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You’ve done the hard yards over all these years – worked hard, raised a family, made the most of your opportunities. It’s not always easy making the decision to change home. But we’ll make it as easy as we can, and you’ll love living with us.

We like to think of it this way. You may have a few decades under your belt, but life’s far from over. And Summerset recognises that. We believe in the power of new beginnings, and in the chance to make the years ahead the best they can be. We think you deserve it.

In 1997, our founder John O’Sullivan, established Summerset in New Zealand to be a place where his grandmother would feel at home in her retirement. Over 26 years on, 38 villages and growing, Summerset is a proven, experienced and trusted company: an expert in offering you the lifestyle you’ve well and truly earned.

In fact, we’ve built on John’s philosophy to develop a way of living that is second to none. We treat everyone in our villages as a friend and a member of our community, we celebrate every ounce of their independence, we support them if and when they need support, and we make this next phase of life easy.

Now we’re excited to bring everything that Summerset promises to Australia in brand-new villages, designed specifically for the over 70s, that will redefine how you choose to live. Enjoy the continuum of care that has just not been widely available in Australia up until now. Choose the style of home that suits you best, knowing that, with Summerset’s continuum of care, there are a range of care facilities onsite that residents have the flexibility and priority to transfer to. Our care is offered once the village centre is open and is subject to availability and eligibility criteria.

Are you ready for what we call the Summerset life? Our terms are straight forward and easy to understand. And our Summerset Sure guarantee means that when you move into an independent living unit or an assisted living apartment, you have 90 days to decide if Summerset is the home for you.*

Make the choice. You won’t regret it.

* some conditions apply

Refreshingly different, reassuringly Summerset

Summerset believes in everything retired living can be. We have always been an energetic, optimistic force for change in the retirement sector. Everything about the way we organise our villages has been designed to put you first.

Clear and transparent terms, with guarantees

• Our terms are some of the easiest to understand in the sector

• No hidden costs, no refurbishment fees for fair wear and tear, no marketing fees when you leave the village

• Ingoing contribution to pay and a low deferred management fee of generally only 25% (unless otherwise agreed)

• 90-day Summerset Sure guarantee. This means if you decide 90 days after moving into your Summerset independent living home or assisted living apartments that Summerset isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your ingoing contribution without deducting the deferred management fee*

* some conditions apply

Professional care onsite if you require it

Once complete, our villages offer the following:

• A continuum of care offering — from independent living homes to assisted living apartments through to a quality care home

• Staff onsite 24/7 once the village centre is complete

• A care home that provides a more intimate and personalised household model offering a range of different care options

• Should your needs change you have priority access to transfer to the care home (subject to availability and eligibility criteria) so you can stay in the community you love

Ease of transfer within the village

• Easy transfer between homes should your needs change, with no further capital generally required

• As a resident, you have priority over non residents to transfer to the care home (subject to availability and eligibility criteria). It is uncommon that there is not availability when residents need it

Experienced and trusted

• We have been operating retirement villages and aged care homes in New Zealand since 1997

• 38 villages and growing across Australasia

• Over 8,000 residents call Summerset home

• Proud to be a signatory to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct – committed to ensuring the highest standard and best possible resident experience


Continue making the most of every day

A very real sense of community

Friendships matter at every age. We all enjoy the company of others and the chance to share stories and good times together. At Summerset, everything we do is designed to help you feel truly at home as you start the next chapter of your life. Do the things you’ve always enjoyed, discover new hobbies and interests or use the time you now have to return to doing something that you care about.

All around you are people with a fierce love of life and a strong determination to make the most of today and tomorrow. Summerset communities are so successful because people come together to form their own vibrant, active neighbourhoods, where there’s plenty to do and great moments to share. Our villages are filled with energy, kindness, companionship and laughter.

Your home is here. You have real friends here. You have access to all our facilities and services.


If you like to potter closer to home, stay in and do what you enjoy — cook, entertain, go for a walk, or choose from a full calendar of activities and events organised by your onsite Activities Coordinator. Take up the next challenge on the bowling green, or read a good book in the library. If you prefer to travel, you can lock up your home and take a trip knowing that your home is secure and we are keeping an eye on things. And if you just like to get out and about and enjoy the company of others, you’ll find most things you’re looking for within a short distance.

Your Summerset village is a place for people who value getting all they can out of every day. This is also the perfect place to meet and catch up with new people. Come home and plan for a great life with us – a busy and fulfilling life, with things you know and love, and new things too.


