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CAGAYANLifestyle TIMES Weekly de Oro

Volume 3 | No. 07 | Cagayan de Oro City | September 19-25, 2015

Pirates now open


amous in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, “pirates” is a simple dictionary word for confident men who attack ships in the sea. They are also people who chase live water creatures for food. This is the theme of the Pirates restaurant that opened recently at Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. They brought an old shipping vessel, housing delicious seafood that would surely hook all Kagay-anons. Pirates’ specialties include Babyback Ribs, Tuna Dynamite, Crablets, King Crab and Kinilaw Malasugue. Aside from these, they also offer fresh organic chicken to all chicken-savvy persons. Customers can especially eat like a real pirate for live crabs, casili, pugapu and several others can be found in the Pirates’ aquarium. Pirates is proud that they are not just limited in offering dining services to their customers but also entertainment. “The unique thing is that we have this kind of venue. Mas daghan siya ug dala (There are more to enjoy here),” said Marketing Manager Shyne Campaner. The restaurant has

installed television screens that plays the movies 1 to 4 of Pirates of Caribbean to bring joy to customers while dining. Moreover, these movies will bring delight to diners and enlighten them with ideas about pirates. Customers could also enjoy other amenities like their KTV where respective rooms are designed with images of various pirate groups such as the Legendary Pirates of China and Pirates in the Malacca Strait. There are also function rooms and club rooms that could cater 100 and 30 persons, respectively. These are open to parties, business meetings or group celebration. Campaner also said that their restaurant accepts bookings and reservation and offers catering services. They are also open to be venues of pirates/PAGE 11

PIRATES INVADES CDO.. the opening of Pirates resto at Lapasan Highway, fronting Mariwasa; Cagayan de Oro.. photo by dms

Avast! Me hearties!, dig in on this full rack of Pirates bestseller Babyback Ribs. photo by shaun uy

Yo Ho Ho! King Crab and a bottle of rum or vodka, up to you... photo by shaun uy

Pirates crispy Crablets.

photo by shaun uy

Tuna Dynamite; Eat at your own risk!

photo by shaun uy

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

The CAGAYAN de ORO TIMES Editorial and Advertising: | 09177121424


CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

The CAGAYAN de ORO TIMES Editorial and Advertising: | 09177121424




CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

SM Spells Magic with Disney September 19-25, 2015


he SM Group announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to bring the Disney brand of stories closer to Filipinos through mall, retail, entertainment and amusement

opportunities. The two companies aim to bring Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars brands to life through unique Disney experiences at SM’s many leisure and entertainment properties. Fans can look forward to a host of innovative

offerings including Disney branded events, promotions and other unique experiences themed around fanfavorite Disney brands and characters. “We are thrilled to be associated with the iconic Walt Disney

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. President Hans T. Sy and The Walt Disney Company, Asia President Paul Candland during the Star Wars-inspired ceremonial launch of partnership between SM and Disney, two iconic companies built by visionaries Henry Sy, Sr. and Walt Disney.

Company. Mr. Henry Sy Sr. envisioned and purposed a second home for Filipinos across the nation where they can create memorable bonding activities with their families through amusement facilities, retail centers, and food establishments, all found in one mall,” says Edgar Tejerero, president of SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. “65 years later, and

with 52 malls across the Philippines, it had just been high time that SM forged an official collaboration with the best family entertainment company in the world.” “Every day, we make millions of Filipinos laugh and smile with our stories and characters from Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. We have worked with

the various arms of SM group over the years and today we are delighted to announce our collaboration on a comprehensive plan to create magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime for fans across the Philippines,” said Rob Gilby, Managing Director, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. disney/PAGE 11

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy join SM Prime Holdings, Inc. President Hans T. Sy, The Walt Disney Company, Asia President Paul Candland, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. President Edgar Tejerero and The Walt Disney Company, Southeast Asia Managing Director Rob Gilby in celebrating the SM-Disney partnership that will bring the Disney magic closer to Filipinos.

