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Cagayan de Oro City

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2nd Floor Stalls for RENT

(Ideal for Cellphone, Accesories, Hardware Stalls, School & Office Supplies, Restaurant Spaces, and Others) Contact us now: Mobile


- 09177064978 Phone - 72-6223

Super KEI Shoppers

RCJ ENGINEERING & GENERAL MERCHANDISE designs, installs, commissioning and inspects Automatic Fire Springkler Systems as well as Fire Alarm and detection systems. Its target customers include owners of office buildings and manufacturing facilities; hospitals and extended-care facilities; schools and universities; retail shopping malls; and government complexes and military facilities. The company was founded in year 2002, with over 8 years of experience, 8 regular employee, 1 branch office located in Tacloban City and main office in Cagayan de Oro City. RCJ ENGINEERING & GENERAL MERCHANDISE is your ONE source provider in Fire Protection. We analyze, inspect, certify, train and make a difference when it comes to your safety. NFPA STANDARD. VISION To provide fast, professional service at competitive prices. MISSION To provide our customers with products and services that clearly meet or exceed their expectations. We strive for continuous improvement of operational effectiveness while maintaining our core company values of honesty, integrity and outstanding services to customers.



Location: PUERTO, CdeO CITY


QUALITY POLICY To empower customers to secure Life, Property and Business by delivering high quality and innovative fire protection solution using world class manufacturing process with the finest engineering technology. RCJ Engineering & General Merchandise is committed for working towards continuous improvement with the aim of meeting with customer requirement and expectations. RCJ Engineering & General Merchandise is committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.







Location: LAPASAN, CdeO CITY


1st Health Acai Berry Juice Content:

Acai Puree, Cane Juice, Apple Juice, Acerola, Guarana & Green Tea Packaging: 1000 mL / bottle SRP: P2,500 Dosage: Take 2 tablespoons (30 mL) per day or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

he Acai berry possessed scientific qualities that no other fruit can claim. It has the protein profile like an egg, calcium profile like the milk, 10 times more anti-oxidants than red wine, has omega oils compared to that of virgin olive oil, and has more than 56 nutrients and vitamins on that rich Acai berry. Research shows That the acai berry is packed with nutritional value, including healthy fats, fiber along with low gylcemic index. That’s why it is no surprise that Acai berry is considered as the No.1 SUPERFOOD IN THE WORLD. The ACAI berry has the strength, energy, richness just like the Amazon where it came from. Recently discovered by Brazilian elites and North Americans for its unprecedented nutritional value and the health benefits it has provided to the natives in Brazil. Heralded as the No. 1 Superfood in the World by Dr Nicolas Periccone, Dr Ozz (both Anti-aging experts in US), world

class athletes Christian Slater, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Eva Longoria to name a few. And also Philippines own, Ms. Cory Quirino, Ambassador of Wellness. This makes acai berry the brightest star among other antioxidant rich fruits like blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, cranberries and blackberries. The most powerful and potent drink there is. UNO introduces 1st Health Acai berry juice. Delivers the best fruit in a bottle. It targets the every cell of the body to promote wellness and with its high anti-oxidant it repairs every damaged cell to function to its outmost. Acai berry provides over-all health, energy, vitality. Study shows fewer individuals consume less than 3 recommended serving of fruits, and thus lead to increasing number of diseases world wide… ACAI BERRY..holds the key to over all wellness. For Inquiries: 0917-793-3312 |


he new product that comes in a bar soap is more enhanced to totally answer the need to ward off the imperceptible signs of aging, stress and harmful elements in our skin. WHITENING & ANTIAGING SOAP with three potent ingredients that make more wonders to beauty lovers.: ROSEHIP OIL, GRAPESEED & VITAMIN C GLUTATHIONE: proven to diminish the skin imperfection, dark spots, and blemishes. ROSEHIP OIL: works on fine lines and wrinkles and other natural or manmade marks on our skin. It has been proven that rosehip creates miracle specially

in reducing pigmentation. Beauty experts attest to its powers. It moisturizes and revitalizes the skin by fixing damaged skin cells resulting in smoother skin. GRAPESEED OIL: It has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Used by experts and beauty affecionados for hundred of years. Grapeseed oil which from the seeds as a by-product of manufactured wine is best absorbed into the skin and is good oil for acne and oily skin. VITAMIN C: is of course man’s best protection against common skin imperfection like acne, blackheads and etc. combined these four and you get the wonders of our NEW GLUTATHIONE SOAP.


