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‘Give me a city council nga kaabag, dili babag’ Volume IV, No. 074 web portal:

Fri-Sat August 14-15, 2015P15.00


By BONG D. FABE, Staff member

CAGAYAN de Oro City––Emphasizing that public service is “giving the best possible service to the people” and not “a license to harass, dominate and control the people”, Mayor Oscar Moreno asked Kagay-anons to help him “liberate” the city by “giving” him city councilors who will cooperate and not hinder his programs and projects designed for the good of the people and the city. See full story, page A7

The Doctor of Management Executive Class with Dean Francis Thaise A. Cimene and Class Professor Dr. Alan N. Aladano

CU Executive Management Class to hold 1st International Leadership Conference Governance, Educational Leadership, and Business Leadership By RONNIE M. WANIWAN

THE Doctor of Management Executive Class of the Graduate School of Capitol University (CU) will be holding the “first-ever’’ International Leadership Conference at the Grand Caprice in Cagayan de Oro City on August 15, 2015.

The one-day leadership conference, carrying the theme “Convergence of International Leadership Perspectives for Sustainable Growth and Development,” will gather resource speakers from the academe in other countries such as the University of Idaho, USA; American College of

Dubai, Germany, Turkey, as well as executives of private companies abroad. The conference was divided into two sessions, the speeches of Plenary Speakers in the morning, and the concurrent speakers from private and state universities who will tackle topics on See leadership, page A8

GAMA FOODS CORPORATION: OUTSTANDING LEADER IN AGRO-INDUSTRY FOR MINDANAO. Ms. Alayssa R. Chang- Comptroller receives the prestigious trophy for Gama Foods Corporation as OUTSTANDING LEADER IN AGRO-INDUSTRY for Mindanao. Presenting the award is Ms. Joan Kathleen J. Hernandez-Account Officer-UCPB Consumer Finance Business Center representing Higinio ‘Joey’ O. Macadaeg, Jr., Executive Vice President- Corporate & Commercial Banking Division of UCPB. The award was presented during the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards 2015 held July 25 in Cagayan de Oro City. The prestigious event is spearheaded by Business Week Mindanao Corporation. text by joe palabao

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Ayala’s earnings up by 6% to P10.4b in the first half Your Mindanao-wide Community Newspaper

Ayala Corporation’s net income rose 6 percent to P10.4 billion in the first half of the year driven by the double-digit growth in its telecom, real estate, banking, and electronics businesses, and boosted by the positive performance of its power generation unit. Excluding the previous year’s divestment gains from the sale of Stream Global Services, Ayala’s business process outsourcing unit,

Ayala’s net income in the first semester grew 31 percent. Ayala’s solid performance in the first half of the year was a result of strong equity earnings contribution from its business units, which reached P13.2 billion, up 2 percent from a year ago. Without the divestment gains, equity earnings expanded 20 percent in the first half of the year. The strong double-digit


growth in the equity earnings of Globe Telecom, Ayala Land, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and Integrated Microelectronics combined with the positive contribution from AC Energy Holdings drove Ayala’s equity earnings during the period. “Our earnings continue to grow at a strong pace in step with the overall performance of our business units. As demand drivers

remain upbeat, and as our investments in power come onstream, we believe this strong growth will continue throughout the year,” Ayala president and chief operating officer Fernando Zobel de Ayala said. “In addition, as our core businesses grow, we continue to seek new areas to invest in. We are developing new platforms in the healthcare and education spaces. We believe these two sectors present excellent opportunities for growth and scale,” Mr. Zobel added. Real Estate Ayala Land’s net income expanded 19 percent to P8.4 billion, lifted by the upbeat performance of its property development and commercial leasing operations. In property development, residential revenues grew 11 percent on new bookings and project completion while office sales expanded

nearly twofold on the back of new launches from its upscale brand Alveo. In commercial leasing, shopping center revenues went up 9 percent owing to higher occupancy and average rentals, while office leasing revenues expanded 16 percent due to the contribution of newly opened offices and the stronger performance of its existing offices. Revenues from hotels and resorts improved by 8 percent on higher occupancy. Ayala Land launched 21 residential projects, the Ayala Triangle Gardens mixed-use development and other leasing projects worth P81 billion in the first semester. In addition, Ayala Land and Puregold Price Club recently opened its first supermarket venture named “Merkado” in UP Town Center. Banking

As its core banking business continued to drive growth, net earnings of the Bank of the Philippine Islands expanded 16 percent to P9.3 billion. Total revenues improved 12 percent to P29 billion on higher net interest income and noninterest income. Net interest income grew 12 percent to P19 billion owing to a 15 percent-expansion in average assets. Non-interest income was up 12 percent to P10 billion as a result of higher income from securities trading, fees and commissions, and insurance business. The bank’s operating expenses grew 7.6 percent year-on-year resulting in a cost-to-income ratio of 51.9 percent. The bank’s total assets stood at P1.4 trillion at the end of the first half, a 9.7 percent-increase from See AYALA, page A11

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province of Misamis Oriental MUNICIPALITY OF CLAVERIA




In compliance with Section 7 of R.A. No. 10172, a notice is hereby served to the public that JENIFER DUCTO MONDEGO has filed with this Office a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error in his SEX from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the Certificate of Live Birth of JENIFER DUCTO MONDEGO who was born on JUNE 6, 1987 at CLAVERIA, MISAMIS ORIENTAL and whose parents are CERILO MONTEALTO MONDEGO and ELIZA DUCTO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his/her written opposition with this Office not later than AUGUST 15, 2015.

In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. No. 10172, a NOTICE is hereby served to the public that ARNOLFO N. MENORO has filed with this Office a petition for the correction of clerical error in the entry of the child’s SEX from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the Certificate of Live Birth of ARNOLFO NACIOLES MENORO who was born on SEPTEMBER 10, 1981 in Cagayan de Oro City and whose parents are PEDRO MENORO and CONCHITA NACIOLES. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than AUGUST 16, 2015.

In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. No. 10172, a NOTICE is hereby served to the public that CHARLY FAITH E. ENTRAMPAS has filed with this Office a petition for the correction of clerical error in the entry of the child’s SEX from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the Certificate of Live Birth of CHARLY FAITH EDROSO ENTRAMPAS who was born on FEBRUARY 22, 1995 in Cagayan de Oro City and whose parents are ALMER DAROY ENTRAMPAS and LEVY PEDESANI EDROSO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than AUGUST 15, 2015.

(SGD.) ANNA VICTORIA A. EVANGELISTA Municipal Civil Registrar

(Sgd) NORMA S. DIPUTADO City Civil Registrar

(Sgd) NORMA S. DIPUTADO City Civil Registrar

MDN: AUG 7 & 14, 2015

MDN: AUG 7 & 14, 2015


MDN: AUG 7 & 14, 2015

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70 years ago The dropping of nuclear bombs on Japanese cities 70 years ago was a crime that transformed the country from a perpetrator into a victim. For the sake of peace, Japan must face up to its past. It’s not only my opinion but also Alexander Freund’s, German journalist and commentator. Hiroshima is a midsize port city located in the far west of Japan’s largest island, hundreds of kilometers away from the capital Tokyo. Nagasaki is also a midsize port city, located even further to the west. Both are beautiful towns, bustling with people, but the places have no real strategic significance. I visited both places (among many others in whole Japan!) during my months-long family home stay by the International YMCA already in 1976. Nothing changed till today. It’s the present reality of these two cities, and it was

Have my say

Klaus Doring

no different 70 years ago. And this probably explains why the towns managed to escape the initial wrath of US bombers during World War II. Unfortunately, this also became the reason why they were targeted later on as an ideal testing ground for the US military’s new wonder weapons 70 years ago. The cities enabled the American military and scientists to precisely assess

the destructive power of nuclear weapons. Figures are not always the same: One learned that over 210,000 people passed away - some 90,000 immediately, and the remaining a few days later. It was a perfidious test under real conditions. The city of Nagasaki was particularly unlucky given that it was not the original target. It was only selected because dark clouds covered the skies above the primary target, Kokura. The whole world now knows the names of these two relatively insignificant Japanese cities. They stand for the “Fall of Man” and the horrors of nuclear destruction. After dropping the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, the co-pilot of the Enola Gay aircraft commented is his log “My God, what have we done?” But he wasn’t the only one to realize what had happened. Yes, my God, what have

we done? And, did the world change? Look at this: There is Israel, which would rather remain silent about it, and regimes such as the one in North Korea, which, by contrast, use the nuclear trump card to stay alive. Last but not least, there is Iran, which wants the bomb, but could be prevented from getting one. These are the unholy ghosts that were conjured 70 years ago when the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Victim - perpetrator? To this day, nothing has been changed. Sure, the horrors of war should be a lesson not only for Japan’s victims and perpetrators, but also to all global players. The end never justifies the means. +++ Email: doringklaus@ or visit www. or www. klausdoringsclassicalmusic.

