (ratepay-

ers) eyes water.” Oh, and to the unlucky Tauranga owners of leaky homes get ready to pick up the tab for 75% of the $1.2 billion repair bill, less whatever (if anything) that Tauranga City Council will contribute to your financial woes. Good luck to you if you are silly enough to believe what’s being spun and trundled out currently about the Government Scheme and the TCC plaudits for it which is certainly of no benefit to homeowners or ratepayers. The above does not even take into account the scenario if homeowners elect to litigate and sue Council instead. Councillors should take on board that this disaster could be a major election issue, particularly as there has been no consultation with ratepayers about implications. R Paterson, Matapihi.

Everyday violence - it could be matter of choice Everyday we read about yet another assault in our community. How do we turn back this ever increasing tide? It’s not going to be easy and tough choices need to be made. The media bathe us in violence passing itself off as various forms of entertainment everyday. I know the old arguments, “If you don’t like it switch it off ” and “It doesn’t make me want to hurt anyone” - true. The fact remains however, that over a period of years it does influence those susceptible to it, for example: Children growing up without strong, positive role models and those who have a violent disposition, background, etc.

Statistics show that half of serious violent crimes are related to alcohol. Again I know the old arguments, “Why should my freedom be impinged upon because of someone else’s drinking problem?” and so on. What about the rights of the victims? Shouldn’t they have the right to walk down the road unmolested? Shouldn’t each of us have the right to be free from fear of assault in our own neighbourhood? Cutting down the hours of availability of alcohol, reducing the violence on TV and in music sold by retailers is a good start. In this case the rights of the few (victims) outweigh the rights of the many. Steve Morris, Papamoa Beach.


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Friday 11 June 2010


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230F Waipapapa Block Rd, Pahoia 1pm. Topic: propagation. Visitors welcome (BYO equipment). Ken 548 2447

Free 6 week ‘Get Slim & Fit’ Challenge

Weigh In 1pm, 127 Fraser St for free 6 week challenge. Register www. & receive free starter pack valued at $165

Genealogy Informal Group

How do you file your family research information? Various ideas discussed. 92 Haukore St, Maungatapu 1.30pm. Visitors welcome. Sue 544 1751

Messianic Meeting: Ha Derech - The Way

Sharing The Truth, The Way & The Life together. All ages & backgrounds Jew & non Jew equally welcome. Geoff or Pamela 570 1438 for details of Tauranga meetings on Saturdays 10am.

Moggies Market

Memorial Hall, Katikati. Plants, spray free home produce, local crafts, home baking & cookies, recyclables, knick knacks. Come & find a bargain. John 0274 534 050

Mount Maunganui Sequence Dance

Old time & modern sequence dance. Live band, good supper at Mount Sports Centre, cnr Hull & Maunganui Rds 8-11.30pm. Entrance $8, members $7. Lads & Lassies welcome. Organised by Mount Scottish Society. Elizabeth 544 5633

Otumoetai Market

At Otumoetai Primary School 9am start 1st & 3rd Sat of every month. Crafts, books, bric-a-brac, garden arts & more. Free tea & coffee. Briar 576 6605 or 027 617 2235



GUIDE The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

The Weekend Sun

Every Sat 7.45am - 12pm at Tauranga Primary School cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave. Fresh local food direct from grower & producer. Winter fruit & veges now available. Trixie 576 2278

Tauranga Synchronised Swimming Club

Training from 1-2.30pm every Sat during term time at Baywave Aquatic Centre. Free trial lessons available to girls who are confident swimmers, aged between 8-16. Sally 572 5140 a/hs or come prepared to give it a go. Entry fee to pool applies.

The Cargo Shed

Weekends on the Waterfront opening every Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm.

Sunday 13 June

Holistic Community & Spiritual Centre

Speakers: Clive Mortimer - palm reader & aura teacher. Clairvoyancy & more. An evening with like minded people at Legion of Frontiersmen Hall, Elizabeth St West 7-9pm. $4pp. All welcome. Rhonda 552 5108

Katikati Tramping Club

Wairongomai loop, attempting Buck Rock. Medium grade. 8am start from Katikati. Brett 07 863 6602

Mount Farmers Market

Home grown or home made fresh fruit, fish, breads, cheese, plants, veges & more every Sun 9am - 1pm in Phoenix carpark, rain or shine. Mount Mainstreet 575 9911

Ngai Tahu ki Tauranga Moana

Bi-monthly meeting, Tauranga Boys College Wharenui, 13th Ave, Tga 1pm. Please bring a plate. 572 2447

Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust

Argentine Tango

Workday to carry out bait station operation. Meet at shelter by carpark at Otanewainuku Forest, Mountain Rd, Oropi 9am. Finish approx 2pm. Bring small pack with food, drink, warm clothes, sturdy footwear & raincoat. Bring loppers if you have them. Dave 544 0885

Band Concert

From 7.30am - 12.30pm. Stalls must be set up by 7.30am. Great range of goods including fruit & vege, art & crafts. $10 per car space. 0272 593 120. Next market June 27.

‘A Chance to Dance’

At Catholic Church Hall, Beach Rd, Katikati 12-5pm. Free fun afternoon trying out different styles of dance. Gaye 577 1753 Free 20 min into lesson/demonstration at Merhaba, 65 The Strand 6pm. Followed by Social Tango. Sandy/Carl 574 7966 or email: Tauranga City Silver Band & Otumoetai College Symphonic band third combined annual concert 2pm in Otumoetai College Performing Arts Centre, Windsor Rd. $10pp (children 10 & under free). Door sales. Proceeds from concert given to Rotary Club. John 576 7366

BOP Bonsai Society

At Cliff Road clubrooms 1.30-4pm. Concentrate on winter pruning, so bring your tree(s) & tools. Great opportunity for visitors & intending members to learn the basics of this fascinating hobby.

Healing Meeting with Weston Carryer

Need healing? Come with your needs & believe to have them met through Jesus Christ. At City Life Church, 174 11th Ave 6.30pm. 571 6316

Palm Beach Plaza Lions Market


Every Sun, Tues, & Thurs. Assemble 12.45pm to start 1pm. Cliff Rd Old Tennis/Netball Courts. Jo Ann 578 3606

Radio Controlled Model Yachts

Meet Sun & Weds 1.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa, to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419

Singles Mix & Mingle 45+

Coffee afternoon 2.30pm. Looking for company with like minded people; you never now what doors may open. Gayle 027 493 3267

Tauranga Country Music Club

Meet at Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St 1-4pm. Whangamata CMC visiting. Members a plate please. Practice night June 11 7pm. Grant 576 0434

Tauranga Jazz Club

RSA Greerton 5-8pm. Doors open

Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs. 4.30pm. Featuring: Jazz Express & Bay Dixie.

