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Sunglasses shown in adverts The sunglasses featured in this issue’s adverts are listed below to make finding them that bit easier. Search for... Page 2: Chanel 5168 White Page 5: Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 1033 Page 6-7: Oakley Jupiter 03-245 Page 13: Marc by Marc Jacobs 155 M9C Page 14-15: Oakley Forsake OO9092-03 Page 19: adidas adizero A171/00 6062 Pages 20&21: Carrera Panamerika

Page 49: Miu Miu 11LS Pages 50-51: Versace 3128B and 4179 Page 59: Prada 10MS Page 67: Jee Vice Egoist Black 31-190110001 Page 71: Diesel 0204,0203 Page 73: Serengeti Vasio, 7373 Page 81: Bollé 10947 Page 83: Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 1013 Back Cover: Dolce&Gabbana 4075


arlier this year a man, known simply to the world as ‘Matthew’, had a pair of sunglasses tattooed on his face. The sunglasses he chose are worldfamous and the result was an instant internet hit and a massive success for the brand. A publicity stunt or borne from a genuine obsession with those particular sunglasses, who knows? But here at Sunglasses Shop we got to thinking. And after constant refusals from our staff to have the Sunglasses Shop logo branded on their foreheads, we realised a different approach was needed. We also called for more space than is available on a person’s face. So Sunglasses Shop has brought you over 80 pages of hot picks, celebrity features and the most influential sunglasses the industry has to offer. Not only are these pages packed with sunglasses style features, our Summer season magazine includes an interview with movie star James Denton, the ambassador for Serengeti eyewear, and if you want to emulate your favourite Hollywood stars read our in-depth Sex and the City and Shades on Film features. But we understand that buying sunglasses can’t always be glitz and glamour. Sunglasses Shop magazine features practical advice on choosing sunglasses, based on your face shape and your sport – running in this issue. The Sunglasses Shop guide to prescription lenses and our jargon-buster will also help you see things more clearly. We know how much you love your sunglasses, that’s why we do this, but if you are thinking about having your face tattooed with your favourite pair, cut them out from this magazine and try them over an old photo first.

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08 In the summertime...

Hot frames for you this summer...

16 Cross the Line...

Better sunglasses, better running

22 Celebrity Sun Spots... Get the look

26 Supercaliframeilisticexpiallinfocus...


Sunglasses jargon busted

30 Figures in a landscape Our sunglasses but down under

34 Shades in the City...

Carrie and friends’ big fashion shoot

38 Face Shapes...

We’ve all got one. Find sunglasses to suit yours

44 Lights... camera... sunglasses... Hollywood’s favourite frames

52 A little ray of sunshine Style it up amidst the rays

60 Get Lost...

James Denton escapes L.A. with Serengeti

64 Can you read this...?

Prescription lenses, don’t turn a blind eye.

68 Choose a life...

Trendspotting, street style


72 Forget the dog/bag... The ultimate celebrity accessory

74 Punk’d Up Style...

When sunnies meet street art

76 Lose sight of shades... Focus on colour

80 Doctor Doctor... Sunglasses Q&A

82 About us...

We bring you the sunglasses



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Š2010 Oakley, Inc.

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Rebel with a cause. Kye Forte in Jupiter速 from the Oakley lifestyle collection.

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Sunglasses Shop gears you up for summer and helps chase away those grey skies by bringing you a selection of sizzling frames.


verybody loves that feeling when the first summer sun shines through the gaps in your curtains in the morning. You fling those drapes wide open and everything seems good. You know the effect that sun can have on improving mood and that the winter really can make you sad, but the sun brings with it not only good times, it brings good looks too. There is no greater summer accessory than a pair of sunglasses. So don’t leave sunglasses missing from your summer wardrobe selection this season. Bold frames, colourful combinations and shades of the retrospective have been quietly waiting behind those moody winter clouds and are now shining brightly for you. Forget those old shades – leave them at the back of the wardrobe – and invest in a quality designer frame that is full of vibrancy and shows you for the person that you truly are. Summer comes but once a year. Don’t be left in the shade.

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


y kle h Oa patc e Dis att M ite h W

ui Ma Pilot l ta Jim nme k Gu Blac ed ris a l Po

m To rd Fo ilde th e Clo rtois To

rio po i Em rman no A Bo 92 k 95 Blac


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& lce a Do ban iny b Ga 4 Sh k 5 40 Blac

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y kle s Oa skin g e Fro att ise M uo q r Tu

& lce a Do ban p b o Ga 68 T 40 old G


an y-B 00 Ra S 50 e T g CA ran na O va Ha

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit

selection 11

d are qu 1 S 3 D 00 na va Ha

ri lga Bv 39B 60 iny Sh ack Bl

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r ive s Ol ple oya o k Pe a A nd ch l a Sa Pear old G 57 10

rio po i Em rman let A Vio 88 m 95 rea C

ri lga Bv 55B 80 ory Iv

2010 summer e lic Po 93 82 ld Go

rry t rbe le Bu 3 Vio 7 40

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit



the forsake™

©2010 Oakley, Inc.

Karena Dawn

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for cover 16

And they’re off... shave crucial seconds off your running time with help from adidas and the adizero... By Matthew Lyle


t may not be every day that a jogger runs, eye first, into a low-hanging tree branch. Yes, this is a true story and one that made news because the man was apparently ‘Twittering’ to friends on his mobile phone at the time. The result was a nasty black eye and very likely followed by a dose of foolishness, when the same disbelieving friends reminded him. Most would consider this kind of disregard for surroundings the reserve of twoyear-olds, being more concerned with what’s down there than in front and leaving feet to do the looking, but as leading sports eyewear brand adidas points out, runners at any level really can benefit from using eye protection. “82% of our sensory information comes via the eyes,” says adidas. “So if your vision is obstructed in a race, if it is extremely bright or windy, then it is a lot of energy lost and other side effects can be eye fatigue. Just like any other muscle in the body, once the eyes tire it will have a knock-on effect on your performance – physically and mentally.” adidas has developed the adizero, an ultra light, elite pair of running sunglasses designed to keep you ahead and enhance your whole running experience. adidas say that the adizero will not only protect your vision, but that because of the effect it has on reducing eye fatigue, and therefore overall

There are some obvious reasons for wearing sunglasses whilst running – changing light conditions, protection from damaging UV rays, to name some – but few runners appreciate the effect that eye fatigue can have on performance.

