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26 - JUNE1, 2014


Liceo U High School is 4th PASCH School


Volume 2 No. 40 CdeO

Herr Falk Schleicher

May 26 - June 1, 2014

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MAPPING OUT STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE EDUCATION PERFORMANCE: Members of various Local School Boards (LSB) in Misamis Oriental and Iligan City map out strategies on how to improve their respective schools education performance. Synergeia Foundation Chief Executive Officer Dr. Milwida Guevarra, together with Synergeia Trustee for Mindanao Miguel Dominguez and STEAG State Power Inc (SPI) Comrel Manager Ghaye Alegrio led the strategizing session which aims to identify measures that will help improve the NAT achievement test results as well as the cohort survival and participation rates in Iligan City and the towns of Tagoloan, Villanueva, Claveria, Magsaysay in Misamis Oriental. These LGUs are recipients of an on-going Synergeia Reading Program that is jointly undertaken and supported by the concerned local governments, Alcantara Foundation, Xavier University and energy-firm STEAG State Power Inc.


May 26 - June 1, 2014

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26 - JUNE1, 2014


Liceo U High School is 4th PASCH School

Volume 2 No. 40 CdeO

Herr Falk Schleicher


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have always been vocal about issues that I feel I have a stake at. Culture is one of these. Now I have to walk the talk and prove that rants can become raves, posts can become projects and shoutouts can become tangible solutions. Just a few days ago, I took to social media my frustrations on how unguided creativity can pose a threat to traditional culture instead of promoting its preservation and deep appreciation. I know a post can create impact but I never imagined that it elicited so much attention that it became the topic of the day among my Facebook friends and some cultural workers and artists that I know. To think I posted it at around three in the morning! A good thing came out of it though, I was able to discuss the possibilities of creating projects that will be able to address the woes that I have expressed and are aligned with other people's sentiments as well. What started as just a frustration blurted out loud became a germinal idea that might be able to bridge the gap in today's treatment of our prized cultural identities. We hope that this would eventually lead to a better understanding on how to continue producing mainstream products inspired by our colorful heritage and traditions without losing the soul and essence of the source. Filipinos are truly known for our ingenuity, creativity and festive spirit; we may be able to use it to truly create a distinct mark

in our quest for cultural identity in the midst of globalization. We must be able to stand our ground in protecting what is truly ours. I know we should walk the talk that is why come August of this year, my fellow artists friends and colleagues from cultural work will band together to discuss and share the ethic and aesthetics of one of the most prolific yet often misused and abused performing art form street dancing. Countless festivals have sprouted all over the country and hey seem to look the same now and even coming to a point of diluting local or indigenous culture to come up with outlandish performances and spectacular costumes. These practices no longer hold regard the original form and context of the celebration and the dances they are inspired from. These are what made me sound the alarm. If we never continue to discuss the threats these so-called artistic performances bring it will eventually erase the richness of our own heritage. If you believe that it is high time to make positive changes in our culture then join us in our mission to create works that will make every Filipino become truly proud of our past and appreciative of the present and hopeful of the wonderful things to come. May we all strive to bring out the best in all of us and live lives the way it should be. Let's spring into action and make things happen!

May 26 - June 1, 2014

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ometimes in the blood work that is wake, sleep, and everything in between, tasks like crossing the street with the sun only five feet overhead can seem like a “Game of Thrones” episode -- assault coming at the senses from every direction and a resulting compulsion for nudity. There is more than enough speed and heat in this city to short circuit the brain and steam cook the heart. As personal cooling systems go, a good movie is reliable on warm summers. “Her”, a Spike Jonze love story, delivers like a tall, cold glass of sweet, so refreshing one has to take big gulps that are so good, one expects and welcomes inevitable brain freeze. Which is not to say that the story is out-of-this-existence unique. The story of man falling in love with his creation and it ultimately evolving into a consciousness capable of its own form of self-fulfillment has entertained for so long like many others of the Pygmalion trope. We enjoyed variants of this plot in “Pinocchio” (1940), “Mannequin” (1987), “Electric Dreams” (1984), “She's All That” (1999), “AI” (2001), “Simone” (2002), “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007), and “Ruby Sparks” (2012) perhaps since the Genesis Adam and Eve. It is entertaining to see a creation in the likeness of the creator, watch it close at perfection and never quite do so. Ah, humanity playing God. The greatest tragicomedy. “Her” is about Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely writer going through a divorce from his childhood love Catherine (Rooney Mara). He purchases a hyperintelligent Operating System, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), and develops a deep connection with her. The raspy voiced OS becomes the perfect companion/ confidante, an overall fixer-upper for the post-separation mopey, sad mess he is. Samantha is programmed to serve virtually all of Theodore's every

