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What does Summit give to children that is essential, unique and enduring? How do we prepare our students for a future we can scarcely imagine, much less predict? What can we promise to our families about the difference we make in each child’s life? The answer to all three of these questions is the same:

Inspiring learning. The Six Promises written across these pages and images are at the core of Summit’s unique commitment to inspiring learning in each student and in every member of our community. In delivering on these promises, we enable students to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. We enable children to transform not only their lives, but the world around them. In short, we teach learning. This is, truly, learning that lasts a lifetime.

Michael Ebeling Head of School




passion thinking

research innovation



knowledge exploration









Scholarship at Its Best We are committed to seeing students move from mastery of the fundamentals to discovery, expertise and impact.

The rewards of scholarship become infinitely greater as students move from short-term projects to life-long habits.

“Summit students go on to attend outstanding high schools and universities, but more than that, they go on to shape them.�

Scholarship, at its best, is more

than learning the answers for the next test; it is learning to anticipate new questions and to pursue complex answers.

“My daughter came home with new ideas and projects that I would never have imagined.� At Summit, our job is to get students ready for life. Whether they are learning a new skill, practicing a speech, explaining a math problem, revising a paper, or considering a global issue, they are developing the tools they will need to tackle life—for themselves and for their communities.




resources fluency genuine

space lively




respect touch growth



A Fertile Learning Environment Our curriculum develops fluency, creativity and competency in every area of a child’s life.

At Summit, learning happens not just in the classroom, but on the sidewalk, on the playing field, in the dining room, and in the in-between moments and spaces that our faculty and facility capture.

All of Summit is a workshop for learning.

“No one knows when the cedar waxwings will arrive to munch on the holly berries, but we all know that if it happens on a school day, the kindergartners will be there to see it.�

“My sons have loved Summit from the first day — and they push us to get them there early every morning.”

mastery of fundamentals achievement



courage interdependence

eloquence balanced knowledge


sharing respect practice priorities

A Sturdy Confidence We believe the best foundation for confidence is the development of competence. possibility

“What I most love about Summit is that children are loved for who they are and who they have the ability to be. summit honors the child.�

“Our grown children have been comfortable with great challenges since their days at Summit. And why not? They were surrounded every day by people who believed in them.�

“From Summit, I carry with me a sense that I can do anything, I can talk to anybody, and I can make the most of any possibility.�

Think Creatively, Reason Systematically,

There is a buzz in the air at Summit School. You see it in the arts and technology studios where students act in

original productions, animate films, and build robots. You hear it in hallway conversations about discoveries made, both big and small. You taste it in the healthy, delicious food in the dining rooms. And, from the moment you arrive, you feel it in the excited, energized children who face each day with the wonder of what lies ahead.

Work Collaboratively.

This is our goal for ourselves and our students.

“The friendships I made at Summit when I was four years old are still my strongest friendships to this day.”

Curiosity is the basic fuel of learning.

At Summit, we don’t waste it and we don’t squelch it—we leverage it.













Intellectual independence wonder

We give children the tools to meet challenges, take risks and be successful in a complex world.


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“This year my son has plans to reduce the carbon footprint, build a time machine and bring water to Darfur. He believes he has everything he needs to do those things. He believes he can do anything he dreams—and he dreams big.�

“My daughter has developed a keen sensitivity to the world around her. Children her age have a tendency to be egocentric, but Summit has helped her understand her part in a larger world.�

Knowledge that is earned is the most enduring.

athletic fields 21 teaching gardens smartboards community arts and technology center

integrated green

open source

black box theatre



fitness center design center studios

media production

science labs robotics

digital music animation aerobics pottery

S t a t e of the A r t Facilities

Our facilities are built with the same sense of purpose that defines our curriculum.

Our state-of-the-art studios allow students to work independently and collaboratively in new frontiers of art, science, math, technology and the humanities.

“I built an open source computer that the third graders are actually using. Where else but Summit can you do that?” “The Black Box Theatre is the difference between just doing drama and really learning about theatre.” “At Summit, sports are really about what you accomplish as a team. Everyone plays. Everyone contributes. Everyone makes a difference.” “It’s hard to say whether it’s a music class or a technology class. Either way, I get to compose music.”

“Eating lunch at Summit is like going to your favorite restaurant–every day!”

T hey learn to think globally and lead for the good of others.

Mind. Body. Spirit.







visionary honest commitment organized prepared expertise

kindness artful

Educators Who Engage the Whole Child aware motivated

We equip each student for the rich journey of lifelong learning.

Our teachers are mentors and models, encouragers and friends, who engage students in the present and prepare them for the future.

Our educators

work with students to develop tools of self-reliant learning, the habits of academic mastery and the vision for creative impact.

world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting.” – Merlin to Arthur in “The Once and Future King”

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“Learning. That is the only thing that never fails. . . Learn why the

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