Illustration ©

s ida ad izero ad 170 A

tiredness, it can help shave crucial seconds off your time. There are some obvious reasons for wearing sunglasses whilst running – changing light conditions, protection from damaging UV rays, to name some – but few runners appreciate the effect that eye fatigue can have on performance. Consider how tired eyes impact on your body when you are not running. Even in low light conditions squinting for any length of time can cause tension, possibly leading to headaches or tightness in the shoulders. The constant barrage of wind may cause your eyes to stream as the body naturally tries to prevent them from


drying out. Your eyes can become very painful. Because of its advanced technology the adizero is the frame of choice for many top athletes, including British World Heptathlon Champion Jess Ennis. These athletes demand the most from their body and can’t afford to be let down by their equipment. The adizero’s Light Stabilising Technology (LST) lenses were developed to account for the rapid changes from light to shadow. LST harmonise these fluctuations by balancing light conditions to prevent eye fatigue. For the perfect fit, the hand-crafted adizero uses a nose bridge with two adjustable heights to suit your face shape; Tri Fit arms – an adidas sunglasses exclusive feature – click into three different positions to adapt to your ears and feature Traction Grip rubber and curved tips to give adizero an ultra secure fit, which won’t restrict your face if worn under a visor. Of course full UVA and UVB protection comes with the adizero as does a choice of nine lens colours, for whatever the conditions. One thing adidas note is that the improved contrast, particularly in red tinted lenses, will make you feel more powerful. And at a mere 22 grams in weight the adizero is just a fraction heavier than the shoelaces in your trainers.


y Run your wa Sunglasses Shop recommends these alternative frames to look good and stay focused

y kle e Oa bon d w e Ja frar 10 In 4-2 0

y kle ket Oa Jac lf ck Ha Bla 614 03

lle Bohift S ting al t Pla me ed n s Gu lari 62 Po 109

All this comfort is important if you are one of the 36,000 runners taking part in the London Marathon, the country’s premier road-race which adidas sponsor and is now in its 30th year. With its historic heritage, London boasts a breathtaking backdrop for running, but those elegant streets are home to countless rogue molecules with designs on a runner’s eyes. It only takes one kamikaze fly to ruin the enjoyment of what could have been a great run and a mobile phone/low-hanging branch combination can really affect your personal best. With these and possibly unknown greater hazards to negotiate every time you take to the streets, eye fatigue is something that you just don’t need to focus on. The best sunglasses could help you have a better running time.

adizero’s light weight and perfect fit allows me to focus on my training and nothing else.

Jess Ennis

adizero Silhouette International Schmied AG, adidas Global Licensee, adidas, the 3-Bars logo, and the 3-Stripes mark are registered trademarks of the adidas Group Photo: Rob Matthews

support your vision /eyewear

SUN American comedian Fred Allen once said: “Some movie stars wear their sunglasses even in church. They’re afraid God might recognize them and ask for autographs.” See what the current trendsetters are wearing with our celebrity sunglasses spotter. By Andie White

an y-B Ra 016 ster 3 a bm Clu

Robert Pattinson e alternative on

Ray-Ban 2156 Smaller, shallower lens shape, but with the same Clubmaster curves.

o alternative tw

Ray-Ban 4141 Sixties’ sunglasses are as fashionable today as they were back then.


Always a frontrunner in fashion polls, Robert Pattinson scores full marks at Sunglasses Shop in a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. With his handsome good looks and cool Clubmaster shades, it’s no wonder he was recently voted best-dressed British male.

m To rd Fo ndra d xa ol Ale se G 8 o R 011

Cheryl Cole Fashion icon Cheryl Cole adds to her style credentials in a stunning pair of Tom Ford Alexandra sunglasses. These oversized, gold sunglasses scream for attention, yet equally maintain your privacy, and despite being so popular, retain a level individuality.

e alternative on Dior Cinquante (Cinquante I51) Bigger is better for this glamorous, vintage-inspired frame.

o alternative tw Carrera Hippy 3 (Hippy J59) Super lifestyle sunglasses for fashionable hipsters seeking must-have designs.

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


l rso Pe 14 07

Taylor Lautner You love his character in The Twilight Saga – cuddly teen werewolf Jacob Black – but you also love his natural born style. The 17-year-old actor looks cool and collected in a pair of Persol foldaway sunglasses, a howling combination of technical characteristics and smooth sleek lines.

e alternative on

Persol 0649 These round sunglasses are among our most anticipated trends of the summer.


o alternative tw

Oliver Peoples Daddy B 5091 Seventies’ retro detailing and a distinct keyhole bridge give a nod to days gone by.

r ive Ol ples e o Pe isett An 132S 5

Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale looks flawless in Oliver Peoples Anisette. Conceived in-house and crafted by hand, Anisette features the finest quality materials available, ensuring beautiful eyewear that lasts a lifetime. Perfect.

e alternative on

Gucci 3131 Chic and sophisticated, these sunglasses convey the ultimate in stylish luxury.

o alternative tw Burberry 4062 Burberry check makes a triumphant return on the arms of this stylish model.

For more visit


Maui Jim

PolarisedPlus2: Simplified, it blocks glare, UV and blue light from all angles for exceptional clarity and contrast. It enhances colour using three rare elements (Neodyium, Erbium and Praseodymium, of course). Maui Evolution: A super thin plastic hybrid of glass and polycarbonate. Evolution offers the visual acuity of glass with the lightweight properties of polycarbonate. HT Transmissions: This lens colour optimises light early morning, late afternoon and on overcast days for greater contrast and colour without glare. ST Glass: Thinner and lighter than conventional glass lenses with boosted colour quality for exceptional clarity. Cellulose Propionate: Material found at the temples that is lightweight and hypoallergenic.

g n i t s Bu


G15: Neutral grey lens for comfort and relaxed eyes. Reduces eyestrain and squinting. B15: Military technology in a high contrast brown lens. Clarity, comfort and protection for the civilian. Ray-Ban L.A: Adapts to the light (Light Adaptive) according to the intensity of the brightness. For comfort and relaxed vision. Ray Ban P: See through the glare with Ray-Ban’s polarised lens. Made with high quality crystal or plastic for clear and bright views. Carbon Fibre: Creates lightness, strength, durability and flexibility for optimum comfort on frames.