Theosophical Society

Ted Harper “An Investigation of the Universe - Laying the Foundation of the Cosmos” at Yoga Club Hall, Elizabeth St West Extension” at 2pm. All welcome. Entry by donation. Pauline 548 2202

Monday 14 June Body & Soul Fun Fitness

Social events & guest speakers for over 50’s Mon & Fri 9.15am Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Tues 9.15am Wesley Church, 13th Ave. Weds 9am City Church Otumoetai Rd. First class free. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031

Café Scientifique

Meet at Alimento, 72 First Ave, Tauranga 7.30pm. Topic: Animal pest control in the 21st Century – where is it heading. Hear the science & practicalities of pest control & share your thoughts & questions. Email:

Fire Brigade Bowling Club

Club night & general meeting 7pm at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Colin 543 0326

Friends of Fitness

Low impact exercises for 50s + Mon (excl Stat hols) 8.45 & 10am start at Dance Education Centre, 228 Levers Rd off Mitchell Court driveway. 576 7885

Greerton Garden Club

Meet at St James Hall 1pm. Good speaker, competitions etc. New members welcome. Pat 544 2321

Introduction to Tango

6 week beginner’s Argentine Tango course starts June 28. or 021 280 4464 to register

Kyokushin Karate

From 4yrs to adult. Classes start 4pm with adults classes 6pm. (Mon & Thurs). Free trial & free lessons for a week at Tauranga Primary School Hall, 5th Ave, Tga. Vince 021 152 4481

Lyceum Club Ladies

Mah jong beginners classes & Bolivia, experienced & beginners every Mon 1pm. Tutored watercolour painting group 9am - 12pm every Mon. Readers circle, 4th Mon every month 1.45pm. Mah Jong - experienced players every Tues 12.45pm. Bridge every Weds 12.50pm.

St Columba Indoor Bowling Club

OUT THERE Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment. Craft & conversation, afternoon discussions with examples of craft 2nd Thurs 1.45pm. Garden interest group 3rd Thurs each month. Choir, variety of musical arrangements 4th Thurs 2pm. Monthly evening circle dinner & monthly luncheon. All at Clubrooms, 68 1st Ave. Dot 543 2260

Machine Embroidery

Anyone interested in forming a group in Papamoa contact Noeline 573 5737. Socialising, learning, while having fun.


Free classes Mon 7.30am & Weds 10am. David 576 9764

Mount Badminton Club

Club night Mon & Social Club Night Weds 7.30-9.30pm. Junior Club night Weds 6-7.30pm for players aged 8-15yrs at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438

Otumoetai Indoor Bowls

Aggregate night, Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. Come along & give bowls a go. New members welcome. Karen 576 0443

Papamoa Branch of Genealogical Soc

Meet 2nd Mon of month in Tohora Room, Papamoa Library 9.30am – 2.30pm. Modest door charge, BYO lunch, tea/coffee provided. Interesting speakers. Research material available. Barbara 574 5711

Papamoa Progressive Assn

Meet on 2nd Mon of month in Tohora Room, Papamoa Library 7.30pm. Members discuss civic & community affairs with councillors & guest speakers. Also learn about current & proposed local & regional developments. New members welcome. Neville 574 3354

Recycled Teenagers

Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon, & Weds, Legion Hall of Frontiersmen, Elizabeth St West. Tues, St Marys Church Hall, cnr Girven Rd & Marlin St. All 9am - 10.30am. Jennifer 571 1411

Sequence Dance Class

Modern sequence dance tuition & revision every Mon 1-3pm St Johns Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai. $3pp. Gordon 573 4333


The Weekend Sun Club night. All bowlers welcome. Church Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd. Names in by 7.15pm. Ron 570 1570 Sustainable Living Workshop - Lunch Tour Meet at Tauranga Environment Centre, 12 Elizabeth St 12pm. 1 hour tour. $10pp. Look through the Te Maunga recycling facilities & processes. RSVP before June 14. 578 6664 or email:

Taekwon-Do - Silla

Te Puna School Hall Mon & Thurs 6-8pm. Specialising in self defence, preventing bullying at school, being safe & keeping fit. First 2 weeks free. 571 4554

Tauranga Badminton Junior Club

Bethlehem College Events Centre 5-6pm for beginners & 6-7.30pm for intermediate & secondary school students. Racquets available. Casual players welcome. Lance 021 902 243

Tauranga Badminton Senior Club

At Bethlehem College Events Centre Mon & Weds. Casual players welcome, all grades - social to competitive. Club racquets available. Lance 021 902 243

Tuesday 15 June Excel Toastmasters

Learn to be a confident speaker & how to get your message across. Every 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of month 7.15pm at 345 Maunganui Rd. Jenny 575 9159

Genesis - Women’s Group

Every Tues during school term 10am morning tea at Papamoa Surf Club, Papamoa Domain. This week: card making with Violet, or table games. New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264

Inachord 4 Part Harmony

Women’s chorus meet 7pm Wesley Methodist Church, 100 13th Ave. Make friends, have fun. Irene 549 5115

Mount Morning Badminton

Every Tues 9am - 12pm at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park. Social, competitive, all ages. Beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session, students $2. First day free. Margaret 575 9792


Presented by Tauranga Girls & Tauranga Boys College June 15-19 at Baycourt. Tickets $20. June 16 & June 17 (only) Student special $15.

Otumoetai Junior Badminton Club

Otumoetai College Gym 5.30-7pm. Intermediate & secondary school students. Casual players welcome. Racquets available. Lance 021 902 243

Otumoetai Table Tennis

Juniors (intermediate & college) Tues 4-5.30pm & new session Fri 6-7.30pm. $2pp. Seniors Fri 7.309.30pm. $3pp. At Levers Hall, Matua. Caroline 576 3941

Singles Coffee Club

At Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 10.30am. $2. Do you like to talk? Then that’s great - lots of people to chat to. Gayle 027 439 3267

Tauranga Central Ladies Probus

Friendly social club meet 3rd Tues 9.45am, Daniels Memorial Park. All welcome. Joan 578 5948

Tauranga Continuing Education Group

At Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga 10am start. $3pp to defray expenses. Speaker: Sandy Scarrow, Fruition Horticulture Tauranga – removing employment barriers for people with learning difficulties.

