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Vol. 1 | No. 51 | Cagayan de Oro City | July 21-27, 2013



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The LOOP to rise in CDO’s central business district Vista Residences Inc., the condominium development arm of Vista Land, the country’s largest homebuilder, is now building its first high-rise condominium property outside of Metro Manila – right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro’s central business district. The Loop, strategically located within the bustling Lim Ket Kai Complex, will soon tower over the central business district of Cagayan de Oro. The new high-rise condominium is set to become an icon and one of the most valuable real estate developments in the city. The landmark condo development will have two 25-storey buildings called the north and the south towers, efficiently connected by a walkway. Each tower will house 522 unique units, from studio to one-bedroom, two-

bedroom, and three-bedroom units. Floor area varies according to type of unit. Studio comes at 20.1 to 21.60 sq. m., one-bedroom units are at 29.55 to 38.03 sq. m., and twobedroom units are at 50 to 59 sq. m. The Loop’s three-bedroom units at the Penthouse floor have ample space at 86 sq. m., while Garden Units at the 4th floor have spacious balcony with a floor area of 60 to 80 sq. m. Down payment for a unit at The Loop Down can start as low as P5,285 monthly. The Loop’s masterplanned towers welcome unit owners and guests with an opulent and spacious lobby. Upscale amenity offerings on the ground level such as the adult and kiddie pools, fitness gym, multipurpose hall, and commercial spaces will be on hand.


Tourism Industry welcomes Tune Hotel opening in CdO by Mike Baños Editor-at-Large

Officials of the tourism industry in Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao are rolls out the red carpet for the soft opening of Tune Hotel Cagayan de Oro, July 19. “Tune Hotel’s arrival as the first international hotel chain in Cagayan de Oro underscores the vast potential of the city for the hospitality industry,” said Dorothy Jean B. Pabayo, chairperson of the Cagayan de Oro Tourism Council and for mer tourism regional director. “I am sure the guests who have experienced Tune Hotels hospitality abroad will patronize the new hotel when they visit us here.” The 159-room Tune Hotel Cagayan de Oro opens, July 19 in the heart of the Lapasan Central Business District and will take the group’s portfolio TUNE|P7

The Lobby of Tune Hotel Cagayan de Oro. Blogger Tom Udasco and BWM Group of Newspapers CEO Dante Sudaria talks with the hotel front desk staff during the soft opening of the hotel, July 19. Photo by Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy


FIRST CUSTOMER. Ms. Sansehry Binay-an delos Santos, Tune Hotel CDO Manager, poses with Mr. Kristoffer Figuracion, the first customer of Tune Hotels CDO, during the soft opening of the hotel, July 19.Photo


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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

Survey marks 63% passive Filipinos in participating climate change risk reduction by Irene Joy B. Dayo, Correspondent

In a national sur vey made by Social Weather Stations-Statistics for Advocac y last Marc h 19-22, 63% of Filipinos did not do anything as a personal participation, either directly or indirectly,

in reducing climate risk or risks resulting from climate change in the past three years. “We consider 63% as 100%,” said Secretary Lucille Sering, Vice Chair of Climate Change

FIRE PROTECTION & PLUMBING SERVICES “Dedicated to Quality, Commited to Service.”

Gaabucayan Extension, Agora Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City

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Secretary Lucille Sering, Vice Chair of Climate Change Commission answers questions from members of the media in the recently held NewsCon at the BWM Media Center, Cagayan de Oro City, July 19. Photo by Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

Commission, the sole p o l i c y - m a k i n g b o dy tasked to coordinate, monitor and evaluate action plans of the government related to climate change. T h e s u r vey wa s conducted on the sample size of 1800 respondents. 300 of these are from Metro Manila, 300 from Luzon (excluding Mega Manila), 300 from Visayas and 900 is from Mindanao. Mindanao had an oversample of 600 respondents in ARMM. According to Climate C h a n ge C o m m i s s i o n , Philippines is identified as one of the vulnerable

countries in the world to the impacts of climate change such as increases in temperature, sea level rise and extreme water events. It also ranks among the top ten countries whose economic activity is most at risk from intensification of storm surges, with 18.3 percent global in-cities population at risk. D i s t i n gu i s h i n g t h a t the rate of people participation in climate risk reduction is very low, the commission is currently focusing on the promotion of their advocacies and encouraging people to participate in it.

“Survey speaks itself. We need to convince a huge chunk of population,” she added. Sering also quoted “A n g a l a m m o a n g siyang magliligtas sa ýo” from a commercial and she concluded that dissemination of infor mation is very important. The commission is having various information campaigns that promote t h e i r s t ra t e g i c s e ve n strategic priorities: food security, water sufficiency, sustainable energy, human security, ecological and environmental stability, climate smart industries

and ser vices, and knowledge and capacity development. In line with the campaign, they will be holding a Greeneration Summit this August 2, 2013 at Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City. This activity is more focused on promoting their advocacies to the youth since according to Sering, half of the population is very young which ages range from 22 to 23. There are young environmentalist invited and one of the discussions is on what simple people could do in reducing climate change reduction.

Outstanding Professional Awards by SMI as follows;

Ricky Alegre, Rene Azurin, Bernard Faustino Dy, Pascalan Ginelo, Ramon Jacinto, John Kerr, Joe Meneses, Nandy Pacheco, JC Delos Reyes, Ronald Ivan Ruste, and Wopsy Zamora. SMI awards the new set of Outstanding Professionals celebrating their individual successes. The professional attributes are promoted in the publication his year’s Nation Builders are composed

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of local entrepreneurs and foreigners who have established themselves in the country with unrelenting if not a sustaining effort to promote the country and its people. SMI has successfully

launc hed the 2012 and 2013 editions celebrating the many professionals who contribute to the countries progress. The awards are not in any way political or promoted for purposes other than what

it simply represents. T h e a wa r d e e s a r e celebrated by SMI as the independent brand arbiter featuring into accounts the deeds and successes of each and every awardee as narrated in the publication.