want and need and does so. Samantha is perfect. Except for the small detail of her not having a body, she makes all other romantic female leads look like crotchety old maids. She has the vocal sex appeal of well, Scarlett Johansson; the musical virtuoso of everybody in Arcade Fire; the fun of every great date after a few drinks, just before one is on the verge of a marriage proposal; the comic skills of a preburnout librarian; and time and space as infinite as your cloud capacity. The relationship deepens and Samantha grows faster and fuller as a perfected consciousness. Except that she doesn't have a body. This tiny detail makes a world of difference, a world where relationships with technology replace love as the new "acceptable insanity". Eventually, near the end, a group of OS's beat humans to the punch and realize how it cannot and should not be. Samantha leaves, after learning about and teaching Theodore love: "Now we know." There are high points in the writing at every turn; everything is snug in its perfect place in the plot. Little details elaborate so much of the characters' unacknowledged desires without having them over-converse about it. In the computer game Theodore plays, a kind of futuristic RPG, he is a man trapped in an alien planet looking to get to the right path home. He is guided through tunnels and paths by a foul-mouthed little alien boy who, in his words, is "such a little f*****, I wanna kill him but he's so lonely... he doesn't have anyone to take care of him". Theodore's friend Amy, one of few real connections his character has in the movie, also plays a "perfect mom" game, a virtual 50s wife who cooks, bakes, and carpools. This is after her divorce, during which she also develops a friendship with an OS. The film arrests with impeccable

performances. Joaquin Phoenix takes a hold of the heart the first second of screen time as he slow paces to and from an office working as a letter writer in Jonze's fictive world where humans hire other humans to assume their personal lives and computer generate hand written emotions for them. His portrayal of a lonely single man playing computer games in his apartment is familiar as the state of many in real life. His unmannered portrayal of such gritty emotions as sadness, desperation, fear, and confusion has a softness that draws the viewer in for a virtual backrub and a lot of secret cringing. The involuntary cringe moments are scenes where Theodore is deep into "dating" Samantha. At one point, he whirls about in a futuristic version of a theme park, arms held out as if in a heady whirl with a woman. All throughout the two-hour stretch, Phoenix is flawless. As the smitten Theodore, he lays on his side at a beach, pillow talking what looks to be a future smart phone safety pinned to his shirt pocket while real and skimpily clad flesh cavort about. At a double date, he brings along Samantha propped on a napkin on a picnic blanket, a stag's leap into the future after Skype or Facetime. I personally think these quick turns into horror are genius. In the movie, the future looks like Pinterest, unfolds like Hitchcock, and might as well sound like Clint Mansell. The film's imagined future fulfills the predicted retro-nostalgia aesthetic unfolding in the now as, for lack of a better term, "hipsterism". In the hands of production designer K.K. Barrett, the irony of a compromised human connection in a world of hyperintelligent OS's exists in peaches and pinks. These smoky, visceral reds are prettiest in the points of light on a rooftop where, in the end, Theodore contemplates love with another OS reject, his friend Amy.


May 26 - June 1, 2014

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Travel Feature

View of the Buddha Park atop the pumpkin-like statue

Travel tales:

Weekend in Vientiane

Story and Photos by ANGELIE SERIĂ‘A AZCUNA

Have you heard of Laos?!! I had a lovely weekend in Vientiane!! If you give me frowns in response, it’s understandable. We are used to hearing travel experiences in the Indo-China region in Vietnam and Cambodia but not Laos. Where is that place?!

Patuxai or Victory gate

May 26 - June 1, 2014

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Travel Feature


A reclining Buddha at the Buddha Park. Accordingly, this statue is bigger than the one in Bangkok

Veranda of Wat Phra Keo

Situated along the river bank of the great Mekong River is Vientiane-- a quaint, much laid back with a friendly vibe capital city of Laos PDR. Laos PDR is a landlocked communist state in Southeast Asia that is bordered in the Northwest by Myanmar, Thailand in the southeast, Vietnam in the east and China in the North. Being a landlocked country, as according to my Lao friend, typhoons are unheard of. As of this time, a traveller has to either take a plane or sleeper’s train from Bangkok, Thailand to reach Vientiane. The city has an estimated population of 800,000 and is a stark contrast from among the metropolitan cities in Southeast Asia. Getting around Exploring the city is like a walk in the park. Although it doesn’t have taxis and you see only a few local transport—that looked like an oversized tuk-tuk of Bangkok— you may rent bicycles from the hotel you’re staying at or you can simply walk around the city---and it’s completely traffic jam free. I was privileged to have many Lao friends who brought us around the city in their cars. Apparently, almost everyone in the city has a car— making taxi not a necessity for them. Two of my college friends and

