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September 25, 2013


BIFF frees remaining hostages in Midsayap KIDAPAWAN CITY – Fourteen persons who were reportedly abducted Monday by members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in a remote village of Midsayap, North Cotabato were released early morning of Tuesday, an official said. Gov. Emmylou Talino-Mendoza said the hostages, nine teachers and five barangay officials, were

released following negotiations led by Provincial Board Member Kellie Antao. The victims underwent a debriefing and medical checkup in a government hospital in Midsayap. They were abducted in Barangay Malingao on Monday when BIFF rebels launched simultaneous attacks on military outposts in Malingao, Polonguguen and

Rangaban. The teachers were identified as Dioden Camiros, Annamrie Corpus,Josefina Galvez, Hydie Marcelo, Pairosa Mohaiden, Lily Postrado,Geraldine Yunting and Tuday Zainal. The barangay officials were identified as council members Norodin Delangalen, Payag Bulongan, Abdulkareem Duman

and Inggi Abdul and barangay secretary Tex Managsa. The BIFF rebels had earlier held 19 persons, mostly elementary school teachers, the military said. Five of them were released Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the number of families displaced by the clashes

Lantad residents flee homes


SEE hostages/p.11

By Cheng Ordonez

AGAYAN DE ORO -- Residents flee their homes for safety following New People’s Army attack Sunday in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and the subsequent military pursuit operation in the area. SEE FULL STORY/p.11

Truck-load of relief goods donated by Sulu. (Top photo) Gov. Totoh Tan talking to Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar with Sulu Provincial Women’s Council Chair Nurunisah Tan. (Photo courtesy of A l A llian )

Provincial Prosecutor Chuchi Alvarez-Azis, Misamis Oriental Gov. Yevgeny Vincente B. Emano and provincial police chief Senior Supt. Leonilo Lagaac Cabug sign a memorandum of agreement to form a joint task force that will apprehend operators of illegal quarrying activities in the province. The governor’s office has called on those engaged in quarrying to obtain permits. photo by gerry lee gorit

Sulu donates P3.2-M cash, goods to Zambo Sulu Donation (Including earlier reported initial donation) P1.2 Million in cash P2.0 Million in kind or assorted goods P3.2 Million – total Breakdown 1,000 sacks of rice 300 cases of noodles 100 cases of sardines 200 cases of mineral water P500,000 worth of assorted goods from Minsu Oil Co.

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- In an early Saturday evening courtesy call, Zamboanga City Mayor Isabel Climaco Salazar received from Sulu Governor Abdusakur “Totoh” Tan II, cash and assorted goods, items in the form of donations, amounting to P3.2 M from the people of Sulu to provide relief

assistance to victims of the ongoing crisis in Zamboanga City. During the same call, Gov. Tan told Mayor Climaco-Salazar that the people of Sulu sympathize with the plight of the people of Zamboanga City, and that the province is ready to assists the SEE sulu/p.11


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Misor could live in ‘darkness’ By CRIS DIAZ Executive Editor of Mindanao Daily News

MISAMIS Oriental––It would suffice for the province of Misamis Oriental to live in “shadows and darkness” than having excess energy at the expense of the environment that would put to risk the future of its people, a provincial official said on Tuesday. Vice Governor Joey Pelaez said that any power firm would be welcomed to operate in Misamis Oriental provided the power firm should meet the stringent environmental compliance prior to its operation.

Pelaez issued the statement when his opinion was sought for the establishment of a P 30 billion coal-fired power plant in addition to the existing coal-fired power plant in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. FDC Utilities Inc. Of the Filinevest group has proposed to put up a P30 billion coal-fired power plant in the province According to Filiinvest, the 405 MW will comprise three generating units with a 135-MW capacity each at the proposed site inside the province’s economic zone at the PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate in Misa-

mis Oriental. FilInvest said that the proposed facility equipped with a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology is scheduled for commercial commissioning in 2016. Another firm, the Cagayan de Oro Power and Light Company (CEPALCO), also presented a proposal to build a new coal-fired power plant in the municipal town of Balingasag in the province’s eastern district. Cepalco, together with Mindanao Energy Systems, incorporated (MINERGY), have already filed a joint application for approval of 100 MW power supply

with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) dated on June 26,2013. Considering that there is already the existing Coal-fired Power plant of Steag, Pelaez has expressed the apprehension that the approval of two more coal-fired power plants would mean a total of three coal-fired power plants in Misamis Oriental. He said with three coalfired power plants in just one province would certainly threaten the environment, health, and safety of the people in Misamis Oriental and the Macajalar Bay, which would serve as “absorber of toxic efflu-

ents” from these coal-fired power plants. “The presence of three coal-fired power plant in the bay area would have a deleterious impact on the marine environment in the area,” Pelaez added. Concentrating three coal-fired power plants in one province are a kind of “abnormality” that defies common sense and logic, Pelaez said. He said scientific studies affirmed that coal is dirty, if not the dirtiest, of all fossil fuels, coal emits 29 per cent more carbon than oil and 80 per cent more than gas. “C oal is one of the

leading contributors to global warming and climate change,” Pelaez said. According to Pelaez, massive amounts of harmful substances such as mercury, a deadly neurotoxin and arsenic which caused cancer, are released in burning coals. Summing up the harmful effects of a coal-fired power plant, it would be better for Misamis Oriental to live in darkness and shadows, where people are safe with a clean environment, than having three coal-fired power plants and excess energy supply, Pelaez said. With reports from LRJ

Labor official says the media need protection

CAGAYAN de Oro City–– The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on Monday said that the labor rights of media practitioners should be protected. Alan Macaraya, DOLE regional director in Northern Mindanao, said that media practitioners deserve just compensations and proper benefits just like any wage earner is enjoying. Macaraya has expressed concerned over reports that some employers of media practitioners, mostly in the provinces, had denied media workers of their labor rights “With few exceptions, some established media firms provide just compensation to media practitioners,” Macaraya added.

Dormer Postero, who worked as a radio reporter for over six years, was not receiving regular compensation but earned only through commissions of advertisement. Postero said he has no social security insurance, no Philhealth, and no Pagibig for housing benefits. “However, I am still thankful that the radio station where I am working as a reporter took me in,” Postero told the Philippines News Agency (PNA). The broadcast media offers only a minuscule commission of 15 per cent for the cost of a contracted air time of advertisers. The broadcast media

BUDGET HEARING. Congressman Rufus B. Rodriguez, during the budget hearings for the 2014 budget of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), informs CHR Chairperson Loretta Ann P. Rosales of the plan of the Malaysian government to deport 450,000 Filipinos from Sabah. Rep. Rodriguez urged Chairperson Rosales to formulate plans and safeguards to ensure that the rights of these Filipinos are not violated. Rep. Rodriguez personally knows the dangers of these deportations because he saw how Filipinos were herded like cattle during a similar deportation which happened when he was Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigrations.

LGU flexes muscle vs. ‘illegal quarrying’ By GERRY GORIT Staff Member

MISAMIS Oriental––The provincial governor of Misamis Oriental on Tuesday media | page 11 has flexed its muscles to run after illegal quarrying in a bid to regain the lost rivers and tributaries due to unabated mining of sands and gravels here for the past decade. Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano said that his office was made aware of reports of illegal quarrying purportedly perpetrated by officials of the past provincial administration who were clandestinely operating as “contractors” by employing “dummy” firms. “The allegation sounds incredible but the fact that

illegal quarrying continually degrades the environment – more often, the primary reason of the drying up of rivers – we can no longer stand and watch the ultimate destruction of the province’s last watershed,” Emano said. Quarrying is the mining and extraction of sands and gravels, mostly in rivers and tributaries, as primary materials for concreting and infrastructure projects and graveling of all purpose farm to market roads. Emano said he has ordered the creation of a task force through a memorandum of agreement (M0A) by and between the provincial police command, the provincial capitol, and provincial prosecutor’s office to run after perpetrators

of illegal quarrying here. “We are assuring everyone that the road of “sacred cows” would end in my administration,” the young Governor said after the signing of the memorandum of agreement at the provincial Capitol on Monday. “The MOA notes the “prevalence of illegal quarrying activities” in the province, the resulting “environmental degradation” and prejudice to the “economic interest” of the province, and the need to “strengthen law enforcement as well as prosecution of offenders,” Emano added. He said that the provincial government would issue cease and desist orders to all those who are engaged in quarrying sand and gravel in rivers throughout Misamis Oriental. Josito Nick A. Tilos, officer in charge of the province’s environment and natural resources office, said that illegal quarrying is prevalent in the province’s component City of Gingoog City and coastal town of Balingasag. Tilos said while quarrying was not allowed near bridges, particularly one kilometer upstream and one kilometer downstream, this rule was grossly violated. Another rule where quarrying is not allowed is on the river mouths and

in certain cases along river banks since quarrying is allowed only in the middle of the river, Tilos added. Emano said that the provincial police was tasked to seize all instruments used in illegal quarrying while owners and those who would be caught running the illegal quarry would be criminally charged in court. Police Senior Supt. Leonilo Cabug, head of the provincial police command, that the provincial government has the full support of the entire police command in the fight against illegal quarrying in the province. “Governor Emano has my full support in this laudable effort,” Cabug told the Philippines News Agency. Emano, however, encouraged those who were engaged in illegal quarrying to get quarrying permits from the provincial government. “The local government code provides that the provincial governor’s office is authorized to issue quarrying permits in the province,” Emano said. He said that the income that would be derived out of the quarrying activities would be divided into 30 per cent due the province, 30 per cent share for the municipality, and 40 per cent for the barangay where the sand and gravel originated.