1st Health Glutathione Soap with Grapeseed Oil Extract

Packaging: 135g/bar SRP: P128 Dosage: Use as a bath soap. Preferably let it stay 3-5 minutes on your skin before rinsing. For facial use, do not leave on face for more than 2 minutes.

merthedreamer BY JOHN LAURENTE

Miserable over her financial inability to buy a Bavarian Crème Donut from a donut store, Mer was about to star in one of the most inspiring business stories this country’s ever heard. Growing up on farmlands somewhere in the mountains of Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Mer Sudaria is the youngest child of a farmer and a market vendor. Living in remote, rural areas, life has not been particularly kind to Mer and to her family. However, her in-born resilience allowed her to be self-reliant especially towards her scholastic needs. After walking for 40 minutes a day just to get to school, she would sometimes sell pineapples and “santols” to classmates or simply exchange them for paper. These harsh situations were daily scenarios for Mer but in spite of all this, she became a valedictorian in elementary, breezed through high school, and eventually finished college. When she finished school in 2006, amidst family crises and mixing studies with work, Mer decided to move to places with better opportunities. With only P2,500 and all the faith she could possibly acquire, she sailed for Cebu without a single secure job waiting for her. Settling for substandard living quarters in Cebu, she immediately applied for a job in a call center company after hearing about its high salaries and good benefits. She got her heart broken however after she realized that she could never afford the application processes, causing a derailment in her plans which eventually led her to take a job as an SM bagger. Bearing with the dismal salary, the overwhelming expenses and the inability to send some money back home, Mer attempted again and again to apply for better jobs. Finally, despite her lack in English skills, Convergys hired her as a customer representative where she, using that resilience and determination once again, worked her way to being the top customer service rep. What Mer had on her mind? Success was finally within her reach! But apparently the Heavens had other plans for her. It was an invitation to a business orientation by a former call center supervisor that would introduce Mer to the world of Network Marketing—an arena where she realized that there were bigger things she could get and higher heights she could reach. Inspired by the story of William Chavez, a network marketing legend, Mer joined UNO, the premiere networking company in the country, as a part time business builder and for the first few months, her network was steadily growing. However, Mer made a crucial mistake; little did she realize that she was operating her business with the mindset of an employee. She was later overcome with doubts and, like most new businessmen and businesswomen, her enthusiasm slowly died down.

All this changed when she received a text message from Wylie Chavez, William’s older brother. He introduced himself as a businessman in the field of advertising, and offered to mentor her. Wylie emphasized the need for transforming her mindset from an employee’s to a businesswoman’s in order to achieve the results that she wanted. Though reluctant to accept, Mer eventually allowed Wylie to coach her. Slowly and steadily for the next few months, Coach Wylie assisted Mer’s gradual makeover, teaching her brand new concepts and ideas on financial literacy, speakership skills, and leadership abilities among others. This constant coaching progressively became one of the reasons why she would again rise up and become a well-respected leader in the industry. Fast forward a couple of years later and Mer’s already on the fast track, soaring high and mighty as an UNO millionaire and Top Earner! Cruising through highways and city streets in her brand new Hyundai Tucson, her network has already numbered in the thousands, spreading to six different cities in two major island groups with no signs of stopping! To top it all off, she has traveled to foreign countries such as Japan, Singapore and the United States—all paid for by the company! But if you ask her, the best rewards didn’t come from the money nor did it come from the fame. It came from helping other ordinary people, people very much like herself, people in need of change and people who also faced cruel situations. Mer has already reached a point in her business career where money and achievements no longer propel her actions. Her passion stems from her genuine desire to give back ten-fold what UNO has given her. She’s frequently giving training and coaching sessions, teaching new entrepreneurs around the country and where she goes, people flock to her to listen to her story. Looking back to the days where she had virtually nothing, Mer Sudaria is now living a life that’s free, a life that’s filled with faith and a life that’s worth emulating. Most of the time you can see her walking around carrying a box full of Bavarian Crème Donuts. Nothing is impossible for the heart that believes.



