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Photo Courtesy of Gail Abrams


Reserve and New Owner Reserve Assessment

OurReserveisusedtoreplaceourequipmentandotherassetsastheyreachtheendof theirusefullifeandtoperformmaintenanceonbothourequipment,assetsandourmany amenitieswhichcanhelpextendtheirusefullife.Thisisimportanttokeepourcommunityvibrantandtoincreasepropertyvalues.

OurReserveisfundedinfourways.Thesefourareinvestmentincome,yourannual assessment(HOA),specialassessments(whenrequired),andtheNewOwnerReserve Account(NORA).Investmentincomeisdictatedtousbythefinancialinstitutionswhich meanswecontroltheotherthreemethodstofundourReserve.

WehavebeenforthrightwiththecommunityinstatingthatasofJuly1,2024,wewill beapproximately44%funded.ItistheBoard’sfiduciaryresponsibilitytoprovidethe requiredfundingofourReserve.Theconsensusofthreelegalfirms,allveryknowledgeable indealingwithcommunitieslikeours,haveadvisedustoreacha70%fundinglevelbythe springorearlysummerof2029.ThiswillcoincidewiththetimeweadoptournextReserve Studywhichwearerequiredtodobylaweveryfiveyears.

Wehaveacknowledgedtheissue,weareaddressingtheissue,andtheissuewillbe resolved.ThethreemethodsthatwecontroltofundourReserve;yourannualassessment (HOA),specialassessments(whenrequired),andtheNewOwnerReserveAccount(NORA), willALLbeconsideredbytheTaskForce,assignedbytheBoard,whendevelopingthefundingplantogetusto70%fundingbytheendofFY2029whichwillbeJune30,2029.

SowhydidtheBoardproposetheNORAAmendment?TheBoardhasproposedtheNORA Amendmentfortworeasons.Firstofall,theoriginalNORAenactedin2005,containsa flawedapproachforincreasingNORA.Since2005,NORAhasonlybeenincreasedwhencurrenthomeownerscontributedmoreoftheirannualassessmenttoReservethantheydidin theprioryear.AnyyearwheretheBoardelectednottoincreaseyourannualassessment (suchasinyears2015–2017),orinanyyearthattheannualassessmentwasincreasedbut yourcontributiontoReserveremainedflat,NORAwasnotincreased.Thesecondreason, andclearlytheMOSTimportantisthattheNORAAmendmentproposalcontainsaninflation clausethatwillincreaseNORAeveryyearbythecostofinflation.AndtheBESTthingis thattheNewOwnerReserveAssessmenthasabsolutelyZEROimpactoncurrentowners.

TheNewOwnerReserveAssessment(NORA)Amendmentifapprovedwillprovidean additional$7to$8milliondollarstoourReserveinFY2026throughFY2029.Thisisfundingthatwillcontributegreatlytousreachingourrequiredfundinglevel.Logicwoulddictate thatiftheNORAAmendmentfailsthentheremainingtwooptionsatourdisposaltofund ourReserve,yourannualassessment(HOA)andthelikelihoodofaspecial assessmentbothwillincrease,morethannecessarythaniftheNORA Amendmentwerepassed.

InthePresident’sJunemessage,itwasclearlystatedwhy$5,000 wasselectedasthestartingpointforthenewNORA(ifapproved),the factthattherewillbenoadverseimpactonhomesales,thefactthat itwillhelppromotepropertyvalues,andwhythenewNORA (ifapproved)willNOTbebasedonapercentageofsales price.

Weshouldallbeproudthatwearerankednumber3 inthecountryforAgeRestrictedActiveAdultcommunities.Iamveryconfidentthatwewillresolvethiscurrentchallengeandremainaveryvibrantanddesired community.


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Come July the 18th, it’s “World Listening Day”so, allow me to now take the liberty to say –we don’t do that enough - our opinion comes first; do we take a short pause or voice another outburst?

Just try taking a breath - maybe listen for a change –tone it down so we now have a civil exchange. What we say takes priority and we don’t take the time to hear what the others simply have on their mind. Are we always so ‘right’, we just continue to voice so others just sit there and are left with no choice. Nothing else seems to matter ‘cept what comes out of our mouth, and the tone of our voice can morph into a shout. It doesn’t matter the subject, we often lose track and just don’t allow time for someone else to talk back.

Aren’t we all somewhat guilty of going on WAY too long and whatever the subject, we are right, and they’re wrong!

But just for a moment, could we simply stop talking,

and I know that suggestion may seem rather shocking. I am guilty, as well, so to that I confess; and I didn’t feel smarter – just got into a mess. They say “listening’s” an art and ‘silence is golden’ –and for those rare occasions, I think we’re beholdin’! What is all that important we MUST voice our side while others sit silent, despite how they tried... We could learn from each other, then perhaps understand we are ever so different, every woman and man.

We don’t have to agree, or even see eye to eye, just get their perspective, try to understand why.

Perhaps if more time were spent using our ears they’d be more understanding – so try switching gears! What a joy it would be if we could all get along, so it didn’t come down to who’s right or who’s wrong, We were given one mouth and two ears so we’d learn to perhaps stop and listen - giving others their turn.


Coffee with the Board in Person or via Zoom

Friday, July 19th, 9:30 a.m.- noon, Desert Vista

Questions, answers, opinions, and general information is shared on a variety of community topics. There is no agenda for this casual meeting and the Board members cannot officially make decisions on any matters discussed.

AARP Driver Safety Program

Wednesday, July 3, 9 a.m. · Wednesday, July 24, 5 p.m.

Tuesday, August 6, 12 p.m. · Wednesday, August 14, 9 a.m. Wednesday, August 28, 5 p.m.

$20 AARP members, $25 non-members by check to AARP. Drop by the Desert Vista monitor station to sign up for this classroom refresher course designed for those fifty and over. Improve your knowledge of traffic laws, learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers, and identify and correct poor driving habits. Upon completion of the 4-hour course taught by an AARP-certified instructor, you will receive a certificate that may qualify you for an insurance premium reduction for up to three years. Max: 30. Sign-up is available now. Classes are held at the DesertVistaCommunityCenter.

Sun City Summerlin Patrol

Sun City Summerlin Patrol is a volunteer organization made up of residents of the SCS community. We are the eyes and ears of the community, providing 24-hour patrol of the Association’s roads. Members serve as drivers, dispatchers, and Information Center volunteers. Contact the Patrol at 702-254-2303 or visit us at base (located at the back of Desert Vista’s parking lot). We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Chief Douglass can be reached at 661-435-4879.


Mountain View Presbyterian · 702-341-7800 Pastor David W. Dendy. 8601 Del Webb Blvd. St. Andrew Lutheran · 702-255-1990 Rev. Phillip Shuart. 8901 Del Webb Blvd. Services 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m.

S.C. Community Church · 702-255-PRAY (7729) 8560 Del Webb Blvd. Temple Bet Knesset Bamidbar · 702-228-6362

President Arlene Goodman, Moreh Alan Spector, Cantor Marla Goldberg.


Sun City Summerlin Charities/Volunteers 702-254-5831

OpenMon.–Fri.9–11a.m.,weekdays. Willreturncallswithin24hoursonweekdays.

Sunshine Service Warehouse 702-341-9741

OpenMon.-Sat.9-11a.m.&Mon.-Fri.1-3p.m. ClosedSaturdayafternoon&Sunday


Alcoholics Anonymous · Mountain View Presb. Church, 8601 Del Webb Blvd., Sat., 5 p.m. St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 8901 Del Webb Blvd. · Sun., 5 & 7:30 p.m.; Mon., 7 p.m. (Women’s mtg.); Tues., 7 p.m. (Men’s mtg.) Thurs. noon & 7:30 p.m. Lauren T. at 917-687-8669.

Al-Anon · St. Andrew’s Church, 8901 Del Webb Blvd., Wed., Noon, Joan Taylor at 951-533-5455

DivorceCare Mountain View Presbyterian Church, 8601 Del Webb Bl., Mon., 6:30 – 8 p.m. Call Susan 861-769-0302

Narcotics Anonymous, Mountain View Presbyterian Church, 8601 Del Webb Bl., Tues., 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., 702-341-7800

Alzheimer’s, Desert Vista · 1st and 3rd Wed., 10 a.m. Call Marlene Wilson, 702-254-6144

Caregiver Support Group

Desert Vista, 2nd Monday of the month, 10 a.m. Call Ivy Goldman, 224-715-9629

Compassionate Friends of Summerlin, Mountain View Presbyterian Church, 8601 Del Webb Bl., 1st & 3rd Thurs., 6:30-8:30 p.m., 702-401-9678

Gamblers Anonymous, Mountain View Presb. Church, 8601 Del Webb Blvd., Mon., 7 p.m. Call Doug C, 702-862-6847

GriefShare, Mountain View Presbyterian, 8601 Del Webb Blvd., 14-week series. For dates and time, call Kathi, 702-524-2544

Dementia Information & Support for Caregivers · Mountainview Presb. Church, 8601 Del Webb Blvd., 2nd Wed. of the month, 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., call Paula at 928412-2134

Thank you all for attending the Farmers & Artisan Market over the last few months. Due to the summer heat, the Farmers & Artisan Market will be taking a break during July and August. We are excited to welcome back the Fresh52 Farmers & Artisan Market to Sun City Summerlin on September 16th, from 9 a.m.

July New Resident Orientation Dates

Held at Mountain Shadows by Appointment. Please call Membership Services at (702) 966-1401.


to 1 p.m., on the 3rd Monday of the month (in the Mountain Shadows Community Center Parking Lot). We look forward to providing Sun City Summerlin residents with this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a Farmers & Artisan Market so close to home!

July 2 July 11

July 9 July 18

July 16 July 25

July 23

July 30

Residents and/or Renters: Please contact Membership Services for an appointment or a cancellation.

Community Organizations Meetings

Held at Desert Vista Community Center

Residents’ Forum

Wednesday, July 10, 7 p.m.

Sun City

Summerlin Patrol Tuesday, July 23, 6 p.m.

Sunshine Service Group

Dark July and August

Neighborhood Preparedness Team (NPT)

Dark July and August

An Annual Tradition on July 4th: Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Many Americans celebrate July 4th with friends and family enjoying barbecues and fireworks. No July 4th event is more entertaining than Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Since 1972, the event takes place annually on July 4th in Coney Island at the original Nathan’s location. Participants have 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs in buns as they can. A scorekeeper is assigned to each contestant to keep track of the number of hot dogs consumed. The men compete first, followed by the women. Annually, more than 35,000 fans gather to witness the event.

Across the United States and the world, viewers can catch the ESPN telecast of the matchup. George Shea hosts the contest. He is known for his entertaining, sometimes outlandish commentary, especially when introducing the participants. George promotes this as a sporting event where competitive eaters are serious athletes who train all year for the chance to win. Last year, the winner for the 16th time was Joey Chestnut. In 2023, Joey consumed 62 hot dogs. The top female champion was Miki Sudo, who ate 39 and a half hot dogs and won

her ninth title. First place wins $10,000 and a glitzy belt. The top male is awarded a mustard yellow belt, and the top female wins a pink mustard belt.

Who will be the 2024 champions? Tune in and catch the zany event this year to find out!

Sun City Summerlin Residents:

Did you attend the Link’s Fanfare event in January and receive a red Link bag? Share your photo while traveling with this wonderful red Link bag! We will post your photo and name on the Link website. Send your name and photo to: gaila@suncitylv.com.


Keep Cool Playing Bingo

Come hang out with your neighbors, having fun, playing Bingo. We’ll be at Desert Vista in the Ballroom on Wednesday, July 10th at 7 p.m. Our Bingo nights are always a big hit with a full house of fun residents. Cash prizes for all games, snacks and a cash bar for your enjoyment. And don’t forget our 50/50 raffle, even if you don’t win a game of Bingo you can still get lucky and go home with some extra cash. Tickets are 6 for $5.00. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and seating is limited to 216 for the evening. Make sure and bring your Resident Activity Card to show at the door. No saving seats, first come, first seated. Questions: juliezerbel@yahoo.com.

The Summit Restaurant

If you are a new resident in the last 12 months, come and meet your Board of Directors, Executive Director and mingle with other New Owners. Attendance is limited to one event only.

Wednesday, July 31, 2024, at 5 p.m.

Wednesday, November 6, 2024, at 5 p.m.

Scheduled events are subject to change.


Wednesday, July 3, 1 p.m.


Brook Shields, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove. Comedy/Drama/Romance

2024 PG 1h 28m

Thursday, July 18, 11 a.m.


Classic Movie

Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine. Action/Adventure/Drama

1972 PG 1h 57m

Wednesday, August 7, 1 p.m.

Annette Bening, Jodie Foster, Rhys Ifans, Anne Marie Kempf. Biography/Drama/Sport 2023 PG-13 2h 1m

Thursday, August 15, 11 a.m.

Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor Action/Comedy/Crime 1976 PG 1h 54m

If you are accompanied by a guest, make sure to register them by obtaining a guest pass at the Social Monitor station. We would love to hear from you! Do you have a movie in mind you would like to see? Please send your suggestions to Tina Marie Montoya at TinaM@suncitylv.com. We are always looking for great ideas, so reach out and let us know! Enjoy the shows!

FREE Sun City Summerlin Independence Day Golf

Cart Parade

Parade from the Pinnacle to Desert Vista

Thursday, July 4, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Join us for a fun Independence Day Golf Cart Parade. The route will be from the Pinnacle Community Center Parking Lot to Desert Vista Community Center Parking Lot. There we will have music with special guest Kenny Hess performing and the Food & Beverage Department will be selling hotdogs and hamburgers with chips & water or soda outside. A cash bar will be available inside the ballroom during this event. Golf Carts & eBikes are welcome to join the procession to our Independence. Be sure to decorate your vehicle. Please email the Special Events Coordinator, Tina Marie Montoya at tinam@suncitylv.com to be added to the procession. Non-participating residents are encouraged to come out to watch the parade and support our Sun City Summerlin Independence Day Golf Cart Parade!