Tauranga Indoor Bowls Club

Greerton visit us 7.30pm. Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St. Ron 570 1570

Tauranga Morning Badminton Club

At QEII Youth Centre cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga every Tues & Thurs 9-11.30am. Free coaching. All welcome. Heather 574 0976

Tauranga RSA

your career goals. Every Weds 7-8.15am, Grindz Cafe, 1st Ave, Tga. 577 0628

Toastmasters Tauranga

Walking Group

500 1.30pm. Euchre 7-8.30pm. Morris 576 0516 Upgrade your speaking, presentation & leadership skills. Every Tues 7.309pm Tauranga Lyceum Club, 1st Ave. 577 0628

Age Concern walking group meet 10am at The Lakes. First bus stop opposite Bridgewater. All welcome. 578 2631

Union of Fathers

A support group for separated fathers every Tues at ‘Dad’s Place’ 538 Fraser St, Tauranga 7.30pm. Ph 928 4 DADS

Every Weds 5.30-6.30pm at St Stephens Church Hall, Brookfield Tce. Bring mat, rug & loose clothes. $5pp. Steve 571 2210

Wednesday 16 June

Thursday 17 June

Every Weds during school term at St Mary’s Church Hall, cnr Girven Rd & Marlin St 9.30am - 12.30pm. Morning tea & lunch provided. $2.50 door charge. Kath 575 4396

At CAN Trust office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 1-2pm. 579 9890

Arataki Care & Craft

Developmental Preschool Playgroup

For children with disabilities. An opportunity for you & your child to experience a range of developmental play activities. At Kaka Street Special School, Kaka St, Tga 1.45-2.45pm. Jo or Deb 578 4424

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class

For arthritics, injury or illness rehabilitation. Taken by phase 3 cardiac instructor. At 250 Cambridge Rd 10.45-11.45am. Jennifer 571 1411

Fire Brigade Bowling Club

Day tournament 10am at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Colin 543 0326

Gate Pa Indoor Bowls

Nana Ormsby Box Drawn Pairs (Eric Boyle Trays) 7.30pm at Greerton Hall. Kevin 543 4044

Global Hearts Exercise Group.

Meet Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Group activities with health education to encourage healthy & active lifestyle. Vikki 575 0470 or 027 280 0388

Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre

Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount 7.30pm. Guest speaker: Maree Nicholson - medium. $3. All welcome. Jules 578 0777

Nappy Lady Coffee Group

At Grindz Cafe at 10am. All about cloth nappies. Buy a coffee, get free cake. This month we are raising money for brain tumour treatment for 2 yr old. Lots of donated prizes auctioned on the day.

Papamoa Garden Circle

Papamoa Community Centre 1.30pm. Speaker: rose pruning & care. New members welcome. Mary 572 5146

Salvation Army Meeting

For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tga. Guest speaker: Margaret & Paul McGregor - “Life in Bangkok with Rehab Ministries.” New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264

Scottish Country Dancing

Weds at Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri at Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 544 0839

Tauranga Adventist School Open Day

Open to the public 19 Moffat Rd, Bethlehem 11am - 2pm for your inspection. See Tauranga’s newest school in action. 579 2505


Anxiety Support Group Book Fair

Kiwicoast Lions: Proceeds to Community projects. At Te Puke Memorial Hall. June 17 & 18 9am - 5pm, June 19 9am - 1pm.

Community Bible Study International

Study group meet at 14th Ave Bible Centre cnr Burrows St/14th Ave Thurs 9.50am - 12pm. Study: Genesis. Alan 576 5892

Fitness League

Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities. Thurs 9.30am Central Baptist Church Hall cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. Weds 10am at Katikati Memorial Hall. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 7170

Mah Jong Te Puke

Meet every Thurs 1-4pm, Lyceum Rooms. $2 entry. Gig 573 5355

Happiness & Our Mind

Drop-in mediation classes. Beginners welcome. Classes are self-contained, start any date. $12 per class. At Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Monthly classes, next class June 24 7-8pm. www.meditateintauranga. org Tauranga Breast Cancer Support Service Weekly relaxation/support 1pm at 56 Christopher St, Tga with facilitator Alison Hulme. Parking in Citizens Club carpark, 13th Ave. Gold coin donation. Julie 571 3346

Tauranga Heart Support Group

Easy fun exercise for rehabilitation for those with or at risk of heart disease, diabetes etc Thurs 9.30am City Church, Otumoetai Rd. 10th Birthday celebration June 24 12.30pm, Classic Flyers, Mount. Dianne 576 5031

Friday 18 June

Gay/Bi Mens Support Group

Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph Alex 027 358 5934 a/hrs

Like Minds

Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St, Tga. Guest speaker: Gary Chadwick. Open 7am, start 7.30am. All welcome. George/Zandra 542 4026

U3A Tauranga

Wesley Church, 13th Ave, Tga 10am. Speaker: Stephanie Smith, Tauranga City Council Tauranga Library. $3 at door. All welcome.

Tauranga Boys College Pera Go

Fine Art Exhibition Tauranga Boys’ College Graham Young Youth Live Music Theatre 7pm. Licensed venue.

Tauranga Breast Cancer Support Service

Patient lunch, for support & information 12pm at 56 Christopher St, Tga. Speaker: Felicity Sinden, Patient advocates - hormonal issues & balancing of hormones using Natural Hormone Therapy. All welcome. Julie 571 3346 or

Toastmasters City Early Start

Become a better leader & enhance

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for nonprofit clubs and organisations. email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.

Friday 11 June 2010

Friday 11 June 2010





By Winston Watusi

No Riff Raff here thank you! There’s been somewhat of a furore in the past week over the Bay’s most prominent international celebrity, the inimitable Richard O’Brien.

Across No. 1170 1. Lean (4) 5. Companion (4) 7. Formula one driver 6. Congeal (9) in the 60’s and 70’s 12. Nightly (9) (5,4) 13. Existence (4) 8. Spur (4) 15. Selection of food (4) 9. Rear (4) 17. Pensive (6) 10. Rim (4) 18. Nullify (6) 11. Formerly (4) 20. Run off (5) 14. Village (NI) (10) 21. Natty (5) 16. Presence (10) 23 Insect (4) 19. Adolescent (4) C C N S E U T S I L A E H 22. Spruce (4) C A N T A N K E R O U S M 24. Nervous (4) S L U Y E C L E M L T P S G A T E P A G D E L A Y S 25. Kind (4) E M D E D N G Y X I M P T 26. Harbour (NI) (9) S A M H U N T T S P I T E Y R L A O Y G P O O A U O 27. Refuse (4) S I L K Y I A R A P U N I Down A T T O I S G E T R I G K 1. Lake (NI) (5) B E F A L L G V A N I S H Z D P K E E I I I E O T K 2. Reason (5) A G O O S E B E R R I E S 3. Ear-piercing (6) F E T A E P E WO D T N R 4. Conundrum (6) Solution 1169