Pepe’s Secret Christmas sets the mood for Centrio Ayala Mall CdeO holiday season


t is the last day of “Misa de Gallo”, Pepe, the young protagonist, falls asleep during the mass and is set to an adventure he will not forget. Sofia Zobel Elizalde’s Steps Dance Studio and the Ayala Malls bring a “Filipino Neverneverland” to Cagayan de Oro City at the Centrio Ayala Mall, November 30. Pepe wakes up and is transported to this magical place, where a chicken, a goat, a pig, a snake, a couple of monkeys, an “askal” (Filipino term for stray dog), a few fireflies, and the beautiful “Tikling” (rail bird) come to life in beautiful dances. Here, Pepe, and the rest of the audience, is reminded of how beautiful the Philippines is and how we celebrate Christmas. I watched the 3pm show at Centrio, as I was taking photographs for BWM Group, I simply adored the idea of bringing a cultural show in the mall, since I am not really fond chasing “stars” and “mixing” with the crowd of ladies who are “goo-goo eyed” and screaming. I went home after a heavy snack at Italliani’s (thanks to Centrio!) with Mr. Mike Baños and other media friends and

Dante Sudaria

bloggers to fetch my wife, Kris and my two daughters to catch the 7pm show. I didn’t know what to expect from my toddler, Sammie, while watching the show. She loves watching “Barbie Princess” at home on DVD which features “Barbie” dancing ballet. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to a real-life ballet. Traffic almost got to us and we got to Centrio a wee-bit too close for comfort, we managed to get a couple of seats at the back area of the Centrio activity center – as the place was packed. Then the show starts, anxious of how Sammie would react, the “Higantes” appear in the opening sequence – Sammie hugs me tight, uh-oh. I can only imagine if we were upfront. But as soon the “magic” began to unfold, Sammie was now pointing at the stage and naming every animal that danced, and did a couple of dance steps on her own while at it. (note: I apologize to our seatmate because Sammie kept looking to her and telling her “look, chicken; look puppy, look goat…” I guess the person was okay with it as she replied “yes, you are correct…”)

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4 th QU


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My family, especially Sammie, enjoyed it a lot. The highlight was when the magnificent “Tikling” danced her heart out and my toddler kept saying – “look daddy, princess” and “look daddy, fairies” (referring to the “Alitaptap”). A wonderful show, my personal favorite scene was the dance of “Kardong Kambing” and “Bertang Baboy”, very romantic. I had a chat with a good friend and also one of our columnists, Hobart Savior – he agrees with me that the show was beautiful and that more shows that boost our culture and the arts (especially directed at a younger audience) should be mounted in the coming years. To cap it all off, I wanted Sammie to have a photo op with the ballerinas, but I know she’s a bit hesitant because of the “Higantes” and the costumes – rather than force her, we opted not to so that she’ll remember the beautiful dances and “magical” animals rather than her being scared.



20 13







or the third straight year, they have proven that they are the best cheerleading team in Mindanao. The Liceo Titans All-Stars Pep Squad retained their title as the North Mindanao Regional Champion of the National Cheerleading Championship last November 24 at the Liceo Civic Center. The team’s victory will enable

them to qualify once again in the National Finals of the NCC in Manila come March 2014. They were ranked No. 6 best squad in the Philippines in the 2010 National Cheerleading Championships (NCC) in Manila. Composed of 24 members, the Titans All-Stars Pep Squad are set to conquer the Nationals in the 9th season of the NCC in 2014. The

squad is mentored by Coach John Rey “Jay” Tangcalagan, a registered nurse and former member of the Liceo Pep Squad. Another Liceo dance team qualifies in a component of the Regional Qualifiers, the National Dance Championship. The Liceo Next Moves is the lone team that bid for the slot for the 2014 Finals in Manila. Liceo Next Moves’ eleven member team is under the artistic direction of Mr. Roger Odron. Photos by John Paolo Galolo