Are Sundays “Dangerous” Days? CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly The

de Oro


The CAGAYAN de ORO TIMES newspaper is published weekly at Tanleh Bldg., Abellanosa Street, Consolacion, Cagayan de Oro City. It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 10 with Certificate No. 01801884, and with Business Registration Plane No. 17211 with Business License Certificate 2014-00691. TIN No. 311-982-549-000 Tele/Fax #: (08822) 74-53-80 Find us on Facebook: CagayandeOroTIMES email us at Member: Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Oro Chamber)

I write this piece on a Sunday. After going to church - of course. Every day is different. Every one of us is different. Mondays to Saturdays are usually working days for most all of us. Sunday is a day to unwind, rewind, relax, to breath out and to belch out the heavy burdens we are carrying within the other days. Family day. For many others, Sundays are also working days. People fill up streets, parks, beaches and shopping malls. Eateries, restaurants, discos, and pub houses make good money on Sundays. It is the day of money. The loss of some is the gain of others. Sunday is an enjoyable day. Sure, but it can be also a dangerous day. Sunday is for most o us the day, where people come together with a certain

spirit of freedom and merriment pervades during the whole day. Try to avoid jostling and quarreling one and another and rubbing our shoulders against others! Try it and you will see how difficult it is. Many times, misunderstandings and not necessary discussions destroy this most blessed and holy day. What a pity! Why don’t we look for the plenty advantages that this day offers us? No, instead of this, we lose control of ourselves, our senses, and especially our tongue. We incite, hurt, and divide the people around us and we divide us from them. We use our tongue as the most dangerous part of our body and as an author of destroying, distrusting, and suspicious that brings us to to total isolation and non-

communication. Our tongues force gossip. Instead of praising and giving honor and appreciation we use this day becoming the day of the jackal. You might read this on Monday or Tuesday or any other week day. Remember: Sunday is a day for others, and second only for me. Sunday is the day of the Lord - but not, if and when we might have time left over. Yes, we have time enough to go to church from Monday to Saturday! The not necessary excuses for Mondays till Saturdays don’t count today. We also have other plans for today: Visit or cheer up our family, visit people who have to stay in the hospital. Let’s try to continue reading a book. Join cooking lessons or get back to the old guitar or piano... . Maybe this coming Sunday evening, you utter the groan:

H ave M y Say

Klaus Doring

“That’s it. SAYANG! Tomorrow is Monday again! HAY NAKU!” Maybe you don’t feel well, but the desire to be on service again on Monday was enough reservoirs of strength. And, the satisfaction and the fulfillment is beyond measure. Let’s celebrate this coming Sunday in good mood and with these people around, who wanted to do the same with us. +++ Email: doringklaus@ or follow me in Facebook or Twitter or visit www.germanexpatinthephilippines. or www.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015


Herschel Supply Co. Fall 2015 Collection Just beyond the boundaries of everyday life, sounds of windswept waves crashing along a rugged coast inspire the imagination. Drawing from the visionary mind of a daydreamer as it wanders from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Herschel Supply proudly presents the dynamic Fall 2015 Collection. Within this extensive offering is the introduction of a uniquely crafted Women’s line, which includes an elegant backpack silhouettes & tote bags that are both flattering and functional. Select materials like cotton canvas, lustrous nylon and reflective fabric refine this season’s silhouettes, while a selection of sportswear inspired

Dawson Wine

Little America Navy Red Stripe

pieces pay homage to the town of Herschel’s coveted varsity Hounds team. Enchanting seasonal prints include the whimsical Feather and wildflower Ruby, while tonal staples are accented with diagonal color blocked rubber details. Inspired by bountiful vineyards, luscious Windsor Wine joins the range of Fall hues, along with the dramatic Deep Ultra Marine, drawing from the eternal blue of an ocean dream. The Herschel Supply Fall 2015 Collection will be available in stores by September 15. For more information, visit our website at: www.herschelsupply. com or follow us on Facebook at HerschelSupplyPhilippines