Las Vegas Brass Band Presents A Patriotic Music Concert

Desert Vista Ballroom · Saturday, July 6, 2 p.m.

Celebrate the conclusion of our 30th season with a special concert of Patriotic Music presented by the Las Vegas Brass Band with its diverse repertoire boasting warm, deep, mellow sounds that pleasantly surprises first-time listeners. In honor of our nation's 248th year, our concert begins with the stirring rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner", a captivating mix of patriotic melodies and audience favorites, then concludes with the timeless march, "The Stars and Stripes Forever." We hope you'll join us for an unforgettable afternoon of music and celebration. A cash bar will be available during this event.

Purchase may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash or check at the Community Centers (exact change required).

"SILVER STREAK” Classic Movie

Bus Trip · Tours of Distinction Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

Thursday, July 25 • Bus Departs Pinnacle Parking Lot at 10:30 a.m. • Returns to the Pinnacle Parking Lot at 2:30 p.m.

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Bellagio Conservatory Botanical Gardens, a sprawling 14,000square foot oasis nestled within the iconic Bellagio Hotel.

2 p.m. Depart for Sun City Summerlin. 2:30 p.m. Arrive Pinnacle Parking Lot $35 PER PERSON

Here, nature comes alive through meticulously crafted botanical displays, inviting you on a journey through the seasons. Gaze upward to admire the soaring domed ceilings adorned with elaborate floral arrangements and majestic fountains, each scene a testament to nature's splendor. From the vibrant colors of enormous floral structures to the melodic sounds of playful butterflies and chirping birds, every meticulously planned show promises to immerse you in the wonder of the natural world. Step into a world of beauty and tranquility at the Bellagio Conservatory Botanical Gardens—an experience you won't soon forget.

What’s included: Transportation to and from the Conservatory at the Bellagio and service of a Tour Director. Gratuities are not included. Ticket purchase deadline July 11th. Limited space so get your tickets early! Itinerary: All times are approximate.

10:30 a.m. Depart Pinnacle Parking Lot (by the mailbox)

11 a.m. Arrive at the Bellagio.

Purchase may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash or check at the Community Centers (exact change required).

Bus Trip · Tours of Distinction


An Immersive Cinematic Experience


Thursday, August 1 • Bus departs Pinnacle Parking Lot at 10:30 a.m. • Returns to the Pinnacle Parking Lot at approximately 3 p.m.

Illuminarium – An Immersive Cinematic Experience activates all your senses and places you into the world unfolding around you. Our show is brought to life through 4K laser projection, 3D audio, in-floor vibration, and even scent. Lumin Café & Kitchen – American cuisine served all day complemented by craft cocktails, sweet treats, and delicious coffee. Bathed in natural light with an earthy décor, the lively café, situated on one side of the building, offers counter-service ordering with an approachable all-day dining menu, serving American comfort food favorites with some unexpected elements. Area15 – Discover a multiverse of attractions and events to entice and enthrall. The collection of restaurants, bars, and shopping diversions invite you to revel and indulge. There is so much to see here!

What’s Included: Transportation, VIP Priority timed admission to Illuminarium, a VIP lanyard & badge, 360 Photo Booth & $10 Gift Shop Voucher. Leisure time for lunch at the Lumin Café or explore Area15. Lunch and gratuity are not included. Ticket purchase deadline is Monday, July 22nd. Seats are limited so don’t hesitate!

Itinerary: All times are approximate. 10:30 a.m. Depart Pinnacle Parking Lot (by the mailbox)

11 a.m. Arrive at the Illuminarium.

11 a.m. Begin your unique VIP cinematic experience. 12-1:30 p.m. Leisure time to grab some lunch at the Lumin Café or enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the covered patio or wonder over to the nearby Area 15 and explore!

1:30 p.m. Depart the Illuminarium

2 p.m. Arrive Pinnacle Parking Lot

Bus Trip · Tour of Distinction

The Mob Museum & Distillery Tour & Tasting

Wednesday, August 14 • Bus departs Pinnacle Parking Lot at 1:45 p.m. • Returns to the Pinnacle Parking Lot at approximately 6:30 p.m.

The Distillery Tour & Tasting - Come experience the vision of glitzy luxury hotels, restaurants, shows, and adult indulgences as they were realized early by such noted Mob figures as Bugsy Siegel. Take a journey through Prohibition with The Mob Museum’s Distillery Tours that involves

sampling a variety of distilled spirits. The Mob Museum is surrounded by world class restaurants and unique attractions, guests can combine a trip to the Museum with a chance to experience Downtown Freemont Street. The Museum offers light snacks and coffee, located in the Museum’s 2nd floor concessions. There are also a variety of beverages and shareable food items available in The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery for an early dinner located in the Museum basement.

What’s included: Transportation, admission to The Mob Museum. Dinner and gratuity are not included. Ticket purchase deadline Wednesday, July 31st. Seats are limited so don’t hesitate!

Itinerary: All times are approximate.

1:45 p.m. Depart Pinnacle Parking Lot (by the mailbox)

2:30 p.m. Arrive at The Mob Museum with the Distillery Tour & tasting.

3:15-5 p.m. Free time to enjoy all the attractions. Grab some early dinner or cocktail at The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery or stroll around the Downtown Freemont Street area!

5 p.m. Depart The Mob Museum

5:30 p.m. Arrive Pinnacle Parking Lot.

Purchase may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash or check at the Community Centers (exact change required).

Fall Arts & Crafts Fair Sign-Up Day

Desert Vista Community Center

Thursday, August 22 • 8-10 a.m.

Calling all artists and crafters! Get in the “early bird” line at Desert Vista to sign-up for a booth on Thursday, August 22! The Sun City Summerlin Arts & Crafts Fair is the perfect venue for you to show off your creations and sell your work. This popular event takes place on Saturday, October 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Desert Vista Community Center. Spaces are available and sold to Sun City Summerlin Residents only, so please show your Association card at the time of purchase. Only hand-crafted items are allowed at the event. Prepared food sales are not permitted. Spaces are limited. Please bring a check or exact cash. Purchased spaces are non-refundable.

$35 PER PERSON $35 PER SPACE Includes a 6’ table and two chairs twoLimitspace



“The Rendezvousstarring LINDA WOODSONAnd the Winner Is”

Tuesday, July 9, 6 p.m. • $20

Linda Woodson starring in "And the Winner Is”, Songs of Stars, Stage and Screen is a musical tribute to Grammy, Tony and Oscar winning artists and songs. Jazz vocalist Linda Woodson will take you on a magical, melodic journey from Mancini to Miranda and from La Mancha to Oz. The show will feature a jazz quintet under the direction of Brenda Cowart and special guest vocalist Tim Molyneux. The evening is sure to have you humming and remembering whenyoufirstheardthesemostbelovedandcelebratedaward-winningsongsofstars,stage,andscreen.


“The Windjammers ...The Ultimate ‘Yacht Rock’ Band”

Saturday, July 13, 6 p.m. • $30

The Windjammers, A 6-piece “Yacht Rock" band, playing the best of all that great soft rock of the late 70's and early 80’s. Each member of this band is an artist on his own but have come together to create a top-notch band and a show that takes us back to a time and genre of music often referred to as “Yacht Rock” or “Soft Rock”, but we just call it GREAT music with lyrics, harmonies and grooves that are infectious. The band is made up of the best of the best headed up by Jerry Lopez, leader of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, who together have refined such intricate, classic rock songs as “Africa” by Toto, “Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross, “Reelin’ In the Years” by Steely Dan, and “Love Will Find a Way” by Pablo Cruise and more.

Tickets go on sale on the last Tuesday of the month so be sure to get your tickets early for all Starbright Theatre shows. Tickets may be bought online at www.suncitysummerlin.com as well as at the Mountain Shadows, Desert Vista, and Pinnacle Community Centers. Tickets are non-refundable. Purchases may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash or check at the community centers (exact change required). For information on Starbright Theatre shows, call 2401301. A cash bar will be set up in the lobby & drinks allowed inside the theatre



Wednesday, July 17 & Wednesday, August 21, 6 p.m. · $20

Get ready to bring the laughter back to Summerlin. Kathleen and Mistinguett Productions are now bringing the Best Headliners in Vegas to the Starbright. Stand-up Comedy, one of the most original forms of entertainment differs from other performing arts in that a skilled comedian can artfully expose humor in everyday life to an audience’s amusement. Spending the evening with 3 talented comedians can create laughter where you least expect to find it. With a very successful 5-year run and counting. As always, we will have our bar with assorted beverages available. GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY!


“Lionel Richie Tribute”

Saturday, July 20, 6 p.m. • $25

Get ready for an unforgettable night of music with EC Adams' Tribute to Lionel Richie & The Commodores! Featuring timeless hits from Lionel Richie's illustrious career, including classics like "Brick House", "Hello”, “Stuck on You", "Truly", "Three Times a Lady", "Dancing on the Ceiling", "Endless Love", and many more! This is not just a show—it's an experience filled with Fun, Excitement, Energy, Passion, and Love! Don't miss your chance to sing along, clap your hands, stomp your feet, and create lasting memories with EC Adams' Tribute to Lionel Richie & The Commodores! Mark your calendars and join us for a night of pure musical magic!

Tickets go on sale on the last Tuesday of the month so be sure to get your tickets early for all Starbright Theatre shows. and Pinnacle Community Centers. Tickets are non-refundable. Purchases may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash A cash bar will be set up in the lobby


“Turn the Page – Bob Seger Tribute”

Saturday, July 27, 6 p.m. • $30

Bob Seger, the name alone brings back a flood of memories. Memories of growing up, first love, parties, and a time when music helped define who you were. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band truly provided the soundtrack to a generation. "Turn the Page - a Tribute to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band" faithfully recreates all the Classic Bob Seger material including "Old Time Rock and Roll" "Night Moves", "Against the Wind", and of course "Turn the Page". Due to the unique quality of Bob Seger's voice, not many bands are able to capture the essence of the live Bob Seger experience that made him a legend. Turn the Page not only captures that power and energy but is also the only Seger tribute that is daily streaming thousands of times on services like Spotify and iTunes. Turn the Page has been capturing and delivering that excitement and passion to audiences all over the country. The only way to get closer to Bob Seger's Live show would be to have Seger himself!


“Good Vibrations – Beach Boys Tribute”

Wednesday, July 31, 6 p.m. • $30

Much more than just your typical tribute band, Good Vibrations celebrates the legacy and spirit of the legendary California icons by recreating all their classic music and timeless sounds of summer LIVE on stage! This high-energy production show brings the days of sun, surf, and cars vividly back to life with all the famous anthems, surf guitar shreds and oceandeep harmonies faithfully reproduced right before your eyes and ears exactly the way you remember them. Featuring all the signature hits including: “Surfin’ USA”, “I Get Around”, “Help Me, Rhonda”, “California Girls”, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, “Fun, Fun, Fun”, “Barbara Ann”, “Kokomo”, and of course the classic - “Good Vibrations”! This is a party guaranteed to have the crowd on its feet dancing and singing along to the greatest hits of some of the world’s most beloved music of all time. It’s time to load up the woody, grab your board and get ready to hit the beach with Good Vibrations!



“Summer Nights –Tribute to Grease”

Saturday, August 3, 6 p.m. • $25

Summer Nights is THE electrifying Grease tribute band! Get ready to rock and roll like it's 1959, with the most iconic soundtrack of all time! Part tribute band, part musical theater, all the fun of the 1978 classic movie! Summer Nights brilliantly encapsulates the spirit of the cult-classic movie Grease, with unforgettable songs, dances, costumes, characters, and summer lovin! Summer Nights features hit after hit: “Greased Lightning”, “You’re The One That I Want”, “Grease”, “Hopelessly Devoted”, “Beauty School Drop-out”, “Born To Hand Jive”, “Sandy”, “Summer Nights”, “We Go Together” and so many more! Sing and dance along with your favorite Pink Ladies and T-Birds: Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Frenchy, the Teen Angel and more! Summer Nights tribute band recreates the classic story of the new girl in town and the school’s coolest Greaser, navigating the tricky social waters at Rydell High to the unforgettable soundtrack that defines generations. Grease is the ultimate soundtrack of every generation, so come celebrate the magic, music, and memories with Summer Nights: A Tribute To Grease!

MISTINGUETT PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS “Singers Songwriters Series Tribute Pop Goes the 70’s!”

Saturday, August 10, 6 p.m. • $30

Hey, you dudes and foxes, get off your Naugahyde love seat, step into your AMC Pacer and pop a mixtape of your favorite songs into the player as we head on back to the good times with Dennis Blair’s next in the Singer Songwriter Series, “Pop Goes the 70’s”. Featuring some of the greatest pop hits of Carly Simon, Donna Summer, The Village People, Elton John, Billy Joel, Linda Ronstadt and many more! With songs that we all love like “Crocodile Rock”, “You’re So Vain”, “Blue Bayou”, “Last Dance”, “YMCA”, “American Pie”, “I Will Survive”, and a host of others. If you enjoyed Blair’s other sold out tribute shows, you will love this one as well. Starring some out-of-sight singers backed by a slammin’ band (and special guests), you won’t want to miss this blast from the past. We’re letting’ it all hang out, so come join us. Can you dig it?

Tickets go on sale on the last Tuesday of the month so be sure to get your tickets early for all Starbright Theatre shows. and Pinnacle Community Centers. Tickets are non-refundable. Purchases may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash A cash bar will be set up in the lobby


Chadwick Johnson’s “Fire

and Rain”

Saturday, August 17, 6 p.m. • $30

Chadwick Johnson's upcoming show "Fire and Rain" at the Starbright Theater promises a captivating journey through 1970s music. Highlighting iconic singer-songwriters like James Taylor, Carole King, Stevie Wonder, and Joni Mitchell, audiences can expect an immersive homage to this golden era. What sets "Fire and Rain" apart is Chadwick's unique storytelling through song, delving into the stories behind the music. This adds richness and authenticity, allowing listeners to experience beloved classics in a new light. Chadwick's talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer shines through, interpreting these timeless hits with fresh, dynamic presentations. Whether channeling Stevie Wonder's soulful melodies or Joni Mitchell's introspective lyrics, Chadwick brings artistry and passion to each performance, resonating with longtime fans and newcomers alike. Don't miss this unique and heartfelt tribute to the 1970s!


