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ISSUE 97 March/April 2021


Welcome To The March/April Stockbridge Spotlight Hello and welcome to this issue. As I am writing this intro on a Tuesday morning, the next announcement is scheduled for this afternoon to outline the steps for opening up lockdown a bit further. Let’s hope there is a more light at the end of the tunnel. We have been in lock down and living with restrictions for such a long time now hopefully we will be able to catch up with friends soon, get out and socialise more and reconnect with other human beings. For some people that might be tough after this length of time but others will be desperate to see family again and spend quality time together. Self care is really important at times like this, especially if you are struggling. Simple things like taking a walk, taking a bath, watching reruns of your favourite sitcoms, putting on a face mask or sitting sown and relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee can make all the difference. If being active and practical is your thing, declutter your clothes, clean a room, clear out your email inbox or bake your favourite treat. The act of taking the time to do something will help clear your brain, lift your mood and, hopefully, make you feel a little better. We took our lovely Josie dog for a walk at the beach at the weekend. She was in a digging mood and spent about 40 minutes simple digging holes in the sand. Not much walking was done but I sat on a rock in a sheltered spot in the sun, watched the tide come in and simply chilled. Best 40 minutes of self care I have had in ages. And we had a little laugh along the way when the incoming tide filled in the hole Josie was digging and she barked at the water for ages as if to say stop doing that. Sometimes in life it is the little things that make you smile and lift your mood. Take care.

Best Wishes Sue

Contents 6 Books : Read Your Way To A Beautiful Home 8 Eric Liddell Centre : Dementia New Specialist Music Therapy 10 Hard Sudoku 13 Practical Weight Loss Tips 14 April Seasonal Food 16 90 Years Of The Highway Code 18 Health : Should You Be Taking Supplements 22 The Discreet Charm Of Old Kazak Rugs 23 General Knowledge Crossword 26 Favourite Edinburgh Walks 28 Staycation : Discover Cambridge 30 Puzzle Solutions 31 Recipe - Lemon Tart

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People Living With Dementia In The Capital Find Joy From New Specialist Music Therapy The Eric Liddell Centre which provides specialist care for people living with dementia has introduced a further online service to engage with clients and their carers who may be isolated and lonely due to the COVID restrictions. Chloe-Rose Hughes, a trained Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered music therapist has begun a music therapy service to engage with people in the community. She is working with our carers support programme, and the specialist dementia day care team at the Centre, a leading care charity and community hub in Edinburgh, following her involvement in a wellbeing project provided by the Centre in 2020.

the pandemic. I’m delighted to welcome Chloe back at my team, with her support and expertise we can give our clients an important opportunity to take part in something new, where they can connect with others and enjoy themselves through music. The feedback already proves the real need and benefits for this key service.” The sessions provide a consistent time where there is a safe and secure space for clients to express themselves and engage with the music therapist. Singing together, improvisation with percussion instruments, song-writing, listening to music, and at times developing personal musical skills are all popular and unique aspects of music therapy.

Research has shown that music therapy can Clients have reported that music therapy can be a powerful intervention for enhancing help to lessen their feelings of loneliness mood, reducing depression and anxiety, and isolation. facilitating reminiscence, promoting social interaction, fostering self-expression and promoting stimulation or relaxation. It is particularly helpful for people living with dementia, where the use of familiar songs and music has been widely recognised to evoke memories bringing people, places and life events to come to the forefront of a person’s mind. This helps to strengthen a person’s sense of self – who they are and what they have done throughout their life. It can be highly effective for those who can find verbal communication challenging.

Chloe-Rose Hughes

Chloe commented: “I am really grateful that after last year’s successful Wellbeing Project, I had the chance to return to the Chloe is working through the COVID-19 Centre and to my old clients to start this new lockdown restrictions by providing individual service. Providing music therapy sessions music therapy sessions on a weekly basis to allows the Eric Liddell Centre to support the Centre’s clients and their carers. these individuals in a person-centred and John MacMillan, CEO of the Eric Liddell creative way, allowing for self-expression, Centre said: “The Music Therapy Service is growth of self-confidence and independence, an addition to the many alternative service and supports the Centre’s collective ethos arrangements we have put in place to of providing ways to keep the mind, body make sure that our clients’ needs are met and soul active for all individuals in our and their contact with us remains despite community. “ 8


HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 30)



