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Vol. 1 | No. 26 | Cagayan de Oro City | February 3-9, 2013

CINEMAGIS awards NorthMin’s top short films I

Story by Christine H. Cabiasa Photos by DK Aguillon

lluminating the stature as the underscore of CINEMAGIS 5 celebration, Northern Mindanao’s entries and top short films were awarded on January 26 at SM Atrium, this city. Considered to be the region’s foremost runner in maximizing its culture and potentials through short films, CINEMAGIS, on its fifth year has never failed in bringing Northern Mindanao to its feet for Cinema Rehiyon; thus, continues to carry out responsive tasks just to promote the region. CINEMAGIS is highly recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the National Committee for Cinema as a step for film enthusiasts in Mindanao to compete to the national level and further be an instrument to uplift peace

and maintain understanding amidst cultural differences. This year’s entries not only reveal what Northern Mindanao can offer more but a different array of shorts in which we can be proud of; from societal issues to cultures and from their wildest imagination to just a simple one and from natural to artificial approaches. The shorts may differ in themes and the messages they want to convey yet they symbolizes what a Mindanaonon is and what the region possesses. Ten short films vied for the best as they had diverse topics portrayed and had broad concept presentations of each. What made it more significant is that, not only the professionals can display their prowess in film making but the students were given chance also to

show what they have and what can they contribute to Northern Mindanao through “visual storytelling”. From the professional category, official entries were Guano, Wonderful Nightmare, Dedangerz, HD, and Unos; in which the experts have proved their talent in making films as to language, creativity and artistry. Guano, in which it instilled in the minds of the viewers the value of saving Mother Earth for our children’s children in the future by planting forest trees; Wonderful Nightmare, in which it portrayed the art of having nightmares and yet carried a lesson at the end; Dedangerz, in which it displayed the life and aspirations of street children and the moral that we must respect and pay attention to them; HD, in CINEMAGIS | P2

The production team of Tutob, this year’s Best Short Film Student Category. (Extreme left, Mr. Teng Mangansakan, CINEMAGIS film workshop resource speaker.

From extreme right, Ms. Koreen Witting, Female Star of the Night and Mr. Joshua Campos, Male Star of the Night

The Night Stalker:



un! Fun! Fun! and Americana Galore on a Thursday at a new place called TGIFriday’s at Ayala Malls’ Centrio Cagayan de Oro. It was nice to see old and new faces together for TGIFriday’s Media L au n ch at t he Ay a l a Mall’s Centrio Mall last Thursday, January 24. The old boys led by Mindanao Current’s Ed Montalvan, Business Mirror’s Butch Enerio, MindaNews Froilan Gallardo, Gold Star Daily’s Netnet Camomot were there as were the young bloggers with the likes of Tom Udasco, Venus Mabale

and Jaqs Agbon, to name a few. We were welcomed by S elrhaco’s Charles Lim who introduced us to TGIFriday’s Cagayan de Oro Manager Mitz Carreon and Bistro Group’s Marketing Manager Roda Patricia Adriano. T.G.I.Friday’s newest store sports the same contemporary vibe and interiors that can be found in any Friday’s branch worldwide: the wooden dining tables, spacious booth seating down to the sleek droplights that brighten the dining areas. The eclectic

memorabilia concept, of course, is there too: disco balls and images of icons such as Bruce Lee, Wonder Woman, E.T. and the Ghostbusters and the “Album Wall” which highlights musical superstars f rom Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson. Ed and I especially like this wall with the Harley Davidson and Levi’s logos from our generation. For a Thursday evening and the 24th of January at that, the place was surprisingly full, with most patrons coming in as couples and families. TGIF|P8

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| February 3-9, 2013


d e O ro

MetroSpect CINEMAGIS... from page 1

which it comes in a free form approach of making films, everything comes in natural, as if not scripted yet it depicted the value of life; Unos, in which it came very realistic as everyone of us carries burdens and problems in life, and the lesson that every dilemma has a solution, and that we must always have a positive outlook about life. To counterpart the professionals, students came first in line as they bear shorts for Mindanao. From the student category, entries were Kuris, Tutob, Kunhod, Agents, and Tagpuan; in which it was a mixture of culture awareness, comedy, and call for marine conservation. Kuris brought the way of life of the Muslims in which prearranged marriage “buya” is the threshold of their marital life; Tutob views the discrimination of our Muslim brothers from others, in which every

time they can be seen outside wearing their hats or “tutob”, people flee away from them, that they are being feared and insulted, the message that we must not be prejudice unto our Muslim brothers and sisters; Kunhod, reflected the call for aquatic preservation for the sake also of the fishermen and those whose primary livelihood is fishing, that we must not litter in the bodies of water and we must conserve the living organisms there as they are of big help to others; Agents, comes in a comedy loom in which they were carted with a super power to help people who have been attacked by evilminded individuals; and Tagpuan, told us the story of friendship and how do people view it in life. On the aforementioned entries above, winners were chosen and categorized in different sorts: For Best Art Direction, Tutob for student category and Dedangerz for professional; Best in Cinematography, Kunhod