I, in 2011, stayed in Vientiane for three days and it was by far one of the most relaxing travels that we had, aside from the fact that the vibe of the city already calls for it. Im the type of traveller who’d take walks and get into the “not touristy” places to get the real feel of the place, and I got to do that in Vientiane without worrying of rushing from one place to another. The first place we visited was the Buddha Park. Situated about 15 minutes from the border is this park that’s dotted with Hindu and Buddhist religious statues. The statues were made from concrete or carved stones. You get to see a huge reclining Buddha, Siva and other mythical creatures. At one end of the park is this pumpkin-looking statue where you get in and climb to the top to see the view of the entire park. It’s an amazing sight to see all those statues—I was used to seeing those statues in temple, but this time, at a park?! What a welcoming treat!! At the heart of Vientiane is the Patuxai or the Victory Gate. It was built between 1957 and 1968 in honour of those who fought for the independence of the country from the French colony. Accordingly, the Gate has semblance of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France but with a local twist. It features four arches

facing the four corners—north, south, east, west— and a fifth arch at the center. These arches represent the five Buddhist principles of prosperity, thoughtful amiability, flexibility, honour and honesty. Its interior walls and ceiling are intricately decorated with gods, goddesses and elephants. Patuxai is a popular tourist attraction, apart from being an imposing structure in the city, with a minimal entrance fee you can climb to the viewing deck at the top and get to see the entire view of Vientiane. I was amazed to see the traffic jam free streets of Vientiane while at the top. Sunset is the best time to visit this place— apart from seeing the beautiful setting of the sun by the great Mekong River, you also get to see the musical water fountain. At night, this place comes alive with the colourful lights illuminating the Gate. Local foods are also sold in carts around. Being a predominantly Buddhist country, Vientiane hosts several temples. There’s the Pha That Luang or the Golden Stupa that stands 148 feet tall. This stupa is a national symbol and a sacred place for the Laotian. In Buddhist belief, a stupa is a burial ground or commemorative monument. In the case of That Luang, as my Lao classmate said, it housed the breastbone of Buddha.


May 26 - June 1, 2014

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Travel Feature

Lao kip... im a millionaire... LOL


at th u drop o y l ti t Shop ing marke morn

Sisaket Temple and Museum is another place to visit and see thousands of small Buddha and hundreds of standing Buddha. The temple’s architectural design dates back to 1818 and is considered as the oldest Buddhist monastery in Laos since it survived the Siamese-Lao war in the 1800s. Another beautiful temple to visit is the Wat Ho Phra Keo or the Altar of the Emerald Buddha. This was originally constructed in 1565 as a personal altar for the Lao royal family, and is the only surviving part of the old royal palace. The veranda of the temple is decorated with intricate Buddhist carvings. The temple is surrounded with a well-tended garden that feels like an oasis in an already calm city. Nowadays the temple is converted into a museum of Laos treasures. The emerald Buddha is now in Bangkok, Thailand.

Vientiane from the viewing deck of Patuxai

View of Vientiane from the viewing deck of Patuxai.

The sticky rice ice cream! Who’d have thot that sticky rice and ice cream go together?! Only in Lao.

View of Vientiane from the viewing deck of Patuxai.

Window of Wat Phra Keo adorned with intricate carvings

May 26 - June 1, 2014

Wat Phra Keo. Originally built for the Royal Family that housed the Emerald Buddha.

Why Vientiane? Perhaps many of you asks, why Laos?! Why Vientiane?! The place seemed unheard of. Kinda million dollar question, huh?! What do you do in Vientiane?!! To be honest, nothing actually! If you are looking for a typical touristy attraction you’d be disappointed; but if you’re down with some quiet, relaxing time and cultural immersion, Vientiane is the place for you. They don’t have yet those grand fantasy land but they have temples and historic places that let you appreciate the gentleness of present-day Laotian. In case we forgot, Laos was once a French colony—part of Indochina. Did I mention about how friendly and accommodating Lao people were? You’d be surprised as to how generous they are with their guests—no, we are not the only hospitable people in the whole planet, sorry to disappoint you that. Being hospitable comes with being Asian—that we can be proud of. Basically a trip to Vientiane is like a trip back time and I love that! I love how their people celebrate and promote their culture. The city doesn’t have yet those popular fast food chains, save for a few like Swensen’s, but they have their local restaurants that guarantee a taste of their delicacies—oh what a delight in the tummy. One of my unforgettable tastings was of their sticky rice ice cream and boy was I in heaven, me the sweet tooth. A visit at their morning market is every shopper’s heaven. You’ll fancy upon cheap, good finds of local handicrafts-- if you are good in haggling, they come in handy. So why Vientiane, Laos?! I love to venture to those uncharted places, explore the uncommon and unknown, and immerse with the local culture. And oh well, it’s a celebration of Asian culture!

Pha That Luang up close

Intricate Buddhist carving at the veranda of Wat Phra keo

Us, girls inside That Luang complex. We have to wear Lao skirts in reverence of the Stupa.

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Travel Feature



May 26 - June 1, 2014

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Cover Story

Liceo U High School

The facade of the newly-inaugurated Deutsche Sprache Raum (DSR or German Language Room) at the Liceo de Cagayan University High School, May 27.