Saturday, August 24, 6 p.m. • $35

RocOpraNatra’s sole mission is the complete uplifting of the hearts and souls of its audience through a joy filled concert experience. Fusing the unlikely combination of “Rock” “Opera” and “Crooner” singing styles, charismatic personalities, and interactive banter into an unforgettably unique entertainment experience Brian Roman, Christopher Dallo and Danny Scott weave a joy filled tapestry of melodies and memories, from Sinatra to Rod Stewart, Elvis to Pavarotti and Ed Sheeran to Andrea Bocelli. But the real magic happens when these three, unlikeliest of voices, are combined to create a beautiful new color people of all ages, era’s, genres, and styles are seamlessly connected in joyful celebration this is what makes a RocOpraNatra show so special. When these three entertainers collide, an explosive unique chemistry is unleashed RocOpraNatra aims to give audiences one of the greatest shows ever seen, every time out.



“Super Star Tributes

The Rat Pack Live & Swingin’”

Saturday, August 31, 6 p.m. • $35


“The Rendezvous…Starring Mark OToole Variety Show”

Tuesday, August 27, 6 p.m. • $20

The Rendezvous is proud to bring Mark OToole and the Best Variety Show In Vegas to the Starbright Theatre. It’s only taken two years for this show to become the beloved success for the most talented entertainers in town as well as the sold-out audiences that it draws. Performing and hosting the show, Mark has headlined in nearly every casino and major showroom in Las Vegas and will be bringing the best headlining talent to his show. Come see why this show has become the number one selling show in Las Vegas, get tickets early!

This incredible re-creation of the world-famous Rat Pack is not just an amazing tribute but is one of a few special productions that has become as timeless as the actual Rat Pack members themselves, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. This show will transport audiences back to a time when life was a lot less complicated when this unforgettable trio excited audiences nightly in the Copa Room at the Sands Hotel and Casino. The Rat Pack Live & Swingin’ re-creates these amazing performances with incredible authenticity! They look, sound and act just like the real thing including the comedic onstage antics and costumes. This extremely talented cast will have the audience believing it is Frank, Dean, and Sammy, with songs like “Luck Be a Lady”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Amore”, “Everybody Loves Somebody”, “Mr. Bojangles”, “Candy Man” and more. They seem to transcend reality by becoming the characters they depict, and they do it with genuine love and admiration for the characters they portray.

Tickets go on sale on the last Tuesday of the month so be sure to get your tickets early for all Starbright Theatre shows. Tickets may be bought online at www.suncitysummerlin.com as well as at the Mountain Shadows, Desert Vista, and Pinnacle Community Centers. Tickets are non-refundable. Purchases may be made online with a credit card or pay with cash or check at the community centers (exact change required). For information on Starbright Theatre shows, call 2401301. A cash bar will be set up in the lobby & drinks allowed inside the theatre

Live Events at

Doorsopenat 5:30 p.m. Tickets for Blues Night and Band Nights are $15 per person. Tickets go on sale the last Tuesday of the month and may be purchased online at www.suncitysummerlin.com with a credit card or at the Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows and Pinnacle Community Centers with cash or check. Exact change required. Tickets are non-refundable. Food and full bar available for purchase. No outside food or drinks permitted in The Summit during events. Must be 21 years or oldertoenter.Filmingattheseeventsmaybetakingplace.


Rheda K & Krew

Tuesday, July 2, 6 p.m. | $15

Rheda K and Krew areawell-seasoned bandwitheachmemberhavingover50 yearsofmusicalexperienceandtalent playingallovertheworldwithsomeof thebestsandgreats.Theirmusicwill rendermanyofyourfavoritesongsfrom: BB King, Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughan andmore.Groovethenight awaywithsomeBlues.Itwon'tbeeasyto stayinyourseatorcontrolyourfeet.


Friday, July 5, 6 p.m. | $15

HighRise DanceBandbringstheirhigh vibemixofdanceablepop,rock&R&B hitstoaudiencesalloverLasVegas,at suchvenuesas The Paris, The M Resort, andthe Silverton Resort, to nameafew.Theirupliftingmusical mélangecoversahugerangeofsongs, from‘70snostalgiatocurrentradiohits. Comeandexperiencethemforyourself. Agoodtimeisguaranteed.


Friday, July 19, 6p.m. | $15

The FOB Band, adynamic4-piece ensemblehailingfromLasVegas, specializinginFunk,Soul,R&B,and ClassicRock.Formedin2023,this bandistheculminationoftalented musicianswhosharealovefor Toto, Journey, and Ne-Yo. Experience theiruniqueblendofentertainment, astheyseamlesslyfusegrooveand throwbacksoundswithdefining arrangementsanddancehits guaranteedtoelevateyourevening. The FOB Band deliversanelectrifyingrepertoirespanningRock,R&B, andTop40hitsfromacrossthe decades.Getreadyforanunforgettablenightofmusicandlet'shavea greattimetogether!


Community Conversations: Living the Good Life in Sun City Summerlin

Do you remember the first time that you visited Sun City Summerlin? Maybe you were visiting a friend or relative who lives here. Or perhaps a real estate agent was showing you potential homes for purchase. Possibly you were here for a golf or pickleball tournament. For whatever reason, you decided that this could be a great place to live and enjoy the later years of your life.

Was it the four comprehensive community centers that caught your interest? The variety of outdoor activities like golf, swimming, tennis, and more? Perhaps you picked up a Link magazine and learned about the dozens of active clubs that cover such a wide range of activities. It might have been the opportunity to learn a new craft, play a fun card game, learn a new language, or expand your social circle.

Taken all together, you decided that Sun City Summerlin was the place you wanted to be. And hopefully, that is still the way that you feel about our community. We have hundreds of paid staff and volunteers who work hard to keep our HOA an attractive place to be. That not only keeps it desirable for you, it protects the property values.

When Del Webb started out creating communities, they planned them as “retirement” destinations. It was conceived as

a final home for most owners. Here in Las Vegas, they created Sun City Summerlin as an “active adult” community. They loaded it with amenities and resources for over 55 owners who wanted to have a variety of things to do. And in some cases that means it could be a transitional domicile.

We are fortunate to enjoy such a wide range of amenities. While there are many new communities being created (just look on the west side of the 215), none offer as much as our own. Perhaps they have a pool and a couple of sport courts, a card playing club or two, but probably nowhere near the social opportunities that our many clubs offer.

New residents invariably comment on how wonderful our common areas are, the wide range of activities that are available, and how friendly our residents are. That is what makes our community what it is. If you choose not to partake of the benefits, it is by your own choice. But prospects for enjoying life abound here.

How convenient that we can even stay inside Sun City Summerlin and still be able to utilize so many services. You can take a golf cart, or in some cases even walk, to several restaurants, drug stores, banks, grocery store, beauty salon, and doctor. We are truly a small city of 12,000 residents with commensurate services. And within a few miles there are a significant number of other retail and service businesses. It’s all good!

So, whether you choose an active lifestyle or if you simply want to be a homebody, you have what you need right here. Enjoy your life!

Photo courtesy of Norman Wright



10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

A Brief History on America’s Beloved Food the Hot Dog!

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer would never be the same without the summer treat of hot dogs! Throwing hot dogs and hamburgers on the “barbie“ just speaks of laid-back fare and enjoyment of the summer months.

National Hot Dog Day is on Wednesday, July 17, 2024, and did you know the actual history harkens back to Roman times? Presented is a brief history of the hot dog and some fun facts you may want to share as you and yours gather around to enjoy this traditional and tasty food.

The first mention of a type of sausage or hot dog was recorded somewhere between 900 BC and 700 AD where the sausage was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.

Quoting from “History Cooperative.org.” “As when a man besides a great fire has filled a sausage with fat and blood and turns it this way and that and is very eager to get it quickly roasted.”

Fast forward about 1,000 years in 64 AD. The story is that when Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar ruled, a humble cook by the name of Gaius was charged with cooking pig meat for the Emperor. One day Gaius thought the cooked pig might not suit the Emperor, and so he cut into the belly of the pig. Immediately, the intestines of the pig jumped out. In a sense, Gaius literally discovered the first known form of sausage casing, and so the first casings to hold meat and spices was born.

Although Frankfurt and Vienna both laid claim to inventing the frankfurter around 1484, the term “frankfurter” was officially coined in Frankfurt, Germany.

But when did the term “hot dog” and the makings of hot dogs as we know them start? This is a hotly contested argument; German immigrants who brought the meat and sauce in a casing to the U.S. would say they should be credited for the name and present makings of the hot dog. Americans at the time claimed they were the ones who came up with the more casual term. In fact, it was neither.

The man given actual credit for popularizing the hot dog was neither German immigrant nor American. It was actually a Jewish immigrant from Poland whose name was Nathan Handwerker. In 1915, Handwerker went to work at a hot dog stand in Coney Island. His job there was to slice buns for $11 a week. This determined young man only ate hot dogs and used the kitchen floor as his bed. He waited until he had saved $300 and started his own stand. By shrewdly charging only five cents apiece for hot dogs and undercutting his former boss and competitors, his stand grew so popular that competitors went out of business. It was the birth of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. By the Depression, Nathan’s hot dogs were known throughout the United States as prized all-American eats.

Some fun facts: Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest is a major sporting event. The current record for the most hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes is 76! Believe it or not, hot dogs were one of the first foods ever eaten in space! Apollo 11 astronauts munched thermostabilized frankfurters (frozen dogs) during their moon mission. Apparently, they’re easier to eat in zero gravity than ice cream (they are still an approved food in space). According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the longest hot dog ever made measured over 668 feet long!

“A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz.” –Humprey


Congratulations Shane!

Shane Sanchez is being recognized by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) as a “Quarter Century Member.” This recognition goes to PGA Members who have served the PGA of America with “honor and pride” for 25 years, for their steadfast promotion of the great sport of golf.


#3 Highland Falls June 4, 2024

#8 Highland Falls May 7, 2024

#6 Eagle Crest January 9, 2024


Linda Galovits
Tim Dahlberg
Linda Williams
“As I See It . . . ”

I recently met a really great guy named Chris. He is new to SCS, and we chatted about his very interesting past experiences and places he has lived. He talked about what a great place SCS is and how easy it is to make new friends here. Chris is a “people person” and just quickly got involved in SCS activities, making many new friends. We shared our gratitude for our LV home and all our friends here. Made me think... Friendship is like a garden, it needs nurturing, time, and care to grow. Friendship is a two-way experience. Nurturing friendships involves regular communication, showing appreciation, being supportive, and making time for each other. It also means being a good listener, being reliable, and sharing both the good times and the challenges. I once heard that in life we may have many, many acquaintances but need only a few truly close friends.

downs. It enriches our experiences and adds depth to our existence. I am a big believer in choosing my friends carefully (my mother always warned me, “you are known by the company you keep”). Sure, you can celebrate with the many but only the few are truly there to share the challenges and tribulations. Trust and reciprocity are key to any close friendship/relationship. We invest our energies carefully to develop these characteristics with only the very special friends who we call “dear friends”. You know, finding friends who are not judgmental and who accept you as you are is not easy, but is the bed-rock of friendships. I have learned that “giving unsolicited advice” is a form a being judgmental. Judgmental folks often criticize, make assumptions about others, and fail to understand other points of view, and generally lack empathy for other people. It is exhausting for me to be around such people, whereas, being with folks who accept me as I am and are nurturing and supportive, fill me up, fill my life with color and music, and allow me to be the best ME I can be. THAT is TRUE


I am blessed to have such great friends... best friends... dear friends. It is easy to be with them, easy to care about them because they care about me, and one of the healthiest things I can ever do for myself. Losing 100 negative acquaintances is nothing compared to making one very dear, life-long, and trusting friend. Investing in our friendships pays higher

Friendships require the investment of time... taking time to make that supportive call, inviting someone to share a coffee or a walk or a lecture/class. Some folks lament that it is difficult to make friends and that folks don’t call them... yet, they, themselves, do not invest the time and take the initiative to reach out to their friends.

The value of friendship is immeasurable. It offers support, understanding, joy, and companionship through life's ups and

dividends than anything else that we can do.

SCS gives us the opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people... truly wonderful and diverse folks. We can reach out for new experiences and new understandings. I was so glad to be able to meet Chris... my new friend. We all are grateful to live in SCS... the place where great friendships are possible and encouraged... if we will but do our part... making the effort and being open to FRIENDSHIPS!

Honoring Residents Corner: Darlene Vaturi

Darlene grew up in Youngstown Ohio where she worked in the family business, Fron’s Candies and Ice Cream, started by her grandparents in 1937. She did a variety of jobs in the company including customer service, bookkeeping, and making homemade chocolates and ice cream in 30 different flavors before it was in vogue to have so many selections. Holidays were the busiest times when it was all hands-on deck to make the skillfully crafted Santas, Hearts and Easter bunnies all hand decorated with icing and bows. One of her favorite items were the lollipops of all sizes up to two feet wide! Summer brought in customers to enjoy bowls of ice cream topped by the buyer at the ice cream smorgasbord that included syrups, nuts, fruits, candy, and whipped cream.

In 1989, Darlene and her husband, Mino, bought a house in Painted Desert on the golf course so they could spend vacations enjoying their two favorite passions; poker and golf. By the time they were sick of shoveling snow and ready to retire, Painted Desert had sold the golf course, making it hard to get a tee time. This prompted them to look at Sun City Summerlin. They meticulously researched the lots and built on the perfect one in 1996 right next to a green to avoid stray balls. “We used to play Eagle Crest before there were any houses around it. You could see the whole valley!” Although she no longer plays golf, she still enjoys watching. She and Mino are eager to show their grandson the golfing ropes this summer when he visits from Maryland.