for student category and Dedangerz for professional; Best Story went to Kuris for student and HD for professional; Best Editing, Tutob for student category and Guano for professional; Best Sound Scoring, Tutob and Wonderful Nightmare; Female Star of the Night Koreen Witting and Male Star of the Night, Joshua Campos; Audience Choice Award, Agents; Best Director, Kissza Campano of Tutob and Gray Em Erezo of A Wonderful Nightmare; Best Poster, Kuris and Best Trailer, Agents. For the limelight of the awarding ceremony is the Best Short Film title in which for the student category went to Tutob, second Kunhod, and third Kuris while on the professional category, Wonderful Nightmare topped followed by Dedangerz and HD, in the second and third place respectively. The winners will qualify for the Cinema Rehiyon in Laguna February 5-8, this year.

Top photographer to share knowledge with CDO enthusiasts


By Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

ver wanted to shoot people? No, not with bullets, but with... LIGHT. Starting out in photography, one takes pride in the series of photographs taken from either his compact digital camera or with the mint, brand new DSLR and lens sets.

But as we explore and level up, we tend to feed ourselves with an overflow of information through photography magazines and the internet only to find out that we only learn to make the icing on the cake instead of the cake itself. There is one way to


break that frustration, a workshop. Jeff Ponce Photography, The Fizz Bar at Marco Hotel and Parc Cruz brings “PORTRAITS: A Photography / Ambient Lighting / PostProcessing Workshop” to Cagayan de Oro city. The “PORTRAITS”

Mr. Franz Dale Magno, Director of “Kuris” receiving the award of 3rd Best Short Film and Best Story for the Student Category. With him Mr. Hobart Savior and Mr. Teng Mangansakan. (L-R) Teng Mangansakan, XCCA Director Hobart Savior look on as Jasmin Limas director of “Kunhod” accepts the trophy for Best in Cinematography.

“Tutob” Director Kissza Campano accepts the trophy for Best Director in the Student Category.

photos by DK AGUILLON

workshop is designed for all levels of Photoshop users, and lets you explore and discover the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop® for your personal use. In the workshop one will learn about Photoshop Layers, Objects, Text, Gradients, Adjustment Layers and a whole lot more. This workshop also covers some advance features of Photoshop such as correcting color & tonal range, creating Layer Masks, Brush & Textures. Parc Cruz is a Filipino digital photographer who has made a name

The cast and crew of “HD” lead by director Cloyd Winstanley accepts the award for Best Story in the Professional Category

for himself in the various facets of photography over the years. One can usually find his works in magazines and of course his website and online photo-sharing sites. This will be Parc Cruz’s second workshop in the city, the first one being in 2010. Included in the twoday workshop will be actual shooting with models. According to the workshop’s event facebook page, four known models have confirmed attendance; Nicole Floirendo, Mikaela Montalban, Yssa Neri, and

Grace Gift Chua. “PORTRAITS” is a two-day workshop on February 9 and 10 at The Fizz Bar, Marco Hotel, Alwana Business Park, National Highway, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City. “PORTRAITS” will also help newbies and advanced photography enthusiasts on finding the right light for your subject whether natural, available or ambient lighting. Book your slots now! Contact Jeff Ponce via email at jcpgemini19@ or call 0918-906-8040.

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Incoming RI District 3870 Governor Manny Along inducts BWM Publisher Dante M. Sudaria and Dr. Don Agcopra as the newest members of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro (Mother Club) Jan. 31, 2012 at the VIP Hotel. Mr. Sudaria is sponsored by Rtn. Mike Banos, BWM Marketing Consultant and Dr. Agcopra by PAG Luigi Sarraga.

February 3-9, 2013



| February 3-9, 2013



Points of View

ALA The problem with prom MODE OWEN JAEN


ashing for glittery gowns, bedazzling makeup, fancy themes and gorgeous suits. These are telltale signs that a prom is about to fill the air. But what is a prom and why do teenagers get so fixated with this most anticipated high school event? As early as December, teenagers are getting excited over their Junior-Senior Promenade, their event of a lifetime. They compare