A Destination Institution for Higher Learning T

he Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT) is a public institution of tertiary education that offers courses in education opportunities at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including shortterm courses and high school. The institution conducts research in which it generates new technologies packaged or demonstrated designed to help farmers improve farming techniques. Extension programs are conducted through local and external linkages. Its MOSCAT-Farmers’ Information and Technology Services Center in collaboration with PCARRD and NOMCARRD has been open to serve clients needing information and technology services. MOSCAT’s Philosophy is anchored on Meaningful learning, Optimistic behavior, Strive for Excellence, Consistent in purpose, Aspirations driven, and Teamwork-based action The institution’s vision of a premier academic institution of higher learning in the region and in the country is already at hand through its mission in the advancement of the well-being of the people of Misamis Oriental and Northern Mindanao,

MOSCAT primarily provides higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in the fields of Agriculture, Industry as well as in the Arts and Sciences consistent with goals of national development. It also promotes research and advanced studies and professional leadership in the various disciplines and areas of specialization. Among their achievements & recognitions early this year, MOSCAT gained the following accolades: Model/Poster Boy of CHED for Typology and Outcomes Based Quality Assurance, Belonged to the top 30 SUCs having Level 3 Re-accredited Status by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Center for Agroforestry Education in Mindanao by the South East Asian Network for Agroforestry Education (SEANAFE), No. 3 in the Region and No. 7 in Mindanao for 2012 LEA (Licensure Examination for Agriculturist) result, No. 2 in Mindanao and No. 7 in the Philippines in IT related project implementation – iSchools Project (DOST-ICTO).

MOSCAT also boasts of their research capabilities and outputs in the past two years, in 2011 to 2012 their outputs included: (2011) 2 research papers and a dissertation were presented in international forum (ISSAAS), 3 research papers, 1 thesis, and 1 poster were presented in the regional level (NOMCARRD), (2012) 4 research papers were presented in international forum and published in the international abstract journal (ISSAAS), 1 paper in national level (Nat’l Org. Veg. Congress), 7 papers in the regional level (NOMCARRD). MOSCAT Baccalaureate Programs include Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - Major in: Crop Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Dairy Science, Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (BAT) - Major in: Crop Production, Animal Production, Farm Mechanization, Postharvest and Processing, Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry (BSAF), Bachelor of Technology in Horticulture Management (BTHM), Bachelor of Food Technology (BFT), Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (BSEnE).

MOSCAT also expanded its Graduate Programs with Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science, and Master of Science in Agriculture - Major in: Crop Science, Animal Science, and continued to offer the following Diploma in Agricultural Technology (DAT), and short term courses in Dairy Farm Management, Short Term Course in Agricultural Crop Production NCI, Short Term Course in Agricultural Animal Production NCII, and Short Term Course in Horticulture NCII. Last Aug. 15-17, 2013 MOSCAT IET Food Technology and HRM students joined in the yearly KUMBIRA 2013 Competition at LimKetKai Center, CDO. There were 32 SUC's that competed in the various skills. MOSCAT won in the following: Table Floral CerterpieceGold Award participated by Remy John S. Tizo and Jaylord Alvin Mayormita; Kakanin- Gold Award participated by Irish Madjos and Amelyn Llemit; Cake DecoratingBronze Medal participated by Chairmaine Gayloa and Flordemae Dagasuhan. Based on the TESDA Assessment of 2012, Nine (9) BSA and eight (8) BAT students passed the assessment for NC2 – Animal Production, Four (4) BSA and four (4) BAT students passed the Horticulture NC2 Assessment all garnering a 100% passing rate. MOSCAT also has new IGPs/

Business Plans that include: Milk Production Center (Dairy Cattle - started operation last quarter 2012), Milk Processing Plant (to commence operation by January 2014), Bamboo Hub (to commence operation by January 2014), and Mushroom Commercial Production (to commence by January 2014). Other Current Initiatives by MOSCAT are: Bamboo Project with DTI-10, Dairy Farming with NDA, Mushroom Production with KOICA, Organic Vegetable Seed Production with PCCAARD, Corn Production with National Cooperative Testing (NCT), Upland Technologies Research with CSIRO, Coffee Production with Margaja Resources, and Organic Agriculture Center with DA RFU-10. MOSCAT has already linedup its future plans which include Institutional Accreditation, ISO Certification, and Attainment of SUC Level IV, be the Center of Excellence and Center of Development in the fields of Agriculture, Environmental Engineering and Food, MOSCAT as a Tourism Destination, new academic buildings and Laboratory Complex construction, and the Completion of the Administration Building. MOSCAT’s administration building, which houses modern computer laboratories, is also powered via solar panels that produce 12 Megawatts of power