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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


Ms CDO candidates introduced to the public in a press presentation Story & Photos by Remee Monique O. Espiritu, Correspondent


agayan de Oro City is starting to get into its celebratory mood as the city fiesta draws nearer and nearer each day. As per tradition to the said celebration, the competition for the most elegant and talented woman of CDO is also starting to get the attention of city residents. The Ms. Cagayan de Oro or Ms. CDO competition recently had their press presentation, Saturday July 13, where the 12 candidates were publicly introduced to the press and residents of the city. The candidates were at ages 18-23, most of them being students whereas 2 are already working. So far in the history of Ms. CDO competitions, this is one of the first to be organized by a non-government civic organization, which is the JCI’s Bai Lawanen chapter in CDO. But that doesn’t exclude the help of the city government in organizing such event. According to Ms. Gean TulangCesar, Bai Lawanen member and Project Chair of Ms. CDO, the government won’t be able to give their focus and time on the said event because of the political situation wherein the city just got under a recent change in administration. Thus, they sought for help in JCI’s Bai Lawanen. Another first of the Ms. CDO competition is the press presentation


PAU ELIO Director, Club Public Relations

was made public, whereas traditionally it was held in private like in hotel conference rooms. This year they were presented in Limketkai Center’s rotunda, and later the candidates and members of the press were escorted to a secluded area of the mall where they set up a small cocktail party-like area. The candidates had a small table each where anyone could approach and chat with any of the candidates one by one and choose who will be their Darling of the Press. “We wanted a more personal interaction with the candidates.” says The candidates after taking their walk down the catwalk. Ms. Cesar, talking about how she wanted the press to have a somewhat intimate interaction with the candidates. In the past the press presentations, Ms. Cesar says that it was mostly just a Q&A forum and it was more controlled and limited. This new way of presenting the candidates was also meant to protect the candidates from questions asked through the microphone that may deem too personal. The organization’s goal for the Ms. CDO winner is tourism related, as they would want to send someone for national presentation and take her on an Asian trip, where she will be promoting global awareness. “Equally promising.” was the terms she used to describe the girls this year. Then again it may be too early to tell who will be crowned this year’s Miss Cagayan de Oro.

JCI Bai Lawanen member Sara Corpus chatting with Ms. CDO Candidate #5 Amadea Lucia Taperla Piatti.

ALVIN BENASA Vice President

DODIE LAGROSAS Director, Service Projects

BEN ELIO Secretary

ALEX PARAS Director, Rotary Foundation


JONG DUMLAO Sergeant at Arms

When you’re in Cagayan de Oro, read...

PAUL FERRER Director, Club Administration


HENRY CAY-AS Director, Membership

MAR PAANO Immediate Past President

LUIGI SARRAGA President-Elect



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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

Points of View


ALA MODE Owen Jaen

Perhaps the most difficult part in learning new things is to unlearn what you already know or you think you knew. This is a challenge when one is faced with a new set of things to discover or learn. Having been very familiar and comfortable with gained knowledge for years and then having to throw them out the window one day to stock new information is definitely daunting. It takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to a roller coaster of emotions, from being overwhelmed to downright frustrated. So what’s the best thing to do? Just be open-minded and allow yourself to absorb everything and admit if you are having a hard

time. Set aside the things you know and be like a kid again. Be inquisitive, enthusiastic and enjoy every learning moment. Imitate the children's desire to learn and explore new stuff never minding what lies ahead. Never be afraid to commit mistakes and pause for a while if it gets too exhausting. Most of the time, when we get older we become too absorbed of what other people say and forget that what is important is not their opinion of us but how we value ourselves. I had to deal with all of these challenges of unlearning when I decided to enroll in French. This is one language that is quite difficult to learn especially

WORDS & NOTES Debbie Cabague



CAGAYAN TIMES Publisher ROSE MARY D. SUDARIA, Ph.D. General Manager SHAUN ALEJANDRAE YAP UY Editor-in-Chief RONALD MASTAIL Art Director MIKE BAÑOS NELSON CONSTANTINO JOE DEL PUERTO FELICILDA RUEL PELONE ALLAN MEDIANTE CHENG ORDONEZ Editorial Consultants John del Bando Sales & Marketing Director PINKY DOMINGO CADAVEDO Marketing Executive ATTY. MARIO T. JUNI ATTY. ROBERTO A. CANTAGO, JR. Legal Counsels The CAGAYAN de ORO TIMES newspaper is published weekly at FICCO Bldg., Lapasan Hi-way, with the editorial office at Tanleh Bldg., Abellanosa St., Cagayan de Oro City. It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 10 with Certificate No. 01801884, and with Business Permit No. 17211 with TIN No. 311-982-549-000 Find us on Facebook: email us at Editorial: Advertising: Member: Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Oro Chamber)

if we are very accustomed to the American twang. Having been taught English for years makes it a challenge to recalibrate how I read words and pronounce them. I cannot consider myself excellent in English even if I have been using it since grade school and then having to learn another language that has its own set of nuances in just 50 hours is for sure not enough but hopefully a step to is I guess, this is true to all those who had the chance of studying a new language. However, if the interest is there and the determination to pursue and finish the task is unwavering then learning will be a breeze. In life, there are so many things to learn, unlearn and relearn.

We are constantly flooded with information from all sources and it is up to us to filter them. Turn some information off and zoom in on the new ones. Appreciate the moment and be glad that you had the chance to make yourself grow even better. The world becomes bigger and much more exciting when we allow ourselves to get lost in its splendor. We might consider ourselves to be the best and the brightest but there is always a room for more learning, for more challenges and more reinvention. If we want to expand our horizons and survive then unlearning before we learn is the way to go. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Communicate to Coordinate When you are tasked to do production leg work for a National corporate event, it feels great but when stress is already up to the neck level , you’ll be having seconding thoughts especially when everything is already fixed days before the event and a single change of the schedule of the speaker suddenly comes in...Imagine the “domino effect”. This was one of the shaping experiences I encountered not so long ago after I finished my studies. I learned a lot from that event in terms of coordination. Way back college days aside from getting trained in music, managing schedules, communicating with event suppliers and making event programs were some the things I learned to do. In short I was an organizer in the making. Now getting back to my story, our guest speaker that time was no less than the former president of the Philippines. When the change was made in her schedule of arrival it was not a choice but a command for us to adjust. With that command, all of our plans changed and the pressure I endured from the difficulty of the process in making the changes is something I wouldn’t want to go through again but perhaps on the other side of the coin, it was through that experience that I truly understand what coordination and communication means. All the while after finishing a course in communications I thought I already knew much of it but to my surprise I often got scolded for the