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notes on what style they will wear, which make-up artist to turn to and most of all, who will be their date to the prom. Beyond all these young energy bursting from the students, a prom in its most basic definition is simply a social event where young members of society are given the honor to be introduced as adults. In the United States where they have been practicing K-12 for a long time, this holds true since their seniors are practically or almost 18 years old before they graduate. The prom becomes their group debut so

to speak. However, here in the Philippines where we tend to copy everything foreign, we adapt this tradition and make it into a venue for peer pressure. Young girls had to look their very best and need to outshine each other’s dresses all for the title of Prom Queen. The cost of one person to attend the prom can reach as much as P10,000.00 or even more for those who want to go the extra mile. This estimate includes the gown/suit, makeup, shoes, fees/ contributions and miscellaneous expenses. To be on top of

the social chain becomes the main concern. To add more to the frenzy and hype are the prom themed hollywood movies that makes the affair as the ultimate center of one’s budding existence. They romanticize the event by making it the dream day for going out with a partner. Another problem arises, the pressure to look for a date and the consequence of having a not so popular one or worse- going solo. A prom becomes a dreaded event for the underlings and campus wallflowers. Keeping

Love is in the air


he romantic season is here. Every radio station is playing our favorite love songs. Some make us reminisce while other songs inspire us in looking forward for the season of hearts. For us Filipinos we celebrate the heart season intimately. How? From chocolates, flowers, romantic candle light dinners and of course the music. Our celebration is never complete without it, whether it’s live or canned as long as it’s there then it’s ok. What’s more unique with us Filipinos is that we always have the guts to sing for that special someone, “bahalag yabag” some would say as long as it’s from the heart. But of course for us musicians that’s a big no no.

That’s why when it’s Valentine’s day most of us are still working privately or publicly serenading a couple or the majority. Everyone seems to be cheesy in this season. Right? But these love songs warm and flutter our hearts like it or not. So for this season to insipire you I’m sharing a bit of my love playlist. 1. Love moves in mysterious ways by Julia Fordhamthis song explains the mystery of love. It’s a classic hit that continually warms our hearts. 2. Just the way you are by Sofia - the deep rich round tone of Sofia soothes the heart. 3. LOVE by Natalie Cole - this light and bubbly version will also make you feel light

4. Say a little prayer- another classic hit that never fails to penetrate a heart. 5.I’f I’m not in love by Faith HillYou’ll fall in love with the melody of the song. 6. Somewhere somehow by Michael Smith A song of hope for long distance relationships. 7. After all by Peter Cetera and Cher - A song of hope for restoring relationships 8. Minsan Lang kita iibigin by Juris - An OPM hit that everyone loves. 9. I will always love you by Whitney HoustonA standard hit that we all love. 10. You’re the inspiration by Chicago -A simple beautiful song. These are just some of the beautiful love melodies that warm my heart every time I listen

up with appearances and social standing can be very taxing for the students and the parents. Schools should make a move to simplify high school proms and make it less worrisome but still essential and memorable. Great and fun memories can be made even if a prom is stripped off of today’s pageantry. What matters is that the students will have clean fun and they will know the true meaning of a prom - an event to announce your entry into the exciting world of adulthood. Ready to conquer, ready for change but without much drama.


to it or sing for others. So if you want to listen live to these songs, I’m going to make my own rendition on them this Valentine’s day at Pryce Plaza hotel 7pm onwards. I would love to see you then. Enjoy the love season!

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February 3-9, 2013

d e O ro




hree SM retail stores – the SM Department Store, Kultura Filipino, and Watsons - recently won three major awards during the recent 16th Outstanding Filipino Retailers and Shopping Centers of the Year Awards Night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom. The SM Department Store was named the winner in the Full Line Department Store category. Acknowledged as the leader and trendsetter in the Philippine retail scene, it has 46 branches around the country that serve millions of shoppers. Known for its world class interiors, quality merchandise at reasonable prices, and service, it continues to create excitement for a new generation of shoppers by combining great retail and great design, a mastige merchandise assortment, and services that go beyond shopping like foreign exchange, bills payments, and tieups with government agencies like the DTI,

Phil Health, SSS, PagIbig, and recently, the Department of Foreign Affairs. Kultura Filipino, the place to shop for all things Filipino, won the Category Killer award for the second year in a row, elevating it to the Hall of Fame. Kultura showcases the best of Filipino talent, craftsmanship, and ingenuity at customer friendly prices at 33 branches nationwide. It does not only highlight Filipino lifestyle retail, but also assists numerous NGOs and micro- entrepreneurs in its Crafts for a Cause section. Watsons, Your Personal Store, was cited as PRA’s top Foreign Brand Retailer in the Non-Food Category for the second year in a row. It is part of the Hong Kong based AS Watson chain, the world’s largest health, beauty, and personal care retailer with its network of 2,500 stores across 37 countries. In the Philippines, the first Watsons stores opened at The Podium

and SM Megamall in 2002. Since then, more than 200 stores have opened in 30 cities across the country, serving more than 160,000 customers everyday. The annual search for the Outstanding Filipino Retailers seeks to recognize Filipino Retailers who have epitomized the model of a successful business retailer in terms of growth and good ethical business practices. The award, which started in 1997, is a collaboration between the Philippine Retailers Association and the Department of Trade of Industry. Since that time, over 150 retailers have been given this honor and a total of 37 have been inducted in the Hall of Fame. In 2011, recognizing that foreign brands are now a new player in the local retail scene, the PRA and DTI opened a new category – the Foreign Brand Retailer – to recognize the Filipino management behind the success of foreign brands in the local market.