Little America Wine

Novel Wine Red

Pop Quiz Ultramarine

City Ruby Coral

Settlement Poly Feather

Little America Feather

Little America Mid Ruby Coral

About Herschel Supply Co In the early 1900’s, Peter Alexander Cormack and his wife made the journey from Wick, Scotland and settled in the small town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents. Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family were raised. Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. Our goal is to create timeless product with a fine regard for detail. Welcome to Herschel. Enjoy Your Stay. @herschelsupply #herschelsupply

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Retreat Navy Red Stripe



CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

September 10, 2015 at Lapad, Laguindingan, Governor Bambi Emano and the Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID) Officials lead the ribbon cutting ceremony for the formal handover of a ROAD REHAB PROJECT. The project was made possible thru the efforts of the Provincial Engineering Office and the Provincial Road Management Facilities (PRMF). Gov. EMANO, Mr. Geoff King (Australian counsellor for Governance and Humanitarian Project of the DFA) and Mr.GRAHAM JONES (Physical Works manager of the PRMFPhils.) lead the activity. The completed road repair project amounted to Php14,751,629.90 which covers the LaguindinganLourdes-Sungay Provincial roads. The Australian officials are happy to see the project implemented with transparency as what the governor promised. Governor BAMBI EMANO on his part thanked the Agencies and the people behind the PRMF program because it helped a lot in improving the conditions of Misamis Oriental’s provincial roads.

IDC Chairman speaks at the APHF 5 satellite event in Manila During the recently conducted Asia Pacific Housing Forum 5 satellite event in Manila last 3-4 September, IDC Chairman and COO Architect Romolo Nati talked about “Experiences in Green Buildings” under this year’s APHF theme ‘Building Impact’ following four tracks— Building Leadership, Impacting Communities, Building Markets, and Impacting Society. The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is a biennial conference organized by Habitat for Humanity. This year, the Housing Forum’s fifth iteration, the main event was from 1-4 September in Hong Kong while the Philippines held its satellite event on 3-4 September. The forum brought together housing developers engaged in seeking solutions to lowincome housing issues that make business and economic sense. It aimed to educate and advocate decent housing as a pivotal tool in eradicating the poverty cycle. Experiences in Green Buildings Representing IDC is Arch. Romolo Nati, the chairman and COO of CDO’s premier sustainable condo development, Primavera Residences, who has been invited to the forum as a breakout session speaker. During

his talk, he mentioned how nature is the solution to our current issues on the environment. “There are patterns which can be found behind natural living structures. These processes, when studied and thoroughly examined, can be translated into architectural designs and sustainable solutions. This is known as biomimicry and it has long been in existence, but has simply been overloIoked amid all the new ways of doing things. Making nature as the basis of designing sustainable homes allows IDC to lower energy and resources consumption thereby reducing costs on electricity and water, among others,” Nati said. IDC believes that nature holds the answer to sustainable design. Taking a cue from Mother Nature herself, the company strives to develop selfsustaining, flood-free, and earthquake-resistant structures which are inspired by the beauty and functionality of nature. These green structures fuse human technology with the best that nature has to offer. IDC partners with HFHP Pagatpat Housing Project Last May 2013, Italpinas Development Corporation sealed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) in support of both

organizations’ mission to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope. “Our advocacies complement each other’s vision and mission of providing eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable houses,” Arch. Nati said. With the signed MOA with HFHP, IDC supported Habitat’s “I Build” Campaign through a donation which funded a specific portion of Habitat’s socialized housing project in Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