As many who follow the news will already be aware, it has been widely reported that Richard has been denied New Zealand citizenship, which turns out to be not exactly accurate. Fortunately, it’s our humble job here at The Weekend Sun to dig below the media hype and tell you what’s actually going on. So here’s the real story. In case anyone is still unaware of the fact, Richard O’Brien has been living on and off in the Bay, out towards Katikati, for the past several years. It must be a decade now, and the beautiful house he has been building out there is nearly complete. Richard – at the risk of sounding really redundant – is the man who created the Rocky Horror Show. His family emigrated to New Zealand when he was five and after growing up here and in Hamilton, he headed back to England in his late teens to pursue a life on stage and screen. During a period of enforced downtime from singing in Jesus Christ Superstar he wrote the little musical which


The Weekend Sun The Weekend Sun

went on to conquer the world. (Interesting Rocky Horror Show fact – it’s the only New Zealand stage production to star both Russell Crowe and Sir Robert Muldoon.) Fast forward a couple, or three decades, and Richard would appear to have been firmly claimed for New Zealand. Over in Hamilton there is a statue of him dressed as Riff-Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When TVNZ screened its 100 Iconic Moments in Kiwi Pop Culture, there was Richard O’Brien and the Rocky Horror Show. In the late 90s Richard started spending more time in New Zealand. His brother and sister both live in Tauranga – where their parents lived – and he wants to eventually settle here. (I would say “retire” but it’s hard to imagine Richard ever doing anything so passive.) The plan, which seems to have been working successfully, was to spend a few months here each year, gradually increasing over time. There are still commitments overseas, whether it be production of Rocky around the world or the new musical of Richard’s, The Stripper, which did the rounds of England last year and is still being reworked. So Richard has applied for citizenship, something he’d never quite got round to. Contrary to the news reports, he has not been denied this. Everything

you have heard has stemmed from a casual remark he made to a journalist while being interviewed on a different subject; that he was concerned about not fitting the criteria, because, as it turns out, Richard is too old for the usual requirements of citizenship. Despite looking – as Paul Henry so charmingly put it – like a man in his late 40s, he is in fact 68. But he hasn’t been turned down. I got in touch with him as soon as I read the headlines, ready to man the barricades and start the fight, and he was concerned that the publicity could actually jeopardise his application. But the issue’s well and truly out there in the public now. Paul Henry has talked to John Key about it on air and the government have to act in some way. I hope they decide to bend the rules. As Richard says, “I have no interest in manipulating the system or living off the welfare state, or indeed putting any further strain on an already over pressurised health service. I am a solvent, self-sufficient individual who is grateful for a continued connection with the country I love.” Surely this is exactly the sort of “immigrant” we want in New Zealand? Isn’t this the sort of talent the country longs to attract? That he happens to be the kindest, wisest, most generous person you could hope to meet is mere icing on the cake. I asked him before writing this if he had anything he wanted me to pass on. He said “You can quote me as saying that I am deeply grateful for the support and good wishes that I have received with regard to this subject. Or, something along those lines.”


Colosseum Wednesday 16 – BOP Polytechnic students present Winter Showcase gig 7.30-10.30pm. $5 cover charge. Mount Cosmopolitan Club Friday 11 – Mark Taipari. Saturday 12 – Golden Sanz. Mount RSA Friday 11 – Blaze.

Saturday 12 – Rhythm and Swing. Sunday 13 – Tellstar. No. 1 The Strand Sunday 13 – John Michaelz and Guest Artist from 1.30pm. Rootsy blues and alt-country. Zeytin Mount Wednesday 16 – Jessica Ross 6.30-8.30pm.

Friday 11 June 2010


 Fantastic  Damn fine  Not bad at all  Dubious  Dreadful

UP IN THE AIR Dir: Jason Reitman Starring: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Danny McBride 

Up in the Air is that rarest of things – a grownup drama dealing with the effects of the current recession which includes a delightful, believable love story, well written and beautifully made, with an honest witty script that is economical while at the same time delivering fully rounded characters. What makes it damn near perfect is the cast: George Clooney has never been better, effortlessly charming while displaying depth, never overplaying or relying on cheap tricks to gain audience sympathy. Vera Farmiga (Oscar nominated) is just The Fantastic Mr Fox () is a delightful animated film from the very quirky Wes Anderson. Based on a book by Roald Dahl, it is made with old stop-motion techniques in the manner of Wallace and Grommit but with a distinct look of its own and a fantastic vocal cast, including George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and the rest of Anderson’s usual crew. I really dug its left-field charm though many have objected to the Americanization of quintessentially English characters. This will not particularly be one for kids, but if you like Anderson’s other films – Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic – it should be right up your alley. Produced by the guys behind the Matrix movies and directed by James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) one could expect a lot of Ninja Assassin (). A cool reinvention of the martial arts genre perhaps? But, no. Together they have manages to make an absolutely bog-standard movie about a, er, Ninja Assassin. He goes

as good and solid support comes from Jason Bateman and Anna Kendrick. The film follows Clooney’s non-stop traveller, who criss-crosses the States helping companies fire their employees. His is a life of airports, hotels, and frequent flier miles. But now he’s met a fellow traveller who has broken through his solitary shell, while the company he works for are doing a bit of downsizing of their own. This comes from Jason Reitman who has previously helmed both Juno and Thank You For Smoking, two of the smartest mainstream films to emerge in the past few years. This is at least as good. It’s just such a pleasure to watch a film that doesn’t condescend to its audience and is not afraid to be adult and serious, despite the lightness of its touch. Excellent.

to the harsh school where he is trained to join one of the “9 clans”, secret government assassins for centuries. It’s cruel. But he’s conflicted. Why bother describing the “plot”? Just know that there is much fighting, most of it very impressive. But for anyone hoping for more – look elsewhere. The Actress () is a cheap Australian

comedy/drama, though without a lot of laughs. Three young people need a flatmate but the titular new arrival proves to be a manipulative hussy who causes dissent and sexual jealousy in the house. Sadly, the utterly amateurish nature of the direction, cinematography and sound pretty much sink

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

an almost competent script. Perhaps it’s the influence of the American “Mumblecore” movement, but from a technical perspective this would never even reach television. At least it must have provided experience for the young cast, and they surely need it. And now a brief dip into television. Presumably to get in before the Mel Gibson movie based on it, the BBC’s brilliant series Edge of Darkness () has just been released on DVD. Widely regarded as one of the best television thrillers to ever come out of Britain it is still a stunning experience, even two decades on. Bob Peck stars as a policemen whose daughter is killed in the first episode. His investigation leads to an international nuclear conspiracy, and over six episodes the series demonstrates a remarkable depth and complexity, as well as a surprising spiritual heart. The score, from Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen, is also rather brilliant. The new film, by comparison, is a straight-ahead revenge thriller.

