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“ Our mind, body and spirit healthy and well. Whilst we realise the importance of washing our hands, sanitizing, social distancing and wearing masks, we need to make sure our immune systems stay healthy and strong too.

Your immune system is your body’s first defence against illness. Try these simple yet effective ways of boosting your immune system:

1. Stay active - Use the mornings from 06:00am – 09:00am to break free! Whether it is a walk, run, skip or hop, keep moving! We have seen how daily gym workouts have changed… give one a try and find a Zoom and online class to keep you motivated and fit.

2. Eat your veg – the fridge may be your new best friend but stock up on a rainbow of fruits and veg. Fruits and vegetables help arm your body with antioxidants it needs to fight oxidative stress which includes contracting an illness. The Juice Kitchen is located at Thrive Health and Wellness and is an easy way to help you achieve your daily fruit and veg intake. Freshly squeezed juices made daily with different juice detox packages available too. Add supplements such as Green Vibrance, or Nutrigreens to increase your green veg intake as a quick easy way of improving the amount of veg you consume daily.

3. Rest up – getting sufficient sleep helps your body recover from everyday stress and promotes better functioning of our immune system. Enjoy the slower pace, have an afternoon snooze if you can or use the opportunity to go to bed a bit earworld

lier. During this stressful time, sleep can be harder to come by, Bach Rescue night drops or Flordis Redormin herbal tablets can help promote sleep.

4. Reduce stress – although this is easier said than done during this lockdown time, stress can compromise our immune system and make us more vulnerable to infections. Take supplements such as the amino acids L-Theanine, or herbs such as Valerian to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

5. Take daily Vitamins and supplements to support your immune system – Thrive Health and Wellness recommends the following to keep you better than well.

Vitamin D - supports your immune system and help your body to produce antibodies which in turn help ward off illness. Metagenics make a premium and affordable Vitamin D at therapeutic dosages to boost your immunity.

Zinc - is a mineral that is needed for immune cell development. Zinc may also help reduce the duration of a common cold and help protect against respiratory tract infections. Zinplex syrup will help to boost the kids immune systems and zinc tablets are beneficial to adults.

Vitamin C - is a powerful antioxidant that supports the function of various immune cells and enhances ability to protect against infection. Try the Ester-C combo from the Real Thing or the NRF Vitamin C powders as great sources of getting bioavailable quantities of Vitamin C into your system

Ultraflora Balance – is an excellent probiotic which promotes gut health and immunity begins in the gut so this will help build the basics for boosting your immune system.

A good Multivitamin, such as the Solgar VM2000 has a good bioavailable spectrum of vitamins and minerals to boost your system and keep you better than well.


A pharmacy graduate from Rhodes University, Bryant has a passion for both health and business. At the age of just 26, she purchased her first pharmacy in Kloof and grew this to provide an integrated wellness store which holistically treats the patient (body and soul), marries allopathic treatment with alternative treatments, supplementation and wholesome food, stocks proven good quality supplements, organic and environmentally friendly toiletries and baby products, and healthy food whilst also supporting an adding value to the local community.

She has grown her business from a staff of just three 14 years ago to one of 30. After rebranding the business as Thrive in 2016, Bryant has registered double digit growth. The Kloof outlet won best community pharmacy in South Africa in 2013. Thrive claimed this award again in 2019.

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