Polarised lenses contain a special filter that reduces glare from reflective surfaces such as a road, snow or water. This glare is reflected into your eye horizontally and can be of a dangerous intensity and cause significant eye damage. The filter in a polarised lens acts vertically, like a venetian blind, filtering all horizontal light so these lenses are excellent for driving and sports, particularly skiing and sailing, where reflected glare can be constant. Let your mirror worry about reflection. That’s its job.

Plutonite won’t stick your best vase back together and G15 isn’t a tricky guitar chord. Frances Emery guides you through the jargon, to make understanding the technology behind all things eyewear a little less...unobtainium.


Drivers: A versatile brown lens. 555: Green lens for contrast and clarity – ideal for bright conditions. Sedona: High contrast rose coloured lens. All Serengeti lenses are photochromic. Spectral Control: Engineered into the glass to deliver colour and contrast enhancement for crisper and clearer vision. Polar PHD: An industry award-winning polarised lens for eliminating haze and distortion whilst relieving eyestrain when exposed to intensive UV rays. Grilamid: Durable and tough regardless of the temperature this is injected into the temples and for the perfect fit this flexible substance has a memory. Zyl: Another lightweight frame material from Serengeti. Flex Series: Frames that fit to your face and adjust to the contours of your head.

Oakley Photochromic lenses

Adjust to the light, darkening when exposed to the sun and getting lighter when you go into the shade. This technology uses a chemical reaction to UV radiation, causing the lens to change depending on the UV intensity. Photochromic lenses only react to UV light, not visible light, darkening will not always occur. The windscreen in a car already blocks out most of the UV light, so your photochromic lenses will darken very little. Drivers don’t worry – those new sunglasses work and are worth every penny.

Plutonite: Lightweight lens material that provides impact protection, comfort and inherently blocks UV and harmful blue light. Iridium: Specifically formulated lens coating that optimises contrast and reduces glare. Iridium lens coatings allow you to tune the transmission of light for any condition. Hydrophobic: Repels impurities including water, finger prints, and of course, sun cream. O Matter: Flexible, lightweight and durable, and used in most plastic frames. Unobtainium: Synthetic rubber used in Oakley ear and nosepieces. It attracts water (hydrophilic) so grip improves as perspiration increases.


A few examples of some of the sunglasses that have the latest technology on offer

ng i t s u B Oakley Flak Jacket Jet Black XLJ Polarised 12-903

im Maui J all Breakw r ee Rootb d e Polaris 6 H422-2

Serengeti Piers Black Pearl Polarised 7346

Ray-Ban 8301 Carbon Fibre Light Silver Polarised

for more technical frames visit











RB_Tech_ADV_Uk.indd 1

05/02/10 12:32

a ad Pr LS 27 ry Ivo

an y-B Ra 3016 ster a n bm row Clu p B lack To n B O

ce rsa Ve 183B a 4 van Ha



a ad Pr LS al 62 et nm Gu

They’re hot. Sunglasses Shop heads to the glorious sunshine of Down Under with a selection of frames to inspire you this summer. Photographer: Julie Adams

Stylist: Gemma Hayward

Model: Emily Page @ Viviens Model Management

figures in a



an y-B Ra 3016 ster a bm ck Clu Bla

an y-B Ra 4140 k c d Bla rise la Po


Photographer: Julie Adams

eu Nu ona k r Co Blac 3.0

Stylist: Gemma Hayward

Model: Amy Finlayson @ Chic Management

figures in a



When New York fashion met the bright lights of Hollywood... Jee Vice sunglasses lands a starring role alongside the world’s most famous fashion foursome. By Andie White


CITY ice e V ot Je d H k Re lac nt B die a Gr



arah Jessica Parker takes another bite out of the Big Apple as fashion obsessed Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2, the stylish sequel to the 2008 blockbuster. A successful writer, Carrie explores the unique world of Manhattan while chronicling her own candid outlook of sex and relationships, but the film is really so much more about high fashion and the glamour of New York. Christian Louboutin Gino T-strap sandals a Christian Louboutin Sylvia Drapey Hobo all feature but shades label Jee Vice was the natural addition to the Sex and the City lifestyle. During filming, photographs of SJP on set wearing Jee Vice appeared in magazines around the world, and fans of the show immediately wanted to know where they could buy Carrie’s cool and funky orange shades, igniting an international fashion frenzy. The most emulated out of all the SATC girls, Carrie’s style is eclectic and eludes categorisation. Each season she creates a signature statement using mind-blowing accessories such as the Jee Vice Heated for a look that is dramatically edgy – one that is bound to ignite multiple fashion trends. Even non-SATC fans still look up to Carrie and Co for inspiration. Carrie’s Jee Vice sunglasses demonstrate a genuine love of fashion – from which the slogan ‘handmade with love and passion’ is born – and reflect female cardinal desire – affordable, quality luxury. Whether mixing and

On the film set: (from left to right)Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon

ice eV d Je eate se H rtoi d To d Re an

mingling or wining and dining, these sexy and glamorous shades rise to the occasion. Behind the looks on set is head costume designer Patricia Field or Pat as she is fondly known. She set the bar for televised glamour when she costumed SATC and Ugly Betty – the most fashionable shows on television, and used her neat styling hand to turn Anne Hathaway into an international fashion icon in The Devil Wears Prada. The costume



vixen has sparked trends ranging from sexy studded belts to oversized dress flowers, and brought Manolo Blahnik to the masses in 1998. This year, however, the legendary New York fashion designer has a new vice. In one scene Carrie and Mr Big, the writer’s love interest, pull up outside an exclusive looking apartment building seemingly as co-stars to Jee Vice and the other stellar fashion brands that are almost de rigueur if you want to be in vogue. All of the Sex and the City ladies love Jee Vice and each wear the sunglasses on film. Now you can experience their style first hand with the fashion trend of the moment. Prepare to find room for Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior and of course for Jee Vice, the fifth star of Sex and the City 2. Jee Vice Heated is exclusively dedicated to women and especially handcrafted for a perfect fit that will make you say fabulous out loud (not like those Extreme Dior Platforms from the first film, tiptoeing in the back of your walk-in closet). For sunglasses that make a statement at any occasion. This stunning new vice comes in a range of colours. Those who like to Get Carried Away will invest in them all – orange jubilee, tortoise and red, and black. More than just designer eyewear at its most sumptuous, these sunglasses are about reliving your favourite moments with Carrie and the girls.