M O V I E S With Rialto

Mic Macs (M) The new comedy from Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of Amelie, following the sad exploits of Bazil (Dany Boon). Bazil, an orphan whose father was killed by a landmine, is shot in the head while working near a street shootout. He survives, but doctors decide to leave the bullet inside his head. Out of hospital, with his house and job gone, he wanders the streets until he meets Slammer (JeanPierre Marielle). Bazil is introduced to a


bunch of misfits living in a salvage yard. When Bazil identifies the manufacturers of the bullet inside his head and the landmine that killed his father, he recruits his new friends to carry out his revenge. Each talent is utilised as they scheme and act out an ingenious campaign against the two heads of the companies. The Weekend Sun has two double passes to Mic Macs to give away to lucky

readers who can tell us the name of the lead character in the film. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by June 16.

Fri June 11 - Wed June 16 Te Puke a Digital 3D Cinema. NEW THIS WEEK


Capitol Cinema 4

(M) Contains Violence

on MEGASCREEN Action, Comedy. Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, Sharlto Copley, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson. Big screen version of the classic ‘80s TV show. Fri 1:15, 6:05pm, 8:35pm. Sat 1pm, 6pm, 8:35pm Sun 1pm, 6pm, 8:30pm. Mon 3:30, 6pm, 8:30pm Tue 1:15, 6:05, 8:35pm. Wed 1pm, 6pm, 8:30pm



(M) sex scenes & off language.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall. The sequel follows the four ladies latest exploits. Fri 1:05pm, 6:00pm. Sat 3:00pm, 8:15pm. Sun 12:45, 5:40pm. Mon 1:05pm, 8:10pm. Tue 1:05pm, 6:00pm. Wed 3:00pm, 8:10pm.


(M) Contains drug use and offensive language.

NZ Made #1 Top Grossing Film of All Time! Fri 1:30, 6:20pm. Sat 10:45am, 2:50pm, 6:10pm. PLAYING THIS WEEK Sun 10:45am, 1:15, 6:10pm. Mon 3:55, 8:10pm. THE LAST STATION (M) Contains sex scenes. Christopher Plummer, James McAvoy, Helen Mirren Tue 1:30pm, 6:20pm. Wed 1:10pm, 8:10pm. A period romance set during the last year of the HOME BY CHRISTMAS (M) Low level off language. life and turbulent marriage of the great Russian Tony Barry, Martin Henderson. True Story. writer Leo Tolstoy and his wife the Countess Sofya Fri&Tue 6:10pm. Sat 4:35. Sun 5:20. Mon 3:40. Fri 11:05, 3:45, 8:10pm. Sat 10:30, 12:40, 6:25. FINAL DAYS! Sun 11:00am, 3:05pm, 7:15pm. Mon 1:20, 6pm. ROBIN HOOD (M) violence & sexual references. Tue 11am, 1:20pm, 8:10pm. Wed 3:30pm, 6pm. Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Durand. Fri 3:20pm. Sat 12:45pm, 8pm. Sun 3:20pm. Mon 8:30pm. Tue 3:30pm. Wed 8:30pm.


(M) Contains medium level violence.

Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke

Fri 11am, 8:10pm. Sat 3:35pm. Sun 12:45, 8pm. Mon 6pm. Tue 11am, 8:10pm. Wed 6pm. PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME (M) FINAL WEEK! (R16) Contains violence. Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton. THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES Violence, sexual violence & off language. This Argentinian From the team behind Pirates of the Caribbean. thriller won the Best Foreign Film Oscar 2010. Fri 11am, 3:40pm. Sat&Sun 10:30am, 3:30pm. Mon 1:05pm. Tue 11am, 3:40pm. Wed 3:30pm. Fri 1:20pm. Sat 8:35pm. Tue 3:40pm. Wed 1pm.

Info line 573 8055

3D Movies




(PG) Contains Coarse Language. The “world’s first 3D dance film”.

Fri 11am, 8:50pm. Sat 12:45, 6:10. Sun 3:35, 8:30pm. Mon 1:20, 6:05. Tue 3:55, 8:50. Wed 3:55, 6:05pm. FINAL DAYS!


(PG) Frightening fantasy scenes & violence.

Animated, Comedy, Family, Adventure.

Fri 3:55pm. Sat 10:35am. Tue 11am. FINAL WEEK!


(PG) Frightening fantasy scenes & viol.

Sun 10:30am. Mon 3:40. Wed 1:20. PLAYING THIS WEEK ON MEGASCREEN!


Friday 11 June 2010

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

Traditional tragedy with a twist Tauranga Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges are mixing-up genders in their modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. Director Stephanie Harford says the reason for this role reversal is that girls at

the college are strong actors, but are left behind in Shakespeare because the main ‘meaty’ roles typically go to men. She says the two main roles in the play, Othello and Iago are played by women and are acting as women rather than cross dressing. “We’re seeing how it’s working and it’s

working really well,” says Stephanie. “For the last 10 weeks there has been some strong acting happening on stage by both schools. “It’s pretty amazing that these teenagers can pull this off.” The performance involves more than 30 students and runs June 15-19 at Baycourt. Tickets are available at Baycourt Theatre, Adults $20 and Students $15.

Left: Desdemona - Brayden Jeffrey, Othello - Courtney Leggett, Emilia - Cody Baggenstos and Iago - Hannah Botha. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Local floral artwork brought to life By Natasha Mitchell

Tauranga’s Francine Thomas adds performance to the world of creative floral art design with a special show at Baycourt Theatre on Saturday, June 26. The Tauranga Floral Art Group member presents Lume, a twohour piece of floral art theatre that features Francine creating large and spectacular designs set to music and lighting effects. Dawn Davenport, past president of the group, says Francine’s works will encompass the entire Baycourt stage.

“It’s a very special art form and one not often seen in Tauranga,” says Dawn. Lume runs from 5-7pm. Tickets cost $25 and are available from Baycourt TicketDirect. The show coincides with Winter Wonders, an exhibition organised by Tauranga Floral Art Group. The exhibition is open 10am5pm and entry is by gold coin donation to Waipuna Hospice. It features floral-inspired works by sculpture artist Mark Scarlett, contemporary paintings by Ruth Vickers, garments created by World of Wearable Arts finalists Penny Warner and Jo Odgers, and pieces by members of the group.








Preview Francine’s work at Creative Tauranga. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

May 2010


ity Draft CommunPl Development an

This Plan has been prepared by community

representatives and Council.