accidents, which are now archaic and inappropriate in the 21st century. Then congressmen and senators must be blamed likewise, for not finding the interest to draft new legislation to make existing laws on deaths arising from vehicular accidents more fearsome. As it is, even when a wayward driver kills anywhere between one to 100 people, he doesn’t go to jail, because the penalty for his having killed people, which is only four years imprisonment, is probationable. -oooWE MUST CHANGE MINDSET OF DRIVERS: A vocal broadcaster from ABS CBN s ounded an a l ar m i n h is pro g r am Thursday morning, asking people to be war y ab out gover nment officials pushing for the adoption of technological devices allegedly as a way of checking reckless driving and over-speeding which, of course, would yield millions in profits to the proponents. I agree technological instruments are not the solution. I believe that the only way to ensure safe driving or vehicle operation is to start changing the mindset of drivers. Right now, it is clear that drivers, once they

get themselves behind the steering wheels of their cars or vehicles, inexplicably morph into rouge and almost criminallyminded-devil-may-care persons, without due regard for the safety not only of their passengers but of pedestrians on the road. How do we change the mindset of drivers and instill in them real discipline? This is a big question, but we can start by requiring them, at least for a certain number of days once a year, to undergo spiritual counseling from government-accredited priests (if they are Catholics) or pastors or ministers or imams (if they are from other religious groups). A God-fearing and loving driver is indeed a safe driver! -oooPLEASE LISTEN: “Ang Tanging Daan” (The Sole Way), a Bible study and prayer session on radio, airs Mondays to Fridays, 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at DWAD 1098 kHz on the AM band. For replays, go to angtangingdaan or www. and scroll for “Ang Tanging Daan” broadcasts. Phone: 0922 833 43 96, 0918 574 0193, 0917 984 24 68. Email: batasmauricio@

Changing drivers’ mindset antidote to mishaps

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: :… Your word, LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in lani vallido GRACE FANUGAO ADALIA the heavens…” (Psalm Marketing and Sales khai serreal 119:89, the Holy Bible). Manager Account Executives -ooo--------------------------------------------------------------------------SORRY CYCLE OF VEEDITORIAL HICULAR MISHAPS IN ALLAN M. MEDIANTE RP: And so, once more, Editor-in-Chief after a vehicular accident where four people were ruel pelone CRIS DIAZ Managing Editor Executive Editor killed and scores were injured the other day in CHENG ORDOÑEZ URIEL C. QUILINGUING a spot between Quezon Associate Editor Contributing Editor City and Caloocan City, we saw Chairman Winston MARK FRANCISCO Arjay Felicilda Lifestyle Editor Assistant Editor Ginez of the Land Transportation Franchising and GILBERT Y. CHAO gerry lee gorit Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Motoring Editor Photo Journalist predictably frothing in the felix santillan ROEL CATOTO mouth and displaying rage EDSEL BANTOL Provincial Editor-Surigao against the driver respon Layout Artists sible for the mishap, and PAT SAMONTE against the company that irene dayo CHRIS PANGANIBAN owned the bus. Reporter-NorthMin Regional Editors-Caraga In an announcement JOE PALABAO MARLON GAYOG covered by invited me Rene Michael BaÑos Regional Editor-Davao dia, Ginez suspended (yet Regional Editors-Northmin again!) the operation of AL JACINTO JOE FELICILDA the bus company whose Regional Editor-WestMin Editorial Consultant vehicle figured in the ac cident, and announced ATTY. MARIO T. JUNI that there would be stricter NOTARY PUBLIC- JUNI LAW OFFICE implementation of transCELL NO: 09352379999/ (088) 8573595 port laws and regulation in CRUZ TAAL ST., CAG. DE ORO CITY Legal Counsel the days to come---things --------------------------------------------------------------which he also did in past bureau and mktg staff accidents. candy macabale - 09161326483 RIZA O. ARES - 0915-9753277/0920-9600223 Of course, Ginez would MISOR - LOLONG NABONG - 0906-875-8650 be hugging the limelight GINGOOG CITY-MANNY ANSIHAGAN-0936-287-7788 North Buk. - DAHLIA S. BENEMERITO-0936-303-0410 once again in the next VALENCIA CITY - PHILIP PHIL CALUMBA-0905-652-5407 several days, and then KIBAWE, BUKIDNON - ROSEMARY GENON vanish yet one more time MARAMAG - TITA FINA CUALES - 0926-336-1585 Iligan City - JEFFREY OPONDA-0936-1174378 into oblivion, until the tubod - louie bukod-0948-1323348 next accident occurs again bobby mag usara-tangub city OROQUIETA CITY - PJ TREMEDAL-0919-3452375 and claim the lives of more ARMM - Sony Sudaria-0947-4810371 cotabato - ANALISA ESPAÑOLA-0916-9351714 davao - MARLON GAYOG-09276314995 davao - tom a. caballero-09105783126 davao - tomas canoy avancena jr.-09177017010 davao del norte - sarah castor - 09263988293 davao occidental - alma ORTIZ - 09058532215 davao city/island samal - jessie palabao -0935-874-9825/ -0946-242-6672 davao comval area - abner yamson nave 09186935122/09354653451 digos city, dvo sur & kidapawan - romeo d. sanchez davao city - flaviano mahinay davao city - rene s. arias (Photo Journalist,) mati, davao - ronald “sanchez” sicad - 0936-704-2580 butuan - PAT SAMONTE-0912-8091093 san frans - CRIS PANGANIBAN-09277974193 San Francisco - deding PANGANBAN-0927-7974193 Pagadian City - GRACE FRANCISCO

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Kakampi mo ang batas

Atty. Batas Mauricio

people, and make more people physically scarred and disabled! This is the sorry cycle of accidents that had been happening, and which is bound to happen over and over again. -oooPNOY, LAWMAKERS TO BLAME IN ROAD ACCIDENTS: I say we should blame, and rightfully so, Ginez and his colleagues at the LTFRB for that accident, because it is their incompetence and ineptness which have made deadly vehicular accidents possible, not only in urban centers like Metro Manila, but even in far-flung and remote parts of the country. But then, others must clearly take the blame, too: President Aquino, for failing, in the five years that he had been in power, to work for the revision of laws dealing with vehicular

Daily Inspiration

So Kindly

“I hope I continue to please you, sir,” she replied. “You have comforted me by speaking so kindly to me, even though I am not one of your workers.” Ruth 2:13

Juvy Sarraga

by kindness when we need comforting the most. We can make an impression on others when we are thoughtful to those we don’t know or, even more challenging, to those who aren’t on our favorites list. Remember to let your good Have you been touched by someone qualities shine consistently in all areas who speaks kindly to you, even if you of your like. It’s amazing what comes didn’t deserve it? We are truly impacted back to you.

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Fortun hailed Aboitiz Award finalist for advocacy for poor By PAT SAMONTE, Caraga Regional Editor

BUTUAN City -- Representative Lawrence Lemuel Fortun of the First District of Agusan del Norte has been chosen one of three finalists in the prestigious 6th Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Awards for Exemplary Individuals.

The RAFI Triennial Awards are conferred every three years to honor men, women, and organizations who, through their efforts and selfless commitment bring about change in the EXTRAJUDICIAL PARTITION WITH SALE Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the Late Vicente Aput who died at Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental on Oct. 5, 1999 without leaving a will nor known debts, at the time of his death he left a real property described as follows: A parcel of land at Gasi, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental covered by Tax Declaration No. 022887 Lot No. 12305, with an area of 8,365 square meters more or less, assessed at P7820.00, is the subject of EXTRAJUDICIAL PARTITION WITH SALE, made and executed by and between; 1. GAUDIOSA UNSON, of legal age, Filipino, widow; 2. EVA A. BAGAS, of legal age, Filipino, married; 3. ELDO APUT, of legal age, Filipino, married and 4. NITA A. ABANG, of legal age, Filipino, married and

lives of the less privileged in various groups and communities in the Philippines. About 300 have been nominated for the awards. Fortun was chosen as finalist for his work in orall resident of Gasi, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, are the only legal and surviving heirs. That for and in consideration of the sum of TWENTY THOUSAND (P20,000.00) PESOS, in hand paid from CARLITO APUT do hereby cede, convey transfer and sell unto said CARLITO APUT likewise of legal age, Filipino, married and a resident of Gasi, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental together with his wife Domingo Bongga a portion of the above-described parcel of land together with all its improvements found thereon which is free from any lien and encumbrances whatsoever, known as Lot 12305-A, 3,425 sq.m. Under Notary Public of ATTY. CASIANO A. GAMOTIN, JR.; as Per Doc. No. 10; Page No. 2; Book No. 57; Series of 2015.

ganizing lawyers and other volunteers to go to remote communities to extend legal and related services for the registration of birth of children and also adults who lack birth certificates. This outreach program, which he started about seven years ago, has now served not less than 8,000 individuals, who have not been able to obtain birth certificates due to poverty and distance from birth registration offices. At the Leaders of Change Forum in Cebu City the other day where he was a speaker, Fortun expressed disappointment in the cur-

rent civil registration system that “actually penalizes the poor for being poor.” He said the reason “poverty is almost always the reason for a parent’s failure to register the birth of his or her child, and by imposing fees for delayed registration, the state is actually penalizing the poor.” “Aside from the application which the local civil registrar requires, an application for late birth registration has to be supported with two affidavits, namely, an affidavit of delayed registration and a joint affidavit of two disinterested

MDN: AUGUST 14, 21, & 28, 2015

persons who will attest to the fact of birth. This makes delayed birth registration too cumbersome for the less privileged,” Fortun said. The young legislator emphasized that the right to identity is a “most fundamental human right.” “Before we even talk about other human rights, we have to start with first and foremost, recognizing the existence of the human being.” Fortun said, “Without that basic document, that is, the birth certificate, one’s existence is not known and for that reason, he or she cannot exercise his or her rights as a citizen.” He asserted, “This is actually a human rights issue because there can be no greater violation of human rights than not recognizing the existence of the human being.” Fortun’s efforts inspired other lawyers to join him in visiting remote villages to extend free legal services

for birth registration. His initiative also moved the city government of Butuan to provide at least one day of every month for the local civil registrar to faciliiate free late registration for indigents. While this is a welcome development, Fortun, however, said it still does not address the problem on a long-term basis. He pointed out that “The lack of mechanism for birth registration right in the community makes this concern an endless cycle.” For this reason, Fortun brought his advocacy to the halls of Congress and principally authored a bill known as “The Civil Registration Act of 2014” to institutionalize a Barangay Civil Registration System to once and for all address the issue. The bill has been approved by the House Committee on Population. For his consistent and persistent advocacy to assert See finalist, page A11

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province: Agusan del Norte City/Municipality: Butuan City Publication Notice R.A. 10172

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC CCE-0209-2015 (R.A. 10172) In compliance with the publication requirement and Pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1, Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that ELVIS C. OMALZA has filed with this office a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error of the child’s date of birth from “FEBRUARY 16, 1963” to “FEBRUARY 14, 1963” in the Certificate of Live Birth of FREDDIE SIMPRON UMALSA, who was born on February 16, 1963 at Burgos St., Butuan City, Agusan and whose parents are ANTONIO LOMOYA UMALSA and BEATRIZ LOYAHAN SIMPRON. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 28 August 2015. (SGD.) JUDITH ALVIZO-CALO, LLB, MPA City Civil Registrar MDN: AUG 14 & 21, 2015

title lot for sale Located at Patrocinio Claveria, Misamis Oriental 12,205 sq.m. with 2 Houses 1. Concrete Floor Area 88 sq.m. 2. Semi Concrete Floor Area 47 sq.m.