Focus Fixed on CDO as Primavera Goes Public Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), the company behind Cagayan de Oro real estate project Primavera is set for an initial public offering (IPO) in the coming weeks. The IPO is groundbreaking in many ways. To begin with, IDC has staked its future on a road not often taken, embarking on its flagship venture Primavera in Cagayan de Oro - and following it up by announcing an even more ambitious multifunction development around it, Primavera City. The company is also favoring a focus on sustainable design again, a not too common tack among local real estate developers. And in what must be a first in the industry, IDC is unmistakably mestizo,

rooted in a partnership between Italian architect and designer Romolo Valentino Nati, and Filipino-born, Sydneyeducated lawyer Jojo Leviste. With the foundations of its future fixed firmly on the City of Golden Friendship, the IDC IPO will likely be viewed as a barometer of investor confidence in Mindanao, in general; and in Cagayan de Oro, in particular. Of course, it will also be seen as a vote on IDC's seemingly counterintuitive and potentially disruptive business model: target the up-andcoming cities, instead of the already established ones; and offer them elegant yet accessible eco-friendly buildings in safe locations. To Nati and Leviste

though, just getting to the IPO stage is already a victory in itself. Nati reveals that before Primavera even broke ground, many were discouraging them from doing their debut development in Cagayan de Oro, questioning the location, the market and its readiness. But Leviste happily points out that the doubters have since been proven wrong. Units at the first condo tower in Primavera were snapped up predominantly by local residents and by overseas Cagay-anons, putting to rest the notion that the market was not ready for condo living and high-rises. The company’s emphasis on design has also reaped rewards, including Best MixedUse Development in the

Philippines at last year’s International Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Highly Commended Condo Development from the Southeast Asia Property Awards in Singapore, and a Special Energy Award at the Design Against the Elements Competition in Quezon City. Going public will mean many things to the different stakeholders in the future of IDC. For the company, the fresh funding will fuel the development of Primavera City, which it forecasts will fasttrack the arrival of locators to the Uptown business district. For Cagayan de Oro, the spotlight on IDC will showcase how the city is both investorfriendly and investmentworthy. For the whole of primavera/PAGE 11

Engaging students to lifelong learnings through leadership By Alvey L. Apao School Paper Adviser San Vicente Annex Elementary School Sinacaban District Misamis Occidental Division

CURBING CHILD WASTING IN SCHOOL: Energy-firm STEAG State Power Inc. (SPI) together with its partners in the private and public sectors, launched recently a 120-day school-based feeding project (SBFP) designed to help curb the prevalence of child wasting in its host communities in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. “Wasting”, also known as acute malnutrition, develops as a result of recent rapid weight loss or a failure to gain weight. In children, it is assessed by low weight-for-height compared to the WHO international growth standards. About 173 children at the San Martin Elementary School will directly benefit from the feeding activities. The project is part of SPI’s continuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and undertaken in partnership with the LGU, DepEd, PBSP and Oriental Motolite Mktg Corp. photo supplied

In schools, there are student organizations that are created. The purpose of this is for the students to get involved in school activities, aside from performing classroom tasks. Example of this is the student council. To schools, terms used are Supreme Student Council, Central Student Government, Central Student Organization and the like. They serve as leaders in the entire student populace of the school. They are the highest governing body of the entire studentry. Another example is the student publication. This club is composed of pool of writers, photographers and editors. They do the documentation in all activities conducted inside and outside the school premises where the school is involved. Being a student leader

is beneficial to students because the training and experience of it develops their attitude and improve their knowledge. During the term as student leaders, students are given abundant opportunities to groom themselves and learn about the world during their academic life. The student council, for one, is one such opportunity given to students to learn the skills of leadership during high school and college. Leadership skills help students in several ways and are essential for them to deal with their peers during their academic years and in their practical life as well. Learning is not just about the lessons gained in the classrooms, but also in experiences during academic years. One is being a student leader.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

Bringing Together the Most Precious Ingredients from Around the World



he Body Shop brought together the most precious ingredients from around the world when it launched its Oils of Life and Spa of the World lines at SM Makati. Hosted by Bianca Valerio, the event had a nature setting – mini gardens, blooms, and even wood crate boxes as if to emphasize the fact that these ingredients were sourced from the most exotic locations. There was even a minispa to get a revitalizing experience with The Body Shop’s new skincare collections. To create its Oils of Life, The Body Shop searched the world and selected 3 precious seed oils known for their revitalizing and repairing properties, and infused

