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Cornubia Mall

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The KZN North Coast prides itself on its wide-open spaces, close proximity to nature and mostly its warmth, not only in the climate but that of its community. Cornubia Mall is no different and is, as such, a proudly North Coast Asset, a gem loved by many and still to be uncovered by so many more.

Cornubia Mall opened its doors in September 2017, boasting in excess of 135 stores, a number of which were a first for Durban. Positioned to offer the KZN customer a wide variety of store selection with the convenience of easy access, free parking and direct park to shop opportunities; Cornubia Mall launched into the retail environment as a new, slightly different, very unique shopping destination.

The “slightly different” includes wide, open, walkways allowing customers to revel in the beauty of, not only, that ever-popular KZN sunshine, but the manicured landscaping creating a park like atmosphere. Many customers have embraced Cornubia Mall’s layout and design by adopting it as their preferred exercise destination of choice, either electing to participate in the Saturday morning, complimentary, open air Yoga or GRID workouts, which are offered in partnership with the centre’s Virgin Active team, or departing from Cycle Lab along the MTB trails that encircle the Mall, but also, most welcomed, to use the Mall’s walkways as their, personal and safe, running, or walking, track.

Makro’s opening, in close proximity to Cornubia Mall, provided an alternative to the long, often laborious drive, into Durban and provided our customer with a one stop shopping environment and a far shorter journey home. We look forward to welcoming you to Cornubia Mall, where every appetite, every desire and each retail need is catered to.


www.cornubiamall.co.za Cnr Flanders & Tacoma Drive Blackburn Estate, Mount Edgecombe, 4319

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