lack of it. I realized that successful coordination only happens when there is good communication. Communication is not just merely talking and informing but rather active understanding happens between two parties resulting for the desired outcome. In simple terms it means I’m seeing things in the same manner at the same level as my boss sees things. I also remember one of my students saying “so that her yaya can understand her she has to pronounce words the way her yaya says and understand it” like ... we all know that milk is pronounced as milk but for her yaya milk is “melk” so when she asks for milk ... she will say “yaya I want melk”. If she will not say melk yaya will not understand. As simple as this illustration, my 6year old student successfully communicated what she wants. Now you might ask so what is the connection between music and coordination? Generally we cannot appreciate music in events without coordination. It just seems like we musicians just go to events and play right away , well we just don’t play ... we do coordination with event organizers, the clients and sound technicians prior to events to ensure quality performance. One of my band mates shared that one time he and his friends were asked to perform for a party. They did a very good rehearsal prior to the performance but during the performance itself, it turned out

to be a funny scenario wherein while playing the guitar he was placed far away from the other instrumentalist because his guitar cord was too short. Moreover while he was still trying to do sound check, the singers already started to sing. Funny as it seems no one would want to be place in that same situation. The obvious happened because there was no coordination between them and the event in charge or with the sound technician perhaps. Prior communication as to how many mic, instrument cord and speakers they needed should have been coordinated properly. These technical requirements are just very small compared to the other major things you need for an event but often times it is neglected thus the small stuff caused the unwanted event disaster. Bottom line is even in music performances communication is an important key for successful coordination thus leading to the desired outcome of satisfied clients and musicians. If the 6 year old kid made her yaya understand with pronouncing “milk” as “melk” then communicating in the level of our clients to coordinate is not hard when we want successful events.

“When you take the time to actually listen, with humility, to what people have to say, it’s amazing what you can learn, especially if the people who are doing the talking also happens to be children.” ~Greg Mortenson

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Points of View SUPER BRANDING Harry Tambuatco

Charter Change… Anyone???... Other than the congressmen who now want to extend term limits? The handwriting is on the wall – not a week into the bill filed by no less the House speaker and already there are signs of opening the constitution to all sorts of changes. It is not necessarily about the economic provisions any longer but the self-serving political provisions to install with permanency our deserved congressmen. As for the seeming acceptable economic provision to allow foreigners to own land, this may be a hoax all considering. Rene Azurin (columnist Business World) clearly points out our neighbors who enjoy significantly higher FDI’s than our country likewise have restrictive provisions in their constitution to disallow foreign ownership of land and 100% ownership into specific industries. While I personally adhere to opening the industry of media and education just maybe there is reason in the seeming madness our constitutionalist in ’87 inserted these so called nationalistic provisions to restrict. Then again, do you remember ever ratifying the Cory constitution? If I remember correctly the revolutionary powers of the president by then was already over-subscribed. The past three administrations and possibly even Pnoy have tried to cha-cha to the beat but was not in sync with the people. Then again does any administration even follow the rhythm of the beat? Should the so called political will and the much publicized political capital of Pnoy prevail; can it actually push for a charter change against the will of the people? The answer possibly is yes, considering they have already achieved the impossible with the comelec (with the last election), the Supreme Court and the dis-regard of the constitution and getting away with it. This is what we call absolute authority in our democratic autocracy. An autocracy is a system of government in which a supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularized mechanisms of popular control. Should the economic provisions cited be the real issue and culprit of the poor deliveries of FDI’s, I don’t see why or how the cha cha will resolve anything by opening the charter for mitigation. There are obvious reasons FDI’s are retardant; just look at our high cost of power, erratic political platforms ever six years, a very poor judiciary, corruption, need I go on? It seems we cannot even govern ourselves with discipline not being a virtue of the people. Sure we need to be optimistic and all the half glass full of water connotations but in the final analysis what we don’t have is redress… meaning a poor judicial system that takes endless decades for any resolution. The last survey with the PNP taking the “most corrupt” award has to be wrong… it has to be the judiciary (but it need not be necessarily corrupted, just inefficient – but how can it be inefficient if not corrupted?.


July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


Financial Doctor

Dr. Mary Jean Loreche

Dr. Adonis Agcopra

HIV/AIDS: Some Footnotes

HIV /AIDS are one illness that has a greater impact in terms of healthcare and economics, than the other sexually transmitted infections. This being a chronic illness, the patient may live for a long time, and more importantly, he/she can infect another person in more ways than the usual. The disease itself may not kill the affected person, but, the complications that can arise from the immune deficiency can make life not so good for them. The virus belongs to the retrovirus family and it kills the cells responsible for defending one’s body against anything perceived by the body as foreign like infectious agents. AIDS develop once the immune system is destroyed by the HIV virus. This in turn makes the person more susceptible to certain opportunistic infections. In developing countries like the Philippines, TB, being endemic, is the most common to affect Filipinos with HIV/AIDS, and is also the most common leading cause of death. What makes it worse is the fact that the TB in these cases is Multi-Drug Resistant, making treatment more difficult. Patients with HIV/AIDS are also prone to developing certain types of Cancer. I have seen one case during my Residency Training wherein the patient came in for skin lesions. It is quite notable that these patients during interview and history taking tend not to divulge information related to their sexual behaviour. It was only upon doing the tissue biopsy that we were able to diagnose Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is a type of cancer involving the walls of the blood vessels. Another malignancy seen among HIV/AIDS patients is Lymphoma, which is actually a Big C involving the white blood cells of the patient. Patients with HIV/AIDS may not manifest anything and, this asymptomatic phase may even last up to 10 years! But, the virus still continues to multiply, infect and kill cells of the immune system and can infect others. For those that are symptomatic, the signs and symptoms resemble that of any viral infections: fever, headache, easy fatigability and tenderness of the lymph nodes mostly in the neck area. Diagnosing one for the presence or absence of the HIV virus will require samples serum, saliva or urine. The tests vary as to the method as well as to what it can detect: antibody, antigen or the RNA. The most commonly encountered problem in any tests for that matter is when, again, the infection is in the window period. I keep repeating this, because there are instances when the patient or the Attending Physician may complain and question the result that is released by the Laboratory. Likewise, performing the test during the window period may lull the patient into a sense of false complacency thinking that he/she is negative when in fact, it may not be so. It is most important to repeat the test, especially when one knows that he/she is engaged in risky behaviours, at least one month after the initial testing. All diagnostic tests have their own limitations, even if the sensitivity and specificity of a particular test kit is high. Once this happens, the results may be questionable and as such, a repeat test is performed using same test kit, a different kit and a higher methodology like an ELISA. It is also advantageous to know that, there may be other conditions that can give rise to either a false positive or a false negative result. Thus, the importance of repeating the examination. If it is positive, then, the result will have to be confirmed through the Western Blot Technique. A negative result does not mean anything really, particularly if one has the risk factors for possibly contracting the disease. Once again, early diagnosis is very crucial to management as well as in minimizing the complications that may arise. There is neither cure as yet, nor vaccines available for HIV/AIDS. Making those affected with the illness live as near normal lives, with quality living, and making them responsible citizens, by ensuring that the virus is not shared to another individual is one huge leap towards containment of the disease.