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News In Focus

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“MNLF NORTHERN COMMAND LEADERS PLEDGE TO BE PEACE MAKERS” ‘FIRST ’ time ever for Cagayan de Oro City, Religious leaders and community members unite with the ‘MNLF-Moro National Liberation Front in a ‘Prayer Peace Rally’ for Mindanao and for a cease fire and quick resolution for the conflict in Zamboanga City. A POSITIVE step forward for peace in northern Mindanao took place in the Divizoria on Sunday September 15, 2013. It marks a new history making era for ‘Peace Sustainability’ in the history book for the ‘City of Golden Friendship’, Cagayan de Oro City Mindanao. MNLF leaders signed a ‘Memorandum of Agreement and a Covenant’ to be ‘Peace Makers and Gate Watchers’ over Mindanao. The religious leaders and other Christians present joined in and laid hands of Rev. Sami ‘Mike’ Tagalog and his commandos. They prayed that MNLF Northern Command would be peace makers in the city and keep the city safe by adopting a non-violent strategy. Eighteen Catholic Bishops of Mindanao Diocese also portioned the GRP, the Military and MNLF southern Mindanao to cease armed combat and renegotiate a peace plan. We the religious sectors of Cagayan de Oro

are calling on President Noy-Noy and Chairman Nur Misauri to cease fire and negotiate amicably as responsible leaders and men of God should do. The Prayer Rally was convened by the religious leader and NGOs on request from Rev. Sami Kiel ‘Mike’ Tagalog chief of staff MNLF Northern Command based in Agora Cagayan de Oro City. After a number of meetings with NGO Peace consultant, Rev William Steel from ‘Aid to Life Ministries Inc. Australia’, and the Chairman of ‘Jesus For All Nations’ Bishop Herbert Gadian, who represented the religious sector for Cagayan de Oro City collaborated on the need to unite the people and stop the conflict. All parties agreed to the prayer rally for peace in Mindanao ‘Without Arms’ and to adopt a NON-VIOLENT strategy. It was decided that Rev. Tagalog would obtain the appropriate permits endorsed by the City Hall, Div4 and the Police Commissioner of the City and initiate a peace making strategy with his command. This was not to be political motivated agenda nor was it to be a demonstration but purely a Prayer Rally for Peace in Mindanao. The sole purpose for

the Prayer Rally was initiated to demonstrate to the city of Cagayan de Oro that Rev. Sami Tagalog’s command (NORCOM) is a Christian Command and is calling for a nonviolent approach to the long standing conflict with the government. ‘Bagsamoro Armed Force’ (BAF) places itself under a new logo called ‘Mindanao Alliance Composite Force’ with the motto ‘Guardians of Peace’ as a Christian sector of the MNLF for Northern Mindanao. Rev. Tagalog will now endorse qualified chaplains to his command for the purpose of peace development. The Religious sector and Rev. Tagalog’s command is calling for the government to renegotiate the 1996 and 2010 agreement entered into between the GRP and the MNLF and keep their promise, while at the same time NORCOM will maintain a peaceful status quo. MNLF-Northern Command stand united for amnesty and peace in Northern Mindanao. A peaceful means must be approached Rev. Tagalog said, this conflict in Zamboanga cannot be resolved by military means, it is a political issue and Northern Command encourage the government to include ALL the main leaders in the peace talks

Rev. Samie A. Tagalog, chief of staff of MNLF NORCOM (third from left) and Rev. William Steel, president of Aid to Life Ministries (right) sign a memorandum of agreement with Dr. Fritz Cobrado, president of Lamp Foundation, Bishop Herbert Gadian, president of Jesus for All Nations, and Bishop Felvic Udang, president of Endtime Hervest Inti, calling for peace in Mindanao. The signing ceremony took place at a public kiosk in Cagayan de Oro City.

which includes the MNLF chairman Nur Misaurie. This more positive stand was sealed at the close of the day where members of the community, MNLF and the religious sector signed a peace covenant as an agreement to be ‘peace makers’ for lasting peace in Mindanao. Also a ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ was signed between the religious sector and Rev. Sami ‘Mike’ Tagalog.

SP welcomes 2013 Rotary youth officials VICE Mayor Caesar Ian E. Acenas and members of the 17th City Council welcome this year’s batch of Rotary Youth Officials, who will be sitting as counterparts of City Hall officials and department heads for one week. The week-long exposure program is sponsored annually by the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro. The junior city officials have been selected from different secondary public and private schools in the city. During the 12th regular session presided over by Councilor Ramon G. Tabor,

the students sat with their respective counterparts and were given the chance to participate in the proceedings. The students will also be attending scheduled meetings of the legislative body this week. This year’s youth officials who are serving as junior counterparts are: Youth City Mayor Jason Superable (Xavier University High School); Vice Mayor Josh Elleso (Capitol University); City Council Secretary Mayer Bautista (Lapasan National High School). Youth city council-

ors are: Karuna Leiko Y. Bersabal (Corpus Christi Pueblo); Dominique Umbo (Abba’s Orchard School); Kiarra B. Neri (International School); Denise Gabrille M. Alombro (St. Mary’s School); Krishia Uriele Galanida (Kong Hua School); Mark Carlo B. Almarza (Cagayan de Oro National High School); Joseph P. Clementes (Balulang National High School); Mary Colliene A. Mahinay (St. Mary’s Academy); Luigi P. Orinay (Tablon National High School); Mary Grace M. Taboclaon (Lumbia National High School); Ramil

O. Haos Jr., (Iponan National High School); Jingkie M. Marababon (Cugman National High School); Trinity May T. Gurrea (Liceo de Cagayan University); Patrycia Bacarisas (Marymount Academy); Shenna June Mejares (Mindanao Business College) and Sherwin Mark Sullano (Puntod National High School. On Friday, the junior officials will hold their own regular session and come up with resolutions, which will be submitted to the City Council for appropriate legislative action. Lorebeth C. Requiroso

T h e m e m or an du m which states five conditions as follows: 1. To believe in the power of prayer to promote peace and harmony in the region. 2. To find means and ways to have peace rather than the use of arms in voicing out sentiments to GRP. 3. To help and pray that MNLF will have equal representation with the MILF in the peace process

with the GRP. 4. Help each other by constant meetings, planning and prayers in order to achieve the peace in the region. 5. Understand and support the Bangsamoro project of MNLF with the GRP and MILF. The agreement is effective until terminated by either party and maybe revised upon the mutual concurrence of both parties. pd advt

P1.8m for just compensation payment OKd THE AMOUNT of P1.8 million has been appropriated for the full payment of the claim for just compensation, documentation and registration expenses for a property affected by the construction of the flyover located in Barangay Carmen. The appropriation ordinance was enacted during the City Council regular session yesterday presided over by Presiding Officer protempore Ramon G. Tabor. Funds will be taken from the 2012 continuing appropriation of “Non-Office:Land Acquisition and Expropriation” budget. Ordinance No.12662-2013 also authorizes Mayor Oscar Moreno to sign the corresponding Deed of Absolute Sale for the purpose. The legislation was favorably endorsed by the committees on finance and ways and means, on subdivision and landed estate and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors President D. Elipe, Alexander S. Dacer and Ramon Tabor, respectively.

Oro council committee to inspect lot in Brgy Puerto THE City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Alexander Dacer will conduct an ocular inspection on Thursday (September 26) at Alae in Barangay Puerto in Cagayan de Oro City. This is in relation to the

request of VC Gomez Victory Corporation for the re-classification of a parcel of land from agricultural to residential area. The Power learned that the lot contains an area of 6.6658 hectares. During the meeting last week, a representative of

the corporation said necessary documents have been submitted to the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO). Based on the verification made on the plans, documents and certification of inspection from the Philippine Coconut Au-

thority (PCA) and the City Agriculture Office, the lot is located more or less 200 meters away from National Highway, the existing land use of property is agricultural and it is adjacent to residential zone as reflected in Official Zoning Map of the city.

The CPDO recommended the approval of the request considering that the area is suitable for residential use than agricultural use. Councilors Alden Bacal and Adrian Barba were present during the committee meeting. (JBD)

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Caraga News

wednesday | september 25, 2013 Editor: JOE DEL PUERTO FELICILDA Asst editor: ARJAY S. FELICILDA

Agusan del Norte • Agusan del Sur • Surigao del Norte • Surigao del Sur • Dinagat Islands

Solon gets Paje’s promise to re-green watershed area By PAT SAMONTE Regional editor-Caraga

BUTUAN City––Rep. Lawrence Lemuel Fortun (1st District, Agusan del Norte) obtained a clear and categorical commitment from Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje for the Taguibo Watershed area’s reforestation under the 2014 National Greening Program (NGP). Fortun obtained Paje’s assurance as the neophyte solon raised the issue of the watershed’s “fast and continuous” deterioration and strongly pushed for the watershed’s substantial reforestation during a hearing of DENR’s 2014 budget in the House appropriations committee. The neophyte congressman brought to the DENR chief ’s attention the alarming state of the watershed and asserted the need for urgent interventions to address it. “Mr. S e cret ar y, t he Taguibo Watershed has an area of more or less 4,400 hectares. Of these, only about a thousand hectares are left with forest cover. This watershed is our only source of potable water in the City of Butuan. This is already alarming. Something serious, concrete and immediate has to be done to address this ominous situation,” Fortun said. According to Fortun’s information officer Eldie David, DENR’s original target was the watershed’s 170 hectares for inclusion in the National Greening Program for 2014. While Paje promised to substantially increase the area to be reforested, Fortun sent Paje a letter,after the hearing and a day prior to the House plenary deliberation of DENR’s budget, reiterating the need for substantial NGP coverage of Taguibo Watershed considering its alarming state. David said the Agusan solon obtained Paje’s “clear and categorical” commitment for an initial reforestation of 500 hectares of the watershed under the NGP for 2014, triple the department’s original re-greening target. “This is just the initial for 2014. We will vigorously push for more,” Fortun said. As this city’s vice-mayor in 2010-2013, Fortun authored the Butuan City Watershed Code, a landmark legislation for the conservation, preservation, protection and rehabilitation of the Taguibo Watershed.