ee Vice Look hot in J

Those who like to Get Carried Away will invest in them all – orange jubilee, tortoise and red, and black.

ice e V ot Je d H Re Red e rip St

ice eV d Je eate e H ang e Or bile Ju


im Cattrall reprises her role as successful PR executive Samantha Jones who knows what she wants and gets it (most of the time), whether it’s a table at the swankiest New York restaurant or an international celebrity client. In the film New York City diva looks red hot in the next big Hollywood obsession - Jee Vice Red Hot. This burning temptation is exactly that and one of many must-have items from the SATC sequel. The striking square shape is made instantly glamorous with oversized lenses and delivers an instant hit of wow factor. Recreate the look of Samantha with these sexy and sassy summertime shades.


s e s s a l g n su

selector heart/diamond face A defined, pointed chin with wide cheek bones and forehead look great with a more quirky, retro shaped pair of sunglasses, such as rectangular or ‘cat-eyed’ sunglasses. Choose a pair which angle outwards towards to top corner, widening out the face to balance the jaw line. Coloured frames and arms with strong detail will soften the lower portion of your face shape by accentuating the eye area. Celebrities with your face shape: Kate Bosworth and Johnny Depp FOR HER: Marc Jacobs 299 Tortoise

FOR HIM: Oakley Sideways Black 05-993


The Sunglasses Shop guide to getting it right will help you determine the shape of your face, buy the perfect pair of sunglasses and look like you’ve employed a personal shopper. By Sarah Nice


rying to fit a square peg into a round hole is tricky. So too is finding a sunglasses frame that suits your uniquely-shaped face. There are so many styles and it’s a real problem for many – ask anyone who has unsuccessfully trawled through pages of frame after frame. But as we show you it can be very easy because you just need to know your face value. Start off by looking in the mirror and blurring your eyes, so that you can just make out the outline of your face shape. Using shaving foam, lipstick or whatever you have handy (and easily removed... you’ll need that mirror in the morning), draw round the outline of your face. This will give you a good indication of what face shape you have. Now you just have to pick the perfect pair...

oblong face To balance out your face and give it width, choose sunglasses that don’t extend beyond the widest part of your head. Opt for round or square shapes, ensuring that they are a good size (ladies, go for it with an oversized ‘Jackie O’ style). Opaque lenses give your face good definition as well as being a smarter option for the well dressed gent. Celebrities with your face shape: Liv Tyler and Wentworth Miller FOR HER: Oliver Peoples Isobel Sepia FOR HIM: Tom Ford Ramone Brown 0149


oval face Count yourself lucky, as pretty much any style works on an oval face. You should experiment with the latest looks such as the resurge of the Wayfarer, now updated with an array of coloured frames. For pure celebrity status or a pair that screams ‘look at me’, go for a heavily embellished detailed arm. Bvlgari are the masters of a jewel-encrusted arm. Celebrities with your face shape: Elle Macpherson and Russell Brand FOR HER: Bvlgari 6028B Silver

FOR HIM: Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Top Black on Tiger Stripe Azure

square face A strong jaw line with wide cheekbones looks great with a rounded or aviator-shaped frame. With such a strongly shaped face oversized and curvy frames also work well, while creams and neutral tones help to soften and subtly frame the face. Lenses with a rose or warm amber tint add a gentle but retro look overall, for the more laid back customer. Celebrities with your face shape: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt


round face Add some more definition and slim your cheeks with a frame slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Soft but angular styles will pull your temple higher, lengthening your face and breaking up the roundness. A double brow style also pulls the eye area away from the mouth, giving a more defined shape overall. Celebrities with your face shape: Jennifer Lopez and Leonardo De Caprio

FOR HER: Balenciaga 0051 Palladium

FOR HIM: Persol 2954 Havana

more online @ FOR HER: Ray-Ban 3025 001/33 Aviator Gold FOR HIM: Police 1626 Honey



2-DAY GUEST MEMBERSHIP* for you and a friend

To claim your free pass visit

Call and make the world a fitter place

0844 571 80 80


or visit for more details

*Terms and conditions apply, ask in club for details. One 2-day guest membership per person. Must be booked in advance. The 2 days must be consecutive. Must be 16 years or over. Does not include use of paid-for facilities such as sunbeds, Beauty rooms and Crèche facilities and some studio classes. facilities vary from club to club, please see fitnessfirst. for details. Offer subject to availability. Offer expires 30th June 2010.

1153_01_0310 280x180mm Double Page Sunglasses Shop advert.indd 1-2

LOOK FORWARD TO SUMMER WITH A fABULOUS fIGUre Getting in shape for summer is a great way to keep people motivated – if the aim is to fit into that bikini on holiday, tone up your abs or build up your arms to feel confident in a vest then always keep that goal in mind.


fitness first Personal Trainer of the Year, Tom Eastham says that setting a goal and having the desire to reach it will get you motivated. “You need to think about how fantastic you will feel, not only when you have the body you have always dreamed of but how great it will feel to have seen the training programme through and how you have kept your promise to yourself to meet that goal.”

Set goals Challenge yourself by creating milestones, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Start slowly by setting a short term goal. Once you have achieved that goal, why not take it to the next step with a long term goal.

Be flexible Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you are feeling like you don’t want to do any exercise one day, take a couple of days rest and then get back into it. You should enjoy fitness and not treat it as a chore!

Have fun enjoy yourself! If you are having a bad week, invite a friend to be your gym buddy. You can challenge and motivate each other to carry on. A problem shared is a problem solved! Try a class where you will find like minded people.

part Make exercise utine of your daily ro Try and be more active in your lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of driving, get off at a bus stop a few stops before your destination.

Start slowly Make sure you don’t over exert yourself too quickly as you may have to abandon your fitness routine altogether. Take small steps to start with - until you feel you can push yourself.


Consider your ‘m

If you are having a particularly bad day at work, you may find it helps to put your headphones on and run for 30 minutes to help de-stress.

Seek support If you are unsure if you are doing an exercise correctly, speak to an expert. If you are bored of your current routine and need a new focus, Personal Trainers and fitness staff at fitness first can help tailor a programme for you.

Put it on paper Make a note of the milestones you have accomplished. Keep a fitness diary and write what exercise you have done that day and for how long. This will help you see if you are getting the recommended 30 minutes five days a week.