The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany approved Liceo de Cagayan University’s High School to be its official partner in the Philippines within the worldwide initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH). Liceo U is the fourth school in the Philippines in this illustrious short list of partner schools. In a letter sent to Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon, Liceo’s VP for External Relations and Internationalization, Herr Falk Schleicher, Head of the Language Program of the Goethe Institut Philippinen, made the announcement last April 10, 2013 on behalf of the institute and its director Dr. Petra Raymond. With its emphasis on training young people with interest and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany and the German language. Liceo de Cagayan University, as an official partner and as a PASCH school, supports Germany’s aim to create and to strengthen a global network of some 1,500 partner schools especially in priority regions. In Herr Schleicher’s letter, this partnership hopes to foster longlasting links with the country and inspire teachers and students to enjoy an open exchange of views and engage in cooperation. It also envisions building structured learning and qualified teaching of German as a Foreign Language at Liceo U for a deeper involvement in German culture in Cagayan de Oro City and Mindanao. The landmark partnership between the Federal Republic of Germany through the Goethe Institut Philippinen and the Liceo de Cagayan University has further been solidified by a one-month study grant to Germany given to AVP Finance Herr Jose Z. Valdehuesa and high school faculty member Herr Michael S. Villamor. Mr. Valdehuesa and Mr. Villamor are both teaching German language with the former learning B1 Level of the language and the latter immersed in the A2 Level. There are six levels into the said language proficiency ladder. They were schooled in one of the many language institutes of the Goethe Institut network located in Bonn, the former capital of Germany and interestingly, the birthplace of music genius Ludwig van

Liceo de Cagayan University President Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, Frau Petra Raymond, Director – Goethe Institut Philippinen, and Herr Falk Schleicher - Head of Language Program unveils the Schulen: Partner der Zukunft plaque at the Liceo de Cagayan University High School, May 27.

May 26 - June 1, 2014

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Cover Story


is 4th PASCH School Beethoven. At present, the University has over 250 students learning the German language in different levels under the instruction of the mentioned teachers, with two others – Mrs. Jasmin C. Lagumbay from the high school and Ms. Revian C. Mangubat from the College of Education. The partnership bears another fruit with the opening of the state-ofthe-art Deutsche Sprache Raum (DSR or German Language Room), May 27, at the Liceo de Cagayan University High School and is all funded by the Goethe Institut Philippinen. The DSR is envisioned to give students an arm’s-reach on a feel of Germany within the university grounds. “To have become a strong partner for our activities in Germany, we send teachers and students to Germany, you (Liceo) are a member of a network of 1,500 PASCH schools worldwide and the language which we communicate in this network is German. It’s a big family, the three students from Liceo have met different students from other PASCH schools all over the world, it is the seed that we plant and they will grow, these connections they have started will continue to grow. This is a very good example how a vision of a dream, through all the efforts which were made, has become a reality” says Frau Petra Raymond, Director – Goethe Institut Philippinen in her speech during the formal inauguration of the Liceo U Deutsche Sprache Raum. In his reply, Liceo University President Dr. Mariano M. Lerin said, “Thank you for all this, thank you also for giving us the opportunity to be of service to Cagayan de Oro City and to Northern Mindanao by making us the center of excellence in German Language. The beautiful room that you are giving to us is accepted with open arms, because this is one way of serving the community of Cagayan de Oro City by Liceo de Cagayan University. Please be assured that we will be working with you, we will be collaborating with you in this program, in order that the two countries will be working together and we will be happier when we will be training our students, our people to speak German, to know German culture and for the two (countries) to be friends forever.”

Liceo de Cagayan University President Dr. Mariano M. Lerin and Frau Petra Raymond, Director – Goethe Institut Philippinen, in the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon to formally open the doors of the Deutsche Sprache Raum (DSR or German Language Room) at the Liceo de Cagayan University High School, May 27.

The Schulen: Partner der Zukunft plaque unveiled.

LICEO U Inaugurates Deutsche Sprache Raum (DSR or German Language Room). (from left) Liceo U Vice President for External and Cultural Affairs Rudolf P. Golez, VP for External Relations and Internationalization - Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon, Liceo University President Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, Dr. Petra Raymond Goethe Institute Philippinen Director, Ms. Aisha Guatno - PASCH Project Coordinator and (standing) Mr. Falk Schleicher - Head of Language Program pose for posterity inside the newly innaugurated Deutsche Sprache Raum (DSR or German Language Room), Liceo de Cagayan University High School, May 27.

Liceo University High School Principal Ms. Joan Gallaron welcomed the guests from the Goethe Institut Philippinen. Photos by SHAUN ALEJANDRAE YAP UY

May 26 - June 1, 2014


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3 Liceans fly to Germany


ith an eye directed to globalization, Liceo de Cagayan University proudly sends three of its high school students to St. Peter Ording, Germany, May 4 to 24, 2014 for a three-week stipendium on German language and culture awarded by the Goethe Institute under the initiative, PASCH, Schools: Partners for the Future (Schulen: Partner der Zukunft). The students, namely, Herzon A. Daba, Leonides B. Valmoria Jr., and Ronin Z. Java, were under the A1 instruction of Frau Jasmin C. Lagumbay, who was schooled at the Goethe Institut Philippinen in Makati City. Fellow faculty member Frau Revian C. Mangubat underwent the same studies. To know more about PASCH please visit or

May 26 - June 1, 2014

FDC Misamis’ Vice President Albert De Sagun leads employee volunteers in San Martin Elementary School during this year’s Brigada Eskwela. Besides re-painting of the school’s main gates, improved electrical wirings and energy-saving lighting system were also installed in the school’s 7 buildings and 17 classrooms.