The SM Store President Jorge Mendiola receives the 2013 PRA Full Line Department Store Award from PRA VP and Celine Marketing Corp. Chairman and CEO Chan Kok Bin, DTI USEC Zenaida Maglaya and PRA Director and Cinderella Marketing Corp. President Arthur Coronel together with SM’s VP for Marketing Millie Dizon.

Kultura Filipino Vice President for Operations Ivy Yap receives the 2013 PRA Category Killer Award from DTI USEC Zenaida Maglaya and PRA Vice President for External Affairs Atty. Paul Santos. Also shown in photo is Senior Merchandising Manager Tricia Libongco.

Watsons Philippines General Manager Robert Sun receives the 2013 PRA Foreign Brand Specialty Award from DTI USEC Zenaida Maglaya, and PRA Board Member Lorenzo Formoso. He is shown with the Watsons Philippines team - Marketing Director Maria Victoria Encarnacion, Operations Director Jessamine Jimenez, and Watsons Chain Supply Director Sean Hembling.

Kultura Filipino, a one-stop lifestyle shop for all things uniquely Filipino, offers home and fashion items as well as souvenirs and crafts made by local artisans that showcase Filipino artistry, ingenuity and innovation.

SM’s services go beyond shopping. Customers can pay their bills, exchange foreign currency, buy tickets to the hottest shows in town, and avail of BDO Remit and government services all in one stop. Prestige Card members can also relax at the Prestige Lounge during their shopping breaks.

Watsons Your Personal Store, a part of the A.S. Watsons chain, the largest health, beauty and personal care retailer in the world, gives you a great reason to Look Good, Feel Great and Have Fun.


| February 3-9, 2013



Chamber exec is Promote CdeO Prexy


ro Chamber President Efren T. Uy is happy over the election of Chamber Past President and now Vice President of the Manufacturing and Industries Sector— Jaime Rafael “Ralph” Paguio as President of Promote CDO Foundation, Inc. “It g i v e s m e s o mu c h pleasure that another Oro Chamber executive is holding the highest position in a key organization that is Promote CDO,” Mr. Uy shared. Mr. Uy said that all signs are leading to a good year for Oro Chamber to push for the needed policy reforms in energ y, labor, investments and job generation that are believed to boost inclusive and sustainable growth to benefit all stakeholders. For his part, Promote CDO

Ralph Paguio

President Ralph Paguio commits to work on increasing the number of events such as conventions, congresses, trade exhibits and conferences side by side with a vigorous promotion for additional investments to the city. “Bi g h otel s are st ar t i ng to

lo cate to our city ma k ing our city more equipped to h an d l e bi g ge r e ve nt s . We need to encourage the staging of m ore hu g e e v e nt s a n d meetings to keep a steady f low of conventioners and tou r ist s i n ou r are a ,” Mr. Paguio said. Promote CDO Foundation encourages and supports the protection and development of Cagayan de Oro City’s cultural ident it y and her it age and works for a unified investment promotion of the city. Promote CDO also aims to highlight Cagayan de Oro City’s strategic role as a trade and service hub of Northern Mindanao t hus cre ating a positive image of the city as a good investment site wherein business processes and procedures are streamlined.

An Angel Named Aizel By Kirt David B. Mercado, Contributor


rtists understand that music goes beyond entertainment – it is spiritual. Music, as some would describe, is the language of the soul.W This is perhaps the reason why some people refer to singers as angels. In Cagayan de Oro City, there is one particular “angel” that is really worth listening to, and her name is Aizel Ruga. Ruga, at present, is a receptionist/f&b associate in one of the prime hotels in the city. On her free time, she free lances as a soloist for events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate gatherings. Ruga has a ver y rich background in singing. As early as 7 years old, she was already part of the praise and worship ministr y in a Pentecostal church that her family was a part of. Her experience in singing in church explains her soulful style of interpreting songs. Her beautiful curly hair and soulful voice reminds listeners of the greatest black American songstresses.

Because of her varied musical influences, Ruga’s voice has truly become a unique instrument. Her low notes reflect the deep tones of Toni Braxton. Her husky thrills and stratospheric whistle register echo the soaring melodies of Mariah Carey. Her powerful and skyrocketing attack on big notes reveal that she also loves Whitney Houston. Lastly, her playful dynamics show that her craft has also been influenced by Philippine Soul Diva, Jaya. Ruga graduated from Liceo de Cagayan University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Major in Hotel & Restaurant Management. In that same school, Ruga was a part of the glee club where her artistr y was further developed. She was also part of the Rodelsa Repertor y and actively participated in various musicales. Ruga has bagged a ton of Championships from various singing competitions including the muchcoveted Singing Ambassador title from the Department of Tourism.