18/3/10 11:34:20

Film’s fashion icons (oh and actors, let’s not forget). Cassandra Hilling explores the enchanting dance of Hollywood and sunglasses on the silver screen.

Are you ready for your

close up?



adly not everyone was meant to be cool. A pair of sunglasses is the closest thing some have to getting anywhere near that elusive stuff. When considering the nature of cool, check your mental images. There are movie stills flashing up for sure. Acquiring your very own pair of sunglasses resembling, or even better, matching the pair worn by your screen idol is a special experience, one that gives each of us a private buzz. Immediately we transform into gangsters, rebels, goddesses and rock stars. In the 1950s, Hollywood was at its height and the silver screen brought irresistible glamour so close you could almost touch it and introduced some of the classiest sunglasses performances in film. When sunglasses fashion wants a chic recap it goes to the master class that is Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly, in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Understatedly overdressed, the petite priny: Taxi

Inspired b


cess cuts a timeless image in Ray-Ban’s large tortoiseshell Wayfarer, pearls and evening gown. The Wayfarer fast became the generic dark sunglass encapsulating notions of the cool, the rebellious and the contemporary. It put an edgy spin on Golightly’s evening gown, up-do and pearls. The image encapsulates perfectly 1950s affluence and conservatism being shaken up by sixties’ permissiveness and rebellion. The power of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer as an emblematic piece in this era an B n ycannot be matched, Ra rava Ca 136 3 although Persol came close. Steve McQueen had so much moody machismo he could literally scowl you to death. He

Photo by SNAP / Rex Features

wore the nifty Persol 0714 in classics Bullit, (1968), The Thomas Crown Affair and The Getaway (both 1972) as well as off screen. The distinctive shape is formed partly by its functionality as a foldable sunglass. It remains utterly fresh and edgy to this day. McQueen’s penchant for these snappy sunglasses forced a hounded Persol to reissue the model. Zac Efron, Pierce Brosnan and Taylor Lautner have all donned the 0714, hoping to channel McQueen’s imagery. McQueen’s custom-made 0714 with blue lenses as worn in The Thomas Crown Affair, sold for a handsome $70,200 in a 2006 auction and proving just, the power of sunglasses charged by a movie cameo. 1969 also saw true bro-mance in the epic counterculture adventure Easy Rider that had Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on the road putting sixties America to the test. Sunglasses were a practicality here but they looked cool and Fonda sports the Ray-Ban Olympian Deluxe so beautifully. Sunglasses are also essential kit for the psycho. Martin Scorcese’s 1976 masterpiece Taxi Driver gave us our favourite sociopath in Robert De Niro’s mesmerising Travis Bickle. Reflecting Bickle’s state of mind, casual citizen gives way to confrontational hardliner. In military jacket, mohican and shades, he’s dressed to mess up. Sunglasses are the daylight armour for this nocturnal outsider. Travis gets it off his chest wearing the Ray-Ban 3136 Caravan, an easy-to-wear, rectan-


Photo by Everett Collection / Rex Features

Gun Inspired by: Top an y-B Ra 025 r 3 to ia Av


gular version of the aviator and now a reissued vintage piece. By the eighties, and with Ray-Ban leading the way, the captivating power of film found sunglasses a powerful accessory and spoke volumes in the language of Hollywood cool. Original Wayfarers and the 2132, a smoother eighties version, were essentials in 1980 comedy classic, The Blues Brothers. Here, in its second coming the Wayfarer again epitomised young, wild and cool - ‘It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses... hit it!’ said the brothers. Tom Cruise wears Wayfarers and gets wild (well sort of) in 1983s Risky Business. Cruise’s sterling work did further magic for Ray-Ban three years later in Top Gun. Cruise’s American hero, Maverick, favoured Ray Ban’s own top gun, the aviator. The aviator’s status as a classic frame was secured by this exposure and was back in the frame for another generation. It is often the alienating effect of sunglasses that appeals. Sunglasses can make you seem untouchable and thus the leather and sunglass clad Schwarzenegger-cyborg of 1984’s The Terminator movie epitomises the ‘don’t **** with me’ power that sunglasses often convey in film and to sunglasses fans. Seven years later saw the hit man turn protector and get a style update, changing his eyewear from the big Gargoyles of the first movie

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Film and sunglasses continue their merry dance, hero and heroine still hold that power over us that began back in the days of old Hollywood

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inator 2 Inspired by: Term

to the slimmer Persol Ratti 58230. This sought-after frame is now a vintage piece but can be recaptured by a number of current Persol models. The following year ‘Seven total strangers team up for the perfect crime. They don’t know each other’s name. But they’ve got each other’s colour’. A look is iconic when it can withstand the litmus test of fancy dress and the Reservoir Dogs black tie and shades affair is such a look. RayBan’s Wayfarer and Clubmaster are worn throughout and director Quentin Tarantino said he would only namedrop Ray-Ban and Zippo, demonstrating the power of those sunglasses as a brand and a visual reference on screen. The Matrix trilogy beginning in 1999 is also water tight for fancy dress fare with a shade heavy look, while Oliver People’s


523 worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club were reissued in limited numbers to coincide with the movie’s ten year anniversary in 2009. Films use sunglasses as a uniform, transforming the characters into a more appropriate state of mind and appearance for the job. The use of sunglasses to literally aid the plot is used to full effect in John Woo’s 1997 movie, Face/Off, starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Conservative frames give way to sleeker Armanis when the change from hero to villain occurs. Blood red lenses are put aside for all American Ray-Ban aviators when we need to make the distinction that psycho Cage is really goody Travolta on the inside. The Mission Impossible movies also demonstrate sunglasses fitting film. Cruise gives us his all in Oakley Fives and Romeos. Like the movie, these shades have that high tech, futuristic feel and show Ethan Hunt as the best of the best. In his latest movie Knight and Day, he is reunited with his trusty RayBan aviators and sports the Persol 2931. Sunglasses seriously vie for a spotlight normally inhabited by outfits. Film and sunglasses continue their merry dance, hero and heroine still hold that power over us that began back in the days of old Hollywood. With many of these classic styles available again and new films featuring current shades, it’s easy to recreate your favourite look. Furnish yourself with the ultimate accessory to play out your fantasies. Are you ready for your close up?