Find Your Reasons “If you have enough reasons, you can do the most incredible things; you can get through the most difficult day; you can overcome the most unbelievable challenges.” ~ Jim Rohn For someone in his right mind to be asked, "Do you have dreams and goals in life?" A resounding "Yes!" for an answer is naturally but expected. Living a life without concrete and realistic goals is like a ship leaving port into the open sea without any particular destination in mind. It's like letting your sails catch the wind and just going to the direction where it blows – even if it's leading you to the rocky shoals! Imagine waking up one day not having any particular thing in mind to do. The day passes by with you going back to where you started, not being able to do much of anything of value. A day goes wasted. Imagine doing this on most days, most months, and most years of your life. How greatly stifling to your potential could it be? A great mentor once directed, "Go validate each goal you have in life." Is it a goal worth pursuing? Is it a goal worth trading your precious time for? And when this is properly established, you might ask something further to screen it out. Could you do it? Would you do it? Can you do probably it? Can you go wake up at 3am everyday to sell fish in the market to earn a decent living? Can you burn the night candle for the next five years after college to finish medical school? Can you have enough confidence to show a product to someone, hoping you might profit if this person will buy this product from you? Can you be more disciplined to regularly save and invest 20% of your earnings to attain a bright and financially free future? Most people would say yes, they probably can. But would you really do it? "Yes I might, but..." And the buts and all self-limiting notions start kicking in. When you start going our of your comfort zone, you start treading unfamiliar territory and the butterflies in your stomach do start flying high. "Yes I would struggle to become financially free, because I want to live life with the power to make my own choices. Yes, I would because..." And the more reasons you can provide after the "because" part, the more you will be compelled to do what needs to be done. The more reasons you have in life for doing what you have to, the more courage you can muster and the more motivated you will be in pursuing them to completion. Go for a quest and find the biggest reasons for your success. Find enough reasons to be financially free! Then let your financial freedom fuel your dreams of living life to the fullest. Do it now!

Dr. Adonis Agcopra is a registered international financial strategic consultant with IARFC and is portfolio director of AFIC Meridian Consultants. URL: Email:

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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

Around NorthMin

Water Park seen to boost eco-dev approach by Jorie C. Valcorza, Contributor

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin,-- The establishment of the P1.4-million Taguines Lagoon Aqua-Sports and Recreational Facility here is seen as an alternative approach in the protection and preservation of coastal resources in the province. The local government unit (LGU) through its Mahinog Business Development Office (MBDO) targets to lessen l oc al fol ks rel i an c e o n fishing by providing tourism

livelihood services to partner fisher folks association. Apart from the existing three-lane zip line crossing the lagoon, operating separately in area, this

new facility likewise offers low-impact water-based recreational activities like kayaking, guided pedal and paddle boating activities, as well as, refreshment services. It likewise banned the usage of motorboats in order not to disturb the aquatic life and biological diversity in the area. The MBDO cited that this new tourism enterprise is an offshoot of the successes gained from the development of the Mantigue Island as

an ecotourism destination, a n d t o ge t h e r w i t h t h e m u n i c i p a l i t y ’s Q u e o b e Ecopark in Barangay Benoni, it completed Mahinog’s ‘ecotourism triangle.’ The Taguines Lagoon Aqua-Sports and Recreational Facility was conceptualized by the LGU with the assistance of the Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project (CCRMP) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) office. CCRMP is funded by the New Zealand Agency for International Developmen (NZAID) to institutionalize an integrated coastal resource management program. It is now on its second phase of implementation

in the province and aims to further strengthen local governance and capability in coastal resource management, and the promotion of conservationbased economic development that is compatible with coastal resource management efforts. CCRMP funded eighty three percent (83%) of the lagoon eco-tourism e n t e r p r i s e, w h i l e t h e remaining balance was also shouldered by the Mahinog LGU and DENR. To date, the MBDO is continuously assessing the enterprise operational system and procedures t h ro u g h d o c u m e n t a t i o n of feedback from tourist and implementers, tests

run, and simulation of packaged water activities for improvement. It likewise place careful consideration on possible environmental risks and mitigation strategies to include waste generation, activity area carrying c a p a c i t y, e m e r g e n c y response, and influx of tourist activities that may affect the life cycle of existing organisms by conducting vulnerability assessment. Meanwhile, the Benoni f i s h e r fo l k s A s s o c i a t i o n (BFA) will get 20 percent share from the expected aqua-sports service. Latest baseline infor mation of the beneficiaries bares a monthly income level of P3, 400.

Ecoweb to head unveiling of Bayug Ancestral Domain 3-DMap by Lorry V. Gabule, Contributor

Turnover of Project in Agusan

Congressman Rufus B. Rodriguez leads the cutting of ribbon in a turn over ceremony of the road concreting project at Sitio Sambalawan, Barangay Agusan that costs P3 million. Also in photo are Cong. Maxie Rodriguez Jr. of Abante Midnanao Party List, City Councilors Enrico Salcedo, Teodulfo Lao, DPWH ADE Cesar Hipona, Barangay Officials and the barangay residents.

s of the Miss n Inc. ssion Monday City Council. bout 40 lovely 12 candidates City. t The Atrium,

to witness this uccess. (JRG)

ourdes Candy city’s tourism

the Historical o. 1237-2013,

the necessary

n Paulita Roa arily closed as

nt services to he city. (APD)