The Financial Doctor By Dr. Adonis Agcopra MBA, RFC®

The “E-S-I-P” Paradigm


hat does being financially secure mean to you? Is there a formula that could help anybody achieve its much-coveted state? One of the best ways of defining financial security is being in such a situation that even if, for whatever reason, you lose your capacity to earn active income anytime, you (and your dependents should you have any) can live in a satisfactory level of comfort for a reasonable period of time, perhaps even for a lifetime. To attain this desirable level of financial freedom, a simple formula I do hereby propose: the “E-S-I-P paradigm.” Simply stated, the degree of your attainment of financial security (FS) is equal to the combined total of your earning ability (E), savings capacity (S), investing know-how (I), and the asset risk protection mechanisms (P) you have actively in place. Thus, FS = E + S + I + P. Your capacity to earn is derived from the value given in exchange to the products and services you are exceptionally capable of offering in a competitive marketplace. Your earning power rises in direct proportion to the level of difficulty in replacing your current market value as an individual given numerous other alternatives. First and foremost, it is your responsibility to learn how to earn. Second, your capacity to save with discipline spells a lot of difference between finding yourself either among the haves and the have-nots. A very sensible W. Clement Stone summed it well: “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” Spend less than you earn, eliminate bad debts, then save and invest the rest. Third, knowing how to invest your money in a proper and well-balanced manner can give you the added boost and leverage. Investments are vehicles – they propel your money’s worth. And like vehicles, investment instruments move at unique speeds. Some go fast, others slow. Some are liquid, others aren’t. And each has its own inherent level of risk. Lastly, as you build your asset base from your earnings, savings and investments, it is crucial to recognize that risk is something intrinsic to life – every endeavor and every action has its corresponding risk. And though risk cannot be totally avoided, it can however be managed and mitigated. All your efforts might go down the drain if you fail to employ the correct risk management strategies. Suffice it to say that your capacity to think and earn is a human capital and is actually your entire lifetime’s #1 asset! Asset risk protection is therefore paramount all the way from the start. Earn, save, invest, protect. Act now! (Dr. Adonis Agcopra is a registered international financial strategic consultant a n d i s p o r t f o l i o d i re c t o r o f A F I C Meridian Consultants. Log in to www.



February 3-9, 2013

d e O ro


Solon urges CHED to allocate funds for MUST C AG AYA N d e O r o City––A Congressman in Cagayan de Oro City urged the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to release the P 5 0 m i l l i on an nu a l appropriation for the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) here. Rep. Rufus B. Rodriguez, 2nd District, Cagayan De Oro City, said that Republic Act 9519 has converted erstwhile Mindanao Polytechnic State College in Cagayan de Oro City into a state university known as MUST. He s a i d t h a t a n appropriation of P50

million, in addition to the regular fund of the state university under the general appropriation act, has been approved for MUST operations for a period of five years after R.A. 9519 were approved in Jan. 7, 2009. The fund was needed for MUST, one of the c o u n t r y ’s 1 4 s t a t e universities that had attained Level 1V, the highest a state university or college could attain, where future scientists and inventors are trained to possibly propel the c ou nt r y ’s e c on om i c development and growth. MUST be a leading university wit h two

a c a d e m i c pro g r a m s recognized as a Center of Development (COD) in the field of mathematics and Electrical Engineering and seven other Level 111 accredited programs, Rodriguez added. He said that CHED has not made any recommendation with the general appropriation act to allocate the P50 million fund for MUST for the year 2011, 2012, and 2013 in which case the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) was unable to release funds. According to Rodriguez, the unavailability of the

funds hindered MUST five-year strategic plan in its pursuit for excellence in the fourfold functions of instruction, research, extension, and production aimed at providing the

country’s scientific and technological knowledge and skills. Rodriguez said that the Regional Development Council of Region 10 has reiterated its request for the release of the P50

million fund as scheduled for the construction and upgrading of the facilities and technologies of the university to perform its role in the development of resources for global competitiveness. CD