Friday 11 June 2010

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

trades & services

Friday 11 June 2010

trades & services

Alison Steve To: ________________________________ Time:________________ Date:__________________ From: _______________________________

advertising proof job: T88368

size: 6


run date

2009 format: solo

x1 position


cost +gst

revisions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

your contact:

Alison Adcorp New Zealand Ltd tel: (07) 927 8700 fax: (07) 927 8717






please note that we have prepared this advertisement proof based on our understanding of the instructions received. In approving the advertisement, it is the client’s responsibility to check the accuracy of both the advertisement and the media and position nominated. approved by: signature:

22/01/2010 10:50:32 a.m. 07/04/10 5X2


22/01/2010 10:50:32 a.m. 07/04/10 5X2

travel & tours


travel & tours




situations vacant ree ech



Dirty Grout? Dirty Forget Grout? Pointless

Forklift Licenses

Scrubbing Forget Pointless We Clean, Seal & Scrubbing Re-Colour We Clean, Seal & Tile & Grout... Re-Colour

More Skills - More Money 7254721AB

Earn more this Kiwifruit Season


EE FHoR me demo E


PhoneTile Murray Rhodes now & Grout... Phone Murray Rhodes now tile & grout restoration

specialists specialists

E 0800 737 8673 FHoR me demo tile & grout restoration

0800 737 8673

Bay Family Homebased Bay Family Family Homebased Homebased Bay (BFHC) BayChildcare Family Homebased Childcare (BFHC) (BFHC) Bay Childcare Family Homebased Childcare (BFHC) Bay Family Homebased Supplement the income by Supplement the family family income by looking looking Childcare (BFHC) Supplement the family income by looking after children in your own home Childcare (BFHC) after pre-school pre-school children in yourby own home Supplement the family income looking after pre-school children in your own home


OSH Forklift Certification OSH Refresher Course F Endorsement +gst (conditions apply)


Call now - (07) 579 5969

No job too big or small

Goughs authorised Forklift Training Company













INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Painting, WATERBLASTING, odd building jobs, mechanical and electrical repairs, furniture maintenance AND landscaping.


CONTACT ME TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE JOSH 027 714 1116 or 575 8037 email:

Supplement the family income by looking after pre-school in yourMount, own home Carers required in Carers requiredchildren in Tauranga, Tauranga, Mount, Supplement the family income by looking after pre-school children in your own home Carers required in Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas. Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas. Carers required in Tauranga, Mount, after pre-school children your own home Papamoa, Te Puke and in the outer areas. Carers required in our Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa, Te Puke andteam the outer areas. Benefits of joining include: Benefits of joining our team include: Carers required in our Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas. • Free play & music groups, toy library & excursions. Benefits of joining team include: • Free play & music groups, toy library & excursions. Benefits of joining our team include: •• Free play &equipment music groups, toy library & excursions. Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas. All nursery supplied free. •• All nursery equipment supplied free. Freenursery play of &equipment music groups, toy library & excursions. Benefits joining our team include: •• All supplied free. Retainers paid on statutory days & Retainers on groups, statutory days &include: ••• Free play of &paid music toy library & excursions. All nursery equipment supplied free. Benefits joining our team Christmas • our Retainers paid closure. on statutory days & our Christmas closure. •• Free play &paid music toy library All nursery equipment supplied free. Retainers on groups, statutory days & & excursions. our Christmas closure. • Plus more! Plusnursery more!paid our Christmas closure. •• All equipment supplied free. Retainers on statutory days & • Plus more! our Christmas closure. information Plusmore more!paid ••For Retainers on statutory days & For more information

or to join team information our Christmas closure. •For Plus more! or tomore join our our team call call

For more information 0800 0800 396 396 406 406 0800 396 406 0800 396 406 0800 396Bay406 Family Homebased Childcare We look forward to your call Homebased Childcare Family 0800 396Bay 406

tomore! join our team call •or Plus or tomore join our team call For information We look forward to your call Weto look forward to yourcall call or join our team For more information We look forward to your call or join our team call Weto look forward to your call Homebased Childcare Bay Family Family We look forward Bay to your call Homebased Childcare

CAREGIVERS We’ve been sending caregivers packing since 1967! Oxford Aunts help caregivers work and travel in the UK.

Use your nursing background in a flexible work situation to suit your lifestyle and travel plans. Placements involve live-in care of people in their home. Depending on experience the pay is £430 - £540 a week - plus free board and lodging. Call for information about great pay & conditions, good time off, holiday pay, free training and professional friendly support.

Interviewing in your area 4-6 June Call for an appointment

To be eligible to work for us in the UK you must have one of the following: • A valid British or European Union Passport • A Youth Mobility Visa for commonwealth citizens aged 30 or under • An Ancestry Visa by virtue of having a UK grandparent

OXFORD AUNTS CARE Phone: 0800 MY AUNT (0800 692 868)

Friday 11 June 2010


Churches Active In Our Community

The Weekend Sun

to rent

health & beauty

Employment Services

karaoke hire

Helping Tauranga families reach their potential Of Ngai Te Rangi descent, Leon Samuels represents a new generation of dynamic preachers with a passion to see Tauranga families fulfil their God-given potential. Together with his gifted wife Lynda and their two children, Leon has been at the helm of Destiny Church Tauranga for the past year and is focused on making a lasting and positive difference for the Tauranga community. Under the inspirational leadership of Bishop Brian and Hannah Tamaki, Leon has flourished in the role of local church pastor and thrives on the challenge of helping families move up levels in every aspect of life.


The Weekend Sun

Friday 11 June 2010

public notices us today on 928 3042

With a strong and enthusiastic local leadership team, Leon believes restoring strength to the family unit is the key to unlocking the inherent potential of the next generation. “People need to know they have a wonderful future and a hope and that the solution to any problem is found in the gospel of Christ,” says Pastor Leon.

cars wanted

sewing alterations

to let

for sale


computer services

Lynda and Pastor Leon Samuels from Destiny Church.

wanted All your graphic design needs taken care of right here at The Weekend Sun. Call us today on 578 0030.

property for sale



“I was scared ed stiff – I didn’t think I’d be able to use it!” Read Stella Posa’s full testimonial at

We’ll walk beside you


Simon Bridges


29 Burrows Street Tauranga + 0800 72 12 12 P + 07 578 1213 F + 64 7 578 1214 +

Home Health d Mobility and Your Mobility ty Scooter Specialists

SALE Aquariums

Tanks and Stands

All Reduced

Save 30% To 50% While Stocks Last


Gary Darkes es [freephone]] 837 0508 726 6837

82-84 Clayton Road Rotorua Ph: (07) 348 0328


appliance servicing

Simon Bridges MP will meet with constituents every Friday at 184 Devonport Rd, Tauranga. Appointments necessary