Throughout the years, Darlene has been a member of numerous clubs. Her hobbies include Canasta Club, where she is a past president, Computer Club, Sewing, and Krafty Kritters. She has a passion for crochet and has completed many afghans that would rival the winners at the county fairs back home. She has supplied winter hats, mittens, and scarves to her relatives up North. It was her love of crochet that kept her sane during COVID-19!

Darlene has family spread out all over the country. Her daughter and son-in-law live in Maryland with their two children. They have traveled many times over the years to the East Coast and to nieces and nephews in California as well as returning home, during the summer, to visit friends and family in Ohio. Some of their favorite travels have taken them to Hawaii, Israel, and Yellowstone. But in the end, she especially loves coming back to the red rocks surrounding Las Vegas.

For more than 20 years Darlene had volunteered with the Sun City Summerlin (SCS) Patrol. She was Chief of SCS Patrol six years ago. She is currently a Watch Commander and Dispatcher volunteering 16 hours a week. “My main priority in

SCS Patrol is to educate residents who live alone or with disabled partners,” says Darlene. “If you have friends or neighbors who live alone, please have them give a key to their home to a trusted resident. Tell Patrol who that person is on your contact list. If there is an emergency, we can go in with your emergency contact to check on you. If we wait for Metro police, it can sometimes take up to three hours for them to respond and a couple more hours for a locksmith to arrive and open the house. I’m not sure people know that stroke medication needs to be administered within the first three hours to be of significant value! It breaks my heart, not to be able to get in there faster to assist the resident who may be in need. Also, complete the Emergency Contact Form and be sure to update the information as needed. I am on a MISSION to spread this information and create awareness to help our wonderful Sun City Summerlin residents.”

Darlene nominates Arlene Goodman for the next article in the series: Honoring Residents Corner.


JULY 2024

All scheduled Committee Meetings are being held in person at Desert Vista and/or by Zoom



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You too can receive a Zoom meeting invitation by sending an email to Mitzim@suncitylv.com and with your first and last name, your address, and the words “sign me up.”


Tavern at The Falls July Daily Specials from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. See page 29 for details.

The Summit July Special from 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. See page 30 for details.

9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Sunday Brunch (SM)


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1 p.m., How to Manage Your Blood Sugar with Donna Gould (S) page 45

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10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Bus Trip: Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at Bellagio (P) page 15

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Finance No Meeting in July


6 p.m., “Beach Boys Tribute” (SBT) page 19



Preventing Falls, The Power is in YOU! Dynamic Balance Training

Most falls can be prevented, and you have the power to reduce your risk. Exercising, managing your medications, having your vision checked, and making your living environment safer are all the steps you can take to prevent a fall.

Six Tips to Help Prevent Falls

More than one in four people aged 65 years or older fall each year, yet many falls can be prevented.

1. Talk with your health care provider about medication side effects.

2. Do strength and balance exercises.

gravity to every weight shift as you move.

3. Back strength- Balance requires good posture and strong back muscles to hold your spine upright.

Why is Balance Training Important?

3. Make your home safer by using night lights, installing grab bars in the bathroom, and securing carpet to the floors.

4. Get your vision and hearing checked regularly.

5. Stand up slowly to avoid dizziness.

6. Use a cane or walker if you need more stability.

What is Dynamic Balance?

Falls happen when you are moving, not standing still. When people think about balance exercises, they usually imagine standing on one leg, or other static balance exercises. What’s not easily understood or achieved is dynamic balance.

Dynamic balance, or maintaining balance while you move, is vital for older adults to reduce the risk of falling and to help ensure safety and independence around the home and community.

Dynamic balance (moving balance) is the ability to maintain an upright position while moving, including during activities such as walking, turning, climbing stairs, or standing from a chair.

Dynamic balance requires good static balance and reaction time to deal with changes to your body’s position in space and your center of gravity. Good dynamic balance also requires good proprioception. Proprioception is the body’s ability to sense where its parts are located and how they are moving. Dynamic balance is more applicable to everyday movements.

What Contributes to Good Balance?

1. Core strength – Your core muscles brace your trunk and support your back. These muscles are an integral part of postural control.

2. Lower body strength- Muscles like the glutes help you hold a solid standing through the hips. They also adjust your center of

Balance training is essential for older adults and is an integral part of a fall prevention program. Balance training can help you prepare for navigating unstable surfaces or a sudden bump from a stranger on a busy sidewalk. Balance exercises can improve your quality of life.

2 Dynamic Balance Examples:

1. Stationary Marching

Ÿ Start by standing upright with feet hip-width apart. Stand near a chair or countertop if needed for balance.

Ÿ Lift right foot off the floor until knee is at hip height. Hold for 1-2 seconds before slowly returning right foot to the floor.

Ÿ Next, do the same thing on the left leg.

Ÿ Do this repeatedly until you have performed 10-15 repetitions with each leg.

Ÿ Move slowly and with control while maintaining an upright trunk.

2. Heel-Toe Walk

Ÿ Imagine walking along a tightrope.

Ÿ Place right foot directly in front of left foot, touching the heel of the right foot to the toes of your left foot.

Ÿ Now step your left foot in front of your right foot.

Ÿ You may place your arms out to the sides for balance.

The goal is to develop confidence and as a result, these physical improvements may lead to an enhanced quality of life. Ideally, training for strength and balance should begin before the risk of falls begin to increase. For this reason, strength and balance training is important for everyone not just older adults.

Resources from acefitness.org and Nicole Lombardo Stoltz PT, DPT, CSCS.

Seminars and Events

Mostseminars/eventsarefree.Theremaybespecialworkshops/classes witharegistrationfee. Please see event details below for specific ticketandlocationinformation. TicketsareavailablewithSocialMonitors at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows and Pinnacle Community Centers. If sold out, please arrive the day of the event to be put on a waitlist.PleasecallFitnessDept.withquestions702-255-2294.

How To Manage Your Blood Sugar

Wednesday, July 10, 1 p.m. · Sun Shadows

Is your blood sugar high? Do you have prediabetes or diabetes? Do you want more information on how to manage your blood sugar? Join Donna Gould, MS, RD, LD, a clinical Registered Dietitian, on July 10 for a deep dive into how your diet and lifestyle choices affect your blood sugar. In this hour-long class, you will learn how to reduce the risks of prediabetes and manage diabetes diet through diet and physical activity. Registration is $20 per person. Class participants will receive all educational resources and handouts. Please call the Fitness Department Office to register at: 702-255-2294.

Cataract 101 Lunch & Learn with Shepherd Eye Center

Wednesday, July 17, 12 p.m. · Desert Vista, Room 1

A cataract is the clouding of the disc-shaped, normally clear lens of the eye, found just behind the iris. The lens acts much like the lens in a camera, focusing the images on the retina of the eye. The retina then transfers the visual image to the brain, which permits vision. When the lens is cloudy or opaque with a cataract, light does not properly enter the eye and is not properly focused on the retina. Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process and can begin to affect the clarity of vision at any age. In fact, it is said that most people will develop cataracts if they live long enough. Join doctors from Shepherd Eye Center with important cataract information. Limited tickets are available beginning July 1 with Social Monitors at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows and Pinnacle.

Fall Prevention Lunch & Learn with Valley Health Specialty Hospital & Golden Heart

Wednesday, July 24, 12 p.m. · Desert Vista, Room 5

Join Kasey Durham, an Occupational Therapist from Valley Health Specialty Hospital, to learn more about fall prevention. Kasey will discuss the multiple factors that may lead to falls,

what to do if you fall and strategies to prevent falls. The goal of this lunch and learn is to decrease fears and fall risks by increasing awareness and preparedness. Limited tickets will be available beginning July 1 with Social Monitors at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows, and Pinnacle Community Centers.

Healthy Cooking Demo

Wednesday, July 31, 12 p.m. · Desert Vista, Room 5

Join Mary Fairhurst and Beat the HEAT with this summer edition of our Healthy Cooking Demo! Mary will share some delicious recipes, including: Easy & Cool Summer Dishes, Summer Rolls and Snickers Inspired Date Bar. Limited tickets will be available beginning July 1 with Social Monitors at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows, and Pinnacle Community Centers.

Sound Bath Meditation with Amy

Thursday, July 18, 3:30 p.m. Sun Shadows

Join Amy for our monthly Sound Bath Meditation. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket(s), and pillow for cushioning. Wear comfortable clothing to keep warm and cozy. Plan to arrive 10-20 min. before starting time to get settled. No late entry due to the meditative nature of the class. Limited tickets will be available beginning July 1 with Social Monitors at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows and Pinnacle.

All Things Fitness

“Your one stop shop for the Fitness Center amenities in Sun City Summerlin!”

Additional Club classes are available. Master Fitness Class Schedule can be picked up at any Fitness Center or online at suncitysummerlin.com. Please call Fitness Department with questions 702.255.2294.




Softball Club

For The Love of the Game:

leagues. The vote was 65 to 14 in favor. The three leagues will narrow the gap between the age groups. We have 43year-olds all the way up to 90-year-olds.”

Interview with Current & Former President Of SCS Softball Club – Pat

Mike has been a member of the Softball Club for the past 13 years. He moved here from Ohio because of all the amenities Sun City Summerlin has to offer. When Mike checked out the softball field, he reawakened his love of the sport, having not played in 25 years.

Pat’s last stop was Richmond, VA. He and his wife moved here to be near their youngest grandchild. Their son lives here. “I played golf several times a week in Virginia, and when I came here, I rediscovered softball,” says Pat. “I’m in little league all over again!” Pat has been a member of the Club for the past five years.

When asked, Mike reflects on his greatest accomplishments as former Club President. “There are two: field improvements and the three-league proposal. For many years, we had two leagues. This year, there will be three

Pat adds: “I will make sure that the three leagues are implemented correctly. At the softball field, I posted a sheet with the three leagues: American, Central and National. Players put their name down and circle which league they want to be in. Players’ skills are matched to the league they want to play in for more enjoyment and for safety. I also hope to continue the good relationship with the CCOC and be a model club (which I think we are).” Pat will work to balance the budget and collaborate with great sponsors. The Club works closely with the SCS Properties Committee to maintain the field in tip-top shape.

Last year, the Softball Club had 151 paid members: the highest membership in Club history (including three women members). Both Mike and Pat hope that more ladies will join the Club this year.

Pat invites residents to check out the Softball Club. “As soon as you join, you will have 100 new friends. You will feel like a kid again back in little league,” says Pat.

Mike agrees. “It’s good exercise, to be out in the fresh air with good camaraderie. You will make a lot of new friends. For $50 dollars a year, it’s a lot of fun! You get 50 games, and we play all year long. Last year, we had opening day with food, two pizza parties, and a picnic. You get a

Lots of fun but we needed a break!

new uniform and a new ball every year. It’s great value and clean fun!”, says Mike.

The next season begins Sept. 23rd. There will be 160+ players, three leagues and 11 or 12 teams.

The original Boys of Summerlin Tournament Team was established in 2020 by Jim Herhusky (he was the manager, player, and sponsor). The team was a 60 Double A Division (age 60+). They won a couple of tournaments in 2020 and 2021. Mike took it over from Jim this year. They just won a tournament in April. Everyone on the team is a club member and a resident. There are 14 players. Exciting News: The

team is qualified to go to Florida to the Tournament of Champions in January 2025 (near Winter Haven).

Pat is on a team out of Henderson called the Desert Heat. There are five guys from the SCS Softball Club on the team. They went to 3 tournaments this year and came in second place.

Sun City Summerlin residents who want to check out the Club before joining can play two times before committing. For more information on the Softball Club, check out our website: scssoftball.club. Or contact Pat Faivre at: 541-207-2169. Pat can also be reached at: faivre.pat@gmail.com.

Batter up!
Sun City Summerlin Softball Club


Stop the Scams!

YOU can help stop scammers in their tracks. Following the First Tuesday presentation by Las Vegas Police Department on May 7, 2024, at the Starbright Theatre in the Pinnacle Community Center, we could not get some of the warnings out of our minds. It is always so concerning when unscrupulous people try to take advantage of others, particularly seniors, who may not recognize the danger immediately.

We are looking at your electronics for a quick minute. These crooks have two very easy, very powerful, accesses into your home and your head. Number one is your telephone and number two is your computer. Keep this in the forefront, “IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” it probably is a scam. If someone is telling you, they are a relative and they have had some trouble (sickness, injury, police event) and they need financial help, it could very well be a scam. If someone befriends you online or over the phone and then continues with affirmations of love, even if you have never met face to face, it most likely is a precursor to asking for money. Every red light should be flashing in your mind and all alarms should be going off in your head. Scam, SCAM, SCAM!

What can you do? If it is the phone, you can simply hang up. If you find that is difficult to do, you can always ask pointed questions on details until you are sure they are not who they say they are. On the computer, close the message and block that individual from contacting you again. If you still feel conflicted about ignoring these advances, please call Metro and ask for some help. This may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, maybe even millions. But that is just money; your very well-being is at risk. Please protect yourself.

One of the ways these deceitful people gain influence of your computer, and your life is through your favorite websites. They know which ones you frequent and somehow figure out your passwords. One of the strongest methods to discourage this is to use a “Password Manager”. If you search, using these words, you will find numerous possibilities, both free and paid. Suggest you check with your computer support persons (perhaps our Sun City Computer Club), to ask for help if you do not understand the concept.

For those of you, who are now thinking this might be way out of your comfort zone, think of the password manager as a locked box inside your computer that can hold all of your passwords for any and all sites you visit. With this program, you have only one (1) sign in password to utilize, the rest are out of “sight” of anyone else. This master password needs to be very complicated but something you can either remember or keep in

a safe place. Once you get this setup, you can use your computer with confidence that you have done all you can to make yourself safer.

On another subject, remember that your Sun City Summerlin Patrol volunteers are available at all hours, every day.

Phone number is 702-254 2303. Program that into your phone. We try to support our neighbors, while leaving the actual police work to our great responders at Metro. Dial 911 for an emergency and 311 for all other information.

Darlene Vaughan, Sun City Summerlin Patrol

Some of the Things We Do For the Sun City Summerlin Community:

•Being the eyes and ears of Sun City Summerlin.

•Observe and report suspicious activity.