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servoir Dogs Inspired by: Re Film shoot Photography: Tara Lee Assistant: Frances Emery Styling: Cassandra Hilling Model: Kelby Keenan @ BMA Model Management

an y-B Ra 157K 18k 2 and ld ck Go Bla hite rised W la Po

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples Sacha Akoya Pearl and Gold 1057 Bikini: Tomato red bandeau bikini Marc by Marc Jacobs at £70 Tomato red bikini briefs Marc by Marc Jacobs at £70 Polka dot scarf: Coco’s own

Beach Shoot: Photography: Natalie J Watts Styling and make up: Sarah Nice

Model: Billie @ Lenis Model Management Hair: Claire Squires-Cox Assistants: Tara Lee and Frances Emery Canine Model: Coco the Jackapoo


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... Style it up amidst the sun, sea and sand this summer with some of our great sunglasses.

suns a little ray of




a little ray of

Sunglasses: D&G 3047 Red Bikini: Bandeau bikini top £12 Bottoms £10 Shoes: Michael Atonis leopard print wedges £110 Bag: ASOS Multi Animal Print Canvas Bag £20


Sunglasses: D&G 3047 Black Bathing Suit: Red Hooded bathing suit Jantzen at Figleaves £100

sunshine a little ray of

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers 2151 Playsuit Disco Striped playsuit Marc by Marc Jacobs at £200 Cushman cuff: Jessica Kagan £75 Shoes: Tan platforms £60


a little ray of


Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples KVA Ivory Shell 5078 Swimsuit: ASOS Melon & Fishnet suit ÂŁ28


Sunglasses: Tom Ford Nikita Ivory 0173 Swimsuit Onyx Hollywood halter neck Vitamin A at Figleaves £162 Sun hat: Helene Berman Straw Stripe Floppy Hat £95

Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana 6054 Havana Bikini: Blue ‘Naomi’ one shoulder bikini top Mouille £47 Bikini brief Mouille £37 Over sized hair clip: Chapeau Claudette £35 Shoes: Silver gladiator heels, stylists own


a little ray of

sunshine Sunglasses: Chanel 5169 Top Cherry Bathing Suit: White embellished cut out bathing suit Melissa Odabash at Figleaves ÂŁ275 Shoes: ASOS HARDCORE Leather Platform Heeled Sandal ÂŁ80


Photography: Natalie J Watts Styling and make up: Sarah Nice email: Model: Billie @ Lenis Model Management Hair: Claire Squires-Cox Assistants: Tara Lee and Frances Emery

Photographed by: GREG GORMAN Styled by: LINDA MEDVENE Sunglasses: Serengeti Vasio


James DENTON The call of the wilderness. James Denton, actor and ambassador for Serengeti on driving, escaping L.A., and those housewives of Wisteria Lane... By Elliott Allen


ith an unassuming stroll, he slides into view and plunks down in front of a big oak table. It’s another day of looking good and playing the part for James Denton, an intriguing personality that’s somehow both laid back and restless. We’re in Los Angeles on a shoot for Serengeti, maker of the world’s finest driving sunglasses and just now he’s so at ease you half expect him to kick his feet up on the table. His gig as Mike Delfino, the hunky, somewhat mysterious plumber on Desperate Housewives, keeps him close to L.A. most of the year, but you can tell he relishes adventure and the call of the road. We drift into

a discussion about the open road, Montana, cars and motorcycles, and it becomes clear that Serengeti sunglasses and James are a good match; right now he’s wearing the retro-inspired Vasio – sunglasses that recall a bygone era, but with updated styling. “My Serengeti’s make everything on the road so crisp and vibrant. They’re perfect for a guy like me,” he says. He wears them well, too. James talks about the importance of clearing his head, and the simple joys of spending time in Montana, ‘the fourth largest state with the fourth smallest population,’ as he describes it. He has a small ranch there and chooses to drive from L.A. rather than fly, using the time to do some thinking,


and bond with his wife and two young children. This road-induced acclimation also helps to get him in the Montana mindset so that once there, he’s ready to do it all: hiking, camping and fishing — as well as some much deserved chilling on the porch. But there’s one single Montana adventure, however, James can’t seem to get enough of. Sitting side by side in his garage await two gleaming, electric motorcycles. Just as powerful as their throaty, fuel-consuming kin, these bikes truly fly. But unlike most bikes these are totally silent, creating a surreal experience for James and a companion, as they ride across the empty, mountainous back roads with nothing but the whisper of Montana air in their ears. As we talk, James’ eyes glaze a little and you can see he’s gone, he’s in Montana. He snaps out of it when asked about other ways in which he gets away. A handful of times he’s journeyed across the U.S. from north to south, and east to west; other less demanding adventures include a backpacking excursion through Ireland, where he soaked up the verdant countryside and cosied up with colourful locals for beers. In Australia he once spent two weeks driving from Alice Springs to Cairns in the far north and it was there that James came to truly appreciate the protective qualities

ti ge y ren Shin e S io k s Va Blac 3 7 73


James Denton with Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives Season 5. ABC Inc/Everett / Rex Features

of his Serengeti sunglasses. “The glare was unrelenting,” he explains, “yet it was never a problem. They were so comfortable I actually forgot I was wearing sunglasses.” Slowly working his way through Australia’s ‘red centre’, as he calls it, James encountered all the spectacular geographic oddities and seared characters of the down under interior. At one point he picked up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a camel musterer (it’s a person who tracks down rogue camels... strewth). James’s car reeked of camel for the rest of the trip. It’s clear that a vagabond lifestyle of road trips seems to invigorate the actor, inspiring his work while freeing his mind from the mental rut that so many actors and musicians experience when in L.A. So if you’re in Montana, keep your eyes peeled for a couple of phantom bikers. Or, if you’re in a roadside diner somewhere outside Amarillo, look around. If the guy next to you is eating apple pie and looking damn good, it just might be James Denton, recharging his batteries, living the life and wearing the sunglasses to match.

focus on

i t e g n e r Se Looks, style and charisma, Serengeti’s Vasio has it all. You don’t need to go to all the way to Montana to enjoy the world from a different perspective.