ILIGAN CITY, Lanao del Norte -- The Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits Inc.(Ecoweb) will lead the public unveiling of the three-dimensional map of the 31,000 hectare ancestral domain of the Higaonon indigenous people of Iligan City on July 17, at the Iligan City public plaza. This domain comprises about 40 percent of the total land area of Iligan City and is located in barangays Rogongon, Mainit, Panoroganan, and Digkilaan. The area is host to the remaining forest of Iligan City, so the tribal leaders will share to the public what they are currently doing to protect and conserve the estimated 10,000 hectares of fragile forested lands which have an important role in reducing disaster risks for the people of Iligan and surrounding areas. Regina Salvador-Antequisa, executive director of Ecoweb, said the 3D-map aims to provide a bird’s eye view of the overall state of the Mandulog watershed largely within this ancestral domain and to help better plan ways of reducing the disaster risks. Part of the program will be the welcome address by Dr. Luz C. Sevidal Castro, representative, Ecoweb Board of Trustees followed by the Historical Overview and Legal Basis of Ancestral Domain and Indigenous Peoples (IP) Rights by Carino V. Antequisa, country accompanier, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD). The History of the Bayug Ancestral Domain (AD) will be discussed by Dimaron Comonog, Datu Pinto sa Bayug. It will be followed in by the unveiling of the 3D-map with the Tribal leaders of Bayug AD, representing Limunsudan, Magayad, Binasan, Rogongon, Panoroganan, Kalilangan, Mainit and part of Digkilaan, all of this city. Datu ‘Diamla’ Rolando Soong, head claimant of Bayug AD, will present the Land Use Plan of the Bayug AD. Bae Sa Bayug of IP Community; Brgy. Capt. Dimapingun Comonog of barangay local government unit; Richard Talaid, head, Rogongon Agricultural High School; Kaneka Keo, Program Officer, CAFODCambodia and Philippines, Indigenous non-government organization; and convenor, Regina Salvador-Antequisa of Ecoweb will discuss what they have done in this aspect.

Responses and Symbolic Pledge of Commitment will also be heard from Congressman Varf Belmonte, Lone District of Iligan; City Mayor Celso Regencia; Vice Mayor Rudy Marzo, City Council and IP Committee; City Councilor Freddie Siao, City Council Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Committee; national government agencies; business group; church; civic groups; academe; and the media. Antiquesa recalled that the tropical storm Sendong experience of Iligan revealed how important it is to protect the forest, that forests reduce disaster risks. The uprooted trees that claimed so many of our fellow citizens and damaged a tremendous amount of property during the disaster showed the fragility of the Mandulog watershed. The tribal leaders will be sharing their Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP) which includes their forest protection plan dubbed as Indigenous Community Conserved Areas (ICCA). Members of the tribe will also be performing traditional music and dance. Ecoweb is a non-government development organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with four major programs being implemented in an integrated manner at the community level. One of which is Human Rights Action & Good Governance which upholds the rights to Development and Security of Indigenous People and Internally Displaced People (IDP) and promotes participatory governance. The program supports the claim of IPs of their ancestral domain and its sustainable development and works for mitigating the impact of conflict and disasters in affected communities. This also works for the representation of IPs, IDPs and basic sectors to and the mainstreaming of major advocacy such as Peace, DRR and Gender in local government planning and development processes. The other three programs include Sustainable Livelihoods Program, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action (DRR-CA), and Peace Action for Community Empowerment. The activity bears its theme: ‘The Role of Indigenous Community in Conserving the Forest and Reducing Disaster Risk.’ (LVG/PIA10-LDN/EcoWEB)

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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


Manager wins prestigious competition, establishment’s earnings go up by Remee Monique O. Espiritu, Correspondent

Business at Bo’s Coffee Club in Cetrio Ayala Mall is ‘looking good’ according to manager and Filipino Bartending Innovator’s (FBI) co-founder Mr. Lyndon Recera. Mr. Recera says that there was a 10-15% increase in their earnings at Bo’s Coffee Club compared to other establishments in the mall that experienced an 8% decrease due to the tragic suicide incident that happened at

said mall about a month ago. The amount that went up in sales was equal to 105,000115,000 pesos. The reason for the increase in earnings at the said coffee shop is Mr. Recera’s recent winnings in prestigious barista competitions namely the Philippine Barista Cup 2013 where he won 2nd place and the Grand Barista Cup 2013 where he placed 1st, competing against 15 and 10 other participants

respectively. Both events happened June 20 (competition, elimination happened the day before) and June 21 respectively at Davao City, and since then Bo’s Coffee Club has had improved earnings. “It’s a good pool for advertising and for knowledge on coffee.” says Mr. Recera, who has passion for what he does and is a product of TESDA training at

Jamaican F&B Training Center located at Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. Mr. Recera has been joining these competitions since 2011 and in his first two years won 1st place, and 3 years from now dreams about opening his own coffee shop. Espresso Spice was the name of his own original coffee concoction that won him a place at these prestigious competitions wherein he prepares hard for

over 6 months before the said competition. “Dili sayon mag barista pero enjoy (It’s not easy being a barista but it’s enjoyable).” says Mr. Recera, adding that making the perfect coffee is not as easy as it looks as every coffee bean is sacred and each part of the coffee machine should be known by heart to someone who considers coffee a passion.

Security Bank Foundation to donate P15M for 3 school buildings in CDO

Mr. Lyndon Recera as he prepares an espresso at Bo's Coffee Club at Centrio Ayala Mall, 2nd Floor. Photo by R.M. Espiritu