THE URGENT NEED FOR TAGUIBO WATERSHED’S REFORESTATION. Rep. Lawrence Fortun (inset) has gotten Environment Secretary Ramon Paje’s “clear and categorical” commitment to reforest an initial 500 hectares of Taguibo Watershed under the 2014 National Greening Program. The watershed, Butuan City’s main source of potable water, is in an “alarming state of deterioration” Fortun says, and needs “immediate rehabilitation.” Photos supplied

63 cases of trafficked persons has been served by DSWD 13 this year BUTUAN City––A total of 63 cases referred to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) regional Field Office 13 has been served in the implementation of its recovery and reintegration program of trafficked persons (RRTIP). In a recent press forum, Ms. Angelita Amista, chief of the institutional d e v e l o p m e nt d i v i s i o n ( I DD ) D S W D 1 3 s ai d that as of August 2013 out of the 63 cases, 54 are

carry-over cases while 9 are new cases served from January to August 2013. Also out of the 63 cases served, 90 percent or 57 came from Caraga region while 6 cases are coming from the other regions who are rescued within the region. The victims are being provided with different s er v ices li ke f inanci a l a s s i s t an c e , t e mp or ar y shelter and ot her s ervices while the request for family assessments from

their hometowns are not yet received, Amista said. Amista also said that the purposes of trafficking the victim by the suspected traffickers included forced labor or slaver y which most of the victims were males, sexual exploitation, pornography and prostitution. According to Amista that the DSWD Caraga likewise provided services for t he v i c t i ms w h i ch included livelihood assistance, auxiliary services

and the “Balik Probinsya” assistance. The livelihood assistance to the clients or to their families were in the form of a maximum amount of P10,000 per client based on the assessment of the so cial worker. The auxiliary services were also assisted to clients with court hearings. They are afforded with transportation assistance in attending to hearings on their quest for retrieval

of legal rights. A total of three victim-sur vivors were assisted. The “Balik Probinsya” Amista said, is an assistance to help or facilitate for the eventual return of the victim-survivors of trafficking in going back to their places and families even to the other regions. There are 75 trafficking in person (TIP) victims who were afforded with assistance. philippine news agency

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More Lanao del Norte towns benefit from KALAHI-CIDSS Your Mindanao-wide Community Newspaper


ubod, Lanao del Norte – Two more coastal towns from this progressive province are the latest to benefit from infrastructure projects implemented under the Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Simple ribbon-cutting and blessing rites were conducted at project sites in barangays of Sultan Naga Dimaporo (SND) and Kapatagan to inaugurate these essential projects. The projects were implemented by respective barangay LGUs with funding from DSWD, provincial and municipal governments. 18 barangays of SND and 34 barangays from Kapatagan received their anti-poverty projects from national government. Projects constructed include water systems (level 2), barangay health centers, farm-to-market roads, day care centers, and a market building. KALAHI-CIDSS is a flagship program of government aimed at reducing poverty particularly in the countryside. KALAHI-

CIDSS uses the bottom-up approach or community-driven development concept which empowers local communities by allowing them to choose and implement infrastructure projects that will benefit the most number of residents. For SND alone, a total of P18million was given by DSWD as its project grant, while the provincial government of Lanao del Norte turned-over P5.4-million for its cash counterpart in the 18 beneficiary-barangays. “The people of Sultan Naga Governor Khalid Dimaporo and Kapatagan Mayor Benjie Baguio lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Dimaporo are truly thankful to Brgy. Cathedral Falls for its newly-constructed Day Care Center under the KALAHI-CIDSS program. President Noynoy Aquino and (Photo supply) Governor Khalid Dimaporo for these infrastructure projects. SND Mayor Ulwan Dimaporo. some municipal officials of SND Social Welfare and Development These projects will go a long way Governor Dimaporo person- and Kapatagan on September 18 Office which was instrumental in in helping improve the lives of ally witnessed the turn-over and and 19, 2013. The event was in the completion of said projects. our local residents”, expressed blessing of projects together with coordination with the Provincial (VNL/PIO-LDN)

Barangay Saray:

Champion of Kasadya Street Dancing in Iligan

ILIGAN CITY, PHILIPPINES – Barangay Saray this city won first place in the recently concluded Kasadya Street Dancing Contest last September 20. Nine barangays competed in the street dancing contest coming from different parts of the city like Tubod, Bagong Silang, Puga-an, Ubaldo Laya, Bunawan, Mandulog, Buruun, Tambacan and Saray. During the beautiful presentations, three barangays emerged as winners in the street dancing competition. Barangay Saray was declared champion in the LANAO DEL NORTE - Cheerdancing contest one of the participating schools competing in the Cheerdancing contest Kasadya Street Dancing during the opening day of Gov. Khalid Dimaporo Inter-High School Sports fest held at Lala National High School in Competition and got a Brgy. Maranding, Lala. (PIO-LDN) trophy, P50,000.00 cash

pr i z e , g i f t c e r t i f i c at e f rom D u n k i n’ D onut s and P500,000 worth of barangay projects. Second place was Barangay Buruun that received trophy, P30,000.00 cash prize, gift certificate from Dunkin’ Donuts, and P300,000 worth of barangay projects. Barangay Mandulog took the third place and received a trophy, cash prize of P20,000.00, gift certificate from Dunkin’ Donuts, and P200,000 worth of barangay projects. The other six (6) barangays received the consolation prize of P10,000 each. (With reports from Eduard A. Loyola/CIO)

cipal /Head Teachers-in Charge and District Alternative Learning System (ALS) Coordinators. Data required for the community mapping report are the names of the barangay, number of IP households and names of the IPL, including their

l ast, midd le and f irst names. Also included are the IPL's grade/ year level, date of birth, age, gender, ethnicity, religion and classification, whether inschool or out-of-school, Gazo added. (RCA/PIA10Misamis Occidental)

DepEd-Tangub conducts community mapping of IP learners By RUTCHIE CABAHUG-AGUHOB

TANGUB CITY, Misamis Occidental -- The Department of Education, Tangub City Division (DepEdTangub) has conducted a mapping of the Indigenous People Learners (IPL) in

all barangays of the city. This was done because DepEd felt the need to establish a mechanism for mobilization, implementation and coordination of all programs and projects pertaining to IP education, Dr. Victoria V. Gazo, Schools Division Superin-

tendent (SDS), said. Gazo said it was also in consonance with the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 also known as the Republic Act (RA) No. 8371, mandating all government agencies to recognize and promote the rights of Indigenous

Cultural Communities/ Indigenous People. Thus, she requested for a community mapping and list of identified lP learners in their areas, in her memorandum to Public School District Supervisors/ln Charge, Secondary /Elementary School Prin-

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Institutionalize social responsibility in corporations To institutionalize corporate improving their public relations social responsibility both in with concerned stakeholders. domestic and foreign corpora- CSR related activities intions would foster sustainable clude charitable programs and economic and environment projects; scientific research; development and protection youth and sports development; according to some lawmakers. cultural or educational promo Once it becomes a law, tion; services to veterans and corporations would be con- senior citizens; social welfare; scienticized to consider the environmental sustainability; interests of society by taking health development; disaster relief and assistance responsibility for the impact of their Guest Editorial and employee and worker welfare reactivities, products and operations on customers, lated CSR activities. employees, shareholders, com- However, it is observed that munities and the environment. many corporations and other CSR is defined by the World business organizations have Bank as “the commitment of shown very little care for the business to behave ethically welfare of society, and comand to contribute to sustain- munity where they operate able economic development and the natural environment by working with all relevant around them. stakeholders to improve their Their sole purpose is to maxilives in ways that are good mize their respective returns on for business, the sustainable investment totally disregarding agenda, and the society at the impact of their activities on customers, employees, sharelarge. Companies, be it big or holders, communities and the small, have come up with their environment. own CSR programs and have All business organizations used it as an effective tool in established and operating un-

der Philippine laws, whether domestic or foreign, are encouraged to observe CSR in the operation of their business in the country. The government should mobilize its various agencies, in coordination with non-government and people’s organizations, to work hand in hand for the integration, promotion, and strengthening of corporate social responsibility in all business organizations. All business organizations shall submit the list of their CSR activities as part of their annual or regular report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), DTI, or the Department of Finance (DOF). The DOF, in coordination with the DTI and SEC shall promulgate the rules and regulations and regularly monitor strict compliance. In return, businesses which shall comply with the mandate of this proposed measure shall be entitled to full deductions of expenses incurred.