MUSIC HELPS THE RIVER FLOW FOREVER Music is more than just a food for the soul, it is also a tool to make a difference. This coming February, come and experience world-class music and help save the majestic Cagayan River! The chance to hear altogether more than fifty musicians in one stage playing some of the well-loved classics is already a feat in itself but knowing that by doing so you have helped in protecting the environment is priceless. Thus, Liceo de Cagayan University through Rodelsa hall is inviting all music and earth lovers to converge this coming February 16, Saturday, 7:30pm and watch a benefit concert for Safer River Life Saver Foundation, Inc. by the Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra, the UUU Japanese Orchestra and international Filipino pianist Rudolf Pelaez G o l e z . Po r t i o n o f the proceeds of the event will be for the sustainability of the

projects and programs of the Foundation being implemented in the 17 riverside barangays along Cagayan River. This event is part of the efforts of the university to invite everyone to become stakeholders of the pressing issue of saving the river and other tributaries in the city. Safer River Life Saver Foundation has been in the forefront in environmental protection since its i nc e pt i on and has worked with several government and non-government o r g a n i z at i o n s a n d agencies in its thrusts. It is hop e d t hat through this musical event, more people will be able to contribute to the efforts and become catalysts of change. For ticket reser vations to the concert, please feel free to call the Liceo Office of Cultural Affairs at (088) 8584093 to 95 local 109 or call 09176366528. See you at Rodelsa Hall!

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February 3-9, 2013

d e O ro

COACH RIO Which really surprised me because for Cagayan de Oro, the prices were certainly not cheap although not that expensive. This time of the month when the 15th or end of the month payday is approaching and salaried employees are usually on scrimp mode after splurging most of their pay in the week following payday is traditionally called hereabouts as tingbitay sa iro (literally, never mind). We had hardly settled ourselves in two long tables when the parade of OMG dishes from the kitchen started coming in waves:

Three-for-all, a trio of Friday’s signature Fried Mozzarella, Buffalo Wings and Loaded Potato Fries; closely followed by Chicken Fingers, Friday’s all-time favorite hand-battered chicken tenders, fried and served with flavorsome fries and a choice of Barbecue sauce or Honey Mustard dip. Jack Daniel’s Salmon and Ribs; and Holy of Holies! A platter-sized burger that had everyone’s eyes wide in shock! That wasn’t the end of the evening’s fun however as the entire crew marched in to greet ABS-CBN’s Donna Ocampo a

Happy Birthday followed by a stirring rendition of Psy’s global hit “Oppa Gangnam Style!” “We are excited to open in Cagayan de Oro and serve our “kababayans” here plus local and foreign tourists. We offer all the trademarks that Friday’s is known for – fun, food and good times,” said Ms. Adriano. “Fact is that anytime—anywhere—is really a good time for a “Friday’s”. TGI Friday’s Cagayan de Oro City is located at Level 1 Centrio mall and is open from 11 am to 11pm from Sun-Thurs, 11am to 12mn during Friday and Saturday.

rio by Tau 3 for All T

Business Mirror’s Butch Enerio is a Happy Camper by Tauma Udasco

Wishing ABS-CBN’s Donna Ocampo and SOLAR TV’s Dense Modesto a Happy Birthday by Tauma Udasco

ma Udasc



n this race, losing is more than just being the last to cross the finish line. T h i s t i me, d e fe at means the loss of thirteen precious lives. Today, an enemy is winning- t he enemy of millions of children worl dw i d e. And t he slower our pace, the faster countless more innocent lives will go quietly without protest – falling prey to the enemy’s fatal grip. We know the enemy: its name is Rotavirus. Worldwide, 4,000 children die every day as it causes diarrhea among children aged less than 5 years old. And in the Philippines, thirteen children die every day because of rotavirusrelated gastroenteritis. We know the enemy is fatal- but is not invincible. And we can stop it before it’s too late, if we will only quicken our steps to outrun the enemy. In Cagayan de Oro, five hundred brave men and women are coming together to win t he race against t he Rotavirus. During the VACCINE CONGRESS 2 0 1 3 : E V O LV I N G TECHNOLOGY E X P A N D I N G C O V E R A G E PROTECTING THE NEXT GENERATION. These individuals will discuss best practices and share insights on how they can defeat the diseasej oi ne d by m ar at h on

master Coach Rio, who will represent the human race against the dreaded disease. With the reduction of child mortality as part of the eight Millennium D e v e l o p m e nt G o a l s (MDGs) set by the United Nations, saving children from rotavirus-related deaths counts among the most important missions countries must takeespecially as this disease is highly preventable through vaccination. T h e Wo r l d H e a l t h Organization’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) recommends that rotavirus vaccines be included in all national immunization programs, particularly in countries where diarrhea-related deaths account for more than 10% of deaths in children younger than 5 years. “By creating venues and channels to discuss how we can effectively defeat the rotavir us, t he Ph i l ippi ne s w i l l drastically reduce overall child mortality in the Philippines and win the race against this fatal yet highly preventable disease, “notes Dr. Fil Gacheco a ROTAPHIL Representative and A s s o c i at e P r o f e s s o r at M C U C o l l e g e o f Medicine. Without doubt, we can’t afford to slack off – because the faster we act against the rotavirus, the more children we save.