•Provide house checks when residents are away.

• Remind residents to close garage doors at night.

Sun City Summerlin Patrol – FYI

Services in May 2024

Open Garage Doors – 173

911 Emergency Lights – 22 House Checks – 410

IC Inquiries – 153

Compiled by Frank Miyazono


Mgmt. No.

Sub Assoc. Mgmt. CO. Phone Units

ArbuckleHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 48

ArgentsHillHOA SierraCmnty.Mgt.LLC 754-6313 42

BanoraPointHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 12

BigGreenHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 24

BigTimberHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 28

BlueBellHOA CrossoverAssoc.Mgt,LLC 656-4824 27 686-4824

BreakersCreekHOA TheMgmt.Trust 835-6904 23

CogHillHOA LindaBucar 233-0223 60

DarkPeakHOA SageMgt. 848-3418/339-3044 12

DesertButteHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 32

DesertCrystalHOA PrimeCmnty. Mgt 869-0937 30

DesertHollyHOA BonnyLewis 582-5688 42

EagleValleyHOA TheMgmt.Trust 835-6904 38

EchoMesaHOA NevadaCmnty. Mgt 222-2391 37

EveningStarHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 15

FairwayViewHOA TheMgmt.Trust 835-6904 28

FaissHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 47

FreshSpringHOA SierraCmnty.Mgt.LLC 754-6313 54

GemstoneHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 48

GrandMesaHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 41

(This is the most recent information reported to Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Inc., by the Sub-Associations.)

Mgmt. No.

Sub Assoc. Mgmt. CO. Phone Units

HemetHOA Cmnty.MgtGroup 942-2500 39

HunterSpringsHOA LevelPropertyMgmt. 433-0149 16

JunctionHillHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 84

LightningRidgeHOA SierraCmnty.Mgt.LLC 754-6313 54

LinkviewHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 98

LitchfieldHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 58

MountainGateHOA DesertCmntyMgmt. 982-0430X-102 24

PalmridgeHOA CrossoverAssoc.Mgt.LLC 656-4824 56 686-4824

PomonaHOA NevadaCmnty.Mgt 222-2391 39 PrairieHillHOA TheMgmt.Trust 835-6904 35

QuailRidgeHOA NevadaCmnty.Mgt 222-2391X-2003C 66 (222-2391X-305JK)

RidgevilleHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-12100 16

ShowcaseHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 100

SunCityNMAHOA TerraWest 362-6262/251-4540459

SundialHOA SageMgt. 848-3418/339-3044 44

TumbleBrookHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 22

ValleyDownsHOA AdeptMgt.Services 645-1210 53

VillaRidgeHOA DesertCmntyMgmt. 982-0430 52

WillowrichHOA CrossoverAssoc.Mgt.656-4824/686-4824 36



There are over 70 approved color palette schemes that you can view and choose from at the SCSCAI Community Standards Office or at the dunnedwards.com website by clicking on colors and then entering Sun City Summerlin as the HOA name.

Once you find color palette schemes that you like, you can also send a photo of your home and up to three (3) color schemes of your choice to Dunn Edwards at summerlincoloradvisor@dunnedwards.com and they will prepare up to three (3) color renderings, for free, so you can see what the colors will look like on your home. Remember Painting Your Home Requires Prior Approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

Las Vegas, NV 89134 Wills, Trust, Asset Protection, Probate and Guardianship. Serving Sun City Summerlin for Over 17 Years


Club Contact Phone

Aquacize VeronicaDouglass 661-435-4880

Art SteveBrenner 702-749-7737

Arthritis PamMiller 804-240-8626

Basketball JimMathews 503-894-3040

Beading&Jewelry PaulaNuzzo 702-820-9343

Bicycle GaryTrowbridge 725-735-7424

Billiards KayeBence 818-424-8348

Bocci RoseManning 203-314-3527

Book CherylKidd 541-233-6545

Bridge,Duplicate GaryBiederer 847-272-3398

Bridge,FridayNight PeggyCushman 702-462-2250

Bridge,MondayRubber MaryLaFerney 702-562-1550

Bridge,Social ConnieMorris 702-331-0325


Bunco RuthAnnMoore 661-618-1613

Canasta DianeSapp 321-446-5712

Ceramics DeniseWinton 702-363-4329

Chicago/Midwest MyraFeldgreber 702-838-3859

ClassicalMusic WilliamRydell 702-580-0727

Computer JeffWilkinson 702-527-4056

Conservatives JeffDiPane 702-985-2310

Cribbage LindaRay 702-586-1007

DanceCompany RobertaMorrissey 702-524-5881

DanceConnection KrisSteinwand 702-443-8759

Euchre GloriaElmore 702-430-7785

French DenisKallish 203-767-2518

FriendsofTheSummit TamiFox 248-882-3364

Garden DaveMaiero 702-266-5416

Golf,Guys&Gals AmosBarcus 702-755-9623

Golf,LadiesExecutive PamScott 559-917-3724

Golf,Men’s18Hole ThomasHaseltine 414-788-2310

Golf,Men’sNiners HughLichter 727-421-5010

Golf,Women’s SandiHapke 702-405-9181

Gun DavidZuckerman 201-400-1871

Hiking LisaBrew-Miller 707-477-8059

Investment SteveCommander 702-304-1768

Italian KenPignato 702-339-1342

JewishFriendship LonnieWagman 702-419-6333

KraftyKritters SunitaBouri 813-270-9096

Liberal NormanWright 702-255-5545

Library MaxineMcKeown 702-287-2918

Club Contact Phone

MahJongg KarenBerke 702-813-5110

Men’s LenLibman 702-515-9368

Military&Friends ChrisOelerich 970-274-8230

ModelBuilders CharlieBush 702-501-3300

Musicmakers DarleneVaughan 307-330-8421

NeighborhoodPrep.Team* MaryFairhurst 702-482-8853

NewYork ChristineRuggiero 702-280-2743

Organ,Piano&Keyboard MartiStimpson 702-683-4112

Pan RebeccaDeavours 970-402-4881

Photography JudithFilangeri 702-473-1153

Pickleball SuzanneEsber 714-478-1653

Quilting DianeLais 702-327-4520

Racquetball PeterRuopp 419-420-5175

Rainbow JulieMcCuiston 808-276-8392

R.V. DeanLawes 802-345-9090

Residents’Forum* JulieZerbel 512-775-1309

Sawdusters JohnMarslender 801-598-5371

Sewing(JustSew) JudyHatcher 951-491-3442

Silver,Lapidary SharynSmith 702-473-5479


Silvertones RodneyHamburg 702-332-5611

Social SofiaCastille 281-300-4537


WateRobics DonaWittman 916-425-3571 Women’s JudyAuerbach 702-242-0727



Telephone numbers published in the Link and on our website SunCityLink.com are in the 702 area code unless noted otherwise.

(The deadline for AUGUST 2024 chartered club listing is FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024. If you have questions, contact the Link at 966-1435 or eileend@suncitylv.com.)


Summertime!! What could be more fun than an outdoor Aquacize work out. There is now a 7 a.m. class at DV outdoor pool. It's low impact to joints. Club Members can choose from several different classes. The next General Meeting is August 22nd and includes a Pizza party 3 p.m. at Desert Vista. At our last meeting, dues were increased to $15. If you have any questions, you can ask your Pool Class Representative. You can also call or email Veronica Douglass, President 661-435-4880, pagedouglass@yahoo.com. Watch

your email for any last-minute notifications. Reminder: all outdoor pool classes will be held weather permitting.


Artists of all levels and those who just love art, are welcome to join. Annual dues are $15. We offer beginner and advanced classes in oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting, drawing, colored pencil and various mixed media. Each year we hold a Fine Art Show, featuring the works of our members, and further offer opportunities for Club members to display their work on the DV Art Wall. We present lectures and demonstrations during our general meetings, which take place the third Monday of each month. However, we are dark during the months of July and August. Our next general meeting will be September 16. But, we do have a few summer classes: beginner oil/acrylic painting, pen and watercolor, and acrylic pouring. For more information, please contact Steve Brenner at 749-7737, and check out our website at suncityartclub.org.


Do those painful joints keep you from exercising? We have a solution. Slip into your swimsuit and join us in the pool for soothing exercises that get those joints limbered up. These exercises safely move every part of the body. Stretching, range of motion, flexibility and balance improve health and wellness. This low-impact pool exercise Club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Desert Vista indoor pool. Check with your doctor to ensure you are fit enough for the class. Annual dues are $15. General Meeting to vote on Dues

Photo Courtesy of Gail Abrams


Issues, Tuesday, July 16, 11:30 a.m. at DV indoor pool. Call Pam Miller 804-240-8626.


Please join us and help make basketball a community exercise option for everyone. Currently, our basket is at Desert Vista on a pickleball court. The court's hard surface, availability, and dimensions are extremely challenging. We’ve asked for the basket to be relocated to a knee-friendly surface at the end of a tennis court or a new court built over an existing underutilized outside area. The court is reserved for shooting on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings from 5-8 p.m. We currently play half-court games twice a week at a local gym. Please contact Jim Mathews (503) 894-3040 or Al Bonardi (631) 398-1891 for additional details.

Beading and Jewelry

We are enjoying making unusual jewelry and hope you will come and join us. No experience is necessary! Please call our wonderful President, Paula Nuzzo, at 820-9343. Our business meetings are at Desert Vista the 1st Tuesday of each month. We meet the rest of the month every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Silver Room at Mountain Shadows.


The Bicycle Club does group rides starting at the lower Desert Vista parking lot on Tuesday and Thursday and Sun Shadows on Saturday. Bike start time for June thru August will start at 7 a.m. Anyone with a bicycle (or e-bike) and a helmet is more than welcome to join us for any ride. Don’t worry about keeping up, we’re just an easy-riding bunch of SOB’s (Seniors on Bicycles). For more information, please email Gary Trowbridge at scsbikeclub@gmail.com.


The Billiards Room at Desert Vista has four 9-foot Diamond pool tables. Pool cues are available for use if needed. Club-member time block is set for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. with organized tournament play on Fridays. $10 annual dues. If interested in joining the club, please drop by anytime during Club play and grab a cue stick or bring your own. For more information, call Kaye Bence at (818) 424-8348.


The Bocci Club plays on Mondays at Desert Vista and Thursdays at Sun Shadows at 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you all soon. For information, call Rose Manning at 203-314-3527.


The Sun City Book Club meets the second Thursday of the month 1:303:30 p.m. at Desert Vista. Social time is 1:30-2 p.m.

Our July meeting is July 11, 2024. For summer reading, our Book Club has some suggestions – I Will Find You by Harlan Coben, The Maid by Nita Prose, Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus and Violette by Isabel Allende. For information contact Cherie at 541-233-6545 or Klipsan2@gmail.com. Keep reading!

Bridge, Duplicate

Ready to play duplicate bridge? We meet at MS every Wednesday & Saturday 12 noon sharp. Our duplicate bridge game is really a lot of fun & a wonderful way to form lasting friendships among fellow bridge lovers. Need a partner? Our Partnership Chairperson Marilyn Pekrul can be reached at 254-8245. For additional information President Gary Biederer can be reached at 847-272-3398.

Bridge, Friday Night

You're invited to join us at Mountain Shadows on Friday night at 5:45 p.m. Annual dues are $10 and $1 each time you play. Recent winners were Jan Edwards & Dona Griggas (twice), Rod & Doris Hamburg (twice), and Doris Lemelin & Marilyn Pekrul. For more information or help finding a partner, call Peggy Cushman at 462-2250.

Bridge, Monday Rubber

Join us for 24 hands of Bridge at noon, Mondays, Mountain Shadows. Play starts at 12:15 and is timed. Annual dues are $10 and $1 each time you play. Recent winners were Marilyn Pekrul & Gail Yangas, Bill & Sydney Keffury, and Jane Atencio & Saralee Treese. For more information or help finding a partner, call Mary Ann Clark at 254-6943.

Bridge, Social Duplicate

BIG GAMES in May: Jim & Louise Dunford (67.59%), Jerry & Sandra Edwards (65.48%), Vlad Ivanov & Judy Thompson (66.07%), Donna McDowell & Annette Bonder (65.4%). We meet at noon Saturdays at MS-Sahara Room. We have a mini lesson at 11:30 a.m. Bring your favorite partner or we will pair you up at the game. We use the site RSVPBridge.com to manage signups, partner requests and scoring! Contact Shelly to be added (email: peretz.shelly@gmail.com; cell: 708-610-3375) or

Continued on page 63


Continued from page 61

check our website: www.bridgewebs.com/276519. During Supervised Play, participants are encouraged to ask questions and receive coaching on all aspects of the game with the main difference being the level of experience of players and length of the game - we usually play between 14 and 16 boards. Annual dues are $5.


Please join us Saturday, July 20 at Mountain Shadows for a friendly fun filled evening of Bunco. Doors open at 5:30. Our Games will start promptly 6 p.m. Bring your Association Card and $5 to play. No prior experience need. A friendly smile and willingness to learn is plenty. Annual dues are $2. Snacks will be provided with the balance going to prizes. For more information or question you may call: RuthAnn Moore (661) 618-1613 or Janice Lugavere (818) 606-1354.


The club meets on Thursday from 6-9 p.m. Men, women and couples are welcome. Lessons will be given on Thursday mornings. Please call 236-1873 to attend. Birthdays will be celebrated at the 1st club night of the month. Dues are $10 a year.


Beginners and Workshop classes are starting again. Watch for the sign-up sheet in the Club Room. Stop in any time the club is open and take a tour of the Ceramics Club. Club hours Monday – Friday 9 to 12, Monday and Wednesday afternoons 12 to 3 and Sunday 10 to 2. Board Members for 2024 are: Denise Winton, President; Sherin Garber 1st VP; Joyce Newlin, 2nd VP; Nancy Hergenreder, Treasurer; Edie Bush, Secretary. Visit our website at: www.creativeceramicscenter.com. For further information, call Denise Winton at -363-4329.