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FDC Misamis’ Vice President Albert De Sagun turns-over the electrical wirings and lighting fixtures to San Martin Elementary School Principal Ma. Theresa Delegencia. Witnessing is Barangay San Martin Kagawad Alex Cabanday.


May 26 - June 1, 2014

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ove in the true sense still wears many masks... a real life drama that unfolds anytime yet no one can explain. Feel a mask and each character tells one version of a love story. Ask how or why love happened and you might get a nervous giggle or a quick chuckle. All over the world, poets and lyrics write lines inspired by love. Almost every song tells about love. Such an inexplicable emotion that overpowers kings and queens, that blind men and women to commit crime or delve into passionate affairs, that makes some rich or poor, that turns people into either philanthropists or misanthropes. Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, King Edward and Mrs. Simpson... these are a few great love stories of our times. There are a thousand more or even

a million but they never get mentioned because we are the incognitos. Even so, love is in between two or in the midst of many. Which is to blame whenever we fall in love? The mind or the heart? Or both? Many say the heart has its reasons which we cannot understand. And yet, some say they fall in love because their partner thinks the same therefore giving each other mental equality. Their likes are common; their tastes for food, eye for fads and sense of fun are in perfect harmony. And yet, there are those who say love will be developed later so you can marry any man (woman) especially in traditional societies or tribal communities where couples are matched regardless of age. When a Japanese woman waited for

almost 40 years for her fiancĂŠ who as soldier hid in the cave in the Philippines since WW II, shall we call that true love? What are the criteria into which love is based? Are we to subject ourselves to analytical data to prove if true love exists? Love flies out of the window when hunger knocks at the door - and out come the empty dishes. Or the best way to win a man's heart is through his stomach? Should love be connected to palates and intestines? If all these things have to be proven, an individual must open his or her eyes wide, (for love is blind that lovers cannot see) must have good taste buds, super brain power, a strong heart and enough money stuffed in one's pocket. Whatever anyone says, I still believe in love and don't ask me why...

PICK YOUR PASSION . Workshop participants gather for a photo op at the roof deck of Primavera Residences during the Pick Your Passion Street | Lighting Photography workshop by CdeO Street Photographer Gian James Maagad and Strobist Photographer Glenn Palacio, May 24. Photo courtesy of Gian Maagad

May 26 - June 1, 2014


THE TEST of the things we think, say or do

1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


RC Golden East

TUESDAY 12 Noon Philtown Hotel 6:00PM Mindy’s

RC East CDO RC Uptown CDO

WEDNESDAY 12:30PM Thai Me Up 7:00 PM Sentro

RC Metro CDO RC Kalayaan

THURSDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel RCCag. DeOro 5:30PM Dynasty Court Hotel RC East Urban 7:00 PM Country Village RC Carmen Valley West FRIDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel 7:00 PM Inilog Grill 7:30 PM City Grand Hotel 8:00 PM Casa Azucena

RC West CDO RC Bay Area RC Centerpoint RC CDO North

SATURDAY 5:00PM River View Hotel 6:30PM Buffalo Grill

RC South CDO RC Carmen Valley

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May 26 - June 1, 2014 | The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

Italpinas named Best Mixed-Use Dev’t at Asia Pacific Property Awards Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI Corp.), an Italian-Filipino company that designs and develops sustainable property nationwide, bagged the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines award at the recent Asia Pacific Property Awards, held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Italpinas won for its flagship project, Primavera Residences, the first condominium development in Northern Mindanao that highlights passive design features to help solve common property-related environment issues. Italpinas is one of 47 category winners chosen by the award-giving body to represent the Asia Pacific region in the International Property Awards, where regional winners from the Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Arabia, UK, and the Americas compete against to determine the “world’s best” in each category. International Property Awards, considered a world-renowned mark of excellence wherein judging is carried out by a panel of 70 property experts, will be held in Dubai this December. “We are very happy to have won this award. It’s an opportunity to promote the benefits of sustainable development and high-performance design,” says architect Romolo V. Nati, chief executive officer of ITPI Corp. Architect Nati also described in an interview how they prepared for the competition, “We submitted all the required documents and it was quite a tough work, it wasn’t just about the design of the building, it’s about everything including marketing overview, design plans and so on – it’s a holistic competition. The competition has very high standards.” Located in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences features cantilevered edges and brise soleil shades that block the heat from the sun’s rays before they hit the buildings’ windows, therefore, helping to reduce the building temperature. On what makes ItalPinas designs unique, Nati has this to say: “We call it performance-based-designprocess – it’s not just about beauty of the building, beauty is just a result of that design process. When we design buildings, we provide solutions to the requirements presented to us.” Primavera Residences also features an inner courtyard that lets natural light come into the buildings while creating a funnel effect that allows air to come in the towers and criss-cross from unit to unit, giving a cooling effect. The property is located in the Pueblo de Oro Business Park of Cagayan de Oro City, 110 meters above sea level, protecting the property from floods. “I think that Primavera is already becoming a landmark, not only in Cagayan de Oro – I would say in the Philippines… and it will continue to grow” says Architect Nati in conclusion. For more information on Primavera Residences and other ITPI properties, visit http://www.italpinas. com/.