ON MNLF STANDOFF: ZAMBOANGA BLEEDING (The author was Presidential Adviser for Mindanao for former Presidents Fidel V. Ramos and Gloria M. Arroyo. He was also involved in the peace negotiations in the talks with the MILF and the CPP-NPA-NDF and initiated, while Presidential Peace Adviser, the Tripartite Review of the 1996 MNLF Peace Agreement. He is currently President/ Chair of the Philippine Press Institute. ) DAVAO CITY --I had a long chat with former President Ramos in his Makati office last Thursday. He still holds sway in his 26th floor office and works like he is still President of the Republic. “Except that now I do not have cabinet members to help”, he joked, admitting that his schedule was still full. He was preparing to leave for Singapore the following day to attend another international forum. His long working table was still full of piled up paper, clippings, documents, and publications. When I asked: “ Did you have stem cell treatment in Germany, Mr., President? You look much younger now.” He did not answer but motioned to an aide who immediately brought in cups of steaming coffee. When I sniffed the distinctive coco aroma, he shoved a clipping of a “Philippine Star” item captioned: ‘VIRGIN COCO OIL BOOSTS SEXUAL ACTIVITY-- STUDY”. Of course,

Advocacy Mindanao Jess Dureza I did not pursue my question any more. I recall the last time, it was ‘EMPERADOR” brandy that gave spike and aroma to the steaming coffee cup. Then he stood up and we “squared off ” with clinched fists and threw a few “blows”. He said something about being an “ex” but not an “excess”, “re-tired” but not tired, spelled with a hyphen, meaning, fitted with new tires -- for more traction. FVR was really still strong and physically sturdy that when my son JAY who was with me shook his hand, FVR squeezed it tight and did not immediately let go. I saw Jay’s face grimaced in pain. “Can you still do 30 push-ups?” he asked. Of course, we talked about the Zamboanga incident dureza| page 7

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Lucky You (Part 1)

Biblical reflection

Think a minute…One night in June, 1997, a 55-year-old mother named Karen Minahan was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. The driver then backed up and ran over her two more times! Karen’s lungs were punctured and all of her ribs were broken. She even had to have her right leg cut off. Over the next 4 years, Karen had 26 painful operations. All of her suffering, including losing her leg and job, would have destroyed most people’s hope for success. But Karen believes she can find hope and happiness no matter what bad things happen to her. In fact, she’s now on several executive boards that raise millions of dollars to help people who need new legs and arms. Karen says: “I’ve always

known I’m lucky! Now I can help people worse-off than I am.” Many people believe in luck and superstitions. They carry lucky charms like special jewelr y or clothing. They do the same ritual before important events for good luck. Many are afraid of bad luck so they stay away from things like the number 13, black cats and broken mirrors. But that kind of luck isn’t real and only happens by coincidence. People who believe in bad luck and superstitions live in almost constant fear of doing the wrong thing, even by accident, because they think it will jinx or curse them and their family. But real luck brings opportunities for success and satisfaction that really last. And the only way to be

this lucky is to build your own good character and attitude every day. Today and tomorrow, we’re going to talk about the secrets of lucky people. The first secret is you must believe that you’re lucky and God’s on your side. You must know that God created you for good things, and that they’re happening to you not by chance, but for a purpose. So even if bad things happen, God will help you use those experiences to

become a much better, more successful person. It’s when you know this that your whole attitude and way of living changes. People will like you more and want to help you. So why not ask Jesus Christ to take control of your life? He’ll show you what you need to change. Then, you’ll have total confidence every day that God’s on your side working with you in everything to make His plans for your life start to happen. Just Think a Minute…


place, he should not have flown to Zamboanga. As vice president, he should stay out of harm’s way knowing that the president was in the danger zone. That’s what vice presidents are for -- to take over the reins of government if something bad happens to the president”. Then he recalled what happened in 1986 during the Cory administration when RAM rebel soldiers staged a coup de etat and FVR was chief of staff. He remembered that when he arrived at the CAMELOT HOTEL in Quezon City which had just been recovered by the AFP from the hands of the renegades headed by then COL. GRINGO HONASAN (now senator), he spotted in fatigue combat uniforms then Makati Mayor JOJO BINAY and Mandaluyong Mayor BEN ABALOS brandishing their Uzis and M16s. He recalled how he b aw le d t hem out and told them to go home because the AFP elements might mistake them for rebels and shoot them. “They were also not in proper uniform. There were no standard patches on their combat fatigues “ he recalled. “ I don’t know if President Aquino bawled him out when he landed in Zamboanga”, he added. But the saving grace of Vice President JOJO was his attempt and efforts to end the standoff early and save lives by talking with MNLF chairman NUR MISUARI who evidently agreed to a ceasefire. The Binay proposal did not fly because President Aquino stuck to DILG SECRETARY MAR ROXAS’ incantation to MNLF’S USTADZ HABIER MALIK: “surrender or die!” Well, two weeks had already passed. MALIK had not surrendered. And as of

this writing (Sunday), neither had he died! We are today on the 15th day of the Z amboanga incident. And things are not looking good up to this time. I hope President Aquino is now looking into other options. Let me say it again: the militar y option is NOT THE ONLY solution. Those who think that wiping out the MNLF elements in the siege will put an end or closure to the problem DO NOT U N DE R STA N D the so-called “Mindanao problem”. Remember the hard-line, all-out war p olic y of for mer PRESIDENT ERAP ESTRADA? Yes, he captured the main MILF camps at tremendous social and logistical costs with lives lost and about 1,000,000 Mindanaoans displaced from their homes. The country cheered for such a brave, daring move. But did it erase the MILF from the map? NOPE, THEY EVEN FANNED OUT TO OTHER AREAS. This reminds me of what FVR told us a long time ago: “Don’t put shit before an electric fan. It will only irreversibly and irretrievably spread it” (My apologies too Mr. President for spreading the word.) In the meantime, the Indonesian government which helped broker the 1996 GRP-MNLF peace agreement issued a few days ago a statement by its Foreign Minister dated 13 September calling on both the government and the MNLF: “PEACEFUL SOLUTION IS THE ONLY OPTION THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN BY BOTH PARTIES”. Indonesia said that the way forward is to go back to the foundation or the fountainhead: the 1996 Peace Agreement. One final note. I have

heard time and again the following lines:” let’s finish this off so this will not recur in the future... Let’s teach them a lesson... Let’s apply the full force of the law. Surrender or be wiped out. No negotiations, etc.” Of course, these words sound music to all of us who have gone tired -- and already angry -- at the violence that had been recurring. Indeed, but at what cost? Is Zamboanga willing to suffer some more the price? And how sure are we that exterminating the MNLF forces involved will put an end to their struggle? No doubt our superior AFP will win the battle. But will it win the war? Well, as I said last time, at the end of the day, those who made judgment calls (like Nur Misuari and President Aquino) have accountabilities and responsibilities to face. Sooner or later. History will be the final arbiter. But at the moment, sufferings and devastations are facing us right on the face. Zamboanga is bleeding and will continue to hemorrhage even if the fighting ends and the smoke clears. The question is: is it worth it all?

from page 6

and his thoughts. He immediately said: “ZAMBOANGA IS BLEEDING”. And that he would not have allowed the standoff to drag this long. The primary objective was to save lives, especially of innocent civilians and quickly end the crisis. Everything else was secondary. “But then those in charge must do what they think is necessary,” he said, recalling that when he was president himself, during the middle of an election campaign, he secretly slipped out of the countr y with former Sp eaker JOE DE VENECIA, crossed several continents to meet with Libya’s strongman MOAMMAR KHADAFY in the latter’s desert tent in SIRTE just to firm up a peace arrangement for Mindanao. (In 2001 when I was Head of the Government Negotiating Panel with the MILF, it was also in his desert tent in SIRTE that I also met KHADDAFY together with former VICE PRESIDENT TITO GUINGONA, and former OPAPP and EXECUTIVE SECRETARY ED ERMITA. Even ABSCBN’S CES DRILON was there to cover the event where I personally heard the Libyan President admonishing the MILF to work for peace with the Philippine government. Before KHADAFY was executed, he was arrested in his hometown SIRTE where he made his last stand against the forces that ousted his regime.) Back to FVR. One interesting note he said was the failed attempt of Vice President JOJO BINAY to broker a ceasefire. He was unhappy at the way the vice president did it. FVR said: “In the first

Think A Minute

Bro. Edcel L. Closas


Jhan Tiafau Hurst

Fresh Gospel of the day: Luke8:1921(September24, 2013-Tuesday)Luke 8:19-21Then came to him [his] mother and his brethren, and could not come at him for the press. And it was told him [by certain] which said, Thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to see thee. And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it: This gospel is a synoptic to the gospel of Mark that emphasizes the desire of Jesus relatives to see him in person. What was the reason behind of their interest to come to Jesus? In Mark 3:20-21-And the multitude cometh together again, so that they could not so much as eat bread. And when his friends heard [of it], they went out to lay hold on him: for they said, He is beside himself. This is the reason why Jesus family wanted to meet him since they were concerned to the health of Jesus. This is also a very nice reality that Jesus was very “busy” in His ministerial works. According to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, “ do not invest you energy on non sense things that can stress you but instead invest your energy in good things that can help your souls.” In Galatians 6:9-10-And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all [men], especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Therefore, let us busy ourselves in doing good to our neighbors and for God’s glory. In Ephesians 2:10-For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them: SPONSORED:Neneth - Bobong Balino- Dr. Edith, PhD- Tony Jordan - CDO. St. Peter Calungsod, pray for us! Listen: Radio Ultra AM-1188-3:30 PM - Sunday: #09284149490-09266607505: Question – Prayer request