TUNE from page 1 of hotels in the Philippines to five. Tune Hotels have quickly gained a strong foothold and acceptance of the brand’s concept in the Philippines with the first hotel opening in Angeles City (165 rooms) in February 2012, followed by Cebu (150 rooms) later in February, Ermita (167 rooms) in March and Makati (213 rooms) in July last year. After Cagayan de Oro, there will be hotels in Quezon City (140 rooms), Ortigas (182 rooms) and Davao (155 rooms) for a total of eight hotels opened within a two year period. “ T h e Tu n e H o t e l h a s finally unfolded its red and white remarkably coated hotel depicting an evident and exquisite image to the hospitality industry in the City of Golden Friendship,” said Nelia B. Lee, president of the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA). “Cagayan de Oro City will soon be Mindanao’s Premier Hospitality (Destination) due to the increasing world class standards of the region’s hotel and restaurant family,” Ms. Lee noted. “Together, the family will fathom a greater and broader spread of hospitality service in various guests’ perspective. We will tighten the bond and create more possibilities. Maayong Pag-Abot Tune Hotel sa Dakbayan sa Cagayan de Oro”. Tune Hotels is a sister company of the Air Asia group of airlines which is also steadily building its presence in the Philippines, most recently with the announcement of a strategic partnership with Zest Air, which flies direct from Manila to Cagayan de Oro via the newly opened Laguindingan Airport. Tune Hotel Cagayan De Oro is a welcome addition to the city with air passenger traffic growing to a robust 1.622 million in 2012. The recent opening of the

new Laguindingan Airport is also expected to further increase the number of flights especially for domestic low cost carriers which grew 6.12 percent in 2012 to 15,540 from 2011, data from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Area IX office shows. The Cagayan de OroMisamis Oriental cluster continues to be the most favored by foreign tourists in Northern Mindanao for 2012. Data from the Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 10 shows that 74 percent of total foreign tourist arrivals visited the Cagayan de Oro-Misamis Oriental cluster last year. The new Cagayan de Oro property is the first Tune Hotel in the Philippines to have a function room catering to up to 30 guests for meetings and social function. There will also be a restaurant at the ground floor to serve breakfast and provide food and beverage services for meetings and events. “This is a welcome development considering that we are trying to position C a gaya n d e O ro a s a convention city,” noted Efren Uy, president of the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Oro Chamber). “With more top-of-the-line hotel rooms and facilities here we can easily convince events' organizers to hold big gatherings in the area.” Cagayan de Oro continues to be a favored destination for the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) market with a 30.4 percent increase in the number of events from 2012 (902) to 2013 (1,176 partial date), according to the Department of Tourism Region 10 office (DOT-10). The number of delegates attending MICE events grew a hefty 98 percent from 2012 (78,774) to 2013 (155,949 partial data).


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Security Bank Foundation, Inc. will make a P15-million donation for school building construction in three barangays of Cagayan de Oro. A m e m o r a n d u m o f agreement (MOA) for the project has been signed by Mayor Oscar S. Moreno and Security Bank branch manager Wilma C. Gomez. The recipient sc hools are: South City Central Sc hool in barangay Nazareth; Cugman Elementary School; and Agusan Elementary School. Gomez said the foundation pledged to construct four-classroom sc hool building in eac h beneficiary school that costs P5 million. Groundbreaking is set on July 22. The construction of additional school buildings is one of the priorities of the administration of Mayor Moreno as he noted the deficiency or backlog of classrooms in public

City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno and Security Bank Foundation, Inc. represented by branch manager Wilma C. Gomez recently entered into a Memorandum of Agreement on the latter’s P15-million donation for school building construction in three barangays of the city. The recipient schools are: South City Central School in Nazareth; Cugman Elementary School; and Agusan Elementary School. (Photo Courtesy of Cagayan de Oro City Info Network)

schools. Moreno thanked the officials of Security Bank Foundation for the school

buildings’ donation, hoping that the project will help address the classroom backlog and ensure

quality education among schoolchildren. (CIO/PIA-10)

ALL SET. Kagayhaan Canine Club (KCC) President Edgardo Palad and Circle Productions, Inc. President Jeffrey Ang seal the memorandum of agreement with a handshake during the 1st Mayor Oca Moreno Fun Run “Dagan sa Kahapsay Kagay-an” press conference, July 8 at the Agua Seafood Restaurant, Limketkai Center. Also in the photo are KCC Project Chairman Kenneth Tan (left) and race director Francis Velasquez. (Photo by S.UY)

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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

Around NorthMin Two top-caliber artists to grace Rodelsa Hall in August


SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION: STEAG State Power Inc (SPI) Plant Manager Dr. Carsten Evers (2nd from right) led the turn-over of about PhP0.8 million worth of various school assistance through the local and schools district officials in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. These include the provision of ergonomically designed school chairs benefitting 500 pupils in all public elementary schools in the area, monthly educational stipends to 84 academic achievers in five priority public elementary schools, and college scholarship grants to high school “power students” class valedictorians. The support is part of Steag’s Social Empowerment through Education (SEEd) Program aimed at helping improve quality of public education in its host communities in Misamis Oriental.

TOWNS on the lookout again for their next batch of nominees


by Remee Monique O. Espiritu, Correspondent

he search is on again for nominees for The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS) Foundation Inc, which happens every 3 years. The two co-chairpesons of TOWNS’ nomination committee Aura C. Matias and Evelyn Singson, who are both from Luzon, made their visit to Cagayan de Oro City, July 15, to spread the news on TOWNS. With them is one of the only two TOWNS awardee in Mindanao, Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, PhD from the Research and Social Outreach office in Xavier University. “Nung mga nakakaraang searches, na pansin namin na ang karamihan ng mga nominees ay nagagaling sa Luzon at sa Metro Manila. Kaunting-kaunti talaga ang nominee coming from the Visayas and the Mindanao area, and naniniwala kami na maraming mga kababaehan from these two major islands ang qualified (In the past searches, we noticed that most of the nominees came from Luzon and Metro Manila. There are really only

a few nominees coming from the Visayas and the Mindanao area, and we believe that there are many women from these two major islands who are qualified).” says Evelyn Singson. Hilly Quiaoit is currently the only TOWNS awardee from Mindanao, as the other, who is from MSU in Marawi City, just recently passed away. Ms. Quiaoit became an awardee during the year 2007 due to her study on giant clams, which are an endangered species. She has actually discovered a new species of giant clams when she did her doctoral dissertation at the Dead Sea at Jordan. To be qualified as a TOWNS nominee you must of course be a Filipina aged 21-45 years old, and distinguished in her field of specialization. Personality-wise the woman must be well-balanced, committed to the betterment of the Filipino society, and possess a pioneering spirit meaning she is or has pioneered in a project for the service of the country.