ti ge k ren Dar e S io se s i Va orto 5 T 37 7

erengeti’s Vasio is one of those frames that when tried on everything becomes apparent. These masculine sunglasses convey the ultimate in eyewear sophistication and refinement but as well as your style credentials, ti are designed to accentuate your lifestyle. ge ren Dark From Serengeti’s 2010 classics e S io se s i Va orto ens) range, Vasio is a combination of classiT yl e r cal styling with state-of-the-art technolo(g 7376 gy. Not only do these sunglasses change the-art eyewear technology, such as photothe way we look and feel they change the chromism and spectral control, into effect. way in which we view the world. Vasio Serengeti photochromic technology makes the world appear as a much better means lenses constantly adjust to changing place. light conditions, becoming lighter or darker The flexible nylon frame has a multi-barrel as necessary, while spectral control provides spring hinge and is highly durable. This, and high-definition contrast and colour enhancethe injected nylon temples, allow for a cusment. Both reduce stress and fatigue on the tomised fit straight out of the box. Because eyes, as well as providing clearer, sharper viSerengeti lens technology is also engineered sion. Haze and glare are virtually eliminated. into the glass, the superior lenses in the And no matter what the temperature, Vasio result in an exceptional point of view. Vasio stays tough. These sunglasses are As with all Serengeti lenses, those in the lightweight with unmatched durability and Vasio are designed to evolve with changing being Serengeti have the best lenses for light conditions; the lenses block harmful driving, in Montana or anywhere. UVA and UVB rays, while putting state-of-


They’re now so easy to buy. Sunglasses Shop’s Mary Wheeler takes the blur out of prescription sunglasses.

G D& 61 80 ana n v io Ha cript es r P

a S ad Pr t 50L y r hin o Sp mi S k n e a l D B c iptio cr s e Pr

an y-B Ra 132 er 2 ar yf Wa lack tion B rip c es Pr



echnology is a wonderful thing. Not only does it slice our bread and connect us to the remotest parts of our planet at the click of a button, it means that for anyone who needs glasses, wearing those coveted luxury frames is now within their sight. You‘ve had a lifetime of wearing specs and squinting when the clouds disappear, or only having a selection of sunglasses that resemble the tasteless freebies handed out at the cinema when 3-D comes to town. But it’s your turn for a piece of the designer sunglasses action. Let me explain. For sunglasses to retain their cool-image styling and block the sun, the frame is required to wrap seductively round the eyes. The problem historically was that this would cause vision to distort, and the greater the wrap the greater the distortion. A sunglasses prescription and stylish frame combination was a troublesome find. Sunglasses had to be as flat as spectacles (and therefore as stylish) to give way to a prescription lens. Stronger prescriptions were limited to even fewer frame choices. Consider those desperate sunglasses fans that would risk an expensive but distorted lens rather than settle for an unfashionable frame, and all because the power of their prescription was just too great to go into the sunglasses they wanted. Frustrating, expensive and potentially as harmful as the UV rays searing their eyes each day. Luckily all this has changed and with the advances in technology, even the most glamorous of sunglasses and specialised of

eyewear are no longer useless when it comes to prescriptions or Rx as they are known in the industry (Rx is the written equivalent of the symbol that means prescription). Even if you are almost blind, nowadays, the strongest of corrective lenses can be as thin as those in a normal pair of sunglasses. No-one will ever know – unless they try on your sunglasses, in which case they will probably fall sideways as soon as they take a step forward. More and more people are seeing glasses as a fashion accessory. Celebrities choose top-brand spectacle frames with clear lenses, people want to differentiate themselves and glasses are a quick and non permanent way of doing that. Anyone who wears glasses or has problems with their eyes understands that protection is paramount. You will need to invest in a good quality lens and you will want a stylish frame to match. Eye comfort is especially important for sports and outdoor activities, where the glare from the sun can be harmful and result in a hampered performance. For snowboarders and skiers, modern goggles have Rx inserts that clip effortlessly inside the lens for a vision healthy and distraction free ride. You might break your leg out on the piste, but you’ll be able to see it with full clarity. These things sit out front so, unless you have a tattoo on your face, they will likely be one of the first things that people notice. You want a decent pair, and why not... you‘ve waited long enough.

To order prescription frames visit:


d are t qu ole DS 6 Vi nt e 3 00 radi G

d are qu 5 S D 003 k c Bla

2 d e r a u q S D focus on

They are making big waves for summer 2010, so we take a look at some of the new collection from DSquared2.


d are qu ark DS 34 D na 00 ava H

bsolutely mix ‘n’ match is the inspiration for the new DSquared2 eyewear collection so you can experiment with countless diverse looks, depending on your mood of the moment. Extreme contrasts of form, size and style are in complete harmony with the brand’s philosophy. Here a mix of old and new, luxury and basic, bold combinations but clean lines result in seventeen new models for people who love to express themselves, for those not satisfied with a look that merely catches your eye, for those who want leave a lasting impression.


d are qu 2 S D 002 e z on Br

d are e qu eig y S B D 8 err 3 00 d Ch na an ava H

streetst Name: Christopher Game: Web designer Frame: Ray-Ban 2140

Name: Carrie Game: Student Frame: Prada 18IS Photography: Tara Lee Assistant: Frances Emery


Name: Emma Game: Banking Frame: Chanel 5163


Your style captured. Sunglasses Shop heads outside to see just what sunglasses you choose to wear.

Name: Freya Game: Law student Frame: Ray-Ban 4132

Name: Alice Game: Exchange student Frame: Ray-Ban 3025

Name: Mark Game: Student Frame: Ray-Ban 3361



Name: Tasha Game: Student Frame: Oakley Frogskins Grenade 24-164 Name: Sergio Game: Student Frame: Carrera Champion Black and Yellow

Name: Sophie Game: Waitress Frame: Ray-Ban 2132

Name: Martin Game: Fraud investigation Frame: Tom Ford 0108

Name: Megan Game: Dancer Frame: Prada 04MS Ivory


Name: James Game: Chef Frame: Ray-Ban 2140 Name: Mark Game: Bartender Frame: Persol Havana 0649



celebrity sunglasses

icon Sexy and spirited Megan Fox has all the prerequisites for a successful film and modelling career. The 23-year-old showed us her assets in movie Transformers and loves an aviator frame with those sizzling good looks.