Facilities are available once the village centre is open and can vary between villages.


Lounges with large-screen TV


Pool table

Resident bar

Library, computer and internet access

Hair and beauty salon

Exercise room

All-weather bowling green

Indoor pool and spa


Communal vegetable gardens

Resident workshop

Private dining facilities

Health practitioners who visit the village from time to time

Onsite Activities Coordinator


Your home your way

The choices are yours

There’s so much living to do after you retire, and we want you to make the most of it. Start by choosing a home that’s right for you and your needs. Our villages offer a wide range of homes with lovely streetscapes, so you can pick a place you’ll be proud of.

If you want to put your own stamp on your new home, go right ahead. Bring the things that are most important to you, such as favourite pictures and furniture. Paint the interior walls the colours you like (if you do, we just ask that you return your home to its original condition when you leave). Add your own decor. Nothing feels more like home than all the touches of familiarity you love.

Got a pet? Bring them too. We want you to have days filled with companionship and fun. To make sure your new home suits them too, just check with the Village Operations Manager first.

If you’re a gardener – and many Summerset residents are – almost all our villas and cottages have their own garden. You can tend it yourself and even add your own touches to make it feel more you, or, if you’re too busy, ask us to do the maintenance and we’ll keep everything looking neat and tidy.*

* If your home has a fenced backyard we provide basic maintenance for your fenced backyard every 6 months and you are responsible for any additional maintenance. 06

For most people, friends and family are a huge focus of their retired life. You’re welcome to have your friends and family and the grand-kids to visit or for short stays; just check with the Village Operations Manager if you would like them to stay longer.

Staying connected in the village is easy with our Lumin technology; enabling you to easily book activities and get reminders, video call other residents, keep up to date with village news, and more.

When you come to live in one of our villages, you can bring everything that matters with you and stay in touch with everyone who means the world to you. From the resident workshop to entertaining at home or enjoying drinks with friends, every day can be filled with life, laughter, friendship and the fulfilment that comes with getting things done. You’re not on your own. You’re among friends and freed up to enjoy life.


A helping hand if you need it

A range of care

We put you at the heart of everything we do. You’re as independent here as you want to be, but you’re never alone. If you need help or care, we have care options onsite.

Think of it as the best of both worlds. You can make the most of each day and do the things that you most enjoy, and you always have the flexibility to access additional care and support should you need it. These services are available once the village centre opens and can be accessed whether you live independently or decide to move into an assisted living apartment or our care home.

A villa or cottage is perfect if you’re confident living independently. Add services, like housekeeping, or a meal or two if you like. Or if you feel like you need more help, choose a service package to make things that little bit easier.

An assisted living apartment is ideal if you want to retain your independence and minimise moves between homes should your health change. These come with a service package that will give you the support you need and let us prepare delicious meals for you.


Our modern and spacious care suites that are arranged into households, will suit you if you’re finding it harder to get around or if you need higher levels of care. With Summerset it is reassuring that our care home is onsite. Access is subject to availability and eligibility criteria.

At Summerset, we want everyone to feel welcome, valued and respected. Our living environments cater to your needs while supporting you should your circumstances change. By keeping all our services within the village, we really do build relationships for life.

“The carers are just wonderful. They pop in and have a little chat. I do appreciate that.”

Thousands of people call Summerset home

You can have confidence in your decision

People trust Summerset because they like what we stand for and, even though we are new to Australia, we have a proven track record.

Here are seven reasons why we believe you should have confidence in your decision.

1 Flourishing communities

38 villages and growing across Australasia with over 8,000 people currently enjoying the Summerset life.

2 Personal security

Come and go from your home knowing that your place is safe and secure. Take a trip. Visit family. Go away for a day, a weekend, a month or more. With a Summerset home, you just lock and leave. And while you are enjoying village life, you can rest assured that the call bell system is monitored 24/7, there is CCTV and the majority of homes are within the village perimeter which is fully fenced with remote-access after hours.

3 You always have options

90-day Summerset Sure guarantee. This means if you decide 90 days after moving into your Summerset independent living home or assisted living apartment that Summerset isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your ingoing contribution without deducting the deferred management fee (some conditions apply).


In time, if you need other forms of care, you can change home, add services or even move between our Australian villages.

4 You can move in the village

We have a leading transfer policy from independent living to care. As a resident, you’ll always have priority for a home that suits your needs (subject to availability and eligibility criteria).

