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Good Looking Cooking.

L&S Food by Sasha George

When South Africa officially went on lock down in March 2020, my whole world turned upside down. I was planning my wedding at the Zimbali Fairmont Hotel, one of the most beautiful wedding venues, on the 25th of May. Obviously, that was now on hold. Not only did my fiancé and I now have to postpone our dream wedding, but we also had to reassess our lives. He was living in the Middle East, and we were supposed to see each other every 2-3 months. This was not going to plan at all!

Faced with the global lockdown and with our wedding plans on hold, I turned to food for comfort, and this sparked a passion for food blogging which has taken me on a deliciously exciting journey of discovery.

I love capturing images of good food and love the passion that top chefs put into the presentation of their dishes. My love of good food stems from my family and friends, many of whom are phenomenal cooks who have taught me so much about the art of cooking and the importance of good preparation and presentation.

What initially began as a desire to use my creativity to capture the essence of beautifully presented food through beautiful images, soon became a way to help one of the most affected industries in the world to stay alive.

I have always believed that people are visual beings when it comes to food ... and that’s where my passion for beautifully plated food began. I eat with my eyes first because food satisfies my soul and not just my appetite. Food not only brings people together, but it is a backdrop for some of the most amazing memories we can experience.

What started off as just a hobby and creative outlet, quickly turned into a business idea combining my passion and love for pretty food with creativity and attention to detail. Say Cheese was born...

Our beautifully crafted Graze Boxes & Grazing Table options are lavish and are the highlight of any event, including cocktail parties, weddings, kids’ parties, birthdays, corporate functions, baby showers, engagement parties, you name it; we’ll make your party an Instagram-worthy showcase! We elevate your event to the next level.

Can’t wait till you try them.