For inquiries Contact: LIZAH CP # 09166830544

MDN: July 6-Aug. 5, 2015


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Kimberlite Pawnshop will be having an AUCTION SALE on all items that expired on June 2015: AUCTION DATE: August 21, 2015 Estrada Bldg., Fortich-Don Carlos Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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RUSH SALE 12 Hectares of Land about 80% planted with Benguet/Carribean Pine Trees.

Location: Patpat, Malaybalay, Bukidnon For details call Rory 09062282483 MDN: Mar 28 - Apr 27, 2015

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Moreno’s plea before punong barangays

‘Give me a city council nga kaabag, dili babag’ By BONG D. FABE Staff member

CAGAYAN de Oro City–– Emphasizing that public service is “giving the best possible service to the people” and not “a license to harass, dominate and control the people”, Mayor Oscar Moreno asked Kagayanons to help him “liberate” the city by “giving” him city councilors who will cooperate and not hinder his programs and projects designed for the good of the people and the city. “We need a city council that is a partner, a true partner,” he pleaded before a packed ballroom at the VIP Hotel during Tuesday’s Stakeholders’ Forum attended by barangay chairpersons and kagawads, representatives of government agencies, peoples’ organizations, non-government organizations, the academe, and the three congressmen of the city. The Forum was aimed at getting the concrete commitment of those who attended to help fund and implement the programs and projects the communities identified and contained in the 5-Year Barangay Development Plans (BDPs). “Mao kini akong commitment sa inyo: taga-i ko og city council nga cooperative, kanang city council nga motabang and we will liberate Cagayan de Oro. And I tell you, unahon nato ang barangays nga naay BDPs. That is my commitment! Pero tagai ko ninyog city council nga cooperative. Inyo ra gihapon kana nga

desisyon (This is my commitment to you: give me a city council that is cooperative, a city council that will help and we will liberate Cagayan de Oro. And I tell you, we will do this first in the barangays that have BDPs. That is my commitment! But you have to give me a city council that is cooperative. And that decision is your’s to make),” he said to thunderous applause and cheers of the people. Moreno is the first and only politician to defeat erstwhile political kingpin Vicente Emano in any electoral contest. But that victory in 2013 has been marred by the victory of Emano’s kagawads who now composed the majority in the city council. Hindrance to development, progress And since day one, the opposition councilors have been a thorn on the side of the Moreno administration, doing all they can in the local legislature to hinder programs and projects in the

guise of protecting the peo- lion endowment fund unya data para ang atong enroll- and all that we needed was a ples’ money. This culminat- ilang imbestigahon? Gusto ment sa Philhealth eksakto city council resolution See council, page A11 ed in the much-ballyhooed na i-share sa DSWD ang gyud ug dili magdoble doble zero budget allocation the city council appropriated to Moreno’s key programs and projects such as ecological solid waste management, Philhealth, etc. for this year. City hall at present has at least PhP2 billion which could be tapped to fund programs and projects that will improve the lives of Kagay-anons and further develop the city. “But we cannot touch that money. The city council [majority] will not allow us,” he said. Moreno lamented that the city council majority are the number one hindrance to good public service and progress of the city. “Asa man ka kakita og city council nga mismong Philhealth ilang i-zero? Asa man ka anang city council ng mismong nagdonar ang PCSO og ambulansya ilang imbestigahon? Nagdonar ang Philippine Charity Sweepstakes sa PhP1 mil-

PRA Form No. 10.1 (LCRO) Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE PROVINCE OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL Cagayan de Oro City NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. No. 10172, a NOTICE is hereby served to the public that RUBEC ABATO SILVA has filed with this Office a petition for the correction of clerical error in the entry of the child’s SEX from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the Certificate of Live Birth of RUBEC ACEBU ABATO who was born on SEPT 20, 1986 in Cagayan de Oro City and whose parents are ROBENSON RIVERA ABATO and BEATRIZ CASTILLO ACEBU. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than AUGUST 22, 2015. (Sgd) NORMA S. DIPUTADO City Civil Registrar MDN: AUG 14 & 21, 2015

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CU Executive Management Class to hold 1st International Leadership Conference

Leadership... from page A1

Governance, Educational Leadership, and Business Leadership in the afternoon. In her message, Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) Director Zenaida G. Gersana for Northern Mindanao said: “Certainly, to initiate this particular Forum, with management practitioners of global caliber as panelists, unmistakably points to a concrete University thrust at a viable Research Program in the area of business administration and management, and the generation of new knowledge - as evidenced by refereed researches, publications, citations, and the like – through a Forum such as this, will enhance the University’s ownership of comprehensive learning resources and linkages that enable the students to explore advanced, and even cutting-edge knowledge in a wide range of disciplines or professions, particularly in the field of management.” Gersana added: “The Commission on Higher Education sincerely congratulates Capitol University Graduate School, through Dean Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene, together with the Executive Management Class of SY 2015-2016, for pioneering the International Leadership Conference.” C a p i t o l Un i v e r s i t y

President Atty. Casimiro B. Juarez Jr. emphasized the university’s effort to to develop competent Filipino workforce, equipped with 21st century skills and prepared to serve the national and international communities. “This is the end goal of the ASEAN integration 2015 in the Philippines, said Juarez, adding, “it intends to chart the future direction of ASEAN as a community that is politically, economically, and socio-culturally stable and competing vigorously with the rest of the world.” He said the imperatives dictated by globalization, the emergence of regional economic communities, including the ASEAN Economic Community, the international paradigm shifts in education, the development of national and regional qualifications frameworks, demand multistakeholders to leverage human resources for national development and global competitiveness. This, Juarez said, International Leadership Conference is designed to provide a venue for more intellectual discussions on leadership in international perspectives not only for the academe but for the multi-stakeholders in general. Vice President for Academic Affairs Amor Q. de Torres, PhD, also of Capitol University, cited the

Doctor of Management Executive Class of Capitol University for organizing the international leadership conference. “It is a laudable project,” added Torres. The conference, he said is an integral part of Capitol University’s quest for enhanced quality of life for the Filipinos (CU Vision) hinges on what students learned and how they bring them to their families and communities. “This International Conference attests to that endeavor,” Torres said. Vice President for Administration of Capitol University Dr. Franco C. Flores said the International Leadership Conference with the theme: Convergence of International Leadership Perspectives for Sustainable Growth and Development, is indeed “very significant not only to your graduate school experience but equally to the CU graduate school in compliance to the CHEd requirement on students exposure to international fora.” “This endeavor of the Executive Management class of the CU Graduate School together with the other co–organizers is truly worthy of a sincere appreciation because this manifests its program outcome; not to mention the possibility of making the students’ exposure to international conferences at a minimum cost,” said Flores in his message.

He said: “Learning from the lectures of these international experts of their respective field of specializations is tantamount to meeting them in the global scene but happening in our doorsteps.” Capitol University Dean of Graduate School Francis Thaise A. Cimene, PhD, likewise congratulated the Doctor of Management Executive Class under Professor Dr. Alan N. Aladano and of course with the support of the CU Administration for organizing this International Leadership Conference. Cimene said that the Graduate School of Capitol University seeks to produce competent global citizens of today’s information age with advanced professional skills for careers in education, business industry, and public service, through research-based academic programs which provide students with learning experiences that enhance and foster the further quest for knowledge through multifaceted activities that facilitate the acquisition of skills, values and competencies needed to meet the changing needs of a technologically diverse and environmentally sensitive society. “What makes me excited is the convergence of ideas from the academe and practitioners in the field both here and abroad,” he said. For his part, Allan N.