5 You know what you’re getting

There are no surprises when you come to live in one of our villages. Our terms are clear and transparent, and there are no hidden costs. Everything’s out in the open.

6 We’ve done this for a long time Summerset has been building and running retirement villages with care homes since 1997. We’re experienced, proven and stable.

7 We strive to set the bar high Everything we do is to the best of our abilities. We are an approved provider of aged care. We are a member of a number of key industry bodies, we are signatories to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct and we intend to achieve Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS) accreditation at each of our villages.

We want to make choosing the Summerset life as clear-cut, straightforward and reassuring as possible. Peace of mind is very important to us.


Modern homes for active lives

We offer you a range of home options specifically designed for those over 70. Our homes combine a modern look and feel with comfortable finishes and all the amenities we expect today.

“We’ve made instant friends, there is a real sense of community here.”

Our designers have carefully thought through all details to ensure your home is as warm and welcoming as you could wish for.

However, if you want to change the decor, go right ahead – it’s your home after all. We just ask that you return it to its original state when you leave.

Never worry about maintenance and upkeep of your home again.** You can leave all that to us.

All our homes are designed with accessibility in mind. You can move through your home and the village freely whatever your level of mobility, and every home includes a full range of features with your safety and security in mind.

• Staff onsite 24/7 (once the village centre is open)

• A call bell system throughout all homes for your security and peace of mind, means help is just the push of a button away - 24/7

• Wide hallways, slip-resistant flooring and bathrooms with easy-to-enter showers and grab rails add safety and reassurance

• All switches, power sockets and door handles are easy to reach

• Handles on doors and drawers are easy to use

• Villages have CCTV and the majority of homes are within the village perimeter which is fully fenced with remote-access after hours

Summerset offers you continuum of care. This means that should your needs change and you need to move into an assisted living apartment or the care home you can, though this is subject to availability and eligibility criteria. It is infrequent that when a resident needs to transfer to care there is not availability.

* Images are indicative only and may be subject to change ** Home maintenance excludes fenced backyards. We provide basic maintenance for your fenced backyard every 6 months and you are responsible for any additional maintenance. 13

Your choice of contemporary living

impression 14

Our villas, cottages and townhouses are perfect for those who want to live independently.

Summerset homes have been designed for people with busy timetables, giving you the freedom to live life to the full. Think of your new Summerset home as home base. This is just the smartest way to downsize – keep everything you love about how you used to live, but lose all the things that used to eat up so much of your time.

Choose a home that suits your style, move in and don’t miss a beat. With it’s modern look bathroom and modern features, this is the perfect home for you right now.

Features generally include:

• Single-level homes

• Internal-access garage or dedicated car park

• Your choice of two or three bedrooms

• A stunning bathroom finished to the highest level, with safety features

• A separate powder room

• Outdoor living where you can relax and entertain

• Stunning modern finishes

• Wide range of inclusions

* Images are indicative only and may be subject to change 15

Generous assisted living apartments with help on hand

Artist impression

Our assisted living apartments come with a little day-to-day help.

Located with easy access to communal facilities and village life, assisted living apartments make sense if you enjoy your independence but want to downsize or would just like to feel you have support closer to hand.

Our assisted living apartments come with packages that means we provide support taking away some of those daily chores such as laundry and cooking meals so you can get on with enjoying village life. Or perhaps you need regular support with some medications, we can help with that.

Features generally include:

• Warm, modern apartment built to the  highest standard

• Large double bedroom

• Spacious open-plan living area with kitchenette

• Fridge-freezer

• Ensuite bathroom

• Storage

• Outdoor patio or balcony

* Images are indicative only and may be subject to change 17

Our premium care offering with modern care suites


Should you require more support, once the village centre is open, we can offer you packages and add-on services that maximise your choices. Stay where you feel comfortable and increase your level of support with extra services, or move home to a new level of care if you need to.

Our care homes are right up there in terms of their levels of service and the way we tailor our care to the needs of each person. Our care homes become available as soon as the village centre is open. Residents have priority transfer to the care home (subject to availability and eligibility criteria).

Our care home staff are trained professionals and are passionate about providing great care. Your care home will include a care manager, registered nursing staff, caregivers and therapists to meet your needs.

“I helped my mum look after my grandmother, and those days with her were really special. It made me realise I’m really passionate about working with older people. I enjoy working at Summerset as they really care about people, and the staff feel appreciated too.”