BWM’s Mike Banos with godson Khalil Rocha by Tauma Udasco Photos by VINCENT TOM UDASCO

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February 3-9, 2013



Kimberlite Pawnshop will be having an AUCTION SALE on all items that expired on December 2012 AUCTION DATE: FEBRUARY 21, 2013 Estrada Bldg., Fortich-Don Carlos Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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The Marigold Hotel


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CHANANTHON BED & RESTAURANT CM Recto Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City Tel. #: 856-81-89 / 309-3095 Room @ P800.00 Snacks All You Can Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 2-5 p.m.

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NEW DAWN PENSIONNE Velez-Macahambus Sts, CDO Tel Nos. 8571776, 721776 email :

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February 3-9, 2013

d e O ro

FBC needs 80 new call center agents


AGAYAN DE ORO CITY – One of Cagayan de Oro’s fastest growing call centers turned two last January 28 and marks the milestone with a series of events this Sunday, February 3 aimed at recruiting 80 new agents in the next six months. “We will start with a thanksgiving mass at San Antonio parish church in Nazareth, followed by a motorcade around the city then a variety show at the SM Cagayan de Oro Rotunda featuring our employees,” said Niño Mae V. Duran, FBC Business Solutions Corporation’s managing director for Asia. A brainchild of Mr. Duran, his Fil-American cousin Nathan John V. Yap and family friend Noelle Noreen A. Juarez, the company’s first call center was started in Gusa opposite CU Medical City and opened a new annex a year later at the site of the former CU Call Center. “FBC’s niche is to be the default call center and outsourcer for small businesses,” noted Mr. Yap, FBC CEO. “There is a huge gap in the market serving this demographic -- large centers don’t want to deal with small projects, and most smaller centers are not adequately

By Mike Baños

funded nor do they have the infrastructure required to minimize downtime.” Its clients are mostly small to medium sized companies for which it provides customer inbound services such as customer support (phone, live chat, and e-mail) and outbound services such as sales (investments, insurance), surveys, appointment setting, and lead generation. “Our bread and butter is supporting entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses, creating much-needed jobs both in the Philippines and the United States along the way,” Mr. Yap adds. The young company is going full-tilt with its new hires after signing on several new large clients, as well as expansion of existing clients. Besides FBC Business Solutions, there are five other call centers based in Cagayan de Oro, two in Iligan and another in Bukidnon. “The Sunday show will just be our first in a series of events we’ve planned to recruit the number of personnel we need to meet our client’s increasing demand,” said Ms.Ju arez, vice president for operations. “We will have two job fairs

this year in March and October, but will also be participating in numerous other recruiting events and activities.” The company has managed to maintain a remarkably low turnover rate compared to what has been experienced by similar firms in the country and abroad. “That’s because we always tell our staff they will grow with, and not for the company,” said Mr. Duran. “Provided our employee is qualified for a promotion, he will always get it because we prioritize internal over external recruitment. We believe that starting with the right culture and environment has helped us keep our employee turnover quite low.” Ms. Juarez believes management style also plays its part. “We manage our operations hands-on and on a personal basis with a touch of Family Culture. We encourage them to think of their workplace as their second home.” Besides offering competitive salaries than other local call centers, FBC also offers allowances, healthcare coverage for regulars, sales incentives and sign in bonus for qualified applicants.

FBC Family having FUN while at work.

FBC Family is waiting for you.

Our Bonding as FAMILY is our greatest strength - FBC

Happy Admin, Happy Agents, Happy Family, Happy FBC.


More complex than Chinese Soup


HINA for the second year still listed the Philippines in their travel advisory for their nationals as a country to avoid? The Hongkong Tourism Association has not been relieved of their bitterness and anger over the death of the Hongkong tourists in that infamous Luneta Park hostage taking. Cebu Pacific since last year reported through their spokesperson of the reduction of flight frequency of their half empty A-320’s to Beijing and vice versa as a result of the latest action of the Chinese government restricting their nationals to travel to our country. Air Philippines Express which has been flying to the Chinese City of Xiamen has also stopped their thrice weekly flights since last year. The Chinese authorities in lieu of the approaching Chinese New Year in their lunar calendar reiterated as early as January their

travel warning to their nationals living and already in the country to refrain from going out in the busy streets of Manila. Our Department of Tourism is calm on this issue and is not alarmed and considers this incident as routinary travel bulletin of foreign countries to their citizens. China as of 2011, rank number 4 in the tourist arrivals of the Philippines hitting more than 243, 137 visitors, the highest mark was registered during the Chinese New Year. The Chinese arrivals help DOT achieve the 3.9 Million tourist arrivals in that year. But in 2012, Chinese arrivals plunged to less than 200,000 below DOT’s Mr. Ramon Jimenez, Jr. forecast of 450,000. Our tourist arrival last year registered 4.1 Million short of the DOT forecast of 4.6 Million. There were many complex issues that compound the Chinese travel to the Philippines.