It’s the good old summertime and time to say goodbye to our snowbirds. Please, all of you and all our good friends, have a great summer. Stay safe, stay cool, stay sharp! NO FALLING! We will reconvene in September and resume our fun and games. For more information on this great club, call Myra at 838-3859.

ing evening filled with fun and surprises. The evening ends with a performance by the teachers. Doors at 6:40 p.m. with the show at 7 p.m. For more info, contact Will Rydell at lledyrw@icloud.com. Photo: Claire Birmingham watches her son prepare for his debut at the Starbright in July 2022.


If you have computer or mobile device issues, help is available at the Pinnacle Facility on Tuesdays 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. If you don’t have a computer, stop by the Computer Lab on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to Noon to surf the Net. Yearly dues are $10. Details regarding our schedule of events can be found on our website https://www.scscc.club. For further information contact Jeff Wilkinson, 527-4056, or email pres.scscc@gmail.com.


We meet in room 5 at DV on the 3rd Thursday of each month with sign-in at 6 p.m. and the program beginning promptly at 6:30 p.m. Visit our website at scsconservativesclub.com/home for monthly program updates and pertinent club information. You may also call/text club President Jeff DiPane with your questions or concerns at 985-2310. Annual dues of $15 per member are collected in January. Club officers are Jeff DiPanePresident, Susanne Spinelli-Vice President, Karen Kogelschatz-Treasurer and Sue Stitt-Secretary. We look forward to meeting new friends and sharing our conservative thoughts and principles.


We play every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. starting promptly so join us by 5:15 p.m. We usually play partners. New players are welcome. 400 points gets you recognition in the LINK and on our Board of Winners! Recent winners are: Bob Fitzgerald400; Hank Falstad-402; and Debbie Weed-401. Come and join us and get your 400 game! For more information, call Linda Ray at 586-1007.

Dance Company

Classical Music

On July 29, the Classical Music Club will invest heavily in the future of Classical Music by welcoming a variety of young music students. For many of them, this will be their first time performing on a real stage. This is an excit-

Looking for something to do this Summer? Why not check out the Dance Company’s Summer Workshops for July and August?

We are offering tap and jazz workshops tailored for the nondancer to the experienced. These are typically 3 to 4 sessions in length. At SCSDanceCo.org you will find complete details on times, locations, instructors, and registration. September marks the start of our Fall season of classes, and this Fall promises a sensational range of dance classes! Look for registration information in July on our website (SCSDanceCo.org). Photo courtesy of M.E. Chidiac.


Dance Connection

Hot Hula is back! Hot Hula is on Thursdays at noon at Desert Vista. Your first class is “free”! Dance Connection also offers the following classes – Get Movin’, Just Dance, Beginner Line Dance, Beginning & Advanced Hula, Advanced Round Dance, Beginner Line Dance, Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance, Dance Party, Sittin’ & Drummin’, Havin’ A Ball, BeMoved, Beginner Hula, Let’s Move, Get Up & Dance, Sittin’ & Movin’ w/Jonathan, Showstoppers and Hot Hula. Try one today! Pick up a schedule at any fitness center or visit our website at: scsclubs.wixsite.com/danceconnection. Call Kris @ 443-8759 with any questions.


Euchre is a card game usually played with four players per table (two partnerships). We rotate tables and partners, so Euchre is a very social game for all levels. New members are always welcome, and if you don’t know how to play, lessons are available. Join us on Wednesdays at 6 p.m., at Mountain Shadows. For more information, call Gloria at 430-7785.


Bonjour à tous et toutes. Le Circle Français welcomes new members to our fun-filled and interactive meetings. Our mission is to: Converse in the French language, while appreciating the French culture. Scientific studies have identified a link between being multilingual and fending off the onset of dementia. The mind is like a muscle. Let’s flex it and keep it healthy by speaking and reading French. Meetings are held Fridays, at Pinnacle, 2215 Thomas W. Ryan Blvd. 1-2 p.m. Basic for beginners & 2-3 p.m. Intermediate/conversational. Contact Denis Kallish - deniskallish@gmail.com or 203-767-2518 for more information.

Friends of the Summit

Friday Band Nights are on the first and third Fridays. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.; with music from 6-8 p.m. Blues Nights are held the first Tuesday of every month in the Summit. Tickets are available at our community centers, and online at www.suncitysummerlin.com via the ticketing section. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance. We look forward to seeing you at our events. Membership is $1 annually. We appreci-

ate your support of music events at the Summit. Contact us at friendsofthesummitscs@gmail.com.


Mark your calendar for an opportunity to meet a landscape design expert who is an ASHA Certified Horticulturist here in Las Vegas, Michele Chambliss. Michele came highly recommended for her professionalism and attention to detail as well as creativity in landscape design. Join us for “The Right Plant in the Right Place” on Thursday, July 25, at 3:30 p.m. Our standing club meeting date is now the last Thursday of every month!

RSVP: https://bit.ly/scsgardenclubRSVP.

Location: Desert Vista, Rm 5.

Dues: $20

About Our Club: https://bit.ly/scsgardenclubabout Club Sign up Link: https://bit.ly/scsgardenclubsignup OR print pdf https://bit.ly/scsgardenclubsignuppdf

Facebook: Sun City Summerlin Garden Club Questions? SCSGardenClub@gmail.com

Golf, Guys and Gals

The Guys and Gals Golf Club will host the July 7th tournament at Eagle Crest Golf Course. The format will be a “Shamble Jack & Jill," and the check-in is no later than 6:30 a.m. with a 7 a.m. shotgun start. For tournament information, contact Chris and Dave Klee at 702-254-2461. For membership information, contact Andrea and Clint King at 714-794-4131. Visit our website at www.suncityguysngals.com.

Golf, Ladies Executive

The Club’s SPRING FLING Invitational held on May 7th was a resounding success! The tournament was sold out with 104 players. The gross winners in Flight 1 were Jan Howell and Robbin Sanchez; in Flight 2 were Julie Schofel and Peggy Porter; and in Flight 3 were Nanette Bouch and Barb Starks. Congratulations to all who participated! See you again next year. If you are interested in joining our club, to play in our weekly tournaments at Eagle Crest, contact Membership Chair, Donna Hadley at 585-820-1800. Tuesday tee times in July will be at 7 a.m. (checking in at 6:30 a.m.). The next General Meeting will be September 24th at Desert Vista.


Golf, Men’s 18 Hole

Led by Joe Griffin and Dick Zeiter, the powerful Sun City Summerlin 18 Holers came from behind and defeated our bitter rivals Sun City Anthem in our home and home annual event. Great job team. If you’re interested in joining the fun please call Tom Haseltine at 414-788-2310.

Golf, Men’s Niners

Golfers of all levels are welcome at our tournaments held on each of our 3 courses. Tee-off times range from 7-8 a.m., Thursday mornings, depending on the time of year. We have individual play tournaments, scrambles, and best ball events. We host events at courses throughout the Valley and play outof-town tournaments a couple of times a year. Currently, we have an 18-hole event scheduled on Tuesday, August 20, at Palm Valley Golf Course, followed by a luncheon. We also have a great event set for Laughlin this October. Applications for membership are available at any of our golf shops. For further information call Raul Gonzalez at (661) 373-2725, or check out our website: www.scsniners.org.

Golf, Women’s

Pop! Bam! Razzle Dazzle! as into summer we go! July is a toasty month here in Sun City and brings out the water and the sunscreen. It also brings out the hearty golfers who have suffered the cold and wind and worship the sun. Will it bring YOU out? We hope so! We tee off earlier on Tuesdays to beat the heat, but some mornings just aren't early enough! So pack up your ice and salty snacks and be on that first tee at "dawn's early light"! Contact our VP, Leslie, at 236-4879 who will get you going in the right direction and start your summer off with a bang!! God Bless America!


Whether you are new to firearms, considering purchasing your first weapon, or are an old hand in shooting arts, the gun club is looking for you. Meetings are indoors and outdoors. Meetings in April, June, October, and November are on the second Friday of the month, 1 p.m. at Desert Vista where invited speakers update us on firearms related topics. March, May, September, and December Mondays, we meet for a fee of $5, at the Clark County Shooting Complex. Our Club membership includes residents that are retired instructors, armorers, range safety officer, and military. We maintain lists of training classes, places to shoot, local gunsmiths, and conceal carry weapon (CCW) permit instructors. Dues are $10 for the year. Contact us at scgunclub2019@hotmail.com.


Club meetings are on hiatus for July and August. Meetings will resume in September 2024. Coordinated hikes are posted to the group calendar. An e-mail is sent out prior to the hike with all

details. An RSVP is required and is done directly in the email. Please cancel if necessary so that a fellow hiker on the wait list may participate. All hikes leave from the NE corner of the Pinnacle parking lot. Before hiking, first time club hikers must call coordinator Ann Cronin (737-5758) for fitness level recommendations and additional information.


Investment Club members will be analyzing their financial portfolio over July and August when our club is on vacation for those months. We will then all be ready for fantastic guest speakers thru the rest of the year. We will also commence the 2025 Officer Election Process during September thru November with the actual elections on November 20th. Refreshments and I look forward to seeing all of you when we return with very informative investment information on September 25th at Desert Vista @ 7 p.m. Steve Commander, President.


The officers of the Italian Club wish you a safe and happy summer break. We look forward to seeing you in September. The officers have proposed the following 4 changes to the Club Charter: 1. The club name will be changed from the Italian Club to the Italian Dinner Club. 2. The club purpose is to foster new friendships and enjoy Italian cuisine and entertainment. 3. The club membership meeting with elections will be held in November. 4. As of January 1, 2025, yearly membership dues will be $20 per person. The above four proposals will be voted on at the November election meeting. For questions email scs.italianclub@gmail.com or contact President Ken Pignato at 339-1342.

Jewish Friendship

We look forward to seeing JFC members and their personal guests who have previously paid for our Celebrate America Party. There will be no regular meeting in July or August. We return September 17 with everyone’s favorite meteorologist Kevin Janison. He knows everything about weather! Important announcement! In order for the JFC to continue next year we need a new president. Are you a current JFC member who would like to “save the club” and become president?? If so, call me before August 27 and we can discuss the “job description” over coffee and treats at Starbucks. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Questions? Call Lonnie Wagman 419-6333.

Krafty Kritters

It’s hot, but we’re staying cool crafting through the summer! We welcome all crafters to cool off and enjoy the company of fellow crafters, and shoppers looking for special gifts from our handcrafted treasures. We are open in the Desert Vista MultiPurpose Room Tuesdays 1-3 p.m., Thursdays 1- 3 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m.–12 noon. Donations of craft supplies are gratefully accepted - contact Mary Graves at 489-3043. For general club inquiries, contact Susan Carnegie at (714) 814-5421.


If you are looking for respectful discourse on issues affecting Sun City, Nevada and the USA, mark your calendars to attend our meetings on the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in Desert Vista. We have some terrific speakers lined up for this year. For more information, contact: Norm Wright at 668-8686. Annual club dues are $5.


Both Libraries are open. Puzzle center at MS is closed temporarily. Please use the Sun Shadows Library for your puzzles. Both libraries accept “USEABLE” donations of newer, hard backs, paperbacks and magazines. LIBRARIES DO NOT TAKE BOARD GAMES OR TOY DONATIONS; WE DO TAKE CHILDREN'S BOOKS! Please donate no more than 5 books at a time

- space is limited. There are 2 Book Return drop boxes located inside and outside of MS to use in lieu of bags on the floor! You may take out 5 books and 2 puzzles at a time. You may volunteer up to a half hour weekly to shelve books alphabetically by author. Contact C. Kidd by email kilpsan2@gmail.com or at 541-233-6545 for large donations and additional information.

Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg is part skill, part luck and totally addictive. We meet on Tuesdays at Mountain Shadows. Game hours are flexible between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dues are $10 a year. If you are interested in learning how to play this wonderful game please call Sharon Chaiken at 243-8271. For club info, please call Karen at 341-5112. We look forward to seeing you.


A great way to meet new people in our community. Join us for regular monthly meetings, discussion groups, lunches, and tours of local businesses and attractions. Our monthly member meeting is the last Tuesday of the month, 9 a.m. at Desert Vista with free coffee and a featured speaker. Co-Ed Happy Hours are announced each month to our members. Monthly informal discussion group. Power lunch with visiting club speaker is every third Wednesday, noon at Summit. Great events and great

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MilitaryFriends& LIGHT

Military and Friends Club Annual Picnic: Delicious Food & Great Fun!

On Saturday, June 8th, the Military and Friends Club hosted their annual BBQ picnic at Desert Vista. More than 35 residents attended the event. The Sun City Silver Trio entertained attendees with wonderful tunes. A great time was enjoyed by all. Please contact Club President Chris Oelerich at: 970-2748230 to learn more about the Club and future events.


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friends await you. For information on the club visit our website at scsmen.com. Join our group of friendly residents.

Military and Friends

Our next event is the Annual Harvest Dinner Dance at DV, Sunday October 27, 4-7:30 p.m. This is a POTLUCK EVENT, BYOB. Mixers, sodas, coffee, tea and water will be provided. The cost is $15 per person. Annual dues of $15 for next year may be paid at this event. Please bring your Sun City member number. ELECTIONS for the offices of President and Treasurer will be held since both President and Treasurer will be stepping down at the end of this calendar year. Please start thinking about running for or nominating people for these positions. A post card mailing will be done prior to the Harvest Dinner. Club members, their guests and Sun City residents interested in possibly joining Military & Friends are always welcome to attend. Please contact Chris Oelerich at 970-274-8230 or email him at coelerich@yahoo.com for details and more information. Mail or drop off checks with Chris Oelerich, 2832 Desert Crystal Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134. We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Harvest Dinner Dance.

Here’s a “birds-eye-view” of our fabulous HO TRAIN layout! It’s in DESERT VISTA and on-display for your enjoyment. Tuesday’s at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is best to visit; but the club is opened through the week. When you stop by, we’ll show you our wonderful “hobby rooms” with Member's worktables. (All tables have electrical outlets!) We also have all the tools you’ll ever need, whether you’ll be doing a DOLLHOUSE, AIRPLANE, WOODEN SHIP OR A BOAT! We have expert members who give WOOD CARVING and LEATHER CLASSES, too! A pleasant way

Model Builders

to grow or begin your hobby! You’re always welcome at the Model Builders Club. For information, contact our Club President, CHARLIE BUSH at 501-3300.