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator An iconic look of teardrop lenses in a gold metal wire frame that has endured for almost a century.

e alternative on

Oliver Peoples Strummer Gold This fashionable and sporty aviator is a modern take on the classical aviator, yet still maintains its original lens shape.

o alternative tw

D&G 6067 Old Gold

Style and sophistication meets the finest quality materials in this luxurious adaptation.


n e e b e v You’

d e m fra

Fat Punk Studio’s collaboration with the nueu brand has produced an exciting new range of sunglasses. So how did they go about designing on a foreign canvas?


ueu (pron. new-ay); an exciting urban sunglasses brand. Fat Punk: one of the world’s leading design collectives – a collaboration seemed only natural. And the result was three new signature frames for the latest Nueu 3.0 collection. The new designs are the result of perfect equality of teamwork between Nueu designers and those at the Fat Punk studios. Handmade from acetate and with lightweight CR-39 and polycarbonate lenses, the Nueu 3.0 collection is the brand’s most exclusive sunglasses range to date. Here is where Nueu’s classic frame shapes of Corona and Taurus meet Fat Punk’s popular Eden, Eve and Black designs. Here is where Nueu’s sunglasses for the individual, for the modernist, yet sculpted in the form of the retro, meet the elegant and aggressive style of the Fat Punk Studios. And as Fat Punk explain: “Sunglasses are without question one of the coolest prod-


The original Fat Punk ‘Eden’ artwork

eu Nurona nk u o C at P k F ac 4 0 l . 3 B 2-0 2 NU

ucts around to design. Everything from their unique shape, size and tactile finish offers us as the designer a truly awesome and rewarding blank canvas to splash some colour over.” That rewarding canvas became the real life forms of the Corona Black with its ‘gangster stylings’, the psychedelic Taurus Eden, and the Taurus Eve – a more simple frame. Nueu has been growing as a fashion brand from its beginnings a decade ago, while Fat Punk is now a global force in design, expanding its brand with a series of Fat Punk’d custom products. The sunglasses collaboration was the perfect process for the expression of two similar-minded brands. For the motivation behind the artwork, Fat Punk’s philosophy was simple. “We primarily went with artwork which we felt reflected the urban/punk

and tattoo side of the Fat Punk Studio brand. The Corona Black features a full on asymmetrical print that covers the entire outside surface. You can’t beat orange and black it’s one of our favourite combos.” “With the psychedelic and Punk’d up side arms on the Taurus Eden we kept a more simple and classic front to these retro-style aviators. It totally complements the urban/ sub urban side of both the Fat Punk Studio and Nueu brands.” The Taurus Eve may look like a simple frame but is filled with inner goodness – the entire inside is covered with the classic Eve artwork. “This way we ended up with a simple more everyday pair of shades which when taken off still made a bold graphical statement.” The Nueu 3.0 collection is now available at Sunglasses Shop.


colo focus on

May Violets Spring Prada 08ms Violet


our Purrfect for Summer

Ray-Ban CATS 1000 Yellow Fluorescent

Forget those dark shades and add some vibrancy to your summer wardrobe. This season’s sunglasses are bright, bold and blooming. Andie White


f you’ve been hanging on to the same tortoiseshell frames for the past decade, this summer’s sunglasses will come as a bit of a shock. But if fluorescent fashion frames seem flamboyant, think again. These are, in fact, very wearable. Try them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With the high street already churning out cheap imitations, having brilliantly colourful sunglasses from your favourite designer is the way to go when

Jump into Green

Oakley Frogskins Collectors Edition Antifreeze

deciding what look to take on come summer. With our lightest and brightest all in one place, you don’t have to search too hard for your true colours. This year’s key trends include intense reds, rich greens and bold blues, as well as feel-good yellows and cherry pinks. Don’t leave it too long to start thinking about your summer frames, the sun may have gone in again by the time you do.


Brighten Your Mood

Emporio Armani 9636 Yellow

Green-eyed Master D&G 8065 Green

Cherry Picked

Chanel 5169 Top Cherry

Commit to Pink

Oakley Woman Commit Bright Pink

Flowering Colour Miu Miu 11LS Violet


Naughty Neon

Carrera Endurance Yellow

Sea Waves

Ray-Ban CATS 5000 Azure Fluorescent

The Ultra Violet Gucci 3100 Violet

Your Darling Clementine

Oakley Dispatch Clementine

Red Carpet Ready Diesel 0203 Red

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Ralph Lauren 7027 Blue

Sunshine Frame SXUC Svelte Yellow

Look Red Ahead Nueu Corona 3.0 Red

Blue Velvet

Marc by Marc Jacobs 157 Crystal Blue

Green with Envy Prada 15MS Green




Our guest style expert Sarah Nice,dishes out some advice to those in need of some help with deciding what to do when faced with a shades dilemma.


I’m going to Italy for my cousin’s wedding in June and I’m looking for a pair of sunglasses that will go with my dress as well as my bikini. I want something glamorous, but not too ‘bling’ and I’d like to try something other than black. Do you have any suggestions? Louise, Brighton If you want ensure a sleek, understated look, black doesn’t have to be the only safe colour option. Cream tones will look gorgeous against a summer glow and unlike a darker frame, won’t clash with the atmosphere of a summer wedding. Try Chanel 5168 in White. These are the perfect transitional pair, taking you effortlessly from pool-side cocktails, to twilight glamour. SN



My brother is getting married this summer and he’s chosen Ibiza for his stag do. I’ve also got a couple of festivals booked. I need to get some sunglasses that look cool but, I’m a student and money is an issue, can you suggest some styles that are within my budget? Craig, Birmingham



Patterned frames aren’t just for girls. Go for Nueu Corona 3.0 Fat Punk Black for evening clubber-cool. With their durable coating ‘black- out’ style lenses, your eyes will be protected from the glaring Mediterranean sun whilst keeping you on top in the style stakes and out of the red with your bank. SN


My dad had some original Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which I borrowed for a day out but then lost. I would like to replace them with something collectable. Can you help me?Marc, London You could replace these with another pair of the original Ray-Ban 2140, but my advice: replace the lost ones with a future classic. The Ray-Ban ‘Outdoorsman’ aviators have hooked earpieces for stay-put performance and a retro thick brow for that classic look. These will guarantee you a future of birthday presents. SN


your questions to send

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Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 1  

Covering all things designer sunglasses related. Fashion and style, celebrity sunglasses. Special features on Ray-Ban sunglasses, Oakley sun...

Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 1  

Covering all things designer sunglasses related. Fashion and style, celebrity sunglasses. Special features on Ray-Ban sunglasses, Oakley sun...