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The Washline guys, have the KZN agency for Foxy Foldaway wash lines. To supply on demand, we now carry stock, and should we not have a product you need, we will source it from our relevant suppliers. For those rainy cold days, have a look at our clothes horses and other indoor line solutions.

Our Home Assist option gives you expert results, from foundation to finishes, inside and out. From roof repairs to sliding doors, room additions or alterations and home repairs and renovations, we do it all for you.Holiday home maintenance or tenant change; let us repair, clean and care to have a happy home ready for the next visit. We all like a personal touch in our home and with expert paint techniques we can brighten up a dull wall or subtly blend your colours, accentuating certain areas or creating that special nursery.

The Founder, Garth Dawson, is still part of the organization and Nick, a qualified builder and Amanda, have joined the ranks. Same service with a bigger team. Nothing else changes!


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