Aladano, professor, Executive Management Class of the Graduate School, Capitol University, said: “It is with pride that I congratulate the Executive Management Class of the Graduate School of Capitol University for organizing the International Leadership Conference here in Cagayan de Oro City.” “Most of the international conferences that I attended were held outside Region 10 that not many of the stakeholders get the chance to learn from such events,” said Aladano. He added: “Also, I wish to thank and congratulate the plenary and concurrent speakers for sharing their expertise during the conference that contributed to the convergence of international perspectives on leadership necessary for sustainable growth and development.” The Plenary Speakers are Dr. Melanie C. Brooks, University of Idaho, USA, will share her insights on Comparative Leadership of Educational Systems; Dr. Mario M. Pallada, American College of Dubai, Strategies of Improving a Company’s Market Position; Lorens Ziller, head, corporate affairs, ITALPINAS Developmentt Corp., Challenges and Opportunities in International Trade and Business; Misamis Oriental Governor Yevgeny Vicente

“Bambi” Emano, the Making of Misamis Oriental as a Competitive Province; Dr. Wolfram R. Kemf, Germany International Human Resource Management; Dr. Felixberto C. Condeza, American College of Dubai Entry Modes in the International Market; Omer Faruk Derindag, Turkey, Exploring the Restrained Creativity of Employees: An International Perspective; and Dr. Enrique S. Guevarra, American College of Dubai, Quality Management in the Global Perspective. The pool of concurrent speakers who will talk about Governance are Delia A. Maravillosa and Lanie L. Samocino, Capitol University, the Internal Convergence of DSWD Core Programs and its Impact to the Beneficiaries of Region 10; Dr. Michael B. Roa, Xavier University, Administrative Justice in Local Governance; Ronnie M. Waniwan, Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro Media Practitioner’s Perception on Corruption in the Government; Dr. Ramir Philip Jones V. Sonsona and Albern P. Pelayo, Mindanao University of Science and University, The Extent of Implementation of the Formulated Barangay Agenda for Governance and Development in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines; Eugene B. Mesias and Shiela Mae E. Montalba, See LEADERSHIP, page A12

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Mindanao Daily A11 NEWS

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Finalist... from page A6

sert the poor’s right to identity, alongside his efforts for environmental and grassroots sports development, Fortun has been hailed as one of three finalists for the RAFI Triennial Awards for Exemplary Individuals. The other finalists are Father Carmelo Diola of Cebu City and Mrs. Anita Castillon of Lake Sebu, Cotabato. Fr. Diola is into good governance advocacy aimed at achieving “faith-impelled social change by working with and through companions in helping public servants, elected government officials, voters and the youth translate good intentions into good efforts.” Mrs. Castillon, more known to the people of Lake Sebu as “Nanay Anita”, is an educator and community organizer, who worked to establish a school for T’boli children who had no access to formal education. The three finalists will be honored in a fitting ceremony on the Awards Night on August 14, 2014 at the Cebu Convention Center where the 6th RAFI awardee will be announced.

Ayala... from page A2

the previous year. Deposit level increased 12 percent to P1.2 trillion while total loan portfolio grew 9 percent year-on-year. Asset quality remains strong, with a gross 90-day nonperforming loan ratio of 1.77 percent, lower than last year’s 1.85 percent. Loan loss cover was maintained at 108 percent. Consolidated CET 1 Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) was 14.3 percent while total CAR was 15.2 percent in the first semester. Telecom Globe Telecom registered a net income of P8.7 billion, up 27 percent yearon-year, bolstered by increased demand for data connectivity across the mobile, fixed line, and broadband segments. Service revenues rose 13 percent to P53.8 billion with the highest growth coming from mobile browsing and other data revenues, jumping 53 percent to P9.5 billion. Broadband revenues expanded 30 percent to P7.6 billion, while fixed line data revenues surged 20 percent to P3.1 billion. Combined, all these comprise 38 percent of Globe’s total revenues during the period. Globe’s mobile and fixed line voice likewise improved, growing 10 percent and 7 percent, respectively. Its mobile subscriber base reached 48.4 million, 13 percent higher year-on-year. Similarly, Globe’s broadband subscriber base grew 55 percent to 3.5 million in the first semester of the year. The solid revenue growth balanced out the higher subscriber and network-driven costs, with earnings before interest taxes depreciation

and amortization (EBITDA) expanding 19 percent to P22.7 billion. Following the approval of the National Telecommunications Commission, Globe converted $115 million of debt in Bayan Telecommunications into equity, effectively securing control of Bayantel. Subsequently, Globe acquired the stake held by the Lopez group in Bayantel, hiking up its stake in the company to over 98 percent. Water Infrastructure Manila Water’s net income dipped 4 percent from a year ago to P3 billion owing to higher operating expenses primarily from catch-up rental costs incurred by the East Zone concession during the period. This resulted in a 5 percent decline in the net profits of the East Zone concession to P2.6 billion despite a 2 percent-growth in billed volume. Excluding the extraordinary rental expense, Manila Water’s net income ended flat for the first semester. Total billed volume grew 2 percent to 340 million cubic meters supported by billed volume growth outside the East Zone. Billed volume from Laguna Water surged 26 percent; Clark Water expanded 19 percent, while Boracay Water and Kenh Dong Water in Vietnam posted single-digit growth rates. Meanwhile, Cebu Manila Water Development started operations in January this year. Manila Water continues to develop its footprint outside the East Zone concession. It expanded its Laguna Water operations to cover the entire province of Laguna with the addition of used water services in the concession. Moreover, Manila Water was awarded a 15-year bulk water supply contract by the Tagum City Water District. Electronics manufacturing Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. recorded a net income of $15.2 million, 35 percent higher from the previous year as operational improvements, continued focus on higher-margin products, and cost saving measures increased profitability. Revenues slightly declined by 3 percent to $416.3 million on the back of a weakness in the euro coupled with a slowdown in demand in the computing sector. Excluding the impact of foreign exchange rates, revenues rose 2.4 percent during the period. Power generation and transport infrastructure As its power generating assets come online, AC Energy Holdings Inc. registered a net income in the first half of the year of P198 million. This was driven by the contributions from its two wind farms, North Luzon Renewable Energy Corporation and NorthWind both in Ilocos Norte; and two coal plants, South

BUSINESS . northmin . caraga . davao Your Mindanao-wide Community Newspaper

Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation in Batangas, and GNPower Mariveles Coal Plant in Bataan. AC Energy has assembled over 700 megawatts of attributable generating capacity across various assets. It continues to work on a pipeline of power projects to meet its goal of building around 1,000 MW in generating capacity over the next few years. Over the past three years, Ayala has committed over US$700 million in equity in developing various power generating projects. In transport infrastructure, Ayala formally opened the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX) on July 24, 2015. Ayala is the concessionaire of MCX, a 4-kilometer tollroad connecting the Daang Hari Road with the South Luzon Expressway. AF Payments Inc., a joint venture between the Ayala and First Pacific groups, has begun its roll out of the automated fare collection system through the Beep contactless cards. Implementation has started in LRT line 2, and is expected to be completed across all LRT and MRT lines within the next few months. Balance sheet Ay a l a m a i n t a i n s a healthy balance sheet. As of June 30, 2015, parent company cash reached P38 billion, putting its net debt to equity ratio at 0.23 to 1 at the parent level, and 0.81 to 1 at the consolidated level.

Council... from page A7

but they would not give it; they would not give it. Wala pud sila mosugot nga atong palambuon ang agrikultura sa kabukiran bisan 10% lang ang gastoson sa syudad ug ang 90% gikan sa DA,” he narrated. In the service of only one man The neophyte mayor but veteran national legislator and local chief executive, having been an undefeated congressman and governor of Misamis Oriental, NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of IÑEGO TAGUBASE CAGADAS, who died intestate in Butuan City on December 12, 2011, consisting of: 1) A parcel of land (Lot 3035-C of the subdivision plan (LRC) Psd-151555, being a portion of Lot 3035, Butuan Pls-22, LRC Rec. No. H. Pat.) situated in the Barrio of Masao, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-11186, containing an area of 5,936 square meters, more or less; 2) A parcel of land situated in the Barrio of Pinamanculan, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-3357, containing an area of 39,854 square meters, more or less; 3) A parcel of land (Lot 6169-B-3, Psd-10-006624 being a portion of lot 6169-B, (LRC) Psd-31722, situated in the Barrio of Pinamanculan, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-3875, Containing an area of 19,514 square meters, more or less; 4) A parcel of land (Lot 1-G-4-B, Psd-13-015253 being a portion of lot 1-G-4 (LRC) Psd-51221) situated in the Barangay of Bading, City of Butuan, Province of Agusan del Norte, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT55195 containing an area of 192 square meters, more or less, with residential building covered by Tax Declaration No. 08-03-0002-00088; 5) A parcel of land (Lot 3151-J-3-G, Psd-10-002475 being a portion of Lot 3151-J-3, (LRC) Psd-220384) situated in the Barrio of