Our household model of care

We use a household model of care that underpins the quality service we provide. Everything is more intimate and we have dedicated workers in these households, meaning you receive more personalised service and you interact with people you know and who care about you. The model itself has four aspects:

• Households – our care home residents live in vibrant and active households of no more than 18 people

• Relationship centred – the care each person receives evolves as they get older. We carefully adjust what we offer to match your future needs in a responsive way

• Well-being – we understand the importance of all areas of wellness and work with you to ensure that your wellness needs are looked after

• Independence – we identify and build on each person’s strengths and capability to assist you with maintaining independence

Our dedicated staff are trained to support residents with varying stages of cognitive decline. Staff get to know the residents and tailor activities to suit each person’s needs. An assessment determines if we can provide the care you require.


Costs that make sense and represent real value


Our terms are clear and easy to understand

Understanding what’s included and what you must pay for can be bewildering with some operators. Not with Summerset. We’ve kept everything straightforward with no hidden costs, so you know exactly where you stand.

When you come to live in one of our independent homes or assisted living apartments, you pay a one-off ingoing contribution in return for the lease of your home, with a low deferred management fee of up to 25% (unless otherwise agreed with you) and a weekly fee. If your home is an assisted living apartment, you will also be required to purchase one of Summerset’s services packages. There are no other hidden or future costs such as marketing or refurbishment costs (other than damage beyond fair wear and tear or making good alterations made by you, if required) to worry about. The only other costs you will incur are your own living costs, costs for individual services that we may provide to you, and costs associated with transferring to a different home at Summerset (which may include a transfer administration fee and the cost of the ingoing contribution for the new home). Your weekly fee will increase each year by the increase in CPI*.

This is what you get for your fees:

• A gorgeous modern home

• Stunning resort-style facilities once the village centre is open

• Invitations to events, outings and happy hour

• The opportunity to become part of our vibrant community

• The comfort of knowing your property is secure

• Financial surety — you know exactly what you’re getting

• Peace of mind knowing care facilities are onsite once the care home is open

• Freedom from worry about maintaining your home — we’ll do all this for you**

• Staff who are onsite and available 24/7 once the care home is complete

• Assistance with gardening on a six monthly basis

• Priority transfer on availability (subject to eligibility criteria)

Our cost model has three parts:

1 Before you move in

You pay:

• A deposit of $3,000

• Your ingoing contribution

2 While you’re living in the village

You pay:

• A weekly fee

• Fees for extra services or packages (including a service package fee if your home is an assisted living apartment)

• Your own personal contents insurance, power, water, rates,*** internet and phone bills

3 When you leave

You receive:

• Your repayment sum, which is the ingoing contribution you paid when you moved in, less the deferred management fee and any outstanding charges

If you decide that a Summerset life is not for you, you can activate your Summerset Sure guarantee. This means if you decide 90 days after moving into your Summerset independent living home or assisted living apartments that Summerset isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your ingoing contribution without deducting the deferred management fee (some conditions apply).

* Subject to any changes in the Victorian Retirement Villages Act. ** Home maintenance excludes backyards. If your home has a fenced backyard we provide basic maintenance for your fenced backyard every 6 months and you are responsible for any additional maintenance.

*** Note that in assisted living apartments, rates, water and power are included in your weekly fee.


This is what makes Summerset special

All up, you’ll find that life in a Summerset village is a life that you define. You have everything you need, including a beautiful and welcoming home, a busy community, lots of activities, and the freedom to come and go as you wish. And you’re set up for whatever lies ahead, with great services, caring staff, a range of facilities, and a clear and transparent financial arrangement.


Deferred Management Fee

Summerset Sure guarantee

Capped increases to weekly fees

Responsibility for weekly fees

Capital repayments

No more than 25% (unless otherwise agreed with you)

Your home comes with our Summerset Sure 90 day guarantee. This means if you decide 90 days after moving into your Summerset independent living home or assisted living apartment that Summerset isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your ingoing contribution without deducting the deferred management fee (some conditions apply)

Any increases will be the percentage increase in CPI*

You stop paying weekly fees as soon as you permanently vacate your home and return your keys

We’ll return your capital as soon as your home is reoccupied or six months after you have moved out, whichever comes first

Can be as high as 40%

There is no money-back guarantee; once you’ve bought, you’re committed

No further capital payments

If you transfer from an independent living home to an assisted living apartment at the same village and it costs more than the equity in your current home, you won’t have to make a capital payment