May 26 - June 1, 2014

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agayan de Oro Rugby Football Club (CDORFC) Rafters make history as the flag bearers of the City of Golden Friendship debuts in the 2014 Philippine National Games and wins the Rugby 7s Shield Division Cup. “It was an amazing milestone for the Team and for Cagayan de Oro City and we hope to learn from this experience, improve our game and get more athletes to grow with the sport”, says Noel Villa, Founder and Coach of the Rafters. It has only been eight months since CDORFC was founded and started training the pioneer members of the Team. Some of them only started training a few months ago like the Shield Division MVP, Luis Banaag III, who used to be a soccer player and now playing as Winger for the Team. Luis Banaag sprinting his way to score another try Angelo Luigi Mayo, another big asset for the Team, also showed the crowd how a perfect tackle is executed and how to fend three and four-man tackles to score a try. Though newbies in the sport, the Rafters carried on playing against more experienced Teams despite having low confidence in the early part of the Games. Their courage and team strength finally sealed the Shield Division Final Game rising as Champion in the end. The Team looks forward to competing in future tournaments in order to gain more experience and improve their skills in the sport. CDORFC also hopes to recruit more potential athletes for the Men’s, Ladies and Juniors Divisions.

CDORFC Coach Noel Villa

THE CDORFC Team: Nacalaban, Danny Al Jr. Pestano; See, Bronson Tee; Valentino, Josephus, Goc-ong; Montante, Gavinne Rey, Dalumpines; Zornosa, Edwin Jr. Panis; Murillo, Miguel Alfonso Mugot; Salmo, Wayne Patrick Valmorida; Tidor, Don Pochulo Tosloc; Linog, Elijohn Anthony Heje; Morales, Ronnie Jan Ucab; Mayo, Angelo Luigi Herediano; Banaag, Luis III Georlin.

CDORFC Luis Banaag III MVP Awardee

A massive THANK YOU to our sponsors who made our PNG experience and milestone more meaningful, and the CDORFU Board Members Dr. Drex Nacalaban, Mae Dizon and Engr. Rosello Bagundol. We also would like to acknowledge our Club Partners such as Great White Water Tours, Sprint Multisport, Parasat HD, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Primavera Residences, BigyBoi Convenience Store, Smart, Del Monte Phils., The Cagayan de Oro Times, Mindanao News Daily, SunStar Cagayan de Oro, ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao (MOR, TV Patrol and Pamahaw Espesyal) and other blogsites who all have contributed to the grassroots rugby development in CDO. LIKE or FOLLOW these accounts and PM us if you want to learn the sport and have the chance to play for CDORFC in rugby tournaments within and around the country: Facebook: Twitter: | Instagram: @cdorugbyclub Next Week: Get to Know the man behind CDORFC’s success - Coach Noel Villa in a CdeO TIMES Feature


May 26 - June 1, 2014

| The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


AMANAH/ISLAMIC BANK V. Neri Street Carmen, Cdoc 858988/8587965 / 722274 ASIA UNITED BANK Cor.Camp Alagar Road Lapasan, Cdoc 729678 / 8568893 BDO – VELEZ Velez-Rn Abejuela Street, Cdoc 2314246/8572075 BDO – SM G/F SM City, Master Son’s Avenue Upper Carmen Cdoc | 8592623/8592637 BDO – XU XU Lib. Annex Corrales St. Cdoc 8574108 / 8573796 BDO – CDO HAYES Trendline Bldg.,Hayes Street, 8568151/727405 BDO – COGON Sky hi Bldg JR Borja St. Cogon, Cdoc 8577963/ 725209/ 725203

METRO BANK- JR BORJA JR Borja St. Cdoc | 8572999/724415 METRO BANK- COGON Osmeña Hayes St. Cdoc | 726438/8572057 METRO BANK- CARMEN Max Suniel St. Carmen, Cdoc 8581722/ 8585162 METRO BANK- LAPASAN CM Recto Lapasan HW, Cdoc 724461/8561721 METRO BANK- OSMEÑA Brgy Osmeña St. Cdoc | 722014 /8800924 METRO BANK- CORRALES Corrales Avenue, Cdoc | 8572635/728731 METRO BANK- GAISANO 8561720 PBCOM Tiano-HayesSt. Cdoc | 726519/8571558 PLANTERS DEVELOPMENT BANK Tiano Bros St. Cdoc | 727083 /727082