this in its recently launched skincare range. The Oils of Life’s three precious seed oils have been infused in highly sensorial textures to bring new life into your skin: Black Cumin Seed Oil from the Egyptian Nile Valley, which is known for its concentration in antioxidants; Camellia Seed Oil from the evergreen trees from China, which is naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid; and Rosehip Seed Oil from the Andes Foothills of Chile, which is rich in Omega 3 and 6. And when you choose Oils of Life™ skincare, you help plant seeds and make a positive difference. In partnership with World Land Trust, The Body Shop aims to plant 1 million seeds of native tree species in

degraded areas within seasonal dry forest in the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest. The planting will be followed by monitoring and maintenance actions to promote regeneration of forest cover. The project will take place over a twoyear period and will commence in August 2015. Seeds will be collected for storage and preserved for planting, and later in the year, the plantation site will be prepared for sowing. This is in line with The The Body Shop recently launched its precious ingredients infused skincare Body Shop’s commitment ranges—the Oils of Life and Spa of the World. to help protect the earth’s varied biodiversity and to help preserve and enrich life on the planet. Escapism, on the other hand, starts at home with the Spa of spa/PAGE 11

Spa of the World’s Revitalising Ritual invigorate minds and body with its energizing spa ritual. Scrub with the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, treat your body with Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay, and massage with Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. Liza Elarde and Dinna Vasquez at the mini-spa booth of The Body Shop product launch.

How a school become excellent performer? By Alvey L. Apao School Paper Adviser San Vicente Annex Elementary School Sinacaban District Misamis Occidental Division

Spa of the World’s Relaxing Ritual helps one de-stress, unwind, and reconnect with body and mind with the African Ximenia Scrub, Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay, Japanese Camellia Cream, and French Lavender Massage Oil.

Spa of the World’s Blissful Ritual which is believed to let the skin glow with a luxurious nourishment. Nourish with Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil, treat with Hawaiian Kukui Cream, and massage with Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil.

Event host Bianca Valerio and the Best Photo Challenge winner Rorie Carlos-Manzano with The Body Shop’s Emily Koa and Cecille Chua-Uy.


In school is a place learning takes place. It is where a student gain knowledge and as well answers to his questions. Thus, it is important to see that a school should be capable enough to sustain each child’s needs. In a Washington State research report, nine characteristics of excellent –performing schools are given. Excellent performing school has a clear and shared focus. It should have set vision, mission and goals. These three serve as direction and determine the targets that should be achieved. This kind of school is also optimistic. Teachers and staff believe that all students can learn and meet high standards. There are chances that it recognizes that some students experienced significant barriers, however these are not seen as insurmountable. In other words, the school offers an ambitious and rigorous course of study.

Effective leadership should also be seen in school administration. Effectivity in instructional and administrative leading is required to successfully implement change processes. Leaders are also proactive and would seek help if needed. It also involves nurturing instructional program and school culture that are conducive to learning and professional growth. Excellent performing schools also execute high levels of collaboration and communication. Strong teamwork among teachers in all levels and other staff should be seen. Each one is involved and linked to one another. These include parents and community members. They joined hand in hand to identify problems and work on solutions. Learners deserves high quality learning for they aim a such. To achieve this, schools as learning institutions should also provide high kind of education.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015



special occassions like anniversarries, birthdays and weddings. They provide costumes as well for customers who want customized themes. The idea of Pirates is to provide its clients with “life like the old times.” They set the environment so as to make “living like you are in the province” possible. They also ensure quality of their products for one of their advocacies in putting up this business is to promote healthy lifestyle. Safety and security is also not a worry because Pirates has installed 32 CCTV cameras to assure that their customers are safe while they are inside their vicinities. “It is a safe place yet you have privacy,” the marketing manager added. Pirates is inviting all diners who want to have a grasp of unique type of venue and also encourages them to come in groups to fully enjoy the ambiance and offerings. They could be found at Lapasan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City. Dining service is from 8am to 12 midnight, while the use of KTV bars and function rooms could be extended until 3am. During the opening, a promo was unveiled. Patrons are encouraged to like the Facebook page of Pirates. Share a photo of you and your friends doing the Pirates pose then tag eight of your friends (whether in the picture or not) on your wall. Post photo with status EAT DRINK PARTY @ Pirates, then tag the Pirates Facebook page. Photos are chosen weekly every Friday midnight. Finalists’ photos will be posted on the Pirates Facebook page Contest album. The first prize winner will get P2,000 worth of consumables and KTV room three hours worth of use good for 12 persons. The second prize winner will get a bottle of Capt. Morgan and a serving of Pirates’ babyback ribs. The third prize winner will get a bottle of Santa Carolina red wine and a serving of their special tuna dynamite. Winners will be announced every 18th of the following month. By MARK FRANCISCO and IRENE DAYO, Staff Writer

