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Flik Independent School Dining is pleased to present this Catering Menu for your campus. The guide serves only as sample of our catering abilities and does not reflect the full range of selections and services we can provide. Our Chef Manager will gladly assist you in developing a customized menu for your next meeting or event. We look forward to serving your catering needs. All orders include complimentary paper products and utensils. To place and order, please call our Catering Department at You may also email Chris Walker:

Just The Basics Summit School

Fresh & Delicious Sandwiches, Salads, and Sweets Birthday Party

Appetizers Breakfast

We can cater birthday or special occasion party’s for any size group.

Spicy Chicken Wings

(10) $22.39

Homemade Cupcake with Juice or Milk

$2.75 /pp

Sliced Pizza with Cookie and a drink

$3.50 /pp

Popcorn and Lemonade

$2.50 /pp

Hot or mild drummettes and wings accompanied by buttermilk


$9.50 /dozen

ranch and zesty blue cheese dipping sauces

Cream cheese, butter and preserves

Meatballs Muffins

$9.50 /dozen

(10) $19.99

BBQ, Sweet & Sour or Teriyaki

A la Carte Add-Ons

Assorted varieties

Crispy Chicken Tenders

(10) $22.39

Fresh Baked Scones

$9.50 /dozen

Served with BBQ, Buttermilk Ranch or Buffalo dipping sauce

Gummie Bears

$5.50 /lb

Continental Breakfast

$5.50 /pp

Party Pizza

Yogurt Pretzels

$5.95 /lb

Chocolate Animal Crackers

$3.95 /lb

Chocolate Pretzels

$5.95 /lb

Freshly baked assorted bagels with whipped cream cheese, fresh fruit


with muffins or baked scones. Served with fresh Florida orange juice,


coffee and a selection of herbal teas.


(8 slices) $8.99 (8 slices) $8.99 (8 slices) $7.99

“Nut-Free” Homemade Trail Mix $3.95 /lb

Party Platters Deli Delights

Beverages Fresh Brewed Coffee or Hot tea Iced Tea Sweetened or Unsweetened Lemonade Apple or Orange Juice

(10) $29.95

Sliced deli meat and cheese with lettuce, tomato and onion with a variety of sandwich breads

air pot $14.95 g $6.50 g $6.50 g $8.75

Individual Soft Drinks or Bottled Water upon request

Chips & Dip

Chicken Caesar Salad

(10) $27.95

Summer Salad

(10) $27.95

Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray

(10) $19.95

Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray

Club Specials

(10) $25.95

(10) $19.95

Homemade potato with vegetable dip.

Bruschetta Bash

(10) $19.95

Olive oil and herb crisps with traditional bruschetta.

Hummus,Pickels & Pita

(10) $19.95

Performance Corner pick-up after school in the dining hall

Performance drink

Just Desserts Assorted Cookies 10.50 /dz Chocolate Brownies $8.75 /dz

Fresh whole fruit Snack Box includes drink, whole fruit and granola bar

Tangy Lemon Bars $8.75 /dz Rice Crispy Treats $8.50 /dz With light icing drizzle and always chewy

Other desserts upon request

Lunch Box includes drink, whole fruit and granola bar and sandwich

Team Orders For team travel meals please give one days notice to ensure availability and bus schedules

Flik Catering, Just the Basics  

A much more basic Flik catering guide for Summit School.

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