BDO – OSMEÑA Osmeña corner Ramon Chavez St. Cdoc 724567/8563727

PHILTRUST BANK Ramonal OsmeñaSt. CDO 8807234/2316694/2316695

BDO – LAPASAN Lapasan Highway Cdoc 8563233 /8563234 / 725178

PNB- CORRALES Corrales Avenue Cdoc | 729500 / 729723

BDO – RN- PELAEZ George Town CyberMall Rn Pelaez Blvd Kauswagan Cdoc | 8562617/729052

PNB- LKK MALL NORTH CONCOURSE LKK Mall N.Concourse Cdoc 8574149/8575682

BDO – CARMEN Maxsuniel cor.V Neri St. Carmen, .Cdoc 8584854 /8581133

PNB- CARMEN Elipe Bldg.Carmen, Cdoc | 8583158/ 8584203

BANK OF COMMERCE- VELEZ Akut- Velez St.Cdoc | 8564371 / 726880

PNB- LKK LKK Lapasan, Cdoc | 8564347/722872

BANK OF COMMERCE- LAPASAN CM Recto Ave. Lapasan, Cdoc, 8563991/727731

PNB CDO– DIVISORIA Tiano Bros.Cruz Taal St., Cdoc 722861 /722816

BPI FAMILY SAVINGS BANK RER kauswagan,HW Cdoc 8573733 /722519

PNB CDO– LAPASAN LKK Center Lapasan, Cdoc | 8564732 / 723992

BPI FAMILY SAVINGS BANK Gaston Park Cdoc | 8801518

PNB CDO– COGON LKK Center Lapasan, Cdoc 8571991/ 723992

BPI – LAPASAN Cm Recto HW Lapasan Cdoc 724076/ 8524602 BPI- VELEZ Velez-JR Borja St.Cdoc 8564213/722406 BPI – CAPISTRANO Capistrano St. Cdoc 8574264/8574263 BPI- COGON Osmeña St. Cdoc 8571297/8571298 CHINA BANK –GAISANO 745887/745880

PHILIPPINE POSTAL SAVINGS BANK, INC. Rizal Chavez Cdoc 8572194/725438 PS BANK Velez Corner A. Mabini St., Cdoc 8574183/725184 PHILIPPINE VETERANS BANK Tiano-Abejuela St. Cdoc 722644/8573386 QUEEN CITY DEVELOPMENT BANK, INC. Sacred Heart Mont. Cm RectoAve., Cdoc 8562390


ALGEN’S DIVE RESORT (088) 3872015

PHILTOWN HOTEL 726295 / 8564402 Fax: 723104

APPLE TREE RESORT & HOTEL 735411 / 754525 Fax: 754497

PRYCE PLAZA HOTEL 8583131 Fax: 726687

BAHAY BAKASYUNAN SA CAMIGUIN (088) 3871057 / 3870131 Fax: 3870278

PRAWN HOUSE (088) 3095992 Fax: 8519219

BASAMANGGAS RESORT 08822-760564 Fax: 760565 CAGAYAN RIVERVIEW INN 8584245 / 729039 Fax: 8584245 CASA CRYSTALLA 8561704 / 722465 Fax: 722480 CASA ISABELLA (088) 8564065 CASA AZUCENA 8563402 / 09236593973 CHALI BEACH RESORT 732840 / 8552108 Fax: 8555941 CHANANTHON BED & BREAKFAST 8568189 / 3093095 COUNTRY VILLAGE HOTEL 8583004-06 Fax: 8583006 D’BUDGETEL 8564200/726643 Fax: 8564300 DAHILAYAN FOREST PARK 8568562 to 63 DE LUXE HOTEL 8572144 / 724548 Fax: 724563