bemoaned that what the opposition councilors are doing since day one is not to give service to the people but to serve only one man. “My God! Tungod lang ni Dongkoy? Tungod lang sa us aka tawo i-sakripisyo ang katawhan sa dakbayan?” he said. Moreno won under the hapsay (order) platform. Unfortunately, his vice mayoralty candidate at that time and most of his candidates for kagawads all met defeat. Only five made it: Councilors Lourdes Candy Darimbang, Zaldy Ocon, Teodulfo Lao Jr., Roger Abaday, and Enrico Salcedo. The opposition-dominated city council is controlled by the following: Vice Mayor Caesar Ian Acenas, and Councilors Ramon Tabor, Nadia Emano-Elipe, President Elipe, Annie Daba, Leon Gan Jr., Edna Dahino, Alexander Dacer, Dante Pajo, Alden Bacal, Adrian Barba, Dometilo Acenas Jr., and Yan Lam Lim. What the opposition bloc in the city council is doing is not public service, Moreno said. “Public service is an apostleship. Public service is not a license to harass the people. Public service is not a license to dominate and control the people. Public service is giving the people the best service,” he stressed. Doing very well despite hindrances But despite the hindrances and challenges put up by the opposition-controlled city council, Cagayan de Oro “is doing very well.” “This is not because of Oca [Moreno’s nickname]. But because of all of you,” he stressed. Moreno said that the city’s 80 barangays are all “ready to takeoff ” since “preparations has already been made” through their BDPs. “The priorities have been defined. Cagayan de Oro will be liberated. We will have a new city council nga kaabag ug dili babag.” (Bong D. Fabe) Doongan, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT13611, containing an area of 300 square meters, more or less; 6) A parcel of land (Lot 5, Block 34 Psc-100202-001252, being a Consolidation-subdivision plan) situated in the Barrio of Libertad, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT-53120, containing an area of 296 square meters, more or less; 7) A parcel of agricultural land situated in Pinamanculan, Butuan City, under Tax Declaration No. 08-06-0005-00709 containing an area of 0.8812 hectare; 8) A parcel of residential land located at Pinamanculan, Butuan City covered by Tax Declaration No. 08-06-0005-00671 containing an area of 236 square meters; 9) Cash Deposit in Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) in the amount of P17,940.39, is the subject of a DEED OF EXTRA JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE OF THE LATE IÑEGO TAGUBASE CAGADAS made and entered into by deceased Iñego Tagubase Cagadas’ only legal, and compulsory heirs, namely, spouse Corazon Duncano Cagadas, and children, Ruel Duncano Cagadas, Ronald Duncano Cagadas, Rommel Duncano Cagadas, Roger Duncano Cagadas, Cristie Cagadas Gonzales, and Carolyn Duncano Cagadas, per Doc. No. 421; Page No. 43; Book No. 54; Series of 2014 of the Notarial Registry of Atty. Edwin Jon L. Pizarro, Notary Public for and in the City of Butuan. MDN: July 31, Aug 7 & 14, 2015

Armed men execute ex-village chief in Misor By GERRY LEE GORIT Correspondent

CAGAYAN de Oro City-Armed men gunned down a former village chief of Barangay Ampianga in Sugbongcogon in Misamis Oriental on Wednesday night, a police report said yesterday. Police identified the victim as Rey Inda Aquilam, a former village chief of Barangay Ampianga. Police said Aquilam, also the coordinator of the Provincial Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) of Governor Bambi Emano, succumbed to multiple bullet wounds. Investigators found at least 15 slugs from .45 and 9mm pistols and AK47 at the crime scene. Prior to the incident, the police said three men went to the house of the victim at around 8 in the EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH WAIVER OF RIGHTS Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the Late SPOUSES GORGONIO C. SALA & NIEVES N. SALA, who died intestate without leaving Will, at the time of death left certain properties situated at Mambayaan, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental described as follows: 1. “A parcel of land known as lot No. 017, survey no. 2120, bounded on the North by Lot No. 01; on the South by 018, 019; on the East by 016 and on the West by Lot No. 09, containing an area of FOURTEEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY SIX (14,156) SQUARE METERS, covered by Tax Declaration No. 0-1000216613 in the name of NIEVES, is the subject of EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH WAIVER OF RIGHTS, made and executed by and among the HEIRS namely; OLSON N. SALA, ELDEN N. SALA, and ERIC N. SALA all married of legal ages and a resident of Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. That the parties hereto being of all legal ages with full Capacity to Contract Agreed to transfer the said parcel of land to ERIC N. SALA & ELDEN N. SALA equally. While OLSON SALA is waving his right to share the above describe property in leu to the property located at Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City. Under Notary public of ATTY. BUENAVENTURA E. SAGRADO; As per Doc. No. 402; Page No. 81; Book No. 108; Series of 2015. MDN: AUG 7, 14 & 21, 2015

DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE OF THE LATE BALTAZAR Y. BALDONADO WITH ABSOLUTE SALE Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the Late BALTAZAR Y. BALDONADO, of legal age, Filipino Citizen and a resident of Gran Europa, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City at the time of his death, died intestate on January 3, 2014, leaving Two (2) parcels of land, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title Nos. 137-2014000694 and 137-2014000693, respectively, of the Registered of Deeds for Cagayan de Oro City, all located in Corrales Avenue, 1st Street, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines; and more particularly described as follows: 1. A parcel of land (Lot: 16-C-2-B, PSD-10-067234) being a portion of Lot: 16-C-2, PSD-10-056964 situated at Poblacion, Cagayan de Oro. Containing an area of One Hundred Thirty (130) Square Meters, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 137-2014000694. 2. A parcel of land (Lot: 16-C-2-A, PSD-10-067234), being a portion of Lot: 16-C-2, PSD-10056964 situated at Poblacion, Cagayan de Oro. Containing an area of Twenty Eight (28) Square Meters, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 137-2014000693, are the subject of DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL

evening. The suspects, according to the police, asked Aquilam if he could carry them by motorcycle to the town center of which the victim agreed. The police said that the suspects shot the victim point blank some 400 meters away from the house of the victim. Although wounded, said the police, the victim managed to run to the house of his uncle to hide, but the suspects managed to go after him. Investigators from Sugbongcogon police station are still trying to establish the motive behind the killing of the former village official.

READ! Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY MARINA R.O. XIII PP/Lt. Mario B. Portus, Jr., PPA Compound, Surigao City Tel. No. (+6386) 231-7622/Telefax No. (+6386) 231-7622 / Email:

RE: Application for the Renewal of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) to operate a tramper service in the operation of its ship/s in its/their applied route for the carriage of passengers and to charge deregulated rates pursuant to Republic Act No. 9295 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations. MANUEL RITA SR. CASE NO. SUR 14 –076-R JERRY S. RECONES CASE NO. CDOR 11-008-A MARIA L.S. MARINE CORP. CASE NOSUR 15-088 CIRILO T. SABIJON CASE NO. 14-063-R Applicant/s

x - - - - - - - - - - - - - x ORDER

This refers to the Application for Issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC), to operate the vessel MBCA “MBCA “MICHAELA, MBCA “JSV FRESH & FROZEN & MBCA “MARIA L.S. & MBCA “ANGEL & POY”, pursuant to RA 9295 and its R-IRR as service for hire/for the carriage of passengers only in the route/s: Port of Surigao City to Port of Surigao del Norte to any port of Dinagat Island and vice versa. The applicant shall cause the publication of this Order once in any of the five (5) major newspapers of national circulation in the Philippines or in a newspaper of local circulation, as applicable. Applicant shall present the jurisdictional, qualification and documentary requirements in a hearing to be conducted simulataneously on 19 August 2015 at 8:15, 8:35, 9:00 & 9:15 o’clock in the morning respectively at the MARINA, Regional Office, PPL/Lt Mario B. Portus, Jr. PPA Compound, Surigao City. The Applicant shall be required to make a written Formal Offer of Evidence (FOE), afterwhich, the application is deemed submitted for resolution/ decision, upon acceptance of such FOE and declaration that the cause is submitted for decision. WITNESS, the Honorable MARINA Administrator, Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. PhD, this 11th day of August 2015, Surigao City, Philippines. BY AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD (SGD) ENGR. EMMANUEL B. CARPIO, MMSA Regional Director MDN: Aug. 13, 2015

SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE OF THE LATE BALTAZAR Y. BALDONADO WITH ABSOLUTE SALE, made and executed by and between: NOLITA E. BALDONADO, of legal age, widow, Filipino citizen and SOLITO E. BALDONADO, of legal age, single, Filipino citizen, both residents of 6-B Corrales, 1st Street, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, hereinafter referred to as “HEIRS-VENDOR”; who are all of legal age, are the sole and only heirs of the decedent they being the surviving spouse and legitimate child, and SPOUSES DEXTER N. BARAZON and ADELORIE C. BARAZON, both of legal age, married, Filipino citizens and residents of District 6, Balacanas, Consolacion, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, hereinafter referred to as “VENDEE.” That for and in consideration of the sum of ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (Php 1,200,000.00), Philippine Currency, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge in full by the HEIRS-VENDOR from the VENDEE, the HEIRS-VENDOR do hereby SELL, TRANSFER, CONVEY, and DELIVER, by way of ABSOLUTE SALE, unto said VENDEE the above described 2 parcels of land. Under Notary Public of ATTY. RAMIL G. CARREON, as per Doc. No. 187; Page No. 38; Book No. XXXVIII; Series of 2014. MDN: AUGUST 14, 21 & 28, 2015

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The Doctor of Management Executive Class with Professor Alan Aladano (standing, 4th from left) and Capitol University President Atty. Casimero B. Juarez, Jr. (standing, 5th from left). Photo supplied