Publication Notice R.A. 10172

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province: Agusan del Norte City/Municipality: Butuan City

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC CCE-0154-2013 (R.A. 10172)

September 23, 2013

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1, Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), a notice is hereby served to the public that LOUIE T. CARMELO has filed with this office a petition for correction of entry in sex from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the certificate of live birth of LOUIE TIGPOS CARMELO, born at Maguinda, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines and whose parents are VICENTE ARIZOBAL CARMELO and SOMIA ORTEGA TIGPOS. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 11 October 2013. (Sgd.) JUDITH ALVIZO-CALO, LLB, MPA City Civil Registrar MDN: Sept. 25 & Oct. 2, 2013

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Zamboanga del Norte | Zamboanga del Sur | Zamboanga Sibugay | Dipolog City | Dapitan City | Pagadian City | Isabela City | Zamboanga City

Rape of six-year-old shows dangers lurking in swelling evacuation centers By JOHN RIZLE L. SALIGUMBA of Davao Today

ZAMBOANGA City––Social Welfare Secretary Corazon ‘Dinky’ Soliman is calling for close monitoring of children and women in evacuation centers following the rape of a six-year old girl in one of the city’s main evacuation centers. The victim, whose family members were among the 80,000 evacuees staying at the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex was reportedly raped by her uncle late night of September 19 while her parents went out to tend to their laundry. “The victim is now under the custody of the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) for psycho-social therapy intervention. The perpetrator is now in jail,” Soliman announced. The secretary further said measures are being made to protect women and children in the

centers “with the help of the local city police” and added that they are increasing “lighting facilities in the evacuation centers to easily see movements of people around.” Faridah, a 27-year old mother of four and a neighbor of the rape victim’s family, told Davao Today “(Y)ou have to keep your attention to them. My husband and I are taking turns in watching our children.” As to the rape incident,”(W)e haven’t really noticed that it happened as we were also busy with our chores,” explained Faridah. Another mother, Anna, got worried when her seven-year old was locked up inside the evacuation center’s bathroom. “She had herself locked inside so she screamed. An ice-cream vendor heard her shouts,” Anna said. When news of the rape inside the evacuation center spread, she said, “I am not letting my daughter out of my sight anymore.” The DSWD is also expanding

day care centers “so that parents can leave their children freely under the care of our social workers,” said Soliman. Even with added security and measures, Soliman appealed to parents to watch closely their children. “I strongly remind and appeal to parents in evacuation centers to take care of their children and should not let strangers or even relatives to take care of them. Tending to children has become difficult in evacuation centers with the number of displaced increasing every day. Evacuees in Enriquez Sports Complex had reached 80,000 after two weeks of skirmish between MNLF and state forces. All over the city, the number of displaced residents has swelled up to nearly 120,000 from 12 villages as fighting continued on its second week. President Benigno Aquino III, who stayed in the city until Saturday to monitor the situation,

had promised Php 3.8 billion for the resettlement and other services for displaced residents. Meanwhile, for Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Luzviminda Ilagan, the President’s allocation for Zamboanga victims “should not in any way be used to justify the retention of discretionary and lump sum funds under the Office of the President.” In a statement, the solon said “(T)he Zamboanga siege, or any calamity, natural or manmade, should not be used to justify the existence of the President’s Special Purpose Funds or Presidential Pork. Allowing such discretion and entitlement to any government official including the President is a recipe for an even bigger disaster, it is a formula for plunder.” According to Ilagan, funds have always been and will be allocated specifically for the disaster preparedness, risk reduction as well as rescue, relief

and rehabilitation efforts in various government agencies and departments as well as in local government units. “In cases like Zamboanga, or in other cases where existing funds will not suffice Congress may be instructed by the executive to enact a supplementary budget that can be used for such purpose. What is important is that there is a system of checks and balances on the disbursement of funds,” Ilagan explained. “If there is anything that should be learned from the pork barrel scandal is the fact that unscrupulous individuals can and will take advantage of calamities to plunder people’s money” the militant solon noted. She also added that “more political initiatives should go towards addressing the roots of conflict with peace negotiations and poverty alleviation through job creation especially in the provinces. Prevention is always better than the cure.”

‘Bert’ holds first gab in Pagadian PAGADIAN City––Some 9,000 members of the Barangay Emergency Response Team (BERT) convened at the CYC Sports Complex, Provincial Government Center, Dao, this city for its First Congress on September 17. Tasked to be the first responders in natural and man-made disaster in their respective barangays, BERT is a national strategy created to address the need for an on time response during emergency situations. Zamboanga del Sur Governor Antonio H. Cerilles in his speech, recognized the vital role they play since they are in the frontline and the first to know what happens and what goes on in their barangay. “Remember that you have a very important role in nation-building. We are all Filipinos and we have an obligation to help our country. We should not settle ourselves with our regional representation. Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabelle Salazar gestures as she and Councilwoman Myra Abubakar thank Sulu We should not say we are Governor Totoh Tan and her mother Hajja Nurunisah Tan and members of the Sulu Provincial Women’s CounCebuano, Tagalog, cil for relief goods they donated September 22, 2013 as initial assistance to help feed over 100,000 refugees GAB | page 11

who fled the fighting between security and rebel forces in Zamboanga City. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative waives surcharges for late payors ZAMBOANGA City––After getting criticisms from electric consumers, the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative - which earlier insisted on collecting fines and penalties from late payors – has finally agreed to waive all surcharges. The cooperative has been criticised after it

imposed the collections of the surcharges despite the crisis in Zamboanga City. Omar Sahi, the president of the utility firm, said there is a need to collect surcharges for them to be able to pay power firms from where they buy electricity. Sahi, in an interview with a local radio network,

dxRZ Radyo Agong, was more worried about how to collect from consumers in the villages of Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina where hundreds of houses had burned due to the fighting. “How can we collect now? Look at what happened in the villages. We need to pay our electric

debts too,” he said. Authorities suspended all government and private offices because of fighting between security and rebel forces. But residents are more worried about where to get the next meal. Hundreds of thousands of residents in Zamboanga have no work the past week after

the local government suspended all work both in government and private offices. And 95% of all c om me rc i a l e st abl ish ments were also forced to shut down because of the violence. Rebels, who are fighting for a separate homeland, stormed several villages on September 9 and

took nearly 200 people hostage and used them as shield against security forces. The fighting had alre a dy k i l l e d ove r 1 0 0 people and resulted in a humanitarian crisis in Zamboanga where some 100,000 people fled their homes due to the skirmishes. (Mindanao Examiner)

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436 families displaced in Midsayap fighting


IDSAYAP, North Cotabato – At least 436 families from five barangays have been displaced due to fighting between government forces and members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in remote villages of this municipality that has already claimed the lives of at least five people.

Capt. Antonio Bulao, spokesperson of the 602nd Infantry Brigade, said three government soldiers were killed in action in clashes that started before dawn Monday. Jessie Enid, executive assistant of the provincial governor, said two civilians were also killed. Enid reported that 191 families are now staying in Barangay Salunayan Elementary School, 165 in Bual Norte, 30 in Agriculture and 50 in Poblacion 6. The evacuees were from barangays Malingao, Palongoguen, Nes, Mudseng and Sitio Bobonao of Barangay Agriculture. Dozens of families are also in Dilangalen Elementary School but no exact number yet has been given, said Enid. The Mindanao Human Rights Action Center (MinHRAC) reported that barangay officials have provided the evacuees with lunch and potable drinking water. School facilities such as day care center, function hall and the classrooms have been opened for the displaced persons’ use, the group added.

RELEASED. Nine teachers and five barangay officials undergo debriefing after they were released early Tuesday morning (24 Sept 2013). Members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) held them hostage during clashes with soldiers in Midsayap, North Cotabato on Monday. MindaNews Photo by Karl Ballentes

Private institution in Cotabato City named 2013 National Top Employer-Small & Medium Category COTABATO CITY - The Social Security System (SSS) has named the Notre Dame of Cotabato (RVM) as the 2013 National Top Employer Small and Medium Category under its SSS Balikat Bayan Award search. According to SSS Cotabato Branch Manager Sukarno Pendaliday, the annual award is being bestowed to employers in recognition

of their prompt, diligent and truthful remittance of employees’ membership contribution to the Social Security System. For 2013, the Notre Dame of Cotabato (RVM) has been awarded as the National Top Employer Small and Medium Category of the SSS Balikat Bayan Award. Pendaliday stressed the

Republic of the Philippines ) City of Cagayan de Oro City) S.S.