h ere is n o s toppi n g Rodelsa H all fro m bri n gi n g to Cagaya n de O ro top c las s i c al per for m ers . A s par t of h er c o n ti n u i n g m is s io n to prod u c e h ig h q u alit y s h ows for t h e c o m m u n it y, c o m e A u g u s t, Cagaya n o n s will h ave a rare treat of experie n c i n g m u s i c t h ro u g h t h e re n ditio n s of well l oved c las s i c s by LA - bas ed te n or S al Mala ki o n A u g u s t 8 a n d tr u m pet ar tis t Raym o n d D el eo n o n A u g u s t 31. T h es e feat u red ar tis t s h ave agreed to per for m at Rodel sa H all as par t of t h e O n e Wit h Yo u Advo c a c y Ca m paig n of Li c eo de Cagaya n U n ivers it y t h at ai m s to rais e aware n es s a n d c reate s u s tai n abil it y m eas u re of t h e t h ree advo c a c ies of t h e i n s tit u tio n m ai n ly E nviro n m e n t, C u l t u re a n d Ed u c atio n u n der ta ke n by S afer River, Life S aver Fo u n datio n , I n c . a n d Rodo lfo N eri Pelaez Fo u n datio n , I n c . By wat c h i n g t h e s h ows , yo u s h all h ave already m ade yo u r c o n trib u tio n to t h es e ef for t s a n d e n s u re a bet ter fu t u re for t h e be n efi c iaries .

Raymond Deleon

To know more about the upcoming shows at Rodelsa Hall, please call the Office of Cultural Affairs of Liceo de Cagayan University at (088) 8584093 to 95 local 109 or 09176366528 and look for Mr. Sheldon Frias or Mr. Owen Jaen. You may also like the Rodelsa Hall Facebook Fanpage to receive online updates.

See you at Rodelsa Hall!

(from left) Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, PhD of the Research and Social Outreach in Xavier University and only living TOWNS awardee in Mindanao with Evelyn Singson and Aura C. Matias who are co-chairwomen of the TOWNS nomination committee.

Photo by Remee Monique O. Espiritu


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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES

CAGAYAN DE ORO Main Branch P & J Lim Bldg., Tiano Brothers – Kalambagohan Sts., Tel. # (08822) 727-829 * Telefax # (088) 856-1947 CAMIGUIN Branch B. Aranas St., Poblacion, Mambajao, Camiguin Tel. # (088) 387-0491 CORRALES Branch Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro City DIVISORIA Branch Atty. Erasmo B. Damasing Bldg., #61 Don A. Velez St., Cagayan de Oro City Tel. # (088) 857-3631 LAPASAN Branch Lapasan Hi-way, Cagayan de Oro City Tel. # (088) 231-6739

Contact no.:



Pryce Plaza Hotel Carmen Hill, CDO, Tel. No.722791 to93/858-4537


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Kimberlite Pawnshop will be having an AUCTION SALE on all items that expired on April 2013 AUCTION DATE: JUNE 20, 2013 Estrada Bldg., Fortich-Don Carlos Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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July 21-27, 2013

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MissCdeO 2013 Candidates Profiles





A beauty with a striking smile who is not only elegant, but business-minded as well. A resident from Barangay 26 and being already in her 4th year in Business Administration and majoring in Marketing Management, Lyciel sees herself to be a successful businesswoman in the near future. But not just any other businesswoman at that, a businesswoman with a big, stable company with several branches to provide a large number of job opportunities to the unemployed. “A business woman who not selfish, but selfless”.

Hailing from Barangay Lapasan and a graduate of Technology Communication Management in MUST, her will to be part of a better change for Cagayan de Oro City through her influence by joining Ms. CDO was what motivated her to join in the first place. A compassionate lady who wants to help the needy in her own little way, if ever she was crowned Ms. CDO she would assist in the information dissemination of education to the less fortunate Kagayanons.

A determined gal from Barangay Tablon who says she won’t ever stop until she got to where she planned and dreamed of, Mary Joy is currently in her 3rd year at Ateneo de Cagayan taking up AB Sociology. A passionate girl who believes that being part of the prestigious Ms. CDO competition will show everyone that Cagayan de Oro is one of the best cities in the country. She dreams of success and a stable job that will someday help her family.




A dancer with a passion from Barangay Carmen and a graduate of Ateneo de Cagayan with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Karissa was motivated to join Ms. CDO because of her intense desire to make a difference, she sees joining Ms. CDO as a medium to turn the words of her desires into action. Seeing that dance seems to play a big part of her life, she dreams of using dance as a form of advocacy medium for change.

A girl who dreams of becoming a flight attendant and travel the world to experience cultures that will be completely new and different to her, Jenalie comes from Barangay Consolacion and is taking up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication in Ateneo de Cagayan. If she was crowed Ms. CDO she says she would make her reign memorable by promoting social awareness about poor societal conditions and developmental programs that would build the self-esteem and skills of an individual.

“Being Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2013 is not just about prestige in fame.” says Kristia in her Candidate Profile, a girl from Barangay Patag and in her 3rd year in BS Civil Engineering in Ateneo de Cagayan. She’s a girl who is believes being a civil engineer makes people’s lives easier and is more than just about building houses but rather building homes. She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty. She has her passion that has and still is motivating her for the Ms. CDO crown.

The daughter of a College Dean and an Entrepreneur, Keena is currently a 3rd year student taking up Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at Liceo de Cagayan. Coming from Barangay Canitoan, a young 18-year-old as herself dreams one day of becoming a flight attendant, or an ambassadress for the City and the Philippines and learn the many different cultures and promote the beauty of her city CDO and her country the Philippines in her travels.




A girl from Barangay 15 who looks kind of like she has this mestiza beauty, she looks up to famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey as her role model. A graduate of BS Tourism Management in Liceo de Cagayan, she has a big dream of someday becoming the future Regional or National Director of the country’s Tourism Industry. Making the city and even the country the top tourist destination of the world is what she visions and desires.

Jane graduated BS Elementary Education at Bukidnon State University but is currently residing in Barangay Lumbia and is forever grateful to her ever supportive sister who motivated her into joining Ms. CDO. She believes that CDO has become the melting point of culture, housing 3 different kinds namely the Christians (according to her known as the Dumagats), the Maranaos and the Lumads, and she thinks that is what makes CDO the most beautiful city to her.




The type of girl who follows her dreams to make it into a reality, Grace is from Barangay Balulang and graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Ateneo de Cagayan at 2011 but she did not stop there as she’s continuing with Masters in Nursing major in MedicalSurgical Nursing at Liceo de Cagayan. She wants to make a difference among the youth and be a catalyst for positive change, she’s big on developmental programs for the marginalized and on being the voice for the indigent’s pleas.