Capitol University, Perceptions on the Reported Cases of Abuses of Household Service Workers among new Applicants in Region 10 Bound for Kuwait: A Deterrent to Deployment?; Dr. Edwin C. Du, Capitol University, Is it Necessary to Adapt Transparency and the Rule of Law to Enforce Accountability in Good Governance?; Glofelia J. Uayan and Daisy L. Ramos, Capitol University, Utilization of Cash Grants in Addressing Health and Education Needs of Pantawid Beneficiaries; Dr. Alan N. Aladano and Dr. Francis Thaise A. Cimene, Capitol University, Understanding Corruption: From the perspectives of MPSM Students of Capitol University SY 2013-2015; Rommel Vincent C. Bitara, Municipal Local Government Operation Officer, Seal of Good Local Governance: The Municipality of Tagoloan Experience; Dr. Perla T. Asis, Capitol University, Assessment of Rabies Program in Cagayan de Oro City from 2009 to 2013. The speakers who will tackle about Educational Leadership are Dr. Joel D. Potane, Capitol University, Student’s Academic Achievement and Laboratory Performance in Science Using TSM-IP-Based Lessons; Dr. Gladys S. Escarlos, Centarl Mindanao University, Motives, Attitudes and Performance of Teacher Education Students of Central Mindanao University; Michael John R. Daub, Capitol University, Contribution of ICT for Mobile Literacy Program of Alternative Learning System; Randy M. Oyao and Dr. Miguela B. Napiere, Lourdes College, Status and Prospects for Internationalization: The Case of a Catholic Higher Education in Northern Mindanao; Dr. Gines C. Cacayan, Capitol University, The Effectiveness of Open High Scholl Program (OHSP) in Camiguin National High School: A Benchmark for a Replication of the OHSP IN Misamis Oriental; Dr. Rosemary D. Sudaria, Capitol University, Drivers and Barriers in the Development of Campus Journalism in Public Elementary School in the Division of Cagayan de Oro City; Irish Karylle D. Monte, Capitol University, Understanding the Bully and the Bullied: An Advocacy for Bullying-Free Schools; Richard M. Oco, PhD, Capitol University, Leadership Practices as Perceived by the School Head and Public High School Teachers; Dr. Olga C. Alonsabe, Capitol University, Challenges of Aspiring Teachers to be in the Public Schools: Its Implication to Pre-service Education; and Wilfredo B. Lomibao, Capitol University, Integrating the Roles of the Academe, Policy-Makers and Local Residents in the Restoration, Rehabilitation and Reduction of Mining Activities of Iponan River, Cagayan de Oro City Other concurrent speakers who will talk about Business Leadership are Dr. Nino Mae V. Duran, Capitol University, BPO and its Latest Trends; Dr. Rustom Gevero, Xavier University, Determinants of Happiness among Xavier Tertiary Faculty Members; Sircio C. Chan, Capitol University, Developing the Business Management Skills of Mindanao’s Poor: Some Reflections; Rolan F. Literatus, Xavier University, The Determinants of Customer Preference for Hotels in Cagayan de Oro City; Dr. Yvette M. Batar, Capitol University, Meta-Analysis of the Mediating Effects of Trust on Leadership Conflict Management Style; Estela S. Ganas, Xavier University, A Study on the level of Investment Awareness and Involvement among Full-time Tertiary Faculty of Xavier University Main Campus; Ferdinand Rolan L. Labandia, Capitol University, The Comparative Analysis of the Implementation of Universal Lift Truck Carriage Protectors to Improve the Cannery Operation as a Corrective and Preventive Action Plan in Reduction of Can Dents; and Ferdinand C. Paurom, Capitol University, Cultural Roadblocks to the Development of Entrepreneurial Competencies. After the speakers are done with their presentations, Cimene said questions and reactions will then follow through an open forum.

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DREAM COME TRUE: The School Stage By Maria Nora F. Bangcong Elementary School Head I Portulin Elementary School Portulin, Pangantucan, Bukidnon

Cognizant of the difficulty of putting up a school project with no funds available. The teaching staff and school head of Portulin Elementary School still continued to dream of putting up a stage in the school campus. Probably the intention was great. Teachers said, that they were already tired of using the Barangay stage anytime the school had celebrations and programs because it is located 10 meters away from the school and it’s not safe for the pupils. They have to bring all things needed and returned it back which takes time and energy. Moreover, they were very much interested and eager to let their pupils to experience the joy of rendering individual performances on stage without any hassle. The desire prompted the teacher to think how to generate funds to finance the dream project. So, through their joint efforts and with the help of the Barangay Officials of

Barangay Portulin at last the goal was achieved and the teachers’ dream was realized. The School Head Maria Nora F. Bangcong together with the teachers was very grateful to those who were instrumental in the realization of the dream. The stage is located inside the school campus facing south and facing all the classrooms. It is a permanent concrete structure. Its walls still needs improvement as to the finishing and painting; it is a work in progress. At the moment, the stage can be used for the forthcoming “ Buwan ng Wika” celebration and other school activities. The School Head and Teachers wish to express their profound gratitude to the various groups of personalities involved in bonding together for the common cause. This is one way of proving that great things can be done and dreams can come true when we work together as one.

Don Carlos National High School in its Preparation for Senior High School Implementation By Sito M . Cañas-Teacher lll Senior High School Coordinator

Don Carlos National High School is headed by the School Principa, Gloria A. Daba and Sito M. Cañas teacher lll was designated as Senior High School Coordinator to plan and create the courses offering of the school. The opening of the Senior High School, the School head and the Coordinator attended various training and seminars of the said Senior High School Program. The division, school and the stakeholders will effort for the implementation of Senior High School through various consultations to parents, teachers and community. The DCNHS was finalized there offering by school

year 2016-17 with the help of the Division Planning Committee. They offered General Academic Strand, Accountancy, Business and Management, Technical Vocational and livelihood track curriculum like bread and pastry, cookery, food and Beverage Services, Horticulture NC ll, Computer Hardware Servicing NC ll, Contact Center Services NC ll. Finally the Don Carlos NHS is now preparing for the subject will be offer for the final implementation of the Senior High School. We cater students from other schools that are willing to study in DCNHS for the school year 2016-17.

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SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: BOON OR BANE? By Grace T. Palahang Salawagan National High School

Last May 15, 2013, President Noynoy Aquino signed the law that would implement the program in 2016. The said law requires the Filipino student to attend the kindergarten, six years in elementary, four years in junior high school and two years in the senior high school. The Enhance Basic Education Curriculum otherwise known as K to 12 program has nearing to its full implementation as it reaches Grade 10. Both government and private sectors are preparing for the senior high school. According to De Jesus, the former Secretary of Education, they are trying to cure the ills of higher

education and they must do it early not on later stages. The Depar tment of Education has ordered its regional offices to study its economy and decide what tracks of Senior High School best fit their place. The 4 SHS tracks that the department will offer in Grade 11 and 12 are academic, sports, arts and design, and technical-vocational livelihood .This track will serve as the student’s specialization and will determine if they will aim for higher education, employment or entrepreneurship. The K+12 Education program contributes greater impact to the skills of the students. In the elementary grades it helps to improve

their reading and writing skills, ability to comprehend and compute. The two years of senior high school intend to provide time for students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies. The new education system is truly on our way. It has been on the system for 4 years but there is always a big question despite of new changes. Are we ready really? K to 12 promises a lot of things. This things can be very useful for developing and improving our education. It can also be helpful to those poor families who don’t have enough money to support their children. As the new system offers new opportunities to our young, it will also lessen

the burden of parents. But some people don’t even know what K to 12 promises so much. For others, this new educational system will not be a guarantee for their children to do better and dream higher. They find it a big hindrance because of two more additional years. They are bothered of more years to support their children financially. As a part of our education, we should always try our best and think of matter for the good of everyone. Truly, we are still lacking of more classrooms, teachers as well as modern facilities. But how we can do it if we are afraid to try? K to 12 education is either “Boon or Bane”.

Localized Decisions for Quality Education By Samson C. Gaje Salawagan National High School

The Department of education (DepEd) is the principal government agency responsible for education and manpower development. The mission of the department is to provide quality basic education that is equitably accessible to all and lay the foundation for life-long learning and service for the common good. The Department is primarily responsible for the formation, planning, implementation and coordination of the policies, standards, regulations, plans, programs and projects in areas of formal and non-formal education. It supervises all basic education institutions, both public and private, and provides for the establish-

ment and maintenance of a complete, adequate and integrated system of education relevant to the goals of national development. To address these prevailing problems, the department is divulging some of the power by empowering the school heads to implement the department’s programs and projects which is relevant to the real situation of the school. That is why, in August v2001, Republic Act No. 9155, otherwise called the Governance of Basic Education Act, was passed transforming the name of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) to the Department of Education (DepEd) and redefining the role of field offices( regional offices, division offices district of-

fices and schools). This Act provides the overall framework for: (i)school heads empowerment by strengthening their leadership roles and (ii) schoolbased management with in the context of transparency and local accountability. Under School-Based Management, the Department of Education has stepped up its effort to decentralize education management- a strategy that is expected to improve the Department’s operating efficiency and upgrade education. Former DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapuz (2009) says, we are now accelerating the implementation of School-Based management, a key component of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA). With SBM, the school as the key provider of educa-

tion will be equipped to empower its key officials to make informed and localized decisions based on their unique needs toward improving our education system. He said further, that implementing School-Based Management, the Department is doing all it can to create an environment where all the people involved in the process not only agree but also commit to make change happen under a decentralized set up. For this new set up to succeed, our principals need to develop their people skills and managerial capabilities. They can do so if they are given the opportunity and a wide berth to shine empowered leaders and chief catalysts for change in our schools.

The History of Don Carlos National High School By Sito M. Cañas – Teacher lll

It was a “dream come true” when, finally, the Department of Education Regional Office 10 approved the opening and operation of Don Carlos National High School year 2003-2004. Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the Department of Public Works and Highways between the School Division Superintendent and the Municipal Mayor of Don

Carlos, Bukidnon Felix S. Manzano specifying a provision that the initial operation of the school shall be funded by the Local Government Unit of Don Carlos until such time when the school is included in the General Appropriation Act. The school site was donated by the Department of Public Works and Highways and has an aggregate area of more than or less 1.8

hectares strategically located along the national highway of Barangay Sinangguyan, Don Carlos Bukidnon.On June 6, 2003, the first classes were opened with one hundred eleven (111) students organized into two sections. The pioneering teachers were Mrs, Dulce Amor M. Maribao, Mrs. Mary Jane P. Souribio and Miss Ruthcile P. Agcopra now Mrs. R. Torres with Mrs. Rebecca Datulayta as Officer InCharge.