AFFIDAVIT OF ADJUDICATION That I, CENONA CABARABAN MANABA, of legal age, Filipino Married and resident of Sitio, Benariohan, Siloo, Malitbog , Bukidnon . respectively after having duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say; That I am the only surviving daughter of the late AGUSTIN WAGA CABARABAN. That at the time of his death, Agustin Waga Cabaraban lived in Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. That AGUSTIN WAGA CABARABAN owned a properties located at the following: LOT Nos. Title Decree Cases No. Record No. Location 1361 7830 727655 20 1570 Kauswagan 1186 6631 663128 18 1562 Puntod 926 6658 662944 18 1562 Lapasan 1880 6771 663187 18 1562 Puntod 1928 6776 663219 18 1562 Macabalan 1944 6778 663225 18 1562 Macabalan 1090 6616 663051 18 1562 Puntod 1092 6617 663053 18 1562 Puntod 1179 6732 663123 18 1562 Puntod 1899 6321 663200 18 1562 Puntod 1896 6263 663197 18 1562 Puntod 1399 7831 727655 20 1570 Kauswagan 2036 PSU-48831 17 1561 Macanhan 1328 --------------- ---------- 20 1570 Kauswagan 4597 611 18 1562 Lapasan 3821 PSU-48831 17 1561 Macanhan 6555 PSU-52848 ---------- 21 1571 Opol 1181 --------------- ---------- 18 1562 Puntod Portion of the Property Located at Tagbabanga Cagayan de Oro City Tax Declaration No. 2890 Cadastral Lot No. 3053 C-5. That this act of ADJUDICATION is confirmed with my Certificate of Live Birth With Registry No. 2012-2347 and Marriages Certificate Registry No. 2002- 72 Registry of Marriages on page 84 of book No. 3. In virtue hereof I do hereby ADJUDICATE unto myself the properties above mentioned. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 3rd day September 2013 at Cagayan de 0ro city, Philippines.

CENONA CABARABAN MANABA Affiant CTC. No. 201205943481 Issued On. August 20, 2013 Issued at. Malitbog, Bukidnon

SUBSCRIBED and SWORN to before me this 3rd day of September, 2013 at Cagayan de Oro City.

significance of prompt and regular remittance of contribution to facilitate easy and speedy processing of their application for SSS assistance programs citing

Publication Notice R.A. 10172

financial and educational loans and other benefit claims. “This is in recognition of the diligence in submitting of reports, in remitting

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province: Agusan del Norte City/Municipality: Butuan City

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC CFN-0173-2013 CCE-0174-2013 (R.A. 10172)

September 16, 2013

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1, Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is hereby served to the public that APRIL ROSE BEDRIJO YANGSON has filed with this Office a petition for Change of First Name from “NENIA NENA BERNADETTE” to “ÑENA BERNADETTE” and correction of entry in the date of birth from “FEBRUARY 26, 1967” to “JANUARY 6, 1967” in the certificate of live birth of NENIA NENA BERNADETTE MUROS BEDREJO born at Libertad, Butuan City, Agusan, and whose parent is MARIETTA MUROS BEDREJO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 07 October 2013. (Sgd.) JUDITH ALVIZO-CALO, LLB, MPA City Civil Registrar MDN: Sept. 18 & 25, 2013


CIVIL CASE N02013-116

HILARION C. ELECIERTO and ELMA D. DIDELES. Petitioners. x---------------------------------------------------------------------/

amount of employees’ SSS contribution based on the actual monthly salary they receive. Corresponding SSS coninstitution | page 11

R.A. Form No. 10.1 (LCRO)

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province of Camiguin Municipality of Sagay NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. Act No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that FERNANDO Abing ADLAO has filed with this office a Petition for change of first name from FRANCISCO to FERNANDO in his Live Birth Certificate record the born on December 3, 1951 at Sagay, Mis. Or. Phil. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than October 7, 2013. (Sgd.) ENGR. JAIME P. MABOLO Municipal Civil Registrar MDN: Sept. 18 & 25, 2013


CIVIL CASE N02013-120

NILO R. OBINA AND MERYLIN L. RABOR-OBINA. Petitioners, x---------------------------------------------------------------------/



Before this court is verified Joint Petition for the approval and Registration of the Divorce filed by the petitioners and alleging among others: That petitioners are husband and wife respectively in a marriage performed under Civil rites on June II, 1967 at Dumangas, Iloilo, they converted to Islam faith, of which conversion to Islam were Registered with this court both of them can be served with summons and other legal processes relative to this case at Purok 8, Barangay Saray, Iligan City That said marriage did not last long, due to lack of love and affection until the relationship manifested incompatibility and sustained misunderstanding between petitioners and reached the point of irreconcilability and they separated for more than Forty (40) years already, since 1973, they decided to separately live physically in bed and board thereby executed Divorce Agreement in order to formalize their separation; Since their separation, they had never been communicating or supporting either financially or emotionally to each other, neither minding each other’s affairs. Petitioners seek judicial decree of divorce thereby severing their marriage bond on June 11, 1967 so that they have free hand to do what a single man or woman could do without marital burden: Reconciliation between them had already been diligently employed but all prove futile. WHEREFORE, finding this joint petition to be sufficient Inform and substance set the initial hearing of this case on September 27, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at which time, date and place, any interested party may appear and show why the petition should not be granted. Let copy of this Order be published in a news paper of General Circulation in the City of Iligan one week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the petitioners. SO ORDERED. Iligan City, Philippines this 6th of September, 2013.

Before this court is verified Joint Petition for the approval and Registration of the Divorce filed by the petitioners and alleging among others: That petitioners are husband and wife respectively in a marriage performed under Civil rites on September 28, 2001 at Rupagan, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, they converted to Islam faith, of which conversions to Islam were Registered with this court, both of them can be served with summons and other legal processes relative to this case at Bacayo, Iligan City and Zone Taurus, Suarez, Iligan City, respectively; That said marriage did not last long due to lack of love and affection until the relationship manifested incompatibility and sustained misunderstanding between petitioners and reached the point of irreconcilability and they separated for more than eleven (11) years already, since April 2, 2002, they decided to separately live physically in bed and board thereby executed Divorce Agreement in order to formalize their separation; Since their separation, they had never been communicating or supporting either financially or emotionally to each other, neither minding each other’s affairs; Petitioner’s seek judicial decree of divorce thereby severing their marriage bond on September 28, 2001 so that they will have free hand to do what a single man or woman could do without marital burden, Reconciliation between them had already been diligently employed but all proved futile. WHEREFORE, finding this joint petition to be sufficient inform and substance set the initial hearing of this case on September 27, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at which time, date and place, any interested party may appear and show why the petition should not be granted. Let copy of this Order be published in a news paper of General Circulation in the City of Iligan one week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the petitioners. SO ORDERED. Iligan City, Philippines, this 12th of September, 2013.

(Sgd.) HON. OSOP M ALI Presiding Judge MDN: Sept 11, 18 & 25, 2013

the contributions of their employees on time,” Pendaliday said. Pendaliday also said, it is also important that employers remit the right

MDN: Sept 13, 18 & 25, 2013

(Sgd.) HON. OSOP M. ALI Presiding Judge MDN: Sept 13, 18 & 25, 2013

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Group welcomes passage of anti-bullying law By AUREL LARABASTER Contributor

TAGUM City––The Davao del Norte Association of Private Schools (DNAPS) on Monday welcomed the signing of Republic Act (RA) 10627 or the “AntiBullying Act of 2013” which serves as a landmark legislation aimed at stopping any forms of bullying or violence to students inflicted by adults, persons of authority as well as their fellow students. In a press conference Monday afternoon, Tito Benegian, Education Supervisor for Private Schools, said that RA 10627 enhances the existing DepEd’s Child Protection Policy which

aims also to protect the welfare of the students while they are in school, adding that “we want them to be protected from physical, psychological and emotional harm that interferes their ability to learn actively in school.” Benegian stressed that although the law seeks to curb the violence in the schools, he urged all private school teachers and school administrators to learn and familiarize the anti-bullying so that it will be implemented effectively. According to Pastor Elias Cabagunay, President of Davao del Norte Association of Private Schools the signing of the antibullying law is good move of the

Military commends civilians for foiling NPA arson attempt

CAMP PANACAN, Davao City––A top military commander lauded the residents of Purok 3, Barangay Tapia, Montevista, Compostela Valley for successfully defending the equipment of a construction firm by throwing stones to three unidentified armed men who attempted to burn one back hoe and one pay loader Saturday night. Lt. General Ricardo Rainier Cruz, commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command said the action of the residents is commendable, calling the incident a classic example of helping one another in the community. “It is a concrete example of the spirit of Bayanihan,” he said. Captain Alberto Caber, public affairs officer of the Eastern Mindanao Command also called the incident as a clear violation of the Comprehensive Agreement for the Respect to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). He said civilians must be spared from any attack by the rebels. Caber said it is clearly stated in the article IV, paragraph IV of the CARHRIHL that civilians shall be distinguished from combatants and, together with their property, shall not be the object of attack. “Civilians are likewise be protected against fire, arson, strafing and other similar attack,” he pointed out. A resident who requested not to be identified for security reasons said they were forced to stone the perpetrators while they simultaneously poured diesel fuel on the equipment. He said they were even fired upon by armed men who backed the perpetrators up as they escaped using a motorcycle towards Monkayo proper. No casualty was reported. “The construction firm is not heeding to the demands of the rebels. It is the first time such incident happened in our barangay. There will be no progress if the rebels ask protection money. In the first place any development is for the benefit of our place,” he said. Members of the 25th Infantry Battalion and the police from the Montevista Police Office responded in the area and pursued the rebels. (RGA/JSD/PIA-XI)

government to curb the alarming spike of bullying incidents in various academic institutions which involves students, teachers and school personnel. “If we want bullying to be stopped then it is high time that we must submit ourselves to learn the law and embrace the same including the administrative and penal sanctions that will be imposed to us should in case we failed to observe it,” Cabagunay said. Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 mandates all public and private elementary and secondary schools to address bullying and provide a safer environment for students. Schools that fail to impose such

measures will face administrative sanctions from the Department of Education. The law defines bullying as any severe or repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placing the latter in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to his property; creating a hostile environment at school for the other students. Meanwhile, Hon. Eduardo Llorente, member of Committee on Education, has also encouraged all public, as well as pri-

vate, elementary and secondary schools in Sto. Tomas town to create a Child Protection Committee which will be composed of school officials, teachers, parents, students and community representatives. Llorente noted that some teachers considered bullying as an appropriate and necessary tool for disciplining a student. Llorente, however, emphasized that using “violence” hampers student’s learning and it only sow fear and shame among students. “Thus, lowering their self-esteem which bears them a negative long term effect which discourages positive personal growth,” he explained. AUREL LARABASTER