If you love music and like to sing or play an instrument, do come and check out the Musicmakers. We are a four-part harmony ensemble of singers who enjoy rehearsing and/or performing. Regular choral sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3 p.m. at the Pinnacle Music Studio, normally September through April. Jam sessions for instrumentalists are also scheduled 3-5 p.m. The summer schedule of 2024 will include instrumentalists on Mondays at 3 p.m. Singers will begin in August only on Mondays from 1-3 p.m. Regular meetings of the club are every first Monday at 12:30 in the Music Studio. We ask all Musicmakers to NOT WEAR FRAGRANCE OF ANY KIND (perfume, after shave, hair spray, hand lotion etc.). ALLERGIES! If you would like more information on membership or to schedule a special performance please call, text or email Darlene Vaughan, President 307330-8421; popoagieranch@hotmail.com.


Our next event is Sun City Night Out Friday, September 27, 2024, 3-7 p.m. More details soon! NPT is a community organization, and all residents are members. There are no dues or fees to join or attend NPT meetings and events. Our main mission is to foster education relating to all residents’ safety in responding to consequences of any disaster and to heighten awareness of crime prevention through a partnership with LVMPD & Neighborhood Watch. For more information on NPT call or text us at 482-8853 or email us at nptvegas@gmail.com.



Summer is here and those of us who are enjoying the HOT Vegas summer are working on some HOT compositions. We have an experienced teacher who helps and guides our members with theory, chords and reading music. This is a great time to try something new or refresh your skills through piano, organ, or keyboard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced player, or whether you want to learn to play – we’re here for you. We meet on Tuesdays from 9-11 a.m. in the Music Room at the Pinnacle. We have two organs and a piano. For information call Marti at 683-4112.


Summer approaches – beat the heat and enjoy an afternoon of Pan card games. Pan is similar to Rummy; it’s played at poker tables with six to eight players and 8 decks of cards with 8, 9, and 10s removed. Club Games are Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. at Mountain Shadows. Contact scspanclub@gmail.com for an introduction or a lesson.


New York

REMINDER: There is NO club meeting in JULY!

We will see you on August 7th at 6:30 p.m. where we will have the extraordinary Sage Waters perform for us. While our mission is to promote interest in all things New York, our real mission is to cultivate friendships within the community. Open to ALL - our membership extends way beyond the State of NY. If you have any questions, please send an email to scsnewyorkclub@gmail.com. (photo is 1939 World's Fair, Flushing Meadows, NY)

The Photo Club does not meet in July or August. You can get tips on how to take better photos on our web-page: http://www.photography-scslv.club/p/about-club.html. For information, email J. Filangeri at snapscslv1@gmail.com.


Club Open Play is every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 7-10 am. All levels of players are welcome, plus a group meets for "social" play at 6 p.m. every evening. Novice Practice and Play sessions are Thursdays, 6 p.m. Oldies But Goodies play (games for the 80+) are Thursdays at 11 a.m. If you set up games outside of Club Play time, residents and club members must check in at the DV Fitness Monitor desk. Nonresidents need guest passes. The ten locked courts are for resident use only and located at the back of the DV Parking Lot. Friday Night Lights start in July- watch for emails to register! For more information on times and dates and/or to join the club, visit our website at suncitypickleballclub.com. To sign up for a new player pickleball orientation, contact Suzanne Esber, President, at (714) 478-1653 or shesber@gmail.com.

Piano, and



Quilts of Valor is a national organization that recognizes veterans for their service, with presentation of a patriotic quilt. Sun City Summerlin Quilt Club contributes over 30 quilts annually for both local and national veterans. If you have a veteran who should be recognized, please contact our Club. Check out the many workshops happening during July on our calendar at: www.scsquiltclub.org All guests and members are invited to our next meeting: Monday, July 8, at 9:15 a.m. at Desert Vista. For more club contact us at suncityquiltclub@gmail.com, or contact Diane Lais, 327-4520. Donations are accepted by calling Carole Nelson, 241-3413.


The Racquetball Club is having an active 2024 season adding new Club members, continuing the member prize drawings, and holding member doubles tourneys. The Club also participates in the SCS Club Fairs and other events. Club dues will remain at just $10 during our active 2024 season. The Club welcomes players of all skill levels. Lessons are available. The Club-only court times run Mon-Sat 8 a.m.-noon. Membership forms are available on the RB Club bulletin board. Quarterly Member Prize Drawings continue through 2024 with random winners receiving certificates to the Summit restaurant. The 2025 Club Officers will be elected at the Annual Election Meeting & picnic Monday, October 7 at DV. See you at the court! Questions? Call: President, Pete at 419-420-5175; VP Glenn at 480-330-0799; or Treasurer, Bill at 661-505-0758.

Rainbow NEIGHBORS CELEBRATING DIVERSITY. Join us Monday, July 15th, 6 p.m. at Desert Vista Community Center for a BYOBBG

(Bring Your Own Beverage and Board Game) Night! Our club is focused on cultivating an environment that fosters understanding, acceptance and equality for ALL individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We encourage everyone to attend, lend your support to our LGBTQ+ residents and help us create a vibrant and FUN group here in Sun City Summerlin using our collective voices to unite our community and make a lasting impact on the world around us. Our regularly scheduled meetings will be on the third Monday of every month at Desert Vista Community Center. For membership information, call 808-276-8392.

Residents’ Forum

Looking for something fun to do this month? Come play Bingo with your neighbors at Residents’ Forum’s Summer Bingo night. Wednesday, July 10th at 7 p.m. at Desert Vista is the place to be. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and seating is limited to 216. We’ll provide the cards (no dabber needed) and snacks and a cash bar for you to grab a drink. We’ll do our 50/50 Raffle; tickets are 6 for $5. Make sure and bring your Resident Activity Card to all our events to show at the door and please, no saving seats as space is limited. Any questions please email juliezerbel@yahoo.com.


The RV club is currently on break for the summer and will resume meetings starting Monday, October 14th at 4 p.m. at Desert Vista Room 5. If you have an RV and would be interested in joining our group, please come to our next meeting. Trips are planned from September through May, and go silent June, July, and August. Check out our website at www.suncitylvrv.club to see where we have been and plan to go during the coming year. If you have any questions about the RV club, call Dean Lawes at 802-345-9090.


Come in and try your hand at woodworking. The club is open to all Sun City Summerlin Residents in good standing. If you would like a no obligation tour of the facility and all of the machinery and woodworking tools please contact John at (801)598-5371 to set up an appointment. To learn use of the machinery and tools we provide an orientation. Annual membership dues of $40 covers everything. For safety, we require at least two people in the shop at all times when work requiring power is being performed. Club volunteers monitor during the week – to schedule see calendar on desk. Our next meeting is scheduled for Dec 6th at DV when we will be voting for 2025 officers.

Sewing (Just Sew)

The Sewing Room is closed for remodeling. We anticipate opening sometime mid-summer. Watch for our announcement of the


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Grand Reopening and Craft Sale. We are still accepting donations of fabric, notions, yarn, thread, patterns, and machines. To coordinate pickup or delivery contact President Judy Hatcher at 3418554. Visit our website at scsclubs.wixsite.com/scsjustsew.

Silver, Lapidary & Glass Fusion

Happy July, the birth month of our diverse, incredible country. This glass fused flag is 14 X 24 inches and was meticulously created by our President, Sharyn Smith. Please come take a tour of our studios at the Mountain Shadows Craft Center. Sign up for a class and meet our friendly members. In addition to glass fusion, members will be working on melting silver and polishing stones to make jewelry. We are open mornings except Tuesdays and Sundays. Our next membership meeting will be 8/17 and the election of officers will take place on 10/12. Contact our President at 4735479 to answer any question you might have. Silvertones

Would you like to be part of a great Las Vegas musical tradition? This IS Las Vegas, you know…. If you enjoy singing and miss performing with a wonderful choir AND find yourself sitting at home on Thursday afternoons – well, I think you need us, and we need you. Reading music is not a requirement – the pursuit of fun is….Sun City Silvertones Choir rehearsals will resume on Thursday, September 5, at 12:45 in the Pinnacle Music Room. Please contact Rodney Hamburg: 332-5611, RHamburgLV@yahoo.com or Ann Mueller: 874-529-3269, annmueller@comcast.net.



The Social Club has many opportunities to make friends, engage in fun activities, or try something new in a friendly setting. There are daytime, evening, and weekend events allowing members to attend what fits their varied schedules. Members are invited to share ideas, coordinate, or host new activity groups. Monthly meetings are held on last Mondays at 6:30 p.m. in the Desert Vista Ballroom. You must RSVP to attend - rsvp.social.events@gmail.com. For more Social Club details, check us out at suncitysocial.org, call/text our Membership Director at 312.636.6101, or email the.scs.social.club@gmail.com.


Pickup games all summer starting at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, sign up at 7:45-8 a.m. Saturday batting practice at 9 a.m. Dues are $50 per year. For more information, please contact Rick Frischman at 715-661-1226 or djrick3476@gmail.com.


Bienvenidos! (Welcome!) You are invited to join our free Spanish classes! We have moved to the Pinnacle Meeting Room. Our classes include Intermediate Spanish at 9 a.m., Advanced Spanish at 10 a.m. and Beginner’s Spanish at 11 a.m. We also have a Google Meet class for Conversational Spanish with Instructor Barry Feinberg on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Contact Barry directly at 312-608-8012 or bfeinberg@ieee.org to sign up. Questions: Call President Sarah Freeman at 508-733-1047 for more information.

Stained Glass

Scott Hardy’s impressive and unique project, crafted by him in our Stained Glass Studio which is located in the Craft Pavilion at Mountain Shadows, is our patriotic bald eagle, symbol of America. Patience and attention to details are skills when using colored glass. If interested in this art form, please stop

by and tour the workshop at Mountain Shadows. Our instructors are patient and extraordinary. For class fees, schedules and information, call or message Michael Drace @ 970-2442 or Sam Policicchio @ 704-4492.

Sunshine Service

Sun City Sunshine Club’s Warehouse NEW hours for July and August are as follows: Monday thru Saturday morning 9-11 a.m. Monday thru Friday afternoon 1-3 p.m. Closed Saturday afternoon. Call the Warehouse at 341-9741 to verify hours. We will also be closed Thursday, July 4. We loan medical and children’s equipment to Sun City Residents. We are next to the SCS Patrol Office at DV. We collect aluminum tabs, Campbell Soup labels, and food donations for charity and accept donations of usable medical and children’s equipment. We particularly need transport chairs of all sizes for adults. Please bring them to the Warehouse. If you have signed up to work at the warehouse and you must cancel, call Debbie Motycka 755-6109 or Sarah Emes 600-5877 to arrange a substitute. We will not meet in July or August.

Super Solos Activities

NEW adventures with NEW friends. We are getting HUGE! Quaint happy hours, live music, visit a new restaurant with built-in companions! Our goal is to collect your ideas of fun, adventure, and mayhem, and post event dates on the app “Meetup”. Members can view upcoming events and connect with others. Next 2 meetings: Tuesday, July 9, and Tuesday, September 10, @ Desert Vista Room 5. 6 p.m. (note later time). We will be voting at the July 9 meeting on our Operating Procedures and Budget. Guest Craig Lyman, LPL Financial Advisor has a brief presentation. Questions: supersolosscs@gmail.com or call Dawn 701-425-6351.


Swim Club is open to all residents who swim. Come join fellow swimmers while brushing up on your techniques. We have several members who train for the Nevada Senior Games. We have exclusive use of the Desert Vista indoor pool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9-10 a.m. Membership is $10 per year. Contact us at SCSSwimmers@gmail.org or call Darlene Staley 503 388-0821.

Table Tennis

All Sun City Summerlin residents are welcome to play with us for two visits as guests before joining the club. Annual membership dues are $10. Playing Table Tennis has many great health benefits such as improved coordination, balance and reflexes. It’s a great way to get in shape and make new friends. Play times at PN are Monday 9 a.m.-Noon; Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; and Saturday, 3-6 p.m. Play times at Sun Shadows are Tuesday, 5:30-8 p.m., and Thursday, 4:45- 8 p.m. A practice robot machine is set up on Saturday afternoons at the PN. For more information contact Marilyn at (412) 849-6092.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi for flexibility & balance, at Desert Vista. Dues: $5 per calendar year (checks only). For information, Email J at taichi10630@gmail.com or call Mary Dodson at 818-4301617.


Please join us for a game of tennis. Our club membership is $15. We offer competitive tennis in all skill levels. Our club provides free tennis drills on Wednesdays from 8-9:30 a.m. at Desert Vista tennis courts. Our group leaders include players of all skill levels (2.5-4.5). For more information about the tennis club or to join a group, contact Walter Pratt, President, at 6755823 or duffers18@yahoo.com.

Texas Hold’em

We play Texas Hold’Em No Limit Tournament style for 3 hours on Mondays 12:30 p.m. at Mountain Shadows. For more information on our games or to sign up as a new member go to www.suncityholdem.org. Annual club dues are $5. Email suncityholdem@gmail.com with any questions.

Theatre (Community)

Calling Everyone to help put our shows on stage! Behind the scenes help is Always Appreciated - We're looking for Actors, Dancers (for shows that need them), Seamstresses (as needed) Ushers, Greeters & Builders. Join our Family of FUN


See what we’re All About! Attend our General Meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at Desert Vista or email President, John Mura at scstheatrelv@gmail.com. Check our Facebook page (SCS Community Theatre), our Instagram page (scstheatre_) and our website (www.scs-theatre.com) for what's happening!

Travel (Local)

Sun City Summerlin Travel Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m., in Room 5 of Desert Vista. We take trips to local sporting events, shows on the Strip, entertainment at The Smith Center and other local venues. Current plans include Aviator games, Aces games on the Strip and tours of the Sphere. New members and new ideas are always welcome. Call Marise 242-2704 for more information.


