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TO THE POWER OF X How HUNT Properties operates differently

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“ The year 2020 has, and will continue to, present all of us with a vastly different set of challenges to a normal year. At HUNT Properties we believe our team structure is best suited to adapt to this change in landscape.

OUR COMPANY IS A COUNTER-INTUITIVE Estate Agency to its core. Firstly, as our motto of “we simply sell” suggests we are a ‘sales only’ company, sub-contracting other property related operations, such as rentals, out. Our belief is that by having a single focus and purpose, we can best service our customers. This approach has served us well with us concluding 102 sales at a value of R278 million in 2019, our second full year of operation. A good return considering we are a start up with no major capital investment.

To be true Sales Specialists, we operate as a team of teams. The sales cycle of listing properties with sellers and selling properties to buyers, is uniquely split into two teams. The listing team’s sole purpose is to accumulate the best properties at the correct value. Our sales team concentrate on actively servicing our buyers and executing sales.

We financially back our sales force by guaranteeing them a set income every month. The comfort of guaranteed monthly income with high level performance goals allow for a focused, positive mindset. This mindset allows them to concentrate fully on their jobs – selling property.

- A stage-orientated sales strategy, developed within the company, is followed religiously whilst simultaneously being used to judge individual performance and contribution to the team.

- Administrative orientated team members fulfil key rolls within the sales cycle and act as a support system to the sales and listing teams.

- An operational team keeps the machinery of the company operating efficiently and ensures that properties seamlessly transfer within a reasonable timeframe.

The marketing and branding team focus on representing our brand and clients’ properties in the best possible light. Individual marketing plans are executed for each sole mandate. Unique property marketing initiatives include staged properties and walk-through videos.

We are a ‘team first’ company. The sales agents pool their commission and team incentives across all divisions of the company are awarded collectively. We highlight the teams’ success only.

This wholistic approach filters into every aspect of how we operate. We believe in working with our fellow agencies and actively include them in the sales process of all our mandates.

A large proportion of our brand marketing is focused on community events including our HUNT 5k Friday run and the HUNT Cup monthly golf competition. We use these events to generate money for ocean and beach clean-up initiatives that offer employment to under-privileged communities.

Unfortunately, the lockdown has put a stop to us being able to host our events and more importantly generate revenue. However, we have used the time to refine our business model and concepts, keep our team sharp with online education and have adopted new technologies.

We are positive that our cohesive team approach will enable us to adapt to a changed property market in 2020, and assist our clients in navigating this changed landscape or take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.


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