Farmers led by Barug Katawhan confront soldiers who have been camping in the farmers’ residence in Sitio Bongkilaton, Barangay Ngan in Compostela town of Compostela Valley Province. The farmers complained that soldiers are deployed due to mining operations by San Miguel Company. photo by Ace R. Morandante

FNRI warns Dabawenyos on plumped-up chicken By Lovely A. Carillo DAVAO City––The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) has warned Dabawenyos about the dangers of buying plumped-up chicken or those enhanced on injected with liquids to make the chicken heavy. Consumers are known to flock to the cheap fried chicken stalls that have mushroomed in almost all parts of the city because of their convenience and

affordability. However, the FNRI warned, what consumers perceive as a cheap and filling lunch or dinner may be dangerous for their health. “The process of injecting raw chicken meat with salt water, chicken stock or seaweed extract is done in the United States for tastier and juicier meat,” FNRO Chief Science Research Specialist Zenaida Narciso said during the recent NUTRICOMNET Meeting and Media Forum

here. But in the Philippines, she said, unscrupulous businessmen inject dressed chicken with water to add weight to their meat. Narciso said plumped chicken can contain 200 to 500 mg of sodium per serving compared to the 45 to 70 mg of sodium in unplumped chicken. This increases the risk of hypertension and heart attack among consumers who eat these products, she added.

She said plumped chicken are also more expensive for consumers because of the additional 15-39 percent additional weight which can be an added cost. Plumping of chicken remains unregulated in the Philippines so consumers are not sure of the safety of the solution used for plumping, she said. Plumped chicken can easily fool consumers, she added, because these are commonly labeled as all-

natural, 100 percent natural or enhanced up to 15 percent chicken broth. “Natural and enhanced chicken labels are misleading; it is not natural for chicken to grow with carageenan or salt in the vessels,” she said. She said it is important to be cautious of the brand of chicken that consumers buy if only to make sure that these are safe for consumption. However, she added,

people tend to choose the cheaper products thinking that they get more value for their money when they get them. Meanwhile, San Miguel Pure Food (SMPF) Wellbeing Manager, Llena T. Arcenas said they don’t inject their chicken with liquid. She said the company has embarked on a wellbeing program to ensure that even their CHICKEN | page 11

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Lantad residents flee homes By Cheng Ordonez

CAGAYAN de Oro––Residents flee their homes for safety following New People’s Army attack Sunday in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental and the subsequent military pursuit operation in the area. One soldier and four CAFGU Active Auxiliary militiamen were killed in the NPA attack in the security forces’ outpost in Lantad, Barangay Kiban-

Sulu... from page 1

city in any way possible to help overcome this crisis. “Ang mga Mamamayan po ng Sulu ay Taos pusong nakikiramay sa pinagdadaanang pagsubok sa kasalukuyan ng Lungsod ng Zamboanga. Makakaasa po kayo na ang buong probinsiya ng Sulu ay nakahandang sumuporta para malampasan natin ang krisis na Ito,” Gov. Tan said. With Tan are members of the Sulu Provincial Women’s Council (SPWC) led by its chairman, Nurunisah Tan, and other provincial government officials. SPWC Chair Tan, who is the mother of Gov. Totoh Tan, and whose organization leads the fund-raising campaign, along with the Sulu Area Coordinating Center, informed Mayor Climaco-Salazar that fundraising campaign in Sulu is on-going and will continue as needed. “This donation is just the first batch, God willing, we can give more in the coming days,” Tan said. Mayor Climaco-Salazar expressed gratitude to the people of Sulu for the show of support and sincere concern to the welfare of the city and the Zamboanguenos. “To the people of Sulu, Gov. Totoh Tan, Mrs. Tan, and all those who extended their assistance, our sincere gratitude,” Climaco-Salazar said. In a message to the people of Zamboanga City, Sulu

ban, Balingasag. Misamis Oriental Vice Governor Gerr y Pelaez said there were already 37 families that evacuated to their relatives living along the highway to seek refuge and avoid being caught in the crossfire. Pelaez said more families are moving to the center of Balingasag. He said the provincial government has mobilizeD support for the evacuees. Fourth Infantr y Di-

vision spokesman Capt. Christian Uy said the there are on-going intensified anti-insurgency operations in Balingasag and other parts of Northern Mindananao to limit the atrocities of the NPAs in the area. Capt. Uy said several encounters took place this month to include (1) September 10, 2013: Elements of 29th Infantry Battalion clashed with more or less 15 NPAs in Brgy Tungao,

Butuan City; (2) 36th Infantry Battalion encountered with more or less 30 NPAs in San Miguel, Surigao del Sur; (3) Septermber 11, 2013: Elements of 30th Infantry Battalion fought with more or less 20 NPAs in Alegria, Surigao del Norte; (4) September 13, 2013: Elements of 26th Infantry Battalion met with more or less 10 NPAs at Loreto, Agusan del Sur; (5) September 20, 2013: Elements of 30th Infantry

Battalion ran into with more or less 20 NPAs in Sison, Surigao del Norte; and (6) and on September 22, 2013: Elements of 8th Infantry Battalion exchanged gunfight with more or less 5 NPAs at Brgy Busdi, Malaybalay City. Capt. Uy said as a result of these firefights, four NPA rebels were killed. The Diamond troopers were able to capture five M16 rifles, three AK-47 rifles, six rifle grenades, one im-

provised explosive device, four handheld radios, two medical kits, 10 dry cell batteries and subversive documents. Moreover, due to the pressure of the different encounters and the hardship of living in the mountains, eight former rebels surrendered to different units of 4ID bringing along with them two M-14 rifles, four M-16 rifles, two carbine and three AK-47 rifles, the Army spokesman said.

Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan said: “Napakalaki nang parte nang Zamboanga City sa buhay ng mga taga Sulu. Dito nag aaral ng kolehiyo ang karamihan ng Tausog, Dito din nagpapagamot Kung may sakit, mga bangko, at marami pang serbisyo na malaki ang pakinabang ng mga tao sa Sulu. Obligasyon namin na tulungan ang mga kapatid natin na taga Zamboanga City sa anumang mga kalamidad, kaguluhan o anumang pangyayari na naglalagay sa sitwasyon na apektado ang kaayusan at katahimikan ng lungsod. Kami dito sa Sulu ay nakikiramay at nakikiisa sa mamayan ng Zamboanga City, kayo ay makakaasa sa aming pag suporta at pagtulong sa mamamayan para sa kapakanan at kaayusan ng siyudad.” Gov. Tan and other Sulu officials arrived late afternoon Saturday at the Zamboanga Port from Sulu via a chartered cargo vessel with said donation on board. The humanitarian trip had prior clearance from authorities. Commercial air travel and sea transport Zamboanga-Jolo-Zamboanga route remain indefinitely suspended.

promote the right of the people to health and safety from all circumstances. They guard the peace and security of the barangay. “We can do much to help President Benigno C. Aquino III. He needs your help. He needs your presence in every barangay. He needs Filipinos who are strong and who have the heart to help our country,” he went on to encourage the BERT members. Cerilles said although the elected officials in Zamboanga del Sur mostly belong to the Mationalist Peoples’ Coalition (NPC), they have given their full support to the leadership of Pnoy because we are all Filipinos. He vowed his sustained collaboration with the administration of PNoy until his term ends in 2016. (ALT-PIA9/Zambo Sibugay)

villages are now staying at the evacuation centers in nearby villages and the town proper. Enid said most of the displaced villagers were from barangays Malingao and Polongugen. He added that two civilians were killed in the crossfire. (Keith Bacongco and Karl Ballentes/MindaNews)

ly contribution through saving one peso or two on a daily basis in the safety boxes the office has provided. Under the program, SSS members are organized into an association with a leader who manages and oversees the group to ensure that each member complies with the rules and regulations provided under the program. (pbchangco/ PIA Cotabato City)

who more often, risk their lives covering wars and went to hazardous places to get and deliver accurate stories and news to inform the people, to be underpaid and exploited by their employers. Tito Monterde, a manager of radio station here, said that the government must also review the plight of the media men and its labor rights who risked their lives but gets only minimal financial benefits. Cagayan de Oro Press Club President Monsignor Elmer Abacahin was not certain if there is an especial category to cover the benefits and fringe benefits for media practitioners who were employed in a regular outlet here. Abacahin, however, said that all media practitioners covering dangerous places such as the war torn areas in Zamboanga should be entitled to hazard fee and other benefits while covering difficult situations. Macaraya said that DOLE would be willing to provide services to the media who would file appropriate charges against unscrupulous publishers and broadcast companies. However, Macaraya said, there were cases that a media practitioner back out at the time when the DOLE has already provided full support to the complainants for alleged death threats. He said the media practitioner should be brave enough and be determined to fight the case in the labor court since DOLE would always be behind them. CD WITH REPORTS FROM LRJ