WateRobics classes are held at Sun Shadows, Monday-Friday at 9-9:45 a.m., and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12-12:45 p.m. Sessions are led by certified instructors who offer modifications to meet various physical limitations. If you’re new to our community and are looking for a great workout, please join us for two free classes to see if it’s a good fit for you. For information contact Dona Wittman, 916 425-3571, Cathy Dali, 916 838-6378, or Sally Gavin, 283-0472.


We are taking July and August off to "enjoy" the long, hot summer! The Women's Club meetings will resume on September 19 at Desert Vista with a contest and prize for the most unique autumn leaves outfit. There will be an exciting array of Fall programs. We wish our members and friends a pleasant time off. Stay cool and keep well hydrated. Members and guests will be able to sign in at Desert Vista at 11:30 a.m., then have their refreshments and enjoy the program which starts at 12:15 p.m. For Club information, contact Judy at 242-0727 or Dee at 719-599-7564.

Writer’s Workshop

If you enjoy writing for fun or aspire to publishing, you will enjoy the Writer's Workshop. We're a casual, supportive, friendly group representing the full range of writing experience from beginners to those who have published or seek to publish. Members write about their life experiences, creative or humorous stories, and more. There will also be speakers and tips to help maximize our writing abilities. Our meetings are held at the Pinnacle Meeting Room on the first three Mondays of every month, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Visitors are welcome on the first and third Mondays. Annual dues are $20. Hope to see you soon. For further information call President Maxine Engel-Muccigrosso at 360-1863.

We now offer a variety of yoga classes! The quarterly fee for a 50-minute class is $30. For a 90-minute class, the fee is $45 per quarter. The one-time class trial fee is $5. Personal checks or exact change please. For more information call Rudy 5962681 or Tim 847-915-9601. Please contact Club Treasurer, Rosie Walisever (rosiewalisever@gmail.com) for details of payments for periods less than the quarter.

Exercise in disguise! Have fun while burning a ton of calories without even knowing it! All classes at Sun Shadows. Ruth Cuti, licensed instructor teaches the following classes: Zumba® Toning - Monday at 10 a.m. - use light weights or toning sticks to work on specific muscle groups, reduce body fat, and improve balance. Zumba® - Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. - high and low intensity total body workout. Aqua Zumba® - Monday Wednesday Friday at 11 a.m. - use water resistance to work entire body, great for beginners, less impact on joints. Isabelita Adina, licensed instructor teaches Zumba® - Sunday at 11 a.m. Questions? Contact Kathy Mayer 314-952-6300. Try any class free. Fee schedule available at any class. Have fun, get fit, come to Zumba® class!


ATTENTION: Please be advised that by placing a classified ad your contact information becomes public information in the Link Magazine and on our Website.Wecautionyoutonotprovideyourlastnameoraddresswhenspeaking withpeoplewhocallyouinterestedinpurchasingtheitemyouareadvertising. Inaddition,wecautionyoutonotinvitepeopletoyourhometoseeorpurchase the item and that you meet them in a public location during normal business hours,suchasabankparkinglotorlobby,wheretherearesurveillancecameras andinmanycasessecurity. Sharingyourpersonalinformationorinvitingpeople to your home is dangerous and also opens up a potential you will be scammed.August2024ClassifiedAdsaredueJune27,2024.Residentsmay collect a classified ad form from the Administration building at Mountain Shadows Community Center, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Payments for classifiedadscanbedeliveredtotheLinkoffice,Monday–Friday,8a.m.-4p.m. COST:Adsare$3perline(30charactersperline=30letters,numbers,and/or spaces). Services or offers of merchandise are considered business ads andwillnotbetaken.Classifiedsmarkedwithanasterik(*)indicatethatphotoscanbeviewedonlineat:suncitylink.com/classifieds.Please note: Classified ads are posted online. If you have any questions, contact Eileen Dorchak, Link Administrative Coordinator at: 966-1435 or by email at eileend@suncitylv.com.


*Smith Corona Portable Electric Typewriter XL1000. Excellent condition. Includes manual ribbons, correcting tape. $75 .......................................................................838-1958

*3 Oriental plates & 1 Biscuit Jar. Call.................714-470-4146


*Signed painting. Call.....................................714-470-4146

*2019 Sunseeker2860DSF: 15,500 miles. Well maintained, one owner. Extras: solar panel, cell booster, covers, tow pkg, bike rack, satellite dish, grill. Travel ready. More pics at RVtrader.com. $74,900. Call......................................................677-2172

Invacare Reliant 450 battery-powered patient lift. $900/OBO .......................................................................249-0886

Black office chair-$15. Bed frames-$15. King or queen beds$15..................................................................360-6334

Dining Room table & 4 chairs-$150. Water purifying system$250. Black Water Faucet-$50. Call.........................522-8438

Golf Cart 1990 Yamaha, gas w/new upholstery, mat. Enclosures. $3,000..............................................................858-8850

*Motorized Sunsetter Awning-12ft wide, std. Like new with wind sensor, hood, linen color Sunbrella fabric – paid $3,2004/20, asking $1,850/OBO. Local installer, delivery available. Call .................................................................424-378-8428

Very nice golf cart with brand new lithium battery, upgraded wheels andtires.Latemodel.Pleasecallfordetails...........808-298-6412


Would love to buy your SUV....................................340-1039

Looking to rent a room. Female, non-smoker, no pets. Call .......................................................................488-4120

Looking to rent garage space for classic car. I live in Sun City. Would like to keep it in the area. Call for details............524-0954

Free pickup service for basic items to donate! Moving in or out? Need to declutter? I can help! Call Maddie for an appt to discuss at .................................................................801-831-0174

Looking to purchase an automobile. Need good transportation. Call..................................................................790-2238

Sun City Residents interested in buying used vehicle & golf cart. Call..................................................................790-2238

Looking for golf cart, running or not. Call............808-250-4099


Ocean- front studio condo (sleeps 2) @ WaveCrest Resort in Del Mar, CA. Available Aug-Sept. Fabulous location. 10 minutes from racetrack. See pictures @wavecrestresort.com. If interested, call .......................................................................786-8244

*Rent for Life! Beautiful duplex, 2BR/2BA, all appliances, ceiling fans, plantation shutters. Pools, clubs, included in rent. 1250 sq. ft. Call..................................................................233-1202

*Escape the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Five-star rated condo in Dana Point, CA. Near Monarch Beach Golf Course. For more info: www.vrbo.com/ 904994. Discount for SCS Members. Call Jack at........................................................985-1515

*Decorator furnished 2,486 sq. ft. 3/2/2-1/2, garage & lg. enclosed patio. Close to golf course..........................245-4249

*Rental (Min 31 days) on Faiss Dr. Sun City Summerlin. Fully Furnished Turnkey, King & Queen Beds. 2/2/2 Looks Like a model home, 1179 SF. No Pets/No Smoking. For Photos, go: https://ttrealty.homes/ 55-furnished-rentalsOrCallOwnerTT........................275-8150




Got a collection of sports cards collecting dust? Sell them to your Sun City neighborhood, Mitch! Baseball, football, or basketball. I pay TOP $$ for your sports trading cards and am right here in Sun City! Make an appointment today!Emailmeatmitchkoul@gmail.comorcall.......916-837-5772


All telephone numbers published in the Link and at suncitylink.com are in the 702 area code unless noted otherwise.



All telephone numbers published in the Link and at suncitylink.com are in the 702 area code unless noted otherwise.


Alterations by Susan, Crown Dry Cleaners .................. 294-1333

Computer Help & Tutoring, Jim Ross...................461-8741


A Blow Dry Bar $45 New Client...................725-204-5249


1-AAA Carpet 2rms only $95. Call Now......................458-2870

1-AAA Carpet on-site estimates only $25.....................458-2870

A Quality Carpet Cleaning/Epoxy Garage Flr Paint/Lic-Ins.....368-7898

CarpetGuy cleaning/repair 33 yr exp – 5 areas $89.95........645-3092

E R. Home Cleaning, Lic/Ins..........................427-3464

G&S Window Cleaning. Lic/Ins. Serving Sun City since ‘93....889-9779

Mary Pop-In House Cleaning, Pet & Companion Care...407-701-4461

Vegas View Window Cleaning, Senior Discount, Lic/Ins.....965-2065


Caregiving, 15 years in Sun City. Licensed. Jackie........596-5865

Golden Heart Senior Care (Licensed Caregivers)..........800-4616

Massage Therapy In-Home. Over 18+ experience......818-913-8264

Senior caregiver on-call. 12+ years exp. Call Claire.............469-0818

Valley Oaks Medical Group | Sun City Clinic.............341-9400


Affordable A/C, Heating Svcs & Repair by AIRRIA Climate....328-3002

Alaskan Plumbing Heating and Air – Senior Discounts.....803-3131

D&B Electric, serving Sun City since 1989. NVCL #87625..........327-5368

Fans, EV plugs & Ring cameras installed. Call Richard...........881-3641

On The Spot Air – Senior & Military Disc. Lic#00081009...713-7912

Simply AC, Heat & Plumbing Senior & Veteran Discount.........935-5992

We repair. Family operated. Wave Heating & Cooling.......881-4713


Don Barsky CPA (Ret.) IRS Registered, tax prep, SC res..........236-8205

Financial Advisors Craig & Jen Lyman.................309-9200

Mario Giannini, State Farm Insurance Agent............982-3300

Sunrise Notary & Virtual Asst. Svcs. Lic/Bonded/Ins....725-258-6265


A Handyman Dave, tile & all work, reasonable, 35 yrs. exp.....232-2510

A+ Liberty Handyman, call Steve for free est. Senior Discount......371-7499

Ace Handyman Svc, Lic/Ins, Prompt & Clean, 15% disc.....323-6431

Ace Technical Appliance Repair......................715-1272

Half Price Handyman, Senior Discount. Lic/Ins ...............813-8762


A+ Insulation Specialist, SCS Discount – LV Attic Pros.....934-5966

East West Blinds and Shutters. Est. 1992...............255-0502

Eclipse Solar Screens. Vet Owned/Lic. .................219-4282

Home Make-Overs – Lic & Ins. Call Richard..................881-3641

Jim the Solar Guy-Tesla, SunPower, Rec, and Qcell........759-5993

Metro Awnings-New Repair Recovers Retractable.........795-7787

Precision Garage Door – Always Open!.................475-3554 Red Rock Garage Door Service and Repair...............994-9798 Southwest Doors & Gates – Lic & Ins 24/7...............595-2717

Spartan Locksmith Safe Moving Sales & Srvc Sr Disc......969-9737

Swift Garage Door Repair – Full garage door service.......888-0085

Weatherguard Painting Ext/Int Lic 73851A..............860-0089

Weatherguard Roofing·Repairs·Coatings Lic 78812........860-0089 Window Tint Films LV, Security Film. Lic/Ins...........483-4394




Earthworks Landscaping – Sun City Specialist...........474-1599

EZE Superior Lawn Care Service & Tree Removal..............807-4217

Green LV Irrigation & Maint. Lic#G66-1409 15% St. Disc....862-0283

LandTeck Irrigation & Landscape Svcs. Lic#79811 Free est....802-8974 Marcelo Irrigation & Lighting. Senior Discount ..........339-4631

San Marcos Clean Up Specialist & Repair – Salvador.......468-6578 Woody’s Tree Service: Tree Removal & Trimming, 10% Disc....401-8285


AAA (PCI) Pest Control Inc. SC Res (2 Months FREE).......228-4394

It’s Your Bugman Pest Control, SC Res., Free 1st Service....341-9414

O’Kelly Sons Pest Control Inc. – $25 Monthly Coverage.....338-3365


Alaskan Plumbing Heating and Air – Senior Discounts.....803-3131

All Water Softener, Drinking Water Needs, Serv-All-Water...637-0400

Dignity Plumbing.................................840-8910

Simply AC, Heat & Plumbing Senior & Veteran Discount.........935-5992

Water Heaters and Emergency. Lic. Richard..................881-3641


Alex & Susan Greiner/Signature Realty Group...........434-5550

Anna & Anni, Roth & Koch Group BHHSNV..............277-2680 Donohue Team/Berkshire Hathaway...................494-9105


Local Transport: Airport, Dr. visits, Errands, Reliable. Claire..469-0818

Need a Ride? Call or Text Janine......................292-1953

Reliable Grocery Delivery. Call or text Stacey........509-833-9331

The Link does not endorse nor promote any product or service advertised. Verification of qualifications and current license is the responsibility of persons seeking service.




Cedar City Chamber of Commerce........................9

Chefs for Seniors...................................47

Expedia Cruises...................................24

Porchswing Technology..............................41

Prestige Golf Cars..................................41

Red Rock Running Company...........................37

Vegas Pet Sit.....................................73


Hair By Christina..................................79

Pueblo Salon.....................................60

Scissors Glamor...................................78



Affordable Window Cleaning...........................79

Elite Carpet Care...................................64

First Class Pressure Washing Services....................67 Irish Twins Cleaning................................79

Kathari Cleaning Co.................................78

Prestige Window Cleaning.............................71


Grape Vine Café, Ohlala French Bistro, Omelet House, Santina’s NY Pizzeria, and Sicilian Guys Pizzeria......................Insert


Air Done Right....................................40

AIRRIA Climate Systems.............................78

Elite Heating and Air Conditioning.................. 52 and 53

Johnny On The Spot AC..............................13 On The Spot Air...................................62

Rocket Air Conditioning..............................24

Simply AC.......................................78 Temperature Control Services...........................9

Wave Heating and Cooling.............................79 ENTERTAINMENT & GAMING

Golf Summerlin..............................34 and 35

Suncoast Casino...................................27 FINANCIAL/INVESTMENTS/INSURANCE/LEGAL/TAX

American Family Insurance............................73 Don Berman – Licensed Medicare Agent...................79

Cassady Law Offices......................Inside Front Cover Farmers Insurance – Jason Suemoto......................60 J.K. Nelson Law....................................7

Happy’s Home Repair................................71 Jack of all Tasks...................................78


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