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By Gillian Dalgliesh

Here are some practical tips for helping you water each day. It could be straight water, it could be herbal or fruit teas. If you are to eat healthily and manage weight loss: aware that you feel you should drink more Eat Your Greens First! water but keep forgetting, then you could Eating salads and vegetables before eating set an alert on your phone to remind you the rest of the food on your plate is such throughout the day. an easy and healthy way of filling up with nutritious low calorie food. SPECIAL OFFER! Salads are full of volume and take time to Weight Loss is a concerning aspect of cut and crunch and they are quite hard to many people’s lives – especially so due to eat quickly, so this allows us to tune into Lockdown. So I am launching a 21 Day our fullness signals. Research shows that Online Weight Loss Challenge where I beginning a meal with a green salad leads give you 21 days of Self Help Strategies us to consuming less calories over a meal. to Positively Empower YOU to be able to When I was young, a salad consisted have the control to sustainably shift those of lettuce, cucumber & tomato! This no unwanted lbs! longer has to be the case – salads can I want to help as many people as possible, so be so interesting and nutritious. As can it’s not expensive. The Early Bird Investment vegetables! There are so many varieties on is just £25. This price is only available until the supermarket shelves including seeds, 30th March. Jump on now, get in touch and grains, pulses, spices and herbs! A fun and SPRING INTO SPRING!!!! colourful way to combine health benefits with My contact details are in the ad. weight loss!! I do appreciate that some people have digestive ailments, and I would recommend that they simply experiment with what works best for them or speak to their doctor.

Are your Hungry or Thirsty?

Many of us simply don’t drink enough liquid. We can get our signals confused and we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty! It’s a form of unconscious self neglect. We’ve got in the habit of stretching towards the cookie jar thinking that is what we need and that it’s going to satisfy a craving, without realising that we are actually needing more hydration! Stop here and reflect – is that YOU? Many of us simply don’t drink enough water. Water – and it has no calories! – actually increases our energy, and gives us better concentration, positivity and improved overall heath. Obviously, it also aids our ability to flush out toxins etc as we need to go to the loo more often. Everyone is different, but it’s recommended that we have around, at least 1.5 litres of

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website www.gilliandalgliesh.com or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation 13







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The Discreet Charm of Old Kazak Rugs By Piotr Wesolowski Turkic tribes moving West, Georgians and Armenians moving East. Owing to this peculiarity of the region, most scholars, view Kazak as a Caucasian rug originating from villages within Kazak and the surroundings parts of the country (Akstafa, Shulaver and Tovuz) and some territories abroad (Borchalou, Fachralo in Georgia, and Lake Sewan in Armenia).

In the attempt to define a Kazak rug, many collectors focus on geography. Kazak rayon however is but one administrative part of present-day Azejberjan; it shares history and ethnicity with the entire Caucasus.

The Lake Sewan district includes such Kazak works as Lori Pambak, Lombala, Yeravan and of course Lake Sewan (often referred to as) Shield Kazaks.

The Caucasus is ethically complex; its history witnessed great many migrations;

Antique rugs from these areas are collectively referred to as the ‘Kazak School.’ All Kazak rugs may feature different weaving techniques or materials, they share several patterns and colours leaving, for the most, a large margin for unpredictability and creative whimsicality more or less typical to their geography and ethnicity. 22

Deceased Houses Respectfully Cleared

General Knowledge Crossword

(soln on pg 30) 23



Favourite Edinburgh Walks... As Suggested by Readers By Tracy Griffen The days are lengthening and we’re hopefully easing out of lockdown. In the meantime, local walks remain de rigueur. If you find yourself walking the same circuit, perhaps you’ll be inspired by some of these ideas. These five walks were suggested by competition winners of my ‘Get Fit and Enjoy It’ book competition run in the December Spotlight: Lynne’s favourite walk in Edinburgh is “Arthur’s Seat with beautiful views over our stunning city and ducks to feed as well.”

join the railway line path and then get to the very far end of Portobello Beach. That’s my walk and I love it as it’s so many routes, different scenery encapsulating, woods and sea together which are both my favourite while missing out the traffic.” Brenda’s “favourite walk in Edinburgh is walking from Gypsy Brae to Cramond, then up the river Almond. If it’s a lovely day we stop for refreshments at the Cramond Inn or Lauriston Farm.”

Andrew’s favourite, “Walking along Canongate towards Holyrood Palace.”

And finally, Maria tells us “My favourite walk is around Cammo and along the river Almond.”

Pammie says “I walk from Trinity to Portobello. To Victoria Park then take the cycle path to The Shore, then to Leith Links. When at Leith Links I take the path through the park to Seafield Road where I cross and

Personally, I’ve just discovered Starbank Park - a park I had never been to prelockdown, the community garden is very impressive. I like also walking (or running) around Platinum Point, and the windswept

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nature reserve at the tip. Usually Coco the Fitness Pug, my studio assistant, joins us on meanders (photo of us, atop Arthur’s Seat). Next time you head out for a wander, try a different walking route, or even walk your usual route in the opposite direction. Enjoy springtime adventures on foot, see the seasons changing and boost your mood, to boot! Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen is the author of DIY fitness manual ‘Get Fit & Enjoy It: Learn Effective Exercise without a Gym’, available from www.getfitandenjoyit.com She also teaches outdoor fitness in local parks (including Victoria Park).



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