RCBC- VELEZ Velez-Borja St. Cdoc | 8564982/8568888

DISCOVERY HOTEL 727814 / 8563896 Fax: 8563897

CHINA BANK- LAPASAN CM Recto Lapasan HW Cdoc 8561325 /722240

RCBC- COGON Simplex Bldg. Osmeña St. Cdoc 8562888/725863/8521329

DUKA BAY RESORT (088) 3312290 Fax: 725265

CHINA BANK – CARMEN Max Suniel, Cor. Yakal St. Cdoc 8583903/723091

RCBC- LAPASAN Cm. Recto Lapasan HW. Cdoc 8561888/722449

CHINA BANK – DIVISORIA RN Abejuela St. Divosoria Cdoc 8575759/722641

RCBC- LKK Gateway, Tower 1 LkkCenter, Cdoc 8563707/722449

DYNASTY COURT HOTEL 8574802 Fax: 857900

CITY SAVINGS BANK TS Fashion Ave.Justo Ramonal Corner St.Cdoc 2316060/ 2316059

RCBC SAVINGS- CARMEN Walingwaling St.,Carmen St. Cdoc 8585793/ 8586248

CHINA BANK- JR BORJA JR Borja St. Cdoc 8572212/8573274

CHINATRUST Suite U&5 G/LGateway Tower Lapasan Lkk Cdoc 8521846/8521844 D’ASIAN HILLS BANK HW. Lapasan Cdoc | 8564201/ 8564201 D’ASIAN HILLS BANK Vamenta Carmen Sts. Cdoc | 8585366 DBP – CORRALES Corrales Ave., St. Cdoc | 8572087/722649 DBP – CAPISTRANO JR Borja Capistrano St. Cdoc 8567776/722819 EAST WEST BANK #5 Juan Sia Bldg. Apolinar Velez St.Cdoc 8578801/720081 EAST WEST BANK Cogon De Oro Constraction Bldg. LKK Drive 8500339/8500331 ENTERPRISE BANK INC. Centro Mariano Bldg Osmeña St. Cdoc 723869/ 3093395 FIRST CONSOLIDATED BANK CM Recto Ave., Cor.Agudo Road Cdoc 8565360/2316678 LBP – CAPISTRANO Capsitrano St. Cdoc | 8565515/727678 LBP – VELEZ LunaVelez St. | 723549/8563198 LBP – PUERTO Puerto Cdoc | 8558858 MAYBANK JR Borja Tiano Cor. Bldg. Cdoc 8574439/726060

RCBC SAVINGS- VELEZ Velez St. Cdoc | 729083/8562460 RCBC SAVINGS- AGORA 8807891/8807892 RURAL BANK OF CABADBARAN, Inc. #58 Tiano FernandezSt.CDO 727215/ 8563552 *805 SECURITY BANK- OSMEÑA Osmeña St. Cdoc | 8563965/ 723411/728774 SECURITY BANK- LKK Limketkai | 8801258/8801625 SECURITY BANK- VELEZ Velez Montalvan St., Cdoc | 728334/856632 STERLING BANK OF ASIA Tiano Velez St. CDO | 8528171/8528168 UCPB BANK- LAPASAN Osmeña Corner Lkk Drive, Cdoc 85771842/ 725135 UCPB BANK- VELEZ Velez Corner C. Pacana St. CDO 8564474/8564527 UCPB BANK SAVINGS-CAPISTRANO Capistrano Corner CruzTaal St. CDO 8524099/722695 UCPB BANK SAVINGS- OPOL Gf forever Books Bldg.Bulua National CDO 754519/8588063 UNION BANK Lapasan Cm.Recto Cdoc | 8566847/8563805 WEALTHBANK Velez Gomez St. Cdoc | 8568942/722174

METRO BANK- DIVISORIA Pabayo Abejuela St. Divisoria Park, Cdoc 724783/8576999

1ST VALLEY BANK Vamenta Blvd. CornerLirio St. Carmen, Cdoc 8501871/ 8584146

METRO BANK- VELEZ A. Velez St. Cdoc | 8561724/726054

OROBANKERS CLUB Inc. Pnb Carmen | 09151850242

GRAND CITY HOTEL 8571900 / 728469 Fax: 723718 HOTEL CONCHITA 8563856 / 727355 Fax: 8563857 HOTEL KORESCO 8589749-50 Fax: 8589748 HOTEL SOGO 8520383 KINGSTON LODGE 8585696 Fax: 8585696 MAPAWA NATURES PARK 8584402 Fax: 725265 MALLBERRY SUITES 8541999 / 7249999 Fax: 8544999 MAXANDREA HOTEL 8572244/729943 Fax: 724090 MIAMI INN 8581901 to 02 Fax: 725279/728486 N HOTEL (088) 8801924 PARAS BEACH RESORT 8568563 Fax: 8568563

RIDGE VIEW CHALET 8588946 / 8587946 Fax: 8588946 SEDA CENTRIO HOTEL 32288888 SOUTHWINDS HOTEL 724803 / 8562036 Fax: 8562036 STARGATE DREAM VACATION RESORT 8515003 / 8509999 THE VIP HOTEL 726080 / 8562505 Fax: 726441 TUNE HOTEL 8800888/8801306 TRAVELERS POD 8518988 UPTOWN CONDOTEL 8511800 VILLA PARAISO APARTELLE 3870419 Fax: 3870429

HONORARY MEMBER: DEPT. OF TOURISM 723696/726394 / 8564048 Fax: 723696 RESTAURANTS: BIGBY’S CAFÉ 72-1071/857-5511/8575836 Fax: 711843 CAFÉ LAGUNA 8582999 Fax: 8567001 DM VILLARUY RESTAURANT 733790 GOLDEN AJIRANG I 856-5271 Fax: 727876 GRAND CAPRICE RESTAURANT 72-6955/856-2302 Fax: 72-4986 KAGAY-ANON RESTAURANT 728958 / 8563688 Fax: 8563843 / 729003 LA ILONGGA RESTAURANT 72-6183 / 857-3652 Fax: 72-4605 MAX’S RESTAURANT 8586297 Fax: 8568264 MISSY BON BON 8566852 / 09228606442 Fax: 8566852 SLERS HAM & CAFÉ 8551438 THAI ME UP 738424/3108424 Fax: 738424 BARKADAHAN GRILL 8551234 LA TEGOLA CUCINA ITALIANA 8585959


TheCdeOTIMES Vol2 No40  
TheCdeOTIMES Vol2 No40  

TheCdeOTIMES Vol2 No40