Photos by GLENN PALACIO and Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

and only uses about 7MW having an excess of 5MW that is stored in the provincial grid for community consumption. Truly a world-class destination institution highly competent in various fields of learning and research, MOSCAT is your best choice for higher education, with a cool mountain breeze in the campus, giving you a clearer mind ready for learning. For more information on course offerings please visit the Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT), Magsaysay Street, Claveria, 9004 Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

: n a g n i b m a K y Tisa ena Oro

The Night Stalker :

Sugba,Tola,Kilaw, Lechon & BBQ


In Bu

espite the “accidental” nature of their new enterprise, Tisay Kambingan certainly doesn’t lack in taste and amenities compared to its earlier counterparts. Located just across a concrete products maker along the Macasandig road at Buena Oro, Aluba, the place is cool, nestling under the shelter of two huge Mahogany trees. Lino Dy and his partner Nikki Along started Tisay as a livelihood project for one of their newlywed employees. However, when they checked up on the place some two weeks after it ostensibly started construction, they found out nothing had been started and so decided to take over themselves. Not knowing a thing about running a restaurant, the partners turned their friends as their lifelines and fortunately for them, the place is now attracting a steady clientele of salesmen and detailmen, students, government employees and quite a cross section of society who just wish to enjoy eating dishes made from goat’s meat (called chevon or mutton when the meat comes from adults and cabrito, capretto, or kid when it comes from young animals). “Our cook for our goat’s meat dishes hails from Alubijid (Misamis Oriental), our sutokil (sugba, tola, kilaw) chef from Surigao, our lechon manok specialist we found working with a local bus company and our litsonero comes from

Camiguin,” said Lino. Because they had to outsource their cuisine preparers, they had to turn to the one aspect of running the restaurant they knew they could deliver: their taste. As long as the dishes pass their taste test, then it is fit to be served in Tisay Kambingan. For their “Litson Manok Bisaya” for instance, they had to go as far as Iligan, Davao and Bacolod, the country’s acknowledged mecca of litson manok, but couldn’t find the taste they wanted until a friend told them about this carenderia which had been serving unbelievable litson manok Bisaya for years in relative anonymity. No longer. “While manok Bisaya is celebrated for its taste, the toughness of its meat is also almost universally cursed,” Lino said. “But people who have tasted our litson manok Bisaya remark about the juicy and tender meat which they have never encountered before anywhere.” Part of the secret could be in the enclosed oven cum griller that Lino fabricated after observing how juicy and tender the meat from a similar facility tasted in far-away China. “I think the smoke from the uling is concentrated by the enclosure so the fragrance of the wood smoke is embedded in the meat of the litson,” he noted. The same grill cooks the resto’s barbecue, sinugba and grilled fish, giving them a unique taste and texture. The menu is plain and simple, which is what probably makes it a winner with its customers. All goats’ meat dishes are uniformly priced at P75 per serving: kilawin, paklay, adobo, kaldereta and sinampalokang kanding (soup). Tola manok (soup) is P60 per serving, while sinugbang bangus (sourced from marine bangus of the Balingasag Mariculture Park) is P140. Pork barbecue is very affordable at only P6 per stick. The litson manok Bisaya is priced at P220 (whole) and P110 (half). “You can’t buy litson manok Bisaya at this taste and quality for less than P290

(whole) in other places like Gensan, Davao and Cebu, and do so far we’re the only ones who offer it in Cagayan de Oro.” Native free range chickens are purchased by a comprador who exclusively buys them from backyard raisers to ensure only organically grown, free range chickens are used for this specialty. Their litson baboy is P3, 000 whole but can also be ordered at P60 per serving of 100 grams. The native pigs are similarly sourced from backyard raisers, as are the goats that are purchased by a comprador who goes around the city and the province to ensure only fresh and healthy pigs and goats are used for the resto’s dishes. The facilities are Spartan: ten plain tables inside which can accommodate up to 80 persons and another ten outside under the shade of the spreading trees where smokers can enjoy their poison in peace. Want to enjoy a delicious, healthy and affordable meal? Tisay Kambingan is open every day from 9:00AM to 9:00PM.