Finally on July 27, 2009 Republic Act No. 99751 was enacted establishing a National High School in Barangay Sinangguyan, Municipality of Don Carlos, Province of Bukidnon to be known as Don Carlos National High School and Appropriating Funds. Today, Don Carlos NHS is a progressive institution in the town to excellence performance in both academic and extracurricular.

Dangcagan District Implements School-Based Immunization Program 2015 By Teresita G. Pamisa School Principal

The school of Dangcagan District, Dangcagan, Bukidnon, implemented the S cho ol-B as ed Im munization Program as mandated by the Department of Health through the Department Memorandum No. 0416 Series of 2015. All school children enrolled in Grade 1 shall be vaccinated with MeaslesRubella and Tetanus-Diptheria, provided that the general guidelines should

always be observed. 1. All eligible school children should be screened for their measles vaccination history at the time f school entr y and be vaccinated if evidences show either zero or only one dose to ensure that these children received at least 2MCV by school entry and should be administered with one dose of Tetanus-diptheria vaccines. 2. School –based vacci-

nation shall be REE routine service to be administered by the health center catchment and the schools. 3. Only pupils with parental/guardian consent shall be vaccinated. 4. In case of zero or 1 dose or vaccination refusal, or no immunization card presented, the pupil shall not be suspended, grounded nor reprimanded. All schools in the district were given their respective schedules within the month of August to ensure that

everybody will be vaccinated. August 4- Lourdes Elementary School, August 5- Mac Arthur ES, August 6- Kianggat ES, August 7San Vicente ES, August 10 – New Visayas ES, August 11 – Barongcot ES, August 12 – Sagbayan ES, August 13-Bugwak ES, August 14 – Kapalaran ES, August 17- Dangcagan Central ES, August 18- Migcuya ES, August 19- Dangcagan Annex, August 24- Dolorosa ES, August 25-Osmeña ES, August 27- Miaray ES.

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Regional Health Office X also monitored the number of pupils who were officially enrolled in this school and the number of pupils who took actual deworming.

The teachers were given form to list down the name of pupils who were not dewormed and the reason why, as part of the documentation.

NUTRITION MONTH CELEBRATION By Rosemarie R. Bacus Apyao Central Elementary School Quezon-I District

Apyao Elementary School celebrates Nutrition Month with the theme “TIMBANG, IWASTO SA TAMANG NUTRISYON AT EHERSISYO”. The celebration composes of many activities namely food display contest, it was by classroom and judge among the following criteria the

presence of the 3 basic food groups GO,GROW and GLOW foods, its arrangement and style was one of the basis. There were coloring contest in Grade one and Grade two. It has three representative by section. There were also contest in Grade Three and Grade Four both has representative by section

it was a poster- making contest based on the theme. The Grade five and Grade Six was a slogan contest. There were various presentations by grade level. The celebration was highlighted the most interesting part of the program the FITNESS and WELLNESS launching together with the pupils and faculty members dancing on the of zumba, most promfloor by using the projector ising moment burning following the music step calories.


By Rosemarie R. Bacus Apyao Central Elementary School Quezon-I District

that really inspired me as public servant. I found it in the first page of my old official record book excerpts from the unknown Author. It is also my guide as I do my work every day. It goes this way:

let me remember how blessed and lucky I am to be in my job. Remind me to be grateful for the work that I do. The people I meet and the wage I receive. Keep me cooperative with my co- employer and Just a quick prayer I PRAYER BEFORE WORK. co- worker. If I have to comwant to share with you Lord as I started the day, plain, make me think first


It’s the highest, holiest service assumed by humankind. It’s the definition of selfless service. It’s both of daunting responsibility and a glorious opportunity. The divine role of motherhood is a gift from God, and key to His plan of happiness for all His children. HIGHEST, HOLIEST CALLING Who helped you tie your shoes or learn a new piece on the piano? When you forgot your science project was due the next day, who made a latenight run for poster board and glue? It was Mom. Every Christmas, even though money was always tight, who was consistently pulled off a miracle and Christmas morning magical and memorable? It was Mom. Now that you’re a parent, you may scratch your head wondering how she did it all. Each day is filled with toys to put away and noses to wipe, dinners to make and work to squeeze in. You can’t remember when-if ever-she took time for herself. But now

you feel what your mom must have felt as you watch your toddler fall asleep and listen to his giggles in the other room. You now understand better than ever that mothers are gifts from God. In fact, motherhood is the “highest, holiest service . . . given to mankind.” “MOTHERS ARE ENDOWED WITH A LOVE THAT IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER LOVE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.” You are a child of God who He entrusted to your mother’s care, her hand substituted for God’s as she bandaged a skinned knee or wiped away your tears. Her words of love and wisdom guide you through rough patches, instilling in you the confidence to succeed. The things she taught you become the lessons you now teach to your own children. Being a mother is so much more than a biological process. It’s a heavenly job created by God before this life. In heaven, all of us who live now and all who have ever lived on earth lived with God as His spirit

sons and daughters. God has plan that allows all of us to come to earth, acquire physical bodies, and grow through life’s experiences, eventually returning to Him again after we die. “THERE IS NOLIMIT TO WHAT A MOTHER CAN ACCOMPISH. RIGHTEOUS WOMEN HAVE CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO.” God chose mother to bear the responsibility of providing physical bodies for His children through the miraculous process of pregnancy and birth. Being a mother means participating in the miracle that is God’s greatest work. Thomas S. Monson, modernday prophet, said, “One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one.” The divine role of motherhood is exhibited in all women, whether they’ve born children or not. It is important to remember that the call to nurture is not limited to our own flesh and blood. Whether it’s aunt, a teacher, a friend, or a community leader, we are all deeply indebted to the normal, steadying influence of good women in our lives.

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By Maribel N. Tulato

By Rosemarie R. Bacus Apyao Central Elementary School Quezon-I District

demer leads the countdown at 10:00 o’clock . Everybody chewed the tablet and after, everybody said “GOODBYE BULATE”. This mass activity attended by some Barangay Health Personnel. The chief midwife of Barangay Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon . Mrs. Jeanna de Dios delivered her message and inculcated to the minds of the pupils and some parents who participated the importance of the thorough activity to our body and each health benefits. The

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Apyao E lement ar y School joint the activity of National School Deworming Day. The following activities hand washing, feeding, tooth brushing and deworming. The buzzers on at 9:45 in the morning, pupils were instructed to form their lines in front of the stage from kindergarten to Grade Six. The advisers managed the pupils and distributed them the chewable deworming tablet. Our active and service oriented principal Mr. Dante B. Ar-

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of the common good and later of my own welfare. Help me to be honest in my dealings and be responsible in the task assigned to me. Make me aware that in my work I bring your work to completion… Amen It is a reminder for me to do my work with love and fashion in accordance to His will.

It was August 19, 1997 when I assumed first day of service as public school teacher. But I can still remember the sacrifices that I incurred just to reach TANDACOL my first school assignment, a sitio of barangay Liligayon one of the farthest barangay in the municipality of Valencia. Tandacol Elementary School is situated at the top of the mountain surrounded by the thick forest, which contributed the coolness of the surroundings. Upon staring at the place when I am in the barrio I asked why people liked to live in such places which is so hard to reach specially that the only means of transportation are horses. Rare cases that vehicles reaches there with a special purpose and that vehicle is really designed to pass through a hilly, stony difficult way. Then my queries were answered when I reached the place I feel that I am in the midst of paradise; where everything is fresh and the nature is so ideal. The river is very clear and cool, water flows from the roots of big trees, flowers blooms and the soil are so fertile. There I personally witness the presence of wild pig, the dear that reaches the school after dodging from the hunters and the honey fresh from the forest, that you can really witness the Lumad extracted it from its bee hive. Looking at the school that time was so naïve, and not yet influenced by the advancement of latest technologies. By that time there is no

professional from the place yet. Teachers do their best to educate school children, to bring about change that could improve their lifestyle and motivated them to pursue and finish their study; for it is really proven that knowledge is the key to success. I stayed there for almost 4 years, and by February 2001, I was transferred to Sinalayan Elementary School. Almost 15 years passed, I didn’t expect that my grades II and III pupils in Tandacol Elementary School before were blessed to finished their studies, and brought about changes in their locality: there is an engineer, teacher, agriculturist, marine engineer and 5 of them are already a resident of United States and generous enough to sponsor renovation and painting of catholic chapel in Tandacol. One of my pupils was a licensed teacher operated an internet café in the place, there’s also a couple owned a machine shop, and a manager in nestle corporation at CDO City branch. The horse driver that fixes me every Sunday afternoon from the barrio is already a successful businessman in Valencia City. Now as I reminisce those times since I met them, so innocent, less fortunate and have nothing even a transistor radio but now they’re successful. This makes me more inspired of my profession as a teacher for I know that with this I am a catalyst of change to their lives specially those who strives hard and courageous enough to build a brighter future.


The Nat iona l D e worming Day, which is targets to deworm 16 million school children from Kinder to Grade 6 in all public schools nationwide, was held on July 29, 2015. Department of Health Undersecretary Vicente Belizario said that the school-based mass deworming program is not entirely new in the country as this was already launched in some area in Western Visayas, which was the pilot area, in collaboration with the Department of Education. Belizario said that DepEd has the venue where teachers will give the chewable tablets to the students with the assistance of health per-

sonnel. Dr. Ella Naliponguit, DepEd director for Health and Nutrition Center, said the deworming activity will be on July 29, 2015 from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. Naliponguit said the chewable tablet is safe to take and effective, although there could be some instances a pupil may feel some side effects such as nausea. “But the side effect are very mild and transient,” said Belizario. DOH has allocated a budget of P49 million for the synchronized deworming activity. Impahanong Elementary School participated the said activity. Mrs. Herna Macas a representative from the Department of Health initiated the said activity. The said activity

was being started with an opening program with the teachers of the host school. Mrs. Herna Macas explained the importance of deworming to our children. She had shown some illustrations on how worms affect the Health of our children. She also explained the possible adverse effect of not taking the deworming medicines. Feeding activity followed after the opening program. This aims to address the need of our children taking the said deworming medicines with an empty stomach. Many children enjoyed the said feeding activity even though we only prepared as simple so called BENIGNIT. The said activity indeed a successful one because we targeted almost 100% of our pupils gone through deworming. Thank you DOH for that effort.