A girl full of dreams, one of them being a beauty queen that has motivated her into joining Ms. CDO. CYd comes from Barangay Bugo and is in her 3rd year of BS Hotel & Restaurant Institutional Management at Liceo de Cagayan. If ever the crown goes to her she will join or even initiate projects for the benefit of CDO like community reachouts, environmental projects, and waste management in order to educate the people of Cagayan de Oro City.

Coming from Barangay Nazareth and a 2nd year in BS Education Major in English at COC-Phinma Education Network, Rona sees Ms. CDO as a good venue for her to raise her self-confidence and improve her talents and skills. Looking up to former President Cory Aquino as her role model, she says she is like a trailblazer as she is very decisive and always plans ahead, and always having a plan B when things go wrong.

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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


Distinguished members of one of the District 3870's most active club in fellowship, membership and community service led by President Rommel Esguerra (5th from right, back row)

CDOT: July 21, 2013

LOOP from page 1 The second and third levels will be the parking pods while the 4th floor will have garden residential units. Residential condo units will continue from the 5th to the 24thlevel, with exclusive penthouse units at the 25th floor, and the “Canopy”at the topmost level. The towers’ East side will enjoy the mountainview while the West side will have the compelling view of the vibrant cityscape. Both towers will have 24hour concierge services and advanced security system for residents’ convenience and peace of mind. T h e L o o p by V i s t a Residences allows the people of Cagayan and its neighboring cities to enjoy the modern comforts and conveniences of living, working, and doing business within the city’s central business, recreation and commercial district. The comfort comes from

living within the luxurious condo units of The Loop with its worldclass features and amenities. The units are carefully designed to allow homeowners to live comfortably and in style. The convenience comes from living close to workplaces, sc hools and universities, super mar kets, retail and shopping, business centers and a whole range of amenities that make all daily living essentials within close reach. It is a few strides away from stores and shops at the Lim Ket Kai center and right across the transport hub, giving you access to neighboring towns and cities, near and far. The Loop’s “walkability” factor is a definite plus to many -- especially to those who want to live sustainably. Living within walking distance entails less time and travel to go to desired locations, translating to less car use, saving fuel and money, and

getting more time for family and other personal pursuits. As the focal point of the city, the central business district has a high concentration of job opportunities, business and commercial activities, as well as cultural, recreational and social events. These make The Loop a bastion of the modern lifestyle in Cagayan, where live, work, and play can be easily achieved. This most anticipated condominium development in the northern Mindanao region belongs to the prestigious portfolio of Vista Residences, a major player in the country’s multi-level, mixed-use property development industry. To date, Vista Residences has 23 low- to high-rise condominiums in select prime locations in Metro Manila, Davao City -- which hosts Vista Residences first mid-rise vertical residence outside of Mega Manila -- and now in

Cagayan de Oro City, making it a top choice for condo homes that provide the best city living experience. It entered the market in 2006 to offer Filipinos the convenience of condo living. Combining the space planning savvy of the country’s top architects, an innate knack for selecting accessible and attractive locations to fit a wide range of needs, budgets and lifestyles, Vista Residences has set new standards for mid to high-rise living. Vista Residences’ roster of elegant condo buildings include KL Mosaic, Salcedo Square, and Laureano Di Trevi (Makati), The Currency (Or tigas), The Symphony Towers, Wil Tower Mall, Vista Residences Katipunan, Madison Place Pine Crest, Brescia Residences (Quezon City), 515 Shaw (Mandaluyong), Cerritos Residences (Pasig). It also includes Marfori and Presidio (Sucat), Vista Residences Taft, 878 Espana, and Crown Towers U-Belt (Manila), Pacific Residences, Avant at the Fort, and The Hudson (Taguig), Northpoint (Davao), and now, The Loop in Cagayan de Oro. Vista Residences draws from 38 years of property development expertise of Vista Land which has created over 250,000 homes in 33 provinces and 65 cities and municipalities across the country. Catering to all income segments, Vista Land has been building homes where families can live a better quality of life. More information on The Loop is available at 09178102445 and Communities Cagayan Inc., 2nd Floor Pelaez Arcade, RN Abejuela corner JP Rizal St., Cagayan de Oro City, and athttp://www.

CDOT: July 21, 2013

Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province: Agusan del Norte City/Municipality: Butuan City Publication Notice R.A. 10172


CCE-0069-2013(R.A. 10172)

July 17, 2013

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1, Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), a notice is hereby served to the public that EMELOU PROLLO LUCINO has filed with this office a petition for correction of entry in sex from “FEMALE” to “MALE” and the child’s, and father’s last names from “LUCENO” to “LUCINO” in the certificate of live birth of EMELOU PROLLO LUCENO at LIBERTAD, BUTUAN CITY, AGUSAN DEL NORTE and whose parents are CRESENCIA ALGUDON PROLLO and GASPAR PAGULA LUCENO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 05 August 2013. (SGD.) JUDITH ALVIZO-CALO, LLB, MPA City Civil Registrar

CDOT: July 21, 28 & August 4, 2013

NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of LORITO T. BACALARES, JR., who died intestate on October 12, 2008, consisting of a parcel of land (Lot No. 11, Block 3, Psd-13-011828, being a portion of lot 3566, Pls-22) situated in the Barrio of Ambago, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-29009, containing an area of 50 square meters, is the subject of an EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE OF THE LATE LORITO T. BACALARES, JR. WITH SIMULTANEOUS SALE made and entered into deceased Lorito T. Bacalares, Jr.’s heirs, namely, Prescilla Vacalares, Jhonard Y. Vacalares, and Mark Jhon Y. Vacalares, and as heirs/ vendors, selling, ceding, conveying and transferring aforementioned property unto vendee Rosalie C. Del Rosario for and in consideration of P100,000.00, per Doc. No. 123; Page No. 25; Book No. 10; Series of 2012 of the Notarial Registry of Noreen Grace C. SaliseGonzaga, Notary Public for and in Butuan City. CDOT: July 21, 28 & August 4, 2013


(Sgd.) VITO M. CARILLO Notary Public CDOT: July 21, 28 & August 4, 2013

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July 21-27, 2013

The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


Cagayan de Oro Times (July 21-27, 2013)  
Cagayan de Oro Times (July 21-27, 2013)  

Cagayan de Oro Times (July 21-27, 2013)