PO Box 581, Tauranga 3140 07 579 9016 FAX: 07 579 9669

Working Hard For Our Community

art & craft

CLAY ART STUDIO Inspiring creativity if you are interested in mosaics, glass cutting, leadlighting, fused glass, sculpture or ceramic painting, check us out for classes, supplies or inspiration for your next project. Clay Art Studio, Historic Village, 17th Ave. Ph 571 3726 MOSAIC WAREHOUSE Huge tile selection, glass & ceramic, awesome array of colours, different types & sizes. Tools, grouts, glues, bases & more. Your one stop shop for mosaic supplies. Unit 29, 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount (off Hull rd) see website for map. Tues to Sat 10am – 2pm. EFTPOS. Ph 572 3866

bible digest

flatmate wanted

WELCOME BAY PROF flatmates wanted. Separate bathroom, ensuite, garage, views. Grazing for 1 horse available. 5 mins to shops. Ph 021 131 8115

for sale

CHEAP SHIPPING CONTAINER for sale. Very good condition. Ph Paul 021 629 709 FIREWOOD Discount Firewood. Free local delivery. Ph 579 2096 or 027 727 8106 MYOGENIC PROTEIN POWDER rated number one by Canterbury University. Most potent. Most absorbable. Most results. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33 PAVERS Factory Seconds, half price, 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887

houses for sale

LIFESTYLE BLOCK AT PIKOWAI Within easy commuting to Tauranga, Te Puke and Whakatane this 4 brm brick home is in paradise. Beautiful sea and rural views 6 acres grazing land, horse pens, heaps of shedding, butchery and chiller for own use single garage with sleepout/ office big games room or can be converted to extra double garage, chook house, drenching race for the cattle 11.5 x 4.5 metre in ground swimming pool which is fully decked and fenced. This is a beautiful home and comes with a share in the community woolshed, tennis courts and cattle yards. Own water scheme. Fantastic community to belong to. $670,000 Ph 07 322 2272


NATURAL LIBIDO STIMULATOR Testo-19 contains clinically proven Testofen. Testosterone technology. Our customers report GREAT results. Come into Hardy’s Tauranga, Organic Papamoa, Bayfair. 0800 83 33 33 PRO-EREX FOR MEN. Sexual stamina enhancer. Supplies vital ingredients for peak performance. Sixty minutes to launch. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33 PRO-EREX FOR WOMEN. Desire Supplement revitalises libido. Improves mood-naturally. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33

The Weekend Sun trades & services

ARE YOU AFTER a reliable honest local builder? Do you need a new kitchen, bathroom, extension or a new home? Ph Colin to discuss your project requirements 576 5518 or 021 533 938 BUILDER AVAILABLE NOW New homes, renovations, bricklaying, quality rates, quality work. No job too big or small. Call me now for a quote. DK Builders - Dieter 021 474 299 or 574 2139 a/h CARPET LAYING phone today for a free quote and friendly service. Ph Patrick on 0800 151 885 CHIMNEY CLEANING by Pete the chimney sweep. Prompt service. Ph 576 7436 or 578 6272 DECKS, Garden bridges, boardwalks, wheelchair ramps. The best in the business, Wilko Construction will make it look good and last. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 or a/hrs 576 0941 ELECTRICIAN prompt and affordable electrical solutions. Guaranteed friendly and professional service. Call Steve Today on 027 848 6042 or 578 0555. ELECTRICIANS Alterations, Maintenance, New Work. Ph 928 1692 ELECTRICIAN available for all services. Mitsubishi air conditioner supplied and installed for very competitive rates. Ph 027 5473 831 or A/H on 543 0062 ELECTRICIAN FULLY REGISTERED General electrical wiring, new house installations and enovations. Friendly service. Sure to beat any price! Ph Tomas 027 5667872 EXCAVATE, ROTARY HOE, trench, auger holes, clear gardens, prepare lawns & paths. Work smarter! Ph Derek 576 6641 GARDENER AVAILABLE Pruning, spraying, weeding, rubbish removal. Ph Tracey on 578 9779 for a free quote GUTTERING SPOUTINGS FREE check. Cleared from just $55.00. Ph Dave now 0800 273 227 GUTTERING CLEAN FREE certified roof inspection with every clean. Guttering repairs or replacements. Small roof repairs, good rates. Free quotes. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740

trades & services

HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 HOUSE WASHING FREE exterior window clean with every house wash. Ph Dave now 0800 273 227 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 NEW LAWNS Rotary hoeing, Preparation & Sowing, Loader & Blade Work. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Services. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480

trades & services

travel & tours

A DAY OUT next week to the National Fieldays at Hamilton. Don’t miss this popular annual event. Take this day trip with door to door transport - avoid the traffic & parking hassles. National Fieldays trips next week. Ph John’s Trips & Tours 576 9305 A UNIQUE HOLIDAY or day trip - Small Group Tours. Kae & Rick 07 575 8118 - Free Newsletters CURTIS COACHES Coming up: Trip to Wearable Arts Wellington in September, and Whangamomona. Christmas away trips to Hawkes Bay. Ph for more information 543 9205 SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS, fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see


AMAZING VALUE LAPTOP sale from $350 full warranty, repairs, servicing, upgrades. All work guaranteed. Ph Crystal Computing on 579 5860 COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, refurbished PC’s, internet or just advice. Ph Bruce for a no-obligation chat on 576 7940 COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Free call outs and delivery. Software and hardware issues. We also install TV’s and home theatres. Ph Kyle 027 828 7078 at TechSolutions


FREE TRAINING IN horticulture Ph Kam 021 0240 1136 or 578 0183 for July intake SPANISH COURSE Edenz Colleges start 9 June, 6 weeks, 2 times, 2 weeks. Beginner level. Value $125. Ph Henri 578 3936 or 021 024 73751

flatmate wanted

CAMBRIDGE HEIGHTS area available immediately. Central to everything, only 7min to Polytechnic & CBD. Tidy home with off street parking, easy going flatmates one room available. ONLY $110 + exp p/w. Ph or txt Jess 027 429 1800

health & beauty

BEE POLLEN nature’s amazing multi. Exclusive value twin pack 400 caps only $59.90. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33

NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 and LOSE WEIGHT FEEL GREAT! Join a ‘New Look’ clinic in your area. Healthy eating with real food. Ph Bernice NOW 576 4848

LOSE WEIGHT NOW! $10 discount off starter pack. Brilliant results with Celebrity Slim. Follow the rules, lose the weight. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33

SUPPORT YOUR WELLNESS herbal Medicine, Massage with essential oils, Reflexology, Bach Flowers, Iridology. Registered Skilled Naturopath and Medical Herbalist - Ph Denise Elliott 07 575 5270

PAPAMOA PRIVATE SALE Waterford Downs area adjacent Tuihana. 600m from beach. No exit street. Established, quiet and private.