Both SM and Disney have given, and continue to give, customers happy lifetime memories across all generations. Both brands offer a legacy, a tradition, a way of life—a world that customers identify with and find attachment to. Through this partnership, SM will continue to create these experiences and bring the Disney magic closer to Filipinos. SM has synergized the efforts of all its subsidiaries -- including SM Supermalls, SM Markets, The SM Store, Toy Kingdom, and its lifestyle and entertainment arm, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. – to produce a complete and one-of-akind Disney experience for its patrons: from the moment they enter the mall to watch a movie, to the time they purchase their favourite snack and Disney merchandise. Patrons can also take their SM Cinema and Disney experience with them home, or wherever they go, through the newly launched Blink app. As a precursor to an already successful association, Disney and SM have worked hand in hand to bring multiple experiential events to the Filipino families such as the recent Avengers Experience in SM North EDSA, wherein guests were treated to life-size characters, avengerthemed games, and a meet and greet with Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow. To officially jumpstart its formal bond as allies, SM and Disney will be launching a “Star Wars Galactic Christmas” to welcome the latest instalment of the movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The exhibit will include life-size figurines of characters from the movie, interactive games, and official merchandise from The SM Store and Toy Kingdom. Watch out for the “Star Wars Galactic Christmas” event in select SM Supermalls near you.

from page 1

from page 4

Primavera... from page 8

the construction of what could be a catalyst to bring in long-awaited locators. A yes will also be a validation of IDC’s deeply-held belief that the future of the Philippines perhaps even of the rest of ASEAN - lies in designing emerging cities, to make a difference.


from page 10

the World collection, whose ingredients were discovered from different parts of the world, where the most treasured ancient beauty rituals, cherished for their precious effects on skin. Infused with the finest natural ingredients, Spa of the World’s refined textures and delicate fragrances will take body and mind on the ultimate sensory spa journey. Making you feel so good, inside and out. The Body Shop’s Spa of the World has three uplifting body rituals: the Relaxing Ritual, which is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind, and reconnect body and mind; the Revitalising Ritual, which invigorates and energizes mind and body; and the Blissful

Ritual, a sublime ritual to indulge in. The Oils of Life and Spa of the World ranges are available at The Body Shop in SM City Cagayan de Oro and in all The Body Shop stores. The Body Shop now accepts SM Advantage Card for points earning and redemption, SM and Sodexo premium pass in all stores nationwide. The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick in Littlehampton, England. The beauty brand pioneered corporate activism and was built on a philosophy that business can be a force for good. With its brand expression, Beauty with Heart, the company continues to be focused on five core values; Against Animal Testing, Support Community Fair Trade, Activate Self Esteem, Defend Human Rights and Protect the Planet. All products are created using the finest ingredients sourced from the four corners of the globe, which are not tested on animals and are 100% vegetarian. The Body Shop has been in the Philippine market for eighteen years with over 55 strategically located stores nationwide.