No capital loss If there is any capital loss on your property, we’ll absorb that

May ask you to accept increases above the cap

You may continue paying weekly fees for up to six months

Sometimes, your capital won’t be returned until your home is on-sold

If you transfer to an assisted living apartment and it costs more than the equity in your current home, you will have to pay the capital difference there and then

You may have to pay any capital losses

Summerset Many others
*Subject to any changes in the Victorian Retirement Villages Act. 22

Many others

No costs when selling your home

No legal costs

There are no charges, other than for refurbishment for damage beyond fair wear and tear or making good alterations made by you (if required)

You’re welcome to seek your own legal advice, which you will need to pay for. However, we don’t automatically charge you legal fees for drawing up the Residence Management Contract

Access to more care


Getting more care in the same village

Our continuum of care approach means you have priority to transfer (subject to availability and eligibility criteria) to an assisted living apartment or into the care home

You may have to pay for a range of things, including refurbishments, marketing and other costs

You may be charged legal fees

Many others

Very few others offer a full range of living and care facilities within the one village, meaning you may have to move to another village

“Moving here in all honesty, it’s been so far above expectations – it’s incredible.”

No doubt, you’ve got questions

Making a move to one of our villages is a big decision, and of course there are areas where you’ll want more details. These are the things we get asked about the most. If you have any other questions, please just ask your Sales Manager.


Q: Is there a minimum age to live in a Summerset retirement village?

A: Our villages are designed for over 70s, and most of our residents are that age or older.

Q: What do you do about security at night?

A: You can feel safe in the knowledge that each village will have CCTV, a perimeter fence and remote-access gates after hours. Once the village is completed, we’ll have staff onsite 24 hours a day, every day. You’ll also have a call bell system in your home for your security and peace of mind, meaning help is just the push of a button away - 24/7.

Q: Can my family and friends come and stay?

A: Of course. Your family and friends are welcome to stay in your home. Just check with the Village Operations Manager first if they will be staying more than two weeks. Your visitors can use the parking in the village.

Q: Is there space for my car?

A: All of our independent living homes have either a garage or carpark.

Q: Can I bring my pet with me?

A: We welcome pets because they are so much a part of your family. But to make sure that your pets will be comfortable and that your new

home will be suitable for them, please check with your Village Operations Manager

Q: What levels of care do you offer?

A: We offer a continuum of care in our villages, from independent living to assisted living apartments to our care home. There are certain types of specialist care that we do not offer, such as psychogeriatric care.

Q: How do I transfer to the care home?

A: Moving into the care home requires a clinical assessment to determine if we can provide the care required and is subject to availability. Our care home manager will assess and provide guidance on whether we can provide the right level of care to support your needs. If we were unable to provide care (for example due to specialist needs required like psychogeriatric care that we can’t provide) we will do our best to help you find alternative care with another provider.

Q: Who do I talk to if I’m worried about something?

A: We want you to love living in our village. If you have a concern, please raise the matter with one of our team members or the Village Operations Manager. If the matter is serious, we have a formal complaints procedure. We also hold regular meetings with residents to talk through any issues. You’re welcome to attend.


Transferring between homes

Q: Can I move between homes within the village?

A: Absolutely. Our continuum of care model means you have first priority to move between homes if your needs change (subject to availability and eligibility criteria).

Q: Do I have to pay anything to transfer?

A: You don’t have to make any capital outlay to move between an independent unit and an assisted living apartment at the same village We can also structure your transfer to our care home so that, again, there is no capital outlay. You are responsible for any costs you choose to incur in connection with the transfer, such as moving costs or legal fees. Ask your Sales Manager for more information about this.

Q: What happens if I need care and the care home is full?

A: If there isn’t a current vacancy then we’ll do our best to look after you in your existing home until a suitable option becomes available. If this isn’t possible, then we’ll work with you to make alternative arrangements, for example we might assist you to find a room at another facility.


Q: What happens when I sign my Residence and Management Contract?

A: You pay the balance of the ingoing contribution to our solicitors after you sign the Residence and Management Contract, which secures the lease of your home. You do this before you take possession and move in.

Q: What happens if I change my mind after moving in?

A: Our Summerset Sure guarantee means that, if you decide 90 days after moving into your independent living home or assisted living apartment that Summerset is not right for you, we will refund your ingoing contribution without deduction of the deferred management fee (some conditions apply). The only costs you will

have to pay are any costs you have incurred for legal advice, together with the weekly fee and any other outstanding charges.