Gab... from page 8

Ilocano or what. What is is important and foremost is that, all of us are Filipinos,” the governor said. He said BERT members

Hostages... from page 1

between government troops and BIFF rebels rose to 2,000 on Tuesday morning. In a text message, Capt. Antonio Bulao, spokesperson of the 602nd Infantry Brigade said 11 rebels were killed and three others were wounded as clearing operations continued. Three government soldiers were killed and one was wounded, Bulao said Police said at least 100 rebels launched the attacks in different villages. Jessie Enid, executive assistant to the governor, said the evacuees from five

Chicken... from page 10

employees are knowledgeable about what their products contain. Arcenas said they are looking at over 1,000 WellBeing Warriors (WBW) from their own roster of employees to disseminate the value of nutrition, healthy lifestyle and the importance of label reading not only to their families but also to the community. (PNA)

Instution... from page 9

tribution of an employee receiving P3,000 monthly salary is P312.00 per month while P1,560 per month for those with monthly salary ranging from P15,000 and above, he said. “I call on employers to be prompt in the payment of contributions, truthfulness of the contribution based on the actual salaries their employees are receiving,” Pendaliday said. Earlier, the local SSS has launched Alkansya Project to help members come up with their month-

Media... from page 2

compute the rates based on a minute exposure on airtime – the cheapest was P 1,000 per minute. Mark Francisco, a section editor and writer of a local daily newspaper here, admitted that he does not rely on his monthly allowance provided by the publisher since he could earn twice or even in hundred folds through commission from getting advertisements. Franciso said since he is not a regular employee, he opted to secure himself and availed of his personal health and assistance premiums. Situations of Postero and Francisco were just the same among others in the mainstream media. According to the Labor law, any employee who works for more than six months are already considered a regular employee who is entitled to proper compensation and other benefits. Alwen Saliring, a radio reporter and anchorman, said it’s a shame for a medium to be branded as the 4th estate,



Mga Higala, PASAKAY nato karon ang 3 ug 5. Bantayan ang mga pairing nga 43, 53, 73, 38, 45, 55, 75, ug 85. Kung 7-5, posible ang 547, 517, 075, ug ang escalera nga 567. Congrats! Supertres team


6 0 3 6 9

9 1 4 2 0

8 7 5 8 1

2 0 6 9 2

3 4 7 0 3


9 5 2 8 5

8 0 3 1 6

7 6 4 7 0

2 9 5 8 1

3 0 6 9 2

T O D AY ’ S H O T

752-851 750-805 537-835 457-845 725-852 T O D AY ’ S P A I R

35-33-03 55-45-05

ta k e - 1 • ta k e - 2


syn guide ( T o d a y )


3-8 2-5


4 -7




Today’s probables

4-7+3-8 1-0+6-9

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PBA legends show their brand of basketball

France beats Lithuania to win 1st basketball title

Tony Parker finally has an international title to go with his three NBA rings — although it was his France teammates who stole the spotlight in the European championship final. With Parker having a quiet game for once, Nicolas Batum and Boris Diaw provided the scoring as France won its first major basketball title by beating Lithuania 80-66 on Sunday. It was a victory that ended a decade of frustration for Parker and a talented French generation, which lost the final against Spain two years ago and took bronze in 2005. “It’s been an unbelievable journey chasing this title,” Parker said. “I would change nothing.” The San Antonio Spurs guard led France to the under-18 world championship title in 2000, and said he made a promise back then that he would give the senior team its first international success as well. Thirteen years later, it’s mission accomplished. “I went to everyone’s room last night in the hotel and I told them that there

was no way we were going to lose this game,” Parker said. France broke open a close game by finishing the third quarter with a 14-0 run that kept Lithuania scoreless for four minutes. The French lead grew to 22 points with three minutes remaining in the third and Lithuania never came close to a comeback. Batum had 17 points and Diaw added 15, while Linas Kleiza led Lithuania with 20. Parker finished with 12 points, after scoring just four through the first three quarters. But his scoring and leadership during the run to the final — including 32 points against defending champion Spain in the semifinals — earned him the tournament MVP award. “We had a perfect plan, the coach said they would double-team me and that I had to trust my teammates and not to worry if I don’t score much,” Parker said. After finally capturing that elusive gold — in F r a n c e’s r e c o r d 3 6 t h appearance in the tournament — Parker led the French team into the

stands to celebrate with their fans after the final buzzer. Spain beat Croatia 92-66 earlier Sunday to earn the bronze medal. Guard Antoine Diot all but secured France’s victory with a 3-pointer at the buzzer of the third quarter, after a Lithuania

Ray Parks was cleared of a major injur y yesterday as the National University star tries to lead the Bulldogs in their second and final attempt to clinch a championship berth in the UAAP men’s basketball tournament this week. Parks came out of the dugout with a heavily bandaged hand after the game last Sunday due to an injury he sustained in the Bulldogs’ 71-62 loss to t he underdog Un i v e r s i t y o f S a n t o Tomas Growling Tigers that pushed their semifinal series into a do-or-die game.

Team officials said Parks had no fracture whatsoever but sustained a sprain on his left wrist and pinky finger. “His X-ray is clear,” said NU coach Eric Altamirano. Parks landed on his wrist after a baseline drive at the 3:22 mark as the Bulldogs rallied and trimmed the Tigers’ 18-point lead to a single digit. The two-time MVP got back in the game, but described as “too low” a move by UST forward Kevin Ferrer to grab his injured hand. “I guess t he y were

thirsty for the win,” said Parks, the son of the late s e ven-t ime PBA B est Import Bobby Parks. “But we have to come out and play with no intention to hurt somebody.” The No. 1 Bulldogs aim to advance to the Finals for the first time in 43 years against the Tigers in their winnertake-all on Saturday at Mall of Asia Arena. L a S a l l e , t h e N o. 2 seed also holding a twice-to-b e at edge, will shoot for the first title berth against Far Eastern University at 4 p.m. tomorrow also at MOA Arena.

Just a minor injury for Ray Parks of NU Bulldogs

turnover gave France the possession with 0.9 seconds left. Diaw threw the ball to Diot, who nailed a 3 that was upheld after the referees viewed the video to make sure he had beaten the clock. Batum finished the first half with 17 points, shooting 6-for-7 from the

The PBA Legends arrived in Iligan last September 21 direct from Manila to see action in the hard court with the Iligan All Stars selection. A mall tour was held that day together with a motorcade around the central part of the city to parade the basketball stars for the benefit of their basketball fans. Arriving from Manila to show their brand of b asketb a l l were B onel Balingit (Mt. Balingit), Noli Locsin (The Tank), Marlou Aquino (The Skyscraper), Johnny Abarrientos (The Flying A ) , A l v i n Pat r i m on i o (The Captain), Jerr y

Cordinera (The Defense Minister), Bal David ( T h e F l a s h ) , Ke n n e t h Duremdes (The Captain Marbel), Nelson Asaytono (The Bull) and Rodney Santos (The Slasher). The games started off with FCBL Selection versus Team Cagayan de Oro. The PBA Legends a g ai ns t t h e I l i g an A l l Stars Selection was held at the MSU-IIT gym at 6:00 p.m. The PBA Legends versus the Iligan All Star Selection basketball game was supported by t h e l o c a l g ov e r n m e nt through Mayor Celso G. Regencia. (With reports from Ree J. Altres/CIO)

field and making three of four 3-pointers. Diaw took over in the third, scoring 11 points on drives to the basket and outside shots. “We didn’t do a bad job defending Parker, but we forgot about the others,” Lithuania coach Jonas Kazlauskas said.

France coach Vincent Collet said his team had learned from the times it came up short in the past. “It wasn’t the easiest way, but we improved starting with the quarterfinals. It’s the 36th Euro for France and the first title, you can imagine how we feel,” Collet said.

Mayweather-Alvarez fight richest in history LOS ANGELES - Floyd Mayweather’s win over Mexico’s Saul Alvarez has been confirmed as the richest fight in boxing history with nearly $150 million in pay-per-view revenues, US cable network Showtime said Thursday (Friday, PHL time). The revenues for Saturday’s (Sunday, PHL time) unified super welterweight championship in Las Veges surpassed the $136 million that was generated by Mayweather’s 2007 showdown with Oscar de la Hoya. Showtime said that the fight attracted some 2.2 million pay-per-view buys which is second all-time to the 2.48 million buys for the Mayweather/de la Hoya fight. Showtime said the numbers on the pay-per-view are still being added up but it has already beaten out the third

most popular fight in history (1.97 million) between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in 1997. The fight, which had an average ticket price of over $1,200, also set a boxing record for gate revenues at more than $20 million. It established boxing television records in Mexico where Alvarez, whose nickname is “Canelo”, is one of that nation’s most popular stars. The fight was watched by 22.1 million people and in 5.9 million households, making it the highest-rated boxing program ever in Mexico. Mayweather and Alvarez went the 12-round distance with the American taking the decision to improve his record to 45-0. Alvarez suffered just the first loss of his career, falling to 42-1-1. - AFP

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