CAGAYAN DE ORO MAIN BRANCH P & J Lim Bldg., Tiano Brothers Kalambagohan Sts., Tel. # (08822) 727-829 * Telefax # (088) 856-1947 CAMIGUIN BRANCH B. Aranas St., Poblacion, Mambajao, Camiguin Tel. # (088) 387-0491 CORRALES BRANCH Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro City

Kagay-an Festival 1st Oro Lechoneros Encuentro Champion

DIVISORIA BRANCH Atty. Erasmo B. Damasing Bldg., #61 Don A. Velez St., Cagayan de Oro City Tel. # (088) 857-3631

for Orders, Contact Yoyong:

LAPASAN BRANCH Lapasan Hi-way, Cagayan de Oro City Tel. # (088) 231-6739

09354145759 09169249371

CARMEN BRANCH Vamenta Blvd., Cagayan de Oro City Tel. # (088) 231-2011



Mindanao Daily NEWS

Mindanao, the listing can only bolster confidence in much-anticipated growth led by its Northern gateway. The investor vote Your Mindanao-wide Community Newspaper on the trail blazed by IDC is crucial. A yes will ensure not only the development of what will Abellanosa St. Consolacion, Cagayan de Oro City likely be a new landmark For inquiries please contact: 0915-563-6246 / 74-53-80 / 857-8447 Email: for Cagayan de Oro, but

BUSINESS . northmin . caraga . davao

Mindanao Daily News Publishing Corporation

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 19-25, 2015

Kasalang Filipino 2015 underway at Centrio Story and Photo by MARK FRANCISCO

DEEMED to be a unique bridal fair in Cagayan de Oro, the fifth leg of Kasalang Filipino 2015 is now underway at Centrio which will last till Sunday, September 20. It ties the cities of Angeles, Davao, Imus, Subic, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Baguio, Manila, Lucena and Dumaguete with one objective – promoting the wedding and tourism industry of the Philippines. This is the tenth year of Kasalan in

the country. Vice Mayor Caesar Ian Acenas cut the ribbon together with representatives of and local counterpart Professional Organizers while Mayor Oscar Moreno keynoted the opening rite which saw a total of more than a dozen exhibitors. During the threeday event, there was a Tupperware wedding table presentation competition, a concert

of wedding singers and a bridal fashion show contest featuring Cagayan de Oro’s upcoming designers. On the last day of the exhibit, Sunday, a recognition ceremony will be held to acknowledge the exhibitors and all those who have supported the affair. See Professional Organizers Facebook page for event photos and other highlights.

One of the suppliers’ booth at Kasalan 2015

John D Pro Voice celebrating 22 years as host WITH 22 years of experience in hosting behind him, John D Pro Voice is unarguably one of the most sought after events emcees in Northern Mindanao. Many people who need an emcee for their weddings, corporate parties, debuts and other birthday celebrations, product launchings and sport events trust John D Pro Voice as the man who can get the job done. John Aaron Monzon del Bando’s knack at being an eloquent speaker and a crowddrawer was apparent even during his early school days. He started speaking to large crowds for various school activities. He joined speech competitions, inter-school debates, and finally discovered his passion when he fell in love with the stage and the audience. His entry to the broadcast industry thru DXRL 101.5fm (Voice Of America) paved the way to many opportunities. He started to gain the limelight in the field of hosting when he was hired as the official male pageant host for “Mutya ng Pilipinas” and “Miss Philippines - Earth” in Northern Mindanao from the mid 1990's to the late 2000. JohnD became one of the most sought after Male Host for corporate events and pageants in Mindanao, with hostings in Wao, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Davao, Davao del Sur, Agusan Del Sur, Agusan Norte, Surigao City, Iligan City, Misamis Occidental, Camigiun Island, Butuan City, Misamis Oriental and the Municipalities of Gingoog, Jasaan, Kinoguitan, Villanueva, Tagoloan, Opol, and many many others… even hosting in some parts of the Visayas region like Cebu and Bohol, to name a few. At present, JohnD has more than two decades of professional hosting experience in various events such as weddings, birthdays, debuts, corporate parties, conventions, concerts, product launchings and other local or national affairs. You can never go wrong with Pro Voice! John D Pro Voice can be contacted through phone number 09269511777 or message his Facebook page John D Pro Voice. mark francisco

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CDOTIMES September 19-25, 2015