Photos by Rich Neri Concepcion, Rochie Lang and Mike Baños

The Night Stalker:

Celebrate the holidays at Seda Centrio’s Misto


ome celebrate the holiday season with classy flair and panache with Seda Centrio’s delectable set menus and buffet dinners at the Misto all-day dining restaurant and bar. Cagayan de Oro’s self-styled Urban Lifestyle Hotel offers a Yule-Time Set Menu for lunch and dinner for the entire duration of December, 2013 for only PhP 750 nett. “Savor the flavors of the season with our special 3-course menus available during lunch and dinner time,” said Lorenzo Tang, hotel manager. Guests will have a variety of dishes to choose from for each course on the menu, he assured. For a truly memorable Noche Buena, book now for Misto’s Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner available on 7-10PM only on December 24 for PhP 750 nett. “Feast on our extraordinary buffet and make a toast to this much awaited occasion!” said Mr. Tang. “The night before Christmas, celebrate with your loved ones and indulge in a wide range of holiday favorites, plus a complimentary glass of wine.” Like Christmas eve, New Year’s Eve is also traditionally where the whole family gets together for catching up and fellowship. What better way to have everyone come around to try something new with Misto’s New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner available on December 31 from 8PM-12MN

for only PhP 900 nett. “Ring in the new year with a sumptuous buffet dinner of abundance and prosperity,” Mr. Tang said. “Glass of wine included.” Seda Centrio celebrates its 1st year anniversary on 29 December with a special intro rate of P3, 450 nett only for bookings made on this day. The hotel will hold a small cocktail reception for its hotel guests for that day. Styled as “The Urban Lifestyle Hotel”, Seda Centrio redefines the concept of urban living, daring to delve into uncharted territory. It has carved its own path in creating the ultimate luxury haven, constantly striving to surpass even the most demanding of tastes and standards. “We have achieved the impressive feat of balancing the best qualities of boutique, chain and business hotels in our accommodations, offering a sanctuary that capably suits your savvy lifestyle,” Mr. Tang noted. Situated astride the central business districts of Cagayan de Oro, Seda sets its guests closest to the most exciting destinations. With its attractive qualities of stylish spaces and prime location, you’ll be hard put in finding a more lavish retreat. Call in your reservations today at (63) (88) 323-8888 or email Hurry! Limited seats only!


Nestled in Bukidnon’s picturesque nature


he recently opened PINEGROVE Mountain Lodge Annex building at the Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon - providing more rooms for tourists visiting Dahilayan. Need a place to stay? Spend it at PineGrove Mountain Lodge, the main building is an eight-room ski chalet inspired Manor which has a 180 degree view of the Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park at the restaurant floor, & a private garden patio for intimate barbecues & bonfires.

P ython Roller Zipride. Zip, rattle, roll, drop, swing & bounce over 500 meters. Asia’s first zipline roller coaster is now open at the Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. The Python is the latest addition to a growing list of great rides of Dahilayan Adventure Park which also features Asia’s 1st Longest Dual Zipline.

I nside the PineGrove Mountain Lodge Annex’s Family Loft Room, the middle photo shows the beds in the loft or mezzanine of the room which is accessible via a neat spiral staircase.

Give yourselves a treat, book now at PineGrove Mountain Lodge in Dahilayan Adventure Park, Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon with mobile numbers 09176223204 Photos by GLENN PALACIO and Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

ISUZU CAGAYAN DE ORO (08822) 728345

4 th Quarter 2013




CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle de Oro

Need to stay another day?

Spendit at


Photo by S.UY

THERE’s A NEW KAMBINGAN in the Oro LICEO U PEP SQUAD wins! PEPE’s SECRET CHRISTMAS sets the mood this holiday season

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