Q: What happens with capital gains and losses?

A: There are no capital gains or losses. When you purchase your home with us, you’re not buying the building or the title to any land. Instead, you’re buying a lease for your home for your lifetime or until your Residence and Management Contract is terminated. When someone else buys the home, we set the price for them based on market conditions, meaning you neither gain nor lose capital in that transaction.

Q: How are my rights protected?

A: The Victorian Retirement Villages Act ensures that any subsequent owners of the land that your home is located on are bound by the Residence and Management Contract. Your right to your repayment sum is also secured against the village land by a statutory charge that applies to Summerset and to any future owners of the land. That means your rights to continue to live in your home and to receive your repayment sum are always protected.

Q: Do I need to pay to refurbish my home and to market it when I move out?

A: No. We cover these. You will only be responsible for refurbishment costs if the damage is beyond fair wear and tear or making good alterations made by you, if required

Q: Who pays to maintain the village?

A: We meet all the costs to maintain the village and facilities.

Q: What happens when I leave?

A: Leaving can be a difficult time for everyone and we want to support you as much as possible. That’s why your weekly fee stops as soon as you permanently vacate your home. We undertake marketing and resale of your home once you’ve left. Your repayment sum will be paid to you when your home is on-sold or within six months, whichever is earlier.




and see for yourself

We aim to make sure you have the right home for your needs and situation, that you have the right level of care available now and in case you need it in the future, and that the village you choose is one where you can make the most of the Summerset life.

Having helped thousands of people decide that Summerset is right for them and their family, we have some top pointers on how to make a decision you’re comfortable with:

• Talk this over with people who care about you

• Get independent advice from a lawyer, preferably one with experience in retirement villages, so that you fully understand your contract

• Make a list of the things you’re looking for, now and in the years ahead

Some terms and conditions apply

Above all, please come and see us in the sales office or the village once it is open. Have a chat to our team. We’re proud of what we offer, and we’re happy to share the Summerset feeling with you. We think it’s very special.

And remember, there’s always the reassurance of our Summerset Sure guarantee. You have 90 days after you move in to be sure that your independent living unit or assisted living apartment is right for you — or we’ll refund your ingoing contribution without deduction of the deferred management fee*.


Our villages


Cranbourne North

Summerset Cranbourne North 98 Mannavue Boulevard

Cranbourne North, VIC 3977 1800 321 700


1480 Mickleham Road, Craigieburn, VIC 3064 1800 321 700


Corner Grossman and Briody Drive, Torquay, VIC 3228 1800 321 700

Chirnside Park

275 Manchester Road, Chirnside Park, VIC 3116 1800 321 700

Oakleigh South

52 Golf Road, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167 1800 321 700


305 Bridge Inn Road Mernda, VIC 3754 1800 321 700


145 Central Road, Drysdale, VIC 3754 1800 321 700

Co mpleted villages In development

Proposed village s

All sites correct as at Oct 2023. For all our Australian sites please visit www.summerset.com.au

Melbourne Torquay Chirnside Park Craigieburn Cranbourne North Oakleigh South MELBOURNE Mernda



Summerset Mount Denby


Summerset at Karaka

Summerset at Monterey Park

Summerset at Heritage Park

Summerset by the Park

Summerset Falls

Summerset Milldale

Summerset Half Moon Bay

Summerset St Johns


Summerset down the Lane

Summerset Rototuna

Summerset Cambridge

Summerset by the Lake

Bay of Plenty

Summerset by the Sea

Summerset by the Dunes

Summerset Rotorua


Summerset Mountain View

Summerset at Pohutukawa Place

Hawke’s Bay

Summerset in the Orchard

Summerset Palms

Summerset in the Vines

Summerset in the Bay


Summerset in the River City

Summerset on Summerhill

Summerset by the Ranges

Summerset Kelvin Grove



Summerset on the Coast

Summerset Waikanae

Summerset at the Course

Summerset at Aotea

Summerset on the Landing

Summerset Boulcott

Summerset Cashmere Oaks


Summerset in the Sun

Summerset Richmond Ranges

Marlborough Canterbury



Summerset Blenheim


Summerset at Wigram

Summerset on Cavendish

Summerset at Avonhead

Summerset Rangiora

Summerset Prebbleton

Summerset Rolleston


Summerset at Bishopscourt

Summerset Mosgiel

Northland Auckland Bay of Plenty Waikato Taranaki Hawke’s Bay Manawatu-Whanganui
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