HOUSESITTING AVAILABLE free active recently retired couple, exper with all types of livestock and pets, would like to look after your farm, orchard or lifestyle block, while you are away. Available 6 -17 July & 25 Sept onwards. Book now to save disappointments. Great way to keep your animals happy and home secure. Email brianandjuliesharp@xtra. or Ph 021 0241 9389

PRO-EREX AROUSAL Drops for women. Helps improve desire and heighten sensation naturally. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33 STOP SNORING NOW! Aveo TSD holds tongue in place relieving sleep apnea. Brilliant! Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33

% %

life coaching

ARE YOU ANGRY and frustrated and don’t know why? Ph Chris 027 548 2548. Balanced Success Coaching.


FOR MORE DISABILITY needs, visit our showroom, 29 Burrows St, Tauranga, Ph 578 1213. MES “Supporting your independence” for 12+yrs



PET SITTING care of your pets in your home when you are away. Dog walking groups or individually. Pet Home Stay any sized dog stays in my home. Doggy Day Care dogs dropped of for a day of fun and socialising. Housesitting we now have a live in housesitter if you are away Something for every pet Ph 0508 738 748

to let

GREERTON CHARMING spacious three bedroom house with large one bedroom self contained flat. All recently refurbished. New kitchen etc. No smokers or pets. $530 pw. Ph 579 0119 or 021 552 554

trades & services

AFFORDABLE GARDEN Maintenance and garden renovations. One off or regular. 20 years or experience and knowledge planting, trimming, pruning & weeding. Ph Tita 027 654 8781 or 542 0120 a/hs

OFF OFF everything in store THE GYM Huge selection of equipment, Les Mills Group Fitness, licensed Crèche, and much more. All in friendly professional atmosphere! Ph 578 3605

CO ENZYME Q10 with Alpha Lipoic Acid potent combination. ALA recycles CO Q 10 giving maximum potency. Hardy’s Tauranga, Bayfair, Organic Papamoa. 0800 83 33 33

PA I N T E R / D E C O R AT O R available. All interior and exterior work. Prompt, reliable, excellent references. Ph Paul 576 4793, 027 689 6252 PAINTER/DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, Quality workmanship, friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential including ceilings, new & old kitchens. Quality paint at trade prices. Ph 544 6495 or 021 575 3071

PA I N T E R / D E C O R AT O R Tradesman available. Interior, exterior quality work. For a prompt FREE quote, Ph Eric 577 1988

Mark Buttle, playing 40K Warhammer during the North Island War Gaming Convention at the Mount Maunganui Cosmopolitan Club during Queen’s Birthday Weekend. Here he is holding his tyranid hive tyrant.

Right: Braydon Waaka presenting Viv Phelps with the gift basket donated by Gate Pa New World. The raffle was to raise money for Greenpark School students to travel to South Korea in October to visit their sister school.

RESPOUT NOW! Call Ageless Continuous Spouting. Made to measure costs less than you think. For a prompt quote. Ph 574 0496 RETAINING WALLS fences, outdoor construction, repairs, maintenance, free quotes. Qualified tradesmen. Ph Dennis 021 570658 or 5700978.

RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole walls, crib walls, tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 ahs 576 0941

TheThe Cruisedeck Cruisedeck Maunganui Road, Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui Mount Maunganui

D E H S SLA LIMITED STOCKS ON 1000 Curveline Shower $750.00 were • We 1284.00 visit Your Home

• We Measure & Plan your Bathroom

• We provide a Free Installation Quote Gregory Heyns enjoys his first visit to Classic Flyers.

ELECTRICAL Work wanted. Alterations, Maintenance, New homes & repairs. Ph 575 5833 HELP!!! EXPERIENCED BUILDER needs work Fully equipped with own tools etc. Worked in both Residential and Commercial industry. Keen interest in Residential. Ph Kevin please on 0274 300 129 anytime.


Kate Hawthorne helps the Tauranga YMCA celebrate its 30th birthday at last weekend’s street party.

Open 7 Days Open 7 Days

Phone 575575 0905 Phone 0905

The Cruisedeck The Cruisedeck The Cruisedeck The Cruisedeck The Cruisedeck The Cruisedeck Maunganui Road, Maunganui Road, Maunganui Road, Phone 575 0905 Maunganui Road, Phone 575 5590 Mount Maunganui Maunganui Road, Phone 575 0905 Maunganui Road,Phone Phone 575 5590 Phone 575 5590 Phone 575 0905 575 0905 Phone 575 5590 Phone 575 0905 Mount Maunganui Mount Maunganui Mount Maunganui Phone 575 5590 5590 Phone 575 Phone 575 0905 Mount Maunganui

• We provide a Free Product Quote


work wanted

th th Thursday 7 • Friday 8 • th th Thursday 7 • Friday 8 • th th Saturday 9 • Sunday th th 10 Saturday 9 • Sunday 10

Mount Maunganui

...under Photo Galleries

were 1200.00

wanted to buy


Thursdayth 7 • Friday 8 th • th • Sunday 1010 th Saturday 9 9 th Saturday • Sunday th

from this publication on...

900 Curveline Shower $700.00

OLD GOLD, silver and old jewellery for scrap value, I come to you or you to me, any quantity. Ph 543 9282 or 027 4496 960 OLD STAMPS, ALBUMS, accumulations. Cash buyer, I come to you. Ph 575 7511

everything in store 44days daysonly only everything in store everything in store Open 7 Days Open 7 Days 4 days only 4 days only Thursday 7 • Friday 8 • th


• We design to size In 2D


PLUMBING WORKS no job too big or small, blocked drains, plumbing, spouting & roof repairs. Ph 571 5558

Friday 11 June 2010

Photos by Tracy Hardy.

ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 0274 965 375 ROOFING New roofs, re-roofs, spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or A/H on 572 3237 TAURANGA Tandem Skydiving Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990 TRACTOR WORK ROTARY slashing/mowing anything. Just ring Scott 0274 624 769 from Rural Contractors

50 5050 FOR I AM the Lord, your God, I am holding your right hand fear not; for I will help you. Isaiah 41:13


The Weekend Sun

Hunter Birchall of Papamoa gets his face painted at the YMCA street party.

Mon to Fri: 9.00 - 4.30 Sat: 9.00 - 2.00

• Locally owned and operated

Flush Back To The Wall Toilet, with Soft Close Seat

Water Rated Porcelain Toilet $135.00

$449.00 were $647.00

were $255.00 s1022bzthebathroom


Friday 11 June 2010

5 Triton Ave, Mt Maunganui - p. 07 574 7125 OPEN. Mon to Fri0800 9.00BATHWARE - 4.30 Sat 9.00 - 2.00 5 triton Ave, Mt Maunganui p. 07 574 7125 0800 BATHWARE

Friday 11 June 2010


The Weekend Sun

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