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The School Leader and Transformational Leadership In Achieving Quality Education: A Personal Opinion By Tessie Pamisa-Presbitero Master Teacher I San Jose Elementary School Quezon I District Division of Bukidnon

Several issues regarding poor quality education has bombarded the Philippine Basic Education Sector. Problems on the low achievement level among students in both elementary and secondary levels persist year in and year out in addition to low completion and participation rates. The executive and the legislative branches of the government, tried to get a fair share of the responsibility and helped the educational leaders in its efforts to achieve quality education. One of their most remarkable contribution was the approval and implementation of the Salary Standardization Law for teachers and other government employees wherein salaries are raised to give employees a better standard of living and to make brilliant teachers stay on the job instead of finding better opportunities abroad. Educational funds have

also been decentralized and downloaded to individual schools to ensure that varying school needs are properly addressed through the so-called judicious spending of the MOOE. The educational leaders have also organized a pool of brilliant individuals in the system to identify system dysfunction and plan out ways to improve the delivery of basic education services that fits to the needs of the school. Certain leadership and management styles emerged and evolved through the years with school experimenting one after another with the hope of achieving the desired quality of education. Recently, the so-called transformational leadership came into the scenario of School Based management. And although the term sounds novice, some of its features, however, have been used in the previous leadership styles. This kind of leadership is encouraged by the experts to be used

Where are teachers needed? By JEONARD D. RANILE Teacher I/OIC Ilignan Elementary School Impasugong I District

THE need for teachers in the country is quite real. According to a Department of Education (DepEd) study, employment of teachers is expected to grow by 13 percent in 2018. In 2008 when there was no K-12 curriculum back then, there were only few teachers. Today as two more years are added in the high school level and specializations are injected into the curriculum, there really is a demand for schoolteachers.

The specific needs of schools vary from division to division and district to district. For instance, there is a different learning culture in such urban areas as Cagayan de Oro as compared to rural areas like us here in Bukidnon. But I would like to stress that the K-12 curriculum is universal all over the country. What I meant in the statement above is the learning culture among the studentry. The teacher should learn to adapt the culture of the community he or she is in.

in schools to purportedly achieve higher quality standards in the school system. It allows all stakeholders to sit together to formulate a common vision and work collaboratively towards the achievement of its vision. This kind of leadership expects the participation of every community member and organization to address complex issues in the educational system to bring about relevant, quality basic education. But, if the previous styles failed, how could transformational leadership succeed in its quest for quality education? To attain success, the school administrator, being the focal person in institutionalizing transformational leadership must be a transformed leader himself. Since he serves as a bridge in this process, he must be able to win the hearts of the stakeholders by living to their expectations and showing genuine concern for service. He must act and live humbly and credibly. Humble enough to admit that there is only

very little that he can do alone , no matter how brilliant he is and how hard he works. He must also observe the highest standard of honesty and transparency at all times so that he would be able to lead with credibility. Updating the people with the educational programs, school activities, issues and even funds that the school receives is certainly a manifestation of public accountability. It is also important that school leaders will render to the community the financial reports of the school and encouraging them to ask questions to the right person to avoid negative speculations. If the stakeholders see these values in their school administrators, they will certainly not hesitate to share their best effort, talent and treasure for the betterment of the school. After all, it is their own community that will benefit most if the envisioned quality of education is achieved by the school.

Why teach?

By LIZA JANE E. SURAHAN Teacher II/OIC Kibuwa Elementary School Impasugong I District

WHY teach? It’s a simple question with hundreds or even thousands of answers. But the most important answer is one’s desire to teach. No matter how qualified or how intelligent you are, if you don’t have love for children, you don’t belong to the Basic Education Department. Of course, there are also social reasons to teach, philanthropic reasons to teach, economic reasons to teach (both for you and your students) and even

diplomatic reasons. Every child who would be better off with the guidance and care of a great teacher is another reason to become a teacher. That is especially true if one’s dad or one’s mom is a teacher as well. Then one gets motivated to be one. One more point, no matter which country you are on Earth, there will always be a need for great teachers regardless of the generation. You may live in the Information Age but without teachers to guide you, then every piece of information is rendered irrelevant.

Differentiating direct instruction and cooperative learning By CHARISH R. ALUMBRO School Head Teacher I Kibuwa Elementary School Impasugong I District

DIRECT instruction is the general term that refers to the traditional teaching strategy that relies on explicit teaching through

lectures and teacher-led demonstrations. It is in contrast to inquiry-based learning where as we all are familiar with, students are grouped into three or five and they demonstrate what they have learned before their classmates. In

direct instruction, teachers and professors are the sole supplier of knowledge and information. It can be applied either in Basic Education or in college. There is no superior method between the two so you can alternate teaching them

to your students. You don’t have to be a radical like John Keating but you don’t necessarily have to be stiff-necked when it comes to the methods you are using to impart the curriculum to your students.

Therma South brightens college kids’ future Aside from its promise of providing much needed power to Mindanao, Therma South, Inc. (TSI) is also brightening the future of students by opening its first college scholarship program early this year. In partnership with Therma South’s accredited university – the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), a total of eight deserving college students are now enjoying the benefits

of this full scholarship. “TSI is very proud to have finally rolled out our educational assistance to well-deserving students from our host communities. This was among the commitments we made before starting this project and we are happy that with the support of the Aboitiz Foundation, we have delivered this commitment” said Therma South president and COO Benjamin Cariaso Jr.

The eight scholars, hailing from Therma South’s host communities in barangay Binugao, Toril in Davao City and barangay Inawayan in the municipality of Sta. Cruz are aspiring to be mechanical and electrical engineers who are looking forward for the opportunity to work in Therma South after passing the board examinations. “Education is the best weapon to change the world.

We profusely thank TSI for giving our families and us this early Christmas gift as a way of helping us attain of a better future. Rest assured that we would not only do well but do best in our studies as a way of reciprocating the company’s kindness and generosity.” Said freshman Katherine Anne Franco, a BS Electrical Engineering Scholar from barangay Inawayan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

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DepEd’s Text2Teach program By Lovert A. Mendez District Office Kibawe Central Elementary School 8720 Kibawe, Bukidnon

Schools in this generation has already embraced the challenge of modernization. This is due to the reason that students’ mind evolves through time, making it challenging for educators to engrave lessons. Thus, in order to cope up on the people’s practices and mindset, the strategies of teaching must join the cycle. Text2Teach is a modernized program for this kind of use. It is the Philippine version of the global Bridge IT program which provides educational videos and lesson guides on hard-toteach concepts and leastlearned competencies in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and Values Education. These videos and lesson guides are aligned with the curriculum set by the Department of

Education (DepEd) to be implemented in public elementary schools across the country. Text2Teach program uses advanced mobile technology and is integrated with teachertraining method. Text2Teach program aims to contribute to the quality of teaching and learning in underserved schools and communities in the Philippines. It is implemented in partnership with Microsoft, the Department of Education, local government units, Globe Telecom, and Pearson Foundation. The systems of education are levelling up just to cope up this generation’s mindset that sometimes a source of student problems. In solving such problem, it is big help that way of teaching must be upgraded through this modern time.

PRIME: Its drive on achieving Education for All By Lovert A. Mendez District Office Kibawe Central Elementary School 8720 Kibawe, Bukidnon

The Department of Education made the Education for All targets as forefront advocacy in running the education programs for Filipino childrent. This program is set to conclude next year along with the realization of Millenium Development Goals of United Nations. Part of this implementation is Philippine Response to Indigenous Peoples’ and Muslim Education (PRIME). It is to ensure the access to more reliable data for planning and targeting its resources for the purpose of reaching the underserved groups across the country. The program is realized through partnership with Australian government, being the funding organization. PRIME takes place in nine regions of the country which are determined as regions having lowest educational indicators. It is expected to improve access to quality education by addressing drop-out rates, improving poor

participation rates and increasing completion rates and national test score rates, which will result to better learning outcomes for indigenous peoples and Muslim communities. The run of PRIME first started on year 2011. In a statement released July 2014, DepEd reported that this program has already reached more than a 100,000 children attending in some 725 public schools across nine sites in the country. Truly, these figures say that PRIME has been an effective tool in delivering quality kind of education to various locations in a manner that it is sensitive and parallel to varying cultures, dialects and practices. This method made it easier for delivery of learning. It might be a fact that educational problems bombarded the thirdgeneration countries such as ours but Department of Education does not also stop to implement programs beneficial among Filipino children.

BRIGHTER FUTURE. TSI President and COO Benjamin A. Cariaso Jr., TSI FVP for Government and Community Relations Manuel M. Orig and FVP for Corporate Services Charles A. Gamo poses with the scholars and their parents. photo supplied

Mindanao Daily Northmin (August 14, 2015)  

Mindanao Daily Northmin (August 14, 2015)

Mindanao Daily Northmin (August 14, 2015)  

Mindanao Daily Northmin (August 14, 2015)