It was badly affected by our Bureau of Immigration refusal to stamp visa on Chinese passports bearing their map of the South China Sea which includes the disputed islands as part of their territory. But whether it is a diplomatic row or a dispute on territorial sovereignty as the reason for the travel advisories, there is nothing formal yet announcing a sour relation. There are major differences and they are not our enemies. We leave that to our Department of Foreign Affairs who has brought the matters to the United Nations International Court of Justice that sued China on the law of the conventions of the sea. Travel to a foreign country for tours or leisure depends on the refutation and stability of a destination. How is everything going or “Nihao?” It is a question

asked too rarely, and yet strikes as one of the most important question we should ask from our Chinese visitors. In dealing with tourist, questions are elicited because if there is a problem, we should fix it before our foreign guests’ leaves or return to their countries. It is an opportunity to engage our foreign visitors to find ways to enhance their stay. Yet many of us don’t ask at all and assume that everything is fine even if it is not right. In our social science college textbooks, refutation is what people say about us. In the tourism business, refutation is what our foreign visitors say about our country and our people. Increasingly, foreigners are voicing and seeking opinions on travel review sites and social networks, propelling reputation to a

level of importance that rivals pricing, location and brand in influencing a decision to visit the destination. There is much that we can do to manage refutation but there is more that the government should do for the stability of a nation. We sued China in the International Court of Justice over the Spratley and Scarborough Shoals incursions. What if we win a favorable judgment and they don’t leave or abandoned their bases in the west Philippine seas? Should we go to war with China and if that happens will America commit their resources under the Mutual Defense Agreement? We have seen former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton announce on a White House Press Conference last year that the US will not interfere in the resolution of the conflict between China

and the Philippines and “the territorial dispute should be resolved through peaceful bilateral relations of both countries”. That is perhaps bridge over water now as the new Secretary of State under the second Obama administration, Senator John Kerry, is a Vietnam War veteran and may pursue other options? Will the DFA go back to their planning desk and invoke the provisions of the Mutual Defense Treaty? Hell no! It is a move that will draw the American intervention which may lead to a more catastrophic confrontation. The refutation and stability of this country really count much with the competence of our leaders to exercise good judgment to handle crisis. Their sound decisions must prevail over the interest of more than 92.3 Million Filipinos.

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February 3-9, 2013

d E O rO

| 11



yPhone successfully Invaded Ilo Ilo’s Dinagyang Festival!

MyPhone held a 3 Day Concert and Dance Party in celebration of the Dinagyang Festival in Ilo Ilo City! The MyPhone MyParty Ilo Ilo Invasion was held last January 25-27, 2013 (Friday) at the Plazateo Gay (Circle) featuring LIVE performances from GMA and VIVA Artist MM and MJ Magno (Magno Twins), Rap Star Pio Balbuena, Show Band 7 Dreams rocked the night away to the delight of the thousands of Ilongo’s who attended the Concert/Dance Party! The event was attended by MyPhone’s partners MyPhone Dealer Mr. Ivan and Paula Calatrava owner of Mobile Network, Media and Advertising Agency friends from Manila and the

Thousands of Ilongo’s who stayed for more than 5 hours to watch the show. T he n i g ht w as made even more exciting by MyPhone’s raffle and prizes that where given away to lucky participants who receive prizes and giveaways and FREE PHONES! The MyPhone MyParty Invasion is a monthly event that aims to tour the entire Philippines. An event that aims to entertain the people who supported and made MyPhone the Country’s Number 1 Mobile Phone Brand. The MyPhone MyParty Ilo Ilo Invasion is the 1st of many events that we are planning with our partner Panay News according to Mr. Richie de Quina, VP for MyPhone. Next stop? Invasion Binagbenga (Flower Festival) Baguio City! MyPhone contest winners

MM Magno

Local artist Daniel Zedane MJ Magno

sin Balbuena s with Pio in tw o n g The Ma e theme one Onlin the MyPh


MyPhone team giving away shirts

MyPhone VP-Marketing and Business Development Richard de Quina with MyPhone VP-Marketing and Business Panay News owner Lea Fajardo Development Richard de Quina with MobNet owners Ivan and Paula Calatrava, and MyPhone AE Shara Martinez

Pio Balbuena with his album

Thousands of Ilonngos partied the night away with MyPhone

Cagayan de Oro Times (February 3 - February 9, 2013 Issue)  

Cagayan de Oro Times (February 3 - February 9, 2013 Issue)

Cagayan de Oro Times (February 3 - February 9, 2013 Issue)  

Cagayan de Oro Times (February 3 - February 9, 2013 Issue)